Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1849 Page 1
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V I T H NO. 5858. nnnniT v> ?rr ?ro rnr VAflmna I nVMUlMA Mm.I A 1X1 U. A1V XJ\Jkj A VliVi ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS r TUB fuppeted Harder of Dr. flcor?e Park male Iztraordiury Developments Criminating Fofessor Webster. dU., 4 c,, ?o, ? ? [From the Beaton Evenm* Transcript, Deo. X.] Mnoe laet evening, our wbole population htw ha?n In ' - state ot 8th e greatest po?iihi? excitement, In oon?e?ucnce of the astouidlng rumor that the body of Dr. arltman bt< been discover. d and that Dr. John W. Webster, Prufa.-aor of Chemistry 111 the Medical Sohoal Of Harvard College. uod a geiuleun.n eonneoted by manlaga with sou# of our mo. t dUtiogulihed families, bu been arrested and lu^riawned, on m-puolou f being the murderer Inct Uuuty, then aoaaiement, nd then black. uc>pt>liuM? horror, hare been the emotieoj which hare agitated the publlo mind an the , rumor hu gone on. gathering oountenanoe and oonJ ftrmation. Never, in the ant .ila ot crime in Maasaehu, setts, haa such a ?m at iou b? m produced. In the stnets, In the market place, at every turn, ' men gre*t each each other wi h pale, eager look*, and the inquiry, " > an U be true''' \nd then, as the terTlVie reply?" the circurulaoees begin to gather weight agair.-t him"?la wrung lorth. the agitated listener oan I only tent hW stelkeutug tuiu- of horror, In some ouch expression aa that of Hairnet? " 0, berrihl* ! 0, bwnole I most horrible !" . A thunderbolt at cUar aoocdny falling with a load f Tepo.t and sbattir.&g the mo-1 o"nep>oous domain the I olty, ouuld nt I hsve prodnetd a greater shook to the , external senses, than that ?h'oh the falling of euspl Ion on Dr Webft?r, in tb'H hae occasioned to the racra! senfce of this eouiiuuu'ty. The tlrst imp jlse, among all hla acquniu'auoes, is to exclaim, " Impenslble ! Outrageous ' Tii* re could hare been no valid grounu lor on ?rr?n : iuu iq?b. a., unmii ououui' stance* are related? a- facts bu g<ng on faots, ere det tailed. the propriitj >f tbe course of thfe Huthorltlrs In making the arret is rsiuctlantly and ^alufully admitted Wi give tbu fact* tint h*vH tbu* far oom? to llifht % la this affair, wim an acoou. partying protest, however, against making tbt-m tbu matt rat f?r forming an opinlon agKlmttho au->p>et-d individual. until they bare been thoroughly subs'an'l* til before a i?nal tribunal I Heaven grart that they way prove fallacious! HowI (fur terrible and eonurinutory the array of circumstantial evidence ir.ay seen. ! ' us postpone, as far at ia tu 11**. all conviction* on the subjeot, until it uIittUM a more inipoing and authentic front than It nun at prefent < hail!> and common sense alike tcnim< ad tbu o' tirra. As we lave tarn Informed, on what we litem t? be good aut t<: ity, strong ruspioi'o < have been ntertaln?d ever si roe the clsapi" aiance of Dr. 1'arkman, end esptuially since It ba* geiierall; been believed that he was no laager living, that th? plu'ie of his oonoealment was In or about the Medical i oilrge (a bunch of Harvard University ) in Ncrtb Grove street in this oity-and accordingly a constant wateh has been kept about tbe bulldin* l'h? prlnnpal ieam.ns for these saspiaions, whloa wa ba>e heard assigned, are as f41ewt ;? Dr. Part nan hell a note for against Professor I Webster, which bad loag ;?*?n everdun and upon which although It was *eon>. d by a mortgage of so mo real eatat* la Last CambridK . the doator had savtral times 'mportuasd for the n< .uej. and been from title to tlma put off. At length h* applied to the off. itr who disposed of tta ticket* for I'ruf Webster's course of ' lectures, to kaow If there was a sufficient balance due the professor to take up his nuts This circumstance , is laid to bsve greatly lnoen?ed Prof. W . who, on Frl- 1 lay morning of last week, called at Or Iarko-an's < bouse, No. 8 Walnut street, and left word 41 If he (Dr. P.) wanted bis money on that mortgage, to call at the Medical i ( Ueg? aboat one o'alook thai efternoon." The d?< t- r In known la have iroeoeded to the Col ge at the Urns specified- was seen t? enter, by several ' ersonJ ia the vloinlty. but wai never seen to ooms ont. be statement tb?t b? was su .^uently seen passing tragle's Uii4ge. bas been as ee h?*ar. satisfactorily eon- ' adiiUd Oablsesy to the ' olle^e l)r I'srknuan -achate ' some grceerit s at a >'ore en the corner of '!ks Mid Blossom streets, whisl. be ordered io be saat | "a bis onfe, but left la tbe st?ri a bag af celery, whloh ' * raid he would himself eall fr>* In a few minutes At Ms tine It is sta: d a person wl-hing to do sons bueileas with bin. waited t wo *r tbr.e hours in vain, la ?.der la see bim when > e ehuu d > ne from the Collage. )Is said Prof Weh.ter admit* that )t Parkiaan j tu at the College about tbe tiuie mentioned, aad that, Itbovg'i bs assarts ha pai-i bin tbe be cannot cbow a receipt for It?when Itl? veil known that Dr. V was Tsry m? bodleal la his busiaee" natters <lt Is also sta < 4. that dunog the whole of the past vrak. Plot Wsaetsr has kept htne*lf very seslu led? ihat bis rooms at tbe ( ol.egr bwve been kept e^nt .antIj looked olrcunst\nnes i^ai'e uousnul with hla. I From these and other a.Irged :*cts euoh suspicions >ere arousf d that ia tb* fretasaat's a<>eea<fe Uit svaalaa Mr V nhralm l.l . "eld wbo has the oa'e of the Coll** building and t 'in lv ?u Indued to break Um partitl< D vail to tl. taolt nuder ih? private l*bor?l?ij 01 MmM WVtMtrr ' tba baeeiuant of .fc? baUdlug and tb*r? dlMnvrrad cae l?g 111J a portion of the trunk of a bursas curpea. In a o n Jltlon whlah Mt4? It i|>ptrtit that the remaiu aad not loog bwi there dapotltad 1 bu dro? rrry *ltk tb? Iktt that Fraf?aeor W*b?ter lj ai t aa aaatomlat or eurgMoa. bat Mai ply a ohemtet and Lading nothing proi'raatcinaily to do with the dta- | raatlaa of hodiaa. waaamplato gtv* rleata tba aeionnd- i lag maploion that Ur. t'arkmaa Had thaa beaa moat foully and diabolically murd> < .! Froftw r Webotar wae accordingly nrreeted at kll , ( raatdanaa la '.a?b dga. by ?flluai? Clapp and Hlaa, , and lodged in Latarrtt atraat Jail laat night, to await ! farther derelopcmeota W> haar that ha wax lataojeiy nel'ad em tb* o?ea/>oo. and ga?? way to rioiaat ?i- | alamatiMi* anai? of hlah. If reported coTrctly. would team to atraaglhaa the ebaia cf eireiimetaacei pointSag to tha dat eat guilt. Amoag otfeer langaag- of a I Slmliar Import It lecarreatly >ta'*4 that ha uaad tha f diowlag rt < an It be that that lafaraal ??amp (i?paoaad lo rafar to Kim* accm^uaa) haa batrayad ui? ' Tktft ara a tboa>ead rum >ra of thl* aort afloat, hat tiow much en-dJ t to attach to than *a laare aur reaJere iat a farther and tborongh Im eaMgatlea aaa mad* la tba rrifciaar i labroatory tl. ? m rn'ng. j In tfca a?i.?? f hit fiiroaee acta I and plan<* of boa* firm tba akull aad other parta of a man haad, (ogatbar with aavaral fal- e t*aib ?oma aoat buttoa*. acd aome gralna if gatd apparaatiy from a wateh attad d<'an Oatheatar. from t. a lab?ratcrjr ta tba icetme rrom ab ?r w*r? found epote maai by a atroag aald. eapabie of daattoyiog niarka of Mood which migb baa* baaa tbera apiliad or of almoat Instantly eorieumlng tba ftaeh I' thr? an upon tha paraoa it I* knaaa that Pr I'arkmaa carried a g'd wateh aad wt ra aome artlflrial t?a ?; bat aa yat waiotU I tarn * hat any r.a. Idau Illation baa baaa made concanirg three artielaa, at U tba p'irtloB of tba body K>aa? It la efatad. aa a eaapiptoue fact, la eoaaaatlon with tba leei-nt uaoaual e--*-o??"f frof H'*b*tar'? labalatcr/, that from iu eblainay aa uaeommaaly d?aaa aaatnnt naoka ha* bean ?berr?ad to liaaa for i eataral day* pa?t, and t'>a* a ^**at amouat of filthplna klndllnga baa b^ati o*ad tkare lb* moat tboroogh ln?a*'lgation( ara a*>w balag r>ad? np u alt tr ? ma't?rt t<> wlneli ?a hi?? ailadod Tha Madlcal ( ullage I* ur,.i?r^.doa th* atrtutaat aaareh tbroagbout. and It uay bo aipmtad 'bat ao.aa d?ftr t? lafnruatloo *111 po->a reihv* th- all-abanrbtag ateltrmant ableb la praeataat la aoaaa^'iaaea of tha to?at?r1 <0* fvti alraa.l? A vary III tlaiad and unrb?>ttaMa atrampt t? ax flit* popular acali it th? V?.|l?al i la imH ?f lba*a d*r*lop?tn*tit*. baa b??n ?!?. but 'ba good ?ritM of tha p*oila "f H'Xioi I* foaraoty that tha a'tampt will prova ?h Uy uob"**Hii*. an.I that ?T?ry lat*lltaant pltii n will a-alt tba aalin Ibtm n tlM U?, and ikidt by th? r?*uli (Krnai tb* B<?t- a ??nln< Journal. Dm. 1.] Tba rtty ?m tbrnau lat? a aia'a Of lb* rnmt IiUin a?rit< Kent tbli Hon- Lf by tb* aan. uno'irn-at that wrrf Jobr W Wabat* r of i ambrldga, btd t>aan irMt>< u4 coMtnittad in LaiOTaM MM Jail npna aaaatidon of having b**n tb* autd*r?r of l>r. Uaorg* ?h<? ?ary mf?t.'rli'ti<'ly di*apr-a'?d do-lng tb* aftarnooa of Friday 1-d alt I ha ainltaoi?at r*aoatn* un*hat*d and In fa?t la hoarly Inaraaalng At ala<irt ?mj eoraar and la vartca* parti of tba otty, l(r*apa ?f paranua hi?? b??r> and attll ?r? n<*?*d la fowuaaJag aad aparulatlng upoa tha facta that bara alraady arma to light. aa ??ll aa npn tba tbnnaaad aad oaa rumor", for whtab tbara la vary littl* If ai; fbnadatloa It la Impoarlbflbat tbl* ?tag* of tba aro?**diB(?, to gatb*r a p? rf?etlT eorr**i and mlnut- blatnry of all tba airaatnatanoa* and faeta hnrlai ap?a oltbor tba dlaapaaaraaca of Pr Park viae, bla fa'*, or tba arraat of frofaaaor M'?bat*r Tbla ia owing, <ind< ubtadly to tha boat mrdWM oa tha part o< tboaa particularly lntaraat*d IB U' fU?, *m trnai i 'if ir . >u?, , ,, f ?l???l ?iMnlD?tlrin. uhlflh l? to b* lmavdiataly Ib Ihitil. Ro ffcr ta (<* b* a?i*rt.*l n?d. h ?*t?t It appaar* that Mr K,j hrl?m LI t)*fl*id. ?rho r?< >d*? at th* M?dlnal < oil*** North Oror* *tr*a*, bad b??n Inpn-aaad with tb* b*tt*f. arar (iara It ?? u?n?rt ?ln*d that Or ParkMa* Milnrwl tka Cattaf* building on Friday of la?t ml, that ha ritw I* ft It IItIm. or that hi* mj had h*fl r?mo??4 Aataatad by thl? b-ll*f aad alio ba*traafthai??4 la hi* or't'on*, vtr Mttl?1?ld rat a h"l* through 'h* aa.i M th. *oii*g?. *- to gl?* tlB a??am ta a NurBrrt row dlr?rtl|r undarn*ath Prof W*b*t*r ? p !???< >i?ail?Bl *i*rtm?at Kri? tilt* ai arlmmt a 4o?r op*n?d at tka baa<l of a atalrway l>-*'Hrg to th* >.**?m?ot ro-m Thl? door, It I* no* *UtM. bw aavar haaa kno?a to ha** haaa op*o*d by aay p*r*oa aieaptlag Mr. W*b?t*r I'poa gaining aanai to tka ba**taaat roam. Mr LtttlalUM foand tk*rata tka right lag %nd a mall portion of tka lavar part of th* b*dy *f a man rhil rlrrumaUno* bclag IstaadUtaiy mad* kaeaa ta th* propar aathoritl**, a?*tr?h| of th* aparm-nt oaanrl?l by rr if Wr*b*t*r h laatltatad wblah r*?altad la tka tadlag of biaaa aad part* of boa** haiaaglag to a kaataa body, wklak had *ppar*atly ba-a raoaatiy burnt *a that tka laah aad card* vara aatlrrty roa*naio<| Tbaaa Mi. I* addltlo* ta III* n*a that Prof Wak iNrl apart*aat vaa la tka oppoaita wtag 1 tka b?iM E NE M in(t ttom inat u,<?ii Wm purposes, and Wt?g i?o known nwii ?hj t bumtn b"dy, or tojt ptct thereof. should be lu or ab>ut the premise*. wer? darned u.JVieat to ?irrti>' Ms arrest Accordingly, < officers < Ispp And starkweather were despatrhed In a private carriage to the reeidenoe of Pref Webster, ia Cam bridge, last evening. and mad* the arrest as ahrive stated. fbls baa been done, although the part of tba body found hatnsl yet krm iJmfiJud as a portion ot that of Dr Parkman and It in a matUr of considerable doubt If It can b'j ao Identified. It l? also stated u an nnusnal fact, that daring the put six cr eight day*, a fire has been constantly kept bandog in the furnace In the apartment eoeupWd by frcf W ebiter. and that for a long time previous, no lira whatever had beau In his room Tho foregoing Is belleTed to be substantially a oorrect statement of the maiufeatures ol this melancholy affair besides this, there are rumors without number In circulation, soma of ?hlch are known to be wholly antiue. end others are being thoroughly Investigated. lu order to ascertain either their truth or fklelty. Among the many rumors which are generally bellsr d to be Incorrect, are these in relatiou to the finding of a p rtion of tbe oiothlug of Dr Parkman hf* watoti and some of bis papers There are ether rumors tending to prejudice tbe public mind against Prof. Web>ter but for the truth of wfcleb, the puhlio must a vait the issue of ? legal Investigation which will be mu te an oon as ean com Intently be done under tbe present tate ot (xcitement Officers hhre been sert to Cambridge with lnstruot.ons to make a tbnrov..i> search of the residence and nremlees of Prof. Webster, to see if any additional light own be obtained; but the result of their investigation* Is not yet known Coroner Pratt will summon a jury t inquest this afternoon, "to inquire into the identity of tbe parts of tbe body found, and by what means It cmuc ml iv* uvatu The puhlio may rant wared that no exertions will berpured by the authorities to nlfc this matter to th* bottom; and In tbe MHItaH, It Is due to Prof Webster ?h? has heretofore MMM a high standing in the cinimonity to suspend judgment in reiatl' O to th's uflair uutil un Investigation lm- lakeu place. Since the nbore was hi type, we 1? iro that Mr Webiter ordered at the store of Mr. Waterman, 83 and h& Cornkill.a box to b* mad* of (tout tin, seldered tight, with ih* axoeptlon ol the coeer, and that to be made ?o that It eonid be eatliy soldered i d 1b it* proper plaoe. Thin box van to be nb*at throe fee. in length. by on* foot and a half In depth end width, and wa* directed to be sent yesterday to Professor WlMW) but whether to his apartment at the College, ?r hi* residence at Cambridge, we did notlearn Another fact reported to the authorities U, that among the at hee In the furnace in Mr. Webster's room, at tba College, th*re have been found parades of melted silver and gold AIbv a part of the lower jaw bone of a humau be:ug ous or mora of the teeth in which is tilled with gold in a peculiar manner at the edge corresponding precisely with those of Dr. Park* man. These, with other oirouinstaDC.-a which are b*ing brought to iv*>t |N a dark complexion to the mutter,as fa* at Prof. Webster it conoernad, and togetbeiwitb tome incautious and inflammatory statements published in seine of the puony paper*, hare created nine excitement against the medical Institution ' in Noith (Jrovo street 1 hrtats of demo ithing th* building hae* beau utter- | ed, in the heat of the moment, by s> me individual*; but bo serious apprehension* are l ilt that the peace *f th* 1 city will ke disturbed. He under*.and. howavar, that | May r Dlgelow has adapted the moot energetlo mea suras to suppress at a moment's warning, any riotous i proceedings Pti'fsMNr Webste." remains In Jail, and Is In tba deep- , estrlate of excitement, so much so that physicians ' have primunced it untale to bring him out at present for examiuat.< n A strong police force is In attendant* at tb* College, and all petsors are denied admittance. [Ki.ib tb* Keening Edition of th* fio*ton Mall. Dm. 1 ] 1 be deep and aiugnlar mystery In which th* Cat* of Dr UeorB Parkman iaa been sealed for a weak pa't, ha* at length been i.o far measured a* to point, with terrible sosptcloa, a* tb* MaaaachuMtt* Medloal College as the tc*ne of i*n murder f or i> sue days l>ast, half termed and whispered suspion i s in the mindset n a few ? f our citlsens. bav* been directed to 1'rotetror \\ abtter and the hospital It wa* here that Dr. Parkman was last s*ea and poiitively I recignisid. also the assertion ioad? by Prof*asor W. ti.ut be bad paid bim bslwten four and fl*e hundred dollars-but for whlob it stems, be ha* bean unable to mow any rtrcupi. I urn, 01 iinnr wa? a nu'ptctou* olr- . iniikUucx. * k?n w? eout Jer tba matbo4iaal uuditriot I buriuwo habit* of bt. faikiuan Wit aia not bow iDloruii A if tha lafafntlw whiak lad In ik? MNfc and nnain* f a b<dr in th? raalt of th? ho?jlal .uppo??d to t>? ibat of Or rarkman; but ucti k I" o V ?? <li?r?i*?r?.J Bt an early hi>ur la-t bin* 1 ba btad aud a portion ot tha truok wan j<na Yat it U MMtoi by ?"lu* paculiar mark* upon tha , llmba. It U fu!;j Idaatiflrd Altar tba di?eovary of tba ramalaa. a warrant waa ln-iii inly | i' ' urm lor tha MWl I' Profnanor 'A r, an ) two fhe?r?, Mori. Clapf tea HIm proe??d?J In i k earrtaga t<< < kinbrld|f. ai?d ai about 10 a'olook la?t aaanlag took hira Into aW. >dy Ha batrayrd tba moat itrra* ajltatUo, a? wa uudarttaud aud it uaoaararj to ot n?ay blm boaliy In th? arm* of tba olBaaii, from tba fcouta to lb* earrlaga I p?>n bit way to tba jail Ma grtan* aad akelaaattoa* wrra acnUnuad and of tba moM tl< iatl cbatart< r 1 ba*a aatcunulbg diacloaiiraa. and tba arraat of Pr<v ff#?' r Wabatar, hatr thrown tba wboia community Into a lntr of ascitamant aad tkowuJi of paopia wara gattarad Uii moraiug in tfca ?w'nlty of tba hoapltal. Mr Wib-tor U a P? >r>m r at ( atobrldga 4 otlvga, a man < I hlgbcit ?tai4?in( Id tbt eoiumuaity aud wan eonnaetad with tba ...'ileal i ullaga in thu rity. drllt(tlii( a cuita o( laelura* en cbamiftry. Ha la ab<ut Hi jrart old. AVDiTiuwat. r*a ricuiiar. A a Irarn that tba only portion of tha body dlaeovaird, waa tba Utt l?g and a portion of tha trunk attaebad to it; and what orrtainly muat tand to ikra* cln i k mih im. ii ii| n Tr. Iw. r WrlnUr l< thalaot that ll wn din i ?fr.d In ib? ?ault nonnaolad w|tb hi* 1 prlvata it* n a plae* wb?r? no human ramaln* of tha | aiMtrinig Din *? arer mi"?n i<> oc inrowu. Rlll|NIMlMlN|MlMlfcNtU|llM tlie Prefaa or bu bad to ooaaual Pre going la bit Ioruo* for aereral day* peat, md that partlclea of K?ld ud direr, 1 ltd banian t?etb wera (ll?nmr il Id the furnace Dr. ' Parkman it la m i carried a n I watch urn imoaily * IB11II quantity ol allrar rntn la Ma pocket We belli re that anaie porMtaa of "laaMag bare been fiua t Id tba hoepltal building, which kail J with the dreae by Dr Parktnaa whea ha waa laat ?> an HuMora ot a>I aorta are an rife that b? liet ?- pat t? a perfect atand atlil, and eerract tnf< rreatl >n la dealed tba J reaa. Id aaif laf'ancee. on tba ground of lU lat?rl? 'eaca with the police arracgeoiectt 1 be name ol tbe party wboaa ?u*plctoaa fare rlea to tba aeaieb la Llttlefleld, ? believe Ha la a clergyman aad baa much eiuployed about tbe hoepltal Ibe eieiUaetl laateaam la the city, arid at tba moaieat we gu to |>reee the ?ir<?ta arc crowded with triple, among wh'ai the njetetinna eukject of Dr. rarkaaa * airltr I* tba eiria?lr? aubject of ratios. iFrtm the Rnetca Keening Trarallar, Dea. 1.1 Lact eight, at about 6 oclock, It tu aanaaarad t? Martktl Taker, tbat by b.eaklag tbroagk a brick wall, a Mr Kpktala Llltl?D?U Lad fiund the lower part of the body ot a aaa. oaa lag being gowa aad alM tba lot! of tbe ither lag. Tfea plaea wbare tbae* remaloa were foun t waa dlrartly undar l ivU?aor Wehater a owa rem whloh waa eatwed by no oae bat blinewlf Thaaa remalna bare at jet ia far aa we baow l>eaa I teat I Bed aa tba raaialaa otDr Parkman. but tba faat of Sao lag tbeai la tbla ( lace aad alao the aaiag of tba part of a nan'a jaw iiaa hut one. and a mail quantity of gold lath* futrare wb?re tbe Profeeeer baa beaa kaowa to bara kept a Are for tbe paat weak, which la rather oeuanal. 1 lad tbe autborltlaa. attar aoaie eoaaultatloa, 19 eeaa f< nr flcara to < aabridge raat ia arraat Profaaaor W?b*ter. la 'act, tbe police bare bad laformatloa la tbalr pcaaaaalOD auffl.-Wnt to hare joe titled the arraat at *rftl da - aeo bad But Ilia CtLfaaa .r'a karantat bora m> high alor* naptelon U ?< about ??? o'clock that tb* < fBrara raaobad th* rrofaa?or raaldaaa* aad without Mating tbalr r*ai buala-aa. ItlmrnM him thai a j?a **ar?h of tha Mtdleil t ollrga bad ba. a daaldad at. aad that hi* pra ?*( ?a? ra.jnlrad Attar gattlag into tbf rarnag* ba ?a? lafbinivd rf tha abarga aialrn lila, tltii M maaiftatad graat aiatt*?aat. and *ar?rai m?? Ml ba?k lato Iba ofllr. r? iib> Ha alao mad* u-a of aipraa*lon? of a doubtful aatara Mia faialiy waraaa* lafatmtd tl hi* arraat aattl thi- anrnlag. Tha ooil?ga la ica uodat going a thorough Hank, aad alao tba ProTtmrr a|>partn?atf at* anhtli'ja A "*( otbar facta. It la >Uf4 that tha Profaaaor *ai banvg a latg* t>. ImMil Tha a b?la mac Ur la la tba haada af tba I am i aar. abo alii ,, hold aa la<iaa*t upon tba ra- I malar tbi* artrraoua afiar arblah tba aaeutad irlll ba brought op tor iaailaaii?n. If tba jar; nhoald tblak tba* t-a facta aliaitad warrant a furtbar pr?*aaatl?a of [ ibaa.u.r 1 ba groand cf ?u*plcloa agam?t rrof???or W?M?r it a j ba brlady itatad:? Lfr Parkman pa lad at tha M'dtcal i tHirga on <b? day that ba diaappaarad krtdaj. > jttntrr M, aaa auiantad In <h l>f Wah*tar; | aad a* l)t W abatar atataa, aa* paid tka mm of >4MI ba him to eanral a mortgaga but it app>aia that a pai on > wit bed ti- aaa l?r Parhiuaa. aa I who >?? mm fa to 'lit Hi?|itUI. wait?d outMd* t?r a oo?*idarabla Tragib of U*? but Ur Parkmaa did m-A ?a? oat. aad ba tctll; w*nt away again Tkat *(i?rtfxu l)t, vVab?tar *aa la hi* *tady *a *> at bourn aitb hi- di or lor?*d, aad ba l? *uppoa?d ta Lara ftald tb?-r* all blgh? during wiilnh Um? two oar rata of lira kladllftg* dut^^nrnl aad tba baat frna hi* 11 cui waa *o iai>n? aa to ba aotl??d by aoaia of tba lamalaa of tba ( oiUga Diaa a* ta tba fladtag of tba brdy lha plarala aau>ual tbara b*lng a r?g a< r*??ptanla lit pitea* of nl^Mb, no ana bad */ ?* to It hat tba doetot, tbara a>t? found in tb? grata of bl* rooM , la additloa to tba artlalaa *ta ad abara. mlnaral ia?th, aad what ara an pp. -a<i to ba pi*??a of a MMk. It Mil thaa ba a??a, that Swili tba h dy la M?ntl1?.l i an that of tha mlw>t| t ?n Iba aaid?aaa though atr< ag ?b> ugh ta noid aa > u??d for trial, ain hardiy ?rtm?t him. but If ei.npl*-* with a eartala rarogaltloa of tb* body, win f"tn> a *trnag am? of ta*tl<aoay. Tna aaruaad nblbtiM not? aa<u>a*a* thl* m.xalag aad . wUhad to *aa b*a frt< aria No addlttoLal artdaaa* aa* foaad a-Ma* tha dnator by tka *l*ltof tb* poliaa to bt* r??laat - at CadibrMga Iba aitad abvat tba< Mlag# tMa mot ring ?a* largr, ecB>p<?*d ho- -art. of tha lanxO'tt* laaaa< ant* of tba aatghboth'od l br<<aghoat tha alty aa iaa?aaa , agelta?i?at praralla L>r H ibaur baa h?ld a hfcrh raak la analaty aad ' hit baaa n aaarkahia l?r tka arlakUity af dkapa w ro [ORNING EDITION?MO> eitioa. Hta urNt upon the lunplcion of having been ?to?in tj to I t P. rkmtn n death hti ocntMoned tbn mn?t i?t?D?e anrt painful excitement i* the connuiiity, and we cancot but hope that an investigation of the rlrflum?f?n<>> e will result in exoulpa'lnx him ftvm a charge to dreadful, and so repugnant to hi* ?*ner*l character TELEGRAPHIC. Further DlieartrlM mptellng the Harder of X>r. Parhman, tending to crlnilimtn I I uiv our ww x. unan Boston, Den. 1. 1B4I. Farther <N?ooverie? have br#n made tending to fasten the murder of Dr rarkman upon Professor Webtter In bit own laboratory hai been found a chest, In the bottom of whloV, covered with itraw, were found further portion* of tbe body. All the body haa now bee* found, tar* the head, feet and arms. The accused le quiet t his morning. The inquest will commence on Wednesday The police aa> ert, that they have further herniation agaln>t the accused, which will not be made public until the Coroner's jury (.its A number of ohemis'.sand physicians are now engaged in analyzing the ashes in the grate of the raon. and placing tbe recovered fragment! of the body in their true position The military ware out last night, bnt no dlsturbanoe took place From the peculiar shape of the limb', after the pieces were pat together, there is no doubt now, that la was the body of Or. Parkman. _ Brooklyn City intelligence. 0?r*t Kisk *t Wallsbout.?About eight o'cleek n Saturday evening, the brilliant glare in the a'ai >spht-re toward Ike North, aided by tbe toll oI the aUias bell, indicated that a serious conflagration bad broken out in tbe direotlon of Ka?t Brooklyn. or Wallabnat As we apprcached the some of disaster frost the Kant I River the spectacle of the fire was extrxmeiy grand and I tenifle. As tbe air was elfSir, and highly mygeoatsd, and the wind blowing frrab freas the North, the Are burned rapidly and tiereely. and for a while seem ?d to mork the exertions ef ti e fi-emeu to sublue It. When we arrived at the scene of destruction, we found that tbe extensive premises at Jebn < IM 4k OO. saih eud blind manufacturers, along with the planing factory belonging to Mr Johnson was beiag reduatd to ashes As the buildings were all of wond ttiey were very soon consumed, and the large quantity of timber wbloh was piled up In all directions, served to make matters worse. joe greaiesi oimcuny was experieauea oy mi urraxi ; In getting at the Are with their engine*. u the werka j in question ware bailt upon a wharf which jutted out omsldsraMs distance into the river In orler. how- | tar, to arrive at tha burning main tha mora easily, two of the Wllllamsburgh ferry boat* vara put In requisition an which some of the engine* were placed, which did good service Ker the want of sufficient water, however, cnly one boat oould manage to gat near tnough to b? of ur>< the other returned le Wlllismsburgh, with two Brooklyn engines and a /wise of flr*Mrn, who vera radly disappointed at baiag thus irrved As little good conld be etfeoted In playing upon tha triumphant flames in tha area of the ground, tba firemen principally directed their eOorts to savin; a larga fonr story brick building, used, wa believe, by the Messrs. Wilson, distillers, in the neighborhood, as a store house for grain. They were not alt* gethvr successful. as the upper and of the batldiog was burnt, and it* contents greatly damaged It was uot until *ilevaa o'clcak era the entire lira wa* oompletaly subdued. 1 h* loes sustain* d by tba parties wa understaa 1, was vary great. Betides throwing about one hundred men out of employment ( ros* fc Co have bad, we 0 lieve, (ton faur to ftv* thousand dollars worth of machinery and Material* consumed It I* said the greater part la ! n> t Ictured. The tire It e?m? nii^tnated by souia j wood having be< n planed too aaar tha furuaoa Folic? Iiittlll|ents. ftolmt on SMyboaii ? At the hark Maria . was entering the bay yesterday, from a fonr Months' J vi jsge fron Maraea'.bo. South America teo of tha sesmen, celled John Wtbster and Andrew fcveraon. violently assaulted tha sate of tha vassal with a maillngsplke Tha hlaws wars Inflicted on tha haad with lueh violence that tha Ufa of tbe mala Is aemai- j dered donhtful Captain l>?an. master of tbe bark, came to the police office, and related the alreuaetaace ! to J settee Lothxop. who dl*pat?hed aonstahle* Joseph | and ( roeett on board ih? ve?>el I) log In the sintui In the Noitb Rl?*r, In ord?r to take theaoouaed par ; ties into custody. It wa* intimated by the captain that the two sailors were despetata men. and had tatsd that *oonsr than be taken, they would kill the flret who attempted to put their Lands upon the a. Item these representation*, troubia end a deeperake Bgkt were anticipated. MMfMUlt, Mr Welsh t e clerk of police, beaded the offlrers, ? heat wai procured, and m arriving alongside the bark >lr Welsh ml tba first man to Jump on board and demand the surrender of tha two sailors charged with tha as?aalt. The seensed parties at first <? to be ugly, but a?ksequrntiy gate themselves up lam the coatody of the law Mr wvish ordered tnem hi th ian tbe euitody of tfce officers, and they were taken h- tore Justice Lathnp who committed tbam h 'th to prison for trial /Vtgrry-A man by tbe name of KdwarlC. Ma- ; thsw* *as arrested on Saturday evening, bv officer Stage. on a el arge of givlDg a foig?d check for (44 en the t hrmical Bank, to John ArnWroag, to gat cached, and. in so doing Ata.s^r<?ag wa* detect* J. and taea ha inltratd from whom he ot.taired th* et<ok. thus Implicating Mathews as tbe forger Justice MoOrath committed tbe acauseu to prlsou tor a further heating. Rilfcnf a Sirjngrr - I be nutotleus Individual called ( lsit-sa Weod wa. arrested n Sat jrday nigbt. by oflcerst oles ard I adrrhlll of ths K.ight ward on a charge rr ^rallng in ai ill' | r o <n nmnn tl<* rub of V.i 0 It ae*in? lb* Ir 'm-ad. or aadured, thigMan atranger to elell b?r room and. la *o doing, nli n*i agi-d t<i ektraet ilir nni?j fn.iu bU porkat. Sh* ??* detalred frr a farther liaarlag. ('/i<w ft Ij llull mg t Ci?; emun Oflloera >tepbeo* and Hopklu* ariaeted. on If tlda.r night t?.i j?uni m"n br the name* at 1 b< rn** Hatfield and H- ratio Woodward, junr i'ii a rhn'ga pfterrad *gamrt th. m by laui*a Or?? d redding In liitnd nt . ?kv *et f"t th (bat tba two lirni' i p?-r" n* wet* concerned together and robbed h'tn i t two flf:y dollar bill* u the Hank of New Vera It f??ni? that or TJ abkeglfltig day in?t )'hur*day ha acovred paiMee m< l Mr Oreea at a public boa-* la Brralnay abet- they played a gata* of J miuu?< ai.d after taking d'lak* t<g*tb*r,th*y flatted a b-iaiieg aloon kept t-y Mr Beneon, la Bri niaay *n?r* Oraea * > Irdtici d by llatOeld t' bet oa tha Ktoif, ha did ?o, aau lo*t fifty cant*. b* then b?t ft wbicb ha alto lint, au'i pulled out tit* pvckat-b'>- k to fa/ an l being at th* time rather under lb- tiiflneana of liquor rather greeaar than ha would b? other Mnaamii llatfald ailag tha pocket- bw>k. matched It froa <-n?D raying ' tl.era thai'* a W bill taking b?t>k and Ail Imiii afur ha raturaed the book la ? playful r>nuar, (itHi n< t anpp ?lng for a moiu>nt tl>at an? of Ma money war gone eirept the ft ek'rh he 1 -et Id bailing Hatfield and Vt oodward. Immediately after lb* return 'if the pocket book, left tha ralnon and Wreen went bom*, and I bet. found, on examining bin pocket bo. k that he bad been robbed An 1 now foe tha rumaoer waul. It Htsir. aft?r leafing tha boding mloou.rtalt< 'I th* Briadaay 1 bentr*. wh?re be Ml aeirep and bla rnnipanic n HalBeld o> mil g In *nd fll >ng him ao -a?y prey made a deraent on bin pwkit taking from hie pwr* n end eleaied out. At tha elima of tha tbaatra, W?pl?tid ta* liMmid tbat lla'Oeld had b-an f?el Ing abrat hi* per en anl n thought then (track Inn to unlM Ina pocket#. and to hi* rtirjn' b* dlraoeerad th* lt*a tf bl* a. ney K'ongeard f.'.theith want la t> airb of M* rrm^anun Hatfield and (nuad hta dnrlcg th* nijht at a p >rter hauae in i.burcb atrewt !'** a lit*)* bard talking t?>k il?r? between tb?a. ban Hat'eld acknowledged taking tha unity, but raid he took It tor rate keeping, (eeiag that b* waa drunk and aeleep la tba th-*ua and tbat b* waa fearful xiua rcgue might rob tila. 'bat "aid Hatfield, " I bat* met wiib a i??e t??. lor after ' to^k tba money fr'Uijcu I Tleited a b<a?? 'if lareputa .and a girl Crk?d mj (<?>et of tn I fad with your ta"it*7 Into tha rgaln " Tbn?. ara'rdlngjt" Mr liatnrld. tbay haea been uaftrtunat* th'on ,*ae a* wail a* Mr. I>r-*a. The affldarlt ot Mr. litem b-l- g vary ciietu?tee a?aii at tha arau>ad partla*. Jug>ia* l.otkrM b*lil h tb i? anawer the charg* In th* *ura of twfl Woodaard ent?r> d In bar and waa dl?ch*rg*d fri a au'tndy. Hatfl? Id wa? aommltUd to pliioa To J*fauit nf bail Jinr?t xi Sviftttun - A mau called Wm Mal'arty waa arr<Mt*d *n Ha'i > lay by nlfle-r l>^ty of the Ural ward id utptaloa at tlcaling |A fr<>m Hubert H -lattln Jutlc* l.otbrop eoaaltttd bia to prl*?n for trial >.?w?g turgimi - Tw> young boy* called Olib*rl J< t.n-'.r (Bil J< bti (iladKil era irrwuj nn nuiiiui rhatgid ?ith breaking la'o ih? table twiungiag to if. 8pr?i?< In RUth a<raet m l ( - ling tbararrita eleigh hall? tad other artirUa I he pri periy ??? todad at jui k ?Im.| wh. ta tha b j had m I<1 th rti f'a????f hmA M.'i'y r ?< ai.ui?n callel Ma'jr l?a l?ir)ino < nu Browu. re a. r? '?<i n sa' urilaj by rill rer Malley of 11.? Thlrteaath ward. "B a aharga nf La>*lng a eouatarfalt II* baak bill aa At tVeppanM.t>l No 820 Drlanay atr?at. ia-'ta? I Impanu da! ti.ii.ed 'L- goaaaad fur a further beating .Itttrn f i at hvgufy ?T?o VMIuO* c an ib? th-iDMl ? # W'bi Kelly aad Jo?? ph J?hi??n?i weta d?'*oiad <>a Krlrt?y Bight IB ?Bdea*o?li.g to break >bl>> tha dwelling hi n?a No 12ft Martin a >U>?I i>aeupl?d by Mr Ootid BdM-n Miia i f th? 8???r..h ward a.itfkit the rr?ffl?? aho hud Ib their ( *- ?#iob a j tin ay" a it??'T"tti*nt Bead hy S.ut|lai> l'h? faiaiiy vara Wti? ironi tha l on-a i b a ?l It ib th? oouuiiy Ju?llea Tlnprt a <m iua>ttt> <i th?ai to pria<b f ir t lal Ulati airtita nt In'llvldaala. Urn 8 A L>?i>?la*? 111 . aa- at >a. k*on Mlaa , <a tha Ifl'h ult . m ?..*/? f?r h ? piamati. b, b?*r Mnatlgetlo llfB Oeorga WaOtff off. 0., la la III health, an I llltla hopa l? had for hm fan >?iy \?e raad la tha lie man l.i/?a. o< tha 10lB of No. Ti?b< The fata I tha nuagaiUa ailim aha an bow la Hamburgh, wan daetdad tfcruagh tha dl'aat iaa alatK n uf tha Aa>aili-aa .Bikaa>xl >r la l.oa.)na j la| ha hal aelaa'i <1 ib ft'n i1itt?t?Bt ?rt-. ntthe north i.f be I Blted Siat a i g? *iao? "f laml ah are ha til -. at> b aa t.uigat n n I i.y I ha priiaoftht 1.1 It iny Bi <*' Ia>a h- ei *nBor->f tha atti t i rmir Nja?y, will l.a-a' r ni'Hna<-a tha Itifi >f Noria bir la cob. . a.y "Hh a ga<?etar wba wtll ?l> M He a- ' I! <1 m. a' ?* maniry aa4 lit l?n?di I'll (i e ii i a ai i.a I Be athei Vapyare aid Kla?n? hit! nt, ?li. aatl hw N?t York. o? hoard of tha aaip ? raalua I K K I] fDAY, DECEMBER *, 1849 THE ARCTIC EXPEDITION. , k Report of the Proceedings of H M. S. flBtv* v! tcrprlM and hTeiU|tlor, | BTIWKKN THIS ISTH OF JUr.Y, 1848, AND THEIR AHR1- ?' VAt, 1!1 KKOI.A.ND, ON TH* 3D HOVKMBKK, 1849. J|j The following co*munloatk>n will be permed with ** profound internet helot a lull report el the praoeedtnjO tk ol her Majenty'< ?bipa KuteriirUe and Investigator, uu "

4*1 the command of Captain Sir Jama* K?u between w the date of Ml laat deepa'ch to th? Secretary of tha I Admiralty, from I'pema?ik, In Ja>y, l*4s and the arrl w< val of the expedition off Scath-troty?!, ?> the 3 J of this piem at NoeemV-r:? In accordanoe with tha intenti' na r*pr?>?ed to the t( Secretory ot tbe Admiralty in bit letter of the 13th of te July 1848. her Majeety1* eblpii Kntorprtfte aud Invest!- lt gatur nailed mi that day from the Denis* iwttlenient of P' l'p?rna?lk J* ly running through an intricate archipelago of ? lelande. which lie* off tire main laud aud to kenp> *" off tha preehurw of th<* main pack we kioaeeded in ^ pasting the position lu wbleh the whale ehi|? had been o 1m g deta'nud, an.l made every day t'lni eiratMe to ?? th* noitbwaid uuXitii* SOib whaa ?? mtila to a Wl L*rg aground off U\pa Miaokleton *f litre Wi- were joiaed !?y th* I ord Gambler (of Hull), o* Mr. H. Hill, rriaei ?r wbi intoned me that, having run tn to the southward wltS ai) t:ix reel of the whaling *hlp?, ?' and having carefully asautlr.ed th* pack edge for ? ?/ P? opt ning that tui?bt lead 'hem to the *e<tward b<iiad * ' cru* to the conclusion tbat there *a< not the aiaallost ,v olianoe. from the clove, acmparo, and heavy aatur* of tba Ira. for any ship crowing tu the ? i ouac <>r lltita P< ! Ba>. thi* season Hn bad. tber-iore returned to tfM m north. i?nd eipaeted that ail the olber ship* w >uld s x?n fellow b'ai and mdrafour t?> r mad the north eod of *' the pack; ha spoke very confidently of beiug aoi* to Pt acc< aipliah thi* by the drat week of Aufuat, and pro- be in lied at any ratu. to remata Iu ca^auy with at until the 3d of .tuguet. We oa*t off ft >ut tbu Oer* early the So Bait morning towing tbe through loo** sirenus of K a toward* some lane* or wa<er wulch had opened 1,1 out during the ealm wblob prevailed all ui?ut lei Onr prtgres. wan. however alow duriag thU anj th* ex naxt iaw day*, and oar *Uua ion often dittioult aud rnbari acting tui On the morning of th* 2-tth when off the Three Ul? Island* of liaflln. la latitude T4 d< gre? N . we were *ur- J" priced on the fog clearing off to ..*? tbe L,ord > ?a;u'.>ier mc about eight ie.:*s distant atauding uuuer all ra'l to the m ulliwar^ uni* ol*app luting an of the only remain- SUI li'g uteaiu of fur ear ilinc la "roiatlon of our prooeed- **'' l?g? to their iordihip* and this ?n the nor* au- *11 noylng a* we had '>aly ib evraiug hef.ire p**it?d within D" a quarter < ! a u lie of her when upon any signal of ' ttelr Int. ntl<o <f golat t.- th- MIMli, we would bar* placed an oowrd v* her a'l our tatter* and de- *? iputctaa. Her enterprta rg commander d??erve* tlie tin hlgbeit ftai>? for pr<*>rvmg alaim ho far beyood all '* hi* fellow*. apd. bad It depended on btm I believe he * > would not hat* left u? ut.Mi we had got tiirough the (reat difficulty i t > ei?l I* bay. JJ We pn aued onr coarse to t*a north war J under * " varjiig . ireiim*ta?ce* of perplexity, aailety, and sua- ? can* ; for although I could ot but teal assuied that rr< wa should eveuiually g>t thu'O^h the Melville B?y ' barrier, yet calm, ai d ligbc wind* *o g;*aily liup?d*d ' ' any uiovrmvul in the paot. iha! day after day paxed P" away until tbe ira>oi. hat <> f*r ud?auo-d ?i to preelude erery bape i.f r. cuiDpll-biug iuu-ih 11 anything, Ml before ibe Betting In c f winter 13 No exartioii*. however were ?par*"l to take adrau- * * tag* (f ereiy opportunity of puehing the ehlpa forward until ou tbe ^uib Au?u-t during a h -ary breeie tbi frt m the aoilb-eaat. the rUipH uniri ail the r-ail they co< c< aid carry, hoi ed through a pack ofie- of but mod?- ou lata thlckLe?a but h*>lnu aui u^nt It heavy oia-aei atlngled with the llglitvr Ice thai eor?r-d th* larger r*' aarla**. thmugh which it ?a* nec-H?ary to drive in* "oi hip* at all baxard* Ibe ph<>ck* they *u<talned ?' duriag thi r*ver? trial wer* gttat bat fortunately k* withoutrailuu* dtmaga to tbam j t W* gained tb* clear water at four P. M oa 30th \u- B> CI in latitude ll)% degi?e* N aud longitude OS th. rte* W , and ateered dir et for P< nd< Bay. where I t(r felt aaeurad of meeting wl'O th* wbaia *hlp-, if any ihoald haveei"*e?d to >kn wed land an 1 might learn " Inn tbem il tt* Kr*bna and l arror. or tbelr pariy la b<au bad paa*ed al >i g that ah '.re aad ai*o with a P1*1 flaw to cm in uaioat- with the r*uulm*ux who an- ' . - - ?- w ...I ,L.t I to niifcHj llllt ?< 'r UI iviia - iu,(ai derived luii ruiaUon of our ik<?Dt lrt??li ail OB the iM, we rnwla the laud about ton mile* to Mr the >outh?ard of fond * day, tad n?ali traoe the Hue * c4 the main |>Mk I'lbMla a^anet ti. land at gt*. it i taaeeor thru or foar mile* to ihe aua liward to cl.>-ely f l>rtj?au bad.*) a* Ij l'??? lio rwai fji el.lpa or b<? a to B? \a/a t?twi>nlt uud tbe ?h< r? Wc ueiteto <% Into lt>< l>n<l* Bay BBd bore (u within half a nit la of th- aa 'b> point* upon which iba h'tjulinaui ara knoarn to plaaa '*? Ikrir fSUiatf tMldauam. DdDjuuna afar/balf hour, Ml Bad with our glaatae eloeei) eiatnlnli.g every part of 'h> tba fhore, allbout being bble to diacura aujr human 0,1 b* log i tic 1- roaa rend* Bay we eonmeneed a rigid eianinatloa 1 of tba e?>a?t to the a rt'iaaid keeping tba ahtpa eloea all la along tba Iau4. ao that n-l'i-?r people nor b >ata ha? could bare pa-i e>i el-lout on .e-lag them opp ?ed u" by a atroog current, alttiou.U gola? beo<re the el?d aie between two and tbraa kuote thrush the wat-r we w tuoad by tba rrtalt of all our ohw-rrationa aa ??U aa by unerring mark* >>n tba land, that we were omatluiea < ? carrtrd aaina agalnat tba aiad alt On tba *<lth wa at tired off Meeeatna Bay. aad a an party ?aa rant on *b re to l?we:i for any tiaoeg of 8ir ?' Jtbn Kranktlea esp>diUou bating tou-hrg at thlg thi geaeral point of readaaeoua Nothing aa tonud but t 1m-papa l>ft tber- rer. rJing Ibe vtelt of Sir t.dwar.1 jtl I an) In 1811* I be paper wae very much damaged. bat ou by oarrful ?a*blag ami fitting ?oj?tber, nearly arery Bl ! Woid til el< aily Jeelpb-i J ( t i preeeie.l i ftll tr m thta ptiat ? continue) Ute eiaminatHa of tbe rcaat wltb tqual care, for we fully eip<?la4 erery ! boar to we th?ee of whom we eere la eeaiaa. and tbe ?, Bioet vlgtlaat look oat wa< kept aloft anil froai tba to deck t?, On tba lat of September we arrired off Cap* Verk, |>.,l and a party wia ?eat on ahure to *eek for our frlenua, ,d at d t? fix a c uapiruoua aark at tblk r<nn%t kaM? thi j point In which wee plaet tl a paper for the guidance of cul any paiiy that might fail la with It 1 bl? >erriee wii pari' rmed by Lieut. M Mtatoek, with raucb a kill under (|a very difficult clrruOM'easee. tat Lttiy day we were lu tbe praotlce of throwing over- >j board a reek frt tu each amp o>>alainliig paper* with ^rj laf<rmailon of all owr pr?ca?iiiuga gone were nred dating f>g|y wtatbar, and blue ilgbia ami rookete duribg 'h. bon. a of darkL>- ? tb* ?blp< h?log kept for aiid>r atieb ia?)at|ibat aay boat teelag the a gnala nr BiUbt bare reaebeU th- ?. Tbe general tauor of tbe Intormatloa tbua dletriba- D0 led ai i g the rr a-t we* to acquaint Str job-i k raokllq or a?y <1 bl* party, that aj the ?hal>?hlp* bad aot tj,, , been ebl? tc eioea to tbe we?t lat l of Batflu Kay. they 9) , coald bare no bope of aa'i-tance fr> m tlieut an I re- t i 1 n aiBienoir.a theaa to aaake tor lort l.aopold eb-re I tb! inl'bded *(> fota a depot of prort*!' it at.J perbapa c, leave tbe Investigator to wii<t>-r there, they would, ui at ear rate. * It fa tbe prorlrloaa fiud a oiw- of tue ae, poeilloa ia wbleb tbe nearer abtp wae paaaiag the wtiiD r u* -?*- e . t> i u. I' tbor- r r>lM<>B?D v w; i Piuu < . . ... ? cu p d t<> ru.r.l tkr?? yroaiM't, t? r In I m; I bin party ar, not villi en a "f ih?i? u .buw thr; won.J r< bit! (Oil to IkM |' l?t tfc, H a aepordlagiy r%<io4 o?*r fr m < apa York toaarda N . i.a^a umil icoailn with i ho of a pact j., III# ??B" I'r to p'onralo, l?lrg b< * < n u* and < I oapnld Idaoii abnaat foortoaa natlaa br aJ. but a< wa p?rr#i'a ihat It *a< rtlll la motion w* b> pad jn ttlt a ftt ! )? n,ikht produoa a farorabla r.haaga. ,( IM In ll' axmlDit wa iM o?of t" tbo uoith *b>ra n II Ca>ruw biran. to Ira a a haibor lurtbal lu tba ???t- , h wai?J aba to tianln* tba aaaarroailalatiof that ih-ra f,, Vcatll l ?t aiiil urtrtl mall-r loan 'iUkk w ra tai thorough'! r?| iorrd. aad although mm got uaar tbo an- |?, traLco i f w?l ln< nn bauut-i tha flnu karri-r of lea t?i wl t? h Hiatal od ar, It and whlo-i ha.I r>lb' k<a |P( aaay ' hi* *aa>"u a?uvlaord u? ail ?a< loapractioabla |ni la that dltajiKB II, Wo now m<m d to tba >o?thw?4t to aool. for a harbor orarl apo H-nooll, but (nail a boaty L dy if iaa axUadug from ibo woo'of i wawiiln l-Uod, la a n.a- '' paet u.a-a. w, '.*"p<?id la'arj'l 1 i-l m at tig tbia ** l-a*k dunt.g >trr?? a-.d I"**/ a?a' h r, a. had dlfljiil ' 1 j in ki oping ibo >bip? lirr an Ing tha iilght r l ba- *' lirtr * goal a qaaailiy i-f Ipo wai ua??-r ' jI? i?m la Harrow Ntialt at tMi port *! of tba aa-oti With ikf ttirraaoiurUr at It dogrrra p?pry night, 'j your* lea f<-TBi"l rapidly and brr?Bi? ?a think a? to franiato all jur agor*i?ai to par* thi <?ti in-oi tha . koaar troaau >* * iliaiaaa ai n.r lay* of aoi- ''' ioip atiJ a'daotia wor*i wm una l?j la potting through the park ob*eh itlli liagaio'i ?' out Leopold Hand and N h ' ap?, and atorm th iktoi fort .oopuid on ' tha l.lh .??. pt?i: W llad aa uwt got lolo p >rt oa t&at '1 day It a ca,a bar- bom ia,p albia to ha?o lioaa ?o any la da) altoraardo tl a a am paok dutlag tba nigbt bar- 1*1 lag i-Wwod tba laud aud ? nipN laiy roalod tua mouth " | otthrla'b<r ?< H ? had a< w at aej rata, a^o tapll hal ooo mat- Mai J? print, aad woro rojmard to na 1 i*ioaoeboraga,i>t wnian ?o had h* l"ra b?ou ia u.ueb u abt. ?>U a japtad to our pO'pi?o ?ad ao It ?a? oamablo to >?ni. a gpool aj ti< a for "na ihlp I r?o?>i> >d iba' It ahould ba tea wm'ar < qaaitoio h r tbo Inro-tigal r 1 lia't nivpb aaiMan<4<? th* noit amrnlng to find 11 tow paHWttly oar iiraai launab fuidlloij our tipoeta- v l 'i> n an 11-1I10. i.iki . 1 uif b ut tb? bat j >r, b>- f' t. 1 r. . ll , 11, ?r?i?a ' 111 ?oar--h of a l a i" r f?.t t' r c i.torpri- a- >? ' pr'.ba- ' hliaty fn a< tlip >ariy oatilug In of alator au4 from tba * utibrokria ?lala i t ibo tea, to rra. b virlrtlla imatnl tbia ti Mt'iB I ha park a' th* bai l??r mouth howrrar, 'III piati au d 1 ur laino d>a'o dopartiira and a 1 our '' rtorgip. wpra OofOtad t? lot uiii; a eaod ?uppl/ ? f pro?1>'| ur lip' n U lialar fi-lnt In tbia- na* IiOiIhiiii a taanob pr'*?d i.l li.Aui'a o B'ryiijg a largrr ' -' - * ? . .m... -1 I. <-*rpt> h*r??if IMtntliilKiiinpii ir? t> wr at ku"t? Ihft ?4b 'h? h??t r?f in* > h it, m Ikn liarbvir ilibr .UKh whteh no " *i t>i intui rutil !> ? b*>on4 *' r?r nan i?rnth fc. im . t> I'oinl forth* .l*pit**? npf? tha |f?* ittlml prti ? M-h f?ra* thr ?hi*f pr too to *i I ?>b?-r. Bill-* ?1i? ai t lr< m f"T ?. hor*<*. I km *i.ik ? urn ntily l?d'- u? but * < 'iHtw h%**ril ** ?? in*ii II Don n( 'kn |w IiiHHk iii'T ftoh olhw, , ' i?<t>hii Mniif i'j ll li??? dlffMrt M ?t?f ! 1 I ?"H?. IM>iii, -ft '^*r?U n? *?r* llll Hiam-p ?t*, J I m 'liej i> >>< k) lh* l<* il til* harbor ' I ii i * >. f r* - l<i f <4?tr .ll o?r Mtntm In (k? ' I lift I Hit! *?? t |ltlMrM? nt fttroOg M'ttily *' I I.'- ?*<*?. lh? im k i?rv-? .. h**ril? '' I '?< n i.?rh I* hat ' . iMjm ?-r* | . . i I l 1. . l?r up t w? !? t? " f .. , | t|.? I a) li? < *1 |r ui'if I ill)* aWr %ll * , , ic#f,.|. * t.. rill * O* >*t 1 on ? ? *??( " 'h- ah *? tkll k?l MW?->1/ kMI 9 [ERA I. "S.fTivlJw k T,h'" Rn"'h,,r Pr*???r? drova them i I Dto shallow ?? -r aud bar] we not fortunately | '< <1 rff Id tlmn |? , prc.' ?blb that the hbtpa u,. it 1 iv d aground all tt,? winter. The work of sawiug i ? "T?!rr '"t.*"? tWO or thre# <,*T" ?? **' c V'^i w * T "M? ,nt0 * P?*Hion of oompafra- , houKb with onlv a foot or two ot water n ' ?*** t* nr!n* UJ" "at the winter bad now . t'hfwlkh .<??V ' MT*r\ly 'i T impossible to k?,.p ? , ^ ""P^Vd at suoh work, without e **u" ?? ?*. * "rr'i or ,w IK. h ? *?? 1 nr? hor? Into their wii-fer XOB' WIU,I> 200 3?? ? I ea*, ludr??d. most anxifin W ^ TJ?^**?" *' rjnii-e to eouia distance to Mi<t wi?*t*v r<?, any at- r? njpt to leav* tha ?hipn. tmd?*r th? clf*?JHMt<tjoes of ti elr fituatlou woulJ have ba.'H hiifWy ni'loa?_?nd el ohahly bare led to sumo calamity out t>? p*a'k wh.ia A aled the harbor-* mouth, the cl^t ?ft*r w? ehtered hi never admitted a chance ! ereB-? bfc?t ccakiutf tier I ij out; and acioss tbe It-thuius, as far as we oouU I be scern from the hills, the fame e.rt??i?e DM of oi ia?y. huinu.oohy loa; which we bad c*nted alonif iu 1 ?l are!) of an < pening the early part of Septanbur. <Xh m still prei>n d elosely home against the north ?h<n* ru 1 North S?mer?et, ard r-naalned Died thrre through- !ai it tbe winter: so that If tba Knterprloa bad been able pu get of the haihor. the ct^il not hate proootded far, r?; id would most likely ha*< been oontpelled ettUnr to wk its the wlnt>r In tbe par*, or to hare re'ursed to va Dgland, and thu" have defeated all prospective uiea- 1 ire* fbr the ar drUmce of our !r?? absent friends rai Aid, aitbovtih I could liOi b'it feel extreme .linn- aa ilutairnt at the "mall advance we had been ablo to tei like dn'iBif nar first i>ea?on. yet we had much to to wk ankful for in having beeu permitted to gain atnuro ' thi nt?r quarters at i'ort Leopold a poeition that ol" all *! hem wai the rnoyt deairahln if any one npot. bad to | we elected for that purpof*; being at the juuotloncf e four area, ohai nel< of Harrow .sttalt, l.aucaster tfei ui:d. Prince (learnt Inlet nnd M'ulllojTon Cbonnel; rt.l eae haidly poaelbla for aay party, after abaudouiug art elr libipi to pa*? along tlie .horen of any of thone lu- tbi if, without tludh^ Indicatiena of the proximity of oar elo peilitl'in da; rbu winter was lifted as are all winters In thU oil- bu ite. bnt long csjierience aud liberal tnnrn us thl iny c< inforix that uo other expeiluiou bad enjoyed: tk? title rruiarkable that the hea th of the crrw sutfared ciri ire during this winter than on any former xaeadou. out r w?Dt of luecesB n.<i(ht have tend* d in ?oia? me*- iai , K-? . in! in, .rlnn?.l? >h. I. .... . r ? -- J of nluter w?* prciooneil unu*ualy far Into the del ring belora we cuiil gl?e tL>in more aotlre employ, ere nt |(,u La 11 it it the wintor a great many white foxa* wera pei <>n aitve In trap* let tor the purpose; aud m It 1* wai II known bow large a tract of country time* orea- 1 rtntia tree in Maich cf lootl, 1 e>.u. ed copper ool- ha< ? upon wbtch a notioe of the poaitlon of the ahip* th? d depot* of pror'nlon*. was engraved. to be cleoo'.ied eat kind their neck* and then ?*t tbem at liberty agaiu, far lb tbe hope that *onie of tbeae messenger* nilgbt be the n rot-aim of conveying the Intelligence to tiie fc>ebua jci d IViior an the er> w? of thoae v?-*a? In would a>*u- t) ? lly be eager for their capture up \ftar cevt ral ehgri preliminary joum- yi, In April and clei ftaily part of next month, to carry outnmall d> pot* of t< n >vl?ion* to the weit of i ape i larenca end to tti* alo ith of t;ape Sepplnga, 1 left ihe ahlp* on the l.'ith of ?hc i\ withe pari) cm. intiug of I.leut. M'Cllu'.^k and \ loan, with 40 day'? provision*, which, together wl>a wei it* clothes blank- te and other ueo<inn?rl?*, were : a in bed upon twodedgu* We were accompanied, for the fflrntfiv* day* of our journey by I autaiu Birk. in [ are itinend of a large fatigne par'.y. whiob looreaaed ! tho r nuaibera t<> foity-two. Ilo would v illingl) lavu . vol' tended hie laluable H>lntat'0**till further, ha t I got II t that hi* preeenoa at tbe thlpn would b m ir i bvn?- ' the al to the service in ? -nllng forth ?uoh ther pa.tiee | the J completing nech further m-?Mir?n a* 1 proponed i the .aid te adopted daring my ab?*uce. j cur 1 Retailed aceouu . or thl*> journey mar be found la eou joi'tanl It inay be r>ufH<-unt here to mention that tbt < xaunoaticu of all ihe 11.1et-> and smaller Indenta- In i or of ihe ri ant. In which any eblp* aiigtjt hive found eirc Iter iecu pled a large portion i f our time, and eo.<t of I much lab' r, but it wan necessary that every portion A ihe coaat wc pern t-d along ahould be thoroughly el- *. u led uot he nr M h rh< re if North Somtraet treniln allgttly I of i Ihe riitbw.rd of the weal, until alter paeaiug tbe I *ti? j. me hi rth oapeof America,a t? ? mileaJLieyond i ape i pro i uell, from thl* point It trend* etitfHtly to theaoutb- ' tip rdd w?at until after rounding t ape Bunny, when i Iru luddealj aeeuim a a u??rly eoui b <Ji nation Inn rum the ilgb land In the Myhl.orb >od of Capa I || nil* we okwinr* a ?er? axtoa* ?e ? ? aa4 rkewie<l all, it ihe while * | aoe between 11 and i ape 'Va ker to ' to w?et acd Wellington bann-1 t> th* u rtii w?? |L, Idjiird bj ?fry lieafjr bJi.m.ooay Ice wbil-t lo the itheai'l it appeal?-d more fatorab e f r trafrHn<, I t re'oie dale niln? d ft"t to dlelde ihe f-arty. an I lied ' pac Ii ii ally InWnd- d nuMI we rhould find a wre prae- ' tioi title point for their exertijna mm rV e thertf' re ptoeerdeJ to 'he aoutliwar't, tracing f?|-t tbe iadentati' n ?l the ci??t ?aeu t ur progrea* I ft.r 'tae Biurc del >yed by neearalof the parly Ineaomlag , | iler? Ironi iamr' eta and debility, eo that It pmerd ' tgK *t fortunate itat I had not divided the loree wtiltii I we* ild only nuder ruoh rlroumntanct.n ha>e terminated |>?e tke complete failure of both ; for ailhougb the load my prbvinionn wa* eeeiy uay b< ccmlog lo??, lbs neee* i s J of earrj Ing two ? f the tiitforrr* on the aledgea, Df | dliieloeeof tb*Mrilue* .>f 'line .A,li-r? who had obi it?-ly ?i< pgth to wa I l^hlud .-really Itereaar* rat labor of the few who wjre aow able to work tbt 1'he rianitnatU'tt of tbe eoa?* wan pumued <inlll the I ou I> of Juno whan, barton r "OMimi.1 mora ' halt r prv?l>Hm?, it4 tha trcn^th of tb<> pan* b?la( to ach irOiiaa 1 I ?utrlu0'ull]i o up-'ilad t'> i >?n I >u thi cp*iall?a?, aa It (M mtor >?r. t? l? r? lb* n > n a i'aj t f r??l flti' that lb* tlma might ' I b# * holly Ip?' I prai-?4?l with Sargaar.' II irdltcb s rt \t H.ikbi P.< a. p*< n a H-<?iaa of gr-atai audiraa-a rf tha *7tr*n,? h p> irt la *:ght fr> til our SM nt dlflail abti'l >l> l< n w. ..a rill** Krmn Ibi I'm I lit w* I ad " Ba* ??* a* f >. ly to reward ua for our Ko IttlMial labour m ?i 'tally ah?n * raflacfad p?<l It lr?m Ik* ii? .ir? > I" orar ahl h *a, un*n ol? Ililir-'<1 hid UatalUd ?l'i ? mparallVt *?? oould I i nil* I a?? U?n a- < t> i l*h?d l.y th? party In om No 1 whilft It ?i i<;d ba*? > i it" d aootkar to ha*a got > I k to th*lr prao-at *i.'*Rii>iti?at d?? i bit ?itrnr.* j/"'?t of ir ..[. raM' o* l? la Utltada 72 tl?i f*?a :w N and loaf it t4* d?-/r< ? -10 W ft |? tha ? ' >1 poll t of a ?aiall blgb p*nln?ula and tba *t?t? of aii<l air.' >ph?ra t>ati g at tb* t ina peculiar y farourabla full dla'lnrtnaaa of tu-too. land <f aay g'*at aiavail >n of l fht ha.* b**a ra*a a tb* di'tanc* of 100 mlla* ba ?xt ?n.a high o?j>a of th? m>%?t howayar, >u | I oi >* that. fllty mlla* distant -till baarlng n*arly nth (tha tM a:lni< ban In firm ara trua.) tb* land ii* Im n.lii g for < ap* NIo. at, tha n< n b-ruui at point , ilrh ! had r-a.-h 'I 'luiii g iny j"urn*y from tha Visrj In '.-.'1 ai.'l whlrli I h<.p-'J to bar* att?m*'l n I* 'Mill- I! a* ?*ll a- I" bat* r?-?l?it?<1 tb* Mag- " tic In It* lic(i>*dl*ta Tlcloity and ad not ao J" iny of < nr part/ brokiB down It ml^ht ba?a b??-u rraipll.-tad M'* i l.->r**d *?T*ral aa.all bay* an 1 ln!at? h.?w?.n ar d tb* aoutharntnoat oap* of all'?* cootlnultj * '' 1 iiM no: b* a*mr*d at ao i?r*?t a ill?tar.r? yaf H ay uatktd '-n I ba chart which a" tapaolaa thl< ao- ' 001 u?t ?f car prnca* dlugt by abmb It will In. p.Tc?ii, | l*> at a r?ry l armw lathn u* i?p?rati^i Pilu>* ll? j?at . I?t frcui iha ?**taiB ?*a at - r-i-aallaud Orant/ord . M ?' 'm onr ratarn to tb>-*rcampiB*nt t foun I tl *y bad f b<?B aall oecapl'd d irlug onr ab?*nea LIiuUbidI ' fllatrck bad rakaa M.ioa magnatlo obaarvatlona ilrb will b? af gr*at ?ain* from our Ming ao i *ar to *1'* * agoMic I'r la 1 wo ?1 tha party had out ttironib > tea a. rh th*y f> un to ba alg^il f*at tblr* iod *ul ?d a pi|?. by which lh- atata of tha tlitaa a*1 aacar- 1 ' latd; ai.d all tba r*at that could work had arartad a 'g?<a4rn of ftouaa on a high km ll, jmt abota tba ?t?. la *H'li a p?r rtlln Ii r i?a? | ? -.l -'in'alaI an ac' ruiit .f OH . r-?a?dloga, ao4 all *< .>- *ry ' r>.raiatli n f. r tha Uaora rf auy cf Sir loha I r?ak- r'| >'? party that might b* jour n?-yknir along tbla no?.t ' Al'hngl, >>ar r>?"nf?? -Kd no'. admit of aay farther l''. n???rui>i on n?r part eonld not bat f??-l aoraa ? ti.fantl a I* II.? aaturaoaa. tha' If lho<? of wham 'f > ??n la ?M?rrh bad ' any lima b?aa up m tbaaorlb >f W?t rn4*tif >nrtb (M.a.araat. wa ntiai not ih Irwii f th?ai Tba '*Hcn f?r travailing ta ra ragt<>aa had al"n paaaad away. tha thaw ba<u>i o.tiirt' i-d. aid bad th?y abaojoaad tbatr ablpa at alatlW Uland thay muat Kara atrlr-d or achar of ... |r. k hafira thia tmia wl r? t'.ay w. ltd ' >?? In nd u- >n tha !,<-? > a.lhla p- -it' a f ratdar am a?alalanra an 1 oaduo*. thesn l? out ?? ??!? B n Wi H forward on our anaiaward jonrnay on tha ,j rlD, rftha i'h luaa. nal. attar anmuntarlng a aa- _t| rij o diffloultln t? which I not now furtn?r tl> da mm raaehr 4 tha ?hip na tha UJ tba parr* aoaim>t?l; mtnout by fatigua that atary man ?< from , a><- cau? or oltar to tha doctor'a han'l" for two or tbraa rakp. and I aui aorry to nay tha'. two af tham ara ant t r?a#?arad j I ?*iK>d In adrarra of rha party t? a?l#-? tba ' ?t rrad h? which tn e""? tha Utbinna and aa v>n ! 1 i I ant ' in kit of tha rlitpa I ??? wat by Captala Hlrd 1 r' ?d l)?iit N < lura ftooi whom I t|* (r?atl| grlarad i haar t f tha dacraaa < f Vr Han*y MtttklM. tb? aa. a'ael turgor a of tha Kntatpriaa. of ennaumpiloii, t' b i ?<i imh .>?p'j r? 'a?i to Ma ana .< , |. ;** ? laatlnt ( ok v ? ll? wa?*a protnMnr young maa. r >rant ain'abilit* flf tflap<?1Uwa unWar-aliy haliral Id ragtattad "at-ralo hara nt tha arawa of h .tb blpa ata In a dacllnlbg ?tata, and tba gauvral rap?rt of lalth wat by no rhaartaf Lknrtag aay kbaanra, < apt. fl lrd had da -patched par- ' ,? ta f??ara! diitrMina ()*> uti'l?r ha onrnmanl of r< I I taut ftartard ta tba aor'h-hori' t Harrow Strait. >aco?d formanil'd by Urll Broan t? tha ???t *' t' ra of Tri| ra l< >^i-i t l ilat and a tblrd i* lu itad by laut HoMaroa al?i<g tha waatara ah?>ra af that inlat ,r ha lahora af tbaaa parllaa aara of e"inpar?Uaa|y ahnrt uta'loa. atlll ihay Ilka o?n?a|?aa, a'l <uffara<| from n bUr.^nan apraiaad an'rl aod ! ' Ulfy ??p?'1?|. I'hat oadat Maut Itohlnaon *bo at-udad hi> at n.laatWa of thaar-a?t fi r aot< ml milaa ta tha a?utb- ' ard . f ^ nrv H?arh tl'h< Ufb it aow hnt too a?idant from no *raa?a f tha ah?ant tpail'tion t atlng haan mat ?lth by any *'1 f tb?#a partiaa that th^ -hipn ? Mid not hata ba. n |r . a.'I a n i ? h* i a in ' hU (>?rl of i.ha ^ rotlo r-rf' a? *1 at I enaMd*?td tt prop- r to ptiab forward to tha aaaU aid aa ?fwin a* oar ahipt *bo?|i| ha llbaratad fr?ia " hur vfntar bath. , '.|j obiat >?oiia- n'"a ?aat-*rad In ba atforta i. Mr .John <!' ? a- n . va'ty, h it I f-lt ** ally p> r?t adad that B r loba Frankiln ? aMpa amat a?a p?a?tra*aii aa far haynad Maitill* laland aato la- '* naa blmto pi? tar a.aklag for '* eint'B*at id taiari- *. a ialh?r tban aa?k u<alta?a Too? tha vbala ahlpa la li n.n bay tar tuaa. ??akaaa4 by liitMtal aiartloa, vara la J 111 1 A I >* i n\Mr\ n fXTrro i " V 1 D. i T*TT unfit state to undertake tki' h**r^ ' *<* whlah hay had yet to aocompltah rhe a, ?* *bl? pl??* *a? no extremely backward, that h P??l ?* rater wii to ha aeen on the aurfaoe ' H* wkloh icvered the harbor, except only along the "* ?' 8r*" 1 which had bean iprecl out toward* tU * **whor'a nouth during (hit winter, and thtre appea*** but mall proapect of any releaaa tbia aeaaon. All hand* that wire ?hl? commented with itmding the breadth of the oanal *o muoh a* to limit the uhlpH to pan down it' toward* the p mt of be batbor. a di-tanoe of rather .more than two r .lln Theae labor* were oontinued u?"?tll tba 15th A iguat, ban the canal being nairiy flnl* *>?*!, the harbor loe Irt.ted along; lta line Into two neat lJ qwtf Dii- aared ua a tew day* work, but 'be loo to seaward malnedto all appearanoe aa * ?**d during aa ?Inter, but we oould perceive It a M *?tlng away ?** alocg the ahorea. and it waa nix f? until the 28th u^ust that we auooet-ded In getting d*** ot Before leaving Port Leopold, I had eauat 11 * bona* to I built of our apare (par*, and covered * ,uoh ir louring ololba aa we ct old dl .pense w ,l'*' "'* 'or lich \># could tind a aubatitute If ueedfk ll l?*vtng so twelr* JDontb*' prorlalon*. fuel and otha r >? trgtthatr *?tb the lnveatigetor'* ateaua ?a *'" aa* inch whloh had been lengthened aerea fee? * f*r tu* rpots, and now formal a tlae Teasel. capabU ?' oom' jtng the whol#*f Sir John Krr.nklin'e party ial<*hip>?, rfr ouret'lven. Kliuli any calami!) ' befal r ahipa In their progveM to the wettward. tf a now prooeedrd toward the north ahore of a Strait for the purvoee of fallowing up tha am. *" * tion of Wellington (haaaof, And. if poaalbla, ot idlng our reararohea aj far aa >lelvtlle [aland; *u* len akoat twtlta miles from the ahoie. we can* a flaed land ice, which had H> t broken sway ?\ ** aon, and B'.tblng but a uall-*ta aheet of heav , tk ' a to be reel to the weatvard IVh kept the ahlpa near that whlah appeared t? a moat probable apnt. watching for ?ny opvaing tha* (tht pteaent itsneli. wh?n a a'rorg wind audi?nlyr ?ing on the lat 3>>pteiub<-r brought til* l x>? ^ack, rti'Kh which we tad buea (truggllug, down upou aa* *eljr beaet the ihip*. At time*, during ??ro or taraa ft tbey auataiut d aerere preaaure. aud riJga* of niatocka were thrown up all a ound u* but after i f f'n.w th? amnurat urn fftl llnff hi nuAif farn fuMn i who!* body of lo* ioto on* ?olTd uiaaa. vVu war* ?t euinr tancaii, that for e*i?? U*jn w< could not aiiabl? rudJer, and wbea. by the Kboriora operation of lex ead removing the huinmouke from under -he rn. we were abl* to do *o. w* It '*d tod ueg*'l, tn'l lk* rhip wan so mvioh utral' -d a* to loaae the leakage from tlirre inekea la a : rtaiflUt U rteea incbex daily, which, though at but trifling Imtance 4t prertnt aervvd to convince ua that ah* ? not, aa w* had hitherto believed, tavuloerebie. il:? ice Mi tatlouary for a fow d?y?, the pieaaurw 1 fo folded 'be lighter pirate over ><aah other, ea4 y w>t**o lnt-rUoid a a to form oa* eatire abeet, endlug from *hor? to ahore of Barrow Strait, and aa to the cant and w??t a* lb* ej * etuld duoern from^ inaxbead, whll.-t the extreme aeverity of tha t?natm* hal cem<-nt>d the who!* *o truily l eather, t It appear*J highly improbable that It coal* braak again thia ?*?ioa lu tb* apaoe wblefc had h*e? ared away for ua?hipctng the tuddar, th* aewlytned icu waa fifteen inonoe thick and in aoraa plkeea n? the rhlp'a aid*, th* thlrt- u feat aawi wera (** rt to work. V? had now fully made up our mlnda that th* ihlpe ri flied for th* winter and, dleuial aa tb* pro*** .1 >ear?d. it wan lar preferable to being cariiad aloag wet>t riant of P4tflii hay, where the grounded ber^e In anoh numlwrn upon tb* shallow hauka off I*at re, aa to r*ndrr it ne*t to iaip^aaihl* for ahipa in ied in a pack to ea.ap* di-am ,-tion : waa. therefore, a aiixtu'* ef hope and anxiety t on the wludrhiftlng U< th* wutward, W* per*ri?ed whole bodv of lee begin to drive to iDe ea-twar t at rat* if eight or teu rnilea daily. kvery effiil t oa paitwaa totally unavailing, (or ne human p wee Id hare moved *ili? r of lb* ibipn a olrgle li oh; jr wei * thua e< aaplet>l) a ken out of our hauda, a ad, ihn centre ot a flell of Ice u or than ufty lull** in uiufcraMO. ?it* carrli d along the r iatb*rn ah,:a ,ai caeter hound. mr paaelng Ita entranea. the leu Jrlitud in a mora iherly direction, aluug the ?*rt ahor* of Uallla lay, il we w?t*abr*aa: of I'ouiU Uay, to th* on'.bwarA >1 'eh w? obatrved a tneat number of leeburga, I'chiug acro?a cur ;>.ub, aud pie *ntmg th* fearfjl p.-ct <f our wore; an;l jipati' un But when leaal eet?d by oa, cur releaae waa aluioet iniraauloiiety ught about. Tb< groat ll< Id of ie? waa rant lute iiuierabi* fragmeuta. a* if by aoia* uuaeeu power lope revived, aud our pa< pie worked witu energy; ail wm made aad warp, run oat ft >iu ?*ft taartor apr'ag the ehip* pa t ibe heavy itoe pi-'?e*. Th* e<iiyator ifaehvd an o|en r,>ae? of water, oa tb. a<pg of the itth, but It >ai aot until n-ou of tb? L Jiepiru tier that th* Kntarptlx ouid olear the k it la impoatlble to e< nvey any id' a of the lenta. I we viperieiieed wbeu we found ojraeltea aucr re at lltxrty, wbllat nan; a gratef'il bcuri pour*4 h it* pral?ee and tnaukegiving* to Almighty iiod thla uulooked for dellterane* Le advance ef wiat*t had now dieted all th* harbTO lot' ue. and aa it wa* impoeaible to p*?i*tra * to tan twaid thiougb the peck tr>m which we hat joat n liberated. I ma<l* tb* aiguai to tie Invaatigator ef iKtentloi' to ratuiuto llogland aadiDg to tb* a . w* cam* in th* middle |ja Relliu Day within a f*>< miln < ' tb ' Uu I, aa I w*re Iga4, ia order to make our re'.'eat tne mure aure. to I *1' I'd I'* w*?tera ' I,'* to the N . uatil r<aabe>l > tatlt'id* i4\ N . wa?r* w* r ! it^ u >rth end. the 4th October, la eight of the 0<>*?t of ' > *enlaai. avor?d by anuaualiy Oo* wearker aa we j?r> re?d?d tb* aoutbnatd. a> pa*??4 without aay aceidenk itigh the gr*a'. e'.aater ot bwrga which l*alwayaf?aaA lat '3 N , and oa tb* l'Jth w* recroae* 1 the AroUa el*, after which time w* aa* ao aur* ice .treng weaterly wind, aarrled ua paat t'ie ineridlaa tale farewell hi t'ie l"th aciltt '>D* A VI. *f the k w? at ruck Bounding* off Mould llaad. At day* bt ?a found oura*l**i toataa.u Worth > aldaba and I nr lalaad bat >oult rly wind* |i?I?<1 our I irtdi r pr.^r* a that if w?i lata ng Saturday hi balora w? sould anrhor off Soar bitoa/b irilt'J at tli* A doulralty carl} on Monday, tha iik ??uib?r rannot aonitluda tkl? raport wltHost aipratalag ay p otligatlr>Df to ' apt Bird lor hla cordial on i>|>?raii and aloo? rappurt through lit tbla <n?atir iu .as ?le? toil u> j a uilialioo of lu? ooaduitt i.t tba oi!mi? I t ?? of Ixth iliiM, wlio-a ujaritorim? a i anion ly mttUa thaai to th? moot farotahia aonaidaraUm lIue L"i i# i >u.uii-*lo>?ra ml tba viiiatra'ly J AM c.8 C. ROS4, la at , It. I*. I'niufl Wfataa DUtrlrt Court. Bafora Judga Halt*. ?'o? .TO Join Mi (J 1MI a? Hmry I 'miUUin -On apilfr'H Uitln u Parldal that tb* libaltant miI Mmiif procter'* faai aira?dln# #l'i hi, tha B>? tlMisiBittj. and tha rulaa ot rut limiting kit tl( u to that ?om , d?n'l?d ihtliii* Mu>htl .i-uly In* a'.d th?- fr<>f tba l?rk lad ' oumualnit, rulnd b?t???-D tha antry of tha dafault aud .- tiag ( Id- rcuat l<a paid by the r? ? 11 lant undar tha arr ol onrt, and ara proparly ?b> r#ad If tha Itaaa am t r>?ia* i?'?n to th? lUtii, tba tatII u In that r??pM". I? afflrni^d ll'i./iffia f.'arWinrr Ml* 1 I aifaW Hlttl ? Ordt r?4f It lha dafaiilt i f tba d'faadant ha aat aalda. no aimIon tbat ha |'Wrud to tha rn?rlU- of tha a'tlaa aa4 r all ? ' !? whirl, ba?a ao ruad ani-a tha Jrfault f'?? hog C-l H**t*r4 adi In1 /'<y4n. Mating to a-Ida r atay nacution a<t*in>t tha atlpulatar* 4a>d Tba judgment afaln-t thara It aba lata. aa4 iy do not ?iaad aftar jmlfmant In tha r?laMoa aff tup for tha claimant to tha llbatlaaU Tha moUmm lenlrd wlU? ooata ( oart adj'1 urnad ?ia? tit, n|>aitor Oaatt?(irralt t'aut. B< fara ,lo J<a Hurlhut >? 1 - P'trr J C"il*r r? T Ba/ Matton to infa tlia plaaa of frill *-atid nj t-r>n? triiid B?nnrr ri Sm"<y W?"wi' Mtttoi W lljlMn latil.d alh a oat# to abida tha aaaar of tha lilt I ha pray ra for dlwr a* In thraa oaaaa war a (raata4 tba I <'?rt. mi .... V. ?/%.,) knk Hum thin* of ptibilo Intarait ltu|n?mr tourt okskfai. u1m ?fora Judga* J<>r??? h.'ta?"A4i And kMw%rdi 9m 1. ? Tht m ts?.,r ll.fti T i |.'?n Ual i* c< i, vi'-tad :?.t inly i.f .. n linf th-. ?? i{ Wm n Acer K*q tid ou? br ut' frAie Coart (> wrl cf error hut the ???ri?g *?? u- n?d o??-r to ??it tirn , an J the ??urf hi*. 4 th? (tutiiHltf wf tha Uj In duporlof jf nutliai (' mnsn KltM. in chaiimsa. Dac l.? F A. B ktrr tt. L A l*} m? - It l? rd?r*.l t the Inqiifil xkra ?' tbe Ia?t Nr>?>-mh?r t?ta t4 ill ei'Utt h? ?et A-ida. ? > hat wVMa tan ij? the d?f*rdaot 4epo?|t* ?#.Kt ?lth tha a e-k ef tbe ur< ? neurit* to ahl ia th* inil of the ??'t. lud ta i> 11(1 ea?t o' tha Imjuett c*a? l> Prttr end L. V fVJI'r e> D m4 Mi I#. Mollor denied up. oat tun itlp>ji*tli n? .ffr? Jfc Ci.rrf r? />?nir< /er UrJ tf.???#!.*?? %1? tin# Rtat ted 1'iart of (Iriitnl Vwtini, Tha Ptersihar Urra nl ihl* uurt will oumroaAiie 'hie rt.IlK I bara will h- doul llr<* a p.'?t'f la A* lei dar and tlirli Ar? wiiie < ?* ! of tn"ra thAi e>rd?irj Interne* Among them ara thi twe MtliH tnat i ip'A'B Vie arran ludiotrd f<>l Abluetlun ??4 -??ll And hAt'ety aith ti.tant to enwnlt .?pa nlte a number of in'?r ?t'n* ra?*i ! % been I ila? m tha 8va?ioni to lha Djar aui etioUar Tti a Hoteli* n? llArtli. rrln?-'on O W fl?hitn?lk*y. MAfArAlbot ipt |toM?? < ?np?l?lll?, I>-' } <>rat? l.eitog <n j Orati fhilAiaiphlA, M. K *?r* n?l ln?ta, Kee. Hl<!hn>'??. * I 'At 01 All l.tftlAO' J I' Ht far*, i) . Vr lH>?*gent. y<nttMl, Vr e*<i, d? . I a at rfield l ttoa. Jaiaa Ir>?aph. M' Dtiaii. IT. rhApmM, p< Ir>?ft* Id. l.nril. M?ini'>nt * l-al*. Bh l ?or*, M Matin do *ari AnioDfii lha irrlraU/aat^r i ty ia Mciia# ? t> BMp* U S M ; Bat J Im'-ii \\o ; I,Air XV >lli I'd o?, M Mn tt.ft Tirli". \T. ! ry, Llfi-p kh II ! tti I "W*li, Di Kila. >'MiA<l?l|AlA, i. ' i A4< >op?s W a?b nett a. K l.lliaiea d- ; J * Vir<t Ia Hrb and I.-b?> Liilay. Ml-I . A tlifl fan!.; ?* Am?iicAa r?tilak i Broan ?ai rutdaraj ?t Ma* OtlAftui. la ."id wit , by l)Aild ?'llaf.

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