Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1850 Page 2
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* NEW YORK HERALD. Rorlbwtlt corner uf Fulton anil MHMirtl. J A 91 K 8 U UllDOII BKSMBTT, raorHu roH and editor. PAIl Y VF.KA1 D. 1 etnf ptr mpy-tT p*r ttnnwm. WKKKLY IIKK A l.l), rr. ry Saturhy. P*r ? >), or $.1 p* r annum; Iht tdutoi p*r anMMln to indul'r thf inft,i<ir. , UULI.AIi HKEkl.Y IU.KALP, r?rry y, J leah ptr tufy, fl ptt annum. UtDllltNTI 7MIS BTENINQ. ITALIAN OPERA UOL8*. A?tor Plae??LucrhiaBor 14- ll Ol'ICiUiMO. BOWERY THEATRE Bi>?ery-TH* Diicucil-Ca?1AIW Of tut It'ltiH-"!* Ca??0!*. BROADWAY TUfATKB, Uroa<Hr?y-SiT*EMM-PiaIICTIM. Bl'RTON'S TD^ATKB, Chamber* itr??V? IcBlOV* F?Miit? Wii.u Du' NATIONAL I'lllATRE, Chatham (traek-Bi.Aos Itio Bt us?Th?h V?ah A>tib-Markiku Rare. OLTMPICTQKATRB, BroiJwaj?Una in Tabu? 8*Rloli FabtL*?lAfATtl. CflRYSf^ 8 Cl'EltA BUl'i'C?iTNiorEAR Mikstbu.*. AMERICAN MUSKl'M?Am'jine I'urokNAKcn Bt? ? AitMkuok am. Era.ti.NC. tOOETY i.IBRARY--l)it CKiriuon't Paihtihu or Ki?* i I'* 1 A l'ALHA. ew York, Tuesday, February 'AO, 1950. The (ireat I'nlon Meeting at Cattle Garden, and the Great Vnlon Movement of Ar. W abater. Our readers will find in another part of this day's paper a full report of the very large and enthusiastic mass meeting, which was held at Castle Garden, last evening, by the friends of the Union, ' irrespective of party distinction." It was one of the large st assemblages that was ever held in this city, and the enthusiasm which narked the proceedings was great indeed. Whenever the Union was referred to?whenever the speakers eulogized it, and insisted on its miwteance in all its integrity, shouts of applause followed, j that fairly made the welkin ring. The Garden | was filled to its utmost capacity. There were j lrom eight to ten thousand whigs and democrats gathered together, and mingling in one body, in favor of the Union, one and inseparable." We are rejoiced that New York has at length raised her voice in denunciation of the attempts bow being made by fanatics to jeopardize the safety of this great confederacy of republics. We rejoice that this great metropolis has sounded the alarm, and has, in a voice of thunder, denounced the ultras and abstractionists who have, for so long a time, kept the two sections of the Union in hostility to each other, and prodnced the lamentable and deplorable state of things which is now exhibited in Congress, and in the several State Legislatures. We rejoice that thatgieantlc h irnbug ?maiproiounu aosiracuon?mat jiomicai laliacy? that wicked instrument in the hand* of wicked men, the Wilmat Provieo, has been put down, as 't deserved, and that the commercial metropolis of the new world has been the fir^t city in the United States to proclaim, in tones that will carry terror inio the hearts of the fanatics, that the great and glorious fabric of government, under the beneficence and protection of which we have, in such a f-hort tune, bounded from infancy to the manhood of a giant?under which, within svch a comparatively short period, we have beon transformed from a few colonists into the first nation of the world, in aits, agriculture, and commerce?shall be preserved inviolate, and that she will be ever ready, and ever for< most, to strike to the earth the arm that may be uplifted to destroy it. It was full time that New York should express her sentiments on this all-important and vital subject. We had suflered, and radicalism, and abolitionism, and socialism, and Bggrananism, to prute and to rant long enough. This meeting was called for the purj>o?e of advocating a compromise of the slavery question, on the basis of Mr. Clay's resolutions; but there will be another compromise, of equal importance, and entitled to great weight, which will soon b? intro" duced into the Senate, at Wuahington. We refer to the bill which Mr Webster has been maturing for some days past, and which he will lay before that body in a very short time, being the same on which we have already spoken at some length. If Mr. We bster succeed in settling this agitated question, and in averting the crisis in which the country is now placed, he will become the most 1 popular man in the country, Mis compromise, j emanating from a representative of Massachusetts?from one of the extreme Northern States ? will carry great w? ight in the South, and, if it be accepted and acted upon, and the Union preserved by it, Mr Webster will succeed to all the popularity which Mr. Calhoun has for so long a time enjoyed in the Southern States, and it will make him a prominent candidate for the Presidency in 1892. Ia fact, it will put lura in the front rink, and deservedly so. The South will be gratified and gtatiful tor his compromise, for that section of the couutiy will support the Union as long, as it con be don** consistently wuh due regard to their own interests and honor. On the whole, w< think we see a rainbow in the heavens, and ale beginning to have more hope. Ktw York has spoken, in a voice that cannot be mil-understood. Hrr interests, as a commercial ci y, Cemaudtd ot her that she should tike the position which she did at the great and enthuaiastic meeting, last night, at Castle Harden. Mie has more at stake, in supporting the I'nion, thi n e.ny oth? r ci'y Her interests, as a commercial city, * ? the great focus ot trade in the new world, are intimately connected with the contin- j am i of the I'nion?with it, she maintains her present position, and with its fall, she would fall. As tor Mr. Webster, if he be successful in settling ttals question of slavery in a compromising way, he will achieve great glory, and entitle himself lo the thsnks ai.d gratitude of the whole country If ?u? h should be Uie result of his compromise, he | will, es we have already said, staud the best ch.cce for the Presidency, at the neat election, ihst we know ?.t. Dcitm or llr^imk J?n? M? > ?a .? The announce , Mat of thr J?sth it Am?'?l J?ha McNeil fomsrly Hrlrai!l?? fieteral of tb? t nltrS State! armr, anJ j jattarly Surveyor of the Tort of Bast .a. will bs rs estved with d< ?|> t?*rrt by In* triesJs an I th* pub'.le f???r?ry lis <11*4 at tb? Ifting Hon** Ws?k;iti<tita. r>a flatarday, tts VU4 cf Fs'.ruarj l?en<-ral MsNetl ft? A koo . ik'.xIk rf 111 Su a... mA.tha and U*t ?piin* *?i la ? ?'?K ? ?! IT# bowerer. ralll?J ai. J It m hrp?l that hl? d.;a?a b* 1 baaa 0?n?r*I Me.Vall wa? * "? la N?w Hampah!r?: he at lb* battle of lb'rp-?? la the war ef Hta the trnijr wrti drawn lato actios on lb* {l?lo? Tba flrrt I attalioa u?Je? VbJor Leareawortb. took a po?lUoa oa the right; tad lb* ?'e jb 1 ?M lad to |ia atatloa by lelonel (hnapbell, who, oa b'lag woandad, wee eaeceedad bjr Oeaaral. Ibea i MeNMI In thl* McNeil eoalaetel hit alierga acela?t the lafaatry "f the ?a??; tltb rr??t ehUI. end *m coinpliaimted lnitn?dUta'.y after with tba l>r*T?t tank of Lleatanent loloael. la tba tub eeqnant at Tandy * I eoe he we* eararaiy wove dad. and *a# borne from th* fl-.J. Thewouad Urn d hiea for Uf? a .tiff ,o4at at the iaae reealtiai* trowi it. (teoeral MeXadl ?n a nat of unsoaira# ute'ore ? rf a lofty, r^mmaallct eetrlafe- ???} an I e_r??et>'.e ; ,a bta latereowree with toeWty and daftly refpee'ad by hie a???bb' ra frtead* and thapubue H- tat at taahad U> tba party of t aral Ja?k? n anl tba den-v i nattf eaeeeerta. np to tba le*t eia aietretto* lla > I-a rat aa iataraetlrg faalljr la Boat a to d?s'.->r* h'.i At tba tin* of hi* dl?atb t?*?? la tba dity-atx'b jaar rf hi* eg* Ceiiiaa'e Li*? a* Jfrw Voe* ?*p Lt<?*riL S ????. aaa.-By refereace l( tba preceding* if tba ' otnm n < awarll laet eeealag. It wi I be >-?o that I ilia* a epteadld taemeMp? ara te bara a bartb at tha f it r f ? tba I ati> * t Thle If aa ?it*!i*at teaatM. aad both tba f-wnava r f tba liaa aad the' '?p? rati a ara In b? I tor gratula'ad oa Iba ofieaMeo of the exwipMI n f tbl# I ariar|-neat. 9ratfc Bnwhlja ofarad Vr C. a b-rtb i frt bl? ttaa??r?. free el -barf U wou.4 i<a1y |? I Uata | mk TELECIAPHIC IITKLLIGEIICR. HIGHLY 1IPHTAIT FR01 WASniMSTM. The New Compromise to Save the I'nion. THK SPLENDID lOVHEIlT F BK&. W a B 8 * B R. S1IRHNG SCINES ITCONSRESS. THE ANTICIPATED DUEL. &c. ?c. xc. WAiHI.^HTOJt ClVV, i Mundat K?KMIMU, Feb ?6,1350. ( The greatest excitement prevail* In Washington. There are stirring scenes in Congrss. There iu an important debate to-day on Mr. Foete's motion fer a comn.ittee of thirteen to arraDge the "Texed question." It Indicates Mr. Webster as chairman, and include! hi* compromise. The movement of Mr. Webster to settle the slavery question, is attracting the attention of every one here. It will command the attention of the whole country. Since Saturday, Senator* Down*, Badger, Berrien. Dawson Manguni, Foots, Bell, and others, all from the South, have called at Mr. Webster's house, and came away satisfied with the new plan. On the other side. Senator Corwin 1* said to be with the Senator from Massachusetts. All eyes are turned ts Mr. Webster; expectation and confidence are high It Is clear that Mr. Foote urged the committee for foar of some terrible event if delayed another week. It is feared that if Mr. Doty'* California resolution i* pressed in the House next Monday, there will b? a bloody scene and a breaking up. There is a duel pending between Col. Bissell, of Illinois, and Col. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, for the remarks of the former in the House in regard te the battle of Buena Vista. Both are good shots, and. un less stopped, both may be killed. Strong efforts are making to reconcile the parties. Mr Albert O Brown, of Mississippi, is in the affair. The city is alive with strangers. All New York 1* In town. There I* a great excitement among all classes. We are just npon the taming point. The crisis is upon as. Mr. Fletcher Webster, son of the Hon. Daniel Webster. has betn appointed Naval Officer at Boston. ItrttMI court. C. I'arragh. of fVnujylvania; Wm S. Wood, of California; Frederick 8. TulmaJge, and John R. (ilover, af New York, and K.dwia N. Slant jn. of Ohio, weie admitted te day. Tha Wheeling Bridge ease 1* up to day. Tha argument wan commenced by Mr Stanton, for oomplainant, and Mr. Stewart, for defendant. VIlUtTl -FlKST CMUEKSI. FIRST SKSSiON. Senate. Wa?hi?gto*, Ktbruary 26,1850. Nunities* memorial* were presented and referred. * After reoeption of report*, Mr. Bkkto>' arose, and read from the report of latt Thursday* debate, In which Mr. CiCMina, after alladiog to tbe apparent fraternizing of Messrs. Cut and ftriToi, remarked that he, therefore. thought that the South wan menaced with danger. In relation to tbls last expresaion, Mr. Bimoii reluctaLtiy designed ti make a few remark*. Mr. raid he did not leTlre hi* report, and tkat If be bad, he ehould hare expressed morejclearly tbe idea that ha designed to present?which wa*. that both the Senator* seemed raady to admit California, nd that that measure weuld be dangerous to the St nth. Mr. Btsto* raid tbe explanation rendered remarks i by blm vnnecetfary. a* the ohjeotlonaUle sentence wa* ' thus modified M*. rooil'l RIDOLITION TO rsTABLISH TISSITOSIAL COVtaMSBMTS. On BkoUcB of Vr Fnott, the Senate t*>ik up LI* resolution. providing tbat It Is the duty of Congress, at It* prrssnt session, to establish Territorial government* for California, Deeeret. and New llexico 11* raid hli design ?a? to mcva that the resolution be referred to a committee of thirtem. who shall take under consideration the whole territorial and (later/ question Mr. Trans* her* rote to * privileged question and sutmi'.'" d come remarks for the purpose of showing that an article published recently in the Inltllnmcrr, proltsslcg to be taken from the Nrnthrillt I'nwit, la relation to tke action of tbe Tenneaaee Legislature, la repudiation of the Southern Convention. waa Incorrect. No such article had ever appeared in the paper In question and tbe Leg.slature, as well as the people of Terneeeee. wruld stand by the interest* of the death. a? decidedly as any other SUte. They would re*l?t at all Itaiards, and to the last extremity any Invasion of their rights .Vr Turnsy feaflfag c 'neladed. Mr Hai i moved to amend Mr hoote s resolution, by the addition of a provision, that the people of the territories shall ba entitled to all the rights and privileges rtcognlsed by the ordinance of '87. Tbe resolution was then laid on the table for tbe pitKtl * 1 he consideration of the Pre?i lent California Mstsage waa postponed until to-morruw. m. > lav's aaaoLCTio^s. Tbe Senate then resumed tbe c>nstJarati<>n of Mr. t lay 's reaolntious. Mr. reeuued and emeluded bis ren-arXs He contended that the South tad been fully and fairly represented in tha Constitutional Convention in i alifornia. and tbat. therefore, there was no ground for tha objection made by that mU< n to tlieii a tb>n It was a well a.icrtaine i tact, that every member of tha Ccnv?ut|i n, representing district* south of the Una of <10 20, voted in favor of the prohibition of slavery. VVIihu the constitution wst submitted by the cm ration to the people, 10 000 vote* ware given la Ite support while but loo were cast against it. of which latter. IS oniy wer# c.i?t la the dutrict I ith of the line of 84 Su. He was lnf-1 m< d also, that great care was taken to allow oa one tc vote who waa not a citizen cf the 1 ni te J States ? | made so bv the treaty of peace or who had emigrated from tha State* In the Legislature, alto, the South was fully represented, and of the aix ?ta'? officers all Cf thi ni eirept the Surveyor (ieneral. were emigrant* trim tbe sl?v> holding ts'ates Purely such tacts as the*.- should satisfy tha 8. uth that she had been fairly r?ir<-s<ntrd. nod her Interests properly considered. i 1 l.ere was no Just ground for tbe objection which bad Iern made to the admission cf C alifornia lie denl-d tha charge* of usurpation and Interference by tbe resident of tbe I nited State*, showing by reference to fact*, tbat there could ba n? just r.a?ot for tuck suspicions He e*pre*eed blms-lf eotirely and decid- j sd ; in favor of the almi**lonof the new State; the ;u?itl' n wa* c< nneeted with no compromise -there | ai nothing to e<>mprcml*e I alifornia came here a foil grown Staf? cttainlng all the element* of st State flu culd not be forced ba"k Into a territorial j d i, She wa* pr'par-d to art a- a State, and wa* entitled to admiMl n a* such He eipr***ed the belief tbet slavery d'?s n t aow?ii>t la l alifornia by law and wa* proceeding to r*n ark tbat the Soath ?ll<sed h?r B lOll'.lon, t'?t A *.- I -r rv.t.. . I l.'ibi'ad lit introduoilaw V? Fatiu* int* riuptir.j him. fall tbara *?ra fthar an J ISO:* ll#r?Ml|t? cau>?? riliH *lilnh *. Iit?-d and aouM *i?t, lujapaud-ut ?: tha prohibition a rlaiary Mr Mutt* raid ih? {V**tioa ?? 'imply whathar tba constitution > I tha I aitad m< to tarry p mr; with It.>t?r ai'.rndvd <>?af a naw territory. Ha ?? opjoaad to it* of iloir; to territory ocw Iraa, and wfcaa tha qu*-ttxn ??i pro ct?d 10 klm ?u?l alwa.<* ?ota Mtut< It. vlr. Millar protaaJtd to r^atluot tba*au?a? of tba agitation which il?tra< it it- laloa It wa? th? work of a fa* fanatic*. ah" ha i < raatad *aot|r>nal parllaa wh >*o ?uecaa? oosM only load to dl>aaloa Their *treafth. t.owaver. t|i unimportant and tb? lata prweldrattal elactli n bad th- *a that tba great b dy of m?a < t tba North weia rpf f?J to (urb afiurta to dltlde and dlatract Mr Millar hating concluded Mr Hi ?h bla bad tb? door aid th' further ?!d?ration of tba raaolatha* wa? pottp wel until Wtdn?aday m*. r?ar?'a aaaati no* a .?i* Vr FrotK a?id*' aa ?ffort to got up bl* retention. fr' p'?.t< a f ?jml.t~ of th rtaen t<> t?k? Into aonatleratlr n all the (i>?)t.( ui gTvwiwg oat ol tba ia?U'.a> t|i n cf ?lhTery. Mr l?*? tan ?n.*c??ti-J that Mr. Hal* had tbl? aimIrg rg, r?d an am*nJoi?ni which nu?t bring up tha ?l i la <ju?*tloa ptr.poeol i') b? r*f?rrri Vr t' mi e*pr??a?'l hiawlf lo furor rf a rtfaraaco nf iLia whole q?**M< u to a ??|a?t r?amtite<< bu? not aatuaft- r tba ?uo.-rt t? l>aNMt4lMtiaeehaea fully <i|?ro?ae,1 He d*'ir?d bel-re #neh ref^reaea'h->uld to mad" to liaar ia ?*pie??lou ol vloaa by ail wh wo 11 tM n? ba raapocUd Mf F<?.)? ?X( ra?? I bit ?o|-B?n eoaalrtton tbat tbi* t?Mlka an*t bo oo?pro?ui?ed daring tha praaeut that It W' uid ba Ot a| tbalr jarl?dleii?a ? I aloa* ??n aiblr* an done at oa*a ba ??? perfectly . ntlarad tbal. bef< ra MaiurJay nait. ntrrumftawee* w. old recnr of charn^ur wbi<-b ha would do no-blag idc*a tl?n ailada to ' **r If .tba qaaatlan ?(r?iil t ba r?:*tr?d to a ?a|a?t r<mmi'!*a ba woald tlft M? Ufa than a plan woald bo ????d 1/ ra^ortad iu . a.? would c? rufcand tba uaanlm< a< approval nf if I Ij I la did d. t design to cnt o# d-hat? bf bla r??i nti* n ba ?>?ba.| tha eoiaaiittra to ba ra?a?4; najapraad aa it waald ha ct tba ahlaat. tanat ll?craat ! ? 1 fii I'fil maa la Ika b-^f. who would faal tb??n- , " ' ? aa>ia'j upra amUi* *4 'ba rowmiltaa t * bo dar a tfa dl*e<Matra to llatan to tba >n??o*< t'MH fr- ii tario.i# quartan ralatlaa to tha ??* ft l '.air> rI a'*a by tham It aa? p <a?lb:a to d'a. !ta t>.? t.i. a ht an^utlcB In tfe? M' * of i aairaaa. Iba a?>tati' a had r?? h J a f>anal ariala aad f?>r oao. l a waa * )) r*tt?tad tbat li a plan of anSproariaa wu kn^atl to b* uada? r r Idara'.l a It wr lid qwl-? e> "? ?at ai d en dara ?r> a aalu* ? ?! ? Ii-ratl >a of tha ahf.a ml I r 1?r all ti.a a-r-nii.-aiw ha Ml h. nr.d to >.r.i?t In bi? pc patui,.* || gaatlouiaa Tut*? I It doaa iat tb-oi laXa Uia ra?p ..f tlia act. Mf. I' ii?* , la Ik* a?urfa af a l?? irat'ii wita ft ference to the prebable Mtion of the proposed committee. Mid. that ror out be wonld be satisfied with bo idJuitmrai of tbe qneetioa, except one wbloh recognised the eqaallty of tne States Mr. Waleee replied to the Utter remark, and oae Bad* the other day by Mr. Jefferson Davie, te the effect that the Sontn would not yield i tilr'i-bntdth of ber right*. Gentlemen from cither seotion construed the rifhte of their respective eeotione for theBmItm ; if. then, * ooinmlttee were to be raised, la view of such expressions u thoee Indulged in by Ueiiri. Butler and [Davie, be would any that the committee would never report a schema of settlement wbieh ooold secure the favorable consideration of Cenrress Mr 1'iMi, of Miss., ezplalnsd that he had only asserted that the 8outh would stand by the constitution in its plainest tenns. Mr Butlkb expressed the eonviotlOB, that It the committee be raised, and should submit a report to the Senate which did not prove satisfactory, it would only aggravate the diffleulty. Mr. Badqib was in favor of the oommittee, and expressed bis readiness to modify his own views upon the question Involved, in deference to the judgment of the body, In the event of a proposition oi compromise being presented which should bs generally aatlstactory. Mr. Dayton said the question was simply, whsther tba present was the proper time to appolut the committee-the proper time to take the question upon the propositions contained la tbe resolution ? Ha believed It was not, and was desirous that all who dssired should be beard upon the question, before six gentleman from the N orth or the South should be asked to commit themselves, to any extent, by their astion in oommittee. As to the danger to the Union to result from a continuation of debate, ha thought that altogether a matter of opinion. For one, he believed tbe tegument which binds the Union too durable to be broken away by talk. Mr Clsmens. interposing, asseited that if this discussion was tobs continued two weeks longer, it would aot be In tbe power of man to sara the talon. Mr. Daito.i repeated that that was a matter af opinion. tie did not believe that debate would efTest disunion. He was in favor of a full and free expresdoa of sentiment; Indeed, the Senator introducing th? reeolution did not propose to clo<e tbe debate, aad he could not see hew the dl?cust>ion waa to be any le?s dangerous, pending tbe action of the committee, than before it shall be raised. He was in favor of leyiog the resolution on tbe table. Mr. Bkhsikn said, that be had doubts of the propriety of parsing tbe 1'esclui.ion to-dsy. and asked tUat it might be postponed un>il to-morrow at leaU. Mr KOoTr assented, and the Kenate then, at four o'clock, adjourned. Uowi of tl cprtttnUllvci. Wamiivhto*, Feb. 2i, 1950. DII.MATI FHOM DC* MKX1C0. Mr. Bakkk row to a privileged question Soma time j flue* he pretented the uiemoiie! of Hugh N. Smith, ! dtl'gate (rum New Mexico, asking for a teat In the | Home, and it ?u referred to the Committee on Election*. Mr. K ALT IMA* moved. to reconsider the vote. Mr. Bakkh to Jay on the table. The Sfkaker dccided that the question waa not in 01 dor till the btatee were called f?r petitions. Mr. Jonca moved that house go inta Comm'ttee of the Whole on the State of the I olon. When the State* were call d for j-etitiors, Mr. Fitch pretexted one from the cifii>-ns of Indiana, at St. Lawrcnca. Referred to the Committee on Comfierce. Mr. Bkown, of .VI-ai-jippi. offered a reiolution that the t'omirittee on TertUorle* inonire and report to the Houre whether the late President. or *ny u>en?b?r of the cabinet, directly or indirrorly, or by an agent, ; verbally or in wiiting attempted to icitj-jare tliepj >p'.e ot ( alllorma to exclude slavery; and that the Co.a- i roitiee make the same Inquiry an to the present Trail- | dent, and have pow?r to rend for peisons and paper*, he inovod a suspension of rule*. WHO '? 10 rtr THI. PHrACIIKR ? Ml. Fuimunri a?ked l?*ve to oltei- a resolution lottructitig the < ommitteecn Judiceryto inquire iaio . the exptdieoc) of reporting a bill requiring members ot Corgress te pay the chaplain! of Congress out of th? ir own pockets. Objeotiou w?s m..Jr. Mr. Wi^THRor presented a remonstrance sgeinst adnmtlrg Deterel into the I nton. and asked that it be p> Inted Objection was mad" to reading The Spkakkh said the gentleman could be relieved fiom difficulty by givicg a short recital of it* contente. Mr. WinittoiiH remarked that it was diuisult for Mm to give a statement from a religious body. They rt ni?n?iraie ifunn ucurt as a distinct br>dy. Tbi petition ?a* short. ("Read. read.') 1 he House consented to the reading Mr. Wi>t?obim said that 'be memorial waifom V illiani smith. representing himself a* the only *urUving br< tber ot Jo* Smith and bl* successor. an 1 ccmplainlng that Lrigbam Youug U the head of an , armed bedy of .Vormou awaMln*; that Orson Hyd* ?*t fir* to th* NauT'.o Tempi*; tbat he U acquainted with the name* of those appended t* the constitution of P*?*ret. and know* tbem to be en> mi?s of the I'nitel States, tbat be ban bnrd them declare, tbat whn >bej got into the valley of tbe Salt Lake tbey would rob and plunder emigrant* until tbey cct a.? much as the* lost by ' iss< 111 i and Illinois; tbat lie knows them to be la la?> r <f a kingly government. and tbat they hiv* a plurality of Its*, and live In adultery and other hard tiling* Mr. W moved It* reference to the Military Committee Mr. Bp>t objected to tba memorial (Goes ov*r.) I COlim Ml Alio* ItMlUK THI ATLANTIC ami r? iric OCKAHI. Mr Bownius offered a eerie* of resolution* asvirtlng tbat tber* ought to be a great rallrvad or otuer thoroughfare. ci meeting the Atlantic and Tactic Oceans. over the puttie *i. ; - natlocal in its . barart#r an a- a preparatory measure tbat < ougreat ahould establish a line of electric telegraph, and military posts. from St. I.ouia to San Kranclaoo, and tbat a committee of thlrteeu he appointed to tak* tbe matttr Into eontidoration. Objection waa made, and tbe llouae refused to (append lb* rtl-? lft<(t ibik* bblativk toohiti.o*. Ml I n i >1 i Introduced a resolution, whleh ?%? adopted Inatructlng tha Cimmittee on Terrltorie* to Inquire what wu the population of Oregon natives and forelguere ' wbat Bret led to the tettlement of < >regon ? what benefit it bad been to .overnmeot' and wbat will promote It* prosperity " rtriTiow*. retltirn* wtre presented on a variety of sub efts ? some arkli g land* tor offlcere and private* in tbe war with t treat Britain, redaction ol poeta.e. an J p it IWtM. AN lll'ITIIM < IM. Mr Oipi i<?.* ask*J leave to present petition* from people of I'enneyhanla and Delaware, |>ra?tu? Congrts*to tak* measure* for a p-?.-??liie (laMlltlai of tbe ^marlean I ?1< n averring that freedom aad slavery are Incompatible He moved to refer th**n t" a l? I i iLittee wWI< Instructions to report when?* th> dlteat I lactiin proceed*. and tbe meau* of quieting It. Several gentlemen atone and there wassojis eictternstit. V.r MoClaki aidd objected to the reception of tha petition* Mi. lloi rro.v roae for a slnlUr purpose. Mr Vcf i? ? i ami- They relate to asubj-ct over ehl.-h a* bava bo jurlxilcUon and do not dra*n ? eon*i lar Btl< B. Tb* (ritlii-Thf; in not miiud Mr 8< mmci-If tb* p?tltl>n* ?r* for Jl?? lj'.ioa of tb* I Bloa I hope tK?jr will BoC b? r*?*U?d Tb* >i > ? ?a?Shall tba p*titu.u? bo r*e?l?td * l aud mji ord?r*4 ?n1 patltiona r**l t;r MoCi r*n*o obj*ei? J to Bay further r*adiog A m*Bib*r iii<|uii*tl wh*thar tb* p*tlti>n< ?*ra aLord bj m?n <<r tra?n ' Mr. Hut aion bad bo opportnalty of atpra?a'.n{ hi* opinion bbU a?k?d to b* < ?oo??J fr^t tUdj. Tb* KriiKii- l>*bat* t? out of o?d?r. miotlm tak*D aud tbo roc*ptiun of th* p*tlUnat nMM \ om?Moarra All*n T ur*?*. < .Id ling*. l?o<d*B"?gb, Hava. Joltan, l'r?*t o Meg Rcot. Naj?. lea. ?rw oriirii. Mr. i? pr*?*nt*d :h* memorial 'f tfc* pint^atii n of Naw M?i|e<> I- ?*:b*r with a plao of oitii go. '*rtm*nt aod a king tb?- action >! i cn^'m th?r*un. Mr f Bioftd that It b* rtftrrad to tba i oaaltM on 1*rrlt?rtr?. Mr cbj*ot*4. Mr n(m i aaid that tbara wa? a word about la?*r> In tb* ron?tltutl?B. and b* th uithi that aa >*w Vniff ba< **?t a 4al*gata h?r-. It *a< but r*?p*?tful to tbrBi tha'. tba BtmotUl alt u d br r?f?rr*d to tb* romulttfr. Mr. Homar "Bid h* ahonld lB?l*t, Mr. jtc h*^i a ?">"1 a o*r*u-i ->a of tb* ral??. whieh *a> carrwd. by ay** lit. noaa, 4.'. I o?ar.ib*btly tha *o?aaorUl m r?f?r:*J to th* (/? raltt** < a Tarrltoaiaa. \ti*r *>>nj* fnrth?r ba*ia*?* of no ?j-? lap irun?*. IDr lt(?M adjovti<?4. Th< toulAtrn Hall. Bairiaoaa, V?b Vi?t F. M. Tbo Kails frcm tbo South har? arilwd, bat tbaUtoat '? ftlll 4u?. Tbo ear* en J?Ulo?J a be at half an hour thin ??<" nit| I j tuania. off tha track b?t???a b?r? aal Waabliftn. The N?? Orl?aa? paper* fnrulah tt* fsUowlb* *2II tlraal r,atn?a of tb<*a burat out -LHbbl? k Mintgrmtrj y. Rodtnaald k < , John 1 .*1 U?nry P?rrot. r< tnml-aion a arrbanta, D?lhoud?.V <. tor>ba?? erock? j ita'ara; C. Snatbon, lamrtnr* a|*al; Flack k f r.. real oatato brokara, Tboa H Prlea t~iacflo daa'ar aiU Tboa Ma<l lor* jowa||?r. |>< nth of an Kriltar. Loi imi tit, Fabraary IS, 1*59. H. Wtitmpr, aaaoolata odlto? ?ni propria ter < f tba /.<ttitriU* Journal, 41*4 thli a't- rno. n of rorra?tl?n of tb? brain, aftar an Ulaaa* cf two daj?. Klre la llaltliaur#. B?itimc**, f ab 95 1<M. 8?*?ral ??all bu'Min?i la tho north aroaUta ihiI <d cf th# citj woro ti nintil bj Hit l?t ftralof rdrtata. _ Mark* ta, B*i Tiwoaa, >?Y 21, 1*40. TV.? 'i'twr f tiaw* broadatuffa. aud tbo dastard 1? trry modarat*. Cott* n ha? a-1 opauo], bat a daclln* if anUaipatad Rti.riwoav.lal W-lf M Tbo opaTatlana of tbo da? bar* baaa lltaitod Saloa rf H>?aidMr?at flour at M i?i'*. and abito ?->ra, at P'd aim la '|nat?d It M Otbar arilcU* ramaia althoat Material rkat.?a Himtm. Tab II- I T M 8ta?k f ackaaj* ?*}* KtaJl.ff 0oada.?). AlDlflOVAL EUR3PEAN IhTtLlKENCE ucsirxD ovn BAIN'S TELEGRAPHIC WIRES. Interesting from the Pope. Ac.. 4M, ?c. Bosron, Feb. 2&. 1860. The steamship America, Capt. Harrison, wia telegraphed at 9 o'clock tola morning. She arrived at her wharf, at East Boston, at about one o'olook thla afternoon. Her maili will reach New York early to-morrow morning. The Amerlea'a cargo of Engllah and Continental good* Is the largest ever brought to this port by one of the Canard steamers. The steamship Canada, from New York, arrived at Liverpool on the 4th instant, after a passage of eleven and a half days. ' The English papers announce the death of Lord Jtffreys. It Is stated that Mr. Phalon, of New York, who resides In 1'arls. has ordered three thousand pounds of bread to be distributed among the poor of the first arrondissement. According to the lutcst news, perfect tranquillity prt. ailed la Pari*. Soma ol the German papers publish a letter, which contain* tke following I ran give you the important new* that the Tope has come to an arrangement with the Catholic power*, relative to the constitution to be given to the Poatilcal State*. According to that arrangement, the mWu prtyrio of laet year if to remaia thebaaia of the aew constitution. The State* are to be divided into four legation!, each of which will havaat ita he\d a Ca'diaal, a* political chief. A member of the Sacrod College i* to be President of the Council of Ministers, With the title of Cardinal Secretary of State. Barln|'i Circular. Lomdow, Friday, Feb. 8-6 P. M. In American Stock* there baa been a good demand latterly for Unltad State* Slxea, at 104 a 106,?f, and ome enquiry for Massachuaatta Starling Flyaa, at 104 alQ4X. In other atoaka but little doing, and none

offering for tale. We quota Pennsylvania Fires, 82, exdividend; Maryland Starling Fives. 89; Ohio Sixes. 100 a 101; no New York or South Carolina to ba found. The colonial and foreign produce markets have been quiet slnoe our laat. all apeculatioa being ruspendei. Transactions have bean confined to the wants of the trade which have, liowever, operated to a fair axtenti an J w 1th in a few days we hare experienced more enquiry for expoit. I nder the rerpectlve heads will be found our rain arka on these at tides in which business has oocurted-other descriptions of produce remaining without change. By tha overland mail, which arrived on the 21 instant, wa have dates from Bombay to the 3d January, and troin Calcutta to 22d December. Exchange continue* to advance at both Presidencies. The Hon East India Company s present rata for bills on Bengal and Madras Is Is. 11 l.,d aud on Bombay- 2s. per rnpea. < c, iiinm. ?Bale* tiara oaen ocn^ned to 118 bi <. TtLenfle silvei', irora 4s. Id. a 4s. 8d., being fully Is. en taper. Cocoa Ik dull. 800 bags Trinidad hive beau sold at 42s a 40.. being a reduction of about 2s. per cwt. We <;note Bi*t)l 82* a Sos ; Guayaquil Ml. a Sis. Corn* Las fluctuated a good deal. Native Ceylon havIrg declined at one time to 60s , bat rallied again to 6S*. (3d. a 64* atdisnow held firmly at H2i. 6d ; hut there wa* Hula oemand to dny. Plantation has ijjpir?rd4s a 5a.. and a good deal has bean done in it, chiefly Ircuj tigs, a 73* for low to good middling. In other kinds transaction* have been limited to 1000 bags Ccata Kioa and l.aguiyraat 66 a 6?s. for export, and 160 bales Mtoha Vi*. a 76s. Wa <,uote Brasil,62a a 60s.; Sumatra and i adang 48s. a r>-s.; Saraaraug and Java 60s. a f"e.; ht Pomiugo. none in the near continental pons; rrlcta have lecovered -their previous depression since tha announcement by tha Netherlands Trading Compare of their earing sa'es. which will consist of tnly 003 222 bag*, to tak? place on tha 11th and 13th of March next, at Amsterdam and Rotterdam, respectively. The Coai trade continue* to ruin heavily, and wb<-at is again cheaper. I.aat week's average of Englieb 3ws. 41 per quarter. Flour continues dull of sale , fine French S3*, per sark of 2K0 lm. ; American 22s. a 23s. p?r bbl. for good tweet. Indian corn, floating, is neglrcted. and offered eheaoer. Sailers of lb.-alia at 17*. #d. and liaUtx at 79* pcrquarter. rot-ion.?The mlvate sale* since onr last comprise 9,160 bftlr* Surat at 4',d. a 6 ,d..and 2 100 bales Madras trim '.Sd a O'.d. At public aale yesterday, 1630 fully fair Madras. 100 bale* f.illy fair to good fair bowed. 7>,d. a 7X<1 .and 4?0 Surat 4',d.a4;,d. At I.iverprol, midcling Orleans la quoted (>Tsd. par lb. Da es, at ?The public aaiea yesterday went off iftadily. and generally at (all prion*?Gamboge, flrtt <,uali!y. t : a ill: rhubarb China, 2*. Od a 3* , rood to (in*; o*?tor ell, t>a. 2d 10*. Vd , rather cheaper, cit uf roli'eed 6a Sd.a?B Ad; ull of < a Mia, 12a. dd a 18*.; gun a&kmi, A 10 a A'11. for good to tin*. Gambler It dull. at 12a. Od a 13*.. and Dutch at 22a. ; oainphnr, quoted nominal. feller* at 87* td . opium U In da< iiacd and good Turkey I* readily worth 14a.; ijnicksilver 14* per lb : 170 too* Manilla *apan wood bar* been sold at ?13 a X"13 2*. 6d,, lor fair aound, with damagad and ?talned from A10 ft*. a ?12 16a Hamr ?St. Pclartbnrg. clean A'31 a A31 10* ; Manilla? 100 balaa aold at A3l, being A1 cheaper; Jute, A10 ft a 13. Imiico.?The petition of thla article 1* favorable. Our *tock oa the lat in*t waa 2T 016 cheat* being lea* than for many j> ara ca*t. The Ceagal erop. It la now believed. *>111 net weigh ont ovar 120 000 maunda, In which ca*e our (apply dating tha twelve month* will not r<|tial the crn?umt>ilon and atock* will be further redrevd. The quaiteriy *ale* will commence oa Toesda> next tLe 11th lnet. anil f a>l*t of 14 309 oheaU, of j which 2 SCO ara lieDgal and the remainder Madraa and Krnpah. Itm.-Thi market 1* very firm at ?i 6?. for common bar*; ?6 7a Od a A* 10a for raili. bolh oa board in V -. ? rig l.<n at < la?gow if dull ai 43s. *1 fur mliej ci'iibrra , Swcdlrh rcnrce at ?12 10*. Li an I* In animated general r>''|Uetf and price* bar* td'enced considerably. bdM -t I 10*. a ?18; ?>.eet. A18 10* . 8panl*h. lit 10* a A17. The principal hUders hare withdrawn antlralj irom the market. Li***t i' '**?? hare declined, and I nnd' n made can be boutht at AO 1C* ; r^uare Mareeille*. AS l..a from ahlp; and ?& (a. to arriva. Fine .\ n?ri> an ara *tlll held at A'7 ICa. but there 1* so demand. Oiua.? 8 per in i* cheaper, and offered frealy at ?82; Southern, A S3 ]ft? a ?81. Seal, pale ?59; Cod, A"0 10* ; I'live held lor ?47 a ?60 aa In ijualltf; ,>alm 31< Oil ; cucoanut. ?0* a o^a ; llrteed loieed up at one time to fe3*., I* now 4l>ll at 32*. per owl Hit a.-100 tierce* Carolina hare been inld at 10*. Oil. j a 20a ; Ka*t India description* ate dull of fata. We quota Bengal, white. 9? a II* fcd.; cargo, 7*. 8d. a ! be 6d . Vadre* 7* o 1 a fi . lava 7? a 12? '1 flai-irctar la lower acd cannot new be ,u t*J crer i 2?* Cd a%? for Bengal Nivaavc 8<u>t baa al?o dec'Cned to lit. 0d. a 14*. CI , but the principal holder* will not fell la t nix* lli? 8u c. Mreral large parcel! of thla article bare beta taken at rather higher rate*, chiefly from 17* Od. a 1W* 04 for good to fine with raveaama*, at 13a a lie td. Benral* are very Qrm Public rale* are ann< uteed for tba 27th loat . when a large quantity < ( both a?>rt* will be brought forward Prii v*a I* dull and a amail parcel la aecond hand* hat be- n told at ATT, but importer* will not **11 under AIT J8a SrHi it>?c balea ( etlon cinnamon at auction th!a 170^aita found t>'.yer*at an a.erage mluiti u rf about 2d. a 3d per pound. Klrat *ort. 2* 44. a 4*. d ; ' * cd I* M a 8* >4 ; thlid and fourth, #d a 2* 74 per pound I'epper I* ea*ier rale* baring been made at from ,d ai',4 for Malabar; 4>?4 for Alepp4: Telilcherrj. 4S4 ai',1. an4 Tenang 41 a 4 , J. rerp'und rimento ik>I4 at 7Hd a'd. < a**la Llgnea Li-miaal Nutm-^a 2* a 4a Cr?t *ort. In llo||an4 two han4red ar>4 fifteen ceata. Mac-, la 10J a 'la. 64. < ieiea. AmVjaa and Benceoieo, la 2d a 2*. 14.; Bcnrtcn r.Hd a ^d Hi * ?1 ha trade have taVen 3 COO ca*k* aa J aSout .0U< lag*, holder* having *nbmitte4 to a general redueiien c.j fnlly'd per awt . In *44ltloB to 1000 boie* a from 41* a 4-te , and 1 200 hhdn < nka and Tnrto Rleo rrr ra Cta. > ! a 43* Od There ha* been nirre Ipgnlry fr*m e*|M>rter*. who hare pnraba*?4 I 500 bc*e* llaiaiia from 1H* a 22?. 04 for bro -n to flna jellow; 1 2t0 batkat* #ae Jaea about No 11, nt 22i.; 1 itOeaae* Bahla at 20a. for brown aa4 S3*, for white; and ana bb4*. < ttba abont 90a The market waa Tat toi'ay and I'.uO bi>xee gocd bmwa liaeana were bought la at an average ol about Tow Tha continental market* continue arm end a* the trading company * tale la *tnali 88.217 baeket> to take place at 4mater4am oa the 7th proitmo. we may faltl? anticipate iarrwaaed demand* wh? a tne navigation It apenea at St. Tetera. bnrgb. White Havana rule* from R O. 27 a R. O. 24. |T*i i ? tat again given way. an4 St T*tar*burg V. ( . 1* dull at 87* 04. cn the ?pot aa4 89a for naw. Tii ? I net waek conalderable traaaaetlon* took place In ?l44hC| foag'n recently atrUed principally Iron 1* a 1*. 44 . hat the 4eman4 haa la a great 4egrae *ub *ldtd. Price*, however, hav* been generally *uaported. with the exceetiou of c rumm < n?^n. wb: h mutt now be (anted 104 lU',4 , Wing deeliae of Sd ?tU \4. tu rn tba ki(b*?t (til cf the nirkrl TWi - British li rrni at vm f?<r bl?ek aadt6* for bit turtfgv I* leaa demanded, bat (till boll at .">?. for ftralebt and *7e for Banea. Tin plate#, I. C., Vf Cd ; Lharnoal 1.C M> per b??. T*??< i ? ? Tb* ad recced prim i?ke<l hare bltberto checked huMn?M. bat tbe trade *r<> catting eery bar* of lilr. ill ant *oob entne Into the market I'Obtil* ueky laaf ktfl be?n takeo for export at ,d a A4 par ib. I iimmim - Fat email parrel M r"H|h. M had I *en paid thl? week bat tba ptlar e?>. leertely b* railed ee'abltfhed flplrlti le?# in plry f<<r. and "fT red !t?ly at .Ida. fnr American, and 39* ? J for F.ri^lUh. WNiit >hm ( cheaper. Southern *ul N jrtbweet A It 4 a i.176 pat ten _ Another Caffrt Report. Tba b arkef be* i uled doll, and prt??? h??* ba*n rather la later <1 buyeri, *bo rtlll holdback \a*i*a > Mien ii (M<d ordtr baa been taken In at Mi to 66* , blecfe tnare h<? b-en roll at Ul" to *l?. par ewl N <fb? baa been taken la at 70*. to 14*. for middling BOfid. Ileotaticn i ejlon b*? b^u eold a; fi .a 3d to f.*? ?d for floa rider to low middling and n? TO* to *! for middling: at Mr to 6oa. for triage. and at 70? for reaberty. 1 la lsmtl~n Pun of tba ktb Inetatt. eay? : ? 1 hie aft?ro- *a there *? llttla rtaalra on tba pa*? >f l.lf per* t r h' n.* d?-al?r? to operate In oil a aadrij*. t? *n fd. ta tba aalue t,f aatira ( avion a* pablte rale. 27? fate* ?'oeha vera taken In at 6il? to 70* while a aal percel<f yellow Vlalra* anld at 79* Of alaa'.*Ii< a I tl< a ? rn?l>a, 14* ba?* prirately *?n.,d bttyere, I.n? at i7?., low Blddliag aad ibidd^M. *4 to Ida khlppliif Intelligence) lltai, F?b 7- Arr tliif Jlew Tcr^, l.icre. > Terk, 16 4tr* rr?v?lf. 4i?. mUi Ifttattllt \\ikf iaiikt? it, |? unovt: ItNM Lori CvuK | Merrill. and iiu Taft, Row, XOrleaai; Fab 1. Ophelia, Himi.MOi1iui; Bin NivU, Turner, Sarannih; S4. Towaaond, Hickardaon, NOrleani; Win Wirt. Samaea. Mobil*; Charlea Crooker, Duncaa, Charleaton; 4th, John Baaooek, Bureau, If Orl*aaa. Bid STtb, AUiaac*. CaarlMtoa; Kitty Cordea, Campbell, Mobil*) C'hiittaia, Bavaanah, Ganx?a, 4a; 90th, Fanehaw, Boa ton: Allarl. NOrlaane; Peter Marcj. Baapaon, do; Fab I, Powhattan. Baltimore; 4th, Republic, Maxwell, and liuooaia, Boyle, NOtleaaa. mac KLL A RIO Via Liraarooi, Fab 4? The Buroa, tor Bonduraa, h&* put back. 7th?The J P Whitnej. Glidden, from Philadelphia, la ruaaini through the Viotoria Channel thia aft*raooa, atruck oa the spit of Burbo; crew aaved by their owa beat*. The ahip ia treakingup, and her cargo ia walking out. The J P W oleared at Philadelphia for Liverpool about the 5ih of Jan, and tailed frcm Lewca, Del, oa tb? 9th. She had a large and valuable oarto, amougat which waa a great quantity of olorer Mtd. 8th?The Republic, for NOrleani, hai pat baok with loia of aili, boau, Bo. Ai?TW?ar, Feb 7?Fr?*b galea. Ship Beetor, Poat, from Apalac bicola, got on ibore oomiag up th* river, and will molt likely have to be unloaded before aha 1* got off. The pilot! report her ia a dan^eroui peeitien. Maboatb, Feb 1?Ship Deromhire, Borer, from Londoato NYork, got ou ihore off th* North Foreland, but, after landing her paiMagan, got off. aad waa brought up in the Roada. She threw overboard part of her oarao, aome of which baa iace beea picked up, and ah* haa discharged aom* mor* into a lugger aloagaide. IPOIII. Ship Connecticut, from New York for Loadoa, Jan 14, lat 40 23, Ion 18. I Ship Fraaeoaia, from LiT?rp*ol for New Orlaani, Fab ? ,P M, off the Skcrriea. ? SIW YORK LEGIIUTUAI. Stnata* Albakv, February 35,1150. raaacKTATiorr or petition*. By Mr. Croud*, that the Health Officer of New York be a salaried officer. By Mr. Coos, for a par redemption. Mr. Cross, for the appointment of Commlstienera to open Division avenne, In Brooklyn. Mr Morgan, for an Investigation into the affairs of the Marine Hoepltal in New York. Mr. Morcas, of the Treiident and Director* of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, for thslr usual annual appropriation. UROeiLTIf board Or education, Mr. Cross gave notice of a bill for the organization of the Beard of Education in the city of Brooklyn. new vork ( itt taxi*. Mr. B>:rKMAN moved that the memorial In reference to the tax law* of referred to the 8tuatore frcm that city. Adopted. THIRD heading or RILL*. To amend the eharter of the Orphan Association of New York, I'ae*ed. To amend the charter of Newburgh. Passed. To provide for the settlement of oertain auit*. Laid on the table. indian edl'c at i on . The same committee, Mr. Curtis in the chair, passed the bill for the eduoatlon of a limited number of Indian youth at the State Normal School. The bill was amended so as not to provide lor sncb appropriation for any speoifled time, but leaving it to make the provision until it should be repealed. railroad toll*. The Committee of the Whole, Mr. Crollua in the cbalr. made progress on the bill imposing tolls on the Saratoga and Schenectady, and Uenesselaer and Saratoga Railroad Companies On motion of Mr. Cook, tnis bill was then referred to the Finance Committee rr00rlvn benevolent society. The same committee, Mr. Tl-ttle in the ohalr, patted ths bill granting lauds to the trustee* and associates of the Brooklyn Benevolent Society, for the improvement thereof. stamts, etc. The same committee. Mr. Owen in the ohalr, took up the bill anjending the act for the punishmeut and prevention of the use of false stamps and labels, and reported the tame to the Senate, with slight amendment*. savings institutions. The same committee. Mr. Giddes In the chair, reSorted progress on the bill to incorporate the Albany avings Institution; also, a similar report on the bill to lccorporate the Hud*<>o city Saving* Bank. After which, the Senate adjourned. Amenably, Albany, Feb 25, I860. bill* refortkd, Mr. A. OsEtK, against repealing the law providing for the registry of birth* and marriages and death*. Agreed to. Mr. O. Allbk, favorably, the bill to seoure the payment of wage* to laborers employed on the pnblio work* of the Sta'.e. Mr. Storv, with amendment*, the Senate bill providing for the amendment of the general rallread law. I Mr. t> aleo moved to make tbe bill th* ipeclal order f<>r 1 hurtday nev.t. Mr. Kkhuiiioh hoped thli motien would not pr?Tall; tbia would be hardly give tin* to bar* the bill iribUd. Mr. LiiTinwoiTii advocated th? motion, particular!) a* a nan hrr of apecial bill* would nut be aeted upon OLtil Uklt Mil wan reaairierrj Th* amendment* ; i | ?> .1 bad uiet with the favor of the Senate com'nit tee and be true ted there would be no delay la aetlng npen It. Meaar*. L. W Smith and Parr* alite advocated I the motion. Mr. Pblin anggeeted afternoon aeaalona. Mr. BiMeot MM moved. after Monday next, ha waa unwilling to fix upon an earlier day, became there < were a iarga number of important bill* prraalng wpon I the Houae. The notion for Monday wan loat. Mr I'auTN'a motion to coaaider the bill aaxt Thuriday afternoon waa raided. Mr. H. J. Alle* reported a bill in relation to tha I price of the wharfage la Albany. Aleo. favorably, the bill to extend the a<. uthern bound* of Buffalo Mr Luilk, to print the uaual uuiu'er of the report <>f the Special i < miiiittre ot the laat l.'gialature on a*eeotMBt*. Mr. IUtmor" moTed to amend by printing tan timea tbe nfual nuintar A long debate, continuing antil 4 oclf-eH.wa* had <n thia aukject, and Mr. Haymond't motion modified, wa? carried . Shipping litlcllLftcnr*. S*t*>xam, Feb21. A riiicd-Ship Suutkport. New York. Cm an i.atron, Feb 21. Arrived?Bath Virginia Ann, New York. Po atlaip, Feb 23. Cleared?Bark Hamilton. Carder ??. BoaTO*. Feb Arri'ed?tlraair America, Darrit n. Liverpool, via ua* life*, Saturday, 12 n.Kn:?ht Aleo arr. ahira Ver*aille?. Havre; Robert Pattea. Ar>*lachienla; bark* lnrvka, Meaeoa. Tivoll, Ana Ceje*: Cbariee Walton, l oadoii; Zioa. Baltimore; brine Cord alia. Triniiad, Martta W riinu(i"t, Malaga; Pea. and Caatea. PMlatvl phia; Kuiftta, Cardenas; Junti Cr-taky, d<>; aohra Rluahrih Ai,b ard LoalHaaa, Norfalk; W.lltam M'Uaoa. do. man, ll?rjTail"T, Rirhnmad. I'raucn, aa<i Cvaiinedore Kearny, Kaw loik; K-n?ta*to?. Phila. M) w Bti>ron<, r?l, 31, ailed?Bibr Cornelia, New York. City lntrlllKCiic*. Tnr Qihtioh Mkt Hui-wir.-HIl Hinor tha Mayor lnfn;iued the special eommittaa appointed at 1 the Hop* l ha pel delegation a "hurt llin" tore, on tha subject rf the auppraeaion of the Hl< of Snaday newspaper*. " that a* tha law utood at praaant La al l not m how ha erald Interfere In tha matt?r, that It would I'* i nly a waate (I time to attanipt to *t?p the aa'.a o( i Sunday i apera, cr to cloaa tha muutba of the n?wa. I boja " But now we bi* Honor has met tba quae. { n al rut ba.f-way. by an fttterk all tha poor 044 | rple W< Ben wbo aupport them#?lree aad famllia* b/ i tba rala of applas and oandlea around tba Park railing. Tble attark on tb?ae poor old women arary now and j ti er >#?mi to be tba laat resort a* a kind vf ?at off fur matter* < f mora lmp?rtane?. Dnim Woainrr ?John C'rugar (arlnrwd) *ai am ated on Nuaday evening. at nine o cl ?k.f*>r m- j aaultlrg Jasoh l>unn and ether colored p-raona aad , dlaturblng public worship. in a mraliig boua? In Sec 'nd ] e tra?t. Bi asriwr. ar a Cim* Wttta Pir*.?At half pa?t aa>en c'aloob Sunday ert-nlrr tba Crctoa water, la tba etcra rf <Vr DennatC Na llri ( r??t ?tr?et buret and ftoo4ad tba buiMlrg with water It wu discovered by 'ffir?r U'Brlrn who sent for tba ewsar. Fiar ?At a quarter to aavan a'elock, Sunday evanlng, a Bra waa dieroterad In tba dry food* atora of M. l.ade | rer No iTJ Mr often street It waa languished with trifling damufa liftiN i* thr Citt HoariTiL ? A man named John 1 Mtwln. a sawyer by trade. received a crmponad fra-- < tura of the ahull ah* ut three wewka ago whlla engaged | at bla work on a log cf timber In Twelfth atreet Ha lingered on In tha City lloapltal. In grant agony, un;.l J Sue Jay. when death terminated bla sufierlngs I Piuh at IftTtarmiTi -( oroner <?aar vaaterday beld an ln.|Qeet. at No 19 Croaa atreet Flea r> In>a on ( tba body of Julia Jannlaga. ona of tboaa uafxrtunata rreaturea abo for a ma t in* paat baa haan e\Mlog ' II ere.y by diael|atl. n \ ri il -a'h h? '?** taase aad want of propar medk-ni attsndaact' ' j ( aart of Common Pirns. OKMRAt. TOM. B- f re Jgdgef Ingraham an I Woodruff Veb II -hi lim - I'1 en r?. Jni't V-Oaifi ?The d<fead<-ut la tbl* ra*a bailag iane?ed bla application ta ba dls-ha-cel from arrast or that tba mm In wbl'-h ba la re.julrt to glva ball ba far- ( tber mitigated after bearing cancel f ir tha raapacMva |artlea ard It apfaaring that tbara l? nn iu flrl?nt grounds f' r anid application. It I* orderad. on motl> n of | .r ! art I ?.ra?-aiii > lalntl'T roon-el tbat tb* 1 'ti >n on behalf rf tha defendant be anl tha earn* la baraby denlrd with |10 (? ! rf oppoatng i H fv"> ' it. Of al K?- k a -Nonsuit a<-'p8rniad with rati. C'tmr/ii fhrit ,fip'llf ' t P4'r V V .f'e?r retfif"<f Tbaeourt are of rpmlon tbat tbajn Igment baiaw should be >.nrive.| 1 b-'e waa no err^r on tba part of tr.e . u?t:rein h' din* tb? d-f-ndant ia*p'natble for d*m*ga J 'tii t y hln. a 1.1 a ha waa ra-'.ng hl? omnlhn?. at a lata I ur < f the night through Br -adway Defiaid^ot was kt< ?inrl? t|tla'lng tb? law In mflioit and In net ka?pI'g'n'h? aide nf tha raal to which he w?? entttl. J Tba a>ldeaeaebawatb?t tba plaintiff did gototba right when ha raw tha etage coming, and that hauaeias r ..i h nr* ta?nnll K? ran nlrpd ofhlm hoti I*l oar. laf. the ju*tlr? nhonld bur* aSrnUUd to the jury ?h? th?r the plaintiff n?*d *11 the ear* hl? part to avoid eolllelon rat th?- ?rror In thl? r?*p?et e<uld act. under the ta?tl*onT fca*a mawiallj <l tb? Oadlac rfthe jary. W? at* re-plrel on the tprll to |ltf jadfumt a??"r1l?( to the Juitice of theea*e without r*(nr I to technical <rr>r? an t w? are ot ofal'n that a party ahodmeahle t?bW? to oae ?!<! (f th? pt|??t when he MM nth?r? railing toaerae hi? u?e? all tha ear* re j ilrel of him to avoid be *' M?i t J,.An V. ri JvSn H R J, ?i4 .iinutiJ*r fnt'mr. ipp*U*vti ?Tblt ??? aa app??l frum th?> Jwerlcea i oort. Hearerf ojldoa that tha }??t'a? ?rred la hrlitinf thl* pr->p?rty |n be ei?mpt un l?r the eetdeiea. end that the jo'irruent mu?t be re?tre?d Wot ) e*<e *tft. A'. 8. V' ?'? > ?.-.1 a I amnt rerfful with eoea# j?an M'Hn r? . -.fvihii (.VftrAeM Motion foe new trtai dealtd, with eaete -- - -LJ- Jg Tli? Wink mt tfea Mfeuur >?!< *"*?1#_ MT8TSKI0VS KlKlII IMSASTtt. It will be In the recollection of our mini, that, on last Wednesday week, we detailed In the HtruU u> ?ooooat of the melancholy wrwk of the steamer Rhode J Island, and the supposed Iom of thirty-two Uves, wheo " bound on bar pun|i from this port to inn Francisco, California. 8h? loft Now York on the 38d January, 3 nit., laden with coals and provisions, and had forty-four persons on board, Capt. Colby, commands*. Having stopped two days In quarantine, she oomiaenosd her ' oyage on the 26th, when It was discovered thatthlr- ' teen persons were secreted on board, without the know- j ledge of the captain. As the accounts then reeehed us, It appeared that the ship was completely destroyed on the 20th of Jsnuary, In the Gulf strsam. Twelve only of those on board were saved, amongst whom were Benjamin Boyd, the second mate, eight others cf the erew< and only three of the passengen. When they escaped, the steamer was In a sinking condition, and the survivors lupposed that the oaptain and the rest of the seamen and passengers, thirty two la number, perished ! We need not here recount the olroumstanees ef the tad disaster ; It Is lufflcient for our present dnty to say, that since then " rumor, with her hundred tongue*," has been busy In wrapping up the eausee of the shipwreck in horrid mystery, whiob will, perhaps, In the course of this day, or to-morrow, be unravelled by an Investigation before the United States District authorities In consequence of the strange versions of the ahlr, which have been given by some of the survivors. the United States Marshal, yesterday, caused Benjamin Boyd, the second mate, to be arrested. In his poeseseton were found two quadrants, ene. it Is alleged, belonging to the oaptain, and the other to the chief mate s and he has been consequently committed for examination John Davis, (one of the survivors) who was a freman on board, states, in his depositions before the District Attorney, alter giving a desorlptlon of the adverse winds and bad weather which they encountered, that on the Monday afier the; railed, the vessel was laboring vsry neaviiy, and the water gaining ou the engine; in the evening they saw a rail la eight,*nd it iraa proposed to tha captain by on* of the man to signaMie her for safety, but he replind that there was n? danger: shortly after 8 o'clock, the hold filled with water; the veseet then pitched In different ways, and >ubse<iiiently a tea came and lifted her up so as te (top her engine; the water tlien came In In great quantities; at two o'clock in the morning a boat was launched by some one, bat he was smashed and swaaped, and the captain eon- ' ' plained of it having been launched wlthoat hi* orders; witness then, ae*lsted by othera, hauled another boat, but tha captain raid they should, wait his orders, as tha other was lost throngh carelessness; at this tlmo there was about five feet of water ia tha oabia; the captain then gave orders to launch the boat; wltneaa and Wm. Sweeney, Cbas. Haskins, the cook and his boy. and souim others rot inte her, aad the captain lowered a woman in the boat by a rope; they then rang oat for more persona to oome, but no one else would get into her; the steamer struok the gunwale of the boat out and broke two planks; they then started, and In turning. the boat was nearly broken in two: tbe 6aptain was standing on deck, waring his hat, aBdjeaUl something; those in tbe boat tried to turn her tore* times, but failed; tbey saw a crowd of persons standing on tbe upper deck of the veeeel. waiting for tbose la tbe boat to come and tase them off; the guard |of the steamer we- then down In tbe water, (ountlnaed Davis) and as we found we could reader them no assistance, we put tbe boat on her course; we were ent of eight of land; about sn hour alter we left the veesel, was the last we saw ot her; in the moi nlng we were taken cp by tbe scbooaer Mary Wise of TUomaston, I toll the oaptaln of the schooner that if be would put sail on and go twelve miles to tbe windward, be oould tare about thirty llrea; ?h< captala said there wa? another Teasel in sight, whieh would pick them up; tbe schooner kept on her course*; we were put on board tbe Richmond. a whaler, of rrovldence, In two days afterwards; I arrived in New York a week agolaat Tuesday; there were twelve persons in tbe small boat; Boyd, tbe second mate, was In her; he brought nothing but his clothes with blm; 1 saw two quadrants ia the boat, I think Boyd brought one of them; I ?aw the captain tell a man to pats a quadrmt Into the boat; tbe eaptaln could b ^e got Into ti e boat. floicnaanta of Indlrldaalii Hon. Roben Wtuthrop has arrived in Boston, on a visit to hie friends. * J R. Hall. 8 T Pa-sett. U. S. N ; Capt H. ludab 8. P. Buckner, USA, have arrived In this eity. Court Calendar?TIMa Day, Mi psvmk Coi'KT?UaeaaaL IYrm ? No*. 4J. 64 85, f>8, CO, 66, 6?. 67,66. 73, 74, SI. 8'J. 86. 89. No. 40 is being argued, and will take up the day. Odd Fellowa' Kail .?Military Com pant eS, Cluiis 8' let ir? sud 1'ireoitn will be pined to Ieara that J. H. PKKKINS a CO. have added te ihetralcesly eiteaslve eetablisln.ent ? larse r? m rtpressly for I>ianers and Sappers, and can accommodate large as wetl as small paruee. tieii 1 len?rfi'? Hale Spring Knihlon, 1SJO, --W. B lilKBlkCo., batters, 13a Bria4v ar, will ieiia the PfrlDx rasKlna oa Saturday. tb? Zd day of IIareb ensuing. The etyle will be strictly appropriate le the season, and tbe ijnallty sack as will inante te every customer a Five Dollar bat for r.te dcllars. T? Julia ?Vtuf Rote d*tMt lOtb did n?t reach tua until 2S:h. Too liM! Write i(iia. The Plum lie National OaficrrMH <iallory.281 ah> aid be riait'd by all who hare any deaire to tee tho flartt apariiaana of the tUf'terreaa art in the liaaJi of tlio (lilrtk ariet la the I'ni'od 8:ace?. Th? lit* Ilk* appearance <( Mr. 1'lamtee portrait*, readeta Item invalDeerlded bjr An lamatlon that the lllcheli*u tier Pointed Oold Pone are finer flniehed. and met? dura)'la than aay ether pea I* market, mads and aold by J. Y. SAYAUI. VITuIioiii If yea * eat anything in the * at h lua, call at Sa?a<e'f and alanine tua aai^rtmeat?it if ?u? perb. A pimpled, tanned, and freckled akin 1* the tl>a< ol many a rude loot, whit h eaa ho avoided by ueioir Umrit.d'e c.ari-llai Italia* Medieaiod # *[>, winch baniabea all dtfvrinitioe of the cutlolo, and makee it a* white tad at ft ao aider do* n. t.uraed'a P.<ndre Subtile rradioatae natty muiiataohoa fr< m female'# upper lipj, in a w>rd. oaperfueoi hair from am t art uf the human b dj . F?ua4 only at t! original I -1 -. t ' 7 Walker etro-'. Brat t< ro from (not in) fertadway; Bate* k Jordan. 129 tVeehin?t n etreet. BoJtoa; (ireene k Co, Worceoter; Carletoa, Lowell: Cnall. Hartfcrd. < a a. II, New brdtutd. Van Buaklrk, Newark, Due laaa, Pa tenon. Dr. \\ keeler, ?h taiut, '4* Bartlajr itrNt, devotee lla eielimve attention to dlaeaoee of the lye. He b*? juat iincr It. m Pane. Arnfli ial K.?fa ef tarroid otrnctara. which ho Ueorta ao aa to reeotnhle the natural eya. and defy tbe atrloreat aernUa/. Offleo h- ure. V to S. A. pampM. t w ith remarkable enree ay Or. W. eaa be had *ratuliouely at hie rooldattr*. How la It that tha Faculty twill not Inrtr tlgale Ue weadeefal qaaliftlee r( Wat la's Nervone Anf> t *. ai d if It la it rertaialy appear! to bo naa and re?nnafn<l It to tie world? If tot. why not n.ndtron it? There ia e*4 urlneniia with retrrr-i to thio raid faculty They are tshal! i eed t. canlra ii'? that I'? ill cure all SagrilM. ^p.tam*v lite, or Rhtuniatiem. Can he hal at 102 Naaeau atroet. ConsumptionUennlne Aecllrlnal Cad Liver Oil. ft r Coret.wiptlnn, Arrefiilone Affeetioae, Khoutaati'tn (1 ot. at. I'r?"i ?i?i duly fr mi ti . fti?h liv?r?. at.4 for eale, wbolet-tle aad retail, by III 44TO*, CI.IIK t CO., 110 Broadway, In Aalur llouae, aad >7-1 ilr-adway, (Irvine enoe.) Hair D) e.? llatrhclor*a Oenulnc Llqnld Hair Pye, e*n .air bo nroenred at th* traonfaetory, d Wall lltm The ruhlie ah .ild |?ard Ofaiaet it, itoueaa. See iajr vatvu* dliloi-n* Pet a t., wh -a* hair < hi n'd a ha*. relet Iron, tho ea? ol the Imitation dye# eta bat* It corrected by eallini aa above. Cor- lie addroaa. Hair Of I up?Phalon'i Ha||lr Hair Dye, to eolor the han or wl .aki-re the aiaaoat It ia app'.i-d. wi'hen* , iainry te tha hait or alio It eaa to wa?h -a IxtnoJIatoly witb< nt diMur' it ( ?h? t< l"r, arti bae tad o lor. It ia tynl or a-ld at fH ' I.ON'8, If Broa-tway, aad by S. U. Faw tlt. US fhatitnt ,tri?* Philadelphia. CIIIIKC\\l_ AFFAIRS. HOMCY NAHKKT, JMortHajr, F?ki 1 fl P.?. Tba atock market ? act aery ao!lra to. Jay, an 1 ido#t cf tb* triffMiloK w*r* for eaab Th?r* * illpbt lmprf??m nt la prlc** At tb* flrat board alted State* 6'a. 1S67. **Bt up X percent; Morrla Dal K; Canton ' oiupany. V ReaJlof Fallrnad ; Lonf laland, H. K.rl* Bond*, n*w, declined '? per eeot. It tb* *e*oad b<?rd, tbar* wa? no change la prloaa, tod tbe market alo*ed rt*ady, wttb rery llttl* doing. Tb* receipt* at tb* f fflr* of tb* Aaeletaat Treasurer If tbi? part, to day. amouaUd to 991.M3 AO; payment*, 131 6*1 S3?balance ?S M7.M3 *7. Tb* B*?* from Kurop* ha* dlaappolatad ape'nlatora a cottoa As ad ranee c fat laaat a quarWr af a r*aay >ar pouad *a< anticipated; Inatead of wblab :bara kif v**n no adrane* at all. notwItbatan.llBf tb* arrival eat >f tba ( aoada witb account* of an adraar* la tblfl narkat of 1 to 1 H a?at par poaad ft! ea for We id' tafTi bad r*?*d*d, aad tb* rapply In tb* EagtWb mar* iet? waa likely to b* largely la?r*a?ad by tbe op?n o* if tb* Baltl* pott* Tb* nsaarlal and *omineretal larll'gorr* g*a*rally l? favorable. and <W? aot differ natertally from that received by tlia pretlia* etcamar. 'olltteally, tb* ad?le?? are lB?po?Uet and tetoeatlof. orop* app**r? to b* Ib a very un*. ttle J 'a-* aad the adlratloaa ar* decidedly r??olutlop%?y | raae* la ifld*atly upna tb* *re of another political re*ul?lnu, ind It would not aatoulub u*. If the B?*t at**-n*r >roo?bt aerauBtf of a compute ?*?rthro? of tb? gor*rrm>nt of L?'Ul* NumIxh Tk!i l< ik. n. ,.ii> u relation*. ) it |? n t at all Impmbtbl* bat ih*t b* uilNiMr; of tb? downfall of Lnatf rbillpp* will ri?f ?boat anotbtr finally graat nod ?-,aailf f*UI t* bow In po?'r. Tb? ?m> unt r.f BtaWf utock l??a?d lo fadailii tb> wMik indli| tbi 1V4 ln'int ?? HtMCO, rf MM jlflCOO wa? of IbtlSMoT 19K, tlMOOO of 1MT. a-d ?.;.0C# of 1S4I. Tb? I'.rl* RKIrotd i ompaoy will pa? th? tbr?.? ?nl >alf p?r e?nt 1atrr??t na tb* Mxioml m itm? b>oi? l?f ( ft!d?y tb? lit of March, at tb?ofllo? of th* fiiupaoj. Wall It l? Mat*d tba? ?l b???p??b? and OMn ?a?al w H rta'alj b? ?Mrpl?t?i by tt.? flr?t of A aril ??tt 1 bt a<-aiamt*? oa ban** ia the L?(Nlatur* of VI lala, ba*a rr|>ort*d a bill lasorpora'tn* tb* Ont" tank nf Virginia at fltaaatna. wltb a ?a;.|*al of e * M tfcai. 14 U i"K?a< rr r? iUt IkOMu lu'?b?4 ' - |n*r?ej t' b? >1?pa Jtal tb' ln>> e<-? -j'.tcw i I