Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1849 Page 1
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T If NO. 5653. HI6HLYINTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM Nicaragua and the Musquito Territory. Attack on a Ittusquito Town by a Party of Americans. THE DESTRUCTION OP TAB YILLICE OF QUA1WATLA. The Course of the British, ftc? 4M-., Ate. "We have received, by the arrival at this port of the brig Marian Gujr?*, Cniit Read, from Belize, Honduras, whence she sailed on the 221 ult , and albo by the British West India mails, 6omi highly interesting intelligence from Nicaragua and the Mosquito terr lory. The advices from the Mosquito territory are probably the most exciting, because they bring to Us, for the first time, the intelligence of an attack, raily in September, on one of the Indian towns, am! its total destruction, by a party of Americans, vre< ked on the coast. t >ur correspondent at Belize, in dttailiug this affair, states that it ha* created some excitement there, and that the Moaqmto King aud the English agents were taking hrtiilnvits, and collecting $x yarlt information, for tr&uMiiUiinn to Lapland, for lue, probably, in the coming "sharp corresiondence" between the EnglUh and American go. veiuments, m rcftreuce to the navigation ot the IS^an Juan. Among the passengers in the Marion Gage, ia RI). Pitcher, Esq., who was engaged in the attack VII I lie IVJOtF'lUIIO lown. Our Nicaragua corrTpnrHencr throws a flood of light on the affairs of tn.ti country, and the policy pursued there by the American, at well as the Lueli.-h, government. Altogether the news i? important. Although about two very small nations, the occurrences narrated may lead two powerful countries into seriou? trouble. Bclitr, I'.ni., Odt 32. 1*49. on l.\t Hinjuil* Mitrrpmmialit)HI ?i?ttiup?trd?.1n *J+>ri in I'iim/ TrtacKrrouilj fVi rrktd, and hrr C<t*r Rubhtd hy M? S'tHtti ? The f'illaf of Quam- H'atla Urilroytd tktrrfor, fr, Af evont* on the VIopijulto o ?a?t have u*uintl rather warlike asp et. I h%'t?ri to Uv before you the f>l|ow*cg facta. anticipating th< uii'repritaent.atlnn which is sure to find ita way tia V.t./lnnl After a eojoura of cna year on Lb* coatt. I haw V*co ne perfectly familiar with the Bii*alat*oi>iDta foand to tl-e Krcg'Ub paper*, j?*p#cUrg allalr* here On the 2vib of Augunt la-t, the Ammnii trig ' M. < Draper ' w*i wrecked en the bar of the I'rtnrapalk* Rim, (one hundred tulle* serth et San Juan.) tbmagb the rlllaoy of the pilot, ! who mad* a fal.<e *tat<cneat a* to tha 4> pth of water on the bar. Shu waa at>?od<>n?d. after every e(T->rt wai made ta save har by tba oaptaia and paaaengert, 1 <amoDg*t wham waa your aorr?*pondeut.) the goods aavud ware put a-th'Tn and all band* camped on tha baach, uiider the aail* for eofertag In thi* emergency ' I TOlnntecrrd to proceed to M'ara Rlre, thirty mne? to tba northward, to cat the only veeeei on tbe coart b?longing to Mr. Haly Alter r-uiainlog there a few | ?ay* awi cane tbat our camp bad beta attacked by tba Indian*, and robbed of proviaton*, clothing fto. i baatoned down the c?a*t and found the report corroborated and tba oblef (Admiral Sako) priaoner. but ha soon eflceud hi* atcapa apt 1'raper of the brig M. C Itraper. nent a deepatah to " (JuaniwaMa " tnelr Settlement, that if re?tita'if>n we* not uaade In three day a. ha would attack the fiilag* HI* demand wai aheeded. and. oa the eipl ratio* of thrae data, a dorla (or long boat) wax manned by Indian* friendly to a*, ?>il tlia w aaatiiari w aa>au<l ai?*th aaanl waae ?*#b??*? defecHire weapoa*. took pa*i?a*e 1 r Mu?tnT?tl?, | Alrtant thirty tullea la the interior. '.Vhen the landairataa for ?uoh they im-Nf in upprna'-hioj up the lagooa, thay r-mtuird. well knowing the errant wa vera on. I poo making a landing we dtacovered tlia village nearly deaerted. a f> ? ?b"ta w*r? fired. without effect. i< far a* aaoertained. Tba boueva ware tb?-a ffrad and a a?ana of eon'u?t"n enaued. Tbe Indian* of our party did atK dr?Ut till arary hooea van mnrusiud. and the onea beantiful Tillage of ?|u?maratla ?ii bo Bora The party th?a returned to tha breach and no other attack wae made on lb* rami; I and altar twenty, two day* uf eitrem-> auffertag. thj 1 paaaatfcra and crew were pi ked up and taken t? t!?U *>lace, by tha aeboouar Sarah 4aue. of Cellge. ' p n thl? new* ot tha ?aek'.ng of V)uamwatla. being <v>n?eyed to Saa .loan da Nicaragua. tbe Moa?(ulto blue and hie ?oa>alMi?arr (Vr < natw? ) praaoedad aptbaoaauto Ftintapalka. to $. I tha eridenne la Ibectae ll?i obAainad from ?lr II. (thaaame Individual who acted aa ' pilot, and lurad tha brig to her d?etraation.) a felae ao<ount of tha waole iflil' acrtening blmielf aad making | *l*e ateaanta la almost e?ery particular. Heb it'la.; arldaao# waa addoaed. end hera tba a fair r?at<i. Kfideaoa eilate. in abundanc*. that tba real fact* are at above *tat?d. aad ran he produced at any time i bare keen an eye-wKne?. and an unwilling participant in all the uafortnaata oemrrenraa nine* tha wreck, aad, aa aa act af juatlce to all. make tba above atata ant ot tha caae. I have no doubt tba affair will be lagerated. and rapitai m tde of it, Id Injure the la?. rl<*an-' a.i the oaat Aa apt iirapar aad myeelf *atMa , the Marioa < >ege far New Vork to-day. you will hare | a opportunity of a mora fall detail ul the whole nutter Toara truly, R. D. P. Onr Mtaraguan Carrtipondtncr. Laoi i>a NicaaaaVA| Oat. 12,1149. .1 ffTmvrH in Oniiii .faience ? P-rlSer iHvf fep'wn/a 7"W C tui ir a/ (A* l aired Sfal?i. 4 c. Kr'a the tone of my pravloae torraapondaaea, aad ftoa tba laforaiatloa I hate communicated to you from time to time jca can at onca pe extra that It la my belief tha latere ! of tha L'alted Itataa hare heea aadly dlcrtgarled In thia ^narUr Inch ia tha fact ladeed. thla part of the aontlneat ?wai to have been eelaetel fey tha Amaiicaa government aa a place of traaeportatlw, ta which to *end broken dowa party hack?, for Ha nrpc of gattiag rid of thair laportaaltiei. Ai a eoeae<jn?Bca of thU neglect of American Interacts the Brlti-h ageate. hoea, ahrewd, and well paid aad Tarted with large dlaaretloaary power* hare had their awn way, aad doaa preaiealy aa they pleaaed. To tha Intrigne* of theae agenta may ha aearlbed tha dlaaolatlon of tha old republic They hare bj>?a tha principal larltari of tbe naaeroae dietarbaaaaa whlnh hara tafcan rtlarn tad ftrm ahliih thaf hif* miBft/ffd tnrrafl dTaatage* Tbuy klfi MWMd M to get th* nuotroia State* ' ply Is d?bt to th*a la rarl>ui way?, and %Ia done, they bar* bloakaJed th? carina* perU. ?aatlng pi Ml meiopullM ["bej bar* la r?ilt of fact< Bad* lb* StatN beggars. aad IttraNlfN rich Far at jilted aad relying upon the eoafaaloa wbloh th?y lb?r.?el?-? had eraa *d to divert the att? >Unn of other tktl?a? from their tluf aontaeaaed, many ?y?t?? < ( ?! ' r'*i'km)ii aad agtreidoa wttta th- altl eiate *-k|<o ot plating this magal <l<*ea? actloa of the roa'lio-ut und-r tbrlr ?'>mplete control. Id f>rW af this. It Is omy Dc>?-ar; to refer to tba KttglUb e?tahll-bment at tha Balls#, aad the ?ub?el?*nt protectorship rot op over tba ludiaa Mosquito ktag. by wbirth the I.Di|li-h pretend to ba?e enquired rlglit* erer more tbaa ?aa halt ot tb* tcatet of lloadu Tax and Nlearngna I'ba later selture "(to* (In# l?iaad of Roataa. whlrh command* all tbe ii|'p?r port* of Castral ,iir* rl'-a *? another step la this gigantic scheme of fraad and f>roa No* all ot tnls in.gbt ha < ? b??o avoided or predated. If yoar gosernmrnt at Wa?h trn had ta*en more fare of American Interest* tbao tk"y b?? 1 < ?i - - and had *?nt ?,;-ot? who would Mva di'ffar* u their dnlles. in??ead of drinking tha trine aad eallng the dinner* uf ibe Brltl-h l oniul General In Una'smalt If saoh a *oar?e had a??n follow d all tkeries'gns of the kngliab to wbiah I bare referred, atould hare b?n fTur rated This syitoin of p >ll?y >u ladastrloa*ly pnr*ued. and Ike I altert S'ntes looked oa and permitted thoee aK jti ?.|on< to be Miner<1 up. without ral Ing a (lager la oppoelllca I he coaeei|ue??e *a<, that vbnl tba war hiteei ? tba t lilted 8<ate? aad .vlaslnu br ?ke out and When It herein* apparent tbat tha I mt?d State* would receive a lart* slice "f aew territory oa tha ranlfla, vhtrb would In all probability. reni*r the e?n*trartlen 'Ta oowaiualea'loa between the Iro ocean* na oaeeary. tba P.ngl<*h put ia aew claim* upoo the part of tha Ma? ,uito king. I h*y then aeeerted tbat hli tetrltoiy eitmdcd bank ta th? rdlller*s aad down ard to thr I nth bud of l'ana a* hill, f* t0? mil; p"? rli.dxj k^oh rnf-rrl ( ia?el?tra m> f?r im to InrliKta Lb* .-f >an Jaan, tli? \U?nur n f tb? piffntd great canal wi*tm tl? \tiaatio ani and roiiiaiandiag hoiiia AofordlBtfly. I* jftnvary 1MB aa artat-d f.,rpa arrtrwl from Jt aloa,< ut a>i/ t>r?tlni< dwitra lan of knti|l'???, anl ripall-d th? Nl?ara<u? *?iib..rltt#? fro? that pur>aiag and attacHlng iba? ? tba rirtf. aad ulciatli.* loraa U> 'w Kut- on on? of tb- i*ia?<1? cf I alia >>raramia Tb?T <fean a ??rt?4 tbal tb- tor T*UTj at tha k ?K rc?n-l*4 mp tba ton Juta E N E MC I river to tha SvniLf.liiul. ilmni .>n?. ,*t n.. from the ooean to the lak?. But, uihse^uentlY In i"^ they found it more convenient to pi to* it about for inllea higher up; unJ they accordingly issued iq edi to that effect. a; ertlng that the western boundary Mosquito was at th? rapid* of \la':huov Now 1ft ti* com* to other KarN in ISi Horn* Auiirlcau elttxen* began to negotiate with tl SOTernmeut ot Nicaragua about opening raaal 0 ?r>oner did tbis gut wind, than the Brri-th Co till (ietivral, Mr < liatlJeld and bio sutordinatt oonunenred bullying the government of Nicaragua 1 forming theai. in no very polite meaner that no * rang*merith for passlug the San luaneould b? mat ?itbout their noasent and that Nicaragua oiu<t ? that the Briti?h creditor* were paid by the prorUloi t act contract which th*j might malt*. Finally. a Amtiiran niini*t?r ramv here; ami a short time aft hi* anivai. he rti-ct.Tered that the t.nglish had desigi upon the we.-tern coant likewise, and eoute>np!at< riling the Que Uland of Tlgre. commanding the (iu of Pouetua *'>metioie'called t anoh&gua and commarii ing also the State* ?f 1 eutial America and tha who we*ttrn coaat. from I'anKoiato Maxutlan and San Kra oisco They were ab >ut to *eUe it aa iadrmnity f ome alleged debts due British subjects. b it the uo rlran milliter concluded that he would be beforehar with them, and negotiated a traaty by which Tig Island in ceded to the 1'tilted State* 1 n.ay add. it in well kuwvu here that Co* a Rin? at Guatemala are essentially under t ire'gu lulluence. at the tornjer hai aiade ImportHDt ce.*?l >n? to Ku^lai in return for the protect ion of tha Uiitinh crown i'l goreimeant ban be. a bought up by the Brtinh agent and Molina Minister to tvuglaud, u a mere to >1 1 Kngllsh bands. It iw, however, doubtful whether tl government can procure a ratification ot their ba'gai fi.r the people are indiguaut at tb> lr proc edit) " an the govt mueut ha< rt sorted to the extreme measui ot bedlehiug *ome of the leader* of the oppneitioi among whom is HoulUa the general in-chief lnd*e minors are rife that there ha* been a revolution as that the Uriti?n party ha* been put down. I rLar. write again at the earli.'H opportunity. fMrmiioi or a --The notnriou* Thnmai' | Cutiiiiugbam was tried id Boston, a tew days siuce ft , robbing a>oung uian in that city, on the '.:4th of Sep ; tember lust and up^u hi* couvictlon, made tbe fullo* ! tug remarks and cnfeMion : It hat long been iny eari : tt-t and Mueere object t<> pursue an bouest lirelihoot I butlhavabten followed up and uojufitly used by th I authori'ie* I tiled to get an hoaeet living in No | York I out looee from my old twioclatee and coit l ruei.ced a little business but the police under the dl ! reciton ot tba ' hiel Kept a e nrtsot wa'oh upon to j bouse Next, that bouse wa- taken dowu aud I bad t i mum mi tunimr out me p .Iiom rollow d aril walohe . me ?till I a->ked them why they puraued me ?, an they raid tbry were ?<:t: < uoder th? order* of th 1 < hi>f aiiU we made an appoiutuunt to meet him tc | gntht-r liut I went alone Lelore -he tiaio ?et, aril nu 1 deavored lot-atl-ly the ( hii f that I ?i; endeavorlog t i get an hcLept livelihood tin would t b<*il-Tc me aoj | then ?>* The Mayor aud wlien hj he.trd my story. h | ia<a he believed I uieaut to change my aoursa of lit. ' I hen I met the p >lioe who were watching me aud wen ! ?it h u.h to the < h ef .After "iu? unim talk be ha' 1 n>e look, d up on t oni* old cbar/e* that I bad given b?i for but couldn't get a trial. I wan kept lo pruou. au< the bUflc. * ? 1 had commenced wa* brukeu up tnd ?i the ni>au? I had were exhauxted In teeing oounrel fo thece (.Id umtter* I'ben I oamw to Hoe'on intnudini till to puime an bon??t livelihood. but GtMilda't g? lull bufiue.^ a- rutted me. mil Here I am I don' biari.e aii>body here 1'be officer wa* uiiataaen in *ay I lt<K that when lie te k the g'>ld piece* IrosB me. I toll biin I had no more money a^out mo But that make no great diflertuce eince the money wae found up n Die I an fully .a'UL.4 that there ll no peace for th. wicked and that the way of ibu tran*gre?eor ie hard It l:a- been fully exemplified in my per?on. aud in a] rltuati. n here at thl- moment I am fully rwnolved ti ri.deavortu purrue all huueat court* of life, if ever h. uid be re*iorrd to liber'y I tavo a family ? a wifi and chl'd- and ha?e good friend* and leiatirei In Ne* l oik (Here tba prisoner baited in hia remarks aui wept Having rubdti>d hi? emotion, be proceeded ] km w the dtfl'aultle* I Khali have to meet ('hey ban ft", din my -ay before After a man uu< bowu tak?r up and ei^r-hrd hi* eharaoter la loat. If he grta worl ae a nurhantr or at aiiy b"u?*t baxtur^i. hlK prnvi. ui mthlortuue, being known to many perron*, s >on rea<*hei bit ?nipl?jer and be l ine* h i altuatloa. Tbl* in th< difficulty in the way of a tuan like me to returning U b'lieat employment Bu*. I am determined to make ai ffort, if I i-houid again have an opportunity and I eac pay nothit g more now than to throw myelf upon th< alemtacy of tt>? n art. I he pi tooner wa* now aentenc ed to four year* in the State prlion The prit mer'i wife ?a? pieieat, and wept bitterly whan the neatenoi wan announced It tanuppoted ihat *be did out kno* hi* rtal cbaiactar when *be married him. Tub lama* Diri u i l ri?-? n CtatM?A anrraapoodect of the Detroit (Mich ) t'm f tba IVlh tu-t wmii %from Han't Ste % arle, under data of tha l-'tti iu*t. ibji -A good deal of eiciteaent axiet* in tow* to-day. eltiea it b<-aama known that a party of ?lxty oi lore ladiaaa from the otb?r aide ;audaaiue from tbl*.) beaded by tba twa McDonald* and .Metralf left on Friday nlgbt f< r tha ifiebec Mining l ecapaay location with a view of taking po??ca?lon of the aauie, and drlTlrg Bonner and the men nnder lilw employ away from the work* What may be the object of the leader* I know not, aad what may be tha reault ta atlll unaer tain, but cl tbl* wa are aure. tha party have gone armed both with f rearm* and wblakay Joe Wll-oo the oo|. lector on tba cth>r*ldeof tba river, left aom<> h'.nri after tbem. with a hopoot pa*alag tbem lo tha alght.and naohing the In time f warn llonaar of th" d*n g?r taking with him four men aud *uoh ar a? aa be baJ about the cuatoHi h< u. * I! he aannweded the attaak log party will prabahly meat with a warm r.-ceptiou, il not wa need aot ba ?urpr!??-d to b> ar of bloo<i*hed anc plunder Wban or where It will end. la a <iue?tlon yet to be derided ilaon. bef-rettarting. *eni an nxpraai for troopa. By wae it ia th -ught thl* *tep baa be-i taken with a view to brlu^ the Brttirh goearnment t< term* with the Indian* In regard to tli-lr lan.l* hi other* It la thought to be aa espedltl.<n vt VoDonaH and Nlatcall to reveuae thatnaelvea < a tha (Jni bee n"opti for Injury. r?al or imaginary. Be khi* a? It nny, lb< affair In *eri?u? In mora re?peot* finti on* Th? damage to lb<- i">iU[any. should their hand* b? drlrei off would of Haelf b? an Imp >rtaot Item, b<lt fnut what *f know of th* Indian character, In there noi some mum to look for trouble on both aid** of tb> rl?er' It I* veil known that wb-n in Indian ouo? g?-t tat?* 'if blotd and plaadar ha know* not worn t< toy. and do?i not unnrtion who ar* friend* or !i>a* until b? la eoa-jnered or hi* thlrct It tn?nehi"i A C?*nt t'.i*y ar* the dupe*. yet they may become th< dart, and we niay. before wa ara aware of It, ba li th* aildtt of aa Indian ?ar Tub Ndi*1* Taot ai r? i* Fi oaini ?Tha Vew Orletn /*>.ey? nt of tha 1Mb I at' ba* a letter from Taoipi Bay utidar date of the M uit . which aay* ? Tha ar? goe* on ??ry aluwly General Twiitjp bad a talk will tha In J an* on tba 1Mb and bn eay* all wa* p*aea; bu ba 1* gotag <>n to make hi* arraa?eni*at4 for a big h'int The wenrral will But tall what ooourr?d batvaua bli and ilia Indian* I bare it bnwrw from one tba know* ail that happened Tba tBit'*a- came la a* th* proni*rd. and |ai> up tbrca thorala hope tb* tbi* wtuld buy their ^acn and prrmiMloa to ranial ta tba country; but aft*r tbeOeneral ha I got tbetbre prieoner* In abaia*, ba bb1< a!| the wbti?< go b?low, oalj tba Indian* hUnaair eod tb* Interpreter rental tin I in tba rabla ul tba *!eambnat. Ha tb>-n t iI Ml In dlan* that ha bad totna ??ry aopWaeaat nrwi for tb'tn tbat be bad r*?*l?ed oed-r* to rernot* th?ra from tb eonetry, but that bn would pay thwra to go?ao mu* par b' ?d. ec> ?ucb p?r ehief in. On baariag tbi* tb , Indian* lookrdchop-failen rb?-a \a*lB?n%h, tbaaaoon la r> maanJ to Hani lone* Bod the eeoee- Keeper of th chief* a* wall a* ?pok**tr>an of tba natli*. *ti<od n ad *aid - Tbi* I* what I told my people lla tbaa ?mi cb to op?n LI* bo?om gaylag tliat if tb* Indian* ha taken hta ad ?lee tbe m?n who war* there prUonei raid be free a* air, tb*t ba kaaw tba wbltee wool deceive them fbr tbe white* were alway* liar*, that til white* Might If p to hell with th ir uir.Bey for the 11 d an* didn't want It; they wanted their aod??'>ul ha" it and c-**r leave it aM?a. The I . n -?) ha* .jor to tba * Bet, la arranglag hi* ntatioaa, fcc aad for a Wa eaa ?**. I* preparing Tor a big buot Alltttl. W * Hart-aea raow Ttli*?r. J. M. led, who formerly resided la Harrliharg. bi wr'.tteB a letter deerrtiling the avaat* which led to h arr?*t a* a rebal. by tba goverBBjent nf i i j?a. for h bar* la tba lat? in*arre<rtl<<? lla wa* flrat Impr u? d on a charge of bl?b trea*<>B by th* gorweam-i of I)ira?t*dt but (Ocoexdad ia eanaping to Kraac Tbebreaklsz out of tbe bad*n laturrec lon indin* htm to jnla the reeulati-'nary army a* a prleai . aoidier lie wa* aonn made an ald-de>*amp to tl eomaionder ot tha (ierman Toliah Le^t*n. with tc rank of flint llaBtenaat. aad in t&l* capacity wa* I the garrieoB of Rae-tadt till tbat f>rtree? wa* oonpell* I to furrmdar, attar ?la?a or two month* f or al vtnlii b> *? eonflnad, uh otbaf*. tnd ?uff?r?<J tt etnal trratmot At langUi ha waa r*l*a?* through th? lotaMantlin of our it RmIi H ?l tarlai.d. I hi* |Kti?*i?? lnt?rr-?d*d with Mr Don* M,l U ^ laakfort. wBu uhtalnad hi* nlMM ? erndtttfo of kll lasting Kurop* foravar, without d-la; Mr ftaek'n fathar, wbo Hill Pluag tn th* B'l?t?*t party, r*fu*ad bin an J axUtati'* but h? at l?n#t , rant-had linn* baviOK l??tararjtblo* ha pnwmmil hi a trno? full i t k??>>? blob ba Bad laft lo t'lasp* Ui oiianl. at Havr* ra,l?d bim a poiltirnl adranttircr. an . r?t?r*d hi* *i?l I* g-U'ti* hi.i fraa i'???*<* noru?* tt Atlantic, but h> at laog'b mdfmd'il Id getting a pa *ag? on tba ?hip Hxkart I'nrkpr. /'*>/. liuurtm. Sot 'i Th* 8t Logli Rrjrtklirnn. of tba 17th !n?t njf Tba w*nth*r continue uiifnrarabla. and notMog h< j?t hpati dona In th* w?y of packing p?>rk S >om tr pattia >?J bvtaiao 9K) and <xiO baad, parahnnod * tr tl^Klnw at a now IkIdk *lai?gbt?r*d, prlpa* patd fi I ah'rh wa utdf-r-'aad to ba ?? ho to hut i thaaa ttf ura* a vary light hn?to**? will h?. 4nn? a?-1 i *r* at? unwilling to itnati >1 or at farth*?t f3 II, tn If ?t. ** pantiot h" had at Ihl) rtl*. tb? buainan* ?l fall *?*? Wi'? that f 1 ia-t a?a>nn (log*, to i !tmt > i.umtmr hata b<an?ol<iat M 1? to ft M) 'lidding r I Vtdl lb* but nothing, ao tar at w? nn l> arn ha* h?? d"a* onrlaa tb* pa-t taw d?j?. u?al*n nra aattn f< r a fa?<>rnhl* turn to th* ??a?h?r and tba t*np?r tor* will havato fall aaaaral d>g a? b?tora a fair p?u ?t>*OMIl ran ha aipaatad I h- mar* at will doub laa- luil) opal at oar .|B..tatl*a* tl li ta %'i tQ Tt?* ?'^*m *aw wild and lartdann* of' o< (i R t.ank | r*ar Mrnrphta ann , w?ra d?tro?ad br fl'B oa tl of tba 10th lo?t Lhw* Mlw*1 of wh>ah #t.i* > ?a-p<.??r?d hi to nraboa Ik* *upp*a?d iMtnilti I ki< K<? tmaitl W YC )RNING EDITION.?WEDN m NuYcmriti of Imllvlrt uul*. Nrw FfK<?C)l Mi.'HTlB TO TIIK U"ITK1> 8r&TM.'?T If we are well ioforuitd. ?aj? the Journal Ju /Iter of of the 7th ic?Unt, \l Unit lw Cerate, who wai ^ reeni'l* appoiutrd Mlni t'r frcoi Kr?nc# at Washing ton. Iim eipitwoJ tti? wi?!i of obtaiulug u di(T?r?n ? poet, and !t>ut h? intjht uot be eeol to the CulUii D* 8ta'e? It i* swertid that ther# ii* an iutnutlon o n'_' putting M de<>r??t in but pla.^e.a giutleman who hai r- for long iud? dicchaigod ihe dutlei of Couaul Uenera '* to th? United State' a ail nation which he U*i fll!? I with hi nor. >a a*bit*i. ?>? uiaiiv.tiiiikd Ui:a\:ii llurtiict ?9<' "r v>Tal i iermaas of great reputation, am theia n?*i ,,j and wotueu of di-ttloguUbed talent, L.ave arrival Utelj lit' iu New Voxk, rrluj> f? from their native land when they have been airuicgliug in raio fur the oau-e 01 l" librrty anil dtmocracy. Among th-?? we tiara hoard "" tbi< name meutlomd of Madame \nogln aatxt Prot.Mnoi l,r Krccbel The tirvt in lady of noble form and floe unn< " Dfi? eminent tor her literary talent* The lat'er wat ll* a profahnor of mineral- gy at tho l'nlverel:y of Zurich f* and a friend ot the diftiD|<ui?hed Baroa Hum it >ldt, W? hope tl;et not only our most eminent < ierman r?ai lv? deuta and inerchnufit, but Americana alito. will unlta id do *< methi jr to allegata in an bounrablx way, the j inevitable* of thei** 4l?tlnguiabnd refug-ei 18 We think there cannot be a lack of protea'orahlpa nuU ; other riniilar honorable eniploj menia whion it would ? b- well to offer to men 10 ewiuuntly dieting?ii<hed and '* i talented We bops our Biont luMuentlni aud highly , rei-p cable Oe'Dmn ritir.ene will more sp^ecl'ly In tula l mallei, and do h<<m?thlnii ppont*tieou?ly f.>r (u >ne who r" | bare been ready to lay down ;hel.- live, for what, they J. domed the good of their fellow cltiienn in Oxruiaaj j AKiivtuioi MkHuckiorl'onuii ^ it WttHmarui,? I Web*-ar<f tbeanlval of the following uaiue* ninui' ber- of 1 cngieot In our city In adduiou to tboawt bere| tofoui announced, vii Seuatore?vle?rrn. Tb >m i< . ' ( or?in, of i.iblo , lleory Hodge and l-aao l" Walker, of J' UIkoou^iu; A C. Dodge and U W. Jones of Iowa. Kepn aentative*. ? Merer* W J. tirowu M Albertaon. aid 1 >. a. h itch of Indians; W Thom^tnon of l0'>a; " j har'ee H W lliiam*. auil *?. Watkln-, of ienunaee; l" It, 11 Stanton, of Kentucky ; E \) Baker of Illinois j , ; K. <> Spault.tug. and W I ndorbill of New Vork; VI. ! 1) Corwin i. D. <'ampl?-U, I. L. Tayl >r. and I). K. 1 Carter. 11 Ohio; W ll.K tn of ''onsectioit; J B Unw. r II- of Mlwourl , J 11. (handler. II l? Moore and J j , V Howe, of l>nnn)l?anl? ? (.'num. N ir. 'F 0 1 Gmeral Robert \rm>itrong, lata 'ouxul to Liverpool, d | l a- arrived hi* home in Ma^bvllle, r?tia. d lien John t* Uatnea. Governor. Hon William Strong, ? | Judice and Oucrue K llauilit >n. S?oretary of .v a'.e. of 1- Qwyn with ibeir faniille* will aaii tu ibe W s v(><aiu. ' hbip Supply, ftoin tbi* city on Muuday net;, the J? 0 { protliuo. ( II' 11. K* A Thompson. Ind ; lion. G. M Kitrh and n : daughter. Ind ; Hon W A Whlttlevry. Ohio; S' J. 1 Porter I 8 a , VV J Wood*, do.; J o Pa'kn. do ; t 1 Cep'ain II S >.rwel|. do . have arrived in Wa.hinjton 1 ' Hon John M Bott*, and <.'aanlu? M ( Lay. were at 1 1 ClfcclDiiati on the 'i^il io?t. 1 ! Hon (ieorge W Julian of Ind . wa* ill on tbo 31?t 1 luet.. at < ntrcville, iu that State, with hemurrba^e of r the lunga f I olone) D*lio?y (J <"a-r. lata Minister to Con^tantit nople, wan In Philadelphia on the 20th iu?t., en route t for Wafhiugtou I I Ktuhloiiablt liitwlil|(cnvc. , ' Pmvi'ik l)iari.?v Amuiu ini L'o> ?r bortto*.?Tha ! Boi-ti n M?i< of ytfterday, speaking of a private toiree 1 at the houte of onr of tha op per ten of that oity, MM ' The mansion of Mr Daeoa > built after the mint approved t ur< traa rty Iu. but iia outwa'd *ppearance j ie a> P 'tiiiLU n-nl to tbi internal beau', thnt i w?lu upou tne e>e id me epeotator 1'be furnit ire I* ' ?< lid ina?'!ve. and Onmhed iu a atjrla of ei'iaielte fpitndor. t> 1 that Ki-diua could deviae ar tha labor of lueu could perfnttM. * hereto beieen lnter?p?r?ed ? lib ' 1 woike of art and utility fit for luiury Itaeif to revel Iu i Ibe lampK. banging*, mirrors, ottomiaa, cabinet* 1 ' tablrr. ai ur?pery are tteyond coim irlwn aud no tilth great <-oc*?lon everything wae dia|>la>ed ?lt'i ? , | Uatetul aod uaepsilcg hsnd. Kigbt rooma ajoruad t 1 BiOi-t la>lebly. were thrown aprn to vUltera; and it } would rimi from the animated couvsraaiioa <hl< ' th? apirit ot ibe tceue auggveted. thai Hie vlxttera h id ' \ WrTi tiaiiklnrised to the Arabian N'lgbta or the fablxd ' palara of ,vlad ilu I'bi y aioeiled In their regal finish, tveo the ! leuob or the (ierinan ehateaus of the pre . | ram uay i o? variou nana wi-ra Driuiautly lliumioa l?U aud an old powdertd. eolorad cliamb-'.alo, with r ni? i rr p> e!Iu. aud ?'.? .i> p*ot ennduoi'1 ch pliant | lu fcini to tha taUm of rnraptlon fha g?lw and Tail) u- ?iitraD< w?>ra a'i-? atlaii'W by Wnll4rai. I I ivrvautt w L*. luiinuuo d thegna.-ta Tt<- bai.quat kail *a? by tar tba mnat bt ilUnf of all. and ba? lb abtindanoaaad rarlaiy of dt?b??, rholca 1 alatioa. aurt tba moat t?< Htr< Ar a'taudao'* oi (La paU'.a. I ?? tbluk b?an MjiuUlad ta tlua it^uatry l'n? r? kn> ? nut whlcU uiaat to *1 jma Ibn imOBnuM plaudor and ro* tilnt-M of tba plain or tb? ohotoa rdib>r? abieh llaty roulamad The Qrat wara of gold ; I aau at|??f aara I Ighly tint* d' blna. grand Voht oiian ' cut gl?M of all nolor*, aidoboioa candalaaraf, blob ' dai/.Wd ai d dcllghtad : - l>?bi ld> r 1 bv ladli > wara mada doubly happy bj tfca pollta and Hr?nMr ?lti'ftii.n o! tba lady of tha niaual >n, Mr* 1 l>?eon whnaa dina ??* i^ua-nnka. nod xtia hor- tba . honor* haaptd upon bar ?ith tba gra?? <f ( lvop?tra. . uot-ductlng har??lf with great tfMliitM and wUb bv1 oajli.g dignity j I 1 ba O and tba W i wara praaant. and by tbalr c' D'rrWtxn ;?H' llfa and >nt to tba raaua Tba | I lair katrotbrd of Ml W bung oa bta am ta tba gay ptt aittiadr l>.-kit>g a* ibamlu; a? tha fair mom roaa on ita par- at *U tn. Tkitf atr? alao prarrut tba A?- . t'.a J??. and tha anlabla t family, danubtar? <>f alrtua and beaiaoitaoa. of wtion to kaew U " d< light with nan; a hi art fa IK pleasure ' it? ,Vi?in W lo< kfd Uka twin nh*rrlaa anh.alth fill no bo. labia and au Hgraaali>a to arery ona around thru Ho I am that una of thoaa gay ladla* In now batroibad to a marcfcaut of graat wealth wba will. If r>port?p?ak? trua laad bl* fair brldo to Ik* hynii-olal altar, and to a manaloa of lutiiry, of wbfch ba ba* latrly b?c< tan poa-aaaor Rut lh.< cyinxura of u*l,:ukactM fjaa" wa? tba fa:i J f L , woo, p> aaitlug la a rrrat dagraa that ttataly dl/ai'y , aad prida fir ableh bar faiully ara prorcrbial wa* imttMiMMWMtl tba gay bait?rf!i?a of fa^hian. wbu altarnataly bankad la tha *un-hln? of kur "Hilla", aud gatberad larpirattoa frnm bar llpa. Uuaaaa alo Urpt a? a >ha4o? la bar patU, hiatad to ona or two jr.utbful V tara tbat tha b< ait of bar i ar lady" wan D t at ail aaaoptibla to tba Wndar nac-nn <f lira, or any pa>aloa rata that It wara atbartallxad by tba aolvr hand of raaana aad judgMaat ibla ba a* It nay. Ithfie wara mora than oaa wh > fanco 1 a r*n']a*?t aad to Mr. L II ? wa ballria tba palm waa awardal Allar lit* r< ;ia?t. wbleb waa batiti ing an atap*tar, a graaral aad rptrltad erwaarration took planr. tlm rooua wara bll-d with guaaU, aad pralaa to tba H.lli t Dvaao wa< rlfa on tri.ry Mp 1 ha company paratad loaf t t-frra tba wlu-blnf ->ar all d?l'ghlaj with wliat triay bad >aan aad wltli uaarti happily wlm tha luatra < f a rrana tbat maay yoara will fall tu aradiaata. Ilnmralla Mlarallanyr. I Rlrbard Al'naa wax wurdarad a aburt tima liaoa at Maeoa. lit. by Janai Burga Wiiilaai balalay aa? aiardarad at CoaaaUjTUla. Pa , i a faw day* ilnct by Joaapb Klunnall. Hi hart Wallaaa waa arractai n?ar rklladalpbla. oa I tha 2Atb ln?t h?rg< I with ftaallng a boraa fr-w aad tUag flra to tba itablaof. lobnSali?>tlan Tba monay ^ ft r wblcb b* ?old tba boraa waa fouad upoa blia. '* Th? < f Otnriit bu ap|>'4uu4 lh? 20th r , idit ? a da? of general th?n*?gt?ing ll A ttian uamed T bouiaa ha? Ih-*b arraatad at St I.aali, I hiilni Id bl* pnaa* *lo? on* buodrad counterfeit aol^ dler*'lard warraat* II ' T%a *t?aiub?-'at Kate Millar wa* d**trovad ba Art on ' tb*17th tact . on tba llatehi* rWer Ilia tiililn ' alih aottoa. '' Th* at Darlaratloa brok* la two on th* 1Mb ' ic>*t near Tat Valada I.a . aad Mink. 11 i Tba cotton ptakary of It K L?a**a? at Moblla va? destroyed bj Or* oa tba 1Mb lart Lota. %3 buo A Mil wax raportad id tba Janata of th* 111) not* La? g1ala?lira, (ranUna tba -i atbalio Sltara of ' barity" " fldOiO In id of taalr Orphan Aa<laai at Chicago. I" Patil*t N Dlakeroiao, of Vi? Bedford \la*? , C?* rat? aoaarad tha auai of fa MO agalaat laooM M Oraraa 1- ftr **<!urlng bl? wlf* t A bill ha* t ?en latrod*. .ad Id th* Alabaaia I a tor*. r?p? altng ?ba "*"iiai'i law" of th- laat MM d . tararing ?o married w?m?? their *p*ra?? *atlUa. ta w >1 Allm. LID baa baea alaated Pr**nt of la Olrard ( ollun I bHad^li hla ia ; Tba iap?rr?*ort of Suffolk count; bar* p***ad a i or. n dinaar* Impoaing a flnaof *40 upan aay per* am oat ol >1 tba c unty who ahall catch porgiaa from tba watar* o< i Ixathold and 10 for taking aaW Loak oat for a rlaa >a |d Sab I Har,c?b Bnrka, tha grandmother of a ?hi. I flra I m<i>'b?r|d a f*w nigh'* ataca kill* 1 It. wbila th* < a?otb*r bad it n* to a daooa, by tbrowlrg It ap?a th? >a 1 floor and breakiaa it* baak T (tot Nimnj. if VinnMnti hu ?atoa<1 a bill prori, dlag for tha eiartloa of cr>nMaia*toaari. to prepara a h I code of law* for the territory I ' Th* youDg man Implicated In tba nvird-r In *nn ir I *tr*at *b"iit a year rlnc*. and who wa? a quitted hu 4 barn arretted la Philadelphia for robbing a Jewelry '* atora - Kranklln *naiar? baa raao**r*d a rardlot for %2 MO I agala?t the Ohio Staga rompany. at Cl?rel?nd fnr laJiitim* reral?*d by tba up*attuig -f rnavf tbelr coacha*, ? through th* r*re|e??n?*? of tb? driver i* l.'ji to the ifth la*t , tbara bad krr? na lea at St w John N U ie The xaicunt *tolra from th* u*arf of tbaCaaidan f PhtiIi 1* me?r*alfin<f tu So fA.87.1 ?l Tktn ??n tl la (Imioi fur tk? *Mk ?lilii| I tbr V4tfc Id't ><1 1 b? Mi;if of MM>H?1?a? irpnltlxl th? Ittb laal M ill i?j ? ! ?>n?ral thaafc?gl*lng d At xplowiou <4 a m?lo'>r ?? fc?-?r4 In N"Mh''ar<v >n It rid a a#o and ???r?l flten of Iron w-r? 'i> plakxi up ml il?' ?opp >?t <l tn hr portion* ?' It Tb? U lr.~|wl ploro ? ? found In ' abarru> eonaty. Writhing * '< ' n po?r,<t? II *tr?ek a l*r*o nlno trao lying n * tj?? w?n?. tfc.-nnglt l? htrnntag it In two id I I triil iMnllH oartli to tb? dopth i f thro* fo?* l k> Rnprctn* t o?rt <?f Torainat ha? roooatly ^oc'ilod ifcol h Arm Joint hn-ln??? la th? altf of * ? fork ao I o ?l.o, la th? Slat" of V >rm?nt ir.Ml< t ana'raat tl'k aa l<- ti,lr.?^pr to f .r-* rl htm by "? '? c?mor?. vpiriti W tMrll Ikr) Id'* h? tat?-nd>d to ?-!! la ?l"l?t1.?a of tk> ry llMM la?a il Vrraioa*. aanaut r?o?m tm prtao ?l t?"h ytdtft la lh? roartt af V?r?ort ^ R K B ESDAY, NOVEMBER 28. i Annlvcraary ofllw JlewVoik !$H>lcSociety. [ Tbia Soc'ety b-"ld lti 31*1 anniversary last Monday . c evening at the lit f? rmeJ Dutch I'bureh. la LafayaUa | i Kliini', A iati?e audieiine as.'en bled on the occasion. ! Tha chair wa? takea at 7X e'uioek, by A. U. Walsh t Hiq.. l'(?tlileiit of tha Society 1 A poukn of tbe Soriptur'a was then read by l)r f De Wilt. Dr. Adams il.t-u oller d up a suitable prayer. ; i The aunual report ??< tbearead by h H Blatuhfjrd, I Ks.| ,4 oirei-pondiag Secretary of '.h< Society. djiiTt d the following Interesting facta from the ' I r?por'10 4ti4 tt lumen Lute beeu cli'tiuU. r J aai >u< kaacum duiing the pa.<t year. XJiJl volumes at the enteral naval nraiMue, lll'i Bible: ami ' ' utx at 1 the military stations. Inhumiueaad ortiaiual iu.tti1 tulii ns, 7 016 volumes i'M bli emigraut.s arriv?J here. , r among wbout a liberal di-tributl >ii ha* been ma le , 'i.MZ volumes have Deeu distributed ?moug Sunday j Schools Sum total ot the aunual distribution of liibie*

' in .New \ oik. 1* SO S7W Kibles ' Mr Alii?m i:h Smith. K?h , the Treasurer, then read tbe t reasurer a report, which described a very riroapetoua Onauulal situation, showing a o.uiatdera'vle neteaae in liie fund* of the Society i Dr Hiiiimi h llltii kildlrswd the Society upon tha i advantages an 1 superiority of the Bible above all other books In philosophy in jurisprudence in 1 , moral*. it excelled all o her !> Hike In d-iscriptlve ' 1 : poetry, tbe pago* of this book are superior to the gfeat . pi eti Hemer aud Virgil. It ia wonderful that the na1 1 tlon of the Jews should have produoed a bona superior to all other nations; a book which has ipr>-aa light, ' liberty aid prosperity where it be* preva led. while dkian. ? despotism prevails iu tbe Oriental na1 tlon* which have rej<oted It. Where the (lag of Columbia n> untuiird. this is out palladium of tn? past, aou our b- pa for all time to oouie. I'nie Sfletety 1* eugsgi-d in the cIiol latum of thi* valuable book, there lore this <?ot'l?Hy ban special claims upon the public patr< tia?e. Ameiioau ehips carry thu uietus of salvati-i. to thr dai k nation.. ot the earth l he poor beulg'ited people of foreign countries come to our ships ft r hibie* aLd ulaep tneui to their boeoins with joy igaiu, this Society circulates tbe illbie auniig i tie cmigraoU who land brie ISemly a million of theui arrived uera last year Tbe Bible will put down tnetr superstitions Tbe truth will banish tutor , l'rote?iautism will put lowi all against 11 ; the (iod of tun Bib a will yut dowu all superstition aud error. tVti.iu the Bib'e Is reau without pontlOcal e*eg*sla, it make,* |t<slf Uuderitond by all people borne p?M"?s h?ld llial the Churcb must b? Mjuared b/ the Blhle. others tbe Bible I by th- ' hoiuli tki-k ?h? . iitirci is rlgtit. and wlit n the bible does not ajree with it the Bibte is wrong IV e ray. t*ttba oibie be tbe nt.?ii(iai*d ; let us I inierpret It by common note, autl it will give luht | '1 h>-re lk etlti a oa l for exertion ; our wora is aot d >ne jai. In 10 t'M lamilir* l.HW in Naw V?ra are found by the colpirieiirt- to b? wituoat a rtible . >rt m? city two y-arn a.,o. was |<j iy supitiied I'oe word wul 1 be ended : w? mu?t continue circulating th<: dlble uu; til i he la-<t day Ktiiil aril v. Iir 11 tbeu moved ttiat th t report read be approv rd pr n vd aud circulated, waioh resolull.'u was 1 adopted I 1 1 HssuLli 8i.t>a. E?|.. the" addr ss-d tha laeating, I and Offered the follvwiug rraolution I I ' llMlil,.,! l l .r II.. iru -,r,n.l.M..i. nf I I? turrit aaioug all c a?-?ra of ma ouuiiiiilulty is a maa-uc* ( eniinautly adapted Ifc pra erfa civil anil raltglixia II barty in wtli an to MttiOllfjr and ?|ru the ?ouH of ' ni? u." :Mr S procaatUd toenforcu tbla raioluMon In a it ruin ! of eloquent reuiaika I'hi p?ru-ll of the ttlbln fi??nti? h waa lie had narer kuowu a reader >( lit Hih'f ilikt ?.1.1 ?1ml i> c.llad ? low iu*n Noutcts I *11 dowo to the perural cf thin b<v>K without rialnj with bn mind expanded It lurDi*u?a culture b >th lo tl'k head miiJ he lmait. It tea-ib** r?*ereuow tor I be < kriMuu S?bl?(h. which l? the foundation of all pub tc acd private jinmjiHtity 11 u y*tw| M|M | Li'lota It Ita leaven In that which h v> uprtUed ; tb*pa<pie It will eventually ?uooe?d la can-lug hdniai ri^LtK to be eniabitrhed 1'bU b >o* ought to bo ' imparted to all I he days of our republic am nuulixr1 ?<l. nhrD tbl' book cb?M c?w tn be our enart ami > gutda He In a toe to liberty, who would eloaa tbl* I book to tbe people rta* wW* adanul-tra-loii will add i no glory to It-elf by Tiola'mx the Satib?th i'?o tn.Mla ; I \?e b?to traunported froui lam c?'.y 10 Boston on the . flabbath day, V.r 8. continued to b**tow a loa< , euloglur-i upon tlia Mb!*. Ainou?c oth.-r tilings In ob I Hrtrll that if it bad not. bwi for tb* character of Jezebel, la the HHile the bard of (Too w.iutd u???r ! have b>eu able to have dia?n tb* cliai enter of Lady I % a. t,?ih The raaolulloa offered by Mr. Starr wai than put by tbe I hair and carried iiuaniiaouaiy I t Kiim, of Bmiod, wia then introduend to, and addreaeed tha wealing He had alaaya been a great frii bd it ptoUaeWd W ban you grt good thlii|ii lo hold oil. He would ll*e to harp talking ; about tbe lliMe 1'ha loru and baliaf of tha BIMm. ia not ot pbilon phio aTidroeo Wi> uiaa' not our tnutnlee without wi< untold our teellng* tha eat I mate of our b-ait*. We u.nst >ra It* light and feel lu bi-ar. lite U>? ?uu. '1 at in the arid'nc* \ ?u unit ah.-tkii (tie I I'roi $ pillar* of .UboTkh't tbroo* brfura you cwo put | it 4.<wd I u?a tha ?m? a- jay ayiti-ra. and trrry m<rrit'g taka a t<'it What* wonderful li* ht It i 1 a beam of llxht! Tb? alrtatad fr?ltuj< it pr Hlurwn ara a'rality' ft U awful thiB{ for tboar whod?ra>ay t to any aoul " you *bali not rrad your f aturr'a l?tt-r 1 Wr powrM a woodi rful tr? a?ur? a wondarful poarr of reproducing tb? ? liiuiFn of tbl* b'?>k I'bat 1< tba pr?M I ba rafonuatloa and tha pr?n( daword togrtbar Tba Utbla d'<taty cow* brtwaao <? >d and Uian. to belp ttrry aiu t" raad tba word! of (??4 It i only ?ay*. "How uaay hn tbouaaod dollarn ara waiitiuir to oirrulata tua llik'a ataooK tba Ariaaolaas ' 1 bry ara tba \ ankara of tha l!mt Tba work la half 1 doaa If tl.ay gat tb? Blbla in tliair tongn# I'ln ra i? ' graat drBiabil Id India tour tbouaaod dollar* ara aabluig tor that work fr ranoa ti itrat?bin< oat har band* to U* for tba Bibla La- t yaatr wa gaaa thara i Iru tliou'aaJ dillara worth. Now thay wast aor*. ' L'r Klik. ocnrludad ao aalroutrd addraaa fcy ao a|>p??l to tha audit-ura toooetrlbut* to tba funda of tba aoolaty. , frajari and alngiog; war* tbua aiarolatd, Md tba j BiiaUnK broka up Hudanii Utrar llallroad1 IJawra tloiimi Bnvrtf, ay ( Him Cri-auDiIng that y<>u baloog to that portion of tl " adlturlal corp* who ara tba fTlaod* of tba traralllug puhlia aid tba animifa of aaary kln/1 of luip^ition I I aak tbi Indulgi-uca of a little eofner la yoar world-raad ' jonrnal rtmply to 8'ata a f?w faota and grli-vao-a*. | wbioh I hope will utrrt tba aye of tba diailngulabad ! Pr??idrnt of tbl* ettnpaoy, Jama* (Uvirrcan who ougbt to ba C'lQpiiii.^ \tj tha public, a< a puaUbaeot, to pal a ot> r litla road aaery day of bla life until tba a?> ft ftrfftiiffitinftbta will rinit atih fth? PJT ha'Ion uf lt> p%**?Bf?ra P??kakltl I* thai iwBlaM ot U?U Hidm Rlnr Rollrood for tUa praaant and o<> d'uU wben tt In la op. ra tlon ooword tb* oecommodotu oa ood orraogatu.-uU will, to tba ?ary 'ema proportloo. grow wore*. aod iaora nnmlrftn tboaa who will bote to paaj oanr II I.*t <ti* following farUipaak l<>r tMma*l*ea to the Pr*el! a*nt liootdof IMraei ore, an J ao Impartial public, aod tb< the wbola d>algo of tbU rough bat true, akatob, ! Will b? a- roaplUbad I.aft Paekakiil oo Tuaa<iay ofternooa. at a juartor of two.OLd orrt?*d ot Mog Hio* at twaotyoa* minute* | <1 thrra, atopped only tbrea tlmaa oo oaeiunt of tba > angtu*?the whole Jlatao-e twelve nllea. f.aft Sine ting at a 'iuert*T of three o>lo?k. atopped nnei to rapair tba et?afne aod arrived at Tarryiowo at fir* ujnut<a p**t thrta o'oloek?tho wbolo ilUlaict (l?a wil?? left I'arrjtowo lor .low York, aod orrlrad at Thlrty-flrat atreet flfteao mloutea peat four o'olofk; da-elnad ot tba depot oo oceouot nf ba t aoogamxot, aod wore* orropgamefita. oatil (uortar of lira o'rlook, aiid rrMbid < hainbera atrat t pr*ola?ly at flae o'oloek I Juat tbraa aod a quarter lioar* e< ?lng from PookaklU I to New ^ ork nlty; i!tttc? ooly forty- 8?a mile* I li It aorprlilog. Mr. I.dltor, tbat our VtloUt?r to Aoatn* ?h"i?ld laal tod'rnaat ot tba HudaOn Rl?ar Kotlred aod ahonld eall the attention of Ita Preatdaol OOd hard of Dlraotora to the t ad management and ?i'n? arrangement* of It* ptooa aod aparatlooa. kmM n~ *. NW. it b Folic* InUlltgrnr*. .1 Stmgular ('***.?Oo the police returo of th* 8*r*?i leant li ward, r*oder*d by the roptolo of tbat dUtrlct to the 4 hlef of Poll**. *a (otlcHt thi orraat of tlotooder Mitchell ood Margaret Mlteheil oo oeborge of eotantig 0 bona* ood ataollog Vi<>0 therefrom i)(fl??r I I odorMll Thla ta oil tba portl nlar- nt forth oo tna ratoro lo oooaeqoeoee of thla Inf. rotation we coIIkI y??'eiday oftarooon oo Joatlce rtapaon. befnro wh 'm I tba prl?>oara ought to ha** bno brought lo order to oltrlt all tba foe'a ood porticolor* la tb* ooeo; bat, ' murh to tba aurprte* of tba Jontma. oo prtaonar* by tbat noma, oor any other oo aocb eharge had been brought bafoia htm up to lira o alook loat .faring r Tfcta ciraainttoora aaama to bo rotbar alognlor. oa It la tba duty t f pntleaaon oo making ao arrant on oh*r*~? , of fvlroy to brli g tbo prtaooara no rbargad foribwiih bafora tba Itting mogtatroto or *hao arra<t?d ot otjht, It la tb*tt duty to takatba onouiad parttaa tba following on rntog l?afora thanoort. lo ordar 'bat lb* prl?on r at ay ha?a * haoriog. ood b? Jl?p wad of by tba roa| gtatra'a oa tbanarlta of tba ?o>a may olnit loat a l ! of oblah. oo return *oa mada of tba prtaooara on I tba may If t rata woa oov ovora tbat ooy orraat of tb* kind bod tat an ploca. W bat baa haao dona with tba prlionart' tt by doo't tba pollaa roof' rm to tha rnlaa ood ragulotl?n? told dowo In thalr book of Inatrurtlooa' .trjnlof i f'uniitt?A man railed Wltliani Walah. fugltl** from t'a*tp"Tt Malta. ?hi>r* ha Hand* oh??*. d ?(>h hural?'T ?? trr?alad ya?t*rday by i?n r?r (IIIImjiU, of ihr Kmrth rd. on a eh?t(t of Hoi fngiU?a from that flute The ?m dataiard. lb otdar to b* ??nt ha-k again lor trial I ort 4*0 *mni)? -During tba rnjolclng o?ir th? - uipiMInn of t?>? ?|r? ?n*p?n?ton bril*?. at Wh.>*llng n? tb? 1Mb af tha pr?*?*nt month n*t larn?ntab.* ?OMirr?t?c? tO"k f?>a? a It app-aea tbat VU< *ary Hnik-? bad Inrmul an acquaintance altl a yna og nan i vl W heellr.g who ?' a tba h- art ot tlia youai; I* ly "lh? day pr?Tlo?* ta tha eiUbra'io?, the tan | >??r? alk'd to the npp>atte nhore upon tba nlra bri lg? I The father rraalfed thm latalltieaoa a?d o? theratnrn < of hi* danghter ta?a her a a?t*ara reprimanding, and I It t* mid a rliantWammt rh- fallowing day, imld Iherailrg of cannon tba *hontlng of th>* Multitude, i d tba dNrntNof muam thl< yruo* Klrl,*>nly flfteat y In r.f ag* walked (Mildly lr<>m hot parental ; I rol without at'endaara rroeead tba brUlge and from I thn lalaiid a>oun<l ? birh ron? tha ulkt, aad from tha i *laor b>ldg?.Vhren beraelt Into tha ?>^aia. Tha pa v. | > ?rfui rnrr> i>t mm rarrieg b> r b?yoah ail bapa, and la a fa* kulauiaa attar ha* K'til vat In ateralty ? I.Vnr (tn*<a'< ('?wan*JJVti n [ERA 1849. jj Huprcme Court. I.N ntA MBICKS. Brf. r?? Jud#? Kilair li. AI'1< ' RNEI> aitl.k'a I'lOW OH Ha1SK\S CORPfs, TO ao Mil 10 tun. sam'i.ukuky a.ndso.v,charoed with ATI FM I I at 1H KIIE i, a>0 FOROKRT't TUB SKI O.N D DMM Nov.'iT ? At ft lit tin utti-r threw o'utock. Mr MoKaon, DMrlc.t Attorney, nil i Mr. (iiahftiu (rwpr???n'.lgf tb? Attorney O'oerftl) ?opmr?d to rentnt th? appli <arton Mr .('lark* (?ho att?ud?d on b*b?lf of thu a<-omi>il) matiJ tbf clioum?tano** >'f the oa?? under wbloh the prinopri* auplltul to b? huld to tiail. whlob Iihtm been air kdy full* reported in the ll'-aul ami r.'? briefly these ? On the Kith Inst . th? priennera w*rn arretted and |ilar> d m rlm-s coutlnement ; on the 17'ti they applied to the niiiiit-tratf aud demanded an examination vliioli ?at iefn.?ed ; tbey then applied t') Judnt Ed rnond*. and. on tba ltith, were brought b- f.>r? htm on a wrll ot Antra* cm/nn. wh**u tb* Otnriot Attorney a??e,l for a po*ipoiieii)t-ut. an the Attorney Weneral, whn ha4 unemiun* 'rum innnnmnor io tui'DO to me was nuavnl diihlv ah-ent (roin the city and Jul** Kdwonds accordingly adjourned the hearing over Co the 2 id; briurru tlii' iibth ami 2'5d the indictment* a^aln't them win found and upon th'*e IndlclOJents warrants were i'-uril to tb? jailor The case Uax b-en reetiruol to Oyer and Terminer. and the purpose of the present proceedings it that the prisoner* he admitted to bail Sir < lark* Maintained that til* indictments were a frii jil upon the ls??. lie then rend the aflidavlta of the two Drurye and of on* of their cunt*! ( ourt - What 11 thai* Id *11 that, material to thl* *a?e ? M." riarko - Nothing, but that they demanded an examination. and U ??? refuted Counsel then read a copy of a notion which had been served on Mr. tlclveon, the Dlatrlct Attorney to the eflect that this application would bo made to have the prisoner* 'llsutiargud; that he would ln?ist that an examination of their wit. n#H?es against the prisoner* should b t had. and In cane thy fail that be would apply to the t ourt to di^ouar^e the priMOQerN without bill The Court- Wa< to understand that it was called upon to tie ide whether these parties can bs billed in eoiiM-i|Uenc? of tbe ludictment having been found without an examination, if be ehould eeuoiuda that they Were entitled to bail, the Oyer and l'uruiloer might decide otherwise. and it was not necessary to barn a cli^hltigof opinion*; as tbe Oyer and Terminer is do bear at hand, it Is unnecessary to go lato tbla ruse further now tor e?en ll he should held that tbe comuiltlul'wa* Told he would not discharge the prlnuauM til the f?v?r iv miner should deulde Upon the mat ter that is to come before them Mr < larke - Tbi^e pM-ounrs are not hound to have their application to bail p wtponed till the meeting of kny court. The i ourt said, an to tbe admission to bail, it wanld m ceei-arily involve an a mini mat I on which It was n>t or b while then to go Into, as he would hav? to do bo luaiu in ibe Oyei and terminer Mr i lam* - 1'heu we ask that they b? discharged with' nt hail. t.< urt? I have not time Mr. laike Then purliap.*. soma other Judgo may bave ?. ? outt then I dismiss tbe Au&?ai eaiyut. and go t* ii uia ott er jnd^e Ajr. iirahMt said they were fnad j to put it te a jury 3n N ciiday Mr. I ihi da?That one of the trlcka of the pro**iHtlrn to put the prisoner* on trial beforo wo are inormed if the preoi?e nature oi the charge, or th < witlessee that are to be etamtned against us; thst Is tbe way iu wl.ioh the proeecutlou can hop* to giic*eed c this care. Coutixl for the prosecution d-nind any ?ueh rnotlvi I he l ourt - There can be no an-h trick, beuauae I : >>11 iiot be able to try auy criminal cases in Deoauiber, >ut will take up the orluiiial calendar tbe llrrt Menlay iu Jaiuay .Mr Orahetn said a* he bad particular engagements >f buslue. s to altaud to it would be uecsaary to uulers'and tbe court upon tha' (object The District Attorney aleo remarked that it was a 'rrj material point to bliu; and wished to know it lie ran lo understand that h,- ur* d not subpu oa any witteste* lb criminal ra?? e tor the month of uecctnber' I bu i rurt < arlaialy; we bar* mad < arrangement* o tbe eflect. tbnt no nloiinal rases will be tried durng I i imlil but you will nod- rstaud that these pri- : oners (the Drnry) are to come up before a* in the )j er ai.d Terminer o? Mouday next at W o'clock. 'Mr. i larke Umsist that your ll?uor has na right, 1 .Etlti li.u is of tbi* t*> refu?e to go Into tbl? 1 litur uc*. fhrre are pat'lcuiar ri-Monn the'th*"* .ri*t>ner? kh"Uld bit tilBilltml to ' II. On the J?7 that h?j ware arrested. a po??? of ulUoar* weal t'> Urury i"u-. ami d. t-poflad lite property, without authority of aw: th*y !?" t'mkjr 'panil lott?r wltb th-"?, which rill ba nulmltj fi r the iWonre Where tbay are, we In rot know They are nut in the custody of tbe *lc>-r of ti e pcllca court If vtr. i-trury I* relca* d rem >rir0D ho could follow up hU proparty. The Coort - V< u need not go into any further reeeoa*; f 1 bad no other duty to perform I mi;<ht itt?nj wbere 1 ruil liberty U ln*ol?ed but I am in court uuii! hi.. rk r?nry ?1ay \ eaterday we waut Into a l a?a which oceupjrd u? until At* o'clock To sorrow I ?d the da; attar we will haw c usulta'.lcn* I Mr. f'l?rka aako I If his Honor could withdraw fr jat | h< b? iioh to-Biorrow ? ? Th* i I cannot do that i Mr Clarke - Or darote an hour title aren'.uf ? I 7 hi < t.url-l really eann>< I Mr l'!arke Then I will not prae* It, nn>r th* air urnt-tances. beca<?*e yon bar* giTan a reneon not In- j ( u'tltig to tba prisoner* but up >n a m?r? matter of Ina Cnun-al then eipr?*??d a wl?h that t>ie |.ai>*r? jikm from Iirnry'e h<a*c should be planed in tba eoa*dy ef tho District Attorney. b- wUbad th m ft lone rspon Ibla kraptair as they e?-ri- of imp .rtanie. 1 h? application to adult tb? priaouer* ta ball wa? 1 iberafora not eni attained, but If tba mattar U not !? Had by tba Oyer and IVrniiner. tba question will re- : rart tothli ecurt a/am lu|irrmr lonrt. HUSIUI. TERM. Jndgaa J one*, Kdiuoude end K I wards Nn? VT ? 7>f I'm/iU ii, Jamb ('irjrrt/rr It eeems \ hat we did not raco'lact on Mender, accurately, tba i |. f-tal' u ?.f the inpranie Court In tbi* na*e Tba low ; otie of voIah In which it was delivered prevented aotearing all tbat the nourt Mid It appear* tbat tba >)er end t erminer of King* oounty altar tba eonrleion of tba defendant, bed without any application on j )l> part to hi- ballad, fliad the amount of ball and bad ' iriDinltt'-d him tocuetidy until ha ebnuld tflea bail acioi ding to tbat order Tbe itatuta allow* a prU^ner. (ban tbu? eonairiad wbo baa taken a bill of osnap- i ,|np? to apply alther to tbe court where h? waa tried, ' >r to Jndga nf the Hnpreme' ourt to ba let to ball He tad made eppltratlra to Judge rdmonda for tbat and ba feeling bim<elt Bib?'a^?ad by the order of Lhe Oyer and Tarininer rafarrad the r)Ui?tloa to tba [ianaral Terra On the return of the erpni It we* conceded by tbe i>l*triat Attorney of hlng'e conn- I ky that fbat order waa Irra/alar and eold flat th* flu 1 prme Coart r*fu*-d to dleebarga him entirely, eo long li tba oonrletion by tbe aerdiat of tbe jiuy remained unretaread They raeolaad to admit biia to l^ail; and in "rtipr m m uip ri"upi inpr"" 111*7 it i *i? bill of axerpilonr to *iw?art?in whathar It ?t? m?r?ly MtiU'u" > r aha'b-r II ?a? ?o far arall ta ;?n Mt"r?a lar It Improbable that tba ronalntloo ould ba an>lalnid Obi) two, c ul of the twenty exception* taken ere e.lulad to and tl-' hi?f Joatlre la deliveries Lfead?rt?|oii paid that without expre>*ln( any opinion ? ta the oe^-aliy of oonalrtlng the principal of parjarr. b?tore trying tb* t'tfen'-a of i>ub<>riietl?o. the eourt Ibolirfbt the t rror of admit) I Of tb> wife ta ba a wl'.neaa atraiart bar bu-'*nl tat an gr?at. aa to render It |Olt? laaprcbebl* tbai tba ruo?: ii"r u ? ?:: I an 1 i't-? mi aid regard th* ca?e In the "?nt< light a< If th? prla t>?r waa caly Indirtrd and not yal trie-' and th?a onI l fla tba aa' iiiitof bail at the aanie aum whtnh ha<l hi aa ra julra I of him attar ladlctraant and before Vila llotela. ; uiitiLi inn errmrvara. Hot S I'. Tburaton Or>gon, Hob. O. ita;n?!iU M. | r Troy, lion J do H Tbnroian M ' . Wa?ran? o ; | lion H P MMtud?r M I . I.title Kall?; IIod Jno A. Iti rkwall. Norwich, Of. Thome* l.agare. ??u and daughter. South Caroline, aptaln Sbrlrar eat Lady, In.y Hanry Day, Philadelphia: lainea Murray Mallltnora; liaary Doyla. Baltimore; Vr B Boyle, Baltimore: Janiaa il <>ray, Richmond; J llaie ' HA.; J no Laptoa, > ngImkI; t H-her, Naa Orleeaa, R A. | Kt.ya I i>Had Mta'ea It O Hankie and lady, f lab kill f h rotbtngham and Wd? B*>t?: I II IVoai* rota and lady. Boatna, I ridge Sherawood and la ly Philadelphia, J M Hrrud^n and family, Virginia A. > B I umoilng* Philadelphia. Alexander Wlltlaa. Mlan?-a<-?t?; K P PlmpM Philadelphia II H Hunt, Ufa. 5"*; J04 H Mill. Plttab'inrh. Ta ; .leal Mt'lnry and anght?r. Troy; llanry C. KIM and lady ?<altliaor*, A. ft Vudga Baltimore, J L Kl rat.ra aad lady I'hilaU'ljlla; Mien HmiuW. I'hllade'pMe. < barlaa M. Wuoirott and lady, tiabllli. vara among tha arrival* at tba Iralrg H?u> a ve*ter<)ay K A Rt.ry. Troy; H ( *rt-r Philadelphia; K. C. f?tea. Naw Vnrk; N ?.IUt, Baltimore, K Praey. Philadelphia ; O H? <-kaa. II .North Carolina. K r?*raoa In). > Uilaf I ft; It II Hood, Troy; Edward Bali a Wlaotldn; Jf.rd n Mott Mobile, I) A. Hoee, tranar W a?htngtrn H II Rralt. Toronto, lloa 1 ?. 1 .J?. .. ui. i, a vi. u?. troi.l ?*re mug tti? arrival* foalnr lar at tb? Howard ItofM* tnith Ian > } I *?! a; Sol Siultli, lanniflra Bt?. ? ? Moral fcinatg aiory. IVna^ylrsala, \1 ?jnr Mfl( *11. P*ar*)l*anla; Hl'? ra Jaoliaoti. ivnn??l??nlt (' Lo?. KrhfBrot?i?y, Jon Mill, Pafarabnrgb, J Kaapp. loaa; A. IJ. Jaclt?eil V 8 A.i A vlilny, L"n >"o; I'ca II H 8?bl?J. Mlarxno'a Territory, I tVhtta. E'rtc.D, i aptala N .rria, TbiUdolpbla, llna l> 8 tarr, Bai'lmoro, A Hut f<>u'b <,ar?lloa, < aptaln Ihormaa hip \ orkohtr*; llna. L Ltvia, rblladolpbta bata ti.rod at tha AB?orlraa l??? H. floary P R < ban <11 or aa4 F f ran?. Dlract'r?< f tho r naooctlrut Rlrar Valloj BaUfaat *t* ?U/lt| at tb?i '. lintou IK'b I F?ew Citarr ? <? . ? I ba lirt| Wm. ( HUlt 'o|l??, arntod at tbu port tbl? niornlr>*. frooi I tatktaoftoa. I nba vhonea >.ho ?at!od < n ?b? *?b la* f apt J ra* ru r?# at ?b? Pf-baata. Wi?l tba traainll'Ur nf Ml* Wland ?a< u?d>?<ur r?/| ?? all M'?t 4 app*araon<1 hr aoaifcor *a? fa?o<aMa f<r tbo (roving ornp*, blob lookd woil and pro???od aa >?wa|> ytold BnidirM *aa ??U?-??I> laai(uld Tho quarantine ff|niia'loa* oontJaa^d to bo onf^rrod < a 4aorii>aa roaMlo alib a 4? frr- of rl/rr and o*a<*ta?aa rroatly dotr't. 1 at?ut*l ta \a.?rt?ari tutoraau - I'-tLa. ItaUriin, N**0x; Jribn Cr??i?ar inu l oa'od la th.. maH>r nf Vuliiti atf?i?yn?"', ?t< arraatad la ^?Uad?lpb4a Satri iar tfi^TBoaa L D. TWO CENTS. City Intelligence. fatiiic* math*w'? Dci'akti'uk ?vi?it of tiik GohHon Cuism ? Tbt? dintlMguiihed philanthropic will leave New Vork by the nine o'oloak tra'n. thii nomintt, tor Philadelphia, m runtt tn the Sou'h. wham heu r- cMnuien Jeil by hi* meJIoil aiifUvr to sojourn <f<^r1o( tile winter Ou jerterday eti'iiinif hn w,n imUi on b; 111k Hoot tbe Mavor and the Board of VU-rin-a, who B??euibied to bid him farewell and pr-t*aiv 1 hit* 1th letter* ot iiitroduotioo to the Vlavi,r iu i pablio authorltle* of Philadelphia fating that they o>btiilervd him not alone the gueot of the t'.ujplre i it/, but of the repub'ie, and hoping that the honuitalitr for which tin-South la proverbial would be l.'.era'ly extended to I he di"tinnur?bed vieiter, ibut hit waata acid wiihe* would he anticipated and every effort intd* to tender hi( sojourn there axreeaMu and ateful Alderman llawei preiented hliu with free ticket* for himaelf an t rulta, front the Philadelphia Kallw.iy Oitpaey Thin piuiu*" flr?t granted hy the Li mtoo Cnul paoy ban since haeu lib< ruiW cono*a?d hy the dimeter* of the \arlnu* lluea during li j recent eanteru tour. The Poetim-ter, Mr llr.*dy. ha* alao r-C'Vn'nH?<?iI tlm ruvi-reud k? in tin* special ootSi e of the ettlclals Id bin department la nkort no'.hlog that courtesy could xuggeat. ban b??n omitted to rnodor tie good K? hnr a reoobeetlon* of our city. all th ?t It* iu tell'gtint and public spirited oltlaeiis could *i?u I'll* venerable philanthropist eipremaJ la the wa-m?Mt manner bin deep fense of jrralItu4H for this Ulu<ln?ea, and on liking hla farewell of each of tie oirto function rVri, ft 11 much moved by the warui expression of tnelr aynpatby and frl?nd> btp Wo a>-e giad to pu reive that under th? able pro'encdonal treatment of Dr. Richard Hrnjer, all iyniotoun of raourreic* of hi* former daugerou* limltJy have dl-appit'd an I ? b"pn on hi> return ta Ne* \ o.-k In tlm Hpriug. t > Had bit constitution restored to uiore thau its pristine vigor. Eitiiia S? m )Oi s.-Tha lecture of Mr. Mn'tw, at tb* Orange atrret ruhllc I'.venlng School, 1%-t. ulght crowded bv the friend* of the puolla ai<l th-i reniilaut* Id that neigbb rli xid Vlr tellnara, " father ut the sys'em" iii Vow fork. was pre?eot and introduced tb* Uc'.umr. who gave *oui>' account of the ft >?tou Kvenlwjf School*, founded lu la44 h? foil iviug ?tati?tlc4 nt the Nn? V ork anboid* will b" found Intern-tin*: ?u I'D* number of evening cchoo!* opened the p*-t n?a<ofi, anil continued for tim term of aeven'een <ti t?lev?a for wale' and four f()r female*. The am 'Unt ol money upended tor their organisation ami eupport ?a< $'4.:'>y 78 uint there h?? beau *ll J pa>d on a aalauoe due on Urt year * account. making the total am emit paid $14 401 7H Th* actual expense of rmlnMint in* evening aclioola the pact ?ea*on after deduating the *?tioia'?d value of the property n >w on baud, *111 ha fouud to bo $!1 HOI 46 I'he nuinher of ti*an)Mira ? pln\cd In th'- mala aoboola wan (if'v f?or; iu tin fanalx, eighteen, in all. a??eot,v-t?ro. Tim number ot puu'la that eu'art d theae fchowla a?< f> 2)0 tnaled and 1 7'>7 fainalaa id all ??." Mr Mc'i-e dwelt lurnihly on tfca cectaritv of ovatlng iaho 1" and pointed out th*4r du njernUN advanta^na, partliola'ly to the amUran'. p <pu latloD who wer* deprived ot the b!e^ain<r< of *diioaii<?a In tbelr natlva laud and dji hu?o in t.iuia to atl?Oi| day ech**fiia I ha lartnrwr ?%i warmly applauded tbrougbout and at th??l??' rerelrei the thauvant the audimcn, through Mr k nllowa, ai.a thuae of lha pupiia, tLrouRh ttm prtuoipal, Mr. Klch Tim Ono Ken ?v?a 'tavlui;, aa all tlm woilH knowa, aalccted ihtir burial grcund in i'ypeexa Hill ? era-terr. the dtulicalion ot thu aaai" will take placa i T nirxday bast, (I'liaukrglrlug Hay ) at IVo'olock i aa n ^inttwra of tha Inai pi udant i)ra<trof Odd K?i| <.?,? I nthar* wbo art- intereated mn aaccrtaln all tlm u?o- ea>y information by the advartiisiDem in to-dny a )>aper. A limp VlMiranr a*i> Citia Hill In h tnar of (ianeral I'ajlnr, will U* fcifrn by an ai^oaiarlou for n*d for the purpose, on P??*dsy aaetnog tha Sth >f Kabruary. ikM) uodwi'tb'a apl-?n I'd rotllloo Hand la to ei<llv> n the affair wu h tlmir ohoicaat md?ia Tha Preal'iant aud Vice rr*?ld?nf. iJorernwr a id l.i??taoaut tioarroc r. 4Dd i:iauy other di<il0<'iu0" l <?itl> men tr< in dlttrri'Dt part* o: the t n'ou are in?it"d, and I* l? expacttd thai the hall will atcnl any other nt the ?ea*"n Tiie WiiiTRHAtt. D?a*?cii;aT A?ociATiott.?Tha iu' m Im r* !of tbla aaaoclatlon give tbvlr third auoual ball, tbla (Wcdiie may) evening at I'a'mnaiy Hall Thli aaacclatinn waa organUed In 1 4?t by the b >atBu n at M hltehall, for their uatutl *<aUtancn la c??e Df elckneaa ko They DUUll. f at pieaeut ab'iut oaa bundrad ucd twenty member*, and are In a very thnrlug cor.dl'ion I'be attandanr i will be very aa a,rroui a? uaual, aa all tlm tickt'H ha?a l>eea auid aoaie Jaju |i< n (irca ? At S o'clook on Monday evening, Michael Loon a "treat *weepcr wan run orer aud aavnrely. If not fatally injured In vinac.ln a'reat. n >rner r4 Mivingtuo. by liorae and cart 3,IK J lie em taken ta iii* r"Muvucr, 'n *wn it burn uj JJ i nan * Doty. Kma ?At half part 8 o'al-u-k. on Monday .?*eoiof a Em broke out Id tha iron (torn of John II. Ab 1.8(1* Water (treat. whlah na kkhi estlngul?h?d, with bat IrlQiofC damage Biarrim or * ' tMriiiiK Lui 1 >aiU?o? ban beK ir a *o frequent a *?>urca of ;lr?? ail oih-r a <ilJ?aU. that It I* eery quMtlonaMa wh?ib?r It* iad'aaaia<a?aia Bit mora than c mnterbulanaed by tbt nl/K-bi'fi it lu Bi-U aa at | ruMnt uir l On tlouday erauiu* at W j'alook. the juak ?tora l.' J WilVr mmit, <?ai i|'?irered to be on Bra by p"l<c*rnaa Crooln ced'"d b< lh-t bunting nt a camphcue lamp 1 >tU gvidlfd with llight damage. A Ti urn > Do'** Sraiaa?'Mugtfit lla'Vitt, i*riding In i bnrry *tree*. f?U down two tl'glit* of <tvr* yi-Merday and ?aeer?ly lnj .ired bar leg *.id in . th ir part* of bar t>"r?oo laurb burt. Hha n o intiijed to the City Hoapltal Fsli. Dow* * ItiTi ?\Kthew l.ounor a bo* of ab ut alitaen *??r?ol age obiIn tui> Mora of v|r. PeU-r Nat lor Stone (treat foil .Joan tu- liatnheay ?-a tiida; morning and put hi* ehiutder til el joint, He ru ?? * jrj to thai Ity lloap.taJ. A Naoao iiutirr < * SriiHuoit ?Yeaterday a negro *al lor, from (hat teuton. wu behind the wharf at the ler?ey I It) Kerry on tha Naw \ ork dill*, whan tha boat eoeitiig In itrurk tha ;> I laa aoil jammed til en al unet to d?ath III* rib* ar~ broken and ha I* lu a rery dangerco* ?tata at tha City iloapllal Naw Yo*?, Tuesday \er. Jrt, 1840. To fa n*a 'loarow B r**rtT f> (., N. V. Ilrlti ? fl'i i think I may Juatly a?k of yon to <i?? tha Mm publicity to tha euel' ? ! eard. a* to the Injurlou* artl la on whl'h it conmi-bta Your obd t ??'t, CORNELIUS MATHKW8. TO THE PBKHS *11) rilR H'RUT. HI* with (real pain and reluclanoe I bat I pr??*ol MMMMiN lh- puhl.fl oo a purelr peraon*! ^ .e^tUa The read-ru of neaapapera will b?ar wUneae that I baea rat down allabily, lor yaaia. undar aaaaulta and lareprev*titailona uaora (roe*, act re c >n?iaot and uapretoked.then any other peraon wbateeer bl* pr >fe(?toa ar purauit In ibia e->uutry *ad that, too when I h?<t Id my baud* at all time-* mean* to meet at any moment. and put ta Lain* aurli outrag?? I baea tadlvarly avoided any r?<M?attioa of thuae partly fr m aoatempt partly from laalffnrano*. but uta4i of aU from tba ?oaaalou?iDaaK of a blan>'leai i >or? aalk rm rellanaa on tha flaal jaatiea of the paoplx Bat, when I ?ea audaolou* alU^apt made by a naali^naat aad peraeTfrln* libellar. aa oro<tnlD|t a(t >rt nf an ai/ht jeara'career of Mliaaaiil nandaeiiy acalnat Ma, to aoapla mj name with eharg?? ol aa Infaaooa natura, affecting thf ?hara?ter of a t-'iirj pirty w|rb whlsb I aa In no way a^n" road. I am 'ompwl'ad ?<>r?ly anamat *elf reapaol. to break ' hi* loan ?ilaa?a, and to prr>BOODe* that aa-?allant < paoly, aod before tha world, a aowar I and a landerrr I rarer to an artlala l(?>-d ''L. (iaylord i lark." lately pabilahad la tba Naw fork Tritunt aad aopled aitanaieaiy la the papar' through the 1'aloa, In wh.ah I aia intmdue?t aad eld ap to trofflaR and oonUaapt. la ooaaaoti .a with etiailnai tK'k'ktioii a^aiatt tha author nf tti* work lately laaaad, entitled * Tha Llelaf Author* of K?(lead atMapiy baoauea tba writer of that work kaa thought proper ta eowiplimaat ina. aa A m?rliao aiathi r. In Ita pa?'? flurb lntr?du-tloo aod raferxaea U ma. a* any falr-jg Imng nan aad aaa. U waatoa aid loipertmaat, and puraly aa i lfort of low ma in-, daaUnlDK to arall liaalf of an npp .rtunlty to Ma i iay naiaa tbroogh tba eouatry In a degrading e <nn>?t|oa. If there ba an* randur Uianhood or *aa>e of fair ilaai lag Id tba Un tWo prof*. I ? * of tank ** hi? amplnyd that card to brand tt, hy ptiHI *hlng thl* my pnMlo pr<l-?t ajiaiort Um Injury. a* lly ? <tlf nnprovokad. sad aa tba ai<?l tia,*u<l?ut ? 'u'rlrao"* <4 aiallp? a*?r ?I(m< w.'l In th? anntl* ??f literary rrttteiMn. l? gratify ita aa*?rthv prixnyting* My r?paiaii'>a l? qnlia d?ar In n,? -I nara laTin^ ? b> nnrahly tor It th?lr? t<> Wa kmi n lr*tn< *'<4 ( Mrlrt t>l?kaa* la aboaa a>lvo?a-iv ttii* intwra>>ia * m malignant t otybody floundar* ao lai>ori.>uaiy aud ?* t*ntatl?n?ly b*for<> tba vorld I ?l?iak< rof ?i ?<iu #? f*a graatiy If thay bare It la th?lr ? > ?r?i| m?u thm raraoa 1>#U?r ir1nolil"? an l b?if-r an ion rORNCLILJ vi trilK r$ N?* \ art V T M 1M? Rrnnhl|n I lly InUlltMMt l oikiii, Monni ? Iii tba a??aar*a ofMta Mayor. ?br ha? g n* t? (V'atblagton for iu>* liaic, Pat?rlt Taylor, I'ranldant ocauplcl th? chiUr Tltara im a foil attan.l?M*a ' ' m?u?bar? Tim tr Ml Imt ptr ranird th* ?*t< oft*a Major, on tba ai>p'> a'ct- n. of ft 8. Morahou^a, at OmbiImIomt of t)>-<-da. wHiiyi ?* r?ftrrad to the Law ? oamlttaa A vary < pWlr.j dl?tuMi'B to< * i lap? on a petition from |)?r 4 *-aua-il f >r p?r?il?i< v to itit^r hi' brrtb-r in Mi?*' bur>la< art nnJ ?M?ih haa. ta aoMM] Hatiaa of ita ''rmr p >w4"it munition bo?n ?1 hj on ordo?thft . o.a.u -n I taiiflll. iol?p< o lont of thin, t> ,<r?*?r It* p??Hl"tt ? ? gro?t? 4 rn? ?r>t bill tr. tm tbo *%? Coiopocv. for f-1 442 2.V ?m prv<wn?M aad r.M tb? <>?? i omniiti?i i otnpio* .U tn?t?>c b??o mo W b/ * ??tol lobuMronti of th? ?rl. not *r?<? #tro In tboi lookioj h?<l ??*?a li?hl*4 up fnr tb? i?<; forttigfct. o r ointlno ??* rcrtrl hi mp->?r?h?g M?u AI4?tb>om ?t iho word <o tight th? public ?h->a th?y ??to ?n by tb? f.oiup lo?p?*o%?>r nm ?? * i?l c /in tbo i>b?TC|a<M <-f <h>fioc*l *Vor?U rop?n?4 ?b? bill *>f ??" t<> b? U' J 1% f1? ? p*n>M? vrro p*.?t>?n<iy root rioted to J'ftO Th? ? h< ,t,r Mxram oM H-r>rt 4 l? < .,nnot'v? lb" < nnnnll to ia ot B?Oin r4 Vo?4<> Rrtt, <1 h?or r?an*ol OfOtll't ib? y%i*on of ib? iwmaul H??< ia roriotit >U??M, Arrtr?*t tf tmi tlmilt I??* Dmi.-\Iotv?r?r noBiirt ll"nrr llinl?n? oh>o? St f?or< of 1 oio, *f b?oliii|[ ht? borrow ol< ok o pUnk oboro tho> t*?i, ohm It onf?MUMt-iy "track 0(i<?<t0 b?o? oMrb b* itM idt ?Mi># ho. I I bo iHwl of |? r.pi'ono* ?ia to iNiiritoal o holflt of *?a?toirtv r?( Wn.n tok-a up H *oa t-und tbot bi? tbi?h b?MOM? Krnlioi tio ro* ln?o4MM|i r*??H W i hr litfrltil TIM o>if >?iitu?t- mob U J o/

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