Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5667. important from Central America. AGGRESSIONS OF THE BRITISH. Seizure of the Island of Tigre. Tht Preparation for War in Honduras and San Salvador, Ac., die., *?. hne received, by tbe mail steamship Ohio, the following Important information from Nicaragua, Honduras, and San Salvador, by the way of Realijo, Panama and Chagree Our Central American Correspondence, important Intelligence?Briti$h *1ggreuioni t'n Central Jim eric a?Seizure of tin U. S. ltland Tigre. Leon di Nicasacsa, Not. B, 1819. The official proclamation of the Governor of HonduSas, which 1 enclose to you, will give yen an insight into the character of the late outragei of the British agent*, and the commanders of the war steamers Plumper and Oorgon, upon the sovereignty of Honduju and San Salvador. The island of Tigre, you will peroeive, recently ceded by Honduras to the United States, has not leaped. Her Majesty's steamer Oorgon, on the 15th October, entered the harbor of Realijo, aoting in ooneert with Mr. Chatfield, detailed a force for the seizure of the island, of which they took possession, tearing down the U. S. flag, and elevating the British in its place, and consummating their celebration in the ame of her Majesty the Queen. A correspondence immediately followed between Mr. Stjuier and Mr. Chatfield, the former demanding the evacuation of the ltland, and the latter declining te sake any further concession than a reference of the natter to his home government. He denies tbe right ef Honduras to sell or cede away any portion of her territory, because she bas no national existence, being only a fragment of the Central American confederation, and justliies his lawlets occupation of Tigre, on the ground that it is a seizure for debt. This outrage to our flag will, doubtless, receive the prompt attention of the government. Tbe insulting proceedings against Honduras and San Salvador have awakened the proper spirit The Central American States are arming themselves to repel these aggressions. <Jen. <<uardiola. of Honduras the noblest general In Central America, has arrlv?d on tbe coast of the liulf of Amapala, and men are rallying around him. It is understood, also, that tbe State et San Salvador is rapidly raising troops. So it appears the British Charge ha* fot himself into trouble. It uppvars that his principal emand against San Salvador does not fall due till next month; and the government of that sturdy little State declines te comply with his ultimatum. It remains to D* 0<*t?U 11 D6 Will iUDUipi m ift&H |;unn?BBtuu ui buc vu* lire republic ''in behalf of her Majesty." The State* of Central America look with confidence 1o the United States to see that their rights are reepeeted The policy and trie Its of the Brlti.b agaut.s here will be fully exposed The recent ? I ur?H have roused the old national spirit, and the ouly inquiry is "now, for arma? cot men A ship load from the ( tilted State? would eel! at a handsome profit In this market. PROCLAMATIONS. INHABITANTS OF HONulTRAS : AU governments which like our own, depend exclu ivaly entiiely upon public opinion, to whom the laws are the ouly guide and polar star, always submit all j their acts to the acrutlnv of their fellow cltiznns, a nd transmit to them without delay or disgulsa the accounts Of auch affairs as materially siTect the Interests ol the ' whele body of the people. Of auoh a nature, at this (resent moment, are the events which have transpired on our Northern coast, a* alio on the Southern ooast, And wblsh his Kxcellency tV* President has commanded me to acquaint you with. On the 4th of the preseiit month, the steamer Dumper, belonging to tbe Koyal British Marine, under the ,-command of < aptalo Nolloth arrirad at Truiillo. The captain of this steamer, without having any publio mission of any kind, and without any other credentials than riolenre. required tbe commander of that port the payment of the sum of (ill otiu within a to* hours, which sum. he raid, was the amount of tbe Malm of British subjects upon our government At the same time, ha threatened to deatroy tbe town if the afereMlwamount was not iurtantiy paid down The com- ; msnd-r of Truxlllo refused to pay the amount, inasmuch as be had not the nece-sary funds at bis oomluaad and also, it was not in his province to interfere In auch d? mauds lu consequence hereof the captain immraiate'y landed an sriued force and tc>k i t"Ti Ible pi rsesnon of the fortress of Truxillo. At tha | fuse time, aeveral of bis soldiers perpetrated various acta ol violence upon tha paopla in the neiglib >rhood, as : riceivid from Hum the rum of $1,300. which was paid Is Ir.duca them not to aooompliah their threat of rails* tha city to the pround. and on re-embarking they Or?d a bruadtlde upon the city, at command o tbe captain. Aurh act> as there, which jropsrly and without eTwreraiWn ran only be called ants of piracy, and which 4eironatrat? an uojuht. di honorable. and rapacious amity, have been represented to the governments of the other Slates, by order of the President, and have been also made known to the British Consul accompanied with a solemn protest. At the same time, tbe C oneul of Her liritamc Majesty has b ~?n informed tbat Many other hogllsh agent should unfortunately repeat any similar Injustice within tha territory of 11 ndurar. the government will feel itself obliged to oloee the ports t > the british Hag and to prohibit auy relati' ns with tbat power and its dependencies. To this wai also added the protest 01 the 6lh of January. 1U4. . . But, on oar Southern ooast, the British hive dona Iet worse On tha pietence of obtaining *nti?l i "I u y pacific measures of tbe claims of British *u)>j>cts against Honduras, the captain of tbe war steamer, tbe Oorgrn on tha 10th of the present mouth, took possession of tbe Isle of Itger, laD'led au armtd force, and aet lib the British llaj over the I- and. The Mag of ?ur cejufilic *ti, t" ?1 ct tbi* purpnae, f rcltiiy tak<*n ?lown and tbre.'dl?charge- . f infantry tweo y-oue of cannon, e?l?bratrd the mounting of th? H?k of the | VJueen of fcngland. The comuiia Uctof the l<land. to tbe Dame of hie government audit the republic, protested againat ni' h an nuh>ard of vluienoo, an] the i.nilUh Consul, rk the e mmandant hn informed a*, united with him la this pro* tw On hi* re-embarking, the reininaader of tbe Oorgcn Infnrmrd tbe Govrruor of the l<land that If the flag ?f < i nlrsl America should be re iustated on the irlar d. he -vould return wiib hi* war (learner and restore, bjr fore*. Ibe UrltUh llag. The other government* of the republic, a* well a* our Commissioner, obarged to treat with the Charge d'Affairs of the I nlted State residing In Mcsratua, have been made ae<|OlllUd with thee* events. that they may take auch ea?ure* a* may ?eem to tbeai proper, eapectally sine* be Inland ol '1 l^ar Iia? been by treaty approved ot bf he I'retiiient. placed formally in deposit In tbi pow. r Of the government of the North. The captain of the (iorgon. upon announcing to tba ?ommab<lant of the inland hi- ln>eati< u to taV- po?auealoa at the miii* time declared that the gorernm nt of ber Britannia Majesty contemplated, if aeceesary, tba adaption of other majeure* tbat I* to My. that van If by the < onsul were satisfied, ha would rttll fail It necesaary to take the aourse he had adopted. I * Tbe I'reaidant of the republic, In his note to the consul upon these claim* of the 1Mb of June last. not onlr showed tbat they ware, many of them, destitute ol foundation, but alto deMred that a person should l?e appointed In order to vi rify them and settle tha alUIr Inn just and amicable manner In spite of this just ad reasonable proposition, pretexts bava now been made ta attack us. to Mmay our soil and to lasult us raaortiag to violence making an eshibitioa of power, trampling under foot the mo?t snored rights of a frea people, prr Ctlng of our weakness and of our inability to Meat faca to faca the tyrant of tbe oeeaa. reople of flondura* Notwithstanding our own want of meaaa to resist with effect and to defend the Integrity of oar sail, and tbe dignity of our government, yet we need not submit to the unjust and violent conduct *hlrh oppresses us. for tha Star Span . I Banner will be nnfurled in our sea* to assist us to vindicate our rlahts and r?*coe n* from ln?ult* \ es. that bright fUft reaplenUat with ([lory. bacKea oy ir?'n?i?? pawer. will b* our guaranty lo rlrtu* of *oleinn tr?%tin* and bu g< nerounly plmlged lt?*lf to aid tin Th* Identity of oar principled. and the I act (bit f? ara children of th* nam* continent. I* a band of uolon with that grtat power. I.*t u< then, eon fide In h-t roaoorcea, t:nd*r th* bond* which unit* our lnter*at*. t II v* repabliean go*ernm*nt? ' Long lit* tha llluatrlona daaeeadanta of th* Immortal Wa-hiairt >a ' Tb* Ministry of the Uovernment of Houdura*. at TVguagalpa, October ildt, 1849. J. MARIA MONADA. "THE OKWFRAT. MTIiaTUT OF TMK MPRBMIt OI.VIRV MK*T OF TWt STATK OF MONDI'ltl. Tha rreeldent baa baen p leaned to direct to ma tha following deer**: ? "Th* trepidant. In whom tha evaeatlT* power of tha State of Hoadura* r*ald*e conaldf-rlng?let. That tha defence of tha territory of the 8?ata la on- of hi* drat dorian. a? preenrlbcd by the eonatltutlon and the lawa: ct)-lderir*. 'idly that It la aqually hta atrlet dnty to <|efead. at all rtak* the p?r?< na property, and all other right* of tb* peopla of Hoadura*, and to oaa foree for tba aaaie. If nece??ary ctm?ld>*ring Hdly that the oompatlon < f the Uland of Amepala by Rrltlnh fore**, under tba apaelona pretext of uaju-t and Imaginary 4ebte. la an act of beatillty again<t the State; and that be } geiinttf* would h* fee(iod'I'jI* bafof* tha l.egialatar*. and all th* people of lloadnra*. It b* did not take measure* of aaanrlty- It la d*creed a* follow* Aft 1. All relation of ft an*etlna with aaid Inland, or wlili any other plar* lately uanrped by tha I ngliah. a* Well on the dhore* i t 11 I 1 ncldr or la th? \ ntilie* l? rmblhl'ed to all t atlroa n tghbor* and Inhabitant* of be State of Hnpdma* Art. 3 The natt*** neighboring people and inhahl tanta nt tb* poliit* whmh bate been at date d-re .f la *ad<-d by th* t'.ngllth troop* are reqalrad to oralat' II a lat*ri?r of tba **tata within a month alter the pub. licatioa at thU deer**. Aftar th* laid tin*, tha per E NE > - MO] eons mentioned, ?nd their property, will b? placed out of the protection of the liw, if they omit to obey thl* decree, unless they can *how that It >u physloally impossible for than to comply with it* regulation*. Art 3 The effect* and goods of all and any persons whatever in Amapala er in any othur place occupied by the enemy of our liberties, shall be held to b contraband throughout the State, and shall, therefore, be liable to seizure. Art 4 Sinoe, upon the 20th of the present month, the British force* embarked at Amapala and disarmed the f;uard. and eatabliahed their authority there, and since t in probable the name acta may be committed in other frontier town*, therefere, to prevent such procedure*, which place the State in imminent peril, all the forces necessary to give security to the *ald frontier town* are commanded to be raited end collected, and Snuor B. General Don Sentoa Guardiola, Commander of the Line, is authorized to defend the eoaeta on the aonth. The Minister oi General Despatch will order this decree to be printed, published and circulated. Given at Teguagalpa, October 28th, 1849. JUAN LEADO. To Senor Ledo Don Joae Maria Ragama. (Signed) RAGAMA. Above we bare given the official document* from Honduras, consisting of two proclamations explanatory of the acta perpetrated by the British, In violation of the rights of the republican people of Honduras. It will be clear enough to the reader, by the perusal of these proclamation*, that the only ostensible cause put forward by the British for aots of such wanton and unjustifiable aggression, are certain pretended claims of certain individual* made upon the government. The same cour*e ha* been puraued towards the State of San Salvador a* toward* that of Hondura*, and claim* have been hatched up againat San Salvador, In order to seize upon that country alao. The following reply to the British Consul, by the Preaident of Salvador, in answer to his complaint*, will help to show the frivolity and injuatice of tne claims set up against Salvador. It is a letter written by order of the President, in reply to one from the Consul, and is a* follow* St. Salvador, Oct. 21, 1S49. Mr. Const*!. General or Hkr Britannic Majkstv? feS.a, ?Your official cemmunication, with theacoom- ! panying document, upon the claims of British subjects Las been received?the first of said pieces in substanoe complaining aa follows:?First, that not only the government of San Salvador has answered none of the ; letters directed to it on this behalf, but has alao declar. il to Sr. ldlgora* that it would not recognize nor pay any of the olaima which have been in part already recognised and paid, by the delivery of tobacco in the pert of the Union. Secondly, that in the tame manner the effects belonging to British subjecta were illegally taken frcm the house ef hep*da and Pilona. and i that in their being claimed, the government ol Salvador evaded the claim, by saying it would make enquiries on (he subject, though it is now more than four years ago since the matter waa brought to its notice; and you add. that now the time is come to put an end J to this system of evasions and delays. Lastly, you any that an injury has been done to Sr Idigorai by the ! imprisonmi nt he has suffered, without true aud legal cause, and that a sufficient reparation Is requirel. Mr Consul, the government of Salvador has con- ! stantly occupied itaelf with attending to the continual 1 and uninterrupted olaima you have made. It has [ always manifested the best detire to arrange all the : complaint* you made in the name of British subject*. 1 at different periods. If at any time it has not Instantly replied to you as you detired, it has been either owing to the wont of sufficient ground* for answer, or beoause the importance of tbe matter required longer deliberation TIiuk It in that in thin reject you, Sir, are entirely without cause fcr jour asfertiens. If Sr. idigoras. in ?i>y of his communications addressed to yon, hait raid that the President of the State ha? reluf? d to recognize or to pay claims already recogni '.ed, he has told a notable untruth; for the President knows wtll tbat in a business ratified by both parties tbe one cannot draw Lack without the consent of the other petty Berld< a. you. sir. have received in the Union the tu 11 ia!ue of U6,0U0 dollars in tobacco, as payment iu full of this demand Therefore, the President has had CRU-e to be greatly surprised tbat a matter, once teriuicated by means ot arrangements made, should be re-produced. As to the acknowledgment and payment, which you pretend to haTe been made, of the credit for goods taken from the house of Kspada and l ilona, I haTe the honor to refer you to the opinion of four gentlemen of the law elready given, upon this Fubject, which will give you all the information you can require. It rtmains for me to reiterate to you, sir, tbat the j supreme government of the State has never received ' Sr. Idigoras as tbe official agent of Her Britannic Ma- I jesty, exercising the, right of all nations to receive and 1 not to receive foreign agents, as they may think proper. | Salvador and l ential America have never bound them- I selves to reci ive. a> British Agents, those whom tbe , Iltitlfh government may ||MM to de'iguate as snch, ' and impoce upon us. (The document then proceeds to explain the matter ; of the imprisonment of Idigoras, showing that he is a native and subject of the oountry. and was legally tried and NBVMH <>f a criminal offence, and justly sen- : tenced to imprisonment ] Besides, my government thinks, with some reason, that even It Idigoras was a Utlli'U subject, and had any claims s^slnst any In this country?and even if ha had been condemned by the courts of the country unjustly-and if he had not been punished deservedly, for a great offence committed -even then, In such a case, j It is not you, sir. the British Consul, who are legally entitled to icalst upon receiving such indemnities as ha might c!aim. As you, sir, state In yonr note, that If the** matter* are not arranged on the tarnis you require, you will j take measures to satisfy yonr demands In all the ports ot the St*te the government of Salvador formally protest* upon the spot, tbat if this is done, the u-glect to pay the $16 000 In the month of December will not be it-fault. since the ingress into the port* of the I nion Will thus be prevented. These are the term* In which the President of the State has desirtd me to reply to you, sir, and to assure you. Mr. < onsul. of the high consideration and respeot with which, lie., HAKAKL PINO. Amss iL4, IsLUn or Tioks, July 14, 1840. Inltrfitinf Iiiltlhgltut utuh r an Old Dutt- Inlrigutt of Iht Kngliih in Mcurngiia?Trip vj a California I.mi- \ grant. I never have bad time to give you a description of American ingenuity, manifested here some few months since. The party who were unfortunate in the (ialVfston, soma months since, bound from New Orleans | to i bagres separated in Bells*. Seventeen came aero** j the mighty Cordillera* ?f Central America from Om?s. Tbe<r trip was romantic, as described by one of their party. They formed Into a company, marched twenty mile* per day. and arrived In aixteen day* In the port of Tales. Not fin.linn ve?*el? In thl* port, th*y Immediately wmt to work (to the astonlsbment of tb? native*) tad built a TM?rl of 16!t toaa; la two daya th?y bad h?r on the itocka. and ala? of them at work on b*r for tbr-e weeks. and embarked the fourth for ( alllorala. They named her Joaa t ac*raa, In honor of the commandant of the port. 1 he Kngliah are creating a (treat disturbance on thil Id* of < ntral America. I had occaiioa. ("me abort time *lnco, to go to <>rana<la. in tb* state of Nicaragua paarlng through all thl*8tate. I had the mlafnrtun* t?> neon titer the moat of the town* in a state of rebellion against the government; and they were actually ?hooting two acldler* In tba square of l.*on. for attempting | to Murder i 'eneral Vunna. Ha waa ellting at hia tabia. dining and udd'nly several sol,llers entered, mad- a stah at I tin. and only sucoodei) in thflr f,?nli?h at- ' tempt to wound one of hi* officer* that wai fitting near him. Tbe government party aaaurcd ma that a certain McNally waa distributing gold (British) among tba peopla. for tbe purpnae of overturning tbe government, an aa to secure tbe Brttiah contract for the canal. Certain It I*, that they have succeeded ?o far a* to putting them to cutting each other s throat*. The laat mtice we had war that Muoo* had iaft Leon at tbe h- ad of 1 600 men. to attack Kamoia. [before published In tb* I In .tlil I who bad taken up headquarter* In Nicaragua. In tb* meantime the rabble ar* robbing and murdering at random. I bop* tb* t.nglleh arc done (Brown) up. or that Brawn baa don* tb* Kaglt*h up In On*, when I was la Nicaragua, It waa ' Brown and White." and " tVbit* and Brown ' Bat White don* Brown up, * per eoatraet. Court of Common I'leaa. Pn 11.? There waa no buatnea* ot Importance don*, and tb* canrt adjoaravd at an early boar. TFHVSOF 111* tOfRT FOB TUB M5AK5 |HfiO AXt) 1*51. Uaistaai. Tana*. 4Ih Moarfity Jw4ir?, January Ii(n1>ia and Daly fohtuaty lagraham a*ri Wi>?dr?T March I>alv and tfoadraff j April lagraham aad Daly | May Incrahaat aad Wo.idrnff Jn?* Ptlf aad Woodruff I Daly aad Woodmff I Hi nli?r Ingrahsm aad Daly , Nnttmfcer lagraham and Woodruff Dveetuhtr, Daly aad WoodrufftevciAi Tea** roa Itn ai or I.?w. R> lb *t Cxavaca*. Uf Mn.tltty, JmiIw. Weaday, Jaiutt, .Veniiary Woodruff July Woo.lroff fabtnary Daly Angaat Daly March Irtrraham September lagraham April Wno.lmff Oc?nfc?r Woodruff May Daly November Daly Jus* lagraham DecamWar Ingrahaa BrcciAL T??i, roa TmALor iMuaa or Pact. t-AlLT 1. I'A?T 1 lit Mondaf, Jm'irt. ] ( Mntuta f, Jmdft t, Juriiarjr ItiprahMB Jnnu; t>? y t'MtiHj ? '."drnfl Kntirnary In?r%ha<n March I>?lj Mural). W.>ndruT A|ftl In?r?t,nm April Duly *? Woodruff Hit Ia?r?haai Jai>? wit Jim# *'>o4iuS J?i'? In*r*h?w< inly Daly October Half Ut?f.f?r Inir?l.aai MnrtaiWr. latrahaai ft?Tr?ti?r W?"dr?ff D*c?iafc?r, Woadrafl. I tiw??.tv?r Ualj. f Motlrnn and rtiwnber buainM* wilt b? ll?il*t to da?ly at chamber*, at 10 A M Tba 4?n?-ral and ?p? e)al Urn* will ?p?n at 10 A M. Th# rehoonat Mrba?h ?u wrwliail at 0?w#nn na tba Tth Instant .and t?o p>r?<?n? dm?n?4 Tha i**rr> confining ?t V Wl t?aafe<U of im all lo?t % w vo RNING EDITION?WEDN] Interesting Intelligence from liny 11 and St. Domingo. ?y < splaln Moiutyre, ol the schooner Enterprise. arrived on Monday night,In eleven days. from Cape liayti?nt wo have been furnished with the following items of news:? The Emperor of the Republic of Haytl had Issued an diet, to take (ffect on the 6th instant, that no foreign merchant should do business unless he paid a license of $1800. Spanish. per year, in place of $b00. as heretefore; or any foreign clerk, unless he paid $1000. No vessel was allowed to take cargo, unless she had discharged her cargo at that port. The export duty on coffee and logwood was $50, Haytlen money, per 1000 pounds, instead of $6, as heretofore; and in the same ratio on all merchandise. He has fixed a price on all goodj imported and exported He was raising an army to maroh against the Spanish part of the Island. Business was vtry dull We learn from Capt Morton, ef the schooner Jane and tliia, which arrived jesterdav from Tort au Prluoo, (having left that port on the ',20th ult.) that the government had just paid to the Kruaoh a portion of tha Interest of the indemnity. A meeting was to take place, to take into consideration the better mode of equalising the distribution of ooffee. hi port duties are to be increased on coffee and logwood. American provisions are getting soaroe. Tha artioles of llritloh manufacture having been burnt by the disastrous tire on the 14th, the articles of Ant necessity, i-uoh as cheeks, osnaburgs, and liner goods, were on the decrease and scarce. The Ilaytien squadron left on the 20th, destination unknown, suppored to be for Jacmel. Capt. M. also Informs us, that the hmperor was to have marched on the 13th, with his whole army, for the Spanish part of the Island. The French frigate Nalde was lyingat Tort au Prlnos, waiting orders The British brig of war Persian, was to sail for the city of 8t. Domingo on the 20th ult rKOCl.AMATION. Buenaventura Bat:, Breudtnt of the Dominican Rtpublic, to the Huyhent ! Havtieks !?The new 1'resldent of tha Republic of i Dominica addresses you, in the name of his feilow cltlzens. and in the common lntereot of all it is now nearly six years ago that we separated from you, aud declared ourselves Independent; and this separation, in spite of false assurances to the contrary, is destined to be an eternal one. We may yet live as good neighbors. though under different banners We have invited yeu to do this, by proposing a peace, which is ne. cessary to all our Interests; but those who rule over you have rather preferred to force you to leave your homes to tight against us, and doomed you to be shot, as many of you as were unwilling Hecoileot your sufferings in the last campaign, which our brave Saatanna teiminated so gloriously, and consider what ooufldeuce can you have In men who oalled your defeat a victory! We have never attacked you; we have oouteuted ourselves with defending ourselves against aggression, in the hope that you would imitate our moderation. But patience becomes sometimes exhausted; and tince you would not have peace, now. then, in your turns, support all the sufferings of war on your own oil-on your properties-on your persons When w* wish to attack you, w? know well our advantages aod your weakness We can hurt you as mucb as will suit vou. both by sea and an your rivers. Whlti we only Lave three cities on our coast?Saint Domingo, Puerto Plata and Samona, cities well fortified and secure from attack?your shores are covered with innumerable vII- | luges, villas, plantations, towns, and oities, built of i wood, without any defence ottering themselves an easy prey to flames and pillage \ our cities are goiu^ to disappear and their lubabitant* to be driven into the woods llaytlens' Our fleet,well arm d well equipped, wello -mmatided.having numerous troop# on board, has set sail to i plllsire yourcosst and lntercei t vour sbloDloir Watch. ! tbeu night and day. Uiiih < n the North on the We*t on tbe South Drive y oat wlv?? and children lato the mora**e*. abandon youi i?la? to keep guard on the to)>? af the rock*-your gen* in your hand* In tba wind and the rain? an I thru when you go home you will fled your bsuae* burnt down. \ ou know all tbeae aunt-riDg* already. Vou fuller already, dreadfully bv tbli war. To It you owe the odloua monopoly which ruin* you, and the tyranny you labor und?r. Nee. then, what you will ttlll luOir, If you cootluue thi* war. Haytieni ! We might lite In peace and happinee*. each on our own territory, making a mutual exchange ol our cattl? aod tobacco lor your coffee; but your ruler* will not have it ?o. Well, than be It no ' tut all the horror* of war fall upon their head*, and upon your*, who will not force them to better mea*ur*e. By the I'renldent. BUKN AVKNTl/KA BAKZ. Minister of War, J. K. Amt*. tit Domingo, Not. 10, 184U, Intrnoai Mexico. htlrmal ZJufui inner ??Tttf Public Dtbl?Loit, Or/iralily am! Vurdrr. The rumor Is prevalent of an approaching revolution la tbe distracted State of I ucatau bating for Ita ob- l j< cl to overthrow the Governor. 9arb*chano. The in urgent Indian', who at on* time threat, nail to extern.iuate the ?bite populatien froin Y ucatan, and to cap- I tore all their citle* bare fallen out among them*el?o?. In cot,*ei]ueace of tbla, they are now making their | *ul ma?'on to the federal government, and availing 1 thtmctt** of tbe aninefty aliicb has been offered them Ibe government of Herrera I* involved In great financial Utflicoltle* and baa not money to carry on Ita adalr* and |*y l(* employ, ei I ke minister. Icurblde, proposed to put tbe three uilllon* ol I n'ted State* mi cey at tbe command of the executive and raaigaed In cc.n*ei;Ueoee of the refusal of CongreM to accede to hi* | ropi-ition* Tbii money la already *e>|ueitrated lor the debt* of Maxioo Mexico i? going ahead in ?pite of all ber difficult!**; they have bad au imitation of our hair of th- Am-titan Inetitute. in the city of Mexico. in which ptlxea were awarded to the moat merltoriou? exbibltan't The horticultural >1 o? wa* tbe ohiel feature aod wa* fraa J. At tbe tame time they ara going ahead In literature. A new play. In flee act*, from tbe pen of a yonng Mexican, M. Amierer* ha* been produced at the theatre, ai.d met with perfect tucceaa; It U entitled "Valontita." The arbitrary art of I'anale*. In haviog <ien Klore* abot i uinuiailly ha* been taken up In the l bataber of Depntle*, at ljuereiaro The Mlnlater of War ha* been call?d upon to give an account of thl* melancholy aud tendon* transaction. A rational guard baa bean tabiiabeil in the city of Vera I. rox but It appear* not to get along no well at It rhould aud that aowe distention* between tbeolB:?r* and tbe iroop* threaten to render inoperative tbl* < theraiae utelul ii.-tltutl' n. t.l ftxemnfer. of \ era C'mx, of tb* 3d ult. atatea. on Ibe authority of a correep ndent, that a new law ha* been pa*?? d by tha < ungreta coneeroing th? public debt. It i< propatad. by tlila law to e*iabli*b a eomn.i n fund, to b" created aut of teu per cent of all the ln?< mlng taxe* ai d Othei revenu-. to be pledged for tbe payment of all unprivileged d?bt*. or debta created by toiod l<an*. which are alieady otherwia* orovld-d for. Tbe credi'or* of the a ? e 11 ' * "-r v to eater or not. a- they pleaae. Into th? new arrangement. It I* also#ald that Lord l'alm< raton ha* *ent of.iara to | the Hriti?h < barge, to take cone decisive ale pa in ba- | I .11 nJ ll.lti.l, ?*all || M L The bobo- thetnyateriou* eickne**hitherto uoknorn i In the Runai< of medicine. which flret waa report? J to ! hivuppftrrd at lUiini >n<l which ilnri> Um, h?t l*? o reglrg at \ era i rui- h*> eri-tM (rrt' kiitji in tbeCity of Mexico Ite at rival there wa* greatly ep prehenrtea Mu hundred p<rio>na were eeid to beattaektd with thl* dleeaee at > -re < ru? Many p"i?fn? fr< D that city. travelling to Mexico, were attacked with it on the road. ad I quickly died hating brought the teed* of It In their bodlee. on leaving Yeratmi. At the time when U't Taylor, at the heal of ] t_ niteil Mate* army, imaded Mexieo. and marched t> i attack Monterey, there reaided In the latter oitv an , timable and peaceable rltUm. who bad ac|iilred a banderme Independence in th- honorable pureulte of ormmeree and who lived retired n|M ami unambltloua, with hi* lovely family, In a lovely country, reppecied by ail who knew him lie had a lovely da i?h | ter. the chatui and aolace of hi* life, who waa remarkable ffi her great beauty and amiable manner* Thul I bad thie re?p> > table and wealthy oltliea lived to the meridian of hia daya. In peace and quietnee*. little dreaming of the troubled future, and the itrange vl?ia> , allude* which, through unforeaeen evente and lu<oratable deatmy. were in atore N him War suddenly 1 broke out between the I nited Htate* and MttttOj the vict<tlona army ol the vlctorloua ' Rough aud Iteady'1 | waa approaching Monterey. (Jen Santa Anna waa , drlng hia ntaoet to ralae troope nn I ammunition to r?p. I the rn-my. But he waa deetltute of fund* and r?~ eourcea, the treasury waa empty, and be waa oSllged to hate recourse to Individual patriotiem The merchant | of Monteiey. of whom we hate spoken waa a patriot; , he waa wealthy, and faa contributed largely to the aid el Santa At.tia aupplylrg him with fund? to ao Ini- I menre ami unt for an individual lie waa like our own patriot. Morria of Philadelphia, the merchant to whom Washington had reronrae la hia dlatraaa, wbo liberally atippli< d bla want*, and ruined himaelf by bla patriotism But It waa not the loe* of bia money, and the ancrifiee of hia private fortune, which ruined out citlren of Monterey, Adversity. or the loee of fortune, celdom ruin* people. It In benor, pride, and ambition which bring the ruin upon u*. 80 It was with oar oaoe quiet citirrn of Monterey In return for bia patriotiem and pubiin literalltj. <>en Santa Anna, the rrealdent, nt aped dlatingulehed honor* upon bim,/r'?t and flattered him at Meileo, and Anally made hiui a Oeneral of the Mexican aimy. Tbe*? honor* turned the brain of the quiet met chant Thv Kui.a Taaoanv ?Ma*. Mti.tra.?Tb* u-|>> V ? Li ,,f th. a-h In.r innklix of th* Hnprnrnt of Mr*. Milirr. wife of Major Vlllivr, from f all*. *a;r ?Vaj<ir Miliar, during hi* mjourn h?re, *?? highly r??p?oi??i and a?t?fini-d and Mr* M. bad th? ktndn*'* and ?jmpatb; of tba cUlt?a* to (rut axtant ?*p<-riali; aft?r bar bu*band wa* ord?r?d npoti dt'tant trrtla*. Pha wa? of natitja anil b< ailaj and wall raloolatad to win frland* atnrn* ?tiai (?r? . Stitatd* would ba painful ?h< u*>i to h?r family l>u* tba ofbar ra*tilt would ba w?w*a than a tbov*aed d?atb?. Wa raatiot but hop* that tba wornt la* not bapr>*nad. A f?a da;* ma; datarmtna, and warlrrar*); tiuat that tba fcaart* ofutbar famitla* ma; n?t bar* to tx-ar tba mo*t pMenant *nfl?riag A MM h?* bean Introduced In th* I.*i(l*l*tnre o( Mouth' a?'ilu a, ImpoalaK a flaa of tl litu and twalra mouth* ln<prla<'Bni?nt. upon an; p?*twa*tar who *ball knowlogl; dalivar to anj o?-r?on an; wrlttan or prtotad l>ap?r <>r plotnra, draainn or aagrarlng ral> <i>a>*4 to itl*?nrh tbn paaca of tba people in M?U>p tf th* ',??* pofuiation tbtraof. RK H ESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1 The Utndwleh Island*. SKETCH OF THK ISLANDS?THE EFFORTS MADE TO 1.111'KOVE THE PEOPt.E, ETC., ETC. IKrcm tbe Pacific (< alirornla) New*. Oct Ki.J Tbe government of ths Hawaiian Island* la a monarchy. From tbeir conquest by kumtihamrha, th? Klrat, until tbs arrival of tLe missionaries in 1824, tha character of tbe government was moat oppreasive. tyrannical and bloady. Through the lnfluenoe of the Christian religion, Idolatry was destroyed, and in later timed, through the earn* Influence, the oharaoter of the government haa been ohaoged to a limited monarchy, under mild and, ao far aa possible. liberal lawn, but during these changes there haa arisen an opposition

to the progress of things, on the part of foreigner!), more or 1cm violent aa tbeir fanoied interests or passions actuated them. In 18'/6, the laudable efforta of the government to auppreaa tbe proverbial licentiousness of native fomalea. by the enaotment of a law against tbeir going on btard ships tor purposes of proetltutioa. were stoutly resisted by men who would be ashamed to acknowledge the part they then took, and tbis resulted in tbe visit and glorious victory of Lieutenant Peroival, of the 1 United States Navy Tbe result to, that oflioer, 1* well known to the reading public. In 183'.). tbe Catholic religion having been Introduced without the o(nwnt of the government, certain mea eures were taken to expel the priests of that religion, who wert mostly H ranchmen, truui tbe islands At tbe same period the importation of spirits was prohibited These measures aroused the foreign community, aud resulted in tbe visit of Captain La Hare, who reaped laurels (') in enforoing npon the government the Catholic reiigtou, and a treaty binding them to reoeive wine* and brandiea at a duty uot exceeding tve per cut ad 7 a/otrm. Captain La I'laoe also took away tbe sum oi twenty thousaud dollars In specie, as a guaranty fur the fulfilment of that treaty, which money, after passing from ship to ship an the Pacific station, was returned in 1846 lu 1S42, the government fearing danger from tha ag i.ud Haalilio to the United States. Kngland. aud France, ' tor the purpoaa of obtaining a recognition of the inde- j ' pencenoe of the inlands, and negotiating t Tea tie* with thos? power*, to the tirst et which objeoU they wera MMHM This in t-ami re excited the alarm of tbe fo- I J relgner*. particularly tba English The KnglUh Con- | 1 i ul aiixiuua no doubt, to anticipate the movement* of | the envoy*, racretly took hi* departure for England, leaving the aflairs of h>a consulate with an avowed 1 eo'nij oftae government who waa not allowed to aot. J Out of thin proceeded all manner of grlevaaoea. tba * principal of which wi re onaipialnt* agulnit the dacl- 1 fli nH of the courtu which had begun to be e*tabli*hed, 1 alter tbr manner of oiviliaed nation*, l'he unaccepta- r bl? Vlea Cobbui made bin ex yutti report* to the British * iteitli, tkt dt (.patched the < arysport. Lord (iaorge r I'aulet an li presumed for the purpose of enforaiug v audi demands and reclamation* an the Vioe Consul ' might lay tefi re him J'hese deuaud* ao op piesfive, aLd deemed so anjuet. that the King, In tbe 1 circumstances of doubt aa to hi* petition among the lamil; of Mtlaaa, C, o e to cede hi* Islands for the tlm" b< itig to Lord (ieorge l'aulet, aud refer the que*tlon of the justice of the itinuiidu to the decision of the British government. The Vtoe C onsul, now satisfied that be bad obtained a valuable colonial ao<|Ui?i- j tion for bte ceuotry, set olf fnr 1-ond'u, in order by bla presence to impregnate tfie Hiitisb cabinet with 1 fcleviev n. He ?as m.-t veiy coldly by the Karl of Ab- i t erdeen, their minister of foreign alalia, aud on a du? j conaideral ion of the various questions aud d- uuudf, i tbo deoiaiou of the British government was given fa- t voiable to the Hawaiian government in evory partlou- I c lar and a ful' indi unit v would bare been awarded for a tbe occupanoy of the Itianda by the force* of l ord g I'aulet bad not the cussion been considered a willing one. Meanwhile tbt^Brltlah Admiral on tbe aiatlon, t receiving Intelligence of what had been done, haatened to the island* and by replacing the Hawaiian dag. re- i lleved bis lordthlp uot only of hi* honor*, but vt bif J t-nibariatsmenta Tbe foreign community bad bacoine quite ot a different mind, aud, compared witu driti*h c rule, that of the native authorities bad become popular. in 1843 Franca and Great Britain entered into a c joint engagement to regard the Hawaiian Islaud* as an s independent Mate, And never to take possession, either as a protectorate, or iu auy other form, of any part of tbe territory of which they are r un posed. Tbe I nlted titat< s eduiit'ed their independence I Since ibe data of tbe first guaranty, the Hawaiian govi rninent have uiade the greatest elforts to or^ni/.a in tbe islands a system ol government which should be promotive ol Hawaiian Interests emphatically, and at the tame time give satisfaction to foreigner*. In older to ctrengtben the na'ive element marriage! of native letnales with foreigners were ennouraged, aud every inducement held out to Ih'in to become aaturalited The ministers of tbe king, with one exception were cboaen irom the naturalised foreigners, tbe jud^". beads of polloe for the piincipal town*, the ouatrai bouse officer* the pilots, Ibe notaries (.uS.lic, F? ?iht*-rs lif d. *i\* Itrni iftcmt (it 1>, r officers ?*(? tUd apt>elnted from thii'ola** ot foreIguer*; ind-ed iu alinoet every depar(m> ot where forelguer* hart- occaemu to tiaoact tiueinea* tiny wore provided wuO agent* \ fiu.iilar with the usng?* of their own country Jurle* in <- *? between native* nnd foreigner* art* comooaed of half foreigner* ami bait nature* but the judgti can not be a native except io the inferior court* At flr*t these olmnges produced gr.-at excitement and alarm Opposition wan rained gula't thn oath of allegiance, and ven ridicule heapod upon all who accepted of it There wi? much cavilling agalnct th? law*, tb* decldon* of thecouit* and the act* ot those naturallxed foreigner* who had been inducted into office, Nor na* this opposition c ntined to foreigner* ; tb? native* remote from the *eat of government weie voluminous and warm In their petition* against foreign ot' c< r* and thn oath of allegiance, bat without producing any lmpr***lon upon thn government. Tuns* agitation* were at tbeir height in 1S4T>, and were partic pated In by tint government agniil* of tha 1 alted (kim and <-reat Britain In tbe Han year, new treaties were entered Into by Itaoceand i.nglaud witU tha Hawaiian gowruiu-nt, tid all former treaties and convention* wera declared void, Una clau** of th?se newtr-atie* gave to the Hawaiian government the right to Impose upon wine* and brandies. and other splrttunu* liquor*, any reasonable duty the goveriimeut might think proper, provided It did not amount to an abfoluta prohibition ? Upon which the guverument pae*ed a law Hung the duty on dtititled spirit* at live dollar* per gallon?It being understood that Kracce *a? pa>lng to Ktigland. at the time, a duty of twenty-two shilling* *terlu.g upon her brandle*. Mr. 'Jen Ktek, the I'nlted Btate* Commissioner, shortly after Li* arrival, a* we have been informed, etpoused tl cunse and became the legal rounael aod educate of an Insolvent American firm, who preferred claim* againat the liawallxo government to the amount of three hundred and *e*?nly eight thoueaud dollar*. |Ub ?** submitted to the arbitration of two Ametlcau cltt*? d*. and during the pendency of the ca*e before the court a difficulty aro-e between Mr. Ten Lyck and tte government, but as we do not pretend to hate a full understanding of the fact*, we will not attempt to give a tatement touching thi* pattof the rnbj?et we also pare over a serle* of event* In wblcb Mr Ten l.yck ba* be, n made to figure lomewbat coniplcuously?the e*tabllebment of a paper In opposition t? tbe Ilswalian g >vernmect Ko a* our object I* not to decide b-1 m > n Mr. Ten i.ycti and the government of tbe Sandwich Island*, but *lmply to present. In a ?"nd> nied form, certain facta which led t* the receat outrage by tha trench Consul harly l? l?4?? I atrlck Dillon, a cen?nl of the first ci*'? arrived at tha Islaad* and succeeded Vr id II tbe Krench consul Kor aome time be etood aAoof from tbe opposition among foreigner*, wbich at the time began eenaibly to decline?but he at length commenced a serie* of Intrigue* with the minttter* of tbe King, calculated to set them at loggerhead* with ea-h otber. and finally went an far a* to wilt* a let ter to Dr. J add, la wliiab be abated the minister of foreign relation*, propoeed hi* removal from office and new appointment* made agreeably with tha view* of Mr Dillon The collector ot ruftnui In paitioular. was named to be filed upon by Mr Dillon and Mr Judd. acting In concert. A* *OOB a* tbe kaowledge of thi* letter oaiue to the notice of the king, a copy ?ai forwarded to the French government. re<|ue*tiuff the recall of Mr. Dillon. Not snccevdlng in hi* Intrigue* with tha mini t>r?. and finding at the time little vi.natliv wlih ihef?r?igner*. Mr t UloB naturally ivught other resource* for coueolatlog. * 'I be Kr?nrh eonnul, th'ie dUappolnted in the hope* of overthrowing tb? mlnUtry ?n>i of obtaining for him eelf. i' liroppoeed, <> >? tat office and finding hlra?'lt nweipeetedly thrown Into the opposition. commenced a of oAolal complaint* *nl d*E?nd>. of chirtrUr rlthir trivial or unfounded In juitlci. Krom i pvru*al of the official crr< epond'DM tn * inlumio' ii* printed apj-are th?t the llaaaiian Mltiitter of H>relgn Iteiatlon* to.,It official notion of nil tbe?e demand*. arguing tb?m at grtat length. and f.aaily referred them to tbe c< nuderath n of the government of trance. MeenaHle, without a??itlng the re?ult of that rofftmg*. tlirm >|p*ar< J Id the iiarb^r of Hannluln an armed Kreneh steamer. the Oaeeendl, and th? I'our?ul<mt? frlfiti. under the command of rear a lmlral de Trommelia, which forcei It we* wn ascertained wore dtstmtd to enforce the demand* of the cpn>?). W ha*e been unable to ascertain whether the admiral acted under ant Instruction* from the t reach ?o?viroment, most pr< bably he did not. or If Instruction* hid been iMutd, they were ba-el upon ml* ?t?t >airnta and mlsreptesentatlot*, and without awaiting the arrival ; of the counter statement* of the llaeaUu g"Ver anient. 1 he principal demand, ami one wbo-h ?a? tu?i*ted vp< a as positively Independable, was the r? I notion nt duties upon fr'rrneh biandy. while It it notorious that the high dutle* Imposed for the be?tof motl>u* I. r , to dlsoourege Internperance. pat twulai ly among the ratlvee. operate etatIr* Ijr to the advantage of trench lb? reliant* (>wlng to tbe high prlt* of ' good brandy."' 1 ron>|*T?c with all other flietilV?d llquoea. The high antta* m?f ina ht?t? n txrMiuiiig poor nqn"r? in pnat m>i>rn from tba nwRtl In au?w?r to tht* d>B>rdtha Hawaiian (i)t?riiii'>t ri*jlj to tb? tlrat tba ?r?atj of 1*<h (intMitwii Ih? right to Import >n< h dutt?? and d?< l>0" acnadtajr t? th? dtraand la ??d?r to tnfi rra rnmplliksa*. lh? Mwilral tooh ^on*<?l? n rl ill ll<? tbi !ortr*M,th? cim- I ft tii tli? office* N ?h* miaUtry. and tha m<?t prtitlri n?m u tb? ?> > lla? 'fl?rli % in trvat *l?h at?j ?Ion tbr k'M m<|bt appoint for tha putpo>? i ??ri if|inl?l<l tuxr?'lt'i-a< n?niMiC*d. ?<<? wtitl* lb? Ui?cu??lnt>? w<-r?? amtoaklf pT< B'?-?lrin la urdvr fuitbar to latiaildata tha property aim Kii'iautrtit ?f lha tort *?rr? (via* dvatrnyul Ktidit^ tha ( ?*! oait-nt otlll f rm and uajtvnliD* oa | tbo Inaro j qtia?r|cii and atlll ar.knowladeiaa to tha (t. I "?* >'?< that tl.a tiaat j bad aot b??n * i?lat?d, tba adamal da^larrd anil and mid Km traa'y of tha 26th * ttcb, IM6, to l|M |>l?ct it 12 t'tltfk, M . of tbi .lotto ERA 849. August, and that the ronrentlon rf the tha 12th *11(1 17th of July, 1839. wan rerired and in full effect. At the name time, or about three hour* after. he withdraw bis lorewa i?oni thu fnwn, l.-aviua the M and armamaat a oompiete mana of ruin* All the Teaaela w?ra restored except the ktrg'a yacht. a beautiful Baltimere clipper of 120 H'liis wliloh bad been fitted up In tbe ialandt at a considerable eipenne. The whole amount of damai?ea itilticted by tbe French admiral are estimated by me peraona at $1(0 000. Tbe uueatlon naturally arisea. why bai tbla injury been Inflicted? Simply, it tfould appear, because the Hawaiian government. in the exercise of a right clearly Hi anted by Kratice by tbe treaty of 1R46. ban used the moat stringent measures in their power for thesupprea?ion of intemperance, an evil well known, and ackuowii dired to be the most destructive everywhere. and r?*r. tfoularly among Polynesians One would think a knowledge* of the mischief produced by Intoxication under their owa observation at Tahtta, would have induced the F'rench authorities to cherish, rather than outrage, the Sandwich Islands for iheir efforts to suppress it. The laws of Tahiti, at the present moment, make distilled IIjuors contraband, even to the produots of France! low, then, with what good grace can a French Consul and a French Admiral come forward to make a lemand for a reduction of duties upon the same, in adacent islands * There is too much light aad knowedge in the world, at the present day. on the subject >f temperance. There is too muoh good sense and sterlog justice in the French nation to sanction, for a moment, such inconsistency, and such an outrage upon -he moritl sense of all mankind. We hare given the foregoing cursory sketch of Sandrich islands allalrs. drawn from bookv authentic docu unit?, and other sources of iufnrmation within our each, forth" purpose of inviting the attention paiilcuarly ol our home government, and ot bespeaKing for .be islands that sympathy and countecanoc which art nuch needed at the present crisis; and we venture to mpress the hope that the republic of France will tnitantly disavow the acts of her officers In the late tranlactious, and make all the reparation wLUch the case lemands That the islands are incapable of defending themlelves against the aggressions cf the great powers, is a natter of course; that they are capable of self governumt aud ui maintaining their relations with foreign i&tlons. is abundantly proved, aud well known; that hey have Lad great obstacles to contend against, is finally true Nevertheless, they have, in a great decree. succeeded in overcoming them,' and in regard to he opposition of foreigners, we believe It baa passed iway; the existing policy has become popular, and the luthority cf the king tiruily established And, before losing, vi e cannot retrain from congratulating that goeriiUient on the firm policy It ha? pursued under the tcent troubles, and on the sympathy and good feeling rhlih have been manifested toward* them by foreigners f every nation almost without exoe.ptloa, including he French retlding at tka islands, and by most of Ante leans raiding at San Franoirco. llrrult Court?lirouKlyn. TllS MKTHODI8T SLANDER CASK. Before Hon. N. B Morse Di II ?John C. Urrm vc. John F 'Tit?Suit for ilantier - Damages laid at $6 OUO. Ibis case was resumed yesterday, for the third time. rV hen the case was called it was generally believed abiut be court room that a settlement was about to take dace b etween the parties The oounsei were closeted lith Judge Alorse in conference together, in relation o an adjournment of the affair; but at 12 o'clock the ourttooka recess till 2 o'clock, without coming to uy agreement On resuming, the trial was ordered to o on, and the first witness called, wan John Thackaberry, sworn?Knows both parties in bis suit. 4*.- Have you had any conversation with defendant n reference to souie charges van made against cFn C. Green, before a Methodist c 'Uventixn Question i bjected to, and ebjeotion sustained by the ourt. y ?Iio you know I?ev Mr. Norris " A. I do; I am supernumerary Ic the Msthcd!"t Lurch Late l? u in the ministry unce 1841, am prej ent pastor cf the Oreene Street Church, in Mew York ?< ? nave ;o? ever nrnru iu'- g> uerai cniri irrvi ol.ii ( . orn ii *9 relate* to tempi uuci or intemper,lice ' Objectid to. ?cd objection su-taine 1 by the court, ilib privilege to modify the iue?tt?.u - Have jou ever beard of the general character of olin ( lirem for temperance or intemperance, prior 0 1 lie 2Mb (lctob> r I 4* A ?I l ave beard rumors respecting Ilia character rlor to (tat time; I have known Mr lireen a lon? ime and bave beard people nay h? wan not as tempeat? an be ; his character *ti not well spoken ( rnn-exitminiil. ? I was acquainted with (ireen when le wn* pa> lor ol a church in Brooklyn, Mr (ireen md uil:r? i'lkeuian allowed in? to lie removed from Uro 'kyn to New \ork, I boarded wllli Mr. Fierce, the dekiidant, when in Brooklyn, 1 had a difficulty with Mr. teen, b-caune he propoeed to rue to aid him in putting lown Mr I arpenter. which proportion I reseut-d; I iei *r made nny formal complaint ajaiDet Mr lireen, 1 fore any elder; I stated my grievances la relation to lr Oreen s opposition towards me, tu endeavoring to e?p piople assy from my church; I made tlie?e baizes In Mr. < (teen's pn fence, in 1 > >2; I stated clrumstniices to prove my grievance*; I hoe played on he violin, in the inking school of the church; I never uade any report to the conference about Mr liretn'a ntempeisnca; one of the ministers of the conference ihispeied iu uiy ear that he would m>t trust money in olin< . tirtvn s bands; Kev. Mr. Klce and Mr Parker immunloatrd the e rumor* te nc; Mr. Illae tirst p< ke to rue about' iret-n. in 1837; I received n? coin>eM>atieu from Judge I'lerce for te-tlfjing is this eve; have heard the shaking of Mr. Green ? hand* was ocasloLed by drinking brandy immoderately; I don't eiU*ct the infirmity of Mr Oreen longer ago than .832. lie*. Bradley Slliock. sworn.? I belong to the Metlrolist 1 plscopai church for about tit:r-n years ; has iconn John C. Green since ltt'ifl; I never saw Mr .r?en the worse for li<,uor. I hav ? soma recoil. . ; Hr. Green s being brought before the conference on a harge of Intcsicatlon .At this stage of the prveedlng^ the omtrt ajjourned III this uiorumg, when the whole day and evening will > occupied. Court ul (loitral Mc?alttiia< Mora tie Recorder nod Aldermen Jamison and ' tark. Pec. 11 Chaif of Simlaig Iron?A tnan named t ies Mother was put on hi* def?tiO?, ohargeu with dealing three toes of pig iron from Newark N J., In Jtceruber. 1848. 1 rom the testimony, It appeared thit Hr Josepb '1 u'-' Iron dealer, at CO Weet street, n this city, had a lot of Iron consisting of fifty ton* Hid bearirig a peculiar mark, transported fn m the >nns)lTania lion works tu Nevam, .\ . J. On its way ;o this city, at Newark, one lot fell short thrse t?ns. Hid nbtrqueatly 2 torn 17i?t Were loun 1 In a yard u I'uanestreet, lu lhi? city. The Iron found In Duaue itreet bor* marks corresponding with thoie on Mr. rurkeinan s Iron. It vi< traced to the po?*ea.|on of the a-eund. who raid b-ha I pur?ba>ed It of alnatman. or front a vessel. J he theft of the Iron oould not be established by the evidence It only appearing that the return* wrrs short. The idstrict Attorney said. Ibat on tbia evidence he could nut aek lor a eon? iatlon f the pri>ontr. and tbe jury, under charge of the ourt. returned a verdict of " not guilty.'' and tbe ac3used wt iliaebargeit from custody. .1 BUck JlMir(nut.r,-A tiegm named Henry Simp < n. alia* James Bradley, was tried on an Indictment "barging him with burglary In tbe tirat degree, in breaking Into the house of Axariab <'. Klagg. of M West Seventeenth streat, on the 1 -t of October last It aas proven that at about two o clock on the morning of tbe first of Octob* r. the prisoner entered the vault of the preirises named, by lifting tbe Iron grating under Iba front basnusut window. Wben he bad gained cess to the vault, he proceeded to unfasten the door leading to the house, by drawing tha screws by which Iba fastenings were held Ha had proceeded thus far, Hid bad taken off lit* shoes preparatory to going into ti e bouse. when he was arrested Ob Die person were round a caae knife, a bunch of matahes. and a candle. W hen i n his examination, tha accused stated that be waa Intoxicated at the time and did not know bow ha ^ot Into the vault. Inasmuch aalt wai^not proven that tbe prisoner did actually break Into the bouse It was belli that he eould not be c< nv:rf?d of burglary in tbe I)i*t degree The jury returned a rerdiet of guilty of burglar; In th* ecoad Jtiro and the) oarr e?nt?nred U.e prl?<ner to th* Stat* pntoa for At* year* and foul month*. 7>i?l J-r tliri' f'ttlimr ?A young nan named <>eorge I'roft'B. * > pa.i'lujn to defend l.tni'dl agalatt a charge of irranl lam**? In -teallBg a 1kt?? worth *100, the property of lerley Holt re?idiJ*at th? aorner ol blxty-flrat (treat and I'bird arrnot on tha '^ih ffeptrtnber l?>t Mr llolt t*?tll)ed that tba borae waa kept In a p??ture near lila bouae, ibat the day bafore tha ailegat] thi ft he had ??-ii him. and ml???d him <>u th? morning of the UTth ??>t-inb?r, hr r'uM g*t no tra?* 01 blm until the il'<tk of October. abn h? ??? lalormed tbat b? ? ? at the atable of a Mr. Morehead. in Tw?n ty-firat *treet, r.enr th# Seventh aranu*. be called at tb< Mable and Identified hl? borer. which h* imrn? liat?lj took nuaanres to t??M??i, Mr Morehead ?t?ted h< i>ad pureb**?d th- borie cf < rofton. ?bo *u th-n ar reeted. upon h?lng tak<olaW> custody tba a-ruaci aid he bought the horae cut of a Jrore at tba Ball' ll>ad; ( rofton bad k'jt cattle In tba pasture frog which tii? hor e a a* (toiaa; ha had a lama horpp ther? alro from tha let to tha lutb of Augurt. Mr. Morehxad bvlag r%Ji*4 to th-afanl trutlfl'd tha ha pwcha*>d tba bam* of t rofton. allowing blm HO for him f&S golag to payoff a dabt of that amount due by thaaoraaed to *lin??a. *b? paid tba balance o la caeh. ba -ail ho bought tba boraa at tha Full Mead, but bad aa receipt tor the ?roy ba paid fa him. Ob tbp fart nf th* defence ve-teral witness** w?-r call< d to prota a good charaote; trr th* ao< uae<i the. je' tf that he waa a cartman an i an indu?triou* man and that l.e waa married jn-4 prervcni to the tlaie c tbi* tratitacMon tin the rroaa examination of thai ?ltn???e?. tb>- liUtrtrt Attorney brought out the fa' that Ctaftos bad before beaa aocj-ed o! hoT'e *t?tIio| lonnaelfor the d?fenoe urged that the a? jee.l ougt to he acquitted, Wcauee th? theft r.| the prnpevty he not heen pmeeu. and that it waa ?< oe*?ary la all ca* to make the' f*l?niou* taking aj;ar?nt.. or cotieii tion c< uld not follow, lie quoted fraa Mm hook a I Btv*a bin tt*lti ua Tba lii*rri*t Attorn* r oanuaetl th itiuartt' tad Urn omiI k?l< IUI (id Ml In ?h? pwwt'n of ?t<il"n ptoj>?rty, It d?i>|i?<l iiri litm to !?< ? how h* tb'.tiiHil 1 orh p <lon %od I tb? ?h??nr? o( nirh proof, th?r* "?? a f?lr prenjtijiilg of guilt. i h- ;urj, ?fl?r a ?bwt ?Hmoc?. n?turn?4 r*r4i?li LD. TWO CENT*. I cruiltv And *l. /I ? tu? write I* BOUVVHUVU tu? priKOQVr uiar fat* prison tor three years and lour menths M*gro Uurglar Jirrrileet bu a Courazeout Women * A black fellow. named Kzeklel flowen. with a protusicst cf braided hair about hti head. wa? put on trial, eharc* ed with burglar; in Uii tlrnt degree. la breaking lot* the premises of Lewie Mltohel, No 3 vial berry street, on the night of th* 14th October, and atealmg wearing appai el and money, worth in all about $40. Caroline Mltohel, a small Herman woman, of rather slender build than otherwise was sailed to the stand, and teatifled. that on the night named in the indictment she waa awakened by aome person entering th* room in which she wae asleep, aha supposed it waa her husband, whom she beard going about the room; there waa no light burning, and aha eould not distinguish the figure er featurea and a* bar hoeband waa out, all? did not think othvrwiae than that It waa he who entered the room, until th* person approached th* bureau and began to rattle a bunch of k*ya; aha th*a sprang out of bed, and In an Inataat lit a match, by tbe light of which abe aaw a colored aai; It waa the prisoner; aa soon as she saw him, ah* darted at and felted hold of him. and called for assistance; ha threatened to atrlke her, but she held on; ha then pulled out a knife and threatened to kill bar, but ahe would not lit go her hold; and(lua>ly. after soma twenty mlnutea, assistance arrived, and tbe prisoner waa taken into custody; he had collected a quantity of cMhing aad laid it on the outside of the d*or, where It waa found It was proven that th* doors war* not loeksd, and th* public prosecutor theretore abandoned tbe oharg* of burglary The liacorder commended tbe oonduct *f the woman, who had shown auoh remarkable < ourage In the arreat and detention ot tbe prisoner Th* jury found a verdict of f.llty of graud larceny, acrd th* Court aentencod the prisoner to the titate j rlsoa for four years ai.d fix niontha Violation of the Eltition Laws ? Ism s McCiianes fll convicted of perjury, in false y swearii-ft, at the poll of the second election district of th* Nini/h ward, at th* late election Wni K Godfrey, one of the Inspectors of Klectlon In the Ninth ward, testified that the prisoner cam* to the poll of the secoud district, and offered to vuta; he wa? accompanied by Wm. 1'oola; witness warnsd hin against svrtaring in bis vote, but notwithstanding thla admonition, he took the oath, including th* assertion that he had not previously voted at that election This waa proven hy two witnesses to be false as ha had prevr usly roted at the third aleotlon district of tka faiu- aard. Joseph Harrison testified that ha saw the prisoner t< te at both places No delece waa offered. Th# jury pronouncednverdlct of guilty, aud the prisoner waa remanded tor sentence. Court of Oyer ?u<t Terminer. Bcfor * Judge Kdmonda and Aldermen Allen and Webtf. 1>kc 11.? Josephine Uloodgoud, in cuitody on charge of obtaining goods under file* preteucea, to., waa brought before the Court oa a writ of As&'as corput. The Judge having read over th* depositions In the ease, ordeied tbe pilsoner to be discharged, because th* representations (by which the goods wo obtained? appeared to have been tuad* by the mother, and not bf the daughter [Miss Kloodgood is a mild and modeit locking girl, apparently about twenty years of age, and waa vary neatly dIessed. She appiamd deeply t* feel the unpleasantness of her situation, and scarcely raised hoc ejee to meet the gain bf a very crowded court, whiala was attracted n* doubt, from the novelty o. th* young lady'r position } often to ba t thr Drui^i.-Ths District Attorney rata, there was another aflliiavlt ? that of Juot.cs I,otbrop "-which Ftates that no anp'.iaation was made t* turn f*r an examination, before tae indlctue.ita wer* found Mr. ( larks.? If he swears to that bs wilt swear to an UMiiitigati d misstatement Counsel the*, on behalf of the prisoners. aaid that he saw announced In tbe palstlc press tint tbe Dletriet Attorney's offlce bad !>** opened either from without or within, and that the papers in this case, as well as aouie others, had !>* taken awsy he iil<l not aee how that would atfect thl* iitiltniil wit. fnr If mi\ tiAnitutis tliaf Ilea had ha?s? Me. ??ee" ? m? <1 with collided copies ol th <s? aINidarlts by tk* Dialrict Attorney. and h<* ?? not aware that tar papers could litii been lost a hicb can iatdrtera wita this motion. Mrl laike |>ri o eded with hi* trguiui ct on the application, and be asked, that so lose an they are in custody they may be permitted ta bold unrestraint d 0 uiu.uuirtti 'u wilii their fneuda , tha trtatmeot to which they are subject tu thia rugpeat la paiticularly bar-h. and there la no ruin in tba slatata ttiat it hbuuld be ao; the property which haa baaia t?k<*n from Mr. Drury la. by the order ot the Court, placed in the Broadway Bank. ( oanr : again ooateaded that tba srliure ot tbia property iiousialing ot watcbea jeweilty Xc.) was illegal and a violation of law and liberty. ( out (?The oflleers had no right to go to tba hones and lake the property. A iiarcb wairaut la very proptrly rehtiIcted If an oltiaer be* a warrant against a man he ha* no right by virtue of tbat warrant, tu lake bit property As to the papers s?l ed, soultl they tram tb< lu to any o(ll;-ero?er whom the Court haa control* Mr. Clarke ? There Is no authority. perhaps. to reaoh the gang who rantacaed the b<<u?e They had uo authority for their act, nor la tbere any precedent tor auch. < uurt? There is a precedent, but no authority. Tho only question ia, can the Court make any decision? The butiii.t Attorney haa no papers The liitftrict Attorney (Mr. McKeon) reflated the application, and argued with much ability on tha al*ht several proposition* luade by tu? prucuar'a couns 1 lie contended that tliey ought uot t > be al1< * d to withdiaa their plea. It wai a novelty In practice. A plea it tut gulty may be wilblraen. and a p>a of guilty i uti ted The a| plication to quash tho indictment, Le Lubutlt'ed. la too lala, and in aupport of lite viewK adduced the authorities of Whartoa and Imbu V Criminal, and 4:li blackatone, psg-a ?31, j 'A?. a&d oil lie (Mr. MoKeon) bai uo otjaction to the return of i-ueh paper- a* were not ueces*ary for tha purpone* ot this prosecution after he Lai ac?n ;bam. bat be bad not tsauiiued them yet. Court- lint lha walcnea?what Jo you want with theau? 1 ha District Attorney?Information bas re,-\cli*d m?. fr 'in wblch I can stale that tlie-e very watohea, whloh d<> uot appear lo be connected ^ib the caae uow, will I* atl ?er> proiably to the dereinpanient ol lixther a?ldei.oe; and I ray. that lu a city like tbl?, where perjury ran he bou*l t, and has been bought where public i likes bar.* been plundeied and where t'?a llle of a public 'lllcer haa been threatened, the C'aurt should 1 i.ot Interfere lu the u.atter hern required. Crime haa ber> me bold and desperate arid It u?u?t be fought with ! boiuaeae; and be submitted that it waa ths.duty of tbia { l curt not to take out ol the lianos of the public ollloer any lueau? by which be can strive at the jmtloe of tha casa. or.tpi.acy l? the cry of every 3-loa charge* with an oKeoce against the laas; but if tha teti.u '?y In this ca?e wi.i amount to anything, it will amuuut to a eiatlclli n of the prisoners. Mr. Drury.? Mr. McKavn, you will asvar hare that plaasure 'r. i.taham repp untlr.g the Attorney <.?n?ral, I folic wed oo the sstue Mde wilh tha District Attornay, si d argued a-aln*t tb- application with muob powwr. i 1 he application h< re was that the prisoners be dlacbargrd. on the ground of Ul^ical proseeding* in >ha ca e, but tha prlM.rer* were held In custixly but aa day before the indictment was founJ. and that was bo unreasonable delay in a ra-e of sueh enormity. Ha did not tpsak as ro tba guilt of the parties, hut tho tnoruilt* of the char2e. 1 he lndVctment was rrenared im! found by the i .ruri'l Jury on Ttiaxlay, if.M they wif irrMtMi; au4 ha would a?K, why tUe'ou A abouid Interiera on the allegation thai tb?r<* wan an uoowtlrary delay ' Mr (iraham continued hi* arg-ament at cor>*iderabla IroK'h. ?t>?l quoted Tar lout a itiiaritie*, which. he WIT" '{(lit* 'Hian<*tral'> and that thl? l? eaa* la which a Bound dlaere'tan should be *xerrl**d to r?fu?? the ra<tion Mr ( larhe rrplled. ami reiterated hla drauoclat,lo?* againat the Injustice to which hla rllnnla wars aahjaet. In h?lt(r d?n?ed ao<??* U> ihe rx pmrf amjatita which war* mad* for the pri>*?outl< n and with ?j?n? MreiiLy commented upon th* committing raagla'rat* ani tha nature ofbta allMarlt pn>due?d :o-4ar W'tvh r*?.ar4l to tha amount of hall coanael de-urad't to tw b>a ti?n??t 0"i?*ict ' n that It woult ha easier to driva tba Attora-y lifMral and th* District Attarney out *X Aw State than ettb?-r i l the priacnera [ I The? ourt raid they would dafar proncinetr* their oplnl- n < n tba mtl>n na?!l Monday n?tt. I Im?Id tb? ra*? of Tht P-vf>u n 4? A.'jn-W^r. 'It arp'-arlcg from tha ratnrn to thi* ( cart. m<U<- by tha . Warden <f th* renit?ntiary. that tha ab<<ra namad ' friri I* detain*! in eu?t<dy la aatd r*aitaatl*ry, r tifter tha tlma far which aha waa *ant*no*<\ rod that aha la in-.n* It ! ordered that ?Af b? forthwith 4uobar.-e 1 froa imprisonment ' | It appearing to tha < ourt, frost an Ina^c-llia r/ tha return mad* y tba Warden, that the foltowlng na.?f<t f ?r?ona have been, and are now detailed .a c*?ntine 1 i inent. after the tlma lor which they ware janalUail . thereto, it la ordered that they teTerally b* frttawlth dl*?har([> d (H?ra follow U? naiaea oi flftaao paraoaa, 1 . appear*, were not discharged. bacauaathay watw fluttering from illne-r, and the majority of them la 1 heapltat ) 1 i 7V >*. oplt i i Jothua Htn ei un4 Jithn Hmmillm ? It io mi" "ur# id?v ib* VNMV pri<nm: I rrt ??ro n? tho 2*i <>.tob?r on<l 12th of H?|'l??b?r 1 lo?t. vn'?no. t to ermflttro?Dt la tie bat " th*t io?l?ad th?r?ot th?y ha?? te?n dotataed from ?*I<1 1 dote* In the Ity prlnon, where th?y ar? now roafVne gt ' aad'Uch rr Dl.iom- nl brine IllugaJ. It la ordoroA t'?*i '.b?y be forth* I 111 Jl'ohftrgf 4. " It *pp?ar? that thooe p?roo?? war* <tetain?4 Ir.tho J ell y priMia fot tit* p*rp< <i 01 whitewashes* aad p. mg th? pri?o? cle%a and h-althy; a <-n?toia whl< 4h hu ' Urn al waj? ??n<tion?l by th?authorttleo. In or<? th*t * the e*p?"n?* of certain pcrtii a of the labor m*j b? r >at?d to Ui Stat*. j l>tTr.n St at t n To- tT.? t?o Saturn ln the 1 * ontt ot t OBimon PWi> before Judgee Fa* t aiap' b?. and KfUay, ?n ir|nwvDt t ok plac ,,.rxn * m tlno lor a ml* to ehow caue?- why on* of U auditor*, ap*' point** to fiMlut and dlnuibute tho uwli ot tho U. 1 S I'.onk, the third tru-t ehooli n . fee di?nil?**d " 1 ttio rroutd that I > ?pt>'>lotn?nt w M contrary to tho * art ot \?? mMy ( l"UV. wbinh e . .Iu.Im relatione of ** any of thr l>y M<w J >-r ">?' rtoco, from b-lty ap'' poiDti d o? an^ltoro Th? peremi ohi?ot*d to l? William * aliijt, brother to i?d?e King '.'he Judgeo dmtdwl tlMt, lo or the appointment wa? made re th? pao-<a*e of tho act, tho ??lldlty of tho ?al , appolnmrnt could n >t ho '* affected The a( (illootlon m r?fi.i?| i rratn r.tiro10 | .an creditor* o|>i?i*d ft-r tho rule. -PKiMtUKtm Ver?* . iM<nion, l*< 1W. > - Wlllun P llo*t, ! rn*?ma?tor at Krvlaaa, T| , *i har ?t?? Allien* oo H>o miJJ

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