Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1849, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1849 Page 4
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eainpmeetlDg; that ille wa? ri ling ahead of the carriage; tut ha rod* by bar nule two minutes. and seeing by her manner that hi* company was not agreeable, he left ber, that ?be bad met him ou the turnpike once an4 bad returned bi? falutation, but that it was beeause, being short sighted, she did not recogniss whn it was; that *he bad repeatedly refn*ed to return hl? salutation; abe bad been xbown bin picture by bis aunt, taken when be wan twelve y< are old. and bad pinned an opinion tbat it waa batidtomx; had changed her npinien ince; bad been introduced to him on a rlult he ha 1 made in oompauy witb hi* aunt, to her mother's house; ha wma not invited: had met him several time* after. irtrdv. and bad tooio iutimtcy with blm. The young lady underwent a long examination, in the count* ot which a note wan produced and raad. addressed to her grandfather. Mr T L llammeod, in which she desired hiai to ohastlse Mr Kite, complained of hid fwperriuence. aud the association of her name With bin amongst circle* iu Baltimore. Thin ne'e *a? read to the Court aud proved to be a very spirits 1 production demanding that Mr. Kite should he chastised, or else she would take the matter in hand herself An affidavit wan introduced from Mr* I'owiLL.of Philadelphia who was in the carriage with Mr* Levin at the tine of the affair, which repre-ented that Mr. Kite bad panted the carriage two or three time*, looking into it on doing so in a very offensive and insulting minster That Mr* Levin indignant at kis conduct defired McMakin to stop hi* horse and punish him McMakin first required >1rs Levin to hold him harmlee*. and then th<? young man was struck by both Mr*. Levin and Mo viakin Mr. H*?iMohi>, the grand father of Miss Gueit. was called at d made some statements as to what he had heard of the intercourse between Mr Kite and Miss Guest, and that be had threatened,if Mr. Kite acted in n improper manner with retereuce to the uss of Mis* Ouest's mime, to -witch him well The oause of this wat the rumois that had reached him of various underhand methods resorted to by Mr. Kite, through servant* and by prowling about the woods near the residence of Miss Guest, to establish a oorrespoudeace With her He bad called on Mr. Kite'* father with re?ard to the matt* r and that he had assured him that be rumor* were all false, that he was sure his son and Wi*a Ouest scarc> ly knew each other; that be told ' Kite that if his son had spoken disrefpectful of Miss Guest he w< uld whip bim. Mr. Kitb was recalled and stated that he never said ha was going to he married to Mis* (iuvst. and wanted Ler money to pay off his debts; was always respectful to her, and she alwaj s courteou*. aud had acted like a ]a(*y to hia*; had purchased the Moral Dictionary some time b?fore Vise Guest obtained it; two months before: did not get it to he presented to her, did not mark the pasrsges in it, and knew nothing about it; never said anything to any person concerning Mis* Guest, did not J>ass Vis Levin's carriage hut twice Jiira Daniki s Ustitieu that MlseGueat had been under her charge as h?r pupil; that upnu one occasion they w?r> out together on horseback, and pa?sing Mr*. Kite's place when 1 in ina-ini (Miss ouest) asked the fcervant in the garden for a snrig of geranium; the servant atked ?ha: kind she would have, and said he would bring a b* ek from th- house for her to chome froiu; he went and brought the b->ok, and witness >b serving a paper in it a.-ked it it was a letter; rhouiasini Mid ' No. it was only some quotations," Miss Guest Afterward* gave the book and paper* into witness' possession, and sub-cquentljr asked for and received them gain and rode off with it though Mrs Kite 011 seeing her take out the paper begged her to return it to her, Mies tine-t in a girlish frolic refused to give up the paper; Mrs Levin snt<i. on oue ocea-ion that if she caught Mr. Kite prowling about the house, she would tiot hesitate at shooting him with a pistol Mr. Daniels testified 10 some minor facts In the ease; lie represent tbe iudigoatiou of the Iriends of Mini Guest upon dire vtnng tbe paper ot quotations anil learning tbe ruui >r? in relation to ellorta male - by Mr Kit*, through servai.ta. Stc., to accouiplitu an Intimacy and correspondence with Mia* Guest. and the suspicion of a plot to effect a runaway match; it wan ascertained that n,auy of theae rumors were not true. (In the courw i f the eiaaiina'ion of thia witness, Mr. Levin enlann. M in an under t"ne. -that's a lie;" it reaebed the ear of the witness, however and he claimed the pretectien of the court again?t the iusolence of Air. I.eiin. It was explained b> counael that the remark of Mr. Levin applied to the <t?truirnt which had been made relative to the a?aocUti->n of the young lady with Mr Kite t A lad, named Sr>%< ih. was called to tbe stand. who Stated that hi- mother and hiuirfelf hud been invited to spend some ninaths at Vlr. Hue a house, that while there, be copied the extracts from the b >ok which had Wen iatioduced. aid laid the paper on the book; he vrote tbem *lih< ut the knowledge of young Kite and Signed them wi'h hi- initials without authority; did it for a frolic; his mother and aunt saw tbe paper; knew the bock was t<>r V!i?> lilat; underatood it was brought from Baltimore for her. Mr* K it*. stated that ahe received an invitation to visit Mrs. Let in ai,J took llenry with her, he was not Invited Tbe rase was closed here and submitted to the court witbrut argumen with the -iuiple remark that the assault was proved again-t both the parties charged, the tvideuce in mi'it.H'1'n tieieg left to the bsnch. The decision ot the i- urt *a? held over Aa a matter < t rtuir-e this pugnacious affair haa affordtd a subject tor town talk The whole matter ?MBia to haTe grown out of the almighty dollar-out ?f fears that a young man ?b? h?d been civil to a Young lady had Ma sje on her hand tod hia heart in !b?r pocket? and judjng from the spirit and chivalric tone of the lady b<toie court and an inspection of her o harm a of form anj leature there wa? doubtless much ^ room tor tbe an'pieion. DIXON. Brtnirn mails Noticeia hereby given, that tbe NovetnWr. December and Januaiy tiip* from New \ork. by 8outhaiapton, to Jlremen and berk will not he performed by the mail packets "Washington" and Hei rnann." owing to their temporary wlthdiawal. for repair, by the proprietors of tbe line; and that ia consequent*, tbe postage on letters to Usrmany should be prepaid to the extent of five Cents tbe single rale being the I nited State* abare ot tbs postage and tbe residue ot the postage should be lafl unpaid the better to enable said lsttera te be conveyed by the < uuard steamera. under the postal treaty vttb threat Britain A 'cloned mail " however will be lade up and sent, once a inontb from New 1 ork to Bremen, te tran>)> rt all letters for Germany. oa wblcb tbe satire postage is unpaid or on which tbe postage to Bremen, or to destination in <>ermany. is prepaid. J < OLLAMV.R. r?etma>ter General. Post Ornt ? Dihhmist Nuv 21, 1H4V Ml nUMHMMs Tmvii*?AT. NOV 22-6 P M Thft? wa* mor# dolik Id cotton to-day. and i*1m ?hi freely made fir but at rata* vblob faTor*d the buyer <>ulf cotton* were Id food drmaod, bat transaction* ran moatly on upland*, which w*re In b*tt*r aupply Id Hour tber* wan win? better feeling nd feme *peculatire rait**, wllh morn doing for export. Canadian continued In fair repeat. at cteady pri?ea There waa good inquiry,al?i tor the radar*rl and for tfc* local trad* and the market cloned firm Southern continued dull, and price* incliaad to droop Uy* 9 ?ar *11 Arm. and e >rn ui-al wai b-ary In wheat there wa* a fair abow of aample*. but the pricaa ot bolder* war* aU>Tt the tl*wa of miller* Hale* of ( anadian vara pr-tt j (rmj* Id b''Ud at rate* *t*t*d below < orn continued dull abd prim w*r? hw. with a m"derate demand lor tl.e K.aet ai d for distilling It ye entlau*d dull Barley ea* firmer Oat* were id good demand, aad price- I'he pork mrket wa* h*?ey. nd priro* un e t d There wa* mora doing In bewf, at ratber at it r rate* l.ard wa? * >a? le*? firm butter waa dull >?inar? and cod a e ntinacd firm, wrtfb mderate *al??. the atoek of St D imlngi r lt-r *m Itirbt, and neail) all in fir at hand' bad been pur- I cb*e*4 A>hm 1 her* waa a fair d'tuno! f >r pearl*, and Ml** <4 AO hhl? ?er? mud*- at 31 aal 1UU bbl*. pit* 1 at 76 a >' ?T S latiiKii n> h'mut The transaction* reached JO COO bbl* Including at *1 a f4 Hi, eo?r at M 12H MB7S: ?r?ilpar? Si?t* ai fl Ml t common Slate Billed til,,' aid Indiana at o2 s ? >4 76; Vtraigbt Uta'e Indiana aid Ohio at M 76 M II, cb?iee Plate at *? *1 a >4 Ml, miied and *traignt Michigan at >a R< *? * * faaorite Viahigan at a 1'. >, (lire l.f B* ?r Hill Ian -y Mlblrfan at >6 I'iS tilt; fane) line e ai t>6SI "11; faniyr Otli (( ? > at >6 '> Itrlad"! In tin Mix !? 3 MM* bhla aimillan at >4 74. *1 " I<* ? bbu Ult^o, rr^tllMt forrl|>'>|t v. i k.n fir II &!K) bbl? M)|i| tt IK a lb .17 >? for r< Mil n to ?ooi| hr?nd? Wy? h'i.< ir ?'S*i hbl? ? Id at f .l f n *)'?! lh? l?l?? 1nnlU'l-d 1W l>bl? J?ta?), a* VI ? ?J lil, H? I.h >u?i ?a? h?tt?r, ?-?!? <4 ion ha? at M ft8. ami hbl? . ?' 93 M a M. t r< at'* t-*tm ? a? lii <?? f?r M lb hi<< n<l *4 '.:i |?' h> I M <?. I hi ?mt)f?--il a noli lot ?f \ if* m? ki'?. .ii |rn?'? t?im?. 7,.ViO f?tr to gout < iiniui at *i < fl <f and J .iiiu buih?u lo ?' prttai* Irin.i I .in H(If> wcr? road- of I* (MO t>n?ti? ? tiivli 'liuir \* . -m ?l BOr aA2',? 014 nd f* Kulii' n lit' * * il at Mle . flat and round yr\ low at '.w , aii'J n.i i.d ?blt? ?IUbtl im << <! attW^A i /(.?try ?? t?'l? al'h ?al-? of l |n0 hn?VI? prim* f Itir Tow?d at t;<i^,c and I'm buah'l* prim* two row?d at <KI? irth.rn at 41c. a 42#., S .utn^rn at 81 ? *nd at :,?.c a 3ve. I 1111.11 KI)I|I|?I? h?lf | urrha"?1 fr?lj tn i|iy hilt a4 I. w.r prl.w M bt SI**) balM??rii rwftnr'nt o? ' l??na? Oulf e?tlop? ?r>-luoat In r?'|i"?*t hut . from th?dr ahariJano* and c m.rarall** hrapm-ta th* aal?< i ?M?Ht <t wi.lai d? Mrtrtl* f"-d t?ir ( tarl??t< a ?att??* wr* with gr*at difficult} told to day at 10:,e. W quota : ? Livaamui. Ct**?irn *ri >*. A O y?hil, l'l>l mil. Horiin. ?*'/># n. Jafrrlff.... ,...? a? ? a? ? a ! Ordiair} ? a ? a ! )< ? a >% it'?4 <f<Hi?n i a ? ? a In ? a I" I IIMMl 1 a - -- a l"V( ? a lu'? *?4diiat ? a In*, ? a 1' 11/ , a Nill ii lair ? a I" ? a |r , ? a II rat#. - ? i , -- a li ? I r?n> fair - a in', - a - - a US <? on I air ? a 1i , ? a ? ? a II *? Iim? - all - a - - a II', H*Y hi * *!, la all l.aidr ? i ma??4 a? 80.i??i kal -? Ka? K h r? ? M ni-i.i ?rr ?i* i? lor Litrrpool of 1f*? tal"* co't' r> a .,ii. I'mu i - . I i(00 h ? ? of at 2f>? and 4i4l bbl? of l?'d mi- it Hlifi. ltk>n >l lt? to ?t'r .rui?cntln i-J ftrm at>d rro?' aorr maulo* at ratej varylug . fiom H*. to tK'Hc ???r ruble font Fanti-io** Peril rb? t?l?* ' T 1 .5 I bS.? at V.O 44 f 10 M? tor life* an t fB JJ" ,4 iHH I >r prm,. an I clmr at ?IU t**f Hal- t?M?4' I UOWblli r nm try. MM f?r a?1 ** TA f"f me*<, |>rima m*? *t- t.rni at J|r ? ? eji w-**' w?r' 1 ill at a ?r |?T t>aa* an<i 'b >?id>T?: b??f liam- war* *t*? ijr, with ; *al???fl?Mi bbl* eonn'r> at Uli I.?i4 ??? raib'r ?>i*r wtth ral?> of Tou tbl? at <i '4 a ? ft lb an I i at i ?> liattrr dail and b?-a?y i.ha-sa ?* 4i>t> at?i ortly pimir da'ri-- ware in 4*mao<l wb.ju >t* Viitini- Tlif i??'krt ?? ft?*aJjr anil witn aaln* of irtrfi bUlf f'lM I, and ) >? proof Ohio, at 2i"e; tlrodf war at M m'd* !i?.,llM and l?'<r?it . R?f?*?r?i>f r>?ii ' tirt Him #.??w?, fV? Oat flour l?Ma Iv : w H-?f. b .li 2 012 < nr?, btJ*b b'bb i?b??a do '"> V. I???t HJiwi do OMa, 4* VtKHt CkriM, to <>*? ? 2 WW MARKETS ELSEWHERE. 8TOCK BALKS. Boston. Not. 21. 1WJ-.4I Audio*?16 *hs Boitoa and Piovidencu Railroad. do. i!nicord?o. 1 do. I.ftwrcnoe Mftunfacturin* ' ompaojr. S'WO, 1UU do. Portsmouth Stuam MiMi ( pur 40) 14 do. Trad?r?' B i?k, $!'7Si; 3 da. Oranite do. - do VV'??hinnd'>ii do 6 do. Mornantila Maiiuu l?furauc? Co . $tfl; ? do- Natioaal do. do. ( oar 80) SOI. Broken' Hoard M aliiOld C?lo?y Railroad. To'*; W) do. Raadinx Railroad *10d, I5K: II Jo. Dutti, ConoorJ and Montreal Railroad. S7; 8 do Portland. Saeo and 1'orti mnutli Railroad. M'H. 12 do. Boston and Worcester Railroad, Vi\a Sm I2i do. E??' Boston Company, 14 1 !(?:.'> do Knchani? Bank, 101; 23 Ho. Boston aud Mains Railroad. 1117)4 ft lUC; .'fi d" Noriharn Railroad. &'Sa tv3*j 2il do. Western Rail ru?u, i"-i ?. w n?iir??u, oo an. v?rm*a'. Cen'ral Hailroad, Hi7,; .12 do. Norfolk County Railroad, !MV ? 3ft Srcoml Hn,ii-ii?13alii Vnraont Central K?ilro?d, ??' ??; id d<>. Norfolk 0< u>.tr Kai'road. *tiiaoi. 3?l; hi (o. n.l"d 34; ft do. 34'?: HUOl) Norfolk County Rtilroad BU-, lift atiftV Phii adki.i'H *, Nov. ffl-Finl Uo.fd?U ?n?re< Girard,lJ>?; $3000 City tis, 7'J, Id, 10.5; ftiOOU 8Ut? ftj, ?. f??i: SIMM do ?*);?,; a*? Girard. U*; 12 W'e*>?rn Bank, 60'?; * Union fik Teuo, 51; I21UV Lihixb tii, 67; 4 Coameroiil Bank, ?. ft**JlAi.timoke, Not, 21 ? Fir it Ho ird? iJK>> U State* 'is ?i7, 114: ?lltiO Baltm ire ? ,'70, IOS?; l?NI d i. 10.1',. $HH?> Varylaiu quarterly ft*. i0 sh* Marine B ink 2*^; 2 do. 2.">,; lido. I nion Rank. (A: I" do 64: 1ft do. tiliiiQ or* aud Ohi> Railroad, 49;50 do. (time) .'i 11B, ill do. 49V?. Slarrltd, On the 2l?t instant by the Key Mr. Geiisenhalner, Mln Aluusta Hlh h t?> Mr. Wm FiRnma, all of thia city. At Baltimore. on the 18th instant, Mr. Fkancih Lini.i v to Mr* Mahy Bakkon. all of Washington city At Baltim-re, on the 2d Inxtant \lr Johi B km-:, of Cumberland. to Ann, aecend daughter of Thomas Burke, ot Milltown, ( ount.y Itoajommon, Ireland. Died. On Wedneaday evening. 2lat Instant, of remittent fever, Cjiahi.ik Kdoar, ton of Robert and Mary Dunn, aged 4 yearn. 10 month* and 1 day Our sweet boy hatb left us ; 'Tis iiod who bath hereft ua ; 'TlaHe alone our wounded hearts can heal. 1 he relative* and friend* of the family are invltad to accompany the remaiua to Greenwood Cemetery, tbirf (hiiday. Nov 23) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from No 02 Avenue D On the morning of the 21st instant. Mr. Matthew Shaw, in the 58tb year ot hia aga Hla relativea and frienda are Invited to attend hi* funeral, from the house of Mr.? harl-s Cunningham, on the corner of Twenty seventh atreat aud Kighth avenue, (hi* (Friday) afternoon at ?ne o'clock. Hia remain* will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery On Wedcei'day. '21*t instant, of consumption, Mr. Chanlh* Whitak f.r, late of llarmony Hall, Centre atreet, aged '26 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend bis funeral, from the residenoe of hi* mother. No Hudson street thi* day. (h'riday, 23d inatant) at 2 P M Hi* remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment On Tbursdajr evening tbe 22d inatant. Mahharkt Khhian. in the 22d jear of her age, from the county of Latriui parish of Carigiillon, lands ol Dramuccba. Her luneral will take place this (KriJay) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from tbe residence of her uncle, I'atrick < asridy, No. *2iii< Fast Twenty.ttfth street, near Seoond avenue ller frienda aud acquaintances are reapeotluliy invited to atteud. A (Miction* aore long time she bore, 1'hyhician* tried in vain, Till God wa? pleaded to give her ease, And free her from her pain. Farewell, my friends I love an dear, 1 km ml dPttd but rlueping hero ; Ail iio now mi jc.u mart b<t. Prepare lor dratb and follow me. AtDeerfleld Mim . on the 1'^th inatant. Dr. Jon:rH Gooiiiu formerly a i>urneon in th? 1 nited Staton Army, and stationed for eeveial yeata at Portamouth N. H At New Haven, oa tta* 20tta instant. (Ion. Jon* C. Llhi*, late Speaker of the Connecticut House af Representative* At Tort-mouth. Va . on the 17th inatant, Mr*. Mart Ann Huaat F.v, In the filM year of her age, widow of the late Dr Horaley. I' 8. N.. of Norfolk Va. At < arrolltoa. (La.) on the 11th Instant, Rinicar Mcti*vi.oa, a unlive of Scotland, tn the 4JJ year of hi* axe Dl A U 'TIN K INTKLLIOIIi;!). Port of New York, Nov. ii'l, 1N4U< ra anu 1 ft* I xoon aria m'ra UN IKT5 4 34 I M16H VATIR 1 II Tclegraphlc. Be* aeneral newt column tor the latut Maria* InteUigeaca by ma*oetic teleftraph. Clearrd. Shlra? Dnttiriroer (rkt), Buralay, Liverpool, Orinnelt, Minturn tt Co; De tint Clint' n, ) unk do. Taylor k Kitch: To* r< mo, Parker. New Orteana T B Staatoa; Bluna DeanUan. t ar|?bi*v, 8r Marka, ac K l> llurlbat k Co; ttntario, Holmes, Savannah Neamitb * W'alah Bark*? Iaab*l a, HcKit, Valparaiao, Alaop Ik Chaunoey, Coail or McKet d", d? llbe (limn), Ueyiltmann, Hamburg, K fctrk k kualardt; Pacific, S??y-r, New orleaua. Brett Ik Voae, Hrant l.rvia, do. J A Van Brunt; Texaa. MoNair, Savannah, 1'unhi.iu a Duron Hrt*??Detroit, Atwater, San FranHaco. D I. Sayre: Carl Drdeiick |<ilil), Hr^i o Ja'tnel, W M Freeman k Co; Priaota* He)al(Hr), Wainaitaht Bermuda, W A I Davenport; Ko K?ritin, Cr>-well, Penearila Bchra?til. be. Seely, D"marara. 8 Tuttl*; Qadaoa, Rie?, Ma) agin. Melbourne Bartlett. Jacmel. R P Bmk k Co; tier,Bewaeea, WahUw CkMLOuar, Miner. Jacka. nvill*; Cloba, Binnaoa* W aatiinitton. NO. North Carolina, tjill'auia, do; Mary Jane Peek. Dupny. Richmond, C H k N Fleraor; Sarah Ant. Roe, a>|l*tt. Baltimore; J C Waldron, I.tttlefleld. Wareham 1'iyinn Arrow, Colla?"r*. Gloucester; Ilarvard. Baker Boatoa; C C Kllia, BaaaWa, Providence. New York, June*, New Haven. Arrived. Blif Oeeeola (of New Brdrord). Baker, Malaga, 311 ay a, *??? .1 Oit raltar Oct It, with in<tie. lo Cran. ita Co IVh mat. lat 3ft 311, Ion 63 .'to, >? a hri*. auppotod to be the Long laUnd, trnm Malaga for New fork, aad a Sw brig from do, j in oenipany Bn* lateen (Br). Pitt, Hamilton. Bermuda. (I daya. la bailaat, t> Tucker k Light bourne. <>n Friday laat, off C<< liar tor. .a a blow lr?m the Eaa'ward. ahipped a Ma which carried away the atarboard ui-ukey rail. hr Mm II Malller, trior, Kirhrnond, 4 daya. he In J B M?raa M?aoa Richmond, J daya. Si lir John TiUon C< nckltn. V irtihia. 3 day*. Mir H)|ain>n. Fre> eb Viriinia.3 daya. Behr lien t'rap|? r. Hnylia, Viraiaia, I daya. Schr llenry. Mot I Virainta 3dava hrl.rMept n W aiern.aa, Terry Virrtnia, 3 daya. Sett Per?en. Catea, PettrahutR. 2 daya. Pehr W m P Jeakina v and: rbilt. Petarabnrj, s day*. Mir Amelia llert. 'l. Bti'ian>i> 3 daya. fihr ft'tltflaa, Lewi*. Alexandria. Rrhr I .nip-ri Miireh, alemndria. chr Senator, Knapr. Georeetown DP. 4 day*. Be tie B' reaa. Thumi-oa, D.i??ar?. 3 daya Ft hr t#i life* der. 1'i.rktr, i'Mladelpkla, 3 daya. t?rl r Oaa-abeae, I oaier, < herry Held. Me. A day*. fot.r tiie, Clumbill, Newhuri p rt, 3 day*. Ha-low. A ImrV South of the lllelilanda. |lri? Mmnfci.*, F.nicrann, fr"m Hamilton, Brrmuila. V dkTi. Sclif C'urakir (Ur), Ve?*r. Bartaudk. MRIIMI, Pliipt Mtrtl.a. P?n Frtkfid 'I >ttin<B?r (pk?). I.iverponl. Do Witt Clinton <! '. M'ck. RalHmoro hark Elu?-' hath, M"MI?; hriita <i*o K?hinakn ( Ur). Si iohm, NF; Attakajk*. I'anakoola, and otber*. Not JS? Wind kt aunriik. X H ; ourtdiaa, 8; tnmet, da. ( "( reign Mulls. L?tT>? B*oa l?t llxtiit, |nr i>inn T?kh?l (from rhitl ?ill # <- ?t th? llir?ln ? S%t<ird?7.'ilih kt SJ, k. Bnd i.f ktrkmrr Nrerthnruof, for t l.arlaat.n, at at Ift minntoa b? f**r? 4 o'rUuk. I . iu r iiii< of it??iti?r for II illlii and l,l**rt'"i I. will rlum ?t 11.4 llinld offlrn on Vnlittltji, I'tk, kt t." II | H ll I,* tl?r? cm h* pt?t*l I kt th? ll?r?M nfflo* tn (or part of tha wniM All li tt- i r"'i. *d for tailing packet! for Curopa kt *?i?U *aoh; e*w?pa>aTn '.?? rant. l.kTTlH B?o* f. r llk?kkk. p?r iiumff laahal (from ( I arl?H< n). ? ill ;*? kt ?h? r<rh>ni( K*-ndln( Hon (t>7 [uhiri'l r B ?k-nriln*. H: h, kt t.nlf mat .1, knd of (tnaacr Knftb*r*?T. f< r ' likrlrttoB. at IA niln*tt*-a t? 4. I.<*tt?r biMof ?r ?*? ll?'ltn and l<iT*rpn?l. will riot* kr !...*? on Wi-dn??.1av 2-?h kt h*lf paat 10, where l?tt*ra rkn hn prrpa'd ktij p<rt of ?hk world. I. at tit* B?'.afoi Ilkttik. p*retanmor l*kk?l, will slot* kt K*i>>on ?, >1 Walla*!**; on rtetiirday, 14th, kt l.klf put}, kkd k? firnard'U ?r thn N?r*h?ro?r Nttrr Ba*e ?*f kt?-k?fr Ni.r harnar will cUm tororrw, kt IS nli ilti to I, nt Ir'ltr Here ol llaktticr Att-riPk. for Lirnrpool. will <*|oa? It Hidt'tiU) nril, kt th* u?u?l hoar. L?lt?r??k? kt pr? I kid d*?i it atikn. llrrnlrl *1 nrlit* ('f>rrw?p?M<lritr?a phuki t i.rtitA. >m ,1 I Pn-trriiij fc'rt Ptntt, II* **e t >l?i* t?i lt%H Prrthnr*. F.Ik Ri*?r. e'**am?r Blah ftiktxad, *?-?on?'n N*"urk t l*ar*d kt* m' .ip < iloirik,,, Park. C>krl?#to?: harhl ftrlah, Atklna ll***t*a: Lae**nta. H ?r?. dn. krn< Ad?l?. T'tk- | 1?:T ? !?t J?ro or t : |> , I. k*. t, nn ii ni n. \nail' ft. 1m4??!I, r l?m: WIMiktn >'ltt. ilkll. Bnotot ; Miiri Foktn IIti?t?* n N iurfc I . rlr J*inn, Bnldwlw, d?, itiknir Iftikldo*, (*r?cn. do nUirllkiirniia, Si *? ?An tt t ?t'40i?r ?m -.iiIiwm towing np th* h p Nkitifftktft fr n ?>r?n th!? m ir m ?>int fku?? 'ir ?.tli?r, t? ?tit| i kroontd tttf, till-<i ftn I tint, l?*?. in/ tl r i.t*ki; r <iu 1? <? imdor l?'r ri|tini kk i i?ii << kl Ikjormr n? )t ih> k<i k? tn? . rk?ti Tn? Itrkdiord Itnrf-* k<oai|tkd tk rclt'tk ih? BkkrkWHt hut fnt with'it ?? (! Tl ? NsrtttftkMt tu a i alup ? < wki Koine tk??k W t.nt pit to Ir ilttok ont.?(l'r?ri??wi^ trftnt ript .No* ii. vtxil a>h"lit-tht i limktli Roak of tbt llitnfi" w irark thai k ?*?aal la aaKork "u Salt'iouao Bok ih, hut wa , kr** i nahla t* Imrn any pamrulara aa to h?r uko' w rrt (r m or wli?m hound r tom tho laot that i ir^k <|? tntitiaa ?rai |t*k kki jta*aa kn*a dril rd upoa oar hoarh. It lapr*f?i .*d aha la l k*l*d with Irnit." STkawaMtf Ban ni ic . ilobha wlni*h l**(t for Bklt'inira ?a Fr*dk> laat, ratvrr* d ok ^iKftl moikin?, H'li.l np**ri?n?od k M??l* aim* laa*in,( r rt, ? u.|alli"* bar t?kkn ??iutii u.? ^rr n; i ?r ?i n. i. r- >ir i.i'i rimviM m >rt | tli'i *"> milai in t.' r ? >?* *'.? f i l.aoh far fa?l. (koala > I iindnatard It ta lit r*|t?i?? >.| ih* <*l!Mlagw>a atiamart , tin th? awaBihip < ? >iiin*>i:a. far Pm1? Mptia h?? (.?-!, at iirlii hi Niiril Aii* ?a<?t thi Ih al Uipi Fi?r. n aai?< I i?"i>'? <1 U.t nry hoary M klua| Cmrkinn Omritr, fco* l?. <n jA? r (h t"T* r-poridil ) H ihirta, nin.'< r. ( t Union. * J,) Ir m lli.i'nu re fit >?? \ or* * in *f*r 'I |U?I. Ill tun Inn aa Il.?f>d*y nl/ht la?*.. ah.iot B?< ki|m iii11Ii n1 ?r I* Trip I, hi h-ll. ty tori Hiln Maria. Irn H ' .n, b m ( i l' to ra. an4??? on I d?aa 10 ih? aatot'a ?0|?. ( r In r I" an.k In two f?' hoaii r Nra I' int. In a' nut lma*i alt*r 'ha oolliit in Th * It-ci4*vt Minrid a* u* 0 tiVIo' k at right. 1k? tin<1 ??i ; tioaiaalraah fro* >M lhe hat* wiiVinni ap? mt at<4 *a iar aiayi i>*rd t*ak, *rifcinj|ilia ivhr kMil arid* na. Ana* ilie * fl1 do*r I'r iprt rrai' 11 OK roa. (.tin ( ftllll'll ItnBtlTi llir n- r 1^1 R|fl? | WM1 in ! tfac HnilXitlirrf th>) r*aiii4 until m-rat. r. ama ih-r I mi r***u*4 a > i f' ?i tin 1.14b! il iu?o. I n*/ lmi??-'y i tlir.r nt'rl a oat tiny 4 >n. i?im:M?A Una kirk > ?l>< ? i'iO t m. ji.t ,>! <! fir 'ho 11 rat lail.a trade, * *- lava ho J I'ith la*t Ir mi th* yard if I Jim ' laai* ai Riaamitin l'? ? Ii rnn. I i vara r itn Oahilt., ??4 la k? lt for aad aar 4 l>y Can C M l>*t>t? itln.ti.rro Tfca taak laoya Mat (a tat <*< rn.< tht limn<r hit* l'<< a nantlf aatf ?fara pn ta tk*>r flaoaa. V% haiiHii iii (ran Saw Radford, ?>ih, a'nf* Rraadt, la llaa i>to?-i. I|wkktii link fl? r<a narr* of >ea lurk, rw at** on ITth, off I ft?a'i H?*4 A I arv npiiad II* Cr*? I- fr-.m Ri Ja,i'l"\ an ri?n at ' 17th, ak Ni- Bead, ita'.d 'at* UteOulf. t-iiI'm Hi BraaviiA, 'v9 -A' i r.? U .tt ni." *. W.i >ri ?r. N Purli Fid IS'! ii W[ knl?, M itlmntni (it"? Mai* ra). ItalilB rr, Hrlt.kow. *i*?i. NT.?*k; an r .iriaif, f*??? 4a i ihii i -a, im ht i ? . > ? Jolta*. i..r ?- i.i< '?') Aif ?*aa I. . Id '#'th, arnllln . a*. K>liar Maaiaailla, Ki In 4 |?T H \ rk *anaan? (Airi'i). Ktpt 18 Att lark Uktala I'aektt, I 1 HaiUBti*. Nine Fo, A tig JO?Ship Oreat Britain, Dearborn, from Bombay, vi? Hunt Kong. une. Panama, abt Not 1?Ship Charleston, Bints*, from Baltimore (Maj 14), diag. Khaniihai. Auu 10? Ship* Tartar. Webber from NYork via llong Kong; Jcj?lati Quinny, QinokUy, from Batavia via do; Horaburgb. Batch, from Singapore via Woo-ung. all uno; bark Coquette, I'reaoott, for Bong Kong; eonr DartTrorter, do. 8t John, NB.Not 14?Arr ehip British Qu-en, Uoaway, N York; brigs Victor, Kinney, and P I Ni tiui, Boddle. A'exnodria; Krrain. Joilin, Button; iiohra Riohard Cobden, Faulkner, NYork: Eagle. Ivanc, Boitoa; lAth. bri^e Lady Maxwell, - -v., . tib uvdiooi tours ouiians. it miner, and Julia M arch*, Crowley, do; I8tb, brig Portland, Scott, do. Horn* Porta* Bath, Not lfi?Arr brig Zena. Thomas. NYork. C1U 17th, bark Scotland (now, 138 ton*), Peroy. Savannah; brigs Ooral, 11 ill. Cub*: Mechanic, Chad bourne, Havana; lllth, ship Silas Leonard (new, 40H tons), Thompson. Cb rleiton. Bahgob. No* 17?Art brig Marcus, Pierce, NYork; 19tb, chr Gaiello, Parker, NTork. Boitoi, Not. 21 ? Signal for a ship of abeut .'WO tone painted Mark; 32 are the two first tc egraphio numbers; could mako oat nothing farther. (.'Id, steamship Cambria (Br) Shannon. Liverpool, via Balilax: Laatai. (new. of thii port. S'.'.V.' torn,) Johnson, Hon* Kong ?nd (lanton: Deneva, Tucker, Capetown, CGH, and East Indies; barks Mary Ana. ( Br) Waddingtoa, Liverpool, via Savannah; Nashua, CliTard, Philadelphia; brig* Paulina, Kllun, do.; J B Lind??y, Hathaway, Elizabeth city, NC, via Norfolk ; Harp Oiden. Frederieksburg; Edna C, Kelley, Philad; John Q Adams. Norris NYork; Marietta. Parker, do; Fsirneld. Nickerson. do. Sid. stiamer Cambria, (at 12h 5m P M ) ship* Genev*; H?bert C Winthrop; Robert Uooper; HhieGlHd; Prentice; Ch*s Carroll; birks Oar U> M*ur*n; Lucerne: Tedetco; Haltic; Cha? Doveus: Nashua; brigs Gee Ryan; John Hawkes; Frederic; It'm F Sail >rd, Matamoras: Rachel Stephens; Canton; Judie Whitman; Oatha, (destination uuknown:) and from below, hark Lawrence; br<-s Avon; Souther; Mvra: Vixen; S Randall, (not before); Kathleen; and others;'brig Consuelo remained in the Kimdi. Bai.timur r, Not. 21?Arr Br brig Sandwich. Davis. HaTana; schrs Caroliua, Hubbard, Kingston: Caroline, Jack* man, Ncwburyport; Baltimore, Sleight. NTork; Sarah I Merrill. Strong, NYork: Ann Smith, Hawkins. N York: stealer Cambridge reports off Annapolis a herm. brig, bouad up: iteamer Herald reports about SI sail of vessels in the bay, among them two Bolton barks; off North Polat *chr Richard Borden, and another unknown. ("Id, bark Wenham, Wylo, Falmouth, E, and a market. Sid, Br bri^ Belle, Bell, for W Indies. Chaklkston, Nov 18?Arr ship Columbia, Setier, NTork; barks CVmo, Smith, Boston; Charlotte Harrison ( Br). Molntyre, NYork: Duchess of Kent (Br). Nelson. do; brig M and J C Giimorr. Eldridge. Burton. In the roads, ship Danube, Chase. NTork. NIU ship Amelia, Airy. Liverpool. Gmccutiii, Nov 20?Arr schr ita^'e, Thomas, NYork for ! Bai h. Hoi.mkx'i lloi.r, Nov 20?No arrivals. Arr yeiterday in i the st< rm. schrs Arcade Metourdv, Philadelphia, for Bolton; Cygnet. Kelley Clcrrythld for NYcrk. ( ailed 20th, sehr Cygnet Arr21st, bark Lucy Mien. Gates, Mobile, for Boston; brig Mary Stanton; Ryder. Baltimore for do; sihr? Emeline, Dicker. Surisam, via Newport, l< I, for do: Isabella, Mitchell, N'Virk, for Bangor; Peru. : Homer. Kent, and Isabella, Arbccam, do, for Boston; Gen Foster, Ione<.do, for Portland; Suran. Russell. do. for Nautuckct: Piiarro, Chase, do, for llyannis; M>stir. Churchill. d", for llingham. Alio arr, bark A Gr*cie, Rice, Alexandria, for Boston Sailed, bark Iiiu; nhrs Pioneer, Kuhicsn; Piiarro; Susan! Eiuity(for Edgartown,) lu port, at 11 A M b.rki A Gracie; l.ucv Ellen; brigs Ava; | Pooonocket; Jlary Stanton; Kuphrates, (Br); lehrs Canary; Arcade; Albion: Emeline; lloiner; Irabella (for Bangor); Peru; Ancona; Gen Foster; Myetie, alio schr S*muel Nash, reloading Haiti roup, Not 20?Arr iclir J O Baldwin, Clark, l'hila- , dalphis. Sid schrs L'ncas, Bates, NYork; 21st, ltiv*l, Faru- I hum. do. Lkwbh, Del, Not 21, B.'j* PM?The hark which came in thil ' morning turns out to be the Oak. from Boston, which left till Mekong* at noon for the city. I he bark Huntingdon, from Baltimore came In this ev-ulng, and is now in the roadstead Nulhini lince morning from the Tuscarora. H ind ligi'tfrom tli? N. Weather f ilr and pleasant 22d, II A M?Accounts from Indian River to 8 o'clock this morning, representing tie chances for getting th* 1 uscar^r* alloat to be decide.Ilv favorable. Hur cargo is bring discharged and in ab< ut two days, weather permitting, the wreckers think the will be got off. A schooner loaded with merchandise and the passengers' bagnage from the T is now in the Knudstead. and will depart fur Philadelphia about 1 e'oclock this ?fierii"on. Wind very light frum S3W. *nd we*ther Indian summer. Mubii.k Nov 14-Arr schrs Ringgold, Loomil, NYork; Rebecca fc Franols, Nickcrion. do. ManiiAa. Not 6- trrichr John Mllei, NTork; Ifi'h. brig j Riol ard Ingersoll. Plummet, Boston, to load for ll*v*na. ' Sid Oth lebrs Talbot, Johnson, NYork; 12 h, Eliia Hopper, Rol.blns. East Michlas. to linish lJg for NYork, Wreath, Tibbets. N Y ork. v - ,. n~ . V... TV A -- .lit. i..a:... TJ xi York; tria Alnivra. Brown. Thamuaton. Below, oointog up, ahipa Morart ami John Henry; one bark and ?re aehr, namea unknown i_ld *hip? Jatnea Urown, Childa. Liverpool; Soldan. 1 homis London; Flainera. Emery, Boston; brigxOotavio, I'orter, Gnlvetton; Salvador* Will imi, Havana Nok roi.h, Not ?'"Id hriga Tutu ( Br). MoQilvray, Liverpool; Achillea ("w), Neilaoa, Oporto. 814 brifc Shamrock, Whlare, Portland Norwich, Nat 17 Arr briga Foitrr, Lovitt, Charleston; ictir Superb Kol'cik. PhiladtIphia Nt> r'lrt. Not 20-Arr ?ohr Horatio And. Luther, Somerset for N York; iloop Excel. Bennett fall River ford*. Sid trig* Contideioe Havana; Mary Stanton ((run Baltimore), Boa ton; aehr Fmeliue (from Suriuatn), do; and other* N > w Loxuoi), Not IK-Arr aehr Tlioi Patikin, Avery. Alkary. N kw II a rat. Not 20?Arr aloop Benjamin Franklin. Hitkin*. All>ao>. Sid aet.r Mount Vernon, Ortnkwater. NYork N? w B>i'?om>. Not Rid aehr* E H Adama. Adama (from Nantucket?. Bulnmoie, J Kajnuid Bourne (do), aupp..aed for Philadelphia. N a w hi'b \ pour. Not 17?Sid achra Mary C Amu. Small, FortoRico; Kria Churchill. NYork Po*ti.a<ii> Not ?i-Arr hri* Androacnfirin, Vieirai, Baltimore for Bath, fid b Ik Napoleon. Window Cuba. PuaTlNoVTH, Not If? Arr brig Orb. Chaae. Savannah I'novii'tici Not a)?Cld bark Rhndea. Remington. Sail Franclroo; brig Caailda. l>oukc, NOrlcana: aohr Mar; Eddy, Eddy Matarjaa SH brig II vlaa. PI iladelphia Ki< Hiiiini), Not fl?Arr aehr* Gre*nway,Couch, NYork; Mend an Lowry. ForHirouth. Nil; Copria, Bear*. Bolton. Bid aehr Pocahonta* Harria, NYork., N%v Arr arhra Martha Wuhington. Motm, Philadelphia for Portamouth: laabella Roac, Koae, NYork for ltangor. Below, a herm brig Wn iiimitoi, Not 1H ? Arr aehr Minerva, Wright, NYork; llrth. ting Lucy Atwood, Atwood. Di*htr.n; achra Falnoa, fo r, Hoaton. ?larie, Proaaer, NYork. Cld 17th. achr Mew Globe, ParaoBi Boaton; l!'?li. briga Rainbow, Staflkcole, Barb?doea Na'raguagua, lliakley. Boaton; Huh, aohr ES Powall, 1'owall, N York. PMirn|tn Arrived. II*mii ton (Bermuda)?Brig Faleon?Mr Cookran?I im tha ateerag*. I'auengrri Mailed. Cn<o?? a-Steatn.hip Falcon, fNew Orleana?M CI ark on. Jaa Warren. II Morriaon, Mra H B Wright, W Fllat, J W I Coleui .n A Conuor. Mr Butter, n B liemataad, II V Wright, 1 Mr* It Cook *> d child Mra I> Young, Mr? Qimpana, I York. R ' 1) Klin. D Hooney, J Huutoa, A II lluaton, Col L Do ' Shield*. A Towlea II P McGrath, 1 Able. W Bullock. J 8 () dries P Kre.lein W Mi>ke*ing. A Ellia II McHurtry. J M MiiMipa V > < i.auan. w j Aliro, u MeDiiRin. 8 t'rinttn. A Kaat.a M MaDarmott, G r?r?nf>a. A (' lllaa, V Lynn. O Grihtin. * M ThiTuHv 8 C Cilia Dr A O Walla. I W !>??? . J A Krrrta M T Willlama. K M HiP. Thoa Fink. C L Auatln, * Pilar. J Nlfl>ola. W Jointr. N Puri??|.i?, L. S Da*ia. J II Uitakcnok. J Cicrca. ft B Story. H II ITIIaoa, Mra I. Tinrr. V Jnaaph J II Buptn, A Bnaba, J C Fiald, Mra W l.lii.iaa?. J Moor*, * Moor*. S "rooka, C Da Wolf J C ilafcby M llaahT, IIMD ;lc, Dr J J Franklin. J f Uadln data.T l.and a'ala. J t'Franklin. J Franklin, W Jonaa. 9 Rally. O l.amhritrht G Talbot, T l<tlli*an. A M?rria. II 0<i|4> trig, H Bivna, J T Hill Dr O F J?Maa. J M Brredlori. 0 W W liana. I' Dill' n. I. F Gardiaar. G Ri?neraib. II Smith, A Bnifra. A Kaffir. *' Ha< nuehia. A Morrla, T I.ynrh I A Pa-ria. 8 B Dudley. I. Ima, J Garard. A Vail, W M II Bin irrnp. J Ralk w l.iadary. 8 C Tool, Jr, 9 C Tool Sr. B I. Tool, O W Mat haw*. I' II Mathawa. H Smith. II Falda. J VrMmm. J K hjn. I. Btrcban. Mra J Witttaan, G Vowlaa, A G Nnlaid. J t'cioliran, J A Wl'aoa. 4 Farriar, G W Farrier, II 8 Kiitm l> II Cfowtill, W T I'owall, W II Foatar, II Flahcr N I) kl-oka. I' F Lnrarao, J F llumaa. J MnCorkla, J I'ouit< n Dr J Franklin J 8 ? Mta J H Banf?rd, B A llama, J M Graa*. A M M-Millan. J D l.apahar. J Gallaah r. R Coaw?y. K Rrown J Conner J F Drhour, J Carta. M Uilhart. J I* Nr* mttii. I* Brt>?*ra?a. R L> Diaklnann, J Brown. J MsClroy, R McDaaial. Mr Ala?an<tar, 9 C Thoraknry, R W Calllai. Tiitrto. ?at,dar>. Goby. J Brltian, W I."tan B Ka'ly, W M M liurkln, C Gardner A (' Morrrll, J Fulton. J B WrlW W W 'amiaoa. 1. I?p >|>a. P N Tiralli-r, W II Saotl, B B?>m*a J Harbt I'a Aaciarn? 9hip Martha?Albart Dibble, Thatnaa Q M i, ahipr. Adnl|hua Pirrin. Win 8 Oabrry, George Riaraid, tubal l.awU. LIB! oF UTTIkl RCMAININO IN TU1NIWTOU I'cat Office, N??rnib?r 17. II**#. t ihciiT ritcri tim?. t'lraae atoatioa tha data of rha Mat la whiah thay art adaartiaad. I.A DICV M9T. A AblatlMraB Aakaiaa Rridcat Aaraata Madam, Aekraa Sophia Andt-raan ara, ()ra?a-ieh at Ao>'ra>ia Mary Grranwiohat An??ll Laaaia Aad<ra< a 11a F. At d?r>oa rtarriat Allan Miaa Fraaaoa Aae**rp< x J?a'a D L)?M Arm?ir<>a(H*i.liiahB Artif n Cliia Al?iat>dar Mra II Ardls Eliiabath Abbott Rata Amatrvnt Mar?t H n*rr Mra Aletr Rarnam Ann M Rnah Jiilia A Biaarhaid Mra Barratt Brirt^at Hntlar M'a Nrafl) Mta F.tfad Haatty Matilda Buraa Brid?at Harara Anna MO Baaaia Mra 1 Rnra< Rlita Harnard llat'iat Brannan Ana Hyraa Brldf-t Rtannaa Hrid^at oraunai Mary, Rannatt M.rta liarkar Mrt.Grand at ? aat at Mrijht llaatrr ft?rt?l' far> Braanaa Daaial or Bai(i Mra t! A, Umy? aihariaa Mar* . inda..a at RirranAtn R'aa. II l.otnaa w Ran Maraarat A Braaran l)rid(at Ra> aary Rrop') M iraarat ' u na Mary Biah<pMary II <?dro* Cata Rr?ad?a} Mrld^oa 9 pnia R Hotla 9arah Brariia Vra Br. aka Mra. Ilojla Mary I afajatta riaoa Broadway li nk Jan. Ria> y ' arah Ana Br-?n Mra Tbaa, ilurk Mra Rilmnad Brad> B.i.anaa Aaaaaa B Bnrgar ARa Rllsa BtaaaUi Maria B?*?rMra?A H>irr<>wa Maria Ban at p Mia, * atar at Burna "atlia laa < l a' at Hnrka At a?tta B>raal.nt? B rdar Maty U bark Kli>-a B?aali Dabolla C fata Btid?at Charlat Mta Pataf t'orriaan Julia Caait i Madaat < latk Flita Oana) kridiat Ca'l.-ritaMit r?aaClar> M:i?y l?on|lard Ufa Kanay uttti ' arnll Mra f'nrrai Mara L Cir ir Mtn < art II ltrid?at Criiacll Mary i'l. n> n'a if.irabalh f'alboaa Mary I'alho -n Rlita <:bai>' Mr tr nr ('a>la(bat, ti n t'oola; Mar; tna Cbaia>aa I1 n>or Caaaon Hrl'')s?t I'mmr Itridaat I lark I ttMh II I an .tf Ann-* c'"?<an Rl oabat l I t'> I antiald *u IMC Goanar Mary tftrrnil li'tiorA 4 l??rr> Am C?ll1lt iMt full*iiime *?r> f h#? w?i M?'ftmde4/oUmi%i A??? C*t<*r*t "Uii* *n?* <rnln i?r<-'nt+*f '?V?tal Mr< H A ( ihiti f <> H't Mnini t*?v tc > * Ann ?n?*iy Jn? W?d?w <l?o> ?Oi*rm? < Jliiu A*$* "i#* H < <.at?H<r Mr* t nib Ai.mi* CoP?*h*fc ('o?w<n? Ann R C -?i?.y t ll.*:ine f .rt.iiin ?'r* J n I'-ui C?- ir W Koi^i rf^r C1 irrh f ItMi*r *r*?i*t i'ngditl ! Ci4'i^ Am# ? . v et ? I Com'**? 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I *#\ n -fc i ? i-'<i I'llf! fhli' . I>? ^ ll? i } t f. ,i 11> rt ?i d ? > iy I ? *r r?r , ?t fnthM < ifF"V>i t ^try It! ?-f?. vft1< '*> , fi*rtiA Vindftii f?ith ?t U I M fj . . - ' i ' ft 'A*'.* 1 OnIarvAir f * !*/? Gannon Mary Abb Gaffs*? Mary GilpatrickLoala* Graham Abb UUiMf Mary A Gorman Margaret Gaffaay ElUa Gallagher Cath'a Gathri* Mary Jin* Gaflney Mary Abb Glaanon Kiiiabeth Green Mary C Garbatt Mra X Uennum, Mr*. Bow-Green Margaret Gallagher Mary A ary Greedy Bridget Gvtchsll Mary X Craaa Jan*, WatarGibb* Kuuua Gr??n Mr* *tr*et Gilbert Adeline G>etrastl Mr* S. Gafejae Madam Tt? Goniale* tinora Mulberry *tr?*t Gilmartan Cath'e Gordoa Kobooua Guianey Mary Abb ^ Ilartt Margaret Bannen Mr* Hnnt Ilellen X Harri* Mr* Jit* D Hawley Margaret Hubert Jaae Hay* Ann Heary Amelia Burlburt Maria Xlaanah Margaret Qenderion Sarah Humpray Albartiai luedcu Mary Bieka Mr*. 7th*t Billmau C'ath'ue J >i " . * Martha Uiglett Mre lloag Mary Bill I'beli* Ilillcr Cynthia Horau Maria Ili.kley Row H?u An. Uiincx Mr* A B "?*fn 5?!\i Bi;t Mil* Hooley Catb*ri?a t?t at Hus.y An |

1 vra Mary I?i??o? Mr*, ChatIali y Jan* him .troet lngoldtby Marg * It** Mary Aib j Jackron Mr* W T Jon** Sarah Jobn*on Margar*! jJo"mi"? Jo.hlia Jan* John*onAnn* J< n*f EmroaSt'rn. John.on Ann "i?iiT?0? ,9/^"' Jun i. Anjeline Jokn.on Kluabeth JoUlffSueaa Jami'oa Eiua K.ti Iap Mid I.out.* Kelly Via* Mary Kilmyry_Cath*?a kWl'libath Kennedy Finny' Ku^y Hoaon Kelly Mi? Mary King Bridget? i King Mary ret Ki?f SVry SEE. hR?.? Eb& Mrs Nath'nl Kittridg* Aun* Ktlly Maria ^ I ? r??t urine Lackey Margaret Lowry Cithirlne SSSSS* s-.?.-'1'.f"" m ** ?? - Widow Lochwood E'len Uona^dl. A Longfend Mr. Ja. Loekwood Henriett. Looiwood MU. I*neh Kli.ab,,th l'?ng Miry Lookcrd Ann Ly.n Martha A Mile Mr. Simon, ?th Manning Jane JJnrphy Mr. MacViel*ney ?^^r.^ur.hMuiJnr.Mar^? MrrVh?Hn?* ?* Ma inure Margaret Mfndeth Jane Mil'haMiM.OragettMaKaughran'Iridget ?M S?o^nMr.r8^t MoNi'lViargaret BMinenge OatherUa 2= Brid^t s^r. wx;4 . MMrUt*M*ryJ Miller Mi.. AM Morton J?nu SHv^ K Pvfl l$?SL Minion Mi*. B*a Mc MoCiirnB.rih McCarthy Ana.tawi?l1in?t"n it Mei'onaouxh Cath McOuade lobelia Kannv A .McElroy Catherine McUlvnn Anne B^seeMrElligott Mar* t ",,ry MoMicee Eliia H'STmu. " nley Mary A MoNulty Margaret MoOnbaMU* McKuUey^ary Mc>w./? Maggy' McDoaal Brldgta McMah.n EUtt MoyuilU Nancy Nule Ellen Nackeran Mr* Jay Nickel. MaryAa* Hfas? sssrasf S'-'-KS" Nimle Sman q n nrlenMl.1 Gold OfNea\ Ann* , ..Uet O'Neal Caiharln* O Roarke Mr* , O'Neal Mar* <>ta. Mary O n>u i%2'<i!riit O'kully Mr. Ja* Owen. CatherlM OConne^lM argarat MUiMuaAnne Olunder Mar, O UoBBull Bridget FfM &" SSi |-lice "luaa Vtiot Mary E fay.Icy Ann Ell.S I'attcn Sustary Power Anne Quirk Bridget Quirk Mary Quirk Mary K Ree* MisiM (Wil- Rcefern Maria Roianna Hint liaui it Reilly Catharine [ Waahiugton it Read lira Edward Reilly Catharine Ryne Catharine fraflerty Ellen Reynold* Mary RichardaonSarahA Reilly Imh fc'ci Mary Hobbin Mary Keuier Mr* John Riehard* Eliia Koome Fhebe Keyuold* Ana Riley Sarah Koser Mad Car Kiatan Ellen Riley Adelaide Kugg Mia* I W?2 Keady Mary Roger* Mary S Shaw Caroline Bally Mary Btrong Kit* F Stacey Mary A?J Sp*rk* Altnira Bouthan Mr* Lena Staplcton Margaret B|>arrm Abby F Boulian R?ae Black Afne Savage Sarah Sullivan Margaret 8>anlan Mary Bammon Ellen Style* Eliia M Sander* Lydia II Stewart Mr* M Smith Rose Sin* 11 Mary Btey*n Marg't Brrigg* Eliiaheth Saiuuil Mrs, 13th It Sleight l ath Simons Mi** II B Stewart Mr* CO Smitn Eunice Bloan Bridget Su'veua Annie C Smith Mary L So"tt Mary hnrdeker Mr* JaoJ Smyth Cathariae Stekee Mix Smith Ellen Skinner Ann K Scully Ana Shaw Mary Ana Shield* Eliiabeth Bullivau Mr* Btaflcll Magdcl'a Bloo Biddy Suydam Marg't Shanlt-y Mr* Scott Endora T Tract Catharine Taylor (Maiden Thompaon Mar T Tailor Mis* Carlin lane Tyaau Mr* (Mott Taylor Misa (Mar- Thayer Margery A *t ketat Temple Ellen Thorn Eliia Trainor Mr* Treverton Mary Tkomaa Matilda 0 Terry Ann Tirey Mr* Joseph Tomiion Mi** I Trelore Mm (Allen Thoup Mis* M 11 Thaapaoa Mary A *t Thomas Mary A Thump*on Cat* ' Talbot Mr* John Thoma* Mad 11* Turaer Catharine Tailor Louisa Thompaon Arabella V I'stick Margaret ^ Van Sawn Mi** Vaogham Mr* Van Artnan Ml** Mary L (W aihingtoa *t) Van All*a Jan* w Walktr Miss C Walsh Margaret Wright Mr* Jno C Watson Mra Btnja- Walah Mary Wright Maria mm F. Webber Mre BenJ Wooil* Mr* Walsh Mra Ellen Welsh Mr* Woods Catharine W *l?h Mr* Julia A West Mrs Ann Wordell Mis* Oliyl Waller Mi** Baa M heeler Martha Woodruff Mia* Ana Wells Mary W heeler Mr* Sophia A Wheeler Mia* Mary A White Mr*. Grand*t A Wise Mrs Tetty Wilson Mr* Maref* W eathrred Mre M Winter Mra Wilmn Philn* Winn Mary William* Mis* H Wright Mr* Amelia W lilt* Margaret Williams Miss A E E W illiams Mra,Belle- W lute Mr*, cor Ca- Wiacball Mil* LauI ?u? llosp nal A Broadway raett W ar* Misa Ellen Wil.oa Mr* Martha Wo.d Mr* Martha r W alsh Mr* Jame* William* Mis* M Wylle Mi** Mary i * Teung Mr* Jeanett* * | Zeller Mr* Mary J UENTI.EU KN'S LIST. A Adam* Joarph Ahbstt II O Anthony Chai J Abbott Herman 0 Aokermann U Arnold <1*0 | Adaiin bvo F Aller* Johan Arohaoabault Joe Abbott Ur l.ti'lu* Allinaham John J-2 Arnold 1'eter I Adan s J*s Mm Alocsias brother Auilnncl'ns J as V I Abbott Uenry P AlleaDrJU Andrew* iteph P Adam < hurl** Allen Wm Austin O S Aketly K C Alreraoa L M Arnold E B All HI Jaa Alien * m Robert Aahton J K Alia*Lder Geo Anderson Joba Avery i'en Stant'a 1 Alc?<k John Atwo.d H?nry Averill C E I laiti.naF Stixna I Amlrxwa Valsan Aim J. nallian B Am atr-a* H?b? Ra? A P ! Alraa.ith 1 hot AyrrnJohn Aaklu r I 1 AMtxi H L Ar(nii I. Anthony Jno WoU A.iama John Arrowareith (iao Arm?tr?n? Joha Ah. ur Robt A Ikinaoy K"Um? k AjmMi Adatm L>iuill Co AU?o A<tai>?a Hubert Aadrawa W A|>(>l*?at* A T Adania Vn B ^ Bac h* Nirholaa Bakar M ichaal Bnn?ii4?t Biadi Mark Ballon I- " Bo?i? Ma?ra J 8k L fe ,ci,? ? r But rr * m I. Bntlar doba Bidiii 11 Banrd t tmund Burn R & Bin') Ho*h Baach J M Buu<an Ju ni Baa'jDa?M Blunt P 1/ Bra<tt> rd (i H Br?rJ-l? L Bardtok Athar B Bl: ?kb*r? Br Ih uw* Brurb Cornelia* J llmuait miiixi W Burt rinllip |ii< brr Jo>?*phf B#?rorll J? Im II Bnlklf| >r?d C Bltnihard st Benaoh Herman BrrneJoan Blake KtiMaa Berr-a.. Peter Bffoi K?? P BaldatnOaoB Beilrand Bryan * id Banuon Jaa II* .lea t II Bryant (lao M Baker Arenam Billta famnel Butier Arthar Blake lia. ry C B.?elu? innn W Burk Charlaa Blm rt.arit B 0 Biaelot. ...reborn P B.ker Oookin B.ekn an J II Bttelon M m I. Il.rrl Mra. Nott at Bark si ? ..?r>d Billm J aarh Barry Robt Beanmn.p H M Brnndnaiora N Barr Hobt Bee it Jaa Birth Ah. I kan?are E B Brnnai. J. hn Bi.hon Br B.rryJ Wm Be'teUeraeE Broken Joha fa"'"/ Bl. n Aah.r Bro. kly U Barry l.aereac* Baajan.ta tamaal M??ert Caat An4w Barry John Ballon a Hart ?all B. tart Arthur J Barre Henry li.ntH.nry Boiafd Jaa* Br. ed., t It Barry B nd Jaa H Barnard G?e H B- Italn Emil* Brayton Rer I* ? H Brill Jo) a Bohtngar *om Jo* B ram lord Tho* Brlrard t? n. A Brown Joba Baylar 1) B Bill llanry Blaka < baa II Blanrolt U ? Bi'.la JoM. r A Brll Ja? Breetnna Kraaeiaaa *1a?eae l?a?ld Marti* Jaa Br..?ton Fred* Birktoid Ira Bar ?n. Bonraa * ? Brtei.r kit Mm B?rka. MR Hriwnan I'atrlak k>i?b?l> art Joha Bar ltn< t Bona Boyde* I. H.rik Berne* tatlbert B wirk B ' J B hJ*otf>h Hktt (In Bl"?art Joaapk k.fait Airm L k.nmrJohn Hm?n *r.Jaa?#-i? B'<i* it' n ? Hftrr. taae .. Juan B^aio ?ar a B> t>t Mr B*rn. ? Chaa Bii td liantel B I.iiyp. e. I. t aa Bar.let Nele?n Burton H'?rj Bioiiaot) In.a barr M'r... narqna d.ob ii n.ti pn ? n.nim*?n iiirmn jhi hrno) He lit?l B>k'M J?i B"lkl?* Vrith-f h?? ?? h.i i *r>? II Bnrilie* <! > Blm* * '] hi ?r Mmani HiturJhr It B. i ? oli Biy lifting II U Burn I'alrlak hi ml.i JauM Kruniir t<i|>r Huflcii linear P Hi C) lii'ttn I naitf r>trltk-i ButuCt Itiam ill M Ur??ii(>?? * U Bnrk I Holl?iti llli i I ?i Jut n ll.inlmi Ni Rn?r>iii W hi.I. K I iiVm It fD hnurt llyia . lt!>v?r <1 |l?itj Hi r <1 liii>?n Th tn?? llry. n?r ' If fami i i < I a* It rum 14 a A C ll?rn? KoM l'l? li? JvlM Bwl I' A Br)?n * in llpi i .In1 biiM Bitpki Bmroll Chariot8 h>lri ? l> I. V ?i I -nklln I (tlr( futbit Curnll If m Ptrrr i Miiilnthmii Miah) l.?un ?r I if ' I., i ii?i lii* r ti ?? Iraai.n Fitlivr N n 1'i'tif Cmnfuiil J.ihn l*?l? i an .Imlith I) CUIaad in o? I'lirni rntr < ivniur M III A ' i'?>li?li I'liM fl??ljr l l,o. J a Chii| in?h Hi' hit < hti'.l Anintt I ?i I*.I D"Tit? I'11ll <r < Timmhy?1 r i ' I- k ( IvcitJibB ( ri(>? llm iad M J * fault? Jotia i IT? ti J a rn*? < - r I at ftH Jim ( .IT.) J.ihs ' ? I ?' i ' i Ii, llaaortr i <im.i.iI/ Hi nnii i ' .. n.rt laruliii Pntir I'aMllJia Vai f'fittflr J?.|ia i ?'< .? <'rlli'>M *' na Cap ' kai.maa ? lii.fl. I I' t'l?r? ai.4w J IthmSlniIlt I'ariy Jnha r ( tali I. Ii Ctntr Urnry M . . ,..i ( ?mw i I O thapla lit A i 'nW'Kl'li I *ri? l>r, 4?l> it r ' - ' J M'n hM Carif.or liui < 1 f ? * itiftl>%l ("arr 0 W | ?ll Jo 'hi I'l'itmii Jo?i?i 'i''? I'i'iil t?rr.i|f I'atrlak 1 " Ii J I' < ..aMn "I It Out* Aalhnajr I Ir* '"?B Civan illy Thn# l' r.i ii Iki Bify t'i!>fa iVrry W t ? Calliat J >hn If 1 ! ' r tin Atui* BirM i 1 ?r ?| ,?r.l ?l? M ti*l>lM n^iilrl I - I Uny < B I . i ii i I if ii i >t.ii..ii4 Lou . lf.<r i l ?itr v t IntM I iiifiil III i .r J / V CoiUaf Ut? Otiamharlaia k Clark S Conway Sobt Olmetead Cartright John Comoford Ltvr'oi Ckttdltr Hurjr Clark Benry X CohenN Carl Patrick Connor Cornelia* Colloaa Ja* S Ceslmw w W J Cochran Win t Carter Henr? Clark Rev Parli W Connor Barney Charlohaia Ait'x Caaaajr Utcphen Cnarn C'apt Euard Can C H Caahaa Patt Cl.*k Cupt Lewie Chaeo Lnbaa 11 Cruieot IWi j Coney Ctpt Danl Caveneg D?rbey Conay llaul Capt Cochran John Cbatain 8 Condor l>??id Collin* John Crawford Warron Connelly Will Counolyjobn W Cooper lieo Conloa J?h> CUeaati Thoi Cornwall Benj H Coneley Patrick Crary John robl.y Jai Cloeker Waoohana Chil ls Win I Ci ry Chae Condan Thoa Clidord Denaif viofpi v viuuya f in u vriMjr rotor i'r>Hii?i CapJaoA Cromwell Messrs E Condon Maurice Ctoss Horatio It G Connell Peter Crowley Ja? Carroll Joha CreijerWinU Cullouk Edward 11 Chaplin Ceo Clark B F Cbudley Richard Daley J?mos Davidson J D Dunn Jeremiah Balton Kdward Darling D Duncan F Dalle; M K D*ver?in Charles Dnlioii Ira Drak* Asa Davie David Dunning OS Davenport Rnfus DelahuntWra Dana Edward P Davie Robert DeCornieier Roger Dunlap 8 Fales Davie John II Delap J T Duakin John T DaSilva Joee Pereii Deacon John Dutoher Salem Day Parsons D DeCamp John L Dunham Israel Davie Mr (later DelKye TboaaaD-2 Dunkin Thoma* l>auni W illiam Desmoad fa Duan Patrick Davison H DeuaerJohn Dickenson Edward Danhy Augustine G Deye John X Dickson Charlee Davie Clinton Demareet Rev ff Divine Thomas?2 Davie D Denel George W Dodge W Davidson J D DeSilvaJ Dooue Cap* Dea? Michael Denny Auftin G Dow Chits A Deliam W Deasaaore Aire Douglass Mathew Del'aill N Dickey David Donellan Wm Defoe R 8 Diauiant B It M Donovan James DtCrern J Louie Donolio Edward DeKraynag A Dill H ^ _ Donovan Michael Dening B DickersonCS Douglass * Co Dexwond Michael Divericke Patrick DoromueJ fc Oo DeMulder Charles Dohertv Onner Dougherty_Anth ny DeKeveseu J Dodge Leonard H Doregan W Denton Daniel Dodler Mr Donnelly Franris Devlin Michael Donoghue Joromlah Dougherty Mathew Dening John Donoihue Patriok Dover Vfm Bur^ Delwledtr F M Doagntey Mathew Dor-ev Moris Dill Juoob Donnelly Audrew Doreok Joseiih Di< keo? Rowland F Doyle Patt Dundas Hugh Dairy Thome* Dorace M Dulflcy Patrick Bade Hl Reno Ids Donden John Dnn Jo no M&ril I>aly D* litis Dowlin* Wa Dunham Austin Dulev Patrick floyle John Fill* DmganMonsieur Dana William T Doyle W Dntton M Da* Jo?e Maria DowdJames Durook Michael Davie Ibtutier Dromgoole George Dunham Iuaao W Davie J J Downey J as Dusel Johnson Pellam-y Monsieur Doul Edward Dunkin John T Davie John J Doneliue Timothy 0 Dyath Foter Davisen Alexander K Eaan Bernard Egan James Etrhart Pery J lliott Geo Eagan i'eier Euhner Jno Edlin Jas Earl J Jyon Louis Mobj Eaton Pamnel Elliott Jno KiohnerJohn Kllie Saiashiel Eager Anthony Ensin Robt Q Klaril On Einhoff Henrich Eminone Win Eichner JnhB EaM wood C W E"gli?h Kubt Edmonds Tom E\erlett John H Evert Win F.din*ti'ti Peter EvanaJolm Evane I)r Elliot Bernard Everest Edward C Evaus Jno Capt F Farrell Hat Fanning Jumna Fo; wood B'n Flannig?n Onrey 1'ari.luin Kubt Poster Ceo Farrelly Jno Farmer 1'eter Thoa A Flanagan Jan.cs Freely Jin Fry, Fuller Ik Co Fallen Mark Tearney Martin Flyna Martin Franainglin Si* Festeuton 'no A Flyna Thomas Faifonte, H r:jjht k Fre^vrioki' W 3 Firnay Michael Co Fi*ld Beruhard Fitixerald Chaa Fay Thoa. jr Fiedler bonis Eiw Fitigibhon Patt Fanshaw David Flir.n Thomas FiUmaurioe Jno Feiglian Jaiuea Fitzgerald P Fitipatriok Jno FeenyJno Files Win Fi?n Arthur Fegl.riiy Timothy Finue^an PlilU Foley Timothy Feutrcaa Walter II Fmgerlt Denny Foly Patrick Fleming W T Dr?2 Fit/Patrick Michael Foohgig Bait F igutroa Salvador ?2 Foitor Theodora Fimgam Henry Fltijerald John Forties S F Dr Finifaa I atrick H Fiih Mi ss Capt Foster Jno Fuming Time Pulkeits Jno Capt Floyd kubt Flaherty Jeremiah F?loy / uatin Forbes Win Farley James Foley Michael Ford Geo Farrell Matthew Fowler W W Fnllara Jno Fabian Bentham Flood Thoa Fulten Mohr Franklin Henry ForbaRobtDr Flynn Thomas Faidum Abram Forbes Wm II Fuuach Joseph O Gan Patrick Graham Jno Gormer George Gallaghan Henry Galigan Peter Goodwin Henry Gallagher Patrick GahunJno Gordon Edward Gamble Eliaba Garrett C W Goodrich J E Gage II U Garcia Idward Gould Wm GardnerSaml Graham Michael Coulter Thomas Garret ton Kav 0 Gavan Patt Gurien Jne Grant Jn" Gray Wm Cuerin Ephr 8 Casrida G'tnae?2 Gatterdann Jno Gurney B-tnjamin Callaglier Fernard Cray Michael Gaynor Michael Carry Francis M Gendelet Edward Georges Loewengutt CalecignaloupotBe-Greyson Anthony Gillan Jamea noit Qleeaon Patt GilloolyJ Gaol John Gregoire Joaeph Qritfin C G Gaynor Patt Greenwood Henry TCillespit DavidCapt Carver Henry Jai Gerard Wm H Grieves Wm Cray Martin Gehrmaun Jacob GritHn Wm B Gay John & Geroletnan Wm Criaer Monsieur Cray Robt Glenny lleiekiah P Gilbert Saml U Green 8 N Gillespie John Orogai Oriity Green Wm Gillen Michael GoothJno Green Edward Gill* p Thomson Govern Jno Glearon Harvey Griffin Jno Glover Heiekiah GarveyJno Cilmartin Michael G >rham Frederick GleenSP Griffin Wm 8 Capt Glenny Isaac D Gibson 4 J or W D Gonld Ch? M GrahemHichael Gibba Wm H Oorioan Patrick Gale ft Co Orillith Wm Gorly Patrick Gramhra AIpbio Golden Michael Ooing John Garoenier O C G?rn\ W Geraon Thomas Gala Wm Gonsalvea Gregory Gutaheman Peter Gardua Rufus M P Gundlach Charles Gaiainn Daniel H Haisht Joseph Bastings Dan H nough'Peter Bailer John Harris M Howe C 8 Hamwick Mr Bandwlok J B Hard Jas M Hall Albert Bars Wn f Huba Joseph Hy Hall Wm Barriman Joab X Hurd Chas C lUmaJohn Wm Harrison Geo Hyde Jas I Hsmoad HnghWardB arris Benton Hudson Thoa D , Hand Jahn Hart Saml HugheeWm | llall J W Baaold Thoa 11 yals Martin | Hairelton WmBrireHerlahorn Gen P Hiideea Uy?S i Han.mood I)anl F Ilayaaa Edwd Hubbard w 3 Harvey Peter Hatch kdwd R Hunter Wm Uatkee Jaa LaroachHauser F Ilumphriea Harris? H Hathaway RL Heasemer Philip Halmheld Mr Ilaynea Saml B Headayx Joslak J Harding W B Hathaway Jon'n 0 Henderson D C Beatings I, D Mealey Corneius Hildein k Bro* Bardie Jaa A Bealy Edward HigglaeJohn Ilardnian Bernard Heaney W Barton Higgiae Richard Hart J"hn N Ilea > l'atrirk llills Ed P Hart Jamrs Heeknojf Ferd'nd BilbertChaa llarrlmaa Joab E Heddiken John Hirsihfeh D I lla>nes S R Hardman k KeenanHedieon John Havff Nicxlaas Benrv Jaa llolmee 3 A Hay Um Benderton k Co J Hobiapfel Theo?1 , Haydnn 1 aurenca llnvry Christopher Holtman Julias B i HawiaWm Hillv Jehn UnajA It Bannen Patrick Bilroan Imm Boftay i O B< lluitn H m Bilman laaac Borian Jim (learn Patrick hiMina Farrell Bopklann Jotaph Bed. wan J"h? _ Blip1en Newa'l thu Hi :i|. Iba< h M Biian OaNin.P Botchki* Ju h B ll-'U'ri) Ju Blarffth Bartl? Boyt Luciu* llr ? y ii iin Patrick Boward 8 I til Danl BiTl.rook W B Bnoghtalln* Jao lUm>n<l(iamlBIUw>lnllnaa B Heat H 8 11*11 I. C Ilofln an Jacob Bniaa Capt Ja? IIablet John B II** n Jumna Btiat Martin Ban Icy Jat lf..l>i.e Dnvid Hern Botchkla* Natb 1 Bale Walter llorlaln John BnntarJoha Ilbiiki Oliver P B"r?(tan Johm Bunnell Alei Ball it 8 BorgJohn Biadoa Seth B Umniill H|'M Boy Patrick Bntchmaon 1) War* ll?iiloii Owen Howard Joeeph B Uuihee llarugan Mathew Bowland Aaldnay Bubbard John B Matr 1 oop Il'Ml"* J?-b* I I and or Raphael?I Irriae Cawall J Jager Bnnrad Jennlngii Joh* ioica Than Jaoole Jao W Jinlnee Thoa Jon* ?U Oayor Jaqnea *?C Jenulbg. B 0 Joaea Koini<f J are le Joeeph B JehneonJohn Jeild* Ralph Jarrflnr Vt al .-r Johnaon Jasiat Joaea K E Jertn Brrnatd Johnaon Moeaa Jonaa John Jia?U !> ? 0 Johnaon Bdwd Jolea Benry Jchtaon W m J?? lineh JoneaJWnrd Jolnmn H di Ji.naa Wm Joaea BCa JthtMiliialV Jordan Janci Jaya* Tfcae Jocbtnta John June* Dr Joaeph Jebarl Joint Id 14 B J one*. White k Jonea J J Jack ton Robt llcCurdy Jona? Bone,* 0 Jacob* B Jonea Elder By Joaea tdw.n Jaan I'areal P Junta W in Jndaon UtO Janea N lay lor Klerlher Bear* Belly Pa<rick Jo? Jin* George baiter Gottlieb Kelly I ha-lea King !?eth h an. tat. lob Kinny ?m Bnea Patrick Kararcr 1'h'IHppa K> ailn 1 arance Kellleger Joha AnKpapp Janieat Kellyt'fcCa _ Seine Abdreaa Kally Tnoe B KrumHech Put* Kelly Pati nr Ana K ell i?*er Uea B Jet tana J? ha Kelly Wichale Belly John ? Kendall W B Kelly Watleer L K'uJo?ph Kaol. Jaine* lUhitlimiUu kciTir I'ntt K*ek? John kraia*T .'? R. r?i??ri,o? K-nii.df li>?4 R?lln?? < hkflM AC Ril???a Jaro?? Kchot Jm * ?? Patk ktllram J?.?M R?li? Jotn Ken t Put Ki?t*h? k Br.tntr Rrll) John K?pt4?r Loalt W<? Jj * ?> ?? K.w Iho. J M Karelaitd M.wry?I kimpraak Ra?U Rirklmi J i K-. ?h P??r)<k K.I.H 0 _ KImJmmF Km ft Hf i a> ar Rifpatrttli Thn?at Kirk Uvta kataar (mi? ftillaaa Jim'i fci?aam l>%r?al I Rutiai Aatnay Kr#l#hi>lf ?ra?? Kallmann Oarl KliK nn John Kia? Jn?-ph Ra?l ?r KaltM ? n. K KiiimIt ilnih Rarti P w K-? Mania Ril^ataia Drt.oaiiF Eaayrtc Caantk L> l.aint Jnhn tdU??r Pa?i4 I.yon 0?o?? T I Joha l U?l J l.yach Patrick l.abarr* P I VHaal l-ai>?? Jari'W l.eaoi H*nrr l.aiak-trt Ar?tu? a I hanaray l,ya??i ft illiaai l.aaib (ini|i N l.a???an T C K?irlB laif? kan>r T|it(a Wm B l.a??h RoW?rt l <x?J.n..? l^irr Tnavaor* l.ym b J?hn l<ah?<|?* LRnt?l>? l.cUh Mi l.yaeh Ja?n l,a? rrara Jamaa I*ta C W Lrnah John l.?ik?i. al?ni*ft Ulh.? Michael W* J W i,i< r*ir>? jiidn R Uftvir r <J l.jmohJam^f Lan r? n< J? hn I* I m Jan.## I.fndiay H ?n Hiiry lawrrrra William Ulail Uirtlftf l.imkt Jim?t I law lmr\ ?> I tlar. <1 * H lnir?? | Lii.r?rtc HiIIimi LmiiNR \.\u \m,rn l>iadari?h ft J?roll U?li ( Iptiohn Liftl* John I j,?r !*amn? I l*Wy **amnat N Mount RliniEnaamaI I 11oh Dx niftl l.a?nar?fl Jinua H m?il I Im> J I'l.ilip li Snrrrtalw 4# ^ 1 l.?wio??ph u?)l U?* | I tlai.u / l.iddla Wk\)i%m franralaa l.? *} Ji.hl 1 i??? Hi lain P Iionaab trry Chat ? I I'hn ti K.vrrna ha ttrrvn?aa Logan Hrlna l.w1 I A |,?|.|?n an l?aai? Loftan N%lph I av?a lr*i?rh l?ltid?nn?ann fclan'a l.?n| I.Mia I'hlllpH I lava) l."n Ik II T l<o*ah J W l??n# n.?ohn H'? nt fta- Ln?aa H I la*?a I' d a aid ran?pm**nt 2 |,jrnrh John ] |?nU h it Haa V- ill t'otiHl. l.mMh IliihaH I.?t> J?n?? >11 10 l.ynoll Juhl ? r l.oh Simon l.ynoh Oaniol I,nod ."' l ii 11 l,..i to Alnmi No ?* I HIT |.?I|B Nl'tlt I.odk A l.?im T K it Loori-O W l.yncft J tin 1 .1 kin K H l.nnr Ssmtforil A l.ynoh Ulrht'l I *?r?nri W m N li?P||br? Mark l.nthir Jikoji'i # I Hi i<?l j?i> UmU l<alliii IhnaM T I.?iid?a Irrdorlek M M?ri>?lly Jnhn M*r?h?U ?'? Mnrdank 0?.ir?* Mi ifm? Mnrtta-I M ?r*li ??rward M >irr? hi.hard f i).l. i. A iti ny M rilnl'l.iniM VnliiK IMimii Mn|"itr? rm'll M?rTin J .| n Mnlohtnort it P H%iiIii NiilnUa M?il?.t*'',a? H Mnll?r * I ji.ard J*a't Ma*i>n J k> W Mulhnlland Hn(h >nr*ti.f lltnry Ja? M???o|| .Un ix *iim< iltaml Mb!li>n J?.h? It ?t in. Jon.o* M illkn H?nry Mail* A Miri li.ud ? Mniitiick J J t*a 11?11 Thnroa* J H?i|n; M-nif ur Mulltn hum** MitiaUix) lf??J > it tin ii mm Mnllxr < hart** Kittk l.ttrff ?' Mnx nil t? K littJimo M?'n I'r W..n*i> nr M?ll< , t ImilM Mnml* l?r Oh** Unrrii* tr k Co M-ind .ra Ii Murph" Jam* M?iIIl M? l.ow R Mf,.? 1 H. wr Mlinholl Juha B M-r'?.tiiii ll-rmaa M?}>? tti ?'?tk Mil** N X i <ohr Moy i M/ Mtll?r It* A I 9 -i. Hryrfi oy froo'ot Alirr*? Minor i.wirfh Wa?*?ll I.I-. TO *?i ?y rh( ma* Mill* * II ft Co Dithillbiiita* lilltr J*< Hel) MnurirT M?rr?Sj-*ool M illny ()oor?o I kuntil flat r7 Mofriit **t??*l Ncoa?fcaa J?? \ ??? Mattbiat John Merchant Thoe Ifone Br 8 A Matthew Oe?r*e Miller Albert Mollen brook f Mehir Mioh&ol Middletoa Julin Muuau<h Edwd Hebron Lemuel Millor i W Morri* J A Mechoe William Miller John X Morgan Jabn Mollor William Milli Wi.U.m Mority M Meyer Ik Rapp Millidite Jm?a II Konii Pairioll Mtediac John J Millard Mather B Moore WilU*w Meare William Milting Thnodore Moere 3?aiucl Mellau A boor M unit Th ma* Mover William Mwncka k Baukei Midland J Morrison J Scet Merohauo Thomaa Milward 8 W M >rne Mom Mirnnai Caiit CP Moloney Joseph Mott Kobtrt t irtDti uonovan omi Jamea aurtaugti Tor Minn) John Moloney Daniel Murphy Jama* Maby W W Montague John Murphy Antony Ma<kay Hugh R Moor* John Murphy William Manning Paniel Morri* 1* Murray David Malionev John Moras Thomas M; rorer il L Mai-la Christ., ph Mnylan Thoi Mulligm Miohaal MahouJohn Moran Edward Murphy J Maiilfjr Michael Morri? An'houy 1* Murphy Wm Macau Thon as Morrison Thomas Murrey Miobaal MalUn James Morrn Mr Mulligan Corn Manuel l.aeiencs Mott Jortph Murray J K Martin Hugh Mura? David Mulchaen* ChM He McClelland Ja? McAnnur Miehael McNeil D B McCarty Jtnci McCarthy Mr MeNumara Tin M> Brine Tole MeCullou Michl MoNully Patrick Md uiitl'liu V MeCrayte Patrick MoPaillan Patrick Mr' ann Bombard McDonnol Jamee He Whimsy Dr Jha McCueThoniaa McDonald Nichls McQueen falter McCarthev Thoa McDonald Hngh MeOuinu Bernard McCarroll Jamee McEneuy Patk McUough A?dw Motart by Timothy McFaddenMm Metiowen Walter McCaffo. ey Jaa MoOahnen Owen MoOowin Thomas McDonald A MeUrath Henry MoUarve* John McDonough Alex'r McClynn John Molntlre Dr S C McDermott tiugh MeUlanahleu U MsKinley Edward McEuteeOwen MiUratn James MeKee Patrick MnFarlan* Peter McQobrick Wui Mol.oen Robt L McUratn Edw Capt Mclllinn Patrick Mvl.arcn D M< Guirc Jhuice Met nil* Thomas McWaoia John Me Arthur Jos H Mclntire Wm McNutlon Patk Mi. Adam J N MeKieJohn MeNally Michl Met maifk W R McKeon Thomas McNames Job* McCory Dariua MeKeogh Patrick McTigue Michl McCarthy Owen McLaughlin James McWaide John McCuskey Aithnr McMaiion John McQuaid Patk W * I Naugbton John Neiko Ferdinand Norton X Cols NcwccDih II D Neury Anthony NoonanJohn Neal Ban ey Neulon Miohael Neplien Sylvester Newman Thomas Nouton Wisley Neichaas George Newton HeLry Negotjrnni Nichetia Ouaaanns Newlant! Mr Newell Thoa Niekerson Jos W Nelia John Ncbo Harvey Neonin William Nelaoa Fayette Nixon Jacob Noonan William Nauru Mr Niven Ua> T H Noonan Philip Neilsou Richard Nonan Michael NorrisJoUaA Nesmith James NorrisJohnll <( O O'Neil P O'Brine Jvrome O'Stlavan Thomas O'lionnell Thoa Officer T 8. Its Owen 0m f?i O'ConniH Charles Oppermann Mr O'Guerin U art wet O'Brine Jaui. a Oluiete* Win T O'Meara Wm , O't reddy John O'Hare C.rney Orne Wm D O'Brien William Ontharok N B Owona C?1 D O'Brien Patrick Oberbriet E M O'Dunnell Patrisk O'Neil Michasl _ P Pacar<* R Plisres Joaeph Poor Mr Paika David Parker Selby ? 2 Proaoh 0 Parker M Parker John W Porter John J Parker Walter Pavey Charles Powell Dr XiishA Packer John Paupe Bernard Putt* Anile Pa>a Albert W Par Ameri<pi? Purvis It (lover Parker Wm B Prack Thomas Penn Daniel Paruileu?k Piatt Plr??ants 8 M Pearcy Cap Elil Parr W m II Penniman John Preaton Tnos 0 Palawrs Juluana Penney William Pickering James Piatt James Patchuaa O B Pico Michelle Par J Delia Periwoni Six Philips Archd M Pauli Conrad Peters J B II Purfaot Monaieur Pratt J Tabor Prnley John Plitt Ueorgs Peuree K U Pen .ington Henry Piaott Oeorg* Peck 8 * Philips J Pries Andrew Petera Frakrrick Pituher Bolom W Prxigle William Al? PrS'tnn Win Prioj Daniel Ik Co aton Petticoat Edward I'igion Peirru Porter Rufns Palmer Albert Price A (. Pomroy W 11 Parker W allacs Pinaer Birnhard Provincial Pan Plaatera John J Pictro Brignold Porter Wm P Paul Joseph Pitkin G*orgs I Power John ParkerColund Powers Jthn Puroell Oeorgs Pru>chel Mona Ponti Paul Pyne Capt Peter Parker Maur W <t _ _ | yuirk ueorge ynin-ara u u yuillnan William R RijnoiJuW Reilly John Ryan Dennis Kai.siett Joeeph Reilly Stephen Ryaa Michael Haj nniiil Jss Rresu Charles B Kyan Patrick Kaurdtll 11 U* Hwd J Shvlduo Rj enon Jacob Jf Remod George Reilly Thvinas Ryder P?-*r Rtilley Francis Reynolds Tlioa B Ryereoa Petar Rcdrauads Ttioi Kw? W 3?iHr,?; Russell Tiios B Reilly Jolia Riley Tliomae Robinson T J Reily Patrick Kikt e? Patt Rune W [| Iv^ei kf'> Rice Edward Rogers Joseph Reiiihurdt Adolph Riardaon John Kotwrts A Reynolds James Riornnau Robert Ro^ri Frsdk L Rutting JohsuLes Kieley J R 'Ur.son Jsmes Reed James F Richmond Thos Rigtrs Wm J Rlieia A'1 an, Rol.inon George Robijon H i Keilley Jkiues Rockwell Rollia O Rocker B Ritchie James Roclaren B Rioe Albert A Ridge Joba Rockwond W B Rossbotnaa Kobt Riehardson WkSon Roger* Wm Kosalv Peter Riernan John Rudders Win T RoolTe Richard Riddle Mobt II Robert Aime Rosa F K Rogers I augdon If Rogeis Joha Henry Honey W Robinson Doot Rooerta Her John J Roy TUB Roberts A Rohertron David K Ruheaeatiaa Deaia Ramsey Mr Ropeuliurty DrJYC Rudledre Htiscli Raymond Geo A Ro?n T Ryan Timothy Randell John L Resaly Petar Kudilph M m Rattle Mr Rosaaans V Ruhl John Reed William Rowan Janei R<aa John Riley John P Ronrke Patt Ruets Willi Reilly Patt Rowo Rd Mutt f U Reraier August* Ress James Robinsen Ueerga Stack Eugene Bawyer Capt JosW Biota Aloase Stanton Mr Btratemeyar George Secouat k Ward Bwahey Biephea Rrust Stooknery BeaJ Sandford A Bhaikey Jas Strong J F bands Suiuuel B Bchwarcbe Capt V Surotuate Alas Sanfurd J b Bar telle '.'apt W M Stuart f D <ally Owen SwaisyJoaD Button T K Bprague Capt Da- Bawyer Cant Jo* W Smyth liaary Tid-it BchreiaerJo* Button Mathew Btahl Huge B?ger Geo SuiythUa Spalding Abel St. aley J S'hutlr ti Bawyer W ai R SpalteyOwaa Smyth Joka Barapue Patk Bpelyhe?* Jolia Baler (1 Shaplaad M 8p?4rmaa W D Bmyih Mathew Shaw Nathanid Bpellaae Vaario* Shuts Martia Sharp George II Bedille P P buel Usury Baraga K H M Reels Joah Bykes John Bertell Capt Wm Sevlly Thos Stmoiis ('apt Nath'a Spratt He* Andw Bvhaerk John L Blingrr Jas Bawyer B f Bherwoad Mr Strfnghaia W Baxton Augustas* Spencer Cfas D Btri-kland Capt Sartell ? apt W M Bpearer EMS Skiff Pre.ieriok Baraga El; ah Stephess B Mmith W a Slausor John Sherman BJwd 8 Smith l.u?* Sharp Time Stesaun Baml F Suiith Cornelias Sweeni y Dial Bjeyer Albert Smith Chae K Seibeld l?h*id F S? huildt C 3 Smith Je.<eph beabrook Micholas Skinner Henry Smith Geo Urcwa Shie'ds Ti.oa Smith Joha Spesrman W D Btlae Andw L Hmith H Beo.rWm M.Usr'ihos bmukJoka Bwataey Mr Simonds W Smith Joka Bt.Huj t; E Simmons W Stiles E S Brheele Edwd Skn.ner Henry Swith Thos JelferBprar K W B'tnpsoa Fredk son Sierras Henry Bills Palneas B Smith Wm W Shrriaan Patk hhrimptna Jos Stith A B ?J Speyer Albert Simons U N C Stoddard R 0 Speiiot Ik Held Smith John Scholia* Joraal SoheLk Wm Sliu An hibald Stole has E Stern Mr, tailor Bmlth Edward Stohsar Fradk She) herd John Smith N K Stokes Patt Stewart J 8 Smith Patrick Statt ','hae W. 8) eri'srd Or Barn- Siirr ^elson Stolilmever Fraaola bin Bmi'h Chan II Bcjtt Fradk J Pun'd ligioel Smith D*ul D Houl? Dr I l<k Cl Strieklat ilJWA Plinth I>?d1 U 8tun*btr?ar A4aa 8inin>nn?T?orrtph?* Smith M Boott k flonnar* Stanley ll*nry Spittle Mr, Delaa- Schoolcraft Una Sandford k Hro ey *tre*t John L Salii k (' M~1 Smith John Soliut* ir Bl Clair Archibald Smith llaren* Smrtli Thama* at Shanu Petir Smith Ja* Math*w S^ambolt N Stock wall Henry Shutin.han JaiM Sa'ifbiiry Sar? I Stoddard AS Smyih Hanrr W Sl.arroek (lao Bchm>?r??e R*r W Schumann I ~3 Bohl Tbmnaa Bynan Michael Pan it era k MllldoUr Schoanbarior I F 8ylr?*tar L SI?tt*r> l>aal Bnhr.i'ar H 8 |.ttra l.e?,* Sl av John V S toe ?.tale Joa Binyth llaai Sharkey Adw S*atl Kraatn* A Senll P R Bay W P 8tu? laad Theodora Stall o'npt Th?* Sawyar BL T Tfcktebar M m Tarrart J 0 Thnmpann M**a Tama Simpaon Tn>lor rapt lit ra Tron bridge t apt Taylor Andrew jiment Thoratoa T B Taylor J Low Trnlar ZtUhmaa Tola* *r Taylor Saml Wm Trrat F.-? Ttx kar W H Trayncr Jama* Terpenntnn Daal ThurbarUao lhain I'arid Thi kbroom JaU-a Thtill Michaal Taylor ? apt A BU-TirharUoa W Tnrnar Nahaa'l ? nr. 2 Thonpaon W m Tobiaa Mr Taylor R Thompson Gao Th??aa Wm A1 Tenaon (iteri# Townlajr tdwnrd Senior T'nca'lrnt John TnrpRm ThamaonJa*! Mr Thompaoti Mr, Ck- Tawar Jamai L T aha Mlehaal tharlie airaat Tboaipaua Hannah Tiflany t Thompaon Albart Tn.?ma* John W m Tilden Olirar A T..? n?and John rf Thompson > B Tharna J an r a H Tnmkinrn Jama* Thorr?w?a.,d Uaa TcmpVlaa Jama* Thorn pet a Wm Towel D^ald Tli<?l?<>i Jamaa Toonaend llenry Thomaaon Joaepk i o?td David Toiarton 0 Thoratoa HaiJ Th?mp?on KaC Th n.p.o* A A T???i|uoi t?li*?r Taylor hilkanaaa Tod Jame* B Mr , Taylor Al'?n*ider Talk .t I'atrlak To >k*y Jol n W II Taylor Fenrer B Tliomdlka J a-net F Th naa Jaavb Tatbot lliram Tumltaaoa Henry Turner A Ca Ta< lor T hoinaa Thoraajoha Inrmm n JuO Talbot Join ?t Thontaa Coaaidar Tnppe Allaa L Thatohar Wm ^ Underbill John t'rqnhar' Da* Id I'rdar?ooJ | N V tatoa J*n?ea o*a| (leant* F VaUallaa taraal Villartidc l.inila Vf??l?I)ltlp? Valtnti.i* Jaa A Vrreland llottoa Valk J A VailAll.r-? Valiac* liana Vopel R Vlala R R Villa Alexander* Valla Antoala Van Vandarbalt 11 0 Van B'tren A L Van Vle??k A H V*k l(?.. h Fr ncl* Vandarbalt J hn Van tN-lan Thomu Van Porknm M na Van Brnnt D? Coa Vai P|>ra klaoq Van Bearer Sjlr'r VanNtatranu Jr Jno <i*ark* A W W baalan Jaaiaa Waddln(ton J?n| William* Wm W allimann Frad'h V?al*hJna?I WillettaJa* Wallace J a* WalharWm Wilhiena Wm W alah Jaa Wallar John _ i'ha* 8 n ei'irnr ' ?o w a>?t?ll Jno Bull wtl??ii AO 1 * ?II?T * in Wahledorft Jnllaa Hil'iana Ju I Waiter Mtrh'l Waliiat *ai? I W Wtohem Vr * Mod* Vulilili Jh Wild Daniel I * elker l< J C WaH Hf, l?th it Wil? n Cmmitt Woi'in J I iCl Wattle? "in It Wllr >i H ifi; Walt fn Wmrt Hal Wile^ n, Brra* a KlltfiUm H Watann Jli A l.nyd Watdoo Dr A Wetkia" KHw'il A WhitdJF Ward Hcrntril * ?n?f H? W Whiieh*?4 D fl * altera Jnlia Waitn na Hinh'4 W httae'ier J O Warrm Ward lion White Kov f R W r|i|. ii .Inn Welah Jimol White Cheater H ?'lif >r Mtate it Weher 13 II WhttBJ ?'? W?UJe? Welle lutn WhUtaora Janktnn * hoMrn Uliai W e her Htaphra While J WaiM Ailem J Hhnlorlr * Bl Winrtmuller T WI relet H B Wh. lnn Jm Wn'td Dr Kir* * hi Ion I **a iidor T ? etaa Henry Wende Prsacld W elrr Oed'k Wilms, Tbnmpdem Woloaa* Chad M Wilms Jar T It i n W.,lf t >?. M ilktt.ena Oeo RiIIIibi It P Wend Or 0 R *HO"l> llmtj Wi1?nn (lenrfta Wead Jnaaph B Wr'jM Jr.ohsa Wil">i? .lea C Wiwida f'uklm WllfiB Willie?I Wll-a'Soo Wnodhrtdra W A W ilium W T W lion U L Wi??h J 11 * tllt?ma lit Pool Wright J hill Wurd'erJnha W llilamr J< ?*?-! W hitaker Uon WiaidraJaonk W iloi i> Samuel Wl Itmnre Ja??h W?<,4? J?ha ? ill- ?i ?em'l I. Win?tn? Thnmaa WoodrnfT R H Wi|n<ana Jollaa WeatkerheaJ Caft Wnroeeter Iiw'4 W illiam* leeao Ira Wno<t?a Honrf WtUienen WMtemenn Wm R WnndritfT l,>maa W ilium I Coat* Whtto Jnha M W?nrt Hinteoa * rlgl I Wiaoa Rnfct Wnnllrt Mm ;ia W'l-oa*IB II Wietio* I>ari4 W nd ArHo i Wirteneoha Ca Whittle Chaa Wjor O W T Tnnaj Jamea Tonn? Jot R Tewdall Jnha _ * _ XlvlorJnooyk 7.i?t? Fr'-d k fraiiH /.ehr'elie A J ZoatmeyerH 7.imm>r Ir, Kelaar Meina buaaaa FnH Tknmpora at wai.uAJi r. RRADf, F. a.

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