Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1850 Page 1
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r t ????????? ????mm i. TH I Im 6727. Oar Ctllftrnlt Corrrapoudenca. ski mameato Cut, L'rrsa Caliiobmia, / December 21, 1849. ) fjutrlanj Ron It to the Digging i - Suffering* on the Way? Sickiuti at the Mints, 4 c. I arrived at " L??raon'i ranch," the first settlement on our road, on tha 26th September, having left oar company and train on " Gooea ereek," about nine hundred mitre from Lawson'e, In the Indian territory. I I did ? on aeoouot of my oxen having given out. They were too old and notable to etandthelonijourneT.and ly 1 could not procure any better kind at Saint Joseph's, cattle being very icaree. I left our train with the Intention of walking. and succeeded in doing 10, and arrtred raMy at Lawson's, the first settlement. I will not detain jou by relating my sufferings, from hanger and thlrat, baring travelled frequently thirty-five and forty mile* a day,on a single meal, over mountains and through deserts all alone, making it a rule te stop with some wagons at night, and then start early in the morning. When 1 got to Lawson s, 1 was In capital health, and as ragged as a bear, but was entirely destitute of funds. S proeeeded to feather river mines Immediately, and 1 hired myself out for fire dollars a day and provisions. &e. I worked bard about two weeks, and was doing Tery well; bat unfortunately wn taken down with a "violent fever snd lay for nearly three weeki Incapable of doing anything, with a doctor attending me. I suffered very luucb. without a friend to wait on me. or ad. minister to my necessities. Were it not for a naturally taring corsUtution, I would never bave recovered. I had no drink of any kind but tea. not being able even to prccuru a pot of gruel, or any nourishment of any kind, but lalt poik and bail As so in as I was able to go about a little, the rsiny season set in, and I was compelled to leave the mines, (not havingfroTi. eions to support mc if l remained,) and waa obliged to walk one hundred miles, nearly half the way through marshes and swamps. Br the time I got here I was almost ss sick as ever, and was taken down with a vio. lent dju-ntn. I had to be und?r a teuton the damp ground, n't betrg able to procnm pnper accommodations in this cltv. Kor some t'm? I did not think I would survive. One man died of the same complaint with which I was suffering. We were both taking medicine out of the rame bottle; he died in the same tent with me. lam now recovering slowly, but hsve been incapable as yet ol hard work, and It beinx utterly impossible to procure any situation, and my funds being abovt out. I really know not what to do I have been Vrcmifted a chance of engaging in the daguerreotype buhinee* as soon as tbe dry searon commenees It Is jpril>?ble I will tnuage in it if I do not go to the mines. "The mines sr* en'lrely misreprtsentsd in the States. I Jo not believe that one-ball' engaged in mining are paying expenses, and confoundnd four are making their piles as fast s< some people r? present. I will not say anything a' out the climate; tu!!lc? It to s?y, th?t from what I have experienced. It do s not suit my o >ustita tion. aid I do not like it at all. I much prefer that ot the'States, atd wish I was th?re now. I expect you bare read encn^h of Incidents &e . In the newspapers without my ent rin? Into deta'ls, which woul l roeuov ?our tlm? ?nii mini You muat excuse this bad'.j- v rittea letter, aayou wilt bear In mind that I am only recovering from a lit of ?ickne>>e. and ri ry low la fleeh anil ftrnnyrtb and incapable et much exertion. 1 hope in my next to glva you a more flattering account of my j>ro*pect*, ke. c. v. a. 8*i? Kritciko Deo SI.1S19. Secretary Clapton and California Politic*?Tkt Boundary Line Between the United S'a'e* anl Mexico?The Sicrttaiy cf Slate mid Col. Weller?Jt Brilliant Idea ? One of Mr Claytim't Peculiar Morel ? The Diijirntf 'ion and C?l Fremont?T. butler King trnd the JW,ift of California. Tba election a are over. and our honorable Senator* ?Bd Reprerentatirea leave in the steamer Oregon t ?morrow. The couatry U now auppoaad to be perfect!/ California baa recently been the theatre of some choloe management among politician*, and baa a great leal of unwritten coaiic lilatory. Having lately returned from a long journey from San Diego, vta Monterey and the oapitol, the Pueblo da San Joee, I have picked up a few facta which may prova of Intoreat to your reader*, and which go to ahow, among other tbtnga. the ettimation in which the present cabinet. at Waiaington in h-ld ia this land of gold. At San l>i"go, I learned that the boundary line be* tvoen the I ultedfltatea and Mexico ia nearly r iiiip'.et d from the initial point on the PeciUn. t? Che juon* tlon of the Gila fced 'Jolorado. ?iur?bw moaum?nt* will tare to b? placed upon the point* afoertaibeJ, when till* mott difficult portion of the work will be entirely fiaiahed It i? thought it will be expedient, by "both Col. Weller, the Commli*aioner. ai d Mr. <?rey, tbe Surveyor, to adjenrn the aurvey to Pan) del Norte or tame eligible p< lot in tbat region, from which the work maybe t raaei-uied Cown both (he Hto < it la and Itio alrande.and it? prexreaa thua greatly facilitated In view of the mlaarafcle pittance (>50.000) appro* .prated by Cox>greaa to tbla work, tbe innumerable unfureaean obttas:** occaaioned by tbe gold excitement, and the tCuila of the oabluet to retard operation*, tbe wonder la ibat anything at all hat been accomplished It la generally believed that wh??n the facta relative to tkia matter are laid l<afo?e t ongreia and tbe people, they wlU n"t otily exculpate tbe preaent cominlaeioner In m tha charge of unnecci>>arv delaya but will ahow that tbe eablaet are culpable of tbe m>wt wiilul and intentional defoliation uf duty The? have been guilty of the eai'.ia tMng wi.ich tbe abiga charged ao bitterly and loudly upon tha la?t adamiatratloo-attempta to Tipp.e those in tha public ten Ice who held " a different political faith " It ia a well known fact that the Boundary Com-nts. Montr hae time and again, communicated with tha Slata Department. aaklng f r Instructions with regard to certain puata of public intereat and that not a lia* haa been r?ceiv*d In return. Indeed, tne only comtnunloatirn from the Hon Secretary of State waa a laoonlB note dnted l?tb of Marjh. and .'cut via tha city nl Mexico, iuformlng the e?asniltaloiter that he could diaw no aalary. ileia we ?ae Mr. < U>t?n, two wceka after hia Installation. oanceWlog the brilliant Ilea of afarving a political opponent Into a reeluna'.lon. lie -waited nntil July for thia to operate, and then male one of hit peoa.Ur moraa. It waa <juite elsar that aome evtra al J wont 1 be ntceesary In tha Senate, and ao Hon T Butler King was ant under tha auaplea* of the admlnatration, to ; all furtlia to he returned from tba new 4Late. <_ ?l Kremoat waa known la Washington, to be tba muet pronalaaat candidate tor the Haaate at ihat time in the ooaatry. ao that by appointing hi n ttoandsry ommiaalaner, a triple object would be ealaed. The Secret irv #aw It with half an eya. and tbe c maaiseloa f >r Col. f re? oat waa aent. ifhaaeaepted Mr klng a ehaaae* for the Satiate would be enhanced Col llenton'a Intaence In the Senate conciliated and a hated political eppoaaat lamoved. without tha odtam of appoinUog a whig partlian In kii plaaa. A very pratty plan to be rare; bu*. lika av?rythln< which (.jatton touchae it raauitad In a m >*t mlierabie (allure. Tha bait waa not quite au.Detent *'? Ire oat preferred h a ehaaaaa fnt tba I'nlted Mta*as .Sana ta. to the aouniaalon, and ao. after carry lag tba dl?jenaalUn in hia pooket until he wire both It and I tha Hon ftcrvtan'* patience out. he aent It back ? aa tie*. Tailor did the unaald enlatle <>f Oov Mare* Col t r?n.'ot r*o?lr?>d bi? < buIimji it Mon tar*J, by I.Wut D'llt. who r?ich> d Ciliftiali ab"ut tb* tbo toot of A?|Mt Tl? Hut* OuMttlm umililtl ??lj ti topti ?b?r aad C?l. WilUr up from g?i Dt?ga to look of tor hi* ova ob*oc? f.r tho l attod dltataa faaota, aod to vol90 B*oo*aary luod* apon draft* Col. Kr?ton si a..dC?l Wallar b?ra ai?t. hot notblai oat old fatetir* to tho removal lor ?oma day* At l.agth Col. Hraaioat, b?mg all nady to ?to-i l->r Sio frraucW. bimM tba fubjK-t. aoilng ha hod Uttofi lor bla (Wallar) l-oi? Wa?hla?toa, ?rd praanaad bo (Wfllot) *11 ovororf tb? aatura of tia aoatoat* Col. W, TOflltd, <bat ba ka?w froai raputt. Col f tbaa uM kla ab?n It would ba agrr*abl* to raoalaa than i.ol. W ropllad "any tlaa " Col K. than i*H haw** gotag to fron huelwo oad would pi?f?r dallrerlag hi* Tattar* at 8aa Dlago ' ol Wolirr r>Ura*J to .-on Utaga aftar Bagoiiattag. throagh ? ol I raaiaat, a loaa tor f 10,WU oad that loat ail saanaai of olaotloa to tba Col. Fraaoat *u aaythlag bat idlo, HI* old ?aa Btoa. for rvrtata raaaoaa b?at kanwa to tbaaiaoltaa. b??aa*a bitpiiitioal frt ada. aod ba ?a* alaotad oa (ba (lrat ballot a I altad Plata* Senator, by tba I.??tM?tu?a T. Batlar Klag raoalaad all tbo way to taa ??ta? f..r that high atation. ?bllo tho Iklrd party lataroatod la tha attar, langbad aad woadarrd abat Iba* would Jo oat. Ho iBtaad*. I holla* a to praetlea law for a living, until tba oa bloat fat* thraorh roaoolag blai. Tba iali>l? aorolary of (tota ha< baoa. aiaoo midaaMaor, doing a llttlo job wbleb bad tba latrrlor or of tbo Toot (ifflea wowl4 baaa doaa with "oa?a, aaatnaa* aad daopatah ? Lot Ma hawara bow ba *gala ?a4ortaboa to aieddlo la California p?lltlaa T. Batlor Kiog la ohargod by bla frtead* la ( allforala with bavlag Bag looted tbo latereat* of tba gre*? whig party, to look aftor hi* owa Ha ha* al*o foriaod m law pattntrahlp. havtag rnlfatd bio *eat la tho Houao at Rtpiooratautao laaatiotpatioa ol bit election a* a I nlted Pteta* Saaator, aad latead* praolUla* la gaa Fraaoltao. I *hall wilto you aaotbor chapter la tbo polltlral hi*' U'ty ol thla aaw, but (roat >antry, by tho aa*t ttaaatr _____ _ ADOBE. Ibort Soaaaro an (laodi, Ma.*?? : ? Tbo prlnalpol jobbing aad Importlnc howoo* eagagef la tbo dry goott* trade, ha*o, wa laora petltloaed tbt Lagialature to ba*a a tow aaeeed, with a rlew ol pnttlo| a atop to a */*taa ol ftau that ba* growa up aad praottoed of tot* yea*# among mm of tho maaaftatarer* both at bow?* aad abroad, la *oadlag good* lo thl* mi hot for vale rapraaaatlag tba aaao to ooauia a graatai annbar of yard* or ^naattty than to aotwally tba oaoa la*taaaoa of *aah oowiptolato aro not rara. bat of dailj ooaartowa* dorfag u ?*- n of koalnaoo a* tba booki of owr a notion boaaoo will fblly t?*ttry If tho o*tl at oaly ooataad to a potlt laroowy ttyto of allfartac. I< mlfbt ho alaaaod aador tba baad of trfrka of th< trado," bat oo owttagaoaoly baa tb? flraad baa* rarrto* oa. rro?n tba abooaoo of aay prop*r raatraiat* rbaok* that both boy or aail oallar aro ebaatod oat of tbolr pro nr, aad from which thoy aaa gat ao rodroaa bat b] atarpn*|?4oa of tbo Uglalataro, wbloh I* roadara* laiporatlT*ly aaoeaMry, MIICIAHr. ? m E- NI Our Mexican CorrMpandtMt, Acuri'Lco. Pacific Ocux, Jan. 8, 18! Jlncimt and SftJern -IcapuUo?Jlmtrican Entrrprizt. Acapuleo ia destined to beeome a place of great < merclal importance. A flourishing city oom exl here, founded by the old Spaniarde during the tin Cortex, who la known to have viaited It The ha wm the favorite reaort of the Spanish galleons, frelgl with the rlchea of the Old World, and the point efa meat of the rlchea of Mexico. Karthqnakea and r lutlena bare deatroyed the old town, however, aa mixed end imbeeile raoe are lta praaent oeeupa Dr E. 8 Billlnge. formerly of Vlokahnrg, Mlee., Mr. MeClure, of the 1* loreuoe Hotel, New York, I ieaeed a large heuse fronting the landier. aad ?a ilebed an excellent hotel and infirmary. They hart tained permiatlon from the Mexican authoritlea toi airuot a wbart. at which tbe a'earn era can lie an ( ceive their oral and water, and intend comaaem operatlona immediately. Acapuleo io the nearest t ?n the coaat to tbe City of Mexico, from which it ia tant eight daye travel. The project of a railroad tween tee two points in already mooted. The town boast of on* of the finest and moot spacious harbor the world. and a climate not surpassed by any on coaft. It will jet become a favorite resort for invi afflicted with pulmonary complaints. Our Texas Correspondence* Corpus Chbisti, Texas, Jan. 20,1W Mian Outrage I avi Murder ? The ^kce iiity of Jlctin the General Government to Protect the Frontieri, # < One of those atroeiona and cold blooded-mnrdei freqf cnt In tbi? part of Western Texas, was parpatri ! on Saturday, tb* 12th Inst., about 8 o'olook la | morning, by a party of marauding Llpan Indians, i the most provoking Impunity. Major (.has. O. Bry i on* of our citizens, was barbarously murdered, nea and in tight of Mr. Wood's raneho, which is situi ; rn the river celled the < hocolat*, about At* miles f the ocatt, twenty fire from Corpus Chrlatl, on tha I read to Victoria, and within ten miles of th* Mlsi del Refugio. Major Bryant was from the Stat* ?f Maine; he in grated to thl* country at an *arly period, and tool I active part and distinguished himself in her strug J tor Independence and freedom, and at the time of | assassination he was acting as commissary tor the o pany of ranger*, ordered cut by the Governor of 1 1 State in June last, and was on his way to Austin * the account of the same, when he met his unhappy f ! He was a man highly esteemed, and a man of abll energy and general business habit*; his untimely : foul ttd is a fcrious loss to our community in gene ' He was a good neighbor and a worthy citizen, and l( all of us sincerely lamented and will be uiu-.h mlji Ibis unfortunate man has left a wife and seven c J dren to Isment his untoward fate, who loubtla** bare too much causa, in tb? bitterness of their angt: ard the world's coldness, to cursa the barbarous savs who thus wantonly deprlvtd them of their legltlta {rctettlon and rtnl support. The information gl y a Vr Welder, who lives at or near Wood's rauc ! upon this act of cruelty, is. that the Indians were < I gulsed in the habiliments of Mexicans and Americi which doubtless threw poor Bryant oS his guard i caused him to allow them to approach him. as t seem to have done withe ut resistance or th* slighi demonstration, for his arms were still on his saddle i he was speared both in the back and breast The dlans stripped blm entirely, and left him like a wber* b* fell, wall-wing in ls own gore. In sight of I Wood'* people, at the raneho. who saw hiui fall. ; could render blm no assistance, the Indians being nutterous for their small band of three. After bartarous act was completed, tha Indians can Brjabt'* horse, which through flight had ran off s gatheied up the clothes tbiy had rtrtpped the corpse, and esrrled every thing away with tb i except his hat atd an empty puree, which were lot hi r.r lYitt l.r.i! v thaw klcA iltnwa r.fF aKnnl fiiim Kne belonging to Marsr*. Wood and Walder, as mncb their leUure a* If driving off their own, nroperty; s ore Indian bad tba audacity to return (liar they 1 gone M ine distance, and drove off with the utmost o tidence lint ten or twelve horses mote which bad b< lelt behind. All tbU ? ? done In eight of Mr. Welti one of the owners of tba horse*, wfco eonld not ren pievett tba < centre nee. being obliged to remain at I rancLo 10 de'tnd it in ca?e id neo?*Mty. Therein drubt entertained aboqt these bnrbarlans b-lni{ Lt| ' Irdlsrr, who. efc-n thej came down to the Hulf coi riMird the ilTer Krlo mar it* junetlon v 1th Nueces river, and parsed within a mile and a half the ?til).bur springs and thence down the north bi ; of tie .Aracraso by i.n old Indian trail, and procee, qul'.e down to Illark Point, which is on the edge ot .Ueire* Key. where thej Hole some horse* n tbe ni, of the 11th lust. After killing R , the infidel* returi ' with their plunder by eisctly the seme route tiny I rrme with the greatest ernrhalance and c?n6ding i cuiity. However, the last uew* I*, that.( aptain Om j kits. (c< micaudant of a company of Ranger* statioi ou Ibe Nueces river about (OmllesfToni < orpin f hrl? with some an wen of hi* company, are upon iMl tt In rlo-a pursuit. and lolly re*p|ve4 to follow them. e< trthr Rrcky Mountains, should they not overtaketh Ma* < ?pt ((tumble* I* a of energy. and hi* n re well mounted, and very efficient; therefore bepes are entertained of anceeaa. although It la ge rally believed that the wily Impa ot crime will e*ca thruvgh their ruperh r knowledge of the country, tie Mart (?b< ut 2i hour*) they bava ot Ortiuiblee Li* little band, together with their having plant) Irish and gord bortes with theai to nmunt. wh UtinblH and party are reduced to lollow always i the lane horses the) *et out upon l.? n.i nftr?ct? alter ren-i n-trance and petitien el I't ti n have btenteat to the neneial ^orerument a irg lor p<Mt;r> ptetirtl. n ?.a;n?t OLr treacti-ron* i laiberou* enmiles. lut all to no purpose. It la tr that Major (ietieial Bieoke. romniandiag the Sth m tu) depart mint, ordered ont in September last, i I I'fr.ia own responsibility. (seeing and pitying our * feiInge ) three rompaalee of Nan (era for ail wont their period f *e'T>ce will terminate In Mar oh ne We are bap) y end prrud to say that during the ti the laid three r?m|anle*bf Banger* bava b<enuj our frontier that of the unfortunate Urjaut la ctly dimeter wa have to lament from the blood-thlr ravage*, wto made to much havoc amongat ua I spring aid 'tuner The natural coueri|tirnre of I protection. haa earned numerous aettlementa to fornied. and tancboe built in thta beautiful aaetloi he country south of the Nueeoa, and a new village I egan f n raid river about VI miles above Corpua i htl called Nueces Town Now. should theee compenlei withdrawn, the Inolsns will c? ma down among lb t ew settlements, and matter them to the foar wi of heaven the whole will he broken up, and tba s? Mordy tragi dies repeated which enveloped this tret In misery and wretchedness dntlng the apring i smmirof Should tie pteeent ranging com I nler be mnstertd ont if the service at the etplral of their term of service, we trnst, and are willini b?lie?e. that the geterel government will elfectui provide lor the | rtt??-r?? n i ur lin-s and pio^ which are |oea'?d on thl* aip?*ed frontier or whole of thoee beautiful valleys Ijlng rn the I Antonio and JVneeee rivers will again be deeolai atd the who'e country must )>e entirely abandon W? are well awate of the many difficulties to ctitaome ky tie gimral government. In nr?ier to r der efftetcel prolectlm to thla southwestern front whilst the Indiana have the facllttleetbey now enjn; jdfstending firm the mountain* by so many and vm routasor | as re* Intact, they cen pa?e unobeer ehtn and wbne they please, and wiU aonliaue to so so long sa they ate not cba*ti*ed severely and m to understand. that II tbey will not etrictly oh*erve tnlei ot (esce a* laiddina by our government t ?111 be frrci d le serept a ear. which, once begun t probably lead to their exterminate lira ail Hder between I or pus i hrteti and I.en on the 111* 1'ittde |e-??dn>srto an tadlan cam abi nt tl itty Inulvldi air m the 11th Instant On artlvai at 1 .art do. he Immediately made It ka< aid aVut forty Vieilcaas no% cituens of Te well mbid aid mouated. set out rn pnrsnlt the barbarian* The reeult of their lnl><>rs Is not ' ?H 1 If IIC1 m ID! nil ?? I", 11 ?. WUOI II* ((Dili; Ikhi >td tha Kin Oraada la f??t?d ?ltk aaaall partita of naraodlt (I ajlana km tbalr (ii ^i acaoitflag to atreaB<taaraa and rrar nit; to fail bf < a u? with all tbalr > ? *? ba t? tba ablta tana. iba n el rtdar* m lb* ?i r< ut?? b*iv<*?a |>U aad I aiad" !ilo i.raada > id bl<w??rllla. tan Irai^uaatly ba?a -abaaad by ludiaia ill (.flan <bH(id m laav* ih? r?ad and I rr?.4ii.?tly b??a I'M I* th? tbayparal for too t Bad fovr day* at a lima It la oith tha nimn-t ?t?fl tj tfc* BS'la Ul'xn Ur? aad tho I.I* Oratda aai H< t Ihn u?b at all. and tba rottiartoia doaarrr n errdlt for tbalr ?n?r?y ai.d par????raor? la iminu li w tba a n?.?rru? diftx-altlaa t boa thrown In tbalr1 ad wblah ran rely bo uiMouatad at aa ?aora <utiaya?l lw?. III. la nanqtiaci ?f tha dang* U t?i? difT? i It to ??t r!d>ra, at?n If high wag?l paid tbia. aad ?nfd bona* yrar?o4 for thorn R'ot ?*b lvi?Mtn?? ib Haanaata roi atr. N i (.) T?aiday laat. tha '.ab< r?ra ?pl"j d "O tha o trar JirgBf'B'#. la Hat Ulnar eraBt T "atrwag,'' K??<|oa?il tbalr work and jaatarday thay pr e*?1i a body d< at. tba liar if caral aad drora th* lab> I fn Bi iltaral utbar aaetVraa- aii.oui.tlnc In all to a i 'i man Taatarday BttartiTB. rBa r? tha diaaat* I 'aKrtn tkraatat'd that ba wrulil bora nat Ntal \ aadabogat. if K. hanaatady. a contractor a bo t i aactlra ab< tit fira aal.'a IfWilklnllJ ardat?f>ro ly, abmt !??? o elff * l??t av?Blr* hla barn eonl la| lt>l?a valuable fcr.raoa, a qoaa'liy of nat", t barnaaa \r . waa dlaa<??rad to bo la flama. tm ?ar*ad to rapidly, tl at da-aplta a-?Mj airrtloB u ' tfa korra* war* errati*?d altra. Tb?y w*ta raltji i i *l M>? Tha aattra kwa of Mr Taadabogat will r bablj aot bo lata tbaa ?UM la tbo maaaUn: larga brdy of lab- rara without any nlb?r maant of pott naaala Idta. and tba pr.*aaBtina of tno p< I work aa aaaa Ira willaa of tbo aaaal la aatlrtly . p??dad Wa laarn tkat a larga aual?t nf th< a> a , ?raf?r tawialtilag at wntk an<l baaa only l?ft thr . Mr of tba raat How mart fkrthor tbo dlaafla ?aay attawd Itaalf okat nthar oaart aata wM b? ; mltt?d aad bow ptnwiptly tba law wtll ba vtadla I'taalaa to ba aa?a W arranta w?ta la ,1ii poiaa ! of a* I'tknai tMa Bnrolitf aw<t H w?a *?part?d araaa arrrata wow Id ka aiada to-day - Vrm (/* ? I ?a?r?r, FV4. T. 5W Y( MORNING EDITION?MC Stiitlftlraof liOngliland, M>. Vbn notloing the progreaa of population, baeioe?e , 4-c. and wealth of the city of New York, rinoa tha fanHitla1 10m- afforded by railroad* and tha focraaae of ataamboata ated we alwaya coaaldar the county of Weatcheqtar, Statai ia of laland and Long laland. aa tha auburbsof tha aity; eay rbor lng nothing of tha town* aoroaa tha Hudaoa Rirar, li !>tad Naw Jar ley, where many of our bnainetf man rati <1 a hip- Tha Dumber of paraona doing buainaaa daily in thli to- city and residing with their famillea in Weatoheate; id a ocunty and tha two Islanda named, (comprising thi nta. acuntlaa of Richmond, Kings, Querns and Suffolk.) ii and Tary great, and yaarly increasing. The rtaaoni for pre tab- ferring a raridanoa in tha euburba to ona in tha oUy, bj ?ob- ao many familiar, are sufficiently obrloua ; the prlnoi >on pal canaea doubtleaa are, economy and tha benefit o 0lag pura air, and retirement to persona of quiat and ataad] own halilta. |*be- eanatructicn of tha Hudson Rirer Railroad wll ean d?obtlaaa Increase tha number of reaidanta on the banki a in cf that river, particularly In Weetcheater county; bu< Hd* dellr*we alt** (or ccuntryt tcati and cottages in tha quarter, are generally held at auch high prloea tha people of moderate maana will not be attracted thlthei in Dumber a proportioned to mm of wealth. The rami 0. may be Mid of States Island in aome respects, added t< n of the objections of crossing the bay, and the luoation o the quarantine and other public inatitutlone and asso re ae clationa of a diaag reeable character to reeldenta on t hat kted 'aland. the Island posaeasea many advantages net enjoyed vith by other lccatlona in our vicinity, which moat make it ant, the reat of an Imraenae population, connected mainly X to with the buslne-a of thla city. The great ficllitlei o kted acceea by railroad and steamboats, tbe mllln-si rom and salubrity of the climate, the purity of the water ol ilgb 'prlnga and rivulets. and the plentiful supply of flnb sion ft' in tbe numerous bays and cores which Indent the coast, rerder Long It-land a most desirable residence, .ml. To tbls. we may add the remarkable cheapness of land* t an *nd real tatate generally, after we paaa the bounds ol gl?e King's ccunty. We venture to say, that la no part ol hu tbe I'nlted Stat- a ean lands, poeaesiing equal alran)ra. taVf* 'B vicinity of a large city, be obtained on thll terns so moderate, as ran now be done on Long Island, ritk It ia a singular fact, that about one-third of the Island, at*, forming a tract of about seventy miles lu length by five lt> or sis In breadth, about equi-distant from L?ng and lelaad Sound ard the Atlantic through which the railral. road passes, Is still in a state of nature, and entirely un jjjj cultivated, eiceptinR a few inconsi Jerable patches scath(i< tered here and there throughout the tract. The?el*nds will have been heretofore kept as wood lands, for th? supply cf cur market with fuel, but their value in this respect ^te having greatly diminished within a fewyears. the land* <? n are gradually coming Into narket for the purpo/ea of cultivation, and wa are Informed that they are genem?, rally found, in point of soil, equal to most of the other ind land* cf rg Island whiih lave lorg been under cul'eat t'T*tlon, aid have preved aources of profit to the agrl<nd culturifts who have occupied them. In- Tha plains rf Suffolk county, distant 40 to 60 miles from tbia city, have an elevation of SO to 100 feet above but tha Atlantic ocean, aid present many dwfirable places too Jor acuvtry resldencea, and they n-ay be reached by railroad In two or three bourr from thla city. The rprlrga ca these plains are nvmerona, and the water ii ufT remarkably pure, la conaequence of its having been *:n i fiitetui through beds of gravel ander tbe surface of loam. The outleta of these apriaga flow towarJe Long i at Island Sovnd and tha South Bay, and abound In trout j In great qnaatitlee. on. The popnlatloa of Loag Island. It ia probable, will <ea reach 1*8X00 at thel alted 8'atea census to be taken |*r' in June next. We make the followlag estimate ?f tbe ibi tb*ee countiis, tea paring the population with what It no was In 1940 and 1846 >*n F.tltnale. State Cenius. U.S. C-?' <?. *ft, 1846. 1840. Kings 116COO T8.CW1 47 Vtueena **100 31849 :>0 3X4 ' J Sulk lk 30(100 34 82.40J led iht ' TtUI !**?> 146,11b 110 4M> ai>d I In U'O, th? population of tha Inland wan but 60 775; lad rcbraqnantly, It tad mora than doubled to tha j? frem ll30 to 1M6. 1 lia principal part of thli lneraaaa a,.(f It will ba arm, *ai In King* county, oomprlalng Brook, tl) Ij n and V illiain>barg. which plaoaa ara bow aatimatad ran >0 r'B<*,n at ',Mt 1??,CC0 Inhabitant! ua in ,ra 1 (hit at* tba prokabla nuabtr olblnbabitaata in tha irn city or Brooklyn and tba. principal rUlagra on tha I,,, laiacd St tba praaaat tinf. ill brooklyn. SO t?0 * Jamaica 2 000 n? ; WUii.ic.kuiK VOOCO ' Karuiitigdala 600 ir)CJ Hatbuab 10C0 *Hirarbaad 000 ind Hnablag 1U0 '(trorDport 1000 , 0| Arotia 1 6oo SagHaibor 4.009 II.1 i.?mprt*ad 1 tOO oa Total 1U.100 ropaiatlonon ithar paii*<f tba liiand. ....... 73OoO I" Total .is?,loo tnd 'TttntillaiM ?r? riii.tri !r"al, Iltap?taa4 (unn?aian, catltg by a Itaarh with tba aau roaa. Ill- It will ba < ba?r?ad that aaarly two-thlrda of tba prtmd a< at population la loeatad In tha eoropaat Mttlrm.ofa. u(- laatir? only about on* third, or my 70 000 Inhabitant*, hi; rralturd o?ar tba agricultural nnd Aabiag lattlaiuanta it. 1 ha aira of tha laland la 1 6t>0 r.tuara mlifa. it wwtouo ma at ! ( dUUibuttd among tba tbrra eountla* at followa: .>"0 fquart mtlti, *4i rn. tba Klcgf 70 H4 000 ?ty V|cr?tia :jWI 2M),<'uO at g,n<Jk #10,000 Ml ba | Total 1 472 l>74 0<i0 < ! i Sot trior* tban half of tba wbola nurfaro of tha laland baa kaa avar bran nnbmlttad to tba pi'ugh cr rulilratwl latl, | la nan tba moat laparfbot mannar. caaaaqoantiy larga i b? trarta of laid r? main to ba irttlad. iaaa 1 ba latga vliiagaa of Sag Harbor nnd Orannpnrt, on ada tba aaatrtn and of tba irland. It la known hara b?an una hrratufora ?u?tain?d br Iba whnla flabctlaa 1 hat hollar rto?aa baring darllnad at Rag llarbor, and It* artl?a %nd irala population dlmlalah?<l by amlgratlon to < allf?rpa Ma tba lababltaata ara tnri>lng tbatr attaatloa to :|na n atitifaataiaa aid a larga cotton factory. to ba morad I t" ty ?t??m.l? new butldlag and will abortly ba pot la ally <p?rail<n affording amplojmrat to maay Iada*trl'>u4 rty. j?rpl? Tba whaling burlnraa at Rag Harbor wa? ?-> tba 1 n-rtiod aa I erg ago a* tba yaar 1760. la 1M5, tbara San wata bnt thraa whaling ablpa owatl tbara. aad la IM1, I'd. , tl a eialxr had laoraaaad to 29 I mm 1804 to 1S37, It i"1 ?i> ml<*ulatad by Lutbar D Cook, on a of tba nial ba ?t<f>r jrlairg altl'?na of Sag Hatbor, aajragad la tba an- whaltrg bnrlc*a? that th?ra wara 1M arrtrala of K | whaling raaaala at Rag Harbor, with IHM barrala r of 1 of oil ; 40 604 barrala of iparn. aad 1 6M 766 poanda rlad rf ta la 1M1, tba aniabar of wbala ahlpa owa?d tad < at Hatbor aad Oraoaport ?na 44, tonaaga. II *46; do rapttal mployad. a boat aaa million of dollara, and tba nda run bar of rfPo*ra aad tram?a waa 1,026 la laauary. tha tha atnWr of >hlpa wai 61 ewaad at tkaaa two h?y p'.araa; bat naay of Ibaia ah I pa haaa boon alara aold. ay or tramfarrtd to atbar bvalaaaa Idling tka part jaar .o wbala nhlpa bat* arrlrad at Kag Harbor aad Wraaa d"> pott with tb? frlloalog enrgoaa ? ? ..f U ?t| kMi _ . DM bla fj>.rar do 2SM itn, Uhal> bet alba 2*4*00 II>, Hnlavftltta prw|>f(ti M L?i| ltlM<M*4o?UI 'f intta>at?ly r<fc?i etad a Ilk Ika rf U>? yat taMttll. II# ?how that Dotallbataodlof iti I# of I* ftfl jrttri, tb?r? li auMe'aat hurtla k*M (id ln?>I ? ??? ? It. ard pay a dltldoad on I bo in< dotal* r* pltal. If IU aaa ba adjaafd baBra la.?a tbo ?tf rkhHdara aadrrodttrr* II l? rloany fot Irod tba latara?t of tha awaara of tha railroad. akaikat oral anlMitlW nlkMl. thai aaab rataa of faro aad fr?i?lil [ ItJ rkia.d ba ad<ptrdaa la ou??Bra?a Uatal ai4 HlU? Ik* BtkbatU* Itlatd. / ?*? braa The R*tl?*al Klaarrrf, leal- IMPOkTAHT MIKTIMI. ba N > ? 1 ni Ai MiNai ?, F?b mob Un f# H. bi?an>iiM ? oal- tiia- At a h'uhly BtiBot<>u? ar 4 rtaiularly raapoota. ay, bio n ootli c i f tba Ian ata* or Ibia popular aad B?.t Iom MM I I u < lit ?'aUiab?*Bl. e?a*oaod on lb- otoalnc of tb( r, It till im<akt. fur tba purpoaa r( labia* lata aoiilftra i ar# |iin tko aiarmtof rtlrla la Ik* taaaraa of our |eaara fiitiMiit aad lb* r<w><|u>al omhart at an a a of lka?a rapkjtd bj >atd |Ottraa*tl la i'4 v,_ ItrllbH ika itmw. vko folioala( prtamblo aad raaola anal Ika* aaia anal l*mrtf a?lopt*d rtl aad Wliipii it ImIio ta>poratii< duty of all food elllvaaa d la b< ?B n? o aad aijual. wltbovt dn?iBoti< n of raak or > irort |?n;, to I. a.I a h?lp!t g htadla tlnti of iBiailaot.t part h>'ot ?tdal*lt>?? aid to yalla** tba t#?dy aod ?o-*or th< nod k<lp'>?*, aid toltg curtail aa tba rarlplont* of aharlt# tolaa aa oil ?a <4 ba'tod aad roa<ai?ooratton aai ia< a r'r' "l1" ally 'ba hotter n"allflo<1 to apprortato a*< \ut t) n | aibli* al<b tba aOllrlod la tbolr oaeb aad a?ar; taia- |il"at ea. aad h?l?n aiao paikfaily aoaatkla of tba aa xda, |THifi?t?4 prrMBia. ( praraar* that oTory hoaaa , efS bib* a?t logrtt ) nra pari*d)t>R Ika ailnda, iko y>a ,B rf atd lb? ? aada, lb< "ah aot II a probata of tha oaipioyra d at *f * * fawta #01 arrav Bt. aad aapoo'ally li pro- '' f??* 'f ?'y 't flra Yak. abara tka larfa tt*,? r"tua rf Ika raataa* fro* an?*oaia la eoUa*tad ap T??r*frr*~ nNIt Ko?o|?a4. Tbat aa. naa aad all hara axaaiblod oa 11 * fxwttoa af tka pr>palatto? of tka talan oald ^ WiBMMaa, da moat raaaaatfoliy idat aar aaralaa* t oatk '* boaatak'a Rear?t**y tf Ika Traaaary . at tbafaa otlra "** bw ?otd aad aaarad koaar that ?o a', c ?m- ' hT1 ' liblaiiy l?a kaara par daa at tba ra?a of n? atad d? ilar par 4l< a. aa larpaatora. aad tbroa kaadfod do oai^a lat? | or a* alorba la tha raapaatlaa dafa rtiaaa that apiwilalalaf to Ika aaatoaaa Hfaoiaad 1 hai aa fraqaoat ahang** lat^.a hdfhavaa ' ?mi r?*pni uhi i Oca* u4 tkr Japan ?a?'. ar* Aatrt?ai )RK I )NDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 18 talto the Interaati of the merchant*, we moat rafpartfully recommend thr continuance in offlen of the pr?1 rent ( olUctor sn<l hi* deputlea; of the preaent Na*al ' ofliceraud hi* deputie* ; of the preaent Surveyor and , hi* deputlea. Reeol?ed. That aa the' laborer la worthy of hi* hire." It ia ia tba fclgbaat degree uojuat to dlamis* any man from rfflre who haa been faithful in tha discharge ot bis dutlcl, i without an Immediate remuneration for hi* larrioei. Reeolred, That the ooaduet of our (aTarnmant, in refusing to meet lta indabtadneaa to thoae in ita em ploy, I*ai divgTaetfnl aa It I* contemptible and wicked; and . la an Ka#K a# Vvnm.. ? -a ? v. -a Resolved tbat the proceedings of this meeting, being

without a shade of party bias, be published in the ,Vn? I York Htralii rRKPOSTKROl'S ECONOMY', Chairman. Frwwv Wur, ) aMeTmt.ritm Pou*n Fqslhh s?*cr?tnrte?. The 10migrant Eronniny of flew York?A. Suggestion far Its Improvement. 121 Fulton Shut, Feb 1, 1850. To Till KnlTOB Or TIIK HrHALD? Sm:?Knowing no way so effectual of laying a few plain words the publio, on tba mbjeot of th? emigrant economy of this Stat* and city, a* through your columns, 1 venture to auk insertion in the UrtuU for tbia latter. Great, growing, and very natural uneasinesi la fe't 1 by all class** of the oitizena of New York, at the number and Importunity of the European beggar* in the street* especially of late day*. A* it la baman nature to hate whatever la an undeserved burden to ui, so the 11 bnt exbanstlesa charity which at first relieved and provided for theae nnlcrtunatei, la now turned into a aore and irritable disregard, and very aoou will deepen into a fixed andirrudicable prejudice. For the two-fold interest of the city and the emlgranta themselves, something sbeuld be dene to provide a temporary home for the poor unemployed strangers, in a part cf the State, and on a system where they oonid be ho occupied in reproductive work, as to pay for their own maintenance until permanent employment would open to them. Dy the Philadelphia journals, I perceive a meeting ha? been called tbera to provide some such ''temporary home" tor tie emigrant poor arriving at that port. The Legislature of Massachusetts has also just legislated on the same subject. Their action, however, strikes u.e as prohibitory of the ingress of emigrants, rather than to control and use that element for the common gord. They have enacted that every landing ot an alien pauper in that State, "without the payment of tor each, ard giving a bond of $1000 that such alien thall not become a publio charge, shall be at a f-ualty ol $1 W.KJ " The definition pauper also appears Ikelytobe the root of a series of litigations, vitally fruitless and watteful to etn^rant shippers aud the Slate authorities of Massachusetts. To come to New York. What is the present emigrant econony of this olty, where eighty ptr crat of nil the incoming strangers arrive ? On all bands it is adu-ittei f.o bs veiy deft ctlve The commissioners app (doted by the act of lH4b, cannot attend to the working of the law coniti tuting them A number of paid clerk*, *ho'? patisnce is sevtrely tried,are employed in the K*rk to answer all aorta ot wild question', or slgu dockets oommlttlng t'i? more unlortuuaie or fortuuate to the unproductive. Ill arranged and wor;e administered butll-s on Ward's ard KaLdail's Irlands In tlMM p'acef. able men and I and si'Btn aia pent up like teundlings in a hospital. or chickens in a coop, with a certain quantity of food i tkiov n it thsui tmrlodirnllw l'h*r? lh?? *r?.lrii1ul 1 into 1 Jltnrss and dependence on others. for a few days, 1 until tha? are agHin 1 oard en tbio city. a* h Iplejs - ' cay. tui ir helpless. than at flint, because tliry have got the bad fashion of contentedly derating idle alms, ' and t?m expecting its conUuuuuce Tai s surely Is crt a satisfactory atato of things. t'ha spirit of the emigrant economy of New Vork should be that of Plai?tratus, when ba answered tta Idlers of Acadia, who asked charity from him " If yoa want bra?ta t j pl >? jour land." raid he. " I mI!1 lend; if you want seed to row. I will give you acm.-, but I will encourage none la > Idlnrw." The State of New Vork cannot giro baa t.i, or lend 1 ! red. but title It ean do instead of unproductive ptlron kaamto emigrant? rn rocW In the Cut RlrwC, It enuld locate n Mipwsiy emigrant's home la mmx ' of the upper oountlei of tha Hiale, lay on the line of the New Votk and Kile llailroad The present oapltallrr tax of (1 60 per bead, would more than pay the commutation price of traiien Ittlng tbem from tha dock to " tha home." A supeiinteudeut a registrar, and an apothecary, would b- the only rapident officer* ne?d?d. aa the mora intelligent emigrants could ba e?. ployed to oversee tha class> a of male* and females while at work. A few frame buildlog* would MM and make wmksliops lor tbam. a few hundred acres ol land would ocrupy the agricultural class and support the establishment Whatever their labor would be wartb over tbeir maintenance, would l? a few m>nth* earry them , to any part of tha Interior; and If any of thidr friends came ot rant for them, before they had obtained the meanaof removing, they should ?lf? bonde. ? la Vn>. t< n, not to thtow them on Uia State l'bia la no ! theory ot mine, air. If It wai. I would not bare tba same confidence In It I bare. It ti tba method of extirpating ineadicary which baa been tried with such success at Hoagstiateu aud oth?r parts ot Belgium. It also partakes ot the method by whlob tha normroa pauperism of Munich and other parta of Bavaria was effectually extirpated by Count Uutu'i J In many parta of t treat Britain and Ireland, charitable Institutions, and even lunatic asylums, are supported by the labcr ol their Inmates a principle also largely Introduced Into tha Ameiloan prleoa system. I respectfully submit this n t the consideration of tba flltiians at large, among whom there are men wbo could easily arrange th- details. aad present the project In such shape to tha Legislature as to ha?a II acted upon during the p recast seanion I hare, myself, given Snaie attention to U>e details, but I rannot trespass on jour space by entering Into them, if tha principle of a rwprodnctlre colony, ana temporary | b< me for emigrants. in tbe Interier of the State, should mrrt tbr public favor the r- would soun folic *. I have tbe boa or to be 8ir, Y?ur obedient aeriant, THUS D. MiOKE. F. S One detail of Importance I may mention : a regular ball-tin of the cla-ses ot laborers or workmen, ltd tbe numbers of tacb alaea. who could be procured by application to tba Superlatandeat of tbe K.migranta' Heme should ba published weekly In the principal city papers, for the Information ol aoatractora, be vo. Tit* Raw Coda of I'riwiUars, f>?y Mtantlve correspondent at Albany baa aent us a suppleMantary chapter to tbe < ode of I'roaedtire said i to be reverted by tbe Commissioners on Practiea At | It aoocsrnc this elty, we are fortunate aa usual witb I tba HtialJ, la being Bret to lay It before tbe public. TITLE VI. I Cn*r. I.-O/ //?is, ! | Tba Tropic of tba Htata of Sew I ork. represented la , Set ate and Assembly, do enact aa folio as.? sc. lhhd ? Tbls act sbail ba known aa 1 he Aat to i prevent II' gs running at Urge la tha alty of New \ ark." I?< 18hT.- Tbr rule ortbe common law o< tbe cliy of i New \ t ik. tbat statuus In derogation of the rlgbta of hrga to run at large la Ibat city, are ta ba strictly c?n treed baa no application to tbla chapter. Tbl* coda J establishes the right* of bega. and Ita provisions, and i all priaeedlnga under It, areta ba liberally eniorcsd t Ae/s -fee our not* to See 3 pege4 al tba latcet cade | bit IWk Any beg lonad running at laage la the i city ef N< w > ork. may be takra and thrown; ? 1 Into the I aat llivar, I, lato tha Noitb Kivrr; J, Off the | Battery, I n lie9 Any bog taken la those parti of the city | of N? w I cik kaoan aa <.ba<l>am street or Wnll street, i may ba thrown a? provided by section 1^>>"> ol the Code i of f'recednie or may be killed outright on tbe spot aa | follsws ? 1 By b<ya, S, By man. , By women i JVere ?The public will not fall to recognise onr leader l respect for the rlgbta of wensn aa sbiwn by the third saedlvteton of Hectlon I *'9 Tba Cammlselonera are t utaain-ous in tbat recommendaii?n. I , In JIMI ? 1 ba taklag or selslag of a hog under eec- | ( llfl IMC >4 IbtI o4o of Tn+'4mT? It ?a ordinary fr? "?| ky uhlob nppmbond* th? otbor, by bit | tail. nr? ?>f l?g?. for lb# rotorcrsx-Dl or prottotion of a flgbt. ib? i?dm?? or prorontlra of wrong. <#tb? ?> [ of n public i ucryt m iiecyM In tbo i?t t?otl> o. | i AMr ? *?o fcf. T. yip 1#, lotrot ?nd?. tic. IbWl ? Tb? rmi-J; by killing uadtr i?tl? IIM, l U a ?jt?i?l i r'rooiling ! \?t, - ? |U? dt | >t Intrrt r?d?. *ic UH?Tbi> wora-bog " ?Bbr?cM l.biart.t, , * ? ?, S bnt'? 4, pig* Hn IMI.-li, void* " running ot Urgo " Inolado ot?ry lug' J gftil??lig. f, trotuiig, i, Iking; 4, , tlftioltg *t111, t, It i?nt, t.eourbool, 7, dot moot, *, ( tlgilniit A?'? - f?? hi. 1M4. (?( 7*0. of l?to?t rod# n . 1M4 - 1 b? am ?f d?ll?orooe? hM no npptloatl< n tr th? ?iil j?? t? of int. r oir-pt?I. to bloot b<g?, t. ? b?g*. 3 t? ?ol?r?d b.*? g???t?lly fir IMrtl -IkUrktytot l>|nt lob* eon?tr??4 bf mr?i It It In otdtaoty nad eut>rlmlaagu*go, without , t* |*?i It lot). ||<? to Ifi n("W <1 to ?MtH* n U I << ?<? nnd?i?toidlt g to kn<>o ?i ?t l? lnt?n?l?<l h- tr - trr ,t<, ad tubdl?k#l<n nl "I 8<" JW, lot??t <d* 1 b? n a>tiuetl> a fnt by tbo jndr** up?? tho ro4r , for 1*4* bu mtdomd lliH Ion Indl-g*n??Wlo, to ?rdor thattho |*opi* may ha?? tho 'all t>?f?nt of tb* . r?d? ?? tbo com t ?iu4 limn id? Mar rUr by tUkttNllUkl po?*i4to In. tat*rt r d* Indoo*, In far r| Inli n. tb? <-otlo n.ight ? w?ll b? aboil t< ?*?d , at'tao. If ib* judgrt nra to ho*.'#?d to ?ott*tra? It , . i th?r?l?? il tn tho 0' ioo !? x ?'? ItuiJH Snob I n? bin tb- bn?t|lity of lb? tn tbo yrogfooo of , il??g? at <| lb- > pint of r? ? i? r? ?n, 11 tin n d? i I 1 44? ?a< b tb?lr Ui? J tn ?ntl j i(H?l>(l iv.m i.| ?< n'truolUn ibm fM b??? It la ( ?? I It MplotKn In |.d portrg Jt> ?o<to for 1*11. to r?|w*i j i|?? ?l? v bxly <f oJ?- J. I?? in I r?ud?' It p-r ?l \ ' t ?>y JiTg? ?. jo! Ml * n.trur ! n ?y n t>i- r -4?. lit) ?i? l??i.fiirri It.V t'-o ?-<n?l?'loti r? lnt*nd*4. , l? i#f?r?rro io In* ?. od? Irr l*kl ? pT?por?'l to i Inmid tl o Ibn ibi ??4rlt of r?for*i i? ? m 0'1'n rrt ?r- oi g .%* p. , .. ! at ft B*o ?'* *111 l>? to- | f ?4' lf?d fct mof. 1. ?'?t tho prriwnt n d? fn 1Mb 4tll ><?? t* -nf" tli# n? ??lt; (dt f>.? il* Ikl tbon ibo ?lm?n?r for m Ibitinlll ijtiiiKiI'M fr"%r??? I* h t oo?Smo4 t* d '" r,r ' ? JP<I? ?m?t?? ftf ?>?! n Wltli ibttr iVitmHi'M no ikbiMl tkl* mfflo 0 * *''??J clngUr iiu?(l?| b? i^giotntaro will *4opt ,1 H 'Aim in nil 11* intogrlty M ? . .. by i"?? b??dr?d FTwneb ' nnnM dlo?? |i*mg nt 1>fy I *?-?ngbnrgb ?nl l bono ortd-o?>?d tfcir o*?nirym?n la I aondo on tho ?nb>fl ?<t of n*n?*ition, urging tb*a to obtain It by all poargtfal *MM lERi (50. , * Arraignment of Profeaaor Webster for I Harder of Or. Par km an. The arraignment of John W. Webstar, Indicted the wilful murder of Gearge Park man. on the 284 of November last, took plaoe at 10 o olock this f noon, in tha Supreme Judicial Court Room, be Jndge Fletcher. Mr Webster was brought Into o( in custody of officer* Wm Kster brook and David terscn At the opening of the court, the Attoi General, Hon John H. Clifford, addressed the cour follow* ' May it please your Honor?The Grand Jury of oounty presented an indiotraent at the last term of Municipal Court, against John W. Webster, the prii er at the bar, for the crime of murder, and by a pr sion of the revised statutes, that indictment has t certified up to this court. I now more, your Ho that the prisoner may be arraigned upon that lud ment.'' The Clerk then called upon the prisoner to stand and hold up his right hand, and hearken to the ind ment. The prisoner, during the reading of the I part of tha indictment, manifested considerable e tion, evidently making an effort to stand perfei UI Ul I U iriuiu^ IUC UI BV UUUUt VI tno IU1KHIUI where It describes tha manner of Inflicting the mo wounds, juat aa the clerk pronounce! the w<>rd* ' * a certain knife, which he then and ther* in hi* rl hand bad and held," &c? the prisoner let bis rl band fall and r?st upon the railing in front of b where it remained until the reading van finished. At the rloee of the reading ot the indictment, clerk asked - John W. Webster, what sav you to l Indictment?are you guilty or not guilty ?" To wb the pritoner replied, in a clear and distinct role*, am not guilty, fir.'' The Court then Inquired of Jirisoner If ba bad any nniniiel engaged to aasist 1 n hi* defence; to which the prmoner responded have. your honor- Mr*. Sohler and Judge Merrick." Tha Court then inquired ot Mr. Sohier, and of Attorney General. If they bad any particular wl?h to the time for tbe trial Both the counsel *tated t it would If desirable to have the time of trial tizad a* early a day a* possible. ami that they would berei at *nch time a* the l ourt might direct. Judge Fletcher then stated that h? was directed the Court, If noobjection wh* niadeby tbe defendant assign Tuesday, the nineteenth day of March naxt, the day for the trial of thin case. To this the ojun for the defendant replied that they would be ready that time. The prisoner was then remanded S > tl (lay war assigned for the commencement of the trial this important ra>e. The general app?nrauci'of t prisoner was much the same a* before hi* arre During the arraignment, the Urand Jury, many me bers of tl'e bar. friends of the prisoner, an I sate pt>yflcian> and gentlemen of other professions were p nut - fimJun Journal, Feb. 9. Buriiiuc Court?Circuit Court. Before Judge MoCoun l.MroKTAVr TO RAILROAD companies Fni. V The evidence In the case of Huber T. I liait. for assault and battery, by throwing him fr tl.e I biladilplila railroad oars, by wbloh coiuplaman leg was broken, having been ccnoluded. The Judge charged the jury. II* ssid it w?i a oase ooiifiiieralile inti rest; it la of no trilling aonie^uen to th* parti*?. The jury were to regard the ca??* ai I t ween ther* two individuals, and not to look at t oumpuny at all. They may suppose that the d'feudi hin.M'if i? to pay ibn money and Is abl* to do *o ?pp*ar?il that the plain*.ill procured, In November, 1* t?o tl( kets for himself and his companion. 1 h ie tii s'.s, when purchased. became contrails entitling rial tiff to a passage to hi* destination. Having these ti( sts the.-e u et. might (ft r augbt tbe Judge could sue) ha taken their parage In any car that came ul >ng Tti were not bound to rake tbe next train The law woi bava given them thin riKht . unless tbe tickets were ? pressiy for the way trntn This 1* not material; the men elected to make their passage in tb? way tr> especially. bavli g surrendered their tickets and pi cured the conductor's check; they therefore ad">pt that train. Tbey left tha train at Newark. In t Bvenlag tbay toi k th* way car of tha l'bilad*lpli train. By tbe regulation* (>t the these oh-' aeia not to serv* the purpose of the company with a other tralu or conductor. The jury were hound so regard th* c? ntract otherwise eonfu?ion an 1 din ratigonten' mn-l follow I p to this time, thay fou iba plaintill without a ticket authorising liiin t > brought on; nevertheless ha was u t an Intruc or trespasser, liable to he put out, for hs raii tender tb* fare, and then th* oondoctor w.n be bound to lerelve it. A pas-euger etnio: turned cut meraly because he doe* not obti K Uriel Vn -?.,l.l i -i _ - - - ywnj ........ to moke mrb rule What wo* the condition of th paitlrf ' Hubar hod not o ticket entitling him to coi on Had th* conductor * right to require patmeut I lor* he arrlttd at lbs cud of the journey ' Moat c toinlj brcaure It would never oniiwer to let paieen^< cut at the rod of the r> ute, leaving the company to action for the purpn*? ol reentering their fare'. Th what remedy have they when opa--eogar bat notlok and i?lu??e to pay hi* fare' He (the fudge) bad I.eeitaUoa in -aylug that the low would juei it/ the ?o dualor iu (topping the train, and punlng the pa-?e get out. and he (the Judge! charged th.- jury that tl conductor had that right if tbe?e tu?u refu ed t > pj but tbe nianner i f doing ao 1* an tb r thng It i? Important ijueatlon of tact, did tbe platnlilf refute pay T If he did. and thera *a< MIMWIiN but to i Mm out, then tbe conductor might put htm out. Tl had tbe t'etinoonj of Sbolka. (Ilub?r> ooiopantop ) tl he tendered fifty flrnt* Ilutxr alao aware to tbia the other hand tbey had th* ta'tlmray of the n are* Little, merely to toy h* didn't a?* money, or b< any oOer ot payment. Tne> ol?> ha I the negative ? ol proof of Seymour and L>odd. It U rule that c affirn afire witnraa |e warth a boat of ne^atlratae inony It the Honey were tendered. then there te an e ot the defence ax tbe plaintiff bad done nothing t > f felt hie right to remain In the car. It woe worthy Ibe jury'f regard, whether the difficulty had not gro out ol tbe circumstance that wbeu the con taot'T ca bark to tha rare '?e of tbe portlea eald no pay;" t conductor proceeded Inttontly to ttop the car bar! In the mraDiime epoken to the two man The e> doctor had bo right to u*e more fjree In patting tbe out than waa woceatary Th<re waa nothing wro In tbe rori'lnctor calling men belonging t ttie o >mpon It waa perliape better be ehould bare done an to d bi urage reeittacce. When they g' t the plaintiff i tbe platl. id, were they JuatlSed In throwing lilm on t gn.iind? riainttH tried to proventhit being puirot ai laid hi Id of the rallt. and neaitti d In that way an I no other, ha inari ly laid h- Id, an >< natural, and e de*mr< d to euataln liltneeif there Little -aye that p > etful (i an Se) MOOi a wept him < II l'b?re I* tome d 'el ptney tome *ay be ?a- thr wn off, pl.lntiff ha* hii >eit drfcribed the Injury tbe other men pa<ticuleNeyn <ur, would r> preaent It a* a very gentle r>p -ra'tn |iod(1 ?eyt I a wan eel ted by the |rga It l.? worthy of I U.aik, tLat II Ibit wera do*a gently u tbeea uiea wa rapohle i f d'dr g It how did It happen that the leg w bri ken ' If he had one- etrw d upon ha feet il I* liar I pr? he lie be w iilu bare bi' ken bia leg. The j Jiry won heart' n Ind th?re wei e tbtee cr I' ur > f thee niea a Ihera war no neceadty te reeort to tnch t >roe a< wou ' ndanger life or limb Tba lair nre*umptloa la. that lata with .ure aery OMOM*; n bnwetar. t inry think that the ferae waa no more than waa wa: mil) to be eapa< t> .l In puebtig plaintiff an I that lb< n met with tbta casualty the defendant I* not Ibla *lew llablo. If they tbink the plaintiff entitled ie< oter then tbe neat ijaeatloa amiM ha th* omxii I'ble action wa* e?a<ireuced wlfbin a m >n*h after i liai?iacti?a theo oil the uffnlug ha I not orIf any r|oclol t'enaga* bata beea r?italn?l by t lilaintlff alar* ti e eommwaaemeat of thl* autt th> r? got a*Bia*ihle here but tbe naf ur* of tb* Injury l< a lllerUd by tbe tiia* thl* ault wa* rooimeaeed. it la n l?rtwaaeai character one leg being l?y tba la^urr. r? 1 i ad aharter tba a tba other - and tbe ur* are at llbei |o r- ?l4>fUat It Uao and that It i*aalaulaie^laraai< e lib hln ?o ktf M be llewa I bay ??r? not r> u.iae 1 the actual axpeneaa laanrrwd by tbe plaln'iff, they ni lully m Bpearate htm Md nay go b-r-nd blaa in I P'?lng eieaplary daiaagae. Aa to tba jury b?mg lint d to daaiaee* up to tb* 9th l)eaaaib?r, l*Mi h *m ooiatk that thire narer r?a he lay rtbef oat low I Ibla Injury, a* *ae verdlrt will be a Kar f * aeer to a ctl< n f?w the rare le.'itry hereafter * thot aft' r i they rrald glee each daoiagea aa they th. M iht tha ? watraata wtthrwt r>gerd to lb* tlaaa wb*a th* m woe cmni<nc>d Totbl* charge Mr Rrady aioJe aavarwl aiaapti <o? th* port of Uiv dafawdoot and oekod tb* ourt to I !... t 'I,e jfcry t bat .'efetolaal la U'.t - i any ?inr*of rleler** by peraooa otbor tboo b>ia? inee* be ontborlaed It Judge-|| th* jury bolt*** that I bo deftaodaat did t trucbtboinae ard I hat M wo* doo* by Mywnnr I defewdaat woald ho lloMo Weouo* beiog there not epot h* wo* bound to eoo tbot no * * el?e at lei wo* ward It beirg balf pa at ? o aU^ak, tba foJga ordered a e< ?d * idUt. Cmmvt t aliadar fwr tbli Oojr. I mihi i nm tiaciito.iT. Noo JDft. 121 K.7, r?l to ?37. :?.^H 3*1. ?* , 2<0 haeaaern Cttaae (ua I ta< fit)-- > ot, I. 16,01. M ? H, IIH M\, 130, III. I?f. 1U. IAD 1M, l?l. : 1J? ? ?, *11 Hit. tV, 11*4, 201 nm.-nn. 11. a, n, a?, aj w?, 3? to Ml 41 44 ri r.i - Nna :$. M) 09,109, 119. IK 13?. I 141,143 lit, lw, iu, itt> IV. Hi rtaiaa ? ut?T - Stm M, 0t, 1%, IT, ft < <11. ?3 M. Ml, tt ?a, v4 i* u? 10*. m>?. IIXI, km. n?. i is. I IS l? 3? 41. ftl W? ?1 f* 2 ? n ?? ? ?< 11,31 39. 41 ?? 1? It. 1. * *. tn< ?i. Taan?Si r#I inn Cwai - I>vimo( U'aal <|(?IIiUm.|i4 ?v llodMk U4.ii;, brfuraJa rtt<ill> r J U I t< * :bta?T TltB I.Alt I'rB* ?T flllM) Kl%u P? ? .?Tka .Mb <4 the <?th Itkt (Itm lk? loU<t?ing p?ilisu>* t?? lit* fi? at flr.? Sir.* pair' n l'h? Vat ?hnp of i, k ' . t?a hari?ar> atn? nt In, t U*k| ??ii lh? r at i hi of If tobfalaa ill ..i J ?lfb Uta Naw Yerfe IU|U it Mil ill anlnl by aha nMvteta. an* ill IMr bjr f ra e n 1 u.?d?j ??|bl Of ?o?ta?U Ml hal<, m I hlri but tfca ?%ll? art U4t Mr ? flftC** ? t?'t?aif?, Mr l.avta'a, ?llt ooq 1 4 ^ ??lHi and llatabblaa k ko-Uba, ln. ftfttW Tb? b?tl41ng b?l<*m?.l t? tka ??-,u, an I abrmt |* ft I ftlaallar akap M (ha ,*i?? m ? ??< 4 by lr> I* 1?U, Tfcft l.tW%tow Of f??w lr?'4M|| vmw?.| 1 l?j-a=- , t r? % TWO CENTS. ClCy Intelligence. ? TMK LaTK ( AltlTHOrH* Pl'ltKBALl lf*?TB*OAr.? ... Yeatarday thafonerals of the two OabornM, Lookwaod. wr and < rlssey, the engineer. killed by the late eiploelon, nmL 5?? P'??? from the fourth ward statioa bow* te r* Oreenwood CeneUry, the (iood Fellowa' Lodfe and the Oaceola Tribe of Red Men marching la prooeealon, ac1 eompanied by two bead* of music. A large ooncourie jf person* attended the fuaeial. t?a? y' waaai. or thm Oaatcxniiiu.?The funeral of the unfortunate persons who lost their lire* by the thle "Plosion In Hague street, and whose remains hare not the been identified or claimed by their friends, will take *nn place from tbe Broadway Tabernacle, on Tue^dar. the 12th last., at 11 o < lock. A. M. The ceremonies will b* opened with a prayer by Rey. J. P. Thompson Alter nor which a hymn wiljj^e read by Rev. Henry Chase and sung by the oholr: on the oonelusion of which, Rev E. J . Hatfield will read a portion of acrlptare. An addreaa will then be delivered hy Her. 8. H. Tyng. The list.' ceremonies then will be coaoluded with a prayer by ?" 1 Rer. 8. H. Cone. The procession will than form in Broadway, right on Anthony street, and proceed down tl Broadway and Whitehall street to the South Kerry, * / and thence cross to Brooklyn, whore a train of cars , ' (which ha* been generously tendered for the occasion ,.1 by the Long Island Railroad Company,) will be in rt-adinesa to convey the remains, and those accompany5ht 'DR t^em' t0 Cypress Hills Cemetery Further suitable ceremonies will then take place. The survi' vors employed la the building at the time of the disav th ter are reijaected to attend as mourners. The socle'hie t,t"' Matters and machinists especially, an 1 the I h public geni-rallv. are respectfully invited to join the 1>., prtaesdon. y,os,.? H ) ComBliUM of . Mok<;a> Morgan a, S -^rangsmsnts. i J Kos niF Ki t id- Ki nii.?The <>eruiao Liederkrantt a*sistej by several other musical societies, proposes to the five * concert next Wednesday at the Tabernacle tor m tbe benefit of thaaufferers by tbe Hague street calamity bat This Is a good opportunity to hear good muslr, and I at contribute to a go^d object idy Thf. In?<iJtsT t row ill) Sr?:*m Boilkr EtrLoaio* ? In eur report of tbi? inquest published in yesterday a by paper a double occurs by whlob a-enteneaof the te?tti to iuony given by Mr Lightball la erroneously attributes ed to Mr Turtis. It i< as follows:?"It is myopiaisel inn that no boiler tliat was ever made, conld 'tat J at the explosive force which wm the <-ause of the r?c?ut at catastrophe: I do not c->n?lder the bottom arch of a I of botltr the weakert part; I have seen water rary in the :ha boiler eighteen inches in a moment of time; I have >*t known many boilers burrt when supplied with plenty m- of water " These word* belong to Mr. Llgbthall alone, ral All tbe city paper?, escopt the llrrall which have pubre lulled nt y ot the proceedings of this Inquest, bare printed the name o! Mr Hraneh one of tbe jury, Suphrn H Brant. Instead ot Stephen H. Branch. The Ihratd alone had the name correctly. Tn* I'iu: or MoRTAt, 8m rail.: i:v Lro* i*n stk E*r ? Yesterday, the Coroner Le!d an inquest upon the b >Jy of Oat It l Rtgan. ?bo died in the City Hospiul oa ' * Saturdsy, from the wounds d'f'ibsrately lntjicted t?r D? J"bn .Vuote, vith a knite. at So 8tt L-nnard street, befng moved thereto by jealousy touching Uia wlf' 1 he jury ret timed a verdict of wilful murder, aa 1 ths 1 I croner luily committed the prisoner f r trial. b?? Fia> ?Last evening. a fire bro'. e out in a fia<n?i house L' near tha coiner ot Heii-tou i-tieet and Seooud artn i? ' . I he l.uiidlcg was (juii-kly enveloped lu a sheet ot 9a u? u and wa? t< ropletely gu'.tei before the tire was su; Ju I 47. T.i?. W? ?inm - The weather, vejterdav. aftsr th? 3k- raiu and (term of Saturday, was ricneiin^ly beautiful RoKRKRr ir I'i ut -(In Saturday morning. bet**en ?* t< ur and i It u'ulix*. th* liou>? of l.e?i< R. huapp iit Sprii g atteet vat mUmd acd r-b!>ed of threr > Irnr '"J tab)*. r.Tc trn / poena. andotbr arliel to tbe itlu* lid 0|f^) Miuoi h N *< > -Ci 11 a 111.i N i ? >ne of tj_ I pitfall* to often laid for the deatructi >n of ui*n and h- . war l?lt open u Saturday u.ght. la Vv'nliwr ,4 ftieet, ai.d an JnduMriou* tnaiiiuet one of bia b >rae.i in cODcf'.ueOf#. \r?t<-rd*y nioriiiu.;. at a q aartcr p%-'. l(# Oi. n clock Francl* Mkguire waa drieing ? ,, and U?n?* bel< to t.iuiv-it which aa litla tor bit" and cn c uilng opp i*lte tb 319 Wat >r th-> ^ h'.ree* ?*re pr(tlplta'ed lut ft hole dug in th* a're?t ir_ tor tL* purpose of tapping tan "toton on* of tie n',j animal* waa Killed. be Atur>a>T.?On Saturday ***ning Mary Ward. ax* 1 ler 40 year*, and baring no toll in' tb* ar?? at Lb* ;ht tear ot heure 100 Uto inn at reel. and wa< danger i i l/ lid wounded in the bead. Kb* was nonreyad to tb-a?abe tinn hour*. by tLie polio* aud medical aid ea';*i in ii kin beraaai tanoe ht Oaa'u Vaaomr Bui.?The f-urtb grand Ma??al> '* Rail, for tbe benefit of the fund wbleh i* nr^p"? >d to be n* ral-i-d for tbe ereoll' of a Vaaonir \rylum will ta<? place on tbe Htblnat, at tbe \pn lw f-aloon law ?r* a*ylutn will be lor the eld of tile wl I ?< and or/ihane of 'rt Miioni; audit ! to be beped the' th? a i-ant that 1,1 will be raided Irim tbe ?-.|e of t'.i'??ti v ireMI a "n bar.<Jfnn.i' aum No effort* will be apn.ed to mak* thld '> on* (f tbe meet elegant ball* of the e*t on Niw V?>k, Kebrtury ID, Hj ', l0. To im? Entron or tin \i? I oa? lt*aa> l : vi line S:e I ** It a'atrd In an arti<il? in y?nr pap-ir ,. of W?dae->day laat. that the remnant of la'.e I sr?t ll??inient New ii>rk \ (dunt*er* wou d be preaent a tba ! ball of tbe l.atayitte KiietUem. to m <rro? evenlnf I |ut bf|t lea*e to inform jou that aui *> i>t??"0i M U ertt ne< u*. an tbf ofllreia . t tbe Kii-iimit ouly bare be - j inrited to attend the ?>all ! ? <{'.ia*tl?n H??p?otfnlly youra. A N. Y. VOUUNrtP.R *! Tltaatilral mid flitelrnU n? | Bow?ar THK4tar.?Tba performaneei th:? ?Tenlo? ^ j are ofareiy aauaing an J attracti t? ebaragter. e?b ai >r log three capital piacaa. In tbe firat Busk-toj.'e ran if of drama of tba' Wreck Aehore'' Mr Steeen? tb?tai?nten edactor and excellent atair* manager, wi-l u.'vo me a< part of ('apt Orampn* a inatil't. Mr Wlnam that be of Marmaduh* Magon. a< d the other eharaatera win be H filled by nroiler* of the tin- com pen/ ! IMMUm 0 | attached to thi* theatre. Iiurinf tbe |>'rl??aa?? >m Madame Krseailna Katbl<-?n lilap(?ar i>< teo beaatin? ful dancee ' la Ultaaa" and tba "I 't?oitenia " Tbi* y; I will be followed by the c^meiltefa of tb? *t aptam "f la- I tba U atrh " and tbe a'ertaia^ieatj will ciote wi n on tbe equaetrian ppwetaele of ru'naa tbe Ir a S >a be TO," In wbiab all tbe atrenglb of the ie;>? 4r?m*I'fee 0 I | will appear Baoanw*r THSiia*,? A Una aojipany of c ini*diana, 'J conrlating cf Maa>ra Whealley Blaka, Dyott, Krade e. ricka, < bapmar, hhaw, Sk rrett k? , with Mr*. Sk?rrett, Mlaa Alrxlna Kleher, of tht fbiladelph a ' y Ibeatra (her Brat appraranee In New I ->rk for aerarai 1 ' yeara.) Mlaa K. Hrrn and other ta.?ut?d a' lie???? wl.l appear thia aeeninf I be a'artaiomxo-ta wWi r >aa** nience with Nfak'peare a cm-dy. In fire ao'.a ?f al | "\)Urh .\d<> About NntUinc." tbe part of d-a-dtrk by "/ Mr. W heatley. that of |io?berry by \lr lllak* aid the rlegart rbaracter of Beatrice by Mlaa Alet'ua Maher "'J 'I hi- will be fuilawrd be th? new and miink aialr* I '' roBiantln drama of the - Kpirlt of Hold ' tbe part if 11 Albert by Mr, lijott wh? l? a h^at In him<elf fMa h* a flm- progratnaa (f an.?eement and will likely attract ^ a full hou a 0 I, Braina'a T?a aran ? Noth ng aear *o faa'.eaed Iteelf to oa the puhlia mind, or h?< had >ueh an uapreealeate I " run f nuceeaa, > tbe beai'lful eo-nedy of tba ' fart >u? t>* lan.tly ' wbl' h la B' ? en'ering open Ita aleewath ''I | week id preeeutatlon and ?UII tba d*?ir? tu aaa it again :i* la aa ^re?t a< aear It cannot |> <aibly be wi'.h trawu entirely?It mnei, a* In th* cafe of "Homb?y aud Jia, lot ha?e a partiuu ar alfbt ??- h ee?k wlca It *111 b< pro 1 ' due'd, but we b'lleee, It far nrpaawe l)ot.i!,?y ' la "* pnblla etlis%tioa and that If It It ea?ttaa?df>r et? 'T mrathe It whl aleay? draw It will he p.ay?d to night, ,,n with the laeorltacoim-dy * f Patil frt.' Mr? a?d dr. 1 holuian will ring the dnftt. " I bare wandered la DreamaMlra * altera and Mr Freda.lak wiildeno* m j the Vfaaurka, aad tbe orcheatra wlU eiesuU ?>oaa " hraatlful oeertutee fjJ Wawwat Tmatur ?The engagement cf Vila* J ml* ny Turuboll h?e proeed a? h-ne1clal to the aint(eiaea( ?" that ah* baa be.-o t*-*agag>-d for ** night* m 're. 'f? ate a?t *w?prte?d et thia a< ibe beau.iful apee'aele ? i the 'Naiad (Jo*ea," got op la ??> ep.ewd ?r. < a<n? etewt Of Maatf to dtaw laree a wab'a(e?. But la aa? tloato thla Maattaeat piece ae rteell'nt ?oma itla '? drama aait. i^i^tneralda ' will al?e b? ai da-ed h - a ' '* pleaea Introducing tha *a rtga ?treagtb of tn? e\ealleat Nf,^eny aow ea?a?>d at Iba >ati> aal i.ra-<v*d> ia dne to tbe Indefatigable *i?rt!oa* <if >lr r?0 *h? H ,n* naoa-iag In hi* edoei* to aik* the * '? ? * ?d Wii l,?* | theatre c?mf rtable la eeary ae>. a of tb* wj?d l,r" Ottarn tHaaraa-Thl? neat lliMa ttwatre la e?e*f alght Tleiied by the adailrer* of at*rlta4 a -ia'a aat??g Tbia eeeaing I* ??t apart for the benwfld el Mr Mlaat. i an artiat of *.-at drama Ir r*i?twily The p???*a a* leeted are hiet tbe e Big opera d' loha of I aria, la I I . ?.i.ait.ii Bill >i?iala Mi Inlnltahle eh?Tai ? ? af l'?4r ? > Potw??? ? ?? ?*? of - >-arfa<"t > Iktniielll Mr tl?< Mn I?j?U >14 Mf? <|wl, * ?.|l r?r. l?i ?h'? ii'i f<f th?tr 4riiiU'i 17*. aw>?y 1 hit ?m fca folli>??a by 'iia |.?*> l,?4. ' ia huh Vt fr. u,h?ni ?iU >u?tkla th? ptit a' O . aliaV) ?kan m 4 th? l?? la III ?!'? "Iih r hp MB ia %tnSer A hill * ko an rtiUl U? In^utln <( ruutirf IK, tfta H-jwp* ' Italia* Ur?i-Tmi tmiau -Tkitt ??? m ft ^ Ihmin m ftlnte; ifnkf, ?( t*?a lilb ? ??f sttKOi.r Hi ? nwl, hot til- rt>p*>tlM?w *l>-? I It ' >' " t? ?'fht ?lll fW? ??nU?f I ' ?f <% tc Hmi aoa of th? 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