Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1850 Page 1
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* TH NO. 5704. THS A8TOB. PLACE RIOTS. Court of Oyer ana Terminer. Chief Justice Edmonds. and Aldermen Franklin and CoDvklln. TRIAL OP CAPT. RYNDEItS AND OTHERS, FOR INCITING A RIOT Jan. 18 ?Mr. Graham inquired of tha District Attorney, If be Intended to Mhd the case of Miner to the jury? 1 he District Attorney said he would be willing to follow the direction* of the Court with regard to Yliaer; he thought, however, there was evidence against him, he being the proprietor *f the bouse in i'ark How, where those parties used to inert, hi* intimate association with Hynder* and O'Donnell, and hi* being at the Opera House. Judi-e- We are of opinion that Miner ought to be aeunitted. 1 be jury, then, under direction of the Court, found Miner net guilty. Judie- re >?>u prepared to ?0 on, gentlemen, with the summing up ? Mr \ *u lluren?Ves, your Honor, unless the prosecu'ion are disposed t? adopt ti?e same course with reCpeot to the ether defendants. (Laughter ) 'i be District Attorney then, in compliance with the request of Vir Van turen. cited the authorities upon ^vlilcti be depended for the Mistatnment of the iudintZLent agaiurt UynderK and O Doune 1, vix. : I lo sustain tke duotriue that whatever tend* to - alTect the p?-rfon or property ot another or to disturb ituoilc orler?Uaihonr's t.riminal Treatise, a:ri .Viaiton'* Criminal Law 2 II 1 Lat to Incite to a riot, in indictable, and preen. d> lit for such indictment (as the District Attorney stated the precedent used fi r the present ease) is to ba found id 'l i bitty'* Criminal Law. 6i:t). III 1 bat If the jury believe thst the handbills pnbIlfbed by difeadapts were calculated to produce a \Tkitou? atsriubluge, there was surd a connection bete>?nthe meaus used and the end to be gained, a* ill at tbe jury shtnld oouvict. ? ^2 Sta'e Trials. 366. iV That ine timolol an an 'lienor in a tBeatre Joes r< t imply a right vo oreate a tumult. nor doen it imply Jtie liglit to cobtiiju* their di approbation la euoti ;i at- to prevent a majority fr.'iu wi.nerfMng the ptitoimunce. if they deMre to <l" ho. If an; body of .men go to a theatre with lho settled purpose of iiixHiog si ac or. < r even of damning a piece. such a deliberate ?nd ptecotcert? d scheme in io<lic table If people endeavor to effect an object by lunult aod disorder, they jure kuU'> of rioi. ( oun.-nl cited Mausleld's opinion in tte cube of Clifford vs. liraudon, 2 Campbell 8 il?ports I!58. V. To answer the doctrine adfaneed by the defence, that the refusal to admit persons having Uikeli canned IAud juetifi'd the riot, be cited the cane of the People v. Simou?, it ported in a City Hall ileoorder, 89. In that cafe, it appears Simon?, aoolored gentleman. purchased * tick at tor a public bail in thin city, that he was r?fused sdni', and on such ietu?al. asviu ted the proprietor. The following principle* were ruled by tlie court : " A perm n wlio purchased a ticket I or a publio ball kept bj a daneing matter, ban no right to a*sault the masttr, sbauld heiretu.e admittanmainto the bell jeem " Itseenn, in such ease. by the purchase of a tickit the bolder acquires a right of action, mereJv, fpaiii't "such maeter f r retu ing admlttanoe. "1 hough in law freemen of color have equal rights, yet aiiK-rg white men in geueral, in this continuity, there Ih an honest prejudice against a further af><> eiation or cotineotion with such men of oolor than Is reqaieite in transacting business " Mr John Van Uuren then roue to address the jury for the defendants, lie raid - Gentleman, we have now reached that stage of the prooerdiug* when it will become necessary for me to addr. s* jou in defenee of uijr Vtlvuili, 1 no iwu u?it'uu?BV?, ivaiau njuumtuii i uuui ?a O'Donnell, Mil I wish to reuilad 7011. it It will be n?cefsaiy to remind you. tb?t you are to find your verdict strictly according to the evilwnce in the ca?e Which baa been laid before you Ou? of the defendants now on trial b?lore you Is * man publicly hnnn who en that account has made. no doubt, many eueinies ? it may probably be tbat some mcH are now on the jury bos ?but gentlemen. It belongs to you to lay atdde all prejudices. and to try the ca-e asaording to tbe indlctniint; and I look with nnulidenoe te you, as Independent and unbiassed cltl/onv for ao ao iultUl. 1 would wl-h you to reflect for a uioj-n'. upon 11? 00 urrences wnioh led to ih? matters now b-f>ra you. An actor from a foreign oouatry arrived in tail country, be Immediately appeals to this country for its judgment in his favor-be provokes a reply from another actor, and a majority ef the people decline to I hear hici In tula state of thing*, ?wo- olUxnns, induced by kindness. or otber motive*. which I shall not Intimate. desired him to act. and pr imlsed to aid and ustain l..i ' The police wa? < "-1 out to sustain kim?the military of tbls city waa called out to sustain him -the Uvea m a great number of iouocent persons were sacrificed to suMaln him. Unquestionably 1 spi-ak what is the general sense of the community, ?n u I nine the position that all this great saoriflce was made or an Inadequate c?u?e. This great destruction of tbe Uvea af the citiiens by the pnbllo authorities Waa called up for inquiry and investigation; and when thia waa oftlled far, unfortunately for ua, the public authorities stood in a poaitiou tha same as otbars who had gone to tbe Op?ra House on tha 20th of May, as friendly or uorti-ndly; and we hat* been arraigned here, not for the destruction of life which then took plaae-not for the riot-not for felony, but for having Incited a riot. Now, I wish to ?all your attention to tbe nature of these proceedings It is an indictment for Inciting to a riot on tbe luth of May, and It alleges that a riot i d take p'aoe But i no we ou*ht to have teen tried for a riot. Kor all things which can be urged in the chaise t-uding to coaitltule riot, I tball refer to authority to show that if it is a felon*, all accessories before the fact are principals and If it is a misdemeanor, all are principals In a mi?de. meaner Tbe authorities which *b*w tbat all are principals ia a misdemeanor, to whi^h I shall at present refer. are?The People vs Kr*lu. and Idea vs. Ward 3d Hill. CM. This was an Indictment t*r keapln; a disorderly bouse, and the evidence was that tha defendant only let the honsc, and it was ruled that he was therefore a principal The People vs 1 timber. V Johnson 8 Coaen 8WJ. This was an Indictment for conspiracy to chist, in which It was derlled that all tha parts of a crime are absorbed.;in the greater crluie; an executed offence cannot be divided Into parts an>l minor offences; bnt if the offence Is not executed, then an Indictment lies lor Inciting to the eieoution. I shall not detain Jon. gentlemen eicept by one mere reference to 4'.h [111 lot.the l'e< pie ts Uoi'h In which It was ball that J inciting a man to commit an ?flencc Is only an attaint t to commit an offence It waa a'so held that th- attempt to commit an offence_is merged in and be coniM on* with tb* offrne* wbt-n oou>tnltt*d, wbleb thm esiiD'>t b? dlfldti Into t?o olfrna** tod eonvlot I?t; on on* traa?artloa. In ?upp?rt h?r?of Mr Y*a Uur*n rrad tb* itatu'* dlr?atly In p -Int. L'qIm* 1 groaaiy wi?appr*h?nd thl-* India!>u-nt it will ha th* July if th* annrt toloKtruet ib* jury that InOad of bo'ag Indiotrd f?r led'log to riot, wnoa*ht If <r* <>uiht t" ha?? l<r?? triad *t ?ll to bar* bt*?n indlatad for tha riot IU*lf, tnd Mr Kynd*r? though not pr??- ?t th* Op?ra Hoan tb? aifht of tb* loth yat If guilty of Inciting to riot. WM to ton rj* of th? I tw guilt; of tbo rlut. bo 'I romnlttad on* a? aiuoti 11 if h? lad b??n pr?*?at b'nvlf in p?r?on. Wau?a Inciting. aiding and ab'ttlrg nmkm 'b? aSrtt'r ? rt t<*r Th-r? l? no count la th? lndl?tai*nt of a ronaptra^y, aoo rdiog to th**tatnt*. Wbilt tbi> Ul-trlct \tt rn?j ha< b??*u hunting up all about fur atid-uav It W to h* r?gr-t'*d h* ban act k*pt th- run of tha H'iim-1 Sta'u'.ai whlib bare aln i d at patting do?o tb**a r"n?tr>i'-ti?? eri?i?? and th*lr vbolo alai ha? b'-n to allow th pm<-*aM* MrnbllB| of eltii*n? for th* rtilmaoei of oppr*?al n All tbi? I'd to th# lnf#r?*LP? (bat th* L*gi la'nra wwb?d that a nil ahoald kn< ? ?h?o and b >? far h? ' gail'y th ugh b? mn b? pi*-lm in th* a;t that h? Blight know what In c >o?tr .atlr* rrlm* and what It ?ot?114t ?d R*?W?d Rtatiitr* "VI. **? 8 II. All tbl< ?u laid df "D far tb* pro'*etl?a c.f sltii?a* and to fravant >adiela*at? Ilk* thlf TMa lndieta?*ut do*a ot anawar to thl* (tatut*. and. tn*r*for*. I think It ought aot to ha main'aln*d ^ **n If th?ra had b**n a a??n?ptrm?y laid. It ? ? m*rg*d In tb* poatorlnr crlm* and a portl n <f th* *i*cut*d off-ne*, aad, a? nueb, ** ought I to bar* b*?n ladiatad for tfca abola rl?.-ne* an l not a part Having thna eipr***?d to lb* Court what I think In ralatma to thl* ladietBrat. I oball no* pr?<**4 to rrf*r t > lb* a?ltfrnra which bat hr*i pr***nt*d t' ?u?t?tn thl? Indict *nt laid wnieb *aya "for laelitag a riot aa tb* 10th ? l? I- - -.1 ir hnul Mtlnff what f< r we are <> tilnl What I* tUI? l?dl?tm?nt frf ? A riot on the 10lb Mat 1 hi* brlii*? ra? to Injulre wliat are ihe right* of p?raoaa vho go to theatre. I *hall ghcv tbat neither of the?e t?u defendants actad up to the lav, nor hata tb?y gona up to vhat the lav authotim th?m I axgiiii tbat vhat the proprietor# o>ntracted vlth the public la thl*. TM; i?*lw ll? puklie to(o to tbalr theatre not A. B or i: to *u?tala V<r. Mecr*ady out perron* vbo go In at a hack door n>r flgbtla* men vbo go to *uataln hiui bat I mean the people vt?*o there orjerl? pNfk Wba pay their fifty cent* and a? n.any a* tbe Uauee ran bold. Kirat. the roprl?tc.r tell* hi* tlekete, and tl.a *ee.>nd aoadltlon i*. tbe pe. pie are inrlled to judge a t to *n*tain an Mto*. Acting la r>t a reaoedeily iieefal art, protected by the'av. but it l? a in' de or fa hloa vhleh depend* for Ite ?*i*eroe upon the gratification at the public la a unre-tialaed vay Tbat *uch I* the rula. arpeara to to be ?o clear, that ?o ref-ren^e to autberity a<>?ld make It plainer It ba* been dona from titata Immemorial. and not merely In reference to tba actor aid hi* performance >? In ree;-?et to hi* prltt'* condti't aaan ae'.or. off or an tb? rta*e. It doe* (?t ?t>p here; It e*te?d? to the* ?h" ara In tha theatre and to tbalr coodurl there hl"lr* out any ma?i who *tt? a* other* d-> ?0l like, rallii'c'fuai Tfollope; Ma*tng a taan vho *lt* vb?r? he *h*uid not, hl.?n>* a public man vho I* not liked; blaalrg the p ay vhan It l? a>t a*i.-abie It ail?bt t>? tb"U?hv for a moment, that (D? ot th <ee editorial dea Ibead* I "?? I- n* to ?ay b it I m glad I did nt *ay It (laagbt.-r;- I* thera on pjrp- *e to applaud and may ??y It I* a f?i l /?.? fue t?.r a rraeva tlaket. If *o vh? re I* ih? la * vhera I* Ihe rea- >n, or vhoro I* th? Br a re vblah nph Id* thl*' Mr Puller *aya he applaud d be<a?i?e tbe people lu**ed; thon*h be eould no| kear a vi rd tba people blaaed *o. therefore he ap t'laml* 4 I hat vrnld eau*.- a n iaiial dltorder It aian appUod?d all the vh>le ir e act ir I* acting, thai voald aleatg dl-turb the peif<nuance All tba an tborttl** and tbare I* not one vhiah eoatra II it* It agree t!>*t e??ry man vho I* In a 'b a're ha* tha rlghl Vo applan i the ar*. r* there I* r llmita'lon but th< judgment rf tbe |?%r*y H ? a?e y..u ta get d thi tl.r' at f,f a Vian and ?*"? th. fe*? n of bin applaud lr?g' (Laughter) It might he a* nteprotema* a' ? 'all1 l b *h-n ?ou net there So Mr t all*r had the right t< " u-r liU I nt H?N I !? ? ?IW(tlMr nil m Tl?< ?tat mat ?ou.? ir ?n lnddm?Bt f..r ? eo?<*trMf to hl? *i*u i lUi U Dot ?n iodic n??nt for u mioi / E NE M< from the stage (Mr. V. B. here referred to authoritied, and quoted the law, showing that parties ha?e BO right to combine to drive an actor frim the tape) Id reference to th* O. P riots, that was a dispute relating to the price* of admlMion In that cut a man went to the theatre with the letter* O. I', (old price*) upon bin bat be wa< arrest?d and immediately discharged. He then brought an action for false imprisonment, oa th*trial ?f w hi* h cau<?Chief Justice M auifield, I believe It mi. laid down the rule that systematic tumult* were widely ditf-reut from hi ?> **.? Feople had a right to hiss, but when person* went with the Mttled Intention to damn any pleo* or actor. It wae conspiracy, and if they went with the object of tumult and noise it wac a riot I cite this to prove that the right to bis* an aotor off the stage is an undisputed right of any one who goes iuto a theatre of hi* own will and there 1* no preUnoe of sayiug ha ought te be Indicted for a conspiracy. There is no pretence j t<? say he went for the purposa of a conspiracy This ri(:bt ba* been exercised from tiira immemorial. A friend has put in mv hand the book of Mr Dunlao. In I which. pscea-10 he says, that lu that time of tbeConsuls at Heme. Anno I rbls t'onditsp 5i9. they uudertnok to classify the people in the theatre and to show where a Senator should nit, and where the people. Scipio Afrlrauus lost lii< popularity from thin aristoeratio arrangement, and sincerely repented of it afterward*. But he only tiled a neat for the Senators See, j however, what progreta was male alter thlj step.? The Knights and Tribune* bad no t-pe. ifia plane. Roscius then awarded eighteen seats for them. Otho, during hie consulship was kipped wheu Roscius was acinr. Tills is the first mention made of hissing; and Macready. when he came from across the water, onght t<- have acquiesced with the hissing be received. < 1-ero. however called the people out. to the temphi of 1 15e 11 c ra. where he madqf haratgue. and pacified them with thettibune. Our modern I'ioero calls the people I before a jury?an institution later but more favorable to popular liberty. The light of hissing an actor has ; been exercised from time immemorial. It has been ex| ei \>?d in this conntry towards Mr. Kean, towards | the Woods, towards i ook. and Anderson, towards other Kiiglishnian. towards Pewer, aud towards Maoready himself himself, by the general judgment of the ; people, without the least intervention ot these deteud> ants. On the latter occasion, the authorities were 1 present: the Chief of Poliee and others were there, and [ knowing the coicmon law. they refu-ed to Interfere, and Maeready acquiesce! In the decision of the people, and published a placard announcing his ac.|uiesenc? : | and withdrawal. I p to that moment, these defeudantf : did not interfere, except to pay their ilfty cents?the I fame as other people On that Monday evening, no i part was taken by either of these defendants Mr. Kyn1 tiers, or Capt ltyr.ders. fcr the prosecution haRaho>vn hi* right to that title, was present then, and Mr. 1-ulter also, the editor ot au tHW| paper. Mr Fuller sat there disturbing the play. Ryndeia waa quiet, so was | U'Ucnntll; they did rotting Kuller *wear* they did nothing: ha raw th?m do nothing. Hitii not ac; quainted with Kulli-r. Kuller walked up to him and raid, ' what, lire )< u the leader of thi* gang?" Hyndera (aid be bad nothing to do with it; he did nut ap| prove of it; he went to the police officer to get him to arrrrt the perron* who were throwing eggs and chair* , cn the etage W ben Rynder? arked Kuller -what par- i ' ty he meant?" Kuller raid Oh, the penoe party, of | tourre " Now, gentlemen, do you thtuk he meant an he?p<Ve? Do you ttlak there waa no nneer oonveyed with thi* ej presrlcn, which led to hi* getting a alap in the face? Kjnder* went to ark him wbat meant? ' He war groetly inrulted, and Mapped bia laoe. What | connection bar all thin with the indictment, a^nlnst tbe ' defendant*' Not the *iighte*t! You cannot auppone ; lhat tbia tranrac'lcn alio** thit h? excited a riot. < i neither then nor at any otb*-r time or pla<-e ! Tba terI tlnmny fhowa what Ve did wan unconnected with riot, i J A riot muat be to iht ttnwr ?/ I1 /,' >rlr. Now, I pa?a i | from tbeee transactions of tbe Monday, orly observing I that he war aeen to oome out of an omnibus ailwia i beard giving an accurate description bow Mr. Mae; rtady bad been received that evening The ev, 1J< nee prove* that he did not appiove of what waa done; he war going to get a police oOoer ! when he met Vr Kuller. Another thing; Hyndera ktated. at the Fark meeting, that he bad bought tioket* with hi* own money, and bad given away the tioket* t<> hi** Macrtady If *o. it w** only a con-?iracy to hit* Macrtady The public pto*eeut?r cannot aay there waa aiiy leaptopriety In attaining Macready There U no prttence tbat it waa vrong to give ticket* to dinorderly peraona to *urUaiu him, to peraonr who were not able to buy tickets lor thtmrelre*. Fh* perron* who went bad a right to hi**, If they thought proper to do ao Tb?re ia no evidence to show there waa any riot that fciabt I now come to the evidence of those handbill* ehlch the prosecutlou ha* brought forward. I iball briefly atate my view, and how far It waa possible for thrm to excite a riot The proseeution prove . tbat a man came to S8 Park Row and raid that be had h< aid that tbe iiritirh eiew of the steamer were going up to the Opeia lloure. O'Donnell aald to hiu,'*l will go and get the bill printed " A drunken man said | " Let's put the bill in tbe window " Hyndera urge* him not to do it. and esprenaee hi* opinlou i f the matter la term a which I shall not here repeat. When I tin bill waa stuek up, torn* one remarked ''That wiuldgive the Britlrh the tooth ache." Hyndera rep ! d " That * the talk; now let * take a drink," AuoIk.. _it..... k. >.14 !>..- >.11. 'k.l Dt) lead to a di*turl>anc*." Tba manuscript of tb* two bill* ?> given by aaotber man. ?bo ha* not been prcdnrtd. There i* on i|Oe<tlon but that dDoddcII Lad tbia Mil. and bad It printed, hat Ityndrr* had ooiMi'ir to do with It. Ob* copy *u put op oa tb* I'aik wall, aautbar la Hudson atr?*t t? ao trtJ ice tbat atiy obi* indoord t- go to the theatre by them. everybody looked upon it a* a joW* (Mr. V. B. h?ta r*ad tl bill and commented upon it ) ltd ?? aot txclte to \lulenre. but out* call" for a tree expr?? ira of oplalon. calling upon tbe free working peopi* to atand b? tbeir right* agamt tbe American ooaiiaittaa. I ??? brought up oa tbe** principle* If they ar* wr< tg. I am lBdtr table It Invita* to a fra* axpr> a*lon ol opinion oa tbat algbt, and deprecate* all tioliBre 1? It poaaibla tb* pub ic pro*ecutor can ?ay that tbia bill Melted tbe people to Tlulcuee It deprecate* Tioleece, requiring oal* a free exprea-loa of opialna Sucb la all to* cri.nrctlon wbleb my clleat* bar* with the?e bilia la It in hi* bring in that bou e ? h< re they i weie brought. tbat a>akr thtm reaponi-lble ' The keeper of ibal^beuae, Mr Miner, I a* been acquitted, became there *a* no evldince agalnat him and i apt. < Hjiidd* wa* only rcetalorally In hi* hotel loom* now to the other I andblll. made by a uian win perr<>aated (lie of tba?e defendant* It ha 1 oo It the wordr: ' Joba Bull and Vile Cora" Waa It *?ar beard tbat a public >ro editor culled upon Biea to answer on ?ueb ground*' What dot* It prove' They were ndrred by a man who i* not known to ba ?ent to l ark K< w Vou may re*. her*ln. th? de-ire to Implicate < aptain Hynder* by anybody. That hill waa gift n to a man or. kco* n, on the atep* of the hotel \o. 1 hey were paid for tbere by the atraog* man. who took tb?m from the boy. There I* no coai>eott?>a beIwreB K>t>d*r? aid tbl* handbill. There la n> proof tbat tbi* bill excited a riot Hinder* told Cameron, tbe p Inter. poaitlvely. tbat ba had nothing to du with it. Witt cere lu r<ibt?nU' What waa In It' If any ona wa? comected wttb tbat bill. It an* Auit n. and ba ha* been ac<|tiltt*d by you oa a mtiU prei<yn Ii-'?'i<e there waa a ial?e personation of Auatlo. What do they n< at ?b >w akain't aty client? He waa at AbalVatl o'clftk. attar the people had b*-*a killed. He w?' m<i h axe ted agaii it the autlf-rltie* and daa>aedth>ni for linn ?l" > the public There can lie oo no prolan** that tbla wooid atlr np a riot Thare I* bo law lo tbi* country tbat a man may aot glee hi* < ploien ab< ut the eutborl'le* accordlag to hi* Judgaant Wa ofTef?d to prnee how tb* people w*r* ahut down Ilka he. p but there I* no aonaecfloB between tbat dl'tarbai ?e and my client* What wa* the ecBdoct of Isj lid-ra afterward* * He railed a public meeting ILora wa? n-> eoac?aln out Th* reporter raja. that In hi* jpoacb bo urgod upca th# p*opi? to abotaln from II vt?|rn?* Th> r? ?u croat f*?r of a dl?turbao * It would bo to liuult you if I thought you wml I hold a o rari "n Iblo on th# upploinn ot committing a rtlr.a. Tfcara *M i,o rocr??y no tooooaim-ot la *11 bl* ooaduot. M? 414 not g-> to th* tlioa'.r* at all that al|(bt H* tal4 Vr Kalrcbi'd h? ??< afraid th*r* wonld b? a di'tutbaac* Tb* p< Itoo bad hwn (irjlfffd out >1- did not approach tl* plae* Why. It will l>* ??I4. If h?- ga?o t'fVot* to otbori to go. did ha tt t go hlm U Whon ho ktr? that ticket* hal bo*n tflraa nut to 4>uiikard? at>4 oibara to furtaln h*kna? if r. would b- a dlfturbanc*. b* kr.ow ba ?iol1 b? aii'l-actod. Again, what wa? hia cord-JCt oa th<' 7th of Vay? U* prorxlbytho witnc*? ! oo.or. who urged hln tog<. op ob tb* loth, that D? aaid ' No. I alll not t th# military will bo tbor*;" ho m?t anchor and then b* tnrn?d baoh aad ???t down t?w? K?*ry tlilr>( ?br ?i t bat h? deprecated Tlilrnea from flrH to la?l All he ?an'?d wn? a (air deiiioontratl'n of npioIon bo advWd *?*rybo4y t?> >Uy away , ba adTlarJ tha authirliiet to unrpend the performance I bar* omitted th* ?a(eliman wh" did not goto bxl b*fora day, wl.o mot Kyader*. alio ?ald ho bad a trunk at tho Now t < tk Hotat. and he wa* going to got It Vbat i? all perfectly immaterial I ban now gone through th* whi'lo oTlrtaac*. and I want tekaow whoth*t fr m flrat tn la?t tb*r? I* a partial" of ta^ttminy tha'ha did ** rl'o or m'ari to oiclto, or create a dlxtarbane* Cut thl* Ip not what yon aro to find Vuu ara to And If h-? ran**u and oil itod that particular riot oa tba lOtb of May. Mr. Van ltarou bora qu?t*d authority 4 < airlngton arid Pain*. to ahov that th* worda in frrtrf* mu?t h* la th* ladlotmont, or It I* fatal aad that a riot atit bo accompanied with totror r.f tho p*op|* . Ra* r? Hughe* 874 a. and p. 'I Mt a'loiratl? n hatrg omtU*d a?ain?t t" ?l ** perenni [ tb* ladietmoat onuld cot l.o *u?talne<l. 1 HumoII on < tinio* j p W N"W 1 wtih tnpa'l your at tonti n f_ to Ihf distinction which thora la b?tw*on what oeour ltd out*lda and Intld* thr hoii'e on tb? night if tha , I loth Vay TKl? ?M no p-nn. . >n l ?t?"n tti? o?? r?F?. ahara O'Donnall wa* ta?i la aod th? oth?r ?h?n | hynd?r? ?a? not pr<>??nt lonida Bj tha ?h" ? t?- ?Imoay which haa b?aa adduced It ha?b?an prn??d both afTliirati??lj and n?grati?Hj that n-> ill"' urbane* w?a I ?+?l> ttwlfl. Nllw ty Q'Po>?U ot Ryt4?t< A* f?f?rd? O'Drnnall, thata I* n'tlnn. *<? V him bat the** haadhlllf. It In ruin of la? that If yo>i rt ?a*iamlaa a wltnaaa npoa n?w matt'f. yon cann 't contradict hi" taatmony h??lrg th?r*t>y Bad* him yonr o?n ?ltn??? 7h? acta of p*rtt?? ara tha only I'-gal i-Tld??,r? of thalr Intantlca* and ?ia Jary ?h?u:d al Inttntlonp In the rr???nt lot. ?noa tha daata canaot b* found (nitty wbaath* la* I* that th-y Bra held aa lnare?nt Ull pr?>T?d fnllty by compatant arldana*. Allow i?a to pay, that th' r? l? n ? OT.??ln^la Joint art In tha r?? j m??d eja1n?' lt>nSra and (> l>o?rall |f t? th* .ln?t of tha | r- ?o utlon t < My on what const of tha ladlotm?at th?i pfwyaaa toeonrlct lb am Hariri gona thr< >igh with th? ??IJ?ro? b?canaa I ahall br followad by tha laarn>-d g?nM?man whi la nalahratad for ht? aiirearnta eonrlctlng and hl? jr?at *a(rarnar* and aail?ty to convict. k?j<nd all otbar . Hunt-1 that aan ?a* ???n la a r art or ;ii't>r? I am 1 at a Iom to Ubaflat what act thay caa Had oat by W Yfl 3RNING EDITION?SATU: which It la shown that they exolted tb? riot of th? 10th May. This la the difficulty of the case on which 1 have had toapeculate If, la the sum niDg up, the Diatrlot Attornay had given ua to know what he meant, It would have saved mush time. It la not for ua to ahow how that riot took place. There la not taatlmony aufllelent to call upon ua to do ao; but we have brought testimony enough t > eh>w how, and from what it aroee and to that I now pro;??d to call your attention. There wan a quarrel between twoactora, one an American, the other an Kn^li-hmaa Kcrrest la the American actor. In aupport of whom a warm feeling baa been evidenced Maorcaiy ia the Englishman, for whom an equally warm feeling ban btrn ahown. Mr. V. B bere went Into a history of the London and Edinburgh affair, and the quarrel in goia ral, and the cards It gave rite to. Having stated the history down to the card inviting Mr. Maiready to go on with bla performance, Mr. V. B real the card. He aald, 1 well know bow suoh carl' are got up. No one makea particular inquiry, but In tafily led to aign it. Tbeae 25 persons begged Mr. Macreadjl to reconsider bis determination, and assured bim tbey would au>tain him, no matter bow he played There waa the editor of the Cmrur um/ hiij'urir among them, now almost a miniver to a fottifin ocnn'ry. (Laughter ) The aatne who drove the Wooda from the atage ; therefore be knew the erlt|u< tte ef the stage, as well aa that of fereigu eou- t. Now Mr. Macreauy'a position is prubably known t > you; be asauciates with the circlea over the water, and many here alio think of goiug ttiero. aul ol the rtception they might have there, showed a gr<-at rtpard lor Mr Macready here It became, therefore, with thun a great questiou of law and order what the public opinion rhuuld be Macready. wbo bad b'en Oiiven a?ay, waa then lore told that he sb >uld be aua- ; tained. and should have auether trial. Now. lien tiemen. I say, this ?hi unwarrantable, and Man calculated to excite a disturbance If l- dwia Korrsot hail been hissed at the Uo*ery. no one would t?!l him that be should be sustained against th* ptople. What course did th?y then tak*to?usttin and prop him up after the p<'<>plu had in <oH him down? Kirs t. they b*gan by Qaklug a dufereace betwrea those who support him and thom* ?li< du u t. They began with hiring Long, iJlliJr Spark*. i'aDpan, acd others Oue ct these goes to Mr tirinueli and JMr. P?llj th?j gave bim one hundred ticket*. and pro uii>e a* many mora a.< they may want, and they ray to the fighting m?n, " but uo D?t commit any violence " '1 hey meet those who were absolute atra:-g>*r? to th?in. and say, "boy*. don t commit auy violence, Muore tdy is a friend of ours we should like to Nee hitu ?m laired." What d:<l these men d* * They went about the street* and left their tickets where th-y oouid nuet with the good sense and order of the coiumutiity, (laughter): tbty peddled tbem about and get a froili supply aid n il thrralor three shillings or t ro tiil iu.-", or even a drink; they could not even get them off a'- that. ' 1 he next we hear of thtm is. that Long is brought up on en Indictment of arson at the theatre thv, m ;ht and he li convioted. So it was Mr Maorealy was -up ported 1 f Mose* Urinnrll ua< her* on t'ial in-iteal ot i Bptaln Hynders. and If the public authorities da ed to Indict him and other* instead of th >-? wiim n?*e fewer triend* end less power, would the nubile pr.necu ti r urge that heir conduct cau.-ed this riot? Jt ap pear* to me obvious that this it wa* which led to ail Ua disturbance i'hl* i* not all Doyl* a ship oarpenter. goe* to Mr. Morgan, a man who i< nit hi tti* habit ( f seeing men with their b ?>t? ov*r their trowhere. and band* dirty, and Uoyie tells hiin "I aill get twenty.five strong men with me to sustain Mr >iacuady " Not to vu.>tain him pitching peop.e out of i the window. Mr Morgan looked a* tf be wae going to faint at sfiing snob a man, a ship caulker, in hie counting room in Wall atreet, txplaimag law Huu ururr le uiw. <]iu in* fiy mj uim lit* i i >n I. ui in M( clHce and said "My interest ibter-st i? it peculiarity of Wh.1I mrci t my in'ercft is OMicrtni that iae> and order (bmild be suitatnrd;'' aud the price dt-nandrd Is two hundred and flf'y dolUr* II# ihm tells him In* hud bettor go up and ?? vlr ilaokett; ; ta then went and saw Mr. Jacob Little, and Mr Haekttt told him he must see Mr. .Nlblo befora an arrangement could be made between tbern Uutatlhrm* o'cltck lav and order had takeu another dtr?c:lou; aid Mr. biataell wa? there with Mr (irlunell aud vlr. ! r*ll. Lat the prosecution make the be't It cau out of tbaae wlluesaes, they are the la* and ord?r ineu After i all thif, tai it remarkabla that the working men thoaid think it neceasary to make a free eipiea-ion ol their opinion? What was the etleot of hating a parcel of men who never went to the opera b fore' Doyle awaara that wan hin tint appearance, as It was alio Mr Macr?-ady's last. (Laughter.) So H was that law atd order were to be sustained; and then agaiu. | to auttain them, the military were brought oat and paraded When the working people were coming froji ihur work Tbey. too were brought tu sustain Do> |e knd Tappaa, and Billy Spark* aud Maarealjr It U testified that there were private iu?rk? uu the tiok*ta which gat* admit-ion to thoaa who had them In tbU way Marlnua got into tha bouse, but he d'Olines saylug what ha did when ha got there. Uul people who had regular tiokati wera not admitted to enter, aud It was alleged the house waa fail. It i? pro- *4 that some vera admitted whan other* were turned Ilrvtaa ta* do t; cne man altered h?e dollars to get la, aad it was testified there waa plenty of room In the house. I ahouid like a reference to t liia oat* If 1 could ?top h?re?if the pel lorn: anaas atopped her* but they uid not. 1 ha witness** all ktate that auch were the facts. Paofle who had tloket*. war* refuted adiaiasion when the h< u-e was iiot full. There were fltr n;- re?- uty Id iIih lobby, who ?n? Lkui excluded and thry were told i be b<ur* ?a< full, cm ooaplaintd and raid it wa? net full tut he did not belong to the ahit# kid glore gentry. Oiber* gatberad roual him. lb Irl nation increase* , they ar? refu-el tb* ratura of tbrlr in',my. < >na my*? L*t ? ulir tbeni itm< ? t> _?y' j and the boy* b'gin all In one way. Tbtta I* nothing to implicate tbe*a deleadant*; Ibe wltne?.?.i all not. firm tb*** tact* Throwing (ton** at the A?; >r I la-* Ok ra Houm I* a high ilnei -li It no offence in otlirr quartet*; bat on tbU tn-ttnee it If n e?vary to orJer i.p tb* troop*; they r">ir> upon tb? people la tb cnU'l ol jetting and booting; tb*y rid* orer tba pa<<pl*. ard au irrltaiioa la produced acd ixri'.rd agvn-t them I attain hjndrit tprka of all tint di'Para* gtngly apalnat tba authorities, an l danced them lor it. il you piaara I. therefor*. wauled to xlio* th*ie tact" bul the pti MCUtloQ objected. Ami I b>> 0 urt raid It ?a* InaUujlMlbl*. If you ran th n< a party ought to ba coiuWniued for *p*akln<r ?<> of |h? antb< rltii? ba w< uld ke leti than a man wb > could rjeak a: In rail* Thin if tbe unfortunate part of tfa hu'lnerf; lbl? ba* led to lnr*4llga'* ; thin ha* l>d to naklag my rleot* tb* ?cap-g at "I tba city antbrri'l** I have now *b'>*n th?' t*ia detraction of 111*, a 'Ling of I'Ublio rumor la r*f*r*uc* to which no **<denr* ba? b*?n ail><wtd wa? it 'll tue riot. with bick we bat* no rattb!/ > onaec(l< n I pbould not bavt engaged ia tbia deienea If I ha I though: It ?a< rurli a petty tblng. but b.cau?e I thought that tba I uMic cHImii were prepared to ilalend th?ai'?l?ej agalntt tba charge of having hrou|*it ab >ut the de etructlow of life I thought thl* matter w. aid ha*? b??n bn Lgtt In question. ? hioh la one of ??tj hi^h Importance Again. It la evident by tb>< teetiiMony. that th*i* > ' no ronortted organization outalde; *very. thing *how? that tba b y* throwing rtune* a-il <|ti?:*lllug at lh?lr treatment ?< tlm flr?t thing. ^ r< tl.lhj In ?ha ?K< U ImfU"! hi i*r. Uklr g cf the alkaraeter d organiEettm I hi- Mayor, [ Reatrder ai d t fcWf of 1'tiliee might ha?* ?li ?o b<>? * the Hot ctlplnaUd. b- eau?* they --ould ahow the 'tact truth, but tL?? iliil not like to c ni' her* ai d op aud rjptain We waat?-d to get ih* Mayor here, to prure ?to ordered out tb* miirarj. No man but him lb* fw?r to giv*the urdar t? ?'* II* toja it tbe pol?r? ??re ?pfflrt?nt to maintain ire peaee Ha >a> appealed to twice. and twice ha r*#B*ed to g>?e me < tder. ? an It ba bell?ved that tb# troop? wer ordarad to Bra up< n crowd* of Innocent | p'e erowdefl In elt; Ilka tbla. *itb< ut rau?e or gioandt' I'hara la DitM(| upoa wbieb tha lav t? ?u?b a safeguard a* upon the liberty and live* of the rttlint A , rltli.n cannot be arranted without pr cast of law Tbi* la tb* t-ld S*?cn jealouey of liberty. H'hea twenty peraona or nt?re are ??nt out of eii-t-rce without no) procraa ol law. la It reaierkahl* (bat eielteiner t should <-n*u>-' la It not remarkable that the prcrecutlon, ln*t*ad of attacking tha foreign-feeling coU'inlHee, rbould occupy Itaelf in tha petty proeecutl< u of tbe p?rt i i now uLder trial' All that ba* I ?eo charged. all that ha? lieea proven In reialcn to the'* drfridante, 1* rimply the ?ipr??al"U of <>|ilal"ii*; and If there I* an)thing we ought to be jeal'>u* of la thl* country. It I* that Tbe Idea of troop* tie ok br< ugtit to 'B(p< rt tba law, atrtkaa at th* roota of iiit ioitltutloM. Therefore, oar |oi >rameit ould not utand an ln*tant under anrb *way A monarchical government require* a ('andiug army but tura I* a governaeat of love, end a<Tee'lon, and free oplaloa the lmpr?a*lea prevailing that ?i are lit it gin awa ami terror of a m >b. I* oufuuaded In this cc untry thera I* nothing to ju*tlfy *ucli an error, especially la tbi* city f ompared with otb?r cilia*, we at a an crderly and peaceaMe community Tba civil power ??? alway* adequate ua'll thla etent. ? Why' Reran** on* people ara a law abiding people; , beratira tbey are a pro*p*rona and a happy people ? In ><U.rr countrl> n i? net ?n n*r? n?i/ man rra*, ; It la tba |?iriDD>iit of opinion tburt opinion ought t" b* r**p*ctad. and pr*el?*lr b?r?a?o that | rpmlon rtruck at kif. K?a?y man who paid bl* f fiy rfbU. had a right to go to tba ttiaa tra ktt4 gi' * hi* opinion; th? opinion of ona t? north a# much a* tbat of anoth*r 1 h?r> l* u<> r-n rrrrhlp oa*r pnbil" judgB*nt h*r* 1h?j ha t no bualo*?* to taka tha court* th?j did to an'tain it by sailing tha it Hilary out, and l?aat nt all. by *atilng th? pnblia prirrentor to brirg lr,d'a'ui*ut> agalu*t in<1irldual< n no t th?r ground* than b*cau*a tli-y liar* aipr**<ri| tli?lr (fitlrti >ir Van llnr*n th?n prim?*<l-d to la) donn and ermui?nt upon tha law. a* appllrabla to rbaraetrr la criminal trial*, and read a b an Iful lawaga from Vr or India Vrrplanck. ?hown* ilat etan If n man bad a bad cha act*r h* If to b* lit id lnii'K-?nt on any ttlal a?a n?t blm uotil prora-l to b* guilty. qnotirg from WrUbt 24 Mr V. B c>nt'nu*d I l at* now >tat?d to yon my rlaw of tb* ho|* of tb* irld'iic*, aa far > I can ircol|?ct It and I ai uld b*g to caution yon against b*lng a?rri*d away by anything but by tb* nldme*. K*aj*int>*r tb* (act i n.n?t ha praaad tbat tb* d*f-ndant* bata *icit?d tnl* I r ot It i* | rot# J that O'Ponnail ba< no mannar of i e< nnrrtlon with It. tbongb ba wan pr?**nt. and

I'j?Oat* l? not *?*n cmin?ct*d with It to that *? t? 1.1 f<f h* r?tu?*J to h* pr***nt, laying b* wa? Ma d of a iliflliuity Tbongb b*tor* ha >i>li d to g->. *bd gar - tiekrt* to p*opi* t > go. y?t whan h* b?-a'd what wa< g' Ing < n b? ab?'ain*d from gola* I am aaar* that public rumor and talk in to tn*>*??t I at It ? ???**'aiy to scarlet a m?b >dy But If tbpublic proa?'?nlor wanld plac* nnd*r rharg* l."to*a atom I oonld raw a tha probability I* th?y null b* t< nod lniplira ?d in th* g?ilt ul wbiah ny client* ara laa<r*nt I traft ) n al l r ot ae* In |>ar * ei I >n I ib Tt?? of jiiibU? ciwu' t m l bat U)?t job IRK T RDAY, JANUARY 19, 181 will draw all jour ob-erratiou* from the fact* >?nl ttie indictment you ha?e to try I uaanot and will not b?lleve that the vague and general reference to la w and order In which tlr?y seek to lead you into a verdlo' against The evidence. will operate upon your mluds to withdraw j cur attention fr< m tha testimony I cannot believe that you will bring about ctich Injustice I oanaot for a moment belie*e that this eourt when I* consl ler? the baturr ol? this prosecution aiid the evidence brought to sustain it? presided over by oca who when tba Statu was threatened and property wan In daoger of oeutlsuatlon, did hi* support in behalf ot law and . nl. r that he will i t make the di ti<10tlon between the plea of law and order pretended to be put forth agklu>t my client* The danger in thl" cnoiitry Ik not frem a iaob It it not a permanent ln*iltutli>a I ?peak fr^m long and clc?e ob-ervatlon. It has been my duty and my desire to see a (Teat immb< r asrrmbte duiing the last tw-lve months. I have seen two great parties highly Infuriated against each other, bbil high excitement, In the open air. in the I ai !< whtre thou aiul* hare met tog. ther. and 1 agree ttat 1 have never been treated worse by a uiob U an I de-erved. and quite a* quietly a? by this committee if not more so. Tbe danger to our oointry is fn'in an>?:her quarter; it threat?u* froiu gtegati d wealth wraith without I lit. Ilia. ii.;e, patriot* irin and sj inpathy tor thoce ai uul mem, from the dogmas (f committees. *ori<-'iH>. and clique*. Tho-o are the men who till tbe lrgislativ-t court* a d the curia ol justice; th>y indict in. si ?h . ur.* am friendly to them: tbev ouni.-h thi-?e ivim ii*r.- r. o?t th?li ray of power It 1* from them th? n. if you differ iu opinion fr">m th?ui tne/ pat yon und^r 1He f??r of ihe tii? of the military but I trust th.?t t??iv? hi liyl:ten* d meu like }ou w ill do j u* ice We ehall hare uo ruM to be aUfatl-tOed if you il >oi J? ttioordiui; to ttiu evideuce If you do, you caunut ia\l to we that thin tut wai exeitt d not b> my clleir -. bat lint'. It ?pruni( out of a determined etlurt uad ?xi laordioary . -rtiou to krinx tb? military to bear. t el I to repute the judgment of the people, mid cram d wu the r tin. at* a British actor. i'hat w? the preouo d.fliCKlty, aud uo ingenuity eu th? other ?iile c*U oviitbiow this fact, i room to nay. upon thin tri 0, what I would not be ready toiraiutain at alt t<m?4 No prcfe^aicnal duty inductn ui? to Hpeak as I upea* uo patty >lewa dictate my opinion. I nop* you have bunnLtty. independence, courage, and h ue.-ty to ? j iuit tiitJe people. Mr. \ au o in i n then eat down, whereupon a j;eneral buri-t "f applause br"ie forth from the crowded auditncu pit . ut, which hii Honor the Judge. wh'M impartiality. justice and tiriune-s. ban b-eo manifest throughout tlie arJuouj case, quickly and decidedly airented. I lie court took ft r??ei<N for an hour On rea?iierablirg. the counsel tor the pro ecutiou. in cemuienniug bit r umuiirx up. referred to the epeech ot Mr. u.i bin hi wblett. be eaid. waa tilled with eeutioents wtiicfi ntrtvr bad lodfd in thn geutlenjau'f tir>-a?t previous to bi? depailure troin this country to Kurope. If. bad returned from Rrauee, instead of Kugii ud, ' weuId have thought be came iiilluencad with the epirit of the red republic. When he went to Knrfl?i;d. was It with the masses of tbe people- the trod deu down wai>v of the p ople we tied Liiu a*-ocia V.. li Iil.ik. ..I ,...,? J wbuii lie now bate* Ami when the lion reu gentlen an from wbona loin? he apruwg anceudtd the kindly cl.ulr of tbli couutry. lie re ninej Kurope, auJ do wtb?n find Mm ??> oUtlng with the trjlu down ui\m. ** of the people ' No We find Mm ??e>u witu th< itotioracy? with the h\J.?Vjra n<>b.ei< <>l ..urope mil lmUiuu in the ilk nut- with ihfl <ju?.u ot Koglaod her?eif (Laughter ) Hf return* from ihe *unot r?oj wao had |i??d him i?ucb * gl>ulou* au 1 honplteble ruoeptiou oho bad ctcfetred up>? him the titlo of ' like*.'' (Laugbtrr.) L)oe? u beu >aie a l'rlace ? though fallra- ou bl? return to th n< -n of ht? own c< untry, thui to rou Uoan the uituwwt) who bad r?ccif< U biui with vuch nobis hi rpltalt1 y ' Wli?n he return*here he <Jo?. n<t jCin tin* atl-tocraay. b. j .tu* ti>c tew fartjr tux trio ??il party, (U'i*lit?ri atil tbi i i.h be njfhu had mur t*en treated by a'i a*Micblage ot people any wort* than h- d^aerred, h? tiaa take u goou care that all Ibe-e crowds which ba tin addr< rrril Lait b*in uorib ot Ma?on aui UIiud'i lln? He (couoatl) thought. h<w?ver, that II lrairtd gentleman vnr? to go to Uoutb Car)lloa, cr any other (>f the S> u li-ru S atr?, aol thrre edl-et ucli i-iowod, and attempt to pre?<'b t > th> ui ilia lame doeltlotk. ba very much teared tbat he ?uuM ray he got i|uitr a* muoh ?< he deterred. lint Mm learned g. Ltieiaan ha? joined an>tbar parly-he bai joined, laat, i.oi it aft, tue KyLder? paity and all n>.uua<-l bad to tell biin wan, to bars a cara the docirlun of that party ware daiigeroui Counsel tb<-u Mated th* Datura of tba charge aod would a>t what a-e th cin<eijUfEcea Involved la the conviction ot the defruente' It U not death; It U not .Nuti prl" n, 11 u oaa whiah la?t4<? a anil ffsa or elth?r. Ha did not run?td?r It aouad laglo that b< eau-a t*i? jury had acquitted the other delendan'x. they w?r? theiefure to aojUil ttaae other tao II tliat wa- aound log a the grbileniau uiu*t bate learned it at tba ' o jrt of it. J am el and notiu Auirioa it-uo-l then read >h*'U D ol rl't M laid down by RmMI to inaka a man a | aity to not be uiu>t be aiding, abetting and rtedy 11 cailed upou toaet. ha had kuown ca-e. wli-ra tba jury had breu ovaiaaad by tuibuUnt xpr?f ilona, j lift turb an tbey bad heard at the c?u< la-Ion of the leai hi d k> ? ?p?eob; but tbete are i ml tha cui-a where turbulent ripr?>-?in? are uiaalfa?ied by the fileLdt of tbe party ?li<> gitber around hiui, the |f?i ned g* uti* u an tell? thein ibat tba Wood-i wr? diWenfroui the (lage-that Anlrr-on another hug)t bman, wa* dilteu from tbe atage and therefore Mr. .Va r. a iy rbould bo drlran from tb? ?ug<i. When Atderrou ?ii driTi'U from tbe Magi- a ?l dailoa of tUe law bad b?'B ruBimlUtJ; *b?o the Wood* * [ drlfed from tba bt?i(t an outrage ? < committed, and though be t*? allud- d to a g*ul.etnas who ?t? luetrum> aial to getting ii| ibat eiailen.>-iit, and wb > ban now 1/1 ne to *>urtiia ai a u>it>l?ler of tliH cun'ry, (en appoiutmi Dt which di?i u t mu'h i e ?> * tu N?tltd gi-ntUutan) It hi* ?ai guilty of that txrlt-Hirst. couneel ?<uld **y be, t <o. cujht 10 bate t>??n indlc'ed. Tb? pro??-cu ;>t? did n<>t maud ttere ? the apoli \;i?t? if but ut if rnru -el >lr fell, 11 Mr. tinnnell, < r an; < :b r gentleman; il a un el f r tte di'trbre *, ulJ fh iw Ihnu tba' they otijht to be indicted lh*y woi.ij II ud tka' the >i< < r of ttie IHetrict Attorney will not cloud a?alo t ihna With reference to tliw ?tatenn-nt 11>at < apt. It)nd?rn admoa'ed rrare at the I OK tl ? pjmpithl-liiK ni?etlng la the Ik. a* It wa? oh led?that ?a< oft< n a p liey wnlcli ?h aU''jiteil by ?ueh i**ij uud?r i-iiullar cireuinitaocec. JutiM'ti publl-hed an artlre in bin paper, a droaa'.tog [ Pace the B'gbt before the riot of wtileh he ?4< found gnllty??o Vr lljo'ier* wa* prrtrnt when tbe reaolu111 ije ebirh hat* br. u put lo r?ld-or? l>y tbe defence, Wi re adoptad in tbe I'ai * OLe < f which nailed up >n the iiaad Jurytoladlot tbe Vayor and the military for the live* ttej bad aort6e?d. It had bem >tai< d that Mr Maareatfy bad given offence to Vlr Kufte-t; but be would a*li tb*- jury *t? there a -lugle tpre*?l n lu hie aadte?? to the audience at I tilla lelpbla. wnlch tak?a trvin Mr .Vacieady'e cbara 'ter at a man and a ifutlei .an f lla* there been any by iir ! t rr>-.t a rain-t Mr. Macteiil) ? Tbe doctilne of tba learned gentl' nan la, ttat If a man neete y< a In tba (treet with a bat w >re? tl.en )uur oan, he ran take your* off yrnir n ad an i give jouble- If jou bata pro|?r?y that h? alfhe? fur, ha nay taka It if beta not Htwled with bl? own If he I* not i li a?*d with hi* can wile, that be m?j go Into k ...i a.a. .... ... . t ...... .l... .i t.r. >1. (r. at'1*!) w> uId eay tbat Mr K irreat, by hucnlmt lr ih>? tran-aeMr n bad brought h'in*r f ?>:.? h 'hat <bararter whlrb In thai* mi of htghb>ru >iu-r1an cltlt?W?? thai ihey hear nvmaliea a*j man "ho im k* Tb<?? abort* either a < a rafugaw ir o>* ml*, or on the mla-ion of enterp rtaa Mr > ur'tlf t< min who for lw? nt j year* ha) been known to mi* r <ant.ry, ?nd alMted It pretlou* to ra'lrtnif fr?m the ha Intended to ret'tu to KuRland. not t'< rcmvm tbera, tut to eom* to America to upend tha r mainderof bl? 111* h?>". bretux ha did not Ilk* tha aountry Id aliMl) ><* ?m bi rn, he li>Ddtd to make hla rhlldr- n altU*na ?.f eur IrraHta'e and that bl< bone? ahnuid r* t not with tlioaa of hla lo'elfcthera but on tba ah tai of Anj?> rlca which ha had InTnl l'(iuM>l then t"l?t>d to a ;ampH?t which had been pnbllth*d up"0 th< M*ai?a ly and I ofinl ei otri'trrn; It It tbera r(i'?l tbat ?oma f frit l"irr?'?t a frl > >t< railed on him to nif-r ih-lr op po-lllon to Mr Marready. What *a< Mr Karraat'a rapljr ? 'L?t Iba *up*-raoDuatad drl?e|l*r alona , lo oppo?a htm would b- lo maka him i f Imp'V-iana* " I Mitiaal. in aa American. proud of h.? ln-th pUc*. w 11 id go hla country, rltbt or wrong," bu" It would k? wh?n hi* arnatry waa nppoaad by *oy atbar wioa, at.'l ant in a quarrel amon#?t individual* (Tba f'ourt bat# remarked tbat a- can*<l hid a ?d tha axptaralon trada l.y < n? of thajarore, ?h-n h- waa axauiim J aa to hl? competency ti< try tht- < **?. it waa bat right to mantlnn that the juror had wl?ti*d f r aa npportualiy of explaining tbat ?ipre?loii and the P int thought Ihl* the m?*t lifting tilD* to do an 1 ha Juror wlalira it to lia under*'- *>l tbat he meant It only aa <<t>a sat Ion aj*ln?t anether | (.< wnral wa< very (lad he had > (Tared tba opportunity for tha ?\plat at??>a and ha "* aor* <b?t tin' aa* >ir. liarr?ao>'? avlr?M to th* m^kntn tn*t)p?ra t> utMl ark*d II tLrm a rd ?b>>at ?<r. Kafwil ih?r?? I* th>r* in hi* eorr*i*poi.d*tia* in tb* p?m pl>l*t ?n nt4?ilUmiiil; *1 ra*?l??*i or anjlhiag 11 ' o til l p'?- (!?ne? t > *1r tin ?t or Ik ln*n-l? ' M? <?!< -ey ot I h*j tail I) In ??ldt?"? that ? f, hrifft | ia>ad at* i?*al ip'-atr*, ih* ?*r.' ?ama I >fct, 1I t.ty nmr oharaM^r that Yr. Macr>*dy ?a? tml<>i tmiif at lk? Op?ra Ho??* If Vlr Mhm?'ii tn?nd? did not ilk* Mr Marr-ady. *hj did th*y ?<! go to ?npt?rt Mr Forr?*t Id '? * ! "f aft?n1ln< at II * p. ra ta ><! ? d> ?n hla rltal* It not a<t"at*hiai; Uattkl'^ro M?r of tba law Vr lljnd?r? on tha ra ty blgl.ttlat hi* ftlaud jlajrd at tit* Broadway h*a tr* b< aid ha?* g> n* to ?** Mr ( a*r*ady aad hiti e? a r?ltt*d an a??antt and batt*ry tb*r* - com >tralght <i? ?n to tba fcroadaay attar tb* p*rfaraiauea at tb* li)i>ra fl<u-*bad h>?It m>|-*tidrd- abd ma la u?? af th* tspr**? on a la<a put ball to Macraady ha *'>t ?oi'h a ran*pti< n an ha n*?*r had b-lota'"' I d< <1 t know ?b*ra ha Onltb*<l tha night aflarvarda *h*t* t* ?npp*d wta'har ha alrpt In l ark R > or In a Notbiaa ran|? totia mll*? up lb* rl?*r I'nara ara trai* aflatorrata In *m?rla a? t?ll ?< In F.agland * h?-t* do th?y find .vr > trraat t.ff?r1ng t? play f.?r tba fi ad < r tba ati*r y*ar? >! la* po-'t ant-ra. who a*? >t biai la hi* |r?.f?-?lon' If ih*y r? far to tha p?r >.riaakr??foy tb* h*i *flt of tha ,*ia?rlraa I'rama'lfl Knnd ' h< j a III ant Nad hint th*r* w h*n ha ?a? flr.t app tad I' ' pay b? t*? po?r In allnrdona hoar aad a half ifll- tlnif and a?*ti ha haeaoif ?>althy ha waa too pr< i d to do an 1 hla I* Ih# n an ably r*pr? *nt?-d by lh?' l ilt.**", ift thl? ea*a (I atight*r ) f>una*i ka*? him ah?a ha ?a* a b-.y, ha kna? him wbaa h* p ay ! ai> hun.tii* | art In tha "I'ljlni llutrhmaa " at tba oaary th?a<r*, an<l ?h*n h* did nat aalk tba *tr**t? ?|lj'?g a whit* han lk*r*hl?f to hi* an** (l.augh t*i ) I hay vara aniln?? to And oat what i ap'atn K>><dara wa? rapiain of, Ml U?y bad ?Ueit*4 I E R A >0. tint bn wan captain of a floop. Counael then read the caid which *a? addieiiied Co Mr Maoready: th"/ < )Ier?d to kua'aiu Hen V ??, the K?^l auw tui 1ot? of order ct tbe cltl?en? will xuiiato bitn, and the good penet* if the military?not a( the hireling* of a nmnaroh era prince, men wba. an high and native liorn citizen* of A tnerlea?kto^d by the *id? of order, lie tbrn referree! to the individuate ?hw? namei were attached la tl>e card - their utation; their lore of liberty aiid attai tmr ot to their country-am?ng?t them war Ambrose L Jordan, the Attorney Oenerai. and VVaflm: t. u i. no. whom )t wax NMD t<< name. hw character la the pri'ffrtf of the world. Has & < ever joined the aiietocracy at bovae or abroad T Haa be not carried omiort and on?< lation to every hearth in Kutope, by hit writings? He aonld not gn through the jifi nut woiuu glee anouier?u?eiu wrauina, Droumr of ene of the gentlemen who defend tbo pri?ouer? - la?}<r who h*.? jHht com|letrd an able work ou the cTlnlunl code ?.f thi.< country. I'ouuiml haying appi|? d Liil i 11 to the e vide ace. and argued at ooomJ.iiiible la nglh upon the l*t?. ami tk? ruin. tinn th? defendant* with thai offeace with whloh tli- y urr charged, 0 included by remarking, that tbe ?rj tnu? when >lr. Macready was co iahoFpitahly recelred liere,MI*M ' u?tiinan wai reaping ill ! "? k'? ' ft,e rich o<i I ittierul reward of bar moat. ?pleudi<l taieuta liie l-a.ui'J jhh tl.- man for the defence had tpukrn of tyranny vvfi?re i? the tyrumy equal to the ty ranny of h mob ? Wllarw l? th? tyranny e.jiial t? t he tyranny of tt>e leader of u U!t*h w'.n U lli t courage to rtkiid hy them ikm tb*y are ci tnaiittlng the arts to whirh he ?et them on ! 1 pen that occaaion. the ?tr<i>g arm of tk? It* t -ll fceatj upon the inuoceut and the guilty alike and all mmi look back to It with re(,ret.; but whether til* autbiiritiin right or wroi-g. tiiey ?er- nut to try. A ai appeal nif mailt tniL? public. and they euMtai a?d them. Tim Coroner'" Jury tUo euetauid them Ha tti ret'.re bopt il that tb? ju-y would i e the ta^e that eaim noniiidvraiion which tu importance r-.julred. ami t^a! rhey would render a lerdict wlj'th would elevate the law and the countiy walcia they ail gloried la. Tin- lhuv)t' Cut. ? nutl Drury ?lu .Nmuuel Drury, Jr., were brought Up to plead. Mr. < lark, on hebitlf of the princcer*. raid that the Court ?u aware that indictment* had bees found against both the defendant* tor attempt to murder, and ui they were entitled t? separate trial*, he wl?he.l to Mhk ti e biftrlct Attorney which of them he intend* to put i n trial liret. 1 ) e i>i?tnct Attorney I cannot, as yet. ?ay wbioh of ll em I will he pii pareA to try tirnt. 1 he Judge ? We oai:not compel tha District Mtorr. y toi-tate wLioh of thrm h? intend* to put upon trial firat I he Lilhtrlflt Attorney?it i? a matter of iudifferenca tw ine wbich ol tbt in I try Iir?t; but n'. the sauie time. I mutt my I linve net ?n yet Huflijirut knowledge of tin* teetluiony to ?ay wbicb I will put on trial ttr?t nod If I waa in h poiitlou to be bl?, it would not bu couducive to thr end* of juttiae to elate it now 'I li? Court? Then. u? it I* a mutter of ItidHTerance to tbi' Diatrlct Attorney. we will aat down the trial or the alder l>iuty for naxt Monday week and the jour.,; Lirury tor the following Jav Mr. < lark tiuu applied to the Court to cia>p?l Tho. man H'aunr. ( tit-t-ytd Tbompeon. aud U111 Oariingtou to tc reo' imiaed to appear aa vituniM, I'he examination U loir the magistrate thowtd that tbe partial hi i? iiu|k'<ithi t wiibt-orfk in iba cant, tad Im uypli.-il to the ii*>;ii-t rate to <?<>ujprI tbtui to enter into b n Is at wituemea toappiar. 1 lie majiatrate. undertb* advlou ol tl.e liistriut Atlorwy, dtcllntd this upplioail n 1 lie l>i'tr'et Attorney atated tliat n i act tad been iloke by liiui except by ibo c< ncuirenc* of Mr. Uavid (J-abam iepi? n hlti k the \tt< roey < eneril I t.e Court r? warkt d i hat tliey bad doubt* whether tl.i > lia 1 th? pow? r. 11 ?a? the duty of t tie nivgiatrata to liaie bound oter the.ia paitira i'be i ourt eftonId like to b*-ar what the District Attorney bad to aay iu tbe n.attt r. I hv Uihttict Attrrney aaid that h<? aiaoela'e and btiMallbad after oin^ul ation aavi?>d uaatated. Tlia Court rculu not Km * a- much ot ltii> ca?e aa theuou tied lor the pr(?ei'ut|nii. (iiurt-We do not) The Cowt cannot tatbon the niitlres ot th*** it-t.olanu to it tkii'tt thin movement. due of there partiea ia in itie oily to tar a* the proaecution la a ?*re lie (the uifttlrt Attorney) can ? > II itfagine the aiMiety of l?rary t? incalceiat" au< th?r of tlie partiea. I! ha failed to bud neurity 'i'be District Attorney ktiowa lull well ti e craltli i-a, the taot, the audacity, the unr-urupuI' liti' M of Drury. ai d the DWtrict Attrroey di I not ahilbK if.iu takiiK hta rbare cf tbe reaponailulity of not c< irplyli.g will hi* rrijueat. Tbe Court laid tiny would lay tb? matter or;r till tc~n orro? mi mu g at 10 o'clock. Mr. tlrk inula torn* otoawreatlon aboat ptirtta <m vitrei acting on tba retainer of prirato laditlduala la ca?a '1 ha Diatrlct Attorney aald It waa due to hi* annotate, Mr tiraham to atate that ha waanot prlra'e countel. he waa an much tha r?preaentatt?e of tba Ntata aa himself he waa retained by tba State, and not by any private Individual. Mr < laik did not u^an to Inatnuata that Mr. (>rati a ma eontieclim with tl.e pro<eeutinn ?aa In any other way tl an that >tated by the i)i?tnct vttorney. N?w tau iMroaiaM Kaaia Coa< aaaito Tin Ttaaatv 1 Mi ai.aa ? AaaoaL Oi L)a MaaHaa'a 8-ii. k* ?It will b? reini tnbered ttat OuiIdk the excitement a'tendant 1 U| < u the arreat ot frofWaMir W ebster and the aubaayuent axantlaatlon cf lila prira'a de-k? at hU reatdenea , in < afebrldfe. It *a< ata'ed that two aot>a la Dr Parkloan > hai.d a ll'iiiK had beta dlacorered Oae of th?aa | not> a waa fjr $2,400 and. It ia aald. b<ira on Ita back eo Oi ra? nenta aufli-rlent to eo?ar Ita faja. Tha other waa ' a n- te tor >4*7. whirb the frofeaaor alleged to haaa j paid tbe iJoctor, and took tha nota It'elf. laatead of a written receipt, in acknowledgment that tba obli|(atloa waa earrellad When tba Jtaooeery ol thaae ootei waa , Dr>l n>a(le public It waa thought by at'Oie that th?y , (i trued aaoth* r link in tbe learful chain of erlden-a wbich eaconipa?a?d tha rrofea?nr; but, upon ealm I c i iOiiaioti tbia aupporitlon waa repudiat-1 by ?._ _v_i_ i_ a, .ii. i in il ? conviction that thiaa antra, lo?ta?d of landing lurtbar to nluitiikli tba Profaaaor. wnuld naturally aiva t? ?ion> rata bioi, lu a maaaurr, trim tha cbar^a I i mi II' J UN <J- f 1. 11 lia 'li4 K at all. Item |?ruiii*ry toualdi ration*. Wv lum juat learn*! from a K ificr on *Mrh wa pl?o? s!t cradanna. that all ttii' eliduMttancaa ^Handing th* dimnrary i f thai* uotaa bat*-not )at baar tin da public; artil that tbalr trua l.l-t?ry Involve* tha wbtda dreadful ; affair In a daa-prr iliadi if mjiUrr. It tbat ?b<n tb* <lticf-r? ililtril tba houaa of Pro- j faaacir Wik'tcr. fir tl.a purptaa of < a -n1 n 1 n ; Ha papvra a rrrtalo daak wan thoroughly otar1 anlrd ?t?rjr pap'r *a> ipnal opan and tnlnutaly *< i utlnnad b) a gantiamau parfartly familiar with Dr. * band arltli u, nt a wi.rd waa dt*?in??rid tin t? ri i f t nifinl.lini'a to tba I). i-Mr I ntann arrlpt Thay than rai?ni|nlaha4 Iba aaarrh and cama to tl.a ronclu-loti tbat If I r l W'rbatar had an* pa para In th? |.atid? rltloK <f I ?r I'arktnait. I b- ? vara oartalnly ai t In 'hut d< * Tbay than laft tba li"ui? n Ur?lj i a'l?B? d ib?t It u?ala*? to pro*??nia tbair In*" tlf all' n f< r tbat (pad*- of a?l laua- a?*luat tba I'tofra*- r any t.ribt-r In that dlnetloa. 1 ba n?it da/ tfcaj liriM Mm I n a Inillar ?rraod anl aft>r >?aa>ltilt|f tbrr irtiptatWlor pi|i*riaiil lattara. Ill nut ai.y ancaaaaful raault. tha u?ntl? maa wba > < ?i|n tad to facptilM tba handwrl;t?K of tha I font or n r*"?'d 'ba |.r< ptlaty f t afatn rtinltltif Iht Ink at. nil bad baaa lb-pactrd tba day pravl iu>ly. tltb ni<b n baldatad by tba otbrr* a lutlla ui J'l'aOi^ )rt tba/ e< t >?n tad- Iba d'rk a a' ; ojani-d and tbara. nDnipt etiou* antor j| all tba oth.r papara, vara tba two in'M kbotr mattionad. In tha unmi?takab!a handwriting of ( r larkBiac ' How tbay o*t?? tbara no ana baa asptais*d, and tba mora a* t?3-rt on tha aubjact. tba iaaa ran ar r?pr??? tha inoat painful lurtnlaaa Tbay in oat htia ba*n plaard tiara hy I'fl j-arann who praautuad tbat tbat dub. bavin* liaau on?a an complattly aiairlnad would ant I-a l.mkad Into a/a> a A rtalrniabt baa l?<an ai ad a |g intra of tba pnhllo ii ia I) tba ilMtlkd Mn Parkaian thawifa.ftn* labii r>l> d Ixilflf, ba) irmilntitll} flMtad thafatnlly of tba rrofaorr ainaa hi* Iararr?ration, and tbat that umfi rtnnata lad) wa? (till in trlandl* and Intlmata tai nt a with Via H i batar How far lb- *itataoo* of frtai dly (ai llf ga may ba rnnrarnad wa ktft n 't, bat wa lao authority fff a'atlrf i??ltlraly. Mat Mra. Plikn an ha* not only |i>t *l*ltad frnfaa*?,r Wabatar fan tly alar* tha dtaadlul a?a?t, but ha* fcapt haraalf M i ' ??il tn bar own raaidanra.and baa not a**n ai-lt'd tba cian.l ar* rf bar own itilrkan f*tnlly >.t* Tarkiran waalaolaarn, will not ba rallad ap"n to taatlfy In tba raaa Tba avldanra ralatlaa to tba rrlrata n arka about tba paraon at tba Lb rtor. by whlnb hi* Nxiy wa* ld<utlCad la It* nian(|ad atata naa l>a aa t l>fai totlly (i**-n by tba phialflan of tha faailly aad tba* Vr* I" will ba fraad fun tha a^nnliitnc p wl'i in to wbtrh aba wi uld ba vnbjaet. If tba (naa hatavl lairt b?fir? tha ic*r* i f tha pubi c. * ?? l>itii ai, a. it of tba fifv-t r who h?? haan * >? tlma In l.urc iaarbtd N?? \ n?k la tb? r'< *11 ?hlp anada and I* ftpreM Iv trtlit b?T? to day ? lintfnn ll-rnlti Jam. IT. Tb? Hr?t<n I'mti *my - Tba p?p*r< itorlni lb? rut ? i *k I a?* !)' ! b??n yrry pr>HI1a la MN rn?or? ah Ml 1)? V tba'ar, and hl? r??* Only two baaa b??o rall'd *? ' or nntlr* ?l? That Of H'tUf?rhal *| plt-d tat I'fliam !< piMrtt him during th? nl?ht fr >10 ao < jai r? It) o???. r pilwiiiift ah" had hMn In th? htMt f tfiMiltii.4 < trrlaa alniot tba tnuidar of lir. It ?a> fiirthar atatad that a va'eh ?? ??t ti|< I nt tbry h> ard n? r urh rotrrl?? yat tba dna or In Hi nntlM toadr lh? rata* e ifnplalnt a* baf>r*. 1'bla ar at* au'hori??d to ata'a la utlarly untm? fri tn It* lilnt It f to nd Th* oth?r *bol??*la falra at*tami-*t la 'bat tba < flloara la |o? king f?r ?ltnaa??a hatafntiad a riKatn *ho c it>)>d l>r V*?k-l't from M* <>? at i ?n>n ldi? to i h? M?dirtl I oil??a batata l"#nd II o'elocb ? *> Ik* night af tb* day on ata'eh Ut Parkaiaa di?at |>*at>4 and that ha al#o drora Or. W*b?iaf b4ck to < ?n bridga tha n?*t morning TM llotala. iam*itta aao orr?*tt ??a. Hon Jnb?i Rradi*y. C. W. Hail .?all, A. B. RtaMa, I D I oo|?r J . Pranrb rbtladalpblft; R Ha*|. Wvkli|lN; W \ Many. Albany; Oaa. A . !>? tarn. Ttny, Mr Jba<1?T HaKlante A?a art and lad*. 1*1 I'ftl* Ml?? fckar I.<*4(1?; M L < ?bb. Ring Sin(, lion f hi I ? hit*. Wl?ao??|n; J. H. Hinpkttyt. Albany A H l.allln H?rbtm?r, M lMrbln?n?. >a? Jar??y; H Mnr-dy, Na? York; Jnaaph Kinnaaan Ma ; H T i hapin U.??ra, J R Uaa Hiftln.W.T Marah \al? l oll?ga, R. II. Wllltaai*. Vl'tt noaaty; T R. Harrow, N?? Votb. K. h?auftand. Naw laraay^ Mr lUUi I)? U. A , ? ? IMJ, ? ho< fcn?r, I . B. A , W?t? ?mo?? th? tt It tin* ? *, T?tt?td?y. 1 k# <wt 1* mI4 to h? Htlwi iMkM **f * fr?4? L J>. TWO CENTS. ADDITIONAL FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. Highly Interesting Intelligence. [from the l)o*ton Journal, Jan 17 ] The brig September. * apt Niekerann. arrived at thl# port yesterday afternoon, from I'ruxtUo. whloh port ?b? left on the 18th December Wf ar?* informed by Capt. Mrkfr/x n that the reitnre of TruxlUo and other porta on the eoai-t. by the lirituh I'joadron, had created nuotk racltemtnt in iiondwraa. It appear* that the comiDtoder of the UritWh ron betoie making hi* demand upon the Kovwru-nmt o! Hoodura* for the payment of the rlalun of tli . ilri? tith object-. took mea?ureii to ascertain the ?'n unt ot tveiy elHlm wh'.eli could he trumped up araiun'. the government. end Mlceeeded In *weiling the huiu to jil 11 Otil ejeluf Ire of the proportion of the foreign d?btj ot < ?-ntr?l \merle* for which the State of Honduras i? te*T oneiHe to till j, mount Of about $315.71# A portion ot tht>? fliiiBo- were uueouhtt d\y well founded, but the greater part were b*i? d a 11>?- moit frivolous ground*. I aptaiu ISolloth, ot H. M S riumner. f>r>u.?lly pmfi (t<"l kin rlkiun to the oiuon uotnte ut Prmlllo, ai d a* >t' of cum* ao tletpHfl failing i? reiviviog MltKfaoUOD. toe* pOiNllluil "I tae to?n and fort. Ttu? InhaM'autK. by ureal exertion" ?oei>?a-'d in raipiug ti e >00 ft >?hii5ti they Ua t're i to Captain N'olli tb. who a? ce;11e j it tov<\rdit the i ijii.4?tlon of the deb! nod left t r Jauixk'a \ prorl??natiop wa' ?uh#ei/UenHy i'fU-'d, d'ularinfj the ?t< te ooaft In a #t*re ot blockude. a:. J warulug nil Ten-eln 10 l>ave 'be < on?t. The re appearance of the llritieh .juadron t? enforce tb? blockade, wa? expected when ' ap'fciii MokerHon left I iie iub?bit ibtp <>f TruxlUo entertained the most abjeot fear of the Riltiah Captain Niekereon i-Uteii tl Ht on bin arrival out, liiawir>K a lew Koraau e?adle? <<a b b.a he tired tboui off wl.t-n a larg* portion of the inhabitant!. tliinkiog another Etglilk Tl Ml In. 1 ?a>?. N?d to the mountaicr in peifect <ii may. the so' li.-r- nt the ti rt PninK out th*f thu(li<h were firin* bvnbihella lit them The next morning tha terril-d crouture? came back Into the to* n. brining thur pac*? no tbclr back*. c ntaioing ruch tilings ii th-y hi.i ga'hend up in :b?ir flight. < apt XJckrrr< n *.*'*> that the Rrltifh remained in pcrreiotion of T'gre Inland nn the .'JOth Not-ejbar aim bad trrtl*?<1 the place Tbe inhabitant* i f HotiiluriM Implicitly relied tip^a the I clttd fot protection a?'ainn UrtUii */Bremen and the heling lu favor of Vtn?r cans amounted to 'BlIiu-iariD K?en anuuxitlion wax talked of and the utn.ort anxiety wa< expiated lent tha I'nit> d State* g< > riiiiieut thculd eni-rCalti ill feting* afatni-ttba Mali- tor bjuijialLUlug wltU Mexico in ttia late war. Tb? ( > n.tnand?iit? a'. Tnixillo had issued a pr^claniation protecting avaioft the uu'.rage* of tha British, which conclude* a* lullnri ? lloNtrr.Mft*!? Notwithstanding oi.r wxnt of rafi iiiop to lealrt ad>aritn^roui ly iu defvnca o( tb? ii!t?pti'y of cur county aid the dignity of i ur yovtrnu ent, we ought not to ?ubmlt to tha I uiguM trea'mebt with ?bic>? we arc oppre?<ed, f iic? tbii Hag nf .stara" will wave In our *ea? t > aid u- to ?iiidic*te cur fights nod prot?*ot un from n?w Intvitf. \ et that tl *? ic radiant with glory and hi taiua.t I \ an iiun el ?e power, iu all bind i f ways will b* t.iat which by \irtueof aoiemu compromise* will gira ua tbe MCUilty which we ao?r want and wbich it ha> r< u ly lemNrxi to uv Kith it, tha Ideutltyof ur < principle*, ltd tbi> b-inir the children of tbe sauia continent, unite ua. I at u?, then, con'ide in ila r<**o.ire*?, aid in tha tiee which utile < ur interest*. Long li*a I | ubtican K' r? reined s .' Ion,; lire th? enliglr "U -d Ot roiidaute ul tbe iainicr'al W a*>hin,'?on' t.eLcjul mibistry of the government of iinndura*. J M \ HI \ MKM'AU.l. The American Charge. Mr. Sijuler, was daily expecix'at Tmxi'ln. and great reeu'* w> ro ex ,.ea'e l Ironi 11? Inti iTt i.lion t'aptala Vck?r?o!> bring* darpatchre lroin Mr feqiiier for our governoient. Tlitalrlral una Itiiolonl. Vowrai Tm xm*. It la nenllen to r?f. r stirr ta.lara V" e rniiracirr am iuci<i< n'l ol Hiat t>?atitlf il ?i>rk < f .Mriiudrr I>utr ? which ha* r< o?n'ly l??n dramvtiied atid j ut on lb* of the ilowkry Tl.aa;r?. Th?re i* not on? lo a thousand who h*? not r-?1 'hat thrilling!? Interesting work. It liu been put upon the atage In a manner highly creditable t? tb? mtrrflUlrx ,BtMg?r and mch a? *? bar* do dmbt waulrt plta'e the author, Krery ehara 't> r In the well concocted ill a ma If talth'ully reprmented and n-> un to hate b'l-o 'ttlttxd to n ake It ax *uccee? a.< the managera could ?l>h The aivuery it n<>? aal btautiful the acting l? capital. nndtba appla ri? wllh which It I* lightly received la of the m ?t an* lulrieal character. It will b? repeated to n'i;ht; "nd th? <v>in? d> of " Natal Kr>gag?rueat?" will t >rm the nft-rplece It are oi tBjU'li ciWtaken, tb? " Wandnrln^ Jaw'' wiil hare a tre?end?ar run. Bt rroM'i Thmtii?Ve?t?riay averting. being tha benefit of Mr* Ru*pell. thin popular eatabll 'intent wan filled to It* ulnioat aaperity with a brilliant an 1 laabtonahU audi'nee who bare thereby full/ atteited th?lr approbation audjtm appreciation of the talented Serltana of thla favorlta nctre** She ? received la manner which mu-t hare proved highly *r?U'yln.?. Tha antertamnieDte ealectei f'>r tb? o-.ta?ion ooiammred with the capital com> dy of the P?*tlone fatally," which baa evaiy appenratjr? of mcreaonit lnt>?l of decr?a?i>i|f. in pam lavor v,. ?-r? Inlaa and brongh?n> wete a* aucce-*ful at tier The a:uu<*irente concluded with I olaan'a choireat eotnadr entitled ' Moral Law," which wa? perforated wltf inu-ti talent and wltne?ed aoitd?t tumultu >u? appUu??. T< -night. the laughable tarce of ' My Wlfe'a Se<n>nd Moor." the popalar comedy of tha iari^ut Kajjlly,'' and tbe farce of " Laughing Hyei a " Cmnraav'a National. Tiinnt-We bar* nothing Bev to mention concerning thla theatre. The new otinrr^ur. idhiiiii m? itiihip imam or 1 ii i in WMtfrful I amp," and th? Kvmala Korty Thlara# " w#et with * much mec#*# m ?T#r. attract aa Ury* audi* t>c># a* n?r and of court#, All th# colT-ro of tin Natlmalft* much I* ?<?r Moth of th*?# pUn?< hav# b??n r> roarhably #ucre?fal They will he p*rtori?e<l a#aln tbla evening. wlilch will be tbe forty ?l<uth raI r> ii*a'l"n |rr lb* fr?i nai'i'i) W# pwrcatva that a<1tfltl< no?ei<i?? ai- In pr*i>ara'loa f >r thH p:a<?? of #iuu##d en*. aa<l that on Monday ???nlng, th# drataa ft tha * Peopl#'* C.awywr" will be added to II* attrajti('M. Mm On?fic Tn??-taa.?\otwUb?taadlo< tha |DrUnirDi-y of the weather y#at*rday trnlua thla lavonta te#i rt wan uncoaiinoaly well atien lei with a ft?U< ?aW? audi.-nc# Tl # entertainm* lit* c .nrn?n<-e<l with th# p#ttta comedy of \Vho Speak# Flrat?" which pa# ?d ' If admirably wall It wan follow# I by tha nomia op#ia >t' Jthntf rati#." In which Mr Mitchell ?pp#ar> d aa I'nlrl^n ? It# to th# pleasure an t i(tl<f??tlN of all pr#>#?.t V|.? Mary Taylor delivered h#r Hrtal #o?.?? # me of which ??r? rapturously ao'ed ?ith Biiich t##te and lrtil>rn>n rt ri|>r>#>|on fh* ln*<#Biei.ta e< o< li ??d ?It h th# c?l?bratej " Tableaui nf tha 'I >ro| ai d tf.a of tha ? r"?a Prince. or tha of brilliant* " which w?r# umiiM with tal?at ltd Miec>??. ?l?cit'r< feat applause. To night. tha dtania of ' Time Trl#a All," the burletta of leauy l.lod." lb* e11rata*at na of th# Savage and lb# Mallien and th# l>>rai >k?tch of ' fr rank vlcl lin " ffi n|"ft t? ### another crowded ho?a?, lr?tm (>#?#?,?In rplt# of tbe unfavorable ?!? # of *ha w?a'h#r tha A#tor Din Opera ll?tt-e fiw??l?l |a?t #tetl?| a mm! beautiful *t|ht. Kv#ry departwent of tht* fi?h|onabl# h 'U?e #a- tilled and the b '?## wera adorn- d with th# fttr katnii^i la their rleheat a'tlra. And well wer# all r#palt. ' I.ncretta 'wa? performed la a capital aianner Nlgaorloa 1'rafD aanj ha* rolr adailrahl) , Clci"ra K->##l i or#l waa perftMt to l??r art abd^entvealano ww what he la aJwava-a t>o??rfal and ethodir ?lnj#r. But tha h'iaor? of |he atgbl ar# due to Htgoor bortl who read*red the dim-lit t?ar% of < >#t.naro In a iaataer nee.r h#ar 1 In New f#r?. Hi# ?al?t# #o pnra, re?ouod#d to th# h#art of all ?ha <iI>ii?in who #atb?e|aatlcaliy appland#d bl# tinging II# aad 8'cnr rlna Troth wer* reeailel ater everv a? Aa ft whole the |.#rt' rman e wa# on# of ih# b?#t at ita Mac n Oft Monday #venlng will h*- repeated Verdi'# "Krnaftl," with Mgarlna rrnfll, and ?l*n * ''"J*'. B#n#v#atano and Novelll In the prlaaipai part#. Tk# kon#a will be ||||#<|. ao d ?W. itaoir'a Mt?iin#.-It la #carc#ly n#?#<#ary i? # mnr? than merely ann> unce that thl" l"aad will ilrn aa n*ual. their negro lia#*rt IhllIfenlftJ N|#?haalaa' Hall I# ?o ##rahll*hed now aa a fa??r|t- ra# ?rt, tHat iraicel* a r?lal t i * #?* that 'h# l? not nrowd?4 In (in; it>f?rin>il ?o ?r*at M" 'Mt? for n*rra H.-I. dl??. Ihty will *tt? ?n aftrrno.,n ton-art at thraa aVInek AMian ? - Wa know nf ao pla<? M )nn irn.t ?? at ?n hour or faro ran l>a paa?*d with mora p|?a*nr? and than M tha Viiaanm. f*ha i ???m ahundanr* i t natural aarlnattlaa, t-f-th-r with an nrriln.t ata#? patforinaaoa, in vhlrfc Mr. Rl?a Utt r?l?l ra'? d dallaaatnf of n**rn abarattar. "?vir?? ?i?M "Win ?l l"l hf ?>ry food atrwfe***. paiij. lh? Muwuro aa atlrtrtlr* a< aaf otk* |la? of iKiVWKXt In the elty Wri "trm ?\t hit* ? P*raaad?ri ara amiialnf tha Bi ??rj folk* with thalr n??m m?lodl-a an 1 <lan*taf. Th? l)itKr l<mi.t.>Th? ???MTt raa*atly (!*? hf thla tap IIv rt aalatln* of Mr* l>*aaa ana lira chiulwn, at that < ll-*aai. not halng what <aaa aatlrlpa'ad aha la trdu<>*d hj aarafal frlan I* to glra anothar. at tha aaaaa plaea. on Wadcraday ???bIhk tha Ittk J?i?arf Mr, I.?o|^1i| M??ar lata of tha Italian >?p?ra rampant ha? kindly e?a?rnt*d to *t*mt* a (rtnl (ant??i* on ?ha aiolln It la hopad h?r filamlawlll aiart lhr'.l latl# era an thla aavaatr n aa tha ha? an othar ntaaoa af nppt.rt airrpt ?liat aha raf raallaa fey k*t ?*t*?ta4 rlildran la tha an"onra(*aiant tb?J r*aair* Iroia a h?a*?ol*a? andlanaa Hi>.ana Hint Thlr fa*orlt* ?iaMawii<<' anl ia?* Irian aallt git* hla laat . thlh-Moaa at tha .1 rook!;a laatttnt* thla aft#rr>o*a and ?? ?>>*? A t?l?ftajh <l??pa??h from tVa?hlagV>a atataathak th*r?*o?tof tha d< a'h of ? "mm-vdora i aaanr ?a? a ntatak- It ?ho?ld haaa fcaaa I aitain Connor af tha r?T?nw? utMle* H? 'l??4 ?l > fta, !* . ? (UtoriUy ni'-ming tko 12th In-tant ? Hait . Jan I? Th? rujw hr.n?? of Htrrns *t \r?,% r r* >? flr? Of) til* Otfc lart ?(*?*> IWfKl fw 440 ??Q. N A