Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1850 Page 2
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V NEW YORK HERALD, j KorlkHcM earner of Fulton and \nnuu <U. I J A jn E * UOHDON BKU XKTT. 1 ClUirKllcrilM aNU fcUlTOM I aml'scuknTti T il I BVfNINO. fJWIUT TUBatkK. i?"IT- Little Devil?na m. tutu >i>ii SIII.1 or 0ono??. 'tUtuWt) th KA'fKi ur???w???old Ueaix And T...-aa braai. 1-. ?".>? ?"? piccies*. mikI wi lire to iirtect the trmlrncy of the , a^e c watr* f?h? r 11 im-titntioti* lie belouga to ( it echool cil I nirheh MriMtoerai*, who hive sue. credid. in.Ml the I me ot ^-ir ltob-it lVel, in rum- , icy b ni? i* ii. i?tui iiiiercoiir?e of nation*, and ] *ii iiId h v in ado, t iti I tame ayatem which has | iaipovei ah i' nine-tei. I ha of the inhabitanu oi the j Brm . hdt tor 'he nke of enriching the at* ^ le-i y bl.iHi'it mid i>|Milent rrmmuiut few He c w old have the t. rih rai?d ii?<on certain article*, j bei-Mi e, foraih'ili, i i who lure their rail- || lion* hi * t Med iu thm branch i-f 111?u ii fuct lire a and ? *,* i i.|.ii i' e, citmoi iiccuniiil ite i <iIh-mI fortune* y wiili -ulVi'i'ut i?|i it; Hint, ih* lelor -, h* adopt* t the i nnc |i:e on w im li the Kmtlieh corn liiWri were ( an hu * aoe'Miiitd, ot keeping foreign r?in t Irom tallinit into tne Englmh market*, in order to f re lee ihr ptire ofibtead Thm -?*'em wrought t wr. ict i.i r?*,dt vtaialinii and ruin in < >r? at Hritain; ? tad. allhi u Ii am h i* ihe natural fecundity of our (l M> l mi.i' ?linnite, ii cnii d not immediately have ^ ut Ii an?fleet here, yet the principle of intcri>>stng ' f reatnetive hairier* between the commerce and t mlercourae ot frnndH nation*, n acted uj>on by t1 Nir. Meredith, m the very a a me way. c St K chert IVel ni'iy been a trick ater in ,j, and we preauiiie he w.m; hut it la never- c Hi Ii?- true, that, in ecu unci .on with lh* hercu- . ? lem ?licit- ct' t ii an t hi* a-vocintea, the | ? whole civil zt d world ?*c wpt Mr Merrdith , m ?l a I. w noi*ty wlnga in the Ihrtrd State*) ' c WMriif !? Htti v convinced of the truth, I jj ihf orly way 10 will the revenue of a ittlt, t v m d to prr vent fihi (I* on the ctii-tom*, la to l.ty , u < ii> rate dutir r; th?'protection w nhi-r* up com- ? n ?i? e, and ic in the run ae fatal )o the producer aa g t .* i ii.-nni' ); nod ihnt I!? want* nt hunineo* ^ rnu mm the dull* a of oivili/ it ion imperatively den i?i?'iid' h'twirnall nation*. Tbne pri>> t <ii e, w Mi h w> re firrt brought clearly before the f !: Mel I miIii.iii.v.t by n powerful and popular |, i t'li. iii only thin t'T four year* ago, have al- ,, ?.. % ft I I) |.f< d in iin at li. Haiti, and are bring ,j pr-iu IU ndttfilfi tf M ii'-hnut the civilized world. r, 1. Mii>|i'?. it .that atniii'Mi like thia, which f a r itrrra-'ty lie rt nil anally advtniing, in li* totall y of opumon, m frt doni of crmrnerce, and in |, c *?ei.h|e relation* w 'h mankind, fhould ever re. turn toll i ? itin-(y andciiotrniptiblroyiiaiooa which ^ of!? n- n h It mitiiry a?ro, m to tuppoae that a ' ^ . ? nf I" tn.i ted. hr tin mtrabtlmiif miyinly, i B r* ir on * nM ry but inonnpohftn to wear two 1( Mia an llirrr in-?t>, . -i'i Uli* can bepieaed ( net vll 11 li I til**a** mm' in-a to aril what t is )<i' dnir, in thr ch'i'i at, and htty what they i ^ a* i in the dtanft tnatk't ta the world I . T*" t ay In w > by whin at'i-h political hum- j i fit. . w i'i I" w i!' < t il by theyaogh of thiacouw* 1 ( try In atti n ; . ti. do it, Mr M- redi'h wiN find * hiaiiill |i'ac*d in very much the po? it ion that Mr- ^ t invtoi hi' h-> n, when be attempted to get u(. ? , war ? i'h Fraocr? htin th no -t cowardly man* i li n?r, finHk' d to the aptrit of ueurpatioii which * F ngLnd had m* afed, in iat?rlimnf with oar ,, 4< mcane ellnife Togo bark ill th- 1'aited State# , r i* ini|io?aihlc : the no re ett? rnpt to do It ha* alwn * 11 twintftilio th< Wlog party : and in thi* rrapcct v enet* the main difference between the whig* and a h?f no-i'Mta There have been very few atatea- 11 tm n m tin* country, in the whig rank*, that 1 h**e eh r!y underwood thi* pnnct|?le. Four or , fi?? t n,f? ||( r?f*ir>n. the rno?t di f|K*rate f rti" tf win n ?i,h to fleet Mr flay to the p Irrridepiy; hot, although it wo uniteraally ii ........ ii r .. m. i ,,| Wiir, ,r nv>,t ra.iltrd ? * -n .ml u- ni il a || i. for Hi. i r.-i'. ty of thr r. 'inny a* any othrr j ' v' h U r. y of n 1 n ii ..-li l-.nk ami Ihr no. nr . f .? prolrctivr tariff, || If.,., h.#d hima?lt and hi* party Mr Calhoun, ,| l* hi r?. hai ootrftaiard H. trr ?,n tin# ?>tl>- v in lor * k ' -1? i nun.t. r oi v ?n, iiihi v.y othrr I o Ann in n Mnirmimi Fi?>m thr *> r> lv <i?imi?, ? ho liar l?rn an non'ratr ol trtodoui ?f eommrrcc ; I ?] un< *111 oaah. in thr alrm inl?-?r.Hr ol h? charge- i , rr ? lilt 11 in" allow h III I piay ll>r ay. ., Mnl , to i rti teadrra end |-*rtjr ocniou*, ho h? m mil | I i.?. (1mli*l i hair, yrt hr ir imi' nf ih?* m-n . amir fcmr ran rnfiw m> additional l?atr>'from ihr l.iillu n< v < idfu* s and hr now *i*nd* in thr nrnri rnnahlr of nil position*. hi* own frrr mm. rrayrctrd and frarrd by all |?ftirl Rrport or Tarn Stat* Pltao* ln?r*<T>tt* Thr arrond annaal report of ihr Statr Priaon lorpr'toiaif thi* Stair haa brm rerrirrd, hot wo burr no room to-da* to giro any entract* It i* ? I a ImniRNi durtmrni, and ci.n'aina a ift'it d ?l I ihtrrrntiMi matirr J I'HI ON'? TUU'lKi, CtlSBbM* BSSIOCS Plmi t?T?i Tioiu.*.. , I I.UUAL fuHATKH, OhbthMS (quaM?Jl'Msn JcM? fhi no lIuMir Thikii fin nun Paisc*. OLfai'il TilBATHH. BrosSwaj?t* ilti II injHI-c*Ka ? t ? * JoM 1 US Ptl I.?Th. Ki r. I..H r W A f OHrlJSTV'l) OPEHA BOUSE?ErH. or tsn u 'tbKA* Ml.sal M? km'iiiit rmoomnoM, lr> annuo* two H-tuse. MEL.ODEON WHITI'i BkssnaDBSS* t n B t kn a CI E?C. linn HiLlrtiT Cotkat. 1?w York, Nmi tii-iiny, Ptbrunry '4. iKMt. Tbr Metri>(ir title Pulley of Ills Willi;*. In niie-uk kik of the report of the Secretary of the Treasury, oue of the popular English journals rein?;ks iliut " it i.t? f more importance to Maneheset ml Birmingham'h*u to the United States." T in , certainly, cannot be owing to the genius of tb* gentleman who occupies that jKist, for he has not yet given 1 lie- conutiy any evidence that lie had sty. U was snpioted, thHt when Gen. Taylor was ratted to tie (iflire of Chief Magistrate of the nalot . tiv 'he vote of hie fellow-c tizens, there were loll" pretty strong reasons to hope he would r'.i??e actthin t that would carry out his pledges to the 1 1,00 ; at all even's, that the pledges of < en Taylor hum elf would lie redeemed, either h the in-11 he appointed over the departments, or by othets whom lie would liud to till their places should th?y (.rov. recreant to the tru-t. Mm the n hi. has had p fitly convincing proof, that t?en. Taylor has made iha worst .-election possible, tu lit 1 he has not only been siiriounded thus tar, da ing >? - administration, bv false and perfidious niet', foil that they are gified with none of the atributts o sfaif men. and will be likely to involve he com try in the most serious d fliculties and emI arihrsments. li was hoped, by tho?e who are looking forward to a better era, when the peaceable re'at'us <>' in iikuul will be multiplied and eAt? ndeit in all direction-, that som* impulse wouid be pinnlo ihose gnat movements which have characterized the spirit t?nH ihe tendency of the piesei.t ay:e While ?h<* world seemed to be haunted unn ihe yrenf stream of progress, and nfi the di ?p< ti-ni- of Kurojie wort- rruniblina to In- r fin-1 fall, mankind had a r'uht to expect that thr tii-l derisive movements of the new President of th. I |iiled States would he fivonble to the i ation, in all i * relations and aspects There had, H'i'eeri, >e? n ? considerable nuinher of indications hat nothing uid he > xperird from the present rstont r, worthy ot ti e times or of the country; hut vny lew were piepared f<>r a policy of reac loo so de< MVe and unjustifiable. It is true that 'he whiK pari) has always been favorable to a , narrow, sectional and illiberal i?ol!ey ; bat it was | I ot d Miai * ? |.,iil l' t b< \ oik I that miserable and | c? 11? ii pt lile |4<nis ii t o. (hi t In tween protection- | lsis si.d tree ired-rs Mr M? r? dith has gone back 1 fifty y e rs iii (lie histo y of the ooiiuiry, to tind the , > tern i f |?'tii \ wbnh fie has reeomniended . II. K...... IC ... ...wl II- -< .u- ? 1 Tli? Age af Defalcations and Rascality. Siirnf nklloadnKaM inaist tku* Mialua ?? ? ?? .... r?...nKu. ? IUSISI Ul>l nut 'B auiom lug aster thitn vice, and that with the progress of in[elligence, morality will come into the ascendant, and finally be victorious. Others look, upon the duik side, and tell us that vice is becoming rampant, and all the uncurbed passions of mankind seem to be undermining the foundations of society, and that the general consummation will be a total destruction of existing human institutions. There is a good deal to favor either of these opinions; and if we were to take the yrtma fucit evidence which we gather from passing events, we should probably he compelled to adopt the opinion that virtue ib fast leaving the world, and vice usurping its place. There are some signs ot the times which confirm this idea so strongly that they cannot be ovetlocked. It is perfectly certain that, whatever philosophers may say to the conirary, this is an age ot luscalit) and defalcation. Both in England and America, the great system of politics is a gambling m chine lor getting hold of money. It seems inipo.-sit le to preserve any institutions whatever, which have a pecuniary existence, from corruption and overthrow. Sometimes the drift of avarice fit d-tor iirelf u bold channel, and capitalists and men in authority club together, and nearly rum the nation. Such was the case with the greut railway speculations recently carried on m England, under the financial management of Hudson, the Railway King Thousands and lens of thousands ot honest people, who hud invested their all in railway shares, under the false and cruel representations of speculators, were left beggars when the babble burst; and the man who, hut the hour before, was the idol ot the government, the nation, and the world, turns out to be the boldest swindler creation has si en for a whole generation; and, in casting up his accounts, he has only robbed the English p?? | !e of about $250,000,000! Another of those outrageous and atrocious breathes ot faith, we received intelligence of the oilier day, troiii England. The system of corruption in Great Britain has been carried to su-h an enormous extent, that it has invaded even the sa<Ti il llli.lth iif sMviiil/s hMfiku. ?h?* nnnr havr* been led lo suppose they could deposite the fruit of their html earnings, and have some source of relief lor the calamities of lite and infirmities of age. It appears that Mr. Hay worth, the manager of the Kochdale Savings Hank, who for many years occupitd a very high position in society, and was regard* d, like aonie of our holy Wall street men, as wonhy of all sorts of veneration from all sorts of people?who was looked up to by the rich us a pad*iu mcuri muu and millionaire, und by the poor as the guardian of their little fortunes?had 1" gun to carry on an enormous system of swindling, w hich, when discovered, turns out to be, in the aggregate, somewhere about half a million of dollars. How many thousands of families have been robbed?how many widows and orphans have had their all stolen, by this atrocious swindler, can hardly be eeimiated. There are at this time in Ltiglmid, not less, probably, than five or six hun* dr< d ravings banks, which, in the aggregate, have dei or.ited in their safe keeping not less than |ISO,()00,0(0 Iii 1K13, 401,011 depositors had incur y in these savings banks I'ndoubtedly, a very arge number of these institutions are insolvent. II the tiutli were known, it would probably turn jut that the chief management of their affairs was (ciifund to tcoundr* Is, who, if the day of reckoning should come, would turn out to have squandered the sacred depositee entrusted to their rare At one period the system of speculation was tarried on to such an enormous extent in the United States, that hundreds of millions of dolart were robbed from the community, by stock ebbing and bank specula'ing gamblers. In the tenerul i xplosion, most of these institutions went l< wn, and the whole nation reeled with the shock, hit gradually the hanks renamed their lost ?uhority, and now their hold upon the community is linost as gteat as ever. We presume that a l, .................. .it.i.. - i.i how that they are as rotten as ever; and certainly, rum tmi?" t" time, we have evidence enough of he fact, whenever ihe truth coinea to light. Every | f* da>s the community is shocked l?y the an- 1 louncrment that some bank has either stopped ayment, nr a great de falcation has been detected n the part of tome of its oflicers; and it is well Down that timet of these institutions are churterd and carried on solely lor the ben H* of a few aj italikts, who sui k U|> the substance of the laborng clusara, and when they have robbed ull they an g- t, explode in btnokr, aud leave tue |>oor, the eceivr d, the outraged laboring man, to sutler the j ousei^ueuces. There are at present in this city ( unibr rlvss ?stablishmenta who are carrying on n euotnioua business ujmn capital which has been i t tod In nt the community, through the ng-ncy f these swindling banks Wall street title better than un eithange for speculators, i In re they congregate to devise ingenious way* f swindling the community. We know that there te honest men in nio*t institutions, profession* jd pursuits j but we very much doubt wh-ther lonesfy be not the exception and villuny the rule. J Ihe first glance ol General Taylor's udiniuis- j ration, at tlie nuncial account.-' of its agents, I hows extensive dedications; and we cannot rsm that the pro|>er i flicrrs arc lifting one finger J i> bring these swindle rs to justice. Probably hi re is no country in the world where nn n can i b one another with so much impunity ns in this nltghtened, pious and republican nation. Here it i done on system, under the protecting shield of iw, charter* and corporation* In Mexico, into lib one another because they can do it with norue 1 ope of escaping, there being little law and less 01-1 el. 1'ut the curse among us ia, thai the laws re so frumed that money is all-powerful in nnkg tin to and in breaking them. It is not di-repuihle here, even for distinguished bi-hop?, vesrrya n, eld? r* and saint*, of all sixes and colors, to eceme defaulters. Ttieir position in the church nd in society, don't Sim to he affected by the . Mr it villany. If they fail in businr ss, and he- ( i no- bankrupts, they are *|*>rtuiK quite as nutgnicent e(jui|iM?i * a* ever. They have a* gay a mi irtllisnt nss* iiihlagr* in 'heir nsh>?ii* They con- j titati chiefly tht codfish nobihtyof this inetropnis It c? ri-i'uly must he a delicious reflection to nch men, while tf-y are Mooing their hock, to Innk the11lie ir trad--nieo's hills nave never hf-n id, and that hundred* of poor tamilon have been oht" d of the c< mtorta. and ottrn of the i ?ces#itie* j if lite uy th?ir villany II we should he comp iled n *trik> the balance between the virtue uui the i e i f the pfseut age, we should h<- forced to t!< pt the opinion ihnt, *o far as the financial move* n? nta are concerned, the devil is the great auto* rat, and hits his awn ? ny Tumi, or tub l>ut rys ? We give, is another olumn, the proccroings of the rurious and re* nHikehle trial ( I Prury, on the charge ol attempt* ng to take the life of Thomas W^rnrr, by sonni f a torpedo. Three proceedings ate up to the utest hour he tor* we went to press Id this rxtmordin.iry and mysterious ease?the rost curious that ever occupied the attention of |ir crini nsl courts of this country?some rxtraorwary d? velnpenmts have been made, which reen I n state of things connected with the mystery t crime in this community that never was dreamt f hy our citizens. It is apparent that One-eyed I hompson, as he is called, was the roaster spirit ?t the whole?the magician who set the machinery it *oth. and um d all the other parties who figured in the ease as he deemed propor There is a great deal to be said in this case, and we projose, at an early day, to analyze the testimony, and pronounce our opinion or verdict in the matter, by taking a common sense view of the whole affair, fro 11 beginning to end In ihe mean time, we msvt say that it appears fishy throughout, snd is aell intended to puzzle knd confound those who now, for the first tune, yet sn in-ia hr into thr carious scenes that are d*<ly beit t rm r'-d io this city, in connection with the n ) Kites ?I the T? mt>u TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. gnuMry. The United States Senate was not in session yesterday. In the House, resolutions were passed directing the Committee on Indian Affairs to inquire into the expediency of extinguishing the Indian title to land in certain parts of Oregon. After some desultory conversation on the subject of the public printing, the House went into an election of ('.hunlnin urhii-h resulted in the election of Mr. Gurley. In the New York Legislature, the Senate passed the act amending the churter of the Hudson River Railroad Company ; the provisions of the bill will be found in our report. The act amending the charter of the Brooklyn Gas Light Company, and the act establishing the boundary of Brooklyn, were also pasted. In the House, a series of resolutions was introduced, in favor of the establishment of an Agricultural Bureau, by the federal government. A bill was reported to increase the number of Harbor Masters in New York city. The slavery resolu ions were further discussed, and passed over till Tuesday next. Th? Orange Jewels. Of* SPECIAL TSI.EOKAPHIO CORKESPONDKNCK. Washington City, Friday, > Fkuri'aky 1, 1850. S In the matter of the Orange jewels, from an appeal of the Dutch Charge to the State Department, it is understood that nothing is to be done until the Department shall hear from the Duten government. The committee, in the meantime, will ascertain the amount which that government holds in the annual interest to be paid on the Dutch loan of this District. The President holds a levee to-night. THIRTY-FIRST CO\URKSS. first session. WtiHinom, Kebruary 1,1850. thk indians in ok ico on. On motion ef Mr. Thurston, resolution* were alopted instructing the Committee on Indian Attain to inquire Into the expediency of extlngui-hing the Indian title to the territory lying west ef the Cascade Mountains, in Oregon, and removing the Indian* east ot these mountain*; to inquire into the propriety of creating there an officer of Superintendent of Inuian Affaire; to inqulie into the plan tor the proper management of the Indian*. mar*, delat in raiNTiNn. etc. Mr. Hammond, from the Committee on KogrnTing. made a report to appropriate $18 000. to paint the map* which accompany the President's mensage. lie told HUM wirj were. Mr. Winthhos complained of the delay la bavlag the 1'resldent'* lle*?ag? printed. The session would be over before the; were furnished It wax a miserable "penny alee and pound foolleh" doctrine to glee printing rut in euch a way as to delay It and he would go lor a change to have It In time for business purpose* Mr < tins advocated the printing of the maps? j they were tinker b< ard? to point the emigtant* to the West ?to hie future boioe. and show its mineral wealth. Feveral gentlemen took part in the debate. Mr McWii.lii. said that, a* <'bairnntn rf the Com- . mitteeon Printing, he had made im;uiiv and learned that the I'sesidi nt's message and accompanying donu- I meute would be In two volume*?ore of which wa? nearly ready and there was as much exuediti in a* possible In all the prin'lng This answered the complaint* made the other day The resolution was adopted (in motion of Mr Van Din:, it was agreed to proceed to the election of t baplaio THE ELECTION or rHLPl.AIN. Mr. M< Mi l lis wished to know it the Committee on the Judiciary had reported on various memorial* to 1 I abolish ( haplaln* ' The Srraaca said not. Mr Mi Minis aeked whether If would he in ord?rto 1 move pi stponement of the election till the Committee ' <outd report? | Speakse? No. Mr. Ml Mullen moved to portpvne the election till March next. I ' The Hmm decided that it wa* not In order. Mr Husi.i: raised a point, that, as the election of oerteln officer* waa poaipuurd till Maroh&th, the Chaplain was included I be 8r?aasa <iver ruled him. aud the House proceeded to an election. 1 wo votes were taken, on the last of which tha candidates stoi d a* follow*:?Cushmaa. 4ft, Morgan, 30; I Dewey 10; Gurley. t.'i , I 1 he House again balloted, and Hurley wa* elected. Adjourned till Monday. RKW lORK 1.KUI9I, ATlflB. Senate, Albany, February 1,1860. r et ition*. etc. Mr C*a*< presented the petition of Stephen Crowell, , and cither* for a law to Incorporate building and accuraldating luud associations ' Mr. Ukaaman, of (ireenwioh Savings' Rack, for an ' ameLduiont of their charter 1 Mr SkiNNsa. for a more just and Oijual law for the ( distribution of the school funds of the State ?ir. .o;,, a urni rial <>i nirn ntDU OI ,>ew I Ofa, for a repeal or modification of the uruty law* Mr. Ifham of tb* Hahnemann Aead.inyof Medicine a In New \ oik city. praying for a It oar J ot Kx.imtn*r* to , e< u(? r the degree ot M. D. by raid academy on applloa- , tlun therefor. RKMObCLLIRO Tilt Af'MOOL LAW*. Mr. Bi iima.i, tf m the Literature Commit Ice. male an elaborate report on the rubject of remodelling the ecbiol la*e. aud Introduce d a bill -tea times the u*ual r number of which were ordered printed. ore ma'* haihgi The bill to allow t>en. in 1 to batld a eer*aln bridge * In Weatcheeter wa* reported favorably opun t asm al ateoar or ntt cwMNieainaaa* t>> i.miobatiow. I he I rertdrnt laid before tbe S. net* the third an- , uual report ot tb* 1 ommt-atonor* of 1.migration it w?e re f?md to the Coinailttee of i on, merer aud Nartgalioii, of wbleb Mr M nltaiue I* obairmaa n 1 be paerebgen writing lb late were a* follow*: ? Ireland U'dSni Ueumara. ISO Ueitnauy 6?.7<6 Mora Scotia 1M * I i,gland ib321 Poland 14.1 Scotland 8 not) hagiuia 118 >or??y li.tM.ii < auaila SO hiacce SISI Hue-la 38 Holland 2 447 Ka?t lad'**. ....... 34 U al* * ......... 1.782 South America ..... 31 ' Switxerland l.atiA Mexico AI f Sweden 1,007 Molly 20 Jtaly M>2 i hioa 0 VVeet Indira 440 Arabia 8 ? Fit I tigal ......... Greece 0 Spain *14 Turkey 0 k Sardinia 172 1 otal iM '<oa tub aratr aoiiMti. n mooi.. Thw annual report of the Mat* Mormal School ?ai rewrite* stern i Awrm * mi.i.e. I _ Mr. Ow?i? Introduced a bill to amend the act reep*etlng r< mpeweattoa for d?aih bt d.iauit. 1 Mr hi ttMA.t pare nntiee of a bill to enable married wi men. reitdln* In tbl* S ate, to execute power* ol attorney to eonrey real relate. Mr Siora. era bill to endow an able profeetoreblp In ILet entiai < olleg*. in* tie r?BB awh ai B?rr a?iiao?n . 1 he hill amending tbe charter of the New York and f, Albany Rallioad wae pneeed. there being no nega*.tra f vote* Tbe bill le a# Mn.wa:? i An act ti nier te ?w.*b4 an aet aatharlna* the eoai'rne- k ti n af a railroad from New Turk te Albany parted a ly 12. , iMt* 1 he pei.yl# of lb* 8tate of New Tork, rrprttented ia Beaat* ' ai a iiNkbi Co enact a# follow* > I 7 i * tiwie for the coreirm iir* Cai.hln* and putt n* la oi? rwiti a a t<*(le track n *4 thromhont the entire Itae of it * ( Nadina hirer Kailre*4 l a . * rt"*i4?e by the act ia<?rp?- t ran** ii f < empaay. naeeed Way Id, I'4", at, I tbe art aaiadate!) tliiteeti | a.atd Ml) SI. IM#, i* here! ) fleeced to tb* 1 t I. II*) Ol Jaiy. la the ft cue tl.ou*aa4 ?i?hl Iiaa4rt* nut Mis* lac. ? , h? atmuat which may be borrowed ueder the lltli * ?- I tl. * ot lb#?ct p?a*?d ?*b UHh. 1841*. taut lad ' A n Be. farther | t. II. ti t to IU hugne Hie eoaet iii ti"B of a .*4 ; li m New Y. rA to All An," paeeed bay 12, i-4<> ? hereby nut. I* I. ,11*', a h I li aemloa el all) are the lihe eflv t ' .. ,1 .1 rl. .I.u. I ..,4 leea eiiataalli conialaei thetelu. la 11*0 I J I10I4I then n nil it mil. T h?x Ti ml ??fit' n iatd ant paaaed bap 12, it herohp at it'Flf) nntk a* nut Iba ' ?nl?r,' tl a tain, 111 iti Ih? ibii'tl the nartl b?a<abtr,Juu?;, bumtJ a>4 kmb II 1la> annual of fleck whtih roup be (matndirr tha I am oat aim at) ) limed hp taut < < mpanp (el. pt la tnxrr- I mot nt lai < ? 1? riattifi tan I tba I m ni'htriteil b*law|i? I tebp 'in tied in 24 1441(411. at <1 ainrh t? Umt amonat may ' b? imi.1 a t? < ?a>plp a III t t>?e?etn?B? t-> pa* la ?r. to it . k he (ail, ttl tar attat fia^v'ti iitbattiab b; tha eharter, taa ran to Pa iunl tin.iai lucli faaaiatioae at i a n.mrl nt Dti rli ra Bia> Iii bi tiM to taaia pitar-rita. Tha ml corpora- ' to n at all, in all tame ot ana- pa) meat tip tha oobiraotora aaf all toB.a af atenep tine to la* rat# far labor aatnailp parfataiaa, aa a- mtmctirp taut road. be laanla tn pap tba ram to rich laborer..r laktrrta aa taa aaom attatl be data, uu tin aa* ttuat, IB afltti p. af tha aainaat Baa aao unpad, aai || a p-rm a at taraot a %? hata It ta due atr-a la tin et.iltt er lot tha tltrm tetag < t tha dartioa on whin.) lata labor ?aa p -r? iitaH. ttl aiibn taa ni)i after tha labor fa? tahtob | %p tat ta aiataed ahalltaat haaa patforitiM- bat not bun ta thta ie?tp a it all ba a,. eaaitfied aa to >ak? ta(4 at.rp..rait?a I i# tap p?ieao n? pataoaa bopaaa taotalni t thirty raj t lata r of I- r. a >t para-ae alrina aeld a suae of labor tfi until latere tha lata attire Ta vrtliua-pittfdad. hotat*?V, that aa t?it ahall ba maia'a i ad a*tio't ibt tai4 t plat, naitrr thta aarttna. ttalaaa ittrh rati aball baaoanuenrad I tthla titty da*# aflat tba labor for ahtah pa) meat a tail ba i rlmamd thall hot# baa* perfumed j th.? 1 Mi aat abail tola ??I.t laiatdtaielp. inrtim Mirrrna Thn anta tn amend the aat to ittoorpc rate tha BrnnhIjn t-aa Llfhi > omftaap aai ta aitabilah tba boaadarp f>t tha aity ?t Bmohlpn. aero pae?ad Tha Sonata than apaln tnnk up tha Miai aa?a fcnt fM ant otcIJa It, at>4 than ad. on; Be l till itiol.p i t nit I j AMCBbljr. riTilloai. The following petition* were reed end referred:? Mr. Yours, of eighty-one oiti sens of Ceterengus, Allegheny. end Chautanque oountie*, to eompel the New Yoik end trie Kailroed Conipeny to build their roed ea loeeud in 1846 Mr Jomi, in relation to fee* of sheriffs on execution* tent by mell to different countie*. Alio, in reintion to excire lew*. Mr. O. Ai-im. of Trustee* of Buffalo Orphan Asylum, for en appioprietion. Mr Wirsoow, to prevent the eel* of intoxicating drink* Mr Hayyyorth. fame subject Mr. Hibbs. Id relation to sheriffs. Mr B?nkk. of merchants of New York city, for an ad attic nal d um ber ot bai b< r Often. Mr Llay knwuuth, for the abolition of tolle on railroad* Mr. Noion, for an amendment of the new aekool law. HARBOR MtlTtHI for NEW york CITY Mr. H. J. Allan reported farorably by bill to incrooi the number of harbor maeter* In New York city to ten. the tit* hall in brooklyn. The bill in relation to tbe Brooklyn City Hall, waa reported oa lavuiably KMIORATION Rr.YORT. Tbe third annual report of tbe Commissioner! of Lnuiiraiton was received Air. toRi< moved It be referred to tbe Committee on Mays slid Means and tbat t<n times tbe usual number be pi luted .as it was a report wbieh tbe Legteiin. turu would like to examine THE BROOKLYN INSTITUTE. Tbe annual report of the Brooklyn institute was received. blank roads. Mr. Irihii. pusnant to nonce. introduced a bill to emend an act in relation to plank and turnpike roads THK CROTON AqU tDUCT. Mr II. N. At lin gave notice of a bill in relation to tbe ( rotou A<|ueuuct ot New 1 ork City urmshiru ki.pnhtb to the constitutional convention, Mr < 111 i,i ii cave notice of a bill to furnish each m> wbtr i>1 tbe Constitutional Convention witb a report of tbe debate. HILLS introduced. Mr Bai on inlrouuced a bill In relation to building associations. Air. Mom ok. a bill to organise a separate battalion In HtcbuiOLd county. Mr MciNTokii, a bill to prevent the false branding of flour b> a.?t utaciureis and dealers. Laid on tne table under tbe lule. UNPAID TAILS. Mr Raymond offered the following resolution : ? Ktsolved. Hint the Comptroller be rei,p?ottully requested to toion usicate to thi lluuse, at bi? earliest cviv-uiei ce, tl.e kiiinunt ct isset no l?, d in any of the Borttieru oouu'iee ol this Plate, which hive Ku.inad unpaid, wnh a sta'ein< nt of i he ad Mint mod locanoe ol the lauds. ? hiuh hav - reverted to the State lor ito uob-ps)lueuiof taxes, during each year of tbe pan leu jeers. AN AGRICULTURAL RI'RKAU. Mr Raymond laid on ibe table, under the rule, the

folio*1 iig ooLcuiient resolutions KnoUid, (it tbe Sraate colour.) That the p- op e of the Plata el Bow Tech ri <uru Hgnciiitu.e ??t e leasingiaaeeoek of tl e Ameui-su pe< p,e atn 'he eluru tiLiuenliy ueeeiviUR the ttte tit ion sod care of tbe frdeial g veri lueut. Hesolvso, (if tic senate concur.) T. at the p ople of th'? State earaeeily desire tbe SetaMisemret in tic u, pi.uncut of the Interior of a Bureau of Agree.ture for col eouug eud oil! iiMrg urt fill knowledge on agf I' Ultural eubjeett and lor net, o lu r i ui i?in r? may anvneee the lEttrmii. increase Mcwinlthanr |,r, uioie the general protpi rity of the faruiiag population of it r I niled Stutte, Re olved. til <h? beuate tutcnr.J Thit nur Senators end Hi rr> sentatiYes in Coug'cee be rt-(YCtfully reque-teo io nee thurle lendratere to pioeure toe eetablubuicut and euoceaaiul nptration ol euch a buirsu. Ken iTcd, (ir the berate concur.) That the Oovernor of tb Mate he requirted io ' a copy ot theee rieolutioi.e to en h ol ibe Senators and representatives iroui lias bmlc m i - ngireea. ISql Ihl J BO IT THE hMOHT OT THE COMMIaaiOREH# Or THK COIL r?jRl). Mr Ko*r> laid on tbe table a re#olutlon of inquiry of tbe f rnjiuteeh nere of the anal Kund why tneir Report ana uot u-ade to the Legialalurr, and also tbe toliuvil'K rtaOiutiou :? Keeelveii, Thtt ike Auditor of tbe Canal l>i[ art men- la raquir tali i? rt to line llouee h?w much-<f i oc * vi inn korr.-w-u 1) <) ? Cemitiieeioeere of the Canal, under the ar char 42* ?' 1U laaa of 1Mb, ha# ra drawn lion the Tr-aeu-y and the object or objecta to wxich the tauae hae Icon atl'lud. ao 'ar ua th- ei|c uiiote he# bo. u aooowa* ,.j for, anil alao that ho r- p? n hew touch of trie $ii#i itM borr > ed i, lite o.a net, ur.u*r the a,I chap ill. of tin, laaa af St', hae bem drown from the Tleaaory. aod tba o jeat o*uOj.-<? lor which and the perron# t - whom the eamc Itaa keen paid, ao far aa the cipenditnTa baa loen aoeonuted for, at.aVEai BaaoLt'TiMaa The alawtry resolution# were then brought up under nntloieh-o bunnere. Mr. Waki.aias occupied tnoet Of the time rei tewing the part and epeakinu ot the pieernt and the future 1 bet <mtnittee of the While pturii tbe bill lu relation to the Judge# of tbe bup'rme i ourl and other court* of t hie State; al#o top onde for tba education of Inula! * iu th? State Normal School A bill ?a* rent It in the Sinate In relation to the divlaien of the Sixth and Se.tiaah warda of Br-M-hiyu ; al#<> a Mil to incorpoiatr the liaa Light < ouipany of Bre< klyu and to eon Arm ihe election ot directora Mr. H?*aioeo nioTed ibe slavery r-*olui|.-ii? he made the epeciai order < f the day on Cuesday next at I'd Ink a? many of the member a would be absent ou lidui lay hi ; orday. The llouae then adjonrned. Mtaanrea or the ltrldah UeTariiiurut la filippriaa CaiMaUlwit Annnntion. Toaanvo, C. W. February 1, 18S0. Lord Hprln boa recelead a deepatch from S.arl Orwy, urging bint to uae eerry mean# In hi* power to atippreaa :he me?ement in favor of anueiatl->n, thanking hun firwlathaa already bean dona in thie way, and-lailaring that eo long aa any pottiun ot the tana-Lao people ara deeiroua af n aintamiog tbvir reaurction alth the Mother country, they will ba supported by he whole power, tbe blood, and tbe treaaury of ril* St. liOttlt Tragedy?Indictment or U. UllltlKaqlllOU. St. Lot i?. February 1 18..0 O. Montaeqninu. the author of the recent tragedy at larnum'* Hotel. La* been Indicted for murder in the fit degree. Katmond. hie brother, ban been retained l? a wltnr*? in the caee The trial will probably come >ff daring the preeent term of the court. Tile ti el lira tear. Nm OiilMi, January 31, 1850 The teetlmrny in the (iainee caee bar olot-od, and the trgumetit on the pett of the eouneel vouinieooed. It rill probably l>e a week before a ooncluelon la arrived it The eTIdenee la very contradictory. irroiu trie fiaLriMOBK, Feb 1.1850 Two rf the foar malls due from the Scuth hare arired thie rvcairig. The New (irleana paper* of tb* 834 ult., annonoc* he arrival of the ahip Cortland.from Braao*. with data* o the 17th Mr. W A dell tba t*. S. Conaal at Matamorae. arrlvad t Browneville on the 16th. ( eneral A Valor, the Mexican com man Jar at Mata roraa, ha* addreeeed ( olontl Wtlecn, a< llcltiog the o.? p< ration ot tha I'. 8 troop* again #t the Indian*, 'he were atill committing greet atrocities In Mexico. The Heading Hallmad. HaeaiaetM. lib 1, 1850 The Senate Reeding Itailroad bill which w*? atnenjled in the Ncnee. ?a> return d to the Senate for e n. arret re The Senate nicdiAed teveral of the amend irnt? end bent it to the Hour* which *?a*e 1 It withvt alteration. I What tb* new am* cdmenta or alteration* are. w* at* not been Informed.) Tb* (itvrgle off l harieaton. Ci4*et.e*tov, February 1. 1850 The new ?team?hlp tteorgia t apt Porter wm off barletton Bar. in 60 hoar* and 45 minute* from New reek. flu beta. New Oat.? * *. lanuar* 30 - P V. There la lea* doing In cotton to day. though no ma * 1*1 < bar ge ran he nnriod In quotation* The *a re 1 *00 tale*, ineludlog o ld ling at llT,e. Some >artn * are holding at 18c Coffee continue* liria with air demand in rngai an l mota**e* there i* a better eeltrg and price* for both ha** an up*?rt troln y. f be tobacco maiket I* ?-rj ? io? and la g* enlee ha*a ieen n ad* on 'peculation at an advance of nearly i>*< at j-r f.ourd. Kit-hang* la lirtu at , '* ? p*r e?ut or atarllng S?? Oai.r*** Fab 1. 1*?0. Tliraa thnn>aad balaa of eotti u ?>r? add yaaiardaf. nuwtlt for Kof land ) at a rtiellaa of ?o? aitfh.h O ? *1 mddllni la .|U"t?d at I'JVo i ?ff?# ha* *drana?d I* >ne* and aah-a of 27 000 baga of Klo ha*? b**n inula it U'.,c. a M',o ITtnir mnia>**a ha? advancedta M lent* Sal** of 3b,000 buabala of roru Lara l-wn raada it 47 to 48 cast*. n?i.riHoar. Fab Pal*# of 8 0t0 hartal* of Hoaard ?trrat tl >ur w?r# jtada. to day at M 74 b?lng a <l?olln? oa yaatard ?f'a juotattoa*. 1 liar* haa h?-n no rhang* laothar arttalaa. Phl|>l>lnU lalfllln*inrr, haw Uai.t<*l,Jttl.t ArrlT#4?BMp for'laod. Bratia. Iftb. Lrti* Jndo.n. in* Uuul. Ui f<r * ,*? l?an?, lonri lihmtM, tor rai ?, la tallaat. Ball*. dlig. hfc>r h?ih?l. Benin; hark* 0 Phaaaaa, do; C 8 Bui Jar. Pi il*d*l| loa. Sill- Arrliad? PLIp Oalaaa. STtrk. "an.*, J?? ||. Arriaad? *taaai?r t'ljda. *?ra Cm. with it> (.uanirti: tru.g* aotk'ag a*a. B? ron*. Jan J8. i rriiid?Bark Uiathrr; kti* Wilana. h Yita CH*ai a*roa, Jan 39. Arrirod? !thr? Baa e?. NYork: Vir?i*i*. K,?. . _ . . _ B*LTiaoaa, Fall. Art t?a4? Brig Blitba I*oair. Bo*t?a. W * I l, HIT IN, f II ? ? Artiooj-Bchr R'd J or lot, Virtii ii. 8*1 J Ml 11. 8*tl?4- Bri* Inoooll. Rio OrM Jo. Root on. fob 1. Afri?r4?Bhip# Oroon Qnooa, MOrlroao. Iltli nit: Join DnaiM. ?*, So ilk: hrm* Mmhnrt Km Jonolro, Dor 1; H*r>t * I Do'th. CorOrnto |*iholt; JohnC'tftord. 4?. I*th nit: irtroT r J'hini, w iln<> tV'H. NOt Job* H Uotio Metrofi'lii. **4 Uoo4 Hop*, l"t i#or.rk?*i?r? John Mtohon, Tooilori Mtwni4. loio, J Coo It) Ik Co, Brio, no4 Chollm**, W Tori ( unrH - Berk* Lucre*. CoH?*eo: Omndo, Worn**; John Hr-vorf Apoleohlrvlo; A 4*110 Ronoro. ChiloJolpbio; Hhl AMott Loortnoo, Rloik. Knw Ruronr. Jon 11. 8nil*4 - B#l.r 0?o?? Jonoo, NT rk. Pkormnrt. Jo* *1. Anlrr#? ft 1 ro Ck oo rorh?r. Norfolk. Coo NT o??n*r Tork Ilk 11, klvt t '.I'MUo. M?tk. City nlalll(ii>re. FIRES III MKW VOKK FOR THE MO.\ rH OF JANUARY. I860 1 ? Fire At 800 Mnrot itrrat; cmm unknown. 8 ? Kim at 46 bookman street; blind taotory. 8 -steamboat Hero foot of Sixth atreet 6.? Lewie street, nonr Broome, wood-(bed, in the renr. Bleerker ktreet. nenr Morton. 4 ktory briok. upheletery; damage, $100 to atook. William Rtreet. near John; raeer etrop a tore, owned by Chapman & Co., much damaged In 4th itory. 7 ? Thiee ktory brick habordasbery, 838>? Orand ktreet 8. ( ontent. 0.?Elm street, near Broome; 8 story briok; damage to bnlloinii $100 Division street, near Attorney; 8 story frame building, barber shop 10 - Three story briok. Thirteenth street, near Lexington avenue, occupied by melodeon maker. Old Brewery Croek street, opposite Little Water 11.?Carpenti r shop, Twenty-brst stre?t.inear Eleventh avenue; lumber and shop destroyed, and two bile* nulla n g* damaged 12 ?* oilier uf llourteu and riinton streets; trilling. 18? ourtlaod street, near Broadway; 3 stery brio*, a good deal injured 14 -i Di ner of thirty-Second street and Fourth are nUf; two story frame known a< Gothic Hotal occupied by Mr I'urdy; upper story destroyed Corner of Amos aud Wert street*. cooper's shop, triliing. 16.? Little Water street; atraw bed lo .0 Fulton street. 120 Water street, 4 story building: fit* in rap factory, .'Id story. 17 ? Pike corner ofCherry street, 8 story building :>U ? MouLt \ srnon House. 686 tirand street. Frame stable, cutter ot Madison and Walnut streets. 23 ?Three story biick 00 Amity street, Cugler's book store; considerably damaged. 24 ? Time story brick, 80 F irsFavenue; Allen, May k Co 'a soap factory 81.?Stable in Jry Dock street. Th?: Nm Kmc District.? Ka our readers are aware a new or fourth bre district has been created by the Common Council. mbiaciug all tbat part of the city north ot Twenty second street, and the district is divided into two aeottons, by a line running tbro igh Uf b avenue but it is not yet orgautzed. the Assistant r.ugtt ?er of the district not being yet elected. I here aree many candidates working tor the oBtce and all worthy ol ft in their own estimation, that it is difficult to make a choice One of (be causes uf the delay of the election Is the new ui. eeuient being made ro bare three Ftie> omudssloueis appointed, to have charge of the distiiets and to abolish the Assistant Fugtueers it would be uio.-t tie.liable in the organising ot the new district, to simplify the alarms aud the districts too ? Instead < t saying Second Section of the First District it would be better to call it the Second District and so on. making tfe First Section of the Seeond District the 1 bud District, and the Second Section the Fourth Distil.-1 th< First Section ot the I'lind District the j Fifth District and the Second Section of It the Slx'b District districts and sections are so called already by many. ?h . are guided by the strokes of the bell and a ben tiiey bear the bell loll three strokes, lor . instance, ibey imniediatily say the fireis iu the Third illatrict; whirsas It is really iu the First Section of the ! Second Distriot thus mistakes and confusion are the consequence I'm Pa. rosso At m.N L?? ? The object of tbs pro posed -atlen" law brought forward by the Mayor at the la" meeting ot the Board of Supervisors, is toenwble foreipnet* or alieus to bold real estate directly, aud not thr. uj ft a<nn. as n-w which is unsatisfactory, and ibe cause of much loss and inconvenieuce. without any corrrepontiug benellt to the commuaity. A special set of .he Legislature ha- been bitbeilo neoessary to enable a foreigner to bold real estate; it is now propored to abolish the restriction aud it Is believed that tl e ie?u t will be a benebt to the commercial community by altiacilug toieign capital to our shores. Itss i at i tui Fib*?At hull-past twelve o'clock, ye-n texlsy morning a hre broke out in the dwelling house at 1 l.e corner of Thirtv.eiwbt street, ami l -...ur..n viuur It ?ta th? middle one ?t three hoURec standI'g together Tin- tire coiupanlee were promptly at work, hut unfortuuately tbey bad little or go ?'?, the waier pipes not yet being laid in the street. They got *-imm trom rhiri}-tir..t street. but It wa? too wr?k to be -1 much service. A* a last resort. tbere loir. I ho tiro in. ii proceeded to proelra e the building, in cider to f. to thou hor two hounes a-joining it lao fb tie buna i g ut course, wit destroy?d. Kmc in a 8taul>: ?A stable on the comer ?f Drydoe I- huj t enth streets, took bre about ball pa?t eight o'clock i u I hur-Jsy evening but the llauie* were extinguished bstore touch damage ?a- done hm?At a quarter to eleven o'clock, laat night, a tire was aiecovcred at No bo King street It wa? ex- j tl gut-hell wllb trtiling dau.ago by the police; but, | ui.toiluna:. iy. the clothe* ot a woman named Kiua I both N?ore, caught the fleciee, by wbich ahu in aewerely burutd. Oil to Washington.?It is said tha*. the Secretary | of the lrvasuiy telegraphed to Mr Maxwell the Colh ciur requesting biiu to set oil Immediately for Washington w e uudernaud that be took the ear* joe er day afternoon. Kacio Tsi|. hashing.?A message, directed to St. I.oui*. in heud. d In at the .vlorM Southern line yet t> id? j in in nit g at 10 miuutot of 6, aud by II o'cl'Kik the au-dor to in the bauda cf the owner, thue acconif lohitg the teat?a di> tancr ot nearly lyi'>0 miles? i i? ai? ut ta.. hour* aid leu miuutel bejuud t'hua- j di ipbia It took the O'Heilly Hi tss. v uaic A a mv at a ot Hi ni.ahia ?* ? The fullewlug Hungarian late arrived ai the Kraaktiu Hotel Honry t-oaoiv. Mire triauly, .Master (J.tdly, Rec. Mr. Wt-.u- | luer .VIrr W inanor J jullot latum Theodore Rotabauir It eider# Karatieh the British whip >1ount- I Riuait i lphiuRtiiue ir daily expected, with lortv more ot the-an e nation. She called on the lblh of December, ' Iroia Otu n< ck Tik i or a Fa??h lli'Mtv Swvli. Founo it a SrauK ? 1 Yesterday a piece of a butuau oknll ca* lound lu one (it (ho hn adway riagea, *uppo-cd to have b-eu left tb< re I j -i mi nirg-r n It was quite froeh, a- t h >u ;h It had b?on juet dissected It traa taxni from the driver, aid brought to the station bouse of the Klr*t ward by olficer > ct abe Tri Kcno or Italy, an Italian journal, edited by Stccbl do ( a-ait appear* to-day 1h? Huiti Vt anva Case in PvaBL 8mifir.?Corn- . ner Gear, yraterday examined the man < barlaa Crowe. ' who rIclur rbargrd with tne murder of William Whl'e, on \ oi.dsy night lad. by shooting hlin through the (i y mi n a to* :m 111 mnn 1 n? pi iaou-r a*.m-a i-u i L i < uu tl I lit-1 oronar thau lull rinad'ha prt-enar thtt hi- ** about to fUuiik litui on tha e'lirnr uf mutiiar III mkiun tlio life of IVIIIIIOI -Vhit* unit that |i aa* bu duty to lututui bliu that ha *?< Ut liberty to auuwar.or CI-elma to ai.-*rr Buy it all qiiretluon that ' ha ni'itt.i put to t.lm Tha prlaouer thru stated that ht aaaa i.a Ire ol ire.and an.I Unity-lira y#?re of aga, I at>u knpi a I'qBor and grocery a tor* Any fuitht-r i^ura tit I a I hr ptlMUtr Declined annaertng, by a l*ic* of coin 11 i ha I iTnttr than fully c?mtnlti?il hiui lo ) i a on to taka biatrial |u?*lbiy lo tha March taroi of I tlia Oyer a lid Taruilliar I'aaMiMN Man l),io*?i??r>. ?Yenterday, the body of f an on k in * u luau a aa found floating lo the hattfltd, I ttir i eti etliu a It |a. the body a?i made laet to the lloa i>l a raaaal by Capt. Liorloh. Bud the Cofoocr taut tor lo bold au tDqueet beam at Arun tit ? The Coroner. ye*ter lay hald at, li 'iF at N .lid laet Btubdaay on IDt li It f lr,orik Vkebeff age d raaie II BMlll and 9 dbyd I tin aba ulwotritd )? tarday mo'B'Dg by hla lla. I daad in hla hi it Ur ll*lBi*?,on *laialuatlon of tha Kd;, fiuuditbt the dmaa-ad had oouia to bl- d-atb by a fit of a pupii xy. I lia ii*caa**U ** a inau of cmaldatab a pi o|? rt) aid rauidxl until lat*ly Indenttag. in Ilia Uioau Itigdale rand, uaar tba \bhey Tba uriaa-ad la* all a young *ld~* and tbraa youag ctiiluti ti. lo uiourn hi* l ?- Vardlat. that tba daeaa*rd cauia to hla diath by a At of apoplaay. Fwller lntelll?en<b. wtf iH.-r*- Ttitb? l ao black Irltowa nallad Charley South (idtiaar^atl Ani l* ti war* a r?t* l yaeterday i n a cha ?a ?f obtaining. by ial*e ptaiam-an au oaaicoai and oih-r a ailig apparel laluad Iu all at fit Inm llj uiab Hbkar \ ii. 9 i image atraat It *?#ae tha b-CUM-a rallad on Mr Baker and nail tha, hat ju?t ta, trill d t, osi aaa. am< ware ?anl by laio-e L? II aa ai'ooi iir laker kna* to l>* r**p"aa:l>i--. and obtain-d the *hi i a i aBu d rh th<eg on hin r. Lodiua n acout. 1 1 tail tint g aaa .u'Heied and III" -?m- nig'lt th? h ark ta*c?l- * Id tba rloiU.h.: on tlta k l*e I'mate far ' |i Ml It akar ha* ft. r* aer'alna-1 mat tbay pra ] >*b'ati B**?rafbl*a aad fraudulent Ju?ttca Ininl, : fort o- u.bilt'ad tha two aeeuaad to prtaon fur trial W><*? #>f a ,\A ip?/?-r r?i?| t yuei g aoaibp ah etlt I ytnu M ?t* hi th' aaBi* of Driiala *nny Mn| t I hit ia dbkltgl ' y a alar dby m ruing b? nfll . * Bu nd o| th* i hud aatd ahoui the ofttoar da'r ttnd IB lha art ol Mealing tie*, p%P-re fmut th* atora I air* la A* ??Murion and l?r*anwich *tr*'te l ha young a* il fad *?ma eight or tau papara airaady uud** hi* e-m, taki u iroui lha dour* b? aim** ?U at Thabiy ate taken h-h ra lu-'ie* oouitort ah ootninlttrd bun to tbe I tub- for trial Itiunhtyti Illy lotrlllgrnc R| rtno ai 'he leguiar l-tui of thin c urt win n e n<*t>''- u I ua*day oa|t in> 6th Inn eat at tba City liai Judge pi. Jug Iro ug ot'iar ema* a fitch *111 b? brought rn f"t trial. In a null by H-? I < mean agaiiet lha aifo oi Judge Pterta, ter alatdrr. ___________ ) "Thrmne T Si. .lain, h rttier i-aebter of tha Suqtiahaiina iPb I ? Ufty rtnon ha* been ludh-t?t fur ohtetBlri III B*y hy tai*a pi*taoca* la having arid 61 ' 'O ol thn biilp ol lha lark a hru ha kuaw It aaa Ibanl" Bt. Wnlrr (ore C ?iaiiil*nii,rut fur kaln?6 rylradie *et,r me ret* lieaaeat. aaaawiMg af a aaa on -I to, I o,i ? 1'iit i.r i' * | rp... i of aa- miar *n ' ri? |*l',?'* n all i * * nt hi uaaa, la t r#4 ' hair M oi i l?? nkiu.i f?i t) arr*i of *rr? Bee l?*n jadar I b<r.hHale a rel'laatWBi ?i#a n * # amnn kaaekirel art i?* atngtuam ntj ?a?*M*ry l-r lha arranaaiadaM** at Ba.taate Budar tab t i t II Inai'iiataC al'h'a fra aalla* af uaa at ??r tLntt aiuieat rlilaa on thn btlaatlr, la a highly I liH*i ariit r a anna *,irrt>vrh**e. f ran**. I" aa ?t?ma*l tram. nil it 4 Caiighttal raa, taaaa. rai*M vibii. 1* (i>a t 1a fur t |i'if *h-aa nt nil aa r *# ! **l rtnaaiieh *ai*t, ui pifa,a la < ntrio u ,Wr I Ii- t,tahli,li?aat aimtb* j t??l anion, la ka l?l' ? th* i*raid *ltl' a , _ U?nti*ri??>i j thl4 no- | Iir ud ? n? ! to i ?? a li? tak- a la B fai r | ft)!#, ah.h'?t rtk.??irr l< ?i?u ? > fr?|?r siaa?iia t,r I UMlt <ki I'llMlkilnlii l t" tha ??4 loB hoinnirif Bit vu If aBfallfd ) ??> ! tha fi o No a-.Ui?????). HaKKI^'IN * 1 i;onmn<l'i llnllan Bfillttlwl ftonp intra pi ai pi of ftochli a, 'B? rtlMMi lc*| ??, tii'lilid n 4i# tor. ??<i < ? ' ? ?' iift'fM < ? |>- nt i for ftisf m* ffBr i iiraul Bi'tif i i ?? If) i??m Mum ly ?i it onf iarl !" ?. 17 * ?i??r ftffr* Iffft f* 'ff f- ra i- i to) I I fluff. OBI Hut-f B Jneil. IM ??fB?gt..r. ttraf, Bnm. Hair Ifyt ?llfflrtfBlf.r b|iil<1 rnlari ihf if?i (Mil -i Mf itiiBfil II It iptiN wr ?b? injmi tf in- iiftr or f j II rf b bo ffffhfti uniao.lia oii o.;r nvgii lilTkin* 'hi f ' 'f, ?B< fcB? BB 7 ?J It It ippl)-il, >? I | wVilfftl* f0<* f?fBii. at IIATOH Bl.oR'B BTlf faitaar* ? "fi) iBMt 0?rT ftia BlMr-BB Th? Wfdldnf I ?i*?l of n Bailor rtBiiBl b? fC???BlB Bl.l i?t B fll| pi} ol MP. f I "4 blv?T I III i^f n'tr, IllB BTfffft ftoill* rtltic f t I siBf I I.iiff - I'BffffBf-f Be. No rr ). . o n Bill Iff Tf fi It b if (III Mf P i f r. Ml) (ttii. pi it" ? if' Bill ho ,,} in- ; o, . .... |. Im. i f.foi fBlps for Ri f*'f I'od l.tnr Oil Ob ' If O if) i tl.ul' 'liB ii li. f .if t It cfu uB ub4 b( .1 i] li 0 L7ii'i KVIRutikio. 1 * , ' lb* Wnlily lUrakt. The Weekly tttiuhi will be puhli-hed at aloe o'clock this morning. The full report of tho trial of Drnry, charged with sending the torpedo box to Waraer ; tho debate* in Washington including ('lay's compromise speech ; and the account of the Parkmao tragedy will be given, with the other Int-rooting matter of the week, In Ite oolumne. Single ooplei el i peace. We Orate-fully krknotvlcdge the Kind none of the ma> ag< re of I lie ratlroada fr m Near York to if wiling.on in f?r? a'diay ua Inn of exp-xee, 'n Held eilv, and l a. k 10 haw York nil ; aul alec iproi nur thank* t-> Mr. Glaae I W n U ..?? Philadelphia), Mr Uay(Unit?d htatrr Ild.l, B?ltiu?"re>. ana Mr. Tluunna (Irving Hone*, ft arhington I. lor ti e kindurar end ho#pimI|:y with which they wele?Bi?d o a'lle.r ie-p?otl?e hotele. We feel It the Dure nut ,*ut> tl)V? pub'iclv t rive w->rde to our deep-fe t preti ude?know >n< li e' tb.e kind hrart..d sympathy wnc> ! out tender, d ee > irlhute to cur owe |? actuality, bat wee proffered to ?he i-eiif f iter y" in g u-ral, in ?h<oedefen'e we tone m? ne. .lire hI tiiWI- RikrM men, who take whatever p>ri it tilt 1 v ?ma? of hammity. deeerro to be medettv r?>H tic,we. t? ihe r follow citiieniof tkia great.. I free, end Diegnauimoue repaMie. . i, curl JOHN PBAOAY, Mij r h. . tnimmgair, LlDlSLAUB UJHAZI. Bred)'* National 4 ollee llnii or PegBtrrietj pr? 'J 6 or d au7 headway. o rear f Full -n etreet. Strangere aud nume ar grape- 'fully iiiritad to cell end examine .he epenimers. Tullioiypr l.lkectMfl ou Pmpcr.?Tit* ad* van agea ?l ilu- o m? lit- n-"<ae? g-in for them greater p-ipu larity etei> day Wo ere pup red to tete iikcaeetee front life el ail nil a siagly or in ?mupe. Valuab c dayuerree*\'.reorders eel r eiceu. fi leada o pied i n paper and ivory. fi t-public an tuviied t, txainu.e e.-e.-imrne at oar ronma. kOI Biuadway W it F LANQBNUBIM. "The l iilvaowi Counterfeit. mud Altered Bti k Mete leeMn a' Mgb. " \ y- nil ol infallilile de teetioa a eight. Ip| aula to all uou.terteit. or altered nc re ot all u, d i< elate-. I witbi 90 years peat) of all bin*''i. ihr I a,ted H a or. n * in l irculalien er ccreatine leaned. < i aipir a ir.rn rule*. with illuetratiee diagrams, forerli in iraiticn \ email | aiaphiet of twenty pagaa, ar? rente. Pil.u, (* innludiag a good niagnifyia> glarr i aa I e m I, ar t a in arni be mi l Addreee to 11 I'. ro? i K ii.'l Greenwich etreet, Mew York There hen lieen rnffli lent evidence given toiht pal' , >c p ,ier iliu thei cannot anpply 'beusulvea witii r (rod or .leap an article al (1 H'l noil Sloes aa at till eat I, it. D|, I'. 'd a. n HKOtvAS. IN' Fulton street Mr. II. ha-< 11 w - on bfci.Q a la' *e ait.-ri cieat of all the approved a>, las ,f iee' G.u.'rn.'lihldeu't U-ou, Slioee, Gait <ra, Uvtrebca kc. The Beat,<eak, wild the itljr Piece lit tbe miy w . . rh ,n |-1>- o F aoh Call lloote can be bought lor $4 Al. lie. ally !'> ?> .1 t" in ?l rr a.urea < at the corner of rtiPoo mi ,i Dneaaa .tree.a, alao. Hue Calf Dress Boole $3 At. i urunlly St AO .a < 'l.rr cbea ? -o*. Water Proof Bouts $1 Ai) | t<* S' All other y "ill in t r . I '.rt,o?. Alt Uimim lloirliaat wu anting tile otlker f da) uii x i u parti i'i v1 ill! lie naid udilanTjr. " I <le?ir? to ?|> iki?? d in m-D " Hiivi- . ui " reuiarked Brother ' liiii ' 1 i< ire i'i ??> " con i in in d Deacou Uo ul'aet. " that Hi.- very lent, ti. \.rj hia|H?t, be very mat ?t winter koot.i, in kt? Virk. in: > ' e ha i at J i>N X >'3,14 Ana str jet.' Tout v ue. indeed. " u woid in <ea>oa " m?n> a Mini mnjr I linn a Tliem $.1 Salt* lor tin Mnitie i 1 i.n .ui' ihen Mint I k.eouut Un * tlionv w'Inn ibe i i 111: ( nr lean t ippeirauc? ie e (ual to a *11 I 'I .1 (n l!i -lii .id livero at*. |i! to Jit, corner ?< .* ,ii nr. i In Inner itreet. Wiiii<1<rliti Iiiiiirnvriiieiii?Ptinloii'n Ma? gic Hair I ye oniim ,.uu oi wh i. ?i?, tne na.entitia ?i hl'td. ? . tieui i ju v . i .. t air or akin It nan he wanned immediate!* ?rhi.ii' ti*turfeia? the color and kae ao bad! odor It i? err '111. ?r an Id at fliiLOS't IW Broadway. C91ISIC111 I K F J I R 8 IIONRV (IAHKBT. l ild.iy , ! '? lu uui y 1?1 P. . Tb?re an- a little in r- bmyanoy lu the ?t Hjk market to-day and Hvn?l ol the lauclt* advanced a fraction. The lament iiurohaeer* were the beara, who bouiiht lamely lor ce.-h. to fulbi maturing contract? At ibe bret board. Indiaua 6'a went up feunvylvaoia S'f Hu'l'i'ii Hirer Railroad, Canton Company declined . Reading ltailroa.1, l?. At tb* refund board, Cruntyl.nola b e advanced 14 ; trie Bot'da. n? w > , I armm '4 ; trie Railroad K. Tne traneactione at the aec"nd b ard were limited. The anoufct of dep rim in ieaietant ITi<a?ur?re oflice, at the Clone of bu?ine*< to day. wae U04.147 74. The Reading Hailn ait bill peeved both brniul of the Legialature of I'eaaayi>ani?. to-day. (k'riday,) the Hour-e amendment* having b en auietid -d and mcdiBed by the Senate. 1 lie c mpany aie perfectly rati* tied with the bill in every rev pact The liab lity propoeW tion win amended a* tolluwr:?** That the proviaioa hall not appiy to b' nda wbiuh may be leaned in lieu oi or eichao^e for bonda due in luftO or to any bond which raid o< in pan j way under aaivting law* legally Imu*. or to engagement* arbish aalii ooinpa.17, under exittlng m?? innv mr lnt >, prorlded fartb-r tbat ru.t thall rtrrt be br ughl agalnat the cimpati; ?o4 iu ?r?rtf ?xliau?Uti The annexed rtatement exhibit* the aggregate value of uerehaailia* *x ported from tht* port during the month of January, phoning, alto, tba ralua of aklp* nieata to ?ach rouu'rt ai-tlugul-hiug tba douieatie from the for* kd nxpnrta- CoMMxacx or thi lonr or Nan ToaK-Etromre rj* J AM IIAM*. t'Ati. I. /?r i tj Value ej Valuta/ Valuta! Am r (iaw'a >?/ (iw/i limli f*i o?/ v.') car. to .i.e. rat. la mi, J It //. Lcarlrn it'I r./U .MO - 10.I7I Lt**'|o 1 7" ?7f K.lltl 1,7*1 1XX772 n??,o? /v. n. i ;m - io,xa Oil rr i 11 mh (.!# : liinam Iitlaau. Illdl ? ? ? n?vra. Si4:>3< 7 "04 ? ? fitl tr pnrteie t rai ce *. J I'.ml 1 .it 0 ? l..i?Un, SOJnX 14 > ? 6.71* J1..I.M. . . 1 II A it 1.24U 1.7*1 4. V) lint. N. A. I lilimii. 24 "ft *l? ? J-i : h'.'i i. n tri h JI . M/ ? .1^: 4 vi a ? -4i-> p.i.7* Ml? t.i>? Prll.1 *10. ? l.-A ? it! ? St. lna.ii.," 44 804 1/4*1 401 > I7J S,? 1. 204 I 3,-40 I II 176! l'Uifl. H ?n 11,.4<. (.. 0.410 4 it 400 ? Italy ... :<4 4"i ? ? .111 Slain 14 114 ? ? 1I.MM l*i rtnxal ... 7.144 ? ? ? IraiOi a ant Into?. 21.114 ? l>4) ? I'ai ama. 4 f?u ? ? ? lira* MW 1,?4 3 471 ? Ai,...i|. . Mil. It. '< .1 3 ? 4 7 7 "7 ? V 11 >?i *la 4:1 o il 4 4i Inl 2,07 V|?I? M 7 ' *# I 227 3 704 ? t'n tral America... 10 .0 I'M 1.7*3. ? Mcti> I/urn 2.3X41 1./I6 ? Inherit 2r .'.7 - ? 1.I.W featdxh *# ! lieie- 10.130 23 ? V4 T"ia # .1 ' 14 73.1 ?ik? .? V?* Th? aggregate value ?> exp 'fta I* *3.0-It ..10. mxt ef* rhlrh ta? r. tnpofd 11 4 ni"?tin m?rot andler. V re tban r>r halt ..f the t lal aie ont ?a* ahtpp d t?< treat bittern Thin la a r?rj imp rtan: table, a? It ehnr* tba extent of i.?ir axport t. a l? etth t-eeb eoun'ry 1 he rrtni)l?n,la * U'i DM" ' aiai . at any hare dee rlan il a ili*l In d I f 4 a id thro* ,j ia tor* per neat 1 he r- p. itof the t.oniiuf-lonoia of the aiming e'und rf the Mta'e r t r?t)t ylverta -ay, that Hp to tha Slat ,, i?iM.rno',i;.?j wi \am 'ui d aui' ufi? I f f.. 1 .. al.rh ?? (rrltM froin 11?? lotion it x ? oto. toboriune* tai. tit* . ? 12. pr?anim>? on ?'n era M.MV 40. aatiad boutboor f.on-o ? <1 * 4nt n. btlu'd km ?. ktml'i.u * ?.,j |. , p|n el?y n -outot p.; > I fC. tl o?ti. , r...,. a h" * ?'# ii.:?n?0? >4 414 d 'il try 1(4 y <?.!' i ? *4 Ti al reeei fi/f HI i'i, 'wi. .ui.Mi :i in,'.' Of ?hit ?nn ; 4 ' > < ?l h* t>?- n expended In th? parol ato. ? n?' a li? m?ikf |.pc. and hn? pun nt i - f it si a dob' l'h? poire* I tlii inn. ? f r, ?" , ti) ?,. >4 The repovt -h.iw- a na 000# oh lam due the Inn J op ibe lr?t .#f lue year of \um>: 1 bet* bat by on quit* ?? impr: ??in??t in tba mart*1 relno of I tiat ?"it nlifilnih p?l f?? 4?ji I* I Pan HI i nei of tb? t.iui'in* ad>ao?o.| hr eot-rat of tha rading oenator ol oppotlte par'leo in enpraao rata I to lot b- ri?iB< ?i tbe aredltore at Toxae Tb? npt iloo uprwul by Mr Vmy tbat ino or-dltire of Texae ;o?b<m the roieneet nt 'bo ropubor #t-? pledged f a laioitDi. bad en oiyiii'nblo e.aim up n I0o <eaerei c> irraank > > 11.* > ni h by tha laatere of al i'Iijii>t In ?!> H- a. * Tbo Hi t" n 7r ioll?r?nj? la maniiecturloe e'o-ki bora le but lilt iiiotoinovt \ii ?i*e< and tlarrt nark ero t. n>. a'd to la r i?j ae( u?o form or at 1 and he la'tar a? ab"ut f prr cant adtatira. Now Knr>id Morotid bat ??? .at ! aon*idorab.v vltbia a ten rotka. 7; oee'-fi I to .?ri>.?- ri?y an it leee then Mi I he d.ef.iende at thle o mrmny, tfuri'r be y?ei 1Mb one * per rent in on?b an I IJ>p per no k atret en aa. o^ . of ait, p.r oeat. Tha pfaoao' aiifl alima tl e j , I tlilt r-uiipnny le ( ? * Irai.tii laytat n d-ity ci n "i?ib traaftaan w.?4,?b ef? they a> t>W', ?nd ?oa ad In ledoaia* tna dntf up .0 i at iiftf'u ? I ? '>n? and it ie qui'a flattering t? tbo hiuii >? i f th > t ini nay ?o haabl- ? dloldo pueh )>l ... T . r - ? [ *' < < Tli" fill""!"* l?Mf ft thr it niwr of !* ! ? f4 rail . r< <i itkr* ri'?p'? i %''<t it p* vi>.n in ih# nrtoj <ta;r?<f llir I i1 n th? lrrt ?t Iimiiit 1150 ?? t>. ! r? ? ' ' ' ' ?"? llMltiM Com1 M"> in 1HF tHub val?r .. . !?' CMHIM M< rw I ?n ? r 1.. < - -I ? ?< win.. i? . Ft >?i M "tiriikn"'!* 1 113 1 'iMtii . ? 11 fthfua liland 2 L >*ti>lMB 11 . Bill' 'iai.t. . . . .. I I . . . . V" ? T?iiM'a, ITof?l N KkgtaM. .t,4*f K?ol?aFy fNr? lml I it-'F C**?l' W* N?? i? ??y.. 1 I- l?a *' I Mi?jlmni? (about I 0 lliimtla. *' |?aia?ar?. . 17 .?I"hi*a# (ab"?at).... 4 / Vinnil .i?0 ' Vl . I II . . .... . "1 Total, b! 4< IW >i iH ' an lira . 4 lb" >f|l p^?Oll ?', 11 rl? nl railroad "orap'atai la > a t ..I - anaa'T

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