Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1850 Page 1
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' V TII ? ? NO. 5693. ORGANIZATION OF TH* inw OZTT OOVB&NMBIff. Message or the Mayor. The old Common Oouuell met once more, yeiterday, at half paft 11 o'clock with 'be President. Alleroiau Jibh Kelly. ol tbe riv.ioad ward, in the chair, when ommittee* having been appointed to wait up in tbe Major and Board of t?*i?taai?. to ascertain it tbei# fai any eommuutaetlon from them. and the eijimiti toe* havlug returned and auawared in the negiure, I th? Board a/J*'Urned ?n f die > Meantime a largv crowd congregated in tbe Hall and about the doorf of the > ?>uu<tl Chamber; and every "vacant ipot la tha Interior wan cram rand with cltiien* ^waiting to ?ee tha inauguration of tbe naw oounoll. A strong fore* of polic were poated ?t tha door to heap order aad prevent the chamber from being further arowded At IS o'clock, the Mayor and the member! of tha Hew Board ent. red the room when the Mayor, taking hi* neat In the chair. ?tat?d that the aid Board had aaaad to exiat. and that the new Board would be now worn la. Tha luenib-r* Were then railed hi that Clark of the Council, begli,ul-.? ?Itb the Kirat ward. and worn to support th? ( oonitutlon of the l otted State*, and thoConttitution ol the State of New Vork, and to faithfully discharge th? outlet of Alderman 'I'he Mayor then retire*, to wear la the A?aeeaora and Constable*. to hi* > Wo* I'pen the notion ?f Alderman Bhitto*. Alderman .Miller, of the t.leventh ?ard, *ae appointed Chairman pro trm. The Clerk then called out the Darnel of the Alder* men, aa follow*: ? 1 - Ldmundtirlfltn. 10. -Robert J. Hava. 8 ? Daniel Dodge 11 ?Jereailah Miller. 8.? Jamea K. H ood 12 ?Henry rthaw. ? 4 ?JaeobOakley 13 ?lames H. Cook. 6.?Watreni hapman 14 ?James N. Bard. <1 ?Patrick Kwly. 16 ? Jo-epb Brittoo. 7. ?Morgan Morgana 111 Sainael Ue Lainater ?Kara Sn.lth 17. ? tieorge H KrankUa. 9 ?Jamea U Ball 18. - Jona* K. Conkllo. Alderman Bill th n ineved that the aleotlou of Preoldcnt do now take place by ballot The resolution wax adopted unanimously. Alderman Wood theu uowiuated Alderman Morgana aa Piealdent. Alderman nominated Alderman Cook, when tha ballot waa proeeedeu with aud the chairman pro trm annouuoed that tuere were 11 vote* for Morgana, <1 for Cook, and 1 blank He therefore declared Morrun." duly electei. A committee of t?ro Were then ap, cinted to wait en Vlr .tieigau* to acquaint him with | bla election. The I'Ki.amrNT then took the chair, and delivered Ihe itllowlig ad dree*: ? ?<?ra'.*fa?l to yon for the honor yon hava -Sonltrred up< n me b> electing me to prealde over yoar deliberation* I return >ou mf sincere and heartfelt thanka I canuot piomlse to bring Into thla ebair great skill or experience in the management of it* aftalra for it I* tho Urat time that I bare been selected to preside over push a body. But I do promise to bring lotn it a diapoeltion to discharge ita duties faithfully ,? partially, and to the beat { of my bumble abultiei-. I win. d>uotlea?. during the I term, commit errors, for It caooot be other?iae In one I ahobaahad but little experience la euch dutiea; and I thall therefore be oompelled to aak your kind la- I dulgence and frbata ice, tor I can a*aure you *hea I do commit them they will be purely error! of judrfiu?nt, and I li pe you will have the 1 charity ao to new and forgive tbem You will of : course adopt iu lea f r the government of the Board, afill It will heronie in v ilutv il vroir viMalillnii 1 otlicer, to enforce l been and that rigldiy. A ad kera, frtDilrni'-o. allow me to call your attention to irbat I eocctiYtt lo bf au ?tU Mint ha* grown te be of cm* Bi|Dliui? md in n< Judgiueat require* to be retbrdi.-d; that Ik the interference eith Ibe in-in- . bt-ri vtilia In their (rata dorm* the aenxiou. by poriuoi ' who have ?i Interest la ib? ?uoo?ti or defeat of tome K(%rure? that are or may be brought before th? BchiI. I bop* that *ouie rule may be adopted. that will prerrot thia far the futura. And hrre. grntlrmt n all?w me, In conrlunon, a^atn to tbatik )ou lor the kmdueM and parila'ity you I have < laced teward* me audi will try. In return for I lhi? kladnean to to onndaat uijeelf a? to give yoo no ' ?aa*e for regret for the rhoiee y*u have made. Alderman Oairrm then moved, that David r. Valuation l>e appelated Clark Ulbe Common Couuoil. Car- , lied UBMlioourly. . It waa then unr.nimounly re?olve<|. that Samuel T. I Heekn>an be appointed I'eputj Clerk aud Jainei M WIImu and J< Uu h. ' be appointed \*i<Wtant Deputy clerk*. in the Uoard of Aldrrmen, and Ainj* Jones. Mateenfiei <J* the *!;. u of Alderman Cc??i? ?h? rule* of the Old tiolrd wire udopt*<l. until oth?r?!? ordered A committee wa? thru appointed oua*Uilng of Alderates Cook. t>haw. au<l Haw* to wait on the Mayor, j aad Inform him the boaid wai rejJy to proceed to boilae**. | Otl mrtlon of Alderman Kranklln a ommitte* waf 1 a Wo appointed to wait <>a the board of Aeai-taotx aad : lul 'iio them that thu lioard waa now organiiad. I Shortly after. It wa? annoum a 1 that the Boar* of M- ; I'tania waa orgaiUad aud wet* ready to ftouued tobu lncar A petition ** pren.nfid by Ald-rmtn Patrick K*!> I It, f?om Jiimet n Tayl r and nth-re for a ferry from tna f>ot oft berry alre^t. New York, to S.^utti S'vmtb j trtet, WiUiautbur^. It wu otd-red to lla on tb* table. Tb* PamnreT than announced t\at tha tn<"*age Tt'-m the Majer in reoetved It wai than read, ?l folic Wf . MK*->AOK or TMR MOOR. Mom'* Orrtcr January T, ISM To tkr IbmeraMt tkr tream / r/u Oil* mf N Y i Ui?nmi ?In eoat< rmlty wit'j a pro*l??on of tb* charter. I betewlth <ubiuit a gHtj-ral ?'a'en?ot of tb* tltvatlon and condition rf the el y. in relation to It* |OTrrrm> nt. fltian e< atid ini pro* etueti'? " A Tie* of tt.e floaacial ooadi lna of the elty. will ftni>Mr fvom t( ? fjlio.tiiiif eUI*> m<nt brought 11 r? to tb" Sl?t d*J It l>fC?l?O.T IN4W Tha total a^r^a'" < f ?it?'i?ht from *t.v>k? Umh-.I I and rad*ar>ab? from tba Kinking Kutid *a?. on tbat day tltmb lulili'in* lnindr?<l and nfiy-idt ition. rami ????n himrlird and ?-li<'it? thf>> dlax (fl'i lMJ793). Of tbl* amount, lb'-? minima ona buudrxd and nitt? thousand aid (fitoo d>dla*< (fS.llr* Vt!V) tin brld by tba I OMHlMlutim of lh? Sirikmr K dud j leaving th<* n-t d?bt nt tba n'jr r> df. rmnl-lrn;n itjr SiBkiat fund twalta million* una Imr.dr-t and lif'y ?vm !h ti?aii 1 iri>n lmtidr*d a*?d -Ivy-vght d^tl ?r?, (fl2.1t7?6H> Add to (bit thr?a burd.--d and nitty j D?a tbouaaod dUlara uf d- bt rrda-mabla tr..m taxation, and wa hava Ilia total i>?t drbt of ib- city at t*?l*a Million* Ova hundred and t?? nt/ in tb "i.*ad, a??.-o bundrad trd rliiynliht rtilini- tha till toy of i>?rriob?r IMt Tba arhola annuit ofl??n><| f >r tb* eonitriiilira of tba OMN tklrt fnit< h?> lnwn tblr'.aan tollil?M ?l?bt bundrrd ai d thirfy-? ? ? thousand dniltra ()U.M7jl<N)|. It tbua ap,w?r? that tba antira ouUMot of ??r blty dabt ba? b?? u In reality taonrr?d fur tba floaatranttan of tbnt ?tiip*ftd<>u* * * nlab ?ii??ll?a lb* rtty with w*t?r. aad th?t ?>f tba t'.tal antngi of dabt nrat?4 fur tbln (ur^M>-? # million all hundred and iw??utj t.lnf tb"ii?a?d Bud thirty-two d"llar? ($1 fTK i5'i> ? I a? In f*r-t b-?nalr?ady i a I I will add that tba rart-nara of ba rl'y >? |>i?d/?d to toa rad??nptt< a of tba prlu ;v>l a>id lnl?r??t uf tba ally dabt, will aitlncalab tb- ah da cf tba praaant amount in laM than thirty tta ;>aii Tba uiii? nt ih? parweal pr?p*rty nf n 'B rau'daaU It ntjMI tbat daaiand* yoiir ??rn?? Bud l??*dlata attention A l?r*a an.uut <>f property r<tlm?:ad at tarnl mllll M aan >Bll* a vatwa tataMnn ba<*a<i?a tha | <iwar* rnid> llh-iil tb? pitf. It m* alaculariy iinlnM towatd l ur imm altli-t.a and 1-trin.. o'?l to th* pr.-rp. rliy ol . ur niiy. W at th? par ..B%| pr?|>?rty ?if thnaa ia*l HDf IB h?? ooaMty ?h aid b* ta**d; whlta Iktt of lk? ? >* I HI I-I.nipl. th?u?h ?'|Ull| ^r*Urif4 t*4 b?B?atua k/ th- la*a "f our atliii|?lMdKt>iii li >>?ra<a-ntv Vh* pr??*nt Wtr j>irat?? a? t??'4 It mr urar* mm m r*rtd* without It* ilialt* i>l thr | *_h*r*fara rfcmkB'mI that tu.m-Mai* una-.,rr? l?- ta*-a ta pro nra lb# paiMk* of Ik* l.*ji-latura. autholiitiiR th* taiailea of th? par* oa! property -t bob- I IwllilU If. la a?? l?Ki? la thl* ail th.- rwal aid parraaal property > f th* t? "r^ i . MlM ralaa aad ant. aa I ?iaaiailr II.* a*** al a ra'? r?4w*a?l on*, third c? ori'lf i,am half It >* H*ltar*d that >a- rati* of our lai .mil u> t *ia* 4 or a*raaty Br* e*a'a nn Ik* "a t - ??"i a'I' a of pr ?#rty lb* lai of oar nil; t) a|>ft*f hlyhrr aad ai?ra bur 1*a*??ai* Uwi It r*ally I* I woald n<c??i that tM ijianna 1 >un"il natla with th* H'?tt o( SiffilMK ta iMiaii rlaltlu* th* l.*c1?latar* for an anra4m>*t to lh* la*? r li'l?? 11 th* a?a***a>*at of prnf*rty for ta?*?. r??*r ik mid ba 1adff*d la tl* R-ard ?f M?"i?l*>ri or la a bn?rd >4 ofllr?r* erratvd ft lh* purpura U> ourraot a*a*r.*?B*nta vhaa th*r* ?h*li ai e*a- t>> ha?* o**n fiumltH *ith*r aa nror of juj?ai?ot or of a?nd*nl II, alaa. th* A#<?**rra ?h .uhl b*ra<|iir-d ti k**p a paraaaaat < fftr* la tba of tha i'nnt?,?ll*r ?r th* RwHrp' cf Tat** Bail lk*tr *ihitlt-d th*ra fnr b r*araaat.|* tiaraHrr ta* ?aaiu?i aa* b-*o e?ai . y rtailt I* k>!ln*4 tba' lh* nvktialram aad latarnat* ot tai puin would O* ?r*atlr prn??|*d Tha 7th (**tl?n of tk> ia?nd*l ' hart*t pmhtMU tha itr?*l?n of aay tn>n*? In* ta* Cltf rraaary. at* apt trat appt"prtat?4 to th* par p.-w*? I r wklnh It I* drawa aad alpn forbid* all appr .pria'|.<n? ?l??pt h??*d upon rpmifir aa>) <1*t*il?<l ta'**n?ata In writlnc fr-< a tha d?|i#r' la-ata, thr.i?h ' h* wa*.ratt<-r Thl* naatloa i* ??ld?atly iMmdtd to la orr gr*ai*r mFdI; t" lb* flnaao** aal at th*(am tlm* tba b?lt?r |'ifdraa>nt I aad itl?r*^lta* of th* d*cartiti?ar* If rait *fnMa adb*r*l I t aal < b??rr*4. II *111 b* fuarxt tub* la* ?h?pt (->nar4 ?l ?h# pub.i* 1i?*.iny ??j | ti, |u.<- thr hopa ' thai tli* < < <>natll am art ?u(T?r 5t. at any ( ?' < fa tan'aor*?r f?( a*? ran** < In mi tn i 7 Ik ?>ap.b?r M atrt't ata4a by th? pnlia* fur all ?ha rari??? 0#?a*?a ? t.< l?ri*? ?h? !\ ?"<!*fea prr- t e?4lim tha lat 4%y *4 N'I'abr, i?l? ?n-nn|. >A(<ir tm Uti>?a4 ?m NanilrMl an4 ><hi i-a.gfet (14 |IW<. anithiaka at ii tcx "I ('?' atar tlal al i tkarorraa^ntlaiilt a'a'diM Iba )>ai ItM fao th'-nwrnl tm? *'ia*ra4 aw<t *??aai?f a?aaw (ia|TT> of tk>a* Mfaaia aa?rafrw in t..?|.-a,?..a ?< 4 (ha tiitiall/ oaa tri|Mal aaNaaa-aa uf a>?a<i.t ?? ? b?lt*rf, aOiaton<la*4ril7 ooailaa*, at>4 l'i?aa>itT ; lat ttraa kt*4rt4 a<i4 w???f-ta? laaa thai thwa aa4a Iw tba Mia a Aaacnptij* tt uflaaaaa E NE n during the Mm* period of the previous year The diminution of arrest* made for ofTMacw* resulting from the linmodulate use of intoxicating drinks, U rendered the more apparent by eora perisou of the arre?ts for intosioatlon assault and b?ttetery. and disorderly oooduot during the two corresponding period* of tbe years 1848 and 1840. There were apprehended. duriug the latter period, tor theaa offences, nine thousand six hundred and twenty-nine pern ns (9.C29); bung Ave hundred and twenty-three less than thoea ot the former period Tbis favorable contrast Is the mure gratifying, whan we consider that, during the prevalence of the lata epidemic. intoxicating drinks ware recommended, and were more frequently used than during ordinary seasons. Krom a report made to me by the <;hief of appears that the depredations commuted by gangs of juvenile thieves?who** uamber in the city i* estimated at three thousand?have become a serious evil. I, ndoubttdly the most efficient correction of these piaolio s would be the adoption of means to require the attecdauca of these unfortunate children at school, and to provide for tbalr employment in some useful railing. Yet for the purpose of strengthening the preventive power of tb? Polio*. I would suggest that more stringent regulations be adopted, in regard tojnok-fhop keepers and second-hand dealers, some of wb< m keep receptacles for stolen goods and afford especial encouragement to thee# juvenile offenders. If the < ommon Council do not already possess the power, tl en the Legislature should be memorallted for antlioiity to confer on policemaa power to arrest offenders and magistrates to snmiaftrily punish them for a violation of the ordinances A like measur* in other cases has been found to be b*n*0clal in it* operation. Kor further information and valuable statistios relative to this department. I refer you to the semi-annual rejs, rt of the Chief of Palioa, which is herewith subniltted. The nrganlration of the Croton Aqueduct Department, under the amended chwter and the act ot th* llth of April. 1840. was oompl*t*d in August last, and the coping of the High Bridge, which was the olosing w< rk of the Aqueduct, was UDiahad at about the name pttttd. A careful examination of the interior of tbe work ! vii neileby the commissioners in No??mberUit when it we* found to be In the most perfeot condition, gir- | Ing tbe gratifying assurance tut with ordinary oar* tb.i* mtster work ma; be preeerred unimpaired f.-regee. I be department ha* compiled 'Statistical tablet. * r>f those pari* of tba city where water pipes are laid for j tbe purpura tf making an apportionment of *'wat?r reiild" ?ri quired by tha lvb section of tha act abuve I referred to; but oe'lag to tbe conetant growth of tha city by tbe erection of new building* and th? altera- , tion and extension of old one*. bay will after tba ' lap-e of a conipamtlvely brief p?ri?d, beoome uuariy I UM-tea* unles* mean* are devised to furni?h the de partment with a knowledge of iheaa ohengm an thay ' occur. F?r (hi* purpose I would recommend the pas age of | an ordinance requiring owner*, under suitable p ?nal- ! tier to file in tha deportment a description of every new building eracted within tbe water district. an 1 also of such alteration* aod addliitu* to old on?? as may aflect tbe consumption of water ?n tha pretnlees l be special attention ol tbe Street t.ommlsHinners' Pe| artluent ba< recently been directed to the extension ct the wbane* acd pier* The growirf commerce of < ur city, dt mends aa increased amount of wharf acci'niKiodationF; tba want of which ha* compelled a portion of our shipping to *eek a harbor on tba opposite shorrt of the Last aud lludaon Hirers, while our orn a barren would hare afforded a more convenient a *afer and better harbor, if they had bean extended at an earlier period. One of the leading cause" of thin nexleot. 1* found in tbe lew rate* of aeilage (being only ab^ut two and a half per cent ob the investment) to which the proprietor* bare hitherto Jfteen reatricted Tbe rate* now eilabll*hed, were fixed by tb* Legis* leture a* far baok a* the jear ]Klo. wbeu th? expense of building wbarre* bor# a very inconsiderable proportion to that of tbe present tiiue They were then eel* dom required to be more than from 0 to 3oO feet long by So ftet wide, and rarely had to be extended into m depth <>t water of Bore loan from ten to twenty tmt; wbersee. 1 he present length of pier* 1* required to be from 4 to U 0 feat long by 40 feet wide, end are built in water irofn 2u to -SO feet In depth. Tbue. while tbe Corporation and owaere of water fronts are nec? warily subjected to thli greet additional expense the rates ol warfage remain the came a* before. I wi old tber? f re lugireet en application to tne Legirlatute fur the paseeg* id a law auttiurnin^ aucb an Increase of the present rates of' wherfeLe M may corrt spc lid with the increase of expense, aud so at to pay a rsasrnable per rentage on the laveetment Such e law would serve as a strong incentive to eon* tiiiUe the furtbei extension ?f wherve* thereby afT >rd>ok the additional accommodations so mueu needed end so 1> ng neglected, and would ai*<' aflnd a etroug induremeut to tbe ptopriatort of the adjaceat property to put up end line the wbereee with ?alatb le stores end eerehturee; end thereby give life end encouragement io lhu trading Interests, end et the le ne time I ealeig* (be bul- <X taxable propet tj ia Um elty lie avenu'4 and roads have n t. In Biy ju Ig jisnt, r?celieo Ik m tl<e t oumonCouncil (be attention which k. III.. ...... .--I. ail- h.M d?mai,d?d. Naur jmn baaa itafn4 riH* tk?ititun I'ptBttlin law lb* uanara through whoia I*iid il.i it ?i<a?? ran. bt? bwo umumI f*r audb op#oti>g mid tba HMBi'iiii l-'D/ Moce pitld. and to h iiui Iii>hd?i. autorctd with oppretalra wtrrlif. tut, c twithaiardiog; tba jraat lat a* of ttma at of a aueb oj.?hii.)( iu law, and th?- paynx-at of mcntoroumt, ytt, r\*n cow. coma of lb??a ara n>t rralljr r|itt ad but ranialo In |:act?alj tha mid* oonlitloa >< tl aucb <<p?nli>? had n><t fakan pl.iea and cuab aaaaaaluriita bad barar barn pal J 8 ma of tbaiu. It la trut, - ( ra'bar ai>n? portion! <>f aoaa of th-m - ham b ??n ll.r< an < p*n and tha fai.naa r> motad. but tbay b*?a c- \?r b*rn put. and ara n t |D a eouditluo to ba traaallad or u??d. It n>aj aallbcatkad. wtih what Jaatlaa. or with what go. d tali b. *i i a tba ataouaa ordrcad to ba o^ao-d and thai pajamtof tba aa axmani lainodlatvljr aufnre?d llllail tfcajr w?ra ll (utird fac Ii!im> diatr uaa ' Wbj did tha I rrpojatl >ti Ctdar tham to b?o|?n> d. and aaf rea tha pa>m>Bt tbarafor, uni?r> I; wai Inutlxl la g? >d f?nh injuirdla'alj aft? raard. to put ttwtn ta a nttaUla c<uOltiou fi>r public traTrl and public un?-aud why Lata ibay rot Ixan tbua tmproaad ? In ttl? matt*ntl< n to lba?a la>i>roaanianta and to tha Wat.ta < f tba oaarllowtag population la tba lo*?r ward*, tfcd laUw MM MttaM topmMllll ordinary larnt tta* f. r tba piiblle to ba?"iua a" |?atfitad ana with tba IT hi gt? phy ul tba uppar ward* ot our on j la to ba traaad i i ? it tha prtbclpal rraaout ?bj <> uin; th i'iM'ida of our citltaaa l ata aoofcbt l??ld'naaa nut at tba city, loaltadif rru>alnli>K, improving and locating on our can lalabd lu ib<* a.?at.tloia our BTf a'lrriog n?ljthb->ra hara b??tj rxpabdiatc taiilloaa of dJlam l..r tua o<>ua>nt?nca and aci;> 0.H11 a?iI'm tf our i-UIi?b* and bata r?hibitad Hi* en at untiring taal and pa>raa?aranca 10 tattooing tb? linpruvi ujii|it of tbair atrawta and afanuat. It ' torr 10 Irak" mora arrr-aibla an 1 t im?in>ot I than cum. Hlil'f trbiif ?lfp(.lb?}hi>? Wn noiihtr 1 at nlt.Jtul cr of thi tdiao i(M of tbair po . Ill a A till It tnu>t b? emlnwl hare abowa a much I' rtt P'lal ta ?plnt and (bravdaaa* la lhi? mat- i t?r it>ao ' uraal'-a I. Iharafuta. t>'? ratpa.-tfallf u'|> thla *aHj<"et u?on J cur attMitU'O a* i'ii? la wbtrb Iba luaarUl tnlorara ail I y?D?ral pro*|?rity of tha ally la daaply larolrad '1 i.?i? la anvtbar -uhjact andrr th? ebaiga of tbla d? * aiiirat.t in abirk I aouid lufita jour Mlrlll'X. to it d* anti I lana* 1 ha I Klalaluta in 1*21. npoa tha ?[ plication of th? f >! failtn of thl cltj. |>a---d an act Uti ?i>J Ibr battriy Into tba North aad Ka?t Uiori to a ?ll>tau<ia ct t(? l?at and for tbat purport Taatad tba tltla to tba land tird'T aatar. Id th> Major, Ald*ra?n anl aotail* bait j af tba city and tbalr anoo?aa?n fvraaar protldli( tbat It ah' uld aot ha appropriate to auy atb< r Ura tl an that of a pubtio |rouud liy thla art It will >? ?--n tba*. the l.afWUtura hava dot < Lij autborlrad thla puWlla lmpri>t?a>ii' tiit hat* tfcroaa ar<;?i><l It tba ablald of Ita kifb authority a. a Hllilt) Main at Ita uaa, aiaapt a? a gr an I m d uttlnit any ancri achai'ut of lufaaloa of IU bar data I l a pn ??nt ar?a of tha Oattary la tan anl a half in? and if ?ttandad to tha dUtanoa autbotlaad by tbr l.rgirlatnta analtl #o?ar aboat t?aaty lour aotea ; a\d ib>i p? |?vrly abad< J ant nrnamratad voald coa?tk uta CO a of tba^ehlaf a'.traetioni of thla alraady a liai ?!? rlty. 1 hi* ptiblle iBpmrrniaat b?lt>g thna au'borl*a I by |i<? h? its own for the purp< aa. I haaa i?? ha- ! lull la rarriuimainJlep tha pr-aao'itlo* and a??;la* I llti M ib<* BMiut*. pr??ld?d I* ' k? < ? altnoat ?? ?udd*a or uaraaaonabla 4r?fli up^? tha public , IM-Iilf, I lata ac doubt of tba policy of aod/mraglng opa* public i<|aaiaa ahmatar It can ba dan# withai ln?"l?Ian iba rHj la naraaaoaabla asp?adltar? It la, p*rfc?l" n< t fttrrallf ??ti?idarad that *U tba pa bite nj..*r?a b?la? l?rt) iwmd strati. eo?pnaa ool? In a brut f# acrwa. twii | law. (ail t"?.i6ar, tbaa < aa-fourth ih> ,u* of otM of tba Urga | ai ka lu tha i ity of I c.odoa. I h? adtabtag** ..f npaa X|ii?rM la a p?pal?oa rlty are ?o af>|?rcnt aad ?o laipnriaat. that ao **ll g >??ru?d ?l?y ?a? arar ee?t?at to h. vliboat tham I h?y ??lj *rf?tli luautlfy a elt/, bat ar* ?aaantlal aidt ta lb* pvkllt f)?alth I bay ara tha ("at braaihlog pl?fMi,f tba trlllap ?Mwa ?h> ban a > n-har rtxirl la th* b?at Of uutnar ur la tlaaa af p?a?ilaaa>. for para air and baaltnful irar?atl?o, aItba* for ilamaltM or ahlldtaa I am i a form ad b* tlia f>??l?ln?*r of Hapalra and fta|piU? that plonl>ar? ?o*a?-d In mating a aouaac l<>* ?l?h tba < rot on plpaa. eontrnaiora tor baiMlag irttit aad p?i ?' ? aatpiojad In aaklag laaartliaa ta It* par maiM. ara la iuo*t t?aral??. la th? rata? lap > ? tba ia??n>nt. aflat tba eoatpl?tt?a of tba r nb ff ihat la a abnrt lima lb*ra plaeaa tiara tnlh rtpairad at tha aipaaaa of tha city I *?>ud oitg-at a* tba B)0*t iff-foal i?m<-dy for tbraa atlla tH- ,,? it^c bf an ordaaoca gltit g to tha h?ad of Ihta <l<v?rt at aiathotlty to r?fi?a tta itrrata la'ha ?k>?t ....a ?? II.. fyt the mttl.. I.I I !? p??tfullj mbmit vbalhtr Ik# ?r?ctie* <f a1??*t??< la?l?r? lot I??Id? frnw ??ik* npoo tha ri'Mrail' n at a for > h? Ik null :t IMIililltl* *t ?n a ip?n*a ?' ih? n< j "( ab"?i |ii It r*?b ?w? ik uM a >t b? ii<*??ail?i?4 w< ?h?tk?i w ? If n*nl f th? piih II* ?iiinlrM* miilrK rria* till, pt si th? In in*NUct nt mult lb* |t?partt?;-al f,f Str*?t? Ml l.air pa U nom roily ctk?tin>- ! and la Mir#??#fnl f>p?r?tlon la <b? kurtaa n( I aa>i>? and limt tka apptnprUMn* fit ik* Iwl j?a? ?u I'ilOlOO I bat ot ih? pr???at jfirlfMi; llbtooti. Mas ftMOOU l??? than that ?? Ui> )Nr IMt Tkta wtlaaU It ta?4 nrm lk? aa?aal ?t lb* Military tiptm l?t iIm >?ar, and trlli a<>t at law al laying avalai aad |u ply** >a lh? puUia Mjaaraa, w yo 10RNING EDITION?TUI or ?thar extra expenditure. without exoaeding the appropriation (or the year The great amount of bailding. pnving, and ?aw*ring cona'aatly going on In tha city tanda greatly to ob truct the etraet* and leave them ancuinb :red with Mud and rubhifh With a vie* to cauae a leaj frequent breaking up ot the atreata it haa been auggetted that in avery contract lor tha building of M??r< provision fbf uld b? made for the connecting of the eulrert* with eaoh adjoining lot to tha Intlda of tba ourb atone ? Tbe'ea oonnexioua can be made by the contractor for ona baif tbe coet to the awner after the ntre?t hi paved. Beeiiiaa there inoertiona materially weaken tbe nawera, by breaking them through about every twelra feet to form tha connexion. 1 ha contract ahould farther provide for tba paving, ao that no mora than a limited nurnlwr of teat may remain unpaved at any one time, and that tbe rand, rubMfh til left by tha contractor, (hall be 'aken up and earried a*my within tweiva dayh attar tha aae'tog in completed, and tbue relit-ve the city <rm? a very haavy expenditure ti ablch it bas hitherto bean very i31 propel ly aubjectid Tba granting of permit* for ioaumberlog the street*, and especially the leading thoraaKhfareii. with build irg material* ha* become a subject of vary frequent OOmtllaint TtH >ldn.aElt> ?r? i bered. and *ometlii;e? entirely inclosed. and reudered impassable. I think tbe inner half, or at most twothird*, of the walk. In all tbat should be at any time allowed to be inclined and th* balance ?hould be kept clear and uuobetructed. The mmt Important duly, however devolving upon this department, i* tha cleaning of street* ; anil I am happy t? ray that I bare great confidence in Um efficiency rf the operation* of the department In thl? branch of it* duties I feel well assured that it) preparation* and arrangements are fully adequate to any emergency that may srise . and that ax soon as praoticable, upon the opening of the spring, the streets will not only be cleaned, but cautlnued and kept clean during the season. 1 be importance of the City Innpector's department to the public health and general Interest* of the city, | I apprehend has not hitherto bean sufficiently appreciated Tbe new charter constitutes it a distinct executive i department, and dec'are* in term* very unequivocal i and emphatic, that it " shall have cognisance of all natter* relative to the public bealtb of the city." I Bnt upon examination it it manifest that the urbanization of the Department Is not adequate t? tbe execution of tre power* conferred upon It It consist* now cnly of tbe I ity Inspector, one Deputy and one permanent t lerk. 1 he Polio* ( aptains ai? Health Wardens, and a policeman is usually detailed to diichsrge tbe duty of health warden In the several ward*, but they are not abject to the direction or authority of this Department, and are In faot at preseat of little or to service to tbe pablio I would therefore recommend that this department tie immediately inverted with a force and etllaleuoy | cpmni"m-urate with it* duties It* compensation appointment*, and retire arrangements should be throughout put oa a footing corresponding with the other hxecuilve Department* I think full employment would be given to two permanent clerks, and that the Health Warden* should be detailed front the ward* by tbe Mayor, upon the recommendation of tbe < ity In pector. and planed entirely under his uireotion and control: or nerhap* th* I'olire Department fhouH be wholly relieved frmn this ; dittv mi A ili&lth Wari*na mnnrtintMl kt th* I'itw i Inspector, with tbi' ooortnt if the Board of \ld?rmen Their duties vrgetitly demand that th-y should be lntelllg? at men, and capable of inquiring Into and eianibli k, Q[idfr?taoditii<l; and thoroughly, all subjects of complaint, and all matter* whatever connected with tha public health, In tha several wards for which they are appointed. All establishments which ara made ?uVj?eti of jmt eomplalbt. and every kind of business fouud to be dangerous to huaian lite. or prejudicial to public health, should be Imnji <!iat?l.? required to bt- au regulated and conducted an to be ftee from such objection In this connection I would call jour attention to the suggestion In my massage of the tith of May laat. that large cbaumrt or slaughtering house*. (ambient for the accdcmodatirn of lli? entire wants of tb? city, should be constructed on the North and Kaat rlrsrs, in the upper part of the city When the depart meat bai oauted a nuisance to be frequently happen* that great difficulty I* experienced In ttwHog the ownere of the property, in order that the eity may be reimbursed In e*p?n?es. < Ivaera sometimes cennot be found and frequently are , tending in other 8utee, or ara travelling aornad; ao that there Is no way by which the city ean be reimbursed ita expenses for the abatement of nuisances < n such property I <roul<l. therefore, a* a remedy In turh oaae, that an application be made to the Legislature tor a law authorising a lieu on the property fir the amount of tbe ataersary expenses of the depart- ! meet In abating such uukeancc. such a law, it W be- | 1'eTtd would not only n rvs to lntiemaify tha city but would tend dltectly t'> Jecreaa nuisances. by making , property owaara and agetita more caretu' aa t? their enItlidirtinil their Kipirience admom-his us that In order to avert disease i r mitigate Ita evils, we should be fully prepared to tin rt It whenever it* approach may thrrittau to dts- i tuib n*. I would therefore respectfully and iao>t iar* j B>'?tly urge tbe completion of the orgauliatiou aniar- I rar genient* rt thi* department with the leaat poanib ? delay, either in the manner ai?r iudicated or other- | wise according to the wisdom and better judgaieut of , tt.e l mimon l cum il ra that tha city oiay be piaoad in tbe Wet ponture of det-aoe In ralat:uu to the puoJo , bi'al'h. at the earliest pe.-tod, and hwfura the arrival of tha warm *ea>"n. For alula tha Vjuarautiar with iu sanitary regulations, efficiently anfursa i aa they have lieen i. nring the | i*t season ha* thoan that It may ?*rrr unrR"? ir? ui id.'iou eiprii' uu? u u-, that (lie peallleucvj ) icb l.?? of late ?l-t *4 il? oll|, may apita ni> wltbia tu b The Departmiiitul limulil tbervfcre. be plaeed la a eoudituriii rim. th"?r i?i > i i is h tt ?uo?d tlint I > oilgliate, or si IrMt to haetva. ibr program* of apideaile d'fr M?. Tbr crganliatlon rf the lk? drpirtnrat under the MDtadrd <.b?rii-r, i -J< v< l<'d ?mo tbte dapar:m?at li lb* lew I'Uh-im ruiiUfctcl with the fit/ gotrro irst aad It* olhfii Md t tu|iil>H ( mi ire prompt and faithful atirntli n to tLla branch of U?o puboc inten Ma There wire traa?ferr?d to tHt h?? l of thla itepartBfut. on thierMlon to offlee. atfiit two bunilrtd ?uitr In the iMiullt ( null, and U"iwitfl-landing tba mmh-r that bate been at^m d, trUd ?r tattled lima It at ttuia there ar- etl'l two bundled and <>a? time lour* (.i-tidlng. J Lf tiuinb' r of (tnin argued tried. ?attl> d or otbep *il* di?p< ?d of, rtiirn Junn 1, M'J la 14 foll'iwa:? .N un bvt fir ally aetllud. . .; .10 Nun. her aigutd ill S i it., ?r trlrd 14 Of ibt'? argued. 2b ha?? b**n dcoldid In fator of the (Mpcwibu ai d it- aialail It Aad nl tb >aa trl-d, mil di tai?b??n reud? rvd in favor of tba city la tlflil tl?t* aad three agalu?t It 1'irn r.f tb-t? threu *?> i vi d?rvd (irny? at, and io the otuer tba mrdlol ?a* for tit It in pmper bate to remark that la 1M7 thirty thrre ?utta war* Inatituud lu tba Mate of > ? J*r?<-y. aaainrti ortirliu* w La*r>uca. furruetly Ma? >r of tb'a ciiy to rvaowr (be value of a large amount of pvreonal pp p*t?y, deatrojed by bi? order a< Mayuif of tba city at tba gttat are io lUt T?? dvfeuee if the-e aid!* wa> undertaken by the elty. Thirty >n? of tbvaa Late bet a dacidvd la faror of Mr. I.a*tenre and the uttar tao are Mill jvuaing 1 b-r are it the eharge ?>f ab'a i-otineel la .\vw Jereey. ? hi. eipreve equal a nlid< i.ce <1 iiieti h In tbva tao rvaiaiamg aulta *< It tb. ?v alttady de'ertnlied Ttr Sd Mctlon i f iba amended ehart?r prarldea that after tbe ivar 116V tl a aitn t Oo-iril thtll annually bold i aljr'thn a Maud ???>i<.>b* of "( **'i??Ji?j < ?? I lb? oth 1-Mb. e?'BiBi? ne?n< on tb* Oral Monday of J?tu?ry, Vav *1.4 H*pt? n t). r 1 bin ??cilon wa?, li> doubt,*na-!*<l hy tha L*?t*la- 1 tar*. In lb* *xp?eta'lou that t?? d-partaiaot* cuM | n< t ha < t|*ciird ud'II tl<*t tb* a mui*??*in*nt of tba . j"?r l?U' ami that ?**rral m<>nt?* knii ?i*j'?o fc?fora th*y could bv pat Into lull operation and toat la iba ni*a?'1iu* Irrqnoat and p*rbap? un*lr**t*4 tn ga of ?i?a I mini n t oua< it ibigtt and pr.'baMy would ba r*ad*r*d ?ie?wity. bat tb* la-t < innnoa i runall artt?l?a:??l tba III of > tb* L*gt>lattii*. ttd xrpttli'd tb* d-p*r'a?nt* la May la*t m that lb*y ba?* now iwaa actually la oparaUt n durli t tb? la*t m?h H 'liiha by tk?* It aalll ha ??*a that tha only objont wM?h tha I L?|ii(l*t?rf eao'd bi?? bad In *! * In illi?lii| ma *t?i>d ?**rl?ai t* bo p"?tpon?d to tba l?t < ( )aauary, ISil, tSM b??a anticipated and fully ic >a*p>t-h-d hy 1 tb# ti?i?lj ai.d ra'niary ai?a*nrr* ? tba la?t i oiaanoa ! I < tiartl *bohaivtba* pt*par?d tb* way tor, a ad r? mind all ohJ?et|ca? to tb* a' ai*o??ai?b( of iba aiaUd ia*?lot?? mi tb* l*t Moo day *1 lannaiy I* 9 I t'tiM. th-i *f<r* that tba i a t oaa?ll may d?. tn It ?ip?dl?at tb l*?otW atone* to adopt aadaatry Uta ?B*ct tbi* Important ptovi-lna of tn* *n?o l*-d Cbart*r, nfi rlwl) a* arrant t tft?r part* if tbai la ?tiuni*atar? d?f ndaul tip a tbtr ami oaaaat taka ill?ft nltbobt It. II tb*n. tb* n oon < otiarll abonlil eoarln I* Im-nadlat*ly to*?tat>li'b MtUd *?>*lon* to r tomana* ?til) th?- |<rn?nt BH t'ih all th? an>atit*f?< of tn leading liatnr* of tfc* am?t>d*d t hart*r will h* ri*lia?d by tba n nmtiiltj at *nc? and without tb* i*iay of amiiktr Mt la ronB*rtlra with tb* Intr?dnrtlo? of itatxl ***l<a? ol Ua' o?,?<ai r>.aril I would r??|.?a-f illy nag frn in* |<rvti-.i>a iit a (>?r ut?m .Kiln* to It# n?alirii f..r tbatr MfW, In tknofdll |"r?< nal ?t'? >< I hi* would b? no iaor? ttftn ifl '>f jutlN tn Ikf ui'MOar* th'us *?!?? and would b? ai tbe mti>* tlriiw a n uari of a. eidt-d mj tat thf city. If th? ?ln.??uo? to lli>B p.K> Kjiial tn tl*t tklrb ii lot paid to tba ?t tba Lafblatura It would not tnimil to a life Mi|? Ihr nylitif cf tbi in r<>'m alona Huh ihia btt?f rftrrrn?? ta ma i?l>,tt-rt. I a?? It to ba dl?p*-??d if areoftiiag to jo?" u?u wiw \A dat/, not d>i>Mli( )>?r f-utlrc rraolotpn to deal ttb It tafcl} ?i<l tB't arttftllj. holding tha imI? ol joatlo* r?aa ha aartd ;?iitii>|tM and tbl f'ibiis. I would h??a a| |?? alio tha a.aiatn-ra r4 th? t. ?in"o I M Uif) M* noa bar| ilT Mlttd If m tha dull ?? d i? dl??> d' (*ll* of I ItfiiUta ba>lnt m. to aounr at lit' thr nmr illfiilVd a?4 ?lr?a'"l ?o?ltlon "I lat?T?, to ahl.t, t)i? ait?n4t<| I bariv bn< a??1?n-4 th??? 1 but dtiMn Miij m a t vti'iaily of lagttll

H?a eb?t?f?r tba (lie* I rboaid awyptwi to ibf laa (" ? "t < tiaaea'lor Kant. ttid t>- ' pl*a?aat and i ?it alia la ).?* < e- f i|ttHli|r??P* aa>l (ll"it?'?ra?fad ?t ai tot tha ? ?? ?t,d ju#t r<goiatt<>n at tha puMle ?? *?l W 11 tl,a DIIJ " <stnil> B?ti "l? ?I1 j??r >i4"?*nr? tn promot* th? ?l*ar? end i??n th- r?-rn? ml > iiu4? ? -nr tut, rnt-m H- - ui?4 I >> 11 *!* ? h? r???j Ic nr'i.1 )?nir fl rt* sad ?fl r? >? ? my ? ??? ( ALfcB B WOOOMULU IRK I 2SDAY, JANUARY 8, 1851 When tbe message was half read. Alderman Bbittow that It be Wid on tha table till the next jUi* and that tha reading ba now discontinued. 1 resolution was adopted, nod a similar order was nade la rafetenca to the report of tha Chief of I'olloe. Aid* ?J?'?n .Mil Lr.k raid an iinpreaslen had rod* abroad tbat It win the duty of the ttlJ.'rinm to admlnlner ot'l'door relief to the poor In their respective wards. 1 Vl >ai erronrons. and he wlabed to rtlinTl tha board ''"B tbla Imaginary responsibility, by tha following pr* ?J?ble and resolatloa : ? Vheitar. b ? mi aet passed April 6tb. 1119 tha Almshouse Departmwsi of the city and oouoty of New York, Including partiVrtarly tbe supuort and relief of tha peor. Is vented av* under tba exclusive oontrol. of ten , persons, styled 'Tile Governors of tha Aim* House;" I and whereas, the optalon contiuuan to prevail among I tbe unfortunate and institute, tbat Shu alderman and assistant aldermeu ?f ti" several waris are the parties 1 to wbom application sfcotild be made fir aiinlaeioa to 1 tbe alms house inslltut'wus, and that they direct the distribution of coal and sooeya to the aut-door poor, duriDx tbe winter reason. At re fore liesoWad, That vtfeatucMy to remove thli erroae- , oug opinion, aad prevent delay and disappoint* i Dents, aad inconvenience to tba member.'* of the Oom- : son l cunoil a printed notice be prepared aad planed in tbe various rtation housei. giving tbe names and authority of the Alma House Governor*, and thatoards containing similar Information be furnished tha memKara r?f tVia I"<>n*n?An t - * ?_ii?? ? ? -? ? ? . . uhuvi, iui msiiiuuiiua among those making personal application far relief. The preamble aiul rteoiutiuu were adopted unanlmaun) j A communication was tb< n read from the Mayor, appointing Kbeppard Kuapp a* < ham net lain of tbe city. which was uiianloiotuly confirmed by the b >ard. Alderman Caea. of tbe Thirteenth ward, then adverted to the ptovUicns of the new charter, for tbrea seesiona of a mouth each, lie raid he thought this arrrtEgemrnt would be beneaoial to tha city ; at all ev? nt?. It wa* tbe will of tbe people, and it ought to be carrit d r ut a* far ft* possible In It* true fplrlt. For his own part, it would be hi* convenience to sit there onca in the weak ar once in a fortnight, but he wUhed to occult the interest* of the people. He ooncluded by moving the :?:towuig : ? Keaolved, That, If the Board of A**i?tant Aldermen concurs the Cammrn Council bola but three stated raeeioar dnrinn (be prestnt year, not exceeding one month each ; and resolved, that when tbif Uoard ad jonrna, it adjuura* to meet at 9 o'clock to morrow morning. Alderman Millbr fald betook a different view of tbe charter frrin the gentleman of the rhlrtaenth He waa apposed to it at tbe time it wus first mooted and be wan nov (pposed to it. except in the organisation of depattments. He had to labor daily for hi* bread, he wae not a n>nn < f wealth and leisure He was neither able i:or willing to give hi- time dui iug tbe day to the busiitet* <f tbe Drard, nrr did he think hiscoaiitltuents expected him to do *o This j> ar It wt* in their porer to do aa they liked ; it ??? not luipera'ive on them to bold tbe three monthly Heestoo* till the year 1S31 la regard to tbe charter being an emanation of tbe people, be did not believ* that wa< the ca*e. id the true and full udm1 cf the trim It was brought f r?ani InIriu ally, and It was not from any *pec:al estimation of its value, that tbe people voted for it H? va< oppased to that notion and be hoped it would mot pas* Alderman 0*trrt:* moved that it be referred to a committee to reprrt upon Alderman Wotio moved that the whole subject be la d on the table The aye* ai.d nay* were then railed for, when tha uji'lm'u m w; un ipr molt* wan ion. The I'iiiiuut thru mid the.(iie?ti,>n would b- taken 00 tba an enuuieut of Alderman Writttu Alderman #m?w. of the 1'welltb ward, Mid ha wUh-d the proctedlngi of that body te be open to a mora angutt oody, the people, who had a right tr> ??e and hear ?hat pa-M-d In tiat room. Hut thi? would ba iaipo.*ibla, It the bu?lt>eaa waa dl<p?aed of at midu'gbt aj in tlinea pact. '1 hen. en the eeore an of perioral con- | Teaietice, look at tbe riak ef loamg ?ne'? lifa la going home at thoae la'e hour*. Ha *.w glad to ana the oaim and independent ipirlt with which tba luo'.lon to la; on tba table waa mat. It wa? fluaiO 'ant. for it to:d that ibla c< UBotl do a|rh aome turibar inquiry into tba matte la proposed by th" gentleman of the I hirt-.-oth. It wan a rebuke to lha t-pirit of political paity irbicb, at m> tarly a etag* In the exuteuce ot Uila Uoatd. would cruab (leliato and inquiry. Mo lbo?* day* were gone ' l>>, and tbejr acre there Uia repreeeuialiart ot a Uilottig people. And Ju?t becauta tliey w?re a thinking p? ' pie, and earned Ihilr bread by Ibeir labor. tb?y w jii'J lit t taka iha labor of tbat council for nolhiug flwy were not a niggard race, tbat would a?k, or aieu accept tba time ai.d m-nloa of iba m?aib-re 01 ihf < > UiDlon < OUIIOtl gllt'.alloUrl) . What aid >be) tear tba gentleman tbe Ldefenih any ! That ha ?>'Uld nut raorlttca bia liui? to tba public ferric* for 101 Idug -tbat be would tare* Ibe p-><via at uig'it ban i bf luile of ilia day w*i# over In o'.har w >rd?, after tia eutrgira were r*bau?t -ii by hit c?u biutaea*, he w> uld ei iu? to labor ai night tor the propla a* a Otenty 1>I<1 they beiUre that lha rmb. ot tba ha>4 I w> rkirgnian au?ii4?*lua than tba nxua beoauaa tbey woi k?d Ic r nothing ' No, It wa? a oo?moa ?ttr?t i?proath li nt iu*u tvlled io gat < filoe wilu"Ul any re iiiLi ta'loii arrompauylng it. ile mint>x?i for tba itto I execution of tbc cbarter. It waa an *sp> riaieat. m. . It ou||bt to ba\r Mi | lay But the prop" MM 1 f tba g?etlewan of lha r lev-nth weal to anticipate Ilia cbatur and can Ifinn It b>l<re I ?a* tried. I h>-jr warn aa aall pre pa/. d ibu y?ar a? tbe nett, to go into tba p< riodicai taaaiona. i b?-y aere trying *ip?tliueal*, aid he hoped tbecBerter lu thia rr-pn:t Qil^lit bojad ?lou?, though ha Lad LI* l?ara Una thing wai oartain, a oil tiat waa, tbat Ihvy had much ! ?< te di now then beltre a* i be ex> *ui lee buaineea ? *? MwAMll from their hand*. > or whit they had to do, ha bulla ted lha people were wiling tb. y abould be aiaplj roBipanratad, at 4 ba Itieri^forr nioeed tbat tba aabjecl ba itferred to a ?pecial committee with lottruo11,.t . In l>..ul>.?il I .. .. >.- -I lowing litirisi ciiup*n?ati. n to tti'h Qrii.lnr." -\|j.rn-?u tVeun >uj. tor bit own part, ha frit IIk tb? vrDOiukii if ib? * Iwnnth tla bad to work tor bia lit log. aad bf tliarafoia c<-ulj not (it* bit tiuii to tbe dutlng tba d.j II* t*lt ?atuU?-d tbal no n;ar > otLrr* wrt? tu,tba nar iTiuljuctiit. that tbn Daard w< uld l-? without a 4u0. .m a rfantitiaan ha t raid tbat ha wl>h< d th? au.-urt people to t>? praaaiit; tut tbay could m<t abana< 11 tfcalr a?oca.lon? In th? Riddle otiba ilaj It wa? only In tbe fT>oiii>|* thaj ?t v. id attmd. lb* w< ul h; migtit come in t.b" 'lay an I gat what ui?arnrrf 1 h> y pi. a??u i?? i J lia hop-'d the pr<po-ill?u would not ba a'l iptad Aiduuari bamoi thought It wa? prematura to adopt It ?u? l.ct thaiu flrat >a? bow matter* would .rork AldttBiau < i>oa raid the old charter of I ""J ilre ?rml tbat tft>? uoij abould bvfd- ut> by depart man la app'<uii> I by the t outcil, but. thru ihe.a dr^ai t H. Wit i or ru h?ld In Itadn g Kill ? by ll.0 u luailttean and rendered jmrIrery U?;"H The public bu-lt> ? wan niiimana^r 1; but U? l .Tnitu were n t to blinia for ti.era writ d> | artn.?iit< tn whom tbr bualne * b liiiiH, tba d?|>aitn.?aU w*ra not aocouotabi*. ! r iNrt w?r? eoiaUi)t<<?*. 1 bla li-d to tba Via*w ebartar. .Meeting! of tbe peopla an* bald. aid lb* ni?a?uta wa? pa* nl It pti 1 ihitt tb< aenbiri n( tb>- b at J tr> m d tog any ax bnnmaa wbateter. It pioDilil'a an) money V?lig draan Mm up< u a paaltte and detailed itatu ?iti. t in I Hit ? fi B tba bead of A aaparnient. wit& tba eotlfeate of tbr ti?|ii|i>l|i>r Mid aaotLaraaetlon et jotiia ibat b<> ripaura I* 101 u<red untaaa an approIt lallib ba fift 1: ada to r ?< r tfcat el paaea He*?ut d to know aa? thl* adl.a'ed'o! If lb* M4 ebartar tad b?m famj carried oat tb?ra wi uld b? no ii?f?witjf tor the new; but it ?m evaded and ba biped tba oa?r would rot taenia th> ratna fa'* Aid rn an Vh 1 ra *atd th? b.??lna?* of tba Common < owteil diTtrid tiobi tbat of tba i?tat* l.agt-latura and 1 (>ll(i|trM rbt-r? wara tbn a mllll-maoi doiiara to b? dlapofi-rt of, ba: It wt< alnioat all In ?tnall ob?< of f3>l aid >i? j it waa app.lid t" *mall ntattara- tba flilin^ (f a lot ir tb" bi at r( of a boraa'a lag Tb?-a? w?ra , l ailrii which eon d not watt f'>r Ibr.e rwoniba. A 1 IHtia waa d?a* txa aort a littia tbara Tba baaloeta ruviv B7i r? ?fi ai'-rrv i n> i* w?? n? tn j ,?i * III ( lui^t I'r M tba I bilt4 It *lil?h UK rar?tIn* (I .loi' tr b< arda ??r? bi id in tbi luildl* of ta?i a,y Tb? *rr??f|tD?ni of AldMnma Sh?? w th?a put and rairnd h) t>i fkln m <??m It Itin r??->l? (I tba lrf?r I at It* rl?l?K, ?! jour a to flv* b'cl??k on Mrnday ???tjlorf aKi?Bi?n ( ook ra d b? aai>d tu b? iru??d attend?iif? t r m a>~ t Bio hr bad law bit in??> to ?'< od to. Aldrraiau Bu?? m'd be mu?t appi-ir iir^' loloua in opttwiag th? r?<|a??t cf bl? frtrad ? fuoh ?? lo?< n w at oltii Mi u?? ?|m h pr?f >?ttl n. Tbr q?irtft< II wan put In thr ?ot?, and !? ? of ?binttr war r?tu?*J by a toln i.f thirteen ?|<ti,?t four. Ald?ra?ti Wrnii k i.u may r?fit?? to ?<inw mi-mbfir, bat }"U naauot romprt ibHr a't*ndaiica. A id?tni?n ("??a ? I hn? to tb? h> a* d. Tta boaru ibta i<ljcurii*d to Mvnd?y rv?atrg Mil. ( ro*iit> or A**tvTAnr ait * km> i. At ball |*-t tra o'cii ck ib? "Id Uoard of \??l?t*at Aldirn.ra u.?t aad. ali?r r?adhn ap aad approving tb?tr itiiiu'if fk>) pa??J ion I U ana* to ?utAldirn an Htnit?i aut. \Hc ha? ?nt?J M I'luld-ol. /.' irm >! ?? th? ii-'tpnatna tf ITfid-ui M rian a ???k ili'ra Mr *tnrt?>aat a?kiin?i?d??4 tin r'uipliwnt ??|iri*<>ii In tb* aad ail tbr i.i?ib??m bviag gum|l?UO, Iti Board adjourard. ainr <t" ?>I?a*'ZaTiO* or THK MW KOAIn. A?f?wii th? iii?mb?r? nl lb? l?t? Board had l?ft llklllitU tb? obalr* w?rr oe?U|>l?d by tb? m?mb?ra of tb? a*? b"o?iTb? h ff tb?n r?ir? la and admlni*t*r?4 tka na'.ti nf ofboa to iba Iclloalug g?otl>-tB?n ? Hard*. 1 ?I mtla Judirn lfl ?< barlr* Kratirla 9. I>udl?i liai?y H.- lioiitk. 1-IWirU H?John l* Kip 4 ? ??? * ? fee' nib/. 11 ?T ft - l< h?i hi jp? ll-Rnh?n A ImiIi. 0 ? 1 b-n!?? J Pmt IV- I, H ffirl 7 ?-J?bu B H>Mi It ? J ??< (I U Itofprt. k.?Arkntnan 17 ? IhtrMfl im. <> -( tiul? i raa* 1* ? *!???? 4 AW?>r4. lit* H'Md <u !>.?? Tc?<l hf ?rf""i'iuc A*il'iml .Witrrnaa H<b?it \ to lh? nlialr pru Irn. 1(? I f-t hu?1r?r? ? ? that of feallotlfcg lot I'lMldant ll? ibt< (lirll W Nlnifemt .10 lt?.fe?rtA MLd< 4 I m? ' TttT t 1 b? I >?<?< < M (irft th?a foi. iln?t*4 to th??h?lr, ill rxrking ?h rh kt M4r?M?4 ik? n?ak*n ( tk? bnartf a? ? T"? >M,?W A-irfutt A i n*? ? ? :? I lb ?k? Irt.g Of roll ?? !!? ?h(rh -III 0OIMU- ' IU*? ib? M? otj <f N?? V?rk ! ?; t.i?? bvt t<> t nrt>kl Borf m?? t?r? ai.d Hch?*-?. ..1 N?f Aa?t?f. o?*>. t?u h?t>?rt 1 )?*r* ??, H bat b"rom? our 4?ty r Tt! R A ML B A ^ D. and privilege to form ofls link in "th?J hint >rlo chain-to bll up that history for the la?t year In tbe Orst half of the nineteenth century Ho* ban our elty advanced since Van liatten occupied tbe ptrstdin* Mat abd Vandergrist. Uraknian and others. In tbe dtadt ilou?e, sat arOuud, and euasted law* for the limited community then within the 1 ytiluaaes. WbMa wa escape from tba baxards that environed them. and from the necessity of erecting tnrtMratlon to defend. >?i how rest is the accafsion of duties, aad rerpensibiHeie* unantloipatad by these early lathers (I tba city- which are cow oaat u>-.n us. I aui gratetnl f< r. and, I traet. appreciative of. tfce bonarabla aad responsible trust. which your kindness m?d oonlldebce hate reposed In wa, and I (ball I think but evince ay gratitude thersftir by a catelul dlllgant and imiartial performance af tbe duties which that tiui-t lvpoees To praalda o??r a legUlative body, Is, at air tinea, a (MlcaVe duty. It la pesu'.tarly so. where sojreat a variety ef .-Uirhlnn interests. are represented aa to tbia Ik aid. I shall endeavor to ?dmiuister tba duties of tie ftatioa you have conferred u| < a ma. pr< niptly. faithfully. impartially giving voluntary < lVnse to none 1 solicit your forbearance and assistance; for tbe difficulties of ay position may be nticb aiuel^rsti'd by )i ur aid anif consideration My an ties, ai. tbe duties of till* botrd and of tba t < mnjon Council are, at tha pre-eat time pecuetillarly Important aud embarrassiug IVe Bring together more of ibrtustry. and ot deteruilaeAloo to work will lor the pablio (ooj, thsu of experience in legiaiatUe action The c:Toumetances auder which wa assemble, should cau'a dlstrast of ourselvea, aad courtesy toaarus each other. Wa shall bare much to do. V a meet under a naw organisation not yet completed. Our immediate predecessor* found tba task *mpoaed upon them, of starting tba government of tba city, uuder a new enactment. ra<ltcally changing tba former law Some at us were too Intimately connected with that council to make It <;uke becoming In u? to wj bo* that duty wis performed. It will be our burineia to tcrmliaize, to amend aad to perfect this new fjtttm, and the action aider it and to adapt the charge to fueb ?im nieccies of the city as amy ?r w A larg.< cU.<i rX Important functions, heretotire taiposed upon the C<mnion > ouncil of tba | city. I h? by a recent law. becu Ukru trum us. A new pewer ban tiren crrated by tbe l.vgWature, to perform tbiM ilutlwi. The nloiHbouNti Department the County l.utiatio A*jlum the Nunerles lor pour and destitute I cbtldten. the f'?Btteutiary. Bridewell and otherprison* ft tbe city aril oounty, together with tbe hospital*. aru Iiow under tbe aliooat exclusive control of tbe''(io vernor* of the Aimthou** " But it (till remain* for ui*. to ? me extent, to exeroisa * general ?uptrviMon over tbei>e public ln?iitutlon??Institutions ({t at it} inn to the bene m I e nee and humanity of tbe a*". Our j uiUolotio^ i* Mill important, covering va?t and coripllcated lnti ie?ts-Interests more important. *arltd and extensive. than those which come before tbe Ltg'hlatuiei of eeveraiotlbe State* By an aooootul ckI aid at tbe tints time a wise administration of tbe powers toi.Bord to us; to encourage commerce sou mcrtu*e Its tacllities, to the value of putl.c and private property, to invite tbe ineaua of curci'j'a rapid growth, to euact sueh law u? tbe pnblio mlMerti u ay require, to watch, with a jealoun t)e. the at id.cation o} tbe public moneys, and to guard tbe public l.t tilth a-a some of the duties imposed up< a a by t. < < II i' - we hava ae*uu.ed let u* applj ourtelves to the varied want.4, ?ec?*siiles and re jutreiin ntf of our city, with devotion and energy; aid. I tru t we tball Hot prova unworthy of tbe publto confidence. .Wiftant Alderman At rosn, of tbo Kljhteentb ward, then moved tliat Hlcbard S.iott. Clerk of th- lata lit aid. ba appoint* d Llerk of this board. Motion aU< pled unabiinou.-M A t;?e in in tl.f Board of Aid rmeu bare ottne in ftid apnounrad itat the Board of AMertom wai or|?lilt*<l. and r?ady to proceed to hasiu??s. A couiuiiitto of t?o w*? tben d.%a*oh.d t? tbt Hoard ot WdfTB.tnto infon.i th?m that this Uoatd was Dipanlred and itady lor buslue** A like cc mu>ri?e was appointed to wait upon the ; Major with a like This committee so->n r - i tun ? d. and Ir.forirx d tba Board that t he Mayor would 1 feid in a c'<n irun:cati< n In a few miantea. On motion, Jtbti J. iXiatia was appointed Reader to [ mir in *711 The .V ayr'e VewtRe wa? reoflrid anil th* Reader tnd ediiunnced to r<aU It. when. On iiK tloh ct Awletaiit Aldermen ttnm, It wa? laid cu li.? tablr. ar l or l. red to b* print* J. Tbe litaiU tL?n adjvurued till next Monday evening at ?> nM> Theatilral mi* Mntlcal. 1'iik AmtKi* Dsamatil Fusn A>ioiiinti.? TLl.i eeetlng at tha Aster l'laoe Opera Ilouce, wll| t" |>ifinr?d 8k atr peart gnat coiui-dy, ' A* V>>0 ML* It," lor the benefit of ibe fund abate mentioned. In addition to tLlK beautiful o<>B*edy, played cm <rm?r* by tl (lift t?J< ot In tbe country, tliere will bo a gtand 11. 11 nn ?i>tal /'?/ by lh? lull lltlitn oeobe'tra, raaduated by Vatetiek ; a(t?r wblcb, there *iU to p ft)ad mine of the beet rcsnes from t*o faro rite Italian opi a.<, In which th? whole talent of th* Italian ct i>at.y ?111 perform and an acc<>mptl*hed an.tit will eirg. f< r th* first tlm la thl* country, a u?m RutJa }ive'r by boiilMttl. It will be a great affair even alirply to mention by name (be ploerk to be )>r*eeated, would taka up th* whole rpaav alfurded to call atten- | tun to tbe performance. Only to tnantUn tbe name* ( I all the dl>tiB|ulfb?d artUu who will appear upon th e ociatlon, would take up a calumu cf our paper. V. < wlil net m< ntlcn tbea. therefore; we wilt not a?en tUupt to go liito detail*. \\ e mu?l rontent ?unities* 1 with calling th* public a'tentton to the fact that <>o thl? (Tiifday, January Sth, 1850) thers will be a or 1' n a cf|.c?Ltiftti D. end a eoiobination "f all the dtan atic geniui and talent uuw In tbU rltjr gathend ! _etbir in rue foou* like the ray* of ttie fur ra the point of a diam< nd and all meetlug t^ftler on tbe brarda of the ?t'i?? of the A*tur I'lai* Ihllm. WUt call* tb< -u tbti* together ' ! Sit tl<* object Cf toajtibit ninniy, but at dl?tiibuti*i: it V h.' ran promts that there ever ?111 b? agala, eurh an * ra.i'iaj* of taunt ; fi r who ran laeur*. for ai.otb> r year. the l>t*atli and the great talent* of th? ce:ehia'?d an and ? n en who *111 appear unitedly tor* ad ib? taP'itof tlia fa t of thn play to ba par j (i titld; ? ha?? not rpaoa ?T* n to h ? tlifin TLrar are iiauita familiar to the Amerl-an public 1 tie bill tvr tbl* freeing. the l?m?i It contain* lb* pt<ee? It rnnniera'.**. the otyeot* it propo* j ?>? I- ftudy <( it*?lf, d?**rrlng pru?al; we can ('Hi; rail atiiLtlon to I' Men we do m ?t rmpiu'l' rail). It r it It a iare h o<l ritnnr<Un>r; d< <-uujeot. ail *i *111 conclude l j fajing tbat wa koy*. aa ?i are r< t.fldi tit, tbat rueb ft company aa *111 I Ma rrenlng l*a *-???.bl"l at LkimiiniiK /'it aucb u ble purp of lore ad kinder**. *111 h- mat and greawd by euob b< urn a* inar I ft- pn wiibil Itaell to ftltnlrft-wareid baatow it* appia'ire upo? ih. t alerted to in-tiuet aiiiuj* ai.<l gia'tty ttie public. [r?ur Tti??i??-.?Tlia " TlitM <?aard*tne&' >< po'oitred laat ftt tb<> Bowrry. t* an undluilni.brd aodlttira. Tba b?u*? *tr a perfect. am. notw>tb.< latdleg It* lamr?tnou* night Tbe laet ?<vne tflh ? btaullfal pier* |* ??iy striking and tfTeotlra; It frr?iit? ft clerical litkiiv of dlitlofulihll rfli>ct mi brauty 'I ba flravrk* ?i' h wbirh tli? ?h"|a eon led' aia ?tiy boa. No winder, all |te beauty r-nrldar<d Ita rich mow an<l rlktm( '('i'lainflilr < tl'.abla l<*auty. that tbla pl?aa still cmbjamis ti? tnadid attciiin ai d l< u?i a plana* af th? daligbted j vbile ' Tlaa Beard' followed. ami was plaj ! *llb (trtat i ff ct i(4 beauty Ibis tba - k<> ir > llqHtH'il" *111 fnili w It* o'gnatM dram* of tb* 1 bt?f (.uad-Di'i of tba two It lsdiiHiult to aa/ wticb l? lb* batt. Bio.i w.f Tnkiii ? Ml?* i t-hmta app-arad laat Btytt la tba character of Ion. frr th? Brat tina la Naw %i.?h In llif wlrhiatH tragedy of tbat i ana, by Mr. 1 (?0W Ja<5??) TaUourd. ha having beea Ift'aly e|era*?d to tie British l-aarb nit only for bl* legal ftruaen and Gnat ability at tba bar. but aa a ja<t tribute to tali t>ai 'rm-'aat gram* an atompllshH scholar and a *urr??ful int"( Tha tr? of i n, though not t irl'lnr In l'? n.rlJ?nla or drama!** itr?Ktiir<i (ard l(?itkl<ia> bt; Id d uj ! )( ? ix> tarmad dry da. n) l? r?pl?ta itl> If'flj ilif'inh'i, ?oi)t? ?atlni*nta. si <1 ?I"?h.? l??K?ry. wlilah bar? r< nda-ad It, ni tha oih? r H<1. tba Atlantic. daarrtadly of tha n>>t popular of BirxJain draaatla flor g |?n l? tUa adopt-d M rf Midoa l<l*h prtaat of tba t?mpl? of A|i4lc. aad I* tha lOTrt of i.l inaa'h*. daughter of \1a. d n Tba aubjaota of Adra*'.u? km* of Air* ?r* dl?ratl?fl?d ?nh !? ?. and rab<lllot>* at bla tyranny. j i><1 I ?f>lunt??r? l? rspoatulata with bl<n. though dikih I* often tha ra<ult of auuh to attainpt. I ha r?.? Wltug I oil and th* ktiig li to* m?at l>?a'ir|fnl of the hoU |l?f? Adrnatn?rrd*ra In* to <Ja*ih. bat tba Ull" b ?'bn tba lu art tt<l tha long dormant Mlafi f f tba niointnb'a battar natara an<l h? l? all > ?<! t" d- | ait tb?ti(h Without balng (SMMafll In l.ll nlwlng I.ota ata ub>a<jnantlf draw*, by tba nohlaa anloth* r j yontb' f Argoa to k111 tha king " aod *i| hla raoa ' aad tba rrpuWIta ta?k falla op- n Ion on whom tha I ?i?t ?ol?n n T??a ara l?po?ad. for tha atrtat fnlMlniant 1 oftbadaad. Tba rfmaww?a>f la affaatlng. Ion la di?eoand to ha tho aon of Adraatn>, and 'ivalla froai tha ta'k upon nbleb ana of tha nthar eonap|rnW>r* (' t?*aph<n) r??haa In and ataha tha king ? thn* ar?n glng tha d?ath of Ma fathar. mm Adra-tu? had aanrtfnd. Tha kliig h?lora ha dlaa naknonlodgaa hta l >ng loal ?A'i, tba rki d of a *a?rat aarrtaga. Ion to ?n- i in* mat* hla fatal ???. to kill tba rnoa of Adraatna." In n < la'aa blntaif an hi- flr?t -lay 'a fadf* ' ll??*'uah- I fata n.oat jiut and pari-< t parannattnn of thia III latad ham. and tba audl?naa |!afan*d ?ltli attention ith admiration. aod applanaa. of aoah mar It ad and raptntona d?aeitpMon aa mat* ona foal that "it moat b? a al> rlouj thing to cnln tbl? ?<nplra naar man a In taii.e'# aiid rmotiona " Tbta innlN. MIm Civilian III p< rfrru at Ua A-lor l'la-a liiH-ra llouaa for tha h?t>? nt ol th* Am?rr?? lir???u? Konl A*???Mtioii, N no'i (l?arr? Th? ?nt*rr*l??n*ftt? ?* *lth th? 4?rl?t ?n<t !< i;?nt D'lti >1th< lUttl al; ul !. U??llt cnth? ?'?ht rr>p? ?Mek ??r? f#Tfirw?4 vtlli m l?rliil tgHity ?p<i Jmmij. tt><l ??t?r ftal' to ?IMt !!> ?rin lr*M.,t, ?r><l -pp'au'x ?.f ih? t>rr.ll*ai*u-ii-a?** lh?) ?M? l< |Hiw.?l by tkn >>ial? mr?l iA ' Ni*t4>kU" ?ki?b ? ? atih ?< nui'tiatt< < f ?i"l mUferUv* Kr**?oU LD. TWO CENTS. i Hard id the flomio character of Nlcodetnua,ao<ivltU4 wi^b admirable ability and wai muoh admired by a.'i The amu'ementa concluded with the gorgeeua new OLinic |'*i. tornime entitled llaoul or the Magi* Star." which ?i recaWed with unbounded iprlMM. Tbla beipg tbe la* ' ?f the epgagement of the wonderful Harel family w , would adviae all thoae who have not had tba pUanure <? "Im the oplandor of " Hanoi,'* to rli-lt NtSlo* (iarden tonight The bill preeeoU concentration of the gra Veat attraction*, oon?i*ting of the pantomime*. Moua Oarhalumeao " and ''llaoul," to conjunction with the "B.vlouln Araba." Bi aron'a Thiitri ?The i ^Otertalomenta at thla fa ertfe eataMfrhaent were, laat evening. character! ted by as rxeellent trlrotlon of dr. which were ably auataiaed by a et'Sopauy of romed ^>D* 'eoood to bob* In tfc ? entire I'nlon. On# reniarka.^e feature can alwaya be r*en at thle theatre and that. V the utmoat importance yii: that itnrtan in hia caat charaatara, alaaya j^vee to each stti?t the part ex aotly auited to hia abill'l+* and taate; unl hence tba grr auocea* ai fifty picwie produced Tbl* evening, a v?ther new draita *11'. be preaented. entitle 1 " A Lady i " Klx," "My Wift a Second Klo^r,r and 'How Po I'oy Vonr Waaberwofciao It la altc at nerdleta to ?ay tL'l" P*PUlar eatabllthairnt will, aa ueanl be crowded. i himiiii 'i Natiomai Tnc.ktre.?" la be Jeal.MM?" waa tirat cn tba llat of beatitltoi piecea beautifully verformed at thi* flarorite theatre. " Itip Vau Winchl.^' wae the next piece, in whloh Mr Uurk* ai old Kip," rew down the repeated and admiring applauae ot the tiouee by bia inimitable performance The Ketaale (Snard or a-i?rt in." cln?ed the lot'rentim; arlee. j'Jili a* ever rou,raard* the mu?t crowded hou*e> and eta the multitude ta ron?tant roara of laughter. a't?r tedwlth the caiie <>l rapturotia adairatioa at the eavrtiftal aceaea and aplendid marches It l? a pieea wbiitb diaerver a higher title and bvtiar name than a' i. arleaquo'' It* C"?rs? aud run iw attll on-of ho> ilimiid- ltd triumph aDd auccraa. a? w?H It m nr lie, for few pi"?i*e more beautiful hate ever l>. < u produced on any ?t??*t* In the wprld MitchOuMrir THumr, ? YewteriJay erinlng belrg the- ct M1?B Mary Taylor this farorit* plan* of c-OMifement w?? well filled with a hl*hly ' facbiorable >udience There were do Imh tbi?o fur entcrlaioiue Jt* selected for th? ooo?-ti>n, a)! of which were cf Merl.y? romle nieilt. They commenced with the excellent -omedy of " I ?< d ?'p which ?ai performed with m '?h abill'y and wlAirMni with p'ea?ur?i spd delight. Vr><fr* Walaot and Nli-MoRon tbw audience eoD'lr Malty contvl??d ?-!ih la'ojlit*-- fbw i>< in (H wee niefl.-rded. lor tl??? hr*: Hui" tUti neft"Mi by the b'ubl* poi utir fairy extt?ra<?ij la nf the ' i tr;?lbl? Prince ; or, The Intend of Trau jUll Delight* " whiolk van performed lu t 'w> entire of all prweent MImvi M. Tajlorwad >llle? wo< r t ??!l. an.?wr? much applauded. 'J be -occliijei w*th the laughable farjo ?l " The Dea.i She# " and the- m?flral bur let ta of J easy t.lud " which ? ?. i| off a lm|rubly well To-til?ht etll b>- perf->rnir<l *.?.? rim-.]i*tt? etititled " Wbo> the t 'o?npo?erthe tairy extravaganza f f the " lntMb> Prieee " the wo burl.tta of tbe " I write Month*." and the farce of I\* SeparaWViainti ur.ut Itiliah Ort'lA.? La*t 11, ht as might hin been oa fldrotly anticipate d all dilrttanti reemed 5o Lara nj?l at the A "tor ria?? Opera Hour* In rpitr of the anflaTrrable utate of the weather. therewa'a brilliant erovd affttil Ud. to bear the maeter-piece of the lllu?trloaa nuertro Doniiettl. and w?ll were ell re.iald is tioolt of Ms pr< duction* per|M|.? doe* the t?l-nt of,fMntsetti diepta> Itrelf uieguitio* Dtly ** In Anna ilnlena ' In im n:-h> re to hare ULlted all the <iu.*litiel which ?n be r< mhlnnl id an opera To ht* own peculiar tal'iit. winch niarna wll Lie opera*, that ?entM?o( melody which pa"ea through th? ear to vibrate in the heart. he t a* here added au a"i pi- ne'eatka 'tyle, vhl?h inAiki btihftm n?? f? th-r i>f hu ?nrh? an tttlklngly In thia that brilliant ina^nll^aoa wbiah rkuMtttliri Vardl'a ' f.runnl ' la unU-d ta tha penatTn aertnia* which hraath't ' l.uciit ' 'I be former i> lull ?f data'lov; K?m<; the la:t?r nf trapraut f war*. Of r uibtnatl n. Vnaa Holara" li a beautiful rpentin-'n. and ao It appeared te the ?bol? audience II ?e fhoul 1 jit 1.1 the frequent n *rk? cf app atire tbat interrupted it We have ant aiifKrlent f| to kienMou an; of the |>ti lhal rtruck ua aa inoat particularly worthy of B<>tic# Wa hope to do I tip, after bating btard tfcla opera a aeaond time Kor tbe present. mm aaat mm-'y atata that a* a * bole. It went < IT admirably ?>Ki>erin<? Her u 'ca aa* almost 1.00 banning f r H?i>ry w .ul I o-rtH.aly uever hate fpurot d >-o' l.areilti* an tnna while "Hi nirliia 4. I'atti aa lane Seymour, luily mowed that ?b< cmld ml a Pr?t part aa well aa a a.oon I Kern and Vo?*lll did lull ju'tlce to the part" they p?:mmM W- think ara can ot ieatow upon them any blither pralre I aa <*rbe?tr* under the d>r-ct|ou ol vtai MreUek. area artm'rable lor It* preri.ion The whole rukertata neat aaa, id fbort. a mat brilliant affair ( NHiaTT'a Orra i Hot** ? Aa u ual. the nej;"> il-Hnaa tltn* ol ehatafltM a? Kl'en by ( hrU'y'a ban I ? itlaua to draw Jut (re a?'?n?bl?**a Indeed w? knie ?f ua place of iijiu-euj> ot that l a< l>*en an penally ma? Iul na Vichaitm 'lali The eo'ai'almueiiti aru llfht arid airctlt?. and tba dancing excellent ' Kii ?i ^ ' m ? A e'np?n?*h'> fffe? to ?II the ner<ni"Dlia atol iu??ical lilnaton.if t?,? a> ?.iei>t Drulrt*. ara ?'> ?*- rcl int th'lr a* II at ine An>?rlran Moeeutn The term Dr il l n derived froa ti e ( tit e w. id (iiui *>?bl'yla? an <?k ; in I it wa?ln tie rak l.?re*t? tl e? perf .riu> d thi Ir try-tie earewonlNi. A d?#er!pilr?i of their dei*pt|nn*. >?hl-h were audi-tent to atari hi tbe tttoog terra* of I a ar. c?o ba ??eii at tba Museum. and cannot fail to ytova aa attract!** feature f r Bartnm t 1*1 ra, A-ira Pi ?< r ?Thla lia r* p altlealr the laat rV'bt that tbla place of aruu ini?U will he cpen thnew al.o adsiire e jueairiau (inui io ( ata and ether featuiea of anniaeiijeit. ha I het'er embraea tba orly opportuultjr ol *a< ittg ih-m thia aeaaoo Iliaa Kt ?>aa, tha celebrated llun>rartan (raca'lat h?? t?en United to g< le a cone, rt In VVa hni<toj H'han be rtturca to th|? city he iutenda (itlng a a?rte< of c r c? rta, at w hli b he wl:l lotr. ilire th? . Unfum >? of l ab} l< n," a pat j .iutri, lb which ba alug) In tw?uty-uln? lanMuaget. A'ra Kanujr l\arable l? glrlDK Khakupevau raadioga lu Albany. Pollm liilelliKiniei HiJuT Jut I it* lufim/,?ay morning, th? w??e esbibl'ed b?fore tba Hi?*? 'rate at th? I otnba. *?? oB# of a mo?t dapiorabta Ilia p hi- na-i MnVtuof and li"? l of tba Klith warl wri-it 1 tin D'ght |n ?|oo?, mla?r?bla frtntjaf, takrn from lb> r^l?n of lb>-I l*? I'otuu r?"cli(. t* age from It to ti? ji *r? ??n?l-tmi( of bliefct J vbi'aa. ii<'iDn ornamented alth bl?<-k ?j??. ot bar* cut n > ?- an t brvl'td head* Thla rang of femala pra.ti .(? . ?a ??ta l?a?t all that eon d be M'*4 ?' n< " tbe t?iii b. tnil aihera reeled la the Itpi uf tho-? nn the berth. Dim urj r-mlral It oklo^ ?oui?n eiblbltIng a ? XJ r?J hi ated f?oe, with a kind of h.ue parpt? lion*- b? ml' * a per r?"l than bur oh*->k? one eye ? > tloftj Mtt? I by Inflammation. In nonee^'ieai* uf dtaalpatl- n li hard drinking, bar nlotblng ?a? U?mM? dirty, bearing the ?trung mark* of bar I Till* 'iu r looking *<iimo who < nly w?nt-d ?pe'h to ca??e ?p< ntace< u- c?u>bu?ll?n ??< la ih? lap of a black w< man of the I - ?? l grade f r tHa w?at Of I batter Mkt Tim pMlo-tnen were umnh to k*ap {iilat Id the Soma of the pria->oer? ?-rw rery n>ad at It* pollremen thaf arretted th-m ami Ml'?r* t< ok It In fun. trakip?r all kindaof nn<*? paaalng jukea to >aoh other ?n 'he beauttea of Ulackweil'l lai to 1 Pa* weald call out "i:an?. old ludge I wi?h to i| d we coold hat a hn-ak down before we cA "P sal l aotilher 'I would III e to hare adiln): hei.tre I g<> ??i? " (l,a> |tt' r (torn ail praaent) " Kltena* mm the oii/l trate. '< ffleer? keep tho?e w in# 11 q-ilet " Ofll?er - tfia* up jour mouth or I'll pat my aluh d?*n y<?ar tbr ut." (Laughter ) ' Oh. you ??alj en* <f : h? * n, u? nn aolgar eitpreeaton ' vbtt ? ymiilv y??r*4mouthed Irlalimao jooeawdo yur p'et teal an 1 all job nan gt*? na will ha ?t? month* and I'd r?'???r ha on tba I a tend than off ; >a oaa get all * waal tberw, nd hat* pBtlaaifii to deal with, a id tba'. * ui i ikaa ?? rat 'ij of jfl'i M f'a." (Laughter ) Oaa nf t*a woman Ibt* a>k?d for tb? mr-nlng IItu'J to aw* If nag nai. a wa? publl ti d among the %rre*t?; for If It***, ?h? Intandail tn-'aararah It uf ** r 4 I Mia thru jump*<l<(? hat K*t anil Ki f?n to brttk d?*a,aaiid r artcct mr of laughter. i'b< b?ra jriaiB?d load, "i iMftfa It jii?r4?tf an I ???n th*a ti?>n ' ?Jnd?a.' r*?n?d tha "1la??n, wa rcallj mn t. ainapt we t-U p their b*a l< "IT. ih?y will carry on ' ">* ,' raid ou? of tha funny nmmm, 'l>tdga y a had better lat u g i li< aia wa ?ha I ??? j an II b?f?i. v t' atl? oat four pepe-a " () hbiit up raid aaothtr be?lde b?r, drtn'l taH N to tba Jndfe If yoa wan' *11 I <1 >o t " Mllaaea rei'ad out tha olR?afa tfcraral raltae than elri?l??d. 'life you kite m? foot; w* lai-nd tndo Ju?t what |ilfM?." daughter) By thl? tlma tha ?ierk hat ft.Whed maklr g out tba paper* of eomml'm'mi and Iba n.?*l-l ra'e ann"UM'a4 < hat they all ?i >oJ ( >-?B>ltt#?j a rafant* and proatttutei f r ? t?r n (f in ran month" each la tha perilieailar/ At tbla ataoiaa*ri? at f i> e jumped up. laughed and l?nc?l. oih-r? i>m4 tear" and the wh?|a (it| of t*mlf elgbt vara a >ailucted daw* ftalra tr* a ride In Black Maria biddlrg tb* .luttl te gind bya and ntliar* putting thatr li>tni In tkalitix* i? tha uasal rifoHI'int manna*. Indicating a ?p?etea of da'lanra la fan! tha wb<*n rtofiif tba prmnra of tha nnman la >urt ?a* a parfaat badiam lat lonaa and culd n?t ??il ba <?h.r tin, fro* tha eharac-er of the partla* aadar arrrat JltTHt ?f B "rj/?>i ? Two black fellow*, ea'llng tharnM?m William Itettran and Kill lordan ware oaagbt ? kunda) night by the ( oil e of tb? ?'lr*t ward la >ha rear <fitora >o :j> Water ?traat OBIccr Smith aa I I rlrate watchman l>?rl|Mii. wera I'l'tnttl l? tha?p<>k by fitdlr | a |t'? cp>* leading fl"* tbl* Mora It Soh?y| l?r'? Alley ?>? looking <>r*r tb* fane*. tha ..f|-ar? 4ta d tfi? *1 ?? P'K'rr^-. - >1- <; -,,-j ?fa d???et<<l jiti*p?d "*?r aaaarai baoa far>*?? fc>? )ard to yard and LMtfan flnJInf hi oa?lf hard praoad, ?t< (,t op a ?hl?nay l?a?ll"| fro* e-v?pata ?h >p llara th? f fltrwr* ?l??o*<-rad him nd pillad bia down by lh? lag < >r* th? |" r?"D of llaiiaao tbt oflo.ra foaud Lulr n j'ram; " ?n ImtrnTMl r?*?*MI?( a ?!! arti* bar 1 bta ?aJ lit b? i.a?d by IMaa rnf tat lk? pn?f?? M br?a?l?* atora A turner of tlM an r?a i? tb?a totally b??a ba*? rott?a4 by tha f'>g?aa rr. tlPd Ibar ?al?ri ! lha atcrr, and ?haa |oe??d l? bt>ab opan t*? da.k? ?? ! what tli?y n?. and t*?a tlia ilnw Ifti I ha ImM* and maka t??lr aaaapa. I k'f r?-?u?a ar? *lla??d aow t<> ba tba TUI tkIN lb?4 ha?f ioamlltH Dim* L_ i

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