Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 24, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 24, 1849 Page 1
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\ TH NO. 5679. Our Londtn Correspondence. London. Not. 30,1840. P Tl. .k _ Tk. S.nitl VHJ/lllia in \ ? Queilion? Quat rrl Between Louis Napoleon and the Drift ik Mini iter ? Tht Po til ion of England, 4rc. fc. " Orders have been ?ent to Viue-Admral l'arker to leave 'the Dardanelles. aud to withdraw hit licet to Malta."? Timet. The Herald will be good enough to despatoh the above intelligence to the world of readers which hang* upon Its column*, for the confirmation of sentence pro* nounoed pojoften upen the pt-rSdy ot the British government. with regard to Turkey. The fleet of Admiral Tarker, which crawled into the Dardanelles, on the pretext that it was afraid of shipwreck out-ide, now courts fearlessly the emulous uiud* and waves of the wide Mediterranean, homeward bound for its haven, by government orders, after having accomplished every nischief Intended to the selected victim of duplicity, nd all the good intended for th? gr>at and worshipful feead of the Great Chuich and of the thieves' alliance. That stroke cf profound diplomas jr. bewever, by which, In addition to the saori3ce of Turkey and the aggrandisement of Niobolas. tbe Knglish cabinet expected to destroy republican Kranne, by launching her alone against Ituseia, was entirely ineffectual. It Is fartunate that the Krench rrtsidtnt ha+his private *nd ambitious motives for keeping peaoe with the Czar, and that he was neither so blind as aot to see that his n.nrwUnn >u oF nor un Mil. """ - - " I ? 1 Ading as not to take England at the converse of h?r -word. So it is that be isuudtr heavy bonds to keep the peaoe with Russia; uud, therefore, the French reVublio is saved from tbe general war. on its own pr?vocation between France and tbe king* of F.urope. Fcr the moment, British duplicity mu*t b" contented witli the destruction of Turkey, aud leave France to a future day. If France had been committed by the Turkish intervention. Kngland would have lefi her also in the lurch, a a she has d'<ne Turkey; and would hare assisted in the violent restoration of tbe liourbons as she will soon do In tbe approaching partition of the Turkish Kmpire in that partition Kgypt will probably Tall to her share. with the i.-thinus of Suez, that Nicaragua of tbe Fastern hemisphere In the vlorca, tb?re will be a pirus struggle i? r the spoils; but it is probable that the allies will divide ehuroh aod state between them, if the Dutch Ctbu'g. King Otho, who defies that classio land with his t>iunny. supports the despotio character now required by Russia and Knglanl to b* played by every potentate in Furope. lie has just made bis submission to thtse masters by a prorogation of the people s Parliament in Oreece; and Victor Kmanuel, the dog taced hiirofl haiies Vlbert. has done tbe sameinlameus deed In Piedmont In Lower Italy, the Austrian dukes of Tuscany. rarain a-id Ylodena the Pope, and Ferdinand ol Naples, ate to be flriuly estaMisbed on the necks of lh? survivors; or said neoks will be wrung in suflicieut numbers to give the reijui cite basis to absolutism fcven shadows of constitutionality are to be dispersed, aud the diviae right of king and Pope are to be a^rerd proposition, with mutual guarranties. *'ut-thr at Ward admit* Mat he ha* bung a man every thret days, from the 26th of September to the iirtth of October, and offers to tbe world the bio dy report of Vlasso's (rial by a court msrtiul of Fngll~b ofllcers, a< a sped men of the mode and manner in wich he has d-alt with rebels True, the accused ?ben the firing of Metaxa's house commi need, was at another village and strongly dealed his guilt ; but he called no witnes-es. had to address total strangers iu lineage aud language, was alone amidst his bttier aud excited enemies pre 4?t rmined to hang him ; and 1 ur-tbroat affirms tmt he was guilty ot divers and tuudry crimes besides When! where! by whim ertahli-ti-d aod by what? Cut throat had imprisoned the Mi-picious and driven the hostile out with his sword, so that the peace of tb*? country will not be disturb"d an l order reigns in the republic cf the Ioniau l-lands i here has been an address from handful of a;i<toarats. congratulating Cat threat on Critish protection of wVlch he is the embodiment Spain is sound to th- core , so is Portugal, and. therefore all tbe south '>| s.urope, and the Islands of the adjacent sea are reliable Pb* thieves' alliance can turn its attention to France and tbe oeutre of ? (trope There ww a downright ijnarrel hi-twcen Louh Hnn?parte an<l Minister Norniauby The former had turn?d sway the kneeling supplications of Lord Brougham, and after b Ira of Lord Lansdowae. to allow himself to be entrapped at < onatantinople when Norniauby bieanie ?o exigent on the same subject, that the trench President replied Terr abruptly ami almoin ,-ent him from the Elyrt-e National Vv bat a sight it oa<t bare been to fee these geutry In full drew, with their bent txxlia* anJ subdued Tolee*. imploring th'i objajt of ?o many wltUoi?nn and aHr.iaM at London te seree their purprae* Dot Louie .Napoleon know- full well, that It w?s Itaasla that killed bit uncle, who fell not at Waterloo. but Mo*cow; for after hi* imperial wind's had b< en froien to bis (Ida In that terrin* campalgu the eagle of the empire bad no ardor left to kindle In hi* eye, nor buojaocy to mppirt hi-flight The last b >*it<-d battle of Wellington and Booaparta, was a battle between a lion and an eaule on tue ground The President could not be loUuned to go into war. therefore, with the 4 '1 hey hate need of each other, aid tbeie i* Ml anr reasou mhy their MBtaat 'houl i ?erify the British project ?f opening a djnastia road irooi Claremont or Krobodorf. to the thrrne of t ranee At *U event*, Louie Napolei n ha- need if Nicholas, a< for Nicholas, all minor tltlug* are Indifferent to hie understanding. except mc e?< against republicanism lie U not the ally of knglaad i?eeau-e he seek* to aggrandlie any other person than hiiu^elf but b-cauw be demand* the success of that blatpbttn >us right of which ke claim* to be the Incarnation. Whea Niobalas bad cruibed Hungary, and was so near the Franc!) frontier aa Vcralsburg. was the time for Bonaparte to attempt bis usurpation , but tbai momeut La- gone for mr It was not then possible lor c> n?plracy asd armies, for traachery within and stranger* without, to destroy the gran>l republic of K.urope , but It was then only that the attempt had auy chan?e of success. Kngland and Huisla are cool, for the moment, with France, each for It* own reason; but neither will longer suami IWVI t Hum " iwj -V J ... _ deatroy tbelr common a ti >iu j republicanism ; mi l a< Fri?(f I* too atrong uodi-r that form ol government for their united attack* by rlolanc", tbay will proceed by tbalr rnbterranran approach*a fcngland hat b*?n Inetallrd In lull lore* at Pari*. l?r tbe whole period ln?? tba rt*Ti'lutlon of 1848. wiih permanent b ?ly of coBapltatora agalnet tba republic ?idr l by all oort* of Bmbulatory deiagate* out i f tba llou-a of Lordf and tba government. Tba nolnlett peer aad tba profound at a ta teaman from either net. bare Honored Pari* f r manj day* with the light of thalr reapnotlva countenance*. Indard, It U Mid to b<* at tleurlse'*. like * flight of bird" at the **ttlug In of wiot?r One day tba jump jerk Brougham, and the oait. th?kilUn< I.turdown* ' deacand*" at that focm ef Hritl?h aristocracy . Why will not the ranch I'raaiJaat ba ad viced* There l? no llailt to tba warmth, and no and to tbe prataita. of tbalr recant but cordial frienln Kven tba illuatrir-uf correspondent* on tba outrage of tba reach revolution who atiear*d at the can?i< f L?ul? Napoleon fur representative of the (Mo*-the lata 4 hancellor, and tba actual PCaaldent of lb- Cvuarll, *' have a moot bad their wrinkled froata4' Into amllee and approbation of the Brmnem an 1 loyalty of - the alerted of tba 10th December " But. gaailemen you will hare to wait tome time before. by e*duatloa or by foree, or by fraud y>u pucceau In your darling datlgu of ebaklng to piece* tbe odlou* popular fabric of repubI llcaniam In Franca. Tbe alllaace baa iaaued ordar* to abat* that nulaaace is Swltierland and Sen Marlao. Both tb-e-republic* re faid to be undoubted recaptaolee of the dangerou* Infaetion of popular (ovarelgnty end political independence I hair mountain* ara to b? *torme4 anl tba blood of their ' rebal cble?< " their wivee an l children, la to pour In refreshing rurrent* down throogh the ?ourna? of tboea torrent* whoee aery aouoda wera tbe voice af freedom rej< icii.g under tbe open air of It* native mountain* i lia', bio >d will baoil upon the war**, and muflle their nol*e | here la not eo much reliance to be placed la the t rench army alan* the Hemaa at pi ditlon, a* to *ay poaitlvaiy that it win aot aid la butcher lag a ?ecoadnn.l tin d republic, bat lt? friend* ay that even at Home tbe army prmeata It* dl-guat. tor one, I have little ceafldenre la military repeatenae for tba <arnag* It haa committed, or In military abatl enca frrm the oeraage that may heieaftar l>? deinaadad Tbe I Blted Mate* ml|(ht haaa -aa?d Home. If It bad not adopted aa anwctironl?m. br *end>ag a go? ae oa tbat errand, and iha I nit?I 4ta e* may eten now pra?erre S*literland. by accrediting a miaiater of the fii*t claa* In all re*p?-ci* declaring free trade with her and eetabllahlng utb?r rl ?a r-latlou* If It b* euppoeed that you bare bo dlreut inter. ,t la tbe atrugre. eo fat frem the geogiapblcel L' underlet of the bIob, a great error I* d i n- w irld I* feat becoming a ea?e of 1 yclop* aa I baae already paid, and the nation* wl I perl*h la *uc*e*?|oii to rhe la<t nolo* Iran I Ijaaea ran be found twa? a>t the aya hut tbe hrart of the de*potl?m wht. n i- tryli.g to en<lara tbe bunan race raare may furuiah tn>> il' llrerar, but It ?? -?1. - . - . ... ?._ I U r|'pro|.ruin j in- now. itr nan n-tr...t . . Klat'H h ram* fan* th# ??rc?t but n t thx lnlir?t Id th? l?m? of ib? ttriiHl* , lor alien fr.nplai-'l and lliwlt clutch th* ihntri in I eodn trif? ?b<I wa??r# and Ulaiid* of th# vi#.i|t?rraaran. tb*lr Obltrd *ll?ru will t>? turn?d u> uhlp build Ing n4 tb* Icrglng of rannnn' nut th# drilling ot not lt?r? and 'Mtmpn no a* to ni?*inii? r?pnhn*aal?m If p?Mlbla nm In Am?rl<? I'b* eiodpirnry will fail bo doubt <o far a* It o*nt?tnplat?* an #i<>du< from th? old wi.rld. but bj a pr?pa>ation \narioa m?j ?ip|p? Infinite Ifww atid FulUrmn brtwll and pn>?. rat* and orarttirn th* thl#t?? alhanca among im i?rj worihlpper* tbla ?id? of lh? Atlaatto Bat to ratarn from thi* digr??-i..? Ituxia nod \aad ara de-ply aatehfal oi th# pror-ediag* of aeatrai nropa I fc* Mim ?f I'ri.Mrta and \u< >la. -arb f.>t hi* o?n cako uptrd to bead th# c>ni"d#r?#j ol Oar nan State* Tb# peopl* ara a<* f >r a hi nn*nt a?aal< d?r?d by an? of the rojai p?rti#? aad t?j?'and-r? Naw. It I* claar. that If ?nrh a on??d?rarj It formed th* p*?pl* aill *<?n gat the ui p?r band and la plaei ol aa f n?j.?-rrr th*re will *u?r?e.i dlrertl/ a I'renldeat The **?mpl* af Atnetlat, I It- Intimate relation with HftiMBj bf r?*??ti of th# emigraei* would m? whelm any potentate attempting ta aae*rt diflae right aad mar* <a?ilj an elected arieioorat t.ngland ant Hni"l? haow thle thing p#tf#rtlj; and thej har* loa| nine* r**ot?e<l ta fruatrate bath the aaplraata ta th ranfederatlom Th* latter eaute th?mwlti?i with at haaglng menace. when nalth-r mmld twt rely ma n? it en tta people, and after the Id umperor of Aai E NE MC trla bar abdicated for a young nephew, and when the King of Fruesia contemplates the same transaction for the came motive - Inability to govern the enlightened masses of tbelr injured aubjecta In the opening of my last, I gave you a rtiumi of the domestio elements of fear and JllHculty In Kngland, and Ireland, and the colonic*. These Increase I spoke of the urgent signs of distress at home given by the cligarcby These lncreate. I adverted to the virtual suppression of the jury in Ireland and England, for the tiial of political offenders; Catholics in I reiand being excluded and the common people In Knglaod, from jury servioe - in both countries a jury dls'iua'tSoation of aeven eighths of the population The judges of both ountries are loyal enough. I referred also to the extraordinary distrust ot the royal artillery regiuient of volunteers, whose cfilcers were broke and are to be replaced by lacqueys of theorown at theinstaaoe of Prlnee Albert Like the jury and the army, the people's press ha> also been struck dead In llolingsw.irth i?. liar* ridlne. (1 e November County Court,) BulUeh decided that the hirer of a newspaper lucurred a penalty of twenty Ave dollars That derision is iu the teeth of the law; but it takes away the daily newspapers altogether from the perple. These all cost a di?e <* piece; to that hereafter, none but aristocrats can know anything of Kurope or of America. I will treat these matters separately end tally in my next. MARCUS. AlTiilra In Oregon^ THE SOU., PROBUt IS, AMI) OK.NKUAL RESOURCES OK THE TERRITORY. [Correspondence of the Boston Courier ] Four V ?m?uvi:h Orkiso* rkrkitorv,Oot 11.1840. I have just arrived here, froui the States, overland, A?rnua thu R nek? \l nn tit ui na whioh in a v uitVi truth I be colled the moet toilsome journey lb it can be m vie I If ft the K i Kegiment (with which I hare been travelling) buck at the "tirsmie Kondn.'' aud pro- ! eeded by express to the Dalles or Mission of the l ite | Dr. Whitman, which point we reached in three day*, , travelling on horseback, a distanoe of 205 miles Major CfOMj thief UuartermaMer 1'iiiteJ Stati-s Army | on this coast. Capt. Lindsay. and an escort of three | men and myself, constituted the whole party, with the exception of our guide, and the senior chief of the ( ayuces tribe. 'I bis trip, without any exception, was the hardest portion of our long journey We fill owed the Indian trail, which courses through aonie of the most dreary ami desolate parte of thli barren country We frequently found ourselves patiling along the brink of some steep precipices thou- ' faLds of feet high, marly perpendicular, the trail just wide enough to permit us to pan* along in kindle tile If either ef our fuithtul animals bat stumbled, both rider and horse would hare lallen headlong Into 1 the jawnicg abj?< below us Several times 1 was afraid to ride orer tbe-e dangerous places and would , disuuunt-but the guide and old ludian chief would I urge us to remain s< ated in our saddle, as the safest i mode of getting over these tremendous chasms (><: J easiocally h lo .se fragment from m>iuh ot thn many | overhanging blulla would break it* hold, and cnme (lushing down acrois our path, eurrjln* every thing bef?re it One of our loose animals stumbled and fell some flftet n bundrid feet, luto the ru>hing stream of the Columbia, and was soon earri d down by the powerful current. V\ e bad no provisions after the 1 flint day s travel except pork, having lost all our bread in crossing the I mantilla; this we cooked on a itirk We obtained on the third day, a little fresh | borse meat Irom the < ay uces. which was most aecep- ! table to us We slept, of course, in the open air, | with <nly one blanket tach. which to the traveller acioss the mountains is no norelty, but at our lirst camp, in (be vicinity of the blue .Mountains. we auf- J It red most severely lrom the oold. I baldly know what language to use in desrrlbiag I this barren land Its t xteut is almost unlicnitel-but of all the aroounts I have evtr jet Rteu wf the dreary | and randy de.erts of Arabia I hare never jet seeu i anything that would come up to the reality cf the iin| mt nse bttiren desert* between K ort Hall and this ptlnt, j most especially along the bauk* of the volcanic Suakn i river. Select out the Blue Mountain.', which to be j auie art* ciotneu witn tne nuest timber. ami tne | ( Houde and the remainder of the country I* ; incapable of the lea*t culti>fttion or improvein.-nt i The n II if, pandy. unfit lor grazing. barn u of timber of firry description The we*ried traveller wi.i not : find a dozen tree* or rhrub*. in a dlatanc? of pii buu- | dred mile*, huftlrielitly latge to ehade him fiom the burning pun The artemUia is the only verdant thinj tt at t>niv?n !d this ?h> le tract Of all the countries j that I have eTer passed through. or ever hatr r?ail ol, tbl* b?ar* the paliu for sterility. The name of Dalley is derived from an emtgraut. who | attempted to settle heri' uiany yenr? ago , bu> finding j it too serious a job to transport hit store* from tt>n fort, finally abandoned the place The Columbia river bere. for aome three or four miles pa**es tlireugh a 1 basaltic channel varying I? from tw?niy fn two ' humlred feet- th? ride* being nearly perpendicular. ' and moat <f the distance over fitty yard" apart At the bend of tbe Dalle* where the whole rnasa of tbe ; ( olumbia * water* Unit, the width If not over twenty r thirty feet The current bere la very powerful, and defiea ail att?Bipt at navigation The Indian* bave drawn a c hi nook canoe through the gulf after laboring hard fifteen hour* At tbe | repent time there are no re*ldenta I?re ei eept two ( athoiic piieeta. To eaah of thefe kind and i oourtecu* clergyman 1 am under *peciai obligation* | for a supply of iood. 1 bey have built t* very com( fortable cabin*, bare mada *ouie Uttle attempt at cultivation and alao keep eow* sheep. pig* and bursa* Hack from tbe river. aome four or five ralie*. there la a tine grazing region. I he tr*t range of the Cascade Mountain* bere commence* They are covered with tbe moat valuable timber , many of tba treec are tbree hundred feet hlRh and *iite<'n in diameter. I hare teen one that measured twenty-four feet 1 hi* region will uev?r become nettled. Between it and oceau oommunicati<'u the ( aa< a le mountain* lift their htad* to a height that forbidpall land Intercourse. 1 ha rlrer navigation la nothing aa the < a*cade* are an obstruction that cannot be removed They are iwrtyfive luile* below bera. aad eitend nearly five mile*. K.vriy article muit be carried over tbi* portage by band 'I here was formerly a wagon road, but it ba* beet me filled up by tbe tree* and rook* con?taatly falling Irtm the dill* that hangover It The actual fall in tbe river, the whole distance.cannot be over forty feet: but the water i* eioeedingly rou?'h and tbe channel filltd with Imreenr-e rock* I'be ourrent dashes through and over the*e rock* at an astonishing rata I he first rail* ol tbe rapid* present a moat charming view to the eye I n*ver saw a finer landscape than the oue presented to my ey** on the morning I lelt them. It was tbe firat 'line tint I had had a clear view tha whole couiitiy having beea enveloped la a thlc* smoke ever fifcc* I rtarhed it, tilliiili tlin* Voutit II?kI. with it* lofty ptak. entered with (trrwl mi? ??t ri.ubl* Id tba dt/tanc* on tb* left. 7 b? liigb**t range of tb* iMTIlll .V'OUIitaln* MfDIfd to blta Opened ita-lr m?! jeatle cliff* ju*t nldc enough to mm the 'I ?tn| watera of lb* I uluifcbl* to p%*? ihr unh. Tbt logunrrliltUMliMwjwirtmIW f?n tin* towering biuir? to be pun la e?*rj <ili*eUcu all* to f>roi a moat t?a?ii lti<-*nt pioture. 1 h* flrvt of th* rifle regiment reached th* lialle* on Ibt muting of ib> 2.!d of IfpUalxr. V " Ml > f *i*??u boat* r> c*i?*d a* man? of th*m on i.-ard n they (Mild tak* B?lrg anxi*u* to roach California I finished my Mwlailnu with .vlaj r t r..*? in tb* i|uart*rnia?t*r * department a* hi* Mulor agent aud joined th* firat detarhwi. at tbat went down. under r inmati I i f Major Hull Wf were torr*d t? lay to often, aa ao- j roust of brad wind* It alaay* blow* up or dowu tba rlrrr. and gcnetally ?*ry urong especially at th* W ind KlTtr MoaaUli," aad a point known aa llora " I left tba troop* at tb* Ca*ead* Kali* aid pro?a?4*d down tb* rim in a oann*. with a?v*n Indian* and l>r 8t*? I*. of U?w*go. in n th* upp*r fall* I ?a? ibd?o*d to *at*r tb* cann*. aad pan o?*r tka lowar rapid* aad fall* a f*at that I bat* ao di*p- III'a to repaat, although th* Indian* ?**tn*d delighted at th* *p*ad. ai d w* inibid along o?*r tba tuinuitu n? water* of tbl? mghtj river Ilka an arrow. I react ed Vancouver oa tb* 2?th September Th* advanced enrp* of th* rifl** r< ach*d 11>i? pie** on th* 11 tb Oetol>*r and a harder looking **t of man you attar taw. Tb* return ?ulunt*?r* tun \t*iteo la cludlr.g our o*n r*gim?nt. did not took a* ?aed up " W lib I h* eireption of on* a> mpacy th* wh'd* r?glm>atba?b?*n di?iaouut*d (inn* w* left fort Hall Many of tb* poor ?oldler? ba** be*a 'bilged to go tbli dletanc* barefooted. I bat* frequently *??n tli*m erin* Into ranp tw* four and ?i? h?>ur? *n*r th* train bad arrtrrd, with their h*t bleediag froai tb* onta, *?iali h*j. and t>rnl>*? re*e|*.d during tb* day They ar*to*ncamp ber* until tb* wbol* command rear be* thia place and ar* to b* quartered darlag tb* wiater at Uregoa city klajor Hathaway ba> two eumpmieaof tb* 3d Artillery In tba Territory, on* of wbloh i* tatlrn*d at \ auccueer. la th* raar at tb* fort f tb* tluilM n Hay < *mpanj qoartaras th* other at !S*aqnally \ anoooT*r i? on the north bank of th* < luBbla It ootitala* about on* hnadr*d huu?**. mostly logb at*, with tba *ir*pti*n of tb? building* belonging to tb* HndaoaHay < ompany. which ar**a?lo<*4 In th* |ni?l'?t of tn? port i h?r? i* a athoiia ennr< n ai tirhr l to th? Hudaon Bayi. ompanv whl?b I* tba only otbar huildlag of ?nj not* I h? Inhabitant* ar* prliirlpally South Saa lilandar* In tha amploy of th* cominiiy Th* cannot b-a-t of a atora of any kind. *ic?ptii>g that ft tha fort, but thin would ba a moat capt'al looatim for an antarprUing young trader Ocelli of n?rj kind command lb* mo*t ainrbitant ailca*. A oottan *blrt. ?old Id tba Srata* far Ml ct-nu bring* fit raadllyt boot* ?U; cap*. M. blanket*. |10 per pair ??eh a* are told In the Ntafa* for %i I'roTlrli n* ar* high P' t?t<w?, VI per bu?h*l; tomato) ??rj abundant, bnt th?y if qui?k for par bin h el . flonr la worth 114 to tba harral whlla tbara > are thru-and* of acre* of wheat rotting In tba Held* with no p*r?on? to har?o*t It 1 I ha gild fatar baa created a parfact rarolntion in ' tlit? wh.|* country You "III not And a poor man In tha tarrttory. > rary on# ha* alihar bean to the ! #*, ' ar *ant on* of tha family, and generally brought back from two to fira or tan tnouaand dollar* ?* h Agrloultur* ha* baan antlraly abandoned Th* fln**t farm* [ her* hara not ral?*d fifty dollar*- worth of pr <dna*, r whan at tha pranant prlran Una man could *a?l|y har* brought forth two thonraad dollar* Tha Hudaon Bay < ompany ara r?aplng a rich har?e*t fro? thl* pwuliar *Uta of affair' I'h-y hare no co?. )*tltl<>n to prarant than from kaaplng up thalr prti?aa, ' and thay ara dally advancing upon nil thalr dom**tlc good*. I hare not had an npportnnlty of flatting th* rallay f tba Wlllamatta I r*gr*t It much, It l? raput*d to J ha lha rlahaat part of th* wbola territory. In an agrl ultnml point of rl*w V*nconr?r t* wall *ltaat*d f>r * a tnaroantlla city Tha mar at thl* point I* wtd* and afford* a ??ry good anahorag* for ***-ia of any draft I think Aatwrlaor Yaneoarar will bath* principal m*r' cantlla alty of tha tarrltory I ha lattar I* aantral. pwnnaw many aatnral adrantaga* oror tha foraar, w ro MINING EDITION?MOND but 1? about ninety niilei up tVe river, which ii tu objection. Oregon eity. the prepent i?e?t oi'ffo*erBm?*nt. ii thirty miles up th? Willamette.andtwo 1 'illejtabove theClaek. dim rapid*, which prevent all na vigation to the oity This town can boast cf the fineat \*ater-prtyileges in tbe world. 1 aui informed by geod ju dg?? that Lowell and Lftwrenca will not boar a com warlsou with it There are many large saw nilll* alrea'a.* In operation, and others about being erected 'i he lumber trade ia the principal bu ?ineaa at tha present time The demand in much greater thnn the supply N? 1 board* readily bring ninety dollars a thousand, and the proepects are that thai** prices ; will hold goud for a year at leant This cuuntr.' i? dentiii?d to he the greatest place for lumber probably la tbe world it can boast of abundant materials - the couutiy is almost a fore?t; goed water-privi! ages eiikt in every quarter. and the whole Pacific coast otiVra a market, as well as mauy of the Islands. 'I he Legislature has just closed its session of fifty five da} s They have adopted a code of laws, mostly taken from the Iowa statutes One. however, whi'-.h niey interest the people of the North is the prohibiting of -'negroes and miilattcok from settling in, or piling through the territory Kroin tbe limited observation# that 1 have been ?uablrd to make during my brief sojourn here, I hive been r?dly disappointed in the charaoter of the people of this new country I ejtpected to find an aotlve, industrious andthiifty class; but as a general faat, the ! reverse is the case They all seem to settle down on aiitici| atlon Believing that the territory of Oregon ii to be the country of the 1'adtio and that large citi?? j are to tie built within a few yeara at Vancouver. I'ort- I land. Oregon I ity. Ilyersvllle. and Astoria they expect fr< ni tbe rise 11 Inn.I- to realize vast fortunes Specti- j lationa are already going on. and land iu Astoria bis ??!i| lor litty cents pi r foot, where there are but fifteen V tidings in the whole town, and a pnrtlou of these Indian 1< g huts There are not three acres of land oultl- ! vatee in tbe plai n But one small atore, only partially stock* d. one carpi bt*r, mid one tinmau these two are ' all the mechanics in Astoria No t-ehool or churches of ' any kind this is the place that is spoken of by all tbe [ people of the region, as the great city of Astoria The I tiny at miH point t? good: fh?* natural Rjianni;^ t)r building * bar vee caunct be excelled; but whether it cmti j become a great city within the present ceutury, Id fery questionable '1 he t olumbia if a bad river to navigate; sand bars r.nd reek* are scattered throughout There is an iinnnase mcd bar etrefchiug entirely aaros* the month, which In about eight and a hail' miles wide, es?eptipi< about a quarter of a tulle, which in pot down by all the i officers of the seteral vessels now In the river, t< tb'< \ worst place they ever saw. many of thetn avow, that if they aie lucky enough to get out. they will uot be ' caught att> mptlrg tocn'flt Hrain The breakers ran 1 at a height of forty and sixty feet, u-ually. when titer* la little wind, presenting a moat beautiful picture to > the eye from I ape Disappointment I'he r. uring of t!t<* breaker", in a westerly wind, can be heard distinctly lortj miles up the river. I bav* just returned from a visit to the< fcluok In- \ dian country, where I witnessed a tuo-t revolting cere- I lu< tij? 'h?t c.f burying the living with the deal. Oae . (I 1 he old chietH lust a daughter a fine lookiug woman, about twenty year* of age. She was wrapped up la a tut h mat, together with all her triukets, and pitied in a canoe. The tatker had an Indian M*ve bound hand and foot fastened to the body of the dec-eased and then enclosed the two in another uitt leaving out the brad of the living one the Indians thru took the canoe and carried it to a high ruck, and left It there Their cu-tom is to let the slave live fur three days, I th?n another sieve Is foroed to strangle it by a e >rd drawn round the reck They also kill the hori>* that may i have hem a favorite *f the deceased, and bury I*. at. the htad of the canoe. I ?a- desirous of interfering and saving the life of the poor victim but Mr Harris, the gentlemen with me and the two ludiane. oar eompaLions, assured me that I should only gat inyeelf lato seiious trouble, and as we were a gr>at distant* from the settlements. aDd our party so small, self preservation dictated a different course from the Inclinations of our heart*. This whole region, from the Cascade* to the raeille coast, abounds with game. The grisly and black bear* are quite numerous, especially the latter It is common to see them ecme into tb<> yards and ab>ut the cabins < f the settlers Mr llymlsing and inyielf killed three In ou* day They are considered quite harmless h>re. atid seldom retaliate on the hunt<-r The grisly beats are iliflerent. They well sustain the f.rociom character given them by all travellers The elk deer, and cougar, are found In large number*. Wild fools < are plentiful along the Columbia and Its tributaries. I'elicans measuring twi Ive and btteen feet from top to blp are so thick In clateup Day that they literally cover tk* beach entirely round lieneral I' K Smith lett \ ancouver this morning In the (>en?ral i'atterson. ! tor ft?r<|b?lly 1'lils U tile (list visit lo Orsnia. He ' was received with salntes by Mr. llathawav. command- I lug the Port, also by tieneral (igden of th* lludeon Bay Company The latter entertained h:m one day duilug his sojourn here. In a style that would du credit to an s astern lintel The first official new* of the deaths of *1-President I'olk. <>eneral Uaine*, \e . was received h-re by th* , ti?neral 'atterson 1 here is no mail romtnunl iaMon between Sao Kranrlsco and Oregon The latest dates her* are 1st July, I believe frc iu th* State*. Tn* Trim I.koisisnsr.?Tin Diumi. Oa>r*"?mint, ?sn thi liosTii r I.mhs's*. ? The Houston ( Teia*) Triumph, ol tbe 4th Inst . contain* the following preamble and reiolutlon of the Legislature of that State, i ri latlv* to th* tribe* of Indians occupying lands within , It* jurisdiction ? VVhtrea*. varl' us tribe* of Indians belonging to an 1 under tne contrn or the I ntt?<l hiiim < [ \merl-a | have heretofore Intruded and etill coutlnuu to lutru Jn vp?n th* territory balonglrg to tfcl* 8'ut*?contrary to. and in violation of the (tipnlatlon* of a treaty, rortlud'd between tb? Republic of th* 1'nlted Dim and Mexico, on the 6th laj ft April. IS 1, I ai.d acknowledge.! and recognl/ed on the XI day of December. 11)38, between the Mid Republic *f j the I nited State* and the late Republic of r*ia?; and. wherea*. the aforeeald tribe* of Indian* frustrate I lie 1 proepwrlty of thin Sovereign Stat*- defeat the growth of our frontier retlWment* dloturb the bapplne** of our good cltl?en*, and retard tb* progre** of *ocial iuprovmient therefor*, ' He It revolted by the Legislator** of the State of | Te>a* 1 hat Mm ( gcellency th<> I >o? ernor of I hi* State, he and he I*, hereby repaired to demand, of th? Hre*l | dent 11 lb*- I nltcd Stat*'* ol America, lb* removal of ' th* raid tribe* of Indian* a* *o?n a* praitleable.he yotid the boundary i f ti e territory belonging to ti Mate; and. al>o tbe prohibition arid pre** tlon f tbnii lceur?l< n* and encioacbmeut*. ber? within the Unit* of Mid territory , aail tbat a c <pr?an- | be and rv?< lutlon be lor ear Jed to ea ir < nator* , and Representative* In l oogre**, an } l?? ra- j <|Ue*tid to procure ail Decenary action, on tpart of tbe yetieial government. to a* to obtain the obeot herein <}e?lred Thi Kiorimim ?r M** M?i Mim ra ? Th* Pitt*. burgb. (I'a.) J'ett, t peaking cf th* e|op?ru**nt of Mr*. ,V.Iller. ray* Mr* Miller I* the ? ife of Brevet Major I Miller, from t nloatown la . wli served with credit in th* Mexican war. and I* brother t?. the wif* ol our aiem | ber of li DfTtM Mr Hampton blakemer l? behaved , to be an ar*umed name the i.otbario of thl?aiven I tor* lielv g a well known ?oj"urn*-r la thi* city f >r t*o i r tbr*a if?r< though art a ritn-u, au<l wbo I* ?aid to tut i Hi-Iq I hilnil*lphia. i A etrrmtioidnt of lb? Nitt-mai Polw (iastttr. h;>. I -1 b> (i tlludnl to ibofi Ir > .Mr. Iliorj vl w ritt. f. ru..rl> of Troy. Id tbl* Stnt* H* bu a wif* ll?. Inn in \ irgiriia ?I.j I* hi- tbird ?if? >11* firot no* tn lo*t in tb* *t?niij*r l'uln*kl. rbipwr*<?k*d wfml y*ar? ago HI* f*cond <ll*d?f y*Uow f*?*r in Vt? Orlcnn*. and bi? third I* n**rly d*ad with n br?k*n b?art. a? bt butntud b<r ??ry unkindly. *? *n r**>rtlng to blow* duili.g tb?lr ro*lo*nc*ln lltt-burgli Mrrrlt ttaa* I ?n a p*rf*rt luan mbo' ibn <tn~n A >?*r or t? l(? br t??rd tbr (Itlrr l? >0W llrlMK iii* , it* in l'hti?<)> i| his and tm?'d hlm*?)i off f r a ?i*?? nan ?nd It ?M thought that h? >U(?|^I klmwlf to n y< urg |i.|; ?ho wu p<?iii( th* ?lut*r nt th* Mt Char I** Hotrl In that city S"in* two j?-ar? ago h* m*t Mr*. Vlll*r In I'ltti-hurgh and It wn* ?u*p?rt-d by h*r frl*ndn th?r*. tbot tbaro ? too gr*nt a d?gr?* of familiarity *xl*tl?g b*tw*?n thrm At tbat (In* h? 1 pa*?d hlm*? If rfl a* a millionaire. baring a?< iimuia'*4 a i|il*ndld fortune by n n** patent h* b* l p?fka?4 for making brick Kor **r*rnl month* pact b? might bin b<*n >rrn about tb* Moaongabela Hon**. dally. In n iltt* of IntoiloaUoa. About four ???k> ago, b? i?ft, M)lng h* wa* going to i innnnall. which n ib* la*t beard from bin nt I ltt?hur*h iMrni'tiL Ani)?r*? or On*. CttnM or Ai.?**w? ? I Tb* Inaugural addr*M of Hot Collin*, of Alabama wa* d?llr>-r?d to tba l.*gi*latur* of tbat Mint*, on tb? llih ln*t After tp*aklng ot th* r**onre*? of th? Htat* aod I th* g*n*ral potior by whlrh b* will b* gor*rn*d In th* i *ilminl*tiatlon of th* affair* > f th-Siai* h? *p*aka hi mild hut po*itlr* t*rm* upon th* ?uhj*?l of th* int*rf*r*nea of th* .North with tb* ?lnr*ry of tb* Mouth II* I In no apologist for th* *lnr* trad*, and th* Month ha* n???teoniror?rt*d tbnt It I* nn Inhuman and unrbrl*tlan trafle; but It muni b* admitted that th* world I* I grrnily lid*bt*d to alar* labor, nnd tbnt mnoh of th* j,ro?p?rity or ma tr*a niai?a or in* in ion in in n? at- | HibiiUd in II 1 h? South lnrnl?h?? tha raw ma'?rial for the nio?t *xtrn?l?? branch of m?nnta<-tur?? In \*? K.iigland aid (irtit Britain and h?? furnlohni cm?i?j- , Oirnt in tbomai d? of d?-p?ii<1?at p >nr In tho?? facto- i rlM. ai d all b> h?r nlav?> labor If It I* m rally wrong In tha South to grow hrr utapla by >la?? labor ha a>H< l? It right In the ,\ori b and i <r?at Hrltaln to anrotirag* It-|>r"(l?rtlon' No rnltghtanad fr|?nd of th? African pan d#?lr>- to Ma th? ncaro In thla country. piac<-l u,> on tbr ?inr looting with tha whit* man -altli a.|tial right* "orlal rlall and pnlltloal. I'ha consummation t mrh a rrnra* of thing*. *nu!4 proa* rulaou* to b?th rar-ofl InriiHftt wnnlil /*mnm to lw* nrrwl 11 ?tl ?m Anil lh? nrgro W"Uld retrograde In m'>rali>at<d deer*-*** In inn b>n Uh.n the contrntlog of the Sulherti Ht?t<?? ??#?inbl? Alabama *111 b? thor* nrnl with h?r p?r??oii

??<1 rifirrt. will prt-x nt *o unbrokon Irupt to Irnialt nnd n 11r i ?11 ?i Fim tw Thot. N. V ? Between the hnnr? of on? ?n1 two ?htw morning a Are wa? dl?ror?r?d la i h? >ut end f l?rf? brick building on Ida Hill owned by Tk mu Vartheil and occupied by a Mr I h'?mp?on a? a ina rliln? ?boj> The flamM ?pr?ad rapidly and before the mala bi dj of tha (Ire?*n wet eon the around the whola hinldinR wa* on Hr? wblrh together with It* entente. n entirely annniimed I he property wax Injured for (M Mi, ae J (ho prehabla loea will h* frntn $M?00 to tttA.tOO. Wt eotild not learn poeltlrely how the fl.a originated but It waa nappoeod that It aroee from th* friction of ntaeblnerj.? lVoy IF*i|, lAt 19. R K H AY, DECEMBER 24, 1841 lnlereatliiK from Cnllforiila. I A correspondent of ih* Buffalo Jilotrtn*ry writing from San Diego. under data of the 'id instant, cays Oeueral Conde, the Mexican commissioner. left yestertlav, with a party, for tbe mouth of the (ill*. t.l*)ut. Whipple, U. 8. Topographical Kngiueers, has linen there ?om? time, making astronomical observationsko. Mr. (iray, the I S Surveyor returned from there a few days ago, when Mr. Collier came in. He went a route further south than the one usually travelled, and much better, but only practicable for p%ok mules. It ha* been known to the Indian*; but I have not heard of its having been travelled before by a white man We are lcokicg daily for Vr Fremont, to relieve Mr. WvlUr. 1 understand he is coming from Monterey, by land. Od tbe 8th of October, I rode down to the Punta, with Mr. Weiler. to meet the Mexican couimbel <ner and surveyor and ours, to agree upon the ."farting point They lirst rode to the southernmost point on tbe bay ol kiau Diego, and then to the other end of the marine Iswgue After a lew minutes consultation the point *k?MM upon, mi') we 11 turned to Mr (nay's samp, partoad cf a collation, and returned to San ~itgo the Mt?n night The d)stano? by the road can tcit be lens than eighteen mlleH. I he starting point is on tbe extremity of tbe tub;e la*d, a< you approach the iay, and is fh? first land you make in a steamer approaching San Dlvgo from the touth. It luay be mat I.m! by a light house some future day l)u ibe 10th. tlif tcrumony was gone through, of slguu r a document, tealiijg It up in a (lass bottle, aud burning it ou the starting point on the Paciflo. \Ve role down to .Vr. o>a>'s ouuip, aiid there met (ien< ral < onde and vir Ssloier. the Mexiean surveyor, aud several other gentlemen ( f ihetr piny, our commissioner and soveral of our party .V paper, to tbe etlect that l.^ls was tb- point determined upon by tue joint Com in is. ioners and surveyor* of lb* iwo governsuebts, under the treaty of t/uadalupe Hidalgo. as the starling poin> on the Pacific for the boundary bwtweeu the two republics, was dra'vn up iu Kngllsh aud Spanish aud signed by both parties and two witnesses, then (ealed in a email glass b ?ttle, with a ground gla.--n ( topper .Mr Uray's camp is about a miie Iron the point We then rode down there. \ hole three feet d.rp had bet n dug. and a post the remaius of toe mast of m me unfwrtunate tessel, lay oloi-e by Mr. Weiler took the bottle. and, turning to ttie Mexican commissioner and surveyor, inquired if that was the point agreed upon, lie now called uptu those present to witue>t that that was tbe stalling point, on the l'aoitlo, ot the boundary line between tbe two republics. Weiler took a spade. handed it to (ien. Coude, who first declined then threw in a fhnvel tu'l of earth ? \> < lier t nru w in on*. then the .Mexican eurteyor and u?it Mt (Jray Wi iler then banded (be ?paju to M ?j. Kmory. but he declined. Tbejiadli h ware then invited, bd each Ihri w in a little, aud ou tup of all the p >at was placed by one of our men, and he tilled up the hole. 1 did not i b-trve. until tb? cereiuoule<i were over, tbe K'aTit countenance* of the Mexican* preeent hq 1 Ibai Ihey were pa*?lve epectatorn. .All the aotlve duIlea *n? pfiturtnt d by our people, and we were in hi ;h uplift*. 1 torgot until then lb it this w?* the clw.-iu< toene to the dlrnietnbertuent of the Kepubllc; that now the Uet Heal wax put, fey their haud<, to the treaty. Vajac hiiiory made iin Sort, by meant of tU-h?i ?f gunpoadtr on the height* to communicate with the party ou the l-.llo, to e^labiii-h the longitude but I belie Te tbey could tot be lean. Dr Whipple, who 1.4 sow the?e, will be back In a few weelm. when I believa operatloix will cea*e ou tbl* rud of the line I bare not heard what Fremont'* view* are. b it I believe tko*e here are tf the opinion that it will be better to leai e oil hire and e >mmenoe on the other eud. or at K1 I'atso The Cincinnati Uaztttr cf the l^th ineant, ha* the following facts from a letter from San Diego, relative to the party of Col < dlier t' 8 < olUctor at San "ranci*?o - The party arrived at Sun Diego on the 'Jitli of Oouber. aud all except two or three left lu a brig the nest day for Man Krancleco- all well, A few reuia>n?d behind to organize the Cu*tom Hoii*e at Kan Ulego. 1 Komr dl*eati?facticn wai manifested at till*, aud complaint*, of course, for thei. were acme turbulent wen in ti e party About half way between Santa I e and the Olla rlrer Lien Collier * party wan attacked by the A pacha Indian*, who continued to aunwy them t!ve diy.< tiling Into the can p \c , whenever they could do no witn afety to thtnetlvea. The ball* wbl.tled pvt, but none of the party wan hurt except one dragoon. wi1(, had l?< tii b' nee ol hie arm broken by a bail Several of the Indian* muet have b?eu kliled No other Heriou* diftcultv was encountered by the party, except tiie in** of ab< ut half their mule*, and the luconvenieuc* of being without animal food for the l**t two week* 1 be party crusted the Colorado on tba ltitb October. Capt 1 hoi n the commander of tba eeeort a dragoon, and two Vextcana, were lu a b at which unfortunately 3**t. aud tbey were drown'd. it belug too dark to old efflrieBt aid There were nineteen in the boat wk?U 1% I.UuUiitnf UenWwtfli nf the Artlll-ry, who * a* with < apt Thorue travailing for heal' h actuated the eommand after Thorue i death, an I tha ad?an<e of the party waa expedited by hli energy and kill. The party met A. U. <>ray, of the bouiriary ?ur??> cirp? id inn ana h? return** with th. iu alter inurh pamiaMon to kuiil? thi-m the way ta? cam* H km ttNf MM at Sao LMago. < ol U'rlli r aud oth?ra ecuinn noad running him ab>ut hi' rout* .vo , drc.ailng bi? return uniirraaaary its tha routa wan au old i>u? and we 1-knowu Oray raid that wa< uol trua. \\ all?r tbi*n jump?d up and raid to Oray, (who I* .julia e*>all-ali<-d Hi a a eoiuparwd with Welter ) If you .-a y i what I etata U fair*. I will whip you Oray K-plt- a that If V\ tllfr raid tha rout* ?a an old travailed trail, ha raid what wn I at a. Waller than rtrunk hiai e*f?ral blow* with bW Hat. and rlluchad him. whan (id) nh >t hint with a platol. the ball paa?lng through th<* ilaahy part < f 'A allrr'a I*/ near the kmid Tha wound la not dang?r< u" Tha affair ?iy? our letter, ??i fwullrh aud Wt liar la eonildatrd aa moat In fault. MoaratlTT or Jrianart 11 I 'aiiroa^i* Dr K V. Ta>lof pr*al4?nt and phyelelan ot tha Vew tSrun*wtak % id i allfortila Traolu* Company, ableh railed from N-w York la tha bark laatxil, about alght or nlna nii'ttlii iIdcc. returned fr >m i alltornia la thai rear.-at ( ity < n K nday. bringing latelllgenra of th? death of l Dia?ob?r* < ' tha a*a rlatlcn. *bl:h originally en Meted of H-rty-H??. W't hara hrrotiifair. |li>n f?m( of the fattlrulara of tha daath of William Niar*h and now gi?e auch information In regard to th? death* of tha other* ax ha* reached ui John W Van !Wtddl?*worth ?bk attacked with dyevntary aoon attar hi- arrival at ftanaimtito city. In August Aa awn aa ha waa abla, ha want to Nati Kranoiano. and lila haaltli ?a< g,.atly Init'ioTfil Tha la?t letter w? raw froui In in announced that hi* health waa about raa?t*bil?ln>d, and that ba n< going hack to Iha Teiaal at S?rrani"Uto eliy ?hi ra b* aij acted to pa?a tha winter. Ha did not ralutn to tha ?mtl and continued tbara until theti'h or October wfctu in company with aataral other*. ha I At (tii for l.fkm? I la th? l??K ! .. araa -*?"( ? ? ram* cMll and at ones drciarrd to hi* ciupariy that l.a ii Hid r.ct ll?a loc? Ho aiplrad In a faw oiiout?a. and ?aa bill If J t>*ar tha S??r?ni? nto rl*?r ab >ut two daja Journey balow Karramanto rl'y Mr Van Mid 0|r>*?Mh ? ? a moat a?. mjilury young man. and a worthy m?mb?r of tb? Haptlat Church In tbl* city l'o ki?*(liu tutolotr him lt? *? alngl* and about twanty four yaar? of a*a John t' luiitiad wai fir; iiiurb d'bilitaird 'n hi* arrival la < atlfnrnta Ma dl*4 on t>< anl tha liaWI 3d ol Octobar. at Sarramanto rltjr, a(? d ality !'!> yaara Wm i onc??r, jr.. aaotbar m<ai htr <>t tha Itabrl c??pany dUd ?d tba night of rtunday. Cctnbar 14 l(? ??' tbmit thirty jaara of aga m>i of Vd l oBorar, of Ian Mils Hun Ht Ihtm a wll>, to wbi'ia ba ?a> marrl'-d but a iihort tlina pr-Tl<>u? to hi< d'lartura Ihlllp V H?h*r <llad on Moadav tha 14th of Ootobaf Vr Habar IM Of a'-urry. which di??a>a, d<al>tlaaa l?d to tba daalh of all tba aboaa naai**d p?ra na It might Ij??p b??o avoided if tha ad?t?*a of tba phy?l<vaa of th? company had baan b??d?d on tlia pa? aa?* 1 ha laabal did Bi t al'.p at all aftar leaving Naw \ rk. natll aba atriaad at San f ranclaco iacnnd mat* Pi'Ularn dtad at Haeracanto city on tba Sth ootobar. Ha accidentally abot hlmaeif In the arn and dlad b?fora tba blaeding could b? a top pad Ha laavaa a wita and aaaaral < hlldran In New I orb - N'*a>k (S.J) .firrrliatr, tM* It. A Wiiitr Oiii. i* tma Bia'a Maaarr ?r New Oa* iriia (>?a af tba B'Xt raaoltlng and at <ba eaaaa tima. touching acanca II haa a*ar baan our lot to wltn>aa occurrad yeatarday In tha auction atora of N \ l?nla Tba aatata of llaaaaauto Duraa. caa*latlog ablafly of alaraa vaa to ba o ld. f'-r tha baaaflt af a er ad I tar Tha negro** vara hrou<ht up ona by oaa. and aiblbltad to tba byatandara. bafora hatng put to tba banmar Oa tha praaeatatl >n af tha third adaartlaad aa "Madeline an orphan qiiartarooo agad about alna yeara." ovary ana praa?-nt ?a< horrlflad t'i bahold parada.l bafora tbaa. a loaaly girl daheatalf fur-aad. whlta aa tba auraat of tba < trraaaian rata, bar ta<*a fenrlad la bar haada aad bar alandar trama eoavolaad with a<>bo Tbara *a> a pauaa af a?ma minuta* Tba eroad 11 uld art raallta that ana of tbair own raca eauld ba thu* lad up among a? gr?aa to ba pa??ad Into a llfa-lei g bondaga Amaiaoaiit araa anpoaadaJ by In digi atii a aa ai varal gaatlaman aat ab<>at ini|ulrtn< aa to tba aani<ar In tlirl tba child bad baan thruat Into auab dogtadlog aaaortatmoa Mr I'nran ?a? a Spaniard by blrtb. ?aa M>aa taara atnea In alHaaaaa io tbla rlty but lattarly. bli clrcuni -tane-a daollnlng, ha toird from tha Vlrat to tna f'hlrd Municipality, ahara ba b*|t a avail grooary atora and atrngKlad through rorapara'iaa pnTtrtt. ;> ona of in* n?*r?-. inn* ?nfthing of tha mrlT hl?tory of tba girl aarapt > u? ni l in who ra'ri bar aiothar wa? ? whlta w man who 4) lop ?l??n har rt.lld w?? pat but ?a In fan-., Mr Oman t< k i hr orphan In oharga to r?ar a* an adopted child 1kl? wa? when ha wan In pro?p*rlty Cut n?? *??K after the death cf the mother. a lady wa? In thahahlt ol tletting Mr puiati b"a*a regularly. to t'la child and continued hrr ?l?it? until ab >ut tha tlaia he on *?() into the rhlrd Municipality. moca alien four ! rr five year* ago- Phe ha? aerer been nee a Hhetner I tbt* laoy ana a relative or frl? ol of tk? imthtr later p?t?d In the fate of hrr offspring tha old man knew ant; nn? did ha know who the lady w?? or vlmtii' ?he can< I pon thl? Inf. rmatlon the sale ?i< *t?pped and Madeline wa? takan pnar#?Mon of hp i harlae l,ov*n<klold Mr. I. tan tueraliert her la hl? own lanilly. and will brlnii her np ?> a Bemher ol It If the law d>>e* ant da fcat Kit benevolent ltit?at|on? Hie girl th<ni?h of lata jaar? mtnplltig alwi"?t ?xc|a>lvely with tha o?(n a? of vr liutan * h< t>?eb< Id. I? Intelligent b-yond her jaari epeak* bath Preach and Spanish Illicitly and ?t'd?r?tand* I- t>pt| h I ba affair ?pa-dllj obtained piblie I,' t< ?Ut? In tba lower pa't nf tha f|?y, and rtMta4 an tatan?e rtelt'mant S O Iblta, Utc ?, Onto vii* ? We were yeatarday khnwn " Tal baieot Hold 'i?r?rat? flae, valued atab >ut f 140, >jteh were taken from tba intua rreently dleaoverad ? I be farm of ?>r tlllentt In Mon'gomery county, Md I ar*e qnaalltlet i f ora have beau ral??d auma j aclan a- I btrb wara ?h"?? a* which * ill plaid al tia ta>e af * I no m pure go; 4 to avary ton of tha or* - fMiiarrt tm ptt. 81. [ERA ( porting Iiitalllgenci. Loriaum Hti ici.?Mktairk Combhs.?Foi-bth Dir. ? Saturday, l>#-e 1?Grukt Poit Stake thru* sub scriberH at J>1 wo, forfeit $iOO ?lour milt) heats ? to name at the post l"?pt. Wni. J. Minor ntmrilb o. Vouoher. by Wagner, out of imp. Britannia. 4 y. o 1 Ig Sxyinanski i aiu?-d b o. terror, by Bob Letcher, dam by Brunswick, 4 y. o-, din. II. Tin lirotok p. f. Time, 8:43. WnnjBsniT, Dec. 6. Jowkey Club Purse, $100 entrance t>n per oent. aided-two mile heati* 1'. Langton's br h. John Black. by imp. Trustee out ol Maria Black; 4 y. o 1 1 J. Kilpatriek's b h. Pan Heurie, by imp. Trustee, dam by Margrave; 4 y. o 2 2 D V. K timer's (J. J. Hughes's) ch. f. lligira, by Ambawador, out of Flight; 3 y. o p f A.I, blngauien* ch o ltuily Henderson, by Rufliu. out of Araline; 3 y o p. f. Time, 4:21 4:18. Pec. S,?Proprietor's pur??, $300? entrance ten per cent, udded- mile heats. bent three in tire. C. I.angton's ch r. Uory O'Moore, by imp. ( ltiicoe. outof imp Piokle, 3 years old.. 2 111 A. H. t Rtnal's gr o llark,byiaip Clencoe, out of Kabdhbgo. 3 yiarx old 12 2 2 Time, 1:58?.,' 2:t>0 1:68 S 2:00',. Lnt'isiaRA Kicks?Binc.ama* Couksf..?Thursday, Dec. 13.?Mil* hcatr, beet iu live. W. K. Harper k oh. a. Scisser/i, by t?rey Kagle, dim by Medf e. 3 yearn old 5 4 11 P. I auKton'H b. o Klylng Dutchman by (Jrey K.ay.le, dam by Muakle.lohn 3yuars old 1 6 3 2 1), K. Kenner's oh. f llegirt. by AuibaSMidor, out of Might, 3 years old 2 1 2 3 A L. lHuganiau's ch f. Temptation, by imp Trustee, out of l.ady ,la< hson, 4 vcaTrt old J "> J r n W.J. Minor'* li f. Kulalle, by Imp Doncaster, out ( t I file Doe jt-arM oM .... 3 3 Jig. Time, 1:64*; 1 ; 1:66*. Friday, Dee 14 ? Purae $260. Ig. Szywaaeki'a ch h Doubloon, ty imp Martfrorre, out ol Picayune by Med< c, 4 y t ara old 1 1 1* I.huk'i n't rli o lioryO'More by Imp tilenooe, out of imp. Pickle. 3 ycai* old din. T. Ufll Mb k lligadoon, by imp. (ilencoe, out of Kaadanifo. 4 year? old (lr. Tint, S.61X. Ala iiam* H?in.?MimT??Mrnr, (Via.)?Wednoaday, l)no. 6?Jockey l lub Purae. J.3U0. Thoa. Patr>r?on'a rh i; lumping Mullet, dam Peony, by Couet Kadj(?r, 5 jearn rid 1 1 S. J.Hunter *b f Magnolia, by Thortibill, dam by imp. < omul. 4 yitin 2 2 Col. S M Hill a ch W Willgo. by Thoruhlll dam by Irip llN||L 6 >?arg 3 6 John * lark* oh f by Imp. UaUha car dam by imp l.urborouKb 4 year< 4 3 John i a in f 1 L'n ch h Oliver. by Warner daca by Leviathan. 6ytara i Id 6 4 Tim*. 4:8 4 13 Tiii r?dat, Dec. 0.?Jockey Club rurne, $400 ?three inlle brat* T. II Patter*"*'* b m ( haruar. by imp < ?l"Uo<>?, dam Betay Malmie, 5 yeara old 1 1 JiLu < ampbrila <:h. tu. Little t mily, by Warner. 0am by Leviathan 2 2 Time 6 7 J? - fl:#*. Fainar . 7tb ? Jockey Club fur&e, $200? mil* heats, he*t 3 in 6. X U (ioldby'a ch m Sarah Warren, by Baltbartar. dam by Leviathan, 6 yearn old. . .1 4 1 1 Col. S M lull * oh b WlUgo by Tbornlilll, dam imp Mango. 6 y vara old 2 3 2 2 T is Patreraon'* b h by Johu Dawarn.dam by Leviathan 4 ynm old 3 1 4 <11* John Clark * cb ni by Nat JSrudford.dum by L#? lathan 4 yi ar* old 4 8 3 dil Time, 1:68- 2 08-1 57 -1 56. Thi Pmtoi Nau 11 bttnit" Thavis aid Hi'naon.? The match In pi?t<d ehootin* b>t?ern John Travlii, of New ) otk and lohn Hudson, of Philadelphia, which ha* b?en talked of for aoui* lime pa.?t, cauie off la"t e?eiiin|r at the Sancom aire.t Hall. Tiavia rh > w*a the cbalhnitcr acd enjoyed a high reputation Kara lludaon odd* of ten Inches In twenty (bote, to be wetaured from the centre of the bull a cya 'l'lie parliea rbot alternately lire *hot* each liudaon had tbe tiret Ova ahota. Ilia firat abut brought down the white paper circle before the aecend he aeeuied rather flurried dropped hn aim onre, hikJ to* k second uni t I ho ehot w?* rattier wild, about an lncb and a half to the I- ft if tha paper. At the third ?hot, the whit- paper dropped, the fourth wan uniewbat wild, to the left, outnlda; tha Ufih brought don n tl.M paper. Measurement of tba fire bote ?ix ltrhtf ami t?n >lltMtlh< \"r Tr??l? then tired I be nr?? ?< near tba white, outride to tba lelt; the arcond alongfdd- the tlmt outfide (t it; the tMrd hb< ?,v ciltMde, tba fourth and fifth brought d"??i the white paper Measurement of tha b?a aliota, i iglit Inrbea aud two-nlxteenth* IIud?>'t> k fUth (.hot brought down the paper; tha k+Tenth, elf lit h and ninth were out?l'le the paper; tha ten'b brought down the white circla. Meanureujoht, even li < he- and twelve Miteenth* Tratle'rlxth rbot aaa above, rut-lde the circle, tha MTettb. eighth. nlntb, and tauth. brought down tha paper .Vta-ur?iLetit, three Inched aud Dine-alltemthe. At Itadfon'a eleventh the paper dropped; tba twelfth wa? al? *e. iutid?-; the thlrteeuth and fourteenth bra tight di wn the paper, tha nlte*nth wa? rather wild Ni>a.-uirnieiit. fburlncbe* and twelve-pltteentba iTavte eleventh wa< two Inrhe* above; tba twelfth was below, at tha thir'e<nth tha pa par dripped; tba l< mtaenth wa? otiulde; tba tltteeutb brought doan tbe|aper X at men.ent aevvu tuubea aud eight-riitMBthl, llud?f n'? la?t five thota ware the wornt be made nxteenth ituntrenth and t lKhtaeotb wvre outntde b?|ow, at the nineteenth, tha paper dropped; tha ta etitb th waa v* ty wild at leaat threa and baiflnahea autatde Mi a?ur> ntent. rl|lit Incbaa Tra?l?' la.>t Ore wera al>a had, worne than Muiaon'a; tfce fl<|enith an belnw. three tnetiee. tha seventeenth n>ariy ? bad, the eighteenth about one inch and a halt to tba rigbt; the nineteenth nearly fnui iorhea above, the t wectieth biought down tha papar. kleaMir> ment ten Incbea On tha a bole tai nty >hot? llinl??n nte.iaured twntyaeveD l/iebf* two sixteenth*; and TrafIrt twenty-nine li rlii i t liree aljtren'ha Ou the plala even aborting altt? tit taklcg in tba tan Inchea < dd? lludfon a.ut tlie vleU? by two inrhea and ouepnteentb Tbe firing wa? not near ?? go< d a< either pi-ty ha< heretofore and often done '1 hey were aorne what dlf tbtnt tha I<Htirt wara ?*ry faTornbly Arranged ?FhiU l^l'i.Dtc 13. Hhiiii ? Mt'?n*n a?i> Ailut ?r ihf Mianmrat ?A rum. r of an awful tragi-dv. n>'*r \>nt? raachad ua thlf mnmlr g It la tnld Ibll I Mr \run tr ? Urnur rr?UltX within a f?w n?IU'? of \intawa? known to hatt Id hif p ??fPi< n v ran two or tlirea thourand <1<>|. I?n. Two Individual*, on on* day la-t woak arrlt*d In the rttl trcra < InclrinaU ao'l Inimadlalaiy pro. c??did to Amour'*, for tha o*t* u'lbla purp ?a of pur cha?ir<R til? irtniWe* Thvj Indued Mci to pant ttiani through and ar"ur.d tha farm, and up'in artifn ft at a atrip of h? ?a? brutally tnnrderad by tba waxltl. l.nliiiiur'llaUly ?tart?<i for tba b >iim. 5lr< Armour, tba wifa nwiuj th? at ranger* returning witboat btr fcn?b*itd, becam* alarmed ao] ln?taatlr eonjecturt d tbeir datlgna hba necurad lh? traaanra of b?r bu>bat>d aed i?vl?d bar'idf In an ntljnv-nl roim. Thr ttoltdlililiialf rutrrnl >14 nearebad tha b< a?e. but b?ltig uiiabla to And ?bat tbey d**ired dl?roaerad the Infaot ?l?|>lni Id lh? h?d which (hoy concluded had b?t? aKwoUor?d by It* mother through fr Iff lit Thay, thereupon throw It lo tb flrw, with tba hop* that It# erle* w<mld attract the a'tcntlon of tha motbrr. Iran wboni they might extort a oonfe?*|on a* to tbf daporlt f lb* oonry *lr* Arm ur drang* to ray n anaiied to ra?l*t ?h? impulfe* of a rympathlntng motbar and retained tha ptaca of her concealment Tb? robb#t* it length. ahtndon^d thalr **?roh m btpeie#*, and took lb? ra'uro train to I Incinnatl Infinu.atlon of tba trao-acti> n ??< linin* Jlately commableated lo Ibr proper cRIearn who *ucataded In getting an axprer* train upon tba rnnd and overhauled tba fir*t train before reaching ( Inrlonatl. H'r ar? ol-a > d to add that tha i arj,atrati>r? tn? ptpturad. ami ? tV I y If dpr?d in t b<> Mucin nail jail to aval t th? Ir trial ?C nlirotbt ((Mk) Vatrll', Itff 1. Tur. r?o?iiiin<i D atlvta* or Tin W'rtt.-Thi Lnalm Title pap?r? if Monday r?j.r???nt th> markat la?a fit it for fii(i? wliloh wara arriving fr*?ly, *rd --III nar at < 70 52 TV and * hurtr* * downward tn l n.-i In roara pork, vhirh ?n polling at f* 2ft a *s nTH I h? I'Minrr m;h " l ard I* firm. with Mlw i f ll?l tlare?? pi rkhonra at S 10 ll.Or , 12ft tlareaa at ft'?e |IOO barrel! at A 4 10c , arid 2"S k??a .SH<" At Madlai ? to Satur lay lot tbc total num'.cr of hi (r? arrltid waaM)A72 au riem of 11,262 o*ar tha arrival* lot aaa*i>n ta -ama data, Tha ralaa of Hat'iriJay rrachad only 1 4( 0 brad at f'J 06 At St I.out* nn Ikt IHtb llittkt, tha araraga rat* of h'f> ?a? qn? tad at f2 ill. Tha aala* rap >rlad vara at a iat (ra < I fi a J2 Mi The (dairy Hnn U'htg.nt Saturday, quota* gnoil hog* at W) a f2 71 tha lattar h?ary i>4 aay* that tha minibrr whtrh *HI ha paekad at that plara thin *aa*oo. will greatly axraid any prartoua jur Tha?,'u'noy (III ) U'ktg, of tha I lib Inatant aay* tha paakliin hu'lnra MlllmiN vary antlra thara. but rapofta a drrllno In prlea Of hog?, tlia haarlant Iota brought tfciy f2 1 ha Indianapoll* Stntinrl, of tha 14th Inrtant. qii^taa tha current rata* of beg* at $2 25 a 12 .'Ml ?Cmcinna/i Uii'llt, I>f. IK fiai *7 Avmioita, N V ? A eorraannnd?tit of tha A IbatiT Kittcnt of th" '/id ln?? . wri'tn* from Ani'Unliim umln dat? of th? VIM Inat ??) I h? r?T|n t ??rk> of Sunt'id and th? la?t and p?* factory of H Mar?"Hn wtf d> ?trot"d by flr" thla m< ming "I h" ft?m?a ??ra rtWeorrrr I a tittle l?f >r? t??lt" o clock la?t nlpht. hunting Iron that part of th? Mr??m S '? hul'dtafra un?d for drying yarn. and Hfot" any aMtatanr" r .old h" obtala?d Ih# whola K nth ?tid ??? (t>? fb?"t ?f Until" Tha Mmn. Sa?ford war* lri?ni?d f 4 MM) I* tha Albany Mutual t'i.Am) In the sarati>a Mutual on tb" hatldlng* and M (HKi la I tb? P??w Jtt lj rrotrrlloi on th" t??k tha la?t ?>l which I* ?<* < lor n< thlnf Thflr loaa lnd?pand*nt rrl tb? l??nraiii,?. ??ll ba ahont ?IMO? Mr. V1ar?"lla t< i lumi'd f 1 (Hi? In tb* (ItnuM Mutual, ftad lo??? lljOO* ^ ba?ld*?. A muting h?ld at Boat"*. on tha Slat to pot down th" "Aorta of Watfon () llaynaa th" iilroetli of th< ftpht* of rrsmfn, andad la a ganaral roar LD. I TWO CENTS. I Tllrntrlcal and Hlualral. Bontnt ? For aome time back Mr. Lwt?f. who dramatised the " Three (iuardsmen," whloh hM had auch an unprecedented run. and haa been aonroti table to tbe management ban been uaceaalnn^^^^^ latere to produce its sequel the " Kour Mutket^^^^V wbicb Is j resented to the patroaii of the Bowe^^^m eteumg, in tbe nott cplendid and grrgeeua manner The aconery ia magnificent and the ooatumea are entitely new The mechanical arrangement* and properties are arranged by Messrs I and*- and Sherman, an l the luuMo ia o >mpoaed by Mr. A. Tyte The ea?t of cbarautera embraces the fuil strength of the excellent, we might my beat, company of (took actors that can be found in any theatre in the I nion. If we may be allowed to judge Iroia the former production of Mr I.ester we are persuaded the ' Kour Muaketeeri'* will have an equally long and successful run. Thoaa who rlalt lb? bowery to-night will have to go early Jlyrirjtoi of the rmph^en of thin eat ablishnient We ahall have a woid or tan to ray to the manager. wboee lntereata arc do propelly consulted by aoiue in hla empoymont \\ a baldly viait this theatre onreIn two years, although our reporiera ate uigbtly lu their attendance and their notices ; yet the Incivility we have seen at that eetablbhinent. almost amounting t? rudeneaa. la aomcthinit tbat we are aure the manager will disapprove. Bboauvav ThiatbxThe proprietor of thia beautiul theatre ofTrri, thla evening, attractlona of no ordinary character. for tbe Intellectual amusement ot hi* patrons. The performances will commence with Knowlea' celebrated play of the " Hunchback." Mlaa C. ( uahman will peraonate the beautifully drawn character of Julia. aud.Yr. Ceuldock that of Maater Water. Mr. Dyott. one of tbe beet general actora in the country, will sustain tbe part of Sir Thorn ia Clifford, indMissK llorn that of Helen The amusements will conclude with tha farce of " r r . or tbe Man and tbe Tiger " 1 liia ia a tine bill ot entertainment, and, no doubt will draw a large assemblage of our cltitena. Mlaa i usbiuan will play every evening during the week, thereby affording an opportunity to her adulrera of aeelng her go tbrougbjher round of Shakapearean ohalaotera. Nnuo's Oardkiv.?The new and aucceasful comlo pantomime of "Ilaoul. or The Ma rlc Star," will be produced, tor the third Ihue. thla evening. The cast of characters comprlaes Jerome Havel aa Karon /amettl ; Courtl, hla ser\ant. by Antolne Havel ; Aldbien, t'ecllla'a lover. Francol* Itave) , Baron Kaoitl, llenrl Wells, Hern tt. M. Lehman; (iood Genii of the Silver Star, Mira Henry ; ecllia, Made ia Maraattl, and other minor chaiartars by tbe nnaipmy. Some regret had been e?pressed by many citizens th*t Ntblo'a tiarden bad b* eu cloed eo loug ; but whan the vlsitera. ou Thursday and Saturday evenings, wltneamd tbe aplendld iLtnner in whioh the new t'anry pantomime was produced their exureasions of delight were followed be t?itml?d cheer*. upon viewing each gorgeous tableau incidental the piece. We have men many spectacle*. but have never beheld an) thing to conm near the megklticencc of the scenery of this pantomime. Were it to be played every fur tbra* months. w? belies the theatre would be crowded The particulars of ricb xccite are marked down iu a libretto, whioh can be tad in the theatre. Bckto!*'* Thk?thk.?Great fun for the Chri*tma* holiday*. Several new piece*, written e ipressly for the* cccasioa. will be produced at thi* theatro during the week. Thi* evening, the capital corned/ of the 'Serious Kamily," which in ho generally admired, with liurton. Brougham, Clarke and Mien < haaman. In th? leading character* A beautiful pwlka i* introduced in thin piece, which I* danced a-|tb great grace and clerernen by the Jr halltI; and Mi** Waiter* will execute a laucy fan Suet Thi* will be followed by a new piece, entitled --Santa < laus. or a' briHtmaf Dream " The im w h i nery I* piloted by Mr Oraiu, and tha music if cctnpnted by Mr (leorge I .odor Mire Walter* and Hon* Frederic, will danc? ' I,? /in^arllla." and the enter tairiinent* will cloe? with the laughable fare* of the " l aughing llyena." NaTionaL Thuiii thi? evening, Mr H. Seymoor. the celebrated man monkey, from the Southera and Weitern theatre*, make* hi* Cr*t [appearance, lie will introduce bl* astonishing feat of ascending the .1 >n?? of the theatre on a (ingle rope. The performance* wil( commence with the petite comedy o( ' Matrimony.'' This will be followed by a Pa* de Cn?a |ue. by Mil* O. I*awi*.and will be succeeded by the spleo lid and gorgeous paatomtne of the "Female Guard " This pleca I* put on rbe stage In the most ruagnilWnt Tianoer, anil every dt|iht Of it* representation it ha* been hailed with hearty cheer* Ml * i lertrudx I'awe* will dance an Irish lilt, and the orchestra wt'l play a graul national nieuley The amUMment* will close with tha Urania ol the "Dumb Savoyard " Olvmmi Tmcitrk ?Thl* evening, a new farce, first time in this country called, '-Hold Tour Tongue " Mr Valeot. an excellent comedian, pla.x Lord l.ureWf II and M is* M 1'a\Ior evert Imilff'a fslnrltn will ,u*t?ln the part af I.ady l.ovajoy 'Tat Sylphlda," by Mii>a < arllua Tbla will b? aucc?*d?d by th* nrialcal fairy i-xtrava/anza rntltlrc)' Th* Magle Arrow." Nmt will tillow, Walcott a rtc?rdltigly luuny looal buriatta ; r>f " I rtiik Mrl.augblln and tli* amui>aui*ut-< will coneluda with th* rxtravapan- it rallad " Tha Knohant <1 lata " I'M*, ln<l*?d 1? it tin* profrimoM <>t ?ut*r1 tkinDiniit f<r ona night. hu! Irom th* ?r ?: ooaaia oalaj billy ol Ibr artora will draw a good houa*. | lui iin (Viit -Thl??itulii| DontiatM'a opara bu.Ta, j ' T>? ii Pt will b? pr*?*nt*d for tbi-fourth tloaa. ' lb* cut I* airailant and th" oreh'itral n-c~>mptnlm*nt eomplrtrly i ffrrtiaa All tb who hare i-n Slgnorlaa llorgh*** a* Morina pronnuaaa ht*r pornnMtlrn of that rliarartrr a- th* most flnl*h*d and *rao?(ul rrpr*?*r.tittlon th*y r?*r witnt-a?~d San.jiilriona lu n llaa<|"ala l< a brnutltul p'Olcnan of gra?t nomta ability and th* part of Krnaatn h? Nijtnor ?(nidi, and I Malalefta by Hi ??l t oral, arc * jiutlly wall Hll.'d I MiMit'iOnii Hoi aa. Tba l.thlapaan band noi'ng*d at tbl* (> pular plara < f atmi <*mant, offer to thrlr parorin a uran'l *al?ction of m-ifro in?lodl*' with otbar aij.u-'DirntK during tba < bn-iuia- hi lldaya I'bay pr< Diira to aibauit tb.-ir bud^-t of witty uying*, la crd?r to p>a?w young and old Avian ?"M auM. Tb?ra will h- an antartainraant ?Tary hour during < hriatma* day nt tbia oalabratnd thaatrwof fun and rr*rrlma?t Tha \lartln*ttl Kautily, who ar* an murh adnnrnl will appear la -'Trial panto tnln.n lb* giant daarf and tUr t-t bkIhiik n^iti, can aim ba ???u. for tb* *n.a11 rniia ot twanty-9ra <**nt? Mi In ti Vi >i 8. mi i r 1 h* grand e"on*rt whi<-h rana iff on Saturday *TMilng for tb* tx-n?(U of t^a widow* a hi ori liana of d*caa*#d maiubara of (bin a<?>rlatlen aa> by no oirau* ra>aulat*d to InTut"* th* fund* of thl? laudahla and truly b*narolaut annlnty lliirt ?a- nilbliig ? ry r*mar?abla in th? parformaar>i, am |>ttb* *?*rtart,"l.m I daman* d* la niiroana " tba ravatlna 'M*rra<anta," by Mtgnnrlna Barturra and I "l.a Prarha Anabaptiata from M*ji*ib~ar't op*ra La ho^Wt," That* ware clttttly *? cotad. Ciai i a? Aaron Pi * i. ?Tba **e*ll*nt a.paatrtao f tformaarta which e<ni? off nightly at thla h*aotlfal an I blthraii* ara attrantlbg gnat rrow?l? of our nltl *oa. Mignor Falii fart" will p*rforin bla aatonlahlag ilalr trlrka. Tb* r*r*lpta ara for th* h?n*tlt of tba I t arlo f a 111 t It Tba auNiaM con-i?t of alit**a apl*ndid art* In tba ring, born man hip, g> mua tic and aero! bata faata. 8i? hit Linatar?Si<.*oa Bin?--Thl? ealabratad t< ttrili <(Ul?t will gl?w a rrlaa of bla vary ann-lig * t*rtalnn>*iita at tb* abora room *?*ry nft*rn >on at 3 o'eloeh, and In tba riming at " <+ during tha ??**. f'Miaiaa Hoom - Ollddan 'a Pnnoraiaa of the Nil* contmuaa to b* athibltad at (h? *h'.T? mom Mr < hanfrau. >f tb* NiUf??l rbaatr*. la tbl? elly. la I' ) i"(t bin popular rharactar of Mom. at tba Amartoaa Tbaatia. Naw OrlftM. M'lla Hlarigy I* plajlngat tba St. Cbarlaa Th?atra. I NawOrlaana. Vlia Julia Paan la at Mobil* Dnmnllr Ulirallaaf. 8?th Uaga. of iirarut. Va?? . haa tv??n arr?*t?4 T* th? murdrr of Mr. I'arkrr. roimHtal at MaacbaaWr, N. H., noma l.w jiaia niira, Tba f r> ?bj t?r!an < hurrh at San Fr?n<*i?eo ta??a a*r??d to j ay thalr mlnlatar a aalary of 10 000 par ai.auai Tba laipr.rta of Manltnvor. Wlaeo*<ls. for 1840 wara ! $137 (AX) In talua, rtportu 0M, pr>imlatl?a, 600 >ra?h ?ba?l wata caught In tha Satannah (Ha ) rlaar rtt tba 141b Icat. Tba i.arland Mllla at Larant. Ma. wara d?*tr<>y?4 by flra . n tba li>tb ln*t L'wi 10 000, tnaurad for ft. 600 >'.? ?to?h l.?ah*y ?a< m<.bh*l at Saniuaky, Ob|.?, la?t wa?k for lapturliig agalnat tha > ath.illo Church lion Jobii ft lailr.y flatted Dr John VV Wabitar. In bio call at tba Koatou jail on tha 1Mb la-t Thcra la a aati lamant of aa.artl hamlraj nolirci p?op|? In < aaa nountv Ml.-hl? in 1 baia vara Mi <1. -aiha la BixMon for tha wa?k ?n liwf tha Nth Inat ?f whioh 11 wara of conatimptioo Tb? II ml-on tlaar at Albany ? ah-a^d with loa Tbaro wara 1MI daa'ha la Thila lalphla for tba waah aniltrp tba Nth mat I la pi a of Kaaturky ha?? paa??d a 'aaola ti. n pir>b'bltll>? praarbara and miniatara of tba fo.pal from holding nala in tba Mat* UgMatnra Tli* 1 rot hi. T?.a 8t I f>til? (Mo ) H'p'ihlvmn fcf th? Hth ln?t?n'. I riu Wi laarii f?r?*i St i h?rl?< ml u? or t a > I otfcrr tt< wtt? di-?r>r'? In tha tba.'. f a rff at tb'? Ml?'nnl ?hi-t*?r n???r 1 <mi*?4 b?'t.r f i |.iroii>>d tii' tv than tba* ? hlr'i * n >w in ' ha ,(r . ,?J , |?.??.?th.r dunn* 'ha (?il. hi h-?-n r*-??rh*H\| fa I ?< table lolU niom-h and H ha- ap|i%r?*iiily ( *- a d?i p and ??!?> r?>"t, tfcn? taadarlnc tt IHtU lia(v?> ?<> I*. jiny bj wintrv On man* of tk> i*r?? , h- * r11 I? t St t an.a h- ?h.. *r? I . a I,| -it . , inrlmlll hl?nh? ami- <'.?n till t II art a?t.>4<?? ih? tountrt a rat bar pl>?*iT>ij mail Modular ??|"a-ao<v? for l>re*l?b?>r

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