Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1849 Page 3
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ii m i ??in? hiiwiii r~n?1???? fter a while, consented to nnt Tbr>mp?"n, In tb? Huh I?nun, where Thompson told bin tbe article* <>ri hidden in the fence, nod to bring bin iou Sum wi'b biro. l b* tiiu* appointed came round Urury di<! Lot go bat be rent bin pou 8am and as thjy appioat-brd the place where it wa? represented the tool* wetr d? poeiird tbey < btereed two men emokiug nftri Nu?, ibft-f uieu were pouted in that partioular place by l.r U llktr I'ir p'uuh wouid be deatroyvd, if either Drnry or tbe h n thought that rbompoon' wu irtdlng 1 with them-and tbic would be evident " after ouiing ' ttcin A?u>ria they vere to flod u<<tliio? in the fence A coo'di?'glj , M iikei ;.n>t*d those cmn there and paid th? 01 a d"ll?r an hour for remaining th?r* Mr Wllkei wrirbed to baffle Drury in huh h? aoo<unj>?al?'d Thoiup in 01 bU rou Sum or both uq'11 they bioamu hungry, m ILat thi.y u.'u.a be iuduced to go iiita i'oui Soa r n , tavei a. 1 bu d avenue a ?U- rt diaiauea frow tUe plane, at?i get retrcumeiiln He aonouipli-bed tbi? and a? iiipcli nacre a* he dvpt'ed \k a -%1 'bin? nothing ! oouia then he ban at tbe ta\em in que?tl"?. Kud ^Vllk*" hud in dert d a nuiicn-r io tne afternoon. and iufi>r>n-d ' be laudlcrd tj at be ?i?bt-d him to *et it iu a pMrite rooin tbe rim ot thu bar-room. aud if t?o ?r three geo'.le Bru c hII* (J id the evening ami n'ked f ie oyster*. to ?ay that lie t ail Dot itjij but be could $ire th?m a supper, ai>* to ineite them into tbe hack room. ?aiu Drury and Tb'nitron a-'ed In praciMdy the manner tuat W like* expected thry would. I h?y called tor oynter?, ami the laiiiil' rd hat) n b?t hn hail a ol >? huuper liticl t>ut iu the adjoining r?oin They went la til l ?hile tbey i-atiK-fcl thtir appetiiiw and wiihel down tbe ediblea w.tH a g'a-a ?r t*ii of wiae, ?M- y entered luto riiDT?t?atl< n It may bo a* weil to itate that Mr V, JJker. had two pareona Iu tuoh a p .?ilion uutelde tl-e room in the gi'4-u a* would eatblr tbun to hear and *? all that paused betwe-a '1 hi anpi<on and Drury Alter talking ? good deal about tbe diri and graver* and o'her ftitioleii in the t??atsn< te line. abioh Thompaon p etended t? have Uiri'd iu the place itdicated and tor disappointment which be experienced in eceii g mm etaudiug near tbe plaoe o tbat he could not get them. i'hompvm very <iaatioui-ly introduced the torpedo bit'tnene ' You know, Sam " naid Thi lup'>at I had uorhing to d'> with It; but y?t I ?a< arreu'ed by Com Earner through hi* d V i li-h u.-.|'icin* a: d be baa to ibank hiui?elf for ray eternal hatred f.r hu puiui Von know, Sam I bad nothing to do with it?'' ' No*' ?v4 Sam. " How did you couie to take it ; did the olu man oblige\ou tof" ml I I'hoiopnon "Certainly,M replitdSuru ' U'l you t hi l. k I'd bare taken it of my ownaoroid?" I bonip?ou tbeu eueoeeUed iu drawing out fcr*?er* from young a nerimi of queeilon.-, I playing around him with great xkili th- boy -ayib,?. iu | aubtiaace tt at be bad blHcktd lnuifelf a? a Spanish ( Begm, cm i led I he b \ to the door and gave it to tha tennnt giil. who atarted hack in ularin at th" luten?a | black u?a* ot bin 'ace lit; bad painted it la that way lor tbe purpnn? of repre?nifi'jg a Soanifh n?geo, that vtiu be banded it to tlie girl, h? r aid, Olre thi- to ilmaa Warner " Ah the boy leld thi?. i'houip?ou lu<jaired if be gave it with one hand or two. I'he b >J -tid, *'I bunded it to ber with both baud*, po" (extending bie havde in view of tbe witnesneo ouuide) I'be nun. Terhaliv n aim en;braced an Hdtiiltrioii of bin complicity with hie father in the altering of oue dollar bill* on tOe Eagle llauk of Bristol, to tin n and tenn. Here 1'houip?or> and tt.e boy. bavii.g fininbed tbeir (upper, wi nt out for the purporo ,>1 retuiuiog tu the feare for the din* bu' flnditg the iuipr< ri-ed polioeilieujttiillon theground. Mid the hour being lata they returned hone, tjaui in a hi at to Aitorl* und 1'ht mppon to New York, on toot. In tbe meantime, Mr Wilken, with bin wltuetxe*. Lett lor Ka* \ ork " Well." raid wilkeg. to om? ot th? per sat if n, wbat did tbuM fellows say T" " Why, vir. "Wilkes," said one of theui. ' by (1- that* the tellow who lrt'i the wrpedo at Warner's hou<se.'' " I thm.'Bt <>," faid H like*; ' but keep quiet?My nothing uf mi* to any < ee " Hei* was ft gTeat point gained. By Sam Urury'* own auuistlwn. be delivered the torpedo at Warner's bouse; aiid it wan ascertained. in addition. ibat hi* fa'.her m*nofec'uird it 80 (ar no good. The next tbin? to be taken iiito consideration was to entrap tbe old uiaa, and get from hiui, iu a cautious manner au admission that be nianulaotured the infernal machine tin* was thin to be accomplished? Old L)rury was a sharp, birwd Ban He bad been following tho b>i?iu*-? of counterfeiting for years ; had been iu the practice of puicbatiug the proc?ed*o4 burglaries for years; bai been in the habit of advancing two, three and four hundred dollar* at a time to burglar* when about to nudsrlake a job. with the understanding t bat he should bave a port I. n of tbe plunder ; he had uiauuf'antured a great deal of spurious coin, doubloons dollar*. &o ; bad attend bank bills. Lc. , Lo -and still be had eaeaped detection and arrest How was such a mas to he rtathtd and eutiapped ' Mr Wiike? kuew of one nan. and only one who oould attempt it wich any hope mt tucet-sa - one who waa as deep as shrewd and as unuing as old Urury bitn-elf w?t, and the ino<-t skilful and accomplished burglar tbat ever followed toat profession, besides being a inaa in wham Urury himself had implioit ronldeuce It was no lass tbau the celebrated bill Darlington or Bristol Bill, as heiskna?a to tbe police \tieragreat deal of dellb* ration. It was determined that Thompson shouid g* to Boston and engage Bristol bill in tbe second branch of tbe enterprise. a movement wbiah had been prepared for by tha previous representation of Thompson to tba Urury*. that ba would be obliged to go an t.a*t for three or lour weeks ; ai d tbat If tba dies were not obtained on tha vealng set apart, tor delivering them, they eould not ha ob'ained until ha returned Tbompsou aiaoiapiiebed bis mwsion. and alter tbe lapse of some days, bill arrived in Newborn accompanied by Ma onmssl, who entered into tbe views of Mr Wilkes aud Bill regained here under VV '* direction I he robbery of tha lulon Wharf ( >;apany. of >JOUU.l turuiug up about ibis time, tha circuuiftatjo* wa< telzcj upoa by Mr. Wilkes. and i bompton was sent to Drnry. to iafcrm blm that bill ea* in town with tbe largest ? onion of that nioney. aud if he wauld insot eould make a rpleodid bargain and get tba whf le of It f?r sistvor twenty oents on tbe dollar. Drurj aagarly agr<?d nud ?? to uia. t l bompion and Drutol bill on drooKlyn H>lghta on tha morulag of Tvvrila; lut Ou vi. od?j(. rbi>o|M<m voillrrc ?d to rDgag* n room in Kullun atra*', Brooklyn for Brla'.ol Bill, la order to induea Drury to accompany btm thtra. whrrr tba eouvaiafttlnu might ba ovnrhnnrd. In tbn ?nmn ?*j ?< tha bo; Sum wa? overboard on tho Triiuv In N?? 'i ork '1'bla bring donw, WHk?*. with tkii i?I>Udc? of ulHorr \. M C 8mltb who aided blm In the t r HI. 1) of tbe bualllr** II ; r . I :, I o |< to tha "Id BID, auiployrd olhoarR W O Janklua nud Domlnlo ? r*?-ou? of iha Suth Ward, and directed tbem to go to tba room in Brooklyn, and lbemi>elve* in an artjiimng apartment. where. by loiklint through tba 4m r tbfj would ? thr?o of the moat notorious criminal* I o lb e luiwd tt ate* I'hey war? tlii luformed that tha three rrlmlunia would autar Info eonrvrtntlon Ok tba ?ut>jeot of crtBK; tnat they would probably talc loig time perbnp* an boor and I hal' ; that. In nil probability, in tha oouraw of tbair eoueerantlon tb-y ?oalil apeak ?.f great oritur* recently perpetrated. nod, tbeiefom. the otlleera muit not gat tired, that tbay mn?t baar rtrylhing, for p< rhnp* tha lant aubjact that tbay would t?lk about woul* b? tha moat laip >rtnntof nil on wuirh all future action might d^iirud ; tbn' nlinr tha partla* an'arad Into o<'U?*r*nilon Soli in toil Wiikn would utilor tba room nml pr?a*?d fo *rr**t the tbr?a n>m, whati If any d^pera-* r*?i*t?uoa wan attend. vvuka* would drnw n?ny tha bad train tbn door, o that tbay might euuia to tbelr nld I'ha objaot of tbla nioTetui-ut of VVIlkai. wna to prevent tba oilljar* In tba adjoining rorm tr<un ?uppo*ing mat tbay warn Va*d uitraly a* rurf-dropper*. nod to maka th-iu auppoia tbnt tba corrector** of thair coouuct depitid' d on tlin eortaatuer* of thair information. I'na oOlri r? ?et out with tbean ?ia?a I'hey put oa Inuin rubber aboe-. ao that ih?lr walking would itinkn He nrlae and IMy bald nandkeroblrta In th-lr bfola. ?o I lint If the* w.rr i < d to Cough tn?y uiigtit t.irn thair faer* t?. tha anil and not crania an alarm I'nay *?l? placed In tha room nt hair (>*-t alert o cloo* tba maeiing batug be-n a^t nt 12 Alter going into tba room, ilia door which 1 H fr*>tn It into tba ona in which tba loaftiiig wni to tnka place. wti o?d-d up with Inrga r.nii" i he fanlight w*? cotarad. nod vthar Bii a-ur. > tnkan, l>i convey -be b* li> f that tliara w*? n > e<no. uu?*U?.? baiwven tba two ni>mliaaut4 Two fln.b at bolaa wara load- In tha d wr nod taiI d with puiiy.abien could ba tnkan out by tha utlleer* with tha point* if th<lr ?tai? ao tbnt tbay migbt pan nud 1*1 U bilr pr? paiatiuua *?r? h. iu< uii|? IJr<irj ?i?l 1 Ik tup > a ou tb? Haight* aud ( Unia|iwg l iiil b.m ho ?<<u <1 b? f>b >k**'I K 1 to Bill * runu lu hmioi atn?t lirmya' oiia* iafu-a.1, fnpnii i n > up mq r*nili.d>d biui H,*aht of tb<> laiportaora i f tl>" b'KioMii. ml liir > | Irodl" ji|. ntunitjr "r hk l of U'l\! i|| * t?r<a mm m ii.i ti?-jr li.uijr aim Holding "iit aud ri-fiKtn^ to no to ti c room 1 h >ai|i ua uktd hun il ha a i ??o tin pa|*r f r It bw ImJ Um would m* tha linpoaalbititj < f l.riftoi Liu ah"aln? bin fai*? In pultun, at ili? lauia tin.n riU<tii io? in him a >? ? > or a pay at, rimtkik an artKiln olixii vtr mi||(mi bml |iiwri?4 k tb? pr?i nu- r?i itiutf in ttl? Ibat rtill nal arTin 'Ih alt gM .'.ill of ' ? ?aah ' an. I Mia' t na ffllitrn on iK? lu ?X out t?r hlin I'n ikf w tic Im Irur) nluriti-i!)! and attar in-.klui( ar iaud btm ?Uc|'i(il U'l) al l?i>K' t'oirii Um ro- ui, n?-r? im fi.tind htif .i l Bilk "fill. ( a U?'?r Ihr appaaiauon of tnc ti'ttt ?a> rush ?- t. a ?tr) Ida tinpr>-?l u u a- It ad b??u iar?|ilril fit p. um iiuk l>rmj to * a -aa' tuan adia'il) ppn*ttr tbi-<S M>r fcW!i tad into tha spirtni?i t nhitf ih* ofllv ra cuu<'-a ?<l I ha a iui?(> im?'< ' i nn.- i 4 w? t hi. * i > ha Viae T' ?t?t) aait iha r-044 ahmh tn?i?l Dill had In lila -f k.ii h u that ??tya?i tha pa. I-a waal tu lb' .kflalr ft tha I a?>* i.?ok an I laotlj tia torpado knalaiii aa- lt?tr< duod t> Url? ul IItil p*?*tn( of Wwiitr In a kl in i'ii? and tn* >1011114 in a t<*a ot n thai !? . od 1 u uip-'ii bit u??n Mtiiitr'i lair tut" th> ir Iukj-. an 1 tbnj *m it'ilntf ti Mill Inni a n ip. <i i -ib %t amMJ 6t.i* ti II out "t i.t u'' , lirti') rjtp "i J 'j and pl>a ?ra*t tbla Into. uiatia. la U:itiianii and 10 eouoi?i>a.i*oa ami >a d bn b p-d III*) t'tilil If liaatai >ufc?ilM man ha <a? "?lu# j a *. y ji' nod* 01 p'ttrd*r '?l juii and 1 b nnpmia tn Ji ar li 1' " It' 1 lib *iaid l'ii "ii|i?i o I knotr j Dolb r< / aNii u .' lb a'. )iar;'a kiIi u it <1 11 *- Ho - uianj' pviUidlvf |in?lr| ' *? l tlitl *Jir -<tn< Drarf. ' dul jn? put to mur torp-d 1"' ** I'nraa " mil* tali! \>tury ba-tll/ and at .raking b 1 <r?? -11 aa , If h? tat ?ald t?> tnuan and ? unaitti 1-1I tiim^lf ' W ell >at.I hill. ? if l 11 ? t'i |i?' In t 11 p ut id ? W bj," wii Utittj "Ilia >T'iutit Hi" tb? r ?W i??f tha fcn?-r a no ?i i-r/tbim Inm tli? air ? th*r* wmilii bn no tbun l?tt ' ' It Iba rlwilif"* h?.lt>* -u ?l "#?d ' tm. d ' *1. h 11.. 11.liar b *. 1 hn li .u~?t ,d L??* W?-n bl?.?n b??ji " * Vm." ?'*? "h *??i t kuttiu?tt? )!'? xctrp V< K?t i? li.lo 111# hi?Uf?'" >aid Jjrury -Oh" I ? m|i?on Bui will rnur tfcr lin??n that'll lu U" *?J < ' l?t? (iMfii'iiluu 14 it ho will |.IM* It la ?u<'h ? I l'?n n U I ItiMirr Ho iMMr; 4.-?n ?i>" f?'l? h " " d?|?? nun th? aia U>o??d ' I'rurj. ' ??l ib* ki)? ?rr ID tb? dime' ' " So muflO ihn lint'ai .Aid Km. " I <-?i> tlim ?i? it* rm* ? #??? ?ti"o aiuntiw d ? m* tltua l<<n<> r, oav I'rurj. b- o 'iiing iunr? lid r?lu>Kiil lo talk "" J* "1 ll>? ?'ur?r># tl?n r-feai g?-d. It?l It iiii?iit Kilt** "u Vei 'U VUr Hii'H ut atxxii two hour*, J tiring* ?rn?<i * <j'i?o Illy < f k?M) ??? rimiiimrl. tut- (jk?nt.-? Tli? wbo acr* It '? ?! { l'i l?** IJ,?,miirf ?yartO 'lif *f*|it?iit |iitl? ?r to 'B M"r-Kl '" >th ?n i i-mnil On lot k i. a uii'l '*r f"'"""' nh' D i b>-) Imagla'd ili> j ?ri n lak.n i hit* r'<* ' B- ?? ' prr? of ari?-riii^ i h*y If unit tio j* l h?f *'i? Wi'n, lor lb' tirnt tim-. in??n to ni.>nt?tvi1 in? |>? i?"rt f.>r whlfh t h i y ?pri> brt.uj.V ibrrr On lti? >? i* leg. Mi .H ilk on (iphrd t.r iuiiii?? Lmklny f"? ? ? ?" ? i d fur fur th? ?.?r?t mlgrii Bi<t out B' th* Junm>f'? fi?,ci. i li? ^1io?*?-? J*'""1 Bh and lb* Md inan w?if> |iro.tnn-?, #i?ii?.t ??r? i?.*ii?<. id at aljbl u rl-ct bu l bundnjr, *lt WUkM. ?n1 ?' floor* Jeakina and I'nuoni, want to Brooklyn, with the n pnlallon ol finding Chotnpaoa and Drury, keeping , another appointment on Brooklyn Height* at nina o'eiork ( ia-?oai> ?al direeied to taka the land. and 1 Jcukla* followed him; and Wllkat and aflloar A. M. C. 1 Smith, to?k up a poet of oh?*r?atlou in the raer. . Thorn peon and Drury inat. and remained together for ab. ut twenty mlante*. and on repairing a algual from 1 Uilkea and Smith, the oftWre cloead un Drury and Tbompenn Jenkins suddenly I'ImJ Drury by one ] arui. while Iraavou* took him by the collar of the eoat. . Drury pretended to be indignant at this treatment, and 4 ?al(l to Jeukiai1, " Why do you *<(uerae my hand' let me ( So " Jttikiti^ gave him another Mjuve*#. ?.uu Drury ropped lour bills of the Kagle Bank of Bristol, which had been attend from ohe* '-That* ju?t what 1 ( nactrd " mid letiklix ' lbv? things are not mini." mid Diurv "Viall, havr caaie jou to drop tbea. If I they're not ycuri?" He thru t'lteotd hiu haui. and < showed two cents. ?h . h he ,-nhl hurt hi* hand when it < wti m|UvvimI The cents *?r? In bin hand fir the par- ' p<?e of bildK u-ed ?< weights to throw sway t'm blli*; > but Diury bad do chance to do as he Inieuded Ho 1 ?>i thru convened aoruse the river. sod locked up la 1 the I'nmlv d*| artnjent of the PooiIm, *o as to keep him fi <m liaviLg conversation with any one. After thi- arrest ?i?s wade. aui Diury looked up, ' WiIUkh Nculth Jeoktus aal 1 rissous, proceeded to ] Astoria. tor Vie purpose of searching IJrury's h >u.*<j j .No Mnutr had they arrived than they observed young Drui} driviL'K into the -viIimk" In wagon fhey ar- i rrrud hiiu mi th? ami then proceeded wlin the ] search, tiie result o* ?hich was the tiudiog of two larje ( boxes ct g< Id watches. two boxes containing valuable watch works a b<x containing jiiwelleriT Mi. a box of ' an'ch rrjft;iln a smell bo* ft diamonds and ttneraid*. a ti uuk i t nilf er plate a box of watch-springs. aui ? ra- ( llety < f otbi r things iu th? watobmakiui^ linn eviduutly th?. result ct feven,l depredirious luaa offlctot eutbuildutir. which appeared to b? Drury's tanclum seticlemm was found a tsrge p-fiaa for coining. a no ub?r of Ft< el dies fur doubloons. dollars. aud Haytleu ramey, f.i)of glur. f..r altering bn?k notes taooy type tar invert irg ! lt?r? chemical stufffor era-inn ink puuohet for waking die*, aud other article* of a similar eharacttr J r. Wilkes is entitled to a great deal of praita for the maimer in whirh be has fixed thia business. and ti pped in lull career a man who has been fur a long tm.e part a pei-t to the community During the pro- ] gre*s of the matter, be proceeded to Albiay. had as 1 interview w th ihe Governor, explained the whole affair, and request) a of hiui that tha Attorney Oau-rul would ' take care of the case, which whi complied with ' h- r>- are said to be a number of witnesses to later- 1 erfiate portions of the care, among whom 1* one who taw tha boT deliver the box at the door, and rejoin his fat) ?r at tfie lower corner Throughout the latter auil moat ardueua portion! of thia busiueaa. Mr Wilkes haa ' been a.sii ted by Mr A M C. Smith, aud has received, a* will be ireti. efficient aid from all tha ollicera who flgunC in the closing scene* Tlie UoUl(> aaaivaia *M> HCTASTVIta. I D. H Maury. U S. Arniy: Mr. and Mr*. Brown, Hjde Park; Ueneral L. Heaton, Buffalo; lion A K. hadley. Troy; J Duff Boston; I. C Kobinson. Portamouth, Dbio; Mr and Mra. Hall. Maeraobuaetta; J. C. Meyer. Montreal; Mr. and Mra T. L Uroen, Norwich; J. S?jiigo. a Sierred. and M Castro, Mexico; Am'ia S. Ccrwiiie, L'. S C'onrul, Panama; W P Hoberaon, vl de Oarcvy. Mra tianJi-. and Tevedoro Bare, Mexico; Capt. Schroner, Troy; W. C. Nlxoa, lieorgetowu; Mr and Mr*. Kopeveit. illinoi?; John Kernan. Albany; Mr and Mra Hicbardiion. Baltimore; Mr and Vlra. Stuart, and J.( ollina, Philadelphia, W F. Alberti Baltimore; Vt. Holbri.ok, Uoetoo; J C Doley. aud J. ? Dolej, South l artllna; W. Martin and Mr and Mrs. Aiken.Charleston; W. H Lewie. Mobile; Al. 'erry, Loadou; L Valee. St l.euia; J. Thomas, Baltimore: and C. Wilton. I Ilea. weie among the arrival*, yerterday, at th? Irving Hours hd Mile*. Philadelphia; J. P. Kill, and Ed. <*?rdis, |<iktj >1 Silver i MwMi M Mastrio, Virginia; C .Mkinton ? barltMtoii, Boscbe Spencer. and Silaa K. Burrow*. Uclplum; K Milurnux. trance; 8 Dexter, I biladelphia; I. Holme*, lislMuiore, Hon J M Ryeru u Kingwond. N J.; H Kendall Carter, Naw Orleans, arrived yesterday a' the American D. II < ailton, Vlaerlllon, Ohio; II. M. Fltigerald, Philadelphia, L Gardner. <'henter; Dr Straus. Switzerland: M. Piatt. Im i. n; K. I anion Burlington; I) Mele and 11. Hardy. New Yor?; ( olonel Young. Maryland, L < tiiebvkter. 'iroy; R. Well*. North Adam*; Dr. Dorr, hath, and J. Appleby, Richmond, arrived at the Hvaatd. Superior Court. OKNKHAI. TEH VI. Bt'ore Ju*tlce* Oner. Mason, and Campbell. Nov 17.?Crtrt It Ftr/fiiiim r* Jama FtrgtMM.? Id tbi* ca?e a feigned iesue bad been awarded, to try the tact ot adultery. The jury found a verdict against the defendant. New trial grauted. tba evidence not b?icg kLt'-oii nt to warrant the verdict. ~ha Huldrn r?. David Flmnkt, mriiror */ William Gould ?The heir* or devUees of William tiould, deci *?ed, nece*y*ry parties defendant* to tbi* cult UeBi Utrer allow ed with coat*. with leave to the plaintiff to amend within twenty day*. Sm. utl Knottrrlt vi Imui eucr l)rfoT'it, Jan* Drfornt, and John Dtlntnl ? Motion to ret aside a decree by default. diMiiis*tng the bill, with cost*. Tba plaintiff having been guilty of great neglect, motion denied, with ct *t* '1 be roete of the defendant Laurence to 1 be er>dited an tha judgmeut Kfbnt Itooprr and of A#rt ? ?. J nrph Turkrrman and tihm ? The alignment* to Tuekarinan are Told upon tbeir faea. ard create a resulting tru*t in favor of tba areigiior. The as*tgnm?nt to the plaintiff*, under tba Insolvent law* ot v.e??aohu*et*. 1* In the nature of s voiuutary assignment. and the pluiutiffs, a* aangnaai, iraj prosecute this ?nit In their own name Demurrets overruled with coat* OvoniMr* <t>il nttrri VI Pollard and alhrri. ? Applloatlon to *et iff ?o much of the judgment a* may be neMM| to satisfy the defendant*' eo*U. Motion granted, without co*U. Superior Court. Before Chief Juftiee* Oakley. Sandf >rd and Vanderpoel. Nov. 17 ? ililrn Cwtnand er'i'ruiliw Uanford Kmuolton and oihrrt.? Moticn to *?t Mid* report of referee*, denied '1 he /.'ml River Mutual Iniurante C*. ad* William Wall and oihtri?Motion for new trial denied, and al*o motion on the affidavit* lor new trial denied, with root* Jmhn Tlaiheck and nth>r? r?. Jamn Biihojt and othan.? Judgment at the Hperial Term affirmed, with cost*. Court open* at 10 o'clt-ck, Monday morning. Supreme Circuit Court. before Judge Hurl hurt Nev 19.? In the ra*e of Holm** r* Dard and othr>?, allch ha* occupied the Court for some day*, in action for receiving lauded property under false pret.noe* a* reported in the I In aid of the 16th ia*t . the Ju.y returned a verdict for plaintiff, of flC>il damages, with Intereet from 1847. 'Polltltal Intelligence, Hon. ' her le? Ma*er, of Bal'imore, 1* spoken of a* the successor of the Hon Iteverdy Jelmaon, in the U. B Senate. The Valley of Deep River. North Carolina, abonnd* - " "."" "I >1'?"V> aulbiAcita ?Ld liltumini.D*. Kolln.-Lttlrr B?Ka *r Packet Hhlp Hi?t/Tl N(, I LK, f'.r l.lTripnal, w ill vlna* ?t tha ll?r>l'l oitn >??. I '' *> athalf-paat II o al'.ak, A. M. AH let ara r?ni?i< , aailli** purkata Kr tui'-i*. hi t*o taail mil, aaw?pai**>a I Hftli l/?tiar Baca of ataatrar CA M ttR I A, for Hal fa and l.l?r> r< o! will aloaa At tl.a AbsT* ofllca. Nat. *iih, at 10 minutaa la U'tM.f M. Fur Callfornla-?TMr Ihlp AI Rlarjr k*a mil hat aran aa board, ad mil pr-*l>ably haul fr in 1'iar U N >r*.h | Klrar. Into tha atratitn |h|. aa-nmf All htlia Ia4it.?iauat ft* Iiii'd I) I2a'al"ak. M?t.dar Hha hta a f?* b*r?l*a lata* fnvatd nlila nt.a. iu?d a hid, wit h*> la: at <-1 -ordinal? loir rataa Aiplyun hoard, ot t? MtiCs* lll l I tK, I* Htoaa Itlfft, At A. A W A H.\ I. K, 75 r*lt?A atravt. For California?Tl?? T?ry faat-aalllng hrl( Cu-n a f"ror?.,tt. I'lthtitr. atitor, will na I { t M<>*i ?ray on Wafltedn) at?t, and t ai fartahly A*-a*>nini?<Uta ti>r*? r* ?? > rra>nnai.l* tartna App't < " 0n%t4, Karllt Altar, faol af Ft at* I In I mat, nr at HA Naua at. Th* Aral (>alil 'tailal atr . rord tn l)*g?rrTf. ii ira I t il a Anitiirnn lamtiitn. war awardad (afar af ?. >' Brada, a* r*,ar al Mr a at; and Full*.* at ra t. w tiara liiaaftra and u titan* ara litaitad to oAintaa ipacutaua. Tlirre > oaa'll tinl 'tm -"Wh? Bra Ml caa. ' Irmniaf" raid a trim 1 tn ua, th" al itr 4ay ?"*iaa ma liivir w tin a " Ha raftrrad ? Jti % Kt, 14 Ana ilravi. *? a dad bin, tl a Dltaa'i t). T rrr aald wi-tl.ira a tha li-t f at* lai.'l a I rta In it lit' d v< a<<* oai.tain tha nama af ana '.f J 11.(1'a aaatna ara; at>4 a<> wnadar Ala B ara iBa aAa aptat A1.4 tut la lawn. Thr (treat cifTa-r, lor one Wark antra, al la W III walI, IIiram Aanrra a'a <h*IoI.i a>*4 ''I|**1*? t' a?i* t a* tt.liat n,. ht la ihv I nf aa St? vi. Tha (H?i?. >( Ia a o da * tk of al* rant A 4II-I1 Tlirw*. piy and II 1 I* < 'fw In. *>a f arpaia, I 1 nayaia, n? ft. Oil l* ua,A'., * ta4 at a rwdn- -m at 11-r ran' Mow tartoar pri- a Wva4ata?ail tv la, naa Ilia |p?. n. in % V. ft. l*ialiM?r*a Hiaalotna Mrti'a A luitnai', l''0-ll iltia l *.f onalanra aaynlopvaia. and la >l>a4 w 1 A it'!,,n ivtt r ai.l. aitkatu 1 ha atari bant, tta w*a a'aaIn tar. 11 a fartaar, ai 4 th. aivaNftii li< a ?' nn4 faat. |trv>aata4 ara aartiaa a*n indirp>aaab'a for 4?'lf rnfataaan with avat)Inataraa an, -Caa or 4?>* L'Aruuinlai. Alc*an?la r'a Ti l^?. li??|?k?o.? <*lila rrla Itratrd ln*tan awavna l<ii|?>4 air I'm ramaina ?i*-?trt**<awd a/ any atkar pt. fr atton r?vr "( t*. tha tnalte. f ir -al-?>f kuat ian, ( laran A to, Hraadaaj, And A. II. a LI Sa?da. aannr af InltvA an l M III an. atroviia. L*l<|Mlo llalr !>)( Plulan'a lai|it*aa< A?ir Itair I'ja a laaaatini. to aulut ?a* llatrni #1 ? k ' 4 *>ut il la iMliii VtUi 1 t inmrt t,i I hr hair ai Iin hat* ik?ii 4f*< la (??? ?i Hi# N? 1*7 Bnk4??i. torr ?r if ' ?? IHi'W. arlur **?? *?anHla liana* '?f M'lt ??" '' Hn t' l*Tf?. ?' ' cyillirjl CIU AFFAIRS. Ralnrlnji, InT. IT?? P. If, t'ancy >(o?W ar* tuail; ?<-t?.ltii? do is *t ttio *Mt hnairf Ml off 'i i?ar ??nl, l?.ri# Hi Patmtr*' L?an. ,V|i I'Mlim \* I owpanj. If: l?l|?id << I**?! '? * 7. j yA and It* ailing H?tlr<>ad )i H-adl..* m4 j IIhtIi m mr* ?h< imal * .{? l'h? former Im 4ra< rd ? fi??-t on In tuii'ii|Wi<'' "?f danan.l to ? i? U''dt ft. m U ? h? ?r? fi r 'h? o? nia nr-d . r-wMM'n I)i? hitiln In Harle?f ?rr d??i ; ( and a>c Would nil k* inr^rireil l?y at 'ani'inr qnaaMI* nf 'ha- Mnafc Ihr mn Ofiia 'h< | p arlir' .ami forced off at a decline nf p * #* 1 1 h? r? wi t? ?al?? of ?!? ?*??n p?r -t.d m i't i ?a,? In-day HHV |?rifbl|iMNt> Nearly , thi?n 111 lit lit' ImcihI liar* ait? urn n laird ?.o tim | M?t?ritfp*. mtaiihpr?niHi>(t which lh-j ara tlailr | <i? j,r?ciaui f in it arkat iiim it pr?<?ut rv * | t?>j ?i| 11 a I lo a t*n P?r M?t Uvmin?at j , Ultata do not lika th. in, (wi tb?y a:* <n'? an?igl) ' or a temporary Investment. a* tfci interact will be, rlLbout doubt, lor ? time, puaotually p?id. Wo itri Uttlo fktth in ieocad aort|i|o rttlrokil bond*, or a perntuaut iLve.tment, particularly where ?unh i large i us ii ??our?d by Uw first mortgage, m la tho Mli Tho quantity of ectl tran?port?d on tbo Heading jftnroaa, tor me wtoding ui# mm mfuns, was . 17 676 ton* ; total. M3 487 toon ; A th? Sobuylkill .'anal. IT,07^ toa* ? total, 437 ,AI2 fern*. The f< Mowing batik* iu I'eunaylvauia hare reoently lerlai'J dividend* : ? >'aiton Batik, 5 per cent; Dojlratowu. S per eeut; 'at oier*' Hank of bucket Count;, 3 per oent; Cheater entity. 4 per cent, Farmer*' Kauk, Healing 4 per ar.t. SU nig'mny County, 4 per o*nt; Chauiberaburg, i Iprrcrnt. Uaik. Putuville, 4 per oeot; Karnei*' Bank. 4 par o<-ut; l.aooaater Bank. 6 per oaut; Lum antr ounry Bank 4 p<*r rent; Lanoa-'ter 4*vloja' nrlltute 7>4 pir rent; Columbia Bank, 4 per nut Tlia annual report of the Wilmington and Itnaaoke Railrcadtrmpany ahowa that the groaa receipt* for the ?*at year amounted to tol7,ol-7, expenditure*, $'245, t (3 id; proSt*. itAXVH 4-i, number of through paaaenfer*. 11 207; number of way p*serugar?, 'Jo,675. Cornpared with la.?t jear, tbia ?ho#n a diminution of re>?lpt?, expenditure*, and pabseugcr*. and an Increase of :he prt?ts. Stork Kxrhaii|(? IliiiUJPi/M H'!-S fi> alia Holiawk Bit 88 #K(t d'> '67 ll4?? JO I Won Co J* 7 "to do lU'I ,'?i;?Uaik 2'^ ](>l'0 d< 't'8, eoup 10'Ji 700 tiailnn RK 4SK (N.00 Trraaury NoteJ 1 J- I'41 do ?i-d 51\ j M40 lllliicuUbi (t*. 47 47100 do b0? 31*, S<0 do liO 47 t>? Uarleui pref, fall lul HOOMoe'a'M) lt*X 8ft Auhure k 8>ra 71 ft'l tt Keatueky 6'* l'1' 21 H-ntling Kit jipii lufiaita zW pr eta #tK? do .11 )lt*H it> 6'e. *10 It*' 400 do >60 SIX ,'UO lii'iding Bus (SO .VV HO do 31 i lHOO krie 7*a, '59 8454 tml do 81'J fcttt d I M*, 10 Partimnuth D D IS'J 40 alia Uktl at ten Co ll/>'i ft Norwich k War Si'm 24 Worth River 1'aak '. \ 60 d<> ?i H"4* Fei uieri' Treat 'Jtll>> Long I .-lurid 1 l'ii *1>? >atmcra' Tr a94 36 V 60 Lite Kit. *40 C >S I.VI (So iitf 36 ? C3 do ?0*i ' 16(1 do X>'g 8KCOM) UOAKD. |2tHOKrie7 p el Ida. o'd it J* l''0 aaa Reading RR a90 SI l? .'.IXJ K adit g Mori JUda l>4-, ftnO do btiO SlV i Mi aba U b Fauk i ? Ml Morria Canal .*? AuCamunCe 38 SO Harlem KK bnw 31)5 MYERTiXEMEim RENEWED EVERY DAT. Jlnt inert fa Aii-erti amntla tent by Mail mutt ti ft pmd, ar they will n?t he taken jrtm the 1'itil Office. IIOTKLJ. IRTIN0 B9U9X, Baoaawar, Naw Tana. 0LPMBIA HOTEL, Ch>:*n?t iTtacr, PiulaauiuA. barncu's hotel, Calxit sthkr Buraiaia mTueNT nnrtaw Ti>as? a?>?K " BVBT'S HOTEL, Bri/iouit, N?w Tors. Ki?WAHO?. nnit REWARD -UN OI'ENINO TWO BOXES ffltlUUv ol gold daat, on* at Philadelphia, maraed J * Mi Do w at k Co., N?w 1 ork, ana tn* tlmr m Balunwre, tnerktU I.D. tS.,1 part of tlx co> list* are tniseing Tlmae I sea ?fit ahipptd an board the (teamahip "ri-;oe. the 1*11 I September. at f*a Frencteoo for Paimma and tuenca uverlaad t* Chagre*, at which place they wore re-ahi?p*d for New York by tha (teamahip Empir* City aad at New York f rwaided by railroad to Philadelphia ant Ualtiraora Near 1*0 ouacaa el gold duat. worth over $1U,appear* t? here be>'n aketracted. S.I WO reward * ill be paid lor tha apprekaaaioa a> d conrictl' ii of tha perwa or per.eoa*-who her* e n initted thi* depred.tioo, and SI'1*1* additional for the recovery af tha rold ahairautcd. or lu proportion for aev pirt ot IV. KiLTf K H. JilMS, Prteideui al tha Atlantic Mutual la*. ?."o. of New Tork. JOSFI'll ? \ I.H f K President of tha Mercantile kntual Ina. i!o. nf Saw Vork. For tha partiee ooaceraed. *1 A REWARD-LOST, ON TUB llTUINSr.. a nu)J I" mood Ring. Seat. al llarletr. or tha High bridge, ar tta Alley, or at iba Irving llouae. The fludor will nvifer I favor to the owner, by leavtrg It at tha effiee af tha Irviag Beaaa, aad will rccel>e tha afc?vo reward. IOST.? ON WBDNESDAY KVENINQ H?T. A SHALL A vlui* pnotila D< if, with a brown ipot on ita back, wt'.h hole* in rare. The Iln4.r will be tnitably rewarded by leaving thenmeitho. M Faarth avean*. Lost-last ivi.msu. in going down thecth A venae. betaa.,. Vaet lltb aad 7th, a a>iniatar<- likeaee* of a gemleaaa with-ut aeitmg Ky leaviog t'ia abort at W We.I 13th ttreet tl.e finder will be liberally rewarded. PKt'lA La fOTNia. TP! BRAVE BOATMAN, MR CONKUK, WUORISKel, laet Wedr.eaday week, at tht* landing, hia own life, aad eaveu mj dear wile from a watery *r<eve. I be* to aceepe aiy eiucoreat thank*. May Ood kleia bini ler ti <* n >l.l? eat. Hl(Jo Ut.Ndud. Qnaraatine, Btatea lilMt, War. 17, 1^41. Fair, for tuk bimut of tub mvkinuks> Ineuetrial Soci-ty, ef the Part of N>w Tork, will b* held at the Mallear i hureh. Rooe veil Str-et, ouni- i mantling oa Moaday, the Iklh of November. and eloaiai oa B-tttiTda*, the 24th ii.e'aat. Oa Monde), the doera will be cp. at d at 7 o'clock, P. M.; oa tke following day*, at J, P. M. Ad?l*at*a, aae ofcllliog. CI aUTION.?all i FBSOMS ARB 8B4BMY CAUTION> *d againat reeeif ia? or par'haeing a **rtaia preiaieaary tnl>, nnnm by leaver *t Te itcbt II. ef Raaton, wiierebf we agree to pey the Protection Iniaiaaoc Ce**r?ey. of New J*r *y. the eum ef oae haadrei aad (titeea "7 IUU d*llar? par- I able in twelve luaatln ft m Jalj. 1(4 '. with intareit after eight inontbe, a* the aaid not* waa obtained frein ua by mierepreeeate tioea, and wc bare never bad t c <al<ie re ieiv?d f r tl.e aame. It beiag givea for the prealuia f?r iaaari>ai.a ap'<a tke >? ?. aad earn" ef tke bar<)ue boetunia, aad tke otf.r* ha* teen >1 Tcrtiec't by the Newark Adver iacr a* lne>'?eat We '.all n t pay ?h* nete, or aer part thereof. All peraea* will j n?tr> tl eta*elve# accordingly. SBAVBR k TWITCUELL. E .etoa, November 18th IS4U. Fire inu'rance.- brooklvn ivsi rancb com- 1 lBi i?Offi No. ft Mmhinu' #?" rrnl, 1 N?w l oik Burl ,"?r? 47 lul??rctt.>o. TbU ? > |i?bv bif in loMtfM qu?ri?r of m Miiarv, ?n4 it ut iih? in ifc? 1 ilttd fttaut. biTing % fall *?>ri | ?ir?d tud ibTfftMl. %h?jr ?. . . . >*ur? i li?| i i " ? lunltivf tnnIi it port a?d >h?ir ciifM, aurti- 1 Milbli ttroii Mil) nil*? ibftituliui . Wltlel AM Kl.L2?WORT 4. I'rili !?lt. Alfkio O. Stk* bpii, 9*.?r?Urj. r.NTKEYII IF. CO! R*R-TKO r M NO-TH fRS D4Y. J N???niitr 13. ai l)? o'clock, P. M ll?t?h f.r $ mile hf?M b??f thrn- in iW?, In hurn^it. J tbl^Ur nrnnna eh ( he n?l'?-r. K Jwbm u liftman h. ?. loHi?.?rT? ,?>lt. Ititnentftfvly nf't?r, a M $ * . ?w?le h??ie, l?n?t l??r?" In Ave, Ir liirt iM, J * e? tern g *. A Owftklln ft'iteri eh. in Ai?k*II?*; ('. H B'rtifit iniffD ? in. Vavtoa D. *n ith rni?ri M. m rrtio kiir Th* aar# will I rare ihn 1?n*h Ktrrj, lln ?t I o'rlo"k. r M , re'armtg a* tutu a? lha ipirta ur? o??r firt a?#h *?', ? JOEL CON ? LI V, Proprietor. NOlICB TO STOATS 4 EN.?A * HOOTING MAfJfl nill anvia mtf? p w N?*v. 19th, f<*r Ird rt?i Ki|> )t?a htal It Tv In P'jwi, Gun, i( Ih- f *% ,t il?r<?n Mill ?* Ike liob k?b N J. Otir MP' pi.f? uu, n* |H v?i?t? e?ek, will!.# M ite tfi-0 J f.?r tue ooe^noa. Vv foftfi ei>?*? ?t 12 aprfoi*>lv. \ . K> <1 k AH H I JW BROWN. Al l i OM.KI. -llor^tBflOtO FUR iiitnr#-. K ?- * ' i n i u ?i - II \ nf Go(>Hi ft*.-?Oa Tm'Hiji, NmmNr / (. ?i I '? ll Nu M?J l<r'>?)l??f, ?>ll Im? -Id, ? la*jc* ? rrnieii of gm'Ml FvibIUN. taiiihrr titli rtf ? %!? "> U'n(?* Ulttl-4 Iti^lMlttr fUu4 ^ irr ? ' ii ? Colift lU .m, ki Alio, 1 r? im? * ? i i - AtrcTlOXlftl B?n MJPT Kf# 1 ? ( 1# J <?o to '-1 ?M?M by ftuMlf ? ? M ??. a In murrvw Hi 4 t- ll? f >M ?'a. ? nil'il i.m ( I* l? 4i j? i ?f. At tn# ? ?re fo. I^Crifetf *ttr?r <nrii*r ifCLriirl* ?*l j*'r ? !?* ! trf. M? n-e*?#? nm 1*1 I'Hi nf fi ?! an??i I 4ty c lliAliil nrt id tfc'? if III- I ?*?nipriaiN|' Ik i tavp* mi <i vnrfe M?? r :n nt ol 1*11 |o<i1c wi I k# p ?| ?, In I* II In mif pw ?;? *Mri, Ai.'l * li ll' -iwll fil?rv?. M*l? ?l K! A. M.. iiiiP ?? KOft MAi.V. 4 .M TO I^OII ^Al lt?% IHK>niroHTO r\Tfc^t PI.4NIM0 r i ( < ? ii pi I rtliM., "I? ?n i?n fcj <*1 iu ' ?' tii? <' ??r>t t'? I |. r> ib? m*ti| ir i H "4>- ?r:h I'Iimi 1 v * ? ... r m w 1 i fu?N, il??i ? ?? 4. -1?i 11 ?t . f ' n i ry, I?iiiiNi : ft* JOJtfc IJ. LI * F.f*. rr*r > rI ?n'l Sr*#- , J?r 7 CI';, X'e Twl ( fpH ? *?!>.HI.X I * l* F I T I .Ml - #<?? I'MIt J J I ! ? ??.' N f *44* f T * ?!%) i? evrnr N?> ?i?i i !?' h M<l h nv#n lu ??f VuffN J* >??m? 'tml. I r^?i* *4i r. tnt n iMfrki .iio l? r * n. I 6l?U> '.leNr . ?.f i ilal, f i r ^rl \ ' ? J ) J.J i\. t |'..r *. . f$ Id \ i >! t. u IaV i<;; \s M>\ i?/t ? mr ? 1 11 r- 111 I IIAT t.ll'flM til I ' <( ?"1 4?ii..(* ''! I n h tr?<i|?t- j Vmi H?lill??"Nikii*t m, il *p l 4 I r mn? litt?l?| ti ? pit ?. t < lit* ' r??t, - . i im4 >! t? tr hi III imiu. 4| plj ?i :b? Gt < ?if M"i?, If 1 l"r-?tr' Un.iklm t i.r.x'H. r|i? |,? r-TBI R > TIR f t'PI'CH '? ulDMor i 1 ? | vailnti.: m'l n . i ? *f. ? .1 ir ?h ?? wHI ?'in ! ?" 111? *tirlt?llo4 ii) i> >-lll w f >r ?iy l?"r<l In lliw, %i?- niilitmr; ir??- .aik'i ?, ?. Ir^^t An IIIDM* I >kl ! n t.i | ( H 1j * \ IS. Ill J' !m .r. nnJ tip Main. nhMkAHi.t nifii M ro i.Ki in H \>? ?vc, t *r ? 'I I hlh-i't l*t? .it i* ?ii? Ifl ri ? ii? i I iri hi 13 Will < r?**l> nil*' I ban- in * -?ti , i?*N < I Ju mu Iir??? ??'i i?t of k*y, I'/mi. Ki ii. ' fci.i , K . r \ i. (I kN, II ?*. ("?AP|T/ l.ttfB A?H UMPt'irti l,bV IRViftD ri? v??. s l^lfcttit %??i na. net rr vf ?* fllavb'l I'1-i - l'il'ii"ix, allb i tin <h? t on hal* af. Ul' Lllllll ?>, fta *?- ' 4t#r. vrti?l l>?atlt fat of V*ri;* \'t liff-f V tffn ?!><< . I *1) ll't ! '! * I 'W I I'l ?t?l ? | If p ai a ""flit I lti? he r ip <l|? m a . *f 4 I 1 ?li ? vM ' ? ??!?> t.i ? Ik* milk I* i r? < at <! '? ?? a * hi 4 "in * f*?i !* ?>>?? ** lr n ?*-? lrn? < l?>l" r nn, with t wilti i* au Itj. it ia at Ni.i??r*kl iiiolirtMlt). ROARO!**., *N Boa K D- a if KT; m \ n AM ii wi< mm o? ?r> or 1> f?* a*l* r'f|r?|. n. r, h - ? ? vim In. f4 ?t tl arn at II |>luMti Mv.via at 7"> WtiM HN?, mrlut lul nf .it ? my. rltl fttM.I.R O'NfUdIV ?'? Lit?- A r?tt '.<>* ?n<1 i?? k< <1 f iwti* , ? t'' 11 *? ' >t ' ? . I. A pal.i to T. M. M< K'<?'3, Ukl d itu*/ \rn'v*Tr r?*ii.T mviii*>o t* ? i Mm tfir tl ? kif (?*% Hqtf ,r? wun'4 tio -> 4' .,y II*|.t, !? f?.? (.rnilt-i??i ?it ? ? . ti t "H I'tl .ri I lil II' iY. anh II.ih i. ih n itf.ut Hut u4 ?' .'rn i? 11 11 i? ?l' k' n il t? tli# r minln', '"t l . > ^a* i ?r'r i *r' if. T?i?i wt?4?r?ta. AdlrtM,r??l ?a a tfc'i t KM-% i.mi i i ki? *."*rt?kvrn -rnn run turn* I I > !'! '.nilM. al> apttniaw 1< l?? I r I a i I'm. > ? V* ar4 a ta*4i pa iitrM? I* t jp >ij at*..; lat.atan >? W?*k? I??m Kr?<?l?ft>, I ANtMiMKATll I BU W?*V TdiATR B?T 8. M A MB LIN.MAN AU IB? H.B. BUnii. StannMAnitgrr.?D*?ra opau >l hair ?>*it 4, OIIUI riMi at o ?'o uuk. bottJit; Pit A -1 .Altory. II >?. i M(?d*> avriuo*, >at?niUr IU * ;J h? plavrd. for fht? aittU , tiaa ker.?, ?iir new dr*n>?. Aatitlad lb* TtiKkC Ul!?Bl?3- 1 IIIN-Liiiii XIII. Mr. SftMi; I'W* Um-'IiaaI 4* Kuhilin, Arnt?ld Marsala <le Twill* Moor*; Athoa, Nr. J. A'aliAck, I Jr.: furtfcaa, UtHart. Ar,.um Dunu, !> Ral'iar*. I>r?ar: Du ?arg*r, Ilaraaa, lb* C'bavAlirr d ' Aha n.u, bwit?r. Moaa. j B*nAAci?ns, H '?rd?t; liaaiu. Wiriuia; Aan? of Aaa'rta, '

lira. Ji'rdAA; Tha C?i<At?aaAa iViiwr, Mra. J. W?ll?ok,jr.j CwttMt < MArlat, Mm C. >> yaa. Chamrai's national thbytrb?mond\t (TaL'tip, Nntaoalir 13, thn an'ir-.aimuenta will uoia- j &<- witli tb? drAiuA of * 11K HANI* Uti - Martin Hrrwuotl. Mr. UrAuUy. Mr. UaiuiI'ou. <):>i > rumba, Mr. C. Taylor, Taby llavwood. t tookar. Rictiol Hay w >og, Mrd. : M. Jink. I'o br followrd by tli* lirA'itifui drum > of th? K II!BBk'S WIFE - Mark Mr. T>1<ub ; l.arry 0'J<#. Mr. BfJW'Uf; !< ?? Mil. M Jour.. ?: wit V.i l? ?* > ontuiia Kill, a new fArur. Jiut r?<# v'.d frmi I. "idm, c*lls4 . 1E1'L>V KOC?Sir rater riltluH. n *. 1 Tailor. Julia Lomaa kt ita Lcc k ?er H.iea Vi ota ; Pit 12*^ eta ; P'iv*te 1m* in $3. j Doora open at half-pufi. to uoiiiuieiua *'.7 a'cl >o*. \,T ITCH ELI/H OLYMPIC THKilRK?HUSK FIT Of 1*1 Mia* Mary Tavlir?Monday ev. oinj, hk. I'.' i.hseu- I teriainii>cnta will commence wiiu thy i! \ WIl'tioL'r A . HEAP Mr. Oblivlna T' P, Mr Wale t; Mi* Top. Mi>. I var. After which. tka drama of l'lMETM|r.3 *LL- Mr Ln*-^ iiu, Ur. N tckiueon: Tom P-ct, Mr Ceuorer: Laura Lcoa >a. ^ II ie> Taylor. Atierwhieli ttH'M'tJwk \ N l? M M'lK-Dou Si I no no Florea. Mr. Hlahcip; Oonua l.<H?ra, Mm- Tat lur. ; 1 a r include with the ltd act of the CHILI) or' T.lli K tC alME.NT -Unutdi. Mr MokiuM't; hod.<lpii, Mr. T Hiah'f; V.rir. Mm Mary Taylor ; The Marehi>nt n of K.rk'ilMa, J Mr*, laharwood. Dreaa t'irclc, DO cu.; I?im, ]1; Pit Cy H l> - lil.' M 1*1 TI?KaTKB.~MI"S M \n\ - a > oil ; J rrapertluiiy mlm ut fur friend* ili..I tin- pgUie, tftit 'it bet elit will lake plicnon eveuing i.n*t. Nov. 19, ua J w hich rccaaion all tha U'jmpic ooyipauy will appear. On* book now opan. I C^ARD.- OLYMPIC Til if A I'll It ?Ml J BO ItH KB- j J rl tctlully inform! her frieuda and tie public hai bene tit w III take placo on Friday evenii.g Ml, N ?r. Z\ ? ? J whWli occaaion all tlio Olympic company will ipp. .?r. il'* kook l ow opea. _____ BANFRAL'R NATIONAI. VUBlTue.-WANTiuU IK- I S tueUiK'ely ?74 Yoiinn Ladiea far tin ' Corpa d? litili t." Apply to Mr. A. II. I'urdy, at the B?i <>.!! j ol the T oatre, j tot we?n the hour* of U, A. M., aud t, P. M. I C"? I R C 1 8-ASTOH i'J.A C E? tllUK A\ I I I aM> J Kinliib (treat? Julia Tryon. Manager, I oip ir ..ant ?'.n- I liaffeiuei.l! Arrival aud aaventh Aj>j ?:ir?u< f in Am rlc* oftka ' un at kngliah I luwu. W Al I.E t'T, who w|i| appear t.liil evening, Nuv. 1!>.and thiee following niglna oely, mi ? hioh ooot- i ion the whole r?eonr*?s ot the Aainr Plana Circua will h? called in re<|uiaition, ao a* to proilnue ana of the a) oat woud*iiul oir| la> ?ver w im?i-?<.d withiu tba ? alia of aa Arrna. j Kftdnctiuu of Prtcea?Ruxea. z'l con's; ciilldr^n all prr:e. j Pit 12)* i acta. l)oor? opeo at ti>?: per'ormtt.on to "Binf<uo? at 7 An K?tra Prrformance will k? ni?an ou ?V?iJn.i?duy and Saturday Aftrraoco. la which Mr^Wallatt will alm> appoar. HI LaiiN STKLLT CI Ki'l.'s?Til 13 M M(m? : 1 v.Strian Company will (>vo an ?*liibitn>u oa M nduy av?a- { iiiK, hov. lW, at tbc c i-Bor of lludauu aud I'Un s j Pern op'n at Ct; pert iriiianc* to ooniim>'oi> at 7. I* M. Admiaoii n V crntH CMMb n ?ll?t t> n yeuri< al *?a li^.' ItiOi i MAt;MKH KNr tXMlHITl'oN - I. V h. ICS U.'.tdU criKtnal |i*antic aartraof Moving Panoramaa. aow . pea e\ary ?v?uiu(. fot a abort icaaoa. prrvioua t? b?>uR ex lb: f4 in London, at Stvppaui'l Panorama UUl. Ht.?.i*ajf, | comer of Malkar airaat. Ibia ih^hi'ii'iuI. rhnt d'uor* ol artiatie (kill, irom original diawiuaa. l>y the cclcora'ra I American artlit, Join K.>r?. and ei.-iit >r>litiai:ta. Tber ! are painted on over 4>* WW feot of raii\a>"'* by teva- i ral tnoaaand feet tte Ur*??t pnintiue ic the *r.> !d. N?? | York City, Cliy of Bnxilya, 'Viliaiuab rjl:, I. t Kivir. I Iludaon kiver, and tl>a Atlantic Oauau " lieae paiMUiiKa ' araaf aueh immaiite ma^anuUe that it ia imp. e-il.1. to uiloriba them. Bouio conception can ha furmou. when waa?y that tliia woadertul painting couta re tlia tt<ni ot over one < ciillioa of aien. thouvandi and ten* of tboo-inda ol h?uaef, ' Mp*. atagx, boata. lio. The aaful an<1 r HCntf on- aeena of 1 the Aatur Opera House Riot, the grand aiii ?'ililuiit pocuiola { ef the Uurninr al tba Park Tlmntra. T i??ii??a hetii nuarly i three yeara In preparation, and <-o?t ft .i...< >. uoora . open at to'ciuck. Panorama inovea a'. 7)* proci elv. 4d- I laiuiun V> oent ; ' hildrea m.di r ten ye*'" 1 1 at i'i print. J I^KANKI.IN THEATRE 170 'HaTllvM "m^cVRK.? AtetaaUa: Paxet. So ata.; Pit IlKiii : Sum Mi, tAi eta ; Private ieiaa. M. Caparallalec attraa I i'.i-*. appearanct of beir l.aM^rti>.a aad hia w >adar|iil fatally of Arab Girli, who ara tha ' griateit wondera of i"<5 ? rid " A naw ti-onpe of " Meaal Artiaia" w I 1 appv ?r . aiao t!i* I ?mala Mina'rela ; with a var ety of otb<r antertaiu.ii"ui?. ? N.U.?Aa olteraooa perfocmaaec aver/ iVadu ajay aul Satnrday, at I o'clock. WANTS. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED ANn PIR->T-?ATE workaiaa, eapahl* of tabiiig charge uf a peueii altop. Aduraee I ?et utile*. II'.* No. 2,MM. WANTED?BV A GENTLEMAN. IW A PRIVATE FAlaily ( Kuriieli preferred) wl.rra tlier* V, ,U be 111 other tcardere, a (umiilnd kni t i , with tir wh*u r n? va4. uad lr<akiarI and t*?. l.oitliog.Ditr ln> adway. aa<ir*?i with ihic ? . (' , lio* IJtiA. fill <>ibo? yv ajwt aiituation as in-door sekvast-cam Tf dn?* wtll, if r?'|air*<1 hae too.1 references tnl 01 a b* heard of for thre* d?>? Tim advertiser ma CniHWtl. All i*tte-e j-ur*tu?lly attended to. Addreae J. W., it Un ?Ew, or 8 Tt?lt)r-iw<nd Mml. A partner wanted-WITU a CAPITALOP krok Uu to twelre th naand dollere Tin advortieer he? au Ifceenti'n of (r?at importance, hems entirely in iron *-elr# a be efleoted In tluaolty. aniounlliif, 'o one uou.lre.l tUoa>>ed d<linr? and upward* yearly. I'r .lite t.??r nun uun ired ftl'tti To a ft M pMMMM 1 apital and MHIIIIImIi tlie aboee la a tare efl?r. 1 h* advertiser will deeote all hi* tine ax'I attention to ttie busiueee. All omn'miuloat'en* turtle oonBdeuOal. Addreae, K. 1). R. Merohaat'e U >iel, Ml* )nft. _ ttfk flfwl uk >7 (am wanted, on oitt i'korekft BUjUvU at ten per rent. Apply to JOUN ANDEKSilN, J ox., 61 Wall etro*?. CALIFOHNIA. CAMPORNIA cl.otbi NO.? Wit IIAVE NOW ON har d th* lurfeei etoek uf * uoll*a Clot kin*. eait'd t* th* Baa f rauciaro trade, t? ! * found is th* alt) , rar trad* with that aiai ket la u? "try iiukixi, and w. o.ta?*o|utail r ke> p A large etoek *?| meelt made for it, purrliaeere ao i.4 do well t* cianiiat our etook, l.efore br.ymt eleewLers, ae we are datrimmd to anatati. uur pre *miaeace Id that trade. bouA tif th* el.*apn?*( of our prioue aud ?If blsa I *S *f llltl ut i) ft j ueviTTM. S3 an d 34 J..ho etre-t. "I s?..*a. CA I.IFntlN IA C (' I, D DllT' CALIFORNIA GOLD l/u*t!? M Noloiaoii ft Co., Uold aa.t Bi.eer H -tinere. A? i)ere, Pweepe, baieltere eni tl'aiiri of owrtli'e mineral*. ai.d kar>?u etibi taae** that coataia tlie aboee metal*. Old Sold, elleer, diara* arte, ai.d pre* oaa ?ton?? I. rt*lit. V B ? ewel!*ra and Slie.rmjnhe' * trpe, im, a A all bard >abataneei *i uud at th* K-ltLerj, No. ?.' Ann niMi. To otuioimA>fc-mct or ooLrs iirauot C-ihoolti.* Kiflee, 1(10 B'l'B* Vi.tal .!? Kifl-I, ItflterMia(<-k?ra Piatole; ample ?nl n uhl. aarrel ?. live, Pielo a. Bowie and oih*r aaieaa; tazether with A ?< 'mrtl aii?rt aeat of taitAkl* for (,'al.fkiruiau* A. W. St'lAi, Vl Maiden I aae. iuppino* For hatana. new Orleans and cmaoreaThe only Re^ul tr Mall Lin>- h rOhtcrel .iirwt. eia Mnaaa. Ttc nm an i epaoiouj eie?o.ei.ia Ol'l<?, l.i. ut Jan..'. P, Eal.aaok, U. B. N., oafaaaadrr. will be oeepauci.e^ flroia iklt rrt on Tlnire<laea Ihe ISth of l>retb bet at I P. * tl?c | ier fcotof WarrvB e'.re- l. North Kleat, lei?hia|i>l t .* I.r it ciiarlMtoa afd Sa auaab. te laud abd h taila aa< |'r?eear?ra Th* 'hiovill ?*IIJ the (i?eermp*ftk Ma.1* l-r t!i* I a .fia. ft*., to (n by the Jeeau; itnmn fr. a. Panama P*:e. a??re ma> rel> on ameia<al in an.plu tiaii' to inee- lae Jaiaary etaauiere i'aeaeaitar* for Cli&irt** *r? irau*f?rr*'i at I'l int t ilii e'auaoh and veil koonn itean.ihlp Paloi'a, Meet HArtatenv, IT S. N. com. lander, ?Moh makee tin mat* a'lirrtI oa trout New Vark t* t hafrie Tli*?oy-/e 1* made K II lUje The rate* ef paeeax to Ch*?rta tro mui'ii v in< el l'ie Olil* haa auBt-iot l>.,.iieit of I "??l h?/e? power 1 iltfWM Ift the beat traaner, wbicb rlin a (r<:Mt vtuiaiiea .f eatei; I* the paaeenc^re o*or aa? at* eteeroef r.nioinn wl<t. a aia^lf afPaie lu eue, atrearih and a':e.>iBiav . .tj- ua. Ohio it ooe>t?alltd by anj l'aa'n'raf ?.t Anni.rwvJ alt attached te th* Ohi* llataa of Pa?>a?v to itaiana. S? m Orloa.u. Stat M<>ai be/th, ladiea' <al ??f ,,, IN f 'V BtaH'- room urr> ?, dialn* aatooaa.,., 74 .'I Biai d** berth, la fro.-w rdvabia 99 Pte ra<e, f/ ind. bed aort noarti ZS M barlb la i*rnr< d antll pa -l f?r Pr-i(> t a*uc? pq( *eebic f??'t All billt oi lad'iu ma*', be ei?a*4 in b> ari the fblp Kaui'oei. K?ti:e <>? PeaaAwa i t ma iij Bren-r oi. bertb. in lao.?a. or diuihf e.tlooa... . (!*>< ^>an l*e ?>-rUi ia 2d uaHa Ml Bt*i te**, fauiio witb t? di and bnard . . . .. > 2f" Ibe. l.iLjva.-e alto* ed l"r nahin el d MM lb*. *er et :a? iMwigeie. Tw||i ? Omm m* *?ata p*r roi > ie .i ill *iek*ta far ??e*?re moat Kt p tnrr . tt ilie I.-a of loa e*ea M?'? M ? KW<? , 111 *?? *%. OM V DIRECT MAIL LIM KM MR ntaWCUCO, ?ia I fcagm?Oa It? ' * 1 or ? I'arn K?<Iim| ?Ikl tiid ftpl-auKi U A. ndllMiM'i , #*?*IHII I I I. J. IJ. *t'lift* u, i %?ia \**4of in* Mm >i*tth?D, ?ill !?? I r () i?. il'rwi, fr ?u h?r 4oefc t i*?r 3 Nortli ltl*?r * *?tutJ.t *#r D?- am II tlifFf o'lloo'. Th- lni|lTi iir **111 i?fT? sir I/. 5. Mat)* f' r tL* I ?r'ro Mninir <it |l>h |r ? b - I i* *i.i ri bj til* I. C. * >11 If 4 a*''' . Drift'!! I 1 ft' 'r t U * lO bri >.?<l on at> othtr rticr. ai><t will r I !.* itaaotorrol 'rtn il?ri> it i m it in n . i-'?i*>tl ? 1' rid ri' s < * 'to lo I ^*??* I t twr aa<t lAn twik?r ? *.?** r?mn jffli ftifttft f',m .. . .. . .. ... K?i L?*fi !0> All i) ? tin at i|i- (i a* :?'?!?, ? .* i,? U>? i?io v? of th- a. *'i>r ?? li'in.1 ?lt>iii i r,?- 'J M I*-' R?rt' it i i'r?-1' i, i* n*. . m ii* Hialw af t>ari? f*?i?l i. ?*r pa<*??o mil) J. 1'liWtllfi ft ?in, .M iir< vlwat. T?? ( mf?l OI?j It1li> i?Mi!h K I I ;rl i)|i| u I Intl ?a 11 i hi. ?1 . i i -tur. ___ Pol mk i .i i ? rue !?i i'?k > < . i . . \ i. I MM I ird I pporixl Mrk HI'\M ill (I ha??r *??? * r will It prvuii 11; i rip So*t. I ..r I >t pilvft, l| I I) to i?* k'ltfl.N -MS. 81 Fr I.' , *>? 11 III tl k HN'.'KR.K, * |I| It. UMlid ?kam* im in iin?si* * r.<i t,iHI. F ? Ihi lllllMMl ft I T i ;( I ha> 'at bo-a r-t oil* n ri ffulf oalar?-*l ?tUi *w ? naia"4?it-f r |' ioi.fftrft m i hiti ft* i will ' *-la } ?' I -tl tr> r. till* | r\ tor - in I fti |* ?' Hit, V i pontio. in<l Pfti.m - on dm i*i > * wlur ?it. I * cloak, fr* ?t tno pi* r t-'*t it?*arr*n Uta-l fir p?Ktut* tliktlt. mad all o?t ?f ii,t'.r"*i*'ii u, * ('v ?.<* I, ,.MLHmU,i>. *? >< fttr?o?. U??mrjkiii.IRvi \- hit,i a mm . i. * r 1*11, at | it k NitJi <>i?t ? ' ' i?*>oii*. ? ti n II I* If? ia |?1. (< ir? ; (I ! .. I I ' tl I PftIII* t*-tr 'l ft>fH ? ill pit fti- ml * ' 'I :ii' if i tjI'iTu alll ?a?il in ||.?tf V 'l< i! la" SkifrtllV 115 fc, at |*tir ?' N. rth ).\ r. v II ha?? > ? <i-?t*?t? ? l?n'*<iia'i .rp'i atiia ?l.* > i4 "'hi lal-aao of trr glit ?r p. in. I H M i't V M * i*l ? .. of rfllll.v utll*/.1, II'. W?<l IV L>i'K M> rKiMi <" \ A *i' J a N R i m i \?r? M Valiaaaift'i ? 1 ho lit i t? *i- i -.'p Sj <A I I.M*it-a* harihr*, 1%. ' i- *'n" '.r will I'*? ! a K?* ?.< im*i. ?l? Bt* fii f if* * tl? * . "ti Una d?\. I'?r. !l' f ? I k* I > H. r la opl * ml ?lt'> II liiat f* f 'I in b*-r colitis ! t ii lit ii **' ">' I. ?*iU AT rj htr* i-i ?n n1 fi-? I v i. i f ?'* t? nrw>? Ii btn ai if ' i 1 I i? 'ini'ft >! IM*' im, ? rj '*rtTi *?! ?' i r i it'll wi n..i i- ?#. * i ' ?r?i# ti*fcif will al*< ii? ?i<r?i4 i' -r * * n **' ii iniiiii'i i%1 f. 4 <iHt i.ii>i j?r.. <Jiii. a * kill ? will lud im* i?'? Mf t t.kilj. I. ir'??p|i ' n I* iir< * *rj In jurr fi"4 krillw,MMll lIUi - I ' ' wl'l b? m I'll Vs>ply ? J '. i r ii. 'I Wr H?<| ,>(! pa ^ r*Ti?Tr- >1. i *li?uhNi* i i* n?sf r k i? i i rk ka it In p M liKi.ti (IL'|iC< ?>ti? t^nii 1.1 i t'llMr, ?MI( .hi h-i?<H ?!.*<. ?lll fi* tirn-??lii' | |i. w>r r|, for frit* t ? wf tuisit l|th %?l?i*rd. i 1 <tr Nil i.l N ifih i(i?f,iif "? II. HOI fin* R Jtr,. V* *?tl ???* <? stka?? /IATS id. mi M w I Hit |. '.rn ih'I tAIH* oH'l m???Hi'KHi i Iff tdil 1t1I1, H * I'll ? tl lull I'lil'ai r 10 It 'll Ii iii??i ?i 12 n'l lurk, ajlxit at'hi lml?f i'?e?l vt4 ?l (111 " It I ?.ll Itn ? t r fi>. : >( On i'lUlfMllnVlwl, ? |"i p ?r J*'my f t y, 'M- <?? fh? "j i*?t ? lli?< <11 ?ii i l t J "i ?l?,r thti i li?i n i K if' i? ?'i" f f i?lj ;n,|.riT.i . fit* in klM IM tn-npaaT. ??< ?!? |K|ffll i" ? ii ? i i. i ? Hi n"i? l?A (^jiHiii ? I.T foil" * !> MIK A afiti J \ hi iv. i-i i ti*j' 'i. t l * o >v?fli? n l?i j i ? ?'n f r I nli^11 .-?? 'ilfi'l ?' r<r k?i ' ip 'Miry. nflJH Hh- I ?r, M Ik* *h>p ?>* #<' ti >y ? ' I ?H?J. ' AaaPNaCOBflrra. | BYOADWAT*"TUATUfr^B. A. MAR9?ALU^80Li ' Umi ; 9. *. Blaka Htiior -M<nda? ??*aini. Not. IV, ill >> nrfura*d. TUB CHILD Of TftI SlUlllMTkirto, Mim Ko?? Jacqnta; Mar?hl*aaaa ?f lirkufiUt, Hn. Blak?; Tonia, Mr. W. II. iMfW Ser?ea?t Carv.ncha, Mr. ?r?uiu. To conclude wlkh the faro* of SUDDBN THOUGH l"S ?Gen. Dorntaa. Mr. ' biting ; lcapulae. Mr. K. Mkaw; Jack <'aM>a#<\ Mr Chaimau Onnt, Mr. Tbonipaon; Nahbi, Mr, J Byrne; Sophia. Miaa H. Horn; Clarlata. Mra !<->der Mra. Iniulir, Mii-a Carman. To the Dreaa eiralo ami Parquet, 75 tobla; Family au4 Third eirolea lie Gallery UX?- Deere ?p*n at kalf ?aat 6: t? Uffa at7 e'olaek. NIHLO'8 OAKDIN-MONDAY BVKNUfQ. verture by tlia urchealra, to be tuooaedaa bw FIATS ON TMC 110HT ROPE, by the IUtoI Family uiUig JaL".'J:_After woieh, lb* eooilu l'aatoniva uf_th? VOL^AIj- . > r>T, . r a Ninlit'i Adventures ; ID wmca iniiooii mm will exhibit hi? extraordinary performances. introduoia* I.a Mart* Corri'inc, croaairg the stage n? a polo tiftMn feet bigh. th?r?ct. ra by the Havel Family. lnt?rmlsaloa of half aa lu ar f?r ''tcitanede, ku. 'Io ooaoluda with the comio Panton ime of Tilt KID GNOME aN D Will I K W tKrt'.tMlDi'Ukt, the Unoma, J. Mariotti ; Dlaao, ilia tfhiM Warrior, Aut.ioe Kavel. Admittance. SOcentl. _ Bl'KION 8 THEATRE -MONDAY EVEN INC. NOV. 13. mil be played, Urea*haiu's ooiuedy uf ROMANt'K AND KtAl.i l V ?Arpor Manley, Mr. buiu 11; Oliver Manley. Mr. L>liiie; Frank Meredith. Mr. C. W. Clarke: Lavender Kidil, |Mr M l.iach; Jack Swift, Mr. Brougham; Torn Badger. Mr. "j"lii?t< u; HarlaraiMauley, Mra W instancy: Bloeaoai, Mrs. Kn uil am. To eotcluda with a eaintal farce, callod JF.Kfc-EY MONOPOLY--Mr fanpiua Juim, Mr. Burtaa; Jack Ri>bit>s<>a, Mr Brovtham; Mr. William Wraith, Mr. Hamilton; Mr. Charles Bmito, Mr. Uolmaa; Mra. William Smith, Mri>. ilu(hea; Mra. Charles Sinitk Mra Rujaell. Ilnxea, Drew Cire'e k?iI Paniuette, So cents; family C.rcle, i"> mints. ITALIAN OPERA, ASIOR PLACE - FIK*T APPEAR1 am e in America of Sigaorina Apollorla Krrlucca ?Monday evening, Nar. IV, I> ?.?. will be performed, for the Mist UMlkll ...... Kuraiui'a nUrMli l|M Nffik OTBLLO? 1 ha hill1 ra 1 eaarasiers will o? sustained by it A|>o)lona Uer ucoa (her lirat appearance m Aiuerioa), Suu^r U. Forti, Jiguor C Cuidi. di^nor Bune> entauo, Sigeor N?velll, Mpaura 4\agedr*. a?.d Siguor Pat'i. Conductor ami Director, Mm V.utfitck. Prices of admission - All seats in l.oxes a. 'i | u.'iuit. MIMll citi'er fyr th j night or season, $1 Mil almiatioii < u the evening nt ttrlorraaice?Par inot, $1; Amphitheaire. 2!> cfnts. Doors open at7o'elo?k; to ouiiimenoeat7>?. ASTOK PL\CI OPERA HODSS ? EN'3Ll!?fl AND ITAlian Opera, for One Night only ?Mr Miinvere, prior i imore, from tha 'Ihrairea Cuver.t warden, Drury Lano, an 1 her Majeaty a Concerts london, liaa the honor toannounc* that, bj iije kit d permission of Max Mareliek, hia HenoU; an I onlj aipearanre pre vioiis to his dt pal t are for the S uth, will tak' | la-e at the ab)vo theatre on Thursday Evening, Nor. J-, IMS. wl'<n will ho prevented (in Kugliah) Itellini a celebrjted fpera of LA SONNAMBI 1,4, aid i in I'aliaa) the Second Act of tha Bulla Opera I L BAKIilEKE D1 SlVIOLlA. On wlaoh oocaeion the followinn eminent artuiu have eoBiaateo to appuar : ?Sinuora Koaai Coral, Mit-a Kliaa lirieuti (bar tirat and uMJ nppi ar^noe tl.ia WMM), Ma lame Baulird, s (.nor (Imdl.'Mignor Rural, Signer San<|iiirioo, mil dl<nor Ooikilal ; feather with tha full C horua and Orohaatra of t'.ia r>lahliahment uader the dm otlon of Mux Maru'xak. Ti vketa can la lacured for the Boxea aad l'ur.,ueUe at SI: Aiupiiithiatre, i'4 ci nta IJ"i pUn noa open. NIBI.O'S.-.CUIFi'KNDAl.B ANDSKFTON" SBKN BFIT. - W ednaaday, Nov. 11.--Only .Niahtof the oclelTated I hriaty'a Mm>trcU, wh? will make tliair nr?t appe*rano? here. Da tie in a liy Celea'a. Tko popular dr^imt of the ( OLIIICN FakMFR or, Jeuui> Twitohar in Kuglaiid. Concert hjr tlie Mmatiela, Lc. BIKMM8 AMERTfTAN MUSEUM-F. T. BARNUM. Proprietor?J. Orwanwoad, Jr. AMiotant Managnr.? (jh Meek Mora ?f the Martmatii Family, whnaa wmderfSil Oymuaatla kchievementa and I'automiiaie delinaa'luaa have ronneeted thalraatsaa with tha Kaval Fatuiiy '11 vy ap| afternooB and aveaiog. Alan en i**-!1, l.rnia &lia.rr. Mr. F. C. taajn', Mr. M ardaB, Pate Uorrir, liieara Merntteld, Hi>a<i, Clark, Uia/iBa, Mlaao Staufope Pent lai.4 asil West. Abo ob axhihition a-, all hour*, tha akeletmof an anorBioae Whale the livioj Hob C!oc iri?io?, Livir* Aoaeoadiv, Mammoth Cmoo4ila. Ad'niaaion aet'ti: el ltilrei onder lil years of mi, lii>^ oents. f 1 A II S I'M a Ml .'ii n, C.MtNSK SEVENTH ASII I) i I 11 ,ot etiueta. ?'hii?d..lphia? i'. T. Baru'ian, Maaafar wild Ptojrii U?r.-New. moat aatonlafliiix, aad extraordinary vaiiety i f Bovaltiea aud aitracti ni. Fourth an 1 last week of il,a (iifnxamant of Mr. and Mra. E. CoiiBrr. <?u M.iiday avpaii a, November IV'h, In4tf, will ha enaeied the h i U i NOhK, aud tha UAi'TI VK. In the af.erooon aaw and anmain* vaueevillea, and a variety of otnur iater?atiu< pari fan ai.cea. Hales, the English (jlaati TlUala tha Fa.ry i y. eer; feoteh Mammoth Br"thtr?; hu^a <'roO"dll?; Sea Lion; ! ai d tin- inimeiire e< lleetion of natural aad MtHUtftl i'?ri >?i| ties, ran he set n at all hours. Admiaiion t? thaeatire Muaean ' aad p< rf- rmanees, 26o ; eluldraa uader ttn yeara, lit^a. IICCliliANKUlV. 'Pll J E W E I, I. E R S - PKK IOUS AND IMITATION 1 Si in td ? ItlL'il iku Kll'l.lWii. :l Ma. len i Uxt. I'ifttt wanaUmtljr a han<l a Ur^c *?9urtffient of ator>*a ?f | ttvnrv (ivtcriptiou. and it aoutinualiy revaifius fresh import* titni* _____________ New and cheap family oroceky and tba Store.- 'I he aubatriher roepoctfnlly Informa hie frieada ill t l.i< i u' lie in general. thai ha baa op?aed hit new ?tom, i No. !<* < etharlne afreet. ootaer of Umty, ?nk? Iroah ileok ; of ??'l iiii rnd Cfo tree, aeleotad lor family uee, where he I wuld le pleered to aee all who laey faeor hltu with a eall; i al'a, a go?d aMortmcataf the keai Foreign H itie* and Lnia jn, , At., Ar?Aa. n M. Hi OARVIi, N" > Catkariae atrial, aoiner of tleary atrei i. l< 'ITIieKN Kl.llfR -COSJTANTI.V OV 1ianp AND O rtcrlvirr. aMw brand! nr??< Uakiri' Flour?" M l>? HI,'' "J.J. Uteri, " end appioaed kraade. Tor aal* ky II. 11 SALMON. No 3u Front itrert. f ataira.^ Depot of french mechanical lamps. now u? Croadway. ?p etalre, oupoaita Olym|uo Thestre.-J uet Toveitrd. a large and n> h ekeiee of u.eeljatiical, carvel, and moderator Lampa, 1'renoli furaiture for lamp"; the kent a per in . all at I la. per galloa. Lampa oloau>d ar t r-r . r 1. 1 rooted aLd glided in tee ahortaat lima. U. DA HbdN VI LLE. lad Dlwei'i Haw. T' (I HORROR It ITAtHlkt. I>AY PIT IT OFFl VTIf. Tueertuj ; and. la the meaatlnie, buy a e.-py of Twelj Tctreae' Dirrctloae, and yon will get through all year waehiug teforo Ireakfaat to be had el li. Tedretrm. **) Nation Hreet, (room 23/. N. V. ! and of C. Staekimlo, *10 W latin* ton atreot, boatoa. aola ageat loriba New Baglaad fttatet. NOTMB TO UENTLBMBN.-DON'T TUROV7 ASID1 your light drab over c?at?, u yon eon har* then learn d end hasdaomely drill, d aad refitted with eel eel collate ead oiiEa, and made a a equal to aaw, at ttn.rt ! aotion. No. 0 klorray etreet la tho ?aly plana to gel your 1 cleaning, dyeiai. and repairing done aheap. A. lORTIBfOI, 1 Marray alreat, near Broadway. DECCtP.T k SON. 23V Pearl etreet. head o! R trliag ^Ha llip. i fl r for eale, at wholesale and Mid, on the molt raaiaaaMa tatata, < hronometeta. ol their own and the m <t ' at proved fcnrliih manufacture, togethi rwiah the heat quality Sastaata and yuadrante. Alio, Chart! of California, and rai-r) turtot H e world, bT the moat approvedauthora, and of ! Ila laieal raMlaatlaa. Ala*. impr<>*> a diQnu-'ii,0 'lupeaiee, i N an t eal lio< ka. Marine and UoaeaCbr?nometera. Ac. Every deet-nptp a *.f N anneal Imtrumaata repaired in uie p.. ?t I iBrlaal ??. Di'.UM, At ADEM V OF MLLE. PAL'L.NE LiESJlK dine, of tko Academy kneel, Paria, at No. I Waahtaf t koa Flaoe. 73 Third a venae, SM Ureoaa itraat. aad at har r?, atdoaoa, 74 l.eooerd ureal. For urnii, fci, apply at the ralldeaaa ef Mile F l? at T? l^eeerd ilroak. B' III.IARP TAB! El. WITU IMIMIH ? I \ T E '! K l>* aad Aiuerleaa Air Caabiooa. the boat la tUa world, ak I j tka maker'a rooim ll ' Tultoa. aad IV Aaanraot. 1 Ear6peat.e and tko public ara matted to try tiiim. Cloth, kil'i, roe pr.lnte with eeory arliele la the trade. ? per coat el* for eark. Table! ra hand, fer lale aad made to ardrr. PBBCTOfS JBITE1 RT-MM. MARKET. J AIRY. A OA 1MB, y>k Broadway, tiara reoaiead from ihaireela1 uratrd tcnan el Pari" tha rn hert ia> I'm.-nl of Jrailrr, of I irtry dee<rlati'm aad tr?rf prioa, and kog reeperilnlly the inehit'iiahla (adiea ol New 1 erk to pay a tint to their itore, ! whoie tkey tea aaa. aad Judge for llianiaalvei. how ainih | nt'.ri aaponor lha failalaa artiilai ara to aa> oibar. | B^NOLirB hiiximos AND SIXI fNcm TAKEN \ r 1 i Jla twenly-lour ren?i per ihllHag, l.y J' tin lleirne, IA vra?h>r*n<n itrret, New > ork ; alio, crown thel*r', H IH> oach; nn? ' gn tUAlira, i'7S each. Oil im nib light aoint of all j aiti'Be bought here. Ecgllik aoppori taken at 10 aaati par I ah! lie*. nrcOERT A PEARL 1*1 BEET. IIEAD OF a Cuiliag .slip, i for fn| tali, at raa? 'nai lo prloea. erery I i??nipti. a of fine M auhci, I'oeaat (.'hroauioiUri, Jieelry, | Ji'iir I1 are ke. ! 1 \\[ R E.tTIIS A N P PA III HCt Foa BILIA -A BIOS V eau rtnieat ef the ako<e panda, at all pr roe. hia J t't keea rocriead end ar< If - ad f?r in o, at wb l?ial* and retai', I t. I thT* t.lift, iuir rter of Floweriaad Feathare, No. It Mtal, aiaiaki. , ()IK ITUI1R AMBBIt A- PLAID LONG iiatl1J A larir" rod ' . t e irraftrntlfit eal (.OOlKfcY. I'ATTISUN k CO , 4.1 ai>4 i'< ttmkl (t. ORQAN1 I.tTf ftAKT DICOT, KXCOANOa rt.ACI, Irl M.l'l iai tba Ortlrt, M??r Or'.??? . I.V-AI if? | iiutr a?'ial>l|al m> at maj a'aaya lafoar4 llnkinf ?t>rf <' nrt^lirl, ( VhmI>, Alitor; ii ?i?|ky, Setantl" ! k<v C'n.marcUl, < ? frai Mral, ?n-i a. dic<l Mutu. A t", i ? -na;pl?t?i vf Stationary, alih all tha I adaa.pal I>*|i)r ki< B'Ulj Nawtpipafa >ul Ua^aamaa. C. i i ir) areata far aay irtlllt la tha ?r?4? ?ipplla4 ?.il f r- I aiih iJo.Va mail* I Pf" apt a'ta?tl?a paid li ai.? a-ork ar4*ra4 >> mail U ? ? ? >!- r? '<1 (nrttt. J V. MORI* 4 M. LuararT iainr tl.? Naw t/rlaana, I *. I n|.i 'r h*?? k?*a nt'lu with t'.a (rtt'lptl PnMn!>m ihr< < ?*uut Ui* fTmun, fvr?iufr.l? of tl.a fit M lA?t M I* 4. I r.iv?N at tiik BMtne.MCB or rn? I 1 A !?* ' nmr. ? ?!? at tna raatAwtnaa >' kilHflllill I Ikt f i tl. Uon.n, l.a a. a*4 (ifrr\ ? ?, in (it ,r%. > 7. * i?- rj ^a'nfal IIM ?ty. I h?-a?l??p?, I'ktala. Ma-ka? .? Wrltia| l)i??.i?, m all tk? mam b.anah*? u|!? a'il?t t? a ? ra rahnM *4iiak'loa. C. VuKI aIIL, lift L.t i.k>'<>i ittMt, Brasltljr*. - - . . fIRUIL'Alu T?o ali ire.* *rf.rrpms 1>.i Tu*M>aa at la<? t >i>ra anrr.jror p?rpl?? i r at. I a. fla?> ?r lci,?i in ?'|?ni ?<?. i 'ar ? * r?nt II >t, g? t Pr * I"?f Ii?tiin4 *i.4 lattl), A a<1 pturara !.*?? ' ?? h?i laujr k? |>*n?y, J w ?| tjakl* It ronad * Vra tha anla>ac? ia ihiakaat, A *4 i l.a '!? Ill rit'u a I til* tha .|til"kaat kue ai d rata, ?U?I4 tha? plaan* c?, ara aaajr ta kiil, I P i r I >. r Or II am l>aa an t?<|ui*Ha pill; A < iln ImiiI all i> iti?? ? kaaw rtlthar Coiitalra in It* aila'aftc nl polar.a a parl-la. I IJBII. MTHROPK ftHIIOUNCBtSIIT -DVIIN TU Jhvatkal .S??a?t<r. I al ?l. pla. I. ' k >tlla? ?l tjrnls at j I 'l'? dUp< >1 <hu?? wa" ?>'i> at air iJ to paiviiaaa tii? a. 1 1 liria a III K* 4>a'riu'*" t rny 4a/ nt*i ?. I ' Br *?4 m%j, I.?t ??i.? b. dtt? rrtrt fr?m ap#lyla? by a f t ir* i-f Ul>i pndu. | Miry I'Mtlxf !> * J (rig nc? ?t n vflta ilit rum ?t many ? tc |*f t?i It kid i dat'i I. u? family 411 w > uwr hk't any <t"t1>it rttMrllrg il>" ?fl? cy -t try ttwif). may oil tl & < oflii t fro#! A M. to 7 I* W.. n il cnuon't ? >.?. k a hi h ? ptvtuft. In * hit bar- !* ?.'fully rt.nidl tin n*i?t?, t?? l (? ii.ll tli? ?i? Kt (. ?" I'til by a itijftrian). tf trtry Pltlwt. 1 > r?h Mart) ?'l ?h- harr tni ?i. m lit # b? n it iamr*Mt itim nf tli?m, tltbonaJt a ir i.ith h?t nn| wt f | ?il i?r?my r-io?il? u at ailin n rt l. art a!rtadr Ltr'.til/ till, (ttirt k ftir ??I f?> ?*ry, ti.d nkhtrt * ?< ?' t )?' tt|' *t?<l p >?t?t . "?i tc m> n <l !-? t ' tit TIn i> tl truth my ttatrtnant, (in p**r i i|i-m<<li?i nf II ' r?-?t dttirkblr r.i*?? uf tart?t*fail?n, tHnrt *t It th? 11u ? tKtl In 'laic J >i < il ? i iiHkhiI n| u; dl^ntirr. I l>*. >' II \?r<. I'll 1 k y. V I. VI U i. 1*11 Al. U<K>*?ACOHPI.ITB ? K\| (HAL J* ?#rk, ta tbf rittnrt umI tmtmri I tl pti<?M4inui?i, iifirt utM, kt 4 kll kiad'td affittlcatftf th? Htikiry * v ft-?t i?f httutilullr taiortd pi it u .ar*.- k? Jil* B, II'm-r U .tttriak W. D. I*rr? iiiikrtn, Vtl lif?, 8* tdlM?P I'rlf* $|r I,?trkr? fr"ui ?h? hi >? N?*l':?l ?ti1 !?f r?i> kl J.'.ir**!*?" Ik may it nut, f*?r' ti h? *,*al hi', ril't or A c' n't work on tht tana fttatiT ?f <i ttf.k. at I t?r ui?-ri?r to anvrhin* ?f tht .?,l k*tr p*.bl'?h? t I-, lata *otiatry." kvt.ktr af kna ? rk ?.n (n nil >?r . - ?r. Im|?- f??y, hie , rt?t? < br Ir.ip; .i??r t ^bi*? l*t?rt. tdlllou, 14 platM. I'rittSI. Fpt aiU ?t Iht Pablikh?r?. ? -Iv./r t T ?f.rt(, ta Bro*d??T. kb4 by th? AnUtcf ?>< nr k<*it. N'O rl'RI HU PAT.?B*. rORBITT, W DliANt B?. bt ' trt* mtnt tf dillrni* 1i??kii?k. k iwl'i "I lH'tn y?kpk dknrittd to'httrrtt m.i ?f dtlickit 4I?wm, tkiblw Dr C. Itoan lit wort* t?.t. at 'Nit diMttw 4?i>?p? r*t?t 3ar*4 ta thr?> ilaya. N? mrr, \ ry aa?<* nn. C? 'Iflll, U Dl Ab I fllKCKT. HAS. FOR TIM >att ffur''tt jtar?, u?v*a"d Ma praatiAa to tbt trtat? *? tl ? rttir 1-1 kt ! < ?? d KM>| af dalioat? natnra. In 4?' aart ">* ??>*t tuyratata-l . aft <>f t?it dmtaao, aad wild tarsw rv?>.9? J :? tat ba ?i ?ay? A porfats tart.of ' tbant*. TELECKAPIIf VlTELLICEVCe. TtrrlkU lltiDib xt RipiMlM-Awftl Da* traction mt Huimi Llh-Om* Hu<n4 utl Sixty Pcmm Prakakljr lUil?4a Ni* Oblbai?a, Nor. lft?A. If. A torribU ttfaiuboat xpluaion oaaurrad fcara laflt Ttnlnf. The ?t??.m?r Loul?i?M. )?<ob4 to St. Loot a, *kM aboat starting from bar ?liirf, har?t botn bar kolim, ibattarluf kar to at' mo. an<i alio badly injurlaf tkt lUaiuaig Storm a:id Button* that war* lying alrafilda. Tba I.ouUUni wu or *d?d wit i paaaangar*. M wot* alio tha otbar t?o:*hioii liaJ jusl arrlvad. It ie eupporeu that *11 >* tu?r, 160 Urea w?ra lost, feaaldo many wouoiltd. Ainaay any i?4U' dim nare Dven reooTereu. The Levee la ?U.?*n uii < tie dead and dy lag, an4 hundred) of our ottlii.nii u'i* around the melaaeholy acme, reuderh^ *11 tbo ?<>ti auo* In their pow? ta th' f# In whom *rark of life < ue>oa. Dead bodlea, ! /*. ari?? and head*, are scattered la erery dliectlon. au.l the t.rhi i?-aen*el is 111 nt awfal. It it at prefect laipowlbU t > aaoertain the nawta or number of thore ?hu ar.- 1 t? ?non a< they ean eoUcetod, I wlU forward y> u ?n>rrw deipatch. ij\i> u..?fAl'( n. i\ <. Oa uii, Nor. 17.1119. C aptain Keunoa, of : ?< ? , ?r Louisiana, bvj beao arreateJ. ard fcrlJi t(. b?'l 11 h~ ra n of $8000. Tha exf'K(i?n la?iti b- * - uted t > carileiunera, m Feavehing inreAtig* Ion will r ly take plara. Many or* dead hodle* hire n f und. The number of killed, It la tailored w I! rr ch -'nO beailee many dreadfully *vund?d. T > 4a ?f the shlppics ara all at hali-icait. Trouble omor.i; Km Indiana and CaiiadUB ? ?... d Colllaloai. ' ia*ir, Not. 17, 1849. We Lave reaelrud Iq!m.i boh >y the steamer franklin wbkb ban jual arrive! !i mi tha Sault, that (root xciteoiint pre relied tin e in c ueeqiienca of a threat n?d coMialou bat *?? ? t1 e dl?n* and mlnera. Tha caun of tha dl:Hculty ? '? ? t<? be the refusal or aa> glact of the Canadian aaih* Hire to eon>an<ate tha Indian* fi r tbe laud no * mi of the iluebaa Mining tympany, they htnug made themselves raaponrlbla for tho payn i'nt ? -f lie money. The Indiana numbered about thr?* I mir. 1 amang wham are thirty wblte man. Tbi.y lia l / . "l<-u three cannons. and were on their mareh for the 1 ui i??? of attacking the opera* tlrai. and tikirg poem-mm, <>f their property by foraa. The laOlan* belog well a'mrd. the moat aerlooa aonaaquearei are apprehende 1 Appoint tuanta N or ember IT, 1840. The following appoln'in nt> are announeed Rosamond l)un<a(, !! reiver'I I'u'iHo Money*, at New Orleana, rice I'aifrey reino*. I, 'V Wren, Land Ragtater, at Augurta, <>oe llou?e, resigned. Arrival ?r tt>? imio. VtitwuN, NOT. 17,1849. Tha ateamebip Ohio arri??4 at tb I* port yesterday afterr.oi u at eefn o'clock I'M- make* bar raa from New \urk to tLI* poit. delinking detention atCbarlaatou arTkuty two boar*. Thu i? a rery abort paatage 'I'trdUle Ai'i'ldeiit. 1>? 1 aai r, Not. 17, lMt. The tra'iu of can frnu the \Ve?t, thli morning, aama la colllsl n with the freight train at Vpallantl, horribly mangling Mr. IVrgn?on. taa '>aggag? aaaater, and lightly lejuiiof ifvctal o?he?-a Mntl I'Mliir*. Ha Tixoaa. Not. 17, 1949. We bar# ire-lrel no ui ail aefond llalelgh to-day There In nr.Ojicg new to mnlcata Th? ntrklt la with', ut ebai'jr, kBJ th.. of i| wall. Hiu Hltoernl* >( Halifax. [fat >r*i, v ??.. Not 17?8 a. m. The alcainthlp HIWoN. fr-rn Naw York, I* 10* cu'dii Id She will pr^ !< ??? for Knropa in about thru hour*. IkJk k < a N.w > Not. 11,1IM. Tha anai kct f<~r rott?n < ?'r?i1 ,?nl th? leoiand Mtiro. Tbe sale*, 7eat*T<l<ty r.?oO' 4 6,000 balaa. on urn. Not. 17. The aloe of <oU<<n t??'- '?> w rt> tuuo balm, without ekii'F" tu ( Itn; rm<Mli>K ><S- I'hw aalea of the waak ajiouct to ir,l)t0 t * - > 4rcaaaed receipts, 40 000 bat en Tba A iti ;lca * ai w? re?eiT?d here iaat n'ght. "i n ?i .. \o??mber 17?6 f. M. Raralpt' : t- i..ur 4 '>00 barrel*; wheat, 18 0(0 bnahala : Coin, ii # h? market cntlnnaa firm for flour, *<<>> moil-ia'w .t.u??o<l - .<! ? boo lihl*. Vl< hlyao st ;-4 37 i, i. In fair rai|uaet. and pr1e?? ' (It ; ubont 10 Ci o h>i ??xi- rhungvi hand* lorluilin^ S. u;hj> it n? fl.'n ? A II ?anki?*t 70c. Tha upplira of corw *r? vrrv lluil'rd tal n>> iiIh ar? r*> p?rtr4 fl'ldcr* are firm In freight*, there i? no change <'t iaipitt*oce 4> ??>r V?HmW 17? 4 P M. R?nrlp?F ?lnr? yrf'^rip) H'l.iur 14 00"l bble; wheat, nrne; earn. k (>Cf> |?; KaM-T 1 600 buahelr Thar* 1? a (f. d< inn 1 !>t fl -nr 4 w? nttlne tale* of 'i 600 bbla lunlc 'li'R r inn on i. ?u l? Stat* and Went' M 44 a $4 M , atral|h' ?i ?' *4 7-t a $4 *7 V. pore (laseiier at tf. 12 a Vf. f> l? In aetlra ra {neat, with talet 4 H) bnataale at .'<7 a tto Tha recaiptu of barlay ar r llmiti d au<i prlawo arr tlra'ty, *alee l'i.000 butbele at (8 a i'Je. for rowad, aid (10 eentt foe fonr rowed. Oat* arr 40 aud firm -4000 bathala I ,0'^- urrujiiikm t hi rat; mails. Oar BaltliMorw i;?rraapon?lcn??. H.i.tim .at, NaT. 17,1840. Kte*jiti<m rj Henry ( 'ay 7'a? C'hin*t Huptar*?Mtr(untilt Cut* /<!ikrli jr.. A nnTi* t It ou f >'ii a i "i* tha wdlga of thla ally, 'o^ttupa i{ran<l pubitti rao-ption to tha lion lUnry Clay n h* poiwn tlirimgb .i Waabiiii(ton They all arm to haf turnni ?i< -?ir?a?l darotlon to thair lr*t lotr, ar.l tta tuuur t'.at ha will probably taka charga of the ?*.ata l>*p?itinmt mraU with a baarty iwpoth. 1'ha racant ?*;<.?t of iir < laytoo i altampl to tamper with t ir .\ w ! > * hn?U attraata much attantl< n lu oar oil ami aiim rtrmfth to tha rnmar that t)?i.rral la;!.r will a wtaail uia wlinUraaal froia th* rablm I A toiiiiot of 41 Ml ?'7 *a? obt?>nrd ya?torday. by M?-ir? ^le ui, .1 v ..f ihia nity, ?(?m<t MtUnllillMi " P t'jii.i ^ i f .r <li? nun lal;Ulo??nt of a c c'.r .t I' , -?r- i .? iu I'l" (da i| f.-ulta'-a con'rtr 11-. <1 it- .? . i || inr in (hti e *.y, at > 76 par hi.'nl < ? if r-d I ouj i.?-r?ia, bnt failnl to d. i ?r ' i b i. .? Cm pt?'nlil7i< w?ra r (|H?rt'j ? j?' . i * . > ba i'. a b?*ij lr f .i : . t . r vr ,ilb. oil'. loll. * I'luiti r wi * I '.If't i'? r?) *>* ?. ' %? ' ' S i f-ii iiy iti'iiM KmHi' i yt > h .> "??. Ciij ill* ??4 U iirj?f*.t I Btyttthi? *Mk. I:.: i I " Wj tl" 1 f III* ??? > ? ' . f >(! if kl l? u4 il l. ?. : ' i h?r??l* ail A ball' I u ' ? ' . . II I >tbta??'?, i 1. .11' ?II .iMibiU**'! to i.? i i !.. . n r. i . 1 Hi ?'.<l "?8 til la m ? ;:(! t .ay ?fcti. . ??l< . f . di I i?l \ r > !. j -m <i it ! ir . til ; . ' > $1 J I ?fn'lf t<?r, '.I Pi ?> <n?' r*'?l "HI tki. ?( i> .. ni i- ,1 i, .. ? . i ? J' n t> rata, ? .. v r >1 * .'J ? it*, t. Ittlx l . *ir | H | i , ? " ti.j ?<>? talN '?/ ? ?l ,l ?r. ? '\ M < .V. ft. II.u ? ,1 b'ti> ?.. < <<i , y>. li**, <?, . Cur l'Mlmli i|<iii? i nr>t)|>itn<Unt?f l>i mil, not. it, imc. 7"A? P? ('I S'.i;i T'tr r, < ill I xj Air C'Jty? 1 - M?r 'I *i? * f Nlllfvuilil; I lil i hi i t* la r*f?rl to th? rtitlml ritukUtn f 'hi j?. k.i ?ii p tu'??r r% >* ??l f t ? it li hnn tlini ? ? . . ? '.ii Ik* plir* iV<r* tb? (hip S?t ?n j. I *>,< to pi-o-?. At th? tlm* th? T"**?ri> * w? it t< i ? w?%th?r <ril ' tf?J. ' J t'?r* > (i ' hi?'4 ?n<l It U t L OR lit that If < *;it lu t .i'il .m?I* niir* fr?<| i?at ait?( th?i 1-td * i?i* v ? u?? fry gantta (lop*, (tct mctr lli?n fail hi l'i>- uiIIh ) ttia acnidnot tn pbt b*r<* ti-?n ?Ti>ii|"ii i i ? 1111?? Ur<-Mt ilnp llmt f> n lIn* i I partly Iri.urvd ? Hu |* ??i r? (t?an in t iuImi, >>r? IhmI-HIo J ? ?4?n?i I4TCT LI*, r.?? J.? ?"t of ?> i 4im"jKr Vr l?j -* i ?r ifi l i ? id . n Iih Iki ?tt??N'il tt*rtiA. I n? t< V\ h | hM lb* ruii f tli?t 'r ' f t* n?r?i| and will I'ltiipt t * >?? rfKr?T?tarj i. !?, ?u r <-n<-r?lly rr?i:?4 bj h ff i*id? (>?-? ?t. . , ? > airier* K| tb? CarM* < t>* ?rn n>: x i ,t 4 >?ut tlrm. holdora Ipf . i*?t t i < a, r? l? *n>o. I'b* ?u|<l>ly of U< m aid ra i< i.. > i ml prio?a a'.i'vat j - t> h i? n <>l corn. ?ht?t? ta' Pli ..<1> a?c,,n?.l S. , ( ol orkn It if II i,r, fo? i > ? t?Si >ilnrlp?||y at th#f'?r ?r fj? I *r.- "f ?c?><l I prim* r?dl ahiat (. |l (A I i . ati? "flit* at f 1 18; y?llew,e< m 3? r. < >i i ill Mlt of t??ti|> ly ?< !* <<. uth?-o.? < i-i?? ??4 C'lK'jlutli a? Ml* I'r- \ f I t< qm k '' Ll??rp *4, 14 frf bu'l rl f. f . ?-f ? ?< p*t i llbri ?f* >t |l U afl 87), to VI >7% ? tab- I -Una. .id |l lota No* Toil Noatai.a iu ?k? )' ?? V *-k? ar# lib t?l%ht ?4' *%?h d i > Viuttird at* lb* Ml'* *' ? lirtI Pr.i.-rf?! )K 0? > 1 '??'? ?f? r*?->l,74; I AC It' ?!i Vci) . IJMI tim ?' !*> *

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