Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1849 Page 2
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w m ?? ? NEW YORK HERALD. arthweilcurHer of PulUn and HumuiU* JilKI OORDOH BBRRKVT. FKOPR1FTOB AND KDITOR " Am'8XMBMT8 THIS 1TIK1N0. FY A LI AN OPBRA hOl'SE. Ailor PlMa.-OTELLO. BOWIBV TUBATKB. Bower*? Tm? Form Mmhtimi. BROADWAY TUBATKB, Bro?4w?y.?Kicktn-Fova harm*. KIBLO'S GABDEN?La ftrr. CH?unr*r-ChaaaoTAkirrio Dincifr?Kaoui.. Bl'BTON'S TiltATRB, Chamber* (trM?-8AnTA Clau? ?Tim iiaim Family-L?U8mii?? Uuka. NATIONAL rilEATKX, UbAthkia lunar#? tub ihtinciIII *4- FKIUA I K UUitD- D1 MM SATOYAAD. OETMPIO TDlATRt. BroadwAy?Don Cull di Ba1ai??oltwhc Hi vkih? fhank mclacghlin. URlsTV'8 ol'eka uol'sl?ithiopian Mmti AMERICAN Ifl'SCUM?Axt (iNu Pr.aroivADi'Ui ArTeKnikm *.?u Evkniau. a9tor place ci kccft-lty vr?Tn i ar> Iificiui. chine.* k kuok8.?qluidor'* fifrviini or t?i ' Hint. society i.ierary?vi>r*u.o'ji-i?m?maoio?canaii llnnt. Rtw VdiH, \V< <lnt ?<lay, Oei ?Hll>r? ^(1, lH tU? AlliS FOll Kl'llOPE. Tin rHfidtntV Mt-xigp anil Tteavury Report. MUS FROM CiLIFORMl. ?.VrC., Ail', i The nt"ich!p Ilibcrnia will 1?*t this i???rt at noon tc-dny, fir Halifax and Liverpool, The IVr'kly lie aU.t' btprintudln I Tench and Kn^lhh, to contain the Prrtlilrnt'fl <iingo the lleport ot the Si-<Tw'nry of t.tu J r*ti?urv Report of tie Interior Iiecartuifat. the preceding* in < ougrtne, two wiekt' later n?ws from California. and vtiy lute lii'.elllgcm-u from the Weftt lndi*r> r?ntraa. and the 8 <uth racitio, will be pub- j 11-hf 'l ?t nine o'clouk I'll, niortinff. Mnglo coplog in >r?; j ?rf. r<aJy f r the laaili, i-ixp?uee. Tilt War i?u<I Navy Kejiorf*. C ? to tin' arrival of tiic Empire City, with the important California iiewn, ;nd the j?r? ^-ure oi j other interesting nmitor, we cannot room, lor the present, for the War and Navy rej-orts. IIiwI from Kmr-upe. Two week a Inter intelligence from all parts of Europe, insy reach ue to-night. The America, t>ne of the tafct bo&ta. is due at Halifax. Two weeks?a w ider space of time?will give greater j interest to the news. 1jI.Iv ami Important from California. i!y the anival of the :;leudid steamship Empire City, at this port, yesterday, we received two i weeks later intelligence fro in California and the gold 11, being io the 15th of November. Soon alter that vff.-tl reached her dock, we published the m wn in au extra; and our readme will find the whole of it in detail, as well th DKiiie interesting letters from our coriespoudents in (hat distant region, in our columns to-d iy Gold i]t: i, it appears, is as plentiful as ever iu the diggirgs, but the rairy season had commenced, und uiinina operations were constquently suspended, to a great extent. A very interesting feature of the intelligence by this arrival, is the election which took place on the ; tenth of November, the result of w hich, as fir as it whs ascertained at the sailing of the steamer, I leaves no doubt ot the ratification, bv the people, of 1 the Mate constitution which was formed by th** convention elccted for framing that instrument soine time since. The democratic party seems to be in the ascendant in California; and although it Wei uot certain which parly succeeded in electing their cundidutev, the probability is that Peter II. ' Burnt tt was elected by th? democrats as Governor, und John McDougal us Lieutenant Governor, it is also highly probable that the Hon T. Hutler King, of Georgia, who rescind his seat iu the House of Kepreaentativea * short time since, for the purpore of running as Senator 1V< m California, will not Le elected, because it was manifest that the democrats would have a large majority in the Klute Legislature. This iaaditaj>p<>intmeat which | we expect Mr. king did liOl anticipate inf , chanc< ? w re in favor of Lieut Col. Fremont, 1 Mr. Dentcn's son-in-law, and a grnileinin ?>f the name of W (ilium McKendree (J a in, formerly a membtr of CoDfcrets fro: 1 the J^tate of Mississippi. , On tli* whole, the new* tiy thia unlval is impor- ' taut and interesting in every j oint cf vit w, espe- | tially commercially. The general character of j tbe intelligence, together With the arrival here of , *o ir.sny adventurers, posfcseing a greater or l-**s . aniouut of the | reciou* duat with w hich that region abound*, w ill have their effect*. Tteuae ; venture i* will distribute them ?Ivea among the ' several communities to which th? y ret.wct.vely j bt long, and the ink rmation w liich will be imparted by them, will create u nnaia f r emigratwi??? great, or greater than what ha* yet been eihibited. j The ru?h will not be gieat until apring?until thrainy teason ia neatly over, but when that time arrives, we are prepared to see n?xtyeara tremendous emigration thither AU those movements tn California will, * we have Maintained from the b< giunln*', tend t" produiea complete revolution in the commerce of the while w<ild, by divi rtii.g it from tSe paMSje around thr (.'*? ?? of < od Hop'- Cape Horn, j through the a< vrrai route* that arc being unit ruk?n in Central America, tu conne.t the Atlan- > tie and 1'acitic ocean*, iluch *ucce**ive arrival render* ih?*construction of aucii communications morr- neceMary, and warrants their cample* , lion, at i a early n dute as possible, the more certain. livery one begins now to have full f.iith in j the establishment of a mighty commi rcial empire of boundlet* extent on the l\?cific co.i?t It seem* to be asctiU U idea. Already the ti.ide between the Atlan*.cand the new empire on the Pacific r< quires and ernpioys a grcut< r number of strainer* than i< empl?) ed by our commerce with Kuro|?e Th?- tnercan- j tile community fe? 1 confident of California attaining thi? emnence, and fiance they ha\e tmliurked in the new trade wiih all their enn,u? ?. Americau uteri-riw will n?>t be ?*tifcli<'d with fir: long and ediona route via < ?pe Horn. Ii w.ll *r?-k earner and more t*|>cditious channel#, aad theac ch?nnel* Bin it be opened. There ii noihing to prevent t heir g don*. The dilute b?tw?rn the I'nited wUte? and Great Britain, on the Ntcaihgua ideation, ia in a fair way o( L ing peaceably 'no amicably settled, and no impediment nisti in th?- way rf commencing at cnc?' tiie coH?truc?ion ot a ?hi|> ranal through that Mate?on the principle of iu being free to the commerce ol the whole worWf no one nation having ptef*r*nee o\t anoili? r. The luat intelligence from California, the growing trade with that diatant State, ?nJ tli gorgeou* ptoej*ct before us, will give an tmjt'm to tlf undertaking, which will * < n give evidence of irwot kings. When tint n< ?- thaantl ia opened, the carrying trade, and the win?J? coura<; ?f ccnmirrrr, will undergo a revolution. Th I'nited States will tak* rauk #? tk* fir?t con; inercial nation in th* world .New \ ork will thro <n r nor the iiomi' .oil v? . ! t ^rrnlral Mai of the iri'inry |4iw( r?ami all uonncr* e'l *1 countnea mu*t j?a/ ua trib-ite, more or I <? V'rtily thr |?rfW|>*ct ia nc brilliant ani d* j'r??(jrep?? which w? ittf nurfo v/irhia the U*t un v *r'< will b? a.? notliiBK w bat w vri:l mike in the A ?*t 6vf *ofcredir? the o^ean.* < | thoae c< nia>i:g. ration* with the Pacific. C.-rgrt i, ?. e w, mu#t be pp aod d?in<{. Knleaa our v.. i t. rri'orifa rn <h? J'actfic are organized, with rt?* a?'i>?.l'!e boonoUriee, in"> states aiid Territories, on 'Ii<?r great principle* of compromise and ?<>?? ciliatxfi en which the iVon it.?el? was found- d . i* J ?P7, it if infcaaiMa to r<*Al?/e tlic vast prus ? pects cf commercial empire which are held out before this mighty and magnificent republic. If the fanatics of the North b* permitted to push forward their pernicious and unnatural principles of socialism and frre-soilism into these questions, the foundation will be laid for a radical disorder in our constitutional system, that will end in distraction, disunion, and ultimate destruction to this vast confederacy. No nation in the world?no race of men?neither Greece, nor Home, nor Uritain?ever approached the dose of its first century of independent national existence, with en^Vi nnurar uiwh WPftlth. Klirh hniindlr'SS firnMDPPtri. an the United States. Shall all these glorious visions be dashed to pieces, in order to gratify the petty pride or malevolent purposes of such demagogues ns Seward, Ewing, and Garrison, and all those whigs or democrats of the North who have agitated for fifteen or twenty years the anti slavery and abolition questions, to attain a little popularity at their several homes ? Never?never! The Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin.?It seems, by accounts received by uj from the Pacific, and given in another column of this I day's paper, that the Hntish inun-ofrwar the Herald, j arrived at Mazatlan on the 13ih of November last. i The lleiald is one of the vessels employed by the ; English government i:s Hie expedition 111 search of Sir John Franklin and his diringcrew. She proceeded as far us T.i 10, but could get no tidings of Sir John. Tli's is the fifih yenr since anything has been heard fn iii Sir John Franklin; and although that is a long time, there is a hope entertained th>i t the ?r? ut navigator is safe, and will lie yet rescued from the frozen regions. The efforts of f.ady Franklin do not slacken, in urging u< w expedition ; to so in Feaicli of him, and in soliciting ihe aid of diflirent government* in contributing tohisrescue. As \ et, nothing h is Kt i n done by the United S'aien. In answer to Lady Franklin's appeal, Mr. Cliyton made flattering promises, whicli w< re received with Krec-.t enthusiasm in England, but which were quietly backed out of. This must have been a cruel disappointment to that lady. Hut she is determined not to relax her ell'orts in the cause of her j husband's rest ue. Sir.ce the unexpected return of Sir John Koss, her exertions have been directed to the fitting out ot other ixpeditiens to renew the search; anil it is reporttcl, that if our national government will do , nothing iu the matter, she intends to embark for this country, and invest all the meuns she possesses in fitting out one or two vessels fur that purpose. Th* Mebsagi?Very I,ikk an Irish Bull.? I The first sentence in the third paragraph of Gen. j Tsylor's Message, is us follows:? " We are at peace with all the world, and we g>'?k to ; nraintuiu rur ebMlthtd i< tatl >u? of amity with the rent of mankind." "All the world," and 44 the rest ol mankind!" | Why, this is a legitimate Irish bull of the hest kind, [ and mutt have been approved by the cabinet, for i the purj ose of catching the Irish votes. The : general style of the document is extremely simple, I brief, even,quiet, and Anglo-Sdxon. It puts us in ' mind of l'eter Parley's ingenious method of bringing down the history of the Roman Umpire, by Tacitus or Livy, to the capacity of young boys and girls at school. Inportant from Uaytl. Captain Burgees, of the brig Santiago, arrive 1 yesterday from Aui Cajes, Hayti, whence t-he railed on the j Fth inat . informs us that Captain K. IladclllTe. of the brig General Worth, bad been moat shamefully illtreated by the authorities at that place; and on the in 'erference of the I'nlted States Consul, be was grossly Insulted, and threatened with decapitation A cusel of liar should be sent Immediately by the government to tbat place, In Older to teach the haughty Kmperar and bia subjects bow to act toward.* American cllUen.s, while engaged in lawful trade with then The following statement In relation to the affair, signed by all the American captains In port, glraa all tbe particulars, and. at the fame time, (peaks for itMtfi Wf, the undersign*d, rat'talai in (aid port of Aux Cajis, do dtfltf Captain L Radi'tilt, ul tl>? Aiuiricaa trig UteemlWcltb, was on the 3d instant taking in wuud. litem* about nu< a. "t( of tin negror* tmployed te oundaot thelUhter et wtod, wett ou b< atd or said veetci. and tlrat began, as ra?st lJk> tim negroes am generally in the habit of doiug, te be* lur s< uii: King it sat. 1 bit ? ai related, lie thea began to tasnlt tbe captain id the must abnsire maaaer. Said captain ordered bun toao ml llie lighter, ?Inch bt refused, lookup a I'oJc and tbr*ai?n?d to kili line i*| t?m if b* wcut on ahor*. lnai?i.nni *t Uitjs*nu?4. il* captain imm*4i?t?ljr llttWNItftill I rt, and taHi<1 il juoh Conduct van p.nimtad 'It.e oftu w'?ld Lot liatra to him. aa4 took liii walking rise f'oin >> . Iwluoh lit bu not alva or. aad piulklly nn?r will,) aid > nuuotaii captain, u a criaiiial. Ulurv tke J iatio-j u! U? p?a<?, witlwutevan p?rLrlUit Ln (ul tb* CjMuI, abru, Lr mere cUanc*. alulat i, the ?4T ll.i'l * r. Itll ia b* with a c?| tain, who Kk ' tl ' <(u-ul at iiklntad with th? afl.??r. The Amn-ioan rcr.tnl. ? h? w?bt iuiiin'4i*iel> to aoa (hx ?u lit* luttter, I I>maiu that no ?a tlafat lion coa!4 kc oktalaad at thta I i .?<, ? i t with i ? < to i no ef tha lu/ucat authuri.. . ia i i [ait of i -ii u<l, (kui.i '1 Mviia Jaan i .anJ, I sitrvti m wucl aathoritjr aa tha Ktuparor lu.iia-lf.) 1 it. i. ,'a .It. I...) o! lie iuauIt kit I atu.a which th* cfttun 1 n4 r>ac'Tr4. Tbt s*rrt> tM hat iuauit?4 It Ivirt iftatnt. <.. > 1 .r?'t mat tl.? cayOia had Mia'k hi ii tYia tl wa wnu a V<< ?wati ?. Moaaltur "III Uiua to the i-./f tal;. a?4 mil t.a;cau?? ati.ilt ki.) uut? m*t U-al >' i'Id r'.tik.? our of an it.l,i la. III if >t i-lir >i{ i' taritin with I .rnlta . < '<?r af ri Ir< u' u* t* r*p?at a? alao ?ia t'oaaul. fee [ It'll. ::. k r | art with the vapiaia tha a a* p->*<|?>a*4 i nil - A * . in !) Ii mat .aim th<i lux I. a tut at laaai I tai tj * iui??ia <iia| iuiaa kuj<>kOiat,i.'x i'. rti.t oati na, ?ta' wi Ii bin to (r tl at tl. i'k|ii u a^iir atrink of a! i - ! t.a 11 ai'. *o-i? '?tkt litat Wan.'; *i?f 1 lu | > it i'Id * !0'U to ?nt?r I ta btuar, I rin* die . "I < nl* t>i th* ut?,r i?. a hi win rv y > rnlnat ti a unp'i n, all ul wl ?m awn that Capi*'? K <111 atrlh* raid a*aro. ' 11 ia ti 'w W'.l bii"wn 11 ib t audi ia Hi-.' >i< i ravlly of tliaaa : m-j|'tl ey watlil aivt t Itltl talh wl'n na tnnea indiGcr* | m? ai t tu. a^'ilo drink u r.!?"a of ??! -. At la?t. ant much ! ' i ! ? kL'J Liary haul ?ni ! w- ,-4> n dtd in l.atiti. ti.'i InrtltMri r""'tt t aire in tl--r uioiy, id ul al.aai Milti tM a|>tKiu n? r?r <trii< k or i a 4 ka> iti'laica tin l at ro. a.i tliii uaU totan k< i iinr,?ti ii ?ingidMailiitii u4ati' linitaltnriim ' kta bit I m.i.'taia ;tc*ra>. IS lac", h* w kt Ula a aa Imaa. I'l. l neat aa fat .i to aw ar that 1* w?i|j naif tl.? aaptam I Itiaat ii la a ?l?i.k<'"B. aa* stitofl th* haa4 of tka A air I laaa .nil but I am haf| i ; j ?aj that Ibi llutrl iu mill tnatid t in i?a h* Jo?tl> n.*:it?a. and tuatl? luiu fori that ht itliiti til). III'UI < II tU?r liia tl.rrat* at II a j *1-n I ?r- , Hi A. I < r I r I r 1. i> I m i.fu i, tb* atTvr *u i?. |x.ti*4 vatil !* A M in t\a Itli lnit,?lirn tbo r maul aii ti I i' i t. a| ta ht*a t ;.* affair taral* | i.a' l Monatu r ?aa not\iil< It. aail ?h?a tla* hantiaci left, i i tl it c all I'll *' d. {^ a .J MirtlowB'ir. a.. of 1 r ? fan'iarr J iC. ITta. k. ii. i i i.ri* I'ktrua llmij. J. H. * rthan, of I t e M' .a* l>at,4 i i irr. ? ri Jtut ll- wa* K ijal lltrriatan. ' ' . l it', t'aklrl llaa r. i.r.< Toi r l<t*:h*r?; t harl** , al. f fi-itli, (thr. llAaaiii It Jan*. Wa rr?al**C tLa foilo?l>|{ 1 y tti" r* City;? l^rua. Uir Klu^'t- ii I'M. 1?.] Thrr* *na rr^Mt In to* oti Katur ]*/. ?bich. from it* .ititral t>- arlof. a j i r ?ra to .? ! ?? <-<>i.t? truth, that llirl 1 m ialalj t? 11< a n a lilo...lj work la tb la unf r t uiiati'aoa atrr and hb' u <ltrtra?ta4 e uotr/. Itapt' ar< from wbat lia-i r?*< b> 1 ?ur wtra tbat Ktapar ir N'ulouqar,' Ji ti ttoircl to ar?t?r bia:-*!! of th" (1?. fiat which b? Lad i?R*tai| in hla la-t raiopnl aga'titt tba I'oBilMranr. had Uft Port iu>lrlae# at tb" h- ad of an amir i f bi?r twu Utoukand uan. for the purpoar of j i:ivin? batUw to tbn nriay Th* mall cf nia marrh to Santii UoKlt|<' 1*. hdtarar. a-t -tat?J. b it It apl"ara tbat tba Lm u.nil< ?n? Uad tak*n a. io? una I lf?n* an4 ti ;a**a Ix.r.Bgit:^ to tin' lia*li?'n?, wbtru II i'j d'alrojad by aattn A th' hauf*a In lliain on llr*. M*Lati bfu Inform*4 loo. tbat at Jarctal a fata#! an"at'tl off tb* pott and IMltlil a son lor what pt.rp'ia# U Lot u icti n l wli-n llio Intubiiauta ft-ariLg that It waa th? Di mlrlran n>-i t i ouiltig dowa ttpon tbiit. hi i am wxefdlt (I; aUrmrd and hi rror ktrlekan at th? rlrcuyiaterr? thrj Iihim 1 aiwl/ ( rt'-l th* town l?avH It to hi ulatlr ?nt? d by tli? aootnf. If ; * r" iru< m?- vnv ?u- it rr^? ' . * n- kh. ( j, ?- iM. nit ibflrtota. \i Ikd th? t?w?I im'ln-4 thf pert, | i III midlImkM It* IkMl ti>? i< ?it 4?i>Mt?<l. and It ?* ?H' f the l?|rr ef ti*tiy hour* I *f'>re tbe fifrpief?Min?i cut thr ceu?? I tl IflrlKiit.eB I returu?4 U tl ;r )iou.? > It I* th utbt (liat HI* 'on |? r al lll*liii?*< K:a|i>r>r Krmk'? |tt# *111 lull r ? t.e formerly did. a date*' at thf hand* of tha Domialcen* If pr*r* la llkiif U I p.- !>< ul ftnir. tfc' < Ir, nmMene*. it I* an and 4at-utly to b? ?t h?d by ?T?ryto?rrrf f and k ?d K< Tha I>mrInk-ati* ar* a valiant koi chwuli Koulouijua Of i./kIii d'Vatod by tlit-m, kiwi I n>'d' Hbt he taught l< vu, II be ?>cei>*a with hit lite tbat h* win ii-t *<>ob liTfat d f will be rourt ilf?rlly bl?:lt Mintlar ordoi i foremen!* of li.itHIrtuala. > \ on (<*r It, VlnWler to tha letted 8*at?- trnm r. r.a ??? prti? otl i to rreeiJ?lit Te>l<r?,ti lb* >ii ii.*tatt. 'I lie ilotrla. t. linlr .< 1, 1 f.j i, !>??( , n. " i it. U??i"fa, Ulr. Miir.t < . >: Ch?? H Pea tr?aet? ... i>-.i. R. li' l?> Cr rltihiilr?n. < . i. I'ajloa.Hantfaali . Jm l'f?lr, d?: ii l.i tee, <1 f n ?1ol J I*4?l I i kii' i'i ?; i I . Kif A.I I?I ; a U > 'f. "if" ->'| r : . * r > < ?',l r. 1 n h. A. K?mr, lir.. I,. 11 QruatrS, Fl. In I if l?; C. I'. Aftr. ( "?!?? I>. J I , n, ,V. Car<li>a <r I. O. VI and I , Wat? ?' . t. i? i ii, Jr , Hmi in I f Ail:, W. t'ar.i- , ' 'in' J- I'mrliai'l f 'l !? : v, I'orta Kia i* St. Lcuu; W Y. a ' r. 11' j, nrmed yeeUmy el t!>? iivii<* mM 1 n?fr?i' I V j lltri, ' i *' F>nt 1" ! I>r. MiKv. t'1 j * I '"in... n || Ca^k C. V* i I a , CL lif orbit W. 4 . II t If U . t. I.. Mil a* r. 'In., 1 III r IS. - "H "'1'. A. II ? I'.' -it. 4 .1 *. ' I'M ell, d? n. i.H.Kfiar, Clr v. V ?.. ?'f ?ki.ti/i tU a. - i I i t ata ?t r ? i i Ik ' llm'l. | II. Ir??nf p ?>, i" f. Bll*'"t, iMMflimiHl f. * lll'ar, . rnUI. Ifl. : ?. I" lllli?, fi lit' Iphia ?. !?ui - 1 i V ' i I T ?lu*. h - ? l. < i. Vft 1 I 'I ?' l.f n r Mil '?if H. rr*t> 1 . I i hi*: /. I ' 1,1. .. i?l?i J Wl. '?r,X iif? i i \ M. H?l I a, 1 ? ' i i f f. rfit**? <' 4. w . ? !. | ..?.!' I| ' ?, |i< i'a*. < ; f ' : ?*?- | I Intcrutlng from PMaaa-Ut*ltl|?m I the Arctic EipctfltMni. W? btfirMuliid, by the ttMiahlp Empire City, thu Panama Ktho, to the 8th lnit. We gather the following items of nrvi from that pa par. (Krom the Panama Echo, Deo. 8 ] Wa understand that Mr Nelson. formerly American Consul at this port, ha* resigned his commission. Can rial Herreta, ei-l'reaident of tba republic of fern, and family, together with Mr. Potter, of Md., U. 8. Consul to Valparaiso. tailed In the last British steamer New Grenada, fur Valparaiso We bave bad several refreshing showers darlag the Keek. They have ouoled the atmosphere. and the air in now quite pure aHd invigorating, though "Old Sol" shines oat with all the glory and warmth of an Equator sun. Kresh oysters can ba procured the whole year round. We bave partaken of some, but cannot pronounce tb?m equal totheSt Mary's or York river, or those caught Ill the "oyster Deda" or "Old vlrgiDDy." Hi intend to b?v? * taste of their quality" at another time. We regret to stftte that an aculdent occurred on board the steamboat lien ilerraa. en her trip up the Cbagre* river, by which the 24 engineer of the Alabama loct two of hie tore. iiy some nilithap bis foot Kot entaegled in tbe machinery and before he could extricate it. the two member* of hi*foot were levered from the parent stem. Aleaars i'eilgauit S; Co., already well known in Panama, for their 'California emigrant! liquor store." have just opei id a splendid establishment, tbe "Panama Kxcbangt-," where they oiler at wholesale and tetail, the best ?lues and liquors trom ail parts of the world. Alio Havana ugars ot the most approved brands. We recommend lo ail emigrants that establishment, the flrst of tie kind ever seen in I'auama las-ire up Main street the other evening, we accidentally tell in with a crou d of whole souied Tennesseans and for the life of us we oould uot help thi oiling we wire back in the Western District listening to a stump speech from that old veteran, the late lamented iJavy Ciockett. Tbe novelty of the scenj was soon explained when we found our excellent friend Or Frankliii. in the midst of a coterie, cracking some of his inimitable jokes. Dr. tiari t. lrom Dayton, Ohio, a flrst rute, clever fellow, and Cue Virginia gentleuiuu of the old school, is brre with uompany, some tlx or xeveu in number The Doctor and company are in good health aud look aB pleasant an a May morning Tbe Buckeye boys! May their shadows never grow le.-a ! 'I he day on wbiob a steamship arrives or departs, I'arauia is all agog, and preterits n miniature picture (f ihe 1st of May in New V ork, when beds, b:>xes trunks, blankets ai.d hammocks are tumbled over and * an i?d to and fro in promi.-cuout confusion. Weadiitiie the entertainment decidedly The excitement is pleasant. unique, rich and rare Commend us to tuc.h m feast every day Maj llugbis, of Keokuk. Iowa, with his company of flfUtu men, La.- arrived mid taken quatteia iu I'tnmua. 'l he .Major la a thorough going liu-ine-* man-one of the Dm riasa poik jacUei. on the I pper Mississippi; and we lake it. if he aod hi' company have i.alt a chance in < alifornia, they v/ill * fait ' down the dust In ltul pork .-tyii;. ihe company enjoy excellent health. II is arnusing to witness tbe introduction of American cu-toms in Panama. and to observe the astonishment ti the uatii ea" when listening to the plaintivo aira and negro melodies, which are nightly auug. of " Mary Diane " " '1 be Hose of Alabama." " I ncle Ned." " Old Dan Tucker," *( arry me back to Old Virginny," Jfcc. 1 be sight is not to be sneezed at ! It ha" been calculate* by tt.e editor of the Star, that there are about 1,M)U Amt.ica.ti emigrants waiting fir Tiatnat/e (if 1 hese. li&O left on ttie steuinar 1 alifnrntit ft r San KrHLclfUO, la<t Thai-day; tint UlrcaeRiaa will be ready in ubout trn ua>s to take 200 pa'seugera auJ three mi?ll acboonertt will take oft' about '-MO m>re Tt.e tteamabip I'auama. which hai jui-t artived, will be reaily. wi' ui:>!? ri-taDiJ in ten to return to S.?u K lancirco. tubing. we believe, the halunce of our couatrjmen now on the Uthmu*. Alter itiat, we etmll wait pal lently for another niga. an J when the tld- begin." to llow we aLnll b- ready to meut It. We Khali bate two. and perhap* three, ateamnhipa (Oregon. Unicorn and Seuiior.) coming down from San ! ranci-co. nd live (i .hetapeake New Orleans Tennea?ee Sarah fc'anii.t. and. perhaps, the apleutlid Alabama) coining remit tho Horn, the emigrant* come aloii?. and ateauiei* will not want lor paaaen^era, and paaieager* lor fteinirrc. to cany them to the ' new constituted Male c 11 alifornla." 1 he health ol Panama la excellent. We hear of but few rarei ol dlteaae. and tho*e montly owinj to the Imprudence of the peraon* atllicted 'I he weather to delightful. Wo have real Italian akiea. with a genial atmosphere like the Kpring in the btatea. nh'ii the bird" ting In the wooda. and the " Hound i f the woodpecker lnhcaid tapping the hollow b?*< h Irta " It i? ertuuated that there are at the preaent writing tome twelve or fifteen hundred Americana. German*, I, Iti.-h. i.o . in I'antaia. all bound for <?alifornia To morrow night, (Sunday ) at eight o'clock, we rt all Lave In thia citja performative of a character dear to every American heart, and which lia< never b> eu witneraed In i anana b'-ftWe. We apeak of the Hliiopiau Serenndera, a band under the direction of Yeatra. Torrance fc Morrla who will Mug, In character, tbiFe ngro mel< dlev which we have beard at oftou with great guato Ik the State*. Theie will be, alio, a oiuiplete f?ijtH*nieg"ty of the moat Inlere-ttin,; ctiuraater ua go and eee and no doubt we aball all be well pleaded. Kor " useful i:iir h and eolttary wo !" [Krow the V.eho. of Deo 1 ] We have witneteed for the paat three daya. th > annual celebration of the ludi pendence of tlii latbiau*. The Uhth of Novi mb?r. 11121, the republic of < < I tiutbia wa* proclaimed by the iu.mortal bolivar; aud aince that tltne it haa b< eu celebrated with euthaaia.Mu and gieat roaDifeetatien of patriotic eplrit. Thia year the celebiatlon ci that nit mutable i>< nt partook ot a in or.! lit ely iuteri,.-t from the preaence here of ao ujauy North Ameriran* who united tbeoirelre* with th* native population In the celebration of the gloriou* day, The inhabitant* or thia country may rejoice now in contemplation ol the many lmproveuienta In proRre**, brought about by an era o| emigration and mercantile |Tiap>rlty. The deatiny of I'auama la now onward, ai d it* futnie career I* full of hope and promUe. We itdujge the hope tbat the pri aperily aud improvement ao anrplcioarly begun will continue to incroa** every day ao that cur etiy. ie a abort apace of time, will reMJiue all Ita wonted epleiidor and become one of the ni> at proaper< ua depot* o| coincieioe aud civlluatlon tn the Cat I tic On ihe #.htb. tbe celebration of a religion* ceremony waa duly ol??rted with all the lite* of t brlatlan leal ai d fervor and In the evening we had Riuaic at the i Ity Hall, and *pt*n'tld fire work*, which wcuhl have beer, Mmired even In fail' or the city of New York (in the it xt day th? "ii'ib th?' Governor gave a oonr? rt | atty. 1 he muric waa excellent,and we were partiroUrly p'ea ed to hear two gentlemeu of the city play tag n the guitar <J?n Morqnera waa prcent at the concert aa a gueat, wilhaamt* of di-tii .nl lied (>renadian otVer*, ant gentiruen from the I niiid State* among whom we wete gr a'I fled to aoe tfce lion bailie Tey ton and dau{tilet I t Siuitb aod lauy. I a?t night there waa a ball given by the Governor it the (tovt tiiBieit houre. It waa a large party, and tlie niune the lllnnlnatK U and the b> auty of the ladiea. a*M nib.eil there f(.<m all portion* of th* globe, c >ntrlliuWd to hiVhteii tb? enji.vm?nt aud ran It red the ball * I t tilt* Dt ailalr w? rtby i f raniembrauoo in th* aunala of I anania We were p'eaaed to ree at the hall <len Moaijuera, Mr Acgraml. hienrh \ilnlater to llollvia Mr ami Ml * irjiiu.Lrr piimu ai<>i I?IIJ MI uicj. mj/ ?DU UBU^D* ttr.udkl .Ngnri <1 A' roj<Jir * to the d?ilre axoroaaed by a great numItnl < U! rt .Uilrj men w? a brl?f epilolU" of tb>? itti >nU public a? i?ie#c fl Mr Jo?? tl? Obaidla Uorn> Ml tC iM* fri a.nca, who tinea tbe b'gi'ibii.^ >f hU admtal-'i?lIon. hfe* ?C(Hr?<i tmnan tb? American littcii- l>y hla tillable and K'-ntl- inanl) depi rlromt Uuiat l- p'puiailv. ar>d mora by hla auL>?riT underflndlM (l the right of rationa and admirable lu th<* eircnm laaoi uuiar which tha ruau of migration ha* placed hint Jiaa da Oba'dia ?a? burn In I'amuit at the commenetaaent of thiacntniy The law* mtr* lin flrat atudy. it d be dlt-tinyulehri tali inlf very much la hla tallrr rity a< a m< nib?r "I tha legal i>r>le?Mon 1 be tnalependtuea of tbe country being ptrc.Uim*d. the Jolltlcal beid waa rpm f >r all Sine- that period. Vr <? hi# been constantly employ*! in th? aerrlea of Mr countiy. Ill* life ban b?en . o? of i?*lf ?#crlflrtini< rbaraew aedoliuely deeoted to tha public Int-reel A a lif'Ttruc r i f thla pr*<?lnce. deputy to tha <"?nfr*?a it Bif uti aa< member nf ih? ^^late (>o?i rnnrO ever llatli pui?b? d bimaalt a* the altnoafe of free princl ' i n I nil <f iImm we mil (tail ? 'o the llf> of I (rumor O which refl.-ct honor upon hunan natura but we decline to do ao le-t we nhould offend atatnat good taate and hla proi.rMal modanty. A .alii the public vi lea rail* Governor O to tha Sena'' lie will depart for llofi ia Id i lew dan Our th*r> ai.l rnr regrata will arc mpany blm to'the pnat rf doty We cannot object to hla departure, tbe In* tarc*t of tha country caila blm. he milt go. but when tha r> ?|oti i? oaar. we hepa be will return to Panama, re?vme tb> government of thia important provino*. '1 he eorreapor>dent of tba f?a/ givaa the follow Ing lt> ma fn ai larama:? Fawaaia. Dee 4. 1849 The at' arner Tanama ?rr1v?d here thla day having |.-ft KranMaco on the night of the It'll November. Nha bringa 2M pa -ai-ngera. and lr< Ight to the amount of of thia there l? about f.&nnoo in gold duat and p?ele fr? m Marat Ian ai.d the remainder in geld dn?t ironi Nan Ktarmlaeo '1 here are a number of tha pa>aengera dlreot from thr mini a, In king ru?ty enough bul with wall fllleil gold bag' T l er< la on* ati ni iheiu who h*a filu UOO In g'Id diot. the r??alt of hi* own dttting. blf wa at Ihe .North KorH of iba Juba S o mile* frrtn San Manc.fco lie arrirad In Caa > raooleoo on the 3J of J ar.a, and will pr> bably ba in New \ orh by < hriatma>> dav Narar *ae dally labor to rl'-hly rawa-d'-'l l'hare are i then, with their g iJ>n ftoraa r.trying from fl 000 t? ft CCO Tbiar. howevar muat be fa*?n a> rare aicv; tionn. Th*-y r?fnrt tl?maeltaa aa ao a baring drawn tha pill." wlilie m<.?t a?" 1.1 then had <ra?n blanka in the i.l nCiult/ In flttliiu ?')<! th? i ib*u?tton of it in ?<f tl x l> I h? li-ipo?o|MI<tr <>( WMklrglba |riri?i nv-r l?'ir dr.4 *v month* In thenar uti'i tli" UiKMtn*:*. tn ft ol Utt> min?r? with Ik* ?l iMf 1 h* ?i#ll crt ihn yntr will Im 111} |>r tiTi-r Ibat ? ( tbr .??t ihifti ??i eMi>uat?d at tl? ht million* I brt* ?# a c <i d' *! ' f *lrl.??-< djvnlary nn I U i??. in i-ab hiBbcim-uaiKl tb? iuU<i r i *%* ami ??tUtBdli I i- n?l too ?!'h thin lift tha >hij?| Ire t th? rarloai |d'M iBtl rtuMtllial Ulo I'anan in,.(mi at In roo>lr(? down I ??'ul4 call jmir at'witl u pmrVtilarIf'o tr? arrival at Marallan on tha l.Sth Na?*?i i?r, r.f tb# Iirlti h man if m*T. tha llara'.l i ?p-||a k>-i'ait Jh? ? in * ?n-h 11 Mi John > rankii'. aaii proa*< jcif nn ftrar 73 I'.) latitude. bi.t c.ulJ in t any ;iJin?? I [I him. 11.# Itililt Itfl ta? 'Tlotai wan-it war. to 1 alrtat la bthiiD?* tli?it? I In I lou r ? brat* h?4 |? ru i*nt u) ihi .:acketi?i? ritrr. la March < t .sir J :<ti raiikr.n. I Ij# b'-ata *#-r* t? alolirat tha n?ara?t itatu n. tkc imjiti ?i?h ?( Ihr tmain/ r i' '*? Unti l llit Pii John f'tiii.*/. . ii M/t. a/fAti** / ia4rv<(trc | , ii (A# rf?/? ??i tc irh tbsHm/itfiiiiit itf mJtif. I l'(r?t U ( n; lr^>l M '? * lf "111 t* limn or tli? ti *t ri P'rt tl at r?a?!bn? yn.i. a?J though mj'thct > l-ti? tha j'l aii.y ucntoil l?r j imihw 1111 0 th? fata of the eelebra'ed traveller. that it wtll not fail to intenat. Tba yaeht "Nancy Dawann '' aiao rtpoitrd Mtt MtntltD. ueompinM tba Herald in it* dangeroue search. and balug bat * aaall aoboi> ner. ??? able to proeeedaa far aa the b -mls and ooa aliiarably farther than tba ncn of-war Tha awner of tba yaeht wee on tba tonr of aworld and falling in company with the liar aid. determined to go in aearch of Hlr John Kranhllw. Since the arrival cf the yaeht at Maxatlan ita owner baa died Ha la said ta have been vary rich and eccentric The yacht hma been put in charge of a tailing master from iba manof-war, and will be rent, by the Uruiab < euxul, to Englaud Among the pa-ceDgern hy the I'anuina were Geo. JUley aud < hris Lilly. The former, the hero of the battle Held* of Mexico, and the latter the hero of the more humble fighting ground af Wentohenter. where | be killed McCoy General Cile.v left the oteamxr at ! Monterey. Chria Lilly haa arrived here, and la on bin way to tbe United States, with a truck lull of the gold ut California it is raid. Interesting Intalllgvnce from tb? West IndlMi B y tbe arrival of the splendid steamship Empire City' at this port, yesterday. we bare received flies of our Weat India exchangee aa follows: - Of tbe Kingaton Horn- * ing Journal to tbe seventeenth inst.; of tbe Colonial | Standard published in the same place, to the i-auie date' and of tbe Trinidadian, published at tbo I'ortjof Spain, to November 24. We extract such itmna ot intelligence from them ait ore Interesting to our readern Ot'lt JAMAICA COKRK^PONDKNt'It. Kimcitm, (lam ) Den 16 1819. TKt F.migralitn Jrum Jjmuita to California ?Jimirican Hntrl in Kingston? Legiilalirt frocenlingt? Trade, Tbe splendid American steamer KmplreClty, leaving to-morrow for jour port, enables me to write you a few lines, \iuob disappointment was felt here in const)- : qnecce of tbe hmpiru City not calling upon us on h*r ! way to Chagrea. There were several passengers here, ! waiting for her, to proceed on to Cbagrei. Among I tbem are several Jamaica gentlemen, who are going to j California to make tbeir fortunes, if tbey can. The steamer liot cumin*, they bare chartered a small vessel i to take thrm to Cbagrea One or two other* go in the British ttcamer Medway. to-morrow. for Chagres, via J Cartliagena. tvc. A new hotel, called tbe i; I'nited States Hotel," waa ; opened a few days ug?. It in close to thu wharf where the sleamer coals, and b<-r passengers (lock thure aud i enjoy them ulun. They seem, at thU time, to prefer i the sign ol the eaglu, aud the stars and snipes iljmg 1 I at tlie top ' f the bCUce. I Tbe House of Assembly is still in session They parted a bill, for on* year giving tbe (iovernor bir I Cliailes Cirty, a sulary of jL'4 tuu, aud.iu the Meantime, a memorial goes to Kngland to tbe t;u?eo. praying her , to take this biary expense ?equal to JUtiOt) sterling,

1 (aitb lees)-from ibis uintiesxed country ; and as some ot tbe windward island Governors, U Is bops, aud ona; U'i'.ndi rs of forces, are paid from Knglaud, uiey reiiu<*st the same may be done to our Governor The bill uxj pired the iJlst December, 1S49. aud ft motion wa< made ; not to puss any more but ii was carried tor one year and to petition slated abo\e. Another bill is also brought ii t<? ralio a revenue by an additional duty on imports. (See particulars in tbe prices current sent.) i'bis is to pay the interest ou tlie Islet U debt. I am sure the island is not ill a position I to bear one taitbmg more taxation. It is hoped that th.. I 111 unii'l Ik- 4 m,IIIi?ii umlliiiLf llimuuiiitl. it I to be sent to thoCouncil, should it pa?a the Hou?e.? Another bill in the llouse in to be ni-t with opposition: ! it in a bill lor education. i'hla bill is much wttuled; bat the ?uv it has been got up. it will not give t-ati taction The iliiiti Biers are excluded from taking any part iu It. anil they are all up iu ariua ag-iiust it li gives tinwhole control to the t hnrcb ct Kugiaud whichl* v> r y , unlair to the i tlitr bodice. It won't pasa thin way, for If If 10 bo altered ao a? to et ct the wialie.-i of ill cl??sf<, & it ought to be. A tax of l>?d per acre ou land. the way the nmount in to b? raised Ibis will giie about i.'J>M()fctg per annum. As a;! elk '?' are to p ay till* tax. it is no more than (air that it sboulu b* 11 ueral tbu g in regard to its meiisgeiuent UO. IS iue excellent ietteia bare appeared in the papers. from the dissenters on the subject The b'tioiable w uiliwr who brrugbt iu the bill dm ? ac>t adb uuter, but n .w t high rbuichinan; but I tear h.? iia? lo-i hi* popularity by this act of bis '1 hi* nam' of this meiaucr In Robert Osborn a gentleman of eolor. It I* supposed tba. t-? ' hill nae jiiRU to blta by a few 01 tl.o UhureU of Lug lard 1 fhclala; and be appears D"t to bare read it bn(<>ie he brought it iu Uut the otllo ais wilt he di appointed. It w< n t puae, their way and tastuou. 1 be dusuntvre iu the iflanil are too strong for tbem. 1 he islai. d i? rather healthy. Che weather is ratUer warm during the day, hut very piea-aut at morula* anil night, i be water company in getting 00 well wo ai? to have a fountain j lace 1 ia the square in this city and the pUoekaowo an tin Parade ia the spot . (elected. Uumuumi ia very dull, especially at tbi* uwt> of the ye..r Dm . 17 ?'Ihe business of the lloose ia not J*t ootn pleted ; t turns are ijutte unaettled. The KuglisQ tuaUi of the 17th t?T. per Sevei ri. ciiui? lu yeati rdey. We gut news aa lat? nu Baltimore. on the hith iast , no thanks t- our steauiera. 1 be Severn Left to-day for Cuba. The Medway leavea to-morrow tor the Spanish Main. jamaica. The L*gia!ature of Jamaica wan still In session, and the probability ia, that it will adjourn without pasniuj any ineaauie of eon*e<iaence. The aubjeot ol growing o- tton in Jamaica, ia oootipyIng the attentio n of the colonlets, and the press of that laiand. In speaking of this matter, the Colonial Slu i lurj, of the 13th December. saya as follows ? ' Where are we to look for cotton This ia beginning to be a <{Ue?tion easier a>-ke i than answered, among the men of Maucbenter. who are now almost entirely de| endi nt on the I'nlted State* for that c< mmodify; and they begin to think that it la time to ctui'ider what they should do, if fr< m any cause that country should teare to furnish a sutlloient supply which is not utilikrly to be the ca?e in a very tew years. Hitherto they have turned their eyes to In lla only, as lli.ely to furnish what may be short In the future supply from the States India seems to have as Jrt beea consider* ed the only country in which cotton la Indigenous to the soil iiom whence au uulimlted supply could be pii-cutfd If the cost of car.-lage were not so 1 n^riaoua for the want of roads, principally, over which eo bulky au article aa cotton can be carried. The Kast India Ct uipany have been forterlug its cultivation for some time, but are about to abandon it part-ally. after the present year, therefore, unless the manufacturers net ab< ut cultivation on their own account, no cotton tit l.riletii.i -on 01 tarries ran l? , 1' idia W 1. thereli re hail with ?reat pleasure the manifestation it a desire to cultiiat<- cotton in this c-uu'ry. which we are ijuite certain can b? d >ne to a much greater | rot;t than in any part of the States. We hare been told that then- la cotton now growing within flvo lolled of thin city which was ouiy planted In August : last, the lateral branch** of wblnh are paid to be largnr ; and stronger than the main st'm ever b-ootnes io me Bioct favored ot the Soutln rn States Add to this that It is pirent'lal here, but re.nilres r?plkni Inn every year there U e have seen In the hands ot >1c<tea-by some stem- and pod? of cotton pic kid In th" neighborhood < t Yohile. and along with it, a sample picked at randt'ln fr m an old tree in St. Audrew a. We have nar- | rowly inspected both and to tlie best of our juil, 'u -nt IUC ^1. JBU[?W P hMUIJ'tr I* Tt'rj III lull UIO U'Tfc aiuuth purar thll*. i< w>il n final In ta*tur<' and loin *r i:i ?'apl* than lb* AmtlMD, thoui;fo, perliapa, m t quitr >0 >tr< ng. Strang" tn ray, too. thn Ara?ric?n j cottin which Mr. MiOtHk; hroorht orer. tent 1 nartly the tam? ?ariaty a- tha ladigaoout cotton a lurh growa alhl al> nt tha r"ad alda.a Tn re, and Iitm tor tight rt tan j*ar? at laaat without any cultivati n btltttr ; In lict, * MImi the tr?- from whleh tha it uatire cotton to which we *11 u tlx ?< pullod, Ix fully that n*r and bi< uow a drcutnfartnc* oi ttf't?<?n and I hraa quarter Inch'* In the inaln ctrm ; It la grow. Hk eii ?* to a tance n?ar a gat? and ha* BMet had ibe diahUtt car*1 b'ftoacd njx-n It ?ucb b*iu| tb? ci a. ill. u IliN* la turaly grmt lod<ic<m?nt for partial w'ao ha?r tba maan* ta cultivate thin great artiile of ?< jKtrrrr; tt te tar fium an ??| ?n?l?r cultivation anil r^ i|ii)r<? no eoatly batldlnre tor lit collection or pra.or- j tatlin The ptinrlpal th'"* heller* la to pick It el*an. ai d pack It dry. which would t" a matter of < ary ai- ouipll?hro?nt. < n t ha math aide of t hi I an 1, at all areola. wbm tbare ar? fete if.j,.j00 acres of land I'll adapted for oottoa cultivation With all thera favoring tlreunipfancce. bwp?r ? niarh t-ar that tbere ar* but vary few of our planter.! wfio bar* man* eutvwl'ut to euter Into that or any other new yttmi of cultivation We are ! <> to exprct tba adtent of eertaln American <<apiuil*tt. who It la taid. will enter largely into mining and emtio* ?rr< wing apeculatli ?. then c?nie, In (tod a name; tb?r* la "ample room and verge enough' for hundred*, a\r thiuanode. arid location* will not he wanting either to buy or hire in any part uf the country. It It, ae fear. r>e*<il*a* for ua to call the attention of the Vancbeettr mtoulartuiai- to Jatualra a? a ttel J f r the a in ply ol cotton tonally convenient aud iaeibauttIU*. IMIHlHllMMlttlttll Mil toranlMM otton at Bnnibay tw-eauae thera art. no road* by which It Mlk* HlttotH that port; lot for lhat reaeon the < tt i f carriage? ft* m the Interior l? much great.-r than lha original coat f pitlMlllll! liHt' .yray If MM I onpany will make road*, and tbua rendar the c<>-t of . cotti n at the tblpplng pott aa ch?ap a. at saaoiieaai i the U>?l?rn mauulacturi r* of Mauch.atar ?ill aoou hair aii ntf I her*. jUft aa th<> woal marrhanta of V\'ake Bald and l.eeda har.- In erary dlatrletof ^.nelaad Now. her?- all tbeae objection* are all ady i b'laud Aa far aa the routh ?ld.? d the inland It eoncarned. we hare aoft'.ciently cnnretilent rna lt to oarry any 'juauttty of prcdace of any kind lhat caa b? grown up >u lt,t<>coia i itdicue a^d ate lira rbipplng placet, wltbuat any heary eipanae Tba Maacb'-rtn uianhare kartlitori I ua ua great Injury, and owe u? In ri>?f?<|U*eee, miiii ra(aialli n. whirl. th?y wl.l pailmpt glra if they Dr.d that thalr own Interaat will be promoted'beri by But wa do n< t put much faith In tha Id* a ot i bialul.i4 aid from that <juartir. Wr r?f.'?r Ink u uS hrpt l? tkt *'tv> n! Iht ,1nni 1 i.n tmiUnm ? 1" era iniJ '<* ht ml,in' rnmnrnr If t ' I ' O I I".' th .. 'WI?J I'l ? III ' >t1 ' X T ( |htsl infitWt i??ir ? ?. k t in th> tn ?r look for an ?x(II | ! ' f t h't ??< ahrad rUTrfy if which atl?f<rt Ullft atii ?i (i imt) (or Oia tin- dvprirpj our ?!??*, ai.d 11 tlirjr ?lil ? ? think imtly. Onn/ with th-tii * tiumbir of latalllgtat tr** bl?ek and c l.->r?4 p-ii|il? from th" Stftlf th* >?rnj : cf tl rx; b of he mrrh WtiM to th* Indoltni m l Ml' aiaonj our i.?u pula'li d. m th# oapl'al and rnt rprif* ifthn'r fnipk; ?ill utui 'ubtfdly b com* t? th.' eo.r.aiuii.l/ ID gtL?ra1 " 1 Vb I legttnn journal* ara d-ba'lng thr prpprSalj of aland' lilt f Iropoi i. m.'l totir *tr itnt tit' (fiber, and fr'rtlng lo dlt*c: taxation loi ravmua. TklMIMD. 7,I# TuxUoit. i* rt Ni-t l}|h u;n In r?fi-r#nr<. to th* If tl at l?lat id lk?nu<t?in( duura Ixr ttaM i?ail?r rii.iiii* 4thOet< b r nhlbll a (*< r?"> ?.t 4. itii ti 1; but on tl.# yr%r th?r<- i? a KHi-ral mon tf i.l i OH t*? otb?r hau l, the m.ii-i- ha ln?t?a>i 'l in ih?* ?|iirft?r by j. whilst in tb* )*%r l? lm' lalli r i If I'j r> 1* * tbau A'HI Kit i lin f'n Lift a th j ja'i<lai'in r<a?? id do Hit 4UMtit O'l II tt? ji;?i 4"" ? I* AUj lvi. i'a* 1 ItiM glva very (light Improvement on the quarter od year. wbllat the property tax ha* especially Improved by about ?31,0<A) on the quarter The poatolbee revenue had improved, and. with the orairn Unit*, have brought In ?100 000 additional. The minoellancuue tnjra have (lightly increased by nearly ?8.000. wbilft od the j*ar, the improvement exoeede ?120.000 Taluiig tha whole iuaoiue, we And the balauee of in rtaa* on the quarter ?214 113. whilst the inaraaaa on the year la ?'?45 671. The lnoreaee of the export* of the country durlog the ttret eight month* of 1849, la u#w ?7.470 000, which not only absoib* the enormom deereaae of laet year, but leave* an improvement of I 'J /?:: I Til ......with ih 17 U/Ml.r ?h. ! exports have thus augmented fully 24 per c?nt, aa compared with lb48 ; our cotton manufactures have been exported Id an Increased ratio of 25 per cent for ?h? eight month* and uottwu ) arris 33 per eeut. Indeed, the latter article has ?howu an Increase of no le?s than 5H per cent ou a comparison of the la?t uttieial menth, with the corresponding one of last year 1 he imports ?f grain and Hour, we have already Mated last week, oontinue to exceed ooii iderably a tuilli<m of quarters per mouth. L'nder these circumstances, the uanufacturir.g classes generally lnurt b? vDjoyinj; a considerable degree of prosperity, whatever complaints reach us of reduction of wages, ! shi'rt time working, or reduced prodte. Ourown mer- : chant* now look lorward with great anxiety to the fu- { turecotton orop of th? I'nited States Che increasing assursnre tint it i* considerably deficient, compared i with the previous one ha-> already created koine aril- | nia'ien In eur market; and atthoin b it 1. believed that : the Hreks in maiiolaisturers' hand* itre much mere j r"ii?ldeikhle t)i a it ut-ual the now admitted deficiency ! 11 the c> mmg cotton crup inuet have the elleut of uiaiu- j ti.imuK the present prices however the manufacturer tray r?f'.iin /rout pMrcfcosiDg until hij stock is exhaubted." 11 1- KB ISLAND. The Turk* Island* (iutrttt mentions that thn council of tbote Island* had been prorogued by the Prwnldrnt to the Htil December iu?t Several substantial and very u.-elyl ia?s had been passed aud forwarded to the tit. tetr oj-(>eiieral (Sir < barles Grey), sonic of which had been returned approved of end would shortly be priutea, The ietslon bad. it i" "aid. h eri unavoidably | lti.gthy.ii> ern.-e.jueru e f the many little impediments i that hud I ei n experienced ! the formation of the in- j iarit guvt ri iaent, and the revere rlltes? with which the I I'resh.ent had been attaoked, hut from which be had quite Hoovered l lie public levfnrirf of Turka Islands for the quarter ending the ' Oth September last. i? civen at ?2,120. It is derived princl| ally fr? m duties ou import, an export duty on rait, end a uuty on tonnage V? yet the i urlii IrlaLdt is t?| pear to be Katlr>fled with th - change which has taken place and their sevorcuce frcur the Uatraman and are getting on tolerably well. market*. Kisuitsn (J* ) MiliKiit L'uc 17.- Btcf II?lf barrel* ; family have b< en moved at 4rfji. per t-trrei, 21-f per quart r. ami Ion. per eighth i irrel i i'l l'here are , l.osale:-of pilot at tUa present advanced rale* Watt- ; m u g pilot has been sold at . Jt 4 J barrels navy bavo j cbaup d bands at 18 < There arc o< ' any orackere at market Uutter? ,\ uin i. :i j. tu Miiall ki lta? met sal? at 7,'sd. a id per lb. ' auilli ..; ? tbo si/.es whieh are )d dhfayor bate been old by tfc< ruf. lv>? at. 6),j. a (tit per lb : assorted Hlze.? nave brought 74. per lb ; and loi ti it and 12'e. v Uiuli av tin* tavoriln siz-m. h* mt:li a< 7}-id. ha* beeu ibtalii.d. Cheese?Ameriiu in dull at tid per lb. todfish?Owing to the trade's beln^; with very ample stocks at c r last iseue, only a very Mnm.ll pi rtion <>t the large . ugo (".co tierces aud not 600 tierces, as we iuad.i 11-ntly punted, has bten pla-jud. The prices are 12s per t40 lb*. in tlero?s, and iss. per box Some remnants ? !' ei'|>i?i which arrived a tu* w? t ks mru., have been g .isg oil at 9*. tu lo.-> in tierces. We ftill note that ibe stock of codfish is large, andhi-ldeia hare not t- t piekied 11.ih to help olf the dried We i ay lttiiniK that to tbe dot if to obtain pickled fi^h and oil, y. i?:h article* ar? parcelled together -with dry fi?h by hebolder* n iy b<> auributed [ the obtaining of tho prices t?Li u ?.?> have que ted. | Corn -Yellow has bun s<'!d at 7s tiu per bag ?ftwo | bushels. Klour-Tha sfck Is ample, but tb? demand j is extremely inactive owiDg to the heavy (.upply of j ground j .rnvisiosl An arrival ft--in Baltimore haa. idnce our lai-t, put the market iu possession of | barrels, tl which about uh) barrel.! Lav? beaa taken iu i lot. at. 24*. l'hiUd> Iphia ha> ali<o moved In rmall lots | at :.os. Knight#-- Are very duil, there beiug no produce lor shipment. Haul ? Triuiu American have bean | fi'ldatTJfcd a 8d and interior at 4;,d. a fid.'ia- | obire bar been taken at Ud n lod p?r la Lard 100 hi klu* ainci io?n prime have b?"iii sold at 6}?d. per lb., j ar d an etidsavi r u btiii^ niaje to litt th.' piloe to (id i Th? etock is lnige Lumber? Pitch pine is becoming i scsree. and white piac 1* scarcaly In lair supply. 8bippers umst, however, ba moderate iu their supplies hh In { the pre.-i nt etat?* of affairs ooneuu. ptiou is very limited. 1 White pine boards ha\e b< eu sold at hod pi r thousand feet; and a lot of,pitch pine boards, coudemuedas **ppy, 1 have li .-ii dt.^p .r. d of at auctl >n, at t'5s psr thousand ; feet. tdar shingle* have lieeu ( > Id at ltis per m wood hoops are not in dtmand Mackerel - No. 3 are placrd will, dry GsL at u0.4. per barrel The stoak t? small but the high price ha:i a (euslble effeot on eunsuuiptiou. .Meal?Tie baltimore ver-el brought uw barrels to a bare market but a very itactiie coiiMimptioD prevents the transaction of large sales. C'jO barrel; hare hi en parcelled at 20a. per barrel. Oulons? 7'here tre u<-t at.y at uiarkat rinieoto- Is scarce. We quote sates at 3>?'d h iljtd. per lb Pork?The stock is keaty sales are made at 5u-1. a !>s.<. per barrel i f'r prime, end a AM li r k'.oe? Cai-dlna, of wb cha few tierces and halt tierce* htve arrived, is ! held at "Os , but no sales lave been uliectei. The j stock of Kast India i? large, anJ tin- demand is very dull; tales have been made from lis rd a 14s. per 100 1 lh."., in all qusntities, and according to quality. K?m?Has beeu sold at 3s a 3s. tsj.per gallon, proof 21. 1 f.vrbangeh Merrhsnts' Mils, on london, 00 day*. 1 per cent, premium : on New York, r ) days, 4 and S per cert, premium trol l-< oloti.bian dnublrous, 2 per cent, oa x'3 4s ; old Spanish dcubloors, 1 lr percent, on i.'3 (<s. 1 he hanlcs r.fuse rtnall gold, either as deposits or in payment of acceptance. Very Late from tli? Nanihvlrli Island*. W* kave reeeivi d by the K.mplre City, full files of the J l'utynt tiaii up to October 20th. We acknowledge the c.'UiU sy cf our cotvmporary at Honolulu, as shown in bit ccniplimcn'ary notices cf our journal. He mny 1 rely upon having the latest Intelligvnoe Irotn the Atlentia side, whloh our Xnwt oan give him We f n 1 no occurrences of special interest at tnis time at the it< lai d*. 1 he f'n.'yneiian of October ?.ayo :? . "We hare no special dsmestlo or foreign news to an - <kl. u..... L ?... I\.,t lal.mla ... In . very quUt ?t*te b< th phytically ami politically. No j volcanic nyUm ' no outbreak* of th* body politic 11 qulaaccnt and thriving The weather, lor tk? few plantation* tfiat faint, i* ?aid to b? favorable aud 1 crop* at* doing well. Sutar i* b in* made and brin;;* 1 a lined price. tlood* 11 almoit kll kinds a re abundant, ai l jikImek frciu the fr??i' ?-nt auctions Iher* I* little ' *al* for th*in except by Iltclng tn?m nr. Importer* | are w*arin? ratbtt a (orioot look, and tb* pro*p-ot m *m* to b?. that Honolulu promi?e? tube th* ilrrni-r ri krt fcr multitude* of ciirp ? that hare com* Into tb- Pacific in reircli of a uiarkvt W* anticipate gnat 1o*h on gooJtthl* tall, on account of th? mar&et* being cvetito.ked, and th* d mand exceedingly limited. Th* llawaitain ate a poor people, and their cnuiurup- i tlou of foreign production* In i|Uit* limited. So let ! tbo>* alio Are thluklm of shipping dt from < allforijia.or t-lfowht-r*, heie, not bt> dliapp nted If they come to a bad market." 1 he cxcltement coi^e.jutnt upou tb<? recent diffltultie* with the I- it orb Consul. appear* to haw *uhi>l?le I, thourlt th>' /\,/ynrtum in ftili publishing the corn spofiilence relative thereto. We f.nd the r<>lloa'lo/ 1 i?t of ve**?U, which hare arrived at. Ilouolulu from Shu hraotdfco. (<et 1. ?h'.p Heber, Oct. 3, sbip Montreal; brig ( * cilia LcvIm. nnd ichr. Johanna (>ln(Tii; Oct 4. brig j I-aiuy. and *chr. Lady l.elgh. Oct 6. brig Anonyuie, ! Oct S. bnit Johanna I'. ?ar; Oct l'i, tear. Starliag, | Oct 14 l aik Don IVuixott" 1 he fe/i/noi'n of Oc'. I'lth. contain* a communication, <1 mjoaitiinit that the pn*tuia?t*r at Sao ( raRflltoo ba* mad* exi tb.tant char < ? n I. u . i . . . m t:. l'o-t once her* and forwarded to Honolulu A* w* do j Bol profer* l<> umler-tan l the matter, we do not ven tut* an opiulon relative thereto But. frrm th* l'?l\nuiau <1 the 2>th October, w* ej. I trxttbe following par*grH{h*. relative to a mail from the continent,' whl. li we commend to the attention of bu*lnt** m*n and other*, net tnly here, but also upon I the gr*at AtUttilo **a-beard. W e would dliect attention to thh ?ubj?ct, and ruggi?t tli* *xp diency of calling a public m*?tlag. find *ettlcg onfout th* n*c*?**ry m*a*nrp* to secure an *b- ! j?ct, in which all cla*e** ol th* foreign r*?id?nU at the j Irlandt ar* Internets A* ti.e matter in now con Ju-ted . we are indel taj to pthate pattie* lu San krandaco, for all that teaohe* in. At all event*. a reform if greatly n?*d*d. both in r?- | gard to tb* prlc* charged, and tb* ni"d* of forwarding tb* trail for the iMand*. in which to many are deeply ; llil*r*<l<d And we would renew th? *ngg< *tlon that f. me of tbe lending commercial h u**t tak? th* lead In j the matter, call a meeting, and memoiiall e the Po*t- i r.a.leHxi * c I t! e I nHrl S;atr? out h" eubject. a?4 | i-e* if fi no thlng cannot b* done by whioh a regular | n.ali may be made up by the ro<*ter at San H ran- i clrco. and for warded as toon a* uia7 b*. after th* arri- j tai of the mail tia lanauia We are of opinion, that > the captain < f any veMCl. leaving San f'tilcit** for the l?lacd*. would fret ly- nay. gladly, take charge of a mall hag atid partlcuSatly V**?els under th* flag of j Maji fty, who** ( on^ol at San Kran< l*co would tak* an ?*p> clal intereat in gltlng Information In tegard to the I -ailing of ruth re**i la In tb* paper of tb* .'am* date, we find til* following ! paragraph* By th* tr**el? which hare recently left f ir ( alif >ruia cnn-lderable <,nantltle* cf the pr<Muctlou* of th* island* bare been exported thence We hare not th* mi an* of knowing th* exact amount, but among th* more pr?mln*iit article* may b* enumerated xugar. lime, ba*. potato**, t nlons. r |uat>be*, and ? tae oth*r *4 > ftallit and fruit" 'I hf demand for th*f?, mid otb<-r production* of th* If and*. including c. (T?* rail. and furnitur* wood*. ?? j doubt n? t will h* g' <t lot a loi.rf tloie to c.'Hi''. ?ntl will amply taiiiunnat* th? ?* ?h* m* *Dfra<*d iu their production. A *tram*r, pljit g b*t?e*n thi* art I Son Kr?nilito, vtiill urnt!) ItirMN Iba aiport <i *agat*Ma* *i d fruit*; and wi> bop* to *** on* put upm th* rout* tefir* ma'.y month* *!?(.*? VV* hop* of our enterprising neighbor* will **nj on* Iodic < ? ? *xp* nothing nor* Try It. 1 h* 1 N *hip of tb? ilne Ohli. U. It Striblln* Kn<j , CWtiBinndrr. ariiwd at llilo. on th* 7th lu?t .In 23 day* ft*m ' an f ran?"i ro I'cr destination **? Valparaiso ardth* I i it*d state*. hut on aeeouut of tha *cur.y baling bri htn Mtt ?mon| th* araw. aha put .iway i t tb?*e Hatid* to recruit W? h-ar ilia' Mr*. Ilobaon and >rn ar* |>u> tugrr.? on h ar 1, for \ aljarai?o, and that tbe thip m111 **il again atout the 34th Intt lb* tumor In circulation noma day* tinea, that th* rffi?e* of t cmuili'li n*r and I'onrnl of tU* i nltrd i'.UN * were to b< fl'li d by olht r iBriimbenM. I* aoaftrtned by Ititil'lgenee r*e ii*d bjr th* Ohio It I*, d 'Ubtl***, an *?li In tb<- f tattle* of th* .Am* rlran gm < mm* nt. remit'. wl'li rnrj oh?tige of filter anient at homn, th* lurrigu iflloialr at thi* gr*at ltMnm * A man ha* ?CfU'>iy t'tu* to l? r. in" ar (aaiiited with lb* d*taii? vi LI* <fl>*. b*fu? rutuor int.mate* that hiil? t?li,I of and a ?h"rt p*rlod confirm* th* rumor, and I his tuic?wor arrl??' t< h* utM<i?*d*d in hli turn, la a i few m< nth# tf }< r* at ro<>t, Much 1* tti la I oil In i |M{|i|vt tlaie, etc., that might b?MTtvl w?*e < m p put ?ueh the prMtlc*. M tb? preeent mo-ueat. ? W> lteie, bo 1?m tban threw enmmUntniX're are no tier a p. polntment to tbviv Mend*, and b>?for? (bo Htnnd ku reeobed here, or b??u luUuu'rd at all into bie oAo*. M* ruceencor 1* appoliitrd and may poeelbly NMk km Bret Rotation In office In a faeorlte P'lley is th# American republic; but we ?ee by the ttbof*, thftt It m?j be carried to an injurium eitent. City lutein^t uo?. CHIIIlMil DA*. Some devoted the duy to pi. %?uru and enviii"r/;nte, reebi e* Berncm'a II neeum? which, by tbebye, was t*Hefullj f**toroi'd with t??r#;ro?ni?and brought the juui< to eee th* tigUte of the city; while a Urge give th?aeelfee upto rcliKicn iu the moruier. :in 1 u rc. real. ?- tuu>i< I dine is in U e evening. But there ia auoibur ela-e ilu, tltkt ?u sueuld have to tell it!-who utfered aacrifee at tie ahriaw if Bacchus. puriii* out copiou* libationa to the Jolly god. The mult wan, that ti e m an t. rates had a tuny timi of it, adjudicating upon eaaea of mtoaicatioo. drinking hot whiskey " akiua" iu heated loom*. and theu xoiug out i??o the e*ir mmiikBUT mh taken auwilli and ban tutu helpJcaaly and stupidly drunk, who nould have taken a far greater quantum of honor with impunity.uuderotbercir jiu iaaota. it it c xccodin|rly dan :orou? to driuk to eac-. ?, then expi st the tody to intense cold?death is often the consequence. VI e are gratifled to have to re ord a more u auly an) more wot thy manner of up* ndinc the day. The number of target eicursiors w as Very great. Though tke weai tur w?a eaieediii(.ly cold, it was dry aud braciug. mid. tkcrtore, the more aoapttd fi't* .creiae. I' was pluasaet t*a?e the youag hl.xj i f t he country thus ape: inn th?lr holiday, insts ?J of I ja'iuii r'. ut ilran. ihr.i cr ndulrinf io dUaipa'-io'i. It ia by inuring* * the body to colu and fatigue and Ion.; u, arches, thai the phys.e:U man and tit< soldo r ia made, fteaidoa the target coinpanic*, there wort nmoij final parHrs out upon auootinge*Oonict* on Island uud No ? Jersey, contending for the pri/.o ol r. turl ey or g mto! and of these oonteat* wero highly an.usirg, nlytl it the unfortunate bird* were frequently tcrtuud by a alow death, instead of being despatched at < tec. '1 he follow inn i* # li?t of the target etouraions Tl.e Van l>yke Cadet.- proceeded on ,i turret excursion, anA looked rcnjbrki.hly \>el) t -J were conir.iu'-J ly Vandyke, Caption; W. C. 11 *gadorn, Fust l.i utenant; C. l'oillon, Second lieutenant; J. M I'arlcr, 1iri Lieutenant, VV, U. Uriuliherbott, Fourth Lieutenant. T1.0 Ifendurtr ot tht company is Urael C. i.uwence. Tl.e Fultou ftlu a i as-i d duwu Fultop street at V.i'f-past two o'clock, with about thirty uiuahcta, and un c (utjlieut band oi music. I ihe li.dependent Tlall Cti.irds, junior, a juvenile eorpi, at most amusing set of little chaps, bearing forty woolen m>utto gun a, with fi,mo vaiitablo irvn one , und the oliicerewith steel aworda iu haud, pioeeeded to Willia<i>;<^>iirgh upoa a tai'.'xt eacnrnoD, noUer the couuimiiI of tic ,r^e N. Sioitti. The Im prue m an a silver cup. wou by J U. Ki r '; the aeciLd, it stiver cup, wou I yd. Johnson; tl.n tWiri. an ocuaii; atul powder h.irn, v n l y 1). Morituoinervt thofiurth, a. Santa t la< f, wen by J Smith. The lar^st, which was horao ty ^ joudk nc^ro. ?u well riddled. The air of martial prido with which th? y itruttvd through the e'.recu was laugtiible. U i* no wonder w? are " toe ?in: rtest nation iu creation," ?, h. c we thui " teai b the jreuuc idea hu?r to shcot." 'l he In* itci'i !ea. t. l-i. . io )u.| aay, C ipiadu AlcxanloC Su.'.tli, with time form idable tlowus. beari .< iutmcuae axes. :ih piotcrs. They h r? the ui"S? amdeiuu rontpuay th*6 I I J, m ith a tnri f f Mil I '<1 'h t ulitt.t, a ad t .9 n-.'Hto wa? L.i it '.jit, rirji at (V, cy step Irs iu ita weUht. i a l'irat A ard M.i*;vi titcr?, on horaol aok,ci>xpo*e J ?( thu fai cy men 11 the <:*.y. 'J. I'ukDowii Ram,era ir.l Spruce strctt Tishirs. 'l. c Carlisle Ut art:-, t ap aiu W. vVeei. aecumpuuM >> T>i U's Band. A w ell drilkd c >tnpauy, wuh a W'.'il ndlloil tarsot. l| Ijuijco Cuhti's?all jouncboys. 1'arf. .r I.igh' (iunrda Captaiu Juekiou. ( l' t n Hoinf <iu?rdi?, t'aptali K .sr-el. limine I uijauyC, CVptuiu Can* n, a wc'.l ihilledcom paitv? nev< rty-, if I t inusVeti. elk) te aOu?r<la l apt. < i ments; tlrvsod with tire ooata aa<t , rr .lie tf. nti'l a kiira titotapc, with froois like hnuieta. Alt' 11'. < r vl.ey made a l nt appenrani e, ai I uiac 'haj ea-eedliifly veil. I'aiter I i-I t Gua't'a. Capt. Dt f kcr. All b"rs, fro-n air tot n toeiyhticu years ofaic. H ull drilled. Thjy had thirty musket*. Ir i 'rrt firi r ?, I f Wi'li.iiti-bur^h.) Capt. J >hn M Coi.iitii. Ins* iitte, vnn l.y Lieut. k, bi. ruiau.aeil \ r t t'|>i feci nt tni, ?\ , by priva'e Diaiei Uoylc, a |ol,' jinc: third rrtte, won oy privatu Coraon Mjer, ajoll brcas*.pin. I . 1 co 11 On v',', Cart. Ale'; D^d worth'* comct I is J; 11 Ccn patty No U. AtLortcna Guard*, a well drilled company, c nneo'.id witla tcrlr.e(.'< mrany No. 0, with *ev<n iar^e piomt^ra, w-euriac I'll- U|'T, I II 11A ' ' 1 villi mil-1 *. .Iiiii a ?l " nil "T 1 ( y cuinheicd Mmj-tUe intiKkets. They wore undtr u>? v. r.iuari! ol' I apt. Jcaoph b. Johaion. inaacudi.vaiir fhi.miv.k.ios?bemabkibi.t r.ow tide ? rtorratir or tub nrar u >ah. Tht lowni tide haa occurred within the memory of th? oldeat inhabitant, waa laat ni?ht. The water *n to ! ? it Biso o'clock, that the Hamilton avenue (Brooklyn) ferry boat bad to land her paueutfers ? the aljoltin.- il:p. A beak ?t B quarter before ten e'olock left the Smith firry far Atlantic atreet, BrooLlyn, and l.aa um returned, up to the liuio we ? rite (one o'clock): nor haa alio le?u able to land at tlio other ride, fnr the boat due from Urooklya at tea . 'click lien u?t rtached. and a in ??p| need both are acr mnd locewkerj in the liver. One of them wan t en laac near Q jrernor'ti lrtand, tnii'K. no dew It, to effcct a landing aimt whertv Bo low w a? the water at 1<> o'clock, that tho grorad wu Hart> at tie d"cks and t o forry-keepera w?nt dma with a, lantern mkI ?t?od on it?it thine wholly unprecedented. At i I i/.i'.u Ferry, the a?mc thin* ocjutrn; the boats were i it, pted tl ere also; and it waa nn it atnuriB* to yea theroome of trie two ftrriee en wded to exi-eaa ?ith ti e aecumnlatiBt 11?? :.f i is, of all ?* ! and aeita and eondi', i one? re lee J ia<<ie? In the miiUt or draukeB 'oa'era ?all InidJljd together1 lie three l,uu?ci at t!.c Soul1' Kerry, and even the ferrykeeper'e Boa. were cr&mmel. The iow tide i? account*d for ly the ?trcn< weiter'y wind mjwiiik for tho lac. taontyf.-iilonu, ! The H'bathbb.? Ib"Monday'* ll< raid we atated tkepr<?t.i etlef or an'Toaetitca tnew v ere viaible In tho ?ky, and that vre *< nld act b MirpUed it uature, onChriatmaeday, wet* blothed in a robe of v hit?. la alar iciBa. attuto moraine neper cf jextcrday, appeared a paragraph eboutthe weather, in ?liich a fl.nn la taken at onr prediction, and the writer, whouiuit have been dr< amir* oi an Lualieh In*. add*. "ther? aaemi a nettled dlapoalMon in tf.e ?.>ath<r tol epatnrnla* and kloino." Tina wa*, with the taow aemally ob Ml* Kroor t, a hard ir rt. and the ?'r clear a* uyatal, while tins iub li hied up the iBi-e cf natnrt with that elmtrful brir,htii, m i,u .[ i r criatu tu "n?? rry Chriatmaa." The ?ir.J blew kilt n eel* from the n rtheeit, > > keen that it mold ahave the hardeat cheek, like a H all t'.reot money Under. Tbe day *w 1y far the eoldeit ef I ha aeaaeB; bat it waa B thlaj compared vnib the mUnnty of tha troat iu the aul.t. w? ka<e n? liouht it haa clotcd the navigation. Si irrian ii tmb FaoaT.?Yeaterdar mornib/. about 7 o'eluik, ana uian, named M'i'liain firtnaoa, rcaiiiag a', ti"! dareiitract,|?aa croeiiim fr..m (liathain atroev t<. the i'ark. be alipped, uadftiltnt uu tho eurb aveac, traoturvd hia lift arui, l iar ti e dhow. Totno Dowmh. a 0\atrb^.?The "vs*?ra of Voanc Dowi. i-r. whether a' Lia eitatliahtnent, C''< Hrradaar. or at , :i iBiiS liri ad (treat, will he fcand to eicel ot'>er oyitcra in l!a\ur akd [Uality, jn?t ai aiuch aa bo exctla hij colored 'reil.riii in political difloaaoy. an their rc-o^uiird loder, h; raved the w hia> at the la'e electlen ; and if they have any political ^latitude, thej will not f. ract him in thc .o Chrlatma.i ' nie . A? lor the < in rata, tiny ob^ M to j atr-'niie the cjater', for their own lake. "A Cai.l."?Ti e Rev. Dr. m. J. Raphall h?a*reeeirtd it UBaiiiiBoua call ft m the cun&rcretion Unai JcaboruB, Clm atrett, a' a aalaiy ?l Sir.tov per auuum. huprilor Court, Colon J udtfe V au lerj ?*1. l^ri . 24?J.vciui IhUktley ri, Smith an? /fruth, Jar Maliiiwt fmnrWimi. omtiawd?Mr. ut tiBg rcinibii <1 hunidiltik up on behalf vt the delenieut-i. and Bppta'.ed ti tli? jury n-t to allow tho very uLu-ual cncumattnce which bad laktl |>ltM it ri'Lit b lew day* Bs'o, to ?xcitB a feelttf a.ain.<t that T' urn ueiruuaul. oiki? lia-ijailll rail J l.Uiui'Bl or ('<ra?lon thould not turn away tbe course 0* junticn ft' rn him lo thi* lottance; the mini' of those xho tbe mlnUtet* uf the law might n >t to be prajudlet d by tbnt ooeutrtii'-a, which hu t wofortuna e!y token place lu thin court ro. ui; itahould not intervene or dl'cn|?r the (act*, or convert tba jury Into ln*truiiiiiil? of rvB^icet nunl'i't Mr. huttb, Connial thought Ihnt by <oruun ntar* evldenca ho wauld be Ml!? to rati*fy the jnry tl at tbe*e defendant* had probable or furonable ci?u*e to believe Mr. llulkel?y ??? nulltj; It wa* not lojpoitai.t wbather Mr. Bulkeley old cimbmlt the perjury. but whether there w*e reitoti to belUto ht did do r<>. Tim jury were no', to try the uncut ion o( the aullt or lua<^enceoJ Mr. Ilulke'ley. l hut ?a* air. ady tried, and h? w*a ?e >iulttid ; and 1 - (Mr i uUlng). a* a frlon * i f Mr. ltuUelry, wu* happj " e able to aav that be b lifted )lm lutMiMitit ehargn, aid that blear,. (Ulltal ?a< not only triumphant and honor.?b>. but that ha -ilil enjoy* hi* i' . iti. n, and thai tha . irciuifiance hai not diuin^hid bU pro?]>arity la hi* pro?*? tlen at the l>ar. % t < uttln here rrki urn I writ tar. p' let* which he called up n th? l onrt to no'.e, and t< charge the jury to bi? il>w( of tbe law on tbo - ??e wbirb he luhaittad 'lie point til that if tbe .iiry fl.r iiid 11 ;iev.. thet ti 1 ;t* an I "I i 'it" anc 'f ?*f Kuril at to |(1?e tbe 1*:, uoant* ' reMx tahlo rr probabb* caw-a ' t i ruap< ct '.t nt r rjury bad b-*n c?moiUt?-d by .Mt UliUidey. they *h'>uUl l'.od lor the defendants ? and that tc bring thi ui to that c< rclu len It wlU not la r.t renaiy for ib? cn to believe Ihtt Mr. Bo'.keiey di<* etua'ly w te?tify ?? ?barged < cu v I bare cite., variou* a-tiorlt.i < In uf hi* view*; and than roLliliu(d a fordb! and ei? |Urbt appeal < u behalf Of Mr uciie K> .| k< ?> ?h*ll hir*fi:.n upon *? > 11 h' ur laid he. 11 beeaii'* A ma'j happen* to k> rieh he I* to ba made r??f 't.*i1>l* for th" ?.-u tit other*. Mr. Katr.ta* dent d < n r*th all participation In that prosecution; be ttai d? thare before the jury on tbe rock <f eonacieu* Inuoeeni-a, and canct be ewvra down by any olerk of tbe peace or ra*Ki*trate that ei?r ll*rd acd It wa a novel rlr< umitaare to trienO the at<a of txepottJblllty ao far nl> make tia fatltai In law re?p n>1ble f'r the act* ( f 1.1* ?on ln-Uw *el tb?n applied hliu?>>lf to tba ca?e ae a<tlmt Mr brneb and Air.)' B Mdith. the ot!:er d?feiivJants. anu paid i bigh compliment to the honorable p >!<ltlon *1 t.-h >'r lifld a m i >t tli? ati'tnbi r? t tha bar, th^tinh he I* ra*h. Intemperate aud iuron Iderat* lr hi* conduct, apeeded un by ardent impui*c<; but whitat wi cordemn we miikt lit t undertake to puul-.h thai youtbiul temperament ->n tb'u*'i eihibttad brra in conrt. Mr. t uttln : continued an able and cner^etl* addir** lor upward* of fi.ur hour*. It being; p**t two o'clock tha Court took race** for hail an hour r iiriur nn"f|o?mij pat in tanwar* to lUa petuW ral*td hy >lr ? utMr t. Mr ?fT?rJ thrn r"-*? t laci up the av\ lenea up-'n the f?tt i f th?t plaintiff nod itibnittad that In the wiiCta i f the original allalr brtwaan Mr. Ktigana K*t*lt*?at.d tbedrUer. Mr HuikMajr. ?hi> w%? aittint to tli" curriaga with a Udjr, <111 dm InUtftrf; and when Piadlaj caira to hl-n to take upttiaca*' liedldn'' do *o ln< mediately bat walttd until Bradly a blood ro?d Mr hulkilfj arriBC that tb* man ?a? ilmlf lrjur*d *ald bo would ?irt cb?rg* htm rnjthin* Mr. 8lolth who found ta lit with Htilk?lIt airing atlJ?n< ? pa?? ?v<d> nc? fclmadf on th? umi tilal andth*n ttiu.oied up the cara en hia i>*n ptIiUoom. Wh*ra t ar? an; < f x\. d-libdantu dared to *w*ar that ?T*rf ?<i!tlatl >' ?> r* ti. mi tha ttiai >m not tru*to tbt Uttrt' I... i Ik t h" h <l??n pr --cui'J Lit* bl"Odbi imda on tl>a *r?Dt. they tra^k him, whan not ' n? of them ha* dar. 1 to ??y that what ha haa nworr to ?a* untrue With r< jtard to tha rich Mr. Kateltaa, Itrtu * li ni t t ? arr ?if pad In pall wa< t;.r ->?n th< rih Mr KetattM did not pa/ tha poor iturrr tha farJit t for two month*, and than Mr. Bulk*-!*; a?k*d the r. r (t to l?r? r I, . '* mrtlai * Mr. ? ird than rerapitalatrd rom? i f tb? pautaulara of tl?? tv* and and !*! m?itc*on? proMcu*lon. A Ion*. r-l(l Mooted m:r*of | rrfrcu'Ion* upon lb* liberty ind r?t uUtl> n >.f youn<r m?n. who h*d n???f oroM^ I their f?lh. hut in hilt in* it fruit > an uttornay ?o ! ttfn ii'Mbi th**Bi to |>af tin> Amount of 'h* d??i?g? i tiJ thw c"?t? A'i fcrlo* i?nti*1?d to {&? i < t? . n h ' < ' u?lir. ii.:nr op< n il.i* thr Jv'If* (l>?ly> ?h? tried th? ? ?. d?C'l<>d, hy nd'nlttlnf hi< i ? lui. < i ounw'l th? n enntlau?<l, tnl ii Ut Ik i i-i-ir t> *t *11 r ltiil*"l?y ha! ?! till*. Unit th?? an prohahU r?nif ??? linwn hy the d?f?tid?' Int their ).i<?*<viti<n of the |U:|? 1 f n-fjurjr A ''J <" i? d to Wtdin M?; 111 ruing

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