Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. rtliwear corner of Kulloii anil Numu ata. JAHK8 UtMlOO* BE1NKTT, PROPRIETOR AND LDITOK fOLVKTAKY C'UKKKSHUSDKSCE, cOfU.Uninf ?mmmrtant newt. tolicifid from any vuarter of the u>orld . if W4*dt will th >ibi rally paid J or. SO SOTH E tn kin ol in+uymout conimuntcatifrf. We cannot return i rieeted cammuhicatiotia. THE liAll Y lib'. A' 41.1). 2 cent* per * opy?$7 per an* . THE WEEKLY HEK A I.U,for circulation on thit (JonHhchI every S itu rda y ctnt? per fo^y or $3 per an- ! MUM, Jul circulation m r.urort, printrn .? rr. ,. ..... g/iu/t?A. ??a ??< P'-r < ?r 94 per 'ihnutn. tuK I><>1.1.Ah HKKALY Hh.HALD, every Monday, 3 : eent, per ci>p? . annum s tti eopue to clubt. ??<'.. : *A/tl 'lFtT' HX fc? moil, for Mrliwnu-Iili, to I*"' P'Mrf, or 'A* W he d<durterl from 'he ?? ?<? remitted. ACiy.K IIS KM i:\TS nt rtntonahl* prtcf ; the proprietor not responsible for ir'ort in m.muieripl. AMI fi.Mt.NTS 1 U1S E V ?N I NO. ITALIAN OPERA 1IGUSE, A<?or I'llM-OraLM. BOW ? IIy THEATRE. Bowerj?The Tumric OfAKus M. BROADWAY TUEA I'M, Ur> ?4#?y?Kiwc; IH**v IT? rtiiKT.OR. N1BU? (i.\KI>*N. Hri?d?ay? Fora Lov?.ui- Piveu- j Tins ??*t?? R*" C?i ur. BI'RIfN'S THEATRE, UH-iinl tta ?trr??Do *mkt ?Mm. 1 CrO?ll??. NATIi'NAI. TIlE iTRR. Ctmthura ?i|Uir?? 3oi.niit i DA I I.HI > K? LATO? A ? I U1KM OLYtfl'IC TIIKATRE Hr al??j-P?o?? Ontfi-loi.1)11 , '? llil'SHTkH-llKtl) Sn r? CHII.U <J? rm KceiMKN'' . fclXliANK S' HALL?Chriiti'd Mix?rsci.a AVI K)'' * N \ I'SK I MAvm.m; I*, i roMA.icn Ivi < ArTtunooii ami Evemko. <HINi.SE Ml ''L! Jl?Ci.iudoV* AM a or r?i Kii,?. < 1 Kl I S. ft r I > II-. r?l'. HTlllAt I'lRrORMiXl'M. kl \ CH < tu-ur t* illit mohurnh Purry? Iu I i ?rulA? ClkK'FI >Mf>. gliipr iJTT HAI.'^-r?t !.? I'asuiaia or New ThRe. Ktw \ .?| K. \\??li ??.??>, Muvcmher iH, 1819. Irmii lOurofM'. T! e Canud i, me of the fusti-nt r.f the ( unard n f r?-, limy arrive a* II ! f x it uuv rnoiii'Mit. The r?>n m?-n ial newe, as soon a? received Hy the pt?i-?, will be jM'Ktrd on the bulleiiiu. Till then, lock out. Im| oI'll*iiI Mii'ijiiiio nitil illi iira^iA V ? {.'ive, in ;i not her j> tri of this ?4ay'? (umr, joiu1; lat? Ht.d imi?irunt intelligence from t u.d the Mntquito territory. It will h<- ?een that, for ^((dvud suH'i'ient chiis'-, a |nrtv of Americans, *ncki(l on the Mo' iuito coift, attacked aiid buri ed a vill^e m the interior Tlin hid creaferi (enri'Vritble excitement ainon^ the Indians, eiil, to nuke il:** n.ost of the occurrence, the MKiou, a ditty, coj>(>er-tob>red Indian b> y, v nhout u hliirt In t back, but with B,->ura to bis IkeU, aud an Hnvliah t.'?-nr, wrre takiaj; ulTV davits to f?rd 10 Kng'and, in be u?rd, most likely, in thr ci rrei>|>oniien<;e with our gov .'rniaeut, in ieg?rd l<? the .Ni?:arne in ?) i?-fiinn. The Crl?l* ol t'he ttluvrry hon lit Guiikicu, Wf ate on the eve of a momentous crisis. Kur h Mjd So'nih, the raiioal mi I extreme hostility of i t'blic sentiment, and the bo!d and ex in,) 'rating fojms in which this sectioual hostility is shaping itit'.f, ere sufficient ground.* for the most serious uInrm. In il e duty of providing governments for the vi rt # x;'hiife of New Mexico, Deseret, aud California, the old, ugly, ami ni schieroits question ol sl?\ery c< iiies t p, in ? im re < onpl letted, difficult i>rid formidable shape, thin any it h-is heretofore h.? un?'d. It is thr hydra-headed monster ol oi.r ir ititut;? i s ; and from its la-it decapitation, a number of v iv rous j-hci ts h ve sprouted, each ss malignant t: e first. In the admission ?f Califi ii in, in h' formation of a government tor !> een t and New Mexico, in the Tex ? boundary dispute, in the movement lor the abolition of slitery and ih"?l?ve ft-de in the District of Coumbia, t!iiik intetiiun hie dispute on : luvery extensuntid !..%> rymijr f- on, presents tt?e|f in the n o:t atidicioua attitude of hostility. Ujam any one of tl-ete i.-sties the difficulty would be MtlJitienily senons t> excite alarm; bit u,on all logehi r, j resenting the mocatro. lty in ail its horrid shut? k at ot or, the danger b> com -a more manifest, and the duty of confronting it in 110 longer to be ?hutl'< d off. Stri, | ed of all di.'guises, the cont?st ninjl) involve the perpetuity or d.ssjlmion of ihe Union. I r? m the formation of the govt rnment, the bane and blit-ht f our ini'tiiutiona have been the here, ditmy j?-ii!i usiea, dietiuste, aud tiisputen growing out of the rUvery question. At the clo*? of the Kevolu i< cmy war, in the original convention n n.n.' ncd together to dr art the federal constitution, the ?.i>-pute np<>u slave ry endangered our n itional eiiatence. It Hunt tins critfal period tint the convention, through the ndviee of Dr. Franklin, b'look ill* him Ufa to prayer, Cooler counsels succetdtd; inutuul conciliation* nntl concessions re* snlifd ; and. under such influences, the constitution was adopted, and became the organic law of 'he Union. This was the first d-ing-r, and such w< re tke nieaus by which it w.s obviated. The Union was established, and sprung at once into a rireer of pro?peri*y and happiness unexampled, in |^ie hutory of the world. Such wire the resiilis of ihe fitsi compromise net by the framera of the con titiitioo. Jt ia in the organic law of the kind. Thiny odd years claimed The iufant republic, bourd together under its original compromise, h id v 4(1 d a successful w?r with (ireat Britain, followed by a i*ace, with s still iiicrensing and ex- ; (smiisi ptwprritf. But here the Missouri agiu- ' lion Was thrown into Cons rens; the most violent ; ili-uissisi, in the history of that body, was the re- I ti!f . th?. luTlr^ of itiiiminn i.hmil (t,? Capitol, and prediction* of anarchy aud civil w tr ?pr*td a |waic over the had At ibi? juncture, Mr. Cii y* Mr Calhoun end their c?m-* for J * ?rd with a prof**ition, apliiting the difference, by , mutual eurrender on both fides. The hinno.iy ?>t the I'riU.B wa? r?>tor?d, f.<r the measure ! k'< pt?d, the depute i-' IIm), and the ugitation *upprrnert. Tina ?nf the eecond great aliivery panic, i aiH thi.? wj? the net-cod compromiae. Vnother ibtervalof ,'n>*prroua activity of thirty )'.r? Hirrretitr', with but Utile to disturb the Mtinikl nt?il,linim Tin n t'ue bom!??ht-ll of the T< ixr himex t (i wa* e| rung upon Ongreas, and iom Ine joint tt tliiid and niont conplei, e*tm?ue and lehtftai nun*'i n of the slavery question <J*tea iu if'miur nrmteiil The ecquiaitioa of Teiaa wae m |?>pu1?r tli eit It WH?gr?tiiVinf[ tothepopu ar | ride in tr.e expensive character of our matitui?>?K and th<* ^lory of th?" In ion It could not be Knitted. The Opposition of Mr. CUy to the me* teiiedefeated hia election The aeruplea of M*r?m; Van l!uren defeated hia nomination; Teiaa and ' rrgon ebcted Jamea K. Polk ; the aon<*ia. turn* a* ci nsuiiimated by Northern votea. The wartmh Mexn O j the acquisition of a vaat empir* ot r.?w tirti otiea, the ?ucce?*ive chapter* of the hietory ol Te*?r? ; th?* revengeful courae of Van r.ur? ti and llebton ; the Huflalo platform ; the free ' ml ONrtV 1 thr lot iiif (if all i .rlu-i. in th? N'ririti i into (Miwwmn, and tin- *( ry spirit of reaction in tiie South, have door tb? rest. Much ?rc he caueea and Hk rkmnta nf the third nation il l'?nic on the aluvety question. The cour*e of the politicians, North and Sjuth, during the last nix mouth*, h** added constant fuf I 10 the eicit'iwiit. Kre? foil i* the doctrine >n the North, and the aholitioniaia are wholly abM iUd between the two great parties. 'With the ^ivinif way of the hunkers of R?w Vork, the ? nth is completely desert* il Tbe proceedings ib ifie H?nth? rn conventions, the t?ne of the public journals, the temper of the official messages of thai sntioii, ate a* radical on the other e*trs?ne. The K?r:h wiJJ not ) n Id, and the 8 >utfc will nu submit The issue freaeat* itself in all i?s aspects, distinct m each, and Jtt all combined. We h**e the of the doK'Jlk slttse trade to settle, and thr |*?w?r of Onfrre-a over the lastitotion in Ifcc Dittficl of CvSuniiiia ; we .Save the balance of , power 10 determine ia ihf div sion of the new termorii ?, and the abstract powrr of Congress over ti e suh|? ( i ( J hliivrr. in nil of them. All the incidents of the whole dispute, and all the compromises made and to be made, are involved in it. It involves everything? the l uion, the constitution, dissolution, revolution, and anarchy?in one view ; und renewed harmony, and new impulses to our splendid pros]>eritjr, in another view, through the medium of u compromise. What is to be done 1 What can be done 1 The South dec lure that ihe last concessions which they will make will be the line of the Missouri Coin* pi( mice run through to the Pacific. Hut this lint* would n>ve nearly one half the new territory b to the South, including the inhabited part ot N^w Mexico, Hud the lower half of California on the Pacific, which of itselt will be the nucleus of a future State. The difficulty to this c< mproniiM is, that the Northern nv mbers are twin 11 against the admission ot si ivery into any territory now tree. However reason ible, thereioie, the proposition of the compromise line, we Sfe no possible chaice for its success. On the other hand, th re is a prospect that the whole of California on tlie Pacific, as now organized, will, as a fice Stale, he admitted into the Union. It Southern numbers have resolved to m ike th it alleruative the siynal for revolt, the threatened dis olutii u becomes a matter of the gravest iinuort. It is not improbable that they will t ike this position. Indeed, tin y ate understood to have taken i? already. The admtssio 1 of a free State, wit uo:.t | the adini.-.-u 11 of a slave holding State at the stine time, jiive* the North the balance of power in the Senate, t.nd coin ei,u< ntly tl.e lull power in Cou? | gritstoact ah it pleases ou the whole subject ot ' bL\ei) . lli roe the plan of Mr I'oote to run the i ci ii'i ii nuM line through to the Pacific, to ndunt the i.m 1 li? in part i f California hs a free St itej i and a ne w S'.nte troin Texas, together, ho to prctet\e to 11>?- South a i ejui.luy of power in tlie fv ii te, us a security against the desigus of th aboliiu nit to. , Turn u over uh we will, the question n still he. fore i-, in nil its amplitude and with ill itsdillic ilti?s. It ib foimidable at all |K?int-?, complicated iti | tiny shape, and caum t be postponed. In sucli au I i it; ei i v, we mu.-t rely upou the prudence and ! jit; mi nt ot such men as CLy, Webster, Ca*4( Cuih< UP, Mauuuin, lieutorr, nurl mK,.,*, il,.. s,.. nate, ?,iid np< ii tut h men as, Mcl'o.veil, and VViiiihrop, of the llou.-e, to arrest the Il.itrpurs of the Si uih uiio the fanatics ol ihe North, in their hotheaded m.pines* ariti hilly. Above all, we r?lv U|ion ilie cool judgrticut ami patriotic ;; 10J seit!-e of General Ta)lor, to avert, by the wisdom i t li. and advice, ihe danger of dis-oln|i? n. it is the third time this vexed piest'io;) h tj threatened the existence of the Union, and to inI sure its safety, the crisis demands another cum prinnte. The dernaud rii-'8 above nil party 01 j r<ct tonal ttjMts. The cry of dir.-oiulion has become h faiiuliar thin'/, is n-diimini? it deliberate purp< se, ai.d mu.-t bt met with firmius---, yet v/it'u (oolnets, moderation, and a rit of eomi>r>mne To Gmniil Taylor, Henry Clay, and tiie mod'r it< men of all parue> in Cinures-, we must look l< i the succetsful ar,d linal adjustment of this veved .11,d perplexing question. Tiik NiCAEAUt'A Ql-b*tion?IV.?,?!>> are await ing wiih a great deal of interest th?* arrival al this pwrt ol t*ir Henry L. Bulwer, the n '*vly ai>pointed British Minister to the I nit^d Slates, lot it IB presumed he has been directed to entei ujan the settlement of tue question which hisprurg u;> between the two countries within a s'lort ('me, < ri the Nicaracuan bu.-ineaa. All our other difticuHita with Kuropean nations have b<?en 'til'd and disposed of. The French i'reaident has received Mr Hives, and there will be no further troubl** with that republic. Thi* Nicaragua i^iie: tion is the last ?f the series, and there is an lacrearing detire among the people of both country s to have it peaceably settled and arranged, at as early a day as possible. An interesting letter from our correspondent in f>?*on d>* Nicaragua, in mInch I.n#lish mnrressiou in Central America u the principal subject, will be ft>und in our columns todny. Tl? re is every probability tint soon nfter Sir Henry Bulwer's reception at Washington, this question will be taken up, and on effort made to adjust it in a manner tint will be satisfactory to both countries, and on a basis timilar to that which ia shadow* d fotth in ihe influential (English journull of recent date If the I mted Statea show no disposition to monopolize the inter-oceanic c? ii inunication, which if propo.-ed to be mad" at thrt joini, but will consent to make it free to the con iik rce of the world, ind place it under the loiut jurisdic tion of the Mosquito and Nicartgun 1 gov * r 11 me nts, there w ill be no diflieultjr in arriving at n satisfactory settleim 11. Such a solution of the question has fieen indirectly submitted, aid n'? doubt wiil be accepted. From the giving:! out of the Washing n journals, it is not unlikely that lb * course pursued by Mr. Sjuier, the American Minister to the dilh'fenl Slates on part of the jontinrnt, mil not be acknowlrdaed by the administration; for >t is listed that he had received no instroo , tun*, an J acted more on hn own Irnnk thin whit | hr was impowertd to do. This will trucftr the | questiou to Washington, whera it r^n be di-j?o- ? <J of bf Mr. llnltver and the cibiirt, provided the I j>t:li*h Minister do not make such dem tnda a< could not consistently b" see ded to by the Am rican government. We do n?t believe, judg n? Iri>rn what has been published in the Lmdon journal.', to which we have referred, that h? i? preptrod to take tu h a Course. It would appear as if Kngl tnd had taken a nrrat deal of unneces-ar> trouble in tni* mailer. To soppo** that a great commercial nation like the I mied Halt* would be po lost to it* own interests, aa to construct a canal and forbid oihereountneslhe u e of it, ia little tesslhan shMi'd. Although we are not us old a nation aa in ny, mill we (|ti? ttion it there ia any other on the lace of the globe that ia more to its own interest*, or rnoif up to the spirit of the age, which is in fact not hup but the imboii nieut of American progression, aa we underM.-ind the term. That spirit has throw n dew ii the ubataelr a whicii ignorance plat ed in the way of international commerce, in age* wh< n it was n<4 understood, as it ia in the present day, that the interests ot every country are identijical, and that what injurra one h;is the same ten* d? ney in another This ia wh<t in modern days jscalltd free trade, or tiie destroying of na,K'.li* mente in the way of a Iree interchange of commodities ard productions between all nations Now, *c question il the American citizens who procured ihe grant of a right of way m Nie.irtftia to eoa* atrurt a ?hip canal to connect the two ooeaaa, h*d f\?r any idri of rxcliirling the commerce of any countty from it; am!, il ni1 tire not much mistake n, there in a f|Wf i*l cln? ?* n th?* grant p-o; hibitintf th? in from doing?o, wi-t' tu?y a? in' lined. There ia, th?rrforr, nothing in the way of h ?? tihfattory adjuaimrut of the Nicaragua <j'i*atioa; and it ia not to thr interest of riiher nation to rai->* any fr?>h obatacle. W> ahull, hnwrt r, kmi kiii.H more about lli> matter, for tli* ii'w ilritia'i inmiMer tdroot b* \ery Ur di-taut. Th?-re cannot, however, he a doubt !;>/ l aitrd Mtates will not looL on wiUi indifl* rmce ?.i Knghah HggreH. ai?n and mteifneaer on il?Ih mIiwii, unl<?a* we are preptrrd to abar.don the Mo?roe doctria*', *?? fr? jiirnily alluded to *iiue tli Nicaragua di?cuMic.n *? cotr.iiienccd Srrn T^tioN ? The i pe? u1 itora in cotton ate moving with great netivity, on the arrival ol -yty atrtnirr. The speculator* in r?*Hl eatnte, r.und thia vicinity, are equally artiv l?nriig the fr?v U'li the coiMnodiiiea havr ria?'.i Hi to !? "> ptr oat. T?> a|>int of yt<nMiaj ia a .iklag up, and, >. to all ; ""aruif a, there a ill Le a nn riy lime among all a?>r a ol Fprulnt< ra (iur:r g the anntvr wad -pring ineavha I # t Poverty and niatry In Eiiglan I cud In tb United St'tea* There is a eood |>ort on of the press of Londo daily occupied, at the present time, with depictiu the poverty and misery which exist among a cei tain class of the popalafion of that great metropi lis. The developementa that are made show shocking state of misery and privation, and van ous cau.-es are gixen for its existence. One < these, no doubt. Is the excessive taxation, for we take into consideration the fact that the peopl of England have to pay the interest on a natio.i debt of ei^ht hundred millions wt pounds sterlin in one item, and ih it, iu addition, they are taxed i support un exj>er.sive lonu ot government, and I maiutuin a large army and ilr'et, together wii other expenses, ihe wonder is that as a b"dy thi are ch v.? 11 c IV ns th' y nre. Such "Mantle bu dens lire sufficient lo desiroy the energies of nr jieople, atul lo i-ink any nation in th>* very d^ptl of poverty. It cannot be deemed a matter of wo derment, therefore, that when investigations a made into the subject, dreadful scenes of wretc ednesa should come to liyht. Tht re is no doubt a iio.-d deil of misery in tl large cities in the United Stute-, especially in tli metropolis, where the ti.won is ruinou-ly grei Hut we would look in vain fur thit whole-ile dr tiiution which has recently been develop) tu 10n land, particularly in London. Nor can want ai d> Mitution ev< r exist in this in-tropoli*, to such . extent as ihey pievuil in Loudon ; tor there is natural outlet in our wide domain towards tl ! \VeM for any superabundant population, that w ' prevent it. They have no such outlet in Ma?! tn ' but Mich poitions ol th ir surplus |>opnliiion as c get off, linH 111?*ir way to tlieir own colonies, or jhe United States, and coiitriblte to til*- develuj ment of our resources, us well as to the &tr?'n^ and power of the nation. There is a peculiar feature connected with ? ciety in t-.nglatul, as well hi in this country, win is deserv ing ot notice. It woul I seem is t', in ' natural cour. e oft vents, poverty anions the nu-< ol' ihe people followed in the train of iniuul.1 tuits tuid of commerce; tht', m fact, th?; nu wealthy a nation becomes in th *e br tri.;h-s | industry, ami th-' more refi:i <1 ih- tipp r cl i I); Ci me in 'Tir tipiern e of th it wealth, ill it nevi tht ! want Mid mi.'TyunjI destitution am mt; t mastes bec< me greater too. la the str"et-i of L'j I t i n, which is the commercial m tropolis of t . wot Id. thi f thiol's are vtri!it-?l to art tip> ll'intt : ?i< e. Side by title with tbe tleguicw and weal | iind it litre tl' nt of the few, is to he seen the mi-* it ml poverty of the masses. (Jiieek by p)*1! w i the wealthy merchant, is the tattered l>e;?tr, w destitution depicted on his conntenance, a , scarcely a bulficicriC) of rags to cover Ins iia-if ii* - h. You can see, in tile ami'* streets, evident of the tuccen-ive advances which one portion the population has made in wealth u?d retineint for the luft two centuries, and of the successive ,i det tier >'aL'. ? of barb >risiii and nn--rv to whi , i ikt Iwcr iIhm ktvt 4umM vitkii the mi peiiod. Tbe runie spectacle is exhibited even the Ir.ited States, in places where mi'i tt i r mid con.mtrcf an- the principalbranchesof induct | In ilit* lu?l?* manufacturing town of Lowell, hi I \ j-'fute of MiubuchuM-ttc, with a population of i I more than twenty thousand, th?-re ar<*, acc >rdi . i to reliable accounts, pome two tho is md p tup t | who are supported at the public exp? use, to t I amount of teveral thousand dollars a year A ! \ylut do we not see in the city ol New Vork, w evidences of great wealth and of the highest c Btee of refinement of the uiueteenth c-nturv, se tered in profusion on every bide?with chur edifices costing million'', and priva'e resident constructed at an expense of ten* of thousand* doll list We ?ee a puup r population ol over li thousand, costing us annually f< r their sup,>< several hundred iIioiih aids of dollar.* Whit li existed in England, ever sines that nation h h < reeled her attention to manufacture* aud coi ineroe, ia beii.g exhibited in the l uited 8t?ti Poverty and want tet m to follow in the w.ike those brunches of industry, in both countiies, naturally as a man's shadow follows hiin wm promenading on a sunny day ; but to a lesser e tent in the I'nited States, in consequence of tl c.iUse to which we h ive before referred -an oijil in our western domain lor the excess of oursarpl population in the large cities. 'Ihis subject is receiving a great deil of atte tioa and inquiry in fengland, at the pre??ut tim< btit, as yet, no remedy lint been diMrovered T poverty and wretchedness of the nus-e* are i creasing? ?"> are commerce and manufacture hl< git nee und rtfinement are inci easing?so a rags and hunger. It is the Mmi- in the lri (cd States, and we shall !>' looking for a reme< for a similar state of things, in a few yeir iinle?s it be previously di e ivcreiJ in I!in;Ian Tii're is r,o I ndfd aristocracy ia tins country, i there is in I iilIhimI, to monopolize th< w*'.lili the nation; but we have, to a certain ext- nt, a in nufatiuiiru aristocracy, or a commercial ariat racy; and whenever we see one or the ot'iej, w se? the poverty and pauperism to which we ln> referred The socialists will ?iy they hu I discovered this rciii'-Jy, but they h ive tried it I variott* | hxl.tiix* < rind other absurd institution which haw- |in>\ed juat ?*?!'? etu.J an bread pi would be in curing ilir yello* fe?er or cli >Um. Tk*\it. to kc*oi *?SatM.Wl ok rue SrCAM^N Avibha.?The rplendid *(*-<,rn<?lii|> Anerii", b lor.^ii'g to the Cumin) line, fail* to-day for II tiif nr.d Litrt|?ol, from thi* |?>m. She ca^rie* out i t?Pig?nce of nome important*;, and we 1>. :i * IP i my cf di?(?t< hra from tin gnvei nmrnt, to 01 or two of cur envoys in hnrop*. H?-r l?^?>^>f p i ff i f trn > very full. Nearly thirty of thin list a furn'?hrd by the "Irving Howe," ot thin city.?;? n?ting of ninny diatintfuiwhed prnogp, of ho inn, frcm Mexico, Canada and elaewere. Tl f. IN wii y if the li?t:? won*. H r Itotwitaon, and I' V. t.*?r?y. laty mi I <l?nghter riaat MkIidiv \no?ra. Mr ril^atoo. Madtaioiavll* /(jurra Mr MaltUud, ni i <> ??r??utK Mr K?rb?a. X:?<i?n.?> i atl"*. i mm X titan I anda. two I hl? M Welflitt am I'aniM'n ?rnt ??r? t. I?]y I Mr i ti(iaoilaryh>*, Mi f .la-ikin, Mr ? a?n Mr Hayayn Mr. Mayo?? lad/and**' The above named coiii|>aoy have been M^iini fer ?cr>e t me paat, nt the Irvtttf limine, w-titin li r the ?t?-aiiier. The lad'ea and xentleinen Iroi ! Mexico, c? nairt *1 a large piny ol m"?i wealth atd icepectabte inhabitant* ol country. Sort of il.ein ate wi rth, in private fortune*, fr?m ot: Itw o million" of dollar*; and per Imp* the w\<> A ex f?n party, now coins to tump. ,,i tliiaatean - I.:. *!,?. nn *t wtnfrr .in/1 a ri na in I jiihIi; mi)', iu rj-i.u ?i.t - r. ... I'rtii*, fuil other capital*. tniy b?- rated a* wort live ?t mx tuilliona of dollars. Among thern Mi W. 1'. ]>'< brrtMiii, who, ww brkirve, i[Irilii r niri'Mimir in Mriico, ar.l la now retiirntr h ir.r. Tlify have been aojouminv, lor aoir *r?ba, in thiatitjr, vintting roir principal curio* ti?a M.d unending the lulun Opera. Sine tl i?K? war with Mexico, and th<? ronqoem of tint lit vmntry l>jr Yankee valor, und< r th'- conimi'ifl < Griicral .Scott, we have lfq*nt via;la of the tir i f that republic. _ Ntwarartii CiirrMiio*.?<>ur amiable eofi prr*ry of the Tnk%nt boaat* of a * ry eate nan circulation in W ifi onain If every o-ie who cm r? ad in thai ??tHte were to fake the ne#*pap<r, would not ainonnt to much. Try *<r i n, ph <??w j Jier ('ill on a little more ateam. Wehtvatrii mi la'no of u? arljr ?0,<?fl0 the sifili/e world ; bat we can't bo*at much of \V aeon fin. Pfm m J,'ri*r *t?* ? M'e have rec ived i tlpjr tl Ni.fal tmzillf. published at u'ror^ntowa, i the JtTth alt. No newt. Tk? a?nrr'(rj ?.f ar ?m y**'-rdnj r-nflntd tfl hi how** h, ttb atui-k r?" a MNioa rfear?rtar. ?l:h ohl?.? ha? t?-?n threat.-** J t'<T ??r?r?l dava -N? icm.1 ft I'thftt.rrr. Nrt. 71. ILLECiEAPHIC (INTELLIGENCE. a Marine N'Wi?Shipwreck?Singular ton? daet of UpUln, Ac. r. kkt wtir, not. 10,1848. A Utter received bere by the Courier, from Ctptila a Marshall, from Numu, state* that on the 2fith of Oe. tober last, whilst blowing fresh, an American ship ran ashore on UiDgerbread Ground; wreckers went to her J . assistance, but their aid wm refused. They asked the ' ve^el's cant', when th. captain answered that ''he waa I - Scotch by name and Scotch by nature,'' and warned ti| them to keep off, and not come aboard lie had thrown ig overboard a great quantity of the cargo, consisting of to dry goods, carriages and harness, cheese, liquorice to (boes. buts 4i0 , to the value of $16,01)0. Many of the ijj goods were picked up by the wreckers and carriud ,y a>hore. it was believed that the vessel belonged to r New * erk. '1 be brig Cuihoc wasa-hore. IV ' 1 be Bri'.ish bark prevloutdy reported a.bore, was tbe 18 iron liut cu. The brig Aon Eliza Parker has tailed for New V ork lHatiuctlve Fire In Clinrleatown. Boston, Nor. 27?4 P. M, TVe learn that a unit destructive fire occurred at " Cbat'li'fctown .V.asn.. last evening, which, before it was euhdu* d com uiued .Meters ilaj wood Si ("arne's steam m*l.< i any ii.ill, and eight or tt n other building. The s" I is on ti e iiiMI is $.;5.0t,0 $24,000 of which U iosur <d in tfce Protection and EtDa i oaapanie.-, llartfjrd. The id total loss is not short of >.j0 000. aa another. a Bi>sro?, Nov. 147?4 P. M. Tbe Merrijn ac flouie, at Lawrence, Maps., wa* UxJ ?!r mJ by tire about 2 o'oiock this morning. Lo*s, (j insured for $1 600. The inmates had barely time to e.?cape with their lives. Jn to Arit't of kite (lut SiiKlntcr of the Ship laUUlklMMia. t|j Balumorc, Nov. 27? 9 P.M. By the arrival of tbe southern mail, we have New ! O.UmjP | a, er? ?>l tbe iiOlh, which slate that Manuel i??- . 1 ' KRihh 1 irit Kigineerof tbe iil?fat?d Louisiana, bad bttu artested and held to bail in the sum et $t> OvO, to ' aoswar aihai&e ot manslaughter. ? Fruiu iluvaiia, 1 " I (v i CiiAiiLKsrox, Nov. 25, 1341. (i|- i 1 be st*amer Isabel, Rollins, from Havana, has arri.? il,with dstes to the 22d inst. The papers contain bitbicg ol lnlervtt except tbe markets. r he I ??vm. ,a_ I Havana, Nov. 2'2, 1849. t, . i 1 b? I'nitad Satui aloop-of.war Saratoga has arrived at this port. _________ |()j j Ur( Patkuian tillil ULtlng. ,ry I Besro.t, Nov. 27 ? A. M. |(i Dr. Parkroan whom I telegraphed you as dU^ ' appealed on Friday last, has not yet been louud. Mr. Itobett O. Sbaie, his brother in-law, has offered a reward of $o.0C0 lor his recovery, it is feared that be '' | has bten mutderad.

Oaiktls ot ! Ai.BA.Mv, Nov 27?6 P.M. lit 1 Receipts or produce, by canal, since je>terd?y: ? 14tti0 ha'rels tiour; S.Coo bufbel* v.h at,;ti.0l ditto ,1(1 coin I be tnai ket ! not m active for II'iir. but the ell pricis stow n<> material charge Sale* embrace l,6oO bbls . iiCiUdlog cuiumou Western au] ist.vte, at *4 60 a $4 7.F>; straight 8tat?i at $4 75 a $4 lu K?< d Vinhipaa a' $5 a $6 12; noil pur* Uenetee at i f> 12 a r i 2.r>. Kor rv?. the demand is fair, ail 1 the ?aie? ait- 5 avo 1-uthol-. at 57o. Barley or. u'.i'iuex y tirni Lut not coaa'lve <al*?-rou buibrli four rowed, l at 1 fcfl lint aie b?-tter Hi d quoted at 47c . witi nah'g c.l < ,(M/0 burtt g. but- ol * hu key at 2d\ a 27e. to?* lot j.r'nu. M H*. ?>A. Nov 22, isn ' In MVtri tlerf haw been a 0"'i-M<rahl? iu vem-nt, l'x, at a lt.iili>r decline in ivne?? 1 br nKioK i* muoli r<)lt, dined; alilia in quoted at 7^ tti tt rial*; critic*. 10 j rlal?; yelleiw. 0 a ihil#, kupt-rlor, 7'? ri#l<; und it'] Aortal*. .V. eonmuo# lo-arce aud dull; ,((! it l? (i cmally quoted at W, a a.1* rials. ( ultee i? iu g<. d d iiaini ti>? fup| ly -ii'ill nud |>rlce? hay# a4 e vai.od; tld li ullkfi i t S}t a s\ rial* forlot?ri?r, kt. u idolirg t?)4 rial* fi r keif fan and rial* tor IihiiI tin. II ic the gunatal opinion tha? t:ie crop will be "-'h limited lilce Ik iu good Mipply. with wilei at 11 rial* 'rg Lard c i.flfcuen dull Irrlrfb x ruled low; ve#i.el? with tleau bill* if health at? tie* fYuni quaiautlni) Kx ' chal k!w oil London In quoted at l'.','?, and New \ ork ve lperc?t.t. Shipping I iililllgt'iite . 18 ClIARLHTO*, N?V 215. jj. A'rlved?Hrt* Ci < r*e. NYork ? it?nd- t?Li|i Southerner, > York, ill- Kkv ll'iir, Nov 111. Aeriwil?Selir I'arpoi dioular. T'ultln, of NYotk. ( .1#lid?l'Io|tlkr Am 1-n.d, .\ 1'oik. . f Pn*TiA*n, Norlii. Arrived?Bark !>*?'*? Jc Louisa. N York: biu? Alieiiui. ad 1* Km#. H m n, .Si.rf lk; 11 unett*. ?ud Ha> id I'ratt, { I'll' aml|.l..a; Nuitft America, .N l oik fir *?c!?ia.-<; Emma lie li?ni, lull lurMtiii. Cleared? lurk far h II Dile, Cardura*. brig# D.marara, *' Jo, Jott I U .-Ibu.u, M J??o. >i,? N*w?i ??pjHT, Nov 24, Arrived-Pelir Toltnr#. Norfolk. r-t f.i hd ??ark Hollander. iitkuita; brl* Stirlii.g, PMladtl- i ;i. ? #?lir liar) 111. u.Nl'ork. u* Boarow, Nov 27. j Arti?#d?Mr'/ Ff>?t#r, Georgetown, DC, via 3.lets; #?hr 8tat< (matt, W1 ork. n- til/ foil. K'Ofit' r. Ja 2.*> h u't; i<liri Ujr%eit, Port Haiti ill' J'.i" M ?i"?. Tj il?t, Va. ' | lit . r - llr Dill' 1. llo.ll. ?; . r fl -M p II- oi'aii uiB ill Fra"ci'e ? lark# l.ucy 1 E. i?k.lli, Ik lid e?; /. d i , Poit | a n O?o (ircen#. Ill* ,j. I.?i# I #Vuii>i St Tlkibt* l> dlijr. t?al< eatua; Ch .0la?, i.luilw li. ki r Ciot n M .In e. 'd. N > ? IU 1'ic i\ N .v X. ?-r < ? ??Si}.r ? >al. N1 ork r,f I. # < fcl.ip Ai ?ol liibbi, Indian Oc"?n; bark Fraaklia, i : llulfl H'*?i ham, Nov 21. . |v Arr red?Frit V.;r I a. Itilllm ti; n-l r I . i iu, UoIiaaTc Cil?. r j ii | on, > Vi>rk i?, .bailed, 11-1 ? hr? Daumtrk, Ph'"alelplil#: M.'iillor, NVw I l<"h Youth, ili.: -mo, Pliilidelplilt; 2iilkt ' iirah j " louua, N 1 oik, aim |i Mnti", d9. .. l'*ni mi M r. Nov2rt. I Arrival!?5 ?i r AI hernial 1# I'an'rv. , N ?. i aloopa i;#pltol, I (if AI j ?.? t Uroiiii, Klivu# Jrlaud. I it llaakiai, aad J I, , I tr N Ytrk. I- i 11 ati <1 B?tk Pf vldftie#. Apaltclilcla. Iai> i?fihr? Oxford, und Hoti.oty. Bili.lmor#: T I';?r er, ami 1??I"I?, Philadelii' la; Hic'nr, Houiloat, N Y; ? I* re lifo?n,?art Mvaer W ill.anii, N York. ?<mki?v. B i nvi, Nor 21. If Ship Ao#laide N York. inhr Form! Kui(, d?. in Tviii'i i.ii m ihk Nk\ r Leu;si.ati'rk.?The IIoum I, of An'i ml ly in th?< nf.M I- gi>| iture*. which mern in A It Hiiy, pmrnli a ? le#tur? at the |irt-- i ifDl m< went. Ilotli |Mtrlit*a are- nearly equally ba- ; " lunifd; our vote det'rminen who shall have the r* ' rtMjority. Wr |?n*eive that pre|utraliuns are mak'* inp. i n the cettilirate of Mr. Fullcrton, to create " ju*t m< h a ruiiqiu# or excitenunt in the House of nrr? nu ij in nm'ilj, hp wr n,i?r prm uiBlfH1 I inr *r 1 I.>|iil?lu|? of Ubin itbout .* y? *r a#o. Iloth jwr"* t;< s ure prej uin? lo nuke a fight in the A?-<*rnhljr, ro | on Ftlkrloii'i c? ttifirt*le. The one rejects wrtat i the o'her mewthins. If neither submit to that cer- : tifcute, th>'n there m>i) be serious disturb mt-es an,r tict[>?ted, which may last for several week* from I the coromeacment of the session. Get your i>owilfr and shot ret,dy. I*et*s have an insurrection in Albany. Why should the cities of Europe mono- ; puliae ull th it fun 1 Oi kra and Famiion.?The Opera, nnder the m ? I t..iv went ol M*r* Mirrtuk, isjmore and more sue- ! cri??ful. I- very night, the |Hipu1arity of the pnma liimmn seems lo increase. The critics are in rct atary, the l.tJies delighted, and the aristocracy be- j i. sin to-mell r f anything el?e thui c >dti?li. The (f leautilul Hor?lie?e takes her benefit to-morrow n nigh', in " l.N?n Pas<|H?le." It will be her last ap- j iy (tearance, and we expect it will be a burner. ^ Ooi.f urn Vot*s?Thurlow Weed compliments the patriotism of the "colored gemmen" of this ^ htatc who voted for the whiff party at the last n election. He seta them down as an item of poai|(J live capital in this concern hereafter. Certainly, j j4 in an election so tight as the last, colored votes? j votes of sny color?from any race in the shipe of | t mm, will tell. I, Pportlng Intelligence. (f*->a?Tiii * ( MSM.t. I-Taomw. 8**?p?talir* ; h?at? un<l?r tha iiaddl* f?ur *ub?eril>?r?, ff?til|?rr?n r<d*ra. eatna off ***t*rdajr afl?0'>nn an I ?a* n >>j Mr < Mi a gt?y mar# In two straight h*?U. ul ") in*. : 11- * 10 *t (>n 1 iiurxl*}. lb* match tot V>o0 will ? >>?? ?tT h*I Itrtn ( fafldi'tTf ami l.??ljr I II*q. Hill* ImwIi. b<*?t . thrt* In C?*. In hfcri < *? I ajy hllrn I* *'Hl th* 1 It*, hn' not at ? l.!*b rdrt* a* pittluatl; r*pnrt*d. I > nf'd? rir?- *? lh?- ;*r a(ii.r ?rh??. glow* lu th* titration or kir ??<'k*r?, and thing- look now a* if ???n n ttiirg will V><- ihr ?tt.M4lard at th? *< ?( i hi taoa n willi.g n at IM >' M tnnH fil?n<l?r-Ttili Uajr. v Cue it ' oi kt. -No* M, MK, 14, w ?>t'? >7. M M. r. PI ?, ??. *4. r>s, ?.:*, P? 1?"? ' Kn*i.? lil* liriillruiKN I*. rin|?hitlrallf, ?f * i f *'< li?i? ?f th* l*?l Nl Mr||?r trllfM ?h? bm >a n ?au?'?'? i' 'i?r* for li t b ?*! * loeali"* tl th* " (nt iailub - ** ??.'' ut* at* ?r* 1 ?H **rr th* *<Hiat?. ?rd '< , r.r*on< *>anw* them, tr* *lw?*> rcognnrii <ik>i *?i?("i ,t lb* lor 'in. bi>* K?r t ait *1* tupr ** *'**??* >? ? f r ??rn i?r?. kn i?knnl i"? .|.a*i h? ladif* ai.4 litl<? I r>l?-. la nr*?nri*b r>tilT? and cap* of th* ai >t l**?at and | '>lift de?- riptmn J ( alirnrnla ! ?** ? I'nrtnhl* aixl other ! , | CaH'-rai* B?i???* i .i gto??*. *?i*ai ta. aad u eh*ap ( | a** la tfcir _ MM I- SOOTH, y "riU* a**., Br**kt)?. j dollar*, to include the postage. Of a 1 (he Citricl Ptii* thai, have yet been introduced into the marliet u tie ia? arrived at the perfection I of I'etidfe'a A tlamai.uiiM I uinti. Sold wholesale and retail, } l?y th< n.auufuc orer, No. 2 John *tr?t*, corner of Broadly, up ethiio. >. B --Old ft'ein repair* d or exclim^.d. metropolitan lSoot*.?The rush for theae ! celeferatf*! Hoof# '? truly ait ni-hiug, To he ha-1 ouly at. fer- ck?' celebrated Boot aud hh?? tmivir uiu ; ?*m-y jtylu at Input from a f-eni'ft water-pr-oi Uuo* t < a cbilu'??ho 150 Fulton kinet lUiOvc*, tthoeii and C alter* for the Hollflay** 1 --1 retell Call Boon, fl AO, wor?h $'<; fln? <*alf ft 50. utu.iliy I f I .r?0; i'atent Ltatr tr Boo ?, *< to $7; tiafter* from fc J to j S3 lU: Ditving (iai'eri* from $2 7j to ;8; to be fouud at the j corner ol Fulicu and^Nai-aau itn. _ fnillliieia ai?<l Dree am a Item, ran have their remnant* of velvet, or velvet rihUou, bointifully e?l?oj?cd it ? |.fi r? a yard, or ii.ado Into i or ?ir. * irurnuni .', i l. ;u i ibli ieAim. tbi b?? q - ill > ti tMi ai Ion, ly K. Clt Kl.Viul'li Lrt, 1 1 v% street, iwo doors below rptiM aiitti The (krHt Gold |ll?(lui awardul to l)aj;urrrtotutibv Ihr Aniriuu inriitut*- * x ir '. t ?n f < -i of M. B.rrMv, ?( mr of Broa way nod Pulton m ?t . where atiat . ... * pec linens. rl hniiksnUinf'; i ,.y. -L?tllrii\ AUkcm ami coilcJrei 'j <?'? it* r i> >> t* .'idd "I ail t.' ? vari ut? knil , snitaMefort' tio'id^v. Al* 1*4.e.*'and children. in>li?erir.? ii-r loiter Ft u at ? H of*. ((.! . U ;r'? futut)L !urr\->c ! anl belt usaortixAot iu New i ?? <, t J. 11. MllLKK'3, 134 Caa*l street. To KooK-k(e}Jt 1.1 aiml Ot he*If It h a j pocu geld IVu that you want, itou iu at J V. \V.AQfi'l?, 1 nut* ge? a Kuh*?itu ever pointed. Vi'? guarantee it It ;ive ! yu ? iiiifnctioii ; < r if > ?u wir t a fir*t -rate gold or t Ivor ! V atch, or your Hatch or & Id Pen repuixed oy J. V. j?, I Pn>f(??<irBroiizephizt wlui letturen on Va* I tnral ii ? or), iu t' e buitdny M rc rv, vllh all ' n } for nit uuoi^ui p. ?at.'< -) e* M ? ? r t? M'-r * wt ut$?> I ? , ?i ? -it the 1 JiL^s. r tit Mr b r in the ? ity, tlu b- 5; ' .1 a I aud tl e choapeot at JONti'S, 4 Ann atn-wt. The I2lutii be % all nal rrean ry. No. fir 'tadv* ay. ni.ould 1? led \>y .11 u ;?o ft|vr?-" fine |>icfI'l'i Stranger a d ot.'ier* 1 I iiu l tho oolleecioa ot.e ?f ' ht nuoit int? it Miu ever o| . no I i > the pahlio. ln<fiortant I *!ri'l^eme from the r?rfi( ?'1 Sill wt'.o inf?ftd rroii.i g t lie i? fiinufl a*.l t r iveliert ^entially ? I'aoatt a, Uet? i ? r T?. 1 ?OeK.l^iin ii - j JNoim i|hi>tandiitr tf e e>.t? "??!? ;.rv heavy rains, *.ra- I iniate onimelvea upon receiving uur haraa^e *r< 0 from <11 ?j?iai? .1 traalu -<?. aa^tflaai fmafail ay u bava? la 1 ill iHiifct' art.v??r? d iur eacjeiatioaa and a - clieer- 1 It ;!y reermn 1 d tin-in to aH reraoi.t eroticg t'.o Uthiuua at tl.j? tea?iL.?Very tr*?ly y "r- \c. 1 ll/? ft < . II. COO?C, t.LHh'.KK WT/%K1>. U . t|. Zl M M EK 1 \ V, T'urfnpcrp l?y the Luif?iro * Hy, Sep" m1 er. ' Ttj Sfc.-ii. 1 1 i-i ( ii & Fi 1 /.( i hai.I), Trunk v|*nuf,?..'l ?, | eernr if Bioadaiiy urd (luldtu I.quc, Ntiw Yirk. The only artlrle ulili h ? an he (l<-peii(fi><l on for the cure of Chronic Kl.eumatitm, Sore Tiironts and Too hbche in F?r. Tohi?p'p Veaeti.m l.iuimah ,pu 3 cjuii audtOciLti, Depot, Mo 1 Murray ttreet. Co:-')tw>?I'rtuiluui s tic II C|wn Clmln J'ottarn, Jt: ?TI.e hiilim art inuted to examine tbe new stylo, ' and tlii? jasr'a l'remiutr. .'em I.e. vory beautiful. Tbe as.'ort- I OKI.' >' tli.' liiriiest ii> Itf citj. N. n - i.'ouib* at wlio cale. II. til'l M UV, Dru 2d door ? Dusus it. All tandrr'ii Ttltohiplic.?TliUci l?liriitr4 lr?twnlun??iu- l.ijnld Dnir ? teuijiua onaurpasicj l,y .ijv ntlnr |n|*ii'i n ever effirrl to the rubbc, F r tale by i HurhUu. I Urk It l!o.. Ilnsdaar, III A. It. J: I) J. i, la, | corner Fulton aiid M llli iti . Uiiuiii liali li)t, . PbnlM'1 linptovx) ' Msfie Hair Dye, * new i&<nuUk.i, to oclor the Hair cr H'lli. i ktra the movent it I* applied, without injury to the bairei ' Kin. Gunilin.ta taa have thaif 't l.inl ur? dyed >n .Tl . minntcs. at t'.e Depot. No. 197 Pr'ndway, corner of Pay i:reot, onder the Franklin JUuae. Fat battle, m?!l i<h, til Urge. ?l U. llnlr |)) i'.?llali in Im '* Liquid color* llie hair < t whiskers the m utuin ii4||>l.c-l without injury to , the t.alr or akin; it can be wasiied in medial-1 jr willioutdUturbing the color. ami baa no b>id ndnr 111. applied, or aold wbolitsle and retail, at BATCH KI.UK'8 Wig Factory, 4 rt'a'J str??t. Copy the andrcai. 6 o .11311 ft C1A1 A V r i 111. BOmCY riAKKET. Tntxlaf, Nov. lt?-0 P. 51. i The flock market opened this un.rnlng, and prices at the board were very fuveriab. S >wr of the fancier closed at better prices than ruled at the openllig. while other* opened better thau they ciOHi'l. Ceippartd with quotation! current yesterday, there hit* been til material alteration At the first board Verniers' Loan fell off '?' per cent, and New llavoo RailroaJ advanced J? per cent Harlem wan mora active than utuai, and the bears are putting t ut large I ts on l>ng time. A* rigard* Farmer*' Loan, the result hi? be>n prtclseiy as we anticipated. Tiicea rule lower ainee the much talked of teal irtate aale (notwithatandlag the high price* realized) than before, and the prob-tV'.ity that tbe bear* bate ma<U, or will ui ike a good thiagout of it. and that holdet* tlii bate aold at the top of the oaik<t. will bate soon an opportunity of re-p,irotia-iu? at niucli It wer price* Ptlraa for faury stock* usually j tak- this course and, in niaity-nine et<?a rut o' ev?ry hundred. It i> be-t to ? It when th? anticipation if ar.y movement in any particular slock create* an advanre. aa the result seldom or nei-er meet* tbe ri pedal Ion" fotmed Them wai a aale to-day of North American Truat, at an advane* of J >4 per cent o? tbe previott* tale. Thi* Improvement 1* In anticipation of a declsii n in favor of th- stockholder*'in tbe rase Involving property to the am luut of tdCOCOO, recently argued before th? Court of Appeal*. Ihl* advance ha* taken place in 10 I li,alien of ad<clsion in lavor of the company and * be probability ia that in the ?vent of the daoiaion being aetually announced In favor of the company, the trek will fall, therefore, tbe b**t advice ?e can give bolder* et tbla and all other fancy stock*, la to n il In antlcipatii u of the result of any contemplated Move, t meat likely to afleet the market value ?f the *took. Tbe receipt* at tbe i fltce of tbe AseUtaut of this pott to-day amounted to ^d'.OOJ; payment*. f3?SlO-balance. fSbU 6T3 There I* no foundation for tbe report that alteied or counterfeit note* rn the Merrbai.ta' liank rfCdUailh'tua wera In rirculati n Th* r?ftli,?r? ,.f IK? H?r. . itig D*p?rtweijt In MWiy. *ay that no morn bill* bava b?en lMu?d than are #ecar?4 by dcpixtted *t<>e?i no J the Albany paprr* fij that there aevnr ha* bren an altei *d nr e< u?t?rWt note on tbli bank preaenUd lor eirbarga or r>-4<'Mptioa Hcldtra of cotton are amlou* for the arrival of the ftramer froni Liverpool, now nearly due. Operator* appear to ba pietty equally divided In tbelr opiolm* a* to the e< mpleilon cf the r e*t advice* relative to cottcn Tfca mild weather of the paxt thru or r>ur ! w??k? hai iatr?d tta ?climate* of il?o?a enirag?d In the trad*. regardit.g the probable eitant of th? crop now rrmltig in It I* now avtlmated that the prod not til* year will ba ?<>ni*wfcare b?t ?* S aim t.00 and 2.4tW,'00 bale*. I ha ylatd will not vary ma th from 2,300.000; jd If a killing frott keep* off a week or t> a day* . 1< ng?r, tha product will b* afrova, rather than below, t>at flgare A* ragarda prt?e*. they ar? re- j liulated ?? morh by conrurrptlon *" production ; and | a? we murt look to our advlrea (rem I.lvarpu ! f.r tha quantity consumed weekly In tha manufaaLurlng dUtiict*, every arrival I* of the greate<t importance to all lrtere?t*d In thl* ftapia It wae tha impr?"-*ion in i?i?nfn?nT. ?i m? iai??t a*i??. that Ibf / r a. would nx.n fail off la ? n*?x|HBn.,? of th-lia I pcnlbilliy of niaoaf?ot|irlD| rotrnt good* la th* fao*of ! meh an advance la pilnn* tor th* raw material; an 1 It I >11 f?ppo#eil thai thl? la eonoMtloa with ouri fa^ or?Wf account* from th- t'ulMl 8UI*i r?l*tiva to th* | KToalrg crop, wou.d rrcut tha upward movement la the market Mrt hi It' n speculator* te a ?!?n J ?t 1,1. Moe f i?oi?hl? account* <f th? cr p ha?? io?? out hy ??erjr ' picket dutlrn th? put ninth; but w* (hall har* to ! wilt the airier! of lh? (trainer that Wft Ll??t* , po< I on the i-tlh inMant-1*M Saturday?befora w? can t II Hiurh hI ( ut the futnr* eo?r?? of prle?*. TIi> anneiod atatauient eihlblt* th# quotations for ft r?^i(.-u and uotuctlio aichange. far ppesie. an J fjr un current f>? RI?* Kit ft O* ioaJrn.... . Itr )>M On A mat >r<l*tn... 40 *40'; 0? fart* ....H9!|>Nt<t l)i*,. ..* ???>? Ob Breui?n feN?a t*\ Dowihtw Em Mtror*. itocen , p*r H At* Mot il< n uheok*. I ^ * I4W .,. p?r * H tl * New Ori.unr,,. . ft 1 in M?ltt*?r? i?r? ?i #i? k ,uh t *>-lift*.. .J * ? 4U R!(ktnnn4i. IH?I if Cin-iurull IX * 2 dt? i h?Tl???t-i? H* 5* <' Le?t??lll* 1 ? iHi B?? ?n??h Na.htlll# ? * 3^ Id ? a'V lit f?. t.?ii* 1\ * < ;? C?'?*?l>ii* . .. ... -H 'lrtu l)?ir?u 1H * ? Alt if"t>Ja<kk kl Am ?|t'nT*Tto*? rn* Sr*< it. Vtr rtnt. fnlst, a l< < c?r lw?.|?ll?. fl'll 'f a$i I 4" io. u?V l"t?H I fr?ii?B. . ?4 * NX Aftllar*. ., .<. '? |t<>)i tMi.kkhxM... ! .? ? l? (0 r*- lilt |k ? '"'* <t. r?tn<>'~ 15." J tpMtM Uti lnfl. IK'S . . *.tt * *."7 <o inarttro V'j ? '" >! li;.Jk*... tr 1 ? t.M S.Ud ? * ?'<-0 .V# ? l??r SIA'M FOK KURtlPE. THE WEEKLY HERALD. The steamthlp America will leave this port this noon, for Halifax and Liverpool. The mail* for all part* of Europe will close at 10 o'clock thi? morning. The Weekly Herald will be published at nine o'clock. It will be ready at that hour, in wrapper*, for mailing. 1 It will contain the latest intelligent)* priaUd in French aud Knglibh. from all parts of this continent including that pabliehed in this morning's paper, from Nlrarsgua and the Mosquito territory. Klllulx MIDl?? tlmatiAi. V?o .1 - - - - - - - ?I Imi ?k> ?i Honir. hut if. st,i at Bo ! at. trtd mt \twlnjllan4... V <ila pa.i Mobil" an. r*>'??'i dUl Jig Wh'nv Tr-iy,*-:. di? H dm New Orleaua.. 2s dia IK di? ? '.'<>rk < ouuiry V 4i? die Ohio 'iitiit'J di# N?w Jersey.... ?< dia ^ Hii Indiana 3 dla2V?dia Philadelphia... >4 die par Kentucky S die 2 di? Baltiui'r? '.tilt '4 (lit Teuueaeeo 0 d.a ?di# Virnin:. l'? dia 1 dia Miaa?uri 3 dia ? dia N .i' h i < dta Miutii-aa ? dia2>?di? B ii'h < aruliua.i dia ?dia Canada 4 dn S dig Georgia i dia ?dia W heel fc* t.alika are 1}? per oeut Jlloouat. There la nothing new lu the exchange market. Bill* on London have bet n inmodera'a demand. and drawers I have made a farther eoucemtion in rated We now qutte the bent billM at cine percent premium On Tariathere. j* not much doing Packet* for Havre take out large! amount* of atlver During the put weak, the ahipnit nth o' filrer have been abeut >150 000 to France. There is very little doing la domea'.io exc'iangea and lu uccurrent, money aud no alteration la rate*. I Thi? Aiint-VMil tftli'A Aihihlta tha #a? H principal public Houritiwii of th? country, ia thin uu kt-t. at ibx t?n? otlvc puriocU uu ufvl.? y oi ?tio.v< run Fnm,it acauRitics. *< On. 11. U>. Nob. r, 1S49, D. 3. ' van, <> p?r -cut- it>j. I'll ? l ' i iiij ? lOJ't. Dx t 4 ISM. . 107 a ???r>4 iJU ft lOrfl* Do ( " 1?U.... if* a U?IN llltf* 1I1& D?. ? ' IN>7.,.. 112'^ a 113'J 114 ft 1U? U... t " WW ... 112 ft iU,', I14M ft lll'J Tr. _purj Pl 'ivc, 5 pel mui 110'4 ft Ul'. a 111M * 11Newr York 6 par v>-m, ldfcl ? ? ? ? ? Do. 3 " IrtH It,!)1, ft 110 ? ??*?" * Do. a 1**1 llii^ftlll Do. t ? 1 .- ?! . .. llM'-i ? 1!0V 110 ;< ft 111 Di. " " lHi2 .... UU* ft 110;* 1 :u\ ft 111 Do. i " lhU. 111% ft 112 112', ft IC.% Do. 4 I */.... XlSja ft U! }13>i?U4 I):. AH " ISoil .... ? a ? ? ? ? ))o. by* " l^il,, .,. ? ft ? ? ft ? Do. " Hi.. 'IM 4 limu MB ft IUH< D?. ? - l'lfrJ-fiS... 100 ft V,U)2 10 % ft IIW^ ? " DsiVfiH... ft i M ; i. 4 ? lii. 'J Do. '> - IM*-*)... 1113 ft , 3>i M3 ft lung Do. 6 ilWAft ft ?<M 1*M< ft IM Da. 4V* ** ? ? ? m ? OMil T HI i ;i i\ ft 106 1. 2V ft IU3 ^o.? ' v-t ft litt'? 1.ft MCtf I'". S " !?? in> )U<iS4 ft UH)i Dt.C " 1h.ii 1W7S ft 107* lm>? ?1?7 Do.? ln7o lt;s)? ? low lCbMalM Do. 6 *4 IWO-NS - ft ? ? ft ? H . tv.a\f ' ' >:.? * ft imi'i ;<?% ft 105 Do. 6 " HI ft H< *1 ft ?S IiHo ii* Int. i'sir-. I i. 43 ? <ti.l? ft 4t?V Do. Int. SUnk... A * 23 it ft ti)i I'"). 11. i lk... ? t ? ? ? ? ludiftLft b..ud: ? ? ? ? ft _ Do. SUU.F.V0* r.~x ft r.9 70!?ft 7?v i ll.'' ':l.*3, 6 i' -IOul.t Jfi ft J4i ft S 'ft AiftO k:uft, 6 " ? ft ? ? ft ? Da. 6 - ? ft ? ? ? _ Dd. 5 ' [>'.<trliBK.. ft ? ? ft ? r.uutyl.A. 1 " b7X ft 8)H Sf'i ft WZ Dj. 6 " l'*i ft Im 101 K I >J Muryinud, 3 ' l >il?ftl(M 10'1>4 % lli+ ? Do. S " Riarliftg.. U ft tl N k t).i ~ Taujeatea, t ' ? ? ? ? ? ? Do. 4 SJ ft ? iJ a to M:t?jftohmft. 1 " ........ ? ft ? ? ? ? to >.hi^&u, ? " ? ft ? ? 4 ? Virginia. S ? ? ? l?;J^ ft U2*? N. V. CilT, 7 p?T omi. i of... . II ftlli'ftli" ? Uu-* Do. 7 ' W o! .. 11'. % ft III) W\ % 110 "0. 6 " I .ii ... ft ? ? ft ? Do. A " IK A .... 10*1 ft ? ? ft ? Do. Wftt?i Uui. aj l-C.n .. .*7 ^ 39 ft Wtf Ho. no. du !->;i) ... % li<i? W-J ft i<aj r>o. tIt* Lota, do ;?.W ... liv^ ft Vil - ft ? B.'i.i.Kl>u d ptrst, IW-JI-B.,,, ? ? iiv| lOSVftMt B .i ' ?. .>11 , <. 1?| 1 : ; Pliilftiirli hi* 101?, ft 101 MS** ft I0? >.Y. Lil.ftnd Co. ... 111 *4 ? II.' 114 ft ll->? I? l.'inn ?ul Cj... ,1? . ft >j I'i1* ? $' % U.'.io ' Mile*, mi-j i run Co... ft H.1 M ft IU K.n.k o. S. in 1' .... : '4 ft i'ft 2 it -"< Cftmder aud Ami v U. K 12 S * 121 if * Its ' irll-r.l and ! ' .? A. )W.'* < 1<*> 1 >! ft l'li'ft N?w \ orl< ami llfttrn R. R. 1' ft U'!,' . v?S'4' ? ? Uud:i"ti Ktv- r K. K lif-W ? ri? > * ? 0;i\ Sf? Vcrkti 'Jric !{h. n - nun '! ' ,? b '/t Wl'4 ? fri'* Alt Any !?. . i r?dy k. K. . tk ? . 1-7 H7*i ft VUrt i.nd > ly H K . i?i a in 121 ft 122 Hrr-.i.'ia? ?nd l'r<* K. 1{ 121 ft 124 121 ft 122 tie *- Jmkj id ! ? ? lf<i 1W!< ft U -i Ankara ftnri S..roc . M It it.. , ?7 ft 78 7..'i ? 74 A'iburn >ad K." i i-r R.R... . 7!?\ a ro 7?lv. ft 8'J Nc? lorn i?Tid l! tr'ein Ki>.ilr(.?4 M i S:'j ft!'ft? S '< i-ftdini KailrvtJ 3-r, a .li^ 31 a 31 Do. Bciida.. f.7*i M 8?i?? a 87 i 'u. je w 12 x Ji. iian * ft 91^| Oi)| i 09 Cne K?;irnd Hvals, 1st.... i.i i a l'.'Ji 9,'aa tfiV J?0. iu .. !' : a K;* s? a ?<?; Do. " M. . . 78 * 1 TV I W C It. Ohle?; RH Bi nd*. ISA* M 111 a 11*1 l'Ji) a 11*1 Ijj. Dir. B..uii? Ml a *1 <M * I1H? Bilttrnuri k Oilj. Ktilroad.. . 44 a M'a C"'t% .'1 ai:<lfci u Itiver Railroad Bond*.. <1 a VI 99 a 100 Ws?t<ra (SJ ->?? ) KMlr.'inI. ... 1 J1 alnl>?l'3 1 I.N D?1. t HuImd Cinil r? 1SI a ???:* 1*1 a Ifil Do. " Serif 167 a Utf K3 a l/>5 <iuctatious for nil kinds of stock soeuritiee remain without any 11. iitirUl alteration The ea*y state of the money ii'urU-t prevent* any dipreciati 0 In priori", and the 1mk'? ra'es ruling prevent huy farther adtacce. (Jood *'und i-tooks are already too high, and cQjIUliete prefer other investment*. that are equally sufe und pay a heiter ra'e uf interest A? for fancy tUcki>, tlit y a:e regulated entliely by the ability of holders to carry theui au l the amount preying npon the niutket Aoyilight iuiiirjvtmeur cr ate l by any movemeut uf speculators, luioK* oat a va<t deal of itock;*ndlt if, therefore, impossible to keep up the market cr fi?t up any important advane 1 But for tha cheaper** and abundance of m^noy, all kind* of stock! would tule tin p?r cms. at least bulo# current rata*. 1 he bank hate th? ir discount lin?? tilled up to tha highest point, and mtke renewals as fast as piymentt ar< made, ?o little variation occurs for week*. In the street the amc-uut of bur nesa paper offering lor u:? it limited; but the rate* of ?ll.-c nut vary materially, the raoge b ing from seven to twelve per cant* 80 much depend* upon the chat after of the paper offiled, the number of uioti oil it the length of time bfl re rea> lr,i maturity, the ueoe -iti-i of the bolder, and* detsn other thlugs, that the per cent intereet paid in the street on paper, |? no criterion of the itate ot the Kiotey ket. ai.d |iii> no id>a f the talue of capital, l-a.iriad ctrtiilcala* are salting in the street at the rate uf l'i ai d 16 per cent per annum and bond* bypothicat'4 a* seeuri y, In this way the proeaeda of buLdtof rallirai coupauira are rraiued long before they make their apptarauee in the market. Any quantity of the e ceititicataa are tloa'iug about Wa'l street, lstued by ouroau railroad . and by these of .New r rg and If a h*?e rl 1 - a la per cut if submitted to fur the pnrpo e of raiting inmej for liamiillat* uee, by li) polhecatlng boudii. and tho*e bonda are : 11 illy in 1.1 a1, lit and 14 per cent 'llM.Oiint, we would like to know how inaoh the c ompany will aetoally re aliaf < d every bot.d iasued. It will be a very intereetlug ta !; for (< me ,t ckholder^ nkilled in metllematici to fgnrc this up and give the result. The Governor of Alao^oi*. in hi* hu message to th* L> klflatui e ol M* e given a very f'lll statement of the publio finances, but aay? nothing abmt the 11m Idation of tie principal of the dab'., any farther tbau that the treasury will only be ali> to pay the latere?t,aud that the pajment of the piindpal must b? irit tu ?< IU? luiurr i iltllliD. Ill)* rnl?af? IB IQtt ti>a?iiry, on the l?t of Nora? bar 1449. ibi<uateil la f(>*8.01tt '.8 Tlilt I* ??rlu?ire of the t?i?? for the pre. MDt }??r, due on the firet of IVetmber. which are ell in. at rd kt 14IJ itOO making an aggregate of - in 016 6s* Th* ?>. r'toer ant ieip?t* n ItertM of Tr\tbUr for It* n? *t fiacal ) ear fi 111 rarloj? (oareri ? . ir-. i' e inert ?<e of the i lijecU f 'a* ?.I id; troin tmU InabVhtte Sta'e la plaljtlfT arxlnut tax e >llaetori, rd" others foT amaiage*. to the amount of $62 000; irrm un'?'ttled dura on ditranth ?-ctlon? aold In. a:n< untlrg to npwar 1< o| f4.~>0 00o Kr >m tha general gorerxainit ricelpti may be anticipate <1 from Mferal ronrcea Irom the two par c> nt allowance on ?al> * of t! i' piihiir i trnl? f 7 -fio. fi c u iln il?nl? arl? Irg from f,?e par cmt government atook ioai? la armri, f If 000; from uotatMad claims ?n tha two aud t' raa per cent for* J lOOiCCj from ba'anoac ol una. t Had platm'f r atpetae* In the'V-xl*a i war $7,000 Tha axp'-iiifiturai for '!.? two emu!',j . <-%r? ttc ti.ntf- j, in grnrnl, for tha rat Ion* hj. ot* t paclfl^d. at $31& Ji7. \ raduplnT on thn . a tha nucu'in thinta may be effected rf J IT WO wiili h wonli ! ?** tha actual cspcndlttira* of tha tr*n'tiry for tha rnaaing two y>ar?, fi'8,317 The (loTt-mor a<lTl?at ng*in?' any further In -reare of tha burden* of taxation, but an amend nant to the law. which wilt t?nd mora completely to ejuiHa* lr? opatat'.onn. Tharapoit i'l the Tr?a.?ura? of tha S.aUt of Wao-vla. 'jT l84t-0. < ihlMta a rary fair ?nrpln? for tha y*ar The tal balai ce In the Treaturj, on the mmh I .io?i : I aril n only fcfl7.X 1 12 ?aa BTftllablr. lha balar?-a b?lng In h?nk htonfca, r?ilrr>? 1 prrlp an* nrcvrrant fai 4?. Thr *r*ll?bla b*)? ?" In band. Oeirticr 20. lilt ??? *l7 t>4 61. Th? i?-nr?t?-l r* ' <! n n.lltui in, l?r a*l<tliig Uwp for th? )f?i? 186vi aul 61 ?r* ? itnu?t?d !? f MJurj o> (ii.O?i.ii-Rr?r?"i *?n KirMnm'IN. 1S50. F.'fivi?(rti ri-Rvipt*. Ine:u<tln?c aurplua if 1HH *103?V*> 4 1M1 CiMiiitiil rrealpta aw two T*l?l for two r??r? f?0S 000 1860. V(tiin?tr<l < xpru'e* Ineluilinir ? f *\ men t ol K'i "00 <>n public diet ?a?0 400 1S.M Knliuaud rxp?n.>?*. in>-lu<Jln? a 1-avtiiai.t c.f f>70000 on public d.lit iti.400 MM. M0 | Surplax at lb? ?I?M of fli"o?l yaw 1H51. . .. f9:W0? Tb? pablla d< bt tf 'fporgla. ?t iha clr?? of tba Uit fUral y??r . WM, according to th? r?port of th? St??< TiM*?rrr. a# umnri -Ti i i,mi rp ,i< !?, (>i toi>?? an. i#40. I'tlt r i K Wo, ,U (mitt R,t>? ?/li%K JntmtH. |T>. |-40 Ji n* 1,1-70 <|?ri HI ,1.. ?.,f '-<1 Jnly I l?ri A " JVt-Ml ?? Jaanftry 1 ! <<" J'ma 1,1"73 8 " iij inn# I, Wi Jmnwr 1. W71 ? Tt\ IK*) (*> Im'mry I, IM'l J.iarary I. 1*71 H " 41 n??? i?> ray 1. IM< Mar I. 1-74 N WMllkl u y I.-., ill R I I bt I, l;-? n ' .HIIMk) <?? | latioary I. I f Jinnary 1. I?H ? " U.28U *?y [. im Way l.iri 7 " 1X3,MOO> Inly MM* Jn'j j, IM1 ? " lOiWO *> Inly 1.14* in ly 1| ' 7?> (?in f?r> Ii'ly 1, in* July t. ! ?* ? ttnnnniin Tf ??1 af VaiUrtl R?nd? SI 7M.472 XI X Starling Bua4l, at Laa4?a. par aaat.. 7t*? Tata! af |>*Mla fctt $TM^47Ta (

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