Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1850 Page 2
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\ ? ?" ?--mum mum i NEW YORK HERALD, j erlliwot rorntr of PnlMn and * "">? nt<? ?IAMBI MtKUON UKBIETT. PHOl'HIETOK AND EDITOR. vtf l~* kmc nts tb1s ivimng. lOWEXr T^BA TRE, BowWI-TilK Siegs ok COMoas? Tki lams DIUL. BRCAD1TAT riir.ATRC, Urc?a?ay-Loni>39 Ave ah i?Irinv or tioLH. BURTON'S THKATRB, CSuukbou lUMt-Doanr.T i*u | Tf * We u o? W i?rto*. national tufiatrb. chakka? auamo-rmavro* Bh i t k? *?T - VIBOlSI* Ml 11 ?V - l'gM>* tHt Iimlotkitii Fliai'i. OLYMPIC TORAVRR, Urotlwt.y-lt. vii it Pitu-?*at fir a SriiiM.t? litutliittii-Tomtii?? liui't. CIIRISTTS OI'ARA H0L8B?IrHioritn Kixnxi.IT. AMERICAN Awraips PiareawAans*. ArTlUttOJ *?!> llltltt. I1.0DI0W-irH.Tt'tSt**?tD*i*-BL*c? LioaCiro. Now York, Tliursclajr, January 'II, l?M, Dr. Clny"* Coiiifiromlke on Hi* Slavery Cuctllon, The nmpn niisc proposed by Mr. Clay on the slavery question, es indicated in his resolution* i and t-tch deliver* d on the door of the Senate, on Tuesday last, has produced a more rnnerkable i e< of lion in (he public mind than even tue message rl Cmeral Taylor i d the California question.? This miration a;qtear-? to have been as prevalent n tne Senate ut Washington as out of it?in the j - I ? ... ii..j . ..iiiiii.inilw .in/1 nr.silmi. ill*' i "I" ? ' - - ? the same sentiments will be f? it throughout the wh?l<- 10 utry, ? last as those resolutions uad sj etch travel to ti.e extr< miti? s of the Union. it upgtars that the principal opposition to Mr. C'l. > u tii.irK.dbl ' compromise on tins interesting iju< 11.0:1, U Iiist CdUie froin Uie leading Southern mt 11.1 is u tio httve heretofore been identified with 1 he deuxcratic party. It is true that the great nit litcts of the ? nf te?Mr. Calhoun, Mr. VVeb?ter, ('. 1. lit nton. Gen. C's.->, and perhaps one or ^ iwo otfurs, were s:!n,t and-vechless before the i 11 ?.f n.i ral tci.n ::e < seniplitit d in the movement , ?f Mr t'!??>-. Th r h.yhts of that body con uecttd w h .-'eutii-rn interest*, each of them ! ,uio, > d 1 '1 "d rn ci objections?some to one principle, rtht rs to another; but all combined in oppo- : on to the g? neral aspect md character of tlie ; en promise it. elf. The Northern Senators, of ! both parties, did not utter a word on the first ini?ul*e; but w e have no doubt that their diseouient w ill be elicit* d in due process of time. What a singular spectacle of human nature in political action, is presented in the position of Mr. Clay, and that of his compatriots in the Senate am! ? ut of it! Of all the leaders of the old parties, of all the aspiring spirits of the new ones, including Gtneral Taylor and the whole of his cubiu< I, from head to tail, not a single soul, not a single m nd, has dared to exhibit the moral courage of coming out with any plan for settling the whole question, except it is Henry Clay,who, solitary and alone, faces the crisis with us much calmness and composure's General Taylor did the Mexicans at liueiik Vista. Whatever may be the objections to Mr. Clay's plan on the one side, or its recommendations on the other, we think the moral courage he lias exhibited is a spectacle of sublimity that ought to shame nil the politicians at Washington, and the miserable drivellers ot both parties, and all What, thru, are the merits of this plan t We think they possess great and paramount nvrits, sufficient, on reflection and consideration, not |>erh;.pe to satisfy the ultiaa of either the North or the South, but certainly to calm and quiet all those intelligent nnnds who have the courage to meet the question openly, and endeavor to settle it on the pi maples of equality, of compromise, of good case, and practical discretion. Mr. Clay is truly the ureal intellect of the hip*. How weak itnd itnbiede, in tuch a critic, have been the good and amiable Cmeul Taylor, ai d his puerile aud contemptible cubinet at his back Tl.rse aie our first impressions on this great and rrnii'kable increment if Mr. Clay; but our (heights are rowdirg in in iltitudes upon u?, and in eh.iil fshe tirr e to r,>erd them to our rrudirs, as ire * ill find room :n our colutnus. Tut Cm .ir? nmia Pnourcr* ? Financiers are aeshiap to a < unei 'oration of the probable effects ?l the di ?' wries of gold in California. ILmI?t* >n bil lion, in England, are quite excited, and want light, a p impee of winch they had on the fourth ot the month, in the London Timet, republish-d in ihe l/< nut. I: is natural to inquire where we ar?, and pi vin ularly so when ire are in the dark. A false step is truly dangt tuua to ourselves and cur money b<gs. Nature per nits not mankind to accmn ilite suJilro wealth hi.ti to h id it. without som* hind of labor, (fraud nr. however, that the gold region b"" ail that it has been re pre* nt>-d, and thus fir in m me mi sure, provi d?full is prolific?full as valuable?we ci n p? ri cire nothing dangerowa or convulsive to be uppreheudcd by society. The curtenry t i the coi utry will not be injuriom ly affected by the products of the California mines?the capitalists of the country will not be shaken?and all the f tar that nerd be experienced is, that the frvrr will dtaw nirn from regular and profitable employ m? nts, to ?e?k lor uncertain good. 1 he value i t the rntire <ii'-??iwAim??i of the precious notals is about ten thousand millions of dollars? and the entire annual increase in the production of gold, at present, only supplies the amount consumed each year. The abstraction and consumption amount to one-half of ime prr itnlum of this sum?fifty millions of dollars. Now, this per centage of increase in consumption, all things considered, would iucreate corresponding^ with the increase in the traduction, and, probably, at a relatively more rapid rate than the addition. Were it possible for *hr coin of the world to have n tendency to depreciate, we should find the equilibrium instantly a k. mm '.m .. >k. ?I? -r a. ! ........... Ill' Ut UJ "11 HI* irm^ III m*- tnrir in inr commodity for use in the arts, so that ih- baiia of commercial transactions would not be disturbed. Could any depreciation of coin ensue, it could only be effected by the spontaneous yielding of a very large mine, should the lacreaae of the present I production be doubled, it would be acaroely felt in the pulae of the currency, while it ia apparent to the moat superficial obaerrer, that i; would require an army of more than fifteen thouaand laborers, annually emrl")cd, to produce fifty milliona of dollar* in gold, allowing the average produce of each laborer to amount to ten dollars each day. Therefore. the public may be aeaured, that till the laborng population of California amounts to over fifteen th< uaand men, doing nothing except digging and producing the average, we need not anticipate a convulsion Since the discovery of this half of the globe, the greater supply of gold has been furnished by the nines of the new world. The amount of supply has been stated variously by diflerent authors Daren llumboldt, whoee remarkable work " Cosnoe." in spite of its mat'rialism, is extensively rend, haa approached the truth nearer than any one of his cotemporariea. la the third volume of J)is ** Lnooy ? New Spam." he give, ma an abstract of the supplies of the precious metal, from America, as annexed ? 14M lo 1600. at S J tarty average of tl'Oooo ISM " IMS, 3 0U I "00 1MIM laso. " it ooouuo MM * 1TM, " 1 s oo i soo 1 11W " 1710, * 81 no (.00 17M ' 1SS0. '* 3.%,300.000 The quantity of gold produced in this continent. ' at the beginning of thia century,w?s, to the quantity of silver, as 1 to 46 In Europe, the proportions ere as noe to forty. From reliable source*, we earn that the amount of gold produced is Mexico, Panama, Chili and Huesos Ayres wis about f.K'.nw.P0n } the silver produced by the same Hta'ea, t'JSM.uao.rmo. between the years MlO and 1 During the same period, Russia--whose natistics are more complete than those of any other nation?yielded about $16,000,000 in gold, and a little more than $5,000,000 in silver. With these data, with the consumption at fifty mill.) as of dollars annually, with a surplus produce of only about $10,000,000 annually, we can post ourselves up in thisbusinese, us cle irly,completely and satisfactorily as the public cm the ultimate end, to our children, and to society atlarue, of the pernicious pantheism, atheism, d? ism, dogmatism p.i.fl social civ.nryoi ine p.ou- g-auun ui me Tribunt. Mvmerie* of tiiu Tomns?Drury's Trial.? Wf do not think it necessary to make a sjiecific or very loud cull uj>on our readers, to notice the I strunue developements which have been brought out on the trial of Drury, gcing on before Judge | Udmonds, duiiug these lost two days. The* re mirk able character of the evidence, arid the new view which it gives of these mysterious proceedi ini*s, will HS iiki n a fret h and deepened tutereat to ( know the secrets of the whole, embracing all those trials which are connected m nny degree Willi it. There is no necessity, no hurry in forming ?n opinion, or of giving utterance to u decision ou thec t; ittr re, until ihe trial of l>rury shall be fairly completed. The public mind, however, cannot resist its first impressions, or w itiiliold its first convictions. The |y ople are listening to that trial, reading the evidence, holding up their hands in astonishment, and gradually coming t? that conclusion which we ulways anticipated, from certain mysterious events, would be the ouly result of th< se wonderful mysteries and curious secrets of stool-pigconiem. The evidt iice brought out yesterday?given in fi.ll 111 our columns?is equally interesting. It disclosea very sorry attempt of Mr. Clarke, one of the counsel, to father one of his own blunders, relative to George Wilkes, upon our very accurate and competent reporter. Our reporter most ellectually seitles the lawyer. As to the exact position of Wilkes in this business, a short time will disclese its exact length, breadth and thickness. The dawn approaches. Military Preparations in Georgia, for Something.?One our cotemporaries states, with evident alarm, that a proposition has been introduced into the Legislature of the State of Georgia, authorizing the raising of tw o hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of organizing a military force of three hundred thousand men. We doubt, however, whether this should create much alarm lor the safety of the Union, or the peaceable settlement of the anti-slavery question. We should not he surprised to see such a movement have a greater connection with a revo| lution in the it land of Cuba, nnd the annexation of j that beautiful spot to this Union, than with any project for the dissolution of this magnificent I nun At this munwtil (!.m it! i i* nrtnmrincr fo separate from EnglanJ, at.d, according to nil ap| t artiLces, will soon be knocking ut the portals of tbeAmrricun Union for udmilt iuce The Southern State* cannot close their eyes to this great in ?vernent in the North, Hnd must betimes prepare for such n contingency ut an early day. Who knows but that the military preparations in the South may be intended for a descent on Cuba, Sin Domingo, and perhaps a |>art of Mexico, at the proper time ? We are perfectly satisfied that the project of revolutionizing Cuba baa not been given up by the inasti r spirits who were stopped tu irid career last year. Neither U?n Taylor nor his cabinet can prevent certain movements from taking place at the South, with all the force, naval or military, which they have at their comuiaud to w ield agiiust it. The destiny of Cuba, aud perhaps Sin Domingo itself, is a union with this republic ; and matters may be maturing in the Southern States, beyond even the dreams of the simpletons now ut Washington. No Spanish Minister in the neighborhood of the White House, nor u Secretary of State in his office, can check the progress of certain movements which have begun in the Southern States, having for their obiect, at the proper time, a revolution in Cuba, and the annexation of that country, nJcvs rvltnt, to the I nilcd States. Mi:. Skiator Cixhimi, or Alabama, and thk Operatives or New IIampsiiiue.?We publish o-day, in another column, a very curiuus letter, which has been addiessed by the Hon. J. Clemens, Senator from Alabama, in Congress, to the " mechanics and manufacturers" of New Hampshire. This letter has been rent to us for publication, with tin- request that i: might appear in our columns, and that any expenses attending such a publication would be paid on applying to the Seuaior himself, at Washington. We are not in the habit of charging Senators, or any other persons, for the publication of matters exclusively of public interest, though looking to private advantage. W? publish, therefore, the correspondence gratuitously, and shall only demundofthe Senator of Alabama, that while he stands up for the right* of the South, as guaranteed under the constitution, he will pursue, in his place in the Sfennte, that conciliating course which may preserve the integrity of this valuable Union again-t the daring attempts of the abolitionists in IJoston?who want to abolish not only tli- I n . n I,nt .h- V-kk-.t, ...A everything c!*c?no well as the ultras in any other I otiitn <>f the country. This is all we ask of Mr. Senator Clemcnn for the pulliratton of this or any other similar production coming from him. Tahtiow r.r rna I'itt- Ps?ro*ro Cst?v .* ?By ra- | fsrrara to the rsport of the proceedings cf the B >ard ol Super vlecr*. elilrk will be fount In another solans, It *111 be reen that they hare adopted a memorial to I tbe Legislator*. to change the periods of making ont | the ???vMm<ut? and eollectlng the tax, also, to gtretkt p. aid of Snpertlecre the power of e>|uallstng and #orreetlag the a**et?meata If thlf ehonld be adopted, together with the art son In prrgreM toa*ee*sper?onal pr< retry a< well a* real estate, a complete change for tbe better shell hare taken pinee la our city taxation Tin 1ti-*H or InroaranT Mxma compel* us ta omit the following articles, which nre la type, eta': ? rkn Ball. Supper and Speeches on the annleerenry of Tho- < ma* lame'* Birth day ; Letters from St. L"ale, 1 ikton Md . he an Ab'trsct of n Report on the i opper Mine* of % irhl ran; The rolltira! r'ondltlon of Per*1* a rartety if LdltorlaD, and sexeral column* of miscellantou* aew* anil local matter. Ixrritii net raow lire*.?We hnee re*elvei our flee of Havana papera to the 19th of January 111* 1 xeellenej the I aptaln lleneral i f Havana has arrived at Maiantae on n tour through the Ulead He ' he* tuen resolved with great demoa*tratloa* ol r*?p*ct. I and/fod awry wbate He Las visited the prison* and oth-r public eotahlUhment* *i lee" i anaa? Hodtiguei M "n the Kth at Havana He waeforr.ierly Inten lant of the province 1 h* Vuiaiis* dmiMl of the ltth announce* the arrival of < cunt Norwalk. hi* ladv and a numeronv re ttnue of eervaata. at the hotei of Ma lam* Mottle n la a rlrh Russian, a bo stenda money ami liberally Some at Sret took blm to he ene of tbe Roib*chtl I*. be le eald to be a eoeoad Moatei rieto a* to wealth Awvkvs raow Yt i arav hare been received at Havana tn the 21*t of December By them it app*ere that (loveraor DarWhln ha< thrown cpan th* porta for ladtaa rora to be admltt'd free for alar month* , in m tbe dad <y toe proclamation. nb|rh la Dec ITth >fo<iM*vr* in* ( ?ii?o*m*.? We understand that 1 several of car tiae*t *bip* have recently be*a purchased, and alll b? fitted up imm*ilately, for tbe purpeee of being sent to < allforaie . among nhlch are tbe Sheridan. St fatrl -k. the o*w ship Realm. Saratoga I alparateo. and Motor a tbe latter of which was built la tbta aity aboat aiae year* ?lB*e, and now brought td.HW. The Sheridan. whUh bee been(rnr several year* la the Dramatic Lin* of LIveTpeolPaokkt*, under the eeaimaad o( < aptiortiUb. be* earned for herself n reputation aeo.iad to no veeeel out of tbie port, for speed safety and comfort The St Patrick ha* also been la tha Liverpool trade for aevetal year*, and ha* been very suee*s?ful. The t alparateo sad Saratoga are nearly full, aalwilieall shortly In addition to the above, from forty ta flfty veoeri*. meet of which are of the largest slnae. are bow wp at this port for Ban I master.,. ftaval Intelligence. The 1 nlted state* sloop of war St Lout* waa at Rio Janeiro on the ltth alt The I alted States frigate Brsadywia* (441 sailed ltth Deo f?r River ol riate' and sloop of war John Adam* (Mi tailed mm* day, for i least *f Africa *' ] Meeting <>r ?aa Conanuaar*. The ?t* <B(UB?re tflku eity b?IJ mtbw td, arnrd netting, laat in '?/ at the Krotlta; H?i? fan the purport of vacate vg the rep rt of the a?matUee appilntrd at the meeting before the laat te dree ap tremortnl to the ('crura I ounrtl oa h? eabjeat of Ita*. Mr. Meh'tiilvj r>ad the mtin<w*l. if which the Mloatng I* a cop/ ? TO THIS MAYOR, ALfiKRMia, AMI (OtauUtTI OT W < . 11 M MV. t MM. 7 At Px titi ,, , '(t, undtr-1 mx Imk ' V ( et f / .Vein Yt'ik i-Cr/it'f'e.'/e ?.i > ? I 1 it -r ,et ' ' ? t r ' 1 hjr the hew York O n l.n -n l'e i r .af. e i e 1 J ' a ?i * * Oil l.iil.t t . u. imi . ( i . h ?.? i- I ' '* the hi nit ? et.'i i . idnu * te i" ? u see I o i. w i k)i >llil itnr>n'?, t'>;Mitt'< .. .u i . i i . ? eanl | utile late| h*? e 1i? a 1 . ' ' - < I ?? I tr uii ? t-teh h:?v' t<?a there- I euii a a- ? "* '' '' ' i_. li | iui>. !et A..#, I th b > ? ' I ' * ' > *' 11 ui a <i i, i i J i 1 eel .? tr ? ?ui|. ml ipi't mi -u o.e i?? I 'e one - ee .?< winch lnip.-ntiv,i> , 'He ef a>i i r* ' * ' . tlic cicltibiv. frii I!' *?e er.ii i t jr ) n I? * -. t it too-rublce, it' tontte e deiertei' ' itt*- 'f? ' ' ui< at. tor eu|e ') lai ee. lu?? I" 'h.- ?' I l?? le ?i. I ' . r ouhil.f II ti Jill til l ee K ma; li re be rie 'W at rwie . nrrsiiuj pit. '11 ?t j.wr (in Icceenre eat ere-1 late a eeajfMb VMM tha -I.. .I > . . if ..i.i i i u|k , ? *' jN t lege and rigb: of lajr-u* P?P*! eadei nt???d ? *** H***1 lirfU tl ui?l oil). l)??l iwlh?l <?m4 MV'ii ^ 1 j < | > ? 1 .r.?| I*"1 ' e '. ?? ae ii<i'f fm>tlB| c-i aa.4 ?tr?. s lor a ? r - ' i ?J # p-e 'I n it f.u t t '<mi any e- atracted to !"PI?'y ? ** ?.t t >. ?. ?t |ii:i!i'y rao. and t? ea?- '' |'?W >%wwe # 1 Jighted tberewitli, at a )? ?p?ce# a*t eaeeedi* v uld I lJi? CUBl cl |>|||ID< aa 1 miM >> ! an ' ol Mtd ! >i.|? with i'il. 'I' tl.e .1/ i ui ?4 )#* Id I c* cl' a quality, 1 r > lltniicj'. < t <o amy. A Ut *i - ?a ... v ti r ?i? > -.1 | '1 tat)our petitioners are i?? I tad * *?i % tb* XinfuimtiKMl bUDi N(? Vnrki.Afl . t pii*? a? ?r ?oca <t a uility. brillier.* g or i nijuU'i-i be ii-rnieh*d by aa>4 i?r quality oft))* hue been iiun -r. m*u i ?? it v?tv rxorl i flit. Ttat it. prti.-el 1 ?eo . ?*a I' m de ! > - pnajr, hart bitu deeepi*? ul lull. Y. \'r ietiu n< re are alio laf<>f?aoi Mil l?ei*#?e frtd?cfM?iriof )our hoc* rabte #1) a a ** * couirao: with the *aui aitan Um iu t C- . u awe aid co?jany cUibiaa ?*-.1-1?* | n?. lightivg the pi! lie lamp!, sod th? < *. l a ing ? n the puMic street*, and te hy i ir? for the parp * ?f c?udoft.n^ in the eirtete and a%?" * f aatdly fc ui (jitnd itmu Voir I i-r? art i t 4 m d U-iittc tl ft t the Manhattan Oai lit* ?.i ue^r perKrir . 4 t) e rt pulau u c?*atai u ? r *' tl at tln*y bavo Ivriin rJ *a? it au *. r -a ? at t ' c)imk?4 an fxorbitiBt t>rtii ti)?r?l<ir >. i | ty e.jual to that which has btta at *av >?. ! ? - ? ? i eitht r of aaid * uQ}| iau?, ? an l-e taan ' ' r t > ; lor iifhtmg the public lan*i ana to ' i. . -i m i ? ? '-4 ' 1* rpiibtd to ?uch oitwen# a* may tt? *? to ue* * ? Mt r* a or dwellii)|a. at a ptxt not ?i . .i?? t ?t U now chained b) i^.d tou>,^ ? pt; ail i ai d cxpaasea Your ptiiib aan further aho* . that ? t* * *, i *a ;.# making cl tuital li pr? *iatou i?>r 1 ? * f * w : \ < iV, or the 0ti?r?*u then (? aa-l tf -? * n?* I lacti-nan aud huild iLtrain d ai< 1 t ?.! t . i ?. t ! importance in tht pul I * go*art? -t I ^a.i ij. ? 4 tawl i L *i. u i.. t < . y ; f* . < < ' ml it ? ?> !. ?. aa J >**?!> ..f tvary lahahl u , t l . . : t , r i .. ! tht r ibircoolferi, ia warctly !? ? ? i o-m - m raao > ? u I a? uld bj the ^raut ot ao p-i- 1 t? j r * and water to aitiseaa Ibai at the mue ? t ? i*.. tuuii cf n)OLOpcli?> v?ere made ty tl^e i-rel-c > ?f ? ot n table tody to the aaia corp< rati< ii?. t e a't.n** n ..f aur ulI lt v cititer had a >t keen arouaed to th? gTvat 4 . a#ere i i-e i ?| | tehttrdi d tii-oi tlreae ilvaM->M ? ? t *?l r* - aa4 ?te placing < l our ft: low crtUena aa t th<- - t j autl. m i m r ti - power al a- at i| ... M> dwUuiH i ... ra poraibility, at d acting for irieate ?;aiti eat !u-l t. ly. !. . i i-iI'triraea o| ot.ft-,'en* y jrr, ai.4 f - . . f.* pt.>* er jnd txa< t.cia f v.bri<> c-rp rnfr jas iiave 4 i i tl at inch au J aaaaet be eaiely n ru<tc4 mati *In uae ptftore meaaait*r private enda; tnattr.e^- >-4 *1 a*?e aa tay i lain ahljraaci Iced to the iatdrwaid el to** i? w, aad tea* the exiftterne of tuch grant! it Contrary t - the feat we, aa 1 tonda to the dcitrncti* u > f free inaiitutiona. Mitl.i.u* *m< ri ax la to details, your petitroneri atati that they n- prepaied to lay b.'tore yaur hoaorahle b*?djr? aviu*lfeji ? laeuce. thai the public air*'?t% aai burl iiau, aal t e cam** cf ti t eity of >?w York.rau t? eu|i-ti*-4 wuh ;-a# li*. lit* lioiu g'b to be mauul n luicd uu- T proline .a re .ted ur that putpoac l) tl>o cry e^rptratioo tuore t heaply i . ?a it if now supplied in the city or Ptiladelplila, where ?l if I ew luii.ihhid at 22% ccuij per li0 cub < feet, w h le our citi/e-i ;t. v charted 4ticeatd per Mu eahio I : far gta ot i ... quality, ihat ttv raving o. eep. u.?e to the ?:ty treasury iu the di2.r? ucc Letaeen ilie price now paid i? r euppiytag tho I i nllic ??io|s at d tuil.nuKf >* ith gat, aud the coat atwhieh ti cy w?uld It fupj'ud under the arraugcmeal propotcd, wciildin a few year* defray the entire* of constructing the L?t<i?ary worke to ouauuta*tur? the :ta, and of lay ng the pipce to carry it through the puMlo aireate. That a Urge ruuicl oivovy ?tuM be uuaually ear id to citi/eue wh > no ? wee the gafl tupplied by the, and the uai ol this %4luaMe and unrcnitni mode ol liaU'iag huildinge would be extended to thcniaedf ot our ir< el labori iUfl urv haiitcaani tltlltli:., W hi. BIO |.? >111 ?[ ) I?li puce cbarpcd by Le m.nopo!ic? for the eupph' 1 1 y tbtlu. Your petitioner* therefore f ray that yonr lionira' :y w>11 annul the eontracta made by jr rore w. New Yrrb Gae Light t b.| iuy, aad r ?u ' I Ci mpaey. beeauee ot the failure, by i 1 Mie1). to |etl rut thecnadiliune ccntu ir nr. Ml M J M mat ral e budy will ? SiLtncc* pi lorn. a I'utilio .? ecrarttue ?r remnant ?l tlie n'jr u New V'irk, u.d t" pr-.wd . iylngUie lauipe bbb bu.ldlage. Ilil U ? I < i?>, ?nl. (4*. lor lighting atretic Bud bulldin ! ?ni price which will defray the enituf It* predu i upp'.y; bod carry euch arran>cmeata into itlect ae < aetnaybi I ' 11 1 a. cr, IMI )M?IU mil to > If | icra BBi I li i ir fallow M iicua each relict troui the iiMtlMI n. w bib ie i i u lb MB, buii upon the <it> feliwqr, for the BBppI ! raa light fiirniahcd by atid companies. aa to your Boaor ibie ' body ehill ?| pear rnoet?loediem and Jim. A i.ii your petitioners will ever pray, ko. Eaten Naw Vuai. J:.n if, l-.'ih Joaaa fattlctt. J IT Marker. Tiihu Mather, M B,. A. K< aliab, Juba J. Mul ,it, Charles ?. Matbewt, I lain J. krrcir, Cbarlta C. S. U. ltyrru a, toward M Kinlcy, fen ell V. l'edge, Theodore H-rcn, Jan.!a II Taylor, Jaiuei U. i'trkiua, C. U. Beaton, Coule) K Keee. h. luule, Owen Jon*a, Joha Greenwood, Mniret B. Schnpler. John N. item,Hob, iii nry Pimm! lb, Jobu 11. Tunic, W m. Al'iro. 11, una a Kile.v, Cbns. A Kentiali, Aim. I'ohcoiua, M a. L. t oncklia, J. U. Moti. M m li. Mi nor. CbatlaalfortoB, Joha B flreb, Jatnes II. 4'nrd, I 1. a:ria?u llall. Mm . autlvd CtmnulWv fAV... ?k? a eA* After ti e adoption taf the memorial Mr MiKiWLB* i fl-ted the following reavlniloar, which were uuaul, tui Of It pBtfe.J:? 1 keir'ved, 1??t tlm title ( the UaJa whieb form tl.e public eirirK iu ibe city of Mew York, la ceated by la ? la t ie e >eT ralioa rf ta d a ty. la trvat for the i rl- hit any grant | u| an eatlaaite privilege to uee tiie aaid eiraeta, ar lae toil ardor Ibe aurtace ef raid aireata lor the l>?i.cft oif ray pnoata corporation! or iaUlnduala, ia a vii mm >a ot tbe e i ml r abta cl the iwL.oitaBia el aaid eity, and ot the troit repond in tbe Co r| oratiou of aaid etlj. 1 Keeolved, Thai the making ot tai able prorlal "ia f raupplyiBf the |i.l.It etie-te aae haildibge. and the lioueee freatitg on ewtd aerecte, wtthgaa light# of geed (aohty aad at the L wen poietblc trice, it an important doty el the public goto'lb.olv of ibe city o I New I ork Ktanivrd That the pricee heretofore clitrard hy tha Nea Yukliae Liflit Coia|eay. and tin II ahaitan Ga< Ld(ht I in | any. tor tbe (Be aoppllel by the to. aadartbe iu "B"p 'Ilea y anteu to aaid c< tapaaiea by the Corporation ef New Yerk, bane l-e?w aciaairc and exorbitant: that thoer nniuet and ai biliary exaction, of I ha prtrtleeeii few. call lor Ba itn-ae* dia e abrogation ef tbe pew ere eoalertod epue theta, aad tbe BitabliabB.ect ef aaeb aeaeuita aa w ill - a. a tie MM public tree ary and pr'.yate cltiieaa Itotn aimilar itupast- . Men a. Ml Ind. That l.a< inc leea inda. rd t pr r a ' - ef I the pre on acpnliea. ana to rcmoaetrato ataiaat m? it coulibtiaai , iiobi a blah traaa < : , .1.1.1 -io- art.I inter into an BMoilati n for tl.i nn>te ?la' lone Bad nniM. I pri ?e< utica ol lit In. p. rtant< t?, iivil the end ehBll b? effected and pood (be, at ehtap rat?i. and In ample 'plant!;iei, thall l.c lornlebirl t? the clliiena of Me? Yerk. Knotted. 1ha>the elbcere el tbe aaid BieoeiBtioa ehtllr in iit el a t't> eitfeat, Hrrretaty. aad Treaanrer, and iba-all u.lteje eoLlrihuted to defray the cap nice aee-nanly I bt It cunod, eba.l I e |.aid to the Tr aaurer. Keiclrr d. 1 hat the ce-operati a of the taa payrr< and elt'rete of Ntw York, be lavitrd to aid thlB??e eta i rt ia ol>laian a oblena of each vital l?p?.rtaace t-> the whole e 10a ualty; that aadcr tie adanaietrattav of rulcre euoita bp tbe people, aad rtapnntlale to the*, thwrliyaf New t o.-? may be (biaply 111 ai.eadaatly eupe lied win, ea> ll?hl. Mr I'll tat>. Id ea| port of tLr rreolutl u? eatd that If aurh an t*a< cia'l. n. of tb? kind o.'f. tern plate J were fidDied. it Wuttld ahow tk*t tbe peepia of Nea Turk were (litem in< 4 to T.Dte a nfotm la the uialter >>f llfhtlrg the cilT, Ac There wae another metier to whtrb t-? would direct the attcnUin if tbe tnretioj, via the pnblirhlrg of atalialica c necrLion the .,uaoC.ty and | tier 1 f de?' in otln r placn. an tha; tl | III gilt fcatw 1af< I ma* l"U on the euttiect lie would, Iberclora, |>TO| tie the follnaleg rcaoljtun, which ? ? adopted iilvrd. That a rcramilMe of tlre? beappoia'ed I" drift ar*' i''. ' 1 ' I " ' 1.1 n. u i aril eta'.io f a r> MP f rhAiifillt Iti lid* in rkfn.Ht n*rm n! : I I dea# .a ??.< I.. i r# tU'i *' < to (too *<!> ?ther irferiaato.* t< mxjr l. thiot MtitiUi k; It) ,iniri f Nf? l tt hi i,i)H*4 >' ??lel*#a oil# good rod f??A.t Miarka. tlio 1 h.airiuan. nt lnn?a why I: wae that lit* banc bill* railing tho m*?t o? mentioned tl<*i the (* toDiuiiiwi wiebrj to tr*o?*ct tbelr own bu-li*?e. without tb* Interference of I'rofee* r? V B. and C It did n't paitirularly refer t<i lr?fo-eor Grant. but Ik* oflleera of tb* mooting bad conrljjed ujon permitting hi.thing to Interfere with the roe?;lo* wbtch did ?< t erre* pruperly altbln It- prorlnee A e?iaB>IUea of Mr?ri Bergou KentUb ami MofTa't. r are appointed to aolleet eutecrlpUoa* for tb* *oattauear* the aiili pa* motemanl A Motion waa thou mad* tbat permanent nffl**-* nf tb* Aarcetatlua b? n< mlaated- hereupon oi Al Jornan Mercer waa unaninouely appoti.t-J ( balrmaa; Mr J M tout, a* Secretary, and .\*r Jona? Harriett, a* 1 r*a*ar?r. i Mr. Piama*. of Odd Follow*' Hall, (aid that ho undff ?tr? d tbo Oaa i ompaay bad pr<tnl?ed to roda.i* tb* prlo* of *a?. 1 'hi# bo proteetod agatn-t. booauM > bar* baa ono r?duot|< i. alroady. wblab ha< eoat tho I : . a gnat do*' an ! it ther- he *n..M, r <?no It wiii bo perleet ruin to tbo ira* cooeuoier*. (I.* up tit or ) Mr. MnrratT mere I tbat wb*a tho ta-otiu* adjourn. It adjourn to no-el again r-it nook II* ha* .oar I It aid tbat tbo pa* moaopaUaa ar* confident tbat lb la tnrtoMoat will *ot cold - that It would on J to a>tbi*g. far hie part h. re-r bo *1 aM Ml tho' t'-ere wm OBB i I recent who would n*.t p?t rold la tba ma'ter. (I.aught* r ) II* wa* oonUdoot. it tb* raoremetil wao kapt up. tl o r*a laonopr Ilea ? uld bo *ti...i?bod before two jrara. It ainat b*e?mo a political m >*cm*nt and If tb* praeant Common t aworil do aot agree tolt,tb*lr uraoeavr* atU. (dpptaur*) Mr l'?ia? opck* a t*w word* In fa?or of a hydro-eleo- I trie light.of Li? dumorory, br ablnh. bo o*id. tb* light , bicb now on*to oa* buodrod doliaro a roar, caa batur airbed at two dollar* A naohla* *f ial? dooortpuoa til ee-oa h# exhibited in thte and other ciiloo. h* al- 1 lurt* 4 to tbo roniat k* whloh Profooanr Grant mad* at 1 a prof low* meeting eon?orainp bin and bl? light. and denied tb'lr rotteotaoee I n io.oor t *tar tboa r>?o? and ?*ld - May I nek II yaw . arc tb* rroat " rbot at f" (Laupbtar ) Mr f'eiua If tb* Inquiry hae aoytbiop t* do wtlb light I will aarwor It I bo axotirp adjourned to moot again on aoat W*4a?rday w*?k. Political leetalllflonac. T>tto. tn* Wn mot r*(ni*o ion lurt fr?By tb* Heltanr* a country mall roarhnd OaGeeto* tbo from Auotla to tb* 10th Tho aobat cniwniltto* to aboai wor* referred tb* joint roooiutl.rat ea :ar*ry,aad tbat portloa of tb* Hmcraor ct?apo oa tto ttao cubjoot. batt room Bonded tb* paaenga (< tb<M* r*t< lutionc wttb *ob>* amendment*. addlop to thotl r and ciftaiaiag tbo Tlowt rf tb* Gneeraar to tbo failoat Oktont I hot bar# r** <mm#nd# I aa ad- ; dltlraal rrto|Btl* a making II tba duty of thailiooraar i to c*a?*a* tb* Lopialatut* la tba acaal of tbo paeeago by ( oagroa* f tb* Wilarnt pmatan, o* aay kladrod *?tnro Tbo tiororanr aaoam ta b* la p rcoaaolaii of Information fr lap to prova tbat fudge Baird ban betrayed tho tutor.?t* con tided to him la ale mi**i<>n to Santa | Fa A bill baa pawed tbo lower b-u?# withholding bid I raiary. and Mae moromaat |e mvi* for bi? Imp-oab I oat I Tl'LRIiftAfMIC INTELLIGENCE. ansa wary. The S-nate, jreaterdnjr, waa engaged during nearly *H "? km. i, in the dtarueaion of Mr. \t I-. ; anting the piMie land* to actual ?nilfrn Ttiedrb.te w < quite animated, it ?i> |*rtty br?>' if intimated bjr notne Senators iii.i ii ir? h.ul * -i'i iiing toward* the the ft**Ml> earcenaioa in litU In ti e Jl< tee th nn'eage q>irrti<>n t an again * ? t nailer,tiled riis-ion, W(9 U.J on 'V !..:> I e Home then v.ent tuto t vtrv ' th' \t <.n the b.ll li'i.iliotf the aafrna?n d ro.lertinir the revenue. Mr. IS.yly. ?>t V.i-iii. I?d oil the dehi'e, and wn followed iyhr i *1,14 M , oher-red otf on *r rnvf. v dn -r?'t -I - V ?1?,- . ??TJ ,j if iiun. I Wii'ni. M>i, i / t<. n ? te, the Ileum .ijjournod. In on I ! ,r. ? nun "t ?>? ptiti.a.i.l 1 !?. am aam ina iH er were |>ri.'*culed to h'ti ho? ??, and 0|<t?r?i;?et ttrly referred. Is the Crsntr, the re gala ting the aaaenantrnt and entiec*"* of ? * #, wan takes af in eoniisttt?e . I La to, *m. m . i k... ti.. loll I MMdiil ifea (kutri ( tba lladoia Kltref Kalk roa.t C'? f?|>?aj alao utlfl f?n-idrrttioa ; *ud ihr kilt rt,ak tag afpmt"ia'M?aa fOf tba >ui? Libmry ?m pafaad. la ikf llvwf, bat little buaiarw ?a< troMttrd TV Nil doaausf a bN? k ct a*?rbl* to tba Nrtmaal W??k una M< annual araa (XMrd, ki?i*| pr?*i?arljr

|Wawd iba Maaalr affair* In V% ?aiH|Inn. or a fra* i*l 11 i.asaara c roaaffai-oauta > Wnaiwrw, Jaa M, 149 Lrid r*form - fraa far ma - IV IVaata ta tall ?f imIi frnfrct* Wikdri, Vtftrr, Mratid, ha, a?<J ctVr*, kaw n*H? ntndrrtd tbair pUaa f?*ff graatiof away ikr pabl.c ljd? to rrttlrn, a* if ill'Jf *?fr aot |?b dfd M airt tba drift of Ikt M>aicaa?rar (l??r*aw ) Tba b.I fur iV wlirfrf NrrfHair M'trditk to krfn? ikr bat l <t ail Ikr rrirl tB*y aril! afford kua, ba amy aa vrM f? ?a *iik ka ratMK>?>a'i llo?r loaa the ?U*rry Utaraaatua ia lo lot, aa man raa it I'. U < inri lira. Ta?lor aa tV aveaaa tkia afn-r. a< oa. wa'kiaff at tba r?l? af i*a m Ira u kmr. a r?i i*i walk of t?a of ibro n.,V? d*r? kia g md, after toafmamaat b b?*'? aM day Ol. lUatoa kit tad.cud tta- ?*b i>it?r of tba woolly to raa, aad B?oa t Him *or ia tire baa.i d dollnra. lo mtarr at iba M?r< b term, tn tba r b era ot obtain.i.f mtf't aaJ r t*!nn prrtf-a r%. Tmm harre U rah In ad aa a aoniMffvift c* .'arrd by tal. Fmwat m tba?>ii? Ftrnal m Hratoa'a ! too- iB-liw. _________________ TIIIUTk-l lttar n>\<.RKI|. naar aaaaioa. Bawata *??.?. ra? Iaa K. 1MB Crtrral aatttlrar aag i? iM oI a aaittoi ??t? ml. 111! I TO (.III ItVl It *. ? ?l > ** ' | Vr lloi mm iot? lue?d u Mit4a??t HM bo b rlfta*d proposing to Mr Hal ??r r?*o|jtt*a lo b<4 of gltlng Und* to Mttil Mr. tooii intimated that U< torino* pr*| ?<M *i tl I* kind w*r? bid* fir |t>| ilorl'r oal ?ipr***?d lb* | c, ii. i u tbot tbt* Til tb* bo*t bt-J niO j*t Mr. llot tToa a?*ur*d lb t'?tl?oai tbotbabot ?? i u?tlnnr *hi h could ot all r .o flirt (llklb" wbtob | loot* *11 rojuetly entitled to. Mr. Hoi (Tea *ubn.ltt*d <> additional *h?*r?nti?w? | inruppcrt of tb* policy wblcb kl* r?*olatt*r> pcap "'t I Mr. Mix.i ? raid that In tIoti nf *11 l' "? r'"t d \ tlnoo, from diflrrrot quarter* ol tba lata it i?ok*l r*ry much a* though ?? war* la tb* podttna of a *btp I er*w, o boo* t * * I b to* about to broab ay la tb* -t r.a went to mork to break up aad distribute bor ?t*?i (I.anghtar ) >1* koto not in* tbat ba might by |iil { bill1). at th* praper tim*. dot* loaMoad by gtelag tbooa bundled and t **ut) a?r*? to dftab emigrant, a* 1 a*. according to tb* opinion of many g*at i*d*b tba Untirr if a orrtala ?p- ** of property wa* tola* * ** onod. b? would con?*nl to lb row la a nift*r a pt#?o (laughter ) Mr 8iw>ii> called for tb*r*adlo( of bt? r??. .lattoa i to glvo laada to refuge**. aad *tpl*a*l tbat bi <>iv**t wa* to nr***nt bl* propolttaa a* a a xia'oa oa? to that | nf tbo Roaator fna Michigan *u*p*odiag difi*aaiM u? ....... ..II I..W. 'I - r - r - * - - - -1? ' proraonr al>b< rroiio* of Aweliau or**11* bat to gic* to tbo*o trbo bar* boos 0|>pr**?*d by bor *ab*taattai allot Mr. Dotm *a* charged tbat Mr toward by bt* pr*. preltiun, bad mad* a bid for tho loratga mt* by getting a J< outage* t* tb*m oblrb w*ro nut ell?r*d t? tb* aatlTobvra Mr. Ci*? ?ipr**?*l bi# hearty approbattoa ad tb* ?r< po?IU< n to gle* lao i? to actual Miliar* stating that a billeted wa Ml ki'* roarhod that plat la tbi* on* try wtiek dtmai 1-1 *urh *ctloa that woo what bo' n.**nt by tba ago of pr< r*o?. Sit. Bsooga *ugg**t*d.tbat. a* tb# public laada w*ro, 1* for tfc* public drbt recoiling from tb* War | altb bioairo. Coogi*** bad ao right to giro tb*? away by whaltial*. Mr. fi? tar raid that b* wa* la fbrnr of rloiag tb* p**f*r*uc* to tb* dl*trtbu?loa of load to tb* foreigner and en.igiant, wbar* liberty ba* b**a b*at*a dvwa by yynuliD and tyranny aad who ha* ftod to u* for refat* A lb* proper tin,* It would b* p*ra that ir thrr tban tbl* I,* did uot gt*w tb* f<w*tga*r pr*l?r*n OT*r tb* natiT* bora. Ho doilrod al*o to aay. tbat b* bad alaayr brra otpoeadto tb* *alo of tbo public laadv f. r if* purj.ct* nl imrrarin* th* rn*nu*< . . th* country. Mr. diwiot rugg?*t*d, that tbo paltry proposed oflsr* , a pr> u.lum to tbo**, la forrlgu load*, who war* ao* rtiugylii'K lirlil. rtr aud tbat th >?* strugglm would c**r* upon it* adoption, baraua* w* would buy up **?ry patriot raga**d in tba rtruggto, with tbi* off#r of a bounty In a land distant from tba ac*a* of tb*ir poll lolie labor*. Mr Dawton aiao coa?id?r?d tb* gaa* ral icopo of tb* pnilry uad*r dbeursl"* oapraouag bi* c Deletion* of it* lujartle* aad Impropriety Alt*r aa* further d*ba*.o, by M?a*ra Uoaglaa* aad Htutua? Mr S>w*?n. In reply to an latlmatlna of Mr Dawton (aid? H* wa* bar* oa public dutia*. aad ouuld aorrr d?f*t>d btm*elf from laelauatioa* tbat bo bod prtt?t* purpose* to ar.~oiu| ll?h ll*al in mo*t largii*g*. pictured III* benefit* whlob had *ccra*d to , N*w lurk from th* four aad a ball million* dollar* abich foil to that Stat* la Ui* dDtr.butioa of th* ear- | plu* riiinu*, tbat m< e*y bad glt*a tb*ia tli* **h k4hcaMapon #*?ry mil* aad a half nf oeory road hod educated*T*ry child. wh*lh?r wbltoor Afrtoaa-bal tdaHMU* i.llnd, and r*ll*t*il tb* d*af mat* fraa much of hi* atl.ictloa Mr 8*w*rd aleo ?ubm<tt*d ad Ii tlonal remark* apoa tb* r*a*ral ? baractar and propria'r I cf the policy of Mittiktbii the public lea li a* be l boi etggeeted. or the revenuea inalnf (rna their -ale la concluding. be denied that he pr?f??ei to laa'ltute 1 at J Inequality Wtffrn foreigner* aad native bora, or b? twee o oae eoler and lo ilwr hi* object ew to qoa.iirall men, making an tilaUnrtioa. eioepl moral ad Intellectual, aad. la pnreuit of thlc object. ha dergned. at the proper Mae. to plana Ova year* re?|. dance and a rata at tha option of arery aaa af every ?< untrj, who waa diepcard to aratl hlmeelf of the advaatagt* of ourfraa institution*. Mr Wtiira addreaeed tha tleaata la aapport at a proposition to cada tha public lead* to the State* ta b the; lie; after which tha raaolutloa nutlet dieauwlt a waa laid on tha tehle. aad ordarnd ta ha prlaud. Mr.* fare notice of a Mil providing far the free na rit at Inn of the St. Lawrence and foe reciprocal trade with Canada. After the traneaetloa of eoaie additloaal baelae** of no gnat general iatereat. and the coatidaratloa of I Ieautire bueiaaea. the Senate e4jo*rned 11 oaac af Itepreer iitatlrra. Wemtnaraw, Jaaaary SO. ISM 01 wtt to aoLoiaat. Mr. Coat, of Alabama. iatrodnaed a Mil to practde all Amerleaa eoldiara not heretofore prorlded foe. with bounty land. Referred to tha 1 oaallhe oa tchile Land*. TM* MILItOC tl'ltriTT. Tie mileage .|iiaetlon oat racatneg Mr. Senriii defended the reeolatloa whlrh he la trcdured yeturday. for tha I ommlttee oa Mileage to compute the aillatge of member* npaii the aearaet mail rente upon which mall concha# or other aoaeanti nt conveyancer run from the reetieaaa of member# to the rent of government Mr Met evi.a aekrd *heth?r the preamble, that the aa*wer? <f member* war# ladedalte av to the dietaana traeell'd. applied to all. Mr Swrever* had act eiamlaed all the aaewere. bnt thought that tha preamble dt.l ant apply to all lie would tint let any man draw oat of the freaanry rtltrctly. The ptartlce of the le-t thlrtv year* bee been wrong. He did not Intend to b? Ir1*an from hie cour-e by the cry that he eae making Seneomba la the '.lib 1 nngreee the revolution passed whi -b In effect charges every man with petit larceny eteallng peer eealiag wat, and earalopee Me a?hed eoma old mctaber to point cut the mm who ceaecd the paaaage of tho rceolntiow. Mr Hear* waa n member af the la*t committee aad they construe! the law ananrdlng to lu letter aa-l ee edmlnletered It A large majority of thte committee BO dtffl -utty In thecnoatrnrtioa 'f the law. I hey l?t Mr Sweatier introduce the reaotutloa a* a matter of grace Mr Seettrea raid the eammlttee declined acting ea It. at d aoaeeated tor htm to preeeat it to the Hou?e Mr h ivcet did act understand Mr. Sweeteec to art It ac matter of graoe Mr Oaarn eald the reeolatloa called rn memhera to declare a legal falsehood, beranee the law wa< Otherwtee for the |a*t thirty yaare. aad the law wav a atraed aaootdlag to letter Sir. Tneneeeo, af Mtretiwtppl. raid, Mr Swaataar rather nlmlte that th* preamble la a reflation, an iktUmUaMlt labial aaotbar. that 131 have U?n a liail fbr vtatkmery, beceue# one member atele 1 Every (uember knew thi*. an<l were not aware wb would fMlew thorn, lor the la*t JtO yeara eome of tb bn t a?d pureet men In Congrevi, and the preaidlng o Cora, have acted under the lew. and now Mr. Sweetu c< m?? forward end eaata retlectlons on them. The go tl< men will leel In bla own heart that the refleetlo ciinai back rn bluierlf. After feme further unimportant proceeding*, tt whole eubject. en moth n of Mr. Anhuiun waa laid o the table, and the Houte went into Committee of tt Y\ hole on the flute of the Union, Mr. Totter in tl ehalr. COLI.n TION OK THK Rtvllt'E. Mr. Bavlv moved to take up the Senate reeolatic limiting the amount for collection of the reveuue. Mr. Mown, of Mleal.-eippl, claimed the floor on tl I'lefldwtit a Unitery meuuge, and did not yield it 1 Mr Bayly Tbe Chaikman decided In favor of Mr. Bayly, kit. Bauwn took an appeal. Tbe Chaih wee tuitaincd, and tbe committee took i tbe reeointion Mr. ben* raid that Mr. Vinton proposed to off lM BWrLdmTnti : thrt tfl re-ll^uee thu tt>? heareiary altogether. If that should fail, Mr. would fake the amendment of the Committee Wayt and MrMiH. with a modification that Oregon ai < sufnih-.a shall be aire pud from the operation of t. rea'rlnfcon. Mr. 1) proceeded to show that, if prop i-aii-my ta observed, tba sum which tha commitc pr> |o?ad U tuo mush They increase, by this re*ul the amount over the sum allowed for tha la tiscal yaer, ili'-S COo. t he Secretary has already e j ?Iiiied. for the art half Of tha fiscal year >1 ZOO 0< who h Is upward of 7 per cent on tha amount of oolu ti? n In ih*o. Mr. Vinton's auraodueut would ba el* lu'henax* fiscal year, when tba Secretary does not a lirlyate tl.e inciva.-s of revenue upwards of U par cat ta a? much a- tha expenses <>f direot taxation, at greater tl an tho?e of lirast Bittain, all thiugs on si -red lie si l l tbat the collectors were paid too hi| .ore than twice as inuch as Uovvrnors of States a > : .1 J t|' ? Psrmen In .New Vork. got j-OOO p nneta. which I- more than the same grade of labor w a- tuniaad in r-uimon pursuits of ilia. The tfl'eot Is turn i ha eye I every avaricious man togorormnsnt ei I . > mem flora privsta walks to tba centre.The effect t<> dept. late Industry In private walks; and. mstei of frar rat-ni ?l-ctions rneurrlng on policy, it will n *erw fx spills Tba remedy Is as plain as t u i-eh. f it I* to n duis tba -aliirUs; and he uud*rt<? t< 'ay that a better man fur Collector of New Vor aid elsewhere, can be procured for ?3 000, than f vi u because In tbat c?-e they would have iinaml ti-ws I iislate* men instead it great political ohie 1 be of i s ught after, aia n?t only tor the high i U lea. hut l< r the p,ur< one croalug out ot tl sals ilea a lowed II a Isnd-ocy to give an inert as 1 arWtitf to party i nutests. and la all wrong. He a i preesa of tie war- housing >steoa. bocau-s be tboug that It a id-d xfat ta-illty to r-mui-roe and the pu, if it Ju?try. It aught to be left to private ente pi tee Th-y want f ie competition,a* In Koglaud. th M may si-et the government nothing The Sn-ieta vl?w? ed 11 - lea In Issuing the circular, which,on i tare | r- t. ? d to din- l.lsn the expeusrs of collsctll lb* revenues hut In Is t shifted the burdens on tl icl a's and tha impi-i?ers In etTect, he has uole la >w ta Ii - reaae the tariff, when the pecplsare oppoai immgimlg law. t I < " M Mi?i-iuppl. dl I net Intend to addr* ll * i ifltbf i u th* maMer before It, hut ou anotiit < . rr i t.i. I It U tl' '? to (li tfttUe tb- f* tl lit" It.* hae In n rug. ndered oo the *tlbj?ct ?"') the i* end- t th? 1 alon aru b comir I atid tl * tb e. <1 tn? >troD? bind ?cl?:h h > i j t> u?tl tl m weaker. The South are for p* t a' eg tbe relation uf mauler and !** ?; tl S?Mh ara for dor ) u( It, tb*y hare brought t? i a ti to f u H a po*ltl< u that one or the rth v.e-' ?r ?! * th?re unit b> a collision, to an la dai'ri'ttun lk? Nneth hare b?en la th* wrou a eke* avpiraaiaaa oa thpboulh. \i tb* Utter lore tt I ike id i*e>re the rt a-titutlnn a* elin^iag aroun th? ha. e. I eitamrl'* ,f their f.ih.r- lb*y ao n< le'aBl to n. timlt tf afirauaiou any longer It 1? ?at tbe' the I'h.ra p*i pta aia aot In ?aru*?t. If th J 't> a I |>r pera'td and d-uerally hollered. tti i 11 I f : I I 9 } < 'pla ara t 'III"' a* Iki a ">(" I'f ficrraor*. proceeding* I b?t?lk'W?? aa I nf | i luarj 'd -atI eg* of th- people.who i ? art ta all eioreriij i.-t oal.v for junior, but. I tt I at ' ft Ond tb-T It.'' I.<1 to h??? It M'llmot, Ilk I pbr a la Jala I tr I la ta .a aai ehonld ba let alua* M la Jaat and lib r?i i:i*a. ?h w jnd neat a re a't ?arj*J he (Mr Brian) felt that h br r e d Byrne do Jatilar to all part* of the < in Irdrrarj ty r? t. lug te do j u?ilee, the l aiou la d? ti j-d la*t>ed of ilerery h?iog a great aortal in ira ad prUttealear** It < . bl idM t i lb* mm t r aa 1 l?-ee at I e ' ft dartli a rf tha dcuth a* b?' ikaa ka I tfct t| fti at thla fan try. No fra* i? l b- a rrtnlbrd ta ea-? of 4t*e >iatina that <>rra DrMi a a-n.J nth ilerery la lb# Soaih.t??< p b.i 1 ai'U jae atop her lab * aad out off be ? **iat N'ttlara maa may aoe tha vhirleluJ, bu ?? /?-a?a-1 wired !* in ibe ocean. after baia( aailiad caen* be itll il Th" a aho are nor b*re from that meet I'a ai'l paaa away aad p-rain at a-'r? eattaae rtaaa alll ewe bare, aad the Hoatl aikll ka foamed la Meade, aad have no paver to raala lb? a<groe't a b>r kr?*n te*d dery eitra<te froa Mr beaerd *pe*#ha? loll * th- eiteat tf iltaar d<ae to ibe hi nth lloe raa the Son'b tblak th-re I p?e<e abea tbeia la a"te He daaled tha' per*oae li t alttoaata bad a i t*ht to make a Mate e?a*tl'.uU>a. be eauee tbe> arte iat a"i?a< ef Ibe I al'ei d'atei tfcey are 'ra**a?eer? aad laUrl-pert Mr. Treatoe etea ta tb* tioaee (no* buMart "I the Nary.) Iatr? di etd a bill Id for* a Itaie aoeeraaaiat for ( aUfoml* tbiaku that tbe een.obt o| ( oa.preae *a> U'ctoar for 'bl* great parpnMi, bet 1 oaffrees vaald aot aet li nrtter daya. eadrr Pra?i<ieat W kakllftoa lava eer re,aired la aateraliaa, bet eee It ?a? caly nam Bear' 1 r tbe Preatdeat te ray te tbe aiUltary (oearaor, IM tbe *kdi peeal' are eataraliaed. aad ? Mi fur di r aetitalti'V all a.ale etili-a* ?bet bar vb.te or blaak Tbe ( a??ltteo Itea ban tbe Hcaea ad. ouraed IkW l OHM I.RUItLATIMK. rnalt A< aad, iaa ltd, 1M0 ataeauia, arc. Wr liiieto praaestad Ike Ma*<?tal tl rltiidre ? tba elly d ker I ark la reLaUoa tc tba aweimeet aa aalleettan at t*ie> la ltd aity. a bleb aa* (aa are al tbe potimv* *a tbi* *etv?*t ) ret- trad to a kdeet 9' in Ktttee *"?*Mlaf ad denntan WilMaaae Oallna, Mor (aa and SmIbm Tble aaenaurtal rtatea that tb< aB' tii Of la alien I* *?ery year bera*la? *<* aa I More oppreaalee aad that evaere of large leraonal pmyerty m?(e fra* tbe city, aad tba* It t* a?e?rUla< rd that there are I taa pel ? dedad b'.?4ae?e la the elty.eetlef aa eneev? pereeaal property vbe realde atrea here aad eaedipa la>atl< a Mr Intel* ate* preeeated Ibe aia*arlal af the Hoard vd I da ratio* ud tbe atiy ad N?e I orb tar aa appr< pi lain a t r tbe pwrp - ?a parabnnag a libran I * tk# free aotd*a < la that any 1 ba *ua aeked l< lit no krlerr.d lo tbe I taaare i naksiltae of ebich Mr Mmpw ! eltlrai*. I r Sataaaa pr* eanted a padltlwa if eKIaaaa af Wat< rloen. Jei'.r.oa aoaaty lor tba reaioeal af tba ffta:e ar-eaal at that ptare. Mr llei iat* pteeeated a -daaeio ad tba Trueteea tf ham It'a aflege l?* a reaeealaf tba appropriation! t*ri tofaee dmated la> ibat imtuaina I Nik III * **!>* *** Mr. M??? tfr ? Ikt J*'.*?ff ) U? aa lab tal* r?^'il Ik* *abj*al .4 <b? oiiIiiuUnhiII; ?4 lin ii?i?1*| ikwltit kmMMt (IMUI im* mi im*M it* TW irl mimoii Ik* Iim i4m la* a* a* la I* fail** Ik* aria at ik* Marl at Uirnim la Ik* > i.laga at loagkk?y. la a a* |a?< a * a a * i i a i?*ia ( a m ! < a at N r I . Ik* < aaai I mini- ?*?* *?. til* (*t la **?* * ar?*? l? k* mk * if lUa Uat r*>lf?* 4 bf aal r fc.-af Ik* cull*! at Ik* a) I akt kaaara a*al iaMl*M* aka'kar aaak last* aaaaal k* mlilki 4 aim ** ****** naeaa. Mr I'mr ray?tat '*< **M| ? la* Mil ali?*1?( tk* Pca/t *1 Ha|*iilMil la Ik* aaaaral **>aai *a l? tk* MM* i ka Ik* '*??> >4 tk* oaalf mi. altk aa aa*ata?at a* ika* Ik* la* akaU al ay, j la *.af I Im k* **? Ik atkaa. aiMt* aaa ? ?*.* aaaaa Mr. I a*aa ri*>*hi*t'ik* iwal| aaaaat rafarl at tk* llorlljk taitlr kaak Mr #? * r**a*at*4 tka aaa aal nyirt a# Ika Uraaaalak k**i?#? lui la ka* I *?a M*r***n i *a*a a* aaaaat ta. a a* Mr < *a?talnt?at a M'l ? ayy?at * *? a ? I* ?t*? lutlk** a aaaaa a* 4 **?*b>l*k Ik* ? .at.ry lira Maa**a Ika ally at kr?-kif* aUlaa* at tk Ilka*' I urgk a at i.-??a anf .laiH a *.* taa a *? *aa ** < a*** Tk* kill ! yr**t4* l*? Ik* 4<?an ? Maai H *** iMiiaia?*i Tk* k'U ta aaaat tk* taa *.a ika aaaaa?aal aat rati, all* a at lai*a aaa < ?*?4*r*4 la aaaat"** *4 Ik* tkk'l* fk* I ... *tat ara Ika ta*y ika; a.u-*a? at IMtkMl? M la ?*? **f !<* * Mat **??** I-at*- I aar** *a? >r llatnl ?*'.ia.i t"a I ti* n *i . ?? n a a a ***a. ta I* 'a* ?t <* la* a*a tka a*a * laata * ta ***' ?4 ta r*i< ta* *******-t i ? *im la* ta at la i I it* ? naii ? tat la ****** tk* k***??ia*#t' ** aa' a*?a*>-1 >* >>? la laaatt. a. *1 * > tal a< 'aal * - a*** t. at *at? a* t* ??*! aitiua in* m att t- . a * a* ?* *.a| *?y**l 'I B *BJ I**k t*M aaa. ?aat. la tk* < * ?If J ** * *4 ia* ?a > ?*i| *t aaj **? i tia tk*t| *ar? * .1*' t*TmZ*. r. I Ik* Moral I. ? aat aaat* 4 IM* at* akail ka*a * * ? * ?** ** ? ?** *l?* ta* ? ? t****** a* t u.*t* -*akt ? * *4 I r k?? at ?.* |?a*M |*>at<| * < . aaat M? k* ta*ia? aa?r **tt **? ** aa * #? ? ?lait?a II***'* a* ik*f ?*. a? I *- 4? ? *4 f ?I ? B *1 *4 ? . | r? * " ? *? at tka tia* *ii ?1*? *a*l ya*** t ? tank* fn ' |>I alt*rai *a* .1 ta* |*iim ? a ?*?*? "*# aa* ? t*i.i*iai aat 4?at* taiM IM * *? ? " ? # **** igni'i' kf u? i*? *?*?*** i*?mi . ?w*?a tlf (** at I *4* 4 a Ik* ?*af iak tarfak? * alt* ?* a*kM lb*??*4?*a. la ?*M t* ?at* I*'*' " kirk ** alt* a? *4 ??#* ta-al l* lk*w -M. In * 4 Ika* 4*llfc*ra?* if ' ** ? tk.l N *at * *a a Ii4 tl.1t? M* Ik* *?kt ?ka? 'k* 1?4' * Ik* a *.*-*?! - *# **'f -Mk a* It ia (?* "? a kr.k*a l.f a a. ta ka hut 4 * ? f?*M M Ik* a * ? k**.l 11 ? .kaMt "? * >* *?' " ' ?" * * Hi* ,*.? a i r ? ? ? tk*i ik* ?t * ' ? * tat k' Wla -aat ll I" V * "** a* .jolt# *a<>ia#r that Ik* ?aik ?t Ik* aa** a ** kat *? * laka r*ga?4*? k* k >r"? at ami ? k ? Tka |ioy*ltn* al' alaa r* ? - !** ??? * aa ? 'ka r-aliif at** *-* ?at* k ??aa* taiait- k* ai??M*r*4 aa ai-au-ai *?a (?.* a I krl?4 la llfkl a<?a ?1 till* rt.?r; r?a ritaa ? kf all Irk MB* **a aoa?kt k tkraaa Ika Mart*** at taianoa <? oik? No '|*Mlka aaa takaa a* tka Ml, mi > * *???* anta**i Tka BaaaM Ik* a aaa*ltar*4 tka Ml?aik*( ika rkarl*r'4 tka Ila4*<-a Ml**r Ka ir a i l*i|iil* **afl<a lhataaah'rfc I*4*1 *t*a aba' * ! ai*raaf akai. ka liak'* Ma Ik* a? *..l t .a t* * Mr .vaaa aat ?ib#f taaa'ar* * !# ok,-rtiaa a* k*iag l<?rrr'ir a*4 to.' aiu.k ?r ** k*-*4 :N I * la rrt*i to ylr* tk* kraal. II?a ko *ta? ira tk* 1 a?lloa tb* e OIS.IM*. r*r?'*t r |i< i im* *tara i i*a*ar Tk* kUl a?blag ayyroyrta't'<a* ka tka ?*? UMa'f ' 4 for 1820 and 1851, tu paved la Committee of the 1- Whole. t. raaaL MHMM. >0 The bill paying < barter -.hie fur canal damagee, being > under eonalderaticn. Mr M?>e rai**<l p int that f- there wee no funl provided in thl? State for this par ?r pore, and the whole rubjeet wae rtf. irvd to the Finance >- Committee. Adjourned. ID . Aaeeiubljr, '* Alba**, Jen 30,1850. rrtinoae, he. The following petition* wore reierr J: ? By Mr. Sinnm,, of citiieua of Cubed*, in ri lotion to n the excise law. Mr. \ aifDavxra. remonstrance against the eaten loa 10 ol the boundary line of the city of Albauy. Ja .'" '"dAi 11 ^nd Baaeet'i, to compel the N'ew York . j f ffV- Company to build their r-ad allocated iu lMi. mi i ui im.. uiiuiuim &i timers ot IM Seneca Indian#, jp fur the establishment ot normal srhool# for Indian lobulars. er Mr. ltii HAHi,?o>, remonstrance of oltUens of Cayug# of county agaiust t;ie parallel riml; also against the conV. sclidaticn of the Auburn and Syracuse and Auburr of and Rochester railroads. id Mr. Hail. lor a reduction of toll* on foreign aalt be Mr < am i.l. of I'hilan i.-r? -uk, tor a divorce; ?ur? er furred to the sileet < -unuit tee on that subject. . ee Mr. i<t?. iubabitints of unondaga, in relation to the a- assessment ana collection of taxes. >at Mr F iska, lur the Incorporation of tha Brooklynhigh m- ecbool. W, Mr. Vim, of Norria S. Martin, for relief; also. the 10- petition if the Mayor ot the city of Brooklyn in rela-1 bt tion to the claim ol Noriia L. Martin. n- Mr. McLean ol forty citizens of Avon township for it, a reduction ot tulla on foreign rait. id Mr. L W Smith, ot the bar of Roobo ter. for a rapes1 n- of luw in rtlatioii to executions,and the homestead law (b Mr ?o?n.Airnou iraoaeof citizens of New V'ori id against tbe wi itmng of Walker street er Mr.>. memorial of James O. Bennett and ul otbere, fur u repeal cf the usury la v. to Mr. Lkaiuriwcihru of citizens ef Onondaga eounty n- dut'larlog tbe public utility of a railroad from iyraoost la to Rochester; also. iu ielation to sberiltY faea. i'l J>.r. An ia -v, against mafclDg a lurry from Sing Siof be to llrcklstd be Mr. Goi>ahi>,for toe improvement of Racket River, ok Mr Cadv.iI twenty three ol ibg legal profession o; k, Ithaca, in relation to -beillle' feaa. or HI 111 k ton lit. II asiilm. I UN MO.IVMt'.IT. >1- A bill frout tbe Seuate in relation to tbe donation oi M. a block cr block:* ot marble for tbe Washington m uu a- rntnt, was read and passed. be i hills tirpibtt.n. ud ' Mr Bi hboruiia rep orted by bill in favor of tbe im P- ' pravemeut of Sei.uca river. bt .Mr. 8 ru a a*, for the Improvement el the Lockporta*. ir- Niagara ltuilroad l ompanj. r- M r. H. J. Ai i t n, la lavor of the belter regulation o: at whaifage in tbe city of New \ ork. ry Minute ok tni.La. ta Mr. Vakm ii gave m tlce of a bill to amend the revia is ud statute* in ri u ion to execution* against proper .y be alto, to inc. if orate the Fecit! j Mali steamship Com r! P?Jed Mr. ItAroi*. n"tioe t-> snr'nd tbe act in nlatlon t<| tbu ineorpoi atiou ol tbe elty of I.'ilea i * Mr. L vv. s.u 11 ii. notice ot a bill to facilitate the col* >r, leo'ion if claims kgxlust the Sta'e of New 1 ork toil "t canal damages; alto to provide lor the judicial valid!1 of ty and amount < f claims against tbe State. 'ft .Vr Momui uutiue of a bill to org anise a separate *s battalirn in tbe county of Klcbm u l. r- Vr IIarho. cotioe to prevtnt circuses from exhibit* ?e lug in this State. 1* BOt i'atino 1 HK INPIANS. ' r Mr Kis-i-iei called op his resolutions in relation to id tbe committees on oolltges, (to.. bo required to ex amlLe into tiie expediency of educating Indian scholar# *' In otber scbouU tbau noiuial tcbO' ls. Adopted. 1 d Law Limiaar, arc. ' it Tbe House considered tbe bill to provide a law library d fcr tbe Attoriies-lieLeral. anil ef:.e i.r?.mtUi *?>. mt-ui! tar ol* r?n and i spirted prc.gies* Also a btll to amend the charter of the Xsw York City Hospital. " Mr Dun i s moved the nnmnilttce rite and report pro, gren to the Hours ucd reoomiueni its passage. L rot imKi i.nit rKir school. I The bill to ami-nd the Foughkeepsie tree school la? was also jeered the outi ry fi'tnim. Mr. Brsiiovi.n* moved that the alarery question be made the operlal order for to morrow, at id o clock, tarried. Adjourned Tlia Heading It all rand. Haaaisataa, January SO. I860. The Baal rote has net been talon en the supplementary bill of the Heading Kallroad Company, granting the company prrml<rion to place their property la the bands of trustees, to secure the bondholders under the1 two mortgager, against suits that might be brought b/< the holders of b rde due January 1st. 18M. (A previons dispatch announced tkat the bill LtJ been deflated ] I | The leathern Stall. J B*ltimork, January 3d?0 P. M. I The mall has failed beyond Savannah ' Markets. Sr* Oiiiim, January 38 ? A. M. I Theviather having been r- ry unpleasant all day! yesterday. but little hurlnet* was transacted in eotton r and sales were only MO bales, [our despatch says 8.000,' fe but that is doubtless a mistake.) The prteas paid are. very full The xi?,.era's advisee reached OS (?e kder-, day erentng. la (tour and gtaln tbere Is no materia^ change to notire, and a fair demand prevails. Fro-# visions are steady, with moderate business Tobise* I* held frmly llo Cottee rang- ? from 13,'^e. to 14c 1 hut the sales are ant so large as they bar* been, buyer^ b> log rather shy. There U no general new* of special Important e . BsLTiMotr Jtn. 30- 8 P. M. < f There I* no irarked change In the A-tur market to-! day though It anything buyers have the advantage ' 1 Tbs sales are m t nrg? being enn9ne<l to the regular. 1 trade den.acd Wheat baa sdvanosd. and we n?w qaote ptlaie red at I 10, and white at 81 10 a 81 1% tern Isle fhlr request, and holders Arm. at 63e.a&de. for ehlts and yellow, la other arti.-lss thers Is no ma ? tertal rastatlna. ' hipping Intelligence. New Usi ' a vs, Jaa hi. ' , Arrleed- Blip Mediator, New York. . Oha aLtttro?. Jaa JB. i Arrived? fuamikip j'iklir, Baltimore. , Batis, Jaa S3. J Aevtvsd?Bohr I rgeaafs. Mew York. v lieertd? Slop Tempest, Now Orloaas. 1 . Fo* risen, Jaa Ml. , Arvtvsd?Pvkr Vloter. Nsw Toth. i 1 nLtt'rmvEB, Jaa SC , Anlvod?Bctr Alesaadsr, Now Tork. , II Miir.JnJI t Arrived Brigs bemerera, Cardsoas, 14.h Instant; Amity., gist lost,.I i ? I. arts * re C"tnin< ?saltli. and fun. Nsw Orleans; tares Besrr K.i-nller J W Fair lialtinmrs, l,ri??, Hee?. I'i . a#,i< . Ci n.rrsrss. St Tlioinat: ss-rr Hrsve. Ftils-., dtlpLta, 1 >' JiI.AtfB, at Themes; Abel 8tory, Htjti. h Pauvinasi r Jan. Z> I A meed - B I is N > ? York, Tscamte.i, tad W H Bowes^ Pro lirt t Bar tod? SeWr Bbsrid, Now Tork: sloop OrJtoa, do. ( New boo one. Jaa 18. Ar- <> ' *' N file. Nrrth Pa^s. <u fsvnamhi' ana . AW tils ? < l.iso de spetie oil. JU.'ASI Iks hoae. C'ltw Inlellimrnea. Fiti run CituiMHH ? Xt A o olock w Tu?J?Ti ataalag. to* it; |wii (tor* of 8aiia* k (' , 302 Klfhthl itrtw *M t?t t a (It* by dropping a pl.oa of Ifnltat1 |?4? in | baad'a rf et ttoa aaddlbf. Th? iluufi Id J > 14 t* b? aba* I I kMt*i*Ni - At la alonk ;aat?ri*y tairalag.a lit* , br> b* oat la tha printing oi? of Mr. MttabaU, Jfa. i W li*>rj (la lk> rrar). o?raaioa*4 hy tba laaacora a aaaar la *bl*h tba (tor* pipa wa* diad. Tb? 4aa> aga aa* aat groat. A * A?m?i a ? At balf part 4 n'eWk oa Twwday' aftrfta a *ra br*b* out ta tba narpantar'g akop of a*n>a?i M. ?>nt Nor at and m 11 rot *tr?*t. Tkt loat>> aaMat>t In aboat kit1. A < t< > r ?At Id o'aJook yxUrilt; foranooa, Patrick' Tart; Ml ia lb* aid* walk, la (iraod atraat, aadt a.attiy woaadai kia I *ad II* war tak*n to hit koa*a at M aiatk rtraat, by Ik* yollr* <4 Ik* Tblrtaaalh ward. at i - Tk? <>*; * < a data (Catapaav U. Irlak Volua' > rat* hr-t kail no Mondr, tb( lath laataat, i akt*a tu aoatrtiwly and r aytatakiy att*a4*4. 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