Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1849 Page 1
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T II NO. 5666. Arrival of the Europa's Mails. ASPECT OF AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Our Foreign Correspondeacc, StCm *C.? 6CC. The Tost Oflics express, from Boston, with the KuMpa'smailf, arrlfod In thli olty yesterdsy, at 1 o'clock The express, in charge of Mr Bailey, ohlef olerk ia the Boston office, left tbat city at half-past 1 o clock on Sunday aftet neon. The detention was owing to tho fog which prevented the steamboat from getting out of Mew London; aha did not leave until o'clook yesterday morning. Among other Items In our papers, we find the followtag in the Jirurual du Hat rt of the 23d ult.;? Mr. Julian!, Envoy of the King of the Mofiiultoe*. has just arrived at Paris, obarged with a mission to Great Britain, relating it is said, to the dispute which has risen on the subject of Nicaragua between Knglund and the Unitsd States. The Envoy of the King of the Mosquitoes arrived in Europe on board a trench merchant vessel The Vnlted States frigate St Lawrence, Capt. Hiram fauldlrg, bad arrived at Lowes, from the ISaltie, where ehekarib<?n cruising during the summer, for the protection of American Interests; she took in a few sapplles at Cowes. and sailed for Ll.bon, where she will refit previous to dt parting either to join the Amerioan squadron of observation lit th? Mediterranean, or to the l'aoifio station. The Pandura had arrived at Portsmouth, England, with $80 dlO In ( alifornia gold on board ; and advices Jroic un. > N s. VV .* atcs that a vessel bad returned to that place irom California. with ?ooii*ltl?rabl?quantity of gold dust, after baying sold her oargo there to advantage. It wm calauluted that nearly ?100,000 -worth 01 California gold wauld be reoaived la and escorted from Sydney before tbe end of the year. Advices t(UL Xante and Patra* mention that the Jast prices Tor ourrantd were 16a per ewt. The exportation | to Hol!?rd. Germany, Trl'ste, und America will proba- j toly be laiger than la?t year; and as an aggregate crop thia seaaon will be 1 COO tons lens than that of 1848, we nay le?k lor only a moderate supply going to Kngtand and a gocd slate of trade toward' spring. Charters for England are as low as 36s., ton guineas and ten per ornt. THK HI KOAK1A1I PATRIOT! Of llOAKD Tllii A.MSKICAJt STEAMSHIP IlfcRH All*. The Southampton correspondent of the London Timet, writing under date of the 18th ult., give* the following interesting information ? The Ut-lti'd States mall steamer Hermann, Captain ?. Crabtree. arrived here U.U morning from Bre.jiea, ?n rmitt to New York. The Hermann left Bremenharen cn Thursday, at i soon, but in the night experienced a tremend ju? gale , In tbe .North Sea, during which rhe wa? obliged te brave to till tbe weather mo<ler.?teJ. She has, theref>re, | yeachi d tsouthuinplon one U.i y after ber appointed time J the tirst ir.btsiioe ul irregularity in tn? present year, on ' tbe part of the American i>traui?rs. wliioa Live iu IblV bl'bertM keen exoevding:y punctual in their times of , arrival an i departure. 'J he Heim.tun had about thirty p*.**ni{?rs from B *enun to New i ork. em- -g*t *li >ai arc souix llu igamn celebrities Ou? ol tLru is La?i-laa IjOazy. ?* Civil tiMerncr of the furtrik* of < . iii' rn, wbo pr?-.<edi t ) tbe l'nitr.1 States lutenJ.rg to f. ?m a Hungarian colony lie lian lettern of lutn liucion to Ui'ueral l a. lor, President >f tha ItepabJc ; to l^e lion .Mr Han'roft. and oilier wen of uls.lnotion In America. If.-1.? accompanied ty bin two sons and two daughters and by revrral Hut ,:*rian ofjeers, who appeared ou tile deck cf the 1!m. aun. drosfud lu tile picture*.) ja military ostunie >,i Hungary. l.a lisUs 1'jhaij la au a, I and venerable I'M.kiutf c.?n with a B < t'r1 b ird a >4 mcnxtai tr.?, ana wearing a stugu'ar seiul-'1'itsntal <ir-.s j i"mil iruw nrj Iiungw'j u on d im emu fteann-r i' VaUnuoiM lie Apoloiia Jigalla. ?rh<i b?r? tli'1 i*n i! IklUnttt li t i(|lBHit of ctvilr; (Surla| , tin) llULganaq war. ar. i *..- rul>M jueutly aljJtaut of tli- ai my it> th? of l oiuu.u durlag lb* ttnm , that city h. Id out a.:*lo?t tb? Austrian*. Mal'iuol- j vll* Jagella ia irpratrbtfi to bar* bean prei.'tit in Mveral iviii/rtansota^ lh? Hungarian iunurYectioo. > ii to baTa loujht witL luuah |tikgtrj Sue proved brr?clf u nr??i hJ. pt iu ?tra-t fliibl'og. J.i'd Ij.kktu of Latin# ?Uiu * fair uum- 1 b e cI Au?tiiau rit. Id <ip;>?araiia? : ?!! J?K(1* U far (tea repot: Ire, h?r lenrurw bMrlpg a plr*?ai?t but (JftTiriri't ?tpr*a*|on. It may b.' katii-lactnry f<<r ibo timitr to i:nr>? that thl* lady m aaw ucdir < ngaKeturot to N> married to a younjr I inn- i garian cCicrr. lEutnrd'*>lY on nr lflBf it Sua Voik: | ii<l It la of onuri* protat'M t*iat In iba /?-*?c?r il and actlra teenva of domcatle lila ia th* b??ft?uod4 of Auvrira hei b?ll.<Fi?iit pr will c<*'?r *< ?ia put lb r*i)ul?itl >n, an an nt'an* fr?>m Ind aiu ' ' should i't' j happen, to ?ary tha toio >t?a> of bar luturv r?r*?r. 10 winch c?*e u>> doubt Mtl->n >;*alli Jac !la will, iu d-Jeiioa ol li?t h i:n? ai d ftuiily iatW4 to ftlvr grcd aecno?t of tbe nd?M. I Tt? pl? r.t party rt Mur .-?r>,-o ?II|M till h* f >1lowed toN?w\ork by with wt. ?tar D'ihiw d-jw <*altli>K Rt Hamburgh tu tnsa pa*?i>x? in a r?<*k?t ship. *1 he llei aiarr wt!l ! **? oa I'll-* ity, I'm 20th *l> n a-i aicci dli'uly larga fri i^ht of U?rtr?n and Krrnch to-r?bandi r 'he pteamera Atalai a. Lady da jn ntr-i, oud South Wen.rn. *p<* oily cbartri d. having ar?t-rd ficm Ultra, filled allu enrgo lor Iran. ?ht|nunt to tbl? MMM Our IjOiiiThi Ctfrri'>|i(uiimik'c. Lonooi*) Naf. 23,18 W. 7' t F iiTaftta ?7 - Condition </ KiigUnt ? TU Tmkith Jhult--Tn* U?nftri*n Htfuptt ? U.f \ CM t/ Frff't*. '1 ha Arnmeaii poop'* will b%t? no war with Kn<l*ni n tlit N iccfiut qlKki ?. Ihi* llfln a' a tijou* iltil but tli'iaplil one if the w?aka a. In tho mtdat of ?p|*ar< i t ttxtLgih. of thr pra#?at foria of gov<micetii. I b> ra ! a ti'i t rral 4'f'iui itaoling from Iralaivt ai d tatlog | of th? it I Bdard. lUr Batiufa?turia| au 1 aAiiaultural Ir. luatry l"'b ara ?n a <lr<aJtui ?tJf? Tha oparatlr.-* and abott'f -? 1 ?r. j t r it*r?a'.i-n *.and 1 U? rlta'ry ot k'raoca aaa AmiIm in th? Of Ulf 14 ) a? bMoai ?scratiatlng. Titer* li nl.-o unltanal Ul.llka. am ->g aci J?c?ct K'n <( tba b:Oad fai'.o o( tn* fararaai'nt p i cj, at ten." ii J abroad. Tl.? li -li (u? i* Vacuum^ i j b? ua<>r?t?<ci|. Tb? CtniJa CIU U wail uniiarftoc I an I l?r;iblr ilrndrd. Tut fct'l^n d. in?? In la.ii? an 4 Katt'ru r m |*ra m. < U of r*;.r,itt ' :! ia :'?* ' Biladf of t! a think?r? an.l notor*, wfcnai t?rr l ?i' < 1 Infiuanrr. ui J?r lb* pra.?nt M?t?m. I* all tor'- a lain-1 i. .ni:.i w i.nnrUI . f >rt,i ? % tlon of KM.* d '.obn-n baa h-? ?r# tba parllarr.?uUry *?f. rat afi.atloo of Jrbn Urlj it?and a ?o>taopa liai tlMd-by dilroa a ib?'l > from tba Hold. Tlta ?! I " nMBir about lr'?h n-paal Ub?c. tninft ?bat It * un ?ar tb? Kfi-ia' if Jdn >1itpb.*ii. bafor? ha *? pat out of th way ? union with th? r>f<>rm?r? of Knglrnd. for th> . ' I "iau I' f I , w-ll an J > I * ko' ?n la Am?rlra. but for tt><? af.-rtlon of t -* ohartlata *?r?, In 1*4*. Itnyrl?-'T>?'<I and traoaf>rt? t Tha rrn'(.1-a<-jr to inrolic kra- ? alnna. In a ?a- .'Lll l<ur!? at < .mMantlniipli* af ?hl h l> I pi <IKa wa ttc ?tilj toi I. h?? Uil?J lu a, ?a of th? ,<?" *1 a. tr<*tiaa oi tba f'andlofr Mia'nj of trine* at f aria. \nr ^ai>l.y. a'. ! 11 - mhi? 'n<1 ot ttv y ir-'i l> .tl> - > .>> * < an 'I I.atilHntaa ? tba ecrra?p<<ndrat* on tka t rarS rraolnilon a w on th< if k t" Iwtrif I* a l ? triumph T!"* o*h?r y, to aabrMl ' ic.a and Irani-* al*o li l. l i;> r\i. .j-ptty / >r u- j for Its fimttltfW. I5a?ldt? ti.??* tt!n<?. t1.? j .-la of K ?<* -. 1 i 'a ! ?! p. "t l?' I ar l . ** ' <.? a .?? a It hM b?aa * long lid!* Ptu a th *"*rinm?r.*. ? *1 % t ailtoUo to iH on a p' iin i' ji.r/ to try a .atiio i*, In a l atbollo ecuntrf MlKnl:i<saot mSiM'M 1 An I Ikat yaat?idar tb? K?.i?l ArtHiary r?<ifn*nt of Lood -i ill ao mi p?rta<) tbat at tb" loatuitaa of frlnna \ btrt. Jti ancimt right to ?l??t tU offlrara ?a? rt??'r)/al { Vi'.ra ?lgBlfl<ail I *111 $? f>rrtbar Into tJi?"? oat tar?. Wmt t? 1 P to i" tb' n ( i. i labia ? ?* r oia t i???rn i'.uiipa. Th? liliaii ua juggla uu tba nanuba ii gr |n( on frtn hc?r t? and ?a?ra ?f ?r ???na, ll*? tha I 1 i#r-?t falaahooO oi a -mail *ta~iimknr, within 'ha ffatlaof t'<a th?a?tf. ?r<>? ? *' >? > i ? r. ntli." I,- ! ?alta<t A l.ond >n log )a tMHiif fiir '?t> '-wit/ c.mi. j ( rati to lha profoui. J aia?i. it'la?lan of nil lb?|tUo 'leapt tha flti'fan and tha rK*tl<n? lam par- i t.ap> at fault. but I f< ar t*at tb* l?!t? will alM b? d?c?ItmI ai.U tha laat but ona of ti?a rtn cl itb w!tb j tb* etlnf ti'lad con'ptrat ra a-.mat tha bavu ra:t ! ?..! U?<?-a ttarnal prtucpln ' ( Jlttlra ?h?e!j ??*n , alOa to fcaaa ba?n<lr1??nr l V c, m crt < ' n; ? o it , of ttia tainlorlcr of h or"???. or tfwddanln lb* di> t. 1 ha IWa, Italian at>4 MHCirariam. ?bo h*J?n?a | ? ?( njrh to r?rt?t tha lu*itatl?'i *t?*n hf thn Vxnt-ian i an.ta- at a ?.f (t?c*ral Itajnau to ti? a thaoi-*l r?? u:> vara i li.tinl ) a 111 M ,-1-r* t I f frl'anta m arar Ft??'l% than Wl 'in. arid fit imi-!! j fant'i r f" m tha *>nnn l?rj lla? >f?tt*trl? Th?r?th?f M? t.. ha Ind-flnlU-lr lull ?u Ij |iil "r aon'tnal 1,-na- | miT>t. "?ij ic jail Imitta. like arimlMlt or old fntM-'B' j ?<] (lib < ' aholiad iKUrrfl tll? (JNpianaura ?f Ib^lt ? > '-to Hi' h* i>rt*al|> * '. ?'+<* '-f ?h ?' ?*'ft' < ikiiNiIi la mt all. Thay ara iq tha m>**l linmlB ?,t itangar of tx-trf hnku*. i" ii, ami l> < up "T f i>t it . i-fa I; '<i th - i h i i.i Si!).--tan ti It ' < h'Hhly ?r> >?Ma that tha hanlthlpt ft tia w?ri< imprl a uu-ct will attain tha *t?a' c-i?)aet ot al U r<>/al piftlaate lha ttapir P < ?f i oof an tin 'pla tha dfttrui t on rt ?ha frail Ufa ot tha gt?i' t-'pnMlaa* til r< bat chirr ' Lmla K a.ath, ?h^ hat kia tta-i in E N E i m thn heart of urrry peasant and peasant's boy, of th? coDtinvct, a holy fire, which will aoon blata again from all itv mountain top* It lija?t poctlble though hardly ortdibl# that the young Sultan ha? been soalarmad oy ui"p?rinii mi tiropira, [Dtl D* 11 prlr; M t&a IIferu*! chime of killing by ruffering.or of kll knap plug. dow ccntem plated by Kueele an4 Austria If not, why not put th? uafortunatea upon the ialand of Candl*. an he proposed to do * or why not keep thorn at Conatantlnople ? Any pretext to tiover the oilme contemplated, will be aufflclent. It la now Mil that the < tar ylflili. hla fir at ol*lm to have them delivered up. and ht? later claim to have them driven out but that be require* the Turk "to give aeourit) for thoir gojd lebavi* ur The Turk will refuae that of courge. Then ti e < ur will pretend that n*gotiatlon 1* u??leag. tad that ke>ping faith with lnndela la utiahrlMtlan. aLd be will deacend cn Shuicla as the kite aweepa away the tenanta of a hara yard. purp >?ely left unprotected. Auatrla la nothing but executioner in all this ' utine*- and rtands ready tor any aot whatever againt-t the In m of the insurgent*. She howevrr. hai the needed lie cd her ilp? for lhe u?e of the Ciar at the nit inent of the bloody catastrophe; that, lie she will make acrvioeable by any quantity of oath*. There l4 no rathoibing God'a providence; but any dreadful tatvhirh can overtake Koaauth and hla frlenda, ahould not create. In America the lea?t anrprlae. Yet there are the navies of England and France; will they not pieve&t auch outragee' No?they are not there; the French feet waa ordered home long ago, by a government which la bound by a thousand tlai to Nicholaa; and aa for the KnglUh fleet. It baa crept into the l> irdantllea on pretense cf >elf preservation only. The etoims of the Levant are daug-roui to ahlppln;. especially ateauera! The Btltlah gevernnient ia not aeo >nd to Loula Napoleon in ita love and admiration, and gratitude to the autocrat. With him It ia a paaelon, but wlih tb? in a principle. The minietera. however, made their epoloyy to him. long Mnce. for the heedleaaEeaa ot Lord Palmeratou in not managing the cheat of interference ?o expertly aa to take in the public, and at the a*m<> time preserve all the relations of Ruseta and England - two government* which necesaity haa joined, aid nothing but the imperative will of the L'rltiph people. stimulated by the example* of Franoe and America, ran put aaunder The only party to this luiseiabie Turko Iluaalan affair, who caneouie out ol it with '-redlt, ic the Sultan The I'arta letter of the Americana to thele rn In later at C( Batantlnoplp'.e, asking hia mediation, put the ca<e Of Koa'utb and hla party om the true ground of burntnily, which juatlfled the greatest exerttona. nod. ahould Mr < arr have acted up to hla pcwere. your country may etcape dtegrace; but tbe reft of tha ao called civilized world, la disgraced If tbe Turk should protest hla gueata, or at thia late peri id let them be kidnapped, tha C?ar will take away all hla European teriiinry in tbe rpring with the < Lriftlau oouaent (if England who will get her sliarn of the spoils It will be u'> half- way appropriation The Dzar Kill uot content hiintalf with a i oat end road to the Mediterranean lie will out the entire hr< art rtf of Turkey, aa aha lit-s on the edge of the Adilatio and will assert hia authority over th? tail In tK# \1 . >r?> A wbl^h ii I ir-aea aa n .1 ' * ruett er church, of which the ' t r of Uu-< la la the | Orat.d Patriarch I hi? Protectant and royal arrange- ' went will kii? pnat p'sasure to all the llrithh cligar- ! (by,-'who fee tbinga in their true light " as "the very beet thirg that could ba done, under the circuaietincea " Switzerland 1* <o greater danger than over l!cr ?l?etlcE.' have have been radical and abe refuse* to expel the pe'.itiral refugaea. Her fate approaches. Will tne j Senator* of the I nlted State* stand with their fingora i in their mouth* at that kingly execution, too, or ill they at'vifie the President to lend a mini*ler to that great and anoiant republic. who?e piaiitea Mr. itivaiit sirjraio well* It 1* jet lime. I- ranee hu* her mlvtlon tc perform lo thla rottingripe tai Teat of Kurope, and xhe will do it riball eh* tread the wine press .'Ike the Saviour cf u>? riXltid deset ted by alt the world-alone' MAttClfi 1 be Nlcarnfttta an<t Mosquito (Imitlam. [Krorn vli? London Time*, Nov 'il | We hare already entered, at con*1 JeruMe length, Dfin the >itw? taken by the l:iitl?*t ij vnuuiaat, or rather } l.ord ralmenton. with r-lereuce to the r'.l.ts of tlie Mate <>l Nicaragua and the indep-nJu.ce of the Mo* |uito eeast But though Lord Fain.'* tun ha* ejpie.tied his onininn <n the nub ?ct with treat derision. and h?a dlatiactly intimated , [hat -'Her Majeaty'j government *apport ind maintain the right of the Klug ot .Mo.qiUo to the poit of (it. Johu'a.'' we have not yet arrived at , :be rame clear and peremptory conviction ou the iubject a* the Foreign Miulster. and we ahall be tUu to lraru by what additional evidence, and by hat rtaaonii g. he InteLda to rapport tl<e podiioa to hich he ha* pledgid the honor of the governnet ( ol thi* couutiy. Lord I atiui'rHon tia* ?o itten exbibittd tothe world a predilectloa f >r ir.a< uate statement* and untenable argument* that we a'* t iot dl?| i ,-eu to accept tile deciri' n rn a ] r.iut < : i tlfl mporteci-e, without, fuller consideration; Jar tin intt- I nt /> tney f] yotr in / urt in lS? ?ii tr nf San Juan Jt j \naiuf o it iinniaitnahlii lurji ??<< Ay If intrir.t of if ' naming a/prut' with the < nilrd Halt s,/y <*rt./"ig ,,n, ,t. itfuMr ami intpuragmrnl la < V prom t aj tht canal. It will bo reaiemtieied that the case put forward by >i r < battel*, and adopted by Lord F*Ul*MM as | le Ufit ol the rights of the Moequlti tribe of la- : lians to the coast which hear* their r.uui?\ ai d the i vi r 11 Msn J nan, rested ?ir*t. on Immemorial po^ae* ion and xconuly. cn the ove.algiity they have etidredfirat least two centuttes, uuCer the pt< t-eorate ct thlx country It 1* undoubtedly true that he?e ltUtiona had lonn exliiij b-'.?e> n the Ornish authornlea in the West ladiea, au<l the lallve* Of the cc??t to whmh our tislers i?|.aired i'i the porp<*? ti cutting d .ewood* aud iaa!i",;aay. hsit illations gave gnat uinbiage to 8pai':, ani i?l, uuted at ore time. , wutributi 1 to'attovl e between betwociowba It cannot however, l.ave a.capvd ; ,oid I aiujencoa * nklioe (for tne ineiruia- ot ?? < J ire aiy i;u< ted b) the Nioare^uati &ilutst?r), t' at la 7>0 a ir<at> ? an *oi.clude?1 beiaeea tfpa.c acd <>reat irtlain ot ? hit h tl>? 1st ertlote run? a' follow*: Its tnkjeet* < I uIs tnuair Kejasiy aiitf lii* all er tel'l.ri tio have vilt now c< j< >"d tl.s rr>-ts iiua ol k ?l?a?. iiuii 1 ii.uiie tee e..untt) ?l till Mee>|aiti ?, sad lbs e laUaaat la lliltkl till tin ??J. (tit tilts, eltlloUt CVIf l.U. s. III ft fait imvJ 'to'tri tt'rt lit f nt the temiorj .^rani-d < ) liisC** | 1,. lo }>i%)rst} lo tlit I.Ukltsh. an. That t*mt< ry wan the eeillemi nt of Ueliae, or r.ii- ; irb Holiaura*. cedtd to till* eoi.iitry b) tlie ;t.| artiuie f Iba same onlviDtiOD It doe* epp?ar, theretere. ihul | I s nr("?' ii n ct the Mu*?|'jli'? ooast h> th >r* who h ?d njtyed the proi?ctiuuk'if Lngland. was tue equivalent i ti air-d by i-pam t< r tl.e i'es*i?n ol briln . and ? ? ' iO)Ms L< id I'alnier^lon will itjorm the w^rld. b- f if this ! I fcuffK u i-r<x-?-?u? m wbat linot tin rt/*< !? at ti tat) ; fi r It if clear itat w!i?t??rr ligb.* rii ? a ,*d i d that ei.aat bar* |"k". i -J to tbei rutial Amtnu*a null tbkt cur traditional protciuiatr if k< itUnquiik?d, tin. n?t b?*n r?u??*<l. <?n t'.u tintijiiiii iLtUj? Mliiiiur in bvjud a pit4u<* i*r Dior* Mfmt antique* than l>a tat y?t ?-M ( <1 for tb? n?o<?a|!y * id J i tit* >t Li* t.c* ; ml wtitttur r^lintica li* i i a* J>l* a lb tb* i.'.alltl** if blu t?r ai'U ?' ' >no?. iti ? at* ?(?{<'> id wbiofc it ta not n'j to aura-e>uth kiUjtkikb n? tl ? politician* of tli* l uu.d ,tai*a whan ti? j l!uu It th'ir li.tera't to rm,??th? . -aotonaT pr?Ji.4tea* if lb*U4aaiu*ra to o?t>?ti;ticot4 1 I*? l. ra-.r, M.attfttr, that th* t>.rn- in which S>r l*i>ry vM i titer i>poa t.ia duti>'? an 1 tUl no;<iti?.;.' n lu Hi bligtoti. till nit b- tba aaa.< la ?loih >r that dd a idraaat J lb* Nicaratfuia z-r i mruirut; ai. UalUr burin* ad'aucd. aim axtlaiftl*ut ii|<-ioi|f, rt-rin j ptupiiit'oa*, abloh ra*t, a'. MlMln, I.nil f'aI i?r?too will j niM'Uiirl Ul? qttrrllon. It wouid h i to tha a?i Ci. ut> al uri atii dugiacafiil. If thr InjuJI I ut :nc??i.i.n? c.l a f?s? wrong b<-id?d indtri>1u?l4 eonlj 1 tatoh a ntUif i|ntt?l out m a batter In which to* i of KrgMdi'f tb* UtUrd Hf*t-n tuil fill .h* world. ar? Identically tb* imr If tba canal f i ?ir?ra*?? can b? n?iaMi?b*<i ao much tba batterfm all 'I I! It b? r^n^d. ui|,lfta and f rj *t'ial .rutrallty rl an Impel taut a pa?-a i ooubt to l>* 11 * t d ?) mi th<> baoiTd* at war ; and for tiat pnrpoaa tb* itir i f e< Bitt,cnlr?'l n < -Juh'. In b* In Ui*band< not of ,,iat !' il'ttr.ant pcwara, but of a?a>all Mtatr. who ? la!< t>< l iti" ard pri aparlty aliould b? tn"-po* My it.l'ad to lh* fr?* jt-i-i nl t? la a<iaimi<nleati( n a <ua atii??a and r?*p?aU4 bj ail powrra. mt/>cl ii ! lit* tcSttA i-$1 tcn-m-nl ! .< <i r<? unnh t inl f(Mli ttrtrnl, a?J 11 trtll It tIt Sir j '/? r>) li'i/r rr if A> r( rr'? if. Lul ibcueb tbla l? tha only abja-.t wbiah a ra'i nal md ccn>fi-ntl ua ?ta*"?iuao .-ao har? In ?ia , ? ? a-a *-i' a??r<- tin: meb i|ua>?l-in< a? tba>? ara wnru t?b* ;urr?4. In Ilia t nUt^i ?ia'*-, to athar pur(iO**a ?n| to ?art# it by 4lf*r> bt mrinaa l'o ratlia tb? l? -llniig j pulirity cf a rabiLi't or a part; by an ft| i all t. bf ?atiiiy ( tbn military pa?. loua of i ha p<opla, t<> a inma an uttituila < f nanar* or bnatillty toward" tSa [i>at?'?lp' a ara of l .ur' p? wall nwarv tkat ih?lratrangiB t t'-n,|?> r?d by a t.ncara ralti'taoca to u>* It, *<(>< ( ally agnlbat a triani.d li du ttloor p*oplr; to a>?>rt aiih ran* w> d >ni}ihn>i? Mr. Monro*'* axtmayant dn?irlca of ib* bod )n**rfa;Kaep ?f f.ntoi-airi <*?% ? on Lba American I i.titifcfl.t whllft tha Auiarloan p ia aancua of tbla annutrv atili n'?nd fmai Vaneurai a ' :?n<J to Hallfa*. and fnbr?:? tharia<tln a clr?l* I n| ?'?ilUa? f from Oaiitato Brrmuda nay | MIn natural ?tprdiruti of unactupnlout pMlilr'atm. hot !h?y ai? unworthy of tb* riltri vl a p 'warful r*? public I'lirt# It Id the t nlt?d .<t?i? a tmali thoiifbanIITO unit noiay, piltf, prit.cipaily all?* by tfn ariUr* in* cl? r of pultUft Jmirr>ol? wlileb t.*i ? in xollii i tapir*. who ?r* ?ag*T to oiitrif Into *?*ry to- , r?iift WMjld ?r?t < uba from .Spain. they *ia u > rr.1 fot thr , abol* < f Or?jn, tb*y <BkMr,h?'l for < r?| ?*l In Irriai d, they app.aud *tery . orrul-ion in j Ivrop- th"7 arc rtalj to aOrout and deiy ail the J p"W?r* f t tlw i artb. But am nit tha pwpn of I the I r.'trd > tatea; th*ir inailin* are n >t tbive wht-h | t ai? gir.n rfW'ii'* arid etahlllty to tha t.'nton; their j i!<? did rot rtlittMerid I'aylor and hl? tilen.i* | t> power. It it fro*, that undtr tin mars democratic ; :<<ln-.ltil>tr?t Vn< of the two lai>t I'lfpl lonW, tbla party 0,0 Mire*, d in hurrying )?> nation Into tw< great act* (f TlxIriM md B|tj:re>ii;i n-the ?a *,ara of Tei?? and ' the 'niaMoti of MpkIco. Th< y may a/ain ?'t'joe?d in j otfii'nor.rn the found Ratlin* en which Wa#h'n?ton Hat . -fc> J th>- pxoiLc policy of lb? t'nlon, by luteinI r?!e l? . f*i- >l I ?t. rioii pa* Ion* B'lt w# do not i that to he the spirit of tha rablnet of tVaah- | lngl.o?. I h?-re la. oh the pre?ant oa???i"n. n" ?nf!letant reajo ti to pravnt the attl-m* n- of a qw*?tlin is wbirh tha Urr.m at light* < f (Ireat Britain an I tha , I nil'4 Hate* at* not difotiv Interact* d, ami wa ahall Ira** l.rrd rain' t?t?>n to aupport Ma rxcordi it opinion on it? limit* aid ilihla of th* Motijuitlan coast, by aucti roh! a* h:' may bar* at hit command. Baden, It la Mid t' at tha < Iraad l>?se nf Ba1*n Intend* to ftbOictto la lav of t( hi* ttoond sou. W YO ORNING EDITION?TUESJ Important Commercial Bovtmeuti of tUe Aaatrlau Uovtrnmcnt. [From the London Timet, Not. 10.] The Austrian government baa addressed to the other member* of the (t?rnt??to Confederation. an>l enpedaily to thoae States which belong to the Prussian ?oliv*rein, a proposal at onoe so liberal and so bold, that it given the moit anrple proof of the determination of the cabinet of Vienna to turn the lace calamitous revolution Into the channel* of enligh'ened reform. The Austrian empire, hitherto guarded by prohibitive dutier and by an exoluilte commercial sjstem, subdivided by lines of customhouse even within its own irontlere, pnfft-rs to I'ruKxia and the reet of i>eriuany aootnprt-lenslte scheme of commercial union; it proposes the adoption of a common tariff and a common oode of commercial legislation with all that is needed to a-*l um>in inu 01 n.cine m? mercantile interests of tha whole nation; and it offer* to set the aiampla of Morifil ing the prohibitive system of duties which have too long encumbered ita Industry, and Impoverished ita treasury 8ucb a proposal 1* by tar the greatest and moat practical step which has yet bean ma te toward* tbe union of Geimsny. If the Oeruauio Diet bad long ago givtn afeot to tbe nineteenth article of ths Treaty of ( Mfederation and bad devoted Itself, from ita flrit meeting to tbeestnblishmcot of tha utmost freedom of trade and navigation throughout tbe confederate State*, It would rot have st.t nnk iuio tb? d??pi*edand impotent body which vanished at the first blast of the revolution (in the other hand, I'rus-ia had long availed her*elf of tbe apathy of the Diet and the blindness of Aiutrla. to rally round heir el! the commercial Interest* of a large portion ' t flWIIJ, wl.lcb sLe hp|*4 oue day to convert to tLe purpose* ot jol:tica! supremacy The experience of tha revolution ha* aroused Austria to a sense of h?r true interests and har paramount duties. To strengthen tha connection between herself and Germany, is aiorethau ever esrential to her own security and to tbe peace f the whole nation; and the great experiment < f a commercial union, coextensive with the Bund itaeit, is evidently the course which an enlighteu?d view of her own financial and political intareita would prescribe It in not a littlu diverting to remark the consternation ot the Prussian organ* of publlo opinion at tbia announcement For upward* of a twelvemonth tbey j have bttn laboring at the problem of German uulty, in | every Impracticable chape But th> ir urn1) wan to I exclude Austria. with her seven millions of Carman i subjects, from that nation which so long acknowledged I her imperial sway and to substitute ih? ascendency of I tbe hoaseof Brandenburg, in tbe diminished sphere of a lesser Germany. Hu'Jilealy Austria herself relieved at last from tbe pressure of two treacheioiu and deiolating warn, takis up the question. "Yea dftire uni.y," *lie say*; " let u* bavs it, a?t by th* dsurutiun ot ibtae tcil. ral u (tituiiui)* which art tin uniy ate basis el bar military snil political rilations, nut by Hi* titini ti<? of that iadi itod* aca aud aovrrslrnty w hich tin Uvsty ot Pail* ai d the treaty nf Vlmsi both serured to in. tut h> trim 5 ttiii couplet" oomtuaatioa of our commercial fesiuu is the heat ruaraaty uf the liaruuuy and [I apcrity of lb* whole aatioa." To tlii* language tha u.oto vulgar and paxslrtnata partisans of I'm. elan ascendancy turn a reluutaut and dissatisfied tar iheir purpose i* not to uuite (leru any. but to divide It, and to reserve for Trui-eia tbe larger share ot influ) rice over the nottbern division. Tb< prcposrd Coiigres* if Kiturt or Aix la-ohapalle can have no other meaaiug. Cat to tbe*e vague and dangerous theories the proposal of the court at Vienna opposes a rational and ptautical alternative ; and tlie adoption ot such a project would at once impose the moat liupoitant national duties on the ooumusslon of the federal government at Krankfort Our Uopt I* that the King ot fruasia ai;d hi* ralnlsteis, more tar sighted and less selnsb than mat<y of their own particaus, will not : jeci or evade this oiler. In an Kurop< an polut ot view disunion, with Austria is 1 tfca greatest calamity which I'rusria ha* to fear ; there 1 may bs rivalry between these two power* in German aCair* and iu their local iultreat ; bat on the great 1 pomis of their territorial security atid military toroe 1 they must either re uiam united for their cumuion pro 1 tectlc n or be r. duoe-i to reek a humiliating support in ' lbs alkali-if nrne tur< igu Slat a In such a position. 1 Air iu ba* u'. least ei red i 1 erseil ll.a iln>i<.? ..r 1 lli? f. iih, but 11 uitlt bM literally do alliance or < aupport t ut tbat ol come minor lien no Slat ?. I fall I bad; upon Tv r>t?* tbn principled <1 the confi'de- ' ration it 1?16 Um I aa tbey wera in the then recent ' spiritLc? i t the I'atM dirteion* cif liciuiigr, with nil 1 their ci oaetjuttcea, aid to onuant that league by ! cure otlvr aiid popular ii.eaaure- tor ihn union ol thi ' tuatn :u| lcteretts of tbe wbola na Ion, ia tber*fore tha < priniaty llilerett of all titrmanj. and ao lmieraat to ' tacb ki-p*rht* powtr far Im.khJ tbe <iua?liouabia a 1 ' vantage uf a ooDtratad auprr.niacy. 1 In a ri muirrctal point tf rlew. tbia country wou'.d 1 bate bo reaaon to tlaw tbe ucceaMou of tbe Austrian < empire to tb> cmtcnsT league of tier war. y with eua- 1 plrion ard regitt The et*n w?u u bo one In tha 1 r'gbt direction It would a ubntit.ute, a* far a* Aua- t tna t? i wncai iieo. a I ami nioderately proteotlfa for ' oiif Mulily prohibitive liut it would kith a coo- t idtrabie impulse I the | roduct'.t? power* of tbat 1 tut but III expl .r*d territory It wi uld iacieaee * the force and pu a? erlty t l tbal t \ten?ive portion of j ' C entral > urope. in which we lii.d moat cutoroer* f aid laweet wpilMj aud It would auxtneut tbofe j * telatii na t f foreign a* will a* lnt>mal trattic which * are th" chief |HWUM| of tfea general peaon K.vaa 1 In Uproar*. t!.e expei libit if c?utur.< a a iJ t!if pie- j Mil t t> r*aL!?u of our own ci it" pouil-ma, d. uion- * altate tbat whatever iudoatry ai d olvMixation bare ; f pauatiated It t t'.at kingdom are tiiatiity due IsUar- ; * Man colrbti.a'ton. a-1 we hara an luubt tbat t' u ' rtreani tf in aula whti aie d.jw driven from trie ' * dtu?tly pre pit d ehuiea if the l.lbe and the Ki t itf to , ' n 4 a I n.r bt) ond tha AtUui;c mirii'. w:?U l^aal " aotailag? 1>< directed loth* iui.h.< ol !. I ' Iih and * tlie I'i.r be. abt re ll'i y wuld ti I u rl< r th* pr tec- 1 1 ti II ol a < ! Iliian f- terelpli a - I u? fi I tile ai.i a 10- I _r |loa alBt-?t aa wild aa the eolitud'-a f :ba new world. ' It baa brio of lata Ibe Ia>hltu to d aw r*?h ? n- ( ' eluriiu* aa to II." re>oarr*a of Auitrta. froai her * vlolcita aid de^iiiMlated nurrency. from bt>r lil-lua- ' naited d< bt. fr a ti.e Lfchltval exc a o| her expardi- j * rule our btr rtrafcue and from tha total ?aul of ) ntjpy ?hown >y Ma'larni.b in countvrac'Jbf - J Ibtae Ciaut tJi ?wkarra -dj? u'a 1 ui, wlnreaa lu I ' inhtr ci i<Mrie? ?? h*T? earn the p.-bllo rerenii" ' In jt| aiitl.- ptop fti' nt, to b*'iirpa? ":i y I h, tbe attil ir r? coit al | (i dlg^lny id tha 1 State, in AU'lMa tbt< taieata baa mtrt txsrr.l- 11 id the luotit BfUeat rati" ol taxation In an aw- | u p11it w.ilia pipi iatlou ?i|ual to tl itt ?l' Kraix'e. 11 ai'd an exit lit of t"nttoiy noD?ld?rab'y ej Mad- j lnn 11 lit if the republ!'- the inventi* of Anallla | l a- reUii ined at almut 1? tollil-UH tniiug, wliKat | tbat ol k rai f ba- It en dilren up to to niillloua iba ctai-? i t the putllo u?tit tf Auatria la about ?e???a loililt na; tbe <* of thn whole r,uit'.nj< rnve i .? about f t *i ntililoii nr.I a hail. During tbe wbolt | >l lt<i tf tl.e m ii 1 In tepee tit i. ct of fluogaiy, tbat IiikJ w ?ild i t i . .-I.tribute tbau two uiMloaa a:?ilii>n to tL? icTetiUi' it ttj emptra aitliap p-ilatt< t< M taalva Mi.lilt aa aud an extent ol uliir^ixd la i tl ex> ??dinn tha ? Ut le art* t l.ri I a > I an 1 Wal-a. 1) e tola' t f the ftr?l?n expoitit f Au-trl*. inrltidlr ( htf t.erirea tradi- ba* probibly nut atetn d"d ' li!allilaaa#lmii(. Ilka atUtal llul tbia atata of I It'll | P IF IbUll tllir It l ' I I llitJMIIIU, gu. II n V ie t Villi (>(: loin du'i'e lb* titrliH Ul>on colonial ! I ro-iu-n alma. alloh bt.w flcbt* ao on* bat il* Kin d en etltutn an li-port* at ' kiilltlitk l'i U.t ii ? u.r?-? ?I tlr stata. ait'l r? ijaSm ut tie4iiatr. ImHimI tuttlvtt not ciuttj bj at proa nt, ' l. Ikantl u? mi >.t-|t< li>? 11 rttt ai.d K 'ta-'a >. ni ;>>t ba Mtmrtf.i cur a i ilrijr ofaril.'?? ?fi * 10 constitute I a teal bo n to it i coB*?inar 'I ha aiiiptl a of a ru-ira j 1 ' r : ...!> c'?l | < !icj bj tli? Au lr;aa (rvaramrnt I in i> i Liriiiinl} ? lillt|itt lb tha cnitwl d of j a dahaitlre uiiImi a'.th tha > xlati Zt,ll??r?ln but tba ptiU t-?| ii | ia?r<art'll? < d-)>i lalittin at'andIrg mch a fuel n of (??iiran iLkmti. nt^kt fiiita fuMiibiit* tv taiBcunt U? r prgtiajoiot pro- | tested In'ott-slf ai d ri??l g??rrun.. nt? l b* proji-et j laa. ibtril ra. our g< dwiitt*. r'j\rd it a* an I Indication t( tha laiitnl aed n'.Vl-t-m d spirit ot j tl.a Aurtilan ra' ital Id tba j r> of tba great r?toT*i they bare taken lo hind; bull* re It to b>tli* Inn ai J at lid ba?l? ? a aliick alo?.e tLa material : Init irate 11 in rfciany ran be ui,lie(l, and w ara p?raandi d tbut tba removal of bvrlca and rantrl^ttonc j hrt*>?n the arTeral p<:rtlrn:i of a great amp r,* and an { Udurtrlou* natl'ti e*mot fail tti otittibuta t tba ' adTtocvuiaut of tba' rca and ?IrllUatKu of tho ' world I itatr of the ( iillnanf?>Tb? lid^n of l>??|Mi?laM rrram tti? ?Uai ?tatd i f Fr?*dt-nj, Vr? 34.J i Their l? *?ry little to conaola tbe motrMf o??r tba | Itcattt tut* d liberal ni"r?tii?nl?. Id tba different ?la?? : of I* going tut Bard on th* ( ur< ;?-?n Coi'ilMtl ? I fratee prei ?Bia the tpentacla of tha trial* and o n- | d? ton*! !oti ( f r> T< lut tonlMe, a? it tha praaeat gntara- > melt w?ra a? t Itaalf tba rery creatloa of rerulutina ? i la ltome. lb* Top* atlll delay* to retura to tha Vatl- ! ran: bnt hi* cardinal trtun.rima ar* there, auppr*aa> Irt; free opinion. Bad damaging the caoee n< lltp-wy t'> tb* Btacat of tfcair poner Oe. many He* pro?tra:? a', tba fret of tli* gr?.t byporrlta of rru?fla. arid In rrumia iUelf the aiutua tare* af th# It lain of rwaolJ tlfiniota I* acting at one* nit lanctn Ijr anil di'gn'ting Mr Waldeck. the bold and able rrfoiiavr after baring lain a?arlj e<*bt month* in priactt, on tba charga of ibe Bioat fediitan* de?lgri? and**. ha* i?*n pnt rj on hla trial, and curb a tlaaue of contemptible etuff brought agaitet blot aa prtri a that tb? goaernmeat Ii. M'ar*lt'U? to ttump np a charge analna' him. that It l a* e*|.' ?*d IUelf to the ildlrm* i f tbe whole pxhlie OaaObro a eat|.*t;tef. atar la fore-ard a? tba gi?arBluent altnraa. *1 b a brap of pratendad plota end ??1<iaily tir^'d letterr. ao rhitnt rttading an<1 ah>urd that uo n aa IB bla ? nara eoiild bar* liatrned to then etlrualy fer a nioinent, bad tfcrro Bot been a K-en daalre to find aomaoauea agalnat tba dreadfd \ atriot Tbe rrry i ti n le? of tbe liberal p?f*T are a?hara?d of t? a affair, and tba public pt*tllr?? that ft?r nnca M. W'alditk p u*t arrapr th* elarra of the btar^ e*gi Hi;Mia a l?* la Ii* bl*<>d. Haynan retjjn" tb?re, l'kc I;?aib Id lfc?B.ld?tof d*folatioa. Tbt.r abubtr* Kid tfa ?Utwtrat? arrt unaa>?rrahl* (ieferna by V. fultky . In ibe /? ?/ ( Vr?r? of I'aeeday. i f lb* lat* t>i I It -irinoi d Count li?tth)ant. alll tara with re si-wt J r?gr?' Mi ib? r?ntcir<[< n???n or rr?f i?'?a*?autj i cdialrt. All oho bar* read kit-barI i nbirg t ??trlivtit Irttrr to Dr Ueh ll iAuMi'M MlRlrt?r. *IIIM how naefly Mi?1tla I* now whera I'.naland 1A0 Jftrrtso nr.clrr fhn M< ?t MgntUd and mild b!o?d?d n.?>???< b 1b*t ??*r M?t n^aa tb? throaa of th??? Uln^ 4rm'. Fnrh in t? ?ll>-ct of thr policy of .Vlatternloh 04 lb? tlt?t Anntila I* mora" ?h?'i cpntwy nnd ? bill behind tli? fMl nf b;tiro|m in ?iTlllmion rb* lai. d *f M ft pi' a*nra t ho wall* or * but* rapi'ftl Kt? r> ii< mil* ^n?trHd ?lth flucump < f e??r? pw?ibi? imiltllrbt, baa pr?T*d ??- It th? land of h? moot erm I ml bloody at onro th? ?. *i t.flaaiaal- and n.<?t n ?.i'ii'.n?t) MUeu In I uroj r Um ij?tiai>njr and \u. t.ia iba frit ads of rational I ERA 49. be removed to some ?th?r country. Ko?suth and the principal rrfugeea (including th? widowed Counti'ia B?tthTaui) are now at Sbumla The British Meet wan reported to have aroCrcd '? Beslea Hay. in tha nelghb< rhood of the Dardanelles. but Admiral Parker <a aald to ba unwilling ta remain there. ax tha anchorage la net safe In tbe winter te?Hon. fer which reason he mast

enter the Dardanelles Then itraili, by heatiet between liuttiu and the Parf. are nat to be entered by foreign thipt of war; yet 11 U'at thought that unrf-r the tircumtlancei, partHitstonfar the entrance of the Knglith retttlt would be granted by the Diran Indeed >w h permitiian ii naid ta have bten given. Tbe arrival of the t rench fleet in the une quarter la aleo reported. R K I 3AY, DECEMBER 11, 18 freedom unit lament perhaps mora deeply than over tu) otli?r countries wbloh have raised high hope* only to falsify them France, rapidly a* it ha* iha.i.d round fn hi ultra republicanism to a uionarohy that want* nothing but the nana, ha* that Ufa in It that will yet scatter ail it* brocd of imperial and legitimist plotter* Huuyary l* too olemnly brava, too deeply baptised in the blood of martyrdom, has bran too many age* nurtured on the spirit of independence, to sink Into an Austiian dependency. Hut Germany baa shown such an utler want of politloal tact, of practical progress in political science as must convince every one that she has yet much to endure b?fore sha can muster in her popular body sufficient union and njt>ral strength to oope successfully with the wily and armed tyrant* that once more domineer over her. Sha lias beside Austria like a mingled osroase beside a gory and half crushed serpeat. l'i.s cruel etfeinluacy of the one. and the dreamy inexperience of tho other, predict lung years of humiliating peuanee. ere they can rise to a manly dignity and a hopetul position amongst communities cf treemeH llut it i* alth tbe most immediate anxiety that we cast our eyes towards Turkey, i'be uuhappy llungallan patlluts still continue there in a. stale of sNspeuse that is most prcvoklngly llTltatlBg to the lysttalw,and must be inexpressibly cruel to the sufferers One (Jay brings us the intelligence that Kui-sia has ooncidtd the question !' tbe Sultan'* right to protect them -another 'he in&iats on their perpetual consignment to a military prison. One day we are assured that the C'i'.sr Millcmseutto nothing but this; the next, that he will ha *e them driven out ot the Soltau's territorial. Now we are told that tha Porte will li-ten to notarmt but suoh a* are n<nsi>tent with tbe blghe?t honor. Another, tl at ha Is treating his unhappy captives with a severity and indignity that are disputable. This mail brings us acrd tliet the Dlvau la rejoicing in the assurances (>f kngland'e countenance and promise of active aid. tba next, tbat Princa Dtundiff has arrived lu Constantinople and Is lowing jealously* between the Ainbassadi r* of Kngland and h ratio* Meantime?and all tbi* time- sue only rtmaini critain, thai KjiiuCk uh<1 Ait brmrr ramraiai < intinur urnnntrs. The people or Kngiand *hcald look to this. It la pla'n tbat there Is enj?ethi'ig wrong at tbe bottom. With tb" ptornpt declar<iti?n of hospitality and protection on the part of the Sultan, with tno pturopt a'snrauce of the sympathy and sua port of h.tiglaud and Krauce, tb?r? should, an a rosult, have been a* prompt a liberation ot the piUoners Kossuth outfit, ere this, if Ibsue were no domination on the p trt ot th? < inr, uo cringing ti ar or treachery on the part of the Sultan to bate bei n iu l.oudn. lu "the rnidnt of a free, a syuipathlxiDg. and u inuring people. But we e n ?ell conceive tbat it must be a subject of strlous drea4 lo all tbe despotic powers, to Auttrla and Kussia (specially, that Kt si-utli should arnve in .\uirland. The euihui-n-. ui t.iai would osoemarlly greet his arrival, ths impetus which it would give afre.-h to the splilt of indignation against the^a two barbarous States iu tbi. < ouutry, hud thence throughout thi a hole civilised w?rl4, ara just what they seek to avoid. Wo consider that the mutter is entirely in tbe hinds cf t! e people of this country; let tbeiu speak out. in i compel their government to speak out to the Pi rte The liieud hip anil pooil will of Kngland aro en ry thing to I utkey. and tl?e moment it is telt that there defend on propertreatmtul to '.he llungirlsn refugee', tho obttrunti'ns to tb* ir trra i gre.'s will at oa< e ceasx Wo are at a loex to rouceivu c u what pn a tba .sultan can detain thom. alter baviai asserted that Hursia aud A *lat? la b*v fc nil ' t tf, ihnianil ! 1, i m Tl>? Kefn^rM. 1 h<- n 'rlc>a I'ji m VViddli, t<i the 4tti ult., Inform us tbat the extlt-t- Kueeu'.h the nutubtr, hate bt? u tmiihj.* ! t? d to Sbunila U bn will bo ttielr ultimata fate, etlli tvtx kin* h mjctt-ry A lettnr from Ornhova, of The Mh ult ., In the h'andtrrr, my *:? The old oily if \V Iddiu, th-it old heap of ruin* and Cieglac-ed wall*, baa now l<- t that ephemeral impotlai ce wbii b it <1riiv?d f.-otn th< revdence within Its wall* ut ibe fugitive Hungarian* The Hungarians ba\e lift V ij.lia. niltber ?oluotarily, nor. indued, tbur will, for every xtrp which ibcy !ali.- away !iciu the Auatrlan frentler. and I'r-m llu*?l".ed Walla* ?M?,kWi n tbem n.orc of naletyand I'he trabalereuxe of the lu^iuven to MiuniU dix? not 1 -ok lika m.flguing tl i iii to tliii of lb" ccuotiy, fir iopbla hi. J ! hlliopol Wi flM have l.i<? n more f ir be latter | urpote and it lit m w expected their nt?y at Si.LB J* will be abort. iiinl that tb? TuikH wi.l eoun .end them to Varna V.'heu the news of the removal if t he fugitlvew time ta Widdio, Air Kmiu' h ed Jrc.-a-d b> m one if bla fainoua apeechcp, wb.nh tl i? time, too, id up'. D ttem a* umal He v-ntlObed ibu glO-ioii* ?tl>taMe af tb i Porte ?be aenornalty of tha Ta lUhah, itid the never dying ,tlory of 1'urKi-h b"?pitiliiy. Acsoicliofr to Mm. the removal of the tcrimen to N bun la. ? >? but another proof of the de-Ire il the Turn* to >ro?ect Mm aiiii bin fiiend*. lie la'k I of t*ie ertsrtet'o attitude ol l.rialaiid, a*'d pri pbe*l?d anotb?r ?ar, nuoU er *rl"a ol ?ii? iriee, aud leal uct tea.-t, be libel! y of the llnngntian nj.!i"n He wan Tinfbtly cbneiad atid the tmiper if the iu<lli?r? rra- the bore favoiable for Turkey, from tl.n fact < f the Ku'teo lavir uml a conrlJrrablM sum of ui> m-y t > 'he p >ortr uyltllrf. fir li.e conif Unit* of tha want of Nlma* In ha Uiatiibotlou of thia cione.v #eri InJ id t aril, out be roiu) lainabt* wererLifneed by the klu<i. and indeed orii g lerauaslon if* their ftii era. and al 1 la?Aed ib< i ifuliy torw art to the day of their d' p?rttir.? Their lit ftoui VVIddtn waf thoroughly orle.jtal. We Uuru K-ui tl.i' itateaieir.i If eyi- witn< me* , at It ofTored the p< ctacle or a ?tiao|(e ml*' ur i if ffleujar and porerty I ha i lilef* *t ti e eiuif iition were oa horfi-baoX. aad it their ?lda were the niean looking I uik'th oarte of bote win Would could U't. on hor^ebtnk: Den lu unifi rni? eoTered with gild, were lute rubers <(1 ri<l> mi u In Honreii e?at< ai <1 tboee, tov, ratta r tha lor eforweer There wrt*i carila/ea tiled with mii en end tile wboie wai rnrrounded by an ixort of rurkbhho^ men On the ."Mitb of October th? rf>ad rtm V\idCla to SbumU vn crowded with ctirloua ^ ctnton, I rumor bavlnir g > ? llrnid llttt tha tUet ci.TOy wae to l?live the city i n that day The curti-ily (f tha piihlle wa? pratlfled. for atr op of 4t? I'ol-? kpi?at(d. with Mmat l arha it ;?neral Bern) rldiut; at In l.i t'l of tbeii rolnmu. Mmat Fa hi iia l.t'l? m.irj, la fare 1- eovtrril with tear* The I'oiea were drw?aea u vailona ?o;tune*; their cape alote were dUt,n[lilubt d by t heir national cobra. They wire aoenmunli'I t-y Mi a ar a and t'ouut \ ay t)a the following ley.t ouat Ird hla countryr.ien away from Willnn, ibry lock id moia aolied uU worn, but by ftr i 11ill r tlian thn I'clca. Tha loA dh ii who ooiupo<ied l.etlilrd body, were ii motley crow ? r.f all bit I >im; hey bad all < i bi an i| tba Vlahem-daii ful>li. At tl?lr i?ad rode >irraf. I'a>ba (llenernl Nttlo), with hl? ailjuex>t Oroad) ai.d l- laurl I a'ba (unLerel Kmettx) with ia etaff '1 : it la?t body. atrung. left W'l 1 iin on be i.ti of Noreinbtr. led t>y l\f?ath lie w >re s iarire ?t wltb a wblta f*n?b?r. He ? ? ratrouudid by ItMfl E|IW| 1S?I< |in. Kt d (itb?? ard MfawMl by b*< <CLtaud ( uuittoH K* 'i.nir ttittibyatii, Colon*! i >1 *lt. II i t cuncilU r Kra?rl? Ma .n an Tta? pmpla 1 \v Udui *er? mtry to a* lb*m * > ? eay. Ttia 1 o ? r to mar. l'>o?nl u^ou tl luMD'l" "nd enrrale a itn tbal fa*lti<K of r??|>*et and a<*a abiab :r< Nt mWfoitui* >??> uouiiaaLUt Ir.ui lui n ut ?U n( lift cue l< #iiag? ' Ariitlff ?corti?t r?J?: ? 1 b* r? frgttt 1 are b. an t?n*for,-?J to ShartU TV# t?t ,eitv i rl-tl?|Pt 4< 0 !'< >?, tu l h ad dbjMurat utbe (belt.). ?! tui on tt*.'.Vtb. Mewar >?eo1 Cd i',t i'ay Jonrd tLtlr. ?ho w?re ! llnwd ub th" next day >y jrc?mat?B<ir<| bv Croat Monti (>n ih? ft, 1L? ki crop*, c i>>l*t:i.g cf IPSf*o*f?de*. a I in U*t >buI ?> tab set i the %iu--u;bi?b r?l ?' n. ?iti tn? lU?|iti(D ' I l;?m unit r*l<in. eet oat ua l' the cmt>ti d of #t?-!n. c >ir t>hr?4r*eb*. Ke? it*, wb ?t i ui 11 U i *m? l? Klemtl !'?'(. . brought up ib? rmt. >k tho :.d ite .V*, jer'J amounting to U? in?n. with i tnt IcrelKtfT* teilnvf], la tbt* troop rode Ko* nth. U bi> ib!? i Jn I Mint CaMrrlr I'atll yanl. both tha f*ic*?l?, *dJ il* rpie rmj>*" kjr rb* count*#* Bat^3*bl ti?Ti ill li m i i?ytr<t? rarrla** Ab it forty >t I rr la*iaa acer ihthe column, In TtrlMlft*nu ?*ni>- ? ?*n on t"ot llatm>iun *at in eml. Ilf Tmi eottttpontfent, writir:; from Tineerar, ij tfcki crt thr ti Ii'gp*a In the a'jle ?hl?h "III be traii? to i lartr. if iltipMIe rot: I n**J not tallow ,h* ,Vaf ar fi ice to Wlduvn lor a'tlc n<b the Kauai la io biUi b n- ar?t thrt glic tl no an? oth*r part of tba \li*>iiar n.plrr all our lefr tuaticn n that ?ubj?rt la lilhid ttinkr1) r<Nlh Ml \lrnnt l.a-t < :a 1??. the >Ui, anu tf a da) bct< ra jrbUT iny, amrad th? h* r? b.i aut* ci tM? fnm hen au.l ??r? jiiarUr*-! In lir habl * and pb>tadt. I writ owl tn??? thiB, ktd a mota 1> nblc ?|.ie'acla roi id f-arcly b prawr.ud la!*, tblo and di??*"d. attb rag* ml thiir l??rl?a ai d tf? tOM rtirk'.nK out Cl th?-lr !-hre?, tb"jr ?ra tba *?-ry Id' kl of ml *ry < ra wl'b a |.?inli. l ? !ilrr'a ft-at f at at>otb?f ?ltb lb* ramaiii" of an ofl>*r ? bialUod curtrut mtoua th* ? brt?i? ni>d rotlM.tbait i (Karaite* **cit?d e< ropa ton for wi "t of tb<-?* foot ) a:ci?? ?? r* li rtjaMt of lorniog any p?'lttlra! 'pinon ar d a*i? ??> |.t l.lth'T <r tbitb?r vi It* tr?H< of liilla.w* ???r wbleii ibiy bad uo btrol At ih* r mar oh >i> (nikimi dor frx t U' n> Orror* ynnr lntalll?an?* ion W Udin n.uat b? nioch fr?.'har tlan auy b?y b?o?| bt b?i* i u \ ~ rt'm ?lib tba tb*y M'ld tia tbat tb<< r?ra to tndno- tb*m to Hiab- aoa laamiim > r* **ry | r#>Mu|r l?* <1 t!.?m to form i lolltlary e?dor y i a tha I.ow*r Oaouba. wblrh ha of bo 414 tn t ltk? it.* Iianiib* wttb two rblfTlik* to i?a?*h ff.C?r, bl>l Ol III* f'ltC* i t S.&4'> l!Utljr?rUO? ?00 Pol**. ia4 UO I'allai i only JM'I rinbr?e?d IMaml-m tacitly *M?>an fi'l*i< who |rr!(rtfil anjtHn* to Sl??rla On* ,oo- 4?*ll, to wh< n. tb* wa? mof? formidable Lao the t*u< i* r.f Muaker ard N?knr. w?? n<-J?y lcillfcl('url) tatlljg a tltC* ef 1'*i?a ?atwajc*. wb?a i'l?.rk by !i ib?rp I.on in ()> ?ar, bt'-h kn"f**d til* ap <11 bl? h-ad, rmiltidril kim of bi? foito. Ko?. uib It arr<ar?. bad obari'd r it bl# large b< ard, ? < ?< to MKlrcrh lKr|lilMlil* llin> aleajn In good ?plit? ?i d ?tli*d Mr,* with card* wnirb. a(f?f t>? active l lit*, b nf e lilt) In * |il?rf Ilk* Wi Jjln 'i be v ai i* HK.fd. bui It *1.1 t? lou< b*f< r? the Raaat fttii?iOi>rll tn con-Kji i,c"" "1 the hrlinm in I>1 .? <f tare ?j?li ?t r*e*, In addlflo* to tbat of to* lirf? arit It r. I hate ?e*n ??T?ral Tiliape*. a niilt- and mil* i> d ? I au in I??gth. nti b h.nao arid farm yard a |.tfT to the flkiBrt. atd )?t b?re ibn iababitaat* bate gain be; an to <1**11. .N?rra*lt\ In the Wither of Ini i tin aiid ntr mrnnt bvlp admiring tb* lageatily Ilk birh tk? blank ral'er* of atil- bi ?a**a bar* b??n r??<t at rg alib biaicht* r| ti?:?. nmain? ?.f nirlcullira! tr. f ?n.< fit?, and rtraw, to r> n trr>*? to? ?* a* f r *li t ? tb*j are fiol to b* thought of but h >? Ik* pri t ?r?ar*lt* are to h? id out the winter io|,l. I HTK't n ni*|?t In cpUi* <f the b?Hibari*?at of fati.enat ibe < ta i? i< < p> t.?il and Doalntll'e ' BMImilo"' l? tob< r'" ?i ihl? i-tenlr r. for th? b?-n?.flt of tba | t? wn bf pl'al. fiii<-o?-?n alt* ad It. It l? ai?d that d<'f| atrhe* ha?* been retired at 1 Pf mtaniitoflr amu tuning that tba Kwperor of (to* - a will tr w tb the *a'a ho ping of Ih* Una1*i1?b ai a I ohali nl?g< bj to* I'urt* mi til lb*; ran rrance. The rrlnceia I.ieven hasglvcu th? first of her weakly receptiona since ht r return to Paris Among tho pn|itieal personages present.the lion of the evening win M Guixot, alio has recently arrived here. Count Molo was also present. and it was observed that thsy shook hand*, and conrersed with each other for ? cion?i<lerable tlire, with much apparent oordlallty Thl? was tbe ' first lime for many year* that they bad spoken. M. | Eerryar and General Changarnier were also present, but M. Thiers, who in still pouting, absented himself The resident's family continue* to be a source of K'lM disquietude. The abrupt departure of Pierro Napoleon Iron Algiers. and his abandonment of his military duties, under the shield of his situation of a rerre-t n'atlre cf the peorle ha* leer) a sore subject with I him '1 lie rroessiry dismissal of iba youog mnn from tbe army baa pleased tbe republicau .partisans, who bear in memory that Pierre Napoleon de#ert-4 them after having tor a long time voted for them, aad that be eihlliitfl a total absence of good manners on an occasion when lie struck an old man in tbe Assembly Itself. Poland. Tbe correspondent of tbe h'rankfort OAirr Pntt *1mts 7,iHung, writing from tbe Polish boundary, un.ler date of the 10'h Inst announce* tbe discovery, In Kallscb, *f a most eitiaordlnary democratic conspiracy, or rather an mquirv as to its i \istenoe Tho highest authorities at Warsaw had been informed of the discovery of a rno-t dangerous agitation among certain yuuug ladies, and orders were tent from thence to establish the moat rigid icqulrt In consequence, the most frequented acailt mv cot ducted by tbe Misses fc'ulleborn, wat vir-ittd by a committee of Inquiry, who examined no less thsn forty of the pupils, pried Into their boxes, drawers, Itc . l, jt more particularly into tho contents of their cipy-boojis; tbe only discoveries which resulted, bow ever, were copies of some patriotin poems and uatioual K rgs, all of which were collected, sealed up. aud forwarded tit V. trNv 'I he ccuimUaion of iuqulry iacomposed oI a colonel in tbe Itustlun army and sen lal police official*. Urccccs Accounts from Greece to tbe Pth of November, allude to tbe great prevalence of heavy rains, which had ceea?lr>l? il daii:?i:>- in Athens and in tbe province of Attica-Bo-otia '1 he country in several places had suffered In m inundation, and it was apprehended thattbe worst r? suit* ?e,e ni>t yet ascertained. A iteara navigation i rojecf. lor securing regular coinrouulestlon lietveen the islaiids of tbe Archipelago had been submitted (> at d favorably accepted by tbe government, and no ordinance bad b> eti i? ued. authorising the foriratiou of a company, for pusecuting the undertaking. J he Grecian ] ariiami ntary session waa closed, Turkey. The Smyrna letters, ot tho nth Inst, report f*> orably tf 'be state of tho markets ( offte bsd advanced. and still higher prices were lo< ked for Madder root was Id rtr e The i ontiuued J?bianU l> f Ann rlca bad OAtliad < plnai to advance ; va'nrK wan rl?" lank in;* up, uad (Jiiu (11 wm attady. Tonnage vu abundant. M iif;n |i<ii c. Ibe Pinparoru pap?i.< ut tba 7th of October menticn the arrhal thcie ?i oral aa^oni mil* anil other 11 ore* fi r tba cotil *oikiu * of the i-'astara Archipelago ( <n paojat l.abtinti A cooiuiWioct-r bod pooo ovar j to tfaraaak by the Albntror- to arcctlain the head-uinin y du? to account of ti e Saharrm d>ak? or pirate*, iauiy tie. u< jitl bj l'.ajitb iiroc ki>. aiuUlua. Tfcead?l<*ej fum the M iurHlu* comr dowa to tha d of ^iptamber. An addition of three luotv.ulai mamben . 11 Di| rlriuft M? n.i Houghton . t'ayrou V Itadell*, had tun inaif to tli. I.e Ri;d?tira; aud a* tha two f.rat gentlemen repreaente.l tha impoctlirj at veil as the i j p< rtu>i; intere. t. It ? * con-ld?' td n Iain r b?. 1 lane* oi power W( n!d be etteiufd by the?* a>-le.?. tlrti*. Vr Houghton, It la itaUd. la oon>ianted wi' h Mivrn lUjih, Brotbtri fc i;?., aid ? afinti <a l.!i with tbn lrinch emailrclal lltrrmt W ilb recpeot to meroaatlla aftjlra. It la nieot loo> d that a ruEM4? rthla am'not ol biolueo had b? i n di.s e aloe* tha la^t mail. Tha fli.o??* of tba w atlitr 1 ad brouMbt 1ai?e |ii?nttl.H of i?*r la town, and n? tba dniat j for reu.ittao- ea bad bei a brick, . Ibi ra btd fcttn morU animation In the maiKet. Allead; car^oee had b?en ileepatehad to l.rndon. Ll?er- 1 pool, and lbo ( lyda. allowing a ci DMderabioa<ltr*o-o i n iporta. Oc?i| ared wilK the cornn-ndine period r.f 1 lart jiar. 7he prrl?al ol tha Knrllnh mail had ailglitly ' c!i< I'lfil price*. and at a publln aaia h> id attb;e<|ueatly, a fall ol 10 to It Mb loob plae . tba tow Mm L' *?ver. atlll ton mandiug proportionately better rataa I ' thua 1m dertiiptKoa. Cblna, Cf'tnf f'are ha?* lately been entertained here for tha ' ?al?tj ol tha Aueiican bark < inetta hha li lL -'i msj- , ' < n the notli c f Augutl for t hi" port, ao I not oil/ . bate lie \e*>-e|a whi< b railed about tba ram* linear- 1 ti?>d but I bo* a alto whleh >allei| f.urlitu data lltof- | 1 aaida Rh>- la reported to bate bt-e" te? o o t far dv tant frotu tMa. a abort tluia pr?*lm < to tha Ijph mi wbleb waa eiperl-oc?d btra ou tba ISib and U lii 1 ha oqtMtlc ?aa kooan to be oi a - f the kn*'t -elt i n tbc c(aet. h??it jr a rm?et eapeilancr.l coinniand'ir ; (t apt f rrrcott). and wa truat that ih'< wer^t abicbh^s bi t*ll< n 11r b?-bu n tbe Ketllng blt aa our to t\? nut of Luctla it hn*iti|{ lo't her maata In aotra ' quarter, alietca the ba? f< uml It dllUcult to uitUc tbi.-i , put ITecf the ea lieft Te*?ela which left thla port fer <" ;?( (In Ja lalt), lia* by ettraor 1 r. ry elfi ita In polo'. ?f rtew rnada good her return Wa r?grtt tc ray aba bflrfa meat d 'nral and dlrtalr^ua an. 1 ei nota of Ib* nuirn otia >hipD!?nta of itor?a t all Kin It ablchwat.t forward from ibla to tlia 'ne 1 f g bieu ;:i'ii.I ' 'I be InUlligi nsa wl Ich <l.e t.. j< of tbu mfltli? V ff jfU I r? thx nnniiir* la ? *? r. i >>n.a<la. / ft) ry la tha alttaaa Oria JwI it Higkiff iWlfrtw? 1 1 r?am? li'iNf/n* in A??f it tea ia C.tiw??A? ' ?> i r? ? I'toly mv ??/it vi ji-M h"t. I I M Kl H, ?a *ju hap|i) tr. fay. I,** Cot.Uuual par- ! r>?tl> ItaUhy lhri t;b'<ut tt-a tumnar. Cape n( i.ord llapa Tha arrival rf tlt? ecuilct fblp Napiuna at tba ? ap.i , 111 tr ! li' pa. n t h? ] ill rf H*pt*l&b? r, WM t':? a'gt >tl , fr r a 11 tj at rug Dinllttlitiw of di>r<>nt<-nt hr tha , fwl<r.|?t* al o tu>|tcl tba (tOTfriiint ul ?f aja iltlral , i tti mp?, by ?Jr lay ar<l roaao urriptr t' at(?ct a finding | ' fl.a fit iii tela. 'I ha go*ernr r. Id nrrordanca with th? | f?t llngiof tha c< lonlat ar.d buown pi .*? >r,t rr d th? , IIMatt d raartl to ram? in at aorhor In Situ'ii'i Day un- , til in ibtdltnra t?|t.r'b<-r ail tic from tha ? > Imlal t ifPra, ha ri.uid dl*po * ( the convict* Maanwhila. , it a r< u l iEid aolcnlat* threat a to gtarva ali partlaa In piiraUd In It* tup;-If J jiigf'x ti'tO obadtanaa t? Ihtir lirn<l) t xpiamtl \ til. fcitppllaa rf all kind* *111 ba until tha dn tiuall >a tit lb? vcstttl li chang* d. ? 1 Th? Ccrrt Trnilf of I"iirojmi JFrrn tha London Mrrrantila Nov S 1 1 lit tig h tta poaitlon of tha grain tr?.:e la tb? Kru ?h < ivaikit* baa act. for a ?v nUarsbla tima pa.t, b "i mrh aa t hold f*t ancour*?r? mant to eon?'t:i? to tbi? ' r "i.try. * ha?a naiarthflt ?, nontlati*4 to raoatv* av pla pllf? it f'iraUv urorii gran, and th* intlm ' i.urlkli . d by n aoy. thai tba low ranga to which fraa trada h?.'l r*(Jar?d prlr-at would worfc it* own aur*. by I rh< aklng In.pcrt', baa not bllbarlo provtd to bo w?.l i*. '1 hat tha Ta<na < f corn may b? radu<v d t > a I point at wMrb tba fnr? ,fiirr n.ay c?a?? to aaud bin i pr oura lato th* > nsllah markat-. tali't. of rouma '<* | a. jl avldtnt: but quotation* will bar* t ba r- lio!? l - > i low tatma thl? ocrnra. aa to atta'l at olun' rn'n on tha 1 i n>a |r'doaar. SI lira tha of laat *??? ti,.w?idv 1 of M < 0 <iiiaitara of wbaat bart?y. and r ata h*re ar- I rl??d ?% thin pnrtalora t m f irl :n onwtti'' V a j ao*>it tl.?' tbla ancply It an aAnamuUtlon ria al by i a.1t*iaa wind* harpiog hark tba ?t a?t-la, and that ?o i la'pa a t;uaotltj la not lllt'lyto ba ajatn ratwltr 1 In tha falna Hrottt d t para at tltti*. Hut ha? any arnltjr J br*n ?>| trlanead In tba Interval' U'bii?t ?Mp u?nt? i Item tbv North lata b' an ttfpt baok by w ptarly wlndi. a? batr km fu:ly tuppllad iron nlhar qMMtara. and It li too ?>rt?in that, aiaapt In tha daj Ih of wlntar. | whlltt tba at pt ,ai tal pt.r:> ara f.- 'ten up, r>ir farmwr* ( imt a?p?ct *? long at iir. portationa ara admltt?d Iraa rj Otity tobab-atanln thalrown markatl. by forat^n (ompi titlrn Tha ah?at tiada haa. alo'-a cur la?t n >tlra. rtiralnad in a rary dull aU'<- at.d In moat parta t f i t.a I Invd' m prir'a l.ata racadad tally la ptf ijnir- j , ttf. Tba aowli t( itwh<atl< it >w Ltarl> fial: bad ail at praaant tfcara la not maab out of d"or wr rk to a|a?m Inmadlata ittanMon Nn?n? i't a tinia l? appr a.'b- | , In* at wblrh tha cutinya of 111 angagad In agrlnultaral i puraulta art* brary l'br'?fnaa rmU. and othar a*. > iiiiim. b? prorldail for and tlil< nan only to* dona i M ttTaiblng Ira'ly aid riti*ittlng ci?p< lutft o%?b 1 Va ntay, coraainr-ntly. ra'anla^a on ra'har Ilhatal dilirarl** frrm tha ?row-r? tip to tba and of th? ytar aid aty rat'y In ptiea* duiliig tha li.atTal la. (?-n?a>iiiat tly, iiupri l abia I i d?r tha?? elrauni?ia?a??, pnfbat ara mntlana to nat with attraina aatiti'n ria.n.lpg It tiat dla?a to kaap UK Iftrgaatock*. an I ?i ar? liktlj to aipMit-ara a doll pari- d till aftar tba ! lorn ' f tha > ar How prtaaa rcay rnla aftar.aariti will luagtxt K't'tt* <a|?iidon tha neath?r Ntiou 1 tba wlntar b^ptld and op*n, tbara wonlrl h. Ilttla ' chatiiaclarW; but laTata fntt. by ?h?lag tha Daltl* i ai.d ether err barn port* improving tba anndition of i lha |t? wbtat, and by liu-raaatt^ aon-nmptlou ai| M { gi>a J.ti upvaid nior-wiant to pria-l Tha ImgMctlMl . ???b. On Monday tka fhow 't wh?*t by iluleirtUf? ? ? *!?? U< ir tli? ?ft|Wi?iirl?* ioiidIIm, mm* unail ; ?il,i rnnntdrr?bl? dWtcnlfy ?m In lt? y.|>'??t Ot.tJ tho b*'t dry qn*ltt|p* raali IrllM finut th?t lay f? nnijiht all okhtr d*a?tip(ton? k?l?l tr>r|) (Ifrrtd It I 4xllk< 011), to Ul p?r | i?rl>r, ?ltk?(ill?inilli|l rt aranca tilth* Kant ?t*ad?. 1 tr f?w parft l? than lift ur.M Id hat? hownTi-r. fins* h??ii J It nd ?It) 'tit an; futtbar abit-im-nt harln* b? i n nhtniltad to ; but an aiio'd tba b- .b n U'i Ja-Any aul tkt* m tlMt It m; L D. TWO CENTS. be questioned whether th? ratea current In the beginning of the week would hare bean maintained had there been any supply of moment. Importer* of foce'i! n wheat remained llrm, and the fall which took plaee in the prices of Kogllsh, on Monday, exercised little l?> fluence on the vidua of the finer klnd? of foreign. The demand for the latter bn. however, been of the moat retail character Part of the arrival from abroad ban gone direot to ?oin? of our prloclpai miller*, and they have, therefore bad no occaaion to porobutie at Mark-Ian* Quotation* are. oon*6oae*tly, mere nominal than real, an4 the price* nbtaloed far snail quantltlee from needy buyer*. In the beginning of the wtek. could certainly not bare been made for Important parcels tills morning. Inferior foreign red wheat ban l>een held at ?Pa to 40s , good to fln? at 4'ia. to 46* . and Uautaio at from 40a to 60?. per quarter. These rate* were arked to-day aa well a* on Monday, and holder* did net inanitoot auv partlonlar anxiety to prera salea. The value of town manufactured (1 >ur lias undergone no chau^e; foreign fl >ur has been in but 4 little requeat. and ha* barely told so well aa laat w?eh. The quantity of homegrown barley brought forward lia* bet n only moderate and price* of really fine malting <|nailti<? have ratlier tended upwards. On M m Jay ;U*. per quarter was paid for a picked lot or two. which 1- a.~ l.i*h a price a* any readied thla *eae>>n DikOllIDg and grinding aoit*. bein* more Interfered with by tli- Import* from abtoad. have sold relatively low Notwitl *i?ndlng tbe extent if tlie arrivals of f.iMgn barley (II) 140 quarter*) prevlon- termH have bee-i steadily Mipperted ; good heavy grinding aorta h not beet* *old below the teiain ol week; aud tb iifli the lighter description* u,ay in aome ca?es have been parted with at a slight decline, no qu table alteration is price* lins occurred We hare had tolerably go-.d receipts ot oat* nobi'twirie, hut tbe prevalence of oaat wind has prevented i-upplteH re-Acbln.; us from Ireland. Having however had an arrival of y.VOOO quarter* froa* abr' *d. ihtre has b?'tti no tcarn'ty of thla grain Th? large dealer* bave. throughout tbe week, acted on the re. rve, und> r tbe Impression when ' h- lying days <f icnie of the veasel* (hall have expired, tbey will l?? enabled to buy on easier Urms, hactor* hata however, declined to make any concession j and good heavy corn, whether of home er foreign growth, was scarcely clnaptr either on Monday or this uiornlu", than laat week; inferior kluil* were <'d to Is per quarter cheaper to day. Bean* and p?as have excited very llttl attention, and no alteration requiting notice has ua.-n place iu price* cf there ai tides. Indian cam or malt. Tlie Dnnk of Knglaud. 4n account. pui>uant to tne Vet "th ,tna Hth ''Iftorta, oap. ol, for tbe w?ek end at November 17, li4l>? lllllt UI>|HT*?T. P*t?a iftotd ... k2.l,XJ,3ti l>tM.4.1\lun Otli r aeeiirltlai... . I.'Ji*4J09 Of 14 < oi? tuJ ttulii a U.B.Uttg Silver Baltiea.... VI.m i>crtvtM**r. Frortletore' Cvi- Otvtruuil 3ecntal ?14.M".'*i l rlue*, (i-iclading R??t 3.1S3..*-ya Ii. s<t w j.ght anFatlia Iiipcuu, nsiif) illJUW L. (InclariibK Itx- Ouinr .iiioariue*... V,/ Uv?ii heq or r. bavin j*' N?w? I!,W7,GSS Eabfes, CeHuolt- Co!4 aa4 Kilver U0B<r> of Na- Coin. "-1,380 tinrrl I>-M. ?nd IhtiJt nd At ul . .'is S Other Dopaaila ?Toa dir aca CU( Biili l.f"!,7'0 jl.?.tt,iMb,7.a HtrktU Lome* Mokkt Miiiit, Krldny, Nor 23.?Tbti ra ductlon of the rate o| dl?c?unt by the Malik ?t r.tvland, ) a* b?n tli? "ibject ol general eonteraa'.ion iu tha monetary circle* ct the city tIt* larmiug; and a-. uiual en all eccnsiriiH < f the kind, the ceoi'Mli y ami flva&trg* r>f the change urn variously up k?u of Tbt? dbeoant bctt <aa bar*. of courae .l^nin-d a rotuo'loa In theli t?rru< of Interest fi r ic>u?) on call audare all mot ready to discount paper at J per cent , or % pa* emt below tl.e bvnk rata The enrpa prrnii <i by the hank d'rentora w?> fnwf?cti il l u' tf'J ui ") duilufj tun lait tlajr or two by th? in?n.b. ih ef tfce Sirck K.*cb*nire ml heoua the advance ahleh tack plane in tb? nalue ol' Co ohi yeaterdaj ?i w ' ouly not ruali-'Mut d up to Ibe el ma of l?aM*?, but tie market t? not to pood today '-ouaola bate b? en den* at V4*,, but are now 04t 4^ 'or ra?rey and account, or S* per cett. lower than they left i fT rrnlerday. Hi nie partti a ha?? been refusing al?o, a bich ten Of to rh?ck tl.e buoyant turn of t!ie market Ntw 'I tiee aid i< Wuarterper l.'imtl have been Jon* tt T'Cto OJ >| . Iteiiuced I hree per < . .iu ' < t. t Lolk ABDUitt< ?N>i to 7-It' K l iLietjuer Hill* 47a toMto. pi . . tiftlik St" c'lt 1!, -H ' , to 1 b< re 1* no paner;^ tbaa :1) In the Foreign Stcek ro.rlet. but the buojtDcyut Njatilah eoi.tlnu*": tin Tbtre per ' act* bare t? eu d ne thin tao.M'i^ at 3di? to ?7, Mexican at l:o to V7. Peruvian 6J. furtiigueatt h< ur per (out' r.iai.14 iJut-h I ' Ur per l'<m' ii)a. Bci* ?u I <>ur and a Half per ' ante *>', 'I he lUilwty Share mat ket In fiat and d '!. Very little bualaeaa baa U'en d"*tc to-d <y, ?ud are n >t 10 fit III fca they acre >eeterd*.y Tint Ol ion I ' l-aola eloee rather Hit at N't, rnUal* for n."r?y and hojera tor tha aco ml ebe^Uer Uilla47? t >fO? M eita are flat Nor<b*Wea4?ra* oloae 111'4 to 111 tireat VVe?tart>" to ( Vltlltrid* li '4 ? fI'rl^Un nr Sk tfi . Haa Hrt Uull-K>M ?'ii IU .jtte. 1C '4 to 1;. ,. and .North sr ?>t .r I t<>''', I ioKn?i ( "iin Makke: W.? 3-1 ? 4 Tary II j)kt *4 Jeinatd t'aj pnM*i!cd d .i;ii, ?!'. ?!! pi : ?.??? Ua |iw n lattve ulii" ulth uie aii I ?f>ecl*lly tha t??vteff Sa?etlpt|otia of nod' anil yarn s -ar to tl.e r tt of n ?tl< n. baa ir.di I the prodne' D i ' t*i ? fln-r n'.S?r tban tha 1 lah r a ul t').? h<? O'-ca^ in?d a eorle.pnjlig d I'.lnutlon In the weight of a 'tt ncioMiibed Ib ether ri-aperr# th - V :ne <1 umt'ap'tm haa. untwxbr'ai n- tha li.erea-i t and i-l.'liely h'x'j ealue ?hlch cotton Vara at t rekab'. Ween pretty w II reainlali ed. and 1 f many deaeilptt w 'f manu'e-t'traa the ator t . l.a?e i't uron.ti'a'ad l'h? ma.-?atiaat pr.- rt I lot re- I by the limit <1 etonk r?ru-?' a<h- r? hy the delay wbli b iu.i t ? .. r I a- -e 101 1 '?hte< rta ItoL. the rBIte<l Mat-a, and by the akor.d ince of U 11) a I In lr r? > . :?[? : t I )J| fe iM'ii'i I n * to bol<t ra 1 he ad?toe> rveItcU | er Kttrona. on Monday, riv [>rerept> d tha re<-? ptt at tha rhlpolnir p^rta to ha rTje.hut 1 'eta had aJrance l tin.It r th'? Influnoee of Ibe 1 rlitlng adtlc?a r i""i',lt r'n urd henttn. an 1 th? jiiautity t'llppel 1 r In lo tiraa of 1 ljt-ii ?nt. wa? a*ita>l tid* 1). II' mlia iN'i if tna Tip ttrn T?riou?, bi t no| it 1 rally latet-r tbari 1 Lj-. ! 1 r? t, .arly f< . w-d. and tha jrWx are Nwltlly h'/t.-r than are rurrxnt bar*. It til iu the prt fence of a *' wi? ?bat dul -tata of ifueral Itade rrd *lth on|? a lltnlted damand t .r t iao-ifaa ure? I Mi pr <i cl fn t.are ti ' b*i'fi inaln'.nuwl, Hid t> I II ? illldil'l rb??l? l** 'l | rpr--~ i<t tha '1! ?ilni"* to ttdue* >?f in-of dltecnot '.?> t', i?-r o?ut, ufclj lm n r. * ti t ;>r?vl?'i? r-.l n da i nfm lt d !.' ? I'M >'< ii | im ?< l l- imiii?i.p? on prt?*?a. It* ti t I nl'i rf lh? wit litfii nut 21 4 in I kU \ Urnii-lllnittil at>oiJ?no? of ttl* tr?l*, IB I r.( H hu* l*rg"'ji nil.J lh* Minn ar# only 4 ?i>0 b?l*?, I' ilxiit irxiuui niM AiavMcti <! ?;??(< loua ar? la l?|rr? it I . tut t!j?/ar* If lyofl^trd ?'J | <lrnltil? tii If in s.t" 'id | lt> h*? K'n**rM 11t lw?o tiihiutt* 'ij'n : '*o Mm ',u'ti.I>i? t :m lUII-K b?r ( ?i Icnily r- <;v*?l 'id |fr |'i :iimi|? iai i^vyHat* ?r* in *b\y H;: ?f t t %rd In t.'i** a J- nlln? if '.rt |?rlb ban paftlaiiy t.- 'ii ulna''t?il 11 Si ata r? in fair riijiml ; it' Ut pi< ?i w r?t?* SUM b?l*< tif AvulnR It 'I i > ptlan nul I'd of at. h??? I < *at.i u "n r\ ' mI -ii >n, iv 1 i ,0 i f durstf ir *xp rt. frlrt .... id. '??l?r<C? . :'<*.! :i?bla fc Imi. ' .a ' *? i It l ' rii I r , *, tt V, 1 m ; 7 4 I' J '.fill N (,a ' , , a ' < *? a -It M '.ilr f ? 'i" ' ?*< fa-"*.. ? *!? l/? Tiiii k I'ml. ' J<? I l-M? iarat 4*^1 #S? laroi r?. -Tn iMk ilati-. 1 ti.,1 Wl7 b>< , ?a ii? !!m?, 1VI> 1 4M ? h?g* 81ot ?? do th ? la'.?. IMO 5M1M liji; '.ib? Him, Hi- .4" I i. Hi I? Tilt. ? tot*. lh N ? 1*S<? 14'TIIH total iai?? to to* loin .No* . Iiib iii i-MTa t>??? Litinritni f '<(t*T Nor n Vw'rti-an Pro?Kl m? ? Raoin I h* nl 'f ho w. ? ar* (mi to ' >0 t>t-?; i ati* w ?ti; n b>'? nliHl"* brougli' 2 ( . f ? r 'inalltf In pacta/** to. r I n? . falf n'ti rn S<)? ?? j,i , Mod 3.? . rilin* .*,? Ca-f ? -i* fa!.'? of f%lr biftWu Intuit '"'Ti 'M f t>'. ^-iii l? htlog to t2?. f<> fT* i |i- r*?t? of low ?M'?ni rrlr.* m? br-t' Vt t" ? pi#< t i ft'n Itrrt i ? :./* ll'. to r : ?.1 v* n*? with" it lo 1'ilrr. A t ?r*-l of aor.J In bo*-', bfllrfht 1??. "d t I '. ' ? lb' fr I f I |"? tT b-.' : mo.a pUatilnl | ri*?t o? i t\-t ? . . o 1i '-'il-y r?alt???l, ? m?p?TT ' f ** ' > I nt bt Ui' til to ** jo t i 4'1 ??.'r 11i t< i I n-l l? tin!i of *!* at tu Ua '-I ft i ir?n<j ?.ft aarrala; "??' crlptl >n?, f >r chandlary purpi*t? are ln<i>il-??d fir. |.H??r.n fm n Ti ??f?r for IV a aak an 11n( Frf. 4ty, N oaan bat 98 1*49 \rrarv(<-d by * <" wraittaa of br b?ra ? Sv)f?r- 11 ??al??, whi h hair ba?n i*hiafly to refiner*. ?? ( lint in I0<) hhd?. it P ; 7 0 " 1>a?? Dmiil, ?n<1 1 t M' bag< .Vail** . at a ?l<ht d-rllna upon la?t ??k'a frtcK. I-'r-ln" lt? bb'r (tool yrllo* iiambi <-o a-'ld at 1<? fd.. and mhh'l* P'rtoRlaoal "*a M, to P??? CJ p?r eart. , vIola?*?*-?-riO puna., I?rlvrilrg ? u'>a Mii'rf ?*J > ao'il at l"?; Harbadwa at 17a; 1 ilalvad fn m tha (jnny aud to arrl??. at Ma; and linni?nia a 1ft#. M p?r ewt 200 bar* l*?ra fnnna aoM at B7a. and 100 ha** (.naya-V'tl *r>? W pw ??t. Hlaek prppat bfon*l.t ii.Hd t>?r lb . an<1 Malabar fting-r 21*. |?r <-wt. Tier M -n'rad Banga! aold at 9a . aa l a mall lot of fra ahlto ?t 11* '4 p?r ?*t Taa->rn?i WO to 4 ' 00 rb<?t* first ata-? eonnnna hara f>"i?4 I ajar prirr* ran** lr>m la. Pd. to 1?. 104 p?r lb; I ft iIr*r < "l)i'i<al. all fauit? waotat .1* 5d. to Oa fcl par lb. and MX) bag* pratl aago at I*? ?4 to 41a. par ewt Saltp?tr? at *5* to i?? 04 par i*wt NtII ata of ?<Hl? 4( 9 on tha ?r*<t. at 11? I to 11*. ; d. ? camion \ R-?r'.c?n main aolJ at 3t. 2d to * IM. ?nd flra iMailt; at 5a id to It* porcat. Aboat 40 ton* brlmatopa *>14 at .Crt 5a pat ton. 8una? ?Palarluo trailed 13a P4 , and Tjrolaaa 7*. to 9* *d par rat PalMnora .tnara<tfan b*.r? aold at lila. 3d . at?4 I hi a.talphla at 11a Sd. toll* M. f?t f*t IJn?aa>4 oil fa't.J Jpa . and rapa 4"l? fd t" I4?. par nwt; *fl? t. n? l!r1tl?b ?t Mt? "f ?nrp?r tiaa ara ranortad at UK rd to Ro?. and 5 t na it American at ila par awt. I a'm oil ar l I at AC I to 131 10a par toa, Tallow a?M at 3T? ?d. to ?'? par avt M?irn??tra. Ftlilar, No*#mb?r 28 ?Th? ma'n f*?tnta of our narbat. tbion|ho?t lha waak. baa b >?a ana f t du'a?M Doubt aa to tka itablllt* of pr??aat prlaaa, arltlrg from th? a^parant di->wn?ar<l t?n1?o,it of Ika raw matarlal. baa ai?-rai>a<l a oonaidarabl* InAaaaft* on tba ulada of bu?fr? and laatarlally rnrtallad tkair rparatloaa. A vary llmltad ba?la*?? I* d 4ng both I* co< da ard yarvi. Soaia In inlry la praaalant, bat I' la nivi* ta a?rffta!n tht Itrlisktion* ?f praJncara, ibaa

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