Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5665. TELEGRAPHIC. J ONE WEEK LATER \ d FROM All Farts of Europe- ; a m m x v a l I or TUB STEAMSHIP EUROPA * AT BOSTON. r american securities. 1 Decline in the Cotton market f APATHY IN POLITICAL AFFAIRS, 6cc. Acc. tcc. 1 Tb* tteam<bip Kuropa arrlTed At Halifax on Friday J anornlng, at live o'ol ek. She left that port at half jut **ren c'olec* fur Bo<tou, aad arrived thereat J ialf pastils o'ctrch jeoterday morning. She brought tifty-twe pa-ieag-n? four to Halifax, j aid forty-*'gbtto iltcton The Europa'a &iaii* left Boston at hnlf-paat on* t o'clock yeeteiday afieruooti lor New York. They wilt rrWe b<r* about three o'clock thin morning, which 0 will enable tb<> merchant* to obtain their letter* when tht 1'Oft i flice opena ? The newiwaa imni?d!atr1y despatched oyer the wire* of tbe new Tain or Merchants' line, and the \lor?e line, to this city, and appeared id an Kjtra Herald jesterday ? It 1? not of mu-k icnportmce in a political poini of c View. There ha j been a dtchne in the c-itton market, tvi'h .mailer tali t. Tbere is a better <i?niand for American identities. Bating'* Londou Circular of tue J id uit. 11 iay? T A morli bettrr demand lia? irerMlf d the Wat w*?V, * tban wa bnre kn<>?u '"r >om? time I'oite.l 3t?t*i ^ Sixes bare been dene l#r^> ly a' th.> <|notations, and 108 now naked for coup-n #w>ck I'ennsylTania and >la<ia- " eliu.ii it- a |||t m>re tnq'iir?il tor I uiti-d States ?ixee, 1862, 10a>J; do *ISH7. K>6,1?; do ,1RB8 107; No* r Yoik State Mrea. 1(2 to H4>4; do. ( i'v H??i, V.StoVO; rtnnsylvan a M?ea. SOtobi; Hauicbinuttt Sterling. 102.4: Marjland do . Stt to89)?. e) >uth ( aroltua do . vl h to ?>4: Alabama Jo . i.:i to t'.V Ohio Six**, dollar, M> to ll'l; Vlrgiuin 1 It*!1, 68 to Ott per cent. I The rumor* *( war between Turkey and Rus?it w*r? fc faat dylog i.wty at Ccustantinople The I ngilsh ahipi t. Of war wcru anchored within the Dardanelles. The i h Frciioh flict was ticar Smyrna Nothing further has cl transpired ril.itive to the decision of the Kmperor of c, Ku.'sta, rrrptctliig the Turkish affair. ,\ No new* from Inland. ol The famous Garibaldi had arrived at Gibraltar, on *' board a baidiniau ship of war, placed at his disposal ti by the government lu.000 franc* were ordered alio to be given him. but these he positively reltied to aocept The U. S. frigate St l.awreoce, (44 ) 'apt Paul ling, ai aaLUd from < oa e* fur Lisbon on the 17th ult. jj| Tlie Ficiirtl Hrpublic. dl On the Kith ult., the Hitch Court of Versailles pro- i noi. need fecit nee. ;mr cniHMti, of transportation for ] lift), on M. I t <Jru Rollln and tha thirty-three other i ' " persons, Implicated In the Judu election It Is alia 1 ^ add-d that the reiitecce should, within tho three . -day* followlrg. be placarded by the efmraon exeoa* I '1 tlontr oa the [ ilk ry at l aiis, but the President would 01 ?' t allow tl; litt?r fart of the aeLtxuoe to be carried tl into effect. I U The c(uii< mcrd prisoners of Versailles have ad- j R| 4r*aied thilr ooaurel. dated from the prison of Vwr- m milks. the 14th instant. signed by all the rond-rnned or prisoners 'J lie*'.even of tha accused who were a?- | quitted, have ^dressed a Niter < f a similar nature to j their counsel The prisoners havo nlin. in a letter to | t) the Jtn.itu' r>rm.?i rtt.'c. reiterated their declaration, that they wets not justly trnated by the judge*. An almost cosspNte change In the di;>l >matlc and " or-cls'* corps la c:.atn spoken of. ! ^ The foilowiig appointmi r.t< htre b<*ea ofll -ially an- n. nciiLft d -Ci i; L'e la iiltte. llininterof [''oreiita Ailair?, 1 in the rooB of M d? Kayneval, M. Ouray, rrefect of the HhoLt to ho I nder Seen tary of S'ateforthu Department ol the Iniirl. r; M. Aua-suhanfaye, a well kn >wn ' wriDr, to It Ac'cLiiijii-'rator of the l'hea're r'ratval*#; co M. ( iamcnt iieyre to bo Secietary lieneral to the Tre- {'* lecture of Tolioi; M. Arthur de UublLiati late <"V/ it Cuhirut, to M. do Teequeeille, to be t'ir?t Secretary ol Leg? tl?>n at Hero*-; M ile Salignee Pension, Klrst Secre rs tery at Herri* to be M in Inter at Hamburgh; M. de la dr four, formerly' l aige d'Aff*lraa at Vienna to replace ' M. de Fontebny, at Stuttgart; M Veron, to be Dlraotor | Of the Biaux Arta M. iJaroche ha? recalled his letter <<f resiguatie i: aLdls rerolved to retain the situation j *' rt fltruirar Unilal. The T<mpt liti I.-en ?eizod for as article on t'je late ' ft tile's at V.i i. ,>a. I* Tlic (\n,ttiiuh i,m 1. ?o Uni the < rgai of the Thiers farty, bat deterled il f"r that i f tlyfir, aid will now j devote Itself to defending the per* inal policy ol I.oul* Me N a prison '/ < M. Arrne, editor of (he F. ha rf' It of | |(* Nantes, andaceueed of having alU-d the luxuriant* q, there, on the l.'ithef June. has It- en acquitted by n ourt RibpIIaI h n I t * o k' o m <*.. u 11! * . 1 A MTfukut nf the reeent h reiriiio n t of t be lina. n<teii*?d of esaltiog <1* hW men to r*b?llk<n and In-abordtnallnn. In eoneo- j 1,1 quanc* of tlm ?tnrlctlon* b?for? tha bl*h cou.t < t . p, Yanaillef. I ? Twenty mil in tin1 I.eglMaliee A?*ea>'>ly hare b?- : " QB>6 VACBBt ml Tho Committee r f Vlr.ance h?? already examined tli? atria* blllr f ren nt-d to the Al-emMy by M A. Knald. It approved the c aiotenatce of tba <i ny on pntabla IIquort. the wiihdra?al of the lacoiaa tax and th* ?* h ] tetaion of Ibc tr-a y with th? bank. c( Tbe c< Birrtllof ? f parliainentary Initiative hare re oIt< 4 to rrc runnel tba rejection of the pripoaltioa Of M Ka.?pali that tha func'lon c.f uiiniater and tba ' 1 profe-flu* ? f Vanktr ata Incompatible. It i? atatcd that tba (|U<>ation of tba reduction of tba Frrnch army 1>?-li eu ?eri'>u*|y dlscoMed by the ml- l.i nlatara c I Lou'a Napotaoo; l>ut th< report* of the pro- r' facta of tba d< pattmrotR were not inrh a* to juatlfy 41 any p?ppcalt!< n l<>r reduction aicept to a very amall pi aitent; tha prefect* will not gu?r?iiti'e tha malnta- " oance rf public tranquility If tbara be any diminution of tha regular arm* 4 forea. ol Tha Vlerron Kailrrad Company bare preaented ft e" propoeal to the Mini tar for Public Wotka, in which ^ they engage to c. n?truct . on moderate term* a branch a< Una rf railroad !rom la Onailn to Kcaaua If thUcan ' be oarrled into ITrct. tbe entlra of the cantra and tha ? w?i.t of Kranoe will be placed la aommunlcatloo with C tba grand Una from I aria to Maratillea. Tha Mnitmr of Knnday, tha ISth nit., contain* a minlaterlal or let. organising a o>ininl??l<>n, rharged to r< report npon tha aiaana of aetablUhlag in I'arla and all tba large town* rf f'ranoe, with aaeUtance from tha Stata. public ha! he and waeli honaea. Tba R> t a| artltt eommittea, or alab of tba Attn* ?r(t, I ^ If Baling fT' it prrgra?a and glra eon*id?rabla an- c cyanaa to the club of tha Itae da folctlera, from t aaot( akrie member* It I* formed. Ita avowed oh- p laet la to rapport and adranca tha policy aanounend ? by tha rratlJant. j a It i? ftated that tba I'rceideat of tha Republic In- j tardagirlng grand ball at the Toiler!**, on the night | of tha lCth Dt-awahar, tha annlraraary of hla alacttan \ to I,if prexant rfflaa. It It a?an aided, that h* par- o fOaea fakir* up bin realdanra in tha i?m? ax royal i g palaaa dnrltg tha nmalmW of kla tenure of nfflea. M Unliot I* at pr>'eot ona of tUa liini r>| Pat la, and , walk* ab'ut tbe etreet* apparently M unaoncarnad aa In tbe palnil-'Mt ilaya <t Lcul* Fhllllppa Ma haH been ^ rl*lt?4 O M (General Molina da St. Yob, , Admiral Man au anl M. Daehatel M ll<rre I > t aparte left Zaateha in Algeria tha j other day, with rrdera from Oanaral D'Herbilloa to ( proceed to Ilia (iotaraor General to praaa tha arrlealof ( tba ralaforaementn ahleh ha a spar tad Tha relnforea- , wanta were by M. Boaaparta aa they war* pr >oa?4- j E NE Dg to join General D'Herblllon, but M. Bonaparte, u?t?ad of returning with them to /Mtoha, teok chip it I'bilipp?Tllle and returned to Kranaa. Thi? irrach cf dUoipline being calculated to form i very bad example, the Sliinitew contain* a lacraa ?ign?d bj the Prc?ld<>nt of tha Republic, by irtue of which M Plarra Bonaparte la cashiered, and hue deprived of hla rank of chef de battalion of tha orelgo African legion. Herre Bonaparte ban written , long letter to the journal*, ntating that he had a right o do aa be liked, and to leave hla poet if he chose? hat tha decree* of tile I'reaident bad no force in law, nd tbu' be conMdrr* bis cjihiui.-f?1 as null and void tour njiiwrutg of the line have been armed by rderof the Minister of War, with a newly invented uutket. which carries bull ^Oii yards being double the ll?tauce obtained by the ordinary rnu-ket The >vignon papers contain detail! of a scries of iotou* demonstration* in that neighborhood. ?n the iart it the democrat* who ?<>re parading about, rj iLg " down with the aristocrat"t? the lantern," -e i h? police bad made a few arreit*. A let Ur from Montpelier etalt* that a silver mine in* bten discovered in tie dcpartrneut of the Heraalt, rbicb produced One silver of the value et S8 fr. roiu 210 pounds weight of ore. La.?t week a tremendous fall of rain took plaee in the rtontagre Noire, not (ar from < annea The Held* and ;at(l?u>< wera inundated, and va't lUiaage done. TIk re ie a decided division iu the socialist camp at 'arls M. I'itrre Leioux one ot the njted aooUliata, lublichen a lung letter in the liepuihqut. againet hti old ilend. Troudh >a, whom be call* an athulat, and an ntleoclaiht. and a Malthmisn 'I he new Prefect ot the department of Gerihaa sus>eiided the Mayor of MarciMe from hia function*, and licfoUed ilii* Association of Operative*. The i nlj iti m of general inteiest in the Assembly, | uii- g the ?iek waa the rejection of the soetion of he bill granting an additional salary of twenty thou?nd a- table money, to the Vice President of the rein blic M ISouisy Lie La Meurthe It ie euppi sed the rejection wan intended a* a slgniflation to the ('resident, ot the feelings produced on he majority by bis message It is reported tbat in eooMqueree of an angry dianptii'ii In the Assembly, ou Wednesday hostile me*. nges ha?c be> u exchanged between VI.VI. Segur, L>'.\gi>tKU tud bartoka ai.d between MM. brivai and emreu It in also -aid that a similar me-sage waa cent, by M. lerre ltonapsr'eto M. lJarrien editor of the Tempt, nd to otter edi'ora l.i * al proceedings have been ordered to he instituted gainst tiie editor of La LtbrrU for eiciilog hatred and i nte&| t of the govkiuiuent of the republic. Turk* jr. Advil fa from Widdin, of the 4th ult., atat* that all tie Hungarian and I'olieh refugees had been t~ana orti d lioin V* lddin to tibumla? the first portion left u the *0tb?4(0 !*> i?a, under ex General Bern, (now Irrat I'aeha.) Mas*r.rea. and Count Vay. Tfce secend ' rtion left on the Diet ult., commanded by Genera! ttlu. (now hebias Taiha ) aud Kluelti, (now Kiaciil aiha ) 1 bt?e both it eli ded the n[ oatati/ed '11* Magtars left ou the third, headed by M M. osentb and Balogh. The aiUgid anther of the assasaination of Count atnlerg M Liemldi IT. ban art in d at Constantinople, ud ie regarded a* a secret .emissary front St I'eturs* uigh *b<?.* mission 1- to mjw discord between the nidii-b and French ambastadors, Lnd to uptot the : thliietol Hen-hid lanha (General Muhauiel haa received from Oiner i'a-'ia tha rdcr oi hla cabinet to withdraw lroca Wallachia and ikiuavia a>l >roi px excelling the stipulated mirnbar Mo do t be troop* which remain, are 10,0)0 Cos icttb; the re?t Imve entered upon th> lr mureh to Laura, I here they will join the Kuiaiun troops, which ate re. ^iliU>g liotn Tretifjlvatiie. Spain. Senor I>dal Minister ot I-or> Ign Affair? ba? officially atnuicn) that < idi r> have been given for the return ! thi- SyaLiih troop* fruit) the Koran Srate*. A? hood > tie troop* return, the Spsuinh flotilla will bo ivldtd Into t wo illit?lmp. one of whioh will sail to the Dtllle* and I hillipine l.-laLjg. and the other will like|intnid to Meterco. 'lite in-en gave (rand dinner to the Trine* of rUhMatii the Ulh which ?u j bjr tha Hueeu other ai d the King T be ) alnoe question I* dormant at present. 'li e fvibrated i arli*? chi. f Borge*, ha* entered , atalonla fnm Kranee, witb about twenty followtra, ! i> the ?i<je of Agr>.riiut>t and Sttnahula The I leMjrut ( t the Couocll gave a /rand dinner ?b it Ulh bit., to Mr liarringer, the in w minister of the . U'ted Sidli?. 1 he ei rpte of Marian the celebrated irronaat, who ndt a hallo n % nent some wn k? ago, from llnroelona. >d hud net pine* been heard of hai been dissevered i the N;et>Wh eoait. near Itosas, but no detail* of hi* ! nth ].:??? been published. It vu thi* gtulleuiaa 1 1 e latily enittil the /tip* in a balloon I'titk r litlitt, tri m Madrid, of the 10th. announce I at the pr< b oMcn r,t 1.14 oflicer*, granted by (ieneral >pa't?ro In the latter period of hii regency h k< b en lebgib. ten gnii-ed by the Spani-h government Thi* i*.ure would It mi believed, impart additional ?11-(;tta to <i?netal Narva-i agalnat lit* intrigue* Mr It. niiu Baring. M. 1' , < J the house ot Oaring, 'Uiif Li o.ii it prurut >t Vadrld Hi* vl?it I* id to be e< nneateit with nti nrrang' umt with tho ; >ti rtiBii l t ttepi ctlt.g Ibeir foreign debt. Kontr. V.> henr frrtn lion e that the Tope was espec ted there I the KUt itift A new loan of nearly one million sterling had been nrlnil'il. A ruuaor exited that Cardinal Vntooelll ol te. i,, aud would be (accented by Cardinal : lien tit ga. Italy, Tha large levy of truop? going on In t.omSardy, I* ; Ui-ltg giiAt Cim i nt?nt All who arn ?l>le to My are Ing so H< me wa* i{> let on tbe 14th and tlu Pope oitl> up'ctid ?'?!?? it in A tieaty i f navigation. Iirlv.ei n l< r ittftr and Relglnra, , i> lately h?in ?:,? < by UeLiral d'iUutpoul ea 1 .M. ibjIu liogler. Morurto. It I* pOriti vely Mate J that 11>? ill#pate b 'tween ''Years id iVi ).m? be: u setti d, by Wie llmperor c>uo.dg all the points demanded. Anatrla. llie moat !npert*nt tie** from \O'trla li th" snd- , H lha?f.e el 1 he eabil < t ti a *et? of free trade poy. An i tier lias been irnde to I'rraeta to form a ii*t?iti Itcli'iling Abrtiia; and the Berlin cabinet . th?r fetreate from the proposal. H?*ewr ???? > ecatloa ef the Import duti'* tuto Auttria app-ur* iW to bi generally antlclp*ted. f'ruaala* Hire ia little new* from Berlin, eieept the m >re flofd ii.tentlen of liuiii to withdraw her force* j m i be I urLna and to avuld any faithef interfer* re in the Scbierwl< Holiteln afTiir Afier the re- j mi d |>triliatlorm we ha?e ini" that (J-rmany would | itnr it later p*rc?i?e the f illy aad hop. le-?ne?? i f In quarrel, we r?Joice greatly at the returning good ft ol the Oerma-i* Thi p*r:l?a In the Duchle* jo bate chir Sy premofed th? a*r. Mem however, aa un ?a they i vet were to alio" a peaotful tetmina n if the dispute to b? brought ab jut. (itrmatiy. The I>!et of Sp*e .Metilngin have approved of the h??inw without reeerve, vl the L'urhy tj the alliance lit* ttrvt klfig*. India nml China. In c rtn|u?iir? of i-M tint by th* rrb*l ?h'?f utter Mi. jh, Lit f- nr ?<>D* and tnnny oth?r of tb? Kb l>ad?M ?bo In k as nrtltn p*rt In tta? lain lo ur (itIon tti>?lplo of them I tt? t.??n aurprlo d and Iiril by the ntderaef Lord Dv-tiou-ie. at liinrlt-lr, ibcto hi d ( tiler place andh-nc forth they are to ba ([i -i ufty (<< r. tilted within Ui* alii* of a prl-on It* UljlliktDll IWIikllit lud'?d tb? whole of In* 1? iu a rU!?' i t profound tr*L-,iii;iity. and tbe l?I i.n ? ??t <1 tbe tebel rhicfx In the be?t (iMNtit; of * crs'tuuanr*. Tb?re ban been, a? yet. no disturbii e ?Ith the < wa? anticipate I. 1 Ve ? h'0?>c Con ioie?tun?r ft1 n liad p?'*e?-lon ' Ik'1 b? ad ai d I.and of the piiiid- r-' ! KOTernor of Maa I ut telun d to giT* tb> tn up un it tbrre < binv*e. b> wpi? d> talai-d by ?b? Po?tu*ue**, were libera'* d * the?e men are resulted aa enU< lira of the recent rant* th>* Pi rtn^uri-a ba?e refined to gl?e tbem up he pr?>?BC(! of tbe Knglinh, French. and AinerWn irn if-war on tba atati'ii La* MtUerto presented any utbrrak, but it icaeareily to ha anticipated that tba himte will not revenge the late raptnr? ot their fort nd alaugktrr i f thoir troop' /u probably wanti bit r- ?l' f.< *i I'cltln b-r. r<- he ftrlka a Mo* 71.a piratical veeael* wbinb inte?t tbe ( hin>>t* water* ftui to bar nr wore muidrr >u? than aver. Meaaia. Darllifi'l Circular. l.o*i>o?, Kri'lay, Not. 19, 1M9. The rokalal and foreign pradura market* bare bien uM tbl? weak, and ra'ber lower prlre* bare hem aceptrd for coffee, eo'ton an] though hoi leu. tot be ni-?t part, refrain from J rw Opt aale* The Bank f Kn^'and announced yeatarday a redaction In lt? nluluuru rata of dUconnt, fr >m 3 to2H par eaat. The mount af bullion In tbe baals, by Ilia taut return. ??? n? iii> ?<u|>ii,i mill ?! ?> krrired ? :h ln?t . we btre ha following daft* 0<t. IT; Calcutta, Oat. I; Hong Knag. 8<>pt 2?; Shanghai, Srpt 1', Manilla l?pt 14, and Datavift. 8?pt a* utnal, ramark* oo aiD?l?l lb ?hl?h ttan'achate ocenm J A?xra rrmnln doll of rat*. r?t* ar? nunlaally w irth 10* a* I prarln n*a. p?r cwt.; bat no tranwictJon* b??? ak*n placa tvf ntly, wh?r?ou to found <|nota'l >n?. Cot hi?ibil.?ISO bag* llondora* *ll??r bar* bfft dl.^ |><*ad of, at ??. Cd a S?. lid. for 'Mlnary to good midlllpg. and about 100 bag* Moilaan fin# at 9a Ad for |[ocd up to .1* lOd fot ?rry Unsold grain alltrr, b-ing >ltr?B? prima, to ona penny a<l??nra. Cma S?l?? rnaflnrd to lt? bagi Trinidad, at I'.l a W YO [0RN1NG EDITION?MON! 41a 6d ., with 60 bag* Oranada from 38* a 89*. fld., being the former value Comes.?The demand hu greatly (ubMded, and of 290caaka. and 4 U00 bag* Plantation Ceylon.atauotion.a mail portion only haa been di*po*ed of, at rather lo mat prioea, the remainder being withdrawn for previous rates. 1.400 baga native, at public tale, reallied 44*. 6d. a 46a. 6d.;nnd 260 bales Myaore at 45? 0d alt*. 6d. Foreign deacrlptiona remain unaltered, with little offering. Tbere haa been more enquiry to-day for native Ceylon, and there are rather m^re buyer* at 45a. 6d. The lateat advices from Braxll and Java oontlrm previous one*, aa to a large deflciansy lu the orop. and (be article la held generally very flrm'y In all th? oe*r porta of the orntinent, though (peculator* have suspecded their operationa The Conn trad* has ruled very heavily through tbe week, and KngUah wheat, on Mouday. not aitbsUadlog im.ll I?I?H1? I >. - 1 -Hi.- ' 1 ?rr-j i ? y* ' '!"? ? ?? wuuo iut?i|u wan In very limited request. and rather cheapor to sell. In spring corn there la little change to notice Flour ia worth 211a a 21s for good brand*, and from 18*. 6d. a 21*. for iaferiur and Hour Indian corn without dtmand; stocks accumulate in Irelaud, and prices re only maintained by the firmness of holders. Cotton?Trices of American have deolined at Liverpool about d. per lb , since receipt of alvlcea per K.uropa, and the market continues dull. Sale*, with Ul. have been confined to 2,000 bales Snrat, at 4 l?d. a 4 \d for mlddliwg to good fair, being rather easier Dan..a, be. ?270 lac dye have chiefly found buyer*; low to good Dative mark* 8X4 to lOd ; C. A. V. at la 4d to la &4 ; J. MoK. 1*. \d a la U , and a few IS at la ?d per lb. We alao notice dales of 6 cheats last India tortoise shell at 20*. to 21a. #d.) 15 cheat* Wvat India from 22a. to 23s. Od , 360 bags I'e^ua cutoh at lis od to 10? , and GOO pocket* Bengal turmeric at 14a. (lampbor la not to be boagbt under to* , nor Tnrkey opium under 14s per lb.; quickkilvoiU b; 'a at lis. per lb. lUair ?Bu**ian la dearer, tales having been male at ?2f for 8t. I'ttt^burg clean, ?-Jf Cor outxbot aad ?27 loi half clean. Manma is held at ?K1 to ?32 but them is lutle d< mand About 600 bale* Jute hare been an.A at fitm 4113 to ? 15 I^Kir:o continue* In fsvor, and several parcels cf l!ci;al have again been *old at extreme rate*, I"ho pnuolpal hoiuere. boa ever are not seller*. I'hc l .'aleutia advice* alluded to ak^Ts, ciuflru previous est! uiateH of a crop ot 125 (100 pounds, the weather havlug 0 Minued very favwrabie Tie lnun mardel lias a?*uined a decidedly firmer t De and a gocd l.uMat-t- has bteu done iu common barf at ?6, Irte < n buaid la Wales we Mill quote , fail!1 at ?h but there is lu*a dlspoeition to tike conttacih at the moment. No cbauge in Scotch pig or Sai ill. li I?u*t. ? A parcil of V',' ton* Donibay li?? been disposed of at full prices Large tenth, 4,'iit to XV, ?22 10* to XHi 6*., ball teeth, #>, lb* to la.'i lb*., from ?10 lis to ?28 10? and ?crir?.ll<>ee, ?14 loa to ?17, for ti.rik a>er*glt|: from 4 lbs to 12 lb* I.imim'I ?ki in Ha iti d request for the sea.ioa, aad rait* In quantity difficult We qu'-le best Net* Vork, in barrels. ?7 10* to ?7 12s (id , tt.iok rouod Au-ricun, ?G B* ; and 1 oi.don made, ?fl tn ?o 16* p . r too l)ii s ?Ppi rni bring* ?M! in email parcels, and tales to airive, bav* bteu made at ??>2 teiuuion nils coa tinning iraire. maintain their late value; olive la neid flrnrr at ?4f> to ?42 end ).a> advanced at all placra of }>riductioD, ptlm tcarre at 32*.; Unseed in limited reqvt <-t, at 2>-s tid. percivt. 11 iee coutinue* neglected We qu ite Bengal, white le to 11* ; Hlgt7* to 8s , Mttol8?. toBf (id; Ja^a and Manilla hs ?d toll*; Airarau 7s 'J to 8a; < ax oil c.a, direct, 10*. to 21s. bi. 4/.HHI bags good Madras bare been lold from 8* to 9*. Sti ll , ihi -S?l>* cobllced to l.'Obagi Uen^ frue.iijt; i lb*. at the full pilce of M*. We quoti' et Sii* ('(1 to percwt Nitrate soda hat been i-"ld In quantity at llo. I'll , aaj is no* generally h.ld fur hiiilier [rices. Haw Sii.k.? Id CMdb? tranracllons hj . e b"en limit< (1. at priot* raugiDg from Ids 1. to lu? . for 1'rnl. e; ! 1-4. to It!#. V uiio ! >, (tn 1 10'. ( I to 12* i d., for l'*y- J rann. i ti>li n worth Pk toll*. ln(WI >r dengula J have bet 0 xdd from Z?. fid tnGf fld ; but u n*l Import* ; range fxoiu 7*. to ?.< 01., up to lit ? 11* t | for <r< <ry mjfitor. Our Italian Import* * d o."ti*7 of 1.M.0 bale*, compared with lint jear. finiKii? la United re.jutwt with teller* at ?1$ 10. I Sn< ? ? Pepptr continue^ In demand. and Micwil ' paictl* of Malabar ?n J Suina'ta 1lire chat gad band- at ihe ?r< (.t adTBboi- 140 b--^ I'ltueuto liave I. it (>> to t ' d.. b*IOR 'td if<?i?*r. Of pf'jK' r the s*l-< ?? b; act tl fctU i a.-fs liio b i^h ( almut liriu <?~f to 12*a ; S'KI kaga Malabfcr. ifcSa. to 2',j.j 10U hjf* Afrlcaa. ut 8fifi. I d . atd 1 tCO baa* 1 000 pocket* Unocal, fr n - >?. 0d. to 21?. In other trlfl.*, in the ?1i?. oce it public uultH. we Lave n? trurrucLloni to racor 1 Si ?.**.- i bo Irad hue # ill latt n aVout I .'00 Midi' IB 000 be** this week. 1> u | .'|m ? hire Im'D biirely n.pport'd, and In niD) luatanee*. * red.cti.iu <f t>d. >a* bttU Bubmlt'.ed lo. 4,t 00 b"*."? llnvaua at auction, hate teund bluer* I'wi -th-rdi were da- | r.*i;id. acd *dd trcm IT'.Cd to 21* 0J., lu bond, b-ing about 1* under the lelntlfe n uod value. the remain drr biili|(l*| li>? a 36* I I a 4f* , ic-hk prtee. f>r middling hroan to One yellcw l.SKH) hwHet* 1 i.'BO b?{* J?\a ()?u?k !) Id for fu.l price) w?re alt with Ira an. Tl.c tnly t rejection floating ha< been a car^o of lo i00 ' bag* .Vanilla at 1S? d . fi>r a m ar port Tbe tra line cin.|at>'t ?ali! of ID badl:< ta took plaraa'. Aamterdtiu on tb<* luth Id?i , aud w< u'. oO tlatly a' prlo*n. In aTi-iag* tbout 1c. under the rurrmoj of S-pteinber lu Hollaud aiid at Aniw^rp. rathi-r 1/ tier fr<-ilu< ha* brt'D n aiiifeetcd fltcc; but nt llaiubur^'i th>'U?li h<)Mi r* CMitiniie fsrin. little drmtrid has yet abowu itself. Nothing new froru St. I'i tir-bwri-h lb Taiiuw, we bare little change to notlra. The luatket l.< steady and (jqotatK n< of Xt IVti r?bo frfh | \ < . tule al 'd a ill*, i n ttit spot * t? end of Decmibrr, at.d ?l7* ON. fur eprlntt; doutb A merle tn. B7e. a (id ; An trallHO, M?. W4 a ?U (Id '1 i * ? 1.0(1) parke^t A; . Hi <?? (he 'iOth Iti'tant re. allr> 4 t< ry lull raten The f< (lowing duy. II ?oo p?#k?k< o ( bina followed, when illidO oaly fouad bay^ra. Ni ijurtitlty of a?y particular defcriftion ex n .Id, and *e hare tli?re|orw no alteration to rriaHa In <|aotat!tr?. Of the f!r-t of the flue new Congou* arrlied. Kloe lew bat* b*"-n mad* at 1? Wd perl* Tw le well *op|<rt?d IfMM ai la^t r*uc?, 70? to 71* ; Mttsli , CTr. t>d. to *<? Tin piatat in re<iU?*t, at 01* Cd. for charcoal I. C , and ^7*. for I. C. i-i ke. TmiiiO r*u *ln? extreniely firm. Ti *rBaTt**.? We do aot hear of any *al<,? of roughi for b>*t tew 7* 8d ina-k' d. Pplrlt? ar? held at <ii?. for Am< tlcan at.d UM* (> I. for Rtitiah VNHii.i i .ih; - Wa ,note both h^uthern *ol North ^ V??tern, XU5, tut liitla demaad The IQurkiU. t'tiTTON. I.irrneooi., Kridty Kreniag. Not. 21 Th* cotton market has been ec.redinfl/ <i<ii*t during the wetk. The e?c>(ilctlcg nature of th? ; advieea by lb* Knropa recpeotieg the future r*a^e of th* market on the other side, ha?, lo auma degree, puttied both bujer* and *t'Uer?. Th* former bare, therefore been eautlon* In their op*ra ticca. * blUt the latter, kaowlog that oonrutner* are, on the whole, pretty well tupplled. and that la-ge Import" irty th< rtly be eiprcted to arrive, har>> felt a di?pr'itlon to realitaj <ont' iucnllj prim ?/ ,1m*rtian ' nd lira til hart fmlltn ntarif *ie/*tii(A tf a *?n iy fee pei rd, tine* th' lufonM initant. lilt- pnvw VI I?U B'^ VII, at- ?/ ?uv w?b?-a brt k?r?'rrmmitt** thl? a't-rnn a. W 6', J. for b^and *n"1 for Mobil* and (I'j4. for Orleana. Ik* rale* for tha weak art twenty-eae thoa. act four hundred and thlity balaa of wbiab ?I < ei''ator? tor k nine thourand At* hundred and forty, and ?*port?r? no* hundred anl nitty, aad tin' r'mxladcr 11.760, twin; laken hy tin tra rh- r? Id trry lit l? diminution In the (tuck thli weak, It U eatiitaWd at JIW WN> b?l"r. i ?r?r?mr??. The grain market t? doll , there arc pnbaMy lire arrivals at l.ordon. bat at thla |? rt they aw to a mode rata ?iti-nt The miller* are Iti jener*! frrtl/ ?rll nipplled and a? ?? lart *?rk obaeived, thi-ra la ant any iBiroeilta'e prospect of an *dran*? In prim a Hour ??l!? at UPc. to 2?l*. for 11;* bert YVattetn l anal; Tbll*d<-l|blaacd Caitiiu'ra 2.1* . t d to Sia. American white wheal 6* fcd. to7? I I ? <d to?? r<i perbnh rl. Indian cfta. white 27* to J!u ; yellow. 20*. to 27* p?r qaattat. Indian lata), li? ?ld. to lta. (Id. per barrel. Tut: inn* varkkt. 1 her* ban barn a ?tn>t>g dt"p<?ltlon ?hnn, tha la?t few Uayr, to pnrchawi Iron, botk for aloe* aad on ?pe*i|. ; tlin and prlea* hate eotrriimlly Improved Thl? ' ?to*en ent tei in* to be ba-ed <n tb? aa lotpattnn ot a lai-* aptlrji demand, bat. In tba rpiniaa of etperienced ' p reen* In the trade It aoal i ba'*be*n better not to ; l.*?r antlrl| atrd tM< drnand f'r a few w*ek? lno**r, *bm a bett?r opinion conid hare ba"i> formed of lta probabl* Mtrit and coaUnnano* M ?t of tka Makara ara now under contract fi r the remainder of tha year; but many of the aak* of m?nut*rtrir"d Iron ran?atly nade. are to epreulatr.r* who do not hold itook. aad , ?ho are unable to i Ify. iron may till b? had at i-'drta'a |>rtee? for pr>tdj ? specification aad payment, i I he preri nt rat In Liverpool are, nierehaut bar, ; 15 101 ; h-?f rollrd, ?7; hoop XT 7? WJ.{ ?he?t ?H; | N?.l.(f<lcb (l( Httd'b. .1*2 12s; bar* In Wale*. | ii za. <>a M1M Kt.r.AMMW*. Nom (>nr taut I 'Mi**, bu'lnr?? r aert'ly ha* maalr? ???i Inctitlif 11 tn?ictlsM la tt* pr?<iu?t? nrWi ha** not b*?n r?t*??t*?, anil far com* of tha I (racing artieU* Might dvcllna in |>rte* hu b*?a *ub tuttt.d to lh? wool ?rr'*r* to b? Impm**#-, for m**t dt oilptt. iu a b< ttrr drmaod, and hlghct ara btinR | aid. TI1K M?!IKT MARKET. Lnffoow, Fridajr, No*. 21. la ! nclt?b fund*. a dagrro of waalm*** ha* irai ll>?t*-d ta It*ftvck maikat, *t?c? tba csu RR H DAY, DECEMBER 10, 184 imneauiatit of buRlae?*thU morning |on#oN openal - the, left cff jacterilaj, at tt?3, fur money, W4\ to \ for neoount. 'I hoy ham i 1d<"? lxi?n loo? u lo<r ?? and ar? at prrncnt .juoted at W a W>?, both for cash ui.J acoi uut Money l? freely offered on ihares at four and half to At* par cent interest. Rama of l'anrn)(fr? In the Earopa. From Lieerpool?Mr aad Mra Mu'or, Mr and Mrs Lonli Mr StrsD|ie?D<l nrptiew. Mr ?' Vail, l?r C A L.?. M**am Th<>ta?a | Molwrtf, Sharklefonl. U llun?, l.ottimer, Ibbotioii. Graham, forbc*. I>viigla?, Br?? n. lu*?U (EUtivr uf Uetp tt<:hc?>, L II Morri?, WollT. KeiJ Ilellmuti'h, Sumne.-, Cha* Olliffo, Jo??pli ' Kii?ti?, (' H Keen, U H K*an, II Abbott, WnodbriJr*. Morru, <'?nt IhnmMOu nail io?. Rriaao. Prti>|t1e. AUurtu, C H En?)ikh < Hi'uri-r nl DMhstntifat. I.rt*ru I tu. Jt.-eph Stuart. li l> Pariah. Matbiaoa, Zollekolfer, Bi>\rd, ! Cart. r. Longhba, a W T Jonas, Ceo Simee, C Bjwulle, I* Z?ikel. C Foruet. JoilD I'nray Kr< m ? Mitob?Il Duuran, W B Crosby, Johu T Smith. Bimfoid, Not *>?Tha Arol-elaua, l'.om CarJiff for NVw Vork, uMi ll sunk in l.nndv Roads 7<li nut ( beturo reported), wei.t to piecea in the lata Norti.irlv K?'e. l'? vai, Oct 27?Ship WaverUr, Robertson, from Liverpool ! (Se|.tl7)fjr New Yoik, put inhere, 12th last, leak?, aud ia ' repairing. Hobo Koan, 8< pi 27~Ti.e Amenoaa lark Coquette is miss- 1 ini> Mid It i? rr|><" <J that i<ln- mi d:*uiast?il, aflerwarla ! enpturod by p'raws, the orew murdered, aad the vessel do- I stroked. I.ivi bpool. No* 21?The Oitfnrd. Onodmansin, from Lie- \ erp ol for New Y<?rk baa pat bark, bar n& beta iauoat*n? with the City of Maiiohrs'er. off Hulyht vi, un Tunaday uiotalm tat rtoeived voiy little damage. The Brcga Corrcspoudoncc. Citt ami Couwir or Ni w Vona ai :? Jo*. Kllintt, C 11 Layton. Billiuga iiayward. It O. | Kimbi*. Cba?. WeMey Tovey VV'm. Motiratty. Jnha Bennett Stephens, Thne. Sullivan, Geo W il>Htner, Jaa C. Wvudlutm, WHI. Robertton. lieorge Pitar-ion, CharlfH Henry, Itobert C.rahbe. U J Wilson. i>f the Raid city. Roreiuen. Proof Headers anil Cerapomtora, iu the printii g offloe of tbe Herald eHtaMMioicnt, being each severally aad duly sworn for bl u-etf, doth depone and <ay. tbat be has read examined, *04 0*111pured < aoh and every one of tbe annexed piiated copies of tbe llreg* correep.indenoe from aud inducing the

tlatfa t*. and including tbe eigoaturea, letter by litter, ' riitrura by sentence word by word and point by < point, with theoilglnals now in our p i-aesUou aud Inui.d th<m correct in every particular, aud farther saith not. JOSEPH KLLIOTT, Koremaa. C H. L \ V PON. \M 'ant Koraitan BILLING* IIArwAKD, do D J Wi 1.8 IN Proof Header. lllCHUtD (i KIMHI'.K. do CHAS WV'81 EY ToVEY, Compositor. tVILLI VM MeUROPTY, do. JOHV BI.NNK.TrSrKPIU'.NS, do. O KURGK W. HOSvlKR, do. J AS 0. WYNDHAM. do. WILLIAM HfiUKKI'SON. Jr I GEO PEARSON, do. C IIENRY, do. I TIIOS SULLIVAN, do. ltour < it it it 1 . do. worn be .'era nn , the t.lh day of Oecemlier, IS if. ISAAC O UvHKEK, C?in of Deeds (No tiate Supr. ard N'arch. 1H49.| Tbe Secretary of ihu Traaauiy n*? agreed t? coutiuue furulabiu^ m? with tbe returns of ?tuck Uaued weekly to for?l)(n aocouut b"t bai< aiao ytrHq the eaine privlWgeto Harvey for the I'hilalrl, .Intruun U the Caunn &. l-.u<julrer of N Y. Il? deaire* in'>uthly return* but will, of court* take the weekly if you do. If you Ueaira however, to get ahead you can direct me to Telegraph tin 111 and atata aiao upon wlut day you would preler the return* to be made up By pU :ia< tbini tn your < ommeioial article you would put tbe otlnr papers olf tbe ereDt of tbe 1 el"/rnph No Uerpatchea la>e beeu received bare from California. nor doex the Departm. nt know that there any iu tranaita The Secretary hua promi ed to glte mo eslrarta nfwt.atever despatched majr arrlre end I (ball ba on tb< look rut aud Talegrapb tbcm at ouca Hatty baa got a copy 0} tbe t?n w< ekn ret aru ol atork i?eui d eliding this afternoon i> I will telegraph 1' tJ 1 you to t?y without orders? If you desire It Tela- ' gtn)>bed in future 1 ran g-.t it in time for your alter- 1 noon edition* ou Saturdays or Irian;' H< you any direct. (i iy brtga 1 1 Saturday afternoon WishiDftoB April M, 1S4( DvtrSIr I duly tecelred your I ?tt< r of the 1'lfh innt^n*: I bad a i interview with Mr. Meredith In the early part of th'i wee* of a eailafactory character I ?la*.<id1 > i him the advance* Mr K winif bai mad ?r, d made a pro- < pceUlon to ih? i SfPt rtot It )i? au<l th* rat>tii>t ftu'l give m? their confidence I thought the II *U would ; git* the adu lulitr*tif? a corlial *up|> irt. U, jiti' *ed a high opinion of th* nod a di aire to i me?t my view* bu; ?tat< d that he would fcav.i t > ?ut>mlt tli.' Matter to hli colli ag'iea t> if tkey a, >pr -red of , It he would do mi i devlred. I eatlrd upon blm jei*ter<JB> and ihowed vonr letter, ] a* being direct pl< dge from you lis wan greatly gra- , titled aiid it and ti-14 tbat he bad tak. n my p o^onwon i into c< nklderatiori and wat willing (o a<*oept it at once; Mine ?'l h" colleague! hmrcvrr were unwilling to co.npromise iliimrl?<a e*c?pt upon evidence of my authority to plrd^e your ari^ulrfreot < in th* arr*n^ein"ut. i \ our latter will rerrovo ihat difficulty. Mr Meredith | itqwMrd b? tn l?t Mb h?vi tlie to Uy befoie | tl.c Pre-blei.t aad the i ablait, *r?| on Monday be will i let mi kn"w tb<' malt ? which he i<coutiJrui will be ?ati*faetory I ba>e thought It better not to appear too anvlon* la the n a'ter V liare than fore all >w.d htm tlie to d'-llbera'e cuvlnred tbat it will be mora conducive to uiutaitorj relation* withyou. Ial-o thought tbat ih<? airaiycment would be more lively to tuceeei if ihey w?re certain of the agent and cot Mr t'oraln to Introduce me and be my " rrcurity" It pe ih? matter ao far will be satl'fiotnry to yoi I think ymi may depend upon the re ull bem.< all yon i oan ione? 1 am V?nr* re-pectfolly Ueo W Brrg* 1 J U Bennett K? | io ( I bare It li 'iu | nl authority tbat Rn'Iltt wa< Witii'H by Oeneral l ay lor to tone on hue a e-tablMi a ' | a(.er a>.d that it ie to be th' organ I he National il'iig ( never In the pnetldenee of tbe administration, farther than the publiea'ion of thn appi lutiient* en'.ler cl the Mirr< r do?? n' t ?ttnd A ?o 1. by an; Mali 1 ? Webb Will pt a mlMl"U that U*< b 'en d? lltd upon TVe ?ery l?e?t leeltntcx e*l?t and ha?e from the 1 tr-t iKitwei-n etery ui'iiib r < f t*\e ' abinet, and Mr. .Vet.dtth It la a uiletake tbat th?y have eiir diaaptteti about the policy to b? pill -aed T? m lybr. Jr l? r. ry<ju? tor foma ofliof A fire tow artiel* of hla in an<werto tbo r<;u> i appeari In thin tnort-lnga h'kig. WilimuT'ii May 12 10 o rlock p in J O. Bennett K?q i.'tar Sir I hir? toil two T?rjr Importent Interview* with Mr Clay ton t? dv? ^ thii i;?>-niii< I will wilie you at liogth to morrow up >n t the topic* fc will bo in New \ ork on Thur dty or I rlday nut wben I will be able personally to let you < <i </ '?!* Ii/behind the curtain The ' atitnet at le%>t vtr i.lay- | tia Mr veredith i. ()ecl Taylor are m~?t anxioue to pahn.att to any amount. It till k* pruilicttrdf (Ml HO" <1 If you will hot aJmit aty ar I' lej 'r U frrtoon- 1 il> mnatory of the < ahlnrt Id ?? ihc paper till I ??? you. I 11><i:k I will be <tbla to convince jmi tbat tliay nv ?n to <lo rl^bi and that jou ean ?upp"it tbwm couarlen tl?w?ly By lb" way yoil bare li.wn e mplrt. 'y m .H upon th? atbj-et ?f A.VImmtM'i rata I will mn? jon ni>< n u>?f<>..*/? <;,ioaf tba*. he la m r? than t(i' fmuil* charged on bint but ln? arhjenca It In neb* form that It emtio* b? Bml' puMio ? Iho' Mr ( lajtcn will fnrnMi It M you prlra'-a'y ?< a friend. I will attid you to-morrow a lattar upon t'M c'la-jt-n In tba I nmn to ilay agaln*t Mr ? laytoo of lu-> faring wi h tha Oarman nation in tha mi tar of t'? Ki-? ,t?r lllilrd btatax and tba j hair ot tb? eorre<p>ud<'U?a g|'(H the i uby??t? I bra" i/owr ao'l your Influence alone. I bar* ?o-r. ?i|.cj in gMttlnx Mr b?rl?? II IWrfin Ui? commercial ?fnri to ?it l hoira? It la it h iwerer to bn trad* public till Mr D ?n yru at i| y a will Mera/?.rv r.Va>< Iff il i/vitl. The place I* worth ffiOoOajetr? t la licp< riant It ahonld ?e fcep' quirt l.awtenre baa not yet ao^cptcd tba lugllrh ml-tl a Dltrt bar ? Patirr ift baa resigned li?*tiy do Faundar* do 1 he l'? rtii(r?fp minl'ti r <lo Yon will piea?a eiou?e tha harty mrnitn-r In wfcieh tbia aatawl in Written, I will wilt-- I.ill purtl -u'ar* toM rrow. Your* truly U?o W Braja Washington May Is lSltf J. O. Ilrnnrit. r<] I>rai Sir I tad a long lnteril?w with Mr CHyton to day the llrrt t-ne < 1 any l?t> ;tb I bar* bean ahl-' to obtain from Mm ?lnre piy ntniu bara Al tbr Mltarwll?n aw t t? ry Important one. rbadowlnf f irth tha i lew* of tha I ablr.rt ujon a treat tr.any ful'je ta (altbV of eouraa tatbrr dl<ur?i?< ly) I ?l:l < u4<arur to glra tl > gut of it aa lolly m powibla. Tht ilm'Tal Paltry of tb?" adrolnlntratlon will ba ?til< Uy In h#?p!nj wi'h tw? ?if* > in tha ' tlllaoa'' Iattar an-| tha laangoratloti addra** Th? tluilnlotmflnn *111 a it titrtat* to ( rBgtrM toy particular mnmnr*" Ibrawing tba whola r? ?{.< ri'llilllty upon nogrr'i f"r tha r?j?fltlon or of nil m<'a?ur?? ? *?i In tht* aifw Mr t aytoa ronrld?r< th?i *raa ?boul'l thar* b* a m*j inty of <l< awwrata In tha llotlca it will b? all tha b?tur f-r tin firat two y. ar* Tba administration d?oa n?te->n?ld?r it baa any tight ta <t?tata of aorr-?tt I nn<r??? la aay mannar wbatarer 8nrg*aii-n* will d>ubtl<"< b? mada of rhaag<-? but tha C?ofatarlaa nor tha Prratdont will wot argue "fraatra<1?" or ' protaatlon" or any othtr Ivna If lorgra?a oho w?* to paa? a mratnra. an1??? it ia clrariy vnconMltu'tocal of whlob th*r? 11 lit* tlf Jar pi r. or ?ot? away tha whola rareaua of tha enun My npoa internal lmpi<t?m?nt? for iai'ana* ur,la?a 1 in >',oh r?M< ihn ??t.> |>ow#r will not I* n??J-lfa high tariff m?a*nra t? p???>4 th? will raanUi a it, if a low Tana it will meat tha Mar fata, tea [ERA 9. gresa will be strictly speaking responsible for all meatorn anil ihs pro/ilr osn veto their acts If they choose by not re electing them. I pen the 'J'aiijf' Himlion thetabinet have alr>-udy agreed upon their Course ? Mr Meredith will show the working of the system and suggest certain improvements. but inertly Id general term*. It is undrrstoi d however, tbat the whig party will propose a alight increased duty upon Iron a?c and an adoption of tf/riitic instead of ad valorem duties. By the ?sy it ia probable tar Secretary may touch upen this latter point nod show that ad valorem du'tes enable the Knpli-h shipper to regu'a'e our du'iea at hi* p!waaute Still It must be umlert-tood the ailmlnlatration will diotfcte no plan much lraa < up biUt at Mr I'olk's cabinet did Thuy will abow the faulta of the prearnt system, and irate the remedy with the representatives of the people who tiro responsible and who will le permitted to legisletn unrestricted by the frown* or tm lea of the Kxeculive. Mr Meredith will aUo show that Tin SuA Trratury tyftern locks tip In the bauds of the government a vast proportion if the capital of the country If however the nnrcsotile interest* prefer to have their credits thua limited the administration will be perfectly satl-ifled The ret peusihillty will reat with Congress. The admi. niatration haa no intention whatever of recommending a National Bark nor will it feel bound in any manner by old ls.-u*a or old theories It will judge of matters by the light now vouchsafed and not from the views exprererd by any one? no matter how eminent, (a out at 1 lay ) As for removals not a single ana has been made except fn ui good 01 use This Mr ( la} ton assures me is the fact. Many are for defalcation* nod he says if Cougieea dtmanrls It-aeons t" be produced for the many removals r? vulu' Ion* of official dirhonusty osu be made now not dreamed of (' pon the eubjeot of our new territories it will bo recommended that they be admitted at onse us states. The CaMnt-l look upou the question precisely in the same light as the Herald that it ia a humbug possessing no tangibility whatever, aud it matters little how 1 ongreaa ret tlea it ; the people of the 1 euntry will arrange the matter to auit themselves If I Congress wete to pahi. a bill admitting them only upou condition that their ocnantutiou thould enforce slavery they oould (i>aw up such a cnstitnil 10 get admitted, aud the next day alter it to whatever form they plei>ed The ( all net Ik strongly opposed to fanatioiMn of every kind IIy the way I had to'gotten to mention thtt in jii'lging of an uncouth utionitl measure the President will be guided entirely by the decision ot the supremo rourt ? regarding it a? the eouatitutieliui exponent of the constitution if a measure of wasteful extravagauco were to be pasted the I'n-aideut would veto it xi'iiout h?i<ltaiii u , and whilst desirous not to infringe in tlie slighter t degree upou the deliberation* <>f ' ou^rem h 1 will be equally cartful that Congruba does not miringupon the. I' x'-cutivt '1 he HreaiUt nt and hi* Cabinet are ationgly opposed to the dicta'ioa of . liquet, ana are de-lrou-, ot ? >a<olide'lug a great constitutional party iu oppo-itiou to eiliier the w hig or the democratic party , a party which will ro for the good of the ct-uutiy IrrespeoU/e of all othir ccneldei stuns? 'I'hf foitifin po/ 't y will b<* (!'eiJf J No ) ?rt nbniffi t will be t ifcen in the eootiicta of Kuri pe A atrlct neutrality w ill be ob. ihtiJ 'I he matter if Ui'ictr up a r in i'il vena*!* wti called to tiie attention of tint r:x?cuthe by lU>< Oermtn mimeler or Hatiirh 1 urn Dot clear wbloh and wu- the cauee of the prnixit>t order not to |>ermit the ?t? im?Ui,> now fitting i'ji Id New V rrk to prix: nd to*.a unlea* bond.* were (riven t hat shr wj< not. to lie employed ai t Tt?>el ol war 'I he uiw tba ( abiut t tak>? of tha matter i? ti n* lh? y caunot permit I lie I uit? 1 dtale. lo be trade a liild of preparation of one friendly countiy Klii llit it tbey inu<t urm tbuy niu I do upinotbir toll Ibiiti ouia Tb'' pi.liuy ol KtigUod up on 1 be iui?<|uilo rr-a^t wi'l be the subject of calm but fiiui piotiat. It will not b? pctanitu-d If the l/nlle l State* ii'|Uirvn the ue? ot' llie rlrer there fh" mutt bate it at any ccit - Mr Clayton 1? ho raver In liopaa tbat Ki'tiiaiid will j i-U to our reui'jit: trau >e il not aba murt take the < ou?ci(ueuee. Ei i y word u Ai< \ hat ?/'/ ir"' //ertfM v/-?n !\t tnhiff af h't.utt th? g "nxi'nr ?><</ that ?J SjHiii tguk if ! ' lh* //WtAir ttf C'J-i it i Iristlf hi a. 'J'ly. aln,i ji-tra*i in iatend to maks Spain km p Cuba berielf at 1 ast for the present; but Kngland uiu't not n> t the Uland u; u &sy prc??xl. lLHi. decided upon ? Tb? inoreiienta In I'aoada are of noun* watched Bloi-tlv atid nothln f v, ill he dote here wfcinti can in any way h'i\? offeree to Kt gland SMll not the rli ;ht'-t liinili n>ur.t be o(!?rtd to tb1? c.untry by anv powet Old /.*ck a iu t< rui oeu to do ?.o?t |? right and l! other nation* do u<>t mine up to the ttandard al?" he will make tlx m. Mr Clayton will begin reir.Otlng and appointing ab ut lie middle of .) une b i--?e ni t ol ttie , linj or'.at.t tni-tlonn will ie> irn. blithe dee., uot Intend l? redox ar.ywith 'U* ra' *. 'I t ere an- tevral Unite aaiong the inlrei> r.? and it: kt of e?ur>H will be eoia?id?ttd iiiltieient ea<.'e fnr rxrioral. Mr can bare the mliauiu to Knglftml If be okooeee. It k pr? bable he will deelue lor lb enrac rea>on that he declined nereptlng a 8< retarj ftiip ? til heal h Itap| iar.n be i* M l>rin^ Iroiu lii tr ?,./?/./nil ?od iijp- lo rubi 'lt to 1 rue jialva.j:'" ojTd'.lon on bit -1J? p*trv two or three duva Thie Mr < layt^n atiure* ! rr>? ?m the true ai d < ulyr<a?vnof bis ueolinlng the , f.i t "I t cjera.y. I be nit et. i f a |ia!l rrnd ' > <*ie Papilla it deemed I'toptaa. aril will pflo' no ene urac ni?ut from trie aduiioi trail n 1 ?erjr moura^eouaf how??er will b<'fit n to all tt ? il ree iin>*? Mijj'-a'-l acro?< the ^thinu*- In the h >|" tbat a' lra?r <> lin* w.ll be 1 n ade >,r< lart. n i-ulled ny att?ntiou to th" fi-t tl.a. Mr Uu liai an bod lo ruet d Tri?t t< offer fill in O'l'imt uj dMlmi for tba rlfht ?f way at ru?nt' j.eo lie tbltik* rt'm e.?uT? r-?'ion? with the \lerl. ' cm mli.irt< r that tti'a eau be bad now tor n'thing except lr.#?"J iSii a niui ual eomro?r<,1al alrtnia n 'lloe am the K "?ral viaw.i of tba admiuUttai ion ai.d a- vr ia t .. raj- > u will ee? by it that <'ontr panrn't flay tiie Javll with tha f.xeeutlre bv au<e the Kjeowtiia claima to dictate lo no party la tin ilont? I I bur in fi t luein'j 11 a lid I- d t-i^.O'd t kW* full pwliig tn Ibe Tdlff ' I tbam^Jority *o lonj; ai t. .t a^ioa I* n il-ti-UlJ t \ ple i-t .1. It the .v inte ntio * I t > r>j?ol li t- appiiiolhi'uta I t It lo m It will only (? n iil.ii int vii patron ^u and mwi Irieii Ij fur tba ad li.itiltlia'b n J ba rejected niau aud lua fri"id< will ; not T'mI a win', thu I'.'-'i fra'<ilul lo lha I'r-f 1 nt end I be peiaotj wlio gnta appolutid In hl< pin:-' wilt of cooria al*o teel grateful II It a -auia t be Senate will ooii get 11 r?d 11 and I be people will rtan 1 by the k > u riintot llie mora bruily h ben Ibty r "c tb;< I tclious^ 1 j ailicuAx to Yr I Itjr'H rcatM il il uncertain ll? I.t? i>k<d and rMtlul futMi fr<?;i lb"<>n. lit* j.< i I'Ion ik J'lkVe oc> au 1 for fli* whig lie mawi t! if b? gtt* into opj o itii u two ii< DMtliU will tak* i I* | lao*.? N r l Ititog urrf m* RinU rm|i! itlrilljr lh?t neither hluite.l tir unjr nicml . r </l tin* < alitn?'. I? ? k>pi*wt to Ibt I . ||.' mj i k. nil t! I ahl >t ara uuiied ?[< j?r?<nal frlncdi - i?4 mrtr b?ff had lit* ill|l.'rit il.llrario* ( "plui'n Tnl? nidmii. A'.aredltii. j< bo?< ti and I.wing al?o in. a. d put* Ibil Itt tin* la?l tk?r> ?n any dlrltioa ? IvUt ( (lilt; la b?pi>; U' 1la ?o "?/n? m ,'a' I ba?? m>? ulc ii y ua >tati into tor tba coi.?er-*tl >n \<U Will pirctvu It trail nr? general. but III 111 J To'i r? I ' rit'w I will jo aorn tul.y 11. [ rilDiilrm I ikiiik II i? ktU't iw oi<i B'.t in wr* many public J?l;.|- ai Ibl I't Urna' n will ha* 1 m "" ail^ht appeal >rg 'n II you a in I t ma Kn ur a.i> i a n uiar eulycU ( I u juirjr 1 will g?l jouthn Inl' tu.aili r> >fcur arlcU reftrrln* to lb* N??r Yolk a f p mtii.?n!? aaa retd by ? ' . ba l^ra th? ? al la*t a I -t atij >|i|>ro??dI ulil l?.' oMIgril If you will ftcku .wleilga ILI> anl l*t tur knew II i! ai itrli jrtiut ?lew I am df?r tlr > our* laithfullr UKU W IIRKUA I forgot to tncrflGti that ha ralJ tha adutnl-'rati n In 1 bo nr(t?c? her* n"r did tU*y Int-oil to ha?* II* gaa* Vr Huilltt dlotinatly to umlaritaail that wbltrt they would liaar no i |.j.?lnn to hi* *?pp' rt th*y nrn-l repudiate My thtn? u\? or,<?i.?hip < a hi jirt II* ? d Ibry depended n| u tha ?"|'P "t of th* In lepeuilml pi?.|oltl>? cotiniry I'trcmint an ?? : which wa?tli? linild if Ifcaj did W>H the* >1111 h<'?r ili? r <4 Tiik* <t ihrp- pl' i nl) in auch papata |l? ?<?iir> J nr alan that b? l ad l.ot rtplai'ivd III" po-l'l n of tha iiaibU'lBtlcn to any pap. r but |oura n< r tlld he IntrbdTn d<> M> atpre-.Bt at all firnt* II* ap>-ar? to bar# a hlal> r?rp?>-l l?i tha llrialil I* W I! t?hMi MHitha ?P}.< in'ur n'. waa r-j?t"1 |.?eain-> la* wa? the caodiOata <f tl.a tutlti' party alilch aai only aa??*ntL part of II a whilawh.; pa.tyln tbn (U>. That |a'lj ba< l>?. u coftclllalad by tha Ma -hal .V att'y Vrady lior >(.uiig had n.i rbanoa fr?oi lb* llral i f Ui? t oll?< t- r?h!p '>f .New \ nrk ? I l ?t? i/of .1 nan n tor bell- ViPir ' Urf'.n il ??iraa tha aiu<xMi<u of ( ?nada \ < ?'>? .v tli- cdcIo d l?tt. r in thi o* It out a< 1- m.rT. If jou ln--i t it t will with jinr pi'itnl-M n r?lar?? upon th? rakjrct. r?l?? aimia!i tration 1 ?? a lialo of <1 ry iutr'i?<<ll It In on#. I?qtl0ft?4 of Iba jul'IH' u i f ? ? territory ant ? ??. la) It p cabin t li mil *wt< of tlia fa-t and |u-?ily drfttcim <f lam" (f ttf t?ne 4rirtl|ill'in I*. W. 8 Waahin^t i> May 2v: H4!? J.?I. r*t.n >tt Hear Sir I tilfRnpl.^a j. u it cm tradirti >n ol th* r?mnf? t?firdiPf < ?;M.i u'? whit h I bad from llai qaartar- ? 1 b? admlril.-trntloo Jo?? notrtf -t I > rao?-i? i*m ?cry Important m vi that qa>t|i>r- aithV It I* |>? nl ! aonjr attempt may b mad* to form a prorl?i?Ml gorrrn t >;r < i?yto?i bM'ern it will Mi" In a* a Mali- rrxt hcrlon and the a im mi trail' n li pr> pir? l to rrc a nici.d it- adn.U<toti" It i? tl.? intention to a-nd a ftron,; rural fore* to lit* id< tlitarractan to wntrb affair* tb> m .Vr llai rof i.ti> ftiriiiii I arc Informed |nrr!iarnt tt at b?> l?truds t rr?iffa hi' ?.i??tin to Barlin during tbr ?uirm?r-lacar, ba? al?o loilna'.-l a liallar l? tri.tli n ?o bat* p.-arlf at! Urn imp riant I'lmni Ibo di| l' iuatle at>p< intn.*nt wl?l b? apportion*.I m nimh < 11 ??lblr with a tmaid to ?tat?' rUlmt-1 think ( Ithi nt any fmntlra Information) that < oi W?b!> a chance* tf a mi ti n arc I only juUga (con aomn *pi?*a?lrn? which ' maiif u*?? of I lirartlrlo In Monday* Herald with NfulMMl to th* foreign policy baa jumi great latNfaollon t* th? cabinet By tb? way Indva Young. i omtnitMoar nftha Meno ral l and < Oice haa ftnnlelf taaiarvd bl* rmlfnatlon to tak* placa at r m? futnr? day-it ?rM h*a?)ap?*4 LD. TWO CENTS. The remoT&U of head* of bureaux will rery shortly ormniccofThere I* no truth of oourfe In the rumors of ohsagss in thti cabinet ? Yours truly O. W Bum Washington June II. 1M* Dear Sir 1 wrote you in haata few llae* yeitarday evening upon the rutyect of nine interview* I bad with Mr. Clay tou The Cabinet in extremely denlrous of getting your cm dial eupport and Mr Clayton ban requested ma to ?ee you peritonally and explain exactly ho# matters stand You osu if you choosit posses* more iotluess* with thorn tban any man in the l.'nlted Stnlei. aud gat advantages iu the way of early information aud document* of incalculable bneflt to the paper Is ths ni<antiuic,/i.'J ; you, will you suppres* Ipttsn from here abusive of the cabinet. They annoy lienrl l ajior my niiioh and an they are destitute of any cruth and am in laot mnrely bar-room rumor*, they oan he productive of no good. The Intrlliftnctr of to-morrow morn'ntf will publish tlie whole of the corre*pond<-n"e between thH Hrrmaa and Dsi>lrh Miul?tern & our ^overniaeut upon tha subjict of the Steamer l.'uited States If point hie I will get proof *llp? and scud by the mail this afenrnoos. 1 he course adopted by Mr ' layton you will ?ee hai bran statesmanlike and honotable In the extreme, aud it is satisfactory to all the lortign govt minem* concerned. Mr < layton *ay? tbat all ins ympatui>-.i are with tha caon* i f liberty but that h? ranuot needlessly plunge thi? oountry into a war He will wink at every thing be oan at ery prooaedingii wblcb uiay bo carried os lien- but when a matter liKe that of the United Stated is brought belore his attention h? ?o pur-u* biit os* course aiidtiial ho ha* done The a luili>l?tration Is pupurid to rtcocnize the independence of Hungary, iUt Tin) monieut It Is established aud will ut one* ??n<t i> BiiniMfr ibere ? or recommend on* to ba *ent And bo with nil (be countries now n'rugglitig for lilmrty. Ah for the navigation la* a they stopped the corretp< iidrii"! Jor riu'iu.H which 1 will d"tail ut 1-n.ctll t? you ebtu I get to New \ ork Mr < lay ton 1* di<p"e<l tn mi et hrglnud freely ti tar as out loivign trade is noerntd but our home c<<asitrg he will not of oourit reliBiiulub m Kuglund h:i* nothing to offer us in mum? Tin ri< bus teen rupture with M f'oealn. the Krenoh. MlblMer t u account ol iiin Insolence sad thu uadlplonia'ie inntiui-r in which hi* oorre*p uideoce upoa oerlulii wait era ?m aonduntud ?particularly upon thi? lehage cum *'J!l hu cinrrt/tonJrmt hat heen tent to thr I rfich gmfinuirHt, and tj that, govtnmrnt aha til n/thild Al*> in hit tnmlence to our national lwu*t\ hit jun?/tort* will at tmct he gtieti kin Them is a ling tt^ry 0M1mouj with this which I will tell j"U fully boat I i.ur vi< ?? ul tb'i l ubau nuestiou are coincided in by Mr I la) ton Sk?nil a rtrotation take place thne. and a it m<!>,rf be made ' y (newt Jnr .d'hinunct into our Un <>??,. the government tt Jully )irtpa>rJ to rtcomnvrui tl itningly. I will try and ki? lu New Yirk on Saturday moruluic and will then b? able lo ti ll you uvertthiug you may fill it dehire to Kuow i tru .t you will excuse the llbeity I in lie iu atLlng you Lot to insert letters against the aduiii IftrutiiiB but I do i.o by the request of b>tlk liiiiil. Tajlur nod Mr Clayton aud perhapa wbeu yoi* kcetw ciacily what the policy of the administration le, aiid what your position wiib them, by renderiug an in U?(> Ldriit but iHeotlve supp be, you will feel di?pox<d to comply All I a-k low la that until yo? hear what I bare to >ay you will give ordtis that tbeee attack! shall be oiuituU? 1 aui yours respectfully C>e) W Drega J. li Emuett r.*i Wsihiii^too July 12 1M? I fJ Bi i.r.i tt F.J'i Dear Sir, I h??? tad m leral conversations with Mr. Clay tea upon tl i? M.bjei.t ol the Foreign ft Domestic policy of the mliutiil.Miu'lon I enclose a Mter upon one of th? tipica dn cumul aud hare In It given Mr 1 layton'a view*. lie wishes an tditorlal up n It also, if you see fit to write It. lie Fay th? rres dent has no desire to cbiat the cour.try that be was elected by moderate n.eo of all parties and that be will faithfully carry out the doctrines cl the \lllfon letter That the oi l hunker poitlon oi the wlii^ p*rty. who clamor no loadly about the huccepfi of wht^ prtnrip'e*, and wb ) wish t l hara an uit a whig ad=iiuli<trall n bad better at O'i -e go out from the | arty. th?tbedc"|ii nthi-in and under no circumi-tunc. k ?.ili Lo permit th?ir diotati >n. Ilucalled iuy ttentlon also to it mutter w hieli I have not yet ae?? notlceo: tlie fact that In the Inaugural addres* the wo:d nhig la not ' nee mentioned. A* to their f'iri vn pelley. e?er?thini; will be doue to rl ut ti.elr eyioiathy with the republican oioremeut. He c< o. Idcrs it. wi uld not only lie autl republican, bat dl ln'ijert lo the goTernment to eit nuielly with ita aiti:n folded and pretend to feel no int?r*?t lu the e inflict (11 cour'e wrc can lit plunge into n war to aneiat their! but every tbllirf that can be d 'Ue abort of that wtll be done. I untri c'lona have beenaencto Daaaldioa to Keep cli i?r <1 tl.e archduke Johu aud the other oid t.,/i e in l ?iiinuy aii i to tii'low the p >pu %r ih itblut it; i in' furtb- r he liaa Veen tol 1 that uoiih> he ean be i t n u.t H i rlce la unitlrg the popular cause th-rn n.d gi>ir<g to it all the support wnloh the counteiiudce of tbif c untiy will na orally give tnat h will be :eialli.d i hme alreaJy in one of iuy letter* at.t?d wbat inetiuctiene bsve been ^iren to young Cnanat heme In ! ranee II u.'th, the Inlulli^encer'a oi>rre*pooUent will l>e rinoted ?t cno* 11k is coraul ilex.iral there i>e elil be r> moved and avowedly upt>a the ptcrpd tba' be <ioei not express tb i aentinenta of tho li H"r meet I re iu bl? ?! ire ut the republican parr y of t-iarc# lie I :? n; .u?ichl^t iu feellogi and tn hit ! tt? r? he *ci,?r? ly bide* it. ? layton aays he (I J Is ' A I 'pnMiran t:r*r - wr.ii; at!cr?*r<l4. \ ou will ai doubt ?-* tr? thl-re*oh?-? jrou th* Pr?ll.'m'# Inter 10 Bi'Dtirk upon the r*e*t;nUi<<n of tlunt.i-Tj Id BJJi'i' n to tM* Mr t lay too ?ar? they bar* nil' * nwtit to Hungary, * KXBtl'mrn ot <""*t ?! iIHt, In etioui he hait Ike utni"?t conttdene* witti inftrvi u diimi ci rfUil th? HaLvartiB gorwrntaeut ?t tlrj ?arl't?t practicable n>? lent. Thin. how<?*r, mu?t b> Kt ;?t r?? now for fcj>r th* Vu?lrlan Trrnmi nt r'honM t - ?r if it j r. t ?ut our aj-u'? li fairing their I n-? Ktoai tBiuraiat'oa irbleh b* ha? r*ce|?ed U* woild not tc ?urpri*?d tf ati iiiMirreotl a ihould hn-ak out la < nun nithin Li' tl K> t < 4 I*T <of ui ijIi lunger period In jn-i *' probable An noon *? an ItirUiremloB h r r *k' (illtthtm *11(1 any utrl ot (11 rrr till.ebt In ()?<i ,ir?d lix lutetnW t* roog'ili* It, *n 1 if K, ?'n n lli.nttrat I -tin will b* ail ?w?tmi liy It 111 pi (III* lis i-l rug ( uha h* li.Uiid* to have *t *11 hujtrd-t oiily irijiiirii iLm r).*4ir of au ?i u-n I (" u ill* nulijtj' "f < riiolprfeUjr he think* n .< b ? I do ill lric' frtWI th* infi ruin/on I h??? b**o able to git? biir. tu tlm inatur, he has my fl*w? 1 Uc t< r>? of your li4d?rof Tun*.J*y h* l? gr .!? ) !?ai< <1 xl h \ mi hare murki <1 out th* eour*? lliw adiii'.li'?tr?*!rn intnid to adopt npin tli* t?rrl,>?lial 'lufitl n as I b-ifote Inlorineit vou. The* "*rnui*nt i* duii'It *11 It call puraUily to I hiik tb'iill tM ra-ilH i. l with tr*ry r- kid to b' here It will h>? r aco???!ul fc'r ' layti u d< *!r?* . abi-vc ?ll thing* ibat >ou ?houl4 con,i out utroi K>y ?t tir't th? ol>l buoknr portion >f t r?* feign *i I lho? ttm liifbi'D'iiljr if th" inlntinr, n>* the Hron ii I* o*i*r to take lr >ta th? m Ivra** uion who *<lii? i ?il it all rrflit. 1 li? pnrty * hi Ii hai ?ao?a?d*4 ?hf<ihl ha rallt-il th* BrpiiUcan par'y it l? not tli* wh'g (>*r*y *-! th* p*rty in known *nd Mt C. bu no l*t?nUi B nt rttr g*nri( from th* p?ltkiii whmh h* t'.nk whRtihc uj'imna hi* jm*f?n tie- f >r Tayiot omr CUy. An to th* S ir John I r*nkiin e*o*. 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