Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1850 Page 3
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I tba LagUtetw* preferring an itdtpindiDt teak to la ititlil Us* banking capital of tba Stat* nndar th? branch bank ayttam Tba moat important feature* of tfcli taw bank aie taken, for tv.e aiort part from the Irea banking eyataai of thte Stata. til a Bank. Keb 23. 1950. Sia? A paragraph in yoar paper of thi- tla'.e e <utv.n? rateral <-rrora. wbloh I will 'rouble you to eorrcot. Tba Mercantile Bank d'-ee not claim ?o be tb? Bank of It! are, bnt eimpb'lhat a majority of the ctookholii*ra In tbat li<fitntlon bHTe aaaoetatad t'eaueiriM for tk* purp ura ?f banking UDder th? amtu :u*eut of the gactrai beakieg law, pa?a?d tpiiilo 18-ltf Tba trnataM of tba lata Hank of lthae>< bare prorid *d for tba redemption of tba Bank of Ithaca nitea nt par at Itbara. and made a depoalt with this luvitutioo far thrlr redemption at X of on* ptr cint, aa heretofore of such notes aa may t>? pr?a*ut<-d here, as appeara by ft notlca In keteiai of th? olty papers. Keapectfu'ly ynura. HI B DOUGL VS. rresiaenl. M'e stated that if the Mercantile llank *11 ??" iu-titution the law required a deposit of stocks to the mount of >100 000, with the ( omptroller before it ould issue bill*; an J if it was a continuation of the Bask of Ithaca, it was bound to redeem the notes of the Bank of 1 tbaca at par. it appears by the above letter that it is a new bunk, entirely distinct from and independent of the old Bank of ltbaea; if so, it baa not yet, in fact, a legal sxlsteiiee, as it bad not on the 20th last, according to a statement from the Comptroller's offiie, made the required deposit of securities. On the 90th inst , the Mercantile Bank kad deposited but $11,000 of stock, of which $6 C00 was in United States and f>C,000 in New Vcrk State securities. No notes had at that time been i ?ued to the bank. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of certain article*, exported l'rom this pert, for the week ending Krbtuary 19th distinguishing the destination and extent of shipment to each place CetiMsatK or the Fort or Nr.w York ? Weekly K? ports. To Liverpool.? Flour 500 bbl*.; pork,Ml do.; potash, AO do ; rcfin. 299 do ; turpentine. l.r?0 do ; corn. 102 144 bushels; wheat, 7 832 do.; beef. 55 tieroes; flax feed, f.O do.; port wine, 61 casks ; tobacco. 2 hhds. ; mnnu factured do , 0.41S lbs ; bacon, 204.339 do ; Hrd. 247.604 4o ; cheese 40 708 do. ; camwood 2 ton* ; logwood. 138 4o ; lard oil, 0 095 gallons : sperui oil, 3 721 do.: staves, No. 4.0*0. To Lcnd?n?Pork. 100 bbls ; turpentine. 4 274 do. ; roein, 331 do ; rice, 32 tierce* ; oil peppermint. 5 onses; staves, Ns. 37.000 ; tea, 1.291 lbs ; bacon, 122.398 do. ; cheese. 206 807 do. ; lard, 14.7o9 do. ; oil cake, 242.542 do.; staves, No 37,000 To Claifotv - Flour. 821 bbls ; potash 100 do ; rosin, 1 008 do.; corn, 4 350 bushels ; logwood, 90 tons; sperm oil. 7.7K0 gallons: tobacco, manufactured. 2,170 lbs To Irtland - Hour 085 bbls ; tar. 20 do. ; rosin, 580 do.; corn. 88.606 buxhel?; staves, No 8.000. To Harrt. ? Potash.103 bufhels; pea?la?h,18 do ; rice, 1(5 tierces; lard, 11.8'J8 lbs : a tares, No. 10.000. To MarotilUo.? Roeln 671 bbls ; pepper. 600 b?t;n; oil peppermint, 6 outi; logwood, 161 tons ; staves, No. 11.000 7'e Dvrieat.x ?Pork. 25 bbls.: staves, No 27,000. 7'# /fame 7Wns ? Logwood. 221 tons ; fustlo, 56 do. To fyxicr .?Stares, No. 49 000. To MaiUira ? Flour, 400 bbis. ; corn, 2,809 bushels ; staves. No. 6 000. To Emit l*dm -Domfftlos. 100 pkgs. To Ntw Orai'aJa. ?Pork. 129 bbls.; beef, 67 do.; mackerel 60 do ; bread 170 do ; rice. 4 do. ; whale oil. 600 Cliens : hams, 17,400 lbs ; batter, 3,300 do.; fish. 2 4C0 lard 4 000 do ; nails. 166 kegs. To Laguayra, .J-c?Flour, 185 bbls.; steel, 20 boxes; lupar. retired. 4,379 lbs ; dumestins, 18 pkgs. To St. VomiMfo.?Flour, 880 bbls.; pork, 180 do.; bread 70 do ; rice. 20 do ; mackerel, 80 do.; soap, 916. boxes; t-perm e*Bdles. 5 do ; tobaooo. 1 lihd ; powder, 2 2C0 k egs; bums, 2 649 lbs: cheese, 2031 do ; sugar, refined. 3 266 do ; fl?h. 43.460 do ; lard. 8'268 do.; pepper. 10 baga; domestics, 6 packages; lead. <76 pigs. To S/tmnnk liVil IuAitt ? Flour, 660 bbls ; pork, 40 do ; naval stores. 46 do; spirits turpentine. 10 do ; beef, 86 do ; beef. 11 689 lbe.; rice, 141 tieroes; pepper. 20 bags; soap. 600 boxes; nails, 80 kegs; whale oil, 82) Sallons; hams. 7 660 lb- ; tobacoo manufactured, 3,027 o.; eheese. 1,639 do : Ash, 17.848 do ; lard. 10.748 do ; butter, 2 455 do.; tallo*. 81476 do; nit, 60 sacks; lamber, SO.100 feet; hoops. No 18.000 To l)anii/i IKft ludtrt ? Flour, 860 bbls ; pork, 336 do ; meal, 100 do : meal, 136 puncheons; rioe, 6 tieroes; mould candles. 400 boxes; fish 6 000 lbs ; oheese, 979 00.; lard, a VM> do j Dtmi. 4,l?u ao.; tea, if) ao ; pepper 60 bag*. To Dutch Wttl Indirt.?Flour. 600 bbU.; pork, 335 do ; soap. 20 hexes; moald candle* 80 do ; ip?rm candle*, 4 do , rlca, 70 tiercel; hams 3 814 lb*., fish, 38,031 do ; lumbar, 10 000 feet. T? Bnh.K Wtit Iiid.ri ? Flour. 37 bbls; mackerel, IS do ; beef, A do ; rice, 6 tieroes; coffee. 0 ba^a; mould candles, S00 boxes; perm candle*, 7 do.; do as ties 2 package*; tobaooo, 2 hhds ; do., manufactured. 1810 lb?.: cheese, 958 do ; lard, 344 do ; fish. >80 do ; butter. 3 417 do.; sugar, refined 3.660 do ; lumber, 11 000 feat So far aa the commerce of this port 1* concerned, the exports bare, for some time past, bean unusually limit 4. The movement In breadstuff*, compared with last Car, ha* been exceedingly small. while the aggregate porta have been large From the present aspect of things, we should judge that our farelgn trade thia year would be much less profitable than latt. Itork Rxrhancs. ?J00 V 8 ft, '? ) 12% 79 ?MIrts RR 62% ln?H> ?e '67 lli'I 175 do ?2'i .?<?> do 11.1 ll<0 do bCO ?3 Rsaditg M Bds 71 W New Jersey RR 1)<7K 1UO do 10 44 25 Nor k War 3SW MO Iris 7's 'W Ni *? do 35 IliKO do W Ports h Dry Dock 7 ld?00 do W0 8fM do 7 S? tOOO City 6 a, 'CO 1WH 100 do M0 7*1 10 the City ?irs Ins Co 130 ? N Y k N Hsrsa 97* 57 Bk Coss, fall jus1, 1?51 an toe Co ? > 10 Meek Xx fcaak 110 50 to ?>?*< 3H0 Farmers' Tr Bat'y MV 7?> Reading RR 37S %f, d? 5"'V HO do h?0 S7V ?> Ohio I. k Tr Co *' 54 Barlem RR Mo to'. Mi Morris Canal kw lSK 50 do 5.K) do 1SK 150 I Islaad RR 17S M do k30 lM* M do b40 17?< U Kris RR MO ?2\ !>E( ONI) BOARD. $?? Indiana Stat* ?' 7", I1 " ?' I Eric KR b?0 M M.1w Brie 7 a. >9 ? ) K<Kik KX ,T7 UibiNtlkWift RB 36 .10 do 57>? Barlem kR b04) WW 10 * Jereey R* 1UM Ml do btw Mi, 100 Loag Ulead RR t90 17* 100 4* M'. SO faatoa Co 40* UB Brie RR c:'l 10 Morrie Caaal knw U\ 4D?ERT1KE3IEMTS RENEWED KYBRT DAT. iuvm la JUtrrtitnurnu tmt Ay AfaiI ami 4* pott fmd ir IA*f vtil nti W idioi/ram (A' Ptil Offlct. KKWUBBI toil REWARD.- LOST. AN TUB CAR*, I TO INK at Borilentown, in the 6 o clock train from Philadelphia, oa Saturday U?t, a plain Uold Watch, with a (teal bain and hook on th* tad. Kith a ailver key The Under wll melee tha above reward by leaeln( it at the U ward atal, fa? lilt. ?'?. G. ENGLAND in REWARD-I.OST IN IIROADWAT, BETWEEN j? 1V 563 aad 7* Braatt;. on tha ri?kt aida of the itreet, doe n, a ladiee email (old Wateh, ha* lnr oa tha hack aa aaaaal pietare repreeeatiae a lady helriiac a picefta "n tha kaad. The above reward will he paid to aay p*re>n wha will retara it to tka owner, at SbJ Broadway, up etaire, la tha lailliaery ra. P. 8.?Pnwabrukere ? U1 pleaaa detain tha aama tfeffered. _ Lost valisr.-delivired by mistake trom tha Naw York aad ?et Hum atati.ia, oa Saturday etaaia*. a Knaael Leather Yaliee; tha "ae laft inateadla tary eimilar to tha mtealne iae, htjt marked oa tha aad (I. C. Aay laf>rma'i >n ?( t:.e a > - will ha in ? ly rewarded, ?a applioatina to tha Naw Tork aad Ne? Oaten Railroad n>*laa, Canal etcaet LC>eT._ON SUNDAY ArTBUMiON IN GOIV1 FRO* Chriat Chatcb, thronjh Broadway, to Rethhun't U?tel, aa opal Breaatpia. let ia are be* , le attia. aad atta .id t > a green eilk halt. Tha flader will be liberally rewarded, by lea' IB* ii a' tie ' K? .11' LOST. S ATI RDA V APTERNOOV, A Y El L'UV. HAI.fkreed Poiater and Crej'l D< *. A liberal raward will le paid for him. atjto 11/ Ft nt (treat. LOKT ON TH1 J1D INST.. IN A BRoiPVTAY AND Eighth itreet etare. a Veraetio Mae',in*, (withouta ?>?* ra battery) d ae up ia a B???r?p*r The <n-Ur ihall be liberally rewarded f?r all trouble by calling al' j- Br adway, aad leatiai the maeklce. PULITK Ale. DBWOrRATir (iEVERA! ( ' VM ' T . EB ? A MEBTINQ of tie member* of the P :n rati' Oeae'al Committee a ill be I el J at Tanmanr Ball *h ereoint at 7', o'eloek.? Breeder. fr.RNANDO WOOD, Chairmaa. R|. m Aa t> M. HminrM, > ??,r.tael*i UilMi Py< a w a> , s 1 r"arte?. fft KB JOINT CO KM ITTT E5 OK A RR A N'iBIIB N T A P X pointed the Dtm -ru- RarvMieaa Uearral t: nmittoo. the t>*murr*tl? R>*nt h?aa loner V't'i OnmmitWa, aad tha Cemaelttoa of C|it-n? frr il? Or-?l I n n Moat r ." ?' Ten maar U . ,??t ? rammanj ilall. tbi* r?k !>'. at . Si o'click r.nwiRT) o. wiat, Cliiritii af Cmm'tti of Arr. af IVm. Rep. Com. OBO. J. JOHN'STOM, Chairmaa of Cammittaa of Arr. of T"t-.? Ion * G.n CtM. ROBT. ft MORRIS. Cha rmut of Committee of Cltlieae. inn OOOM, Ac. SPRING M A N T11 I. AI - - <>N *')NI?AV. TllttUlI iii'ihi. we ehallepea oar rpna? a'.ook nf r?r? M tat.llae, "I the ?ree????ear . ur ? ? .? an t \n?, rar In ftrtH. _ JAlt' 'if A a 11 . i . <. CR.U t ?0A? T ?-Jl ?r RICIIVJED. AND WII T. open ? Moada*. the 18th met, a eileadid tri'Mm ? r?| ? A ? - r?: .'aily loer.e tlie atteatioa of tha ladie*. J AM CI RioK.? w.TMHf.^?ar._ PAIH MAPI MJNIIIMA A T " TIC '.V A RT k CO are aaw riedy ?o ?*hlkit a ?b?l?? aad epleadld aeeortmeitt af I'er'e Maa'tMae. mt ' - :n * faal.i i.?'.? ar- e-e < f Tali*, for tha eprlaj trade of 1 %>'. Brjadaay anl Read* treat. JKU KI.M l . 11 AT" MIA. El RT AM' MLV K R W A RR TII' >?l ?T w ho wlah t? r arehae* W a??h-a and Jewelry will Sad It er-etlr to tkolr ee'nun te eell na tha etihe-ri?>?r. who la < aetiatly reeeltin* all d^ecrlp'leae ?f OiM and Pil?er Watrho. difeat from tha menefaetarere la' Kailaad Pranoa aad S?lti?i!ead. ? ' > l:o i* eeUtac at atioWeaJe an l retail, at th? rrrt loa ??* tr tti. rtao ?-f'i aad ettrer Pnrlleh pe'.eat loier W'atohee. hp Ca<-f T. Tollee Reeetey aud ether*. Cold aad riloet dMeeb'd l???r and lepllte Watohee. i.ald eaard feh aad ?eet Chaial Pure (aid weddiac Riaja. f t a-ij ??< ' hp* f?r I ? C?la QaaH Nora fob Reye and Vat*. (.old aad etlrav Paaalle aad *old Pea*. ladlee' Hraral*?a. (old I aakaU. t >1-1 aad ellt?r ThimVUi. Claiaie for aa?ak ahalno. Uol4 end e<l ?et Spaa Mo I m. (taillee til'Or *p?>n?e. Cnpo. Porke. A*. BoM ? aioha*a?laita?ia?to?!k'ea?b. Maicheeaad Jowlry oechengad. All w?tah?e varraatad t |ao? PH d ?r faoner r?ti"-a?d. H atthVe. Do t ?? I Jtwalrr ropairad la the haet maaaor Vat ?o't >-? ? "> i ... 01'). C AllfN Intro*' r * !/ ? if I J'wtlrf, Hh"l?ealt ??<J Retail, II Wa'J It., ap ittul. picciau lontii. Toe great pi/ mebtino, to promotk tub early (toeing fit the Storee, is o-uipllanee with a call tty li.cicrt u&ljr t!?Bed by ll? tninliiUuti of ihu iily of Net York, *ill 1 uke i laee a? ine Br?*dw?y TabernAole, on rt'elittitltv ivebiDi, February 387. HW>, at h?lf pint 7 ? cluok. bie Honor, the Mavor, will Piuide, ?u pi or ted by the following Hiy Uuod* luerchnnU, as Th e Preside > m : Jauies S. Taylor, firm of Lord K Tayl >r. Jukii W. Barter, inn of J. VV. darker S Co. h elaon Lime, ftrm of Lane ? Porter. Alexander Just. flroi ot Just fc Pattieon. Jcr<miah L, backett. lltep tji B.rker. _ Jsn.ts Back. a.m of Jaa. Beck fc Co. Ifenry J. Teaman, Arm of Sea-nan fc Vnlr. I'ordyte Bitehcock, firm of liitencook fc Leadboater. fhas. Plorson. firm of I'bsd^ 1 fc Pieraen. B. C. Waudell. firm of J. Tow . end s Co. W. F Cilley. firm of W. P. * f W. Gilltv fc Co. R?r. 't. t. Harris, Dr. Spearman, " ?. J. P. 1lu(no?"ii, Dr. F. H. Dixoa, and John Vun Bureu, K< |? will take |>art iu the proceedings. N. B.~ Ladies are particularly invited t b? present. Masonic nutici.-tiie membkas or ivdbpbnd. tit l.odie. No. 7 are heteby r?<|uaat?d to attend at the LoiUe room, 274 tiiand street, on Wednesday next, at ona o'o'oek. in full regalia, for t! e purpose of paying the !ait tribute of rr?pei t *<> out late worthy brother, l?erl Wlutaher. AII uicuileia of I.i>dtea under the jurisdiction of St John's G-: nd I odg?, an 1 ail Naii>ia in good BtKndinz, era reapecttul'y invited to attend. STEPHEN MKEltf, W. M. C. Hamptow, Secretary. fcJEW YORK VOLUNTEERS.? THE MEMBERS OF tfce lat Rcplmint of New York Volunteers. aad of the New York Volunteer Aasneiatlon, are requeued to attend a meeting, at (.'antral Hall, No. 174 Grand street, on Tueaday evening ni xf, Pel ruary Siith, at TX o'clock, whin the commute I" m the I Mislature, who were at the meeting of tha Association on Saturday tveuicK, will henreaent. By order, J. I . BIT ft NilAM. President. NOTIe E- -ON THr 2!>th JUNK, 1 AN ANONYMOUS letter, dated the Uf>th of that month, (sigaed|" Vidocq.") waa handed to a gentleman in this oity, on condition that ho tbi uld dettrof the original, leaving bim at liberty to tak4 a copy. The condition waa faithtnlly complied with, bat circumatanres have lately transpired whioh render it extremely drairabl# fur tha i,?rann to whom the letter waa addressed to hue an interview with the writer on tue ut.juct to which it related. If the writer of the letter will comply with this request he has i in his power to render eeoential service to th? tusc of Justice. MAI.KH BY AICTIO*. BY JACOB S. PLA1T-L. G. CARR1NGTON, AUCTIONeer?Hardware and Cntlory auction sale, this day, at 10 ' k at the aueiion room, ?3 Piatt Uraet, ennaistinR uf a valuable saeortment of Table Knives, Forks and Carvers, Ivory Knives and Forks, in setsof 30 pieces. Japanned Tea tray* and Waiter*, one caae aisor'ed oity made line Brushes. vis.: Hair, Toiler, Clothes, Uat, Tooth, Horse, Shoe and Lather Brushes; luu cards, among which are splendid and highly finished i *n and pocket Knives. and Knives in dosena. of cslebrated makera. ftr retail tr?<!e. Scissors. Sle-irs. Sr. Also, w iou*bt tinned iron Teakettle*, Ladles. Flesh Forks, Drawers, Shovels and Spades, Hoes, Violins, Guitars, Ivory and Dressinx Combs, Hammers, Bells, Spoona, Fish Lines,Mouse-tr?ps. silvered Table and Teaapooas, Carpenters' Rules. Fish and Chalk Line*, Fishhooks, Chisels, Files, Cut Tacks, Nail U turners, Hatchets, Broad do , six dosen Spear's hand a ad piunel Saws, Iron Weights, Curry-Combs. Raior Strops, Purser. Mallets, Port-Monies. Also, rprinx and tumbler Pad ana Chi tt Looks, Comptises and Fishhooks, Planes, and a variety of other articles. Also, the balance of Sheffield pocket Cutlery. Sc.. to which the attention of country aa well as city d'.-akri m direcud. TDK PUBLIC SALE OF WINKS AND LlOt OR8, 0" the importation of Mr. Alexander Sultan, No. 1I'> Wall street, advertised for to day, by L. M. Hoffman fc Co.. auctioneers, has been postporod until Tuesday, tke 9th of March neat, at 11 o'clock, in Ir nt of their store, vlj ti50 rtcksrra Purl Wiur a and nnrn iulMa. t4>r?rr frmn Onurtn: l'i quarter casks Malmsey Madeira; SO hull-pipes Arsao S?ignette Brand;; 2-1 quarter- casks do. d<>. do.: 26 pipes Nolet's Esgie (liM: 1 puncheons Jamaica Hum, HiObaske's C'fciiir.pai/ne. The above wines and liquors are alt itored in boLdtd cellar*,and are entitled to detunture. Clear samples if the l'crt Wines a ill be drawn before disturbing the casks. ALEXANDER SOLTAN, Wo. 115 Wall stmt, upstairs. T^O DAS K.ET MAKERS-AT AUCTION, BY CCKARD . Peitik Co., Tucsoay, Ke\ 2bth, a; 11 o'clooU, 300 bundles Cerman Willows, in line order. . IVH <SALK ,t*U T(l 1.KT. A FARM FOR SAL*. AT AUCTION, ATTHEORANQ* Hotel, Newburgh, Orange efiimr. on the Urst day of March next; I'D acres, with good buildings and good fruit; one and a half tnilei weit of Newburgh, and witliin fifteen muiiite* ride of lbs Undson and Em rii'lrouda. Torma taay. For particular lriuire at Canal atreet, in the ?t<.ro. F. WILSON. L^OR BALE?THE HOD CRN BUILT THREE-STORY X brirk House aud Lot ho. 117 fitter rtreet. Tneruare tire grates with m-trMe m-meli, el'ding toor? on tue first Hour, li.lding doers on the MM l4j tha It >.u? are handsomr'y p?re.ed. and a dry audcr cellar, wit'i a has grftoe viae in tlie \ar<*. For further patkioula-s apply to HkNKY E. HOVT, Cherry street. For sale or to let?the two story brick Doom, No. til Amity (tract. If rented, the rent will "e >65". Apply to Boyd fc Miacken, room No. V, Tontine Building, C'ruer Wall and Water ?irk eta. FOR 8ALE?THE ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE' In tlie beat order and nearly new, of a raall family about leaving the city. The premiiM will also be let until fcr?t ay, and ean be leased on favorable tcrmi. For particulars, kc , inquire at No. t'A Fourth avenue, between tuo hours of 12 and 2 o'clock. JUST ARRIVED FROM NEAR THE LAK.ES OF 1ND1Aaa, a large an in be r of awncit- tailed Horses- about v) h< ad- and among them are 10 pairi of matched, and che remainder good single t'Tsee for?orkor the road, all young and sound. breught to this market by Mr. Wheat, of Indiana, I emg his first visit to tbii city with horses fr m that section of country: aU "f whioh will be sold (or oash, at ths Black fl' rsv Stable. Ill Kawt Tw?nt> - foil rtli s Nsi. near &er >nd avenue. Tin- horses are gi nerallysfrom 15 to 10 hands high. TO LET-THE LAR<;E FOUR STORY HOUSE, IPS Frince street, between Bnllivan and M< Dotigal. suitable for a large bearding house For further particulars, inquire of R. C. KlCHAKliS, at B as sett, A burn It Co.'i, No. IS rins street. TO LET-FROM THE FIRST OF MAY NEXT, TO A respectable family, without a great many children, the second, or eeaoad aad third floor, with kitchen and two attio rooms, in a pjea-antly situated house in Hudson near Frank no meet, in* nret floor la ouy occupies u> a untie coapia. Apply to Box J6A3, Poet office. TO LIT?FROM FIRST MA V, AN BXCBLLBMT TBREI atory hona* in UimBond otrict. A'?o on* in Baak aireei; both near Fourth, the ubi oil*. with marbl* mantela, fro ton water, bath rouBi, fce , in a complete elate of repair. Aprly to ALEX. M. QREIO. 66 Wall atreot. TO LIT. FOR MANUFACTU RING Pl'RPOSBS-AT the Marble H crka. corner llr'.adwoy tad Tenth at Met, third atory. one honored foot by Bfty Int. aecond atory, aixty feet t v thirty. with aieam power if refuued, from four to ux or eight here* power. TO I.ET--TIIE PMiMi FLOOR OF Br>l'Sl 6S FORay th meet, ronaiotin* of froat and back parlor, tea ro< m, kitchen and two bedruoma. with t?> l.edro.xj.? in the attic, iaunire on the prtuiieta; to b? ieen from lu t > 1J ani Iron 2 to a o'clock. TO I.RT--TWI THREE STORT BRICK HOI** AND Store. No. IdASprint (treat, >*t?een H'nt and Washiagtona'rtea. Apply to Joel F t 71 Thompx a ?tr*ot, batween Sprier and BroiB* etroot; or tol'harloe Olmsted, troetr, Burner <1 Spriai and Waabiagton itreeta, near th* prviniaee. Th? of -'-2 Centre atroet. a (joining the Odd Fellowa' Hall well aitnated for an Oyiter toiooa and Reatiaran- . ? 11 hel< I ai a m< .li-ratc price to a *o )J tenaat, ?ith the prlvlleco Of a parlorard l.l r m in th# till.- !. Ml r \ii'. I'J ?l Fox, 74 Thmiptrn atraot, or to M. Cructr, p irtrait paintar, econd floor, otti th* l a tmcnl. Uri'FR I'ART III not HE TO LIT. i. 25.'. M \ DI ? O N treet, to a imall rented family tMIooaUo*. Tarm. ;n derate. h|HM "a the premiae*. A GRAND MIIITARF BALL. GIVEN IN AlDOT TUI New York Volonte*ra Fond ?Thio Hall. *iv -a hy Doiw< rth't Comet Band, in aid of th* Inad for th* reii*l of aneb B*B here of th* at one regiment who, thrmh ill health of woimda isrnrrcd in the eorrtee of their eonntry, are ntnb!* to proi id* fot tkemaeltaa, will take place at tfe Chiaea* A<>' n.b 1 r R ma, Br jndway an ?'?daeaday erenin* next, r*braart 27, I-A'. Tleket*. i2 to b* had ?f th* follininr o(licera, who na?* kindly rein nut red to act on th* c -rainlit- - itri* r Gen I IM' rai and Officer* Capt. Freaen. ('apt laderhill, ('apt. Little, Capt. Lyone, I'aytnaeter E O*. Adi t S. R Pitiknej. nad many other officer* of the Firat Divfaiea, and at the pritx ipal h. e I a ai.d military tnartera; at tha Mer'irBotif, Majer Dykesan'a Cen'ral Dal), Mn >r Imi'l i Military llall, Capt 1. Broaiway, Na; rt'rawlay, Military Aranaoffiee, CoL Buraham, Bloom nritale.y >*rtermaater fvwirt. Newark, and at th* hoad-qnart?ro of the Baad. dl-^ Broadway, or of is* follawiax men.I ero of the Ba- d ? H b DedwortL, A. Dodw-.rth. C. Dojworth. T Dodw..- h, T. J. Dcdworth. n Major, F Madera. M H. B ui -rd. A. Bmi'h, C. Schnltx, O. Trojai, M Coaklia. W. Wtih. re.H C:irtix. - T. EINOSLAND. S*cr*tary. TO BALL COMMITTEES. -TB E NEW AV>EMB(.T Rccn.a. ia Chamber* atroot, aotl doot to B' rton* Theatro, are aow ready (or ocenpatim. aad are r-eotnnienied to tha notieo of eoBBittooo aa p?r<|. ulatly aiapi*d f >r flrot tlaaa aai'mMire and reeh*rsbe hall*. Thirty eottllnaa may odanrtd on the t!onr. while the etUoaiee r * nenada - Una* rrtMLt ?.n or ?iaai fo'nro A paciou* ii<pp?r rona, unJ?r th? popular 4ir*rtlon of Mr. HatWt. w*ll furalihW r?r?| lie* toon* la4i*o' aa4 |*avl*m*a* 4r Mint mil, bat u4 cloak r?an.*, ultoii, A* , *r? mil rsnrt* nlrstl* attached ?n Ik* fnor Apr-y to MB. I'll* COCK, om tho promiaca, fr*n? 10 t* loci .ch daily. T<rml *4?rat*. CALirOHNU. WITMOIt k OEAT, COMMISSION MEBCHANTB, Benlcla, California. R*t>r t? L^wii k H*ntor4. Htarp. Wright, k Riplty; B. F. Tr*ad*oll, N?w I'ork J*?t. Tr?a4?*ll. k Perry. iltui { C. 0. Carrr.ll Id , B>av>a! Pfad-itcr h Ahlrn. Baltlaor*. Th? UrgMt ahipa < ??'larit cargo** at UrBiciA, without tin ??p?m*> of I gtil c i. i. ? btmukV B.C.ORAT. (CAUP?BNlA III'HIH SPECIAL y Mr****I?T?, with tl.rough ll-k?t? t* Ban fraariaea, will l?a?a for till Eipraaa, fcy lha *t*am*r* Falcon, T)ot*4*y, 1Mb latitat, *n4 Ch*rok... ISth ?ar-!h. a* amal, a ah ?m.ll par**!*, rirkun and m**a*g?*. fat all part* al California, which will t*i*ue*r*4 by tli* pr?pri*t*f in r?r*?B, with d??r?wh. JOHN C. THOMPSON, Af at, ( Paarl*tfM?. LOt NT* COS CAM Form a E\PRE?*~ t' E R * T F. AM?r Faloa. to *ail F.fcrnary 2*th. X?pr*M Fr?i?>it*t Fackigc*. t( , willt* rrcoirH at oar ofll * an til Ui* Jar of Iliad, aad f*rward*4 to Baa rraai??o in l *11 part* of tba m aw. I# ci.a-g* of a ipaaiat itaiwr. Offle* *- Ur.aJway, ecrttt oi M all itrtat. ALBERT WELLES. AeUag Manag*r. / < P HOTCHEISB. BAN FKANClfCO, CAL1FOMI : V V-?o having lo*at*4 ia a tapacioa* warahoaa* *ad wbart, with *t ffl?icnt wataf for lighter*. ia pr?i>*r?4 ta r*o*ir* eai faam'-nta of rthaadi*#, aa4 r*fara ? Maa*r? Jaia?* R teller ft Ca., Ii? I"r?at ** *?. Now Toth, aa4 h UO. Cannon. Eikj.. Naw ll*r*?. I!*01 BAI y TO THE CALIFORNIA TtADB.-CANNON of rar^r u* iiin. fr>.m *t?-ponn4*r* 4?wa w> *wlv*i* Al?o, <!<in4h??d An -In r* ??4 Ch?m? aal ' - pn?<-4 iarh ahaiai, *nl lo di?r?o*(1 of low fi.r o?<h 1KW wark ? o?t*4 with Britain ta4 4f?patot, at th? oH I*aa4, if Priat itmt. ISAAC HALU 1-/ pf Ot.OROl fRr.m\N * (.0.. ?ri prM??1 I* " I !y iMrtfr? a?? ?miir?nt? with fcona'.a ?up?riir ti anjthnu in thta or aay other markrt. ? - rtty low mil. Our hou?e* t,??? n tr1?d, approved of, and txtaaaivalj pkttoMUii by Callforniaa* oiid > il ?r?. all it (0 Broidwar. riNM AKfl. . PicTt'fcts <?r it ton claps, mo* dim ivoinntD Caliitr't -CnaaulfMura aad ?< llxttnr* will apprrtlatd t!? palntinua off?r.4 I t inapoatia and pria" aa.o, iallnlni l?tiitl(*l aatiaplttrf I aad?r??ld?, Bin htm, Paul I'nttar, Murin, kf . fee. Alan, a rtlltitlna of m?ft"ra l'icliiri-a, l yH Crltua. Jna , inn tkaMiea nad* la Franc*. Gtrn-aay, Balelnm and fcir'iad. mhiMcod in IN Ratal ? iHia;, la London, kr , Br r?m?r?d fn? tM to Til Itriadway. ?tp?alu th? Now lr?rh Hjlfl. N. B rha|?T'i?t(c?? r, wllh thirty jf ara' t?p?r1?r,?o la worka ( I art, oiTar* fi'?)ad?n fn' t? urallratra pur' li?ir[ patntihfo, which may |m?at ai d ?riri"? pi-t?rt? of lit')* rata*. Ula| IB1J l?i? M|' t ft* li. ^ ^ wm?.^ ^ IJLr ANTiD?A PERSON HAVINQ A* TEA BIT ANB TT Dimu Pitcher or tilvtr, would like M tiokuM the tau.t lor Dry Q x.da tui table for the CaUloma nuin. Addreet II L:, mi 11), HeraldjOBloe. UrANTBD?A SITUATION A8 CHILD 3 NUEBE OR Bontekeeper, with Mm* lady going Vo California. Bout ! t r rctomniendatleni. Inqnire at 3t Franklin itreet. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BBSPBCTABLB worr aa, t> C'liambermtid or ehildrea'eNuree. No obj etion to ao in the country. Call at 71 Hear; ttieev, rear kaildiBg, Sd floor. Cubi Itti fur two daye. WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a initiation to do central houtewerk in a inall private family bhe it an eieelleat wailier an<l lrontr, a good cook, and Lat no objection to go a thort diitanoein the country. Slit cau thow good city referrnoe. Pieate sail at BM Mulberty itreet, f,ret flo?r, front room. WANTBB. ON TUB FA KB OF TBE ADYERTI8ER, A ftw noiltt fr?m tbt olty. an Englishman and hit wife, with or witnr'Ut a boy from 12 to M veari old. The maniuuit nuderttaud thoroughly the care sad management of hurtot mutt bo a thorough plewman, and undeu'aad farm work gtmrally. The \t oman will be required to do general housewtrk ami p'ain cooking. Newly arrived emigrant* would be Crtferred. lo i ert< n> of good character, and none other, will t treated with. Ari 'y at 113 Water itreet. up ttaire. WANTED--A SITUATION A3 WBT NURSE AND Beaunttite, withgtod city teforenoe. Apply s- Oharl| ton ttrtet, in the rear. t\ ANTFL'-A SITI'lTION IN AN OFFICE. OR IN TAB TT mercantile butinett, by an active young man, lately from the country; hstt a liberal education, it un excellent penman and accountant, and can come wull recommended by icen of hsph tending. Security given if reiuirtd. Addntt W., thit office. WANTED?A PaOOF READER, WHO IS ALSO A food practical pi inter; one com enact witb the Freaeh laminate w<.uld be prderred. Addrcte T., with referenoee, at ofliet. Wr AN TED--A PERSON WHO U&3 AT COMMAND TT 6,1011 dollars, to embark in a cuth trade, whieh will yield a good profit, certain. Such aa one may addretta aote t thiaoftii e, !. "i-a.'ety," w '.cie l.e ta:iy In' ei>u. \l'ANTED-6Y A RESl'El TABLE WOMAN. A FEW TT gentlemen's wathing. or to wath for fatniliet. S:ie cau give the bctt of city reference at to capability and honesty. Piraii call at M> Factory itreet. WANT ED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation in a small family, ai Chambermaid, Nunc, I or to do g< neial homework; good city reference given. Apply at No. 145 Ellzkbe b atreet, in thenar, front room, leuond atory; can b? aeen from 11 to 3 o'clock. '\%T ANTID.-A SITUATION. BV A VERY COMPETENT WW girl, with good city rtfi-rence, to took, wa?h and iron for a private family; in a good cook, and tint rata waaher and ironer, w< uld to to the country. Apply at 74 Sixth avenue, in the book ataro. WAMED-BY A VEKV RBSl'ECTABLl YOUNG girl, a itnatii n aa Seamvtreai and to d? chamborwork, or aoa to children; alio wcnld make hi'raelf uaeful, no objection to go a ahort diatance iu the oonntry. Please call at No. ISP Eigltb avenue, bet*can Sixteenth and Seventeenth it*., up itaira, fiont room. WANTED -A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE vi'Uop wcinan, aa plain Cook, Waaher and Ironar, or to to tfie general houaework of a small private family, or to do ihauiberwurk aud plain eewing- Underatandg Jroaimakuig. The beat of oily referenoa ran ba given. Can bo area for two daya. Fleaae t# call at?No. 139 Eaat Eleventh atreet, corner Avenue A, third floor, backroom. WANFED-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE jti ng woman, aa plain eook, waahing and ironing, or rhamberwrk or rue waahlng or waiting. Beat ol city refenncea. Call at .ft Prince >tr?ct, lor three daya. >. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE young won a-, to do Cooking, Wai iu* - i I rouli or do general bcuaework, in a ?tn.\ll rnpectaMo family. eity reltreatce gt>ea. I'Unae call at 378 Tentuairce- Can ue ! neafrr two daya. WANTED-A WAGON, SUITABLE FOR ONE flORS*.' with leather top. ttout and well made. AH], a untie hrrntaa, for w >iich ihe auver.ner will exohanp.e butter. Addreia ll?xt?r, attha ofhea of thia pap<r. \tT A NTED-- BY A BRSPECTkOI E CIRL. A S1TUA, it tUnre d, or lode > oaecarork. aha undrrI itindi alt i>inda of country r. or'<. aril hxi t'i<> bait of relet-. | i'ie baa a good diapc-'t-on Mid love" cl -'dren. Pic" # call at 181 TaeliUi etretl. comer Illiteracy Plxee, up etaira. WANTED--A SITUATION, BV A *ESPECT4BLE T> young Pnuslttt g'z 1, aa c n'b?rn>nid ar waiter, or i rnUtiog in t or i -onijg. * .ib b at of eity reference if Hatred. Plrxaocgil at No. 1*4 brtoaiceath ?t -net, between | Sixth and Seventh aveaaci. Can le ??cn for i* o daya. It' ANTED?INFORMATION OF ANN AND ELI/.A ft Biilea, from Uouatratk, Osteal connty. 're'and. Any , information ?f ibe a'jrceald young woman w'l be thankfully reccivfd by JOIN CLARK. Tale of Frankford, M.nge county, ' Ireland, now at H'& Wuit lirMt, in the rear. S \tTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE | Tf young woman ai C> ambcrma d. gUe la a very good I w ?-l,cr ana ironer; ahe v. ould have no objection to do gaae>.U horerwork in a private family. The best of oity rel'erei o i cru be given by applying at W Ninth avenue corner of K?ne! tecntli a'.ic< MIT ANTED?IIV A RESPECTABLE VinniF. tcin n woman, a situation at Coot ml Ironcv !r a tmall family, or at unr*c, or to do plain sen ag. Cm tive tlia beet of city rcicrouco. Audi tit 175 Bowery. Caaba taca tor tlir<? . *?f WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RBSPECTABLI Protacant wcmau. in a tmill privata family, to do I k' uiework, or to with aad iroa. She hat nood city referents Aadrtrt -2 Oak tt?< ct, in the rtr. I aa b< teen for two day*' WHABTBD?BT A BBtPSCTACI.K Gift., A 8ITCAtioa. in a private, at Chsmbrnraid and waitar, would aaeitt in wr'.floaii and ironing, ar to do t>aeral hontaworkor a tmall lamil.: tug bout ur city iisatano* cam ba tiTta. PI?aa tall at t?S Horatia wwit. W ANTBI1--A SI! I AT ION - - IIV A \ EKV RETECT A vf Me wi^ow woman, 24 j in of ip>, at Wat Nui withetta pat oat bet own to nur?e--with a freih broatt of Bilk. It moiig and healthy; it a flrtt rata nlaia work woman, and a good thirt maker. Pleiwa eall for two days, from U to s o'clock, at No. 2 Jtraty itreat, (oilCrotby) itooad floor, f?( A. N. Ua? ao objection to go aifcort diaianee is the couatry. Can b? aete for tbrne dayt. WANTED IBBBDIATM.T- FIVE OH SIX STEADY mea. who nnderliand tha tuning of R>ed Inatrnmeati, (Mich t? aeraiMeet, melodcm.' whom good wagaa and conttaat tmplotmeat will bt riven. ln|uir*of _ OBO. A. PRINCE * CO.. - fultoa strait. WANTKD-FITI ATIOKB, BT TWO BB9PB 'TABLB young girls (tittari)--thr on* la a good plain cook, and unJerataadt lakiag. waahlng andlronin* perfectly wtll. tha other aa Chambermaid, and to aunt la tot taili't* and Ironing, or would so at Wnittrin a private family. Tha bett of oily rrftranea ran It given from t 'itir latt r'acrt. Pleatt call at No. Crctnwick aveana. Can be seen far two dayt. If net atlltd. 1IANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RBSPBCTABU ?? young woman, to Cook, wat'i ar.d Iron. She hat the bait <>t city rettri ace, and baa n ubjeett-a to go laM tha country. Alto ir?in tha tamt plate, a yoang woman withet a iituatlon aa N urn and Seamatret. S! t can give the boat of refereuea from her latt pi?<.a, where tha lived thras years. Can bath ba ittn at 335 Fourth ttreet, between lir adwty and T.xftjette Place, la tha rear. Can be teen for tw? dayt. \LT ASTEO-A SITUATION, B V A REM'CCTARLK TV yanng womaa. at thambermaid aad Waiter, or aould do the c> oklcg. ?at him and iroaiax af a ttaall family; la a I | goad c< ok, aaj txcalltnt waaher and troner. and truly vader| ttaadt chamber-wcrk aad wnthing. Hat ao ohjectloa to ro into tht country. City refereaoa caa l>a given. Pleaaa call at Hnlktrry Street m i batomaat. UrANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RMPBOTABLB yotiug in a private family. It a good waaher j and Inner, and gnueral servant! hat livel with htr I itt ! ('j?r (or uvea ytart. Can ba teea f?r three dayp, tt Mr. Bait n't. Not Tint Aveaut, or a* < arner of Thirty-fifth itriet and Eighth Avenue. Heet of city rtferen < ?. 117ANTEU-A SITIATIOV. BV A RESI'E jtalli V* j< urr woman. ? Cook, in t total or a hoarim*-hmae, and !? capable Of her ktiilDM* No ahjtation t" (0 a ehort liirtetiee into the c< untrv Pi-Baa apply at 13 Jay treat. New Vert. Can t e a?*n ' r - ?>. 11 AMIl-BV A RESPECTABLE Pit A.: Tf Welch fount woman, a eitnatlon aa Ch?mb?rmai4 aad Waiter. ar t? take care ofehildraa, aad waeher Bad Iroaar. Iha leet or aity r>f t?Bc?i *i?eu. Can be m> far t?a day*, at 125 Norfolk ? reel. \IAMM> tN APPRENTICE T<? T1IK J1. ' ,V ?? Kniiatii. Api'.) at Ann err- ? 117 ANTED->A WWATION, HV A RESPECTABLE *" ??ua? a 'Ban. aj ( himSarna d, Waiter, ?r ta mil la waehin* and (tenia*. ?r ta do the lateral houre*>>rk of a email t rirata (anally. Gotd raroaamradattoas If re i>ilr?d. Can ke aeea far w- Jaj. if aot engated. Aptly at N < W Sonde ! (tratt. BreeUji. __________ 11* ANTED-in a wholesale DRV G??b* store. "" a jnvht lad who reoldte with hla pareata, as 1 la wilI K ta make hliaeelf *?n< rally < Btful. Salary I'rat year, 1-V, A i | ly at UO Brcadway. uj e:aiie. \l'ANTED -A BITIATION. BT A It" " tcaai* n an > ? ret-rate waaliar aad ii r t" do iha cheaper work and the fla? waeinuak-l ir.ala*. or lenral l,i?i>wik. la > -aa I private family. Beat city reference. May he area Bt U Fuat atreet, rear, aee b I Hoar, fr'Bt rwa. H' ANTED-. A rP<'Tr.ST.t XT WOMAN. AH COOE. Waiter aad Iraaer ib a e?all fan ily. City refernne-a A pi ly at ISO Weal Twelft . a'raat, sear Fifth B?eava. \V ASMI' A v . * " maa, ae C?ek| ?Ba who aad-retanda ? er '"jatnaee aleo a eesaa far #?r.-ral haen??rk, who la a good ?aeh?r and inner thee suit bae- f I city raforeaata. Apply at H Iinaa* *'r. -i. at'-r 9 oelaat, A. E, Ur anted- f"r a small familt. in a re fpeMnble aaifhkorkoad wret ?r Br^adaay aad '* ak' -e Jprrj etreet, ikd aaaaad Mirof i hoaaa, reaaieiing ?( f" roeaa and a kitrhea. all connecting n the eame Meat, with two t" ail la the attle. Any p?r>on hatiat auah pre laieaa to let will t-ad a ?ood teaaat, ay addraaalaf a n >ia ta A. >., I? Ltktly itreet. II ANlkl'-* A R BAPE< TA BLR PRO?i taetant wctaaa. aj plala Oak; hte a? ikieetlna ta do the general honaewark of a ataall family. Q-od aity refat* ea ajiiea. Pleaee eall at I'k'Afeaaa B, betweea fifteenth mi itrtf ti. 19 ataifi i \JLT ANTED?SlTl'ATIONS, BT TWO RESPECTA BLB If fornix girll. (?laUr?l bbb a? I-anairan aa4 I i.tvtwrit ?i4, atl Ota otb?r l? 4r. (.lata Bawlat. taka <?ti of ehJMrsti, tr.l vaal.iBt Bad irct'ln*. Tb? b??t ?T eliy rofiranoa oaa h? r<?n Aptly *l M Barclay iU?*t. 1h*j btn lirii li t? hot!?? for *h? lait >?ar H'ANTED-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABI.E vomaa.ahalta flr*t nwCM, ?nl lr>oar. ! K??t ?f elty rrftrta:* cu bo ?n?a. Ploate call tt No. t I t'llntoa<. ; VI' ANTED- BV A MHV BE8PS0TABI.S Ul*t, A 1 " tltnattoa : Ii aa - ! Took. aol * "14 b? ir'llI lr? In lake tliirii if ?J|? flao tL iiiiiil iroalnr. aa4 I aka. I HuienJ fi'j t?f. r??r> Pltix ?'! It N 1. *7 Crooby WMk | \1" A NT! D? A SITUATION NT A BBSI'E TABLS I WW yottnc wcnun.C'f *m: ?rw?M otilWaltBT. < aa (Ita 5ro< ettf n'trup't Caa b? at -a for two Jay?, a: hot raai bob, Ma. K4 cur itrm. ________ AriRST BATB C?K>K WANT* A SITl'ATION. WITH yoora'etty raforrnfo. FlflN ta rail a> No W tblrl btobvo. on* loot iioa Tvaaty-Mth . Caa ka a?aa for "" ''??? A YOt'M WOllAlf LATELY ARRIVED ? ROB Ftaaca, ? 4??)r?'B? la obtaia B M-natl ib a* l'ha?* >rw?M j Of to lako raro af tblHran. Br |n tratoi wtiA a prlnU faai'f. ra N ' * lit* ?tr? o tna bao atal. A MIDDLE AO t!> OIRMAN. 8rKkE* TUB tNOli?h liimti" I'uri ?lr. B oaalatH out ik? morot<i?lla : l n'Hii, ai?b?aa ottuatloa bb I ort*r la a?liol???l? or |||( W'lii.U ,<>ki? |< keep K?BBII A lia? I Jr *$t4 to II W H'ta .l ?Av? will b? ait<-a<t?<t ??. I ?- ? ? ? _ ? . . . * | fcoN Ml k wantfh, or noon haker?anr perI ? B I B'ii r 0B? Of lair ?'?a la I ?r'?o ?r eb??i. may htar I at a r?r?bat?f by lrarla( a llao at tela r m a. <? J. T. , uiTiA'i'N wanted ?r a Torwo i.*dv. who ! *j : B< ffart^Br B??hrfl ai a> rrofr r >?'*a??B. an1 oaa Biako li>r??lf r -?r*llr nn'al lai Ii *?>v | aid b?? ol.enoa I" ??? ?!. A<-if??? CATBkMINR, I i ?n:< < fftt. II ABl'SKHEm. I DOVIRT THEATRE -TUESDAY EVENING, TIB. JU zOili. the performances will commence with the dram* of THE DENOl NCER-Claude Dernaud, Mr. Gilbert; Viotonnc, Mil.- C. We?yss. Alter which th? < vmidy of the CAPTAIN OF THl WATCfl-Vnc.iuut do Liny Mr. Looter; Katrine, Bra Herbert. To eonelnde with the drama of KIT CARSON?Kit (Saraon, Mr. Deiri Henry Vsraon, Mr. Jf. Dana; Jihn Vernon, Mr. Moore; Carl, Mr. Stevens; Hand Duggiaa, Mr. Winana; Theophilous Trump, Mr. Jordan; Ricardo, Mr. Hayaes; Ellon Liacola, Mr*. Rodger*; Agnes

Verncn. Miu S. Deuin. Doors open at half-past#; curtain rises at 7. CHANFRAU'B NATIONAL THEATRE - TDE3DAT toning, Fob- 26, the entertainments will eommonoe with the nautical drama of BLACK. BVEI) SCSAN-Williatn, Mr. Chatfrau, Captain Crosatroe, Mr. Crouker; B'.aok Eye 1 8u>an. Mrs. If. Taherwood; Holly Mavflower, Mr*. Booth. To be followed b? the drama of TURKS YEARS AFTER, or, a Sequel to tbe Mysteries and Miairleaof Now York?Moae, Mr. F. S. Cf aal'rsu; Mote, Jr., Maater Murray; Captain Tobla. Mr C. Burke; Lisey, Mr*. Booth; Isabella Meadows. Mrt II. Iaherwood; Conttanoe Shirley, Mia* L<okv?r; Mr*. Acid, Miu Smith To conclude with the farce of TUB MARRIED BAKE?Flighty. Mr. Crocker; Hr*. Flighty, Mrs. Lockycr. MITCHELL's OLYMPIC TUEATRE.?TIE SO AY evenisg, Feb. M, will be played, the drama of the DEVIL IN PARIS?Count Henry de Beauaoliol, Mr Palmer; , Mi?s Mary Taylor. After which, tho e niidy of the SERIOUS FAMILY?Mr. Charles Torre ns, Mr. Palmar; Captaia Murphy Maguirc, Mr. Waloot; Amitadab Sleek. Mr. Nlekiasou; Frank Viuoont, Mr. (iroieenor; Lady Cicauilr, Mr*. lahorwood; Mr*. Delmaine, Miaa M. Taylor; Mr*. Charles Torrena. Miss Roberta; Emma Torrena, Miu Nickinaon. To oonclude with the drama of I.AVATEK THE PH VSiOCNOMlST?John Casper l.avater. Mr Miokin on; Hons. Betmea. Mr. Coaover: Louiae, Mia* Nickinaon. American museum?p. t. barnum, manager and Proprietor. J. Oreenwood, Jr., Aui*tant Manager. Splendid pertvraiaaee* in the afternoon at 3. and evening at 7H o'clock. Bo angagemcnt of Jim Crow Rice, the groat original Ethiopian caricaturist. He appears at each performaace in tho amusing sketch of JUMBO JUM. Ho will be eflectively *aataiued by Hr. F. C. Wemyas, Hours. Merrirteld, Bose, Warden, Clark, aad Higgins, Misaes Stanhope, Peatlaadaad West. Tho popular and celebrated Martlnetti Family in a variety of astonishing Exercises and new Panto time*. A beautiful likeness of Jennr Lind, and an autograph le.irr I rum ner, kh i-wur i-,u|'u?n?o n>? ? ciuiwiuuh ciiK*goment. Enermou* Living serpent* Wax Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwall. Fortune Teller. Admiaaion, 23 oents ; children under t?n year*. 12)^ cenU. BARM'M'3 MUSEUM, philadelphia--TALENT' Wonder and Beauty concentrated! forming the moat grand and magnificent attraotion ever offered. Kate and KUen Uateman. aged four and a'x years, appear in their favcrlte charactera, evory aftrrnoon for tikis week only.? Merchant of Venice, Richard the Third. Spoiled Child, Swia* Cottage, Hydro-Oxygen Mieroacope, which magnifie* ona million tiniea, with other divertisement*. The enchanting spectacle of CINDERELLA, with all ita dasiling grandeur, will be preaented every evening. Ancient and modern eurlo itiaa, Suoteh giant*, dwarf, invisible diviner, crocodile, mermaid, aca lion, now coimorama, and ruO.OKj wondcra, to ba aecn at all hour*. Admittance IS cent*; children under 10 yeara 12)% centa. ^ Battle op resaca de la palha, for ixhibu tion. at tha Society Library, comer Leonard and Broadway.? Thia grand national painting (2S feet by 12,) ha* been admirably executed for tha city of Waahington, by Mr. DeClatillon, who followed Gen. Xacharc Taylor in the Maxloaa campaign. The view of tha battle-field, aa well aa the portrait of tha several ofllocr* on tha apot, are trna tonatura. Thia grand picture, aaaording to what tha General nimself wrote to ita author, " haa the life and movement of the real angagvment." Tha exhibition will take placo on Monday next, lfth inatant, for a short time, from 9 o'clock A.M. to 9 o'olock P.M. A gentleman will b-| m attendance to explain the prominent ineident a af the battle. Admittanae, 26 centa; children nndar 12 yeara of age, l-'X cent*. Seaaon ticket 90 centa. Mrs. horn'3 complimentary benefit concert.--lhe committee ia hareby informed that the Complimentary Benefit Concert to the w idow of the oeleIrattd cowpoaer, Charles E. Horn, will take place on Tburaday evenlrg, March 14, at Nible'a Grand saloon, liberally preaented for that oceaaionby tha proprietor, W. Niblo, Kaij. Franklin museum, us cbatham bquarb.Oj en every evening during the week, and every Wednradav and Sa.rHay in the afternoon, at 3 o'olook. Prices of a<<tniaaii a Stage aeate S73? cta.i Boxes 2fl eta.; Parquette 1ZH eta ; Private boxes $1. The entertainmenta consist of a truureaf " Model Artistes," comprising aome of tha teat formed woman in the world, together with "Female Jugfling," " I.tcale Arab Girls," " female Minatrela," " Bnrier.|ue Comic and Fancy Dances," witli a ehaete variety of peitormancaa, to be fannd at no otbar place of ainuacment in NewYork. PANORAMA FOR SALE. ?A SPLENDID PANORAMA, nearly new, embracing view* cf the moat piotureaqne ana interesting scents, and painted by tha beat artist*, will b? old ?t a bargain. The Panorama, with all tha naceaaary machinery, ia in perfect order, and ready for immediate exhibition. Apply to E. D. EH'IN, 9 Chambersitmi Amain of cocks and chickens.-a main to come ill on Thursday next, between Now Jersey and W eat Cheattv couLty. Thia DUin will be the moat intereatins train ol tha season. To b* fought at the Baiard Uouae, York villa. The first match to put dewn at three o'olock pre OAHUItC. Board wanted?bv a gentleman, niB wife, and two email children and niir*?-below Canal *treet, on the writ aids of Broadway, preferred. Addrea* Homer, box 1762, PoitOffic*. BOAKB WANTBB -AN UNFURNISHED ROOM.WITU Board ! wasted, ?.y a man and hi* wife, in a genteel hotiae whare there are few or no boatdara LooeMon aiul be witbin three mltintee walk of the corner of Bayard Uriel and tlie B wtry. Kelerenoea eiohenred. A note, i titim pn< e, ko Ac., left at No. 38 Bayard itreet, to J. 1\, At tha hair drxatar'a, will be attended to^ Board wanted.-two unfurnished booms wanted, by a thman and tm wife, about theluth of March, in a rctpertable privet* (amity, where there are no other beardere. Referrnrn exchanged. No objection tj Br...Wy? 5 ?? 10 minnte'i walk of tha Falun fe. . jr. Addr'ei Bo* 1.470 N. Y. Poet uMtee. BOARDING.--A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OAN Bl accommodated with board aad pleaaant roomaatllS I cor.ard itreet. where the.e are bat a few eelect boarder*. N. B.- telwttu broad*and Elm (treat. M1ICKLLAHEOVI, Missing, bince the ioth inst., a tocno mam by the name of THOMAS 1.AMI, a/ed 2" yaara. dark ecmplexloa and dark hair. When laat *een, had on pilot cloth Jacket, Ha* letia Teat, yellow apoU, aoarlet aad jny cravat; when laat **en, wai in Head* (treat. Any information reipecting him, will be thankfully received at 4V Frankford meet, or on board of tha iteamship Wa?hia(ton. JAMES CONNER ft CON. TTPE FOUNDERS, COBN EM of Ann aad Maaaav itrrta. New fork, hav* on hand every article a*oe**ary for Cemplet* Priauu* Aetablufc| wewK Gold leaf and cold foil, at toe lowest market price*, for *al* at the aianntar^ory, 112 Franklin it eel. near Win bread wa jr. UeatKl'i Gold Foil, Sttver *?., mpericr quality. J. I. W'Ai'Oll^ Woodwomth pianino machine, with improTid Metallic Frame* inferior to any in o*e; aad alto, every t art irf a machine fnrnlehH to order. Addreaa JOHN H. LESTER, Jeraey City, oppnaita the City of New York. TMB KNICKERBOCKER FOR MARCH IS PUBLISHED tbia day. It contain* nineteen oriainal artiele*. an admirabl* eritiiineen Emere?a and hi* writinge, together with the aenal variety in the Editor'* Table. S"b?< ribere auprlied at their hour** in New Tork and Brooklyn. Term*. ??> per aannm madtaaie. All iiibecrirtiowi murt be paid to the |nt>li?her. H. U I FSTON. I3W N?i*an *treet. REBOVAI J W. II MSEY ft CO. HAVE REMOVED from 27 to 7SCedar etr*et, between Naeavi and Hreadway, w lure they offer for nale a iar/n an.I ea eaairi Maori* meat of III ilery, 01' <ea, Shirt* aad Drawtr*. Woollen aad Cotton Yarn* ftc. Merchant* and d*al*.* are invited to aaM aad aumioe t),i ir atoek. _______________ OLIVER B. OOLDMHTIIS WRITI.10 ROOMS, IV Brredway. Lafirre Haildiage, earner of R. ad* atreet, are now open during the day aad evening for pnpil* aad viaitera. Honra of in?tro' lieu? T r l?di?a II o'clock, A M ; Vtitleai'n at .1 and 7 o'cln.-k. P. M.. daily, eaoepting Satnrday*. Trivet* initruetlon given at all other honr* during the a). itrn ?-riT? d< llart !?r ? ifW-n. or rea <i.<uara i?r twenty-fir* leaaoae. iarludli>| Stationary, rata'la at the c B DKi.' enient. Pritato Inatriietioii. TIfu -n d >llara f.?r the oere* of tea leeaoa*. one hour rich, Juat pahliebed, a email tdluea of ' C?i<l>BlU>'( titm* of 1'nmaaiMp," prion f I # >. irfisRtis a < dkapkr btori. i'oimt ir ol-tJ Cor object *rd doiia I* to let tbereadora of lh? Herald know where the cheaprat rood* can la ho<i<bt. and. aatll cheaper aad batter Boom. shoec ft attar* ran ke prodaeed be *<>ue other aaaktr, we matt award the fxlm loJOM?, U Aa n airwt. _ POKTAM l(> rAiTilKII \NI> M.ANTCHS.- WARI ten'a near aeKbiaa'ion Riee. Whea', and Small tJraia aad Peed Thra*h>r. adapted to *bellin( Com. it bow offend to the pnbli* for Ute email aum of |tt i a tlncl* machlee, ar.l?ill be en|pit* d at abort notice, whele*al* or retail. Tfce>a machine* are all warranted to be wall made aad darn1 le. ta thrarh clean aaj rrala. wet or dry. fall orahrnakaa, aed t" tbraah m- re. bp fifte per eent, than any othera la ne?, ?lth the ram" power. Order* will be now reeeired for alaele n aetnnea. or aap ,naat.t> Ad lr-?e Warran k |Co . New T "tVc A I ! it re moat ? ["a' j ? I. AMii a i.i' am -jobrcoloan* itcwitr, no. ! - Or ana etreet, beta e?* a Ilroe Inay *ad Cbarekalreet. John <l?an lane* p<iraka*ed aail male rxtraeiiealteratleaclathe eld and popular t.rewery. So 102 Dnaa**tf?ol, la taaklcd to brew, la lar(* < uaatit ee, a aorerlor |i?li'y of K> ?. A nil ?r. a ad Brow a Ale, whlc^ he ffrr* for eale at tha ff niarwierb't prlcea, Thlelrewery la the eld- ai utaMteh01. at of tha kla't la the slip aad la bow replete with all the in data in. | toi ewieal*. and cralarted bj- ?iperl*aeed and attlfnl ma tetera aad brewere Be raliilte a call froia tha loeet* eft are malt l|i|nor aad 'a ready to All their order* with ditpeteb, eltharfor hone <-on*'iniptl?a < r ehi( i In* HI* arII 'a Of aparklia* > ale Ale la uaeiealled. Halt. Il pe, Oraiaa ltd Taaat fnp aah. nl.1 I'l <>? I OHN H II I f. I EHK ATBO SOI.AR AND j fluid tnmpe, C'har.daitgre. Mantel Candelabra*, fee, of j n-aav a> w dee:, n*. Al*t, Acaryof ailear-plated Tea Bete, i a Fork* and B|.o<ir*. t>, Jo. rlated ' alabata, e^nal la app?araate to | ire a c r. a a* w ?riar . 1 I y A MICK H MORGAN, IM William atraet. BBtwa ? : n ard Ann i : a- at.- i'f nr v r' r ii -i i) p. ii whim, is in eativu ifTwelTetreee' Plan l u I eea .eated ky thonaaad*. aad all pralaa it Any lady ir.ejr do the wa?hing of Ker family, howeeer lar*e, la one henr. ft r ef? rent*, without ruM ia*. or p?'ii?d,a?. i r aeirit cawph'ne, tu-pentiae. or aaai?ala: w*rraatod aat to lajnra tke llnea. In addittoa to teetim male l.-oia Cieaerd 'taylor. aaaar^t elet*y?e? aad eitlreaa, wl leh a>* U la>p?eted at my tin, I ffer ' IHo oditnra of tbe foll?*la| papera -t bietian latel!i?eaeer. Now Verb l>aily Led(>r, New V^rk Path- rinder. florwalk 'laie'-M, Kahway R i <i-r, rairfax P>m Loaf laUndtr, Wladharn Tal?*raih. XliOlby Naa*. WrbeM Toleitrap'i. Kiaderhoo* Ventir.el, Pai?r??a UnardUn, N"rt>j*rn Mawa, Pla'aAeld I'al?B. Biiaila?doa Derr-erat I aa<hut I a' B ? :n<-:nnitl ^Ijii*. ternai.'oan l.a <et-?. Ran-t Ad??r't*?t. Haidataa* <> ??< *, Hat flatter C Pr?f?a-t' Alma? ?, Tn<?rlrk C'ttv litniitr. I it>k It lu?4iff Nmtri Iria. Kliiatlttk Oatrtta, I'aakaklll Raphli-aa, >1 ??r? If-aaoa taily (landarrt, A4?aaata. k irrot, If'.aa Jni-riiil rr?t i>?M? aa?r, Sollhaa < timtj W t i?. fjti tolar?? Tiir?? Tha l.tif, SaH>| ntlicin, T in?j?t< Oar?tta, ??l?t? Oarrtta. * tlar'a Vtparia*. B 'on Aa'nHay Rtnikltr. Tti? F??a!alir, *?w T?tf vUf, B*rli??toa moil ka tna. er | (mil ?<,t imnch rtf.rtiiftf. *i r>l*? ? rtinfMaf I?f thirtr-t?t? >n4i< " rmpU oblM ui H-? t ii'I it, FriM |f. nn t? ??ll *r ?>< ? II 1? I I I BTRtKl*. Mb'ID 51, 1??. ' N'MiU'ii'fKi, Niw VMI >M??M ><???! inr |r<*iir ? W W. MAi^i f? , f?Mi m; urn D-n.ui frta I f ttlllit, an 4 | * ill {Mid jvn, ?JI mall, a priatad f rtwlir pUiag j)a;n >l|ffpti. rt lot ?aah'?i alMhra, that will aaalla ?? f*tr?a to 4? a)! :i? .a'Mrr of ? lar*? family haf.ra l.inl (?? ii,iii t">l< c? .ft ihf anafaaU* ?f i?Mh1*1 4af. Thi* m(th*4 rxi<alr*? ?a?hl?ta, aaahkoaMa. if r<-mam* ktrralt? no rvkliaj thf ill! ?onr kairar?~?o t*ari?|t ' (I tiatlr.M, aa4 ararint oat rl?thaa. TMa flaa #a<aa i a . ;?i|.ra t?ala< i>'m a?d aarrt lajnr?i Ul? flaaat f*ktic. T' arttflta <im4 *??t In a It? 1'iuUr * Urr* *a>k,tr tk? clrrnlar ai?? cpali'aa tilMiiul f^r al*?c airkiat, ir a.nt la fa. wtthiaa ai4 flaaa m tilkt, kl4 i.a'alaa, areata ?p*?a. Ra. Tkta# art Ik* P**';*'*l,.irl?al 4i "?trri*> at tl<? F??4 l#t??ta tn Mi-ra RRATBLT. ta: aat l.aua4rrM, Ana i;r.?t. Ha# I'ork. i> it?# r? M. |>l<ni' i?i I|> fr?MT( Rt.-#A')VR* k RTO?* Ml,(l?t? t aina Ph|fr I'.-l ral'?> I'mt) ka?a aa l>ai 4 avar't li?*4rril milt nf Roar* >i?4. t( alam ??l * Faiaiiarr at H.a m <?1 ??'ial>lt* aorR??a?hl|t. ?htah ? alii ?all at i?ry r*4nrt4 tr.'^ rrarl-na l? r?i>in?i?r * nnt ? ? kaiMiar akaut t? i.%Tr?fl?<t a? V?? Rria4w??. (itlUr f?TT<'vf d.?if?ia* a?fl arrca 1*4 ?Hk 4*?t>a<?ii. Tka tatrwiota at Br >a4aa? ara larlt?4 la a?ami?? ?af flarl. V? AOMH k RT?>* t T. (Ia?? l?n?faa Pkirf?| m raitua itwt, ? ?(? l'.ifc. AMUIBKBHT8. D BOA0WAY TH EATRB.- B. A. MA RE HALL, MLB MJ L*?s*.?Tuesday evening, February *1, will k? pmformed, Uta ? comedy. entitled EXTREMES?Mark Barberry Mr. Blake; Edward Brian. Mr. Jordan: Mr. Aagnutu* Smilay, Mr. Whaatlay; Alcrieve, Mr. W. B. Ckapin?K. Gaak Ga*iine. Mr Skemtt; Mm Oidrloh. Mr*. Bieulj Virginia Old'iub.Miu K. Uuni; Mr*. Crosby. Miaa A. PUker, Wafly, Mr*. Ekorrett. To conclude with PERFECTION? ChariM Paragon. Mr. H heatloy; Sir Lawrence Paraxon, Mr. Whiting; 8am, Mr. w. B Chapman; Kate O'Brien, Aim Altuna ruber. Doom open at 7; performance to oommeace at half-paat 7 BERTOH'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.?TL'ESday evening, February 2?i, will be nltyed the SERIOUS FAMILY?Charlaa Torreaa, Mr. C. W. Clarke; CapL Morphy Maguire, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Aminadab SUek. Mr. Burtoa; Lady Sowerby Crtinilry, Mrs. Uugha*; Mrs. Uelmaiai, Mi*e Chapman. Ballad, "The Ruver," by Mtae 0. Uitiart. Overture*, by the Orchestra. To conclude with the new farce of WI1.D DuCRS?Sergeant Robert, Mr. Lynae; Grigon, Mr. Jobaaton; lieuri. Uolman; La Cour, Mr. Lavure: Farnooiae, Miaa Chapman Madame Urigon, Mr*. Uolman. Boies, Dreaa Circle and Par<iueit*. Otto.; Family Circle, 23c. l>oor* opem at C>^; commence at 7 o'ulcck. ITALIAN Ol'ERA, ASTOR PLACE, BELOW EIGBTU Street.?For the Benefit of Signorina T. Trultt.?Tue?d*y, February 2l>, will be perlormed Donisetti'* celebrated Opera atria. LUCREZIA BORG1 A?Luoreiia, Bignorlna T. Truffi; tirsini, Signora Koaei Cor?i; Gennaro, Signor CJ. Forti; Allonm, Signor fScneventano; Vlteloiio, Signor Petti; Liverotto. Mad. BoaUrd; Rustighello, Signer reroiil; Gauella, SigBor Biondi; Gubetta Signor OiabiTei. To be followed by the thiid act of G l' ER A REN TO? fclai'a. Sigaa. T. Truth; Viacardo, Signor Forti; Kianca, Signora Beulard. Prices of admisaion ? All teat* in Boxe* ?>r Parquet, tecured either for th? Night or Seaeon. $1 60. Parquet. $1. Amphitheatre, '?>o ITALIAN OPERA, ABTOR PLACE, BELOW EI0BTI1 treet. Wednesday evening, February 17. 1860. will be performed?Mosart'a celebrated^ opera in t act*, DON GIOVANNI--Don Giovanni, Sig. Beneventaao : Donna Anna, Signorina Trutfi; Donna Elvua, Signorina A. I'atti; Don l)ttavio, Signor Forti; Maaetto. Sig. Novelii; Laaerello, Signor Banquirice ; Zerlitie, Signorina Bortuoca; Commendatore, Signor Strini. Conductor and Director, Max Marotiek. Leader, Hirr Rreutzer. In order the better to prevent onofualon, carriage! will tet down head* ca*t. and tako up, head* we*t. Price* of admiseion--All seat* id boica ?r pariuette secured, f 1 AO. a<* mission on the evening of tha performance. par<|iiefe, SI; amphitheatre, 35 cents. Box office open every day from 9a.M. till < o'clock, P. M. Door* open at 7 o'clock; to commenceat kalf-pa*t7. ITALIAN OPIRA, ASIOR FLACK. BELOW KIQBTH Street.?Benefit of Siimorina Apolloula Bcrtucca. ? Friday avunlnr. March I, lvfiO, will be performed for the Uenetit of B'gnorina A. lierturoa. Koasini's celebrated Opart seria ? OTKLLO?Deademona, Signorina A. Bertueca; Emilia, 8ig'u. Avogadro; Otello. Oik Forti; Eluiiro, Big. Novell!; Rodarigo, Big. O. Guidi; Iago, 8 v. Bocevontano; Uoge, Si* Patti. To lie followed by Uieseooud act of Ll'CIA 1>1 LAMUKRMOOR ?Lucia. Signorina A. Bertneca; Edgardo, Si/, Forti; AeUt>n, Sir. Btneventano. Director aud Conductor, Max Maretiek. Leader. Uerr Krautrar. Prices of admission:?All seat* iu Boxes or Parquet, seonrad SI AO. Admission on the avaniug ef the performance:?Parquet, $1; Amphitheatre. 25o. Box office open every day from 9 A.M .till 4 o'clock, P.M. Doori open at 7 o'clock; to oommonco at half-past 7. JTALIAN OPERA, A9TOR PI.ACE -COMPLIMENTARY fieneitt to be given to Mr. Max Maretiek. u Thursd?y, 7th aroh, Infill. The Committee will thank the (nbacribera to aoura thalr seat* on or before Saturday evening next, M*rch 2d, a? the aeata not taken by that time will be let to those who may apply for tham on rriday, March 1. Ticket* $2. CONCERT?BY THE ITALIAN OPBRA TROUPE, IN aid of the fundi of the H. B. 8. fe O B. 8., at the Tabernacle. Thursday evening, Fab. 28th, 1840. Programme?Firat Part?1. Overture, La Gaua Ladra, Roneiai; t. Duo, ftoin Don Paginal*. by Bignori Sam|uirico and Reisi Corsi, Donitettl; 3. L'avatlna; Irnani. (by requaat) by Signorina Trutlii, Yard); 4 Cavatma, Roberto Dcvareux, by Signor Foiti, Doniiatti; 6. Duo, Stabat Mater, by Signorina Bertucca and Perrini, Roaaini; 6. Prrche Anabaptiata, by Slgnorini Beaavantaao, Novell!. Gold!, and Chorus Meyerbeer. Second Part? 1. Tip Top Polka, (by request) Maretiek; I. Rondo Finale ol Liida, (by re<)u?et) by Bignorina Bertuosa. Marettek; 3 Due, Attilla, by Bignori Beneventano and Novclli. Vardi: 4. Trio, from Don Giovanni, Signoriua Truth and Patti, and Signer Forti. Moiart; S Pre^bivra Moia, by the whole strength of tba Company, Rossini. Minerva rooms,<o?broadwat.-cniqikconeertand lilibltion, by tha four Albino Minstrels, or White Negroea, every evening thia week, commencing Monday, February 25th. These singular beinge are brothers, having milk-white complexions, pink eye*, and hair of a very liaa silky texture, and, apart from their being of the "gonus " Lutu* Natuim, ara remarkable for their muaieal acquirements, their sprightlinass and amiability. Thar were born of blark parents, and there is, perhaps, no parallel to thesa talantad youtha. Doors open at 7X. eommeuoing at H oVlock. Single admission, 2ft cents; a g> nth-man and two ladiea, ft? eta.; ehildren under ten yeara, I2X eta. WILL SHORTLY OPEN, AT THE GREAT HALL, mi. narva Rooms, Broadway, Rayna'a celebratod series of f;igantie Paaoramaa, entitled A Voyage To Europe. embracng magnificent view* of Boston, its Harbor. Halifax, tha Atlantic, Liverpool, London, fr-m the Thames. (paisfng undtr the bridgaa,) and ending with a magnificent view of the Thames Tunnel, brilliantly illuminated, and both banks of tha beaatiful River Rhine, exhibited ia Boston for 47 weaka. and In tha eitiea of fhiladc'phia, Baltimore, ana Washington, to upwards af SUO.UUU persona. financial. THE MERCANTILE BANK (CAPITAL, S1M.0OO) HAS opened for busiaeaa at ICS Broadway. Diacount days, Wednesday and Saturday ; but oflvrmge will ba acted npon daily. In addition to city too ls, Bills of Banks throughout this State will ba taken en denaalt, at a discount. DIRECTORS. isaac n. phri.m. Ben. Jomni Sts.waht. W.B. lliiuiiLAa. UroRi.t- M?-URITT. w. B. DOUGLAS. President. J. C. BELL. Caahiar. Tha Mercantile Hank will receive tha notaa of tha Bank ol Itbaaa at one-half of I par cant diaoaunt. PARTNER WANTED-- IN A PROFITABLE M ANl'f*rturing bnaiaeu. Prexnt ruh rapl'al r*<|tiired, $tiU0 to $I,iiOu. full particular* gneu, by aadruuiBg Manufacturer, Herald Ode*. *BIFPMO. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS 1ETWRXN NRV Yolk and Liverpool.?The (hip* c omj oaiag Ihia 11a* m th* ATLANTIC.Captaia Vdk PACIFIC, Captala My*. ARCTIC, Captaia Lac*. BALTIC, Captaia C?aato?k, ADRIATIC, Captaia Oraftoa. The** ihlp* having been built by *oatra*t eipr**al? tot goveramtat **rvice, *very tar* ha* beta taken la th?Lt ooa tractian, aa. ala*, la their enrtnea, tu enrur* atrangth and peed, and their accommodation* for paM*ag?r* are aa*ualUd for *l*gaac* ur *onf*rt. Prlo* of paaaaga from N ?w York to Llttrpool, $I3U. Eicluaive in *1 State Room* charged aa anted oa the plan* of th* sabia*. Pot fralcht *l |UM(* arrlT to tUWARD R. COLLIMH, 74 Roath *tr?*t, *t to BROWN, SUIPLEV k CO., LlrerpooL On* of the ahlpaof thla llac will (all henc* oa Saturday, th* S7th April, and return. leaving Liverpool oa Wednesday. th* lAth of May ; and aaotker will fail hano* for Liverpool oa Saturday, the 11th ot May. and Liverpool, oa Wadneaday, th* *"h May. Aa eipcri*ac*d (urgeoa Kill b* atta*h*d to *a?h kip. qpiBRoroa lime for san prancisco, via R Ctiagrea.--1 hi ?*e*n>er ( DEK'lk F.K will tail from Pi*r I, N. It.. furChagra*. oa PHday. Mar h ISth, at S*Yl?ch |-re*.r*l* Tawcnrer* *111 plac* their btrgaj* oa board th* lay yravioue. Por p?*aag* or freight aiplr to BORLAND k A SPIN H ALL.M aad K South *tr**t. LJTEAIfSlIIP PROM PANAMA POR SAN FRANCISCO O California?Th* a*w antotaatial ataataahlp WEST POINT, Cart. M. Hunt, built ia New York laat year. ** praaaly for th* Pacific trada. will leave Paama. a* abort, about the ?ih of Atirtl, and eaa accommodate a few m*r* aabm paaaanxer*, who akoald leave New York by the 13th Uat. Apply ta WILLIAM I,. YOILR. At E. R. COLLINS', 71 South to. f|*OR CALIFORNIA. NEW ORLIANR, AND Chagrea ?Th* new and apUndid *t*am*hip FALCON, II. J. liartataia, I'nited State* Navy, Commander. Th* I'niUd Bute* Mail St*atfi*hip Company will daapaich th* r.lK.n < n Tt.iira.lav. tha I'tl.niirv at JnV]...k f U from her pier, font of WarT'u e'reet. N rth Rlror, for IJa~ tiki, New OrUir.i, ir.d Ihagrai. ttnekiaa off the kar it Charleotoa end ."a* amah. Tfce Falcoa hi* eaperlor aoi-ommolaUeai, with 4?akU ?e?ir.?e, in*1 tea itaaiiUM uaeariifeod by lay miner of kfrcliM in the ?'.rid. Throagk tt?t?te i* Cia Fraaeleio e>i b? eecured aa arpUeitioa to Ike tllei of ihe ?atte(. Htm or rtiMet-riito to ita rmerik*. Hate Room b<rthe Bertie IH But* Ro< IB $11*1 h:?ert(e. HI At plj for fr?<(kt or paeearo to _ h roberts, Hi We.t troet. fi?o* pan iran i'c. California tii m? I and f| lesdid ?? hooaer racbt UlTfT HLIJ'S. two heart red toe kartl.ei, Cat t Rolllaa. hirlw the (raator portiea of lor riri'i ti>?a*?d, will Mil oa th? IBui lut., aad >11 preoe-d Hi rut for the abort r?rt, without any litefaewW turru ( nd h?l?? I ramarkabljr feet eoiler, If oaporteA to mete ttae tunc la maeh el.'rter tiaie thia aay other reoeel. (toemere aot eicratoi. Bho ein Uko tho knit of ikont Mi kairole more?f ?a>ta?<e iad taireee freight pareel* ml hive re|fr*il I'ttntua. The eattro ' htf kolai llflit AM ?i pr<ee r.oode, le a farther (uaim'y of a - <ek rua. aad iffrrde a rare tat*rtaalty of tUiu iJuatio of tha >r??et pricee of th? Ban friaolooo ;*era?> by laet atoaipfr. f .r fr?i?ht, apply it tti ' Bee of J tlt^ HtMl IP ft CO.. No. S B<ater etroot, ?r te lh? ?e?t>? o? b'arl. I orl forth R<tor. feet of M'>rrii otreot. w tiara tf>* pabna are lavited la Tie* I haadeoa.e tpclmea of airal ar< hl'ectu.o. |.vi| CALirrRNiA-DifPATcii i:\r. I r *:rr r III*I OK, Miller, metier, 'a l"e?ii* it ri?r ? l aet ell 1 p. v m.r. Kiot riTOT. RMppora will hrrry down Ibtlr frtieht oo Here will l>a ao df la*. A f?? " oa?>'a r*??e?rtre ?aa k. talon K B. BITTON fc C" . M Wallitraa*. Ji?liv (H.I'gN, IM telliMaet. KBdll.tR PAI RBT l.'NB IO* SAN IRAN ClWmll -TIo A No. I Caatna ?hlp BoVf^I A, .f ??i tori barthta, haelaf okt-half h?r 'tf, e?f*t?d. will hlTO imfhediete detpatoh. Thil eooatl le -f the oamo o'aa? u tho Samuel Raetril. a?d will ao Aoaht make the paeaara land* of foar moatka. For haleaea of iroiaht or MMaii, arrlf oa li.ird. foot of Wall e'roai. or to F k T>. FOWLBR * WWWXWii*. ?ra?r < Alfa*y itraali 1 ?OR SAN rHAJtl IA< > -BBOI I.M! I N f I III HUB W ir>!) I. ? ? y ini iti;>? fut HAU-ii'Hr. MTTI t'iM. *1 Kift, HI uk? lh? laik -r limliil oltrMlaaiiia'ili. Tk? e*lai ratal ?aj r ?hi? S' > R. < aft M aaaan, it piat I Cut Bi < ti fiat of Broad at, hmaa thr??-fonr'h? af liar trt mil tollaw wltk NMfc r?r ffaW?ii arply ? 1 j* A A" T *MITH. I'M Wall . a-raof Fr tl D'lR ?Af|IA?IN1fi( ITT.I ALiroRM I TBBBBA1 " Mf?l MfM Uriftfut aailliu kir* ON VX, <.i|>v il?rln?, II I* MH "l??f W'll ?Bll III t.W fall 1 '? *%** ' .11 "rafrtxk'. Tha ? # rlt|>f>?r l>?rk T. J, R'iI1 THARO ?>?? in ililii part of h?r rare* I.?i lkia??**4 Jaavalth. lrti?M takaa itl'ir mi ratal Afr'y ? ? ISAAC T. SMITH. I'll w all it . ~nir Fml. 1/OR ?AN THAJIf lorn. CAMFOBMA THI ?Btr r i II RI .*11 A N A, S llaiam ?*, maaar. taki ilia lulk if KB karrtla fraUM, an4 ihraa or f??r <-iIiib f?nfri ?nl|M inruk IIIN AI.I. v Wall?ir?at, ?f II J AH 1.9 W. BI.H til.. ' * 8*a*.li ?traal. f^OR CSI.irnPNIS --TBB jri.SNPID NIW rhaatar HRTTT Bl.lS*, Vein# l?artr r?i<fr f*r will Mil < a faw 4ai? Knot far Saa rraa-la'" Tna a?a?n hi?a i oa< In4?<t v? iak? a faw piaaora'ra, >nlnr iwa itila tao?i n*r?> n|>i*4. T? thaaa wha sa?a i-aaa ia?aw*arfal tylltaail fat tlraaih tiakati par aaiara. tbta will a/T H a fara 11 lira. A >*11 r <mtl<) Mail af fr?i?ti kl if an Hit fnr i?m?<iiM?i?. , _ J <*R^ III?HOr S CO llM' THf". cnirrrm sr tbb sbii- cbristia**, ros *\n ?> rra?n?ro will | laa?? ?ai4 Ik# Ml?i" af tka'f ??o<li ia lo.M. IM "".Jptfrt VoBSAI r -TIM TKAH rs??? ? '*r A ?: | %B r r form rli rna aa ia? r?'k ?a r-rtT S*? I* l*? lana. rn'ia fiaaia ??w ri?aal. Ml " In* ' Ski will ki ml4 r'aar ? * ** *' (>a ' * ??a a? Ik* foat al Santa ?. a?r?*' llliamatnfil' far fatlhar rar'l'a ara. aailtlaA W. Wiaaa t> Fr'i tf??? ? . T.. it tharlaa .Nakfa, Siaa i laaaty Haial, #lll?a?almii. ir'AWRI' TWO r I R*T CA Bl M TICKBTS IB ||nl. T lan i S A i i M r mkiaii far tli>afi|rll. Allr>il III JlK. I'O snip C BABBI.SBS.-r )B SAM -TBB STO?I ir * (it"? ?< C%aa4l?py In Piili4alp>ila, ?i'h n i?'iMial'< caitam af *fi?<a taari Tba yrra*al prarfiat ? tillrlnt ff m kaalaaaa, will 4i*t ia af II aa lli??r*l ?ri?a A aa 11 Maltil ?'j a<*U k? tf|nirt4. Allrt" r (,luiNf, tt^ tftta. I INTELLIGENCE BY THE MAILS, Our Wuklngton < urreapourtaiiee. Wa?hihut?r, Kab. 2i IHjO Socitty in IPatkinxtvn Tkaddrut 8le?rm't 8/mcK?7"fca fnion ? Northern Politician, fc. fc. Wukll|toa la a vagabond piaoa, (or viaitara aaoitly ooma bare to Tagaboadiia The ra*14rnt aostaty of W ?ab lag ton la aa good m that la any otb?r city In the world, aad tha two raoant letter* la tba Herald -ona baadad " Beautiful Women of Waabingtan." and tba other pratanding an aaaociatlon with, aad a knowledge of, tha Uiu of thla great metropolia?are humbug*, wrlttan evidently by ona or two, wbo aaitbar know, ar aould, If knowing, appreciate tha aleganea and reftnameat, tba iatalleat and beauty, wtdoh peculiarly balong to Amerloan ladlaa. Tba vagabonda are from abroad?"outiide bar barium " wbo avail themaalvaa of the boapltalltlea of Washington, and then gat dnink, aad abnaa thoaa whote wlna baa warmed their blood and quickened their iatell'ot Thaddeui Stevens of I'rnnnvivanla. delivered ona of tbe boldest anil moet impudent speeches, la the Hons* of Repreientativei, which I e tor heard In that Call, and it would not have btxn tolctat ?d three years nine* by the Southern servant* of the sovereign*; batman and time* have dot*red dvwn aimttingiy. Mggcrology baa besom* an old and anoient theme and men diacas* it 10* without disloyalty to the White House or fear of the king'* royal dii>plea*ur?; and tbe pistol and bowia knit* have loat their sovereignty iu Congrcu, ia theec cowardly times. Soma of the ablest men ia t'ongrei* are silent and sad They are patriot*, and in their grief for tbe evil* which threaten u*. thejr speak not. friends of tha Inion, tbay aae it assailed end threatened by tbe intemperate and oontwmptibie miii of the North and South, whose notoriety , not n btllty. U baecd upon habby horrible to contemplate t hese man are tha lrlend* of the I nion aud line the frieuds of Job, they are silent; but th?h?(ea aud eye* of tbe oountry ara upon them, and at the proper time tbay will staad forth in defenoe of the l.'aiou aud put d lorever the seotional aud suiuidei aruiagogucsl who threaten dlrunion Mr. Morehead, of Kentucky, and Mr. McDowell, of \ Iginin, are two m n on whom the expectations and hope* of tue p<top>- nm raet. l he former id a Iriend of Henry t'laj and Is the full m?*s ire of a man and the other is a br> tr er lb-law ot Col Ueoton, aud made tbe eloquent a id conciliatory speech in the Hcu>e. laat session, wliioh made mambers weep, and the women silent lor h wn Thurlow Weed, the aotiv* aud agitating Mead of 8eward, Is here for mi*cbitf He muste.-a tb? blacK whig*, whose hopes are hung like a black ting. on Seward, for tbe i.uec*s<i"ii at<d leads then on to disunion, through anti masonry, anoliMonism end all aod , every other ab"miuati. n l.uoeu among Albany politicians. It is said tbet he la for iej?oting Maxwell, your Col'ector. It would be " dog * ?< > eg log." Weil, wc cannot complain if a men ouly kill* off hi* own friends. There was a blrthnigtii ball last night, of the military, and two of tbe members l a 1 a street figut after the dancing was over " and going home with Kit tall In the mornln'." The^iaok driver- ?od n'muien i bj^ilor outflanked the combatants, and they yielded th* ground jnot before daylight. J .V OS. Tlia Impottaut Comproutlic in K tabryo. V\ *?Hi*uren,Keb ?4. Within a few day* past, several 4Utii.fai.ihed members of the Senate. repre,-?iat|i g different sectional interests, have conferred together for (he purpose of contriving a mode of eitjeoieu*. on the basis of tbe retolatlon* annexing Texas which, it will bo remembered, contemplated the adalssion ot four States south of tbe parallel of 36 30. The plan I- not entirely matured ? luch features of It as hare b -< n roughly moulded have bttnsubmitted to .Vlr Webnter ard other gentlemen from the free States, for their ealin consideration. and with a view ot eliciting such objections if any exist a* may lead to tbe orgauUetioa of a basis of compromise or adjustment. After a preamble reciting, th? neoeasity for harmony and union am ng the Sta'e* it prop can to instract the I ommittre ?n Territories to inquire Into the expediency, with the enrent ot the Legislature of Texaa, IU |JJU? lur IUI mine- O'lim WIIIIIU mm a v? wuc r?i?? Stat' of Text*, a* fellow* I'n* fint Stat* to extend trom the prefcut outrtn boundary, weat to tbe 1'riulty ilv?r, ?nd north from the mouth of that river, up ita course to tbe northern line uf rook o uuty, au'i along tbat line to the Had Hirer The second State to exiend from the We*t line of the flrit State, or K.attern l'eia?, to tbe Colorado, taking aa Ita aestern boundary the course of tbat river from ita mouth to tba Had Kork braicu of the *aiue, until It rearbee tba lOOtb degree of tb? Wr*t longitude to tbe S4lh degree of Nuth latitude Tbe third State to b? formed out of tbat portion of the territory ?1 Teia* ijin* we*t of tba Colorado to tba Hiotirande and taking th* c?ur*a ol tbat river tj tba 84th degnfee of North latitude ThU territiry to reitialn under tbe jurisdioti"U and to constitute a part of tb*8tat*cf Western IViw until (be baa autbeieat population for admission int.. tket nion in*t> uctlonn to the name cmtnltt-e to lnqa re Into tbe expediency of purchasing all tbe r??t and the residue of tbe territory of I'exa*, at a cost not eacealing million* of dollar*; extending from tbe Stth to tbe t'.'d degaea i f North Utiiu.jn along the lln? established ae the boundary betwe, i> the I tiled State* as! MrXloo, tbat tbe ram*. or part af tbe lama, may be added to New Mexico, to i rma ?ta?e of nitable slse and with groper bouudeil* s wi.icb may hur*after be admitted7ato the l'nl.>n Instruction* to the sera* committee to Inquire lot) tba expedieney of providing by law. when tne people tf Texa? (ball bav* given their oonaent to the afore*ald division* of tbe territory (-ub^ect to *uob modification* of boundary a* they may require) tor .the immediate aduil'suti of the t? .u?? States of Vaetara and Wrctera Texh*. and iv>r the further alaMs*l"a of the third n?w State la S. utb?*?t-ra Texas, when tbat territory shall hat* acquired uSoient populatiaa to entitle It to apply for eduiissi n Instructions to tb? same ccivmittee to Inquire Into the sxpedienc* of rerouting by law the form and mode by which the Inbalntaats of a territory shall in all case* hereafter apply in strict e< uforouty with tha provisions <f tbe constitution of th* l alted Stelae lor admission into tb- I laatructlans to the seme co'iimlttee to inquire lato tbe expediency of Incorporating la any bill tbat may ba reported for the foregoing | .bj?e s .a declaratory elau-e, tbat after Crngrer* tha.l nave given It* eoa?ant to tha Inhabitant* of a tSCtttacy tof,,rm a o>>o*tliuti.>n preparatory to tbelr admission It sKall bealoae within tha competency of the inhabitant* of laid territory toa*tabli?h and form such d*ia?-'lo insulation* a* may. In tbsir opinloa. be bast fitted to their social condition. instruction* to tbe *am? e mailt tee to Inquire into tbe eipsdieacy of authorising th* corporation* of lieotgrtown and Wa<hirgt?a to regulat* the sale of slaves in tbe Oiatrlot of < oiumbia T he project farther contemplate* tha admission of < alifornla with it* present li audarles and aonatitution, and the e*tabii*hnient of territorial government* over the remaining portion of tbe territory lying *a?t of that State, without any re*trietlun a< to slavery.- /'. 4. Af. .femrs*. Our Fbllartelpltia torrraponilanrc. fmuMLFNit, >ob. lb, 1460 Tit Lehigh Company -/? ( a/ a I'ktiaJtly'tut fl ? Ttr?'im? fondi?The tlaihm, fc. Tb? bold*r? of tha e'>B>ina |r?a of tha Lohlgb o%J ?nj Navigation t ompatij ara coming I r*ul, with toloralilo fraadom. for the parpooo of r*a?wlag aai attending th?lr brad*, n>?raly atlpuiatlBg that for tl< fa at*. the eoapin; ainrt tura o?ar a aow loaf, aad do |wtter ?hlch bmd< that, lo'taad of faadiag tho iat?r*?t oa their loaaa the bard each. boraafUr. matt bo ahelled oat. Tho c< apanj promise to to all thl?. an J wonld. If requlrad pr> rr.i?? twice aa mueh, for paal'l Ilka prlaat* ladlvUaala ar* eicaaairaly liberal with ?' rd aad paper. when r?o?bt la a tight pla?a. But atat guaraa j ha?a the bolder* that tbe - a J batch of boada atll bo pal 1 beyoad tba bare proa aa *blcb arc'ttiparl-d tba fleet ImuoT If the faith of a f tjifany la broke a la oaa li.ataaoe tha rbanoea ara deeldegfy mlK't a retura to tha flr-t prlnr|p|?e of lair d?atlag ao matter boo reci?ta a data tba bou J* may bear Theetaamer Awrl-a bring* latalllgenea of tho l-aa of tha atolp fl P *liltii?7*r ( .< ? > ork. la a ga.a n-%r l.lratpo ! Thla la a n>l>take; fur tb'eo la ?i?ri r*a<-n to l>aii*?e that tha nnf rtuaate ?e?e>i l? th- ?hip J f WMlaey, aptaln itltdd< a of Philadelphia. ah'-'h railed froa thl? fart fn?'tyw.1 oa tba ot iaHilary 1 ha J . P Whitbey hal nged to fltophaa H?'H. ainkCa.of th.a otty. 8*ie ?n a new of i ia UKr t< n? hutth'B. and b'llit l*at viator In lltmi. rlfcotta Mama abd bad wade hut thrro ?<.ya^a?. .Sua ti <>k ( lit from thla pert a oarga o| t,r?ai?* u<T* I biMjwt raaal?r?i pitnw lalaiatiion that tha l a. pi :ature <f TnWMM baa pae?ed a hill Irrig lb' trea?nrer to aell out tba rto?k la tae I'laatar* and I bt? h I. at.k h?U h? lit* MUta And ifh IK? r. i la to pureW. n?a par ea?t t*a4? of llli> Sift'a Fa al-ct ot ?uch i law I* pa'p??>i?. V a hata ||i-r* no 'filing ?**'har to day ?ui ?h? t'TMtn u? Ith far |>r< in**i4?r< H atr?1y any btj?iai*? d"int 10 4?t Witn I b'ljr. ara larllnrr t? ? patata ftatii tba ta<-*-lj I M pri?ftt* aitfiraa by tha AmiMi I "titm ml be ?: dull atd irftrtlta f*t??tatne? ?ra at?adla?. Tli? mr mtf mart#' la rirj ?aay Maaba a#ra I"'** ita?<jr l? 4ay, at aalwt4af ' pr> fcii (Ih **f*< i if a " I rr*M?4, that On Mrftlaa f"a? Haf a-??a. aa 4 that prt-i i r tt tii <i n-<?3 ar? il l < r ti H Mala I al"< B?a>, ?* ?? ,H'< turn H-ail < * rt. B*??a, ill ?? ? ? lUtlaa-oa li If?? '?. W; l.?? Jttata fr, '*?!*a !?; lid I'. * B?a* t\ Is *<-hiyi*t I ^*vl(t, I",',. I una taaal. lefts I li?'r.?l-r? Bai^ad iH l,-i ,n lat-.7>: * F?a??. Bai r ad ??*. *.?**> P.HtUf-i < , ? >41 Jt W fa'.vjIItU Hat* ? *. ? " I w H.iiria i IJ..<i Kf??tii>?' l? a<l?, ' V * "ff-WIO Hill ?? t< a B? lr?ad,'*1 If *?lii*tawa Railroad ITS. 1 Panaa. Inl. a.tla* 2"" ? '?? "4 * < ? 7**t ** B alt, i."?, !>. Btft'a I *aaftf aa<l ?< s B*?k, IT ? l/ K aft lit '< * Faah, II. W *u?.( C?? it, 13. i Mat M >rt, H *<l?,?l. Mfaana I*iim4 !**V 1" h-a- i?*> B<nb, I"i: It* f*ma tianHIp BiaH tf- Ml l'?> a Caa?l. Ill',; 4?>l Pt?ryit ill Ntrig. ? ?, ft Rai l #, K?ilr>a4, I 'i I V tnyta, M ___ Political lnltlli?tnrpi fta?aiL??n? ivd tat m< fur> i >r Bn<r*?. -T?<* hai? tjaaft ti tha l,*< ?!?t<tr* ?f r < ?n?)lt?ali, ona a oia.i>>tllv ao<l tha ?lb?r a mlwmtlf ?*$,- ? t touching Iba tight ot i to iat?rf r? wlt'i tk? qu-?ti' a of \n tba iart<tnrt*a Tha fttrt VfMlr.a* tba r? 4- :??a'?(i by i*on tliuU In t rea if ablch l| tha ial<j*rti( ?la*?ty in til* t?rr't rlaa tb?o to ba art,tjlr*r| tovpi ?4 upr? || rapn lia'aa aay t'tltn <1 Onrrw to pr**?at tba a!*aaho.dar f* n Uk'M hit ^r?|-attf liHo tbf 'aitlt. rlaa ?a I nay ara ft* t'gbta of an J i-l?aa * **> tthoia Bt*Uw. 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