Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1850 Page 1
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r th NO. 5687. Annum Domini 1849. Vt* Beginning, Progress, and Close -f <k. v?.> VI UIV 1 ^VWV>.-VVNXWVVWW\ THE HERALD RECORD. Our reader* will And in thie record In.?A cbronol?)i> of the e?et.t? of 184!*. Ic'r?Tke?nr'?ll v in ?' e ?ity of * ?? V*rk for th? yaar. Srf ?1 he l' he n-rt?f N?? York At*.?ArriTal i-f v??*el* at t it i?vt from f^rnin p*rt?. Hih.?1 he r.uo-h?r ??d < &? of vctael* built in th# (hip <f n , w Y rk Bik.?TmmU kulll li< h I" ?!* * 8t?te?. ^ _ 7?k.-The ?'*'l?'i?? of the oivlt court* ->f t'ue ally. j^Tho criminal etatiatlea of N?w York. ' /^The ?t?t* i f the ? h h-r f?r th? 1 Ibe paa?aRe? of the Atlantic tioaaien duriug the year. WELVE MONTHS' HISTORY OF THE WOULD. VI1E b V E ITS OP 1149. ft preaent to the readers of tbn New York Herald, ' Jiy, ft chronology of the vcnta of the paai twelve > -A peifmt rnview of the doing* of that memo?ll jctr i* of incalculable importance; and we hare tif*roted--notwithfttauding many events are lost, rough the negligence of newapaper oorre-pondents * other utile of the UUuUo in giving exaot data* < occurrence*- to present >uch a compilation, entirely ."> tbe 11 ten of tba herald an will prove our exertions ialway* laying before the publlo all matter* of news ?& atatiatioa, in advance <>t all our ooiemporaries. January. 1.?New Year'* day celebrated a* uaual in New York; igbicg excellent the air oold and bracing and the xee'.a alive with ' caller*." Hamilton Klrh Installed <o?ernor of the Slate of Nviv York J?hu U. kloydlnfAiled (ioieiD T ot Virginia I'hn Mexican Ooiigreaa tumbled Anniversary ?.f the birth of Thorn** Paine "i?n Ambroae H 8evi?-r, ol \?kau*??, dl?d tieorge. arl of Auckland, (tied, f be Hope pretexted agalnat i?e POr.Voritl.,nnl ?h- A l? - . rwiHwiJ U| IIIO l\UUI?(J rt*|)UOUO 2 ? Battle between the force* of the i;atl**t chief iiopoe and the torcf* of ibe Queen > f Sptin. near Vl?h 'e?th and Ofeu aurrruoered to the Imperii! troop*. !'be royal ordu tnc? of Pru?i>ia Imu*4 for the orgautxv 'Ion (4 the court* by proceeding by jury. and ".be t enrt of Appeal to Cologne 1'Hr Hungarian ~ uo' r Kl?a. defra'i d at I a' CKcl >a by the AmtrUo* uuder ileyeibtflVr Silltnd upou the ^V??? occupied bjr Urets 1 lie SpinUb < hauiberx op> nrd by the Queen. , ?.? Mooitan attacked by the BritUb. 4.-The President of th- Netion?l trembly of FrankIfort ?*! cted < he Austria"*, under Couut d? Sntillk, defeated at K?'h?n by the lluotfiinaua uuder Mesar>)c J The Auitilau Dirt pr> te-tcd *<?iu?t the tlrnt d'dara tion of the law*. as oon'.rary to the faith aud coaetltulUon of the empire I 6?The po.tal tre*?y wl'h (Jreat Britain confirmed hjr the U S Senate Prince W m-ii'CNgrali eutered l'eath wlbout oppofition. Kottuih retreated to OeI lirecria. I 6.?The cholera appeared at Ba'tlraore Lieut-Col. I Robert H. Dlx U 8 A , dlnl Klot aiuou* the laborer! I on the Hud?on Hirer Hailroad. beer Pou,<h<-ep?ie, Propoeltlon of Gobierti to the \mha-aador of Spala tor the ImmedUte restoration > f the Pope to Rome Jean tiaapard Orelll dl< dat Zurich j T.-Svwii?Riot uuii>dk the Irieh libtrtri on tbi nmI, near Buftale, tbe military called out Battle 1 between < abr?-ra and the royal troop* lu a'al'fcoe i ?Threatened depo?|tion "f the Schatk of Persia Proclamation of the Pi pe thr?-a'miui( ?xoiminuoication to all eho ald> J in the eleotion of the oe? Autm. ily at Rome. The Austrian litat declared that ihe declaration of the 4th of January by tbe mtuWry, (hackled the liberty of opinion, and luc impa'ilile With tbe free representation i f the people, aud with the bouillon of the couHtltueut Diet tt ? 1 hrentened dinx luti n of the French Aksetnbly Jamett'ooper elected to the ('sited State* stena'e from ! ' Penn*j Irani* Col. lieorge ' n ?;han, luipaotor Oene- | ? ml U 8 A diad. . | 10.?Tbe echooner Maeon wrecked off hajr*? Bat Je between the ludiana and troupe at Valladolld; the latter repuirad. Guatemala In a itata of coaliuion and aaaichy 11 ?Outbreak at Pernatubueo Cordial meeting or iaenry Clay and Gtneral I'eylor on the b<*t between Nitcbei and New Oil-en* Hon Cbarlee Vlarfh. of Veiiaont, died 1ba k. I eat or of H'?? declared In faror v ot plaoinf at tbe head ot the German confederation I . one of the hereditary family, wblob wai reapouded i I favorably to by tlie people I I'j.- ili** Ducleip?lftiitborttiM of \p*ur*4e prot**t?d Li egsiDFt tbe Fft-aia t"ti ol the iiuuhy of llohleiwig rtotn I Ol H' 'l-'rln l>> !) aC B.J 1 f??-a [? IIIH ll'rnilD .femftrft >1 Cotoci traui Mlnuur af Kordgn Affair* <kt AlhcU dlrd 13 -Bt Uii batwaan tba Sikh- and BritUh at 'bllllank val ab; tbr latior Uft'.atr'i *ti h l'?a of i .r>00 iu?d Tha fcbioaar ( aroliaa K Matt of New Volt, rrckrnl off 4. bagra* Tb* brig Othxilo. of Na? Orleans wracked | ^ (,01 iiapra* Utnt nriMniftl li Liverpool about tha 1 4 allfomla gold aim at t ha it*au?r implra City 4a- 1 troycd by fira at hail Ki??r 14-8m at ? I ta Lriti'b itramiblp Fortk wrecked CD iba A lac > a dm I 15.? Tba An; trian fare** concentrated at rUoaatia. II Trial and onnvl. tivii I ike factory girU at llh^Mfi 1ft. tor riot. M t) t ' ? II, formerly p?|? la Lonll XV , created a Baron by Nap?laon di?d aged lOiyeara. 10 ? Dallah eriied by tha Urliluli fnroa* William Johnton Inaugurated Uofaraor of l'enn?ylracl? I'raniendou* lr?*-iiet in the Vlonougahala ri??r; groat d?iatruutl) n of property 17 ? Barney O 'Dotmall a< i>?kt*d at Troy, N. Y., fur the in?r4tr ot Antonio Katio IB.? rba meauxhlp ' alif r .la plon?-?r ofth* Paelio list trilrrd a' I'au?a.a Tba Krankf Tt (UariuaDy) I batnberi opnar d 80 ? He?olutt<>n at Jall>ao Matlon Tha ad Iran of tba Ro?tb#ra inaiuber* ol Cougra*a adopted. I.awl* Cih *lro<ad to the I nltr-J State* fl-nate. from Miebigig lion Nathan Ileal dla I at Hall ifull >la 21 ? Bcwda*.?Battle b?-t ?? u tba muagarian*. uadar flenaral B* m and'be * in >lan?, unl<r ^ar-bal I'vaehtr, la the nTircne ol Heriuaanaiadt aod Stalz?n- i 1 n. < UU -Pfperate hattia between tba ln?ur*?nU and 1 t tro? pa i f ternambnco; the Utter defeated. with l"?? "t ' i ti 0 mil ad CUO * onnd-d and 4(0 t?*? n prianoara Battla between tba Kihh* and BrttleD, tha lattar i|?torl*ii?. >tov>ltan ar>4 .Moolraj det.-ated Toe b ig vlary t'enn-l, if New York. wrecked off ' bagrea, S-abury ford inaugurated Uorerenr of Ohio a?.? John W ale* eleeted to the l'nlti-4 Stataa Senate friB M???ir. ft o? Iten surrendered uaeoadltlonally to tha Brltiab f< rra* uud<r Lord Ooujh Maj harlaa Stephen*, an ofTI.-er of the war of HrJ and commander i ot iha Saaaaaab voinntaera la tba k lorlda war dW at Aaaanaah. W4.? 1 hraatened loaa-lon of f'apa llaytiaa by 8a- I lcaqoa <4? Taylor laft Hat"a Kougr f<>r Washingt< a John M ? laytoa rr>lfi>d hi* ??at In tba U. B. , ' Saaaia Oraat Ta>l*t ball at Na? Orl-ana u:> Po? 1 betarfn Narraai aad <4aga?tl, at Madrid. ( Tba alartloa af <<>n?r?l . aj lor t<< the rraHdeaoy ofllrlally anaouar^d in tha U M Nanata (laaaral I'aylor railaqniabad tba r> mnand of the v* aatara l)i?lilon of I tbe I Bit) d Htata* irmy, 2? Barrn Hoanna. f1r?t Mlalatar to tba Ualtad i tat?? from tba iinmia aoatedaratloa raaalaad by f'r??"lant I'ola Hrltia. H'<aduraa. bloakadad by tba p'ib u. i i>h?hh* *)'P<nbira n? inn iwiitiij ot L >"<>? Seoiia to a<>?t> r ?i< b tha oognM of the 1'nttad 1 ftttci nil lb* um iif i ot'it Mil Mp( llruaa?l<*k, ?|uo 'r?? inil* Aodrut Hall con- I IrUd ?? Tri y of the nutil>r of Amy ?nllk. < 27 ? Tba ArnltB) in M?? )nrk op?n?d 2H ?Mob < i rn? itu? W?rr?o ItU M C . diad at Col4 Spring, N. T A>.~ Battl* h<?t?*<>n tho ? ito?n? tad tba ladiann 1 of Sierra. ' ta* l?it?r Ji in'nl ltir-alaa?-J reruit in ftitl, lh? >r?iji-h A?mbiM-\|I<iii)|??4. ? - I k? Ub*n; r?r?> i onvaatl n met at SyraouM J Yl<? V.tWp el iotrxlll* Vllfh deetri yad by Bra < ommortot* C Do Kay. Inrnn-r'y of the Argentina I Navy, and iJunvmatidtr uf tli? U 8 frigate ?l??ed"tjlan, on ber miarton of mercy t? ireUnd. died la N?w Vork. I r*B(l"AltT I 1 ? Herry flay elected <n the U 8 Senate froai K?a'tM-ky Tk* I'ntiih I arllamnat opraed by tha ^u?en la peru n Ilia ri?daii<btrM< < hambtrn opened i at tvTla 1 ba lmp?at iluty on ABrrlno aora to itreat Wrttala r. p??krt 1 S ?Maty Howard murder?d Mary Smith, tha parak nunr of h?r hu*t>atid at InainnaU Banjaatla WatV km* l.?t*h of \ ii(.irln dl>d I - lit a. JaD>M v c8hi-rry dl?il. at LlttUHowa, Pa. M 4- Si - Ta? Adil r-ii l the N>>utnera ummbera , | if Ctugteee a?ua tb?-*ia??ry quotloa l??n-d Jtaan i Kiaaa, on-ot tbx ab?t e< niuiaatet* ei>mia<ttad entelda at New Orlenaa Hon I>a?id L Morrill died, at Coa?otd N. H t ? lt"aie dec!a'?d a Rcpublio Hr? riot la Baltimore; man kllud e-HrtBima'ia'lt h<mbar<i?d by tba feroee nnd?r Jlean Wi ha>i H He ? arii ri?-at?d to tba I nlt*d Mtataa ft {?i<nat? from Nrw \ i*k i r?-nd?ot Polk l??u?d bla ma*. rn? ia fjly to tba Benate'a aall for tha Meileaa I'ta(fftoi I 7 -The <?mt>d Daka of lueaaoy fl?d to Elba Oreat I tl? Dalit b?*taeen I'oat Hyer a??d Vankaa tnlllean. la ^ V??t coi at). * d Hi w at the <?tor I'Uoa theatre; Mr .,T*a<tj #rl?e? fr' m the -lege ^ rte9 if>4 I ffnflHaitl l tnlalitry af pot a ted leha W I'bompeoa f?ll d*ad In | L Iw_ v i r k I ii a H<'a>a rf t>w-gat?e , _ ^ I a .ilB Hyer arrr?tad ta Pbllndalphla Patltlo? W*' aa ia tba M.nat?..? tha l.Mt-d dtataa for tba M * pi Hi mh ? ?h* N?*y- Tha Brltlah brig Kata r k?rnT, MM " ' ?" ?'<* *- 'V4J!*2" 0t I ..... a?i Iimi Slon-a^a Tha Hapohlla cd Hna? IB p o?iml? ?"l. |? - Ik* P??* of Roma 4ao' *4 Na'kaa B??r? a Burner ? ? th* nn^n) ?'oic andad kj a?<lJ<)t Arnold I* I7T?, n??d k J J _ ' r I ' ' UN>k tk* IW?h ?f *11*I (ill r? I h? < ?'! m I I !? *'?t? f 1 II T W||<?a of B<k CiNim. ai*d I h? lt?a ao?jl?t<Ml to t J<4? MR. ? 14.? i b? NangattM kill of rMtpTMlly latr*4?**4 la ? k. E NE v 1 the BritUh Parliament. The Statea General of Holland optitd. IS ? Fir* at Heapatead, L. I ; feu r peri one burned to death. 17 ? Henry Clay wrote hie famous emancipation lettar. The Theatre Royal at Qlaagow on lire, aad 7ft peraona cruahtd to death. IV. - Riot la tli? Canadian Parliament Hoqm at Maatreal 20. -Tbeiaorageof the Su?quebancah rimr obitrueted by ioe 1 hreatmed rupture between Au?tria and Pruvaia. Millard Kiilmore (Vloe Prei-ldentof tbe United State*) resigned the Comptrollerebip ?f the State ot New V ork. 21 ? Battle between the force* under Lord Gou(h end tbore of Shere 8ingb, tbe former *ict>>ri?u? with a l"*e of 1 000 uit-n Hon Timothy Farrar died atHolli*, N II . aged 101 year*. M? Trial and aequltal of John 9. Auntin forth* murder ot Timothy 3b?a. in New Vork. Th? letter emtiru between (Jen Shield* and Hon Sidney Breece. I be o' rner Mine i f tbe new) ne t< m Houe at New Urban* laid Tbaniaa Hyer conviotelat '.'h??tertown.for prue lighting in Maryland Kiot in Portland Ma. Tbe .American tlag outraged at Maraeaiho Anniveroary o( tbe birth of tien. Vt aablngton; celebration throughout tbe Lulled State* Salmon P Lhasa elected to tbe I nited State* jSruate from Obio Uii?1 be bill granting to Jew* tbe right to ?eat*1n the PariiameBt of til eat brltain. pa-M-d Greatflood in tbe Yif>hi?ippi rirer ? ironies dor William Conipton B< ltoti I' S. Nary, died at Genoa. General Taylor arrived in Warblngton 2ft 8im)at - Violent utorm at Norfolk. Va %" - Nir* Marvba K Walker murdered In New Vork. Li rd tjgln requested by tbe minority party of the Parliament to resign tbe Governor Ueneralfbip <>f < anada. John Adnni? a toldter of tbe Revolution ai?ed 168 je#H diid at Harlnrd. Pa Archibald Xrberon, tarl of Ooettrd. and Lord Lieutenant of umagh. died 28 ? Terrible rtorm at New Vork W reokteg of <he bark Fioridlan <n tbe tngltab coaet, and 2u0 lire* lout. '1 he British t orn Law expired. VU - Hon A MilUrk tr S I Grenada. dud at Begot* march. 1 ? Judge Klt(z?bury. of Maine died. Battle b?tween the U S dragoon* t nd Apache Indians m ar Taoa ; the latter defeat* d. ?<th a lose ol right killed 8 - I'be bill granting a territorial government ta '"a llfernla iej?cti d by the Senate. Tbeatened revolution in Uaden 3.?The bill providing for the coining of gold dollara and double es^ leu pa*sed the Sonata. President Polk and faulty removed from the White H?u?e Destructive tire in Aibxny. The Kale of the government painting* at W?*iluiitoii took piacM Kight In the U 8. Sei a'e Chamber between Meters. Koote, of Mla-lsaippi, and < t no rou of l ennf> Ivaula 4?sim>?v - The Thirtieth Congress ot the United M?'r> adj< timed at 7 o'oloak A M. The bill creating ti e H< uie Deiartment Mgned by rreMdeut Polk. 6.- l>en 1'njlor tnaagurated Pr??ideut of the (Jnlt?d States lura meeting of the Stimte ot tb* Untied Metes. Grand inauguration ball in Wttbiuntoa, Murder ot l<eDny Dal) in .New Orleans by Joseph Bradley A new enttitution granted by tba Kiuperor of avi tr*a C ? Kx President Tolk left Washington for Tennerfee Capt. William M Hunter, of the IT. 8. Nary, died The cholera appeared at St Louis. Vlo froniulgation ot a new constitution by the King of the Sietitee. 8 ?The cholera appeared at N??r York 9 - lion, jchn Blaucharl, of Pennsylvania, died at Harrltburg 10 - Annexation of Canada to tha United State*, 1 spoken of in the < anadian Parliament 151? 1 ba foreign ministers i>ie;eoted to President Taj lor 13 ?Tremendous flood at Chicago; $100 000 worth of property destroyed Keturn of Amvriuaa volunteers from i>.e \ urman war 14.- Orn Shield* declared Ineligible to a seat in tha U. S Sei.ate. One hundred houses destroyed by (ire at Bt. Jobn N B The aiuilstlee bet?e?n Austria and Sardinia br< ken. I be remaining forces of Sb*re Siu<<l> surrindertd to the British. Inrurreoilon of tha blaafca at St I to la W | ?n. ? Aioriti nail ana Dtricy u unnDrll. executed at Tr>y. N. V., tor tba murder of Nonh and Amy Biolth lb - The cholera a; (eared In Nt? Vwk city. 17 ? William II . k log of Holland, died Mn. Ana Ut-rry widow of Klbrldga. one of the atgn?r* ol' tha Declaration of Independence died at New llaveu < t. 18- SrKDAt - \ feting of Central* Soott and Taj lor at churoh. In U'a?hlngion. 1H ? Hod. Hedolpbux Dlnkln*?n. of Ohio, died In WarbluRton cite Mr Klieworlb. I' rt. < harire to Stockholm, re called David < lay poole, put?l?her of the tirft dally net w? paper Id the United scat* dl-4 20 ? Violent et.TUi at Shelby. Ky . gteal <le?t u ti n of property, and lota of lira. 21 - Battle between the force* of Charlea Albert and Martha! Kedrttk* near Varalll; tha letter defeated, ecu minted to Turin. io J amen II Bt>bop murdered at Sandy HI:I. Md., by the He*. T. burrow* Battle between 'barle* Albeit ai d Mnrthal Itedetaky; the former totally muted. The tpeclal aetalon of tb? V. 8. Senata adjournal, chat let Albert abdicated In faror of hli ton. tba I'uka cf fcatny. 26 ? burning of the 1'nlon Cotton Factory, at Alia* gbany Pa., and Are pertan* killed 27 ? I)r Hardenbro?.k Indicted at Rocheater, N. T , for the murder of I bomaa Nott Terrltic atorni at Harrltbuig; great destruction of property. 28 - l>e ?t ructtve tire In Baltimore; three person* burn* d to death, Rebellion threatened In Canada 2V - 1 he I upjaub fcriually anaeied to tba Brltith ta?B SO ? 1 be city of Rr*#cla bonbard?4. entereJ. and lacked by Oen. Uaynau. <rin,. 1 ? Pr!?p*v ? Revolt at (eetioa 8 ?1 he garrltia i>t limon turrenderel to tha Intnrfet.ta 4 ? Battle between tha Auatrian* and Hungarian* at Ci? tifyi fi tlie latter tletori ?ua 6 - Ui-noa li,v?ct.(l by the Sardinian army, urnl*r Oen. Njain>ora. < nm. Irvine bliubrlok, U. it. Nary, dbd at f'hllaOMpbta. 0 ? Battle between tha An*trlana aud Hungarian* at Otdolo; the former lc>*t BOO0 killed and won a Jed bel!(l?a H V'I'ft t?fl?r?T??T*? A tm/.i. *f*iit*/1 In tha inan?. prat* ar firm*. ? atania too bardrd and r?dor?* by tin- lir>3 *1 li rcct The lort of Kakan'orda ?tUck?1 by Iba Dtblfh Cn t, tba ?hlp< ? h D'lan Vlll *"<1 (i-ftoa pr in dr<) ? d >arr*udrr?4 with lortj.four(?Aa?ra anl I COO i,fi H?t Dr.trolly, frlnata ot In-laad dlad ?t DniMk 7.?Oi th and Bu<Ia*'acoat*d by tba An>tr1an? ^nlolna Ml?n* tha eelabratrd *? alitor dl-d at Pa.-l* t?a<rga>V WblitUr. i hl*( KtfltMrof tba rit. I'atara* burgh aad M? rcom rallr.<ad d<?d 11 -0?f? u?ci rdirt<-nally antarad I?t tha rn\al Irwp* Mr* n and h*r twlo da"gh'ar? miirdiTi-d at W ilmlnc'ot). Mac* ; the fatbar and butbanl arractad a* 'b<- muidirrr 12 -1 an la Va?*aabn?att? A n?w ptin- t dl*oo- ' ?Hfd by tia-pa'n a' Kapl'* 14 ? Iba lud?p*nd?iira f Hungary d> aUrad R?? Dr r oa r V tear < trncral at tha H<>u<ao Cat hull* ' hurc b of N>? \ ork 15 - |li unit Oa? Wald*B appointed t> aneaaad Prlnea WlBdl*?kgraf* la tha eonmianl of tha \u-tn?a axny < aptajB I.aMia < baaa. I. 8. Army. dirJ at Suit t bfllia N C. 1A - B*ttlaat8t Homing" oity b?t??an th- Haytlaai ind Ih>b loteaii*. tha fnrm*r d?'aat?d M - Haiti* bataa?n tba Auitrlao* and Hungarian* at Uraw, tha former d?f?al?d. ?lth li?? of a<HM i?riaon?ra Ul ? 1 br t< n of Aft* At |)-o.inj > r? a?<tur-d by lian hama Jani?? hl? < ai1?ld liu*h tha SlanfMd m?rdarar. ri'cnlfd at Norwich. I agiand. ' ,2 -b. i.i,?t.-Tb# I)aaa? drt-?t?l by tha foreaa of Boh)#?? Ig. ltol*Uin at Kidding. ia.-Thrmaa A Corpar, tha ealabratad tra|?diai. | dl?d at Hriatol. I * 26 ?Tha t atiadlan R'ballton Loaaaa Bill ilgtiad by Lard l.lfla. 1 ha raatc?ratl<'B of tha I'opa uadartakan by rate a 1 ba < anadtan I'arllamaat Haaia at Moilr-ala"aekrd by tha nub aadbuiB'd J9 ? Tha > Bp- ror rf llu >la d?-ela-ed hl? lataBtlna l<> a*al*t Auxtna agalnut tha Hungarian* I h- ir-aty r?f p?ar? and ?< mnn-roa batvoaa hr.giauJ and Liberia ranfl'd by iha l.ib<rl?n I oagraa*. 117 ?Hob William < oopar diad. at Laar*! Dal. . s l.i'td Mgin l>urn?d In aff?y at Uri^ktlila i ana la lion William i rawtord, U buprruia Court dl?U at ! Mrbtla <i% _ Ht nrtr ? Tha Fraaah rapalrad bafora Rnaia. Blih a 1?*# of (00 klllad and ?<'un l?d I ba ell? of Whim attaekad abd carilad by th? Prucalan and Hat laii tiifp* bO ? 1 r?*tnand?a? aiettamant In Moatraal; I.or4 K.lI n and tba mrmb?ri of I'atliaaMnt aioaad la tha KtMtl. MAT. 1 ?Tha Intarraatloa of Huaata aoaaptad by \u?tr(a agalnat Hungary Tha fwtNw o( KMl*4t U*#? p?lM by 1 ha rfmltlai N?iiof Bad?n (*?r?ral n?n 4a h*?"? ilatandar <?( Antvarp agalait tb?* Fronrb. In 1*3* dl*d ?Tli* A not rtan? dtfnUd at PrMkarj. by th? Unatlrn lornfT r?ttNtl?| iii? l.ri?tl?. Th? Htf ?>t L)i?fdfi In p<w?*Mloa of tba aiob -tha hid?f fl-d lb* 8|ty? ^ 4 ?Tba flrat aaalraraary of th* Kranob Rarolutloa etl?btit?d In N?w York ft ? The Pniaalana p?rprl*?d and d?frat*d at Aarhaat, by tba I ami. t- Ki i?i at - Joraph. Kmp*r?r of Aaatrla. mad* hl? (lint appaaranra la Vaalta attar hla tccfMion to tha t r r< i * I ! < I r t H HdSMl I nooail of IM CMMM < barrb of th? 1 tlt'd N a?a? aaa??blad at *altia^>r* T ? Tba InurixU of hraadaa ijuall-d by tha tro<p? JHr Vaorrady drl?*n foa tba ata<t? at tba t?tor Flaaa Thaatr*. by tha mob MajorM*a?r*l Willl*ia|4. W. tib L aitad Htala* Aimy, ?Mad of aboiara. at An iMta da Rriar a?l<t?K d*ba'a la tha I rankM AmaMy. apoa tie dl>turb*d ?l?'a r.f tba Palatlna-*. ?.?(Iiaat fl r^t In tba \lna*lr|it1b rlrar Haa. Data* J r> ar<>? <iud at Nawp >r t R I. 10 ?HI. t at th*- Aator I'lara Opera Hoaa* *oalll*t hatweaa tba m< b and tba military twan'y fl?a oltlaeaa >111'd aad fifty wound* d. Madaata Krearala dl?d. at I aria. Lafhnta attacked and carried by tba I'neraa ?t i*ea 11 - Rn?nrad faal|rratlna of v<?na?a? f'ra*Heat of Vtrriatla; *te?t *cit< m? r.t tkr<>?fb..nt tba Hapubll* IS I b? alty "f ,N?? <>ri?*n- paitlalf < a?rii?^d It. rotia??^oatirf nf a *reT***e la th*- ambaakaeat. 18?P' ai ?r reaandoua aor.fl tgra-inn at Watar Rttoiatlca IB < rltraho. th? <>tand U?l? ?f u?l?n 14-Mr Alkort dt?4 in. -I f to tb# A?*trla?? ?fUr t4 ' Ijht OI)Il V 1 L^J ft = W YO HORNING EDITION?TUE! 17 ? Terrible riot it rbUtdtlfhlt Rratoatr* Wtvaia C M. Clay and Joseph Turner. at Madkeon, Kentucky; tbe Utter killed. Tba itNobntt Empire aunk Mt Nf?bnrf. end twenty pernone drowsed 18 ? Tremendoun oonflagrationat St. Loul#;>9,000,00# worth of property destroyed 19 ? Reactlonur* movement at Naplee ; the whit* flag hnleted. end the Constitution burnt Attempt to aarsMilnate the Queen of England. 21 - The Auftrlan* entered Florence The fortress of Buda taken by the Insurgent* MIm Edceworth, the poMeu died at Ldgewortbtown. Ireland, aged H3 years. OO L.?V.. L1.*k /? I I s imm ?raiuvt ?( < u?w ran?? IIUIU L.I*rrpU?| I?T VQ0 1'rlt<d State*. Tb? Auatrlan garrteon at Kanniaoka expelled by an Insurrection of tha people 0?ti?r*l i Ramoriuo ? xecuted at Turin, for dlsobedlanoa of the orders of tha General in thief 23 ? U'iliian Murphy. United 8tatea Conaul at Covt, died The t arl of Mayo died Kno* O Dudley executed at Haverhill, New Hanpahlra, for tba murder of LI* wife S6 ? Wa?blngton Gonde exaeuted at Boutin. Lieut Gen. fir Benjamin D'Urbaa onmmander of the British forree in Canada died Frederick Van Uraam Morrti, U S Conaul at Batavia died 2? ? Tba French A Me ni lily dl**olved. 47?8rM??v ? The t-ort of Malghera, near Veniea, raptured by the Auatrlan*. aftcraelege of twenty-ona day* Lord Wallecourt died at Taria. VH ? Tba new Legislative A*?emb1y of Franca net 81 ?Battle between tba United Statea troop* aad tha Apache Indian* near Avaugua; tha latter defeats with tba lor* of 200 killed. JI'NK. 1.? The Texan frontier attacked by the Indiana Harsh The man executed at Bristol. Oa . for the murder of Vt?# Jeffrie* Dr Hardenbrook acquitted of tha murder of Thcma* Nott. at Itoehantar 1 - Terrible thunder atorm at Rochester, N. T.; thlr| teen building* etruck by lightning 8. Pt'M>*v ?Attack upon Roue bj th# French ' ferce* (ien Riley leaned hi* proalamatlon at Sun | Fienci**o lot the formation of a territorial govern: icent 4.-The Odd Fellow*' Hall In Naw York, dedicated ft.- The French force* undfr OudUot continued tbe attack upon tba eity of Roma Tha Counta** of | Vleesirgton died at Pari* ti - Brevet Major General F.dmund Pendleton Gaines, l'. 8 Army died at New Orlean* | 7 - The attack upon Rome by tha French, continued, j Tbe funeral of Gen Gaitieatook place at New Orlean* 8 - Insurrection at Haden. under Mirrolauiaki. auppreeeed by tbe Prm-elan troop* Madame Catalinl, tha j celehTateil Toc*li*t died at Pari* P Varsbal Bugeaud, Duke ef l*ly. died at Pari*. 11? Ledm Roilin attempted to impeach rreaident ! Lf'Ui* Napcleon Arrona capitulated to the Auatriau*. 13 - Attempted Insurrection at I'arit by tha lied He ! publican*, tbe city proclaimed In a state of *lege; the rei.e b l.egii I ntlte Assembly re?olved to eonport tha cause < f tbe I'ope agatnettbe Hrman Republlo; Ledm I R I'llin and M Araiio arrestsd lft.-.lame* K Tolk. late Pre*ldent of the United State*, died at Nathalie. Tenn Sir harle* tl. Vaughn, former Brititb Minister to the United State*, died i 1R ? Trial and conviction of J<>*eph Bradley at Naw Otleen*. for tbe murder of Fanny Young Battle be| tween tha Indian* and Vucataneea; the latter defeated. ; H? ii Daniel Duncan, of Ohio. dl?'d la Wa*hlngton 1L TV- ? a I.-a r? > *?- ? -a -a Jk , ky Or?. 2V?Threatened revolution In Cuba. 27 ?lb# American bark Ckarlea Barllett run down t>> the pitMin>hip F.urnpa and 134 perrons droaned Hen ( alvln Rlythe died at Fairfield V* '?!*.? Pti amb< at accident at Montreal; fifteen Htm loat The erevarre at New Orleans atopped The eity of for* Venezuela entered and taken poereaaion of by the iBMirpent*. Maj O nil icon R. liatea, U. 8. A , ! died at H rtderick?hur|(. Teia< 39 ? Father Matbew, the Irlah apottle of Temperana*, arrived In tha United state*. * JILT, 1 - 8u*e*v - The elty of Home surrendered to Oea. Ondlaot The (Vngreaa of Meilco aaaembied I - Father Ma'hew made hi* public entry lato New York; received by the city authorities tremendnn* damon^tiation Mr Macready appeared at Liverpool; bia tiret appearanre alter the A at or Place riot Mthamet All Pacha ot Fgypt died at Alexandria (ten. Paei |?*ued hla proclamation to the people of Venaxuila. against the tyrannical usurpation of President Vo-apa* lievolt rn board the Brltlah convict *hlp at Bermuda: two of the convict* ahot by tho guard and twleve wounded Col Jama* Duncan. U 8. A . died at Mobile Pierre < bateau one of the founder* of the elty of St. Lrnia. died. 3 ? (iatlhaldl left the elty of Rome. 4 - 'I be 7:t<l anniversary of American Independence; (fineral celehratii n throughout the I cited State* Tha American Mansard ralred In Montreal Hon "John II. Adam* dl. d at lloaton. & ? Battle between the Hungarian* and Austrian*. at He. mannitadt; tha latter defeated, with a 1<>?| of b&O kiln d ? The Dane* In Fredarlka be*|eged >y the Oar? ??; the latter repnlxed, alth the loaa of 3.Hi killed, our did and prisoner* S?Si !?DaT ? Rattle at Bacalar between the Mexican* and Indians; the former deflated with a !>>? of At* . bundled B'?n liaatadt bombarded by the Prna*Una. John Wil- i *r.n. the Rcotch veal let. died at Montreal 11' - An a'mlMlee <f twelve week* concluded between Dtcmark at<d Prurda Ore at Ore at < erre# In Macedonia. three theu-aMl building* de?tr >yed. II ?Outbreak of the Seminole Inolao* at Indian Rive r Florida; tea nbite* Vllli dard ?? varal woauded 13.-' barman Jobnaon Kaq? died at Richmond Va 13 - Fun i ied resignation i f I'rceid-nt Herrera. of Mex'co. 'I I ? fortress of Temaswar etormed and tak'-n by the after being six time* ri-n:>s*d Baltie at V Hitren between the Hungarians and llll^ e'ana; the latter defea'ed, with a !< ?* >>t C (K'O men. Vr* l>? ri tby p Ya<ll?<n widow if the la'e Pre?ld?nt QIWI >i Kipnncun, 14 ? Lieut (.<>1 Seu.url I! S Array dird at l.cuto Ifi Ri hp*y ?Tr?-in?ndoria por (lactation at Maanh I liui.k la; fli'iO(Mi) worth of |irop.iiy dwirntfl |;hI:|? at !)! ({/. ? tbe A<t?irlan? and IU?Unt Mirier I *n MUrMrh. ?r1 tbe Hungarians uador d'a t> m; ttie fnrm*r <<tU %U d 16 ? HI t ei Kan I* r?oci?ea; tr-mnadon* exoltem"nt; thr?a*? 1o drive all forilK^era from the Tbe Hriiparlai a dm?-n fiftn HiHak by lb# Austrian* under (?eu ln?)iw I'ou Dai Id li Oflrn died at Purt Hlcbni< cd N V IT ? V al'te^ Itmill bl th? Ko??lan lofuntry and 8* <i ?f tli* f nriwUii*, uinUr (Jen. IiKfK'). Ukrg i?rl << ?(* Pattl* h> latru tb? f<r??a n?<1?*r ' h*aid tbe nmai><?hi> Indian* ?i*?r Santa Ke; the ItHrt i?li atrd vlth'>im l<" Hor? Smith antlnr rf lie ' hijected A 'Idn-Mrn." dlfd at Tuubiblj* Wills, Ft ?lti d IK ? IN Teriltnilal rf !)? r?t ? rrtdlliiili li tin) apy luted k ilrlrfit# In lh? '>n?r??a ol Ihr I blted IUtr< I" S'k th? ?di0l"t"0 of thai ?#f rl'ory a* a State The cb< lera r???J with ( arlul uiorttilt) in New \ t ik Jii - L? la M<>ti'e? married t? 0?'nre* Trafford ll?ald, a leiit?rer>l of the III lit-h ??m? I i n Thnna* H|i?li. er fi'tairrU M bare" U\*fl?liae a? the Ha^ue dl'd at AII arj N \ VI f arloe de l?f?r.a FpanUh rnnetil arreted at New lliiiina fi r III* aliased aMu~tl<d of lain llnrnla luy ft'm tl ai el*f In Nataaa tiea. Oeorn?y entered and tck |?*p?'i|i n ? f Ha??l an. 23 -|laai*it' a?iTT?nrter?d unconditionally l?the Rus. ?>an? I'at'le Ulam lb* Hungarian* and Ho"li|< at * tekole*. Ra'?l? b*t*e?n lh- Heralane un l?r Knl taala and l'anireMan? at 4*r <>eorg?y. at V lllota atid k a' , Ihe la'ler detested 24 ? 1 be bat i, bet ?r?n the Hungarian* and Rn??tana at eonHnuril Battle at }on(vae. betaein tb* liiia?etfana nnder DemMn-kl. and 'he Au-tilaos ui drr |ia)i>?a. I he rn>?r ikturUm. Jinn L I ?? T-vrr l on >tn tier of tbe eity nf Mfa \ ork. and lormrly 8?rietary to tb? I nneen'I'ii at Uhent. iii?d ill ? IbebaMIe b?i?riii tti# llnttrarlap* and i ?? at N l?k<lat . a I-d In tk> 4*f>al ( tha fmiar I Tho B?l'l?h < * Mutt an |. k(ii>- mat at KI?f<ton I a -tl'kli aHfh a Kipit?i arm? t?-?~d 'ha Tbalaa ?| T"a I ;Mi1 ftet haM fnugfct 'In with tha Mnr|i tlat ff rr*a tindar kortnaa Bolnaqaa nrnwaad Kmparar Of lla)tl vlth tha titI* of kaU'tlO I. Bartholdi, th? pa >biai< <1 (?? !< fl-t dlad at Alraea '?7.? Tha uia<>4 Dak* of Taac?ny #a?arad kloranna, ai d toak cultfl nf tha frttcromrnt lloa. Tkonu H??ry of ran a?y I rat ta d'ad V*> I hatlaa >lh-r?. lata Klac nf Sardinia 'iU'l at l.l?h< ti 1 ha A?*ltlwi flaat In ba Bay ot Naplaa daIan ?d hy a V?nltlan fl< till* W - Tratntodaga e?ofl?craU'"n *t St Lonlf; fl?a aUattil.? at* Unraari , rlat and loaa of Ufa 0 1 it mi-lid' o? fira In Albany, N. Y ; 100.00# Mlh of pri pftl; daatrf.y arl 11 ? Hattla h>tw?an tha Rnaalaoa. nndar flan t a4>t? ard tha Hntiiariaoa. ond-r U>-a llam at Snh?\? Mnt; tha lattar daft-atari. with a l"M of 1.00U klll?d, tha tmaalaa Oaaaral Rkaal atta killad At ?l *T t - TV.a Hardlnlaa < I an.h?r ?>i anad hy tha aaw k<oi Tha Pttllah I arhanatit *rtj<-urnad tha tr#a'.y of paaao and roaiinataa h*t *a< n <iraat Drltaia aad l.lkat'a fot riuiiad H>?anth at !' rlat Tba ?4u**a of ?.nfland MM'ot oa har ?l?lt to iraiaail Ita-trantioa of HI ?aa?al? and I 3(0 |drat< ? oa tha ??aat ol Boraao. hy Ilia hrl'lah nadtr ?lr laataa Rrooka 1? <-Rtl>aMI I fi-rt-aa amr?t.dar?d to tha taa'rlaa*; tba ?I naiaDtar tl'h thraa httndrad 'i tha troop* ??r?p.d Paahlowltrh aatafd Itahfaailn Tha f??.pa ai d tha Map if frtplaa vl?|tad tha V 4 ftita a ( ? r tlMitloa la tha hay of Naplaa Tartdhia railroad rndant at Ptlacatna Na? Jar ay} t?antr par? -n* llltadand aaiiadad Mahaaiat All. faaha of K*tpt d-aO at Alrtandtta Has Slaphas Loog'allow , dl? 4 a I trtlat 4 >la - (>1 d(r.nt raalgaad th? elv<1 jnTarnmant *f Hom?. 4. ?.aal a.,? iaa A. at. I ? t H tTI llftT. i?u wwi.'rd fNKir*4*n > nairra ?#?afc?-n by 'ha H>in gatlan tntraa Ur du (>?n?ral klapka K n???i h ir?i?? | t ritirti I rrtiMlnni npl#<l Mpatarangla H?? Aaron K W||?y, I. I. I? rttnl a- I. tint'.a Ky 4 <?*ti K lapka RaaH 1 M nf paa<<a ar<J r< n ?r#re? K*t?*?a real Britain and Llbaria ratified by tha tiraav pr>wir . Ina'y r>f paara |>??w#?n Inatrla and Sardinia < t-Mid. rt l.nla MaiaUa arrartad la Lotdon on I rl arga it kl|a*^. * -Pr ( i?if. U. R Ar?; IM at Otlnani 10 - Tha HuDfarlan fSI-' Vf|. ataca'ad ' I aat?d? 11 - (l?or(? targalrad f<>r th* H??ratal nf |h? Hna, alar amy ?lth the Kna-lin a*rttr???t tn *?ra'raal: th# botiaa f Vr at'aak d IMatal rayl?r la'1*4 Ma rlaa>a?l< varalng tha (Hliwai nf > ? I ?tiad 9-a-aa agataal a^r???V?? ?caia?t I aba. 1ttaiardraa o atll ? ?a H*d rl?ar; ?f?at rtaatraa'laa <4 1 ha Hnngarlaa aktaf, TH?aiaaa, aia^ di JB uguor, -! - ?- * * * m >RK E SDAY, JANUARY 1, 1850. ntid it R?U41 Th? Chamber* of Wurtemberf dissolved 12?Uttbdat ?Tb? ateamehtp Km pi re City arrtred i! New York with $1,600,000 worth of gold dost, from California. Hen Albert Gallatin. a natlvtof i4ra?n, Swltterland and for many year* a proaiimot politician of the United Stataa, Minister of the Uaitad State* to

>'ranee a < on,ml?>loner of the treaty at Gent, died at Aitorla Long Inland aged 88 yeare 13.?Outbreak atAitona;the Prnvlan soldier* atoned by the mob. Georgey turned traitor to Hungary, and aurrraderfd his whole force to tfen. Paskiswiteh, a m 16.- Kire at Flattfburg, N*w York; on* half the town destroyed. 10?Gen Arewnat. of the Italian Gmrd, the hero Of Hone, arrived In New York IT ? * apt Dan Drake Henrie died at 8t Lout*. Mo. Blot In Montreal; the mob tired upon by th? military. The great fancy drets ball at Saratoga Spring* 18?Louie Napoleon condemned the re-aotlon at Rome, ccnditi< nlng the restoration of tha I'ope to ee cuiar ministry. liberal government. amnesty and the c< de Napt-leon Another riot in Montreal. Danegnni's Hotel ho re <-d and one man killed ll> 8i ?ii*y ?The eorpe ol buocary surrendered to the liurrlan arm vat Born* Jero 20 ?4 ol Kdniund Kirby U 8 A died. ill ? The National < (invention of luveatora met at Baltimore (ieu Oudlnot effloially annouoeed hla departure Irim Home 2S - Senor dl A mural, Portuguese Governor of Maoao, muidered. The great Peace Congress assembled at Fati*. 24 ? Venice capitulated to the Austrian*. 2* ?American pallors m*l;r?afed and plaoed In the atoeks at < ailao, by order of the Peruvian authorities. Hon A tii-titi E. Wing, died at Cleveland. Ohio. Vt>? Si m'ay. ? Soiomjue, the black 1'renlJent, proclaimed Kmperor of Hajti 27.?(ireat Hungailan meeting of sympathy in New York. Hod. Gabriel H Foid,died at Morriitown. N. J. I 29 ? Insurrection at the Ionian leland* 29 ?The < ir<-a**iau for'ree* or AchuUa b??leged and tefren by the hu?Hno forces, 1000 of the Ciroasslans (lain, and t-00 made prleoneni UU ? I he Serdtnlau \K?einhly '< trd 100,000 livraa for the relief of the Italian refugee*. 31.- Tha ibenrrertion at the Ionian l?lan<l* suppressed 1 he great fsncy ball at Newport. The convention fct frmntLg a State oonrtitntion tor California, assembled at Moriterev 8KPTEMI1RR. ' 3 Battle between a company of Ameririn* and the | ' Apache IndUuH near IVp?* (juaro Mexlrso; the latter derated, aitli a li>?? of twenty- five killed and two prl ?ontr* ' 6 ?Thepacket ?hlp Henry <'Iav.burned at New York 1 7 <>e?. Taylor arrived at Naw lork. The ohciera ' * rajr?d with gieat fatality in Lonuon ? la.? Tbe Pope ie-utd hi? ruanlfeato on a*?umlng the 1 government <>f Kome The trial of the AatnrPlane 1' rioter* c< <ro>? need in New York Smith O'Brien. Patriek O'Donohue Thoma* K Veagher, an*l Terenott B ]| M'.Vanu*. the lilfh convict*, arrived at the Cape of t>i cd Hope 18 - 'I erilble fair at Rrazox Santiago; grut deotruotit'D of property Michael, rana Uaka *f Pru**ia, j died n< ar Vi< mow. . 14 ? Ni P' u.-r in *he Vreneh Minister to th? United Stale*. di*mi*ted by PinMn t Taj lor t< 16.?1 be diplomatic relation* between Rua*la and Bi 1 nil) r (Upended . 17 - llldt aid bi'Odfhed at Bytown, Canada, between tbi R? former* and l.nyallat*. I* 18 - Interview between uen. Twlgg* and the ehlefe of fc. t'.' Florida Icdian*. If ? Dr. Joeepto P. Ru**ell. U 8 Army. dl?4 at Fort , Columbia* N. 1 J'hn Mltchel the I T riftd at tbe i ape of (}?od Hope | ^ 2t>.? Koe*uth wrote to Lord Paimereton from Widdln. rc<jiie*tii>g the' care be taken of hi* wife, children and r Bother, and that tbey be renoted to iCngl*nil. I S?'<i.?Conflagration in Qnebec | " V3.?TerriMe riot at Bytown. Canada I , i4 ? Terrible tornado at Mugari>Abi^Jo Revolution at (lino. S< uih Ameiira. 26 ?Heir Strau**, the mnnleal compoaer, died at Vienna. F< 'tis i be Aator Dace rioter* convicted In New York 1hei*la?dor riKre c>-ded to the CnlUd State* by the government of Honduras. Hi SO - lion, hilas H. Jeunia^n. former goveraor of Vermont. died. OCTOBER. 1 ?The National Assembly of France net. Jean A Baptiete Bobillard, died at Kontoney, Fraaet, aged lit ytara 3 Pattle between tbe Turk* and iniurgtnta at Bl- u irara. in uoanta. 'itu I uran ktuea. 4? Tiuillio, In ilonduraa. aeiiad by the Brttlah at* enter I'luaiper. Ucn. Dan v.auui-1 K.coaliedat the elty ot Mtkleo. J I.? Threatened war between Auatria and RumIi aid Turkey j f ?Loum Coiiit Bktikjinl; KriMt.KlM no Ellinrr * i Ittebe, i ot ; Cml < barlaa liecray. *'aj ; Louie j Aullcb. Lint.; Von Tornk Lieut.; Oeorjo Labner, MeJ.; f meat IVIt Von roltenburg, i apt ; Juaepb Von Negl Samlcr. I apt.; I harlea Kneiiet ' ?;' : l ouol I ktrk> Llnriigru Von Weaterbitrg. ('apt ; John Da- 4 n iaul< h < apt , ArtMidea Von l)e-enetfy. 'apt., William I aits Lieut.; Jo'?ph Si-hmidel. Maj .lata of tba lli.rsa an amy. executed by order of the of S< Audita at Arad Teirlhle gala on the Atlantic noaat; ii a bilg 8t. Jobn wrecked In Uooton bar bur, and 1 JO ftrnbi- drewued 7 - < ?? Don Manual Cureutlo Rajon. illad at tba q, et'y of Mexico. a ?1 ba Hnti'h flaat arrived In tba Boepbnrnf. V 7 reaty concluded Iwlwet-n the l; 3 i ontuiaeioner ai d tba < row Indiana ot Niinneeota. f<r tbair land*. 7 ertlble riot In Philadelphia; bouaea burned and <>na d an nuidered Kl?t la St. Lonta. eereral praona aa?l nciy midll X> 10 - The ant.lreraary of tba birth of the Queen of Hem ct labtati 4 In ( ula Tba tiial ol tba Ki>d Kepub l una. engaged In tie dam n?tiatti>n id firtaoathe l;th id luna c< man-on. d at Ver-etilea Treaty be- | tw? i n I'ruaala ar.d auatrta ratified at \ l-nna 11 ? 7 he poet i f JatiOK captured by tba ftwnaa Indian*. I 1'i -Tiuxlllo iel*?d by the British nuthnrltlea. ! 'Ibriatiiied ?l?tl ear In Mecklenburg Maba^rln A ftiati- t i i, tltiitlon ad' I'tfd by tba people < f 1 alii rnia (f 13?< ififlirt b?t a (,.n tba p< lire and paoploa*. Killer- r? by Ireland: three of tb? forineV killed 1'h? lira >11 r?- .. j i rt r-ii tba Hi n an (|tje?iii.o presented to tb?'Natl-mal ' /iffigibl) rf Matit e by M. Ibiir* 'I ha flrit election tr lb < all!- t via tick i'ti a a> It ?ViMiAt.?1 bn hfnrcbfl aillrd f.-r tba DarJa- _ t.? liaa i I* ?1 be N a 11 a n I Railroad ''onventli-n a?#?l?b|ed at Ft I i ola. I NaMitm atabbed bar husband at liarteli ra It - Ibal lat.d of Tigra, llunduraa. Nliid by tba I rltiak t> IT - Ti rtlble ti rradoat Bay a I afnurche I.out-Una; . frHi ft It 11 h i f t>r' pert* oa.-ln j d . . II.- Nrl betae?n ?l. I h<> r? and M Bl*in, at Tail*. Or* Nateaia ai.d the abide i>f tl a Wlul?irj oi spaln, ]) - lDtfr?l?* lfl**ra Oil. T*l|||i and Hilt/Do*- Tl laya. tha 11-4l< ri rbirf tL 10 ? 1 ? ?*i.dour ?*la at Slatl; tiro r*fk?4. Afittr |>alr(i In iihir Mifrn tha ffnpl. ai.J lha autho- f)l !(!?< < I itnm'rt I)r. I.?iitiaai librarian of lha V allrati dt? d if lUiu.a. U1- M?a? ? T lia N 4ii? i miaittr;' of Sj.ula ra<-all?<I to ?fir? J Z'i ? John and V IllUm B'a<*k r*a?nta<J on b 'ha ^ I.' 1. lll?ll?F?taRMk at 14*11 lra|irt<rt<> f"?inu?my. ^ 2* ? 1 h? l?rtA? kail"?d ronvrt)Mf<a mat at K"*' |U>. T?n Pa'tla h? tw?*r> th? I .8 Praao n?. Cyl* ard iha I'aanaa Indiana. n?ar fort K?ar- di li). tha lalUr tfitraltt ?4--A Wiflt I awr?n< ". tha American Vlolataf ra- |-, pa<'ad ! ? lli? (,un n of ! itvlun I Z7 ? t-?ti Jfttuca >hlild- il*et?<l toth?*U.I 8?aa:?, * ft' ?n illlaota ?V ? AlVar' J?r?* tad P Bartinra murrtatKl ?l SI (* I Mm t>y iiofraif- and Kaym><?d /J I hx hrirb t ataCO* <l Hul bn?ilr*4 Tl' I'olaa. ura* r h?m MatrMa aod V ay. trao>|>?ft?<l tr>m l> V idifi r to Nhnml* 1.- (i?n ?'a?? tbmwn Inta tha dun?.nn atCnmiiM, fcy ordat of V iiin>i 0. n t mm j-Htmni f>iin<i?r 0t lha < ullaga of Mi Ctlal! hal, la aba dl>4 at lit- , ?H? fi 1VOTKMMEK. n ? Varrla*a of tha l?ra?id |)ii*a of M >fkl?nVirg I Mtlfll t? (h* l I . U4-if I tia a<iara in V% iddaa hradad by h<#?'iih traa<p' rtad ? < i n i* ft - lutn rraated Vltiar, aad Miitad MourtJ faate, * by tha ffalian of 1 utbay. . 7.- Battle b?t?a.a tha V?iioar> t'oop? of Va'nall<|?l lid th* In Nn i.*>.n . Ih* l?i r <! H - Hr W I KhH U H Mlllfltr to kraooa, r+ffltti b) Lost* N?p>'i??,n I i'i ? Ttao <*!>? ?l H| ain *?? fanrl di?in*r to th* ' hiiMti rinMi* rn?s?i?? v??niM) lit? (f?<<rr? ^ r*d* << 11 and Va>la ontn* * t Luloi lif il? innr4>-r ?f "' < n?r 14 _ l lriit ?f III,, rrry murd*!"! on tho C< l< tado (I '>* ? nt< r bj it?- f. i.?a?a i. ? l'h* rl d*frlt tn th* I'linrci ?f th* trmoh (Ml - " KC'Ktf) in th* Natl' ml A*'?n>tM> bf *1. >' wl4 i , Ih.- Th?t.)tfgl?lrf tn th# hlnfd m i?f Or? ?t ftrlutn I #oi? lir lltn r?iit?r.eiit to tian |M>na Ion fi>r III* f?* I at tlr pa'll * lt? ?h* dl*turh?t><*? of it* IJtli of liio* * Th* ri?Mrrii if tba oanail if *<p*ln a <liua*r to * hir P.ariitp?r >ha Am*n-an S itutrr 1*.? lion l?fir*j< hlpn>an <t|* l at HdaBaioo, Mleh, K>d Hi )i?ri / A It* ? )*?* W atam V *Kb?| pointed li A Mlnl'Mr to / A??tila H'n Hmij t ton trflfrl It twk ' W l ai>k?t ?hl|? 1 akb llrlnihi* d**tr?j?d hy fir*, II M' rr' I'land HI I hart** Mihimtl'd r?ol?iln?, I* (!> I rti'ian?? ??'*n hi_r of I f?i ?? f?r tha *a * of tlv* 1 <1 of U>* | ran* li (man Ti itl* if llwfy < lay t?th?y??r IWt '< /*?*? M lohl?? li?>il i.1 - I*T (> cf|a Catkin**!. a wealthy rorld-nt of Boalit ll ??l?t|. U?l? 4'>l|f>l'*l| 14 vlln (r*piriM> ? f- r ?tr Wwn fla??W and 1uik*y in ooa???jn?M>* ot lb* r? fu*al of th*-<ilt?a -i ? lai.-*h th tianfmlan* at I Ihm from tba Hit' man J " l41* I '.T - (l?? f)?nr*n f,. ritnrh dl*4 at Ma*o?, ?>a ? I Lartr* h inn ?nt ? i-d I r*#i?>ni of 1 larnh'%' ?l #w - 1 ihm Th? ?n ^n ' f l?T I irk mr J ?md in t ? ?lt of t(i? i ? hll'llJilKI C 1 Prn*???r* W b't*r ?.f R(wl<* ?tt?rrt#4 #nf tho I It a !!? r of It f ?t??? ?n , tr??t r (?i . f i .1 i> |. n fbi*?<-- i ? ?"* uj. >ti l>>? >1-1 >| i < Iff, lli' Hi ? f ' ld-t?< 'il? ? ?r?-* I 0 [ERA / -r. hot d?*d at 8t Loula, by John 8. '."homM Eknuw Elliott, th< tonnm l orn Lt* KhymiT, died At Aatgtll Hill, nrar Bursal*;, England 2 -8i:?Dir.-(ir?at nolirnint in Bn* ton, la eon**> qo?nr* of thr fupp<>"?<l in nrd?*r of Dr Par?>ia??. Adaliid?. Obmh Hnvivnr nf li'uvUnil Aimd 8 ?Noa. Wllllain Short of the tatted BtUasd'olo. matle aorpa In the tin* of Jeffarnan, died ?' Philadelphia 4 - American eltlran* tnaulted at Au? Cayet } " American < nn?ul threatened with d?rapite'i'>n r ' t hundred of tka Inturgeota of lk? 13th of June dlaat>'<*ad by tba ai torm y Oenerel of Paria 10.? Tba DiMrict Attorney a offlca, la New York, rcfrbed of moet of ita paper* 12 ? KxclHrg scene* In the House of Representative* oftba United Kate*, attenp'ed ooufllot between Maaata. Duer. of New Vork and .Vteade.of Virginia 16 ? Arrival of ex Governor Ujhiity, of Contra, and lan.lly and Mile Ap?l"nla Jegrlio, late of the Hungarian army, at New York 1H ? Vlalt of ex Governor Ujbaxl and the Hungarian itU * to the llrialii e*fabH*bn>eut.. George Kuoop. the seiebrated violrnolllut Uied at Philadelphia 20 ? Viiilrr founder of the sect of LaMar Dav Saint* riled at Low Hampton. N Y 21.- Kir Henry Rnl*>r the Hrltinh Minister to the L' Blted State* mi lived ?' U'm>lilngton 22?The House if Kepre*en'atlv?i of tba United <tate? < ortr e*? organised hy the eleetlon of Howell "chb aa Kpenfcer 1 he Prufrlan Minister l>aron Von Seralt, presented to the Pre^dent of th? United ?tate*. 'I be 22Wh anniversary ot the l.aadinff of tha Pilgilmsat 1'ljuit mh Hock, celebrated throughout New England 24 - Sir Henry Rnlwer. Minister from England, pretested to the President of the United fftat** Phe first neseape of President Taylor delivered to tha Congreaa >f the United State* !{ ?..lution offered In the U 8. 'enate calling upon the Preaidmt tor tba chargea pre feind against thi ?e removed from office i-tnre March 4. 27 ' or. flagratlon at Akron. Ohio; fMHKK) worth of jroperty de?ir< yed Kesolutl' n in the U 8 lloniw of Representative* calling upou the Pretddent for infornation relative to the app< turnout of eivtl or military 31?I ho Li glelatiire of Varyland iwrmMtd Helolution Id the (J 8 Hou?e of Hepre*enta't?e*, calling 'or all knowledge of the Executive relative to tbe exraordinary proceeding* attending the aeixure of Tigre rlm.d by the lintel) or any pat t of ' antral viut-rica md ci pie* of mil treaMe* neg >tiatrd wl'h Central Analea under the ttiifpire* of the U fi unvernm-'nt He rlution offered Id the < ongree* ot United State* to ibcl-eh tbf lli mr Department lte?olutlon to proride i territorial gi vrriTirot fur all that part of tun terrl "ry pi ded to tbe tutted Slate* by Mexico lying *a*t f the Hterra Nevada dm uu'ain*. and excluding slavery b*ietri di A protect from Kentucky agalust the ad?i>iiin t-f Llei-eret. pre-enti i| to < on(rnii? At njldI'ght, uSt I aul'* *truck the twelfth hour, 184D exIre4. lortallly of Sew York Cltjr far the Tcer I I84i?. The fi Mowing *tatl*tie* of the mortality <f the ptut i?r prepared with great labor and oar*. will bn found i pot*e?* a creat deal of Interest for tbe reader. The >tal an irality for the year l? 22 372. which U out half i ore rban laft year'* total namely 11 818, the dlff?rnooM 1 Mng 7.764. < holera and It* Kindred di?*a,,'?? with the icreateof populatii n. account tor thi^exae** the d*ath* pcholtra alone being 6 072 In oth?r re*peet*, the ft year we* rather healthier than Ita prndepnaaor. he following table exhibit* the mortality In week*, of tb yeare. alto tbe relative proportion* of men and i men, boy* and girl*, for the y? ar 1M9 : ? V. htai itV or 1MV, it Win*, ConrAHcn with IM*. 'iikdini if Alttt. Women. tiovt. (jirli. J'ot it Tot IJ 1*4/ 1-4H. kcoary. ? *? 77 7* ?? IKt 245 is eu 6i i4 ea m an ?o ui rj? 'A tis zv z<w 27 71 ?l lot M 5WI .111 >1 ruary S M 4i NO 14 J47 V* , 10 7* M ?1 7t ?? **7 1 17 4.1 U 79 i-A 2"4 U.I ( 1* iH 14 Vt K.1 315 4 <i I ireh... S 72 ? ? ?7 Ml 2vtt Ml 1 0 tiT ? <4 71 3?i TW 17 H> 7? !''i 91 .111 SW 24 .... r* ? ? ? 'M ai7 Wi> SI 04 44 M 6 7 2J4 .111 < pril.... 7 70 74 11(1 71 *?l 2*> 14 74 i? SO 1H -l? Iii I 21 HO 77 VI 70 3J# MO 2K M l? 80 W ?V tHI ay.... 6 ? (41 71 M 2H4 1 1 N? 86 K? 77 3* 2v1 iv ix? ta n?j !*? aa 26 M6 71 71* r,0 2UI 247 on*.... 2 72 7T ii 4i? J7<) 2"-'H 9 1M Ul 7ft tit 4<? 34% 1? i<?> J.-U A 4 J *J$ ra? S3 1.14 l\1 I IK H* 47.1 Hit S? Z'i. 174 IM 144 7M 2M uly 7 ai K.1 12' 7"2 v? 1 4 .?? 24 ^41 IM Ml t'4 21 .174 4i4 3 4 2I>7 I.44M M 2H i.* *H zv | 4>l] i>KO?t.. 4 3Ni 37.1 2U.1 KM i n ?? II 213 2M Z\Z J4H 1,011 .".TH M 217 2W ?. 233 MM .VI 2ft IH? 177 JIT W 7*9 T7I i pt'ler. I ItJ IM! 17.1 177 f*7 .? II f* 172 14?? l.H> ftJO T7* 1 5 *4 tf IB 74 371 ?l *? li? mi id". rr ?.:? a* 7a ?r h? m sit as ctobtr. ? 72 71 *4 SI* ri , 1.1 Art 64 63 to 242 2 4 I SO m 7* 73 ?3 ZHO CI4 27 72 7<i ?W 57 276 ?W ov'Ur. ? M M M 17 2 ?<; 147 10 Ut 4* 03 61 222 211 >7 47 M M AJ Jilt ?4V , 24 M 43 f>7 4-* f<? ?0 1 Nl?r .1 U 4'i M 44 mi 2.1V K CI 41 M Al 271 fflft 16 H 47 74 * 2YI ttt 3 M 47 7? ?1 ?W nv> 2V M :* fi* III ?U au f fl,M? l,4*J {>,>17 4.VM 22 ari * I4.hd Majority i f IH4V o??r 1H4S 7 . 4 Ibara W ft r? ujftrkalila disparity hata?< n ?h? !?% ; bo>? and glila th? fr*m*r lialiig H4. or ~?rly '2?i par ot jrrafttar 1 h?*ra la ali-? (in? ditTm-ue* b?t**?n i? tivnb* r of d*?thr of i?-n ftn'1 ?nm<>n i h? rttffar < ??,,i w?rn ll? ni or I ft lily of id* a ?u4 f. m .!? , la ? wn: ? otftl ni?l?a 11 7JM tftl I'Dillr* 1U fU'l V#Jrl?y of ??laa I l?l ' Tfca illllararca twtwaan ftdulU ftud obllJra# ?Uu4? >? :? iiuit* li rot , hlldtrn 10 ?;? Vaj'rlty * f adult* Alt hr m>?>; n- .1 ?i rihl m m nutaly tha ?,; o < ?? ?h? ai* d in th? laat }IWI r ?*a ?f? ?.f I ; it m.4 4" 'Ht< ' * J HI ii f 4 4 >' fnri i?I 4II I II li'-n. 2 ?..><! '4i?,?r, , 71 1.7 n t*'<i 4'i I )rftf* 4ft U' 1 lilt >-.! ).Vil It* I Ii )?ara I" 2" 1 I4?> f i (( to H4 41 I* j??m I ,, J."'7 I*" ? r* aiid n???r4t. 7 4i . .... *"27 Uftkftowa SI4 1 Ii* l(-ll<ft tot fall* fba ptarn of nativity of thoaa who ad lb N?a \ urfe ftl?Md tl a laat jht ? > r|t<4 Kii'aa i. ?? k h< 4 at ft. I iM-h I' .n* la t tii .* Noitu An.anaa M ?i thil I ?.1 Vtfil IMIM 4< II .V iMt tl'm it uf 1 *Si S nth am?rim I 01 Afi 1 n.l?i<l * i' I mail ?> I'IiikI ? 17 S ittila I V,r?aj A nt il?i<i 17 lata * ?1 ?i ? 4 ? - ? it r?i?i kit M ta XI *ll| h? >?'? rr>m (*'? f irtHnr 'h?t ??|H? thf i >d ? a*?a. ti? ni'it'allly ?.f iati?p? of lr> i?"4 ?..rt hj far I *1 I pi>i?r?? aiiialnf that lh?y < i>ltut? * Ho ( ft*-I f.'fM B i?f liar fiif-lun.born >? - I na h? ?.??i in iMind i? h~?nf hi ) lull* B<ir* 'i>? l-ittrth it* i.nniiwr k? r? li l? oiiinr In Kt aland tfcnn H< i>ii?d<1 aoithan ! ?' ? I m?r?iKTI<H I>w DK41HK TO IKR WOlWtTIQ*. 11 r m ? i(f d>?ih< i? propi ftUo to tit* vnpul*. r n li tat ?r?at?r i f whlta tn- ? than nf m?n "f pi>l"f. I i 11 t 11,11 iiir it.- |. at h- T l hn i at ?r la nnlf 4 < > a I, nt 1 in It* . 11" i< < >f ileal tin i>f Whit* n?a. tin p< 11||> u,n la ?l) lit I in 20 . an that tha p pu II u |a t??i In tna i f M,a?i>? r hli li 'I l.? fi ??li > la a ! ? nf lla i)l?n?? wMoh war* lha in .a if <|i. h tVa (rniilur thai <lia<| nf ??? ? tn ika )ur. miu|?k4 altk tka nam* for ttk? |>,ft * iib f' u?ti p? 1"4?. < i?a?n?i. with ma Dttaaaaa O* 1*4*. I air ?/ Utr.lh. a4? 1-4" ( nf P, ?1k. 1?4?. I?4\ I'll 4H f4 Huopllk* rough... I#* 111 ri-'initi ?> 4 h. >npoakia 7 |i|lnj 1 4.1 fll'mn ? I II "a i'i 4? laaalina. 14 14 I i ... -A fl I Hi. < a A I a I '|m. ... ., VI AJ It,Mamma'I a . . , JW H ilia ? il ( Ma?i4*r. T I ? <4 ?f kra a.. ?W ? ta> * '? >. ID ' afk ??la .fcM W falliak I* I# " 'farm... ? la. I at,tt. II If " afatia**.... IT M " i??i I ? " af Mart,... M a| :?fli<irl?ilW, 73 rt " H kidaafa. ? if irnliiia,, Iilii IT# " a# inn* . m -tn I I ??la * 1 " Mn-afk IN It k??r.. .. .... 7? * " aftkrna*.. W |4 .1 ? ???.. 15 I* " II aa?k. .. M It nliii'tMk.. f 19 " afllTar ... N " afllrar.... I I lna??iky. f "j atlnarla .. ... 4 I la<r?ipi?Ta?i-a ar<? 4 It.t'ia*a?'*?ati*a.. . I I ? ' M?? IM ?? H If ?> '?* ?.<Tt I J"i | 1 v* VW kiM~4 or rr4*r*4. ? t i bmfiMi ... rm a l??. v ??* . u w ' ? ? I - l *> ? ??.f.*? ? * m 1' **> I MB ?M ?M .... 1 r? t.!'? * *?! tH ? * .*? Hi m 4 i < ., ... M It ? | | f U?i? K ! N??.r?Mr>? I ( I I Kw ilit* . I I , J i I'-rut 1 ? : IMHH ? Ok?.?r .... I - I | AIDtHMTI. as ? - <? . 3 LD. j W<T- TWO CENTS. C<i??? of Dtath. J&49 Miff. Cauit / DtaOk. 1840. IMS. (atarrk JO 4 OMAn. ? ? *09 9M OmiUMUOB - | JVl?nmn T rem en#. 110 104 PiU* 1 _ piafc??M 9 P?I?t N 141 Diarhna... 77$ 433 Potrtn ]> la l>rii.kiMCold Wa- Pre.-rataVe Birth... IJf 1S4 Ur 5 ? PUur1** ft II Drcpty... . .... m til PhlabiW* 1 1 ' intb.hjad 700 MS Pro.tat? Qlaad ... S J ? atb?.h..t. 65 Sm Rh.uma:/*n 27 3D in t?.? h-art. 2 2 n?iliM _ IS 17 " in the bow?l? S 5 Rupture 1 ? Drewnfd 149 13> R..p ur# of ITomb.. IS 1 Pytrnterjr 1.26H 739 Sor .ful?... ..11' At P)"I?rii? ? Small Pot SSI 644 *pilr|,?y 37 2H ffinllDmul.,.. 18 tf Irjtire'ai 147 149 Sprue fiO 41 Fropiin 1 S Smni d? J... S4 34 Bijomire 0 8 Buff.. atioa y ? fracture 31 14 Strangulation 5 J? FMnla 4 ? Seiirvy ? S > ??... IM 14S 8ihirru? 9 0 F.>??r, billon* 41/ 47 Supp aaionof Mmef ? S " Intermittent 7 26 Teething 124 1M " infl?B>'torjr.. .1 Tetanu*, or L'k JaW 30 JO " p??rfrt*l... 1% 147 Tumor . . 31 I " f uutteat.... Ml 119 Ton?r of Orartaa.. ? S " ???rlel V>2 PS ITlcar*.,. ..... 9 " trihotd 1ml 22S Dlcera'n Intoatina* 21 14 " typku* 379 7-"0 " of Urfix... 1 3 ** ri(M??jTi .'Jt .V 11 nfj-nmch * A " hrrile 4 2" o'Threat... 6 V " ntn.ui,,. . IS 90 " orLunga.... ? 7 Funm ? 1 I'nkKoiri il8 ISS Oval I 1 Varioloid 45 II r.mtil ? 1 Worn* 9 OtMtit X ? _____ I?r?ri. diti'Mc it... 2.TS ?17 Total 21 374 14 HM Blp diietM 1 7 In looking orarthn rn?offo(afr- U eannot fall to atrlV* the it-artor. In I** many mo'ancea (bi number* for lMHanrt lM9,nr?? In reference to I w ?f th< dl? Ikftr li arntbur fkft that t? ??rj obfloit-tkt ?normouK disproportion of oon*umptl(/a and dioeaae* of the bowel*. an r"nipar?d with all i>th-r nauao* ot death If wo deduct chnl'n the teem of consumption will amount tr? nearly on?*-elghth of the remainder of tbe entire bill of mortality . and If the other difeane* of the lung* irt> added we xhitU hare a total < t 8 "11. or nioro thai* >?no-flf?h of tho wholn nntnbor death*. excepting cholera. Thfcr latter *o>i?rge, with other dtoeaoea ot tha bwwal*. coaaUtateil f?lly una hal the mortality. CROUU rhr Irra b?(^an In tho latter end of May* and ran lata Nr ?i tnh?r; it reaped hnoxr n 10 epidemic In tba 1??t r end of September Tba eaoea in Ojio'ier and November wero of emlicrantn It culroinatod In tha week *ndlr<g Inly 21*t. when tho wrtolo death* war* 1 410 and rtea'h" l>y cb-ilera 714 It (gradually dorllntd fr< iM that time tilt it totally <ii?M|>o*-are 1 In lt?Ha. the d?~thK by cholera were :i.M9*. in 1H.J4. they were It*4 The d**th* eguoed ft 000 f">r the la?t yoar; bnt taking into account 'h? diff^renc-ot pnimUtioa, the iboi tnlif > wa> not ro great m* In 13Vi. Che three n>o*t fatal w?ek* in 1832 wore thono ondinc Julr 2l*t, when ihera wero 716 death* 'JKih Inly 68*1 d*?tb4. and tho fir-1 week In Align*', 388 death* Tha throa moat fatal week* fn the la*t yoar were the thr*? aorraapondii g week*: July Ulnt 714; July 28tb, b&i, August Ith, 678. Kvlgratloii for the Vaar 1*49. Tho following ia tha number of emigrant* and aitilen paaeergera for tha year 184U, In each month up to aat eyeniug Monlk. Jlh-nt. Citirrni. WTiote .fr. Janaary 8 248 878 8 Hi* Kebruary 8,*19 704 O.iiSS March 0 630 ftKS 10 Sit April 1U 1)34 1 Svl 21 32* May .17 417 17?8 3*168 Jiii.k 3> t'76 2 MO 81.374 July 80 OK 1.587 11.684 2t<?'0fl J,8*1 30 ar 8r|>t< niber 17 813 *' 18 731 October. lft 3M UN 18 147 November SW8 7M OOJt Drcaiubar. .... 7 i'17 814 Boll 22<? 7Ml 18.443 334X71 Of thw fotegolng ther* w?r# from ? Irtltnd 1120&1 ll.llan.l 3 447 [ktMKT 6"> 7VH Norway . 3 8<H Ktipland 3K *31 U?l 1,783 Sr<tlao<l HMO 8?ml?n 1 OjT K raura 2 *>K8 Switzerland 1 4<*t The nirnhft of which conveyed the foregoing nM4 Icco. Arrival of Vnula at tlia Pert of New York. The following I* a lUt of T??eel? arrived at the port of New York from foreign poiU, from th* lit of Jurarjr to the 81ft ol December, 1840, loolaaite rU : ? Bnerloaa. .Blili* fl>'l l'ru?<iaa.. .Shtf. 1 Hark* 4>?> Rdu T HUM mB brig* ID MMM... W ?? tuwcn... 3S Total lit ? Sardiatan .Ship* " Total..... 1,97.1 Barki 3 Brltifli... . BrU< 1 Banu M ? litiR* 821 Total...., 7 BeliOoaar*. .. I<3 Gon<?ea... (lru? I BttMtri... at ? ? Total... I Total Ml Italian.... Rsrka...... J A tali las. ..ftht|?? ... ... 4 Uhm 7 Bart. 1 BiUt 3 Total 14 ? ToriafMM B lfa II T?U|... 7 Beb*n?ri.,. * fr< neb .. . Btnp* II ? Bark 10 Total I? Hurt 1.1 N. ?*ip.... I KolHt'iBcra... S Harka...... 3 ? Boli>->ao?? I 1 Total .W . Milpc IH Total. 6 !?? v? ,Vi NrtMliian.Brii 1 Brs? 17 Eiiti ??r.... 1 T.>?*l | Bpaai ta....Mrr? I Tatal........ 70 ., 3 Iwrda ... .BMpe 8 Btaamera.,, 3 II.-kk HI ?. !<? *? 21 *?? !..,., I?? Behutaari... .1 Braull n m h. I t Hr<;a f Total 4" Iklmatr.,,, I >ur? tf itu.PMp* 4 ? Nar># U fatal B Brl* SO Lunx Hark I Bcliooarra... 8 Br t? 3 I'-1 "Ml I ... it irk. ^ H*h 1 ___ I'lMf . ... 4 T.i? *1.,. | Ik I 'Xim r? .. I II I T <U!I a Jsu luIg,.?htM 4 __ MwV? JT T HI... 14 "H*? P A r(?nlia?. . II* k, | .. J _ ? T< i?f I T?t?l JJ . Ilrl, t ... !?> | __ 4 T?t?|... . | ...... |(9 . Sch-? n ; *.. ft hMwtn ,. 7 -? T?-?l | * *"?! n fh.i ? *,.k l liimn.,, ^'r* * ? fcrti .... Id T???l I "* ? ? Tr?i ( ?!* . fWrfc*.. ? f? I M'tj \ OAili'x I B. VH.wara... S TMbI |* T?*?l """i >?l?h i|.? 4 B. .. Bri? I M?r> || It'll 4 'Mil I I C?l*B.kl?a Bnj I (. lilt. ft _ ?? TV'%1 | rr ... t>h.p. i .. Br * .... I Htlftl | htwMr..,. I Mr*....... 1 T*l?? t Tclil ? Viking (rimt t?f#| ?f a jjf W? *r? \n Cn\ Th"n. of th? Cwtnm H m>? lir|? < (of ?ho (hot* r"P'>rt Whip llnlldlng ITnrlnn Trar 1*49 In. W ? or ina th..h lvn^t?i r. m tba ???|nu? ?aM? in thl* rlly >'1 vMaltf ! i-tng ha pa?t y**r with th?lr ninia Mir>(tt? tnn>4? i?, ; alan. tba elaaa af aaaaala now r?n tha atock* %w. 'akin* Into r?.n?M?r?t|o% tha unha?lthr wtnia hr-n'th ablrb wa haaa II will ha ?aan a ra?y llr amount of bnalaaaa bu baan <Jnaa at the rarioaa r4?. Mr Th^mn rn||;?T In* thr?w ataamWka, 1i:"TW An?lo \marWaRtllliaaa Wilt, aa4 J>?aph Idkrip II* Iim n?? ataaaahoat na th? atMla n?4f rvr lanrahinf. ?l?b har bnllnra anil naaahlnary la , Hot in enair?t>tlonabl*. aa4 If ot? r?a jtlra from i?t appaaraaaa na tba t??lia aba will ka, *b?a laaaafe<1 ana nf lb* f??l?t It aot 'ha 'a>tMl, boat <>f bar ilaaa afloat Mr C. I* alaa building a atnamb"*! la*mM t"t B??tfaf'??ir tba rl??f fa'tMiM M??ta l* a Ml t'?n an<t tba tarlnna ??T?.a on Ih? rl?ar. Mr. i ollyar baa laanch'4 tan , mIM Wa Ncrwalk <nl > , ,.f ] * o t..n? ahi?b J .aa nr?t a- ??* ranalaatl a Tba lat'ar l? a* ha I battlt roanitrf har marhinart an l ?lll w tud? iarlac ili? anauln* ??nnn-r ta lata har plaaa a m tba HM?a Tt??r M?fan ?h?? rlt? a*> I Mbaaf I ltd mm ha>)tata to ra a-?art a< ?a ha?a Safura ? |>ra4?rta<l. tbat ?Ka ?tl| ba tba ?a?taat b'<at afl^t Mr. X r r?|?a* t? r?irna|a| bta jar<l t (aa rn<a fartbar la tla I# B">h?ard. roaid|a*iit|) ha ha? an raaaal na tba H ka mg Vr William rnlHaf a or war nf Taatftb atraat aa4 ? ?* ?** ' haalrif haaa ln?M?pnaa?l aaarl? tba ak?(a af ' ??>a raa? y?ar ba? nnt haill aa? aa?al Ha h^a? aoa^a?a gr 'I ? in T?r<l TWO p'xniiino "I m 1*0 f??t Ik l?r??h ? ?- ?th?r inn Hn'H nf ?M?k. la X nulrl ?rrt -r,? n,?n?kif. will IwflMt ?r?4lt ? Ma M gH >tH?lx It t?liHd?f H Vr ?' H ftmw* h?? l*?inrti*4 ?h? WMBMitffc mn ?Mp nf a om ! for Mr R. R ColltM* n- < I I tfc" ?*? ?w? . f >*<? KMt irt>? M? kM n* th? 'twill ntWv mn? Ml >A f*o tor* tk? 'MIc vk*?k will oqMl Ik* ??i?i?tm In r??pwt *Im fnf *l Colllaa' ItM, V n it wo ?.mV?'i nf MM t"ftn M?k s ...t. WNtomM M4 viwii, U???M tW V ?4 7M <w?? n?w n? k?f % ? t > th? ?htp ri?i??ll?H?? nf ItM ttm. I*J f<?? '? I l?r??ii| ItiM. III* laonll 4 twm I I r?(?, 1(1 rrn fc?T flr?t rrryac* t? tltifyil); tfet lm> j I i*t>t?? ? !.'?*" M?? of pmMh n4 ttw Ktrt (1 NtMM all nf wfcfeli ?r. ?r.? >||MtMMk. rkay M ? Mi Ik* ItMkl Uwm Alfs IV* ft ?tM ?i| J

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