Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1850 Page 1
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r ) ! Til * ? I i ________ ! NO. 6741. i THE EUHOPEAN NEWS. ARRIVAL or tbs i America at Halifax. j TWO WWITS TATF.R ! 1 n u 11 juunu Telegraphic from Halifax, R. 8., to Portland, , THKNCS BY SPECIAL EXPRESS TO BOSTON, ; THKNCK 1 I Telegraphic Over Bain's tHTires TO 1 NEW YORK. I ibs corrziB bbul&hbt. 0ECLIHE IN BRETDSTUFFS. 1 The Cotton Market* , Interesting from the French Republic* J; 1XOTI ZN PA&ZI. c Opening of the British Parliament, ? THE QUEEN'S SPEECH. ) Trouble Between Greece and Englud. P IMPORTANT FROM SWITZERLAND, I *?.i *? , 4M. f( The steamship America arrived at Halifax at o half-past nine o'clock on Saturday night, alter a passage of over fourteen days. She left Halifax at 1< twelve o'clock, and will arrive at Boston this f< morning. B Hnr - TJ-KI J..: 1 " v?i oj-vvhu u^cui ai iiauiAA auviiscs us insi ine n purser of the America declined throwing; our pack- tl age oyer to our newsboat ; but, notwithstanding n this, our agent succeeded in reaching the telegraph ti office considerably ahead of all others. U The news came from Halifax to Portland by tele- w graph ; thence by special express to Boston ; and tc thence over Bain's wires to this city. The telegraph B worked admirably. The whole of the following In despatch was transmitted from Boston over Bam'a ?: Merchants' Line, (office No. 29 Wall street,) with the greatest rapidity, regularity and accuracy. In <>l fell our experience in telegraphing, we never wit- ei 'nejsed such rapidity und accuracy combined. We * * Relieve Bain's telegraph system to be one of the hi liinst correct and reliable systems in existence. q' Our thanks are due to the gentlemanly operators , of Bain's line, and also to those at Portland and fcl east of that place, for their kindness and attention w to the press. They are always in their office, ready 01 to transmit news and despatches. p. The race be tween the Europa and the Hermann ni ended, to all appearance, at 3^ o'clock on the first day out of New Votk, at which hour the latter could not be seen from the Europa's deck. A THIS NEWS. oi Halifax Tei.koraph Office, ) lt baturday, Feb. Zi, !>i P.M. $ ^he steauuhip America has arrived from Liver- tj pool. !She sailed thence on Saturday the 9th inst. The news is of the highest interest to the mer- ? chant and politician. C There has been no change in cotton. During h the foitnight ending on the 9<h inst, cotton hid fluctuated, and, after various alterations in prices, the market settled down to the quotations per '.uropa *. Tnc Quotation* at thi Two TcaioDt. n f\k 9. M. Orleans T'.d. Tsd. Mobil* 7 7 Fair VpUclf 7 7 Sales during the two week a reached 92,500 L>ales, of which 2ti,<)00 American were taken on speculation. J The corn market haa been depressed. Indian corn had receded sixpence per quarter on yellow, and one shilling and sixpence on white. Flour was not much iuquired for, and prices had fallen I <rcm one shilling to one shilling and sixpence oa good brands, with the tendency atill downward. The frost had disappeared, and c?nlineaul ports were shipping , la American provisions the market had improved; and bacon, good new Western, had a J- n vanced one to two shillings per cwt. h Lard had again declined. |( Pork was in demand, but at unchanged prices. " Cheese, (or low qualities, was much inquired for, but no advance had been made. Tallow was sixpence per cwt. lower. The London Coffee market, (as we learn from a private despatch,) was firm, with an increased ' demand. Laguayra was quoted at Ms. a -Vis.? There had been an advance of from 2s. a 3? , no J recent sales in the Liverpool market. St. Do* ;aingo was quoted at 58*. 6d. Freights were steady, but the demand was light, h The money market was rather depressed. The bnlkon in the bsnk had slightly decreased. The . rate of discount wss from two to two and a half ? ;>er cent. Consols cloaed at a Hfy for money. b American securities were m fair request, at f, steady prices. Enenos Ay res stocks hsd advsnced five per CMK. < The intelligence from the manufacturing districts is Mill flattering; and late account* from India warrant the anticipation of increaaed orders 0 from that quarter. h The Havre cotton market was dull. On Thorn- ? day, sales 700 bale*, and pricei unchanged. The Britiah 1'arliameut waa opened on the Slat nit. The Queen's speech was favorably re- , ceived. t The CoBtineataJ newa is of more than ordinary Importance Several riota had occurred ia Paria. Greece haa been blockaded by the Britiah fleet. RaglaM. orwi? or r*au*MBi?T ?tmi qnaxVe *r**cit ? TBI BUHaABlAW BBPIIOBBS ?THB RAVlBATlOIf LAWS?TUB CiMMtf MI7BSTION, BTC. Since the sailing of the laat steamer, Parliament basinet, the (Queen'a apeech been delivered,and, in none degree, the main feature* of the proposed policy of mtai*tera been developed. Both hoaae* of Parliament were opened by proay on the Slat ?rii, when the *peech from the throne waa delivered by the Lord Chancetler. We subjoin a aummary of the document After lamenting the death of the late Qneea Dowager, and staiisg, in the uaual term*, that we re at peace with all foreign powers, it aaya, on the subject of the Turko-Kuasian question, ?? follow a !? DtfferearM rf a nevloaa ebaraeler *r?w? hotw*?? Anuria and Nu?>a on the ?+ hand and tki itofcItair fort* oa (he other. In reftrd to tho treatMeat of a ooe?td?r?We iumb*r ?f perana*. who, Hot U> tereotietloa of the at?*l war la Han. gary, bad uk?n v>fas* la llw 1'atklck territory KiytaaaUoae ohVB toofc pier- hot ?< ? '* TarH?haad faftrlal gevasMbenU, have fartaaatoiy raaavad any | * E'NE M< langer to tha peace of Kurope which hare arisen oat hair diffsrenoea Har majesty having been appealed to in thla occasion by the Saltan, nnltad bar efforts to hi? of tha government of France, to whioh a similar tppeai bad baan made tn order to aaaiat bj tha employsent of bar good offices, in effecting an amicable i?tlrmrnt of thoaa difficulties. In a mannar consistent ?ith tha dignity and independence of tha Porta. The royal speech then goes on to state that the [overnments of America and Sweden had nrinced their desire to co-ope rata with Great Briain on the subject of the repeal ot the navigaion laws; and, aAer alluding to some local topics, t gives a death blow to the advocates of monopoly in the articls of food, as follows:? Har Majeaty has great tatisfaetion ia congratulatlDgjou on tha improved condition of oommeroe and nanufaotarea. It is with regret that her Majesty baa >baervad tba complaints which, in many parti of tha rlvgdom, hare proceeded from the owners and occupants of the land. Her Majesty greatly laaaents that my portion cf bar subjects should ha nuffering diartaa, but it Is a source of sincere gratification to Her Majesty to witness tba locreaaed enjoyment af the ;< n. forts and naea*?rles of life, which obeapness and tleuty bava bestoartd upon the great body nf her peo>le and oountry. The chief measures recommended from the hrone are in reference to Ireland, and relate to he improvement of the Party Procession act, and he laws regulating the relation between landlord ind tenant. "In eonclaMOn, Her Majesty hope* and believe*, that >7 ccmbinisg liberty with order?by preferring what r valuable, as<l amending what ie defeutlve, the Legisktuie will sustain tbe public Institutions, u the abode nd tbe tbield of a free and happy people " As anticipated, from the movement recently gong on, for the revival of the protective duties on orn, an amendment to the address irom the houses f Parliament was moved in the Commons, by Sir ohn Pfolloitt, and in the Lords, by Lord Stradrook. The amendment was to the following fleet:? We regret, however, to be compelled humbly to rereeeat to your Msjeety, that, la many ptrts of tbe nited Kingdom, and especially In Ireland, tbe various lanees of your Majesty'a lubjeote connected wltn the ultiratlon of the toll, are laboring under Mrere dlsr*M mainly applicable. In our opinion, to recent lelelative euactments, aggravated by the pressure of >cal taxation. This amendment was lost in both Houses by an vrrwelming majority. On Thvrsday night, the 7th instant, Lord Dud y Stuart, in the House of Commons, moved >r various papers relating to the demand of Russia for the expatriation of the Hungarian fugeea from Turkey?the Hungarian war? ie capture of the principalities of the Da? ube by Russian troops, &c. In making his moon, his lordship gave a sketch ol the history of [ungary, and read a aeries of details connected ith the atrocities committed by Austria. He uched pathetically upon the murder of Count athyani, tiie successes of Bern, the revoition at Vienna, the renunciation by the Huaman Diet of allegiance to the House of ap*pnrg, ana ine ia\ueion of the kingdom by the uoeidOb, before whose number, and the treachery F her chosen chief, the people and valiant gen aU fell a sacrifice. He hoped that not only ould Kngland stand between the Czar and his ctimr, but thut means would be used to force is hordes back from the frontier, to their proper narters in the Kupsinn empire. Lord I'almereton, in reply, stated that he would , ace upon the table any p ipers bearing upon the abject, and he Bhould inform the House that it j as the intention of Ku^ia to reduce her army n the ltanube frontier from 4d 000 to 10,0<>9 men. | Lord l>udley Stuart asked if England was preired to protect the life of Kossuth against the inclinations of his enemies. Lord Claude Hamilton characterized the statelent that an attempt has been made on the life of le Magyar chief, a calumny on the government of ustria. A prolonged debate arose, in which the character [ the Hungarian chief was fully vindicated, and if past atiocicuj barbarity of the Austrian gorrnment denounced in no measured term*. On te promise that the |>apers would be produced, ie matter ended. The new navigation^aw is working well, the , iris are well filTsd, and ship building never more ; n?k than at present. It is announced that the tiancellorot the Exchequer will be about two and til millions plus; this sum, it is said, thus raised f the ruing prosperity of the country, will be ap-opriatcd to the abolition of ihe window and other Snoxious rates. On Friday night, Lord John Russell gave a full (position of his views in regard to general coloial (olicy, in moving for a bill to regulate Au?traa. He concluded his speech by stating that the tirciples upon which the cokaal |?<-In*y of the goernment was foanded, were the maintenance of ie free trade system to the fullest extent The ministen have not yet avowed the line of nlicy they mean to pursue in regard to the North .meriran colonies; but it is pretty well understood j tat, should these colonies desire either to become i idependent States, or to annex themselves to the mted States of America, that no opposition will e oHer?d by Great liritwin to th' ir so doing, his feeling is ground* d upon the fact that these oloniea were sell-supporting ones. Cue of the most astounding projects of the age, irowing the American prospeetusfbr a sub-marine ; -legr?| n from New York to the hie of Wight into , if *na?ie, nan juii oren announced in i.niuoa ? le formation ot a railway from Calais to Moolun, i the inidst of India, distance thirty-right hundred j ill*'a, coat Xffl.000,000! The efloris of the friend* of currency reform are spinning to be felt, and it u npected that, before >ntf, a change in the value of the precious metals nil be effected. Another expedition in search of Sir John Frankn has been resolved u|>on. Iralaali TUB DISTRESS OF THE PEOPLE?SEVEKE OALB. Intelligence from Irelaad ia atiil mere heVrtrnding than oar previous accounts. Cultivation reitis stagnant, and trade is more depreaed than in ic first of her sufferings. The tide of emigration > the United States has again set, but, unfortunately for the people, this means ia not lelt now, i esrape from local tyranny and deatitution. The neighborhood of Liverpool h is been visited, nriiig the days of Wednesday, Thursday and 'riday, with the moat severe storm encountered wee JHHW. The loaa of the S. P. Whitney, of few York, is reported to have occurred in the ale. [Wr think there must be aome mistake in lie name of the vessel.?Herald.] Hlgkly Interesting Ttrmm the French tepabll*. EE IBS OF BIOTS PI TAErs?THE CTTT Iff A STATE or *IE?B? TUB DEAIONS or TUB fRRMDEHT, ETC. On and since Monday, Paris haa been in a state f siege, in consequence of a seriee of disturbncea, created by the mob of the Rue St Martin k. Antoine, when the police authorities came to ut down certain of the trees of liberty, planted unrg the revolution. From the facts, which, by he way, are rather conflicting, it wovld appear hat when the order for the demolition of these last LI... *.i? sW. <L - r* L s nwirnw wi lur iiurn; m inc r rrocn pfnpie wu lourd, large crowd* gathered around and decora* rd these dread symbola of liberty; and thai the *>lice, acting under ord*ra irom the Kxecuiive, irrceeded to cot them down; the police were renatrd on Monday forenoon, and driven back and liapened by the people; but a strong body of miliary advancing, the mob was dispersed, with the oss of sevsn wounded; whilst it could not be mid iiat the troops were molested Gen. Lamonciere was hooted in all directions by the inob, but no nther ofleoce was offered him Hmce then, that part of Paris has been in a continued state of ferment, and no one knows what the next mail may bring. The Mimitmr attributes the whole affair to the Jesire (if ihe President of the Republic to concenirste the tovernment of the country in his own person, in perpetuity, for now every pen-en arr him of the desire I# rr-eoact the part of his nnrle, ih?- warrior stat<?mn? Considersble rioting ensued, on Monday and Tuesday, in con*epience ? ? ih" arr? si f atversi persons implicated m ih* aflair of the Roe f*t Martin f line then, however, the w hoi* has been quieted, and about W1? prisons commiitrd to jail for the part ihey h 1 ve takf n in the affair. It la raid by several journals, that thu haab'en rosfnfttij as a a tip d tiat on the people for eomO time | ?st. ? 'a Monday 1(10,000 men were tinder arms ia l'ar.s, but without occasion Ik J e ad the fact of ?? I ? W YC 3BNING EDITION?MONE this riot, the French news is not or much impor- | WBtT. Wholesale arresta are being made in the department*, without any caoae being assigned for the courae pursued by the police. Three arrests only have been made of men of socialist principles. Several steamers left Toulon for Civita Vecchia, to bring back troops from Rome. a The speech of Victor Hugo, on public instruction, has been seized at Lyons, by the general commanding, in virtue of the atate of seii^e. An attempt is soon to be made, by rival factions, to anieLU the constitution. The advicea from Pans, of Thursday night, the 7th inst., say Tha city Is quiet Tha polio* ere stationed at inoh of the 'trees of liberty'' u are still standing, and do not allow loiterer* to oongrea ate. Thar* are no fear* of further dltturbaooei, and great reliance It plaoed on the energy of the government. Government utock la mnoh hiRher.jKranea opened at ttOf It. and oloead at 90f A credit has been demanded by the ministry for finishing the tomb of Napoleon On Monday week the motion for disrobing the Guard Mobile was read a first time. Passports have been officially abolishrd; luggage will be searched by the officers of excise at the various way termini in Paris. The salary of the President is expected to be increased. Affairs of IwltMrlaad. THE EFFORTS OF RUSSIA AND AUSTRIA TO CRUSH SWITZERLAND. A joint note from Austria and Prussia has been addressed to the French cabinet, calling on the government to unite with them in obliging Switzerland to expel the revolutionary leaders who are there sheltered. Should France refuBe, those governments are determined on compelling the Swiss government to accede to their demands, even by an armed intervention, if necesaary. Tne Emperor of Russia, it is said, has accredited Count Storngnoft as Ambassador to Paris. The object of this appointment is to strengthen the reactionary party, and to consolidate Russian and absolutist influence in France. Another account says i? Austria has made a demand for the extradition of some Poles who have taken refuge from the severities following the late Hungarian troubles within the cantonments of Switzerland. The Swiss government has refused to surrender the refugees, except in caaea where it is clearly proved that the refugees have intrigued in politics, and otherwise misconducted themselves. In this position the cantonments are sustained by the French government. England will also, it is sn|>pos<d, sustain the Swiss in their position. Important from Greece. SERIOUS RUFrUEE WITH EN01.AND ? SBlZirEE OF THE UB1EK F1.EKT? MEDIATION OF FKAN4K, ETC. Advices from Athens to the ltith and Wih ult. inclusive, state a serious rupture had taken place between the English and Greek governments, and that a total suspension of relations had taken place between the two governments. It apptais that some old claims upon the Greek government remained unsettled, and also in reference to pome islands belonging to the Ionian gfoup, which have been usurped by the Greek government. I>ates to the 22d, from Athens, state that four or five war vessels, belonging to King Otho, were captured by the English s juadron, and tbat all Greek merchantmen were prohihit* H fruni Liivmcr nrrnt^rino tk?ir rMo?/?fiv? It appears that the policy of the Greek government is to remain passive until the decision of Che French and Russian cabinets has been taken on the subject Whatever the explanations of the llritish Minister at l'dnsmav have been, thev h ive i been deemed perfectly satisfactory by the French government. Erfo, Greece is not likely to re- 1 ceive much aesictance in that quarter. It m reported that England has accepted the mediation of France in this affair, and that the French Minister declared, in private, that he hopes to be able, in a few days, to state that the miaunderstanding between England and Greece bad been amicably settled. India sad CUnt. Advices from Bombay to the 3d, and Calcutta to 22J Decembt r, were received in Liverpool on the 2d inMaut, in anlicip<ttion of the overland mill. Political news is unimportant. TraJv at lionibay, both in import* and exports is dull. In freight* a little doing Money market less easy, At Calcutta trade detli&td considerably. Prussia. All the articles of the proposed constitution, except the one making ministers responsible to the king, have been agreed u|H>n by the Cbainbers.ttnd the kin* took a soli inn oath to Hie constitution on the 0th. The immediate consequence was a rit-e in the funds, and ureal rejoicing in Berlin. The Rhine has overflowed its banks and done gTeat damage to the adjacent country. Utssiark and the llarltlM. The session of the States w?s opened by the King in person, on the nmh ult. Ke\erting to the hostilities with Scbleswig Holstein, he says:? "The war has not yet terminated?it is only suspendi d. I boi>e, however, that the negotiation* in progress will lead to the d<*sir?d end, provided my misled subjects do not meet with support from a greater pawer. Koma. It ia dow stated, on authority, that the rope is abnut to return to Rome almoet immediately. It is believed that the SpAnifh gurnoon would evacuate Rome on the arrival of his Holiness. The French have fortified and oecaplrd several strongholds on the const. Architects have been ordered to prejmre the PbIbizo for the Pope's Legate. Ituaal*. Accounts from the Dardanelles state that the Circassians have snined great advantage* over the Russians on tne <'rsa, the Ruosians hiring ( been compelled to retreat with great loss. Tark*f. Theescspe of Madame hoaaiith, and the fact of her having joined her exiled husband, are confirmed. The extradition question is nearly setlied. t Rssim ot the Psnenftn. Mr and Mrs. Fortnar. Miaa Clran* Mrs. Maaara Mleksl. Mataall. kottsa-r, Claaaaut, A?bm-?4 Hltaheock, TatlarrM. Head Bl?(to?. Blaakatt. Small, I.nee Yangbaa, Jaaksoa, Wll?oo, Koaenburg. Kump, Jaat, l.adell, McUaa. H?BBln?> Hoy*. Joaea, IHilav, Brldoa. Sumaar. lievarth, Albaer, Urlaaell Head. Shear*. Harrtano. Hoitoa. Marshall Hlraebkoli, laaa, Hlera. Ilail. Kfaa. Araott, Halataad. Dortagton, Shotwall, Dalablgae, Satin*. Rawsoa Caraoa, and Curtis. Ihlppln( latalllaanee. Aurwrar, Feb I ?Arr Knarhaadlt, NTrrk. Imukpi Feb I?Arr Maria, ft Terk; Ju Jt, Obi#. Philadelphia. 814 I7?k. r?r??hy. Philadelphia Catei-IT*. bee ? -Bid Caamrdik. Btapb'aaaa. Baataa; Co- , Iaialc, Buah. do; Jaa IS, J at lata, Hovea, So llta, Arga, Iimobi, do. Ctri ar Good flora. Dm ib?Arr berk If rlia, Wtlab. BjiVi (SeM >) lor Bataeia. CiMi J?m 9? Bid Walk alia. NTork Omaii.Tta. Jaa IS?Arr Van Dal*. Philadelphia. CiKuon, Jaa ?? Air Priace Albart, Mayer, WTork. Mhh.Batiefaclioa. Batwntth.d*; Fab ?. Weetaiiaater, Bid JUt, I'??om?hn?. flirty. NVork. Birac, Jib it-Arr fl> Daal*. Bewe. B Ttrk, Feb 1, SpUadid, Wood. da. BidJ aa *>, Art'. B Vark. Slat. Blehalaa Blddla. Caalbia*. da. Lieaaroou t ab 1?Arr Patriak U?arr. Drlaae, W??bl??Ua, I'u*. aad Waterloo, Allta, BTorNfeb. Baahattea, U* Bid Jaa 17. Aberdoea. BaM ard. N Turk: Tbat'a. aad Bjlpklde da; IVtfc, Coaatellatiea. Lara. da. Belea M Oaw,Taabar, Phllaaelphia; Ow A Haalar, Bahm.da: SHA. Bataatah, ft Tork: r?t>d. Kite lltiater. Pere<na M?aia< lata, Brjar. aad Oertrade. Bailey. do; "Oe?r*1a." Philadelphia. aaaaiLLca, Jaa SS?Arr Lepaale. N Tork. Naaraa, Jaa W-Bld iHetraak, ftl>rh. Ornaro, Jaa 17- Arr Baronai da Tareelra. Baea, HTatk. "J lira Sail." da; laib.nfT. F<|*rl?. Par aa, lra? ft T ark. Jta If?Of l.oaleiaaa. Halter, from N Vark for trvra. KW, Caroline. fr- m 4*. PoBiaaaovTaa.Jaa ?*14 wlttarlaad. RTwt |ov?t??TA. Na? Arr ?>r*id, Boat* a i lioiiK.Jig IS - SI4 KUg Allaed, WTerk; ll'.k, Foet Bar, PkiMttrM*. phtvi.Da r?l?y, KTtri T?? ti., JuS-in r??? rioriM, ?!?. N Votk for AmiliHta. __>?>. Murine Afftln. T? Cf4 0 B I'aalede, ?J thr Par Art Atf ti?r Wrifkt |>Mt Sir?Tbe oiirrfiiMd, oa the part ui behalf of the cabin. aeaoed raMa. and ataerage p????|?ri by tba abo-ae veaaal deatra to roaeey to tow aa Mrtftl preaalaa of their laatlsg fe?llB*a of gratltada for tha kla*. ( earteeo*. aad reatleaoaaly treatment which they kara aatformly r?a?lred from jaa darlag their lata paaaaee f?( ni Liverpool to New Vark. Altboapib va ara art unmindful of tba admirable aaeoa??odatl?aa wbl?b tba laaar Wright afford* nor of tba liberal aiaaaar la whlrb aba la f?aad with orary I Mag whleb CM contribute to tha health aad contort of | aaaeagera jet we feel order mill greater obllff*tioaa o )??, frr jeur pterota aad humane atteatiiaa ta all, aad eepealally for f oar nnweerled pereoaal esar> lion* ta allerlata tba dlatraaa of the dak aad lylferleg la breeta or gala, la rain or atnrn, j-.u not oaly aiMfclted tkai* n< Ma qaalttlee whlth do bonor to tba illlial naetgator. bat 70a bara aleo dlapiajed tboaa bner taellnpr tf atetltag kladaaaa abt?b d< laflalte eredit to year ore Voar able rnar? *>?. aad magtarly ptiatMkl^ will etar rrmiaaad admiration while ymr agretaH* aianaer aad ?l|Billed <i?aa>aeer oaaaot tall to gala tba eeteeai of all aim batetha pUaaareal f?at r.joalatanre. ai d tboaa who know yea beat alll prlta jrn aeat At tba aoaeltiaioa rf ear p?aage aad la partlag t<r jiur utsranlag kladie-a aad aiteaUoa. be pieaaad ta aerapt tbe alnaere tbank* at joar erar gratefitl pw M??era J L fakkiM M.J l)uffea eaMa paeeeagera; Oaotge ftiaaiwall JoBee, la<r all tba aata-ad nabia pa*ee?> g?rl, aad taaari* lee. for aU tba ateerag* paaeeagar* fr< Cerlek 1 k'IMa. Pnataaaataar at M?tanabatr?. * T , baa heea artaated ?a a chant* of Meaitag latter* froM tba mail#, i ittaUiB* m< taj >R K t (AY, FEBRUARY 25, 185C Tbt Prog ran of U? President at thi So a tit. SECOND I>AY. Ricmmorb, V?., February 24, i860. This If thi one hundred and eighteenth unlntuij of the birthday of Oeorg* Wathlogton. Thia la the anairersary, too, of the battle of Buena Vista, and ally this morning, the ilotor of that oelebrated fight (now Treeldent of the United States) got up from hie bed la No. 84 Exchange Hotel, washed hie face, dree ted himself, put on hla bat, and hit boott, and at 7 o'olook ttood on the steps of the Hotel, gating up at the olouds, which, jutt about that time, looked particularly dark, aad were (baking out the enow Hakes In such quantities at to be entirely out of plaoe on a day Uke tbl*. | The Frealdent wae alone, and after a remark to hlmaelf, t'It snows, but I don't think It will rain," he atarted for come Indefinite place, walking very rapidly down J tte i treet, with handt graaped behind the amall of bit i back, d la Nick Blddle; I felt annoyed attach an exhi- 1 bltloa of laatteatloa aa was shown him by his aulte of ] eight. What! let the President of thes? United < State* waader about la a strange city, all alone by him- 1 aelf ? I determined instantly to perform what was more properly the duty ef his more immediate duoks, i and followed after him. lie (the President) started dlrtotly tor a part of the city under the hill, which ?u an extremely suspicious place; at first, II Col. Baker ' , wii missing all sight from the Hotel, 1 didn't know but 1 the fre?ident was looking him up; bat no, he enters a liverj (stable. I was alarmed; I could see that it was a i daik lucking place. He might be made way with with face. There were several people passing along. My ' duty was plain; 1 merely said to about a dozen. The ' fiecident is la that stable." Wasn't there a rush? i They got old Xmok out, and tbe last I saw of hitn before . breakfast be and tire of his new found friends were digging away at fast as his short legs would carry him, ; tor a hill on tbe other side of the oity, to get a morning 1 view, and an appetite for his breakfait. On his tramp, 1 he was met by a couple of democrats, who took oharge { of him, and introduced htm to all tbe butohers in the market. | Tbe suit* of the President is marked on the books of tbe Exchange Hotel, as follows, and the Legislature have to pay the phot for the following persons Hon. Colonel K. D Baker, U. 8. M. C., Illinois. Mr. Lieut Colonel Eaton, U. 8. A. Captain Warrington, U. 8. N. C olonel Mltohf 11 U. 8. M. Mr J. 8. Gallagher, U 8. A. O. ' Mr J B Clarke. N. J. O. Mejor liarnett, V. 8. A. Mr. Chubb, U. 8. P. B. I forgot to mention the closing ap scene# of last night. The l*resldent and bis suite dine it in private with tbe Democratic Virginia Legislature, at the >,! rbange Hotel The dinner was a handsome thing, so for as it rested with the worthy landlord, Mr. Boyden, who bad hut a short time (fire hours) to get it up in, and had to send about town to get fresh milk here and

there for the members. I was too bnsy in writing up yesterday's progress, to attend, and I am very glad I did not, for I understand It was a very tame and stupid aflair, and no fttn or wit At a late hour, the President. bis suits, and most of tbe members, adjourned to a private party given by Oevsrnor Smith, In honor of the occasion, llie President wu there but a abort time, and cam# hems to hi? hotel and went to bed, where he slept profoundly until srou.-ed at daybreak by the roar of luO guns, find by his militia ftiends. which r? minded him of old times and old Whitey, who. like liimrtll. Is <{Uartered in tbe government white utable. Such ai? the changes of lite. ? At 8 A. >1., this morning, the President took his breakfast at the gentlemen's ordinary, on returning [ irom the market and botchera. 9 A.M., still Knowing As I passed up Main street, the principal street of KUhmood I saw a wreath hung < lr<m the American Hotel to tbe bouse opposite, inter- | I woven with flowers, in the centre was a banner, with 1 thelollowtng Inscription, cn one side: oooooooooooooeeoseuooeoeeaoooooocoooooooooeooooo a Till D4U11T MEMO. a o The highest Cull Uflleor. o o TAYLOR, o o The hJL*a?>rOcBq>ierr>r, o o The uapretendiDg Uhiki. 0000009000000>-f00 uo?w?ooo .?v* .?ouooooo?oyooooouo Ob the other aide? . ecooooouunooeeooourr^oonooffoonoonsoocooooooaoe > Thy uu 'cured as in battle. o 0 Virginia's daughters welcome h?r son. o Thy heart will sere ? la fear. o eoooeoo^ocooeoeovooooooeooo^oooooooceooooeooooo I Rlchmead Is a greet old town, and there ii a great deal of fun here, and wore yellow girl* than I nvirui In any city of Iti rfr.r, which ?p<>ak> well for Vlrgtala moral*; but H must be rein?mt>ered the Legislature n?-et hera j Attar breakfast a great n-any persona called to lee the hrtiident, and were Introduce 1 by Mr. Syrnei, of , tba Houee of Delegate*. 8 >m? la diet oaJleJ. One of ibem mentioned that the Taylor* wera a numerous lankily in V irginia " Yea,''remarked old/aok, " there l? no cad ot taller*.*' L p to 1* oeiook, tba militia and , rarioua si clatlen wara forming in ditlerent parts of the rIty, for tba great prcceaaioa At 11 o'olook. an open jerouohe with four superb horst'*. w?* drlvea up to tba runi cf the Hotel. It oentalaol tba < ?o?ernor of Vir:lil?. Bad hi neet John Tyler. The former got oat, vest Ibta the hotel and brought out President Taylor, ?ho anten d the carriage and ruted hiintelf on the >ack reat. by the tide < f Mr. T}ler A company of all 4reM*d militia, with a band ut mu lo. preo d-d the arilage, and tba procession cbuj'DooJ IU rounditxut mar oh to the scene of laying tbe eorner stone. I'btB awe the orator of tha day. In an opeu barouche, oiliwid by The Ixeeutive Conatil of Va. The Fitiiatiil'i Suite *ud UoTernir'i Aids. Cenileeloatri of the Vti tiei.u M^aaiaeot. The ( eaati' el Va. lleuse el 1M>(* ee ef Va. Tha Judge* aaJ UiBcers of the S jne Courts. Jndgss ant OlBeert el the federal Court*. State Offiocra. Officers ef tlia Army aad Navy of th< United Slate*. Othoi is end loldiers of the *.?<>inUun. OBlei re ?f the War ef lota. lYrelga Ci<a?iilt. The Hiwttui t I r*r. Mayor, Alderifira, ity council ?nd Offiieri. Offioere of the Va. Militia, ia uniform. Officers aod Members vf the lllitor<ea) "o'-iety of Ya. Oftetrs aad Mtmb-rs ol tcieetiilo and Literary Socii+bs. Kuhmoad fire Asso< teiiea. <U? 1IHC CU'iVDI wru?I VI VUI ??tivw?. D. ol 1?. I Tbt Order of tht Soat of Temp?nnc?. >Nb*Ut? Tin 0?rm\n BtattuUnt S?cl*ty. Hie I utted An.niou Mtohaitiei Builder* 111 illxi laru'lu ef Utrbuioi. lb* he*onle Iraurnltr Ckfitst ob foot, four abrcaet. Ciiiient m hoiMbBck, f?ar ii.nul __ Citltra* Carriages. Wbea tke proeeeetoa goaniRciil lt? mtreh it h?d ?*Med WW?ln, bat continued cloudy. aad the wind M ***7 * ? 1*4 onld. I pr????did it oaee to the teat of eperetion*. Oa ay way. I raw b mu who wm Killed lcat*atly,a abort Um? prerloatly. HI* boree raa away with the wagoa, ud be wm throwa oat. 1he place MlMUil for tb? *ite of the monum-nt to the Many of WnU*|tni it In the eapltol grouad*, directly north of the eapltol Iteelf. Thete (round* oneapy tweaty or thirty Mr?. and tb* hlgbeat. oa which the eapltol etand*, otwImU the city aad J Max Hirer. The eapltol la a noble bulidlag. aomewbat r??embllai the New Varh I uetom llnaee A large ?aolo>M*. with eleeatrd atdaa, aarrouaded tba coraer toaa, aad waa aapahla of mating 6,000 people rba o>raer>*tooe waa plaoed la a large pit. parbapa tweaty feet katoa tha aaitaaa of tha Krouad, It waa of twa plaaaa; aaah would weigh, I afcoald auppoaa a toa at laaat A gay waa area tad oeer tha pit, with a hi oak ropo, book aad wtadleea, all ready It ralaa tha nppar part. A fallery had been areoted north of tha atoaa, for tha aroommodaUon of tha dlatlngnlab ad *traag*re who were ta ha praaaat. A Irlawd obtained aia a aeat tharela, whore I oould wltaaaa all tha pro ceedioga At ahont twelve o'eloek erery aaat waa filled. and tba ope a tpaoe crammed with epeetatort. Tha rtght Battery waa occupied almnet exelaalrely by tha ladlaa. aad a gayer afght aerer met my eyaa. Tba dllereat or I on af their ribbon* aad a thnaaand greea retlt f.atterlog la tha braeae. pretested a eery pin tnre*qaa rlew. Thar* were all the color* of the ratahow. aad I eaa compare It to aothtng prettier thaa to a tardea Oiled with flowar* of all eolor* bb<1 description*, The atapa aad wladowa of tha eapltol were amw.led, aad (he troea la the wlrlalty were Blled with yonng lad* The crowd b. case *o great that there waa daager. for. If a ru*b had been nt<lt, hnndradt would bare t>e?a pla?g?d Into tha pit, and lagt aad arm* would have Men hrokea. The anilely to get to the edge aad look dowa. Bade the *?eae reean/ble a foaeral and pMtiea taklag a Uat look at the colfln, bat the araraad aaoa roltmnity woald fly away with the about*, cat eall* aad yellt of " get out" ' f?tch him oat," " eoae oat o' that," ahea fume poor fellow tlld dowa, tba acreamt were frightful when as 111 Arored little wretoh OT a ?ar a Of got la, aad w m !rtghi*a?a iato nu ?y tbo**)?||* Th* r**td*?w* of th* ??oT*raor It oa oa* eor?*r 01 tt? piblli groaod aad la a 4lnfl Ita* *oa(h of U< nr>aao*at; ih. i^<>? ftiltd with human*, aiki aa<l gr**n v*IU. and wh*a tb* mm mo?*d It arf*d ik?it ilka a hi. Tb? rtxh would b**o?* ?o IKBIH that tb* lad l*? got frtfht?a*d aad triad to bat < old aot. aad w?r* for**d to lamala and *** II otrt Math bu b*?a Mid about Vlrglnlaa b*aaty. Tb*r* w*r* at Im>I 1*00 female) oa tb* Caad. and I must eoafrM I dd aot ? * Um r*ally ntl'al o? *t?o fruity girl* la tb* whol? eollrctioa. Tba ihf of Hl*hni(id ru*l*ty. of soar**. w*r* a?t tb*r*. la l*?t. I ?m l*f*rw*d that atari? all th* faa?!? ??i? from tk* a outfit? round about Tb* troop* n*a ati*r mad* tb*lr app-araa**. aad *eatt*r*d th* *r*wd, wblcb h?d now r?**b*d 10 UM Tb?** ?tr th* pit had to fall bark toward* th* *?* * Th* ?o*a* aow W|a to b* Bor* aad a?r* urlllaf, a* th* ap ?rra*b of tk* pra*<**1?a b*?*<a* apr*r*M Tk* ?*a tw?aa to work at tb* wladla** aad to rai*? tb* app*r fait of tb* aora*T ?toa* aatll tt wa* l?rat*d t*a f?wt ah*** tb* lowar, wblnh *br w*d a *w?lly tbat had h**a P"P*od ta r* ?!?* tb* *?pp*r hoi aoatalalaf papwrt *?a. A r?gim?at *f dni'OM ?ow fd* ap aad el****d |Bf*ag* a aioi?*at aft>r th* Orand klar.hai ram* oa to th* gallrrj folloa?d hj r???id**l t t-Pr**ld*at 1 >l*r tb* <?<>** ao?. Orator of th* day, a V.**?ali ol*t py ?*a aad tk* V trgiala I *gtol*t?r* and to ik MiU la ta* g*it*?y Tk* Maaaa? 4**p*ad*4 Into tb* p? with all (h*lr artai(?m*at*. rnralla btkl*. la?*?- a>*tl*t*. eaod.* tlrka,** , fu# tb*r* wa* lb* Mraad i.udg*. aol th* . V [ERA K Kredricksburg Lodge, and Knight Templar*, Grand Crocs, Rojal Areh, and nil *orta. They made a splendid appeartnee down belew. ranged in tier* from the top to the bottom of the hole, and completely hiding the elder Tbe Governor rone and ordered the >paee clear d above the pit ao that the President and the rest of mi could tee clearly what waa going on below Thl* vai dene after some trouble. Head* wera then uncovered. 'lhe Preaident and Governor now atood up, and tba latter sung out 'alienoe," and ailenoe It waa. The Masons new rose and aang a hymn to the tune ef Old Hundred. Things began to look serious Tba gorgeoua dresses and fixing* of the Maaona of blgb and low degree? the lighted candle*, tbe aolemn strain aomIng up out of the earth?the copper bn* wu now placed OTer tbe top of the grave, In tba under corner-atone, where it waa to b? entombed. The Grand Secretary mounted tbe under (tone, and in very loud voloe rend what purported to be tbe inscription ent on tbe lid of the copper coffin; vii ?all about General Washington when he waa born, when he became a Mason, whan ha died, who was 1'reRident, &o , and a general history of the man ef thl* year. 81s high Maaona now mounted ?nd stoed on tbe lower stone, directly under the pon u?rous muss wnicu was 10 dm lei aown; ana wnite t&ey were lowering the copper bos into Its sepulohre, wits white cord*. T could not but relleot. bow particularly foolish they would feel if tbe rope waa to break, or even the steeple to pull out. Aa aoon as tbej got out of the way, tbe cap waa slowly lowered, tbe Mason* assisting to square It, and tbe oopper box waa Used forever. The Uiaod Chaplain then made a very fervent prayer, which I have not time to give yon. aa It was very long, though very good. Tbe Grand Secretary then read a llat of what bad been buried in the box. The sun now commenced shining, and gave new life to the proceedings. The mesons now sang a hymn to tbe tune of Auld Lang Syne. The Grand Maater pronounced the work properly done. A goblet of wine, a lot of wheat, and a cup (f oil, were spilt on the top of the stone. The Maaona all then made signs, crowed their arms on their breaata with a alap, then dropped their arms, sheathed tbeir aworda. and pasted tbe hammer of the Qrsnd Maater up to tbe orator. Mr. Scott. Thtt maiona then came out or the bola, and atood before the orator. Tbe orator spoke long ant particularly of Washington ?h a maaon. Hia speech was written lie spoks of the liovernor ai a mason. and aaid General Taylor was not isbnmed to take a maaon by tbe band and aay, " My jood fellow, bow are you f ' to him. The Governor then read a written speech about Virginia glory. Vlr> jinla eona, and Virginia beauty. He alluded to Tyler very prettily--no cheer*, lie alluded to Taylor, and they became deafening l and yet Tyler had tlie cense to surround himself with a atrong cabinet, and Taylor with tbe weskeat cabinet that God ever suffered to exist. Mr. Tyler we* looking remarkably well Tbe orator exhibited a bible which Washington used in 1762. He then held up before the people a pleoe of ailk which, be naid, Washington's mother put on him when be was baptized. He showed the record of the Lodge wbere Washington was made a master mason. aa,1 the marble mallet which be used when he etterwerd* be came a mesonlo mastvr. (General Taylor than maie a abort address, which was received with obeera. The artillery now began to Waso away, the band struck up - Yankee Doodle " while tbe Grand Lhepiein was proDounoing grace, and?all waa over. General Taylor waa then eacorted to hia botel, and is bow eating bis dinner thera. This evening he will attend the masonic ball and the theatre. To-morrow morning bright and early, we all statt for Weehlnston. If anything of Intareat occura belore we get off, I will rite you I do not think the reception ct the President here baa r>> rn what it ought to have been. There is a strong Southern feeling in this oity. Vou can see it sticking :ut when yon talk about the North Thare was a msgQificent regiment of young men, who are being educated at the expeuss of thtt State, after tho West Point nodel. These chaps would do good service should tbe >outb have ceceslon for tbem Al.KX \NDKR. riic LaCe Terrible Conflagration In Dew Orleans. Krom the New Orleans True Delta, Kxtra, Keb. 10.J About bait part two o'clock this morning, a fire, the Bloat dirastroas tl at baa occurred in our oity within )ur recollection, broke out lu lh? store of C. G. lierkey, No. ?5 Camp straet, which wis rapidly oonsuui <1 together with the lollowlng bulliingc ? No. 66? Ocrupit d by C. G Berkley, grocer. No. 6T?Cors? n Ac Armstrong, stationers No. 6?? Pa\ne k Harrison. Comniisetou merchants No. 66- Hridges & McMurdo. depot for V trgiula MM* lectured tub?s:oo, end Hlder v Brother, commission merchants No 61?Brentier. H '.Views L *?., commission merjVts. No. 49-J. H Becbtal k ' o , booksellers and steiioners. No. 47- tes?ment occupied by tbe .4-Una l.ife Crescent - lty, and l.eilgton Insurance < "nip*nine; up stslre. by eoadlck It Brotbor, snipping agvnia an 1 Downs, <.u&ly k C?.,, ootton factors and commission merehanta So. 48? Marking h? n/e of J. Rokrti k Co., oo the lover flour, H 1- relavn fcCo., c.unnisaion merchants; lip stairs? building not mush Injured; all valuable property saved. *Jo. to - Lower floor a portion of Robb's ImuMcg est?l It.It, i , t iin r,ll?n nf 11 nJna rnim. nitr m l Lucien II'Ilidt,, notaries Vo 62? Merchant* l.ouUelile! wurtBH i ompinf Ka. M-J < lilna, ||I*>* and ar ware j Vo 60- A Hill, wood ar, d willow were, and bouse fur. rlnhiig gout*. NO. 68? lUiiij Pareon*. piano and mu*Ic e?t*b1lfthment. Vo. M-O 8 < awpb-ll h'lU'o fnrriHhio/ More So. (i-- kerdiaaud l.enoelt ?. Co., coiamUiloa mf-rcbanta. Vo. 60 firuywn* ofllC'' So 06- W eld (v. < , litrrary df p< t. on the flrnt (loot; op Oiorjr, < ottr* I V Co building no na'erially Injured; the pro;>ertj Id lb* interior d'?troj?a Of damn^td On Leuk lifter, the narrow street or alley running In be rrar with, and ; aiall* I to Cauip street, the fblowing >ulldicp< were in par I, n > * wholly, de?tr?yed . ? So T--Occupied ?? countia* room* by J. N. Hawthorn, and J T B. t-.athxrrton'b. <fo 0? J i VI Kill* and J. Bo^ar' So. 11-Srbr<H'J? r Jt Murray, and Klnn 1 Sprue* product broker*. So 13 ?r 8 < alupbell. So 16 Henry Holland and Cherle* Oaklr. Tbu? far m hare n<>t atraitaiuedthe t.tnl amount of on i>u?talned, or wbo amoi g tbe ulTewt are oorered hy Insurance. Tba l< <* *ut?aln<d by our Hemp Tar/, 5f th# Pittyun*. mailt be rery *ovtre. I'hey, we underetanri, rated thrlr book* and laluable papers, tba greater j>ortlnn of the material In tba Cjinp altloa reoui iDd?a? double ejlir.'l?i preM. At prtlrat writing ( ? A. M.,) tbe Ore If itlil raging. A.IOTIIKK I IUK. Shortly after the aboye ttre broke oat In Camp utreot, another ft* rtifeotere l on I'oydre* (treat, epp'ielte ?b? fojdia* market. It originated In tbe rear of tba Milleg No 4 < lea*ee? Kow. occupied by M. O't onnor. aia china, irle?* and earthenware establishment. Tbe ppread < f iMlMMtHMIMUiUMl Si" OH ounor ?! Ill rlilldn-n bad I aiely time t.. **capr with their lite*. The building No 6 occupied by widow Kill, gernld. an a boarding house, *>i al*o oou*am*d, b- fire the progre** of tbe Ilam-e con.d be arreeted Building No. S. necupled by Martlu Coetello, a hardware eiore, H slightly d??i**-d. 1 be abnte haety eketeh, of conflagration more dieMtrou* tben any that baa occurred here fur year*, la aiceeearlly very Iniperleet. In oar regular edition of to-morrow we sball endearot to lay the fall particular* before ear reader*. Transferred S?|terlor Ceart, Before luetic** liuer. Maim and < ampbell. Fre. M-Iitri*io?*->i? H"yf r?. jl'-rm'iam (1. ftiwiion and alhrri ?The a**trnm-nt ef a debt la ?. id ft r rhamperty at e. mra?n liw il (he ea-nriTle* at tbe time of the ae*ignmeat are la tbe poeee?eloa of a Ililrd ptitj, holding or clilmii| th*ui under m td*?r?* till* Tb* 4octtln*?f cbampvrtry.or naintcnaaA*. l? >| i>li? I *1 h 11 "to ftrt.-i [. > < in . * f t h?n la c urti'l common law. Tb* ?i?am*Bt ij a ra o*lv*rt*not a judicial ral* It *pp**ru>? upon tba (so* of tb* bUI. that tb* d*bt claim-d bjT the plaintiff bad b*?B pr*vlou*lT Bo#i?n?<l and tli* ?*curU)** for tb* .am* *tr* b?l4 uud*r that a*?i|an>ot. tb* d*ainrr*r niB?t b* allmrad. and tba bill dlinltwil with ?n?t*. Tb* plaintiff to b? at liberty to an*ad within f> rtjr da;r ob tba tuual t*ta>? Jhtttmur Ihimxil ??/? Ijtv>? O. WiU/m. ?Wh*r* joMl *r* ?M( p*d u> a poai>l?e<N> in p*rn <-?tcf ad?l>t hi* lira attache a* *<h n a< tb* foot)* ar* d*liT?r*d to tb* ma*t*r and tb* bill ol India* ?lgB*d. Tb*y ar* Tfta that llm* In jodgm?nt *f law In tb* p amitt of tb* a?i|(?b?*. asd ar* eoaifijaaBily aot llabl* to b* attaeh*<l a* tb* pn f-r'j or tb* eon?t||aor. Motioa ia t*t a*id* report of rafrrr* d*til*d with p<*U. Qartit U ri /*..* ?-n Hilton ? lt*port Of r* fi i?* ??t a?ld* a* onatrary to arldta**, aaj new trial ord*r*d. eo#t? to abld* tb* *?? Bt JmAn f Tillman I I J:hn (Jirm. -Whfft a bill *a*ka to r*t a.Id* a *oB?*yan?>? r a tb* ground nf fraud, tba particular* of tb* fraud it.nut b* -t f.rrth with cartaint; In tb* Mil and It rouit al?o app*ar tbat tb* party con Id a<t with ordUary dlllg*uc*. bar* dl?roT*r?d tbofbcf* la which lb* fraud l? all*c*J to eaarl>t Wli.r* tli* fraud charged npn*4?t?d In a r*pr*MDtatlna by a render of r*al *?t*t*. that th*r* wer* no rjait r?nt? up n tb* preailw* *cid tb* fal?ity ot which might bar* been ar> >rtala*<i by r*f*r*?ioa to pablle r*eotdi htld tbat lb* purch*t?r eouid ant r**eind tb* a]* by reaa<>a of ?u?b repr???n'atl<>n bat wm e?afln*4 to bt* ariioa on tb* oot*aaat* la hi* d**d Bill dl?iul*ead wltb *Mt? l*olltl<al ltil?lll(rnr*. Th? namocrall L'a1<'? Bloating of Phllada'phU, o? tha 45M ltd, ra?o|utlon? aiptaaalaaof iba ll'v"'* |>I lh> llti >1 lb* <?fM( of tba HUmot protl?aia lb* I fn|rm ?.( Iha toltail flitM, ablrh lhay l'<ob?<l iii 'fi a# a political aed pa?til?nM?l b?ra?y, ??d o?ly ealanlatad to ?tid?riulaa *tata ?n4 atmtraiiy ?#ukufh ?>n Iba ruln? of :?t?<a right* a oktrtl wllj tattrnlW bj l?? Taw at thai a?p?naa of iha many Thay daay ?b? tl^ht of < ?? tar* tol*gl?lata for tha f.rrtlorlaa further than k.fttfrg all ii??fol and f ?a.tfnl fRni?'.!.> , tha o ?? liu U? b glvlag that b<dy ?< p??i to -ay ah-?h?r ulat.ry I All ?l?il BOt I tot tl?t ebolfa b-ln* l.n ltd tha y?i pl? of tba t.rntorlaa. 'I hay atao <lmy tba rtgli of ? > r*ra*? t? ?h-ll?b ?larary In tba i<t?-rle% ofI.ituaihla, and roll ?!>? ? tba *:?<a I (gla.a'nra tn raj.a?| all |?.? ?>r>tifl<rtt*f tttlb tba f t tttutl .? of tha I ultad Stataa, la t'liatd to tba raatitvtlaa of fugllita alaraa Tba *bfg s^ata f rnrantlon of < oaBaetl?at on tba jrth Inat . adopt ad roarlntloi>? f aoraMa t<> t>?a ftbaMtio* of ?:a?ary to tha lri*trt?t of I oUaibta au<t da? larad iba i (hi o ? itimtmar tha quedtou. I'hay aito ri* T tba adntaaiuB f 4 altlnrnta into tha l nlo?, ?lth ?'?a w* it?iti< n M' |>'ad hy ih? fa >pU and #tprHn<4 thatf <? lalian-a ara na<tlain.l>had la tl?o wl? d< a ri |.*??l' tl-m <f Haarr i la; aboKila u,?n ataf, Ikt fcrt??hc?m?ut cf Uka laiaif IU U tba L a I am. LD. TWO CENTS. -- ?r * Our FblUarlptolR Corre?p?tt<f?ircc. 1*1411.IDELrHIA, Fib. H 1840. The Whig JJalt ? Jl] J.taranct ?f Mr. Ayt*g* an4 -The Svjrprr, +c. Til* whig b?U, on Friday evening last, fullj'Wtae Mp to publlo expectation which lis* rare thing W th?M days of liberal profile* and stiated performance? great orj and little wool. Everything was arraofwC just a* it should be- phasing to the eye, animating to the heart, stimulating to the blood, aa honor to bnmiM nature in general, and to the committee in particular. The gentlemen sported coots, pants, and vests; and the ladies wore, as might have been expected, frocks Imaginable color, fabric, and fit?" with trimmings '? At th* nlceat calculation, there were about one thousand ladle* and gentlemen prtetnt; and a more quietly genteel and elegantly dressed assemblage wa* never before collectud wit kin the font walU of a public building Many of the y?uag rnlaees bad never before been in a ball room ; but their blushes, and occasional giggle*, and occasional good, honest, girlish (tares, (when rhey thought no one was loekiog.) made them look all tha more fresh and bewitching At ten o'clock, an indascilbable yet unmistakeable, bustle about the mala entrance, announced the arrival of the Idol of the nigbt ? of the great Harry himself In a twinkling, the auric died away Into the softest whisper?tha danolng ceased, and the company, in platoons, raDged thenreive* on both sides of the noble saloon, so a a tc leave an open avtune in the middle Flanked, preceded, and followed by the various members of the oomialttee of arrangements. Henry Clay made his appearanc? at tlM head of the column ? not the old Mtaa pausing on tka blink of eternity, a* he affects to describe himself, but the Harry as of old. with the erect form. Hberal shirt-collar, careless looking ?eck handkerchief end laughing devil In the eye Down the avenae tt>? old boy" gaily and gracefully inarched, amid the beating of warm voung teirts, the clapping of bauds the waving or handkerchiefs, ranging in prta? from fifty cents to Cfty dollars each This impromptu reception over, the idanalng re-cmcsencsd the ootnpany, with Kreat taste and propriety, permitting Mr. (. l?y to stroll about the room, free from fh* aanoyauea of vnlgar and excessive attention* The " euibodlinent 'availed himself of the prlviieg*, by occasion illy offering his arm to some fair friends for a promentJe: and in all tbe*? offer*, it v? observed thai he carried out bis great doctrine of * dlsarin>iaiitip{ duties,'1 by selecting the youngest and bart looking ladies; or, to us* plain Anglo Saxon, showing: a deoiied preference to lamb over mutton After *a*.ohing the dancsrs with beaming eyes and benevr'.eut looks, for some twenty miout?*.' in company vHh a select few, h* visited the banquetting room, wbioh wa* not only gor>r*?uslv decorated, but contained substantial evidences of Jim l'arklnsou's exquisitely luxuriant tast* and delicate palate Mr. < lay, who bus ao eye foe everything and everybody. ttbotjjc Mr. Tarkinson warmly by the hand, and assured him that there was at least (ne bianch of Ameritau industry that did not reiuira protection, for h* had given satinfactcry evidence of his ability to place foreign competition at nitar defiance. The delighted Parkinson responded by pfodaclng a dozen silver-beaded bottles, dripping with ' icy peispiration." which were rega-ded at first with stern gravity, and thtu handled with familiar foodnets. Mr. Clay partookrf a glass or two, and then quietly withdrew. At half part lit the coinpauy sal down to *upp?r. On the whole, the whig ball uiay safely be pr<>nouDo?d the meet brilliant demonstratU n of the s-asrn the result. alt< gether. of th? tart, spirit good taste. au4 good st ore of its managers. Our market* were quiet, but firm, yesterday- aperatar* aotiouidy awaiting tku tnliil of ifce steamer America, new uvcruue. I have no cliauge to uotloe iu prioea. Tl e stock market )|sU'r<1ay was I'm, and eery animated, witli latderati sales. A ailgliiadeaiice ever the current rate* of > I id ay ? as nfilly utitmiied. Annexed are the aalut a* tha First fit ard ?$3oUU Ke*.l> M. Uouda, a5 7,; $ loo t luy ti's IV? lUi.- ion ? 8 Bank a?4iS?).Io, SK; 60 So. 2.V $?,""? Uldio* n. B'ts, : <ls, Mi 4) V? ilm kit < >. l*>; S-V*> t'eue aft's, !S>Hi f I.liOdot'a. l^.uio Teaas Htg Notoa IT'^iUPeao Uk. lift !i do do. 110; 1 d" do, llll; 5 do do, 110; I" Kentucky U ink lv">: 1W!K; lb i 1,10a Hank, Tennessee, hi, *?;<() do d?, d?,ll)(t 30 do dn. dt>, ?IS; ION O. Uas, ilOfc; J.iSMito.iufl Nat MX. $.1.1(0 so <10,6. . $ j.l*.iOti(>d ). .''2l?;5ah? Ul,i?t. atouk, Ills UJM K. a.m ,' RK. 1\; iMi d , IX V 100 d . lS>t, il,IH*J i'can ais eaat.W'S; a''.eW ? k Del a'*, VI; $ ;? a . In hi. $.iu 0 0 K, .di>> 1ICU BunJa. 6s. d . do ui: 100 K< aSioa Katl ftni. i\v mo d>> i-s i - d? i-', at <t' Mtc $i,l*?i * llmiagiea Kkilroad (i t. Irt>. VI.IHH) do do, t??. $V*' <it? d<, Mi; $2. (Hi Reading Kirt.srfo li..ada, 71. $'?<! fittahurgli t'?. ISM, S?S> *" M.area (.iruni it?uk, *. 12'4; ?JiX) l.elii*t. (> 72; l&O kharek Iteming K. <?.n, l-'j, hi llarriaturg K. H V.'Idudo, *i?,i II do do, 4(>S: II ?tilfuiDCt<>9 H M| /i? Ik rru Mnart'a ? fcil.lHJtl Si.lii.) Ikui ?>kvig?t|aii (Ta h5, A UK) Bond I. ?v A" >'? ! K*k !ik* KK, I S. do., 4. lf>,. !*t do. to., 1")*; .'*1 d>. do., lnk?, 6>i 4a., Mj? mMu., !> *?. ei?rtmd KmirJ ? lltij.ii iijeua, t>3, il nUS da. do , Ui.S; 2,U*>4?. do , *;>?, ?A' W do. d?,*; 7 ?h?raa i'mnaylinu Hkllr ?d, hi, d?; 1 On. C:>o?*i>u*% ' *..d l??uvtrn Viock. Hl%; $t t<1> Taxka ln'a llniili. W, ?l; I,(Km 4a. d" , JO; ,\\k,1i T???a k'b Roadi. da., il. .S.i"*l d. da, 2 V; l.lkkl Cc Imjjkifl Nkilgkiion ti'k, BM, tJU; 9 ah??ea IVnotyli ,*ia Bank, lit; 14 do. Miluilugtua K*nr< ad, &' ; 5- d i. keiliig Kmiroai. 8 do. IN tniilrtuii Kiil'.ral, JB>J-. (VW Trxat**' Bcrnta, 35; J,MM) do. do . JV I.IMU Tc ?-.? In'# I> >a la, : .V X U*> kradieg Railroad 0'k, 4e. do , 0(>M. | / oart/i -97HUlll;Tb7'* Bnada. 1*1; !./?> IVn. tyl. inla Vk. 12tlmt# I'i i< a Bank, Taanraae*. AHf. ii.Uiai K? .J ?/ 1 a II..r da, W .V ?',ar. ? M. rria Canal, l-V I.,',. jOU dv. do., US. low da. do., U\. 100 Kaadlag Railroad, MJf. ThcntrWnl nut! Muatcal. Bowrky Tuankr.?The programme ol a-it-rte'nin.nt, lor tki* evening, i rwuti three capital pi? i??. J c"iupri?ln? comedy, illtM, and national tpectaola. I The flrkt Ik th? drama of " The Denouncer " wbtah ?IU b? li Wowed by tha eon a J; of the "1 apt'.l a 01 tba I Watch," and tha whole will conolu'ie with ttlk a | laaIrlkn rjiaot*cla of ' Kit i kraon, tua Her* of th? I'rklrl*." NktuuM tbik bill will Jrkar ? etomJil Uauaa. Ui.r*ii* ?r Tmi iikk- ? Tb!? iTtilii(, nry m l orlflrkl ci Oiady. ( HaJ l.xtrroi'-a " will b? pro<luna<|, for tha firat tloia On kO J f kg* Tha et<t of l^trvit'll aual>tk?ai ail ILr cicallkDt run.ajiari' ut'.arh J to tbla tbaatr* Tha fcanary U raid to ba of a tpiand'4 4akprlptioo 1 ba amuaatiiaota will eloaa with tha barla>?. ta of tha ' K?m Matar* '' Wt bark aTary ra??>a to balia?a that tbara wlllba al*rgr ?kan>bi?l(aftt tba Broadway tbla kTanlog. Hi kTsia'k TnaaTk*.? ThU flonri?hlnf katabHahmaal e? ntlBuaa. a* u?ual to proaaiit oovalutu of ararj Kind. Tlilt availing a Maw fare", na?ar balora aotaU.. oatlad | ' Wild DurW," will l.a pra>aatad t->fkthar with th? liiluil'abla and navar-tiring or tn-'ljr ?<1 "Tha NarloM l ?i?lly " .Naarly all tha ?xo*ll?ut oinadlana of tha I hambark ttraat thaatra will apprar la h th piaa*a. N?tio??i. Tniitii?Thik n-t>\ng, > haofrau tha graat orlKtoal Mnaa, app?ar? la lb* aai.|ual to tba Myatrtirk acd Mlaarlak <d New ^ ork " Tua ant-rtaloBi-at# ctuDirtira with tha axaallant oaatioal drama at ' ' tilaok f.yad Snaao," tha part ol William by >Jr K. H ( hanltao. balwaaa tba plaoaa Mi#a I) Uawai will danra t:i Nutria, and tha orcbtalra will atacaU tba htbiopias ciadl'-y orartura. OLTMric THraikk ?Tba aDtartalom>'ot/<at thla aa?C lltlla UMtN, n o>lat < f Ilia 'Irani <>l 1 tia Haul la Tarla." 'fea aicrllaat eooiady nf tha - Sarloua handy.'' ai d tba mutloal farea of tb<- "I oaa of a Lorar.'' It la aaadlraa tc ray. with tha atarila? company of rcmadlana alfa-had to tha Olympla toat tha aotla? will b* fi?4 aad Iba au dlanea plaaaad wltb Ihalr at alt to Iba Olympic Itkilia OrMi ?Tbid ?*aainf will a!Tord tba laat Offr'Ttunity under tha rob'rrltilna, of baarlnc tha pH^ J elpal aocallatk of tbl< aatahltabmanl. Aana Uolana" ill ba paifi run d Tbik opara la daaOTfwdiy a farorlta, acd will attract a laija audiaaea To-a<>rr.>? avaaiac Mlgaortaa 1 ruffl will baa* a b^aaftt wbaa an admlrabt* ? taction will ba praaaatad to tba lorara of maua. ! t Hkint't Oraka Hoi kk. Tha prnfranm* of nalodlaa. abi ruraa. roya^a oti'leal aad daaelaf aanouuead for thla avaninji will be aura to arowd Marbaalc*' llall. Rat, wa would Mb. whan la it Bat erowdad ' Aim rat arary night tha pa 'pl? ara ataadla( In tba paaaaga. try lag to aatcb a gilmpaa of tba paif. rnan t brlaty ta doing tha thing vail. AwaaK-k* Mi an m?Klea, tba Inimltabia dallnaatnr af nagra ahara< tar. arn"-incad ta parr<m arary day thla waak wtll ba lira to at'ra-t larga aadlaneak ta thla popular raa< rt tla aapvar> aa Jambu Inn I'ba N.artlaatrl lamily tba ealabratad panloailmlata will appaar la a new pantomiae NkWKWyt'a Om aar?To night Raatenyl'f aeeoad C< naait will ba glee* at tha |'aba>n<ac|e ko4 ?a a?a^ not aay naob to dollrlt lot him a larga aadiaaca. fir ba la already known aro<>eg o? at one <1 tba greatekt ?lollnlata that aver vltlted our ahnrea Thla opinion of ami. though bnt aa eabo of tba jadgneat pakilahad la Kuropeaa p?p*ra la imtlfled la eeery reapeot, aad ta attend bia ri anart ait hough thla win ba ato aa. la bat a tribute due to hla art, hia peraoaai aniahleaaaa aa a geatlemaa and ai a martyr of bta oppreaaad ao?? try la raganlal i l urrlcnlun Vita,'' wa Bnd It Mated that a lady baying hear I him play, unaware ?f bia pretence In an hotel at I'reedea. fell lata a raay daageroaa lit of mrlaneboty. and being adilaad by ha* phyalclan to Ilia In Italy, met bin there, for a aa?oa4 I time, accidentally and ila'enlng at the daor to kit aatraaclag tone* *be waa faand rne noct morning Je?4 on the *p<,t where *be atoc-d Aad. Ilka tba Immortal Paganml be la kaown a? tha r>ai* ODa who, by tha magic of the tonea eitraeted from tkla mighty iaatramaat. anccaedad la moriag tba Iron haart of the oawa traat gailaat aarrlor hut now tba Arnold of hi* nobla nt nnhappy land At ttated i?na daya ago, it It traa Ihkt t ?aorgey bum Ma 4 aad touched by lite ,Jee? me> Uachi4y and Indaaaribable t?nei of the artltt. Mt fat Mm the tea date>t and alnoarekt Irien iahlp , hat it It <'? im?, ar? pvinittUd to Mr ft"" Kam-ajri ttcHlf that tblc fiioml'Mp wii rnlpr*nit#i la >?. t a tljh <J?kr?- u lo folio* him to a iUa attar hU Infamy Ha vita, with kin i priaonrr of war. ifln tit?j ? ?orrra<l?r to th? R?Ihi m?r ha?in? <-??a?*d. ba act him hat auaa, t? ??pr??? tba mdU. fi aata of Ma hat* kill tx.rri* nf t ?h??i*fal r..B<lo<-l af |?t* K*m*nyt'a p*ff MraB?" of hl? ?ran4 < 4?i>v?. I* Krarnt ' Ati<i*Dt? ik< <?r? !? ? 4a \ ? !? . and lh? >r?D I tautalaof " Wl'Jta* Tall," a?<-naij>at<t*4 hy Mr. Tirama aiaartaal toa?h, to(*l)>*r witn th. brl..' ?.? at?aailoa <4 a K Mom tha ? " h? our ma<*h ap*r?ela?*4 Si#f m f i r(h?f*, cauoat fall t?> #ll tha l ab*raaaia. tkM m(ti Tha ItaJiaa o^ara t<T aoMlatiaf af rtlgnoftee CMmI* natill T?> ra \al>?lll?a I a?aa*lll Ara..|.||, ai i ftarlll. ar* (tl?laf ?p?f r.rr*a*atatloaa la fa? UlMM IMaitdlr ?llK?lla?f. Tfcoma* Ba*?ar. of boatoa haa ahtalaa4 41 aoraa frr to hi* alt* la of h*r ht*i?|j >laa4 tha Khakara. * Til* ahnla a?oaal of alt la*j>*a?*4 at tha OanaJifa. M ? , rait ?j no.- 4ur.i* in* )-at ISM. aaa ? lu Wk <k

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