Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1849 Page 2
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ITALIAN OPERA IluUin, aiu( Place.?Maria di ! rum am. BOB IRV TH EATRF BOWlrj-Tw? Th**x QFAtM- ' en?Hon, Jo* am> Jack. BROADWAY TUEATKB, Broadway?hamlet - Eto? Bar. BURTON'S THEATRE, Ch?mb?r? itre^li-lftTHiniB* I I.) Hi I'atm>k SiBioi'i ft aiLV Laughim* Hmi. NATIONAL THEATRE] ChuthMB ?ru*re?Fk?ai.* UA Rl>- S?Ll'trt iHKl'liMTH-fHiHTOll BAKADfAST. OLYMPIC THEATRE, Broud??J-THS WatkrmavTktkiak or '7t> - A Uolv s,rokk for a IltfiA a&ij ? L AT?Ttl. MECHANIC'S UALL-ChrintVh Mi.-t.TBii.*. american ml'se' m? a mckisu i'tarumiAJCH l?k*r Arr*KNOOi\ and SvtKi.No. CIRCUS, A?tor Plaoe?Eurc?TniA!t PrnrotuAscal. CHINESE MU3IUM.?Clu noit'a Panorama or thi v u.k. Jacve tuik, JCoiulny, Utct iiiUri 17, 18it>? Tlio ITutvl^ii Ktiv*, The tf-lt lint- beyond Cnl lis, Maine, is still out i.f erdrr ; hence v\?* are without any intelligence < f the H bemift. We may expect her at this |K>rt at any hour after 12 o'clock to-night. Tilt- Ptocrt (Ituga nt WaMilngtoni This i? the commencemeut of the third week ! of tl.e session, and us yet the House of l'epresen- ! t itives at Washington has not succeeded in ell'ecting fin ?rg8cization or electing a Speaker. Today, tlie btrugglt- between the parties will 1 recommenced, and in to-morrow's paper we . -hall give tlie result, if any is arrived at. Th? Smate have show n their tense in declining to wait any longer ?u the House, and going to work on executive business. lTic Ntw A|> untl the I'nltrd SiIrHi Si-nale, The Senate at Washington having patiently awaited the organization of the other branch of the national legislature, for two vvei -ka, and no Speaker having been dected, have determined, it epiears, to go to work and transact such business i en they can legislate upon without the action ot j the House. Accordingly, they appointed a com mittee on Saturday,to Wait upon President Taylor, andinft>;m him that their b?dy had orgauized, fend was rtaily to receive any executive communication that he might h*ve to transmit. Tuts proCteding having take n p'ac-e, it is expected that the. President w ill send in a batch of nominations to the Senate, this morning, for their action. A great many of the nominees of the present administration, who have been shivering in their shoes for month past, will, therefore, soon know their fate, and either b; allowed to hold <>n to their offices, or rec? ive a covp de grace that will be more summary tlian e^reeable to their sensibilities. There it a good deal of guurioii'y in this region to know the lute of the appotntiueuta that have bt?n conferred on Col. Webb, the Minuter to Austna, and Mr. Maxwt-11, the Collector c f the port. Seme eay that neither one nor the other Ins the tait ch?nce oi bt iuir confirmed, while others exI" : j an opinion ilidt both will he confirmed. Our o? u 11 inion, fnundt (1 en reliaLle information, U that Col. Webl> will be certainly rejected, and that f Mr M*\*ill escapes, 11 will be b> ihe "skin ot hit) teeth." A ft> at many complaints have been made against J the manner in which Mr. Maxwell host managed j the administration of the Custom !Iou.?c since hia J ajpoiatinent as well us against the way in which : he has distributed the offices ot thft famous establuhmei.t. The merchants are very loud in their complaints, aud say that there never was a tune j when they encountered bo many ditlicuhiea ua 1 | announces, in transacting thtir business, as th'-y do at prt sent, arising from the appointment of iaef- ' licit nt bud int Sj able j>er>ons in the subordinate d< - ' partner!*, ucd new arrangements that have been introduced, of u narrow-minded and lawyer-like ! charucttr. 1 he lart ^acies of complaint that has bun mae'e against Mr. Maxwell's mana^em^nt, is that all the liggage ol passengers arriving at -this pott, ? transierted, by h s order, to the public , stor's, and th<u examined b> lore it is d- livered up t<> the owners. It I* thru examined minutely, and I any armle which, in the opinion of the Collector or 1 i? ?*; istmts, is not, prosily speaking, luggtge, is tnk< n pos/srisio* of, and the owner is compelled torn keen entry of It in the Custom llou-e, and pay duty on it; an undertaking, as ali rn-rcantile mm wtll accompanied with it great deal of trouble,, vexation and ex,-n-e, erp?rally to ?trun;?r?. This certainly looka very i law j er ike; and to an extent ia this vex\tioiu procecing carii?d ly Mr Maxwell'* officials, i that ii. one case, we at* informed, a lady puisea- , ge;'t I gage, even to her dirty clo'.hea bag, Wo* o ill. uled aid minutely examined ? * course ' wh < h, w?- venture to aay, i* not followed in the . moat despotic country in Lurope. Tiiis is laoking to the iut< rests of tha revenue with a vengeance ; I but we ci.n hrrdly suppose that I'ucle Sarn is ?o void of gall, ntry a- to innat upon his subordiaites ?vt ihitihcg ladies' 1*11100818 and linen, f.?r<?a?. i,_. .1 . i A\ ... .1 j.. :- .1 M II . OHM tuvirt, mu\J uirtt' * VI ?Ug, ?. Ill' J UW III *1I Bmt nil, nothing but ? w ?r?'a Kit. I Hut, as we have already id, all the n<*w ajv I |P intir.en a w ill sooa know tin ir fate, Mr. Max* I mi Uteri Colrnfl Wi b!) :?< I n?.'? d To* IMMU' I I 01 a will be i-ubinittetJ to the Senate, from day to H day. in t>i'< bis, lon.meatiag, in '! probability, I th * ti atning. A I * l'?)s ? ill drvrlope the vxlPtit B ?<t tiie operations d the gmtU'Hint in the Nov I lorikl chanibtr I l>r 'ahii >r ;?k ^alakiiw* of 1Iiad?ok I)ri r*kTMk??i * ? Tin < ity l.isracma axdtiiCoii* , mok CoraciL.?From a plmie at m- following, I the re*.<W will be at one* struck with the in qualit) "I ihe saUiies ?I the Iteaia of drpirtJii'iiU ia our city government A'?)rr lltll ntrillN l'?jnrtm?rt (3000 ? c?n?i 11" i orporaUia I :><'.> (iKpiroilrr l?M (in. tnlpi lei.'r ...? VW H ? i> i t-i >. ? Pt**ii)?at < i mini ii?)?rrruluB A (Urdiiot B ird. U Awtiiii ( t mniUil'iiiar do 8(W) V i ^ Inn r 'to XMO < - am l??i -ner of Striet* saj Laai(>* 1M? I Now, hire is a lingular inequality m salaries, without a corn guiding inequality in the t n.iortI ance of the office, or the respoa'ibility of th'- ?Hi cer The Counsel to thi' <?iir,*>r;tU>n, for iiatuw, Iih? fJl.W 0, w itli litili> or no p uponaib I ty, an i no labor be) ond w hat he in well |<>tid for in leea. Th J M?li 11 suits alone would coa-ti'ut-' a very handI a ?>e income; while the C?:nmi -niorn-f of Street* I and Lamp*, whose duties, it ptoperly diarharired, H are of a very arduo;a nature, drawsbutf I.JllK)from the treasury. I Hi t the sahry of the City 1 aspectnr, which oUfht to st?i d union? the highest in th>' I..-', i- t'u? lowest of all. Why this ia the case, no intrl'i^iti * reason can be assignei.\ It appears that all thH aal.ities of city officers were cut down by th native party, whea th^y came into tem|?orary p>owfr, in 1*44, and the sal try of trie City Iwy?ctar I B Uk rarlnr afl (r, ?.? ' I t i 'J i? A I Wmi f - ? ? I! -- f >f ? iv f i, v/ i4?m pprinyi tlx okUrirn ?>f the nth^r nfticers wrrr rni."'d by th? ( ?>n im n < " ' I, and ?> " tli I try of !',< AsMttdiit vf Uie (t(> Ju-j.ct!oi m.?fd a? hi^h as hie own. There was a promise then given him that his salary would be raised also, but that promise was never redeemed, notwithstanding his extra labors and. exertions during the plague last summer. He applied, tome fortnight or three weeks ago, to the Council for an increase to at least $2,000, but his application was shelved, so as tog?t rid of it without a discussion upon its merit*, and nothing has been heard of it since. There is too much reason to believe that at the bottom of this unfairness there is an attt'mu* against him,arising out of his endeavors to purify the city during the ravages o^ the pestilence, and hie consequent popoularity; while the remism ss of the Hoard of Health, and their connivance at nuisances, incurred (or them the odium of the public Had the City Inspector made himself subservient to private interests, and neglected t! e public welfare, he would probably have h?d his demand granted nt once, and receive, besides, seme compensation for his extra exertions during the mmmer and fall. The Resident Physician, who receives a salary of $1,000 from the State, and whose office is almost a sinecure, was present* d by the Common Council with a donation of *1,000, and the physician of Staten Island, who litis ii similar (situation, $600, for their services during the cholera, though no person would think of comparing what either of these gentlemen did, lor nmonnt or difficulty, with what devolved on the City lafp-ctor. He was at hi* post day and night, and employed an additional clerk atlas own exp? nse, in order to get thron ^h the accumulating piei s ol business; and though the law did not require it, (lor he was only obliged to keep his office open every working day, from 9 till 5 o'clock,) yet lie gave his evenings and his Sundays cheerfully to the pubi c service, risking his health and his life ! in the discharge ol his duty. But the Common Council have given him no compensation. Is this even-handed justice 1 There is not one of the denftttmPTifa n?nrf? im-inrhirt th if hm If invnltr^a ' health and lives of the people, und embraces vital statistics, which are of the utmost value to medical science; and Dr. White's reports, in this respect, are extremely inteieBting, and constitute a new feature, which had been wholly neglected belore. In a w ord, the onerous duties ot the ofiice w? re never performed as he performs them. We are no friends of extrav igatit exj>enditiire, and ne have often had occasion to censure the cheese-paring, penny-wise, pound-foolish squanders g of the public money; but in this, as in every other department, the true economy, the way tobest serve the public interests, is to give a fair, and even a liberal salary, and to secure competent, upright, pains-taking nv it, who will give a quid proi/uo. We care not ?i tig for the City Inspector more than for any of the other heads of departments we gave him credit in the summer months, when he was right, and we are as free to censure him to-morrow, if he fails in his duty. Hut we can easily see that fair play ha* not been shown him in the present in stance, and as chroniclers of passing events, we fttl bound to publish the fact. Taxation In Ktw York?Inequality and J \ll? of the Present AHcainicnt System, A few days since we gave a list of the valuations of the real estate occupied as hotels, In this city, with come other prominent buildings. The list attracted much attention, as it showed great Inequalities in ihe valuations by the assessors, and proved the ini| ortance of adopting some new mode lit valuation, lor the purposes of taxation. We now give a list of the valuations by the assessors, of the buildings and lots occupied by the tanks, ard tune of the insurance companies, with a lew other noted buildings:? I 'alite. Mecl>a.nie?' Buck. Wall ?treat fNO.OOO I u >U A uierican Kiebantre Bank. Wall ?treet 100 UJO ' ( ity Lank ami N 1 . Liu and 'J'ruit ( ompany. Wall dr. et r.OOOO rank of New \ ork, Wall ctreet 1 - > 'WO 1 l'alik ?.i .-Muailcs, " 130.000 Merchants' Bank, " 115,000 , Manhattan " " l- i 000 Ktcbanic*'ISauking Association, Wall fltreat.. 6'?.000 ; Naiiooal " .. 45WO I uicn Uatik " .. 90 000 j J auk vf t oninaeree ) vltii.?i?? '' J 103 0<W 1 bank ol State of N. V 1 oue - <115,000 Leather Mansfactarera' Uauk, VVillla.n street. . 40 000 S???Bth A\ at J Lank, ftatl itxtet ikl.i'O h uttrn Bank, " 15 000 < Li n.leal Bank, Broadway 21.000 Tra i> ?u.t d'k L'a- K I IiatVa:u street. . 80.0M) Ninth hirtr l.ank, Urt?n*ich atr?et Is 000 Mcichaiit*' Kxct'tr.^e Uauk do (new building, unr.ui lit l.i.O'u < <rt ei wicli Dank, Hudson ttlctt 1 I OuO toucvlmV ana Lirerii? li-tiik, liowtry 4ti?i00 | L mi) Hank. 19000 .\ acliaoica' and Tradar^' Dank, Grand .?tretJt.. Itf.uci) 1)1v l>< ck llauk, A i time D II OOJ 1 Sat iegs'llsnk. < bmnVrs MP et 8U.OO0 8nt.ia't bank. Wall (tract. 2i i')0 l.< * v Baul.. llo?. ry 1'i.uuO New \ ork Kirc Inauranaa Co . Wall a treat .... B'luoO liuaard Hie 1m uiaucw Co., " .... 4*000 Kbit katboekt-r do " .... 48 into .* rr.t 1 ifa aid Tru?t Co. h .... 7J,W>? Ingle kua Itaiirauca Co. " .... C0.000 Of iialeb ! ire I ui.uianc? Co , Hndaon Itreel. . S - K> > ?r<l.anU' 1 x change, Wall street. 60<)0H) Toutiae Building. CO <0 j Ji urLal ef Comu.arca ?t..r?K, &.O., Wall street . 00 00) We shall leave the parties interested in these !) ? ?. nirnts, lo diaw such inffr< nces fiora th in u-> tin > |-!? -e. Our object is to khow the in* quality j <-l the Ctxaii) i>, hikI the extn nn ly loo.e m tuner in which the assessments ur? in..<ie. Th? iri'.'qiiality is clear. lint how is it to he renr-dtedl | Tin- answer is, !*y institution a reform in the a?f e crm' 1.1 fcjtt'in, by which ull real estate shtllbd l<tr [orticQxbly iii'tde to contribute to the expose I of conducting tmr municipal affairs. We took occa.-ion, recently, to point out the evils truing from another feature ofour present ckktnicnt system, and showed that wh'le personi who ?Jo buifinrss in tiiia City, and resnl iu it, are taxed heavily for the support of our city governn.t r.t, tho?e w!i<? reside in Krook'yn, Willumsburg, Jeiwy Ctiy, and oih< r neighboring plare.j, mm exempt, and, therefore, have an undue ^vantage ov* r 11*>se *Lo reside within the city limits, bin' i il.< n * e hare t>iki n the trouble to compile u lift <1 |m r?ons who transact Lu.naa in tins city, but do nol reside in it, and are, therefore, exemp1 Iron, taxation, ll.e following is the result of our lab< rs:? Tir'xkljr 2 T'.'T ThiUdalpbtS 20 Wilitam-1- rg 4.0 N?w Btuaaarlok 10 Jir-tj i Uy 2mi Kla!bu>!i i3 Matt ii Inland l.'.U li?(llk(. A >>*ark kit (lit u Co** IV lltibvkrc t'2 New Orlaana. . . , . 14 New Jsrsay.. l' ? New bilgtilon. , , 7 Artoila :<? \eiikT? 10 Jamaica. . 16 New Kt chall* 1-1 1 l.liulwtlitoul 1 r> Pk'.ataot 4 WtnUkrfttf Ill Kt-rgen 14 Bu'hal. k r.t Brlsgsport, C t T Troy. N. V. (travela) V Mi rl auia 10 Murliicic 10 (iraaDi>?rt, L. I 1) CutiDeetivut 14 (iowauu*.. . . 7 li rluc'irtfl the e!>wve, and the owners of pi-raonal ' ptopetiv who rer^s in Lnr?|>*, wr have the fact i . i - ,i.?t ........ i:^_ i _u_ 141 iim? . ' Ill* li?* n I'll- 1IIU J'? i???m W..??i dwi property and transact buaiNeM in the city of | New Yuik,are ? *' in,4 from tuxatioj, an ] do n?t cot.tribvtr an} tiling to the exprnae ?if the nrinW \eirimtnt, l,ecau-e th?-y ar?- not rcaidenia lu ir. Thie is not only giving tliem an undue and 1 improper advantage over ilie midtit merch nt or ti nier, liui It hold* out inducements for nil our rxtrntivc merchant* to abandon New York, nn-l rct>itle r| ewherc. No little proof could be f?irMflitd 11 the neifMity of (invading the pficnt orrrMi nt *y?trm; und we ho|>" thu fu'i.ect will be bfouy1 t to I lie alien*."a of the p:Oj?-r aithori* ti? i fct tli" >rlie*( rnom nt po??il?|e, in order tint t .< lefoirr, which i? ?o mu h wanted, tiny he wl>tttii ed. Ai'lfm i?om IU??n - Wi'lifcv rt rtiT'cl tb? THmi0 rf- In it/./rinn, ?.f lloii.? t" tt? Tlh lint. Inrlu'irr It d >?i B'st contain a word <1 polltlaal n-*r. W gt?a Ui? traiii.e int?II;p- rfl* Id tbf Ihr >' I ?f y??tardoy. The Cr?(>?. Th?? FrarM'n (I,a ) li'inwr of tha S1 tb ulf . ??y?:? Vuab r n.|la '.t (ph'l.i* atde Incur pa'l-h of tn? l?;i>*nl f iw|!?|<iT| tA |1j?? led iKni. la #om? pl*i??, W?H* v ai'itl?? arr 1 it.nJ with litMlia"? at. th? joint* ana Iha nf lhaejra aoapivtoly d-trof?d S .m# !) '? c i> . ?i .p *t'Ii?jf up ?( I spaa tlipr>* Miaxptloa tl >| < bat l? now o:> ai'il k* utt-r'; d>*?t iya-1 Oik era think that noaa a til t??rl?a <jmi*ir? aie'pt 'at *M put Up In the mrly Jut. <1 til* *?vn ar? Itifnnnlrtit ikn U^.iiuctioa at Ui? mail can* at > au?.a 1 vibt Is Tttj I bvial. Affklri In ntnU Amirtii?Skiuh ot the five Central It*tea. The atartllng events now transaotlog on the atrip of lend between North end South America, ere lueh a* naturally to drew the attention or the publio, and lead to many imiuiriea Into the history and past poeltion of this intereating and important region. Although Great Britain out her eyes upon this ipot, with her nsual cui idity, along time ago, yet ahe did ?ot act decidedly end offensively in her aggressions, until the United Statea, with characteristic keenness, entered into a treaty with the government of Honduras, aecured the Island of Tigre, and began to prepare to oonatruot a canal, to connect the Paoiflo and Atlentlo oceans, by the way of the lake of Nicaragua. Thia appears to have Inflamed the jealousy, end stirred up all the reg? nod envy, of Kngland. The oourse Kngland Laj 6o lately taken, Las drawn universal attention towards Central America; and we purpose, in some dugxee, to tatUfy this natural oraving for information. We will begin ?itb the following brief summary of the STATUS OF CENTRA!. AMERICA, hidepndrure was declared September 21,1921. Separated liorn the Mexican confederation July 1, 1823. Treaty of union between Guatemala, Honduras. Nicaragua. ttnd Salvador October 7, 1842. Keparalion of Guatemala from the others, February 6,1846 Guatemala is divided into seventeen departments, namely :? Population. Population. Guatemala 83.800 Totonifioapan. . . 84 000 Sucaltepec 3l? 900 Gaegueteoaugo... tS4 300 (lilnalienaugo. ., 60 41)0 liuesaltenango. .. 06.300 K.Marco 8b.100 Cbii[uioiula 71.200 .1* lr.n v...... i>?.. <; nn.i Kroulntla 13.400 Salarna 10&.300 Amatitlan 30,100 Isabel 8,000 Santahosa 84 COO JVttta 66.U00 Total 835,000 SoJelti 811,100 San Salvador Is aompofej of four departments Sua Salvador, or Lu*catlun, with four. Son?onati with nve. Shu Vlgui'l, with four, San Vic-nti. with three distiictn. The population is estimated at 3ti3,000. Nicaragua hai fife departments, with six'.ooa districts. Population J63 000. Costa Itloa in divided luto eight di-trlcts. Population U'S 000. It was constituted au independent State on the 3oth of April. 1813. Honduras bag >eveu departments, namely : ? Population. . Pu/nilati'??. Omajagua h&.i.oO Teguzegalpa . . . 45.000 (holutaea 3? 000 Oianoh? 45 000 Gracilis 7 j.ot 0 Santa Barbara... 36,000 ^oro a Total 3'JS.OOO RECAPITULATION Of POrUI.ATION. Guatemala. & '> *> 000 San Salvador 3'i.i 00') Nicaragua. 303,000 Cueta hica 1U8.000 llendui*' 308 000 Aggregate population 2,107.000 It thus appears that Central America is composed of five States, which art: Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua. Guattlama, and Costa Rica. Tie principle of Slates rights seems to prerail too strorgly aoioug these States, aud the general government not to have toreo and centralisation enough. Am a result of mch a state Ot thlngs^ike union betweea the States U uncertain and precarious, and frequent collisions, amounting to clril war havo taken place between the.a. Only so late as 18441, the little State of Nicaragua, c>ntaialn^ not quite two thou-at d iquare mllt'S, aad little more than : a population cf time hundred thousand, declared war gainst Its sister State of Costa Hlca V> heu we tp< all of the population of the?e countries, , the rvatkr must tx ur In mind what sort of a pipula- J tic'U it is, or ha will draw very erroneous inferences ? t The population id a mixed breed, ba'i of it consisting i cf what aie call* d who are half-breeds - the j cffrpilnff of Indians and whites; the other half i< made up of Indian*, and sprinkling of Mulatto) and ne- ! trots 'With such a population, we ought rather to a imlre the degree of civilization th- y hare attainej, then to wonder at- the rudeness and barbarism with which tfc?y may be reproached. The happy whirh the Americans from the United StaV-* have ' lately extrcl ed upon thtm-the formation of a o?inpatiy from New York, to unite the two ocea-is by canal?the treaties u.mU with them on the part of oar irovf rnmetit l?v Mr tnd thu t.MHncrlit nf ftdviin. tage held out to tbt ui by luoh close connection wilb the people of the I'kited State#, lifts L*J the eitrct of allaying the petty jealuuelet ekUting among th?ni, of opt Blcg their ntii-di t*> other and greater a'piratl^o*, acd tf uniting tknn together in the one object and purpose <>f Improving their country by aid of the Americans and railing it to a res pro'able rank and attUon fam.Bg tlie nation*. It l* much to bo regretted that ti e p iicy ol the Uritlth agent* rhould load them to a'vp it. to thwart these noble tin**, a* if to show a <l?t rt'.in.itiou that their country aball not b? benefitted a*, all, if the I nittd Stales are in any degree to be the instruments of conferring the benefit upon tkom. Central Amailoa. composed of these fire State*. ' i< appropriately i.amed. at It lit* precisely in the ^iBtre of the two great continent* of North ai. J South Ameilca, being the connecting link between them. It declared lta Independence In the ji ar 1821, cu the'^bt ol September, having previously ft j mid part of Mexico, from wlitihit eeparated In IS;!3, which year i- by i> >ma dated a* the year of ita Independent? Since this perl J however tl.e disunion am .in/ the five States ha* been auch that tbey hare ea-u formed ft parate govt rncuent* at oon.-tant warfaru with act. ther. ui.tii latterly, under the happy inCiienct ol America, they bate deteitnlned te firm a close* union and c mmHsii>nera me*. for that purpose in the early part of the f?u of the preaent year, and ilgn-d article* l<r< new cot>t< dera'.lt n. u lu'.emalitand t'o?t? Klca were incited to fine lu. bit', they sentnocomp.i'si tus their g-veristteut" being ny. r the intlueree of Diltieh egitil* an.bilious , lipsfai t men, who. having rt.'U< d a few year* in the country, and gained *. inc pom t ai. J inlluence over the simple u ttiies fe-1 theniMlie* to b? the undoubted Utltlih g'ir?rnui"n', and tet u> coidli'i'i} . with at much air ganef and iiu* pudence. and #*tct acd receive sf much bunag* and Ttfpi ut I it they were in feet that Uiitl-ih government tUelf. truer thia fatal Influence the ublon of th} Slate* l.ha hem retarded. 'i he jealcr. y ot the UiltUh agent* aga'nat th* I nl'ed Mate* has fit'juently ltzt^o*ed upon aud J - cured the people of Central America. They eni-avr>red c.?u t<> in.ti.,n'e them to mingle lu lb* c that be Let en Mesle.o acd the I. blted State*, au 1 to ff ettitti tt e rau?e of the former. In J?r> ai ?, 1-1 , a'ana had ten n?otir- ' I* C .'raltinet, a. Ie? ?? Hi )?!ii laity urr Violvii -n uv . Ut font.i >j to ri.err acli n| i n thewi: aa'i a tenj deal n r? I . I.-'.*' -n wasti) i<lata |r . t attributed t> a di*t ."ititAhel me n lvri<l IM l.l?tebiiis t? la^mnf; Mi Ije I >r tbe tetTite* rial lti|(liltbu *e ?i|ht make from l.faaih* amf ? I ??t. ij aivlnt ?vcr t<> 'i*r rale sotue Itaie* ul t'eatr il Amr.' a The wo.'eet ?a* (ut rllghUy a<i?-*d at t'te '.ion In ' t *ff-nt.tty. A le't?r "I prc.t aeiali-a t-y tlio l"r?? t< n' { li i atae wa i >e<i <>r >sacnt*<i u?o?. u wt.i:a he Ik >.t4 to I < tt)ieif?of i he lutafort ini"a of lr>io.au4 tt i w I it. f i il< tier t> thr. I sited Sta'na, aa I * <1 ,i ?th i ( it their i titration*, at M'tug of ih? natal; U' . t. to j iin Mettle lM ilii|tl>e ' lkerth Auatieaei." ?a* the II r11-it ' f * t at kit rre>M>al of li e l.a'l to ut ?p n t wattir It a|.|>*<r*. however, I'at llnud irn wa* it | ta'in! *a earryt p inte eijet the venwee el h?r freeie<at, : aaii Itkt ll.e mLtr Mailt e??pv?la* th* 111, act* aeitiex ?.**ej te *e-"p?rate in tooi-tin? aiy attini|t tin Ai.flo- Ann noaat ?r.i|i't nuke til n tl.e ten I intrkau. Mundart', at t'? ta'u* tine, ixt>t*Ned I r willtagnti! to aid "am* *u..? ti lit* *y eul of b< - reevufK eot *Ter*t*r>ri*K ti*llm"* areaerihad I y tL* Uat ot na'ton* tor neutral (i'>n<iiti'i. Uuaieu.ala, la *r air to th# appeal. r?p'i#t. t:V hae int e i ii i '.'nn het i olai i ni o ith tie t a * L 11 . ? . n w t?rii I an* the r P'.fcll. '<1 Mttieo *?j HM'r <>i ?tn.ilv> < . tl ,?ir B.titual rvlati n>: wi.iln ih*r* on, la I?| i, BlMI <1 MM *14 tr'fft'Uh'p ?Hh tha l'ail*<l Itatit of UnT.Mi kt Imltd u!it liri ? I" JR. 'tot ?enn Ih'in (hi ti:f tli i nfr<l?il'.i' n of tVitral Anartea?l it'. altni* i li., v t? to I,at* t.iadiac (?r'? I r "all y<-ara, a? a tr?at> nl Klnrin a-4 tut ball"", U ? ?< p ro..?. i.t tn! iiio H itwr) hi < n*- m p?a> anil frnt'l?Mp. fha f r ri a . t nl t*i.?*>n> >'? >M, Uwijlufcof pinto#, t|,a> iH?i. t? ><|| li IU m ull It4 nl fwpatdi* of I'lKlrlI Au ft<-* w?? I r.n I. loniata ?. riliiMii ? |??cc il l fr'on<1 *t> |> wit , t'.? I uitiAltitn, i'i atf? mrr iti*- initial aliirti h?l Uin.iri) < tint r'piMU-tH) th.i i'd r?? .ami. 11fti in ilit t>at*"t brivift ? *( *? *im| %h? l'alt?il Utitti IMi l pl?ta t>ii4 r?m?. ?i. li tl rn ewaaated from lm? ?r >la. < i <lvt iti |'.*t ui?*al nl lauatral ^ri?v Atrt.t til? |ii|i rt, ||i uduraa ?a? riore hie'llti 'o farof the llrltlrH, hi J nuboiit to thi a, than all nl t> lt? o*n iiitirnto. Since th?n, it ha* oj?md IU ?;?i, iii'.itnl ifalo tnaty wMi u?, ? ! >pt*d the poil'y or tluatrr ai* and a# a kind of re"oitipHa<e for li?rl aii.jtf t a at 4a tto I tltij Stater, and lay'in all* f >r >: tr?jndic?rtl r'l-h bate raeatdel her hy *?l?l n ? j| < n ker rl'lea. ar J t? aim4 down hef ll?| a< wit reClljftdlnthr S'rYai k (f'ltM if Jr-UfJtf. 1 h* eortfcct ol thu In aelilnc upon a p-.f. tWaof tl.?? t<*rt r>l ( fntral \mcrlca, railed th ? N4oqiiltr rtiorp. an I claiming It for horttlf a* ?a tTi.l -j??-?i d? t.t rotiLtijr. on tin? preteiee of a jrant froa au ] Itdm rfilJ t* on the eoa t. ha? alreidy Wn mal* lno?r and roum.?nVd n^on 1>jr the p itelle p'M tl tbla e uiitrjr. Tktf l.ata now.Uk?n up ths ?on of the old Indian. c? negro, a* toaie fay that li* It ilu'tb-d Mm a Mt'f ar.J, utidi-r clad' ? of lil< n<n><?. pr?t?nd new to eialm th* c-'uotiy ftoia I'antral \<n?ric* Ihi Ka>< <f Hot lata*, (iuatotnala. Nlcara;>ta C"?ta ll'fi and Ka'rad'T ronx nttratrd anltviily a^?l jat tli!? uftiirpaMon aid r?ltur? <f th?ir e mntry. alfioiu*) < if'a Rlra If now whollj tind-r the InSe^n i of '.h* Dilll'li. and fl'OiiMl to aid LtgUnd in lurelainoa Jum lif all tli* S'atM of (Mitral America (Jaa'?m?l? ?r?t ? to ??< tL* moH Important and to h?rt w.ih tli? fTMtfit lti>l'ppo<lfnc? an I ?n?r*y. I' ? af. fair* t*ie ). ? w*u eonJutUi andar tha abl? adml niatration of General Rt^til Camri. Thl? State if famous for ita aieallent cocoa, and produces other utiolea of great value. The whole country, Indeed, la rich 1b all kind* of tropical production* and valuable minerals; and from Ita poeitlon, commanding, aa It doe#, the whole Oulf of Mexico, would be far more valuable ten* than Cuba Honduraai* famous for It* logwood; and it wll! be a remarkable coincidence, that If (aa la very probable) the conduct of tha Britiah in Honduraa aa related in the Htrald of yeatarday, ahould lead to a war. It will be the aecond time that the country of Honduraa haa done the game thing. In the reign of Queen A une, at ove a hundred yeari ago, tha Britiah got Into a war with Spain, for the privilege of outtlng logwood in tha Bay of Campeachy, a port of Honduras, whifh eventuated in a general European war, only terminated by the treaty of Aix la-Cbapelle. llenduraa ia the largest province in Central America. The ear'h ii txlrimcly FculUul ; it abounda with cjru, both i-urijean and Indian; ltd paaturea are rieh and Hie, and maintain va?t'luantitiea of cattle. The rivera of this proviuen, moat of them, overflow, like the Nile, and contribute thtrchy to tha richueaa of the aoil. Ita principal commodities are ootton, ??x, Vigcuia wool, logwood, Ike , hesldeagold and silver. at which, anciently. there was inoru than there ia D< w, the Indian* in line province being vera out, and wilh th>m the mines alto. It producca great quantities of extraordinary large gourdsor calabashes. which the llispanlola lndiara call Ilibiteras; an t the lirat diao-iverera, aeei'-g many el them lloat along the cnaat, called it Hot/ de llihuer i i, and the province iuctf llibutra; yet, afturwarda, hading very deep water at the great cape of thia country, tl.ey called ItCeia n Hwiwiiaii iTa. tha nramentmy of the depth aad the country Haelf lluiulu'at, The vineyarda boar twlee a year; fur immediately after the vin age the vines are ciit again, and the ti ecnd grapes are ripe before Chriatmaa. TI16 ancient lnhal ilanta, being extremely slothful, aowed ao ?psTtn?ly. that they were often in wi nt, and forcod to feed ou luotc. and even on varuiin and carrion. The country was once exceedingly populous, till it w an thinned hy the Span iariia. The natives, instead of the plough, use a long pole with two crooked pointn at the end; the one bent downwards, the other upwards. The eaat part of thia province ia poasetaed by the Ucp<iuiui. 'J he Mosquito kingdom is al-m rather an Interesting part of Cential Ami-riva; and as the English are already in poaeteslon of the territory, a sketch of the country will be Interesting, it thould ba borne in

mind, however, that the aor.ouut Is an English one :? The lfo(i|uiUa is a small nation of Indiana, naver con iuered by the Spaniard!; the country being so situated aa to reader any attempts against them impracticable; for thev a-e aurrounded on all ridts hy land, with morasses or inaccessible mountains; and by at* with shwals and rocks; bealdes, they have Mich an implacable haired to the Spaniarda, their and i-ruultv in defttrtivinu mitiv millions of th. ir neighbors, thut they wuulu never have any cirr??|i'<?.leiin with them; fir whenever they tent, away misslonaiie# or other apeiu a j ngot tin in, they constantly hide t!iem, i e, l?ut th>tn to death. They call the Spaniards, iu der siou, little breeches, and reproach the (Cn><li?t> v ith f illy in rulestirg them when taken prisoners of war. Netyvithstsndiug thin, they are a mild, luotleueivu pee pie, of umuli morality and virtue, and will never trutt a man who hath tracedeceived them, or torleited lit word. None of them have m ire than one wile, with whom they never part, unleaa for adultery, nil!I'll lb very known anrongit them; ici sj (treat a regard is shown to tlioae who ure inarrtcd, that precedence i? given to them, even from the older to the younger, if the latter happens to be raariitd and tho other ia not Wlieu the iiuket.f All 'rii.alo vat Governor of Jamaica, the Mnan u It"a put Ihtnirlvo under the protection oi thu crown of lariat xiutain. and their lii g re< ? ived a cooamlssbu fr m liia Grace, nudtr the nual of that island. Tiny have ever since been atttdy in their alliance with the English, it-d very ujetul to them 011 niuny t cessions. When the kji'g tl. a, the next male heir goes t" Jamaica, with thrte o^'iur principal men, to certify tlat be is next iu bit od, and receiver in f .ri.i a c .ui mission to 1 e King t f the Mrgijuitoa; and till thin id obtains I, no i> r.ot atknt wledued by them, though after all, ho is little more than a nuininal king unleae they are a*. war. hiving no revfrnca. *nd very lew pror' g?tive-t; beiu.' obliged, in time of peace, to flith and fowl fur the aupport of l.iuiat If and his family. tin hath, ii deid, n me distinct iou . !io? n Lint, .vid notv anil then pre cuts made him by the Governor of Jaiiiaioa. aud ?t{lith (<>4eti who frequently tenth there. Neither hatti he any guards; and yet wo never heard ot any plot, rebellion, or inaurnctioa in that kingdom The MoBi|iiltos 'lave a jr-it aOectii n for the llmis! nation, and are se ford of everything ti.a*. beltmtra to ? * * ue>#r easy till they have ib -H.LU an ?nglirh ramt. Our zue the ommon people luch I1 tittian andeirnamtj a* they think proper, aud their war onpt. ies. or meat men, the titles of some of our principal nobility. V lien these couuiries wero urvler the dominion of Spain, the wU"le wan called the audience of Ouatamala, and 0 uatemala has ever liner been liuld In the flret lank of the several Sta'es whfcrh were formerly pert* cf It There are many btrautiful lakes in this tint country, which also aboundi with gold and silver. Thu chitf i f thtte lakes If that of Nicaragua. It Is 1'iO miles long by 40 btoad, aud connnuuioati-* with the Caribbean Sea in the waters of the West Indies, by the liver St Juan On the other ride of this lake, the distance by land to the PaHflo Oc?an Is only 13 miles There it iu that the New a otk Company li?i be^un its operation* to utile the raclflo and AtUutic Oceau > through the lakes St. Leon and Nicaragua The history rf Centrul America is summed up ia few word*. I oder Spain It obtained mire importauce than it has ertr had since its Independence. It first formed a p&rt cfthe Mexican confederation; then, in 1821, became independent; fiuce which period, till the present moment. when the ijaeatlous of Mo^julto, Honduras, Salvador and Nicaragua htve arisen, It has slept away ita life iu ti of leal indoleuee, like the great bja ooustriotor, when his itomacU It lull. But no v. if we mistaka not, Central America will rise Into Incalculable Impirlanc> and dignity. Two enterprising nations, like Kngland and Hit t tilted States, contending for the oi in.etrial supremacy there, will give new life to tlie people and bring out the resources of the country. J. ?/ )' intelligence. Sorittr tob ini Emi-lovmknt >>11 or xnr Toor?The fifth annual r? port of thl* charitable ami unful cclety bat b-en.iuet publiahed, from which it appeara th?v tbi:i? I* a continued Hat lnorea*ed In- | pn trtmtnt iu the condition of the aociety. It* object | la to b*M.?w relief on poor w(.mm. unabhi to ohUlu N> gular emplojment. %nd who pr?ter to render ?uuh lab r no th? ? aia nbiH of, in return for the pecuniary al l huh It al.< riU tbtrn Kaob Mib?eriber of fl?e ! illart I.if the ptltlhg* t>f tn dlnu a woman every week dur- | log lL? kiMii. to receive work, f ir whleh t he la paid, ?litn returned. a fair, and eeeu liberal prlca, th.ia. the poor oparatlre in aviired of a imt'l huoi weeily, and i?, uoreOT.r (laced in the way ef aioru profitable ormjintlfB. bj the rppottuiilt j afforded of fhoalng her aM.ltjr, aril niakltg her i;nj known to thore un<lir wh > ? o\>huhII. 11 fh? r iu'< I>u ii.g the pa?t y. a" the nuni b?r of ?ubfoii'oi re hit increased and the umnber ot a,iptlcaata prnportiflaately I he latter hi a?rr?;>l l:.0 |N ?irli throughout tbe araaon the largest natnb-r ; 01. aut <De Jar, ha I.-en IP * About 8,00'J gar>u>-ut* \ hare been u. ade. The taer> a-e of the u efutn??a of the aociety may ha judged by the following table. >li nin; the auicurt paid to applicant* lor aorit. lu.'lu lug irw- i Ir^ and cutting:? !> ', 1'n ,'lnplicttnfi, O.Vr F.r/rnft, Ti'al. Id U4I> $ 64 on #1,1 I 77 J.1.T7H 77 ! 1H8 I Oil 90 4.Ton M* 6 77KV7 I )?47 1 Hl?j 9S ?, *:? HI 4P.V) 83 i?4M i7?t saw so 4yxr AO | lHl'.t 'i'Mi 40 8,lVS U ft ,00 57 | Ir.clod ng latt 'trotLl kf funis. Tur t iiimi' im. ''iimmh Co.'icn. - It U ruinmj (hat Mi. Yel* ntliie the Mtrk of the' ommnn CaU'iell, I to b- removt d Irotn offli e. If the l? to he dieply rr(.-r<tt*d for there l? not la thin city a ni< ie taltiao ? ai.ii i Rlnleut publl? o I >er. t/ith thu emii'?ft *f a g'uluinan. h* .*aa a thorough kir*ltd;e nf hi- hu>laeea, and dll?ttarNea ht?dutleaia t h? i i uucll chamber with d^ulty an I di e ru n. l'here could t...( lean ore aSeutdatep than to renote a man <f a-nrli ? ?p-.1enoe, to make r<ou for aonie raw han 1. ! wl.i -e nn'y rennBHernl*tl>a I an agreement in po! lical im: h h.;i with tfc < maj >r1t> of the tJojnoU V butetei Vr \ a'' ?iilt*'? rpli.lon-may l>e b? hi* not ' l nuloil In t lie j < || ictl ar-na fi r j ? * 11 I a me'aiih. iy la.-', that iu?n In til.^a a-e not valued for the Her tier In wbl-h they perform their dvitlei but far t ?Ir partisanship i ubaerrlettey to the Notion which Lappen to creaUtutf the tn^jorlty for the tlm- be'ng. tur. rt Lota roa T?ira. - > or t' 'ft t few day,I?t< tip trwfc l.ave be< n felling for ti.0 '?H-i due upon 1||->UI t ma ol thim hare keen knocked down f ir JtlOO, touia f-r f'fi and iu rue to law ai f O. H>re la a fla> o^por. turfy for epei ji?Mon la three or four je?r?, they will pirb ib'j ee 11 lor } 1 (00 or f3 K.0. Tmf. Wi atM' ^ e^'er !ay n>ortilr < uln Hefar to f.U r.< 11 u?ly. and noiitluurd to fall dnring the day loward* etn.inir, th;. wratber cleared op; the teuipetature wan Killd but thr fttaicephere gloomy. r?i Natrioi. ?At eight o'clo k om Saturday ettllrg. Tatrtek l!anmiin. drlter of cart 874, wa* f'uiid rlrepirg In the atreet by i^t ier I atana;b. a d hi* boT*e nod rjrt wl'hout aay on* to take ear? uf tb>tn 1 here were'eattu obeate of tea aud ftre bag? of otat* In tt.a cart. A >>'ii ?? llih?i aan W t ioa ? On Sit?rd*y tilgbt a IfTfe, with a oortred wairgon. wa? foand atrayiog at the tf UrooniD at.d Sheriff atreeta and brought to the llrery utabie T44 Kfttt Kroadway. Ki?r. ? About two o'rl ck jeeterday id 'rnlti(f. a Are broke out Id the brlek ) " d iture an t *t*ble In I'aath Mr* it attached to the grocery atoreef Mr. \4ilck. on tie I,f.r'l,a-?l comer of I eotb alreat and Ittlrlare. Hue rfrf?r< i uiitlPitham and uiln?r bronnht nut their hi tt*?, w hlcD otln r?l e wo.,I ] hate been burned. 1 be bull'htg va? totally con?urted liamage ebout fSM. It li iwpiieid te be the w.i a of an InceLdlary. | |>o? i r.eowx ? \ gentleman t.atlot apa tment* Id a l.i u a In llroa'lway bear the th??tr?. waa a ild" oa , 1 tur>i.ny ttl lnn U' der thr f 'loaltg elrruLi tauoea. , We foib>ar k 'itig fhe nau ?. h ;t the faita may be t?lltd i ? lie ta< abating In hi r-XMtt. at flee I'aNX, | when a w?l| it>e??ed prttij I Dr.l- tame to Ited vtr, aud atkid il a wb'<ni ?he i,aoi?d ie Ided in t> at ro m. or in the hon?e. lie r-plled that he kun w rfbofu-h perai n; and be la I" then a-n.d tf alte iiituM Mil,j f >t mrra< t . at Mm fl- to warm H? > I-IImI iu the artltomtit*, ami fli'tiMnu'd hi- f' t tat:i>n aha put h?r loot up <n th* frndrr ?od ?o b?rdi<*a tta'n wfll turned aubla w?? rn*al-d, ?h!ab. i< k* *li< r atth a hatid-om" f?a?. bad b>(nn t > f?i it? a tiLd-r pttidoti a* h> look* J an>>ind a'nl tl lhim M!fedtd (f r !<>? I< tillud), ha c Mil l n t i ?? ?I * t*lr Mm ?pprr, tial* hl? fin* n i l ?a'i"h aid * al |md hi ih* nmii *1 At It-Oglh Ihrlnit* bnat'T rail ?ha ?h uld lftv*. a? It waa gutting !at?, and Ii''ttriit^tan4lri( hi- |it*? It)folloltatloms to ftrun ?b* *a? litlorah!n. Iar .lottt pati'rd her t t l"lib> iiiU In ItH klnr afti-r litr alth a wiat ul h< obrtitad tbat aim ft* got at l>ot i.f tba *lalr?, ?bt br^an t" run lie ttotidarad ?hjr ?ha did ?o a > l a *aa nr> n.-iil ttiftt *ba bal a\> n i' timt.-ilnj It' lii kibi; but h< at a-g?l *0 baitiful ooul I h i at ?i> nuati au astl ri *a? th? puizlc Uu r?I at. og )ilaiirm. I;r loin I around aud found bU V *' I I, . 1.M . . I r r 'I . . II- , ; I' tl *!I1 a '11 > 10'.I *t>d I * 1n>um<ttat*l> | n? ?a bit roat, aad ra>i a u?i t ha ltd t uttboiat b *?ia<at but h"f ai th" lo'et ?a! ?*t II * a* t MJieh It l < na'-ln btf t> H'tHMt ll? hti fentiwfti tb? lair (tranKT ?!??<' li^r ba< ha baard an/ llilt g 11 M' watch It w*a tk ?? bava. A man rr">ad ,! aa?d tat tb >t ?' f!tt?(Md. Mih, a let* it?j? nor*, by a m dl'V.I ?tud?Dt ntui d 1 I i'M.* ?a< It in .NcrMk, V?, aud laHiia.uadia ?ly. a TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* Destructive Fire, Riot, &c. Baltimobe, 1)m. Id, 1840. A Tery deatructive fire occurred this morning, in the building known aa Solomon'* soap end oendle manufretory, in Albemarle atreet, which we* entirely deatroyed. The property wn insured to the ameunt of $10,000, in the Spring Garden oittee, Philadelphia, end the Kireman'a office, Baltimore Alter the Are, a aerioua riot took piece between detecbmrnti of the aeveral fire companies, which continued throughout the day. Several of the rletera have been aeribunlj, perhaps fatally, wouedei. Suppeatd Suicide. n.i n>. ii loin An unknown man, having the appearance of a preacher, was found banging tbls morning, on the Western Itailroad The Southern Mull. Baltimore, Dec. 10?P M. The Southern mail is in, but furnishes no newt of interest. Shipping Intelligence. I'HAHI.KHT'n, Dec 13. Arrived?Ship John Parker, New York; bri? Clinton, do. Police Intelligence. Si rious JJfray.?On Saturday evening, between fire and tlx o'clock, an affray took place between two man, by the names ct Thomas Mulbern and Thomas Crossl.y, in the store No. Broadway, kept by Mr Pieroe, as a kitchen refcge factory. These two men got into a fight together, and in the struggle Cros.-ley being ou the top of Mulliern. a laboring uiaa called Little Dick seized a hammer and inflicted two blows on the head of Cross ley?one on tbe back, aud the other on the frout One ot thoje blows, it is said, has fractured tbe skull. Croi-sley was taken up insensible, aud conveyed to his rtsidenoe, in Stanton street, one door from the Bowery Mulhern was immediately taken into custody by oiHoer Dowling. of the Sixth ward police, and detained by Justice Lothrop for a further heaiing Little Dick the officers are now in search of, but up to a late hour lust night, be was not arrested. Jlrrtit of a Burglar,?A young man, by the name of Kdward Walker, was arrested on Saturday night, by Assistant Captain May, or. a charge of breaking into tbe store of George Uutstll. corner of Ninth avenue aud Eighteenth street, on tbe 13tb inst . stealing therefrom two overcoats, one suck coat, and ?10 in pennies. On his arrest, tbe prisoner confessed to breaking open two other stores, at No 20t) Klghth avenue, and No 18a Sixth avenue occupied by vir Gregory. These burglaries were effected on the ?> i and 29>li of last month. Justice lilakely commuted the accused to prison fur trial. 7;ur/'a? y?Ofiioers Garrison and Rohb of tbe Eleventh ward, arrested, yesterday, a uiau by the nauie of Theodore Curtis, ou a charge of breaking iuto the store of Garret Kitzgerald No 1 avenue D, stealing clothing therefrom. Tbe acousvd was o >uimi*ted tor trial. liublnd in Wuttr Slmrt ? Officer Ilaibiuswn, of the Fourth ward, arrtsted, on Saturday ni^ht, four iellows, calling themselves John Mullins, Patrick i> itzpatrick. Dennis Bonnet and Jas. Brown, on tbe charge of stealing fr< m a little man, giving hin name as William Cu?liiuuij, f 16i and a gold watch aod chain, valued at $IU0. Cushman, it seems, was under the influence of liquor, in Water street, and the aooused parties mustered ar?und him, and >-oon extracted tbe money and watch from his packet The money and wa'ch were recovered Justice Lothrop committed the accused to prison lor tiial. Rulltiy of Jtwrlry ? A boy of seventeen years of a^e, euterid the dwelling houce of .\irs V ultee, No 114 Chatham street. yesterday afternoon .stealing front one of the a'tic rooms a gold watch. No. 3 1)11, Johnson. Liverpool, Diaker ; aUo a lot of jewelry, consisting of bracelets, gold rings, kc , valued In all at $126. The liotf la. A"SIVALK \>I> DH"ABTVHR*. Hon. A. J lo'jtlson, L' S MioietertoGermany; Mrs. Donelnon. two daughter snd two sous; Mile Apolonia Jagella, the Hungarian heroine j E. G. Oelricks ; Major Triilett, Kentucky; Mrs. 8t>?ck. W. L. Kwlug, St Leuis, Jihu Uradi-y, liurlin.itou ; 11 Messchert, W. H U fitoeier, John P. Wood#ard, J. MoXibbou, rhiladeipbid; Oscur l.ny.Cub t; Kuriiand > Menteguag*. .Vexico ; Col C. D_ liar mu, Kee.-s. iile, have ar.lved at tbe Irvii g House Cel. Kkux HKlliujire ; B.nj Iloswell, CI- veUud ; J. C. Suobg llou IV. StroBj;, Oregon ; J. a K*;ftw, Concord ; C. 1>. llr Rbatu, Troy ; K. Li. Murgio, Boston; J.Clark, H. Vaugban, ft John, N. B. ; M. Hopkins, fcaco ; \V. liandall. Conn. ; K^irotvne, Baltimore, are t the IHwtid House. ( barles Stephens, New Vork; Llent. Ayro, U. S. N ; T. fricbtre, Philadelphia; W. D. Watsoa. England; Jesse Hsuderron, 6alem ; C. Oilman, Coition; J . TurnbuU, Colchester; O ( t ttle, New Bedford; < ' tiltuon, Phil ; Heaxelitt, Virginia; J t arutber*. Philadelphia; fcl. Hits*. W S N.; J Faulkn4r, Ohio; \V. IV -itfr, Boston; II. hat'.n Savannah, Oa , are among the arrival* a*. j the AMiieu. Nnvat Intelligentc. The UnlJrd Statu storei-hlp Lexington sailed yest it liny for Jtio de Janeiro with a supply of provisions, clothing. purs?r> '-small itores," and Ken stored for the United Statin squalron on the i-oa-t of Braxli Sh* iil.'O carries nut e. supply of cloth ug f>r the (United Stater A ariu** on that station The follow!a* In a li-t of her officers: ? Lieutenant i ommanding?John U. Mitchell Acting Mastor?J. AJ. Waiusmgut Purser ?Thomas R. War*. Pas?ed Aiislitaut Su'gMoti ?John s u bittie 1'a-fd MlfehipMa? A M. D? Im, K'Mm Vander llorst, and Theodore Let. The Lexington l? to prooeed to It to de Janeiro, land her stores and return to New Vork without delay Order* from the ,\a?y Department were received at the t hirlestown Navy i ard on Tuesday, to fit oat In.mrdUttly tie tlimp of war Alarion, for a two years' ciuite? her destination Is not known. W? Irarn that ('apt William M. Olendr l a* received orders from the Navy Department to take command of ; the sloop-of-war .Vailon. now In Boston harbor, aud U shortly to proceed on foreign service. D?**nio?I>a Wiuum Hiirrs?i'he Newport (Jl I) i A'eu's, of the Hih iust , speaking of the late t>r William | hunter, of that city, says : L)r liunt-r wis b >rn in Newport on the 2tith of November. 1771, and wa* ths ton of tbe late Dr. John Hunter a pbyriMsnof ext.n- ' five practice In lornier y?ar? After leaving o )lleg .he went to ( ugland, to join bis nutter, and thare c >uiBu need the i'ad) of medicine. He alterwar Js st Uilied law in tbe Temple, his tutor b?in* .Mr. Marphy. tha distitguished translator of Paoi' u< " 11? remained In I- nrland nearly four years, after abio^i he r<turned to this eountry. and Immediately commi t: jr J the praotioe of law Ui Nenpurt He (re-{Uei tly r> ented thii toan In the l.i giilx'ure He > as ei.c'ed a Seus'.jr In l orgress In f he yrar 1 ">11 and ooiitiuiu- 1 to n pr??ent l!h"de Island In t!ie 8etate during th > ensuing nine year*. In ls.'t-i. he accepted tr im i>en lacksnn the a;>. I iioli.tment of CI i'ge d'AfTalies to Drasil; aud In ls4t, I re was made Minuter Plenipotentiary st flint court, ' where lie remained till H*ll Dr 11 miH nn able lawyer and a brilliant orut'ir ills perl >1* wi-ra vunndly turmd.and bis sentences, eten in artumonU to tbe jury rr in a pulltlral speech, were < 1 inotld -d, snd highly polt>hed His lan^uige w?, aei.-c't an I the 1 lull na'iui: <if his vi.Ice ??? rich an 1 full His m tnu?rs v ere eiurtiy. -nd bis address commanding He spoke J Celiberately ai d forcibly, with marked action, and strong edpta'is He was soalal in bis ea'urs andfoad cf sdetety. Mjnylag alike the eoarersatlua of th? pr<<* ' found end tbe repnrtee of ttiv witty He >?i ant what ; Is rtrictly termed an ludusttlou* man, an 1 did n it, | theratufe, sec plieh a- murh as he ml^bt. ha I he been note devoted ti lacapatl'm lie tbioight mueU. but there'alt reM Bt rase lied paper except lu the line cd his profcsaioeal prae'W In e?rll< r y> -i-s In ordi- I nary col,v< r a ii D he taalutalned that sata iteculiarltf of style tiiauuer and speech as wb u a Idle log a pub- i liosi hi-nee tlo se bo conversed with hiut always i etsineu a vivid r?o -lies tb's of the uian Thf I ?vr Vise is f'nrnstti -Th - Irtln Piub Si Cn's pork hru-s. eaunnt. a* frit *npp iaad. bt- a"tribute 1 to an iaei-t diaiy. It orif W ated from a 4-lect lo nae of the (lues of a :ard rende.log turaa?* tVe have been fttable to prvrure reliaM" flgOTei oi f'ugh i Cn's In tut ee uiiderstand it cover*ahmt one balf tbe ' 1 loss, which is reasonably estimated at f>bx>,0llj. There : ; ?>- aboat (Til Pvt) wur' n of pork and lard In the buil 1 ll-g-fcetaeeo t?o anl three thou' and h >gs uncut. \ I Mr Watt*, of l ayette county. Ky . hid oo* thousand j b?*d rt h'g? iu store cot Insured John Wilson, whose ' ?I/ lli'wr ? null ri| nil 1/rrr irrn iri'nuj, n?V nnrl) M) Mm lud kr|? m etore n Iuaut?no?. Ano> ' the? |l n o *? i a e told had ft 1 too w r:h of |> rk in , Mote. elih bi<l fi t nil ln<urauri Mr?i<r? S m te KhiiJ* * rtv ir-U' I'd fi<r >20 000 oti the M^ck, eg tb* bulldli ?f. Thin will ccfir th 'entlte lor*. The ln*iiracre * ? for |?al >anil t'i the f Motrin* iriiitKBid dew:-Clt/ Inroianei C'ninpaiij, CoIkfubua lofiimn** ' ompari*. Knu I mint/ (1% ; i i.infuo*. Leilnflnn ln> irtn-e 1 o t in tv? rflcM u Li hUtIU" W hen th? mthn-1 till of . I v^h \ ( it '# bulMtiiit h ll n llttmu, * trlmm ?r lu the t , pnkbcu?e. tinund John auhrlau*, we? utraok by It, { and n-tlmi*!* If u >t fa'?ll)r Injured Several ti'ian Vfll btokiB and bt? -kail e-.-ii fia.-turr I In ten at thr?e j I ieea, 1 h? f rt* wi* et.ll hnri.ln? un Saturday af.ei* | lioea.? L, tin. tit 11 tiuflir, Utc. Ill, PeTrn IbrnratiJ three hundred ar>4 el.tty-flee ret>g> i* arrlvtd at N?w Orli ant l:i N jri-inb-r. of wb .-a file ihouratid < ae kundred and leuy-f*f,o Ware If to ti'telgfi | iit?. < ?niil ( ulrniUi?I iiia II ,y. f > w?tr^ l'i >?? * Part t ? No#, Hf>7, 7 V 17, 21.2-1,81, 17. 47. <! II, M 77 Vs. Part l?dH IN^IN, It*. 13*. 140 ?4 M't. 5.08, !4U> 811*14 *19,818.289,241, 0. SB. 112 I. ?, V< 4. I on it < i ?r - Nee 71. 77 81, S4 MX, 81, *7, M, M W. M. MX uf-H-1'*. f7 Mi nana " f*? ?1??' r ?r >"?? ?- No# 88 41. II. 71, 7*. Ml, ? HI. 124 IM, 191, 13j 18d, I .2, 184. 1*0. 4? 3 4. M). 7 14. 27. 4W 49. Ki r> aiua l'i>viif,-tli*irMaiii,-!tM GO, 61 to 70. Tli* Dwllar \??M> l. Thl* rh?ep publication #ill be U?U'4 In day. It I.V fair# the n?Wf if the week, and 1< on!/ two c<?ate pet I *< 17 M ill* for Kurn|ic? Th? itruml ;p hump* will Inn Ronton on W?lr?idny. for ! ullftt and Llrrrpx>I. 7 hr H'nft'y HmH, J frth?rtp??* elrntlallno. to (to in h?r mall*, will b" puMifhi <1 *t P i) clock (n n rro* awilnf. Th* mtlli I III p!c?i- In Uilr dtp at thru o'clock to morro* art*-r- ' i Ci Fmiifli Mi !,??t:;r?ilii, from California, r?- , ptttt M> l?*)|lti J ? M? fri-Hl lrfr? t .i? Htln.p'ei??. hi mm, In i ? mrlf ( tkti Ik *1111 *l In lU,i> ?'l of ' t -< ?, *Ml ?III l.i ii?tp? la fii%i ihfpi at U?d?(U JfrWhl'i j mr^n, K J., uvni 9 A. II. to if. at. v u |I5U R?wtr<1 ?I will bet tltta ( ant, that A.J. Buale, of *?. lid Itr. edwey, betweja Maiden Ltit ud Liberty atreet. will fur One Dollar, take ai good a daguerreotype, and put it up m ai good it vie, aa aar other eatabliahment will for (V and warrant tlien aot to fad*. Pleaae eali aad examine hie apeiimana, No. 1M Brcadway, A. J. BIAL'S, orer Drbee k Co.'e hat etore. r Theie Part* Patent Lralker Over Ihaei, old by Lang, lf>>, Fultou alrert, are Jnet the tbieg for thl* cold and wet weather, being light, neat, aad durante, aad * perfect debut to wet, without the iajuriooi effect! of rubber*. OvpiteaU, at O II Ciarke'i, its Wllllaaa meet.?I believe bo man in New York bai eueh kaadeoine, well-made eoute ae I have All eolore; prieee varying fren tit) to 820, according to tinieh. The generality of them aro $16. Fine dreea coate, to order, <16; very beat, fX). "lek ditu publico. metallic India Hubber Orerthuei at Metail?A eelt-oted aeeorlmt-ai of ladiaa' gentlemea'a. aad ohildrrn'a nft- lined and goeeamer Overaboea aad Snndala, eonpriaing the lateat French faahinaa; alao, ladiea' and in tea at' rubber Oaiter Bnota. the meat elegant articl* that haa ever befn itade. constantly on hand, und for aale. by the tingle _ pair, at GOODYKaB'S Ituhb.r Warehouse, Broad- ^ way, oppoaite Trinity Church. W1K. and Toupees.?Another Bledal Baft beta awarded to W in. Uatahelor. for the beat Wiga aad Toapce#. The public are Invitrd to iaipeot hit new etyle, for fca?, at BATCtlKLOR'S celchraloj Wig Factory, No. 2 Wkil atruet. Uu keo| the largest aad beat aaacrtment ia the city. Copy the addre^a Combs of Cliukrat I'Mtterna und beautiful * fluinh, forming a moe'- euital.le preaeat lor the approaching holidaya. The aubaor>h*re offer their atock for luapeotiou, among which will fce foiiud the open tha n work, in varioaa atylea. a. v J. SAINDEKS, 3?7 Broadway. Oieulng Can(a?In nil that the name lm* r.?riii, compact Hiia c>>ineai-ii aruc'e cai-vnei tierelu cinit of tfie very beat v'flity- priut-nt f<r tlio holidays, the J ire offered, einitOuit'* rl??an< e of ftilnh find utility. (J. BAUNDRItS a. SON, 117 and>7 liroadway. 11 1 1 -J. COMMERCIAL A F F A I ft I. BIOSEV M.VIIKET. 1 Buitdny, Utc, IO?d p> 1, The stock market closed U a?y yesterday ?t the decline, and the fancies apptar to have fallen into disgrace again with speculators. The movements of the bulls to inflate prices hive proved full aa successful as we anticipated. It is getting to be exceedingly dangerous to attempt any expansion of prices for these subterranean stocks, as the prospect of getting saddled with them at high prices Is so great, that no one dare make the experiment. On this account, cornering operations have proved so disastrous to those who have originated them Purchasers are so likely to get so much stock, at such high prioes, that the market is dettroyed, and, as they cauuot hold, the only alternative Is to let prices down to as to draw in speculators. Combinations among bulls for perfecting a corner in nearly every fancy in the list, have invariably foiled, and, la most Instances, ruined many of those oonuern jd. Some of the richest houses iu Wall street have been mush reduced by losses on purchases of fancy stocks, fur the purpose of getting up what is termed a corner The bulls are principally speculators ef limited oapltal and sanguine temperament, and are too apt to loJk on the brlgbtaideoftbings. ande<sualiyapt tolose sl^ht of those contingencies calculated to depreciate public eia&dcnee and the market value of fancy stock securities, i'iio consequence is, frequent and extensive losses, and annually the ruin of scores of those who operate fur a rise. It should bo burne in mind, that a very slight clroumttarce will depress the market value of artificial or lm? aary securities, while It requires a loog series oI lcrtuuate and favorabio events to give an uftrarl impetus to pricos. It ii utterly impossible ti get up a rpeculatlre movement of any Importance In fancy stocks; and even the slight advances made from time to time result most disastrously to pjrubasers as they, in most cases, realize at lower prices, and therefore realize a loss. llailroed stocks, of the subterranean order, may, from time to tiiae, be slightly Inllated, bat the wiight upon them is becoming so great, that they must ultimately be pressed down to a deeper depth. We call them subterranean <tocl:s, because they art the foundation upon which all olhir railroad securities are ba'ed. and because they are so near bott ;ua that they may disappear at any tirue, and let the otii?r securities down to a lower level they now oocupy. The tint issue cf railroal s'?>-k rerves as a sort of gua Truiy iit any ismi.' 01 frt: tkj tr D UD, anil 1J therefore the flrrt that in -acrl (!< <> 1. It reoeiTM no ditldend* until the interest on all other i*iue? 1* paid, is unguarantiid, and thertfore in U*ng-:r of being wiped out an; moment. Xotwitb?taadtog ch ?* thing*, they hare a merket valui;, which flactuates largely, and there are (peculator* (>*prrat? enough to purchn*e and bold them. The annexed tab!* exhibit* the quotation* fir th., principal fpeculative Block* in thi* market, lor each day of the pa-t wet k, and at the cIom of the weak pteti' u?. It will be Men that tbe faaciet bare lost r.early tbe whole if tbe iu>provemtut?i;e:tllz.d the praTiou* week:? Qi-oiATibMs Kuii jiir rmiriPAi Itocb* i* tub N*w V"K> VAKilir. ^ S.I iloa. T ir. If. 4. Thi. ft i. Sit. Tre?%ry Koto. - ? 111 - - ? l.Kt*tri6?, W.... Ill 111 III ? 111 111 lit Ohi* ?'* ? ? ins ? ? ? ? Keatu-kv')'* 1< "> 1'IV ? ? ? loO ? fent.tyivai.ia ft'*.... I>V? M", Hi',' MM," H?% ? ? lllinoi* <' 4?i ? ? ?4>? ? ? Indiaaa 8tat?.V*. 7i', - ? 72 ? ? J\}? K< adiof K H. Bondt. ? #> (1 ? fcj ?l>2 K? *i!'r< V'? Hoiiiln. . <1? ? K ? tt? ? 6ft'. KfaJ.r* Hal In a. .V.i, V?{ WV KU S?:V MK .V.?? KorvitlikWwilir^ , .S - .V?* rW f.rie Raileoid new. . -? v .VV 5 \ &*K .V>>* llirl.a. Kailroed.... ail* l? f .'/? , f, i _ M I.' a< laLuid !* ? T, I?.', 1-1* 17V 17* V *??k lit ? ? ? ? ? 5*>.i.ia*t*B ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? Valuer*' Loin y V)i 37'< V.\ ?V SiV Canton CoiPVAoy... <1 , 41 ?' ? <">4 Horr.iCaaal V, 4 V 9', |it^ 10tj > < * I'aven K R... ! . ? V.' , !?'\ l ", ?!/', ? I ?.|. River *K <tj 11 <* ? C*V - *7 ? Nor ? Am.i n 1 nut I* I ?i IS 1-H H IS Erie Bend*. II". !? , 1"> W 1"0 InO 100 ? UW.... sr, Hf, m* ? nx M* ? comparlfftn of pxiee? current jri.<'tt(Wj with tho*e ruling at tbo elo?e of tbe previous week exhibit* ac dvanee In lodlara KUtn 6'? of 'V peronnt; Heading D'td ,l; Beading Mortgage B.>nd?, l<; M >rri* < anal, North Arn?rii<?n Tru?t, t: ml a d^ellne In Nor* tch and Wi rce?l? r < ( li percent; llarlem, Lon^ I lar.d, 1; I arm'-rn' I,"an, 1','j Canton Company, On WedneB'iBy Krle Kallruad *? qioted dlvlduad oflT. Tbe arnexed t-iu' tr.n.t. exhibit* value of foreign dty pood* entered at tbi* port fur consumption, tfca kRicnut entered for and withdrawn frotu warelloale f? i tbe week rr.diiifr the ICth Inet : ? Muvi mm ii Foaeu..* Dee flo r?. Knttrtd ? iter* A W'ilKd'n J?r rou- for t* ir?- f'm * a in pi . alt. h on tin*. houtr, Mniiaf-ctrrci *f tul $flli' $" i'l ?t.lW! I'olton .. W.iW 1 ..tilI s ik lit ?.i w.ijs ?.>s " 1 111 I'JlW S.4SI m?n H?v.?" 11.001 774 1.711 T.??' ??t-.Se'l |I?M ilii,S73 1 be aggregate weekly lmpor?atIon tbi* cvoi af the year i* uenaliy (mill, aid th* amount entered for o < rcbendi* i g u.'baUy larger In pr< p->rtl >n thin at tuT other time. The amount of ?p?c'e exported fr^m thU pirt <!'irlnr tbe | a>t two veekf ami for tbe year up 11 the 16th lb*tant wa# ?* annexed: SiurMi*T* or fni it ri .iM in* Tuht or X :w Voa?. I'no rr l tnplr^ < liy < hagre,, Atn tIobm go .1. f 100 o->0 9Mp Ol elda. Harre, (We ft*n<-? ^ HOfi p p i *n?tn?ti. i . *|.?ni ii ?a acioo lirut Wr lcri. H.ruiii'ia 6?? tranm... 2 l*5 Do. d<\ iti Spao doublonaa. W) >i?>a?rar t UfttfotI tlriilab ?itv?r ??h To*?t tlU 184 rtttloail) rapoitvd 4 (47 Total January l?t tn r>?coib?r !.' It will b# hid Iit thl? lliat $100 W?1 in ArearWn [ >14 ??n abtppad by thf V.ropira < Ify tn < rV* ?rr??r' HI* carrying roal tn ' o ubrrlaad Th* )1 j'-et cf thla ihi|m?nt ? e raannt Clfln*. nntaa* 1t la ?n fj>? oulatlon f-r tli? p-r?ha?? of c<~.|J it i ? io C*1tvti.ia. Tha ?blpro?nl <>f *<i|.l kill ?tl v?r r.iin frr.m tha Mliintl- 8tata? to San Kr?'i?l?1" f?'t that pi'pno h?a ^ran otarly aqaal tn tha whola amount of g->ld lint rtralnd from that pla--* Thl? Uatranu*. hut trn? Tha c*?ln of rallu ad? ft' n Savannah at.d ?:barla?toi? |o th?> Thhw?'? il??r, a*.r.b?ttaoo?ijja. D?ar tha Otr>r. lla and TanaatMa Stat* Una la oorap:?ta'l b? tha cpaiirg r.f tha Bnrth?rat*rn iti-u of tha IV'tltri and fctlaatla l!a1lrrad. Car?rrtnb?d rhutanova on tha I ft lr.?t , ahan an appr?>r-'"'! brati >0 t * [.1 fe at l' it < lilaya. Ttaa pba'n of railr from SaraaaaH t? tha 1>nn>-??>'a I a f-??l >? M'Ut. I ai ttal Railroad, frma *??annah t" \ta?nn lot VafU and . ff mi \i?#ont) Uatan'a ....101 \V?at ? r it ao<l Atlantic Irom Atalaota t i< ha'ta acrga 114 Total 411 T? ' harl?*?tnB. S i'.. fr u Atalant.a. tl? th" Oaorgl* i-id ?f u: h < aif lira m .da is : 1 0 nil.- nn Jug tha ili Tanra from Ihf Tmn. r'.?rl. i.i?-'?.l.n i'l H'Upf. or 13 mll?? mor?. th*n to JUraatnll. TUl* la lha Cr*t o utlna?u< l;o? at r?i!r tJ< J-t n >-npI?*to<S rr< iii tt.a \tl*n*> to ti? tallfj of tk* < Th ? T- nnf?' ir iii?r id ho*?*?r, oVty for H'kU at? ka<l b<?>?. and flat b Hit? ah-?? i th? Sli. Kin. Tha road frttt ? b*tt*no->ga U * )>'< tracing rapMl* It it 1#J milaa k>?f, and will b? S'n |>l?t?4 In about ? ?o y?ar* 11.? tru?tof : t?m "ith.* appMntal ft tcmcl'tn topppo-a. lj a ! b)nora!>> ?nl l?(V m?anl n power (ha ??< Mloa of tha 8??b > ??<! an ! [Uaa< k? llail.-rad by "M-afiavf a brk'g toNottolk.; %n4

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