Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1850 Page 1
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!| TH I r ? i I NO. 5739. Owr Balttmn ComipondMM. B*LTi?o?r, Keb. M, I860. fto* Mwmif Liquor Lae? Excitement and Town MeetI ingi?Fire?Accident?*1nol her Or at ping Officer ?Col. Prttlom? The Marktli fc. I Tbm art to be twe town meetings to-night ? one by tba OrnHM, In fbvor of the riprtl of the Uf prohibiting tb? sale of liquor on the Sabbath, and the la opposition to the repeal of tb? Uw. The excitemeat oa (be subject li intense. u4 the City Co art ooatianea liU* at work, flnelng Uom wbo hare violated tb? law. Tba Ines up t<> the present time amount to tba ram of ft,WO, besides upwards of $7?0. as oosta of eaait la these eases. Tba mOsb factory owned by Mr. Wm. MaUaleln. near Beiateratown. In Baltimore oounty, waa daatroved by An oa Monday last. Tba laauranae waa Yery light. Tba aaalfold to a three story house, undergoing repalra, oa Frederick street, fell to tbe ground yesterday, oarrylaf with it tour workmen. ?bo w?r? horribly eat aad maimed, but nona af them fatally injured Naw counterfeits oa the Marina Bank ot this olty, bare made their appearanee and are said to be pretty , extensively circulated at the Watt. They are of the denomination of *10. Tba late Navy Agent of tbis port, Mr. White, baa also la bis settlement, brought a U?t of charges against I i tba government, amounting to about $8,000. all of wbion bate bean disallowed One of tbeae iteme la a vurgvoj ?T?r pa.vuv. mr oiidiiiiiiiik lew wouiiDa . dollar* ger tDDUDi to tbe Narsl School at Annapolis. ? VcilW, there public officer*, when th?y g?t their band* Into Uncle Sam's pooket, malt* iun?t awful grabs. Mr. V'hlte baa bean pronounced a defaulter In some of the I papers, but ba will doubtleas pay over, after a legal do<' sision on tba subject Tba ' fllo* is considered a mere ' sinecure and aoeordlng to the charges made by Mr. Wbite. it ia worth about in ixx) per auxurn The announcement made by the New York Tribuir, tbat tbe Hon \Vm.'\ Preston ha1 become a hopaiea* [inubeclle, is positively contradiated In the Baltimor* papers, on authority direct from that g-ntlei^an Ha It performing bis duties as President of tbe North i Carolina Collage. I 'Xl.cre vers only sales ef 25 shares of Baltimore ant Ohie Sallrosd, at at the . o?rd jeeurday. i Ja our narket yesurday there ??re ? l ?s of I irtW bbXH w ird etrect Boar ?t tl 75; also x It f litl bbli at (1 II Nothing doing ia City Hills. Tiie train market is <juiot. 3ales or * bite corn at ti a 62c., and yellow at 81c. Red ?hcat Is 105 a 1 lOo. I Oar Philadelphia Corrcspondsaca. Phii.auki.phia, K'eb. 33, 1860. ffasAt'ng fen's Birthday? tinny CLiy in i'kiladflphim -Tht Mat km. 4-( . Tbe premonitory symptom* of a moat exciting day are in the rapid court* or d?velop?meut Attar sloini bar of sevtral months, ?ur staid old city is wide awake i thia morning, ready, willing aud able to do honor to | tbe anniversary of Wat>htog?ton> bir'bJay, or tbe bat! tie of Bnena Vieta, in a oifil. political, and warlike atanaar; and, by way of a co in or iheHtrt. to o:f?r up a ' brilliant oration to the *oou eip-steu living " eab >dU | .Bent" of whig principles Already ba? the circus clown. In a chariot dravu by twenty-four pottle*, and preceded by a band ot mu?iu passed my window, tbe eorlfge flanked on either Mle by hundred f of little ragged rases Is with ledgers uu:?r their arms, and with (in honor of tbe meeting tonight) portions ef the great staple of the 8outh flying fr?ut an uumeutlonaMe part Of their garments Military c >iopari|es are inarching cd countermarching in th? umhhorh >od of tba State House, to the stern delight of their held offioera, who are (rated on Uery charter*, who in tluir t?rn, are landing oa their bind leg*, ulu-Wiug tueir tails, ao<ttrdiog to the rule* a* laid <i >wu in b olt's Tactioi? Ardent young whig* am Hymg *b ut iu any, every, nd no direction, with the ti-w nt completing all the arrangement* tor tba r?a?ptio i this afternoon and the grand sail to-night Mr lav i< eipe itei to retch ' this city about three o'cl ct t .1* >(t?r*Ma, and will lie conveyed. In a close carr age. to the reMdenne nf It H Bayard E*<| , In Walnu' n ?', with a* little delay a* practicable Notwithstanding ail tba -tlort* now mik> that the " boye " mil not mi l cannot be reitralowd It on Uatif>li>f their e nth aata tie r gard for that' tame aid coon " Flour l( >?!d rtry fimlf it pre* oai rate*. 5al?s of cora jural ?t $ J'*V A limited bu?;ae>? doing in *he*t at >e?tarda;'* rate*. C?rn ie ia aatite daiaaao at Hi tnu f?r ae? yellow. Sugar and molaaeca ttrm at fu'l prieee. If* ?aU? of -cottta reported, opiratora watiaj furthtr luropem >d?i??*. BcLoy ooaiiaaei abundant at I"* rn-i of iatereet. The a*lei at the Stock Board t<> <1 .> ??fi t? a modrrite extra*, and, la ?onir inetaaie*, a tligM ed?jn.'e ?u ettaiard our yeittiday d?ur??, tl.e iiurm el mg ?e.'y firm. Annexed are the !?* at th? t'irtl Uaird ? fi 0 i'ity da. 102; ilO wis. -U. Statee Bank. 2H< al Pennaylrania Kailru&d 10, l72Lebtfh let. 67; aSt?? NoirMown *ii\: t U n? Kaalirg Railroad. li-Si II do, 18l4: ?!UW H-edia* ilobde. to*; A?*M do 6'fc; 4 Ouard Bank, I2fc; V ?.'-ntnek? (tank. IdiH; 12 ftnn.jlYania Bank. 110; x.KD n< hajkill Naruanoa i# (3; 1 ?*> do, 'W, U. l.tuu W il?ir?'.?n Rai'rcad d'?. 83%. Si-romd Hoard ? IMUI^klili ti,7: IM B?ma CaaellhVf; IX da. 13: IS?M Beadta< IUbJi. HV. 1IK' I'mou Canal. 111%: l.orfl Reading Korieeae Boa da. 70J*. !.*? da. h>\, I INU do. 71. 000 City U. J02. 1 rtaatyliame Baak. II#: 190 uirard Bauk, 12S4. The Rlcara^ae Oenal. The fallowing Utter* w?m eroadrd <>ut of tha report of the dinner la Senor (,'aroaobe, publlehad la yaatar iay'l HrrmU. ? WtMi?uTM, Kab 19, 1850. UwTi.iMi*:-l htf* thla day raoaired your h?or of the 8th laetaat. etattag that the Atiaatle and Taalflo flh'p ttMl Company, a? a t#ettinon? of their reapeut Tor Manor KOiarao i arraroe nare umrmiiij n gire him a publh diner at the Irtlog Hon**, on rauraday, tie Mat lc?t and that tbey hate dlreoted you to lariu rn* fr ke I ?; I ba?e btrg tor many yeara and am atill. ao much dtToM to tha anoreea of tha aatarprlta la which j?.u wa rsbtrktl that If my ofTl-lal dutlei did not ft I bid (M thr; dnj ikMiie* riom my put. I honld accept year kind lorratlon aod rejnlca in tha opportoalty ofiaxprcntag to you. tha Coapany and tha publla, tha deep lotaraet I fa*I la the great aanae ta which you hara eallited. A ?Mp ranal to cobneat tha Atlantic an I Taelln ' catD< which rMitod "BIT IB tar drrama aod hp-- of .? for mora thaa two tritirW*, baa a oar baaoma. aa 1 ought to ba ualraraally regarded a* aa ab?o|ate aeeea?tty-a work tBdUpenaablala tha prograaa n( ooauaerce and elrllliatloo. aad without -which, It aiay. In tha lapw of Uaa, ha fouad lapoeathla to rotala our nit poavasalon* oa tha Paalflo, aa aoaponaat part* af oar jlorlou* I nlon I am not aatltlod to, and do not rial m any peaullar merit In tha pt motion of tha great, pntrlotia and philanthropic objeo a blob your company k*r? la tlit, bat I will aot jl?ld to aay of you la ilaeara wi>h< aad ailety for thalr aaoaaaa Tha aea whoahall ooaetruot a ihlp ooaanalaatloa brtwaM thw Atlantic and Fnotfta oo-aoa. earing a danfar on* aarlgatioa around the < ape of a?rt thaa taa thonaand mllea thaa drawing tha tntaaraa af tha Paalho aad of tha rouatrtee wh>?a ihnraa ara war had hy 1 1U watara. to tha Atlantic porta, will doaerra tha gralitada of all our aonotryaen, aad aoaoaptiah en >ugh for tha InWreata of tha haaaa family, to antltla thaa to a high raak aaoag tha heuafaatora of aaaklad I aai, gentlemen aUh grant rwgard Voar*. he. JOHN M CL1YTOM. raow tta ntrwar i ttto* artwaa. W*?Mia<iToa, Krbruary 12, HSO Oanrtaaia*: - I hara not tha honor of being asqnnlat -ad with Mr. ( nraaaha. aad conld not uader aa/ airraartaaeea ha at Maw York aa fhnreday, tha flat last, hat tot da Ma aaly iaatlca la anppnalag that I aa deeply Interacted la tha auoaeaa of ao great a work ?? that of a ahlpannal hatwtan tha two great oeanna of tha Atlaatto aad Paalde and It wnnld ha a aoaraa af grant grattftcatioa ta aa if I a^nld Inaldwntally aid la aantrthatlng ta anotyaat whiah hy ndTnnalag tha ta> leraata af anasarca aad alrUlantl-a. could not hat la tha MM degree nroaota tha latera?ta of tha CalUd Statea aad tiraat Britain Ta aaa two antlaaa, whtah ha?e already aa aaay ben da of ay apathy, o at tad atlll mora oloaaly hy thalr aadaartn to proauta thla noble aadartaklag wwald, I M eenftdeat. ha a prlda aad pleaaare to aaarr aah J ant af tha Brit lab ( rowa. aa wall aa to erary Aaert ann eltlien. aad aipraaalng ta yon thna no aora thaa th* antlaiaati which ara at tha bottom of ar hanrt I k(ti tw kator to bo, ?tro. Vow ?trj falthfol an 4 ob ? Wl. H L IL'LWT.R. raoai tm* iiw. ??* ? rut. Wni)iiiai?>. llth Fob ltM Onmim?:-l Ml T?fJ thaakfol for tha cx^pllaaat of )Mf larltatloa to tba pabUo 4laaor propoood to bo from to boaor ) Uuor4o< arraobo (hargo 4? Afalraa tram Nliuii|u CmimM. M It ta "ttb i fro* I oatmrto. to t ho ?s?f ottoa r4 ?kkh tbo wbol* Maaor owvofM btMfl; mm?m4 ao4 la wbloh I bo?o loag toboa a llr?ly latoraot I .boa 14 bo awt happy to <% pr???t oa tbo oNMlnti bat I togrot that otbor m4 frtor of ay oa to 4oprtro ao nf t bat wtlatoittoa I MB, oltb groat roopoot. yoar obodl*at aarraat, __ H. CL AT. Tn* Uii Ft?? ?r Eloik, N. V ? Tbo Flair*. N. T. irpmhl*I on of tbo Ittb laatoat KiaUlai tbo Mlovlag particular* of tbo tro at tbat plaoo oa tbo 17tb laot. ?Tbo ball4lag* 4ootm;?4 aro tbo Maaataa Hoaoa. Robtaooa'a wararonaa. tbo buli4*ag *4jotalog, tuoap<*? by Mr* I1IU * alllMr;. I^ilarlf'i tta obop. om or tva bail4loga la tbo roar, oocupto4 a* oarpoator aa4 aaabaalr ibopa, aa4 tbo barao aa4 taMao prortm4j b?mIno4. Wo haoo board ao ootiaato of tbo prchaMo ralao of Um proaorty 4ootroyo4. bat tklak tt ait bo la tbo a*t|bb*rlioo4 of IttIM or ?M 000. Ilrw* bwiM t?to barao4 la tbo ralao Tbo Maaolna ?ow? I aoar*4 for MAOO aa4 Mr Roblaooa far 4t 4N Wo 4o aot loara abotbor tboro ni My otbor lawiiM. Moa. Maioa Mm ao Aaaia ? Tbio Ia4lrl4aal. whoa* liny, roaiMtlo ooa4aot baa ate1lo4 aaob 4oop latoroot ta tba pabtta ata4 aao*o4 tbmagb tbta plaoo a ?OW 4?r? olaoo. ar-napaoto4 by bar paramnar. who baa oaoaaio4 tbo aamo of WIIIImm A gontloaaa of tbta yUo* acr?aipaalo4 tbo lovlag t?r*la froa tbo trod Sprloga to tbl* plaoo Mr. WDIIaa*" woaM wt roply 4?4altolT to tbo latarrogatortoo " Wboro 414 jem eaoao fro* ?" ao4 Wboro aro yon gotag to T" bat to tboforaor bo ropllo4 tbat ba ?a* -froa tbo Eaot," m4 to tbo lattor tbat bo waa 'gntog to tbo Waat " A abort M*o aftor tboy ba4 aa4? tbotr oitt froa oar rtUaga tbroo paroaoro ftHlo?o4 ta bot boot a L*wio tarf, ? i Utrwmrt*, f?? is. TIM Mora on ?4 <?Hfhr*te r?U tolas m?r l?i nlM tkM lb. ?Hm of Ik* Ualto* *? ? *f HbMIm Of IM Motvm anlM. Um im llim s.-r,?.' sr twS E NE MC 7%? A??Mm of lUtM, [From the New Orleans FImjum, Keb. It.] , The application of California tor admlaalon into tha Union aa a 8tate. with a constitution formed without tha pcailona authority ot Coapaaa, ud without any polltteal organisation whatnTar, emanating fr >m tha government of tha Unltad Stataa, ralaee a question of constitutional law ud praotloa in whleh tha praaadents nt former admlaelana ara aooght after m Important. Wa hira aeaordlagly lookad ap, is tha b >oki within our reaeb. an account af tha clroumstauoaa and manner ol tha formation and adnalaaloa Into the Union of tha new Stataa, aiaea tha adoption of tha faderal oonatltntton. Vermont waa tha flrat new State 8ha claim ad, Indeed. to baona of tha original, making tha fourteenth, and formad a oonititutlou for hereelf In tha year after tha Declaration of Independence. But aba waa eonaldered part of Naw York, wbloh State by ita Legtalatnra, contented jln 17W0, that Vermont ahould bean Independent Statu, and be admitted Into the Union. The applleatlon waa made to Congress February 111, 1791, and on the 18th an not waa pa?eed declaring that Vermont waareceived and admitted" Into the Union. No conatltntion wa* aubmitted to Congress or Inquired lor oy mat houy. id race, tb* permanent ooastltatloa of tbe n*w 8tata >h nut mad* until 1793. Kantnoky was the second Stat* admitted Th* State ill formed ot territory detached from Virginia by an act of tbe Legislature of tbe State dated In 1789 in 1791 an act or < ongres* directed that Kentucky should, on tba let day ol June, 1792. " be received and admitted iiito tha 1,'nlcn as a new and entire member of tbe United State* of America " Th* Stat* constitution *ii not ttiBi'd when tha act of admission ?a? paired. Congress vfti not la s***ion at the date *f the admin i ion, and th* Senator* and representative* took their eat* before the Stat* oon*titntmn had been subjiitud toCoofir*** It wa? received after tbe State was admitted but bo action wan taken upon it at all. Tba third Stat* wa* Ttnnesse* formed out of territory ceded by North Carolina to the United Stat**, by agreement, consummated in 1790 on eendttioa tbat it ; should beorm* a Stat*, 'l'he people of th* territory | formed a oonatltntlon in 1796 aod pe'ltioned Congress far admission a* a State 1'bin wa* tl>* tirst IQWlH* tion e?*r submitted to ) ongre** with an application f. r 1 admission lint no report wa* aver mad* np >n it. aod 1 an aot wa* passed June 14. 1778. by which Ceane5s*e | wan admitted Into the 1'nlon No prospective xsonditioat were Imposed upon lYnn?**?e a* a State. The ' restriction* bad been previously agreed noon in tha I compaot with North aroliaa, which vested the terri- i 1 tory In th* United State*. Ohio wa* th* nest In order-the fourth of tb* new Stat**?the first formed of territory to which boanda* rie* were affiled and previous government* aligned by tb* exclusive authority of the United State*. It > wa* formed out of the Northwestern teiritory ceded by I Virginia and accepted by t ongress. on the tarmi pr?- i fcribed by tbe onliuance of 1787, (before tba formation 1 of tba preaeat aonrtitution ) and ratified by Virginia. Congress provided government for the whole tenltory in 17K9 ai.d divided it lato two districts In lt>00. Tba I Kastern district ia the preraut State ot Ohio. Th* ; right of admission of tbe State* formed oat of this ter- | ritory waa provided for by tha ordinance, which declared tbat whenever any of th* fald Statei should have sixty thousand inhabitants, it abonld b- admitted by it* delegate* Into tha f'oogresi of the I'nl'ed State*, on an equal footing with th* original State*, la all ra'perts whatever ; and that If consistent with th* gei.erai Interest State* might ba admitted with fewer than sixty thousand In l?0i, (A pril 30 ) Congress pa*aed a law authorizing th* territory to form a constitution and Stat* government lu January. Ifc03. tbe constitution wa* presented to Corgrtts, referred to a comuitt**, which naver r-*p >r% ed on tb* ai;Vject but a law wa* passed (Kebruary 10. 1M'3.) wblcb Is peouiiar in it* phraseology. It did not 1 admit Ohio into tbe Union but renited that th* peop'.* ol tb* eastarn division of the Northwest Territory had formed for tbamseive* a oonxtl atlon and Sta'* government. *' whereby th? raid State had bee >me one o< th* lait*4 State* " Loili-iana was tha fifth new State, and hare another form of adml?*lon was adopted. Louisiana wai acquired from h ranee ia IMS. and erect-d Into two territories by act of i.ongre** in 1804 Tba Territory of Oileaos now form* tbe State *f Louisiana An ait wa* passed la Krbruary, 1811, authorising tb* paopt* of tb* 1 teirttory to form a constitution and Stat* governaeat, and providing that if tba said constitution should not be disapproved by the neat Coagrea*. tb* State ihould be admitted. 1 be tsr?t<intl?* wa*formed in January, 1 HI9 >nd tha Hl>u k. I > 11 " I which It* contalna vatlnua aondltlona tod stipulation* , la regard, to the navigation <X tbe MI?M.|pp! rirer, r 4 oibri rivere which run through tbe Sum. I* th* ctH of Indiana (the ?lilb n?? Stale ) formed oat of the North*eat?rn territory, another aoralty oe eurred. Cooftrara pat-red to Ml ( \prll. 1810,) authorizing the paopi* ot lb* territory to form i conciliation and 1UU government In J use of that year a oooatltuilun ill formed but before ongreaa net to act upon the abject, the Preddentlal election oocarrrd, and Indiana abated Presidential eleotoca At tha mUn ol Coegreee, VI r. tieadrlakj wa> ad id It led to take kUMt In tb* H?oa* of RayremlttlM*. But the refutation admitting the Slate Into tha I nl >n >ai not adopud until tho 11th. aad in t-ebraary the votai ot lidltM caat Wefora any act wae d >oe recount/to* bar aa a member ol tba Union ware rroelved and oounti ad by both bonaee of Congraea la convention MiatlaMppI waa tba aavatb new stata. It wan part of tba territory now foralai lb* two State* of \lahma 1 and Mlaaleatppl, which wu ceied to tb* UnlUd Mat** by Georgia and South Carolina Territory waa add*d both in tb* nortb aod eonth by not* of Uoagreaa Hy 1 Content of the Mat* of Oeargla. two Stataa wer* laid out la th* tvtritory. Uoagraae eevtral tlm*? t*rueed tbeif aa?eat to th* formation of a Stale, bat In 1*17. (VI arch 1) an act waa pa-e*d aatborlila* th* p*opl* of 1 tb* W oetera Uletrtot of .VlMiaalppi to lorm a aooeiltutton and Sta |ot*rta*at. Tho ennaiituil >n waa , fctmrd la Angaet of tb* tan* year, aad la Dacenber the Slat* waa admitted !>y reeolutloa llllaole wae the algbth Slate admitted, form?d oat of tb* Nortbweetern territory, la pursuance of tba ordlnaace < f 17>>7 The act of ?. o?(ir? to enable lb* people to maet In convention aad forn a Stat* Li waa parted la April IMS Tb* oontlltutlon wa< a1>pted la ! August and tb* Stat* admitted by raaolation la L)*1 cember ot the ram* y? ar. Alabama rait* imo tba l'?|n? tb* alatb ol tb* new I State*. formed out of tba ramatndar ar eastern portloa , of tba Mississippi territory, after tb* formatr>a ot tb* Stata of Mississippi. Th* aeparate territory wa< or^a- 1 lied In 1H17, on lha patltloa of tha laglalatlve counitl . tf tha territory aa aat ot <.oagro?a waa pa*e*d In 1*19, (Ma'?b S ) aathorulag a onav*atloa to form a Htat*, a I c?n?tltnti< a waa ad pted la Aaxuet, aad tb* State wai admitted by rcx latloa la Daoenibwr ot thaaame yaar. Mala* waa tb* tenth aaw Stata It waa originally 1 part of Manaahueatta. aad entitled tba District of i Malaa By ooaaent of tba Stata of Vlaa?achua?tt* *l*ea bj the L'glalatura o til* 1Mb Juo*. IHltt the p- pi. of i tba Dlatrlct of Malaa formed a ooaetltatloo tod H-at* ! go**raa*at la October and la I r p. t I | coagraaa lor adnjUni'io lata tba Ualoa a* an lad*p*a dent Slate The attempt *a> mad* to goaliln tba tiluMoi of the two Ct*taa of Malaa and Ml oar I ia | tb* ?aai* MU. la order to b*aa oat Malaa, aal*aa Ml?| t?ul vaa lat la. Bat It failed, aad oa the Sd of Jaaa, 1*20 aa act aaa yaa?4 deoiart og that froia aad a/iar tb* IMh of U* ?a?n* noath Ik* Siata of Malaa la " Iteland ta ba oaa of tba t'allad Stat** of Aaanca. aad adattted lato tba l'at?a " M laaoail waa tba *l*?#atb of tba aaw Statat It vaa f?rtn*d oat at tba l.oalalaaa territory of vhloh tba aaaa vaa cbaagad ta t*a Mlaaaarl twritor; la 1*11. aad tba aoatbata pattlaa laaaa of la 111! aad called tba Arkaaeaa territory. Wa part a day or tve alaaa. a tacalaat aacoaat of tb* aapllaaUoa of tba t-rrltory i to b* ^nalitfd to l?ra a ttata aoaatltatloa the attopi to latpoe* tba ptoklMUca of danrfw tba act for tbla purvoe# vbiab failed. aad the aaae*?e of tba act (March . 1?M.) altb vhat la aallad tba Mlaaaarf . e<Bproala* elaaaa. Tba Stat* anaatitatloa vaa fora*d in <it aad oa It* pr?a*atatioa to < aagr**t tb* at- t tenpt vaa aiad* to preieat tb* ad ml wloa of tba ftata. ! oa aaaoaat of u?eclBB?elo?*i?ludlBg tb* aagroae. Tb* diMcalty vaa a? pcoBlaad by a raaolatlaa ad ami lag tb* Stat* roadltlovallj, oa bar ratlfloatina of a atlpalatloa la ragard to tba aaaatractlca af tfeat alaaaa aial* by I'a a (i >aa UlMtarl at**pt*d tba biaa aad tba r?rld*at'? ymlaaaUaa, dnlaflai bat adelaetoa, vaa I laaaad la Aofilt IIJI.** Arkaaraa vaa tb* tvelftb la ord*f of tb* a*v Stataa ad alt ted lata tba I 'alaa It vat f *a*4 of tba aoutb, ara partloa of tba Mlaaoarl Territory, aad tb* territorial |c>?raa*at vaa aatahllabed la ISIS, (March 1) i Vlebtgaa. tb* tblrtaaatb Stat* f*raad oat of tba Nartbvaatara Territory. aad alatalag a right of adata tloa aadar tba ordlaaaa* of 1T?7. altb a territorial go, vraaaat eataMiabad aa aarly a* 1Mb. bat vtth boaadartaa altered ait*aat**ly by rarloaa aata, mad* apyilratloa at tba aaaaa Uaa vltb Arkaaaaa f # alniaal -a. aad tba tv* vata pa?b*d tbraagb tagatber. Tba fltoada ot Arkaaeaa laarad nppoaitton. aa aaceaat ot tba *il>Uaa* af .la eery. aad detaralvad that Mlahl C" ?o*U ??* ?ltkoat AiImwi. Tk* pr^Utlaa_Of.laT.Tjr III atU.ptod * ka m4< tent fall 4 B?U HMlHMtoai *tra mad. by totnttlM) of tk. y*oyl. af tk( UrfllHlx, altknat ttf pr?Tloa? a*- i tloa of Covgrw. aatk?rtaia? tb. foreMke of iuim Oayoaitloa ni m4i I* Mt*bi?aa tar .tb?r hkm I Tbrr* *m dl*pot?d braMir; with Okie m4 tkt p.op|. of tb. tarrHorj bN illm to vol* la tka fo??atl.a of ik. mum gotk lutM nn kov.rar, adalttad oa tk* (Jn*l|. IIMj by kit of ?h ko?i idimim rb. mi r?clt.. that a onar.atlnn had fnrmn a -oartll.itln that tk* eoaatltotloa ?m rtpabiloaa. m4 that tk. tarrltary M'tlMf !*? tkaa forty aarra tbnaaaad MT.a haa dr?d lababttar.U Ik. f?d?r?l aambar for a n.nk.T of CoagTaaa aad tkat tk* oaaraattoa bad aatad admi*>loa Into tka V?loa Vlrklgaa va* admltt.d oa tk* ? . day. praap*. Ut.Ij and oa caditloa tkat aaoar.atloa I<H*oim, l.rt*d by tka p*opl* af Mlohlgaa. tor tkat *4 a (I* par acaa fk.ald daalara tbatr aw*nt to tk* a*tof ( oagr?a?, wUMIfbiai tb. koaadary Mlohl^aaaad Obto. A tnarratloa *m Ml hl.h did aaoapt tk* aat; kat Bat oppo?ttloa *ltf mad. a*ala. oa tk. (ronad that enavratloa ?a? aa aaauth rl??d swtla| of pri>tu ladWIdaal* okoara wltboat any aathorlty froai tk* Stat* fOT*ra?*at. Tk* <d.j?etl<a *aa atrnagly nrj.d, but < oagT?*a did not taa.tioa It, aad a flaai aot ?ai paiwrd laaaary M, 1*37 doalarlag tkat ' Mliklgaa kail b. oa* and la b?f>by d.?lar*d tab* oa* af tka Carta* Mat** af Aai.rloa aad l? karoky admlttad lata tb* I'aloa aa M ?<ja?l f - tlaf alth tb. orlgiaal SUUd, la all r.? abat?r*r " Florid* ?a? tk* foart.aatb HU a adattUd .ppltftaUoa halaa mada at 1b* Ma. tiaa fur tk. ad*l?*t"a of io?a. a Nottk.ra *t*t. aa tb* Mft*?atk * * *Uta Florida *aa f?tw?d oa* of territory a*qair*d by traaty frna lr*la. aad tka territorial far.raaaat war aatablt?k*d ky ( oatrM* la Ma'ok ?t. Ittl rb* p -.pi* of IwrMt k.ld a*oar*atloa vltboat pr**l*a* latburln th? m? iMfM. aad* b eoaatltatloa. aad apptiad W YC )RNING EDITION?SATUI for itaiNtoi Into tha Uiloi in February, 1839. Con' (i?i Aid not eooede to their for Mfortl yeare and tkt territory wdmImI under 1U territorial form of orinimMt. I'nder tbla mm ooaatitatloa of ISM Florida waa at length admitted with Io*a, both inoludrd in the tame bill, March 3,1846. To the admisaion of Iowa a condition waa attached in relation to boundary, which oompiled with, nothing mora wm required hat the proclamation of the Preeldent, aa in tha cue of Miaaonri Bnt Iowa did not aaaent in tha form. A naw oonatitution wm formed and presented to Congmaa, and an not waa paaaad for bar admiaricn, datad December 28th, 1840. Teina waa tha ilxteenth naw 8tnta, and tha twentyninth ot tha Srataa of tha Union-an independent republic - admitted into the Union by Joint raaoiatlona, which paaeed March lat, 1848. WUooniln. tha thirtieth nnd youngeat of tha Statea, we* formed out of the Northwestern Territory, and eatahiithed a territorial government, April 30th, 1830. Auguet 8th, 1848. an aot of Congraea waa paaaad aathoruicg the people of Wlecnsin to form a oonatitution and State acTernment, and for the admission of tha Slate into the Union. The oonatitution waa framed aud pretested to Gangrene, and the State admitted (March 3d 1847) on condition that the constitution iihouid be acceded to by the quallded elector* of the State. The length of tbla enumeration of the different form* and varying elrcumatanee* under whioh admleaion* to the Lnton have bean granted or takan la put tiatn. leave* u* no room to com pars any one of the with that ef California now preaslng for admi**loa We mutt leave that, for the present, to the applioatlin of our reader* for themaalvM It will be seen that States hare been admitted with and without the prerioua authorization of Congress ? farmed of territory derived from session by tbe inilvldanl Htatee from portion* of States previously organised as member* of tbe Union?of territory parabated from foreign governments? and oae State ex. istlng as an Independent republic beyond tha t'nlon; that admissions bave been refused to the flret and seeond applications?have b-eu granted oonlltlooa ly and utocxdlUonally; to take etleot Immediately. to take efleet prospectively, and to take effeat contingently at a future day. The Bljracerjr at Kocticater. Tbe Boston T> amcripi of Thursday. gives tbe following letter from Hoc better, dated Keb VI, II So ? 1 bsv* Wt U the plaesef the mye:erioB* kaoekiags, er rather I bave been to Uis persons whom thess straage Stand* accempaay. They are young woutea. almost uieducated. bat i f * cbiraoter But ill spskea of. I believe. The B)Sieti' U> suitessre like rapplag* en a deor with the k Bckl-t, sail are >ai4 te aeoumpasy the yentg women >o air place they ma) eh> oss to visit. I am tol4 thete rappioirt cetsed, when on one oeeaslon tbe women were put t? etaud on pil.owt, and when thoy had their feet tied Bow thest r?i pings sre ms<le 1 do not kaee. and I do not oats to know. They are very earieus, and so are plenty of the lanooent tricks with ?liicb tome ingenious peisoas somstimus awaee ti.emselT?s and their friends. If a roan is to think those rappiBRtto** spiritual. because he canaot tell h>w they are madi-, thea there U not an itinerant ooajurur hat tntgnt reatonsbly ask to be tegarded as aa a' g< 1 of light. Simply as mysterious, the rapI'irya are a poor affair; anil the* might he much morenstraircinai) thai, they are, before I tjculd think them worth any ene't going to tear, even to amuse aa idle minute er two. At etrsnye touads, then. I think nothing of these kBoclirgs. but it Is said that, one. two, three, tear, flee, they si seer to the letters et the alphabet, and are ?<p?rnatural talk. Tfc<y docorrespond to letters of the alphabet, often: this is certain: and it betokens ihat the noises are trade hysoae one acquainted with the EaglUh langaag*. thoufh not tery eoireeily. Tbis mush is certain; and tan much is ?ot at all wondirfal. But it is said, that thr>agh tt ete kro kings, there It cwmmanlcated knowledge m?re than husias. Now this is not so, a* I believe It is ssid, that tliri.tigh thene rapiiaga. per*?ns get qaestioas answered cer rrctly, tl at con d ao( he answered so by a human being. but I only by mire hiiegof mere thsn mortal knowledge. I am satitned that tuck queatioas i. ht de get answered, iscept ptrhapt in oae or two inttaai'ss ef luck <nt of one or twe hundred ef failure. Hat 1 will tall you what] myself 1 knew. I wsnt to th< honie where the yuueg women live who claim to be attended by the I fkost. Ihe hi.ate was fail ol people, la the room I waited a s gentlensn told his esperienci's of the gh st's powsrs. and <n s- me of I is hearers, I dare sav, he predacsd rather aa awful tffeat, aad pert,ape a state ot mind aot unfavorable tor goii g to hear s , ' -t talk ta. At the time I wai present at thee* kaoekings, it was witb two geatlemsn 1 kaew, and with five or six other persons 1 did aot kaew. A person aesed to crnmaaicate, through tbe aririt, with the spirit si h'sgraad- ' father, ard thsn wlta tbe spirit ol his brother. It was iati- | mated to him, hy the kaoekiag*, that at some Tatars seaeoe | ??? m apirita weuld comraaaleata with hlta, but aot this. A grBilrmaa bow loa* hi* father had boea dead I He waa told to writ* down differ cat aumbera of yeari oa aome paper, and tt al.oit weald rap at tb? il?ht aaaaber. It knooaad at two r uaiWre. which worn botH wrung. aad oa tha Bjurti t>?iag polnwd to agaia, It rap p?4 at a aumbur which mi reckoned almoet riant, becauea it ?M wrong by oaljr one year, a loth, r iratlemaa. on bctag told hjr tha kaookinga that the pint would aaaaer him. aaked to be told what eliy hi'houte weals' But he waa aot aaawarnd at ail. flewaekaowue he a etrang-r la kocl.eatar. A centlemaa aaacd ta hare tald his tha aiiniher nf hit watek. bat ae anawer waa mad* bin. B>aelf, I waa told l>y the feiaale iaiarpretora that tne apirit would aaaarr my luratieua. " What queationa may I put? any laeitiouiF" Mar, rap! Y<a,yea" It waa lutimated to Be. by a |?m> preaent, that tha apirit waa aia?ulerly tatlafkctnry in aiae ering theeWglnal qaeetloaa. Bat 1 did aot waat to pat aay. I felt I ahould We better (atlas 4 with aaoh rmultaaa m glit follow ioa?? aimplar iaquiriaa. I had a letter in bit pocket, aad I atkad to hare told bio wha tha writer waa. at* wham it waa tMnaatia. Bat tail la. q'.lry the apirit would aot aaawer: for whiok uawilliia*keea of hia 'ha yeoag wom?a aald they were very aorry. "Kap. rap. rap: 1bgir><rit aayaba will aaiaarather qnoatlona If yen pat than, kap, rap, rap, rap' Be la vary wuliag te da ta." I aiked if the apirit would tall ae tha aame of I my birth-place. "Kap. rap! Ba will. Kap, rap, rap' Yoa are to write a liat tf aetata, and whea yon p?m? to tne right 1 aae. the apir't will k??ek." 1 wrote aiinauieoof tmai, I aad oa ?y pointing to theia raqiitriagly, there werarappiafe of two wtoag neaira. I eaid, they ware wroaj; aa wmeh 1 waa aaked ta pal at ta tha aepatate atmei again aad agaia 1 the rappiag waawroar "Kaa, rap, rap! Tha apirit will aot aaawer aar Mere." Hewerer, the apirit ? "uld the table. we were laid. Aad wa were told, too. iliat tint merlng I of tha table waa the (Teateet evidence af the iplrh'a ageaer that tould be giv.a. Aad aaw whea the table waa moved, ' eoald wa aae all around it, aad nnder itr Me, aot at all. Did everybody ataad ,ulu olear of It; No: bat ever.) body had ta ataad aloee up to It, aa aa te teach It. and aa aa aet ta aee ander It. tha Itaat At tha one ted of the table ilNd tbe yoaa* w< mea. Aad tha table moved about aU iake? towaida tbcm, altar all bad beea arraact 1 aa that u oould aot ba rrra hew the table waa movrd, aad whether It waa aet puekea by eoae oaa. aad iadevd. by aay of the paraonattaadiog aroaad It. A rery atllr, a rery ridicalaaa baaiaea*: I hare beea a aeaoad time ta hear tha rapplaga: aad they are a t?ry ailly waiter. I thiak. "Kap. rap. rap, rap: le private the (pint wi 1 aaaaar yea." *' Aay |u*eU.n 1 may 'uooee ta pa.f* ' Yea. aay ^aettiaa." 1 wra takea apart frwn. tie ether ?iaii?rt. aad It waa animated to me that p-ruaia I hoald lite le haw the apirit rail aay gaaruiaa apint*. But el iLia aiggrauua 1 did aotaeeil aaieaif. " fttt la pretty r:ai )i n have oa yoar Rrgrr, air " 1 aaid It * aa a. . ?<! f at I weated ta kaow ditt<aetly whether I ai|M am whataaer qntetlra I likad. Aad I waa told I might, ' Rap. rap. tap! (we; tl? aclte la aet made la thia tloaet. Rap. rap, rap, rap! Ti e apirit wlil aaawvr yoa. whaierar yon na ay a* k a Wit. I ?>?. a in nava u.Id ma wntt naat u iua< iik?4 la tna ring I tad ? flayrr. IIuI tp thin iuIrr U ara waa aa aaaaar wbatavat aiaao. ' Nut, ?ptrl?, 4o Ull 1>a (HilaBin chit ha ull?4a caw, ?l(i b? w.l. think yaa raaaut." Hut it U thvra VII ao ||I>I| I* ay ir'ivirjr. Uow??a?, aw. a thara wu a vary uairk rappiag, which ? la'trpraid I* at, vtry l lalalT, I al a?t at all iatlafa?t?rl!y. "Rap. rap. rap. rap, tap: Tha tpirit aaya ha will a?l lalk any mora au?. Ua W la tecaaita or a.) tnax al tba hoaaa, tha partaa wu pra mt who ha4 l>a?a ?> p-lai?4 le rtma at a fata-a tiaa, ta t< tv>a uaita'a with hi ?r?th?r'a aptn', aa4 bia graad'ath'r'a. Bt tat4 I* waat'd to tab a Ilea or twa?al.ara 4>4 hia kf tkaf 41* I aa4. what 414 ba 41a of la*M 4ira--ta4 la arna a >>a yap r. aaJ tba aplru waai4 ray hla paiailag right Ihtrt w*a a rappiag. a?4 tha la |uirar ta>4, a* tba right aar4?. Itt I raaaat amy bow aiiaf wor4* tha-a 111) h(ial??t l> at'art a or hi.w law. \traal aay tia wr4a wart vvartfy Ia4taata4 f >r tba rappiagt Bay hava boa lor ta a ar Mm aaaaa. aht!a tha paaoll waa baiag 4ta*a 4?wa tha Itat af aorta Aa4 tbra tha la.alrar htattlf tai bt tba tabla a>it t? tha yonaa waari aa taat If tt.ay *aal4 aat r<a4 hn writlaa n ay .f al'l raa4 hit faaa. Aita, ta waa tiara ty aa aip-latBrat, ta hava <i laaliana abaat bia ly?tk*r ah*v?r 4. H> waa a paraaa tail liowa la tba tail, an J I an tal4 ti at t\tt waa aa>awaia4 aa ta tha f lara aa4 mar.nartf hla Irnttii 4?ath waa aa 4*abt pra vlaailt vary tail kaawa la Rrrhttttr Bat aaa athar qaaawaa aAa4. wt.lak cartaiaJy aobo4v la R aha-iar r?wl4 hava aaabl*4 tba juaai >aaaa ta aaaotr, If iiaito a rra1 ny Ik waa aaawvrv4. f? ay brathar Lappa>" ' Kip. ray. tap. alalt-r, tlattar, rap, rap V?ar brathar 1* vary happy Ia4r?4 that la tha way. tba aptritaahow .hair joy " aaatbar paraca taw wlaha4 ta aaka aa la.(alrr. Ha ha4 ? aa a I a? tray ta 4a pa; an4 tba afbt balara Iba ha4 r?a4 ta hla aa arcrtat of wha> tha apirit ka4 <">aaail<>aw4 ta aaa af hta avtvbt rra With bia tba atyla af tba atmuva waa aatbnnil aaaa#b far i>a auparaataial avifia. far. aai4 ha. ' 11 la Hi ??h ta'ta.a laajna-a, aa t aa aara aa aaa ta thla roaa "aM pat togvuar. Thla aaa waa t?14 tha pplrtt waiiU ? aanatrata wltb Mb; aa wbl<-h ba mu4. "I waat tha vptrlt af i ha 5atth. at al4 frl?a4. ta ha allai.'* Rat tha aptp't waal4aataall Jobs Rati th a apint ' I waat tba aplrlt af aiiaha faith." hat ntlihtr waa thlp waat ta ba aaliaM "Rap. rap. rap. tha aptrlt taa 4?aa. Thla la ay taawU4?a nf I ha rapptaaa. N y opialaa af than la that thay art tapa itlnaa. a a a a a a a Tat at I 4iataa?? fraa tbia p*a?a. aa I aa4arttaa.l than art aaa affattiat pbtlaaophy, aa4 tvta a ftptiaal philoa?p*iy. wha art rta4r ta ballrvo, aa4 aha 4a hallava, that th?aa Ruabta'tv haoaalrpt art a tpirti. A fry rl4laalaaa tpiril' Aa atrat gbaat, a vary prttaa4ta? ghoat. aih ti of aa rtra?aa?* ap aaa ahatarar' Ia4ta4. a ghnat that ! aa ghott at all. Bora, aaa, I ha?a writtaa abat will aaMtfy yaar ml -ally abaat thla abaar4 haataaaa. By tpparlaaca la It alll ba atafal to aa. la ra?ar4 to aapanutlaa aa a 4 aaa aaa af tha h< aaa ala4. I hava Iaaraa4 aaaathlag t*om tba arraa4 I baaa bam oa. Bat taat tbabaooilaga thaat-ltaa ara aat Jtavl^ ta^ waa4arfal aa tba aabta* thay aaka ta tba alty af PallUoal fatalItaanrw. At tbo r?e?nt towa alaotla la ntngilmt r-onnty, N. T , tha Whlf? ktt* itMMd Ml tba dMINNll II *al>?r<to?ti la Mn>|i ooaatp, 14 whig* ud <! >Brat*. Tba logl.Iatora of Tinwn, bofora It* adjonrn nt >m?4 rooolatlnao tftlmt tk> dlaoolatinn of tbo 1 atna. and daalor*d. loglalotnr* thay ?nli| tab* BO otlna for tko ifHatawt of ti>naw to itt*a4 tbo Cobvoatloa to bo hold at NaobvUJO. CaffiriA* R?. trim irr ? Tbo Hoa Malrnl* IMHIM Ml tbl* nlty for W aahlagton oa Mnadap I oat. Kt <mr of Mottml to proanto tbo >nw|? of tbo roolpraoity bill Mr i aatrot |?n it iktlatuiot of NTtnl anehaat* liUrwtod la tbo Aaortaaa tra4a, a ad of Lord l?ta who *Mh to Hop tbo afla?uil?a aoraaioat, by obtaining thl* ooaoaaoloa fro* < af ria?. Tk* ailaUtrj alrraJ; bar* aa Moat at WartlaftAi la tbo prma of Mr flffaay Tkli Inoba a llttlo llko aata |HM to ooo hi* ?.*oolloi??y lapatlog Mr i oaoroa, ?ko it la ofM oMoolttoa to kt* ad ri**r*. a* bu aooro >ilt?d ogaatto w aakiagtoa. wbU*t tboj baro ?bo of tbotr owa Mr. ( amorna a abaao of tbo *larobnl4or* of tbo l??ib, aa apprahoad will aot b? tbo boat rteoaaoatfatlra bo oaa take with hloi to tbo fadoral oapltal ? fVaota (Co ) fafiptafwi. Frt IS Laraa r*aw ma t'Loaiaa Initial**. ?Wo laara frnrn a ??ai !? > who mao pooaaagar la tko *taaaior J lltaa wbtrh arrtTxd boro )a*tarda7 fro* t'lrrtda. tkat tha ladiaaa hot a all ao*ala?ad to ro?ora piamaaly to tbotr h< taoa la tk* far W?l oa tko tor?o paMtabod la tko of Batardap bat Alroadp *a?**tj atgbt uf tkatr aoabar bar* arilTod at kort Maado oa Poaoo 1 rook, forty at* ailloo 00a th of Taaipa aad othar* ro at paoto* to r?aio la <?%ilj it I* ?ow tbo foaoral bottof la rinrtda tkat tko?a will aot bo aa I 10 a I -a bat tuto oa tbo Ipt Job* a*at -?aowa%aA (Oo ) f*ar|4a?, m II. IRK I

tDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1 Oltjr Intelligence. Thc Ifnioit Mkctiao or Mo-dat .?The comvltta* of arrangements MpMtfttlljr r?qu?it thn proprietor# of hotel? iad public hou>e* generally. and the master* Sr shipping. to display the American flag throughout the 4*7 of the above meeting. Political Erteetair???rt.?'This evening, MC Fitaando Wood files the Qensral L)eraooratlo CoHmlttbe, of wbloh he la Chairman, a grand entertainment at French1! Hotel. Land IUros* Mam Mirrma at Tammart Hall, or Friday Evbriro, nut ?The Bolted oomntttees of the various trade* and labor organisation* throughout the oltjr, have iseaed a oall for a mas* gathering of oitlMM, lrr?*pectlve of patty, to reipoad to th? resolutions of Meam Walker, Wetoter, Seward, Houston, and ether Senator*, is favor of making the public land* of the United State* free to actual settlers, In farm* of *u liable si a* and limit. Letters hare been received iron vo? ?win utiina senator*. inarmwl te the (onunlttee of Arrangement*, sympathising with the moTtnmt, nod acknowledging the juatloe nod policy of tbo DMiur*. The call la *lgned by the oot prominent politicians of both the political parties, and oltisens generally, and. although oalUd at TtBUMT Hall. speakers from both the parties will he wilgnvd by tbo Committee of Arrangement* to address the meeting. The oall will bo pnbliahed early In tho week ctlcnuation or Sr. David1* Day.?The Welsh population of thl* olty will celebrate the anniversary of their patron Mint on Friday evening, tho Drat day of Maroh. by a dinner to ladiee and gantlemen The (nativity will be enltened by musle, both loeal and lu trumetiral and tho speeches, songs end toasts will glow with allusions to the Interesting history and literature of Wale*. country abounding lo ourioua lore A n eioellent feature, a* well a* a novel one, I* the presence of ladle* nt the dinner. Tin. Custom Hoi si: Orriccas.?Th* Custom House officer* have been paid, at last, the mouth's pay due on the drat of thl* month. al Toll Collkctok.?Mr. Anion W. Kvin*. of Onondaga, formerly coll-otor of toils In Syraouae, ha* been appointed collector of oanal tolls In thl* city. Ntw CoMMiMionicB or KMiuatTion. ? Mr. Andrew Carrigmi. having resigned bis elliue a* a Commlscieaar of Kmigration. aad having positively refuted to take the oflne again, a* long a* natter* are meuaged .11 they are In thin Institution Mr John K. Develln ha* been appointed by theUovernor of thl* State In hi* steed ibreeof the Cemml?Moners declined to alga th* annual report, on the ground of grou ml*-?tateiu*nt*. Why do they not produce a report of their own, and let the whvle troth euuie out, a* the publlo have a right to know It ? Fiar ? Last evening, shortly before dark, tho roof of the building called the Atlaurlo Harden, at the foot of Broadway, wa* dlieovered to b* on Ore, and wa* extinguished with but 'rifling damage. C01 lisioi* ? A* the Harlem and Yorkvlll* omnibus, No *2b7, wa* driving down the Bowery about 12 o'olock j??ti tJ?y, It came in nontaotwitha wagon belonging to Ainoui it t o '* express baggage train. One of th* horses ot th* omnibus we* upset, aud plunged violently until held down by one of the paisengers, who quickly leaped out. 1 he wagon bad the axl* brokeu. and tlie hind wheel torn off; but, furtunately, no one wa* hurt Accimwv.?A man named Daniel haves had his l?g broken, yesterday afternoon, by tn? iall or a bile ot eotton, while loading a ahip at the foot of Maldm lane He was im media.1 Ij removed to the City hospital, where it wa* (*t. Railway Accirrn-r.?Mr Jenkins, conductor of th* Housatcnio freight oar. when near the rittalield Branch, eouilrg down to tbl* city, on Thuraday, fell off, and the cat* pacing over him, killed hitu on th* spot DcrkAviTv ash it* Consaquxnt-ks ?At 11 o'clock, yesterday, officer MeUrath arrested man named William Kinney, In Theatre Alley, with eleven other*, who hava been In the practice of gambling and of riotous conduct in the alley he was diunk and disorderly at the time of bl* arie>t, and wa* In oimpsny with hi* mother and two sisters, who were all in a stat* ot utt<sr drnnkenneas The mother bad just brought in a quart ol turn, and they were *11 Indulging freely. Tb? wo U1*U DOIU| "* f.livrill.11 1*11, lU'lU, and took tbe man with blai. Shortly after, on houn peieon going Into tha houre, tba moth-tr w?? found dead, Laving b^ n (Bothered by ou? of th I d*U{ht?r?, who wa? lying drunk upon bar. Tba Coroaar was aaut for, and an lcijuert being bald^a verdict was returned In accordance with tbea?i farU. Mmt D*ain<; imj Si'cohiul Xacao Uobkkr Kxnoit ? Mra UUbrow keepa a boarding houae at No. 7N Leonard street, and Mr < onklin I'ltuv and bl* wife, and hi* daugbter and bar hu*baol board IttWj with otbera. Una or two night* ago, clotbea whlob had bean l?ft out In tba yard ware stolen, but It waa nat auipaatad that a bo'der attempt waa KOOU to ba mada Oats aea a and 4 o elook yeaierday morning a negro barlog effected an antranoa Into tha bonaa, w*at to tba rutmof.Mr* UUbrow, and aftar taking *llver upoom and (-(bar arttolan of plat*. t /?tSi?r with a few dollar* In her po?kat. loaked her lualda and than praottOtd to lLa lo'im of Mr*. Tltaa. which wy lying ope n. a? aha aapaeted bar hatband, wki kr?p* a publie h"U?e tu Park row, and doe* not c me borne till a late hour 8ba Imagined It wai her i ui'n d who came Id. f^r rhough tbe rasoal thought a light Kltb blin, the did net pee hl.n at flrat, a* the did not raire bar bead. 8he ?a? *oon, however, ?tar 1 d bj til* n In whtoh tha fallow wn bii'tling about tba rem ai.d on litting op In the bad. wbat waa ber bor. ror <n beholding a big 'trapping black ! Sba aore*m>-d, ai.d hi r oai.gbiar wb < with ber huabaod were In tba 8*it rixai with only talding d' or* between than.apruag out of bad and aiew tba folding door*, but on <fio< tha atyro aha was *o horrified ihat sheould not go forward nor oould aha got back, being Iliad brtwa-n tba docra, and h?r haaband who waa afraid of burttn* her by farolng hi* way, could not get out till the wratah taoaptd. taking Mr Tito*'* clothe* with him. la tba iLldat of all tbi* uproar aad confusion \lr. Ti'.u? walked la aad tha atgra. who lay by In the dark, walked oat; and though a baa and cry w?< ralMd.immediately aftar, ha aaaaptd aad aothlag ba* tinea been b**rd ot him Oraainn o* Bow** It McNamkk's Niw Sroac ? Th* aw aurhla ediUee. la Broadway, oppoait* Thi nx ttiaat. wbtah ha* been la conatruatlou for lima tiina pa?t. aad etaaUd by Bowaa a MoNamee for tha tr?o?aotloa of their buflaaaa aa wbolatala drj good" niercbaata waa opaa?4 yaeterday from li to S o'olock. Paling that tinia It wa* rieitad by tboa?aad* ot pars on*, eaah aad all of whom atpre**ed their a?touUhiu?ni at Its aiagnlttaeaca. It U decidedly nae of tba moat ohaata aad elegant at ore* In tbaeity, aad for baauty of daalga and flnl>h, will aom|>ara favorably with aay *lm<l*r boildlng In the Unlt>d nuim. if not In tbe worn. wa bti? on formal (xioaelon. given a deanrtptloa of this beautiful building, bat It am; not be amiss, on tbe protent otcwlon. to 'tj a few word! eoaeernlnii It. Ibe lot on wblcb tfce building ^erected is thirty seren ui kail leet In wld'b, by one kit4r>4 nod forty ei^nt In tepth. Tli* building is foar (tori** blgb. with s?!> lar and ?ub c?ii*r nod each Hi?; li ligh'.-d from the T'+i by n?ut of a shy-llgbt wade of eitraordinarily thick gltM lor tbe purpose. tbe p?o?e look M If t??y weie baaaered ikat is Ibay h ?>s tb? app?arsoca ?f hww< lion or blisU r?d Me?l Tbe flo >r* are up Crted by iron braas eiteiidug tha antira width of tbe ndirg rand*ring poata or pillars la ttia larerljr un ntrawtr?. Tbia nrrnagramt gltea mora rooa far tha transaction af bu?in?a l b- whole builiiog Is warmed by bet water furnaaea, wbleh difla-a a genial bant thrum*boot each story Tba front of the building at our raadara ua ao d"ubt a?ara. la "f mar b e. la tba lllaabwtbaa aijla. with rl?bly wrought columaf. aad > egll?b aro*a giaae Tbie aagalSeent s tractors wa? ia?i?d In every part, yaatorday. by tbouaaads <4 o-ir ritiseM. and not oaly tba d'Siga. but tba ganaral at 'eagaaeat of tbe laterior ?ae waraly prnlaad Wg?n t?r?a o'elnak approaobad, tba atabilahmmt, at that tlao. bat eg pretty Wall 0. lad. an mprewp'M m ?>la( was orgaalitd. and Mr. Jeaeph Hoiie a<Jdree<ed th-?a P'aaant. Ha made a few remarks. aad contrasted Iba aneraj. aatlalty aad enterprise af tba praaaat day. with be?low e< acb labita of our predeceseors and lilaatrat?d bit raaarU by ra far ling ta i(a*n aad Iba aieatrie talagrnyb If tba aid of tba B'at we eaa at nab in an boor aa oar aaoaatora did la a Jay aad by alrg lightning *a oaa aoorerae trltb oar Meads a tb< aeaad or two tb asand alias [away. wltb graat facility. ? roa tbeaa. be said, wbat bare we aot a right toba|? for In tba future' Mr Hexte spoke la tbe htglioat taras of New t.agland aaUrprlea, to wbleb be said, tre are ladebted, la a grant aeaears, for what New Veth aoe la. la aaery departineat The eaterprise of that aeetloa of the aonatry aoaart tbe aaet dlatnat seas with tbe white sails of eoaasrea It ballda palaoaa ap Iowa, aad It rears eneb baaatiful adlgrae aa tbla for bus I aaaa parpneat He gem. aa a swatlaant, ' Intelligence, integrity, and Indaatry." tbe baat cap ital for aeroaaille paisalta aad of wbiob tbe disa?tara of trade aaaaot deprive tbe possessor. Mr. f. A. Loa, of tba Ira of Lea, kenton k rb?ipe, was Intradnaad ta tbooa preeent. aad spoba f* a few alantaa Ha aUaded to the aoealty of the ooaartoa. aad said tbe eoapaay bad naoeablad for tbe parP<*e of o?*gralalatiag Mseers lowaa k MeNaaee oa tba aaeoeee of tbelr andertaklag aad W aipraaa tbalr appraalattoa af tbalr kindness Ha baioagad ta that alaea who daal la rags, and altboagh Bowen k viaVa abo llk.aiaa dnl la ta?a araitad that aoaia ?alaaa. tfcay ara aotaninlodful that thay ara dapantaat ?a tba publln tar tbalr IHtNl Ha bopad tba "plaBlid ballOte* wowid ba a |m(I?| m-anin-at of rag* '? (Laaghtar.) Tba paraoai praaaat tb*a took aaotbar rlaa of Um balldlaf aod adj?araa4. Tmw rwaaau* Balk.? Wa ara onmpailad U n*H ?ar daaorlpiina af tb? fraud tell at NtMo'*, la h<* ?r Of tba Haagarlaaa^lll lo- arrow Thb Cmtmnuv Ot-aaaa Tbl# flna soapaay. ?? ? uW by < aptala Oaaolly pa?al tba H*rml4 oAra yaatarday. aad loofead ranarkabiy trail. Thalt baa 1tmmrj nap* war a auak adaUrad. mfelrn City l?uill|??M. Waamantat k Hibtmi >>.-Tba glnriooa lU'? tad trlaaa vara yaat>.rday graoafally flaatlaf from all ?? ? pobilo balldla(>. Ilbarty polaa. aad tba mart* of tba la tb? tt?ar. Itwaa'airtllni of tbaaaaiTar'*T ?* tba Mr?b of tbat fraat and food man, Oaorga Waabtifta* Tha ( oatlo?atlal xoard tar aad aat la fall foraa a-, M ?aaort to tba aararal lodaaa of Laltad ^marlaaa ,, na thalr way ta Jala la tbaf raad prooaaatoa of tkatr 'aratbraa la Nat York. 1 vrt , rt' Cat!aT? afrvra Jaatloa Wlartna -liaOTfi * I'awibnr.t oaa of tba praart?t.<ra of tba Aaiarlaaa * of una. raaalaa f*?w ralioa Karry to OraaaI anatary. a?a plat aad af Tbaaiaa KIn a drlrar j '<f oaa af KU tt *ta?aa. aa tba caaia roata for barlnf r?jiaat?llj |kra?iaaaf to aoaialt lajary apaa tbatr taf aa, a ad far bartaf (ttaral tliaaa atwaplaf to raa lata tkaa. Tba Jaatloa. aot lanalaf tbla lag Itlaiata rWalry II a ad tba drlrar M aod raqatfad Ma Mg|r? Mi Mr Mi fat ara g?4 HMati IERA 850. Falle* Intelligence. rn* HAorrz street explosion. MoiVfftmtry nfatmt Mill if an.?Y91terday. 4k balf-paat 3 o'clock- Mr- W. L MUli?an wu brought up for a heariu* efore /n?tie? Lotbrop, at the Tuab*. apon the Charge of I libel, preferred him by Mr. Montgomery. Mr. Cochlaa I appealed fur lb* complainant, and Mr. Smith for the dofendI fc*t Mr- Smith opened tha oa?e by *ayin| ha wai ready to admit [ tha authnnhip of the publlaatten on tha part of hta client, : Mr. Milli<aa. and to aaaume tha reepon*4nility of it. Thia woald ihortan the oaae, and reachr tha examination af tome | of tha witnaaaae unueoeeaary. Mr. Mill'ifan th?n i(B?d aa aimliefoa of the authorthip of I tha alleged libel, upon whloh Mr. Saith laid ha wanted to 1 baee Mr. M ontgamery iwora. I Jamea Montgomery *aa tlian aworn by Mr. Stewart, tha i eltrk, and vaa inUrrotated by Mr. Smith aa follow*: ? I * Q?IFa* tba better which exploded In Bague itre t. ot the t 4th of February, one af yonr patent? a.?It waa intended to i be one af mj patent, bnt vaa deranged by Mr. Mllligan in the ' oonatruotion; in it* general feature* It waa ay pataat. Q ? In what aid it rary from your patent?*tate ?peoifloally.' A ?In miaately.' A- In th? tttat plai n, tha hriSgo walfor beater, I at the ba?k end of ti e grate, wa* mad*. to the beet of my i knowledge aud belief. two inoko* too loo*, but 4* aot kaow 1 pcaltively the *ia?t length?..attain it la, it waa too long, ao i much ao, that the ,n>U of the boiler kad to be foroad uaader ' to admit of the bridge bung introduced into ita pJM;; ao much were the aide* open that the Hue* between the aide of the b< ilar and the tube* were made nearly . if net <|uite twice aa wide aa thcv ah< utd have been, had the l*tler beea built according to toe plaa furaiabed; at the aame I tine. owing to thia circum?tanna? the diaphragm or partition too narrow ta till th? enlarged apaee; to rem*d? thia defect a bungling *lrtp of inn anaiatrojuoad on each aide, to make thia plate or partition wide enough; to the beet of my knowledge aud be'iel, tl.<a atrip waa merely forced in between the a-dce of the boiler and the odge of the plate, bnt of tbia I am not (oaitiva; I mean aa rcgarda the fattening; the next fault I complained of, waa the improper manner in whioh the I liole* in the tube aliceta wure laid off, they being at unequal duiinrx grander; in one inatanoe, the tube ho,m were in a lorgitud nai direction, only about onn-e g'lth of aa iaoh a*under; 1 thii k leu*: thia f?o*. I obHervea preriou* to the , tuUa being rivetted in, while the boiler waa under prooeaa of I ccnitrnct'oa; I alao ob*crved that a number of the 'ube hole* wet*. an I ehowld judge, about oa*-fourth of an inoh too large; you will anderataud the nature of this deieet. when I eay to i make gaud work of thia boiler, it ia nu'-etaary that the tube* ahoula go in tight, ao aa to raquira driving; these are all the defect* 1 remember a: thia pteaent titan. ? Q? When did you tlrat. diaoorcr then uefuoia, and where? A.- I think it waa in the early part ot 1 weea the boiler waa building <j.?for whom wa* that boiler bout? A ?for A. B. Tayloi of llagne atrret, f?r a high prveeurn engine for hie nikcllao (hop. Q. ?Who mad* Hie contr-ict with r*ylor , for the boiler' A?Mr Tay lor made the oou'raot with me ft r the nee < f the patent. Q.?bid yon hare any interview* with Mr. Milligaa daring the oonatruoti'in ot tim oo'lar. ia rola'ion to ita coai'iuution, and bow man* wet j 'lie) .' A.? ; 1 bad inch interview*, but it iaSiinpiaamle to nay o? mane, anertiile interval y.?liid Mr Miilnan.toi'j.. *u wledg*. hi maJeany boiler of yaur latent before? A. > ^c.g't na luilt one. y?Wa* that buiit before or after . v. i*rleeted your patent ? A.? I preauuie it w a* built : t| ? Are yuuaure? A.?1 now aay alter. Q.?Did y o. uBicate tht defect* of whtoh you have apokea, to Mr.Ti -r .;-t j any on elee, and if ao, to whom? until aftor the eat i ot> in Haaueair>?t. A.?To ver> maay at the liin?, and to 1 r . >1 .r in particular, in a moai emphatie ma^BT I cointnn-i. ?1 it to Holt a Ayr>a. o| the Lhalaea toaudry, U*or{* U;r < -j. of tlw Went strret foundry, the foremen of bo'lt foun to l it Collin*, and to William kaouev*. 11?Wh*ndii>i; make tl ia coniamnicatim to Mr. Taylor? A?Yhut t* year* (go, tvl.en the boiler waa building. y ? What-'id you aay to Mr 'layior.' A.?1 complained to him of the delect a 1 fcava already titrued, mi i ? ?t,.| my tear, that fi >ui tlio but gling manner m w hioh the tnbe* wore put in, they would liat at Ueir end*, thereby deattoying the draught and tie boiler by cauairy the tube* to aorrede rapidly. Thia I (aid in oenaniueoce ol aeeing tLe boiler makera heating the en la ot the tubra red hot. for the purpot* of bammarina the eain* ot Im lie'. *..*( * on the b-ra of aa ant 1, to mate them auit. Wmte a number ot the tnbea were atilil In tryiag to fore* tl.ent to fill a hole larger than waa intcu i?d. I elated ao Mr. Taylor tr.?t a uumber ol tlieao tplit tube* had been lemtved by Ur. Militgan, ai.d that 1 believed *oib* few defective tube* atill remained ; th?t they had bean burg'eii up with a oaulkiog tube to make them anawer; tne end ot tt* lube. iu*t*ad ot bviug oaulicd down with the pr-per tool generally nerd for auoh purp xc*, h?d been ia irad (pparei tly tiatbtntred down in a rude laaam r ia abort, I ociilo aot, ana would not cbunteuauce *uch wort; 1 *a*d that thia builer wa* one of my ttrat.aud any defect in Vie *>tt wonla b*tuioon*to the re| utat|on of my invention; that many boiler maker* had aHemp ?d to ttrangi* the ia> ttn'iwi ia i>* birth, by *aying a great many thiuga againat the boiler; ani 'ig c'hera. that'he tuba* would leik at the tBda, theieky caudiig the rapid de?t>uotioa of the boilar, and *o forth: heace be, hr Tayior, woulu readily are the great ritk 1 ran ia allowing a boiler to go out, whiek might furaieh a I at die to tbe em oiie* of 'he inveution: a id I added mut !i m re to the tame elf et, y.-ln eon*e ineace of what yon *aid to Mr. Taylor, waa any enarge tuale ib 'he builer or to ha|,r A?loo not tnow |?<i'ltely; all I kuow ia that one ol th* tuba akreta, tu the beat ol my reeoli*eiinn, wa* rui IB ire Him m irni n ? ur*. ami tiea'co, lor trie purp<u<> ei ( an>Birr<ni nn h ln which h.i?e ap-kea of. * kmuc too | the proved to b* a buu?lin^ opera-ion aaictil jailed, I Ikciux nihilv of the h?1?n no han.mered up were o?al ir.*te.?d | I olc ruler, a? tb?y ahuald h??* been. vj.-Uow many pouada . of earn >ii thia hi.ili r intended t<? i?rr?' A.-Aa I have 1 atatrd it waa ordried fur a hi*b pumou uutiae ud in'nd- . ud I* rarrj in ro ine'auca lea* N( Iha ; that ia to (?y It ) than Ml ll>*. would nut do Mr Ta> lor'* work. <J.?What wa* I the ratcat of tt? cnpicity or th.t botlir? A.?1 esrn?l Iay what it wosld i arr> ta I Dt?r had an opportunity to ia- i pectihe boiler, o?n* t? tne fast t'iat Mr. Mil ik*o am i ; It mktown to ma. to (oui* cn.paay dowa South, anJ removed lb* Nta fr> m iii* premier* Without notifying ui*. y.? Wa* boi (lie boiler itadt under yuur liirecioa and la- i Vpeetloa. till the aaa** wai a.?No, air. dla- ! 11 n ct 1 a Bet* g.--l>o >00 know a goatlemaa bjt th( same of , W.Tlrttly! A.--I know aunha penou, by raaaon of Mr at temping to levy black mail ob ma. v l?id jim tell Mr i freely that the o'oaer the tuba* ware pat, the bolter, ? it ' nidtik'iB tailrrl a--Net that i am aware of. i e.ubt | that 1 aajd anything ot the kind. It it prepoeleroae. y ? Bow f??f i are >ou ?.< en a ?rvl.cil englaear ' A.?I ekouM judjr Bike teara H ? With whom dd ?oa Brat werk ' A ? With g- Did ynu *er*e *nv ?pi.teoiI e.hip, and if *o, with A.?Ye*, air, with apcll a|tla : havia* ' erre'.ed a at earn rufflne. "f a high proaaaiti kini.ljr the par- , |m * of malar aad rarioue other m ihaaical purpose', I had Hided lht Ilea? I I KiBe t f.a i a ioallr. <{. -4Tk? waa your (retractor la the theoretical (tady of the ew-atn coglae. ? A. - 1 V aix i i eminent Eniliah and It'iih autbura ai.d levmrtL IV ? H l at waa totr buainea* frevlou* to a<ae y>.ai 1 *k ?J A.-i haar f llowtd various boater**; i liar* l>e?a a ateaoi aawyrr 1 lte* beta a back wondaiaan. ? r inn er, litv* workail at earprr.fetie* and raMnet rrekia*. g.-Di'l fon tell Mr. ' r re* y mai4 ar. auu?aa oni u ine (guar > yoa it. aad that l.? andrrat"** th* i>eidlia? ol iuc'i hitler' I did but ' |i n toy 1I|>* that 1 imaiarc vl t<> ?t. Frealy. Q.W "?1? tea avoir you did sat tajl|*>im **? A.--1 wual I aot , wear all I han- told t" ?arioa* iadit iiinal* th* latt t?.> ; y?ar* I a toll be a ra? h Bias to mtks luv'i au natli. Wit- [ era here tl at en tletwo laat >|ar*ti-n* ImI|| ml afar uademeod th* B-at of tna t?u *i3tr?aily (roa what be did before. and au*trn?? aay dn tin. t?i I b*?*r did tail h?a tbat Mr. MiIIikbb Kaj bu ll i tliii boiler according to plan. --ml yoa tali Mr. KraoIjr 11 at ia* were afraid ib*t tb* boiler waa erdrred to* tBBl! to make ait aw i a'mh for tho tn(iae it we* laieided lor, and that >ea wete afiaid It ?mH *tr?ia tiia b ilar t* to b>?ke aiaia, ar I that It wunld bura mora fuel, aaainH eeuld Mme yon ia yoer palea:' N?, I did ml. u Waaite detect r|>*k*a ol bj >oa. Betutha partition ar di>| S rajtai. ! n> 41, d ! A -Va* ia th? m aer I bar* already , dr?crl\M ij - Did Von ??r ka?w, ar J if i?, *li*a, thai >'(* ? Ik Murphy were tlia awntta of that beiltr? A.? I aaaar ktrw po.ldrety the* war* iU owner*. hut knew thay bad II Ib their i>oea*ealoh for **'* far ilia laat twelr* ar el(ht?e? reoalba baik. y ?Did )an l.a>* any ?meereatloa with I'eare h Murt'l y. ?r either of them. In relation to and k itl?if A ? I bad with oa* or "that! I Hunk Mr. Murphy, It 1> irapoaeible for roe to ear when ih?\ i on?-r-*i| ia waa, it *11 'tne t'O.e will ill tli* laat twelve montba bank. U.--Didyc.n aay to Mr. Marpby that lha l.oil*r an mad* nader roar dlreetiot* Bad aaperiatendeaeer A.~N?j I itatad all th* obJtlli'iia I Lava already d-tailed. !?.?(lat* yoa bad a peraot al /iOlcalty with Mr Mllligan > f ha witaeaa bara he*it*t*d f'.r a nuaeat. Bad than aaawer*4. "Mr. ttilli(*a haa had s perewaal dirt) eliy with bib." Mr. I <|hl*a iBtarrnpied u.a wuaee*. Bad daetred him aat t* eat* r, and pr' seeaed to arena that thai |Beetle* waa a( tee lateral a aatnra that eayoreeary d ilraity that alibi aria* between Mr M<.nty?aery and Mr. Mllliiaa aaali it ka eldraee ia tkie eeee; It meat ha etina dim-ulty l*iia?*letcly <eeae>ted with tlia libel. It would be taoolle- ,e4, a.reorer, that Mr. Mnr>la?B>*iy h** ?ivea ?? eeldear* ta euatala ihe libel lie ha* teas aiaaiaad by th* def*ar* aad it la aat far aai-b*'! ta tnra er< nad aad at lack In* awa wliaaee. Mr. S'ewart lb* Clark ? Tb*libel ha* b?ea alailte1,aad ( take II that all th>* eaaniiaatiaa hae be. a f?r tl.? aennaa deti. a i.fb< th rartlar. Mr PmHh.- - * e adall tha p?Wl< atioa, ka t daay Ute llkrl. We iralatela tl.Bt It ia tn*. Clark -- It tr i?kt ta true, aad )el k*a libel. Mr faith dtalad tie teaitiaa. Ja*>ie? Letbr p.-- A 11 11* not falae: th* '.ntk aat be a l<bal if pnbll>bed from bad aatitat. Mr Sallh d*aiad that thla waa lha Valuta eftb*a??stitstioB--it had b?ea las* aiaee a>pU lad. Tb* trn'h eaa * pu.d'4 in nn'iin?i.u?. ?nl ataa ?ri?r? f.a pakllaatloa i( flit*. If it la p?kll-l?o4 m a (l?4 aoura* tat f?* aada. nl; i'>bii4l d?a>(?i Ota MiminH. Bui bo aaitar what 11, Mtlnun >t.atrntk H a* liM. , ftarpo-o. far lamplr, ? atrrtt* ?i>iau kal4 a roipartabla fxaiuaa ia aoo|,tr ??4 roa?M ap fi.il4raa, aa4 livai hap* pilj tritk l.nt baakaa4; hat aoppoaa, la bar youik. la torn* otkar pli'a abc bad U?a (uilty .f ladtft^r'tloa tkat Mn t?4 kar reputation iharu. kat wka!1y uakaoaa la bar fW'il Itra'lna, u4 tkat roaaa parvan Battaianaty i"4 ervally publlahad ta tka worl4 h?r yauthfal la>ti*ar?ttaa; ban aappaaa a proaaauMoa fat 11feat ta ka lai'ttotat, what ?ait it a Jary 4a ia tkat ua ' why. tkat m nt Aa4 a ittJH of a?t r?ti'y. kaaanaa tka 4afa*4aat pakliaka4 aatbln| but tb? tenth. Ike taaytttrat* aipra*?*4 bin 4l(aaat fraai Uil(4?<tel>?a. kr *?ua ?b a ?..?? my allaat apptar la tklt matter' Di4 b> a?t r?4 ?"ti?a> aa4 Jna'itahla a4?' I 1a4 In tka III nit of tin lltrmU, nbtak ?t?aa thaarUanna t?]i fully, (Hi taatimcay af Mr. Maawamary, rbarilai Mr Ml Hiaa wltk lain* an* of It,a aaoaaa af tbi? aalaat'y. Mr Mlllteaa r??4? it, * 4 kaowla? it ta ka parlary. pakllabat tkla *ar4 la tbo aawa t*p*ra. *m a?t tfci? tor Itatiflavla ?a4 aa4 from a r??4 att tira. to 4afaa4 hi* a?a abaraaW ' It *a* kit 4aty va 4a a. 1 ha toaaaf tka 4o*uauat aai 'aim. ?n4lt *a* a*tataa4 I ky othtr wttaaaara Mr ??ltk aroaoa4*4 to aay tkat k* lai- i I?*<-h*4 ika intia?ry of Mr. Moat?om?ry, ?k? ?n aat hi* aliaata, ai (ka cr?na4 af kl* ataalaatiaa va* Iai4 la tka I Dtailt Mr. i ophlaa *al4 tbla *?nra* ml aat tka oirrant aaa kafat* a ??*lttrila, It would ka prapa* Wfava tk? Jury. Mr tank MW * <lkC?Itae*. Tk? ?..traia h*4 tka am* f?nar. 1*4 It ?* III duty to l*|?lra lata a * * of llkal aa ?a I utai a'kar. thak, If tka *kar?a ?a* f? ralan* tliaoauaty aipi aat ka put ta ika otpaaaa ai 4*f*a4lB( It. Aiiki I 'thfrp Ho? laii will tk< oaaa takof Ma. thank? Many laur* ?at Tka ***-aiaa?l*a af Mr. Bia'cuterry alaaa will aaoapy tkr*a haar* atora Manttrata- I rat.n> t ?a mm- h farUar la tkla <-aaa t*-al?kt, | a*4 at aay aa nail I raah bara. Mr fhaitlk?Mr. Mcat(?aary say k* will aaivat tka la*t nMtlaa. Mr CagklM- It l? kaltar ta laa*? tkat arar fat raa?l4*ra , Ham. Mr. tallh-ll la kat?*y far yan ta kaok aat of tkli praaa rntlaa. aril tkat Ui? rkll4 rkaal4 lit ttillkora. Mr. C'*klaa~lt will mafta a |r**t a?i*a la lk? narl I ya(, {Laaaktrr I Mr. Sailtk- Taa, if iroa f aa wltk It. F. IIMMIItTnillMI '"?! ? Vrti?f a??t, ' II a'ctoek, aaa tfcw fii?4 f?r ?ha farther b?a'ia( af tk? mo Thaw t Itrt* m^r ?f alta??M? < ?u?al ?aw. t?T**im*n r?o? Wa ara lafor??<l by a prttata l?tt? rx?lr>J la Iht* ally. data* < aaipwhj, l?ti Mtb . tkat tba litthnftoat mnatb, aa Impirtnl "tptar* *w i4?4iill*( ???f tba (MrllU I earalnaa of tba I A l?a4laf lodlan Cbtaf, r.aa lataaaea alth hU lrlb?. w Ukn prtaonar 1(4 lib blm flM? In " T A Ur?? |w?tlty of mrmt iBBnlttni. be . thobU Into tha band* of tba rtetoea TbUwaa anatl4ara4 quite aa ItnptrUitMbl?rwnt, aad Mrb*f? trill kwlw tha tarmlnatlo* of tha war ahtah bH (Iran artdaaoa of athaaatin for Um pul rrarlnva M?nnti raa.W.4 froa \ rates. r*|raMil Um Saillfforaat partlaa m %vottef aa?<xta?oaa tar tba aattiaataat of tha coat**, t bat tba faault of tha ?oaaai>at *aa nnoartala Thla nr Of i?ar*lMtloa baa law afl<lt*ta4 tba lahabt' I ta?te a# tbat aabappy paataaala. a*4 n bopa anma I ?M? aaaai mmy Mn* ba f?aa4 (a Mac It to ? 1 I ilw?.-fc'<i? Awwalt W II LD. TWO CENTS. TkaitrlMl ani Kulwl. Bowm Tmuii -It ra i good 14m of the akUfal aiUMMit ol this ?au managed theatre, to feriag out that sterling and always favorite piece, " Patnam," oa tb? anDlveraary of Wathlagtoa'a birthday. It If a plaoa aapaelally appropriate to auoh as Amarloaa oaUbratlon, la wblota Washington himaelf Is tha fraat hero af tha plaea; and the thaaa in wh<?b ha lived?tiaieo which triad bid'i souls-are, with their events. tha rakjact of dramatie representation. Aocordingiy, laat availing, was truly a birthday night at tha Bowery, and tha orowd which, at an early boar, fill ad tha oapaclou* thaatra from pit to gallery, waa laamanaa. " Victoria*," another favorite with the draaaatlo public, waa played after 44 Putnam " aad both plaoea wera crowned with perfect saccate. drawing uuwb momuiij ins loud and tllmUd ohMri of a highly delighted and gratified audlensa. Of th? ><! frable out In both theie pieces sad the HMlltnotto wbioh the performer* h?v? attained, U li hardly neoesfary tospeax; they are. iu faot-" Putnam-' espaoially household pieces: and the manner In wbioh the talented company perform tbem 1? th- ne ylut ultr i of bistrionlo perfection. Bioi?wtr.?Although tba blustering wied and intense coldness of tba weather was well calculated to deter people from venturing beyond their own domicile, a large eonoouree last evening assembled at the Broadway. to witness the ftrit representation of tba Rngllub enlon ot Madeleine, or tba foundling of Paris." This piece ! fraught with the most startling and thrilling interest, and the parte of Madeialne and iJertrand found truly able renreeeutativee in .\11m A h iaheraud vlr. Dyott?Indeed, so effect Ira and m t" le to nature wae the rendering of these parts, that curing nearly toe wbole of tba second act scarcely a dry eye was to be seen in the boxes The other character* were al? > well peifcrmed, and. If waare to judge from the daunnuration ot the audience who oailed the hero and Owrolna before the curtain alter l<a tall, this drama is destined to h?onine quite as great a farori'a tiere a-i it hat b?ea in l?iin. the afterpiece was the comediett* of tba Berious Kaoiily." which appears to becoatemore pnpi?lar on each repetition To nUUt we ar>< to have the ' Lady ot Lyons " with Vise Klshar as Pauline and Mr VVbea'ley at i iau le - to wind up witk tba "Serioas family," for the last time lit'area's Tmkstsk.?" Tba Serious Family," that nerer-tlrlog piece, which erery night attracts at tbU end.anting theatre the fashionable s.iciit/ of Naw Ycrk, was produced last evening before tba moat crowded house we have yet seen. It it, Indeed, a rery remarkable fact In theatrical annals, tbat tba same pl?ce can he plajed ao many times in a season and always attract so burner us an attendance. Bur'.oa has H.ived a eery dlilloult problem anl prores, at art y oerforuianee how mush a good piece Is capable of wbaa i cted by laleuied artis;* W? will not repeat to day *Lat we hare eo Often e?td; but we remind those wbe eant to krow how a eboo'tng buabn'id in?lr-s a rer .tutu n in hla owu b< u-h to go to ttie CunaWr- strsat theatre and tee ' Hie Serio Faintly.' wtib Burtou, UrougtiHin, < !arke sod ?ri Rusee'l la their re?p*atira parte The entertainments c moluded with tna laughal'le *arce entitled " iiaer.?d l.lfe. acted amulitrhouta < f applause ironi tLa highly d-ng'ited auli-nce i'o nvht ' I he Sellout Family" w'li be repeated, with tba suic?srfui draii-a imird The Demon Jester." (himkii e niti'mti th>.ir?(?The ' Myat-nes and Miseries ol New \ork." wi'h its *r?at hero. Cbanftau, ita lit'.!* hero Vntrr NT array. and all It* fciifi and pleiurca of dla*lpa?i>n. tumult, riot, tre. virtue, bonraty. prayinp an<J r?p?n?anse, ai(tlour* to riwaDil tbx nam* uuprncodaatad afflux of rlMter* from all paita or tha city. who woma la <tuipagi-n and earrl?g??. *in black avrvaut* to ial doau lb? ft<?p? of tnrlr fit urn < that th?y ia%y a a* l liat fiau and vaatrr Marray b-fura th' curtain nna ly drop* M it lount miuih day ut other, o?ar vlo*a ;u l hii adrrDtmcr, abutting < ut b< Lt*? aud litll? l.lw. and tha Httla N*w?boy and tlia preUj Mia* '.h?rti*?. ani tbe fair d**trutt, ( rtiuda Daw??. ani alt tha uth?r cant a of tbla t-xeitirg <lrain? fr iu public *i?w It 1* nr? at accommodation t<> mauy that tbl* ilratua of local daaviiption and Naw Vork 111*. wuieh titit ?ucb uuahatod Intarcat. I* pLacd on* lu tha hi 111* bctvt-ru two oth*r pr*tt? and plan I ig pi mu a> ibat It may ba *?rm without waiting to th? by tb > ? a > u.ind'd. It ia mil itidl?p'D?atil? for ih >-? who wi?h tt *? tbi- rich *n*n't ant* now goto* i n at tba Natl >o?t to apply early at lb* b?x "itiua to atourn ?at ana a till ia tha ru*h **ary <1 Toning Viuhiu'i On urn- Thk*t*ic. -Tba ?it* luxnta ciuimmcrd latt night, at thin ?l?m 011*4 tt?at a. by tba dtama call?d ' Flying Coi-ira.'' It ??< aj: cr*d*d by tba naw anooaaafal *ttr*Tag?oi? rutill-1 " 7 be Vagio Horn." In wbloh Mn M. Ta?l >r. >'l.?aa Conovar and Nlakinaoa w?ra ?athu?i?i icallt apcla'id rd. Mitchell appeared In hie favorite part of Ui.1'1 Knrwlg In the force of " Hoot* at tbe d van " Bod we* rrceived with tbe moet naeqaivnoal mark* ?f eaitrfen Ilea. I he | erf"riraurr? concluded with Ike fern* t " H ho'* V; l'ub?r !" wl.loh ?? acted la a rvmarkehlo maauer by the taler>tod artl?t? ol tbla theatre Tonight the bill ?* uuurually attractive It la eump<>?Hl of * flying Color*. ' "The Va<ie Horn ' rfara topa Spring* ' with Mlt-ta?ll In ttia part of Timothy Tapewrll, and ol the fairy extravagaoia. < ataaralianiau atl Badouia." The houae will be Ailed a* doubt liaua* Or*?A. Fbid4v Ni<.ht.?Tha InlUpoeltio? af Signer N0**111 canned ' Maria dl Itohaa" to b* aubUitut*d for " Anna Bolena " Donizetti hai taken tha utu*at ct '-Maria dl Itohaa" from a celebrated drama of the I r*Lch dagc, kewna* I a duel anal Klohiiaa" ? a play that ha* recently bean traailatad la K.aglaad, and performed by noble ladle* and gentlemen und r t' e direction of Karl dct'rey. at a private theatrloal re tertnirmeat The mutle ?f tUle lyric t raged r I* a >1 m? popular a* that of u>aoy other opera* by l)?aliattl; yet up< r> *e<jua*ntan-e. It bxome* pira*tng la no ?rdirary degree The opera tb.ogh pre?eat-d with lit* tie | reparation wn remarkab y well perf <rmed Nig. b rlaa Bertucca wa* very brilliant la the exenutloa of the muMo. and we* ancorad la bar aioet alaf- .ra'n i< ena Hlgoor Rortl rang with great feeling and f>rta, kod railed forth frequent burnt* f applau**; while lienor Beteventano acowltted hlmealf nobly, both In hi* ?i. all/atlon and acting Tha hnuac wai ortwded. and many were unable to gala admlaetnn, a* every wat wh ierupted ?avaaf?w belonglag to rnbacriV-re. Thr-a l.< nnet* Id tha parijaet 'polled the general appearaan* if a lovely aeeemblaga of ladlaa. whoaa happy *mila* and unalloyed delight wara not the laaet attractive part of the exhibition Among tha belle* waa ooa of no ordinary beauty a deereadaot of one of oar old Dntch families. wl oee beauty wa* heightened by a atrlpel *lik, of >ueh evtuieite color* aa to aommaod general aln'ratloa. Her dark eyed friend wa* al*a obaarvad am >ag obeervera. Altogether, the 'boaaa waa a display of tha meet elegant character There will be a perform%aea en Mondar. and 8lga?rlna TrofTI * benefit will tak < place on Tueeday, wlkan aa excellent entertalnm-nl will be preaaated. Aarna Pi > a Oraat ||'>r?K ? Tba|\Ja?lrai land Ar. rorlatioa concert take* place tfcla evening. Tha houew oui/ht to be crowded CNBirrt'c Ortaa Hcvet ?The eatertaloiaeat* at thla ripalar raeott, thla evening, arc for the benefit of T. augben. tha hanJMct and tenor of thl* Inimitable Pom\**ay wba U on* of tha oldaat >M iao*t doaarttog mb?n ol tba tell hlfllf b-an ua lar lb* bidm* meat cf E f. I briaty for tba pa?t altht ;wrt Ml* many admlrar* will wa ten Mo doabt. orowd tb* ball to It* ntacwt eapsnltr on tbl* tha anaaaJ appeal of tha b*t*fl*lary. Tea a mpaay win (If* tbalr noual Satarla? attrra- f? "?'t >nm??i-in at .t aioak r ?t . wbtab ara ?ary nomw imij patroatial by aaa; la ad JifrtllM Tb* um ftnfrMai Uflraaattba tfuneri eoaeart a* la tba ar?ala? Axnwi* Mi-mi * To da?, tha aarformaaoaa at tbla plao* of MDNBtil ara for tba b naflt of Mr. 4. Rob?iU. for aiany J*ar? aatUtanl ata?a maaa**r Tb* filaraa *al*rt*d *ra Tba V irginia Mumniy. with Mr. T D Hloa a* <?la?ar Blaa. TbU will te foil-wad by tb* burlatta of tba* Jaaloa* 11 o?hand " aad tba pantoail ma of "Tba Mafln Tra?pat " la wblab tba vbala of tba Martlaattl family will appear. Mai onao*.?Tbla D*(rn eompaay ar* dr?lo* w. II. at iS Bowery Tba aerfor atan?a* ara of a rary auiKlaj r baraetar T*aaa**< i.a-RrwawTi'a CawcaaT ?Tbla lalallabl* rlotlaiat will (It* a graad anaaart at tba tabaraaotw ea Monday evening aatt Ha will ba aadaUd by aotlaa K Horgbeaa II C TlaM and a fraad oraboaIra. ndtr tb* olraatloa of Slfaar I.a Maoaa. <x i?tt Li**t*r ? Tb* baaatlfal n*tloa*l pal a Mac eieooted by M. da < haMlloa. repreo?atlat tb* florlawa bat t la of rtaaana da la Tain a la attracting aiowda of n?r eltlreaa to wltaraa a llf*>llba picture of tb ra*pf atlT* poaltlnaa of tba Amerlaaa and Mailtta analn, daring tbi* mnrabl* battla Ml** < u?h?an la plajlag to aroadad b-?utaa la Naw Orlraaa Mr Mord oh la pl?}lng at Vcmpbl*. T?aa Wwparlor I nun. Rafi.r* J ??*?? (??kl*T Ft* II -IWirwJ Pnn ?. HpniitT It CIf kt and F. M < - I bl? ?M * aotloa lor br*a*b of ?? . UMt. I)*ma?*a war* l?H at ?A MM It ?< ?ll*f?4 that lb* d?r?ndact* agr**d la HIT. lo d.iWr t<- pUiatlff* S OW bant! of auMtlta floar. Cl?r MIIU. RvM??p. tar. at M par barral. Tla apaanani ? ? la wrtMa*. and lha p?}???t to fc* atad* ?n >-uli dallavt?. wal?b wad to eowlal of 200 banal* at a Itat. T>f ptalatiff *! ? I wrttt?a wraaaaut to par ft* tba lour #a tb**a tana* aad *ft?r?*rda ?ol4 bta roaMni to M**?Tt K*al* fc I . firing tham a |<**r*Dty la* U? b*1n# f"1" flllad Tba lataodaiti 414 n?t parf-ria IbHr f>a'rnl Baal* h i;? prorr.d-d agalaat tb* pr?aaat pl?inifT a*4 r??oiar?1 $4 344 <J*ua<?a h?oau*? of tba aoa faKil it of tha aoatrart bj tb* d?f?nd*at* Tbar* wa* mo drlbar* to tba al>|*4 br*?eh n| *o?tTMt. bat 4?f?o<l*nt* ?r?*d tW th* * ' *? wa* *i*aa*1?* aad *ah...ltt*<l lS?? flMO wald ba wflMaat tbat I* at tba rata *1 ??* doll** t in*rt?r par barr* rialattlt d*?and* ta b? awtltl-d u? r??or*r tb* **Ja* of tb* 0?wr at tb* th.a aarh.t prtaa Tb* Jarjr, ant Wl>( aMa ta afr*a, war* dl*?barg*d bp lba( owft mm 1*1. rm?? rblaf JaHle* ? darnad* will tf t tbU dar rHata-l*;) tat %fc? porf <va * *pa?l?| aoU*a*. A