Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1849 Page 1
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TH w MO. 6664. Our Canadian Corrc*pon<t?nca. Montreal, December 3, 1849. Afair* M Canada?Ttrriblt Indintuit ion Against the Govtrnment, $c , , Q-c. The struggle at present being carried on in the Canadian province*, is no Ima a one than a war of principles. It ia monarchical government, vt republican, and as such assumes much impor tance. I do not stand alone in this view of the case; the London Daily Ntw* endorses it. In a late number of that journal I find the following:? ** A war is going on between the monarchical government ot Canada and the republican govern Bent of the United State*?a war of rivalry?a struggle of competiiion?to aes which will besi provide for the welfare, and prosperity, and de elopement of each population " When the torch was applied to the Parlmniem buildings, n new train ot ideas was ignited in th< popular mind. Upon the removal of the plac< which for so many years had dimmed thsir vision they, for the first time, siw how corrupt was the system of government under winch they lived they tnw the folly of thiit form of government, (responsible) which they hud wasted blood and treasure in obtaluisg from the mother country, and they determined that the next change should be a radical one, both h? regards institutions ana principles. Men were brought to a consideration of their position as Colombia. So long as (hey remained in that position, they yaw no insurance oi rrocperity, no stability ol lus'ituuous. They hud the wisdom to foresee, that mm lung as they continued ctloiiiMs, the bickeuuga of government and the war of race* n<-v?r could or would be extinguished. Thut it was a lixed piiuciple on the j)art of the Briti.sti ministry to fo?ter and cherish ! these differences, so ih?t, merged in tnem, their position as colon i?u would not come up belore them. It was after the probing deeply ot' all these questif tie, that certain gentlemen 111 Montreal gave to the world the reaults ol their enquire*, in ihat .ble document, " Auaddresn to the j>eople of Canada!" The aiguers to th* document are a Iivii jj proof of themselves, as to the vast ben* file that muct surely accrue from its adoption by the people It i* ine sinking into oblivion all past differences,wh? ther of party, race, 01 creed. It is beating out the annexationists when they say, that by connexion with (he United Statei these elements of party strife are done awaj with, and the common good la the ouly object war all. In a pure republic all men work for the common good, each one is a i> jp to the State, lfow it it with a monarchy! The interest* of the mauy are sacrificed lor that of a pampered few. ltisthusC.i Inadian* arc beginning to vi-w ihe question. They pee, that in the present suae of ati'-iirs, the inter eats of the people are sacrificed t? ihe ambition and aggrandizement of a few. Lord Klgin, as the representative i>f Liritii-h majesty in the colony, receives out of the pocket* ol ti'tern hundred thousand, the incredible sum of (30,000 Tnat mini* | ters, legislator and oilier oinoi It, suck out mil| lions besides; and that .ifter payiu:' these leeches, Ithc country is obliged to >ir. w money tc make the necessary puhl; i rovemeuts.? Mow, turning to the n?*i rmg republic, they there nee so \ I i k n. dit! r> nee a? astounds them. > '/> ihey lind u r-owing t?? the electii .tutiout, aim* repu <1101111,0! the country. In vord, the people govern. A custom house oliu one couutry is paid a few hundred dolurs, i"-< the public faithfully and well. Hissu m life depends upon his doing so. lie ia at tii uercy ot the p sple. Ia Canada, a corrupt ministry desire iu rrpay the rervices ol a violent purlieu, ile lit made a custom house officer?ia paid thousands ot* ; cheatd and embezzles the public moneys, mid there n 110 control over hiin. Alter h-.tin* eurich dnnm?-Ifai the jaibhc expense, he ietires in a passion ! This it an every day occurrence in Cuml 1, and it is easy to t>f seen, arises out ol the corrupt system of our government. No* the epplying ?f th** tmch to th? f'arliameiit building, ax I li.?ve aforesaid, was the rneaiif ol ruisinu <1 cv dution in the public mind. M n began to talk and enquire ; reason and argue] and the result isboiore us AuiisxaUon has spread; the thirst lor a rspnbltc-.u form of govrrunieut. ha?, like ihe lire 011 thr prairie, d iven >-verything before it Men'* hearts warm with the hope of s brigln futute, the reaching ul a haveu where there shall at least be some re?i~?oui<* re(K?*e Iroin he rivalry of races, and the war ?{ faction, .^mce my 1 i?l dispatch, throughout ihe Lower l'n?> iuce, the "Address to the lV?>|4e ol (Jan ids," ha* been s triumph Quebec, aloue, has not s|Miken through her I'.Hj;li*h press, but h r pMtple h ive held public met tines, have sworn to naiid by tue cause, mid, believ? me, the return lor IJiirbre, ut the n?-xl election, will be anstiaiiuu audi dates. The Lniihth papers in this city are infljuiced, aud under the control of a mi*' r.ihle clique of viuleul tmy merchants, who are split on the subject. The Ksbtern townships, the bvV aud oiuew of thf j-roviiice, have spoaeu cut in lav r of tu? moveno nt, without one dis.** nunc vo'ce. Upper Canada has yei 10 be woiked upon, and 11 the iiiral districts, u is thought will tflouud ready l'eler i'erry is the first Ui> > ?<* iu the tree in I p M-r Canada. 1 . .1. ... :,(U Tl.? r. l, IlUI mr WJIJWWIir r*'*J ? * HUI mar. lata mill return in their pny nuiiy jouruala auc turn TorM iiiiitmiU tifi- l ivii.u tvnh an xcced in);ly i',t> i'..iiM-uiit ol mivri,mil,|{. I'tir whole our mi <*l liiltiury ami Civil buoiiifM m poiiird lull their column* ; and ih>ii><; ol tin* tmurjtdtioii your uxU, Ihi t'ourur <111(1 tieruul, 1 ml n*rr. I '.m (n? jiio? niirui stul k '<!>< on the even tenor of ita w*y viwiibi(udiij{ ihf viulrttt <nd tli^raiK attem^ti on fh?- put m thr nil n.iM tn-ld to rruMi it ? I hey tluratrn, Ma yuu will recollect. to tolif *M'Mf the Rllllll* CMUOIIIrlM'i Acc.| Ol ihoee grn tl< u rn who aigm-d. Tliry look ilie I rot alexia u the matter, ton luv? amce backed out mi>?t ignfr miaioiiiif. The gentlemen wb? J Me inant* IrMo ihfy found to o> men if |i*?ition, wealth, anc jiift*ieiii? . 'Jury u.u'd ?> i onira,r tlirin. 1. ,r<( higin, liowi \rr, in hm politic il blind iii m'a l?iifT, h'i? again put h . ? b.?ud in itlr lirr. LAitmr, II I-1 n h umi. x.iiion journal i ? re, ? IU??tiry ot him, ?hi''h baa rma* d ipi<tr a ?i??rin, and It l could he piov'd, Mould hr Hi*- inrtil ot kickiuf np tilth a rom aa (Jaintf1! tou not mu lor miiiii veaia. It laaaid he ? ro r an nau>grii>ll letiert"lh< Koman ('at:11'Ijc l!i-l o( tr, .ng in> in tint if the) would fl'a t ill* lnr? lvr? h^Hii-I i lir a n lie x at ion at a hr would pro' iirr ib^io the n* imiioo ol ibr estates, valued at (JU-i.xa), and c*iuri?c"ted, (ohm yeara ago, by the Huii.h g iverum* ut. Tin gonrrtifi | i on1 in* d?ii> ili? n.iih ol tlii nient, tut in kuch a r aa to |e*ve miatrut in tlir public nniid. Tnr oranu turn are lurioiia but Clo not 3 i t l>. Iirvr || i .. ,'i i <>r p ,i*ril, lh>*] would br??K out into o|irn reb* l ion, ii ia feared. Intellmeiire baa been iro-ived tront thr niniini Hlntiu m tMo i . ii b?-i ii m > ii Ii) tin iuJinua, in Hn oiml.ninht loadr by the l*tt< r oi tlir location* C'apl. brtnaiiugrr, a Kmumr chit ol* thr Aboriginra, nrid cMiininiiliuif cn? ot tin troO|* n| iMi i.i . al cavulr) , h i> : i up iii the rti? j-a< trr ot a imduiior. It \* lr?n d. however, tba bi fotr br arrives, much trouble will cnatia. '1 hi Indiana hm r aeeut*d bio. i), mid I very mm frnr that morr will Ii ?r to HiW before t r tin* ?nil?-ni' nt of thia <|iiration. Wk are in thr nodi ? ! Winter !> I^ ; i?.n" tKiniruiiiwiy eliaiity, Hud (tiada rxrrilMit t ?r rl> Tuaaara, Not 97.1*l?. rf 1'inri of Jr.n'K'imi < Canul / rnM' / |A? Mutt 1'kt ImUfn nJmt AV? ipif Muttig . hmmJ- A'<?r ? i't T-fii?Mr I'ih H'fnuif in flffirt?Hmt Mm tnIm (>Mrnn to I 8**li r4~ C*l>in*t ? 'fri* /or Ibo KUc/i* lnu'1 Irihan IhjfiruiOn ? Rt'i-rnir l of Mo).ir C'lHi f it- Am, ' i ' < ' ?/?. y r ,.'>? .*< i i Tii* o|>u<tofc? i t tba Kiipllih ,.r > ?|i n ib< Vloi .Itaal aai>> *ation tnai.lf?.t?i tttf looked f J>y tb? |>n|lt(t! ot *11 In ' I h? (ifnp f i an*i* *?t t>n a |w4 ditl ?>?ii itonk b; th umrviil. Th? ubjTl hal toot h?-.-n d"en ?n| I lb* |i*C|>lr It Urf> rb'? ??t? ti >1 id til* pf>p?r rU of Mti.4 to ta?? tip th* <11 .. in ? b-r ?'arn?The r?ai|y r?puhlta*n pa'ty ar? on? In puwcrj th< Imd b'*n kleVad. cufT'd 4 dr. p 'i bf th? toi lir'i t f. r a qa?r'?r i f a e t ' r j. ?.dum oppe *4 I ?h?t ? ? ??rr -mri/fUd ?lrh any ofllA* < lukfir, it ?niv4un>tnt. I'm*, itp;i u, to It* Mile'* ?! air <"<t to a'l ? it" a -ilt" fl"J fault ?|i M-'>ui or tb?lr ant* ; ?r> I ?h?l th* day a' l?o?' til.?ii tral nablM tl<*lr n, ( r.ruta to p.ill d ? tl?M baiikhty ty* I'd n."iii.t m'o tMr at. li nad ihr iio?r?U uapi 'pat *d t?> ?n?| th* rar of H'a ?|ih <li#olrf ? |T"r, or <(?? , n It ranti >t, a- a .?*?nt? h?i lent*a 'feat tt,?j' - r* nnn?d to faran i il i ii ro|?i i'. ? bt-1 anrf i .?>> n alio Hid<? In a p ?|tlofi *ntlr*|y ??< and a? lit* **in?- tlm* ?*tr-niiy rtifflonit On*nf tl ?n"?t r?rl*tn r#Mlll? of |.< a?r rt**'y a f|*4r*d I" not fMvati.-m Ul?? m- itio*t tit<?>y d<-? a<< giia, th* m <i full IJ? pi ll*TM'l' lilt I tka ttllj? or JUT. I HMf ftra *> *.? ttnitonil rj.ttm ml h> will laiuiniUMi k*tn t> k< l<l up ua Aiiiln It In.pu Mhl- t-> pnt I I actlr* all Ikn raforma h- ha t a > *<-k-moa'ly adn < a'Ml, or toad-an,. a. rapid'/ a ti i *.m tituaatl ai E IV E pect. Tbe prevent t anaiiiaa government boe not proved an exception to this oner falling sequence Thfj war* republican. democratic. progressive in op. t position ; but th* leading strings of the colonial offloe, the " cheek* and balances" of a limited inouarcby, the glory of the DritUk empire, the danger of rasb lunova' tlons, Slo , are all of th* 11 ret importance, ani e?peelalty to be regarded, bow that ib?y hare attained to Euwer. Tbe feeling* and conduct of tbe government are operated r?fl*xlv*ly upon their supporter* among . 1 tbe peopla. The streams of republicanism tbat were i rapidly Irrigating these remaining colonies oftireat | Britain, bar* been checked for a time, but U Is easy l 1 to are tbat tbe obetruotlon is temporary and acoiI dental; tbe reflnunt waters will ere long return with ( . vi.aloh ..wl ?ka ?/.>...??? I In tliit oonfuxd. disjointed. retrogressive n'.ate of tha liberal aud progressive mind of Canada, the Montreal L manifesto *ii suddenly thrown before the people All ^ parties In the L'pper Provluce wrm taken by surprise; but the reformers, whose principle* It adopted ao j caril?d out to their legitimate end. were especially puxzled. Tbe pa<-t conduce and principles of those who oatent sibly drew It up. and promulged It. were known to ha , alike worthy of eonderinatlon That they had be?n suddenly ocnv?rt>d. or would refuse te recant at tba ) first trial was di ubted, and consequently but little a> tei'tioLj aud less sympathy have be?n shnwn by the i real republican* of thi* part of Canada, toward* the ' annexatiouista of Montieal. Tbe discontented torie*, ; baee in ?umi inttaccea, come out boldly in their babble Many more wbo ?fa that before long, It must i come to ibl*. bave thought they might aa well g?t tba | credit of an open arova1 thus early Tbe liberal* who axe a Urge majority of tbe population, suspeotlDg tha Ion a yiJn of tbe Montreal* , aud uouit the Influence | of a reaciioinry policy, adopted by their political leader* an I bave just de*cribtd hare thin far stood oil, 1 but it must not be supposed from tbi* that the liberal 1 larty.whtu t-.e sincerity of tbe Montreal gentlemen baa been proved, aud tbu Influence of tbe government [ be?n w?in out and extinguished, which it *oon will be, I will refuse to join tbe movement. I'nder tbe circumstances, it ?a* not to be expected that a very deoidi'd itand would be taken by any party eut of Montreal. Hrst, tbe advantage and propriety of the thlug. and thin it* practicability had to be demonstrated. On tbe latttr poiut, tbe doubt and difficulty were admitted to be gr?atmt Discontent, though lelt by all partie* to the extent of twenty per c? nt on our wheat, lumber, &o , aa* still far short of tha revolution poiut A small (action of disappointed tory offlcs bolder* worked ; themselves and th? ir dupes Into a very dUloyal rage, but tbey never compared revolution in tbe true sens*. Korea baa. therefore.never been thought of an a means to ?ffrct annexation If tbe mother country showed a willingness to give us our independence. appearance* jusiirtd tbe conclusun that no tear ot jieadvautage. no iastidiou* notion* of duty, gratitude, &c., would prevent our a'klug it. Tbe tffrot of the tlr/<t movent .t. tbu first exp.osioa, on tbe old lady s nerves, wa* lo( ktd lor with Intense anxiety. If sbe should say no. even tba V.outrealors admitted tha gam* would bs over. Tbe news by tba An erica baa neither dashed tba hope* of tbe annexationist nor greatly flattered them. So far as tbe Timt* may be aonsidered a f>?' ful expo, nent of tbe'! ?? aid l?eilng< ot the bnglish people mi d govert.mei.t, the result is ravorabla. The aunexaI tloniets are in good spirits, and wear a determined aspect. A few unexpected dlRicul las baea been sug1 pesUd about Cape Breton aud .Nova Scotia, but tbe I main point beli'g conceded - vlx : tbe right to discuss, i I >i. rlu I: fi> ui L ftml f ho ri rht t n an in* In/iunmitluii AM .. if tbe " pec pie (t hngland" "think thay ctu do without t'anada," many nry fortuidabla obstacle*. that blocked Up tbe queatlon in limxnr, ha?o bcun ramoerd at a riiiglti *w??p The Titan axfumen that the draira for ann< xfttlan I* con fjord to >1ontrral. aod that It ia i>ot frit by ft majority wen their. Thin la ft gfrat mlctakr. 1 be dei-ire la felt throughout tha proTlniw* at tbla tn>m?Dt by, if nut ft Kftj<rity. ft r*ry lar.:e ; niinoilty of thr people ; and ft* no on* ran low, with i ary show of rrftson, object to full and fair di.-eua*tr>n 1 of thi queaticu, th? timid ftnd tha tiniimdri will aoon br brought over Tha annexation!*!* fetl tha ulmoit ; coofdinca In tba r fleet of dleoureion. Tha mode in which 'br 'J'iMrf take* up tha matter baa greatly in* crteytd tbrir ebanoe* of aucoraa. Show tha prepir of England, *aj thiy. that the daeire tor change for Independence. fur annexation. ia univeraal in tbeea province*, ftnd ftll the argument* of tha Tinn are met ibow i i.i hi that thi) ran * do without I anailn" ?that " mctire* of prudence ftnd intrreat" arr all on tha aide iit an lmn ediete tolerance of tha prment eolonlal ItUtlon* - that the " reepouslbllitiee and expmte of the retention'- of Canada far exceed the profit-ami tha only abjfctloi a of tba Timrt are removed. T1 con. | vine tt.a prop'* af England that thry oan do r. iihout ( anadft tbftt It la only bill of expense, and would in 1 nny coaiiuaretfti view, be more proOtable if made * three or ltur gta'ea. and aubjretrd to tbe aplrlt | of republican rn'eiprt*e. la thought to he eaay.for ) they arr aluady convinced A du?nation It. therefore, aa jou will perceive, '"looking up." The lniU/>tndrnt I tifwapaprr lately cvtablixbed in thi* city, for tn? purp<*e ol openly edvooatii g annexation la winning a ; po ItSaa < t M ptetuhility and lnflii-boe Th? la?t ' tii.n.brr dlrplaya niiMMjal ability. e*protally ia Ita eor' ie* pendente. I am tald ita (ubtnlptlon il-t i* rapidly ' filMrg vp. an<l tbat vety anon it will be e*tabll-h*d on a t aui e bi *1* I tend you the laat number directing your I at'rniloa to th<-letter of Unrgliiii A taw prlllical organ I* abut balrg ea?abll?h-J In [ tlnjciiy by thr young Canada, or rft'her the old ' anada |any Iheelo* progrtae <f tbe prevent governn > t't ?rd tbelr jraet'eal drrertlon of principle* and ru-aU'i* tbe pr(.fe#:icn of whicn carro-J them Into poarr tb< tr appai*Lt Oetrrmioation to pr ecrlba ol4 re'otibrra and eltvat* over tbrlr heftji new mm i la'.tiy ci nv*tted troos tba tory iftiika. have ?o di?gu-t-d t tba > Id libel all- tbat tfcey are realy to b'eak out Into pnrtiolt Oiumbl*tig> Ir-t-d aad deep have for anna | time luute tb? tar* (f mil latere aUh painful rlgnilneace. Already they have be^ua tn thrlr h inw In rrdtr. I'rtre tt e uioet p , ilftr BrtnKfr i f the cabinet, I bad publtrbid bla drtutH > t"l ?o lra*e thr aiuRlng ?b p In tbla month 1 .< etber Mtointera bream* ft:*rmtd and b?fonpbt Mm to retLaia * An ad lr?<a ??< g< t up. and after a c?upie f urtka banl work among bi? n n tituri.t*. ft vfll-'lesf i.uinS-r of i.anie* ?a? oblaintd to variant Ita prritnUllon He replied Trry 1 cat tl? u?ly, adn lttltig that hi* r n-llto?nu had a light to M* atMlt-ia la thr lloupr but aald nothing of bit tint in tba rabiurt lie la uniieratood to bare nonet bled to remain In tbe mlniatry on th* grounil that bia ItaTlup ttit in Juat now w>nld embarra a thrm An< lb<r mini?trr. who itanda i.ext In popularity, la to lit flirhtd Iiiimi dialely. at leatt It la to rumo-rd. A ndeiiiilliiii of tbe Oilnirtry haa been determined npi u. unrirr tbe pretrnrn ot tnerilng the public- den<atid for rtlrmrhun l; aod In the n?w arrang*ments tie lion .1 ftl'-'ni t ftmrrun la arjureced ?ut and rrry adroitly eboard into tbe f uatoui II iii?m ftt thl< port. Tbe raiary ia to br not leaa tbnn f 2 IKHJ with picking* Ht tbna deietta bl* conatltumta and thr gnrrrn-ueut to r> lie bi* eounl ry In a mn? rrilred and c infortabla *tto st ! *. Nir. .Yttrllt l? lo taka t?la placi ?? ablaf eno* I n.ifiiT'r of public ?*rka tn a<l litfon to tila oan nfliso < I | tfMtf'kt <f lb* eooixill. Tb'i will b* an unfortunate drdg* for Hi* tn'nlatiy The pruatica of Having a | cahn t n.lul?!*t'a >al?rj ?ill W ?e*n through. ?nl the I aeltat tia* ird aorruptlon of tb* let med no >* p^alti> It Disjr aaUly b? that d'4 k Kliprnct ' nlM ? ?*? d tntli* ei umr) but ?ba tery contrary Ttir i/> ? c. i rt of (i iinion pl?aa I a? eauwt mo InflatiyofiwiMiti thr.iMmI Fk*mil tanM la ob t n< *l? v? to ib* c i ntry > It aaa aiUeitly created to | bake | ?>?a I at hatlrg got th? place*, It to f 'lio l . to ?a> j ti att?r to fII tlMr. Kaldaln thr iltirory f' rial a bo I* entltl? I to ba innd" ehlaf ju?t|o*. woul i . litr tr- trke lefiye i n the b?rrh , but. ?h?l could tha caMtiet do altli. ut Mm arid boa would tb* thin# lo>'R ; b?l?i? Ibl (Wkltf t lla la a wraltby inan. fond <?f bit j rlltlcal fapU'ttlon, aid fe?|a the larrl'ic* too gnat at " !>r?i?i>t ibe ti an arleeted hj mim-tir? la II J. ? hot Hon. M. P. r , foiiijcrly ehlaf justice of N?wf' t td'aad. at 4 t n* of tb* moat tlulent of th* "Id t onjact tori**. Ma rairlvd hi* hatred to liberty ltd to p< pular motineuta to aucb a ltn|th, that ' fun lit wt It p ?tri et ri iiUI ti' t at and It Two or Ibrea jeira belt r* the rebellion be I on th? n a't^rn -y general, Ke ?a? dl?Hil'tird fur i*fualng to <bay lb* direction* of J tba Ctl< ntil ?fca II* t?palrad tn l.rgiand. anil B *ti< ce??ud In n aklrg Lord ' oderlch ball*** that tb* it cnam * tad been rm netted by other* In withholding t the Im trt?etlo??; and a* a a p fur his injured Int.or a> in l.r tn irtit to Newfoundland a< ln?f Inolta. !_ Ilia ci i Hurt ?ajudge m'i?t unol.ntVd ami ha ? ? . ti.ipM.did ll?-a. ut bimc attain waa tli'd a'teo>pti-d 1 t rtafma blniirll h. f. r* tb? I rlty < otinoll and ottarly , latl'd 1 li* tt i<tt * *a? nu n In all tba Hotnaa ' atho lie cfet rcliaa f tb* l?lii>d upou tila d'cattur*. ao >i*at ? at d an partial ?a? tli* public joy. b* dla^rae* of Ma it p' Uli i . ai d lb* t1< lane* nf hli hatrnl ti tb* Hrltlah .? (itirtl'ttit, drrt* him or*r to th* liberal*. But It ?a l< nn tllba baforr h* vonld b* acanua|*dg*4 and Ilia inly tktiii|h tb* Inhume* of Mr. Ualil*ln 1 h* It I* i a la ha<* no rriitldriica In hlia aa a p? ' I ttriiti Wl Hit* I* tha |?ik?d nbnat to ba r?lm d to , tl e hl|ih fill i f jni'liw by n liberal KO*?ruinent, rr tinld ii')iliir| b* mutt rulrlitti' ib? |r?r of ?ti?n 11.(ii u* 11?I > ha* ihbiI* then IkMiiIk tut wiiiii liui*; " bu: ifce ?||" Ir mill la be d* t?rimu* >1 on. l' '1 h* ?nt t? r tl^ HntiPt 'it u.>mln r of I'ailiamanl ? i fir tlatbird r ait n dt Ink ht< tl l?d bi> n IlifU'dhn ?tll piotably laka piftev mil > (, hI tr t letty tttlli>ll(H'ki>t, ?l i go In without oppoaly tun I <!*r,bt tl a poll ? hi b.- d> limited. It I- b-lo ? -<! , 11 ' t in ? Ht?-?ti nf IIr bMt,itiifii<< in i.|fir kb wrtirrr I* tt'? |?? !> ?.t Kn.t ilrrrrttdh) Nlt.l inifton. It 'r mil ha ?io ||i> I ha pe,.| If lr? I n? ? >?r? llitn mm IM ? lii I ?l ??l?nli)( aail ln?u at it ? U tried I, tnn ij> il | M,r>m atid bot unprlt clpied olltiia raek< ra - 'I he Indian d fllr??itl?r at the nlnrn nf I.alt? Huperlur I tu oaO hut j 1111?- ?' I r I nblif M inpai hy I* In fa tor l* r.f llelioUn? 1 ha ran-a of tha pra-ent Irmib m I* t alntoy lrn*u to your tra*ti (No turrh-r liit?llt .. ft i p? i a? atrltr d an tn tt-f lr pn ce-dlrR* A fa* mat a * dl? m hat a tiiin da*paiehed to tfca loinm ' iVioj'-r ?rii 11? 11. pit*ata ?e?retaiy to the Ooaemnr to ( i tint) tan lanrtindbla ra?l?t .an- ii and aaita the ?f >| |i lii'intt i>t Mi mrtwirt Mala a toty In p lltlo.. ?t > i d it to Iba uilnlttl). Ilrgl<(?u|i a -aiarv of h H.tCO p?r ar.kiHii. Ilia rrfe-tn fi r M ali a Bura h?< tl Il'ltlltir)lll4, ( 1 ha re*e by tha ' #!rd' nta ?h'-h ba? Jnpt baan taI'fiaptid hata. baa created ? treat nea-atma I he <;/> /? ||(it?itkikl MfM) raftlnM At public analnut laMatllg tbi rtati?ntii? about annexation If it be ttlla thai ilia bniirh poaainm?nt bate IntlmvaJ to I 'id f l|tn iba? no eoetrlre forea mil be nrail to put *> C. V lithe nuwtit la any avaftt If tha publta aill of < at>ada be In ta*< r cf It- the thing In but .?aa r*. *' ?! Iltm I fan > r. ?f/<t N> thing atll atop thaa^i "* 1*1 ii A mil tha priyrrraof Iba ant ? <atl n party/but * 'I ? r<iu??r?lnti >? fecl| rnrtlj by jimit purer moent Co' lltlrlai I ?ta bellrra that Inaupaiabla il flic nine. ataad " lntl e?a?if aunh an airanpetnaat by y> -it ( itrrii. ui?t t ai d that, tltaiefora It *111 n t be inada. | I <* h enl I'.r mining time* In 1-anaJa ?1? 111 1 ? W 10 SUNDAY MORNING | Our California Correapondcnc*. 8a.i r RAicmcn. Out 31,1840. The Mailt and Iht if nil Srrvict ? Individual Hovrmantt in Califi-nia? Manry Making Soulhtiittri in the Field, fe. 1 writ* at nine o'clock P M .Just m the mail if about closing. to my that the steamship Panama cams Id today from Panama, about aa hour ago, aud bring*, of course. two or thr** mail*. The California tails for Panama at noon, to-morrow, and the mail that arrived to-nlgbt will not b* opened until the othtr Is elntel and out of tba way. Yeu will be surprised to heir th?t ever sinoe April last, persons seeking letters from the Post Office, stand in rowa. taking their torsi as they do in your Cnstom Home, and sometimes at your Post Ofllee and thii continues all day and every day This cWee receives and deliver* almost every letter mailed for the entire population all over the territory It baa been attempted to get up aome excitement about tbe mailt, and to throw aome blame on the et?am fbip company ; but It has come to nothing Somebody called a meeting about the maila for yesterday, to be held in tbe open eqnar* 1 passed along there juat at the very moment, and net a soul was there People hare are too bu?y? tlm* Is too valuable-to aot without a real motive. There must be a real oause for action, and then thare Is not wanting will or Intelligence. Mr C. looks very well He is Interested in a eommou-fiaed wooden building, that rents for aver thirty thousand dollar* per year, for ofll <?s tbe alcalde's office being on*. Mr Sam. W. has mad* aom* bout* and lot operations, that promise something He In concerned with Mr. Wh'd In the purchase of the sblp Niantic. They have brought her to the wharf, mad* doors In her side*, roof* ov*r the deck, and a wbart all round tbe ship, on all sides, convenient to receive goods on storage from vessels and boats. It has cost upward* of fifty thousand dollar*, and the conoern looks well, and will do well Mr Kdward Laffan, formerly of Cha-les'.on and mora ! recently of yonr oity, ha< ni >>?e - h i uue. nqt of so. ; thmg to begin with. Mr. L has been a suooessful op?vrator In lot*, in tbl* place and at 8acramento But Karon 8teaab*rger (New York oily aud the West ! know him) la our chief lion. The Baron came here without anything, and now. they say, his Income will exceed on* hundred thousand dollar* a year, aud a great deal over that sum He pays tan per cent per j month for money, and gives dinner parties almost dally. He has William Hobson's furnished borne, at fifteen thousand dollars per annum,and seeinsasealmaad cud posed a* aregnlar Napoleon. When tbe Baron landed he nas shabby, but soou came out in a different garb His firtt move was unon Ward & Co.. or Ward te Smith ? He rode up to their door, superbly dressed, mouuted upon a muiinificent mule, caparisoned, completely and perfectly, in Spanish style and all in such keeping as ' it he bad never resided aoy where in his life exoe^t at Lima Probably, he did nothing by thai speculation j i hot he soon got hold of tha butchers, and, In alliance with them got tbe contracts to supply the naval ship*, and soou began to lease lots of lar.d Tbe tide of einl' gratlon swelled more and mora-large stocks of mer! rbandir ~ie cumulated requiring to be fheltered. and I everythiLi; teemed to work in tnvar of tha baron's np?. ' rations He got up one thing alter another.and at la*t' I we began to hear of purchases of houses and lo's. In | sums ot thirty aud tony thousand dollars at a time, | and this was an every-day bj.-laee* I wish to speak I well of tha Baron In all respects. He gMsa-jead strong. We have a aire us? bux seat, t liree dollars; Mtiiopeans, I i* o aouart. Tbe aggregate of the gold gathered from tbe earth ami brought in it now Kioler than ewwr; but ludivi, dual retultt are. probably, lu uiott let* extra*** | dinary Machinery goes #?? "i'b profit, ibe tame ; ground 'but hu otwri worked and abandoned, and niimi'g will follow wa-hlug I hue not doubt, bo*, j of the great and ineibeutuble rioUet of thete auriferous legion*. and agee uiuat electa before the ioduttry <4 nan can dimlnith tba jield At tbit time water it Msaroii; well* can b? male, but In lUMt placet they mutt be tunk ?i ry deep. VV? thill have to retort to cuternt. tank*, and that tort of arrangement. Vouie ol our atreata are too tleep for oarr'agtt and. at In tome placet in the city ol Rome, a ayt a>U"t be lairi In tba etreete by meant of wrought atone. I r>u will pen elve fl at we go Into the Union at a free State. 1 bere la no dlflert-uce of obtnlon on *hi- point Indeed, tbe Southern men are w ttrenuoxa agourt slavery an tbe men from Ibe North \ ou will . *? that all ibe eandidatet for offloe* under the new oontrltiiI tHu are men Iroin the 8outh?rn >tate? th?y are all oppoe?d to vlavery in' alltornia, but it appear* from noun rauie or other they propoae to take all the oflljei. I Now tb'e It good and patriotic In there Southern g<?n| tUmen to ?lrp forward to do all tbe publie butla>tt, and fortunate it It f< t u? baraute I obeervt that tirico they have got a constitution mate to eult tbetn'elvet, I the Noltbiru men have stepped asbie. aod gone to ' work in their regular biuiue?N again, entirely wiling to let tbrlr (iouiberu br< tliera rerry on the government I tbink thit it all right. Our Southern filkt ara tiought up with better education for publin afTa.rt. ptrbap*. than an) of our ooun'rjmm \ u kauw that after Ike federal k1"eminent wa> et ablitb* 1. thay maBt??t< d a wnlifgneet to find all t he ['re-ldenuaud m<it"tlhe olbi i boldrra of cBlee and the* did very well for theruuutrj . I'eihapa we ougtital ?ajt to le?v* the g.?v. niDient In the lian l* of the jti.u'h- ru meo I k> ov> they would lika it better and w?ubl be likelv tn administer attain t? ?uit the North, r?tb?r than give up the gaicrnmriit I deubt whether you will be able to read tbu, hut I bave n-> doubt that it would not ba wiittvD liom any oihvrplaoe than < alifornia. f out Eai.e.?Tbe decleion rendered by fudge 81 lea bridge. of the M urth t?l?trlot i ourt, iu the < ??? rtNimlpkir Martin k. i.o , will b? found interesting tomerchantt 1 ha action wa? on a bill of etc ha ig* I i ; K < u diawn a'- r >i: Lt hy Vartlu i o of thl? i-itv on J. S. Luke S? Co .of New York. Payment. b-liig refund < ti p.eituteiloa, tbw hill wta ta tad for lita|a}iiieat. and ?ult lui'iluted. Ihti? ta? no protect lai li< n acceptat'ca. 1 he folloatog are t*ie reaton? gnen by th. Judge f?r auatalntng the action of the p'altiUO : ? lie .j uef I Ion mainly debated In thla ca?e It. whether t Mil ol . i at eight la payable on presentation or i t llli d to gtaee T t la thr alwtraet quacflon u pirt ia? rnmmoi law I lite not aow nor h?m I lor thirty vara had rh? l??-1 doubt * hilly. In hi* Treatl?? on U111. pat* 4W, ?|>< kKk I f a dlfirri lie* In daol'loua and tri-a'U>? ?m tn ? tihjtet, hut O' nrlml*' that ' it In now *?ttl>il On1 tini ?j f ol f raca ir> liofft (I " Judga Kaut lu hi* < o it. D?><>nr>, tol 3, yt- loO u?a* HliuiUr *ipr*t?lr>n* but quallPa* tbl* a" tb* b? t'?r oplnlin ' ,N. tt'irr of iham rel?r to aty dreltlon nor ha* iha rtavarch of any ou? noriil in tbl* rata found on* which *url%iri* iba p ??Hi?a < I lh? <lrf> udatit Tfca IrrtUlW riAttHl lu ar* tM m of I I itty and uail?y. vkoaiuilt thaday* ?f||ltit, and Kid and Baaor*. abo d?ry th?ni without ultln* any authority . and tha fotaiga writrr*. Puthiar and J. u>?a (If thraa lattar It m* ba raiuariad tha. n >t WlMMUl g thr ?*rj |Ml Wetghl ?lu? to t1!" plnl n of I oil) let, I h? tra?'u nit?nby hi in ?li: "tba ln?ontrtiricrtlrkTriltr night *u*tain by waitlag whilst ll.?i|i)*ol|iara are running,'' la ?ufll?ltnt to ?how thai auch I* tba law Th* liiconranli-nea ought aa?l1y I* ato'd-d hytakfaga dratt at tight without gra-? (whtk. by tba way. though known am >ng*i m?rrlafcik ? old ba a ? ry utalaa* and inoonittuoui act. If all draft* at Fight ??t? payabia i n pra-antatloa) or dialt cn drnjaod. or tb* rota a <umon danea alant bkiiitMl In tbl* ei untry of a bank cheek. Hatha oplnti n f t ha?a civil law writara coriaet or not It oaukwt WtaWlkiMk I* k* tba law n*ri-haat In ttia nty of N ?w I ork If wa w*ra at llliarty to a*amt?a Into th? tiaicti if tba thing. It would ???m much tinner In fai* r of a tight dratt than if on* at (Illy day* ur aix b unlha. wbvti all raa?oa fall* 1 ha plaintiff bowatrr. rallaa on tba u?aga of Naw 1 oik. and Btilx a coa>ibUrl< n laauad frma ihla oart, b? I a* prodactd a ni'i of proof alai< at otarwbaUila* li cppotmg tarllmony ba* al?o b?an takan. If. *< ha* h?m ataaitrd iMfp auob could hat* baan proJucad it I* tba arti.rif tfa d?l?ndant not to hara d in* * ?. 1 h* I < utt r*nm t hraitata undar th* grrat pr*poa<l?raniaof t?*tlnioay. la ?hi?h m> rrh*n'.*. Ia?y*r*. l>ro kn* *i.d t*M<> all i*t in.* tiiaiou-ly concur Ithi* k*?itir. kot b??n imr duod withoat oppo*itlin. and ?rrj iiigh authority vr? and ?*? ba* bn-n laid bafora th? t atari to itliMuk at Impi-aeh i b>- tula that 'wbara tha law it ataar. |n of of nu?tom cannot ba r- caltad to ???> It I rririirin ina #|?inn.n ot juu,(a siory, in 2d D'^ort STT. " thM u>u" ??' 'n*?? iuarrbaiita >ra U> ha i(iriD|l; iiii>|ibd. a? b>iD( oflan J' iMud in atta nMlii," itlit may b^a.J-d, on erto.a ?| inn Hi ot tfca law* an i tool from liia ka<>?i. <lMa till ?)? riant* Of BiiBirtou* < * ' ? abd facia. but ho n< ail bm at tail i I'M tLi; ?!? tu bo 4l?o B?idi d. I'artl #a fiotiflietifiK ipltili.iia r.iay b? rwoiuail-d by rltil ???!? i.att< II . |>tUy> If Ibid wara rilha ol p>?l llu k|?l*tN'l ?i.-l I ? d tu!? whiab raltatnlj r?yn?t bo unfit by #. ;? ml ilat i l h? r? ooro com of 01 mB>? trial aholly n< on tha ma** ol n i irhai t? Ik oblrb rnw it nuulal ba intuit to il^i ?to} $ < ?l imim ni') j-tem (naiad on i'ii?toiu ah>uld t. t ba rlai.gtd In tk' >an maonar lailra.l. In an>? iiimit in l.j i Ml>), Jud?? Holler luibitin-d a < ? ? b> tut* Jtrlk* W tllco In toi d' to ?liit? It l?ft to t jut) i'l R.<-ic|jitl> ?bo dreidad (if e?ur>? nidt-r th? I toll l Di) tl M rf flora ?i la allovad on !* '? WU? >0 III ? told tLlbU I'l < n?tibK I'MH'I that. by iho milliniil tI t-tiij if Now >oifc. tbo 11,in ft i>rim ?!< ?>? Itoio iibtit ihi'r. Not Would !>} ?>na. I Hunk i.n j tl>? light In ihi.w k; proof ibat It ??< (III ii.i|i Iktli ! ' d'lri It bank IpiIoh llirw oolmk r H ay at md ba mttfift to pntaat.^l ^ II a triatlaaa ru in nrai ea putn.t uuinarona In fat cm thrtn tlia rowtmotion ?f polity hero l? difImii fti > iIjM aooptaa In kbgland. and Ilka alitorril Man#, all artali |t out t l o*aga II l? i ot l.r.*?toi ?.< !?>iai) in iMi rt?t. torienii. a ila it** a tltruntil 1 ha raao of ra I'hi lark ol i i li nil* Hh W b-?n n. fc* app. ar? to tlia 11 tt dirlrlir if tba |ri*ant I ba bill tb?ro auad on tail lil t bi-i tl prolotnl until tba fourth day aflat II a' ni | a; n i i.l and by t|.? g* natal la ? marahaat I ha liklllt) illli* nirriar |i tl I hi* aa?, ho?a??r, ?li at, tv ha ID rr.MotB |ty aaiih tba v-a|: of lha kmki 'li t|a dtiiila at.d, rn tharhonlng tha plaintiff had jl<ltMI If. Il?a Hi* rmtm ?f any community an tar) tfca !an by audita a lonith day of graea It can c I tu-1* .It'n a*') or d'?p?tna ?|ib thaiu alt'(at bar

IHta if ? f.n-a t ui ? not a?taUlali that fi r forty ya?r* ai d l? ba?r II at. aoy altnai* >r- donid ran r?ii.?n.h-r Ik" I I?a? li llarilftf Na* )i>tl bat baaa to pay algbt ialti i n |n??t. niatit f.iota?t f. laail it bsa t at aarapid tka bbt ea of tba ovrt that tba n tl*. t y flian in kiiinar'r pa?a ?a? not aia?pta4 to, ailNI). Iltl itn'rnf 11,i (to Th. ni|>a'.n'a atpri aalona ? 'it? t *!? aiid fc no# their w>i|? <>( hiolkVfK Km lia'lrg lh??a tut ? ! ?l*w tha brad I r i>< if.M i*4 di*ti '>n ?hlrh tb? dMtlid . ?jt?i ail (I at la lb ei n???t hria. lx.'g??..t l< ?h?ra. t h t *m?4 tr.r ll.a | ! ? ti.T, a lib 4tn>?f*> tnd oikU ^ JjtH (li^MikMI. iRR I I, DECEMBER 9, 1849. Int?r?stlng rroin Teiu. I From the N?* Orleaa* ricayuoa, Nov SO ] By tb? arrival h?r? jeaUrday of tb? itwmnhlp Pal mnin, i ?pi aninn iroui ukmirnii me wm we have received the Civi'tan and tbe Nr ?? to tbailat* of ber departure Inclusive. and other paper* (roia tb* Initilor ot tbe State. Tbe Legislature waa rapidly progressing la tha kailBeta of tha aa**loB A bill ba? been introduced loto the Senate to eada to tba United State* jurlsJIotloo orer auch traeti ol land as may ba ae?ded for light-honsen. forta, trxDal*, ko ; and it la to ba hoped will be acted on promptly, since Teiaa ha* been deprived. two year" alr-adv, of lljht-hoaiNM on bar e?a<t, by tbe neglect of tba last Legislature to pate rush a bill Committees have bean appointed by ?arh llf u-e to aet joiutly In reporting a new apportionment lav. as required by tha aooxtitution, aud there appear* to ba a neutral disposition among tbe member* to meet tbe question lu a proper spirit. and pass a bill that (ball be acceptable to all section* of tba ?tat*. I lia question ot a division of tha Supreme I ourt. which ha* occupied so ou?h of tha time of previous legislature*. ban already been brought befira both House* aud it la warmly urged by all tha member* eart ot the l'rlnlty rlv?r I he V lotorta Jinvm ait of tbe 23d ln?t , soya:?Mr John Dunnman. on tha Sao Ja.note river. had In In IT t-hlity-tbiee h ad of cattle. HI* stock of cattle uow number* over three th- uxand bead -all tbe lucrea*e of hie original stock of thirty-three had Out of this stock be has. Id the meau time, eupp >rted a large fauii1 ly and rupplied bimaelf with a good atock of horaea, beep, grata fco We challenge the world to b?at thl* Three ihrera for Teiaa against tbe world! Cuuio on, i at< ck rather*. In regard to crop*. w? attract the following Irom a private letter piAillsbed lu thaW^wld The farui-r* in liouaalea county Lave s.iice?-ded in making rino orop* | this year. 'I bey enjoy a nob harvest, quia an abtiudauce of corn I have learned la.u good eutherlty. that thoeeAbo planted full oropa or potion, proportioned to tbe bands employed will not be ?-il? to piak. by a Very 1 o lanid. iable amount all they have made ; alio, lllat I the a\emue ju-ld will be considerably over a bale of &U0 round* to tbe aorw ai.d that tkarn will be largely ever H4KI balee raved In tbe aouuty I le?ra that, one man i with eight baud* haa made aud, wuh a little e vtra aa istaooe in gathering, will save l"U bataa of o >U jn This may all |mt like small fry to a mio-u i,.,.i plantar, but tn T? on the ljua'lelupe, on the frontier of j the U'mt. wbere time* are hard and money soaro-, : cash in hand, to one aparsely populated oouuty, : will be considered qui'* a pile and very acceptable to | tbe weitby citltei'" < ' nra'as tii n t axneau'c great biiiuuliua train arrived at tba military post on the Leoua oa the 171 b Sept. A letter in tbe Coruua < hrlstl Star, dated Sept 2i, from tha'. po<t, ray*Koar days attar having the raucboof v|a-e>-s , Lereribg k, near tha l.aoua river, at the Sea Antonio aid Pr?*ldlo Klo Urande cr< s-lng, we arrived i ! at eur prveent camp, on tbe west lunk ot the l.eona. ; thiee mi lee below tha wlit^jr poet, where t? shall | probably lemalo a day or two longer to retlt Thepnat ! ia oiuier the command of Lieut < ol Hardee, and Is garrisoned by one company of thetiih infantry, capt I 'leicbant. ai.U one company of Jbe 2d dragoons, I.lent. ' Null cumniaiding. At tbl* | lace we found et-U.v. verni.r Hnub bound for California, who will probably join our ttaljt. A vwk or lw? agoi'fl Hardee received order* to taakr a *ao?t In the vicinity ot the Lo?er Um tirande. I and started Qnt for that purpose Twoilay* af'.?r #ardi | an f *pie s arrlvi (1 from tien Hrooke iroUllog him at II lul.irnati< B bad been received that the Uauiaucb'-s, VVtcon l.ipat'*. W ichita*, aud o > r tribes of tuiliao*, bsil beld n gieat cnuin il *Ld tWoided upon immediate ?tr *111 hid wi.iir* ii mri r-iurvt ut'ciunii narit4?hare all tb* troop* at ibrir po*ta I'hi* m-wn, If trur, nay ri-rltualy att-ni na. l>al I thick ? aliall b* too atrocg fur any fotoa the aatagai uiuy biiog agaiu?t un ll? aJda, that th? health of tha ?hf>l? train had b i Yrry good TIi? ti ll.i.iPK m? take Iroia tU Oalfonion An of th? 'Zllh In*':? corron staikmknt. o*i.?a.t0!?, not. *4. 1840. Old atrwik rs hand. Sept. 1. 114w, hair* 4 2 I; dutu n the part (ttk 41') llectivrd pierlounljr 6,30> Total 0 197 K!\porf> d ait<ce Sept. 1st To N< ? Oilt aui. l.a'ra 3*0 To N?? \ otk 3 *?7 T? Button 8J7?4.M4 Ilrtcalolng on hand an I on rhlpbatrd l.fttU Ktot-ipia tbli y?ar, vine* S?pt lat , ft 71ft lUrclpt* :??t j> ar, to lameuate 4.716 lacrt-aar MO ooaw&l L, HILL fc CO. Comailiilon on Clnlma a^alnat Hcal.o We j>tibh?b*d, aoir* 'lajaano a aocket nf uh< ?e?ea fcrfore ttila board for it* pr???ut ae*el"a. Wr uc?>ii?j"li the d?<'k*t of the .luor a?-*-| >o. 1S4U ?No 1. ( o* t Klkica No 2 Sniuin-l Thur?too, a Im'r of M. Mldi-r N<\ 8 John W tlklo*. neeutor of Samutl Larder, i No 4 Mlrfcardrt l'm?, trurt? I alan Laud ouipauy i No 6 John.N.Hwairy and othtra. I'bo.mar Koltp a. No 0 John Hugh'*. bcV ^ 11'W No 7 lauiva J< bairn, admlmairvor. ko icuM^ r I Wit No 8. t.ilV'Uld i. forc-y'klt. do no v llttnaa Powell, a?> s*|t.ra rrlionner Lonia'atia .> 10 Nee Orl aoa Cai al add hatik'o* t,? aiparty, a-.ijn.? ^o. No II. Jofca ' Pi?w? II. aarlfiiva, *c .No. IS, tohu llal-ey. attboonet I hamplon No 14 Norman Hb rvood d> No 16. Iliratu Cnuab, do No 16 At l.eMo< as?itfiire, 4.e , < baiuplon. No. 17 Saum?-I Colling*. ' bauiploa. 1 No 18. Jam** O. Duval admlulalrati r. luliua I i? ar No IV. N C. Kol(?r. aa*lfo??. do No M. litort* \V. liathaeay. do [NO *41 l>aiial Sir ik do No. )M. H. | ('. I'a'trraoD do No 23 I a nee J. Kendal. do. No. M Na'baa Nit Si. Jaiti Kr?4,d<>. No. t(l. Oeorg* H H*k. aubr Stpeti?c No 27. John . HalUwio rear of Orimt. No 28 Jtbn ii?lb alth au<t I VikNeMfeDMnkaM%*aaa,k< Na Ji* Kll*?brtti I \ ii?? No 91). Ullliaui II h to man a lmlui*irat'r, I rrhr t.aidisrr No ;.l. John A. traartmt. aohr. (liiitlatr. N<>. >"J lowph \d*ua an I otbvra. adminiatratora. rclir tiardiP<-r. No \i. Stuart >cil?r, aiiaiia'aiiatcr. Jolina < i< ?ar N? Si U'ltUaai l>. Mr *iiy, a??ign?o. Ar . 8t C rot* No Xi John PaMaio. No. St) .1. II < auitlu. for K ?' <>r%y, Jvliii* t near. No. 37 < ha* an A tin, aimlul*tiati'ia K<\ No >8 Varnari't <- Meal" J l??o il 'I ha raar i.f Jdiiii llu^hav tu th- raaa of t'i* lni(r Vt llliain ?a< daoldaU uol to l??a ?a*i'J claim a^a.nit thf Irpul.lir of ,*la?lro !>? . 7?lb?ra??-ot William h ItlrbaaJaon rlaljiant. i in t in ra?a of iba b?lf vla-r. ?a? drrid?d not to h?. m Iaaltd oiaiio Tlia ? a?r of |)?iiat. in thf m'tir i f tba KeliJ'ta. *aa atill u?d*r r'?*i't?ratlofi.- Hrfi iblit. C*?r#? c/ Mfmi**?((III ar I romlt arruatrd. ya<t.rda* young man hy tha r>aiua of Sauiu I S?h- a d Inj bnaltiaia itNip 'H I,, a.ry on i* eharg* of aa-axltlng a Tl" mm Mnfnrd ra?ldln?- la lb* nait at'.ra. nud |a tlie mtitt h?an* of luMtiiraMUn ot bjr s,iir? it app< ara it a' both partial aro tailor* and la th" c?o.H?t oaarrrad k'fe'il with tha and lha otbar th* ahaa'a but tfca g"t lb* aJ>H?ta?. and aaappad lha rdSir'a ?ar off Juttlra MoHnlkft toU tfel MCVHil to hall III 0 to an??ar lha abarga ftoyi -Oia r W?ad a'raatad yaatarday two hija h? tha nana* of William I.y? na and Kr?d*'iirk *iai y on a rha'g* of ttaallrg f u to frora tba at"Ta of lUhaa k to, hailan, No 100 llroadway It api?ara that 8l*r? aaiarpl jad hy ilr K?bM i> trranj boy, ad a l-rld?y r gbt 8-a'y with Ma ' mpnal m ? atatad tb? mi ai?? a in tbahwaaniantof lha it?ra, aad auffr r> d lb<-n ?- n- liu t r tha purp?M of robhlt g tha okiiay diawar Star j- a< anon aa lha ?t'>ra oar ?! a?d knowing full wall all tha waja of tha praO'l ra. obialLtd tha kay of tha till, aod >i'tvt> l tho abr>?? m m of mr nay Thl'bnn^ all tha rni.oay tbay too'd find tk'j unbrltad thado<>rfr m tho la*tda. aad Bind* tbalr aa**| Vuaplolan nttad on lh*?ab<>y* and oo thalr iri o*t >6 waa found ? on a at d whan tba alhar wa? rrmchad. ha andanai rad to throw away |tu apart of tba Mdlra motr/. Una of tha bijf Intoadad to j>>ln on* if tba nogin nuoitral land* ai ba had ><ira>ia*?d with hi* part if tb? Iblra ni'nay a vary a?'id?<>ma baijn. 'lha >'nn? roguaa finally aeknowladg>*d tba ciiok ami tha ( lilef ot Polio* c a.untt?a Ibim lo prU < b for trial. .1 Ihntftrf (M|aay -A *-aiplalnt ?a* aiada ya*farday afiarnrn h? agood looking llttla woman hafura Ju?t ra > ounlh'rt. gtvtrg h>r nam a Mary I H'l.liatri, who rhatgad that aha bad >>aan marrtad to John l>. I * nlian.? ?ia< a Sap ? uiWr 1841. tbat aha wai marrtad { by lha lira Mr liallaok In 4tb ?t aiol ibortly aftar ' at# at d hrr hnahat.d ?o??d fr? ni thl?rlty to l.wt Hidi?(c V ai-arlm-att* wbara thay ra?lda?l all yaarr. wh?n. to IWMMHWi aa aha ?ll?*-a llllrratmanl w<-alT?d 1 ff r11 h?r huthand fha l<-tf hun and want to Boilno, i | tatlrf hrr ilauiktar a child of Ora yaata of a<a. wuh I krr ; ltd laa' ,\ art h ?h* irtirmd to thl* e ty aad la l at p??? t.t tarldlng with bar unrla, Mr Mlmp?>n No i Hiatal at I h? alia m w that h?r hu?''?nd I* i lit ley t.l h;^airy haaloj a wifa aln-a<iy at tba tuna ha , niattod bar. ai d Hat tba ^r?t l? atlll Hair* andraaldaf a Lil| lnaLd .% r. t>tmpaoo. lha unal? of ti.a wlfa, ?at? fo b lii an ?f <la?li that M'llllair? acknoWl?dga4 to l ilt- that hl? Brat alta oaa Ualoy aod iaall?d?? l.oog lalaiid : nut It oaa paid aha had inarriad again and l ?a 0'li t: a>|| | |,a ii agotrata h'i??r?r. ruudth at ha i bat a? Il n ay th? fart of tha flrat olf* galling marHad mln. If t>u?. did aot jnatity tba auabanj In roobiltlig a Mooy 1 bara la raid lha magiaira'a. or aiatuta if llail'illi* pr<hlMtlog lha pro<a?uitio ot try laloay aftar tba aapltatl u of thraa yaara- that la. ob-ra no IrdlrtOiaul liaa baaa found. 5n thla r??? tha juatlra bald. that. a? tba par. , ta lad ta.l^ad .at .t tl a 8taia until n.tbln lha laat i )?ar. il.a ala*ata of iba llioitaiK'n old not apply But i fit n, tho ii.i g alai Oil g ol tba eaaa, and tha want of tha ?> Ida Ik a m tl* brat ntarrlaga. tha niagiairata da-aldad I . ? 1' II ' ?" II f n n I'.tlll I'T P'wm ?' "II? ?b l? i.|i ar 0 r?l<1 rb? <i <* rot want to ha?? him i 1 >?i'?irM?d I nt i ilj t<. k??t' him a??? Imm h?r. ** ha ?t? tr> tlir } al tt < f f< llovit g h?r fr B pla?a to >tn li'i l>l. ? d*i ft 1'hni I'UttM appear to W*b til Bialrti. J ||.a !? brlBR qi?tt? a *'? ! lookIra a> b ?n tf ?miuuiM* ?s,ut ?o4 llf IiuiIkii) a fB'lir rough li? king man wttb tain pMykar.aritik art face, "Brf "l<l mm <n to h? h?r fath.r , I M ?ranart k?tam tl?i? l*? |>aiiw? t**> niMh n ti n > i and tltur. Th? huifcaad, m tha t??l???lit tt? Battalia)* *' * Mr pful^d II a-at I?nh'nln kill Vo tro*Ma hla *ll? III aoy Bay baraI atlir at>d Ik# |kaiti?a a.I l?n tha nfflaa t<>?atlirr witk il at i r.d>wtai dlr a 1 S Cant* Hi (? Tmi-Mr .lohti Dtntiaan aa tl.B ?'.n Ja lata Miar, bad la |H?7, thirty thra? head <if rst'lB llta at -k ?| rattla uuiiibari o?-r tbrea lh???ak<l ad- all tlr airrae? Of bl? vrtg?ual atoak of iMii? U.r*? tut. [ERA * Inprovrnienli of Hew York. A bikd's-kyk vikw or the nkw building*?a olanpi at broadway, ktc. W? do not know how a d?y ean b?* nor* *gr?Mbly or profitably spent, than by witnessing the vldeno** of th* wonderful audamasing iucrease of the city, not only In wealth and population, but in th* uisgoldrenoe of its buildiogi-publio and private?within th* past year or two. In almost every portion of Naw York, but most especially In Broadway, th? (treat* leading into It, and th* upper part of the olty, there have b?en erected within a year or two, and ara now b*lng erectad. hotels, stores, churches and prirata resideno**, which cannot be equalled in splendor and eoatllnaas by any olty In the world. Kvery variety ot architecture 'a pressed Into servioe; and every desorlptlon of material, including briok, marble, free stone sand stone, is used in the construction of those pal .on*. In short, where, but a few years ago, there wree nothing but two and three story briok house* and dwellings?some built la the Dutoh and others in the KnglUh style?there now meet the eye structures most beautiful la appear' anoe and design, and varying in cost from ten to tifty ; and sixty thousand dollar* I Starting from the venerable relle of the revolution ? I the hon'e Id wbioh the father of his country at one ( tinM llied - close to the Battery, hut which hat Ween converted into an hotel, we shall proceed up Broadway, and notice the several naw edittaes which have been ereoted within a short tluie, on th* Hue of that great therougbfai e. | The ttrst we ooue to U the spaeleus hotel, known a* Delmouioo's, on the oorner of Morris street, built of frew stone, and oca of the handsomest and most conveniently sltuattd hotels in the olty Going lu th* sam* direction, and proceeding a short distaoee further up, | we misa the old Mansion House, which at on* time held blub rank an hotel On inquiry we find that it 1 has bees demolished- that it bad to fall befor* the rplilt of improvement, and that savsral splendid stores are being erected on its site ; thera will be six of them in all. two ot which are nearly completed. When flubbed, they will be as oommodious a* any tiunlar erections in th* city, while th?y will be an ornament to the part of Broadway where they are being built. They will be flee clories in height, with broen stone fronts, and have the new patent revolving iron shutters which seem to be so uiuoh the rage oow-a days. These shutters are very oonve- t Blent, and are tar superior to auy other kind, especially in ri |-ard to fire. '1 hey (evolve on a cylinder, which it wi rked by ft crank In the ln?ide. The whole can b* 1st dowu or wouud up in a minute, aud they add vary c uiuch to the appearance of a building. They are com I po*ed ot a seiies of Iron Mats, ami fastened to an end- * le-e chain, in mu.'h the same way a* the dents are t fastened to a similar contrivance In threshing ma- i chines " (it-log up Broadway, on th* opposite side of the way, | th* ?'b< erver seer the I'nited State* Bonded Warehouse, gigantic building, cuu*tructed of brick end granite. tn lb* mwt durable wanner, and perfrotly fira-proof. \V e tur already gl?en a lull deanlption of theee niagLldrent prtiiiiee*. and theiefore oonalder It uuumiji?r j to do mora than rt f?r to tbem no thl* occasion. JuJn u * Hotel in another Boa building which ha? Imii nrrl'il Diibla a l?* )iir?, bring nearly the pioneer la Iba Injproveniect* la thin part of our graat thoroughfare. Now wa cor n to the really tplendld store* which hare been tKclfd on the *lte of old (iracn Church I'hn ehtirrh. a few year* elure, wa* raxeJ, fur 'ha purport! of linking room tor a ?plt nUid Chineee Muv-uui, for wlil.jh tli* ground waa purena?*d I-rom iu>mt> rauae or other tha fiinjrot I'll tliiough, and tha land wa* purchased by Mr I'belp*. of tba tlru ot t bltteudea. I'nelp* L Co , with tbc purpn** of eractlng lonie aplundld atom upon It. It I* about a year tluce they were completed, aud thty are truly mod beautiful edlfloo*. They are conMn attil of browu itoaa, an 1 stasd ab >ut ninaly feet on Broadway, running back to I.umber atrtet and tarlrg Trla'ty t burehyard I lie e >-t of theee build llgM, including the land t g>-t(.er auh the Internet of ! tlie in< my while they were bring erected, ti nearly one bundled and fvrenty th< ueand dollar* 'J'hey form a ?erj o< mpleuoat i l.ject In Drcaiway; lieio^ dote to Trinity < butch, and presenting a ?ery imposing front, are tern to great adiauiage from tha corner of Broadway aLd Wa.l meet '1 hey ate occupied by Meter* Chittenden, till** U (o, JilTrey V boa*, aud other wholetale dry gcw d* n erehant*. Taking the right bai'd tide tf Broad-ray. we n *t erne to the tobacco and aegar (tore of John Andercn U t o , ? n tho ci rner < f Broadway and Clue *ti*?t *11.1? eolSre wa* ULi-hed about a year ajo and l? b >th ta>ty and n?at. I.ike t!i at re* whi<h we la?t ml* "r?d ' to It ia enaatroeud of bniea (tone and although it I* neither to e*t> mire nor ?o ornamental at th >*a <>u th? ei rt.< r ot Brcadaay and Keo'or itreet. it aid* much t > tLe apf<a-ai.ce of the low. r pa. t ot Hr. a Iway. whio.i i? rapidly becoming a* gr> at a hntlrcrr uetg'ib rh mmI In tin- ilry g"i <l? 11 ii" a* l'< arl air- > I w*? a few y ear* -in *1 he ninet cmpiouom ornamental and beautiful tore whi>'h ha> been er"Oted In llroa Iway reoeutly i* d< cli'ertly the l< Id. i>,{ kn"wn ?* ml u b*r < n*t ' nod. "d and twelre. It 1* o n-irui teU ot pare white ia*rb'.?t fioui a quarry lu Weatcbe*ter cuantjr It It in th<i i iiiab>?h?n ?t)l? if aiuhitertur*, aud for b a'ityl* ur>ti<alUd. It I* t'ia llrat d? puient pf ?? f ta?te In building atore*. and la teen ta great al 1 Vaiiagn 1 hani** ?treet, dir< 'tly oppo*ite. It natubor* fotir l< fty *t'-rl?* each f iurteea feet In hel(bt. iLlity ttght feet in width, and of the eitra^dli.ary depth cf 1.1.? huLdied ar.d foriy feur feet. It I* 'repeoted dally and hourly by tbowraud*. and the universal rt nark I* that Mf>ir? Bowa L MviNamex, the owter*. ban (pared ao eiprnea la eadeatorlog t areet bullulag wblcb. wblU li would r*1*?t crvdit on tb*lr ta>t? and *nt*rprla*. would b* tk?i autv*?t i?f farorabla r*n ark Mid conimrat by th* cUlt-oa ? f tin* ui*trupolU. 1 bl> rpl?i>dld rutablWbui'bt ?iU ba rtady lor occupt tion on or ab ut tin* flr.t of th* niw jrtr, at which tima lb* proprietor* and own^r*, M??*rf. It>?ra Ik MeNanta *111 t*k? |>r>t*>?lo. and o ilium tb*lr btt?lMN that of dry good* inrrciiaata. Tb* coat of tb* bulldlrg *HI b* about A* ?oon m tb* b*autiful banding. I* t at?ra *pok*n of ba> b*?n namln?d, tha NrwWrk ciUi*n Involuntarily dlr?ct? bii ?y* nppo?lt* InaUaJ of avnlitg tb* old i City lit 1*1. vblrk. for bait a nulur;, *?< tb* priurl- 1 jal hot*I of N?w York. ha *111 not ?** ona aton* or ob* brick of tkat rrnciabla landmark standing up< n Umlktt It too Ilk* oar y MkN bulldlag? I i>atin*d Willi tb* ?Mfl> bl*t?ry oi tbt* gr??t ni'Uii|>olla. Ii??f?l|M r*lcr*tl? Binrcb of ttiat lyltll of puluog d iwo, 1 ncln g ai>d Imploring wblah pr<ml??M, b-f.r* ntauy y*ar? H.all ta?f *lap*> d to umk* thi? th<i n>mt >^lndid city In tb* um?*i?* lu?l-a 1 of tb* uriu and ild i o d bolt I wbieb bad th* reputation in Ita day, of Ii>iii| tb* liM*?t toif.c* in tb* city lb* p*d< *lilau will * * ' rtl?lii| it* hind on tb* >11* watch tb* old k?t?l obc* o*? 1 rup.tu and adoib'd a clnatp ol four itor*a. which promise ta b* fidllrd by fenn* In th* mty, wh*u n > * |.l< i?d V% Ith a lull brown ?ton* front on ltro*d ???. tiir) ?*t?i.d all tb* way back to IVmpl* *;r?at, and Curtb* wb< I* grtuud tM'luding tb* hollow ?|>iar* on nbicb th? ity ltot?l l< rn.*ny atood l b* Iroal | ban boa la.nt-d but on* oi t*o atori**, wbil* tb* r*ar tins irtcbiJ an i*anj a* lour 8* much <d the biowa j i airbw irwnt a? bn? *ir*noy b**n bunt app?ar? to great at.tun'ifc* aiidMnn ttriklug coaUart to lb* ?bua , , li aibl* 'dit-r* < f boora k . ir.lamr* on tli? opp t-ll? I ?ld* ? f tb* ftr?*t t>n ln*f ffting thi? ),wt ol tin tmlil It.g th* biantilnl t orinthian column*, tb* cap* of nbirhai* ri tM*. eou maud attention. rtiay art. beautifully rbl-fllfl, and w l>*u tb?y a'? tally atI'Md to ?i??, and tb* bulidinga c inipl?tfd. il?j till b? !> pi.tM-cl if ala.itatKti ff> mr>rj one t?bolu ih*m W a I? ? ? utiabla to l*aro lb* ?<? ?t tb*>a ipUadld ?trtictur??, but It blank ?ii.i tit to a tit) lai** ??n?. In tba tuUrlor I* a drain ?bl. h |p o iil t r tlxitUli thi> bulldta* uia ' ( la totlir l in k> ai.'l bulldiii. Wlim ttii>>? o?? biillilil |i ar? fo )'lrti-il. ?? ait 'atlrflad tbay will b a |MI ad<ittl' ti t? l??rr Mruadaaj Wi ua<l?r?taad ili; a?i? ail lutti bcfora tba lit; HoUl til tufa , oo?n I a'linp futll?r op town, rn i-ach (Ida ?<tni to N>a li V. l*'i. 144, li>0, 104 and l?4. all of ?hi?tn ara intit aiiriatli t>? or ii?? M?<tl<n? titbli a bn*f ?pa-? | cftma 1 b* la?t rami d ara *?ry Una huil.|in?? tour ?t<ri>?in lin?l.i ?i.h bri'on ati-aa fruuti anil r??ul?li K in.a fbuiWri No. 117.11)#. 1"I aiid Is3 ara alio ??rj flna kuli<liDK? tba I Ml nan>rd fcoia* ?i nh?u pl??rna< i to a hieh ai. troa froat aa? b??a aiilxtd aithln a la? a i i.i b? 1 hn? In n froiila art baron, I a# fill- faahloiiaba aid la a f?* J?ar? alll no daubt lalta t?a pia-a of ?ti na rk'i 'I b?j ai a rarj aa-ll f e->a?tii>?tad allar tha iti ti na-lirj? arr ma l* l bi; ara firj rhaiio and i I itJunc au'l pi lit a inj lia- aij>?arani-a a >n?aj ti g an air ot ? ???>. aa wail a? ?l n-aiam aail ltfl\|. Iim In W a- bli'K t< It attrat tb?r* ata ?ouia t'oraa c >aMrurt'd ?uiiiri) la ihi? aaj >.t Iroa. and th?ra la alio < ci- <n tha cwii-t of Ouiuw aad t,antra ftr?*t? t trb l? Diailj nnUhid 1 bay hata not b?an araaind |rii| m i imii t? ba l??ud but ia?ra i* an d n.*>t uf th? n?t ill I of lUI r Oil a < a bun dill 4 malarial > . it-4 fr>Md?a/, op,, alt* Vrj atr?rt, ami tha L D. TWO CENTS. Franklin llouie. li a now building, which we bMlere, lor ?oltdlty. beauty of appearance, depth. aad aierythtng el?e, ean hardly be excelled It ba* been erected rHbln the preteut )mr-li one hundred and lit; Or* >rt In depth by twenty-four feat three Innhea la nldth It la the property of i.eroy M Wiley, B?<i , and *111 ba oecupiad an a wholesale dry good* (tore. Ita >?tlatatrd noet U from eighteen to twenty thousand lollara. built of brown atone, with revolving Iron chntiri When you are inelde It le hard to bellara that t i* only one building- no capaeloui and deep le it. I n? interior irrtDKomtDU are admirable, and no jolidoualy aonrtrneted aa to exhibit the good* to tdaning*. an well a* to he roomy and airy Tbe next caw building which attract* atteutWn from ;he pit*** by. in tbe wry ahaete and n?at banking koune ot the Chemical Bank now in courie of creation n Broadway. n?ar < hainbem atreet This edltlen. foe >haiten?i?ii of design beauty of appoaraooe, anil cominoliouani ha ot it* interior ai rangaiceat* for banking parpoee? in entitled to take a high rank The material la of brown utoae neatly ornameuted with a heavy oopiii ou the top It will be tlnniiihed very sooa and oelupi.d by the bank. i'he fplendid hotel, known aa the Irving Hoaie. of hli-h tbe MeMi* Howard* are the proprietor*. cornea in notice next. It occupleftth* whole bieek. extending irou < hambet* atreet te Hernia. An additional wing of iranite lia> recently beou added to thtx eHtabliubmeat, ebirh not only itupr >vea the general appearanon of tha ehnle. hut im[art*an air of grandeur to the front of !he edifice, that I* roarcely paralleled iu tbl* city. Aa km.11 aa all tbe improvement* which are being made to thl* celebrated betel are carried out. it will be an orna nent to that part of the city In which it i* looated, aa in extended fioat of out granite extending a whola Jl?ch. will then be prevented Tbe monotony whioti lometimea mark* building* ronstrucle I of graaita. la not observed In tbe Irving Moure In oon?e.|Uenca of the b? auMtul way In which the etnne la relieved *>y the chastely wrought balcony aud other ornameuta In tr nt Afar paaxlng Stewart's splendid dry good* palace, on the oppoaite Ude we walked a tew block* and In view of that imposing-looking and tplendid building which I* being constructed ou the a ruer of Wblta utteat and Broadway. It 1* one hundred and tif'.y feet i* ep ou H'hiia street, and tlfty feet In width on Broadway ; and the estimated coitt of putting it up will not fall short of twenty five thou?aud dollar# it i* aon truotad of brown xtuua. similar t>alinuit all the gliding* which have Loan erected wituin a year or two n ell pert* i f the city We heard at ona tune thit it raa drsigued tor an hotel, aud at another that it had >eeu taken by Lord 41 Taylor dry go >d* in~rch*oU. for i store in which to ??iuduot their busings At all vent* there I* a bill " I'o Let" on it at present It I* not el tlmehed. and ehnc It shall have been completed, re aiay epeak more at leng'h concerning It It dl?>la\* taste and txpeasa. and will well repay aa exaiallatiou. Theatrical and Alualcal. Bowr.HT Thk4TBk.? Chi* gr. at theatre, tbe largeit In he eity, waa hlled last night t > it* utmost capa:ity " I'he Three Ouard*tuen" rather Inoreaie* than liinlnirbe* In attraotl in. 1'b > Intent delight with bich every sceno I* watch<4 end llitened to, by tha rowii? <i audlmre. i? curpi lain* It le ea-t at any tnu? n a public tin a're to wbnn a vxoitea attention ud rourfu th.< frr.ii )i? vv ? ue?er have aaea n >r? uarki (1 attention be?towed upon anv plena than the abend** crewda, whl?h tiook to the H>w*ry. nUM. alter ii|bt, en beholding thia rich. Interee'lag a ad imueiog piece. which In at our* auburn*- anil humuruM, in tone and eoinio, aud, tu all it* part*, latcina.lurf and Miaallful Bhoabwat Tnuui.-PihImI/ the unit bill of mtertulmneat wee preaentad here let eaunlnfr a* on he pravioua Bight, and the performance* of Mr ludaon wara gl??n in tha mh? apirlt, an i with an indiaiinifhed degree of ahilltv. whlnli prodiio*d a >1 eportionate nienifai-'e'lon of applttiaa from a highly aapactable and fa? hi'nabl* a<dl*uc? We have x.tblng to ad l tn nur yeatereay noMee of theaa pleeea, nit to ray that tha efforta uf ?aoh actor w-r? atteuded ith deeerrad (*< lit Variety ia tba <>rd*r n( tha day n thla admivabl v managed nb'i'la ?f TheapU. anil, by .he lDcrraMt'R efforta i f M???ra Hlaka aa j Vta^hall, n purveyance ?f mental aiim-nt to tba laany>alat?d Imrra ot tba drama. we ere t? Lara on ?Ioqlay < Taulng, a* th? auveeeaora of tba Jrieh "Lion," ,? Amarleau prodi*iaa uauiud Ka i anl Mini liatenan, children of th>- eg?a of four and Ml y*?r?, who, <e are told perform tba moat difficult Xr, ia?j.?r-er> bnrariar-i with a |>*rfeet knowledge of 'ha ait. and a ireraful and eorrect reading of th* great author. Buniow'a Tiihtki ? rhi* laughter loving plana of inuiemeut aaa well attend* d laat livening, to witneea Lit* new and rxrelieet comedy, called ' Tha Heriout family " Tba comedy can be comprehended and appreciated by all : It ahowe uj> t > real lif.i tha f?lli?a and am i>a ot tbn pretext ?|i -tba ? and a?iM??i :aka tlielr tnpNtlf> parla with great abi It; k"*pln{ ,li* wholr audience In Mia roarof laiighre* i'ha moral pood, ana aMrh the in.iruu tolta can Uii<h at and kpprrciate. The other t ?o piece. Tba l*r?ey M no ,n ly,"' and ' Mra Buiibury 'e 5poon?," wtnati'lonnln l?d iho a*?t>l?i;'* 'DtrrtatDBiru'*. want off wall If yoia aiali a foot), aboli xnoia lm .-h. gi t'> Lurton n and wiU jeaii tba '' S. rlooi Ktflll}." L'lunmi! a National. Tut. at a i: Four atnqalng >lvcra wrra prrfrrmrd laat ar?i>l:i)t at tt.a thi a' r?. by >o riorllant e?>nipaay Mra llmai ra, a Ud/ who hat ixhlHtvd Kt'at gaiiiua and taln.t In hrr pr ifn* low, 3 arte )> r laat app?aranra and MMialnal four dilTaratit baiai-lira. In th? ' liar d-eiua ilu '-a id," a *ery a^n i'irg larca, aha a^raln paTlorioed a* -Ira Wyn<lbam. tl?w tin mi.* of tha pi*ea. and |'a??d tba wall l'f?a likn,a a Twkna eoticludid tha eutertalnmenta of tha i ??i intt a tarca of ?hn h the wu'hor. wi?r?r ha may be. ha? no cauaa to b* proud tin -lanlair a>aini.< ria new ftraod burlea^ue. r Mn*?* a > naele f mi l->l ou tl.e Arabian >t ry of' VU'liliu " will be b'ontht forward The pripara'i r.a nude fur lh*? pleea ara ?u.-te la to i^roBilaa at iaillil*n kraat and axtra mini irr. Mm km l'i OkTMrtc I'm at a a ? 1 talarJay btlif t' a anolTrriary of tl.a opening of tha Olymplw l l. alre, thl* neat llttla piaaa uf a?u?enient ?? a< la naually th* em, icredfngly well alt-nd^il. A aarlmi Dl ?ery lUlkrllK ?'i 1 pl>arlii|( eat* rtalnni'nta wxra |ie?|i rilled on thla oecam ti. nouelatl g of tha petit* gooiidy of' Whire I lore'* a Will Tin-r '? Way,'* tba tu)thol< i ll al liOT(!""|'ia of ' I'rlrni ?rhna." ?1r. Booket'a biirl>aoiia ou tlie op?ra of *"..ilia,' iitiil'd "Aluj Lee au'l ih? operetta if No, or the < >1>m<oui ?> mol i' t . Ail iij' r mn u an ? wara * j' * n? i nj tha c< li.Mnad ta.?Bt of M iffliril ? i||.tlr<'u-'ir I iia(miij. with the p.> aibla ni 'C# ail >rdmg tnflllitr pl-ftUr- B'I'I llrll^tlt I the lar,|a aa'atBOlf t CilrlirtUil c an'li?n Atr. Waloot wli> a atui'U* in oosiady ara " w?-il inntii, tiiKt o<MH>ii?iiii*t n i? u?. ?ill tafca hm b-ratlt Monlajr n??Lln< n *hi?h ATI-Baton *- pr??mt? to tha bill t?f <o >rw or Jla?-y attraction* eoaalatmg (,f ilia dra n? (4 " V ietmik?," cona 0|>ni of tha ' \?w l.or-l of tha Village." and tha I'.ritMUi* -1 ' Sri anala no t Ifibaima" a atiihniant* wblab cauaot foil I > >ltrMl a eroailad huua*. Ittutii Onti H < ??To morrow aaaatag, a aaw til I itiful i (,-( aotltkd " Kuril d* Holitn. wtll Laptid'.t*ad In ?pl?adnr at thi? 'a-bl'.iaya ra ?< r?. 8t(D?ritia Mrrtueca will tM'ata th* e*MtM(?r -t klana aid t iim r ntKltn Dl^nwlna r?r<lnl will ?> p? at a- AiuhdiIi) ?1t tiwndl I nd?rtba aula aap-rii?t< i.d aca of Mantifk wi kaia ??) rrtna 11 fe-lbit the oft liaatral i>i artm-nt will b-> a* auph >alo?a aa ftti; at'(I wish tba woealiatt at p *"t' am *< ! a' ibia tat li.hvi.xit "o watt.'* Ui' au? M iu b-i - H <.? IralJ mtu ij A . >>rr!> ? iiaiat? ? Oriti II .i n -Tm? 'rri? t>? ?'n. tiila P'ltlillUd I.an1 of n?fro tnin?tr->l? pr? -i t lor laa ?? tin mailt of tkfir tatmiK, an ?icell?at '<<<grannaa Pl otar,.?"inif ota Ni 'tiioit r i |> -in ??? ?? I tha n;rrfi ah h ha? ?tvnj>i| th-lr ti ? >ia ? tl?-ir brai rp?nlng io ttala ally Mail . ?in nr iklaa \| * i? alaaya aura to couui iml a ?"d ail atil I' t * t b- maamat'.. iv- a* i>? l'f?li,< f t brtaalaat and U> i??i t> ti.lli atia I) I ttnj | A?Muh Miaaim. -Tk? attu* -in*nt? at tbU old and r> Uliatr d th- itta . f t>.n a id oi- r|r.,.?t ar - *ary lata : till f ll? an vaudat I'l^a e tra pant ul.u <a, I Mil >lt |lb( aiidJctng a fit |l a-*" ' at . l? (t kiil fttftlni ran ba ablli-d ??a-, a', tin .Ui-ut. Ma (i V ?*i'i ?Mtirr. aa **Tii LiaM lHUwaia? ? Thla K^atlainaD ba? bit on a dat*l l?d an U'nutal at raitlna for tba Iwtiittf rnoj Ha raada !<oit p??r? In t'?? ro?lnut* af >baK*|>rar* tn da up a'tar tha pir'raltaoC tha imn ortal bird, laahia1! h l< ra.J ? p ?.~?t. a Rr-at tfM niHu pt la Im ad and f-a'n?a II a in < ? Hanilat" f. r I U"* lay. at lb* luiu-Mt In tltaaa^ at I A ntony and patra " for 'iamrdar W.. >ail hr Ibara, to aa? and to bear 8bak?p?tra in bla havt ac b? lin d and bara on ii .ubt n-r* w II ? t f all rt^ni. Mr. Van')anh-?fl a alo.-o'i?n l? m.??h ?l ht?.|, and wa Kara bo it "i?l b? liaplajrj i > aittiltga m Tutidi) araning. Ciaiwa. Aarna Ti ?t a ?T.--norrow aTafiln* l? ap^rt at thii alafant atnpblthia ra. fit tht Doiwlil af Vila Una who. e?l>?td*rliig bar you h. tuaj t? nonaldatad ?ba b at ?i|iwafi.aa In <b? wprl.l P??a pr* ar n.n.? la vary altiMilta. e intlat'tiK of f>?u id h ira? n.aa?blp aatililng tiima ln?. poaturing > j .a -ta <(! ?, ai d In flna aaarj il?? >rlptl<.n of amii'i iB-iit tha*. eao Iia witeaaaad within tha praaluaM ol aalteua V r.f.i ' I a. * it I hla tiw a11 -1 will alaa a win ml Mil Kiiufdij rtwnin* tfc* i htn??? Mawua Km hi) H* till lif kulclcl h; hlf Ihrw iliuttKoti Pi'omn or tin Nn n - Tha h?'t rid* n? Mypt *w| N?W? '? ?<loitr?biy d?plet?J la lkl< ptllilM I'fen <?'? ?h?rr a man In ;l?ilii na nn laildiiiinit, u??r i Kr^fiit. whtrh *n rU-im It th?t It app??r? mill* art <'t dancing )l Molt tlMllnlj <lr*?n ( a'paulaiMI. who *r? vt??U|| lbt? r-tlna'jr w*n?. ?r? iir ni'd with th? nt'oo?l cU ?l^4l' >?? suit f>r<n? h. utifnl yli lO'? Tk t painting l? wrll anrtli aa?MBg. Ulan ?aory Walla* k I* r'?f,n?c ?' Claiiaaati. lint# la. iiiitm ?>? rtraatraa*. ( r4?ti>l r?lmr, l' * A.; L K M?ob, *t l,o?lt) H. C Ha"! A J. I a'htr*' J 1 \ Vlaro-f. ffclUU ?!? * } M I mr.ilr^ \ I', ?. AgaratT, H A ; l.l?4 ot?M ? lark I H a ; r. l? l*at.>r<l. 8 V. 0*f? <1 W N Varrm. NorMk, J H llr??n .Nw?l.ih; il-or<a t)?rm^4it K. < nkflt*. l>wt<K; M W l)?l|ll, Hm|> a U i nr. ; L. Klmi), Al*?aa.|na; <-a tl Vmi niiwi,iillil*,ll * H*t ?i?r, ? ??? ( >r !<<< ' |n|t**4*'uti'M lh >f?U: ?ia iji?| U.M *jfi?ai. a. (ba IitIu*

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