Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. r?rtkw??t corner of Fulton an4 Numb iU. J A n 1C 8 UOHOOR BIR1ITT, rKOTRIlCTOR AND EDITOR. VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE, eontaMnf important wm, toliriltd from any quarttr / th* wrld: if Itr/, i?'.' 6r liber,! 11 y paid far. SO b'OTlCH taken of a nan ymnut communiamti+na. m/ - THE DJU Y HLtiALD, 2 cent* ptr fpy?17 p#r an*VhK WEEKLY HERALD, for circulation on thie Continent every Saturday, 6)4 ??' Per r?PV, or U per annum , tor circulation i'i Europe, printed in French and En^tuh. fiM cent? per ropy, or tt per annum. THE DOLLAR WEEhLY HERALD, every Monday,! etnte per copy; >1 P" annum { mj ctpiie to clube.&c$6 yer annum ALL LETTERS by mail, for lubecriytiom, or fit* ad+ert\?emrnt?, to be pott paid, or the poehige will be deducted from ihr monev remitted. JtI)l'Ei:i'ISEME\T8 nt retitonahle pricei ;'.the proprietor not retpomihlc for crrore in manuicr/pt. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. ITAMAN OPERA HOUSE. Aitor Pl?c??Orauo. BOWERY THEATRE, Bownry?Tme Tnxs Quards M. BROADWAY THEATRE. Rro*iw?y?Child or the Be iiiekt? Bi'nueM Thought*. NIBLO'P GARDEN'. BroAdw?y.?Rirn. Family** thi Ticht RofE?Vol-AU-Vtwr?KBu Onuut, BURTON'S THEATRE, Cb?mb?ri Romawcr ai?? v?j k?kkt monopoly. RATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham ?qu?re?Rb"?t Day? Kobrar'i Win-Tjcdih Hoc. OLYMPICTHEATR E. Br< *dv??v?Mai Without aIIiad ?Time Tmm All?Chii.ii or the Regiment. MKCIIANICS' I1ALL?Christy'* M?I?(.TRBI.??YOY A?b iUHOAL, AMERICAN ?CSIFV-J<irsi"(? PisrOBUivoo Evnm? Aet t.r.noo* amd Eve uno. BOCIETY LIBRARY ROOMS?Camfebll'e Mmitiki. CIRCUS. Acer PUc??Eqif ehtbiar Performancee. MANHATTAN CIRCUS-E<ii'rsT?iA* FuromiAMEi. 8T0PPANI HALL?Ever'* Panorama or thi City or baw York. lew York, Monday, Novinbtr 10,18*0* The Hew gtatea and Terrltorlci?Saw HI embers and Delegates ( Congress. A feature of great interest in the next Congre.^ will be the number of members and delegates from the new States and Territories. First of all, the Mormons in the Basin of the Great Salt Luke, have found tune, in the interval.) between their prayer me?tinga and their labors in cultivating wheat and potatoes, to organise a State government, the capital of which is the New Jeru- j BaUm, laid out on a large scale, and built of sunburnt bricks. They have erected a political platform, and appointed a delegate to Congre?s?MrA. W. Babbitt?who has crossed the Rocky Mountains and the great Plains, and is ready to report himself to the House on the first Monday in December next. Hid report will be curious and interesting. He is the organ of the Latter LUy j Saints, *lio, by pre-emption right?the organic law in the West?have assumed the sovereignty of the Great Basin, and defined the natural limits of ! a n?w State, covering an urea ten times the surface of New Voik. The history of the Mormon emigratioa to, and settlement at, the Fait Lake, Is one of the novelties of the age, and shows what a homogeneous community, by dint *f hard labor, faith and prayer, may accomplish. The gay Cavaliers of Jamestown, the stern Puritans of Plymouth, the enthusiastic Huguenots of Carolina, the devotional Catholics of Maryland, established their respective colonies under great emb.irr?nments; but the marvellous h.ttory and adventures of the Mormons, and their final settlement uiul success at the Great Salt I^ake, have a parallel only in the wanderings of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land.? The romantic history of Captain John Smith is eclipsed by that of Gen. Jo Smith, and the sufferings of the colonists on James river were but pastimes compared with the trials and bad luck of the Mormons. That the simple and deluded followers of an ignorant impostor, driven from place to place, despoiled of all they poa- i tensed, and finally expelled, to take the chances among the "outside birbanans" of the bufialo country, should, within the space of three years, build ap a thriving city and found a State a thousand miles beyond the frontiers of the back- j woodsmen, in the heurt of a desert, rorm a narra- ' live whtch has more the air of romance than of reality ; but which is, nevertheless, us true aa gos_ | pel. Such is a chapter in the history of the Latter Day Saint??such the people and circumstances under which the new city of Zion has arisen in the wulUv of tlie If rrfuf. :ind on the bordem of the Dead Sea of America. Mr. Babbitt, the representative of this peculiar j people, and the delegate frcm the new State of De" 1 eret, will, doubtless, in his report to Congress, de" 1 tail the trials and obstacle* overcome by his constituent*.?the wonderful re?ults of hard work and constant prayer- the miraculous preservation of the saints?and the iistouiidmig prosperity ol the Holy City. One incident tu ibeii history does approach the mirMculoua. The crops of the Mormon* the firat year were devoured by swarm* of crickets, rd a ainiilai calamity the succeeding s-asou would i have reduced them to famine. Hut they had faith. i Tli'-y vowed their fields, and held their regular meetings for singing, tlmnkfgi ving snd prayer. | Their grain appeared above the ground, and the swuims of crickets relumed. Hum stared the colony in the face, when, on' fine morning, a cloud of sea gulls came down from the Salt L ike, and fell , Upon the insects with the most astonishing success. I)fcy by day the seagulls returned, working faithfully i.mong the cricket*, till sunset, when the birds returned to the lake. In a few ineuthj the crickets were destroyed. What has followed! A traveller, I w ho inejiected, during the last aummer, a single field ol vi heat of ten thousand acres, estinites th it it will average filly bushels per acre. Thus much 1 lor ihe Mormons arid the new Nate of I>s?erst. liut if the history of the New Jerusalem is the eighth wond'r of the woild, California is the j ninth. ami eclipses all the rest. Th? discovery of fi id has rolved the problem of th' western p^cna^e to Aeia, is changing the currents of commerce, and is destined to m >ke San Fram i*co and New 1 Yotk the depots of the trade o| ihe globe. It has diverted a ih> u.-aial shi,? around Cape Horn?it is opeini | the p>t-tejes over t!ie i?ihmus? it has attract* d iuvui ng armies overland, whose trail* are m?ik<d liy FCatterrd wagoon, provisions, and merchandise, at d Hie b l eu o| dead amm lis, for hundr?d.? of m.Us?it hat given an impetu* to the !'* cific railroad which must r^vdly hasten its completion?and has ir>a>d sullic ent causes of exeittment. in the stimulus to prodigious enterprists, for a quart r of a century. California is expected to send to the coming Congrers, two & uaiora and two members of the iioi ae, upon the In el.- of their Mate Constitution. Next, ih* p-ople of the territory of Oregon, it* ferule roil, its fooei-i o| iniinens** timber, and its aainion fi?h?rirt, have appointed Mr 8 K. Thurtlciu tin ir cute to Conjjreafi, wlio w<II ka*? a ll?ttf-rir| it |?<rt to jir?rnt of the atendy pro?|>< rity of that fur country, in the increase of .u | of>ulatioo, in th? iri-nt of its Mgricul- j lufil ltd in iIip atiinulus giTcn t<> th" lunii" r irade (rein the uion?trou for the . article in California. ) at tgam : Far u,? on tl?* R|o d"l Norte is the aeeient Pyenieti of Sint* Ke, in III- ancient ?|ieii>?h territory of Stw Mexico, now the proper- i ty *>l Uncle 0am The ntta* ol i?i?* people of th^t territory i* a mixture of the mixed yell ,* Itreeda j peculiar to Mexico, numbering, accmliag to Mr I AV< Inter, i.bout me hundred thousand, " auth m i tbey are." Jiut the invasion of General K?arney ! naMir?li7/H them; and from the top of Mini id M cabin be ?w<ir?' tliern in to auppert the conatitu* linn, a whole villnf at a time, in tha n^me and M|uu the faith of ilie A^eiMe The army inlrodaeed, *Ik>, an u. fusion of teal Amricau citiv it?, i n't consigned to ih'-rn the adinniatratica of a new )JPVfrwrirot. U it, tired of military law, iti j have mentor held a territorial convention. passed resolutions, and appointed Hugh Smith their delegate to Congress, to make known their grievances, and to ask redress. Two thousand miles to the north, another territory, Minnesota, is rapidly progressing to the nrnttnHt/tMa nf ? Da nua MnraiamaMa and !'? vj/vi uuuo ui a mic. **w?nwgioa?| ai>u Germans, by whole communities, are mixing in with the substratum of American settlers, and towns of a thousand inhabitants spring up out of the woods, in the course of a few weeks. Mr. II. Sibley, the delegate from that territory, will ; astonish the members from the old States with the | growth of St. Peter and St. Paul, as much as will i the lion. Mr. Babbitt with the prosperity of the New I Jerusalem. Such are the splendid results of our free institutions, an enterprising people, and plenty of room. The mileage of these several delegates and members, for their journey to Washington, will probably be? For tbe two Senator* and two Representatives from ( aliforuia. via Cape Horn, at fT.'iOO each. . . For the Oregon Urlr?ate, overlaud 1,400 For the Mormon delegate. 1,000 Kor the Santa Fe Ut-lvgate 1 000 For the .Minnesota delegate 000 Total mlltage $3i,800 In udditiou to these, we shall have several agents : mid missionaries irom Nebraska, and the Indian I territories west of Arkansas, to say nothing of the | lobby members from Cuba and Canada. We apprehend that there will be no miterial difficulty with respect to any of the territories, except New Mexico. The claim ot Texas to that territory, und the determination of the free soilers to resist it, and to enforce the Wilmot proviso, will concentrate the quarrel on the slavery question upon Santa Fe. The hostile attitude between Mr. Benton and Mr. Calhoun, on the claim of Texas, will probably exasperate the opposiug parties to the most serious excitement; but our pro- ; gress and expansion are too grand, and our destiny as a confederation is too sublime, to admit of the I absurdity of a dissolution. The danger is imminent; but we rely upon the discretion of General ; Taylor, and the moderate men of all parties, to preserve the harmony of the Union, and to pro- j mote the prosperity of the new States and territo! ries?not forgetting the New Jerusalem. Canada and Cuba must bide their time. The N?w President or Coli miiia Coupon? H is Past and Hjs Fitee.?The announcement I has been made, several days past, that Mr. Charles King has been elected President of Columbia Coli lege, by quite u considerable majority. On the first trial he came within one of being elected ; but on the second (Judge Belts, his antagonist, having declined) the majority was much mure in hid favor ?votea 19. Mr. King is a well known journalist in this community, of HOine thirty years standing. For nuny years past?from 1819 to 1847?he was connected with the JVctr York Amcriian, and Utterly with the Cuurier and Entpiirtr. A few days belore his election to the Presidency of the College, he announced his withdrawal from editorial lie altogether, and expressed a certain degree of penitence for the sina he has committed during his career as a journalist. These, his sins and errors, have not only been forgiven him, but he has been lauded by certain journals aa one of the most accomplished editors of the uge, a perfect tie ]>!us ultra in ever/ point of view, a highly educated man. and the very btau ultal of the most advanced stage of civilization. This may be all very correct and very accurate, but theae opinions now present a singular contract with his editorial career, in some particulars during the last thirty years. The New York An> ricun was started about thirty years ago, by Johnson Verplunck, Chas. King and others. Mr. Verplanck was a capital editor in his day, and was the soul and spirit ofthe American for several years, j After his early death, Mr. Chas. King took the sole I management of tiiat lournal. and in a few years afterward*, the AVi# York American gradually aunk from its leading position, lost ita circulation, and diaappeared entirely, by escapiag into the bowels of the New Yoik Courur and Kn-juirer, a sort of tomb to the Capulets of the new.Hp,i|>er prela in Wall street. This brief history certainly does not furnish a remarkable evidence of the brilliant journalism in its manager. To establish a leading journal ia better evidence of genius in th it lin , than to destroy one?to give a new existence, lather than to take away life by a ap'cusof slow poiaoa. Yet we do not doubt that Mr. Ch&a. King, now the President of Columbia College, is accomplished in certain reapects, but he ia not a great and inighty journalist. Ife hn failed completely in that capacity, and if he hud continued to have had the sole control of the Courier and Kn juirer for a |*riod of five sr ten years, thit journal, too, would aoon have gone down to the tomb of the | 1 Cupulets, where previously he had despatched the American. \ 1 In respect to his accomplishment as a j>o!i?!i>*d , and refiued writer, we freely admit it. He his ' often exhibited u much b' iter style and manner th hi ( some editors ? ! tl??* present day, who ;*?: *ees a high 1 chaiacter l?r piety, decency, propriety, and all | torts of virtues. Tit're i?, for example, ??.ir cotem- I l?>r?ry Mr Greeley! ? Lnrt" "scoundrel." " v.I- , lain," "rascal"?varied wiih the nojn* "lie," " forgery," "villany," and such like terms, ire u-ed ' by Mr. <.reeley in Mm columns without Flint, a ider i the law of humanity, win h r- e ire-forhima -ortof ' monopoly, for wt hrlu ve there are few who r<- ;>rl to ( sr.ih terms in th'-new sp.iper press. In thii re-(>'CI, J Mr. King has never offended. Bat mill, we cm | m v? r forget ih? terrible attack ? on the late Uen,-ril J Jackson, nor the m<laurholy occasion when, u,>oa the death of the pious wife < f the lite ex-l're*; lent of the United State*, the columns of the .Vrtn 1*?trk ; Atumrun were milled by grogs chirgesou hi r character and memory, to mi extent t? which, < geutleniiiiily journalist of this day wont J rv? r think of de erudinj. This, however, very I lobably, m one of the sins for which Mr. Kin ;, in In - in ?nt card, u-k-d for general forgiven iind f r winch, we presume ubjjluiio.i lu* h -ea pronounced. In new of this fact, it mu*t b? evident that the L't'h eulofiuma pronounced upon Mr. K'::g, n< a journalist, on.-.In to he curtailed a go > I deal, lie inny des<r\e encomium as a scholar, and as a nun well ?c;U ?inted with the imnnersund principle* which take in n c/tywe ; b it he never display* | irreat genias as n journ that, nor a huh rapacity in newspaper management. Educated in Kn:{ ?, wh?n the late l< nfu.i King (a truly i;reat mo), hi a father, WrtS Minu ter there, he seem to luve i n- j bib? da great deal of tlic English pride and exel isiv-cess which ah irai teri/e ih? itv/iirt an I cott'itI of ihat contitry. He is a perfeat gentleman fur a r/tft't, but not for community or a continent. We d'liy tlut those qualittea go much beyond tho-> liniiuw iinnv ; ?nn n i* me w <lll ill* g?nun , and capacity gmrrally. He pomtvfi, hoirtTrr, i c rtain'iiimIiim #, ? hich will ahine to mof mlvan- | j tag' in the inlmt of Columbia Collrge llun in \ conducting n lending journal in the m 'tropoha of the greateat i>roi>le on t'o earth. He does not b<* i long to the preernt aife, hut to the |m*t, and ooly a \ bit of that?n ?trip extending from I^IO to 1>'20. I But he haa now withdrawn from the presa, a'luri forgtVeoeM of t>ll hn sin', and begged for an opportunity ol ahowiag hwnaelf in aaother canity, a* rhief of it collegiate insti* ' tution. We wi?h aucce^t to liirn in this new cv I |*city, for Columbia College wanti u very m'lcli. I orier the mvlatia of a ?/"/*? or tatti it, this Alma i A/oIrr, rich and fat in revenue, In a of lute year* dwindled down to a lint of miity or lighiy atudeiit?, while the New Yolk I'oiveraity. hard working and |oor, can ahow a catalogue of se?< n or eigLt hundied aindmta. Let ths new I'reeident try to rqinliie these gr?-at fact* hereaffr. The U !! ? of th?> ?tc?iib(i?i Nxptnn# aunk at thi mntth nf thr Clbto kl??r, la I (WW i,?t- h-. n M'Wl. 8t * Lad a rar^o <>f Uail au4 a Urea amount of ? B tx arrf Duaufcl Steamboat Explosion.?In the Harold published a telegraphic report from New Orleans, of a dreadful steamboat explosion, which occurred in that city on the 16th instant. It appexrs that " the steamer Louisiana, bound to St. Louis, when about starting from her wharf, burst both her boiler*, shattering her to atoms, and nlsobadly injuring the steamers Storm and Bostona, that were lying alongside." All three boats were crowded with passengers, and the loss of life and the list of ths wounded present a most appalling aggregate. The killed, it is feared, will exceed two hundred, besides many dreadfully wounded. The captain is bound over in the sum of $8,000, to answer the charge of carelessness, as the cause of the shocking disaster; and, if found guilty, should be punished to the utmost extremity of the law. We might cite fa dozen cases occurriug on the Western waters within a few years past, of explosions as the steamers were leaving the wharf. The reason is obvious. While the boat is standing, the pumpe not being kept in motion, the wa'er is exhausted in the boilers, they become heated, and with the first few revolutions of the wheels, the w-ttcr which is thrown into the boilers is instantly convened into steam, and an explosion follows as naturally as from the ignition of a barrel of gunpowder. Such explosions, therefore, rnuit be the result of carelessness, in neglecting to keep the boilers well uipplied with wuter while the boat is lying at the wharf and the furnaces are heated to the highest degree. Let this ci*e be sifted to the bottom, and if carelessness is proved, let the offenders be made an example of to prevent a recurrence of such calamities for the future. Anotiikr Diplomatic Karri a*.?From the letter of our Washington correipondent, which we publish to-day, it appears that Mr. Clayton has an j affair on-haud with the Swedish Minister of Fo- ; reign Affairs, of the same complexion precisely as that wilh M. De Tocqueville. He has had a "sharp correspondence" all round the world, but the worst, it is likely, has yet to come, in the settlement of the Nicaraguan affair and thet obacco j claim. It is reported that he is about to abandon 1 diplomacy, as a business that does not pay expenses and gives a world of trouble. We think so too. ! Mr. Clayton is better qualified for the stump, in j Delaware, than for the desk of the State Depart- j ment. He is a shrewd politician, but a feeble statesman. The stump is his vocation. Let every man stick to his trade. Advantages of thk Tei-koiiai'ii?Annihilation of Si ace.?We announced telegraphically, yesterday, that the America's news was received in New ; Orleans on the ltiih inst. She arrived at Ha'ifax on the 15th, and at this port on the 17ih. Thus, ; her news was in New Orleans one day in advance of her arrival at thio port. The news started from Halifax, went to New Orleans, stopping ut ull the intermediate towns and cities, and the announce* ment of its reception came back, in the short space of forty-eight hours. But for the necesoity of rewriting at twenty or thirty places, the feat would have been accomplished in one or two hour'. News was, in this brief spice of time, dispatched a distance of about five thousand miles! City lutein genre. CHARGE OF MANM.At OUTER. Tba Coroner ytsterday held the inquest on the body of Ann McUowan, aged 14 year* and lomi months who ii alleged to have coma te her death from bl'xrs and illtrealment inflicted by her mistress. Mrs. Ado Mohan, residing at lt>6 William strret. We give below tho t<stlmony material in the ca*e as takro on tba j H?*c??r, aaveral other wiine**aa were sworn aud examined, ' a the part of the accused. who all teftlicd to living in the aama house. and wer* iu the dally habit of (M ing the deetased. and did riot bear her eompluin of any extra tad tieatiuent. except an occasional Mapping. TriTIMolf T . JottTV MeOnw??i re?idmgat87'a Orange <treet.bring sworu. ??yr?'htthrliklirnthtrnf Win victiowen decrwreit l he di-ctaeed l< 14 y<ar?. all uiontha. aud 19 daja old. and waa born Ii Nt* t ork My father aod wi ther are both deal , aoon after my parents' death, thedeciased was plaeed tn tie Orphan Asylum lu Trlnee rtteet Aboii' two y-ar* ago. I took thi <tec>a*id 1 from the apylniu and plan d h?-r in Uilllatu *treet. In thr care ol Mm. abao. tint lady n >w prnsent. I?urng the time the deoraM-d baa be'n with Mrs. Mehan. I have in n her - ti ial tl jii a Hbe once e to plain" i of 111 mage, ab?ut six month* ago, I *?< B<T>s-d by \ti-a IlogaD a sister ?i Vlrs tlehnn. to t?ke the dee?a--<t away; Man Mi gan raid that the dere?-. d ?aa n t we 1 used; I spoke t<> niy alstwr about it. aud tnt> aded ta fetch the deceased to the place wher<' I lived , tin deceased did not. ray any thing that I r^mnnb^r, I raw t tie d<rean4 three or tour week* atu. >be at that time did liot complain ft nay blng, I did nut aea her siuce ska waa iujiited. until after her death. JO'IV MclOWAV. Awn i? On vav residing at?'.* 'Hiver street being swum. ?aya:? I hat i d Wednesday earning the Hid of .\0\euiLer. about V o'clock, the dec? a-ed caua tu tba houre and latig the bell. \ir? 8???nr.y wh > neeup e< pait ol tba house. opened the daor, the decea- -d ? a>-.l for a driM naker, Mra Smith who al?o it*e? in tba h 'uae broi:,|.t the deceand iato my r,<om, th< declared eked me f r a dtluk of water, ahe could n >t tiaoh out lu r bana te lake it ao i gate it to (. r; I arm J bar to take a chrir; aha rat down but ?*' 1 .-lie n uld not ban ba' k. I took a lamp and looked Into ? I.H fai!? aud raw one of h* r e) re waa lilunl sbi t and I | lien raw two seratehra one on her tliioat, ami t ie | KtMri t'H liri num I Il-lir'i |??| Ul/^ Fk ! *'11 'If 111 liltt iu!!.rli (( condition ?ha M'J tbat tba lady abu?ad h*r mj inuch wlifrM the iir-d, I a-kad tior how tha leratebaa ratue on h?r tbrwat; aha-ad lh?:tbala.f tiM k I ?r by tba Urn at to It ?p t.'r tr ni fT'? q'11^ khil* ?b? ? a b- atit.g b?r; I ar ki <1 Ins- If fh bad an y inckinc* 'ti il.f raid rbr ha I no', I gut a pair ot ray i*u and put tli -iii u; ii her. I then r* ? tliat h-r Int mi lr(t> neta tary much awelled; aba ba 1 < n Lut mk liillt ?t rli m?n Irtt <1 nod dirty; I i krd bar .1 fv f km. hum tj, ?ha >md aba ?a?, I n*ra bera|tic? <f pi" flia bieatiid bard ao I * ' ua I t> 'uflrr, I could nrk b?r ii<> iu'>tc i|ii> (|in?, my lii-Mud rau a in; I r> :?' >! to liim tli ktory, aid rbowel h u her it(i* and tha rera'cha* *0 ui fa. Wn? ??? about 10 o'cltck at ai^M; my hntbinl a. nt Tt an rfflctr; the tfllcar cam* bulk- they e>u|j ii"t (ft atila^a tha d?ci a mi wax la* n to the ! imr bwa.dtati< n I ?uae by Diy hu.baiid and tna ul't -or. I U.d not i.a lie riecaaaad afar that, I tliltit ?- any wound/- en btr luaU; the lad h< t bat oil Iht A VILLI \ ?IL\I\V. Dia k J. K. ra-ldaat turrann ?f tba X?? Vnrti |lr?pttaj lain# rw<ro.?aj?: tun *'cO<?ao. tba da >a d vac admitted It IM # pnai mm i hu:*4<> i t. it aday c? tha pri e???lou. all nit hailed lio'?l ??. tn li.aiJity tba daceaaed ?a? leiyf . !> .. p in ha d -l.d t) hy. I wan atau<l!ii|t mi tha front atep* i>( ih? lli t|ltai > ban *f"- w?? br.> ;ht in !?d I v a maa iha* I |i i k ta ti a piliN nlliirr, I ? <* V-.* to th* h Ii. aid I ttlrtk rikDiikitli'i a:.d an>d bar aom? i|U>?tl >im; Il.a t.i>t thin.,' thai a' ifa4t?4 ivy attantlon 'K hat ; (.hi in ?it aa- crea'ly aw -Ian i atd hir not dt?ool< r> ii, l > krd hrr >1 ah? aal Injured any wt.?r? ?1'?, iha ii i n th ijjlit ild<- of t'ia h??d I a'*" a?k>d h-r h' tba?alijn l?-a nut lotu.' d. ?h? an*Vr ra I, tu it he b d ban, bet'an. tba am ao l?eb!-, tl.?t I > . tva ofili I* to have In r a irduriai! Intuieil n i jy to th? ward; .! i. tlial.l* v I a-?' aiu-a, t i aal t t till- ??r I, a'tar l>eli'|/ I laped III Ibe ? ai I. a b ikl of ini|l aaa piH liar, ki al> t bulb p aparrd, ah'to >k t li i-h nd ?emi .1 11 ravi >a alii r tln?, an.I fomantatl u? n J l?. an ua d; b|l? rka la> In tt'? bed. I fiMIKl ai ax'aatra o mtaII n f t'ie lalt arni. ai?o nl tha i. I hi a t au.l a unjl* b d n?u'r|ir> ai< tul lb* n*ei ?in i r ' r m uliii> p. fi i. th? H'n ii ni*i # ?Ixiii ?t? of i| u *nt d?tin.ii.1- *>>r? u ?:l? hr*|?.ij, | n ltma of b 'h l"?M HdU'. I II.* i lii<jiitrid < f ti?r (f < ba ?->* inji.r^d an)*h?r?< lav; ib? enuip:?la .1 ?.( t' n r .lit ilia m liar |i Id lull (Of rinall nl ills hirk, I pplt>-d u j h ma lu tut h* k, ?!< t'V.* >. tii|i i.iu? i f (.f .!! miJ *?id It ai ? Ii -ri fn i I (jii \w m-iruoii' : to t t.a uu ? to ? i tnh I n? f't-r ?l ft <> rim U; rh? wn ii,?n r,mf' rlnbio ; it " i> eniflk I l?ft Ihn Hixpual, ?u bu?tmibi mi my r?turn. ab<ut id ?'U>k I Pa'ti-d lm ?) r bud aird , at>' ul 8 <> orK, < n tba d?y Ii1io*iik I nut* a p> ?t n.mti in i xamination ' [>i U? ikiJj |?i the |?r?'i*oc? < ! m; Mutant* an I l>r \ ii r i i. . > Dd Ur llo*>n Ml > ii?r 4 npix. ut, I nan rxlr *%i tjtaniliiatlon. I I* u'd, a>v.>? tin n?'it t a; 1 1 iiiiii'U lacift Itivf th-icalp ?rti 1 I 1 u!d It'fit my linia (Ii r ii4i w?r,> it armiml th* > thII, In aii41il< n W> ib* icnttkriMii hi m?a? b?l ira ( r?' I Ii ai i <1 i I ? I'lOi a 1 1 ( . *>?' 4 >n? iui?d mtb ?itrt?tiU*4 bi "d t?n?a;h tlia tntr*ii h i i.t> al> ut (1 luclin in <11 mn In cutting ll'ii ii, h iba >kio. ibi ra ??r?p?<| air at bail |lnt nf t Hind lil' 1 d ?li Ii a nnMiltraM* tin uiitftl c.-a*ulat"il blr>*d. lh?1"*ir ?m<i? of th? li-tt h iDi-r blai* *x- t I' 1 bi ?d ati'illii-r rnfetii no. with an n tra< a*a' ion of bl'id. I tliii l?W>*i d thr p?-a'?? and ton mi thv nxlp j in) n.ucb tliickaard and Indurate!, and a* ditTrr-nt ( [M'lr.t* lut It 1 atI' ti <;f blw.'l wl-h I' ' I n'r a?.i.'"i . 11 tli" rutlao* if lb? mull, tfc? ?itll *? not fr*cIBvrd, tb? Iraln ? ? pali*. but thi- nu nbrm.** ra , r-.'iinHid ami bli' il, In the cwtili?? ut tba brain. Ib????ai> a laryi'r aui"tint of fluid ibm Ii umi*! In hul'k; thafct tofhuwid no marki of din^a"*; nk m- 1 an li-tt. f lli? eliMl I tn9<>4 a lar?* aMnikt ut Mwilf I m rcLi mi 11 * b ra? ltl? ' f t 'i? pt' uca, I ti- lu ?i"? 1 p H'.inl 1 <| . r'ally at Ilia |i-??r par?l| Itirri ** kl'D ) ?oi' Ii llmi'ii a I >. tli- I ? . i'm la l rat*! | I' b I'Ioci1 . ?>r nm. tl ' l > *" *a? lu nltby; t m- ?-inn < in tl i |" rfar linm; tlia luoiai i braltnjr| litar ? 'U? fr> t 'I luliH'nri r< ?i--l?d lad tha ?dnu t ?r; < I ? k Mint y I >>t ? <! . tn i h- ? ?! ? I'l IU? ?tvt "in-n 1 tknr ?m OMruiKj tin r* w?? ni > i l-?i of i ( ??||!? >r cbtikir u i#??? * Hi nf t> (r?4<l?e Mi*r? . 0l? ii ?. oi .t fir t' ? r- litl'.n ?f tt>? ( bn ?. tL? rr-altof ?< ?? iM' tt of th? oX m r?4i:?k1 h?lc?r lh? (laii't fd 'if hr? Ih. ?; * * tn**-* 1 i ii". i I,.ran i hf l?i'i" by nxlugth* too i l*i?.|J > ) fKt'K<ir t r inj em>?? l' ?l t. u lnj M il- | f ih?r>t*.?, th? Immunol U? j | 11 alp Indicated contusion* of different date*, ioa?|l >t ould thiak. aa lone ago aa throe week*, and noma at i' eent a* forty-eight hour*; the conditioner the ear< waa cauavd by injuria* not *o reoent, probably, a* tbree days ; the condition of the left breast wa* the recult of injury, probably three or foar daya pr?>loua ; tke contuaion* on the back and aboulder mire raeent, not longer than three day* prevloua; the injury to tba ear waa probably lntiiot?d two or three day* previou* ; the turatche* about the faoe and neok bad bven iodlcttd at ditferuut tlmea ; from the eiainltiHtii.i. I ?k.? ? ? ? I w. V|HV..'U Miav.iuriD WM UU ttUUlf urease of the internal organ* ; the conditions of the sjetein above named ware canned by the system b-)ing reduced below tbo standard of health , the injuries that lbe deteaM-d received were In a great uiiwure, uftloleut to account for the pott mortem*ppearaune ? rxpoture or fatigue. and want of food in conjunction, tbi te would cau*e dentil, tbe wound* <m tbe head Were inflicted by a blunt iustruuH ut; might have been dune b>.u hammer, or ai y other bluut iu?trumeat. J. KING MUIIKITT, M. D. After the abr re testimony wax taken, tbe Coroner addrecfed the Jury brtetly, respecting tbe facts in the ca*e and. utter a short consultatiou. reudert d tbe fol> lowing veidlct .? ' tha d-cta?ed. Miu Me<ioxrao, came tobcr death by blow* mi l ill treatment received fl< lu the hand* of her uiiairi -e. Ann v?bau " bail ?ab then Ottered by Ibe fri iid? < t tlie a>'cu*ed. but the Coiontr committed her to prion (uriuuilnation. TRIAL OF THK KE1.T.T Or.MM) rot CltaEY CITY BiOT?THE SENTENCE l *s .[(1. The mectsberH of the Kelly Guard who were arretted and held to answer the charge of it t and anault and batttry, at New Jersey, on the Oth of Augu*t la?t, the particulars of wbleb wore detailed in the Ihrald at the time, were tried cn Thursday a ad hriday, at Hudson < ounty ( suit, N. J . and, two < f them having been couvietcd were seuteu'-ed on baturday. The names of tbe pertm* brought to trial hre John Pares Peter Welbh. Kdimrd Welsh, fatal DtvtU l*hu Tindiile, Tobias Burke, John JlcCrea and William Demure >t. Judge (irten. ?h ?tried the case. directs i the ao (uittal of 1'eref, the eaptain of tbe company who it was proved, did all be could to cheuk the riot, and of Tindale me of the judges of ibe (-hooting, who did not participate in tbe riotous procai ding* The tvndeucy of tlit-rent of bin Honor's chwrge to the jury, was ta convict the whole of the otberw soou-edof not. Tha jury, however, only found two guilty, uatnely?Peter Wel?h aud Kdward Welsh on tbe ground that they fired or at tempted to fire, shot* into the crowd, but they did not find even them guilty of riot, but only of bai'tery and asi-ault. The judge, however made auiple amend* for the leniency ot the jury, for he seateuced

both to State Prison for 18 months. There are lawi In New Jersey, and judges too! THK INTERMENT OF THE REMAINS OK COLONEL DUNCAN. On Friday morning, as we stated on Saturday, the Light Guard. Captain Vincent, and the committee of arrurgemeiits. with a deputation of cltisen* from Cornwall, escorted the remains of Colonel Duncan to their final resting (lace in Orange county. The 8t. Nicholas steamer, which was chartered by tbe company, was in waiting at Canal street at 8 o'clock; and the rofliii having been removed from tbe hear-te. and j.lactdon biaid, 'Me steamed up the ri>er till reaching U cut Point, where tbe military and cadets of tbe academy acre waiting |to give a salute. Arms were pre^ennd. ai d a dirge wan performed by the splendid band attached tw the a<iademy. The b. at stopped and tbe KeuKU Guard from < old Spring ciime on board to jr in in the piccession On reaoblug Newbutgb they were jaiuvd by another miliary company from Middleton. I he corporation of Newburgh and the citizens gave a suitable reception to the remains, and ar..joinpaiiied tbe procession on foot to the bomertead of dac.ntd at t travail, which is three miles distant Tha Inhabitant* of tbe whole district >.round turued out to do honor to the Teu.aln* of the deceased. On reaching C< rnwail. the ?g> d ta< b< r and the sisters of Col Duncan rteeived tbe reimins. which were interred In a gi eve at tbe bouirsteud already prepared the burial ft i v 1 <'f hftvitiir I ? n hv th* mliiint** r?f thu Tlit Lulu Ouard hmin< fired the faraaell lalut* "o'ar the grara where I he )i? r ? lay burled," were eu- . terlaint (1 by the citizens of Cornwall at a aumptuou* J collation Tb* (i urn d returned to thi* city about 12 ! o'clock 80 great was the itvalry among other cmiipml-a that on* of them adopted extraordinary meana i ti be ap^' iLted the - guard of honor;" but the result ' war a lai:ura 'I her.' is not to the elty a tiner military i company. or one better dUcipl<n>d thiiu tt* Light 1 Guard. Their tread ia muco to a noldler'a ear. llicaiTH or lHt '"itv.- I'arhapa the h. alth of thla city ha* ne??r been ?o icoodw at the prmeut moment. Th? ; u?i<ihi> ?re 1 nly iilli tor the Ian' week in July last, I there were In on* week 1 4l'W The mortality for tha la-1 week 1* twenty per cut Icm than fof tne corr-a ponding week of 1N4* thoufh the populatien la far gieater and thir* never were ao many *tr*ng?ra ia town at thla aeaaon of tha year, i'ka olla.t hotel keeper lu New \ ork informed us. yesterday that hi < doea not recollect eo many vlalUn nt tbl.< Mtwu, M 1 l?i;tr aa he bua been in bualneea. The death* of full | giown tuen were 01 ly 47 auti it we deduct foreigner* fr< m tbeae. the nnuibar would be under JO an unpra- , redentid thiin' (or a tity with aiich a popuUtion ai I tha Of I lie II) death* cu-Mtuting the total of tha ; bUl of mortality. DO ware of children under 6 year? of l g* Ftar ? Cannot Ta IloratarcrKBa ? On Saturday , retlng about half paat o'clock, a Are br?ke out ia 1 Ike f. ur ate y brlr.k bnildln^ ?n the eonthea.t eo -ner , ( > Flr?t. avenue and Seventh r-tr. at occupied both a' a : grci-i ry *tor* and a daeliing. It ?rigi>iate1 la the third floor back room 1 he laattly bad all gone out, tod letl a hot Ore lu the atove. an.I, thara heln* no ino underneath the b'?rd* took fire, and the flame* pn *d over the floor and up the *!d*' partition. The Ore *a eitltgulhi-d by Ihe pollen a> <1 tlw *ltli*n? reliulng In <he ti Ighborh'-od Damage about $140. K.ti HAta? t"*i 1101 10 Litti * Bnv*.? \ **t ?rd*y af. tern* 1 n 1 little boy n arced lilac*, who U In the habit nf ruinii'g after the llait< m railway car*, and climbing 11. on It m. ran aft er a b<>r t car a* i t w a? pa-?l n< hi t weeu k ui?*n Land I'll ("nth treat?.,and In :i t-mpting to ;et up waa knocked down when the whacl of the ear a. ui Ued bia l-g a?rtuii?ly. It wa* at flrat aupp.-ed to le l.rikm but on examination it wa? a?o-rtalned that ribmr wii Dotfiacurt d lie had a narrow *?<-r?p?, rot enly ot loting hla leg. but bl? lite Wa ho^e It will be a le-.-<n to him and other fo?ll?h bov*. Uiaaaotat Woma* D*o?**o.?Th* body of an unkro*n w< nan wa? foumi .TP*terday aft>ru on 11'*'mg Id the dock b< twreu < ourtlandt htid l). y itret*, North hlier The Coroner ord. red the h dy to b* taken to .h* dc*d home, where an in^cert will be held thl* da/. Polic* Intelligent*. /nptTI'iNAt. rAllTK I'UB* OF THB DRfKY OA"* (if?cer? A. M. Ninlth and letiMea, ?<m?'hI tiynontabli ho,(1, of Axtona, yi*|ied, )< a erd?l, th? dwetlmg lonre ef Painuel Aai<-iia for ih? purpuwt of uore tully Marching the prrmlaaa In order If p.?a?lbio, 0 obtain further etirtenrea that tmahr tend t? throw a Igbt i n ibta xny?t?r1ou? gnnp >?der pt >t On a further x?n> ea'loD. the iCIcer* di c -rere l an ancient. aa?leioue loi klLg btne cloak with a brw e!aup% id chala 11? c!??k 1* >upp^?d to be the 011^ wo n by yo.i-,g >1 or* ho !? cha>v d aith ! lire' ing the 6 n iat ?io r g the caolater of gunpowder. atoned to b'o* .lr tin er la to kltigdcui m in?, *< Jack Bun?Sy w ut J av; ki.t It oioB't* no it diUu t " alth u. h a very el . * have, "i I olTcei* likewise f i,nl on ihe p'eia;?. ?, nit ihl) bt ought t<? the pnllee court eer-ral In tap* f-liver 1 i.e bar 1 f rmelUag, a t>.i?tle 1 t a.vd u<e I lor i.nti rfrl ii g tank bill* and a I t of a, cut in altea 1 lut e larger I lian )auk b.lla. which ar? ua. i| f >r p?at 1 g i n a b?nk bill ahlle In nrcoefa of aitarleg,and a I >t 1 ?i 11-, .?id to In l> tic t" the preaa lor ma-ili'g aparl -u 1 f in I hr?? tefeiaili 1 a In4 cli irtr a. pr* f'i r> d aoiU't .1 r Urn j fail l>ke a clap of thunder o? hla neighbor* tid tlie re?lit*i.t? at Aat ila, who have kriora 1 t?e av u-ed for r.*ny year* and hate alaaJ* tbo i<ht alia an Ktrit ai o uprlglit tuan. ^ r. lit 1 > Ie * r an .I conaldir?blc wealth,aatlmatad c be w< rtli'owe )K> (1 0. II* oa?a the farm ha re. '" Aatorta. ?*tii-d a n.'a* ' 1 "Of; h.-laal'O t >toi fa bat k callid Ihe .erchan .' .lank " at nandk'gi'a. In tbi? 8t*>* II* t *a re?liiad ab mt nln* eat* at A iorla and** known aa a ' Tirltef thktla a mretaaei rf aeeepli g* lr. jewtiler..' ah |'? whl.'h h* itnctaMd a'J h.i Ileal th? aain* Into hu'll'in H-ma w yi *ra ag'> bla pteixlaea at lati laaer rou.unielhy iie, ai d a i iiuii r waa i ifed tbat he bad 3r- t tne ra'n i, I lie |ut|><?? i f OOiMslW in? In- ir?T < ? Inltrlrf< M ?ttr ?? !? t? him for *r?'n and ha wn i|i It ai it ar(|u!t i d "ii ul1 S nrm that tlma hi' InbaM ati i of turla I ?ti* m n?ldf it ? r H ?n lnjnr> d ni in; i.f f'?rc ** rotor, d ?rd M? ar>'it up to thi? tlma, in lb* llif ?aw a llut, how h? will b? ?M? to ?* ilali aw?> Ihnrhtrtfi mil I j?ti. ?.< h? n'it ItVirt it iHr iati ii. b? ?aan m J tlma eri.ii ouly ?ho?. ru ir< ?j?il 1 hi ti |i? n. who *pi'*r? to h< ? ha^n k? " it il " I* k trriiki* fuln to coimi Wt'li *1hi u*l. tt i ?J tii b- *i^p< I hi* prr?o,)?? Tb?r? ?)ata<n>n nl.rrtiip df ?ri i|? mmt to b? '?'d ha<\>r? ?rtili)ri? riiirniilil ibla m-a, th?t po hM| will a* i tilih ? mo unit 'tnplirat* nth*- a wbo ?* intrant oon?|. I'Tilir il*' hi ;>ct ) r??rh In an uiiiWrfi't'PK o| thl* Mud ! If 'ir p. ?*lhla tn pl> *11 Mm will map lt> ?nd <h? n tho irnth la atira to b lllhiltnil A.M ivn*"( /' /tf/nry - I h? dwi-il ing I. u?a oremlad Mr P. Ii?ln*a'tu No Ml l)?)iitrm', wm ti'ti'rrd m 'alurday ii'itht l>y ?n? bim.Ura hi>>I *aa r bi>? l <>f 4 (i In >??liy. r D-lrlinj larlif*. bra rlrb, a g id ralth, *.? No i lu? t? i hr rufib? r? niitiltirtila of 1 nit I virl ?ao ]?a I'ob. Ilaijry CI*7 la fiprtttl to ???l?i In till* eltj, , ij ll.a l? o'clock thin from ! hilalalpbla to day. I t Naphrg'l. lata ?nrr< f>n i>f tha ll'inrartan afiy, j Inn <iri r|f? I Tina, of lb* Mub ao lata* ''omnia* in. Ilm Win It Mylaa ia'r < l>artf? da iIMr-? at i li t na. i ol IS r' all, i apt liitln Mai r<a Ntrlll. IJ. I, I I . I>r A. tinrKnai.l 8 A . J S \iobol?>n, U 8 M, I ; , hana Ittltid In *?? fclnftim City. I'olltltal t ii ti 11 In* "re. Pr Hobatt II Arrhar la apoktti of a* tha "naaaiaor of ha Hon HaTftdy Ji luxoti tn tha IJ 8 8-nafa 1 ha L*jtal?tura t'h'o la *'-ain lihily to Ha tha car* of dliordrf anil r n'nln ? lla 'ir^%nlia'lon rhli Iwt Lflliltlln1 proalilad for th>' l.rt.ion of mami ra o? lh- ^Mrmbly by dt.airlcta hut tha drmoflrata of ' n ll"n riutity alacint thflr d^l^xa'aa on tba old jlati. wMoh, If thrown out. would plra tha whim ma it It j In that In dy. AluaiJjr gr^at rxcit?ai?ut *xi?t< htm ghiiUt tbaKta'.r. f arw Mii?iioii? ? Adrlraa frrm Vo?rnTia by tha :>?<a ur at f*iil'mnuth atata that tha Nat. H H ?nrl?-y ?n i|nt fr? ? o?r h*<l *rrt??d, j m <i *? n '?t f?n t?My I)r J. W I'ront. j formerly rf h?lt1n?<'i? ?ho mii'h l by th? | |b?tt*M. ??i?l b?ld ? In I hi lr w*? dro ?nrd ?n * nr< ill Bur, whtl# r?'urnli>n from ft ? *!. PinMttt litVrtt M b**n t? ?Wt?<l to th# Pr??l- | Jrnrjr Till* *l< no flrntlMi of V ten l'rr?il?nt hy i''> i f pi'-. *nd th? rhonf?-iil4 d??ol?i? upon C>ntin *unM 'ImI Mr <Vftrn?r th? pr?fit ?<<it*t?Tj ot 8'?t* Tb? rrpnblla ?? In* ??ry IttirMnt'* pfKd'tli n I A tr#?'t tl4 Wn ??oiirin<l?d with Or?*t Britain, ! f.? h.,kiy fun ruble rhfttaoUr lor Brlti?h rati Mli llr dai?? tr'ta tfonrovU bj thin unit*! ?r? to t > ? . a. | TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. DluppttruiM of Mtnngtn' Fever. CHiiLUTO.f, Not 18, 184t. The Cttritr annonuee* the entire diti^pearauce of the ?trangers' ferer. Condition of the Ship Tuerarora. Philadelphia. NOT. 18, 1819. A despatch from Lewea, Del., dated at 0 o'clock, thl* evening. i?t? the packet chip Tuscarora had cbargid ber position and bad bilged, and bad tan feat ; of wati r In the hold,. Tbe pasaeugtr* are coming up to tbe city In the iteamboat. The Southern Hall. BiLTiMoaE, Not. IS. 1S49. Tbe acuthern mail li through, but the papers re- . celled by It contain nothing werth tending. 8flipping IntalllKancc. CntiLiiTon, Not 17. I Arrived ?Chip lfaatroal and ketch Commerce, NV; Lrif* Biiiliy and Geartiau*, l'l.ila. The State Election, The efflclal return* from fifiy slx conntlaa, and the reported majorities In the remaining three, vu , Ailsghary. Broome, and Richmond, give th* following result cn th* State ticket:? Whig I Elected. Comptroller Washington Hunt over Lott. 6,277 Trenturer Alvah Hunt o\er Welch 4 0tJ9 Stirttary </ Christopher Morgan ever Randall 2 040 Eiig <|- Stinryor.H. C. Seymour over Campbell. 2,890 I)rrn?ct ats Elected. Jud^r of Jyyealt. .K. O. Jewett, over Spencer... 6.216 .Qtiurvty Central. L 8 Cbatfield over Stevens.... f> .VJfl Canal Comm'r.. .K. Kollett over Beach 2.120 t Mi ius/n for. Daniel Clark over Squire 4 517 Average democratic majority In the State on the above name*, 626. which will be alightly varied by the ; complete official return*. The total number of vote* polled in the State la a little over 400 000. or 60 COO lesa than at the Presidential rlection of 1848, when Van BurenandCaaa had an aggregate majority of 16,226 over Taylor. VOTK OK T1IK ANTI-RENT COUNTIES. Aa th* vote of the anti rent countie*. aituated on , or near the Hud*on River, ha* decided the elactlon of the eandldatea on tbe State ticket, la thl* State, the j following table*, showing the vote of those aountiea at different perloda, will l>e found interesting We first give the comparative volea forjudge ot the Court of Appeal* and Comptroller at the reoent election; tbe anti-rentera having adopted tbe democratic candidate for the lormtr office, and the whig candidate for the latter. JUDGE or AFrEll.a. COMPTkOLLra. Jewelt. Spencer. W. Hunt. Lott. Countiei. Dem. fVfiif. ffhii;. Dr hi. | Albany 0.218 6 818 6.093 6,04)1 i Columbia 8,880 8 463 8,Kl?4 3,42? ; Delaware 4?10'5 8 874 2,011 I Greene 2 608 2.6(0 2.00# 2 790 , j Rensselaer... . 6 712 4.714 6.481 6,132 Schenectady .. 1.431 1.078 1 701 1.477 , Rrbobarie 8 477 2 284 2,013 3 IMS | Sullivan 2.237 1 3no 1.847 1.816 ' L later 4 275 8.V78 4.107 4,210 Total 34 614 27,100 32.077 30,877 27,108 80,847 Dem. maj 7 408 Whlgma^j... 2 300 j LTIiI* (bow* a difference of 0,708 a* affected by the anti-rent vote. Spencer on the whig ticket ran* 6.671 below W Hunt, on the same ticket; and Lott run* 4.147 below Jewett on the democratic ticket; thus bowing that the present number of anti-rent voteri In the above conntlea la about 6.000. But at tbe State election, three yaara since, when the anti-rentera were flrat organiied as a party, their virru|?u wmm tuucu gro?ver iuau prtMDl, ftl IB CXQ1- ( / bited in the following atatrment of rota* in the wmt t countie* lor Gareruor and Llruti nant Governor, In lb46 .? i ' GOTERKO*. LIEUT. l.OV?R>0*. ) <j Young. Jf'right. Gardiner. Fitk. Ci?inlin. If'hig. I)'*. firm. Whig. Alkinv 7.660 4 S41 7 438 J 2?0 F Calumbia 4,3(0 3,118 4.843 2 700 n Delaware 4 040 2 233 ft,405 852 . (irei'Di 2 730 2.468 2 811 2.462 * Reawelaer. . .. 6 241 4 398 6,640 6.240 Schenectady. .. 1,600 1419 1,6*3 1.587 h Sehrharie 3 049 2 870 4 086 1.456 t Rulln an 1.704 141-7 1.S73 1 352 * Ulster 4 277 4 277 4.040 S.O&J ? Total 36 601 26,826 88 203 24 806 * Whig majority on Gavaraor 2 776 i Demociatic majority on Lltut. Gorerno 13 307 ! p PlHVraaee by the Mil rent rota 10,082 k The diilerance between Young and H?h on the whig n ticket i* 10,706. and between Gardlnar aud Wright on tb" democratic tlrket. in 11 :i~7; showing that the anti r*nt atrength wan otar 11 000 in 1846; or more than h twioe it? prt*ant etreegth. a* ahowo at the la'e election. ^ laMMMMof the anti rent \ in 184'). John . YfU?? whig and Add-on Gardiner, democrat, wara , tleeied OmiMandUnlOMmi. \ oung . m-? . i rity in the 8tate. over 8ila* Wright, wa? 11672. and u (>a-diner'* ni^ji rlty over llamilt >n Ki->h. wa* ltt 3S7. ; .. In the following year. 1847 lu cr>n*equ*nca of the barnturnir* r 1'uait g to vote for th? democratic Stat-- tisk- el et. the ? hige ?ucee?<iif J, by a large majority and Hah tl v*aa < Irvtra l.ieut Uorernor. in place of Uardlk< r. who wa< ehoten Judge ot the < curt of Appeal*. The anti- *' renter* mil ifto i d to vote for fifth and nominated a pi riir?d ticket for State officer*. tafcen from the whig. d?- | 11 rerattr and abolition ticket*; *upportlng the ab -livlnn raoiiidate tor Lieut Governor the u>'iuoeratlc caidt- . ri date ;r-r Secretary ?f State and tin- * big Candida e fer b< C?flliB?I the latter b? irg Mr. Killuiore, now Vic* j a| PlWitot Of Ik# I Di'ed ^ta'>? That<tr* of the aotl-rent countie*. in 1847, were a* m MImn . - ' tl iKHidiiml t>'oiirmr-H?h (?Wk-) "1 "12 . ' ?liayton (dim) 2\t - > K ___ d< Whig majority 2,4 U ! ?t Antl-m-ier* ni t roting for either ? | f,. St(ft?ry f man- Kanf?rd (d--m ) 21021 " " -Morgan (whig) 22 ort'J ?? I *< D?ur<eratle majority 2 2-Vi 1 Fanford b-1 tf on ihe anti-rant ticket, receleed 4 541 iD"re ent** than Dayton in the tfwnacra'ie tiek?t. j " wkirh *t>o?* very i-early Iba ar tt-rent *tr>-ng'? at the j di e ectim of 1*47. The ri ?u!t In the S'ate ?? not af- j ,j tei-lnl t'V thl? vote a* the wht* nmjority f r Morgan i wt- ?> 7, *i d t.-r Fi h. 30 440 T'i? H4rj>- may I** ?? I 'J of the flection io 1MH ?hi ii ti e de uoi rnc.e were di i V VIC <4 OR 10IRAL POMTICAL fOMrU XION OF III ANfl-RBKT ! T COVN1IK4. V. Ti e fi llowli g tab'e ihoi-a tbe Tote of the anti rent jj'1 couittiee, at the elertim of I,-.II. lur I re-l4ent and f ( <i>? ibor, tao jear? b? o>e th? anii reut orcauUf ion. I racalpa> r Miian* !< r-u n?y. nv;iM. * (fwiiiVi, i'.m. U n'(. Jttm. j f Ai I^il T.'OO 7 010 T.'ill I m ( 1' 4.tfll ?..'4 4.734 ?:l f ) 4*m> ao;i 4 *7 3,?3i ?i fiiatM 8 4'S Vf.1 2 V.W 'iv;\ I l;>MMl?ir f Gis ?. hi ft'Mt u.'i'W ? Mi.|>'i?a?l/.... l.?;o J 8I4 1 Til 1 77w V ?rh harm 3 611 2 WfU ." '.16 ?Ui4 , fulM*M 1104 1.7.Hi ] wvl ) 74 m I UUr 47>3 41)01 4hf9 4 7*7 S 8.'. 174 C7~4H fcTvij *; i? 174 &4 >"? b ?jfir tv.. l.TJt 2/.?> I k, 1 I a bl'" ft 1 pt-d 'lia poll" ' of ??l?ftl?i , th. it MMNH fr>.? h? i,no I 1 pit Ifru, ' ti at ? '''I i.?u.n k Jfttc of thai; emu aiorpt fir f I .) i fl ? In 1HH lhay Iif-lprd lb* r hi(? riant thrlf'lorrrnir | . ami liinikl*nf ' rii.iaM \t t'r rer>nt alwtl >a Mi?y balp.d t*?i <)i?,?rta?* fli ct lour iu. n co tMr jl'tlo '? 1-cW' ?h?ff'li (l fi -t haaa b*?n r.hoaan ?t*>i >nt tii.'lr I Lf > ! I 'k tl;? Mto ?f tb i Mll-lrtl IMMIn , Mr S|?(ir tun tha !? ?< > nit tha wh!< t!aK?t atctr'a'.iO (i th* ntlirr lifiy en iuHm. a tilh wou'4 htt> rlirtiil Mid iiiiI ih> oth*r ttirea d"l 'it.4 ?h>!i randldatfa bad th? Mna aninut ottuM-a fot*4 i< ! thry did 'or frr-tm i t t i IM4 then tiring * d< ! ' ' ri a if u ?J, rl'j t.f 17IK for IVIk ovrr ' lay rt In Mir?|uii,(?of >nl tn >da h, ih# r?i?* ?'? r.f I'i iifflacr r< iit'ty In rt-la' Inn t th? ?ot? ? rp?ia i Hanry Migiho-tu, d'?,'rr?? ?a? ram-n. Iu tlariad a S?tr> in- limt Jnilu* In 'ha nil 'ldi'trii't. | lb It appai- that lfctroti-* ea?t for M'H'am H H i i*h>. 1 M? rnttntrd f. r HfigfhixM. from tha f?n tsat * tha ui-Bn- r?f Kr.atcrn <1 w?< np n tha ta?na **' fl?Vat V- rljht l? thar?fira >' p'H ),!? ?> glrm th-J ! ' ai ajorilj of two uf tha Jud^ri rlcotad ' p( Kaval InlilllKciirr, It. will ba ??ati h- an nrnuirfaiiDt al-iaw'-ora. frnto * II a VV afliirsif,n HrpmiOt that iOmaaandar J?,n M N finlo?h. i t tha II fl mrtaar Mldklln*. tl thl< pli?*, ? I a> tarn ppi.lbti d a ' apta n In th? Naay. tlra i ??lo J, drotatd. M liila i m t'olnt ?h a pr motion l< a ' ran-f of flnrt rr rratlfci'Inn to hi* nmnarom frlaod', , " I la dapartnia fr< m tha lalta r>Rlon aud a<p?ri?llj ?hU flty- i* KHiaiftll* n?iatt?'l Hia ?h 'rt rraitlaana hara ha* rarrrd to ratahMrh for bin tba rh?ra? ar of a i ' hoixraMa tilgh-Klqitad. eourt'TUK rrntiamsn m^dai>t 11 aud ri'tirlng in hta d*p< rtmrnt. and atrlatlf at-an'ira mi to hl? < fllrlal dutiaa. hut jat ari-r prompt to ra?p"n4 to 1 tin-HuM fill claim* of ?nel< tj and humanity Whararrr ' In may bf r>'<]?lrad to go. or to wli?t??ar |>?rtiaiiUr In. j It rallir ba may ba aMlgnad, h* lm? enr b- t *l<ha? tor f. UIP IITHIIU ?u?l iraif r. n trr O. #0 Conrt t?lrn4nr?TMi Cmrrit Curat.?N?* ?W 41K, 61, 57, M, 61, ?S, CS, 66; fi7. 70 74 76. 77. 7ft, VP ho ?< Count or I'oHwnji Ti r?i - t'arl 1 No? 67. T). 7S, W 7P *1, M. H7. PI W? OS 8 15 83 S.V A"\ 47 51. 77. 61 ?<?. , , Pm I 'i. No * 116,116 120, 122, 126. 126 130. 132. 134 6, 1 IS, 20,12 3ft. r* 111 Tlif KrW loth Vnlntitfrri, Wnjor l??rtam?n. (it. Itnral tm ??rf nthtia. *' 1 a'alnck ?o ?t?y w.ll lift ' ' ti? < ??aa?4," t j Darn*. a? t*i? j <'t Ap?lln <l? Braa<l?aj. Th? irrmh^rt atll unaat *t Major ; i. |i)lki,tni, M i I' M. A full at.V n^aui't i* rif??u*<t. | 11, Th? Mrtalllr T?t?l*t Strop.?1The Or1fc1,i?l lt artir.a, in-ntr* ' f O ?aaud?t?, fa?"r*>l? ka?*a ta .!.? | pal If for th? Ian I* vaara, ran ha Muimi ? 'ha ' Mkarrl'Mt" aiarra. I<7 a?4 3*7 Brfl^laaT A lllwral 4t?io?at WtkalmlXHltrt. (1 lAIHDIRS I aof, 147 Broa4?ay, aamar Uhati? ai, u4 ?<7 Br??4w?f. I V i ?, 1 % Clarke, lilt William street, hit the bait >MuriB?Et of <>vi r??at? iu : York. AIfo the oloth*. ? ??Uot from. Mine* urtu coat*. to oruer, 1.8. rtry baat, $3). m pr.( or?>..ti faaou* for ?u\ quality and w .rktr * i.?Li p. t?i*b! thej ISM. Vuti and uti toati ready aiada, 97 to flU. Kor California?Tl?a very faat-aaJllng brig Emma PraMott, !' ? kn*r. luwUr, v.ill uii f t on W'.duecday a??t hiH i>?n r-at.iy ?-e iinmodat* ttaras mo putcLKur*. I>u vr.ry r.aa?tiakle Urun. Apply <>n board, Nutta Rirar, foot of Fr?uk1ta ?r.ot, or at OS ."i*a?a??t. Callforulu IlnUkO?PorlalH* ? !>?? Cahfuuia Iiouaea Hl.i1 Stunt, a tual to, ui kj aheap A# any in tbia murt ?t fc.V VL. BOOTH. M MyrlU in,, Qro#klja< Tl>? Krrnt ?flVr, for on* Week more, at II* 90 Bowery, Aii'itirat u'e e?labnted etie ifieat f'arprt eatablialnrrnt 1* tlie I iii'ea Ma t*j. Tlia choke ?' the whole t'.'ck of elegant ? gllah Three-ply aud Doable Super Ingram Cam. ta, OrVKK*(,? '1 * 8 k ..'fV te l ?t a reduutioa ci U> |" r eyiu roiu lorn,in pr.jci. <f e ad > i?? all tu eiabraoa tin opportunity. 'ilinolut's Sulphur Uatb>,H7 Pettrl street, near lireu<lw*y-e?tablii-hrd in hy Loeia J. Timolat fi<mlana, lei tl u 'f rbeamMirtn, eropyona of the akiti, eolda, mi rcnriul afftati'/ua. fce. This it me tint eatali lialied &uJ 1 nly full bur Hath in the city. H'a refer to Dr. tuleutii,* Melt, L>r. Dr. Steveua, Dr. Iiergen, Dr. Vack*. R. C. llcliil) re Kt-ajml fully Invltea Public attention to hit at.w Mii.i t ure IHiuiricau Cillery, Nj. GS3 Broadway. Premium Mlicll ? omiia?Open Cltaln Pat* Win, $? .?The la Ilea are invited toenatnino tU 11* atyle, and tbla year's Freaiua Cetabe, vff) baaatifaL esaertSH?t in thelarir. i.1 la tbeoity. N. 8 ? I'ouiba at w'leiaeal*. Z. M. Vl'IMK V, V load way, 2i door a Suva Duaae at. Combi.~L?(tl(i art; Ue?i>fctfully Invttert to examine the olioict electioe of L?i ?>a Comb* ut the Mb' acribere'atar?. the variety ia beyond all doulf, tha greaWat in tha city anion* which will be founuthe Oouble Cfcxin pittern, to niuob minimi Also, aau b? obtained every article appertaining to ti a toi et. A. fc J. SA I'NDEEi, 367 Broadway, between Walter and White atrtett. Alexuitile 1 ' i 'i'j ic<?b*|?lte_- t'Jiln celebrated Im'.nuiautciif L~. IU' *1 ; ir liye reuieiua unuuipHaaod by any other prupk'ktlou ever e flared to tbo public. For aale by Hua' ton, Clar .c k. to., Im.adaej, &ul A. li. a i). Stadl, orner fci'Fulton ai.'i W (it-am atrmiW. j Liquid 11 air JUj e. ? Plttilon's imymtd Marie Hair Dye, a new invention. to oolor th > llvr or Whia* kira the momert It ia applied, without injory to the hair ot akin. UnnUfBiuu eat. ihoir Whiakert dyed la flrt minutea, at tb? Dtfut, No. 11>7 Broadway, onmsr of Dey street, nndar the Franklin Mouse. Per botUe. e.uail siae, til largo, 1160. M'lgi and Toupeca ? A not iter Medal has been awarded to H u, l',?tclmlor. lor the beat tVi^a aud Toapec*. Thtpubliu ure imu-d to in?ptot Lis new ttjls, for 1-at, at 1>AT, S celebrated H I.- faetory, No. 4 1 Wall rtreat. Ha keepa th? lar^a^t and belt aaaortmaat is tht tilt. Cayy tl.a aoureaa. Trees tltitr nrc nlvi aya >>?-? ring.? The fin eat treta t? know of are the boot treeH at 14 Ann strait; they boar thooaxiiilt ol 1 ,iir.< tvi'iy year?xUgaat in ahaixj, and in v fa>bi n w ill nil w,.o er ,1 M'lu re can you net aneli tita, au?h leatlur ?n 1 acch Workmauahip, at at JUMCiar All the 1 itv, tr>?.. ir t.l?in about hi* low prlcaa. Ill It CIA! AFFAIRS. ttONlCY tlAUKCV. SuiKtay, Nov. 18?6 P. H, The itcck r. arkt t cloa?d heavy jnnterday. QaoU> tioiia f.-r liio :a> oia? -or several Jays past havt; be?s ( teadily dicoping. aui it appears iiupoMibie to get up any epec Jaliva in remtint. OataiJera oannot ba Induce 1 toi 4 eh any thin t in the cf fan^y atooka on uptenlatlnn. and without a di'aaand to take theaa tcrk* out of thr htreet, tli? bulls ran rot gat prioaa up I Dt even rattaln the.-i at praaent point*. If ataid* itoek speculators uoderatood the operations of tha bulla, and could clearly nee the object that party bar* In vitw. they would not be ?o often deceived and drainid of tbilr capital, aad they would keep claar of al( mch movemt ata. No one auppoaei for a moment that ;be balln are .ve a* n/the a-^e lots of faaey itocka laily aold 11 .he street for inveatment, (they ara not 10 green as thi t.) or that they have auy confidence in L?m; but outrid> r? teem to loae tight of the faot that hete fpiculatora .et hold of a majority of theae atooka or the puvp. he of catchibg the ghorta. and to drive ia bote who aie uaually altraoted by a rising market* nomauais ?ni' an- io? making every etTort te induoa utsiders to purc>?'<?. would be tba frit to sell out upon i flight Advance, and then r urn rouud and btaak dowa ricrr and con pel tboM who have been drawn iato the novrKvLt ft the top of the market to aell out ftt sacrifice. As aoon an an upward movement ia ny fane) commences or gats well under way, the halls ecoRie the lftrgcst sellers. They do not exactly tarn 0 b'ftring the market, hut secretly aell to outsider* n time, eitbir btijrr'e or teller'* option, and fur a Ime openly pur ha<e to ? moderate extent. Aa aoon a they bava raddled outsider* witb more than they an carry, systematic ff^rt it made to put dowa rices, und then tbe outsiders suffer some The broera ct Wall street ar? lull of fanny atocka, tad that* 1 not one of them but tbat wculd gladly tell to morrow teryfhareba Iim ftt coat. Tbe have given up all npc of draw lag in outrdde speculator*, and their only it< restive Is, to hold on and make the beat of a had irgain One of tbe evidence* of tba healthy stita of the pubc mind in relati?u to speculation ot all kinds, is tlat ip gnat abundance of money, tba eftja with which it in be obtained upon almost any kind of a?ourlty, and le re duct d rate of interact, bave not, tbu* far, or*-fttaA ny d "pmlti n to engage in any operation aot of a iirriy legitimate ol araotar So long as this feeling hats there will I f nothing to apprehend from any da irg? nieiit in tbe utual course uf trade. There haa no* >en.for a i. emu any artiiicial Inflation of prloaa anp >e law* < f demand and supply have regulated the aiktt tiIuv U all our pruduots. This 1* a meet exuoiJ t.ury eircu*?tanc<v and shows that tba arils -ralng net ci therpeculatlons of past years, havssuuk pep into tb< inlnde of all elaoea. Operator* In Wall revt are a-lonUhed at tbia stftta of thin**, and many tbrm will be serious sufferer* Lar^e snppliea uf ufy storks bava been laid In, In anticipation of ftn .the Jer atid, wl Ich tbey are not destined to realise 'jfranLix l stat>m>nt exhibit* tbe quotations la >l? uul't foi tl??- principal rpeouiative *to.-k for each >y ?.f Ibe ja?t *et k. and at tba oiose of tba waak precue. It wlUI? ! < re- iv?d that prices bava baensteadieet luig dr a n tl'rovghcut tba wte!i i ?TtTi?i<s its iM . 1 evee** in vpa Naw loan Ntaiar. *. t. Dm ]'?? K.t. 7 *a. rri. ?mt. .^.rr < ca, C >. n.'i li:v ill - IDS - III , i IH'j llsJJ ? 114 ? ? 1111, Met*.,. ? ? ? ? l'? , titrny u'? m ? ? ? ? HO ?. ?ir. .. '-f ... , _ , r \ - at , *>s Mm i - 47 47 ?7<a 4V1* 4.''g f . i. v?.... \ \ ;ov 7?'< - r-1. ? ' i- "? MS ?4 ? H ? kv tjir.* > t|. h h it . r.% ? ? ?|V Ji>n I m'- 4. ?.S v* ti* II ari .it', w.rTliW r. S* S 4 W ? -- .V?i ? n?. <>..',<??? ). M>i 4lH i.l', fc.\ ?u ?>v ?,?Z irU? II ,-? Hi* ?l ; .? i.'?:i4 . , t:1, ; v - 17 i?Ji ?.r*?k ? - M fa ? fa 47 47 ? ? ? ? -nr-^t > ?- .. \ *. ! *, .% . '? S** .!?? ?" i? I !i S *'? J^S* fa > tt nrritCut'*! /? - ? fS ? ? Hi ?t\ 5.% - r.H KtxiKH.. *> , t"H - " - * % It. , ' ' ""S ! '*?' 'i - *>V " " I.NVt... .*)?' 'fx A rot if it if 'D rurrrot al tha clMaef tha m*r t ja-lrtd-iy a.t!. t^o?? ruling at tb? eW?a of th? pra. jtic mik f*V'i?'.i? an adtati?a la lillunltft'* of IH p?r nt: N 'rtl b ar 5 WoTna?ter ??; VohtaR and a cllM In TiiMi.rj < r of )? p< r c at; 1 nttrd >tata? I, Iff*. ; J ?a liptf Boi.d*. Ife'i M tlonda, ; fi-xlicg K R *? rl* R. R , 1 ' ?'; lUrtora, ; t * .t ? . . . I r.n- , > am 1 ' I)in,>injri ; !Mnrr'? ' an : I rla l!oni? (all;. , and Kria ud.< (???), ,'k Tba Waiter Jvj 3atk, of flnfTalo, bn ra?ii?n?d pay>iil and tba broJara tnka It- bi'U ?fi? ?#m? m? tho<a oj . r > . >>* . t - hp J"at# Th' 11,;< f lb? r? k. ?ek tank of l ODD'e'itut, an t-> >d, but ara not r?at * .? Si.r' ik *?nk ?f Uoa'.on, Thl? prarra^* ^ a VfckPM m .a' lrjf tbpm We would a ltl?? tba i'lie to k till tor tha Mln?ral Sank, i f ' ur:ib-rl?n J, ?* ?l:.r <l ; ' 1 ' M!'l> l-ank 'I (laac>r. Malta. Th'ta 1 bi? 4norm< n? qnatt tla? tf II^Mam and atari Pa'.li a J ?liaraa boi gbt a .d til darinK tha ftwavk, not a frartl ?at finrt of wbieh ha< ba*n koi i jr ; ' a *?. tlia f>p?i*"oa(i baring o < < (.1 ) > t fj b".|a atj tii-ara rf tba ?trp?t' nr. . ? >. T 1 4 il* * <%?1 hi -lightly I licit d; th* l-?i* Valiog paid *n l?r^ ly, th*t, wh*t> *y cam* in'o tha ? ark? for atixtk, pric** t.lghtly *<! ertd. 1 a 1?*ii Hfcllrtwd *h*r**h*ia Mita'.atltd ah-nt r 11 r e*rt dtif'i r t 'ip j>*ft weak; ) ?' tk lit Hot ImjiTiiW* Hi li i|H(>liUwi ( i tb.? laucj bring* inch an la'rft 'i>'?i ftp ?b* ir*rk*t, tbil pil*?a unit b* Kim J Hnldara ut rf til* ?tri>*t a** *xa** llnfty isiotil tofttlli b lor* th* cold <.*?'. r kO?L* th? pclpt* ol* tfcc r irpvry. SlOB afl?r th* m .if l)aa*m r. th.' r irp?t:ti< i> li#t?-?*n tb* Harlan *nl th* Hudr. > 1 "'I nxr.c f> r th-> I ? ; (?'. i'?t | iuSt*b> i'11 rf Hi* hu-lr.?'? i f *11 r?tlrnad?), aa I I ?l?ll th-n fnri that tl?- jr*?t *p??d uf thr U'.ttt will k* i,?ar;y a!) thr through trai*l ft >?t th* f ?nnar. i(t >??* th* IlMlcu imd <>. alnaJ ft fr**t aaouut of ir??r^*r frtflk' .r ?n ro?<ik**pti*?a'l > # nailing th* i* t'l ?bf r1?' r. Inilo* th* rl > * of Dm Igatlni Tbl* r ?I < ? I * il li i ' \ and aw * ?"* . * til f'cn th* Inland Utra*. vhlah b*i l?tflfhri'd*J>'T>d*d opoa fh* ll?rt*m Th* enaiprtl>k b*> ?* tb?- 1 i ^>1*, il?r. nghoat. tb* win *f, fjr th* Mi r j < . . . cj.. ft ,*i h"'*?*n lh' atV 'd ?t! ?f (i t. rf tc* *ta'* will b* cartiad In ituiiii. ..*, p i! a ruin"ua *tt*nt i b* fcrla it i 4 ' w :*"J 1* ? Mtlw to ft bwlnaaa t? "

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