Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1850 Page 1
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TH NO. 5720. Trial of the Great Gal nee Cose at New Orleaua. [From the N O. Delta, Ju. 14.] Tble long delayed end mu'-h conceited oeee came up y.cteiday before the circuit Court, Judgee MoKlnly end Mo el.b. After ecine dl?cufeion In regard to tke printing of the record, the on*. waa <>p?t>ed by reeding the nret bill in chancery, which, together with the other pleadInge, we bare condrae.d.eo ea to preeent the point*, dleentangUd of legal teclmiealltiea and Terboalty. THE PLEADINGS. The flrat bill la chaaoery waa fll.d by Mr*. Whitney, on July IK. 1830. in the I iat?-d _8tat.a Circuit < ourt, an Juuge iinwi it narper i nia em wis prepared by Jane* W Whits. s< litit. r The or*tor and oritrlz re William Wallace Whitney and Myra CUik Whitney, hi* wife The bill proceed* to enumerate certain properties of which Daniel Clark died possessed, to alt:? I. On* plantation Are leagues from the city, on the left bank of the Mississippi, locludlng all the building*, ke . purchased by Clark of Stephen Henderson for $12*000. t. A square In Faubourg St. Mary, second municipality, sounded by Philtppi Poydrae, Circus sad Perdido streets, together with all the tenements, he. [This tquar* Is worth at least #60,000 ] 3. A tiaot of land in MeutUly Koad, 22 arpents front. 4. Lots No. 184 nnd 184< n Hoyal street, New Orleans. i. Three lots, each 00 feet front by 120 deep, at the southern corner, formed by the intersection of Toulouse and Burgundy streets 6. A tract of 188 arpents on the Bayou St. John, adjoining the propelty uf Kvartsl* Blanc. T. A lot in the Faub' urg St. John, half n league trcm the city of New Orleno*. 8. Hlght lots, frem Ne. 1 to No. 8 inclusive, In suburb St. John 9. A lot In Washington street, In Faubonrg St. John 10. A square tn Faubourg St. John. 800 feet ftont on St. John street. 200 on Washington street. II. A plantation on tb* right bank of Bnyou Lafonrehe, opposite DoaaldtnuviUe, 11 arpents front on the Misrl'sippi rlrer snd 20 on Bayou Lafourche. This plantatieo, the bill avers was bought by Wade Hampton tor Dnniel * lark. a?d after Clark's draih conveyed to one of the defendant! in this suit, Hiohard Keif, at executor of CUrk, who subsequently sold to Barthslemy Lafor* 12. A tract purchased by Clark of Wm. Sampson, In June, 1812. situate In Ascension Parish on lelt bank ef hllttirilppi, l&K arpents front on Mississippi, aai 40 in 4epth. 13. A lot In Seoond Municipality of New Orleans, ' hounded by Dtlord street Tiro!) Place, St. Charles. St. * Joseph, and Camp, being let at S K earner of said '4" ? ?i "J smwnwi*? ui VUI HU U?lorU DV Baa* front on by 12k oa uetard. M. Tha nttrMtd half of * tract of land at Manchac, ? eaat bank of tha MWisalppi cold by l>aul Clark to Calm tine St M ; tail -ai? belug rescinded by District Court of Third District of Louisiana IS. A tract of land near Uueai'a Plain, two laague* from the town of Ban u Knuge, bought by Clark from Charles Perrtn, containing 6uu arpauta. 10 A t.raet ot Hint) a> peuts o a the rlrar Couilta. 9 mliaa from tha Am it*. 17. A tract of L2t? arp-nt* In Kaat Baton Rouge, fi DlUa from tba Minis Ippl. lu iuiIos from Baton houge. IB. A tract of 4 364 arp.-nts lu Baton Rouge, 19 miles aouth of tba Una <1 deuierkatlon. 19 A tract of 3 $04 arp> ut? on w*at aide of tba Comite, I'j nil** ab.>*e Redwood 1 rei.k So A tract of 2>.<? arp*nt? on Jones's Creek, in Baton longs 21 A traet ot 2.0C0 arpeota, t,1*' mile* from tort of Baton Rouge. 22 A tract cf 21 000 on ea t aide of tba Comite. 8 milea from the Amite S-'i L'ndtvidtd half of a tract In Pariah St. John the Baptlat. 12 league* from ."sew Orleans, on the .Mlaalaalppl 24 Undivided half of a plau'ation lu St. John Baptist. 4 }g arpauta fron' on t be Mississippi. 2$. A traet on left baua ol Uayuu Lafourche, 6 arp> nta front on the bayou 20. A tract of 6,4"l> arp*nt* on the Comlta. on the eaatarn of the Comite 12,'? mllea froui the old I boundary line between the dpauieh and American poeetssione The bill than eeamsrates the tiaras of which Danl-1 Clarkdtrd p<?aas-ra they are two hundredand twentynix in number. Ihtn f. How* aw eaumaratl>n of all hi# other property: cows, oxeu. and otbar animal*; furniture. flowers he., of the value of $4 044; and farmlug Implement* he., cf tha rata* of f.'l 084 Then comes the pertieular deb'* due to lark, amounting to >2* CM), 1*4 then Lis debt* la general am ranting to $86 418; to aihlch the petitioner* also annex the Olalm tiled $T , Ckew and lielf. admtnl*tratora of the debt* due and dtksr property of Uaolel < lark, of the value of $:i?J),188. The bill then aters that I'aaiel Clark IntenJed to Imv* hla property t# Myra < lark Whitney and did on or abent July. 1813, duiy make bis will, daclarlag Myra Clark Whitney hla legitimate child, darlaing all hi* 1 property to her naming aa hi* executors Col Joseph rjhvill*. Druoutin Hhtiehhiiw Jbdiu Flint. ( h?vhl>r DbMMu da i* Croix, aald IMUUroli to bo tutor of the siix : Muk. I Ma will it Ik f art bar aoerred. contained MfMM annuities to ..ary I Inrh. Uanlsl Clark's i Mta.M4ItcsuiiaaDaUntaa and c u|?iu? t direction* Ba to tba education of Myra. Tbi? wUl, It la alleged. *? written by i>ani?l Clark, w*? lead to Judge Jauiws I'ltot, tba lata lobn Lynd, (Notary I'ublic i and Mr? Hartlat Smith, and Ita contents communicated to aald Col. Bell?ba**e to Da la Croix and Mr. P. B. Biul.iutame, Uiat I<aol?I Clark died about tho ltlh of August. 1?I3, without altarlng or rarokiag tbta will Utrlac Myra. bta only child or descendant Ina Sard hair < t all hla property Tba btU tbaa arara i'yra Clark Whltaay'a right of Inheritance aa tba only lawful and lagitliuata ehtld of DaBial Clark. It further ralataa 'bat abortly aftar bar birth, wbioh took place in July. IMld, Myra waa plao-d by Daaiel t lark In tha laml y ?f Bamuel U Dart*. with vtm iha llraa la Naw Orleans till 1813. aud than hot ad to Philadelphia. She contiuuad with Daeis during llatk a Ilia, and MMoatliaa aftar his daatb. Whila be Heed. ( lark eterclaed oerr bar tba authority, ears and pro tact it n of a parmt. la 1811, (. lark, faariag that Daalal W. Cota. of rhlU.ltlphia had lar. Irrd htm aeeifued pr.'party tod. B liavts and etbara, to tba amount of seeeral hundrad tbonaand dollar*. to bo bald In truat for Myra, and mtda a brlaf and ganaral will of all bis propsrty to his Moibsr, sppolatlng Klcliard Half uad Bererly < haw as hi* axe rut rs Daalal t Isrk rsturnsd from Philadelphia. and finding bis Iniarasta not seriously jeopardised by Coxa. rsoairad bask a portion of ths pr> party narlgnad ta Daels and daaisrad that ba sbonld rarok? tba will In faaor of bis tnotber, and Mka una d**i?ing all hi* property to Myra Clark?that ha revoX-d aald will sod tbao made una fa 1818 abortly before hts daatb, hating all bis propsrty ta bis daughter Myra. In bis lart moment* ba daa'arad that b? had n>* la thia will, and that It ws* eontalaad In a swrtain drawer la hi* nfflce. Tba will of 1111 aaallauad la tbw possession of Half sad libra Half was an agwat of < lark, lu hla e i Venal to adalra, and at and before the lattar * dealt wiantd control over bis sotaorUe affairs and rook poaa-a?1on of bis pa para ?aad that said Half obtained possession of tba will of ItIS aad dwatroyad It. aad aubatltatad tba raaoked will of Ull ? tad It probated and hlmsell sod Beeerly C'baw appointed a locator* The bill th-n soars that tbera b*fag ac relation* of Dnalal ? lark la Lonlslnea. said Chaw aad Half fraadalaatly took pc?aaa?loa of Clark's a Beets aad administered tba earn* falsely repra?aatlag lbs astata to ba lasolrtat and selling or appropriating tba r*aa to tb?lr own u*a* be. Myra cent I awed with Deal* till 1111 being alwaya called Myra ( lark until ( lark death, wbea h*r nana waa ohaaged to Myra Daela and ?bo was kept la Igao KM* of t*r u4 h?r tl|kt< uktll hrr m irrtii* vtih ?hiu#y. ibm ik? >? mad* ar,u?'ai?d with k*r bl>t<ry ltd mr nor* hu toon rtfi|>il la tba iwnitKii of h*r Hght* Mar7 Clark, Dulil'i m*th*r, Mi( d*ad th* other Mil af Daal*l, ar* k leaner A laaon* aad Jan* f?r*oa, da*fbt*r* *f Mary ( lark - Jaa* <?r?*a aad Barak ( amptoll. (land daughter* ?f Mary < lark Tkri IcUowi aa *aam*ra'i*a af Ikl oaaara af th* property, ?kl*k ar* aa folio a# :? Tract I. H'Mtr HoOiday and John Holllday t. Reman Maraaa. Joan A and a*. Jnba Murium B. Bttdonl* M. Marqo*. i Ma'km, Tb?ma* D. Mali**. M Calloway, J Barobiao. A P*eol*n. Noa Ort?aaa aad CarrnUIrn l ailr ad i ompany, M Idoa Jaabart,? harlot faitrrwi aad ' barlaa 1 nd* B r. lartav Martin llata ( hltf JarUea) aad 1. Haphtea 4 Ran* l.amontor ? r H l aiipaia and T*l*daan d. Mayor aad Ald*rm*a of ,N*a Orlaaaa Id Annualot I ?pt* and Wright 11. Oahrtel Wlaiar It Phil ip Minor. Oaorg# Kanaar. Duncan Kannor. II Lai land* karrvet*.' Than fnllaa* th* nam** of k raaool# Da*uan da la Crots. aa tba pnaatmor af tnaaty alar** aad c*l*atia Robart Arnrt. k P. Labarr*. Mniat Dapooat. I.oum p*tdaa*a H portl*i. a* th* p<aaaaaom of othar ataraa, kdHftai to th* **<at* of l lark AU th*** par tin ar* mad* dahadaata. aa po*****<m of property purahar*d at Illegal aad fraudaUat *ai*a Th* r**t af th# Mil r*p*at* th# fhata nrtrrad h*fnr*. ad that th* daftadaat* bar* to*a required to gtr* up tho ptoa*i?y, but itoy r*ru*?d, aad. farther that they <tb* damadaata) arrr that Daniel lark aa* a?r*r marHad t* /nllm* Na* < lark m??bar of Myra < lark, bat that aakd /allm* wan th# vlf* of Jamme l?* Htang*. ttM m ???rr?* m> a* him , >aat*l I Itrl an* (aid /aUM Maa < arrtara ha*In* b#?a lt?r?ll; married It l? farthar ?i?Nt that if Zul m atrrlot to Da ?iraa?a. tha nam**# *u tllngal baeaat* ial4 l>a Otaaga ?aa tha lawful w?dd?d hutband of aaotbar "T" fart bar ailagad tbat tha aiaaatara, Raifant ( kra. 444 aot aat ooafbmaMy to law la tba adialalatraMoa of Clarh'a proparty aa4 rartoa* Inf rmaiHiaa at* aratlottt. wblab ?lt?an tba aalaa aia4a by th-m That tha 4afaadaaU war* awar* of tbaa* allegation*, a*4 aagaliaat of tha Haifa aad ntbar IrraaalartU** of Ml aa4 Chaw- that ib*4? ?upar*a?4oa of tha will of ISM waa wall kaowa thmaahnut Loalalaaa Tha raat of tha Mil aoataia* tba uraal ?tau*a* aa4 aaaalat** by praying that Vira ' lark Wbltaay b* mwmIi I aa tba Mviilwat* ?h Id of iiaalal < lark aal AM ail tba aaaai*ral*4 p?op*rty ha Wdjadgad to ba MM la rlrtna of tba Mr?by. both ? Dgttiaata Ibll aa<4 aa raiitbf aa4*r tba atll of Itll Thla la tha aobatanoa of tb* original th? drat bill tl?4 by Mra Oaii.a# th*a Mr# Wbltaay Tbaa follow* tba a?*arrar of ilaf#a4eeU, Half aal Chaw, whleh faataa tbat tba bill ooatala* lAlrtaat iwaalt k* a writ if dl?an?ary that tb# will an4#r wbtah mp ai ant# rlaiai baa a#rat baaa pmbatad; tbwt tbay bar* than i>a*t} ai law; tbat It la ant al p lag*d la th# bill tbat Mary i lark tba ban at law af it. r?ni*c* baa ifaaa btaa liwiail fraw tba rath E NE J Daniel Clark, la dead; they alao aet up the probated will at 1811, ae depriving thta Court of Jurisdiction; that the effect ol Its judgment under the claim of the complainants would be, to aet aside the proceedings of the Court of Probates of the Pariah of Orlaana, which could not be dona Tie Judges of the Circuit Court being divided la opinion, the case on the demurrer went ap to the Supreme Court of the United 8 la tea when Judge McLean, at the January term In 1844, decided?1, That the oom Siainaau naa ma rignt 10 sue me defendants jointly i the one, that tha blil wu not multifarious. 1 That tha Court could oat entertain Jurisdiction of tha oase until tha will tat up was probated in tha Stata Court. >. That tha oaaa wan a proper one for Chancery, and that it did not Wlobg eselusively to a court of law. la July, 1844, Myra Clark Gaines, tha complainant, having loat har drat husband and married General Kdmoad rendition Gaines, amended her bill conformably to the suggestions of tha Supreme Court, eomplatning that Caroline Bar dm claimed a large portion of the property of the lata Daniel Clark, by virtue of the will of 1811. They further aver that the Probata Court refuted to probate a will unlets It eould be produced in open court and tbat if raid court had jurisdiction ef such a will, the complainants despaired of auooeea, by reason of fbe manifest prejudice of the judge of said o< urt and by rraeoa of the direct lnteraat of two of tha judges of the Supreme f aurt, (Martin and Matthew*.) who had purchased at tha salsa of Clark' property under the will ef 1811. They, therefore, discontinue their probate proceedings. Tbey further allege tbat Mm. Ualnaa Is entitlsd to one moiety of Clark's eatats by virtue of a conveyance from her mother, said estate having been acquired during tha coiertare of aatd Clark and wife. The claim of complainant Is to ths whole sstate under the will of 1818?or that she Is entitled to It as heir at-law. If there be no will, she le entitled to cee Lalf In right of her mother, and four-fiftha as forced heir of her father. To this bill, Lbew. Relf and Farriers demur, on the eeme grounds as in the former demurrer, alleging that the said bill disregards the decision of tho Supreme Court and on the additional grounds, that the matters set forth In tbe amended bill were not proper matters for amendment Second, tbat M / Oardette's (Mrs. O.'s mother) marriage with Clark. Is not shown as te time or plsoe. or that eh* is entitled to the benefit of the oommunity. Finally. they ret up the law of Limitation or prescription. Then follow the pleat of the defendants. They deny all the slii.. hti. e.? in ths bill, tbat Clark ever possessed tbe property enumerated-tbat be ever married Z. N. Carriers? that Myra C lark Uainee was bis daughter? that be svrr meee any other will but tbat of 18)1? wbieh said will naa duly administered under the eon trol and jurisdiction of the Probate court of New Orleans Tbey declare that Z N. Carrier#, before tha birth of Myra was married to Jerome De Grange, and ealtf marriage bad not been dissolved at Mjras birth After these plena come tbe answers of defendants. First tbe answer of < liew end Relf In their answer, tbey aver that Daniel < lark di-d In August, 1818? that be made bis alll In due l< rtu if la<e on ilOth Ma*, tail; tori raid will wan duly probati d in lblS. and Kelf uii ( hn qualified ae executor* All the charges and allegations m plaintiff* bill ara axpraaely, and. in general trtnie denied. Mar; ( lark ia averred to have baan the only proper bur to wbom 11*11 and < baw could account; the was tba universal heir, and aba bad girt* tbam a powar of attorney to aril and admlaister tba propnty drvlred to bar by I lark Tbair acta, aa risentora. arte tall; approved by Mary ('lark, whilst aha llvtil. 8be died In Philadelphia in 1123 leaving a will, app'lmli a Joseph Iteed bar executor. Hard coutmued ( baw and Hall aa th*agent for tba aatataof Mre ( lark, whose will waa duly recorded bar* Tba auswrr further atari tbal Daniel Clark previous to tba year 1101, bad carried ? n business witb Daniel VV. Coxa of Philadelphia. and raid iartb a bad acoumulatad large property in the name of ( lark. On 10(Jk June. 1813, t lark eulered Into parinarahtp witb tba defendants, Cbew and Hall, who had rnrveadad to the business of the old ; parlnerrblp of Clark and Coxa; and agreed to divide all his property aqualJy witb them, axcept bla houaa on tba bayou read, and tba property Inherited by btm frcmlhcmaa Wtikina. Thua defendant# baaama an* titled to 01 a-tblrd of all Clark'f pmpnty Moet ol the property was held in the nan* of Clark, whoae d?bt* wet* enormous Reepoudenta were kept tin. -I embarrassed by the large gngHtl of unproduotlve lands owned by than ia connection with Clark in on , io r . , I these at.harrasam* nta. they applied tor a raapita from their aradttare. aa wall for tba beneSt of Claik'a aetata m for'benaelrea 'J bla waa In 1114. | The meeting of creditor* granted tba raapita. and ihey prcoeeded to dispose af tba property, mutt of which waa bald In < lark a nam*. Skid sales were mad* to 1 the brat advantage. Tba wkol* statement of complain- 1 ant. abtnt tba w||| of 1813. and Its deatructlrn by Half, In pri ntuncrd by tba latter unfounded and false, under I tba lanation of an oath. The only wnt of t.lark waa that if 1811 and tba whole of Half and < haw, | urder that will, I* averraa to have bean just and legal. I* la than alleged that t lark could not bava legally men led /.ulime Me* terrier* who Intermarried, la December. 1TV4. witb Jerome Dedrange who waa living when Myra western; Ibat tbeaa parties bad not than been diroreeo. that said /clime attar Myra't birth, to wit. la ls4h. bad mad Det.raige for alimony, repraarntlr.g baraalf a* bis wife; and In 18t0, sued him lor a dieirce, whlah divorce was granted subsequent to tba birth of Myra. and In 1*08 aald Mrs Detlrang* tuarrl<4 James durdette, with whom aba lived till bta | death; that Denial t lark lived five yeara after tba marriage to fiardette and never In nny wny acknowledged ] the lady a* bis wife, that If complainant waa really tba daughter ot Daniel) lark by/ullm# Nee c arriers she was ilDpitln ate and conld net. therefor*. Inherit by i wa t I i rva Mhaawiaa I* ia alaa *>* ?./( (hat V1a/t-m !'*? tier* <u never Introduced lote the fame *oelrty < laik. and ILet at lb# lima ilaltd l lark III paying hi* bd<lre?##? to other* They repel tha Imputation up< a bla character Inrolied In tha ehargt of hi* non ?il?n with > adatn Carrier#. Thay J. uy that Myra 1 wa? an r reccgniied a* tba ligitlmato child of < lark, hut ater tbat in 1117. lalcae) Hat le. in wboe* fatally Myra ?a* rained. brought auit agalort tham aa Clark * *x*cut? r* lot tba ?upport ot Myra. ntyllng bat hi* na- i tural cr illegitimate child 8b# waa alto ?o recogniied In tba alii of Niary ( lark, tba nttkat of Itantal. Int I rerp. adrot* dray even tbl*. tbat aba I* a child, l?gitl niata or illegitimate. id l antrl l lark. Tha* arrr that thry bar# Utit latarpoaad any delay to tha tettlrmrot < t tblr cult; III proof of which thay rafar to tha ault of W hltm y at d alfe la MM which aa* |WM by tha 1 ooB'plaluarit* tbeamatia*, to tba ?ult again?t tham for ! the truet fund* alleged to bar* been appropriated to them alii' h ?a# decided In tbelr favor, to tha *ult itougLt l>y I 8f bffSlnet Whitney f .rniar bur bai.i of 1 rrmpUlaaot for a libel. In charging him with destroyIt g tba *>U (ft lark, ahirh * d< eidad la raapondent * favor 'I bey declare tbat Clark * property aaa rold "a the m< et adeantageou* terme. and faithfully applied to tba nidation of hi* debt*. ?blob weie vary largethai to 1'antel I m ain.e b*irg flTtllO Tb-y a?ar tbat 1 avlng bcmnli gated tbelr aaci.uat* la tha l robate taurtif .New Orirane they cannot he called oa to aratuatlotbia t ourt They piand tha?a yn hat* proceeding* a* re* ;a*Ka'a alleging tbat thay were not ?/ yarre. but arte crateeted by lie la Croil, one of tba alleged eterutora of tba will of ISIS, and before Jadg* I'ttot, Jadge of tha Probata I ourt another of tba dernier* #1 Ibi* ram# protended la regard to tba application of eomplalaaat*. to probata tba alii of HIS la tba Probata Court of N*? l >rleaao ie?p< i.dent* deny tbat the qaaetlon of Jarladlatlea an* iaired but aver tbat the raee aaa aoaeatted, *ipre*ely on tba grouad tbat tba applicant* failed to appear gad ireeaat tbelr rtalma A* to tba alleged prejudice of the Jadge of Probate a. tbey a ear tbat tba < Sar?e I* a elaadar pleel apaa tba raeord* ?f tba * art, agataet una of the Judge# of tba fftat* of I.ontMi* lie ren.eni of inter oat la Judge* Vartan and hi tb*a* I* ai>< mat by aa adml**toa aa to tba far- | mar who aae lec< mp#*?( t to not la the rata of eon* p atannt bat la attatly denied a* to Jadge Matthew* , and tha*. at*a II It aeie true, tbera vera three other Judge* on tba tagKai Seaab who could *ae tbat jaatlre aaa dm# eraiplaloaat*. Tbey near tbat tba Intimation M the I atted fftat## tayieae I oart tbat tfca < treuit CoaN could bold < a to tba jarladdtow nf tbtg c urt (a order to rfciig# dafwadant* to go into tba Probata t can. aa* aat.ere-wary. a* theraepnaJent*bar# Invited t< mplelaeal to ga into *ncb ecurt. and bara offered to aalra all plan* to lb# JurlrdlrUoa, la order to gate derietra of tbla relation* matter. Tfcto I* rabaraatlally tba baeaet of < haw and Retf, w. m to and bled January IMS 1 be aaeaded aad eapplemeatal !blll of E. P Gained and Myra Mark bla alia died la IMS ooataln* all tba ubataatlal aliegath-aa of Ibe original Mil bat renownrra all alalm* andar the will of IMS ao universal l-gat*e and claim* l. ur f Mb# of tb* property aa forced h?lr 1 be aid. bouerer. la naked to b# recogaliad ag a prrrf of Ma legitlmaay #f Myra. aad her righto to labor t fcui-hftbe of i lark' effect*. Tb#aa?aded Mil retell de* oltb cattala Interrogator!** la defaadanto, a* to tba e arner la a bleb thay acjulmi their praperty, 1 baa follow lb* an*war* *f tba dafaadaato. which adopt ike ground# Mt f< itb la Ma prlootpal iMtrr of thew and Hell. It la aimwiiap.d, la r?? of thaao anawara. that If Daalal t lath nrr waa ntarrl. d. H *m a fraud la lb* ratll.r la MBraallnr and k raping ??i?t aald aarrlairo fr? tn all tbo aorid and raid aorraay >aa tlolwtioo ot iba lava of Ood and a an. Altar a ary ladloaa and #o?|.las latarlnoatory pror? adlnpa. plaiatllla iBIod a aapplaaoatal blU. la ahteh tl.ay ra?l?a tba larta of tha raaa ot Oainaa at. Pattara?tt 1 ba jndyairat la tbla raaa fully asplblaa all Ita larta It la aa foilowa ? "Tbla ranaa barlrg rw# oa for flaal boartag by rcaamt ol lit r? aplaiaatU. and tba dafaadaat PattaraoB. up? a tba kill, maar r-pll<-atl< a oihlblt*. dapo alttoa*. and dor uaianta on Ma baratn and on tba ad laait a i f tha par'laa. Ibat tha aatata la oilrttiti; la tbla raraaira. da la ralur tba turn of two ttmuawnd d?llara lit tba raid or mplatnanta aad tba Jafandaat Patt?f*oa nptriil) aal<lt| and dtapanalat wltb tha aatarrlty of any r.tbor rartloa to lb# boarirg or deotaloo ?f tbla ranaa than tboataalraa and agrarian thnt tba ranra rball bo dataralaod aloaa up< a Ha a<arlta and tbo Trait bring no* aulflrtaally ndalaad of and no*, taralrg tba (t.oilaaa daoa leatl; darrao nod nvdar. I Ibat tr.a drfandant I attaraon do on or bafoto tha Brat day nf tba Last U<a of tbla annrt, roaaay aad aurraad?r p< < faialoa ta tba e'-Mplalaaat. Mjra i lark i .aloaa all tkoia iota or parrala of land lying and b*la( la tba afty of Nia Orl.wua and parttairlarly daarrlliod In kb ana?*r ntdaal.lbfra aad to whtrb ba aiatmr tllla on d?r tba raid *t|| r4 (Hill alghtraa baadrod and alarm Paid roaraynnra rhall aontaln aMpolato na of warranty agalna< biwroif roly and tbo. a . lalartrg uad.r htai It la larthar nd.rrd aad drcrowd that tba dofoadaata pay tba f atplaiaaata an ntarh of tbotr eoata aspoadod batrla aa haoo b??a Inaarrad by rwbana of bia bolng ado a dofar daat la ibta oaaao " " rtvwi whtab d-rrao tba dolbndaat praywd aa appoal to tba Maprr # t rart of tba I altad B to taw. wbieb la (tab tad." W Y CORNING EDITION?MO? On the appeal from this judgment to the Supreme Court, that tribunal rendered the following decision " We shall direct the decree of the oourt below to be reserved, and adjudge that a decree shall be made In the said court, in thin suit declaring that a lawful marriage waa contracted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between Daniel Clark and Zullme Carriers, and that My ra Clerk, now My re Gaines, Is the lawful and only child ot that marriage; that the said Myra is the forced heir of hsr fdth?r. Ami la antltlad tn fnor. fifiha i.f hi* eititf, altar the excessive deuatlon la the will of 1811 la reduced to tba disposable quantum wbiob tba father cculd legally fire to otbara; tbat tba property deaorlbad ia tba answer ot tba defendant. Mr. Patterson. la a part of tba aetata of Danial Clark at tba time of hU death; tbat it waa Illegally sold by tboaa who bad no right or authority to make a aala of It; tbat tba title* giran by them to tba purobaaar, and by the purchaser to tba defendant, Mr. Pattaraon. Including those given by tba buyer from tba firet purobaaar to Mr Patterson, are null and void, and that tba aame la liable, aa part of tba aetata of Daniel Clark, the UKmmt ot tba foroed heir, and tbat the defendant, I barlea Pattaraon. aball ?urrandar the rame. aa a hall be directed among other tblngato be done In tba premlaee. aa will appear in tba decree and mandate of tbla court to the Circuit Court In Louii-iana.'' By virtue of tbla declelon, complainant deelaree tbat aba ia recognized and decreed to be the legitimate eblld and forced heir of Daniel Clark, aa agatnet all tba defendant* holding the aame relation to oomplainanta aa C bar lea Pattereon. Defendants reepondto tbla new inane, tbat they ar? not bound by a judgment against Petteraon In atrial in which tb?y took no part; tbat tba whole proceeding! in the caae of ratteraon were falsa and fraudulent, intended aa an imposition npon tba court; that It was n decree In part eonranted to by raid complainant* and tbarlee Patterson, aa will be evinced and proved in many way*, and among other*, by the fact tbat said once wea submitted to the court on one day, and tbat on tba following morning a decree waa brought Into oourt In tba band-writing of tba oonnael of the oomplainanta. vli : K. M. Chlnu, Keq , In which, aa a part of tba decree of the court. It was agreed betereea the complainants And tald Patterson, tbat he, the said Pattern n. should be left in possession of tba property elnimi d rr?m blm by complainants nnd should take an ai peqAtrom raid decree wltbontany security whatever; tbat. ra tact, the complainants bars alwayt-bltberto allowed and atiU do allow, the said Patterson to enjoy the said property aa owner, and so little rerpect have sard complainants to said decree, that they bare again made raid Patterson defendant to thilr amended bill claiming the rame parcel of ground in raid decree referred t<>. all < f which facte and many oiher ec* of iraud which this defendant claims the right to adduce on the trial ot tbla ease, be declares make the decree mention, ad by said cumplatnaata as having beeu rendered againrt < barlea Patterson, wholly null and void aa to this defendant; whiab fraud this defendant now puta tertb aa ground of defence In the aame manuer a* If ha bad set the rame out mora fully and particularly, by way of rpeclal plea or otherwise; and he pray* that this eri.rt may investigate thle casa upon Its own merits, oisregatoing raid decrees so rend?r>d against ( Palterron firet. a* sua i nlrt alt at M '< a* to this dtfrudant; red mc> ndly. because they are oollurire and were fraudulently procured. THE TESTIMONY FOE Ml;Si. GAINES Tbcmas D Harper, for complaisant?Hays he 1*29 yrarail age; 1# a merchant and reeidenr of New Or- ! leara; 1* -on of tba lata Harriet Smith formerly Mm i Haraat: known from family rt-poit that Mr< Smith ?jr In New Orleans In ItKib; knows Mm. "ardvtte the I Du tbi r of Mrs lialnrs. and ber son Dr (iardette tJaa.Cardetta.for cimplainest ? Knew Madam l.nulsa j eipberol. abo foraierly resided in (>pe|oti*a? and that ' abr bad (Iran testimony iu thia case; ha i<?ard*lte) I war born in I blladelpbla in IhOV. and 1* the eldest of 1 bit n r tber'a ebildrm: bla parents were married lu 1*07 1 or 1408 and bad tkrin children; they ll??d In Pbiladeh I I bla until 1119, when they moved to Bordeaux, (Fiance) wbtre hla father resided till bla d-ath In lakl; ' hiy mother oontinued to raaide there till 1836, abe la the mctbir of the complainant. Mra Dame*. C allien i'reeal. for complainant? ig* 6H years; ooriiation gentleman; lee rtp|ded39 years In New Or- | liana; knows tie parties In thla suit, knew Daniel ( lark In bla lifetime, ai d was called on at bla d?aib to affix the Mala to bla tffi eta; be emtio t lark'e houae i n the Bay o H. ad affiled the aeala made out tba prrcets v<-ibal, lot krd In a certain trunk for bla will but did not find it; aa he was about to leave Kleherd lielf herded him a sealed package, stating that hw tkor;l t It eaa t lark'e will ha acted the fiaet. a-ai delirtred ite package Into the Court of Frobatea; be I knew I lark, but not Intimately; attended bit partlee; I i letk eaa Intimate with Judge Pttot; tl.c luiga inlot land wltneae tbatClatk seta hla trill area In a certain trunk, end bla eon&deDtlel sereant, Luhln .bad beea directed to carty eald trunk to the houam of Ite la Croti; C lark ted (either told l itot. that In eald alll he had appointed I Hot, Ue la < roll aud Bellecbe?ee a* bla eieautcre: Judae f'ltct is the eente Judge alio ordered tba pit bete of the will of Daniel Clark (tilt); be frw. lUeutly attended laik'e settees; never on tbvee co<-aaiuaa met with a lady taeogntaed aa M ra Clatk; Daniel ? lark'e reputation xeaa that of an honorable, highmil ded men. be never theaght of imjuirlng whether Clerk <u niertlvd or not. lete-r K VV'egner, for complainant-la B3 ytera old; baa rtilded In Saw Orleans elaee March or April lbll; knew the part lea; eaa intimate with< lark; vieiced blm fi??iU. ttly during hi* leet lllasaa, In the spring of ial.t wvl (a ann I lark fa? ffnlihAl ffi kill' liffi *kt SB iff hmDffl klr.d of nan and Mid. " Wip?r. I harr do ehu(?j" wtid Lin fur a draft on bwiid Knlf; hr rrpllad, "lint frlli a, I bra. It nick iftanr l rinil I d< n't ifiik to LIb;'' an boio la NrV Orlrana tb?a bad pirrty of paprr mi nry. but ltttlr gold aad rllrar; kaoaa t) at i bra aaa la Nra Orlaaaa la Hit, at tba batUr of Nra OtlMDr; raw bin la tba liar* Nltr llantrt Lmlih. for cm;Intrant? Kaoa t Ink la 1M?4 i ntli bla dratb la 1113. a; kuahaad aaa of tba firm of llnrprr k. l>a?la. abo opnatnd a < lark'a barta, I burxil Vary < lark a daogbtrr, aba aaa brought to a>o atilat la tba family of my hurband'a unrla. and. baritg an lafaat of my oaa. I conrrntrd to ana brr; I aaa iafoimrd rba war t.r < lark'a child. bo told ar ao. ba trratrd brr aa bla daughtrr. ribtbltrd arrry air a . I i *; i i a! r<ga.d. rallrd brr bla drar lutlr daogb- I trr N'jro, laviabrd urij rara aad rxtiaraganra upoa bar aad raid tbat > h? rln uld liibrrlt bla rplmdtd fortun* I lark rout I nurd thorn nitration- till 111)2, abrit N )ia arm to fhlladrlpbla alib Colunrl i>orla, I ai?a>a ui drrrto'd lark drrlgnrd to makr viyra bla r* lr Irliaaa: nhn ba fought a durl with tlnrrruur ( IbIIm rnr and ubm ba arm to Pblladrlpbla. lo IMI, to rrttla bla afalra altb l.oaa. ba ataud tbat ba bad rnada rn>|lr pr or talon a for Mini altrr bla ralura fun I bnadrlpbla. ba atatrd tbat tba will of till aaa madr altb a rlra to bla apprrkrndtd lamlrrmoata tbroogb bla atnaaaloB altb lost; la IMS a faw a.miba brlora bla drath. I lark told ma ba ougbt ao Ltgtr to drfar rrruilrg bla aatala to Ujr*. about tb*a tlma ba told # tbat i>a la t rolg, Jodga ritot. and < iliail Lrllrclatir would bo bla raaeutort; tbat ba na* >Bgigrd IB making hi- will r> r? luting Vrraaa bla rata batraaa. aad arkno* Irdgiaa brr ar bla lagttl' rata dot ghtrr aad apoka of e-riain lagarloa to bla u otbrr and otbria, la bla anararaaUoa- ba apoka of tba o< nrra of rdoralloa to ba paraurd altb M vra rtprmrd gnat lalth la brr and rattrfao'l<>a that l>a la i n l> bad eoaaratad to ba brr tutu about foar wtaka bafota bla moth ba broagbt bir will to ma. aad raid it aaa aa ackaoaladgmaat i f hiyta'a IrglUmaoy, rallrd It tbacbartoraf brr itgbta, and da-trad ma to trad It. I i ad tba ?Ui. It rro- galard Wjli aa bla dautbtrr. aad tall bar ail bla raiatr. altb rarrral Irgaelrr to itbrr prrrawa; bo calitd on ar aftrr tbta. rplt rf tba bardra takra fr?m bla mind by kl- ampla trcrt-lcaa for tdjra and bla mlaatr diroetlona a* to Lirrdurotloa. aftrr ( lark'a dratb. i Laraod tb-t ibla am bad brra aapprrarrd. and on# datrd la lkll bad brra rabrUlatrd lor It; f .ark aaa a aaa of poaorfal and arknaladgrd tain ta toarrlag am Ml Wo. grrot ai.dr aad dignity of rbaraatrr. rtrong frrllaga aad of far t>* La. tba latrrrat rihlbttrd kj him la bla d?ugb'.ar < old not I all to aaka a laatlag Impraaaloa on ma; akra ba bri ugbt bla a III to ma. la aiiaatoa ta bla roa aik tbat It nan tba ebnrtrr of Myra'a right'. I playlull) Mggnrtad t< bar* it datrd ratbr tthof Jaiy. tba ai? > , J ? t ! ?T 1 r ? III ( I I ?IO OT*Ol*<J |<rn inw ?ti rg I Ittk i lifeiti ood |T)il li'liinatlo * o. | iljimiJ *ti?* It ( ltoroad that l># lot nJtWmd i *ltb Mr Half. n4 rmi??4 fro* kin ? larpa liikkri if ( lark * tUm; Mjta bora la IM; I I doo't know tkrikri I lark ?u atriM, I iln;i krltrtrJ kr *11 ainkl to Mjr? a?ik?t, Ik* wh ratkii brltrr* L lark iti Mjrki mother waa mm>4 thill lukvMli Withl?||p| dalafota la < n*f r?M, ad wad pn I'und l i laitar. wtiitaa to i lark hj k*r CHrrrl); ib., ,uo, mild aod Mfaralid and *ho i?fl n drlraki. I ?<aani?aird to Mara b?r trao bla1.1, it oiti, b?f< ro b*r aanlafi altb Mr Wbitaa,, a, to Uat tlma ita Mliit'd rbo aaa tb* doufbtae of 4 ol. rciharcf M,ra aaa Mia# airt?r* wh<wa Irntr bartaad I Otaaga I al?*,i aadar*tood had kit tikdiatid for b'i*?r la aarr;it| bar; M,ra ctal<aa?d la tfca ft mil, of Tot lto.1. froa lafkai; i itil fcir ir.trl.fa ailb Mbltr*,, f lark ba<l an otb.r child. Mjiaaa.ctbrr bad a danabtar b, Ira ihaai*. Idit tlan M,ra railrd < arolla*i Ithoaght Mjro'r ailbu i*?| *t tabla fr< ai r**lt g bar Intlmoa altb Mra fill, flrrtolf. cl diehard half. bow roahlt-r of tba Mat* bank . tbita aara r*a< r? of a ptlrot. momog. litaraa t lark aad M)ra amtbar. Jrranb I'arllla |ngi utla Billrabaaaa. for plaintiff ? I I ant?I ( lark and *aj?,?d bl*irlandrhip tor araa, tiari | (lark fold ma that ha had a daughter nom*d k,ra; frma. adt, In k ma In ran b?r aad aianlfaatad at .diction ft r bar . ta till ( rat k rear*)ad to a? rfilf, Iota. I),r tba tola naa aad batch* I >ljrt ; at lb* cam* liar. ( Ink <iat*d that ba bad mad* a rtork adoaal olli making f baw aad Rati bla aaat-alt ra but that ba bad nrottdad b, e? ofld.a'lal raamrat lor V)ia. la IMS ? lark apt la of aatlllas ap bit a.falrd. ad a aktng a .III la fan r of M,ro ana ragaarfag ma to act a* o.aati r ta rarjaartf.a ?i<b I'a la t rota aad not* Bitot: at tblr tin.* ba rpoka af M,raaa bla dai abUr la tba moat omphalic and larpraari.a marnar. t* afar.aid* rhto.d at* bla til anttaa la bla owa batd aad | n rldlra aa brfnra rTatnl tbat M,ra .he aid ta bta at I. > alraaa . abaa b* aaa jalta III I rolled *n tao lath; aa* told b, Halt that b? wo. too III to aaa ma ; i Id ti(?I d. I | raa*?d| laraatd lata kt* ftadh : ' |l"? ( It." *?rla<? *d * Iklh, tlk>*( IT J hall llth aff'*tlo?at* |tp?k>Ml't ' Kali.fha-. a that ) ? lot k?-i U ?? k>* I *!<*? * I If Hall In Iftl N IK I r-plad I I I ?d It'?l*?d ha tiah *)? (* . that I ha l baati tM h?f< t*. lit *?uld kit* kttl ?f*l harpy

la it" ad Min ; h? *?!?? ??t B>y baud , I rattrad. tal ta? h'lf I ikdlt ' II * ??. IdMltit B>y old ; Half r aid that hi* dprtrr had r*?|klr?d kia lik* |il*l iat uaal'ImWd i hat ha a a* aai vary daagrrntM ; I l?lr?t, It k* |ia? atpa, < ha taut fi*. tha aaat day I >aa a a it haul aay IHIa atl-a aad t' nud ' lark <l*ad . I ??pt t? rtiat * taatd ktfa 'ad'tuat that Ratfahaald I ava kayt hi* Ik !? ' taaaa of (lull lUuaa* aal Uat )RK I fDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 185 the will of 1813 oould not be found where Clerk bed pieced it? thet of 1811 beving been enbaUtuted for it; in 1881, nee log e letter of Relf. which wee publiahe<l in the cere of Ubel egeinet U. R. Keene, In which Myre we* declared to be the oOepring of en edulteroua bed knowing h wee e ehocklng oaliuuny on the neme end memory of my deoeeeed friend, end e cruel end wioked one on the birth end neme of hie ohild, I wrote e letter stating main waa a> unirum ana mat Deorange to* former bur band of Mjra'i mother, bad baaa condemned for bigamy ; thle letter waa not bublUhed, whioh I regret aa I fait that jnstioe bad aat baea dan* tha character of my departed friend, against whom, whom alira. no ona would have dared to utter aueb a calumny Keif knew to the contrary and waa tba laat man from whom It abould bare proceeded aa ha owed every thing ba waa and had to the generosity of Daniel Clark ; I think It my doty to declare what 1 know to be a fact, that Datiracga waa condemned for bigamy In marry i og Miss t arrtere ; thla condemnation took plaoe In New Orleana about the cloee of tba Spanish domination My tame la Joaeph Derilla Degoutla Belleoheaee; I waa born In Louisiana In 1700; 1 oontlnued in Louisiana under tha American government, held various civil and military poets, and removed to Cuba in 1814, and have ever slnoe lived on my plantation, and am a LUutenant Colonel In tha 8panlsh service; my Intlmeey with Clerk oemmenoed about tba end of the lest century end lasted till his death; wa had relations of friendship and business; In 1803 I was iaduoad by Clark tbeal'nlted States Coaanl at New Orleans, t<>ne- . cspt tbe offer of the Kyench < olouial Prefect, Lessal. to 1 take command of tbe militia of Louisiana, when the country was surrendered by Spain te France, 1 was one ef the intimate friends shun Clark, In 1808, assembled in bis Louse, and infermlag tbem of the intentions of Col Burr advleed thrm to exert tbeir influence to supp< rt tbe I'nited States government, to rally around the Governor notwltbtraadlng his Incompetency. and also to prevent a meeting of the Legislature incase Lot. burr sL< uld gain possession of tbe oily, i was a mem! bsr of tbe S'ate Convention of Louisiana that aaaembled | In 1812 and framed the constitution el that State; Clark was tbe bead ot the political party to wbiob I belonged; ' 1 do not know, but I believe that Clark waa married I to Miss t arrlere His pride was probably the motive I for the concealment of tbe marriage, lor be waa proud I ct his peuigres. which hs carried back to the anoient : kings ot Ireland, and always cherished his coatof arms. ! though a republican, 1 wruts to Myra in 1882 Of her rights; she did not receive ibe letters ; but i met her In .VstaLia* and there developed lier whole history 1 aibsr<ju<ntiy wrote her fuily on the subject She has my pelmiaeton to exhibit these letters dark had no ; o'h.r child but Myra. She lived with Colonel Davie, and In her Infancy was called Myra Clark. The will of 1813 was fraudulently suppressed Clark knew the law well, lis submitted that will t-> Judge Pltot, who fully approved it C lark, from his ocufldtuee in my houor, dtcllned receiving a rec< nvsjanoe of the fifty lots be kad assigned to ine intrust lor Myra Hemadeothsr asrigaments Ills object was to plaoe bis property beyond the tsach ot < hew and Kelt, doubting their in tegr 17 auu K "W u <- 1MB wnr patriot, ami an entbueiaeiic lover ot Iiheit*. Ha return! to beonme Spaubb citizen After the I uitcd State* ae<;ulrel Nalcbn be became a cllntn of that republic, tbougb Cinilnuing to reddn lo New New Orlrann. He took an active pail in ra l;t t tbe attention of the Called State* g< vcri nieut to tbe lu porta new o! acqulrlm* l.oulieu*. aid cinrtantly ct ireeponded with tbe officer* of government. '1 be Cbltrd k:?tt> owe tbe ac |ut?ui' ii of I.ouitiana to Daniel I lark HI* Innurbce raoonciled the people to tbe change of government, and gave tbeni tie ainat favorable lutpreeaioiia of tbe j untie- and a led. rt 1 tbe I ait d Maid* Pierre Baton Hotelcntalbe. forthe plaintiff* - Wit nee* ?ii 1< 1 g Ultimate witb Daniel t lark. Mr. 1 lark left, at lie dva'V a eai gbter rained Mjra ahem be acknowledged a* bie ean belore and after her birth and a* long | ae be livid, la my preeence be epoke of the neoeeaary I te|B>aiion for ter birth; In my pre*eoc* aeked m7 brother a a>!etc be pre tent at ber bnth. and la my pren-ne* propoeed to my Mater and broiber-tn law Mr S 11 Davl*, that iliey eh? uid lake tbe rare of ber after ber birth; alter ber bulb be aeknoeiedged ber to me aa hi* own. r< nntsntiy. and at vartnu* place*; he aa.. very fond of 1 *r en0 teemed to take pleaaure in talking to 10* ?.!out ber. aim be o?mmnuieated to me be war II eking ble laet lold u>e be ahunld aoknowledge b ei In Itaabla legitimate daughter; tbe day belore be died be apoke to me aount ber with goat aRietlote ai d n? being lelt bl? eelate In hi* laat will; tbe day I* died be fpok? ot her ailh tbe tnteri at of a dying pnieut, ee heir ol ble eetat* la ble laet will; wai pieeeitatt Jafk'e bou?e Rftten Jay* befora ble death; nee hi in baoa a leal, d packet to De la < roll, atatlng tlatlt aa* 1 If laet will; befoi* ttlv he bad often tol.l wlineee Ibat be aa* uakiig hie will, be epoka of tbl* i at Judge I Hot ; the. day belore be d'ed he told me tbat hie will an* m bl* office room la a little blank c**e; he mei.ilooid ble will the day be died, when be gaee the 1 eealed packet to De la Ctuii. he told tbe latter tbat be bad trade htm tutor to hie daogi.t. r. and aeked if b* ' w> uid Qo In her all he iPe 'a ? rot*) had promised, i *001% : " I l>tt? gtvsn ber all any ?ui? in my will, m annuity ti u.y l-'Ui.T ti ll t'ltr hprlM to friends ? you. Mlot and Bellscha*ss. ate tbs siscutors," he trai quentiy ?tet?d to wIIbiu the In hi* will he had acknowledged ,\lyta at Ma daughter, had rued* De la (.'roll hi r tat< r. and directed how she should be eduI *ateo; ab: ut two hours b-for* hit death. ( lark eslaced . strong feelings for Mjta, aid directed alt ee riant, ' Lul ls to taka hit will to Da la rota a* *w u aa ha died, about (Mi lima, shortly before C lark * daath, i witness raw Keif taka a buadla of keys n?m (lark's armoir. ona of which wltnsas beliseea <<pra?d thallltla biark eaa* he tad seen ' lark cjrn so oltao; Keif then arlit b*li w. aad, Lubla rays want Into Llark'a flirt, and Lsked klurtll up in the ctilre, alaioat (lark's last wt.idr referred to I la will In faer r of Myra; my statement of the last will ot Ciark was fully (ootirmed by Judpe I1t?t aad John Lynd. who ataftd" that tb*y bad trad tha will. It was In < lark handwriting and ltd dij<?ltions In bar faser wtra a* I has* atatrd; Colonel Balletbasss and tba wlfa of William llarpor told tut alto that tbay had rrad It, and substantiated Clark's staDmsnt to mr of Its coolant*; my nam* la fisirt Baron B? i?f<>ntalna; my ays about fitly . I Use oppcrtte New ('rleaaa, I was eight year* In th? Btltiah army; I was eeteral years agent far Mr. t lark's ylaoialli na; I Uaa on my resanue. am In no way ai ntiicltd with tha peril, s tnd haie n? Interest In i his suit; I knew Daniel < lark nine or ten years; be we* the fa'I er if Myra. shs *as b->rn lu ray hnues, ai d was tut by laik, wben a lew days old. with inn sister sad brother In law, Namtisl H Pasta. I b-llesr lark was married to /.ulims ' arrlera. who, It had been represented had been married to Mr. Da l Iran*;*, which u ar rings was sold, on see< ant of a pensions and eubits'tag marr'age of Da Prangs, wtan the time for making the marriage publlo srnsid esrtaln Interested I title* ramrd a separation between /ulime nnd < lark: tha f< tfces went to Philadelphia where she was adilsed by a lawyrr that ths marriage was insalld. and *bs then mauled Mr Uardette. Clark ai?aj* ?pok* of b >ra as bis legitimate da?gt tar; t Isrk ass a n n I patent. be enp; cited tha Harpers nnd conferred great heaeOts on l>asla fbr Iketr ktadaesa to Myra; be spoka of lbs marriage of /.ulime to (lardstta. as an uufnrtuaata barrte r to the pubttatty of her marriage with him, I lark, la hi* last moments, be showed great sensibility as to Myra belay declared >> glUmale, I was a o?n0 lentla 1 Irlead of t lark a k aria lioea l asts, for complainant I kosw Daniel I ark being i niy Intimate a lib btm so far as be was la tbe bablt ef ctmlrg very ?ften to my bowse to sareee bis )laagbter. who was placed In my charge, whea i lark and. Myra wad with as; < lark amf< rmly acknowledged ttr a* bis daughter wlta pride ai d uoaow.aiow fettlea Myta was placed la my aharge when *ba was li < r etghi cays old. aid remained with u?, lo New Orleans. Ull lklt, wbaa we left, whan wa warefabowt to Date i lark ea'd Myra wcwld be his hstr. aad speks of h?r la terms ?( great efeetlon and pecuniary ambl' tl?n." after I lark's return to >ee Orleans from I'bllaI delabia till we toft, la llll. he frequently suited um , and a.aay* sp< ke at her with great egtatkm: when I | raw I laik lor the last time just as we wers about to i lease ke gate directions that Myra ehowld be edoeated 1 a# os to take a standing la sectsty equal to the great oslata ebe weald inherit. I neser eaw say will of < lurk, I or biaid bin. 4 aay. mj r m? I* Mary Ana !> ?> a If# ?f b*m ucl b l<a*l*. I r??ld*lo rhlUd-lphla; I bar* in iilofft la tkU rail, aad # not e< aa. ?-t?d iik il* yartl#*. b*fi r? tkr birik tkla ablld. < lark r?ai* to i at I ouk aad aakrd that * would pr?p*r* for b?f r*r*ptira. Myra aw??r bad toaebrr* hofor# ?* l*f? , N*? Oflraa*. ?ka ?a* tdaiatrd al My bu-haad # ?I daa't kaaw tbat it* *r*r ?*? ebitd*a*4. rba r?n*lr?d uttb a* uaill *b* aa# Married. ( lark yur*ba*?d a icncwt for Myra aad tar* brr oartly dr-*?a# aad Llajtbli (*. Myra * a* W>ialaab< ? ?hl?k ay bnibrr 111 a i.<40 act ' lark re?ld?a#*. i kaow do oth?r daughter nC Clark. trar acknowledged to a>*. Cai.i icica* Barwata tub Onto *? DiiM-lilCt, ^ Ntaca'a Bimar.- na W*da**day moraiac at ab?at tw?aty Miaul** put 4 or lock tbo ?t?*m tovMat Idaaa, witb th* bark oL suaioa la tow. go|ag dowa II.* il??r. raa* la roatart with th* u*?*b?p uhlo. bleb waa a* nod log Tbo iJiaaa with b*r tow. at t* to 11 *d to *rc*o It? bow* nf lb* atcaaiably wb*a tbo or ill.I< a took flac* . aad aotwltbalandiaic th* raclaao of It* )* tor wit# *toyy*d aad ?b# bad enoiM*wa*d barklDf, Ik* Idaaa aad iltaatoa w*r* *o roach Imjurad lUllkij h?.|b iai k ia>an diat*ly. 1 k* f ibto Burlalwad t o a a total daa a#* Mb* r*w*i*?d with tba wraak* uaill artir delight. ard * < * b*u*??d la 'tilt* ???ry fitM n ra heard At 7 o'clock, whoa tba Ohio l?ft. both wr*rk* bad dtlff'd a*arly dnaa to tba run miihi itg iMin?in?rf|rap|HHn?m "tul ?w aatlrely niti nm and nmch of tba ol. ! i c?i|n *<tli ba M??l to tba >lii>ant it tk? tturiti mi ?.f the Ibeaa ahn **a at If a ab??l at tba tine of II aollMon the allot and ri^i'it?^>it the obi* In In ra lb* tHl tide of the titer abe* la tart ebe hi;t*to? ?h? ?aatern abort, Ithlb 40 or My aide. 1 b? l>iaoe b?d bat beha " bard- I tubtrt " frntil of tba ta???t>a?r? aa<l erea af tba frl Ituta* caaie up la IbrOtla - Aw thUmt OtaceM Jmn 84. Mo?? Ct-rrnM Hm at Dnaiatu?Tbt MMtlfflb rt.iar baa boo a |aan?it to tba I otleetot ?4 tba port of 1 abate t? Tataarar Dtraetae.r Jaa *1 1?M ft't ? la addttlea to tba rnttalimaat aal r-dvtla of aitattr g eaaeam rf eolleellag tbt raaaaaa froat on a ? aa?d la etreabtr Ma M. data a tba Hit linear b?r 1*40 It baaoata* i >??ip?tt aader the petea?pt?rt r?aitlc tt? a by > * of ?h?ae aapereee to dtepeaee altb tl a re? at tba raeraae brat la year dlatr'at I rat alll ib? tail r? laaiedialely 41-obara* tba b. ataoa aa l lay a|. lb* t? ai la a??e aetata plaoa la * Ider ta taMt I rat to* a 1* art altb the lataot and b?tt la o*a*ait<*a y>*a art reqaeated ta farat?b thia I ?|ar B>?kt aitb #nob etate?oa'? a? *411 eaylala tba I a portaara if tbta brbatb rf ??peadttare. tb M hi M HI TH bra y of Tr aa To La?i Atita. C'al ad taatoaa. buffalo IE R A 0. Our Cuadlui CorrckpoMUnce. Toronto, January 26. 1850 Dinner to Hi neks?Municipal JjiKlwn<-f'icrnnii| Di?s Otis faction with the Government ? The Judgeship Settled ? Boulton " Chiselled,^' tciU be a Ortaf Z*u Refoimtr? The Ministry in extremis?I'niversity Commission Offensive to the Dissenters?Trial of Rioters?Jury Packing?Judge Draper on Annexation?Anne , ntfpn in the Country?Association in Toronto ? Qiieber Election ?Annexation in Parliament ~ Great Meeting on the Railroad ?Corporation Recommended to lake Stack. I obkoiT* that you receiro t?'l*nraphio report* of th* however, do not convey much information to Amarlean rrtdtn. They require Introduction, comment, and Illustration. You will not, tharatore. I apprehend decline my information, even should jou flud that ion# of It, In a condeneod state, baa been anticipated by the telegraph. The political movements (concerning which I shall apes It chiefly, as heretofore,) of the last two or three weeks have developed several features of much significance. Since the dinner, or " radical feed." referred to in my last, whioh yonr printers have, perhaps, improved. by calling It a " radical feud," has been followed by a dinner to Mr. Hlncka from his supporters In Oxford. Ureat pains wers token to Insure an attendance of the right sort, and a few devoted servants ?f the government displayed great aotivity on the occasion, for which, of course, they expect a suitable reward Some of them have already received It from the people. A Mr. I arrol a man of great looal popularity. who was hlsaself a candidate for parliament, but retiied in favor of bis friend. Mr Hinoks at the last tlectlon, was exceedingly busy in getting up thl# dinner, and has since been defeat#d at the municipal elections of liis own township - five others bvlng preferred betcre him?in consequence, I urn t<ld, of his toadyism to liincks, whoee speech end explanatioas at the dinner failed entirely to satisfy the mass of the people who had elected him. Hincks is the great politician of the lie has been a newspaper editor, and a great stickler for democratic reforms; but when given the power to carry out three reforms he holds back, trims, di dges. and ia fact, gives bis vete and assistance to si.stain extravagance and corruption,and to f >rce upon the cout.tiy measures of torjiem and retrogression MsDy of bis constituents thought he would b? able to explain a?ay some ef the charges made against him on this ground; hut his dinner explanation* were anything but eatlrfactory. Indeed, tbey hare only ooufl.mtd tit distrust of ibe genuine reformers and it is nterly impossible that he should he again elected for Cxlcrd. The fate of hi# friend Carrol at the towuship elrcllon is a great leot,' and must give the Inspector i i-i i rsl no el gbl ui.? aslccss. The voters of his couuty nilt cl MthgaT* |ii *ir to tbe preeeut intminml, the populeilialtoa of thr uolirrdt) t tail <)U?*tiaa it* U? preeent Klolttrti than pl?4H tbemealeee In v???liila*iu tbU Inrtltutloa ist plane It on a Mind and popular baela A Mil *m acnordiagly hr?ii|kl In. the laadleg principle# id ? biab ??r? |ii> rally appro?, d II bran* Ian A itrj Inpaiwat ri n mle.ii n nna eethorlaed to ba appointed It* duty I* to lraan? alatatee, ru<?* and la ??.'"? netting the thing la p-iatli a cn tba ira plan. In tlta of tha (art that mail) ail tba prt leeenrr aid oUrn at praaant connected nlth tha laetltntlrn are of thta aielnalaa and batad waa aatotall) er parted that a liberal gotan meat ? aid tafea rata that a fair repre.eatattoa ot tba i Ibar daa> mtaaurn* neuld bo plaaatf on the ea? ttii>>l< n Thay baaa. after aucb delay tnada tba appointment#, aad oat of Daa. (tba number of eotninieall t.rra,, Ibtaa are high rbarebtaaa aad lanyera. tno of tbaa* bang torlae, one tha praaant lander of that part), aad tbe eery man ?ho *ae retained hy tha Maht.p ta oppiae atlba bar ef tba Honae nay laterfereaoa arttfe ti e nclaelee chart, r ahlrh ba had obtained hy tba pro.reel trend Tba other tno are paranna id no publla MM aad aot likely to bare aay taflnaaaa wl*B thatr cilleegvee, aad If tbay art member# of any church, tbay eta net tba aaa alum their own brethren" ? B.d tcee telected tba MetbedWt* the moat la fl nantial body la tha county - at tha polla Tha pierbyterlaaa, ai>< of gnat p. Ilttral Influence the t atholiae, probably tba ai?t aeaertue. tha LaiMttM. I nuartana aad a aoy athaia ate nithoat aay rapraaentaUon ar laflutl?i on thta eoa mlealea, and thay regard theMrelaaa a* t rularly .old 1 hrougb their remoaatraare aad epilation, the I ?ti-lniure waa coMpeiled to pane the ren< u.iilr t lae. and the eiecatlcn of that law. la lie n oat tltal potata la left U> their . nam lea the aery m.a ehree peetifati ue Influence tbay bad mada all thla afiott la daattiy A mora aalridal art ao mlalatry nuid baaa perpetrated Aa I raid la a fvimar latter, | thai raaaot rat aire another election 1 be trial of tba riot are aho nere apprehended In Oa i I. I . . 1>et r. .m . fh-lu nl I i?e I I.In re.let- I t*g lb* p< ltc? riBxrlit Thr*o * i* cc,t.?lrt> d it< Mtl>M>4 t?> ImfriwHWMII ?< I.or but lo'? .tor* ho?o Ht ii iibrrty I) Ut <do*rronr I'HMil A ?< i <1 d*oi < ! *icit*ui*iit yr??bil#d during b?rr trial* and tbo obonioobl* oytoai ?bt?h *oabl.-o rb.riba lo ^iri jurlro w?? lull) oi-n>i>iiA<d Tbo jury, Ii ll,>M rt'?> iuaiU?*Mln<u tbo oily, B??J of i|in? kii#i lo htti UIm p>rl I* tbo rt?it b*lbg tm Iho 11*1. NUikUl Of etllooo* ?bo ?Ult?d tbo urt. lid no lo It*jury t< 1 Ihr ??r) won ot oboo* hoiM ill* Mb* no * hafrh*d itid lb* ???>? no,I* and oh? i* iiitliliiiiikf <t* lobli kmIi "tl tb? rUi*n rout* * ) lo <l?go?i ot th* wb? toraa or.d do. lor. d ib*) o. aid ?" f> > onao*oii?b or o?)ibio? that ?<>nld ??Mb ih*n ?*' rid "* *u*b o t*l? oora | t Ho I >'b Mlbil Olibooab lb* A* nr. , o**aalttng ?h* notliMi) oo* * ? ? ) |t"?*d uoroof oouroo ortjuMiad I h? jil) r??.l?la I o?r.? Juo,. Kioyr, lo I, cbotr* to tbo grand Jury, do noi.o Ib*?* oo* Unit to tbo ot Iho io i t of ii rt qo**?bo, but did but r?r> rloorlj ymt out oh.i? ft oo*tn bo ft.uud 1 ho jut) ho** orynnlH to tbl?l*0'Oik *R>.?itg o-n.roM) oitb lb* yroyoaitlou bi.i folk ot* tit iho iikoity t1 dlo*o*oli>o ' oad tbo Iny?4try oi notrlto n.o ?* N*nh*r tbo tbargo uor tl * ?| i) ot* i*)oro?d a* oiittbirg hot boo loan 1 bo |i**o triy |io*iotiy bo* ylivb.d Into Mr !?. wan} i penly but tn< re mTrllj, iu tavor of annexation Tbvlr disappointment lu tbe pr>?ut governc rut driies them with thousands of the liberals of < eosds to the profession of this u?w doctrine 'J'be telle! te b< coming general that whether we hare a tor j g< reiLnitat or a reform goeri ment, it Is ail one to the people. High salaries, pensions, Increase of offices and holdrrr, conlinuaDoe of bad lawr and a yearly audifion te fbe lut. public Improremrut and enterprise at a Stand still, and all Ibe innumerable evilsof euoh a s>st>ui serui to be the fata ol Canada. A mere obange of the personnel of gorernment does not. at all events, change the system or its efltcts; and bencu the whole c on try la last making up its mind to seek a thorough change to wit a cbanga irom mock monarchy to rral republicanism. l he vacant judgeship, which I mentioned soma time go. er givii g the ministry a great deal of trouble, hae at I*l fttli bam filltd. H J. houiton, from hia standing a> the bar. balag also a professed supporter of the party In peaer, and litm carta u promises made him about tletimrrf tba tory riot and burning at Montreal, was the loan who bad the tost claim to be the oswfy c' a I d priie of J 4 cto p< ran una Hut hts anlecedente Dm lbs popular party could out forget old tricks; and although they wera willing to accept tnm and use him as a l.-glrlatct, tiny would not take him as a judge. Ibe ministry kuew this and wera afraid to enmuufer the opposition and dUgust that the appointtnvnt woaid SBgetder. Mr lialdwln. the Attorney (irneial and to whese departmeut the office beloi| >d. itocd out fur IJ'iult'-n In the midst of the trouble, and when the patience of the public was nearly abausiad Mr ttaldeiu fell sick, and during hie absence the olbsr winterers pave Houltou the go by. and shoved la K. k. Burns, a lory. This will damage the government very eri loualy, but not. perhaps, so uiuch a? the appointment ef lloulton would have dene There ere. at lee11. tbrte laayer* iu the (louse, belonging to I'l'i- ? /' "" ' ?""r >" \?r" ) ?! atandiiig at the to required ) nod In tbetr o ?n ti aid tbat r>( ih*lt frieulc, aa well 'juallfled aa lfc't-iy appointed. who *?? never to far halm tt, at 4 alio could not boaat < I popular approval by an rltiPiu to any olhca olalrur by the people a lokl Three fi ntum.n aro. ol courrr dieappolntrd; rid till g leaillrg turn aad L?rtlul't? etiong aupporlira of lie,\?uy. tbtlr d. lection will boa beavy blow A t ultra 111* rat party la rapidly forming aod ewty acted the tnlnletry adda to Itv number* Ihn loot* will give It laoM tfcric roloa In the prawut IIuCiO Boultoa, wbo la exceedingly running aud a | vary able lawyar alll become a popular agitator ilia , gleet work will to lav rePum, aud, tiud knowe. tba country nude It Tba n-torm Court of < hanoery. of laet reielt a, muet be aboliebed. Tbe whole country den at da It aitbout a dla-etitlrg vt loe, except a tea Imported chancery lawyrre, and tbair trlanda. Uoullon draihit Limarit in Mar if Kb iballUw, aa wall a* of aa entire trmodeiling of our judicial eyctem on tba gentiai plau of the uav roda of your Sltt" Tbla will 1 ba a gnat work, and tfcera who are drtrrmlBad to hitaiba to a, en In tba pre-eat Hou-h.'wUI be glad of t><? laartlig and ability of the dlrappointed^udge The kiinlrtiy anl, tf curve. opp< aa auch a movement, lor liberate tbry atuld elultity tbemaelvea Tbla will daiob tlnu to all lutenteand purpurea It will glare thin Ian faitalal wlih tb?lr whoia party, or ratliar aitb tba ahi le country Ai,oibar recent act of tka tulnlalty baa glvau graat <JI?ramlactlou Many raara ago a large allra of tba I utile die aln aaa in apart for tl,a a up port of a unlvi tatty liiabop Rttaoban. tban archdeacon aud a mi at areh and uamrtipulcua politician managed to get II e charter ?o ftanird ae toglve bltneelf aod oia cbureh (ti e a ptrri palian claiming to b? eetabllahed here ) the cratrcl of the whole thing Wbeu tbla ebartar appear din t it aaa. people *1 all elnaaaa were taken by aurjriae aad an immediate agitation commenced, to tbe el alter repealed on the ground that Mt? Majeeiy, li e I ii g bad keen deceived by tba wily blebrp l'he iju? atn I cotitluuad to be agitated for many year* without much betig aeeompitched, but aa tba unirerclty aaa nit put in operation, except eo far aa paying the afi re, aid blebop %i 0* o to fbtOOa year for acting ac jnldent of nn loatttutb n to be igtl,.i-ti-l it * aa luat eight of aaa prominent popular grievance, hi on after the rebellion, the long talked of I nlvercity aaa organised under a ellgbtly ndlM chartar but It waa aoon dlacotered that tbla graat proan nal mm cf learalng, which waacuppi rtea out ot tbe 11 bile leu da. and waa ibteede'l for tbe wliole public, ti n nwd In the bat dc - I a in edy and would be d< mi Iabt iact 1 beoli gy waa Introduced. aad a I'ueevtta piiiat aa* Imported m m k agland to Oil the ahalr I'ba ithi r eeeta by far the luoet aumernue ral-ed their pre. teet. and a bat battle earned At tbe electlona. tbe ra LD. TWO CENTS. I 11 lading Mm of the imoller aalariai uad?r a republleaa government. la man; of tba aannielpal or towaahip election*, aiowvj nxiiifxkMc uUU have baan returned. A largw matting ? ? bald In bundee (oaar Hamilton) tba otbar day. to eonatd*r thia aubjact. and bat two or three haadn ?ira bald up agalnat annexation Another pnbttn wanting baa ju?t been bald In tba towcablp of Lladeay, at wbioh revolution* war* parted condemning tba mintatrjr for cppualng annexation. A regular annexation aaaoclattnn baa at l?ngtb beam fori, ed In tbia alt*, and a manifaato la axpaatad In a few day*. Several of aur meat intalllgant and lnflu?atlal merchant* have Jolnad It already An artlele la tba Loudon 7Vara, by the laat mall, giver great an* Ciuragemeot to tba would-be rapubileana. Th* certainty that rm-lprrcity will b* reluaed by your governmpflt DOtvlthatbflflina tJ?? na/.mtaaa -atwla*? *? etrengthenlng the movement Inapeotor (Jeneral Hioeka baa admitted that If we can't gat reciprocity we nuat g<> for an Delation will tha government di*mi>* bla when It la aacrrtainad that you bate Ignored reciprocity ? To be oonaiatent they abould do ao, for ha will then be an ann*xationt*t Tbe tturbrc election, which breeae aaceaaarv by tha appointment of Mr. t habot to the board of Work*, vacant by Mr Cameron'* resignation la regarded with Intenae Interact Shi,old tbla election go againet tha government. It would be a mortal blow Mr L?gare, tbe annexatioa candidate had a tnajerity at the d?dU natiou and tbe government candidate had to demand a poll The government were telegraphed tbia fact, and that there waa great danger of Vtr. Chabot* defeat. Vvt the veravloua organ, the aaae out with tha atatement that there waa no danger. In the face of tbia Information. When It la known that the dlatriit of Ifnebee read* eighteen member* to Parliament. that I they were growing rea'.lve and threatened to join Mr. Papmeau. who la aa annaxatlonlat. and that the appointment of Chabot. to the Board of Worka, aa Intecded a* a top to iheee eighteen member* by leading them to believe that large auma ot public mrney would ba expended In their dlatitat, the Importance ot the atruRxle may he at once aeen. Kvery influence w]U be brought to be'ir by the government nor will the annexationl-tr be idle Vou will na doubt be telegraphed the reeult from Montreal It i* new aeoertalued that iixfcm member* of the prapent Parliament are In favor of annexation. Should 1 epare be returned 'or tfurben, their number will prabably he doubled. No decided vote, however, uon t ba expected from tba preaeat Parliament, ahould the annrxaiionlata even gat a majority. A general election firm be held, and tbe queatlon be brought ialrly before tbe country. A gieat meeting the largeat and moat reapeetable I ever paw in Tor-nto. waa bald thla afternoon at thn ity Hall to conatder whether the Corporation ahould be recommended to Invert 140b 000 In tha purobaae of tli'kvta in tb* lottery, or ratber tha Tlrage Railroad prhtme. which waa aanotlcned by Parliament lavt *earlrn The question waa pretty warmly debated for two or three boure, tbe Mayor being la the chair A vote wa* taken on the point " and tboa* who were In favor of ti e railroad, and th.- proposition to Invent tha city lundn or in other word*. tax tba inhabttaota to ;r< mote thla ohjeat. carried tbe day, by at leaet a twothltda majoilty. The chief objector* were moralist*, ho wad lung extract* from old parliamentary report*, tl>< nil g the evil client* of lotterleaon tbe pnbllomoral* one hundred and fifty year* ago, whan there wa* no law to rcgulata them and whvu people ware rath-r verdant In financial mati-ri l'beae remark* were anpMerid. by aaaertlng that thla waa not a lottery: that Ik lacked that element of fraud which te a oonataut Ingredient in all mere lotterle*; that there waa no more gambling in purcbaelng a ticket In tbi* aoheme, hoping K'Winai'ilne.and.atailaveDM. aure of getting the road, than In tha purcbaae of wheat and floor, by eome of the objector*. at a low prtev, hoping to cell it for a large price. Both apeenlstlor* were equally haaardona, and more frequent, and much mure ruiooua failure* happened In the latter kind <>! gambling. In whioh tone of the m<?al gentlemen were engaged Beside* in tbe f?iirv.or cdj-p m. a fi at Mikiiif Btfl trt Km BrPiininliah. n): In the latter the object ?u purely relfieh and the enhancement of the price of food t<. the aimrtlug poor, war gloated cv? r by the speculator a? a god rend to blm. Tb* muralirta alio am lucre aearluv* than the I arllament or tbe Queen* Vllnietera. (the bill baring been retailed fcr tbe royal sanction. vblob It reoelved) I am acrry to ray a ere not appieclated by tbla pioua meeting. Tbe cite who were determined to bar* lailrtad boneetly if tbey could, but at all *v*Bt? ta bare a rallnad. outnumbered their h ng faced brethren. 1 he corp< ration. If they concent to enirnica In the nidertaklug will be obliged to apply to parliament for tbe legal power to do ao If the ticket* can be dtapoaad ef (tbe price I* tiO ) and th? money put under aala keeping- tbt* laibe great point-tbe road will be built, el d I tblnk there can be ilttle doubt but It will pay lendeome'y there are teo prime of MO'l INK) el* of |40 ltd), and tbe T> tnainder of tbe capital (kitKHldod) r divided Into peroral allotment* of f'dO 000. |10 000, IMOO.'and eo on Tbe laliblul application of the uiruej U> tbe otvect I* the point ou wbleb m"*t doubt r entertained; end before the Corporation will Invar! ? large a rum. all room for ruch doubt nut be rwrn oil I ?III advlae your reader* of the progrera ct tl-l* Tlrag* aOalr a* It 1* ruppored many in your Statu feel an lniereat In It. Our I'lillactelplila Corrcapendinrt, PNinaoKtrMia, February 3 1H?0 Mn I'af/y Uorline?Mr. Cameron and Ike Colltclartkip? Tfcr Jlrl ( eiunr ? Our I/I'jfri f alien* - Tit* M trkrt i, f r. In tbe way of dlattngulahed at ranger*, I'blUdelpbla juat now I* honored wltb tli* preaenc* of Mr* Polly Bcdln* A* "he la dnlly engaged In vending stock*, crdlar*. ke , nt our principal I* not unlikely tbnt her rtny here may be prolonged fur month*. If not year* fib* dretee* neatly, la quiet anJ unobtruatv* la ber manner*, and nppeara to be driving n paying burt" net* Mr. Kdwlo Kcrreat I# aleo ber*. and abuwr hi* contempt and dlaguat for foreignera, by (porting aa vl. gantly cultivated imperial Tb* tareali.g In our l uatom Hour*, which ooa*. nieoced, by lb* way. at lb* tall Inatead of tb* bead ha* dampened the nrdorof oppoeltlo* agalna! Mr. CoHnntrv Lewla. for what la tb* ua* of ofllc* without tbe acompa u>log condiment* of pntionng* and apoil* ' Kg to L a tot < atoerin who lell tbla city for bit horn* oa ha'or da; lad, vu expoved during tiia brief (lay, to a cruel ***** tlf. ib rbB*ri|B?ne? of tble naif aam* oollteiorablp 'i'b* friande t Mr Lawta seeua?d him of v.a??t opposition ?hlla the maalM of Mr. 1.. upbraided him lor holding hack. I ha troth la. Mr. I atn*r< b haa aaithat ureu hia iiifluaoaa for or agelaat Mr. Laala ai d di?n not intend to cotaprom't* huueelf In It- v.^hlaM degree. In rhe famllr i'iarr.1 that la aoa and raging Tha < ppewltloa map uaa hta naaie |?.r iba aaka ol ac<|u|r|ag addllloaal oapltal hal tf ey ran avlthar aoio| routine Mr. ( amaron aor daleal It I via Tb# Art I'aloaa. and laternatloaal Art I'aloav, will hate to taka eounval. for Mr Voty of tbla til;, aba ran lev < a aa Art t aloa oa hta oaa aecnaol, hav > aa held to ball to anewar tha charge of violating trllh hta dranlt pt lotter; law. H hethar he haa or ha< not, Ihiag la rorlala. that while theee I'ohnv hate afforded 1st picking* to eartaio partlea la eartata joarWre the} have dtne tar; little tor tb* ho* arta Tb* rhip Hamad, < f tbla pert baa been aold Id tha Meaerr tlawlaad aad Aaptawall of your eity. to b* empl<vd la the < all lor ni* trau* Hr*t our e Learners, at d aow oar rhlpa Tbla U, Indeed, robblag to thw r kla A aaarr# gal*. aoeoBfaaiad with rata, eat la lead ** ?.!? g and. wttii i?oaaloaal "let up*," baa baea raging ever vine* The shipping oa our eoaat aaat hat* eiffered c? 01 Iderabi; 1 ha dull** paid on foreign Importation* Into tbla pott during the month of January, etc? drd haif a miilli n being aa aaaaa* of at tenet on* huodr-d pat seat oaer tbe dalle* paid la tb* oorraapoadlag amtk rf the laet Sao yeara 1 h* iju|rk a?gag of oar LlasTpcil packet* eoaci atratlng thalr arm ate I a to oaa no mh laeiead ol divpervlng tkeai oter tao, may la Crt account for tlila remarkably heavy laureate in a* tort at iraa -^g| la flaor or grain there I* not much doing The taarhat I* vary qaiot. and la flour the valav are aicaedlngly llmlrad, area at tb* dor Ho* aireadr attloed Hy* la wanted at We There la vary lltU# wheal offering. 1 her* Iv a brlek damaad for *"ffae aagar and mo,a-***, at fall rata*. < attoa la vary trm at I tat <| notation*, t oilier* To New \ orb *1 ad; to ii-too U ?*** 1 bo buoyant feeling already noticed la the etoek market atlll atlaae* During the armlag week am upward movement ra Reading stvak i* cabdaatlg lo? kvd for Texae t in aad reeanUev hav* furtbag Aaaned are the valee at tb* vte-1 hoard, jaetevdva - Firt* Rmirif -gl.ltm I'ean Sv. oavh.'A U? 8? d?. ? * ? late. V% Mm trtayihili hav . M.?l. ? > Cn/ ?"a. 'i7. h?. H i am Pvaa. ?.?H iJWddprt** '.ardei. a, lA w. ?""'V*. M: t i*a Pea* *, w Hi a-ma??*a b* f? TVd let. a. Tutard^d.-r. . ?* V ah* I Mvdelpr IV bask. I? W| aecha.ira Raak. h?, M'e.l I si a let a tl * *r . *1; I t amd-n h Amber kk, Il7;d K. n. IM" a Rank. ? barrieharg ** ?7H; ? ?'?ua Taw*I ihir hark t*fatifrard tret, hd, 111 10 Peaa T.. hi# PeiV.i'V be'w'It Ivt'h ?*ha ornt (aval. lam. a* aft,HS;?'d? "S ??<?. "?H; ?I.W?CUf?a. >l, kdTldi. A.riH " he., rh - * eh# t * *. lean h|, Ift da . ftl. * 4* , tl; 1*1 a.adli V hb. " s tl.b*' Pen*. h ? aaeh, b 'g; t i?ld?..l\ Ilk H' itad s d ."a, hhe* itrx. star 4?d'a. VU)*; l.txa Tavag h. r bete#. 17. I "" '.III. 'b. IKiJdi I.'VVI Baaliag Vert Bet e?, vA M: f.tav d'.. a* w, *). an-, r,(?ei Camden a Am-f e, la ;? i "<> k. ediw a # M. a mm da. a a Mt i.iemd i #.%. ? -. a.i?d |.,e-V I ' d fe' Jill r r,?-j||ivn H-adiaiaX I "J l.,l? fiaa b'a.Wi I.U' k-Uili da, ?<i,. 1,1*0 da, b*? da. "?*: 1 ? da.. ?*, UWd da.. ** I.?IM 4*^ Owr B?lh?4?M C*rfM|WMMW. B*? aaimta, | W I .) Jan. 12. IttO Jtftifi iii taimmi Thing* har* ara awb altarad ht Ik* viwm ; la? aon n.atrial ^*tlnf*l*t tb*r* Wf na* t*mlf abtpd and >quart* rtpcad ** #! riding la tha r adataad, aatla unl#*t and (<>at*l* hitaaf waiting aargna* aM tglWh Tha ptoaparta ar* pint for tr Igbl, aad tfea gaagla Ml M. |k* rat?*? Cat it or r?a 1,'aiTga St*ra? P'k t. -Nl, 919- J P 9% liana r-ti. pla'aant. a* Imatat l!?'*i tm. "lha onan wan aaMatitad to lb* ponit <*a prat- 1 arga> am* for th> a. mpu rant and '! * Ian' I'd I H B*ai art ? II I u???r? ath rha moil a to dl'irlr* thl* aa-a aa* a-gu-d No *t T V. ? wo*ll. plait tig ? |i UtrMnaonatal Mr ala* ibatlltaii *a ad'ilfi* toal |>t iat?<l araomaat In hahnlf of th? p a nlif No iv" I r.aola at - I r. <h.r f i hi* a*a>* wa* ?nt>? Hod t,? it* ao-trt on * ) .lail ar, n a *a t - ik?r * >* i ( *i?i * j a pi- 'a* n > ad rka I ait ad a ta*- a. . i a * ?? io**iih ii *??*- I'a* aa o i i > *<i4# *o " Hi. 'i 1 t"t id* npp naal aad appall a#

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