Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 5, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 5, 1850 Page 1
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TH NO. 6721. MELANCHOLY CASUALTY. AWFUL EXPLOSION OFA STE'X BOILER. nxoBTm lobs or Lira. Fifty Killed and Fifty Wounded. NAMES OF THE KILLED AND WOUNDED. ZZTOZDBZV ?S, tec. fee. fee. It la our melanehaly duty, to-day to present to our raaders the dataila. aa fur as tbay could ba gathered wp to tha time of our going ta pre>a, of ona of tha moat frightful caaualtiee. attended with an awful dsstrnotion of human Ufa, that erer oocurrad la Now York. The accident oceurrad at aquartar to eight o'clock, yaatarday morning, by tha bursting of a two hundred horse power hollar, in the printing preaa and machine chop of Mr. A. B. Taylor, N oa. 6 and 7 Hague street, within a door or two ef Pearl street. Aa soon as the ? plosion took plaoe, we are informed by persons who witnessed the eataatropbe. the v>*olt building, trhich vies it* it wire in bright wot actually lifted fremiti foundation to a height of tix Jrrt. and when it reached that aleiation, it tumbled down, cm thing in in ruins a vaat number. So great was tha foroa ef the explosion that flagman ta of tha building war* mattered in erery direction ; tha windows in tbs neighborhood were broken ; and n large portion of the iroot wall of tbs fated oulldlng was thrown with tremendous power into the houses opposite. In teat the building was completely wrecked, hardly one brlak beiog Wit standing oa an> other, with the exception ot a solitary pieee of wall oight cr tan feet high, as if to indicate what hut been In tha firm of Alrth B. TajtorJk Co., there were about OA persons employed In addition to these, there were mbout the tame number employed in another Arm in tha ssume building, namely, St. Jnhu Burr & Co.. hatters. In the basement story was the engine and the Tilackimith shop, where there were efour pairs of bellows and about twelre men at work besides iris*ey,the engineer, and bis brother. The englue oonneoted with the ascend and third stories, where the machine sh-?p [ ?u situated. by Bona of abaft* and strap*. The ground floor *u occupied a* a bat ibop, and eight mm worked at a table in front, of whom there l? no account. Tb# fonrlh *tory alto belonged to the bat establishment. and wa* used a* a blowing ro?m. The fifth etory f the building wa* uaed a* a car pouter'* (hop for malt lng model* for the machine shop The *ixth wai oocnpied by Mr. Singer, a letter engraver, who ha* obtained a patent for a new Invention, it i* believed there eu no person in this ttory at the time of the explosion. _ A building Immediately In the rear, eceupled a* a btush factory, and also a* a watch raee manufactory, had the roof and a portion of the wall thrown In by tba falling ruin*. It was In going to this building that Louis Day. the Frenchman, war killed The walls of lb* machine shop were very stroog, being SO iocbv* I thick. 1 be building belonged to the Meson Harper, and we understand was not insured The stock and *ngin*. he , is b*v? hsard are Insured. The soap and candle factory of Hull A Co , In the rear, was considerably Injured by the shook. i Sodrsadful was the explosion that the window* In several bouses in Pearl street were broken Keen the aa*hc* of Ml were sma-hed. \ gentleman who wa* looking on at tba tlBe, Informed u* that tha exploel >n wa* like the report* of two cannon fired In quick sue* cession, one after the other Doubtless the second report wma >bo crash of the falling ruins. Immediately after the axpl?elcn tire burst from tb* promlscwcus hesp of bricks ana beam*, and bantu bodies were seen irltn legs ana una riteaiog nut ? i snuj? ?f them dead, some living Tba Or* alarm for the district it) first given, and thro a general aUrta. wMcli brought tbe Orrmru from all part* of the city to tha icaar of desolation Some piled tba anginas, whlla others e-etstsd to gat out aa many aa po?-ibla of thcaa who vera uodar tbc rulna. Is a abort tunc tba Bra waa ao far subdued that tba Bramea e?old work m >ra affeetually in ramoeing tba brick- ami timbers; and towards 10 o'ctrak tbara waa acarealy any tmi issuing froaa tba wrack, but tha baat waa vary great, and tba great difficulty to ba avoided waa laet thoea btuaath tha plla abculd ba ailbar diowced or ecaldad; wblla on tba otbrr band tbrj might ba barned to daatb by the Bra; and but little could ba done to eave lh ea atlll llrlug, ulitII tba Cra waa complete ly brought under. A a near aa ran ba estimated, tbara waraa hundred and |W*aly persons in tha building at the time of tba catastrophe. scattered throughout tha machine shvp. and tba bat faotory above mentioned lu both of which a great many man and b'yi are usually employed. Had tba accident occurred an hour, or aran half an hour, later, tba deetruotloo of bumaa bra would ut '|uertlonably hare bean much (renter than It waa, aa a great many of the boys In couee ju?nce of tba ltrama coldness of the weather bad not at that time 1 arris ad at their work. Aa it la, howeecr tha number of pereonr killed la dreadful to contemplate. In tba machine ahop and bat ebop together, there were u-uaily about one hundred and thirty hands employed. probably there ware from one bandied to one bundtrd and twanty men end boye praeent at the time of the empl?et?a. In the hat ahop moat of tha baada ware praeent. la tbia establishment a good many boys ware employed la tba maeblns ship there were few The -( ll< wit <r t* a mi 01 iidm iiouko not cotnpiat* ?? _ of tba band* In tba naoblna ?hnp:? Uaorf* Ford. flrat f' r?oit, Jama* 'iltderny, Robert nltf, farced do , Tboiaa* t'billp*. J. I.liliir;, Kfttwrt Kaoaliw, %a?nel T < il.aey, Oacar Kaleay, A Huff laa, Lorah King, Adas Naaly. H alary kla?. Jba ki"ta>. JobaC K m?, I Airy < hryrtal, l.aeaard Bronkao, Kabart Koaa. ianm IraalM. Jeha Ullenlla, Thomaa BrnnkM, Tbcaaaa Mekeaaar, ? larko Vnntbt, Otfi in*a(i|k*e. oilT.r ir??o?. ? barl?? Dougherty (oared > Luther Tbnapeoa. A C. OaUxb*. W HH? DoLandur, V II.tan I'roataa, M M Cut to?, Henry Raad. Tboaaa Wood. >.ll Hall (takan oat daad,) Wtlua? Rofara, Marabal Voagbt, Will lan Proater. Urorga If Daelo. Richard Haraaball, Tboaaa VaadarMll, M D Ford, R chart llyelop J. litlder. Kufua Wtting, J. Tboapaoa, A Aldrtrfga Ranaaa Lata, Jaaaa Paaara, Mm Oouenley, Kit-hard Bartabtatla, nd two or tbraa name* aot aaoarUlaad Mr Taylor. aba ratldaa la Naaark had aot arrtaad at tba ti?a of tba accident; Mr Tutsan bla partner, la aiao aa'a got bar leg trnr-htd tba pr. uilaaa till after tba atylooton Tba follnvlBit are namaa of tboaa In tba aaplny of Motor* Barr b Co:? | C. O. J?*eup. for* man Tlichard Igtart, W.L I ant.aid, W Roodotaa. Jamao Hyatt, M . Jrbo Mill*, W Haaalar. A R Marti a del*. Frank Ha., lay. lama* Fior d, |boy), K Ooghton. f. Mo('blill|.*, (boy), ?. Laabera, Tbona* Ward, (boy), H Fiadail, H. W Batlih, w. Mamtt. S II. S?Ub. ? Tyadall, (boy), icapb, F. Lyaeh. loTb Ffaft, l?u??h Ir-aahmaa, ltdeln Hurd, Thoaraa far rail, < lertga llyde. W l.olltaa tb<y), 1 p.tor Hyde, J Coiltna (boy). Ma?k Hj?t?r, W. Th ayMa, .boy), John L'Oka..od, Tatar Duma, M . vol*,*. J- br. Ward, ) Dor batty, (boy), W. CaMaa, Ti Dncherty, ih-.y), Loke t.otiard, H. Haninhal. (do ) T nr?' (,r. I. B W bitnoy, Jcha tbaratna. (boy). j. Hsoatla, (boy), ??J a b->y, aaaia askaova, with othff# obooa Banff tba fooaman eould onl ram.wbar ?rr nary of thaaa, thatr filat.d# and rotation*, who ?> *td al tba a"ld?at aat*Tta!n*d tha wnrat faara Th'oranda lyai tb uaaadu ool-oad aiowad. Tha polio* la a ahott tiaia foraiad a e<rdoa aroaad tb* build ! (. at a rraaldorabio dlataae* at d alio wad aaaa to ' paw '?r?p? Croioaa. or raporiara. of latnadiat* ralatlraa ef tbcaa who war* larolrad la tba *a aoirapba Tha f h'af * a* In ai'?a??nro aid th ugh oat to tha akla, k pt Uk? po-t and waa Tory aetira aad afbeioat < apt ? t chott, of tha roaith ward ttaUaa baa**, aad Aaatai E NE MOl Unt-CtpUin, w?r? *l?o t?tt KitW*. W? alio obn?rr*d 1] rigtllni Wil#T nil Wllllami dnlni toad tarvlaa ' The < hief Engineer of the Eire Department, Mr (arson. ru using ble utmoet effort*; nod, nhore nil end before ell, wee Xophar Mills, the praise of I* whom wee on every tongue He wee is* where end (] every where where eey thing wee to be dene tl The Heoorder (Mr. Tnlmedge) wee on the ground et j* nn enrly hour, end when It wae ascertained that the b ropee which were need In removing the mine were need up, he on his aeeount ordered n eoll of Manilla rope jj for that purpoee. In feet, he was unremitting In hie -j endeavors to release the unfortunate creatures whs It f< was expeoted were under the ruin*. As to Mr. Matsell, he was at the seen* of the disaster u without intermptlcn, from the time of the explosion 1? until the last. Were it not for the exertions of these * two gentlemen, we have no doubt that the loes of lit* * would have been much greater than It Is The entire a poliee force exerted themselves manfully, and were ex- * tremely serviceable in the promotion o( order, end aid- t> lug in removing the rubbish from the ruins. It is need- t< less to particularise, when all seemed actuated by the same generous and determined spirit A* tb* bodies were recovered, whether dead or alive, they were conveyed to the Eourth Ward Station House, . in Oak street, around which a die or polio* stood to keep off the thousands wh* thronged around to get a ?. sight of their frtende, either killed or saved, or who * wero attracted from curioeity to seethe mangled and J" charred remains of the slain. Home were killed In the r' beginning bv the falling building; some were killed ?' from exhaustion, or smothered, or drowned; and some j" were scalded, and some burned to a cinder, presenting the appearance of burnsd logs. Some tew were brought . to the City Hospital, and some, who were only slightly ? injured, went to their homes. rhosa taken to the . Ntetion House wars attended by Doctors William .. O'Doanell. P. W. McDonnell, I nderhlll and J. Hilton. * Or Ttapbagen. ef Pearl street, la the early part of tha ? scene, paid every attention to tbs sufferers brought to ' his drug store. Among tbem were the two Smiths, of Kraiiktort street. Everything In his house was at ths rervioe of the wounded, and his lady brougnt down tbs beds with her own hands . At eleven o'clock, there were some twenty got oat of tbe buildiDg. f There were still, at 12 o'clock, a number of voloaa L beard uuder the ruins. Their cries all ths forenoon ' were most piteous. .1 It ?as feared that tbe large majority of tbem wero , either crushed to des'h, or drowned, from the immerse quantity of water poured In At a quar- ' ter to 12 o'olock there were three taken "Ut?Henry tieradet, a man o( about forty years of age. residing at Brooklyn, tiadly bruited, belonging to tb* bat shop- " Kredcrick Tteman, a boy of about 10 years of ago, LA residing at tbe eorner of Perk avenue aud Division r* street. Brooklyn. taken out by VV'm 8tory. of Vs. 4 !* Niagara hrglue, not much hurt: A Kldrtdge. of the : me' bine f In p residing Bt 14V 1'blrd avenue. bruised, but not It is hoped, dangerou-ly. These poor fellow* nere dripping witn wet, end shivering fearfully. I'be little boy Btnted there were other* allt* behind him when he wbj taken out. Toward* two o clock, the multitude became very gteat. and. in fact, all the day, though the cold was so great. The most tremendous excitement prerailed around the tragic scene?women tearing their hair and wringing their bands, a* the dead, dragged froui out the ruin*, proved to be their friends or relatives; while other* were In an agony of suspense, almost as bad as the knowledge of the worst. One man eas taken out of the ruins at tb* rear, after almost super.bumaa exertions on the part of the firemen, the sufferer having been caught between two beams, and covered with a pile of bricks The beams I had to be sawed, atid tbe poor fellow kept waving bis band, which be bad thrust through the aperture, In token that he still survived. Mora than once the liramen b*d to stop and play upon the flame*, which rapidly eturi ached upon the locality whwra the poor fellow aas eonbnrd Just as tbsy were accomplishing his final release, the st fire behind and around blm raged fiercely, and the , T foreman was constrained to call out that the pipe must | J be played upon tt " Ob, stop till ws gat him out- just J a mil ute- as can stand it?the man's alive," the fire- N n en replied. And they did stand it. and saved tha J, though themtelv** much scorched and nearly Js sui:?cated " Neit to this man. wedged In an angle between two ? floors, were two other men. who also, by tbe noble ef- ? torts of the firemen were ultimately rescued. ? One of tbeee cried out. soon after elevea oclook. that bl he was net mucb bait, but that they were freeitag htm with water Indeed, w* wonder how the men could I' handle tb* brick* and work as well as tbey did. for tha hi water Iroza almost as sot n as it tell V A curious ineldent occurred in relation to tiers 1st. 11 i m > .1 vi an sKiuil I. . taars <>f uira Wl t K his #>.? h I trean.irg i? the wind, and the t< nr? runnlrg doeu hi* withered cheek*, raid be raw a ooul banging uo a B burning beam that b* tbought wa* hi* *on'* II turned ? <mt to be ?o. and b# thought ho bad turely pert-bed. : (' At tbla Tory tin* the poor follow a a* la tbe cation >' hou*e among th? wounded. U V? ut g Ttrman proved blmielt a* Stery *tated," every ircb aMl|"he did not giro way to annco-entry terra* N and Make much nolr* when tbu* eouflned In tbo tart ibl* trap. 1 be Are wa* elo** to bl* feet, which were naarlj Immoyabie. being jammed In tbo fallen Umber*, when the nreman, Story, reached him aud parring to the boy ! fiiGererbl* cap. told blm to put It oyer bt? face, while be (Story) played a ftream through the pipe over oad atound bim. fur tbe purpeve of quenobiag the Oaiuea (>. 71*man did a* directed, and patiently nwaitad tbahour 01 uelii eranoo. Several bremen bad been at work *onie time before Story entered the bole, which wa* law down, near the ^ engine. In the rear part of the building, and It wae only by aim tat (upeihuman exertion* that ba wae 0' t rally reicned. Tbo voice* of **eeral ol bl* eompa- gj nun* cc u'd be beard la the vicinity, mot of them riving way to the lmpu!*ea of deepair which tbe Utile ?, hero endeavored to check by eeery epecie* of eaoour- hi frmeit In til* |>ower. ' What * the uia of crying, g, raid be "1 he flremeu ate bard at work; they'll got ut |r out If *n>body can " It became necoeeary to raw away a large timber be. g, fore be could be liberated; and In Ibl* and other effort* h} none evlneed a more unflinching determination than . /'(bar iVllla, K?j . nbo wa* early upon the * pot and p, worked nllb a teal and courage beyond all pre!**. |( 7 be eftort* of tbo tir-n?"n were than directod to to* j, Uteratlca of tbe other* wbowtra atill living, and ah oat p., 8 o'clock tvilli.m Merrttt waa reaebvd, and Itkewn* . _ taken te tbe atatlon booae. | , , 1 here rtlll remained **- eral other* who anald b* b| beard re-a*lonaliy. *cd among thru two boy*, by tba name* of Samuel Ttndal* and Th<?. Vanderbllt. who re toon approached near enongh to converae with j Tbey vera hurled altnoet down to tb* bottom of tbe '< cellar near the coal aadlncloee contact with tb* * - , gin* not a great dlatanc* from tbe *pot from where r> I lemon had been r< leaved. Over Ibeui. and all areund dl tbem. were tb* burning timber* and bi**tng brleka af , ' Ibe hulldirg ar.d It bec?ine fre.joeofy neceeeary to put eevrral etr?*rri? upon tb* reeking maa* for tb* pnrpeee of quenching and cooling it (ufllelently te allow the M flr>men to labor. Vanderbllt la *aid to be IP year* old k" and Tlndal* It Tbe brother of tb* latter wa* among terra tor the r+k?rm if tb? ?ulT*r*r?, aad through hi in i y org TI tidal- eeat m?nl meeeega* to ht? mother who live* at No H4 B**kmaa ?tr**t 'Toll her." Ml J Iho pc or victim, "that I am It?Ire ? twll btr 1 hop* to get ' not ??oa and eh-muet nit worry"' ho. "I ara op to ' my nook Ib water." ho replied to aomo obo wbo queeth red htm (B regard to hW attoatlna. 1 and you taut atop that wafer or I fball drown? thora U a etinkaaruoe , ny lege, and I cannot etlr'" Than oitaln a* tho flame* *ppr< orbed him, h* cemplsloed of being eooreheU and ai foob aa tho hooo pip* waa directed on tho Are around | hU aartow prl'ot. ho begged tbna to deaiat, "toe tho water reeH-d Mm I Tho only war hy which hla poaitloa could b? appreached. woo tnmugh a aldo door. < penlng tooarda tho yard, ami ? . n tho rubblah had b?*n -u!" !#> j rom ? od to p?Twlt Ma being touched with tho hand by reach 1 log In at a email opertor*. Through thlo. food and drlnh woto paaood to him; and Anally a blanket a- ItO ocraatrnally complained of botng chilly Ho appeared to bo In good optrite although hla Itootion waa truly , horrible elaco It wuaooa apparent that, la eoaaoqueaee of Me betwg jammed agalaet tome portion of , > the maohlBory, It waa tut poeaibk* to oaukooto him la * that dlresth a Ho blmeeir 'old thoeo who were thua P1 heroically aad nnceeeiogly laboring for hie deliverance. ** that they ami begiu at the top, and work dowa If : hl they wtabed tw get Mm aad hla e >mpaai <a* oat '' Aad ihla ooutaa of procedure waa at iMt reeorted to It waa a herculean taak, but amid the ooer barotiug ' Aemee and the blinding, atltllng amoke afeam ana 01 ear btaoely and manfaiio ti e nremea root to wort. ? T heir trogreea waa woceeeartly alow, aad oe tho ahad-a ?? of r or till g loll, the nearly anporbnmaa comago of tho D peer fellow revised tlae, partially to glee way flo P frequently raid he wwa eold and whew qheotloned la ?' teg aid fo the olhora, whoaa moaao were growing fainter and atgnleberl roleee rearing. one by oao,? be eaid be "awppnoed that mot of them were dead' Tbero ! waa a dead a?t cloae heelde him. aad ho owiy now and b then heaid one of the reot " e< Ae It grow darker the tntereet eeemed to laorwaeo. ?i and every <ne evinced the llvelieot aolloltudo tor tl tho altlmato eelety of tho bo. It being feared that ho woa the only one alive la tho btUldlag. tl lodeed. It weo aooieely pooeiblo that aoy ona T ceuld ho eurvliiag. after ewrh a fearful duration of w eg<OUtfrg aaepenee. the moet of tho rtrtlam being ba tip e< If not fatally lajured. and egpoeed to tho d?etrwatlva tl 11.fluencee of Ate water a foul aad enftreating atmoe ti phere aad th# cra-hicg weight <4 bwp* *0 loag do n tened It toea ed to oil a miracle how yonng Ttoilale o( er nld hold owl en aobl* and re well, and th* elertloao < f IhiM ibon bin t?n radcabled Stick after ??kik, ' lha fbaned tad l?a?y litbtrt wara carefully faaarad. ri ti d tb? beattd brick* tbrnaa aelde, while coflfni tod * ether rrhnUriU were fNa time to time, paeewd la. ? to >titport U>? brave lad, wb? ??w. far near t-a loan ltd awful hi 11 r* bad an aubly borne uy egajaet ail tba n Itrti r* of hi* rttnatlca. " f or the I**t h??r or tan hi* brother had r<Mneld?d a* r?ar to blai aa ho aoald yadkly rat. far tba paryoeo >f a rbm lay tb# eutlervr by bid ratao and pre-aa . au i It k *? tiaiy neatnary aiaae, aa tba aiybt wora na. b" * ? ai?d to *ink. and Iota tba baoyaaay abinb bad aae- V taraid hiai ao leg Ah' at b cloak * war aerortaiaed that b* aa* aiala- b ly halo doaa by a lerpa bar of In. a, wMnh raatad diaya- J aally arrw hi?. and enaflnad bin do el aaty that ba ? at aid o?|y a. or* bia i?Ct ana and tar a bra baad Might ? W Y C INTNG EDITION?TUES] f. The rubbish baa been sufficiently r>ur>veJ no that 1* heaj and upper portion of tbe b I v were vUlblx. nd renewed hopes were entertnlned of hit speedy re-nee. At 11 o'oloek it wee proponed to out elf the b?r, nd tone efforts were made to effeot it Meanwhile the c or fellow wee alternately tbe victim of deep tudenoy nd anticipations of ultiuiate reeoue In on* of hlv depairinf momenta he told tboee above and around him sat be " did a?t tblnk they eould rave him " 'I eball e," raid be. " tbe third one killed by this affair !" (It ad been kept irom bis knowledge that tbe fatality bad eon eo extensive ] About one o'clock thie morning the bar war finally fted from blm, wben it was ascertained tbat another irge bar or rhatt of iron, confined bis lower limbs I 'indale could still converse, bnt seemed to be growing (eble. he raid tbat be felt no pain, bot expressed an srreased anxiety for immediate dellverv. " Pall me nt," be exolalmed. " If you draw my leg off " " Keep p your courage, my noble lad; we il soon bave you, g and all," was tbe cheering response and again ere tbe exertion* put fortb with increased vtgsr. lis band was foucd to be eoorobed badly, aud bandages ere applied and every other means used to inake him comfortable as possible. He partook of some food, ud tor a short time seemed more eheerful and oonfient. Tbe fire In the neighborhood of his person had sen mostly extinguished and, by the aid of numerous urbes. tbe work progressed with all the rapidity acnstent with caution. Twxvtt Mivutks to Tito, A M. Tbe individual named " West." above, Is probably a id. who ess so slightly Injured that be walked home balcJed. He was resoued in tbe forenoon by Mr. John aaderpnol. of No 16 Engine who furnished him with a eld fire coat, and be started for the restd-nee of his treats, who, as be rtated resided on the corner of liilng and Mulberry streets As oar reporter was In i;ined tils name was (leorga West, aged about 11 and irked In the bat shop Joseph Annable '244 South Second street, WHUatnsargh esceped with slight Injory to bie right leg and rnt borne His son Robert, 16 years old. who worked i tbe same room, (bat shop ) Is still missing John C. ing machinist, noticed in another place as among tbe ounded. was taken to bis boarding hou?e. No 418 arl street. His sen. a young man about 21 years old, smed lialsey King aise a machinist. Is likewise mimic. . ' i' I Four O'clocr, A. M. At 4 o'clock tbo U?t obstacle to tbe release of tbe Tindale, was removed ?nd. ?nild the about* ?( his iDaLt'deliverers, be was lifted 1 torn tbe terrible pit i which, during more than twenty horeikle Acurt, h# id endured nearly death ia Ite worst form. Ha ?e immediately wrapped inblaakata. uod conveyed to >e driii; store of L)r. Trephagan No :)08 Pearl street, i the arms ot those ? bo bad ao faithfully labored area [aloft almost bope itaelf. All honor to the gallant nla who nobly and perseverlngly atrore for the rescue a fellow.belng ! Success crowned their etforte-d icoisstairly earned and well deserted By tbe huted Inspection we were forced to make, he did not ap ar to be fatally Injured, and II hie system does not 41 unlt r the severe excitement of such fearful duraon be will probably recover All praise to tbe stoutcarted lad ' He baa proved himself mere than a man. Tbe following la tbe LIST OK WOUNDED AND SATED. C. Jessup. Injured In head and lane Maurice L ( aofleld Injured in the ohest. Janus Hyatt, slightly injured. John Mills. do. do. A R Martlndale, do. da. James Flood, (hoy), do. da. P M 1 binpr (boy), do do Thomas Weed, (boy), do. dO. H W Smith, shoulder blade brokea. 8. H. Smith. Teg broken Joseph Hannibal, slightly hurt. Frueli Hyder, Htltfrd in tba fbM. William Ifuigg Internally Injund Abraham Mills Ooid *tr?at. considerably hurt. Jam** Mcl'hlllipe kn?? burnt W Rowland, lag brutal. John Thompson. l?g and arm broken. Henry Ucredst, badlf brulawd Frederick Tlaman. (boy) notmnoh injured. A. Aldrldgs much brut-ed. William F. Proctor corner of Paari and Madison rests, face and brad Irjnred. brmaa Brooke thigh broken. 1 yn dell, considerably hurt. C. King. Robert H Kiag. . Resell, Kline C < relg. Farrell. George Whitney, inies Udell, Owen Cunningham hn Logan, Frederick Keymont, ? Brown, Kdgar Hard. ? Wood, Joseph Aanebie, ? Weat. Robert Hamilton, baa Dougherty, (lega bro- M l) Ford, ken and bad y braised, (ieorga Whitney, enry i,eLdar. Daeld B riant tniuel Tmdale. Jamaa Fly, r'eetley Rowland. Francis l ynch, eury A. Burr (of the Fire Hula Day, (watch rasa Department, aad osa af mabar t the lirm of the bat abop,) William vlestftt, (13 Hots rnjamln Fry, Cert, badly Injured ) ? (irlgg. George Wsat, (llrooklyn, serge Whitney, aiigbtly Injured.) hn lagan. Henry Jerediab. (slightly eoige Lewis, (b- J. aari- bruised ( onely injured ) Merrill Doidd. . Tuill and Jniuea Tulll, Thomas Vanderbilt, LIST OF THE DEAD. I.eel Hull, St years of age, Connecticut. Peter Hyde. In ytars ot aga, bioufclyn. tin rge Hyde. 'Ji yeara. Brooklyn Adam Newly 80 yeara of aga, born In Ireland. Iiateh Marks, (colored ) Leonard Brooks. 04 (Hirer street. New York, aga 80, ru le K'ekland county. Ale sender Dlaon, 3.1 year* of age, born in Cenedn. i en uei Whitney. lira were unknown, and ro badly burned aa not to I recognised. This makas fourteen in all taken eut dea I. till two elock tbia morning. It la supposed there are canae rly etill under tbe ruins. Ji bu Rogers, corner of Mott sud Hester streets. 88 'srsofefs, Id'D'tned by (be farmer f remau of tbe it ?h< p. Mr. Dedd, by a baadageon a sore font, though ? was burned to a clndrr, with the aieeptlon of his Le< nard Brooks was Identified by his wife from a sols i used lo catty in his pocket, and aha fainted when is ins It. Mimnra. -tor < atnpbell. IIrot7 liee.l, rbert btretnmeU, ?? Orelg. tin liri'ii, John O'lKino*!!, aalel Dcberty, < ohd^IIj, t lark*. Frederick >1e 'tea, 202 ilaeey (tbeeagtaaer) and Brt Ige otreet Brooklyn rvthar, ? Saff Htm tort. I.1CID**T* On* prrt tiDia who?a tta? ? did iM t-ara Main I to be In till ami eitreme dlitiol llff )a<Krr K im and ikrw at. were euppoeed to ba beneath tha tie* ! 1 h? 'Heat pat kipolon twnf nt tblo ltd lighter alio and mother. who. by the taJdea bad rribla eetaaftmphe ha J bee n tbut cruelly br???tl meetly n?rj earthly t?latl?o r?e|ted uolv-ieel a '.a Im ?atl< a 1 be magaitude ot ttl MMMMl M ? np< a kit allh a criuMog weight. eimoet affecting tr to Hutr. Among the marrow moape?. ?aa una of a lad. who, lib bla dinner pall la kli band ??< la (hi ao> <4 ?artag Iba latal balldlng whoa tb? eaplnatoa taii p'eje, id ha ruddealy aaw tbo walla tiiMbltng oatwaid aior hood W l>h aaa eprtag ho gained tha middle of tha roat. aad luckily aaaapod without a hrala*. hut a paron of tbo brick work (track hie pall aad jammed It >i Italy i at of ibapo a aoau-aiaa wiot | at tbo i tor of Teat I aid Haja. atree'e, running a?iy M 'o (aad la bla eaoo tha p- r fallow cool I not ba row eg for a aa<k ima.'er otako ) aad apcaat<pplng him. d acting what aaa tl>a Matter, could at diet ?oly t the reply of a moat bewildered atara la tbo dlrec. oa at tha (till ariimbltng balldlof Tbo frightened d toally aaflckantly roc an red blmeelf t? itato thd ia?a af I la romterr.e'tnn. aad tboa.fnr tha flrattlmc, Irroeeted tba dam?t" d<>ae to bla dlanor ??'ltb 'ba ry pbllorophla remark I bad ra'feor bad my kottla naabod tban bo moubed myeelf. bat I keppnee n.y KM l> k liod f r ho work* >n Iba earn* >h p ba 1 riia.od bir pare and path?ay honaaard, tad bat not pro raenla tha rtetnKy alaca. hit. A B Martiadale. who wad oatployad by Mr. art. tba batter, waa engaged la weighing oat far fid >e hattora oa tba beoemeat floor, la front of tha tier tnwarda Hague 'treat whaa tba ai|.M?? lad lace. Ha recolieoti tha anuad, bat aaa throwa I aeoliaa oa tha floor, aad whoa ha roan??r?d |a ran pea ha to aad Mwteelf aa hU hank .hit kneed re?n up aad a baa* lying jaet oe-r bio head, nt i tbor tlmbrrr were ro nlaae to bla that ba wad aa> |a in rlee ap bat oa forming bit head ho taw a g asm Flight, ami. oa creeping oa hit bnada aad foot, ha Skaged to gat oat tbrr web l hole. Ju?t tpaaa eanagh ) aiit it hi* Ma? en oraanag oat aa oo?arr?o a ill aillii hl? * ; oat tba rotna way Thla n ?id to ba Mr. ? ai.flaid k?ln?|ii| to tba mankind Sop. TUB hOIIJCB, ETC. Yarlonr opinion* ara afhwt In ragard to tba at plan; but I ha Boat ganarally raoalrad oaa ll that tba illaf nhwb hnrat, aai iBparfaot?that It ka<l baaa r r.dia nail and * ? ailaaad ta ratnaln oat of doom. |oaad to tha waatbar. during tba graalar part of ia pwaaaat wtntar. aa nallt fur ara It baa haao alatad by "aa of tba Baa taboa froia la ralaa that It ana aa old itaaBboat boilar patakad np. >a prcpitator aad bl? trlaada h?>wa?ar lata that It a* a aa? >,< atgomar y boilar aad tba aoaldaat la aoMintad for by I ha lataaaa iroat on Sunday night aaoliag la ballay to a low digraa of t?Bparatnra. and than tha ra bring appllad anitdaaly. aad with too graat for*# it B' ralag. aanaad an andna ?ip?a?ln of portloaa f it, and tbuir^M'd tha aipla-l a. 1 ba blatory of tha hollar la thla -Mr Taylor ord?r?<t to ba Boda ahoat two yaar* ago at tha .North HI far da aad for ?aa raanoa or olbar. ba did i<d taba It Bataaaah ataaBboat ooBpaay did taba It aad aftar lag It for mb> tlBa. rajaotad It and Uiraw It on tha "b. Tba a ob pa ay than ordarad a naw oaa ' faaaa h btnrphy af thla rity. and gnaa th-m ia othar In pari anjBaat. Mr laylor aland i.rohnrad ft froB that Ann. and ha* had It In m for atroat t?n Oa ww fouaA laahjr. Tha walat takaa nut of It aaA It M raalkat. morning fr??k wa??r ?w t.? Into H hat tka araaai waa aot ap la Data aaA ?.? a?a war* kapt ldl? far half aa hoar It la ?llar?A that aa aaAaa afort waa mate ta kia a tha *taaai hj kaaptag taa litfla aatar la tha liar, aaa tha aoaanqaaana waa. It bar?t la II aila- I taa aftar tha <? waa pat oa Soma of tha man ra iirtat thaj AM aat Uha tha *i| tha bottov waa (Mac, )rr DAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1850. and that thara wa? too mneh ateam on. CrUaey, the engineer, triad tba bollar with a gang*, aid found it (aa ha bald) all right; but the kind of gauge uaad ia eoneidered fallaolou*. it ' ?a? a tuh? moier. or me Montgomery principle, in- < retitrd two years ago, ia said. Mr Montgomery 1 took exception* to It. a* not according to hi* modal. I Tbe moat searching inreetitration ought ta ba in*ti- ' tnted Into tbla matter te-day. ! The Coraner'a Inquest* Coronar Gear waa called to hold an Inqnest on the dead bodies of tboea already taken from the rulna and conveyed to the fourth Ward Station House. The following la the testimony taken. Six of the bodies have been recognised, and the other three, making nine dead, have not been identified THE TESTIMONY. William Dedd, residing at Newark, New Jersey, being sworn, say*-) am foreman of the machine ha', b >dy

establishment, in the building t and 7 Hague street; tbe building waa occupied by A D Taylor it Co , ma- ' abinista, and H. A. Bur*, hat bo ly manufacturer; tbe engine and bailer waa situated in the basement of said building; I know nothing of the occurrence Francis MeNelly, rending at No. 4 Hague street, being sworn, saya?That about half past 7 o'clock this morning be heard the explosion of the holler atUohed to tbe engine In the basement of Noe. 6 and 7 Hague street; I Immediately jumped from my bed and saw tbe smoke; I saw tbe house falling, and oorered with smoke and fire immediately after the boiler went into Nor. f and 7,1 think it was on Saturday two week* ago Albert Futnam residing in Broeklyu. being sworn, say* I am ona of the firm of A. H TaylirMCn; I think the boiler attaobsd to tbe engioe la the basement, wag brought in about two weea* *iuo?; It t K,\ 11 H t r< I'--.- a, VI.,.?K_ I thl-b mcoki band boiler, end also tftat it had been ? ur?d on board a ettauiboat. but a few tiuiwe; it was ?. found too email for the purpose, and purolia ei by Peeee & Mnrpby, and afterwards bought by A. B. Pay- ri or & Co I, Aha B Taylor, residing in> . inir eworn. aayf ? He is one of the Hrin of A. B Taylor _! A Co.. and that they got the steam on their boiler a ? week ago to-day; I purebmsed it of Prese A Murphy; it was huilt far me about two years since, and. as I wee , Informed, was sold tor a boat at the 8onth; it was found ei to be too small for the engi ne, and was exchanged with Peeee A Murphy for a large boiler; I afterwards pur- r> chased it of Peeee A Murphy; Mr. Murphy told me it g| bed only been Bred up Ave times; 1 do not know if it v, bad been inspected by the inspector of boilrre. nor did ), 1 know a certificate wae necessary at the purchase of j, said boiler. n Dr. Thomas Holmes being sworp, says?He examined j, the bodies now lying dead in the fourth Ward Station (. House, and find that the decanted. Peter Hyde, came to gj bis death by eold and exposure to water, occasioned a by the bursting of a steam boiler at Noi 6 and 7 _ Hagua street. Alto, the bodies ef Ueorge Hyde Isaiah Marks, (a colored boy,) John llogers. and Kli Hull. !. The rther four bodies were not identified by name, but A the doctor found that they all osina to their death by al injuries received by fire and otherwise, in consequence g, of the exploelun of the boiler as above stated. ? THK VERDICT. ,, Tie jury rendered the folio wing verdict:?"That the ? deceased persons eame to their death by injuries re- p ceived by the bursting of a ?team boiler, which caused a the tailing and burning of the bntldlng, Nos 6 and 7 B Hague street." tl i n? uouies 01 reirr ma ufor|? IiyJS w?r? isxen oy p their ti leads to Brooklyn lor Interment, that being their t< former pluee of residence. b THE INKIEST TO-DAY. II All tbe parent* and frnnda of those known to ba en- tl gapi d In the building Not 6 and 7 Hague street. are tl requested to call on th? I or<>n?r. nt the fourth Ward is tttatlon tlouw, In Oak street. near Pearl street, at which m place tba ltune*t? will b? continued day. as tba ti bodli a are taken fiom tba rulna. In order that they may j i be IdrntiUid. and also to arrlva at tba result of tba r? ADUitH-r killed. Common Coanctl. 11 Bo*bd ot At meant*, Krb 4-- Alderman Morgan, r, president t'poo notion tbe reading of tba mlnutaa |( of tba last eieulng a proceedings was dlapenaed with. , t Thr Caltmttom AVrr.? A c mmunicatlou was reeeletd from the Mayor, recommending tba suspension ot bualDSra for the ereuln.; and tbe adjournment Ot tba jt Beard, In consequence ol tba appalling calamity whiob baa befallen our fellow eititens by tbe dee'-ruotie* lire (,t (fnll particular* of which will b? seen elsewhere) ., which oeeurrrd in this city this morning. ills Honor {j, also recommended that a committee of tna Counoil be ,,j appointed, to report to tba B?ard at Iheir next meet- J,, lug, what measures I bey would suggest wltb regard to cf the melancholy cataetropba. Tbe fclluelcg la tba tl Mayor s message: - . tr Msroa's Oi k t, I- tbruary 4, 18i<0. jn To ihr //ewerstie Its tvwaes Ceuaci/ I . ul if' I'll, of .Vie Yell? - Oa?Tt.mri> : ? A moat appalling li-a-tri hat oeourtiil In rur ell) Thte mori tcg. at I n'oleek k; thi riplo- (l ton of a *t> ?ni boiler M |e believed, so truuina** build- ,, { lug In Hag or itreet *vi c aiplrtely d* JtolUlied tuj J( about on* bnndrad human bring* birlel beowath the ? r'Uoe, of whom but few hare been rev u#?l all re ? y The member* of tbe lira and Police ilrfurturuli Is- t, I itantly r-patrfd to the arena, and. ald-d uy the niagietrain* and other authorlil-* tmat Bar with rltiirm < m- #| ployed for tba purpoae hare doaa all. and ara (till do- ?) log alt that human effort* ran a-eempli-b A ?trrng force of police and laborer* will be kept in cm-tautau- |, tlelty at the *ceaa uatil the remain* of all toe unf ir- m tuuaie perm ?? wboee lire* hare bean thuv lamentably tr eaotllicrd tbail bare been re-cued Thl* met heart rend- j, lig di-a-ler haeaffrcliad all rlaeae* of ritii-ue with the uioei profonnd grief and ha* carried tato man/ lauil- j, lie* Ibe eerereet of woee I ndrr tble appx'.llng ce aoiliy, ? I w-ald reet-eclfullp raaoiumeud that the two Board* >. of the CrnmoD otinril upp-lal eomialtteea to take ucb meaeure- a* they may deem the axig-aelea of the pl caee may rr.uire aidgio r- p> rt their artl n a' a aah<eiftieat meeting, and out of rirpeot fur tbagrlef of th -a M fillet* d by title event that In# < ntumou i ouucll a IJourn witbc ul travelling auy ether boatiie*e Vy T< ommnutraftow I* aeree-arlly brief a* I hare been dur- ,,, log the day at the *<ieuw of t'?e dlea-ter i 8 WOODHULL, Mayor. of la purenanca olil l? reo xum-odaiion. a r .muitrtee #l waa appointed oonairilog of Aidrrmrn I- raniliu tlrtfBa,Dodge ' o< ke. i iia;iuian. and, on the *u,r?a*ti >n , of a m??ber ol the tl aid, lb* Ald-rinan of tha Kmr'tr t ward-tba wai l Id wblt-h the aafurtunata clrcum- t? Hariri l an occurred ? wa? ad fed to the llet. r) Tba heard tbea adjourned to neit Mop-ley at & -j, o'ekek. * |, Piuao ?r Amtnawra ? In thla-Board the rama pro- r,? needing* were bad a? In the B<*rd of, Al lerti?a p> ead AeeUfaut Aldermen Ward. Al?ued end vi.u arthy an were appointed iha aomtnHlee from tl?U b ard to r? tl port a* eufgaeted In tha meeraga The Board then ad- ? Juuratd without tfan-aautg any other bueineae. n< hi Cliy Intelligence. gt Tai !<> - i It . ? - Tkl* le the title of an i'a! I an b? aewepaper piiMI-h-d weekly In the city of Mew 1 ?rk la Ppiu-c etreat, by Ikeebl dl ' await, a gentleman well ,f known la thw lit*rary world f>r hi* taleuta and acqn1rem> nte, and eetwrmnd for hit amiable eoelal a.. I *, ino'al qualitl** by all who know I iin Tbie Italian hi J- araal (Iha nwly one la to# I Blted Mlatea) I* well wi- ?* ducted, end cot,lain* article* admirably written ; the ra rt]l*l*pii* elegant end cha'te ; the ruble*** are new- ?, ful and loterwetlog We wowld therefore efrougly ra- tb e<n>n.ead It!* /D'lal loill *01 to in ?? *> koiff studying the Helen laaguege, well a* to tl.r?e ?hn or* already proficients lo u T? I ho*, ah |,a >'r?Mh. It require# eery iltUa labor au4 ef. w f> rt to read aad order* ten 4 tb* Italian rol? pi-M ag la Ml*Hh lt? beautiful aalaatloae. it* well wrltta* /1 ait trie* and |**>nl *>, pub ?*? ?<! we?u? -If *1 4er?hl 41 ? a*all. ?lll ha frond a great aid ant h-l* la it, Italian student*, aad unit# aa n.|ul*UI'>o la Italian * 1*..?. ? n I g llalMikeii liana . IsriinranTi r<e Hoaoa** ?Ha ar* l-ifrroiad that tli* M?*#ra Ht???n* ?r- pr,p? lr t > arret a I|'(> suaber ef aoaafnrUbia daeiilag h oe<? at Hob k*n ?blrh will be rnatpleli d by the raining autumn rh?p h??* .. determined to rednw* thalr rate ferriage fr >11 sis to f< or oral* being the ram# rate bow charged by tha Jet- ^ aey (lip bttj it tr also intended *(1*117. to a-atOtenra running the ferry throughout tbe twenty font b in Tbe*e irr*s(in<*ti ?M add greatly to tba _ sla* of tbrlr property ml tb# *<>ar?al*asa of tba M?'?* _ j g | Tm* Ciimiiiii l(i iiniK i? 1 A trial of a ai | ?ety Important ehara tar baa Ji>*t be*a eon<-lnJ-d ba- tl for* tha bnyreme < oort at Halirai N g Injf- I!alt- pi I bnrtoa presiding Tha ll'lgast* war# the Mt Iter. a irhwp Waleh aad taanp| arVa It appaar* that T ( er'ta wba prate*da to ba a ? atheilr Mr d a pee la ra tbe bishop's church. wbare be regularly attrad-d. f"? If the parpies It would **?m. of tasul'lrg tlah" p, br and erodtr g at tbe religion* sgareleea of It* rhm^h, n of wblcb h* pretended to be a areaihar t or lh#-a la. t< deeet ate# he waa formally a**- mmanleated and forbid In to enter tb# abnrab. and?r pain of Iraurrtng an addl- *1 tional aioommnaioeti'n Netetthitandlog thla h# pi attempted to aatar tha ehnreh and war torHbly tl ejected bp tb# set ton j for tbl*. artea hroagh' aa no ir tlon fat trespass against tha blehap Narsral of tb* dl < atholle alargymea of Mallfbi war* wltaaaaaa a* tb* ?< rreaelon and gaee amy lnt> reeling faeu r?*per'mg K the right* rf *r* l#(y aad tha prlrileg.* of tb* ftlergy. a* p regard* the dtenlpitn* of the alh >11* ? hurob. la tarn. ,, p- ral a* well a* aplrttaal wm'ters la this and < tber ri if ur trlee The Jary affar beti.g oat near twelve boars, tl ware arable to agrre. aad arte dl-harged - fi,ii>* | I/M'l n?IM. fit 4 I Dram or r??? T Pt?* ? la I at* M*ileam pap*r? ra wl??< In Ntt t>?l?ar?, lh* dH'k of f?o? y tn? la M- | II* ?* ra* of tb* mo*t ?mU*r>t lawy*r? hit or UBtTJ rr*? prrturtd, *a* an Hfbtoard ?t?'**tnao. r l pn?**i**t withal th? IraiMi and oral o<>ura(* lo ?l'hrtar<1 v>| nlar r aianr. or d*f? tb* latrl?o*a of faetloa. ah*a?r?r tbry ?*t* hr<??ht to b*ar acalaat ai?*>ar*a h? h?l? f anuria* ?" tb* oatula ?Wj ?r th? # 1 rat nrlfar* ?? ?h* trpnblln It baa h**a tht ?tai it?M if Mulw 1 ho* ta b*t blatary m a aatl*a tav aarb ir.n app*ar la plaaa rr prrarr aat tbna* f*a fa? htltf p-rl-ta rata I'ma f r?na b?*aia* Pr**t<t*at of tba r*pt>hll* at Ik* t>n* ?l tb* war alik tba I alta4 b'at?a It aaa anilar Ma an?pl**a tb* traaty of p?a?* ?a? a a<t* art It ?** by kta It aaa raUM, aft*f Hr>t?ia. lb* Pra<l<t*Bl *l*at. f*arlt( p polar la4t(oa tl<r, art tb* nab*In af in* ktn'aatai*, ahoaa?4 tba >??p< wlkilWj 11 a<1rnrati*a ot g It, tat . oiait *J , tb. ?k*i|na at h?a y laaa, a* ri?aM**t, md tmtrtm. bp ] < ot?r.a*. J "l> r*? < !***?. h~at<t*? thn** ?n|r*?*t ?a tb* rar*a?a t| boat, t ar* h*ra fmta lb* *a?t?? b>u?* at . * tattaib, ta. ! JR 11 A The Poll Ural Condition or Persia. (from the Calcutta Kevin* ] On paseinc events In Peral* we muet be allowed to xpreea ourselves with some reserve Mahommed Shah lied at Teheran on September 6th. 1848; the officers of .he British asd Russian mixtions immediately rode j?>?t to Tabriz to proolalm. and bring to the capital, ilg eldest eon Nasslr ed-dln Mlrza who had beeo separately and conjointly recognised by the Courts of it. Semes and St. Petersburg!) a* the legitimate suo lessor to the throne. Persia bad been eo much habitrated of late ia all measures ef state policy to receive itr impulses from the Kuropeau powers, that probably inder any circumstances the simple declaration of the irltlsb and Kueeian ministers would have suHlced to cttle the immediate question of the suoeesslou lu be actual posture of affairs the acijulescenoe of the lation in that declaration was inevitable; for, of the (* competitors who could pretend to exercise any Inluencc on the general body of their countrymen, one. labw an Mirsa. wss In honorable exile at 1'iflU. and all be others were refugees at Bagded In the provinces. Jso. the peasantry and tribesmen were everywhere too ntent upon their local emancipation to take heed of n abetraet matter like that of the succession It may c said, then, that the llustlan and British missions, nd a mere clique of notable*, (who bad. however, euttl lent influence at the capital to MM* public property t> be respected, atid generally to prwenc disorder) ef cted at the moment a transfer ef kingly power, to 'hlcb, In the best appointed times r.t former Persian lstory, the path oould have only lain through long venues m imrigur ina niooa. j ne cdpoiihuj uiiuis?r ?a*. of eourse harled from power. and only escaped he popular fury by taking sanctuary. The loo. k goernois generally ware expelled from tbe provinces, and ha garrisons either saved themselves by a preolpitata treat, or. wbare tbair numbers admlttad of defense, hut themselves up in citadels and awaited attack, 'be young Shah encountered no opposition wbaterer n bia march fr? m Tabriz to Teheran. Ha made bla ublic entry into the capita! an October 21, and thu* odrd the first rcene of the drama The second scene is n<>t yet played out. or at any its we are uot yet acquainted alth lta reeult la India; ut as far as tt has gone, it is of a much less agreeable haranter than its predecessor, and tt adumbrates pro, resslve trouble In the dlspoeltion ot the Sbah, so >r as his lander age and hitherto obsaure career afford laterlala for inquiry, in the coaatituiiou of the court, i the state of parties, in the internal condition of tbe suatry, and In its foreign relations, ws look la rain r a single element of strength, or a single oharaotsstio of permanence. When we say that .Nasser-ed din hah Is a mere ycnth of eighteen years of age, It may ? understood that tor a oon iderable any rate, e must be a mere cypher iu the government which he i supposed to wield. Tbe longer, too, that his nonage tay extend, tbe Irae probably will his country suffer; >r sf all the characters that might pertain to an irreponrible monarch ws should apprehend the greatest anger frem one. which, to tbe rices of tht voluptuary, dded ti e slus of ignorance and obstinacy, and the lore terrible traits of cruelty and rersDge With resrd to tbe ministry, our only consolation If that It moot Inst and thataay change must be for lbs better fatuous priest has been sueoeedsd by a timid scrtbs, nd the Incompetency of the ons is scarcely less obtraotira to business thau were the eccentricities and isllgnsnry of the other. The state of parties Is etill lore pregnant wllh nil; fur. over and above the t vo i? at faction*, the Toorka and Peratana. which hare Itberto. Id apirit at any rate, divided the kingdom nd which (having whetted their appetite for blood in iany an encounter daring the raoeut oonvulalm In lie province;) may be expected to be henoeforward ledged to Internecine druggie, leading too probably ) the dlamemberment of the empire - there may now a < i ei<iered a third patty, whloh decree nothing iorr than to promote taic rtriiggle. and to protlt by te uiutual eihanatlon ot the combatant* We do not link it wtrth while to partieularlee petty auction* or itre peraonal dlvlelcna; although aome ol three euch ?the tribe party of the oeea mother another Orlen- . d Aleerallna, to ay very poeaibly play an important ] art in the future government of the country; lor If a al i rial* were imminent we conceive that all other ellng would yield to that of a dlatmetlon of race, or to ] ie calloua calculation* of Individual benefit. On the Interrnt condition of Perri*. and on the prent aspect of ite foreign relatione, we eonld any much. 1 our epace permitted, but we have already exceeded I ie ordinary llmlta of a political article and mail haa- . n therefore rapidly to a clove In every quarter >era ia abundant cauae tor anxiety, and few, very tew. 1 lut gllmmerirga of hope. The rock upon which the | ivernment of the country will tlrat apllt will be a want i tunda to defray the mo*t ordinary and limited ex- l ndlture The treasury ha* been drained of it* laal i ... .. A __ ... I,?U nr. ) .l..ll> . *..< It. K.I.. ... entitled; for naitbcr will tba proxlnc*- nftar tli* It- i nae of an lateiregnum. ami wltb the MMdNNM recovered ?tr?B|('li ba Induced to anhott to aia?- i cue, n?r al l tba price* go < amor* who bare baa* ct to raptaoa tb* *ut>-rdluat* ebiaf* employed durI the lata r*l<ti and wbo will eaob endaaaor to e?bli-h bt* owe independent aourt. ba la any hurry to ctrlbut* thalr quota of rurenua for tb* auppurt of >* eantra'pm* erntrent It nfW h? d?n?"<r"u# aga'n ? i I ary rat* wtall* Ua 'Kfi d?ra rt rrym mi iUi" luitii r the fta* action of tb* goternmiui to attsmpt to avrae th* praut* to axtvaratfantly laililird by Maho- I 1 iad Sbah aod hi* inlntet*r upon un??rtby object* I I'Ubout pretending, I mi- ad to vaccination It *?*mt . . u? tlat the ruatainini; or motite poaar of tb* * ? rtinent no lorger eilata. neither can tt ba rene ??c; ' Dd that when the ortf'ual Itnp. t** I* loat. tb* wb-*la I tb* machine accordingly u?u > eaa>* to work. Tb* panaral ooDdltloD, too of the province* l* hardly i ?? unfavorable to tba <>B*olldatlrn of tb* young ! on arch* powar, tbau an amply trrcury au<l luipo- . 'at and divided council* In no(|U?rl?f. * *ia? *?fa *ay. I* tber* any fvallng of aoobdanc* la tba ?i*hill- ! r ttth* y vernuont. i ue public mlud I* "till h?ar ; g with tb* agitation of tbr many local raaolutlon* tneh f< l|ow*u on th* death of tb* ?hab andeit*a?lv* MM ban *ino* |.r< km out In M*/*?der#n. lepahan. dherman aimed a'n I nH (llwllf iji rut t'ia 11*1 In* government Kborrafsan. h*wi??r. uodoubtly iwdf Ulb *r?a'*?i i ?u*c l< r ap(T*bon?b>n Krar or# th* A**ct ?d I'out h th* h ad of the old r*r*lan l?ty. a a* removed,about twoyatr* ago l'r.>m th* go rrment il tb* province. t?ry great diaoontaatliu 1 >vall<d generally throughout that part of Ui* nylon. An aoctdmt. rhortly before the death the Nbah bronght thl* dlieonlanl to a head 1 rui"'i m* j '|n.|*'i u or im**"** mi n-ma .ainrtib* Tixirk garrison. wbl-h ball tb* el'adal. 1 h* old llii**lao <,oion*l. (hot <>r tb* ?ar a army, bit l<n*alan rtfnya*. who *t)t*r?d tb* I'rralan erTlea itrty y*ar? ago. anil I* lb* nio-t cfflrlvnt military j III I at tb* dlapoaal of tb* Sbali ) who command* J t'm 1 Dork I ti, ad* a brat* d?'*tie? but * < e'mn*ll*d at ' ogth to *taeaat* tb* f la**, aod to r*itr* with a r*iuimlt bin (dicm ai,d with tli* prlac* gorwrnor ol tn? , - '1 - ~f f Tl k at V.aboar* I Khan win bit hatrtd with a eoaa?d*iabln army from lltrat am c lr fi r th? r*Haf ol Va*h*d but with a*l?w of i rrrpm* tb* country In lb- general arrambl* and an- ( *ilt>ir anbap* a portion of tb* hbora*tan territory t> ? ,r fit baa principality k at Mah' ared K ban mad* an j trmpt t<> carry Maabrd but fall*d tb* kb'ra?*B'ila try aot l??* lareUrat* agalnat tb* \ffgb*o? than lali at tbcTorrkr aad baring B"? put forward tba *"a tb* tiNl ol t>onl?h a* thrtr yum 1nd?r>*o 1? ot l*r It woald bat* b*?o *a?y. w? bwllwta, for tb* ura Shaba pot?raB*iit at thl* ?tag? of th* affair to ii* brought about through H >ti-b ai*diatloa. tba ttnvfbl* rubral*,Ion of tb* pr*tlno* TbaKbora* m* ?*tr r**o|T*d to bw Bo long*r traaipUd n? by tb* ldt*ry of Ai*ihi;aw. tb*j b*d mrrcli*?aly m?w?orr i 1 < ?ik? wb*r*t*r ib?y bad lall*o iato tb*ir ban l?, id prooialn.rd agvn-t m a war of *atwrmlaa'loo, it lb* Balar a# tb* A***f *d lb n!?b *? ?? nam *4, id bo pretention to aat*r tb* ll-U a* a competitor ik Vaidtrd din Shah firth* throne II# b <a?t*d. d**d to* aided tba foial oair* ia forcing tb* ffgbana to ratlr* toward- Harat . aad tba m rat to Itch at tbat ttaia ba ??*r taa'arwd toaapira.wa? , at eli bar hla fatt er or hia**lt rbohld g r*ra Khran aa a #*f of lb* aoiplta that la. t? ba planed la faat, . n atlilBd ?b tb* aaio* foottBff bhloh Mahom*d til ' r*k* bad bwwn allowed to ownwpt la bta |nrm?*a' At r)pt tBd*r lb* Sullen Tba alelatry af tb* Hbab. " I. ***m# to bit* mot! m inein?t"?i* repng me* In lb* la*u?*r*tlon of th* n?w r#lgn by neg~*t* ? with party flo-h-d till trtcmph l?l tllll ?! ' hltlng M attitude ><f deft* are It im Judged In yniM lilt ln?urf*nl* ( r* or. . i,r.< to say term* for a p*rm*n??l - 11 ? eat of lb* yrt tiann aad rriaft>f**a a?t* if rd giy irat to fchcrataaa to co-operate with tb* ff%rrt??n Mch III) Micuilff M*?h*d but which III I I III oand en [.pot led by > ar .Mah- m*d Kbao i army apoa it Mtrat rroatler Tbttt r'lnf m?a' b'i a< nelatiag irla*lr?ty af Aaoiti^aa trnop* wwro h-*t?* >-tt fr-m it flrit tow a which they attacked after ?U'U( l|? ratfaro: ar<l tbcy haiifliia ra'I red toward* Tthrraa, bar* eflcrt* art b*lag act mad* t* rapport th. m hat the aiiattitr ba* pledged bimttlf tn r*dat* Kkc> ?'?? " real* ya'il coafe." would b* af llttl* e*fi*?i*?a*o It "JicTrly larolttd the <jn**tlon of bit peraooal f*t*, t. ui.f nucatelj there arc far gr***r iat*r**u *on irard la fh* eoamtt. Aroordlug to oat *t*a. It I* t<a wihic that th* Toark yoko rhoald b? a|t n rfulenily iprctil ra Khorat'an and tb* proiongatloa tb* fvggi*. therefor* la liter*** ng th* *ia*por*M-n af tun* would appear to render onlt acttaia tb* ir***>a*d dl'ittemb*rm*at of th* kingdom Tbtr* I*. I ideed. an aitereatlr* *ht*h ha* been already fr**ty lerueeed and abltk might ba adopted, la order to prtrat tblt di*ia'tgri>tioi) of tb* emulr* An auilhary weelca army might b* dl**mbarb*d at A*t*r?b*l aud 1 ntbtd oa tn Veeb*d tlth*r la atowtd eapp'irt of tb* tyal ran** or preliminary to aa ar*ang*ment of th* ime natar* *o that which m*d* Hn**ta tb* arbl?*r of l<? de*i(ai<* of tb* Danabiaa prla?ip*litl** ?ad led to rpre**at poratatioat ooctipatio* of Oorbar*et **d a?ey It won Id h* prrmatar*. at prewwat, to dl**o*e th* eeataalttl** cf raeb a mor*m*at Although lod**d. :??*!* ha* ?o*a alth gr?at eoaewra tb*progr**? of onr IB* lath* faajauh aad wouM a???r*dly d-*lr* to r*?ea the * fleet OB Aff?baat?tan ?f our looa ' B a- r*.ha*?r aad Dhlapor. w* doubt *eo*? llrg f aftot tb* att*B?i?a ?*amin*tl<?a of her oar*?r a th* f.a#t that eh* w.nid Inear tb* rlek t pi*o*at ?f military oporaiiooa la kh<wao*aa t aaticlpat* that *t* will aoatiaa* for com* year* ri ger the earn* < ore* of gradaal !****? thai *b* ba* arenrd elnc* tb* Iffihu ** I h? effect of th* *aa e.eha of *1 dm ?h*h up*>a the felatl** pel an * ? ? I i I'll < f th- < ll 'i ? '< f ftlin* Itrh M.Mud"* ? 4 Of Mah laneA rah ) !> a* *? b?l litfi atli'iaai '??tla i.ipi. ait. Ulf, an4 p.rhapa aito ?o<?t tha H uiitaa pr?4? rolnaraa mt? aarta'a. A ??rt Man of popularity mmy po..|h|j alt*0'1 tha ttrat ,4lr atWa of oar KltiaM ao||otl?<la fh* rarata. hat Hal wa 'hail 'ail lark Itf a?r nOary pnrtttoa UMia tha Mhfl of aiartfaa m; ha a?ar, ?M that ?4 LJ>. | TWO CENTS. fruition may arrlra, we bold to b? neoemary eoa*euuence of the nature of thing* Jt* for. ioderd, Hut tie Mi the ran yr>u self A ?*/?fy *)* tkf inraptktlity nj a toy king, and the incobrr'Hcy of * divided fovtmmmt, to for it may he pretnmrd tkot the i?<lib* prepared to puib en her approaehet That the will replace her minion Iiahman .vtirza In the government i f A zrrbljan may be considered ii.evitab'e; that ?he will etrenatben heraelf at Asterahe.l and pu.b her feeler* Into Kboraaaan. I* squally to be eipe ated; that *b* will further control Hie court and through tbat control will make bereelf felt the authority of tha court extend*, le hardly to he doubted, (an we write, we bear of the arrival at Teheran of a .plendld Rutelan em ha*ey. conducted by I.lout General 8,-biUlng, and charged oeten-ibly with the empty !nrtn of congratulating the new monarch on hi* aeeeaslon Wa ahall be surprised if thi* embassy doe* not replace Bahniun Mlrza In Tabrix. obtain further grants in taterabad and p.rbap- eatabliah a eon-ulate at He*h? i ) hut to adopt any more active oonrfe of Interference before theeutburat of tbat dnmeatie crl?l?, which may be Imminent. and cannot he very blatant, would be to stultify her pre.Ion* caution and to plunge herself into needier* eiubarrarruienta By what measure* on the part of f.rglaod the armed lnter.en'inn of llu??ie In the north or In the east of Persia if e..r It should take place, would require to be met would depend n >t lem upon the Kuropeen combine'l ira tn which in the meanwhile the eleetlon of Louis Napoleon to the pre. rldeney of the trench republic, as other oauses m'gbt bare led, than upon the rtate at the Mui* of the tinauoee ef India and npnn the degree of fluty and seeuity which might hare been obtained for our northweetern frontier. Tileatrls-nl and Musical, Bo'om Thxstbc -Two superb and rnagniflC'int p'ecca were Clavrd last nlaht at this theatre an I aa wan ta be expected with such a programme, baf >ra a moat croaded house tbe " Wand-rlng law" which admired tba more It Is imn ; and the ' Slat* of Caniorn " It la but common justice to tba excellent rtmpany ot tbi? theatre. to nay that tb-tr p-rformanea ot their several parti iu both pieces. but especially la tba " Wandering lew.*' *i< such as to add d*erv#ily new and more biilllant laurels to their hrowa I'ua t?o Mian Uanlna especially. at tb< t >o rii'rri, form a lovely pair, and represent 'he orphans, nucb as n^eoa Nun ba? de-rribrd tbetn. to tbe very life Mr dtev-na, Mr Wtuann Mr Arnold, and Mine Wernyss. deserve particular naullon tor the superiority with which tbe pn niltient parts they play are throughout eoactad. I bin btng, again here ta a bill of lavttlug beauty rpread befote tbe publ.e Bsoaowat Taiifu ?Tbe rapidity witb which new and legitimate comedies are produced at this bouse, keeps pace with tbe Increasing admiration of tba public tor the logittmats drama I.ant evening, the loi. u Itable corns dy of George Col-man the you agar, entitled " The Jealous Wife," waa produred here for tbe Cist time; Mr. Wbeatley as Mr OaUey. Mr. Blab* perfuming Major Oakley, and Mrs Barrett tba elegant and interesting character of Mrs Oakley, this is < ne of the fluent comedies lu the Koglisb language; Indeed, we look lu vain In tbe productions of modern writers, for such produe'loua of sterling merit as etnsi afed from the pena of tbe twoColemens. Sberidsu, Inchbald, and their e<'temporalis* Tbe revival then, of thene old playt- old aa to the period of their birtn. hot new and rich In language and incident to every age ?shows that tbe manager of the Bri?d*ay It sensible of tbe taste of th# lovers ol tbe drama of the present da* I lia nxcell-nt eoniedT ot " l.s ish U'Sss I ou < an " concluded the entertainmmte; aud dee pita of tbe melancholy gloom (bat perredei tbla eoui.nuaity. In orDHrijumc* ot the end cntectropbe which hae rolenl i neb a racilfloe of human IIfa thoae aho vara pre-rnt foui (1 tbat thryrcoald laugh and did to Ibelr brarte' con'ODt Brrnion'a Thiiui - Aa wa anticipated, the epler dl 1 programme cf entertainment! which ea< ann mooed to >e performed I act aeening drear a toll and overflowing Houeo The'- Serious Kamlly " which h?- now entered it* ninth week, aaa wttneeaej with uudiiuluUhed in Ureal and |afred iff amldat flattering symptom- at ipprc ballon It eeld-mily aeem* gaming Inetead ol using ahtrb one might suppose trom lie nuiueroua raprerentath na?In the estimation of the publlj, and fn m the recepttf u which It mat ?ltb last night, wo nay with eertamtjr ptedlnt a yet long and brilliant liateav. 1 he peHormauOae concluded Wltn the faro, lie r< rnrdy <1 the " ind hutch tsoaernot " wnth wit neeuted In an nduilrabla style and draw forth long and Will merited applause lo-night the Nrrtoue family." and nieman'e taraa ?f V 1 Wa may expert to ree anatber crowded nimbly ( Heat eat''a Nenoaei. Tkihii ? Mlae Julia Tarnbull the dUtlagnUhed /* ? ?. wae recelaed laat night, at tba National, with thunder* of appiauea liar ap i-.arai ce on the aUge wa? the elgnai for l< ud and long continued chei r*. Her band-om* figure, aeeompllahad p, ifoimance, elegant feari 4* dense, and graceful air tad moyamente centlnued at etary in-taut to laeraaao ti e Jurat* In her furor Toe piece in which a'ia appeal eo I* a splendid rpeelaeie. What a eight t > ?eo' An ir.fcii filled with b-aut>tui nymphs batmag m tue Hi, pid itriatu eouiblug their beautital treaana. aad languishing on tba blue water- Ilka Venn* on her coi ckai throne' She will appear again to night, enC ni| anted with all ber beautiful traiu d iorely lalada Mi ii iirt l'i Tiitarat.? 1 eitarday areniag the entertali nu lit* ci uioenced with tbe come Jy entitle 1 ' Dalicafe Ground or laid* la which wai executed la a manner that gave undiegutaed tati'(actio* Mr. Walrot and MIm Taylor acre a* nic--??fui a- tear. It *a? encoeeded fur the flrat time bare, by a comedy *?II led " A tv, nderful VV. man '' and tbe fa"0> of the k I wo .Vrrtanlra" which pa-eed off with a real la at rncr'-a >r Pie id e b<> made ble flr-t appearance at i( ? ?c In iba I' tart piM?, and of Ml. uruaa la tba lattar trt?d allh adml'sh ? ahl.l'y, an I drod forth fr*ijn?nl and w?ll merltad applanaa fi >?n a numaroiia II It ilellgtlad aujlnti'-a I ha a'!iu<?'n?Dt4 run iludad with tba laughsMa fare* entitled ttia I'riuil ** >ry bolt," nbteli afforded Inffnl'a plea bra and 111 rrlni' Bt. alii b- performed tlia " tineauabary la'e" lb* ''WtadMlal Woman.'' Iba ' Two Ma* rbabiea." and iba l. roan frlort " Italia* Oilli.?T? bight. -Ill ha porfortaad Molart'a rtlabial'd opera af u Dob (Jloaabl.' Ilfi'l hrrturca ail) auitala tb? cbaraeter of /atllaa; dig Irrtl lLat of Don Otlsrlo, and M*. Uenerentann, that ft' 1 on (itoiannt Ir m tba *a parlor itjla la ablab Vr Vwatsrh distinguished traupe aiacatat thla iniaiitabir prodaatlon. mm may with rertalaly calm tola bp?o a aioadad attralanee. < naiatt I Una* lim n ?Ihla baad. ana amnotlag Ir |?r|n lu a umber mat ba 0-atldereii ma of th boat ' ifan ??d la tba aatlia 1 a Ion la fart, tba ataltarreb b?r? i-aiiy mil uaand genuine rapreeaa'a'lon of Iba regm fare All tbanitty eejtaga faa and merrla*at -bieb mat am i a Una eiaa*. a.* rayr?aaat*4 to tba ?*fy HI* lb llechesdr* Halt Hut w* isn't not forget that th? memb-ri of this band are all risattabt mottrlane Ooald a eolo ob lbs guitar la a maa'ar pier*, lit *! lln p ajar ?i acute* -Ith aasataaas and taata, and Iba baa in plater* ataftiat rata Added to all tbla aMiae'toa ara a variety of plata'-lta. beauMfal main, dlaa a Inch art rvadared nltb grant roaal at Hi by K P. Cbuaty and aa axeaUrat eboroa Aaiaua* Mia* ?i?Tba large aaaral.Ugea that ttery dap attend tbl? fa tot, t* *taO,l*hineat are afraetrd by tba turprlelag (yarns tla ball of tba Martlaattt laatlly 1 hay also apyar la tba paatooilm* of tba "Brarlat Head" Tba aaadarllla riapMf notion# t" delight Iba tl*ltar? bt tbatr oaaaliaat dratnaUa rap room tatlt tia Tli>; Id tbo la ?o nf tho Mlral r?*?? " Tki* pla?? of oBuoomaut oo-m? to bo o??ry 4*y l?foali| vary popular r??ort. oud juotly o? aa, Itilrt tk? oiiMtariit <i( Mr Wroonouod tko f roatoat t.ottaa ta paid to the ootnfrt of tkopotroao of tUU tk> otro of ooootty aad pioaouro A kriinmt' fn<n?(, of tko kattlo of Rooooa >lo la Polnio to bring oxblbttad fW afbodort ot tko Koaatoia Hoto|. Park Row Tko artM A if do < botilloa. o? oato to Horo oarofully Otadlrd tko aaart a< tbo < and pilrotr* ao tkr; appoorod oo lab tlo t old ao boo kooa olto*tod h* o lottar froa . irara Torino aad tko traarforrtng of all th?o# lot?r??tiad la oldoata abtch oonorod oa taa' aoanraba day. ta Ma no a too* dlrployr groat artlotle * kill aad oblutf. Tha pint ura rrtat ta rlrtdly portray all tbo llfb aad laallty of an ro|i|oarol. tbo p.>rtraiio rf tbo idoort ta tla Hold koriag broa droaa ta aataro Tbo oibiMtloa wtM I.mala op. a flrr-B taa t? thrr? o'alneh oaab lai, Mil Rota day a* it Wo aro lof r?*d tblr boaaMfal tablaaa bao bora oimatod f-r tbo rity of MaoblagV-a aad atll booibtbtt*'! la tbo r?opo< tiro oltlor through ahlak It III | aro tolto dTOtlnallaa. Mn 01 i no. M hlto fl?r?Badorr (too aaothor of tkolr lamlrf oatortalaaioota thlo atoning. at M Boaary. Toooooona - Martial o dnaatina nnaaort will mao off na Ttnrrdoy oroMaf. Km* all ao roa loora tha 1 abrroanlo will bo on?wd?d Tbo pUaaaro nf hearing An# ibooIo alrb tbo groat rhaaaa of roaotrlag a d .watt, a for flfty rent# aro Batt-rr that Boot doal lodtf dro" a largo aoaembtage aa that aranlng. Tbo daaatl-w IB' tint to 4Sd, ahlrh Boot bo dMtnbatod aoaf tbo Moot or tht ftiion hi imi - A norrooprradoat of tbo Kaatpnit (Mr ) An- 'io-t, r^rlilaf of tko inu dor of It? Pat?Boa oad tbo ooni.ootton of Dr W* briar with It. rotr. " I giro oo oBU'-nt rtoat.t at my aa tbnrlty ahllo Plidd'.a d.ionf om natttng up hto Tlnttm aa irtrhmo. nnoor'naaiiy oaplnyad obaat tbo l.alldlag tprnod tho door of nta toob aad dtocarrrod him at Mo drnadtal ta?t ; ahoroap.a. tha i til.... * >...I ot I. lo. with f r out in Tinowor ood him irw him ihut <! h it?4 ItM HI* lr?i m^iiM * <"I in h- In f-iil m l?m-?n?b? hrainKm In |mr rm)S*lh'?i??; h>lt f.i*?ln? iho MUHIMMl* h<* MM. h II m'll It B-?4 fklrg < ? rf tb? ! ?? l-n? rf (* !* >t<i|ta? h kit ntt Dl hi* t??M It In I Bt * h??h J hut "II I ? "t d"?nl? him will ik* hl??f l?1 h* rn? >| ><r f intt **>"t *|| th? I tti>i>|K|> IMi h? ! ? ? *r ? tnlfvuhal limhtl 111* irnfimio, !> | * >n/ rvmtim ? ri? ? *rlli? r?* h? Wmti i* g<*? Hum fiffrt f" r hM ! ? } <1 llm* Mil ?himi tl<? * itjim. ?t *r.?f??i??t HWntl ubti It il'Dti wi m r?? luiitii) l? lln- ruiHlri <4 lip li'lati ' ? Irfthmin ??< M.b-r^itili? la?w*?tl I* rift'*** ?* n? ' I? * by It.

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