Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. HtrUWdt Mtur ?f Fulton ud J A 1 B I OOHDOK BKNHETT, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. DAILY HKRALD, i cente per copy-%7 per annum. ?KEKLY HERALD, every Saturday, at 6^ rente P*r ory. or $3 per annum; the European edition ti per annum, to include the pottafe. , DOLLAR WEEKLY HERALD, every Monday, 2 eenti mer eopy, $1 per annum. . . , . VOLUNTARY CQJUUMPOSDEXCR. contutntnq important utirt, goluitcd from tiny juarttr of tag world ,* \f it ted, trill be liberally paid for. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVEN1NO. ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE, A?torPlae?? AbnaBolbba. BOWERT THEATRE, Bowery?Thb Deb0UB?BB?Ca?Tiix ur th* IfiTCH-Kir CilHi. broadway theatre, ilrj?4w?y?Immn-tub Pol* lintit. bceton9 TflBATEB, Chiabn* (tmt-a>aior? FaMiLk ? H :ld Dc cm. national THEATRE, Chatham (tract? Blaos Ey 10 8l'?an?tub k?. i uu AtTKR-makklkd kabb. OLYMPIC THEATRE, Brokilway?Dbtil ib Pa*i??8bBiovt I ami LV?A Loan or a Lo r?;R. CURYSTY'8 OPERA BOUSE?Ei hiofbab Ximtiui. AMERICAN MC8El~M?Aariisu Pbrtobbabobs IYBB* AITBRBOOB AKL Ivtnixu, TABE&NACLE?RK.MKMI'I Cobcbbt. MIT ODEON?WntTB's 8BlltBAI>ER*. lew York, (Holiday, February 93, 1850. Th? (irial Union 1>? mo nitration. Our readers will find, in another part of this day's rater, the call tor the great demonstration which will be held this evening, at Castle Garden, on the ubject of hlavery. If they will glance at the signatures, they will perceive that the meeting has been called by persons of influence and character, ii.dependently of all political distinction, and that tnuny of our first merchants have participated in the movement. The object of this meeting is to sustain the Union, by the permanent set lement of the slavery question on the basis of Mr. Clay's compromise resolutions. We anticipate that it will be one of the largest, if not the largest public meeting that has ever been held in this city, and that it will exercise a happy influence on the proceedings ol Congress, in the settlement of the unfortunate controversy about slavery. New York has a greater interest in maintaining the union of 'hese States, than any other city in the Union. As ye?, however, her voice on this question has not been heard. We shall see what influence the meeting of to-night will exercise. Tke Knrt>i>ean Intelligence by tlx? America. I ur full telegraphic synopsis of English and European new?, received at Halifax by the America, is repltte with points of great interest. The commercial news is marked in its character, and will stir the pulse of the markets, according to the bearings it may have respectively on articles of commercial interchange. The improvement in the prices and demand for coffee will have a favorable effect upon the glut in the market, and has taken place at a time when it was needed to t?ke off our surplus of supply. In the political aud governmental world, we have many curious ?nd highly interesting details. The Parliament of Great Britain and Ire-land has met, and ihe customary speech of her Majesty has been read. The ministers take a good quantity of credit to themselves for their movements, in conjunction with the French, on the Turko-Russian question, though they fail to explain by what method they huve tUbtained "the dignity and independence of the l'orte." Astounding dignity?wonderful independence! On domestic policy,* we are instriu-ud, amid lamentations, that the people are congratulated on the improved condition of commerce and manufactures; and that the complaints of land owners are matters of "regret." Some modification of the landlord and tenant laws, for Ireland, seems to be in progress, but ttie details of the plan have not yet been announced. There whs an amendment ofli rrd to the address from Parliament, by the Protectionist party, but it was U st in both houecs by an overwhelming majority, so that free trade will stand on its legs another year. Lord Dudh y Stuart, a kind of patron saint of expatriated Poles and ostracized foreigners generally, has called for papers and facts with respect t? Austrian tyranny, and his success in gaining his point is another proof of the trne progress of the ...... ml'.. . - .... ?r..... ? ? ;.k respect to the disposition of the cabinet towards the toltiiti. England w.U never yield an ucrejjy a disinterested lapse. The paw of the lion rests on her tenitoiy ti'l it is torn awny; and while frtding <n free trade at home, her colonies must lake the same food, though the quantity mty cause grumbling. We deeply deplore the continuation of disastrous 1 tidings from Ireland. She is puttering now similar sorrows and deprivations as were depicted by Kdmund Spenser, in the reign of Elizabeth. It is paradoxical that Great llriuin can take cire of the interests ol many a foreign nation, and not provide deemtly for her own children. Such hard-hearted parents, however, are known in private life. The news fn m Trance is important. We were ' prepared for disturbances, after reading th<* debate oa the education measure, bat did not think that an apparently trivial movement was to bring the people br? as'-wise again*! the government. The n*f> d'ilot is a nonsensical surmise. K very act of f^uis Napoleon is a virtual surrender of the peopie's liberties, and no conservative ot liberal mind ran justify the steps taken by him to concentrate his power. Hrnee, the people of Paris are rightfully jealous *f hi- strides over the constitution, and those who aran his conduct must be excited. We shall yet have more fraternization?more change. The Napoleon hat w ill so'<n be out of fashion. T he position of Switzerland is interesting, ami so is that of Greece. Kngland is forced, by public opinion at home, to sustain the conduct of th?* for- 1 wer, while she is at her usual game of bullion or hayoneta wiih the indebted people of the latter nation It is another act in the {lay (>erformed ia China, Spain and Honduras. Other countries furnish serious topics of discus )?> , or agreeable theme* for congratulations; h'it we await our full files by ihe America, on the re fJ uhfll U s' s*i til Bit# flip I. irtiniil irj r\C which our mniit ary furiii>lire *o many iinportaat "bead# and " T"ti? Hlarrrf l(nrill?n In Con|[rfM?lr< Wtbtttr'l Cuiti I'romUr Hill. <>vr readera will find m c?rreapondence from Vnkin^ra, an untenant and highly interrating l*wcr of intelligence, lo thee lire l thai Mr. Wobater, ibi great coattitnlional lawyer, la preparing md diluting i echeme of conpromiae on the aUvery n. which biila fair to he Mti?factory to the ?f?trrate and ?en?ible inra of all partiea and ail MiiMaof thrrMRtty. Thia hill will be intro<oof d during the pnint or in the early part f the ne*t, and it ia raid it will he baaed on the MiMonn crmproniiar. Mr. Webater will mtke a powerful apeech on the occaaion ; and it ia currently reported in Waahwgton ihat the term* of the kill are aatlafnctory to au<h of the Southern men* bera aa have heard of them. Thia ia one of the mo?t important mo*em"0'a tfeat haa been made in Ongrr?a iince the commencement ol the preaent aeaaion, to connection with the dtatractinf qaeotloa of alavery in the n-w ' territories It n movement, too, which, we I think, ia very likely to be received with favor Hy ! all partiea, eicept the ultra free aoiWi and dia?rgaatxer*. who, however, are ot no great numert* cal force or influence. A? it wiil be haaed on the MiMcnri eompromi#e, it carriea wuh it aaaocia- j fiona of an agreeable and conciliatory character. I It will bring rn^n a minda back to a former pejioJ of our hiatory, when the name question threatened lite continuance of the Union, aa it do-a now, and whrn the luhject waa approached, and handled, and willed, anddiapoaed ?f, ia a a^irit of fori??r- j aace and nn promue, alike honorable to lb- North ? y d and to the South. Thu bill of Mr. Webster, then, being founded am the mm btt? u the original Missouri compromise, win have a good chance of being accepted, and we fchall look with intense interest for its introduction into the Senate. Mr. Webster will no doubt preface it with a constitutional argument that will command attention, and the influence which attaches to him, together with the profundity of his learning and knowledge of constitutional questions, will give his compromise a weight that will have a telling effect on both houses. Besides all this, Mr. Webster represents a section of the Union which numbers more fanatics on the subject ol slavery than probably any other; and a compromise emanating from such a quarter cannot but be received in a spirit of conciliation by the South, and accepted by the moderate men of the ftorth. It has become a settled thing, that the southern States will not submit to the exclusion of slavery from the whole of the new territories', nor should tney. lney insist upoa a division of the benefits arising from the acquisition, and the df mand is reasonable. They have expressed their willingness heretofore to be satis* tied with the extension of the Missouri compromise line. This would give the North not much more of the new territory than the South. It would perhaps make it necessary to divide Californiu into two States, and certainly it covera area enough to allow of that being done, and give at the came time to each abundance of soil. It may, of course, be expected that this rumored compromise of Mr. Webster will not be satisfactory to the northern lnnatics, whose organ is the New York Tribune, and whose representation in the Senate is the demagogue William H. Seward. But we have the strongest belief that it will receive the support of all moderate and sensible men, here and elsewhere. Any compromise between the North and the South would deprive the northern fanatics of all the factitious importance that they possess, by insulting and harrassing the South, ever since the acquisition of the new territory, in connection with the subject of slavery. They would immediately sink into insignificance, never to rise again. Of course, they will avoid political death as ; long as they possibly can, and, therefore, will not agree to any compromise of this troublesome question. But it is essential to the welfare and prosperity of the country, if not to the permanence of our great and glorious Union, that the slavery question should be settled during the present session, and especially before the meeting of the Nashville Convention, in June next; and it is clear that it cannot be settled on any termsbut those of compromise, by which the rights of the South will be respected. The extension of the line of the Missouri compromise to the Pacific would effect this, in a manner which, we think, would be satisfactory to the South. The North would get as much, and perhaps more, territory than it ought in reason to d? mand, and the South would be satisfied. We | hope to have the pleasure of placing an outline of Mr. U ebster a compromise proposition before our readers, in a few days. In the meantime, we shall watch the course of events in Washington. Termination of tjik Gainks Contxovxrsy.? The Gaines controversy, which has been before our federal court* for a very long time, has at length been concluded adversely to Mrs. Gaines. The court decided ngamst Mrs. Gaines on almost every point, and dismissed her bill. There was an immense amount of property involved in the result of the case, amounting to several millions of dollars in value. In yesterday's Herald we published the concluding patt of the proceedings, and they occupied ten columns of our journal. We 'earn by telegraph that Mrs. Gaines has appealed trom the decision of Judge McCaleb, and that the cose will b? carried op to the Supreme Court of the j United States. Tn* Canadian Exioutivk Council and th* Imperial Navigation Act ?It appears, by a Correspondence between the Montreal Board of Trade and the 1'rovincial government, and by a report of the Executive Council, made on the 29th of January last, that the coasting trade will not be thrown o|>en to our countrymen unless the reciprocity in trade be established. Thus it is evident that the Canadians tbink their new measure can be forced j upon us, as we would prefer to yield to them, rather than see them extend their trade with Great Britain. In thia new, the Executive Council have con- I ' ronnriu d ihe imperial navigation act ao as not to extend to the Hirer St. Lawrence. An extract j j frcm the report annexed, will tell the whole atorjf:? The Committee of Council ar? not prepared at pra ' rt In view of pending negotiations with the govemnent or tb? I nlted State*. to recommend to Parlla- 1 mert to adopt any measure with tit* view of placing the Intercolonial trade on the footing of a coasting trad* Witb regard to the employment of foreign ahipa, the Committee of ( ounetl eononr In the opinion of tne B< aid of Tiale. that no statutary Impediment exist* to the employment of lueh (hipping,in tha conveyance af good* or patseagar* between an; port of Canada and all part* of the world. The Commlttea of Connoil ara, hoaever of opinion, that Irrespective altogether of tha navigation lawa, tbe prerogative of tha Crown l? aufflctent to plaee restriction on the naTlgatlon by foreign vessel*. of a river (lowing through the territory of Her .Majesty. and the Committee of Council eanaot ad r lee jour Kxeeliency. as tha representative of bar Majeaty, to extend any privilege* to American citizens pending ' tbe decision of the Congress of the United States on I tha bill for eetabllshlng reciprocal free trada between tha two ccuntriea. Iliookiyn City IntalliKcnr*. Fin.NTri j. *?o Iitii. An ini.111. -Oa Katnr Jay are* nii g between half past fire and tlx o'clock, afrightfol accident occurred In Mr Blrkbeck'e I nloa Foundry, in \* at?r street. Tbe men had gone away from work, srd Kdeard l.ueas. tbe engineer, remained behind, it is ?appoie<f, for iba purpose ot oiling tba engine A a his friends f und be *as not comltg home, they bacsm? rcea-y about him. and w.nt to look for biro at tbe foundry, when a horrid epeotacl* presented Itself lie was eut into two pleaee. and tbe flesh mangled in tbe mo?t frightful manner bis b" were ent?lt?d about the machinery, and bia broken legs and aims sticking oat In a hideous manner, tha angina still g'irg abd the crank s riling tbe remains at every revolution It ia euppoeed that. In oiling the angina, or In atundiag to It in some way or other, tb* nnfortni.ete man |o?t bis balaae* and fell among tba machinery An laqweat w?a bald on tbe body, by tha Coeo- I n?r. ami vrttiiei < ( accurst*! da*, h r-turn?-i Cut Cavar.- Bafora lud^a c.r??nwoo4 and Mdar Bra llswsburat ant T*jlnr.?Tba lol'nwir* NnlfinM Mil prcnoaarad by llil? < onrt on Maturityloaapb Kalratt, butnlary. 1 ya?r? *tid S nicotha la Stato priaon; l hrlrtlim halaart, hi* ?if<*. for iwrjarjt. ] rnti hi 'i mrntha. do,; Thosii* t.aka. kw^mt a alaordotty bow* . u <j * la tha ( udit j?ll, I b UK i l*r*b%i. lo . 16 .!aj? lmprl?oam?nt, lama* |>own*. vanlt and I atittf n a aatchnaa 10 daya Imprlarvutnant Patrick ,v* I. Blip hlta. a??ault and batt-ry tinad 95, Wlllamaoa Wjrknff k??| ?f of th? *< jr.ty jail fur a**a.ilila< a prlNIH. M lit; K.lwarl Cuaimla**. a??ault and h?u tary ?a a sMId. fla?d >160. Tb* jar/ wara diaot??r<?d wiitil Turaday. tb* Mih ia*t nr.? Th* f'orruar bald aa lo |aa#t on th* body r t a rblld f. uo.l drowa*4 at (> >*anu?, on t?4iurd*y la?t. \ rrulet accotdlrntf. Polln lnUlll(tnr*< Huifuitn ?] Kmtlary. Johu Taylor and Martin Co- l?j w??a imilid at ulna o'rlonk oa Saturday *ra. bliiC by ? fllrar* KUHf at d ' a.aaaith on 1*r auaplot >ua olrran *tat r>* and t o bain* aaarrbad a burglar'* w? I f<'T rklBf door*, aad ?<>?n* pawn tlskat*. wara f>uad V|' B thrB, Hi'TgUfy *n<I (i t*4 l*rr'up - Robart Rlakatt* (ao Irtid) ?a* arra*tad hy rfll.. r? Dou.ll?*n ail1 HIT rl, of tha 91 atIs aatd, at Jtalf pact li o'alock y*? nday nu k. for boi?iar!< ?aly an tat In* a afro la Wa<bIt pti r (tiHl, abd ?Uallai( tbarafrom rarlowi artialaa, t*iu?d at 91W. Irml in I'irjmrf ? OrSvnrdar, Ifaator <i?ara, af Blddltt***, <>ra?r* aaaaty. *? arraitad ky i.fllaari O Kaafa tail b<aaa. at Ml ratrt *ttaat, ca a rh?r*a af parlary, ha t>i ?i i*rfa iliai k< ait ><th rtaaa ta aarrry ?a * anil, aa in t at Ina aaala. t?a*ti?l l.itilo. acaiaat I .a a la H fimaa, r-nitsMa. Bharta* hta a*rl? |iti hi? ta anok autkaritp. aa> koih tl.a a<ai|lanaat ant tha nta<*?r ?*ia brat. bl tk? ? krraat ta tki?*tt*t?r tfca arraat* ft''a prtaaaar. ion "I Mtiiitl Urn.?jtkla Kii'naraki, a y?o?? Dftnaa, ?H irmM, at tha mflalal af l ?ila t ra-a. alaaattarmta aa aalorc^of *r*nt a? h?r aad?r a falta pn-aiaa af n aitlapa. aad a aa ta tba K*a?a Mart at Pallaa Raart f"i (to ?att< a II* ??a a ">a a<a4> aataiMa "f tk> aar\aa< < r. t ra t a l.a-t r?ar >ita<l aaato ttxaiaaa f lha d'aia. aad ia< it Mlatrala ?a'? htm bta ck?nra af to tLr 9ta?apriarn. ar a a'r.ini tha j-rl Tl.a lattar a'>f?i*?t?a ha arnnld ka<a a(aapt*d a It ? ap t. ? Jt that arm# >A?laaa frtaad latrT'?r>< lha Jaatxa haa *t?aa Mai a faw day* ta aiaaa at I l a*: ad _ _ _ . I ;ttif >/ aa 1)1,f Taad aad Tkoaaaa B la? J v. k iata f r.u .ly i a ." ?tat?ay af ?t ?a at tj*l h na tf Milt ?aa aa Na f aa|t-*rTT a raat. Pairlit Mt'ftf. an a .a fxakd attaa>t-ir* aa taip-idn.! t'Mr (la?laf a uma tr irt Ian tM tL?*a a?aK-?r??d k* had k* >kaa itaa tta kaaaaa. ta arktah tkata ?ar* ||itl a??tk if I ?.? tataar a). a%? a i?afi>y ?t t.i? a. Ha aaaraaaktaa tt.a a a ta am aat.?tad ?y Vr. H-a'aa. Ha had aad taaikrt ia.f) kria la t.ta p t?'. It ia nit taa iar? ataea lt,i' ifraaad ik..f aai dn.1 ? (.!. f r aaat af *a'#*imt IT a<?? * pairrt I i? ta ?* it?ar *a.? I . "tt*<a ft a II i r? Frador \ I < '#a ?aa arraatad far a!??d<a,if k i ?ila aad ati.Utaa. apva a aarraai laanat kp daii' a Oak' tta !'? ><'* n Wrak a II,mk Hit.-!?*,% T. Smith an ti ?* ty ?i' ?r 1 ??t?!li> at i - pii tii aatd, ar * a ?kar?a a? atti : i -iat li p*-? a M ktvkia taak k.J, kaaaia* tha UBt ' * k??arth]Mt TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Mr. Wtteur*! ConpronUM, Ac. ora si'ecial tkucurai'hic cohhkm-o.ndkhci. Washington. Fobrutjf 24, 1810. The probable turn 1b public affairs form* the ohlef subject of speculation among those who are interested in the perpetuity of the Union. There If a deep oonvlctlon that something must be done to stay the progreae of alarm, and to tare the prominent parties of the country from being merged into tvo others?the one, great and powerful in its Influence and domination; tbo other, small, bat native in mischief, and eapable of distracting the country from one end to the other. Consequently, the discreet aie now devising methods of arranging a oompromlse that will terminate in eon piste harmony. To give yon .some impression of the interest in the matter, I may state that several Southern members of Congress had a long and interesting interview with Mr. Webster last night. The whole suhjeot was discuesed. and the result Is, that the limitations of a compromise have been examined, which are satisfactory to our Southern brethren. This is good news, and will surround Mr. Webster's position with an uncommon interest. A lively time is expected to-morrow-and, indeed, the whole week will be full of expectations and action. Vhs Gaines Case, <kr. New Oslkans, Feb. 21,1860. It is supposed that the decision against Mr. Gaines will be appealed from, and the ease earried up to the Supreme Court of the United States. The office of the Picayune has been re-established near the old stand. The morning publication has not been suspended a single day. Disarrangement of tb* Telegraph Pole*. Wilmington, (D*l) Feb. 23?3 P. M. A letter from Dover, under this morning's date, states that the telegraph pole* In that vicinity, to the distance of two mil**, hare been knocked down. arkeu( New Orleans, Feb. 21,1850. The F.nropa'f letter* have bean received. The *ala* of cotton to-day have [reached 5 (XXJ bale*, at former rate*; middling at 11X. Superior Court. Before Jtutice* Oakley, 8andford and Palae. Feb. 23.?OaoKKEo?That a special tern of this | Court, for the trial of Issues of facta, be held, to oom1 menee on third Monday of March next, and to eon* tinue until the last Satarday sf said month, and that sueh issues may be noticed for trial for the said third Monday of March. That all issues of fact wbioh shall be noticed for April term, shall be plaosd at the foot of the calendar made up for the said March term, which shall be oontinued as the calendar of said April term. John P. BeauvilU vs. Peter S. Castellanos et si.?Taxation of coats affirmed, without costs to either party. Ruhard Detktr vs. Charlrs O Math*ail and Thomas Gardntr ? Motion denied without costs. Ely Moore vi. Frederick Pentz.?Order at Chamber* affirmed. Moiti Lazarus, and others, plaintiffs in error, vs. Henry Hottin, dejendant in error ?Judgment affirmed. Muhoel Ryan, .lypellatu, adsm., .ulon Smith, admr., f?.. lirtfondtnt.?Judgment at the special term affirmed. (*torlair and *Alanton P. St. John ads. Russell Sturges ?Motion to set aside report of referees granted, and rule of refsrenee discharged, unless plaintiff within ten days after service of a copy of this rule stipulate to take a judgment for $812 60, with interest from date of the report as and for the amount reported by the referee*, In which cm* the motion IsfTom thenceforth denied. 1 John Chester, opjrUant, rs. Leii Jl. Mills, respondent.? Re-argument ordered. George lhrydtn ads. Cornelia It. Lawrence.?Motion for new trial denied. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Fes. 22 ?False Imprisonment?William Walsh rs. .kmhw"r mtn, oouinun men ana jacon men ?1 [ill was an inqneat. It appeared tbat the plalatlff. who ia a respectable nan residing In Newark, cam* to thl* oity on basinets, and M ha ?m proceeding up tha Bowery, be was accosted br tha defendant*, who are Jew clothier*, residing there. and obeyed by them with having previously paaaad upon them a >5 counterfeit bill. Air. Walah protected his Innocence, and offared to aenmpany tha partiea to Newark, and convince , them that they were mistaken to hia identity; tha defendant*, however, refused to listen to hia remon* ( trance and bad him forthwith taken before tha poltoe justice; bat aa the examination eonld not be held that day, Mr Walth waa detained la custody; ta the mean ! time. Mr 8tewart, the clerk of the pnllaa court, proceeded to Mr. Walsh's residence. and there fouad tbnt hi* representations were trae. and he wai Immediately discharged from enatody. There was no defence Tha jury retired, but had agreed before they reached their room and returned into court, with a verdict for tha I pain tiff of fl,MM damage*. Before Judge Tain*. Frr. 22.?ThU waa the la*t day of the Jury tana. ; Tha Court gave notice that issus* of fact will be tried ; aest term, eommeaciag the third Monday la Mar oh; : the seme oaleadar to aontlnaa through April. Can*** , mutt be noticed for the third Monday la March. New I caaei may b* noticed for the first Monday la April, and put at tha foot of the calendar The Flood in thi Loweb Mtsittsteri. ?Th* St. FraacUvilie (La.) CkroniiU, of the 6th last, aay* :?Tha river *tlll continue* to rl*e Wear* happy to leara, that aa effort will be Bade to leva* in tha town of Bayou Sara. *e tooa a* the water recede*. Many planter* la the f arlth are wllliug to cubrsribe liberally towards the work. We hopa It may be aecompllahed. and tha overflow of the plaee prevented in tatnre It will hare a tendency to relieve a vaat deal of anOeriag. and add somewhat to the health of the place, as an aaaual overflow muet reader It aiora or let* unhealthy. W* tuve been Informed that the rl?er baa nearly reached tha chain of lakea above thla piece, the hack* continuing to cave In. Bo *oon a* It gate Into the lake* leading to Fayou Sara, It ma*t Inevitably create sad havoc with that towa W* are apprehensive that we shall feel the dlstreeelng effect* of aa overflow, annually, below tha ( nt-Off, aalees *o**e mean* are resorted to by which tha immease volume of water below can be leseened. We take the following from tha rotate roapee (La ) Kch? of tha aame date The river la still rising at thin point, it M dating thta of an lush in twantj four hoar* It la ttlEla I foot of thr hl|t< rat watar mark of iMt Itir rtJay. & oolork, P M.?Tb* rl?ar ha* rl**n, within tb* lait t*Mtf lour hoora, at laaat foar loob** It haa ralnrd all day. W* would acata caution our {>labtar* ta attrnd to tbalr lm?a,iila many plaaaitb* rain liaa na'trlallj damagad tbam Tb* ria<|Ufm)na (La.) Prmorrat of tb* 8th. aay*:~ Tba rlrar at tbla point baa bow r*aob*d an ai'raurdtnary balfbt. and la atlll rlaing iloalj, Th? baron la alio **ry lull, and wa ar* Itfrratd tbat all iha low landa ouatlgut>a* ta It ara coaplrtaly aub<n?rg'.i Mr* l**rn that tba nppar rlaara ara all failing ra^tdlj and wa alno*r*ly bopa tbat tba rival bara wUl toon tornmane* raradlrg. Wa find tha following la tba Tblbodaanx (La) Hi ma of tba 24 : ?Tba craaaaia to which wa aUnd?d lait waak la on tba rlfbt bank of tba bayon. about flftaaa nitlaa balow tbla tows, and th? wat*r la atlil pour Inn through wltb |t<at ??lo?ltt, 10 tOapt wbalarar la?lt>* b*an mad* to *top It. Tba plantation* on Bayou Tarrabonn* ar* alraady beginning to f**l tba *f*?t* of tbla craraa**, i*varmi of thorn bang partially laundatad If tbla cravaaaa I* not la*m<-ltat*ly alo*ad. t tarn an* * dam at:* nut raanlt to all tba lababltaut* wuh- ( n rtacb tf lu da*tructl?* couraa. Fiaa in PaarnaarTia, V* ?Tha Norfolk (Vl) ffraU of tba 2l?t Inat . glaa* tha following Hag of anffara by ' tba fir* in Portaaioutb. on tha *Hh - On lllgh atraat, Mr. Laab aarad notblrg and waa not lnaur?d Tba ' ton** b*loag*d ta hi*, and wa* aatlaatad to ka worth gllOO hia atoak on hand waa worth ganM. Mr. L. al*o loat bl* bc<k* and pap*ra Mr < >wat *a**d oaarly hi* whol* *ta?ik of l**tb?r. *hor*? fc?. Tba boo** ba rrrupiad baloagad to ( T. Dlgg*. and waa lnaar*.| for ico about Ita *alu? Mr Oaii i loa* la abont MOg. Ilouaa <*?npl?d by blm baloagad t* T. Brook*-aalaa g*00 no Inauranaa Ol Crawford atra*t, tb* loa* In building*, owaad by Mr. Griffith and Mr I'wtnt I* bout H'i'oO, on which th*ra> wa* only a partial Ina urate* Tba *t*?h In tb* a tor** waa aaarly all aaraj; bat tbanecapaata abova l?*t tb* graatar i>art of ibalr (arnltur*. Do*tor CaLiraaai* Flbct. ?Tb* wbol* nntnbar of I raaaala rUarad fr< m tbla port for California. atana tha tral dlacPT*ry of gold up to tbla day UlM-rla.- 71 abip*. tl bark*, 41 hr<ga, 21 *?bo?n*r* PrnbaMy t l*aa* vaaaal* baaa aarrtad oat aoa* g.500 pa*a?agara, aad abont ft *00 Ct>0 of fralght la addlUoa to tba aboaa, tbar* alaaiad tbia otnlng. 1 ahlp t bark*, I l itg and 1 tabooaar-making tb* wb?l* lumbar SM - Tba llfta abip < aliferaka r?c ?>t. l apt. klmball. will *l?o elur non with ibont 1M pMNDiiit.- Dtifcii r< ?? my*, ra. u. Mm ViMi Mm.aa -Tba I'tltmHU flttln to Iki uiiMtUiiii Mn Millar luilri Mg >f>g >nj r< (f|iln4 la (il(T?r??t part* of Virginia ar? wholly unfcncdad Major VilUr ard h?r father aia a"* in Wa?hln|toa, and bar* dillfaotly follnaad ap tbmw main, aad oaartakaa tba par'.laa da??rlb?d. (wb > la t< a?? aa?aa wata avapa^tad with om# ahaw of probability ) bat aa yat baaa baa a totally aaabla to dlaoarar aojthli n whtrh. la tha rasoaaat da?raa, 'atnra tba anppr.nirn that aba la atUl la aalataaaa - Sum, r.i ?. Tba Dollar Waahljr. Tfcla rhrap pnbliaatioa will ba pabllahad to day. Aw<r<r otba? a.attar. It will aoataia tha fraat (Jalaaa raaa file* la atplaa. two aaata. Coart Calradar-Thla l>ay. t'anrn tfiatta Oiaiaicr Coi at ?Noa fl*. Tl, ?#, T4. T? R< rarur Can *r Omni Naa. 40, 44 >4 U, Ml 60, ?4. M. ?T 09. 78 74. >1, ?. H?. t nton Kltnlni ,?l Caaila HiHltn, it It la) Vfarfa? ftaalar. F?*ra?r? *??. I"8n.-Th# Oomirlite* nf I * ai*atla< l ? ?a h?U thu aroamg at i bihi Uirt? ifmwh 'f ?km* l>lh*-iIUhm *h<> an ba IKiaat, Hat ao fr ??4 ??t ba i is?t ?ha<i la aay anaaatr fnrf i?f p*liilr?l p tjaaa, at kata (it IM ?t> J**t It* iUii'Ih at apalaaaa ?t ?ay l?rfl?H>i%l la irtt???aii ii. arxtbt. aa4 thai tha apptt af ttia ?all af tha ???Wli fully rr ad oai. "irr?p-mi*? nf party." a*. i* aad >aa??ra nil i rat ba arfaaittad lata tha o.r u*. taaapt at |f??id?4 *y tliggamlltm, Hair D|?.-Balfb?ian' Htnalna tlqnld Hair l>ja. aa? ialf H attentat at tha a.kaaffcct?ry. 4 .Tall mat*. lb* pai I<* ah-mid faaN iivhi taitatmaa, aad tawt'Wl iMa ta aai a tblaa a* M-aay, bat Ua nn)| of maay aara tindy. ay tati'at tfli H *.? rata-na <lrw nV| aaa w ??.?< aha* cat?r fr?? ?t aa? nt tha iaitati n 4t*?, aa bata It aamatad by ali.i| aa abaaa. v?py taa a44iiaa Gentlf mrn'i Haft, Hprlnf FubUi, 1S80. --W.U. atuiikCV. Batter*. 1M Broadway. wiU iaaoa the Spring Pathioa, on Ittiritj, the Id dav afBareh iin. lag. The atyle will be atrlatly appropriate to th* aaaaoa, and tb* quality toeh u will laaure to mrj cuatomer a riTi Dollar Bat for tire dollar*. 0#ld Fans?If jro* want a Antral* mm Pea, oall at Mo. I John itroot. ap *taii* (eorarr of Broadway ] aid try aoine of PIDDIB'8 aoperior Adatnaatine PoiaU Yon art ?ure to get aulted, aa the aaaortueat ia ?ory large, the price low, and quality aaa't be beat. The Climax In Hair Dying?Ptutlon'i Magio Hair Dja, to oolar the hair or whlakera, th* me at It la applied, without injury to the hair or akia. II eaa be waahed immediately without disturbing the color, an< haa no bad odor. It la applied, or aeld, at PBALON'i), 10! Broadway, aad by ?. L, Paweatt, 1U Chaatout atcaat, Phil* WHii, Wit* *'td Toapaaa.-Auothtr Madal Hal been awarded to Wm. Batoheler, for the boat Wig* and Tonreea. The put lie are larited to lnapert his new atyle. foi I860, at BATCH JCl.OBS eelobrated Wia Factory, No. ( VaD atreet. Be keep largoat and boat aaaartmaat li the city. Copy the addraj. Gouraud'f Poudrc BubtUa Is wurrantwl to positively eradloata *o perilous hair from low forehead*. 01 any part of the human frame. Direction* ia French. Bnglisl and Uerman. Pound oaly at the old estatllahed depot, 8 Walker atreet, tiret store from (not in) Broadway; Bate* I Jordan, 129 Washington atreet, Boston. Or. W kealrr, Oculist, 48 Barclay itrwt devotea hie exclusive attention to diaoaaea of tha lye. M haa jnat imported from Parla, Artificial ?yea ef improve! atructure. which ha inierta ao aa to reaembla tha aatura ujv, ?uu uvij DUV tiviiw* ?V| minj. VUlUf uuuri. V VO O. J pamphlet ?ith remarkable cure* by Br. W. ou be hadgntuitoualy at bit ruidtuee. Dr. Powell, Oculist, Aurlnt, ?e.,atUndi u dlieaiw of the By* and Bar, (rem ulna to four a'oloek, daily at IK Warren (treat, where can be had hi* popalar Treatia en the lye. 3d edition, price Meents: also, hi* aelf-aotini Eje and Ear Fountain*, and a ir?t variety of baautifn Artificial Kyi a. We fed pliatare In calling attention u the wonderful discovery of " Watte * Nsrvon* Antidote.' Upward* of 4,000 bottle* hare been *old lino* It* Introduction and not a single failure in any initanc*. It i* oertaln in al neuralgic pain*, nervoul debility, prostration, tpa*aodi di*order*> and fit*. Can be had at 102 Nassau street. $1 pt bottle. CDIiITCUL iiying. MO!TKY BARRET. onday, Feb. ?4?0 P. B. Daring tbo peat week, fancy stock* bare fluotuate< considerably; prloee key* been unsteady, and operator know not what a day might bring forth. Uovernmen eonrttloo bare boon steadily doolinlng, and the im

predion In tho street la, that they have not yet touoh od bottom. It Is a curious state or things to see good sound stocks going down, while the worthless fancla are going up; bat It Is a state of things that oanno last, and those who are prepared for the change, wil profit by it. The machinery pnt Into operation to In flate prices for fancy stooks, Is of the most eztraordi nary nature, and It Is Interesting to watoh the move msnts of speoulatora, and listen to their argnments li favor of an improvement, and their reasons why thii and that stoek should ge np fire, ten and fifteen pei cent. Outsiders mast be amused in listening to th< stories of tbeee Inside speculators, and, no doubt, ari frequently astonished to learn that some of these indl Tlduals are actually selling, at tho time they makt sncn itTonui representations relative to the fatar< value of k>d? partic ular steck. The moment an outside: purchase* fan07 stock, be 1* in the band* of 1 cllqaa of operator*, who make It a point to get a gooc handful of bia fleece before be eaoapee. Some of then: have not only bean well fleeoed, bat hare been prett] well (klnned; and In the whole course of oar expe rlenee, we do not know of half a doien Inatanoee wben purchasers of lancy atockj hare made money. Once la a while, a bear breaks down; bat moat of the failure* la the street have been ball*, and some of the rlebesl hon*es have been redneed to the very verge of bankruptcy, by their loesee a* bolder* of fancy stocks It li dangerous enough to speculate in anything poeseialng Intrlnsie value, In merchandise of universal consumption, or in any ataple product the supply of which la for a time more limited than the demand; and how uauw iuvk? u?u|civm uiuti * i/w, ?w bjwvlusbb IB RVUCu which neter baft, ui probably never will haee, any rata*, the demand for which li entirely artificial, end regulated eolely by clique* of lnelde * pern to re, who pall the wire*, Md baffle the card*, and throw the die*, jnat m they plea**! The moment an outiider enter* the arena of fancy atock (peculation, b* i* doomed to be plucked of tb* whole, or part, of what he maj po* e*i. and mait go with tb* current, which ever way It eti. Oreen grocer* and apple women hare found faney (took speculation* much l**e prod Labi* than speculation) in ital* gctablM and unrip* fruit Th* annexed (tatemrnt exhibit* tb* ijaotaUowe for tb* principal peaulatire etock* In thii market, for each day *> tb* paat w*ek, and at the elo*e of tb* w*ek pr*?lou*. Soma of tba fanci** bar* fluctuated eontidetably throagbaut, and th* transaction* bare been more moderate than daring tba pmleni week:? QwOTATien* re a rma Fimoirit Bt*ob* ib mi Haw Toai ViaiiT Bat. Mon. Tu*. WU. Tku. FVI. fat. Treanry Wo tee, r?. .113 ? ? ? ? ? ? M. T?.rk Start *...113* 111* US* 113W 113* 111', 113* Ohloi'i 117 - - - - - 1?~ Eeataeky C* 103* ? ? ? 103* IU3 ? te1.^.r,-v 55 = z 2* 5* 5* ladlaaa State 9'*.... ? ? ? ? ? 76* Raiding R. B. Boad*. ------Beadiag Ml* Bead*.. m _ ? KW 7? ? ? Beadiag Bailroad... 96* V>\ 39* 1">V ** Y\ B Henri en a Worceiter 34 - JtW ? ? ? Brie Bell mad. new., SI* 61 ?* 61V <3 CJW Kariem Baiitaad.... N N'< U M Ms M'. Lea* 1 eland 1 ?* M* 17 17 17 Id* P* farmers' Loan...... SI Si SI S<* SO* SOV Can to a Conraay... * * ?<?* *0 ? SP\ S?S M?rri* Caaal,... ... 11)2 It IS 13 IS 13>, 13* Bad. BiverBB..... (0 ?l _ 01 - New Baeea B.B... M *V* M ?7* 17* r* North Amtr'a Trail. 10 1"* K* ? ? ? 11* Brta 7 *. 1(*W 101* _____ 102* ' "Im W* 87 ?* fio* 86* - A eomparUon of pri?*a current at tb* cloaa of tb* arket yesteney, with tboee ruling at the elaaa of th* pr*Tiou* weak, exhibit* a decline In 1*. 6 0'*,1M7, of 1 p*r cent; Farmer*' l oan. *j and an adeana* of * la Ohlo>'*{ lllinol* 6'*, *; Fenneylranla &'*, *| ileadiag Railroad, *; Crla Railroad, 1[ Harlem, *; Load lilaid, Si Morrl* Canal, *; Hudson Rleer Hail road, 4.V; North American Trust, 1 *; Krt* Bond*, old, *. Tb* r*e*ipt* at tb* cuatom bou*? of thl* port, for dntles on import*, duilog tb* paat weak, war* a* follow*, Tlx: Fab. l>th, >U?,000; 10th. >121000; 90th, >111.000; Slat, >116 000, Md, >49 000 ; 2Id. >U?.707_ Total >067,707. Tha amount oa depoeite la the A*sl*tant Treasurer s offlee, at the ?loa* of tuatnea* yeater day, wae >3 037 W> 7S. Tba following table wtll ahow tba Tain* of tba Im. port* of dry goods during tb* pa*t weak, and of Tboae ertered fur warehousiua and wlthdrawa from ware heuia : ? Movkm(?t m Foarta* Put Oimm Immnrti tt'arrhmfd. tt'itW'I. Vaaafaetor** of wool. ..?37i>.m>7 f iAiv fli.r,* do awttoa. 347 SI4 10 4M 4?4?0 do atlk. .. (il CW %W 31 TAT do fat... 1*4.260 6 786 10 MO MiM*iiaMOM Msoa ? urn, ToUl $1 494.764 Wlthla th? pot two or tkroa d?T?, ntmiI paekrt* ttf* irtifd. aad tk? *atrl*a kt tb* roit-m hoaaa ha?? tota largtr tbaa oaaal. Thr uprln* laiportatloa ha*, tha* far, b?*u rrry largo, bat htm by BO bhdi mtlnd U? balk of It |it. Tbo amount tf Jailor oa IBiporta la Janoaiy. 1*40, ru 13*41.07*, from rob lit toMd. both laelaalro, 1.470.169 ?ToUl from Jmm. let to Fob ??, both laaladra, |4 U1.144. Th* oar|cn of roraral fMkfti hara aot baoa oatorwd yat nod tbo probability la that tha dutloa tht pratawt ?Mk ?iU bo lari?. Tbo total for tha moath will hom4 two mllllrB* of dollar* Th? ?hlpa?ati of (poala fro? tht* fort, durlag tha part woak. *ifnd*d tbooa pr*rtoa*lr Bid* tblt yoav. T>a daatlBBttoa of (hlpmaaU, lart woak, wa# a* tost ltd 8mr???*r? or Cfrni raow tub Poar or ?frw Yoaa. Bark i ?rtt Kart ladloa. Spaoltb dollar* *-J 774 btig Pfora. dt Thoaa*. " doablooa*. ... 7 MO Brbr AU> MHoball. flt Thotaaa, 8?t fraao*. . , 10 274 Mram?r Miropa. Llvrrpoot. Mtiltao dollar*. , , 4*000 M M ? Aaiar half doU*r*... U ooo M " - Cnl? dnPt 10JM ? " "Br atlrav 1 *?0 Brig Itnraiio. Barbadoa, In fraao* t M4 Bhlp Zurich, Harra, " 1 * M*rl*ae dollar* U '00 w " " Oold J out 1.4^0 Stoamrr llatMaa. Brtmta aUrar cola 17?T Ifhrnarj Hth to P"?broary . 301.411 Pratlooflj r*port*d lM.4i| Total for 1S40 IM.MJ Thr balk of tbo (hlpaoata for tbo waok wa* la atlrar1 bat It will b* *ni that Btarly twolra tboaaaad dollar*worth of gold du*t w?Bt to Llrarpool aad Harra. Tit* Loglrlatara of Now Joraoy will adjoara * ?* 4* ob tbo Itt af March. Tbo gtntral baak bill wa* takaa Bp agala la th* Saaata oa Friday, aad tht aia?adBi*BU ai*d* In th* Hooao ditagraod to. ao that tha bill will ba lo*?. anlta* tbo Hon to will r*a*4a from It* ainoadaaaata If It I* foaad to rtqalr* too ttroag tt-urlUtt for tha alrralatloa af tha aaaoaUtioa*-for tbat, aftor all, **?a>* to ba tha grrat objaatloa to It-*uh**qwawt U. jin?mr?? raa m?>o n, not inoaa wno with to MUN lt?h tanks opon a raally rahatanttal and mm* taata will act em plain of lb* raqvlrcarnt* of tka kill m It ow rtaad*. A ?irall in"??t of ftaak ?t( Ittiana ant** fM protf*t?d aft?r katlrf km pra??nt?d for radampMon >t th? Maraaatlla Bank In tkl* ally. Wa do aoi k?o? that tkl* fact la ptoofof tka laaolrana? "f tta task, a* th? j ?ai Bad* for tka purpora of lMtli| a <!? Ucs rrlatir* to tta aatahUakJag of tta ManuMa tank In tLls city. Last winter, the Legislature |?miI aa act peialttli| tke safe?y fund baaka, m their ekar ten expire, to reorganise under the free banking law, on term* muoh easier than new banks can he started. A | safety fond bank, when merged mto a free bank, la I r?'[Uii?d to deposit only $10,000 securities with the ' Comptroller, on whiah to oommenoe Its new circulation. A new free bank la required to deposit not lees i than $100,004. The Mercantile Bank claims the advantages granted to the Bank of Ithaoa. but still reI fuses to pay the liabilities of that bank. On the other f hand, It la contended that the Mercantile Bank is the Bank of Ithac*, or it la not the Bank of Ithaca. If it , la the Bank of Ithaca, then it is bound te pay the 1 liabilities of the Bank of Ithaca ; if it is not the Bank ! of Ithaca, then why does It claim speoisl privileges I granted only to the Bank of Ithaoa, and ooinmenoe i business en $10 000 only T We are not Informed where the assets of the Bank of Ithaca, alias the oantile Bank, are, nor do we know to wbor liabilities should be presented. It la, how_>w pretty t certain that the bank eannot have two 1-^^ existences, 7 nor can it hare two legal localitieav t ADVERTISEMENTS RENEW BP PERT DAY. { t? JUttrfittwunU ttnl by Mmil aiul ii p#?) 1 pmd, er they will not 4e taken from the Put OjfU?. I ' ^ ?WAHD.. , DOLLARS RBWARD.--LOST, ON THURSDAY X 7t', insl, between Tenth street and Union Square, a geld Pcnoil Cue, attached to a dark hair chain. The above re ward will te paid upon running it to 141 Broadway, et 84 I Tenth t treat. Lost. Saturday afternoon, a yellow, halfbreed Pointer and Greyhound Dog. A liberal reward will ' be raid for him, at Wo. 117 front strooU . f 08T?AT THI HUNGARIAN BALL, A DRAW 1 M-d plain Gold Bracelet. The finder will be liberally r?i warded, by leaving it at the Music store of Vfm. 11 all k Son. . rOH IALE AIID TO LET. ~ UT. JOHN SQUARE, VARICK STREET.?TOR SAL1, ON O the 25ih instant, by Blsooker. at the Exohange, the very valuable House and Lot ofGrouna known M 64 Varick street, eituated three door* below Laight street, The lot ii 2ft feet by 100 feet in depth, the house 2ft by SO, with a two story tea room in the rear. The house ia in tirst-rate order?marble ' mantels, bath room, grates, furnace, ko. Title perfect, free I from all lacmmbrance. Two-thirds of the purohase mosey . may remain on bond and mortgage. Possession gives en the t let of May. _ El OB SALE?ON r THOUSAND BUSHELS WESTERN J? Ailed Apple*; l.WO do. dried Poaehee. Apply to P. A D. FOWLER, 88 \?4t street. \ l?OR SALE-AT A BAGA1N, TO A GOOD TBNlNT, A JT Restaurant, handsomely furnished and Atted up, and doing t A genteel and good bnsinece?location, basement, corner ol j Carmine and Bleeeker strceta. Inquire on the premises. rpo SALOON EEEPBR8-A GOOD CHANCE.?FOR A sale, a well fitted up Saloon, in the best part of Broad* way. at a fair valuation: rent reasonable. A oaah cuetomer may apply to WM. WHlTTAKER. No. 4 Bosevolt street, from 11 to HA. M.. and from 4 to ft P. M. ' ffO LBT?FROM THB FIRST OF MAT NEXT, TO A ? A respectable family, without a great many children, the j seeoiid, or seeond and third floor, with kitehen and two attio rooms, in a pleasantly situated house in Hndson near Frank' lin street. The first floor is only ossupied by a single eoaple. , Apply to Bos 1663. Post oflce. rpo LET-FBOM FIRST MAT, AM EXCBLLBNT THBEB A story house in nammond street. Also one in Bank street; ' both near Fourth, the eame eise, with marble mantels, t'roton > watsr, bath rooms, Ac, in a complete state of repair. Apply to ALEX. M. OKEIG. 66 Wall street. . rpo LBT, FOB MANUFACTURING PUBPOSES-AT 1 A the Marble Works, corner Broadway and Tenth street, 1 third story, one hnndred feet by fifty feet; seoond story, sixty feet by thirty, with steam power if required, from four to six 1 oreinht horsepower. ' npo LET-POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY?TITO A rooms with folding doors, pantries and thrts bed rooms . on ths seoond floor, and ens or two bed rooms on the third, ' with ths back basement and separate vault. No objection to I two small families. Apply on the premises, No. 16o Madison l ,tTt<t- or M Water street. TO LBT-THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE SS FORsyth street, consisting of front and back parlor, tea room, kitehen aad two bedrooms, with two bodrooms in the attic. . laiu.r. on the prtuises; to be seen from lu to 12 and from 2 to I o'clock. TO LET--FROM THB FIRST OF MAT NEXT, PART , f i n? otA > I. ,H. i? TO HOTEL EEEPERS AND OTUERS.?TBE ADVERti*er U CMiroaj of proruriaf a *ituauon a* *tiperiat?nd ot, bookkeeper, or *t*ward in a hotel, either ia tho city or country. llarin^ had fifteen year* exp*n*acg. ia many of th? Lt?t hotel* ia thu ooiiatry, h* Hatter* Mmnif he woald prof* an acquisition to any r ue requiring hi* services. A Una addressed to J. W., at this offlce, will m??t with attention. ~ M^OOOM, ?e! SPRING MANTILLAS.?ON MONDAY, THE 25TH Instaat, we (ball op*a *ur iprlax atook of Pari* Maatilla*, eon*.Ming of the greateit variety. far a*T*lty aad eleganoe, *ver i a ported. JAMES BECK HOP.. M Broadway CRAPE BHARLS.-JCST RECEIVED, AMD WILL open on Moadar. the 16th 'net, a apUadid aaeortmeat t Cbiaa Crap* Shawla, to whiolt w* particularly lavtto th* alien tioa of th* ladiee. JA MES BECK. A CO. SM Broadway. PARIS MADE MANTILLAS.?A. T. STEWART R CO. are now ready to exhibit a ohole* aad iplendid a**ort ent of Pari* Maatilla*. mad* by th* moot fashionable artieU of Pari*, for Ut* sprlag trad* of 18S0. Broadway and Read* strict. VUI ARTS. PICTURES OP HIGH CLASS. PROM DIJr NSOCI SHED Cablaet*.-- Coanoltaonrs aad ooll*etor* will appreolata the palatini* offered for ia*p?*tioa aad private *al*. taelndiajt boaatifal eiampl** *f Vandervelde, Bervhem. P?ul Putter, Mien*, fee.. Re. Al*o, a collectles of ruodera IVtnre*, k> H. Grit tea. Job, Irom *k*tcho* mad* la Pranre, Cerniaay, Beldam aad Englaad. eihibited ia the Royal Axdeuiy, ia Londoa. Ac, Re., removed from ^34 to til Brisdwsy, tke New York Hotel. N. B The proKtietor, with thirty year*' eiperieneo la work* oi art, offer* itjadgmeat to gentlemen pnrchaoing palatini*, which may iieteat copio*, and *pnrioa* p4<lur** of little value. Loins imputed apoa them. Pee $3. JEWELRY. \%T ATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WA RB.-THOSE ?' who wieh to purehaee WatohM aad Jewelry will dad it grettlj to tktir advantage to oall on the ?ub*erib?r, who i* c< n?t?utly receiving all deacriptloa* of Gold and Silver Watehea. diroet from the maaafaotarwr* ia' England. Frame and Switterlaad. a hieh he is tolling at wbeloaate aad retail, at the very leweet trice*. Pine sold aad eiWer Inglieh patent lerer Wateh**, by Cooper. TatUa. Reoeley and ether*. Gold and ailvtrd*tached lev*r aad lepiae Watch**. Cold euatd, fob aad v**t Chain* Pur* cold wedding Riaga. i t attain*Chaia*. far Ladi**. Gold Gnard K*y? fob Key* aad Seal*. Gold aad (diver fenetle aad gold Pea*. Ladire' Bracelet*, cold Looket*. gold aad (ilrnr Thlmblea. ("> arm* for watch chain*. G?ld and *ilvc r Spectacles. S'ftliP* tila?r Spoon*, Cnp*. Pork*, Re. O ld WnihN a* low as S? to s.11 oaeh. Watcbeoand Jewelry eaoha iged. All watohes warraated t? t?ep good time or money returned. ? atch?*. Clork* and Jewelry repaired la the boot maaaet at waih leoe thaa Ibe aaaal price. GEO. U. ALLEN, Impoitcrof Watebo* aad J*w*lry, Wholesale aad Retail, SI Wall it., ap etair*. Acaur- to watchmakers and ;iwiur.<ti V? Ml*. Ue Stock, Flitarte u4 Uk of a ii?rllct'a ktoie, loaattd the in) b?a? i'Ait of Broadway, h??ia? an excd'eat til* af rnilom. the raaalt of Many f?"? eeta?IUh?-d Iumiui to lt? atM )hia, tha Wet eh wara u< Jr bkia? ><M ual to lb* r?at aid etpeaeae of the (tor*. The aleak 1? luk*. Mi4 eelactad with aiparlear*, and cjuIiM f the nn at fa.hK.wMa f.'^de. 1 h#at*, re la haalaoaely filled up. anUtiiipMllwai wm(M- The aseuat af nay aaeee* |>I1 tofKt't in amimtnt Bead not alaaad |i IW). A4diaaa, wuh ifal sant aad ref?retee. (bom etbex wiU ke re I aoi*. 4 ta.) "Baary. Herald ofDra. fecial mmoM~ ITT HAI L. NBW YORK TBS. 23. 1MB--RELI t F NO* > tie* All rataoB' iate?dla? la roatrlkn'a to the road toia( taiaad for tha relief a* ike anl.refe b? Ilia lata dtploraM? calamity in Ruw meet, ?ra reapartfuliy ra.(??et?d to da an an at Wfcta Friday, lha lat day af March taet.. aa tha l"?B>it'ta charred *lihtb-?a.l fvad will after that perind J pe??ed la a diatnhattoa af tba ?? aacat tb? eareral fea.ihee aad parti. wko hate tlaima tbaraoa, according ta tba rircaiBttaaree attendiri thair r-tfaUT,- caeea Hr order af lie C.nn.ittee. KICBtHD B MOUNT,* to?. K M Tai?rr. I!?1*BT RK4JIBKNT Of ?|V TOBB OLCNrBSBR.Tha C-malltaa erpoiated hy tha Uililiiaia af Oil* Rib!* la lB<i?ira lata tha euaditioa. ke , af aaid Ka^iairat, i will aieil at Caatral Hail. ??e. 174 Uraad eueet, ?a M-nlar, tba 26th, Tweday, Wth, Wedaeeday. I7tk. aadTharada*. 9th I laataat. at lUa'eloak, A.M.. aad at 3 aad 7 ? rloak, P.B. Tha Ca?Biti*ar"|v?at all tkoaa who act red la a?id Mi<atat te ee't * *he ak*ee place, Bad all othere a h ^ r ,a r' Bay lai f.raietloa la regard ta tha wldrwe aad orphan af thee* da' eeaeed. Any parara naable t* meet tka Osmittea. will aoaf<-T a fatnr k/aarloala? aay aaaaaBieatlaa wa tka* at tka . atora aaacd pltaa, or AJbaay. aay tlate preeteu* ta tba lutk af Hank. J. A. YARD. O. C. DBANB. C T. RATMOMB, . B. DATIS. >. S BBBPHABD, KiwTnH.TaVB. I?H Commute*. Tl.a pa para al thta ally aad tka fattlfj will ovular a faeer ky gl*m? tfceakeee aa ib?*tUob. NEW YORK TOI.rNTBKRS.? TBB BEBBKRS OF lha lat Reylmeat af New York Talaataara. aad ef tka New Yet k Talnataat A?*?*l?tUa. ara rt |tiaat?d U at'aad a I Beetle* al featral Ball. Ma. 174 Grand ?treat, oa Ta?*dav eeerla* B'??, la'rtiar) *>th, al Tl? e'cleek. wh?a Ike oom llkaa fr^ia tba l^tnlamra. who were al tke me*Ua? ef lha Aaaoclettea aa Batardap tTeataiu will kapraeeat. By^rdar, J. C. Bl RNdAB. Pr?aitaat. C1ABLTOJI BOl'SI DI1FICCLTT.-CITT ABB COt BJ l? ef New Tark, ?a ?lit ah Rynd?ra, Thaaiaa Hyraaa, Bad Mtaheel U array, katap aararally daly ?eora, daptaa * ad eay, that Br. Charlae Lelar, ef the city ef Phllad-M hia, had a* partiel|allaa whateaer. eltker la word or act. m tha alfh r II 11 I tfliali AMBFrai B< (Ka (fnwaa An I ik* l?alk ?aj (fill; iul. i : a i ml bv*i>bb*. thomas ktk>i?, mich ?bl h'rlar, bwora aa4 nkmtoi'l v?'nr* rtk l.\ l?bfl. __ __jm11iiLIIU. V?m *f ?> #<!?. Cmhiota lonot, no. ij;. i. o. or o. f.?tmbjib*/ k?n ?< u n?t it ?h* l?4?* ?af, tt. bay, alh ibm , at on* nvurk. f"r to* ?nrp-a* *f ? >? iul in> utf u> ?i tolarab kr"tba?. *c.'tr_ *?*" 4a*?j..*aa. rr'r4tt?f obo.1r? pilkwbitw. ?. c**?n tut, r b. _ i)btbft80h oas lioht comp4mt.-im>tic? ib f tkat tka iuul haemaa ?t dlr?*t?t*?f lh? rititmi nil light c??r??7 ?lll <> a* ika ? ? nf l?* < la Jtr?r rtr*?t, to to* to?a af rat-ja-?a. ?>a b>i<m. tka *l*??atk <** ?f ?r?li mil *a?ato?. tk* mil ?-* < |rw || t?? i'ciki a. * . ml elaaa ? l*?l? b. by art.r .f tk. ptato4-? ul n^|mm s^urr. mbirtubb bcrubi e?c?t.-4}a?t j. itiiw* xi tnlhl jrtml kinsula* *a4 a?cnrt snd?r*"pf _ i t? im w?|h?| aa?aa? mi?rt?|l-tti in kmivllmwhml ra^alrab to uivarlki raiaplaiai la thta a< ua?. *ktak waa blab la mm oft** *f 'k* (jl.rl ofih* citv caaaty af " ? tark, toa cl?y hall, la ?t* aity, n toa itik tor af jiaaarr, i*, aab to mhi a ??? m t *at ? **** l* >k< ?ai<? aaa^ala* ,kl ai ih* *it? af n*? r?rk. iltha unit liji afur to* *arrl*a ?f tkl* na at oa j*a, a??la*l?a a? iha bar af rark *ar?1**; aab if yn\ fill to aa*w?r ?a? aall *-?rlalat ai'.kla tk? it?? aferaaalb, ilia a'aialiff la tola aattoa *1(1 ar/'? to ?ha aaar* fct to* raiw .l?a.aabab to to* ? miuiat, f>*t*d rt* titl, jiaimf bp. imii. chabi bb1ib?ibtbbirit, ruipttr sb ?r?u iir?i J am kb < >" ml ' bo*. type focnpbbb. i'obnii f baa aal waaaaa mrall maw tath. kava aa kaab a??*y aritoia tot caaplato flultoi bwallto - - ... a POLITICAL. I ^^^ir>rvvvv^ la Tn GRKAT PUBLIC MUTING, TO PROMOTE TEW arly closing of th* Store*, la compliaac* with ft *ftll ?*ry aum*roa?ly tigntd by th* inhabitant* of th* city of Now York, will tftk* plaa* ftt th* Broadway Tftboraaolo, oa W*d- , d0*4*7 ?t?b1>(, fokrouj V. 1S4U, ftt UllpuiTo'slook. Hi* Honor tlx Hayob, will Preaid*, Supported by tha followiag Dtjr Good* miohftltl. M Yica Fbibioi* r*: Jame* 8. Taylor, flrin of Lord A Taylor. J?i*m W. Barker, Am of J. W. Uftrkar k Co. MoImb Laar. in of Las* k Porter. Alcxaadtr Jn*t. Arm of Jut k PatUfto*. Jeremiah L. Saekatt. tophoft Barkor. Janao* Book, firm of Jft*. Bock k 7M I Br Dry J. Seaman, firm of ? Fordyc* Bitohcock, nnr f ,?**." r. . ;*? wsa v- - uwii!l:^:icka.UUWlw' W T om? of J. TowaKBd * Co. ?? ,IH . ** *f W. F. k F. W. GiU.y k Cft. r H Dix" ' ?rn?, Dr. Spoftrinaa, R*i.J. P. Thompson. Dr. rroer- kni John Van Bnroft, I?l? will tftk* pftrt la th? J*. B.-lftdlii ftwpftrtwlariylBTltftAkftb* >w?k NO UNION WITH TRAITORS?FIRST WARD.?A 1 large and oBthn*ia*Uo m??tingof th? Demoorftsy of tht Flrtt Wftrd wa* held at tho Broad Street Uoum, ob Friday evtaing, February ZS, INK). H. U. Byra* wa* ealltd to th? ebalr. H. Neary, K. Newman, J. UoGiun***, ObaxU* Oftnnoa, Wm 0 Bneu and Denni* Mullins were appointed VlooPro*ldeaU; aad Abiahaai Moors and A. A. Thompson, B*q., , wore appointed Secretariat. The followiag raaolatiea* wax* 1 tb*a read aad nnaaimoaily adopted B**olved, That wo ooaiidor the aaiou of the Stftte* of paramount importance to (very American citiren; thftt oar grtatsei* a* b BfttioB i* to bo trftoed to tkat unioa; thftt so *xircaey caa ' ? Imagined whloh would palhat*, mach low ' juatify. a diaaalutioa. aad ho (bonld bo r**ardad a* aa neay who wuld coBtribata. la thought or attioa, to ft dt*ft*'.*c *o frauaht with rnia. Resolved, That, in flaw of tho danger* which maw threat** n*. w* caanot diaguit* oar indigaatlon at tho author of tho** danger*, and whun w* deplor* that many good and worthy pertor* have inadverteatly contributed to thorn, w* conoeir* we would be recreant to oar dnty a* d*mo?rata war* we t* treat with ailrao* tte man wko ha** (ouglit, and ftre aookiBf, office and power at tho haiard of th* onioa of tha State*. Retolved, Thftt, la Mftrtia Van Buren. wa behold aa apofttate and traitor, who ha* aecnred for liimMslf fta infamous Immortality; an iadlvidnal wbo*o inordiaata ambition, eon pled with an BBBfttantl political lu*t, atftmp* him tha Cfttalin* of th* ag?; aad from tho coatoquonco of whoa* oonduct wo hav* to appeftl to th* pfttrlotiam or lb* *atlr* p*opl*. Ke*?lv*d, That w* ar* opposed to tho Wilmot provi*o, deeming It aa tBTidlon* aoham* d*vi**d b* m*n thftt liar* cosipired agaicat th* nation, ift violation of th* oaaatitBtloft of tie l'nit*d Stat**; and a tntaaui* * l.ich, if Bot d*B?an*ed, and it* anthoia aad ftdrcate* repudiated, will proT* tha baa* of th* r*publio. Ruo)vod. That, while wa chariah tho hope that tha p*trioti*m and good acne* of tho entire paople will tffectaally *hialA i!i* country from th* blow* *f th* aatauln*, (till w* d**ra iU important thftt all abonld ka*w thftt the chief la thi* (raaftda agnimt th* integrity of th* rapubli* ia on* wh*B tha Hmpir* btate drew from th* rstraat of poverty, and tipoa whoa* * lie aider* *h* plaoed tli* broad mftBtl* of her protcotloa; oa* wliota the lifted to f??*x and plftc*; oa* whom tb* Amerlcfta pe*pla, to thair ecttow and *bam*. el*vated to th* TraoidaaUal uhftlr* ae th* *a?c**anr of him who?* laaguago ia th* Uagau* of th? demcrraey, "The I'aioa mn*t and thall be rre**rf*?" IUkoW*d, That w* rcpndiat* all ooaacotioa with alMUtioB'* . iitj, rarn ourttors. ?*?? vum irwtoiv, ana mat wc an op? " poi.d t? any umon with such parties; that we consider ttia n-cetias held at Tammany Hall, on the evonlng of Um lflU* and ?vsr which Mr. Elijah F. firdy preeided, as a violation of the rUtts of the t> mocraey, an outrage upon tha rights of (ur o<tiiens, and a disgraoe to tha city or New York. K> solvad, That we approve of the oondaotof oar delegate! ia t'.e (jc ueral C< tnmittee. aad that we recogniseIlearySs. Western. Fkj.. ae chairman or euch oommi'tre. 1 he n.eetltig wae eloquently addressed by Root. J. Dillon, ldwsrd Mr:.: tm, Mi'hael Walih, and James T. Brady. Es<|s., whoie were received with thunders of applause. UENRY H. BIBNB. Chairman. A. A. Thomhou, ijmmi.,1,A bB AM AM kOOBE, j W&i?*?. W ANICD-kfQHr THROUGH TICKETS FOB CAJLIforaie, for the steamer of 1st April, second eabla. Apply immediately, at 146 William strest. up staisa. WANT* B. ON THB FARM OF TIK ADVERTISER, A lew miles fr?m the city, an RBglisbman and his wife. with or wi*auut a boy from 11 to 14 rears old. The maa mask DBderataad thoroughly the care aaa nisnagemaat of horse#? must be a thorough plewmaa, and understand farm work .| geasrslly. The wi.raaa will be ra<|uired to do geasral housework aad plain cookiag. Newly arriveJ ?mi?raats would ba rferred. To persons of good onaraoter, and none other, will treated with. Apply at 113 Water street, np stairs. WANTED?A PERSON BAV1NO A TEA SBT AN? Dinner Pitcher of silver, would like te exchange tha same for Dry Ooods suitable for the Califoraia marktt. Address M. L. box IU. Herald Oftoe. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHILD'S NURSE OR Housekeeper, with some lad/ going to Califoraia. Bask f rsoommondationa. Inquire at 81 Fraaklia street. WANTED-RY A YOUNO OIRL, WITH UNBXCEPtienstfenity references, a situatioa as Chambermaid, or te wait at table, fcbe ia a good plain sewer. Bnquir* ak 113 Monroe street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RBSPBCTABLB woaaa, as Chambenaaid or obildrea's Nana. No objection to go ia the coaatry. Call at 71 Henry street, real * building. Sd floor. Caa be seea for two J aye. WANTBD-BY A BBSPBCT1BLB PROTESTANT youag woman, a sitaatioa as Chambermaid aad to assist ia the waahiai aad iroaiac, or as CbamkermaM aad I* take eare of children, one that parfeotly uaderstaads her kosiaess ia bath capacities aad saa give the very best s< city reference. Pleaee call at 164 Ninth street, betwsaa tks Bowery aad Third avaaas, oa the seeoad H jar, kaefe room. Caa aa sosa >a* twe days. Wanted..a situation, by a rbspbctablb Proustatt girl. as Chambermaid s.-d plain sewsr. o( general housework, or childrea's Nurse; is aa ezoellcal waster aad iroaer. Has as objection to go to Brooklyn. OooA refer- a i e git en Apjly at *>1 Sixth aveaue, betweea Sizte*nth end Seventeenth streets. Caa be seea for twa days; is eis'een years of age y^ANTED -BYA RBSPBCTABLB YOUNO WOBaW, f family Blia ia aa axaalToat waahcr and ironar, a nood took, and baa no olfaction to no a ahirt diatanoa ia the aoulrr. Plia cm abow good city rafaron ?. 1'tcuc call at 226 MuU bony Hint, ftrat floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RESPBCTABLB . young womaa.aa plaia C?ah, Waabar and Iranar Sba ia aa aiarilaat iaih<i aad iroaer. Tba brat at city rafcranaw can br giran. Plcata enll at No. 19 Secnd Btreat, aaar tha U. ? r> I an 1. Icr i?u i?i. WANTED?A THKOUr.H TICKET FOR BAN FRANrla< o. 6rat or aaaoad rlaaa. ia UonUadaad Aipiawall'a lma. pal at earner of 13th March. A liberal priaa will ha gnaa. Addr<aa. Bm I VW>. Pool Office, N. V. WANTED -A SITUATION, BV A RBSPBCTABLB yoaa* aonaa. aa plaia <"oek. or to do tba naaral hoaaawart ia a ituall lastly. Ia a Rood waahar aad iroaaf. Ia willing to mala haraalf gaaarall) uaafal Una ao ahjaotloa ta go a abort diataaoa ia tha aoaatry. Caa ha ma. I?r two da;i, at K Watt Maaiaanth atraat. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE l'BOTEdTANT tl). Baa a aitnatioa ia a pnaata family, u good i la: a Cook. Ha* ao objcotioa to aaaiat ia waabiag aad iraalag. Baat at rafaranca gtara. Apply at 77 Croatj atraat. WANTED--A SITUATION, BY A BE'PBCTABLR H < man. to do aaokiag. waabiag aad iraaiag, ar gaaaral h< a*a *<Tk. Plaaaa rail at No. M kit Mrwadway, ia tba Candy *'am._ Caa baj for twa daya. WANTED--A MTU AT I ON #AS VET NUBSB AND Saai..?ti?a?, witbgcod city rafaraaca. Apply U Cbaxltoa <tra?<, ta \ha r?ar. W ANTED I M M EDI ATBLT?A BTBADT, INDUSTBIana yonng i?,ia Cook. and to aaaiat ia howHwnk. ia a plain ?r?l .h family, She nnat p<r artly aadaratana hat hnataria la all lit braaohaa. To aaa*all troahla, c.aa hat thota wha hart li*?d with Engllih lauii'iaa a aad aa ply. Tw aaa partoa oapateal. with pnaornl rufrrea?ta, high www willbagoaa. Apply, all the week, at VA ll road way, baea?eat dear. Wanted bta young woman, a situation to do , ?a* r al houaewark, with good raferaaeoa. latulrw at Na. 114 Uwu rtra-t. u'AMEU-a SITUATION, RT A| KESPBCTABLl ?' y???? man. (Atoarlaaa.) ia t un artlee Uiaiaeaa ,ar tra<ali aneerttaada keeping naa of a-a ta faotarlaa. Aa.. i? a goad pf? j.q aad aor .aataat llaat af r*l*r*a*o* aad gooA . !>?a. Adgtcia Edmi.r.d, Boi. tliia aifiva, ar Na. \ Twelfth uraat. |LT ANTED BT A RESPECTABLE I'KOTMTANT BO. "* wan a a!twa I a aa Owwk, vfca na'e-?'-ande har baaiaeaM perfectly ?rall. Caa aadartata atthtr a t.etal ar rafaatary.? Ai piy aik5 Dante attaat, corner of Broadway. Wanted a mutation, as rwt. bt aiiirt, aativa joarg maat, wh?> aadarataada hat bn? n*aaa. She i* a'taeica ed ta bakiag Aad paatry aad it a gwad waaba* aad iroter. < aa glee tba neat of ally referaaaa. aad aaa ha ana for twa daya, at Na, 17 Boaa atraat, float baaaa, aa tha I.rat flvte. U/ANTED-A srri ATION. BT A TBRT WEI.L bdcIf eat>a mart and tidy girl wha baa tba vary baat raiaaatadl'iK tr> m har laat employer I' do hoaaa atabaathar wart, la a bret-rata waabar eat itaaer aad a aary goad i itnaid aad waiter. ? onld taka car a of ahildrwa tal! aw. la willing to taka lew wagaa; aad will maka boraalf giaatallr naa'.il. Plaaaa call at ix% it wary. WANTK. A SITUATION.BV A I r.tPBCTABI.B PKOtaafaat y< mg wtaia. aa Snraa or Chaaibaraaid. ar Vatttr, la a ra?p ctahla itirtu iaaily. Ooad aity rafaraaca. Plaaaa rail at M.1 lolaacy atraat. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A BB1PBCTABI.B yaung wawtaa aa good plaia Took, Wathar aad Iraaar. or ta go a* I anadraaa, ar Fa da graafal howaawark, la a aaall fbtaiiy. Ca< d city raf-r< aca (Uaa. Plaaa- call at I7> Bliaahath attaat an th* flrat floor. ANEf I rrrtRI E Y01N0 WOMAN WANTS A SITUatiaa aa plaia ( aok, Waabar aad lr->aar ia a awaall faaUly. No al itatioaa to go a ahart diataaca la tba aawatry. Cm ha toaa far <w? data Th* baat of aity raf-raaaa aaa b? giaaa. IW>" llonatoa ' a?. ia tha roar, lornad I "r. Taii.ors ? A>TED.-two cuttbrfl TO cut fo? raad* oiada wark ; tboaa from a ?r?t rlaaa illlMu haaaa prafarrad. Alaa, (anrwaywian to taaka aaata aad aaata. Nona Vat aampataat band, aaad trrly. to No d? Naaaaa i'i-ai. fion' 'i.apataira. H I." B. WILKINSON. BALM. Tub rm?T annvaL ball or willisi bbabb Band, at tba Cklaaaa Aaa?My thin iilliafc M.nday * lb iaataab. tlebaM ?i. ta ha abuiaad af lay .1 tba Bia<atarb> *r bt tha laar. f!M> ball c<>MMlTrBB?.-TBB NEW AS\??BLT X Km**. ? < hi???n M n.irun ? Th??<r*,ir* < ? r??<lr f<i? rtnn. ?< ?r? r?r?m n????4 li llit Ittlrt ( M tuilrtUrlrwIirM fir hit ilM ikibHIn I?4 ?>??>? Ml# lliinr MllltlM mf k*<)u><'*4 xMllM. ?h'l? the rri isfiUi fftl IrriM K'-'H ?" f?Kinr* A ] < i >tu n?i?r m?, ??< < ? *h> lirtf'i ?( Mr. H*'?rrV, will (iriuWi r?*?pti?a f ? ! ??? '??4 ?'??:??,?n-? <tt*?iD( mu, fc?* >*< ?k t< ?i? . r?fr- ihBKtm ? . ?r? mn<? H?iilf iH>rt?il m 'hi ? * >? AMr W> VI. 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