Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1849 Page 3
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COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY BARRET. Tbartdiy, Dec. *7?0 P. fl> Everything is Wall street 1? vary quiet. There is very little doing In any fancy stocks, axoapt Reading Railroad. Evas In that no one seems disposed to do much. The bears are not anxious t# purchase to deliver a moment before they are compelled to by their contracts maturing; and as for the bulls, they appear to hare full as much of the stook as they want. Holders will doubtless soon be in the market, purchasing at lower prloig, to make a better arerage; but even tbat will prove dangerous business, and will only be resrrt?d to by desperate speculators, who argue tbat the actual value of a fancy stock in Wall street, is of vary little consequenoe, and A?A wiillU,. . ..Aata. *I.W ? a a.o.asit cm'. Tbia may Jo well enough for street operators; but ontaideri do not relish very well tbe syatem of increasing the riak, with the hope of reduolng the lose. At tbe first board to-day, North Amerloan Trust advanced 1 per cent; Erie Railroad. <4; and Harlem, *?. At the recond board, there were large sales of Reading Railroad, at a decline of IX per cent; and of North American Trust, at a a advance of '? per cent. An experiment has been successfully tried on the Chesapeake acd Ohio Canal, with it steam vessel. A gentleman has invented a form of a wheel, and ao applied it, that no swell of thu water or wash of the banks jb created. The boat was propellud at the rate o( one mile in seventeen miuutea. The Legislature of Indiana has unanimously passed a law authorising the Governor to make temporary leans, to supply any deficiency there may be in the treasury, for the payment of the January and July interest on the public debt. TUeae loans are not made neoeprary by actual deficiency in the revenues of the State, but because tho heavy paj ments into the treasury are not usaally made until ab->ut March and Sep. tember. Tbe amount cT coal transported on the Rea lin^ Railroad for the week ending December 20. wan IS '.'45 t jus; previously 1 085 769?total. 1.101,711 ton j. The total shipments of coal by tbe Lehigh Canal to tide waVtr for the aeason of 1849, was a little upward of eight hundred thousand tomi. I.FHM.h COAL Tkauk ? SHIFMCSITS IN 1849. By the Lehigh Company ton) 27ti,500 01 i'aoker & Douglas " 102,784 01 Beaver Meadow Railroad and Coal Co.. " 73 900 13 Spring Mountain Coal " 102 599 01 Haileton Coal Company " 92.480 01 Cranberry Coal " 30 152 10 Diamond Coal " 113,^9 08 Buck Mountain Cral Comnunv " 85 810 02 Wilketbarre Coal Company " l'J,5'J0 07 Total tons 801.240 0a Had it not been (or the breach in the Delaware Canal, in the early part cI the season, and thu htrike among the boatmen, the shipments would probably have amounted to nearly a million of tons. It U estimated by these interested in the trade, that the increased consumption next year will be at leant one-third If this be so. and the Lehigh region furnishes their proportion of the inert aso, they will, duriog the coming season, send to market nttar a million and a quarter ol tons. The Dauphin and Sueijuehannah Railroad will be completed in a few days, and soou after ooal from itiat region will be in the market. It probably will not arrive in uny quantity until sj>rin;i. The railroad is ti< t?vn milesjn length, nal rums through a well timbered valley, furnhhing the b?et raaterials for Bills a.i J cri>es tic p. which lure Wu Ulbrally putluto tho Hupurtttruetar*, cud the whole surmounted by a massive T rail. The grade i< a continuing discnat from the c j*1 mind* to the canal The capital stook ol this company Is $800 ICO, an J Is owarl prlnclptlly In New Vork and Philadelphia. The property cm^Uta cf tho railroad, niaohim ry. 1:0., and of coal laaJj, embruaing both mountain*, which form the bat-la, from their rite, near Dauphin, to a distance of over twvnty miles eastward of that place. The c^al, whish iuoiudes all tho measures lound in the Schuylkill district of which thii region { the vrccterc extremity, I* Mtuuloous about one-half of tho above di.-tan -e. and then ch*ni;us into a fr-.e burning a&thracite, quite cimtlar to that from Bear Gap and Pinejrore. Stream i pa.4*iag from the iuaer valley have made tereral depressions in th) south mountain, at the baao of which tho railrMd pa?es, affording /npeiior facilities for mining. Numerous seam* havo b?en opened by drift* the p?it neasoa. and in this procees ovur oce thousand torn of coal lure already km taUeu out. Thus everythio^ will bu in readiuett* to ooiaiuenc? busiuu**. on a Ur,;o soale. in lot- spring. it is slated, that for any purooae exo?pt the manufacture of ir'-n from on, this company cau mon ipollce the ooal trade of lha entire Su? iuehanuah vallxy, bolow their outlet at Duuphiu; alto, that ol lialtliaorc, Washington, and the numerous other cities a il towns pon the tide water* cf the < heaapeake; whio'i together, firm a trade that ulna ly reaches about 300,000 tone per aoouui. This e al is a lmlraMy ail&pted to ft?oui navigation aud mut eater largely Into coni uui| tiou en Vo&idcur ocean steamers; it 1* equally well adapted to the ure cf Ire mcti res. nnl In all c*?ea where tbn machinery I* rio?eable. a< in steam ships and f>coiuotlTea. It will prulmbly be louir time before we ?ha I get In th!s nsai ket a very large supply of this drtlr&ble coal. a< tbe tompany has an extensive demand to meet In tha riciulty of tbeaiiuet, b f .? it ?aa attend to that at a distance The H nance Oommittcs of tha Legislature of < Jeor.'ia, bavlog icx ?tl| at?d the affairs of Comptroller General aud Treaaurer a oflioe. report that tbe accounts have been properly audited. an J are correct. Tha rop u-t exhibit.! Ibe oondition of the trra^ttry on the ~.d of NoTimber, 1J49; ahll# the Treasurer's report la oaly to the clo.'e of the last (U ral year October 20th, 1549. >'i!?n> Ur.?)*?ifa R*> uri! *m> K?n ihirrars. linoiip s luto tl u Treasury fortliwyar ending oet. :!0, fi'ii.ejfl so Ualai.'je In i'ie? ury, Oct. '.0, If I'J 313,M7 73 Aferepate resources . W3 trpt udlture* year indiog Oct -0. 1949. . . 'J74 519 61 *3'?4 t?l>7 41 Hto't* frrra Oot 2GU>Not 23.'49 >173 837 01* ). xprndituie* do. d> 21 8?<0 IW 149,407 it ??U.I,1M TO Th? whU eoap?<io( tbU Inline*. In Hi hiui<of tbe 'I r<i<um. o..D ipt ?r thr following it?m?; Bst.k rani, by ct INI tm 300 01 Kt<rkin Unti* State <f Ur I4i?. 10,000 00 Wttfin and AlUutla Itallr i?d forlp. J under not o 1 lMft 4 784 75 rnekt t? cf I fcrirn B?nk. \.o . under i?al of Klein?*< ommlttee. 2 237 25 I Att"Ttcy'.? receipt* for Mils of ? br- ken bank*. for eoiltctlon... 7 01ft 00 V*Mr.jt an cnnTaltabl* aaount of 2S;,315 00 'It* aratlab'r *?*et? nr* ? follows.? i;?>h ?n d*i>o?it* at agency, *??annab 6ft A4 t'3 C?>h n d' jK?it? at ?|'oef. Ausuits , 8<t <4(1 24 ?"a-h in rafllt i f rreasury 10a U46 ;..t *(tl6c?te- M d*pt*it* in ar?ney banks net cb*rg?d 6.617 00 Coupon* paid ?luo? the lit No. ember. ? Aftft 00 " Amojnllrn to 21M11 70 Balance In tL* Treasury m tb* 2ld Not. 1MB. <f M>3 161 70 Tb* couiinitte* ?%y th?t tb*y bae? carefully examined and counted the "?npona taken.up by th* Tr*nsurer. in payment of iuterest n tbi> Qacal year ja?t onded. and find the panit't> . vrre?jon4 with hi- report; jtkf?l e twenty pnnj* of ..(>0 d 'llar? ?a?h b?lnif pari of th'?? i? ued In redemption of Central Bunk 8 p>r nuBi'i. rir? .">M to (i:i i in ill* i re. which. altb nj(ta r?iic?ll?'d, jour e>,nuiitt>'* thought It b-st to deetrcy 1 I n' they h*r.> likewis* examined tb* pontln* fr*nt < count1- nnd And the disbursement mt 1? th*r# from M.ataiced by proper muckers, and th*y rt co nmi ml the pa>ra?r? of a resolution Uir?c'?in.t ?'l tb.' coupon? that bar# been paid ?n l now depositnl In the treasury t'jetlier with the ?i* per rent b-nd< up by tba ic'Tfric. amonnt.ln. to s*t?nty fir* tb outand dollar*. b? eon?iim?>d. and a proper entry of lb* pa n* b* made lb the execotlre department. Tha annex-d table *thlhit? tb* i|?otation< fir the p.Ini Ipul : i.b'ifl ?> urilies p) tba e untrjr la t!ii? marL ? -? ?? Mtlnla . _ ? ?> ."r" ? ?? r*""? ----- . Uvdfirwoi rim (Vena n?<r * ti*?. > C. I-1/>. . -7. M 0 ?. Utu.l I"*-* ... 1 iv -' i I " , Dr. ? " ) M 1>" k 1 I' 4 IV JP? ? > "I.... 1IX ? iiiu in ,? I' i* r - i ft,... in ? in , i' ?ii "j t?i It - 1 '!* III , II. , 111 nil , Tr<i or p*i ; ?.# r*r ' > -.t 11. '4 11^ IK't nil , ! * rn.lMtnit'W ~ ? ? ? ? ? ix.. a " i.*. i ? * ? Mi * i"*r |M. II I ; ii' ill II" , ? II , l*?. | 1*1.. .. II * ? III II s * I" l>% * ' t .J ... n"? t ill 11-1 * in i... ? i ^ ... M ? ii^H in i ? nt . - in.;.... 11 ,ii:i Hi ,? ill Pv ** " 1??.... ? - ? ? D?. ? ? " l<" . . - * - % ? fy% ' i ' ... i - i % i ' ?m-< ?. " !'M ST .. ||?S?I' , - ? ?. * - l*t. .. If*'* ? I m - % * l> ? I,.. I I, I I . 0?. ! 'i ?v .. 11 \ ? i. i -i P* ? % ? ? % . S~ V. 1849. Dee. 27, 1M ! Okio | paroeat, MM iw. % 10a ? % ? Da. " uw lmi a u?M 1?K ? Do . - 18M wrfZ a M** - a Do. I ? IMO MMi a 107 - a Do. - UVt 1(?C a 1M 10?\ ?llt D?.| " 1860-1# ? a ? ? a ? Koataoky par ooat 18# a 108* 108 a la % Bo. I " 83 a to w a * HUaoU U*. l?p., 1M7........ a 44t? a 44* Do. " Int. Stook... U a 2S)J ? a Do. Fwdakla Bonda ? a ? Si a bi Iadiaaa Bond* ? a? ? a ? Do. Staurivaa. 70>? a 78^ 71 a 71W Arkaama, Sporooat *> a 3<;-4 37 a 11 Alabama. " - a- - a 1?> I - ? ? - J9 I 71 De. " Bterlin*. ? a ? ? a ? PenniylTa. - 8SJ,' a 8#^ a 89* Do. " 100 a 101 101 a 102 Maryland, 9 - . in:)), a HH>, imw a 105 Do. " B tertian.. Mi a yjf ?7* ? 9? TnueiM, 8 " - ? - - a ? Do. M S3 a M S5 a 86 Mawaehai. M ? a ? ? a ? Michigan, I " ? a ? ? a ? Virginia, f " 101* a 10214 10J a 102* N. Y. City.7 per otnt. 1897.... no a llo*4 no* a 111 Do. I - Mi ... lu?\ a 110 1U?* a 110 Do. 6 - ia60 ... ? a ? ? a ? Do. Water Loan, do 1NW ... w a 99*101 a l?l* Do. do. do 1870 ... f!),1, a 100 101U a 101* Do. Firo Loan, do 1868 ... ? a ? 100'J a Iti Brooklyn < per ot, 1866-67-66.... 103* a 104 104 a 104* Baltimore 6?, 1860-70-iW 104 a 104>? 104 a 106 Philadelphia C? KXi* a 104 ? a ? ?l .Y. Lifa and Trutt Co US a 115*; lis a lit! 1 I?*xier?'Loan and Trust Co.... Sti'i a *>'? S5* a 35* Ohio ' iltlm. and Truit Co... !M a KS 101* a 102 Bank ot ly.S. in l'ean 2 a 2'j 2 a 2* Camden and Arnbov K. K 123 a 125 125 a 126 Hurttord and Nuwllaveu H. R. 105 a li'.V4 Id I1, a 104 New York and New Llaven R. R. 97'< a 95* ?7V? a Hudson Kiver R. R 66* a 66* tW* a 67 New York fc Erie Rr. new stock 61* a 60* 5>C a 50 Albany & Schenectady K. R... 874* a KS >.*) a !M Utiea and Schenectady R. R... 1-135 ? 122 123 a lU yrauise and Utica R. R 121 a 1/2 124 a 121V New Jersey Railroad 11)7* a 106 106 a Me1, Aukurn and Syracuse R. H ... . 7S* u 74 ? a ? Auburn and Rochester K B,,.. 7V'-,' a, bO M a .*5 Now York and llarlum Kailroa* 60"4 a 5i* 6H? a 62 Reading Railroad St a SI'4 81* a 82 Do. B< nd* 6t>* a 67 5-<'{ a 58* Do. Mortgage Bondi t'-l* a 6S 66'? a 67 Brie Railroad Bead* lit.... W<* a M* SK'V a 100 Do. " Id... . Ma M\, KUj a 84 Do. " Sd ... . 79 a W 80 a 81 Bait. Ohio Si RR Bond*. Ii5l W 1UO a H?> 100 a 100* Do. Di?. Bondi 94 a 91* M a 9<> Baltimore * Ohio Railroad.. . 50* a 51 51 a 65 Hudson River Railroad Bend*.. 99 a 100 10Q a ? Wvttern (Mass.) Railroad. ... 11 :t a 1<'4 102 a 102* De'. a. Uudvon Canal Co I<M a 11>I 155 a 15<> Do. " Borip 153 a 165 153 a 164 Trices have been quite uniform (luting the part week tr two, but the transactions in government and State s(t unties have been only to a moderate extent. Quotations for I nlted States and munj State stocks are with the dividend rff. at.d holders have kept their stocks out of the market, for the opening of the books. Within the paet few days, money ha- been in more ac. uvh urniunj, tne result partly or our own dally mcreasirg watts. no J partly of tbe tightness ot money in our neighboring cities. in Hoston the market tiu^ bi'en tighter during tbe pat week. than ha* been known at any time during tbe previous year, and large amounts of business paper an J oorpoiatlon certificates from tbe f ast, have been offered in this city for discount. Our capitalists have very little confidence in rairoad paper, and require individual endorsement to malielt negotiable. It is tbe general impression that tbe money market will, from this time forward, steadily tighten, until the demund becomes fully equal to the supply, and tbe rate of interest close up to tbe legal standard. Hlork Kxchaiigc. 1IC00 r S 6?, '67 lllU 1IW Morris Canal lf>ja 5'tKt do 111 30tUn* Island RH 17*7 2 (In op* 111 2 Auburn & Kocli RR HI', 2MIC0 do do 111 ! N U tk Hattf Kit 106& ;11HI Oliio fi'i, TO 104 900 Readius K.K 32? H7 Hllndiana 2!i r c if) ? ll'O ilo b20 S25? 1" fliK Mercli*ni?' Uk ICO do 3< 60 N A I'm St 2IKI ?lo 1)30 Si't 60 do If 60 Farmers' Trust ,Vij2 ION Eric RR, opK 6!' 100 do s3<> KlW l.V> do lfiO 100 do sdO 3.V; 1/1'liurlrm Kit 62\ 150 Canton Co IH'? 4i 0 do WW '.'if, lb Mid ft Indianapolis t?7 SECOND f.OARD. 2( 0 shs Reading RR X", .'!(*> shs Reading RK s'.O Sl? 100 do .t-"i fO do SI >; 850 do 3?^ 2i N Am Trust 14S, 4fiO do 32 100 do 147? 1?'0 do slO 31 K 80 Cauton Co 40.^j 100 do 31*4 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. ' Jln\irer$ tit Jtdvertliementt lent by Mail mult he poll paid, or they will not h taken f ram the I'oit Ofiie. ^ IIOTKL.S. IRVING U0C8E, Bboadwat, Nirw yobk. COLUMBIA HOTEL, Chkiiut htbbbt, rhii.ahbi.rnia. BARKUM'S HOTEL, Cai-vkbt thii t, Baltivobb. I TKEMONT HOUSE, Tbbmost ithbi.t. Boston. P.l'ST'S HOTEL, SvBAcrsB, NKW Vobk. WILT.ARIVS HOTEL, mkak ihe I'tuim/it'i mINMOR, wabminsto*, I). C. ' 1 UKWAKDI. , J CI inn RIWAR!\-THB ABOfE REWARD WILL I y 1 )t7V/U bjpaid far the recovery of the bank aotee moleu from Uie agency of tliU bank, in Philadelphia, on the S4tli November, amounting to About M.UBt*, <r a proportionate nm for any part of the notee purloined. The pack- ] age euneis'ed of tho following denomination of note* of thia ] bank, to w itinnotoeof $500 oaok, printed in hi le ] ink, lat'd Jan.. 1M*. and tuml-erod aa followi: ?174, IHl'. JU.i. j 2)4, 'JiU?all the bank l.u at Hit time outitandin?; abont $t.'00 In 1 ? 10 and $110. dated Jan. 1, 1*46, And Bfllh defaced I y uhu. The balance in notel of a let* denomination. A. MoO A t,L A, Cashier. State BaiiVa' Camden. V J , Dee. 20,1H4#. ______ nsn htW'AKI) J,('VT, DURING TIIK (ONIf.-ilON HJtfU at tho t t> of WiiKlierk i'oV R?tio"ry, on Satur- j d?y. tin Atcml Booki and old t heck together mill a ?t"?i painted box containing only ' acouuta, of no i tiivtlvt l? thoowrxra. 'Ihv above reward ?ill b.; paid for tli ir recovery. Apfly comer of Water and Montgomery gtrtf. 1 ? 1 f t K K W A K l>. ' !IE rr.K?>.N ti II" i ^ AS' M. \J Overcoat (bv mistake, ofentirae,) fr -n Vii Bmadv iy. yeturdav, the itfih, between the houra of J and t M., | a! iH reeetvt the above reward by returning the a a me. i>ru icn u 11 in pun run Tiir uriruvnr IfX loo |?ii i f LtdiM' UtIUr Bmtl, lift uiorn- 1 ; I ft In on? or Kipp * lirow ua4tt??e*. Apply at No. 'iM Weet T?tntf-f'?iitK eireet. or at the offln ef the Irwiit; Boo*-. 1 OCT?ON TUF. IVENI NO OF Till JiTll INST AT ; J the CoHeeam. a C'nl llrajelet. Ihe Hmlor will be i lil tTally rewarded l-jr delnerio* it to tl>? owner, at No 111 , < hemVera itwl I j IOST-A Tl'IQI'OltE HRKABTFIW. I.IAi r\TTF.RN, -J tiilict tu (["iiig Irom the Irvin. Hon?r to NiMo'n, orre- 1 J tirii-r Tl.e fiodtt mill b? auitably rewarded, by leavIn* it 1 at 41 I'nUr etn#t. rar ???|? r. z. . ; I 'I'll R tlOL>II)A VS. rRr?M M FOR FLOtrrKR.-WANTED TO 1'L'RCUAM!, %ll) i) w orth.?1 h# mkf> liber kcir* anxi.u? to procir tit# 1 be.?t How c rn, for New Yaar'a, offere the foilcwirn |ieminm?, I *1* Gold P*aeU, or Ten Pollirt, ai ma/ I"' preferred, la l a<ii*ti i' ii to th? reaular price. I r tbe threat <"?t atnl burt variety oftholtFlowcri: the ?atna nax itDt, for 2' bt'lit arrl moat i> rlert I'MMUt *t Mown, of any clien the line, for 1(W | le-t I('fe? ef any roler; at'lolTera, In additi in, three premium* "I f \e dol'nre ea. h, f r one-half of I It# above named ' fi t'- ri or.ti Ave dol'am to the ptricn who eende tIt*-a in the n>< <i p?rl- i.t 'nl> r. to be d? li ?eted at tlie itore, at 12 o'#)?ck, ! !? Mmdir. 1l?t lr?tetit, w! .er; a "<m?p#'.?nt )>er?on will be ' in atteadtner, to indit of tlielr ineriU. Th?'above pretniiimi 1 ervor tt i lotho.. ?of win m ti e a.iWcii' >r l.aa air ;?<ly ptir<nt?J, and all ctheii that wl?h to mmpe'.e fur it em. T. Dl NLA P. 6V> BroaiUiy. i ? f (tUKAP C<?OT>!?. rriR HOMr>\T PRlT.NT3.-iri j J hue redtieed the prlee? of onrSilka, ? . broideries Bhewle, 'aehu.erea, IMtim?. Herd%er':Mefe, ("alien, I*. Cat >11. he , t? iituaai) low prioe#, f< r H >Hd?v Pf 'Mate. JAM Kt Olf.k ft Co. I? It D rklUM*-AN ENTIRE NEVF *ND Ut \ITTf- j *- i ; |?'"rs U 'l'i l'? i ? I'lMii tu> inn B-.-*mlina it'H IVn, fltwd e*nip!*t?, fumlfarly B<t*pt* I to the ' n Iiitjr trsjc, th* MI.-? cf :>.* manafattartr*. A.. U. BACI- * I.KV 1 CO., 14 Dr>t i?*v, op ntnir*. N?* m..?r?PRr.?r.\T.? rKtN.-ii maKoineiiiM. ( ? O. huwart, :t>% Bf**4w?y, k?l*ets fritiklia ind ' Whi?? ttiot will oflcr f"T ?al* the rtmftinilrt nf ti < ?tv?k v( 1 Mill*-* ik t ut m?'ToMfT*4 ?od l*f? ' 11 ?r? *t>4 Colli. * Mth a III bf ??IJ *. I I r*T rrat l>*1"w Nil, t? M??? OBl f lit* - ' <f' l? t!.* lti of jiautrv. Tho** t? a int of tfe? , I *ko?? a fj Ji|in J t| v>B totting to: 4 ml ili*!?t> Mill ?f? ht Holiday rni'iMS ?at t> MNstuw* nooK, J n*rr *?4 Funfj f i'-T", IT^ llr 'laiv. ? j nt* ] N Uli : < fc?*4 r">' "My M ?r??t an an r ii.-nt ! I t a II! m aajr It r* in ?r ei'jr. T ??r?c?t-. - , I .I> * ..) in !! ? Am-r.' K if t ? ? Mir- | k?t*. ntew fr?fn ?y* r?at? to lw?ntr-At* Hollar* *aah. VI o I fk.1 ormnrrnti of III* I ? li*? of th? Colonial Lra;>ir? ar? worhjtli* attoaUon rt n? uiU*U* tarhiwita*. ?? ta?j ar* 11<a ? ! '? nil it*. Ib to klarc. th?> fairly cclipM u* \ . r*f nTftni. I n(.ur>\\ i kK-f v rs - tiif. *- >!'- ofi km * for ill* *r?n-r*l a**nTttn?Bl of tf string punt* and 1 lar<) ?ri I * o kt* ilai, f*r holllaf pr*??au. Ha*- 1 Iff o' ltM lBt>?ly la M**? ?* irriti* th* pat* r?ir. h* will ' l>* ?**!> I t<- **? II'* all *fl?r- fl>"HMB?,HRil f?a*jr ba?n.t? | that lia mar Lt lavoTel Willi ' r N?* Vra?> mornio*. T I I SI AT. flrtut. Hroilair- I lv"<". ' Ji ri. rivn, a \ kw and j r ?i I. ri*lJ TTn.?at' f rr? <? . > 1?. ?a?p*a<l*r.k<s. *a. ' t"?? : ?r ? "? rt' *i ?M ?r l< ?f my o? > n.aanf*^- , ? ?pr?, a* ? n ? l'?r?. and Arlal t!?a, ?>! 'i!a f r the ' J. A': All, Ctnl'i t r?TTiu.',iu? Store, 137 Broadway, cum l'?rk Hu?. L'Ok 1, r i! .| 11. v i ? hi . it i . r sm'aiIF \ r *i v. ' r , la ?t?rr r?ti?iv nf jrl? an<l at 1 K?U? I lui' i, afialena!.' and r tsi 1 W iad"ir B!>ela l>>p..f, 1 ml ci a'htm iltul. n. u -a r>n hiwtml ol entirely 1 ? -? J ! , l?r<"I ?} -?> : j f* r lh? holiday a. Alto, a ' ehoiee r?n> t ?f' aff ?* *i Ii? ?i1. 1 K I.I TV k kIKRR, l.'ll ( I athem Hew York. | mii i ay i' - - r\s -V to'ii < ni?r i ? j ii i at ri a nk IV 1* el ? >r inalltr? k?*eilfiil ?r- i I He *. ?rt- p-ly ?ii?r-ir4 I r II 'rr*?*al' ?in ?t * tiad i f ' III* #nl.??r>lar. Who 1 at r< ntii.n < ly f vr |>||, *1 ?<nal a full * ftii rHel M<'hanita' T'tla, el the i.,t A:.ieri ?n an .1 Kigliih MtnlMln'k JO Ml lltiti .* Hr tit > M Iti? ? ? |, m rr? av:> cnrrj-THK ix- ] r t U r I rt 'I * l't ? > fc* will, 1 1 '' I'1 i'l'lt'ia I la4ire te loi > amnad f r V ?i ll?. Tifi eta, aad mix r for g > > 1*, ' Irclr ' #< ??ai? artlflnai Uweeia'iiof the yrat n?at* a 1 i ataklUI I'M anal alrcrt, nff-r-' gr?at md" nentt J the way ofntk n/ a i?l?etl?n. W > tn l"rt?enl lis la aeUiaj I I ell hla ?t<ck of fart mweh >fl"W !>.? nmal prio?a. dancinu. roml'i imbntarv dall TO mi83 ajfka , a? II 'Mm. til" r'l"lirvHlnKiiM,lit?i<l B ir- 'i n Thai- , lif. *>ll ia>* ilafa ?n FrMay ?Terlt? !???. ?'.?r 24. I - !'. a* tf f Na'lit al ll tel. W # < < rtlar.dt ?tre?t. Tiekota, $i, te II ' i I al tin- ' '^?a't the Ik > I. Mil II. VfAr.?. I'ANi'lNtl Ai U>?MV. II CITY \ Hall n?ca.--Two n?w clan *a will a|>|>*ar on Ttiilaf, | Jan li I'l.lV*, ?iili !? ? d'lT. r. at flenroa an I 'n'f Mi- , n, ?lc. Inf' ritiati u a ill l>a iritea I* A., tr m 1 tiliSv tloek. wa.rn. Ai.a by" ofrespectability wishes a situatiun u hoaiekeeper, where ilia ean U??e ber child with ber. Pleaie addreee E. J. T., Bowery pott ofllee. A SITUATION WANTED, BY a RESPECTABLE a lucnuan woman, to d? general homewerk; i? a * >od plain took. Recommendation of long experience can tie given. Pleaae apply 114 Twelfth itreel, eecond floor. Cau be Hta fot two day*. WANTS A SI'l I-ATION- A RESPECTABLE VOl N'Ci (UlL to do iium ral housework for a iiuill private fa uiljr. She ha> lived fifteen month! in her laat place. Can give fi od reference from her W?t place, I*lea*e cjll at 36J 5un WANTED-BT A YOUNG 01RI-, A S1TU1TION IN A rtppcitable private family, to <lo general housework or rhamberwork, or to take earn of children, and do plain Hewing. The beat of city reference can be gi\en. 1*lease inquire at <3 Oliver street, in tho rear. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION an Chambermaid or Waiter, or Nur?o and Seamstress. No objection to the country. Can Rive the best of city refcrene*. Please call at 61 Molt meet, in the La?euient. Can m? tot two toil, WANTED-A Sill ATION BY A YOI NC E\<il.HU woman, to attend in a (tore. Can give good reference ftoui ber last place. Please call ut 103 Broadway, oorncr of Fnaklln itreet, In the basement. Ur ANTtD-BY A KESPECTAB1 E PROTECTANT v Y girl, a situation to cook, w*?h uud iron, or to d > irciu nil housework in a iiuall family. Caii I>e seen at StS MoJuUgnl itreet, in the rear. WANTED, A SITUATION.?A FRENCH YOl NG VYOmaa ol ?ood address, wishes a situation as I.ady's Maid and to ? ait on young ladies; understands tho making up uf fine thiuRt. and the dressing of llair. can speak English, and will be highly reci mmended for character and ability. A Mtf for C, 8..S9 Welt Thirteenth street, will meet duo ut tcntiou lor two da??. IITAN'TED?BY A \ 01 NG 1.1A SITUATION TO " do the general housework of t sma'l family; wages no object, as a comfortable home is preferred. Uood city retoreaces can be given. Apply at 21 Watt street. ANTF.H-A SITUATION', AS COOK, AM) NO OB?? Jectii n to IHilt in VllUlfc kit- , by an American Piotcstaat woman; gocd citj' references givcu. Please call at No. 4 Mammersly i'laoe. UT ANTED- A 1TI ATliiN.BV A Vol Mi WOMAN, A first rato oook and a good washer nut ironer, and a perftct baker, nLd lived thrjuyears in <>no place, and the best of oity reference; can bo seen at No. SO Molt street, in the lr<>uL bas, in- i.' i! ' as uo ol cction to go t? the mntry. LV\N(T PI ECU I>YER W ANTED- A RKALLYMMO-T tieal man, who has had iho charge of a dye homo, and can I retime all the thaJea required forCambncj and Stlioics. None but a competent man, who can give undoubted testimonial of <]ualitication8, need apply. Eujuiro of Guthrie k Uilmonr, Bti Beaver street. 1 AW.?WANTED, in A LAW OFFICE, A PERSON J ? ho is thoroughly familiar w ith city practice, and who is competent to take charge ot the general business of the ollii e. N?ne others need apply. Address, by letter, poitpsid, " I.ex," at Boyd's city post office. (CALIFORNIA G<*I.D DUST.?WANTED TO BUY, $10,000 J < alitnrnia Gold llust, for which the highest rates will be paid I y D. P. WEBSTER, No. 7 Ann strsot. mOIAls KOTICBI. MERCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION??TllE MKMbi rs' i this umei iation who are opposed to the ticket r. n published, nominated by a committee appointed at Cliut II llull.are respectfully requested to as.-eiuble at K'.oui all's IJ' ill in Mill strict, on Saturday eve'.mg, ths JJth iust., at seveno'olock. for the purpose of taking measures to nominate a ticket that shall bo acceptable to the majority of the members. Religious notice.?three discourses next Sabbath at Washington llall, Ilci'cr street, fourth door fruin the Bowery. Subjects:?A. 11, 'The Great lmu.'C," Darlel.>: 1'. M.. William Miller's Life, ExI ?iieu< e, \ it\?s. and Death, ei rrectl) I yen. rp.AKK NOTICE. Il'TUE ( ENTI.r.M AN I'll AT CALL. X td at Mi . Bailey's D,*uStore, at the corner of Cranbetty and Fulton ntrtets, Brooklyn, a few days siucu, inquiring for -Mrs. John A. King, whone husband lias lately died in Calif >r ni?, w ill i'lt?a'? udilr>'fi u line to'No. I.'l Concur <1 Mraet, oui111 r of liro .HU n. where tho ptvun m.iv ho found. Notice?application wii.i, its to toe l.r*lelatnre of tliia St*te, at th- Dent ioiiinn thereof,f"r the inctrrora*. ion of a cvmpany, to be c.illid " l'ho New \ ork ni.U Virginia Sti aiimhip C<>ni| any," with a capital of three iiim'.mj tj>ii mil Jnllarn. an J with tho ri*ht to iiwreusa the funic to tix hundred thousand iiniim, for t!io purpoM of 1 iti 1 tl nK steamships to navigate the m ean, an t ninninc trio mbi MtiNitkiHlli (Nil York andBUhmomd. Vlrxiala, and such other port* ar.d platen nil may le fouad expedient, with the usual powers and c rivilegu*. nmoik Act ORI'EONS. MISICAL BOXES. GUITARS, Tin- d'ti-rii: vt, importer and tnanu'a' turer of Mwittal ln?tniirient?. li'peon I'ind tho largest avnrttuent of Aeeorleons. Muiical ltux>?. Guitars, anil all other kinds ot Mutioal Instruments, mi tails lor I'leeents. IllW'D BAACK, 87 ruHoi street. At i OKDI.WNS. VI M.'AI, BOXES 01 1TAKS. FU TES. Violin*. i..ill. ?. Ililboitew. THimIw, iU iwwMm it Mimirul Instruments, tori;l ir with Jovelry and Fancy Coeds of all tfeaeriptions. suitable fur New Vear's presents Ckn In ol tkincl ht the ch*ap??t rates, at the erwinal I'rof L. Jai *W (tore*, IS ind 102 Chatham, and 104 Canal street.' A TAN VALKKMBUKOn, 1H7 PEARL STREET, IM ntteroi f.D? A eordemii. Flutinan. Musical lloxen. and Melodeotia hwl Anw4nm m aurerb quality, finely liii'il el, rul'.abU fur holiday prexenti. Manufacturer of (iold mJ Siher Peecil* :iuJ i'?i> H-IJ:u; dealer in Vfululnl mil Ji-v f'rv. 0' Id l\na, aud Fancy Article*, l-aoa. Edging, Linen H-itukeTchiela, Silk aid Kid CIotm, etc. tto. i?II5lKI,L.\NKOL'8. * - * ? V- \> ' W\W^ v\v> \\% \\\v> \VW VVWV rpTK OCFAN I'ANK OFTllE CITY Of YORK.? A Tlx Ocean Bank has cominnccd bnuinoM with a capital jt JfrfiO.iMt The bonk* -a ill remain open at th* Hanking it ?? >"< mt n. No. Ml OlINlkh atroet, until January in, In *ubairij tioaa tu an incnaiu of ?i>',WU t > tl>? 1'ital, pujatle on djy. HIMCTOM. \ 111 ankl W if', William L King, \ a cntin?s Kiihy, Denni* llarrn, D. Rrrdolph Martin, fcarnnel S Cowman. Robert IIi<> dock, Gordon W. lluraliam, Henry 1? Starr, John Ito*e?, BvLjamin A. Umnf rd, I.noien D. Couian, George Elder. NATUAN1EL H ELD, Preiidout. J. !? Ginno**, Cmhler New York, December 22, 1*19. NOT!< F.-TU1C I OI'ART.NEKSBIP Of THE ON Of.'taicned will expire. I y ita own limitation, on February 1, l?3t?, Mr Eliit retiring fr'.m tun iiaonrii. TIH AN V. YOUNG Ik EM-IS. R<' errinc to the above, we gh* notice that we liar* deter.1 ; <1! our entire > < < k i I . irj I, and ruJfeetrullv auggaat to tnr li iend? in thia and t he nenhboring citie*. ;hat tl. y will Mailll Mail own IntMWtl i,y an inipeetion of ?nr P'lcea, wkieh will be inarkeA au low a< ti iuatire the aor< iu( liabtiient of fur iut< ntiont, and render it a tell economy I money (aa well ae tinn) to mike purehaaea at our a'ore, ii ate&d of at auction >al?f. where there cannot, of courae, b? He aatne fnciliUw*farn proiormiilnHnatfon4n,ortM lame rnapoi aibility aa to <;uai.ty and vain*. Nov?l;i*??Wo me now optniag our Fall importation*, and will htve the pleatura of *ho?ing axrynor1! largr collection of new, rich, and detinhl* food* than h*? > *er bteo. or i* now, lor lala in tlai? *' uatry. TIFFANY, VOL'.VJ It 11.1,18. rl-PIK CANADA MININO COMPANY. NOTICE 18 hereby given, thai th* general Annual Mealing of th? Btorkholdcr* of the t'pper (anada Minim Company will b? b Id at the olfire of the Coir pany, in ttin ci. v of II tmilion, on TntfdK), the tint day ot Jtnuaiy next, in tit* r<?r I'**'. ?- IS I'eiuek, noon, ?? which mictinp the eleotlon of OirKtora wUl take pine*. ?cd important matter* l>e >nl>mitt< d. J. T. BROl DOl'Sl , Sooretary. of 110* ar tp" or in ('an an a, ciinhni, IIamii.tov, Not. in, C^AHO AMIJOH PRINTINOOF am. KI VDJ, NEATJ ly done at low i'rid . at the ' (Dec of Button'* Yankee Prefiti, 12': I til'oo afreet, rortu f N iraia. Merchant! Storki?pT?, and other*, in wnnt oi Printing. are inritid to call tan exuuiina triiimeni cf wirk done. THOMAS n. SCTTON. fKEAl BARGAINS IV FINK CtOTHfNQ.?JOHN O 11 V]MI (bit Wimsn k d rtjI Hif'unt Tail r. Vt Sr> a<!?ay, oCet> hia etoek of rich good* for t?atlearn'* wear, at "family rtdaced |nce?, i>ntII the let February i*?t. to make r<? tn 1 t the now eprinc atork. N. B.--A few 'cad) made matiaa rarBentt, na Frock. Dfi?, and Jverccat'. which w III ba told kelow colt. NOTICr. Til AD\ KNTI RKKS-ANY PIIMOV DESfr< til of n *??' * 'n the nit roan tile bmitti'va at the Swith, ?n tear ol an cxeellenl location fur a capital of to '2 at t t'Mii orcLi l?d < y a fntlraau denliain* lu)*ine*?, y ail Irrnin li. I.. k I.N OA 1.1/ Burnt Ordinary, Jamea .'ttj Co., \ a. nlFSOLI T10N or COPARTNERSHIP?THE COPARTaertkip lere'ofar* ejiiBtiri under the firm of P. A. !k l> ) lacl I - t'ue day dlaaolt- ! by nntoal etllll'. Mr. ?\ A. ' in. ai * lldnvlM fn m the eeacera. Tbt ?ut*'.aa<!:n< .rila*aaof the lira will b* e-tlUd, and ku?lnr?< continued %$ itfute, I; L. 1'tlm nko. L. DEI.HOMCO. New 1 irk, Deretah?t IS, I*!?. r\rrireortnr. new york oas light company, IF l'errmfrr illh, I- ?.?Th>: annul electtan for thirteen >irrctora ?l t> i> Company will be bald at the ofliee, No. 171 >ntr? rtrnl, en Manila*, the H'h day of January nert. r tn 11 I ? U ' >1. els \ \l. T! It r '? book wili l>u ?I"M4 rom tl>? 2Mb itit., nntil aft?t th? ?l?'-tioa. IIj ?T4rr. c. I*. BVKRITT. Bae'y. 13 I ft B I r< ? 1 R A J t'E BROOKLYN IN <. luM'i r I ft <ny, No. 41 lull -I ?(- ??, Brooklyn, id No. * <*r.1 e? '1 i?li ;*'??, r>?w v?rk. rtu- "l.i ' I ... 4 to.. 11 njr c? atinm * to tU) r>?? ?f ? lit >?d i*.oa.>t out- du??, tin rabaadUf. furnltur'. ? p* ia If., oa a? t?T r> i< i mil a> Mt Maular iaiMMtion. VV'^rs. and roBEw > sriim.* tub si nv:?r" I rbHiM tr.f. rm Mi frifndt atidt'io t hat ha I 'ir i < fl-.-a for i,r- i:tl r th? llolilart, I 1 'n. . r . ?T >' ,. - r Wi.iot Hran4i?>. l?ira I f ' ?TI ? krilill, of all a..-n. tip to (Vtty jnir? ia'l'idt t it- old Jot.?t.i<nl>?r* ?ai f??rc al: P?mar't?. Ik I?on? ' f???l rid i Ur aad.ltrk f>'i rri>-?: ap?fl?r I o? >?-V I n, oi l. drr. ??d froltf: Clutnpwiln i.f th ?ir?t mnd?, I i i?eu-?, ltr? ,ii lt?. ??'!*- f*. ai d f "toh #. ii?jr. IIIOHAS HcBt I.I.EN. No. I<? Will itratt. noti-unr imcumow or mi bbxt ax. U l .t it- aad ll!t? inCcal, c?it>rin'ljt ea I ?nd. r.nd or uli i* lo?? I . nut I low. tn nrk't pftc-i. O ir it > k i'ii els h ll??'h. I' s'i <'i t ?td. I,? nh, I. iiri' il Orel. Black 1 anail, "idifr, Cn til orlir.d* J I. k T.W WORT I, W Dm lwur. <nd toro?r of Ttotnproa aad Fmtth |< I ' ? Ojil SIAI.IN'iKAVtR AND (ICItVl.D 1 I'm l.r. I'll Brot<l?*r, rnreir ul M itr? r?.t. lip ' if - < it* ' ( Ar ?. < A . nrratoil ?n r Kill, .1, r i ?. r i il < ??,? ?. C?'i ?f Arm$ nil I' t ?n." .1, fr i tl > )> ?' Bl I1' ' rtHry, 11th iMi > ?( MBiM. *W?n in llinMry plfTOrr f LOT!INO AND Ft RMTI KK- I.ADICS W plIlMllt Mi ikltla flit fflr? (it ?M1 1 I it, ly ? ! :* ?-f il,? ?? . ri?. llrw,'1' ?! j- or \?r?i . illnttMd ul tl.?<J < .nt-t.lid ly Mn. J. I.t\ KS'TI N, 4'"l Btm ' wif, o* ??<ltt. ft T 1 i I" "IT, AND 00 VT I -V ' T TO I. ,) * ly r I -r T* i-It-) n.V W-v '.in P-toi't !??. !ii?? "? I.OW ll |tl through ? f*r?il? >tl fill Ithout hel|>. ?n< ? iih"nl m' Mn ? -> turp?Vtn?. the > | nil n-1 r*p-r rtit.t in c?nt?. Tl in i( 'f .<; Il II <1 < ? mt < > t. ih? iini I j ? >11 I ttlnmH. I' Il tirrtn'rl i ' tollor* 'I ? lirtn. 1b? >' w Y^rk l>? r I ''t t <n<! ihcC irlttin* n illicrnfir ?*J ? "tin ill '||4 l>? without II.' Ilf fili'u >?? w|iff hi? Ifl ilt:Hl?tr All h" Tbl b nr l?dl?f>i-i???il wl'h. ? <1 ' h? fcr'i l? w?? io l bttt?r a all It to lt*hw?/R?jl??fr ?? ? "Mr. i> ' inn il'"' i ?'?1 ?'l 0 v rr^rn it * . dtjr ' rMi !? tl? lr < ?ntir? < f tl i- o*ml?' l.i"'.i?, ?H? 14 it f?t !> ?. ' ill ?n* M? ill* tvtlawntali ?n4 nrin ?l ; #f MM ???r d ll?r. ?>t F"*'ij1 11. Twn.incr**!^. Room 21, Vn * Nixmi ilttil, N V-rk. . i itk pair r > < \ s min i hi m v k m> kiev* nit*? tlfMt, i? IHt |.i?> t" n^t t|? ihopwtiil ? ?t l< rg krcH r*?M? dirti Ittlfdlr. F"or ?*lc. * ?h !< ? i lection ?'f Mf? font SrtM th? h??t ?t?clt. !'?? r? m warior -or,4 tinging tirdu c.n l? mltoJ 1 y 'pr'yiinr 1J9 Caonc,i> itrut. mCHCMEIlT?. B9W1RT TlliTll^r'lIDir 1VKNIN0, Dooeabur IMtk, will be ripoated the bow play itylad tk? FOUR MCS&JSTCKRS. OR. TKN VRARS AVTKU-Cardinal Matarin, Mr Steveni; the Duke du Boautort, Mr. Moor*; Attica. Mr. J. Wallack; Part hoe. Mr. Gilbert; Aramix, Mr. Dubu; l>'Artaguan. Mr. I.oetar; !> Itelliere, Mr. Drew; Bit in, Mr. Wmani; Bouaueieux, Mr. Jordau; Mordaunt, Mr. Aruold; C'apt Gmilow, Mr. Manun; Beruouin, Mr. Gauldiin; Julien, Mill K. Drain; Anne of Auitria, Mr* Jamee W?l |.?a, <[, vonetance us aeri'c, o, wcmyas. tuo doom will fur the fn'nre open at half-pait tf. and tint eurtaia wiilriaeat?. B?\e? 25 cents: Pit and Gallery. 121) eta. S NATIONAL TUEATRE.-FRlDAV * eveaiaK, Decea>ber 2-1, I'm*, the entertainment! will t'ommtaoe wllh the drama titled the DREaM AT SKA? Trevauien, Mr. C. Timr Kit hard Pendtrell, Mr. Crocker: I.aunce I.yawood, Mr. Tiltoa: Anne Trevauion, Mr*. II. Isherw ood. Alter whick,THE FEMAl.K GIWRB?Aladdin. Mrs C. Meatayer: Abaoaxur, Hr. Da wee Kasrao. Mr. Burke; Princes! Badroulbadour. Mire Lookyer; Female Qmid, l v Sixtv Young I.teies To toaeladu with the Dl'MB SAVOYARD AND BIS MONKEY?Th? Monker. Mr. Seymour; Pepino, Mrs. Scjmour. Boxes, 35 cents; Pit. 12'ieouts; Seat! lnOrclicstra Box, 60 cent*. Doori open at 6>,, curtain will ri?e atTM>. MITl'DEI.LS OLYMPIC THEATRE.-MM3 CARline's Benefit? Friday evening, Dec. will commence with the NEW PLANAiT? The New Planet, Mi&a Taylor; Juao, Hits Roberta; Venue. Mrs. Cnnovsr: Mercury, Mr. Conour. Alter w Keel), MAGIC ARROW?llouny Clapper, Mr, Walcot; l'rince Alined, Mia* M. Taylor. Tu be folio wad by

the PRACTICAL MAN? ClomUlev, Mr. H'alnot; Kockatone, Mr. Nicklnaon; Mr. Horton, Mr. Uroaventr; Mra. Mildway. Mre. 1 sherwood. To conclude with AMY LEE-Jo-epli Speckleback. Mr. Waleot; Corporal Von-at- time. Mr. Coaover: Amy Miae M. Taylor. Doora open at hall-past ti; oomiutuce at 7. Dress Circle, 50c.; Upper Boies, 25c.; Pit, la. Mitchells Olympic tueatrk.-misscari.'ne. the celebrated American Danaeuso, will take her lleuctit thia (Friday ) e\ cning; and it Is ree 11 lor ua to add that ahc is one of the moat graceful and finished dancers on the American stage, aud we trust that the public will *he her a KOotl Benefit. ZOOLOGICAL UAI.L. No. BO WKR Y. -M AON IFIctnt Attraetiona lor the Bolidava!?Performing Elephants, Lions, Tiger*, Leepirda, Ponies, and Monkeys: a monster W hite Bear ; three w hite Lions, :iud a noudoseript Cub, a few week* old, its sire being a lion, and its dim a leopard. Iteasts and Birds of every variety. On Christmas day, three grand performances, st 10, 3 and K o'clock. On New Year's day, four performances, at 10. I, 4 and H o'clock. Ill, nthor.lai'fl n n f I t' .....I IJ l> U f ........... | at. 3 and 8 o clock. Admiaaion 25 cents : ohilirtin under nino years, hall' price. Teachera and achoola admitted on liberal term*. POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK?CLOSINO ON THE Sd of January ?Two Hundred Eahibitiona in Four Months?-Unparalleled Success at the Minerva K?oin. lour hundred and aix Broadway.--flurr'a Sovon Milo tlirror of the I.akes, Niagara, ft. Lawrence, and Sa*u :nav !'.iv<rs. Thiaworld-aao'vln* painting?-covwrtug nejrly sjvon'miloa ol' canvaaa, ahd tmtritully delineating L'.UUO miles ot tho molt plcutureai|ue and hiatorically interesting aceaery In America, paeaea atradily beforo tha oye of tho apeotator (or a speoe of two hours, aid ia a pcrfeot daguerreotype of all tho oitiot. towns, cataracta, and other wonduraof nature and art, ou b"tla ; tho United States and Canada shore*, from Lake Krie to the j Oulf oi St. Lawrence, tlionce up tho wild, fooluded and ; unknown Saruenay, The Mirror Mmmen?i to move at i 7X o'clock nightly. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday, at 2 o'clock. Admittance iiecnta; children half priee. U IRST I.ECTURF. FREE' 1NTIIE BIEE'KKll * Building, corner of Dloecktr and M rt..n atreetj ?l>r. [ WIETING will give a short Course of Popular Lectures <m Anatomy, Physiology, and the Lawa of Health, with hie large collection ot Maaikiua, Skeletons, Models, Paintings, tie , u Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Mnday un l Wednesday, Dee. 2ti, 27, 2M, 2!\ .'SI and Jan. 2, at 7 o'clock, l\ M.? Adinisaia?? 1'irat Lecture free; the next l2Lj eenta each. (JLIDDON S KGYPT1AN OOUMTIOI ANO OKANU * moving Transparent Pauoratna of the Nile, Exypt. and Nuhia, 1721' milea, wim Oral Description*? Muieuin Room*, Chinese Buildings, liroadway?la now op *i daily? I Evelina', from 7 u J P. M., and Saturday Honiara, from 12)* to 21, P.M. Alec, a magnificent G?,'?ry of Egyptian Antiquities, Mummies. Mo , and splendid Tableaux *r Illoroglyphieal Writings. Painting*, and Sonlptarea. K/yptUn, Arabian, Turkiah, Greek, and other Oriental Muale, arranged \>y Monaiettr Don at Saar, performed during eaoli exhibition. Adminaion?Evenings, SO e?nta; and Saturday rnoruiuge, ifl centa; children, half price. Gliddoa'a " Hand-ll >ok to t ha Panorama" at tbo doer, prioc 20 nenta. For otlier particulars. ice (mall billa. Magnificent exhibition.-b v k kd1 grand original gigantic aeriaaof Moving Panoramas, nowepes every eveuing, for a ahort season, pruvious to being exhibited In London, at Htoipani's Panorama Hall, Broadway, corner of Walker atract. This m.ignlfloent chef 4'a ura | of sr istio (kill, from original drawings, by the cell erotrd i Amarinin jif |?w. John Evere, and im.Lt assistant*. Thef are painted cn over 40,f>et of canvais! bdng b7 several thousand toet the laraiat painting in the world. New York Oi'y, Citj 01 Brooklyn, W'llliamalitinh. F.uot l!W?z, Hudson Klvur, and th? Atlastio Cosan. Theao pain'in*! ave ( f anoh iuiRAnii magnitude tint It ie linn teniMo to ao crll-a tLcm. B-me ooncuption can h# formed, when w?tnf that thii wonderful piiut'r* emnalna tlw 6*0 ren of ov?r on# ri'.llonof Ken,* and una of thoimanda of bmino*. hipr, itM>>a, ho*'.*, no. The ?rul and u^icmtlcouttonq of Ihe Alitor Opera (loose lliot, tJ.e *rsn'l m-l mitrlim* apiict.-.fll* of the Brrmo* of tho Park Thc:;??. They ht\? (.eon nirly t'.rvc j'i *r? hi Pr ti>aration, anl eoit dolls ri. nv?u open at o*Ic.ik; Pnnormna move* at 7>4 praowely. A'lmlrjiiOD SSotntc Children under tea yiara ot kite, half priM. -. - . ? KA liKS liV AVCTIO-V. CORPORATION NOTICE.?TRE Sil.ES FOR KNPA1D > t**fs will l>? <?iitin.?d tkig U?y, at twnlve o'clock, in room No. 4, City Ilall. JOSEPH R. TAYLOR. Comptroller. A LOTION NI?rM E-PEREMPTORY 8A1,K OF FT4E IIIdci, Hrandtea, Whiakey, La., in (Ian*. ? Qerarl it B?tta ? 11 ft 11 on Friiuy. Deeemeer 2-th, at 12 o'olock, within their (tore. (No postponement en an unt of t!i i ? ritlier ) MaiHirn*.?" Montelro," " Ml Eyir?," "11 own .1. March it Oo." " Newton. Gord n t& Co." " Ea<h'," " tfuuth Side," "Ciorilon j la Co." "Bnal," " Wsnderer," "I.eaooik, Uiirrii it Oo." 'M?lm???," " All ert," of varioua >iotM?*, from IMS to l'.'.l, ' is deiniiehnaand Inttlea. 8h?rri??.?" f urdinand," " Mink," " 6ufl 0< rilon," " llurniony," " llomsno," " I'rioo Wi ie," " SoLo," ' Malmsty," ' Man/an'lla," of vinlace* from 1SJ3 to 1KJ4. in demijohn* nnd bottl <. Porta.?" Hunt.. K"iip V Co." "London l>o< k," " Sandeman," "Harris k Sona," "I'raatullt I'M," v?r? choice, in ?! u?. LI jaoaii, no ? "llenBiaay" and "Otard, Diiptiy K: Co." Brandy; Jam\io? Urui. Pchddam Gin; Cofcnluftm Cherry Bonnet: Jon ile Ceriae; trotah Kill Vbbkw; ii*y Ira. tad Chamnagtt Wine*. Catalogue* now ready. Sample* afteraooii prsvioua, *nd moraine ol ?a'c. JAKC.fSAI.Korr.. Ill N KT ri 1ISITI ?K IM) V VNI V J Gaodt, fuittbli' lor Holiday I'ri-eontii. ?Tli'i day, (11ld?y,) lJeeember:" th. m lUj., o'ole k. at No. HI2 tlf.i l? ay. J. W. Illown will tell at Miction, witlionl te?irvt>, ft Ur;o ?t<>ck ol bwliM| Furniture, tomtber with a l*r^? ft??ortmintof intrful arl om un.-iual II.m faraMUvf Ariiclea and rich 1'aury Uocdii, ruitable fur holiday rre?'ttjt?. PDA SAI.K AM) TO UBT. rpo HE SOLD?A Kill I .1 .s E \ PS i ITJ II R J. lu?mc?? w ill h?t dl?i'??el of by a i foio* to Calif r mi. Any pern u bavin* about (fit u hundred dollar) wlifh tbev would deairc to en hark in a r>r <t taMu bii? r>. <?, w ltd bed it their alvantaiie to I', y., lUrr.U ofiij.?, with addren and real tain*. i;im t oa< m iok :'ii < j;rai -ui n r u> v?< 1. Tom iLnon kt C . < oet $?M>;: tea but verylittla??.m1, and hap jaet I tvn entirely reruitited, utiaiiMi kie.. be them, and Dot uMd eiure. Ai fly at the flrit private Stable ia TUiri atreet, eaat ?f the Bowery. iyiM'111 III PI I" II (II A GOOD, I ASHION IBI I v v iivcoad-hand d<" l ie Sleigh. with tluee reat?. H'hoovrr heiineha elf * i to tell, will idoeee addrvee Sleigh, Wo. I'/ Cr.. ,1 ... ..I ........ t.ri. m ...I. r. il.. .!. j> .?l.. ..... OARD1HU, A*-. 1JVTCEI.MNT HOOMS, WITH BOARD. MAY 111 U?. J tllnrd. nprti ?! J.lirjtl.'ii N .11 Haf? l*y atrntl. At I Di n* but tlic.'fl who lire I l?My jtfililii wll U- Ilk' a. r<fir?n?? m iII ! <: r<nd p.n<1 Rlvan, hOARDINC-A N R AT i'RUNT I'ARI.OR, WITtI A f>J'.iinu* K''m?, Kr * rfotfl lnniljr w 11 lion t clilHrva, at Sii it Bruadway, ntit d<.><r <> St. Chart. . Ai-armir and nei> room to let. witiioi t Bttrd, in a privM* lamilr, t? a inirlo . otjpman. IF plet, rlrialiana. < B>f<<rt. and churn*", ni?M||d with tl.i- bait locality, at<* the uect ixtj nuidrrtiiona fjf* rnn.fnttuble hem*. tl.? y ?tll (a lonnd I jr in itilry at .Vi Bieadaay,'>aa dm* abort Iriakhn I'lf. A t/tth Imiii'.diat?ly >i(Till tht rcoiui. Htfcrei'Ota txrhan/?d. ' 11II P I HI V A TF. f I I'l I " 1' A - 1 ' I VIIAI lir.HT'1 A H t'ly A lnn(*iia- 'i< marniticaot i Raataaran*. B'irttiimt <?m?r '.I Broadway ant Anili t y ?tir?t (mtrni't In %n huny aiffft). ^re ?< * randy fur tlia Act' tniunJation of i?ntlunen and ladict dralrlax luppcra. PROVIUOII, (1 LINTON MARKET.?Tilt I IfPERMGNED Wl l.i. F.Xs |iom for ?al?, daily, at hla old ?t?nd, No. I cliaUn MmIiI, km "I tl>" tiiaat Datrliiu Ouuty B?tl t!.?'hat '.tin- tu tka ity tbit ?ir'?r;alfo, a r"' d ?<ip| If 1 M"intaia Mutton. nil < r ?hl*li will h? tiid nt rcatoLj' la prl? aa. T?a pablic u? ml'tJ ta call and ria:iln" ' r tl.? ~ " [? aa. 1IMIVA1 E BK" Al'tt'A Y, Cbrn'r i'anal and WaahlaatM a'ra?'.a. /MINTON MAKKET A'iAIVST THE WORM).?THE * ^ jnllir air r.rrrti) noil'' Iff a' ji ana ?t n?ri (l- irj ?<i?lr.?i? at Clintoa market, kan Hr"'4 to tliaa thair baftsrt- on >?* Vr?r t>ay. sad -r?> tfally iariu- tl.eir tnrl<n.erf toi*ll on M >t.dat. l>?o^i,trr SI, xt th?-y iaten I ta lefp ?T'?r i u r' n: th? 'lay ana ttrtigi. r|1 A V K NOTlCr.-OT?Ti*fl I' X DOITMING?DOITWA n ., ? f Broad mtH t. It a< w i>r*r>arik? a mpariT (tiallty ol I'li t i<<t Ottirr*. for Ntw Vnr'a l?ay. Tabln i?at t3 any thotlty. Utoikljn. <>r if, t'itf. All tUo?? ? > atll lav <>r n>' with tHair < rttrt, will b? irun rtly attau Jiil to : i n (i Saakf ntlr r> ! > ?4. PfRW ROOKS, . vv^\ V A\ v\\\ t, V"?% \\> x v\\\\\ V V V\%WWWV\V 1?I RTON 5 Vlivr or NEW VORC.-JI "T miI.ISD ED, i I r llay rb<I t Ity r r >fv y,.rk. t'iu ?r wlt!i B. .o*!?a a- J J? iwvOty, * ? f*tt toar?tin tn ? xatanaiva tw? ?? |?> ti,h??d, rkttrliri oa the ?|>ol, aa l diawa < n ?'/at, l y v. W . Burton f Mron Itray, and rrinttd ia tli? ni?dtra ItTla ? f Hi* art. b? SAK'lNY * MAJOR. 11," lui'. n din.', H'u Vi'l fUtt M, rttall. A literal dtaronat tnada ta Ilia Ira da. aboH*t! r a rlacta ?<>ry, aetata paalad a.iharomlt'at >.t, MIwmiI aa abevc, ?111 b? ;i itondel ta, aad a *?? l"r??r?l?<1 io iry par' of il. r < ?n i l?. I\ jtMlliK -TBK M'HT SI'I WS'DIOLT I I.IL'M tS\rr.D tnlnmn iter ifri m h?|\rr. r . nn rf 1 . *'H P"0hrtid m fstnrri**. i!i? ?!tih tnM. I't *. in ! ?(' r -?w V; In < * 'tK-<i (l.lh f I IT.. 111. fr??1 i - f < - - in in .11 n "i n t1 ? fli?' \' lniB ' t 'ht A?<-ti"*n lllu iln*; r Mion ?f th? >v nvulty N'ir '?, ? rrt rint kl the Altxtti(..r i .i'tinn, t*k? ?lii." nrp- rtnnlty to |n( tin II,t 1 "Mil. ;hnt it it Hi. ir i 11 (, ??n n to l rifid ?ot ?I|? work in a ?t)U of t)|- .'rupliy | lite mrul, ?nrt. in th" IIIiifctlr<%t?<f firit>tll itimMiU. mp?rW, to tl,? orwinnl. TnW anciftlcU'i If'"rntr ?? n 'luni, m4 lamed in r?|id ?oe< i ? 11. l!K\t ET, 11 k CO , M BmImi ?l r?*t. fit INFIKVU,> .1 lif li??rtt? ?>f tit:m ?> k < 1 ?;i full ntnl ,-..rr?ct pert (wit I "tit try (irMfag I I nil th? It-tlnmny t" ttilf d?t* in Ik# ???mi?*t|in tf til. llf. r t, >li"wln m >' ronrlnptvnljr tl *ir milti nilc trmu f Dr. Tj iu'. I f out <J hl? 111 .imi> mi n ?t?| h i? imi Bt i f br Tin*'? i i?i 1 t i ''i" T mi'?. tl !< ,?<?' '( k'n 'im ltl iIk""!, ?o ?iir1<e n f?t?fil- |r w 11 ? m not djlnir: Mcniiiiktlm if ? wltm ?? In tin *?tt r? nbllB rtih in t>iii fit 1: I *lif irnia n?? t tn -lui, I'r n< h. t. rt??l? nnd dom??tlr (tlm'nil n ? I, nn'l <! rr> 'imndeno* from <iifl>rfnt | nru, nnd city rrnnmnl ???J nenewily. "tfli I'* Niwin mei't, Sold etyn I rr\ Iiri in NKW YOtK IKK* fcWD MAGXIFM r N r J 1f??klf l'nr<r, cmi. mnftti <*' rlitien ?f " Hnll't I.ite in l.or.d' n.' "I'limr," nn'1 ?!: N w Vork " Spirit o| t!i? I li!*P, ' Irlltid to Lit* if: litii 0, I i|it-?*tiir?. lh? f'tr Ar<i>, HnUrn, linn, r r??hl n, U*Tt'i??. Amnwrnnntf, If. Ilit nnmlfr. very tleh. Now rerd); trie*. *i * p?ae*. I ' r f?li l,y nil t' h? ? Ak'n.>n I ?t t .m e. Nd. n Ann ?tr?*t, >t* Y rk. W \RI> * Co., Pa' inhlff. \| 0KCAV3 1.1 IT* > HY l>rp< ?.*( UANQB rt.ACB, :J t I 1 i, Kif Dnlni. U? M M ?? .?< ?? -. I ft.n ?tt imr *;? >< ) ' fc*?4 B fctnf >?> *? 4?t< n.l??tr* of fllatorr, ft*. (>Jm ?rcl?l, (Mi, ill MriSir*! Wnrll. %i'n, f ?'i s?rr '* " ** ?lth ?li ?.'>? fr1i?rt|>*l I'wilj *M Wf?kl? * ??[> < ?r? ??4 * f'fderi'frr ?r tnitlf il t!i? ?>ippll?<l ?I?'I f'Ft??r4?ii m 'h iMjuiff, Uonk* I'rvmft ? ?nii<n f?i4 > Kit* work ordxnJ l> niktl. * inv?>Tt?< fwUr. J. C MOR'i&N. Lit?r?ry T>*p??, Pc >t O'flo*. K?w Orl?;m?, I ?. I'.<-< ~ trmr mri'l hirt ( ?? rrtdfl ?1V> th? fri? <r*l J'uMlfhui ti,'"u'io?t ii?t Wki;i.(or u>? mm n.ilu M IM: M iMttti. I AWCM0K1CKM. 1 IJ ROADWAY THEATRE.?FRIDAY EVININ?, DEC. I D 38th, will t? |?rforiB<d. th? LADV Or LYONS-CUnd* ! Mcluutie, Mr Couldook; Cut. Iliinu. Mr. Wmtin*; : tut, Mr. )'r?<l?ricka; M. Dmi hapiwlUa, Mr. Muthuwa; Olivia, Mr. Pbuw: J'auhuu. Mi?a C. Cuahmnii: Muiu. Dcathappellt-a, Mra. lliwld: Widow MalnoUe. Mra A. Knight: Mtriaa. Mi<a Carman. To oottlade with lh? FOl'R 81STERS.? Mr. i llMuchkmp, Mr. Jordan. Mr. Merton, Mr. M?ttk?wi; Jack Nuaflle. Mr. 8knrr?tt: Mrj. Bonfoft. Miaa Carman Aiiaan lira. Loder; Carolina, Luai, Kiigeuia, Ellen, Mta. Skarrott. Docra i'i?n at balf-paat 6; bugm at 7, Draaa tircla, 75?.; Fa- ' uiily and Third Ciralaa. Va- , 1 11 1, OS GARDEN.?FRI DA Y IVIN INC, DEC EM.1^ lei in, 1M!1. Overture by tlie Orchestra. After which, daring ? hwvementa tn the 'light Rope, by the Ravel F,inily ! and Leon Jt> (111. To be followed by a neriea 01' Nati..?*l ; Characteristic Danrra. Interwianion of half an hour, for , jrouieaada, k.o. To conclude ?itli RAOl'L, or the Ma*ic 3:ar ? Cturci. Antoiae lta\*l. AUiciru, Franoola Ravel; Baron , Racnl, Luari Walls; Hi trait. M. Lehman; Paw nbroker, Loan Javelli; Jailor, M. Marrctti; Rocabo. Mr. Fletcher: Ollan, , Mr. Gallot; Sambo and Crambo, lleury and Harrison; ( cilia. Mine Marietti. AduiiHainu 50 ceuta. Doom open at ( >?; farfanuiHootnnanM at 7'j o'clock. Bl'RTON 8 TUK4TRE.-W. E. BURTON, PROPRI8tor.?Friday u\enin*, Dec. 2Sth, 1S4U, will be playe I, tbo the extravaganza, entitled SANTA OLAUS? V CHRISTMAS Ur 1AM - Jlyuilcrt Van Brauui, Mr. T. Joli nston; Uana, I Mr. Latch; Santa Clam. Mr. I!. W. Clarke; Funny Fl*?hins ton, kiea Chapman. To be follawedby the comedy of Til S BERIOl'B FAMILY?CharlesTurrens, K? i.Mr. C.If.Clarke; Captain Murphy Maaruiro, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Ainiuaiiab Bleek, Mr. Burton; Mra. Urniaby DiTalao. Mis* Chapman. , lu conclude wittl TUB I All. UI:Mi ttVENA-Mr. Foil* II^,umer. Mr. Burton; Urn. Felix Fumer Misa Chapman. Boxes, Dnti Circle, ud Pitquit, fltfe.; ??milyClHU,lh. TALI AN OPERA. ASTOR PL ACE-FK1 PA Y E VKnin*, December 2m1i, will bo perfonned, \ trdi'a opirt I aeria, EKN AN I? Elvira, Slgnortna T. Trutft; (liov.mni. SijLorina Av< uadro; Kruani, Siiimr I'orti; Carlo, Si*. IJonaveutaro; Silva, SiRtor Novolli; la*o, Sinner Giubilei; KU | vardo, Signer I aromi. Conduct >r and Dircoi r, Max Marot| Ilk. l.raikr, IJeri Kreutier. Prior* of admlsiiion?All Seata iu Boxes or Parquet. eeoured either for the nuht or aeaaou, j SI St'. Adiuiaeion on tha evening ot perform-uice?Parquet, I $1; Amphitheatre, 16 centi. I'oore open at 7 o'clock?to | commence at half paat 7. Carri?s?.? bet down heads cant, and take up h?ad? wnt, (MKI 18, AS'l'dR Pl.ACE. H) 11 N (iOSSI N'S HEN KF I T ' To-uigi t. M'lli' Ron will ride bet MUiitl mi. An | extra performance will be givcnou Saturday afternoon, being the lait day but three of the avaaon. _____________ Barm u s amfrkan miski.m t. p. iiakmi m, Proprietor?J. Greenwood, Jr. Asaiutant Mana>;?r.? Por| form mi oe in the afteri oon at and in the evening at 7^? | o'clock. The famoua tmjlidi Giant, Hohert llaleii, and the a?t< ulahinn Eaclith Dwarf, the laricn*. and auialiot upcoiI met. a f humanity iu the world; with the tiu -.-t oullecti a of I natural und artinclalCurioaiticx; the inamini tli Crocodile and I enotinoua living 9errante, can ho aeon at all lioun, diy ?ul i evening. 1 h? ?underfill inan-iii>>uh?y, Piano r Carrito, Wemja* Metritield Kote, Warden, Clatk, m l M j' u S'auli pe, and' Weft. the rcno* ncd JUai tineiti Family, J'.i*e Horria and Loui tiUflcr appear at each exhibition. A 1 uu' aion 25 ccatt: children under II' yearn. U"a eu. IJAHMSI9 Ml MUM, I'll 11. A I) LI. t* If 1 A. - - G't A N O L> l.ulu, week.?Ferformaaoea in tlio li.< t.1 ri room e> ry Hi" 1 till.p. afternoon auil evening, during the >1 >> i-1 a h. mi l on 1 Cbriatwue day every hour. Tho pupular aud much aduired pltMol "Thl Drunkard." ?il! I i-i I 0a'. 1 Oil Wuiliinoay ; mid Friday celling", mid on Saturday afteraooa, for the tv eaty-aevrnth, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth Lime. 1 Ttiu prtn. the elerry, various tanperain e giciotiea, and 1 h? hotter peril" a of the public, are loud in the pri'iee of tbi* moral dinieaticrftamn. Iliaaolving Viiivai N el I is, bom without Ann*. who uaea hi* foet in | laying up< n musical iaatrumente; Winditnf up VV'ati i e?; Cutting Ironies, ?, , Ik.0.; Joraev Fat IJjby, 10 month* old, ana woigMng 7>''? lb?.; WW) MaMWtN, Clpttr. lfu Statuary; nrt apwaiai from Feale'e collection; tWmorama &c. Admittance 26 cinte; children, undur 10 yearn, I2>? cent*. Ft RAN KLIN THEATRX, 17ft CHATHAM SQUAML? F.\ery right until further aotlce The original and well known 11*'* Fenille Mimtrti*, ' onalstinij of seventeen p'rfi ni.uis, hcia* the only organlied I and nf la lie* in tlir wurid; a " Troupo ol Vodel Artiatea," who will ropri'30'.t .1 tiutnbor of living picture* tukea Iron clastic history. The l'-maln Arab Uirla. Tk<i Infant Family, together with* v?ri.-:yof entertainment*. An afternoon r? ru'.e every \t edt.esdnyaii'l Saturday, at 3 o'clock. Admis*i>n?lieies, i'i ot*.; Pit, l.'Xi'.; Stare Seats, .V >: Rrivat>' 1. -. S'.'. M) li It A Yt" 3 (i It \N'? N A I ION M, FA NO II Mil 0 rainting* of American Scenery, now exhibiting iu Washington liall, fltW llroadw ay, three d-o-r* tborc Nlbio'a. 'I he romantic resmn of tho noble II 1 1 . tho oliunio river f the weateru world; Saratoga and I ake Ueorg*. tojethi r with tt-nvy other interesting view*. ;ini luding Cities, ViUtjei, Ilathora, llajs, Steamer*. Shipping, ko. The wliole euilrt.iirg a rxiat extent ol the niopt luMitne and t'iotiir'1 > |ue icenery in tie world Fainted by Uuorg? lle'.-tir. K*|., | astiattd I) J. V. Cornell. Doors op 11 at palutitu'mi, van | jTrciacly at 7>?. Adinittaiiee touts; rhiMren half price. ' Day exhibition* 011 Tuesdays and. Saturday*, at It,'. User* | open all. Liberal arrangements uade with school j. 1" KKMBD I'Ax.iuv BIRDS' vTfNTTuunfi IS.J AND J Mi.gio!?Signer Blitt has the honor to anHooacu that lie will ((iva his much admired per fern uioes every afternoon and evening', at .'! and half piat 7 o'clock, commencing on Monday, December24ih, at the Socitty l iboury, corner of Ui iaHwuy and Leonard ?tr>-eta. Charcu of pr<',;rammo every day. Si*n?,r Hliti'a well km vn ftintatlon n:' a mari-oan rt'iidcra it mnecearary to tnnonnre that th^ llloaioph, Truti?forruatton t, Expi rioien'a and l>e'eptiona will ci'naiat of the niott uiira Mil 10a Mr-elm iplmsea. The Vf ntrilr |Uiam w ill bo of the intuit atinaiitif < I aracter. T? ei nclode with the Dunou of Dium r l'la tee. Aemiaawii i.1 ?.t? ; ?1 ildren under HI year* ol *- <?, half price. j LAMPt, Depot or mkncij mki uanical laMrs, 4is Broadway, opaoaite Olympic Theatre Jmt received 1 y the Uermanr, a rich choice ol Carcel Mechaaioal L^mpe; af?o, McUtratit'm Letups. il DAKDONY1LLE, (lata IHton's l.amr?)? UAY'8 1-A Ml' STOM-KH AND 136 FILTON STRKKT, r hun Building*.?A ct>io|))8t?i?ior<raent ot every kind t?i i lar oil; 9|?irtt pa* or tl-id, and eamphine lumps for \ arl?r*, ftturea. Ik< , in great variety. Alto, girkiidola, ahait^a, lie. | Chia|<*tstore in New York. | -W- *. T r; -j? r . r- 7 J1H BLE1. DAI I . TOMPKINS, AND BLAC K. 8LCCCSS< ; rO I) Jkfap!u?nd h Co Importers of Hilver I'latcd t* are, atehef, C'1?cka, iMamoiid*, Jo welry, I'aucv Got di. Cutlery, B mill Ulass Wart, n. \ . ke? if a I ri ! | Eilvtr V* are ?n every variety of a'vlo and pattern; diixiaond and ether rich jewtliy, No. J17 Broadway, *5 ?uth oi?mcr of j Hurray wrett. Sign ol the lioldtn Fa/le. Ilavo re .n ly l r1t ivid (11 I are con* tan l> 1 aivin*) trou ririoui auit| fact'?ri? a in Europe. n.? exit naive variety <?! doeiraMe articles of Jewelry, fisted W'nrc, Wat? he a, Fau'-y Goods, kf\, iuan<ifaetured to order from patterns personally sel?cud, many of VInch were never l* ' re ?u n in the United Statos. Tiieir anaiTtvnmt of Silver Ware and IHainoud Jewelry (manuUottired under their Immediate 0u|? <tviaton,) ?n naver ir*'?rn <?nufl? *r. Thty ln\ite their cuatouer* and the | uUic in roI n. rul 11. < a 11 n ml n I from! ? *.t m* v m.t I.* tnU. j eptct, llinr pt"ek ; wliih i? largely incr<? <>4, both iu v?Inatjr and richn'?<, bnuni r>-n thair ir?tut?m<.'4 ii tnt i l Holiday I'leaucta, ml ut are aru vlt.rud milia luMrtt prioei. *11 PPIRU. ON I.Y Til ROl OU TICKET I.INK FOR RAN rRANC'8<o,TilCkwnf, ain't, *nil bj ilia Vili Mail it?am?rt on tha I'mIIc, on tfiLiloy, llth dty n( January. Kara Reduced. 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F r |r.,i|ht <t r ?M*pr, ?t>ply to UdWLASD h ASTINW/ll.f, &" South rttiel. OM.Y P1IICT Milt. UNI t < HUN CISCO i is C'hijri Weilnoid* y..!? jary >n<l, 1 ?' ?? ? faro H?dr'nd. The i:'i-?nd nj'lei.dld I . S. ?t' km>Jii|. EMPI KK CITV, J. t>. V* jl?T, I n i:\atjL T, t?i tJ t n? l>urth*n, will leor* for Ch*?rr?, dim t, fr?m h>, r d<.n ?t |>i*r Nor' h Rlvi-r, on Wedfi??dnjr, 2nd .1 u nary, M tlirr o'clock. 1 ho Eni|'l-? City ?111 cmry I', * Malla for it* l'v n ? (tekmur ol tri I r?Vr\i"ry. Pa??'r.i;'ir i by t!i? R. C *111 bk'l kccoikn' 4itl<>? iii'l cnr iin i't toU h*4 oa t*y f>:h?r ??ai-r, Mil ?ill ? >' l>* trentferred from n l?i.? ??is r t? ? im?l| on*. ?t kn inUrtndikte f ri. W< diKtU rn<* .1 Ur* to Ciarr<?:? Vr rer ?nd Affr Pklmn# only tw" berth* In ?t?t* ronni '1 f r?*H k?Io' n, it*t?ro?ma I "J ! ? > r rotiin M All tb* kbit* din* kt tli* tain* tktil*, kni !.??? tbv pr>vil<?* ?f Ih"1 ?!< <>?. 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Tbla I un'l f?l alup lnv.w* >.?. n limit with a nf" *' ttftT'tte* 'o #?>?td, ?r <i harl?i( p" r? d brr'alf. on th rrra:?from t'aaa '' t O < pa-t, to ba fonnrkakl) f ix, It ii utiilptt <i ?i? %tll Biakf a > ?? ?t r\ rnii <"it. To pi 'a* **- ! a, ?ho pr? taaata nt fit a Mad lixuifltWrBM. litr eaMa tad iUl? r?>ma ara * \ ! in, ami 1?t?l ? it h fr try <*it' e and latvrjrj and }t?r iff ad ilUl M?#?Bear? ?ill te pro* Had with c niiiaodiona ? ?'# r < ma. la p'a< t of ?pam kaaka In roafh wfat'ar at Ha. Ii?i ari-at ai? mil r?' <1 -r hrr much nrnra ' oatfor'ahla * I 11 a ti alUr r????la. I ?r fral-'i' ?hl h will I.a takca at Inw rat**, o* niiintr p?rtl?-m*ra or fnK.ti, aot'y la BI.ACE, I.AKI'I* XX V HUiV r.t.i,. Ill Ponlli Irtit, nr ??> j a ? f * m i ri', n \r.:i ?tra?u_ f' OR CA l.l I < >RN I A. ?I nilLK. NEW 1)1 l'CUR<?S cnnty ?<;? ?i >1 prim* fi < Pura. r-< kr l an.I ft ri'l In a t*tia m?m tf f?r tl ? U*l;i?r*i? aitai'l. ?'if>"r 0' allty ? <-. ti. Al f, t>? tin . an? e\*.ra o^untjr Lf?f I.aid, ? . 11. rach. r> r aal* I jr tl AKK 11 >A h CO , ?: r.?1t n Lion pan rKANflM <?. 'Al.f'IKNI \ Tnt Hl'frl" r't fan*. nailint. A I hip. VtNI^K, Sai cl (M U tnr? Mirtt'a. mo?t ?f l,T carro m hoard. ? ti r*?<il?e linmadiat* itrpalcn. For feaUre* of freight, or p??. ?l*. ha<ia? A?ramei'-<ln?l'ir( fof nr?l ami ??<j< i.l olitt paaMMara, ai t If ni at 4. Pli>r \ Nirt'i ?irar, or t? t. *. n. rnwi f.r. -<> w. j* iir??i LV)K CALirORJIlA?ot*r*Ti n I I!?r -tub sor j*ti'r laat nailine ?hlp VKM.'I, iijaiilliif tl I'iir t Nor li Rift, tin '*.k- a ?ni*ll of light fr'iiht, an i ha? ?lrftn? ?rd > at?'Hc? la'Un* for tlral an 1 ?aci?w4 calm ??m-r?. Airly*" R. W. M TTON, f I *11 at. fcl 'A RAMI I" riTf m.|> It V R TIIR R R 7 n?r v aUj fart nillM kr*ii Utill, V. Mwiiw, m??t?r, * ill ?ail a? abo?c. for irrlffit or p???n**. h?*ln? xptrndnl ? :rn.n o?la'lom. apply on I'arl. Jml'l'r wlurl. r J>i. i tin I pl?r ftrrr ti.-' rh?r. 1. r.M.m 120 Will <? r Mantis o, CAI.irotM* TNI riNI 1. * ii 4 \ cry fa*t lnlll.f, ??wly e..| ?r-l ?Mp VANDAl.tA, J ? "Hman. ?*?< * Mi 4 ??p?mr?r Iifttirt ft lftf*? portlom r Mr ?ir|oM>* nofrd, will h*?? ImmHtfttt iwfittk t?t riniiiii't i.l fiat? it, it fi <- ir>. ippl* to M !: ' 1 I !< y I " I /on M VSNTI ' T rv. < \ i tuhnm DHI-AT' ;I I I.If?.- 1 lie ilirr*' hi.rk *?? (tall t? lnJlrj at mr Ni, 1] W"f?h Riff. A nmftll inftMtitJ of ll?ht fr-ijh'.. ft-.4 % f?w 'nlv, r*n I * tftlcn Arr'T ti B. H. SUtruN, <M JOHN ()IJ I>F N I r-ct I l/OR KINDSTOI. JAMAI'A ON WKDNK<0AT. JAW. I r yd, the r|tt>-Tt>ll4 ittaiathip KM PI KR CI T V, 2.i??l II m then. J. D. Wll??*. eomin??4?f; will ?*nf) ftt for R t il Ji niftirn. en h?r *? I !?' #. I" Uml 1 It,... . ??.j .* J. j?V V ft yVi<i MlUXtKM! 1 INTELLIGENCE BY T1IE MAILS. VERY IMTOUTANT FROM WASHINGTON. Waihinuto*, Dm. 2d, 1849. Mr Hitr'a Trratu mm/A hlimm?\ta Ar In oonseitaence ?f the reoeipt of the lata intelligent* from Kngiand,as well m from Central America, tk? dispute b?t??en the I'nited States and England on th? Mci<(uito ijurstlon baa become the prinoipal tople of cunvcrftttion and comment In all clrelea h?re. Aa one relation* with Nicaragua, ami the reoent aggressionsot Kngiand towards several of the Central Amerlean Stati 8, will probably be tune of the most Important business that will eomu before Congress, I have procured from the State Department a synopsis of th? treaty negotiated some time since by Mr. Hise, the lata American minister to that region, with the riew of showing what advantages hare been offered to this re publio by Nicaragua, ami the splendid opportunity that we lost of aocuting entire control over the propoM<| nhip canal to eonu?ct the two oceans. That treaty seour-d to the United States? 1st lVrpetual right o( way, in a full and ample manner, for all national vmmI*. troops, munition* of war, all public property, mails, public agents,civil and military. through any dominion* or territory of Nicaragua by land cr water, from ocean to ocean, by way of ports, bay*, rivers, lakes, navigable rivers aud road-t, and through any canal to be constructed by the citizen* of either State, or by the citizens or government of any other nation. Such right of way to bo without charge or cost, bei |ietual and without limitation at to time, and without restriction as to frequency. Similar light: aiegrauti-d to citizens of th? I nited States, thelc property or uiercbiindli-e. on terms a? favorable a< to those it Nicaragua, or of any ?ther nation. 2d It seoures to the I nited States the right to Issue nn act ct incorporation to a oompany, who are to poslehM the excluxive right to couHtruct a canal or ro.idf, to connect the two cceans. Such act to be approved o? by Nicaragua ;;d. It securei the pa!roax;e and protection of th? 1 nited State* for the enterprise, and extend* the protection ol the I nited State* to the State and government of Nli'iiiMtfua. tn nri'-orvH it* d'minions over its rightful territories, and guarautius its neutrality. I am informed that at the tlmo this treaty was mvle, the Kngli?.h were d?*iroiu of procuring the aame adj vantage*, and agents had boeu ,??ut from Now York and N?w Orkaus to secur* by contraot the exoluMva privilege of building and owning the oaual. One c ji?traot was made with Nicaragua by D. U. Brown, agent! of American capitalists. by which Nicaragua would get: ten percent of the entire prollt* and the property should belong to Nicaragua after a certalu number or yetrjj Thin contiait will not be accepted by the Amerleaq capitalists. The details of the convention with Nicaragua still increase the advantages otherwise secured. Those details are 1. Ti e United States liai the ri;ht to fortify, arm anil occupy the llu?; atd terminations of the works contemplated. J. There is a grant of tour leagues of land to th? fiimrniv In h.. liv Hi.. I nitt.l Nlifal fl h? laid oil at the poiutti of termination of the canal, foe the fite* of two free clticrt. . Neither perhoun nor |?r<>party are to pay any tranrit duties or other nnpcrltioiis whatever to the g iT'-rnlueut nl Nlciraiiua. lor patu-lug through her territories liy meant* of said eaaat 1. 1 he |>< r.-oun employed in the location. onrntruetlon, Kovcrtiiuenr and mauu^m* ut ol Raid work*, are to be under the protection ot b th ifovernmrutu and to be exempt from ?;i taxea or froui tendering personal rervloe to the t * o govtrnmenl s . kmy thing u^ces<ary for the clothing and ?ubKittence of the perron* euiplojed on ?ai I work* and all property of e*ery sort employed by the eompuny, In the 1< cation aiid construction of sul 1 canal are to bti imported iuto the Mate ol Nicaragua trea of duties oe taxes. dirtct tr indirect, either on th# reieeU or propel ty i-o iiupoxted. (J All the land r.ecenKai j for the works, and thr?<* bundrud feet on each margin through their wh>lu It iik* h * ceded. 7. The porfi at the point* of termination are fr?e to b< 111 tliu government and citU 'u i of tun L'ait^d Matt* Such are the terai* ot the convention nnJ treaty negotiated by Mr. Hiye, anil It will b? se<>n at oac i that thej are eltremely liberal an J iui favorable to th<i Intel entii of the 1,'nited States hi could be de<lre<l. 'lh< re can be no doubt of tb? f-j.^1'.11 ity ot constructing thin canul In the midst of Mo iraguel* l.ake Nicaragua.* hirh onds Its watem into the Carribcan ??? by the San Juan, which rum a distance i.f twenty-five le?gMl, with an average d-pthof :ii rathnmi, except when noma lightobstructs r.s exist There Is al?o another navigable lnke St. Le a, sltuatej to the north west of l.ake Nleaisgua. and communicating wiih It by short bat <luep river*. Tbeie two iikee. with the river*, exten 1 front the Atlantic to a distance of about twelve leagues of llee'.e'O <>D the I 4' !' '1 lhat hv a ritnnl Iri.m Keah jo to l ak>'Nicaragua through a level o>unti jr. a tiiitanra of Iklrtj'Hli mile* an 1 by overi">n>lug the Mirtltg obaUuatloM in tlii't'tu luio vectn l?6 a rfmj !et? pa?n?ir? lor h m?Ii from ocean to uctan Wti'D Mr. S.ju'.er ??at to i antral linarlaa, he rtcelvtd veibal i) <lrtictl?rin to look alter Ainvrluan inteiiftf in that quarter. .ic<1 h* a:cnfdlnglr negotiated a treaty luilh.r to Mia' n?; tlitrd by Mr Hih?. but n< t to laii>r?bU to the I n [.uS'itu Why it ?ra< that Mr Hiee'a treaty ??< burke<i'> I know not, ero?pt that Mr. < la* ton iuia> it.* <1 Ilia <lory ol It woultl attach to the lute admluli rt!l<>n Inaulel tain ||i)r)f TjT hnucelf. and acc< rJircly, wl.< n Vr N (ui?r n?i(otlat?<f Lll, Mill tent II to Ma-ntnyton Vr < lajrt >n took Kreat deal it credit t h > t for It. an I thoii(bt It rua-t'T rtr> ke i t | olioy ?tl? *? 'bow that h? If a'raid cf dU[l' .pki.h * >r.ttla,tud tint b? wonlj rather OKeilflcf the li h"r and Intercut* of tin I olteil State* than hawt a depute wl.b that Inaoleut poarer. TLw whole (bio? I* clear and I aup|?o?e It will aura;t tlie a'.Untlou <.i I.'od(imi ut an early day. folltlcnl Intelligence. Hon. loentih \V Jtc'son i* t! i! *morr*M* Matill. dat* t<>r ' on g lu tl ? flrit '.f < J?nrgia. uiai* vacant bj tue rvnguatlan of Hon. T. Rutl*r Kin; CIT* THAUK UKPDUT. '1'HI mimi, Uey a7 -6 r M Ami i.?Tk* mnrkrt rn?l?r, and dull for p >t?, t. ith unai! rdf.'at >0 50 ? fti ;4, ptarl* coutinuni dull, at y'i 18. tiir*i'W? ? -.? Flom rr 'ohfil ft 000 bbli , inclutliiiR flue at f I :il a 54 OiK; ot Jin try an4 coin mm Stat*. at *4 7."i a *4 *7S; *tr*l|iht an I K<ja l S'.it <. at. r I l +ftj Hilifd (>hl? mid Indiana at ft.> >5 ; mtjfd mid ?tr#l|iht Michigan, ?t f?r? 1'Jwfl) M\ farm it* hi,'I ftm-jr Michigan, ?t t> 'Mi a t& 37j?j pur? U?O't"**, at 37,L? ? ir 6 CO; fancy <J?n<-'*e. at fft 50 a ; ai U other grade* Improved in price !4<iut/iernwa? very dull with ale* of 360 lib!* at $'> 12 a it 31. Kye fluur ?an (Jul but firm; luO bb!*. ?o;d at f 1 50, afloat. Com mial wa? pretty ?teajy, w!tli rale* of 4W bbl?. Jrrf y, at *2 !K> a M, a.1"at an 1 $3 fnm itore*, an<l iii?1I lot* lirandyatc* at *3 12,l4. Th? only al? we h*r? to n<Uc? l? ?>00 bu-lieU good mlicd t.oni^ Irlaiid. at H W; U?oo?-? *ra- h-li at *1 'i'l aft M. Hijr wa* loctW* at iu a #'>< , HurUy *ii quirt at 01 l.eo. U?M *?-r? nv re actlr* and buoyant, a". 4J alio, for Northtrn: UU a f r Jet' -v. and .15 a 8 ia f ir Su1ti?rti. Corn Salt-* 1. 000 fcu-h-U at UH ? 6<Jn far .Sirlhrm hmI (u>?.) at ft'.' a 69fe. for olit W?*!?rn oitu'd; COo. for t. ra jrtllo*, ?l?U*?rwl aa<l old No?tl??ru jr- llow m llM I'othi -lb? market >-<>ntinti?> r,-ry f.rui, ai I th? ral<n Buk'ni! ?f at our full qimutlona Hia tr !?*?tii B? ale a,tUO bal-M tVe criitinn i our '(UOtatioal: ? UrtlrtOL Ci-Awirn iTim. it- 'tit and W.<W(?n(, Vl'l.i ?*?. id*. mil IVrn, Irforl.r. Horn. ,\ a?. ? ? <J\ OKtaarv a i' ? ? a lo'f ? a I"1* 6 ...1 ordinary I"J< a -- - a l'\ ? a 10* Mi'Mliot - all II. a - ll>? ? Mi-idlin*. - *1114 - a I if IIK a ? Wi.l.lliM Fair llfa? - all?? II , ar r I'H % ? l'X a - 11% r-.ll/ fair IIS a - 11', a? li a fl?i? l air a - > ??? IZ'a a ? Fin* liJt a ? Noa?. Noai. f'r.rrtv Fur1h>r >al??r.f2(0 hat? it. (Joining >. at ft",a . ea?h: and boO 11 a ii'%c t ifii The sal?'? 11 ar? I .000 i-iWitaU at li, or th<r. ab iuU, at:4 WO t>M? Nu?. I an l l Mbm mi-.*, rt' at , l: a f- Box I nirinit ar? >iu )t?J at &0 a ftio. TLa ?al?? '.f |.lckl?l <*"d ma<J? y< ?t?r lay w?r? at ah >iiC ... " j. runw i rm >n .1 uinciierel ti if *<| Id out lii't trtf at Jfl. dot %i. * j.rln'e I K??"it. ThemarkM lor b in-'h talatn* e-mtlnua* | >>. 11 i?l*fOl >1 K. it fi "5, and clu?t-r? |( ki |(a Seme lot* of Baracaeic no'flu *r?ra di?p.> ed o; at , i<, ai.<l ? me do r r*?<e? at fi'i |M?r th..o? in J K?ri'Nt? Ibeie'aai ru r? < tl-rin< to I,on.I n thiB to LiV'T]d I, and for wblrb be?r in tMroaa, ? h er>u?iM<l at 4* , and cbeeae at a? , with naval tire* af. l " Liverpool. r*lM wata lna-tl ? an l prnalau n<* lalea liarelj du-li nal, .'KiO l???r ?>'ta (aim at .'S?,?nl t?Ma of a*'Ja , a?i4 h .a?y at iiia Inf ?U HtU la tlate<-?, fl)r I U'Coir at ) . <4.1 ; au-I IN llil' fffui, I c?*?ucargo a: l? Vd I uttou. t<> liatr<- ws< ataadr at So p*rll> Mn it 1 be atick .>n hand l? <|uit? lar*e an 1 embrace* about 41) l <>0 'I hla ! a# a d?|.r?#*iu< afleot, a.i I we I >ir ?>f no nfTeftl f<>r k'ufn< a \rren n?e r lie L? <tiirn. Tli? atooH wa* ?*ihIi aid llniM atabiut the lolioali'K currant ra'e* |i?ht. HI a I7n , la.aj ]A)(, a U\o h?a(y. K'H ? lr'0 , imaged, 13 a 14 , j ; p. ar. 10 lie Mpi ?? >? 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