Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1849, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1849 Page 8
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UTELLiaBM E BY Till MAILS. * Oar Waablngtoii CorrMpondciicr, \V**hiiiutow, Dec 6,1810. Tkt Bt'uviowr in tht Htutt?Tht Conduct uf Mtmhrr$ ? Mr. Ortelty? Hr. Clay it* Uanger?jlh Jlrreil, Jfc. Fora long period aeeuntoBied to attend the deliberation! of Coagraaa, wa bate unvar known luemborn to be orderly, and to remain so faithfully In the! - leata, u daring the la?t four day*. If the failure to elect fe Speak &i he the aanae of the deoorum. we would prefer that the ofllcer he dUp^med with, provided business aould ha transacted without oue. Nobady to ?lght caa firm tbe leait idea who will be eleoted, and ap?-?uieti<>ux need aot be indulged. That m Speaker nuat h< aboaen. uo one denies; bat Mr. Cobb cannot be the man. J'n-day bia friendx bi^an te <Je aerthlM. and gather reund fi tter of Ohio, aud Hijhardaoa, of llllaeia. Mr Wlnthrop ha* l?cr?a??d hia nl. ...I .? Ik. limn* r llm* ,.t It,., I I in*t>l H whlgs will step ovar to kit support They will have an with wbloli to satisfy their arnstitucnte. Th. v can mj especially whtgs proper, We voted twenty tlinea 'or our favorites. 1?ut a refusal to orfauiie In eoui talent to a #iojpa*e ot the governtnent, lor the legl-tat nre I* one of Ue co-ordinate branches. Wa dl-ltkrd intnrop. *ud to swallow him Although h? i? a prorlacls' K- it n't more objectionable Thau <hb w.. - . oe?d to ? *n th* S ut.heru address. arid is a i< h << * Wem?d* a *acrhic? of cur Individual i?elii?K? t r the eaVe of cur country. And fure di<l not Ciinlu'. th* bowld sOjjer boy,' leap Into the oba-m nti Mir It ate " V\ - Know 'hat several' impracticable " m? lubert will ultimately vote for Wlnthrop. If their votai. be necessary to elect him However, perhaps th? rtwai result of the election trial* Will reach you h< fore thit. letter. Oor friend Ur?n!ev it l? town. He ha* been occupying a reporter t desk ai.U Hutching with much anxiety the progress of the votiug He llnds difficulty in ci,iher1*1 out a triumph of the free sutlers, except It be In thalr partial eupcets In preventing the election of a Speaker. ?iid the oomeijueut organisation of the llou-e For the last tlx month* time named Knijinnon. of Baltimore, hat b*m prowling through the city. He hat been ittuiug proclamations offering ll'ieral rewards for the Imaglnaiy persons who bare attcmptud to poison htm, and concedes tliat, like Iilimacl. everybody'! hand is raised agatnet to flay liiui. It seems that he entertain* a hatred to v.r i lay whom whig* delight to honor. So he railed ob Senator hoote. and asked him to present a memorial to ttv Senate, asMag tar the unseating of the distinguished Kentuckiau Senator Foote declined perfonnn g thin olllce, and Kobin?on vowed revenge Col t). ale the Koargnant at-Arms of the Senate, and Vr Andoison an a' a he, thought that they raw ronietblng very <iui./.?ioui iu the tutu.s manners, and had htm ar e- d H?a MttkBN took klB to ths guatd room, aud H'-nt tor I H. lioddard. who ex. ercites function* at captain of the Auxiliary t utrd, and a Justice ot the ?acn. and there lie was marched A few cigars, and a b( ok nou'vloiro; an advertisement, offt ring himr-elt at a cuudidate for ('uigrrsi iu one of the New \ ork dl-trict* and some of his (laming /<r? nusiMMmliii, wt-re found upiu hi? p*rr.oji. Messrs. JBeale and Anderson swore that th> y considered Kobtnaon dangerous, and iu dt fault 01 iiail he ?hj tent to prison Before the fac'? if there*" were properly known, a report spread through the (fou'c and th^elty ttiat omebrdy had luade an a'leuipt to -h t M lay aud of course this | rod'iC'd an excitement. Uut it is all VTer dow. ana o. n u> i> no . Our riilla<U I|Jiitit Ci-i it?|MinUf net Philji- pint, DbS. 7,1819. Profeiior Rthinion ot>4 H i y -Dr. Ifurhin?Siuiitn D'uth ? Tht i Menace- .Imther Leak? Thf, Speaker tht p ? TI<r Murktll, tye. The Mr. Hobinaou (or ratbor rrofenor Iloblnson) spoken of Id jour telegraphic de-j.itoher a? the peraon who threatened to take the life of Mr. ( lay, ye?terd iy morning. ia wwll known in t!i? city particularly by the newapaper proprietm* He originally hilledfroru New York, where he worked for aereral year< at hiatrad? aa shoemaker ; and, fr#m the sa-ne ima.{inaiy cau?<*?, >i<! bun indulged in hh iDH.iy threat* against Jainea ( ordon liennett of the S/evn.rf as hs out has against Henry ' lay of Kentucky The nieit of Mr < lay to the ilrrald Building*, no doubt. ocemdn??d the wrath of the I'rofeasor ltobiiiHon If a rery eh<>rt, miuare built man. randy beaded au.i bald hoad?d, and for year* he ha* bei n th* source of great annoyance to <?very newspaper u-tublisliuent iuthe city. By uiany, he ia thought to be If so. tbure U method ia tij luadueir, for Ue Manages to |>lek up an tzidiff >rent kind of livelihood, without undergoing the penalty inJlicted CD the human race by the fail of t ur hret paj enttfather Mathew sisit'd Burnuuj Museum this morning where be *ijniii>Ut>-r>'4 the pledgo to a Urge number of men. women and children In a fornisr letter I alludid to a rumor that was in >otite circulation in < ur re;lglo>i? circles, in regard to the jirob'Me eectssion f Ur Dnrbln from the Me'.bo4iat Church, with the view <>( oonn?ciio.; himself with tli* taw lahocl Pre?liyterian< I learn direotly from I)r Durbin that there ia uo truth whatever in tbix rumor, which ha> been gutfcedn.; length brtadth and strength, from the waot of a formal and an authoritative denial. Ur Durbiu might b* induced to accept of the pa*tor*hip of mu ibd-p-i.<l nt M?tb idtit cliurch, but be ba? not aid ne?*r l.i.j the "'igiiteac idea of withdrawing from a church with which h? has been prominently ioentitird for v|> ard* of a .(iiarter of a century and of whinn he e utman to be onu of it* hiet supp rtf ai d piou lest^n's All hope -t getting ie packet chip Tuicarora eff Is abandons d and to pii-< she must g > I; i* generally tiniier to< d that iron af'tr > M strau^d .'he was gtten ..J' l y the M*?-rs. V ,-x . An i aknowu ah te wii pa?*l' g along Kront Mar Queen ?tr<et th'- uwrtr ng. %u i Itnl) fell dewn and i xpirtd. HI* app??uaat;t. indicated bvth deatitu* ti' n and int?ni| taace ') he amoui.t i ( coal tran?[ rted over the Itnading Hailroad toi the week etidi t; i>e?'ett?l> r t was i?3,0i$ ton* Total tM? n ii . 47 ton < A grand hall it to b< given ai tl id.leal Fund Ma 1 on the 2- th in?t b> oar Heb -* - ' lund*. in ai l of the congregation of the Home 11trtel 1 he lltratd was right ia pr- n um iog t11? ca'iin-t t > 1 tat m M UaLt " I n? f. r I In * aa . t ? *. > . . tit )> . ?? that a Copy of tb? I'ratidaat \I???a|a ii alrea ly In this city. hi <i iu n.-h han-l-. tee, U?a' i: Eia/ be >U tain-d lor a O'Bndtra'lon I . durd. 1 a? i i.'euly la tbU siaitar A litBkrt <>t C' )!?> viitri to a r 'ntl< turn) lat"Ql< city (Lit Mr.? i bb aould "u any b; i l. -iav? 10w irtd. rr that uutomr wojld bare be n ?u31. t to elect htm The oowon market i? ??ry .(-*rt operator! the arilval of the ?lr?m> r ao?r ovi r due. TK< ra it more tC)Hiry for W> ur f >r ebip>u< ut a; ? f'lrun*. U'hol It wan;i> ?uJ Ia buttr JeouhJ t: pra*lou? qu"tatii.ui. );? it In aotlte lieiuau 1 at 02 to H.'t < !( Kale* of prima f?ii?h"tu oat-? Ji. et i. and rmn atSftnt*. A fait d?aian>i tcr ax.xkwy alii '?CU. for l?W. aiid 27 eta. for hi ile. The (tock market it |Uint but ?tr? ly. Ariuexe I are th nalo- at the >'ir,t Ituaiil ? $1,000 Alle/i aiiy < ount7 C* 01 *?; 3i pharm I.ebiph < oal Narifati n 'Z4, 'i t'i'.f-K ir ;n 6'l, 'C4. U: (2.UN< Idhiii atl 'W7 id\'j 70 ?b?r?4 I Dion Bank l'??iie?i-? M V I :d<> PhlUd> !pt\ia I'tul, 128. IWi da. Mitri- ' a tin I V\; V j m Kiiii.i \r 0'.t, 100; UAJ Rchuyiknl Navl** .->u t. - *>,!. <n?r?? Kaadlbir Hatlrad IT. . . (> , huh M?rt|ia*" ? Vi ?-r 'i-and !< cbanira' i aak. bUJ,, fu d" Itlraru "aut IJ fl 004 Btftta (' . V-iI>'crrf *1 < > VI ?i'>aiiy 1 "unty ?>. W1 >1; AO ?h*rat > a atr. 1 , lai l' H lioit Itailioad 17 '? :.."0 ?4o do flu IT ,, (> d J.? d>., ITS; tO.OCOstate* aw?4. M 'Odd' i< U-'iM Wllnilnitan I atir'ari Vitili, ?' . ' 81 T.Ourt Hcbuylkill Ntvlfaiion ? - t > 4 V f j i > irUtovfi : a i i 1 f I 0 . ( Ttia Warn t a Hot* Te*ir Tba ( umber'and f\?of the lCtftintt ;a!?*tba'. there aa.a th?n at tha depot of the Kulttmm* ?n<l MHto li.?llr<a<l in trial town about 7 t)<X1 h< a aiin>(t trail i.rrtatn>B to Bai> tiiaore Nuiubari ara aleo tail to b? oa tbo road to tliat point. The I inclBnatl f.'are'v ?j iht IttU -TL# >ieBr<l of to-day eamprr- I r.,'0 as-'<h'. "JHJ lb* at ?o; |7tf. abut J?0 IV at Hi* anl 2K' at $2 ?o per 100 lot bet i> 1 : i li *: .<t. Tb r# v*r* boui tan or ?**l?* rutting (o-dir. hi) krgi ar* b"itina.i ( l i rr?? 'jr tb* f?rl* (Ohio) ' i?i*?? Hf>. I t lr*l?r? bar* Wn burkotrd in ?nt?rtni( tip ? th* In,' t'? l? tl?i? fall. but ?* ruppn** that lli* I'rirr mar i."? l>* 4 ? >*ttl*<l at what <.?r Ui?"< conal lrr*d itirril IsRiy low r?t?* Wi hi iril f *'. ? in * nday It *t 1 "6 p*r 100 lb? ftro*? tin f ji kodUi kDi *t >1 92, nil low *1 60. cob In M?di?< a Indiana lb* p?-k '? '? b?? C'.wK*nrrd. and tba oprniiift | ri.< if h?fti h?< iittM ?( %1 (0 f?r lot* .mil"? >?i i uri't< art In < ovtngtoa. knituckj th? prlc* It >2 60 At St. Lout* lb? frier oa th* htb mutant wm it 25 $2 M. Tb* ' i??in'iftti (.itrtf- nf tha 231 alt ??T? ' Hofl oontinu* to ?rrt** la and dm (k'< ?1tj In l,?ti{* nu ,i? b*r*. but th? ii iii> T?rr unfatorabl* * *rrloutly to l*tarf*i* with parVJpg ?prraH?n? Th* ? !* r* rouMqnratlv f?? ai.d priri.. r?k*ni-4 natilltin attlad lb* lul tMimaclioaa bar* b*'?a *1 ii <0 $2 7ft. lb* MadUon (! ) Ft'.ntr. <,f th? l*th ln?t . myt "Two lh*u-fti,J hog* w?r* tUfhft-nl y Urdtr by Wlilt* Mr ?arlil*n U B>*?r *, two 4oll*m in! half. and. although tb* aaatlirr I rat ,i r mn for *xt*n>iva rlauftht*rln( w? ar* luurtJ that any anabor nf good ln'ftt womd Bow r??dll/ c muia th* atn* prlca " lnt>al*na. Ill, wli*r* raafcing np*r?tlmii w*rr aoniBi*nr-d hi th* Iri lii*t . tb* prtn* |>a d for h?|? I* % t /SO |>*r )uo IV? tiUtilii pr*parhtioa* for alaaftbt**tag aad packing ar* maklof at tvru I an n IViria I'vkin C*MWta> ' r*?k ll>*i<l.l"wn N?pli? aa>i nt'.rr town* " tb* lllittot* rtrar i hteagn It raid to l>* th? larg?*t b**f parking Vitrk't In th? ' nl -n Thi'liiii iint alrrad j parked th*rr tbl? j?ar if raport. d ?l #? OfiQ barrala. ?f?ni? JO 090 b**t ratti* limtnn h*?n kill' il In th* !a t ?*?#ii ?"?* At Alton III W had fcv*n paid fur tb* brit hoft d*ll??r*d. but effitrai-tx mrrt ?ub rqusntlv niada t ?2 92 26, B**l catil* rann?il, im th* 17th. ?t $1 60 ?? ftO Tb* 8h*lhyrill* (Ry ) A'?u ? t ?h? 14th larf . ray? : ? ' Plan* our ia*t l?ru*. a* ba?a h?a'd it lh? i>at? nf la?i* nimbar of luf?. at $i 7i'ur'*' T1! 11? a rnlnou* |>rl*? to < or farmrrt and will but t*ry lit..- mo-? than pa; for tb* eofltnaniml in fnttrui g tii?>n f r th.i m?ik?t Many ?UI bac n thwlr boft* In ?r rVr?n ? to *?llr>?at tb* prlna ; but II 1* rrry d Obt b>a will b* nior* praf.'ab'a, m f>' ?) th* i|itanttfy l<*ooD?d. that artlol* B*it numravr will h? drug." Oca l*i?ttat ?#? with Artrau-ln r*lat' it to tb? *u*p?inlnn of dlploaiaMa lnt*ri-i,nM* with AUatrla w* l?arn?d ;*?t?rday. that tha Inttlatlr* ?'?p* would rr;>bat lj b* iak*n la th* H*b?i* liy lim.i w Tb* ratafloaaof a pruat* aad p*munal ehaiantrr *ttpp -->? <! to ilat lx?tw*?n tb* <t?n*ral an'l ' o| U'*l>b. w. uld r?rn*va th* all* at) n 'if ohj**tlou? to th* o*w rbarft* to Atiatrla b*ltitf tb* notlr* for th* ftrlion i* th* m?, Th* proj*rt?if artton * ?an to ui**t with natv*r?al f?Tar from ail qiiartrrt ef Ih* oouatry. and it 'a h ui-d caii ba aacctakfaUy cairl*d out.? ir?i*iaji?'i t*r. B?l(. thm. Flnucvi of South Carolina. I.BTTIR FROM IlAlll.NO, ItROTHAMU ?:>). TO TBI OVEli.M R, IN RXtATlON I'O TilK FIKK 1.0 v M ItOND* I Sir?Youi Excellency'* knowledge of til* history of the public debt of South Carolina will ht?e brought before your notice our connection with tin? loan coutrncted tti for the rebuilding of Charleston. At that time. we took ourarlv-j-t, and induced our friends, and those who li id confidence in our opinion, to hike .1 l.irg;- interest in that loan; I and, in tunes when 'lie credit of Home of the Stale* wax depreciated, we always ft-ir -tnd stated that implicit reliance might be placed in the ui'fMinlv ot tin* limn. mid the mxinti'iiina'i' l>u the Stute of South Carolina, of all its engagements. Wf, therefore, Hand connected, both in feeling and in interest, with tha credit of the State, ?nd venture, without tear of being misunderstood, to address your Excellency on the subject of some propositions, which have been suggested, to terminate the existence of the Bank of >outh Carolina, aud thus withdraw thdt portion of the stcurity of the loan whicli rests on the responsibility of that bank. It would be presumptuous in us, and fur from our intention, to attempt any interference with the proceedings or pslicy of the citizens of your State in reference to any matter of domestic l^git-ldtion. Our only purpose is, from a sense of duty, to call'he attention of your Excellency as to whether the discontinuance of this bank is in accordance with the conditions of the contract of the loan of ] ?:?, and, therefore, in harmony with the acknowledged feelings of honor which always distinguish the people Ol South Carolina. The loan to which we refer was contracted in London, as your Excellency is aware, by th^ Hon. George McDutfie. He was commissioned fortius purpose under the great seal of South < Carolina. Wo need not say to you that confidence in the statements of such a man, accredited under such auspices, was most effective. Ilia statements were a satisfactory basin of negotiation. The repre.spntations of Sir. McDufTie consisted in an address signed by him, Hnd in copies of the act of the Legislature aad of the commission from your State. They were all printed and circulated, iicL were the documents on which the loan rested. They are included in a compilation ol documents in relition to the bank, printed at Columbia in 1&18, and we earin sily beg an attentive perusal of them. It will be seeu, by these documents, that the securities to which the takers ot the loan were invited to trust, were three:? First, The faith of the State solemuly pledged. Secoiidly, The guarantee of the bank, as a fiscal agent, with a considerable capital and promising business, for the punctual payment of the interest and principal; and | Thirdly, A specific pledge of the profits which should bf derived trom the operations of the bank, to meet the yearly intereei. This was in addition to the tieneitt! liability ol all the assets of the bank, under its i/iiiirantee. Your Excellency will not fail to notice that the folate, of its own aecorJ, and with frauiuit sa and a hii h s?-nse of integrity, which w is appreciated, j ?flered, in addition to ihe general pledge of its ! honor, the other seemiti> a as valuable anil av;ul| hble. The State knew thai as a sovereign it could | be subject t? no coercion, and therefore it oliV-red j ' lis subject, its own creation, tke ll-ink, as a securi- ' j ty?and this security, not only to insure the ulti- ' | mate pay ment ?f the debt, but also the intermediate punctual payment of th<-interest. Tliis security wss one whose profitable labors wi re also ( i to render the payment of both interest and pnnci- j ! pal easy e.nd convenient alike to the creditor aud I the Stale. It was a security whos e position would j . allow the tribunals of th? country to operate on it i ! by coercion. No greater evidence could be given j of the purpose to make the security of the loan j satisfactory cvi n to the most distrustful. It is iui- ( possible to read these documents without seeing j ( both the determined integrity of the state in the ! character of these pledges, and th? effect ol thetn | in procuring the loan; and we feel wuile ; asuri I i i tliut there does not exist on thepartof the nuthort- i tivs, or of any (>ortion of the population of South i (Carolina, a serious intention to withdraw any one i ol ilit- above securities, or disappoint the expecta- j ticns of those who have evinced implicit confi- i dence in their |>ernianence until the extinction of j the d?bt for which they were pledged. It ip tiiinecessaty here to allude to the extent of , aid which the agency of the bank lifts actually at- j 1 1 forded, but it may be allowable to notice th u it has j yearly furnished to the Stale more than the whole . interest on the loan of 18JS. We must, however, beg your Excellency to re- i mark, t)i:it no lutimution was giv? n at the time of 1 the loan in any quarter, nor until lately, that the bank whs not to perform its service tor all the period 1 of the credit which it wn to secure. N'osucii intimation was made by .Mr. Mcl'nflie in his proposals; nothing ot this kind appeared ill the Art ot Legislature. or commission ?.t the Slate exhibited by i bun. 1 he advantages nilcr'*d were the agency of the bank, its profitable bumn> :<a as a h?nk, not f**r a | art of the time, but for the pertoJ of the l<>an, ?'<? a whole. If it had been asked whether the Ltiarter ot the bank was not limited in time, it w >uld . have be?n instantly mind, liiat tiie coutiuuance ol the charier was wh< l!y in the power of the i Stale whi< h ottered the bank as Km guarantee; tint the .State which held out the brink as a s urity for the loas and interest, the w hole loan and tile wliola j interest, without reserve condition, or litnit ition if time, M?M co more t,nl to < MtUMM lh I klft by a new act oi legislationlhaa ttiprovide tor ultimate 1 t>M>menf by pat sins, it necessary, laws for t xation. It could no more allow the | ledged si;enrv "I the b*nk to ex(.in . w hen its ejiMence defended on 'he nitre will of the Mate, than openly withdraw it. No act ot legialatinn can be coinix-lb-d. but compulsion was not in any w^y looked for in the conduct C'f the State, and what w s relied on urn the fmill and hoi or of an in.ii pendent and sovereign IMNI< We beg, therefore, respectfully to submit to your Excellency the consideration, whether ilie continuance of the bank, with substantially lii sa oe [lowers Mid advantages in made it originally a, is not i <*iiuired by public taith ; and we t? rl that we should falsely estimate your 1 f litiments, and of the people ovel whom your I. x- i cellt m y presides, it we w e'e not convinced liiat ih <t consideration will be paramount over all other views ot domes'ic or tem "rary policy. , II the consent of the holders of the bonds to the i extinction ol ihe bank guarantee could be obtain- ! ed, or if the substitution of some other equivalent s? i urny could be adopiei. with ttier consent, these ob.ectisns would cease to epply; but th" number of tin in, their vanous circumstances, the inexpediency of a public call for thern to meet for deliberaiion, the unpo-si! ility ol such meeting, and t e - ..i . u I1,..,.,,:! ,,f , in ,-linu ' "I I" " - * * - r. for Mi?h h i ur|>? ? w.uild , r.'?*nt, lorhid the ? xI m t. I e n ol any nidi n?Ti.l <;<.nft- nt; aniJ 'h?" mly iiioiU wliuli suyi.rMf itaelf to an ut making tlir w ithdrawMl i>l th?- Kun'.iotee of the bank ei'to r |Ki|nic ?>r juat, would f>e l?y employing nny fundi ht the cviinnaad of the Stntr m the redemption of tli" i>< in> tiy | urt b??<, and thut e\;iiiuiuah:iig th* ! debt tor which th< tqency of the btrik wa.- '?ne o! In* acknowledged ecuriti^a. In .i-k nir t -rit your K\cell?acy the favorable I'biiiidrulion < t our tk w* <-ii it?t- aubje'rt, w? .tr* ai^re- you * ill r.ot doubt our re*,?-ci lot youmelf, tind lor thr community over which vou |?r< Mile, ncd Ijp vou to l>r|,r\r uwith mncere in, air, Your HicellencyV obedieut ser< aata IS4Kl.NO, IiKUlUEHS vV Co. Lcbdcn, AaRUtt 17. l-4!t Wn > <4*nwm<i M \lirni??!?. ?Th# Datf'llt 7*< t'iun#, of it -'lib uil ppcakii % <>f th? wool-growing ImerMia i of tha of icI 'kh'i ami hnr waolltu l?cl rm< I ??)" MtaMgM Ine geaa lat< *b?giowing afwaal at < a raplil rat* ami l> (Ii Miih iI to k*rp lnaraavlag l.a?t i f??t tic aurplua that w?> ip'irud ? *? o?*r l 'JCHt o ki i t , t.i d i t 1 ?ta't?r*4 thro i.<hout tb? ^iai? arr ?<tlmat?d to bar* e< 4 000 O'iO 111 | mi ra l'kl> *mmii, Iki biu.utiI .p-itrj fill not fall a><< rt of 1 MiO him )!) . and it' tlm raaf ittin M"ih?r 1 } > ! t <i iim h a ('< ?'n'ii li * A* \ !?lr l.iaal*. I th-i. th-m ar? ? Diiilt-n i>tie?*p wi'hln th? Htat* In i l?4f tbi-r# w?r?v< t<H4 NobMy <l nlta th?. t.ti? a are I o?*r tea tm?a ? mat.? imw ?- tti-n 1 to* r'.lp nl w>i| i a >> biart not th:a oalfu'allco. I,?t ui n-n tli-n. wlmt i Intmit tt.f fart. .r? of v.i.'t,i?'?ti hav Inane u'.^lug w. b'l?n lM*'>tir> within < nr bordrr* ] 1 ij*A' (i<? iknf aaarar* ' f^l' iinh $10^9' OO I 1 u<.0 i t?' nor?-ot ia> 4 i 'k> tb'ni t3 i o o "i0 I ni^r-hif rajltal i i a i t ?inac >.f. . . 1?4 "i. "i o t Tl l? a i? in?- ; ui? '.t I it ? >ln>;i? j?t I?ot f a.iy | a*'t*la in Him M<1 < rirtpt whaat .Now by iha pn'.a L*lI-I?i?. ot of wt i iltn lnotorxf ant >uf u?. tbr f?r- I ?.11 obtain tbat prlea f >r I i? no I tbat tha 4 tuvrtbnnt mi <1 *p*cvla<or rrAltera. In taking It to t ta?. h < r? mi fa.'i"t1?* ail at t'. mtn t..n- ..ft i labor to man) ?b ai ba mill ) > ! from bi? tarai. \ M tr? now ?i afiny III* i l th mailnfr'm Mir w< ol tint. I I* tap* r?*?j ft'.m u- t* art* nj'f.'irlinjr ^ 1 ?t?rn lali"r, < li l it . ' I II t. n.: bat '? ? r 1 ? .? in'.. t> ? 4 ?0ii i jii i Oritcl* ir |irr>?Jurtrt Rat l?'. ii . 4 Iiijw It wi tkr ' fci.w Bitrti null') |<iM mil nl Ik* >'!|ta to pay for tl t-!ab'>r. wliU-h ' ai b* 4on? b?r# a'irt wnat I Iniiui"! ni?ivt W tl aro t<> fo Into t ianufactnrln/ on our litla ?t n aaia tiurwn. I . r n-lit?<l ?a?t ih? maun- i fieltirrt inn It lato eintk tb> nl'Hh In ?cni to ?#?m ? U'lMlo* h?'U in tl.<- ol'j?tbe eomtui *iOu hunt ?-<n to 'i? j IpIm r fl'jiMct in our nirrclant*. it n't tli*a I n la frrt*ht> >i kok f> r our eonovmpiton U<*r? t *n> ill indtf tbtli (? n th?-Identical irtli:|? *t mdI fh> r< a. ia* main *i h?f it?l% ri-? .'ho< tbn Quiatcr* of j i i,t>r n.?rcb*i>tr m I ''-r d ?l r-i?il W# <rtll iluiam < th<- | tnit? rtpttmu lj Vl?litjra? t.uj?r? ?> tl in N V. itl pr-'llt of h par raot. 1 br niariufactnrar of it IS . Tl>*" MHixlnt tMidml 6 " s Ji>b?r I" v lehlpan ni?rrf *nt 10 " frrrlgbt both ?aj? ?ud lbt?r?ft 10 " f tww cf t^i>t II kannlMnirxl h*r?.< >. .to " I iMn.ale < 11 t ??>?d at an **nr?f of 2* rrt\i$ pound, ??r npnrt off tbi* y-*t will ba |400 i*V) , , Add tb? Mi |.?>r rnut proflu paid b'foia It I g?ta bark b?rr ayaia. 1KOOOO Wf bnj It l|tl| for > V? 00* f W a tM't c?lj | ?? HMIOOri but *!?? <*rl*yin?nt t? f fti ' inland, wh' <muM brenaia oar eal , imp If ha* omliat K irk for tliwm aa oag n? and ! ( i?ii) B?'t^bb"ih<>o(| would ba a honii tnarkat (or tb?" , , kiuit'i i?r|>lua. Litw InttlllRfnte. In tb? Superior Court of < inotanatt. the o??# of Shoup y?. <?r??nw*' trl?d Th? c?u>? ?n ?u action brought t" recover <Um??e? upon the all?g?d brea.ih of contract to deliver. on th? lot of April l(i*T. it or iirki tliu ??*ehou?? ? f 4\ W. Tb' tniii* 4 <!o MOO barrel* (ftloi>r ant upon the flret of May 1 0A0 additional barnl* at+3'_5 per barrel It. tppaared iu tbeaourM of tin* ?vid?nc? adduced that h?U ?n tb? peuol whim the noi tmct ?a? uiecoted. Mini thn (i ?y upon wbluh Ui" flrtt portion of tb? order ?i to be d -llrered. Hour had rie?n In consequence of WW* froui Kurop*, to "? a bail el. Thn Court, informed the Jury that th? contrast w*n to be treated a* an urliuary mercantile contrast It resulted a mutual p*rfonnaua? ?f elements and out* party could not reco?er again*', theoth unleei h? bowed h? bad complied ?*itli ht? MderrakiuK therein ? and thn jury should determine whether the plalntitf hait placed tdmself properly in '-onrt by oo'iiulvlng with it Mtnuelf It appeared Hint S I'arkhuritt, aa agent. for 8boup. vlaited on the diy In queetlon the warehouse but wan informed < Jrceu had not been there, nd thHt the house of N W. Theuiaii ft tlo bvl u? agency in thin tiannaetiun Now ?< Parkburit in readin'^a to pay over tbla uiopey? it w.n not necessary It i-hould havu been counted down; but w?? he there prepared. in cs^e he should meet ijreeu to teuder a compliance with the contract? If he had taken with biw bank notes, or it. having funds on deposite in bank ho took cheeks In readiness to hai'4 over in payment, lhat was cufticlent compliance with bU oo?lra;t - h* It had been repeatedly nettled that a tender of bauk rhi oks or hank paper was a sulHcieiit tender. iinlea* the part y demanded specie If, up >n either of these occasions. Green absented himself from the warehouse in onler to avoid carrying out thin contract, he had aoted in a mnonar that common tram, common li?ne?ty. and common law did not warrant ; t.u.ih hide at. I go seek' among mercantile men could not be reo -guUed in a court of justice. In respect to dam i^es. the rule wat tbat the plaintiff, if entitled to ativ. should renover the dllfeivuce between $8 'JSand the wholesale murk* price on the day upon which the IInr wan to ha delivered. The Jury found for the plaintifl $l,t02 damage*. A rtilt brought to taut the question of rl^ht between the Northern and Southern Methodist* to a church In Alexandria, Va . reaulted in the ruling out of both boards cf trust re*, and the appointment of trustee* of other denomination! until ;t compromise could be effected, or the right purlieu eecuretl in duo course o! law. i loaluc of ll?? Canal ami lilwrr According to the order* of the r.nnal Commissioners, the 6th induct waa the last day of canal navigation. In view ot thclati the season ? give the tol. low ip^ table, t-huwiu;; the day on which the canal und river closed: ? Ca*AL. RIVl . Clotcd. > .. day* fptn. t'loned. Nu. d<i yt closed. lhSO, D*0. 17 242 Pc . J1, '830 *2 lttl, ' I 280 " ?, 'SSI I'l If . a, " XI 240 " SI, Iffl? MS IH'.t, )2 2S3 " 13, IK.'i I n 1-AI, " 12 24J " 1.1. ISTVI HHJ 1MB, Nov. 311 *30 Nov. :*?, t'-ft 121 1KV,, *i 2TC Ueo. 7, lHt: I'l 1^7. T?ec. 9 Z't " 14, 1K'7 M iwa. Nov. 25 'Jj8 N#v. 2f>, 1S.W 1-") , lKi$>, 1- o. If! 22* Oi-a. IK, ISM lit IMO, " 3 -:a ' ?, i.?io wi | 1M1, Nov. 2i? 2(1 " 1". !*?> 17 | IS42, " 2". 21-t Nov. 2ft, 1N42 Hi ! 'M4TI, Pro. 1 VI4 !?' >. 10. 1*1* IH i 1M4, Ni.v, M 22% - 17. Htl IH I |M4fl, " VO 82X " ?, 1-i .. IDS I 1 4f,, " V.S 224 " II. 1SIK I'i 1 1-47, Deo. 21 '...234 " 2.'?, 1847 j I I.MS, " 9 '.'.'2 21', H>4rf 7rt ] lit#, " a 2.x Mtjrivv o-v SnirBOAMii.?''apt. tuliua Dc Brinnott. of J the *bip AuBterlitj:. which arrived he; e yeat.erday morning fr< in Havre, made an affidavit ' eftir- the I S \1afihiwi. charfrlnr the crcw ?rd Charlen Worhain, tliu D ate, wltb mutiny It arpears, a^ar a heavy uric of ciDd. on IN morning ol tnnlltb l?iat . the ahip drift,ed ui<hnre on the <iin&> ibi>_ i>l tiround Cahtant IUtIi^, i. ...I H l.,..n... n..,.o...i. In osr.rr- n,?l^litil ?.,1 ligbtcD ili* ?hip 'I he -Mfl wv< laden with li'iunr* Rtlltfcftail oth?r r;ood?. amoni; whl h ?< & quantity of jiwelry. ('firgn wan thr wu oTrrtjinl to th? a;uou?t of about f-10 COO i'he ?r?w n:Jrd by the m*t? tifterward* broka ii>t<> n number of bmke'* of chnp|>aaiie and ciifM <>f .*IIKh a:.4 iace. which latter they Heeratf 1 and purloined Tbo crew and male hiring and refuMntf to ob?_y ord< n the captaia only had the Reootid mate the carpenter and a Muntll.x la I to aa-dat hiui In wi tktns ."hip Kor thirtn-n lay* the capfvn nerer took off til* cl the*. b-ing armed with pistol* and on the look out night and day On the )?>th ln*t., lien off Orange Kei (. it blowing b?n?y. and tho uhip hatuifr torgallanl ?-ai;? fet. It belnj; deiiai'd very imprudmt to run tT the Han' h. th? crew having i fu?"d to take in fail the captain win obliged to keep on with hU ruft'l and ran thr> u^li a ll-et of ?easi<U which wrre at tie time Ijiuft liaachot. The Au le.-lita lefr llarre 1 on the i of October f>u airiiinjj at tin S W. I'? g | flie inada a ?i|-nalcf dijtre**. and ?t< boarded l>y l.l?ut l ook. i>l the 1' S KtMenue *trvl *e who cama"n board and put of the crow in .V O. I'trauuii', Nov. 27. SerriMr. Cot-RT of the IInitkd Siatcra Wi-niaa >tY| Pac. 0.1840.? I'reaant. tha Hon Itoger B 1 am y, < hint Jurtirn. \**<><tiat<i .luitlce* I. M McLean, 1 M. *Vnyne, J. Catron. I'. V. Uaninl. S. NeUon, L Woodbory,R.<\ i.ri-r. i.dwla II. Kitzhagfc, Eaq ,of Virglnia. wha ads itted au attorney and u<>nu*eli?r of thia couit Noa 14 till li -The L fitted Stale* appelWot*. ?*. il K < arr ai<d John I'eck The?* iitu-ai were arcui-J >.y Mr. Attorney General for the aonellant*, and *ul unified on printed argument* by Mr VV'ooU for th? ap?'llfn ,Vo. 16 Tho*. \V Dorr > llm Slate of Rhode l*Iand Tiila wtit ot error to thw Saprem i Court of l!fc< de lalan 1 waa Ul?mi**ed at t neixat* of the plaintiff tn error. No 18 The I nitcd State*. plaintiff*, v*. Tho* Staata Ir Tbit raui* vwardiiilby Mr. Attarney General for the plaintiff*. No 1J4 Mtiaiijrr Vt. Sharp et bl , apj>*liant? rs tieorge A Lynrn at al. 11.lic.iiim waa si.bcit'trd to the coart an the record i o4 piloti'l argviuHiit*. by .<t??rri. * i?.1 Wall* uml iiephu ru t th? arpillanti, mi by llei-an. li M. Watts and r*hrt' for tb? apptlleea. IIoKuiri.K ( r rttAOK ?A ?,orrf?pon?rnt of the Alhiir.y Kriifkrrbiwktr, writin;1 I'roin I'urli.trri, X. II , my*(.-it tilt- f\cninc of th?- 27ii? nit, r youni; l>y the naini' ot 1'ri'i'COtt, of Ma'lbury. ?nrCfaiied in t.i coying from her hour ;tu und ie*p?-otuhlf litilv. uniln the ptt*?eiH' tlmt <i nei.-iihor had been iek?n ciddi'iily und d?tv_'iir?n?*ly ill, and * ielit d lor hri fcd.-iht iiio irlie uncii?i"'iuini;ly ai t out wiih hint, ? .i,>! <>~if ir Irni to l.o a iur.-d nun in the family Af" r (iroceedtng omr di^tanct*, lir atteni| t? d io N'olnte Iit per "n ; and, hirer !> iting iind tnuiMiii; lii-r ve?y -verely, l< tt her H|ip?reutly dend. Shf, however, recovi red, ami waa ahl tt> rea( h the ne?' hou^r. I'rryoott w,-.n noon arrfuled, exiinniicd, nnd committed to jail, for tri il at t!m Taituary term m Dover. He is a tiephe* of th? I'i ,, < i.ii w liii \ a* hum' ,.t (. r?i .1 few i irs siiic^, f?>r the nuirilrr of a Mtae Cockrau, uuiIt IIKlilar lircuiu- tiirrc:*. Uomttllr WUcrllmiy. The whole nwoiint of by I're, in Bo'ton, iliinnr 11 - ) ?nr ending Sept'-radi-r la?t wat t-M 6JA, noon vhich th-in wan Insurance to "he ui.mjut of l< e ?u formed at Kaleiab, N. C., on tb? flOth ult ( C.1TY TUAI)E MHIHIHT. faiBAT. Dec. T ?# 1* M. Tin* iMuy i f thi> I orof?, with a t??k i later news till had tha eBo?t of rberVltiR rjuratien* 'n cotton* ird in eo?e other artiolee of pr. due*. The tran<4<jtirn# in rotten Were limit- t *.n?! ui itly on ?|>ln* ii'tr ftrrount. fct about thr quotation! nirfi balow. l b* market for ilonr. with a fair flam* nd f >r thi e??t. run! and Pi* 1< rat tt?de. r? atr*dler to-day, with di'lCK in thin Slate and U ratem L a'ld* It la M'ltuHted thnt th'Tf ara about lui) 000 kbit. of Cant* it in u flour hi Id In bond in ilil? port, uiuch of which ii dr*lfrn- 1 for ultimate ?hl| i .. -it to the liritl'h proricrea Southern flour vat J p?'a? ?? re n>"larat? with the H'fptlon of l.,l I ik>ii for ?i|> >rt. I'ja flour waa quiet but fl ai whila meal *i? lull, I litre ?ai* n fair demand t >r j.ii* wheat, and e'iniea I'tuhiiiift ^raroe were hild at l *l>er rata* <-?>adUa c ntlrvrtf tn ?trady demand t r rvpart. Torn c >u* litnnd flim anil in K < J bajunl f<>r old Tb'te wa* tn r- new flMiof, ?li ,h i i' ?' i- fi r tha home lr? > hit net iu order for txpoit. Thai* ?a? uo re\* tola) <*e In dthor t rnln I V ?u heavy, whll# talit- w. re ill/ to a inod?rate rx' 11*. lj?ef va* lower. I ml wa? f tui. Ilu'ter of good r,un'.|ty wan in etaady ilen ai?d ( heere ?m aetlta, a> .1 eaies nretty tr- ely nadr Tha au-tlnn *?! * if t?*n? today check d [ipnatlon* In th? CitOltary fra'V wh in prl-?-? w<r? iKfut tli- ;toia Mf>!a win in < lunar and *ali*a ic'lff, 4 ofTia *11 firm, and >ale." laail* at full ratvj. .*?11r Sal? * it 7ft barrel" w?ra ' i? . at i 6<hi t*>t [>( t? n>4 at J# i?)i for }.e*tl*. li.i'O inn. / nnn ? 1 lie tr*n?r>e1i"in Terr 11 fiOO Sl!? Ii cliuinn t tie at f I l'?l, n * i at *4 U.'? I >4 f0; i idlraty S?at?. at in a ! t : o ntnnn md '!. ?i*ht S'a?* ard V\ett?rn at >4 I.J,' a ft 76; etioina S'ata at t t 81 a >4 M; ml* I ktid Ktral^bt .M'oh'tran i' i] titi tiir Wi nters at f4 a ' fi II. |mre (tiB'-'?? it, i if* Mli htfan at >i l^S a ti il5. and cth?r tradif withiut s'nii.'ne; Incltid' 1 in the ?ale< w-rn 10jthl? r? at f 1a M "j S>-n\'rn Finr ? * '!e? i.f Joo l.iiU wera made al ' a$" i i, fi?r mixed lt d roniincn btand". and eome 1 '"0 h'tl* ha i h 'fl ehei fir i up- rt, itqmuMoiii / AV ur Wa* Arm, lutijulet. at ?i2 Nl n f" >a C'eti Mel *ae d'tll. at yi l'4 lor Jersey atid >3 11 a H II l!t<odfWina II A?ei. Sail Ineludtd fl.' 00 fcttabelr ( Miaiiltn at >(; I 'i I i*i -i' 1 ,'(iO Van bnla white houthern, a' ft in. and tin ! i'0<.fi < anadlnn at fl i'"i n huti'l # urn ii.lw %it? :;u ioo hn^hciM at 64K ? ' fu> oiu id in i.ii.Md f>7S WVtt'i. 11 i:>lse<) t'.'c for '? rllovund f'fiftU'to. for roun4 >h|i >w > >' <1000 HU?. W? 1<V "" '4? km; at 47 a 47'?o for Vrthar*. ' I 10 a 4 ** fir Bmiui-ml Wkiit' 'I at 47 a 18),e 1>om? ?Aliont 20 OtO Rio (?ran<l< mjIh, eh?tiR?J i?i ii? at 111 f t) pfr VI.. each i or i 11 # inarkat wa? f>tm. rlth % t^nlcnfr 0|?? tarr" "hit " i n hr??-?il 1 UUV b ig* limat lu't a , ir ?l '.(ii Jam at 11 kfo. I'm to*,?Tb?> liu?tn-M tolas p tir j tlir ?rri?*l of 1>? I uroj a. Ip alm^t rntirvly carin i| t maniiia"' iirrr*' a mit* IK.M M>i ?fr? r- i >rtr.; a< m I on i tti n '? < a*? < at ?ll?btly ? * i?t r*t??. \vaa u?t. err qui '*ll"na to th| flgv"it at whish holtlir* will cii rtaOtij, >i, LiranraoL Ci.*a?t?faATi*<r, M?k>'i it.4 H Vftitnit. H?rivi. and J'-sat. af-Hfr ? a? ? a ? ? a r % kr4n. ij ? a ? a ? a I" i-o? Ordiinr* ? a I* ? a i , ? a I*1/ IiJi! Lr ? a ln,i ? - ? a t?,t H.HIlat ? a l<", - I "'< ? all * Ilk In II a - * i t 11% a 'all 11' i a - ? all1, ? all1, '?H? Fur ? all', ? a lij? i> ?< Fair ? a lll| ? a I! fir? ? a II'. ' ? a 14 line* Ir riiy mull l>aa<i?, Hllatli4M 40,<*0 Ml??. I in HTn ?ir* ti'aily. wl'h <ftK?m?atl <m Ltnipool of fott'o. at 7 *2 I a ','tl . fi am 4l, J f? <1 > <a'j jo'd? at 24* nj . a?4 Hour at about I* 7J. o la Wd . Vhpm noi?ti?ii?(l to b<* a (T' Oil <(?i?ian<l f r | raiphta to ' wltf-.rtiia 'n-lujli/ tbipiui-ul? of loniVr ird h?-a*v io<d? a? In!' f i?r> - I h? K-t oontiau'* full, a*tl tba nal*i ar? not wortk reporting. No*. 1 and S MiMtokuNtU un kfrtl are quoted at $12 a Mi ary eod are held at fi I m a U ?*>? I-ihk Chiiiik?There it a good demand for tha Southern market, and the eupplj here ti very liaited Sale# of Canton No 1.40 pack* per box, are making iroiu fecond hand*, at t2,ca*h h'auiT.? In laixtan the ?aUi are 1,000 boxes at $2 87 a -iu. 1 an un? quKrinr DUXHC viidqui oiang* Hints.?Tbere have be?n sales of 2.000 Rio Grand*, --, lbs , at, about ll>tu., b month*; and 1,600 Porto (,ab? lio cm P T. H' rs 2t'0 bales western *old at 1 #H o 17o. ll ir 1.000 bale* we re mid at 45 a 660 for (hipping. Louwoon.? 8*1m of 60 tun.* St. Domingo at (13. ca*h. Molamk* - New of?p. Nf? Orleans, 1* lower, aud the opr. utioa* are large, reaching 1 000 bt>la. at 80c ; also 3oO bbl* old crop, Texan. at 22c , 4 month* Na?al 8tobi.* ? Spirit* turpentine are in request, and trading upwaid The Hair* ar? part for export Horn* Mkj bbl*. were disposed of at 30u a37c ,'caah. aad37>io., 00 daj*. Al?<> 300 bbl* whit* rosin at $3 50 Oil* -Holder* of Linaeed demand 72o while buyer* nf*M to CpWoU to anyexccntat anythiug over7le. I'be i*aleH are 2 600 gallon* at about the quotation*. Whale oil i* in demand at at 46r. Oil Chi?15 ten* thin oblong aold at 23c oa?h I'nev isiows?Pork - f 00 bbl*. *oldat $10 87>i a $11 00 for inr** and >8 68 a ?8 82 for prime. Beef was rather lower, with rale* of 000 bbl* at $rt 00 for prima and $8 5# a ys T5 tor aie*? (country) aud $lo 26 for good Ohio, (city ln?p>ution) Prime mess was quiet at $11 00. Beef Hams were iu good demand at $12 *2), a $12 76 p?r. bbl 1 Bi d w?* firm, with sate* of 400 bbl*. and tierces at flJio. a H>gC and 200 kegi at <t';o. Batter was in fair dcuiHud at 0Atc aloe for Obio aud lOo a I80 for State 1 ( lifers Ti)ere was a speculative movement in cheese to-day unci large tales were making at 6%e. 6.!?o. in cask*. and a tt^o for boxes Kin ?Thron^h the week the sal** have been limited, atd ut prioe* in favor of the buyer. About 200 oa^k* changed hand* at $3 a $3 60 fur the range. Sru ?1- \t the tale to-d*y about 2,400 mats changed 1 hand* at 24o. 1 Salt - There I* a steady demand for Liverpool, with : snlpa of >!00 eackr a! private bargain. Kuan In Canadian llax there!* a brink business doing, i and we hear of hale* of 4,000 bushel* at $1 43 a $1 44 | No charge for package*. There it ?oaru?ly any of this 1 State seed in the market. Some additional arrival* of

J both Siolly and Malaga Caaary, have slightly leaded to depreas the market, and a paeoel of loo bbl* of the latt> r run be had at about $1 60 per bushel S' oa*s.?There i* a fair basuies* d>ing. hut the notion rale* bavo a teudeur.y to k-ep baok buyers. A l>out luo bhda l'orio Kieo sold at a 57,o , and 12o New Orleans at 6^?c By auction. 1 200 bagi Peruuitibueo were d irpojed of at '4, a 0 ',0 , 4 month* Tallow ia moving pretty lieeiy. rome 00,000 lbs. haiitif changed bauds ut bo or thereabouts,, a until porti-m of whtoh Philadelphia manufacture. Ti.ah - Aunextduie the operations at the sale today: Importation per .' hip Siuiiiel Kunell. Terms Note* at clx month*. Yung Hyson -71 hf chests 51, o2de46,'-? 10 do 32 34 do 30>t. 80 do 22 Hyson Skin 20 obt rtt- 20>|, 108 do 20 Gunpowder?57 hf chests 38. koku Out >ng ->0 hf chests 41 loa do 40. Chuian Potvchong?10 hi obmtts 40)i. 234 do 40. Chilian Oolong 60 Y1 ebest* 34. M?I b"xes 35 Orange I'eooo 1?0 hf 1K1' 111 I VII .Ia 1,' All Ollll. I>nw..a 'J Niuyonjf Sono.bont?14 hf che**H 41>?. 280 i?>i. v<6 do tH, 310 do U7, (. l?4 do ? >>,. 60 do 80, 60 d ?36);. 247 do 36. Ooloi>? 40hfrbr>ti ?i". 'I't do 0d>{. 3Sdo67X, 111) ?|(I 40. f.o do 44,10 do 4 I'J. ins do 43 414 do.40>?, 1*0 do 40, ai.d 26 b*n 40 26 do 'it*. 26 do .'UVJ W Minn?r.?Tho markat, rathar h>ary. with *al<M of 600 blila . at 26*?c. for Ohio, and 27 o for Prisou. Dtud^x w?? diill. it *i<n., tinm aud Intermit Wool.?There h?M bwtjD 1<m? dimunil from lmry purc:l)??i*is till* we?k ttiHu noticed l.?*r?*to''or?; thero ha* been a fair inquiry. h"W?ier. from mamitaAtur^r*, and *? notion nali-n (if thr following quantitlH* rit: ? 6o,i oo lbs tUrcti at :;2o. a 36e . caab, 8 0#0lbu,No 1, pulled, at 8Uc. a 31c., Ciioli; 100 bale* wa-h?d Kntra llloa, at a 1 lo , ?'x tion'h*; aud 40 bale* vlexloan, ou term* not traunpired rh* stock of Sooth Nmi.ric?n cu band Is ?x?rutii*ly light. Mediterranean U alio 1 scarce. and pulled ii la good supply. j Rectifh ?f jttr Ifudim Rirer J.ittn. tMi Day. Hour. barrel* 6.310 Afheii, b.trreli 200 Wheat, but-kola. . .. 2 310 Wl.lskay, " 34 Bt-ef. barrel* 216 Ch?di.? boxes 800 MAHIi It I'M KliSKWHUUE. STOC K SAI.KS. Uai.iiMOme. Deo 0 $-.000 I'nited State* 6'?, 1807, or. 111; J 4.Of 0 Maty laud f h. 101 >i. $140 do 104^; $200 do. 104!*; $1,700 Alarjiaiid quarterly 6'?, SH^; $1 000 do hb?; ; 25 shu V'.'?atrrn Bunk 20 '4; 2.i do, 20 ? ; 10 Baltimore and Ohio l,aUrore. b*i!*; 7 d ? 6fl>;; 10 do {>6>i; It) do. fit'1,; 10 do 66>4 ; 60 do. time, 6t>?;; 10 do. &6>a; 6 Susquehanna Canal, 10'4. ? * ?.ummmMuw.. .funiiMtiC. mm/i ?f Hirtht and Drtthi art I ti >( tntrrl' d, unlr%% duly uHlhrHticiitrd md paid fur. Mnrrl rd, At 1 ul*?ry Church New \ or* on Thursday raornhig. Doc. 0 by ill.' Key. l>r. \V K. Wyatt, of Baltl. >oie. I athakiim Jain, second daofhter of Major ' (i?> 1 ral William MaoNelll, to Ami r Ruokwilu, I of thin city. At \d Irew. Jackson county. Iowa, on tha 29th alt., by tlit* R*t. William L < oliitttan, Hi* Kxnelleney Antri hiKii, (Governor it' Iowa, to Mr?. Kaantaj ' CjaPKNiu. Died, Oi f"rid?y mrrnl'nu. tb? "Hi Initant, ?ft?r a PHT?ra and liaarrliit; illn?-p?- wbieli ?hc borit with ('htiit.inn lorlituJo ' *i?j?nt>a. widow ol llu^h (In-on lnthe61?t yrar of Imr an" ller roiatumt and lri.'nd?! and thnan of har (ton*. Jamaa and Tlir.aiaii lltarii, arx r?rpxctftiily lolicitad to attend her fuu ral. fii>Bi ib? reatdfoco "t hnr ?oa, Thom%? , i rf 1, N? 40 Kllzabath itraat, on Saturday, tha 8th i iiinlaiit at two o'clock, I' M. llw rraialo) will ba (,ik?n to < klrtry CaUatary. Long Inland On tha **! ioatant, Am, wilt ( Jauia* Momlawf, apnd i'W jciiii 1 ha frit-ad* rf tti* family, ai.d th* tnnmbiiri of Anhlatid fl?lai? u. No. 17. }'. of ioiit-d to a't-nd h?r tuanal. oa mid lay. at o 1 lock, 1'. M , from hnr lata 1 ri-aidriica. No. * Lafayaita placo. On Krlday, Uli iurt^nt, Jonn Dwica, jun.. afad 27 ' J""' Tha frlct.d? ti l li-^waititancn < f lb* family urn ra- | qiic-ti ,1 to atl >>11 I b'.? iiin?ral, froai bit lata r.-?i lanca, 1 IN MvttiH'tth rti.'*t corner at i'anth m.-cua, to rn ir- 1 row (Sunday) aft. 11.' n, at 3 o'.'lock, I' NT. On ji'?t?rcl*y !i -rainit, In \YlUUioaliurgh at half- ) fiaat niea o'cii t-k of ^carlt-'. iftn-r, M\*u?m:r A^w, only ; I III' U <<l | > W ' m H Ou iIBIIi<U l< UKiiT r *4 ? J * * ?? > 8 raontbe. nd 11 <i it* The relating frlVn-K an 1 aj ,uaintajc?? of the fiirily art r??f 'tli.Jf Invltcl to ett, nJ h?r funeral, t thi? (Sutorilrfj) DrC Sih. at throe o'clock, i from h<>r fither'a n ' J- nr?, at H>7 OranJ ctrn?t. Wllll%r.i?hiir(f!i L I Wi (hi.igton uitj ptpme p]>-a?* copy, j On J Jin <?* Oth It.taut ol puerperal fernr. In the Ih ft' h< ; iitje, l.i.nri* the bi I jtcJ wife of | l.mJrr /m nnoifUl 'I'll# frWnde ol t'i? family ar? respectfully Iml'ml to ' dl leuil ltr" funeral from bet l*t? rmilence, No. 11 ]!lt !?* <-v ctre' t <n Sa'ti"lav at half-pa-t i o'clock On KtWpjr, the 7th til-taut. of rnnijeKfion of the brain, Am. r only daughter of Arthur anl Jaaa K. ' lll<1?r. 8 ebot: h? and 11 Jays. 9 The fririH" ! nj ri-iiitirei of tb* family are Invited to atferid t'je fum-rul on Sunday afUrnoon urxt, at two o'clock, at ."'"ci i>7 1 entre etreet On tin- ?d infant, at Sbcrbronk, ''ana-la Ka*t, Viearic* Audit, wile of William C. Sttight, a<-'l 12 Jf?r? MA R ITI MF, INTTCL.MURNCK. fort of York, Dro< H, IH?v, ?ri> iii?e? 7 14 | nceiif Bur*. I ) i?r? l*Te 4 S?| MIQM WATKN 3 41 Tcle^mplilc* See mm) m -?? -?'.??ia ti.j the 1aV?et laarta* In*?!lli;?aee by uw > tcl^fape. SMpi- Powhatan, Tnckir. Nun rranrlico; Nnrnia, Etlli, IInm?. l Taylef a f?: N?ih?n Haitian Anaire, Rraeea, %>-. Fl.vrlia - Fi?>*. I; ,>!?? n, karneilld. Schmidt a Uilchen: II I. < roeeil. I. * it, Matin ,t, R C H#?d. Hrir*? Air h' i? I'r?r >nt, Vr'arlmiJ. Havana, Btd*?r, V tk fc C o; IJ.-o Wa alt rr??n ( Rr I, IJawion St Joha, Nii. kc, i l>? Wo|!?; Win M?li"le, I.oipht n Phlltd-'pNa. H> lit" U*uryKir> I."floe. M'laellari. r. R l'.>ek; William P i a. II nrklcy, tie; i,ad< ? . *c: kr'-.o ( Hr), 4oMi r. <i Jol n. ND. I i hiTiuil ^w>. Ni fiot. Imltt., ItlMen; Albert Viral fi t'i|r.i ?w la; Cor el, Willi lit NC: i ?t m II I Wlrlurnrd; J A llint?ee. I.arfj'r, RaK lltncre: Mery Ann liaril, Uulnre, J'li.ledelpfiie; Q ild nue- I tlT. W I U!it Ni w ll???e. fciv pa?Anicnrif. (Iirrilt, rr>*M<>nee; Ilyr n, Vail, Jj. *ri1> en. Wle?tiitilpCre?eeH City,#ti'd ?r<l ( : ' :m,N.h Ji. MAK, inrt Klnmloa, Jem, !>?? 1.12 M. i< tf'.eie. fc-.ii J ilvn 1,1 ? hi.ii PMp feinilfn. >'l r rwonH, Sartnti&b, 4 J?y?. with eottoa tud f!< ? ? liniihem It I'imoi'. I1?rk AM?en, WenreeMe, R?*. VI <I?t?. Ne iipotte 1 lilfi k'l'Hi,^"t, 4ay? in in N ? York f*r Burn o, all will. r?ik Mcr qri'K (liam). Milif. Bn?t .e A>r?e, a day*, with in '< , te l.rltr ). / 1g>imM U??i". Bn*Ci.rte fi.l t'revm ft ?n), i'ma*. Onaya inll, 9A, lflfl di' ? ,lh mtlie, t(. It A I'nll rti f. Ilar>'jiil? ( Mr. of tlrlint. Ire) T"rk? l*1and. 17 daye, will ?elt, t' h Idleloe a t'?|? Ir tltk ?f e.'hr rlorle, of Th< i> d, t n? l to Paji an Priece, errirml In ?h? H. till Tfmel wa? wr?''K'd ca khe Kiti, ?a the Catvoe lilanda, I and will lea total !ot?' r?rjf. rartiallv ? . Hi * I' m ni (Hr, > r . 'in 111 time, N3), Sa\'th, laaja*. 1< diM, ?lth mlK. te J H Rreia*. f> rtlrnOK* (of 11n i>,atlen). K?Mer. tf?ria*Hla. Coke, r>l ??)?. i>il!i aider, te K M 'Irnody. KM le < , wfth brig J ? >, lltker, i?r Rnplon. Not 14. %i r,i.*< fr >ei Htnitallla, ireV i r,.: V^Mi ra, frf.i.) Trm Jj I d' r?Va fi r Maaieauia. I*? I r i,?t Thnir'fien, Mi't n, Trl, A ila.ff H'hr Karah l,a%i-ila, 9i??' , Cam ifii, lirl. fct-t.r Maxniif, Dek' r. Hmrrne. f? I. I ? r i ? * rim ?( 1 Km ! , V. a J .ia?lr'> a* 4 ' a'.p ra<??, -Witt ? * ' II Ik* ft*r*J?i f flm? ManJar, l#tb, *? ?' 'iwk latter Itnra afai"f?aar I ?* V?l. fnr IT?*iaa. ?iii !?? at t* il n? i i '( lit, si kJI'ii'i i, a?4 l? farwardad *r U? P'*rtll*l*rf. H..?? af M?anii>r Kar1t>?rri-r, f?r Cli?r!ast >n, ?.ll ?!?>? ?t 11 o ?l ?r* nf?io? ? 4??, at 11 11 i. I.fttar H**? af H M nt*?iiirr, fit lha Wat' laliri. will )! ?? ? ! W'daaaaaJ, IJ?h, I.?t in- In, (f ?L.a?Wfr '?*<?, lit tillihi % <) t.irarp >ol, will i ? ?ki.?? mi W?dnM<Inr ft.r r?llf?frt? <r' 'i P?-1<*? 'tn bt rtc^ired for | lb* <'r? fB'. VH; nntil i>t*t Tt,urcl??. l,*.Urt oa* bi a'. t..? ..r-i. tt toy pari ?f III IH'J. t iftti fl?n? f?t IttTata, p?r ?tfnm?r l-nl '1. will M tkt I'thtMi<i. < Ru m (m Ft,i,tn.l I \f, a' ?'s!aek , irt id iKiart N?r: !i*t r, for Ctiarl at'in, at aqnart?r kator* 4 r'alwk. I atit; h?f< af #<Mia?T *rr?h for Hi > J?r,?iro, Tal- ' (> alto, kf, y III I' ? ?k? a*in\? ? m? i,a U mlif | *it?r n*r* ut R H i ta?n>tf, f?r ha VI <?rt In |i??, will al^w I t f < ? V* mil,. ?4?jr. I?l >r t 'I aar - l'?aa?ir, far H it'lbi m4 M?c?pnal, a III tU?t i P W a<ti?t''aj. I ali?t? r?r Ultima:* M tha P ?lfa <t Tl l.? r?rai?H ?t Ihl ?' "? fP'.ta ?mtil Thairdaj. M?a, and la l.nttarlail par Cr#?cuit (: 7. I aiT?* It <o.f f Skrab Pa?4>, f?r HI* Jaa?lra awl ! Valperai a. wilt ?l'.?a at k.?rj?a a, !'l ? ail atrfil, oa .loaitay, HHiiat ?>i a'alaak. l/itl?r ? (tifrMantr l?at>?l for lltttaa will cWa tartar, n? ?t a at>??? nUlf-a, a' half pa-t 2 ? ?1 ak, aaa ba fotwar<,ii<tllr ik? J*arth*ta?r. I.f ?i?r r?a- af ??*? . ? Nar'lcTa'.T f?r C-iarl?a*'>a. fca, will c) #< aa alert tn-4a*. al 15 w<iav.l*? ta !. I 't< f I'r I" < ! Rita* ?r ' ( th? tTo?l la ll??. a ill elana aa W< 4ut? kj, Wth, a ?aj n't. Herald Marin* Oerreepwedlenee. PniLADM.ruia, Dm 7, 1 m?Arri??4--Hohr? Edward. Hardy. Newport; kniiari', lSuarduian, Pruridanoa; Loba "?, lirowa, N.?p?r?, P?ut?K<>, Rawliniia, Pantcjo, NC; William Utnrj, >;, Norwich, Jaaici Marratl, Kay, 4o; Saapart, William, Provident* (Uunral Harrison, Allua, la4ian fctver; l.onina. MaaJ Vow Y?rk C)eara4?Ship Thomai Wattajon, Thunu. Barbados aad Baiuarara; brig Htrmudiau, (Hr) ilaieriirid** Birmula; ohra Akli* Marion. Brnht. Fatiannth. Jan; 3 Caataor. Ro hinaea, Charleston; 3 <"; A*n(' Hacker, Prink, St?t?n Island; Soaport, Williams. New York: J mma Barrett. Mr/, kf antiunion, IX'; William Henry. do; Heury fay?oa. O'Neill, Boston, Lebanon, Browu, do; K 'liude, Porry. tjuiaoy; Margaret, Boarduan, Boston; Kdwar.l, liauu, Jo, Louisa, Hand, New York. niM<llaiieum. For interesting aad important California ahipping intelligence, >m news oolumns Loaa ok Bkio Awai.osta??A telegraphic despatch from New Oilcans rcnoru tlx total Inn uf tba brig Analoatao, near tlx Baliie, no tne2Hth nit Tho captain had arrived at New Orleans. No partioulnrs Mr* given. Sua waa froia Turks Island, with salt. Wbbcb?The wrack of a vessel, apparently a eohr, lailan with augar box shooks, waa in. a aahora on Capo Small Paint, aioath of Kennebec Kivor, 4th inat. Bark Suhmt?Captain Anderaen atatee that tha Are that dnstroyed 111" veaael (the 8), at 8urry, Ma. krokeoat in the tore room. aft. tiailar the deok, aud la auppoaad to have originated from some newly painted notion duck tarctalia, which bad been comraoMy rolled up and placed theru niaa alx w??ka previous tn t>? tfre. Rigging, aaila. ohaiaa, anchors, &.c to the value of $12U0 to $19011 were saved Bark 8ka Bbbkzb (new. of 315 tona) waa towed to Providence from Warren, eu the 3th. She la of a beautiful model, aud it expected to prove a fast taller. 8h? i< fitted for California. Sen it DARiuf. before reported athore at Walch Hill, haa gono to pieeia. Moat of the flour, and tho materials ef tha vessel, have been aaved. BWe are daily under obligation to tho Charleston Courier lor alipa. Lauwcm ?A new ship, of MO tons, named William 3tnngU' waa brought down frnm Bedford, &ib inst. She waa built for Moans Baker Ik Wald, by Master Curtis. Kiev N'bbt, Nov 21?Thirty seven balet of eotton, rom the earco of the brig Cualtnoo, aol.i yesterday at auction from $27 to S-!2 par bale, by the The case la set I ir trial ou Monday next. Tea i 'ig is taking in her oargo, having ooiaplutod her repairs. Notice to Mariner*. Adriatic?R**ki,tiho I,ioht o-? I'oiivt Bi.a*ciif?Oa the lat of January last a revolving light waa established ou Poiut Blanche, the North - western point af (?ros?a or Luna lilind m the Adrian.-, in lat It OW 00 N, luu 11 S2 W. Tha light will be varied ovary three minutaa by a a'.rnng glare, preceded aud tallowed bv short ocliput". 11 i i I'l l f-et above the level of the soa, and may ka ecru at tho distance of 17 miles. Wbalemea* At Aaocnsion, in March latt, ?lixabeth, Baker, NB, with 5u? HI. At Tort Dayton, Patagonia, An| 3, Chill, Dexter, NB, 500 bbls on beard. Si*ok aw?Feb 3, lat S 19 8. Ion 173 11 R, Alpha. Folger, Nan, 1100 ep. for Japan Sea; about same time, Ueotor. Smith, N 0, 2KUf|?; March 18, lat. 1 8, Ion 172, Two Brotlierc, Jcnney, do, WJ ap 60 wh, for Japan S#a. 9p*k?n? Ship Amity, 116 days from Manila for Boston, Nor 14 (not October, as before reported). lat 19 50 N, Ion Hi W. ron uaLiFonivia. Brig Metropolis, Bennett, from Beverly (15th nit) for San Fr&nriroo, ^6th uli, lat 41 30, ion HI. They gave three cheers, and w ore apparently all wttL fr on i^n Ports* Chai, n **, Not 28?St eaainhip Alabama. Wright, for NOrleans. XKtli; Ayod (Br s.?amer). trom Nicaragua for Carthagena, 2mh: bark Byron, hence, arr 27lh. Cir*ri tr.uH. Nov 20-81d brig Mneppa, Colsoa. Boston Kai.mouth (Jam), Nov 16 ?CM aohr Medora, Smith, N York. II a v aw a,Nov 29? Arrsteamer Th\mos, Abbott, Southampton; ati p Mary Jlersev, Davia, Portland, via Mataaias. Md, K M steamer in e Allen, Southampton; brig Salvadora, Williams. Ne'v Orleans. At do.Jtlth, Island of Cuba, fer New York; Marv H Kendall. JMuian, for lioaton. via Cardenas; Rapid Ward, for N York; I'rompt, Boston; Medora, Portland; Japonic*. Philadelphia; brig a Cl'B'on. Bath; Parcen, Boston; Cyclops, da; Delta Mobile, Ann&wou. Newport; Tangier, Wilmington; Lucietia, do; Emeline, Bristol; Sotners, Charleston; schrs William Bryant. Bristol; Henry Backer, Savaunah. Hamfik. N"v2J*?Arr brig Juvcrna. Reed, NYork: aohrD Phillips, Small. l-red*rickebnrg. Old 27th br'g Minerva, Dolaney, NYork; 2Sth. achr Mary Graham. NLendon. Ihaoua, Nov 21?No Am vraaels in port. Kirs<.sTO?? (Jan.). Doc I?In port, brigs Ann Maria. Rateliff from Norio' k. arr Not 27; George Washington, Knowlton, from Philadelphia, coal for etoameis; James Wallace, Small. (fr"in Wilini. .pton. NO. arr 25tfi.) for Santa Martha, to l? ad <?r .N York: eohr Josephine. Stalknotb, (receiving new Beasts?voyage to Hnyti having been broken up,) for Cuayros. Sid, Nov Uih.brle Elvira, Cortina, T >rks Islands and N \ ork; 11 tb. schr H arret.. Bn? ke, NVork; l*th, brigs Fairv, Harper, I' Mount Vern*n, Daoy, Ker We at; 224. sehr Susei x, W tiarf, Baltimore; 2bth. ship Julius Ciosar ( Br), Mobile; t rig Marklanri, d?; lit. brt/ Aral, Sjm?es. (from Wilmington, Del. air 22d,) St Domingo, to load for Boston. no.nts4*<> Hay (Jam) Not 1ft?Cld brigs Scotia, MoCall, NOrleans: 17th. Nancy,Tavlor, NYork Tia Black River. Mai i>or?Ai>t> ( River t?f Plato), Sept 24?Bark Charter Oik, Smth. fr< rn N York (July lii). taking in supplies; had 6 j days' psaeage from NYvrk, with light winds aud calms, and did nel ie?f the whole distant. Poeto Cahkllo. Nov 16?Schr Eleanor, Johnaon, from I kctayii fei NYork, at xt day. hi Jag** i j k C'iha, Nov 11-Arr ship Oeorgo, Thalea. Boaton: brig Eiiia Taylor. Eldridge, do. Sl?i ?Uh. achr Native American, Leman, Boston; 17th, sehr R salia, Clay, Mobile. Ilouts Ports* Avgvita, Not 2H?Cld achr Eagle. Thomas, NYork. BaI'TI?ioiu, I*oo 6?Arr bark Edmund Dwight, Hallel, Boston; brits J Niokerecn, Nieker^oa Boston; Geo FinikScv, lerrall. Ri? Janeiro; Favetteville, Rocd, fm Porto C'arello. Returned, bark Cornelia I- Be* an, Corner, which sailed several days n o for Marseilles, preeoedod ai far as llampton Rrftde. but being too craok to go to sea, (not being able to stand up on ooek) th* captain thought beat to put back. Below, brig Abbotsford. Muaaon. from Rio; also, a harm brig unknown, i Id, brigs Helen, Collins. Jr, Wladoe; f.llen, I(e? rt, l.aguavra and Porto CabelU; aohr MiUon Keene. Naaean N P. Sid. Hr briga Ur >oIer, Robinaou. St Johns, N F; f.olden Rule, Watling^on, dermoda; brig Candaoe, Mathews, Boston; schr Milton. Kaena, Nassau. Br?*Ton, Dec *??Arr ship Unritan, Holmes, London; barks Amoa 1 atten. M? Near, do; Kilby, Howes Liverpool; schr Co pi a, Saars, Ri-bmoed. Telegraphed, bark Helen it Frances, fm Leghorn. Signal for a bark and a brig, i.ld, ships LeoOes, Kott ius, Arracan; Sepbia Walker, wiswoli. Palermo; Adri n. Scott, Mctile; larks Stafford, SearUa. Snvat; Lowell. I reminds, Baltimore; brig Ssrah ^'ilHams, O?tt, <' ? nloegra; schra Ontario, b^araham, Mataoi?sa: tiarri t, Crowell. Alejtfcndria and Georgetown, D C; Amor Belle, Battar. NYork. Sid. latka tuba i^uinnet>aug. John C irver; i>rigs Alpine, ^arah U illitniN Arcturus, Rebee? a Zebron. VYttorlot*. Bark Diantha i^ld Saturday. Sehr 1 alius haa sld. i HARUkTON 1 >o? X PM?11? the offing, trig Isabella Reed, R"a* m, from NOrleat.s. C'!d s\ip Gastou, ttiankc, Antwerp; brig I n on (fr). I'arie. B rdeaux 4th, AM?Arr brus Oulnare, Lllema. NOrl^ns; Isabella Reed. Rule's, do. Aiotui (Br). Euas. Sasssau, MP; H?ititer, Piri>. Mill Stone Point, Conn. Sid ship Mount M usi lartoa, BUisoe'l. Havre. krv Wi st. Nev -M? Air l.rss J O Aader^on f iew)> Paine, aud Hoary, Baker. N \ ork; s or firsseent ?.Vy. Perdeal, N (hilars for San FrtncHro (put in for S new witliol; S Beldom, M i a, ncvi i uii tor m Tim; ,11111 asr m, ui u? Horn, lur St klnka. !) I. Deo fl 8 P?--To f, <>'< lock tMi cTHiinj wa Ltf advirca Irotu Ihdiaa Kitir, r?pre*?ntiBi t!?t both r< n |? ' ri board tb? Tn?oarora hrtd wcrk'd f' r nt*> * hoar* tltl < nt Tb* .x J W Uuu?i.?u ta l?ai*ld? tS? onip, f 'l-nlik ktr at all kopvi of gmia* b?r ti'.oii tr? ibniratl To* tarkJihn Wol?h, for Mitanta*, was incirroo'ly r?pnn?4 ** liavinft *ono t" ae? 0* Tu?adBT: ?h? did ti'> to nl until y?M*rdaa. Tb* bark M try Dal* from 'iibr.iUar w'ii.?h ? iIt io *oa op Ttio*day. ?** lh? VMM tnon*ht to to th* Joha V lab. No oihIi at the aacli irajo. Bur any in light, bound in ?f oat. 7th 11 >u AM?Tho briitt Prandywln*, fr'in Z*n?o F*lry frntn Port au Print*; n. lir Bltnira, from an r*at?rn portl aim a Li Ik and lour ai::ira, nnltiown, pnaa- d up at>onto'*lo :k till* morula*. Nn intolliynnce from tha (hip Tnc'trora hat b??a r(n i l?oil tli'a loftiMD. Wind ?tr?un front WN W; traatlmr cli ar and oo d. N?.w Om.?A*a, Noy 2H-. Arr ?hi j>a Maid ofOrlcina Now Yoik; Niurmia, >ml'h, Now V?rti Otafj), Innmll, Nl* Yr.rk; Cr'ntlia. Hi;troh?rd, Portland, Mr. Abaafiua, Elliott, Butoii lri*? Pnmipe, C,ilihri-t, Tiiomaat*n; Mrvtia.e. M< nt?- wrj. New Vi.rk; ?ehr William H tJa'/'?oT. Troaon, Kijwot. Bo,or, cumin* op.-Ship* IT|1||| IrlWII |a| No?i<ri*B. ( 14 *hipa > Wan. Wi'.tn, liordauit; York. Til'! If, Ph'la4*lpbla; Abby Pratt, Shaw, b?rk I hi) Clmaa, Sianu-?. Oork and a market: htin F.ialljr. V'n .. I(i! . iiKod. Va K'iipn('p) Mod'ftia. <;alab-r?, HarroImi V*ry <.'*??! I'.r n Bort i Hudaaa. Wl>tt*a Niw l?ik, I arlhcaoa, lY*?d'. ury, Liverpool; Bilai Uolmca, B*rlj. N't Vctk. P; 'I - spb tn th? r. *yar ' --"X*l w. rotnlnK ?tp, towboat* Star, with S ab'j.a. I hark and I a r, wtina: llariflaa, vfth S ai itaand I bark. aaln an; ?'?nth?r, with 2 ahipa, 1 brie, and 2 w ht?; I'trpniM. with 1 ?liip? } W l'a?- t nhia <itfl<T. No? iS, 10'i A V--Th??hi'? J?i i, U-ai*er. < n, < ;?) a fr*m Kutttidani, hai Jul ?ro???J tl* Brr. N W raw. Not 27. 7 P M -Ait ihir Albania. Crow,>11, fr#t? >'r* T-rk: ?hip N*>t rUn. Oorilcn, (rem Philadalrhia. N?w RmroKOi >?A rr r LaiiiartiB?, Rnkhlna. MaVtafi iaatt tor N Vork. fid I ri* <!' ? t'?rvtr. Saift, N Y<?rk. Siwrntr. t'<< (I?Arr tri* Victory (Br), NT"rk for St John, Ml. aalirt *arf Ann. fl njiar Eaatport for NVork; * In tki-r. i>'>, Tl. mai'm for in; D?laa\r? Itill Norfolk for ? H. ra: IvHi c ll?nd?, and Viat t*? Hand*, A'haoy for Bi ?trri; U'ldfr l?rilri, t ro??H. Pi-o*id*ae? for I'hiladal; ltd**, OiMi, AIMnr f? r > B<*d'r?rd. IVi ukih tmIUii r IIarbor I, l>tc 4 - Arr hri* M try Ann, Pi I tk rlla for Oti r. tn^n M', Pi iti ?in, He 4-(ld kurU IHd Follow, owtil. Mayarnn; ?cl r Ort"ran. Karkiyft, ^nn Fraaa'a o. I'aoTt rr P" ft-- rr a<ht Win k'oon, Btorlioj, Noffi'lk. Md a?t *?()? ?i ("iirmr Tr myi r, York Kiror Va; Jaao UiktlvrfOB. M?)l cw, 1'1 n?d?ltl.:a. Sit m?M. Pfo I a i?Arr ?t>" trahlB ('hfokao, 1,?ob, N Yrt: al if S?mibp' rt, Mot'iirtnlok, 4*1 brlaa I'ardiff. kalitl Ctiba; Mariol. Stapl a. Protidonao; aotir Aai'a l>atiien, ntitlay. Rorlfaaa (Id lark Vn?o*,Faje. N York; )?i*a llonlton. Mrrri". #t Ja* dr Cnha; Joba mtontmrn, W(ifat*t, N Bo lford; Sna?o?. r l a\a. Itmtoa. Md bar* Yar?or. I ayo, ark; btia 8it??o*. t'nllayi. II at"?. Sai.aa, I)?c 7. It*- Arr ai hr TraatuB, llarrisstoa, N York raiarngitt Called. S * la Paa'i taci>?b. ip ItMniftor, front N"ir York?Jab roll man. laptaiB: Chji Farbatd, I at mat*. J*ni*a fitriin Id wat?i Alfred Fo1(rr. Jr, .11 Bi*'p; (Jao lln.iti l, 1o?iamn V Mi rria. |l'h*rloa K Muntar, Jnatah F Btr't', Robart l< !' flln. Fd-in C Jariioa, i?b?1 tY?rib, Bli ah I' aa*, U?o^W Saili td. William Fiaht*. Fr*4?ri"k U t^ay, Jamaa I pha"t, Mir*1 ? ! Mm) * Mftll Ji '??' A Ua* ilattaiil Jam la MT IV "T*y> aaofc. I'M#. ?.?f f- HftTld ft til *1 Nig. ttlrk't $ai *wci?c?? Slip rrmir'. frim A1 l>art l.arker, ??? W Itaekcil, Tb?? J Gif rf, Di?n (' Sj?m?da, John MaVlron. Tlma IHeVarn jr. t'haa C Bitrahaa, Inaa ?) lit?!) ?, K*l| li S (lardon Wm i| irdy. laV a II w? ?. J aft fcaaia, lima Watar?, Vathi Jra?ina. John D ral. Fdw A W healer, ( H NielmU Jann P Dirk***, ioalois rtf. i.< n>f>i 4?<ri?i, I^ratl ' !, It, 1 ha? I Ranty, HT.-j Giari-a. William I' Biilnm, < ? A Wkltln*, Win II Jt?arl<n, Jul ?i'l?tr, Pftyt"' Wore*. BenJ * lloftt liaaa, Kami H l,irr?lw, John Nlahnle, Warren R tolhnm. Solomon Cnahmin, liiM li Pratt, I'tTHii'iai I'rft", Win C Kftetoiaa, Ivith ?: P bit*, ( lift# K W i i:?, lltimi inborn, jj'rplif* SUilman I, T> Pr\rr???. " M II I'roen, J A ? rr.e'e, J r Brown, II J K'(!rn?r, Hnnl V Clark, John Oileon, fl"nrr K Nral. H k, Bri' k"??, l? II t>lhum Pfn.l <1 ! " h? *r' Vm A M karlrr.l'hM II iltnri, HI* A H<Mi, Ja? Haafleld, Ahh' I Vlnitfc. Alnrro Ynaar. Uadlejr Kvane, Aa<lr?* J Ciawr, leera J Phlllipa? #1 KUICAI/i ttitft AM, KKKVOITS D IS, CHRIBTIK'I 0 It. F tenlc Crratleea ere na iMolnha and poeitiTa en eika T! it>n it i ?f d rh'n thr *ndj < r eettoni fnrrtlly i? alT?etad; tie Ntrklare for roiaplaiit'* of th* throat, atthaa and kroat r 111 , era "f Hi' In I ; ah 'I 'h? Braclrt* I r y dteorii<r? af the um< or liji 1 ? sa ritentr.etlem, a*lev. trraim ftrd tpannndle >iC?etlo?e. T' *a ar'IH?e are imaljr aptlied i diteo'M wlin Mir Winneflo fluid *> rh *< ? mj> mie* tram, ead *1 an laithfnlly m?a tl??y rrrer fall. Ike r?a?'r*?jliaritya' "reliance of the 1alr\nin fnra- i Mtr? it rant it ilia fftO tl.ft? thee arreet and rare ?i>an*a hf t* ard >r f'u ail^n. :a r1' " af * lifial atatkud "f drnMlng ai il ?liyri"lk? lh? ratlaal lill .| n?Mna aia<a li ??l??lt nadar t*a iaui tlnn. 1l ?? a'rinr*h?a tlif wh i* ???latr. aaaalllk M>a i- r*lilatlo? rf-ha li> p-nma a tlia >f>ar>. ti a?, Ir irar*te 'ha aat r arn < -a, and rMi H?<ar da tka Itahlaat I ifm n l nMMMifaa. 1 B.C. Vt'ftl MIAl). N. I' >.' r?l Arm* far tka Uaitad S'*"a. 1 i Urajda ajr, Mrw Van.. ntKTOR MiKVIRft' I M VIOOI ATT V 0 ((MIDI 41,- 1 Tl ? atil? ramrdy r?t di*r >, -d for rr*inftl wraknaaa id l)a?trrftal atnlaaia*?, ao rn<*o.,<i, Intapaa i ufor narial?. I ? naak, e? nalrttn ay. A " a?i nl i , 4. hark. ' lltrfia ar?i ftaraaf, p*n??d ht in,|T' i a nt kak >a. sra *paad.i?rrni'T?d la a ttla t ,r - Wtt f >r $? wttk <lr??tl"i.'ard impnt tan1 adrlaa ' t tlit liar d ail ai??N Dr. , I'akt ?ra"' r,? M'Ji I lr* aa tine k?i? Tar- an a f.l'ra ik , I'rea'e. > rw Vat%. wlnfk H# li eai n !. and .ha ? r lial jh- | alaid ai d to * ardv 1 to ja a^afttiy, paat- pala. , asincjkk. Pkrrcmikr, in ftrsir fari kty?comsistiw# vf Hear'* Oil. Ox M;irr?w, Cauadiaa <irn?, Crj?l?l fi'tm tuir. iltuidudlv tl.? fiir iu tlx itAtkii and ?Tury article iu the i'atfuuiery kme. c m'lamly on tiu ill J for rale, vl?a|K-r ti.,.n sat liunu in die by CIO. K Afll A Kl. k Pearl nt.. If. S. HuXil Blood: bi.ooiv iaqo.TIi? wliuU iu??nt brood That tMrit for acta biuad. And witli mcaai. to btatm it endowed art. Keel o'er ?> d deoaaee. And leave people in peace, Ifthev tads Ljiii i Magnetic Pi w dir. m.<e. rata, mil the .ike, It ii foilj 10 iinki With clubi ii yoar hou-e? or mills; For ia iti y short order Ul.'n every ninu'lir That tup* oa the Ma*u*tio Pill*. Lyon's Magsctie Powders and lMls. which are perfectly hai mli'M ta kuinau heiais. ara for aale at 4J0 Broadway, tf. Y.; Ilt)l V Co., corn r tit Kiitli and Cherry, Plnla. RISIORATION op hair-mr. calvert, adkvt of V Vt ib.i, of Virginia, tlm celebrated Hair Restorer, ia now a* the Irvine House. room 2flS, applying the re??nr?tive, wlmra those afflicted with loss oi hair oaa call. Wisc'i llair Tnniu can he had a? above. DR. POWELL. oculist, AI r13t, *0., attbmd9 train 'J to 4 o'clock, dully, to diseases of the Era and Bar. at IK Warren street. wBtri cum be had liii popular l'r?at>?? rot lie Rye, Zd eajtioa, pr'.'c umts ; alio bis Self Aotiag Rye and Ear Fouatains, peaerful aaxilliariea lu the treatment of those delicate organs. A Ur<e colleotloa of artitlaikl eyes rvcontly importeo aad lor sale. The munificent uoud.ness or almiohty god ha* keen planned to pl-ic- UHint 111 a Bedieiue that uri'l iUBediately aim effectually cure tha Boat distressing case* of bodilv debility or uervoua aSeetious. 1 therein* recommend all persons, thus aflicted to try it, with this assurance, that if uo good result front taking it. taa moaey will ba raturaed. (1 seat bv mail will insure a bottla, by exaree*. to any part of the Utited States. Diraet to TaLBOT waTTS, bookseller. 1Nassau atreot. Aak for Watu' N'orvous aatidote. As true as there ia a living Gad, 1 believi it is aspaoiHa rauiady far nil nervous, bodily or mental debility. Most extraordinary work..? copier old in six moutha.?Tka Mairiod Womau'a Privata Radical Comfium, by Dr. A. II. Muurlceau. Profeaaor of diseaaesof Women. Truth Editioa, lHino , pp. "M). Pri*e$l. Yaaraof aufleriug, of physical and menial aagulah taiuq aa aieotiouat* wile, ai.a {.ecuaiary ditflcultiea to the Anaband, might have beea spared by a timely posseasiOB' af this work. It ia iuteaced especially for tna married, or thaaa coatuaalitiug marriage, aa it discloses impartial scoreta Wluafc should be known totliem particularly. To those wlioa? health doea D?t permit of an iBcreasn if family, it la of aswecial importance,, alaa, every female?tha wifa. the mother?the ?a? cither kuddiag into womanhood, or tha one in the droline of ynara. in whom nature coatuii: plate* an important ekange- caa diaoovor the causes. symptom*, and the moat efficient remedies, and moat ecrtitia inoda of anre. in every o? mp'aint to which her sex ia suhjuot. The revclatioaa contained ia ita paces have proved a blrssinz to tbeuaauda, aa the innumerable letters received by tht author ( which ke ii permitted by the writer* to poMuti,) will attest. Extract / a Letter frnm a UcrUlt man in D'i yKm, OAM, I>avro.-v, May 1. 1<M7. Dr. A. M. Muuru eiu Mr Diax mr "Vha Mamad VfOman's Privata Medina! Companion," tor whioh I eucloaud aue dollar to vour address oamc aatelv to hand, i would not have troubled yoa with these few fine*, hut that 1 impelled by a lease of gratitude, for mvaelf and wife, to wv* uttoraaea to nursiurera And heartfelt emotieua. My wife haa hoen puruopiihly ainkinit tor Mime ttiree ytaN or Bore, in aonsc<iurucu oi ber great aunuuli and au(feria( fume months lielero and U iriug conHueuicnt; ever.y auoaa* ive one more and more debilitated,and proatrated her, petting her lite In imminent danger, and which was, aa 'hi Uat oooaaion, despaired of. 1 oinposed that this state of tilings wag inevitable, and resigned myaelt to meet tha worst. At thte time, (mi aluut t?o months.) 1 heard your book hignly (poken of, as containing si uia uiuttera reaching my oaaa. Om its receipt aad perusal 1 cannot express to you the rollof it afforded my distressed rniad, and the j-y itj pages imparted to my wife, on luaraing that tha gr?at diaoevery of M. m. Desouieaox providea a remedy. It wuened a prospect ta which I little cmieeite^ was possible. No pocuniary eo? ideration can ev< r repay the obln;atioas I am under to y?% for baviax been the n. mset impartial to m the mat ten ontained in "The Married tVnman'i Private Medical Cobpanioa." Rut fur this, ere another tear wonlj have pase?4 aver my head, ia all human probability, my wifa would hava beeaia nor grata, ami aiv ohildroa lutt utotnerlcsa. t'ltn a Pkym Kumk, N. Y., April 18, Wf. entitled to he called the "Married Womau'a I nvnti Modie j Companion." t unhxaitatingly ?ay, tliat it etiouM he 10 tka linnda ef every medical mail, no ai'oejatol the mede ut treatment you |>reecribe, by which " erekou or mllencd browe*#" are impvaaihle of oecurrubue. view, therefore, that iherp are thouaande tbua aNirted at every contiaumerit, it ia laealnable, unt enly te every phwielan, but to every womaa. la regard te tbe great dlacoviry of M M Oeaemoaua, mentioned ia your werk. I have Kaown taaev, witlila the t^bar* of my own immediate praotioa, wooee health would have been pre?erved, and muay ethere wtw? lieet would have been (pared, had they kuown aad availed theme lvea of it, although, of couree, it may he eurieptikle ( pervergioa. t(. Igtdeed, OTar are oer rree'-tat bli*rrinc?. had / Jfnvum.-- Kxtruct of a Isttrr PHii.anai.PHia, i*or. ft, 1H47. Dr. A. M. MauriceaaiDad I ttium ef tbe important inafctere treated ol la tbe "4li?rri?d Wouiia'a Private Mediaal Cenip.iinea." ? >ai? year.-. [O uik mUmf I Bl|M 'laea teamed' I hare euifrred >?ura fr"ia cauaea, wiiieli yeu peiat oat fa yonr book, without. knowiag what to de. But hearing It highly (pokea ef, I oktaiii"d a copy, and found my fait treated of. 1 treat every fenale will avail beraelf of teg i?Iwrmatien eoatamed ia ita pe> ? Cum/ieltiu-t aiul Uiulth?JEztrail uj Leiiw LttCilii ii, Pa.. Aot. U. DM.'. *T Dear Sir?1 know yog will have 'lit kiudueaa to loaf , with uie ia eacrnacliiuK urnn y< or Mm*, while 1 aokno ?luko (in behalf of myself an ! 'iti) the eMign'ion* we leel cartel vei under te you in having made kaowa nertaia m . uer? aeatamod la year moat invaluable 'Harried M'ouaa'e I't nti Medical Companion.' it ha? beta worik iKweuhtit feld to ate. If I eaprete aiyiell rather warmly, you will hi hat 1 cannot do no ton warmly, w'.en I infru. yoatheaatent to whiefc I have, throejti it. hi en benefitted. I will tate my eitnatioa when I obtained yeur book through tha mertet curioeity. I look upon it as e le el the iroat fortune** venta of my life. I :iae i.*eu lua.i i> e n ' ? tea yeara, and was the lather *f seven eSfldrco. I w.m l< n; ?iru > liny ua ?reii,zly. to tbe endtlst I r. , t 11n> a luodereto < etaiie eucy. but tha rodilta of ?y u" u at rrMwiaat t!ie end lad ia-kVeat where 1 em at t.l? kc< r.n tlx of eac.i year ; and that only with the aioe (i ei'.'t eoot'ta>, an Si nig wvtb barely tfie iieoeauirioe .>t Ills, .'ma.x, , >n n uataut efort ?i> ginning te ba%e in elfeet up >v health ; I tali leaa iputile t? euuure Its eeo ilnuanoo. while I luit (Le ae- eai4ty Pi i.em- vera nee. Thu oaeiaat un ieann/ ttra?cK et my rait. ?va Impervtive, ia eeaeeinem'e ot the prootratod epaoitieaef uiy wif* (with eevaeieaal iat?rmi"(i<aa) far (ia yeara wuoh ef iae tune onnlacd to bur b*d, and pi e" irae iu< apakle of takia? theehuri(e and maiatcmeat ef h?u?ok(lr Ilert-ea- ' BtlH awn ttvM eaaae( ef ,1 I waaUaeram Ok' wlial e .tild I have *1v a bad I the rit yaar< ta live ever a/a<ol W e?* wnnld my wile had given te hate hi ea apared I it* i i>( (ivaaril a'lll letter a> . >te |>r*atral. ? a I ed ?f in kane" Ail ei wliiek would have i avoided, ad 1 then ( <a a r?rf of' The M.trrled Wi man ( Prlva.* Mediu^l Coupaniea' Wh'n I o! tained it and re.i ! it, i e< iri U"t tka ?-.P(I'.ility that in a (hurt < * * try wlfa trearabeMlMHW ke-ilih. and myaelf ha enabled t? gain a i jmretea e. I immediately wi' ,ii te yo>l (ae yea will re ulle't) fir M. k, IlMonaaiis'a reat f yam lie t r married la 'a, for whiek yi a are agent, aa* which v.. i tian?aiitted iy rei iru ioaH. whxk w?e immedl i'ely ava'Ue of. My w a ><a( rap <.ly r <etave? to her health, aad I am gre.<* . . i lil Lag u ||Mi ? leg ear eld age. eee i.t> i te l ave (umMl i 'e 'rrl nirn. hl rk, d?ar e-r. line it( l '<eeaj|)n hern te me' 1:1 '1 f I not ka ejeneed for the expn. -<i?n el the nhh|?tiea I ate iiader va y ?l 1 have smee eria^e1'reu'a ciroela'e >t a> wide >e poa> (iMa, aad will aonttnue to d? an, aa 1 Ini aa < ue ae-ull k? wit beat a ?<>p?. (<etteta are daily received of t.kie character, Qfine??(?ary t? freeen t l or aula at tS Broadwar, and at the I'ukllthtar < '*, <. 141 l.ihnrty (trtet, N. T.i l.ittln It < e.. Alhanr, vl . R. Iiavie lV>eteiii T. U. I'et> rare, k Olieatnutetreet, Pfciludeltiliia, Uaveqtort k Maaoa,'1 riiium kuildinge ; ? . IN. I loiter. Wo ? -i kir, a a.; Win. Tavler, llaltltooro' S'rattei ?. BniaaT't, < ia (i a oat l. Okie'; J. I, *na> <nl, N'.-r ' (leans. . Oa the receipt n f $1. a nrr etil ki iraoaialtted by isall, frte el poetaga, f e asy yar' o ' the Tailed MatN, At ft'.eri ta at !.e nndrtsare, pen paid, to Dr. A. M. Manricoan, Sea llKd.New Vi-rr eit>. Olfire. I'JP Libarty aaraet. OK. PLOVEH, AI Tilt Rn| T3B TKirCM.KK'4 M*. dtral Ui'ide, ar.d Hvrral tln.-r tredi *1 worka, efera hia pr?f?i*l?aa! aervlpee t? 11.< e who have akfTerc I freni t ? abuae of tii'dioal prettadert and pbyai ia wh9 have de | rni'Ucolly ? '|ii?tn!ni with tha Irrati-oa t ?f tur mat diltr?lt '|M, loin I rogniar rrM?M la kit pruMut, m4 kitTiay en.Haul liiur I)" tt.a Irtm n.oat of ikiooia* f ?ii ? bit i (T< ? art it No. 2 (tu* nllt4 No. IJJ Am Hiwt __________ CM > i > ' ? i< t RODMAN ? SPBOirtt! MIX. 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