Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1850 Page 1
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? I TH NO. *789. " DOUBLE sllEETT ANOTBER TERRIBLE MARINE DISASTER. TD WK1CK of the STIAIIR RBODH ISLAND BOUND FEOM Haw York to San Franclseo, California. SUPPOSED LOSS OF THIRTI-TW0 LUES, *?H *C, M. The ateuaboat Rhode Island, Capt. Colbjr, hence for California, waa completely destroyed, on the ' Mth alt., in the Gulf Stream. The Rhode Inland { waa bwtk tn thia city about twelve years ago, for ? wr 1_ J T* !J ? I unnn i ur* mu rroTiaence une, ai wmcn time he wm -considered a splendid and aubatantial boat. She ran between thia city and StoaiBgton, and held her |>o*ition as a first class vessel, until within the last few years, when boats of greater speed, and superior passenger accommodations, compelled her owners to withdraw 1 her Iron the line. I She was then purchased, with a view to send | h-r to California to trade upon the Sacramento river, and whs put in thorough repair for the voyage Around to the Pacific. She sailed from New York on Friday, the 23d of i January, for California. She stuped tvo daya at , Quarantine, and went to sea on the 25th, laden with coal and provisions; forty-four persona on boHrd in all. She whs loaded down almost to her I guards, k was predicted by all who saw her leave the wharf, that she could not get oat safely. Our informant says:? "We got along very well during the first two days, going eight or nine miles an hour, with a 1 smooth sea. The wind began to blow fresh on Sunday. About noon there wan some sea on, and ibe labored heavily. We commenced throwing coal overboard, and got rid of all the loose coal on -deck, and all that was in bags?about 150 tons. Sunday night and Monday was ag-tin calm, and she went along very well. On Monday afternoon ,t got to be cloudy and threatening, and several of the hbnds went to the cap'ain and asked to be put on board a ship that was in sight estern, or else to ran down ai.d lay by during the night, lie refused, and said there was no danger Soon alier ' his the wind commenced blowing heavily until lTHUflight, when it blew a gain. The wheel ropes got foul several timet. About 1 A. M. oa Tues| day, 29'h, ie wneel ropes broke. The man at the wheel was knocked down, and seriously injured by oae of the spokes. The steamer then broached to; a h*-avy sea struck lier, and bhe broke in two, tailing both at the atern and bows, aud till -d ra> ' pidly. The engine was put to work to pump her I out, which kept her somewhat clear, until it stopped, from ihemachinery getting displaced. The steam was tliea blown off, aud the boats got ready for launching. One of them hud been kept read? for several houra, and was provisioned. The Bailors generally alrpt in her when off duty, aa 'hey apprehended tome accident. At about Ifc o'clock, the cooks and tome of the passengers, without the knowledge of the captain, launched one i of the jolly bonis, which swung round immediately uvdf-r the guards, and waa swamped. N>* (>eraon w*a in it. When nearly 2 o'clock, the eaptaia called all bunds, and appointed thirty to go in the long boat, and the rest in the second jolly boat Two men were s?-nt in the long boat to keep h?-r clear, and she waa launched snlely. $hr was then hauled round to the bows, and ten inure taksn in?nine mrn and one female pasamger; before others could be get down, the was struck by the stern of fhe steamer and badly stove; those in the boat b?ncut brr adrift, and pulled to the windward \fter bailing her out, they tried to get 10 the steamer a/'a in to take in more; but the sea ran so high they could not reach her. The boat was much encumbered with clothing I and other things, which the sreoud mate, Brnjavin Boyd, who had taken commaud of her, ordered to be thrown overboard. She was thua relieved of everything except haif-a-d?ien ham*, one cheese, three gallons of water, two quadrants and a compass All this was a?out two o'clock on trie morning of the 29ih. The ho.*t was kept runuuw before the aea, and ihey bailrri incessantly during the night. At day-litfht a schooner was seen Jbout three miles disiani, laying ey imine* diately pulled for her, but were not seen until almost alongside. All hsnda, together with the boat, were take* on board the schooner, which proved u> be the Mary Ann, Capt Crockett, from New York, bound for Porto Rico. After being on board the schooner two da)s, they frll ia with and spoke the whale ship Richmond, ('aptain Pwift, o4 Providence, homeward bound Although scarce of water. Captain Swift took all the company from the schooner, and aft*r treating tb*m ia 'be kindest maaner, landed them aafrly at Providence on Monday morniuv, where they received ?v?ry attention from the officers and owners of the Richmond, who sent th? m to Kali River, from which place they came to the city yeaterdajr I morn tag The Isst se*? of the steamer, by those who have returned, was aboat 2| o'clock on the morning of 29<h, when she was rapidly sinking, and soon afier whiofl, she in all probability went down. Oar informant does not know the nsmea of his fel- ' ow survivors; but there were among them, Mr. I goyd, the nacoml mate; William Smyth and two ! others, fir-no n; thiee sailors, two cooks, and ks>a t%f th#?m m Kffni'h la/4sr Lfl ill *1 I^M>?iiirnrr Whfn th- i< i I?-nt h* n^d, he ateamer w?? n?-?r loinjimdr 71 5, Intit<iH<- St .10. |l i? pnaaible that waif othT* m ty yet survive, %ll en beard the w-rr cutting *w*jr yartia and *p?r?, and prrpmng rrtrf available vana far meopc Ann?ird ta a hat of the offii'rra ?nH crew of thn Kli"dr I, land when ah? left thia port t? ?nr or thi rh<>i>k i?lvid. laka B. ' oMi? apt*tn. Alfred ittil lat mat# AMI lakJlaf l* ICof H-nj || do >??J t??U? M do Tk m?? .??roa. iMaaa Wa H. Ufl* 3d da J??i ,'k?ia?<aa, do Hvarr Amaa. lr?maa Haa.i Honatt. do Wm Bark. do Wm la-*t<a do [>a*1d Roa. 4a H-b-n H.?yi ?, do WarUn. do Cka? raoinyaoa, do * H? law. dn. John Snapoard d< ')mM >a?laa. do w J. r?~ rtiaaard atar ratarwa, da. KnSa-t B'.u, I ?t took. Mm tvaaaay. 4a Baaao. Hna ?J d. (oka D?*U da W * *4 do i kn Ha?alaa. do 0?*M M .!<? ? altar. . arte rh"?u itavardMi K<*k la l. do laaa H'faat da Kttta h tu*ar<l*w Tkr following i^anaa wrr?- ae,jreird i>n hoard, without thr kniMaied** ?t the rauiain, ah > fcn< w icthing <rt ib<ra un<?J th ? < id-ai to the vteael wtiiffd!n*mm or ran rAraKNu*av Mr. FaraytB. Mr Mr Beftat Mr Vtllor, Mr. Kaaa*. Mr. row. J<>bm i.aey ratrlok taa. Mm *fcn*tar Mr Bi'ahar. W flllaai B?itk. Two uoka <>a Th*- todowiof are the nMin - >.t ho** who ea. i^rd, m4 were picked up by the M?r> Ann ? iu?k* or racMi I?"*J Bald Hokari ftovlaa, I ltart?a t k?i wiyiaa. JoBa 4na?lt*rd. * MHm t?o?ay Ji tia l?a?. < kartu HaaMaa, Ko?oit Mra Miaatar ?? .. ! I B?lMr M??ltar t*MB m ik It in not yet known wlut ia tba fate ot than* left .* kavd the boat; but aa iher Wert making prep*. *aiinna to lenrr the wreck, a hone may be eater* tlined that ixtnioa <> them at leant are yet *|ive and aeonre from dnnirr. Th- firni main, Alfred Hkil, w well known na a akiliu navifntor, and man E NE HOI formerly commander of tbe brig Maria L. Hill, which wu lost Mine three or tour years ago, ia a gale, oa the passage from this city to Rnstoa. Ha is a New England man, and has a wife and two or three children ia this eity. ADDITIONAL ACCOUNT BY TBLM1APH. Boston, Feb. M-l? M. The steamboat Rhode Islaad was loat at sea on b? tojif Am New York to San Francisco; aim* of the passengers and three ot the crew eeoaped la a boat, and were taken oa board of the schooner Mary Aaa, of Tbomaston, Capt. Crockett, from New York fte St. Johns, P. R., from whleh they wore transferred to the whaling bark Richmond, whish arrived at ProTiieaoe yesterday morning. Tbe remaining passengers and erew, thirty-two la namber were left on board the boat, whioh was la a sinking condition, and it is feared that they were lost, although they had one boat, and were euttlng away the upper deek to make a raft, when last seen. Three more were drowned in attempting to roaeh the boat?one of them was supposed to be Mr 8hems'er, who had DlftO?d hla vifa is th? hMt tail fal 1 ad tft ia. out# hit ova rafety la It. When the men arrived on board tha schooner there *u a brig la tight, abont four mile* to tha leeward. It it powribla that they may hart mi tht wreck, or that the crew of the tteamboat may here reached her ?a the raft which they were making. There ia alto hop* la the lactt that the tpot it in the track of vttsela irom the W#et Indies and the Gulf ot Mexico. The following account of the dltattar hat been furnished the TravtUer by the tecond mate, who arrived la the Riobmond on Friday:? At three o'clock. P. M on the 26th of January, the pilot left ua cuttide of Sandy Hook, with wind southeast. and a tmecith aea.wblch oontinued until Saturday aftarnoen. at which time the wind hauled south, and blew a gale until Sunday morning, during which time the rbip worked badly At 1'J VI.. although the wind wa* lighter, (till there waa a heavy cross aea running, which mralerd her to much that we were obliged to throw overboard 60 ?r 70 toot of goal from bar d?-a* to lighten her. During the afternoon, when the tea had gone down, she went along quite comfortably until about 4 o'clock, P. VI., when the wind hauled to the oouthweet and blew n gale, no that wa were obliged to keep hrr brf?re the wind The eea continued to incraate. and the *hlp labored very heavily until Monday, at one o'cW-ok in the morning, (lat 31 30 Ion 71 ) at whiah time the hog brace parted oauelng tha hog frame to work to an to throw the engine out of line, to that it would not work, the pumpt "topping with the engine. She now oiade water ta?t, her deok plank* having parted jnat abaft the engine On sounding her wa found there wa* almost Are feet of water in the hold Having lout her headway a heavy eea etruak her rudder, which broke h?r wheel-ropes. leaving her completely ?t the mercy of the wind and wavet, while all handt laid aft to reoure the wheel ropet The patrengert in attempting to launch a email boat contrary to oidert. got it stove under the guard ot the thip. leaving only two boatt on board - one of which wa* immediately launched and hauled uader the bowa of the ship, wber# twelve person* Inoludlog myi>eif. got into her and tboved off clear ot the khlp when l m?d? au attempt to lay tha boat alongside and to get in tome more partengert; but there ?a? to much danger of tta>lng tha boat, that tbe captain said " Keep her clear;' at whloh time he. with otbert left on board, thirty.two in all. were engaged ia eutiiog away the nvper deok lor a raft as It v?< imposelble for the boata to take them all I lay bj the tblp eouie time; lut the pea forced ut to get tome headway on tbe boat to keep her from twamping About half past two o'clook we loet right cf tbe thlp at which tiaie the appeared to ba tattling very fart We were In tbe boat drenched by a cold rain till daylight, when we taw a tehoooer to the lee?ard ot lit Which we reached, med w?ra tekan nn b<-*r<l. wfctre we remained until Friday. February l?t. on* o'clock P M , when we ?etn spoken by tbe bark IMcbtund, of Pto?Ii1?dm. Ckpltm Swllt. who took us on 'oard. as the robooncr Mary Ann was bounl to Porto Rloo rlM Affair*. Tb* rtram propeller Carolina Captain Mark*, which left this port oa the 9th alt, for Klo Janeiro, Paoama, ko , ?m pwMd ob th* 26th. In latitude II 03 north, lorgltude 12, giving evidence of her superior saitisg qualities Tb* steamship Philadelphia, bene* for <h*gres, wa1 seen ob tb* 0th Uiit , Off Hatter as, la latitude 34, longitude "3 40. Orr Chih** IUiaia,( Saturday. leu.2d IHoO { At I meeting tf tb* put**|rri on board the *im? bip< herokee on bar **cond pa??<m? from New Vork to t bagree on mottoa of Mr Cbarle* Kuan*, of New ? oik it wa* Keeolvsd Tbat the moat sincere thaaks of the pagssngers, whose name* are hereto sub-cribed. are du* to apt M indl* and tboe* under hi* eommead for tb* ekiil and ability by them dleplayad. and wbteh have br< u*ht u? *o early to a NNMM termination of th* soy age. aad alao for their ouastaat attention aad polltrn*-Se tl> U* t.'prcially would they aotto* tb* ability and fltaees di?pl*y?d by Mr Livingston. the steward, to discharge the du'lea ol bi* office; ble energy snd pruaptneas m ca'enig to the taetee aad providing for 'be demands 4 tb* appetite* of *o large a number ef paeeeng-ts under circumstances tlUaovaa'ageoue and perpleting ever givn-g eetielactlon to all la everything lor which bit Stifle** w*te celled lato requlaltloa 1 o Mr Paiae. tbe Oik of th- ship. are their thank* due pariirulaily. lor the feiihfulaesa with whiab ha bee aif charged ibe trusts repoeed ia him. aad met tb* vsrirus demands of pasaengera I ha hiet Engineer Mr. J W. Marshall and ble as (slants ere aleocommanded for their judga?*at. and the uii'iriag II Ju- n tub which they have atteaded to ileir te-| ectiv* dutle* Ai d tbey do take pleasure la remmeadlag to travellerr, tb* < herokee, ae a <at? and plea*aat sea vessel, w? II fitted for tbe route mi wbteh she hae by the ea teiprise of . east* ll*w|and k teplnwall been planed Hyned < apt L O Wblttekar Cept Wm Maun, | (Wary Wilkinson. H M Si*pii*ns Joeepn V. Heme* U A Black l hoe. D Hreen, A. I.'ilman <i+n hi.?e W Ladd. (?. II I'ottea, Jao. I.elgh ?Vm <>. I H. bbme M calkin E N A Ilea. J B U Isham Wm Sloiy W II Martin Kami J Staple, J Pbllipe O?o t. K" bier L*wls Lewi*, M Cook. H Melius M Stepbei.s. J W ilr?|ory, t Maitia. W Martla, aad by uaaierous others Nsrsl luielllncnce, Wa uaderstaed that letters bare beeo recelvel at tbe Navy Department from Commodore ioaee da'ed tbe 31rt December. 184# in which |t is stated that' tb* Preble had lart aarhorad (near him) la tweaty days hss Oaba tbe health of rffleetsaad arew Improving " I be rumorof bar lee la a gale of wind by going ashore la the harbor of flaa Kronel-ci on the night of the Ibtb, Is therefore uafoaaded ? .Veneww/ Intii. AVS if Miwi i?b Due*'* Li**.? Th* C'ommlaeinaers oa tb* f* r" i'l Maryland. D* law are aad Peuaeylvaate, nea> s files ol tbe Hoa II ti S Key (iaorge Mead llld lie end J P >yie appelated to eellla or reti the b >'ind a.l.s betwe.B the threw mates are aow la tble olty. I. r the parpuee of concluding their baelnwes with tbe lYptgiaphical bureau We Iwera tbat the rwp >rt of tl la e< a miss loa Will glee tbe history aad whole parti u atS el tba latere.ting geograpbtoal llae I >1ae-?B ard bison's) so oftea alluued to by the preee aad bolt, ttciane yet bat little understood by tbe pabtt*. - Nationsi InliUigmuT. ?i 12. ' lire Isatalligwntia. C*n*Af <U l*n ? Oa tbe 18th of December last. Amk'kt Rrri of tha CrtMk ob?b| in tbti r< ? ?? r b I of a ( otd iMMMl ' d 'Ml Ihui, it kil ?( llw, t; i )??t| woman mIM ii? H-ni.f ?Iim i iMt It tk?t tfe* mmw4 fmt?d ib? lodgtar ru?iH of Mr Sort itaao-d ta tha bullolag No Dr<*d*i;, nnriti >i( l)uM*((r><> an4 In lb? uicalng walk ad o? with hi* >tUb aad chaia. mix -a which tlaia >M bt< iioMad ua'il ?l"ad?y ?*ialac la?t,aboa' ata?n>loak, ah** ?tf *or<?a? ?*a -a** p?rwi?|a walking broad?ay Mr ??rg Iii ai4itl?l) pr-aara<t tha aid nf apt < arp*al?r 01 lb. Mith ?a?d poiiaa bad eaaaad b*r t.t h* taaaa lata eu?ti dy I >a tba "B??> wtnkiaf h?r p*r%nn t'ia p? a Urkat ?f tba walab aad rlMMa was fnuad ta ??r k waaaal ?i 1 ba watch aad chata w*rw raaoawrad tmm tha jaat? "bop of Mr. (^m-daaa, r im oi Oaant ar d t ?kti? ?trraU. Tha aeeorrd ?a b?r riaaiti.ati-ia. ar kt.aaUdgad taking tha prnpaity. and ta mt'lgaltoa nf tha i n?B<? all'I'd tbat aba *aa na mtiaia < u>rait nib V)r b-rg Jaattra vtnaatftwt. kn?t??r dtd ant a?a id* r tbta fin a ablctaat for tba Itbartp takaa with thanuaplalaaat'a walab aal am?adan>a aalt n luitwd kit to prttaa to aaatt bar trtal tar th- lar??ay. Ore*/ t mao raliad ladob Waat ?a? una '?a oa Moaday Bight, oa a abarga of awlilag n un b? 'ha kaar ot ABdrao Jaeka?a if tba tnr-?t ai d by for?a vtallng It bt? 'tl??r? \ iVum atid 1>iibb arraatad tba latiiwd mtto ? da tair:?d by jaatlaa .Vioantfort for a foribar haartng ( MAiar - A ?"??a aaitad Rrtdgat txdaa ?a? a?i??t?d j aakarday oa aaarga ?( --aim* a I at nf <rletbia?. abiaad at ???. h*lnagtr>g to P Abikato ra '<:>bir a? Na. ?'V Srooaa ?ir?l Tba n u?) <a< t>ktk bafrr* JtMtlaa TiaipfoD. aha data<a-4 bar Mb 'itlhkt brkrlai avaaianta of la?l*Ma^k. Mdjot U * N , aad J. M. Watava. U. 9 !*., ha?a amvad la tb?a pity (aart t atrndar-Thla D?y. I'ait?t> Itiiii DtaiaicT Coin ? Noa. M, M, M, M M4t. 4 rami f'-ouar- Oaaaral Tar? -Naa . II .1* to 41 ddd 44 to 4b. limit t at'at ?Naa M Sit HI, Itt. SM. 117, IW. Ml to ?bT M7fc IM *74 itd laaaaa, (ta Clrtutt) - Iff. M. 44, Tl, TS, 91. "H w.|?. lab. 111. 141 lib, IM 140 Idt, IT4, 179, i?t, IiS. 117 147 IM Ml 4bl SM iff ?K r.aiaa w at -Maa IT ad m 9t. IM 104 IM 41. 41 ft t 4b 14. 111. lib. lib, 111 ilk M T I. IT 111 IM 134 13b m m IM, IM, 141.1IM4J. 144 144 IM, 144 14b IM IM I tan-f?tr?d - Naa It, !, M, 41 4a M. lb, lb. I M ; r 3 lb M i aattraa - Naa Tl M M. IM, 119. IM ir, IM. 1 141, 141, IM, IM, IM, 144, IM W Y( INNING EDITION?WED* INTERESTING OFFICIAL D0CUMENT8 run CENTRAL. ABBRIOi. THE BRITISH AGGRESSIONS. Hie Course of the American Charge, and the Action of the Central American State**he Surrender of Sigre Island, See., See., See. We received the following important paper*, by the steamship Cherokee, from Chagres and Kingston, Jamaica. With those previously published in the Herald, they give a complete history of the movements of the American Charge A'Affaire* to the Central American States, and of the British agents, not only on the Pacific but on the Atlantic sides. ANNKXATION BY INTIMATION. Ktbamer "Goeqon, Oct. 16, 1819. To the Principal Secretsry ot the State of Honduras: Si*:?Not having received any reply to my notes relative to certain delayed British claims, I have the nonor to intorm you mat i nave arrived in tnia bay, in the steam frigate "Gorgon," Com. Paynter, and have this day taken possession of the island of Tigre, in the name of the Queen, in accordance with my intimations of January 30. Immediate notice of this act will be givei to the commander of the naval forces of H. B. M. in the Pacific, in order that he may protect the point, until the will of H. M. is known. I am. Jen , &c , FkIII chatfikld to s^inaa H. li M 8 CioRooN, > Union, 25ih October, 181!) ( E. Oto. Sqvier, Enq , L'nUrd Slates Charge d'AfJatrtt, Istim:? Sia:? On the 23d in?t , I had the honor of receiving your letter, dated the 14th of this month, enclosing for my information, a copy of that which you wrote on the 2Hih of September lust, stating that the island of Tigre in thin bay, has been provisionally ceded to the United Stales of North America by the State of Honduras. Wuhout entering into a discussion respecting the ability of Honduras as a State of Central America, which neither has nor claims to have n itional attributes to alienate a part of it? territory, it seems to me that the government of Honduras, in affect1 ing to make even a temporary and partiat concession of this nature, has acted uuadvis-dly, since it cannot but recollect, that on the 7th of April U?t, it acknowledged the receipt of my note ol the &>ih of January prrcedim.1, relative to the necessity ot making an early settlement of the outstanding Uritit-h claims on the State of Honduras, and expressive of the determination to place a lien on the uland of Tigre, above mentioned, in the Queen's name, a fneaaure which is now accomplished, at a means of obtsining justice for aggrieved Hrttiffc subjects, and of moderating the spirit of unprov< ktd hostility manifested, for private reruns, by the actual rulers of Honduras towards Kn^Und Owing to your recent arrival in this country, you may not have had time to acquire a just knowledge of its political position in regard to other States, so as to be able to distinguish between facts and the misstatements of impassioned and prejudiced politicslpartisnns. "niece Stales cherish the erroneous belief that their weakness exempts them front the necessity of scting with decorum and regularity in their foreign relation's; and they, therefore, constantly clamor against the superiinty ot auy nation which requires them to perform the duties which they undeitook to discharge, on assumiug the character ot constituted political bodies. This* mistaken view ot their true position prevents l thun from flppreciatinu the foibearaoce of tier Majesty'* government, in consideration ot their id- I e?l>erience, and induce them to receive with distune any auggektion, however friendly, Mat tend* to point out ihe propriety ot acting u,?on the principle n by which ih*-y aeverally asaume to be guided. The protectorate, which the otii idl nruitm imd other sources of intelligence assure me th,it, a* the representative of the (Jutted State*ot North Am?*rtra, you have accorded to the respective State* of Honduras, Nicaragua, and San Salvador, laducea nie to say that I ehall have pleasure in receiving any supgeMtion from you, which may teud to the arraiig* ment of the various claim* and questions per ding between those StateJ and Great Britain; ai d I conceive that this proposal will be agreeable to you, a* affording you ihe mean*, if accepted, ot diMbuMii>g the Stale* of their error, in supposing that any relation* they ran eMablish witn the United State*, will benefit them in evading the performance of their obligation* to Kngland, with ?hi< h the North American repuolic nmn:.una such frienrly connection. I have the honor to be. Sir, Your moat obedient, fumble servant, Fbkdk Cmatkisi.d, Her Britannic Majesty'* Charge d'Atiairaa. sqtjieb to ctlatfitl.0 Lioation of U S in Cbntbal Amhbica, ) , LauN i>a Nicaragua, Oct 23, IKW. y Jinn F l huljitid, H H A/ '? C'Aargr M'Affuirii, 4f Sia.?I have ihe honor to enclose you herewith a triplicate ropy ot a circular which I the h< nor lo uddrrea to you, in common with the other foreign diplomatic agent*, resident in Ceutrnl Am* tlca, upon ihe 2K:li of September last A copy w "K aieo olhciallj communicated to H. U M 'a Vice-Consul at thi* point. No proper mean* were oniiiied, by duplicate and otherwiae, to en?ure the reception of ihi* circular by you I have thia day received information, by an official r<<n>munic*tion, addressed by the comniai'der ol the port ot Amaoola, in the lalaud of the Tigre, to ihe Director of Nicaragua, aud by a ro(y of a letter addressed by the coin.iunder of 11 B M 'a ktemnehip (rorgon, to the coin uander ol aaid H'"- to the effect that on the Ibih ina'ant, under direction from you, the commander of that Me?nier landed with an inrd force ui>on the lelai d of Titire, in the Gulf of Fonseca, lowered he tlav of Honduras, and raic d, under a salute, that oT Great Bniaia, proclaiming, at the same time, thai ihe laland waa thereby taken poaaeasion ot < n behalf of hsr Britannic Majesty No such act can be regarded by the United Siaiea aa invalidating her riahts to tms island, acquired by lsrm?l cession on the -iSih of Sept last, under which date yon were officially advn< d of such ceasion I im compelled to believe that he measure* adopted under your orders were liken n ignorance of thia faci. The United State* haa irierelore the richt 10 eipeot that you will give direction* for the evacuat oa of aaid lelaiid aa soon a* practicable alter the receipt of 1 tills ( * II?.'ii'iri i a 11 *'II, ihe reception of who h I fo t yoa will a< knowledge (with such eipUaationa aa the gravity ol the circumstance demaad*) in open envelope, to the bearer hereof I am, air, with high consideration, (Signed), E. Gao Sqtnaa. aqt'ita To ciiatfikm> Lb?atior op U S. in ('rtrrBAi, Ambek-a, t l.aoj* |/b Nk a*a?ha, ? krt 2*. 1*19 y Hum. A' Chatfirbt, H H Wi r'kueg*, 4* Ni:?I have the honor to acknowledge the re< i 'i - I ?our note of the'Jfah ia?t , and shall lna? ao time m layiag it before my government I cannot, however, permit your dental of tha ability ot llordur** to alienate or otherwiae dielame of any part of her territory, to pass without >.b?? rviQy ibst Hoidura* i* retarded hv the ro\? rr<rii'ni of the United Statea as aa iadependent republic. *nd therefore capable of exercising all I the funciK n* of a aovereign State, including that j ? ! oiepoum <?l her tertitory njr atipii anoaa Wh? Hooritiraa united with the other Statea of n Salvador, Goaf mala, Nicaragua and t^oata Kiea, id a confederation called the Republic of (antral America, ahe eurr?ndered certain aotrarn?n powrrn, bat with the diaaolution of thai rr> Public, thoae powera of rourae, and ol right, nfaia rureried to her in her original capacity. i*ince th? n aha haa auatatned a couatitutjon, a regular govt rnmetit, haa made war and prace, concluded tifi'lfi, ten-1 acted ai d diachargrd oMimhom, in ebort, eierrtaed all the |>owrn?, and performed the fntira #f a a?>*ereign W?if Aa mch, ehe haa > rrn reiwated'y rna|m>< b* Ureal Bflltil, which i?wt nan inada upon former oecaatona, and if lawmaking, demand* upon her government, it it? aeparat* and aovereign rapacity The implication thai the Siatea pertaining to a crnt?deratM?, uj<on ihe dieiwilution ??f that cont'd# ration, do i?n? therrbv become re in Mated in, or mveaied with, all the tight* and powera of diatinet naiio?altliea, to new and atartliag, and ran n?*?er be aaaented toby the United Muiea |i recogniaed ia a i>nn?iple it wot.M ?g?ui plunge th? e%?ry Mate of a c?<ntederacy whu hm ^hl by any m efotture be broke* np, into all U?e dang'ta of a n< mat r?i?iei!ce, beyond ihe ptntreii'Hi of tntcrl?w, and aiibfeel, w ibnat ?p,? tl, in the etacMi na or aitgteaeioiia of ambinnna or noamiM. law. ,<owera In r??p?*rt to the Mxad of Tigr*, my circular of JVptemh" aad mr a?ha> qiteat y*n n in < iti? ar of ute 23d inatafc'., '.r anffi leaily )RK I fESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, eiplicit, and preclude the necessity of further reference here. I deem it, nevertheless, proper to my, (apart from the positive rights acquired by the United Sutra, in n proper and raubliahrd mode, and which ahr will not fail to tahe all proper measure* to auatain), that it cannot be considered that the notice of your intention " to place a lien upon the Island of Tigre, in the name of the Qu?en," pref*lnAmA VlnnniiruM from riiu>w\am>r a* w- vi umt lotaiiu, vi any other portion of territory, by aula or cession. Such disposition of the island, for aught that it known to the contrary, may have been made to maet, immediately, or ultimately, the very obligation* which you assert the Kenublic of Honduras is under to British subjects, But, sir, there is a grave principle involved in your pretensions of ability to Beize forcibly, in the name of your sovereign, upon the territories of any nation by way of indemnity for claims of British subsubjects.

Such forcible seizure is a positive act of war, which no power is justilied in making without a previous declaration to the world. The recognition of tliis ability on the part of any diplomatic representative, under whatever authority, would license universal robbery, and lead to gene- ; ral disorder For paltriest sums, perhaps unjustly claimed by the subject* of a powerful nation, the 1 weaker power might be despoiled of its most valuable territories.?its only ports? deprived, in fact, of its national existence, and absorbed in the dominions of another nation. Such a right would permit of too dnngerous exercise, and would be followed by too many abuses, to be lii(htly admit- I ted. There is, sir, as between civilized nations but one mode ot acquiring territory, viz : by treaty; and it has come to be understood that the righis ol k'onquest require to be tbus sanctioned, in order to be regarded as permanent I need not assure you that in all my relatinns with the governments of these republics 1 shall n'giert no proper opportunity which inay offer, to 1 impress upon them the propriety of inaintiiaiug, under all circumstances, that courtesy in their rela- 1 Uons with other governments or tlieir representatives, which is essential to the dignity of republican states, as well as the necessity ot adopting all . practicable means to discharge their jast obligations; snd 1 shall advise thnn to rely upon the ' sympathy and support of die United Stales in those cases only, when their righia are encroach* d upon, or when those principles * hu h have been recognised ss essential to the safely and welfare ot tli? Anglican Republics, are invaded You invite, in a very cordial spirit, any suggestion which 1 msy deem proper to make, " irm may tend to the arrangement ot ihe various claims nud que?tions penriimt between the?e S'ate* nnd Greal Britain. I feel, therstore, no besitttion in saying, so far as reUies to ilie advances which have been made bv British st>bjeal* (without, i robsbly, due r? flection,) to tlie uovrruineuts uf the several States in times past, and winch hive keen a fruitful source of ditfiruliv, that the he*t I means lo settle them permluemly, would be to advise the holders of the obligations of Uie Slates, lo procure tliem to be consolidated or funded, at such rat* s of interest a* it is within the (s>wer of the Elates to pay, and with such gradual redemptions ss should ultimately return the It is < vety clesr, that ut present it is beyond the power 1 of most of these Stales to meet all iheir obligations, ' and iinU ss some just arraugement of Jhla kiud is maul | uirir aoiiuy ?o meet ineni win coutnaniiy i C iliiin.hh ; I think the pre?ent h very favorable m<v ! m? at for such an arrangrmrut on ih-- pari ot iheir I creditor*. The nrw r editions of the?e dt?tr?li?ve I revived iheir hop* *; nud an fur a? I can discover, a I general disposition exi.-tn to rrniove all c iu?c< of i dittetencr on tin* score, with oiher nat'ons Trie n public ot Nicaragua in exerting tieraelj in a very ! commendable manner to discharge all her obligalions, nnd will, I ihink, be successful. I have had an interview with the Commissioner of the republic of Honduras to this Legation,and he will adviee his government that It is the wisti of the United State* iliat his republic ?hall aim to avoid all ditlereocea with EngUurf, and that, to this end she hhall endeavor 10 arrange in a satisfactory manner, aM just claim* which British subjects m.iy have upon her itovt-ninif-nt. In accomplishing this I dtsirable object, 1 shall always hold mvrelf in | readiness to assist, in ev< ry proper manner; and j I shall l?e happy it the relai lona of rnv government with Honduras and the otber republics of Crntrri I Ameli a, shall euable mr to contribute in restor| ing and maintaining the friendly intercourse, | which it is ita desire, should be up between them and the other nations of the wwrld. You are, however, aware that there are other | questions ot a inore serious nature, involving great | principles, which have unfortunately arisen bei twfi-n these republic* and Great Britain, iu which the United States haa ihe dee|?est interest ; which inter' Mt it may become her duly >o manifeat in auch manner as shall he called for by the course of cvtnts It may devolve upon me at an early day, to direct your special attention to there subjects. Meantime, sir, 1 am, with high consideration, (Sifned) K Geo. SvjUibk ch iTKlBt.f) to bqijibb H B. M S. " Ooboon," Oct 27, l*W. K Otn. tV/uirr, A'w , Charge it' Ajf*irt >} tkt (J*itfd Slain of Aortk sitimvu : ? Sib:? I had the honor of receiving, soon after sixoYlotk this evening, your letter oi th 2:trJ mst., enclosing a copy ot a circular of the iiui of last month, which you addressed to the foreign diplomatic agents resident iu Ontral America. Having received a copy ol the same letter, in ><>?r's dated the 14th inst . to which J replied on the 2ftfh, (conceive ihat I shall best comply with your desire, by transmuting for your information, a duplicate ot my letter above referred to, (howtnf that the Honduras government in making a temporary cession of ihe Island of Tigre m this bay, to the United States of North America, has act d improperly, and in bad laith to tha United States ana to Great Hritain; tor so long ago as the month ot January last, as indeed I apprised vour predecessor, Mr. Hise. at the lime, verbally, Kuglanrf established a proprietary rmht oyer th* Tigre Island and its dependencies, which no subsequent arrangement on the part of Honduras, without the cogm/aace of England, can undo Under these circumstances yon will, I think, perceive that 1 have no alternative but to aubuiit to her Britannic Majeaty's government the determination of the point now raised by you, and to decline acceding to your proposal of surrendering tile clesr rights of Great Britain 1 may. however, state that owing to existing difficulties with the government of Salvador, which the mtai Inendlyn^-rsuasion and remonstrances on my part have been unable to remove, I have asserted tne same rights of proprietary, In tavor ot Great Britaia, over the other island* in this bay I have the honor to be, Art!, iVc , Finn tJMATHici.D, H. B Majesty's Charge d'Affairs. vf< ikr to CHATriSI.0 LlQATIItN or TUB U.S IJlCSAIBAL AmBBICA ) I V' U .1 I Mill I i~A?'N l .1IUMWI A, *, I ) //on. F Lhntjild, H. H M Ckmrgt WAfjavt, #*. ^ia:?I have the honor to acknowledge tnr ceipt of your communication of the 17th all. noting the icception of mine of the ?UI preceding, no declining to evacuate the I>*l?tn<t of Tigre, ft? occupied by Bnuah troops u .d*r your orders on ine Ihih i nal 1 have already bad the honor of repeatedly advising you thai the UUnd of Tigre, in the <?ulf of Fonarc*, *ai formally ceded to the United States oo the feMh of Sept ult ; the subse^ueat occupation of the Mine by an armed force, uuder your ordera, is, therefore. an invasion ul tba i.jriita of the liiin-d States. Jt id? becomes my iluty to apprise you. thai unless the Inland ol the Tigr- ta evacuated within six day* from the receipt of this communication, the persisttnce is occu(>niioo w II t?e considered an act ot agnre#Moa, and the manifestation ?>t an unlritndly disposition towards the United Maien. I c annot belie v., Mir, that >'?u will take uj.ob yourself the responsibility of diituroiii* the | good correspondence which at present happily eiists between the United States Mid Ofeat ISritaiu la respect to the intimation of your dvtermnation to seize the other islmida of the i iulf ol tons a. I have to call ynnr specisl attention to the contents of my cirrulsr of the ?<th ot September, the receptioa of which you have sir' adv *chmiwle<fg?d; and further to inform yon. ihit the Un<?ed ->ia?es cannot regard with maiAer-ace any attempt todismember the republic* of Central Americiof aay lortioa of their coaeta aad terntorlea I need not ircapitulate to you. aj>art from all rpettsl reasons, the genersj grounds upon which the United S'sles | hares her rights, or the contiagenciea under wh'ch ?he might consider herself called upon to interfere j against any such attempt on the part of anv foreign nation These were early proclaimed bv the Uiiten Mutes, and canaot. I he unknown to I fm Yon assert, and with appareat seriousaesa, that established a "proprteisry right over the inland f Tigr*," on behalf ot Oreat Britain, by virtae of a < ?n>mnaicaiMis a<t<trei?e<i to the government of llot'duras on the ilMh of January laat, "egprea ive" (as you say in y??ar letter to me of the tVh ,1 "of the d?'termination ta pises a hen oa tho inland ?f Tigre," aod'hat coaaeuweatly Ifosdnras wsa ln? ape hie of makiag aay abluent diapos?tloa of the MRS The notice which has been leased, rtqairiag ths IE R A 1850. citizens of the island of Tifre who may hare left in consequence of recent proceeding*, to return within the given space of eight days, under penalty of confiscation of their property, leaves little doubt as to the true significance of the vagne terms which I have quoted. The mode in which territory may be acquired by one nation from another, came early to be reg trded as sne of the most interesting and imi>ortant points to be regulated among nations; and it was tarly established as a vital principle of international law, |that treaty cession is the only mode by which territory can lawfully pass from one sovereignty, or proprietary, to another. As I have said, in previous communications, even the rights of conquest cannot be perfected, except in this manner. "Territory," says Vattel, "passes into the power of the enemy which takes possession of it, but hs does not consummate his acquisition, nor is his right of property established and perfected except by treaty, the entire submission and extinction of ine State to which the territory pension A principle so well established, and so carefully guarded, as ihat which I have indicated above, cannot lie arbitrarily set n-ide, and its violatio , ubderany pretext, will call for the reprehension f manmna i at- riL'nts 01 Honaaras, tneretor*. over the Island of Tigre, were in m? way modified or impaired by the iuUmationa of your note of January; it cannot be considered that your g<* vetnment thereby acquired any territorial rights, and the subsequent forcible proceedings there ana elsewhere cannot be viewed in any other light than aa acts of war performed in time of peace, and without an observance of those well-established international rules, which prescribe that all such acta shall be preceded by a formal declaration to the world I am, sir, With high consideration, (Signed) E G?o Scjuikk. sukkknukr or tigkk islandAbuaKO OK thk .Stkamkk GOIOON, >> of Thikk, L>ec. 26, 1819. J To Gtn. Suntui LiuuiduJu? Sir l'hii'p* 11 >rnb>, Admiral of the British navy, Kn'vhi of the Order of B.uli, Commander-in-Chief of ne lirm.-h naval forces in these tteaa, having disnpptovt d of the terniM'rarv occupation of the Iflai.d nl Tlitre, (fleeted u*der the advice of the ( hary? d'Afliiirs ?>f H. li M , Mr. (Jhaifield, on ihe Kith of October, wi h a view to the reiiiiUtion of ihe Oiflert M-es which exiM between flonciiihs mini Greai hri'ain ; therefore, I hive trie honor to inform j on that th? i.-l icd ia question is , telurned lo the s<>ver> itsntv of Honduras, and will be evacuated by the Hri'ish forces, with all possi- i ble despatch S A Paynt?u, , Commander of H 1$ M's. Steam-r Gorgon. La Union, Dec 2*>, 1849. 1'n the t i-nimtiridn of thin Salvador, tn Nwurtifita. Sin?At ab< ut c tit o'clock ibis morning, the ( Hn isli v?ni ri' Miner Gorgon arrived off the port of a mil pa la. (i-Uiid of Tiyre,) wuh tli? object of tskiiiii <-fl the f< rcc? left there by Mr Ciatfield, ai d hi m< dia'elv commenced embarking the artiller) ?*ln?h had r?*eii left. Upon the nirival of ihe learner, th? Conunauder oril-red the flai< of England i" be hhiiUd down, and that of Honduras t> . be laired, which he salutrd with 21 i?um He , also sent a no s<-e|ig? r to (ien < iuardlola, request- , ing b'h to neiid a gainvou to resume possession of the island. I am, Sir, Arc, i J. Caskrhs, Commander at La (Juion 1 liit?grlfjr of Central Amirte* J liKMliM, Nov mi. hi!) Two yteal obieclsel.<ioi al lhi? d*v the attention < of our people, VIS i?The union of the Males for ttie icptesenuiiou i.f the nations of Central Asiatics, and the union of the two oceaus by the Isltuniis of Nicaragua. Tbi union of the Stales will render us strong; the um< n of the two octcu* will make ua rich?such is iiU' in'eiesl on these two questions, ? Shall Central Americans be indifleieut to their re4>i<erMiioat Time is precious?we ou^ht no longer ' lo remain stupidly inactive. In this crisis we pro- ' i+re to unite lo secure, the triuuiitii ol the principles I of riuht over brute force. Let the States ail unite; t foi if ihey reuixin divided as they now are, they must separately fill the victims of brute force and higher powers England will dinnember our ler- s rroiy, producing anaichy and dincord among us. ,,r Keltie, I! onion. the coast ol Honduras, the mouth oi St Jusn, are evident proofs of thiatiuth. N.i- 1 tionality is our standard?let I us be the rallying 1 ciy in every corner of the republic. Our journal ( will be publiohed. Tin Two Nuirt of Central America, vlx., ton* Mica and Nicaragua. TO TilE PCOrLK OK i KXTK \L AMERICA Ciwli Kica haa lor tome lime been at enmity Willi Nicaragua Fiebid* ni Castro conducted ihe bllaira ol C?.?ia Kica, in aub^ervieuce to the policy | ot Ureal Pruain, and threw dillicultiea in th* way of ihe areni woik of ihe inler-ocean canal. When i Preaident Mora succeeded Ca*tr?, we hoped lor a belter policy, but we perceive with aorrow, that the new Preaiden' ha? ratified a treaty for interoceanic canalizat ou by /'arapiqut. Aa thin i< a direct attack ujca ihe right* and dignity of Nica- ! ragua, on ita commerce, ai.d the euiiagementa ii lih.h M'lnnnly contracied with ihe Unitvd States of Amenra, the following diplomatic proteata have be< n made on this subject. lbuation or tni i'mtbi> 9t4tm, i i> Cmn>i Aana?, > 1.1 of kb uro. 20, 1140.) to thr minister of fitri'gn Kiiwi??i oj th? Mu/>rrn? ntiatnl ?/ thr HrfiuhlunJ Nicaragua. Rlr I bi'f tin lioBor to transmit to you, lor tha lafoination of y< or govsramsot. the wltbin oopj ol a not*. o?t?d y?-t?r<lBj ad?lfe?*?d to tha rapublle of i oat a lilee i avail uijfwii of tl.uopyrtuulijr to rsltarat? tb* uiui>et? >f tie blah consideration at. air, 1 our tsij nkf?itit mi?aut (Signsd ) k uco. stiuikh Then lollows a copy of the communication aent to ihe republic of ( oata Kica, by the American minister, in winch the government of t;osta ICict la made ai<|iiaini> d *itli the eoatraot ealerad into between Nicaragua and a coiripauy of Americana, ui.der the special guarantee ot the United Htatea, and'hat the preu naiona ol (kwu Kirt to the aoil aiid territory of Nicaragua,on ihe line of the canal. will noi be rt cogniaed, ?Inch letter waa published m yeatrrday'a HrrwJ. The next document which follow* i? a proleat from ihe government of Nicaragua again<t the Cltixrns, lUal'e agaiBat it by the gove milieu! ol Coals Kica. addresard by the Miuiaier ol Foreign A Hansel the Mate of Nicaragua, at I^ron, l>ec 21) h. IMS, to the Minister ol Foreign Affairs of the supreme government ot Coat a Kica. The (troll st ci ni| laii.a of the government <> Coaia Kica, and of the piop?>ar4 purpose bf the coloniaatinn of Xaiapiqui, and for can ailing that river; a* alao of Uie iMtifeftiM of the liritish Mmnier, in the name ol tha British, and of the taamg (Mwaea?ion ol Cuanacaale by ihe British The Minister then staes ihai the canal cannot be made except ftom the l'ort ol Jit Jiun ?.| Nietragua, and noon ihe river and lake of that name, and upon tne territory which aeparatea aaut lake tr>>m the water* of the Pacific ocean, all which domtia and territory belonga to Ni< aragua, in the diatrn l of t iuauacaale ; and thai C>ata Hum haa uo right to this leintoiy, nor to undertake this buaines# on a line belonging to Nicaragua Furthermore, it i* added, ihat if she atti mpia to do if, (aa the la aaid in iincr m?- impulsion ?t tne rrit *ti.) n will be rasiidrrrd a? directly hoi-tile iinck i <1 U(-on lb* territory of Nicaragua TlMtrfoN, IM rnm'-ni ol Nicaragua haoni; made a treaty with a rraifttabir tomi"tny ol .North Atnrnci lor tbr cimotnictini ol i - ina! through the ilorrMid limit*, r thr inrtuencc o| that 4 wr-rtul nation, ai>d tbr stair of <>>*ta Htca hating brrn informed ihrrrol in < k'obrr laat, and having ?inre then ret ?p an illffa ,?r?ua?ion of tbr lirm.h, to tbr noil of NitMMgaa, I totrata aulrnmly, for tbr lant time, in tbr n*ni? ol tbr Mime. againet tbr formation of a caual and tnr colonisation <>l the lanria, a? intended by tbr Stair <>l Coat* Kica Th?- government of Nicaragua ?l?o I (irotrai* thr lutrrvrntion of a monarchical ! hot01*a* goveriim? nt, whu-h intervention 1a eminently oi4w>aed lo America* principle* of inde,.rn- 1 Clem r (>!* ) 0 BiUtUI Lbon, Nicaragua, I >rc an. IMS, > roni thr tiatittfhI Man Mtlrtdor, wf ikf date of ( No* W, IMW, ?r barn that the (trtfixh have alnn- \ doned 1 he blotkadr ol the ^ort of the Union Thia blockade waa a forcible meaaurr adopted by Mr ('bailie Id to c? rnpef thr g< ?rmiil'?l o| Salvnflor to ?ati?ly ihr ?'?niNuda or claim* ol certain UriMah cubjrcta u|ii? ihe gmerunicii1 of Salvador. ol whirV, and thr dovnmmtg ?i>?>ern on.g therein, r |a?r a hlMor) r? mr time ago In thr A>? fork H.tfilJ Hecrnt communication* from Nienrama a?*n'r ? ihut thr Ihirr Matra, Nic?r?g 1a, I I'lnduraa, end M??dcr, ha?r utnled, by aJl'nio trenty, to o??an i*r * ttovefbinrnt, end to form ona reinb ic lojnhrr More driaili a<r ^:ortiM< d "I 'Ma great errnl Mi* Nla ar*|?t. Thr (nrrrtiiiraii of thr .**atrn of Honduras. Nk mai oa, r. ,4 M.tlvidur, considering that the ii?iea?itvol terming a crntre of union brpnmea rat b day more prr*unf ; tbat threatened aa U?ry LD. TWO CENTS. are by a foreign power, thejr cmtmoT defend thrmot-lvra s? parate and divided; therafore, undeterred by ihe difliculues hitherto experienced, and resolved to bring about the re-org&nizatioft of th(if country, they have authorized, on the part nt Honduras, 8r Ledo and i'hillip Jauregui; on elm part of Nicaragua, L> Gregory Jnares, and on the part f Sulvudor, Sr Ledo and D Augustia Monties, who having met and verified their tmwera, agrretf U|K>n (he following articles, a? the plan of union:? Art 1 The contracting Htates naks thaaMWTs* into confederacy to b? entitled The National lUprtuitatton of Central America to be oomposml of two representatlveefTou rash State, to eonttoue for foar ysers Art. 2 Salil body (ball be installed In the city of Ublnendega by the persons of at least one r?pr mutative from eaeb State. Art. 8 The union of rspreseatativee buio* effsotsj, tbsy si all proeeed to the election of a ('resident and Viae l're?ld?-nt of the Union, each for two years Art 4 Tbe President shall be ohnsea from saoag ths representatives. *c. Art. 6. Tbe representativss shall be eiireted by tbe legislative Assemblies or ths Stairs Art 6 One half shall be renewed every two years, nnn fr< m pbaH ?nin? mil ? h* w? altrrwarda to go out aoaording to tlma of atandiog Art. 7 Tha duties of tba rapra?antatir?a nhall be to ntar into forelya ratotiona, to appoint diplomatic agent# to nomti tboea from othar oountrW to pro* Till* rim to pay tha national d?ht, to defloa iba rigbla i>f foreigner* to tha country. to auataln the iat? grity of tba ualion lid national independence of tha IHIWi to aot a? arbitrator In State disput?a, to for? treaties of oomniaroa. to al?ot tba I'raaidaut and Vto? President ?hen their tar ma are ended. La he Art 8 The duties of the I'renidani ara to a^min^t* iba ministers oflioars and public aarraots; to mat* tha auoress on tba recaption af foreign iniu.atari or ><roU; 10 ailMt tba exterior nlatiuua ot tba c unity, to InatruoUona to diplomatic agent* iiiii others. t" darrud tba teiritory aud national indapamletira, and tn t'ia oute iba orders anil laws of tba representatives la g< natal. Art V The Secretaries of the President shall be Soeratailra of iba National Representatives. !.o Art 10 Th? ?ota? abaU be individual tbat 1*. by parson" and not by Malax, but wbrn only otia r*pr?nta? Ilia fr< ni a Siate ia prmtnl. ba nhail tia>? two rota* Amt 11 i be contracting StaUa aud th taarbienaU har^af'ar join tb?ui, oblige ibeuiasire* diet '<- noalbate lour repraseaiatlvsa. two acting aud tw.>?up,ilaD.rOiary, lor tha Ui-xl uil >B and ai the ?u 1 o? > ? i?iuj, appointing thtlr pay to ba pud by tbair oil l*'ata? M*ooad l'o oku?- tha pemun? el ho lad to ui??t at the app< intad place Tblrd, l'o i-ubinit to i d piona it Iba national r?-presrmati>? roar^a. : j piece It* fares* at their older and di*i>outio? till*, l'o provide annually in advauoe lb* ni|>auHi of ??i4 body Akt. 12. Tha assemblies may. if they plat a, ra elect tba aaoir representatives A?t. 13 I ba contracting States repudlata that winch baa aanled,and pretended u> rail it-fit tba vlng 4o1Iji uincarchy and all it* pieteada# rigtit* oeer t.ia pi rt ?l San Juan and (ha adjacent tarritor ,e-, wtilob pieUiidid riabt 'h* government of urea Ori aia put oiwaid; and the raid cuiraottu* H.ale- aaaart tba >i.??r>lptjtj iif i eiitial linetica over ail bar nat iral aoil abict* tw I ore the Indapenoetce of th? e uqtry, eoa?i ituud Ihe i aptaiii iirnrral'y of i?<ia~ui4la aod tliaae Mam reel gni; a and a?e-rt tha entire lugepaoueiice of (. enua. America lr?m all firrlga m marob'aal p< aei* at.d rrpuo aie any ot tlo lr Interference or inlerVtnlK u in tlie allaira and guv>ran)?ul? ol tua paspia ul I be lew a oild Art 14 Ibe contiacting gevMrumenta. therefore, Irtlta tka i lbrt government* of < eutral iai -riea to iuJii le to tt.e prlrnpiaa of tbe abaae arliate l i artata ltd H rta a Minabla conf- deratinn Aft 16 All tiratiaauf aeneral Inteoat ahall bane*??lb ha tallfieil by Ilia national rat>raaeataCaoa Art 16 Pr<irid?a for tutura ratoruia and amaudinaata it tbe c ii vn.m u Art 17 n.i^ convention to be ?f efleet. Hiu<h 'ba lie mhllea i I ?lo e< utrakotlng Statan may net til ratify I, yat in thoae tbat ao \rt It l? to. tl li enntaln a^re-m-a?a of mutnal Ufenee ra^ulattoaa ma^tln)t, a d tevhnii-%1 mat'era bigned by tba I omniiaalooera. tiKk. l )KV JIHU'iH, T JtJ\H(il. AUKUSIH .?10jIAL-.S Two Wkkks Latkk rvo.v Ukaiiii.?\lt ilf arivaliil ihr bark Maryland, Cap' lloroer I oin Kin Ir Janeiro, we h ive recri?e<J the J ? u-ii it.i ?Jo?a tllTituund Ci/rirto McnumtJ In |i|e ^?l I III Ui-cetH>?*r, iiit lueivt- They ctiutniii not ?n item ?H |ti4itt> mI iuiellijjt-nce worth lr<na? rihing Th?* loirtto Mcrrantil, ot ih' 2(1 IVceinlief, fatra thai ihr Chamber of Lv^inea iikI, in |>rei?tatory eraeion, on th?> 22d of December, ;ni ?a wholly Migaged in di?ou aion? U(xim ibe (jutliCma loi b and rl?*cii'?na ot nieiut>ei? oi lao proviaca >f II.? A- I........ Th* Jiirmal do Ciimmmw, of 'h- JiHh December, hue accounts front Par*, wh eh aut? ,.t f. I Iowa:? On 'h? Tt i of N n?r u>b?r at SH o'atork In tha In*. the or.-w ot the \uj?rtnan brig ttM aritvnd iura, bringing with tb<-m ?ian< mer<;h?n4i?? aud -i|?.r ?? longing to lb* rargo of the???a?l h?? -u *4 taat ?br latt Sai>ui. id Mn??achu?-tU oatba tin ?f <>a'-? bat. bciibd for Para Hatha Ul?t Xo?? ->?r at thr>? i.Ylock in tbe af'aranon. aha atru>'k tb? ?t? >?,? nI braganaa, a?<1 w-nt to plecae, wltbmit any pneilaillkp of mlii h.r In Hiih'n, a terrible epidemic, of a novel ami tiairfin?d i haracirr, has laiefy - v.-r* rjr^.-a rnong the population TV di*'H?e atict'-d *!l arraonn, of all ag?*r, without diariueliou lia t nipt< m parto< k of the ty?>h<urf rhtr^rt.'r I>a (Whop had urdicrt puht'e pfiyrfi tor>?" i.d ml mji, ilid thr Board ?>f llenlth hid laaurd nmtory ib tructinna to the people. IniKi.i.toKX'K ruoM Kim*. ? We Have rM^ifrd In f t < immimiu, ol Lima, lo th>- o4t> of l>>rt 2Wth, incliiaivr Act i mi front Valparaino ?tate that the IuImu-i, i({hiiiM w hi m an ejprtiiiion bad Ii'mi li "rt out to a In* cikiimI vrngeance n|>oa them for laea-at ;iti< n o| llw crew unit ptOMMi^fa ot toe ?.i a i imji l' liamtl, had humbly atihmin- d an>t ? ! patu< n, alleging itiat the eiceaaea i >mitn"?d ?ere to be attributed to aevr-ral <'??ti* ol uranrtf, ninth hriiiif fteeIv partaken nf by ihe ? M u?n, iroduCf?! niadtiee* and the ivbrqiii'iit airuatftea. I'hey oil#-red in deliver up the aruiiiy n<n*. but rioUntly protertr-d ngain?f the iii?.i*i<'M of th<*?r soMtry. 1 h?* taper* art- rn'irely fili?d ?ritn rUriton dau??iob?. and n* cially * ith praiee and e ion <f < ir-nr-lai heller l|ne, tha Cdli-t' * \'r to tha 'rr?idft?iy. Lui raow B im>? Ann Hf tha a ? ' if tk< lr?mn ?hlp I oat 1 aptala llaak*. frou H i n * t yrnr, 'f'?r an ann*oal ?h'tt pawaga ?? ara p'aaad ta p ><-? ? it* a r.f tar f.ln of papain pnhii.aad at ilia', p >rt to na l4tb of D<t?at?r. la tba Hftuk P,frt 4 tba 114 >?aant??r. >a fla4 th? following ! ??? < n%*ra<' Th? afitfc l.rgt*latara of th? Provlnaa rl ??J tta >f. Itiat; fvika i>n lb< l?ih ln?t tl'l f ua) firnaltua*. attar ka<log aacMoa*4 tbn iff- tut i>ai(h<? t r?*o|titi'ia? r?latti-g to tba raaigna ioa ui H K tba athlrb ?>i? aubraiitag t? It by ta* a < >ttra oa aonttltatlr-aal affair* t'l>? apgf4> <a !? tr. rrit la tkr eour>a r.f ib? <Jl*r iMli.n ? *. -Kara"or t?d by an al**at< ft taaa of patr.ottiiDi a>4 tin tn n4 |l> *>n|t alo<|u ne? In a^anaaloa with thta ?a\?<?t ?* nay >i that lha go??r?'?iaat. I?gt?i?futa. anl p?i-i r \ *n ' ' ha?- tah?n a'aim at tha >roap?rt of t*i? r?* ?-iiti? if io natal Hwm froai tba inroaU>'a *t in) ' aff> ?aj haT? mada a m at ?n>rg> t r iuaatfr?iall< ? of t?- r llaitnt* In thu rarta. a*p:aratl> g aaaa aaoo Jfri o4 Ith tha iim labaroaaaa aa tb? ika' l.anli s4 tala prnalnr# It will not ha oat of plaaato >tat? a ? - ?i'v * fa:>nc4 to tha rama a>attar that a aonibor af tb? rHa<-:pai Mr* U?h ??tabanta and ?'tb?f r??M?ni? I* ' vi <*?? ai "It had aot-tfrad thai-ttlon* p?ti*tin * f a lJi ???a4 a latiar to Mr Moathara deela'a >r? o ti?" ' UI .a urr*a?a la tha ??ntim>ata nprw?i by Ma l?> rag?i"< t? thr roatm | la'?4 lth4ra??i of **n >???f,-aa. iba dlr?rtl>n or public affatra. that g> i*<nta lr?n?aiitta4 a rnr,?latt"n f th? a44r??? >gi ? nm-': ?tilh>'^i. rallmcj tl.anking Mr aoiitharn t tMi tmaoraalaaat of n>att?y ' ha? twaa pl?a???l ? dtr?r-tjh? Vial?'?t firfwrlgn it?air? toraply that ha deafly r?frM? that hr l? iMtnatad by tha d a?^?i. of hU m?Mhi ta a a??ra riit>wlr>i rf hl? prnfnaad aratitu ??. tut tfca h?a?<tli4 n'hl" lnr?atl'?a? ataiaH ba*a pr u| U| tbo?? ar-t?, ahlrb aid ha ???r r?nj?nib?r?4 by bin Kitollaany wttb 4 r?prrt nf th- ?1?ninl?t ration ?f publt* nr lit whlofc l??n pufcllafcad ?rH? lh? lft*t T?m ! ? Mqniwi ih? ?ra?tf;li>R f??t thai tbat ~'aKMv>i>*iit pttr.nlat Ih.?.? I.htM in ??T ?! fc? In ?lt-iaMn? ht t??a M H of Htr?mW( iMI.ln jr.fc? h? or t??? <<,?D??tta fut??it 4?Vt *1 tin* piatiMr ' aim : pf?*M i?i U44 TH '?? <apilal ?f h? umlra Inat King ?l?.a4j tip?ar<ti oi i? \ wutfr all Ilea* L?t>? linn Vimt'iiu.-lb4 loU0t * rltad ? Philadelphia yaaUrday HMuinf titm Mara <aiv> ?.*h dat*? t<> th? lwth ait Ow ?i< r??pr>?tiaat at ftitrai-atHo oi?4'? M foil. # '-Our ?mI?I l? daaidadl? w lb* fl?, til V??? pat 4 W> ??r IWr ?ll ?f i t?* ra?? to ?ltki?l k?iH p*rt'?l<r ii t? Um It li f>r* ? ># r'l?ii* *111 a4??'"" t lii. h? I-miw Ik* j "f ^urokvwi U ,s% l'?# 1*0 ??, ml ?* h??? ! /> #< !? t ? In p?t 'ting ?.?r i,M Tfca bat* fa?i hh ?rl??d ? vbi;?4?Tkaa (MMdm} mar m ?ii* * fi -m Pn-rlo (.win ti <fc* fitl, Bit I.Sn t? .iac?l ?? ! ?h bll.'J . p^titl r? .i*?< (.a, ?i > *? i | *?rd ' r?ii nf T Na I a- 1'iS -irt p?r f nvnj Th# * Pf a ???(W? ? M "p Ik *hr? *Jt? ft*

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