Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1850 Page 1
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V TH NO. 5719. l<*Ce front Htjrtl, AHOTUKH TARIFF?BKKLORAlil.K CONDITION OK COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. Cirt Haytikh, 18th Jmnuy, 1850. I lave only tiuie by tbia opportunity to tend you tho tranelatlon of another bow decree an<l tariff under date [of 10th January, received from the capital this tcornlcf. wbioh aboliehee the lent one of 18th Decern ber. At the data of my Utter I thought ere had seen -the woret. but this new law pule the tiatefclag touoh to our commercial mixerier. On examination, you will at once ?? the bearing of the law; the raonnp ,iy ierestored oa coffee which we are now toll we eta buy wherever we can i:nu if, ana ai prices we please; but at the same tiuie the tariff it maintained, an4 we are forced to sell our goods at t ?e !lx-1 price i, which leave a most ruinous result. Already oolfst ha* advanced from f-9 a tbO per lOOlbs at ''ort au-frinoe, and will doubtless go still higher as those who bare engagements to lulHI must hare it at auy price Can you not get the subject of our trade with this Island brought up. through Mine influential member of Ctngress, at the present session ? I think a little discussion on it might be attended with some good. My time will not permit me to write auy more by this vessel, which is about to sail. L. rilE MEW 1-kcKEK AND TARIf K OK THE HATTIK.N GOVEK.VUKMT, OF 1ANI ARY 10. 1S?0 Liberty. KMl'IKt OK HAITI. IsDcrisscsii oirisiscc Vaustln I , by the grace oftiod. and the constitutional law of the State, h.uiperor of lisyti, to all present and to ceme, salutes:? With the autice of our council of ministers, we have ctdtrtd, and do cider as follows:? art 1. Is and remaius suspeudeJ, the execution o tie law on the monopoly. Abt 1. The merchants have the faculty of buying ecfiee, at such pi ices, and in such quantities as they may judge proper. Art. 3. Out of the quantities of coffse purchased by the consignee merchants, there shall be taken for the account of the government one-tilth of the eamn Phis fl'lh shall be seitlt d fi r at the market price, by the government, who shall nor, however, pay uiore than li'ty dollars per hundred pounds. The market price sLail be fixed by the commission of control, spo'ten of hereafter. Art. 4. foreign merchandise shall cot be sold, either wholesale or letail, above the prices nxed by the tariff annexed to our present decree. Aht. 6. Shall only have the right of purchasing C< ilea lor exportation, those mercbaute who sball rrake importations of merchandise by suitably assorted cargoes to be sold en the market, ( he importati >n of specie shall give no right to the purchase ot coffee. Au C. The retuial to sell, or the suspension >f sales, erthe act of i-elllng abOTe the liked p.i.-es. shall forfeit the light to purchase e .ffee, as well as the right of patent. Aht. 7. Kvery week, a committee of control, named | by the government, sball verify iu tl.elr warenouses the guarantees of cillea purcna-ed duriug the week by > the merchants, and shall take away tho one tilth part coming to the Kiata. This one tlftu, pall at the | ma'ket pilots. as ordered by the article 3d. ebatl be reIn ronn: mulnn i.fitnitnm ilntio iM,.-,.. i * * ' - ? ?? I --"v '< v *" (%"- I able, c n all c? tfra ?s ported. A duty of on* dollar p*r luBlreil punns* shall bo paid ta. and coll cted by tho con iclisioD ut c Kiln 1 on all coliee shlpp?d. Akt. 8. Tho c nor belonging to trie g iverninent I rha'.l Lo iltposiied in tho warehounee -i-stiiied fur tho ' pnrpcse, uuCtr the euporrielon of the c >inmittee of CC'Dtfol. Aar. 0. Ci ITi e, before being trao'pirtel to the euet( in louse, eh a! I be weighed by the committee of control, io order to take from It the one tilth part, and compare the weight of ItieLalance with in re weight at the lime of shipment Aar. 10. No quantity cf ce(T-*e eba'l be permitted to bo neighed a?u (hipped from the Cn-toiu House, without be.rg arermpaoled bj tea certiorate of its having >10011 weighed by the committee ot o.nUol, wtnob certiticate shall be returned by the Cuei j? tiouae to the c u.mittre of c-titrol. with a note nt the rj e.-igot attach) d to It. All eni plus fmnd on re- wotghlt) ; at the Custom llcuie. shall be teized fur the li-nelc of the Clate. 1 Asr. 11. Tho present ordinance aball be printed ?tii t published. and our minister* are charged, each in that which coscert - him, with Us rxeoutl u Given at car t'alaoe at Port au Frm.-e. the 10th day of January, 18:0, aud dith of Indepeuderoe, an l 1st of ourrelgu. F AUSTIN, by the luuiperor. 1.. Dos arena, Minister of Justioe. 8ai.onuS', Jr , Minister of Finance, fee T? aire sssmn to 0*diwA!?c? or 10 rn J re.. lr'O. i Cr.y eolotu. ot toad " laalily ? 1 0,1 per eil. SI l .'l? pur eU. D.i interior >?': ) ... Ml do. ; .,, d >. files c bed de , f""< J?.. 'J'1 do. 120 do. C.oe'ie. >'< iae rseiio 10 do. 1 U d >. loo, lJ? do. do.. 1 is) do. 1 li d ? l)o. id do. do.. 1 ij do. I u7 do. r*rii>ti, lisc q'j narroa" 1 do. 1 07 do. l)o. do. wide... 2 in) do. 2 14 do. Blrarbed IfMsp'Ism co1 toe, IS inches..,. H) do. 1 (7* do. i Do. do.d*.. 2* do ?? do. 7? do. J; ue j m Uveal kdklt. . 7 u i per dmcn i d eeoh. | Ja lia tdisfd pp. ie df# ID Wiper pieoe 5 s.? per lidkf. M ?iree do. do.... 41 00 do. 7 W) do. "n.iin'lin. In.lliV drna hdt>to., lib* . 22 0J p?r dozen 2 Ol) do. X> >. do., ord bb'jr it M de. I Ad da. l'lne whit* col B it ik mire, f ir ladue 31 PI da. S 00 per pair. l ean n do 20 Ml da. 2 Ml d.. Do. q<) totton aoeko,. h Ml da. 1 Oil de, Colette ol ilrnkani... 1 2A per ell. 1 3?X per ell. Ordinary I.-it< n dn.le or am net I J" do. 1 ST'e da. ru? da. do 1 74 da. 1 IM da. Cottar Ota lea t .reed.. 4AHp<rl?. 4 75 par lb. Tine lite .tea ootton... 2 Ml f or ell. il i> p*r ell. C' inc.' r #* 1 25 do. 1 1 Jo. Biaek kon<l.aime 2 73 do. 1 !>7 da. Viae liaeaa. nceuxlinft to qddlny 2 00 n $S 00 per ell 2 23 a I 25 da. Viii.teiu., bm lienalee 215 CO per d?:ea ? SO each. Do., wooden <? 22 00 do. !?i da. at 3 ana I it ohae. 3a I II de. 3 23 de. Hound htad r)ce fil M> de. a tti de. <im an. d? 70 U0 c.?. 0 Ml do. V l it* 11b n fie'lUaJ, | rm.iorn ..anlitjr 1 33 perrll I *?> per ell J)k>. da., fine 1 '*i do. 2 ui J a. Uhlie rait u d< , c in.. 1 m d>. I 12 do. tify da., da Ml do. I Ml d lu.ltatlcrllorooc" laina 43 00 pat Jo*. 4 Ao t? i. 31. i. a ilik ur Itataf rati, Sat ... .!' * <*> K 1 J 4 .. D?. ? miaou be e. ..110 Ml d 1100 da. lUPea'ar ro<t?r| .... Ml i r .1. itand ftp# atdib.... ... u mi per ell *l iki p?r <11 Ordinary I- 101 do. U Ml do. Common a LU da. 12 01 do. ll- iiellty aaep.iii k?ttt at 13 audio ik., 20 ker 12 00 p*r ho* 1130 2d d*. do I"I Ml da. |0 Ml 3M>l p.r OKI lb. 31 per Ik. potk 1 Mi ikl p i oil. I <4 da. Beat | k '23 Ml da. 131 .It par kbl. l'r.Bj p|k . . ... 17 11 ' do. lirmtM ?r nUairee.. 33 Ml do. SJ '*1 Beckrrel .V ?a. St Ml Beeekaal 1' Mi da. Immi l)i"( i 1 2Ap r lb. I ,"?< * I. te piae icanUitc. .124 00 pat M foal 132 Ml Tilth do. .1 .. ... 177 '? d>. I'. l Bhltd pit a beard do. 131 Ml ri'< h^da. do . .1 ' ?i do. ll 4 olita rj f rn? *1. iiiice 2* Ml par M AH Tallue* cnadlra y.'l per la. I M V methi in n aeili ... HI da. 73 C?t Iron pella.. 44 02 illiee ail. In ktikala of 12 kotHoa. 22 00 pot Ieekat 2 3B par battla D?. da., faeke V oil p-r dot. I da. floor, nbeat AH mi pat tarr I 14 in i?r I ertol -i - -. >i i hi .. Ii, lulu..., r " t>4 til i lb. r art tie* sot tar fT-4 ehtll l ? n.14 at priori ia firvftrtloa tt th?-r- of tht preeeat tatif. A Bi-. I i ?? Br , Mr ? \beiit there r- ar? ar 1 a ri-h rid man by th. nam* ot Hr>U|lilia. di-d in the tr an of bo||rn I* tblt Stat*, Irarli 4 tha town glUW) to ha applied to educational purport* ?ttri the ptotleo, that Bin* famtllrt (named In the will) eboul I jot parraka c.f any of the aJraniag#* arl*lng from tha lote-rmnt of raid aoy. neither tt.ay. nor tbrlr h?ir*. far ota bundled yrar*. ilhrralea the moo ay tbould rer.-rt boh to hit . a ?r t ul t ?1 r I he toen |. the am. not thn* b-.nieathed. eoniplh d with lh? t ?rta?. and recatred th* rant through their t.?wn trra*ar*r tor two year* th* n.oaey lata at Interest, At th* expiration <>f that time the pTluelpal and lnt*r*?t w?. a J Jed to rtr t hi ar an I do tare mora which had b**n ral '?J by an #.|ual taiat! u n ?l?d opoii theciilirn* of th- pl?-a and an academy buMdlag wa* er-ccd and fnroirhd. i ha *r h' ol enmne.o. d. and tba ohlldrn of ilia nina fantlle* Baantlonad ?rrt nat; but adtnieeloo wa* refu-rd th-m B> th wlthatar ding their paranta bad paid tbcir prop.*, lunate part toaard fairing tba fl.dO ex'ra Tba town aatbortllre not knoain t how to arttl* iha matiar bat tar mad>. sn *ff< rt to r'.'npt ini?* with th? ibra* balra nnd rb'atn thair conaent to M th.ra kaap tba Bioacy and allow tba rhlldran of tba Dint famlltea to an Joy lb* privilege- of tba ?chn <| On* of th*m f.indented but th* other two d-rllnrd In th* h?p* that th* tltOiiO would rarer* hack to then, The children of the nine famine* hare b< t yet been ndrnltted, and their parrnta contend that Ibcy hara a? much r ght la the achonl aa the children of any other tat paj era So th-care eland* at pr*-*nt, and will ra> bi* n until drolded by a foil henoh of the Supreme 4 ourt, a* eoon a? the matter can h- properly brought b-fnte ?uch a tribunal - He tea IbrVea 24 firtHitti it Jiarir i irr ? l.a?t n'ght, aSont 9 o'clock two rlepbaa'.a were being conducted through rnr city. ? tbrlr way to Mew I orb. and when near the ferry, rae of tbem took It lato h'e heal tnaut up a fandango There being a rery larK-? crowd nation* to * *e* the elephant." hi* lord-hip dldn t like the aotMi ar.d rhoatlag < f the b-ya. who gather-d In great nniabeie about htm H* became unmanageable, auj mil* quite a eweep *IU hie trunk harckei d.>*n the hor*e tn ahlch bl> keeper aa* riding, aad turned about. in all hi* mkje?t;. inareblng up Vtoarg mi-ry rra.t at a gurloB* rete, to th* gteat dietnay of tne byetandert. who BraitaCed In aiery direction. The keener howeear, finally ?ueeerde.| Jn tonlag hie our - la th* right dl:oi lll'li wiim ui u v| j-'J vt,.. w Cilf tmlinrl, Jan. 'J$ V?< 4T?t? ? AdtliM frim V ? :?? horn r?t>?W>4 t Hltitl to tt<a ?1?t of Df?nk?f Hj th??? It appear* that Oo**Tn't wwthlno ba? thr'*n ?r*1 th? port* Irr Indian ? '? " b* adultiad fr?? fur rln? month* 'rtp tba day of tha f roalanalioa. who-h I* i'-r?mb?r JTth. Tbo arndnMcr nt ib? r?pr.?? t-a'a h?to?*o I'tlna and I f all# ? rt bti'd n? a larf? 'imt at m >d?-j an kin trala, oa tha oi<h? of tb? 3l?t all. jpP I E NE Tb? Puitney Kitate In N?w York, report or the attorue* uiki iiu in answer to a resolution or the senate Ot the 8rH Or JANUART. ttokrkt General's omi k, ) January 14 1440. ] To the Honorable the Semite of the Stale #/ yew fork: Tt u Attorney General hai the honor to submit the fullo* ioK report, ia answer 10 tb? resolution o' the Senate, oi the r>th of January instant. It appeal* by the records in tnis department, that pur*. am m tun joiqi re-'oiunon or mt< waitK sa l Assembly. pasted April 10th. IMS the Hob. Ambrose L. J'i Juu .1st* Attorney General, on I he 11th day of April, 1840, communed sa action aguiuel Henry O faring sud John <>armel. to rjtet th? ui tr-.m Unds situate lu the ccsn'y ct Delaware; another again t Allen Butler. Jr , to ijtei lain from land* situate In the oouuly of Bteaben, and oneagslnrt William Vinoid, to Jeethlia from let da rltuate in Livingston county. On the first day i t May. IMP, an notion was commenct d against Stephen V'au Rensselaer. to ejeot him from lands situate in the c.-unty of Alhaay; eud one against William P. Van Rensselaer, Charles B. Lauung. Andrvw White and James Dell, to ejoct ttiem fr< m lauds rltuate In tti* county of ilanaselaer The answers ot the tavetal defendants lu thee* action* wrri by 'he late Attorney General thought to be in'uttlcient in law to bar a recovery by the peopl*, and were by h la. um.uirt d to. '1 he d' murxers w>re argued by the late Attorney (!? nerai, or by counsel employed by bi n for that purpose, during the months of October and November last. But the judgment of the ootrrt upon thu demurrers has not been rendered in either aaao. on the 7th day of August 1810 an ac ion was commenced against Herman Livingston to ejaot him from ' lands situate in tha oounty of Columbia Issue has been n ade therein, and the cauee noticed for trial. On the first day of .November last a antt was commencd agaiDst George ' lark, by i amnions to ejact him fr< tu ianus situate in Montgomery county On the 10th 1 bi November, the defendant, by his attorney, dnuiadded a copy of the complaint in this notion; hut by stipulation tre Attorney Oeueral ha* till the 2dth instant to [ serve raid copy o wpUtot The oouiaialut in this astir u is tc* being prepared lu aur iter to that part of the resolution of the Senate which asks for my opinion In relation t? the necessity ot lurth-r legielation to seoure ttas objects come n- j 1 plated by the jiint resolution of April ill. IMS, I re- j ] spectfutiy submit, that as yet I hare n >t had tune or op- j portuolry to esaralae the questions Involved In the ac- ' ti- ns v . utmei.ced by my predeoaasor and now pending, ! ' nor do 1 fuel at liberty to answer this ca.l of th? Senate i on my own re?pon-lbiiity. C'ontidaatly relying, b >w- 1 < ever, on Mr Jordan's known ability as a lawyer und in- I tegiity as a man. 1 must act on the assumption that 1 ' iL:r Mil* i.ji com Lite net u vy mux art) ni^nt num au<l ibruld he Ltlthfully pro.-soutej to a speedy termination; and I tbsll. therefore. prosecute taeui to * trui. and it needs be, to a final adjudication in the court ot last j resort. . i-ugge-ti d, have been made to me that while thsse man- riel titles are un tergoirg judicial investigation ui.atr the joint reaoljiuu ot the two house- of the Legislature, collection of rents on leaves. aud principal ana lDtenat on contracts of rale, should ceasv, and should he restrained by iegi-lattTe enactment This measure i eems to me to be just; lor if tbe claims of the Male f fall be i Daily established and the pretended title of the lauiilordH b- dec.aied void tor any real <u the tenant - will hare paid m.mey to which the laaolnrd is not ju ily entitled, and being Tolotilarlly paid on a c aim of light, can never be rcotvered by the ten iol_ I therefore recommend that an act be p* -seJ with proper provisions to piotect the interi-ce of ell perti?B, either that cuoh rents. prineii?l and interest be torborne. without welkin*: a forfeiture of tbe estate. uu-.i the f'.ual Ceteimlnatlou of the suits uow pending ur hereafter to be commenced under the resolution a'oretad or that the) be paid toarefpoo-lb!er?o<-lv>-r or receivtis, or be deposited in eorue bank or banks to be held iu trust, until suob tiual deteriam?tion ot toe suits, and of the ijuestions luvelved in theui i urn is-.teruico that an action has been e >mm?nred and is now pending, in behalf of the pe -pie, levolvlug ti e tl'to i t the State Under tba law of escheats to the ti'ia'.e tn'wn a? tbe inline? estate. Toil suit l? m the bonds it Kobi rt ( autpb- ll, hs-p, ol ilath. who has the i t arge a:.d loanupi went of it. in the n?.je of tue At:<n,-> itenoraL under special sppi ntui'tit by the it rtrt or ) rent the best inloi ut-tit .-u I hare b?en able to clt.tin in n latloii to this suit, I have no doubt tuo ' aid ot the l.rgl lalure has become nec ssary to tbe fur ! titer p.'ixMcuuon of it. Many intlica'a aud oompli CSted I' ?tl ipuestions are inv<ivid Intl." controversy. | and taocb of the testimouy relied n by the Stale Is to j be found (if fouud at sali,> in London and Kdiuburgh, and most be sought for among the records ot Doctor's ' i t mum and the ecclesiaslicul courts of slnglaud aud Scot-and M itnes-es must be examined In London and-Sot- ) land, and their eridt nee snoulJ be teX-u uuder iho di- , rtcLou ot a skilful lawyer of und -ubted Integrity to be specially deputed lor that purpose by the -State go- j viri on ot I: may net be improper, in order to enable tbe Sroal? to form a ooirect judgment of the proprh-ty <f making an appropnuiiou tor the purpose ot pro- | rnbmu fiii b tact* an ar? vith.u tny Km wis ?j<- c >nuect- I ed r itli the Fulmey estate, to your hwuorali.e body, it i; a matter ol history tbat OaMwobu^ett* ot'<.n<,r.y 1 Clamd a pre-emptive titln to a large p irt of Western 1 New \ oik, and this olklia was the rub.:act of oirnpro mite btlnven New i ork and Massachusetts J think ' la kfH) a joint commission was created by the two 1 tal aaJ ib? bouoUa'ies of U>- .,ia?seohuee;ls la ids 1 Jet,ileu by the commissioners. Soon aflei, and I think ' intt.eraiue year. Massachusetts sold her interest m tbis large tiaot to I'biip* and <Jorna.ii who a >h rt , lin e iulM'jU'-ntiy conveyed it to Kobsut Morris of , PhlJaialphia About ttie uotw. Mr. Willl.imsoa a ( bcc'tb g, nth man. oatue to Amerles as the agent of Sir V- mti rui' isrupposed ao.l ?',-r : log a . eitlnd under our naturalisation laws,took a imnvey. ( atee to huu.wli of tb* I help* cud o?rba<n ptircUa-u Ir n. lU hrrt Morris, but in eeciet trio-t for Sir vVi Hum ( I'mlruy. who war incapable of bo.dmg r-al date la ttla Mate. fc< tig anon resident aim In i7J4, Wtl- j hameuu w?? am,tuber of tte t.iglsiature and pr ?ur. I lha Jpaseage of a law to enable aliens to ; nrefcaae an 1 to d itai * tales within this S'ate." ? hl.-h by its terms , was to continue In lores three ytars 1 b's was ths , I c uic.i i < i m ot ct a long rrries of legHatt.n tortus . exclusive tone tit ol the nohility of tnretgu e > mtries and ohlth hue literally made the hardy pn>u<" rs of our I beautilnl west and their Uescsndaots hews a < f wood ( and dianers of water" to a pampered and di*? lute aiUKciaiy abroad I ndxtbi* a t William no, three j | dey ? b< tore It expired by Its Cm l.un a'l ,u, c >urvy i -* ti,e l ultDcy es ate" to Mr William I'uitm y tbec>n- | ! side rat i D expressed in the deed being one dollar Mr V. ilUam dud ID 18lo. Intestate as It Is al'eg 1 1 l>a,ing Henrietta I aura I'ultney, better known as lUS Co utile as of bath, bis only heir. In JM,B, Lauy L'a h uud without i*sne, aid intssta'a as to tie r>ai e, ate of eblcu ah" died relied .having made a will, a It is alliged id her personal e date acly , lirt b?ir us- said to be nir Jobu Lcwiber Johattone, of tic t end ' It sc ins that tbe p-is ol skoCisiO'd this i taei * slate by dvareat. did not suppo e toe act of 17f? to be mlT.cieutly comprrhenslse to secure tne title i" them, ai d In ibt'7. pr,?urtd an act to b- passed by a g- osr nst. it U.Liglelaiure ry of the aet f 17VH. ,m uiii i tbe eetaia to tha heirs and devl-era cf the j alb as who a> ulu " purchase and bold." noder that aet | Mr John l.owther Johaetsne died In IIII without J I'im. but It is said be made a deed >.f disposition IB 1 8< tlsrd and a will in I.cndoa. devhlag tuts fjliovy | ?. lata In M tu h.reret Angtutua Hut-if < unwr ml I Vn-UHm I r? at (J Audit* ' n; heart. (Lord All***;,) I Ik ' i in t urrt 10 pay and diacbarge iba dtbtaandmcua-btaneea on bin aetata* In 8-<-l<*Dd, 2d t p>; ?n I ! d'-cl.*rge Ibt d-bt* at d tcaia hr-UCwe on hi* Kogitrh i nla'ir, ?l j 3d to purchaneerp) bold ?? ai?? a^tcrgi to | biPtKaUi in Scotland,and dlico -dLi-tru-t impoe illy iofi I tbr lai.d* at auction or piliata *al?. and oh the tru-t. ."Nearly baif a cmtory bar rlapard. and th* tron | la apparently aa tar Irt m b> tag oloea-l at It m ?l:?n Sir J? ha Luwthir Jobnatooe explr-d. Why It It kept . fit fort can be bi-ataiplalrad by tbd truatee* wh arc annually gra'iied by apnanly remutaor- from the agittahir# and by thoaa agent* ? bo are dally grcwtuf rich and p wilful by Bieaua of ItiilrilMiatl aaa agent* I tt br, at* lb* tcartu vM> trnal* u?* lu liking li unkaorn Whether a final* eclon of tbat no? poettful a: i haughty lantly td I uitn-y lit** to inherit lu ?a*i pa it- ' u>< ty Let*, ai d ttpteeen t it* anolaat *l -ry at b n* I* to L* a rented book. but It I- kn >*n that th* old and dt-*< lnt* ktt? cf ritc-tar, with kllta tfudai, Ma ur- ! ton I r?. atill Inr to iuipco arlab tti? bar I t diiog repab- , llrana of fcteuben aad other oouuit**, by a yam ly 1 ty Of blic (.00 en thalr Induetry. I'M* ci'atr I* fali t in valued at oaer b? ICO,000, a million aad a ball of which I* draaiog an trtareat of aaaea per cant aaanar.j, wtlrh la rent abread to paaipar tha IcrdHng* of tha <ld wotld withoat paying one dollar of taiatlcn to |arltally raltava tl.w burl or a* of tbnaa who pay It it la a Bint remarkable feature In th* l*gi-- . latton (f tbia Stata, tbat every act pataed lu re a tloa 10 the large Matt* brld by lord* abroad and pat rotb* at brine ha- brru to a-cura late rem l", rr ia?hd n me loop hole In. tha tlil* of th* prnptletor. at t! * ixpenr* of tha laboring thou and*, who arw oblif'd to work and required to pay. Tha wwntarn aria bat a baan Imrui n-aly Ineraaat a la aalaa by tb? I opiclog of ratal*. railroad#, and otbar famlice* of ? (Lir.ijulcation. tbia In.toe, property being doibt lira uebh d in -aid* by tbia mean*. And who ba< pa.d' Vt tf I ea bat* iba Bmsi bean itatltaof I aaawar not i ne dollar hate ila pioprlafnra o-nlrtbat .1 by way of laiallua. and now If tola tardy ju*tle* ahonol be -i a-lid if Iktu. I doubt not it* agent* would ba aa buy la ib? Ubblea of til* Leglelatur*. ta-kiag tn pr-rul ll e iB'po-ition *f ajuft tai o rb* aatae aa they hi?# I, itaeiiy bean In pc aurlhg lb- r**er?n| of ml** ?f derratl and (f ftlilttn In babali of their M-rlga pat rot a a. It I* ?nbmlt?*d, and fb*?a are ?? if tha pMnta lit! Jol rati r>a. ii snv exiu ar al ? a-laatdrnt allao*, and 1 lorajaOi" 'f Infcnlitr* at d "I Jlna faal attata tiara, Dctattardiiif tha ttatuta# of 17VS and 1*07, fiat it la prrt'ablr tbr tattiily It aailbat- at aliaraau m? tiara no kr>o?|Mi|r c( lha i-alrtrara ?.# an? hair; that tba unit t eiaatad by JihaaUoa ??< Told, lha*. Htr William | I ultury ?a? himti ir a rrrfai yai trim, and pumbaiad tfca rna't with Unit fundi, and ditd lnt? 'a*.a baca it* l.r I ao ti p iarr to paw Itr rata*# by will, that lady Bath did not darlaa thla aata'a baaaoaa it ?a?atru<t a?tata. ai d aba a man crrtai ym Hint aith oaly a ,it? at lata at:ar Sir tllllUin; that tha aauta. altar b?r <l-a*h tor* abnthir dlmMon, and barar d-aeandrd to B r John Lowtbar Jnhoatoaa. lb ord?r to aaiahltah tbaaa firti and p? Itloua t daatn It tu.f?rtant to tha lotararta r>l .ha Bia a. tha* Va<t?n I tob I fa abd Jchb Oordnb (abo ruetbadaa I.-ri alio ' ?a> a* tru taa.) ami ilia Mb* of llannrar, If, tod-al. Ma .Itbjaaty eaa ba brooirbl tu om,n ut In b? ataiotnad ai a m braiamimit < tltarmt bj rnin ntiit u, | and ro tb'trn aaloitaa. abd that a full a itaiaatiot of tka teacidr In lha prupri iflm ib Luud-ia lad f.dlb % W YjjO SUNDAY MORNiW tore b? bad for all paper* relating to tti* title, and I tliat k. ^ - ?u w A. v.. I r..?v?wv VI DUU1 M IHll oi deemed 1 in portent and necessary evidence in tbe csusc This course is rendered indispensable by the exceedingly injudicious legislation of 18J1 By an act of that setelon, tbe oblef agent of the ''altuey estate was allowed to present a petition prayiut^or ? cx/aro-examination of Robert Troup, Josapb bliowa and John (irelg. on Interrogatories to be appremd by the obancellor, to establish title to the propsttf, descent. heirship, death of proprietor*, fce., and mid persona were examined in pureuanoe of raid act, and established important facts by parol, wbloh are only provable by records and written instruments, and also proving important facts by mere hearsay, tbe whole, or nearly tbe whole, examination being iu violation of the ordinary rules ot evidence, and a gross abase of the rights of persons not parties to tbe proceeding and baring no opportunity to be heard in defence of those rights Tb>re dcpo-l i, us were, by the act. and the certificate of the chancellor under it, declared to be / timu Jaiia evidence of tbe facts contained la them, at d weie i ut on file in perpetuation of those fasts By ibis operstion. tbe whole order of the IHal Is cl anged, and the people are called upon to disprove what under the ordinary rules of evllenca, these alltn yatrooos would first be bound to prove The State having, by its oen acts, forealoecd itself of its right* It is but jurt that It should uow be at tbe expente of proeuilog the evidence readered ueoe*?ary by its violation of the rules prescribed for the government ot its own cl'lxen*. to rubserte the interests of alien proprietors < f its soil. If this suit is prosecuted at ail. the evidence of the ' wltnvses and r?cords abioad must be procured and 1 this will require (he expend.tore ol ut leist (1.00b; | I ml I respectfully suggest that a bill be euacted ap* ; I ii'log 1.ot o f r that purpose < All which is respeo'tully submitted L t ' H vi'cli'l.l), A'.toxovy General. ' Decision Acsiost tfin Liuiun ok Divaacxs iiv the i j Lii isliu i i. i>t the fiirkiax I vor or Pivmiliihi. | ? Judge < on Iter yesterday delivered the opinion of < that tribunal tu the case of (ones vs Jones That de* j 1 cl n n m aha-hts that divorcea by the legislature, ' fr causes within the j urisJictlon of thu courts in di* 1 force esse* aie uncoust.tutlonal and null. The effaot ( ' t<t ibis decision ?iii be to invalidate seven eighths of J I lie divorces granted by tbe Legislature since 1HJ0 j The coo-to wl ion of tbe State rest!tots tbe no sirs of 1 ' Die Legislature, iu (IWnree caeas, to can as not Within the jun i Ii iii D el (fe court* f he*e tribunals hare j tut tor ty to graut divorce* a riwiUt matrimonii. In | caret ot :m potency, bigan*y , adultery, wilful destrclon i for two jtais end ct a l and barbarous treatment; and. 'iT^ mrotn, a* ibiil. y of temper. lb ae are almoat the only cause* for ?lileh a divorce would he (ought In ! ih? cl -? ju.-t d'Cidea i r*. lones the wi'e appli <1 to , the t emu on '1 as ot Uu ke c mnty where *!i? resided, ' r a dieotae <.n the ground of cru-t tie aim cut. .The ! ius and resisted. and upon trial the ii-tv* re-ul *d in its'avor. and ih> divorce was r*fd-* d Af erward the Kile applied to the l.egi*!at ure. without th* Koovledge ' it tie hu>b?ii<l a? lie allege, an J an act divorcing the p ?I tier was parsed The wit* then brought an action j 11 ejectment aga urt I he husband. t? tenors' p >?se don f piop. rty which belonged to her. but In v huh the buataiid maimed a life estate, by vlitu** ot tae marriage The husband oil -red to show tha Court that J the divoice wa- giant* d by th? Leglrutnra lor the J 'anie caui-e as was previously adjudicated upon in tlx jourt Tl s evld* nee ear overrated, and tba care e* lit to the Supien,** court on that poiut Judge C. 'aid tl at the piaiinill invoked au interpretation ol the :oi'si|< alien ana to tear I) U at It wae uecea*ary to 1* ip ever an act ot AsSsuib ly. In f.ngiaol, I'arUament Itact*d divorcee tor aoultvry but that body pr.w 1 seeded wi:h the utmost clrt umspectien, au<l act* J ir a court, etauiiniug into the proofs uod allegajcus and requiring the fullest testimony In this i'ate, tha l.egislaiore acts ?< it the giuntiog of Jivorver was an ?serclre of leg! latlva piver; but ucb a d< ctiine may well be questioned. Tlx am, nJ*-d Kipatituiiiu MXpr-s ly ptohieite the Logi-lature f.-uji traiilmg utvoro*s where the court* have power It >ae a iln.i'**4 jurhdictl n with an expr. -a prohl- ' >itto:j outside < t the li nlfftilo.1 The act in this j a i tuirrly divorces the parties, and a-itiO'' the c u- ! rai-t. wllbiut a.signing any re vson It does imt api> sr from the act. w net her the cause war one within tbe j egiela+Jve power or ct The position tba: we cacu t ' :<? b* I.Ind the art. to obtain the r*4*onswhyl? pass. 1 d. 1- n? t aound It la tb<< duty of the courtl t guard1 he constitution aguln-t violation. The \.vi-" | ae hoi a limited power in divorce rase*, and it hvV no ' igl.t t annul the conatitution it would rrqulreTvwt aiip ol the pen to Irani out of the act the oiu*e fur iliirh the a?t was passed, end it would then two >ma {i nstitutional the legislature never siiuuii >nv or ;lvrs n* tice to the parties, nod acts upon fs pari- tealtp'-ny. loetely, as a le*l la'lve ciat'.er. lu pr *ceeiiagr vy a < uit it limited jui I* Jlolh n. it mu t efllru.a'.iv ly i; 11 ar that tha court had jnii'dictl n; otherwise it I* . i r : n udit$ I ii Kaot nehy. it ha? b?n decided 1 :ha' a divorce liy the Legiflaiuri* Is a judicial act. The I le n '?nt 1 ad a rig tit t" a. tebllsh his c?- at; I '"** 1 J * i t * red to snow how th- art 11 tha I v i*ia'ure I ' was pi scared ought to hava b*?.u admitted Tbs l*a I ' ri.-htiau net having; on the face * t the set agpfc * d Lh.* cause upon which it was granted t is matter la j < !hti wo ipm fur junto.iu Inquiry. i be judgment It r.?roraad. ,iudg? Duruelile gaea notice that ha di-e*nt-.l from :h<t ocinii n of the majority of tiie court It ?H1 pro- ; Sure Iccrilnrlabte iujury, and ha din?ent- I from It eotlraly, firm btglobing to and.?Pkiladil/thim Ltdg'v, { h,? 1. r?rr?? n. rr thi laoot-oiv Natio.v ? During the |im?t 1 fortnight tlir-re have bean bel l dally, at (ha tin a lara Mtlc. a eerie* of Indian council*. preparatory to the 1 : oni metre merit <1 (be near year. <> l*?t w?* relebralad the annual and Imp rtaot rite of *a rri9?iaf be' while rti y ' lie ru-|on aty tlotlSi ?.aa Immniatad n the Earning altar, with all (be formality anil elreum >1 alien II ai Ciant uratf* an >og (be Im ,not?. In j.rr- -t,r? I a pagan |nitti?n of tb* nation, and ntim?roiu wbr.e perfoaa epectatora. On Tii?*day la?t tela omening etital <f >le I nuian far af'er a ot nine ta)i. aan o|ow| with the exciting ceremnio of tha ear danca " 1 lieae ub-ervanoaa are continued In lie unlet if a < hrlMian amur unity with all tba raran nee. rolrmnity. and taal of auelent tl u-a w;th a I'nnetl allt.y ai d donatio* ehich ehOW the r ga-d ttieaa p? i pie I an tor the Inaili utt.>ne of their ta h?rv, and mill a I at tenacity thiy ittll rllng t? tbilr anoint men u.a At Ihla giea*. feetlrel In grand r lunrll elf j iMini" a am ti.led whlrfi hare ocunmd d.trior the %?ai an i r the ehi> f* mi d aci.aina t f the nat ou. at 1 tl e i. w It ruinbenie. on tbaea oc-a hT,? are lu'laet d ii to < Lite a> 0 Ineialled Willi a.I t < o#r?Bi >ty ol abui ^mal etlijuetla. aa pra< . .ed In i llrn tuua At llitv f im n It la euatoBiary and appropriate to ai j>t and lLluatn inlieldualv if other natlen*. and o-v-aal na ly * bile pa< pie mti tie Onondaga nation, a 1 roaaort tl rtu * 1th particular la.uittia cleua and tilbwe. On tblr < c au.,n. t.lle the or a and *a?e# i f the na'l ti em r ni Hi J In ?o'.?djn cc .n ll. acc itdlnr toatel.nt u-*|. In e< n?lJ? rail n I tl-high e*ti.-,?t a la whioi he ha? 1 i it b-en held by tha Oaib 'a % nation J V II I la h. I.<ij, of .Varum* waa adopt* d and Inriat.i 1 a* l 1IUP < ?L"io?|r? M' ?i IU< c:*t iiAJij Hinjiiifa ?na < tl ?r( I rib* of that M'1?D t'' b- I rrver b-re- I fl>r Knmn tbr<>i'*hou* I lj* ? x n?'i i - by lb* am* (> j?- ?f< (lh? t*l m*ii ? fil-nd and d*l*i m). ar.d ' b- > ?*ryoh*r* arn?|i'*d a hrn'.hrr, a I rruo'?ll< r, at d ?amor la tki4* itayi It |eaetr?u"aalai e? of iar* rfflqtt?D"* to a Jnpt *"<f If i i'*a?hlta pe-rioo auir t g tb* Onondaga*. and in only n lipi ? lbl# In rt?i ?h*r* tb* Individual t?< d?o- lb* nation ? m* dl*tirpiil'h*d ? i rlca. or hit in m;.i ' vray b*c mi* hotoiatdy r nrplrur a* au.otig them. At a rouagtl aud in a p. raadrauced atvge of tha pr<*??ditg? at tba n tirctl-hr u**. tb? r?uo ?a- *l?rt*d an hun-tary'earbmi <1 tha On-oiJa-a aad n ai d * ? duly Inrr-ttl *!'h tha right* a> -I pilrtlrge* ?l tale* Incumbent* I'. may bo oithy <1 rerrark that mora tbaa l?o^an4r>4 *?ar? bar* paeeed a*ay Inea < btlatianfty *n Inir< dt rail ain< ag lb* f if rdaga lailanr. i na Franc1!, | I'U'eh > Oglleh aid A < Bin arm rtr in* bara, *?<;b la . tb?ir luio. *flabll*h?d ?ba* bar* b>?o t*rib?4 "prm- | f<r<u? nia*li n?" n-rfng than ?1th ?ha? aneoeea, j I i?m ill prae'lee* in<> ! clearly InJIaat*. K< r umr* than on* hundred year* Ifcw f*ti< h net* pr*d niloant tor mot* It an ball ibat tin* tha K nglteh pr* ailed In all that periamed lo tiao* illpli meey and p'lirlml Infill- { en*? bit.** th* ti|o*? of ib* American revolution. tb# , t tilled it'O'e# and Ib* Stat* of fv>? j ork bar* had tha g reirviaut rf tb* Iroqnrt* under lb?lr inllu | are*, proteelirn. and rontri I Still. they are In many , rvefet* an Independent p?e rt*. v peaking IhAl f??n . peculiar langa*** g reined by their on ami | op. nlib unyielding p-rtii actty to tk>lr printtire menmt Id-rerun g men Iwtivftai end long ag t | foretold it at aialble the ia-t |r< quota ?*uU b* driven i Ifem lb* b. ma of t In father* or bfni a voluntary eall* to it* far wit and all lb* ir nail-rsll.y erpna. But ib* lore of country. and it* dread < f etpaUlatlaa, attach them with ?oi (Jetfui adn*a|i>n to their r>-*pa-i. lla* r?eeteatinp* Alihiwgh It way lie >and they are annnelly lablng li number* and drdtiaf alt tl PI* lb* |a*l leave* 11 autumn, eltll lh*y rr-ubdn a ll>iag no tioliii tt 'f tl wi!dr * ol their nature < their la k flexibility of f*B'p*f, ai d rf Ihelr ar.el-ni eirir tat J grandaur ? Byrafo** (A' Y) Jvut., Jan tt_3 II.. - ' rLHOtl I'THH B'Mtlli. HlH?H ? I fft'TctlJ lh? rtaar war rl.tnf at tba rf ab ut thr.a-i ig u ?t m Ink n hi nr. and la.t t.l iht about oca fourth of au Inch 1 ha Inf rniatlon whlrta 1h? ' tr.rtrriall r.ia'l h a' and ttr Kiaturk; tlw*r |achat fia Hull brought from abcvr- I? <1 u. to rupi fa that tba tlrar hi r *ill ba < a a ?tai <1 ihi- tiio* a i'ft if Bat *<" uar I h-ti. "'oar# ami | I i , ?i . 11 I to II all II'at t'li' rl that tip rlawr waa fii> a r'Btid ja.t< tdar at . taemoati. a bar*, ui?j lait. aid thoa of tl.a flr a t.u.l i>fnl that tba Kfat'taajr flo.f fimr.rrrd <al tog at b laatf rt ?n *or>ir lay at > 01 a, a1.1] ap to it,", .'clock jaatrTUdJ m rataf au4 !?< drd two frrt 11 a Ohio war tl-up r?ff #t<*bUjr at ' attoil a )a>t an nit ft Da watoc ha. k<h <td"V.ry ) a Dior# of tb? hilling. jot hut It amend# norno di.tama Into all the er< .a tinata Iroin I fctrd to ftain th atraat. and .r.atnboa-a find It tMT tt#?iill ta dfitliiigf Stiadar'a wl ail I# antiralj trf?t?d witi? i a'tf with tbo aic.ption of a .Bihll rt'|>d4'i fmato*

th# tulldlof*. rail' J htiad<r row I Iwr ??< aa watrr i n tl ? frrt floor, of ibm buildln| la.r i. ght I fat raB oalj ha aj |>ri aoho I hj B.cond -?ra-.' brldaa tba brldga Bt tba Inn of Third .troat Hatr.ft omfar atrr I ba watar bad pot lato tba fwrt j hotaaa imi? b.rolid to thrr# I# In tairr aa It* iM* a ait a. from Month to tlfth .trot tha watarlala It. bnildli $ on lha rr inrr of tha allay nmarM tf H br It W If t.r All tba otfcor hnlldiwtt. In that njwara ha.a aaawyad ha a a.ry faw iarhra rha huild It pa la t i man trial row aad vt llllaatn . row ha.a i>l?d It.low ftlath aad Maaaath .tr>at? tha oator l< la lotua of tha bona*# lrai.aar.ltr (h'y) J?<trntU. Jwn S# An in'tltiita for th? taal and dumb Id abut to bo atn tad at I liat, .wicti^aa IR K 1 FEBRUARY 3, 1850. The Copier Mine* of Michigan. Tb? tollowiim U an abatraot of th? r.nnrt of 8. V II. Trowbridge. assistant agent ef tba I ulted State* mineral laud*, upoa the condition of the capper mines of Michigan:?1 pon the first bluff Irorn the Ontonagon river, are the improvements aud mining opers lion*. I pon the eoutheru declivity of the bluff the mining has oommenoad. Tnree parallel rows of ancient diggings extend for two or three miles through the forest, from twenty to fifty yard* apai t, easily discovered by the large Indentations in the earth aid rock at rnn.e place* like a cavity twenty to thirty ft it in brradtn. On one of these pits a htmlcoH tree Is standing, of Immense size, uud the cavern extends some distance the tree, worked out of solid rock in which I fouud oue of the ancient hammer*, a small bolder, with an Indenta'lou around it to hold a withe or bar die At one polut of the b uff, the reck had b?eu winked out unl up in luimense quantities h'rotn every appsatanoe. a very large, amount cf labor had been performed. It is easily ret u li st this mining tin been carrli d on by buruiog and rt astlig the rock, and beating off with their hamm? rs. (cpperls found in all the. o pits, by removing tberxithaud vegi tab.e matter, lu one pit I found a mess of p ure copper, weighing six tons, und worth $1 Si 0. the timber nnd tools under and around the mass ten feut below the surUoo. In that pit a shaft is now worklrg. I went down fifty feet The vein or lode is rich and masses are conr'wutly found. Another shaft, cne hundred and til"'y feet dtsiaut Is now working thirty Ave feet deep. Fifty tons of masses have been forwarded this season to market. The company ha* just coisniencd. 1 took some pains to exauriae veins I found large ma--ts in both shafts, and the whols drift filled with grod stamp work The country is but pari.a.11y kuo wo; parties arc constantly nut' discovering topper and Cndiug veiut. A miner intorined me that be had tsuud a large tuais some distance lu the woods, upon government lac J. wU;!* passing through it. I proceed'd in en open boat to o< est ilorg the single llivrr to visit the cliff and North Aim iloau mines 1'he Cliff mine stacds now at the heed of ail the. soppier mines in tbv world tor produniug the pure rntal On Monday m-ruiug September 17tb. I was uvited to vlrlt and explore the whole interior operadon of tins rich luiue. i was presented with a full niner'i suit, and started to descend ladders two bunIre-J and sixty-file feet in the bowel* of the earth. I be b'its are horizontal drills, five in liumhur in lOiue are small trees* to ruove tbe ore i anh way to the rlncipal sbatt where it is eleva'ed by whiin*. i'he le/C'lil of the rume is not dangrruu-; hut still, t> a is a' tended with s >ui? risk. I n pa i<iug along I.. H'lkl.r.! >-? ,1 . ..I k..? l-'l itid twenty Eve !<?( la 1 ox til and vary log from u>i? 10 ,wn sad a half lerl iu Unakiiess. and depth uuKuowa. Vt one place, thcr? aie one huudie i Uui af pure cup >cr!n sight On the eecord !?vt-1 we passed another of lit niroe description \Vt continually e:>?#untore I Liners. two and three in number wl'h their entities ?st? n*d against the uoin u-e rock wall, by blinking <>u ?B.' clay; (Oi'.s cutting the gn at rna-ses witn o >!J ihinsla. one n an holding tl<? chisel nod two with leavy sledge hbiNun it alternately Mrlnug with great olue thr hi aiiol the chi-el; othersbla-tiu,; aodpau tnp the stamp ore, which Is eopp?r mi.v u with rook, itTated to the lurlac*. rcaMed or burn. J like lima ten' and tLm pas?rd through '.he stamping operation mill completely pulverised, tin n washed. an i the opper i arrelled for aiarhet. The stamping opeiativn s simple. I'poii hu Immense shall., largo p tees or trth of iron preset; tlie shaft is horizontal and lias a tvolvlcg motion I'he iiajip" are tour-jure pieces it iron ui live huudiiil pounds weight, fa toned n Ttrtlcai pieces ft timber one s:a na piece a lbs >otlrm. corresp ridlog pitri-s ot ir n are In theier iral shafts; iu the m ol'i ion of the large shaft, tun tamps isise and tail with git at farce upon the opp'r and rock: wa-er l? freely condaoted upon lha re before it ili Its under the stamp it thou runs mftly down into rats or tables where it is atraiued, ind the cof j.r r which Is he irier, settles to tin bettniil. iVe pasted the length of tha different levels, ibd saw all the miners Tie levels or drills are oppcrtod over hi ad by immerse timbers asr "g tn? Iritis, the ende of the timbers securely laden? tin le rock walls on each r ds. one cud elevated, pre ntiig the ap,-.oararce rf a shel roif. j'h.i whole ntorlor forinatinn Is rouk. 1 be properly owned veto by the nuiiariy. bo-i.Jei the mtU", is worth | lw 0*0. Tbelr lo. atrion is three miles iiiaro ; ag. iriguto nsseaenieul of fllOliO Last yea: the d til-ml s'ms flu |st share, or about one half t h amassment I'hie yi ar they have shipped nv r light hundred arid hree Ions o< pper. and ex; -sot. in n>t one hundred ind thirty tuns more whlah will b? over $J< 0 0<I3 I >r 1Mb; expe* kes f. 100 e<g) nut, aid net proceeds, I'dOO.,1 tl I viaif *ii tlim \ art Vt A i. sa >i.*a ?a i.iaea a.^ae Kw al.eve the out.ay bM OPt been a* great. mil lIim proI not not IC much Also, the atauipiu.; operation .r v recently put up Tbe i-tatiipnre atthie hjlue Ir hei|eh?et >o I ad it huperlor. The mode of reparation the copper leviur to b* done wltfc U' re f mc tit * j Bud rtpljllj than kt any otfc?*. Tbey bete fourteen hund ed ton* ten per c* tit Riaitip ote ??. the "urfnee, The vliolt appear unre of th* niti e l? ttrj flittering. I ley b ?ve ah >ut Rtphly luro, #u'J have expend-<1 <;oo;0. Un I hurrd?J hrpteniber lfth I left Kaglu river, to Vielt lull K'i?l Wh called at Oatetnia' n arid then proceeded over the lake to frier'* llay. and around the triad to Hock Harbor, wi eru the Utahewctt, Ohio, and I Mo Il'jal rointr are located. 1 be ritlibnigb and I.Me Itoyal m na 1* on the north tide of lie o iund The boat did not (top at ibbt mine I wa< credibly luforaied that th- p.'epecteof the company tre good and that tliey eill ine a a lar^e rhipui* ui ?t o pp. r In the rprlng We ended at the Ohio and IMm tlnjal iiitne. Ilere hat b"?D xperienced difficulty in.u the H of water Into the nine. Nir. Duncan tnfarmad we that they had opened knew vein roue two nillei dieiaot, which appeared eij priui.'ljig. I Raw ilch ere truni the vein 1 lie t' tut wlnter'wlll deltrLiine the character of thic ill? 7 l.e non.iacy are pr. reflating their ' Ileal h eoLlldelab:e lotke end with ?.hh1 proepeola. >u W.duiwa> rooming. I aent out 4', rutlei to the hiithxrt .litr e 1 wo rUaf'C bar* beeuaalUed her-, Hid a d:ilt 0| toed I coon l?c>ui? ra'iHicd that the Sgttkar t ?? a ll. h wir.e V. e billowed the river lit) fr?' bel. w the cui face, wa'eee uf epp-r frewj>i Btly ippear< d partly *a<hed < ut of the roe < Inandab. ut I r aalii la ao yudaiidtl id a fjil.e ahere e?ppr-r ex rte It ir all new and ia a iuj-i itat>- They arc jil t >ri J aril'^ t opper tin arkct. I be < l>.t. North Am tU tan, Inner la ai..l Noitowe-t V||nwe now take the ?ad In |ti d i'il. g epper The Copper a all* i o on Dim eke. t in in I lee ti oru r a tie Ifai bur. the Ohio Trap It ic l i inpapy. t *elve uillc* li. or lae Out mn^nn theOol v kg in t . n?f any and Huugia r II0.14' ton 1 om toy. are ,. 1 pilfrrn 11 (5 lliekr. rke II" 1.10 I. it Uele 'OOl. n? a .Ii >I .1 _ a II >....1 i Kali.. . th*? Viil etrika the copper Tlirlr work i* * I. nltiuttl 1rlr? and baa b t u puf b> d n *i u liu-? JnU if. tUruuah the ?o (untklsr Tnr I?ih?i * or P*n*m* t e.rre?pnn l-nr* ftn brgoie. New I'tnt li Infcm* a* tha' mi e'trmpt will h" n.ide lu ti e i i drP w'lirh l< |li ill to tn?et, to bat* the two pr rta no the oppol'r fhorei of the lathli:u? of Panama declared t re- anil r< en to tha r CI .lorca il all aatior* "1 Ll* la a p-lit lo toe earii <e.i tle n nt r.f afileh all bnmpren poarre hate au ln'-r?-t. m ire or It fa - but b turlaml more than any Ph* |>at ate by rai a ma- oemr to tba gee gTephtial dlatrlliatioa 01 her pt??? will b'Mie h- to n ae It |t traeeraable by etaein, the tiean et ami ruoet 1 r?cl mad to a una ot the tore Inip'r'atit eea'a rf h" n I tlea and oinumarea Now. or hereafter, a rtffbt of win a? all ea? a?, iu peate or war. arrt eaibl t-tbmua?a rl.tbt if eatrp f ir in r el If a tato tb<-harbor* rf banana and ftldgrei I* bat (treat Baltala mint ae*ert and main'ain at any a lid a eery rlak . ?c that, rhonld I ha * tt me it rf tba r, neat ion not laka place cow. the reedr of future ml*uno*ri te tdirg hetaeen b.orope a d ttn net will ba left to riow. aider the Inflii-nee ot tr plcal pa elcoa, Into fruita bleb map prr?e? hartfnl to pearra and dial* >a low tuee already a pr?J ot hae (io b ewtert?lo*4 by P.utrpeaw itattilnn of 'at'n^ pi*?wl ifl of tha Dair>w atrip of (and wbieh dm >- on en tu rn otaan. a* J bedding II ?a a teatiai territory tn tha jolat ea oa a d at tbe aammoa e*p?aaw*f the hire r.rweri If any ?ete made re defy owe na'Kn I hae- right* of arc< ae ehlch are nede I to lanb t There r-ioet be ao in oh ope ly of tha *rie.hl o( way ' at l auaaia- /eeadaw .'ilAefiaom, January ( Potitretle- Pilar ? llMlijr. da at ha (mm r holer a occurred la fit I.enU lorihewerk rediag 11th. I'etar ftldell. Ilenry Heieien, Thlllp p".*#ar, aod f bailee Miller, i.are b?eti erimo -ted ti prl'?nat Newark. N J . for ha mmj.rif I'alar J buWIdi on tha 'gilt rt the VKth nlr l be whole* amount of damage by lira to "l I-oali dating tha year lhdtb wa? i46? npoa which thera war iaenraaee t> tee eiti uot of ftlMII IbO. bi, lit tin ion.d doliare, la I aliioi oi* gold war etolea freia a rta'e roe ai of the a'eamboat In UH I a?i noe, at l.ruiierille hy . on tba lid lurt 1 here weta fa o*aiha in HiWi'W durlrg the week ending the -Joth Ifeeiant. ot ?ble-h III were el eonaumpilidl Wi ring tba year than, owe lh ueamt end ooa emtgrant iraeale twtradm" tow, lonMinPog #* *?.< aaa ataala. -WH>< h. ?OB ' f I ha f PI f ef tha Men "m Idea la Hand lecanti] kitje . hi a laekmnir III the "laieiMa run A e. ui.. ti . f e> aeta led end taweWls ?! ' >? !(? ?4. A t ta>* ri(jh? f?"t long. >h capturrJ b'ar fJlia- aaUui 8 C a* tb" ratii I bat A t uut,> r of un>|" > at) rlf fid ?ara dlrrlia gad (rod III* litx r> a I b?l< <n Hour* b tb* bit I ult llio wir??(f a or* l*l*<r*pb lln* to ?it ?d Croat I! o lo butlin*t< n VI . ar* n >? up ?? tar * I nnr< id N II 1 bra* i.f ib* grand jortniro In ' ba?l tbalr I 'ck'U p.can lb Jail, lb* <>t(.<c ua>. *hil* aaanitatng 1 ha I Mir It**. A bt?llit<*r of r> moral* ?-r? mad* from tb* ihllalrl p> la < in tod hot.'* i n If r .*<tb and HM bit Ib tka rltj at burton <l?n?( lb* J-ar IMP, tVr? I.Ml I r il l & I 7 * 4< a'h* A iu< Mi b tat lai a lnnoaeo*d ib tb* l.' |l''?i?i ? af N WJkttl to make Iba lu?rMkf? (MfHld Ottoting iii) in iitf a- i m o> lb*- par |?* u> iha <.|Hi**'?o? rcaU dtflar* bla or I ?r dl-?an?'?ritti>B r?? tb* e >*'fa*t V?- iiilotii i lata *a> Marlroa at < hariMioaa. Ma**., rn lb* utit b.l.. by Jua* Hal nnahl T??t l| ?i*bl p. (? * lata l?n killed all IHllt 'ith ul | retort) * ? 4i*tr>'f*d. btar ?f)?? ' tiruil, bat*at b a | li abd 1>?. ta.b*i <t H??b b) lb* lilbi* 11'* i ft i r i it.# ir I Ipaib I |Maa Hva* a^r* b'.t laid i t tha .'Hat ult . la i m | itarid ii |nnl *1' n I aali p ba*l. mad. tor M at par* ?* J'bn I. la < a trial at tlbae), top Iba Border of i biltfipbvr itooljn I l.!*k* ?a> tuartlrr-d and C. fl nnrt *?rl"Mt?ly I'lMaf. aUaDititrlil, N. 1 .alt* Itji Han*, bf ft I button Tb* pira. rt p. pnla'l. n of ( avit 'ldf* Va*? , |i *atilt at d at It..(Uli la 1*37 It ?a* T.MI r;r V hit* an Indian rhi?f *vr?e*nU/ raa )*r<id MM Abkhumburg. N H. IE R A Tbe Camden and AwUoj liaJIroad. Jam *av 29 IS50. 8m :? I desire to avail myself of your widely circulated journal. to state to the publlo the praotloal cour ,i quences ot the recent decision of the Court of Krror? and Appeal* in the case of the Camden and Aiub y Hail road Company vs brigga. The aat under which tbe recovery in this case was had. stands thus in the ltevised Statutes of Nsw Jersey. 1817. p 001 : ? "An art to prevent the taking of uulawtul toil or fare on canale and railroads. Passed March 12, 1H..19 "Whereas, complaints hare arisen that tomsof the Incorporated companies of this State hare taken a grt at*r amount el fare or toll than is allowed bylaw, 1 and also of tbe unequal, fluctuating and unlawful rates 1 of toll or passage money, upon tbe several cecal, or railroads of this State- therefore, " he It enacted by the Council and Oeneral Assembly of this Slate, and It Is hereby enacted by the authorl'y of the same That any incorporated company or companies in this State. whi*h Is, are, or shall be authorised by law to take toll, or to charge for tb" trauep >rtalion of passengers, goods, ware*, or uinrobauiiise, which thall directly or indirectly, through or by any agent, director, or other officer whatsover, take or demand of any passenger or person, under any pretence wt-utever. no re than tbe charge, toll, rates, or fare allowed by law. ahall forfeit and pay the sum of one I hundred dollars for each and every such offence, to be ' pi 01 ecu ted tor and recovered with ousts before any justice of tbs peace in any county of this State through which the said road or canal may p*.-s. In the uauiveud for the use of the person or persons prosecuting for the same." by the general statuta of limitations of the State, actions for the recovery of these penalties, when brought by a private person, mart he instituted within one year alter the < Hence was committed; but if brought by the State, may be instituted at auy time within two y ears. Tbe legal consequences of tbe late decision are as follows 1. A penalty of ourf hundred dollars maybe recovered fcr every individual instance of au excessive charge for tbe transportation of merchandise, upou either tbe railroad or tbe canal, within oneyear. Perhaps not many instances of the pay nieut ot these overcharges have occurred within one y ear. but the companies have, in some , Instances at least since the deolsiou of tbe court below, rendered bills made out according to the old unlawful rates, and have accepted payment of tlielesaaud lawful lates. Intending to reserve tbe right to recover Pie ret nine it (he decision ot tbe Court of Apptaie should have been in their favor The oileuce of charging loo linen In an penal a* teat ot taking pa) uieiit ot t.o uiucn tij the laijiusge i>l the statute the peuulty i? up m *>tTJ company which eball take or demand " ot any fftrvv, mora tha lawful la'es. And reasonably nuu Li-ot'Hardy to, lor thn demand in tin- unlawful act f f tbe company, Id which (he . fTrnou c inrlus; the payment is the act ot tbe other party, tudla num wrvn{ iu thn company, and the accep'auce ot a pr..(feted pny1 H i-ft cannot tit penal. it the compary o >ul l with impunity. unmatiii unlawful tares, aud put their customers to iiut- trouble i t <xi. turning and emu-truing theii charter on Fiery loca-lou that a hill I* rendered to tea w tether the t etc is legal and ot baetag an altercation | wnb tbe company > agn t* ar.d o! bit id 4 aulia hanging orer their hi aUs. It is obvious that the public c<>uventenc* would be grva ly with I'h* Malawi j! die knd in. tbntclore, tin- rcxatlu-ts aud bar reeling a <t id tyianny against which the etatute of IMli'J Is aimed. I hvtiy person againrt whom bills, luada out aonnrdtag I to the lliipal rates of chaining havo boon reiulerod within ufa 1- }*ar, whi ther paid or not and whether up Tt Ifct- railuad or canal, ha- aright ot action tor oca 1 uuuied doilaiefor every olf. uce Aud tha ?u t Ue- 1 rot. It biougtit by (lie party aggrieved. tin may bind h|o lulls over to any otto r pvr.-no and ettch par ion tiny Iua in bia own nam*. Not a day should bo loit to la 1 titnili g thrp* tuns. The hotti.n of 1 f>using tin lat* dcci'lou of the lLourt of A| peals In thn buprmiie ' ourt ot the I hit?.t States, i ll account of the uoci QFll'iith o411 IT of the ah reI recited act of lsll#. is prepoiter. ui 'J'hn charters ot tbn companies tusk* It unlawful to charge hcyeud a cir'aiu late j and then a g ueral itatutn imp >*?* a trinity upon doing that wb-ch ?n always unlawlul. bo tar tioiu Impairing lb* bligati .n? of the contrast of inocrpotallon, the act of lbo'J directly enh.rc. s ih' v.c obligations Lxerpt lit resp-ot to thlugs which their cbtiters iprctally UeFiut them to do. c rporatioa* are an much attbio the g' nctal penal and r. nit dial legi-.lv1 to n 11 the state ue pilvate persons The eta-em rit o| a iti ilgu to take 1 be c.aee to the supreme < eurt ot the 1 mild Mate* Is given out by the managers, pa: ly w'.th a tiew to arri et the | aoio nbloh tb 1 decision hat I en atcd in the eu-ck market, and pa-tly to create deiay and allow tba eu.t. tot penalties t > Im utUw.d 2. Ilia illegality of the four dollar aharg , f^r tha passage hrtweeii >ew Vorll ai d Philadelphia r * U. U iri HUU IIWU W.J. av. IU v.., nm . < law as tl,* Ill, gall j of thrM tulli I-r iria" n?'.i u. Tt * pi'blic in*) i*l> lip n It u tiling eerta a a* fa t Mm it. that the inr ImMN uf lb- i uui t 11 tlhn so i A| p?al? directly and oouclutdrely establi-b*) the Itlepan y of that lour dollar rha:,t? for the conirjatici, of ( aM-rbt ti< from c.t) to city, ami the right to icoorcr a I.undr, d dollari tor tier) t uelauce I i * hicb it ha < b*eu l aid < r dtniuiidnt That charge has bo dl <o,,ntlou*d ttlj since lie'bet last Kocrjbod) who, wl'.hm a , year fas paid four dollars i as, again n?y bat*, *u :be | cities, should lu?tltui* a eult, or a'low son* person to | do ro tor the huadicd dullm penalty. All that n u? | csshmj t? to send the name of tb* | arty and lb - date of lbs payment to some lawyer In IN-n l*.-sey aloa^ the line of the road, and arret rait t.i t?* for'hwith brought Tbe eoiupaeles can bo cum polled t<? produce their wey-hllls. which Will furnish iilteMi of Ilia pas rage, and tb* adirrM*?iu*Dt* w II rbnw th* lata of afair* t)r In car* tbe companies rbould destroy thslr way-Mils, which 1< now a scry probable thing. tba feels of tb* pa rays and paynoi t can la proved by th* passenger 1,in,s? if proud-U b* allows a ibiri per sou to bring th* lull lo hiaowu nam a. and f>r his <> an use Krery gentleman tfecrefor*. lu New > ortt and I lulai I wb* baa , aiu this lour doUr charge, eltuiu tbs j oar of Hi,,|, st, n si d who emir--* to pr> turf* at once tt e In:, re. Is ,<r ju t're and chatlry. should direct entU tw oe brought in New Brunswick. IbAtna, or sum* I ciL, r piac- al i g tbe toed in tb* name aod for tb* use ' it >"U * I < or I IM u. <>r poor lur-tituM-in null a< hit dal-a a*) luu, >!> eh, in <>r which tba party ts diap >-*J to e i ter n t? unty, and the depeslii m of tb* person ' ' at.. (Sid tba f, ur dollars may b? tasen, and alii hs Sutlcl- nt evid* nr.* I he suit luay pr uxhty be brought 111 an) fount) through which any I t'l* < aaid'u aud Atnt i i I on,|?i )'s r, ,o)R | arc: hut It would b* sutvr to hrli y tt It, a > nuuty thiongli which tba r ad on which lb* u.egsl iare wai taken, pag*?e?t reatou would be . the in, st ceiialr, place A* tor tbe juggling m innuTre, I lywklqhtha com pa Hire pretend t>, evade the penal*), ly c ntldirlrg lb, fs?w Jetrey Itallral and I'rans|s rtatlon t'cmpstiy as exacting a part of the f iur d>llafs. tl ai ts an Idle Orluslos an einp'y triclt ot us nes Mid lorinf -which raunni lUaii'ti th* li? aod lit yktlBi* a All t unit paid for tLe tratiyportaMon r.f m?*' liin (In, brytittd U o l?k*l rat?? ai any tint* withiu ml JtBia, at* M W r-CuTrmbl* back Ihl |.rlnetpl? Ha* Ixjbtid Hit i?u|? ul tit* mi'litulloiitl i b.ccU'Jo, and upon tt?l? (inliil lb* jmi j* t 01 th* l curt of I pp-*lt * ?r? in m.ioiou' 1 It*** cult* may ba brought lu tb* l-t al CMUliil N?* tub atd fbiladi-ipMa ami In in* Ir eint t it ft af tha I ail*il Siati and m > br inoui by attat hn.ant i f tit* ront|anj'a pt inrly rkl< pr n aiplr a||lit* a- veil la ot*uuar|M to iW oaual a< to ta*ic*a>M?a en tha railroad lb* i)?*rcti?r^?? oa tha rai al al"> * during tin la<t rli jraro. ar* aatitBBlnd at r?*-B hundred .lb- mtinl dollar* It nujbl In b? obMttd Hit', it * right to th* pa-ralty laaiiinal?tl** iiptntbe r'gl.l to rrcotrr back tb* *ic ** paid B'n?a tt* >*gai tat*, butb r*iu?dha i_a/ ba puiau*lt> grlb* r. 4. It bring bow flaaily and oi n lu lr*ly **ttl*d by tba cnai'tri' ti* opinl't it all th j u !** 'Y \a# l?r?*?. 11 a' IB* ecBipatiit * bat* for year* caae'td lll*j?' fa' * tttlr t) tibia at* fntfrlt lu ltw It* rtoly m*' t I, tin# a* *r b/ ?rb<?b thl* fnrf*ttura can b* t**?n sdrantaa* of la bp acoa**di*g* la fw? wwraura. wulcd a* ei idttif to tba ptar'lca of Naa > t"?t ran ba I nli'U". d At ly by th* Att> ra?y Ih tml Hit** III* d*a'?tar| |a tba tc art of Appaala It baa boeoBt* tba ail mal d lty of tli> Mtorbay <i*n*ral to mora Ihaduprrat* laatl Iv a wilt il ft a vortaofo, If ba i.?gl*?t* thta duty. th* Judg-r a? '?r*itatirr id jtu ia* aad guardian# ot lb* la*, aime d dlraet htm to aiaba t-aah an applloatloa. Bat tba i.m ur* t tight. al*a. to mm ia tb* mal'*r I ba I * a ria.ui* at >aw J*my o?*a it to tba 8'ata. ai l to tha wbol* eoB3Biunlty to poaa fortlialth a joint r-aolaM m Invruailng tba Attorn*y f>*u*raltn apply for a writ of yuii rarmi*. Aa th* l.'gWIatiw* la air-agly anil-m<*|i It I* ntuNrrt od that amah a r*?oldtu.n *ltl unf uhtnliy ba {.?.?. d 1 hi* port*B'.oo* eorp rmM <n it no* * atpiruly lu ut? band* o? th* aatl in nw* li*ta tt h*lh*r you a< B?nl*r tb* matl*r of I ha I irMlu a of tb* ?liart?r or tb* lam*no aacom illation of p'-nma't lublilt t?? which la at oaca ptarlpitatad upon tba coinpa j, It Ir ilmr that tha la:* d*airU>a of tb* ' ??url of Mrnra and App*ala will la*rltably nc nnpll-h th'l'tal ruin ol ihit nut a formtdahla oorpnratloB J< d I II b. Kt mmao Tn ?? aarHir f am.*?.??.-Soma **p*tIbi>b'? I i * la*a twad- at .Norwtab, with a a*? appt'atui. wbtah ?**int. by tb* d*>rttptioa. to b* ithar that of btr Hal *r'? iBaauK'H* aatopraphla t*l*Rtapb. or aatna lu'dll rani a oi if.* ram* pimaipi*. Hliiy i?il*rr warm by tbtr it t?r< Irptbiy *riti*n In what * may fairly r?jl Iopr t and BMraiil fn m l.ttadi a to hoi? ?h and It la *ip*ri?d that *tt*a tt>aiu**Bti"B ta flanl au i tr. ana Bltbout laUrruplon. at l*a?l two a mm Ot a I*' tat* a mlntiw Wll ha * or a ad off at od** 111' (I lb- AUirltrkB* *r? (till g'ln* kl -?ij ?tih th?it I ghliilng l??i? ' N?w Yotfc, Wk'bikk' ? knd Hkltlm r? ib-fh?rg-< lo tit i'.o? >hiw?|W! b?l??-n >'" ?1U il llf. Ill Ilk I l??l, (4? t<iug III! tUhlf, f? W? I ftkt'iiQ) kb< ? ](trti mi rd? to oMHtbSrit u<j. vir I * -khl I) ? ** M Okfi ?ri,'r>?r?4 bit (irtkl-kf t.l-t |f?|b tM afth l<4 kl> b? ''?t< 1 U-r? ?' khl* * *! g* b-f k.*U t i? k>4 (<k|> r 1 i.M |W? Mi Kf t?Mb > tb? J<? wikr 01 k-k k* , t> IMI *k?I tkf t kM ariau/Vknrmto UMiXI ?u ok M4*l?< b'lk to >-'?i|iljr ItUWinir k* o? ?<!". ' l.tK kl'h'li' tbv XI|J b*wl lk? *hMtk?|r? ?4 Ik-Mi*), bl kl. o u 1M Ml o?. /. k' llk-? l<k? lr??kl?M k kl <1. fit kkkUkg lb kirrt hi i fi.'kHi * kik rk'tokk'y k'?*fi at k p tf' ? p l?i T fbl ki*lik( r*f?gtk?lk A Mr I'M at >*? 1 o k f a* paV at** k ki*a I r i-liltiid ?ir?* ?r*r ' ftikl rt?ik. I Kfli M Iiiir- I. b, '11 ,1 111' 1 ?tf? Htm. - . Mr l.i-t #-.?1 t'i h? I. lb- || '?ik Mft. dik*k ?M In Ikf 'r?? ln? ?i or I'I>?)| kl tMl tkkt'kf.} Ut * > fI HI* "t ? If tit" I'll I'flfl till ? llMl IOI.1 ki ll- i f Jfll III Uktok' If t * k|.U- l-oiif*. ? Hf ?lld ?'mtn <i( ?? * It* h?f| k(kl? t 1 it nwg . re-* . i gaga* '.k I., k k :? \ L D. TWO CENTS. Theatrical and Haalcal, powrot Thkatme.?TLe " Slaga of Comoro," as spectacle, a melo-drsma. and an biatorieai piece. 1* highly pleating and satisfactory, to tba orowdad houses wbicb nightly nil this splendid temple of bistronio representation. Soma of lta incld nt?, it 1h trus. ate not very strange, nor original, particularly tba eecepe of Webazy In a miller a rack; but it is worked up wall, and as the party wind up the path to the mill, and Webazy (Mr. Stereos) mokes the hack of tha man almost crack as lie carries him on his shoulder*?ami as Uoraatrky. (Mr. Winans.) lit. raily makes one's sides crack with laughter at hi* exclamations and surprise, Si d tianr hntihonimir - the whule is highly effective tells prodigiotislv, and plea as exceedingly * Naval Kngageno-rts end the " Little Deri!," olever pieces, and admirably ftrti med, added vastly to the entertain* nients ct ihe evening. A brilliant programme is in prepara ion for to-morrow evening L'snitsii Tiivaist.?The great suooess of the lcgitic i.'e ilrnn a at this house, we should ray, from tha fashionable audiences that nightly grave its seats, ia attributable, mora to the very laudable manner in which the pieces are produced, and the admitted ability of the rorpt itramalii/ut, than to the recent reduction in tba ptices of admission Wa ara glad to saa Mr. iilake so frequently before the public; his name is an additional atliar .l<<u lor the lover, i f true coai-Uy and genuine acting; but now that he an 1 bis excellent naruurd company are aided by tba nsc. Mrs H*rr.-tt and the accomplished Mr Wtuatly, it is not to b? wondered that the llroadway theatre should be the centre iPatt-aotlon Kach actor entirs with spirit into the pint ) e fulfil a. a. if douhly anil >us to ail the niaua-er in his praiseworthy enterprl-e. i.ast night \i IR tHfiPatl fl ll.rt ttellT 1 *>ii Ml- i Bfl.riirahlo "<>14 Hi nils htil Young l>?rt? ' whtnb was followed l>jr u P i lk*. by .Madam* Krnestlne hatuleen mil the nt? 1 tainim D< < eoncnid-d with the faroe of the darrivd Hake." nil of which were witnu.-sed with del gbt, nil rushed with approba'iou Hi-hints'* Tiihtik.-I bis theatre ?t< agsin resplendent with auothcr numerous and (*-hi uinble audience, who trltnrmil that popular comedy, the ' Serious family," with nnsbit-d ioterest K-r several weeks I a?t. this tiDipleof comedy lias enjoyed a run of the (sitrt uepaialMed mcce-* It ha* been every Dight crowded to its utmot espaclty. w'.lh all the beauty a id feshlon ot tblM city. Th? realiia'l ri of this brilliant I merer* Is unquestionably attributable to theadiuirabte -h ' 11 of the manager In hie svleotl us uf nhoiee enterteintnent*. He ir coo.inually brut upon the pur. pose of allortllDg the gteatest amount of pleasure and hintt'H'jrut, aod i' r ruch tudi l*'l,r ibtilty. be certainly | d'Set vt? encouragement frrm untlinted patronage of the public. Tht! entertainuii-n** concluded with tbe equally popular piece of the "ToodUe." wbicb was performed v |th distinguished success, and which gave n tire ra<Utaotion to all prestut. Cisarohat 's Nsiiomsi. Tint*ma?I.ast evening Mr. T D. Uice. the t ri final Jiru Crow?he who tirst set la Tt a to* the negro rage and mania, wlilob relied np >n all tbe world In both Its hemispheres like the infection of 'be cholera so that every body for a time was jumping Jim (row. and rhawntltig -'Clare de Kitchen" "Old Yirgitiny Neber Tire''?Mr T. I) Klce the fa-noos orlpin .tor of this y?*?i revrlutlon in dramatic* for the time which has however, since become as flat, stale and uuproli'iible a* the la"? Frenob revolution - he, tbe v< iltsble original Impersouatl n of tbe old and genuine J in I row?took lile hensot last night at the National; and a benefit It wa < First cane '* Jambo Jam." then we? played " The Mummy.''then foil .wed * rbe II inert Thieves." ell three of them rich an 1 amusing pieces: and lastly came tbe " Foreign Prluee"?wltfi Jlrr. i row hiiurclf?n piece not worthy to be ela?a?d with the other more tal-nted productions let Mr. luce lendtred tt highly amusing and thehou?e crowded as It va? h - 1 scire- yrooram -igh tor th* shaklne ?,l tbe *iiier eblcb i lie lrr-??kii?. laughter produced ta nil p'nert Cn Monday. tinmen** attiaoti.ns am li rtbcoialnp at ihin pretty little theatre. Mirciirn'* THurtr.-Taking * eerything Into eon tldcratlon, It suit be admitted that tble place of aniu.'>m< ut ha< during the lent week. r*altr.?d derided euccerr lu the reprareatation of ite Tatleus eotwrtalniseiiU. and enjoyed a very prolitable run, a elrcum etauce which will tend to iaiplr* the oouipany with pontage and renAde-je*. and to give au additional lapule# to th? Bareyer In fcla egertlooa tor puMie atniieenient Tbe entertainment* were of a very totareatlog aid phaelrg character, c touting of the butl-tta of the "Twelve Month*." the Uiry extravaganza of ? < amaraUeman and Bad nra " the c >mlo opera entitled ' John of Carle," and the fnroe of the ' Midnight Watch." all of which pawed off exceedingly well rn?y were wile in d amid the moat flattering demmetratioor of hi I it al i lea.ore aod ea'.leraotlon. Meeere. MltcbiU. Wadeot. Mcklneon. and Mir* Mar/ Taylor, Mijiittted thcmaelvt* with tbelr accuetomad ability , and lucetia, Ciimiti'i Our* Hone ? Thl* place of atnurament la bec< ming every day trora popular, a- d th? nude of the hand, under the guidance of K. f. Chriaty. ?eeina to tare e<nie peculiar rwee'ne**. ae our altlrene rellVi th re t epro melodiea mora than any other kind of moalral entertainment glvtn In thia city. To morrow I vet lug they glee tl.elr <nno*rt a> u-ual la Meohanlra' IU1I. 'J he programme contain* tbe <-lj>dr**t e*leoU >o I of (hair popular atra and Keor/e and W ftheppard will apiear in tbelr excellent deurea. whieh are ?o g?oe| rally admired The ctlebtated birleeijue -'towage Mil* cal" I* alarayarecelved with cheer* aod /nr?r In hie imitation# of verlour prim* d noa* and i muld. la hla ei lo on th>- guitar glee the girateat evtdeuc* of a line ntu-lcal edncai i?n Alli en ?* .Mi m - Thle old and faeorit* eetablNhn:ent conliuuei to be vl*lted by large aaeemblagee of ?ur cl'lzen*. The Martlnettl family, aleayr great faroiliaa aid excellent artleta. appear eyery afternoon and art lu the piiBtnmiiue of the " S-ar|*t Hi nd," ai d the vaudeville cootf any will give their n*ie*i draii a< ic repre-i nlatl'ine. In the fare# of the' Itirul i'agea ' 'I lie Mil: et m r' n'e'nlng rn many work' of art aud abounding etth ru-ih rare natural eurtoettlea p'ie?eae*-e many attractive feature*, which rhoiil J Indue* p*renta 1 with their (children, to ataM It a* It niM be a gaaal aouree of li.> 'ruction to younreter* who can In reality a>e maty r.f thm* bird* and animal* which their 1 leboel book# treat of. (IttiiD t'rei ut ca vnr Bium or thk N*w 1 i m Vott erar* A?-<h i<ton - Till* concert gleen fifth* b<n*St of the gallaat yolnateer* of the New . ?! rTODin* * pr?HJ fnt-1 hru?o ( ll.a T?b?r?Ml?; j?t wa ikmild hara ilfltnl to bare far a tha boora bailor (lllodnn alienee. I n lb- par r *? o' wea to ? ?l>t la tfialr dlatraee ill > ? who litttill li.iif ht for th-lf fniitrf tnl ar- ns* (>? thotr tniMi. Odthlr lo |.r"?t<fa f r (h?lr lining ft-nrge ?nd l<l-herd H'tliU by fine nth-g nrttnta fn? n?Mj d< t th-lr dutr and hen- tight to tha grnlitedo of oar ? nllent aMdl-ra if arrn tirrlo ai.d lf|iull?ptn 11i? nill'ary band# of '?hld, pidamth and parform-d th-ir t?<k hd ntrebi)r iili Vt J.fiurk* lh? r?l?kra'?d *1 dlnWt lo hi* tumnlo. airltad (ha gr-e'aat apple.ia?, ant Ma Ion Otto aa* ramlatd a|ih reary mark of ??tl<faelto> It artamo B^?>Wn Routb whi taeda h-r flret in < o<-i lea fart otanlr ( no<|uMtod b-raoif troll MiaaJbltb Ncrthall h?io< noli-p .-ad uotblo to laud bar talrat to ildn pntrlntlo 1-ui nf.ftt .>r? V Imrh fftiftiM. Lfi'af and ll*rr llrendi ?*tf ">m? > r pilot* abd llrfliita Walleda, a h -b vara w- I r-oatrod Tinting tha tdnoort. W>a Nea Vnrh Vn'maio r?, -erryltd with (h< In ttnlr vr d flea- w-ra <t nM hp thrao rata* tbraa rkaaaw eTtUneataaiAaaMg glt-n bnt 'a> at. iliir *?? ? w t'liy. f a p-r ai not.-a Mr, tJrorja Lbder hating am.-niroat that Med'Ha t potto U .hg-Ho bad taf i.rod ta -toa- aa . Id gennlemaa. J ' (whaaa aaaia w-oould not n-e-r'aln | Ino.d-rli ri empale lhat valiant Hiuua l<n h-rnlne a*"ir* I tha autflonro thai b- *i> rary link; hat thl? an- irenecild rrt pr> root a mt-e it at lajinf " '? ha?# o?t trn? haro to aoa Ma t il- i?g-iln, wo i>t<t< to f aad aaolat war gallant mlwataara of Heglan " Tbaoa wor la. cf r?oreo. at ra raaaloed b? t uiaoroiia biama, aad tbroo titan* lhr?? cb-or* aara agate glr.-n f <t tba Vow Vngfc ia.ila.aet THa Oaoe Hon ?tine Co?. ear will root* off at t%n Tibtirvlr, aa Tbera day areolae aa?t. Bala* atb a a eel alial' ar d d drtlng aueb emu-etoat (la many Inatat eaa profit,) for the niball ada?l-laa at-'ioy af bfiy I r* rt" It t? prokdMa Ibo (ab-i-na.-U i* t Dat otoning, i oIII ho rr?w>io(l. Vr. l.o.|j? l,od?r enadaota tho an. rlral d? | arte mt Mn'ira* tfhlta'a So-feadawa wlU glaa tholr oatia at Ai Itwrtf, nrnr; rraalng durta* tha wtak. Ptpaatua f. fma. far ta Jmrnn r Bttniwr. 4? tto | ?rl? d |'t rnachna f-r tha Brand ooaaort af . tl.lo tt n ?l let |o jmfb tha rnrtnatly ta-ro? on t ? hoar him B> again had tha glaaanra laat aronlng nf llat. nit t to lha (*ulnn-t ar undo ot tbta juoon la artlet a-ediio-'i hy Ma truly wnadarfiil f-rlormab' o on a p'nn?, ro. rnilr Irtrrattd by file (athrr. whloh ha a||| la' at bm flint r"re-rt will labo p'ara la an .nt t?. an. ha, abon tl .? lltt'a l>oy only nloa yaara of a?a, { a III play notnfal ploaaanf hi* nwn aonpntftion> i -n d to tha ladla* aad aaoibar to tha paatlamoa at i >.* \oik a|a? inn*t? romp.wad t ipr-aatr for hint hy hta tnarhor. Ilar.rr i harloa haeht. h? I (rlilrr Tbtlbrig and othrg aaiiaooi onnapoaar* Hatth I a? If in Itoktlltu* boy. who-o l.ttlo f-ot ma anatrnt tha pnntala aly hy a mln?rt. atll ba norol aad trwt* ro'ra.b tnm; a Vol o Vkay (lot-TO aad brg moou rntna* tha wortaot >? iiart* ibai nal*l la aatwra. wiii?aa*tho?roa* r..#alan? hr-' a-d ta*l rwthar aanall. a* tk.y *iaa<i with rarprtda a*.. a*aii*flai kafrna hian. A a-a I hta ira wad apaaod M Vtakdharg. Mtwteetppi, ' ? tho lftfi ait I wird faild f ?*a lipHyirgat t.onlarltlo, Ky., *1fp v* IUm?< ? op'taoa ?>f 0?bMIW iM> v?i|!. l>4 Nh"*! ?? Ha M \t? Uaaxlt r f "0*U?4? llr?*?l4i. Iw4 It 4 ' tho l??b ult Ilia an - out of ? .?<- ?* N?? Or! Wat* It i a I *#,? i .t tt i< Of S#*'-? ? r >*?t tn |M I It I, ult i 4 >h*? ?"'t ??f Hi***. I Ml ' t?iny, tluia t* iui W |? tvl um baJ Ui? or up . I" . J

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