Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 13, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 13, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. ithwcitcorner of Fulton uid nuiau iti< WVWNAWVWVWVWX JIIEIOOHOOR UKNHBT. rnorRiETOH and editor. VOt.VNT.4KY CORRESPUSUSNCR, containing importi III nriri toliciled from any quarter of the world , if mtrd, will bt liberally paid for. NO SOTK'R taken of anonymoui jiimmu/iiculiuiu. lf? oannot return rejocted comtiiuniri ti'ni. THE DALLY IIEKAI.D, 2centt per copy?%1 per mnm*Tl IE WEEKLY UERALD.for Circulation on tkU Continent, it publithed every Saturday, at 6'i centt per copy, or S^i per annum i for circulation in Europe, printed in French and Eiiyluh, it oU centt per copy, 01 Si per annum. The DOLLAR WEEKLY IIRALD. every Monday, 2 renti per copy, $1 per annum; tlx caput to elubt, tyr., %! per annum. AMISEMUNT8 THIS KVEN1.NU. BOWERY THEATRE. Huwerjr?Thb Three OVUMHan?Black Evii> Sin*. BROADWAY TUIATRB, Bro?dw?y? Soukiddt Ei.n* ? HtirNtiiT or VtMiiX-Buniimn l'uHioto?Taken in Attn Dune Foil. 0 V KtvlS 3 1 IIAIlTtlA, t.'liaucri ihimh 1 see My kaihw. NATIONAL TBEATRE, Chatham (quire? Tewai.b Ci'iin-tuiikvoi t KLu-MoiHLk awd Child akb 1>uikg well. OLYMPIC TBKATRE, Broadway?jnit Li*ui-Nlw Jlai?et-PbacjicAl Man?Child or TitE Police. CHRISTY'S OPERA HOUSE?Ethiopia* Minsteeliit. CHINESE BUILDING.?Cliuiion'# Panohama or thb kili. TABERNACLE?Oeam. VrticAL Fcotital ji? thi Aituh Place Oi-eba Ttouri. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Auriino PKRroit jiarcicb Ei k?rr ArTEUNOOn a.vh Kvimmi. CIRCUS, Aitor Pl*oe?Euvlhtrian Per fob marc kb. New York,'I'llurartay, DtetinlMr III, 1WVJ. NEWS FOR CALIFORNIA. The Herald for the Pacific. AFFAIRS (N THE ATLANTIC COAST. Three FplendiJ ?the Crescent City, Ohio Mid Cherokee ?wilt leave thi* pott. to-day, for Ch?gres, with the mail* for California, lu or-Jerto supply the demand, 1b >11 part*, of the Pacific, for news from the Atlantic coa>t. w. .hull publish the IIKRALD FOR TI1K PACIFIC at Vo cl"<\ Uils morning with a complete history of events in Knrof# aud America siuee the departure if the lkft ?teau<r. A Kent s will piea?e rend la their oidtrs a* -arly a* possible. Single ocpiss, ia wrappers, sixpence. Ntw? fioiu Kttrofte. The Hibernia, with one wetk's later news from Europe, is uow due at Halifax. After this, for the remainder of the winter mouths, there will be bat two steamers per m<>nth. The Coi>teat for M|>eaker. It is now nearly two weeks since the members of the Thirty-first Congress assembled in Washington. They have met diily, at an expense ?f $3 U'0 per day to the country?the Senate to await the action cf the House, and the House to elect a Speaker. The latter body have had thirty-nine l.iall#tl innc ?l n r.n.l <,f .Inl.t 1, nr.,?,*>,! ballot, without Bucce6.?. Three regular candidates ?one whig and two democratic? have been completely exhausted, and retired from the contest. On Tuesday there appeared a chance of success. After five balloting, on that day, the " m iriyr" t?f the democrotic party, William J. Brown, of Indiana. Assistant Postmaster General under President Polk, received 1(J9 votes, and came within five of au election. He may have succeeded yesterday. We have no advices of the proceedings of tint day ? the telegraph wir>-? brtween Wa^liin^'ton and Philadel) hia L? ing still out of order. Ore pood m.iy result from this delay in electing a Si ??ker, which may reconcile u.*, in some degree, to the delay which we are experiencing in getting the melange and the accompanying documents. It is well known that some ot the ultra Southern and Noithern members were determined open creating a disturbance on the slavery qntltiw, no mult< r want the confte^'iencpa might be ? * het her it resulted even in a dissolution of the Union. This wu evident, from the course %?liicli they have pur. i< d since the open in^of thesessi< n. Ni w, ihe.?? hot-headedmembers,from b<>th th* North and the Soulb, have had t me to cool down since the contctt for the c hoice of a Speuker commenced, and, in all probability, they have relieved then.selves of a considerable quantity of their indignation in thi* preliminary struggle, and thus reduced their stock so much us to render the balance cn hand of no great consequent e for evil. When ihe crisis comes, those members will, in all probability, uistesd of beii g the moet fiery and uncompromising on the floor of the llouseof Representatives, be the calmest. We hoj.e the struggle w ill be over thi? week. After the election of a aker and the reception of the mcstage, we may begin to see a little into the future, lie patitnt. Mail Arha.mjemkm* in rn? Pacific.?We understand that some very important arrangements, connect* d with the transmission of the m tils from the Atlantic to the Pacific shores of ihi < continent havi b< en r> c? ntiy made, which will in are their regular delive ry at their destination, and secure to the new territory of California all the futilities which are desired, in having a free postal communication with the rt fct of the Wuild. 'lhire have been a great many complaints ?... <k? , r >.. "J '- >' HlVfWWn/ ?| the mnile, i.nd not without reason ; lor, to any the let. at, thr work line not Lrru il >ne aa well ? it mi|<ht. Aa Foon aa thr propoaed arrangen.euta, hew> ter, ate carried out, there will, we fr* 1 co. f'drut, be no ground for further coin* plaint. Mr. Niniitrl A ifrfnour, a g-nll^tnin of tLt-tpy and tnUipiit*, a?liiiir?bly c?h:uLt'd for the bufniiea*, h?a In *n appointed m ill aynt N*w Yvik und I'aa.iina. Ilia duty will be to ac. etnipnny the mail in tvery inatmo", and to h i*e th? ?o!e ch?r{e? f ir,aoihdt, trader no cir<*u>n?tance, will it Uil in rrui'huig I'ajnmv When Mr. **ey? itki r retches that |oin', he ?tiI are the bj^9plac *d on bratd the Pacific at??m-r, and he will w.nt at lYrama for t!.e r< t.nn in til. Aa M>nn w? the teaimliip reui'Ue* l'?aama from Shi i-'r<tn<.'i?co, lie wdi take charge ot the mul f< r the'ic, eonV) it acroea the 1-pU?* it on board the m?il htcamihip dektirfd f-r thia port, and d<*p >?it it in the pott Ti.ij admirable ?rMmt'ni-nt oatift bat |i?i ^aertl Mtitlactioi, by en?tiruitf the tegul. r tr&aamiaaion am! a*JV' delivery of the >:thil?;anri Mr. Seymour la rnnntctly qi.tlified to p^rlorm the duty. Tlie > t atrntnahip whirh a^iiUd fri m 1'anama to . 'na Franciaoo, took three dilirif-i t mailf, n-t prtaip;: all the lett r? an I n-w*pap> ta that were iranatoifieJ to California for the precedirg three month*. .V h Ii irr>-|plaritiea will be completely (4>\i?t< d ' y the new arrangement. We tinder?t?td, likewi*r, that Mr. M. F. Klautke line bci appointed ppetul po*t oiTice at' n', to proceed to all the repuSlira bo -Jcrug on the l'<*cifir, and ent? r into negotiations for po.?til>* with the L'n'ted Slate*, th it wiil rn?urea regular intrrcb.iD"? of covimunirfltion. A *tnnli?r treaty ha* already been entrrrd into Iretwi- n t!i? Uaitrd Slut# s and the Sandwich I-Und?, l?y Mr Mow, the jo- tirifMer in KriiriiM^ and tlu f<iverppi>-iit of th> se i?I inde, which will preeriif, lor the future, ar,y lowiivenieucca twndinjt Hie poaeMge of Itlti ra between the t??t? tvuatri'*. When til Iheae new regulation* nnd trerira ahill have been concluded, we rmy t *! ect a tnaMikrv ble mtreate in tbe revenu ol the Reneral post office, and a mush gttat- r i.Kiiuaty wuh uur California frienJr, and cur n*ijl?l,ora ?n th? South Pacific r'jublica, thnn ha* heretofore rxiileJ. Tin Nkw tlMTR or L>t***af.?W<* ji iblish, in an t>ther part of to-??<?)'a Utruut, t'i ! C"T?tit.ition f the .Ww f-'uie of f 'ear re?. which Jna l>e<-n f? iTfe 1 by the M?rmon?, in theOrcal II i in of l/|>(>er C*li- ' furnia. It a very liberal Jvcicit, Hid will I mrpare ft, -(/r?M) with ih<* tonatiljftoB of any of he o'd Putet. 4 Matters ct Canada.?The annexation excitement in Canada has perceptibly subsided of late, t although it ia apparent that the party in favor of i annexation to the United States, aa the only | remedy for restoring the prosperity of those pro- 1 vtnces, is gaining strength and numbers every I day. The question has assumed a new stupe. ' Instead of there being any expectation of the peo- 1 pie turning a political somerset, and asking to be i admitted into the American confederacy, it is being i discnsted on its merits; and in all probability wlU < not be decided for a long white yet. In the meantime, the English press treat the subject in much i the same way us it is treated in the United States, i and seem to look upon it aa a matter of no great consequence whether the Canadians decide upon annexation, or continue their allegiance to the British throne. It is very certain that the quea tion ot Canadian annexation will never again cause as much excitement in the United States as it did at the time of the attempted rebellion in 1&>7, for thty feel confident that it will be solicited before we are ready to grant it. Movement in Favor of the Indians.?A memorial to Congress is in circulation, in different partB of the country, praying Congress to appropriate a pt>nion of the Northwest territory for the reception and concentration of such of the Indian tribes as may be willing to become agriculturists, and be civilized. There is a copy of this petition in all the hotels in this city and Brooklyn, where those who wish can sign it. Tim idea is to erect a great Indian district, subject to such government and laws as the government of the United {States may direct, with Senators and Representatives in Congress, Arc., Arc. If this project is entertained, we may be called upon in a few years to incorjiorate one or more Indian States in our confederacy. The Indian territory will give us hall a dozen full Bized States. Hon. Thomas Bi'tlkr Kino.?The resignation of this gentleman of hi* seat in Congress, as a member from Georgia, has created a good deal of disappointment among the whigs of the House. They want his vote badly, and expected him by 1 the Crescent City. Hut Mr. King, discarding the , old taw, that "a bird in the hand is worth two ia the busb," it appears, has thrown up his place in the House, for ihe chances of the pay and liule.igc of a Senator from California. It is quite possible that Mr. King nuiy have made a bad speculation, (or, cvn if *lccted, he must await the admission of tl.c new State into the Union, bt fore he can be received into the Senate. The whole experiment is a pail niic< rtilaty. The Hkkmanm at Halifax.?We were glad to announce, in our afternoon edition of yetueid ty, the safe arrival of this steamer at Halifax, Bhort of coals. She had bein twenty-two days at sea, and the onxicty for her safety began to increase in the community. She will probably arrive here on Satutday morning. The Emigration to California. T1IE r'KFAKTI'he ok vessels FllOM THE ATLANTIC COAST SINCE THE 1ST OF DECEMBER, 1^19. The rui-h for Caiifortil* baa for nom? time put bt'< d in the Increurr: nuJ the probability I*, the emiirra- ! ; tl<n cf the ensuing y?-ar will be greater than that of (be | ! present. Veejels direct for Sau Francisco are coa| ttently failing from every putt of the country, with j large numbers of passengers, and there btiU seems a | gnat want of accommodation. At three o'clock this afternoon, the steamship Ohio, | I.ltut Schenck. U. S N . commanding. will leave from tbe pier at the foot ef Warren street. for Ne# Orleans, touching at ( Larle*ton. Savannah. and Havana. At the latter port her pasteu^er* for California, of whom | th<re I* a l?r;e number, will be transferred t? tb# | Kalcon, which talis dircct for Chagrrs. 1 ha -Warner Cherokee, rtcently purchased by M?Msre. ' Ilewland .V Arplfctvall. with a rl>? to forming a direct i line to Pan Francisco, ria Chagres, will leare at the I taKebour. She hat been put in thorough order, aud ; is oae of the frst of the American ?tea<ner?. Her route , will be direct to ( hagree, eo that her passengers m iy j take the Pacific steamer of December at t'acama. Her I pi?r in No. 4 North Hirer 1 he Cm cent tity, apt. Stod lard, will leavj pier No & North IU>ar, simultaneously with t'le other ?: amers, dlrtct for Chagrea. She U a due chip and a general favorite. Thus, It will be seen tl at three of as noVe eteaas rs as any country c*a b ast, will leave thin port to-day I bearing on tbe bosom of the ooean p*rbap< a th >u"ntl persons, toward* El lioxaia of the West Tbe eonte-t will, dt ub'.leir, be ably maintained, an all have gained a reputation tor rpeed and imf< ty. Cut tb>-re are not all on Saturday neat th? steam ire isthmus acd Gold llunt<-r will sail for San Kranclieo, ' j UuehU g at IU", Valparaiso and 1 aoao I. Tbe former , ha b*tti rebuilt aud is In line oondltion for the voy- j age The tiold Hunter is a new vets?l, and will rntka I ter flrit vojs^e upon the ocean. Her trial trips have proved most satisfactory. With two powerful engines, ! acd uud-r command of Capt. Cuulilar.l, there can be | no doubt that the vcj sge will b? a wo<t deiigutful on*, as the summer teatoa aill be on a.< she passes around tap* Horn, llir length Is 172 feet by tid feet width of beam. She Is Intended more especially for the Sacra* irecto river trade, but Is, In every respect, well <|iiill- I t?d lor ih ooean. Her arrango.u-ut? for patsengeri ate each a- to give general ratlslaolion, and sbt> will, no 0 ubt, prove a pleasant and sale vessel for the journey. Here are fiva (Uauiere from this port alon<*, within a ingle we?k, for the golden land, which will at leait g.fe the reader au idea of the great amount of emigration. ! 'l ie Mlowln.c Is a complete lift of tbe vessels that , l'ave tailed or cleirtd fr?m khe various Atlautie porta li. e the departure of the Kmplre City, i>n tbe lat in-t. I Wo gl?? the vlata on ? Hell th?jr cI>mr?J Let . I.?Skip Cltlivm C<f'm..,. N??tack?t. | Ship II*t'.i?bb .. .. ..VValcli... .I'tilladjlpiila. S lp Man ? Cl*a*?a... eta^y... .Un.tih. Ifl.ip t't'Mh.r i>i<l?.... 1*. V?m lii i*'1'* Wnif.... <lo. F< r Billrw Hmith... .M?n> heat. r. 3.? H ip ' Ma 1U?b...H?'.i ni. ( ah di n Itil.. . Otltiuiora. Iir<i I'tocua l>iv H?:h. f< hr. *t Vitlmii.Ni* 4.?I ri| luiliitll Svf... frortdcaca. | J- br. C"i r*tkia( Cattcvt.Ni* York. Kir. Mimpi Jantiar .. I'.'iil.idclp iia. | 6.-? fan ?'ip innoa??a. ...<>la lor*. f p I'altitia* Sovlt d?. I ? j. lit,i i>n li laol ?'?tr n?a.. do. [ bul vnati 9l.tafa... .r*n la .. . . do. j Mark tallialla h?*?< do. Kc! r. Oatopaa. K*"kl)ll I'urUand. t<hf. harj k ttM.,, I'atitnoa N aataekat. V I.r. t t ? II. r?o.-t.. .?'arr .. .. W arreu. h ? Map lirnr/ Tuka M w a... do. 7.?.-I i?i Chatlnlw i'ru.k/. H:p>i nli L'aroliaa....P:<iin waad tljlit, Hric K?rla Blttitt.. il'v Prhf. P. i' Raiirjr II i*timr., da. F. I?r, llf Kir# i; td >a.. *f?w York. Nit. (tula W rikl.,. tlalHmora. b>fcr. Maria. 4o. ! F.?! 'rk Jilio A T?)l<ir... Maria.. *Vil-mn(on. DJ. c r- !>*> I lark .. <'?nlau4. l*-llin Ulbil ."!*la*ri"BMaw V>rk. II.?Ship l'?a hatan 1 atk?r ... d'<. Id.?i?i?am?hip (Utah t?an4?.TIioni|-? >a. do. I r r iln?.,aria a.,. ... II it v. vi 4., do. 8?i>r. Ma'iaalat Cala 4*. Tlx* ab?>?a Taoaala haro takru out ab at 1.303 pftUaa. |< r? whli'h number a,111 Mr laerraW. bjr tba ataauori fa lirf to- day, to about 2.000. Mora tha < aiu.roc?ni?iil ? f tha gold a*f itameiit, or till in about a ) ?ar ptat, I ha mm. l.-r r>l taaa* l? t ia*. bin a l?ft the Atlanta porta for (aUfuiala it a* fol. j low*: - | Vr.arnL Set an. I Sblpa Ho Uric* '>I l ( F|itmal>i^a 11 Hchuvaerl......... , iii talk*.... 21U M Tatal. aallad tl) I if 1 bo ali' to th>-ro bnl arrlrail at S iO ( rauumco, up to Ik* let cf N#?in.b?r 'Ah Ta??al?. aa foUaai:? Vitu i r Aamitkn Hi T. II Hilp* fi> SO I hum ........ 6 ItliDunri W ii Battel ?i ? * Total, ulvt* nut 'Mii ? Inmitt ml. . ,. . .. ...44* ' About f,l') thi 11 and pvrrcn* hara Ron? to CaliforoU * ' .ii the ?%'.* tavtu huti'Jr.d ?Dil thirty *< ?. 1*. b/ fw / I' a ??j if ?|i? lltrn, In addition to tha tb'iunatiit '' 1 that hava ?< n? o>t!iril at>>l arroa* the l.lhnui of * I a. *|miiiiiik Infeiilifcwrr* Cm **r, I I ?Txorrii..?TW# afttf. a ; '4 u'nwK a il?*<!i t.'t f *0Q. mil* b?*U, ba*t m tLr??- m flvr. tu nu a' ! >. j (,1?? a. will a o.I b*t ? < ?> J Vr. It< j.iniid ? l>. ui. I. J> Jaat, a~J Mr. lun?t; a b.? g i?rai gar. I tini Col i.?r.. L. I -f?i i*? - \ t'?oln,' match for 14iVy l?k in I la*, id klltiffi. ?i.l 'ou.r vfl ttilaU?jr,at 'I I'. \i . I. t?i? d Uo*i> u Alarj ai.d \\m Ooaa. 1 Tl.v i a MlWI'in Mum Tantlrtii MitiN-Tlt? o?a?rof tla t.rna |aa>>rakar. mi?*V I to trol ana , 'Tirtiuti III Ik trl MirflL ?* I u**sii \j la-*t. or r t&a J J l i n * (i k at I. iir* liia 't'-f an l o.a'.ni-.l i?n->. " tl ?r day U a tract h-t-jf ro*s'*4 m ii aim a. ai I 1n J < *' t j a* j ui fit f >t Uir intl i?i ft a'i a ?*?ata i^rlurui f'' atr* ' MnawH-MMaMBMaMna aiarrw iw?n Model Aetists.?We believe it is understood >y the proprietors of the model artixt exhibitions, < vhich are uliHOtt as numerous in the city at the ireseut time as they ever were, that there is no J11 aw on the statute book that can reach them, anil ^ lence they snap their fingers at the authorities M Die aitifetp, as they call themselves, who thus ex- ns libit themselves, male and female, have a little 18 more drapery on them than had those who were meeted a thort time since, in the upper pari of the <1? city, in a perfectly nude state; but even w at they ^ wear, is not sufficient to answer the purposes of In decency. These exhibitions artt an illegitimate ^ bhoot from those that are perfectly correct and pro* per?bucU, for instance, us thut of the beautiful piece of sculpture by Power?the Greek slave tt It is a singular feature connected with the United J' States, that there is a deposition to go into exi... T.. ~ ,.?A td ii? iiKB IU CTCijriuiu^. iu i taui;c| auu Italy, statuary is admired and studied by both sex- ,';t es, but there id no running into those coarse inde- "P cencics which we see here. It would seem as if w? can't adopt what is correct and proper, without lli rushing into extremes. The Legislature will be p{ obliged to take this matter into consideration, and am pass laws regulating those exhibitions, at the seesion about to commence. lit r? City Intelligence. n Hard Frost.?The frost has been vary hard for the eo lMt two days. The cold was intense yesterday and in last night. in Tiik Lost Forwn.?Some fix or eight months age, a paragraph appeared In the I InuU. stating that a g^utleman named Giles aged about 45 years, an Kngllsh- *' man, who wus one* a wealthy merchant in Bristol, and c" who had been boat diut? In a respectable hous? iu Cham- PJ hers street, suddenly disappeared under circumstances *' which led his filends to believe that he h id committed * suit ide. Though an excellent clerk at.d accountant, he failed to obtain employment, and nothing was known of his whereabouts finco. till It wai ascertained, within ca thuiast few days, thnt be is alive and well, in the emigrant's refuge. Ward's Island. He is au amiable mau, co and his friends will rejoice tn kNVthll hti is safe. Vl Many men. highly respectable in their own country, tu are lorced to take a refuge iu that liii-titulion. th ok thk Cl>tckioh.?Thin line vessel arrived yeMerdaj, at 1 O'tlOik I". M., huvtn.; M hoird three JJ hundred ai:d fourteen pnvengers. Ku? olnl lren died l" on the i as.'agr, which wua but tliirty-tlve days. u 1 Thk Mitmici: or ihk Irish Ksii.kut Oiri..?It set mri that a charge hm been brought before the Com- to iiiirtloBert of Kuii?raUon ayainst some of the clerks in the cilloe. ler playlug a hca* upon the emigrant girl p, who recently married the ( reuch farmer, from ilio West, is she rays, in joke. The elerks, however, in tin- ni tain that a 1 was iu yond faith, and that, If the da usol Ul repented ot her bargain, ai being ''ail worse and no better," she ha a no right to turn round uow aud chargo t'u tbein with dtculviug her it is Incredible that .?he .ir could think it was a jcke, and that inngls'.iate and all -p] could be lid into such a delusion. Discractki'l Oi traok.? Last evenlnjr. about four oi o'clock, a violent outrage was c mmltte 1 in the front Ai of a furniture store in Chatham street \ man. seemingly a mechanic while in a state of intoxication aat pu dean upon one of the seats, or chairs, In front of tho store, whereupon a person connected with U nn for- fci ward and daohed liiin on the pavement, wh*re h? fell ob, on bis head with gr?at violence, and received a dread- b< ful wound, from which a l?r>;e identity of bio.<J < ?. to caped in the course of a fear minutes. A poliaemtn be us called, who took the injured aian away to the of Tombs on a car. but d*ellued tu take the ptr^y who 1 til committed the t utrage Into oustody, although poiu'.ol he cut to him. cc C ac hon to 1*1 hsoms I'uSTIRO NfcMSrAFKRS i* Knolawd* i ? AgeLtWtuan called at our otiice yesterday evi uing< with a copy of the London Daily Af,ri, whi'h he re- : ceived by the iaet mail steamer from Kurope, on which j ll iu was uhurgtd $1 -16, on the ground tbat it was po.ited ' lu seTen dayr after the day of its publication. The po?t- 1 man woi.ld not tske it htck because it liud been upt-ned. This was, therefore, rather an expensive I nr jer. and friei.dsut the other sole ou^tit to hi in ire ! ' particular lu tlii< respt ct. us it is there well known that ** it is a rule of the p'.st office not to forward newspapers lor every Lalt ounoe, It thay arena van day* old. The rule It knh aud apprensi. e had often evaded ; but tlnri i? * r .1 ic;i d f< r it. ufrer a'.l for the po-t offlce *0' autbi tllli * consider that n ne?*papera week o'.d at tUo tiuie c.T it* despatch. o?a*e* to coutain uuw* an 1 be- n'' ct me* liiftoiy, nkd that either tba paper is lent for nmerpiiial object, which U worth letter poataje ta tbe < ii l> T or receiver, or contain* oorrn*pond* nc, and tbu* defraud* thj revenue We are mush more liberal ,0 at ibis Hide the octau. : lI' ?t i Thc Ockar R?mc.?Tbl? Institution eommonced ba- tj.( title.'* on .Monday, and upon the opening. a *eleot par- , ty 11 invlt< d ^urnUut down to a ipienrfid dinner. The t] tablo we* covered with moot of the luxurtce of thti ??*- ? n il aud there *a* uiiy t|uantity of "Heldayklo" and c^, "U< linger-' CLauipagne to wa*h dowa the wolid*. If ire < may ji>fr.m tin- iu miner in which the dinuer pa*t? | idotl tte bank ha* ?t*rted uoder the mmt favorable auspice* We It-aru tbat the iar,{eht ?toeltho!dar paid < bl* ?nb#crlptlon In full, to California (old. on tbe day an cfofitbiog. wLioh >ra* deuoeited in ths vault ol the ntl teak. ; Fr*v *t Ji moV* Hotsl ? Vaster day inorolap. at five wa o'clock a prltate watchman a*. Judn.n'e Hotel, on en- thi terlrg tbe Lack parlor wa* repelled by an mthurat of cbi flame* the mown r.t he opeaed the door With tbe all 1 of Mr. .IuiIm 'i, hi* walte**. and the boarder*, the lira we tir tuliunl. n< t. liowoer, till th# furnitare of the ah Mltor wcrth 9I.I'M. vn< dr*'^yed Hi IslMM (M ( the brat, that the gla** In one of tbe window* win no fu.ed 1 be r. < ui wa* clo,ed at 12 o'clock, art It I* tet lujij < f. d :1 at a Fpark ni".*t bare far en on the *ofa, < i? It aoatd i e11: Iron icm? It.dlratlo:.; that the fire dri jttfHua'cd lb?ri>. tei Kifcr.?A fire fc. keoal yeiteriley morning. abmt three eul )'?lick, iu tbe ) .iinte *eho 1 h..u* i f Mr Kd*?rd<, A" No 46 Twenty.fourth *tr??t, near l.-iiktng'ou aveuua. c0' it aaa txlii.^uUhed by oCUera WaUou and Ur.>wn. *1' P dtmi. e ! en i nd by tiro i.i *up,> 'el toaii.'uut " ;o the ruin cl : II 0. *'11 Th* fli:'i??in |)?h t<* S hicokmii will dMIver a lUoi-urte at tbe lit ury ttrcet ' a Saturda/ j.), a?*t. t M*n i r F i tTi rr*.? Tberrjli tibea fale thl* even- to Irg. of a beantlful colle-tlna of marble -oulptur-*. the t Di*t importatti n of the Hind that baf ever heen maJa vi? Into ihi- rruntry at No. 82J tr< nit*ay, comimncioK a* it 7 o'clock In addition to the >! ifuiry four I' -auti- 1 ul oil f.niiitinr* ofphe Henii-b and Viurtlau chojlii, the ill be ui'poMd of at tbe -aoetinie. tin A Dip tii?: Km a.? Vr*lerday aftern'Kvn about 3 '"J1 >'olock. an Irl-li enil|(vant. ju^t arrived lo thul'entu- { inn, ti 11 Into tbe ilvrr. accidentally, at llie foot f I' tK>' ttiet. lie wa* reeoued by acartev named John Suttou, *' ' itid eicaiied with only a thorough wi tling, l'jj' Ka*cri>aro Pki i.l?Verterday. about 10 o'clnek In (' he Ii ii ooi u, a rartman named Philip Warren, of It'j HD, *a?lirgton *trnt, wa* drlrlng hi* wnfin up l)?y t trret lutn ltr<>adway. when, the *tre<t being >ll;ipery rim frozen *iiow, the borne Ml. and threw Watrrn ,.(1J ie?\ily upon tbe pathway. Itl* h. ?d wa* fractured, ud he wae taki n to tbe City Hnepltal. R|lU An io> it?A atan named Michael Mangln. while to t iboril.C under the mil ueCi e of intoxloatl >n a*- law eti'led a Udder to the rorf of tbe two *tory hou'e No whl *2 Orange rtrert, about half pa*t 12 o'clock yeiterday toe noriiiiK, and run along the gutter, but while endeavor- If t ng to regain th* ladder, be |n*t b!< footing and fell on It w he*ldev;mik l'i lln men lll'gan Ilih y aud Mi >!anu* , tl'l rere primptly on the *pot, aod. a->?l>-trd by nfflier* tba ronln and Kennedy of ibo Kourteenth dUtrlct.'ro- yoti ovi d tbe unl. r. ui at* r an to the City HaaplUI III* 1 covery I* <1 ut tlul In the fall he w?* dreairnlly rati ir?l*?'d In tbe tare ard body, an I bi? l#tt arm wa* bro. bet en It appear* ha *a* ae<f u*toiued to enter hi* U>arl- wit DgllciiMby ineatif i! a ladder. Jti^ AanifiRa ? J'.dward Col'ina. fell,on Tue< lay mtrnlng ^ bout I alf pa t eleven o > i< rk from tl.e ro.if of hotiew ?1" lu. 80 Vandeweter *tree? He wa* immediately remveU to bla retidence No 4-35 llonetin utreet. "" Tmdit K?i i' Mtin Unard. apt. f'on- C(, I llv, pa*. - d tbe lltra'4 office y, rterday. at a >mpanted , y Ulrgle'* band, on a target excuriioa. I"bi.? t* * very , t*pectable company. Tui II.U.IK I...... nn. .1 Ik. ...1,1-1 .? .... .. th.' la T<lunt?#r rompanlan. p*?a*d our oitUa <<n fuaa Uf, log acd rrtutiilnr fr^ai a target Pinuraloo It dwa r*" n* k" 'J H"'b bra?e I*I|i>im, an'1 hrar th? toul- ' Hiring mui>lc It l? po?lllvat/ d*ng?ruu?, it wiU inaka ' t-r jcucgatara f<<nd m *ar. ' J ( In-ult Couit, Itcfiitr Judg* Kdconda. ' "I Dir. 11 ?l.yhi fulUr. / urutT fr? it J'hn J. i'ftmtlt, Sktrijf. ? Thl? wa? an action of fplafin rMiitt agalbft lb* Sh?n.;, f-r a ,'iaatlt) rf hum*- ' ?>ld farultur*. ?*ilfd 1'iuUr a i ?ri /ucioa, l??U*4 upon * i judgment rveovrrt d agalntt Wii'.lain M'?gi?tafT, In ar ri.f the lata \Vltllam He It, c?f thl? d'y. In July, 1 rtntbtltT c1atn< >i till* ti tha propartg bjr ' Irtna ol a ffmtt'-l ui"Hing \ a* <"ut?d to b*f hn?b??d, amra (,. Kullci k; Mr M a.- t?IT. Jan* 2, M14, toplag ' I wltloh ?n? nu.l on tuna '1.1 7. In May, 1j?$; br fun in,r" h- Irg toft Id tli po.n>??l n of Mr *Vaj- ^ tan 'I h? f ourt cli?r,;? I tha jury tha' It wai a <jia?- 0 e' I-n < f tact f*r th'in to d?*<Ti u* If thajr b?llara<l ha Ol'rt(;ac? "? uiada In rood f-t'tb, ?ith>ut any In nt t?> di fia'd rtrdl'.rro. tii? | iln'.iT waa ? iitttlrd to *cn?f r ; <>tb*r?l?*. ttia d'tin'lant ?a< anMtl?d t > a '' r<!lct and d'rrcti d tbe jurj t<. bring in a *ral?4 Tarllet ?.*?* morning I* b?li< l>? tl-ut ( ' I'iek ,,<l !> < 1- I prn th<- op.nicg'l ti>? Court. th? jury, wit f:?r l? Ing out all night, raTi* In ai)it Mill lh*f (Mill t?t >a and th- jr ? *!* M<; rllu[l; dl<?ktrgal. TM? "rr rf u? t>ail b< m trl* d ?.uc>- fc 'on- in lMt. \ ?ardlrt "tal ro? ihi n f B'ltri'1 'n fur >r <f Mr Vtiltor. whlrh war Am litirqnprtly confirm*)! b/ tha JS.ipr-ma o >rt; alms* >'T btiii t..-.a I*ull* r. Sr if and Mi .\ok r, tha thro I'"" ilirllfT toTaaildrd. *bl ./ ? 7' /!'* i/ it Ni'hMitt .* P>tn?''y at 1 rt'hlwr >J i' i ll'rIt ?f 1\< mn Nit'oilir. I ? 'm ' r if I- w ri ir ! i ?' n I" my 11, ; r 1 fn * I'll li-if tn' < !r> in tliii I run ?f ii?, t'> ho trl?4 h; * jury ?rr* f i(if i Irruil l >ui? It ?nii to ?* , hm<J? thu will *'u' it- w *r th? ji in.*- r ( if i>'iaMr 'xkrr ' ikllktMMlf l> !?-. '. .f J .hi? R. I!r?l/ 'i- I II n : I ty ? ; I' ? ? . ' I Itjr of whl??i H I <1 >jr \ r f><n i. 11 y. M th? k i*r<tl?o ><f i ??>ii '' ? r 1111. <" ??. r I r : i jihe'v "f tl*? i aid bu M* Midi th?. J.m m r. 6r ''tl" _ -.. . til 1 Kli|rt'ilnr < mill. f>'"< Jb^ii* H?i,?|fi r?t. j f'n 12 f, ft tick U I ri'.i > ? *4 O ? &' / 'ir** > %, ! ^ iViij A (|>I ItrO, p.* | Wl'lf tV f'.l|l ??<f iriliK* ' la < ? ?, which i ?< ii'4xpi*4 ? !?? ?h? ?' * h ll '? !>? ll? JIT? ? -! Ill.i????! |>? til* J ' *!<- to d i r It ? ? h'i (J % . ll t' ? tin, in4 rii? . 11 ( I' *1 11> liitlii?'?i| tl>? if'' ?n"?ni >4 ?" ? mfiri- Ju,y l.> iln' ?.f tin- 'fn rf itw .*11 ?( nil It b-ln| 1 14 I'd (iilKiHr" ili '? >'. h? h?'iH Hi -irr? 1.1 I rt> if tt? t ij.'i il l It Oi tt t? i r"" Li ?t. I * Military Intel llg?ne?. rotJRT MARTIAL UN <*APTAIN RICHARD FRENCH. Lut evening, a court martial in held at Mr. Thor lej'a Fifth Ward Hotel, Weft Broadway, to try the lluwlng obtrgw ifilut Captain Richard t reaoh, of e Lafayette Kiulleeri. 12th Regiment New York State illtla, preferred by Colonel lleury<> Stebblna, Camacdaut of that regiment, on the 17th November, 4? CHilnt Km st?Dlaobedienoe of orders. Urn ion f'irti ?In thla, that, on or about the 9th I iy of November, A 1). ltMl), tbe eaid Captain Richard reneh, of raid Company ?, of the 12th Regiment, a< creraid. waa nerved with a Regimental Order, duly tui dby the commandant uf aald regiment, dated Nov, 184f, and which, among other mattera, bpei itied aa|folwa. to wit. " The regiment will aaaembla on the day designated "h?r*day, the 15th ln?t..) in Chambers street, with ita ft on < hurch, at U o'clock. A. M , the olliceru wearing le uaual badge of mourning on their left arm. and lord belts. The line will be formed at m quarter pant pteclaely." And the said Captain Richard French being no servI. did on the 16th day uf raid November, in the city of ..-mm V?V full In l.I.I on.I .11.1 nn? ? n.mmw i duty with bit said company, at the time anl plaoe eclfted therein, until tome two hours after the time ipointed for the formation of the regimental parade, id after said regiment was formed and in brigade M, Sji-cijiration Smmd.? In this, that the said Captain iohard Krench, of company ?, of the 12th ltogiin*nt, aforesaid, on the 16th day of November Inst past, In e forenoon of said day. in the olty of New York, In or >ar Wwt Broadway street, In laid city, some two urs after the time appointed for the formation of the glntental parade, and after said regiment was formed id In brigade line, did neglect to halt hie company, in nformity to the order of bi-i superior and cj ntn indg officer. wbile marching his said company directly

lrobt of p?id regiment. CiiARct. Seconn.?Un-officer like conduct. S/itnJlration f'irtt.? In this, the said Captain RInhtrd encb. at the time and place aforesaid, did. while bis nipany was taking its post In line approaob his comniiUlog effioer. aid express hit surpr. e that he bad tn ordeied to halt his said company. aud his belief at bis said commanding oflloer could not have so iued said older. It will be in the recollection of the reader, that this ,ee arose cut of the fact of Captain Krench having urteounly ereorted the First Regiment of New Vork rlunteeri to the funeral procession, and his biing aoullj enfcHgtd iu tlikt bt'liOrable Service at the tine e order was given, by wbiob he account.* for bit; delay net heirs on the ground at the specified time, aad po for his not being able to obey the peremptory order halt, wiilicut insultii.g the gsllaut corps who have L>n unfading laurels for the city and 3ta;? whose inie tli?v bear. The court ordered by Brigadier John Kwen try the case, confuted Of the following officers : ? ajor Daniel C. Hyde, of the 11th llegiuent, President; tptalu Jacob Rajnur, ?f tbo 10> It Regiment, aud < apin John H. K. i'rudhomiu*. of thj 12th Regiment, embers; ami Captain l< t.u McUrath, of the 10th Kegi1-r.t, C sj.tain Thomas S Murphy of th i 11th Rrgi i lit, and Captain James Boy In, of the l'icit Regiment, pernulnrrury members. Captain Boyle did not a?ar, end Captain MoLirath was without his uniform le time ard piece of the trial not being generally niwn. the atteii,Uncu < f civilian* was very small, most ti c gentlemen preset being olliccrs ot the militia, them we noticed Colonels Morris and Po. tley. Major N. B. Labau. Judge Advocate, appeared as iblic prost enter, and Colonel Stebbius as co.-.plaiuant. The court bavin? btea sworn aud organized in dae rm, Captain Krench, who was not A'slited by coum*l, jectt d to Captain I'rudhomme, ou the ground of his lodging to the fume regiment, and. therefore, liable be. more or less, under the influence of the Colouel. idea iht Ill-will likely to spring up bet*een officers (he fan e reglmsut. for tuking a part In courts maril agalntt each other; alto, because Captain I'rudninie inaWe ute of certain expressions, up-iu a certain cation, which dvfendaut considered prejudicial to r? cirr. Ihe roeni htvlsg been cleared, the court. after a "tt deliberation. eiioounced that the objection of ptaiu French win sustained and < a^tai i AlotJrath, j?-iludjirary, was appointed full number la hh nil. I ret blent ? Any objection, Captain French, against y of tbe other laembers of the court T i nptaln Kreich.?.No; the other gintl?njas are a'l II known to tbe public 1 bare not heard that they ve exprrsred aoy opinion. rre>td? nt ? There Ik one member of the court witht hi* uniform (Captain McOiatb); do you uinke any jection to tbe caie now proot'edlng ? 1!? ban urut it aptaln French.?No. Kir; I bull condu ~t tbla cane rn tbe principle* ol honor, and take no ad/antaje of > technicality. i 1'be Judge Advocate then addrested Captain French a low tone asking blm whether be had auy objection the ninenoed spacillcation, the day of the m >uth i on which th' i ff' nee wa< charged not having been | tied in the original copy of the chargtt served upon ? defendant. l ep'aln French laid h- would not avail himself of i tt or any attar technicality. I I'he Jud|:e advocate then proceeded to read the l arges a* above, and having concluded ? I I'lie President o' the Court put the question to tbe BUftd lu reference to each, Arc you guilty, or not 1 llty 1 aptaln French pleaded " not guilty'' to each o'lar^e, ] d then objected to < aptatn Boyle sitting in future i cn the trial, a* he wa< not now present. 1 I be Court, on consultation, declared the objection . i a good, and that < aptaia Uuyle was n.iw ineligible; | ! H ourt having teen *w<m and o gauu-d. au l the ' i arges read In bit absence I , I be Judge Advocate the n stated that the wltne<sn? i re all present, except Adjutant Luianuel U. Hart, I 0 was tt?t at home. i olonel Sttbbint? I ask tlie court to adjourn, a - It I* ! t w ?iganued, In order to give ttmj to teoure the at- < fiance ol the wit aeee I j plain Frtneh ?I object to Colonel Stebbini ad- 1 -sring the court: he has no right to do so lie It 1 it a? a witness, and the Judge \dvoc?te it tbe pro?e- ' lor, aho haa tbe exclurlve right to c jodUi-t th* o**e. i i the lvtter la a profession. 1 uitn an l a- I have n > i < >n*el here, I tblnk he 1- more than a uj j'.ch for me, hovt the assistaecn of the Colonel. i The I re Ident ?f the court taidhe thought the de- . r dant was wrong. Tbe complaina at had a place ap- c nted hiui la the court, and could aldrest it I I antaln trench required tbe oourt t> taxe a note rf t treaties. ?. oioiel St. blins raid be. a* proteeutir, ha I a right i conduit bis own came, from beginning to end. i Captain French? But the proteentor 1* the Jndga Ad- I rate and the Ci lonel it only rccogi>U?d by IUj U* 1 the princlfal witness I :'be i ourt then looked Into the law authorities on s 1 tubjec* and, after oonsuitlng tigether for a short > le. the President asked Colonel SlrDbins whether tie > nd< d to conduct his case nil through ? olorel Mtebbln* If you i*k ue with a view of atccr- j ulng the ci urse I Inlntid to purtue, I shall antwvryou 1 . ace; but It appeers that tlie t?ct mu>t be tint eita- | bed, whether I have a right to addrett the coart at . . r not. leiidei.t-All I And In tbe bo k is, that com plain- ' , t have a pltce in courts Kartiul, au 1 iu*y ap?-ar. i . aptaln French ?All I want Is, that these prwaeJIngt , ci cdurted with pi'prUty aud order. I wi-b to b4 . i curt end it w uld be c udu ive t > h?rny II < lon?-l SUbblns did not interfere will tti-? it. It IstbeJudge Advocate aloae ebols appointed ^ [uard tbe luUrestt of tbe Slate I bave at boute, | . authorities which I do not s.eon that table, to l j i h I could r> fer lu support of i?i Dosltion as I mean 'tt? thi in on < ther ptiiLu in the coume of ib? tn?l bi re ! no objection. therefore. from the other nltln, . aid be M weil. perbap* to ailjouru till tivinorraw, , tlio?e b'? i'?n bo proJuc-U I think, however, , 11 eon.uion retire v|?*i>f the c?je ought to*h>w . i that tl * Colonel ha< out th? right ll? clalnm. he Court after consulting wild lh? Ju lgi> \dvor f ir a lr? moment-. g.ire judgment that < ?l. 8t>-'uk I atl no ii|fht to J trr'n ttii- Court eiaept *< m m Id opening the ca/e. The la* etates that -the . !ge Advicate l.< the proaicutor " L? Jd'Jk>* Advocate th. n eta'ed that the Adjutant, . fkMttMtlaM) the whi la cue d-penlej. wae ? of torn I tt* eoart oovM Ml nH ynMivtlt care without hln preneuce aplaln t tenoh? \ ou can go en with the other witper; Cel. Sti'btiiD* la a witue** to a portlou of the . 1 l tidge Advocat" - It l? a role of couitl laartlul that ' n any point ran b proved by other wttueiaei than c? D>| lalnant It U better to examine thein In prenee, lor thla cour>c gete rid of all III feeling lu the . r-a c< urve which I a u lure Captain Kretuu would 1.1 >? MM h diep< v it M loMow an hii> b ily V( < I Mi I bin* tfal II I Inllo ' tu th? In Ig* Advn- * r piiha|.? I h,.taln . itnofi alll aimit whAt ttia A J nt can piove i;dje Aovi cati' (In a lou<! voice) -I d i rot alvtre '<a<n Vreiirh to a Init anything; but If h-i almlta * 11?clfl jatli n charg rg tl at be ?ai ordered to bait, l' u.ant I art e prerer re win be reu??rej iitim-oeMary. *' eptaiu Kretieh?The gentleman will nut a-> m' to j,| tit what t? n t true I will b? able t i prove t*ere other ertnre In the In :tc,nn i.t b i?ide? the eulael'D 'late In the rpecC'catl iii lei cuit ih. n enquired wlmt tl?e the \ Ijn'.int L ila be hi ti'e. and tlie Jmlite fdiooa'e repllel that 1( ? e? i xrii hd b'<nie net/ (lay. an j auj uav ueit , , k wov la ti.Mir for the a jonrniuaut I. be court aljourbid tu rue Jay n*it a* 4 mL h t i.IIii! Ctatii P'alrl- t COttlf. Iieiore Ig-I^e Hi IW ft ?f VI ?'!'!>? I 'itliil Stat-1 rv J1S1 T.i'K'r ?l"i mull | an 1/en Hi mirf Shi/i? I'll la ?? an Iu4l?lm>lt fiM a 1' tit art Milt rii.inttti-d by the prlanir r (a mat of ""'"i ?m?? "n H( t,ry ort man ou boatd th" l>rl.* I,, it \V. \rm- el ip ?iin I) lug In th? p *t cf M<r?'?lbi, In th* ti la tt \>t<??ur!n It app-*r? d that, m the l'>th of (ii'tu-t m dlWculty tiM'h piatta hatwaan John 1'u , ti<l Harry Kw?Bi?n,fln dark ; I'catar irantrd K'ire- )t. i tip r> l.t ; tha y ?f> i r? ?rd? n d<>?n t" auppar ii1?f rh tiny ?*Lt down balow. la about lul in h >tir IMMlli lha 'llWTrrl w?? ft n??*4. WiKtl till* ???? lit I lair "I c?f a?? ?ll? 4?n t<> ha*a l.n n (tornrutttad -It niislittl tdtl i k? MtkliM klMilf L n hkphuI atiil that thl* i nurt I ad no jur:?dt?tl>n, that objection *t? Jtnlji* Bftt? -aid H ra * ' no mara dar^ar in ti?pri?rM< n could bo p-r Id to go ibt ? I than tha t. tfc *tlfnm*ni? atti^kad aa a r'Kbt to ahnflt a' or ftab, hi* n??illint tin*', ?r ct tha law. It *onld bo a lUMgrrou* prandial to r" itllah, that banaoar * matt lay* hold of a?>< tha', that ' ir may take a?ay hl? I'fa ; tha la ? only all ?i?t hli.i if* 11 *t <? t,t?? 11 lores wfcl h may ha n?pc-<"*ry to at blBiFtlf. Tl.a jory rftur.a<i a rerUlct of "r t* t nfh?r Maman. nam-d >'a"h*ll (al?r> a man n'f?. r? , a aa Ibt n Indlr'a-I for a r?*olt, on hoard Ilia f- .ia ?' , al (ft aa?ma plaaa and kit*r tha abotw tra a-t i t* ?d. I>y win* Tllant at>d t.iraatanln/111- ' ,a l r ?1 trh f a aa< oblig* d to b? fit In Iruof. i'na rrtcror-d a ratdtot of Utility. . 'trl 'lulu t >{rn. Mniiif ,-i,l Jtttph f'Auv ?Kof M toit. 'I l'??a p,'l?onrr? ?ara )> of olur, Th" jtiry |7 n.?4 ruilct t* tiu.lty, but r?onmtn*nd-tl td-'in W ie*. th TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Tl*e SouiberU Ttl?cr?pH. 1 The sltet and snow storm of Monday night hu entirely cut off communication by telegraph with Washington. The line between Baltimore and ?i Philadelphia is a perfect wreck, posts and wires * having been levelled to the ground by the weight J of the enow and eleet. The line between Waah- ii ington and Baltimore is represented to be in work- 1 ing order. Between this city and Philadelphia, there ib no interruption. Arrival of the Steamship Hlbernla, at Halifax. Halifax, Dec. 12, 1849. Tlie steamship Hermann has just arrived. She id abort of coal; has had a very rough pnssige. .She will probably leave for New York on Tliutsday. P fi Shipping Intelligence. Po*tl?*ii, Deo 11. Arriv?4?Sobr* Alrarado, Buok?vill?, NC; Albany facket, ! Jllo.k. , Kiou II tn II si Cleared?Sbip Old England, N Orleans; brig* ulinda, Cull- p forum; Wahsega, Havana. Bosrew, Deo 12. bl Cleared?Ship George Green, NOrleans; bur. tre ui?.n, t;i- R lraltar; brigs Ceylon, Sail Fjanei?c.: Azores, Mobile; Sun, INilladelphia; ichrs Harvest, Sagua; L H Niokereon, and La- )i eon, N York. , Qi.ov< Dec H. Arrived--Belir Wm Ilenry, East Thomsaton lor N York; Stth, Gea Fooler, l'ortiaud lor do; C li llale, I'liiiadelpaia lor Portland. r< 11th?Cleared?Sclir Astoria, San Fianciaco. <]< Bailed?Set,r Billow, from Manchester via Siloai far Baa r Iraticisoj. 10 Nt whi r \ tort. Doc 11. j. Cleared -Brig Adelaide, San Francisco., De J 11. ? Arrived- Cork Cuba, Africa. p Cleared?Lark Wyioan, Kio Grande. Kbw Bcr>roar>, Dec 11. w Arrived?Schri Tiger, Albany; William, I* fork. . Sailcd?Sclir Sujtib, Fhilautlphia. Waiihk.i, Dee 10. ci Bailed?Schr Ilenrv Tuke, Valparaiso. t MISCKI LAKKOUS. A letter dated Tahiti, Sept 1, states that the ship Sarah 01 France!, of Fairhaven, had bmn wrecked on the island of r( Roraton^n. Most of the ontht, province-, bo, sarcd is a damaged eta??. Ul Police) Intelligence. Ml ELOrEMENT FROM MASSACUL t)ETT9?LOVK AND D1S- 01 HONESTY. W Officem I'd wards and Smith, of the Third di.-trict U Solice, arreftid y enter day, a man of genteel appearance, y the name of Alit-n B. Clougb, ou a charge of being a fugitive from l.ynn, Massachusetts, where he stands charged with having embezzled from Atkin Pieror tc aad Thomas, managers of the "New Kngland Protec- i, tic n I nion," Division No. -15, the mm of $1,200 In money, a check on the Bank of Lynn for $bOO. and ra two promissory notes. one for $1K, and the other for $3:2. In this seciety. ( lough was the ohi?f oierk and ,>. book-keeper, and wan ih ught well of, by the firm, who kept a large country store. The uccused wan doing ?>f will, and residing bappily with bis wire and child, tb until a few months pact, and would have possibly con- _H tiiiUed so to do, but for the visit of I'lougU h llrst couiu, a stent, bialtny. looking young woman of about seven- '* teen years of age, of good proportions aud well favored, hi The visit was not of lnug duration, before an in- f timary took place b-twoin them of a very improper character. This secret attachment continued between ^ them until the Sibth of Oct'ber. whtu i-lough, uj prompted by the temptations held out by his n, 0' u-iu, conserved to elope with her, aud abandon his o.?n wife. lie did so, and in order to support ttvEiMV-s in the evil pa.'sions of their Ir. hearts. ( 1< ugh embe/xled the sums of ni n-y as above ^ stated. They left Lynn together, went ti Boston. 1 ajflpg us man aud wile, and fn u Boston they ja n? ! to New lotk, arriving in this city a'lou*. tti? iirta of ! fri October. On their arrTiai in this cl-y. thay put up at 1 of hare's Hotel, in Greenwich i.treet and (rout there tbey went to bi ard nt MKS Oreenwich street Shortly rt a!:er, I.lough went in?" b-isitie^s by opening a b >?ling in saloon at .No 385 Washington street, aod from flat ' time, he and his coueln imanour have b on sporting ' 1 about, from one place of auuKfsient to another, n* ?" niau and wife, under the r.acae of Mr. aud Mr-< Allen. an A It w days (Inee, a l.jlter > ?? lutxrcepted in Lynu, I sett from this city by Clough to a fri?n I. wish;nj to | kr.ow all Hie news r. ?; i-cting his dl apponranoe. aud to I addrtet a letter ba?V t? New Vork. und t tile nva<s of ! fn Kttwid Allro. The letter was ?'ut aoaordlagly, and I the above cfliners notified to watch tU:i I'm t Office in ' Older to am ft dough ?li?n be called for the letter; but, I bv s<nne misunderstand res]ieetlnn the time. ( lough 1 In r&ll? d ft r the letter. and obtained it fro a th i'ost Uttlje ^ In tbe abseice of ibe ( flicer.*. However tno next day, ' (yesterday ) the officer*, b-frirg b.-on furui hi'4 wit?i | co a daguerieotype lifc^ni"* of ? lonj'.h, they e-pid the 1 an g>ntl*tnan iu Br'adway from the rt nubUu1' of j 0B the likeness, and at cn<*e to?k him into custody On Informal! in b,tog given to th prisoner's I 1,15 romin or paramour, we iu!j,bi *ay. sho immediately 1 hp Hew to the prison In order to shure a portion of lit< j troubles and incarceration, absolutely refusing to learn theprirn; and, on ioi of t:i? ninaitratH. the J ?*' who allowed to len an iu the nam* cell eiih h?r "bv st( loT?d couein.'' ai she termed liira We vulted the 1 ptiiuu jnteiiUy frnlng. ml there beheld tiiia te.psle locked in the arias of i lougb, and at the a^>i>earanoe of s'f ft t trapger she appealed to ollrg firmer to hi? p*rs >n. of rearing tbat every m ruent he uilg'-t be t irn fro a liar ?l4e. ThU Jourg woman states tbat .-he always loved her crutin, and will now un4 forever rem tiu with h'ra, 1,11 uotai'hHtandirii the mUfor'un* that has b~fallen him. wa Justice Osborne eom Jitie'j tlie accu.<od to pri.ion to 't yi. l?iltircq?Uitii>n ftvilitiieti.ireru'Vol Maiiahnwitt. i The Pitlrul Jlttnniry'i I'njirrt ?l'he inexsenger de- K'' H alched OB Tuesday for Ncwburgh, KflTtl hW Hh I to >rd?y morning with s ;me tew iniru of the p.ibiio j, i riicient", but none of very great importauoe, thu ma- ) Mity beirg private psprif, belonging to Mr I'btlll;)*, ,c .he Assistant Distrlnt Attorney. No arrest, a< ye'. has tin Ma n mad* of an/ of the; fe?eral private CH Stool plgioni," howrver, a'e anil>urly analli.i^c tue inni ui.r.nient of the proposed reward for the recovery j a" f tbe Drury pepers | for Captain ?/' Ihr Sirth WarJ Poli.-t Ap^oirtbtl.?Alder- I jcc nan Kelly, o' tbe Fencn i *ard, a.? Ac.ig vl.ijcr, in | 'of e([neree of the llliie?s of Maior m!l. ye't't- I I0, lay app'Intt>1 < ieorge WlTerson s) nltb. ?.| tuu Ca; I too to loose, to tbe office of Captain of the Sixth ward p lion, 1 o HI tba eacaery o?i at.'d by the re l^aa'inn < f J )bn I I. N'aitoee. Mr. Smith is a rrh*g an ! receiv <1 the no- ' P?' nliietirn ?I Aldi-rman Kelly of tbe S?eond w^r.l and fr? ><>t the sunction of the As-I^tant Aldermtn. I'here- cf| re.Mr Smltli h s h-en a,p ilDt.-d unl>-r I lie U-? glr- | pg the Mayor t! i po-rer to appoint ine'iH^re ofi*e ! *s ? il?e, en the di*a ;rfec?-nt of ttie Aid Tiuau and A<- I cr? istant to non>inate, at the explratl >n of twenty dlj". I me Tli? ilufdit AS l.l l A I.N *!>0 , ?r*. T. * ?. J "t Lord Mnroua K? rr. Itritisii Aru>y, L nna<t%; Col I.ue, Ur H. A ; He*. J 8'kwait, I . i N j J L llenney. I^alada; J. It. A errlck do; v'rs t.onimo I >re Hall, i lit aelphla; CapUiln Alt- .i?t)J. r. I". 8 N.; i j,i'?ln Jonu, " T >o ; J. I'lHcfa d Forto lllao; A. II >lu ' ttaltim >r ; sIk ptain S?-yiii< nr. IT. S A ; H AlexauJe/. J i ; (ienerai M D >a*ia. WatImiift .u; lion. V/Illlt Hail. d>; (l>n. Mr. , ichrat.e, tVml Indies; H'intbrop ft?r,(rant I'biit- * lelpkla. wit* amongst the arrivals } ester J*/ at tlie lr- tie 11 g li use , t 4 L. Allen. West Foii-t. J B Wojnott. Ma?-sih i?.t?? j , v VmIu, Ti?fi t Drntn. Alkttii tfkilasy, **' lassaeUusetts; J Hr.stou; IV. i'a r. rnlla- KO (IpLia; A. i>kiuD?r, Lurtun. ha.< ai rived at the II a- j, r rd I'red Heii?dlet, rhl'.ddrtpbia; II. Mite' ?|l st?am?r >hlo; H. rabbe I S N ; V | hlladolphla; ? f V. lirowv, do ; I II. Nlokeisuo Bs?i?o; S \u^?. I j j,' S N ; K I'atk. reansylvaala; J. t urtle. Do<t >o, I. lordoa, Kentucky; feth Sjprsgue, Wushiaij'on; f. ** iutican,l/ 8. N . are at tbe American. will :?-. of t itlnvrinrnts ot Indlvldualk i*ir i uarim n. i'i n < o in n?un * tu i/im m. lui<m? Ac Hurardn. raarthaot*. fati Krat ?i? jo. m '>r uru< m dt; iu tl f I S ni.l -leiiin uli , .<r f n , r?l?lrb?i, Ivr < llu rtiij, fj > a uur go?i. uui<'nt at Viuulugti n. th? Court Cnlc mtur?Ttila P.?y d< r S rinoa "i *T N*w 1. 41, 01. ??i Oi*. 11 iS. 71. s, ?4i ft, 2?. m, 8p, il*6. 13 *7. 90. vis 111 ll?.in, i* ur>. nr.. 117, lis iao, lii, 123, us. no ut.uh, <?* ? 130, 181. by Trti*/rt t'J CuUn.'vr ? Nr. 21 37. f,0. 52 to CM C?MM1 ri r?? ?ffcrl l.-Ni*. :v.l,M4, S',7. :<.*? .141, ?.,r 4.1.I44. 34: . rn.Ml. <m. .: t , ?i. a*a. sis. -;7, w?. ..hi. >-. .is,. 317. ? ?,? !, ?v?, , P6. I m 11 2.- No?. 160, 18J. Ml, l"ft, lbt, 1W, Ui, T,7 w.w.iw. j Tic rAlKlmit n?f of one ?if tli? Itlrlw licit in* vrr Pi n.t?il Uul4 I'mik f r the la?l two }?.\ra, <v rmi-.m an, m i i.i r ? ? wp riot, anil ? dim lit if that htrr . h I'r <u, tval. Rn|4 liT J V. PtV.M.t. fj I'ultnn itr> Wli'i h 1 i_ lan a lar?* ll??(ioa i'f flat Gol4 aa<l ' ilrnr Wantu, wtikk f hII> ?ii) low. ffew Krult>, Kin* T?aa, Urornlrn, Ati.axl, ' , tf, . ' "?!ff Ii i 1 I " n?l pi p|.!jr of I'r ii ' r i' 'I I- , l,.. | .'?> >. nra I um ! ai 1 - i: i ia?. < Hr n 1n> i t . alnta < > !? . I i*a( mi4 ftalaa*. nf all km<t?. All tin art i r ?? ? i I fit 4 a 'art ?t k. a . . luw p?t<??a. W'a > rt a ! " 1 ba a*4 all ta alaa kin> a t all at h!n Iarra Sior?r, No. i.?> aa<l ' X t r.auxlcr, 7? VuiJ, an 1 4<V tit irit atraata. <li< ii) 1'ohn Walltrr Monlit he liu|*|ty to ar? hla ll.t lipda at.4 O.t ftMi? *f liia ramna, 7J I*ri i lira t. nputiita rai' tl l .'p t)?r?1in al i-rr trill 'I tal f.' n i-'. ?t I.i | t .jail , l?ftt aafry "I'HT'Ji-iaa tl?a, fn?r rptaaff-.l lt<>nlia< \l 'T?. hMI I r^" Horn a| art friita ht? Saliw tl, irhara ht atll t ? 1 <l( > to taath thata i't ron? ol l?araini( thn Art of 4><'ftfi-t-ia, af.irtt.i u>r?? arrr>rc4 BathnJ.on ra^aou.ib e terait. Hi t Annrtilloa or If i wok lyrt?if.? plain f'ute, j^i't 1 t'ri nlba? parhira jron kan ? hm, r ?4vrtlia firat . f ; lit t fir t if?i k i" i a i,m. tlirra trat a talk i r a uti I, ? a?n N?w V"?k f f? at ally, ?* thia: " ?*?? ?. I >n4 all mr j,li, Irtfa t an 11 j all our ft Shoa*. aa4 Qalttr* at JON 11 i trap Vfra, 14 Aaa atrral, wlihtiut ha\lax ta pajr fauraaota " ' * ___________ th< nllforiitn Hold Unit Wanted hf M, So o- ft,/ nn ft <>.. OuU ?ft?l Kllvoff IU?lin*T?. Anivira. Hi n?lt>r# iiilOltwrnif ?*rth'i Mineral# ?: <1 kntwainv n?n thtt the thnrt rnt'tll. OI4 g >14, ?llT?r, d)?- rub oi,?!? tml |rtrn<m imin h<.ii?hu N. H .1 Ititmii11 ? ? w.. t*. or< ?. noil ?I1 htH I'lkitmi-', ?r at * '!l ktfittry, No. M 11.n ! 7 K?r I'nlirorMl*.?hf the Sitma- Tli? *. lo-d?t, h?d Wt?r rr?'?!<* IImihnItm wish irptat- Slut f flrr frm?: rlfl* ??<! hi.t-fm tt?.?ll ?f . , hi'h ?r? f?miph?4 t>f ll>? ib<riW. ci m r? f*< >r?b't J!'' tuu tfiao ! / tny ' hontt in t!it city, H. J. II \ * f, li,,. Buettttvr to Joteph k Hurt, 74 M?il.? I ?u*. 11 ll Crrnt lUwuM.-A lUwird of fifty Onl- ja,, It dill 14 (Itll M >ir nan tklt till IniKitt M | H R > > ? t %' er f7 lilltroU tll'it torMfnf I nlt.n imI N#??fci " r??t4 fur $4 M I">. 4 ill ir?, t.>r t nmii fI, i its <?? * konght fur ft ?. All goWi ?i? iul4 iWp ?|>p lc oar olBc*. ?? tlth \\ Ipt ?nfl Ton pern ?Another KIHnl has , , ea attH'4 M Wm. H.tchiJxr, lot tht h??t W *? ?nd ton- * it. 1 be fioSlle ar? iit11ir I t'l hit t?v ttjlt, ffft Milt *?, at liAToll bl.oh'S ri>ltiit*'?1 h '? r*tt<>rT, No. 4 tl til tweet. lit ke?p? t.h# l? toJ Lttt utir'intQt ia 1 dir. C?i'/the tddrttt. t! r I a 11 ... --1I Auction Nolle* -CmillHaitUn or tit* f tpltodtil l'?ri? fucy Good* Tut*, fee , at the U 'nmjtr, Hroedvay. C'hineee fiuildiage, thia m bnredajr, December IStb, ?t lu)i o'clock. To m ContldernU Pahllc.?Woild jrot Met foaltleee in luetie, etyle.afd nianafaetare and MMBli ? I r m.?id von. fof 'be take of rayi r. l article n.t 1c in Vr nil?xy. m1ur? a ihin? iui ' ??, u' a d elm color, * tiljr eonatr mt?d >?y > |rt I ny%; t on h??? )> ur cboier. Bay of KM l)X. IJ nil it. at tataty |>?r .' lit i- ?j. or par the higher price iftri' r article, and be tver the iau/hini itock ot tb kneed. _ kirdi'i National Collection of rfn,' 06 and tOf Broadway, corner of Fulton itrcet. nk r d eitlaeni are reap* vtfully invited to exam. I'tciax at. r n in iv ff r r i t i. ipdiih vvnatUHVllllJ n I- r a 1 I] HO.IEV W VRKET, I Wcdnttdny, Utcfinbtr 1 '??0 p. I The stock market opened 'my this morolo I rice* of moat of the fancies f-ll off fraction. . I r.-l bonid, Erie Bond*. lU| declined per oeot ; H m, H ; Farmer* Loan, X ; North Amerlotn < ; New Haven Railroad, hi ; Auburn and Rooh H . ; Look Island, ; It. ilo: Railroad ft cent and Reading IJonds, IX. At tb? s [>ard, Unite J State* 8>, 1W, fell off )% per Ifl eading Railroad, U ; Harlem, % ; Canton Com ;; lludten River Railroad, H ; Long Island, ; H ? Canal west up per rent. I There were large sales of Harlem and Reading B >ad at both board", and toe bear* meet easily mand for eaob. It will be seeu that *alea of Re: I r K(k| range about one per ceut above sale* at 1 I lys, *?llrr'a option. Thla look* as though the fl ere reluctant to buy on time and shows eltarl, I kme they are endeavoring to play. Tbe 1st of Ja' V ill bring this movement to a close; and if h > not pay dearly for their temerity, it w V i exception to all oorrering operation* we I ?n for a long tinin. If a dividend upon th <B upon the preferred stock, depends upon ! ullztd from the speculations in these secu B lUlng the pust month, the prospect 1* poor en ]H id it tbe treasury has been depleted for the pu V Increasing the surplus by f >rtunate operatic le sti ck, tbe result will proMbly b far diiferent I lat anticipated. If what is stated be true a fl nount of stock must l>? brought into tb? m*rk> fl ft en this and the 1st of Jauuary, to raise f i nieet tbe payments of the company due on ly. This i* anttlor chapter il the fl ttioes of tbe Reaiiog Railroad Coirpany. H Seme days Mnce we rtated that the actual recelj ie Krle Rallrosd Con;pai.y, for the month of No r. wire only about seventy-five tbousaud <1 >llar* H at the difference between mm and tl.e rep etlpts, was for freight cn tto waytaf1! property. tve slcce leained that some very curious opera ive tern made on thia road in the way sf frelg1. r no other purpose tban to swell the receipt* at depsrtcient of bu.'ine?s. The company are pa' .i buildingf hi- r g the line of the road, and the tr H rtatU n of the lumber u?e 1 in thrt construe H these buildings over the road, is charged, eluded In the monthly receipt* from fre e t:now of one instance *bere tbe building age: e eompary was presented with a Vill for $2 000 n|? oa kmdw, for the con trui cue of the company's da-pot buildings; aul whet iraikcd that be bad bo fundi to pay it, the coll I' ei-ent Mild that lie bad ordvrs to oharge froighi i tver} thing carried over tbe road. Thn eomp MM Fcviral larpe wood lot* ah-ng the line of the r d long freight tralnr, loaded with nothing bot w a continually putting up and down tbe r >w, It wonld bo nothing strange to see w lirs continually pacing do*n tbe road, but I titles ei'utlnunlly ]? ing up, an 1 meeting! < d tinins ju: in>.-do* n In extraordinary, to nay i>t. Ve baTe nc ] 'iilte li.rfiu.ii'.lun that f:i Igr arged i n this woo l; out the iuferenoo Ik. that as Dipanjr charge for the '.ran-partation rf it.^own i J lumber, it ebargt - the of H n wood. Thsra are more mysteries iu rallr idbri nu nt than stockht lders generally im iplne, i y fc< srd of director* that do-- not under- t md ) tly tbe science <>f showing lari;e m .olhlr re*ei Limt expect a re election, "r be very popul.i- >i H ickhulder.-<. H The menage of tbe Governor of Indiana to tbe latuxe of tbat State, giver a very favorable acco tbe flnanoli.1 condition of tbe treasury, la II ;i n y e bri ll K-t I.ii ut < 1 the .??*> In>kbtrdne?? 'H ide with her creditor the deht. eieluslve >f Infsr> H ? *11 Ml (10 ; klH hai< been surrender! 1. i-.nd e rted into now stock, to 1st of July list, <t?.5"K?,C? H ice July 1st. $38,0.0?making |t>,603.000?leaving I come Into this Krearg?ni'int ene thousand fo-ir bi H id aud I'ipMy-t ight bonds, or $I,4S8 000. 1 I louiit of HHHI [.iid iato ibe State treasu ) dor H sUrtjear, on all accounts, was J441.450. which ? H pds tbe amount f?.id the prevl >u? year. '.<01. 1 H leesment for State purport*. for 1S4?. is 1508.337. a H ' county, r<?d. aoho 1 and township p-jr^wes, c H tlvely, $t.00 570 ; tilh| to thi .e subs tbo del H st.cieo of furioer jesis uncollo'td, vnounti H J 163,0'. 3, nnd the a hole amount on the dn( H :eH f..r 1 will I J.1 1 I .h njtnVr fl lis ret urn-d for l'l'J is $U3 7?0 being an I H as* over tbe rtturns of last year of 7.44S. The va! H tbe entire property of t'i" 8tate subject t-> tuatt I returned for 1S49, is $li '..4ll.Nlll which is an i ase over last year, rf f4 4">S 070. The S*.?*.e cot Jfl ne?d paying lnten>t with lal/, lM7,*ud to the pi t tuiii hss ,iatd t, v e. i pay ineHts. am'>ar I In the h It ne?i<y bait a ml'lion of <1 < s ; meantime, tile State Most baa b^en steadily ai I dually advancing in value until It now stands I ei.ty one rents on the d lllar, its full value, talili per (ei.Mr'eri r! per annum as the standnH. Ti I il nni'ual interest due to creditors, under tbe tv s >.f tbe Leglhlature of IS41 and 1847. providing f I lettlemrnt of the State debt, was punctually pa I he ag*cry of tbe State In th's city,on tbe IH ef Jul I amounting t< > 11In . two percent on M 7<lr . t><? au ount if the dibt at that llot? u> 1 the nr ai.g> mi>nt. A V"<rt1->n if this nut- V J 8 GOO, wait borrowed of the CoumU i?n?> tic Hliiklug Fun I ntj.l of the b*nkp. On Januar 0. tie lnWteat dii" will probably r. a.-h flOOO* I bond* C"H it.4 lo ic 'jt Jut/ to U-i'i r fl 1 Ml IV I at mil ... Wamf t, I -or. J ?e Efate gorertmft.t f f the flecal ji>ar coding o JJ r.lht day of C?ct?.'.NT, IMC, ?r-?re (74 4i)S*. The ord I HIM f flh' IM a'e ?<ti fl ft J Ij Ihn Auditor of ? ? ? at MJ(M. I i'i MMBtat *ia ' f. pottpoDc Jient of the |?tHml >t the January dl'I id on tha State debt. uu til tbt Inl Monday of Vitrei H a< h year. ?e hare no further knowledge tb^n tha w hid from tha MHMi extract from a Utter writv? Hie state agent to the <io?e:nor :? The lar^e anic.ur.t of I rea-oiry note* whl'h b^t ct fi fa b.raa paid t< t tain* ha* eomaeliat 1 nil |I.? <! '< I'tiH-.ry ??'e b>%? :,s* nr. , j .in.e?1i<ei> wll.Oi.ti!. n??ii? to pay e'ir I ni?r>'?t a | *etm? iim. >'or tin- |??t itilniili Ibli da laUn*] b- en supplied by I rro?ln t the n?oee~?rf *31 >uun in i bull1 Ion'.' ;h. n?i-e?fitv of b"-r w , and to moke ocr 'livtj. ua*, both of tb>-ro pajablt r the aoiiiial teieau. t ate paid Into the rttate I r*a y the I e<mlatnr* by Joint rc-olnuon la?t winter. 11" i d it..- to n. .. ' .i. ex'"Ual. n <>f tha Ja'> ii try 1 no lit to Vareb. Ill mf- la-t I prepared* alrmilai ] L*Ue?u>'je?' aid r?nt li to the ttockbolilar*. In thll ] .nlar I |i j.ffj that our .la .uaiy dirtii 'ad nhoiild I pi> '|n>ti l until the i t oii.inj in \Ut. ' ?l " It I ill I i |'?i.l a Ith n i i r. t | ii I t i I aiiimry. T* dMi ftw It 4m I Ian M I I n ?l.8 cut of MkMtn ? (kill If Mf I"'./ I wtllnli lio j nyi 1 the pnetponr*nent. Th- propift'f.n wttt-S i! lin^ j ii ?i<n*? nt - though amp e tine kaa keen ifoHH* J i ? n In i?y un.-s . p.->p<>rltl i ?i.i u> t j i?reed 1 > by eten majority ot ili-in.' he (lovrmor ?f the S'i e of virgin!* era<rt'aljt<-g ] I.egleNtare of tho ff %t? ttpnn the f??<ret>le aonill- | i if tha general IctuwU <.| IhtCfanmaeiltk, J nitti*tafi4fi'g th? ft*" ?x(prf "?-J |i?t tho liberal I It critic* d by trfvtit lotion, tonoM i< tV if r hI < *; J rmvil * nuld ?n>. if. % n ?'?? lie- ? < f Mi*1 6ta(r, l' I rh??o by tha (hirr-j >r thit J htrnil ilrp?r? .jii .? n th ?o -i4 l ? . t in ? t | I'Ci('?m ror.illti 'ii. 1 bn (Jti?#ruor mji. tb r. If It i t th'iifl.t <ltKlr?b.>' ?'i? iti ni"rif. to wl .> i*. ts* llciUbt tllf It r?f of tfct lutrret J'ltjisg It x''\t <| N? Slut* ?' u'd i ff. ct it Lh pr- 'i at rub?l*tlof Ml?innui)tl loJTM! ? '111. I MMMl MkMl *?"t AMiMil MMtai b? tY? w , i.aiouut to J4.T0 7M OS; ihowlnf tb%t tb# '.?I illrf tliiiiiminwi'rlk ?t p?r. fT.ITv ? or it i it iwant if thtytl ilo il> ')t ihtlll. VlUili I I'frtint lrile?i'idnf-? T. ?nt?. h""f ?a?U : it M ?f f ? (H>0' 1. wbl'b, nad?r ultMal t??? > b? e?S)??J f<r nn* ?l th? tr*??ury, *ol Ij ( ( < ( i, , { Mr h will It H tVvirfht, b? 4 >. U i>l?J Id thf oont ? < f o ' * ) *i?; b?i>o? ihia ?un, V i wgli not now n J t v will V. in o ' _J i.t U ?r> f r?, t? l* <*' ? i?t?ib? M'.im* ??..f il?-"CT li? trftl of th* f lr?' Auditor of thft Vrrvir? of ]| Mate ?l VlrglLln. glte* the iimiH lUtcataltf i

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