Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALI). oitnwclt foriiar KulUtii lull llMMUitli JAOKS UOKUON BKMJUCf'J rHOKKlKTOB AND EDITOR rHK DAILY HKKALD, 2ec?f. ptr eopy-tl v" ?? ??n. ,, THE WEHh I V HEK ALI), for Vircvl ><i?~ #/?Mu t ?nMmenl, ia publi d terr y Snf <l<i *, <i' 1'? < ??'? <*< r ?r $3 pi r annum ; ((Mni i'to/i in Kitfi pi, priMcA to Vr.?. k .# ?l ?..... ? - ' mum. r\? DiU.LAK WEEKLY HEKALU. <v*ry Honda*, 2 unit ptr topy, VI per tnnum; ?t c+pi*i 10 ctuhi, $rc.t l>tr annum CUKKh.-lf i.V/MWK. i-onlainna tmewl,i at at w, toll, it-'l Ji-ohi If ym?rt<r 0/ the utorld ; if ??</, will br llh rutin pit I /or NO NilTh f.' t- krt. nl i nonymout communicdtoiim ?? can t<ot ntx h rueiUd rommucu ufitim. Al.l. LETTKK> n " '"i/"' or u'ifk | nu /i'?. f. *< >"< ' or 'Ac i>nt> iyr u-iJ/ 6? <i?iurtr<ffrom the ii'intv remitted. ADl kKTIsK ?? > />'. if entimuhie prteee ; the yroprietor not re tonthle tor ire..?? in miiuutrript. AMIBEM RNTVMill SVKNfNd. ft'WFRY THEATRE, Bowery.? r.'l'R M.s?rTit*i? emu>?m'k Wirt. i.;oadW aY TUKaTkE, ilo uuir.-Qi t ViKnimo -I> K M 1*1 Miia* SlTRTON'S TUi.aTRA, Ohaatcri ?truet?S nuu? F* II.* ? Pi.*k Ntnu.NAL TUBA I at, CbftttiMU 1) Bi: Jl4??MI-f Srhciki Ui IDH. fcouu? Ft m, i.? G 1 m?H 1 tfvl Oi.ViiPK THEATRE, BroUnf-DiLiotTt OotmDR >mM. Rxi-r* I - tKK Wt.Ol)?lllLIAVI o? THI Ti tut-tlilMI.Hl W ATCII. ; j *1?\ (? liPlK:, li t ErMioriAH Pturon 44N) Attoit' l L M.ti X\< ning. j4 I XK M Ami'h <o f iironVAtrti, Ai? ^ *O?ik ^ i K ? N |?t \? >? York, Kalitttluy. January 1'J, IS.">0. %?? from K 'i r>>|iv WV have no' yrt b< u <>i th<- urrival of the Ca nun ni lliliiiA mrmi.tlUd WUU1Q HO Wf II lo be on their guard, till th--> see the news putted on the Di iitt IDS. Tlie A iMtl 11 itin of (hi* A tinii Inn jnisnlaii. The seuratton created throtiwii'iut ill*- country, by the speech i'f < !? ri C imh, in tavor ?>f abolishing the Austrian mission, id likely to be somewhat perma- I nent. He aligned some prerty strong reasons for 1 'he cour.-e he r< loinm *:idi d to the Senate, but his i speech w chorn of most of Us strength by his not beii g iLie to |)Ut forward with much force the | 6ir?i u points "? 'he cuse. Lver) body knew th it ! the dittirguisheu Senator was on pretty good tenii* wnli the notorious amba.-sador himself, and bo lie waited most of his charge outside of the ring of Ii p larg? t. It is doubtful now, how the case may be d? elded ; tor there are objections which j hive been r. i; d b? Mr Clay, and other Senators, 1 agmiiFf the abolition of the Austrian mission, *hit h m y prevent nny uctiou on it whiteverfor ' a considerable time. It is even d mbtlul whether ! the political and personal friend* of Jatnes Watson : Webb iiin> i.t>i clave oil the matter yet for mtiny 1 months. H<>w intim ite may Lave been th- relations i f the cli.t I proprietor of the Courier anil h'/iyumr with the leader of the wiiisr purty in'Washin ion, lew, | To^nbly. but ihe parlies in question ully understand Ii maybe th it Col. Webb, for j reasons be-t k -ow i t hiinsell, knew that lie could leave ihe c<uutv in defiance of the Senate, and | ev< iv n le of drrem-y, and do it witU impunity, I knowing he had t.'ie sinll in his own hind, by w lite tould cudg> I politicians enough in the ; rei ?te mio b d> ! i ce Whatever muy be the , upshot of th mailer, it n perfectly certain thai, f Gen. Curs, Mr t lay, Mr Webster, and other dis'inmif he:l f'aii rn<ii on ether side, do confrmskM'i I'f.'itlul an appointment, ihey do it in d-i i re ?l public opto >!!, expressed through a i 'u i,: i i.? i , .11.'; iiiiiji iwr miidl . ?iirces, and they gne itbumiant reason to the nation to the integrity ?>t their motive*. N?> nnn in hi* iru^cnn !??-that Webster, no ? lay, am ever in th? ir own conscience, Could find u i -til.cation tor committing such an ?i ?r i n th* feeling* of mankind iv vv,ta perp?-(r ri by Mr ?''; > im>, ? In u lie* chore such a 1 man to repr* ft ? tin- mmi on. Indeed, we verily brh? V" th.ii ncli i>l th"** "'eiinlors believe U'rbt> is i tteily i.e. m et nt?utterly unfit to have 1 b < .(-pointt ii? . nil )?t thry ..p- all d< ticient in m r. l ? r !? t<> mv m in public d? bate, while fliev trecly . cn:it tli*- fai t m private circles. ' Irt i.ut there i oue tact connected wuh the impos- j ir?g announcement made by Cien. Cass. to th< ' dial iliHihe rhould not pp iiie I'd. Web ?'s npp. n*nn rt on the mtmud ol the unfitness of the j since, us he pv\t ihe country to understand, he < nteitxiiird i.o r1! ubt ab.iut his fiin-ss for that i print other |*>?t ?>f hor.or. although h<- admits his ii<< s|?ei'v in privite talk. It is possible that whil* the Mttbi 'iiO .v n.itor was furling his thunder ?f in*t A'.etna <ml Kas?la, and d>'?potism in general, tb>:t h<-in >ht h ve beihotuht himself of Brother appointment which hud been in.ide to -tno,her country, wlicf. it possible, a more cruel and b.irlu rou outrage hus been pi rjieirated ii,?oh justut unit lihetty. We n> ed not s?<y that we refer I tl e itiiH: i ii n' Rome, Hud it unnecessary lor us to u d thut thiH embais 'i l?*'l (?y tli" H.?ait?>r's * owe sun. Ii happens t" be within o ir knowledge that y?-MC'K Mr. t as*. Ii rnvever .ici-onittili^hed his n>ir)n?Ts miy he in the driw ro >m. has been of vi i) liMle s?ivi * to ill'* i iu ot iib rty in li \ly; and * e are yet to |e*m th it h m mil* st-d, either I \ s I "'I let or hi l.< . II\ W " .1 ll;llthv v Mi ill loin ii republic Mr P iU li id ifiv-u turn tMtnictiona wli Ui left him the ducrtttonnry pciwer of ?cku trlrd^ma ih>- r? t??it?i..- of H if. whenever, in L opinion, it i liml 1 ae>*ro pro.i-tr t? c!? to WV nr?- informed, too, by our corre?,.?itdent* in It tt*-, i' w> II hb by Am u t.i c<?utl"ttfii who r> i f ntly r?-iiiiii? tl. i . it Mr C* ?-* tr??< t ') ihe pro\laioaid government awl the Ir^iaUtive * ?'i' in vi v t-*i !n r ?> .*, .?n 1 th it In* irte true t< w ir< a ib? republic ivll ?u uur o' col.ili* . lit>ne->? nnrf ropitnu'l low, if I' ere lii bet a.?! ri i ' the present ,;,ii tatKii, 4 a, > cUcle in h which ener-'d be ?tlmif..ti?>n and trie jr i, ?f niwsr I nv re deeply iImii r vj other occurrence, it ?aa the bold nil nenero-jn reform * of the i? w 1'i'j*. Throughout (,;in- itdom, , u l rv ii nictiji balb*r<Hi' i alien*, h * t me, n? ;r ?t, rt lot riling, liberal I'l-i-, , id travel d, ? .li.g evr>*li<.r : * ml Hduurit n of mm* K nd Wnen thf ii'?? ti t eame t mt h? w a lUiltiriC in h>? 1'nth < t pr< i* hihI !i*ii b .:?n to liateii ro ih>* com ia ot n * r>*at on rv t r?v. hia friroda nnd thf In-nd* ?>t I l> rty b''?*n to tr- ii >,e lor i>e cauae Of freedom, not oi?!y m the i i ,ii I utui.i, I ut ilirougtiovl Kupi>|?" 11 - h*?l b n tlir lirtt of h'I the lviiv;"'iD i> vefijoa to ainuf *h- uicam of |ie?4>'ablr nnd blood!e.?i reui u <m. It w?? hi- n^ni' winch b<ul to liberty tn- w* p?'i, i,oil ami-ton It w?* ntider tl it*'born aUr th i th * hopes of mankinJ l?ei?4n f?? centre npon ? P?>( Kmric?, who b'??ii (or em a iiidfi' lllf S , t A ?ool <!r? ,.i 'ban of rn<-?unufen en ..,,(1 ti->j* And, fin il y. ?hfn the m ih- i> ? ,f he h^-l mvf-? K> arr? ?t the r. vol it .... h ? I, .|, , ?j UiHt II bad end*d in ht? v?rt r..? . h. uHll l 'rom bin kinyd m. it i-1. ? , , ?mM b**e di**rareti ill- urw r-, . i?. ?, i tb'odium >! I <?), t', " . < - v i | | fe*'ed ujH.i. lit'- defendeia of i> i r n ? n ' ho?i ?ff well-loum!-d ?;? * r<. ,u v have ae fined m the linn*, tn<-> |>unred to t; jt tly ground!***- For innoy iiioqMi* nut fifi ??t n *|4 ice aor of blood m rred the lair foi ui i>t f..i 1 libeity Moderalioa in pt ic couuc . ?.i | i. T*te lite, tmovju ..i')r tr citu'i- i and i> >. c erne*, order and leiye?' for Miv n mil Ih 11 Mnd |?oblic roartdeace m tlir atabditjr of tin* n *r rmtr of thinuf. e?eryw iter* in , r?.< r? * ? < nn l ofttidf-rc* ttmurts nntion I-b-rt> ? n? f to have achieved it* motl dilti< '? <? ! Je< nr virtoif II a repi ( ,c ro I be , >i. Uim?d i > Rome, and b^ ad n i?i*ter? d w h in < ration, why ?h?"?'d tfie friend* " fr ??' ? I"" t'l ' r- i'I l<i tfit r t'itu vl i > i-j ! v: in* : \ u ? ? supposed throughout the country that our Charge d'Aflaire* had recognised the Roman republic. It hhd begotten confidence; it had acquired strength ; and nothing, short of an armed expedition of fifty thousand French soldn-rs, could have overthrown th>- new government; and even with this tremendous force at his disposal, the Pope found it no easy matter to reconquer his lost kingdom ; for it was by levelling the Wills of Home, by bombarding that hncient und vem-r iblr city, by burning the nouses i t its people, and tilling every dwelling with mourning and blood, that hia soldiers were at l ist enabled to gain their point; and when (reneral Oi dinot entered ltome, not an Italian gave him a shout of welcome?not a Roman could b" f >und > ut of a naif million, who would mount to the top of the Cumpidogho, and drug dawn the tri-color of Italian freedom. Now, if Mr Cuss, during this whole period, had been leii with no discretionary power, whatever his acts might have been, the responsibility of them would have fallen upon hit' government; biit he h id no excuse of this kind to plead, tor he might have come forward ai the right time, and lunt the new republic the encouragement of his own; and if he hud been suc h a man an we needed, and Rome needed, ai that time, with the instructions he had from the President, he might h ivegiven a different issue to the fate of Rome. Although no parallel can be traced between the characters or the qualifications of the two ministers of whom we are speaking, Mr. Cass being, so far as we luMw, entirely unobjectionable on person il grounds, yet we can conc-ive quite as good reasons fur the abolition of the lit man mission as for the Austrian. In both cfik't-s despotism his triumphed by the foulest and the bloodiest means In btth cases our government has stood aloof from tho-e republics, when they needed aid ; in bo'!* c%?e% its encouragement was looked for, and 10 both e.i-teg the ruin has been wrought. If il<n ('argu. ment holds good when applied to A i-tn i, thj', by abolishing all diplomatic relations between the two countries, we administer u severe and well merited rebuke to tyranny, we cannot for our lives tee w hy the cute will not hold just as good when applied to Home. At present, Hungary is crushed and crucified. The butcher has shed his blood, and the i: - nocent nave dit*<J ro as the cowardice of di cpotitm has dared logo in tins sungiiinary period, it Iiqb gone ; and if the petty priests, backed by hired soldiers, who now govern the Roman States, had dared to bring on a reign of terror, as Nicholas and Haynau have done, who doubts that tliey would have done it 7 It is well known that under Gregory XVI., only a little more than three years ago, every outbreak or attempt at political disturbance brought scores of men to the block of the ext, or the torture of the inquisitorial dungeoi s. No reign has ever been ho despotic over ma:.kind as the reign of priestcraft. But barbirities and atrocities enough have been perpetrated in Kl ine, since the French intervention begun, to justify us in putting an end to all diplomatic intercourse, or even the appearance of it, with S'icli a state. We hope, ut all events, in the name of heaven, that Mr. Cass lias not yet recognised the pre sent government, if there be any In Rome. but we have serious doubts whether we could not, us a nation, discover a wiser policy than that advocated by the Michigan Senator. His hands were tied when he made his great speech. Colonel Webb was his Ultimate friend ; and it the question ot abolishing missions were raised, the propriety of abolishing the mission to Home became apparent. Would it not be better, instead of committing to the hands of a very young m m ; so responsible and important a mission as the one to Kl ine lias bf en, or so important a business as has been confided to the notorious proprietor of the Coirnr and Knijuirtr?were it not better, we say, j to invite them both to come home anJ go about their proper business, the one to the bowlnr, the ! other to the bull-ring?ami send two men, distinguish'd for their talents, their character und their public service, to do what may be done, at this eleven'h hour, to atone in part, at least, for some ol the fatal blunders ol the Hon. John M. Clayton, | 'he illustrious patron of the Hon. James Watson j Wi lib, colon* 1 by courtesy, and once a subordinate otii. *r in the regular army, who wa? pardoned oil ] . . ** - ? - L... .I.- ?r . V? V?.L t%m vernor, in order to endorse him tor a foreign mij- j non! Our policy thould from the bei>nimuj li ive be? n to encourage throughout the world, by all | fair and |>racticabl? meant, the diffusion of the ' principle* of liberty No man, who hi* any heart or republicanism, doubts the ureal struggle which is now going on between absolutism and democracy mutt in the end accord victory to the j now defeated and butchered party in Eun>|ie. j Why has it not occurred to our statesm *n to copy after tlie government of Great Britain T Her policy lias shvujs, until recently, been to mike wir U|?*>a repul !ics, because her own insecurity, as mi olt(tnri'hic monarchy, lay only in the spread of r publie.ih principle*. We have all heard of th?- ll >ly Alliance aiid the ('ongrets < f Vienna, where sove? reigns and de?pota as'embl<*d to combine their fones to put down liberty I'.y such combinations, the liberal i'biis*- h'is hitherto suffered all its defeats ; and who expects th it it will ever become victorious, unless its friend* unite, throughout the world, in a like combination 1 It wan by an h a combination a* this, that the fairest and the richest empire in South America was prevented from be- j ci nniK h republic, aud converted into a new li. IJ ' for European royalty. England, and France, aid >p. 'II, ai.d Portugal. placed over tile heads of the empire of Hmzil u European prince ; and the triiior L' II.- I'liil pie w ?? tiret in the at rite to win the h?n<l of the Enro|>ean>iiiiniifactnred tnomrch tor one of hia de.u^htera. Aid this was not eunuch. I < ?ne of hm M>n? must tnarry the name inoa.rcli's unit r. In tliib wi,y, I r ag> r, royal families have 1 iat< r woven the in-* l?ii together, until ithisabo- 1 luie'v become a n,. Iter of ?elf-ote?ervation tiiri i owe ro plinitl tbe uiliirfed power# ol' *11 l ie reft. N?w, wnh inch f'.iriul odd*.?,??in*t republic m: >t ? wuli ib<- ininvue* mid *?uult?, open *utl m <1 <>??, ?sh? h moimrchy enn bring *giin?t it? wttit potnibh- hi p-' is there tli ?l it *ill r*i*r prevail, u:i. |?m> the cbmk" po' cjr of c?ml?inntii?n, union, a 11 good tnrnt be adopted iiiimu the ?>t th? woilil I tlii* niu?t iiIiimiii< l> beernne the r?' policy of tbn country, wr profouu liy end hrreifiet, w.- iiu?xinc ilut one of the I- mi i) I tr?t by which the racei? in our t tlytn < >n i m n w ill b>- IiimI, will be, *Vint n ymir po! '-y I wiirdr the r? public* ? wh>?t will you do for th c MS ' f I'b' n> Ik lb" Old World I It T? " f? * ? < hiIm: ? ine'ter of very trit'uutf i rip" tuner1, wn tin r . C.-udiriftte li t 'he pre?idem:y i? i,i f?ror ? ( >< t>Ki k or thrill'; the?e minor pot it* ?re ti't tii.'utg info ti iwifiiMiicp, in cumpwi?i ' W:i|i tin- sreot ^'I'Ulion of tli ?,;? , which i? n >w | bi pl drri'i din MrugjW of hftniin and Iim I, I *. 111? i m iikmd ?v?-r'' iint'le to hr ground iato lb* c'i t i i (' i il:? bnof of de*poti-iit, rir w i-'lier tli y vr'i l . it" li> be f ? , o?:?-v lop.- l!i |V?nu ?'< * hi ?t iii leld tin' ' i .i?nr?? ol ili rrt'tli. In rltli rite - 11! - of f i'*i.i . #t, lit'' 't;rf, ind gm rati . ( t. in (j< r Hie protecting ^ u ' * of lilcrty \\> hu ird nothing in ctyiu* ut, d ih.-? l?? !? Ii I liftnfti ily n -rir during tue l?-? pre'id'nti I lej. 1 i n, rrcn Ontml I'?>|or, Wi'h II hi? i >p il irity, . 11! with hn unioillc " ft mr. 1 r could have jm ? > n o i ;h i I t." i o.-l" m ma ?e inn Pr? ->1 ti*. t??. y h< I known Mforrhind who ww to be ?h t 'r?kl itofh for* ifln policy, lh* iutermi* i'i 'vrm'b of hurnilixtinff and di*(nc'l? I '.? r? in which he would hiv* ^liintt^d lV" ?? ' ' \* ' i ' I t'l | |i|e President I* not *1 III en* i? the uul c(,n rqn-nci of Mr Cliyt i'j f' I ut thn' be m?r in over hi< totterini; rc;r|t itii II ht ii re it? full I nnd we hop- tSm fic I mted r ite will vindi ite, in ,i (.r.rtHMl r!i <|W, it r. it | run i(.let io whit i we tuve rrfm^d, nof ? > ii > i b l y t-ilk tn< on nn Nlxtrxet r--.>l'it , n ? i ti I hi> n fnlmm n* bt nvro'iav Ih^mm h .t I n . H.riiot U>OD UCil ? Ml ^K'U Ity titOI t*Ul' SM ! I 'J C. I Mayor Woonnvi.L. an* i *e JJatikhy Enlargement ?Wt* publish in our column*, to-day, a very curious Hiid important article, which was sent to u? by nn old aiid valued correspondent, on the subject of the liiittery enlargement, including also some comments on the views put forth by the Mayor on that subject, in his recent message to 'he Common Council. To the f.ict*, inferences, and vuws contained in this article, we draw the uttention not only of the business men of the city, but ot all persons engiged in trade, und interested in ihe prosperity of this mighty metropolis. For some time we considered the project ol enlaiging the Battery a mere bagatelle?one of those impudent and preposterous hoaxes which speculators anil brazen-faced cheats sometimes create, to gratify their own purposes of notoriety, or, perchance, if successful, to procure some advantages out of the result. Whea such a project was confined to journals without moral character or intellectual talent, it only deserved the passing sarcasm of the moment?to be consigned, with a laugh, to oblivion and forgetfulness ; but when we see men invested with important legislative lowers, as members of the Corporation, und, more particularly, the chief magistrate of the city, adopting', with seriousness and gravity, such an impudent project, which is known among men of intelligence to be the offspring of cupidity or corruption, and, by such means, risking; 'he great commercial interests of this city, by attempting such experiments on tha most important point ol New Yoik harbor, we confess it is time that the bubble should be pricked, and those that encourage it ripped from top to bottom. From the best information, gathered from the best quarters, there is every reason to believe that any attempt to enlarge the Battery to the extent sought for by the speculators, would endanger, if not destroy, some of the natural advantages of both the Kant and the .North rivers, which make this city the greatest harbor of the commercial world. Is it just or prudent to ritk such results, to gratify cupidity or avarice 1 Is it right or public spirited in the chief magistrate of this city, to adopt such a project, and give encouragement to such a scheme, as he has recently done in his message to the Common Council t But the weakness of mind, and want of moral couruge through which Mr. Woodhull hiis adopted such notions, were prefigured, fatally prefigured, in his vaacillating, weak, and equally discreditable conduct, during the Astor IVhcc riotn of l?M vpur: The man whnse mrnta! calibre failed hitn in that important emtule, had made a tinwriar blunder, and equally as great a failure, in his utter ignorance and folly, by sanctioning a wheme'of rpeculators, which would endanger the natural advantages of the two great rivers which form one of the grandest seaports in the world. We trust and hope that every interest in the city will arouse itself into action against this weak and puerile attempt of the Mayor to endanger such interests by the adoption of such a scheme. Ji'dicial Fumness in Niw Jersey.?The Supreme Court of New Jersey ha9 refused to quash lhe indictment recently found against Lambert Norton, President of the swindling State IUnk at | Morris. The judges in New Jersey de?erve great credit for their firmness, and we hope that the same , principles will govern other judges and other ] courts, in carrying out the requisitions of the law 1 relative to all those who have got up bubble banks 10 cheat and swindle the country, when this c.i*e 1 comes belore them for final adjudication. The trial of Norton and his confederates will come on before the court at Morristown, in a short time. It will ; be interesting in a great degree. The evidence ' will d^close the true rniture ot the shifts and policy 1 , by which such institutions are created and palmed t upon the world. We may also expect some curious developments in connection with certaiu insu- j ? ranee companies, and similar establishments in Wall street. When the trial commences, we shall have a reporter on the spot, anl will publish the t proceedings at once to the world. Ttie California Movement. Since the departure of the steamer Kmplre City for ] t'hafrres. on tba Sd Inst., thf re appears to bar* b?<-n no c diminution In tha number of vessels which hare left c fur < klili rula. at will be leen by the list below. The maguiflcent steamship Ohio, Capt. Schenck. j rails this atternoon at 3 o'clock, from bar dock, foot ef \\ arreu street, for t:h?gres. The *tisf?rhip Kudora. Capt Barkman. and steam- , fliip < W illi*, i apt. Marka, both railed tbla weakt<>r , San Vranclmo. TLi- fcllowlnf it a tba name* of th? T?a.??!a, an] th? poit and ilatt* at vhicb tht-y cUarvd. atnca our lut i, luu viary : ? D?c. 2?? B?rk S?ar I.cmU (.!m... SI?l*!ip I. nt?? Irtafuri.,.. Uctton. Jib. l-fti|> I lira Hrm k?.... Il?il.:? J.. J Mi i J?? Stewart... .Kcnutjr St. Jo!.a. N. D. tin,' Jvlm Diiu Lriival SitH. 3? Milp t ?r?o Cothom... .Butca. g Ilark Putu SuaMy.... do. ?tV I Ici-in-a' Le mnd... .N?w Or!?o?. * Sclitl.tnr* ll< > ?n... K linif B*|iiu.or<. ] P'hr Mrri hant oi*n... tl<a?toa ....Uojtm. 'I? Hut W A iih t ? I. ? * >i....... HaTtimora. | I 4- Mi.Ik IMUr Vtfy N?w ? >rk. I , balk Maiy AiUmi.., , Itoa* Dvitm. Ptl.rJ?? Frai.H n... f'alea,.. ...Baltimore. 6?Mttani'hip ludora... Rjrkm<?ii..Now Vor*. . lltlh life Broth<r?... An J ;i? u.... lln-ton. lUrli ' II. W B'-rnna. F ?k Ho. J R-rfc Krt * in Ji'l.a>oo.l ann do. Hti: fnif.-nri Krniptoa... <t?. ft?PI ip Ji'Mphia* Bon....... Naur 3?d;' r i. 7?Blip llibariia Biniila di. 8? *!<" m?liip Carr-liua. Mark* NmrYork. t Fl.lp I'iMo . . ,..! ?wall do. f- ? hi Pl'?? fmltl Wk' in.,. Bnrlnn. H?-Ship Adirondack MtUtnnc... ,Ki? York. ??hr Mm A. fatktr, Kniwi??... . n Il-Hart Z, Rib*. Joa< > ......Maw York. 1 hi* paart m?ra in tha ?boT? and thoM tl>%t ) at- (C'"i:? by tfcr * ?T of < hai:??. i umIit about t.CUfi w Met. Iccrrnrra the grind total o| those who have g?i? to ( alilcmlk by mi to 64.000 t ]|u in* and ?pU>r.!ll rtnig<hlp OMT|la' ilttnil dlrtct tor r hagrn, on the 28th ln*t Thr >t>kn;rr W J. Pfai? which baa bo?n pi; i n? <1a.1. V. ...? * - tkl. all m kl. t iK n * a th?r"0|(h o?? rhaulit)*, an linn ' Itw day* mill laaaa c ur dork', to join Ih* fi?rt of M??g|?r? alroad) at Pnn b ranrlroo. 8h? *? rtpr??-ly bi,iit I for in< ?<rf hi br?n n. th? ?ra ?ar?ic?> S*i* i? ?>ir j ct.ui.cb mii i iu?l In oiroo/th t i Pttlit|| bTlt-iffWon ?.h? i-oci>cnt?r?>(t ;i o?? . r. a?l man d'rartr. u? ifilr' and In ?Rfrly n lri<f roar at i>?ffi mi?. niliuillthiM>etfi' . In u? ln?f tw* >j li< rlir >tfr lufii rnr c? nt'? lo># t" h>T UBJ-r Trlt?r?. ?>r In ?irr?? lo?? to h?r i>?n?rr. SV b?? ?T?r prorrd krr?tl? <? ? Krt ?t.?l lucky rraf' and It t? to }>r h p?d i:.?t h- r (t'< J nti?lltl??.ln ?h fu'nrc ?ri.l t.- < , ill to t t'-i p>. tppt ?nd rtrrl n< in*r/r|ty ol h?r pr?t. nt own. ( ?r? Tt > rt. mi ?r* t*'?t bare i'i p?rt? d f"t S?n ' r.mrl<co bar* hr*n ably a* I afllolmtl j tu?nn?d anl coin?ii3>ir< l; ah ", piud-nt an4 ?rl?ntl8c e 'W n?nd-r-; t ,?ii Join with tho tr*?Ml'Of puhlle In npr.?. f In* ?ftflrr eonMru* In ' apt. Cotikiln. th? l -a>" ? la cmnmnc'ar who ?'< nr.dorMaiid, ba? kc n a?-t*i"t- r ti commai d b?r an ' i t lb( ? Id huntrM of i allf r- ' ria >ihf l# ili? ?*tifd !or lit *?tr*tt?*li and brm* < f (, It.fl'i dr?ti,?,r rlir wi'l !?? ahla totbr?*4 that itrram | *>arly up I# !' route# Am i mi r r.?< *# t *111r Ananri.? The i>pl tdl! pa<>\. t t iliip ?<a-r1ck, I i|itili I l4rlJ|>i arrl*?J ywU-rJav, ' Itl.l-f'tt from Liverpool, wbieh iMh* t*?ifth p*cV t J Ua; t a? airlt-d a'tbln the l?.'t fbur dayh fr?ai Kurcpa. | St > u *d* Ibr pa* a<?> In twruty-rar. itar?. Mnvi in* lit a uf Imll ??i*'a. Vi tt 1 Ham A. I'allry apccialMtil )f?nt to fanima J aid rn *irnc< to. *111 l**r* la tb'- ?t?*m?hi;i Ohio | t! ftt.rriiti Urbop* h? aaill ?tra'*St?n out ttm ' n a i arrangement* on th* Ithtnti*. , fli ir Aat?iMi?lli>K UiftlaprlllfltM, a t 'm> mom ??m;-k\rn ?'*. * ? r ti blifh'd the fard r.f Jainr* A. Bennat, wa , i"*T'?ot rncrr ihr fullow'ng ? i To i??. v i it"* or tm* Hiitin? l ilt ln;??r psrt i4Ibll annliillO'lrtil tfHl.?mn I'.ai.rl ha> rharj d ni? with haiku t '.-*rr. ' ti ?i bu <i?r Ml Wt and ;rif ci nfr*Ma -*<-in I'l l) i rt?t* i .:>t iiDUHtliful * It l?. anil rB)*t>a'io{ m t u c My fr m 'ta ?bn ban lor yatra. b*?o lxiK?ti upni i? l ?r . ,y total pri ?p? mli'it *? w*ll ha??r>" i?lo 1 i ,uM"t I tl.acl art*- f Uf?i ral Hao..*t ii|ta'ii?? I l".?! ?rr ?rr Id ht ho* lilt t?lM ?uim I }.? nr if. <| mi b t'l>? w!>< le>t?.?m at I- ? , bo* ?< r? It oth* r?|-? iii < |> i-lti"0 U ??uffir *ul i 'I rcrthtUookn not I lkt|rr. (htof. ?nd ???? #'?. u i ?? in | i i if lh" ikm ?rj in-t? ?'"r- a t< mph folly j uf?. tT II T IOMM ?V I H'l>? l.fl iMK'lt till flMltk t >i? Mrollofl llr ? '! ! 1 -?l i f <1 * ftMoMf in nt??i dl?tr??? II. 1>M>. Brf<~r* Jndft* Jit II ? t.ytl < /'?/ 'T t? Jn>.n J H'rttrrr-'f, ^Wi/? Tl'l?(|< id ti lirn of rtplrvln. whleh h?<l h??n trl?l U?itnm th? Jtrr < nld nr>t 1il*?orn1n< 1?H ic'i r ? < r,:( tti ijt u*. \ all-, *?' 1 i ' . ?? TELEGRAPH 21' HTHIifff Kummikry! We give bel<~ our usual telegraphic report of the doing* in Coi>gres?, and in our Slate Legislature. The I'nittd States Senate was not in eeesion yesterday. The House has succeeded, after forty-two balloting*, in electing a Clerk. Mr. Campbell, the Cleik of the Thirtieth Congress, received 112 voire on ihe last bullot, and was declared elected. The next business that engaged the attention of the House, was the election of Sergeant-at.Arins. Two balloting were had, without an election. The vote on the last ballot stood?Lane, 8-<; <Iiddings, <>1 ; scattering, 65. in the Legislature ot New York, the business transacted in the Senate was not of much general interest; and in the House, in addition to several matters, principally of a local nature, a series of joint resolutions wers presented, for the purpose of instructing our Congressional delegation to oppose the preposition to donate land to the Hungarian refugees, by amendmenta in favor of the destitute of our own country. The resolutions lie ovtr. Affairs In the Capital. Ot r sieciai. te1.eqk aphic CORrispondence. Washington City, ) Friday, January 11, 1850. $ A CUrk is at latt elected. Mr. Campbell, who is-re-elected, is a Tennessee whig?was successful by Southern democratic votes. The Northern democrats arc much excited. Some of them declare that, if everything is to be a sectional issue, the South shall have enough of it. The whigs agreed to run Campbell again, to-day, simply to prove their good faith, the South complaining that he was abandoned too soon. A half | dozen Southern democrats ended the contest; more were yet behind. They hud consulted Mr. Calhoun, and, as MrForney could not be elected, they preferred a Southern whig to the chances of a Northern Iree ( soiler. They could not trust the Clerk's (ranking < privilege in doubtful hands. Had the democrats \ ? _. L * n mi f^ntunpl \A/ n 11 ?r 1u'pru Maut V\\rL whi^s enough in his favor to elect him; but a few j more ballots were yet utked for Mr. Forney. His i jriends were appealed to, but would not withdraw j him. i The result foreshadows some trouble in the J camp. ,

The democratic caucus of the Senate, us re- < ported to you yesterday, appointed a uttee ] of five, to report on the rescinding f V uton resolution, keeping in the old ofiii ru. I inittee ngrctd to let it stand, and they rejH>rt to the f caucus this ev? ire ' 1 Y-FIUST COIUUES9. [ FIRST SESSION. I I lluiite or Heprcsantatlve*. * WiiHisorm, January 11, 18(0. 0 MORE BALLOTS rOB A CLEHK. 1 he journal was read. f The House proceeded to ballot for Clerk. ti Forney, 13 ; Campbell. tC ; ! reach, 18 ; Foots. 3 ; ? Prindle. 2 ; GeuTerneur, 1. No election. j, Previous to the followlDg being announced, half a lozen members voted tor Campbell. and it was thought be was elected. Much anxiety was manifested, but t>0 election. Again voted Forney, 07 ; Campbell, 103 ; Foot*, 3 ; hrench. 13; Prindle, 2. A motion wa* immediately made to adjourn. A CI IKK ELICTKO. fi The excitement increaaed. After the roll wag again b ailed, about eight democrats votetl for Campbell, to 11 i:d the eontest it waa understood that only two oles were necessary to eleot him. {Several of the inem- n >ers were busy dramming up the requisite number. >lr Ew i no said he had voted for Forney forty timet. * ind now cfcanged bia vote for Campbell. Votcaa ?" One more vote repaired." Mr. C'acwn i. changed to Campbell. [Cliaa?111 Good, bat rl?cu bin "] y Mr Hii<ntm> vot?<l for Campbell. [Crias-" Ah," 1 ? #,'? " Fleeted," " Good."] ? The rtault wu announced? Fornay, M; CampbMI, *12; Foot#, 8; Freneh. 11; Prindie, 1. Nrcmury t1)* 2! buica. Ill; and < t.ropb<ll having received 112, ?u detared fttcted Clerk. Ajplaure commenced on the whig tide, bat wmc *np- 1 ratted by the Bprtktr. jj un the lert ballot for Clerk K Meter*. Colcock. Fwing, llibbard MeQuaan, Woodi?rd. Orr, Yeoable, Wallace. (Southern democrat*) ?t?d for Campbell. h r J'uvit ? Mem* Allen and tiorace Mann. C For ??? <*.? Mrrrre. Bingham. Booth. Durkee. liaran. Julian 1 ton King Tuck Wllmot and Hoot. Fmr PtinJIr ? Mr UldJinga. TLa rtheri divided between Campbell and Forney. by atty lint*. 'J be ll?UFe then proceeded to the election of a Ser itt-V-Arwat kw filnk-UM, Xy .81; (lidding*, h <ew York. U, Shrkell. h. Rig?re la.*; Wa?hln*t >n. 6, J B. M(i?iT,X?* York, P, Jaiuei Mor?e, N. \ , 10; low 8, Morebead. (a , 10; lliram Walbrldge, 6 Kietjh. r 3, N. W. Adam*, N. Y , 3. Ihe rimn of Dow. tValbrldje and Morebead were b> b ? It iiUrawn Mr. I arter aaying tliat be nominated r W albridge apnlnat bit decided protect. Jacob Blgelow ?n no&ineted by Mr. Allen. The Hose*again voted ? Una 8#, (lidimga, 01; aoat- J, a?ing,ti. Adj?un.'d. | n* REW NMB IMHMIVMi Binalr, j J1' Auatvr, FriJay, Jan. 11,18J0. V vaneKKVaiiiiN or atroava. n' Mr Brcavo prevented a joint relation, directing g, be fSernury < I State to furni?h the Trovincial Tarlta- u unit if Canada * itk a lull aet of our law* aal Urn >r pr*??Bt*d ? bill ?u?p?n Hog th? c?;i?e- x< ti i??iti> lo ra??a w!i?r? the Attorn#/ Oturral Iial ?' ii RrBrrii Miltn to try > ? On bki latroJucid bill furlhtr to hUdJ th* 1 >t<fl?l<n? of th* ?irn>|>f|nn lt<r. 111 iwcit mim imc rno i ?t? or thr i Jitrmiri. i ,, y Ht;lltiKitlli|K|'CU fr di 111* at th# |? iinMhf ? ? ne?l?nt. It 1? iu rrlaton to th- a ill- 'M ' Of iiarian md national rollrrtion brlnt f ;o< to tba Mil* , | lilt VIWOittlM 01 IMl itN, I * I An IbtrrrHug ilifxuMl n l? prndiag la to 1 ba 4t?|>?-?ltira of thr c?d? ; Mf. staotrn arguing la t, itn tf a ??l?et ei mnIttof l>-th bu?*?. h> > I 8t?*t?<* r frrad a r?#olailo* for th? f?t?r?ne< of J J h? fripi >rd rn>? proi-fdin* an i praitlj* to a l?ct a.bnttrr taktc (ti tu Ut<> Pttati* and Vhh.iWj Id m tiniru it. ho nr^td tbat tb? < t>?r Ihli iBHtlon ?ii j1 rttlid. tbi- l*tt?r It would b? An ritra -??*l>ioaon I i It b* h?- d in tbr Ii't niBimrr nt?r? and would ha * spadlrDt ai d uud??|iahU, IIp rrn-wfd th<* uianntr ii Miiirii mr n inirr rm?* r'wiiVici ib? p II* ?',udi d t?> th- r ?u><-r In "Ki'h ?l *!.?' IHlin D nf II.# '?* liHii brrn ?naet?(l oik) tha :ml nli i ?h!ch fcxl b?n iifriKucfil ili<n b; tfin if ne? < fll'? r**l?? M ? rn'it ? ? h.oh (.< hi ? J ? ' J la >< kdr pled MOW II* rr.'N?>i i.ialrd P' Hi" of the t>*u?tirii ir bltk Ik* ?d< |.t <? ?l th* I ud? would < rh In t*t* ?i ?l?. Alth?i>,h it f. m?d ? gnat h dr <>f th* la-* ? il It ft | 1*0 Or?a thou ai.d ?<-nlinn* ?.f Ih*fa*> >! r? '? ?li< i- ?-? -'ib-titutr for thrti- buodod ?p*nlal hi !< ? if th? l.?gifi?tu-r It mppUutfd ttir?* or f->ur m nu Ifd i f curt It t#v?? lb* pia** of **ry m?>v ji if t . ^ duml d>ri-tru? - |t d?maad*d Ih* a?H rar?tul ? .< d tint It ru*|itit t ?r*-fully matured. ?n.| It In i' ii .1 j ?m? i iimniti mlgtit tint h tie #???rr thaf I I I i?'.c Ii' nniif what tt.e p ,il* designed ll-i m- < th [!< i 4 tin' * ?> '*"? ^ t ' ?i |trf>w4 to* It referred td lh? Itt Ii- In ' aij ' < mi ttte 11 hath with th* a<ldltl?a ol pi * Dm Im? <t the .H*t,at* aid \tf"uibiy I a< 'Serial* hid r ? r tt f ?|m|* ji,e?|'M?. rli It# fr*<-t?|ar> i.f <tiat? ?m directed to fur?l?h th* i dje? of I be t imitof Appear Itli a ai'py of the t ' in M* iBp' M?i,| jart of th* distribution haiiag le in IMlKiii I h> Aaaettibl)'. I( Ian. 11, 1M0. UeaejretkTi"* or KritiiM' da ft Mr Nut *??'? . tin' dimbl? >ln l>(f of \lhnnT. I f r N?it,?l fvi iit lilMHlt?iiti a**iiiKt ih* ?ii**f ( rv (< # d? lit ;h* Mght. ?, i* r w , n > ? > t ii I abltant? of Je(T-r# >o county lor th id 'flcaitmai C? U#?a. t. r A * L. V' with. I't? B*nk at ,r, >r l.? (ti w < ? i it ft nth# f'ntrdtt Riip?r?)'r>rft t-f ?,< If c4*fi e< t>n?j 'cr rf |l? art in to tb? * ?'?! (tMtlhft Ike. |p 1.1 mi t? pt*T??t tb* Ml* ef IttoitottiPf frltk* t#i In *hb* vit II ,T, t r J. Aim. el JnntWi nf th* r^wr ?nJ Coaatol i rrr r>1 Sebt tiftrt* r unty f?t r?lf. tr, "> f Hi ?!. rf tbh*blt?n'* r>l St>M<?n eoumty far ?n j ' fcrici ltui?i Srho i ?r,i) Fur*. lb it ?r i mi i i fttmotq. ti * # O * * v- t n' | (r- 'o' * t . ), m Lt.i i ti. | ;.t j ,i Railroad from Buffalo to mioh p> in'. ia \l!n?h%ny or i ?tt?r*U?UH eountUe. to lo'erjeet the \'e?r York tad t rie Kcllicad u >ball be tnund out elifcibla. CMtNCKLUlM OK TIIK UNIVRH1ITT. The of ih? L'ulTer-lty communicated formally the dmtb of Dr. Wendell. one of their number, iid the app<inlin?Dt of U?*rrit V. LftDiioj of Albauy, a? ( liUDCellor o' the Board hjchiok or hi Liti ?-'>n nit r.ovrin??:>T or the Hoi'ir. '1 be rule* of U*t )< hr ?er? adoptel. Uy a eiojular icadvrrtanue iu the ruled nf la?t year. the Lieuteun'it coartrpiri of the Hniiiw. within th? bar Thin was corrtcted by the unanimous constat of the House. TKK M KaTERN NOI'll (> ' BKt't'UE. The firat report from the trustees of the Western House of Kefuge *if adopted nod ? lttr>?-* number ordered to be printed for dixirihutiou, on acsount of the intereetiug lacin thereto Mated 1HK MliTC OK IOHI* li LEASE. All paper* io illation to the e-tate of John G. I.cake were ordered Co he referred to the Select Committee, of which Mr. Wakec an i.4 chairman iSIVTHU RAILROAD BILL. Mr. Dei gave notice of i^, bill to declare the public utility ot a railroad fruinX anantialgua to Buffalo, by the shoiteet possible n ntn LAW LIRKAKV I ( > THE ATTOR?IEV GtlfClll. A bill was introduced to provide a law library for the \ttorniy General Thin office, the Law Office of the State has no library the book formerly there havu p bun taken for the purpose tf to-wing a library in Itocheeler. Till HEVlaEO STATUTES Mr. White brought iu a bill to amend the revised Statute! in relation to voluntary alignments. Till. EXILES FftliM Ht'NOARV. Mr Dun. of the 11th Assembly Olwtri't in New York, on. red a eerie* ot concurrent re?cluti?us in relation to the oppression exercieed towards the re'ugees from Hungary, us follows :? Wlier-aa. a resolution v?f been introduced Into th# Senate cf tlie I nited tt'atef, iiatructinf the Cummittne on Public lilf if t" lllfwu4 report en the propriety ot' aeuing apart a portion < f ibe public domain, 10 te granted tree of all clisige to the exilea uf Hungary, aircwiy arrived and horeal'ti r ts nrrivi in the I'Lited States, us well as to the exiles fleeing from oppression in other European countries: and wl.eieat, a larre p* rtlon of the people of our own country are lai oless ami v itliout homes, therefore, Ifen hi'd, Uf the Scout* concur.) '1 nat our Senators be inutiucted and our Representatives li requested, in case (aid ccuinmtai: r-port latiirably, to uuiead id J act tint in 17 be introduced in accordance with taid resolution, so as to include the landless of rnrown ceuntry. heaclved. (if the Senate concur.) Ihatthe Governor traan10it a copy 01 tuc foregoing itaoluiione 10 eanli of or.r Scuatora ana Kupic??ntai ivta Irom this itate in Congress. There reMilutions being concurrent, lie over under the rules. The Hungarian Kxllra In PtiUarteJpiUa? Spctcll of Uov, Vjhail, dEo Philadelphia, Jan. 11, 1650. Gov. 1 jhazi made a beautiful reply last night to L>en, Cadwalader, on the occasion of meeting the nfll;ers of the 1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment, of sbtcb the following is an extract: ? ' Gentlemen,? I deeply regret my inability ti express myself in hnglitli, your native language, but one :hobght relieves this regret uamely. that you take he part of tbe?e unfortunate ineii I believe 1 spea.t xily your own sentiments. Vou have a great example >? lor? you? the example of your rntn exalted U'?>hngton. When jour adopted oitizen ? tho citiien of (Wo worlds?Lafayette. ??? with etjual disregard of the aw of nalii ns. kept in prison at olaiutz by Austria, imilar to I- rnuth and bin companions, who are now ionflned iu the forties* of Schuuila l ather Washington -you w::i nuri-u wirli uie t<?oall \Va?hlBi;r-onfather-tho - i Ji i.t i l tbe I' State*. re<ju*-sted of the Emperor of u-tria Miveiance. and that act was done by him .. t! ty of Philadelphia, on the 15th of May. ytarli'.ti. (ientlemen my companions an l myi it-ml to Luuiblv lolicit your government to interere, in a diplomatic ? ay through tne Ottcman g vernttul. in tavor ot tlie deliverance of Koseutfc and hit ('uipar.iouti lienilemen, I have a presentiment that he tii ble citizens ot I hiladelpbia will unite with their >rethreu throughout the I nion to approve and supinrt tni'li a | et it ion of an old and uteaoy friend of hie, rbone voice, although feeble in this affair. be will ooaoniuate hie ellorts, and the wishes and the demands >1 the gitate?t p< ople will not be disregarded " The speech was received with great applause. The orernrr, bis sen,and Major Tragai will visit the circus o-night, i.nd leave fer Baltimore to-morrow morning, td remain in Baltimore till Monday morning'flien rave for Watblngton. Front the Snutti, l Bjltimohi-, Jan. 11?0 P. M. The Southern mall I* through, but brings no news. arkttt, Ns.w 0?i.p?s?, Jan. 10?A. M. The buoyancy of tbe cotton market continues aad rlem have farther advanced >?c. to ',e.. making, * nee Saturday. *jc to He. rhe sales of yesterday era- J raced 7 It 0 halts, including middling, at 10.'?o. to 11c , , ad lair at Ita. i BiLTiMeec. Jan. 11?6 P. M. The urplea'ant weather prevailing all day and the siir appn-aeh of tbe ctmniur ban caused * *u*pea?loa j r opi ratioct in produe-. and the ralm were confined ' holly to the trade, at ihe rate* prerinusly cnrrent. , Shipping liit<-lllf(riice. Mrw Orlkami, Jin 4. Armed?SI ip Alida, NVork. 11 a i t i mor r, Jan ii. ] Arrived?!ibr* liirtm C?r*r<l, ; Now A-kuIu?, N oik. I < Bojtom, Jan 11. Arrived-Stlf. Marathon, Manilla, July 7. H???vl* Ao.-*>: i?< <t Anjiar Sept I, S> Udena Nor 5. Lett at latter, Lark aroliiir. whaling M:|? Im? NOrlcaai, 13th nil: Lnchiarar, Charleitoa, < 'tli nit; Fruity, L.iv?ip?<'l, Hth nil; i'liuaix. Frankfort. to ' iad tor Ci liluma. baia Cail**, .Nutleant, l>tli ult; bru 8>.n, ' blliltllhl*. Bark Kuoia, KOrUaan lt'th nit. Spoke H'lh. lat M 10, Ion SU. ?ehr Ty?n. from NVork for Vera Dm < ? l**r?d? Ship* Tjrell. C^ra W heeler, and U?o Uallett. N ! rirai.i. bark k ana* I'a, (lm ana. bn?? Robert (ternary, Ca|<e I aytl-n. Nepiuae. Ciet>fuij;o?; icbre Locliicl, Si Thoiuac San Juan, Cuba. I.raic, Jau i. Cleared?!ckr? Tyro, and Mary Cbaie, NTurk. Ja* 10. ' C'?ar?d ? Bri* Clinton. California. Sailed? link Micnrloa, t'ara. bru Gitabia, SAmciiea; aehr tac? Darliai. Africa. . Km Btrroar, Jen 10. ' Sailed -H.i rrbia, San I'raaciico; bri? St npirml, d . r>OTini*ei, JulC. I Arrired?Brii Wilde I' Walker, Matanjai, 2.VI ult. I bailed? Sloopt Fi.ueriek bum, and Kaaiaat, N V rk. Bath, J m ". Cl.arrd?Sri r A roe. M ratita>. Sailed?Ship* I n.n.a Fiolde, aad Zen?M* NOrlcan; J C 1 iimtr,rita ki >bii?; Iri; Julia I'attnn, Havana. ;nU? Arriitd?tcbr Mt'.alao. NVork. Ni wararMBT, Jan 10. Arrived?Sehr Crand Ulaad, NV?rk via Salom. * Irt'llttK of Iht HiUtUem of Wantilngton narkat. Witirdey. at 12 o'clock, waa held a meeting of th" I itcb'-m of Washington Market, at No. IU M'a hln^- I . >n timet. Tbe object of tbe meeting wm. to oppaec i te propped pnlllcg down of Washington Market and building or teroiritg It. Tlie altendanoe waa do- 1 ' ?r< u-. the pn>crr4iiiii? animated, and t>?? epraVerc ' ildebtly t he knew wbat tk*y were ab< ut Mr Jarre* Nt part wae first n<-iiiini.t?d ae . hairman. 1 | ut diclluedto n. rte. and eucgerted Mr. liwyre and i aptain I'. I) We> alio wer? ?<>t prxeat. Mrally, ^ Ir Jem l>??rr> was iinauiaxuil) npp<int<J Cfiaif in. ai.d Mr, Utoii i W H ?r> l. S?jr> !.ary \T Ikf II., i.,i ll.l . a.,< IT, n? , I ' .... . r> tn up im u'.li ni to rxprri-$ il? uritlocnMol tha rtli); It telererrr tv the cropo-ed change lu U'a-higton Maikrt. T1 rt" kilt a adopted; an I tha i ? iu . n. hitliif b<> ii Kutb riz-d to ii miui'o the miiiii<?> i||K Idril Vrtrtt diatr'. tnj i.w|. >? who retired an 1 eb >r It after retained with a r?*mb>e tm inline. wM?h Mr. ?tu?rt anbjiltted i ttf Bit'tlnf . ar 1 ?Mon will b* fonuJ in oat adrar-ti.(t I' lvr i.#. Mt l?'o?rt tfcra ?? ut <>o to aay : ? iti? ha*e t-aen lanrm rutu-f? a;' ?t ab >ut the rentlrf ?Tlll ahoat tha Bint I fen l::rtl I nr tl.K f ill It* leim iral. I'h'ia i ?? iL'illraatwi-tk t<> ibaiifftf p?rtvl the clt* whtoh proret t? a* - ivj tu ho?lo??? ?f Washington atlrt it tall ?r to mant It tato c h> r eha ioel? lor tut il^r'i llau the pufclic f <>d or the rerenu" of p 1*11 ii i'd>-|-r> Bitm-nt id>? I#, to draw It to >itc n aiKit rr titeU nthar l"?jir|on at ln'ere#t- t irt*?? ira> at ap n The t'i tctnt??i"oer of Htr??t? >d l.aop* hw MHltotto etat?d. la lit* raport which I tetd?4 to .|?-?-tr h?? hate u>jS atili tu<- lb?t It It a ml n aiter far rttl m tip t<*n to ha rotuprlie.| to m?- dean to *-Imift' n vtarkrt; and ra?oin?ieeda 4 at the pint of ground i n whlrh the market itandt . ul.i b?- -hIJ lor the parp -ea of ere^tta* h?a?j Ir a ree, at <t tlattha ku?ltie-? be tMintri t > I lint in arket In i rdrr ti-ItiCf aae tbe drmabd f<>r ten-ineat? tha tipter part 11 the ctty, aad;enhaoa* tha iai<j- of tore |ri|?rtj> thife 1 hie I* alwat bt* tn; Ui,. iage idj e?tt?iptj the dWai m liia repirt J.'ow. ?lo MlrHt't} ?- eye toete with the omint?ei>io?r Hiraeta aid l.aoina lie taxili W'nehnigton Mar*- t i tt i lit' th < v. I? r? t'nf para fFfroui, I tl? Le l?-ate? the f-th*'? to ?til It f<.r the ni?f|tee a li iln-maii"i Meted that 1 h?ie nigh' to be em ? ? ?. ill. f l-itt< ii or pi>*oil t> f?-t of tha >: e .jt ?nt"j o? iv a . aril frnlie and Trg'takkoa that rite st vt hiPfi u mark*: tr m I bilaieipbt*. Delate and ^ew lr aid ?r ra tlt-anjr. II there w?r* plaaa te lai d tha n i-.i|-plie< a< tliate ?/o j<d oot be In i? li't-gt ^ niaiket "' r? r?r.i ?>-d. tbt-y would i'tl tti.i a- h> n i im| t'ltcity *i ild low IH Nfe- r> ir, AH' r ? i . '1 ? i - ? market and there U no I ^ irrnr' I T niwiiif r t;ir r Mlnloa luirt'J if m Wtol ? ( h. imtM tif ih? et?y. why | ? ru'U b- iiiroitii) tli"Uf*i>d tlBi*4 tnrtt tli:?n of rtiMioT u.a - (,.f il-rrit I* B t h?lf lb* r:? >J? r? ib>( Ikft* t? hot* Vf *i\ ?m i Hi- m> n. lb? *!'P' lot-J * dt?? ?!?. H f?|l ? Mi l th??- .lrUll? w 'Til 1 ? ? U '!? CV - ii*r ft r a ii>u" ii to tk* i ovmoii1 irnitil. I h? 'f i ?I -? ai <1 |in nmM" wrrc tttrn pu< from tb? ?'r ltd ?<J uiianlin u?IJT | ? II ? ? if.? tb?l ibe i.-?< lo'i?n? b? publUbcl A tb# nhi !< kf. Iimii lb? cI?im ln? of tb# m*rk?t h%4 ixulj ti. ?n<l tb%t ( ??t mi^ht al?'> to b? !'* b'iiltr i in u tn r,?l I b? r rrh to liirn t> ? -nn m?V. th?i 't? ??- not (nn?.l f..?r t?n lni\-> ihr ho <* ? ?? >"?>t t? h* kmI it<| ?'? b? d t from tnf> ?np?tJnt?nd ot f? r th?* I* nf (Itlnf *t ?T?tbrt ftm* It *?? l?fi fiT mt -k i ] i ht wt tl Bti-intt H"< th?n w?? rh - trw? cnun# of ? Kllkpir?tl th< wirkfl' itij IJ?%' f l?*Ttn? it ' tfl lt*l>k'4. Il lb* bright of umTi*r *?< ' i r.f )> tnt?it Cf IL? b>(1 ?t ot tin > #b" bad ch%:|? ?, it' j uilBciiii O n ? tbfn ?ng.;"trJ t tat tb? e-tmmltW pi |r,t?d t,y ihi? ituftlntt -jurat* with ibr commit- i I'1 . ii.i tt.ia.1 ti kl I h? Kli. 1.1 litb ?r< In ? i?r ?n o?nut* ? ?cti >n. 1 M> niffcP-tl- r> * ? *prr >? J. ?"J * r?">latl 1 11(> Ihil i Vr *? i <k?? tbit l< p?m? m?inb?r? of r;, ? c< kit tt?* > ' d' ??r? pf tk*r wt u. 1 it* Nth. ftth | wfc?t h??n dntc )iMt?r<iajr *'t fit-I ? nt ft *t ?V?t th i tMt ' ' j lii i a-t . I \) bi L; H l,J . ti nerof Weat and Liberty atreetc. the object of whleb waa, ! tbe worda of the call, ' to trm >D>tritn >|tlnat the Marin* down of Waobiuctou market. and Belling the ground whereon the raxrket now ataada." There were three hundred present and iiuuqk then Alderman Boyae. A preamble and resolution* arere adopted, and a committee of oonferenoe. collecting of five, "f which be waa oue were appoiutei t ) cooperate wittl the butcher?. In order tint all might unite aud act tope t her. There wa> a namber of groeera preaent, who own property in the vicinity. a id were deeply intereataJ in the prtceedmga The tl'tieruirn ol th<i market were al<o he understood moving lo the iaa't?-r. He wn clad tl ? chairmen referred to the fruit# aud vegetables brcuiMit to tii* Uigrktot. for f??r o*q oouipr?head the at amount vt m<>n*y circulated in tki* city, througb Washington market The Chainman It would be no harui. i9 drawing up the merooi lul. to give the corporation iu idea. if th?y *HDt to build ft urw uiurket, that the proper pliod for tl e t-ltv ih to be secured by (lo iking out into tae water, and by building one story ooly <?ne story \t suffloieuC, for nobody want* to n<> up stairs. If refeotorUa were optntd in au upper ?tory the people would not go to theUl. It was thsn stared. on the part of the fl-hsrmen, that thty would n<> with the butchers aud dealer) In whattv^r they resolved upon The Si mm thiu s?'d, he wad desirous t* hava this tact cu* into thi* memorial that thers war? but three markets ou this side of tbaalry, whilst there were fire ou th? oiler >ide; and th* uiajoilty of tile buildlr>j;s on the tii't ?!?? , u'ti of s niton street, were store* anil warehouse- m<.| not dwelling housed, where*# on the eastern tide i*iey were ne.irly all duelling, bouiti iiaikma*? I'o aiul 1ft It he recounted that Washington market is a toll mile from the Battety. I he UieetlLg tlleu a Ijourued, it being undtTStOOl tl at. it ht certary a joint meeting of buteher#, dealer i, aiid fishermen would n< nulled, before the presentation ol the iitui rial Tike Motrin. AH III V A I a ANO OKI-All TURKU. ' J Ward, Boatou; P. \. lit-rihotd and W. Wade, 8t Louis; K 8 Turti n Oemarara; Kev. <J. L). tiittin. Barbadoes; K J Hays. Louisville. Ky ; J. M. Warren Tnv; K Jones. (' W , lauie* rtliok Pennsylvania; A. H Well*. Sine SiDg; Hon U II Vhtpple, t)hto; W. B. franklin. I' S. irmj, K franklin. IVunsylvaaia, W 11 t.or.zens. West Point; L). Story Pou^hkeepsle; K. Y. integniaga Cnha: t aptatti Temple, New t-Jrleana^. 'apt II Drown I S fiiuv; W <3uuuel? Louisville, Ky ; J Turner Keutuck?;f B. Houghton New York; Robert Morrison. < am bridge, K >arrettson and W. H lushenj. Philadelphia; v K R.iotu, Sing Sing; aafi K. W Vhiwte. Boston, were among the arrivals, yesterday. A ihw Irving House. NEW 8 FOH CALIKORNIAi THE WEEKLY HERALD. AITalra on tlte Allan tic U?ut. Th? fteumsbip Ohio wilt leaT? tfili port ?t 3 o'clo9>< thin afternoon with tbe Cherokee at ttao fame hour on Monday att?rnoon. anl tb? mini.* for California' , SandwicA Maud*. and tb? South Paci to. The regular edition of tbe Wetkly HeiaLl will be pub. i litbed at t? o'clock tbl* morning, and will be ready t>- * g'i bj the Ohio, aud an extra edition at 9 o'clock on- ) Monday morning tor the1 herokee i'hese edition* wilV ' contain intelligent from all parts of the world to tb* hcurcf publication Aw ng other thin#', they wi.' contain complete li*f* ?>t the tuarriagaM aod d*atLr in the United 8Ut-? ?tno? the departure of tbu la-t itrinrr. and a li?t of the eeiueW that toe aa'lad for California with the name* of the pi*tengjrr wuo he?e gone in their. (tingle eopie*. in wrapper*. ready for the mail*. *ix- ? pence Co|>n rtne r?li i j> Noiltr?I'lie StilMeritters haee tl.n ilaj t..rnjin a cej-ir: ? raliij' ua'i?e thl II rm of *?nBim*. NOij11> a It' n?l y, 1- r trak?a<-UDg the i upirttaft ail) < itlbinx mj ?oud? b> at tiie *'or? IK' flm*.; ?-ar. JOHN M \\ NINO, HK4NAK.? smyth, New York, J an nary 7.1M0 J?ME3 INUoLDSBr. To Hungailami, >uitili ani? and Other!,? l If you call ?' I It; W 11nam at >t u will tiad a tpleadid a*? HTtniUt i'f tine 0*?r*oat?!) ?i 1 be auld Rt very moderate pritii. Ti.t> an- a Mret rat' ai tie'e, and will I e add i"W. ?l. B. 01. VitKC. Chrillmai aud \ e w 1 tar I rtiolca ! rtnieut ol baautilul art ira ?f Jewelry. altpted toi Da^nerre'type MmiMar-t. for ulu at Brady1SU6 and XT Broadway, corner ?l roltea *tr?a*. ? Krcntli Calf Uri?? lloutt, $4 r??, naualljr I' t>. |7, tice tail ii k |.t .'ii 't m ?i|y ?| ,V?, *ae watar[>roi t ll<" ta. It m t> 11 i f ; Pater t LeaMier II "it*, $7: jaitma. fr m $ I 111 (t. Oalfaltue*. >1 i.") to $2 4tl; Inc. Jail Urvi Saa> <1 B 'uta u.?Ue lu truer loi {k ">J, corutr u( FaI? :on and Naeaaa air< eta. " Whnt'i tlalk they're nil (alkliif about" ? >aid Ml*. M u?*in* to General Mua?r. "Why. harn't yoa ieaid." aaye he: " tin fat- t > nil he tulk < are c >?i?ri.ed, I b?ieve, ?inc I told 'etu abo.i'. lie i-U'pri id< obivn bo<>ti*. tir?% :hoj. In iuuI n (ti<p< ard tit that I bouiht in Vurk t'ntuer In}, at JUNKS'S, II .art. r. t Uooll wblib are liiHii>?ru be had ut Bkt)t>K9'i*, l.M) f illmii t'lft.?? thu eatj'liannieit le tA lie found the larneai aa ortuivut of B . .u, ?) ?, Qvt -ri ar<* "Ifpare ir th? < i y. f'-r - 11 I* . o i.ea. H - ?? II y?, ?ol CI iidfi'd. "I e*?l> - > > '.it ...Ii i .(.r k.l.lT, l>e<Mitj, jlitil , aad chearDtt*. iia't tt heat Vol||<lan<lrr'a celt braie^l Optra UUimi. fuet Te<t t\t d, a rmall invoina .'f 1'ieM t'parafi a-?e>. wie"! >urpae> all other* In u.mii'fi un p ?<r atiti held el a <ht. aad )> their lupeilir quanta l.a?? k*iu?4 a ju??. ttWtiuv ta Lindon tDd I'aria f "'HIT! I17 Br alura'y. To Calllorialaau? aiaik Oilirre ?< (MM) Over" !o?t? aad t'loaka with r.t?l?nnt nnu $, ta>i.i .ia tie nt*a, tl t?i $1?. S,I?1' Dr - a r u. si to* I*; t.090 I aire f'?at?, VI t" $.V 7 1 Ve. t . p-rt? to 11. Fire l> ill?r oait t>;?re, oort.trt l Nw>au aad itrefcman reeta Dlertlianit nnrt Clrrka Mill Hint \notlter ntercatmc Chapter i. the ?u'j?<t n( M*r aatil* Tyraoay in il.e ^nadtay Murnine \?*i, t tuoirow. Taeaa article* are ItkklaR a reetlutiaan ?nr vonxaiK ?>r in ? ul luc llirnMltll Iff r>|?tl. lad lii.lil IV r ? f r - 11.1 k? jr:< v s< ihat Ikcjr i af? T1-??? r. r iml * di.u l If hr?*th?ir hiual N II I ? J. V I A V AC.l'.J Fui'iu ilfitL k liu hu a IK t Iki i : ii tun el <?* U"M ?u?t ?lln>r #'? ic?, (Hull lis tall* tetj low. I'MalM.?Prniilua ?lif|i ?|h-ii. rhtln |mt* ?i I kt 1. ul i in.itil .. - t iui?.' 11 * ?a- ?t>la. Ml 'I i* j?? * .:1"1 l' i " Vir\ en'UMil. flw *? rt BUM itllil l>r|i>' . ! c ?n | t? " til" c. f Jail N llllii III ll?l I i-ittra.* at Fr | ? k I mix. I M. Qt'lURY. :< l. i ??^ j* i <k?i? i iiudtrMt. Ilmr l*jrr?H mi i?-t? ? a lili|uin roAora (Ite IVHif ut liuki'rt ?1? Ik kl .4, ri.m ?r.t ? >'!* tka hail "I km. it 11 w\?lc< iii.likl-lj .<lt??tk|i trM n !.? f > .i in' ll ll i>| rln.1. oi id ?holr??lu ?u'l? ii '"'I m ik * Wljr fm'?ry, I wall itr*?i C??r|Ulil IImIi U)i' -.Hlinlmi'a Wonderful D| oiit'nl ii "! ril- u r "r li.n.crt, tti? m >? ?. It 1* II ll?i. ?lth? t't jut) l?ii.< tmt i>r riln It ??a > *a>M n'aMliitly *lit"<n ui.< rii.i th? toior. ?r.-t n<> > had uor. ll Ii ?r ? In t i' i ?? Had retail, at r-l?Ll>VB, 1W Ur iohi, r ii.rr I in Mtwti priM ?f larja lit, SI W Iki 1.11 fin il'illri fix iiia<ir rlna ?1 M*<W?>n*raNiiM a p?r M ??!< ?? all "? ?' lu.paJi'uaui u ? in I | vrfkl. at 371 lir acaat < ,r< Ti>f f*i at ralrr ar i [i?#? Anrli**'- i ' ! "ini i *!\ nintlinu. 1 F FA Mi s. hinki n aiikkt. r?M?r. ii?n ??. it. Th?r? ?? a p?rf?a' ranlu In *Vall itful, lo In none the l.jili tpaavia' r?. and if tba b. ar> ill u<< nek fiftty >hir^ tt1*r *hf|r r infract*, Itirjr will Un l i>m? ?if th# rtnIt :n< am >l< ' h' n'l ?m< Tl? >ull* bata mlfnaj ?< ninth. ur lk? 4?M*ciaion of prie?? N ii w*? th? mint of t u rn * traak What *? ba?? no |.?< autirtpat-1 |g rr*ar: tli??^ anbirrr?uri. ?t . ' |> n.-ut n r r- an . 'k? fall In frlcav In ?. ?pf hai Vm jft e~:n'nrt?r? I ; nil ?b?B ur ?hi r? I will ?'.U i ?' w? a " iMl-li In aii'Vrr. I at fanay IIWU, of ail k> i |i, i?? h??ii a?|f|>i'hnjl? Mi-'.mnl at |>fl-,''? ft?at>i ?? t?tr latrltfir t?'|i iii i ? ? | rial tit "d <f|'b ?U'.^ hlp?? ran J. f ? rii i. 1 ?.bt. and thai <?ti?rl>M rtli?4 tn *? ' t>"t >! a rf ? ' <(n )? m"t *~riir tn thflr l??lt Ijnn'e Irval. i* lj Urn* l?ar,t* < 1J?I? i f moat of Ik* Ubrim lia?? lor ? tia? r>? ^ > ra't.tali? r?dn<-inu tb*tr fupalj, nuJ ba*? ' < * n?ii u? la u-l rat o/ tin 10. wl'fc'at aff??tln ? |hr ?*? t by { ?t -ok up n ' m? ?t t> i <lj aa4 4?|>??rUttr* tb? >al?? ' f ?>ialr own pripar ??l mufly ff ih?r hai mt-rrnr i? ?.-> fmall 1 ??<< Mail* ib u mir of d ..) >?. rt>M> it* b??v tru- th'-T J nr'tir. ,1 ! i? >1. t. , ? a?rtbl*a* th?t ?h-m?na*?M "f Ihr ?i i aat?? \*y |r-??Dt w?r? * tvt it ?|rMltiM<i an I arham'af ;*r.. rra ?a# l?a*a aiia <' I a- ! Mltokfl MWi4ft>tk"'')r *-<ilt)#a ?- *. ' ror*\A< raM* uil'li '.t n to ? (? ki i* t',?t <lt !n? ha* bftn A* t't 'juraU" i? rtr*it.n J-- ni t rirt ko? BD'h (b?f tW<- ?-h ! rr; It I* thi li a- 4 w? ?Off ?? I: I< all rljk' il r tl>il tk>7 i iim4 phi * aaafc cUit r a* Piu*<r Mlbla Ont?M?r* Iin n..| f i',y n it?' ?lit ?; !* * u'.il be ' ii i<| -j trrb??*4 Kite T!aihf>a4 At M; V'tlrai a! - a ' a it*' it"l a .. I. at Ulat?4 at ? Ni mafic** rTu?? a* 1%, ]Ua41?( Ha ircu t a tub'in a> iap*Wr4 to fetr* them 5t|i ,i tiamark'ta ?mi. i r >? m tmj n?tbi>!( tb>.it tb? I < ? ima' ?tl ff At th* flrft !? ? 'I IV iWjr l?ii itkj tliM I'll o' r r?nt; >.? 8?.nJ? M . Kr.? tW?n<l?. ??? *<; . rilr??d ??> t}>*r>p*Ht<. tr| \ fries th cl<??- K?'ai-i? L?i 041 tk* cf**lu? I I ? Vnrth \n rli?n Tru r, .? ?n? n i ??!.; j i?f|.m '?; Mfi< t?ai ?, ?dU'j H?Hr*l >4. Th* Ml*' of >' mmr* L ot krlifti Mtil > |i? I i <ti? ??r? ii i> ulf In Inrlp II) fw fi.- h t.tii'# lot- tkc>v?<? r ?rld m *?>. ('Him. tr hi ? t'ltrr th?t ?it. ?? !.??? rn '<iUioft >'?: d*r?w ?n fa. ih r 4#pr . , Uti l> rf prir** Tkf kir I ?|| MltH iioiit any linlki^.tltbr ?? of ?r, Th<? lllfl tf r la lt?* ilr . mi *nii 1

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