Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1850 Page 2
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VaTIONaLTUEtTRE, Chalhan alrrct?Wii.ow'i Vlcjm-htitmu ant> it; tkiu or Ji?w Vobi-Diid Shot. OLYMPIC TttFATRIt, Bro*?way-ri.Ti*t> Cni.omMauic Hon*?Saha-iuoa Si-?i.\cjs--Ca>i a k >lia-i ?n. CUY5TV3 OPX.IA BOCSS-KrHiorcAH Kikitriut. AMERICAN m'SBVM-An-iino PmroBMANCii, fce. fO MITT LIBRARY?Pt ChatiiioV* Paiwtho or lua ca dk la palma. N?m> lark, Saturday, FeOraattry 43, l?Mlt The European Bleamtn, The steam.-l i;> Amenr.a, with two weeks later Kuropean news, had not ariived at Halifax la-t night. The Europa, which left this pjrt on Wednesday noon, (or Liverpool, arrived at Halifax at even o'clock yesterday morning She made a rapid rnn from port to port. The America is now in tier fourteenth day. Tlie Ureal Lnloii netting. We see that preparations on a large scale ate being made for the great unton meeting whith will he held at Castle Garden oil Monday evening next, for the purpose of e*j reefing the sentiments of this great metropi lie cn the present crisis in which the country 1* placed, and to tane measures to sustain the Fn < n, by the permanent settlement of the slavery question on the basis of Mr. Clay's resolutions. The call of this meeting u signed by many thoutsnds of our most resjiecuble and influential cittkid, of both political parlies, and by many who n?*er interfere with politics, but who, when danger threatens the country or oar iu*titution?, come forward and make their influence felt. Iu a word, this meeting will be purely a gathering of American citizens, without regaid to party distinction, on a broad national platform, at which measures will be ukt n to demand of (.'ongresa au immediate settlement of the exciting question of slavery, without repaid to ultraism or factionism, of any kind or of any origin. We expect that much good will result from this meetirg The great mass of the people?the intelligent end independent men, of all jiolitical parlies?have intently watched the course which the question of slavery ha* taken for tome time past, in the hands of Northern fanatics and Southern <i;i.mi, Thov l.av. (i will. r..r.f ih-f ibe influence of a very small minority of the people, *ca'tered throuihout the Northern, New England, mhI Southern Slater, has brought the nation to the verge of civil war or diasoluiion, and they have determined that the time has arrived tor all the friends ef the I'nion to arise in their might, and ittcue it ticm impending dan?< r, by taking it out * ( the hands of the fanatic*, and keeping the custody of it themselves. This is the object of the meeting which will take place at Castle Garden on Myuday evening. The merchant, the lawyer, the medical man, the nirchaiiic, the urtujn?till the fi lends of the I'nion, i t this great and glorious confederacy, of perpetuating it for the benefit ot jiustetuy and hi inanity throughout the wide world?wi'l meet on that evening on the broad platform of American national.ty, and demand, in a voice of thunder, that their seivkurs in Congress thai! cetu-e their party strife? eease their warfare?and tettle permanently and foiever, in an amicable way, and on the basis of compromise, the tlavery question in relation to the new territorys. la this meeting we already see glirr.paes of an iinucaVIe settlement of this unfor unate question; and if other cities will follow our rxample, the troubled waters will soon be stilled, Ihe I niou will be t>aved, and the I'nited States ? ill enier u|M>n a fre?.h career of greatness, the end of which cannot be seen, nnd the gorgeousnes* of which no mind can contemplate. Let the alarm be sound* d from Noithio K uth, and from ICast to WeM, thai the f..biic of governihent w hich was reared by our fathers and cem> nted by the blood ot our early j?atriots, is in danatr? that the work i?| rur n umim KM'u RliM iu.w ivili|Tris iiib utru rutlilraaiy affiled by fanutiea ami Irl the aentitiit i?t proclaimed in a ni'tnnrr thai will dironiotiata everywhere, that the Union muit and hull be preserved. Tiik Amiiii a!) KxrumiNO Lxpeoitioji.?Tne explorirn ? xpedttion to he fittrd out at thia port, to piocetd in aenmh of Sir John Frmklin, it attractirg cnniidrrtVlf attention It ia the third ^ I petition of th? kind trtr organised in the 1'uited States. The l'.nKlifb, the IiuMuin and th- French government* have fined out, at variwiia period .4, r*(-edition* of exploration upon the high fa* ; but the grand dctign ol thtae cute rpriaea baa not been to b>n?fit mankind genrrally, but the nutioua which have been at the expense of furnithiug the outfit*. KnyUi.d, particularly, ha* a ali.?r(> eje nlwa)* upon her own intereata aud th?- rvutu tlitiea of time and progreaa. Hrr ihipi point th< ir nwi nt ttiia and that place, and, An, yttin' th na ion haa an iaterrat in evrry rrg on 01 thr glob* (>ur own government ha* not adopted thia policy, and Jet, by it* liberality, it ia arcoaplUhtng quite aa tx-nefU'ial reanlta {Everywhere our Il4g la re*p?ctcd, and everywhere the oj?.?rej?rd are will ng and dtairona to lean on the atn>n< arm which we can ex?rt in ciara of daiurr The affectation that cover* the policy of Great Britain doe* not conceal it. Her high-handed m?*H*nre* in India and in China, aa well aa in leaa im,>?>fUnt region*, have warned ;la?* woiitl ??nJ p uticul irly the weak goiernnienta of it?10 be cir-fil not t J eurrrnder right* arid privilege*. II- r protection is oftentime*, too, like that which the Peruvian i?ader charged Ipon the fVauiard*? ?uch aa vul^ turea ?i*wtoUmb?,r<?*rnr| andd? vourmj thani H A better time, how? \*r. iactmin*. The *|?realire policy which mmkiniJ Bow frrioqaly de?irc. ?ate, cai.tcf be ptrpeluated. A gener?ya, b.iur?tiful, filiiffd |4ii!*nihrn|>y U t^kii-c the pWce of the naricw, illiberal, contracted relfi hnrt"?, by winch !> >* ar hitherto has atrengthei?*d lUrli: *od ev<*n It.* b< at ted lib* rwlity of n nation, ci??ett.) acrlnn< lit v*n *Kgriui(lizrin? Dt under tlw plumy ?l ap,*1'i.tly i?nni im co?cee?l?na, l? d-tect?d through iIk nil |?hai!( J ( cantfil i?. Crimination. I>evert!:?!e?a, ia not the end el which wr ^tir |urp"?e i? |<> ?h?w that the ancient a,.iril f?'r trtrBrnl rhittirrtri ia to be condemn* d, tad* b'tser and mote cordial apint to prcJ<>miii4le throughout the earth. Ac an evidence ?l thi?, w- m.y point with juat pride to the ftrat moral retolta f.nnn.hef| hy oir fereral exploring eipe.liiiona Their a-n-rxl uaefulo'M haa bern unjnefionrd; hut the pecu'iar, poaitive and beneficial iend?nry of them ?jtoa the nation* nf the earth i* jn?t b< e>m?iiu to be frit They hare not only furniahed to olJer nation* ruer ayrtema of exploration, b'it hare incited in he breafta of rur people a heroic ardor to |-n<-. rate into the rr? t di.-tai.t r'tr;< c.? I're r.-1 out <itile to fan the apirit of adventure ! a fli ne, and It li ,b b? en dune. We h id, l?nf a^", m ?ny a.?ch r. < < *,f "i.N n I' . it r, Hi >i 'in " i - m n tt. uid T?nturtW,'1 aitnll YtaaeU ri i aw????? into unknown tru, for the love of Uke pur* euit. It was ihia Mine Yankee Captain who penetrated far into the Southern ocean, and, one fine foggy morning, as the miaty cloud aacended, found hia little sloop rocking between two large ahips of a Ruaaian exploring expedition, and an unknown land In the vicinity. With an acute perception ol the necessity of the occaaion, he hailed the commander of the expedition, demanding if he wished a pilot! The joke immortalized him?and in hoaor of hit shrewdness, the name of Palmer'* Land was bestowed by the Ruaaiana upon that coast which our Yankee had then for the first time seen, and of which he waa unquestionably the first pilot. In the Pacific, we have many such adventurera, scouring the coast of Japan and China,and cruising among the innumerable islands of Polynesia and Oceanira; while on land, hundreds are toiling, by slow degrees, through the passes of the RockyMountalns, and exploring the wilds of our Western coast. In fact, wherever may be a field for discovery, there the unpretending Yankee is to be found, exerting that natural shrewdness and penetration which are his strongest characteristics, and the results of wh:c 1 I alone proclaim that he has been looking around turn. The peddler and the trader refine and civil l/.e mo: e barbarians in a year, than scores of thousands of n;^8ionaries could in a century. What did the great mission at Japan effect, with its thousands upon thousands of priesul One Yankee clock maker would pn-duce more moral effect in a single hour, than the whole self-sacrificing band of pious pilgrims in a year. Commerce if the civilizer of barbarism. We shall have more to say upon the new expedition anon. In the meantime, heaven speed the Arctic mission! T\ BANNY OVER STREET CHILDREN ?PlOUS frauds end pious infringements upon the liberty ol the people, are daily attempted by well meaning, but over zealous individuals, who are in favor of moral improvement, at whatever cost. A recent exemplification of a curious desire, on the part of cr| tain busy-bodies, to seize street children, and coerce them to attend school, has been manifested in Boston. Another is to be witnessed in our own city. The notion came from Boston, having been transplanted to that transcendental region from Austria, where, as all the world knows, the government have a sincere regard for the manners, as w< II as the morals, of the young, incarcerating children in schools, at the will of some spy or police agent of the ruling powers. In Boston, the midrees of the last Mayor seriously introduced the subject, commending the Austrian plan, in all ltd beautiful details, as worthy of adoption. Gov. Briggs, in his ardent love of liberty, education, and morality, followed up the Mayor's address in his annual message, and recommended children found in the streets should be seized, and put into school houses. In this city, the imitators of the sagacity of Austria and Boston are now busy with petitions to the Legislature on this subject, wherein some stringent law is demanded to remove children from the streets, and to supply them with education grutis, willy-nilly. Has it occurred to the worthy gentlemen engaged in this business, that they cannot coerce children in the proposed way! As reasonable would it be to walk into Wall street, and take in hund the " children ol largergrowth," w ho i. e, air nin?/D i? ou/ iu euvn iucii o miu uiun people's pockets, and grab, to their own satisfaclion, when anything ta to be gained. As well might the reformation of any evil be attempted by the seizure ot the body, as in the case of the " fctreet children." Society has no power over them, and cannot have any. They belong to their parents, and to their custody alone are they subject, unless they break laws made for the protection of society. Moral retorni, industry, the pursuit of knowledge, and the like improvements in the condition of children, must emanate from their guardians?and their natural guardians have jurisdiction over them by the fixed l.iwf ot the social compact, which are superior to all oiher laws, of whatever origin or nature. A boy sent into the street to obtain, honestly, the price of a loaf, by sweeping crossings or holding horses, haa an undeniable right to hia vocation, ar.d it would be a grosa exercise of tyranny, under a pious plea that he was to be benefitted by it, to r? move him Irom the sphere of his exertion, that he might know the alphabet and the relation and , value of figures. The principle is not changed by ! the conte mplation of the favorable results which might arite from enforcing such arbitrary reguiationa. A boy might sit in the Park, from daylight till dark, and be engaged in solving some great problem ot nature, without being amenable to any e>ne tor thua employing his time?and another lirght roll upon the gra?s, without an ap. preach to a single thought, for the same epace of time, without beirg accountable to society for his 1 conduct. The natural guardians of the child are { the c>uly petrous who h.ive any right to control his * actions; and where reform is necessary, to rid society of idle urchins, who are growing up in lynoiance, we must go to the tource of the evil ? to ihe parents or guardians?and Implant in their mn d* a thon uch seme e>l their accountability to licie'y mid to tleavru for the training of tho*e under ihfir care. Anything further than thia *m?<ka ?troi)^1y of kbaolutitm; and were it sot i ??>, there would be do pon>ib;lity of pltcing th?*e ! e?ir?>* of the itmt in achoolf; for aectarian pre* I judicen weald n et a bariier *K?nn?t the deaign. It i* i |>ity turn the bright light* of wciety?the I philanthropist*, atid the iVri of good work* generally?are m l more practical in the plan* adoped ' y thi m. 1'erhapa th< y find it cbeiper tor them to r*t a l?w r*c? r<<? d in the *ta*me book, than to < radical'' evil* by the alow, prudent rourae that ia a I* a)* the precur?er of a ihornngh reform.* are ci?p?*ed to make law* that mtade* riieM-oia and crime* may be n vltiphed. dura ia a great i ge if proicre**. Tin Aubivai. or tat Sikahmiif Falcoh ? The *t?unship Falcon, anhu h arrived at thia port on Thurad*y afternoon, haa been al?*>nt ale moDtha, petlormipg the mail aervice in the ttalf wph remaikable regularity. ^he now rrturna h?re to take h? r place in the line to run hence to Chagret, touching at Charleston. Savannah, Havana, Arc. We are glad to wilcomr thia fine rteamrr and her grmli manly odicera back to thia port. Among thein ia O'tr old and attentive friend, N. S K Ifevi*, Kiq., who ha* been attached to the ahipfn m the *tart Through hia kind attention, we, and therefore the public, have frequently been indebted f?r the |*t?*t new* from the a old re gmn cf tht Pacific. We hop? that hp will c>o| tioue in lb* line. N?? L*w or bnmi i* tun lutt -Tkt e< BtBltU* of tka N?t Vork *? mMv, ra th? *nkjart f f di"r|rid( tka ?i?n 1%?- ntirttl, uti intrf iocid a t?? MM. al'b a rapotltb#ra?a. Aft*r alia ding loth* prraUlraa of (k? t <n*titutlna, kara *M>n?d ttat ?n Indtr'dual ?|**lal mim tbmiU b# la|t#tt?t?d ?f?fc It} th# L>|1>1?lirr. but Iktl th#j uliiitli t l< ft to tka JhiMUUm of aioirta. th# ?ltl?a ai?# r*a?o*a f. r tb# #it#a#t.? nf ap^a wkirh dl*i te r* > } b* thij woaid aot l?w tart lag# b< Ld* upoa trivial plraa. kat ?.>aU far i f?taWtfb>*la*? a* to prmota publla m^ral* la tit* ?(??. four adlutoal cauaaa for 4i*ora# bar* b#?o l?tr<4iic#d rirat ?Wliful dftrtln* ard aban4o?ai#at for tfca t*rai of fa# yrv. If an*n?raa?#<l by an #atlra a#gl?at of ail tb# dnHi i aa<l #Ni??tl<a? rf tba awriif* ?t?t? ? r> nd - C ..."*??/ tloa anJ Mat*?*? U? tkra# y?tn' la ftreataMM. fallow#d by artaal laprlacaaiaat la th# H?l* ptl*<a or ftaiuaUary. TktN- Bra > fcaklt?dra:.kaaa*aa. tcattk lararahla laA'lty, by p*r-.Ui Idle-try. THR W K R K L T NBlAbtt Tb# H u.,tu ?Hb th* U:?a> aaJ fat la ? n**i #f tba .#?, win w yaktt*h#4 at UN a>la?k tbta taotn<?f Magi# r#ji?? ?tip?ara ' Oat UuaOrt* and KlghUeatli AikintMrjr f Wukla|Ua't UrUdaf. Yesterday, Mag tlM ualftnirj ot WaiUiitna1! birthday, waa calibrated la thla city by the display oi flag* from all tha imaata of tha shipping, la tha tan liter* which waah oar Island city. Tha day beiag Qaa tha effect waa beautiful, aa tha emblems of Uharty flat t?r?d la tha braaaa, and exhibited thalr gay, brigh colon la tha light of tba *un. From tha priacipal hotala and publlo building*, too, proudly floated tha atari and stripes, reminding tbe pnseer-by af tha glorloui union of 8iates and of tba gteat Immortal aaaa, u whote guldaace tba eiWUnceof the republic, aal al tha rlghta. aad privileges, and liberties that belong t< it, ara dna. At noon, tha Vataraa Corp* of Artillery paraded a tha Battary, and fired tha utual ralute, vbioh re a ponded to tram Govarnor'a I eland Tha roar of tb< oannon was braid a considerable way up town A larg< crowd congregated to witaaaa tba ceremony Meantime tha Park waa filled with people, and tba flag of the Ualon and tbe Hag of tba State, streamed together in the wind from tbe tow*r of tbe City flail The objrat of notice and attraction In the Park wai tba proration of tba order af United American*, which aa* then being formed under tba differea chapter* tba mambara all wearing the badges of tba order, whlti and rad, or bine and purple, aoeording to theli degrees cf advancement In tbl* organisation. F.act chapter had its banner, with appropriate mottc and device. The banners were all eoatly and gor geoua, many of them exceedingly beautiful. Lei na describe one or two. txseUlor. No 28 Chapter, had a magnificent banner, on which waa a represjatatloa of Washington on the pinnacle ot feme, with General Putnam beneath, receiving tbe fleg of freedom from hii haada. General Putnam present* It to tba Gnddeae ol Liberty, who beet owe it on tbe Chaaeellor of the Ordei of Halted Americana, who receive* It kneallng,and hli bat off, ljiig feeMde hint Beneath this picture, wen the lines :? " Child of earth, '*! rivsn to thee To guard the tanner of iho free." ud tin the word*, ''Order of United AmrlMu.' I l ls Chapter bed the upltodiil Governor' Island bead The banner of C hapter 0. which was curried by fom negroes In Turkicti eo?tume, waa also very fine; and equally Hue waa Mount Vernon Chapter 14, carried alec by lour colored n?u. hating a bnet of Washington oa the banner. Mount Vernon le the spot wham hi* ashei repose This being the poet ol honor, the delegation! from Pennsylvania New Jersey. Conueetlout and Mat' eacbusetta immediately followed In the precession Th< Alpha C hepter No. 1, with a beautiful banner.having inscribed in it Love of country," wound np the procession. Then there were the member* of Chancery, which were constituted by electing them from each Order. They are the governing bojr, or counoil, and tbe Chancellor ia the bead of all. l'hrre were thirtyfive chapters on the ground, and it was calculated the] mustered 8,000 sen in all. Tbey did not. of course, nil belong to New York, but many of them to Brooklyn nnd other towns of the State, as well as to the oltlei and town* of Mew Jersey. Tbe precession was headed by three oompaniea el Continentals, bearing their arms and wearing tbeli nnitoims, namely?Captain Holmes's company and Captain Van Dyke's. both of this city, and captain Morgan's company, of Brooklyn. These companiei belong to the order Col. Ste?l, the Grand Marshal with his aid* mounted on charger*, direoted and guided the pt< oeselon. which lurmed at the eaet side of the 1'aik, marching out the went gate, aad passing la review betoie the Chancellor aad lifted B. Kil I'. O. 8 . Msssnchueetts. who stood outside on the sill of one ol tbe windows of tbe Aator Hou?e,recelvlng and acknowledging the salutation* tf the dillerent Chapters, ai tbey peered; tome ot them merely noJding. some uncovering. and enthusiastically sheering and wavlnj their bats There weie somegosd bands, anion? jrhloo were Oodwortb's, and Granger's of Brooklyn But some of the baods cut a very ludicrous figure consisting of two or three little boys, with a fife, and one oi two kettle drum*. The procession moved around th? I ark by Tark Row. and into C batham r'reet, up the Bowery to Union Square, arounl tbe Square, aud does Broadway to the I aberuarle where ta* memtisr* ol the order, or as many U them at there was room for ratered to hear the grand oration, appropriate to thi oeeatlcB. TUK CKLF.BHATION AT THK TA1IERNACI.K. Tbe aauiversary ol the birthday of the great ohjeel of American veneration and respect, was celebrated \ yerttrday, with great state and dignity, by the Ordei of United Americana, at tbe Tabernacle, in Broadeay Thla la a socltfy, the two objects and purpose* oi which are represtnted to be patriotism and benevo jenca. ne pocitij *11 louuaed id iiu ana aireaaj numbers more thau 10,COO member*, it i* analagoui to the Society of Odd Ktlloffi, tod U etllii i mot?1 society. It undertake*. as ? sre informed, to upport tbe member* in eloknef* and infirmity. lik? tbe Odd Kellows, and d^rlses it? fundi as benedl rocUtUa in gr leral, from tba ooutiibuilons of iu rneaber*. Tb? tcclety U composed of ?v?r?l or dm and branches. wbieb, in imitation of the Kree Maaom and Odd teliewa. aM dignified with the names and titW* ol chapters, orders lodge* to. The following are tbe c Dicers of tbe society : ? Jon Ktid, Uratid Sacliein; R B. Cad/, First Chief: J. C. hones. Sectnd CbitT; John L Vaidewster, umi Chief ol tl.tlbMiiilo, W H.Utioiu, Chi?i ol the Cxot>o<juer; C. CouSnUi bt>yts. Chief el tke Corrsipvndsnsc: 1>. Hwuletoa, I insacisl (tiff, k e. Tbe (ocietj hu* sersral branches in other States, besides tie twain trunk, which is looated In New York. In thle Stale thete are .'.6 chapters u they are oalled; in Maseaohusetta. tnere are lft; la New Jersey, S; and in ( cnbtetit ut. i shapiera A little alter So'cleok tbe grand procession of the Order marched Into the *paeton* area of tha Tatartacle, preceded by an able and aumeroaa band of matklane pie) lug xtwal lltely airs, la grand and imposing *tjle They wero followed by tti officer* and members ol tbe h.-clety. who bad formed part of the ; prcceeetrn It was a great and Imposing display, aad | drew great attention trom tbe spectators la tba streets as ibej pasted *|ong Scleral nobly ornamen'ed slik| en banners and Bags ware carried along The mam here wore broad oordons of bine,red and white, ipt^M with star*. Some were ornamented with rich stikea scarfs Tkay all wore cocX?d bats, most of tbem sur| mounted by feathers and in tbe midst ol the prosaa ; sl( a were seen men oarrylag spear*. eagles, standard', | blbie, Insignia, casLloas, cisrgy in flowing pouUUoats, aad marshals aad obtalters mounted aa spirited c barge re The large galleries of the taberaaole vara already, befr re tba arnval and grand entrae of tha procession, fliled to their utm st capacity with arowds of visiters. chiefly ladles aad families It reminded us strongly of those giand religions procesiious and damonMratlon* < f wbieb the aucient Ursek* and KoaMas were so fond when they marched to com* religious festivals to the temple* of their g<d*. with the poatlfek aailmis at their bead, eicitlag by theea inuloua elbtbitl. as. the ploae fealiags and seal of the people. It took pons time ta Ol aad arraaga all tht? great company. with their marie, larianla. ataadard* aad flaga. In the bi dy si the rebernaele which had been resaread for them aad which they more than BUsd Tha Orand Marshal, 4 olonel ft ilium Steele. pinUr i oeer this matter, and eoadaated tha husinea* of coiiocaiiog tha nienr>era m id*; idi?id Wblla tfcaei mpaej mi reatlag tb?m??iT*i tha or (ma ttroek ap a twautllul air ltd ll< One tooea aohoad la wellivg biikui; aioag tb? lolly cup-1* of thla apaolos* bulldli>{. >i| I'urtlr. author o|-l.l-utberla," piarliled at It* i.r|? fin tin* oceasloo and tuhed 111 kaya ?llh ektlful hand. After thla, tki .\moi . au Braaa i I which r ? i ?.- n.i tba procaaato* lid a?? ?eat>d al< li irv tha <wan- pla>ed 'Hall, ( olaaiMa " aod e? aia oth?r mii-l" arraaxed axproaaly for tba tcca-loa c?a>p<?ed a* we war* lafotaied by Jaaepb i . Moit't> o j?o?f AMbN oompoeer, aod member r.f the older All there ( rrl minarjr oitraotlM baring be?a goa* tbrrupb th. o? tuiao? <>* bala* eeatad ltd aipeetaat. ?ba Ha* Kalph H'jt wm, In n >wiag robaa, ad read, with doa M*ail<) a eileao prayer i?lt*d Ic-r tba wtdi Bi la which aaiar* other alluMaaa. ba litiodtnd, ?lib mach hliitlj, a ratareaca to tba bow all abacrblog qaweth-ti of aaloa or llaaolon. aod atItttd as ardent v^lraUot lot tba pie-erratlci! of tba t'llxa Ar > am B ICia . raat Craad raab*m of Mu? ebttf'li. tba orator of the da;. th<-a aroee aod dellrarai lb* r.ralloa. whl?h wa? i-t.o-d to |.r >f. aod attan tloa ai.d applaud* d at laurtalt of r*po?a. bj tba aartmblrd atu'titBO* Tha ora>k>a aa- wait iamy ba called b politico-raltgl<ae ataMaa | Da orator proceed. d ot the vrlaclpl* that f II I. al llaerty la tba offrprtrg if tba Hihle. that it bad m rioictM la tba rid aatll tba Blbla ?a< itkvrlcd by lb? rf.>t??taata. at tha "glorloaa Refotaiatloti," ibat pivTtoa* tu that tin* all had lindfp'iia aad darkaeaa; that tba riiMlaa* la Kaplaad. ea.htaciig lu prirelploa of Itbarty aad lot*, brought them opon the >011 at \m-r\r% a plar* aora ooapaalal for tbelr growth aad dla<aalaatia? tbea by ad?call"a prepared tba way for that raralull< a aknb * aablagtoa lad aad aoadontad to a ?uccetaf al l*taitoatl"? I ba laacaa?e of tba uratloB an blgbly flotld aad poetica: it. eatimeat* eiulaaatly popalar ar d boa lei aal; bat aa ta daaoaa'rati<>?, depth <f thanght ?r plaloae-e of propoattloa. II bid araa Altnaet all Itt prcp?ltloe vera dltpatabia. ar d rtrj doabtfal, jat they war* ail takaa for fraatat Iba ormlloa, at raactaeioa waa .footed with load appiaaao by tba raat a?*-ntMaga wberaupoa tha baad track ap tba aa'tonal air o| "taakea Dondla ' Aa aatbeM. eatttled " Wa h^BfU'f .,' arttien tor tba oaaa?! ? by Rrwtbor Tbcaaa H. Whltwoy. tba rnaala. by Bn.ther Joaepb V. Mnttoa. waa thea petfnraed la ad b Irable ftj'e and peife^tl a of M^ca |na by tba Nee Ink ifturt.lw; of bmalc. order tha dlractlna of Meaara i urtla >a?h. aad Bradbury Tba vieaatloa of tbla b>aa iful pteaa of aiaela bad a flaa elfaat. aad Itte great rattafaotlrn aad aleatura to tha laiaaoaa aadltory. whiab Itataaad with daltfMad attantl*a to It* harnw Moaa aoaada A baaadlctl -n th-n beatowad III r.n tl . MM(oMj Wy Mr t II < haptn wh.reupna tha coaipaay retired aad Iba proeaa<loa f.>rai*l oatalda. aad aaribad - fl la mdar. fl a Ktaa.. .Ilaaa >.f iKa 4a* dtitni aa aa ?llk -* ball at Ward** ?I??ii bj Wa?bla(t"a< haptar, Na. I fo* ?b? b?a?flt <>f ih? ?M an4 orphaa* ?I that < h*pt*r II *ai luntriiMlt aiiniw, a* d pcHd rfl l*b<ttK aaa kept up Ull Jaitjbt didapj?*r.M Farm ?ii ???*. F R ?Th? wibmi^r *. at Battteiia r> rhu.?4ay, from Unayama I ?bru?ry 7 r?portaibtl tfc?t Wati'l ?a? ??il M?oh?t wttti all klnla ?.f prndwea I f pa pr?m1?? ?-tl riantata lu d tb#?r y?w? bl(b *o.| I >r r?t (uaiitf >H. lo a 11 *?at> p?r tail <n anj aoi ami la ike atrUI flinrminla nf l?<ti vi<1?aia Mr. Jaiu?aJ.II Me tfthi?r, I'. 8 N I.taut. Car, U. 8. C R jl. Jmm L'. 0 A b?n riloiia tkneil}, Uilliam P Raaa. J>>hn l>r?* tod l?a?id Van d?l?rataa M -? iba * befokaa N?r>?a lo M'?kla|h't.??t? at Vaa kiiK, Atk f i b? id I eat ll> a. Lntfcar H???rai?a? <f HI W?n appointed y. S I rain V?'t?-aar toika kMillh ItUuda (?Mtt t al?i.<t*>-.r?la Oaf t'ania fitui 1/iataiit Cavat.-.Naa a*. 97, Ml M, IP :i c?inri r. k4a.?Naa ]? 1*0 3i?, 295 .?]. 264 3M, . ?. Kit 'iT?. r? pi tmt, jia, k*? |i utai ' ai ar- i ?-h -Nh. tf <^,W tl. *, OU. ?, W #f, W, 7?, 7*, 1i, M. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. I ** nil?g? TltMf - VIM fwjtt IB f Tkw, it, > After many doubt*, questionings, and surmise*, i something like a tangible ground eema tp be aupplied upon the treaty that has created ao much ' public interest. Our telegraphic despatch givea the outlinea of an arrangement, to which the let9 tera of Sir Henry Bulwer and Mr. Clayton, pubj liahed in the Htrtdd to-day, add some reliable | confirmation. Of course, on this matter, Mr. Clayton will not now feci himself forced to reaigu hia 1 poat; the difficulty with hia aaaociatea la Mettled, | and the cabinet craft may run on again without ? any unpleasant mutiny. Several points in oar special correspondent's let1 ter will be examined with interest. The mtro{ duction of a bill upon the regulation of foreign i agents of the government will be a delicate matj ter, and will require consummate diplom.ioy to effect any radical chaoge in the present ays1

ttm. We have thousauds of idle politicians who wan' places, and who would strengthen a | party at home during elections; but they would , reflect little credit upon the country if kept in I foreign lands, because they are not equal to per \ sonating tt e purls of ambassadors. Some of them would be laughed at bt fore they bad made their | first bow. However, the cabinet may amuse themselves with such trivial reform?, while great matters are passed over in silence. ' The appearance of the President at Richmond has exhibited how fondly he is esteemed by the i people. The same generous euthubiasrn will ^reet him wherever he may ga, tor the good of his country is at his heart, and there can be no daubt that he will bring around him, when occasion demands, advisers equal to the emergencies of the tunes. Important from Washington. OUft SPECIAL TELEGRAPHIC C0RKKSP0.1DE MCI WAShikutok, February 22,1860. It Is perfectly certain that a treaty 1 at been mile ht-re, between Sir Henry L Buiwer and the Governm?ntofthe United 8iatea, respecting tha .Nicaragua question. A friend, oa whom rvllance Ota be placed, hu seen the document, wltb all the official rignature* attaehed It provide* for the restoration of Tigre Island to lti former owners. I it falls to recognise the proceeding* of both Mr. ' 8qulers and Mr. Chatfleld. It also provide*, that neither England nor the United ' States dull ritrelti sovereignty or juriadietio-i, within | the Central Ameriean States. It agrees that Orey Town, (late San Jnaa He Nice! regua,) shall be a neutral or free port, as well as another port on the Pacific, at the wettern terminus of the route. It also provides, that the eanal shall be neutral, and | open for the investment and transit trade of all nations, i under suitable regulations. f It is raid the treaty went out to England in th* ; Europe. The. ebaracter ot the treaty, It Is thought, Is highly ereditible to the liberality of tbe respaotive govern ; ments. and cannot fail to prove ratUfactory to the peo I pie cf both couatrlee. . la thla view It will b? seen that the aanotlon of the Cabinet baa bean (lrra to tbe terma of the treaty, eo t that Mr. Clayton will not resign. There la a movement ab< ut to take plaoe with ret apeet to a general levialon of the eenanlar a;it?n. , Tbia waa long ago talked of by tbe whlga, and tbe ob. jeet will probably he to Bake tbe foreign Intercourse leta expeni-lTe than It baa been heretofore, by making > Conanla do tbe work of Mialiters Plenipotentiary and ' C bar pea d'Affaires . It la not. however, anticipated * that tbia reriTal of an old bill will pass. Itaobjeotla i to pleaae the aeoacmical, and to gnin a few votes | thereby among ear farmera and meebaniea, who are anpposed to ear* sore for a few dollara than a deoent , repreaeatatlon abrcad. There may be ezpeeted a number ol removals and appointments about the flrat of nest month To day the ouatomary military honora bare bren paid to the occasion. B*fore I oleae my derpa*ob, It beeomea me to remark that a anapeneion of pubUe bueineae haa given men 1 ttse to reflect upon the poeition of partlea and ler-oaa with regard to the great iatne. There la a gloom la oreaatng. and alarm maaliwt, notwithstanding tbe dla' poeition to tmlie off daager. It aeeaM certain that the | North maat aurrender Ita polnta in a great meaeure, or , eeparate tbe Statee. Convinoed of thla. Mr Dkklnaon la prepailrg a platform of compromiae ai folio wa: ? [ IM- V.laaouil line to the PaclSc. i 1 Second?(late of California, north of that Uae. Third?TerrtUiLai governments for territories; nothing on ilartrj. Fourth? Campeneatloa to Texaa for disputed terrl1 tory f Ulh? Provision for three mere flue States from Texas, to maintala the balance of power. This may seem to be an; exigent demaod; but aa tbe South are locking into the matter of diasoiutlou with commercial eyes and would like to try a grand experiment. we moat bo prepared fur tbe propoeltloa of aueh J tarma. fba Laying of the Coruer-ftone ef the Waikl?|tM Heiiumtnl, at Rlrhmtind. I | Ri' hhoih, Va . February >1 1(60. The creation of la J lag tbe eoraeratone of the Washington Monument, waa ralabraUd to day There waa a i alight fall ol aaow la the muralng, but it after*aria cleared, and the weather waa delightfully flae A procession waa formed, whieh far enrpaaaed anything of I the klad la Richmond befera aad extended nearlr a mile la leagth Among the prueeealon ware cltlaena from all the aurroandlnc couotloe and alio the military >rca r?t?t?borf sod i r*dartck>burg rmliiiil taylw iii #atba*u?tlra)ly r?r? m . 1 aad ae-julttad hlmmlfla kitdxiai mimr. at *11 potata tha paopl* praa>ad artaad bin off*rtag hia tbalr ooogratalaunaa, tad making tha air rlag with thalr load kaiui. ha *m la u rp?a etrru|r drawn by f. or b-autllul itaad* aftar ratlavlcg tha calata of vlrglaia at tha military laailtata, h?att?nj?d a grand dloaar. wblcb bad baa* pra, parid foe tha orraaioo aad at vk.ik tha omnn, naabarr of th? lagblatar*. and o^bar dlgnltariaa, vara pi?**at. ltn;tm?| pa?t?d of vtthoat aaeidoat largt dtaiorrillc hcailng in phlltdalphla fniitati rnii, f?b. b-i1h f m. A larga jinuoraile aaatlac >w bald thm r?ttia(, tba ( kltrm k: aoani - r? lmat< d at frota f<>ar to , ?la thouiabd ptrwu pt???nt ????at talkwltia aad aaaalalt} praralwd hoa ( harlaa bmva. rraaldout. tka amllif *t< addrraaad kf joha <ad?alad?r fowtt tjlar. T. L biadford, aad otbara. col jaaat raga r* portad tha raaolalloaa, tkleh aipraaaad da. eldfd cppoaluca to tha fraa roll agitator* aad tha proalan, ealttag apaa tba lagulatara to rapaal ail law* pr?t?atlag tha ramcrlag af fogmiaa tlaraa; appravlvg of tha rota* la i rairata la)lag tba wtlaot praaltooa tha uklr, aad braathlag a bra aad jarolad aspraarlra* far tha i al?a thay took attoog gr -aad tgalut tka rlgkt el ( m|r?w to laglalata about alaaary. mr. purkaaaa aapxtad at tka naatlag, bat did act artlra. arraal af lha owmr and (' plain ( tka m*l|> itnaaia nrw Oils***. lab jo I8V> tka pra^^ata of tartralof tha laaa'aaaa e -apaatm i hara bar* na<i? ?mda?jta that l)r kaapp. tha avaar, aad wufoa, tha raytala of tba iii fetad aklp itaaaia kad ena?pir?d to ?lth*r raat away or bara tha aklp. la ' erdar to ^rfrand tbam of '.ha aaount inaarad tbay vara aaaoidlrcly both arraatad and baid ta hail ia lha ran ?f 911.000 *aah, to aaavar tha aharga oar lit; till aoctiaoat bralthy grant oaht*frallaa at ham* r. t. ro??, <*. r .) vab w r, m. A (Ira la new ra?laf thl# rllUfa tod alr?alj It I* H(ln*ti4 tkkl knlidlrg* ?r? rncuntd It ?M ( Int <lfrttiri4 li tko ?tabl?? trfjo'nlnf liu?<i H1U1 i all of ?hleb aia daauojad Tftr building to oa ' lr*. bit will jrobaMy b? mt*4 Tb? Bra Japartmaat fit I'tlfft ara rin!>( t? our ?MUUnr?. Hvbbrrjr In PhlladtlphU 2J-I0 P M A fratl?Kin frr-m f nam*>l Crnppar, ??< r?<bb?4 at hto boatdlar Loom to-bight of n-mlf *?" tb< u?ar.d M trt IDMtif *1 > ngiitti fuaia ; anpp^aad I" ha?a Va?a Uk?n by maa b>'ia ba had bafrlatd'd. Haaiai k?a< tta L?|lllalara, Ioitm, >'ab #* ' H Tb- VlrialHf bill >m 4?*atad In tfea SaraM U it; I TV *o?? ?t<x<-)niU. oa;a tl * **????M*a???????? Additional PirllcaUn mt U? Oaallagratto* at I?w OtImm. New OiLttm, Fab. 10,I860. I The fir* which owimd In Ikli city on Saturday M, MU<m*4Ii agrooery ?tor? kept by Mr. B?U?f, { Ni 65 Ca?p *trtet, and burned tight stores on that tide of tbe street, Including twe cotton faotorlee, n book stcre, sid i uabtr of insurance *ompaole*, tba Mo?t of which tared their books and paper*. The arlnd being piettj fresh, blew tba flakes to the opposite eide of lb* *trc*t. and there destroy ed eight more building*, together with three cotton factorie*, and Robb'a banklag room ; the moitj and paper* ia the uppef I story if Mr. Bobb'a eetablUhment, vara saved. The hicyunt office No. M. ie almott a total loas, about twothirds of which Is covered by Insurance. The flames also commualsated to Bank Placa, adjoining Cnaip street, and before they oould be arrested destroyed seren or tbe finest stores. The total loss Is abeut $400,000. tenured for $160,609, inoludlng (70,000 ia the Sua Mutnal office, New Verb, and $16,000 in the Etna office. Hartford. Hnat Fir* In lUcos, Usaifls. Baltimore, Feb. 20. 1850. A fire recurred at Maaon, Georgia, on Monday night, and eomumed twenty boildlags on ';alto? arenue Lot* abeut f100.000. Tbe sufferers are as follow*: ? Taylor's csbinet warrbcuiv; Little k ElUa's drug store; Barnes k Richards' book stora; Jonea' crockery store; Vergenrs k Barnes' jevrlry; Brag's hardware ?tir?; Fltah k KrglUb'a clothing establishment; Deuitey's grocery , Bobert* k Fro* man'* and Baboook's carriage warthourt*; Slieltcu & Nantou's tailor shop; Logan k Atkinson's dry good* store, Mnrri* k Meat's harneis making establishment; Mr*. Sullivan'* fruit etore; Not tloghkui'i office; Greshee k Jones* law oflloe; an auction ttore In wblah was $2 100 worth of jewelry; larg4 room, Boas of Temperance and Maaonlc lodge. No cotton destroyed. biiv nouiuvrii w?ii? Bai.timohk. February 22. I860. There is nothing of importance bj mail, Iron beyond, Savannah. Harkcu. New, Feb 20 - P M. There I* a better fueling in cotton, and price* have an upward tendency, l'tie market lo day U Ho better, ftbd the decline t inee the receipt of the advices pnr Kuropa baa been fully noivtred The operation* or the ctiuwli-e S 000 bait*, including parcels of middling at U,3<o and good do at ll&c Sugar*, molasres and eoCee are steady. with fair buetues*. la Hour and grain tbera ia no n at*rial change to notice. Provisions quiet. W tat her pleasant. Btniuoii. Ktb. 22?0 P. M. 1 he market for the leading ?tap!?a remains without variation fiorn .Ye?terda?, but rather quiet, as dealers ara waltlig the America. Milwai'Bie. February 22.185A Whiat ratines ftrra *6 a 8oo.; ch toe load*. 84 a ?0a.; i ptltg, H2H a 6>c ; choii e kad*, 6d a iio. Klar U iu goed request. at $3 ?0 a f>3 76 P->rk Little doing, at 3 a 4c ; per bbl , S'O a HI. B?ef. 4 a 6c The extra amount of flour on hand, in xtore. on Saturday last, wae 8J M# barrel*, and 8 6S4 butbel* wheat; agtlnst 40,000 barrel* of fl'<ur and 627.00* bushels of wheat at the iani? time last year. Land wan-ant* ara arm, at f 150. Shipping liitelllgeiice. 0a vanniii, feb is. Amtsd?Ship Hartford, N York. C? AILUTIIS. r?W 19. Arrived-Steamer Nerthcra^r and nl.r Suturly, N York; fOtt, ship U Allen, br ? T/tee aod L Baldwin. bohtor. t?k >1. Arrivid?Ship Jan.cs Brown, Liverpod, Uth u'.t, with 110 ps Men gets. Cleared?Ships Ocean Qusaa, M>tI**bs; Chieera, Charlratoa. to load fur Russia; bark llsi> n Maria, Baltimore: brlgl 9?i*<Uf>jr. Fas f'rknclseo; M.ria Pelleite. St Jag"! Samuel Bu?r Savannah; trsu-ocs Bllcn, Panama. Also ship Butler. NToik. Nkw Brnroan, Feb 21 Arrived??h p Wm Hamilton, M l*aoile ria Tarpaulin Co> e, ,7tO wb, 2U0 sp, 36(00 bone. PaoeinaitoB, Tab SI. Arrived?Barb Flortace, Apalachlcola; hri? Truiillo, litb.le. se.'ir* Sophia i'mser. kapr>htaiioyk; Clotilda, N York. riekred?Bark Gilbert, Apalaehieol*; bri* Lnretto, do. Bailed?Hoopa Frederick Brown, and Ariel, NYork. reiiMW, Sr Johv.NB. Feb 10. Arrived?Bark Ashley, NTork. Court of Oeneral Mesaloim. fore the Kec order, and Aldermen Brltton and Delamater. Fxa. 22.? The Carlton lluute Rint Ctie. continued.? Wbentbr Court idjoiroid yeeterday, motion iu vending for tbe discharge of the defendant. Ul?r. Before dlapotlng of tbU mutton, however, tbe Court celled upon the wttneea. Reynolds. to explain "by he did not obey the ttret tummona of this Court, when lubp^Bed to ?ttn d Mr. Reynold* mid In explanation, that the aubporna which be taeclved wee for tbe 18th of February , be did not get It until lata on that day. and whan he came up the Conrt had adjourned. Keeorder? Why did yon not oome the next day? Wuneas? Aa ay aubj><ma waa for the IHtb, I did not think It naeeaeary to come on any other day: and baaidea that. I had been In at'endanca at different tim?a for about rix montba. till my patience wna exbane ted "1 he Reacrder consulted with the Aldermen, and at the eonalualt a iI .l.elr deliberations. eald t ? tbe wttnaaa, tbnt he (the Recrder) wu overruled by hi* associate*; be thought the wttna?? ought to be pnolahad for not ' obe-yltg the order of tbe Court; great Inconvenience and loee of time bad reunited from ble non appearaaoe, 1 aedlree'ed. Tbe Aldermen however, being tbe majority. their opinion malt rule The wIIdom would, therrfute be discharged frrm the attachment which wa? l?cufd egaiuet him and under which he wai held by the' ourt 1 he District Attorney eald. that before tha queatlon of tbe defendant l.?lar being 0ls<ibarged wai fettled, 1 te wished to Introduce eome further teettmeny. i ralilck Kelly. AMerman of tbe Sixth ward, sworn.? I at tbe Carlton Heuse when the difficulty occurI'd between Hyudere and other*; I don't know a* I ran p< iLt out any other* I wa? Introduced to a person Lamed Lelar a deputy *berifl. from Philadelphia; I received a eboee cr a bl?w from aoiae person, It knocked my hat <11; I thought I renelved tbe blow or above. or whatever it wai. fi-ai Mr Lelar; It la atlll my belief that It waa Mm, I do not think It waa Intent*J far me; It wa< while tr*y wne trying t > ae par eta them. I afterwarda aaw l.elar rtitke Mr Taylor; I don't know a* an)tody except Murray struck Mr Keynotde; they were all around, t'jing to separate tliem. and I could not eee. I rrea examined ? I cannot Identify Mr. Lelar tha de cadeac, I only recollect that th<- person waa Introduced aa adepu'y sheriff, I d>n't kaow that tbe assault upon my pereon wa? Intentl >oal; It bad previously been made known that I waa a magistrate. I said I cannot inletete each conduct aa thl* In my preataie; I dm t tblok I eal<l I waa a magistrate as I bad prevlouely been latrcduced a* an alderman. Direct reaumid. -The hlaw given to Mr. Taylor waa, I tbiik,latentioe al i i<ae examined - I canuot swear that Mr LMar now ' present. was tha rama person who it vk Mr Taylor i 1 Irwet ? It was the same pereon who waa Invoda.ted i to m? a? a d*puty-b rtfl * H Tul<? nitft - I mil tha < arlton llottaa I oo ib? i.tfhi tba dlaturbaue* t<> >k pas*, I h?ard loud , ?< ?df ano angry toaao b*twr?B K yn d?r? sa l Hayoollt; thr ccbt? rrlMOl l| p?ar?4 U> b? about K'.rro?t and ?! rrady. IbrfttriouiDtil and uiyMf Md Alitirsti : Kelly wwl, ?lth to tr? ?c rttrtti tb- [ arti??; 1 tbo I ka*w I a bl ?, -?ntrh ko ?k?l l'*i ob By !i?nJ??nJ I k< t up and luaj. wy ?ay to tbo bar, and tr< ia tb*r? loth# otllea tha mto nbo ?m nlM L?lar Mid t'' b" tb? m?n who atruik ' id?; i 4 4 cot fr- any mao rtrlko m?. I don't know ? H at b? did afrlko m? I only know tbit I waaatrurk I I b* dffn cpantd by rr?4ii| tba Uttlaoij of <*?orfo Sn.l'b, ta*?n by romtr'wInB. la Philadelphia ' Tba Io'Ibot; ??< to Ik* aOot t bat R?yn >id* bod rynd?r? jot Imtti a d'apntr ab"Bt Korraut. tn? actor; t bat 'br <J??, ?tr r?aui'?J la p?ra?B*l abut*. Bad 3naiij q ' l,|ht mnH b-t?'?B y array and Raya >ld> ? * <.ir?# H a?Tn 'I * ? a' th-i arltan llanao $ ' ou tbo nl?h; af tb? r^Bnrr?B!?o; I ?? ! la with Mr. byidvta/Mr Borna. Mr Marray. Mr. Ml 'tm, aal Mr I.alar. a< iaa rtttin|[|<<a o- -urrad, la r<hme< to t-rioot and * .artaady tbat toevaraatlnn wa? an^af a oarralara and *a? not tetaad'd for .?r H?ya. l4? at ? all; Mr Raya' Ida aailod * r K>rr>atad-d koaaa and 11 <1- 4 ra?ii"t4ial. Mr Hyr.4 ra (kid ??? Koyonldt I 4o tl net sm to rail yea a 4 - 4 liar bat id; an who cam orrart a hraaa or a ??r?indiri it to, ' H?je->i la thaa n raid, ' I f u ar? add liar and I m an that;" tbay 1 I wara lira (Mug to flgbt. whoa th?j wara aad Hayatida raid."Icaa whip y?a, <>r any man that pi tahaa v ?r part,'" Mtj-rey tvan tappo.l up, and la/tag * hla band ca hi* tboaltW, raid -My (Head. I tab* ih&t f cat > part and yta cant whip ma;" Ih* flgbt tb?a T< ai>a>aaacad. Itaj acldr feoght all ba caul J. aftar bo T ? ?! ? Hjad*r* ?atd,Jo > t atrlba bla watla ba la do??.? I did act t*f ftyodatt la<*lta tb? .it*turbaooa, I I did a"t roo l.a'ar do anything: I did a;>t ban* bla>. I d d eat ?a Me" ann in anything. I did not w, na Bute* tab* any part la tia trea-aatloa. ? rcit-Minlo?j - i hat* Ibiwb i aptaln RiBdm, " Sara*.and rurray, tlaea lut J oat ? Jaly; I bar* lif?i Mrt antatnnM "f j-a-?; ' afUln llyadara ? ?a* part'tt.y ijviii that night, ao vat Hurna, to vat Vorray. Q Wall wa< Me ma iutat, t *>' A.-Vaa, that la, thara vat all'.tlr rhnvli.g ((.-Did jm ahrrt h< a li1 tla' A - Wall,! w?? alth tharatt; I ? at thara M I'b tha tarty in I ! -? a t ag to ran away. tua bar t'-^n, >M tall of pecjle; 1 am a L>a?*onj?-r raaaar la a' AHaey. tl ttaaclr Krara?y,rf AJh?ay, rwora -I k?ap a eaeal -j grrraiy rtrra; I inow iptala "jod'ri; I baaaaaa aoItantrl with h'i? rn tba eight of thla oa "irraaao; I ** ret th*ra alth Kama. Ma aaa. Klttg?tal4 a "?t ti i nm f?lt'?apl* aed o?har?, thr fttat tbar aUroatw4 a-y atfatla at tha ttma cf tb? dl?turbaaaa. war K<<? d? rayteg that Ictrrrl wa? a knara, Mr. ? Rjrdarr raid ba tltoald aot a-acrt a thing of that ita4. rt aitbtnt glalag a iraron for It; Rv*0111* ?oaa aatd that f >nrrt itfaaad t? j'aja* a twaaOt for tlia p ?or la fb'lidallhla: Kfnd r? rail, "If he did But pi ay, ha '? ?a?a hi' ni' bay < r t ff*rad to ?1?a m a^y, Krya <l la tl th. n (aid romaifetag ahoul Ryn Jar* b:->wlog fo* K Treat; . Hyadrra tbati raid that aay man who raid thai f'nrraat waa a krara of a rrcatidral. t?ld a lla; thay tbaa got la tn hardar wonlt a?>d ware ah^nt to flgbt, wSaa par.oat dl latarlatad and pir"d th' ai. tha Lar ka par than ra . oaxlad ll'jantrta to la<aa. jurt a> ha wa? g >lag oat. ba tnread tontJ aed raid,'- U -4 daosa y u I can whip yow or any "? rf ymr patfy;" Mnrrty tbaa waat up M in htm p?t ?>?r?d ca bla thaelJrr and aid, ' I am . oe?|"f ?ba |a*ty, and, l? - d damn yoe. joa oaa't wMp > ' thay Than want at l? rr r ia arlad, part ta?m ' and rr?a aald. lat th?m Ryudart latarf^d j, to aoparata thru, t balpad to parttbam, Hajantd* waat at It a? wllllegly vorray, I did Dot a?* aoy of lha d?fri d- rt'. axaapt Murray, rnfa^aj; it appaarad ja< to ha a flght hrtwaaa Hayo- tjt and Murray. Kyadaft ?, waa la tanr id patting tbrm wtiaa tha flgnt flrat ana. ataarad hot tLa orowa tnth?4 la aad praraatad thalr '' apaia'lna afl fba cr<at riLtr laaU a prcductd ao 41flaraM ttata ' 0 at fret* freaa that brought rat M tin <tmt iaattoa. Thoaw OlUeapl* awota-Haa hoard the Hint the other wllaini |? the Mibm, and witnea t?tl* to UM eaaae fart*. Tfc* vldaaM ?M nsiuiI bp by oouneel on Mm, and the ?IWiw ehaiged th* jury, briefly OMC th* entire taetimnny. and oitlag aatborltf thow *bat eonaMtatee a ri?t. *ia . that tMr* ?a cmeditated and eoaeerted action a* to the a?< 7 were to eoatider the teetlmony a* It applied a vault upon tha p?raon of Mr Keyaolda, aa thta4 the *barg* contained la the ladietaeat. Tha retired, and. alter mature deliberation, found Mb and Burn* guilty of aaaaolt aad battery, aad Ryr and L?lar guilty of anaalt oaly. MaCaaa w*t quitted. TH* Clllmena of th* Cltjr and Oaut) New Teri, Irreepeetlv* of party 4iit4noiiea, la fa?or ot Wi>t| oar Cili a iMht p*:r?imDt Mttlmmt ef the taeMioa now uitatia* iba uatica.wpoa the baaiiof the ^rouila* r?w>letloa> iatronuood id vhe ?eeata of the u aiatea i>y the noa. lii-nry Clar. art P?inHt?4 to n? Monday evening, February 25, tl 7>, o'clock, at C Ouii n. Matbaniel k 0*o.Grititoli. Bru^aaia Dtfonit k < Sujdam, kCo, Huphea Whitney A. 1. fe I>. <u<l. iunt Q. litiUil. Joccph 8. Breaaler. Hoot#, Codfr*y k Co. Brad tali Johnson Hi?r> C U?rwM k tiwoitt. Lw? k iMna. K. 0 BrilfcrJ. W B. fii Ktooek k {' William W. White Thompena Priee. RiiUrt Me Murray. Sinn Kay nor Bradford Jnrt. A. tta<k>i. C. F. A Word. H. W. Towaaend. N.?. Oilier. Tupper k South worth B. M. Culea. K. 'J. Perkins. 9. R Anderaen. Ptm Nwfu. William l>. Briyyf Lewie H. labm. Jaaige F. Br??* J. B. Whittamore. aha (V. Framia, M. D. J..haJ. At ak wall Aamue) E. i'r'nk Ru***ll k N<fua. The additional name*, amounting t-> aereral thousand be publiahed ia the papuraot Monday raorniaf. Don't he AiihojmI with Watch t woi't ktep time, but go to J. Y 8A VAGI. 92 Fulton H and jet ?ua of hi# timekeepers Wi /aIrant?a jraa will t ti-f.ej- ? ? K j'u *?rt? p.14 pej. try oae of his anirai at!m:rt3 kichalitti tier i'omud. Dagnrrrt -,!, |h h._ Harrlaaa and Hoi take Ma. 1 pictures, .;Wo acjurat* liaanaaata, as* th? mattriU*. ebarce tair p/ !rea pay pv tioular attention t ladle* and childrio, and try to prta-irve ih* confidence via the irnd opinion of all ulio aduire the good worki < art aa produced at the uplioal Daguerreka Hatabluhr No 2?9 Broadway Call ard ace. (' litre flarket analnat the World:?\ liata Lalor. ef Ma. 39 anu tl Centre Hark**, will afT. fate on Saturday, iba 2.)J iaat . a t'iperier Dutches e. Hirer; al?o a evperior Call, raited tad fatted by Ira Oo Putnam county; at'* ?*>aial Hi.a Shren, by iJol.J. <>f Claik rounty, Virainia. ?.id by jud^ea to b* the beat ba? ever been la tliii market, and several Ho* Lamba. We fttl plcaanrc In calling atuitloi the wtbdtrfi'l disaoTery of " Wktte'a Nervoua Aati< I'rward* of 4 i*H? bottle* lave been nold linee it* intr->iu< ard not a turn e failure in auv t?**ia?*. It is car tain > nturklgie pa as. arrroui debility. prostration >pv disorders. ai d Its. Caa be bad at i't Mtwaa itmt. $ bottle. Them |3 Sulfa are the moat Elegant, nsatrst, and theehnpett >t>l? of 3pria<01otk>ng ever to the dear publin. Tact consist <if Cloth 0oa>. Cast' Parti, ai d fancy V??t. Alao, a few Overcoats aa<l CI laaa than coat. Corner Ns??au and B>*kman. "fprlitg faahlon-Tlte NtW Hat Comp a ill, tbia day, iatroilnoo their Spnce >.jl* of bate, to \ tUcv would invito tbe a tatioa ot their patron* an publie in general. Now llat Comraay, 14H N*-?au i Mew Yuik, and SVl Lbteaut at red. fbiladelpbia. The Climax In Hair D|ln(?>Phali Marie Hair Ova to enlnr the hair or whiakara, the ment it U applied, withoat injury to the hair or akii ska be aathrd letmedfktriy without disturbincthe eolor ha* no bad odor. It l? *nlifd, nr ?ld, at rOkbON'i Broadway and by G. L. tawcett. 141 C^oakaat alreet, F delpl.ia. Hair Dy*^ B t?'helora, Genuine Llq Hair Dye. can alv be procured at the maauTaetory, 4 tree'. The pullie ihotild ruard'. Imitation*, kr member thla i* aot a thing or to-day, hat the raealt of i Bar**tndy. Pee my rariem d>|l>'iaa* Peraona who*e a *<iumed a bad color fTi-n the <n ot the imitation aa hate it eorreet4d ly oa'.lmc ka kbora Copy the adif Wlga and loupeea?Cllrehugh hai largeat beat, andkheaptkt k'aortmeat ( Veatllktlac Coanirtr W ir* atd Tuupcai i? thi* e no try. With there ia no ahrlntiar, diiutreetble presume, or ehan *1 kr*- They kr* k p?rretukl tit to lb* laet. 179 Broad oppoaite Howard lioiel. COMMERCIAL APFAIEI. BtlSKI MMtKKT. Mlaf, Ktb ?9-?p.; The market ofec?d heavy this morning. and p fall off at tbe first boarl. U. 8. '?, 1837, decl S par rent; Kentucky '*, ; fcrla Railroad, '? ; I Island, %. At the second board a slight Improvsi vat realised, and tbe market * a* mora huayaat. Railroad advanced 1 >? ; Harlem. V and Reading I road, ft. The receipt* at tbe of the Assistant Traa* of this port, to-day. amounted ta I93.7M 71 ; pays* >3 2ft7 61 ; balance fC.M2.911 10. In ona ot oar lata articles, we amused ourtalra ccnijaritg the vond> rful result* sometimes aa> pllibed by Hail street r>i * lators, with their fi Mock*, to theskllful feats of the prtr?see4 juggler, hi* boxee and eops ; as the Matter always appear a ty simple when ones we bare had show* to as tha low halls, the double drassra. and tha falsa botto boxes, with which they operate, aad oar oaly wo |a. how wa sould aver bare bee* deceived by thing so very shallow . <o also, fir tha beaolt of t concerted In the hocus pocas marn-urresof Wall at e hare occasionally unf lded some of tha shallow trlvsnaes and hollow boxes w;tb whleh tbey a?c |>11*h their ends. One of ttelr faeorlta experiment lata, baa been with the Heading Railroad ; aad in o to shew tha infatuation of those who are willing I ifter time, to allow thecis*lrvs to be duped, we I placed i* Juxtaposition a few figures, whleh have I taken from tha printed rsaort published by the a paay itself. Before givlag th ?e flgarea, however ill premise by giving a short history of this stock the last sixty day*. Abnut a* long ago as this, prlae was 80H percent, tbe u oal maehiaery waj in b ation. and by a Mow and laVirieas process. It [radoally woi k< J up to 37 ?*. Than thasa wha star the mrvemeat. teallie i their "beat, aad la less t >ne week, down apsln the prl is tumbled ta abou percent Tha trlsk was played, aad they ware rai to begin again, tome people might think It would ilBirnit to find new victire* so oun. By no B'li sot two moaths have <-lapsed and tha game U so* leg played over again. Tha price wan started s Sen ilajs sge at 81 S sr J .? cow at 36% a 87 Tbe Ig'i shlch wa tbusplac# In jtixtapc?itioa. f?r tha purp if showing upen what holloa grouade people eaa Vnnd to believe In lt? value ar.d tbe legitimate c *cter < f a lise la Us pric*. a~a as anaexed Rsii.aesis. ? . .Admitted c*p i. .* i ' ? r.p. ?,t it.u -a.. ' .. ? i r rlacrvsse t4.rii.C-fl Decrease.... t" In tbe fas* ai sneu a stalsof things, any aJrai an be but t? it 1 th< ?a who go slamml thigh water." will *>'~n Cod o<it their mistake. T useess of nny speanlstlva Bgveaeat In faaey stot bratlsa <lejet ds np-n ?b< ut the same elMS of peoi a patriiilse qui'Mli - rs a^d aon'U.ns i-h vt uaatlilt-s of Its a ?lr 'tni of tha da*, aad there boat the saiae c^ar , f meting a f.irtnae la faa toaks, as Ulcg enrsd cf ?n;|ii*?* by qaeek m? IK. Tha rmJl^ of 'hf r-i'umVn. n i \?aia flaliroal ow Klrf laid ar.l by the Ant of i arcb, U i? tbonc bat tha aoan*ntloa of < la'ianall vim tba eapltal h# sut? in Tb* fa?d*d d? bt r.| V?rjland. oa tb* .11 at daf K#Bb?r lart, e"o*l*tr 1 r4 tb* folio-Meg lt?a* ? rioi^rit ? Wfr Kir D?*r. It f?r r*at Stock U*bt (411 144 i l?? p*r eaat M*tltng debt ?. ?.) 444 It* p?r ft*at Cotrncj 1.7 Ji III ( our aad a-batf p*r < ' rT.ney 4#bt loni**'1 br*a p?r **at' <iri*ery d*M Id 007.Ml 4 Tb* taoill of atocka 1- Svi lot lb* dm of tba Slakla aad. ?ad b*artai iaUraat at t 4*. 4, aad A f at wo* *1 M9.441 T1 Tba bill la Inerroaa t) apltal t ek of tfe Borto i4 Wiwit't Hallro*4 (.oaipaay. to lb* araoaat c ?0M0 ta? rawr.i In a third raadiajr la tba low* xua ol tba LagUlatara of ' la??aabua*tta, vith a aa*dm*i>(. whlrb prorl <?i (Nat wb????? r tba fl >alia bt of th*ficr; ra'l a v ?' ??r-*d fl?* pr *?at a i* aapilal atr?k a M ? l*t>d ahall b* daalarad. Tb mm rt tb* dlrwvtr.ra i? to l**u* boa da fir tba ab't a?ant payabla la ftn y?ar? and aoarartlMa lat aak at aay tlaia within that prtloi. la r*!a'i< a t- ih* .i <( > -rk taarkat aad r*l'.r ? anagair. i>t, tb* 7Va m;>. of that cltj ?ay? tk> ark rnarkft th*r* 1? ro maWMU abartga ailhtr la 1* aad rr prl**? O** day tbar* Mama to b* aa*#>rt I* fa** ?oai* llf* lata than. aad pria*? al?aa*a t ad* but tb* n*it day th*y fkll bark again ta th*li ill and Inarth ] I.,- 'tat* of tblog* M barII) ba oad*r?d at. h*n w look at tba financial eaa ton if a iar;a mcbrt f tb* railroad*, and tk >?*| tirn alreh baa b*cn piacUaad upinth* atook ddar* by tb ?a ? br w r* lu-trniwyUl la obtilalag r|>*r -a \rl: ?'<; r I' ?r r mra<*. a aya:? " ? b*?n pniauaJ cf *t*r:l?j ta r aatroeti n wbal of?rly belonged t? *?j*n **. that th?*aby larj* dl?l ad* w'gbt I * aad*. aad Mib prlo** f t tb* ato*k b loa'tad la tb* maik't XV ara rial tbit thl* *al at I* attrartIrg tb* l*nti >a of th* |,*gl?l%t?r? ' 11a* tbawbo)* m?n**?m?Bt of ra11r*Ma. aad It ilt* tl?? 11, at tba lat* r*at* td ?torkhol4ar* waa l'>ok? t*r by xxnabady tb* aaa*i*4 Matazavt athlblta tba aoadltloa of t

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