Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1850 Page 1
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T H % NO. 6742. TREMENDOUS DEMONSTRATION AT CASTLE GARDEN. THE VOICE OF NEW YORK ON THE UNION. THE UlflON 11 ST AND SHALL BE PRESERVED. ENTHUSIASTIC PROCEEDINGS. .< n.. Oa.U a.j nik... ApVVVUOB UI uvUi DVUlt nuu VVUOIB. Me., Me., Me. la pursuance of call, signed by several thousand of oa* most respectable and influential inhabitants, inviting the "oltltens of the city and ciuuty of New York, irrespective of party distinction, who are la favor of sustaining the Union by tbe permanent settlement or the great question now agitating the nation, upoa tbe batli of ths compromise resolutions introduced lat > tbe Senate of tbe United States by tbe Hon. Henry Clay," to assemble la?t evening la Castle Harden, that ipa lous edifice was Oiled to otit (lowing; and, were It live time* as capacious as it i?, it would not have atforded eten standing room for the thousands, and, we might say, ten* of thousands or persona af all parties, who desired to participate la tbe proceedings, and raise their voice; or give their vote, in favor of a compromise of the slavery question. We have witnessed a great many publio meetings in tbi* metropolis, oompoted of whig*, of democrats, of natives, and of cltliens Irrespective oi party, bat we never saw a more numsrons a more enthusiastic, and, ?e may add. a more patriotic assemblage, daring tbe whole of our experience, than was that oi last evening There wan but one opinion, one sentiment, ente*taln>d by tbe vast multitude; and that opinion and that feutlmeut was, that, come weal or come wo. tbe uulun of this great and glorioun and powerful confederacy must and shall be preserved, tbe efforts of di?unionlsts and factlonlsts, of every color, shade, sect and party, to the contrary not -aithstandicg It termed, indeed, as if all the patriotic feeling of tbe metropolis ef tbe western world was ccncentra'td and found in Castle Garden iast evening- so entbu iax'ie, so unaalmous so determined was tbe spirit manifested, that tbe confederacy of States, tbe heritage bequeathed by cur rev j utli nsr !*ihri? shall be sustained in all its intr?rity, and handed down to po-teriiy a* whole, as perfect as 71smetrical, and u beautiful, in all 1U prop ortions an when received from tho?e immortal man who founded it, and who cemented It with their life's blood. Throughout the day according to the request of the Committee cf Arrangement*, the national flsg?the glorious stars and stiipis. before which, era this, the erou cf Ft. Geerg* Las fallen?which commands re spact wherever civilization has gone?whloli has been Jborne victoriously over the valleys. and planted on the mouotaln tops of the American continent?which is the emblem ol bamaa freedom wherever it waves-that giorlou* fla; throughout the day. wai displayed from thousand ships, from the Krenkliu House, (rem the American Hotel, from Florence's from the whl< and democratic head-quarters at d from various other public buildings, as an Invitation for all Americans to rally a roan d it, and aave It from tha assaults of those who. for sel -sfgrandlrenieot. would tranple It in the dust, by dissolving tha confederacy It represents-the Ctobleet and the holiest the world ever saw. Various estimates were formed as to the number of yereeni who were present at (his great meeting; bat, taking It at a moderate calculation, we should say that ten thousand were inside the building, and many mora cu'side The room was decorated In a very tasteful and appropriate manner. The stage was reserved fur the use of the officers of the meeti eg, and the press; and ?:ob> the proseenlum bung a glgsntic American dag. ) m media t<ly In front of the step there was another national ?ag, and the speakers' stand was covered likewise with the stars and stripes. Diagle'e Washington Brae* Band am need the audience, from the time when the doors were thrown open until the commenceicent of the proceedings nf the evet<lng No sooner was " Mail Columbia" performed, than sh >ut* of apI'tauae were given, that talrly shook the roof of the Xtrdes Th? q there WW Mill fur t ankee Uoodle'' and Hail Columbia" again, all of which were received with tremendous applauxe In way the time was oeeuj led aatil the pi exceeding' e u)tL*nc*d At length, tb?t I*, at half pa?t mtio o'clock the meeting ?? oiled to order bj ( antral S?m.? . in who mid It we* with no 'Tdioaey feeling he ru>a to propoae Iti oifiulntldB. Thl? tu the Brut time. In eightetn year* that he ha? par tic Ij.?"ed la a public moremeut and it l? only a ?u\jeet of national Ui>portaace that would Induce him oa thl? ccaeloD a? he ha* done, to take part la the deliberation* ol a public men tag. He then proposed the loUowtag aaa? d geatleaiea a* officer* of tit* meeting ? iNiiimii. MAYOH WOUDHULL. til > HillHt*. CoankLii W Lawatnca, ItoekaT Amitm, Otlltni Utliot! II, TM?Mr*o* I'mri. Oixtu H41.101 a, Koiif m Hingr, jim* UiLUllk, Zuihk Mill*. Muaca Tati.oa, Oen. Chi*. W, 6?*moh'., Kihikt Liwitni, NkhOii* Uiaii, Fi.tib Cooraa, J. A WtarimiT, fiLiiuii Pimit, W A V. fawrr. )* *"< R. Tu-1 or, Jo?*tn?* TiiOMrt*. 81 ii'im, i hiii.1* vluauie, dim( snrhii VVhit*it, imnii C . Ki?bi>, T V Nr oa, J<*. K. t1i*LT,U. U Hum. MiLLiaae,and Oth'i. Oao W ViLrait, H. M Koaarara*, Huhipi 8 Roaaar*, wm Tt*<m, S. ?. Hkoao, tiro. Con iv*, tad other* Mr. Ni not ** On* then propieod, for the adoptloa ?f the an o< lag. a aerie* <.i rraolaUoa*. In prop??lag "Mrwa he rail he dl-clali??d all par.j fooling* and he fcop?<l that at. pr?".n? * >?-.J with the nine peatlaeat If reer the i?r?nrn v. oh now agitate* tfeooouatry be ft tied, it ai<l b < oa the h?M< of the re olutloo. of r uftikii ?ff?r-d by Mr. < lay On thoe? ini IuiIdqi a coiaproaueo iua*t be sad* Mr Clay'* feaolutloa* a.ay be awe .'led. Of ampiiHed. or maecalated. but *t their ba<i* ih- cjperat-o -tu:e of ottlemenl the 0"*ipri>?lee of the gr*at ijuettlon an* aft > at lag the whole Laloa, bji: aad will d*t*nd, a..<l the 'r11 ? u. ii pn i ajf ... m ? i. ?>a tu- ??. tably With tbe?* feeling* thee. aald he. I take ibe liberty of oteriag the reaolutlna*. aad let m* r-m?-> for oa? Mora?at. that oa our ae'ioa. I bare ao bxltatl< a la faying, depeail* Ibe futare peace aod p?rioa ea*0, la a g'eat degrr* of th. eli.le enuatrt (i.r?at ?f>plaa*e. ohi h la*tel for *< n>? mlnu'e*). T'i<>?* who bare lite J un'er oar kru?flrt?*t tnatHa'leao. hare the otrongeot a??ti?e* |x?eibl* t*? peri*iuatia? tbem la <? ?! * name ?'.*? ' " ' ' ' ?n* * l-.di*i In.I ;n tl.u rait room who Ii a t aalujated by iba *e-lla<? whlnh I ?.'W *ipr*u I truet ho will l?ate tbi* p'aeo aad aiake r <a for tbo?e who are tf.rpo ?d to a alatala th* I aloa. th* whole I tloa, and a? thin < but the l'alr>n (Tr*. amadou* aptiv.e*. and a buai of approbatlsa that oitlaaed ttr*'mo time) Mr Om ii> ibta tead the r*>o|atioat. which were r?9riv?? Wlia I'l'' jrf-BfcF"! H?fM> tb. <|?**t|r<o vm taiaa ob ih?m tbora ?? ruuiai< uoa ' th? p.a'firai i>it lb* pr which ?> tiircr'cftj b) a tr-ta-o J"U- thou*. >(ippUiM. <>? laoktaf In that dlrretlon In oS'<rr- lh? ean*? '4 til* ?" Bitu tl..? w? t haarrad tha inti'y fl<nr* of r?l iMtt U> haro of I ood> * Lata and of MnUv-ml Moi who contribute J a bush l< tha ac joUIU.n of Uic tary territory wblcn hu caurad ?e nanb <llMd*?loa lid afttatli through"*! U* wbil? rt iltry, l b* jraliaat aid (iaaaral tak*a hy tb> naad and l?4 %? tha ftfll <l tha ^ la' f rbi it In nwil ?? t< <) that b* m<*i ruttmUitlM 7. aod (bat th- a? plana* with ?Mob ha |NM*4 : 't ' tab tontlla* A? t' ob a* ha t?> ? a aid# of tha1 bairrr'a. hl? llin.i tha Vainr a. bar r >uci ol Applaara aa? ?!** . la cn?( Hoi-i.l |n hi n. Tha biaJ trurk op ?t " 8<>uld 8 *?r H an 1 ,ilayaj It Id M callant aljla Aa ae< a -ha n u< la-t j p?d <?*a*ral 0?i tl ro a Ir i? hl? i>at ai I ? a ij libacapll nlir; nai>sn la ihi> b ti? #a< r*j*irad b/ Iba * II.OUFMd*. Mayor Vl'Ofi m a tt n ?u?. nl?f d tha n?<>l rlnaa All la favor Mid ha of th^ p?...r ol ,**o.uti in Will pl?a.< l? ray "Ay *w du?h aa A jr. ?nei a In* 1 anl m'bnaUa'le'^y. at ?a? ra?p t>d?<? * ? ? ?ar baf.?a h?a>d lathi* or any otbar city la tha UitO or aa fcallata. ?lff?h?ra No- a ?lcp a ,mj' >a< attaraj All vaa uaanlailty atid a*?ha?ta v. ar.d "* cold a*>t but half b<l'tiiB< that ih many ibr uaaada praaaot -?*p?rl??.e*d a toaMi.f of fallal a? if ? bur<*?a or w?t|bt bad ha. n raaiorad fma than whan ?>j tail a* ,h? aa/*, not a ?la|la caa a-a? nttara4th-r. waa ait a di??-n llrat ?al<-- . Tha raaHutt n# ara a- l>nn*? ? kcrtlrta That th* paopla af ht? V.>rt, mtkMl liiuaatlM m ?a?t ?r party, ara at la*. i m? I r.rx a*, am ta aar Mm im. t*a m?i praataw* af atf p' ti*leal iratitatl?kf . Ba1 k|iit| BITtrjia* bagaa ta Btrar?'a taa aalaa ?l ih tai a aaa e * ?aip'*?a aa aasMa$m*M <a ? hirli ita diMi. ailoa a "ul t a. a h -ralaa than a rlgaa<r? trim* *|atn<t ih> patri. pr>tp>ruf aad ft?ad?M of ??>r r ?> *<j ??" t m?i>t Td H-fnt'fl, 1 liat a th*rt*alnii ai la'aly (B^ahtad ta lha f?aaf? af II I I'l'lad '? Mr f..?f, |..??ia?tn ri?< and an.l ?? U-naatal n 1 n? IB ?I?t <1 akkh tat f??l n|t-> U? > 1 . Ik ud "aati n <- 'i>a* f 'jBH? I?-1 i > I ?? ..< I. -I. . rtalij rai rjatri iha fca?la f.f a li?r?- ai aad fcr ti>?rly |4 ?'.a*al al a aHI juktacli.jt aaJ pa., en ria^viicr . aad E NE M( entreat cor fellow-cKliens. of all parti** and aactioas. to s'ady th**? resolutions oarefully, lad ia a spirit of davotioa t* ih* llaion and peipatalty of thl* aobl* <>"nt?drracT. K*solv*d, That, in view of th* above oouiideratioai. w* aeeept a* the basis of a compromise the preamble aad resolutions a* iatrudnccd by Mr CUj into th* Seaat* of iti* United Stat**, Jaauaiy l!>th, 1840, via:? rasanat-c. It being desirable for th* p*soa, ooaoord. lad harmoay *f th* I'aioa of these Statu, to sattl* and adjust amioably ill Hueettcai of contiorsrsy between then, ansiac out of the institution of slavery, upoa a fail equality and just bail*: Th*r?f*r*, Reeolved, That California, with suitable bonadariei, ought, upon her application, to be adnittad a* van of the Statoo of this Vnion, withovt the imposition by Coigns* of any restriction to the exclusion *r introduction of slavery within those boundaries. Rnsolved, Tbat as slavery daes not eilst by lav, and is act likely to h* iatroduced lato any of the territory aoimred by the United States from tli* Rtoublie of Masio, it Is inexpedient for Oonrrtas to provide by law. either for its introdaction into, or its *xclnsion tram, any part of th* iiid territory; aad thut appropriate tirritorial giveriime*-* ought to le established, by Congress, in all of th* siid territory not assigned as the boardaries of th* pr?p->wd uuii? v? vauiuttift, wiuivuv ui? aaumua 01 asj resiriouoa or condition on tin mb.iect of alaTery. R**olv*d, That the we* tern boundary of th? 8tf? of Texa*ought to b? lined ob th* Rio 4(1 Nor to, comnmnoing on* marine league from in month, and running uu that river to tli* *outj,trn lis* of Naw Mexico, thence with that line eu*tfkidly. and continuing in the Hue direction. to th* line M **tabli*hed bctwean th* Fnlted Sta'.ea and Sr.t-n. excluding an; portion of Maw Mexioo, ahiUir lj ing on tbo ei it or we*t of that river. Hoaolved. That It be propottd to the State of T?im, that tba I'nitad Stat** will provide for the payment of all that portion of a'l the legitimate and bona fide public debet i>f t' at State, contracted prior to it* annexation to the United State*, and for which the dutiea on foreign import* wi re plrdirrd by the laid Statu t* it* creditor*, not exceeding the rum of dollar*, in consideration of th* dutia*. a* p'odgad. having b?en bo longer applicable to that objcot after the aaia annexation, bnt having thenceforward become parable to tha united State*, and upon the condition aUo that th* aaid State thai), by??n>e aolen u *nd authaatic act of her Leiirlatur*. or of a convention, relin^nith to the United dtato* any claim wliah it ha* to aty part of New Mexico. Keaolved, Thut it i* incxredltat to abolixh slavery iu the i Piatrict of Columbia, while that initication continue* to exiit in the Stat* of Maryland, without the cone?nt of that &tat?, without the oonaeat ot th* people of the niirriat, ai d without ju?t compensation to tL* owner* of liar** within the District. Resolved, That it i* expedient ta prohibit within the Di?- | Irli't, trade is ilavi * brought into it from State* or place* bejond the limit* ot tli* bijtriot. either to he * >M therein, a* nj.tchaadne, or to be transported to other market* wU t the Diatriet of Columbia. Rxolvid, That more cffacnal provition ought to be ma<l? by law, according to the reiurrinen a of the constitution, for I the rtstitat.on and delivery of pomn* bonod toserviooor labor, in any Mate, who may e*cape into aay other S'.a:*, or , territory el thi* I aion. Resolved. That t' ngrta* ha* no power te prohibit or *b- I truct th* trad* in slave* between the *lav*holaioit State*, an 1 that the aduiafion or exclusion of alavaa krougiit from at* into another tf them, depend*, exclusively, upon their 1 own particular law. Mr. Jxmks DrrEvrrcR Onniv, on* of our oldaat an! I mc*t reapectabl* merchant*, addrened the m*otln,- 1 Thl?. fellow cltixep*. raid ha, Is a meeting trrnoacti *?? of all party consideration*, and when we consider the I object fcr which It ha* been called that of **ttling tha I ?|iila'ed qnettion of alaTary, on th* harl* cf the com- ; rr< mlet. submitted by Mr. Clay to the Senate ot the I S uited ?tatec. it should b* abovu all const deration- cf a | arty charaot*r.*, tba treaty of p?ao? with Mrxlo i fernred to ua vast acceeji-.u* of teritory. In tha regulation of that Urrltrry whether by the ad- 1 mi-sion of new States or tha organization of territorial 1 internment* the ijiumtion of slavery eomes up with all . It* fore*, and give* to the subvert an Interest that no other matter otuld give It. W* al?o will have th* uoeetlon before n* when the cecaua of the l'nlt*d Statai i* takes, which will giTe an loor*a*? *f r*j?re*entation In the I.ower Houa*. Fellow citizen*, you ar* aware political supremacy. In thin oouufry, may be at ilc o> u< in < i inis suojk-t, lor we Know tnat political , rt i>slderati< ris mix with evfry question th*t MM b< lor* us i ou alio know t. at w? hare a party to this i e? uotry called th* abolitionist* : and I would aik aoy man to tell me i there aoy *: ; is tbere aoy measure, Is there any aet. Is there any proposition, emanating . from them, tbat will lead to any praetioal retail? 1 ' apeak not ot their motlvea ? they may be good?but I M?ak in reference to the interests of the eouutry. Oeutlemeu. when our pMitical ' ky Is darkened, w? ball with joy the star that guides us in the storm (< b<-ers ) Such a planet appeared, in the person of the Senator of Kentucky (Cheers ) In bis resolutions. be proposes to extend tbe olive to the S>uth and he a~ks u* if tbe North to meet him half way (iantlemen. wfcaf are his ras<lutions? lie ?ays. no power on earth eould make me vota to plant slavery where It does not ealst On that sound platform, tbe people of this city and State, and almost of the whol? Kast and I W est, stand (I beers.) He proposes that tbe settlem?nt of the questiin of slavery in the District of < o lumbia should he left to the people of the dtttes that oeOad tbat territory He asks that laws may be ia?s?d to enforce those principles of the constitatlon which empi-wir the own<r? ot fugitive slaves to stere tbem In the free State*, f ellow citir.rns, whenever we aet on this question, we ought to take car* that we ars tight ours*lve* Slavery has been tigmatiaej as a crime asa national disgrace. If slavery be a erlme whose ortmelslt' it is not oat*. It Is e msidend that a crisis In the affairs of this country ban been reached, and that the uulcn of this country is In danger. I will not attempt t" depict what might be tbe eon*e.juease* ef disunion. Ibt human mind cannot contemplate the dark tuture that lie*be>cnd. but. U this t'nlon la to be dissolved, greater iAm must be Bade, and mightier minds at work,than these w Inch now aiteu pt to control th* acti< n i.f the oountry. Tbe fathers <>f the revolution would hever around us ; their apeient Are would live In their v?ry a*bes (Cheers ) It wonld not he a contest bet??en the North and tbe gow'b. or the Kast aod the West; but the mighty masses of freemen wou'd rl?e a>.<] ?trlke fur their llbertlee (< beers ) New i ork Is situated In tbe centra of the Atlantic cities. She is the of the ci t.imeree of this rcuntrv ao 1 n-isr the auspice* of lleaven, she will be tbe la-t to leave tb* I'nl n (irtmendrus applause), she may well ba called the bey-stone of this mighty arch, which time cannot de-tioy (tin at cetumotlon In the body of the room ) hsllow eltisens ftm are to- full of tbe subject on wblcb jcu have b*en called npon to deliberate, to listen to me-jcu are tcofull ol patriotism to mate It n*o*sF?rj for me to remind you of tbe Importance of the subject. (Mr. Ogden then tat down, amid load cheers ) J tun R. \\ I ss , was the next speaker, bat the eonibiaon was so *r- at, It was some time before he was ksard. order hs-lr# partially restored, ha spoke a* lollowf: Ksllow citisena. if you will endeavor to be <jUi?t. I will endeavor to raaka myaeli beard. We ara , m I i <1 Ifloi t l.aa r t li t ? ?v*s?? ?/ an 4* mocra*? not a* whig* mot a* abolltl' latata. not m fanatie*; but unlonlata ( rr?in?o<|i o? che?ri ) We have ir?-t together on platform on wblob a'.l tba varlotit partle* of the eouBtry. eie?pt th~ abolltlonlata. eaa meet lid ji'in the right hand of feliowtblp. glvlag and receiving and rerpncdlrig from our hearta that we ara if and all to tba I nlon (great applauaa ) aad 11: die under th'e I olrn A great black cloud now orerbanga tba Southern hemlepbere. betokening In Itt Uir?atenlng a?p??t wlde-*pr>ad ruin, carrying to dlataat aboree the lamentable Bewa. that ta tbl* nouatry of (liberty. equality, fYateralty, and aal'a. tbat aeveral 8tate* have fallen Ti> m oar *mbla?ooad argent?and for what* lor tome acta of lajaatiae we bare draa to the Mouth I *taad here to apeak the wnrda of truth and aoberna** The North baa heretofore on many o?c?*t<>Ba violated It* doty toward* the Snath, (a vt lea ' Oootf ") and It I* high time that aha Kited < at to the South that Jantlee which *he U eatided to bj the cnaiprntnlrea of the aoa*tltaH?a under which we live (treat a;>planeel - ereB ban Jed aod limpejuetire, and when we have done tbat all oaaaa of Jrlef and ngr? aaBoyaac* will be reawad Tbaa the <~uth Bknat ?lt down uoiltr her tine and Of tree aad w< tabip. f<>r aJI time to oooie ueder oar glorlowa laati tatlcn*. (' Le.ra , 1 he laataaaa la whleh we have If i.e till* Ip. netlc? la la vIMattag that part of the coa titutli n which Ifqtiirea a* to yield to t!>en their pro perty when It it wit Ma our c?atroland jariMllcttoa-l .. * - i. by act retwralBg ta tbaa their fugitive *:av*a. Kanatlcleai aadab< litionl'tn are bat other aaoee for burglary. ten ny fraud and vlliaBy Why. aome of oar i Mtetea have refu-ed t? paaa law* to carry oat thoeeroaapn a>l??e f the r< n*tliatl< a. Thla waa "na nf tbeeoaapr< mlrea tbat bmagh. u* t'gether la the aieptloa of ' the ai'BMitutloa in It* birth aad "rlgta It ta part of It* tinth aad crratloa and we aland pledged, by oar M <! tab nor bb<1 oa'be that vbMWfW HT *lava aera^ea hoao tervto*. and bla master claim* aad provaa pr f> rty la him. we ahoald yield hlta ap The qaeetloa te bate we d<ae ao ! t Volaaa," No, ao ") We have ant, aid until we practlae ioatlc-. we aaanot aak tha s uib to be either ju?t or g-aarvaa. (Applaoae) We fcave kt.oea Ib thla alty a ma a te ciaia bla property ULjer theee elicuB'taneea. aad arh'-n be 'ji.dertnr h to arave tbe^lawa af Maryland, tha proof wa* rejected >y tl a cart, ta tha aingle gr >uad i tbat he ar*l4 a<4 aaear ha avar *aw the hook ? he ptodneed n?< d la a cowrt af jaatle* la Mary > -?- "in fi ar aa aay r n? 10 r?il??? man fr-m V tat i will aot go ?< far m to Tl*lat? tba rartltntlon atleh wrk<iiiidt"?4lMtito and wbleb tn? n *l? np ?hil wa m? No*, it it oar daty amphatlrally. tea*paet to foot* rat jaatica, to raromtBaad tba ra-?*? f f law* aaahllrg tba aaaera offagtUra alaraa U> tftii'.a thalr property. t bar a b??n a?tp|nj?j la au ra#f? rf thl- kind. bad from tha aiptrlaae* i h?ta fc?'l al'h of Maryland. North ' aroliaa and ?>aorgla, I ban- n?r?r fruad on* that wax uir>i K'WlN or waa nn?1lltr.g to part with bi? tiara* oa t-1am ?Mah n? Bran a< ud objact ta I dafand ' ?rt ma n*aa rall?d Sr ? !* > and I a???r aa* a tiaar 1 1-tVtig lallfw tbaa ta a*, wtlMag Bruadaay. I .atirdtd that Via oa tha gnand tha hi* oaa la'.har Irlain ad Mm ?< a 1 ba *a< fiad batora a jit?y of ,N?w Votk. and r? tba pro <f r ial?| oat that tha fo?ltl*a w?? hag'fan by Lira ffm hit awn fa , n.ala aia??. ?b> jury ta?a th. i raidlrt In favor of tba Ivgttlaa And North (aroliaa Mid ii'.thtrg a?ain>t | |?. Nalthar win Ciatgta, tor any o'h?r ?ta?? f'ata, If )dt gt?a tbaai iiti UldtJ ju?tiea. I bad j *? thrr and mora r?eant pa??, and I tall voa (bat I tba abotltlr al?t# trd fanatic# ara tha ?ortl maa that ??* ?rar >a? ar t ad ?aj thing to do with firaat api lama ) Mr l.aa of Mar;'arid, eaaia t? tba Stat# of ! N?w \ otk and ht * > ii high mlndad and ebiralrte a grnt'. ai< e aa atar Mord U baa ia ri?a atra. ba Iraa i oaa of hi' tlarra- a b' dj tarrant ?d bla a mtu bora ! ba tiicard to gn aaj ba plaarad, bntaaaa wbaa and Ma maa'rr th? nioat p#tfa?t e nfldaat# attttad ?br ? ? trratad w?;l. and far b?ltar than *i?ay h?ra ! In'lt Nrfih *hn rltlm. d to h? fraa Tblt n?aa *aa I? ara takan and parauadad to ton ??ay Hadtda>t ?tib to rati a*iy flovaaet h?- Mm' to Naa I orb. I ae<t ?*? fi*taad hara W h*n ba nar dl?o?*arad. ha ?a? vlltlag ta gn btna; bat ba *a< takan l>y iba ab. liil .uItta ard (tat'Dttd fr> doing ?o. I mad* arraag'?aata ta fall tba ragro fi r Ua* than <>aa tblrd of hta ?ali?a aad, altbtba l-tar r- of nma nu In ,^a? Vwk, aia?la arrirpfir..?i< t< putahaaa bin aad othara. If tbaia at.'it'lrnVta bad lat aa alnna. aa anull ha?a air?n<-d attb Mr. La*i bat a<?# ab< Itttoa i^aakar gaatlaaaa. <fc^aa aaairt It U?ot aaoaaaary to uataUoo aad thai* W Y ( 3RNING EDITION?TUE: 1 fanatical vagabonda? tboaa fanatical aoonndrela-thoai ; patty larceny villains- tfaoaa grand laroeny felona, ?h< ; deal la wholaaala oanting by pooriay that aught to doublj damn tbem, interfered with tba arrangement, aad in i daoed the judge to do the owner great wreng, by t1o Uting the dln-ot principle* of Jnatiee and law In thli ; way, they robbed the man of hla proparty. Thaaa an the cares that make tba South feel that frre labor li better than alava. and that tba inatitution itaelf li I worte They fael that wa bar* repeatedly failed to J. ; them juatiea. and benea I aay. until wa do tbea Jua I tiee. we have no eauaa ta aay that wa have done th?c no injustice Let us aet up to tn* constitution I g< foi me whole constitution. ud if It I* MHtrr tk*i ? should free the iltiN. let ua buy them, (great ap> ptau>e ) Their interests and their nopes of protection their glories in the future, depend M much apon thi lntectn<es it that constitution, as our* Nay, more 10 tb?y oannot afford to dissolve tbe Union 1 say. there fore, fellow-citizens, that It is onr duty- that it U th< duty of tbt North, to put down^fanaticlsm? to exer else justice-toopen our eyes and take our bandage* off and let justice bold the seales. Then, on* great caua? of diaMtisfaotion will be removed, and we will ban done towards the South what, under all the olrcutn stances, we would wish the South to have done towards us Let us perform eur duty, and when that ti done we shall hear no more of the dissolution of th< Union. But, m) friends, the Union cannot, must not stall not. and will not be dissolved, as long aa th rt ai hearts ami 1 a: d in the North and West to funUIi aud support it. A few it those present here this eve< ning weie cradled in the revolution. Many hare beci l> rn nurtured, and raised by and under the Union Heretofore we have stood by the star* and stripe* We have seen many of thoee added to our national galaxy within our own experience, and stripe aftei stripe added to our flag. We stand f<yth as beaooni to the world; an example to all posterity for their ad' miration, hnd an anxious world Is looking to us All th>- hope* of humanity are resting upon us; and shall It be raid that because of some little family dissensions these stare shall be obliterated for ever? ("No, no,"and great applause.) and that stripe after stripe shall b? t rii Into> i :s (> rie of " never. ') u?, then sey to the Sou'h. we will do you justice, and when w? do that, we will tell them that the union Shall not b? destroyed; that It shall be preserved inviolate; that w* will compel you to remain busdled up ia this glorious unirn by which we hive lived, and for whiob we hope our .successors will lite. We have flourished under It. and we ran then tell them that we will pledge our lives end saced honors. that tot one star shall be taken from our gslaxy of g'ory. or one stripe removed from that glorious ting which ha.i wavtd to suaosssfully ov?r us. (Mr. Whiting then bat dosra amid loud applause.) JotirH L Whiis, F.sq . was then introduced by th? to the meeting He said: Mr rrasid?nt? (bete there was a tremendous outory of three c'leeri ftrtieiieral Soutt, which were given enthusiastically.) Mr White then proceeded ; ?.Mr ('resident and fellow Citizens It has been nv fortune, on several occasions, to addreie a New York audience on the different topic* of the day; and 1 am free to oonfrss that, In the modest) ot u.y uature it may be, that tkls i* tbe Crst occaMou on which I ever felt embarrassment, not fay. Thi.? Is a meeting of at) parties?it 1a a union i t all trdicKt and tentlmeuts W? have mat hern this night to present to the I nlon and to tbe worU tbe glorious sptolacle ot a pe p.? forgetting party and part; prejudices. and unitedly lookiug up to iieaveu t'> catch MM inspiration by which they may be coutr .1- l la their conduct fur the pre. ervatlnu ot this great coaf-deracy I ct me here an an bumble individual -on* of th? bUBil li ?t among you - uot at belonging to any party or MtofniM) bearing In myhandasing e plank on which I cnce *tood. I be sol* remnant of tbe Butfalo plitforoi - bearir g tbls single plank before you. fellow cltitenx this evening as an element to ad 1 to tbe great areh for tbe preservation mod safety if our lulou. to ba built up by ycu this Light-an aicb surmounted with a single pavllliua. Laving amblainnsd upon It, the single wild- Th? I uion of the States. at: : nothing but I nlon," Tr?n.tndous sbout* of applauso.) Orntie men it ia a new. a- it 1* a singular, necessity whlob calls upon the citisens of tbe N?rth to e?me togatber to temfy tbeir devotion to this 1 nlon. It may b? saii of the North tbat the baa never stooped from her bign state to calculate tte value of tbl* L'nios ; wa think It invalnable.u4 It 1* not for u* to oaloulata the value of tbat which Is abova all price and above all value. <ienti?c.i.o. it ia fitting on tbla occasion tbat ?e should renumber not only our davotlon to tbli I r.ion, but *ur ancestry. from whom wa sprang ((.beers) I, fir one. cannot forget that whila wa are b< und to pay dua respect to tba ardent, impulslva and fiery action of our Southern brethren, wa, who ara proverbially cooler end mil* deliberate In cur ceaduot, should act without tirgetting our ilinstrious aaesstry, end fhcu d in.Ilato their example, vli to thluk twice te'ore v>e are dlrpoeeu tc act onoe I Jo aot think our bretbn n cf tbe South, to whoos to glva the right hand of fellowship and compromise wa ara met together thi? evening, will forget their true Interests, but if th? North was m?de up of tbe earn* 0?ry substance It wonld lead to nclliiiou aud bloodshed I do aot forget, therefor*, tbat wa are made up of different, cooler and sure phlegmatic ma.rlais While tb-y Spring from the Cat alters, wa boast ot descending frm tba lt>and heals Looking bark upon the dl-Unt times of the reigns cf Ckltks and nf James, wa sen that Iba roundt td* (f > ngland weta the bra re meu who fougbt ful liberty the encroachmenta of the throne up <n tba rlghta of tbe people We cannot f?rg*l that tba Roundheads with their sword s*ut down t the gravs tbe dooulnei of j a wive obedience and Jivine rightwe eaccot frryet tbat it was the union of our ancestor* at Cnarlestcwo. in Masmcfcusi tta. who truck the first blow out of which sprang the glorious I nl<~n und>r which w? have ao long flourished. Oen t eir.-n I tLInk that thoaa man who Mill the bl >w wblrb w. n us our liberties at the point of the bajonet? I think that, at I vast, their desires and wishes are entitled to acme consideration from cur bte'hreti of the S^oth (IJood, good. I <>et.llemm, tLis is aot tba time nor the occasion, for the dirrusMcn of any tem?(argum?nt. The .jue-tion which n?w dnldes tte North acd the South ?tbat Is the yurstlcn cn which ?a are assembled here tbls evening We,the Housdbeads ? f the North, ara met together this nigm ? ii.i *i 11 r r.r union. io axirna to our bretbrra t f the South the band ol lellowtblp ami cobI>: < tnWa- tr pmei t* a principle which, in It* {?. abore all otber#. tba prlaclple of union. Kor that pnrpoae. ? hare com* here, and I, f?r oae, though 1 n> mrjijcil In heart and noul to tb* doctrine ol free n II, am nul'a fr#a to rmounea It for tba *ak? ol union I 11 | ||(M,| I c< m* here *? a ala>|>te In I MmI ['tlmiu* tb* I nlon to all other a?n>id?raUona abatLer It b? to tL* JlBunltlon or to tb* fataaaioa ol f'a??ry I e<mt to iaj to tb* Sooth, "?o? threat*a tbat U tb* Wiimot provlao ia carried oat. 700 will dl? ?rl?*the l'al<d. W all thro g*atl*mi-n, If you are k tli ua aid I am bound to b-liar* >ou ara. I will afrlflr* that declaration for the [r-?ar?a'i.n of thai nloo (Loud a> d tr> iLcLdoix eb< atiLg ) I will aaoiISc* It, fur tba vain* or tb* I Lion rt?c? far abota It. W* will compro? ! ?* will to comproalae, f. r tba prlaelfl* rf I nil n la far alio?* ail other principle*. ( \ vole* in ni tba crowd, ' no, ao, ' otbar voloaa, ?*?. y*a ") I ay j a#; and lat b<- pro*- U. Tb* prlnelpl* of tba 1 al' n la tbat prlaclpl* by whleb ?a bopa to apr*adaad ?t? r.d tb* blrralrat of bun. an liberty. mJ I aa* to that Bat, whoever b* Bay b- an 1 I Ma bA friend aa I do nil 1117 frlli.w cltli-u* I aay. wb*a aoaproBia* l( terminated -wb*a wa bare doaaall mm can do, all tbat eaa t* dot* by a law lorlag.i aloa lorlag people la ord?r tbat we tray Balatata aad prae*rr* iblt coated racy of State* Intact and uubrk.n a conf*dara?y *atabllrbrd 1 y tb* blc< d of oar ccnaoi aac-- try wbaa wa baa* don* all la tb* apirlt of the ancient R <und htade, then will tba flag rf tbat I aloa fl <atlag arrorj oa. and (turning rued aad pointing to (tanaral Scott, who aat heblad blai)? with tbat Baa to aoBBaad ua -(loud aad daafmlag ap plavra aitl?| of bata aad bandk> rehl?f* aad aa anthuaiara lad*>cribable> wltb tbat Ban t? ooBBaad ua, (hara G?aeral Scott roaaaad bow*d to tba aaBbij la reepoaaa to tba loud cbaari with which ha wa* cr?*ted ) with tbat Baa to aoaaaad aa. wa ma; lafy tba world. (Thaadara of applaaa* ) ??*ntl* raa I* not tbat tba r?aolra of thl? aaatlag ' Wa will ccwprcBlaa aad wa will aoatlaoa to aoapromi** aad ?h?n It e*aa*( to b* a rlrta* and oar oflara ara rpara*d. w* will atill ataad by tb* flag of thai aloa, and a*v*r abandon tb* I aloa Tbat I heller*, la tba il-tarmlBatlca of Northern B*a . wa will lira and die I All nlrn and ti acb It to oar children to do ao. (I r ad ebrar* ) Wa will ataad by It la w?al or wa . aad tbat th* I'alra Bay b* praaarvad wa will aot b*aitata t- aaarlfiea wbat>rar ?l#a wa bold d*ar. <**atlemea. I caaatt caclode withoat etpr*e*ii>g tba joy I bare fait ca tbla raaaaloa, la baarlag tba raaolutl>aa ?ou hate unaatBcnaly approval and adopted tbla evening < tb ofb In tlioaa raaclutloaa It In propotad to ij pt tha fBiprrn.U# prpoa.1 by Hoary Clay, jrt, I tra?t )l|Ml >tid traat M ?ra tha tarvleaa wbleh that ?r??t irt tnMf itt'MBti hu raadarad to hi* eoaatry. jot th'ft Bight JO* *111 Tdd Bttl*| tkll MMtilf B rnatUr of parioaal damoBfttratlna toward# bbj n*a tartlet, lar ltdltldoal Tba I Blna - that I* tha i|uaatloa wMrh Ibtj Itat ail > ur bop** of tha pact aad of tha fa I r- ? .1 ?hi? ,'ifftti'B I* abort ttaa that graat fttataamaa itrvik It ta that ahlah ba baa ban. aad *ow it, battling to ptttarra. Tkovgk that old haro. with tb? tr* a* I Baoy jtafi <i| n hl? h?a I nblblta a tuMlaia rpaatarla tf | atrlotirm aad btrotaai, coming from haatuakt for tha iftka ot hit ci'ur.lrj It ii|h lo ?paet*<-lo r?B ha n?r? mb'tfna, jat I hipa thart *III ba DO partial Cm>CB?U?tloB i b thla oaaatloa 1 ha ohjart wa Iftra la titw la ton aiblru hajoad all that attaahaa ta firiin (Load ? btara ) If wa will rhaar. lat a< gl?a tferaa rhi ?r? fot tha I al' a (Load ?honta and nhaar* ) i rijtl' n i-a I hata laid at will roaiarnalaa till a'l ahail ta la ta!*; aad affar that tha North m*an< atlll to lltt tadar tha glotlova flag > f tha l aioa. aad If aa/ fain* heart"- >h< a>d altampt'o dreg dowa that flag wa will till 1 aar ap that flag h*;o*d the raaoh < t fanatlal'ia ad wt will dia for that Sag (l h?ar? ) Oaatlaaiaa I i*a?d hart a whig, oaaa a fraa aol ran and I Bow g|te thewtlllag tilbutaof boo age aad adaal'atioa tatwogreat dtBirera'f ahc bara et?wd by tha tide af Kanryf'laj, ad darad to lift ap th>ir r?i< aa aa tbaaipl. an far tha I alow, la tha daaata. I aiaaa Lawit < aaa aad Ham l'ovtti*. (land ebaariag)- fomlag a ' l>la trio tffriaa of "Add T<m Btatoi "1 Mr tr aoatlaaad Tie, I add atUlfglj vba nam a of Thaana* Baataa; making aa iUB??ri( a? hand n# f..*r, who hata ta*t?rad *11,for tha I ?lo* (I.' ud a*d anatlaaad ebaarlag ) Thaaa hata i a't 'd f' r th?*iMlaat aa lilaatrtana lB?nrtallty In thalr K'hla >tard fir tha I atrn Mr. White tha* with Ira w. nn.ld l<ad aad tian?nd?wa ehaatlag, ?haraap<* load >h< aU atra raiftd lor i.aaaral taalt. Thata halin'irtid aria# far Oaneret Vaort froai all tar'? of lha imb tha gallaat hata of Lund; nd Mnla*. BftT appioprlataly arkno*|edf tag tha r<*fllattt. tp'ka aa follrwe ? Fallow atti*?B? I tent hue tt l? atcBlt t aot eipertlag ta da Mora thaa tak? *1 'Uud I* coiaai of tat |t*B f?r tha purpo* )RK I SDAY, FEBRUARY 26, li of listening to the proceedings ot this terj lnterestla J and Important meeting. I had ooexpectation ofhavio t the honor to be called upon this stead i am ladebtc to the kindness of friend, who dlsoovered me beloi for having the honor to appear In sach a oocspiouou manner before yon. Little did I expect beiug oalle > upen to adiirees ttile grant and glorious meeting, wblo i l? worthy of the Kmpirc City?worthy of the Kmpii i State, and worthy of tba I nlon which you same bei > to support (Great applause ) I tee before ma tb Intelligence, the wealth, tbe patrlotltui of this grai i citj. voluntarily coming here for tk? purpose of au| > porting that Union. I am an humble friend and d> I voted servant of that tame Union. I do not oall uiyee a oltisea of the Kaat or of tha North, of the We?t or < , tbe Sooth. I have served that Union for neatly forty-tw i years, and feal'that I am a citizen of every part and pai i eel of tbla glorious constellation of States As friend of tha Union, and knowing that the Colo i is in jeopardy. and knowing that this mettle was railed for the purpose*of devising measure

, of compromise and oooelliation. I oarne here. Man i thanks for the Undoes* you have shown me. 1 am no i aa abolitionist nor an advoca'e of slavery. I woul not fcavc come here It I had thought these subject w< uld hava militated with each other at thin incetinj i I did not come here a? a whig or as a deuioorat ) have not attended a part? ";:? for upwards of fort 90mrm hnf kan ihm U that tha !Tnln? lei . i and a rally I* called /or the support of tbe Unl >n, i would be a coward, and recreant to 1117 country, if I di ot respend to tb* oall. I mean to give my llttl 1 strength Id support of th* Union, and, God willing, will do so. I am not a strong man; but I have a littl strength left. and I trust I shall be burled under th I I dIcd. Oi d grant that you may devlte or fall upoi seme plan to mt? that Union to which we are, ii 1 heart and soul. all *0 much devoted The gallant General returned bit aeat amid the mo* i enthusiastic and prolonged applaute The tneetin 1 shortly afterward* adjourned, giving three cheer* fo 1 General Scott and th? Union. I 1 Fi'aTHER Particulars ok tHr Mi'rhpr or Mai White ?The Abingdon (Va ) I'lrginian contains a let > t?r fr< m Andrew J. Dunn dated at Independence, Mo 1 Jan 1 tub, giving the following particulars of the mui 1 d. r of bis *l*ter, Mr*. White, by tbe Apaehe Indians 1 " I hasten to attempt to give you th* fate of ou > dear sister Ann. Aecording to th* statement c Major Ogden. just ooming in from 8anta K< 1 (the tiprctk under hi* charge) says, after havin used every possible endeavor to ob'ain her by nogotii tirn. oflertng any amount for her recovery, *0 , the eame to the concluaion that ahe was not living and 1 tact the Indians made, or endeavored to make, th* la pressirn that she was not aliv*. The troop*. how*vei , went in pursuit of her. and having gone some considers hie dlstanoe on th* track ot a drove ot wild horsei 1 found tbeir mistake, and pursued a different oour? ! Soon after.tbey found scattered upon the ground pi*04 I cf Ann'* dre?*ei, and in other places thread lace, \o tun from her clothing, that those who were after he I might keep in th* rl<bt direction. Aided by the* ' *lgn* *o frequently, they made snoh rapid progress, tha 1 they Anally came upon tbe spies cf this band, who com mnnlcated It to the camp, and all at once mounted thel 1 mule* ai<d ponies, pierced Ann * heart with an arm* and tied, leaving, in the utter confusion, their owi children, ft cm who*e necks were suspended tbe wb*el and car** of Mr*. White'* and Ann's watches. She wa : well clothed In her usual die**. She refused to g when sbe got sight of the troop*, and they shot he I and left. Krom her appearance the had not In an; 1 ?ay been abated, but looked thin and heart brok..ii | There were four Apaches killed, In whoee p 1 were found Mr*. White's miniature and Ann's butter j knives, speens, and other little thiugs. with her ini ! tlal* upon them, and now in the hands of the express mun at Liberty. Mr. Ogden promises to send tbeia f! me in a tew day*, also any other information he cat yet 1 here is a great loitement here and 1,000 mn are at the service cf the department at twelve hour) ; nttlce. The ooart here. to-Jay. petitionea the Pre?i dent to stud a sufHclensy ot men to eiti-rmlaat* thii I band ef Apaches, and ail th* ravage tribe*. The oiti *ens here tbink that letter* will contain news of li'tii I Jennie, who they tbink Is still alive, but separatee | fnm Am and now in their possession Col. Gllpli I says they will not kill a little girl, but will rait* It. 1 they mn. Col G is of oplnlou that th* troops will ^e I lit 11? \ lrulLla if still alive : If thev J?. I am <1 > t?r mlced to goto Santa >Y " Taorai.r. i?oni. TNt Bucinor PMit.4DCt.rHia?'T(l Wnitii l)?no< n< ro.?Aafrnetu* r. l>or*ey or L>'Or*aj late it Boatea. ft daudy negro. of the Kre 1 Uouglau elat uud.rtotk to harangue a colore.I a?p*mbl?je in Seventi etiett. near South *tr-et. yeeterday Th *m?ct of bt* tii-oi i. >H tbn euperlorlty of the Vfi I omi" ever Urn " paie. paoy deacendantr of th* Anglo Saxon* " Thl* colored C bar alter D'Orfar averrei ?'*t *'1 black animal* are ?uperlor to wblta one* Black bone? he remarked -,B:ake the be?t raoera.blael d'n? make the beat hontere ? black oat* the baa ini n??rr black rooeter* tha b*ft fighter* and breeder) and black men excelled la all the*e particular*. Th white people,raid he. ' pretend that the colored (oik bate a *tr< eg *meil lie did not with to dmy it 1'h | cilnraJ folkr are utrocg erary way. A flea " laid lb ( bevaller, ' I* the *trcnge*t quadruped on the faces the raith. contidering bin weight and alie-andafle la black. That'# the reatoa he l* paraeonted. my re , *pec ted bearer*," aald the eloquent b'Oraay. "Bntth f!ea thowa bla pereeoutor* that be can bite, If he I black. The Bigger* caa bit*, too-they * got flrnt-rat teeth," cried the Ktbiopian Tully. grinning at the earn ' time, to ?how bow hi* own month wa* furaUhed ! " h ?erjthing." returned the orator, I* *ald again* tbe c<>l< red eopuUtloa. that can be mU. Thay aaU n* thieve*, but uy^n my word atd boner, ?? a gentle man, I never know d a nigger to iteal anything in m; III*. I'd tract a Bigger, any time, with a baehel of die mon J* or gold riag*. without counting them. \ *, In deed ger.tlemea ard ladia*. I d tru*k- 4 u'ggrr fort] b Ilea. ?here I wouldat trott awhlte man the leagtb o the rop? 1 bat would da to bang him wlih. Mere tb< speaker ai-peart d to be mach affected; he put bla han in blr coat.tall pocket, aa If U> feel for bl.< handker Chief- leaked friuhtened then tried innthar n k?L and bioaa cut wlih tha aiclamatlon : ?" *VhKh ol jou black tar) ant? b*a book ad w>y aaw hanjaana thai coft ci ili abilllBga. in Naw l??k Ivt Saturday' I ot l? t< tally corrupt** and ?i?hiatrj by 'aovhiattag wit* tba whit* trarb and taadlu* tha d-<l ma!<*uatl< o netting* .laat you band bark that ?ilk handkar char, cr I'll fir* th* I'btladolphy nlir??ri a bad natnt a ban I go back to Boating ' Thapollt* cnlnrad *11*1 lory, b< t llklrg tbla coara* Inntiand" and throatac* d< TamaMt n .fall. an aiaaaa, on oral-ir D'Or ay, who wa. <Jrll?*iad from tbalr bar,da by our of the d?*pl??4 An*ou tac? *tl: a polio* ofBcer. ? ffnUdtlyKK 1'rnntyUanian, F>& 22. Dumratlr Dlltrrllany. A f toek eoinpariy. with a capital of f <00 000 baa b?ai Inmod at .Ylcnpbi*. Tana., who wWl *atabil?h a oottoi laotory B?ar that city Reuben Wlthrra formerly of thl* el'y and who kill* Andr*w Raiaold* at San > rauoaco, It la aald. ?ali* froB that city on th* aSth it D*?? for I'anaiua. la tU bark Vt b< aUn Tbcr* ar* cow twanty fir# rceaal* up for < alifornli at Boat. n 1 b* St Lawraar* rltar ?ai eatlrely cl**r of loa I Ogdeual urg, ob th* 10th laat Tb* aa?w la two Bad b hair feat d**j> at ( aaa*o bo UraftcB, N. H. Th* qwitlMi. whether tb* city of St. Loul* aha; trarafar It* aubeeilBtloti of **<00 00<> rr?n tb? fit Loal and* tBalBBltl Railroad to tba raolflo it*ilr<?d. Ut b* decided by th* cot* of tb* eltiieua, at U>? a??t u : BletpBl fUotion. Tb* powder Mill t-f laicec How*. AawklM, V V . wa blows ap <>m tb* Bight of tb* IStb I net. I.oa* M ?W. Tb* p*?t pfw at WhwallBg. Va., wai rohb-d on th night of th* 'Jt'lh laat A?oa( tha TaloablM atolan wa* aeertifr-ate frena th* Baa* of Pittsburgh No Jl* I In favor of J H Ha?B"l>d for ona thoaaanJ dollar* Alan a cbeck. drawn "by P. Biady eaahlar of lb* M?f haute aad .Yiecbaalea Bank, of thtarlty. No I'ili cb Mecare Kramar k I'aha tebaage broken of PitU burgb. for fifteen huBdr*d dollar* The f fltcara of th* war of 1*12 ha?a e?nrlali?e< ' Co*gr*?* to giaat tliem bounty iaada. aa tb* flirer* o tba ra?' tutl' nary war r*a*lt*d aueb bounty, aa wail ai tba a?ldl*r* ol tb* lata war. I (Torta ara sow b*lng aad* la Taia* to dlarorwr th< , BBtfcar of tka Ittlat wrltt? fw w?aM??ta?. la t>> Pta'a arkao?|?dflaf th? murd?rof l?r. r?rkmaa li !<*<? . u< fieupitliii i<r U >b-tar. Tbara ??t? hi daatba la Baltln?ra for th? w??k aad Ir.g tba l?ih lantaat. Ik* I.aglalatara of Alabama bar* apirf>priat? ! t'fco IW> lor tba rabulidiaj<r tba aapttal, at Moatfa ?ty. A Mil l? b?for? tba Maw IfTPrj Laf'ilatara to pra T?at Ilia raaalag at railroad o?r? tbroagb that Stat, oa tba Sabbath Tbata ara twalra pare a* la prlaoa at St. I.oaii, Mo o* ebarga* of aiardar f daiuad liari ?r waa kll1?d at flt, Mo., oo tb< 14th laatant by J. H. Caryall. bi? partuar tad br that la lav. A in??tlrf of tba (lorad paapla of St I.oall. Mo. t( adraar* tba oaa>a of anlgratlfa to Llbaria. ?ti bal<i ca tba lltb iMtaat bl?b?p y lagat. of th? R'maa < atbolia dln?aa* of K?? tarty. dl>d at Loal?vllla. oa tba lath Inataat A r??'luU..n baa baaa iatrodaaad In tba Ne? J'f] I I.r- dirartto* th. It.MHutt. n <f . I' "n< a. aln?t tba I alaaar* aed lladaoa < aaal and I iml?i at.d Aatboy Railroad e< apatln b; i ?rll o( fw *<r tatt/c, to aaaartaia by abut acth.nty tba* mat* th< aicwlit ?bai|n hi fr?l|ht. I"ba annul log of tbali rbarti rt 1* tba prr babla altlaata lataatloa. ot nral^a aad Raymond Moataaqaloa vara arralgaat at ft I.rata. Mo , oa tba Vtb lantant. fft tha mnrdar a 1 K ; art'im at id * lno??, r rair itt- I on tba It'll of <>*tobar laat. Tba trial win taka plaaa Id Marob Oaa rt tba targaat (arablleg hoaaat of Btatoa ?a tiUtrd by tba pollaa. a f?w atgbta ataaa, aad alaa a tba gan.blara arraatad aad eoamlttad to jail >??ll poi nr?T?IU to coatldatable aitant li Baltteara. A h?aij >?"? Horn pr?rall?(J at NarMkJV* . Jur tha ? kola day of tba 2Sd la?t T?a ?1>Mhoa?? Intand'd f--r tha arlfaU'-n ?f I.ak (>ntar1n ?ra to ha br"a?ht to tbl* alt* m o aa aa *t?atlo? afaa>. and nu?d for Uka trad* katwaaa I ana M and ha rranrla'o A rtan fttl baa b??? ?rr?t?4 at W*?hlafta?, for tb an- tat of M limt child of Mr. MaaUanw. by pourlat lardaram dnwi lla throat Tba >a?M la #uypna?d t ba*? ail*, a fro? a hMtlraarat lafllrtN ?r?? '* by Mn M. ????????a?????i IERA 850. I Tit* Telegraph u<l the Steamer's N?wf. A Td-d'HrH Orrirt, ) d Maoor, Oe? February Iff, 1M0. ) r, Emtob Ni* Ywi Ibuu:m Dun 8m :? 4 I notice In your paper of the 10th init . an extra* h taken from the Ntv OrUam Caimerctal Bulletin o e the loth January, heeded "Kaaoallty with the Tele e graph." Ai this artiole aeems to refer exciuaiml; e ' to toe Washington and New Orleans telegraph line, 1 it becomes mj dutr to stiate to the public that the pro> ?. duotlon of the Imagination* ef those editors, at thai ?- j particular time, wae entirely Ineorrect and without If , foundation I found, upon a careful personal examiu >f ation into the matter referred to .that the cause* of deo lay of which they apeak, were produoed from the eler treats, and, of oourse. beyond human oontrol a | The first of whioh they apeak was oaused by lightn nlng.that prevented ua from working only at lnt?rTal?; rm tVla Wtiatku* Kainai wtaeiM aa^J *?? *?? ?* is ly the cue la that latitude, it all season* ot the year. f 1 be *scocd was caused by the great and almost uuureit cedented freshet*, covering the low oountry for mile*, d and our wire washing Into the water, where It eould j aot be repaired until tba watar raaaded Those gea; tlemen were also mistaken with regard to the content* I of the private di*pat*h referred to. I waslnf >rm?d bj j one of the editor* of tha Picayune, who mw it that It r, contained the arrival of the steamer at Halifax, 1 bnt Dot one word if teamer'* news Be thl* as it d may. however, tha content* ?f * dispatch makes a no diffeianee to u* Our business la to receive and I transmit all mattar Intrusted to as in turn regardless a of the subject mattar of the dispatch or tha ine * dividual handing it; aad wa have adhered to a this rule strlotlv. having no favorites, but wishing todo justice to all Thoae gentlemen seem to think strange that private despatches should get ahead of mattar far t the press and tha Merchants' Exohange; but If thaj g were to use tha same Industry and incur the *ame exr pease to obtain early Information that individuals do, their efforta might probably be crowned with satisfactory result*. i 1 frar the Interest felt by those gentleman la the Merchants' Vidian?* arises from aselfish motive. The proprietor of the Heading Room in New Orleans regularly gets a despwtch of steamer's d(?< and the New York market* for their own use, and tbe UuiUlin, by paying r them a cI the prioa charged tor their despatch, ,f gets a copy at second baud for their publication In , this wsy. you will see It is hardly ponnMe they would j be ahead of private individuals, or other editors, whe , use proper industiy. and pav a fair compensation for j their information I make tb-?ne statements to you. that a the public and prrmtnent editors may not be misled. and recelva an Incorrect impression la regard to the f) reputation of our line. Having published the charges of the Bullttin in your widely circulated paper, I hope you will also publish this denial, in toto. of any partl, clpatlon in any persons employed on this Una having ,i any connection or collusion with any individual or a?soc!atinu reeking to favor ine of its patrons In pre,'J lerence to another. Respectfully. * ELAYI ALEXANDER, t President W. it N O. Tel. Co. r Brooklyn Intelligence. 'i Cm Mo?taiitv ? Dr. Charles s J. (Joodrich. Thysii rian of the Board ot ilialth reports the weekly MUM ber of deaths and interments iu the city of Brooklyn s for the week ending kebruary 23, ISM), to be 41: males. n lit; females. 22; adult*. 17, children. 24. Inter .neat* at r (>reenwood and other Brooklyn grounds, trim New T Vork and other place*, 24. Poi n k Co> ?t.- Justice Trnrasn Smith yesterday ' disposed of eighteen rases of assault and buttery, gros* Intoxication, ko ? two of which were from New York, who came to Brooklyn to enjoy the Sabbath. Polices liitrlllceix-e i *1rrnt for Muidrr ?The mac l'hou>a< |Sxlth wh i ' rtabbed Ixrratd MeOcwan the other day, with a knife. iu the abdomen, lutlietlng a fatal w<-und while lu aoine i altercation at a bou*e on h or ty-eighth Ptr?et and IhirJ Krnuip wan arretted ye?terday by the police of the u 1 Twelfth ward, oa the charge of murder The testl1 siony of the dying luai wait taken .yesterday. by CoroI | net Oi*r, in nirrmit, ai It appear* to be the opinion of f tbe do; tor* that the wounded man cinnot *urvlve t theinjury Smith ?a? take* Mm JaatlM Mcirmlb, who committed him to prison te await tbe ra-ult Takni fiom a Thirf ? Officer Croaett arretted. yerterday, a notorious thief, railed Harry lilack. in wboen , pctieitlon were found neveral pawn tick -U, repreoentr, ii g valuable medical book*, together with t ?" *et? of surgical instrument* Thtue article* are, und ubtvdh ly, *t< l?n property. They were pawned at SlropKon'*. a ia < bat bam The property ?an b? usim! -> . callirn at tbe police cilice, Tomb*, and applying to tba Clerk of Pol lee J Thi Arm! oj Two lliTtr Thttrtl?Two gcn'lem n. I, by the name* of Andrew Van Hlaroon, Jr . and Alfred | W Style-, fha former a Bank rlerk. an I the other a t broker. on Sunday la*t hired a horse and wagon fro-n i, tbe livery (table of Martin I'bllbln. No. Ill Clinton place, lor the purpoae of a ride to Mew Utrecht Long i island. On arrivlrg at their destination, towards the i latter part ot the afternoon, i .. -y drove up to a tavam. * made the horse ia*t nod tbea entered the tavern for ,f tbe purpoae r'f refrething themsalve* on ginger pop or something stronger, and wh n in readiness to start fur h home en looking lor tbelr cooveyanoe. to their utter * eurprite it waa gone, and which way on the r-ad. I to th?ai waa I mystery however to New V ork ( they bad to oobm*. and Were therefore compelled to i Lire another coarayanee lor that purpose; on ar1 rising ia the city, no tiding* could b? <leao. d at tba I whereabout* rf the stolen horse and wagon The I r<pu?s It apptar* were Induced to coma to Naw York with tba aiulen property. knowing thit their eafatjr j was more certain ia a la-ge n'v t1 en t i t'ie country, and thinking to ml* la* ItH Out that MlM naturally he given at tbe 8< uth ^rry. waited until between r on?|aod two o'clock yesterday morning and then erooa?4 f the ! ul (ii ferry. Officer Malouey, of the 8?coni I ward, who ba? alwaj * an eye 0|>en for *u*pinloua I character*, observed tbem drive from tbe ferry to a tinern he In frulton atreet. and from th?lr appearance aad a-llen* rn-pertrj they bad stolen f tbe horsa and wagon, therefore, on tbeir return t r. r m tn? itifru, nr rii->c*a dotn. in* ohm oaii?d t Willmmi made b:?r*ci|# but Matthlni Korr th* nffli O' t wrur?d, OBJ rourty'd him to th- poll** atatl >a, and took ot ai*f alio ot the how ?n<l wa_'"n, whtoh, during tb* mot urn.: tutu. J out to bo th* mmM* of i Mt. I'ht.Mn. valued at betwaen two aol three hundred d< I am 1 hf olHccn* ar* lu n-a-ch ?>f t h* other r g>i* | and to doubt >r*thl- tleyhae* him in eoatodf. Thin I tin thm dMi<o?*t ni*u ft*an d*t??it*d. K#rr wa? Uk?ti b?f< r* Junto* Mountfort, who e>iniinitt'"i talru to j prlroa to awolt a further h?arinn Jin Imlri rut Olfic*r dU ph*BH ?rr*?t?'l ym*~ terday a boy of about ?U??wii >eai? ..f a*? byth*naip* Of John Brognn. wb< a* a'.her k?*p? a grocery. ? .No '.3 n h in ?tr**t i n cliarg> of c onnnttiin an ludaceut afrault i d th* of Bridget < onion Ju?tlc-? Mounttort eomniitud btm to pitroa for trial ' Avovnib Cako *r Ahi'itih* i? Houro*1?Tba Breton ' >(>riM ot tbt (.14 lint jItm thr fHiovlnr particular* rf a ca'r of abduction th* partl'?? tn wlnnb r*?ld* la that etty: 8oo>* of oar reader* ar* donbtl*?? ac jiialntk, ?d ailh ?li? Anna Hxwlaud th* beautiful an I fa*cl aliDg daoiibirr cf Mr? M Howlaod-by bur ftrm-r it bnebond. Mr Klllfll roi?;.-*tl"i>*r ,n ranktln atnet In her ru? a< with many oth*r? th* cour?e of d trueloa* did not run ?oio th It appear* that a aon of one of tba Dam on ?tre*t g*ntry tVm T. RIm, ma of Henry hie*. K?q . broker In Htnt* atreat. became na" Booed of ber beauty, and proposed a runaeay ma'<*h '* t' b*r about a y*ar ago Anna I?ri4 kin, Mid having ? n to#t* lor tb* r rn?Dti'-. ao?*| t?.l bt? pr p Itlon ' an atom m?nt aad l*ft with Mm laet eprlng and wa? m?rrl? 1 to him id l)?rrott, Michigan. Th* c*r> m my wa? p*r 1 formed by Win. T. ooh. K?<j . Ju tlca ?f tba !>?? 7b* m*tri*d pair *ett|?d down to anjr>v ilf* in tb* mmt , tnllonal and happy mannar. nt tb* thrlrln* ***tarn city of I)?tr< It. 1 br yi ni( man ?nt*r* l on* *f th* ' flr*t p >rraijtll* b?a-a* In Ortmit nnd win In a fair ' *ny to b*?''?a an* of tba rteb*at m?rrh?ot? of that plar* wb*n tb* afair b?ram* known to tba Ban'"* atr**t family, who *ax?d wroth at th* union wMoh tb*y da*is*d nnfntbloaabla an1 Improper. Tba young man waa Induced by bl? folk* ' to Irar* bit young brliia nnd wai by th*m nbdua*ad to part* unknown ' Anna mm* b<ma tn b*r ml for tb# |i*t iur?v ui<idiii<* nae fi-rn 11 o?r r-ge i'tl a theayh ?ha bu made diligent tad nn\ln? lo jU'ry, nd telegraphed to dlff?r*at part of the I ntoa to atoertala hi* whereabout* Meanwhile the Be?con *tre*r family ha?a retuaed to a ?n- wledg? the marriage of Wllllam to VI**. A una llowlaad I he n> th?r of \an? la rrd?t to *llenr* ??y Improper rumor* la relation to lit >|i<(?iiNit of her daughter. wrota o? the 10th of October lart to tb* inanimate *t Datr It tkn married U>* partlee. and raaelred th* letter whlrb appear* b? low. which wa publish ll jwtlN to tha yung lady, who belrg deprlted of aay aid from h?r rich Beacon ?tr*?t father In la*, announea* her in'-ntln to appeal to tb* g*n?-r< u? nubile for *j apathy and ?npport She a III ?oet probably mall* h?r dahut n the board* of tb# >atl*aal tbaatr* ' a Weiaeeday fT>ilii| a*it Tb* fi llowing I* tb* latter attesting her marriage which w* puMteb from tb* original:? i>?t?oit. i.itb ort 114p "Va* M H*wi.4<?n ? Madam ?\ *,nr fa*o? of tb* loth ln?t . ?a? reeetred tbi* noralng and I herewith eom ply altb your request la firing the Inf rmatl^a you deeire I wonld etate that Mill.# '.J of Jan* 1-4' I united ! merr'*?e William T Hire, 21 year* of age, to Aaaa Maria Hol*rt* 1* year* < f age both af Roaton Ma?* la pruesf* of Fim.\D FAI.MF.H ant "lltHHV LIN' OLN WILLIAM t ooK in-tl-e of r-a^e Wayn? aouety Ml??hl<en "Mr Hire l? la r.?e ?f <>nr Br?t marijenMI# e?tablleh egtn ar d fr'int'ie light ar < nlrt*n<-? I h*?e ha -I with th* jonng n an,I ?h< ul i tblnv yr tir da-ighter would hat ao raaaa to r>gr?t the connection I "> oar* reepeetflly, "WII.LItM CO"K I I "" t t (Un ' H*1 Ol)Sinl?? mrrutnir flr* kt< k? nnt In fb? b?-o b?l<n?lrj to th? , (lo? ? A i>?N? * ? o ?t"f* an I tb* n <it ? of tbo l*r|? >Wk of food* w?r# ffimiiiiH Th? hullJ. li|?ttn<?i>4kt i l? r?l? tit ?h-bnjr*n tvi?.?o1 full* la urtd by lb* ll#l?n? l?*tra?e? < mnpany, of 1 HtrtllN, Milk NrMk WmI?ti in-tiraBo# Omptriy of (fwrgo TkaloMof Aasbl>*<0 ?tlm?'?<1 ?t ?W0. lo?nr?<l I* tb* tBB ln<ur?B?*( nm( .nr ot rd ntn I pbsm Ibb ||?r4 of th? 8k.. .,??n llou?? I'?? Blmo?t Ml bt? f'iraitt r?. *n1 tt-n bin (Wait ? \j? elf tbip* w*. m<?(ly im n>?a>><1 |Wlt<t tb?m bB-Mj !)? ?? rBp* with tb?lf H?m Ml* |om |? vvrT b?BTT four hr.ia . t%? oamtfe,,., ?n4 \na ? I ? ??* ??T. hnrn*'l All th? ot 1I.N.?U.T?.tf.. (,tvny t ?t- wr? r* J ?0?.a ??* tr?M !? ? bnlliltnc ??? ? f tl*M ft \ , ' wU??r*4 m tfc? forth W'?.??tb Innnici <,om | i)?nj -- CA??|3 (la ) ^.rwfiMT, N. it. LD. . TWO CENTS. Common -.Council. BOARD Of ILVItXIN. ** Thle hoard met puraun ? to ?dJour??Mt VArlona petitiona were m eived and re."?rr*d. . . The thirt)-first report fr m the tt weei of th* Baaa foe t Banna* in thin riiy, pr<-aei)t?d with an aoaoapanyiBj * Mot# Irorn the M?jur, and for thu tear gliding 3l*t JJiotmbor. > IMS', III* dupoaitori number !>;.. in who hare d?p"itcf fl.7ttf,7io 61. oul of whieh -A? jo ha* b?en drawia out by f J6-IT Ae|? ?tur?, leavira a balaac* o( S". > iu f.h haua; j of the troatee* of 1L1* institrtion. The r V?ft ml ordorra OB iii*. After otlti animportia: baatnrn* w?i tree ? < '* I, a resolution ?m iflrred, to a runt Hf.'tri K K. Colli:, a ? Co. the as* t of tfce pl?ra at th* (*ot of Canal atrer t. to b? u ? I u *ii?m for their *te?n?liipe, at a reat of f> .'* i.or an. 't"B Attar a ebon diauuMiea, it Wa* sent to lb* board of *a? a aat Aldermen, for coBcurrencc. Tli* following *icm*k a fr >m Mayer H'oodhull wi> ' euhmittad to U.? Board ot A!d?ini7?, for ih?It *i*w* upon the l aportaa* acbject. Alter beian rrad. it wa* referred to the U 1 department ? To the thi Common Coi ncii. or "*rrw cirf or New Yobi * * Mavoa's Orricr, Feb. 1H, I**' Gratlfinen ?The ljrwa relating to the public health h tra. at earioa* times. uuder*.<ae material alUTationa and au w.iJ eata. The aatexed city etiarver. and particularly that porti "> *f it which yivea to one ol the meoBtiv* di-partm^nta o? 7>'tanoe ot all matteia relative to the public health of the i *7 of New kcrk. aflotte aleo, very oasentiapy, <?? of th * ?" leailiuK i roviMoBt. the hat >?en, that tlie ? lawa. aa to tkeir m< uning and practical operation, ha?* be w cone involved in action* d'uuit and unortrinty, that pro- * during (tr?at etnbarravemeBt, not only to the ftj.irl of Ue'alth and ite officer*, bn? to all 'heoiher health ott.'sre of the city foverumeut, with reapoct to th? :?ro"*rij.*vrcu<J vl taeir relaive powera and dutiea. l'ader tit,* cirrumatancea I would re?j*etfjl!y anbaiit t>? the Common Council whether it would not be enped out t* cauae an immediate reviews of the- health law? relating >? th* city of New York, an that a drat*, tor a lawir.ay be presented to. end m. *, hi.' tli.. l.*?i.i - ,. slou. All laws should he made p'aiai md la'ciimiMe iut efpeciallj Ia?? reapeetiiic the puol'.e health should be kept ss free as poasrble from all oks< ur.ty and tmW?-ra "men's a* t'j their true construction. C B. WOliOHlILI,. The whole number of documents S"ted upon Ink eeeoin*. ?ki sixty-thret, and within a lew momente-of S o cmen, Lite Alderwaa from the Third, ni<lr i a iticn that the? . ailluura i to Tuesday evesiB?;; but Aid Shaw laid he wi .lied t? o(f r *u amtb'iwent.liy letting the public kn .? for wtwt pur w>ee taey adjourned at so < arly an hour. Aid. Shaw - I would olfer an amendment that ?* vlj^ara and proceed to at ?nd th? me- tin ? "for pr.servins ttoa Unioa." i beinn held at Caatle Onrdm t--u.*l... Aid. W?'0i>?1 cordially aovpt the am?adm?':t of my ?utthy colleague fro? t .e Teellth. The motion, as amended, *as carried, and t^a- aijourued to meet again on Wednesday efieru o'u, at i o'clock. hoako or aisiwant*. The Board of Aaaiatauts wet atfl o'clock, j-netet i-<r I'elittmit ?1\ biimhvr of petitions wete presented and appropriately reterred. Among tliem waa? A petitiuu to rrg'ilate and a?t cuth and gutter ttnmai on Thud avenue ana Referred to Committee ou Koala. fetitH n of John Wii^ht and n there, for a rier at t hi foot ot TweifutStreet, Nortii Hvur, referred to Couc?3?e on Wbarvea. Hrpor fa ?/ I'ommi tUtt ai llrjdi ot Dtpt rtirrnti.? Prom Committee <<n Wharves, recommending t e e.?t'-e?i?a of pier* at the foot of Oanaevunrt and Bank streets. .Vortk kher. Adapted. 1 r m same ?.miniu. i, in favor ef r. ?lu tion to roinore obstructions frim Walnut (treat alip. Oa concurrence, llii* biard coacur. 8am: committee, reocsenKDdinK rrfer< nee to the Street Con.u,i?sioucr, with rawur. of the subject of repairing bulkhead between piora 13. I! and 13 North Hirer. On concurrencc ooucorrii iu All", >a favor of rebuilding old portion of pier foot of CUrksnn street. North Kiver. pier 3J la-i River, and to build bnlkhaat at W alnnt street slip Ou concurrence, concurred in. Alao. r - in lit I. d 1 u K the rebuilding and extension of piet f>0l ef Charlton etieet. North Kiver Adapted Ki port of finance Committee of tnia I >ar l, reeonuiead.'u concurrent'* in UaaiBg kxthange eiip to 1.. W. K ram art Adopted. Report of Ccromittee on Fire Department, ia f?*or of fu '? nithti.f Etiitine Con psny 13 with a new <-n* ue. t'a c.uoorrenco, conturttd in. The Comptroller rent in k eomru'iuioi tin. with an ord>nuia, making an additional approtnxtioa of $ ". M lerred to tbe finance i omniiue. I*i*j'rTt front !hr A.vird of Ahltrmm ?A reaola'.loa ta I at propria) v 12 IkO to defray t04t exp. ue". incurred by v ie <ii! rection ol the alio ial ruminittee for removing l!|( of th? buildmica Noe. S and 7 ilagnu atraet. Coneurn 1 tn. 'ihe t itante Cou.witt'.'e r> ported in favor.) luraiahiog a berth tirF. KColnae'ateeinahipa of the Nea Y. rk and u\ ftt "Ol lite, at the loot ot Canal Street, p era tl and 42. wiiA the telkhtaiif, to b.' put in au h oi ler a< i> uteo.-s arj I t the INi>BB?lsiien ef Ike stwsieis. The coram t'ae rep >rt in favcr f itLli(.K the pn re lor ten fears, at t? ft? 'i por >**r. wikk the privilege of renew in* the leas, at the eaptreiwn of that term, at euch 1 lie* ai rhail ke a?r>-ed npoall y appiatiuaiont. The report was, after a->me fiehate, adopted ia OoBSurrtuce aith tie Board of Alaeru ?b. A.ijourned. TiicbIiIihi and ntialral. Bow a It v Tuxatb a ?" The Dmotinwr," one of th meet beautiful dramaa ever plajed at thia theatre, waa perfume A latt evenik*. ? ith the e<<Bttdietta of " Captaia of the Watoh." and Uie oiuiatrian pi?e ibiitled " kit Oars SB." before a verp m norm* audionoe. To-aiglit the same ' ill will ><e repealed. ami MM i.ouee, wt are aure, will be orowdedta every depart Baoai'war Tmi *t**.-! ? ( nljht a noteity ?u proi di.eed at tbie bouaa, in the i>.ape of a fee a t oo?a?dy, wrltta* ly a *entl?maa of italrmmre. I'll* ac^nery aDdappoiutiaaatt W?re keautilul, aad til the lot* eltrUvl tlmine'lrea ( i gtv i I tl!eCt to the m'outi n? ut tbe aulhir. i lie play w;m pnriect! 1) un eatlul, a?d. In our < plu >n. will r in I r a l< ng tl no, if a piop'-r apprei lat.un u( ita nicrita la evtc*?<l on tlie fieri of j the public. The h< me trntba eipoeed toll w !1 witn tlie audience; and at tba aornedy la auitcJ Is American tueio-y. j tbtrt lean rea?>n why it ahonld not take U.a plate of ni tar k ant deeatod to Ea?lieb life an I manncra. llu p urn <f Itj Irtuiea" I* a liappy una. A c utiiiuti diaplay of A'aenoiua peculiarities. exhibited In tbelr eatreme Mc'it, am.) uiinj ..f ciorre. to ilMltt tWurdiHu. Mrna 119 (lit aud -nee mi only a faithful but a )odt<-r?ut pictute nf it' oxtremee t? wkl<h nr pwtlt mil *? wheu a*i<-d by any particular name? poll! <at, aonal or eyaapaiheuc. It I* at osoe aa j an uali.g aatirr. and na int'r cilee mirror, wbtreia eartI (iii cUeaea ol ridicul - p p a an a'ike af,o?L up, and taught to ate tha aitre? ?*ar e of Iheir ftl'iea, an 1 ailm niabid'uatid tlum Tl.t plot It wall < aatruoted, aad all the Icl aracterr. thoauh dieiiat'ly inatk?d nul for ibly otiUailat throughout. art Anally brought to that " happy m?1|ii ia," tie t?Ju>Ditut if wUl<b ae anp|H>?#d to pro.iuoe, afwr all. the beet eovlal >.artn"B)'. A ?| irita ! and e?pr?pri*te uptl ,<u? >|||| k'l. aid tin. whole uuth ajplkuiti. It will ?t ra' | nattd it. If t*ta!i * Ei ari'i'a Tnr?r?r -I'.lf a fa??, fhat aatu-ithttaaiUg j ti e alB>i at 11[ r?'v\dentally Ion* rua of th? admirabi* t raady of 'Tf * !-?rlo?ia Tamily," lie l o ita ao'it*auaa to b? a# angurroaaljr aiuadod a> If ft were ao* only 19 It rtrtt w -k. "Ihie t tho brat ari'ertoa of I't e?--tlleoie. ia t ?f tl.t B>aaltil? eijle in ?h b it la repreftntt I by Unrtaa. Brviial a , Krt. Kuai.ll. Mr. C lark', md the ir abla brotbar a?t?rn. M e au(> ed a? r.e. h laat u tbt a? if trs ha 1 ?< aa it lor Hi but. ai.d we are tor* there we e many pr aeat ate had *itaee*td It before, yet aajoyed tbe eomade aaJ the a I 11 wilb iarreaael pl.aeur- Tha aatertalaneatt o>at'ndtd wilb a ait larte called " M'lld Oiitka." IVaat of pate pToyeatt our BCira eitaadia* aa) further llili day. hiarmiai In a ara r.?1 aal ai*ht. Mr Cbaalraa, who appeared in twu of lua ifaTortta ro/et, had attracted tb<> Boat 1 t.un>erM>t audience we have yet Mea at thle alwayi frei<i mi ltd tkaair* -,Bib k kj d hii?a?, " T'i?ee Veari Aftrr, ' and lha " Married HaVa," wtii. li ware almiratly wall | l ?)> d, drew f **! " li tnthutlaatl' applann that tlie tame 'Mtrtalnn tnla will be reprodin ad 11,it erenliit. At tba bo'lM will la b'.lad, ? d'lubt, it will ba prudekt to Mcurt ? a'.a '.ally ia tl e mormaf. MiT'Wii i a fii.t m i' ? The drttaa of "Tba Oetll la Pari*." tie caletratad a'ntdy of "The Serioua family." ?ni the ni' ?i< al 'an^e tl " Tlie l.oan tf a Lorer ' w-rt tba dl'?r?ifl< d eat- itt'iin.rate at tt it well nan*(*d Uttla thaatrw Ilaa' ititlai The boa-e tai, aa ataai. er?wd d. aid all tba rtritrra of tha eaoalleat eompaay etortod tbestalret ta ll.aie utmoat tw liliai" aad ?afs?Kna?till* ?><< aMfni Tki* attalai will ha "Mod ? lraaU<o bill. ?j4 itahall. who l( a b' at m hiaiotlf. will ?r la the admtiallt f?n? of "Tit Man with the Car(>?: ? ( fraua* Onu ? If >*i>*tr Nioiir.?Tha > 'baerlptiaa ?? < 11 i- rtn.natad with 11.11 rronaaac, aal Ilia r*m* Ma ' i-.i*l.u nil! l> to tht baaotta : IMM Wh" lavs roatrthatrrf aa larraly to tho rloarura af tha |nliit II ?h?al4 ta "BtmlaMl the iiidi?ia*Bta * Irt-ara < ir- rt4 ta fiarforinara antMpatt aot a llttla f?"m tfitlll. an I lliat thry attiall) ?u*?f la their faaortta r Tfct U? ?.??.? I* )tt to ha ii?a*4 Thla miit, S>.i >riaa Tn fll will h??t b r l*?fH. Bb? will frf'tn in "ii'in i B rata. tu4 that laet t|i?i?4il an of "U 0i> raiti'aif." The rrayty "t ?ha "> ? n^tUM ( ma al >..o4atr, mue r, aa4 Mrraa laata ha* ??aaaali ?ia4 tk* a al arttita r f Me (ta na i? lie 4) naa *ato4y Other baaaMe kit ana< aaae4 ale... et>>'?eohl:h will St ani<-e4 tb?a of tie famrtu S^rtaera, aM tha oaiyliin-at?ry >a- to tha 4ietta?niahe4 <-aipoeer a ad ia??e-tr. tn lar??Ml CNBftTt'aOrta * Hoi a*.?A fiae bill of la'cttlaatlt I* fr? for the aa^i?teaeat of the ? a<r I af thla eery ?Iular tetal.llel.m'at, IM? ateatr*. Th? 'ralon th*!tatiea n.?al?> tnttafa, vtllli ?ill l* f'llowe4 he,* eariety of tba meat alanal ?al?4laa, aa ???? by tl.ia baa<f. Nail la naraialaa. aa ill b? I Ha harlaa ,'ta </ -j a?? M nioil," 'iwprieia* a ?r>a4 / ' p. -nrri of 'te-ileaf af re rull.wia/ thie w.ll ba a ??< al d.erlav, IB lOiataiKa af iaaa? I <a4 aa I a|liat -a'aln!'4 rr rra dnnat Thea tha tainltabla 4a???o* at tha ' ? t" io^Ub 11 n?, I'ii ' I : .III r uar aa4 aii.lla aolw Til wbola a .11 ro?rla4a with (..niliara Ir.liaa Thi* bill will ato?4 M*rhaai:a lla l attfy teen *4 t n watk. A cheap aa4 rirh treat for tw*aty vat t*au. Tiaiaair i ?.-'Tha ran i aaarart fitaa last ??aal?t. by Mr t lwa>4 Raa.eayl. wu atua4?4 hy a fnll ao4 faat.iaaaila aii liaa-a. T?t eatertammeat roataeai?4 with aa arartara. wl.trh waa aMy eaaaatt4 Matt eur.a th? faT?rlt> an l aartllcat voealtat. ^icwntlaa Borth-ar Rh<- -aai tha ?raa4 it a truaa " La raaarlta wtth a aw?rtaaaa of tai'inati"a ta4 riaatUc a attain a, wb.rh 4raw forth r?j>?at?4 ah*ara fmaa Jtrb-ar-ra. Tkiaaaa t:' by a aila, "Somaalr 4a la ll"a?tia,' wtth ar?!>aatral #.ii?raa!mtat. hy B4>ara Raaaayt; ha alt.. pla;?< tha "Aa4arta >i malt.' by KraaC wtth a |raa4 ra-taaia la t'.a at??nttoa of Iht laai aama4 I' 'oa, ha 4i*|ilayo4 ntat ar'taua ability. Tha r<iaaaaa tr >a *' La Pruihata, aa alao tha " K ad.. Briiliaat ' hy I* aaiaaiu. wart rra4tTo4 wtO,riaa4?'ta,awtt aaaa, aa4 ooftnoaa of *aaa. by 9<aaaitaa Borahaf Tfco iraat ' faaiaala C?a?ttaila, fol thaaulia a?4 fiano, wu r'aj?4 ia a ataattrly <ataa? by Mtaara R'tntar aad Tlmat. Tho wholt ooaota4a4 wibk the " Cardial of V?aBia. *J lUtaoayl. wMab roaalra4 all f?? (kill ?t. l rr 'll f*11 f> ( I b? tl 'Ml a* ?t*? l.alat k? a ?!.>! . Ik* * ?0 *nUral? to vb* liUlfatti a >?4 {.! mum .fa 4*li?MM *??*tK*.* - Tb? iu< of *?f?an4*r* o?4*r Mr. Whit*. ?i? flai a? at M t.a'iant v> ft*? tb?l? a aero oaa1 JIm tT?r? rr.a a* Tb* ?*r*?>nn.*?i wilh IM < |<a? *ftb* "lut iMtriliK. Amturt* *' ? ' ?. Tli# l.iflilj liuiii fare- of " Jtaabo Jun> wMh thtfrnn niT l> Hia* in tb<- ft*4la/ haraataf. tbr T"?' at l?a* I'ln# nt maoawl, taia *t*al?ii It alii b? t?.ll???* br mniM with *ba na?. balhi- fnlh?r? Mtitiaattl %r t I* r*?l?? <? !?. I.wl* t niir ?ill *i?* a 1' r*a L.*<?4 t)*aca, wtnoh will ba ? ?bj *?? *! *otr>* Irifin. and th? KhoM will #?aala4a .tfc A* ?n>??.n? |?at<>a,m? of tb* " Tnraa I ITIW " M xna, at r*i* ?Tb* naotiala al ' *? b??ut? la?U< l *?a c?1. hr*><l al Ou* Iuhm, li a b? a?) aiaaa laaow b*?a? nUj-l aa^>r >h? ta*?t fn? ITt aa?f4aaa. Tl.a kai?'itiM tivriaola af ' iia4?r*il?' will ip Tnna* wr>a4?rful 4ram?ii-praI i i*i?a, Ht*? a*4 Raw li tmn, will cn.ta'a tb? rbIM *'??ar? III, " Foar M at>raj ?. ,,l?*.i'n4 CMI4, " Na*b*th," an4 'tliaUix Far *?o," aftara >a* n?lf. I".>4r . t ?jr. Tl nncmai-?.y< |.>rirauaf J-any I.in4i < a '..i????a-? ?f tha com t w?a. ?t, la bit farorlU abara-iUMt ! ?la Bill Dnwtoa, liflpli, *?Hrn ?f. M>?bt in 1 nt ; i. ?jtha, , tn>la<t1* a?. t h?a i ar, 4 ?? fa. niiuinl na* li wai antoarj r?w cam .rant. war I aaiaala?ajar?r. aaiiiaal i*rn'ta, a*>1 a Ionian af It* ??ri.i a a n.lata. A IwmaaM, lb Matt aMliraa. aa4?r tan jaara. IfH w*a a. Daaard aaf Ha|a*r> Kori. ' | Tti* Vard alii a ??nb> lit dar ( Tu-adati >aa i ?>l>ck, ?b?n It l? lha th? of l?? 1?rnrl?<r t evil mi < ??rt nI ( ?mmnn Plau wilt lb? Bui ?f?l?'T?, t?'-oaifrr wlih tli am *o?I 1 tan^lllai tbii|> ll th?Cei*QMi-l?i ?( J?(?n f T*? aaafoti* n'1 lh?ir o lttab w?ra ??.i <1 r?o?n? : If an?Ua alda i I lb* inati?B?l'm Krlrf** a'?H? . Mua.a laila It l?t*f ill*?bl t^Mla ni?r.ii?M. , ?bia craiaodntltf tfii f Ilia U?aU?r .>o ?*;