Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 10, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 10, 1850 Page 1
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V? mm? .... TH NO. 5695. Highly Important from Washington. NEGOTIATION AND PlflBABLR SETTLEMENT OP THE NICARAGUA QUKSTIM. The Terms of the Settlement. The Allfftd Delalealion of Pi<*|>?r M. Wetmort-OtLer relaxation*, and Other Matters. Our WmhliiKton Currripondence, Wuhiw ro*, January 8th, 1850 I B??ft wtitc to you b'ir. when I hare something of lBporUrc* to oommuu'o >t? < hi* particularly the (I CMC daring the flurry of the I'muMn affair, when I Jjou all th? particular*, the pritate as wall as public ( U'N, which led to that tiara up Th? une motives governed me recentlj. "h^n I g*v? you au account of the filoarr^ua bu?lnee?. and stated what steps bal been taken by the two governments. through their principal* and their agent*, looking to final settlement tf that ugly and difficult matter, comprehending the pre*t water communication between the Atlantic and I'acific ocean* under whuse prot?otion and soTareignty It should be constructed and managed As an appendix to thin latter intelligence. I bave now learned somexblrg from the State Department connected with the same matter, which will be intere.ting to the public on both tides of the Atlantic, and to the commercial la tetektM of the whole world 1 bate undoubted reasons for believing that negotiations have already commenced between Sir Henry Kulwer and Mr. Clayton, on the Nwattnui affair, and tbat notwithstanding the bully** Wg and b uiiterlog of tb? Keen's of both governments J<u Central America. dunnut u lust two years, both Lord ""^Palmerston and Mr. Claj too have not the courage to tand to their own deolarxtii'int. but batre been making Arrangements to back out. to hitch up and settle the while basinets in the mme way as two sharp-set brokers.or Jews, would settle ?oy ordinary eommerclal transaction in Wall street, in New York, Lombard (treet in London, or. on tU? Bourse, in Paris 1 believe I gave you the firet r rutct bis'.or? of the .steps tbat were taken during the 1?U *u<nm<-r be' weiu l.oid I'alnierston and Mr t op to the expected arrival of Sir Henry Bui <er on this side of the water (1 filled up the gap in tba- diplomatic history, by giring jjou an authentic account i f ta? nogotiations au 1 treatler elTeotad by Mr. fhee iu eutral vmerio* dur' ing his mit-elon there, witu tlie motive* and reason* which cau??d tbi-m to be nt a?ide, and thrown under the tab'e before .Vr. ' la*fon had got ovrr the Ar t flash cf joy at tUe rvcepti.'u nt document* which would give hiiu a b.ld lu Central Auterioa. in oppositlcn to British pret< usIlds at that time. It was dnrlrg the <art rummer that Mr Hi<e returned, and pr<fe? ed thoso imprvrtmC document* for th? acceptance ft oar government. Mr. Clayton wui then in-v ?I'll Lis quarrel with the French repub lie. aid old not warn, at the sm? time to tusie a belligerent attitude towards Kng'and. He cogitated for a long time, on th-t recep ion of Mr. Hite'a papers, 1 nd tnCi *>crtii to ascertain urh-! her the British government would "fight or fwian the river," a-< he termed it. in hi* elegeut col rat Rational ><ty le it Mmm* Lo*ev*r ir. ni the )>rogra a wln-ih tnese curioui nejjoll*tioTii> have ni>'ir Lo; J ; aim-raton and Mr Clayton ii eluding thai be-ween th?ir agents and diplomatist.-. that aeither of the two mreat partial, the Tirittfh f 'vemmri t managed by Lord I'alineraton, nor the I'cK) d Scatea government uiM>?g*d by Mr. Clayton ? that neither of tl<em would utuijit the reap inability cf " f.ithtmg or awi'onioyc trie rinr," ba". both ?r? creeping out of the difficulty, eneaking away from their j own eetupll< ationa. In tUe be<t w?y they oan and are now under lite tame influence wb! -h* *harp-*et brokers and men of buiineee, in endeavoring to tettln the whole natter no the pritioiplne of oommon n*e and mutual Interest* Wall, what hat been d< n* In the?e important negotiatiena Mere the arrlral nt ?r Henry Bulwer? I will endeavor to tell you m briefly aa i>o?aibi? There have been one t wo, or firee inter*! w i between Mr. Clayton | aud Sir Metiy Sir Henry presented a certain pro- ! gramme for the telil-m-nt of the <|<i?atton. which wai negatived by Mr Clayton on the itrouud that It reo.">gnlxed the impudent pretention of the Moaquito Klog. nd 410 not adequately e?t'le the r?oent extraordinary diploma'le deluge of Mr < :hun!tleli -ad Caattield the . Brltiah lit th'*"*eai. 8nV>-(ja?nt etepi were taken, alter r< flection and eonaul a'ion in tnls matter; nd I hatluva b.<th parties - Mr Clayton on the part of i "he I nltcd Ma tee, and Nir Henry Mul ?er on the p*rt of England? hare agreed to a certain arrangement, emt racing four, five, or alx le?iiu< p<>lot*, by which the wbi'le if tfcW bu*tne?a will be aettl'd alTectn. ily, provided the I nit-d Slate* Senate. on the one ride, and Lord I'almern'o*. m the other aj-ee to the ri-ult arrived at by their re-pe'tlve n go- 1 tiator*. Hy the ptopr>*?d arrangement the United ^tatea and < >rrat Urltala a;ree iu omveatiin t > oooetilu'.e tbiBKlvei the pro'entlrg piwer* of the urreat ent> i prire to connect the t wo oo itm guaranteeing neutrality to the canal a>> >ut te >#< e m-truited and opened through Nlca-afia ui.der a charter from ;he government of that fla'.e. By that convention, the eoverelcn right of Nicaragua to th# wh <ie of th? territory Ijiok b*tw??n tb* \tii>ric >nl tfta Cauda (C*anr, tmliitcbf both ?id?? at t)i? rout* of th?|>r>. t ff?d and the diiii; I'lo i l-ailiaf to ?tnh ml, M ?rfcnowi*Og*d tint Rt:?. atitl?-J by tin- two pow-n, and thro** "!'?*n to lh" wtiol* e >ai u ,-<?'al world tin l?t certain ?r,nJitioni Andli-r point of tb? arrangt Kent tl,? prot?oUnj powar*. ?T*n in time of war, ts th? rmil in a neutral pcaitlon, opto to a'l nation*. wit* n*u trtl iRi.g on ttoti rivIh of t!?a l-ilimui <-uiVft'in{ bout t?? il^niu uf rub ol the t;r< it oetari* Wttbin tboe linil... t'tan lu a flat* ct in i Mime ?tr no atta'*t can b? atti-wpted t>y the THwli <>f oe na'ion on th >*? of tnotl'iir. but lul aurccp it (titu bajond tbra oa i ?itt.?-r >id?, Ao.Uim. p .tut of <r?at i n|ir>rt?tio? i*. thut the aullioi |t.y t. ft?.j by tii.' SUti> *f Nicaragua la tb* < *tal coni| >nj l<t<> be aomplatn mi l pr'fcol ?#?r the ra'?* ct toll, nod over th* financial and oonnn?f- I ciai ainonfmtfltf th* whoi* lm< It i? ?l?> uud?f tood tbat ?be Hu'vl tn g >v?r ura -uf and eran the t rvucli gofi inrntnt. mar ?<*<*" >'' p?rtl?? nod oaqi|>y tL* tame j.o, it'.n a? prot*oM?i" p > ?. i tb* oth < *. 1 locking toward i the e >o*truci d and n?e of Ibid canal Soeb are th* general tu ? whicb I U??h the t>< at rnaecn for bvlletiug arc now nlerta'ii'd In the pralitnlna if atfpa toward* a flbal diplcma'ifl adju?iji-ut of tbli tioaklouo.* affair Mr < laytcu f.'r tb* L'at'ed "Uat?i goieii n.> i.t gitm up alt tt>u right and ascluair* authority wbuo wa? re'er" d t> tbi* country by tlia famoUf treaty ol Mr Ht*a?tbe ptttitular* of nbl -h I gin you on a former oco* Ion > r < lay ton el?oabin dOL? the blgh naltonat ground in i*l?tioa to tba lut-rfritni e ct Kurcp an government* la Amario m afalr*, ,?hicb ra* atiuuad by Mr Monro* * 1 maintained for #e?erai ? ar* . ul> r.<u?, by *?> ry pa-t? la tbi* country Mr. ? lajtPL al*0 f'* ? cp sb.' tr* parage of ail .Kin* . f _ I. t'? ? ^ . r-. 1 ?hi/.K trurt J by Mr. lilaa'* tr??y In fact tha whoia of the ad?nnt?< accurad by that traa'y ?ra thrown anil*. ?i <1 It i* ??' d prolmMti that '.h tiantf cf V1r 8 j:iiar ? tba ermon i f Tlgra I I.tad. wish other of hi* mow. ntl-tlll hf l.ij t'.ro?D sild*; nod tbat Tea Mr. tf<|uicr tilawli It th* Influ^n^a of th? cab o*t an accoatfliab It will b? rcjact-d or r?-eall?d, for hi* rnn-ltj In carrying out \mnrlM3 1 ! a> and IttMi* tuft to Atiiariaan la Ibut rc{'>a, In opp^tMl o t?'k? p rtm-t. n? of tba Hri-i h g'/?*rnin??t nod the CkTln* ! of Mr polte/ Wblt* Mr. 'lay ton, fur t'.'a \ui?l'*n g >?arnm?at. giraa up *11 thoaa ?* id back* oat la tse ame rtile in which Mr r<?lk bmk- l out la tha Orag<->a aflar. Vr Hulwer. ob tfc? patt of Kngltud, up the S o'lotto Kin* nod h'? f i u*iTe territory. hi* bat and fra'bai* b<* druukan or (la* and all the aittc* perfortaad SMr t hatBald on bun ?l l?i of th# lathnu* I'rnm I* alaw of the matUr It ! duabTal th?refo*a. wbt?h of the two goTP'BiB?Bt<. tbi ?agh th?lr r^tlrs mr*tarli * at d dipl 'mallet* Kir** np th- m?*t fi>r tie eahe of at oaea reaching th* l?p"ttant pnjaot of coapl?t*dic th* rtnal that I* to ratoliulmUa tha whole enauiarcNi world. B'th Nt? biu?'rr?d ?n l b'aaitareil a (t a! deal; but an iLtloeaca of c><no< n R*oa- aro*a ft"?i th* parlien* ?rf Lr>uihard utraat and the Lo# l9t Kiehai^t ob the ore ?t !e. bd<I ooi-d froa Wall etrant oa the other. which bw prodire.J a practical and p?a- -eVe olatloB if the graat wa>r int"rci<ur*e between tl Atlantic and the I'aclBe which baa eogag-'d the ?,tlentloa of tha claimed world for three cetiturie* pa*t. It la iiBdaraftwd that, a* ionB a* thoaa tr*at|ce ara completed th? company reontly < rr-*n' '?d for tba conairvctloa if tba canal can tii-e any am tunt of money tn I ondnn or I'aiU, to carry it lato Immediate eierutioa Sir H?ary Butwer ha* airevly offered to tela, oa tha part of l.oadoa capitallato, fur fifth* of tha amount that may ba ne. laaaary tor Ita omplatlti and It ! aappnaed that tb? Kmparor of I.natla will al?o want to b*?a a *har.' la tba atoek aril will li^ogir ft l*r,J to tb? eontatillnn ?? aoon m It con>pl*t*d. Mtws Sir Munry Bolwar aid 'h* American g??arnm*nt In ord-r to raa** tha matter nor* cxBplala, Mg? f < ara-fct, lb* n?w mtntrtar from Nicaragua. In thli oil; h*< <U?nvo rod, I ond*rviand. antiraly. th# tr*aty whl. h ??? n#g >tiat#d by Mr Ht*a on th* part of th? l ali*d rtt#t-?. and Sl^nor il S?It?, a* eomml*?lon#r on th# part ?f Ntoaragua aV ut t?o f?a'? a*o. Thi* r<-f#r* ti> th# < ielu?lva tr#a'y. which I hara already d*?crlb*d. and a aopy at wklca ha* b??i d#man**d by th* Pi-nat*. but afi#r ltd t?pjdtatloa by tha Mltlxrr ?I Nlearat'm an* h?r? In that# negotiation*. Mr. Clayton, following th* ?bnffliB(t polity of Mr. Folk In the Oragon ha*ia?*?. trill y?t ar-' toplUh *nw?tbfi< of pra ti'?at utility f >r th# pT#a#iit g>n#rati#n lb# atewlltlM which u? < ommttlrd In bla othar negotiation* may b# laughed at. for ttat? ( tha only atoak In hand that h# ba? y#t Bad# iIdm ha has b?? 8#nratary of Stat* Vet I don't think that Mr. i lay to* i? ?.(u?l a* negotiator, to gir Hem y Bulwer Tha new K.nglt?h Mlolar.#r I* a perfect original In bit nay To appearand**, ta ? >nTrraatlon and #r*n In the detail* at btialnea*. ha hat all tha (illy. fnl*om* air of a Bond atraet dandy, or of a Plraadiliy cockney Still. I doubt If h* i* not a Jaep-r nan than appearance* would warrant. Tw*nty year* ago. b* publlabad *om? eutlou* work on tha political, oral and *oetal *?*nt* of franca, whlah Inlt ratad g*nln* and oo?*1d#mbl* d*pth ot thoncht. I rathaf think h? ha* otbnr thing* In rlaw. In hi* ml**ion to tbl* country, than th* m*t* ?*ttl'-m< nt of th# Nl-nragna ouaatlon or I lb* (iTlng op cf th? Mo?.jullo Mnji Urritiry. or th? 4lMTtV?r of Mr CkatfloMt 4<i?<" Tkl< ita?til%r ?f? E NE R?* I JM ravlrg in msy be merely preparatory to ether iid more important n*gotta>ieas that will affect the Union, the power and the perpetuity of this great, growing, and threatening republta of tlx Writ Mr Bulbar lived buuj year* In Spate. and was kicked out of that oeuntry for his iutrrtereMe with the peculiar rltvi of t^ueen Christina He owm her *oui? little revenge; ai d potalbly, in conneetiea with the mooted questioa of r aoadtan annexation, there may be eom* deep laid project for the quiet transfer of Cuba to the United State*, In connection with that of Canada in tone fuch way aa to produce a greater agitation, and a greater exoitemebt oa the slavery question, than what we have already Men springing trntn the acquisition cf New Mexico aid California The power of mighty republc baa paralyzed, b .t o?iebr?l, and waked up all the old laonorohies a at amtooraclen of Ki.rope If the United State* consolidate the territory which they have. Including California on the Pacifio. and get a guarantee of a rlgbt. area aprons Nicaragua, nothing ran prevent a po*er. with such a consolidation. from coverbIok the whole civilized world The British govrrnmrnt tba Russian government, anl other governments, see thia ; and they alao peroeive that nothing but a dissolution of thla mighty republic ? a reparation of its great element*?the northern aid the southern States, as veil as the west on the 1'acilir- can prevent a complete a ad sweeping revolution throughout tba olvlliied world We eta that tba British government, by the last accounts, If tkey are to be believed, were preparlag to alio* Canada to *rparata from the efowo, if she chooses to da to, and seek annexation te this republic As soon as tbat besomes an interesting question iu this onuntry, the seuthetn Slates will seek more annexation io Mexico, Cutia or the West Indies; and who knows but the British government is playing tor tbat game, through the skill and taet, and frippery and ooeknejirm of Sir Henry Buleer himself. I will apeak j more on these points on anather oecasion. You may be surprised, and othera have expressed mrpri.?e, that we bavo hrard nothing more of the half i nilliion defalcation of the lata navy agent in New York, 1'iosper M. Wetmore. Thla defalcation, according to I tie moat rt liable stories Km dlminlribcd to one hundied and seventy five thousand dollars. and there it t? svppond it will htlrk. Wall, the alienee of the government. and or the cabinet organs on this defaulter and bis d< faloatlon. has been produced by soma curious causes \ ou are aware tbat under tbe Sub Treasury law, defaulter* to tba government are liable to be inrfioted. and, if convietad. to ba cent to the Penitentiary tor a oertaia number of year*. For several months past, the Htpuklic In this city, aud tbe other government organs outside, in New 4 ork aad Philadelphia, hirt been talking very largely of defalcations I have oean it stated in somt juatters tbat a ditoovery bad been made, ebo wing that about Ave and twenty defaulters, moat of thum looofcci a, were disoovertd; and tbat their defalcations amounted to something over a million of d >lUra. Posnibiy Mr. We'.more's was th* largest Item in the whole lot. Kecrntly howeter. tbe government organs here and iu New 1 ork are extremely siksnt. hushed up an4 i|ulet about tbe uiatter. Not a ward bas been ssld recently, and thev seem t) wish to tfak it into obllvl >n l<oes it arire from tbe peculiarity of the sub. treasury law. or are tbi y afraid to institute criminal proceedings uader tbe lhw against locofooa defaulters? or are tiley preparing by abaodoninc all such process arain.-t defaulters, to create a ip'rit of ln>puuity, which tbey themselves, when they go out of power, mean to follow. if it eau avail them ? It seems very likely. Washington. Jan 8, IS50. The Vranrh Mtnti Jen New I'urk and San Ft a unites ? The IIillJ\tr the ket'01 alio* eef fugitive Sit i el. The Branch Mint bill, introduced into th.i Senate by Mr. blckinion, provides :? 1. Tbat a Brauch Mint shall be established In the city of New York, for tbe ooloage of cold, silver and copper. Appropriate* $2*6 (rfkl for tbe rite of building and tbe building lUelf. and lor completing c>a?biiatii ns of machinery. Provides for the appointment. of ofTcer*, by aad with Uk? a J rice aud consent of tbe Hena'e 2 Selarie*-Superintendent. $2,100 ; Trea?urer. $!, MO ; Aaoayer. fJ 600; Mailer and Kedu-r. $ L u.di, (Jointr. %'i ICO, two LWrki, M?r.h. and tw-ntj and (ervaitt*. A klc? little ba oh of gjod *nug tBae*. 5. Officer* to take an oath and ?lre *eouritj far the faithful patfornianca of tO?ir datie*. 4 The general dii?ctl?n ot thl* Uraoch Mint to be ondtr the control o( the Utreetor of the Mint at rail*, itrlphia, ruhjt ot to tbe approval of the 8??ii'Ur; of the Trta*uty. 6. Lfeclaraa all penalties ia relation to the violation rf the l>iw? regulating the .Mlut*, to be iu lull fjroe ia tblf eotubli bai* i t. 6. Provide* that tbi? Branch Mint (hall be the HubTnarury lor New York, Inetaad ot tbe ruoai* uom aicd at the t urtom Hour*. Mr. Ueutoa* aaaendBieut provide* 7 Kor the establishment of a Branch Mint at San Krateifco, and appropriate* $300,(00 for that object. h I'rotidr* that the Supeiintandmt and Tr?a<urer *liall etch r? o? Ivc $5 100 a jear ; to tba AMajer aud Melter and Ktiin*r, $4,000 each , to the Clerk* $3 000 ?aeb V Applie* the law* and regulation* la reference to tba othe Mint- to thl* ona, and inakr* thl* branah at San I'rancirco the Sub Trva*ury for California. Tbe fnt-nd* <1 b?'b tbe*e ci?-*?un? are very nanguine that tl.?j will pt?* thi*?e?iioa. ri'OITIVg (LtVE*. Mr. Ma*on'* litll providing " I >r the nor# elfectaal exrrutioa of the tMid clause of the teconJ lection uf the fourth aitiale of the Constitution of the Uaitei S.?t?-a" UaaMloaa : ? B? it ended 1) lilt lifitta wd (le'taaof R?pr aentatirei cf tl.f I nitrd Flat M America la IVupiu aeauinblaJ. Tnat * Li n a | rnm I ai.i t icnlMtrlU r la >ajr 3'ate ur Tarriti rjr of the I'nl'rd Stt*ae, linger tlia laaa of lact Htate or 1mit< ry. ahall ?? ape >ata ii) ether ol tlx Ni4 Siaea or Ttrritorita. tl.e (*n?i to a houi auch aurviea or l?>>"r mty i.e <c>, hii cr her arret, or attorney, ia imp>?>r<d to ? or artert tucb iu?iti?a from aar>ice or lat^r at.d to tata kim nr 1 it na._" o' fta Circuit or Dinrict Uoiarte of ti.e laated Mate/. ft ? ? '? r er elerk of auch aoarte. ?r narai<al tbercaf, AT , "" r '"J I iitrd Mtii). or cillaetor ol tbe cvaisuii of tbt ?* ?. eittn, II mill <r I ?i wtthia aurh Mat.- wharaia f?o!i n. 1 ;a anl "poa prmaf te tbe eatiafa<-ttea of nchjudii* ci mui.aamier, clatk. aaaralial, ix>n.a??ter. nr colirtt >r, a? the a*aa may ha. Mthar by oral ta?tia?o?y orafttdarat taki n kef. ra and eartihad by any feriwa autha> rtitd to adn ihiaUr u oath tmdar tha laai of toe Ifaalt'il Mataa. or ol any Mac that tha peraoa ao aaiiiil or arrajaail miliar tl.e laa af tha ^ ta-u or Territory Ituta which or aha fW, o* e MTTlea or lab'r ta tl.e paraon cletruliiK him or liar. II el til l? tlie duly I atiah Judge, roninmr mr rlark, in ira.'ial, |. I'n.aiur. or eellettjr. to t II a < jrtillre'.e tliara f t<> auc'i 1 d*. bla er h<-r a?ent. or attorney, which oartili 'et.? i.: all I a a aalMlaat *MHt fir takiacaad rwia) m i ftglUve tri m ran ice or labor te tha ttau ar Territory Ir mi ? i.h Ii he or ?fie llad. Fit. 1. AM be it farther reacted, That whaa a paraon bald i te aartlca ar Itbi.r aa aani|?aed ta tha drat aaetiaa el tLn an rhall i ?cep? i.-i at lai h mtii a or let >'. aa tlinreta aa* ihit,r^, tl a |?r? a to wl auiaai k eereieeer leher a ay be dwe kia er Meat, or attcrae). ma> apply to ?n> oaa or ti.eolli >era of tl a t b1te<l IMatae ramed ia tail aaeUea, ether tbaa a traralal i.t tha I nited Statue, far a wa'raat to - iaa aa 1 ?rrrat furh fuitlia. and rp-a albdatlt Iwai made baf ra iarh o?eer (i-ach of v for tbe purponaa el inn act, la her^'iy 1 anilatlird to ada iiiiatar aa oatk or a*raiation) by ilci cla mant hi' ar liar aim. that eaeh Parana di>aa, nadar the i lane el the Ittata er Trartt< ry whieh lie er ahe D'd. owe i or lak<r ta ai.rh alaimaBt. It thail ka. and ia hen by, meda tie du'y rf Maah eihear, ta aad lif ra woeta earn applii atiua aid iffitr la made, to iaewe kia warraat to aay a arafal at aay ?f tfeei'aaite af tbe I'tM Mttaa ta eaiie I and anrataark allmd raaillea, ar<1 te brla? bla ar ker leril.wlit, rr i.a a <la> ta be i.aaad ia aick warraat, t.-f ra Ilia i l>r?' iaaiiii<? arch warrakt, or aithar of tha ilhar oiltoara > !? i a<<11? 'ale tiei ?< tl? aarepl tbe aara^al ta whim the aid warrant la dtrictad, al.lnh aald warrant or aawbarity tl a i*id fatihll ii lent] aatkuriaed aad directed ia all tl lata to akry. h?c. S. And ha it fn.-thar ended. That aay paraoa aba al all Itillailf and v il in|ly ehatnaet er biadar aaeh elaimart, I te aaaat "r a'.taraey, <r aa) pare-ia ar pera..aa eaeiet,r j i in. ar ihaa. aa a<i larwi r or arr.ailui auok fli 'iie (run Mtt i o T li V,r. ar aha.l tt?m inch fagitlra Irani aaoh I a Biai t. Ill' UMl or aiwrroy, *h-?i an arroiiod para lant to the authority l.iruB fi? re ur 4o?lar?d, nr ahall ill, ihi, or aotli* h poi ? ,? m< Mrrte* or !? ? r to o-*i-o from rock Ua>a>?i>t. h 'aratt or att-raoy. or aliall harbor or eaa1-iM ?rk |< rti u, al rr ??u?? tlat hi o( tl? (Mt f??iai? labor, a? ?f r-'?? d, ill all, (or oitnar of H.o id I oir-a<?a, Intlnl M l |s>y lh? <?"i "( t aa tfcnnaand dolUra, kUk pa ail) may ho nnurtd ' anl for th? hoarllt of (y?k diiut lyict.?a'f c?t li? tiytmrt prop:* to try tho ???.o. tavfi k. wi'Wtt. t<? ih* proon tla>ai>nf nch la'.or or l>nM*i Ml rt(ht of aetioa frr, aa arcouat af, tho aail lejuHn. or Other m tkem. !>? 4. AM la li fnrthtr oaacad. That whoa ealU peraio ia mud or arroot' 4 utiln and Vr ?irtao ?f tko MI4 #arr?at. I) >1 rh a.?r?lnl ard l? l>i i*i*hi k f. ri oithor of tlia oflWra a 'tnnl, ollii r than -ait ii.ara'al. It >/>?! t,ty -f oh itrir to pro*rod in tho ran cf(u?h p?-ro >n. la IV mio ? y a? ho to 4ir?r?orf aid an'ti'tnad t? * ?hon oa-.h p r? '? imlHd ai.d airoatod 1y tl o |*r? -a alalmmg hiai, or kr M< or kara?a?trr alt- ft- r. aat i? kr?o?ht h-loro a uh nifvar aodor the | rat i?l"?? 'I ike lr>t iiitl?a iflUahl. Mr Ma?na ha* ftt n that ho iat?n<l? to jiroOTUto tho roeai J. i?Mi n if tbU kill aid Ui d?lM4 tha JadlHary ?.< inir.ltteo to raport It hack a? ao >n ai r ttt vc'oiit f'ir tba art i> n i f tho Sen*'a. It I* a dallt? :?:> n."??im i,t to air*at Ik* proceeding* r.f tho fakItlie ?!n? r.on?plraol?a and undTrt 'OU rxllroaii la thaNitth tir mealo* off barkortnr and il ilai lu tbi iki^i "f lh? ilav* oi tho Sooth fr^m thatr tna*'ar?. Itlu'vul)* m mure biHi up'?i tba f,no-t|i utlua. unit ?i!l tort tl? good faith <f tba North to that laatru BMt Our llaltlm?t?- ( arraapandrnrt. BaLTiwnna, Jan V 1150. 1h? ihlp Hoaterey ha* he* a chartered by th go*, et anient. and la ana being fitted up to take oa k >art a cuipany of the t S, Hying Artillery, front Kort I Mclteary. h"uad tor ( allforala 8ha yeatarday toot ' on b< ard twenty ranoon aa"h weighing 7 ?no pomda i intend' 4 to raao a fort to b? t11th, th of th* bay oi f<aq rr?Dti?ru. ... r.? munmt iwm ?<*ki FpoakiiiK of > ?rt klcH'my r?mlnd?m?t of (r*a( turn out ?fa party, from tbkt <jaart?r i?at *??h, Tb?rfB<??i? wrr? ??at?4 Id an I tara tlalfh. ?ilb nut)li>r of hpl'lloc **><at t*?atyflri> ! p#i?rn?. and Jiaotiby riit*?n af I .' > ! Sam ? h >r??. , and, what ?H (till mora outfthad alght >ldt -r? mountrd, on? on rarh o^iilt of tbs hoTM*. in |n?ro. [ oft) aalfntm a? rtrtinii to th? party. .No viadar tkat ofllrrrii h?rrm? tyianta. h<* th.y ara allavad tba* to mak* b?< rfo of Amarle** cltl?an?. Tba *?ro?d trial of HMkmaa. fur forfary. will eloaa to day, and tb?ra U ?o d'>aht of hi* b?tng fully a*qulttad Tba taatitn"r>y ?tala*t him aacnnta to aothlng In a la^al point of tI*w Uratlllla Matftott. \.*a . wh" full doo? 1* tba ?traat boat a yaar alaoa which haa mad* a rrlppla of him had bi might fait (galoot tba city fiT ii*nia{a?. to tba amount i f fW.OOO. Ma allagan that hu fall wa? ne. raaietiad ly a d'HItllna of Illy oa tba part of tba of th* Corporation. 1 h#M-rrnd wbu can u? l? to ba k?M at 4oa?po4l? tti* ??f?l? / fur ta? rt taction of a nan JI lata, or ra h-r W YO [ORNING EDITION?TIIU two candidates for United Stat** Senator. ( l>-arn th*t th<-ohancr* ol the election af ei-lloeeriior Pra't f r nth tern*. are raid to be improving; but, depend upon it the boBo^teill be divided. I ha Virginians are at ill arguing the p>int n to the whereabout* of Mrs. Niagara Miller The PrUmckt. burg AVm >ay* that Mr*. Miller railed * una w?eki flDce from Boaton for Italy, ?lih a Mr Blm-k, from ti'nt vicinity, yho returned after her diaspiMaraooe, sacrificed hi* property for >I&U09, and acain disappeared The Hit limond E*<fwirrr, hnaaver persists that they have both been seen and recognised in that vif icity witbin a few week*, and henea they could not have (ailed for ItHly I learn that Mr No-vell. the fath< r of the utifartuaata lady, bus received iatehlgeace from Wiiicbeeter. Va . that satisfies hiui thit hie obi'.d bay made a more fatal fall than if aha bad gons over Niagara'* cataract In U* llalimorc market, yester'av, flour wa.< quiet,and I'o'i en feiirr?ll? aakir/ Si SI1., a St t7if for Howard stjeat. Wi- htsr of * tale of lull tibia., however, at $1 75. I'lty milla Is held at $8. The receipts of wheat are i|<ilte limite I. 8?l?s C'f 'od lo tirine reds at D^e a Itric.. with t k >i,d dem&r.d. Salts of white corn at fc a .Vic. Yelluw ia h"M at S.Vj Outs atSic. a3S? A Isrpe sale fruin (tr ee was mad.' on Mond IV, at ,H6c. Sales of whiskt y in Mil*. at27H? , auJ of shesili at 2ti)te.. hiivf a slight di-c'ine. II e following ?i*re the ?al?s at the stock koard ve?terd*v ? J.I (Sit United Stales ti's, '67. Ull?; AUG Maryland ti's, 'Oivg; City 6'a. '90, H'3; )( stares Marohaata' Kank.UIV V, d > Baltimore and Ohie Kailruad, bC\; Z7& do. do., tiiur, ia. 1JJ do. do.. 57*. Our Philadelphia Correaponrtcnce. Philsdci riiis. Jan 9,1850. Mis* Caroline Richingo. the adopted dau^ht r of Mr. Mat Kgcr Klchicg* and the real daughter of Mr Keynoldon (connected with the old Park theatre company entile fifteen yiars ago), makes her 4tbul as a vocali.t at the n< at aoncert of the I'htlharmoulc Society. She it said to poMeet a *' pnano voice of line quality and*rest erupts* tier Mends predict for her tht? largest amount of fu-oees. A 1*. vanrt*r I Innlan. tn,liM?il 1m th* rnKhan nt tha jewelry itore wf H. W. Butler. has b*'U tried and found guilty. He li the nm? " Philadelphia Killer'' who was trl?d iu your city and acquitted, for the alleged murder of his employer. who kept a paint shop la \uu street. Oieat I' tb?* tribulation kad trembling a-nong the innaUs of Biddle's marble palace, pending the coiflrmation of Mr. Collector Lewis. Notwithstanding the exertion* and predictions of the would be Collector*. and their respective and respectable tails, there la cot the (lightest probability of his rejection. I have seen a I. tier from General Cass, In whloh ha speaks of the outride pressure in favor of Lewis as niamly coming from his (I'asn's) political frleuds. With the support of Clay and Cass, the ex-Sesrecary of the peace embassy to (jhent oan perform his morning ablutions wibout being disturbed at th? apprehended lor* of (S.OCO a year and perquisites The Hungarians visit the Walnut street theatre tbls evening?the Infant Eatemans performing In tbo largaage of the Pickwickian editor, Miss Apolonia ' Hill be tbtre " all smiles. blushes, and admiration ? to be gated at, to be wondf red at but not to b< ap jdaudtd Our Quaker principles will not permit too ?tror>g an outward roauffrstuti'in of the in?ard raanl We I biladiIpbiaLS are aj food of sight feeing, as font] of lionizing, and quite as enthuolastto, as the New Yorkers ; but tha disease, with uk. shows Itself in a more quiet way. We fay little ; bat keep np a considerable thinking. The ouly departure ftom this general rule, that I can call to mind was on the occasion of the funeral obtequ'e* of the venerable and lamtnltd jobn Q Adams When the process! in started from Broad street, the vast crowd then and there asj fen:bit d. purely out of respect to the m-mory of the departed patriot, gave three cheers The boys were >.?alous in their manifestations of re pect and boma;e, but. unfortnna'ely. "not zealous according to knowledge," as the good bock has It. A resolution pas?ed the lower branch of our State Legislature. this morning, instructing the Senators and Reprrrintatlvts In Cr.ngres.s to vote in favor of suspending diplomatic intercourse with Austria. The importance of our trade with New Orleans mty be estimated from the fact, that durirg thu past year, the number of trxlvals from that /,>rt were VI, aud the clearances IR Betiness sti'l continues dull The kdranft* in eotten is dimly ?.a'nt*int-a. ?irh fvrtlier sales at ??sterJ?jr's rates. Nil chain# ia dour, wlii<L is m<asitel v heli at f-V fee afcipmeut. t ola mea1, $179. I(>? liuur ,i.i -7>4. In other grama III t Liiftn S II duiLff. At rn?f iuu? r l. 1 here *?? a jar** fniMunt if buiiuata trinncled at the . clt l). ?M lt.ori.iiiK, and a better f-aliof; nianifaftal than haa b?ra knoa n fur f ine tfnto. Pricei ware well maiata atd. AMintd ire tha ?alea at th? Pint Hoard?10 .h ir?i (.Irani B??k,12. $JC?i Cli (.apeak* and i>ala ?ara t:an?l ti i. '.>6. 91: 3 l'< nn?yltaria llauk. I> Lohijt'i vt?ri*a<? (>'.<, ! IJ?; 91IIJ Lel.tgh 6'a, bA; luu Kaalateitd No toe, It; M) Kanitaatua W ater* "tk* fi'?. 91%'- 8tti?*l?ill N*M*? lion, .V 2,230 do. ti'a, 'CN, V.'\i I IW liarriabnra Railroad *>'?, 91: l.'i HeaetaK Railroad. IA?a; IMi 9tat? 6'a, M Second llu ird ? >'l.1 0 I cl.tfh t*' rU i(a Ruud> #'*. ^I\ : ." .7< ' *ilmin?ti>n I hailr-iad Bui d? 6'a, ** U?rmkuU>wii Kank. M; 3 f?o'i yltmii Bank, li*-.1, I.IK*' Headier Railroad M<*rt??ra U ait, 1 W; i.HOdo.. 43. ?S. 2 '**> Kentucky li'a, l('^^ ; Mai Kenstnc t??D WtWamti lindi V}. Vi%; i.WV 1'itUbt.ri U nJ. ?'?, (?lilt aovpot *), 9"; : OtiO K. ud'rff Railroad ttmdf MW; f 'UI tf< tailtali Mur'K*',a ?'a. HV: ? Han'..btiri itailre.d C*,: 1LU lai'ed M'? 6?r, V,. Ill1,; $77t Stauft'a, b,"\, / Cwiututr* cial Hank, U\. Utnrl of U?Hcral StMloni. B?fore tb?- Recorder *0(1 Aldermen < o.>k and Bard. Jan 9 - Tti'tl oj Mrt Hl?dguods for OA'aituag <!?> /< 1 i| A?/?r Pirimrt?Thin peraon *i< railed to take her I dial lu the St ??taaa. to day rn a ?ti?rge nf oh'alDlug two dre?? patt? rue, and nome other article*, worth la all $18 fr< in Tboma* Uaogbaa, whone wile keep* a mail thread and needle at ore at 66 Kourtb atreet. Mr* I II lot ogood appeared la coart, ao<;ompaol'd by her aavpbur Bi.Ui mot her and daughter wera well Jretaed, the i u.-. la cult "i b'a-n aud he latter In * dra** ! ot blue merino with a ilch ahawl and bin* (ilk benaet. Bridget Uenghan. ?*-'tb? drat wilne?a called She Uttit.ed that en tte Sift of Oetober, *he waa alttlog la a ro< m, Imek of hrr f hop whan the prisoner. a> ompanted b} Iter danghter, nam* lo; tb? a< ou?ed arked parb.iarlon to *aru> hrraelf at tiia ire ; eh? aald the waa iiarlj rtaiuj.ed wl<h tha eld ; p'railtal n to w?rm her bacd* l.eing grant*d tit" aoeuaed aatvrrd Into r-io.ertktli n with witbeia Mllng ber tbat ahe had lately | ri n elr< m the K.iuih, at.d I <d birr I ahouie la I wanty Brat etrert nor < altar; t humb ; ahe daeerttt'd it aa a brown at< r? houae and ea*d ahe waa to pay $1.4U0a jtar rent far It ; but thought ahe aboulJ bay the prorerly; t.kd the key tf the bi n a wlih ber at the time ; altrr" tetlli ( VlIBea. ? ? ?* artlolee or elegant luri.iture. which pha i^i'itbt, and wore that the waa about to pur lie>e. tile aecdaed l'?f?a to admire a piere of good*, whlrh waa eip'Ved tor aalg III tl.e ?b< p ; and tha daughter I vk a fenny to a plea* nf Mum Uiailoo. wtnnh wa* an the <>belf, aud a?kei| > tuan ina ' ir hb>- oou'd u< t bare a drm pattern of It; tbe a?cu'ed tin ally agread to take * dreaa <f the blue n-rrlDo. aiid another from a piece of ajpana. together witb luurlio lor lining', a ijuautlly ol rtannai. and a iiumber M tn.all ar'lol-a all tLe>? thing* were ?ilr? et< d to be ft ot Uj the bru ? n atone hou-r in reentyflrft atreet. near I alraiy < hutch, <>a the f ll^wlug Doming; wltaef* aald ehe telt quite proud that ao fine a lady patronlaed ber llttie fbop, aud *be told ber bu* Mkl 0 ?l ?u Lf ew ii"Di* *?i mi lun'mvii mil rim lob tb?ra I liimw tinogban taatlBed. on tba gorging of tba lit of November brtook tba g->?d* which ha I bwa ordarad f y lb" irfU"! d tha day |<rr*tou*. t<> tli? brown Hon* h< ara. deceilbad by bar. In Twenty flr?C atreat; h? r?ut(l tbaarou-rd a?d her daughter Id tba houw, bat tlntn *ae a* yat no farnltaro tb?ra; ha mowurad off tbe nMdi ai.d left I ham ob tha maotal pl*?a, ?b?n ha * ? ilr?* and it caata llm? to raea|>a lb* |>?j. It oreurnd to the Itdln tfcet there ? ? no email taoaey tbml ItNM tbe daughter eihibi'td a paper purporting to ba cbtok ?r drift. ahleb tb? raid ><> would (?t < ii m m u ihe ??nt I bio tbe *tr?at, and leaae th? m >n?y at ,\lr Oaoghao'a ?hop a? ?!? paaeed the 4 ?r, tbe a?aurod ti Id lb* illiMa a boat bar earrlagaa. eta ail talked murh about tbe furniiar- that wai la (111 th? k?wr; aba Plld aha IU doubtful wblrb Of la* Vary at|>m?l*a rarp. ti to purehaaa thra tb> daa(hi?t <?ld. t> ni?Emt |?t tba highest prlred that will be eb?ap ??t la tba and Tba rrmlt i f tba la:erTte? waa, that wUb?ei wu Indnead to leave bin good* altkeiit get t lag bla n.nti.yai.d o< n after. a* |f laid ha dl^oaarad that ha bad Ima oh?e'.? d oat of kl< gooda, and taking the ail?ica of I Irtead, ba mada eoanptaiDt at tba police I t/fllca. Although, an appeared fftn tba t?atii?' ay, a ma aifeet wioag bad bwea doaa to U>* n.iuplalrant. )rt the aeru-ed bad not raadered her?elf Itable to tba law'e l' naiiy at laaet ao tba jury determined. by rradolag a art dirt of not guilty. Mar* .Strang* IhrtUf+minll?Jamri Jtrhngf.m firnneti IkdMrfJ > Arfavv." Ulllwr A M C Smith, brought Jen a* Arlington heanelt Into I oart thle maralng on a b?aeh variant. Tba aeruied baa beau Indicted an a ebatga of lorjary la tba third dagraa. la havlag In No* inbar. 1 Ma counterfeited a proaittoory not* for |?M? 1 ha ant a put ported to ba drawn by laataa fo-tar. Jr , and waa aiada payable to tba oriar of H<-ary | lru.*n Oa halag aalltd upoa to ptaad.tb* prlanaar put la | ,<a ol n<t inlity aed d-aaad.d copy of lb* MM. Bi" nt. Appllcatloa waa alao ruadr. by nonaaal for tha drlitdiil, to bif> th? mihuiii of bail 6m4 by th> l rait L>l?trl?t tttore?y- I now men for tba roBol'Biit or Ih* i>rtfoa?r. Mr. llfon?tt In bat on? of a l?r?? diidIki i f pfrwt* ?rmi>d to iiIhih of fUl ni|i|. tuda tlx.iit h?ra. I raanot <Wlm? mr rw N ft il< Action I take la thin matter and < an < oly mara th? Court to roaiailt htm to prima. i (odii-I f?r Ui? M?y it plaaao tba l ourt, thu I* ilnply aa Indietmmt for for*ary In tka third 4?|ii?. and a#?ur?dly tkr d?fandant la ?atltl*d to b* l?t to tall. B?oor#?r ?Tha ? ourt will e<HMld?r tba i?a?a aad fl* tba hail b?lor? tk? hi nr for adjoaraaant arrtraa. ril.m.r- Uall. your Honor, I want to kaow If my oath la to bo itopprd. H?oi.rd?r < artataly not, ?tr, your rnaaaal wm ?p*akinn jB?t ao?, and tr ouuld ao* baar you b-jtb at onea. I r?e??d. air Pil*oarr - I tiara baaa la tbl* nlty many yaara rlr, ha?? p? at n?BT'y all my It fa la tba country, baring < >e>? hara win I wa*4>ut aifht yam old. and hara llrad

h?ia fr3 ytara. aurtalalBR. ail Iba tlaa, a btjch nbarasUr aad atandia* la tba r mmaiilty. No, *lr, during all I ^* ll?? Twf.mmt l*l?T hill a Ihlnt ?fti fiUlid ?r, oottl o ro???l ?enoii<rol, %* I mm In form?4. ootb (? not tilto bo hy ony r* fp?r?obl? p< r?< n oil? my chorort.r. Mitrlet AMotnty ? No rrk p?rw? bM b^i W"t? tho |ml Jory. hl?(?f?- I do not m?on boforo tbo rran4 jury I ip-o* ? I 4<\ b*ran?* tbo?o prwaodtOff* puWWhoU to tli* ??rl4 o*4 I nil ?k?( I mj to f" with thorn llio t outt nrdorr? tbo prt*nm?r to bo aonallM. lid tf?litxrftto? na tko Mottoa U. bovo boll #t?d At loto b?ir lb tfco aftorboo* tbo Ro*ord*r "Old ibot f N w>9 ?t< d???- d by tbo I <?rt prnp?r aaonai of boil < oikrl for tbo d?f?o?o *oid tboi tbot vovi.l bo fqtltl to b*iB( commit'rd Oltnoi boll H?l 'art Pro'l? enne'ud?4 to tko Kbtt*T ">p?n till Thuitdty mmmlof \ IRK I nrti\ a v a a - ? K^-UAI, JAINUAK1T 1U, It The Pmdoni, Krprlivn. Vr,, bjr (Governor Klan, la 1N4U. We aire, to-day, a lUt of the pardoos reprleeea, e >ui mutations &.c.m?de last year by tJurei uor Kith. Ia bh mrsuK*. h? ray*:? The benefit* of 'he provision* of tbe act in relation to pardon*. pa-ted at the ia?t (amino of the l.e<Mature. have been maiil'e't In aereral e??e<. the publtoation baa injured ini >riu?'ion with reepwot to the pri toner, which would probably never bare been bf>u;ht to the knowledge of the eiecutlve. had th? pendancy of the application not been made known to the public; and there ie reatcn to h?lle?e that many application* have been withheld under the certainty that the advertiremt lit would attract attention and insure opposition. Tb? number of peroral p*rdone4 during the year, frrm tbe State pris>.u?, haa been 1.7; and the local prison*. 7. I communicate herewith the statement required by the conrtitutiou of tbe pardons granted duriig tbe yeer lAhDONS PBOM THE f-TATK I'KISONS. Julia Vatthew* for grand 1 ircoy. from oity of New ^ ork. t-entenced in Jauuary, tsti), for two years? pirdontd January 27 1H4V. John Townei-nd, for grand laroeny, from elty of New York; sentenced in February. 1*47. for two year* and thri e mcnthe?patdonod lebruarj 2. 1440. Justus Mailer, far grand larceny. fromclty of Buffalo; ! tentenred in September, 1848. for four year* -pardoned Iobruary 'JO, 1840, on condition that b? leant* Lbs S ite within fifteen day*, never to return. Lac lei King, fur grand larceny, from coaaty of Cayuga fiitenced in December, 1847. for four year* and nix h" - pardoned February 2d, 1S4U, aud restored to tbe rights of a oitlzen. Benjamin .Newell, for forgery Inthe third degree, from eitj of New York, sentenced in Maroh, 1816, for seven years?pardoned March 3,1849. Patrick Sbaunon, for burglary in the first degree, from oityofNew York; sentenced in November, 1840, for life?pardoned March 7.1840. Joseph Pumeau. ali*s Dumas, fcr burglary In the third degree, from county ot kranklia; seutacoed in February. 1847, for three years and six months - pardoned March 17,184P. Moses Milliman, for a*sanlt with intent to oiumlt rape from coubty of Saratoga; sentenced in April, 1845, for five years- pardoned Maroh 24, 1849. Henry Seymour. lor burglary in tbe second degree, from city of Buffalo; sentenced in July, 1840, for six years?pardoned March 20,1840. J amen J. Boyle, for pairing counterfeit Money, from county of Obego; sentenced In February, 1840, for (evenyears- pardoned April 2 1819. Banjamin viagee, for a?rault with intent to oommlt rape from county of Wyoming; tenfenoed in February, 1848, for two years and twomontbs-pirdoaed April 20, 1840. Willlum Wilson, for robbery in the first degree, from Olty of Buffalo; sentenced in September, 1812, for t*n yearn- pardoned May lfl, 1840. William N 'l'orrey, for paaMng counterfeit money, from omiity of Chenango, sentenced October, 184}, for b year* - pardoned June 30. 1840. Iia B liter, for bigamy 2d decree, from oonnty of Oneidasentenced June, 1849, tor 3 year*-pardoned July 20 1849. William M. Hutler for burglary 31 degrea, from county if Ir.iie, tentenced July, 1S4>, for 4 years?pardoned September 26. 1840. Miobael Brady, for larceny, from county of King*, H ntel cert October, 1848, for 2 }ears pardoned SepteuittrjllMl. wuiiam .> A?aro??. tor forgery ?? degree, rrom oity or Nc?' Voik? pardoned Octotor 11! lslU. Restored to thti ri, b'K tit a citizen Ceoige Willi*. for grand laroeny. fc?m county of Washington. wnHmed t ebruary, lb4V, for 2 year* -pardoned October Ii6. 1849. Mjrun lleeman for gratid larceny, from county of LiviDghtou aentenctd May, 1847, for 6 year*?pardoned No??uitor 8. 1S4U Thomas Nunnery. fur gtand larceny, from oounty of Kings. sentenced September, 1848 for 2 years - pardoned November V, lM'J. Ktom z?r Hooper. for rap*, from county of Chenango, ?enti do d Srptrtuber, 1>30. for 2o* -pardoned NoTtmtor 16, lt)4V Ot org* Mai.ning. for grand larceny, from city of Vew York. ttntenced Octotor. 1848 for tiro year*?pardoned N< e? Uitor 27, 1840. Kfitorrd to tile right* of a citizen Vary Jane Btyanu. for grand larceny. from ulty of New > ork. eentoiced November, lilrt, for 3 years and 0 month- pardoned November 27, 184V. lleruanza lj*?d. for aarault, ?to.. with intent to kill, from county < f Ailegtny, seuteno?d August, 18J8, for 1 year*?pardoned December I, 184V lliram Wood, for rape, from oounty of Orleans, sent-cced Hebiuaiy 1*41, for lit??? pardoned Deonoitor 22. 1M9 ? aluln Hnkle, for aaaaalt, fee , with Intent to kill, frcn county of Columbia, feutenoed Juae 1847, for li | year* and 4 inontb* ? pardoned December 28, 184V I I'eUr K inkle, for assault. fee with Intent m kill, from ouuty of Columbia. *eateuaed Juo*. 1847, for 8 year* and 4 nr utbs pardon* d Oeeemtor "S 184V rAftBONS Fit OK TH* LOCAf. PHHORS. Auguatu* Andre, lor aeaaull and battery, from the ity of Albany, *< ntenc. 'l January 18 184V. for thirty days? pardoned January 2'.', Ulv, on aondiuoa ol paying a One of >6. Jobn Hartiron. for keeping a disorderly hnuae, from the eltj of New I ork * nten.;?d November Is, 1848, for nine:; da)a. and a fine of $260?pardoued January 2*. 184V. on condition that the flat be paid, aud if a<aln eonvlrted of keeping a disorderly hvuae to serve out the balance of the term of Imprisonment for which he was sentenced Abraham lanner for keeping a dUnrd-rly house, from the city of Cnllalo. aenteneed December 18, 1848, lor three month*-- patdoned Kabruary IV, 184V. on paying a fine of f CO. Joint O'Malt-y. for suit and battery, from tb? city of Alt/ID; uii'rDCfd January 1 o. lKty. f.W nut. ouiibittid mrll paid? pardoned March 17. 1*4'.? ^ rtiru Murray, for Iwrnj. from thacunty of Oneida. rent nerd October 6 Mli ft r tlx month* la ecumy jail and Bntd fio par J mi-d April tn, 181V. Jau ? .Nation, for aiMUlt aad battery. fr >n> the eouLty if MontRinery. reotenc-d October 6, HUH, for ?lx in oil t bn In i'i ualy jail, and fined i'ii p?rd>at'd April'it 1MV. Ji buhi lay for a>?ault ar.d ba'lery from tba elty of Albai y. FeolaijCt il \tirfiii>t i?. 1MW. lav lourinonltu la pi ultcutlary- p?rd ned Nureiuhar 84, lsitf OMWITATM! Alexander Jnr.el. Ivr arnon. tirat d?^rei?, from tha cUf of ><w Vorb. ?mt?iic?'d May fith, Ixlti to be tai<K>d; ?rtt?ni<> ooinmuted Juno *0, 10IV, to lit* btate prison for Uf?. RBI'BIBVKS. Mrnry Sbortar for murder, from tha eounty of Erla; ret, (? Herd W"T?-nib?r 28, 1B4S, to b- h?n(>-d - January 17, 114V, respited to Mareb lit. lsitf a ?r!l of error baring Man allow d; March 12. 1MV. reepltt d to Juoa H at ibi* rii|ui ft of tba l oort of ippotit. loalla* tl ue ! > d?rielon, June S. 1H4V. reaplted to July Ju. tkteaw bating brt n remitted to tha Sui>r- u* < oarl. Vatb?w WmJ, for murder, fr? m th? ally of Na? Vnrk aentacerd April 80, IMV to lx h.?u.'-d -Juo* 'Jl, rrppit'd (o July 10; July W. raapltrd to Juiy Ml. kb.?t?raimw or civil. moHn. Jama l.eelle for grand larceny from tba alty of St* Void, relilt'iod l>eo?-iuler II IBJ'.l, to two *rara anl tea n-'Btba" inipriaonairot, r i(hta retlJtid January 16 1MB ( l a lae U'aterran. for b't'trlary from tha eoanty of Oreeie, ?ei.T?r d April, IM, to thre? jeart'laiprl??r tn? nt; right* rwtwd kebraary P. 1MK. AltiHdtr Iwli ror hating r immwi m?vj ?un ltt?iil to Ih? ?? ? from tb? eounty of Hd>'I1*{ iitliacid vpt>nil?r II 8 to Q?a y<-ar*'lioprtaoum*i>t; rl?ktr rrftnnd March ' 1B4I> Mrtjamla II. Nltkmco, lor obtaining good* under Mm |-r?teBcea. frnm the county ol |)ri>ftrt, rent? ne? d I)?-cemb?r. 1M7. to |>ay a floe of >luv, rl(bu ti'tfwd Mar- h It, IfM liui- M'ntdn, T>it forgrry, from th? county of Krto; MBtencd Jet* IKS, to ill year*' laptUoniueut, H|tl< iMltttl >ii; SI. IMC, MM of Oyer ami Terminal-. BiforaJudga ><lin >na> m l AlJrrmen hranklla and toBhltB. TIIK A> TUB PtUCIC RIciT*. J* 9.?Tba trial of Lou chared wltn ?t?"0 n tb? Bight ol tbe A?t<>r riot* ? ? p'?ipae4 till Moadaf morning neat. I* cnBBe.penee of lb? "t tha yilwwt'i *ltoM(M, to wbicb day tha courtaUo ataoda BdJaWTBad. I ha l|il|n Hid he would prrx->-e4 with tha trial of I oi Mutdoy a?rili|| at 10 o'eluk whether bla I wltmwi were preaent or wot. aa tba eouaaal mtgtit 1 mw lor an attachment aoioat lh,>" P'l thatr ttuadaarr Three daya bal ali-adr I without tat bu?lnae? Mn< dm* ai.d If be aould aot r<?*ad wltb tha trial a on Moadajr. be w uld adj >urn I the Oyer and I'trailBer without day 7 './itiwyi Jfmin ? Tb* application n b?n?ii 01 u< Drarya ? aU<< y<wtp??*4 till M< aday, Aminii Cimih) ?t Ni? (MtltM -W# l*arn that i n Mtirter >??> ? tb* rirar brota through tba la??* at 1Mb* Mia* plaotattoa lo lb* Pariah of Ht J? ha lb* Kaptlat. oa th? Mt bank of lb* rl?*r, oppoalta Bonnrttarr*. iliott thirty nix Bilk* abova tba atty 1b*o<d !?**#. to tb* aataat of a ijoartar of aa air* a* rarrkd away. and alao a Ian* portion of a n?? l*?*?. I?*aty ft?* acr** la l*a?tb. tbat waa lautly Bind*. It la *ip*atad that In th* m ur?a of a f?w day* th* hrrarb will bm laeraa**d t* an alaralng astaat. Tb* planter* In tb* aelcbhnrbood hn? b**n obliged to atop piladlag 1b?r* w*ra two f**t wator from tba rinatw j*?t.rday at tb* plaatatloa of Mr >taCat*h-< a ira mil** b*low tb* H'M of Ikli dUanw.Krm (hi.a*.i / Jmn 1. Damrallr MlKrllany. Tb* mall wblab la?t tbl* port ?n I u*aday aftarnnon. at 4 c'rloeb la tb* rt*aa*r for Htonlngtoa, arrlrad la Bo-t?u at aa rarly boar j*?t*r<lay rooralng. 7 bo r>nnryl?anla A?a*nMy bar* pa??*d raaolntloa* la fator of aaapandlBg diplomatic latareonraw wtifc A oat la. 1 b* aaaaal a>**tl?>* of tb* Am?r*aaa < r|>nlaatloo Mort*ty will ba b?ld la W aablagtoa oa rn*a<tay *?*a Ian. at which much iat*r??ttB(. Inf. rmatlo I* *?p?Nit* I fi< m tfc? h?? H N IHrltj *b? tmaiUy riliriW f|< l.ib?tt? ?l?r? b# *? <i?ptit?4 to nbtalt ItfnrM ll<n 1 h? lint IU*r> ? lay. I r**t<l*st *f ih? III Th? h?? IVle? ( r?'?l of hl< I'tntrh M*j?n?y. for tb? port nf AIM**drift In lk? ?< ? of \ Irglftl* A of ih? wool irrn??r? of I* > < wrM to b? held ft! H?f I ft?tl* Oft lb< Mb I art Ml ta tk. <l?pih >4 tbr?? i??bH, ?t Mbtny ? It* itght if tk* Tik Imi IERA 350. $'? Police Intelligence. Mart Mylerinni Prrtlaprmrnti ?linH Arlington Bennett, well hnown Id this community ft* on# of the Momma general*, reading on his estate near Now l'tr? cht, I.onK Islacd, ftnd also. some tew years ago. teachtr of the art and uijxtery of book-keeping?was yesterday, mack to the surprise of many of hW old Wall street pupils, arreated, and taken Into custedy by officer Smith, on a bench warrant lasued by tha < eurt of Sessiona, on a charge of forgery In the third degree We are not in the poaseaslon of all the particular! relatlte to this strange case, but wa hear that the affair grow* out of lome loan made to the accused by Mr John Anthon, a wealthy lawyer, embracing some $8,000 on tha security of bis (Uennett'a) estate, on Long island also in connection with a certain promissory note for the sum of (i* (00. purporting to be made by Mr. James Foster, one of the Amu mundr of the Aator Place Opera Hou?e, of whloh he is said to be a part owner There is also in the business a sertaln unlverral genius called "one-eyed Thompson." who wai, a short time since, a terant on the premises of James Arlington Bennett. This Thompson is tha same person to whom the public is indebted for the disclosures and developements about to be brought to light on the . recent arrest of tha two Drury'?. Tha oflloer oonreyed Mr. Dennett before the Court of Sessions, lbs proceed tags ot wbich will bt found under the proper head. la another oolumn. Ball to the eDormous amount of f-'o I UI wasdemanded failing lu which, .Mr. Arlington Bennett wss committed to prison It Is Mid there is myctery behind. Jitumvt to 1'ai.i an .lltcrrd II,ink Bill. ?Offloer Bowyer, one of the Chief's special aid*, arrested, yesterday, a man by the name of Stephev VV. Kostsr. a merobant of Bosten. en a obarge of attempting to paw a genuine $2 bank bill,on the Meehanios' and Trader*' Bank of Ibis city, alteied to represent a *&uu bill on the same bank. This bill was attempted to be paused on Jeslab 8. Col; gate, broker. No 67 Wall street It seems that oa the I the 21?t of November last, the aocused oalled at the above exchange ifflue. and asked for fMK) in gold, and : tendered the above note, bearing the appearance of a 1 genuine $6fc0 bill M;v Colgate, in ltxikiDg into his . drawer, as-oertalned that he had not (.600 in gold, therej fore, be r?)itext<d Koster to wait a Hhort time until hit 1 father came in. and then he would go out and procure the balance of the gold. The father came la shortly alter? the son placed the bill into the drawer and went out for the required amount of gold The fataer. on the return of the sou with the required amount of gold, took the supposed V&00 bill from the drawer, and examined it, and not exao'ly liking the appearance, took the bill out into the street, for the purpose of taking further advioe, during thi atnence of Mr. t'slgate, looter became very impatient, and went cut several tiincs from the oflloe to see if he was | returning with the bill. In the absence of Mr. Colgate, a Mr. John Thompson, and an officer, came Into the I oftica. looked at Koster. and then left. Ko.-ter then stated that he would go into the street again aud look I t"r Mr Colgate; but this time he did not return. On | the leturn cf Mr Colgate, he brought the mirs that the bill was a forgery, altered from a genuine $2. to represent a $.V 0 bill Since that time no clue had | be* n found of Koster until the abo>e officer took the I matter In l'aod, and exhibited to Mr Colgata a Oapiieneotype likeness of Koeter who at once identilled I the liken es of the luiin who attempted to n??* ths alter* <1 V>00 bill, a? ?bote Hllud'd to. 8e?eral si luilar note*. A short time nine*, were detene 1 at Poatea. tLtl this l? J to lit our of that lnue yet drat. The accused wu* conveyed before the Chief of 1'ollee and held to ball to tbe "um of $1 IMO. to answer . the charge A Mr. James K. (ioodild^? weut hU security, and Foster was liberated from custody .1rrr>! mf IIurflan and linoi>rry of thr I'mpniy.-Cn Tuesday night some burglars forced open the grocery ?tote No. 410 Pearl street, kept by Lorenzo Carey, by breaking oft the palloek and prying oj??n the front ' door. 'J he rogaea carried otf from th? store two half chesta of tea. four boxei of wax oaodlea two liiwi of segars, eome cherry brantl7 and many other article*, valued In all shoot !<). Oflleers Me';iu?ky, McManui, ! and O'Niel, of the flih ward. suspected who the rogunK were, and immediately made a dec- nt In a room on the premise* No UiCrosa atreet, occupied by five young rogue*, called Mishaal Taran. John Simpson aliai Kdwsrd Tiuly. Thomas Reyuolds David UMh. an l Augu-tiis Miller. in thl* rotm the olHoera found all the stolen artlclea taken from the eturn alse the Iraj'litterts of trade. con*l?tiDg of a ' jimmy," a small bar | of iron like a crow bar, a nun har of ekeleton keya, and other instnaienta u-ed by rogua* and biirglsr*. All (be piisncera are b <ya of uot over 18 years of age, exhibiting very vlei< u* looking couoteaances. The evidence being very conclusive again t tbera, Justice Loihrop commuted Iheoi to priaon for trial Th* Uamhii*g CatrConitnur.l Uel..r?| J ustiee Mountforr.? Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'alock, the esse of tha gambling house. ?Uep?d to be k?p? at Ml Broadway. whs continued by tha further aiamiaatlua of Uktrlw liuane as Mlowa :? At the bouse in question I have aeea gambling, at one time, from tweaty*flve t? thirty, or mornj meat generally at a lata hour of the night; I think I have seen fri m two to three thousauJ dollar* bet at tha "faro table" in a siogix night u._ |)o the player*, at the house in question. usually win or looa* ?" J utile* Mount fort rakd thia <|U?>tion oat at Irrara lant. A ?I know a man br tba nam* r>f lioodwln; I mt Mr IJnodwIn and Mr. flatt at a hon'? in Kaat llraadway; I balicr* tbay wara gainMln.? toga'llvr; I don't kbo* lirtlu r Mr I'latl wouaay ii> >n?? or not Q ? liar* jcu tvrn wltMn tha laat two month* onnrttrrd a? a principal In a dual, in which (abola w.-re exrhargrd ' (Iu4i< t Voriitfi rt ln*trart? th? witnoan tint ho Wai at liberty to r*fu?? to an-?>-r ttit* <|u<-?lioii, if it may t?-1 d torrlmiuata or derail' bloi ) M'itnrra?I d?-olm? autariiog The further continuation of the rroaa-exa-nlnatlon waa of ito important* for puhltcation. At T o'clock, laat evening. the mt waa tuitheradjourncd until Friday afternoon. at 4 o'clock Thr thrury Cntt.~In the Drnry ca?*, r??p?<)tlo(i th? *!|i gi d chartf* of < nnnterfelt n"nr*, a ItDi-n tii ?tariloed. tehlerda*. abo Untitled to thai fact that auch altered bill* I a l burn put Into circulation |Kagl>< l.ank. Brlatol, Ithodo M?iol); oua'a altered ti MO '1 be e?H? nre waa not at all Important and th* further inreefliratloii ?aa poMp'.ned until It Ida? at 11 o'clock Ciarif Dumittrd.?Th? y*ung man, (??org* W Datine. abo flood charged with waking fait* California | a-??K* e*-r 10< air* oa tt<a boua* of lloalaud a A'ptn?all ? en ttneaw b?lng Inveftlgated. )u?llo- Mountiort diriniMrd III* rI arge, (or the want of avidene* t i maa* out an offcne*. Vtiltrd Halm l>latrlct Court, IN AltMUULTV. Before fudge lUtta. IMPOHTANT T>E< IMOW on A >?:W rfU'TT r>r P? *<TI? r. J??. 9,? fU?*ir i?<#i Vkamm S Mtrrrl ?A m ? tlon on Ik' part of Samuel tiibba. atlpulator la thaatxtva tauff InftaiH* lb* final judgment or daor?? r?n der?d agamit th* a'lOT* defendant* on th? b >nd "T tlpnlaM< a gi??n by ibra to th* var?lial July $. I?W, in the abo?* rau?f. an 1 the 'irtulioa iaaaad tbar? >n baring b< ? > made. and 'atlid i?it? and dneumen'ary |r?>'* m ' mrirvi I'd lrH-? m-.m <i??lt? ard dneuoMatary proof- ba<tn? h*?a r.?.| oo tba part of I ha llbrllant. id ruppurt of t4iil or drrrrr. and Ibr uj?"?r httlni k- -n argu?d on tb? part of the raid Sam I ??H.b- bjr <-ao T. I!?tta >i4ottb? part of tbe libelant by Mr W It lirb* and da?- dellbvrallM bclr * bad ia tl<a prrnjUaa. It la eun<l4rr?l b/ the ( ourt that tba libaliant. by proeardtug ajuoai the Hid Hldifllillb*. totikr a dial jadgm-nt or 4?itr?? ?gatr?l Mm on paid tllpalall->a or b??rd. thereby make* bin a part) to tke cauae and flaea bun a t?ndlo< la Court wMcb i nklf bin to lu<julra lat > and ha*a de. WrmlBfd tbe r*(i lerity aad validity af the >al I jo if or deerra, and tbat no Irfal aotlee of proje?d Iriffa to tba rauaa a<aln.t tbe pnaoloal defendant. IH'X'inar by ran* la laipu'ahta to tba atipata'or IlibW. after the d<eea*e <> aald tlnnaw. nor until tba irralea 'f 'tiratlci n iba aald t.ibba la tbU raae in<l tbat ha li entity of ai Utt>i m atleooari muring that,curl for relief la tba inait*r. It la furtkir can?tdar*d by the < ourt. that the nrd*r Mitt at d rafer?aoa takaa by the Itbaiiant nm the .0 h f July la-t. la tba prlurlpal r?u?e a<?ia?t Jnba Bl<*>ni?r. *>n llfi?d by tha further older of tba f.'oart, tbat tha aid dvfrn iant bare until tba aotb of tba *a*> m >n'h to pat la BBd p< tlert hit MM Io iba oaoee J I I t beeoaie n|.?ratl?a and alfeettr* la la* * a default or ot der <f r?f?r?naa. OBtll tha raid /At h day of J sly A ad It la furtb>r roa?ldarad by the Court. that a llb-llant ban bo authority In laa of bla ova nvdloa in an aotio* ia f-rrnam lr admiralty to'aka latarlodatnry or flaal pi(H??dlL|t? thereto Bfalort tha dateadaat by aatna. and a* a n ntlnui'* party ia < ourt altar hla daath Ai>d it ta further r >n*l t>rrd by tha t ourt, no valid da rrea rould be takaa oa tha ball bond ar ?tlpalation In tbla rata acalaat tba atlpnlator Hanael Olhba. uatll attar or tlaultana* nrly altti a regular and ralld d?-?r?e th?ra? n ag?lr.? t tha prlarl^al d*f> adaiit. Bio >m?r. I or hi* legal rapr?ara'atl?aa. U harafnr*. It la ooaatder?d by tha t ourt tbat tha final danraa or Jadgmeat takaa by tba hhallant on tba 1 th day of November l*?t, aiaat tba raid John Blonmar and *amue| OibSa far the ram of (Md> na tba raid bnnd or atlpalatloa and tbeeieeatlon th?ra?-n agatnat tba aald Haaiaal tllbba. r* irniuar <!? ?"<u - . .. judfd ??<! i|?rr??d that tha rati! ?od n-. eiiln W i?t wt<>, M littf ular. with mu to b? lti*4 Cammiin Picas. Brfrr* lud|*( ll>7 and Woodruff. J?? - Nnr Huln ? I ffca prooont rol?n dor rl I*puo* at foot (hall bo f"ntio'iod fro* torn to t?rm ootll If f mo I* Abltbod daring ih? y *r l* ?o ?' mni'tirlpf at ooeh aoorrdiai trra wbor* tb* roart Iff! off at tb* pr?r?.|iB(t term 1 Th? pou'x hor?aO?r totlood f r trial ?hall bo a<ld*d to tb* rolmdat at tho ml thoroof f?r *a<jn torni la ord*r *?c*pt tbn*o obleb mojr pr**l''iio|y b? upna tb**al?odor fr>r trial. but ao a<Ha of Imu* a*a<l bo Mod for car raao* ?w tho ral*adar < a?M> obwh atoj bo ? drwa far tho tM?d vook of (hours If aol dl*p<?*d of daring tho torai. ail ?o ord*r*d hj iba ooart ohall bt nall>4 ?t th? >*ar?nar*t of tho r**ogtag torm b*l >r* pro *?dtag otth tho aaiandar 4 I onroo that arc p?*o*.| n? tb* *al?ndar aad go !' ? 'f ?r? |w ?tp<n?<l f. r th? t*rm m<i?t b- ?< <-. d ?? "> at th? f'.nt nf fh? r? ?n<f?r by th? * ?t,|. dtiiralM nr<l?r*<1 hr Ih- r nit Ihtlm? ^?nrnt I Th?-?? r?ln *r? not l?t#?HM to ?Hh th? Mir- of tttelfot Mck t*r? *1 r*qnUM %) rt?tnt? LD TWO CENTS. Thtatrlrd ai.rt HuaKal. Nihi.o'?-The Liit N' tloeing evening tm (Tuesday) ?h a fitting comp'imeat to the energy that bag marked the career of tbia establishment from ita o?mm?Detm<nt, and did honor to the dlatiagnirhed proprietor of one of the moat popular plane* of public annulment In the country; it van den**ly crowded in every part After the fall of the eurtalu, a oold collation waa placed on the stage. and all tha machanica were invited to partake and driakbtalA and succaa* to Mr. Adam Galbralth. the head earpaater, from a aplendid sliver cup. preeented to him bjr Mr. Niblo?aa the worthy donor observed. in a Mat speech, faa hia integrity and induatry. The ohampaigne wentbriskiy round and many a joke waa mada an to the quantity of gold Adam would bring bask froa California for which auriferous a?il he la about to eat out. A xplendid supper waa laid out la the aaloon by Mr. N., where tie met the whole Rarel frmily.aada few felrctfrlende. Kindneaa and good feeliag ;>'evali*d. Altogether It waa an evening to remember, ii flaa tast* and formed a brilliant tinleb to one of the m > t auooenaful seasons on recerd. We shall anxiously look for the re?cpenii>(. Bowkry TiiKAia?: ?The uTh:ee Guardnmeu" took ta turn last night again, and again, aa usual, commaudad a crowded houae, Thia. however, it ia an nounced. is to be tne lut week of too representation, both of this piece and of the "Four Musketeers," M that three who have not teen them mast avail themselves of the present opportunity, or it will be too lat* "Jack Sheppard. or the Progress of Crime." ?l< the concluding drama, and was played with great efT?et It is a favorite piece, and though pome hare called la question the Rood tendency of this and similar pieces, it always commands the admiration of pit and gallery, and drawn down thunders of applause from the brava b'kojs Thl? evening the "Four Musqueteers. or Ten Wars after," will be represented, to conolude with "Jack Sliepparil" again, whose wonderful feats "never tire." and whose romantic character almost make* rime, it.'elf, heroic and amiable. Bmoadway Thkatbb.- Last evening was presented liichard Brinsley Sheridan's inimitable comedy of" The School lor Scandal,'* Miss Cunhman being the Lady Teazle, aud Mr. Couidock the Joseph Surface. The moial of this comedy, though written more than three* luarters of a eentury age, for the prim adepts la scandal's school, by one of Ireland s greatest geniuses and brightest ornaments, as an ?rator. a senator, and * wit. come dowa with force to every age, with a whole" some and a happy reproof to the Inherent addictions o? the human race to detract, slander and calumniate. The rage dramatist, when portraying the predelietiooa cf tils own day, accaratcly foretold the bent of the Mitural mind, and Inclination of the human heart. In my clime and country, in *? " then unhorn. Alas, hew many I.adits Sneerwell. and Mistresses Candor? how many Sirs Penjamln Backbite how many Josephs, and how many Snakes, of the present day; but oh' morality, and oh! virtue, how few, how very few of thy tiiciaMe Marias, and thy n>bie minded and generous-hearted (berimes Miss Cusbman's Lady Teuia was a lady-like aud graceful performance? "Di.tcro t ia gesture, in <le|> >rt??nt milJ, Not mfl in nrmlt-ncr. n* r utioouthlv wil.l " In the pc> ne id Joseph Surface's library. ?rh?rn she In diecoveied by Sir Peter, when the senile of her virtue'a danger arouses her woman's prije, she was powerfully Hteullela kinir the rlllUoy of her wouldha seducer and her sub-equent penltenoe vu "(irwtj those HicDf which truth dolighll to ovt, lie timid llu?h. ana mil.l stibmiMtvs tune." Mr. Coaldoek's Joreph Surfac e ?>< well suHalnad; It *u deep, subtle. and hypocritloal. Mr Ulake, a* Sir Petar Teasle, waa quite at borne In the A?u//-ur of the old fcarocet. and waa h imornu* yet di/nlQrd, throughout. Charles Surface waa In excell< nt haodi with Mr Liyott. It Is a pity that this accomplished aotor does not mora frrqueutly get surh prominent and suitable cbarastwrs. Maria was impersonated with a timid graca and hesitating eje. ( rabtrce. Backbite, l.ady So??rwell Vlr<. Cand'T, and the other charao'ars of ths "SchDoi" wetw pertect "otUrers of forged notes, coin?r? of sr-aodai, and clippers of repotation." This erecting Mis* Cushman will appear as Blanca BtsTon's Thiatm:.?Although last evening was damp ar.d unpleasant, yet sueh ars the attra<-tlra features of the expelleet and highly popular comely.'-The gerioua Familythat a very large assemblage attended its repreistitatior. Burton, nature's actor, was a* truly rich in ills personation of Anitnalah Sl??k that aaeh ward. u?y ??'B hii peculiar look draw d >?s rol ternted cbears. Brougham was as happy as ever, as Captain Murphy Vaguire. I lark. In Ms eh'ioiing rural on*. vivid leprxsentaticn of hundreds who leave tbetr homes under similar indusuoee, oealng f>r that tileastiie outride whirk they are deul?d la their own detnlrlles. In short Mrs. Hughes. Miss < Napman Miss Kill and Mrs. Ku?s>ll gave the utmost oatis faction In the proper delmeatleus of the r>i?r?3ters they suetained To-nlght Hie fain ?ih o >m-d/ of' Uombey " the rharantern in wbieb are so truthfully 4 ???, followed by the na? liratn* of "A Lady In Kil " CHttmr'i NaTioati. T?ht?.-I.a?t evening for tba benefit of Mr*. C. Mntijir, I li?aly. chtrmfag talen'cd actrea* in ] t!i? pnVJc a;.prrn?tn of b?r mailt* fully etlnred by t'ia large and brllllaat | Uouet- which aatrmblrd on tin oseul ia The Kraal* (iimrd" dlr| land It* charm* again "n thl* e?ening L i w.m raeelved with Increased ??id?nr? of popular admiration and faror. Oaing to the *u ld?n xloKnna* <f Mr Jeff- r?un hi? pace waa enppll'd by Mr Saymoiir wbo, r n-l'l-rim'?hi- liltl* time tor preparation, performed tho part of Kallm Axa<k eery ?ii? ica>fiily. I hi* arming. again. Iha "K?mala Ouard will ba p?rfur mod. with o'n.r atrraattea place", rendering ih? ?eirtr? pa?< d at thla popular th? a'ra. a? rem?rk?M? for the rarkty a< for the Matinee* an I rplandor of ill* entertainment. Mm iin.i.'a Oi.TMro Til rata a. The en'. r'.aloroanta at tbia nlealltlla plafof amu'ement la?t ?vai>tug o>mmeBced with the fairy eitraeagtnta of tba ' lovi-lbla Prince,or Iha leland f Tran<)uil DaltgbM to wbioh tbw ii.gli.g of Mleeea M. Taylor and Villa*. wa? mash almlred It waa eareeeded for tba fr?t tin* la \ marina by a saw eoin.c drama entltlad " iMIca'e Urouad, or. Tarl* In KM," whi?h waa Matened to with a ?r at daal of attention. atfl rrceired with eeery deannatrntlou of af probation Mr Waloot. In tka character of Cttlie* SamfroM. executed bla rdt? with a<tonl?hlag ability, Melting much applauta. Via* Mary Taylor a-'|*t"e4 here- It ailoiiiahly wall. Tba 1 TaM-aut of tba Tyrol," which cn.braced the antlra utrength of the or>in.>aaf, In tba ret.refen'attno o| Moraine \>->w. and Keen'.ng. afforded Infinite pleasure aad d? light to a deu??ly rtl!-4 hnnre 1 ha amutrm'nta concluded with lh> draaa of the ' Midnight VVn'ch " which paa??d .IT wail. Tonight. will be performed the io> l-i'ila Prln ia." " I>?liaa'e tlround." tba Tableaux of tba Tyrol, ' aad tba " I'racileal Maa " It 11an Oreaa.-l.aat night u Anna B. lena wa? H1 peati d Of thl? opera, aa a ah"la. we haiealraadf aptken. bat It taenia to ua a? If wa bad a? yet "aid g K many new and eg.jaiaita b?a .Uaa a-a c <aalo <-4 la It. W but laadara It uinr* raatnrk tbia U. that It > on# of llonli'ltl'a flr*t rp*rav auJ ?.tb <u^h ecap a*4 t tha mly ?f < ( t?< ntj four It aft of that and fir* that av tin* fr -in yoatb, ?il I* *t t !?> itm? M??pnl ?i'h t1 < p*r'? *t<n t nMb hit ? a? umb ali?lr? Id Rr*%lnl np-r?? VVa will nolle#. t? day. a?ai? ?t>t>.lnc hrtnilxi ?.f ttiia ni|il9 ifM ti.rk Vim ?if ?1 tb rp l? U?rt'ie?a earatiM, *('? ? Innmrntr" 1 hit *m iu?( la* maatur 'hat Muld not ba urpa?r?'l Afa<a. t'-? 'lu.-t t?a-n N'or?lll a *4 ftlgnwlaa A Tattl ??? alait-afoly r?n1#r?4. ? Ntt r#iaark?4 la thl? y>tin{ eaatati t> t>odrrab!? talrnt. gtitr. wa think. 4i4 ?b? hew a* much aa la-t rl*bt. a'.4 If ?ba bat tl>?> t" Improve a> ?ha liaa l.hbnl'i ai vatar* I* pndtat for b?r a brllltaal na*< ?r Rat If bar 4u*t ?Kfc l^oarlil ?a? admlrnbl*. ? ar? at a l<>*? h > a to ijaallfr thr 4u*t b*t?a?n h?r aa4 Klfaorliia lartiMM. .** t'tr?r<al. H?forc aridity w eann^t paaa ovar tliat laratlta ifalllorrra of tha beautiful, fin /V aang by Kottl In a manner that >" ralaflum ran aad * Iklrk Ibat In Aarrlca 414 any ar'iat okoro ! IIch.j 4aa>tva tha app'auM- ?rhi?h bttral ?p >aun#nn?ly at ibr rt iifunwn at il.l? aria At laat, bat >t th? ' lM?t ?a* lb? a4?nl"> of th? rondo <iid| by B*rttt?m%. It wa* tn<1??4 a ??ry fli">d of o? l?4p almlrab'y ran 4?ta4 PI?nor1aa IN rrfnl ?? rary ??IHi bar part ot I Soxalon. and eai<f It with a p?rfa<;t m?tho4.a*4 if^xl ??l?a Kot a abola. thla opera ?f?t off in a r-u ?rltI a hi* irannar. Tha or#h#?tra *n4 obnrtiaea alao ttoelr part of notion To olght It will ba rrp?lt?t i a#aln for th# bet-eft of fl'^uor Not?|II Tha \*?r , I'laoe Opeta Hout* *111 b? too roiall for tba lioir?ra tf hla talant. I ' iimiti Minn n ??1 ha ne#rn laalnlUn a? ba tab* k?ttcr with out ritlma than lay ntk't 'I???f1p? tl?f? of ?w?l nni**ni< nt m Y1?obaatta' llall pr???a ?*?ty ??anirg, by (lit Ur^? that atload. /otar. ( hititian Mould *n I otharr play thalt r??p?atl?a lo?triia?atii ?aty O?org* hriatp W Sb'ppard dire* tb# liritrn into aiaaaMt* flNIVN, Aariirii Mint'*.-Wtiewar f?-la a oaHoaltp la wl?a-Mtti( a r?pr<-??a1?i|n? of tha aijwle *?T*ia?ntaa <1 iba aartant In uHa, fp? baa a? mach about la ^aaa*?al blftrry. tboald gn to Ui< M?'?na what* a a?a?paa) iia lar thin etna [> rf<-rm thatr iila?loi?? i?*t altai wkw aad Ma* Dt?a ? A caaart aad lltarar? aar?rt*ta?aa?, vtii'rr tha )>atroo*ga of tb? Itlah p->p'ilat< ?a *111 ao?aa I r(l at tb* i nltaana Bf?a taay, na (t^ainrraw) rrtd%? i ??? Mr* f>aaa will baaartata-l ba bar flaa Iala*t?>I fctMrva TM Iri.h n ?nd Mtaa wny l>#*? ?? l of v? <*r on?rt?'l ?Mh tb? R?k?1 I Wl ?h<>oli) **f ih?? ?he ?NM4 tkM *? * will l I'? ?* ?? ?* f ! M i Vr? l> h?? i?? nth?r *lwt ib? ?* ;< > ?fcf !? omn i t h?r rhil?lr*n, Rent H |V |ni?4t? it li tfe* ' J'H' I* Ibxti*, N?? Ohiwi

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