Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1849 Page 3
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ADVHRTlSSMEYrK RENEWED EVBKY DAY. Jfmvr i ?v Jidverti temmit itnt by Mail mutt W ^11 pmd, ? iA<k viU tutl hr tnkrn from ikt Fttsl Officii. MUTKU. KHNC BNi 31, Iiuiuwii, Kiw Tens, columbia botbl. Chcmut ?xTirr, Pmiu?uiii. BABNUM'S HOTEL. Caltcit Krurr Bai-timobs. TlMuNT HOl'SP. TBKMORT Stb?BT, BOSTJ*. RUST'S HOTEL. 8t?*oc?e, MI* Yo*?. W11.'.AHI>'8 BOTBL, mil FkMiuaxr'a Mum** WilHIHtlVN.I). C. KKWARDI. WILLIAM * EBB ??6 RKVaRD-Till ABOVE KgVttli will lM piM toftBI | r?.<n wh will ftflilll pi I to th* ad* rjUBCT tliafc Mr. w ilium Wobh, formerly .*? <linf Brcm ?rjch, i.?ar Birmiiuhara. i.njtUn<l. ?nd earning Oli l>n?:i<ta u i un Vuct'oui er in New atrcot, Birmingham, ia rcaidtn' in America, ami who will procure tha e*?cutioa, by lUimd Mr. Weill', oi a <1> ?a or rfloaer,on payment tohint i a dividend t? vlncliheia entitled under an order of the Ccart of Ct arcery in Kitiaud. Anply to Mr. ItlOVAi II 1 LL. W OliB atreet, New York. FIVE DOLLARS Kl. WAKO!?STOLEN FRO* TIIK Mitaelibara, on Saturday iuei, between the .oura of lonr aril ai* it., a lari a < nay black walnut tothio Uhair, the hank nod fit' cover 't with Crimean pluah. The abiea re ward w 1M V1 '0 lor iufurm.iin ii that ? II 'aid to the reoovery f the c air. I'AHS >N8 at F1SHIR, . i y Mi Douwal atreet, near Blee'ier. HtHTIUKH. Tub guard.?the old and neit mbmhera i t thia Coui|i?i y. am repeated to meet at t aptaln Thi a. Murpb}'a, Elizabeth gtriet, oppoaite tha Bowery Theatre, on luia< iy n>inr^ next, l'e??mber 4. to o< miluoe artaagementa for Parade on the 11th I iat. P.nnaera plena* attene to ll i# notion. U. L. STEVEN i, Coinai.iudaat. T. F. (ii.ovt r, Fecretiiry. MMI1AN1CS' BANKING tSSOCIATION.N IW YOUK, U< crniber In, IM*. Or ideud?The Preeidant and l>irc'Jtora have declan d a ditileil f three and one half par eat, (.ij.j 1 payable ou tho Uth lsat. The tranafer bjoku will to clt-te - fi oiu ihi 5 a to tl.o ' t irat. JNO. H. COR VEIL, Ciuhier. E.iUaUIi, Ai l- VI' Dl' TUB NEtV VO.iK Journal of Vwdieine, who left thia city on or about th? lai November, 164'J, nu a ran' aarung tour in the Mate of New York, ia re^u'eied to write hia employer without delay. Any information rt>?P"Ctin, him, a? to where he hie heen mid at what liii.e addreioxd to the ' i'ubliaherof tin New York Journal of Medicine," will confer a lavor. liia aguuey 'or the work expirel aouie tiu.e tirce. KE INSTANCE.?BROOKLYN INSURANCE 00*w jrny?titlicta ??rohant?' Ejolarge, #a!l atreet, New Viri, ul No. jPKu ion a reot, Urooklyn.?This comp ny hbf tun in buftrr ?h a 'inarlir of a century, and ia nut ul 11 e oldfat in ti e L1 lud s utn. llavisK full capital, uniirpairtd and reinroly i vcaied, they continue to insnre ?t r. p". ?? 1 ll'npe li>4 elW boild'tnira, merchatidiap, hoiuehold fttrnitui'', ve icl." in port aad their car^oca, on an roarmabletern a aa any sin.i ur natitution (V II.I.I a M ELLSWORTU, Preaident. ALrni ij G. Stkvens Seorctary. avoHTue. UNION corR<E, li. I.?TROTTING AND PAGING91,2SU?Moii'lay, Dec. S. at 1 y, o'clock.-Puree $24t'. a.le bi uia, Irai tb'ioin fi\?, to 2.~"< lb wagoaa. Jamcd ^litlplay nicia t!ie veil known c. jr. Jatnea K. i'olk; Uan W.? dratf enteie b. ni. 1 ,'aTuga Kaid. 'Jhe pacer Jaraea K. V .Ik baa b'en withdraw u from th? turf fur a year and a half, having I e.n drivtn 111 the r< ad during that ti aie: be now uitkoa Uia fret a| i<arance uiiainat Ca;. ugn Mtid, whi haa panel her nnla 'h 2:27, in h<iaeis. lmme.liateiy after, a inuteb f>r Si.fa tl, nlsy or pav.two uile beitn, in harn^x, netwaea two >?wark horaca. M. (.Imtock entera b. Pi SalMUrieu, W *. Wl.elan eatcra b g. voiker. The cara will atari from Senih Ferrv. Bro.'klvn. at 01.e o'clock, and returu whoa th? anuria (it oTtr. The"herf)? w ill ttart j uuotually at o'aloek. ("1 HEAT STORT?I'N'PREl'EDENTED PEDESTRIAN J match?A i?;.tch lias been made between W. J*ck?ca am Robert Pool, of Now York for $.IH a eide, to piok up 100 laid <i.t jam up^rt, tlie quiekeat, (Jai k? n giving P.>?ls t i o la.'t tour, I each stone to ha brought f?para'oly, and delimited in a baakut, at the itarting pWco. T"io match ia lo Uk? plat" thli day, third l)e:emlior, at the Re I P uma, Tk id avetuc, I etw?tn two and threeo < took intbe Afternoon. Mi ill iutei*ei ia fel. in the reeult, and beta have been ?iad? that the t at iicoi ncroiuplialied m 4U minutes. After the al "\e matili, net aral f?"t lacea are expeuMt to coiuauii at tbe iaci( plate. THE GREAT MAIN, BETWEEN TKOY AMD NEW York. romri off thle af'erneou rrecirtly at throe o'cluok, at the Uaiatd liuuie, Yorkwlie, where tioketa cau be obtained. COH MALK A NO TO liKT> 1f*OK UU' A SOI n IHD LOT, AID VACANT '.OT Hilji'iuibf. Noa. 6 and 6.J Grand etreet, Jeraey City; Willi* cold low fir fai>h Applyt" Q. T. CMc? W AY, No 019 Broadway, New York. For ralk-a vkhy dkmrabi.e farm. or uki*ecn m and t<l ?, iu tke Matj of lllin i?. n' ?r the greet I anal, for lurtheriparticulare, inqaira at 37 H * ry, rp? ENIY-SIXTII MBEE1' I.OT8 CuR SALE.?THREE A Lota on the North ride of Twent.v-eixih etreet, between fciitli and Scveath avenuea. In'imre of John JAY. 2" Naaean e?r-et. TO I.KT.-A WELL FURNISUED FRONT EOOM ON tecand floor, aleo Back Room, on aauo fl>or. to let to a (ingle lebtl^man, without board. Inquire at 20 Park place. l'i'iiniif? immediately. PROFITABLE i.UHINESS F<)R SALE. -A BUSINESS, well ?e al'lalicd, and returning an Income of tlw par vrk, elrar of expenaea, ia fur eale. Retiafuctory retxii jiven foT retiring. A capital of at leaat $i.i?m will be n* eea>i . Addret By. th> ulF.r* of thi< ptper. fJOrSE WANTED-*ANTED TO RENT. C.N'TII, T3K II |?t if May 4 or for a longer term) in the apper part ef tre eitr: near P>r.>adaay, and not above Twenty fnirtk Mr let, A neat two nory Dwelling Uon*a, with modern laapr vrmcnte Addreae, etating ioeatioa. terma, Ac , baa I.7M N?* York I'-iet OtBee. I^riiMSUKD ROOMS.?A VERY Pl.EAS.tNT AND aicely mriiiehed r om. To Lr\ (in a prieate family.) With either fn'l or partial hoard. Apply at 114 Franklia rtreet. t ingle ?an tii mm preferred. MitBimr AtJTIUI. tl'M. Dl'lfONT, A UOTIONEFR.?SPLENDID REAL TT India Can. eta Hair Bhawie at Auebion?Peremptory vie. ty trder of Urr linttnnic Mt,.-?iy'? Conaul. Ani.ii ny Bar. lay. li , for aceonnt of wnout it may oneern.? l)U MONT k klU-Ai'K will a?|l at anotion In the New Aa eiaUy Ki< ui. at K ibla'i. tu uai of Br aj?ay aud Prinn? atre? ,enMonda*. Deoamher IU, at 11 o'^leik, an inraiae of 17p renl la.'ia (a a ale Mair i*ha?la, ani aia ptaoaaof eiik PkUr-.a r>?em Pat;. r?, Ail in perfect ardor. <!ompr ilcg th? la-gc-t and m?at elegant aa?ot'-inaut of U eeaaiit?.'r! Maelt a??i be(?re ff.ed ai *n?tl' ? in thii eoun'ry. The w hole to be arid with n reatrva The nl-ove fo .da ? era i?r rted in tha Britleh >'aat li.d'a tblp Lady K'untvay. n?d Intended tut the i.< nd o mnrkat. nnd f r |'ili yand beantit n I appearani a. will bvar coinpanaon wr k ?n.? ~a uei< hair ahtwle in tie I'niti d *tat?e. Tkey will be exhibited at Mblo'a 4*loaa ear day (S t irdny. Hoa. t) before the iMe. fr >m 1' m i (link. 1 ijkote of nd?ic?i n t- l>? obtelnoil of the nnctinn?h t?, No 1' *all a;rr?t, and ?f Cnar'aa Ldwarda F.< i?Oja?eeli' r at l??, M (i"it> Bank Umldiat) Wall itreet, who naa giveatanrmneaa or the quality of me erii?l?a and ihaairenaetaticea oiider w hi. Ii the) are n w offered for (ale at auou in. No oilier gooda a linltud .a thia lalt. BV J A ' HV PI.ATT -L.0 CARRINOTOV. AIICTIOV- I eer?I'toekerp. CI inn, (llaae a .d Kartb' nware, Jelly Meelde. M?ntie IhniB'me. Tea Traje, fce. JacobS. PU't 1 wi'l eel I, Tucadar, I to- morrow,) conu.eae'ng At prerieelr 10 : a'elrik, 'a the ra'ea room the Anotion atore i.'i Piatt *i wi eoi.aietine of I no bna< red rra'-a <X', edged, dipt, , w l ite, i 'anile. iM^t and flood bine and miill-erry ware. Alio, ' M*i rr . w.*<? r. Vnh and UoekiBfhArii *irt. kl ink T?. i?u, fee. AIM, a lilp WMttaiiil of Chin* TV? and HrriAlaat mrriaaa. ? <'?t Ui* Tha aboee to kt a .|.| la Iota to I mi |<?r' liuiie. Alx>, I.Iih mii a faaaral eaaortnirni nf ' *r-'ir<t<l klada. Air . kr if" H'Up, |*r mrt-nly, ?a* liua- , di * bairalt (III, t.alt-i ia?. aoe-thlrd piat and pin ramMera. : Alan, .?? haidrtd ra<la<ee l-anp?. Hl-bea. vhadaa, Hi'tln, A i o-heiat'ei' Viala, talma ate Ulo'*?, I,imp Ulaaaea, t hlp m II<I? I'rMti aad lleii-a, Col<vaaa, *tnakr Shalev fco. 'I l.o tale ? III < i ? a< pttolaaly l<J a'rloak, aad tat attention of purrhaMri iadlraetad to the aaate. APCTIO \ NOTI I IIHS.IT I. BO il'tr. t tmntrr ? -AaaUoa N >l"e.? Impleadid I'arli Fea< f I., oda. T"jn l,n* * ? . ' oaitaetionary, the en?|ra ato<k if , tha leleje'ia I araar, AC lir?<*aay. ChiatM Mneeiim. la ke t Id ?i k it tM?r<a. -C:i??l?fna? k Un?>ni a ill tall at bi out a na HiiuhJi) and Thnrala/. 12th and 1.1th ia'taot, oibkranac ?a-h day a" II a'dork, the enure etnek ?f tha rr'eadi t t*> ria I aa< y tiaodf, T?ya. oafic't >aary, a- a?atjirrd It lk\t *all litva e.'akhahmeat, IM l.aleyatta II aaaar W' Bi -ad ? ay. I'Mam Muaaaaa. IV \V M. STOUF.H. Ci i mum hock, ni> roRK.cou.KCTui-s orm c Mur.tT, li*4l - Staled ff'[a??li aill h? leaa'.vad at tkla f tea ar 111 tka lllh day ef l? (??M| atlt, far tha aa| pljr of K.liana 'a tka I ntiad dta ?a tU'euao Caller ? ihU ataltea, kr tk? I'nn o? i.aa jriar. f(?a tkt Bra' day af January nett. T a ra'laa f r taa fatter ??rvi*a la Irta eana >i that allowed Id tlie na< al, rimtili.i tka ll'inar, aad aeanaU if tka artUtJ aaanifiatdd la Mi* f->ile? m* lakla, t? ait (f raation* of *ivwt?a. Ktcu nmr. tjj w| * i J i U U Ihinlj-f li 1 L ft t' r. h ? O " J a * > Frn<"ay ... 7i n % '< ? II 1 ?*1 I 0 0 u u <) Mm da*... .0 I II If 3 0 l? I >4 I I If ? if II a 1 nreday .. 1 II H >, If ' i? 2 .? 1 I I 1 li n 0 M.?a.d?y.? I |i II V It 1 >4 I I 0 II H 0 f Ti a-ad-y ...1 0 n ( f II I I I t M M ?r..lay I U U H v Ml 1 !, I I I 2 II l| 4 ' Vetnraajr... If lOlf 0 '? 14 J I I l> ? *? u Vf Week. 3 11 H H H U l'? 7 7 4 I lfe >t x the ralifaa la fa ?f a (ia<l and whrlef -ne |tta'ity. |o >a nd I \ e i r .1 4 l-trui n srifikl ih? rttina lo hi d* irarad ? board th* nllw m-.d .?*d aaiUfaet <*k? tad a?a*?la, t? h? vital kj ?ha ir???raat>>t *t>d 'i? r.?nn'? thareof diaiim<ly aarkad on *\?!i. It >aiih ?art*r?to?d ihat t?>* (?tlr*e">r mil b* bona* t? fartiltk i(?t nOMttta Kllut, M ?n?i M !) Iw n |ilrr< | ) j tha p-*i* f Mi* Itrrt ? th t approbation >.| th* t,*liacf' r ( not vip. aifina aa anra**, *** dar an aa'i Wa?k.)r<ial> fr? ah ana*' ar. i Ir-ah ?a ;?tal lot aa may b* ? |'iiralaait to tl* a<.rraap*adia ( parti a? the r .ai >n ali-awad It th* *?* arrrt'*. II liXHIIiL, Oalbeltfi <M ?T<H HOCI*%l?*W TORK.t.OI.LCCTiill'SorriCI, > * *. *7, !?:?- ??! ? rr'-|f>'&N Will b* rrrairad at thl? tilTia* aatil th* M'h of IV*amli*r a*it. for aupplr>n< Klila vt oaidl' rjr la<r th* Ra?*aa* ( attar aad Bnata r a thia fatloa, far -?? ) ar troai th* ftrit Jai nary a*it. aaaordlni I* th* folio*lac ll*t. iii.:Aiidiomt Kits'*. C*a???.l "lUnda.ta l.nmbar.nhlli 1iaa, Mivni, lll'kaTfi " A?arj,i*o htnp. ai*ar, " liirrh, " C*tton, No. 2, Oaknnt, " C*ra, " ' N* Sa Ull. *p*nn, wiatar BatUap. all ca|nr?, " No. 6, atramad, fall width, " " Mo 10, ' 8'imfn*r, " hall wtdtn, li*F*ar?, ttai illa, " l,ln*oe.l.h?il*4. Bio *?, fucti a ll?i. F la???r?, " Raar, f ll? ra, II -ntlin*. Fatal*. hlark laad, rfi irrh |'t ?i ?tr*. Haaiihroliit*. " t* hit* ami lilnrk-.Ira ? "lahfd, l<< >ka k ThlmMw, la oil ground. C?rdft|>' lariad, Jan t, P>wdar, "*ama? I mp. palant, l/**thar, r1?|ie(. " priaalnc, " lalir p*. t'?k ?ihm?. a*at*d S>ap, brnaa, " liaaiita. and d*lW<rad. Bpna r?ra. " ri .!?, I *tl>ar, |>*Bip, All an rt not *ann*tat*4 to b* f?rai?lia4 at th* lnw**t, atk*t ftin. #. *AXIflUi,l!allai>M. i ^ii kioiv. pi OHiMIt Vl, I,it ISO l?l M>WIX>ll.-ANDIRrON'l Ed H *1, N"* J. ft I and IM flaat ?tr*at. Ii*na of t?*ba.t *it>aat? d *ii I *?->*', pi>inf ttahla hat- la in l.ondon, mtd<r?jr b>.t?aan tha a <nk and W-a? F.nd, ?**? th* railway*' ?>?ian>boata tkaatra*. k?. Thp anMcrihar ia th* rrc|trt?'..f of th? hj?? h > t I wtiiah nait** *11 t if a 'Irani*.** *f hnt*l and I nritlnf h?u**? Tarma? Bad. \0*. M p*r waak ; hmanr^av, vt'h maat, la. M.i dinnat, Ja.j Ml taa<-' I* p-r d*r, o, ??a. ?.r.?*l FRANK C1.1MUW. X^ANTED-A SITUATION BY A RBSPBCTABM I TT yonag ? !>,? beamatroa* and Children * Nan* Ilk J good dreae malier.caa oat and it latin' aud ihildran'a Jreaaea; ad bw lo objection to light ohambarwork. and ii a rood I wajber and ironar. Good city refer ncea can be gnen. Can 1 be ?een for two day* at N*j .10 Teath atreet. 4 WANTED?A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED \ woman, aa Couk. Tke b?at of city refertueea can b* 1 produced. PKaie call at 19 Eaat Eleventh atreet, in tha 1 rear, betwaen Third and Fourth aTtnnoi. Can be taon until C anilaJ. ( WANTBD?BY A KESPECTABLE TOUNQ WOMAN 1 a aituation aa Cook. Ia a good waaker and ironor. ' Beat of oity reference. I'leaaa call at No. 9i Eaat Eloionth e atreet between t'iiat and 3eoond avenuei. Can bo aeon for two daya. _ Ji WANTBD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE ! )onng woman, to do gei>< ral housework in a amall pri- j Tito family. She ia a good plain oook, brat rata wvihcr and j Ironor. Would prefer doln< eh&mberwork. Pleaae to oall at l 211 Molt atreet. tront baaement. C'au bo ae<? for two daya. f U'ANTIB-A 811 UATIUN BY A RESPECTABLE 1 "T Scotch airl, aa Nurae. Cham' oraaid, or to do general 1 homework liat good city refer'..oe. Can be a?eu for two J daya. Pleaao call at Thump.- .a atreet. N. Y. I a WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. IN A RESl'EO- j table lamily. Ia a good cook, and ia willing to aia it in , ? *i thing aud ironing. The beet of city reference* oau ba givru. | Alao, a Pry Nurae wanta a aituation in a rcepooUMo firmly; ^ i tic w ho hM had eiperience in ike above situation. and la , rai able of lakmg charge of a b aby front ita birth, or of a delicate lady. The butt of city reference < in b? girun. Apply ]( at liH Eighth atreet. corner of Fourth avenue. r \IT ANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, IN A RE SPEC- i " t.iblo family; one who ia a good cook, waahar and ii oner. ' The >eat of aitv reference given. Please apply at tj Ureat ? J?nc? utrcii. ? con(I iu the rear. , Wanted-by a respec table scotch g1*l. A 1 eituuti- a Chambermaid, or oliihlren'f N urse. Can bo Men for two i *yt, HI jM llenry ttroet. I < tVHTID A 811 ATfOir, ftV a innOTilLl I rr yonrg wo 1MB to <lo plain Cooking. Washing anil Iron- i ing. ai d general housework in a email prirate family; Lit no , obleeikn 10 go a ti&art dl-iftno* in thsonnntrv. Bout of city , reference giveu, il required. t'Unte call aHi* Munrouitroet, . uprt*ir?. Can he tet u for t? dava. " W ANTED?BV A M8PKCTABLI TOCNO WQHkW, 1 rr a situation to wait on a family to Now Orleant itaa J no objections to re st ?i?v. :ir lem of a vessel. W-ige' not looked to. l'leaic all at No. U Koosavtlt street, bamuont, ' fjom eleven to four o'clock. for two d?y? WANTED?A SITUATION BV A SOBER, HONEST AND inilumrir na Woo"?a, with the hast of oity reference, te 1 do hou e or chambcrw rk, is a tirn rate waihit aud ironer, a ! Tir> good oook aad bolter, (lie would do chaniberw?rk and wa ting, and mako hern If generally uael'ul. I'lease eallat } Bowery. j WANT i) 11V A I.i DV.'1 Wl. I.M'l RNISHCD H.OOMS J Fill, hoard. In a reapectable Prenoh family, In or near ' Krsi'.wuy below Spring utreet. Address L. L. Lewis, Y>1 , Pearl atreet. 117 ANTED?A SITUATION AS WET Nl'KSE, BY A ' fr rc-pei table widow, who hat la ?lyli ?t * a rood lower. Plia-e call at No. 16 Eleventh street, in tUt c W? | At ARTNER WAMiD.- WANTED. IN A BUSINESS 1 already eitabl, jed, an active, en'erpri^ing youuj, mnu, 1 who hat Irom three to live hnndrod dollars that ? would b? ? will'tK to invest. The rrolits are good and t ie butincts " would >ietd him a good living irom the eoiimenceiuent. Alarms. Pub!liber, M , at this oUice, suiting >vhcn aad whore aa interview can l>e had. ' t A YOUNG liFKMAN LADY WI3UE3 A 8ITUATI0N 1 in an American fainly, to leaohjthe Germao language I and ll t rudiment! d 1'rench aad Muth-. At the it rtrn skll- * ful in all kinds of needlework, would be Willi >g to too h. if * required. Hest of rcftreneet can be gn on. Inquire 11 UUccLtr etieet. i ' MtUPPiflU. The iimn ai-.'o kokth ivnuoAi r. m. I tHeamahine, between Nem York and Liverpool, and b?- \ taeen Boston aud Liverpool, calling at Haitian to land sad < receive mails and passengere. , j Caledonia, Leitch. .Iroin Button... .Wodaetday.Daceuibar*. ? Canada, Jndklat... " New York. Wodnotday, " li. , I For freight or psaaage, apply to ' 1 l.. vjUNARD, Jan., 3S Rrvadway. j i (CALIFORNIA THROUGH Tl( K.EIS.-1'HE ONLY D[- 1 J rc?t mail line of steamships I rChagres.?Through tiokfit fr<m Niw York to t<aa 'ranei? i, by waj of c liagrej a , I l'unaaia ? The splendid aad popnUt tteamahipt Oltt-tlJCN f . (I'M. I.MOtons Larlher, Charles Stoddard. < outinander.and KMP1HE CITY, 2,IKK) tout burthen J. D. Wilton, C?mmi.u- . it', will heruafter leave Ntw York for Cbacret, dntct, stmi- , monthly; ccnntcuni at I'auama with t'auuoh and w?l|. knows it .lmert?SARAH SAND9 (ir"a). I..VM?tons bur. Uea, W C Ih^B'pson, Ci>uuiander. and Ml* OKLKANS, 1,100 , tout bariLeu, J. D. W ood, Con.mamlcr. i | tATit or rant.?mw tuts to ciueau. > After Sakoni (125 ( Forward Salooat 1UU > Lower Cttbint <J0 f All the abort tat at the tame t\M? and havt tbt prifil.-ga ^ of the aaloont. StetraRe (fonnd with mattreis and board) SS , PAKAMa to tin in aim isco, oinacT. Pirrt Cabin $.KI0 , Stcond Cabin 1 'AI ? 1 he Second Cabin hat a separatt t\blt, and ILe bsr.lit are B tinale, felly furnished w it b hair mattretrtt aad btddinjj: aad . or. board the Sarah Sands, they are in Sta'e Roomt -a great advaatag*, ia point ot MWifort, over unfuruiihed hunkt, Ta aa 1 tteeiaae. The sithtcribertfcie aow itsuiag tbroug'. ?iek- J ttl to Han Fitnclut. by tin abort nataed tttameri: the Ant d to lea>e New York ky the Empire City, February I, t tonr.eeting with tlieSarah Band! at Panaia. larlr applioa- f; ti< n for tiakett it aeeettary. A r*mit'aac? of half psstagt ? will secure u berth m.til thi 10th of January. P, An tt- a peruneeU turgeoa il attache I to taih of the at ?v? iteamert. t J. HOWARD k SON, 34 Broadway. a ONLY THROUGH TICKET LINK FOR SAN FRANCIS- o co, rla Chagrei. direct, aad by the U. k Mail ttsamert on the Paelkc. oo Tburtday, 1.1th day of l>se, ml>er. Fart Kidueed. The new aud splendid United Statat mail itttmer J <. in c.?, 1, *" 1'iui. win inn nr <. niirii uirori, tT >m ; hfr docket Pier No. 4 North Kiver, oa Tharaday. lSlH l>?- * rmter. atI e'clooh. Th* Cherokee u the only ('.earner run- ' pin* dirtat to Chafrr*. in connection with the U. S. l't ill* ' V?lSi*?nwi? froin Panama to Sea Fraaai*eo. Fuxifiii ' by th* Cbsr ikto will had comfort* ud accumn*d*ti*u an- I turratrcd bv any *tl.*r (trainer, and will b< (or* to *<>an*ot * with th* 1'. 8 Mail itaamtrat Panama. an I hare a prefercace * oi er all other*. ? aaDi can iatii or raaa-to cmukm. " After Balooa, only two berth* ia lUU room 1 >\,rw ard Balion (tat* twni iou , Lower < abio 'JO j all tli* aboe* din* at tin eatne t*hl*, aad liar* the pri- i eilwpe *f th* Balooa. * |t aarage, found with mattreea and board. t? r mta rintm to *ai* vhancieco. CaMn I Steera*. JI.VI J Harly ari'licatmn ia ni intarjf to recur* Through Ticket* \ and choice of berth*. For fr?'fht or pa*e*(e, apply to D k aSI'IMVaI I., ii South atreu. * N B. ?Pataengtra holding llek*?t af i .* January boat front r Pai aaia, will he fnrniahed with uck*t* to Cha^ra* at a da- > 1 daatt? *4 tea 4oUa? tw U? at?w ralia I F'OK HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS AND OBAQRU.- ' Thr ualy Mali Lisa fur I'hacra* direct, via llaeafc a. Tin saw aad a[a*i*a* (teamai ? oil 10. Kuoat. Jama* P. 1 Beheaok, li. 8. N., oeaisaa ;der. will a* deapatehed from thia I ton oa ThtireJay, th* llth ef (>e?uw.b>r at 1 e'aloek, P.M. J troto th: pier (oettf Warrea atre t, K *rth .'near, fuel i ax of ' % , ar at Charlaattn aad bav? n,at. t* laud aad raoeirt 1 Mail* and parianacra. Tha Ohio will carry to* (ii-rmmiul I N..- r far tf a PhiH ka . to go by th* January tt-aaiara 1 fr w. l'n.ttaa aa; r?l? ?? inrtune at 1'knm, | It a'?i>.* unit tea***' itie Jaauarp lUaaora. Pmmiiwi " for C agra* ar* traaafrrred at il?ui to tha atauojh aad I well kaowa (t-aiaalila k'alooa, l.ljat Bartateae. II. 9. N, ( ai Bin.aiider. ahiuii maftaa tka r?ut* a dirtet oa* frea Nttr ' ' York to CI r*r*a Tk*?oyer* ia tutit la II dayi. T>i* l l<i . f p*eenra to Charra* ar* mi"h r*dan*d. Th* Ohia baa ?B~ per.or donbl* aatmaa of I.UUU hot** power, e >natrtivt*<* ta ttiebeet tnanr'-r. whlok (It* a frrit aa*?rau?a of enfat/ to r tiia paaaenri.ra o*?r an) aea ateaaiet raunliur with a audloe. In rim, etrear'b aad a jcomub idttiona, tbr Ohio ia . aneqt ?ll?d by aar rteamarafloat. Aa la-verlrarad ee^eaa If at'ae^'d tatb'Ohia. g Ka'nof Pnaa*i to Hartna Naw(>rltaa>. \ Pvoto- rfoaa ke/tn, ladtoe' %!< on* .. . i7U $7" , Btato-ro >iu oonS di*ln? **! * .. .7* ft . Stand** With, in F"raar4 eabta.... . M t? t*e*?-< found, bed aad beard ...... ZB it i ?* >???, i^*otu*ed paid for tr*t*bt B eoat* pat J Me foot | All Mlla of ladiac aaat k? *Un?l oa beard ?h? ahlp. ekdi rau Vlaraa or pa*<iai.k to CtaAxai a. StaU-rv iB berth, ia la Xi*o. ordibint aaivea AiC*' i ftandt* baril, .r !1 tain.. . IB ] I Bte-raff, i?>.nd ?-tk he la and VrarJ .. . .. A' BfHi lt>a .-*;eallowM for cwbta and Mdilba Iff i'i?'?, ? j< fMir ?#*r* I reicbt t* <?h*gr**a?l aeat* r*r ?|W" ti?' A li E eh a* f?r r????/* ft be wrorure J * the ofllr > of th* o**apat /. M. U. HOBEttTe, IU ?a*i at. j iJIMi.AUEM'fllA ADO ATIANTI3 BTBAM NAT I OA- , I n (V-irfanj a 1.1b*.?t*. P. Mail &~*aiu?'itp r>tll,AUPl l'HIA. for t1.a*-*?. ?l? Cli*rl*?to*. ,<a?r-ir.?K aad lla- , aaa ?Th* aow aad a| lead'd aioairiahip PU'>tl> It, J. Oal'a?ti?T, eeiMa*>idar, will tail frim Pliiladetfhia for Cbatlea" a. ! *?*?* ah, lla ana aad Chare* , aa Too* lao. I> rrml?r IIHi, at 10 ' look A *.. fr o in* Cem| ar* H l.erf, foot of l.'>N*>*rd (treat. Tho Htila l*lf'*iaha* ? ? .ia- | aiviiauoti aaiarf tartd y aa> (tea*r*<ir }et I .i'.t. and ha?*M j f'vll* *Ua leear a.trl>i- *n<lntl, e' *r*?t?irafi<ih aad pvwrr. ( fa *-elia> <* mar le plaaad iCi h<*r fnf aairtp. apood aad , e?*tf Tt <irt*arr<nraCa?au I* ]4kdt?* ftalooa t*io Konm ertl e (VW . Ueatl**ii,*a'* Satrta aad >iat* Ho?b B-rtha I ai . B*r< ad rlae* i?*r l<* BB Btf rare llrrtlia. found wttt Mat'r***and B?art. . 3?i ??' U*. hasr*.? allowed to ***rf i??**af*f Fr*nh? ta Oka re*. BO < -at* r?f *a^le fe*t. I.iraol ftarwImiA. 1 C*llr paa*ar*' Ptata rovat ...t)0 J ht*?rs*e pea*** and d JB V i. ..... . ti.., .*.,,.<i< im, irn. r hia I *fa, Au*? r?oir. t* ^tinni'i |H 1> timii* ptima, " 10 I t'ahlii .rraj-. ta Chart aloa.,.., Ml t IWilir ctififi, " > MvtM aa?"r?d nntil paid *?t I All Ta'taia hph * pmaarad at tha <>?aa af tv C*mpAap( ' A. W. THOWPJOV, li J' .* Lnto*. Tfa* aura*. fn* ???. ' rim PAN > RANC1M O, VI* RIO iAVEIRO ANB r Valtaira -?.~-Th? l??nr i* ataamaMp HA It AH * \ NUS, Ml'ilko' W. I" < ommaa tar. will laaaa " f ? Baa fr^a* aa>o, rlA ml Vtlpirt'in D?|daj, I>ta. lU, jb IVf I, N. II, Till* aplaaok al.ip la f< pa*a?d lii h?r oakla for aoaraaiaaaa and c.m'?rt, and *??rj air*n*?ni??t haa lr?a on tha ipic liharnl acala. Ik* * mum Im I ataod nf wl: li fta?a retard to annli.ri ?f r ?- t aaa ?*ra,*Tarp berth Win* i>ro?id*d ? i kinaltraaaia; ? ?apa at* > tat ? will alt* fca afood ' * 'f? th plain awhataatfal fo.,4. 1 rimui'a d'atr aa of pr o*dia* to Calif' ruia will Its* tl.ia A * rara ap^rtaaitp. Rarl? apptlaatina la naraaairjr ta ??#?ra r?"4 barU.*. a* anlf A liaii?l maimer w'll bo u>:*n Ari>lf ?* i no* A Hl? A Hits. M L' " v*** rRANCIRCO, CAMFOKKIA roc I i**T ! r rlaaa Nan York luilt (Lip Rl'Slf.l.L UI?V BK ?i? nn* p trflatrr. ha?ltip iao(t of a rarr> i-nrr-Mi*. will haaa Irn.tto- |, <! at# daapatah 'or tha Ah ?a P'Tt. K"r frtirlit or r?*aa?? ?p- ,! r!t on I oard At 1'iar >o I Norm Rivr, ?ri > L II. IIOI.DNF'.r. .It . "< " All at-it. ; f-i'K SA? fKJMlr.r - ('A I, I MIR VI A AT BAM I.INE. " r ? Tb* asbatantlal aBd al-aanl ateamali p IATH M 0 J. har- I li ( I a?I. ra- limit ar.d ?ro?t|y anl*n?l. with Ar >a a>o ><?? ' dat'ora for In tha rabia and itaaraja. will p<?|tiaolr ha da*ratchod rt' ia thla jwrt f ? San rrano'aaa, rail fr-r*ik (?'"H in< at Ria Jaaairn an ' I'antma) n Svu'dajr, " IM Pa'' nil er. At ana #VW" ll, from i.?r doo*. f?at of Warra* " ?tr?at, N. R. Aaithar Haafcat af IWii t<>n? l>nrth*a will , li *?a In th* month af Jaaaary, ta form a dlta^t thro jh >iaa ?<i lar rt?aai??a fraia l"aBaina, to aoane^t witli (ha ataaw- , ahif>* <lMo and Uraraia fran Naw Tark ?o Oka<rr?. Njai- ' lap. at pit to V D. RhBRRIA, 1IA W??t ??ra?i. ' Tka Obla laaaaa T>a" 1". for ?'t A?raa. tj^Ot CAI,lfOBN14 ?DltHFATCH Lfffl THK 9PI.RX " did ?? ahlji HONTBRBV. ?< tona. will kaaa qnlck da?- 1 raiakfor tka (old rafloa. I an haadar.malf af?ownnn4??? a " llnltad aninkar af flrat aad aaaoad ?aMa >???a?i(ari. ' dfat* arrliaatlon akonld h# mada, f^r ktlano* of 'vr^nand ' for aaaaaaa R It BI'TTltN, *i Wall a'raa?. ^ T'RO Ttf RRTR (riRRTCI.AMI, fOR THR 4AMITABT Rtaanar. fram t'Arama to Pan I fanrlaon, In ona of tha boat (lata mo?* ta tha aklp. aoatalalac *at tw* hartha, for ?al?. t?A*tkat Of aaparatalf Arpla IC7 Paatl nr?*t. ap I J I' R ALBANY I ANniM; AT IlfTBMHTtlATI Undinvff. r?t*toernH t%r*> to >, r?rt * # II a low | iff aura ataamar BI'DSOl*. Captain William H. . Rallea. will laata th* (taanhoat piar at tha faot of CdAr ttratt, tkia alitrnoon, at A o'atark; Mnndav, D?o. .1, |;Uf. Rrgnlar d*>*. Woailaya. Wadn??daja and frHaja. fof |>*a- I ?a?? or'ratal t. apply at ?h* Captala'a ofllr*. ?a hoard. All I k.kdf ol lta ?ht takaa At tha loatat tataa. ABDUlUllTa. DOtllT THIATKI.?T. 8. iHAM BLIN, MANAURK B. RtaveBa. Stag* Manager -Ifaldro*. Trinnra -Moaday avtBiag, Dinaktf 3, 1K4SI, >b<o will be n 'It pud drama. mHM aha THRRROUARDa IIM-Ltmi IIII, Mr. 9l?v?aii The Oarliul 4a Riekaliei Inald; Maraati ia TiarUla. Moora; Atkea, Mr. J. Wallaal {.I forth**. Gilbert, Arimia, Dwaa; Da Balliara, Dtaw: D Bayaaa; The Ckeralier 4 Artaxuan, Laatar; Maw UiuaHu, M.Jardaa; Bull, Viiua: Anaa af Auatru Ira. J*rd?a; Tba Cooata** da Wia?*r, Mr*. J. Wallaak.jr lautuci 4a Marlat, Mlaa 0. W*aya*. Daora auaa at th wrtaii^rie** ?t 7 ./alack. Boiaa 24a.; Pltaad Gallery, U>a< CM ANFK AlI'A NATIONAL THCATRR.-MONDA Deeambor 3d, 1 "?4?, the uatertalnaoeata wil ommanca with tke Drama af I 4 A BKLLE, or Wumaa'i I.t( -?uj?u? l.a Marc, Mr. Crocker; 8*ipio, Tilton; Anollo 8t net, Butke; liabulle, Mra Madame Suiihla, Mra C Metayer A f?ar which, the Drama IT (IE POUIC SI3TKR -Mr. Boauohaup, Mr. Croeker; M?rt<>a. MT Taylar; Sa? effereon; Carolina, Diana. Ku^anix, Rllm. Mra. H >w*n "o r< iicUde with the Farce o< tha 1*I3U TUTOtt, or Nei .i*ht??Ttddy O'hourko. Mr. Seymmir; Dr. Flail, Harbor '" a. Miai Lci'ktrr; Mary, Mra. Sutheiland. liuien 28 touu It, lt>, cnu; Private Bo???, $.1. M ITCHBLL'8 OLYMPIC TUKATKR.?UENEFI "I of Mi. Tryoo. M< uday eveuing, DaeeuiSar ,1d, 1819. t'i jauilnK Fare# of the TUB IRISH DHAQOON ? fad )' Murphy O'Callaghan, Mr. Seymour; Filial*, 0 ncrur; Mi! fatiida Jrukf. Mian N|ck:'na?D. After which, a new C"IO*dl Btitlrd U'ilKKB TURME'H A WILL THUMB'S 4 WaV iftcr which, MK. WAILET will appear iu a i?ri?a of clai iialitstue*. Aiirrwhii b, tin Puree of I.AU11C4 lltlATAK -Col. VaMtaonr, Mr. Nickinaen: Grace Peab'dy, Mill Tay ir. To com lude with the Opsraiio Ifarcj ol No. < r the tilo inui Minority ? Prtdi rick. Mr B:ah"p; Mar't. Misi Taylor. rVUMPIO THEATRE-- HKN L r I T UK [> 8. I'V.HM LF-- Mr. Palmer ukt i pleasi re in aim tii>< irig I i itii ir u l nd the pnl 11c, that V? dnejdiy ronim. Dv. fl li. ti ap?r<; Tiatcd lor hie bcuitit, h linn tlie whole it th. Olympic Com an aill appear, with numerous auxiliaries. iiox oojkuo t? nmcrs, ASTOR PLATE, THIRD AVt.Xl'C AN Ly fcixbth ?lre?t?Piret night of f>*n ttir'e-Wend iT, 1>" d, new iiu J i I i n tl,i-1 i-i 1- t r iI n n?.? tr u, n Auirita--YrMeiiici of Buakaiieare; <iiirlm<|t:. luiitu ,ionn.f Uov.tli. Pctreit, Kean. aud Mac ready; Comic I r-x j>r 'Union, and Impromptu ftonf*. upon tnatt.jri aad thiiu ibeuttown, and t i?s at everytniii? and i vuryb I v 1 n t* ?. F?ri' Jcken, aad Cobundruai; u,e E-ceuirio rnvk > >r< krioiiook. the beautiful Dai. cirK t. t-? t l?. auJ ' ?liiuii>i<-al troop of pi, my aud ?i tin Ponma. U y Or-i;>, Mi (tola, May Flower, aud <\lr.d,liu. R?xel,2Su ; '.ill Ir. n, ball irio?; I'it, 1b. Iloure open at half-part 1; to ooumeneo at |\flANUATT\N C1RCP.S, U?A"I> Sl'RtST. Nt\ LTX the W illiai?*burt( Perry.? Pint appeurvioo "t Hi iaruaelfwn Dau Gardner; flret appcaraai o of Ma lata C< nillo Cardter. the eewbratcd P<(ite*trienr.e: lirat nigh' i Ir. Jainee N ixon and hi* talented Pnpi.i: flr>t night ..'ti lew PiuHmiire. M u liv eveuian, 1 > o .1:1. a pern Oiapli a tie Uuk Ueratuiansn:p UyuinaHici, Clastic I'o.aa; bti iaul Evolution aad pxata by the h?*t company la Amur < Boi?i, 23 Cents; Pit, 12)* cents; Gallery for colored pe'.pl 2>? celtl. Poori open at halt-pan ? : to cutnmonoe at 7. ZOOLOGICAL HALL NO. 37 B<>?B*T.-C1. C QDICi Mana*cr.?Thii eit. blishmeu: is now open foe the It-a a i i nd will b?fomad to ewtlii thel?r*tat aud in,.it eotanlci iollfctioa of M ild II an aud llt-dmver exhibited iu Ame< a inclaUing mil y rare an 1 striking Nevelti.s. A iplen ll frfonuancc will 1 e glTen daily at 3 aud H o'clock ol 'eati i Trained LleilieaU, I'njiie*. and other aaimala. Mr Bruol till enter the Di ne ol l.ioaiaod Tietira. A'liuiisiiu i. rent ihildren under J half price Caiiibitioa ope* from 1>. to ind 6H to 9 P. M. DIAMLIK THKATRS. 7ft CHATHAM Q0*B1 r MiKti'tlci nt pel hTiu it'ei lor t'lie week. l':j wott'i-*i rib' ol Arah Qirln will a'' through their 'iifia< t.-at* of I . uiikK, aud Madriine l'aulini ? tioupeol Miilel Arti?lei, i oraonate numker of ?p!cndid rei r:.- nta loi. uf'i in< i < urtii. '1 he Female So'euadcri; a'to the 5>ahl. iJr'.ih r '!) or III'** the lud'. mbl" r nun. with ? variesy of othi attrtaiiniiti. An kfternooa |>erl'ortuuaro every H'l lor ley Saturday at .f o'cleok. iioxea l>; I'it 12.',; dUj anta'>0 c< ute; Private Boxei, $1. 11' A l.l.H A I '.V ' AN ^ I. - i HP.K I. rill Tl place of ainuiamoat, after havin< unliiKoae a lb i,i>h rchxing tor the winter ieaiou, l a., reopou 'd its con, (.rtably I eaU-d ealobui, tu afiord ita viaiMir* an eajo-nie ibltkUiWl be otl^rtd t" tocm l.y any otliar blues. Son lonv Fairy Girl* rrireaeut tba moit a l??a i.-n I niueeim rictcrc- and Prolpturca, iu r.ew arraugod Taiileiu V|van; ind are atiif - d by F? male Minifie s, trench liallot Ua- cm rngliih Acrobat* anu by Clowu?, Viohn Virtuoioi, itaii, i'layeti. and blhir artiita. ali of whom ure m utera In tr.e e'pectlve art. Petformiree every ainl t at 7,'4. Lati erfi rui .aee^every WedntaJay an 1 Saturday at it u clock. LTNCU'A CONf'KKT KALI., NO. IV BO-TERr, III tw i.en Hunt'a and KWinaton itre iti.?Firit woa'i be celel rated kithicpian Uaa# tl lit non Harmonist.', ; oaJuaetiDU with the C'onra.t Oupany. forinm^ a ooa<bini i"u of taleut not to I e fei ud ia any similar ei(abli*limeal I ka world. Adaiiilloa 6\a een'i. i'erferinauoe t > cotn.ueo it quarter pait 7 o'clock preciiely. M LIDDON'H BOYPT1AN COLLA TION AND OKAV UF oetoj Tmnimi Pliwiai ol tha Nile. B(ypt, at aabia, l,7iiU oiilea, aitn U:al Duacrip ioui- Mmeum L ? 'hiae?e foildln*!. S.**.! Mroadaay? li now open daily lorninc*. fn m V2K tj half-past two P. M . and e*e>iiu( rem 7 to 1? 1'. M. />lio a maruift'ent Gallery of En/ntla inti'i iltiea. Muir.niea. ko . and iileaoid tableaux ?t tin rc 1.p. ual M r tings. Paiattuaa, Seulplurt*. Kgyrlia 11r bian, Tutkiah. Greek, ml' .er Oriental Malic, fieri rtn< . i dr >ach cihili'tioa. Mr. Gliidon'a deacripti' na tontmsb' > icirelyat 1 P. M . and a*. 7'a * ? Admiuion, .Ml eent h'lditn, l alt price laliddon'i " {laud-Book to'.He Pib ti I a" at the door, price V> ie ill. P. r other particular!, n nmi Mil*. I F<1( HE <?V f'Al.lVOh.M \ -KEV K.TOUS-KN I J llnddart will *i?e * Lecture, at the T:\Wnaele, on T"el lay eveaina, December 4th?Snhioet, California: t? In illui rated by a larr* ni*p. prepared *rr???lv lor the Itttv r m the MiMH ?nri. ya. ? ut. an online of the bi*tm f thai cour try, and aoui* remark* upon ita futura pro * pec a a eummttaia) State. Ticke'a, fifty tunta each, eao he nt jiard at th* hoekattre < f Tin inH J. Crown. Mw Broad ** ,lan, at tha Irvlr* Hon** and Talon Plaoe Hotel, and at tf ioor on tlie evening of Ua laature. To eommeioe at 7] 'cli ck, preoiaely. \t CLINTON HALL-FIRST LECTURE FREE' ? b ut ill a,.<l ?"t u! ? I a lam. at I. r I* : -a uid on l'men; f'tinlur Leeture* <>n Anatomr and PhTiiolog* laalth and Dieeaee; the rane*a which oratmy health, >s he way to raatora it; how totavlgtrate the tyatem, p: >l I ife, lie., aad I b>?i<al Education. Hi J M. Wiatmc, M.D. "o be lllualralM ?lt>. by far ti e 'ar^??l eol'enti ? of T1nr 'reparation*, vu Uaaikin*. Skelctoa*. M. di la, Taintmn te.. la tha BiHW luiw j tha whole Making jaita a lai| mati mical Nneenm. Oa Monday, W'edneaday. Friday, Hat rday. Monday and W'edneeday, Dee .1. A 7, *, li? and IZ. at 'click, P.M. Admiiaioa-Firat Lemur*, tree; other lac utea i lily I \ cen'a aaoh. Af ECBANICB'INSTITUTE l.BrTURBS, IM? AND ivy "I at the Coiiaena Hoeaa, No C?> Rr adwar llr Jam F. Redfteld will laetnra an Fhyai caorey, and iu raiatii.n I tied and body, oa Moaday nunix. l)? <eaber 1 Subject Ti n tr*?-f.?'ial an?le, aad the vouipaia?i*a iatell.<enr-< . .en and taimal*." Laciire to oo* at 7'a oVjcb i ri uly. T- rme of membership--Initiation fee |l : ytarl nc?. pa'able In advene*, |! Privtlee** of aemb*ri ? Kr< dtniaaloa, with family, to lertnrea, the n*e of library an altir room, dtVatitt alaee, kt .and a redaotloa at <1 narter fr?a> acimm billa ?,n*'e tioketa, H aai> W ; U ad n itntU'Bai and ladle*. hcwli 1??BATBI0AI. ORNAMENT- A V TU N laporter. No. M William (treat. np itaira, baa ju eiaieed, |er re-en' arrive'*, a '?aplate neaortiueiit of Tv riaal aid Fancy I tali Ornament*. eoi.aintiaa of, via?Ku liaeekta, Hackle*. F.-rrnoni r ?, ChauUtn*, Br >a?h? lead t<r ?*. Dirtlia, 15 .dim Taaa.ila, lar Rln*?. N*. kl?. > wlaire,'i if. all richly itudded with varlmaa atoun earl*. Ho. Tor aala in qnaatitie* to aait pnrehaeer*. [ bFtllA Ul A*SER.?ALFRED Tl.fNKETf. IMTORTEI > ' Sn. 11>4 IFilliaa rireti, niar John, baa raoeired a coir late aaiorttneM of Mu ll, Fi art. Ivory anil Horn I'ppi !laa*ea, t crn a loake, " 1' irii." Alao, au aan rtniual of rU panUh rana. - 2 . * ?? >INAIIC1&Im rn* bills or tiib rNio?f bank or dover, t J . are r?d**m*d la till* atty at or ?aa par aant, I MMH. ^ i' VBERCi A T. RANK AT T fKTIl ABBOT- Til \J lar^* nola* of '.h;' are r?^*i>ed In dtroalt ' v ail tl Ity bank*. Iha bra'a and nndar eoatMTia to b* rodeened i n* q?art?t par can? diacoai t. a| 0> E Y LOA N F D ON COLLATES A L ? E I itt, an .v I aovaacta ' O U 'Icln.Hn af all dateriptioaa, I mall *utna. Ap;l/ to 11. WALKS, It' Ur >aJa*y, ? ' a Ml},fr?bt f"W. -111 i li |i | MONE\ l1? I ? Mi ON BO J( aioiU", la ?? ? I tuit nppUianl*, n .., i.. i,.? i?al aatata la lii* oO? <r r.rj.>?!ya. Apt'lr' l l. BUOAV, II Wall (treat, a th? Cietoa Wat?r Ufflu h* a > at. riirifM.*. .?.. r?OORI*l PINO. AB1TBNETIC. Br , ARB TR^cri D ?a11? aad 11>( r ny - ly i**(K*. by W J. Ken< Ilia, N i f Iroadway. anraar of Head* aimt. Reab *tn>at it a< r-? *iely in triitied. aad tba aMaad pa.a* ar* takea to advaat .a iai.ill) la bi? nad'aa. Ofca da/ an 1 anaaiaf. Tern lorfeTB e. U LBOPOLD LB FEUVRB, FBOFBRV)R Of Til .* I Iria. i? I ? | i in aitne'ia"TM I U fillet ? .? 11>? I ?! I ?. <1 ( i.? L?< k*? fMtl4 > < Ut d Itokiai ( iaaaaa. far lb* t- r, at ' Imw, N?. 7 ir?.l??y. Vr I. > I k?i r./I ffwUJ ?<i W4>?? Ir lit l?i.? i??" dif'i k? ?aaa*?a. Ii to ?lto fc? bar' Uatlm ri?;? al b'O at li'T. IV ' lt? Iw* >1 (<r*a If rM?>. *v at lb* feaaoaa al W (iiriM *1IH< KLI ARMK'B. UIBOTAL.? RK UABB BCLU ?? MaLACBLAW, I k. ?? *?. b?'* t ? ' ?f-? M-- ijiaimi >al ball (tract, * b?ta ibty affar t?r Mi* bil.i en tha itan'. Itrtoh N irth An" -'?? U ad?a aaa th< br?a -I ? la(.'aa?di l?w Hraniwirk, N??a ? 'a and >??f""?'l!aad. ?l?'?, npo ' a > att?a?l f.aak ?f * aad . aad tha oavaral braat i ha rmixial Mink a' I rata* A. rlASTOir CI.OTBIX: AN.i riRMTIRE- -LAOII L' anil t ml asm an f btaln a fair |>ri ? f"t < ?! off rl"?h 'f. IJ for tb? ?nt??ribar. through tha |>?t i iiirrtm, whaalilattoad a? thairr?< idra<?. I.a.|i?? attend d h Mr> l.f*?r?'fi?. J , ? - >.> ? I . \ 4 Hr > fiv, V . I'O UWTIIS, AlTBOR9 ASD OTURR",-LAWROI , k r*ila. l aw (' !> I?w ftr.. taform m?t? t>?r? iflkt I'm Malin aaA athara, ti at th?y ar? pra^ar** tnC"p> doaamral i ?t?ty doaorlptioa. Al>aira ? tit in, prapara ai4 pnaatnat rorki fat tha taka Ttttiiaoajr at Htfarewti or i ourt. aad raaauta all *N?>i In thair Itaa af bnriaoaa, o iad>-rate term*. Ro papar* laava tha until tliry ai at'tally comparad aaA a*a*.iaad.-N. R. U*ntlamaa ?ait? t a at thai? odle?? at i?ili>ar?? lo writ* or taka "rd?r?. i.awsmn Ik I'mi.k. r> Joi,n ?u T. I.AH SOM. U Wall at. IM1KA NEW III I.I LI) BLCKWHF.AT. I.KAHU LA (lat. and Indian Mral, in harrrl?, hall barrali. I>"?a mall r* kifn and ' a??, of SMaad H tba h Citffc Fainl t and Rakar?' Hoar, aad aup*r*n? Rya Hinr, la Tartar acka???, warrantad of th? brat quality la narkct. Ordai 'ill m?at with prrmn attratlon J. T. ft J. U FROST, 2.14 front Mraat. 1)111 I ARI> TABLE*. WITH EMU.MU SI ATM IIRI) D and A nun can Air C??hi<a?, tha bait la tha w.irld, a ba mtkar'a r. oaii aniriaca W# Fiiltoa. aad 1*4 Ann ?m?i ;?rof*an? aad tb? anblic ar? iniltad t? try th?m. CM* Ml*. ?n? polata, with ararr arti-la ia tha trad*, ft' par oaa It f?r oa?b. Tahlaa o a hand. far ?a'a. and mad* la ?rdar. v- v w. FASBIORARLI AMD OBI AF FCRMITURI R'at? Raoan. - * a*a?r ft ^t iroy.JtaT'nj: leaaad of Mi 'aatan t'l.yfa. tba ntri.alra tfarr hooait I'Jh Fnlton ntr?el larn ?rly oatnpird by him), ara p'oparal ta latrodaar to th III) . u lam rt?*n?lTa > >rk 1 f CaMart Farmtura to k >ardta thia olta. a?a>tiitiiir of r i Rnaawood, Miaou W alaa nA Vahopany, of th- bom r*aaat | att-rn-., aad, front thaax rrii?? a.aaatact?rfi* faaill'ioa which ? ha??, at the mm [tie**. u?t?i ?a<i pitpiimn ?nn ?o ii'lr a*?a?ftiratititf* 0.?lr i i? Ot.hta, ate iav*t?4 I > ?it lti? mr r" f* "n if town Irmtra *r? r?-He?l*rlf m Med ?? ?hf tt??h i? oir ? ?? ro?au. or at u i4n'i1a?tctr. W, W I.I d W A't<m*y ??? ?*. WAt.NKrt ft CIUMV, ?n * ?w?r? W? ddncan parrs,iw r?u?ii w. r. [\ltOt or FRENCH MKCDAVICAl- f.AHPS. WOW 4? I * Mrj?d??y. or Olymptt YliMtr*. ~Jm l?tc* *BI' tihi ?( ??< l nitrat, aa< H Jir*t?r bin. rt*D?h f -at'm? for U? > Wi? t??*t ?r?rt ,lkl Mi ^ rgn.liB. I ?ai|? flaaatd and r?p?ir?d, ki >nj? id ?ild?d 1a lr? MtrlHt* It. DANtK>A V ll.l.f , ? I t?? Immi'A'I Hunt*. niM ,<if i ok i AMtrnwu -a new (Hiai t vim) *?? ) Mag i,i l t Hiit rAllhOU * Co., Haad U Hr>al VWVV^V^VX AHVIAWUm

- DIOiDViT THBATRB.-B. A. MARSHALL, BOB! r. MJ Lmmj W. B. Blak*. luinr.-Moady Dwm i b#r 3d, 1X49 will ba parforraad tna Daw Coaia Dtkut, la 3 i- i tub jtMlOHT OP abta?Conaor ?h* Ra.b, U . Don IMa*o Volpoua, Mr. Fradariokn; Priao*** i, , *rt*fc MU? Ktti Hon. Tu b* fc>Unw?d by Ik* Far** of ? | TBI IRISH SBCRBTART-PaddyFitagaraid, Mr. M?4aaa; I Sir Gaorce CoarUy, Mr. Fradarick*; ElUa Ci>artly, Mm K. ? S?.rV. i.0 oouofuM? with the Farca of WHO 8PBAK3 .1 I FIRST-CapUia Charlw. Mr Jordau: Knot Milliiaal. Mr. Dyott; Mr* Milli'ant, Mm K. Horn Dratn Cirela aad Par>. quetta, 7'> casta: Family ai d I't.ird ? iri ltn. aft canta. r i twimlo'b garden.-mondav bvenino. dbc. .?i. II A ' tke ?nt?rtaiDuieiiti will roaimauoa with tha ourni* pa i \? tamima of the MILL IN EKS?Characters by thi Ravol Fa: miiy; Mirror Danaa, Antatne R?t*1; UutiRartan'Pa* de Troi?, ;. Franr iit, Antcine. aud Juroirt-Kavcl. To ai.aolada with thi 3 craad 'ballet, in two act*, of I RIFLLB?CV.iat Fra.Urick. I, | Mr. Paul Bril.ant; H<rttntiu*, Mr J?r*ma Raval, Lord i Beauclara, Mr. Autoiuo Ravel: A*iaod<-us, Mr. Laon Jaralli; tr Bracaccia, Mr W.ll*; Uri*ll?, Ml!*. Joiaphinx Bari; tin; Lelia, Mill. Aurle Lehman, Ph?he. Miditoi Jeron0 i; Ravel; ThurcBino. Ma<Uro? Ah Admuitoa fiO emu. D >or? open at ha If-pa#t 6; perf? miau^o* comnieno ? at h%lt-r>ait 7. BURTON'S TUEATKR?W. E BURTON, MANAOER and Proprietor.? Mobday Evening, D'nmkir 3d will be performed ft new eoniedy, called ilie tifHIOUS E.\MIL.Y? Ckar'e* Torreo*. fc*q , Mr. C.?A'. ( lurko. Capt. Murphy H?gu ire Mr. Brougham; Mr. Aminadab Sleek, Mr. Burton; Mr*. Ormiby Delaiue, M ** 'tikainau. The entetta gigwu will I. eoaiti enoe wilb th? yrKi'.VS II L'SH \ N l> ? D.ia Manuel, Ml. C. W. ClMtO Duma Kran?<>*i;a, Mr*. Kuaaeil To goaC dude with tko fxree or MKM. lil Nile Kf',1 SPOONS- Mr. Hiahbui v Harm", Mr. Ilolman; Twiuki. Kr Burtoa; Jn.? tin Bauer. Mr. John*t<>n; Mr*. Ranhniy, Mia* Cliapmaa. D-iera open *1 i to uumtucv at 7 o'clock. t. ITAUAN OrKRA. A-TOR I'LACK.?MONDAY IVKi* 1 nira, December 3, IH4V, will be p<Tloriri.d <he grand Oper? *< ria, ill tlir e aeta. by Dunlin ti. of LUCIA !)( LaMMIKMOOR? Lucia. ISignoriua A (ill. Hjrtu. cn; Alico, Siguorft ?r Av gadro; ldg*rdo. Si^nur (J. rorti; Altitun. Siroor Beaeveutauo; Arturo, fciirnor fat'l; Kaytnood> Signor Oiubitei; Nermann, Si,inor ritroiti. Conductor ami Director, Max 0 Martlztk Prie<*of admi*?iuu?All Sent* iu 11 >xea <>r I'arB. quel, *aiuied cither fur ih night or aciaun $1 50. Aii? miiMicn ou the erening ?f r?rri.riu*noe?raroaal, $1; An I rhithratrr, D iora upen at 7 o'eluck?to eoinmeuce i- I at half-put T. I | |> ARN1'M'S AMERICAN MU^IUM.-P. T. BKRN'UM. . D hlflMot i?i'<l M?i.?n?r I Unn? Jr Aaalatant ,? ; Mant-cr.? Musnilioeut peii?r:nauce<> it 3 o'olook ia tlie afy ! farm and "'i in <b" or ?ln?, h> thoae Celebrated (lyinni - I ma lid t'aniotninii* a. tln> Mirtin id tauii'y, who J. In ir. nci-.auul variety of atliletiu (.at* c muc reureaeataii >na, at * an nntirey new pantuRiitrxi, eutitlr I I KE llAHl.EQI IW 11 ll/.KFR AWt ti aag. d, !?ouia liltalir, I'ete Morris tliotiloati i ?dc d | hi) l mpoaed ?l Mr F l". H ei?v??, Mi Warden, I'etn i- 1 k i rrla, Meeera Jerry Mer-yiltld itoas, ClnrV, lllgtfna. Miaaei A Btauhi p*. Peatland and V. pet. ? b>i appar ie a new tare*. .* i hi tied TK 1 WITH MV AUNT. Alao, . u exhibition at all .y kuxira. tlia akulnton of an eanrmo.ia A'hale, the Irfvin? Roft I- i ( i>ua<ti?ti>r. Li?iaii Vaacoada, ManniotU C'rooodile. Aj'uuk. aiot. 2fi eenta; Cfcilil' w. nndft 10y?ara of a^e, 12,lg eenU. t, J . I B.\KNl M'.? MLSEIM, Pnil.ADBI.fUlA.-P. T. BAItr um, Proprietor ? Every dny ami iveuiuf during the J* | v >-ek 'lent and roiet rleaant pl?. . of umiitw'tnetit in th? eity 3| '1 ne fr> ut m'ral ilomrit ic druuift intitled " fh* Druakard, or !# t i.e I- allt n S*?ed,' ?Inch he* been e *uu?e*Kful the put w*^k. T , ia lo le coutiuund tin*, wi'.h u*v> and Uoauniul lotal aranery, , includirK the Phl'ftde'plilft ttaeliaane, U'aaliiaKtua hi^uare, ' t hemut c'riet, Re., witn the rntire atreagth of tUrsimpeny '' and auxiliaries, numb' rmp forty p?r*on*. Thir l weak of J* I the >oriptural I?i.- I\ina Viewa; the Knrliah ' UiaLt; bwati Mammotlt Boy*. I.tviae CroO 'dile. Qipaejrdirl, . j tad 5CU,DUO CuriObinei. AUuiisaiea, ii couia?Cuiliroti, half _ price. _ j /'Hammmhiiith^ *. i I BKO vnwAT.-AOMtSjl U ii?n 35c<nti. r?io'liw jn?t nrriv?il iroun |# I London, of !?nnirI in thu Don ol Lion", \>j llnrbunlr, p^iutrd * | in wm-r ?i ?i cover op 240 pinre lt?l* Tfa*? p\intiug * ' ?? Hi* <ouuifltr?il by the >>o?t iaJgoa in 1 Kuro|*an<! Ain?rii i. t*.c flnvat p?in tiug of itt kiud ia li?" tfiici. Alno, the tenting; t f ("errvp^io, Venn? and Heroury * | l?acbi??: C'htm 1 to r?a i wWinli 1* far nupa>ri'>r to tlio cuo in . tlie National Gallery, I.onduu, ^t4iehli? valnc<l al j) | beaiO, a co*l? oiion ut rare oil pain%m?a. by the ?la ma> tera. j ?.l tH m vtry TaJu.iM v aUo tho truv? 1 extr . rdiuuiy Hatohu* ' n?u<: ine, m tall oy< ration* OltkkeuB I nr?tii.a. f ?thu nnell every day. bi,hool? and " half pi Wi 0("* U)l&|ti ; MMII. IA-T 'i I ' t AT THE MINERVA ROOMS 401 X Broadway. ? Eurr'a Suvea Mile H'rror of the L'vkea, Niftj ' 1 gara, tt. Lamri * e, and Snuu-aay Rivera. '1'hia world-mi.^\ iur J.'' paiDtinK??'jrerinf neatly a.;?en milea of canvftaa, aad tratli* fully delu.eatlnK ".?J0 mile* ol the mill picuuireeque and ! hiatoiludly intereatit g toaiery iu Aui*r>eft paaeee ai> adily i bidoru the eye ef the apeotator for a tpace of two houre, 1 tad ia a perfect daguerreotype of all |hn oitlae, towa*. oata * raota, and other vonderaof n ihoreand art. on both the Uul, ted Stateaaad < anada ahorea. from Imke Erie to thelluif of '* | St. I.avrenoe, tlienee up tie wild, aeelu led and unkuoivn r | Sapveaay. Tm M n r coicaiencM to nove ?t 7>i o'elook Dightly. AfWrava axl.ikitm ) oa f eduuaday aad Saturday " at 3 o'eloeifc. AdaUtkuoe Ift <touta; oliildi\a half price D 14,1 '0 KA W? OR A N P NATIONAL PANORAMIC I'A INTI IvA in* i f American SctMTj, by the young ?.nd talcn'ed a American artift, Ottin lJei*t*r. r>-|. taaiiiteil by Mr. John J V. Condi, will be entu fur exhibition, un-ijr the aitperviatou , ami illustrated by ne Rev. S. 8. Tlrtw r, en Monday e c' j tunc. U?ie?l?r .Id, aud every Biakt during tl.u week, *t ' M aahingtoB M?'l, (late Hanv*rd'ii) IHh llr< nd ?nv, tlire* ,, dc ?r?above Nil In*. In prceenttng to tho public a work no l(j widely difiermg in point ?l ?Jn-i?rn and execution from an v of - a nn.iKr oJai-a hitl er o exhibited, i fet ohieniitloM will bo . | noct*ea*v. 11 propriet >r. .Iceirou to lUilt M poll a ' l ripm?lttl<'U u puuillr, tit ted up a barge aboai one hundred leet Ir length, i.f Kuflirn nt din.i ntent, and containing every < not oti'y fur the artful* to make the pre ! Itmirarv drawing, hut alvi to transfer thru In thortu^ix, I) I audt ii) hthe picture lu eight of tho original object). Tint K vork ha* bin two ynua in | rogia**. and n< ith-u . are. labor. I. ! cr i xpeBae bav* t een ?p*red, to render It * perfoot of lta ktu I a aa the renin* ol art and untiring teal can produce. <*n ac ,j ei.nnt of ti c variety of acnery u d the hi?t< rleal aworiativn* (l I connected i? bilteeedthat such a combination of ferial Vtcwa will enaatitntc an entertainment that cannot r; tail to attract, interest aad iar'ruct an intellUont and dla,j cnuiiiiat.ig public Theiev. ral aoflticn* unbrace the nitre u Kaet Kirir, trom the Sound to the Atlantic Ucean, tl>* roI mu.tic reft n ol tl e II n.UoB, ti e etaem- river of the Weatorn I W'rld, with it* boW'tn whitened by the raneaai of a th' iaaaiid i a ape la, ai d ?d. rn. d ? it'i I' nting p?l?. < t i ? ,i i. lablim* armory and architectural I eauty upon it* banta, a* ij ?ecn ly tho traveller in a | aa?aae in tin* uelebrated otreani. X "1 lie ciliee of Now 1 ork. Brooklyn, Alba. \ and Troy. (choc* if 7*11* ' Saratoga !--\hc (ret I ie*> rt of faint n dor log tho Itimttiir It.nrtli*. <ii aecclinl el the medicinal propertto* of it* * a | tere l>otte pirating at? deoap?of?lio mwlwriim. a, iar boaaty, an* ever-Biaruotable for il* hiatorinal reunni*p | aaaaet. a* thouicao ol dartsg atd thulium areata. The** ? . ? a foim the only 1- I'm. raina "I r IIu If i an t 7 , laat Kivtr* over exhibited. l?oor* < pen at a quarter liefer* I. ; 1 he Exhibition ?III commence at ball pa*'. 7. Admittance .'5 reato, children half price. ' \| ACMUt INT EXHIBITION IflHV UltAND ivl ongiaal gii'.aatic *orU?ol Moving I'aaorauna, bow open ;0 every evening, lot a ahort *eaeoa, previoua to bolag exhihiied - ta Lond >a. at Stoppam'* Pan irama Hall, Broadway, " 0 .racr of Walker *iroet. Thi* memiHeent ihof ditturc >* of ariiiti* aktil, lrom crigtaal dfavnuc*. by the eelebratrd T Ameriean artirt, John Keen, and eighi a?"l*taat*. Tboy " are r-aiatod on over tillklO feot cf nanva**! being by *eeo1' ral tnoaaaad fee' the l*T*et painting ia tho werlif. New ? Tork City, City of UrooklTn, Wi!lia:n*barah. t*et River, it Iladai'k kiror, aad tho Atlaatio Oooaa Iheeo Bale tin (I I are of aooh imtaamn maaoimde that It t* Into auMi to ?o tenbo them. S'<mu ooncoption can bo fortnea, ? nen wo*ay ' t ?t tM? wonderful painting oontaiaa the ngnre* of over ?no "l pttllina of fepa. tho?*ia<la aad tea* ol thoiinand* of h uaea. *-iip*, (tagoc, boat*, to The awful aad niagmgoont *c*a* of the A*tor Or?ra nftiM Riot, t>,e graad and tuklimo apenta*:* " of the IlanIM of the Park Theatre. Tbev b??e ?>oea nearly ' tkrea year* to preparation, and ooet UN 1 I | (|fa att't o'ciooki Paaonta?a novo* at 7S prooiaelr. AdmiMion Vcritii Children undor tea year* af age, half rrioa * rpiirATRic'Ai. N??ncr..--Ti'R ^^r^?Il^ wiii, oom'* J n eat e at Richmond. Va.. Daerakar I, IW. Laoie* ud '* gvMlrtnea engaged, a ill pl*ann ? * in Hithtn. nd by tba Ar<r of ; utaiooth. CUIi'PKNDALK It S*rTO*. JCDHJAte* : f|lDK MrNtrtCKUT COODNRR^ til' AI MlfJIITT aor> rj I A I.a* l>??ii p'caaed to place an?ng*i a a a wcdioina I kat will ka iniir iliaicly and tlTeoitiuIly r re lue ui at dl?tre??.ng iaae* ol bodiIv debility or ncrvem alf-etlona. I Uiirrfoio rec .iar 1 mend all periona. ikii* afllf id to try I', w<th t il* aaa.uanoa, . tkat if no ; iod retnlt fr' ui taklag I'., tl.e to .? y will ha rotarrtd. 11 *-81 bv bjBiI ? Hi tnenra a bottle, kr e*p-o??. to 1 MiTpa't ol i a lilted *l?t??. Uliectto Ta'/UUI * \Tf, ' b> el teller l'1- Naeaau afreet Ark I t * itta' Nervena ta 0 tidi u At traa a* thare ie a iivtaf Oud, I b -liav* It I* aipw. ! audio remedy fur all aorvoa*, l?"iily or tnan'al debility. A po.N-l MPTION ?TBMK 19, PKRHAI'S, KODIMlSC VV ?lth ?l.i?b 1/ur 0* natty In Jkllurtrd, nl.ioh iw*ry t anD n.allJ ao J tlctluia, aa that f*ll luln iar of Vfc* hunin n ! ??? ?CdlKff ptlrn. Day ?ft< r iUy. j-?r rfur 3 nr. lb' inj. ' taUa't BioaKar nvrri" ? to tl.i p .|ialt ! tl.a c.ll\o<l ? I. nt t< nib fr*?b a?l'l*d rieilui* to ita c<a>|i>l Nn walk "f tifa ia ?a< r* I fioa Ita bllabtiBi liiHaraa*. Kn i>> iaaaawktfrot.i Ita lit all. .Italia; hofta. lb* old. tlia a?id<ila-a*?t, as I II jrouBf ?ll alika. ara fwd f it tbir (?tn? >u utajrof mankind. I t' ?l. Ha- hair*'! patriarch, a<a? lif? nf t*n ? tbi.u? '.ia * rtadartd tila *}?win lni|trtiiaa to tba artaeka ( otbtrilla, BP'I vb**a |B?'d d*ada pi'par d I In for tha raJo)fB*nl.a nf llfa'a ralm avai.iar, (>bI? >'? nrrmp'lor faatanin* It* ft'., a ' *ii-< n hi* titaK Bad toariar hiio Ir m a world artr brijlit 10 i am da ttf.iab look eumplartmlt ?a i?\ wall a|>tnt. ia in ih?r? bo tolp f?r if * af!n< n d t fi > jitwr.tlva of'l.* durvt't* al.itb l ta?t t>a ia m:r ?htni*?iil? in J fi kin i-llma t " M tb'nk tli?r? la. Aad if th* a1W?t<laiia of thna* trbo ara 1 atWaat tailtltd ?o tnwity, ma} k? b.l.tttd, tbara la a 1 ra* vm tl*o ard a rra.idy * ? i-tar'a Haltta of Wild Cl.arry la *T*Tad lo a taffi-rin* I vcrid aaaarb. It a?ada aot tba "aat*?, tin. aa aid" of a l?a< " I b'. ib* of tctttloan c.r'i?rat*? to tit* it a xoriatjr. It* trao " talat bb>I >b<rir.?t< ti?-.laira an anUii.tat to aatltla it to > tba ?alaaa?a of tb* p*Mt?, ard to " * ?ft ob to ftma" (h* aan a ?f Ita lar*nt r, aa a r-at '? t r of hi ap?*i*i. N<ra poawma aaif?? n*i>ad I. HI fl.t, ?a th* wrapper. A ll a O Saa<ia.,Hai 1 .I'on, MtMf o| W illlari tr??t. r t Yi?k ; Bin. at ! I ' li'i'i ti*>** dr<-?# toraai / ' a'Win Rcrr?t'a C'?attlaa4l ilttit, aad llaiilaad.Kooac k. \ ?' Mai- n 'aa*. V * MM I MftDH * FAtJll T CIlAl I Kdllt , JL I'trtTBaaot C'ofa ia ou* day. wiiboit Mr liaiaa?It la aBrrally to?,rid*r*d <|BBtkiab to adtntia*. ?.rt thoa* ?lio Va?* f *?n uaft'T'iiBata t" roatrart or huay >ip n tb-a>a*l*ra 4i**bio afionld lr"?'fiat that *an afiaia 1 |>?fnaport rara af I?y. I.ANmiNT, ?. R??aa r*at, f .r a tm!or ,r ? thitaiara aa adtartlao. Famala 1'illa. aarrant?d, $1 t. j * *** 1 ( Dol All NKHTOCS PIUBASM, (.'IHI.'TH'i <i?l,I r yarl* I iirail.M ?r* aa a'^l'i'a and |??? H-* ap ? .?#. V Tba Malt ia B>?d ?!i*b th* b< ly r >*< ) i>a*rally ia afl.-ot*il: m ft* > pi Via* far I'luolain'* of 'I* itnai. aa a?'baia aai n hrincMti^ aad of ib* haad ; bb4 tl.a Ura'alata for at j dia, atd*ra ?f tl.a am t or lim' * aa rh*ntt,a'i ia. r*l?>, traaa?H and fpatpiodi* afl< cti'Ba. Tb*?* ar'i*t?a ara a{inpl> api lia4 B a* iMtartad aitk th* aiaaaotlr Hoid ?hicbaacnmpaaiaa tliaaa, ( aid a l.?a IBithfnlly n*?it tliay attar fail. j Iba trra> po?altarity aad otraliaara of tha Oalttaii Cnratirra oonaiat ia Iba laat tb#? arm* aad rura dliaaaa l y antaatd appllcatioa. ia plai* of tha naaal natho4 of dmixia^ ar.d |?.yaii la* til-pat *B? till ?< >arM'd natnra aiata N .pa II'- tlj aifPT Tr* ItjB'r*!"" nry *<i-?p m* m ?t>? kii-,* i|i> l?w, *i|iialita II. rirrnlni'* ?f iht hlo<.4. profno'* th? war*?!"?*, la rl?if?ta tfi* ?nttr? ?r? -rt.*?. *nd an*r 4? tli* (li*M*?t li?rm ntvUr any rlraaaiaiattea. * I l> C. MOHt'llKAl' M /).. 0?ot?I Aircal for th* CaHod ,t Rial**, I.W Hr nd? ty, >*w Torh. htATB noa A ILIOBT OLD--Hr NKUt.RCTI MG H ** ?*!?>t*ry taraation* wi i?*< >mmon a*n*a d1?titai, " any, very D in), fall Ti<nina t? thrlrir: pmdi-nii. W? h?.? 3 * -i> th* )"<>i * CrlHa. W' mlaa ilk* a hir4 <.f car* IIm th* I f?lr fli w?r c.f r!?| , tht fruU i>f h?r f?' tier and ih*Joyofh*r I. nnil?r- hat <hnt flotud with ??f aa'4-i|>a' i?a. an I h*r It ?? wlih th* f* H|>r*??( * if lar*-. tt a I*T dr**?n-? ? of lif* 'laiirlr* l>?fot* h*r with lha rlah and varlaat: * 1 tint* ol th* itlnl-iw't ha* W * tarn all thl* i*ngMl i *, I t * . illi,p . v. ?i ! f. ? i i iad I ' r . i tti k>t 1' t V HI'| '|' | I r, Iif I I *-li ? <; 11, H jill th]* 'i -at* t ,?|| a " n r mm ri iii >c*, l-f'rt it i? ' laic, b.? i?r R"(.**r?' >. ?j riif ' f l.itei* aft, Tar. and Ca? -Salarna whichulra* im n>?dl*te f lirt, a* thaut*?d? of orr ??>t intc)li?nt an4 weal tfr r famltH* ar? i**ny and willm* to t**f|fy. * 1h* lafiuiro I* lor **!< by A. L. SCOV Rl,l. It CO., at thalr rrli i tal . me*. No 6.'> Wairaa ttr*?t. Al*o l-r >al* by t:>a * riijr r*'aiMr??|IW. \I urn AI aDi RTormtLf rurvAT*. i'i !?. f?r i? i!>*ta. lj mtawa ot ti* I'aahat JCaoilaMa*. of ?1i*ryOiia HtaMwa fhjwitlaa It I* a rarifld .*tit|, olrat frl- *l tad prtval* llttfn. naMill *TM on* ta oondatt hi# niNima *a?c???f\.I tpfWinati a. Twenty-Fo?r:h 141tloa, with on* h?adr*i *h iwlnj priratr 4la*aa? and iratfi ^w*tli ?- of IMinrttittttiNi la *.*ry *a?p? t and f?rm, hy WlllUm Tc n?, * D. Tha ??rt?a* firwi* a| ^ ?*'r-t 4'*?& ?rr m*l **aa>a?*a 4H??<*?of ih* p .VaU | r'aad. Iir.*ot?roy, r i|?*rr hwhM* *? yoart.. *r* fltiflilal'y 4*. I a. all i- i'?ri?-n in il'io mail- Th? I | * 'si '. r aa atti' -nr' I* worthy > I r,T a'taaii*?, tad t'cnM bfr*'" ttyifif)! >??, AnT ft n *?ndlny tw*nty ?t? ??at* ra*l' ? * i? * l*'?*r, ?il1 ***?!?* aai, ?ofy ?f ?M? *orh, Vy Bitil at *l? rrpu wll Maaatfar ?aa dollar A4- I | d -?? oh ? v >i ' n f- U Hti"> r i?d*l-h ? d j f?? *al? kf ilrnjvr fe Towa**a?. tU i.foa4a?), itaa lath | Ci'f. | f atant, a td A ptlotad i*'iipblot ooutoioiog u tu11, tlaaraud | uiinnta deMTip'ioB of th* prucea*. as mprovci by tha nubI srnWrf. Korfurthar pariiculara. wppty to thu aubaaribora or of thrir A*e*'a, P??t paid, who will ?eod by raturn of mail a lull piaapaatua of all the r.<u<litioDa. \V k T. LAN(iENIIIIU, Kvchinica, I'hiladalnhia. Ackvi#?Ik VI 11 l'l E. No 2\ lirojilway, New VorkCity. A. 1/ Mrown?, 2DS WinhiOKtou atreat. > llal - k Co.. [ liotitao. K&attru Patent A^ancy, ) H. A VI iaot??.*, lialtiu. re W. A Pratt, Rtehm ?nd, Va. John C. bimona. King at.. '/'harUatou, S. 9. Pat*r, Clklimati, O ftlaa?r* Lone. St. Louie, Mo. D. McUounail. Boftalv. N. V. KVaiCAU 13 K APS MUSIC'A I. INSTKlilKNTH I'/.EIIW'CN Y ' Itictf era, Ir'iin Knevaigiraetx, ll"l.?.oia ? leave to : Tt MUD1.11I tu tbe mupic.t tak-ut of New York. and tho | ni laical w ild of the L'r>>n generally, tholr well ksii?u 1111.01 'factor)' el all kind* el Bru?a Mimical Initniuirhi, to ? I ii h are applies many auperior new taventiona, by whioh tlio teiitt mo pirteoteri ia aoand. anil varretted for pu.-e Intonation. Ilio K< nerul uepot whet# th??e in - > rumt nt i ran be hail lor ta'o. ? Lola, ale and retail, if at No. It! Jonn street, in the third >tory. where evviv one w ho will favor them with a fell, aid inkjHOt (htm. * ill be pet (m i ly tatiatied. NKW U()UK>, ?... \1 ORGAN'S LITER A R Y DKl'OT, fcXUQ AN'iK IM.ACH. 1*1 a 'JciV'tu* the i'os' (itl'me, New Orloann, La.?-At the above eaiabliahuient iu.iy a'wayn bofouai Itookaof eviry de cr'ptiou, eonaiatin* of Nuvila, dixtory Kiornpliy. Sciontiflr, Commercial, Uao^raphioaU, and Medical tt ur'aa AM}, ft complete aeaortment ol Statiouory, to^etner wltk all the imtt.I-11 Uai y and Weekly N?w>*rit anil Miwa/me?. f'M.tiirj order. fvr any article tn the trade aupplied an<l forwarded with deapatrh. lock. m> led. Prompt attention Caid to any work ordered by wait forn** Hook* iuumrUd >ardor. J O. MORGAN. Literary Depot, a'fiolnlnx tht PoetOHlce, New Orleaoa, I.a. KB.--Complete arraatcrceaia bare Imi uiade will, tl.o friucipal Publiahers tli o >'.hoot theL'nioc fot a aupply of he new work* a? faat aa in .i t J. if. MPKAtFK LOOK.* ONE i:.tsri 111 llotiivor 'OllVON Player, and I'oly^let. Uihlea. lu rich velvet b.'uiio^ ml I vitt aud filtered arnaintuta, jnat received by ALIHbU I'LONHtTT, Importer, 101 Willittiua'.root, near John. MBUIIAI,. I^KMFLX or liFAl.TII '2 VaMAI M'liKBr HR.S. 1*. TOW NSEND'8 I DMPOI'N I) CXTRAOT Of SAKHAP^RII.I.A?The mmt extraordinary Medicine in the ntriamil axiraoi if |>ui up in i|ii*rt, home*; 11 It an time* cht?p*r, plcaaanter, nod ? arrauted auperlnr tn my old. Itcuree ditea*? without voinitin*, purging, uckeaing or debilitating (li? Patient 'Kit nre?t loauty and superiority ef thia Sartaparilla ever all other BiedkiM't 1*. while it < radicate* di?ca?e, it INVIGOKATES TUK llODV. It il Oae of the very beet FALL AM"! W INTER MEDICINES ercr known; U not only purifii* i.e whole ay?t*a and atraiiKihebb the peraon, but it crrauNEW',PUKE AND Kit.'LI BLOOD i power poaaceaed by so other ntedioiue And iu thia lie* ih* prand aecret of at wonderfwl It ku performed within thi Net three t ear*, n re than IfiU.IWU euro* of aeuro cuti of dt*e?a-. at leaat ai.ti*) were eoueid-red incurable. It baa fared the lite* of ui-re ftmi children the thre* paet y < are. Kuoocases or general dkbilitv and want or NERVOUS ENERGY. It invigorate* the whole aytteiu permanently. To tkoM who bave loet their nu' ular energy bj the eflei te of medicine or in.llacroti'ri comraitted in youth, or th* e*et raive Indulgi nc* ol the paaeruna, and brought oa a goarral | hyi leal pro ration *f the nrnoua a)atem, la*?lta?*. want ol ambition, lailtll| mm a i loM, premature decay ana deelina. haateniag toward* tnat tatal dtMaae, Cenruantiea, can he entirely raatored by the lire ol hit ploaaant reiaady. Thia 8araaptrilla i? far inferior to any IN VIGORATINO CUKD1A L, a*It renew* and invigorate* the aiitani, give* activity to the limb*, and ttrength to ti.e aiuMolar ay*t"iu. iu a at eatraordiuary digroe. TO MOTHERS AND MARKltD LADIES Thia Eairactoi Sateaiarilla haa been exprr?aly prepared la reference to fenia'e iota. No leimlg ?liO in piumo to aoppej* ah* i* apt mi.' Iiiug tint < rioc ?1 period "l'fce Turn ol Liio," ihould nogle"t la take it. aa it I* a ertaiu pre** uOr* for any of th* u?n.?r n* aaJ horrible direaaea to ivhiek femaloe are "object at 'ma tin e of lit* Tl period nay be delayed for eevcral yearu by uaiag thia imdiciue. Mori* it lea* talnahUfor tko?e who are approaching w inaek""d. a* it i*calculated to *rai*l nature by '(dickering tiie blood and invia' rat In * the *yet*?. Indeed, tin* n<edi< m>c la ln> aluable | for all tbe delicate dleeaae* to whirh won< n ar" ratyeet. It brace* the whole a^etem, renew* perm:,i,m l/ the nutn1 ral et rrile*, by rtnn ?u? tb* IrapurUlee i f I . I? dy, not * fir *tlmulatin(t ** to produce *ubeoi|iient rela>?ti a, whieh I* tl e caae of m ?t u - -li elate taken (or female neaka e *a* dieeaee By u*lng a w b'ttlea if 'hie medlt In* ma ay *e! * ere and palotul rural al <P? ratieu* hat be pravtnt'd. ORIAT BLES5INU TO MoTIICKb A N D CHI I.OrtEN. It lathe etleat and moet elfe.'Mral nie lleiue lor purify uc ' ikt wMfciil Hllwlii the nlmii nnadirt ?yw eaM k rth *rer dionwtered. I> itmithtii b?th the mother and ; 1 child, freeente pain aad i'. ';i ?, iacreteea and earieha* ti e I lood; thoae wl > hat? tited it <hink it 1* in<iiep>:n?abl*. It ia hi?hly ncelul b' tb lietore and alter ? ntinemeo .. ae 11 pr??, ni d'?ea#ee attendan' upon child-birth?tn Cor ieeneit. Pile*, Cramp*, jiwellirjol tr, feet. Iierp'nden v, ll**rtl nrnn *. t' loiOnt, l*aiu in O tek aau l.eia*, Eal i l'? na. litmorrbaee. and in remlaOn^ tb* eeef tinnianj e,taaUi>w( ! tire eirei.lstton, it ha* no e,j'jal. The ^reat leMity uf th * IT'dkili* I*, it iaalwaye *afe, and the Uioet dallonta aer it n>o*t rm liw cat" re,juir< * any other midiciae: ia ?'fn* a lulle t a*i,,r Oil < r lia?ii**ia, Unaefal. Es, e-ciee in the vt?b air. and 1 I. if dwuhthi* medieiae will , aiaay* eneurt a eate and ?a*r ? hucment. > EUAl ? M EBICINE. ! Thi* 8*re*w*ii1la n a anei re>pn an.I epeety enre for iaj elpieat CoeeiitnnOea, llarnnneo, rr?lapau.i. I'teri, or lallinx of the W.>mb, I aaltvoneaa, I'llea. I.eurnrrh ea, of I tt liltea, ol alructed er difficult Meuatrnation, entinonoe of I llrlae, n? Involr alary dleeliirire tl er'ol an I forth* (literal , proatialinn ol the ?v*t, ro no matter whether the r?nill of Inherent uatiaenrtaua'*, pr dm ed by Irreifularit/, illne** er t keeidi f. otl.inn can be sore eorpri nx than it* Inrlforailnx ?)feet.* oa the hiiBian Irauie. I'trioni all w>'bkn>i* and laaaltude, I fr< ib lakiii* It at oaoe h'??ni? rokuft and full of oaero under i it* Influence. 1' inn rd atcly count met* th* nerreleatne** ef the female ; frame, w hieh i* th* iireat ceuee uf barrennea*. I O 111 PVI ? C?pwi'-'l "I U*, ID I1WTI in " licim'4 ' i to ?a 1.1 til t (tin uf *m*? km w* -on aeanra i { th? ?W?*t?d. that holered* ill i at'ii li?<a I. *n r*iior!?d !? ; I He. 'I hoaeiad* of iihi, wh>re faiBllle* l.nv* ktM Wlthoal ehlldt?n lfi'1 aala/ a l.w kotllaaaf tin* lavkluabla in* llcl??, t a?* been I ! ?* ? mil tire, Ii aithv '.if?t r?n* OIH *. MhtH Til 15. Yob abo h*?o pale r n.|.l?ai i,a.dull " *, bloMib** n? lb* I?e?, runili ?kia or I'm H?*. and ar* ''nut of w ira," a*, a i Hta It i' TiviMa^'i Narrai la* Ii will eir*m* ) ?r kU?d rataeatli* fr*?kle*an I bin ?? , Brd ?tra ; you ?ilai*ll?o. if .Hog <>c*. ho* *| i il?, bra '11nI * iitI |.li *lna, all of wl.u ii ar of immta*'. ealtia In otioiirrii'd ladle* T iiaunoi **? oueand* of i?mi!? ? !ii * i r? w**t*4 I few 4l?*k??, Bad 4*rk a' nt 11 e *??*. ar* now la U * *nJ">m-B? u b*alth. >? tixnr I UKOMI < <?m iVt*r.S9. Thl* Aaraayinlla ia th* r i. atnt r-ni"ty lor liahi'oal Coktlaaat**. ImMMIM in i Ii* Bawrla, Fll'ilaa. Be. Taoraa- i j l'.all ?*a ii' | ) it i?r Co*tiT?i i*. I* a* I<i)w<ii1*m ? f*t t I I'ilfi, IM m nil lit iiard. Mi* ami it i raa~ at that I ' tha toa* Bad of th* bowel* ar* il'itmuj, and kha pa tient iffloiii with i>iim*t * nation* 4i*> rn*r?. Oy?p*|M'a I Bad tli* nil-*?n*ld rilnaolfbiali I* (ImNwIn. Piaa- 1 >*n4* *f ea*e* of t hrnt.i# "nna^uni af tl.a Bi w *.!* bar* ; been rnre J l.y tbl* i*ar**rn Ha. 1 WO Mill .1 ifS fA V SI). . Vary faw tawiilio* i.4ei4--m fa?t a* I a e not bear4 tf oaa-tSai med Dr P. I*. T.iwn**ii > Sat**^.' II* in tin.*, I .??. any 1 tf tldr-n tk* yi I' *ti*i??r, w ila II'" lUld I nut *.ek ???d and died. Tt.?i e*rait<ai? *i i ln*h M?r la mnolii?t'?? 1 ii 4ere* af It* vain*. *ad u?l>.*i InlUamf >l mill IM I live* cf eluldr .n. Mtrti * Am??i, Ii Ilia. *opt t , 1*17. Prlaetril nfbr* *1 7 a*raa *iia '. a a? r* i *l?a K.iti. a tieet, firBiirly r?*nfi-d l>? Rai' h ? rftil ?har?>?. Arr.t* fvr I'hiladalpl I*. It I'yol a f't II atita. Re Id | ' k C?., No. Mllttli ill. Kmw, Ii* Haliora at., MaUl oir*; ( l.arlea Moll, W a* 1.41 *. R. t f*itt?lar?h: G.F.Thnmae Clnilinaii. i *r'rbl k I.. HI Cliarrf A, >>*? Orlrai'*. and by Dm. I ?a*r* f. thr"Hfh<>at tk* Calt*d State*. M **t Indie* *"4 < ?aa4a. N. U. Nean laan'B* aali w at<i>-d by V f. Tinanl. Laakoal f*r*oant*ii*ii< *adl?it*' ?a* NO CI RB NO FAY.?SK, < URBITT, ! DIAX117. if Vi nar?nlt?4 "a is* ?r**ti?i>n- ?f ear'ala daueat# dtM?*e* A fraati' * af *>t?*?b /aar* du??t?d to tfca treat Bleat af 4*ll**t? 4i*<aa**. *aakl*? Ur. L. ear* tha ?? for* of thf* iiaaaa. <if?i aaae" *ar?? ib tbra*4?r?. 7'a er**ITS*el ________________ I OB. JOtJWBON, NO 14 IUAKB KTRBBT. Ru W BUi In- ib Ib Ui* tr*aia.e?t of 4*ll?*t? 4i****e*. Tk* l?oaI tor * tTOiatUa ? -t #kiil la tk.'*>- balf-enfMl '*i?i that ka*a aal*tad lor y*ara, la r'"-' H'?i*M, CoB*titauanal wnakaaM, brariht on by a *a?r?t habtt. (Kaatiiallv aara4. HwenanH i htm la fnar 4btb. 1 ti'W UI xr.H?nii 1 in IKK wit'ir*. forth' aura ot ?in irk ?* ?*f all remedl*# y*i di*ro?ered fi r the *b.)?* n??rl*iit. tin* i* tha aut* inaka* a *p?edy aa l permaaeat tire ?ith"Bt tha ; laaet ra*trl9tl'B In diet, 4riak. npoanra. or - liaac* Ib appll! oat.'>n to bieiae**. Tha im'prla'nr oh*U?aee* a alntl* la. I *t*ne* of rweat *oBf.rrh?a .0 b* l.rr.n?bt ahieh tfc? anttir* will not c?r*. na4?r forfnlnre nf V" Bao? ar* rar*d ia ' two day*. kl< ftt tha mil S3 !!< > < * ay, iorr?r .>( I Cl>??kfr? ! ? ; ?Uo, *t ,\ o. Ill A?t?r IIoum, ?;. I * Bro*4way.ftrd l<?> tniton ?r*?t, otrntr of w illlftm. I ________ I ?,'nn RtutRD JirriiM' antidote, aspetii * ?i>ir? tot tfca ?ora ?t llmmkM. Gltit, i Mlti-lirH, mi) ?(rll?r di?<.H?rt. Ii m?k?? i *pm4i onrc | wHhont tha |>?<t r??trio?( in of Hint, drt'ik, ?l>?onr'>. or htrfr in *rrl>r*t't"< to hntinfN. Tha (iroptirtnr rhtllor^oa ! t i n*l? < < wb'r h Ih- iri*'nr? ill n>t tme. utIt <b? l-ri (tiinf?ol Hi' hnvdrtd d >11 r? I nrthof--th? not U f?Btr?r??d If ft d<?o of th? Wlitora l? t'll'ft wk?? I It I? put np In h'.tt'??, ?ith f?l; dir-ot|oft?, ftt tl, I Ona bottU la?tt ft wrf>k--aftny *r? tir?d In two d?ya. rot : by C. H. kin*, IM Br"?dw ay. I'* B?y?rd it Dr. fAtl rtt CAN BK OONflDENTlALLT CON- I inltfd ftt hn f.ffl SI Dor ?tra?t, on all 41" mm. j Tk? mo't obitlnate y #ld ' hia ?odo of troftttntnt, whioh l? I n th? a-mrrouriftl 11 n-lfl?. .*?' "Ufi emioi tho > < Apl'taral pl??. Tha Tirtiwia of lodnl ;ona* t|M ftrrl? Wfb % oo?i?t??r af ?nr?. OIBn. || |?a* I'r>t> WO t I K? NO on A ROB.?D* Ml RPUT, OF N OOI.D traat, it ?< nft'i-ntiftllji coa<altad ? ftll frinil (fprlrftt* I -in <-t? >> ?nt i of ,nnorr"? a ho oat-a l? twa ?o fo?t inya cntt.'n tonal dobillty and tmpamn'-y in --'.mi nil/ J tr?fttrdky Ur. N. >o norearj a??d la a?y <ftaa,cr MadratM 1 f. v*- nf? '?!> ? from 7 a * to It p. m D?. morrison is oonstl,t?? on ftll 4i?*?v>? of ft daliaftta nfttar* a rr??~*<?? at W yoara anaWaa Mm to onro, wltSon* mr^arft t- >?n t ?ftaoa ?r? WTtd It *?ira? to ill dftra No fra *<11 tint >d. iWtt-iBtaaftBf fioinft' wwkniaki tn*?r'?My oatua. Rr? M? Loadoa M- I pl<m 1.11 hi* oftct. ?'t>? r altoi atraak. PAWciwe. HIBERNIAN B. B. Society, will kt ktld il Cullt Gudti, Tt?di> itining, December 4, 1M#.?Th? preaeoda of tint, u on former oceukort. will kt deaeted to okaritable parpoaes tha Caauiittaa . f trru|aml>U therefore rely upuu tha liberal ayport ot k ttatromt pnblin to carry out their charitable loteatlonf. Nu paint *1U kt tpartd to raadar thia ball equal, If I nut upotior, to any of tht Booitty a fjV?a?r balla r. eHAKKKv Sccfy. A. I^LLkN, Chairman. BUVIKT THIATH1 ASSOCIATION b.\i,i,.-tih puMio it rttptotfully laforraad that tint, tht tteond Anantl ball, will takt place on Friday tvtalac, Deoanibar li, at ,h. A folio Roomt, ARD80N c.n(lBot#r. TioVttt oan b? had at tht Rranoh Haiti, Bowery ; Narth American H<tel, and of tho Commit tea. l'riot $1. To aduiit t neutlfn.?n aad ladtta. Danc ing anl> waltxim; - miss desjvkdins. of 1'arit, announctt to htr friendt and tht public in Ktueral, that tin re'-oron.rnred har tvaumn olata on Weduead.ty tnd !*atu day, at lierranldatuie, 74 Leonard atraat, for ladiuh and gentloiaen who ooald not attend during tho day. NHB AHTS. Fine arts-to all fkofessionai. daulkrkeot) para and Auittcuvt of Iht f-otofraphio Art, throu?kout tha I'nittJ Statu?'l i t aubacribera, uwnera of Tabot't uuuru cii?'u* m ??vu* iwrtnniu* pictures ?>n paper( by ai? 01 the Can 01 a Obscure. o? >sidaring that it is more oonsonaut with the spirit of the a, e ami the t're? institution* of Ibis eonntry, to give access to a valuable invention to every no who desires it, bare eanoluded to dispose of this Pa teat Kixht, together with their valuable improvement*, in individual lieeuaes, at the rifling i<ia of tliirty do!Ura for eaeh ' of tLe first two hundred licemts, and flitv dollars for such suUejueut cui For this sum every f nrchessr receives li- j sense to txereise the art throughout the ITaited States, with the exception <*f the Mates of Louiaiana, Alabama. <5a ?rj ia, ' i Florida nud Texas. for *hich States the exclusive right has 1 i br>m sold nrevieas to this arrarnrtonxitt : t ??im <i tk?<irUna1 I INTELLIGENCE BY THE HAILS. Ou Washington turr?i|??Wl?M?, wiiniiuttt. dm. 1,1840. Tfe Content for the Speakership ? The Heport of lk$ Socrttar{/ of the Trtmntry?Tht F.rpectrd Arrival of Sit Henry Bulwtr?Tho Cuban, Canailian, and Kitmragum/ Qiwiri<n>. The Intrigues for the Speakership ere assuming quite an interesting aspect, and may pro*? I net roe II la mere than one respect Since the time of the celebrated Adams and Clay eomprumtae, In 1H2A, nothing similar baa been witnessed bara in Washington. Those most behind the oartain, believe, now, that Mr. Winthrop will, after all, bo elected, and that the action of certain discontented whig* and demooratlo member*, Decenary to bla choice, will be secured through tha influence of the administration. What that iaflnenee if, 1 leave the reader to guesa; but 1 doubt whether tha denunciation*, which will follow the election, will make it prudent in the democrats, who may bring it about, to accept the price ot their duplicity. If Wintbrop ia not eleoted, Mr. Richardson, of illinois, or (Jot. Cleat eland, of Connecticut, stand the beatohance. The Seoretary of tba Treasury will probably urge, iu hi* report, the substitution of the speclQo instead of the ad valotem system of levying duties en imports. With It, he will also advocate a return to the pretecthe pclioy? not the adoption, perhaps, of the rate* of duties imposed by the tailll of l?li, out a tariff fraued with a view to the protection ot tower article* ol domestic mauulacturn than arrre protected by that tariff, it Is believtd that the cotton aud woolen interest* of New hngland do not require a return to the old daties ou 1'ortlgu cotton aad woolen uisnu'aolure*. The Secretary may also recommend a higher rate of duty on foreign tugiirs, lor the proteotl >n of those engaged in the growing aud mauulacture cf sugar iu th? tiiutl) tut, foremost in the n*i. ot products proposed to be further protected. are the ar.toi?* of iron and coal It is known that Mr .Uereuith h*4 been industrious. for some tiuie past, in collecting a vast amount of information i .mi the iron masters and ooal proprietors in I'enu yiveuia anil elsewhere, in the t nion setting forth ilie inadequacy ot the present duties, and the neces-iiy ot turtUer pro t-ctlon. all of which will iloub'ler- he coiuuiunicaied to Congress, intr a) peiid<d to the report It t* doubtful whether th? aff-rt to obtain farther protection tor tbo?e article. will be successful; although no great oppositu n will be made to a further protection on irou. even iu some Important quarter in the Si nth where tho lat- S* cietar> ot the Treasury, Mr. Walker, in Justly auppo-eil to ekeicUe 4 potential intlueuce Upp tied to it will be itl* navigation au4 commercial luitirests cf Nm? hi land and New Vork; an<i (bough the South, with respect to iron untl coal, might be itidilluient, yet ttie p. tuciple of protection ana of sptcitic* will l>? oppo-ea i>> it iu a body If Mr. ,Ver?dith courted populaiuy in i ni aylvauia. his piaa would, pel haps Lave sucoeeiled hetur by not revinuj the old iff ues even in a milder form Kir Henry Bulwtr Is now . M.coied ?J viiy with full powers to adjust the Nicaragua i|U?stiou It 1* also tald. though no official iu iiaauuu ha* reached this Country, tliat he is empowered 10 ir. a' In ret;.trd to the annexation or purchase < f anaua. la anticipation of a movement iu the i nited Slates t ? taat ntfeut K.nglami in this re-peat, maj p'*y a veiy dexterous g ne, which may, lu the ?nd. provn io li. r d-luded hauadiatl subject* that the I nited Sla ea h-irelf is not auiloue lor a union with i anu.ia Imik mil bears in mind that It is the lit)al patty iu ( ei.n.i. wut 'h I* now dhsatlshed with hi r goveiLu eut an j that Lhe dissatisfaction arises lroiu the pa" age et a lull ailoidiug relief aud inili ml.ity to Uicee will hi Ihey wnre ac.'aatninad to call r> bels 1 his Iu all probability li ihe seoret ut Knglanu s forbearance at this uk u.eut; but a* long a* fhe l?jh claim to be mUtre.-s cf tii- rrt b!h will n itiur. i(sii<J<r lirt maritime puMtiou on ibl* continent The Ku^llah la ih< vVeet Indiea- the iiu1 auias aii 1 Jau.uii'i m e mucu le<i b u-ftoial to KngIhuU ap a maritime na'i n (Un ibe i?ult of St l.airi<uce,au4lf an) pr.>poaiii< u l? made for annexation, I lor bn?. rbount u"i b? ?urp-i-??? if the iv?i India Iflin.Jn were to b? uouipri eu iu it i'lieae povHatioa*, tiuce I be i t-pngi of i Iih r.u j uoij atiou act of 1 *.>.'? ara worthier* to In r at the/ would be to ui, without t:av?rj,to that their anneia'l'oi co the I nitad States wi old not be advocati tl b> ibe Sou'hern Slatna '1 lie irti-taure of IheSiuih tu the annexation of Canada ought. however, be oeeroooie by th? purehaxu of Cub* and I'orto Hio.>. where "!*? ry now eiUU. and to whlel) tbe Wilinot provlno d<>- inn-- itm-lf, uliould it j'H?n ' i Dnie-K Hud reo iv? tbe airfuature of tbe l're?idri t would not neceftarliy apply I believe that Spain Ik uot all< gethi r opp< re<| to at cli a cnaalou for * proper cinMUeration end thai (be Sp4Ulrh b ndbulderi m l.urepe w?u d jomp at the chanon It la well under t< < d that, a xhort time turn. ,\|r Sauuder*. our lata miuMer to Hpaln entertained the opinion that (.aba could ha?e b> en obtained bad thi* g >?eru men', taken proper nieaf-uiea to reciua It. I'he late dlaturbanoaa on the I eland cannot but deereaee tbe ralua of It to the ani.-h crown Mr. Clay arrived here at 11 o'clock, and wai cheried all the way Irom the depot to tbe National Hotel He uiade a liandnom* ?pm b from the ate?* of that In tel. tl.Miikir g tbe crowd and retired amtdat a perfect paroxymi of i'Utbi?la?tn on the part of the llftMart. W tiHiaiiign, Not. 30. 184#. TV t Mitnltri in l!* |t uiokI ? Thr Jlfijitwt king Strug gU ? 1 hf cj tkr Snatr TK* Ctuytun IKM|? T\4 ,'lp)oivtMrutt ij the Jhlmin f (rattan, <fr , ft. Tbe ex ('relation that Mr. Howard of Tani. wauld be absent, being lo?t anionic the Indian*, will, forta. naiily. not be rralited. Mr Howard haa bean haard from and will ci rtamly be her* toinoirow. 8o tha democrat* will bring their whole boat upon tbe ground. Tbe whiga will be Mrong enough to dinpute eiary Inch of ground at far a* the ergauiiatiou if the Houm ' concerned; but tbe aluuuiatratlon will alnaoat b? without a part) In eith r h>-u-e. The corporal'! guard ol .Mr I lajtou lu tie St bate a< far aa I aa able to Wain from n cat ore, w.II anaaiat it the twa acnator* from Ii?l*ware. ttl# two truaton from Vermont, two fritn it hi de l.-Un 1 and Mr 11*11. ot I'ennesaaa - teeao in all \iui rg tbete n> ne m capable of leading, (alnca Mr llell broke uo*n at tbe laat ?ea?lon) and nona likely to attunae tbe oonuuaud Mr. Ccrwia. who lUee Otunal Taylor well enough, bar a atr< rg di?iike for > r Kalng. who, oulwliM mdlug tb? man) eppointikcnta maue lu tlhio, ha? fall'd to (atl lytll* la\l r wblua i Hint S uta lie ha< alien to Otiio tour il'?n t < any other la lb* I niou; tut tii of ihi>a to me ub- m hl? ooo fa kily iiMkr rriati??* or tho tueuih-r* of partlrular liiyi<? n O'l fenilly r tiOfclloii , th><iu?ti<>ll'. that S'ate. <iuiiti?f nit ?aii nod with tbe imiuiKtr*. Iloii. and *ul <11II11U<< i<> ^ru utile till adtlttonal ooo1 ??!? n? nr? mad* to him IIw ba* lor ibl* purpose, kiit-u i|iiar?r* lu tt ' atlgnboruodul iheilef.artuiut* air. \v?bc'?r ttiiukn tb* pieeem a>btu*t tti? o**ttii?*t tlip ?1 ontrj r?er ? t,'' Mr (.Uj will 0'it lliltt to their |>tO|>oeltl?L? hut pre*? lil> ii-to, tlnle tbe ro<t of tbo nouihern oM^ 8?-u?t?r? or* auuo?l in 4 i-ta'e of opon nhrllti.n ho j < 11 11. ?)> jn li-1 r ) ur??if wu?t oiiunei tbr a?lfi.Inletrall< ti (.? of ?rr)in( it? iura>arw or of liinurliit; miii a Uul cou?id?r*Uua of th mi In ? orgr-n I he d-ranrrnt* tn the U na'" will m?*e no faction* opji*tt|<n totl-n?r?l 1 .i n at>p -tiumen'a wuieti u ?y nn* hi I re th<-m l'ir rouilruiatmn Whuri gg p"*Ul?e eh*rf-? are made ad-eno* the l?>?rlt? <-apanit; or ftamlinil "I the D' mimr they will be roottiinxl But thl>, I uii'lT??HDd will a"t protect Mr. I'?tr k|>p<lliiril "ar(> tu N?(iln. who In raid in be utltil) ui tit for that olfice; Air Jauiea lohiwoo brother ?"t t >ovrrnor Johnrtoo, *ho 1? n > teo. totalier. or e?en Mr. Ho|th Viaxwell Mr S?iirwlor, appiuUd Ckmr^e to (J*?-d?n ?ill ho p*wert<iilj oppole I br til a leading whg* and o|?nel Wetib doe* nut ?tanl ib? rhlilfa of a i'b?r?? <t p"?trr ?at i>n. Mr t'laytoa r??in* to b<- a?afe of ait tht.? aud I 'hoiild not b? in the ! *-? ?orpit d If he far r? 1. alr< adjr wr'*!# r?mll(1at?? i. r it ? ?liiiatlna?, mmxii a< tbo aaaat* iball bat* dot ? tu (Olee. W??iiiii,tm, Doe, 1. Il<9. Mr .tnin(-B? Sfit jArrtAip. \< . Vr 1 lay ha? b?? n >i|?atnl in \Vaahin(ton any tin* wltb.ii the la?t |irtj ?l|hi b"nr?. and aj ea-li ?ue , reeding train niad?' it* appearance It wa* ?arroun l?4 hj mi ??r*r arui d.f?pp' la'ed ttn?4 Itecotttnf an Invitation from a friend. tbl* Morning. t?ho knew ho ?a? r'mli'it ?e wool ?toon at eleven ani found tho drpot and at'tuo oiit?ld* tbrnng?d hy a dr?^?4 wultltudaof thou'no't* t pon "OM Kauluck'* (a* be I* cal>b b?r?i iti |i|>lng fr> m the ear* thor* oaj nurh a >k*it from tho thion? neooatiiaiikol with *?rh (aimed ln*in?) d< monnratl innof d?lli(ht, that It waa dlfBenit to t> II. for a ni< uimt. a?H the nolfe aol e nfu-ion " bother mo?t ot tbore pre*eot irero ?tanding t u th>ir heel* or on their h> ad? ' A tUr the flint eblUUon w M oT?r h water tho |(004 11." f' .I into It( and ? march* .1 no to the Mi' n. I llOiel to admlraM- order. 8'andtng upio tbn atop*, Mr (.! } addretee I th- uit>la>(' In a lew tnkiogly at>ptopitate word* of rrc gi.ltion id m* kind deutointtiait' n ?kk'ii uu?xpe?iedly i(i*?te<J bin return to the kederel eity to* ii>u? of tbn pilitl?*?l )ab> ra of the |t ?tr?t portion ot bin lite. "A? I hop? to aee and enuWM with iniMt yen. clilxeet of t* aahtngloo. during m/ 'mi I >!r < l%jr, ? ha rIi?ed. >ou *'U ti< ubtle?< r?a<illj eiotu* raj a I tree* It g juu at any ?im?r tangta.' A lib u*b nr. i lay ? pby?i >?o. air pre?.-nt? the w* neiabl* ftpprnranr* of a?? bla *,>? ? ?e. n?* to be m nlear i d ? ru t' u? and bl? |??tm? a< tirra and er?ot, ?< ( *17 tltr.f Mie-e ten y?ar? He t? truly a wenlerful old ram li?rt brace, what Intro ? wonder will b? *ipr?"?ej tbat Oil* man who*?- p ipulartty win t be ?f 1 o?>t a?d (iharMUtwhkb Udinan (WMhloflan an I a rare lliptauc or two In the old world eioepted) erer enjoy d tbia man whaa intellretual iirlu"ooe oversell" w? both houaea of Coonreae -thla man. wbn?? ?irdi m ? <! | atrloti-iu bate a?er be?o appealed to la the ot iltDfir rh?u|il ntrer be called upon to prt?id* at ibe belm of NtaW! not call, d at tbe la >tanc? of party, aver reauy to aelia upon Individual popularity, aa ao much ?toch to tura to political ac i-ovBt, oui rstiru nj iu" IIU?MIW'?WP ?wi ?ur ni? M?.n. ot >1 l?a?t by llwt portion of th? people who bava no pttiotk! ial?i?i>t la Ifci1 ?pill? o# oflle#. 1 h p|('t? for 8p?akeraMp ar* thickening but mo *nd pp?m to b* arri*?dat. N"tblB*la tb* hapeof* no*, biuea Northern bm4 S-atbarn more >?m B^fnt <Jetomtrod ? p"? ot liketj U> <upc?f(l.?n ta* n*>t of tha ?>pp< BfBt* I'l the Blrii?l?trati..n \ie??r* < ..hh ?n<| h.jil ?* >*> <* >'< ninal prominont . bat the frl*ad* of eaeh deelare that the other will ant ucoaad, *h??ld ha he the eaueoe aawlaee The ?ht|{ *tr*??th til. undoubtedly. bo rineentraM upon Mr Utathrnp ; but II the free Holler* r?t? Id a bod; tor .Mr W iIbk' a* it In ti l they ham decided to do, tb* fair Mr* * totbrr p * east") b? Nt..ak*r Pth parti** f> lain canou* tonight, and * lialt ??>? kaow ?hu * ?bo, I'ur t>*? ** ar.d are laughing heartily at thu

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