Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 15, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 15, 1850 Page 1
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I t II TH i-i .. ? ?. . .. NO. 5700. DISSOLUTION OF THE UNION BT THE NORTH. Node of Action in Massachusetts* ?EG*CIA AND SOUTH CAROLINA OUTDONE. f G en. Qnattlebum Knocked into PL The Union, the Sabbath, Dancing and Pettieoali all to be iboliihed. The Woman to be made Voters and OiSecIloldcn, ana Elected to C?ngr?M and the Piealdencjr. [From the Boaton Liberator, Jan. 11.] NOW IS THK TIME FOR EFFORT The Legislature of Ma?aacbuaatta ia now In MaMon, and no time shouJil b? l?at by tbe frlenda of freedom, humanity and progresa in circulating for aignatarea tba varioua petition. wbloh may ba found below Tba flrat praya for tbe arceeaion of Maaaachueetta from tbe Union, for tba mo?t aolamn and weighty reasons that can be prwruttd to any people; and It will be a tree teat of the regard wbiob U rait for the law of God and the cauae of bum en lib trty aocording aa It la approved or rejected by those to whom It 1* presented. The immediate dlss< lutioD of the L'nion, for tha reason therein stated. mil a thou*and other* that might 1>? give*, ia a peUtical. moral and religious duty, imposed by Iltaven upon the people of this commonwealth, fir that covenant with d?a'.h' must be annulled. and that a^reruK-ut with hell' muit be broken; |- ?lae our dainnatiou In certain 11 The second relab a to religiouff liberty ?the right* of ?onwit-nee? with particular reierenoe to the observancf of the first day of the week aa the Sabbath, a* now required by penal enactnents alike unconstitutional and oppressive A petition more reasonable, Or lfra object ionaole. waa sever presented to a legislative body in thia oountry. The third la for the abolition of that hideous and -Abortive instrument of puaishiuent. the gallows. Eva' xy one who can write or mate bis mnrk should sign it. We believe the present legislature will bs more than usually favorable to its consideration The fourth is for political equality before the law, Without regard to res 11 will be sucoessful in the end, beyond a doubt?not only in thin State, but throughout the canntry?not only In this, but ia all olvlllzed countries. DissourrioN or the unio*. T? the Setiate and Ham'. oj Htyretcnlain et of Mutiachutells : The undersigned, inhabitants of the town of > , la thia 8tata, deeply impressed with the neoeaslty,duty and importance of such an act, sarnestly request that 70a Will immediately call a convention of the people of this commonwealth to determine wo at measures shall be taken to effect a peaceful secession from the American L'nitn, for some one or all of the following zeasona:? 1. tie cause a portion of the eltiieoi ef Massachusetts, solely on aocount ot the color of the skin which it has pleaard an Ail wise <r?aiur to beitow upon them, on -visiting the Sjutbera states, are seized. thrust into prison, fined. ouBirooeil to work with felons in the chain gang, and frequently MM an the auction block na slaves in oonttmpi of tne sovereignly of the State, and in utter disregard of that olauee in the United States constitution whmb declares. The oitlsem of ?ach State shall be entitled to all privileges and 1mmu allies ofeltluDi of Ihmitwil Stales." " 3 Because perfectly le^al 'u' ^iurri to bring tbeso tutngM to the notice <f itio Irdrnl ruurU ?re furbiddau bj serere penal euacliututs, and the agents of the commonwealth. "p--oi*llj deputed for thu purpose, i hate been drlren back with insult and rioleatie; the federal goreiniueoi being appealed to la Tain, through Ccugre-s tur redress 3. isecau-e it Is morally degrading, politically disastrous, and a glaring paradwx for a State glorying in lU freedom. to be Id partnership witu States glorying la tbeir ilirery. 4. Because, by tbe alllaoee of tbe North with the i South the rlave power ba> been enabled to a?<iairetbe iaiaieese territories of LouUlena Horida, Texas. New Mexico and * lllfcnla and > now plotting for tbe anaexatlan of the Irland uf uba maluly for the purpose Of extending and perpetuating ita supremacy. But especially: ? ft Daeauee. by the oenproalHi of the United Stata* -eoaattlutlon vuutberw slaveholders are allowed a slave representation la Cougrw*? ; the right to hunt aad | aane their tugltue elate* au tbe eotl of Massachusetts; Md to deaiaad, la o*w> of emergency, tbe aid of Massachusetts to suj.frees slaee insurrections And, | ?o loagaa tha people uf this commonwealth oouaent to these compromise so long will they be morally and ^olltleally reap asible for all the cruelties and horrors ct tha slate system LIBERTY or TONSCIItNCK.e T< '*>' Smstr amd Hu??t </ ftryrtien<e/iees a/ JfasiecAui' ti lbs undersigned, inbibitants of Maxachusetta. re peotluily at a of the Legislature tbe r-p-al of all laws . la thta common weai'b. >ni -reta* the observance of a day cf the weak, as ' the oaobath," or " tha Lord s i>ay 1. laaaase there exists among the people aa equally fcoaaet aad coascleetou difl?r?nce of opinion as to tlia koliaeaa of patuaalar days, aad tha mcde of their ohatrvaass "i B?eao?a it Is contrary to tha fundamental idea of a refubllran g?*ernn.> nt (hat eonselenne should be eoetoad into conformity by la? or that speelal rights and pel*lieges should be gl*ea to a particular religious ftetteft 3 Baaaose tha qaeelloa of the hollaeaa of days-like that Sf puMie vorrbip the auppnrt ?f the alergy tha of ordinances- fhoul l be left la Its decision to lndieldaal oi'D-eieoc*' ami made to depend on its awn marita, without the intervention o! tha Stata Iaad, 4 Because, aa It has be< n found aafa, politic and beaeltatal to allow the pe. pie to dealde for themaaleaa la all ather religious m?t< er* there Is no reasoa to doubt that tbe same g..<>4 reaults would fjUow the re- i ^ /eal 'dike Sabbat i<ai laws abolition or tiii hbatii pk.ialtt. Tt rt? Sennit mnd hnw mj H'frrtrnlatictt in OtnrrnJ ( ourt nttrmhlt I : Tb? Dndl r?l(urd lobabl'ABt' Of lb* ton of??. myaalfolly MB lor tba ab<iitioa of tha puaubiuaat of BqUAL POLITICAL HIUHT*. T* l*? Smalt mnd I/mm / R^rtoMMim ^ 1A1 Caaa msnwtmithaf Haaaa?.*aia?f<*. Tha wdrnlfiH, itktniMiU of , raapaatfolly raquoat lAal ala-? tba uia-a of tba Bute ara do to pay Uim aa.l irt bold omaotbU U> It* orlal I lawa lb*} n ?? bo n ?rd a Tula* la tba luip?ai tloi Mi ?> of th* tiitl ts I ill tha aaaotaaat of tba ?road. botaoa. that tB?y ba paraittad to rata, ad to ba aiigibla to oOiaw iMMkioii riTinoM. Krtali "bo b*'? r>tM?d. of vbo may raaatva tba pantile Ict ,n fr. r. lb- i ni 'O ara raquomad to ilrfoiata ib? for auaatora vnhuul d*iay. aad foroatd tba pantaoa-to lha uudrr-Unad. at a* aariy a 4ai a? I* aoMaiataat >ub a i.iii a uatioa to tba tabiaat It alll bo aaaa Ibai vm Maai IB aMi(B?d to I*col f?.m aad oaa ta itb.r para oa It la bopad tbat tbara aai ba a tail axb.t .ra <bla ?.?r, bj tba aati aiar.ry ?< u.oa HullM. VHV.Ja., Gaaarai A|?at, ttaaa. A. S Ml*t|. TlLaolifH Liaal Bvit.? Im?< If Rarln r?. 7*> rt?trl 0. fmsm - Ibla aai aa aatloa tanagbt by tba piatatlfl a lata operator la tb? aapioy of tba Nat y ork aad Baltaln lalagrawb ? nn.aa?, acaiaat tha dofaadaat, IboadoroB aitoa, I ia?idrat of ?ald < >apa ) li* libal Tba I art* ?.t tba oaoa, aa a4hiM by tba aidoaea ara th-aa Hoa?iima la tha noaib af Aanl, ]mi eaa \ aa Ha-ai?*aia?r aiiad ai tha talagrapb o?. a la tbl? city, aad ?ut nuaiatc ia? plaiaUC fa ibla ault. tba than op*at?r at ibla ?Wkn, at bU poat aaj ?i il?*4 to a ait bta rat ara. la ord-r to aaad a manual?a?i< a. Oa >ba ratara of tha pialatiff. aa d Vaa Haaa#aia-r baada-d bis a bo-ia?<aa o .aaaaioaii a to traaoalt by totagtaph. and ai?i ax tm>r onaaaataatioa ad4raaaad to tbo Maauan la tbi? all. ?latin? tbat ptaia* tin OB* b-tf I?a-bt a III' p-n r in aim- iif hia duly and Id' a to baa I nn I at tba olBoa Phla laat onaaaataatioa platan# t?a-ala. d at ia-tima bat aftor*ard? ra? fa?*d t i aai.d no tba |i >und thai it *aa a liliad upna ^ia?lf aad tbat ba *aa ant hoaad ta pabliab It, la ?bi?h pa-iti'-a bo *a< aa tainad by tba i uart flala tiff < t bating aai.i ina iiiwimi. inu tlla ? ? aaH tonBKBtMlini. <iafaa ?aot VM tBf>??*d <4 b> hii>i <i t'iM ha?in< baaa aa I a for m 4 dtMbar*** ii tr..<n hi-a?pi>.y??at l?a?lo| aa M*oiiit M?-f? mi hiawlf ahlab rtqulr 1 4Mb* lid tn ahieb tbara >tr? 4l?p?ta<1 Anor tlam.f! ? <> d la* barf *4, 4-'~a4aat wrota .an > m> - n...| Purtar aa aa>aloya* of mt4 a ?i>?a? t?r>a'aain? la ha?a plaiatif ? ! ? bar,>n? bin ottfa lM(| a aiuata. Tbta |>1lrr In >al< at Midm bat ha *"t )> ti bar* ?i tr>? t m 'it-ar-iaal < ?-ama r?ma lat" tba ? <! of too ?b? plaintiff l tbl? ! * ?? ai <y a ho ?aa Hr?*ra4 b> aaM a,,ft.r loopaa tba rrnmrn 8a<4 l*tt?r b?>i>.( h?~B >t 'a plaiauff la abtat**'! f'wwtai of it, a*4 brought a ?alt t?r |.ba ?Mab I? tba f a a ?*> ? ia-n'l-a-? aail wblob ja*t baan ?r?t-4 b> tha uami oatt an* in a???4?a la u. It > >iy I ha ... I - r ,?||I ai aaia aii a jii ' i I 'atl a of >ba tibai aiiaaiaa thai tba e<>m?<iatra<i"a of Vaa Jtraaaalaar ha I baai 4*tai?a4, am that plaintiff h*4 <r>aalT?4 aab a % *< t<r ?ma?Mta la<th> a|aath?a r* turn* la tb* <all of 1MB ha flrat of ibaaa jaatifl<~at*a? plalaMd aialtta<t tba aoa.l alao. bjt rlalm-4 tt a' >a?4 %M< ? aatantarily ncaa hm at m. aitioaoa Of HWIWI aad Saatarao a* aa a.jMaalaat f"f bl< > n| ! " 1 i ?mimhm , mM Ntam ?? ? ? ? J rat?ai t-4 r|, lt(t nd?ft?<1 <? 'b? ^?'l ?f ik' ililaon ha MM*, f C'gab Ul k > IT' l ft ' r I) \|f |i??'r>r<? N ^til ( IN H'?<? ! > ? H ?|imii ?^ll U tk* jmry .< ! It*- N> th* titn> at "t lb* ? ?. lMI?l M Mt tlrrt4f i. I r>n miUM>I ti tb# ;?ry u?4rr the ? f Jn4f ?n4 lb>f r?'nr??4 f.>t t r t' *?' ?ht?h ?p f??r?. tfm Mi ?? l??ra. U ha?a ?!> |?Mrtl - /Wxi A ? ~ J*n II Tit** It tt'KUM <* >r W.S?'?T *111 w*tjumtm*4 Ufo*? tba gr?a< jurj li tfaatoa lo 4t; Jf 0 E rls 1 m . common Council. B?a?d or Aldkkmkk.?L?t avaolag. tka Board of Aldarnan met at o'clock-tta Praaidant, Mr. Morran Morgans, in tba chair. Th? follft vititr nnmmfttoAfl . 1. Mmt lioutt Department 'Bail. Haws, and Cook. 2. Jlrlt and Seimcee -Chapman, Haws, aid Miller. 8. Jitirttmenii ? Delamater.Smlth. and Dade* 4. Clmming Streets?Wood) Conoklin, and Oakley. 6. Finance? Brltton, Smlili, and Bard. 6. FtrrUt?Brltton, Fraaklin, and Millar. T. J-'iri Department? Fran kin. Oriffln. and Bard. 8. Lampt and Oat?llan, Ball, and Bard. 6. I-andt and Placet ?FrankHn. Ball, and 8haw. 10. Lav> Drpmi tment?Wood, (fillln. and 8 haw. 11. Markett?lit l.amater. CtMBin, and Dodge. 12 Ordinance) ? Hl*?, Daliaitw, and Oakley. 15. Police? Haws, Wood, and Kelly. 14. Public Health?Ball, Coaaklin, and Miller. 16. Public Building! on UaniuU't, BlackveU't, and olker Itlandt? Chapman. Smith, and r??k. 10 Repairt and Supplies ? Smith, Delamater, and Oakley. 17. Rovdi?Conoklin, Wood, sad Shaw. 18. Solar lei?Griflin, Brltton, ud Cook. 19. Streets?Conoklin. cbapmaa. and Kelly. 90. Sewer t?Brltton, Franklin, and Kelly. 21. H'harvti ? Wood, ConokliOi and Dodge. 22. Joint Committee on Jlccountt?Smith,Franklin, and Miller. 23. Joint Committee on Croton ^ijueduct?OrltUn, Britton .and Kelly. A letter *u read from Dr. John W. Hubbell, suggeeting the propriety ot paying t bill of hit, for medical attendance during the cholera, before the oaae oomee to trial, he having been ccmpeltod te commenoe a (nit > against the elty last October; the Sanatary Committee ; having refused to pay hU demand. Referred to Klnanoe Committee. Petition of John Radfleld II Co , for a lease of Eichanga clip, at the foot of Broad street, for the use of the Swiftsure Line, and the Albany and New York Line. ItMVrred to the Finanoa Committee Petition of L H. 8 Hopkins, foe ten years' lease of piers 35 and 30. Referred to tbf Committee on Finance Communication from the Street Commissioner, with draft of an ordinance, requiring a bvd of 000 security for the redemption and sale oietfe. A communication from the Street Commissioner, recommending that an additional room be built on the second floor of the Hall of Records far the acommoda tion of the Kumu of ihn i'.t lUi'tlnn nl iaioimanM ?".! the Street Department. Referred to tin Committee on II* pairs. t ommunlcation from the Street Cnmmaarloner. In relation to Ilea* held by the Corporation ? assessment purshases, recommending the adoption ofmeaaures for their collection. Referred to the ' i-nialttee on Finance A communication from Mr Alfred Carson, chief engineer, enclosing complaint* agalnr.! the tire eum paniea from several parties; alsothe complaint of Peter Squir**, Captain ot the Kierenth Uistrict I'oilc*. against engine c?lojauy IV. for running apparatus on the rid* walk, and seriously irjuiiug a youtitf man nained Jacob llojce; the complaint of I'Lorna* H Hooper against hove company 34. lor running apparatus (> the aidewalk. Mr H. Mates in hia onmtnunioatliM that he l *a? koooktd down and ?*r*reiy hurt by the carriage of raid company. Third complaint of iloaa Company No lii, against Hove Company No. 11. for as?autta; and fourth complaint ot Hook and Ladder Romany No 6, against KnglneCompany No. K. for assault and tearing apparatus. Referred to the finance Committee. Petition of Jinti B. Taylor and other*, for a ferry from foot of Cherry ttreet New York, to 8outh Seranth street, Williams burgh ? Referred to Committer on Ferries. A communication was received from the Mayor, transmitting a communication from Alexander Vattamare. the distinguished author of the eyetem of international exobanges, tendering to the oity of New V'orH another Important collection of hooka, model*, picture*, Le . presented in the nam* and In behalf of the people ol Franee as a homage to and for th* uae of the American people.?Ordered to be printed An invitation to a ball wa* read aad accepted, from Victory Hom Company, No. It, to their annual ball, at the ( oii?rum, on the 21st lost Another Invitation to a ball was read and acoaptad. from the fraternity of free and Acoepted Masons, under the juilsdistion of 8t. John's Urand Lodge of thi* Stat*; the ball to b* glren at th* Chines* Building*, on Jan r.'d The mxsage of th* Mayor was referred to a oommittee, to riport en at n*st meeting. A communication from the street Commissioner, 1 submitting an estimate from Lewis B UrlBn. tor build- | In* A nifr (aft (ha fftnt nf TKiftW **rsiat ! ?? I Hiver, tor the turn of >38 to be completed on 111* ! Or?t <>f J una next, (u a&opted Alderman share preaented a petition from the police of the eity . and another truni the t*i p?;m. for u Iteti'Ma uf tbe i?1uj of tb? polio*. and niored thai tbe matler ba referred to tba Mayor, aa bead of tha dapart- I eat Aid' man Wood raid It *ai not in tba power of tha Council to lner?a*e tba salary of tba poller, aa tha charter bad limited it to $600 Tba petit len wa? reterred to tba Mayor nod tha 1 Coun?el of tba Corporation Alderman Kcllv im Ttdi resolution that tha Comptroller do report to tha board tha money* paid to tba ' CjW'ii. tha C'ummcicial ?fdi?rti?er, tha A.' >rmnjf Put, and tha l'i ?n?/ Mirtar, for adeertiaement* daring tha la*t fix month*. Tha resolution na ad of cad Alderman Shaw moved that tba ounael to tha Corporation do report to tha Board tha nature of tba title of the city to tbe llaitiry and ?betber any i-m objection eii?t* to tba *aie ot eueh property, al*o an abetract of nil tha l*?i and ordinaooea granting prtvi- ! legee to rnllaay* running through tha city. Tha resolution ?aa adopted. A c< muiunloatlon from tha < ornml**loner of Repair* and 8u|>pile* ?aa received from vvi.liam Adam*, hoat aj'ng fi r head* of hureaua In bl* department I harlaa M <>r*ham. Superintendent of Road*. Job L. Bleatlej, Superintendent of li?(.air? and I'ublie Building*; Jrilerron Berrtan, Superintendent of Pavement*; Roilia K Kice.i lerk af t ommiealoner of Repair* and Suppile* lUtrrrrd to ( ommitte* on Selane* A communication ?a? real from tbe Street Commla- I torn r, (ubuiltting nomination* for head* of bureau* and rlei k*bl|* In tha etreet department >or tha bureau of a?a*#m*nt, a* A**?**?r*, Samuel II. l)eM?tt, liattn Mrholeon. I?aac William Smith Kor th* buioau of colleatlua of * * menU . tor Collector of A**e?im*nta, Abner Sandtord. I1 or tb* bureau of whaire* : for Superintendent of Wbareea >lo>djr i urnalng* For the bureau of Land* and Plaee* : auparlnt*naeat of Land* and Plane*. William Kerr. Korelerk ?hip lo Uia (Waal lipirtarot a>pu(; Kind < nan( Inner, tbtxlu Turner Krf?rr*d to l.ooiBslttM on alar it* A ooaaualcatlon ni raealra4 from IIwm W LLtld#, bontnalag lb* follovloK p*r?<ia? to til tb? bartao* Is hi* d*p?rtm?nt of itr**u and lamp* Halt* 1) R-lloa* bop?nnt*nd*nt of Laoip?and Wat. Ml'anut Otda?y, 6ap?riat*ad?-ai of t.lvaning ?tr**t?. rh??i C. Would. Nup*rint*od*nt ?f Market* , Benjamin If. Fmm, ( Irrk 10 i rnuiititnnrr of *ir*aU and I napt H*r*ir?d to tosalltt* on KalarU* Tba mm* n-f*r*nea ?> di?]? In tba eaa* of tk* o*m tun titration uf llanry E Hn?l?? who noalaaU* TktnAr* Tomllftt, < orporation Attorney; JaoM i? I Yktjrr, I'uhlie Admlnl*trat< r. Tbt CoaaiitMa. eontl<Ut| of J H t ook. I daard ittlflln and (Lira lalik. to *boa *m r*f*rrad tb* cot .aidcratloa of a raaolutloa nlatlM to tMr ki'lllt| but thrr* itttM of iha i.oaaoi I oua etl oiirin| ib* prwiat far aud to i<nr?tiau ?b* 1 DiMt Iit tbalr ?ar*la*a. rrport*d that tbay vara d*cn:.dlj In fa< r *t le>a*liat*ly r .ar rmlo* to tb? ; r?-)tiif?a.?at of the aa*udad e barter ?kt*k pr**crlba* tit** M*iM hiiii i?? ol a?'t ?io?a4iri( oaa aiatk *ach, to b? b?ld In January V?j aad 8*pt*mb*r But la ntmi all aa tb* greater part of January will ba ton*un*d bafora n dactelau ran b? com* to on tk- ?ukj*ct, th* r< atulw-* r?t< na?nd tbat f?r tnkt ??ar th* w>? M maatiraon tba flr*t Monday af fahraary, March aid Apttl. aod auntlaa* fr >m day to day In ?a*h o' raid a oath*, till th* bueiaaaa of tb* board nail ba aoai|.Ul*d, nan bold monthly aaaetoa* In May and *?? Unikr, a* <ba f'baiWr require* ahali h* doa* aTltr th* C*?*nt)aar. I bey ataorae<>aaead 'bat a ra-olntion adopted that application be and* to tba L**4*<a t?r* for th* pa-ra?*-al a la* aatboriilag tb* paya*nt , of n ma not *ic**dtag t p?r aaana ta aacb Al<i>taan. aad of a ana not aie*adlag I ? p*r aat in to rwk kwutut Aldaraaa. Mid tab* la lt?n <4aay aad all f**n?r p*r^ui*tt*a wnleh they an * " *atiu*d ia r*?*ln, aad to aoatlnaa to dlaabarga tbarefat. all tb* daoaa or Ntrltw which tb?j ara ?>* oj iaw o* eMrlii r^uir. d l? partora AiO'tm at. Nhio ury.rtad to ih? i ouanll aaklaf tha L>?l< lat a ra lo |rM? U?a t Mitt; rta; had ika > ? tv grant tk.a>.?|VM ? attar? II tba/ p4aaa*d. ?? ??' I* tba Lf|tdtUr> that gaao llta a aHartar. but Ik* enl??ii? tk>aw|u< It tad anrtou.g tha l.agtoatur* "?a?lad la?nt>?i>t*nt *liti tba nktrfr imM tot ha htadlag It la* Ha ta??4 that tha < onaell d<> ordain that a alary par diaa tvr afar? lay nf al'aailaitr. ai.d aat a f.? tba yaar. ba agpf? pi tat ad U tha \ldara>*a atd 4aatataat Mdar.a-o I ka li'lr itl\|r?l rafarrvd to a aaltu? 1 ka qn??iloa nf t4J?tnt>M fn? a Weight wad lkr| ?< M upo?, ?hra It ?aa oarri-4 t?j a aitj irtt; of rta eight aotiag t"r aa l a??rt agataat tha raa^taua*. 1 ka h< ar<l tkrt bdjotraad far a for Ba*ai> or Aaaioraara Tba ? ? H iard nf taatataata ?>d tfcatt (lit maatlng la?t t??i'l?(, Thar* *a? a foil b?arri ptaa>B'. bed ka??'?a pr?gr' ' "< with da*n ruoi and it gutty l b* prtentpal baatoaea nf tba ataa lag at, tba anM)UBr<nirat, ?J tba I'raaldatk <4 tba Maadlng (< b?ltt?M for tba jaar Wa |t*a than balo? (TaKimiii I oMMirriai or Tita l"??a or Aninm AinaaMB* roa MM 1 ,4/ai Hflur palatal - Maaoro Wakb, iadooo, aad lialay ? - - I Jttit Mi irimfM-Mn?n Aciwiim. w?rt. no linti * .4mhiwmi-Nimii CIM*, A1??W4 *?<1 4. iiiMH'i Jo4??? Bijo*.ill tirr. t >W?*| Mnrn {?** v?.hh and I. /'?? ?<-?? Miwtl AlfWl. iM T Alt* MMtl CrtM, AllKMI, 1*4 tottk. * CM>?iNM I* >cmMi-Miwi Bnye?. t Jmtt*I (:w?i)lw IW? Cntfn m4wrt-M*WW Dm, hl?i? ?4 lirr lo < ??4 Ott-Mnm Almf Ackaraaa ??4 II Ml fUr? M? in J(4M, w*i Ml It l?i (l^Mmi-MiMi. ViH. ViM,K4 HI(uit; U tefM, J?*M, Ml Haley \ W YO -- - ?? . 40RNING- EDITION?TUEi 14. Ordimmcf?Mann. Ward, Rogera.and McCarthy. It. Police? Messrs. Dean, Rtgiri,u4Hil?j 15. Public Ilruhh Mmiti Bojee. Dan, and Sammls. IT Public Building! on HluckweU't 11land, Randall't It land, and BtUevue Eitabliihment?MtUTt. Roger*, Crane, and Mofarthy. IS Rrvairt and Sujtplui?Mmtnt. Aokerman, Judson. and Kip. 19. Koad??Measrs Rogers, Alvord, and Kip 29. SaUriti and Ojfficers?Meatra. Ward, Webb, and Kranela. 21. Severi?Meaari. Alvord. Crane.and Ban. 22. Sirreii?Messrs. Webb. Dean, and Sammls. 23 Wharirt. Piert, and Meaara. Crane, Acker- i man. aad Snlth Prtud'nt oj the Board of Auitlant Aldermen ? Oscar W. 8turtevant. Clerk? Richard Soott. Ketolutumt ? Resolved. that the Street ComaUsioner and Superintendent of Wharves report lo this Board tbe price paid, per oublc foot, for the timber u*ed in rebuilding pier at the foot of Jane* street, the name of the party kom whom It was pure hated, and what was the lowest market price of timber of the same quality at tbe time of such purchase. Adopted. That the Collcotor of tbe city revenue be request*'I to report to this Hoard, tbe anseunt of fees, A;o., received by him front the 1st of June. 1849. to tbe 10th of January. 1860, ftr services rendered by him by virtue of his office. Adopted. That tbe Street Commissioner and tbeSuperlntendent of Wharves report to this Board whether the neir extension of tbe Beach street pier was done under contract; and, If so, report tbe particulars of the contract, and what amount, it any. beyond the contract price wa< paid for the same; ana, if so, to whom, and for what reacon Adopted hesolutiou to inquire aa to how the slips at the foot of Baiclay, Canal and Christopher streets, used for ferry BlinrifM. ItTa ?!* mnA I?I ? -- Adopted. K?solution enquiring whether the oil furnished the city win ecjual to the sampler, ite. Adopted. Hesolved. That the Comptroller be directed to report to this Board, the estimated value of the block of ground ou which Washington market new stands Adopted Resolved. That notice be given, in at least two of the puhllo newspapvrs In thisclt> having the largest oiron- | lation. at leaet twice in each week, for aix week* prior to j the presentation tberecf to the < onimon i t uuoll. of all application!* cr petition" for granU of railroad privilege* 1 or terry leases. Adopted. There being no reports, the Board adjourned. Theatrical and Musical. Bowirt Theatke.?On the ocoaslon of the representation of the new piece, train the French of Xugene Sue. entitled " The Wandering Jew,'' to be brought forward, for the flrit time, here, last eveni ng, the house j was crowded from floor to ceiling; not a vasaot spot eonitj be seea in the vast amphitheatre. No doubt, tkls rush to a first night?to an untried pleoe?to an uncertain least- was entirely owing to the ooufldence which, from past experienue, tlie public h ive in the manage mei*t, talent, and skill of the Bewery company aud proprietor. The expectation of the ptiblio was uot dl>appointed, The pit < :e ha? succeeded it has taken. It 1? beautiful. The singing, the danoing. tbo soraery, , the uarlinery. the costumes, the performance, altogether (though a first night, and aomeehat Imperfect, in paits, h* to meiuery). is all of the highest dramatlo j order, combining spectacle, ballet, opera, comedy, aud tragedy. We have not time to say more till we see , more. It la to be played this evening. Bsoakwat Thkatbk.?Last night a very fashionable audience graced the above theatre. The piece selected for the evening was J Sheridan Knowles's ooaiedy oalled ' The Love Chase," In which Mis* Cushman, as , Constance, exhibited her most extraordinary talent, receiving the full approbation of the audience Wildrake was well sustained by Mr louidock. and the piece went off altogether wttb much rdml. The entertainment? concluded with the amuslnir drama of " Don J Cmtr da Banan " Bi btun'a Thliid ? Vetterdayevening thU "pUollJ eetabliahment *u crowded to overflowing with a faenable and discriminating audience. The enter- I talnmenU commenced ?lth the popular drama of " l>< mbey and Son,*' which *a? performed with lu ancustomed ability and suoem, and which waa wltneaaed by tba lOHroui assembly with the moat flattering de- | monatratlaaf of unlreraai pleasure and eatlafactioa a pi f ol h? eitraordiuary popularity r u.i? excellent diauia. we Mad only a?ert to trie circumstance that, la ord?r tu aocmaaodate bundrede who were disappointed ou (he day of ite laat ilia uaaa(?r M? hiuueir ix cenaltatrd to publish aa extra edition of ( " Lx.uibey aad Son." The aoiueemeata concluded with the new . ii.ii drama t>f A l.ndy lu a I'll " ?in li waa performed with Mnlribli talent. aS irdlng lafialte pleasure ?ud delight to all preeent To-nl?nt will ba perloimtd the InioiUnble comedy of " Tba berioua ka- ! mlly." la conjunct!"* with the rhloe comedy of tha 'Totr (ientleuiau." wbiah will eartainly enaure a crowd- j ad htuae. CHearBav's NtntatL Thbatb?.? 'The Happi?et Day of My Life" wan Aral ia tba gay Hat of enchant- j lent given, last evening, nt tbia faverite temple of. Tbeepi*. ' Tba female Ouard, or A-Lad ia a Wonderful Lamp," followed, and draw town tba boaee, crowded to It* nlmoet capaolty again Bad again, by tba beaatiea and tlrgannlee which appeared and eaereeded one another '1 be famous and adaiired tarieeiae of" Tfte i female Forty Thieves or tb-1 Kalry Lagioa of the Uolden Region." followed, j hi* etening. ' Tbe le J nala t.liarJ **aln wltB a rirn programs* or Highly *BlU*tb| ud ItUMtlf* plrO*?. Mitcniu'I OiiMric Thuiii -Vottrdty *Taalng. Mi| the Wult of tha a?oi|(>t, Mr. Mit*h*U. thii much fr?.|ucnt*d pise* of amna*m*at til eroadad to neb a d*Rt**,wlth a brUlUat aad faabioaabl* audl*ao*. that ararealy atandlng room ?u left Tha aataitaiamaata ?l?fUJ for th* ooMiloa, eoaalatad of <> l*M tbaa faur atarling placra, which eomaiancad wilh th* tart u*w r<>ml* dram* *n'IUad '* ilrmtil, or t'arlr lo 17W.I," wblah waa *i*eut*d with aliulrabl* ability. Mr Waloot aad MIh fay lor waraaa luwnful a* ? * 'J k? drama waa aoeeaedad ?>y the o?aa?? op*r* of ' J<ha of Pari* wh*r?ln .Mr MltaLsll appaarvU la bt* favartt* cbaraeUr of I'*drl{0 Potta Ha uM hi* ruu with much <rlf laallty, aad alicllad rapturuu* applan** Tha aouaarati coaclud*d wltb tba tairy I'ravaeaata ?f tba Slaartag H>*uy In tba Woji" aa<i tba ?traT?rf?aia of tba* rfaaafaaad toa ?latd*a.'' ahich pa***d ? d admirably ?>ll, prodacinc laflalta marrlaiaat aad d*ii|bl > r Mltabrli. la hi* orlftaal *bar*rl?r of CraminlM * aurk appUadad lanlgbt "Vrtnaa of '76," '8l*+pli>( Baauty la tt>* Wood, ' -Liriicat* Orouud." aad lai t-ibi* rnaea " Ifuua Oraaa.- A T*ry aum*roa* aadlaa** wa? pr* **at laat eight, at tb* Aatar f'laca Opera Hona*, aad tba (air 1*4 Ira who a Jarnad tha bo I a* of thl? fa<bloaabl* tb?atra, ha*a *aa?tlua*4 by tbalr applau**, ta* opara of ' Anna B?|*aa " It *aa, lad**d, a ma?alfleaal *p*etarla, aad aavar ha** w* baard aaeh b-aulifal matte ao wall latarpratad Tb* artiata, aura of thatr raaptali** parta aad Id fall po?a*a*l?a of th'lr ?ol*a*. ha?a r*advr*d ihl* work la a maaa?r whleb laaaaa -a aotblag to eatT from tba ptiaalpai tfeaatra* at I raana or Italy Hlgaortaa Bartaaa* *aa* admirably tba diRtralt of Aaaa. *ad * a* ramarkabiy a^-etad*-* ay Sif nnftal A Pa??l and Parnal. V-? fea*a a tbio* m->r* to ?*y of Mdaor ?ortl; ha I* al*ay? tb* aiaaar *uh Ibat pat fret B*lt< d. at'I that para ruia* wblrk m >*** tba in. ?t aatl maataai h?art Noaalti *aaR bla part la hi* tit Ml Btktrr, alth talrflt 1 ab'.iUy All thr ln?#ra pi |?n4 >( )? iri nufti ladabtrd ?>> <4a> tltrtiM fa* tb? rin a|tb ?kt?h Ikli op*ra h?. b?*n got np. It In, | la<t*?d laip?..-albla to b??? a b-ttar work r*a<l-r? J by a bailor Tomorrow arralng " Ana* 8ut*aa'' will ba r>p*it>4. for tba >liih (! , la Aaartaa l b* bona* no doubt, will ba ? !! Oiled IdkiiiT'l Ortit Hot'ii - Tbl( urtrilli I blnl id-do* tbrtr roaaarta agala tbla ?raalag at 4a*baalag' Hail I ha pr-graas* aa nasal U bli*d wlta flaa aWr'lon at n*gro a?lodl*a. aad tba wbala hand will play tbalr rabbrt'i4 batl<*i)ta lujma na?ioai and Itariai brlaty and W. U'fpw4 wUi daar. tba Potba aad baotcb laaL AMkainn Mi mith.-Tba aid aaalrvra of T. D. RIn bar* not futgatiaa bia Ha waa walaoaiad )wlwla; a f'?'?oon aad atralnn with cra*d?d boa**a and p?ala af langbtrr aad app?an?a >o maa eaa b?at bim ta tbnt) of ra HI* I'twUo (taada atnaa Ha waa a?a?adlagly w?U ati*taia?d by *ll?a rttanli >pa a* l>a?d?m >na. >,aa?r?. laauand Marrlbald. Waraaa aad ?ta?r b*t? <4 vb? raa?a*tll? no?yaay, aa<< waaa tba oartata fall tbar* waa qalta a ai?rin ot appi^baloa i a> * < i? r-aiark*lll apply to tba fare* of > ortuoaa roita ' wbiab wa? (.laj.fl with laflnlta aplrit n<>Ui ptaana ara ai>noaacrd lor r*p*Utloa la to-day a bill. T*M**atLi ?Tfca graad aiaatral faatlral la aid of tba faatfa fot tba tnapktloa of Mi V la??ot d* Pan. a batab. < aaal ?tra*t, a?aiaa of tblaaraatag All tba Italian e< a>paay will appvar la M'riI'M fr > ?b* rartoaaopataa " Wlllina rail " ** t arnrltaNabaao," A ma feotaaa ' " La frophnta." "OWlit, 1 aN"U rr*?biwra d*l Miat 1 I h?? la. Iad**d a rary attran. U?a ?i. niblratloa of noalcai gania aad tb?o^j??t balag * latidabta wa ara aar>nad?d tba I abai naala wiu ba craaaid la awry d?partm>at Hair Oira>? Aaru m ? I bit ar?alog. tb* annual ball la aid ?<f ibm laraluabla ia*tltau..a ?*aaa at ftibla'a Raj own It roqalraa littia nit- fr"ia na ta an* ?i aa ibat tt>a grrat bi<~?lng? an-tng from taal a tiaiy bawarolaat i^jrri, aniat ba obri.iaa to arary wall r~<n~ ia?^d aalad aad w? bopa tb* r?niu wiil ba a fl?"?ring taatiaoa; at tba ayapalbatte faana?* >f our alUawaa. Mionaa burt-Tbla old farorlU la aabibltlag bto art aa a magtrlaa aad raawtl.^atat at tba dr?>kiya a-tlat* wr>ry araatag Hla laawa*d canaiy bird* am a*ab adaairwa *ii iuaa-TWi ^ayalir Irlah r"im* llaa la at pr~*at ia tbta xtty attar a rary aaaaaaafal Waataf* trtf Ma. rairrraani, aa ai4 farorlta aad ataallaat ao?*diaa, l?a?*a ta day f.* Ntabaoad * a . wbar* ba a*p?ar* aatt Maaday *r?alag I ba l.haMiaaU af Ntobanad ?IU ba d-l.gbtad wltb aaab atarimg aaaara Ml l|lp?9tlt?gi?nua Mm cine* -tWK'l ??r?M?ill miiUiii to (1ft I tk?tr t*|t<l pWfiTMtMt ? M ItMff Ttytm'i ilnw U nklMUwi to ?nto>. 1 # k T* TZ" T1 ' rv iv x: SDAY, JANUARY 15, 185 Court ?r Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Edmonds end Aldermen Franklin tad Con kite. TUB DRUKtS* CASK. Jinviir 14 ?The fallowing gentlemen were thle day worn on the Urand Jury, for the speelal purpose of trylna the indictment* against 8mmuel Drury, senior, end Samuel Drury, junior:?John Siaaoe, Esq. fore- ,

men; Joseph B. Brewster. John Conner, Charles Campbell. Isaao Foster, Kdward Ureene, Stephen HartUng, Edward ltoobe, Asa L Shipman. I'homes White. Benj. C. Wendell. James Harriott. WI litem Quackenbush, Oliver Howell, Oliver T WardelL Warrea Harriott, J?mee8 SUby, Daniel Kreneh, Kmjrs. The J u Jge, in charging the Urand Jury, told them they would not he called upon to take part In any matter hut one particular subject, for which they were specially convened; and that was an indictment against Samuel Drury. xenior. and his ion, both oharged with attempt to murder, and the former with the possession of counterfeit money. The Judge then gave a history o( the indictments, and their removal from one court to another, against tho?e prisoners It appeared tbat ! Indictments were pending against the Drurys In this Court and in the Court of tfexslon*, and on Krlday last ! the District Attorney entered a nnlU yrogriftu on oae of the fi rmer indictments; but the<,ourt of Oyer and Terminer having bad possession of this ease its jurisdiction in the matter should b? continued, and it would be exceedingly wrong tbat the prosecutor by going before another court, could deprive the Ojer and Perminer of Its right to try a cam, and as the defendant* have a right to cbooee the forum before which they hull he tried ? lh?i? *????!.. -k- il- /i?-j I - ?- . ??..J VI" FI.UM Jury w<*re called on specially to investigate this matter. If there indiatmant* were not laid before a Grand Jury now, tba law would entitle the prisoner* to be discharged from custody. with or without ball; a pr< c> euiug which tbe Jud^e did not think would be conducive to ilia enja of justice It would be their duty solely to take thin case undar their consideration ? ail oibtr business would ba left to the Oraud Jury of the Court ?.f SrMioiia. The District Attorney then said that the Drnrya were to bare pleaded this day, at 12 o'clock, in the Court ofSeasious, but under the charge of hi* Honor, bu should nt t call on them to plead at the Sessions The lirand Jury then retired to the oonsidaration of the bill* I'yioinama ?William Spear wa* indicted for letting fire to the premises No 16 Ann itreet, in Ibis oity, in Nevember last The prisoner wa* defended by Mr Alfred A. Phillips, who ba<l been a signtd bint by tba Court. I^Jobu Spear, father of the accused. deposed that bia son arrived in 'bin country in lt>41: be bad received a sunstroke. tome yaar* ago, In Scotlaud, his nativa place, by which a great deal of blood cauie out of hi* ' ears and Dora; be ba* b-en always foolii-h since; be wa* a smart boy belt re; ba aaa balr dresser; served hie time to bia uncla. Mr fbiilipa?Haa hi* conduet been marked by any peculiarities W ltnes* - Va?, several foolish aots, such as shaving off ona whisker of a man and leaving the other on; (great laughter) he ba* gene out of the store and left no ona in it; hi> slater w?* also Insane; witness himSi It baa been al?ay* healthy, but bl* wife bad an uncle who wa* Insane, he (the accused) did not like the baiber trade and be saw an advertisement In the paper for a waiter, wbieh situation lie obtained at 1& Ann treet. which place he set lira to; be wa* eotiQned for 1 ten* in the Lunatic Asjluin. Mr hdtaond*. the governor of the prison, gave evldruta of tha prisoner's conduct, which was docile, but be has frt m bis geueral conduct gi?en evident pymptotut that be is not an accountable creature. Margaret Spear, uiothtr of the accused. deposed to tbe eoui'titrleltles to which bia tatber testified Ridaey II Stewart, tbe Clark of (be I'oiice. examined ? Ktaiembvrs the accused being in custody, iu 1MH, for settit>g fire to a bouse in Nassau street; be took fioni lb* b' use roue aliahiug. and ?as found sitting ou tbrm, in tbe Park at day break in ihe morning. L>r. lteynia. of tbe Lunatic Asylum having given his Ibr rXnrtet Attorney uld b? 1ml no doubt on hli Bind of ttr prlronar'a insanity. and. urnlur iha diraolion of th* Judga tbr jury returned a Verdict mat the ireO'rd i? of unsound mud Tb* Court thi n ordtrtd the rrnicval of tha noeuand to tbi-Hinta Lunatic A?j lum lilt AfcToR I'LACK RIOTS?TRIAL FOR ARSO*. B brrt Miller, nhat Lontf. ??i cbarged with baring at t- in pta i to wt fire to the Atlor Pi?r? OfM M?qiw, 011 tb? iOih ct M?y, lH4:>, tha uigbt ><f tba theatrical riot* Mr Jobn Uraharn and Mr. Warner, on bahalf of the I i ?. ! i UemeadeU ..<n. ni<> . ?.:h juror, in being i alitd. ?a? fir.I aaorn and .juentl- nrd a< tu lilt amnpet?i i - an Impartial juror; M?anl ware onailajg.-d par* ui plot 117. O*o L. Ityott aakad If ha bad furmml Any Opinion <>a tlia ?uhjeat,<* entertained a 'iipioita u( tea ptlaonar'a gunt, auewerau thai lie had a euapiutoa froa tba laerafaot ol imiii| hi in charged bur*. 1 i HMi-1 demanded trtera frier* were tliea (tori, Mil preaoui>a*U that ib-jr illd not ouo>l4tr vir Hyott a competent jurer Mr lijoa U?n ?i inirr* Jadfe?I bould Ilk* tu know. *trn you will bare 1 jnry empanelled. U meb objrcUonn ara kell good Tba Judge remarked tbatjurura vera nut bound ti imvit tba qiiantion. whether ib?y bad for? d na opinion ai to the guilt of tba prlauner ; It la an admiaal< n ?bleb l? not creditable Mr i>rtli?ii took an exemption 10 tbia direction ot tba court J bo war A Norwood admitted that he bad a ?ti?pi dIi b of lb* prlaonar'a guilt. Iron tba oircuuataoo* of kl< twill ??Dt b*r? for trial I bo rw of bla c>mpattnry tu aubmUWd to tha trim. l b* Judga rrmarkad that tha rytrm of *mpiiigt|lli| J Brora baa b>ru loog Injurloua to tba a.liuinl-trail >n ot It not furtici-ut ground to raj* ?t a ui?n a* JMW. nigral) bacaua* ha bad a ?u .pMoo of lb* g Jilt ol p. riuu. Iioiu tba fact lital tba Wraod iury had Kit bin b?rn to b* triad, or bacaua* he bad read an account of tha ti an action In tba ii?*<|ii|wri; It Ik utirrly liupoxrlbiM to gat juror* who>f anlud*. on in b aubjtcta. an aa abral of papar " fbrni Ibara ara in u.auy aawapapara puMmbud in thia city. *bj Uaa to can r?ad anu?t uaraararilj know oiurthtug of tba trabaartloa, but It I* for tb* ttlxra to ray If, from tin ova a?tdrb?a tha Juror la a right-inlndatl man who would gt*i a Ti-rdlet according to tua *<id> aca and n >t fr< at at ba ban nail or baard 1 b? triri* aaeidaii aralbat tba oom( at?n<y of tha J??|?, aad ba ?a?, tbarafor*. aat a?lda aawl Ailhlugtori, Kourtaaoth ward and John B. Ai d.naa Ninth Bard vara ahaltauuad p?r<"aptorlly. 1 ba laiiaaliig gaotlaaian vara tbm ampaaallad' ? tFar4i. 1 Ka?oal f'ardwall. . I*ih T. Ilarman Kaubla. .loth. 1 ha T. < hareb .. 6th. Paul l? Barbank. ? I.JafelD HobMa*. . 3d ?. .*aron Haxlaad. . Ktb 4. Ki'tort II Mar?..Uib. 10 Job* K ita oiln.o 4th. ft. Jt ton liorgaa ..., Wib 11 Maadar i buda?, Wtb. tdwardi Llttla. lftib 12 Jaaiaa A Unify .lltb. I ta l-latriet Attornay rary brUfly itatad tba natura of tba tianrarllob and tbaa procaadad to call bia wit Mia (Jn?at. aiamlnad by tba Dlatrirt Attorvay !ta?tdaa at Ml I'-aaaift ta Mr*?t. waa amployad la tha Aator I Uaa < >p-ra Hooaa, aa aat?SoH la May la?t; a a? la tba baMt of Ilaaptpg tbara and haa *lapt Ibara f> r tha la?t ibr*a Jraaa, alapt tbara duila< tb- uionih at Vaj l*4ti, cae'iuird M a< bU u?ual Maiu/ plaaa I t<*f|a>iaoilt)'a bj Mr 11 rat) am H 111 airri* I Ml ll lot M*;, bl? faintly r?"li??d than lu T anf h -tr?af; . lo.lgr? iiigtbt in tba (?|?aia III4H-. gran all through Um k?ON rvit ??nt ?H?r Ifet fMMMa** kM ( clu?t?d. ab*D ib? i "?? i? lat to> np?ra It la uj>?n llir*a ?igM? In lb* #f?. *h?? for ?.>??ad?.w U I* < p?a ??hj kl?b?, ?!?<? th?ta ?h?(h?r that" l< V'>f rriaara I 01 M; (on It b"l Ir-q i'ti'l) tft>r tn i'lvnl ?h? kf?i? to that i ia il* .I, n?*a? t<4d inj p-r?' a lbat In tti aot la lb* kotn I tin tba III ? ' iba luik ut ' - _ 1 I dvard fry ?t?ir.lna1 by tfca I? -trl?* Attn?n?y < TJ.? Af< r I'liti >| >! Ho? a *i< la tba Meupitlna ->f < Mr JaMrt H llarkatl 0n ttia llllb (if Mil M>;, fIMM 1 alaia tM I" I- Ikl l??a?a 1 ?aa*aal .tltjaffla ?a* "na'>f th? p< licaataa nf tbla el- ' If < >h? loth Va;r la>t, knfta* the prt* iaer, h? * br< t.?bt tat ?> a I'" ? ?! i tfett ' ab?>a vlta<-N had heaa put In akavja ?'? ttM ef ' thr prVo?. t* a? ?b?-r aera brought lo < ? tb? ai<ht <>f ' tba rt<?; that Ic* aaa *t<uat? utid?-r th? p*ri|*atte: < Mr I.nag *ai fna Ntutl pl?"oar that aaa bniiuht 1* ioba M I alee ami LmiR vara br a?bt la tagrtb- I f hatij eaff?d, att.r thi y ana br< o^ht le th?ra a*? ' ?>k'iittrablaft> iv a*i| mtlil'l ?; Mr I.nag aup?ar?4 W ba eery Miaeh eaclted at tb? time, ba said mat uaWae atia?> *i>ald la It a tba hand rulT? ?<T ula wil?ta. ba wnnit ?ai flia t.. the (I are, b? tb?u thr?ate?ed that If j aitkrrt 4<<i mt taka < S tM bai4 laff- ba a old t?ka kta ivHtnaa') ttfe at a fatara day, abartly altar tbt?, ?a i r M wM artawaen a?t? br n' I * I poraaat ma* tl?a a'tar ill c ?-r? ? ta <> < lft| theia aai a baap of rukititb awrpt ap la'o ?? nirni r, aaa that aaa ' t ni> ft.a. tba riix>t?b rna-4ata | of ahaeiai: Itraa <i.d > b?r ?i?tm?tlb'e <t?t. there < a ffaa I l%kt g la tba raatrai.f tba ro*m tiara ?. a ?t| M Hie a ad tfca |*l? >ar If tat t?> ft Ml aad * irked I ?? Ita ly at tba 1mr It *aa *b>ui M tnlmt a* .<r batf aa bottr af at tb* tbnat tba< bra aaa au; tha rabbub ' rltxiM otir k o| (m Of an i I hall, nttit 111 aot nut lb- r -ani hoi n* tha Bra ?b? ha want to I tlx katawli I ha < op < iha ruOl.fb ? <! Il'i rtlhii( li that part < ( IK? ra? abtab ?t?, a ?? ant mora Kill 11* A faa' It ? >t a pla?? tarn) mllr|: tk? b?am? raa dna* whan h- 1 rat a?* (ha Bra U ikoli Ik* ?>a?a >nra4>(l In it* !>"? or am -4 orb to* Bta ?? pit > ut by Ia4f a*4 >tk Ma. aitnaa# >Hj?d at tba ilor, aa n? rttll i il aot l? tat Ika pri? aarr a?t|ia of tba ?nao?ar? m-tI ? ? I ha Or* ?W? U>? a**# tba alaMu Mia ga< lt?hl aa tnraad off twoorthrra tl m-a a.H? Ika prianoar* ?ara tbar- but it ?? llvhtad ?<ata bjr #nm. of lham, ?bo HUM h??? In I lut'aliM To (ba Ji'4ga That* fii so oflloar to tba room ?Uh tba prtwnara t (? - > an<<nr<1 -Th'r k? tbara a#ra a't prl?>n?r? In tba romn In of flat; tMo\? lhara u no othar nUMiwUiilntltH* k>t tb- ("Of at rtax (tia> 4? l, ? ? ?a*ia"i.*?i in<tan'ir\ aw i ait] Bit ti ih*iwee?i?e Urli'; l?t>to limit atV ?? <>t ky I < ?* to*au>* to * not ?<? tto If *nr nt th* rrttor ?? "??? lit* thr??t, h? ? )? *? ? h*?rl i to?. H tk> y I?%4 t?T g <r?? in ry.^it ?f tto * T Who* to ?- r| 10* t?r*?- , th.- fi.hht.ll ? ???- partly t?> to t?" r*ft>?a?f pa<-?t?, Sum *i>I a?t ' * Mr. I i?f < iii.ti itta? ?; >i th* oitit pn? n-f? to **t? > ito rrom (Inr* m *' * ? )** t?4 I'll llttltk*l?i an<t all*, ? * Mar* df In Aral (ttm fcy tto la It- rmm ul ? ihm ?u taa itf>i n^d<* tk* lart ui m> It 4i4 n?4 mm ta? ll? lifkM Inia a|< lt(r't*<1 ?; ll a**11 ? *! ? a'dHl la tto B Malag ato.i th* prf-?a?r? *r* la tto lt*Un? hum? 4S4 ?at * %mf of lk? r? kit g MfWI rtiaii Uwrilt^ MttM ft ============ [ERA 0. I 3 : * .1 Hotmail, ?H on duty on tb? lOtb ?f Mty at the Opera Hook*, in the fifteenth ward; at the tin* the lira took place, the bouse was nearly or qttfte foil; the boxes and parquette were filled with rpeotators To Mr. Graham?There were a great many policemen on duty Witneea continued -Asaiated in extinguishing the fire; It waa put out by clamping on it; there waa no water ueed; the blaze extended Home little distance fr< ui the floor; there waa no part of the buildi ng baraed. The District Attorney then putln evidenoe the agreement of Mr Hackett for the house W illiam J Taft?WasapolioemanonthelOtbofMay; la now Assistant Captain of the Ninth ward; (aw Long on that ntgqt; beard Long ray that he had eel the place on fire; he said he got toma sharing* and light tuff together and aet them on tire; ha laid If he bad another chance be would try it again To the Judge.?He waa not addressing himself to witness when he said this; did not hear any one reply to bim. Cross-examined.?Witness was in the room adj?lolis thn (OH vhdfH thai nHnniiura ?na.?nuil when be beard Long make uae of tho?a eif reaaioua, there were several persona confined there ; there VII cot a Tery great noise at the tiui h? baard Long apeak, it be Haled before JUfttice Montfcrt thill there ?a? a great noli-e it waa trua. aa bit recolleetlon then wan better; raid to the justice I bat be did not attaeb an) great importance to what Long had aaid; I.?ng bed en a dark drerp. nowaletooat. whether h- had a bat or a cap or heed uncovered. wltnen cannot tell; iB'pti bata rtateo in bis depi Motions that Long bad no a wbita hat, ooiild not reweiuber all that tba other prisoners bad raid; Long being handcuffed made htm pay pai 'iculai attention to him; did fay. in his exami* nation befora the juatiee. that be h*d a doubt of tba mm but baa no doubt since he had seen mora of him; taw bim In tba priaou four or ti?e daya aftar tba arrest; and did not make his affidavit until ba bad seen bim four or five time* The evidence for tha prosecution closed hera and It being tbiee o'clock, (be Court adjourned fur an hour. Tbe jury were conducted by oftioera to trench's Hotal, where dinner waa piovided tor tbeni. At tbe re-assembling of tbe oourt, l.yon l?aac? ?ea examined for tba defence ? Waa on duly on the olght lu ijneation; mi ordered out aa ona of tint military. b?tw-en V aud 10 o'clock and remained till t) in the mcruing; Saw Long thurtt that night, got tbere about 11 o'clock, ha bad no buudeutla on thau; be waa in a room under tha ataga; tba room adj >lning tba ona tka tire waa In trots numitirH? I bay were all very mueh excited; witness did not go inlo tha theatre until aftar tba tire, the tiriug < I the military occurred btfore witnam left tbe aieenal yard; the flral time ha aaw Long >li In thj room adjoining tba one that waa tired, knew tbe prisoB?r before by sesting bim at. bin uiotb-tr Samuel Brown a policeman in May la-"t?Wai on du'y en tie night in question, first law tje prisoner a little after 10 "dock n?*t ?aw bim about halt pa-t 11 or 12, raw bim three or four time* through the nipbt; ha was bande?0ed the flrat time and be wan handcuffed tba s< coi d time, whan I saw bim about 11 U n'.l.w.k V, __ -1?. __ i alter ibat he WHf bauacuffeJ Jiitio Li>?| btotber of the prUoner ?!.oog I* a ppeca- I lator in the narkeU, *?? present when h? ?u brmnht ' belcre the Judge. uu habeas caryun, bo bad on a black Ut Jonathan Wiley policeman Seventeenth dlftrtot ? Knox Long tan or eleven )eart; hU general character war aleaya g><d Crete- numiHrd- Since aitnefn ha? baen in the polio*, be never beat a of l ong going by an; other name until >>l? imrt inre Thcmp'^n Henjamin F William* and Albert ; -all al*< dep'.eea that ih?>y never heard anything | Kami" lit prieoner belore vbe prevent charge or the prosecution, Arthur victiana* wa* called, and de|>o?ed that he ?a? at the Opera Hou-e on the ' bin tit el Kith ay, the firing of the military took plane twenty nili,ute" h.'ore tf u clock, the firing of the building ?a? b?t re that. Mr iiaaioM tl en addrea?fd the jury on behalf of the piir* tier and contended that emo though the tire ?ef lighted by tl'e henil of the accuied, and lighted deiib?rat?ly. it ?a? not done with the laieuti -a ot d? itnyiDf the builting or ita inmate* but merely lor the purpo?.< <d obtaimog bi< liberty from tbe iunareora!ion vlitoh he could i?"t b. ar I'll* mill uf emry Otiuie ii it* intention and there ?? n> preme ll'a'ed iutenti- n here to tf-?iroy tha theatre I b-re *a* no e< recy itli< r in It a rnme vaJiure ot deitrti n < ouneel al?o submitted a* a point of la* againM ih- eueta'umeiit of the ladietment that it >ai iioi a uwel'iug hotiM. that >lr ?,ueat ?a< ouiy a watelmaui f the building avd tb< ugh ?oa?e of them will aJeep i n their duty be orteialy *a? not a lojger la ire house when it *** crowded ?uh epectat xa, be ?a* 10 lodger, he *a* brought there to ?a'ch. and not to i wp. end even under any aircuiu<tane?> ae could mi t )i? rnr-liii foil ? IimI' ?p until af.Mf tha r>?rf..m>BianMa I ?rt? o*?i at > lev. n or taalT* o'clock a iil*Ut Couu- ! aal th?n Miaii.taiOad that a* to identity. tui* ailuoal i B>i|ikit W fcitetakrn and ilir; mitfbt al??i b? nltltlui la | rl at(lt| Loa| *Hh Ilia parpat ra'.too ul tlaa ofl-nra. i vhera tbi-ia *??? Mitial other prla<m*ra eonfload In tic nam r< on, Tl a Matilet Attorney, in Humming up tba *Tld?n<-a Id llii* ran- wu<>ld rail thia tb? m*?iou<1 of tha Sia'a ttial* in tba affair t -r which a >ma plr*on*ra w?r? ? v unorrv liif( a pualabaiaot lor an ?(rge* which baa lirui.fht ? ?p *l?.iara up? n the commuuitjr, a d ranlflred lb' IIim ul many "f tbrlr fallow-cltliaaa. I l li' cnaia with ohiaa l.oac I- charged la an attempt to e?a>bi|t arxn In tba flr?t ?nn? I'ba learned loaiiaIran lifit a* pained t b? law ot tba o??e To noaatlluta tha crime ct a>a?la In tha hr?t degree they niu*t bellara that It ?t> a dwelling la wbieb ?< uia human b?lti|| raaidtd If tb?y ballava that Mr utlant w>< lodtftog la tba t&aalra 11 ? ehnuld And tha prt?ouar guilty of r>ra In tba f)r?.? drgiea, hut it they d> aot banaaa that It wii Ur (MMat'i dwelling b< u?a than thay could did tba pii'oi>?r fuilty of irwa la tb? thirJ iifita, tf a aitgl- pallida of Uaa w <>4 ?>f tiiat building bad Ixtti *at on Are, tba prl?ua*r would hara beaj liadi< lad for a murb tni>ra ' erima, bat tba nffanra villi ahl. h ha I* chared tba attempt-only >tiltjMt< him to balf Iba punifhuiaat lla oallaj upon th? j ury, ( a? tha rrpmrtitatlrw al tha peopla and tba gaardlaua if | uMlr lalfty, ta una a vaidiot attb-ut irgard to Ilia ooMaqtiaaoM Tba raault i f tha former tr al whirh ttt'H cut of thia unfortunate Iraaaaflitnn. baa langlit tha world that a gi>*er?m> lit of tba people la the >afa?t aid tba lurrrt for tha proUatlon of tha pin),< IhiBMellea 'I he Judge In rniumenclog hla addreaa to tha Jury, eoagratula'ad tl.em upon tba rapidity with wbiab tba rial ?af ?oaducled fur thia reault. wblch w?t ralaa lal*d to roetura riitfldne* tbr; wara ml-bted to tba ci ai.ael or b<tli aidea Ha Biada thiw i.b? rra'l na b*rauar tler? la> t??n aoaie complaint al>h rajar l Lo lie d? lay bare lot >re la II,a aduiiuian ail< a uf ja<Uaa; aider Il ia Itmia'MeDt tbey mitfbt find tba prla >a-r f ulnj <>l an tiba^' at ar?>a, etiher ia tb? lirat or tb i hit it decree. i hat t ula tiertadaa throuxli ut tha * uliof nltli'tl nd? l-rtntanra if a m? i l( ladln'ait 1 lit li.?i<>t ha Day ba I ut< |ullt; M? to iba t i#? lit r <1 d iiiMtutlor to th? f . rb tha (( Mrn(t?4 ar oe hara if Ur; b?lia?? tb? at l'W(t ?m ?ltb?r la tba flt-t ?r la tli? imrd >1 ?gr?t? 'I I i?i?< j?4g? th. d tka wiU* ?^l i il Ilia la a ablrh muuiut'i lb* nrlnii ?ilb bleb tha li <ktr|*4 an<l l? I |i ?> lb* j irj 10 I?y abai bar lha> d biai to b? tha ^ r ?b i p?t f r? to tl.? rubl.ll> *u<t If ?o. ?h?th?f ba <tl I It lik lh? e-la>li al l*t> iiilau lmputa>l to bun ?f n?H| for lb* purp of PiMtib* aUriu ai 1 ? afu<l'>u. a.jl lkrr> by fi? i in | ti? i ?ii m i flit Jury tlx a trtltMl and la a hnrt Us* aant a ailt'a* <4ur?tl< a I" iba e- urt la'juirlaf ba?bar. If tha I il? b?r i?t mate tin rnbb ?h a?ralj la? lb' ri,rf " if fl'llg k|| h> r u.j b- puul-b?l lb* ja<<g? rat artad M Mi?rf it IIm> n?<a'i*a ! tlajdry ba?u<( b>?? la a*?l<a>ioa ab-m an haar brou??it la I >?idiet 11 guilty f ?a attaaipi at ?f ta tha tb'rd I*(fr*a ?l?h a r>o"Bia?i' atl' ii to m-roy, Ii ?oa?alilt v"il'" ?" J ?>?ra?U> <>> bahalf of Iba p>(**cntl< ii It mi tb?n < >>4 pfl otir Ha b- n>ui<<t><! L<t|. afco tai kM>iiHa M?? ant aa ball a r. Id ih-i ru-ti .i? ait of!..-ar ITh* ,i?i.o... I* a ?o<?<1 iooiibg J" i?C < *, ap|?raatly ab t>? it jaar> of foul bailt air I if as la > 11 llr. " tfcou*b atara <- ! f aotia anaura lla ial r- .??!> o*< ii11- d a- a haik<*f?r In a b u?a c.f aal?r lairn ti.t la thi* alia I L Tha aomt adj??irti?4 at * o'clock, to 10 o i>lonk tlita J 'n.iii * ii tl a trial < f <?bar (itur Cimi >l?t*n 111 to* o' iiBi rn-i 4, Him hl)ii ? ll|r lnlilll|*Rr(, Wmih IIiiiim ' r I b? iiu ii*??r "f 4#a'ha r r th? rr.<|M Jal liar* li 1* ' 11 ?f ?h "h I 13 ?mr? uu l-Mir- IA mrtm ? l l? ?li l I? B.I r*? Tli>-?ii* l?t 'f itiU at-ai* ib l"rjr abd rth?r R?'> Kl>a (roui. lt fi?-si \a? l .rk a 4 Dth.r plarra mm* >9. Oi'T?ini.H ? _OH >i,|nr1n? |a*t D-r nan who ' f. r <?n?l n, nt - ? la II <inl, tali, n to IU tub m (iHtl li? aa< la tha ia?t ?' <? ! lha .n ail v?'ii and d?iia?(?d in mm ' Ha *aa ut ib?n th? bam li? plao? a, -i?|.f.%t-?I 1 -r th na<lB|r ln'?. M. u? Ui-hk. tn I | la <a r? a x? ' an ahn ?a? if?r. ?ly a hi- tn t?*a rara >.f h> m ?|f. Ha??aop>4, and < n lakda; alt?ri<i a taif .uN aud by lulu if lb* ii>?ta?iTa ?<f tt?? p ?r at<ln laa?n t<> I it? h'?|l al aiatn ( at la'n tba h<ta, a<a4 aaaap?4 l m xmiiiaj ni?ht at ah-, at II on ?t ha ??? aiala i ? nn'i h'i n?? ia ih?- Id b? an .^?r ?b><t i * itta 11 III' litnlHtM* ** at fl ?l r?f 1*1 lUitrk uit ? ? H* <re??U ?r*l In It' "f ? r L?n>rt? In >lat?u*h fil?ht. nln >b? fmmitf , k* <14 i.i.i ba< w that 'h? latiaJor kU ibi? b"rr?'> 4t' ?aaa , Fi teevm Cm-ecu,? Tii? rweHe< ?flfce M**' I ." lb ' bnmli took |>>af? )a?t ???aia? "? . lid lifi j mvh nI til' Ian ItDndiW aad f ?r* mui Tk? ?a> tint ablab 'b?? l"*?l for ?b? )?ar aa? $T MK> aarf tb? premium lot IMnhoIrt ft*)?W ' Tm* ftrtrw ??? < ? ?* latter frim \r,Bau-.rtf t?.e 1Mb a* . mv Iba M-amahl* alif.rola trim latana III) Im ul am?-a ai<b?? i>trt tm< lamauK Th?f |m ??i i??"* "alw- ? b wifd ani i.?rt}.t?.. Mt?<a? ' " 'a? r??wv? <m tfta ?i?? II*. Of klll'l, tb? 'bl?'? ui??'-b t.|iii'?,iaivir l)r M h !< * imtlbnatt I l?? apM'aM l? 'Mia-I " Ta i a* a la?ar ab'til. I)a|?..? a?*<i la. nf ra l >U?i? I<? L . ?ll?4at?a l.- iit- aftar 'fta ?te*?*r ra? ih?i tM# y>', b?- ?aa hi f*?r dt;i. .No ?tkvr death ??ut i?d ? Uia ^an|a * ? ! Inl? lll|rnra. r??e?d Vld?bla?aa Ua id-?o baa Wa e?<Un<-?4 k? r< tart a ar ial t? ba 4i?ailae>d Iram tba aarrlea -A*'fHM Btmim, Jam 9 1 I I LP. TVfO CENTS. Oe*?n BUun N?Tlgiiion?Rr. Colllu>Tk? New Line or ^Uiraiklp*. A* soon u tha problem of ocean itMB narration ?u aatiafiaetorlly e??lre<| and the feasibility of connecting the old world and tha new, by a team oommuuioatlon. wa? praotW-atly detu ontrated, it b?MM Apparent, that If the I nk *d State- dentred to maintain the auprtnjacy which ahe had for a ureat number of yeara previously enjoyed in the traaaporlatloa of paa engera and valuable frelgb'- batwean thin country, Kruuoe, hntfland and Germany . <>y her splendid packet ablpa. i>he muat arouae herself and enter apon a n* field of eriterp'iae and competition in order to exeel a* much in ocian steamship*.a* ahe had in her Railing veasels or paoket ships Notwithstan ding that it was to us a new business^ that we had eont trusted kut one or two steamship* of any magnitude, cm" enterpriaing merchant* boldly launched into thla new of eaterpriae. Their tlrnt productions were the atearasJUpa Washington nil Hermann, of tha Bremen line Although theae versel* were not an successful an thty were expeuted to be. and a* all anticipated they w >uld be. they were. nevertheless highly creditable to <nW skill and enterprise and have nette<l handsome profit* o the company which own them Their aterage paaag< * hare not equalled thoae of the t'unard line, It mutt be adinitt< d; tut, on the other hand, they bar* made seme tuna aa quick a* any that hare erar been made by the steamships of any country l'he?e vera the tirat two ittamabiptt that tha I nited States turned cut. Sidc# the building of the Hermann sad Waahlngtow, etal other rteamkbip* bar* b*en built, alnoat all < f which are now engaged in the coantlng and 'allfornla trad* They embrace all tbe modern ImproTemi-Ota Id tb?lr bull* and.euginea. and are *mlnently ucrearful In erery point of *l*w. not *xceptlng ?p*--d. la which respect we think they will onpar* iavorably with any. The laat re*aeli that bar* been undertaken' are the Atlantic, the Pacido, the Artie, and Aatarotlo, wblcb. * ben completed will ply regulaily between tbl* port and Llrerpool The; are being constructed under tbe personal euparvltlon of E. K Collin*. Eaq , *o lonj and *o favorably known throughout the whole world, aa the proprit tor of tbe dramailo iin* of paek*t (hip*, and aa one of our aioet eutarprlaing mercbaat* Kight year* ago Mr. < olliua determined upon entering th* lift" and ot competing with tbe t unard line of itram bipiforthe tteameblp trad* between tbe two conntrie*. determined that be would a?*ur* at all evaata, bl* nbare ol it; and lbnt it ehould not ha said ol tba I nited State*. which bad defied opposition in paakat rhip*. that It woald cemn In aud acknowledge th* *n? periorlty of any nation In ealateiioe o?er u< in anything tbat pertained to navigation Ilia enterprlaa will aocm he completed-at leaat a part ol it will, far tbe Atlantic the flrat of hi* line. 1* nearly Aatebed; atid will It l? ripent'd. be "luanrd up" aboot tba fifteenth ot next mm nih We bad the pleasure of Inspecting thin n?ble craft yei-terday. aud air Indebted lo Mr < oilin* for tba I atu? wblck be politely took lo pototing out to u* in* innumerable b-autien ol d>-"lgn. model rig. arafctt*oture aud internal arrangements a hied olieracterl** ber No**ui*r were We on her deck than we were aatoi.hb.d at bar gigantic diaenalou ber lerlatbaa, but graceful proportion*. I.oik at her from th* bora, It could hardly be auppoaed tbat ?ba I* tna argent aleamsblp In existence, not excepting e?en :he Oieat Brita n being over three thousand t na >urd*n. Mo aymmetrical la ber model and *<> graceful ire ber airangeiueots tbat uu'll tbe visitor ia on >oard of ber be cannot comprehend iter great mignlude On deck. she futnirb** a promenade of tba enuib of two hundred and blB*tv-two feet or nnariw jD? hundred jard? From lb* di'ek ? ?i>lt?d tha ;abina I ha ni< ?t intara-tlng of tbaaa la (ha draalagdoui which *krt furni?baj sill b.- tua in j?t baauti'ui and gurgruu> apanisnii of tba kind that waa tur la-n I ha daeirntluoa ar? ODIqua and riatftot b'joad Jaaerlplian Tba wood w< rk la ix.iuroavd af white xlljr, (for tha brat tinia ua?d in ataaaiibipi), iBMuwood roaawood &.< . ?o r m'nan-d and di?ar>lu?d aa (O pr?r*t( to flowiiDtlj ri<h anj 0 >?tly li.paaiacca i ba oiLaui"iil< aia ric.ilu tba aitr'iaa. md p< nalat af co?tlj mirror* kroui? work, lla a. uimi> and hjkdj othar thing* t<>o tgoirrnai 10 Brltira Iba |>iurln roniirciing tiui VM itala ro< ni < ara (ba arm* ol tb- dill, r-ni S. a:. ?f tb* oLIadararjr ptlblad ID tha blgliaat at;la of art aod 'ran ad wltb broi.?a ?mk Tba pliar> ata i? id with mlirora. Ii>n>d aim r? nud at iba top >1 d holt, ni ara bromid aia aball? of t tioa-t a noat nail* woi knmurhip lb tb>* c-utra of aaoll h* ra *111 ba gr< upa Itf ailafrlraj S<(ran. rapraaautDit tba i?>id ni)tn?|o|ry of tha anr-tauta. niada of >t< t>ia and buri*lfbad gold I'ha calling il b-auti.111, ?n U(ib>, raitr!) and palatad ? IU car?ad otk laiBR glldad. VSbao t>nl*hd thii -plaaJ d l|.ari|i?Ul ?M4 ba mora Itka a fairy'* pala-a aa I* KKri.aiallj raprraantad tbao auythiou mm n*>a atar No atp*n?a ha- b?an 'pairj a id no tr?ui>l? or paioa omit ad. t>. a>a?a it what it i? I bi? da^?rtma it la uud?r (ha dlrao Ion of ?ir Putt ?ke. MftaitV, ba* <110 ad tha high-rat crdar of la-ta in d -i(aia< and niakiiK ifca oraauiauial part and I- a.-o.'in. a a rk ui abloh ha iba, wall h. priud uur^.ua U :h> ' n j aora III tr? t ti*li?h laDtfua.a that will ? > n j aa id>a of *ha hraui, of ih >1 a?iai 1 > .o I'bta 11 ar mot ia Intandad f r tba ac iom.aJatiaa of hot* adl-- ai d K* ill.-Do o Ilka tha drawn.* roo u of ona of >ur Drat bo >|a but mifb la'irar and mora api-ndi 117 urniabi d, (ban muj b ta dr*ain<>' ? wa bar a ar?r k<n ibnaia in aldnlon. anothar apartan-nt aiua lf 3aau"fuli? arrai kaa and ornauit a ad f.if lha aia.ul?a uaa of iadla* Both apa. intauta ara h^a.a J b, itaam- an loprovemaat ?bi b 1* now f-r tba ar.l ima Introdurad In riaamalnpa rba appara'ua oorullil bul a Uiail |> >r(lon of (h? apaca a il proditoaa >0 i|{rr>abia h>at IIIwli.daol aMk dnpartnant In laot. tba ?b'>i? ?a??a| la baat-1 la tbla I b? dlblng atlnnn of thin ni>ht? apiT.I u?n of \m?rllan kill ami eiliitrtM. >lll t>? pr p Til"n?M? great kud coujBu.dloua It will bn flftj - Hn* f??t la laiwib, >J loitj-KB' lb Idlh an) b? -il*od?d Bltmo ! ?? irin, id .abgtb, If ii-r?ftj. 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' b? a at king r?? -a " 1?? lor tlairai laia'.ittM.a nf mi tuirn aBu uka a ? f ar rrca-li.? aiiy an I aMah ? nn rta by a [>?i.l r ?aj ?l'h tba a|ila->'<>4 dra<l>i|| ri?.? ?a >a'<?t manrlob tt at <H a* tba aabino at* ana?'a4. -a t .at Iba i a??ai (at* ma? git thru*** th- ai *1 ktt-iai < >ia< c bt of tail," a- in i|bt Tr'mr t Mia aat tila? ar aa?a m.n? 07 ?< ? ?a- u> as I r M4 ? a,i| tiaa;? ? i? ruiiMM. > n. |)>l r>M I'l Ih Will * *-- ? iaa?f Mh>t IkltK, kit *MM frit IM"?4 m p .ii.iiii/ ll'ha of Iki kl'tn<>|w tn l hrta> , I tit"'1" ? **? nmia<- ?ilt? iM? apl-mtl < Ml i?il ?!. h'???rl> ??f ba m ? ?*? >>??-i-.ii ?> im p i' y " *i* k ib* <| to ?nj pan ?f ?b? ? ? ' * Tim MltiM Ir* hnlri ? ??H bf U:?r* ?tli i I'Sil* ba w> to? !? pipv l> prnt*< I-4 Ikkt ? ? " flr* If' n (kit mii i>? 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