Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1850 Page 2
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r NEW YORK HERALD.! Rwthweitrarnetof VhIUid and Hwwu(U( | ilAHtKN UOItlJOR KSHBTV | FHO/KlKTOH AND KOirOH T/IE DAtl. V HEKALU, Stent, per iopV~91 per ??- I THE WEEKLY IlKk ALIJ, for Circulation r? Ihf Von- \ i< publuheil ?i>e i y Sitturdu b. 'it #'< erntt p*' ??PVi | r ft ptr fiaiium , /?r circulation III Europn. printed I French a nil Enylith, ?i/ ftm> per <-*>pv *' %i P*r I >. The UULLAH MEEKLY HEKALU. ever* *on<law, J I #titj fit7 ri'j'V. bl j?rr ./???<in; < opu? W elubi, <$ *., $S pr annum fULUti I AKV COH KkSHUNPENCK, fftuintm/ unporhinl >i?io? AtlieUrdJ-imn V if uurle r *J t U wvrld ; \J u*td,uill i* liheruliy paid Jar. AMI bKUh'.TS THIS B'-?NINU IT* I IAN HPFRA IIOI'SE, a?">t Pisco?As You Lui It? k. in* 1> AM??I. BOW SKY TUEATKF.. Buv^ry?TK? >.K Mi'imn-??Bilk USAStl. IIKVAOWAI TMK ATh Rntiwu-CioMd for t?i? Bight. NIRI.O'B OAKiJt.N M. DSCHBaouI.?BIC?? in ABASH. BUlt'tUVB TUK4YRR. Oh?nib-r? 1.? n? i* A V t It > Mir. ? a*?0M? Fi.joi-fljw to 1'a? Voc* W A'llf B W?M ill N IT'ON A i.? HE i TRC, Chsthst> i?in6r??Ri ' Yah W m U-flSiM 0?'A KI.-I'H A ! o U.? <Kr?ar. OLTtlPir THEATRE, Br sdwsj?Who l? run Comriirr> I??? nn.i I'niu-Ini.Tt Munti???!> tasa i ll/i?r?? ASCI. t8' 'MV ? Of S\A EIOU8E--E i HioriAT IUbiob am > ? AMERICAN MUSEUM T-* Osnrr.*-,. lMr?maP(?lllkihi kt , A' CCRNOdN tMi f. ' fc.UXO. ASTOH PLACE CIHCU^*K?rK>THiAW Ex?Rri9tu \ (II k, ' ii?*?<tuy% .laiiiiui)' H, |*00. VHr NiW Common CuMn<ll?H?)or WoiKlhiiir* n Our will finrl in aiuitlwr r*t?! in\n a f'lli . account of the p.oceedmgs attending th? orgwi- t tation ol thentw Common Council o this ,city I yesterday, and also the message of Mayor Wood- I huil to that body. Mayor Woodhull's niefstge, besides giving us a full MaUint nt of the amonnt of the city indebted- ! nef-p, which he pnys, with, the prcseat rate of re- | demptii n, will be fully discharged in thirty-five year?, ie composed of a number ol suggestions? some of which are very good, and some of which are extremely unwise. The former we hope to ee carried out; the latter we expect to gee condemned by nil classes of the community. Among the former is, that application should be made to the Legislature for authority to tax the property of non-residents. This is a subject w Inch we have frequently referred to, and is one that deininds the immediate attention of the Common Council. Under the present system of taxation, as we have repeatedly stated, a direct and pecuniary luduoement ib held out to parties transacting business in this Metropolis, to reside without ltd limits; for by doing so, they wi 11 avoid assessments and obtain advantages which they would not possess if residents within the city. Mr. Woodhull's suggestions in regard to the mode in which assessments are made, are also entitled to consideration, and we hope w ill be ncted upon at au early d iy. The present mode is defective, uncertain, and unequal in its operations, and the sooner it is modified i r al and another one substituted, the betr it w h lor *ne interests of the city. His remarks on iut.rea m: the r.ites of wharfage are well >im< d, and s<> :e other suggestions on oilier | lor i ? rrnn#rtfH uith thp uriininiHfPittirtn nf our municipal affairs, esjiecially 1>'im recommendation that the members of the Common Council Miould be paid a p?r i/irm for their services in discharging their legislative duties. He says that if they were compensated at the same rate as the members of the ftate Legislature are?viz : three dollars a day?the expense at the end of the year would not amount to more than what is usually paid for maintaining the tea-room. We have always advocated this it-form, and it is to be hoped that it will be efleeted by the present Common Council. We have no doubt that the members would prefer a regular />er ?/<>?? to the luxuries of the tea-room. Heretofore, those r-ntertiinments < cost the members nothing?the expense was drawn from the city treasury; but now they have it in their power to nave that amount for their own ndvantage, and have th?* privilege of pocketing it, instead of eating it. We shall see what course wil be followed in this matter. The above are the most important and prominen' cf the valuable suggestions contained in Mayor ' Woodhuli's message, and submitted by him to ihe ' im ui Pittiimfin pthw tili.jl n?n. ' .TW VVUM.n- I"" nunent of the bud ones is the recommendation to the Common Council of the prosecution and enlargement of the B4ttery?an absurd and ridiculous project, which was set ou foot, a year or two since, for the benefit of a few interested persona, who, in dvwuting it, rare nothing about the immense exp# iim' which .t nnist inevitably entail on the city, but merely !ia?e in view their owu private advantage The arj{tiii ents on wlurh Mr Woodhilll seems to h?.'e;iiia recommendation, ure not worthy of a moment's consideration lie says, forsooth, that the title to the Imd th *t may thus he reclaimed baa already be-n ves'ed in th'* city (roversni'nt by the F,eyt?Utiire Now, we wuuld ike to know of *s hat benefit that is to the city, or would be, in c,?se this foolish project he carried out lis says, too, he has no doubt of the policy of encouraging open public squares. Neither have we, nor any m in, woman, or child in the community, But such |>utdic ?quares should be opened w here they are needed, and not aa in this case, when the present buttery is sufli .ieutly lar-jfor all needful purposes Why did aot Mayor Woodhull recommend the opening of park* in the populous parts of the city ? Ten ye?r? aifii th" listieiy was large enough, when the position of the lower |'?tt ol the city w<? twice *? nil'jh *<s it now is. In ten years uiore there wi!l h.r lly he a ?w? i. i f! ii< ?e n i" nr-1 wr??> v>- inn n ?n aa<i )> t *? are t?ld th?t iU:a i>r??in u?J ibnall be enlarged, lo make room l"?r the rrry p?N?>.le whi> ar?- annually removing u,> lowu hy thngi ia l< Wf r?l?r our re?d?ra to tne m- in full, i>nN? li?h? d ia another ? nri of to-d ?y'* p*|>er. ^?.w-a r?om Cai iro?Mu?-Tn> Maii.i ?-Th# team.1? < hio ?ud Cherokee are b>.ni du<* from Chaff*. The former, it la u? be hotwd, will t>nr.g tkf mail*, which, thr?w:;h the lunoranar or n?*:ili(free of a goVrmmeat ag?nt, were !? ft on tne lathrnua fir thr ?|M.*e of fift?-?-n d<fp. Tui* a > gnl?r piece of netflig??ce, on the cart of th - mail ag*nt, baa bera the cane* of grea' nilM'rwm'p'* ia (If RirRintik rMnnimity lUd th< ni> l?h?-?n forwarded, according to the oid ra of tlir f n<?r .1 mail apmt at Pan Pranciaeo, thia tnterr?|ition ut tridr mould ha*e been avoids, an J all tfrat 'ieJ n tha fmrtMai rf thrir l?tter?. Tl?r Knvire City amvd ?>a the 2ltli of |)rc( in!>?-r, hi,J h ul "he ( hern allowed to bring tht? mall, ? mouth'* time at leaat would ha*? !? ea mv> d The nett atri? il frc m <'batrr*a wiU brim* two weeka'tater mt> IIIgreet ftom California. M* Maiwuj. am. Ma Ct.ovta ?Th' frientN ?f Mr \t.< ?..i: tL. I . . ?... , .... ... * ?<i in** f ti, tr*" r-rideavorinf to md hm? in !ti? from th? odium which reata on h rn tor removing Mr. |.,--wia P. Clover, an rid m idt?r of tike Uat w <r, t'rom tb? cuatom tiouee, h petting hi* o >'*n in i.tiUlt-h Mknrail Itinl Mr. Clover never waa in the wrvice of the I oited J*tale a, and never counted in Dartmoor prtaon. Anv t*a<rtion .?f enh> r kind it not entitled to thf 1ea*t coo.<id r?iiot. TivMot if, that Mr wifth^n 10 < ikm,* the ree|*n?aibtlujr < f removing an < Id aoli<ier In inik<* r>im tor cme ot hi* < * n lii'orilw, an1 hope* m throw dn*t in the eye* ? l th<* ,M?'f?ate when hi itppoint* isrnt comet before tin m for action. Mn. Komit'- Kttt..? We give, in *not'ier<- lainn, the draft ot the hill about to he pwnfed ii the tVnate by Mr Foote, in relation to H? pafti'ioft Mid boandary of the territories a| Ciliforgia md Kew Meairo, whirh will no dotibt H? f un l to ! fowrw great mtera?i l? e?ir r*ad?'a / Tt-Li GKAPI1IC INTKLLICEKCE. J Important from Washington. ' EXCITIM M1LITE IN THE SENATE. MR. CASS'S RESOLUTION. THE TEXAS BOUNOARY, die., Ai'. ?J?e. f rn Si'kcul tbi.eghai'iiic CORRKSPOIfDBXCR. Washington City, > Monday, January 7 ?U P. M. > This was a great day in the Senate. The w<ir upon the administration has commenced. Mr. t Iniit-nbV ren lution, in relation to California, was laid on the tuble hy the casting vote of the Vice President. Tlie South will insist on the information, as tliey believe the State of California a fraud. Mr. Dickiiifou'a resolution, asking the Post mister t ieneral to explain his prosei iption, raised the quesiion wh?tlier the President or the CaDinet have made the appointments. The whigs consider it iin insult U| ou the President, and that all resolutions inspecting appointments should be addressed to him; the resolution lies over, and will, probably, be clii;ng? d to a call on (Jen. Taylor. Seward appear* d to be in favor ?>f nil the information desired, lie has a policy ot his own. Onihe Austrian resolution,Mr.Hale made atwr. caatic reply to Mr. Caff, ttrongly mixed up with abolition ism andtht stave trade in thin distuot. Mr. Clu> followed, in opposition to the resolution, on the ex. rt grounds fore-shadowed in one of our deKpatclito week, lie made a powerful speech The resolution will probably be referred, but the di?cutsion will do good in Europe. It comes up again io-ini>rrow. Mr. Webster is supposed to be j hostile to the resolution, notwithstanding his Dos- ! ton speech. The passage of Mr. Houston's reso'ution will, doubtless, furnish important information concerning the Texas boundary. Mr. Benton proposes to pay Texas for surrendering theduputed territory?a plan suggested by Tex is herself. Its adoption would settle the first difficulty, but would add greatly to the necessity of a loan. The second difficulty is the proviso ; we expect that to go to (leneral Taylor, and that an explosion of the cabinet will follow. The election of Forney, the democratic nominee, as CI? rk ?f the House, is becoming doubtful; if the democrats are not sharp, the whigs will elect a clerk. rrillK'l V-F1RST COXURCSi. FUST SESSION. Wahhiwc.toh, Jan. 7,1850. In Senate. Nameiou* petition* and memorials, among which were a larg* number asking indemnity for Krenoh Spoliation*. wera presented and referred hi ri hi ie ok i inmiA. Mr. ("lav presented a petition, numerouily (igned, acKlrg tb*< recognition of the Republic or Liberia. Refeutd to Committee on Foreign Rela'ion* Mr Dm kinso.n presented a petition of oitiixnx of New York, without distinction of party, asking that no appropriation may be maJ? for the hmbassy to Austria. A message was received from tlie rre.lJjut. THE TAHIM'. XI. CoorrK presented armorial* praying for a nodiaction ct th? Tariff. HX?S iMKDtir. Mr. Bartow gave notice of a bill propo^nr to the State of Texan the redaction of hrr b'uul Arl-*, tlie rtsrion of hrr exterior territori--*, and the re lo |Ui?hnient *f all her claim* on the 1'nited State!, for a cjd* lidi'tatlon to he paid her by the United State*. *L?l TIO* or CNiPUII. Mr. Koote proposed a n solution to go into an eleo" tion of chaplains. Lie* over. rvoLUTioi?? * n oTiira claimi. Mr Vaui swoon introduced a bill to provide for the paynitntot the unpaid claims of the oflcera and sol. ' di?r? of the Virginia State ard Continental lines of the revolutionary army. Mr \ i li i Introduced a bill, providing for the payment for horses and ether property lost in the *ervice of the I'Llted State*. The 8<nate then proceeded to the consideration of *he nsoiotlon submitted several day since, by Mr. Hoi iron, calling for correspondence, relative to inter' '*r?nce by military authorities of Santa Ke with the Judicial authority of Texae, wkich was agreed to. TUB MAILS. Mr. Foi't r sitbKitted a resolution of Inquiry Into the cm e 11 id* irreguiaiity 01 ut mall* Between wmulugton and N ?w Orlenai. MS. ClMtll' llMlt'TIO*. It* ?rn?ta ffocfJ'd to eooatdrr Mr. Ciinrii' renlutlin, calling upon lb* I'reMdent for copies of Infraction* glrtu to cltll or nilltary (. '??rnir? <1 ? allfirnla More tfc? fourth cf March last, or to any ag tit of tli* f ovarnment. reUti** to the or. gabl/atli>n of a State ' >o< ambient; alao how tbe d?!egatmtoibe < onatltotloral < i mutton wer* elected' W I at ?eie tlifir i| Ml ill nation a T and whether any I reta\i> it i alifiiri la bai been t*v*n ' and uad?r what la* and ?Uo on wi al gn unda the fraaweut l?*o-? the t<ii aipiaaaatl Id lil" Annual Ven-age, that New Vnilro wai apead .!y a-k adaii> ion Into ilia t nl >a ai a I but' Mr litwion sooted to ammil by adding a rlanae. calling ft i a ?(?' u?t of alt order* and a?u of t ti pren<ilt g aduiinietfattott rn the aaue tuhj'st * r inn Bond to Ulhn out lb* laat slant* of Ui< i??" lutii'O s r Mi ik 11 (><' <! the nut! n : he Mid that public rt n>' r *?at? 0. it we* h?l,?'ed truly that the a-n. of tie pei pi* i t New Mextoo with r*f*t?nce to their or? F cliatK n of a Mat* teruajeiif wa? direct.d by th* id'r r i.i dar- iite . t tb? aernaient *f th-I al l h Mm lie tu .i?tit lli* <ju*?tii n ought t<> com* b I r* tl.e flrnatewfce:b?r t.-e i nl < J Ula n ilutera u?nt rugbt to thua Inteifera ?I'h a rcrttory orer *blcb a IOiflii?l Wa> < latuicd orrSe.e ?ed JUil"dtoi|on. Mr. ! '< > >>elo|*d ttl* r??n|ull '0 would be allured to pne? by In/ many In order taat a ti mi inignt be had upon te?lutl a* upon wblob no debate would | Mo* Mr I i ??!?? eal I that the Senator from Mi**ia*lppl. (Mr fr?te) bail |Vitn ii 'i.eul a r**ol'iilon In retail n I? Ite guieii.u>nta of tbe tern torte? in tb* dmru on in *1: eh tbe Int'tma'ioa which th- reeoI in n UDOir et*ouaai< a railed tor. wo?ld I * at lutWy I ace taiy "I be i*e? lull n tailed l?t nm h n, i i?*l ouf ht tii' ! haie been glieu tn tfce I'r -Id-nt - ?-a*e If I bat p*p*' bad be-n wbat It C0|thl to h??? ben, tb- ten lu'li * uld never hate be* u pr *nte.| TM? ?? u < | at ran motemn.l *n hi* part. Ilia atentlja ltaJ b' n taii?d tu thw auty.el by tb- (" rniumt af A aUitii I h?* b* Hi ? d that a Irand ka l b-eu ruino.H'i d npra m at S'tfi aidapm the fouifc aiilth y ??><fil nl. mall n n: n that f?'?l an . . ,.t %' Vain* to fmr? the W inn ,r, fv?v?? ?, n U< ilk MM l'? ?>i ? It ?ai . * tn" )?* ? bi'tai n ^dlcma-though It dl|fhl ho c ?*r?4 I'll >n?ar. )t ?m till ? ?!< >? I n* Mibja. t a a* 01. i| vital it; p.itHbi-t to lb* S'?olb Tbay In I r'gbt t kt i? ?>i ftU'iii it atd f< r on* ba mmi i ban ttiUllll Kill nib I I* *1) I'l llMbir It* *-111.1(1 ll in b'a no h>r?i<>n*i? and t > illay ludita *?. ri'iti'dt, t?.l I " ?i ! d nil f inrnt t*|r p* it tki tfaik t< r ??nt <t ltfri?a;|.i ?* a-blnli l>? ??? entitle I \ ? I kiMi ? u l ha m inl; M iif ? ? t i ? it? f.t n < ! r?an-litr( Hi'|?ltl.t iiI" ii fM|i?r wr?M lit, b-it #* !? u? UM tbl* imlull.ii ni|lit |i?i't>r ut Ml Ii** iftf" lw<an?a 11,? pi I >f iirji'i ha l h.- i l>-ifrwii M Ik* |wrfi?< *: " i?f np'>?? f'#?i|ntl .n?. ai.ich *i a I ni t l?? rti* to il-bai#. H>n r>lihi| th? i?m ;?ii< n kn la'.I rg i Im t?.|* at"l pr'tt<*d ?. r. M ?* ? **ki-<t <i l>in?*?a \o ir.hura" Ma r?> tl I' Ii iH?irt?|itiit|i Vr to #'?t? ?l J k? Cmll l it It* lima* * r Hf ii ?* ? t rail "rtiat -r fr>m l|H?i?4? t? ffJ- f > r I1** i.i * hj ci t ? t the i,?ui'?ui?ii trc.ii J Hi ii h m l i a ral- bl i filet ii frci V trtmi? In >! j r lit bi t ?o ii * II a i|'n it* b ' H i* It It mail toitkt i;in Ii ? a*4 lffn? l?? hearlbe H?*ir' * i. f> .?*- I MMI Ikl -?m(t I* ifl?r I U?- t>? I Ml *t| lu l l. n to ) e Ka la Ibe rt< nail I'll# qu? .. Ii t kiiii tt ? tali ii > n 11.a >.'*!.>ti I" lay on tbe ia- I I. I be jiaa e ate S* na<?'JV. 1 ha V r>> l< nt * > j lulu h affuaa'lvr ? tb? la-olntton lad than ia 1 ib tba tab * riHiirinni mnifn Vf f"H?l f? *e*etll lib ?i*f? ful ?f t1? to ?-t n|> Mi till ib pardii't k'f a limit'tl Mine tb* la* II- I li tug ikrill'l'ii 11 " !' ""ii i k 'be raiabuei mi in ri?, Vr |V?*a* r**ol?tl' li a* Inn'irT f*UtlVe,t Ilia p?t> ' rtajir.. iu lb* rata i'f 1*7 aa. liken If ao i adop> I I'l lll tin ??. N't I'm na'i ifi ii<l'"n ?if In^ony, relaMra f? the a* Il HWI|.|| M til li.illall tiUr I ' *ll I*!. 1* ??-l f | l??Matia Ni ?<d? \ nmtaia' and tb? letnn* apari a t'f 'M f 1 ihi- linfftlro'i.Al'1 in I*/ Ilia ti'll*;i I Il k?? l|k< h op ii d V'r iifiau.n ?.f tO'iuny. rrUllTf I p i ? hi \hr f- ?ttiM'VT n>?r ?l. of lit* ??b r >? ?, < f ?!?? rlflriMod f It - iiiii,Iimh it tL<- i?ti nil ke . lilliti t * Vr 11 > r" nlj k? hi H"t fvpff l in ??t? n tfc? rrMlntNIi "I ?> |>itnr1pl? larnltiil ?? nit* of fr??| J lUfftali't. anil h? t.' |?i it wui llb. .>f?c lor tl ? * I IlllHHK k?il tf tk? ? >. ('* ?M rp^H?J I* I It ..uirj ' r II r? ??H k? 4? ?k'B> <J to lh? r?* II I lien. if. Dpoa rrnrideration, it was. in hii judgment. ueci'D-tltutlnral. Kir Diinmcn tail the resolution proposed an ini)niry a? to wirtbrr the Poetmai-Ur General had made ipp< lntiiifntH whlrh by law were required directly up to the i l.jrr.t of hU attack, and he wan oppose 1 to tb:n ciuni, roundabout manner of antion The lav to< k it for granted that a niitn wan lnnoc?nt until proT?n itu<l<y, y?t tbla resolution culled upon an o;hci r limself to lay whether he had violated his d Jty or not, Mr I'hm ik Raid, the Postma-ter General was r?>dy and able to give so account of bis acta; and it w*s not beeai'.'e he lmt? d the invet Muatlou but bromine In* | Ibi ught It a bad precedent tbat ha desired t<> h *re the restitution lie unr uutil it would be considered mare thi roughly. Mr h)?A*n vtuHti^Mj there we* no'tilm; railed for in. lie resolution whlcb should nut be freely uukm end. :b? only obj.ctl, n be saw to it win mat it did not make auj speciAcaiiona which wwuld dtre-t the attention if tbe depaitinent to the particular ?lola'mns ?1 U? which w< le supposed to have been comWilli (1 Mr ilniFiid there wt< something ricked in<ly Indeci rou? in the reolu'ion. It asked an ofllcor of the g> ve> binMit whether be had net been guil'y of a gross br< ai-h c t duty; ol having cmmit'ed ants wbioh shoul I Bui jn t bun to impeachment Ho had no ({feat lot*r>stinthis fght )>~tween 'he admlnistra'l'in nod its oppoiems 'I fete luigbt at some future day. exist an aumiuiitratlon In irbion he might have more interest He therefore wanted to put thin u hy w?y uf protest, tl at by and by, when different counsel* prevail, he might not hare thi- precedent tliru-t in hi* faje, ad tue j jusiifloutinn of Rumv similar Indecorous pr position t > ] be made by the Piealdent bv and wi'b the advice and consent 01 the Senate. If It was so the people and the (jeiu1 e ougbt to know it He wished t<> give the P:>st mast< r General 'be opp< rtunity to >iy. whether he had been guilty of thia vioiatlou of law, and if ao, to aiate tbe reacf ns tbsrefor, tbat if the law wm detective it ni'Kbt be anetd'd. Mr U*w?o.t desired to know whether the Sena'or frclnNnv \ ork intended to aver ihntthe Postmaster Genual bad beeu fulfilling the duties of the executive, and thus indireutly charge the Presideut with having fatltd to perfnim his onty. aud yet call tMa a simple resolution ot irqulry It we* more and it indireutly attacked tbe President. it it ?u not so designed vvby did the gentleman uot go at once to the President and ask tbe question of hiai. if be only desired informant n ? Mr Dickinson raid, that Lis legislative experience bad taught him when he wanted iuioruiatlon from oue tourcn it ?aa not expedient or proper to go lor it to another. The resolution did not reflect upon the President and If tbe gentleman from Georgia found it an attack lyoa the Kxecutive. his zeal fO?U be called into requisition very frequently during the present station Tbeonly object oi the resolution was to obtain int?rirall< n for the Senate, as to whether a eertain class of i fBcei should be appointed by the Kxeouilve orlbe 1'ost Matter General, and when that officer was called upon to give aw official account of bis acta, it was to le hoped that no objection wuu 4 bi) made. Mr. Dawson said, that if he dttirtd to make an attack. hl? mode was to do so r l).i kimop. said it ?a? ruth.r a bard predicament to bait to cobteud wlih both the present udoitnitratl(n anil the i.( st (Uii|V ter); but liawMMIIl lesolution agaia-t ihe charge of being ludesoroos. Mr. I'Hi.Lrft Mid La hid jaci exmuiu<id the retoldti< n. Bi d be iigieed with nil that Hail be,* 11 *?id by tat) M> Mttet liom ?>eurgia 1 or . ne, he would uet MBMtt to rail upon the lostaiaatcr Utiiwril lo plead guilty or not guilty, to a churn# thus vaguely lot'uiated. Mr Du kimt'in made a rt-in^'It ( ?r.tch ?im inaudible in part;, am raid it vt< unaers.ood that th? i're*|dent If11 all ibtm matter* to the department* iham-etves Mr. l)*w?on eloquently replied ttatiuK t'-at the President Lever yielded hi* authority to auoiber. aud th*t he had ttfnmess enough to undertake whatever appeared t*> be hie .utj; and b< u?Hy enough to tultili It. Mr. KiMi appealed to Mr. IMckiueou to let the resolution (a a over. until an oppoortuuiiy could be bad to io<|Uiie whether it could. witii anj pri priaty. be ndoptad. > r l)n KinnON ateenteil atd staled that If the tiji(<la idjueft to la; over had been made in the tirrt Instance. he oould ba?a a?tented to It at one*, but havlLK b<tn coupled with a reilectioa upon the object ti the roauulim he bad felt bound to vindicate It. MILOMAIIC Kkl.AtlO.V8 WITH AUSTaiA. Tbe SeLata ra?unied the consideration ol our diplomatic lelationn Aui-tiia. Mr. ( i?.< referred t? hie remark on Friday last, to tbe lien. Mr. Letcher, >ilni?ter to .tlaiino. and raid that ha felt calli d upon to rainark, la juulceto thai gentleman that he departed ou hi* niiioloo by upretr luktiuctlt ne ol tbe department. in Cuuim,|Uenco ot ?oma peculiar cir<*utnt>l*nce* which teemed w create a necetaily for bin immediate pretence at bin pott | Mr, Jiti ? did not riae to oppote tb? reeoluiiou He bad never listeaed wltb ko muob saii-lactlon to any epeeoli at be did to tliat of the Senator tr cu Michijm, ou this rxolutlcn He wa- more iban >at:*3ed ae ?a.- gratified-in listening to bit eloquent appeal In tba tame of buntnlty ! He eoidially agreed witti the t*ei at* r from .Michigan wheu be tii'imated lb%t tha eaure of the oppietttd ta< ui'rtitcrtid ?heatn>< nation vat tioduen down and trampled uader foot; and ?b?n be (aid that thlt government In axprenMu* 10c entinientt of lb* paopl*. touot *yuipathi*a with people ittbngliii|{ tor tb? libaity ulieu tu.-ai by tiod but ?rift?a troth ibrm b> man He agreed with tbe Sena- | ti r tine, tu tl;a fetitin.ent. that tbe dii-cu??ii>n of thl* jt j.ct will do uiuoh toward* repreeelng future a^re-lion* upon the luui p' ndrnce ot ittluun, i>ud hi* a?<re*d nl*o. with another Senator. when be had raid that hi* i>) inpnlhiet a*rt> tPM-itrd tor ibr mats** of maoklod. ha a a- glad tbal then- admWflon* had coal* from other lip* a*, baa tin-) tnl:eu from blm thrj would bare bean cai.eil 'Ri al Ill 1 hr *. n.Ktimu ti m * ijnigiiu nwi tivdaj ii.ii'nu Ul> finuii* aua l.i* Uutbluioth* earr\is.|c out *1 the.* M-utiwent*. Ha would make for binireli a tmuie greater lar. even ttiau tbat wlii.b be now i njov* Thr proposed Inquiry Into tha " *lj eateocyot *u?p? udiliir diplomatic relation*. 1 bat wan a bad l?-rn it tb uld be propriety, juetica, duly. Ice . But a queatlon ot "ekpedieury rm< waa a bad woid auu laktn lb ioidic iuu with tbe tv*ov tor'a rtati?lic* t* la(h? to th? unimportance of Auttiia'* commerce and bar eoarclty of port*. it k uoun'.ed to an annuiic.a'l o that we can utter a considerable tan but ot proper Indignation, at a yriy tligbt < ? j ?n-a Tfce oate ai.d*r tbi* rwnoiutloa. wa* to cwbutiiuti Itevlt H'-nti Court to try tba na'tcu* of tta earth l r tl lr rtiu.r* of c; pr? <lluo. Mil atroclou* ae>* ot de |m t n? < u'e4 under aggraraied elrotuaMMN ilu ?i- a lr;t | eir.a.d the bl-tuuan it tbe leiolutlcti war ac"' d Bpi-n, would. In fut ire year*, ' writ- uown il at tbi> wai tbe n o?t < nlighteued rvpub.le tl at n> j lit?d ii ettr will lire, for*- ting tbe little petty Ct iici ri t of t.i uie and grately c.intituling it*?lf ciutt to try tb? i>a nn> ot lb' eaith for their crime*, if tbi* w** to be duua, fca di-flitd bat the hiiturtani would ?'a!e, tbat ?e c? u.ui. need n t wiih eoiba pjor. ?c?id rate, ti?bie } wet. a difteulty with wh.ia wt Bid ei?l but Utile but with Itueela, a b<>e aru.? It ?a* tbat ciu^u-red ii angary, ii wautrd tu go >ti4 lui.ttibi k. and 11 tuirv Itita tbe Ca ?i of th o e ekii* who weti I .ii>i?bi d to tbe Siberian *u >** lie bound, ai*o tbat the partition of Poland ? ola not h. barrvl ay a fiau'te i f huiitatli a* for that wa- in tti? eperib <.t th* tenatol Iri til jiilt'Mjtao. V> ben wn tad K ' through will. I' lireI be want- i to it to r.r,l?iid a id Inquire lotoliriria tiieutii |. In tu! and b?r tiot?l? patrt?t*, I lid* ?i'.D Lit tLoumud if u: urti r? I ilrf oJ>r? Next. h? w< pn . d wltb Kranea, ana try ber 11 L r acurf d<*|?tlm uot iorgt<ttiug tue uf Aftua ' t? n ? bit- 11 e eourt wa* ttltog liaa.uitd aiii..tic. s| u| i b w) n*? ti-rritory liiotlie ai.irati f? r c Til aid f< lit lea1 iibetty tall' n ?lt-r a. L tl lr td al. tbi ration* of hn-t. wdowi he w ulJ '. ? te tbat ** iboi id bibu oui?tl?n ' n to come d >u frrna our bl^k botlt.un a i of the r JMM, ubite to',, i < tr tilai t lore m n.e c> urt of o II. 4 In t Lli *. kcniitr itoikiillM r? II* t?rt* nlj Wee uld l>e IrltQ by Bon? if thuee n? i. n wh< tu we had oo:.. diWLid. b i*U't tk'i wiie l ot ? or p?ii? <upf Ibi-u. Ibe 8iterii*ti if I otley wuo at l^ia ?s. . ? . ? Inn. >'lebi|?ar> raj* ha* V1"'"' elf a b t?r I biUl an tfcun r ati) olfer p??i r* ot 'beeart.i ?!l ull agrta tot' i. tltiit* acooitif iidlgna">>n t< tr i* fcupt" ni?o, ba *h. t I bar* (a .m. nubit*. J nr >r, rh trr.cutcttl tb* Dru t ir-n ti<l cbtUr* u. ? <o h? tUii i.#r#, to thin tbvcapiroi ottla u < d*i V\ a MafUn, a ?ila| ttir mai c-f tbc atbt t ?f An tilt an litwrti## W?u J itn ?p ! tiu Ulorr tbat court, abU-b trj-4 o?, tbat ?. baj WrB, akd trnt-i tifallBUirg to b* guiltj ft ocp r ?*.ob?, ' gnat at <1 d??p a* au> ahieh wrirU f; --ia or f tat r# l ad eon B.ltlvii Truth and ;uauea tt il?j rrplj lu tbr aetroiattr*. anl b' t<<r nil >u.lappear ftat tbr i i i i rk?j ?a? ut.t oi?|j b ix-tUr t I rl'i'an tbau ??. but 1 anty wa? a b?:Wr r?pl.llic alro. Mr Ci at aaiil tb# ??(? at tuad tt> bin >h# other <IaT t'j tb# t lr- m uM.mi *?> aid Ma to tbl? profit nun >> U ? than bt* to* t"?*t *#i*tl) >aaa aril tli* PftiM* >? tt alttt'-il ? r- j ly I ha prrprattira ntl.M ? rilalt ally ofl rr4. rr ?it.. tbr aai#ndut-Bt, ?M a |r??t ai it a |tlu ?tii a? all rutyccl* trhtrb tta laiirtii *Hb tuii'lti I al.? It )>r. 1 nut ?la 11) tli- in ait t on. t>? u u.liil-t*r. but tbr nar.iUnf (ut <1 tt* eoukUj lb# &>ial?t#r <1 anatbtr |> ia#r atI i.> l.?r? \U; ?iilDit,'>iMlut|iiii,| lB|i<lrjr? v ' I ? taftt* i f ti attcb it? fl-na'i t l.aar.J hi? I r jhk ut#n arr# bt'li'itral? ?b# vrlg id of tha nr. m4 ha j.i ' I inriiii li'letfl ??ra ?cil t" tb? 9<oat* aiTu to tba coui try. The propo#ulca th*r for# uta iiid * r I ?H? fnl In lb# M?B>e li^M i< ?f( lit# direr!!. n to i. ii ? .ti n ranjii t cui lb* ultimate h,#ct >( tha i?m !i. ?n Tb# t"-n# # ju t * t?#t| pieparnla* rtrfltc.nMl# to dartde b?*b?r * thr ili rn |?t-d dt| i a If tittciri'urr* }l# did not b*ll?Tr that tb# ( ? i a.or Ir. tti llat.aai Mr K;?| if b# l a . ai<m t .at hl? a?v> l ran lul cr?l?lrraUoB c -iild gi #? tt hta raaeMa M? i> d t? tb# rt<i|?a*t taaciMg# ii. ?i rtafe Mr. < a.# b?d a?t t?rth *h# ?i.ti itcg? i.i llu?jtrf ai d raid, tt#li aat a11 th*r * a t la whiaO ' bt irl Matt, a nt >u itia'? itciut#* rmilil b? aiai I't-ntti t?tib uiarh r ra h?l?ttl?> th< a# abo |>id frw a u-?n trt?jil^B bt tti# ty. iaai I ?t l?.? Hf>a *< cat** bi'ag forward ?.> * plan hjr ?b.rb .?<. 11 ar d cm tirt ?t?altf ti? ntt?o to t?B ?uui> r i i < iit*a wfau at :# row t!f#li g to tbU iai J. from tha in ?h ti thrj taiali i i.J#?ti4r.| I r#f#l *ii4 ii - j >B>'?a at> VnnU Uil ilm r> a j t" autrneat# It, t Hl< , M-a |"'Wi r It. f. ##. J. It'tia.. i.f ?ii?b-ii.|. it g dlv't laatla t> m'hk ?tth tuati h>- wti'iiu #?ml tti 'i. .a (tlicmt t b# ?i.Habt?f4 rilltm. Bb) c < id tmno'i tbr <* ? dtnf# ff tb* a.'tiutiy, II# bt.aotabia tftratrr f bi M cblgan hini>ttif, i ma la a mcft i[|t (r'it> ytim to Mod aa taak iii? u, la #ta >r ' ?a# r^o I i#railra 'i r I rt|?ry to t !#ad b?r ?bm?# #rdto?Tlt%- ' rtr to i btmn ttr h?i t'at l> .u?#, MM Mfe*M*Vit!oa blahIrt vtngi aid fear bta?t'^ mtN k'l?#la. , ' i a i f t ? it n twl-ft i ???' no* ! ? b- d- til the . i nbljy It-wbt *f . d r?? f#tt iitatlr**. l .it !.-> p iw |t#t /OitilraaV ti.'tT* V' ?i. il Ba? liagftg in at" t <4 ur rr#T.p# af bit. li? ? n.4 ? ft nuinrtn to pnktrtl Ain?j.-bo KntHttl# ?t.l Itlitkn<l I- ?!? jrlt* ir rtt if, ft ?>.?! ? r.itbt bt ;'r?J fi i.i .It* J r U'l n- itutiai > ?*.m tj. I > t?U . $n*\ ?c3i?? ?"?' I V t ill by en I'jjtT t !)? i>r Mf ' ?r ?o iit<al>?t> tt* + hfl'Ubrf tt lit# \trtnit <*! n. !a i ?l h ? e?ir ?ti?i nf?r??i9? tr IM >-uth A?ioti- on h r> torra# to t.j l it I ? In L'? > > k if ! *? ( ?' t.' " ? I r i -? lft?t Mi 1 lltM ?! ' |r't i-rr>a>t?t ?t?' * d t?? . HAT Mti<? tl li.l? flab ill ll 1 ualt mor?i ft'y Itai * hMattlNloNw>1?. nit L*?l tr,t?i:m?-<i ?i? i> iU!m? |?fato*t. ?i?J hl'ltil ttutiMtH o4?t><^> ?h> h?J (< trr.iti ?t it ,Vr i *f ?l*" r? oooJ-l ?o ?H ' ,j t >. Bt ?*jiui i.? tnd feallUr !?.. If i il? i t??4? "t, < t tfcr ?m ?. wv | Il?) ?d. tb?ra D? l'a i'a'xng qti*ltflc?Mnn?. or r?v Mrirtton a* to fco? tar. or j0 ?bat *uhj.-ct. whuthtrreItjiton, n.i r?l?. it wh?? 0<)t, which could Im ad'>t>tad 'I bf CMirw to N P?" JkI wa? tu dirvot contradiction ti> the j laid < ,wn juJ fllownj by Wa*hiuKtoo >td *v?-iy admin* /traiivn to tb?> pr?*rut tUie. If w? ??!? to btcoun* '.h* ( iKuri cf LhtioDH. wbiTf ir?r? w? to ^top, mud w'jy rh"uld wn look to th* c?*? of Hunga rj aluBr? '"/by fcottaii* up thM caurti of lri>l*n<l? aud Mill more that of uDhai py iloum, wl.toh bad bwn n'.i.d^d to? Tbw gnu Ir-oian *xpE***<Kt the Iwir that f>? belOD?rd to thn Utaud-ntlll aohool of

polUloitii*; b? would lik* to bear a definition >' tl ? pri iirrlo ? > li h tbf t!<*otl?-man dxitcnad to a lio em* llr p*rt> ot which that, icrntlriuau wa? ails iii.fut hnj wi-tc opposed to thu Imprt ??iui-ut ot our prrat wa >r urn-*, arid auo to xjHteoi of pro nrfm which #bi n'd rrlli'?e an from a drpvndnnni for iLrmri>miii -t In* uoon a foralxn liud Whit th*n <II<1 hi u.?-*n by pregresi.? Mr Clay fnarfd that the progtet-s ?bieb he tv r?f. 1 wan pr<<Kr?*?inn of contjiie*ie lemturisl hk? rundlzemeut, and Iorei|d vin If *n he Ibeukrd (;r'a !hHt be wah of (be ftv.4 Htill f?'bo"l ???>ppiKi-d ?o curh progTec* as that to which lie Iihi) hlli'ki >1 lu n<>u<'lu-iou. be did uoi think it b? cume the 8eu?t* to t**n uoutc?M?iily perilous giounri v hnii b? -n proposed AHd h"p?d tne -Jeoatf woold lit onee lej.-et the proposition without refereuoe or hoiratlon. Mr Hoote arose to addrecs the Senate on Hale's amendment, but yieiled to ? motion to aiijourn, which B6i*ed to. IIoumc of UrprittntatlTM. Washington, Jan. 7, 1860. irrolTI TO ELECT A CLERK. Mr. Kai ? ?mil, from the Committee on Rules, reported nteiiduifiils to the linn. The leport nu made the otdt-r of I lie J?y lor Thursday. Mr. Morion wished to reply to tbe assaults nude on biin lor bin < flieial nets. Members objected. The Hou?? then proceeded to tbe election of Clerki with tbe Mli'iting result:? voir t oa ( i eii. l?f Hallot. 'Id Ihllat. Forney, (i'eai ) lo7 107 Campbell. (whig) W Mi Scat tei in g IV 17 Total 220 210 Necessary toa choice...... Ill 110 Mr. MtkaHALL then offered a resolution that the aoting Clerk be sworn In. The Hoase refused a suspension of tbe rules to consider it. Mr. Kal'm nam offered a resolution, that If there be no electlun by majority on the next vote, that plurality shall elect. The suspension of tbe rules was tefused, and tbe House again voted. tote roa <1 EKE. Third Ballot. Forney 1M C ampbell 104 ScatttriDg.. li Total. 3*o Necessary to s choice Ill Tbe House voted twiee more. Ob the last ballot, I omey rectived 107 Campbell 14* bolt luon htHite, 31 Mr. Mi Mi i it* a?hed leave to offer a resolution to adjourn over to Wednesday, to celebrate tbe anntrertary oi lhe baitle of Neer Orleans. Objec'.ed to. Mr k? iiamuiu.'. to adiourn over Negatived. 68 to lie" Adjourned. * 7 hie il the Tctc received ky telegraph, it U evidently i?ctrrc?L NEW VOKK iiR<?I8i.ATl'KB. Senate* Aiuiii, Jan. 7,1860. rCTITIONI AKD A r*tition prtceuU* by Mr. U? kkmak, of r?e*lla !> Nottbeck, of NewVork, tbe *if? of a Huiiltn officer. (or a law to legaliie tbe dtacent of certain property to ber heir*. Mr. Moauin pweuted the memorial of the Sim Yuk Historical Society. a?king for aid by the Statu, lu ercctii k a fire proof building, for the accommodation ot tbe Iniiui n ely Taluabl" collection ot rare bxika, nlaticg to tie hlatery ct tb? different Sta'ej of tbe I nlcc, and specially to Now York. It It tinned by Governor Key Dr. Drwlit. and Frederick Uepey?t?r. It t?t?.? Blurry other consideration*, tnat rhou'd lend tbe Legislature to ext<*nd liberality to tbtm, that ra .oy luunliei connected with tbe m?n ttiHiLtbt lu th? ?ail> Mrutfglt* of t tit a M?t- for fmetioui have made ttie eociety a d*-po-it<>r> of tb?i/ paj*r< It van r>i>tred t? !> '< ouniuit'ee on Literature, of whioh Mr B*?kUi?n I* ' Tbe I'midt i.t laid before tbe Senate a memorial from tbe Aikcrtcau Aireiatlo* foi tbe Advancement of Science ll in" Iiiu.ruJi a i>aicui pto't-cuMon of < ? io IrA eurtry. ai.d point* to tbe (treat b o?flt? d-rtn l b> (treat Britain fr<?i eu? h Mirtej* It lo *i?n?J by Prof Agaueli. lir Hemeyn Beck. Joseph Henry, of tbe Ssiitheoiiian laetitule. and Maear*. Sllllaan Jaok-ton, btlafkld. ai>d other* ot the xavaoa of ike land. airoaT*. Tb? report ot m* nuwDtri (] Drown Duim .^if York. win rtcelrtd, huJ referred to ttia Couiuilitoa oa Bank*. 1 ba Inepect r?rf the rr(?on?of tb? Stat* tniil* a detailed repot t of the coadltloa i??rery reeprnt of the HTMat (lUvu omior nit i . Mr Gintn r*?e d-tice of a bill In ralatloa la the exemption ot personal property from axroution Mr iuxibi i. of EaSalo, ja?? tJitlee of a bill to provide for tt.e tr'al of r * u ei In tba frupreiae tonic, in lileti tbe Juetiiee of tha HMrict wh"te tbo md? are to be tried, Lav* bean ?B(rage<l a* count*!. AM<mUX, Antu, Jaa 7, 11M iitimv it>oi.('iii/ni. Mr la* tit. of New \ ork laid on ia?- table lb* follow* itsg routuireat ?? (iBtlcb* VrMliii It the ttnete eeatnr. that the ?x!ea?t a of t?r u niirj i? ',<?c to, tad la eeiirtiet ?nh. the e*)e?lee*atnuidaitdfcy ti i: itvriUvtK et the c?a?ututt< n, a?'t tli.t in evtferwlt) tette ?t irit ot tt.m iii?'fooi?iit, end to i*?rj in' i (fleet tlx t'jeel lit tuh it wi>e ittiblUliel it U the high isJ umii i. flutj i f?'. L?r??i t > aWvii.'i eUeer/ tMrtiirlt , < I it? i? the li niter* ot the t l UD State*, uud to pr? ihit ftieler i >i? iU'rli.iH u, *tij |-iu.? t 1. mury aow boKn, it t ti. utuhxLui) te?r fur ?t ?..)v,r*e ly. ui lit:- ! Stat. . rinKfi, If tie Seaite i ie?.?, t'.?t, ri. t.UlM ilu re- | Mi iiiii ef(U>tiy ? I'hm i INI e?; ii?. . m.f S"itatare la i i "n|t? > It t*trtri > i??'. ii d >>r KrprrttataU??* r. uet*<4, I t? i (rrrne to ilit h a* i< el t !n ^<>>re lilt > m f I' > e .f, ta piaeeM tbe MteaMea afdattt i oe?r m,. r *tlea of i > in. . ' < ( the Ttttiitijf of iln I'i r< I ttv H? ! . '. If ile Naa'.i ( i ?te I H Si ? ) rk( lx i-iiiul ?f tl < -?*! li r.. r ierii I fi~?m n.e tibira! likhtttf letili!) ">i f H tt j iti l?r I tt r i?' f: ' f * ?TiaMa? a **p a?l aMilat ?? ' t?< ' u.- ?i ia tie federal < ireliiaf <i. i-ud f rlire it t .e i.? 1 i i iea. tbt itlfatirt liberty; m..i u.e ar.uenf ! 11 t. ii ii I M<k(i 11 ft'. I 'I ? ill r <r . . t II ? I. b ltdeli utiit,%> lo all <n lit tf ic>i ii4i'ra- |J u, till: > OMMITICL* Tbt Mlo^rj arraci.tiic W* cwWiitt" tWi <1?y kit t.LC'd by tbe Sp> ?kerN f. .Td. ,( fl j|f?lo i< piared at tt# b? ad fl \t"a) < ?nd ? ieaa#; .4 U<>wen >f Sea iKl.tU ?r. Trti)! if XiSany.two rt I?*i 1 it ( * bl^e (f I t>e II01..-e. are Mi Ibe taoi" romuilt;< ? ' ,i i It J AUwB-of tbat turth vmJ, New > oft I'at tb< I mil of lb* t.Mumltit* Ml Ci uruer.-e tfi l N?vl.a tl o; >.eeet* V at tutu <f N't* U"k aod ' >i * ??f Oa> tarto. lie iLe ?1 oh It. Vt Leal*. <jf tn? <<>, 1 at the b?? I rf thu <a >*l? I. iCa.olae a ti pi ?eHalloa lb It 't? Mr O illn. rti? liaii??y I i niiiinre le etw^ 'tl < ! Mr *-t t-y, of Iiutfber* llntoa if St. Lawf-nee W.Jtcu ot Wijae, Leati??Mlb. It SyTkCH'e. 1 e- ie Of 1 .t f Vr l ?-?*?4 i f New \ ctk, I* aetftf ' ^mrilt e* f tihei k? Ml bur.vm.t?. tf Or:-ac< r-untyl-h ?! t tt Llieta*tire t i i'Ui!i' 'I Net % 11 ? i< our if tbe i i niBilttev ? u I tii Ii f ? ?' I ' r.l r il I U'UMr. ii twil Ibf ( lli ? Mr A l> Ni? \ i*k. la on tltCujBl'.'.H ?ti i ?lu >l?m atturr* Vr titil of kifctfj. Ii Ltii if Hit ( (uiniUii 01 lla(> f IIm Lt ( cl >'.1 srv? it at tb<- !. kj of Ui* tcuimltt* on Militl? ut ffc i.'lc 1 ifttlt . r 11 mm . i-f ,\f* VhV, if 1.** I ol th? i hnrlt?t>'? II 4 Ilil.tW uf : ?ini?f inim I'* TI* *lty of Altnt y , b\ itt uiuulpt|iul Dti'.horUl.*. p-. ttitMi fit ia? i unkin g ib*m to futol u *n ?' nnl*t. A ri it * > itmln>1 lr> m th* C< ibj fr I.r romtn'iBicatu k lk* iirt tbnt tl.? IIuJ* d m. 15 .*??.ir?> IUII* r< aa ha<J Intuit to proTiil* the fJl }.*j In. tb? nUl??t . B th* Slat* Irup Tim'!r Io ttun ,11 1 t\J I b* law fort n'? itauttluB nfttr ft m MtlM T?IK Ikll Ijlttll. Ab irrpiUi.t tNl-nt* w>*n cat of a r Lirlal ;r?? uu J Uvm M. 1-anntc* f :l; tor .b.? tin t f tin 4ul'ri vh ItlMfh Mil It ?il Pi' r*itn nfcrH < to th* I DID ill< in ^gilfttllBir ? I an a?tn rnl iifl )'l t kMl> In T?f?f to It* 1 D til# > auiiJkC'ui* *1 Suit .Vr Ti i? ft ol- n -f I ik?! It ? < l3T'tTf| la thU 1 ?l lit (Uir ih Uii hi ( uit|i tta <ii utniifMi ?i t ??/ ?>a i / < il.r.?. ii.?i it av,u. ti, fc 11 tb- ; ?? Hi j ii imi ?l.irh lb* r?:w?r? 4(111 1 If ml"?t<l In iii?. illi ut |D\li. ' tti ' tin u* lii tt < n j\, t <ucb f?it M ?' ulJ *!? th lr (I'.irf ? !? it >it. S 1 I'.im.iI >>? \.ik tmt'titil that 1)4 1 In- tl.?i? >'? VM^lW Mll)li'jlll t< ll?*? thaif* <>t III* H> *? ? c 'i kf lu v** i?lur*<l Ic ??ol ;h>- fDPnnrlal tn i t? B ti hill il.Ul lii'MIUli I I Salt bf 1 tot* f *? ip .. aa.i it *n? mim;i J tu . ? t on r.iltt<? >* \ft itlit*. Itllll < ! THV I 1 11 1 \ ii'ii *. f r n It'ar But kfiMic.rJ .i a M.fQi rial -4 '?r?t I *} ?!? b id : tn I' i ii* ( i tt* f ?ift Of th* tii*cf k- 'i < Ld^i- ti ?#?-*4 tk* ff Bfc4?f Bf I,**- I W ?:u" t'ljli. n A'.tiOta II I^miu i in B . Yt \? f. 11 .V t?i ?. i of PtB-i l?Bt Vutt. of I n. n | I I. ilfr ' it'lcj irwltubtB * mj? "I f f *p, .iut- j :i a vt :pi?? It ?%ti -f n i /yi ? ( lint MUtr fC-'ti'.n ?h-t).?r *ny porr. ? r*j ! it u 4* .* >-? * fit* it J iti? buarvUM tt i. tlik H .."?i' ' i?. Xt U'??f ! *# i>i tlr# ?f M?J ?? fciu 'tlry lk? n< w ??to >??.%!?!? it I ? < t tl< Hi i r>k Vf, n. J. Al 11 * n'l-l Ji M? mehliK for frUt. 'r I ??<! kb* fc?r . t t h r i , I'ld 1* ?f Ilttttt* oi ? ?n?L,' ?l? I -it bi- ?. In it ifn.irm ?.f ?l - b >.r I'twMtid imi <1* if io ti tn* p?t>|>l? f? w?- ??l H|r"i t I f f I ? 11^ I t f f ?tdltl? tr< r'T? :k<n elMMI H? tl.M ?fct tfct J r r ul J b- I n- --? III ?m ?ll* l<r>? lc imr tfc?- ??j. ill; tu 4 it4* b-vh#r !) } ??uU ptlt t It* ?< !? ti set. vr i *i n d*-?lr? ?l it t? i ? me ii?v i it ?n*t? tii? Of Ik* t 11* 1 U?'ly. r*? |*tnU?g $ <i4 4"H lii til 4i)i. > *tr? ffi? irnlr??!y % ? by the preple Ha wt-b"<l tb* question deaiJad now, od not raft-rred to einmlttrx. Mr Fokn cf Buffalo, Ofpr?*d tbe prinMujj. h?fnr? it b> eame the la* of tb* laud And "bile it oolv ] n ine'ioplrto prt.p< nitliD. to ?pr??d thfiu tbroiujhout the coiid unity wo?li >>ply lead to error *<V tixn it ' Nrania a Jaw, he wo?M advocate iU betog promul I?"?. \ Mr. McInto*i< said If bad no ilifoaitloii to stem the tic# of Uyal reform. We must bom to the ouinii?.>t*at I r?*y Of prefreae; tber.- aie m '.--tr wr j.l n:tB j lewjere now ?ud then, as < 11 as with other iri-n Mr Vj>mm made a humorous speech la rela'inn ?o the dtti (jt-r wbiob sieued to be apprehended Irxn la? j >r?. in relation to ttmii not even one dny of the ir>lloB ran be allowed ta paae, without putting the'u ibionuli a revere review. Hn?l!y. the whole ?ul>jact was rolerred to the Printing Committee. NOTICB Of HI' I.I. Mr. Pratt gave not Ice of a bill tor the relief of tenants nr.der n anorial title*; Mr (iii.mHT. of New \ uric, of a bill to allow the Governor, in oartalo oa>e< to Je*!* I,ate a Judge of the Supreme Court to hold Court* of Oyer aid Tel miner. WASHINGTON MO?f>ir"?T. A r?-?oluflo? waa offered prrvldlug for th? d?n*M>n of a block if etc ne. by the State, to the YY4sUingt'>u Monument. iikbikf's ran. Mr. l?rL4?n of Albany gave notice ofa Mil to divide the dutlea, and reduce the fee*, of the Sheriff of New V ork. railroad from svbacl'se to ko<'iii?rCR. Mr Lbavknwoktu Introduced a hill for a direct railroad fiom Syracuse to Rochester. COWTBBTKD SKAT, Mr Fcllibton. the member fiom Oranire, proposed that hi* opposing claimant. Mr Ourland, sbouid be a 1nm ted to a feat during the progress of tae clatm, aud the House agreed teambaat Ki|ilo*lM> Bridgeport, Conn , January 7 1S50. The steamer Niagara, running from this plane to New York. In connection with the Housatonio Kaliroad. burst her steam oonneotlng chamber this morning, at 6 o'olock. as sh? wan leaving her dock, doing much damage, and entirely disabling her. No lives loat. She was loaded with freight. The Reger Williams ha* just taken her in tow for New York. Suicide and Fire at Montrose, Pa. Montrose, Pa., Jan. 7, 1850, The carriage manufactory of H. Clemens, together with a barn adjoining, was conanmed by fire yesterday morning. Los* $1,000? no insurance. A man belonging to Otaego county, was found sus. pended by hi* handkerchief in the woods, near Spring (lie, this county. From the appearance of the body, it if mppoaed to hare been there for tiro week*. Inundlarlim at Northampton. Sraint.ricLo, Ma*a , lan. 7,1S60 Two inoendiary ?re? occurred at Northampton la>t evening, one of which contained a barn, the property of Sauil. K. Lyman. Ea<) , and tbe (ther con-ctnei three wooden (toraa, aituatad in Merchant*" How, occupied by Mr. Riob, ** a bookatora, Mr. Kellogg, tailor, aad Mr Eackett, aa boot and ahoe itore. The building* were partially l??nred. Steamer Iaahel. Baltimore, Jan. 7, 1850. The etaamer Irabel touabed at Savanunh on tha lat lnat , and landed and took aboard the mall*. It baa bain raining here all day. Caart of Apptali. Alba^t, Jan. 7, IS JO. No. IS bai bean argned, and No. 13 put over to nest term. No. 14 baa been reverted by default. No. 16 had been argued, and tba argument of No. 3 commencad. Southern Hall?The Florida Indiana. Baltimoke, Jan. 7?0 P. M. Whc bare no mall this availing from beyond 'Jbarle*ton. 8. C. Tba Oaceola .Irgui of tba 20th, mya.tha Indian* bare tail(d to meat General Twig;*, and ai*o report* that eight teamster* bare been kill*-d by tbe Indian*. fhl|i]ilng Intelligence. OA' Alt, Oec. 27. j Cleared?Sehre Tjro, au J Leander, New York; Slat, b?rk Bopbia, liataaa. Bath, Jan. 4. ClcAied? Bark Saoae, Omar*. Iaum, J?n 3. Arrived?Bark Ckwoaa, Wnt rout of Africa. Or;, iith. I.*H no Am v*i?et. Jtpnke, 22J lie*. lat 2V 14. I >u 71 .H' b?r* I.uwrll > r w iork, fur Hum Ke>: 'iJX.ii, lal JH, lou oy a?. a.ilp kimucky, Uoilca fur New Utleaae. Bsstom , Jan 7. | Arrived?Bark Bat State. Baltimore: brii$ Mkdiioa, Jaeourah; H li M H< a*rb, Ceorjiolnwa, D 0. 8-hr Merr C Ante*. fr"m M?)aipie?, 224 alt l.ef' btrlre | Own beilard. tr^m Portland, eia St /li'itnae; I'auctuia. wtu< cart o; eclir Mir) tiiiabe'.h. for Now York ia 3 data. Pebra ^arobriJuf Ja-'per.aod Lyaclibiirgh, New Verk; Cenj Baker, Tacfier; A??ri*a? Belle. New York. HtU w- bri* 11 arbiter, frotn Fayat. t Uartd ? Ship OMo. Apa'aehicula; borka Knn>pe. B?t Indira Orr. I'D. havai.a; l.awtenee. Baltimore: hrui Ulrm-at, (harlatton Knetoa, Babia; ecUre Blliott, Port an i'rlaoe; Atctuiue, Wilmiafttoa, N 0. Bnmn Uoi.k, Jau 4. . Arrived?Bark Valon, Bnetua for Baltimore; ecur Cru?ade, II,atioan far New York: Sib. I arke t "in utrc-. Paeoaaket, ami brie Sea ileaa, Ikiladelphla for Boeton ochre J I, nut. . do fur (U; Julia Abb. de for Eattport. Moro. Nertelk for Be?- | tea. N alter 11 1'iercr. Frvdrrii keanrg tor de: hcraplt. U el b ttr Taafier: \olaat Philadelphia f-r 1 Ijuiootti, ? n l .?a. Haliinert It.r t r?alift.rt; II I, liall. Waehiacma, M', f?r i tot, aid 1 P Jobaton, Norfolk for do. New H?t>roat>. Jan S Ar-ivfd?Sl.ip ISaielay, Paoifio. Tahiti. Jul; It). It t ?a- | riiifiO<t.V tMI ?| ei in, Id 9 V ?l>crm on the voyage Spoke, A; r11.1, oil lurtu Hock, elip Bar lay. Naatneeet. 2-*' ep. rin. I 11 uel.ed at 8t t athanaer i reviom to Oct JU, thlpe Nat an *1 1 Uv |1T. IrvB lae'iort; biatui, Mew York: Oalutnf . S>io.i I laatwai < eearpe, New Yorki baike daeraaeato. b .it <n i.v.- ' neite, laetpaiU Poreet eranea, Pro-tieui* ti'.eo. P?t lead; , ll'ri, r r* 11 rk; brte? Metaolia. t'hailaetnn. Sam. l lmr ti- . man. New Orltaa*, Ka?lo. t?U n*?ef?r; ChfUtlana. B'v.'ly; j nIre Ft Bary. New t>rlea< >, vie Bai na'-r?. Praavia a, N ? York; R*lief #?Mle; J L liaeUtau. New Y<fk. all Kngt l tt, Calif raia; ebip Varlaad. New Bedford, ?l*aa, bad u Br >. el Plate. bailed, Jairpbice, San Praneiean. Paflimrvci, in S Airirr d?8^re I'aleitlBe, N> lk; Vai 'D.Kalttiu re ?? r- | ceittr, Philadfl|.t ia, elot>;a Radtu t aad Vi.-ilanl !1 i '-rk. feil'd - still i laret'doa, Ch?rieeti.a: Trt.?*et. V?i.n,ia.- , i. t. s t , Jt tea Srowa. t'hilailrlpliia: i'harloe B U><i, 1 N, a V"lfc. AiTi^ed tilh?^!i>ar Win IT llrowa, New V'rk. i ll'il-Fdnituf UoliitiHpre: M ? N?rf >lk ' >?ail mi, it . (e libvdo li'abd, W illatd, and I'ael ion, N?a , *"* ???? ? Ity Intrillffciii . Tim v'lilHI* fa i t '' t bruin in tbf plta?ai.t frort of th* i*a: fr* data ?lo it. itt? nftrttiOUD it ?bdid in raio wbirh r . iUn i l l(. fail to tbt tin.# of our ffolnrf to (*tm? d-lu^.r* iba lirretl * tlli ii'tir >l I r?i (i> line tbrai early Iaip%M v tl> tut f>? di?trlill.?. I U)bl?l.?. Mil (>U?r? ?> ! in gimt r> ,ui?,tiio Awti iT miH * ll?n nil.- \ mac Owen Krily t*Mjiog al IPV Wa?hn>nt- n air*. 1 >.*,1 4 . ,?ul ' I t ?Hh tb? I ki Irodrr et a ut|?or (tor*, at ilia r.?m?? II VNk-l m|it< ii Bad Aibany mrrata, t o 'aturlay ul^lit ' b n- til r t> cltrV. uatrtaliif ft;Ml fov Vlan of I <(u-r *it' tdip* t? Kallj ? rwn ?iatriuaiit tfct b*r i ' I.1.r ?n??d a titel > t wrta abi- b ha am. - lii. ta bl ? lt< lb* bar* of tha bead. lb: ictlug nr/ itrcn I M a.p B?Ut?la. A K?i?i tB ?*! Nil T Hi it lfi?i> t'?Ht llf ?Uliir??, baa at-nt w. la iuuiu. ii iito < r* * ?iot?rat at lu ttlTurr to a taia4l?t ? i <i 1 ? if>o ?rirlr t t?r . rn Id b?r ??m? by ab'eii hr t? Ittiril ririli l D'l' n> lr<m S.i I' Faal l.orj Sittif- I b ir>, \ a' tnlij r>d i>ib?-r^ It la frarr.i n? h?? f?oaf - i tl?* Mtdf '' }w<l?f lo * Bglaiid. and ba? arrt?*<l la I 'turn I,bb1??if? *hHf tbtra l? ?*ary fr. liability I that ti ?til lilf ay #oi 11 iMyioc M -a?y la lb* MW'f VM7 HtVlM it M tarn)- b* IHI "Ik-.* i4 t & | >?<i 11> | r*??at th?? ninny from ??e It la I rlbi . Bt t? v* Mi<<a th faeta. and l*Mrtb* tha I r *iia lt?a a(? ab 'lit thirty. milMH aad app*at- ! Iter *?t I i?? ; hflgbt fi*?ft-?tt?ll l.ik't r |. T *1(0 aaiit-w. talr tia k <?tij>p ??il to ha a *'ji "t.ift r? tbawd < fl ; b? h?-a ?t<? p k lb* afc"tUf?. ' t>l, l>|H<lia| Mik n lll? ?tl? I* b-1 i?r t'? i Mdlr tif* ?r.bU f*aturt? t?4 Ma??. itffct bail a 1 t;a* ford Watb. a wild aj?. t.?< <?. Ifca -?? Uinp? Ib iraii ?. i tally a'.l t ut fa ttir ?a'ly | art I Sunday Bt|bt. at >> Iba (it l .Lt Ib tha >tallt>li bna?a. ?o that that ji?ri of tl i tit) ?? ciitrrtl villi iluUft. I a lam; t : xtb *atd atrr ruf at taif part twalaa i ? II.i- |.||( tn.finj do (t*a tkloa f-r th? m ,n-j t >?r ri rai?r tut ?l iLr (ukrli ot tb? oltliaa* I'm* <tii. | - Tba oil lam|i? ia Vt'a*oio|: .i lii u t batittn to il*ti.u>'r-i y #t?? ,t *t ?Vt h <> ?l<-rk. <d Sut.,i?y tri-t ng I ,u f I ?if??t. Ilia M?l hi H??1m * MtfM, Ihr; ?f( at I I'lr ?> t.i<rk It ! to b? In J.?J 'h?t It' Ur t It j I Vtll ?Mt *11111* BOI I'fcLl 10 U.? J ? ,r h IT tail; fet It. B i I. ?i ?? t?> N tr?? Hurt ? ,\t n?o i ?> jr,l?rg?i> eratt.y lb* puiir* >i th? TblM * *r? !'?"! I* 1??'l 'I * ait I atirj tl t)i? 'n?' f ] tir -r B >ir? I I I 1 " f i * ?? ?; r (.<! > r " t rt I era irttiti" r>turn< I by Ikijtrjr. i h ? i i ?" !< Tb? i r?>orr y-?t? b?; 1 <B il ,u- ?t ' B I h? h?i-ijr I f f riek <-llf'T. ?( I thlr'T jiui i' rii ik lir tad ?t? ruiti* to m< 4' atb bj J* till 1 bt li-dt ?.t jlfVi <l ?fi fremiti* ??t?- it til ?) *> rtinL North Rim. Vrraiet ar? i M?tW 1 It* llvttIt. iitiuu *m. MrmriFi. A I u (? ? Vr Bail Mtt 'I ? T BtjtV 'V !. | , ' i P I 'lui) > aitia*i D'ltli. t tib# !' Kriai > r. Ti atitmd (<ntgr A. Wtr4 if. 1 !?ii? r '* I lhwW: W*t?*?t?fj Mr *<! If* : ?;i ; i aii?. rcviUk~i*i* Mr* "-bi' ti Mr , I I . a< V aid ad; N?*l .1^. 1 ^ f?: o. I n,i <lt I, , \\ !j >m 1A !?; ?. I lira, 0 W.litkitlit4 ?r J U<l/ hh'.tcB. > \ . M B '< * aa? k 1 \ W Met {t I,?m-v .M4?? 1 t)?m4 ." ?!? tn; Jr#? <? I -?* M? \W; t nr;J Mi< i It. Btt.n*tt if>? tnd r:?i,t l\in?Mt>? It, ttit in< tfc* *rrt?alt jt ttilaya: th? Itiiuj Hivii Jlr d.-vra Hi?M>in?. J itirn*tv U-wiiri; tin i Lit (r?f* HI*?IMI? Jaaif* \ an ?hat-*k }' Ifl; 1h !* >fllt?T I |I| . O'Uklll: I [i ? ?. f?jt I iW. It?"? '*mrtB*?ht.i?.* rr.irittB a. aiu o< i tb? at lV ll?t.'i? H<*?1 InKiniMi ni Imllrliliialfc Km U'?'kti!l Mall)***** at t. bar id'-it, 9 l >n 1 ' tli# ?th ?*tt. i.o? f U| J of V?.. wa? at ?H I'KM Cmf?it a ! ># ( ] tin ;eu ?l'lf C'?t? < c*i?bOm of Mho?l? MmJ ffcr *rwlr?M' n rf Ht*t? otti< ?r? *i 1 tm b?ij ?? |"r * ??tfc* rth t?*t. 11 3 ^ J'OSITIC.N ANH PROSPECT* OF TUB E*IPIKK S7.lTr.. -We published in yesterday's piper the annual report of the Comptroller of this State to the Lel'i-lature, no<v in aewion ; and although its length will no doubt prevent many fr.>m perusing it, still it is a document worthy of b-ing read by every [iertion who takes an interest in the growth aud ;>r< greps of the Empire Sr tte, whether he ia a native of it or not. We are informed, in a few wordd, by tlie Comptroller, in thm able docjm<*nt, tlut the financial condition of the State is in a hi?U degree prosperous and encouraging Tlu- public credit, he says, is untarnished, and our public necurities command tin unusual i?remifimat home auJ abroad. Internal improvements yield a handsome revenue. The school fund is amply large enough for thodispensation of knowledge for all time to come, and the revenue for the put year was more than was required for the expenditures. Such in the present con iitioa of the great Stita of NVw York, unrivalled for in prosperity?for the magnitude and importance of its public improvements?for the intelligence and energy of iu people? lor its pronpi rity?and at this particular junc- 1 ture, we ntay add, for its devotion to the great ? confederacy of which it is a member. Let our fmatics t-ilk as much as ihey (Jcase about the horrors and inhumanity of elivery?let them threaten us much iiK they please about dissolving the Un>on ? let them declaim until they arc hoar*e about th? social institutions ot the South?there is not a people in the republic who are more devoted to tho integrity of the Union, or more ready to rise ia its defence, if unfortunately it phou'dever be assailed, than the people of this the Empire State. The State of New York, however, is only in iter infancy. Its agricultural, mineral, and manufacturing resources are not yet half developed. When ? they are made as much of as possible, New York will be a much greater State than it is now. But independent of these resources, her greatness must grow with the rapid increase and growth the Western States, and, active all, she, and this ' PItv in mrfi/nil.?r will ht ?*rwl nn/1 trvoat^r \ when the connection between the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean*, by railroads and ship canals, shall have been finished. As soon as those great warks are finUhtd, the whole ira ie of the Eut will bo revolutionized, and New York, from its geographical |>< enion, iiiuH inevitably become the seat of commerce and of the monsy power of the world. As it is, such a d< gree ot greatuess as the State ot ^ New York h*s reached in ?uch a comparatively short ?pace oftune, c u.not but excite wonder and admiration. Court of Oytr and Terminer Befrie Judge Kduiotitt* tbd \ldrra?tJD franklin an 4 J K. Conklin Jan. 7 ?1 btiie sot b> m* ? Un-lent number of gantleum pr?-i?-nt to eoimtitu'*- th? lirand Jury, the *wtailntr in of I lmt boUy wa* postponed to Widntmy I1H FlJlH? On tue pan? 1 of the petit juror* being railed, tow uLMct ird to tbi-tr Nao>*?. and tbv Court ordered the uir.-ettBuautf to be cailrd "D for a fiat of $36. 7'a. Ihutyt C??.- Mr Clarce care notice that he would tuake mi applicxtioa Hit* morning on babalf of the lirsrj* si tb? pitting of the Court at 10 o'alock 'J'be tiUI of thx Alitor P|?CD rlotera will h* con. Rii nord roiiir Jay this ?r?k but no tima ia aa yak definitively arranged. 9 it pro me Onart. Jan. 7 i-.d?ai d? wt in elrcnlt today, and beard a law cause*of no , ubiii interest. SPECIAL TKKM. Jnc. ?Judge Kduio?e? opened tba apeoial term, but uo i?sp beu g ready, the Court was adjourn ad. Court imtndm.Tula Day, Ci. umi I i.i 4i, I'ih i l.-Nun, 'ill. SI. Si, 34" 616, 87, J{?, 1] 43. 4f>, 4*. 4M. M. Mi. 66 l'*ar U -Sot. M, 3?, Lb, 40 4J 41, 4C 4?. 60 t>2 64. 64, 68, SO OIL NilLII Foa KVHOPE* THE WEEKLY HERALD. THB FililCKS OF NEW YORK. P ?? , Ac.) 4M. Tba nt?mn?bip I ambria. Capt. Skanno*, wUi le*T? bwl'O to morrow for Hallfai and Liverpool. Tba n.alla fi r all r* ti r.f Europe wilt eloa* In tbl? eltj at tl?rr? CcUek tlila afternoon The fKttkly Hi raid, printed in Krtnoh aaU fcagll.h, for lr?nl?Uo? la Europe, will t>? publUhed at tan o'clock, thU k i riilnj. Single eopie? In wrapper*, alipenaa. P?jrrt?olocj Th* s. ??r thi Coal ran* . 1 : I I: '} ? vit p'i " ?>j|'M-?lly, with aa AppanuU, ' > B>etu.?ri? ?uu p<>etaU tapariaaea. ffJ'tiph Bi '.* V. V l> ll-i.tral?d win pUt?? PnV> llitMi)IUWI tm< k WILL', III Kama itnti. Prtoe ..icn.i*. IkUifrt> 4pwetd> of a buf ?r*4 pec-*, t tai.U'uil) 11 1U4. ui prelum/ ill .. u< iwxnii tiri'ti ? i.Li' > ? vttuet* ? **j w> rk within gar know ltd**. ______________ Wr r*ftr our H*??lrre la tla? Atvartl*** an-at ?'f l)r. Mr<irt?-ia. ?a loertfe pe?e. k?e U4, "Nut Ki'ja^idteary U M W ' hrtelmne ttnd \tw Year a Utfu -?% choir* 111 nnrm el I ilul trtloU* ?f Jawtirf. kteptoi tac . ..Ti? 11 I'll '?!? i' r ail* at llrai.jr'*, 'JlU .ad IV Un .Ui. *j. utur mi t'u lie* urnl To lift, on liia?Un?)r, an elegant, wall* 4, v >.ll* 11*1 nl, M K' m 1411 I *nV I'ullar. Ill I) 1'ii f t, ( ii'i 'l il>ri< i?*inut with 1 lis 1 !" >? w*W, i.J I I* ? ' < d? Iial'i i>i?n ul Ihe ?,r?at lb<r?a|h . ki" 1 u< itr a 'r't ul juri A1 - pi? ?*? ?. * A Hl>. iM Hi" fflBMLICUL AFFilBl. UlinKI H4RKBT. * Floi.'.ai>uury 1?H P. H. Tl.a itirk tukrl ffftid tbt* munlrR I*m Imoyant lInn it ' lo'td CD Bid*;, ao4. wltl? %hi aicrptlon of t-*xi4.?T?" Loan th*'pili-ft w?ra cnoip*r?v!rHf nuUt. i?i. Uti nr icnain about the nm*. W'? hudlj know kit u u.?k? (f ib? >fcrk uatk*t. rt! ?? fur th* '* lU i[ j m 4. and ik? 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