Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1849 Page 1
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I TH I NO. 5645. Bird's By* View of California. The following extract! from the newspaper-press of California will give our readers a bird s eye view ol California and ot the state of society in San Kranciseo. Speculation and excitement respecting lots of land, fee . run v?ry high as will be seen, by the following. Crksukiht Citt on iHa TfotUMic ? Lots in the above town are oflered for sale by the subscriber, at bis ofltce 1 in the harbor-master's building, near tha 1'oiut. xo. Thi Town of 8 anta Cuuz.?The surrey of this Pu blo, ova of the <4dest in i alifornia. has recently been eorreoted and mapped by I.t Williamson, I S A. It is situated in tbe i>?y of .Monterey, and presents more advantage* for an agreeable rurideuoe than any other Id California Lots - At tha aity of Stanislaus, beautifully situated at the junction of the Uivera San Joaquin and Stanislaus. have now ottered tor sale. Tha city of Stanislaus la at the nearest point of navigation to the rich and alebrated Placer* of theStamsNus, Tuolumne Aco. SruiwiiKiELi).?(ientleuixn wishing favorable loca'.iona for batiness in the n rttieru mining district. are informed that excellent building lots in the town of aringtteld, may be purrhasrd on reasonable terms of L. K. Truesdell, at hisofllneon Montgomery street, first door south of Kcss, (teuton Ac (Jo. Thk Tows ofSittkr.?(Latl Si trrasriLLK.)?This town hasjast been re Kiirveyed and laid out by Lieut. J. \\ Davidson of the U. S. A . and lots therein are aew ( tiered tor sale here by the subscribers, and at the tewn by tieorge MclJougal it (Jo This town is beautifully situated upon the east bank of the Sacramento, i within about two utiles of Sutter's Fort. &o. Nf.v? Yomk of thk Pacific.?The city of New York | of the I'aoific. situated at the head of ship navigation upon the bay ? f Suiran. at its junction with the rivers tacrameuto and Sau Joaquin, has been most ac uiately rurveyi.d bv < aptain K P. Hammond. U S.A., and laid out i r> tfc.' most beautiful and convenient manair and ciups have been, A:c 8tocaton.?The ucdersigued avails himself of this ?i th<>d of t (Teriog to the oubllo an opportunity to secure advsiitugeo?? locations in the town of Stookton Mi eo. WASnmr.Tot C'n v ?The subscribers beg to offer for tale 600 lots in the above named eity, situated on the east bai.k ol tbe ^aciamento river. Ai.vixo.?The toan of Alrlzo, situate at tbe head of the Hay of San Francisco. will shortly be offered to the public, in lots suitable f >r building purposes. The lo ality oi this place possesses advantages of a nature so positive and apparent that a brief description must satisfy i?n ry one ot tbe certainty of its becoming, ere long, a toa n of tbe highest importance. We learn that Frederick Hilling*. Ksq .his been appointed by (?ov Kiley. Attorney (ieneral fur the Terriloiy ot ( aiitornia The known ability of Counsellor bluings aswtil as liis legal acquirements, eminently I quality Kim tor tne respousioie auu important omseior which he lias been selected Oki imm k i on Riimvi:, ?To J. R. Curtis. Esq . Subrreftct ? The undersigned. citizens of the town of San FnidN > regarotn*' |M MtaM( of the Towu CWB> it. pamd August 21,1840. (or raising revenue. as conti?ry to the |MM W0W iu fore*, IMOHUtattlMl, unequal, unjust. and oppressive respectfully request you to withhold fr< in ^aut ordinance your sanction, and to Teto the suae (Sijiutd ) War J. Mersch & Co., Lootni* k (ilbhs Karl .V; Mackintosh. Win. Fell & Co , Win. Ladd. H< nj. Reynolds. and 300 others. An alarm of tire created a momentary stir, in PortsHit nth Square, on Sunday last \ deuce vapor, caused by breakirg <r upsetting a vessel containing vitriol, issued tr< in tbe sides and roof of a drug store and in s-m u minute, a crowd of over one huudred persons l>ad been on t! o 'pot, ' smoked" tbe cause of excitement. and dispetsid. A lunatic oulriiibtf. il into the hands of the polioe, on Monday lie exhitiit-d no outward symptoms of Irensy. no incoherent ravirgs. maulacal 1 tught?r mad capers; no. none of these tokens ?he picked a man s pocket of a handketchitf! Notice.?Whereas, my wife, Laura, has left my bed id board without any ju t oatise or prorooation, this is tofotoid any MMImMh "r muting heron my Account, as I Ml I p .j no debts of her intra ;tlt ,r alter this date. JACOB HERMANN. Am Hin.wn 0. P?:*chv, Esq . has been appointed by the A) ui'ainiento Solicitor for the .Municipality of ian r>Wei*N. nbtflH eousiderin* the I'rerariou se^x ct land titles, and the value of property in our city, tenders It one <>f great responsibility aud lab >r V\ e are pleased to learn that a person so able has been Selected Amikh an Lottkrv?Class No 1? $10^00 In antnnl lilies. fmty six twelve drawn ballots. Whole ticket*, 910; half do , *S. This lottery will bs dra-vn at the I'nblic Institute in San Francisco, on the 3d day of October, lbtw at twehe o clot.k. M , under the ?ji> rio< * n<i> nee ot the managers. The piitsi iu be drawn lor will be as folTews : 1 prize of JS0O0 $J,OCO 1 ? ' 1000 1.000 u " u &oo lotto I H ' " 100 hoO 20 " " aw 400 loo ' ?* 10 aw u " 6 800 $10 000 All ptlies payable on thejday of the drawing or whenever callea Kr. subject to a deduction of 16 per cent. Neric?: ?All perrons are hereby c ruUon. d ajainst cutting red wood, or other timber, la quantities, for sale <iu tbe lands belonging to the 1 nited Statu in < kiiicrLU. or renin# men uuiO'-r lor m> purpoae wnat?T?r. ? xc? pt Ibe luiprori-miot required (or f*rm?ur> | by Uioet: de?i.;oiu? to fettle on ,-uon lan 1<. 1 wc^ De1ra<>nico H?tk'ir?nt, of Kearny and Jai-keon htreets b: uo* open. D I *T' rditig to promt"* in a preiious ontlfc. the pro. pr.iv.uld omy ?ay they are now prepared to ?upply thru table* with ttie cbolceat of wi-ryUiing thu u arliet kITortli. MOORfc \ WDOU. t lit'auric " n Krat pry ?tr*pt, up ktalir N. B.- Small or Utgt- paritettof K"ntl"tnen ran be an- . 0 minoJali'4 with dif.tiem or nipper* on tii<) *bort<-(t ?OCT?ft'S BILIJI. To nit Ki>ito( or no. P*. iik Niki. Tl'K*u*r, Sept 18. 1*19 (., * i ? In your TundaT'nreport of court pro. eeduj,", !n tl.r|> af? or Bnckenriilge ?? I'pbtm I am mijt to fky tl>?: ?'i ' c'-mr \.*T Tl?lt I* a [ a-otiabl" rh?r^? for phjklrlan< hen- ' I jrare uo euob testimony In tbl- rt?? n-vr In Mjr cvw .My t??tl- ] an uy * < tbi?:- That. I umluatiil my fe?? by ih? tin- | purtaPC* of the IIH I ailed to treat and the r?- I errn?lliilty Inrolved in it. t<><Hih<-r with tnr parent ? ability to jay. It a ??ry 'l- u< rue r?-<j ilriny uijoU ieci initiation a d rrlt'i-tii n i char^-u a la'|?r (n than lu r'rapl* r*ee?, wiieh tie-d-d little mor than g,.<<l aurnug. AHd ibat In all ran* ? I placed lay own ?*tln at* U|m ii my o u i tint * In r '.a'lnnjto e? a*ill h d r?tn of m?d!ral ehir,|?i l? fa< f tai.rl-ro. I would ?ay that I haee not the honor f t u Dr. I ort'i' * uhi ir.?rcf. *t.d carer b <lm heard Ml tux* m< ntiot" <l lu ooimtrtlon with the medical j pri.fe?n< n of Ihlx town ' ilt? Imrinir gralua'.ed a* a 1 ublin rollega, atd praet'ecd m Ireland. l.nglanl. j J ianr? .Spain (i.iutli Awirie* and vaii^nn ntbef |.lae??'' may b?a (n.d im a why hU i/'.i Hint nbomil rof?rii the charge* of phv#lelan? here, but the fart that be bad fivl tbe minimum and ma<lniim charge per \ i*lt at fit* and ten dollar*. ought. In cnurto -y. to t*i* bt n e>iiiBlutiinat?d to tbr prof*a?|oa. and It woii'.il il!?-n 1i??? a-ar ! d hi in da- p.-al#? f.?r In* ?harltald-?*?l?taen? tXltH K KL.V r. S? Will ?< <if r?|ort?r pl?a?a t.ifoira ' t^<* <i<*r t"m what Mttcll* ieuica troaU upon pb><loiaa?' it el ? fRopnrtad for lh? Taelflp N?ti ] l,i? Ntm iiniN, i ? Mmrr lMP?aia*T TaiaL ? Asia* Ji n<'tlrn ?a4 appli- d f >r by viteliavl Tb.ta O'Connor, a* c( cnirl for I Ward Pell, tgalatt Wo >druff It R icb. t if train tbein from h hi.llrn a hon?ii npoti * lot at tbo i- rm t of ro-ell an I PanIS i t.r?at^ Ih ran?r |j lli? !). -t ti at la< noui* up to t??t tha ?jii??tl. r lbkt"trl> mrn i* fO'il* ' in Sa'i l-'rauRi<eo, ' i?tf I ihr i'ld IH1' ? <rtiit?d by Hpanl-b au'.ho-ttlei to \ xi< a*-* aod D'Ttt Mi' nied a-? to mi|?-iad? the H'.Im ? rartfd by the Malloaa UthvrltiM. ' I lie .r, unci I'll ^a' ordered to |*?u?, aud tie c?n<? 1. I f,.? K?lufl? > ",! ml >1 t 1 M F>" mif ? Muhmott. , l!?por1*r for ttia I.ond'iu T ?. ?. and now r?-'l<i*nt nt s?n ?iii pl*?-? rc?(ii out tlianka f. r aplotidld map of Ui* any of L< UlluM. licDMim llo*rir?il*ha largo nbod ? blinding MtltfUct'l t'Ml. Uuly r??npir-i by S llr?nn?it A. Co . > braii thoroughly r<ifltt?i4 ? d (ural^M ? t I* n<>? opfti |in tb? tMrptlOli of pVlrO'a lie* O. (.' Whnlw parlor of th? l?t fiaptUl church Iti thl? | '?? will d'llrrr dt?coiird>< on tl? d ?Ui of t rrn1J?nt I'oifc. nt th? U?pt1?t .YUetlag h">un*. ?n t H?j uanmg n*?t Ti hm? or Aniiii ms i ? For our fqnar* nf 10 llnr*. (oi I* <!?? m??itl .n yt no > ?? . ,??. i-.( . ! 0') Lrfftl nnd offl.'lal ndrrrt ? 'in *?'. < will >? char(?i fur rich ri|U*r? of 10 Marl ot IM* (f>rrt ln??rtt)n) J'l <>0 " ** " iw-rond, 3 0m \i ?*i,wi*t ?In duly bound toaclcnowl?J<? tbt> f?r >mptn?M witii which th* nartvlo of t'ia I'.-.ic- wltb liU f< r. ? an*??r?d'h# tininann* of our??l?r* In "|ii*llli t rlotou* *>" ' our pr>-iiil< m ~ m f. at ? tlhir. atfi.'M i\ V llin lit a n t t I i> ill. n t-r 'f po.kaman In?i????d ? Tooniarh It vaprcletl c! to l?% tn?-n. 8ri?ir.>i r'cir Jo??th Diiirl Th? J'ranahman .foil i. >? i. i t?< tf..- u tir* ?r f . In till* plaoo laat * uttuct .and f oud irutltT w m bro-jgut in mi iirt ami n( protiounrt 4 tbtiHI'ir) <?f tbl? miKt joimiu 'l>cret, tlia |>ri' r n*r rihl>>tt*-J mnah amotion; I u' on fuily c mi |r>h? i tin*. through tn? '<f an intarpratur, ? . ? i l i i' i t-c mi I ?1 r* t?lr kit?? no eo?trni; ?l?l?nl farai^mt Mt'illfl k i ?} r|? fram- aril h? *a* na^rl. iv?re?-iy abla to l'M< i.prUht II la h?li.??rd h? will y*t nMt lull > ?* f Mloti i f ifuilt 1 h# fpll .wln* I* lil< s?at<ibC?, a' pri ii' uumfl by ludi? (?< aty ? Ji * ph I'anUl ham y n anything furt'i?r to raj why at titers* ?I",b|.| n..t i ? prr<n?aae?i| ag*in*t yon' Vou lia?? b? - a 'ri*d bj an lnifi;ii(hiit m<i id Impartial jur-, ?mp?r-?i??-il and rur.ra ann rtilnjtoia* Ivl b?frra tha Jiry wa? matt that, wn<ter thalr Hhiih r*th? thay ha?* |.r mo'n rd yr,a guilty. aftnr a hrlaf ? r<fnl'atl"n Ton Ha*a i>??n thir n^hiy ami )? triad; :h* ffot.ntrati' aal ngb' to h* irli.l by jury hm % a ax'anUrd to you I h* lotaraata 'I tha p*op ? >( E NE , MC this territory have been represented by on* who conducted your prosecution with ability, yet. in doing ao, took great care not to do anything against you that the law did not allow of, and evinced no greater zeal than his duty required. You have had the benefit of talented counsel, who exhibited the greatest zeal in your defense Vet the jury, although extending t < you the benefit of all reasonable doubts, and of our mercilul and just law has convicted you of the highest crime known in the catalogue?that of the murder of your friend and fellow-countryman. Your trial, conviction. and punishment should be an effectual wtrn leg to all. This Court can feel no pleasure is doing that which the law Imposes on it as a duty; and it now remains for me. in the discharge of that deeply responsible task, to exhort you to prepare for the awful tcene that awaits you, and to pronounce sentence upon you. Ycur sentence la. that you be taken to the place of confinement, and then, on the Mk day of October next, to some convenient place of execution, and. between the hours of ten o'clock. A. M , and four P. M., you are to be suspended by the nerk, between the heavens and the earth.until you are dead. May Almighty <>od have mercy on your soul' Reiiuiocs Notice.?1The Protestant Episcopal Congregation (Lurch of the Holy Trinity. Ilev. Mr. Mines rector, worship at the residrnce af Mr. J. H Merrill, corner of Vallejo and Stocktou street*, every Sunday, at 11 A. M and 3 P.M. Strangers are particularly Invited to attend. au!4 33 tf. By Order of the Wardkns&xd Vestrv. Omi Fellows' Hiiscital.?At a meeting of Odd Fellows. held at the school-room on Portsmouth square. In this city, on Thursday evening last, a committee was appointed to lake immediate measures for the establishment of an hospital for the benefit of the brothers of the order, to be sustained by the contributions of the members, and by the profit* accruing from the nursing or others, who may find it necessary to avail themselves ol the care and attention of auch an institution Notice ? I hereby nalify all persons that the land on the east bank of the Sacramento river, between the m uth of Feather liiverandtbe American Fork except, that portion of it which 1 have conveyed to the proprietors <it Vernon. Is my property. Understanding that one Hiram Grimes claims right to said laud, and baa actually succeeded in selliug a portion of it to persons who were cognizant el' my title, and fearing that he may Inveigle innocent parties into similar purchases, 1 hereby forewarn all persons of my ri'_rht, and caution them not to purchase from said Grimes, as bis claim Is, 1b the first degree, fraudulent. J, A. Si tter. au'ii 34tf Sketches of tits New Kreiu n Ministry. [Translated from La National of Paris j GENERAL D'HAI TPOI'L, MINISTER OF WAR. Mr D'Hautpoul was one of the favorite* of the Duke of Angoulrme. (Jen Uourmont, the Waterloo traitor, appointed Lira Director of the Administration of War. la April, 18*0, just three months before the rnvolu ti< nary movenient 01 three uays which brought Louis Philippe to the throne Mr li'Hautpoul suike.l with the Dew govirument for tire long yearn; and from the time when be at latt (lid oonmuit to take office uader it* banners. (which he consented finally to do, becau?<- be waa ijuite tired of not dipping his spoon iu treasury pap lor ao long a time.) he ne> ?r failed, ?>a every occasion. to exhibit his strong legitimate prejudices and principle. Thus, then, it is evident, that with the name of this man for Minister of War, It Is the same a? ; hoi-ting tbe white (lag of the Bourbons at the head of the army The traitors of 1810 hare not enlightened the ue] Lew of Napoleon. AC1ULLK ForI.D, MINISTER OK FINANCE. M Kould i? tbe mcst hotheaded fanatic, in favor of taxing wines and liquors. He has said. o??r and over aguin. that this tax. which the provisional government , abnegated, ought to be restored, and not be abated a I farthing. He was also bitterly opposed to the reduo j tion of tbe tax cn suit, aud the diminution of the rates of portage According to him. our syatein of taxation is admirable. and it wuuld be ab-urd to chant;* it. It appears, to judge by the ('resident's inesnaje on the subject that M. Fould has b?cu se.ected by M Ucnv parte, on acc< unt of bis own persoual financial views Are we from hence to infer that M. Bonuparte ij positively hent upon keeping up and re-eotubiisblug tbe:* taxes, which are most Iniquitous, m >st vexatlnu?, and most odious' Our peopla in tbe districts where tbe vine is cultivated?in lart the people everywlwra ? have hereby due notice given them; for tha name of t-ouhl explains clearly the meaning of tbe polioy of the President. or laid dewu ob'curely In bis ('residential message M. FAHItf, MneiKTTE OF Pt'llI.IC lNSTRfCTION. M. Parieu wa a legitimist few years ago. When the revolution of 1 S br< ke out, be was practicing law at the bar of loom. Instantly he doffed his old leg)11i.ii?t ci at i i .Hue a red hot republican aud friend cf hit country, hi d succeeded In getting elected as repn seotati va to the ,\ asemhly. Since bis election he j ba.? tpokeu twice only at the tiibuue. The first time, whs to oppose the election of the President of tbe re- j public by universal suffrage and the other time, was to suppoit tbe in'ainous traffic of the Insurance ompuniee. and of tbe men-bants of human flesh He wu elected tbis time to tbe Assembly, by the Tutcs of the rtacticnlits or ietrograd< s. to wbiub p*r:y bis previous rotes, on all occasions, had given sure pledges of his Tirineiple* and fidelity, lie l* man who says little. 1 but he thinks a good deal - that is, about himself, aud h own Interests. He Is well suited for analysing law documents No doubt. M. bonaparte has made a i minister of blm, on tbe principle that a lawyer Is capable of anything, aud because be also is aware of his | being a mere cipber in politic*. At. ROl HER, MINISTER OF Jf*TIC*. M. Kouher la another lawyer from Klom. He wa? tbe candidate of the Uuir.ot party, in opposition to I ombtrel de Legral. tbe liberal candidate at the last election* under Louis 1 hiiippe After the revolution cfKebM.ary .be pretended to be a republican au k was elected to the constituent Assembly, by the departcii nt of I'uy de 1'ame. thanks to Ins h* pocrlsy. He nade bimi-i if very busy, in favor of the executive oddmwion. and ol Wmeral < avaignac whom hs supported warmly lor President. He thought precisely the fame I as M. 1 biers did, about K. Uonapart* lor Pia^l- ! dent Rut aft<r tbo Ittth of tieoembar. when M | l.i was elected hv an overwhclniii.K inajorltv. he b>cauie (>o? ot tin' haugerr-on of >1. ??ii1 ll<>n liarrot, aid lu i-plte I.I lervtal tin a lebutfs. slipped ?t l*-l Into the dia lug reom* of Ihu Klysi ? 11 lian sin. .? tli-n luade In 11.U remarkable by hit violent re'r?K?d* upin lot e and lia> bad m? uy perai ns turned not ofoUeeat the court* i f law of hiorn At to talent. hu I* somewhat Interior to iM. farieu, but ai to H-rvlllty and low an biti'.n. br is lull; equal K him. He will ui*k? hlui*elf a oouitler. an errand boy, and a Taint, all at the sauii tin 0. MSPIMAM) PARROT, MINISTER OK TIIK INTERIOR. M 1 erdtiiand i: hi rot exerted hlm?eif more tbnn any body Hi* *" proem e the fall ?r lii.? Motbtr. t^uiie an Inferior r< it of a lawyer at thi Pari* bar. he liat .only niai.agtd to earn a living by the client* whom hi* br >thtr |tm:ijiiil lor iiiio the atmo'phere of court* ?title* giail.ade an eveijbody kuow*. Having been Secretary anal to .%ir. i:?na parte. he be -n now made > in.-ter of th? Interior id order that lie may put tl.. | and especla'ly It* va*t secret. funds at tbe 1 complete (ilf)Mal ot M. Bonaparte lie la one of the flatterer* ai.u too I a of the President. to tbe utinoat pitflblf ?itent ? ( the occupation. M. |t|>r.Af, MINISTER OF Pt'Rt.lC WOHKR. '1 hl? person I* an engineer of eery little f?ru In bi* owti corps II# ha* long been trying for tbl* p< at aud at lart l<e has got It. He will now do anything t > keep It lie nay b- depended ou for tbat lie wax n>r jieriy lit favor of the State carrying on tba construcuou of the railroad but now h* will r< a.ltiy *?ciiflee hi* uoutifltionp to M l- uld. who Is In later of tbe hungry wolves at>il who fatten at the expeine 'if tba rountty M|iod tbe railroad grant* tbey obtain ? M ClMl f iMMM Ibe talrut of talking for h?ur> trg* i li?r. wlih the high prlrllige of never Wi lug 11*1 aned to. lie I* aa< th?r lacquey and ralet, and will make i hioseif fully e.,ual to M I.across In dovlllty and flattery M. IU. KA\.NkVAI., MI.1i*TKROP mttOK AFP MR*. >1 Ue l a.D. v*| I- one of those diplomttlet* who gste tl e greatest asaislane* to M. Oi:dioit in hi* ultra uonntalM t'lplottn a^aiD't the K >maD? HiteWva'toa to this office (lore* plainly, tbat tbe >u? leiier of the President < f tbe 18ih August, t? Kdgar Nay pretei.ding to d?Mie a liber?l p< ucj for Hone, ?? un- I thn g lu tt.e wi rid but a blind. and du*t thr>wo In the eyea f tbe world It I* a proof tbat >1. Alontahm be 11 i* lite real exp'tiei.t of th# poller of M Bonv p ii le to*aid* Ike it. man* not Victor II ugo ! AIM IK AI. kOMAI VHK?FOa*KR, MINftTFR OP MARIXR. '1 his p* rn.ti ha* ati the docility and eupplent** lie. eeeary t*? make a ?i artier III* administrative r ipa. c tynndu h in aonpetHDt to take the place of the lllusiriou* He J racy without uiucD duadrautage to the public service. M. Ill MAS MINIKTRR of AORK-tri.Tt'kK AMD CoMMKRCI. M 1 utrk* I* a member < f the InMi'ut*. lie I* well known tor hi* lab?i* in et.emistry. aud mere ntlil fir hi* ptetei ding t'. tflsc verles ? hlch he never made i lie was a man > t inirtgnes in tbe at-sdeniy. and he baa | fb<>* biii. II ll>" in* in tha A???n>l>ly II* li?? dl?tlriinliliri kliiiitlf lb?r* by piopming th* lair f.T th* nppittal' k <>i ili** Kbi>< I ?f ailrol il-liatioii. il? wm 1 In g -oil Iktnt at tb? court id Luun I'biiippa. mil la al*-> I on *>?all? nt t?r?m at tha thin. All ha kao*? of agrl< ullur* ana ecihMii lor In ha? l??rnt In hi* lab >ra t?ry. Ila ? III. Ui?r?l' t*. manac* bin d*|>arini*nt ?nl, r?>lfi*ii all thi?, k* i? cm) n 'e m^Ut <>l tha qa*ition of ax'tnelr # ; iiirar fpro tli* p?ua and Irota l-a?-t r?ot. | and hum tak?u f.|J? r f t n*lth?f on* nor Hi* o(b*r. Ti'r ruinitr 11 < ?n? Th* < t'tkMl fv. 1.7nt 11??| til* 17th in -1 "p-aki-it of tha lat* fr-?h*t in II at i in nil j i ay*: a*ir? nl th* |{ri ? mill* and I aj ' r nil' I at I'all a millp and a Mnali brldft* ?w*pt way. K? ?? mi Vrid**-. ?l?? a?'.lf*lj *?*jil??ay. <a tb* inrnpm* h? t***n l.tTlhgatonvill* and >.i.iil*l>uiv at.<1 i.ib*r daoiag* of a "riot" namr* to mill* a<id ctl.or ii'anblnrry in tb* Tlcltlty Th* daaiag* In maoy |*a *y Inn-ami by r*a-on of th* nudd*4 rl*a <d lh?- aal?r id tlia n'lht which pra?*?it?d tb* ?wn*f? nf M(i)*n|fl< n -ATliju or d< In* aoy thing to rrot?8t It j n* n|ni<? to irdii idnal* and tb* town, to rxfair da n.aff*" and road? i.o i l>rnjg??. will b* h???y. and in '? *<ral plac** tb* 'topping of mill* a?4 machinery -*111 1 a a lcta to ItdifMnal* and tha |iublta B'llldlng* and br'djta* *?r* d*molM>?d In or n^ar Windham I.antra ? f t.'' or tan h> u *? liftrlag tntoMad n*arly I nt < i.h* Mr?at?: and 'tlx f?ar*d that aari u? d?m??*? ha?* h ?n ma le all ?/ tha nboi* length of tha I'atakill er*ak. and othtr ntftams In that ?l<*'oity. Tbraa million* ?*??n hundred and thirty tVo?*nd . d <liar? ol i aiiforn a ?'hl had b**n r^o-tr* I at tb* U. j R. Vint, at I htladcii liia up to tb* lTth lrt?v W Y < >RNING EDITION?TUES] Common Council* Board or Aidkhmkv, Not. 19.?The report of the Committee ou Streets in favor of payiug James Tinkerton the first pity went on hid contract for paving Broadway, from Keade to i>uane street, was referred bark to the committee, who stated that though the work was net performed in strict compliance with the terms of the contract, it wh dona as well as could lie expected under the circumstance*. Report of the Committee ob Tollce. in favor of granting a donation of $75 to Mr* Ann l ynch widow of Thomas I.yach, a policeman of the Fourth ward, who died from the effects of an Injury received in the dlncharge of hi* official duty. It appeared that the bills lor medical attendance with (4'J for funeral expense*, amounted to fc.'iJ'J He received the latal injury on the --d ot July.lS4S. In suppressing a riot at It) Dover street, and lingered ever alter till the 27th of September last, when he died The verdict of the t'oreuer'* jury was to the effect that he tiled from the effect of these injuries Alderman Wood objeoted to giving a policeman'* widow compensation. The Hoard had no right to do it. It would be a bad pr<??dent. Alderman Haws said It was an extreme oase. and as an act of charity, not a* a right. It would not be a precedent He only wanted something for the widow for the winter, as her last dollar was gone. Alderman Fahick Kelly, of the Sixth ward, Mid. a* the newspapers bad informed them that there is to l>e a very severe winter. he thought the sum proposed was too little, and he therefore moved, as an amendment, that the sum be $160. A division then took place, when the amendment'vas carried by a'majority of on#? nine having voted f>>r, and elrfht against. Aldtruiau Jamison objected to the legality of the vote, as it was neceftary that tun. or a majority >1 the wiiole number constituting the Hoard, should vote for any money appropriation. The matter ww then referred back to the committee. A report in favor of a eewer in I.afayette place was adopted. Keport of Committee on lloads and i anal* In favor ot opening Fourth aveuue, between 126th and l?5th ttreets. adopted. The Board here adjourned for forty minute*, to take tea. and then resumed, when a resolution to place gas lamps in front of Trinity Church was laid upon the table Communication from Justices of Marine Court, representing the inconvenience arising from the want of au additional oourt, was read. Referred to Committee of Repairs Some estimates of repairs were then reoeiyed and lsid upon the table. Adjourned to Wednesday evening. Boa*i> Ok Assistants, Nov. 19.? Present, the President, in the chair, and a i|Uoriim of members in their place* PtMiimt.? Several petitions were presented, and appropriately referred. Krjwrti it/ (,ammUtrrt. ?The Special Committee on the subject of widening West street reported favorable to the pr< ject I.aid on the table, to be printed Report of the finance Ceinmittee, In fivor of concurring with the Board of Aldermen to relieve Mariners' < hurch from payment of assessment. Concurred in. Same committee reported in favor of relieving several Dertons from tax Adocted Same committee, iu favor of appropriating let on Atenue A, between 24th or 2Mb streets to the Croton Aqueduct Department, us a proving lot, in which to te^t water pipe*. Adopted < ominittie on Wharves, Pier*. &o., in favor of concurring with the Hoard of Aldermen in resolution to construct a pier at the foot of 3Mb street, Kast river. Concurred in. ( i/u.imt tee <>n Streets, in favor of paving 91th struet. from Mh to lltb avenue Adopted. Sane committee, in favor of regulating and grading 1'Sth street, lroui 10th avenue to Hudson rtver. Adopted. Also, iu favor of bating vacaut lots on North William street lenced. Adopted Also, in lavor of partially repairing 4tk avenue, fruni 10th to 2)d street, this fall, and completing it next spring Th* Committee on Wharves, Tiers, iwc . report in favor of granting an inop ast >1 appropriation for the purpose of ron>|leting the pier at tbe toot of Clarkson street Adopted. Tbo Committee on Kirs Department reported In favTT of organizing Hook and Lad ler Company No 2, at the bouse No. 24 Heaver street; Kngine ' oinpany No 7 to be located in Third avenue, near Twenty Kourth street. Also, in favor of repairing b >u?? of liook and (.adder C< in puny No 1. located in Chambers street, near Centre ttrvet Adopted. Voj'irt frum ilw Hoard nf jlUrrmm ?The Committee of Klnnnre report in favor ot resolution "to pay Vldernan Mullins' expenses, incurred in defending his seat The City Inspector seut iu a communication asking for an icsreafe of sa'ary. Keterred to the Committee on Shiarle*. The < omptroller sent in a romni'inlnatlon ??king for tbe following suhim to be appropriated, in addition to former appioprla'-iou*, to tbe following account*: Alio* Hou?e >?OOU; elesntns street* ivv oOO. it<>naUr>na $1 WO; election* $3 000; Kire Department f-MOOO; lnterwt ob revtuue bonds (?0oo, police >i0.ww, print* log (2.000; repairs and supplies (JO.OOO, street expenses (Hi Oi*0 The resolution for nrdinauoe was adopttd by the Board of Aldermen. This Hoard concur*. Devolution to lay water pipes to Ward's IrWrni. Adopted by the Board of Aldermen. 1 his doard oooeurs. Communication from the Counsulto the Corp 'ration, with resolution, authorDlrg the employment of additional counsel In cases of impcrtance. This Hoard concurs Htfluliont.?This board concurred with the Hoard ol Aldermen in the adoption of a resolution toapprop -ate (3 000 for the payment of expenses Incurred by the funeial >oleanitie? in this city, iu honor to the remain* of the irallant and lamented Major (jeneral Worth, Col Duncan, and Major Oats*, late of the U. 8 Army. Hesclutlon to relay cross walks at int?r*??tlon of 1 ulton and Ure?bwiuh aid Kulton aud Washington streets Adopted. Ilefolutunto re lay cross walks at Astor Place and Broadway. Adopted Devolution that the salary of the copying clerk ia the Street Department be (760 per annum, to ta am . !]. ?! flom the 1st Of November, 1*4!) lllftMil I:?foluti< d to I'nj? wnlk In tbo lark, kadii.g froui City Hall to United Mates < ourt Adopted l.enolted. that (he Comptroller report to ilili board, at ltn ii' it meeting the amount vi uioney ptiJ to (.be pr< prletore of the Xnr i'urk Kx/nri?, ami all ot'jer l>a| i-r?. for public printing. since the parage Of the ireolution to provlaa fur the tnore exten led publication ol tbe city ordinances.parsed in >!i;, 11411, Adopted To bete euib and gutter regulated in front of 40 West Mlorl, aim. to repair and regulate tb? paeement Id front of pier No. 7. Ka?t rteer. and to repair New street from l.uku|* 1'Isee to Bearer street; also. to alter tb< grade aod repair Cailysle . tr?*t, from VVa?liit .ton to Weat street I hat l.ltlle tireen ?treet. b' twecn Maiden lane aud Lib?rtj direct. be lighted with ga?. Adopted. Kosolnd 'I bat the Street < ommUrtoner be directed to extend the time fur receiving propesals f >r the eularg em< nt of the (lattery until the let of Dec>uib?r, and that be ha also instructed to niter bU ?,>? 'trio* tlon* to li to read " The rip rap wall shall be cribb and rip rap on the front or wiatber He In a durable mann>r. m.d that the a all b? li altered a* to admit tl e w< ruing of the material itbat may b* suitable) tbiit forms the pr?sent wall lo.'lu ling the present e< ping and posts,"?tti report to be mad' to tbis 11 ('Bid at the expiration of 'aid time Adopted Tbut Delhune street between iire?t*leh aud Went ttreitr. te lighted with ?a? Adopted 1 bat the t < nm.le?ii tu r of Str-ets and l amps h* dirt cteo to iep< rt tu this Hoard the unmlrr of eom;>lalr*.s maile agalr>'t the .New Yor* <>as l.l?bt Company t ir ?<-t or ti.plyIng with the condition of their oonlraet for supplying' the Corporation and tlia pnblio wilb ga< Adtpted io llfcht Minabeth street, Iron Spring to Bleacher itr< et, a.:b gas Adopted 1 hat the Street, i otnmi'sloner bo directed to hare t.1. rs Vs. 0 in, 11. 12. U. 14. IS, in, IT and Is l ast Rieir extended In accordanee wlththelme established by tJanle.l h wing. t.ity Surveyor Ueterred Heeolred, That a special c .mmittee o( three b? appointed by this lizard to report at an early day. a suitable pier fora railroad In Broedaay. and sucti other streets In the lower psrt of the city a- the publio convmienre and Interest may require Adopted. keaolutlon to take measures to retain a part of the o'.d ar enal In < entre street, as a depo?itory for arms and equl|n>?nts tur our independent La.I.tarj companies \dopted Jhr H'llfideitsrik /Vrrj t^'isiMoii. - Document No. 8 was taken up by ron-ent rbls docum-nt is made up cf the majority end minority report* of the < ommittee on errles, of this Board. on the snhjeot of the petition of James U Taj lor and J. W. Benedict and others lira terry from the foot ot < herry street in this elty. to South Heeenth street. *f llliaiu-bjrgh The first motion was toainptthe majority rifwi, which is adierse to granting 'he petition. An amendment wa> tben moted. to substitute minority " |.ir ' majoilty. aud del*te I'Mowed on the ain. ndment being r.Nil.' 'I be whole eithjei t >a< Anally referred to the i i u.| ?r? |i?r and t)?a ( maaal t'> tk* < oro'iratlon. to a? rrrtain tf tlia Corporation ha< any no Inl In tba |irn(,^rt? at the fo.'t of I lurry plrf#t and that tbey rrport at tne nut m?'-tlnn of thl? ll-?ard. \ ?p*rlal prt|r-iit'#? ( tbrca wa? ajipolntad to Inquire abalbtr li>a m?-mb ra > f pHbar of tk? frtrt IM( had un?d tinlair ntpani- to prrx ui< tlia tifl>i?tica of map Imwk of thin b< ard I ba committ?a ronfii>ta of I AM>?'?ut Aldarn.<'n Wril'ln, I rau*. and Oakl?y. Adjourned. _ t'oinmaii fir*). 1,1 CHAMItfcRA. Not 10 ? Th? rhl*f Juntto* granta.l a dirore* at the nit of i??or*? l.aa (gamut hi* wlfa Karab M. I.aa, on th<> ground* of Intidaiity (r. litiufilrM i#. Iltnrf M. I'rtenim. ? Motljn to ftrlV a out d> inutrar danltd. wltfi coat*. Stihmnitl H . Hnlnn rt Huhtrd // rtinfr?n. ? Motion granted for trial. Coat* to ahlda tba l?iu* A Momai>r i? Knti c it. - Tl? Rtata of Kan turky baa appropriate tba ton ot (IftliOO, for fha trrotlon ot an appropriate nianum?ni. In taa tmoii) oft lia pallamrj, darliif, and valor ofharcM*al iottn M?<?bo fall In tba war* of har catiairy. It U to ba an ohnlUk, nitty taat In bxl(ht, anil l? to b* con?trvotad of tba ftnaat Italian marble On tha *l<la of tba monument ara to bo la r?rlI 'd tba ratnaa ot lb* aararal battlan In whieh tb<>a? cltn?, ?ho?a miniarWa It li daalgnad to aommn Herat*. ?ara rlaiu 1 haaa ara Ulna l.taku, Tlppaeaae* Malalti 1 ham??, Nn Orlcani, Monterey, ( arro Wor J> and the otbat battles In Mexico.? Utrwln?<tti \1lix Nor. W

) It k I DAi, JNOVUJVIUEK 20, 18< Supreme Court. IMI?9r.TAJIT RAILROAD CAS*?APPLICATION AGAINST | THE HI'DSON R1VEK ROAD. Before Judges Jones and K Iwards. This Is ao application for us injunction from the Supreme Court, by certaiu citizens of New York, to ! preveut anil stop the Hudson Hailroad Company from laying down It* rails In certain streets of the city of I New\ork On Saturday. K Sandfnrd. Es<| . pursued and oontlnurd hl? argument in behalf of the applicants. The following is synopsis of his able and powerful argument:? 1st point ?The Legislature. In enacting the charter of the defendants, eonterred a franchise upou a mere private corporation, and they had no constitutional power to authorise private property to be taken, without the consent of the owners, tor the use of such a corporation, even upon making full compensation 2U point-The Legislature had not power, under the constitution, to delegate t* the defendants?a mere private corporation -auy part of the sovereign power of the people of this State, to be exercised by the defendants, at their an n dl>cretl< u, aud for their own benefit. The Legislature have not declared what lands shall be appropiluted to tho use of the defendants, nor appoluted any public officers, or politloal agents, or organs of the sovereign power, to exercise the sovereign discretion; but have lelt the appropriation to be made by a private corporation, acting upon the irresponsible judgment of its own agents, as to what lands are necessary for the uses of their road. 1 No power to authorise them to take lands In fe?. 2, No pewer to authorise theui to take materials. 3d point- If the defendants have, by their charter, oouferred upon them the right to take private property for tho uses of their railroad, such property can only be taken by them upon paying just compensation 4th point- Such compensation must be made by the defrnuants before the land cau be taken by them for the nte of their road, and before auy work cau be done thereupon towards the construction thereof, btb point?liy the charter of the defendants they are | r< julied to make compensation for tall land, real estate and property taken p ossession of and used lor the ! constiuctiou and maintenance of their railroad, or | which may b-j alfected by auy operation connected j with such coustruotlen and maintenance "th point?The plaintltfs have an interest in the ' lands taken by the dofeudant* in laying down their railroad tiack upon portions of Hudson stre,t aud I < anal street, and are. respectively, tho owners of other lands, fronting upon said .-treels whioh are injuriously ! atlectrd by tl.u couttruotlon aud luaiutenanoe of i-aid r< ad up<>ii said streets. 7th point?It is not necetsa'y to establish the claim of the plaiutitts to damage* in this c t?e, to show tnat the plaintiffs. or either of them are tenants ot thu fee. hold, or legal owners of the land upon which the d?| tendants were about to lay their iron rails If others | he the owneig of the loud faclug the parts of Hudson street and t anal street, the plaiutilts own lots front nig thereon, aud have an int. met in and right of paii-aga over these lands, for the pur;>?sns of their bu?im (8, < of pleasure i bin right in an inorrp< leal haredi'ument. uud tor the particular injury te this right nti 1 the lot? of land owned by them r-tspectivi ly the plaintills worn entitled to have o.>ui;."nnation ma4e to them bt-fore the defendants pmc? ded 1 to lay down their tali*. It U sutlicient that th"y hav.1 ' Mine interest, v hith will bH impaired by the defendants' work, to giva them a rigbt to compensation. Mb print?The us? which the d#fendatita detdgn to tuaku ot the stru ts In question l< wholly Inconsistent with the purpose* and objects of tlieir oilgtnal d""larution. '1 h< platrititlhave pal<l a full couaidera< ion for the right to the enjoyment of these streets, to the lull extent of their dimensions re-peotively. as originally laid nut and In tlx aoeustoue I mauner. 1'hcy have a rlnbt to the injunction of thia Court to restrain any use of said ctr?cta tor purpogi a other than those oii^lnally Intended and whn h <rill Impair the use aud iij< )K>*nt thereof by the plaintiffs nth point.?la o< naidertog the questions of the rights of the plaintilla. aud the daiuagea they Wi'l sutler frjtn the acta of tha defendants, the > Hurt cannot cuter upon the i|U(?tloii whether anv public bcnetita may arise from the defendants' work, which might tend to ouuteibalance the inconvenience aud injury it will produce. 'i be violation ct ttie rights oi the plaintiffs, and tha Injury to their property, cannot b* omuen-ated nor tladieated by ary b- nett which another pjrtiou of the public inay derive troui tha extension of tho rail* way <1 the 4rli udanta. 10th point ?The enclosing of portions of Canal street and Hudrun rtrei t within the rails to ha I aid by tha dritndnuta ai*d the permanent occupation thereof hy < the rails so laid, will cruslitute a pur/tit tfrr ; and I the Injury, inconvenience and annoyance 'herefrom, i aud front the use which in intended to be mal>' thereof i hy tVa defendants, will constitute a nuisance, Kn.<u ' the injuria* which will )?e -u-ta'n-1 by the \ 'alntiflj therefrom, they are entitled to aa injunction 11th point?L nder tha charter of tha defendants, they atone ran apply f?r appointment of cooitntariuutrs to s-awM the rtan n/eii Tr'ii r .i?sr, g*. rmn trt t H* ?..m I pany.dota not atf?ot or impair auy oi the plalntlUV j remedies bj ?.< tin I l?th point.?The defendants had no power under I their charter to locate their n?J< upon the streets in question. without tlrat obtaining *.hea?sent of the corI potation of the oity of New \ fir a to such loeatlon; iucti t aarint has not been obtained The plaintiffs'rights will be invaded aud their property inju ed by the llle| gal and unauthorised proceciiln ;s of tha defendants, and they are ther< tore < untied to aa injunction. When Mr landlord had eonoludad,' narles O'eonor, Ks<l followed in reply, r.n behalf the railio-td company, ai.d had ?< t concluded his remarks at three o'clock, wl.? tl.e i ( urt adiouined No*. 1U ? Mr. O'Conua re<umel bis argument In opposition to the nn tlon, aud contended that ha htl shown tlat the motion is rendered Inapplicable, by tha view vLlch d> leuuant* had prevented to the court, and that the ctjictiuu to tha prnoecdin . * of this railway e< irpany mn-t tind eupcort soms where elm. It is true that where the Mat bar it laid it is entnpletaly ab >T* the strne; and when the Hat bar is uot laid, but a More tdevated tail, it Is brought on a level with the adjacent | st'ns To a certain x ?nt, thla part of the road is I n.ade more eeorenlent for ruilway carriages than an? | other kind of vehicle, but they ate regulated in snrh a { ?ay aa to tender thcui p'k'sahle by every mod- of travailing Ctnifl c. i.t. u.b'd that this railroad could ' not In any aeiiae, Im> regarded as a ntil anae and cited decisiLL* in t hnnoeiy in the tenth of whi'ih author!. ti?e he would ask. would this court step in an<J pron? i)i,ce thfui as a nul aace It is conceded that individuals may etect lanip-p its; tut to aay that because iamp-pt'sts are ancient coustrun'lone. they cannot ba ! eon idered nuiraucea ar d that because the e railway* I are a mi dern improvcmi nt. they are not to *e per.uitt<d is unreasonable except wbeie on the whole tbsy aie detrln ntal to the aoiomnn wi .'il. The conrt won'd { ti?? the r. ktlT with tbp rjn ol Irglilltnii; an 1 U?? gtaa'. acold< ota did ocnaalonftlly ucnur, yat tha pubilo I Fcobiiai (latino in coi??ttlrr?blr ran It 1>p cn-i.iarpl IMNN nth Mtl filch ? nhftr. put tlh?iij?f n.t pr< prlatota Lava n claim for c?up*o ation ? | 11 'ot.mi t' I i.i>t If nllrcad ia ?o oon?trurta 1 ?" to bp ?o It.ji'iy. ?u actli o ftt law would lay II th>-/ ara | Id tt>a habit of dolrjf anything Injur lou? thay ml?.ht b* I n rl ratio d hut t'mt mllri l> ?rn In thcou'lv-n ppri nlrl'>u* It cannot bp maintained (OcuomI rt l.-rrpd to ; Mb l)?t>han> and t.tbar au'hortltx) t> th* at'l , darlt of oop of tha vI'.ipnm for tbp c"Mfl?:al that hii bii*ik??p ?uff?ra h"f?u>? of tbr axt>arloo of tha railway ! further Into tha ot?y. It l? parfpr-tly rldlr ulou< (AtM 4 HarnwWl and < ra??aal| pa2? to ) It la, to certain ' axtrut. *onvaai< ncp to tbp larger portion of t hp puV II?. and di? r not ln?' Itp tbp violation < f prlrat? rUh , I or tha rrpptl' n of an Intolnablp nulaanan (0 Barnwall ' acd ' ipm?pII 5wJ ) 1 b?*p cft?> ? contain ft if)T>rnliifi I Authority will bare public banpflt, and ara ?o rp|V>ftt*d a* tn admit the Introduction ' f "fry an* of carriage a* tha p*ecuti?e le?l?latiira I rliftll declare not to k* In Ita awn cbaractar. ft j tiUlMure ftod ba attrceptlMa of bp.'./ lot-'?lue I Into tbp hlflhwuy Hp cannot anticipate a ihdow uf | argnment by which that will beattempted tobe *n >?n ! It It not ron'tndrd that cftntage* propelled by atcaui, , aia Ibtandpd tn be u>t d on tM n.l?n it In f>r ferriage* mmiihlrg larger than omn.biuo a ; It l< n >t in t?t?de<1 that any loon nunber nl nnii<-> a MtlvHM train, are ??M n?pd ; raoh rfttriaja ha? b >r-ai ?u.| whpn man la d^-ntr' u?ot rnarln/ the ?tr>et on f .t r In bla tehlc.le Itla pa?ily known antr* to pa.M o?er tha track wltht ut difficulty or d*nR*r; not ?o a? to tha oroaibiia which I* llablp to ba upon hi pi at ftny part, or lu any j aca W bll? tha railway Cftrrla l? i eprlalnljr no otbir vahlrla ran oretipy Ita plaoa, b it that may ba >a'd of an omnlhna. or anything alaa; It oi*t ba raid of a man ? ba mora* al"n< no othar roan ran ornry tha |-art|pular apapp ha oreupl> * at tbn Hit' r o>?nt Counaal thm rofprrad tn tha bill rf e n>plaint paft* 4? wh?ra aaran paraoo* unl'a in an fr'iftTit , In |>?*a 47. tbara ara 40 ppr*nn* .tnd In pafa IV twaaty |>araona unltad In afll larl'p making in all ?l*ty-aMit pavanna It aarm? tb??a aifl l??l'? >apra futrl'hpd by ft travailing onmmi?ali>npr, wh wpnt r' liod tba tows with lilbla In bla p- Pkat and pro riirad tbp nana of avary man ha rno'd (at tn awaar; ! tbaprlrcfpftl >i?alinpatio* of thaaa v*r-oo? t?. that thpy : ara in tha liabtt of (olng through Klldao* atrtat and | \v . rt tract ami not ona of tbaui 1*. pprbapa, known t > thin court Who |? Ichu Braaryaii't Iiiih wbo ti akea Tito mark ' tl.aughter) Who of th?in la we < aanot tell ; here are Ibne Krow|e< taHen from CDC family. all crowded Itit" thla alb la*l? ; ??>t?t?*4 rlity eight deponenta of tht* character. cannot gtie any i nlighlerimrat to tht* ourt. f>r 'b<-j eould d^ ibt)cm, g*t fix hundred and (duty ?lght of 'h? rnimc h?rtctur, aiid In the tame way. In pair* &P Ih> ? ha?* ?lenn deponent*. lain V aUn'ln- an1 other*, n'l hutch' r* at tbe market ?t the t, >t of ' anal ?tr?et. became it itill carry ilu- biialueea i f the market down 1r< tii tl i ni Then iltey hara the teallniny <>n pa*?? :li 1111 ar.d 42, beta tkey awaci.r In the oplnli a that tf it I* ex|>? dinit to bilft^ ittn line dwn town. that by libtltK \\ eat ?ttHt, It could be brought to tbe Pi'tny | are of opinion that tbl* road ought to to carried down Wot ftrc t. la |>a(* HA one Mian 'h*t It will be a great Injury to Wertrtreet ai d hl> l>u>toer?. aud will co?t bim ?100 a ) *r for additlotinl cartage, to that tbe tea. (<f tlicee k> ntli nn-n I* completely In conflict In what ba? Mil* rallioad been nh iei to l>e a n?inane-' It la alprtraly prmed that carrtaye* can croea the liacki and that a railroad car In no mora Inoonre. alence than any other carriage. Mr We*t. owe of th? r<m|iatnant< In thin ?ult. residing at tha ? >rn?r of bitch *tr?et. (wear* It wll be an injur) to hi* bun. i ml. and M? landlord *?>ar? It will bo a benefit to hla I property; Mr W?l twear* to tha <l?prerlatlnn ?f hi* property the landlord to the cont rary I oun*?l th--n retrrrvd to mi pinion of Lord' jttanham a'( hanaellor of f tiflatiil) In 4 Mlloer, p*fa 24'.' Ha ae*t c?alanded lhat thla la n?t a pro\ *t i aee lor a preliminary Injunction In caean of *,oi? description a coartof equity rarely laiarfere* |wf?rw a trial Ha raferfltd to 2 rftorj,*24, aU to 7 and i Johnaoni' kaucaty Ha IE R A 19. ports, Rbowlog that It 1* not right for a court of equity to Interior*, under th?A? ciroumfltau<'?i<. with a prellmlnii; mjuiictii u; he, therefore oonrtiived Chat th?M nartie* ouuht to b# loft to a Huit for a tiuHanott bT an action at Uw. In folio 70, coinplaintnt prays far aa Injunction to restrain us from laying down a track from the ordinary line, from Canal street to West street, and be ordered to take away se much as we have laid d?wn- a perpetual injunction against laying down rails, and there is uo prayer for a preliminary injunction; and he contended Ant a preliminary injunction in lift be prayed for He asked that If the Court could Hiippofe gome principle of right was invaded by the railroad, that it should h ave it to a trial and examination of evidence, and not grant an Injunction a ion;; term of years, on the ground that it would be Impossible to ceuirn nsafe for the injury occasioned by interference, If it should afterwards appear that an injunction should not have been awarded; whilst lull at-.d ample compensation in liable to be granted the . complainants by an action at law. Mr. l.n?o would occupy the court but a very few minutes, after the able arguments of his learned colleague. He would, however, say that the complainants had a perfect knowledge that the works were contemplated and in progri ss and yet they delayed entering those proceedings till 31st October, until the said parties had engaged in it. and gone so far that they could not retreat I nder these circumstance*, he contended, it was too late to apply for an injunction; they let them go on with a large expenditure; it is too late to oome for an injunction against laying the rails that are already laid; and he would ask th? gentleuiau for an authority for a preliminary injunction, for compelling th? in to take up the rails that are laid down. He concluded by submitting, that after the Corporation had the authority of the Legislature for the construction of I this railroad the court could not interfere, it is in vain for complainant to come into a court of justioe, and ask them to ride over a law pas-"d by the Legislature lie should be ashamed to tre.-pass on the court, l>y traielling over the ground mo ably argued by his learned friend. Mr O'Conor Mr ft tum; rose to reply in conclusion, for plaintiff, and would confine himself to the argument on the other side The first proposition is. would this compuny ha>e had this right without getting authority from the city of New ^ ark.' and if they had not have the ( orporation conferred It' if net. have plaintiffs a light aa propei ty owners to restrain th" breaking up ot thu Mieet? and. also as to the authority of delendants being Lrst limited to l- iftysecond street. Was the legUiaiive graut of itself sufficient to give the company the right ' ( ounsel read from article 4, at tl.eactcf '40, and further read from the bill, that thi' si i :i)v si,(ill net liitVH th* rtffht. to Imv the truck. without ill'- < liKfiit of the l_ m poration of New \ ork, hD'l continued to argue that such had not l-galiy hrnu complied wiih Tbe court adjourned,unJ Mr. ? utting will resume this morning Court of (itnrrul !tr?klniii, Before tbe llec< rdt r and Mderinen James Kelly and Mvillna i Dniv'imi No motions were heard in thin court ou Saturday; but the Recorder gave euveral decisions this morning ' In Ihi of Ihr PenpU i t. Rtbrrt iSc Ctrrrn The Coi *t dory ltit* motion of the defence vailing on tht District Att"miy to elect on which of the two in diolmeu;* sgkinst bun ( apt Molerrenfhouid be colled to |>|rtd, at -4 tbat the other iudl !ttneiit be ^ii'ishi J, and tbe d? tridaut called on to plead to both iudl ttneiits He pleaded not guilty The Dismit r Atto?nkv mined to commit Jo?eph C. A tliley. * bo \> k - tool* time ago admitted to hall In t') < min ot J-'.iio. ou each oi tbr<-e indictment* charging icrgery in the third degree. The bail wai Samuel iirury who wa< arrested on h ridty change t with having be?n engaged iu Bending a torpedo b">x to Mr W irt'er In May last The bail heii.g thu* accused the Distiict Attorney thought Mr. Ashley wa.< called upon tc luri.irh (.liter bail The Coi kt will decide th:? mctlon to-morrow (Tuesday. Tll? DmimuT ^itoii-.kv opposed tbe ap|ilieation to take I'rury tor hail at the time be ?(! red but a* no legal objection cr uld be inteipo?eii aod an Druty juntlflul in a lant amount he whs received Caie oj Uohtrl If. rttumtd?This case was re?in. nl this in- ruing. Lihii iimii h. * lines* for prosecution?Testimony ramined?book produaed, in which entry was inado shewing that the watche- were exchanged October il, llli. Jimi ht I.INK lecall'id by the prosecution n?? Mr. litggs p*i<i you tor acy watches ? I ihjt clt d to by the defence on the ground tbat Higja was liable to pay lor >tolen property which, by any u eat *, came Into hie powilim; thin bud baen de lded in li e i ourt of i rror? The tjunstlon wa< dually ad- | Bilited. and counsel took exception. A lie (aid tn>' for two wut'rhe* and a gold chain WitneM. on cross examination, slated iliat ill .v" said lie could find the man of ?hni he b">ught the wsicliee, and that be woald not lose the money. JivtK ViI>ii?iii din - Is a i>nlo?e inatiwa; company wiin *ome otHcers of police, and arrested lilRI". f told him the nxtor# of the complaint M??in"t I Mm. andasked biui to come to tbe ptlice oil) ie; lie did I so, we went to the bouse aft-rwar.i i. and found two watrli) s In a desk, and a vails*- containing a lot cf linen ' ltd>1 i i amiki'Tchielii a revolving pi Id ?:id >tn? cot- I lerj ; these things were lu tbe shop; it was a paint sbop, I in a ha?em?nt room. (.rats- >.rammtj The valiae was taken to the police j oflt e and remained there until tbe Mth of Januaryi it ?a< tb* n given op t? Mr Iligg?'s coonrel Sii ia* li. Hii eiit calied and sworn.?I im Clerk of r- lice, tbe property contained in the valise, and othar I articles were placed In my cn'tojy on tha 19tb cf December, sud I delivered op every art.cte on the Ml hot i be tallowing month J-.hi 8 Miuiii, Captain of tha Sixth Dintrict Tolice. ?v orn ?< < un*el lor t? prosecution eodeavored to prove wbat tbe def- ndant raid about the goods con- \ tained in tbe vali-e (i?hj-cted to by deleudmu's ronnsel and ruled out by the Court ) WltnetH te? d. It i dant told him of whoa he purchase I tl.e watch*!); be said be got them of a p-Jlar, he saVi 1 the ? anie iif the man from wb im he purchased the wa^che- w?- N:cDonald (The prost cution rested here.) I ( rim r II Stum aas eiauilio-d for the defeodant. Is at preset t tbe agent of the estate of John Jaaoh Afttr. know* Mr HIkm; ban knoen him 10 or 1<! years, bave einployeil 1.1iii lor tbe estate many years; have always found Mr lllggs an honest uptight man, punctual in bis engagements, aud particularly industrious, Crott-'Tammril Ills bill" for painlln? have vnrte l from t'JMO to t- 600; be bas called at my house, and I j ba*e called at hi? bouse The ca?e will be resumed tbla (Tuesday) morning. | Tbr I'm onto (<> ) IniUfrnilml. of tlia loch ln<l*nt lit< Uittt fr< m i eorr< rpondeat In whioli ?) : " 1 l.a tr< llbg for anuaiitlon la rapidly gaining gr- >uad here In lart. Iiut ftw nrv "ppoMil ut It and w a all'anre I* rearetly Im rn] by m my. who c p 'nly, j pr?t? i d to be ntu'rtl Tbl* c??iity ha? hltb*tto bam laiurd fur loyalty but the old aantlui-tit baa b ?n ? uaf>!vt*-ly un l. rn,!?' d Tha mint Intel'lgont of tlia r a **rrati??* am ( pro anto iati oM?, ami our lib-rale bareloiw leanad ? o<h??rd an J are too l?<|r|Kii<l'nt aid iag?ol< u? tomibmlt to the dictation of tlia inlnl?try. >Mi ?o< n a? Montreal land* olf' In the formation Of an Molatin wa fhtll' follow nult ' I h? bordaring eountia* Hheffotd and Hourlll- are e;ually wall atf< < ' 0 toward* tha eau*e I ha II ut.bera portion of the laf'i-r rout ty *alTi rrJ riurh for It* loyalty during the rebellion*; but tha rery tn> n who *tood up for th? In* t>grlty of tba empire then, art- now t onally revdrad to fxk it* dtMuembarluant The b Jar aouattwa of l.ovi r anarfa ata pM r in eoaiparl-oa wild ihwc ?ap? ratid firni tb>-ci by an imaiiluary tin* fhl* fact I* pr<'i?aarit with Irrael-tibla arcunent. Wa ara d?tar- ! min?d to enjoy tl a - mi.' adran'ag) * tba' our natghb'<r< do In 8tan>t*ad and Sl-erbrooke, the peopla ara rla niorou* fr r tba anutlo rn allianna Intact th*a??tern tnwn?blp conMltiiancleaof l.owerCaaada will all return ? < ?atontt* at th? na*t elartton It l? un-laratood tVat both Ma*?ra <>alt and Mr onn?ll ara taroraMy rtl |.r?a,l to tba^r. at jro( act now, and our munlwr, Mr liadgWy will -ooti ha called up >n t* ' daim* hi* position' Ha will not refute to ob?y io?!ruetloo? ; hi* nam* I* not attached to tba Montreal Prot?4 at J It I# pratty wall nader-dood trat b? la invrrly ? a'ting lb* action of lilt constituent* " Fitii *? or th* t'OTToi Caor la \i ta?w? ?wn Mia i?irrt ?Tlia Angu'ta (lit | CantlifafiWHOt'i*/, of tfia lotb It*'. ha? latter from a plantar o| (irwa* c ty. Ala. und?r data of tha 4th ln?t . w.ilch **?? I pir'M ISO aera*. and thought tham good fur lo.i b*ir*. I hare now eloi'd 20 bal<'? an I do not think I h? a tan In tba (laid to plrk; my crop, I think a full avaragw of Mltlfi an J In t.iany io?ianrn* a IHtla nor. My neighbor Vr Jon*a planted Too aara* in Mtton he ha* gaibrrrd k(l l-a>? ami line* n t think ha r?n p-x*l? h*T? 4Hi ?pr?i lo cultivation they my hOof p?rhaj?* | CO Ulm ?IM be th* fitont of their er<>p t?f A fnm llind# county MIm . |? over with m lie ?ay? a dr. j lllckn ?f tbat county plant* J I fni Mr**; do#a *! ?:. tbmk 1 b? will make i Yceerilng l.'.O hale* The b*?t land* In lhi? *r. not naMi'jr In a * ncral way. fCfulln/ half crop, and many not ra >r than on* (bird. I kn>w many g'w>d planter* in Alabama who plant JiiOmcn In rt li'n will not. wak? nun* than '25 t?*l*e ? all fa**i r* I 1 and the rt'?li in the field Th? mm? pap*r ban a l?ttrr fr< in a planter la Iliad* Muaty, '!" onWda'e of the Swth wit which >-*ya : - I planted '20041 aeraa In cotton from which I a?itl nut pat her more I ha*i 20 b*l<"> ?If n< tnurh Tb* crop* In tlii? ?tl Ma H-on county ar* ?er? abort; feme plan'er* will n?K? on*. two. HOd > ma tbree hal?? to tint hand I do tint not think the crop* in there coiintl?? will be morn than on* laird of a w "d crop Th? lowtr coontlea of tbi< State Including tattoo are a omit f-jital to Iliad* and Madl-on. Ariltnla of Dlat Ingulahnl I mil vM nila. IImi iihw W Mopkina la?* i barge d' tfl?ir?i In tbe klrgd< m of Portugal, and lady. arrived oa .Saturday, la ibeMeatner America Henry Bmrbe Mpencer. Mim?t*r Vlenlp itewt'ary to the I nltad State*, lr< m l)"lgiuro arrived in the Meanier America and t-r-k rocini at tb* American betel ll' n ricrr* flotili* 1'. 8 gi-aator from Louisiana arrive at >*w Prlean* on the Vth ln*taat. fr->m hi* visit I t* 1 mu. raalilonnltla lnt*lll?**M-?. Tb* W li te Horn*, nn V rida* evoniag lad wa< tb* *a*ne rf a brilliant and agreeable r?c*plioa, being oa* of th* <*ra*f?n? wbleb the Pr?*tdi at an I hi- family ha<? *et apart la *a<h week for eiohangmg eourteeta* J with the rltl*en? and *l*lt*raof th* m< tropoll* * ? ral if tb* foreign mlnt*t*ra and iiiemb-ra of tha cabinet wrr* In atteadnnce. and la ail r?*p?ct? tb? ratialoo wa? a ple%ipjt relaxation LD. TWO CENTS. Theatrlral and Musical. Kowtrt Tm Mr. Hamblin dttserr** grateful acknowledgement, for the enterprliie and akill b? displays sparing no ?xpsn?* in th? preparations ofoostly. ricb. and beautiful pieoes. Abore all, tha "Thro# (>uurdoiueii," now performing, falls upeoiatly in tb? category of grand and magnidcent drttiiM. It in a Hi' it sj Imdid piece, and reflect* great credit upon every onh (Mincnmi'il in lt<( nr?*i>Hr?t!Oii. in well an th? ht. celU'Ot company by whom it is so admirably played. '1 he dramatic lurid. uts are such at to excite an intent* interest Wo havv seldom felt so deeply interested, M when listening to the passionate burst of revenge. of the Counter* de Wluter. (Mrs J Wallack) awl tha beautiful acting of Lester. Stevens, Jordan. Wallank, and the other actors The piece thro >ghout la * master- pitce of reeuic and dramatio .-kill, histriooia talent, and is perfec tly absorbing in the Interest it crea'.r# in the uilnd In every scene. Thu house U nightly crowded to nee thin beautiful drama Bkosowav TiiKATait.?1The " Child of the lleglmsnt" wa- repeated at, the Uroudway last evening, to a good house, notwithstanding the Inclemency of the night. Miss Kosa Jacques, on* of the most promising singers of her a^'ti that we have ercr had the pleasure to hear, maintain" most fully the enthusiasm with which ah* in reciived lu thin particular piece. The joyous, unrectrniijed. and military loving Marie, seeius to be especially adapted to the spirited and animated style of Miss Jac|u< a II she has faults, they are from the exubetance of an euthuHai tic mind Her voice is full, emphatio, clear, and beamingly inexhaustible. She never tires? she never gets tiled ; but she sings like the birds ax if from an ecstacy of delight, that will not l e oppressed. She possesses the dement* tor a distinguished career and she deserves encouragement. Iler Marie, especially lu the trio in the second sot, exhibits the bleuded tenderness of the yotin" girl, and the dashing nuncMalum t and glory of the camp. with* never falling elleot upon the h'>u??. The dergraiit ( iirtroche of Mr. Segulii, is cmincntlv appropriate as the protector if" Marie. The Marchioness of Mra. Blake is a good personation of the ancient ie*tuu. Tha Tonlo of Mr lleeves affords a good scope forth' display of his nmiiral and cultivated voice The plaoa thiotlghout wiih received with applause Tills evening the never failing opera of -'Kra Diavolo " NniLo'a Oasoii - This favorite and muoh frequented place of amusement presented yesterday evening, a brilliant assembly of beauty and fashion. ?very department of thu same being crowded to excess. The entertainments commenced with the elegant and daring achW v? merits of the ltavel ( anilly and Leon lavelli on the tight rope which drev forth the applause and adinlratlon of the vast auditory. '1 Hey were succeeded by the comic puntimilmn ol " \ <>l au Vent.'' or "A Night's Adventures. ' when in the celebrated ltavel, h rauoots, the pi lncipal character. His wonderful feats, especially La Harie ' errl^ue. crossing toe stage on a pola flttieii feet high, which is the m >*t dilDcttlt, and at tha same time the nn>?t hazardous act ever attempted, drew d'>wn troni the delighted assembly the most rapturous applause. There al.?o occurred a variety of characteristic dunces and comic Incident*. which w?ra eyeeuted with the astonishing pantomimic ability for which this cell bruted family Is so much renowned. The amusements concluded with the comic pantomime rf the Had Onooie and White Warrior " which was executed with udmirablc success Tie night feats > the tls;ht rope La Hylphide," tho "Milliner," &o. Lt unit's Thiiiii: ?The five act com*4y of Urougham, ' Humane* and ftfallty,'' was performed last eight, before a very good uudlence, which. In spite of the bad weather, liad come thither to witness one of tba best plajs written by the author It Is useless to say tha' it was performed with great nurm'ilt, and that 1 esris Kurtob Lynne Clarke, Brougham. Johnston, and Mesdamss < Win?t?nley an i Cro ighun delivered th< ir rulti in tin ir peculiar exne'lent style. 'J h? euteit-ilnn.ent ccni luded with a capital faroa, in oiie act. called " Jen ey Monopoly," which i? v 'ty funny, an 1 was received with much appUu e 1 n oons?i|nenae of the gtiat marks of rippr ,ballon b>s.ow> I nit those tw, |d?js the same b'lt "111 be re pi a- 1 this ev"o>ng, and we have no doubt that the theatre will be visiter by many of tViose who are f md of legitimate comedy, and who like to s -e deserving actors. Ciiati?aar's National Tn> atsk.?That bsa'itlfitl dramatic tableau the "Kent Day,'' waa p.-rforaed OKaln l??t nlglit. at thin theatre In excellent atyle ; after which. Mia* Wertrude IXvri d.?noed a '-l,a Sylpbyde'in auch a manner a to m t tlie erowd?d gaiteriea In a roar of delight. The "Robber* Wife nrth?0?iMr'i Mine," te a highly picturesque piece full of ilram incident anil effect. Mr? M Jonea, aa It > ? R-lland, (III ( oltrr >*ll<i. li t rlriUsf ebarutxr. nnd thia tin* actre-a plaja It lo a atrikloi; manner Seym .ur la liUuitable In hla part of l.arry 0'<?!g, mil |tr? hit auug in a rich atyie of humor l)?w?? played hla part well; the fc i f in which h? purchase* tbe piece of gold waa highly rntertaiuing Altogether, the whole piaea. in all Ita part' and with if* lent -a-t fim tli? hlgheat retiidaelirm to a ur-aJ-l auulencvi. l'hia evening a very attractive hill la off?r*tl. Mm hki .'* Oi.vmpic Tiiraraa. ?VeatgrJay evening, being appointed for the benefit of MUs Mary Taylor, thla popular place of imuwioi-tit wax notwith* tun ding thi ineleni'-ncy of the weather. crowded to exceaa, whirh must have proved hi chly gratifying to thia genrtal favorite, he in it a direct proof that the publia appreciate h-r talented eierlt'iua, hot Ilia uocaeinn. th> ra war* uncommon ittrMtinii pr?a?ut*l o >riti.ttini; of-lh* comedy oi il.e >ian Without a Head;" tbe criginal drama of Time Tilea All,' the c>o?io rpara of ' Hrotbar and Slater, ' acd the aec.uiaitof ' 'I ha hild of ih" Ite-inient." The drama of fine Tri>? All," which wan produced for th? first tint* in America wa* executed with the mr?t brilliant (uccerv aud reealved with the mo-t euthu la-tio b.irata ol ai>piaure. rha piece itaelt ic a product!* u of eteriiag merit comprising a ?a:iety of ?..,y touching incident*, ciu'l,..| in el'gant language Mia* Mary l aylor. aa I aura i.ei H n nnd Mr. I'aluiar. an MaMiee live* acquitted theni*r|?*a to geneial aat|?ra>'tl'iu and war* rap'mi iialy cheered At the end of the play they were called befuie Hot curtain where tliey were moat flatteringly rt eel red Me-ara. Meklnaon (Jro??en >r (.on on r atd ' l-ee? Sinclair a <d Nirklnaoa, p-rf 'mel their pai tr a Jmirabiy well. The r ?t of th" eatertaiun.' tite i a- ed off to ilie drl!,(li! and >a of the entire a-#euib(y Tonight Time Triee \U;" * Mro. tb< r and Mater.'' anl " \milie " wltloli will undoubtedly dtaw auotbar rrr>w led hou-e t iiaiaTr'a Miwataai a ? Hail, rain, or ahlna the oonc it# of thia band ar>- attend'd etery et>il?g hy larga a"euiblafie> ( f our citix* in. Tha 10410 melu4l"i aad ch< ru?*? are rendered with gteat karmvaf, anl tha rpajkhrg wit of trie company, tngatber with the tli^iahid danaing of tieoigal hriaty, k epj the a iii?aaa in r<ar? of laughter. AHaai'ti Mur ii -Tha v?u4avUI>a, gymnaatia fi ata, em'o acnga and other en'er'ainmeuta. gWeu eTeij afl> moon and a*? at ?hi? favorite rawrt a'e atira'iliig large uultencea In* a?alet'>u of tl,e ? Pal** the ??t f gura* at Itie giant an I | <ntaaa with htndr* d* of otii- r grea. curiualu** *. > wail worth aaalng Ciana, Aaroa Pun .-Wallttt m'inaaa to draw hundred* to the Alupbltheatre In i lghthi treet lie I* d-mdedly the grrateat hunmltt litiaa 'J lie other peifi tinance* 1.1 the ring are **ceil< at an I ttia an diencea g*'t.i tally retire highly p. a.e j with .hair 1 bit to the elrclil. Mi mi a 11 a* t iei a, (<ni? 8ra? *1. ana Win iiaw Kirn Canav - Tha aMirMuMli at tn a n-atly fitted up and highly reapaciabia eaia^?l> noient will ha etktwei Ui< tttali'l ky tke app> a'aoce nf ?1r I.neater li*.'ha lauiixia r ugliah ejurilbftet. aarehwg mm I c?(ue*trlan 'I he relebrat?d Itieeia laall? ai*i> Maag to Ihl* lr?W/<e and areitiae OH croa ? ] , 1 Tj-ilf audtecea e??ry 1 teulo^ The leoality of tbi* clrnua Biakea it ?niatii? lo the reeldeuii I Ur .>\iyuan4 \\ I nan.'burgh. 1 inrrttati a axn SrrrnVa B?.wirit a ltaea off !?- <? r itftitf at Nibl 1 a (?ar lea 1 heir fikenda ah xiid b>ar lhMli> n.ean-ry. Baanat Wiinawa the favorite lti?h ?nn>i|laa la bee- nilng every hour more popular. He haa ju"t sonoltiil*d a very ?u(<r"lul mg >genien: In K ici>a and willapp<nr n>xt week at'Jurlio a Theatre rniiadMpbia * Si<.rr?ei ilai.L.? 1.vera' grand Pan tana of the ? ity of>tw \ nk. I* aahlbited avary eveumg nt the ab-va ball. > a lame Biacncalnntl ia nt Baiannah On. Tli* Henna are in Baltimore Aiaima liaaaiai* Te?e?ov re Aaateaaa?A aovreapondent ol tha >ew UrlenM /'iiyxna, ol the Mh inetant gives the t<dlowing particular# of a tragedy nt llr.uyh ami lieady. Ark., on the I.Hn ult It appenra that a }oung man. ky the name it WriflUh married tbe daughter of a V r Orler and thnt 1)1. Iladgeapeth, 1 family phyaiclan. had attempted to take tmpropev | 11 her tie. aitti unltith a wife Wrlrfl'he l>rotli*r. Tbnmee, 1 tie oa.v pronilaed Mr tHier while tha latter waa la I toali areti to ahmt l>r. Hedge-path On tbe day of the t(?g?.ly 'I b' tiin l?rl?i li * tiul <> only mn-to-n i? toss ?i?h Iriviitf nt hi*. Mr I . I. Hroon ?h<> 4I?#4 t.> ai Jhtrti f(x(t. I.a . mi l ? bill alati 1ia? Is a man by lb? ii in - ol Melntar* ao aoc'>?pli<t? nf l>r II , iiid* la. me ?amtr<l Br con and ?trite I hiin ? ? ?*! blown ?itb ?tlch. "IrHli'n had i?t pt'toU ill rti-pp<d out of tha door fi>ll???<l by Br.>?o. wh?? .Met *l*t? 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Iba frittt juil^ta aho natad ihat tnaatiag Wrtar aa<t wrifuh iin lha road. ha withdraw In vh- buthra, and on rli Mil tli c"i>r?r?*ti< n b -t?. >a Uira. a?4 b?vt i .rilflth pr<-?i?? OrtaT that ha *>ijl<J kUi Ur H

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