Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1850 Page 1
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If TH NO. 5709. *YlM Trial Trip of tfce IteuuUf Georgia? Brilliant Imnh- Boat lap of the Canada. Yesterday. the steamship Georgia made her trial trip 4ewn the bay?the most uoeeeefol one ever made by day Teasel from this port. She beat the Canada more ig than two miles an hoar, under circumstances entirely UafhTorable to the Georgia, and favorable to the Canada; and when It is reeolleeted that the Canada la the fee teat Of the Canard line, or of any at the other side of the water, this la an achievement of whieh New York sued the United States hare a right to feel proud. There can he very little doubt that tbe Georgia, if In proper Balling trim, with all her steam on. and the engines for a manth or two In use, to make their aotion free, would anally beat the Ceaada three miles an hour. Tbe oommand< r of the latter gut uutioe on Tueeday of the ini tentlcn to run the Georgia agaioet his steamer. He ?u not. therefore. taken by Mirpri'e. On the contrary, tie was 1 fired up'' all Light, and all her itaam wee put on xvnen the Outgo* put into li Jersey City, alongside the *'.?du on Tuesday after- a noon, the captain of the ana la ret'u-ed to take a Una to make her .'ait giving as hi* reason that ha wee going * to eea next day. "Aud I win go sf-h yon," replied tl Captain Torter, toe .-jou (are out of the harbor." i< Thia was therefore, a fair r> at of the railing powrre af . the t?o vesksls. rhere waa considerable betting, do- " ring the no>r ug ?u ih> eveot eome offering to hat n ant on the Canada. l>? b ard the llaorgia the betting oi waa i f a different deaenp. 1 >u I'hrre **t no question .. tlere which would b e' but hoe much the tieorgia would b e the other Only a tew were invited; but nil n who wished bad liberty to go nn beard. Few. however, ?i knew of iheexxct time the li.-oigia would leave the dck in Jtimy * ity. uto-t tuinkiug aha would go at the rame lime vltb ti e 1 Aooordlngly, a [real j tl bi ni'ivr oiii (lbappointed in tlndlog that she went off q 'I bait part tin o'clock. S?ver?l gentlemen, who weie 'ate. l'dii wed h*r in mail brat*, .*lr. La* hladly Mopping kcr lor U m Among tnose on beard were tl ''cm ti: off ore Yaaderbilt aid Judge Dickeson. The Altorgia vk cornu a d-d by mr captain, Lieutenant L). ei |j. rotter, U. S N , aon of toe la ? Commodore Tor tar. j,] Sbe stead:. d flown n.e bay iu ge'laut style, and locked as magnificent a? she really I*. I'tic day was beautiful- yy ly fine, cud all feemrd t.> enjoy toe trip. On reaching ty tita'en ittanff, the put, aboi.i, aod af er pa*siog Jersey c< Cit.", a; n 'nr. e.. rnm n and }? < c eded as far us lio- q Tvrtor'e lrlanil where die stop; oil and waited for the t) Canada By this tin e t' w fa i.f the t.-lal (f speed had i |D gain d tunli n tor.ety the the docks were filled ei'h c, spectators, an 1 a'l the military on i/oternor's Island y,< *wet? d ?n at the water .< edge Hatching for the eta't. | t* "Weihtv! antku that i he pa ?t d the Water Witch, | jy which U a very fWt rivet b ? v jio t a* if the latter w-re j (i etatii nary in the water ell e ac-amere and other i ,i eii'titi Uk raititio her ?1 h their be'ls ; , j At a qv-nrUr p?M tu e . o o u*, (lie i au ida lef- her ' (y gSrck, aoo iu tie minute.- u? >r .hea the bad got her 1 w, brad fairly lor sea. she fired two guns. Kxaotly at j jy twenty fv r Dim tee after l? ire, n.j pa-sed the <?e >r- I yi, ?i*. whiob was pviloot y s.iii la the we'sr. >?hile tho j y, t anada we* g. iDg at tu i-p e i i he Ororg'.a gare her I five II lf.u'i.. Ibe start, the ir t i?f luilon uf tier wheel | yy 1 cing exr.rtjy a'bslf pa t t??iv,i v'oloek. Iu a quarter j,, or an 1 'ir she overtook au 1 i.l-a.ed her, to tne as- . p, t( nisi.u.i lit cf i very body -eth j passed the Southern 1 al nfi ct cot trier's Isiata,' ??. gue? were fired irom the ,y fort, tlifli weie auHW.ied by ttie Canada with two ,j store 'J l.e He-rgta had b" guus on board to aokiuw- | to lv dge the Cvvrij I'ment . , p Ibe tin rgia w?e also raluttd by a discharge of guns jt r~em two r U'i? of lf'? i iti.r. ooats siuoug which was j cu ho.7 \\ L.n sin. rem ii?d Coney lsUnJ, the < an tda 1 ni, w as th<r a mile t bind t.i u?b going a' the top of her ,j peed Hi.uing ehn > ? a-at b a-, sue suireudered by t, rh:ing two it* guns Sb-dfo i ... i.u lever, siriketierll-rg. , i The (; e-gin unci ti ... . i S " i sun ly iu a i a mr from tbe time die its. t- i Irom il veruor'e Island At | ?, twenty.six miantse to two i. olo: -she put about, [ (111 tuntlrg the Sonthwrst ^,1 ti ;ng i!> n eouMderabty |bj in ore il un two j:n|. e aloud i itie Caaadi. au I ,iu*t if ti b nr aid .'iron m>aut - 1 ... t ie n u? of. rw ?i jg ,,, Shetbtulct <ff a liitle Hum, aud oiuai ed a?tile U(. etatli raiy. and after sa>uti g lue <*aalw with her t!?< i XSfhipM.'.J b r out l? : t 1 .""igl* d te jiu New 1 "ik In tiiuinph. Tb? ,-e -a* grwa'. excltemeat ou board and conrideiabi* suuis ol money wire wouou tbe tv: -i ' - - {.uper plat e to compare the relullye ad- M wantage* and c. *d? uu'Ur which b-ililfbips r()( cngey ? t in tba fon( >', ' th l ad tba taei* <to?bii?/ U< iitoi. ? t '? <t-tibia tbe quantity of y,) I swat*.-; rolb'tas la* ee ?U' ,1s r n eroou l iey we.* j. ( at It est on a pur . |.ee, s l.v ?Ueu it la ooas.Jt r 1 t'.at |B tba Cieorpia * Biaebiceiy i- . ouu i -a I w in; i? i. r w, Cbkn It* < mad a * lu p-wet their an {ines a.e exactly I ihetitm -. but on Itiiiuk.' n thr siJ uut um tbe .-n iiji u k?. iu<th>r kl word*. ih"re ?a* a dip ot ' vy four feet, or half to* \( siengOt ot II" P'ktou. Ui- V ; ,? h l>-i.i? eight Ira I; kL wht tut on tun epi-cd *"? l?? or taree quarter atroka kl is the It nglb of dip. (Pall Tci'i engines base d itl- ! tile falsi-", by which this en n g . If nl y *er la eJ o cd, ? 1 ??> natter boar great thi pitreuro of the etetui.? g,, is ib.i C'iBtta'i tngine# tbo .trite cannot b? b* shorten d at all. Its <1 tbe Waorgts arc , fw, (t'l waia nater u tl nil ib" a ?j before. Tbe en- ((U iiBii t.l tba i atikoa l.ayr it t a made perfectly 'D itilh, Tim friction. Ihn >u<0s ?a* In -tailing trim?tbe JiU tlm|la vas not. b> U* a ?> '-? ? fa-down by tbe stern, wberr-a i ft t- oukbt to i.a e t> o on an ?vni lie I." 'ibe men at the ?b?e. iu ibe Canada ware olj expe- ,,j rteectu I knee, who boa - But eba sojid fleer, au i t., kept bt-T teijr steady I lit- in- i at th . ogia J wbet-l, ti, on ilia entiey. kor k ? n ami nothing amtld bf ?k InTe l.ifl.eir * ball b- r C I ? . ah<- jutap-l abtlli ooatillualty. and of oouite. io?r in neb ground No d mbt lt, this tai pa Uj owicg to her wheel topes, wbl-jb Ware ?ew, i'tstcLing, but no' ai'igrlber l)y tba by, sbe < Obey* In hrllu yetjr tjltiel.lj autl nothing Ml be 'J -re I, beautiful thai Ibe way lu wit toll fba turns. An S, l? tket acaJ* nblla ti e i s t*.a ra _i purer of atgtnr*, , ^ is a far smaller auJ i h'iu- it --l b iug tl feat sir rkj i ti-wer tl an 11 < >?orp -i e t . ' t i t a if t-he wa? ' t ,,, tie light model. <ugh' to beat laa Oeorgla oa<*ly. Tbate cae be n cwbt Ikes, that the d sue* ,^ in eptrd arise* eulieiy In i tie nererKyol -us cy Aaait<an nicdel iti. >. < pal..ibi t. the .em In >b > i tli p lbs man In r i a In o I n > r ? a: I n e u lh? water I l.? patted ?>? laded op luelu.t Ibe bsw. of ' tba ( ana !e Inf em. wi . a it o w i n,[ is " i-.ot'ily kr from tbe t-eorgle ?> lion a sod -an -- iy wi? any 1 ,,, Jkotb pr"duce<i b/ ber en .i fas tr->rgia li .i*r. L*w -j | faioritu mrniel, ami in tin opini o of boom good r, 'I io bate mm the iyt |.>. ,|o ? I I pt-oy? s fa?t^r w, Slier tL-st ey eti oar , 11. a n t ?. I -.fin ... - i t w| boweerr lesrbh'r *,-ei ii-'oiitf, t'.e DM > h.rl'if k( peiturmei it. rev<>ln Kn n. - te I he i.e r. 's per- fd I formeij. at one Jlu.e Ma' -i *n ?ret 1'.', fhe ^eenaore ?a? ir- id 11 ii>? r . i; , e, |n toe *-j ar? I. il t k 1 be ayetaae f-j?l ebe mil n i.>f??ls Us II hoin< at (r| ber regu ?r 'fed. IS Pit m i ft in tii) tins She is tflS f 'argsit ti f hftii' tiftmi af at Kbe Is 40 Ibut b*?m, being Ibie* leal aider I. an the Ohio ami Is *4t feat < tiger, lit r tukhagr ts 3 in mi without tbs barn- ,, ?aae desk; with it d boo i <>? s k 'iba it teliig. aee of ?hi- lesla'hsn etesmer tg'ten p, oat U> l.ogiami by tb> y?-? c lu tbe ana '? will {, prr dura quita a sear ail > ibera. VV? rbould ilka lu . , -ea the Oe.'i la her ell a t 1 iilin l t'spt. I'oiter ,,, ba? ? il.iub. ?be wou-I aes tie ( an ad a Trim two to tbrea day t tn hlei rpir. 1 a I tost eh? woald parfi.-.l 0| tta dlelanie Irr :a Nee , uail-r Iseurable sircuai- y,. itsac'. in l ine da. ir > ? in i>- - iln,a t| Ob her teturn to Nae I si, we defended into ,? hi r ee flies r < <n aan t i ai peif,?'ly a tin (l, w.aeblnwty was Ilka n-.* w-ra . h- laoenrlo" In K( eao'tna wei. aa lBter*tiiia a gat a* em be wa l ini' y , ;lf d t hate was D-t a j aad they saa.aed to w rk k| as freely a* If u.ed f t t e|e mnnth* fesroely hat ? Ifala erar aeaarred b? io tMe ra*e rf any other (t Meson! <u her trial * * ?t? I bar* la auunat layarUb jr ,j, arm'tblng ditee'lye uleci-.e tj I lie uaiue of t. a ei gi- , naer In eb'efle M W >'a'haaa aa IrlshoMw wba eadtej tfcrea yeare ! tba Ppani-h aersiwe >u I m??j? a ?ur,.*esful trip ta i adit In the s,,*ol -h '- aia.blp t.aon and has w batn lite* in the Hs-bnaloa and nklo Tbe first #. V'Ulatt ri plneer ie Vk itneoi Midneif, tba eaeoud, Juhpr'n 0 Ktr-ied The < her e->|.<aul* ara John Moilth, Jerry ittmo#s?n. l ankier Haltb. ani Oesarle* f Tark s Tha superiatandikg eagluear, Mr. Jiasph S-ott was in board I he sewsrd'a ntina It J t. M t f W1 W w no UPlWTfPP b - 1V II ?"? 'M? ' 11 " LP f|t arrangi m-et# b? at*d- t> i a OlMirr na n.arJ Tb*ol*ik ?.f tbr ahlp I* VI 01 i-pi* lb- otb.f offlfti ar* cut ir> appn<at*4 Mr imr.?rt? th- *g*ot i f th- llo* ?w p; ? *Dt, ?.iJ ? ?|t Willi* ? of to* t bird ward pollc-. Al'w partaking of g? 4 mt"'?M!il hot dmai-r, with *>?*tbiag in drink llir ctinwasp rall-i| ??rwral |ritl?mn for ?*B<iin?et< **<i ?u.oug nttfi up n Mr funt* La*, ahr *M' a<>d nml? a happy tp*t"h. la ahlrb It matrad-d Ih*. lb- m-oaarl* ? thi??i>un| try ? ? ?<|')al la (bill to tb* uHMuMd Kaplan J or rf 1 * tap Utrr toiiDU;. Tbl mj -a- a i?p of trial, and the irw'.t ?a< iiot onlp ei?m ahi- to tba pmj** era of ihr D-* lie* of tf-aiai i? hut to ib- uinchaairal g-alu* wMab >*<-nt>4 tb* .J??ipr , *i d v It* o aa'ry In *b.' h ifw* mi til am *11**. lit pit ?nt had to?d#p ?n to* wot! of thtlr bard* noinpand I It in- ti'tk of Mi jl H m'obteio* 1 b-fi*orp a a a- tro-d ? It h tb- b* t *mp la bap otbar part of tn- t i l If to* p-tpi* of Kog laad **r-to mak* a rb t. a < r th-tr f*?t-*t ablp to run VI'd t tb* :a*ta>t ot am v h- r a*to n tb*p would an 4i ub'tdlp r?l**t th? i tu>-ta ?nin-(?1r I.a<*i *!*?> t 4 b-r pi*?t*?lt b-vanta lit tbt? that tart VVht-ah* vat la f n*laad th*p ta>k*d tn?r- ot inn and that ami, am rg otfc*r thlita*. of t-n an >i?am> btpa, a? ma t?r? In ab rh th* hglt?n enboiei oould b-*t Mnarlrant M-t*|'l'td lint tbl* wa* 'inpna-iMa, tor a r-puhli t*u ( T-ratDirl -at aior- fart abl* to tb# groat It and l?T?loj -n.*ot if tdrar a* aund and btdy v-r* fro - I'l nv?a war- oa tb- rant* pi*.form to-ra at a ftM rraBiiiii?Pl n n| t<v.uuht atcl iJ-a? ahirb tno*l adtaooa fatter tn?n In tuo?iar?tnral ?'tin'H?o a bar- Bt<a -*i? *ut >matno* Lot * at tb* rfcoitttw* tb*t It b*- it tti 'tt d--*lop- tb* !<l*a of tb- rtaaa t??m*ra b*r*' a at tb* rapid progrra* taad* la tb- I'a-ldn I* *t?ar ? t??l It Vt nld lata ball a arnlarp toatr?ni 10- an - prngr**? aadar a d*? pott?at f.arop- ?*? lat?t> I* a biam. tb* -r* wa* , uam-had, b*t it would r* Mw*:* **-in, and th* p*opl* ?t old atltb- la th?ir nn-ol tor tiliwrtj. (Load nbarr* ) Mr. I .# o?'a*l*4?tl bp guiug " Tb- im-rl'tn M?hart* wbirh wa* dmt.* ?i a great -*ihn?in*.*i. Tli* neat toa?t wan " l boa a- untor King. ?f ()*org a. tb* fb*t fn?l 4 of Aat-rlrau ?iait-Mp? ' A ?t** tbra gar- "AMtttlaan I'if.r 1 wbinh w*? a*t|a4 I* lib laughter and -n**r- I.* ailaamB t?iag ? > inraitlaife. Tb- b*anh* of in* b?iid-r at tb* oaort t, t Upb-n Siolth ami of <io-pn d-tilt *bo had lanpb to | On with th-eon* > no a lit* ??o-l. paru.-nta pat I to bar *a* r*a. w. r* tail pi p -td and w?r? wt :| r-ir?d Tb# b*al:a of vr tla tbawa. tb? eb!af raginarr, fallow-d, wb.a it *w a*c-itaia*i that tb* ibip ? 1 . ? ? i., Mat.- - s ?I. E NE M( 'M ?t bar dock la Wimo itmt, It Mai than thraa t'elock. Tba oempany were landed at a quarter paat hree, and all seamed mnob gratified with tba trip and be aneaaaa of tba great enterprise, which redacts so nncb credit on all who are connaotad wltb It. rn# Burning of the Packet-Ship Caleb Gilmshaw?Further Particulars?Terrf. bin Coll lata n at Sea, and Sinking of a Sckoaner, with all on beard. Blnoe tba thrilling aaconnt of the burning of tba lacket shin Caleb Orlmsbaw was published In the itrmld on Monday loot, from tho London Timtt, wo lave ooonflreof the passengers, whs oonflrm its truth n every important particular, their only fault with it .sing that it dooo not go far enough, and that, as rear d* the cos duo t of the passengers, it ia oomewhat exggerated. from their otatement wo haro gathered one additional particular*, whioh may intereet our eaders. Tl- e flrst omission which they notloed, and it I curioua that it hae never yet been published In any ccount, ie the feet that en the night of the eeeond day fter the Caleb tirlmehaw left Liverpool, and while in be Britieh Channel, ehe came in oolllaion with a sheener, whioh being of emaller aiae and inferior irength, went to the bottom, having disappeared alioet immediately after the shook. The cries of those d board were heard as she went down stern foremost. ; is .worthy of remark, that it was the sobooner that in into the Caleb Urimshaw, striking her amidships od carrying away her bulwarks. Neither her name it any other particulars ooul 1 be ascertained about ie loet vessel. So alarmed were the crew of the Caleb rimehaw, that tbey got the pumps in requlaltiio. but was found that she was not injured. So great was ie shook that it waked every passenger on b -ar l and I feared the ship would eink. But it was a different rment they had to tear most, and which was probaj then smouldering tleanherouly b- tiea'h their fret. There were four biats on hiard the > al?b 'film baw, ie latboard quarter boat, the s'arb arj quaiter boat, le ei< in boat, and the lo-jg boat. In toe narrative ipted from tbe leases and written by Mr. Ilattnu a uakrr geiilbman irom the city f Cork, Ireland It la sted that while tbe raptan .ini ira'es were forward the rbip, ehoitly after tbo tire ?a? discovered a umber of passeigei* got into the latboard quarter <at, sod lowered Lrr The la-t part of tbe statement II b* but not to be tbe tact, l be pus rgtrn g >t into ie bt-at, end were ordered opt of it whim it was stitl tng by tfce ship's side; they did lift .bey, and so ne <e ordered Hie rope to be nut. hnd the effect preclpliatlrg ib-wh..U <t them Into the water, ie end of tbe boat go'ng down end t remn?t Stie as Still held on to the ship by tbe older end of ie rope, but was botto;u upwards in the water mo v ere immediately drowned; > .> clung t> the at; and some swam to anom-r b at occupied by o:? of the i-ailt re. who left th? bip Imuiediately after disoouriy of tbe 'I hey wer* struck ou the ad with oar* as they advanced an l mi poor fellow, mud I fillip lieHand ?b . wan a tir-t-iate swimmer, .d lie pt Inn. elf up a atiat '"I u ?. . I time, aeizeil tha i* otthe bt at. hime one ?truck fcloi on the arm. ! iber breaking it or en Injuring U that be wa. obliged lei (to. aid M) perirb.d iu tlie eUleaby-i. Oo? ol e fly# p?*."eunei? referred lonb re, o*uie| Hiilieiu Ck?<>!), wan In iLe boat Immediately belnre ehe wa. it down. but foituuately I'll It, having beard tue ; ?te i #y (be weald tut lire five minon ? id tbe water letdown. rtll *li? were pr?clpi bUd Iu tbat boat j re loet. Th? r?t limn >2 to 11 Un Suud.y i Ipbl ttl.? Bret u ght after the fire was iccviri d) J* l.ii Del *aj . of s< me r itvlijit aud hi. wit*, i lb ruiie O' p?, i.g.r*. gut lo'o the starboard iter b"?t. wt?u they ?im i .l-rtd out 1'hey reK,d at tir?t to con.* rut. hot tietr li?-e b?iDg I net. lied, mine (I Item o imp it J while inherx Mill rneiutd. .Aui<11 it Iboee who ca tn back luto trie thip, le Kelwey ci d i n eife. 1 be l?i((hiat ?a< removed t'rom It* plane during io?j tight pi*i aiatory to being laumb.d r.. at in ii lti euu the c?| tetu. whtn goli g into It said be ie only g* lUy, l.iupoiarily, that be Would be nu- i uiateiy bat-k 'i he captwu e wife and e me o-her ( bin p*? eiipera w.i* gut inlo I through the elate i m an il. ?(, With H Iiueritity ol leofe** I'ht { |.i?<L ? wif? got a be.i la one end it the b lat I ee acme ut the oth?r pamenger* g?t Into ibe j ip-boat atdeouie, iurluiliiig wuiu -n. were drewued the alteuip'. J he following ie a liet ul tbi e wbo n i bally tloit d luto it:? ap.atn lh ate Mi* finale and child. George Slater I viaaudalie John tMway a .1 wile ? South d wile. Ihu'tir liugbee. tl ? kle*a~d the ?le**rde*e, ! r liattoD, Mire VVeoeter, Ml** Do. 1 \U*a Mr. Ilurn d baby. Mr Low a failrr tumol K> bert Graoam. d ten i Her MtlOM. two ri- n aol four w. meu I lore ?ere 2* in all The rale lei! In torrent*, nth, together al b the war'.lug over tbe ride, iiicbiilthim to tbe akin; and w*re It not for a ours awblrg fatten* d over the boa. wtitnb tbrew oil iha ie, ibe host H.uld ,l>air be o tilled with water fre Btiy. A * it ** it required every exertion to keep r bailed oni. The rituadon i t Ik bumaH being* thu* aoled ti gnher fpi Itnday. t. i th Utile or BO food dilak. ui.?b!e to *tir out of the same pweltlan, hiey better corce.ved than de-etlbed Vet eb tenaetou* lile ua we, that e?ea thi? wa* c nsldwred paradl*# thore in ll a i hip. who had pi- my ol rvoin aoi tuore rltrr A por.r girl, la trylLg^to lower herself down, ? Iret *no another would have (bared ibe *?ui# lata. i eailoi* teic.lBg to aumii her, one of tt'eoi raying hirgo. bnt that Mr Slater Davli ie d bold oi ber j d iB-ieted ufii l liii glig her Into the 0 at .) the tilday mui_iug aftwrtba fire wa* dlac ?rered, ' e parteu get* ? bo u re ,n tb* lung b at aera ordered latum ml).. hip i n thl. they di marred, when ey wets Ibieateued With bring cu; adrltl uo!they lie al tu'o the ibip N awiibeiauillng thl. 1 net. th?y itin lapt tbtir ,lac-e when they told ey bad their doles, either to gouyerb aid or into ' e itop Tl>e latter alternante tney pr.teir. I a. a nice it two >*'1*1 and all l*dt with ihe exopiion o e capteln, hl? aile and cbl:J. the doctor, tb* i terra.-J d Hew* de*? and ..Dan. I Hi r tt e ctp'klo left the ehlp on Monday dl.orilei j g rot fu? no re ltd. Kruy on* wa* bl* own master, d did* tat he pinned or '.bet ho wa. ehJe to do ir itriup l mo n o t in kl * and unp lodt; I.-' ol one, bed e.erytblrg tb> ir own way The iBiiun. lh two exeeptu L*, J ad iie>erttd the rblp. taking tl tl in Jfcvi'lioe and there wa* ooD* oeklud to uk her it man tbe pump' 1 bit chief isa a, uar, 11. r. the oowk (a r Died Uian). aad a ?leer*g* pao iger balked Ctuwue In in hitib.'t'r, wb had i idaare gi udlrw fc> aril acted nooiy. Browne a,-iur.1 , thitw M*r tve other |>a*rel gi-e*. and IL.II- d em in wok, hta.ely *wuli g them the ateniple bnt- j it Uiii It kit (in hi* iKoit*. matter* might bar* en far bi-jCs reiiun* ro prai?ewialhy were hi. e*ef- ; d*. that (be i thrr pareei'g.r* pn nn*ed bim a tee'd i ililalll Ihey rboold reach tbe land in eaf.ty Ihe or fellow led a alt* and child wilb him. aad Dai e latier Ihe want it l.od and drink and t-t mi in) tie |n?ee-grr ft' in w, ikli.g with any ! Ct Pi me it lb. lb were unable to eaDl, or ere* ltd. fr< ci hut pi i an #kli?n?ii a The fj"J und It k tb?t t.kll.ilt tad been t.lllot < J I icme of the lalMr*. and tb* rhip'e prnvl.t n* ; re bli* ud noo;d art he leecbrj thr ugh toe ,'k*. John wait, or Llnmlcbtre ata'e* ifiwd be , ied r*r a el ole dey i p n one raw nnlon ; and l.-rpli llow a<ai|inier, of w 1li?t, ie aho Uei hi. wift*. and a i|mi not* worth t'J 0 kept ae.erel pe,?. i.e Ob batler and eueer mixed l j-lb.r t>.,uie Idea a. be fi ini.a id the tifletloee of tbe, wort Ifr'tlroK'} rut n|< '<??? )iigii|ir> *ta ;?rlr??. hi I >rtniti] M a f. r ?li.<f*r alth I to hair om. Ikl). hot r, ? > lot m ( Fioti'hi Th?) ??ft ! ra ill)* aattboui ditfift bod rotoa jtwrtii to too itlii| il oil nur, iMeli hit HiUI *lt>?t. Othan , ill l? h- in rt't-li ? chut nil dtank tlnei ura*. Id Hill llnotiin of opinio (Imtiiiini), wkirb *ooa put pot 04 IO Ibrir tlillltlka* A ( alt <Me prlaat ?i i^Jtuavta wt bfllave went ttrattjlll* to Wi*lilii|lnii Pan btrl inretliii'd id nn*ti(b wlih a< tx?a had eot dnet of lew ?f )?? b|>l* , Lul we > buairil by alary one of th ?? paa gar* a bo Lara at?nt J to u* tba fact! of tble oar itita, that tuthltg <au br B'*b uilruf. till 0 nduit a? |n?'Ua i*? *a*a ail quiat la tba attraaia, aud ua it BiuiKiLiao at bl? ntriili*. 1 bat b* in' tba moat ul? t III il bt aid '' li ttia Itiiilaittl Mtluiu) i>l Iotait of* ai.n ? ith il c*. Hh*a?ha pta?iftia a.ra tik>n oo board tha (mb key writ ao bat tat ?If tor f.wd or drlak f rthoh.ik ?l Mai a HHtlyi ably bad but en. Ml quantily I flbklMira Jilm Watt na'n that Ibiy war? tar : ?**}-at* hoaia on h'ara t-f herwltbint iitb> * loud id iBl. ill?i their l< be praeh ua eibaix-ttrn in the t nbhillt'ilu* It till N ii<ii!Im;?I thilta tb* *< * It i n alneb tb*y fall tn witb tba baik, tba -aa ?a< t <o l*b to Ilka IN tba |il*iai,|?ri fill ll|bt lhara ae a tiatlul *?o-m *b*n ail tb'.ngbt tbry wmiid d" to I a bad la Hi* ll fan tba it'll, iHiatm, i.f puttll( tb* i? a an ll r? u,pitt?l) i ll, for tba relitxiK all 'U. lit tba at?r thai aa> pomp* a dt wn. a ait l.ara a>mplttely ail ?d Ilia *tda? til tha banal It *a< < ?, *Ttril aaat ay thai tba wai quite etol ft mreely ni.y awoke bM hi inliaia altar that, n.ilt* ?"t lira, it aaa ObTtr at' III h. I a nil b ird III eld Wbaalba) raarbad Hi fa*. and all tba pa**dligera i are It la if d lia Hi Labia"' Iba Saiah tati *ti|nra were bt't or. boat at a I bar a lib blllrla of wood, t*? ie? bar nm a ahieh th?> did, nH ??? than began to biaia till t? mo anii aa in f.a In tha ra a of aeaaal* abandond at aaa laat a.thar fbipa might omua Into aaliialua ilth than at o'pbt Vk b 'b u d an ntlnai II at tba patbenrara Itdta that Ilia ot i ha I ana I a a I Ilia ? olah tirlnniaa eaillae'ap mo in* tit lb* b n*r. ? n lb.- il?y aiur *ha fell lg at b be r>aiab ? a a of tbe o> at teiuab.e thing* on b-wrd i li v ft to tba |a*iat gt 11, ai.d kaptthab at In tow n Ilia Mibh KblakrB' apt t onk Obdafa-d tl*0.?a tblngi o La lalaa oo l?nid and broii||i Into tba cikii, l*ey it lai ) hit ibe plundar fbuaald t?a dleuorerad ika pgttrogefa l amp toti rui*d t apiata i ook of ma ?,b dart oi Ida i allot* ba raluaad to taka th* aa wltb ilb tllk lB)tl *kaa*attK|iill M Nb* kurk. (ba aa laoy a i biiiii parrai a-r who eerrrdlog td the ilnta l>i at it. It*a f i aa* ti old ant be pi i mil tad to e?nia la ba ha>h t lata hall lor Nat t orb. I* Mi*a Oval, of lofli lb, tg kngtabd Mate* in r.llkmau by tb?tlb'-f. otbiaatty Mia aipa hat la ily on N*( ntn*f dha a* aliaiaaida bi tghi In lha firak la to*-' all tha anal|ll* loat aaa.y IM| J th*) or*light altb lb*oi ?en to r taiga if . lotja ana n.aay "( then* are ??luaad by the ra am ty u a abata at da?ti utioa I ba ?ea.a.d rabaa |d*aa agara. eho earnpted tb* haa?a la eh a i.flail- d waai, fartba e-.arrage p? aaa a gan baaing ' i ... ?JL W YC )RNING EDITION?THUI left their ova trepe below la the imoke, seised upot what they oould get on deck. The paseengers, esheoeted u they were with preelone hunger and hardship, bad only bread and water t< lire upon, which wae Insufficient far their sustenance and some of them sank under the privation whil< others ere yet ill The flist intention was to eend th< pasaengera to England, for which Captain Cook wae t< receive ?S00, but subsequently it was arranged tobrini them to New York, for whloh It was agreed, by th? British and American Consuls, he ahould be paid ?400 These passenger*. numbering 437. sailed from Liver poet en the 23d of October and did not arrive hers til the 14th of January, wanting only a week of a ihret months' voyage, and sleven days In the burning vessel We are informed by one of them that Christmas da] was summer heat with them, while here the tbermome tsr was seven degrees below sero. It Is dne to the first mete of the Sareb, Mr Coward the seooed mate, and all the other officers and crew. t< state that the passengers with whom we conrereed wist to AnnvAV In thasn thesis* means ss* fKewks to the chief mete. It appear*, ton. that the aatiur* held a meeting when they hi the Hag of dlatraaa tlyluj from the tirlmthaw, and offered to go on ahort allow asce. In order to iar? the Uvea which they believed tc be In jeopardy. 1 he namee of the paeaengera who related the foregoing particulars to ua for publication. are: ? Gaorg* Slater Pavt*. eabln passenger) * heahlre. Kngliad John <alway. Somersetshire. K.ngtanJ ; Wlllta n latkson county Ktldara. Ireland; loeeph Kellnn. Wiltshire England; Jrhn Watt. Lincolnshire. England. The origin of :be Are 1* involved In the deepest myitery aa there was no communication whatever hvtweet tba place where It broke owt and thereat of the ship the lower hrld having been covered up and !*sten?J beftre the lift Liverpool. The City GuinUBall at Slhlo'l Garden. On Tuesday evening, the crack ball of the cea'on took place at Nlblo'a Garden. It was given by the of Ae?r* ami member* of the city Guard the brilliant company commanded by Captain Mc VrJle. Th tickets Issued In addition to the member* of the company, were limited to 100; the pr Ice $10 each ? a I mitring t wo ladle* The intention was not tn have a numerous, hut an agreeable and select ball cod this id' a was fully realised It waa a very fashionable and ' legant a s -mbly. TLsre were piereot as guest*. Major General SanJfoid and aid Ui'giditr Gtneral Earn at.d a'J Urig?l.-r Gtnrial St'cma and ald *C?lon?! XValIrak* M'j ir Ntrtbtop. Major Hyde, Adjutant Muofcney, Major blot# of orneclicur, Captain I.e Gal, lap'via Vos butgh. < a| tam Hart; Captain MsLea, ( ale.P ni? -i i u ileeis: i ai ta n hlnrpby. Vioi.tgomery lies d; aptaia oe-*i heirn-r I.on J autpbeu Ju-tiev Oroorue (l.?rmereapielti of Ibe corps), and Captain ' aeuau Kwu ciblts. 'I he rotloeing rdlcer* of the City (Su rd were pr< rent apt W .v| McArrtle f.ieti'a I seoau.A'.B l ost, jun . J hedd-n, I* V. Mi ndou tiuarteruiatwr D. R Gregory. Surgeon E W. Fisher lla coiop.iny wh'ch mustered strong hvl on. f ?r the dirt Ho e their now and hanj-ouie u;i!io>m whisk las completely transforms d their appearance $?r elegance end Car surpasses anythli g in ibe oily. It is the firmer nnlforui reversed w -.m*i was r- 1 tuio?d up Willi ?liite; U is now white Giro- I up ?n h lit! aid g Id The embroidery is X|Ul-l'e i us t.Uy Guard m re ds t-ilu'he'l to hare Uih tries u l -tiulo NewYoik. I h- y spired no uptuse I'hey r?j-ctod sevrial patterns and de-trus, till at !e:i.r h they g >t what they wanted. Ho due I* th" -earlet oh>"? and s> frautl'ul that tiers wire . tift.v >arils ot it is the city; an I i on i.qijt ntly tome ! the t?u anl o-v- to waitttllu.itei.itte taute kuad is lui|o<rt. d. hi re tti-v get their new suits Arc-1dingiy soma ap, smad la tie t id i* d which though m? re waitlal is u ' e bai.dMine as the new I ke ndlnar's goiaet, wroteh is stleer oil fcllt. U ejri-n dirm'y bcaut'tui I tils uniform c ist $110 and ?ae an ibj-rt i f adiutia'l ;tt to ail who saw It In fart it is At t r a court dc* | Vary I I the ladles were the wises i rdanghV later, ot thememheir < f the ? '-jpany ; hut th. rn were a r jo-tdatable auaibi r ot ladies st > were nut oun csr'sd enb Ibe ct bipauy 'I he i):s"M werw sup- ib. toe prevailing reds-r bslep pink, i he array o'beauty, ll -lued i p with tie hri liaot eland'li-rs, ea- lu-t tin pi wing !'??< kk 0 o in.t tiLis.iiri till after *.ic* o'cl ck. I'll' band ti. atttw ?aa tta rpixDuH fins 1 4 by S.-hort 0.1 t.MBiulT ' aii.tioii'x, flitch plara II ?*ra'.<wa * -w ?..*? . ill-: ro< pia..-.-. in.. I mi u hc<{h|i t?>l itrx.f anutraMy. Mix Muwn(*n tlx it. r ?f thx o<ahr. iiid *m frtriM on t th inittui raid. f?.r tba eouviLti-uee ot ttoax who jotma iu ib* daiff : ? I. IJtifii'.le. 6. Qotfrilli. ?. i'.'Ua. B. I'"l>r 8 (,'na.iTillx. 7. UuairJla. t. * all*. aia rr< w ii ria niin.irw>oa. A R.. o? ?uu C'inii T< u pa. II. Qmfrtltf. It. II. aiai urka. Id. Mil i and Polka. itiri ?. IS Qnadilla. In. i> i J a.: x. 14 tai.aOrilla, 17 ivlaa ami CJa>i Tcstpa. IV kili|a'(. in. ijmfillir. Aia mow aa wawi 19. I ilka IU iM.Arill*. in. C milt 11 la. ifl. UuA'Irilla. SI. It'rLlrll 0-trl. SI K'lrtia Kial. Iu p< lua to >opp?r. a caw fixes, nailed th?"t.'liy 1.uaid t*. irk it.p ' xhl.h la 4?rj prrtty. ?? performed b> lk? land It I* coinp.axd h> tleorijx Dw Luaa. a c > lobar ot Ihx < lij liutrd tiu tb? tillx pagx. ar? wxll xkrcu'r it I gar.a of tti/xa i iluiara of ilia City Uuat4, uidn aim* m full uiit/orm At ball-part 18 u'eiooh. tbc aonnncraia?Bt that xupI > r wax i-a itix tab'a *?< iraJx aoo thx a uiM) toria-d> talk ai.d tilx, ewaty lad; l-atim* <>u tba arm oi a KxblWb an. nil ik t. um o*m> cnx no aai.ti aria ib?j uaieb.d to nibite aio? td lbs room am la tlia nnu i? ilwwu lo th ?U|.pxr tablx which bad a vary pr?uy Cret. lb?t u .n ti d around tbta rtx.ta alao. la order it at #t?ij ux might ha i a an vt < nrtumty of x..iag it aipi frxot a laMx mirr war la d. AboV- ltd *at d<*a to ruppxr At d b?ix Ixt u? dwxtltor a mmo-mi .?n tlx ictiri txl? IX tlx all ark e->u-n>riixx<t wti'ch dem.lilebec fcttieeret erd r-xlln ai d viatxll Of afrfy 4airtipib n . 'I l.r IiUowtt.g ? a* tha bill ot tarn : ? IHitlarlr)! I ho ii>t.', liikiji ca xaiatia, lieaih Km. til i. l*i a " T a tin tiioamral' ntr? I allieni'O. Il'l'i''. I'K' > lampl* wllb millIfuailx, " titry tropniM, lattadea, I ii 1? . n eaaetoa, t'..natal* f/runic f, k?. Pais liri-id. Mitt-a. fxriaaa A-|?.. d- l.l. Ii ii? I\tdiIt, I no Cain ft dn toimr, fiir?ait? tilrrd. tixxfd tlja rn, I'. u.o II let. ii kalai.r. Ice iiom ax I It? 'u firm, I at ill T " J?:lj ana it loaxaU Ball* *? tai..?l'l.ft Cbarletta kt<-? Juki n ?d, hUinsue*. iibiu. J.. r.. of, (laix, k?* <1. ban aa at|ic, firtpce. Ortit'l. tar, Alx. u<fa. kai laa, Cataa, Ut;ar[lu,*i. I air Alto. ( turbbnaco, f hap . I lxp?e an i Cairo Onfjn tin r ) dailt xat.d by tba eobtrxttooary model*, a L*t itch lau fx Aartli*ib dan l|ln| frrtu It* lua-alt It aa* a n>< ?i a pity to naka au otauught u, >o llixa* "IkfiM.Ux tftloti," but th?y ??t? ic taw. aid xo ilimlrtibly triuptlDf, tb?t tb.-y fall bvf'.ra In r* I >n mi a lauit* it tba t ity tiwatd and tbaif InnJt i? n u?? i ?.l < nil! D.rtilli ii I iMrirmittiiM >n ikt ttrciiut if i??rt k?? at tab an th- i/ ifuti iltiti'M4 In ths rm.ii" <4 tba h-aj of gnt-U' tall.a a* ?it*ni u? b*u<|Ual if rut floa* blt'i on* dull ikli k u lot Urr (i m? fiom thuiil ndgudnn* MiailiM*tr* li.rj and ro lali.yrt, tbny niu? j ft Until a of Mr .Vblu ? garuna ail t urhitli* Am >ui UHnmiH rpinndid doibin ?tela ronn. I ? ly llnnb lb* V Mill's and tha Albnrt (t aoarijUf't* r ). tba t? lldira. tla ruabu fioto the tsar ia. aud f'oa u fc? (la i.ttiti iid U lb* laS' labia aata (*? maguin iaat Idtaa n>ti la ahlch a?rn growing g< rgaoun Japon tna ?f 4?11? n ul nnlutn thai at' . iu><l unl*. rati ad .atutu u 1 v?t I'l tba** tiiarli hara '.-an trsiu-d undar tla tlii il .Mli. MUo. abo b; tl.? by# mada rarj Utuliliu liutla'l' iii il Bo??rt In jailioa, in tblcb tea laaaaa and iiitiota iibia ?m On a 10 ftrfraiInn. Uaaiiiaa tin ta tbnia fill tli.bly bi U',uat? provided by (ha i .mlitln u( tba I lly (isanl. and r.-aii-rad oaar tba tab'?d | -ail if tbaN rai/ lit N t nuly ib?aa anrt lafean for |l>a la'r. bm WI f >: I "lataly a fUlJ*n?tii aiiac* I ' i a II 11* ?a??a if jtiiuiiM*, put iaailb( oa R -a r. and tin Bltar * ma b?Tn rhut. d tba aa.?? fat* but f..r ll a lilaiporl'liit if a lad/. Dinbtiaa* tbaia g.iit).ni?a lit iiplit iba Coatr* vata aatarad film lh>ir yaraal , ilibnliit a an- an Unfit gioalag. 11a morn aaa Him'tattd ?uh forty t?? chaadil.aia. fti'fVi u lb ia.b at Urr* mat aid tba aupprf i lab.a, atib iba bri: ua1 imnbiiia wt.iab rat at it. , in nrtitvu I an ipaciail*. Iba ahala ail ' (ul up a* NiUi. ana*, id I bli ait|, fei.udi Ma ta ta It, ttliMillaf tlat no lurludad aufpar aid aura, tba ticbata ?>n nal > ebtip btapifBil at.J liar a ina- Buaad la ahtirUaara Aa inucll aa 111 and III lad baiu il tad li t It ;ta r. and ri farad Iti it.i ia aappi d by lit a. altta aflar tl a company, lilt.a im tui > misa-d tafu# la allraaiag ia iba nali. i. idbaft .tiamig tba ? atiiaaa; up mi d, iii ' 1b> J. na/d it a moat popular pa par IB >aw till and Ida l/Oitad Mala*." Aim iBpp*f 0?i'l?t ???i?inmif int laptop till fur n'rii ?t alar tta e-mpany itparaUd, altar a aj* j lag a t? r) di llgtlfal faatitity. Hkllna Aratra. Cirntt r? ? * ?I a"ira a rap'irt la tba Billlpttn Inn nt tb? fnmith Inrtsni , allh rn*.id tri t? a s nrttn W brilt bir of m at d |M-Iinj-ri; and a- It i a j aeu'li ?' ? at th. n | u'atl.n rf a ynn< i.? tii|ir.|bi? ibly btitir, I oura It an l?|>ara<lr? f-nly ahirb I nna tti amry pnr d man. and ai?-a par ttnaurly tnraa an dmpiy Injarad. to rat tba pubiw a tt.o aa aail a* aartwa Islamabad ar'dht, ?nn ragaid tna Itatat'i *t which tr an' ?'!>'> falra atth a ?(i r.'a at a-pum. In' tin mi a> tarafacd and alrnad dliaaaulnatli a i f am it lan ?*ir larti my lit ta rind nail n m< m i mi ta? ii 11.Lea*' d by any but a h-.rilaai ibd ni. | urn, Ira n an ' 11 Vi li'B an ia at prnn r.t In ' barla?4' n. aa fr*l f. . r I rati I am ?ny nadar r? rr tr and, anil* jtri rrlnbin, i nuat ray tlat h? bar glraa until, araal aan ri < alailra aa'danaa t f bid najaiWI'ty It Mitt lit g lb? dull, a ,t Ml rrauvatlnn In n? t idfrld' mi n d I a?a an I aattatlun la g'alrg blai tba mnaataad It a rrl. ly Ilia 'ima. la tmi tr-irl i,.nn tbt at n a't'al aaa.d, fr- it wnitnuad difb< atiiaa a m p ft i a ( aliit.i a adi' I bat K ranjatraa a mat ill a?i riatna aad .manna. auntt'd a..t altaiptiaa a pat , ? aa. ab it ny nt*n t aad r.bnraa Irrr at a aa rail - batr fb a 11 ir?. raa|.rttra,i, , 1 I t 1 f|fMt!f, Bb. ill Bony N. r. I I nrai ramn. Ian. lb. 1?W. Lai i. Bragg ni at m. Liata a* tba 14th laat ' * 4 >RK H ISDAY, JANUARY 24, 185< Dm Con mat x?' RmUh,, Tla|MMiiaBcnof ik? olty of Ni? York hold mother | erjourned meeting at the Brradwey Houee, loot efeninf for the pnrpoee of hearing ike mom of tko committee

' tftwofromeaohward, whom the gentlemen who preild| td at tko laet adjourned meeting one authorised to en . tolLt.and aleo for that of pei forming suoh other buet, neee aemight he deemed aeeeerary. The dntlee of the committee will be to memorialise the ommon Coneoll concerning the extortion* preotired on the O'nnmuntty j by the gea monopolies on<l prey tbet the eontrect et present existing between the otty end the New Vork Qaa Company be declared void, end tbet the furnirb' log of gee be undertaken by the Corporation, In the teme meaner es U eupplte* the public with Crotoe we- | ter. At helf pest mtsb o'clock, the meeting wee celled to ' order. Alderman Mercer tn th? ehelr After the reed- ' log of the minute* ot tbe proceeding* of the eft meet- 1 log. Mr Mercer reed the neinee oi the ciniuiittee of ' . two from eech werd. They ere ee follower? : let Werd. . . Meeere Kemirh and B < [ 2d "... " -V.oKluley end Kellogg. j ' fd "... " Teylrr end 1'ebir. 4th " ... " Ur?euwood end t rench. 6th " ... " Riley end Si mm On I. bth " ... " Kerne end H.fTon, ' 7 th " ... " Berre Mini Hell ' 8th " ... " Mnflati. end Wendell. 2th " ... " Dodge Sad Lrtgh. ' lilt h " ... " Towie end 1'eiklue. 11th ' ... ' Schuyler end Kowler. 12 h " ... " Mott end Keutlrh. ' 1 th " ... " end Smiih. j lith ' ... " byrumeoj Methewe. 16th " ... " Bensmand Beeanui. 1 , lrth " ... " end lUmilt-'O. ; . 17th " ... " Albro aod I'oilietuue. 18>h " ... " Werd end Vlilt. or. I 1 Yr. Bin. in Ininlred whether I th- K*nt!e??n : 1 nan ed lied uttei.Uid too ( oeiuit'ee in?tiog. eud . I etriceid e spirit to repigt la ti.u eontctt ?.uh ttn ijaa J I j Monopoly I 'I l?e i liairrnan fwplled that thirteen verde irererepre- ' | rtnsid et ? t.lmoilttee meeting <>n ..Ion ley evening, end he bed tic d-ubt the g?n'I. ni-n n i fioiu ' the other tlve took en int-tert i i lhe matter. * .Mr Btnoxm then uioved that tin. oaiiul-lec he oca- , fir in. ii which was dote by vole ; Mr. K i o i if h then it-ad the mmaor U which ; wee d awn up by the enivlUM ? fri'fil?rr((nNT raid bed-.-iri 1 thee tbe feet in the ' re|e ) t .boiiid be eucb ae could our. bo onutraiicled | He drl<*ed two o? the atstemvula mete lu 1'- bow of . ' width ??? that 'be etceplog ?e would na-e its wiy i into the f roiin wat. r p'i ftd? he raid would thr.w ' liijlcu'e < ii the affair; end another about tii.i I'lauli'y i ot coke iba* I pr< dm id hi the iiienufactii.v ut/ee f"i > *' ecr K i.i i iwi i e J be cm Id prove a ner. 14 rtetci T in th're r?rpentf la the memorial . Mr Stent* thai it there waa anything lu ' the loemwUi ti et wueld ibruar liulcuie on into luoreIi.cpt, It tin uld be 111 jui eo into, .\c ,V.r .. agtird wlto Il k in.-', p niter bo* under _ ' the general it i ''If et ion m pai d by the i.. .;i-aI tme ii ihie iiirini liei-ail* In'*-> pur -i , a i bit 1 cm- J' pany van be futu-.ed which, b, mmi-fii g gar at the i j.>a?et ! a po-nnio, wnuui C' "tpei iru< in u-r o upviid ( to roue down to toe ouc tnaik At alt ?-uU, ' ! tie r, nnnttiawlll t.? pr, | i at nu tint n-cin,; ' i aubttli a ctintoMd im- dn?ti up bf K Iward >uufntl , wlil.-h tiiil be < | emits* c ?raot-r ? u jt t nc a ridicule, but la ceriiunL.1 all, utluu t I in- . J INir t I U<I w ept k? for afc* tninuiaa !u r npport of the \ prr|i< kHitn t bat tlin city k< - to client tbouii under- '' ia'e to i un Ij ?h- pn'ile ? ' t Hivtioii Ixticjr hot a utin ti atr'.ka out that pir- | 1 tl' U af tbt tio-mr iial r? l-rrli. to ib-(.?' UitniniOail j ; . with tl a I rctnu water, . r .u.i* J mirrair lavtrcj v| | t'?at ibi una i ?' Or hit t On lie table for ia? praeaat, to tLal ibe con tnitti e u *> l'tt laiI'. r time in ehluh ' t perieat It A? I >r hou -If h* would avttate. ao-l agh ate, and at l-ar r, ui Itl tb'i t .m,-(r.>ij onopi'ywaa , j dolo ;?'l. He tmluitt Iba wklldl I b- all (M i T J tba n eerr awd icof 'j* of the mouopolt f* teal- . ' llu ur L t b* retnrm cow eott < i ui.ty not lot aa trap i ts- , hi it t tiiolK cf iBiiitMtiir,!' willfur ly ba ,11. u-f. i II-. at a 1 Tet It at; Oitcrc mad to hi ale t.i? i iw te", j aod aitii i ph they |it.e e?>. li aopfooo riayd-.ire 1 j blm rf ilyhi. anil p< rcl an-? <! ttr > hi* little i'-a-etcm bi'ilt.o *. iltvrbier > be c? iot deprive Mm ot hi* .. lib- ty for tpaaalrg b ut Icweli In tvni'inliu b" ' | mot. o ll $ ibe oi ii nuttou ba?e ti'r'hr r ll u-; i-j rt J a ? --a -- -- ? a , ?* ~ .fyy, . VVl ,? ... I ia jllLltf I ?>" ii a ! e?ul canir 0. " r l'? > . . * i - t.'*:] taima iusiau-ee of the negh-c'of j !*'? >h c ii f ! ee low at J i >b? " ,?b'le t ler ?i i a ill i f j IhiIt ii [o ial alt. r'lo i to tin pe . bbnrb e d of Rutgarii j Flata,aaavam*imIot Ikidti .: ?'.i .lie t*Mp?UN 1 lit* anil In ?Vt. h I nupa are pi?; <J uuo i rl .v t'.iald ' I bi i til *ay einl o'l.r utrfi n He t|;n lire# thaatluoI tit col tlanietloR to I'rofeew r tiiauc'e naw d'konaary j f r I'gh'lt a Ibe ally w itJ. gi?? 'Ibi r* n-alodor 11 the wa< peanplrJ by Pro- 1' | fee tr lltaM, wba axMVt-d t a ?a . tuu right. a inch ' oe taitilj aaaiiry bull Mat. Ha aatd ttta coat of tua J , 1'gb br t to booi i, ? f the hrlll uv y o vbioit ol, WoiiM I be unit tHity ?-??n and a hvf cent?; hp I th t tu* n. y ' e< nlil h lleVal with it ktc.e.b .' auath pat ot the t axpenea which tb.epr??iit if Jr. c via i im uieettog r adjoincid to H'itire,dnr mm gL-tl t II) lnlilll^ei.rr, HoaaiaLa Mt-r anaocin ni a< ,m? .in. ae torn Oin a b I -Si iar> iNiiiTNi lm T uNi hi* Wehava lately 1 1 atfrorfetl ta the way In wlloh th emigrant Itntuiiti n a la n>ten,?oaj(eil. .notier.n amnt|tarli(?M . ? Jiaenoc- recurred Co rt. i.n.g la p.irau w acre dim* crd'rof tlie cMef i. a mvt ia the aiavra lien tlfae. ? jn? tw? hundred J > r migreuta ?ere a-nt (i *l) ?uh< it ibe piicr of their i dRiaie. on tie ground b I l Lai tbay bad go: oca iil?hi'a i. lute* bet< ta, aaM that ? tkey eouid not gat anottier I 8oai? of the** poor paopla ti ; wete raty aiurh e*eMed| beeauew they u-l en tbat the 1 tmig.atti n law prcridet for thtii prntoatlaa a, it 1 would uo If propelly carrt-'l o il: av,| he.jauee upon i ? el ry paaa*I.ger w 1.0 toucb-a tbe a "here* head m etley If raid tor tbla rety pl.rp e "f bey a-utlolbe tllj ? t but it wa? olored. Tlicy tbec want t tin CUn f a iff co; ai d from tl.etoe fbey w,-e rep- fat ia r?nM tla and ?ag?bo?.4?. I be ntlh w? J , itationb'nae ia |ai t i f fba' boil.l . g, *r I t|, cm 131 *. wa>literally crowdad wltlta'e 11) i, ui I't.-n rbecapten of tbe waid re [.or I? lhat 'b. - liioiit the i> ace 'j ' after they l-fl yatlard ly niuriilog. b' .gar? rli ?c Ip't oi I a?t a?t nlop tba ranie fecpe w?r , . ? at tbe anilgra'iom flic. In tia ('at* ai I the people era eery f u to b e*?fpnated A bout In, n r t > a a eay w Ii " ' i nt tbe price ?I a nl?hi'a h <f?mg ai"t lio j iif? i i where to turu. ho miatraole a ' t war i ?er .?a. >t.w ail ty'a rhi we ;?er. ^ akle at leot arrraawhnt*. It era are io efl, rta uiada to pre. ma er,t.| . ment fir ^ thiin. or there would be nt' ?ec-?el y for m ii cruelty. Ti.? rtlef rinepd receitit tbe ,?ur eatery Of If Mil. ' , acd tta gcaatiob i'. Wt a* * ' ie do--be gtee in r?t."ro, In deeletpv rr r,b'a<i|frg ? ori f.T the p-o| le le tit* li tda are eil ameted. aa<l toe ia-ll'atioo htohrupt. . ) w< old it not be ad> 'eatile t" tahc oil at l-a?l 4 I fct (I of | " T" IWJ I' II" " * | ? I'll I-T- n I p- , I 4 I -1 lul I ha |OUT ?b' fc';"* D"l a ."? u lay llir I ? I m I a ttin#(o lanl. Jtio t;'?r' i f iu j atinn rrybt In 1m k to It. f-t |lw pu'? r alM Ivk l > tlmm ht??r an li>lita l a ii o<MDtii(>l On l?#t I ft'Uldjt itrii ?.(? r?? .* aVIti'l llr 1?"| T ponpla ml | ?t II # liafi^o in Uaid * I-Ian J. tut thr ? #; < li a*i j l<af?ra ??tli a u* thofMiJ#. ml c tar imdbtaif K | to i?(ara. titm tn; 'ikbi' bt in; mada off umlilant. I ir>i|alt itr lo >i iftiii ,? A n a# Jraip- d of ae# ?f tPa 'oraoy forty )<-at# io?t >?>iiibu alioi. talk oVli.tS* an I" a-J- ?i <1 jp'txat Ire* o|ly #?< f 11 j. in' 11)? anturtnijkt" ?*n . ' eld ant attain a r.t.d. tin th drd whm f ir?a a l-ltro if f a | r r ?a- pl-tk i up. a|?h a i* ''' , "h J I'kiilna viitui ?a i,. t* ki'tk , [ 1*11 1 J tin . Hitta i<p ** Un?o?p Mm?T?i* "-r-i r j *' bold no l*'|im>l at lb- jo en ttr b ?ly ?I ?n li.Iim ?. raft*. *. ( .? ! <|r* t ? * lh? Al< W9+J tf.? liiabt |?fp t ""*f litI<ia>* mlml, Tko aa l> itil t ? ''o'l . 1 0* tba tftH } ard rot!v?y?d bttB t? lb* iu i'm ? J <>m th# 11 rotor'* lei|twi t?r I 'o ** - ? i I , I Mltik tiaal*atinnui,li? li ir.?bi"li iM?ll>ill* ik< ' Of loll It that Ibo dac-art 'i ? ii a i. 'i *. I ' " f otur tdoiitlfotf tf o | . to i-?<ifaal?Ma nt * I i" )?*ta til * *. mrd} c riplntina, MM Joa, * "<t lo?ib, aad ?#<i i air, an-*..'d lo a dai k l-r-i*!'?* *?? f- ' at ?tl*#taoi1ar and btitdnmutnl y.i.i alto at ? Virdlet dan'ti byapoploay. n latntit Dint ??d Vtri'uaa ? tha r-iroitor ' bo'd an lin??it tg l'?r del# I land on tr?l '? "f j?i? 1 ipiwii a *mt* m in mi. i,'fd a1 ??' ?*? itai d drtd jMiirli; n nttiht oaf -4 by nitaiurakoo at d otpo-tata v?.i!iot a fif?i?|!i ira# I tin Ar.o?ttri ..i i n riu?i nr * " <'*<> ? ' *i?'x*ra? r?a t j in* r *' 'p a " l<*it*m *tr#*f of lb* wi*'t W. tra tl ? T> *>* am. nod oa#i#rthat a?* H?ad??tr*?t j a a* th? upi*ritf*o of ih# *lt> , ?n r ? ? *** * laid oat ahn# tbat l t"i it ail .m f?.rl d in a -j upa alib fi ? bii??o? m l ?i o i ?t nl *at "f a ' i?'ti*iif In bnad?ar, #fat>dn* h n ? i??* " >lh?l, * llna hrrimfn |i?aca ?' i "h't? 'lot# ?"lf?l j ira ir all# ndl #t. a #a# lb# ?# "' lad i f??lilt? t##ld?d la i'oari ?lt??l *u* l?ai *#'|u* ? nod i* k*u.rit#(l>4 haiti lliirf i'ttili Mip aat ? ?ha h?*d of |t*i| mint 1 h?io *n? i ha k" i'l# bark if n. w i ml ard tb? bank of t'umrd *ta'? ' l? ta < n lii|f*?), aiwr Oat *! , ah#n ad 'a* ktat a t ?i? hiuati anrtrta a laur-rata a .'i i i it* , vi iml.iiitm liana.- ibt-ri'itipaay r j by i aji'iln j<i* fitrm... tlirt lt?at?adi . ''iia rt i lift, pi #r rd i l??rfi lilt mk il" l"k i il i taaaadf id iir'an, i mil ut*a* at ma i Mail? | r< 01 mtd K- i" o*l)u aid *'*ali ?d t . at ibo itip*i f ii't pn*o a ? i?#i k?1m t'otoaf.?d hy I Jrf n Ml . aoti P- " j rr IV 1 > ?i a #il??* ovp | r??#r #d t>> t d i " -a* f "ij f i jrl a mr ifliko. 1 biro |ilto n d p* uoii i t i t?> i #t?r a? (#, r hy i ai - hi d urin f i ilto. a flit #i p??ri| pr#t*a??d ij lit:* mm ? t> k| ( dikn pt->(?rald. PiUh ft a# a #m??r cip. arta u, it , t It *4* a. i lit (liumi i . ?i * - a a mi - . ?a - ? "it'ai it ( i ha it '*! aid l h ||ta|il loai kr?i|m n 'a-?rji | i l l< nr r f 11* air rl # Bill > I t 01 )*' > # I 'h* t I atl'i' #IU i i it.# 4<aik tf kaliiat. a i# lb* ii'latd i,.|-ii'f 1 i ailk la it'll'! | nkli't ? l In m kiadt # t>ah#fj, t 4 i i Pir*d*ay. Ibrlini aaa'> r naitin *i-. a ?ry Hi- i di#a# ky ih* adltat . t at"# I #* n li | a IMi l I a 11 k -i.l I.loin. ?,f lilt, latlit rami'* If afratod I I II L ii'iko#. #Hli t kr #f k III' lit I I l. 'tr tl ?f itardtor it" ty i of rapkloal ?a#ratlaa of ahioitiaie 1 i I t#l ir>a nib tta vary attt-iaa# Btat.a#f la wairfc ta# a bin# to tba Pr?t aaa.kar ha# h#r a * np II It ?aa'l. | ' Ih Itr pri >* f puhnoaih a laa-Maia ih# -aiaa nrd-f | id aailt.ll atll t? a taiaal to a# ? 41 a- oraBnaatai ad- I dl'lrti i# ' I*'11- a liaatatH a. aad aul daaortotaia* ttlaa a bbaiai patiaaac* Uwar r\ I ? ? ^ \ * pwk.o [ E R A ). Folic* Intelligent-*. T%* Drmry arui ,1rlingt<m Brnnet Nyilnvi 1 Li'lU Li tlx - We received yeat?rday. lor publloettea. the following atetenient under o*th. written end aent to e, for publication, by Arllnrton Bennet, no* confined In priaon. It erplalne Kaelf "J. G. Bkhiiett, Keq. ^ - ou. i uu una eaimueij ueigeu a* oy pnDIUbtng My evilMd I kegUit<fkrthtr to onmaiiDleate through the HhiM tba way 1b wblek tk? Hold Watubaa wktoh hare figured <> largely la the Police Uaiatte* pot 'u'-J the hand* of that diet lngniehed Individual Samuel Drury of whom or voaa kunMW 1 directly knew nothing *acepting that ha and hi# aon oallad at my houia In tba latter part of July or drat part ot August laat where lie rtmaiuad for act mora than 80 miantoa, ha being at that I'm# on a visit to Una Kyed Tbompaon. " borne abort tiiaa altar Thornpaon who waa Introduced to ma by J. C. Arbley, with whom I had but alight acquaintance a* Doctor Thorn paon, I played <>1T a run in Mm and AtbUy which won their confidence Aa this Hot# will coma in oa uiy dafan:e under evidenoe I I" ibrar to notice It hero. Thump .an now fraelv coinmintcatrd He slTatri to me, and after the 10$ Bristol biile which Thompaon manu.'aalnred were blown up by the Arrrat ol Ashley he Thouipeon undertook to get up a lew iiruu ot lo. 60, ICO, ii MO on the Tradesman* liank of New \ ork (aee Mr. Uolen the engraver of Broadway) which were to be paaeed principally on the Yerseppi this winter One of thla batch a $50 he rhoweo me. which he raid was male from aid 'liar bill. On boasting of the quality of the work he said rne of there Utile had hern pa-red on a Tailor oppneita the Trader inane Bank in ? ha' ham Square S-ime day* af'.er pasrti g hy that shop kept by n Mr Beera eurlo*lty alone ltd u>e to step lo & see the Bill which I liundtobe by a mat ken it the identical Bill ehinh Thump" n had -bowo ine in tba Country. On >ny return h' rue this' Irruu s'auoe I nu ntltned to bim in a joco-e manner when he broke out Into ara*e and gar# the lie that It waa uittbe mine bill At tbta I slar.ed 'rem h'? residence, elamming hie d?or as I went out ?ut he pun ned me rapptdly into my law n (it whs night) bru fiim hta rage I bared I should b- murdered by iiui I now ti-lu btur < I the ruse I bad played on hloi o win Me ooiihoeuc* wturh placed me Mill In a m re i.< .. 11 I. r. I ^..1 - -- ' r , ?w ?sr? xauiK ici "i a's'y epslDSt 11 man kI.h Iijt hit own onofenaioa bad u-m nuicttd *l*?*a tiui.B tor ibtIouh utfeucos, *h*u ? | it t*d. Next hicminx 1 observed aa angrarar 'h. in In I ad Id bin i ii.(i oy ?ith suoh Bgllsli >u n ! ru 1 b< u i? ni doir. 'hm'not m? over. I total ['lieu psou bsii quit during th* previous or ktl; lint uiOiDirK l thru assured bis wl'? who rns ijilre a<>?n list they htj noth.nK to ? i.r In m leu ffi Ho natter ot tloi tnta. its I L . old 1.11, nndtl.* i)i>tclf in tfce|r tftin. tins obmm tint I l.s 1 hi ili-r tot as tit>.it>t was * lisptiaw ii '.u in i is- r <i sot he would bar a b . t-*?. ia*? ile or do ai.y II- i k to ba mm * Now ill/ leir, lion wiie com cmstiy on th* Increase were at ' ie e-gbr ' | it tin- )j eocsult. d with my fan ly on th? pr.~ r.fy f I avti ? oor hour** iB-ur*d sis mill ritoro ?ne In t *- ?Ot..c tLi< si* * bioli bad b*e.i hoard ti i 't.U'i. in *<>n might b- ic w r*k l> oi inl out. hot < I bkvi: c n l',i ikl t moI,* j h th- time I < uutud* I 10 hi. tftoiiolu Watehf r t town itut 1?lh i to i ay Lv i i 1 oil Kiel thorn io or U*.i.-dict i i Wxtl t kid Air. I t In i I ii In. or. * iii it .1 b't lio) Lit lbs inrory to .|si? 1'lieU to tw . or lilt* mL? is l ilt laiied tf* obtain tt III despair I went p to the < flirm , .'i i r..i tyiui *uO mil mi lis h i i. e t met Asbtey who fckd a real th?lr pr??i on A t It ?i?v t tin si* ilk Hie affair tie fepllrd "a! u 11* k'r - Id < I Thou . ?. n I psr.1 tr??its mid I lis a. I ii u*t g'?. inruteu tV'ii s Id liu tf you .slit <; i ms i-ii Ml ia~our. I wiu lead you pioo uu ills iitslm., ul fc:tli I slit t' ? |i*r \ i.ii tlih J ot ko'l t r. u ?n J r ut >ml tin isi' li in <' i ?jr.-i.j.tin ( li cit a .1 .liar i i!!* r sad took the wat. i t r lu t be |.rr rn?. i f di rot, 1111 raid I * b- u j. a (iky tit UmIalots I will ff yo- mi lowif i.* (niiii ih b.'.'iino* b-'.'j ;u a te ? U*y ; taj c r* of thill at | r?r c l) ** Alb.eye pti-'-tor'.ly rsfu ?d to do, Then said ft 11.1 U hey 1.1 lift b' puroillislly paid ft* J must apply I Itl |n ff'is "I lusw a* < n It# i!n4 a" Novaabrf nt.v n ii * ?r Ati 'iid -v ihiii* two (rSc o'S u. 'lit it (i"iki' ll?r? l? * trn* bl-t. ry ot thi* alii wbtsh I <5* r tlftwryw <Vi|K?s r- im? eyrd I.' II (.MS sltli ft 11 ll'l itclltt'lfl it*. * a vsrrai.t was i*" o**t by m* th" dry bef re ray rt? i mslti't Oi lib. j." tor ill' for(. ry of >* bill i n th* ' rs<'< ibmss ii ink but nsilhi-r . ?n lo? i h ? ! My til A\*!Vi liii'lu)u who Imsss It n.<t - *??->* ? " * trry * I tn* t-uuiilv rn Xlw<s both of likU. > . ii tri'l.t i I ' by tr v counsel an I other*. iU bass bin-nrrt-tta l. k ?t thl*J '*lios. Will I.* piibliu rst c.Iol tuts ULlrsu " J A BE.NNE r " " to bt 'or* ms this lft 1 .' ? 1?0 ' I'rctt 1) (.Mis"T. i i id if r o! 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H-ty rl ailtxr ,*.( msii. yc A* i.i ? *oft. 03 I'ucv* I). dsttri; tti <1?y tluiw "Ct red 'he pe>ml-*s So Ht 1 ici 1 d Strei t ail stole tberrfria > tgbtrea larg-* 4* s*'r pons tipitrei, ?tl*?r ten ?p lit, silrcr ca*t*>r nod 'e -llt.r ' Op I lr. in tb* bt 1 a. taf't IOUK*. saup idle, si d a paiae eo .Sa rl"ir a 1 lit all IQoi.nt .*1 money *? sbwois sirs r ul.. < I. I*, isluaj la all at taut fSCO, the pnp*r y ?< >ir ') rura l t'.isil of C*itciHl finliMtSi lt( N Ik* Iwrcrtir. sk< Aitsraistb* asaliiar J. Jsft il.-.tswWe ii.ti. *: *1 it* lei. 1*.? in tcblmiBl l.-.s hnti foBtni I..H.-1 b. ht'i" 'ri.r.s ari'iiy tin m w.l . lunny K to btllie jM.l r?mis. I lisy a. 1* nil >1 up u tu p *.l la l..l< In. lrtB*bt, but deellb>4 dwlng n, In th* aS? '..'*# of i tiinl ./ears .4rI t yhm Aes;. 1 tift*/e,* s X< . fm/ieiiy itf ? | . 11 s dtllhslou Hem at him been loUloied f?r obtain a | s 110 fi 'rii l' i.o IP'feoa by fsl-** pr-ten *?. lis* asatyalyned to-day a* d nal aft opon t . p -al mtuM ll .0* h.* I. 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Jab. 33 ?Ttit Case ?/ Mimm fJiUawaa.?JunM Morriaray, charged with larceny of property belonging te Catherine H Dlllewey, who died at m* on board the Andrew Ko.ter on her pa-rage between' Liverpool and New I ork, wan brought before the conmtlealoner for farther examination Tbe aerue.d ti a well looking man. of low alaturw, apparently about thirty-See or forty year* of age, and evidently deeply depreeeed fro.a tbe uDpltajant nature of the acnueatton against him, a charge which a* far a* the evidence at preeeut g eeame to be not only unfounded and unjunt. hut tha Inve.tigation of which we would ray. ehowr that toe accused acted ? ih laudable attention and adelity l? the dvoiaa-d throughout the whole passage Ann Tralbrd. vsatuined by tlr Homers, (repree-uU log the I ?lied State* District Attorney,) deposed - I wa* pa'Secger ou hoard the ship Andrew Koaer. on her laat voyage from Liverpool to thi* port; the vee-el arrived < u last b'atordw week; 1 knew ' a'h-rioe U l)illaway; ehe war * pareeogeroo board that ve.sel; I raw Ml** Dillaway at the Staple Hlil Convent a wee* before I lilt London; the *as Tery vea rick oil the voyage,and got to very weak that we were obliged to lilt her out of her bed; rbe died in It aid CouBeel for ibe aeouind taid they were there on a chain. of larcene >- .?< ?? ?? ' d-atb had to do with the prevent alleged offence Air Sowar* *aid it a* on the fl*-t hearing of the c*?e, the Dialriot Attorney did not. think th?re w*i audtobot evidence to charge the defendant with the crime of ruuidtr it wi.a however, neoe eary that, the ooininl*etonrr fchoulj lr vi'<tikarn the wh-le atlair, to tee h >w tar M Hilary *i? id.plicated. Couurvl for the actio ed raid tbkt he war anxlour to have tt.e charge cf niurdr in vest n-ate l kiid ha would do *o at another opportunity, bat at present they Lad to thu g to do writ!) that The i oiuinirMorier ruled that thu evident)* ?bou 1 be intinvri toihe "jieuilic charge of lurcmy Maa Pfadord e kkuiiokti.-u octoil.iurl Id n't know that Mill lill'kway hau any in no); I c il I lleuiifj tool a kltlclee wloob 1 bad are o with he:, the defeu Uut *a* a pa*MH|i?r on b ard: be ran luttuia e and ? il aonueluleu * Kb Mr* Ltiilaeay; wai n b * of Je oared* with a f*w of her thingi in it found lu >1 ,rtHey'it po<.f?v,ion the other d ijt ; t'ie.-e were l?i or three pair of ttocMtiga and a bvt.w. (SeTiial a r tic! eg were hire prod iced wh cb htl ti > o toucJ lo the j ----ion of the d* feu ratitj . tti?t ir. <u puree ?* ..Ilea Dal'vway'r; I n v-.r awe tho oihi r par>c ; et.e l u I auiue iiianey when ilo wot uu br ai'U Inrt but I do u 1 itlioa whelh. r eh? i|i.<ot It all or not [wiiiie-' h> n tdeot .flea a peuh d ler, inka'ao I, hnite, i iulace- ? filter, p.ou a crucirli wot a in nl. a v a lit a Mnali bi xtor ho.uiuir '* c.di- au 1 eud> ?.ri till a.- barki la HO' | d> ai the proper'v f On der iaredj I raw Mlae lollaway bi lot e rbe died , I al -pt lr tli taiua ri'oiri wi'h her ; the dt t*n luet'e o r li ??< jioi out- dv < or- ; ao ill two r.r three <taj b far - t.ia ? e-<i aimed hero .i*a Lulia?ay died. ovtiiri t< r d iri.duot aid ilataomeot 'ioaathin;i w. it- i.aqiieitl'aakly v.iee IMimeay'r, a d tiohwdu) d ubt lo.i aoirie if v'orr??j'r property ' u.i ? - . id to Ler bekee. fioni the frl> ndrhly that !. t 1 h-lwvan M'<n< He would r.'iow that I r in- tbr and ji-i'.br to Oe < a-ed l id ri ilel el t .e detail <u( t > au to il l?- y I i.r to tliia country, and l a l aotua i j untie u ter li <u t a plana wLire lie had held a aiMiattou, ad tiiljued tin. loglvo It lip and we uipany her lu i.u-ia, tly would | rt ie ibat Iron, trie Iri ululp 10? mil l t'l betwi n ib*p h-l ?d merely ta ' earw oi tuo*e thug., iu lutr ihat be 1. * hi d liter I he u u j in tin- ?n- jd? ol A la* i/niawa./ . tlx jr o-'ull pine that on a of li?r tiui.k hurt*.oper I I ihe voy.iiti a d to thuglWerr put liilo I he irunl * f thad*f ulant tm -a . /II n ' . lb rd Waa Iht er,.f ev-u inert I M .I tw.-a'y j ewTr oi i? - I a. in id I. m I ji , my triad li p o.l aii y | m rage , I oil oe a - a a-mi paolwii to diva I'l-la * a/, till iht are my weii'ly ; I bad k ioan imr ahoalia year . wi aero a * k ti LItwi ?* 'or we a' >ttad oil our vi a, e , I -*a *'< if tie* nin !? Mb* hula way had but rl " I id a go .4 d at when lot; i. 11d< > : -I hou, t 1 1 . *? I b 11 v- b it I w?< ojt With bet aheu 1 Le U ada Iba pu 1 Iia-e? ; eiia ie urb ? tbini a in Liverpeoi at < be uii . 1 - j u01. I 4 iraM .are Weo | a.u .nlee u 'a eao. no r- Ir-ui but-dm t? Li< 1, I di'i l know w be l hi r doriboy jmld an* of li. > appetite* at Livei poi I . lie u.u ta in. 1 -e li Ma ti.u a* ! ' hi r. I u .n't r member ao r t-au'w ki tw* en I belli III a bit'b '..idfia-y toiu 1 - e 1 illa'ay tdil bill ol ianc#d#omw inOi.wy to c onpleta the pwr?. >-av - 0 > yac reiaeinoir a Ll.liaaay aayuit ?o ?r r? _ " I- ' 'III II' I 4 U4'.. . ' - ' I I .4' I LI ,iif hiU ?u.?m . uh> * l a- y ! .J ii: < BL , tint ll kllllrtrtl "No OU I IK* I- 1.1 l.'|? (,*. Utca uj-t-u'' A No. I do i.ot mtu* ?o?r, h i I .? uilltcl mui? audi CI > r*all"ii uu b> oil ill- ?*. -i b?Iciii ? ItflU Ltvrrt ii <i *, I did a t h-*r *i or Of tb?IU ?BJ bow Bnrh 11.? bioucy w*?. .1 < n art' ytliiB) 'lytn'ri 1* Linry > I. in l an I vi i An hi) lii< i. U * iuii4iii Mr) a?r? I u i l k C'Ut al'tla tiki IU i.lfi*rj)*il It'll ? ar? Bin i?'?'d Hal III- >ILl UU' luMllr I'Ufi'tlla 4 UU 4 . UIHIj II" I I kcci'd) ai-y u*. I '? ? lu-i )-?? /or lb* kaati ? lm t'llllli At) loot III I,III |. I lilaa 1). aau l?**n *l?k thS la* 1-4 <1 l| t >I'0 C|b> S'.sr ? allnl *o t #1 ll I ila> i ?try. linn III * I. ul .1 Batlt. tliaj araa aic\ III* *U la * 4 a, *1 Ii light rvb.i lOi a I ? b lill* ul bi *u I/, wuat D -. I.? i *. li arid fhniai tureutaa, r,n.? b >u^hi a g i-?cl ilti of t. f i|iu i? to- *'il- 'll- la' rr i ui ol ouf II* d? 'a M ?u'. tiaa-d t > |i nab* > I'. m |.if li-r, I 'J a>| alt d to I; a a d d-al ait-i to- i?fa iir , br B|.| t-aia al It IB la I ) all d III I (, Mb I U a- J *. ?-) to )IM I'alln lb* laaiL'J I y.) ti oil', a lui .* , la t' it I 111!* I raw Ml j Bur; Witu bar ?? ll I.r . y. . 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I? 1 bin pa up 1 . a ?Bf, aid |.? ltd i ?aa Baiting sll "I. Ilia *ai.B*a< * Btaal I Bat b* a 1 .0 go to >kr iiula uk ii t 1 .rul- t. 1 a t? l I .14 1 troaa b**lt I* I. ..-4 ikab Bar* aoai'uf iir ai- a * IB Ib'lt till a *tt * ba t a b tvu it b? ouid l'iit(llili nplti tit I) , Aa Mil till t ioriMBp 4l!*1 alaa *' 4 l t la a 1*. to a 1 auf 1 au t lot atil HlU?*a/. al u ba t uu M* t' lata . tia of I i? laf* ' aliiia lo- *a kta)j ika aa) I aoitBi 4u 11-a* a 111 Uir ?a nai I. bio *<a& *4 <uo. bitttli ail ptk to .allr* kitllaab) 1 biali 111? a fbi.aa Uiat a u ta Itaiu-Ut Hal Mat lb* It) ti-ori ? *< a - lal, I nob I I. boa fc. Ul til baoaty aal.t U.UB aat hat o#u Mr IU, I flat* Mat kio?r|.?jr ?ini? t?i, ba |i' fi') Ul VlaB l>liiB"'?; I l.ii* boolbti f-a *m l a' ? a l ag H bui bra aa*r 1 ita> aiuOobt tu foauu lu bit a - - >u, Mr Iiii >ti) tin! hi* daugbur a a?u? aiM a>* ta til* Luitad ti a at lit li at tlM M)'a iht* at . it t'i'i ca*a ; I bbj .iai?a 10 Mr 111 li i>t,br .ilirH ? !??. 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