Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1850 Page 1
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T H NO. 6744. ?.<! ? i*' Important from Slew nico. ADDRESS TO TH* PEOPLE 111 FAVOR OP THE FORMATION OF A STATE QOVERNMENT? MA.'OR ORIER'S RXflOITION AGAINST THR A^ACliR INDIANS. [Frtn lb* Ditu r? New Mesiean, Dm. ] the * DDK Ml. A Nltu eritii la your Attain U it hand ill ry IttwNt which you Jhb to be mr?4 mi vhlah you wtkou4,M|??l elto protect, li eadaafored The uteil|nd Me year follow-elttsene, aud the yendlM Urai will involve ui alike 1* one oomiaon fete. " 'Ike evil* with whloh we are a till.) ted, ought to be toielated by so frtemao ; end If we are threatened with ?tlll artater evil*, ought we, therefore, ignoainiouely, efrvilely and ?u>l*bly, 'ubmit, and dee?rTe the eontempt (f all mankind? SaMleeUn to wroac* la not a characteristic of an Anerloaa heart: then let ui be btwu- let ua eoaault together look at the dtngtn trovBi u' full la the Uce, a-o-riain the true character of the Impending crisis, and If weoauaot all think prroheiy alike, may wa not uti ooaoael tol?tlut, iu4 act )u o< aorrt T We bold tbat Meiiaana. American* and other*. reflilD| la tbU territory, in American citiaeaa aad all aike entitled to tbs uiu right*. privilege* and protection. We an all rqaalt, aad what will affect the one mu?t affect the o brr ud we eannot r?-i?t the eonc.ual.m lit* our boundenduty teplace NevMexloo cn a footing of p-rteet equality with the proudest aad Bioat prosperuu* Slate of oar glorious Union To hid in bringing about thia grand result, la the etyaat of thia adure?n to tba people of New Mexico M e de?ir? to throw (IT the aiavlah manacle* wbioh Mad ua to obedlcnce to the miserable apology Ur a oivll government which now obtain* la tbla territory, and to ioinre into tiit b.'dy politic more discretion ? an ccergj that will protect our Uvea aad property -an nlerg'd and taatxier in- rallty; and to nail to tbe public tarda* a>t dl*<>ngul>htd for their fa<aolt/. upr'.ghtneta afad ma u. In doing tbU, the principle* of federal erralitutlon nut be the polar atar ibat ball direct ui In thl* holy undertaking to entabilah for nurs*ivea, tor wire* and children, a good government, Id which we may live happily aad ??ourely We will not, knoAiuKly. a ? viae a court* that, by the nareat pom bin ; ball violate the taerxd right of a alagle cltiien in ihia territory. We thali adrooace tba furmatlo? of a republican eonatltuti'u. wbioh la anthorlsed aad guarantied by the constitution of tba United Mater; Mid we repudiate all factloaa movemeat*, aad de-Ire a eareful and ??vere examination of tba fact*, whiab *e nail sow brieHy advert to, to the aad, tkat aa hc&att, collective expreaeion of the majority shall oontroi end (is the dentioy of thia people; and to tbalr pi tautlal voice wa shall ever bow with w\ v-nf.111 ^/l 4aAa*^t<aa The want of good law*, fo enforaed ai to neciira the lid of honett ateooiallob*, I* *o mauileA'.ly ubrioui, "urtfcer allnrit ti to tba aella reaulting tharefrom I* dt*mad wholly unnmaeaary No one u cacure to hit perivn or property. Our fellow citiien? are wardered and robbed, nod cur w|yen end children era M ixed a* ' oapliTt* by the Kaeaga Indiana, who roam over your jomgaifioeot mountain* and jour beautiful and fertile Talleja, that tLt y may rlct In bloi-d aad carnage, and carry deaolatlou aud pollution Into your domeiiio dIUtttrtM. Are not there thing* true, and are you uuwilllac to Uo ought to put au fjd to the horrible d<-.4to>ation to whleh we. the people ol this territory, are daily nub.ieoted' We tru*t not. A ohriftlaa humanity lorbida it, and a ravage humanity tboald forbid it. Among th. nund"*; meaturta auggeatvd 1* the Ilia ory one of a territorial gorerniDint. to he eitahlithed by an aet of Cor t U now abundauily apparent that the CengreM* of tha United 8tat-e will grant no aueh coTerniui i i. and we are eonitrained to nay, the folly and ataujtUty of urging the people to avail further deveK'pt'Uirnle la equalled only by thu tulcldal yoiioy recommended? for it glrea to yeur eqenile* the lime and power to trample you down, and to triumph over your d?s'.?Jallun and dwwnfall i:u u thereTeraa were |o**iM?, r old a territorial government, eff -tea Ij- ee- ure lk? i. fanMtioM m universally MnI ia this terntery ? We apprehend not. In territorial jgoTirilinenlf, the chief aud controlling oHeera are eeItctad at Wt.'hirpton o'ty by Individual* whom we te proud to honor ; but onr Uolaiiou aud fhs peculiar ilrcuiaatauc" which turround exclude* the idea i-bay are better ahle to judge ccnorrning cur wanta and BeoMilti!! thau wa, who ara vlotuulied by au inbaolla and UeTilcteut government The repiollcan doctrlM of the world is. the people ara capable of a wl?e aetf-goteticient Arr we. ol ihu to.n'.ory ready to contradict tbu w?Li aetaliUthed laot. to afcjc4e ourarlva, and to acknowledge our Ignorance aid weaioeai And our Inferiority to tboae to whom It If our privilege ad duty to equala? If ao, why aik fur auy iarticipaUvB in the conduct of the government of the territory ? Let u? bow to our maatern, and ceaia our ComplaUal&JCa We have heard bat two reaaori urged la favor of* te'iitotlal government. Hret? that we, the people, ara laeapabl* of aaif-guvernmeat-aa obsolete Idea. that la auitaia?d bcvner* In chrUteudom unUee it ha? aa 1>| i?! re n iiti? territory- au idea ,>erf?.llv eh e'tIK to an Lon-?l ;d>ini erary. to a pure r?pobilcanUm. le it poaatbla the jew who wey control ?uh u*. tba fear, later or alleuUou >-f the people, ara wteer arid better tea, Bore ja t and eagaolone, thaa e hen they mis with aad Impart thtir light and knowledge to tha great maw? Tba Idea 1? |piepoaiavau?, aud if the opinion were not honeetly eater talced, would he a groee la-ult ta tha people, and dadoing of the etvoreal ou&drunoalca line relief frr.m taiatlca It tba aeoond reason urged la Ibvor of a territorial g.^erameat. Wa pray that tba pcoj>l* UI ll?? Plflicu mil in vr atnuru iu tun u>i tar la *11 |<ivr:uirkli and in mil aoautrtaa. tha p-o pit ara >axad. ilu-eny or tudlractly. an J ta? tax** no* -%*?<|ualiy hlfc* aad i a <1 is tblt MlllM) ?llM ba abaidattly HBlllil 10 tupport a Siaia .. *<-rumaat If prep riy . xp*a I But Um tratb I*, lb* peopla of goarrLUicnta ar? not axaaipt from [aiailoa; sad ha wh > d?"B < tbit faot. la ignotaut in tba rxtiaaia, t>t la ti)iLg ta d?o?l?a y.-o Umiun of ib*??otof ijilan. *Mm< >' lagMMtaa a r , t u .latabiii'y, 4M ara jaa 10?d lb tbaeuaelaaloa ,tbat uuiier ablate go>?ruii<*Dt your lax?? would ml b?- nt-cr??ail.y iueraa?e4 trjoiii tba |>r? cut tooiiiti ablet you pay, but a.(u?ll??d in tueb a u kbarr at to ba rppraa lia l - t>o uae. A (r>Mts. m l?H>b aid uirao at tiurl aa to ba unwUilagtaaaka r?a?oi.akla jaat aad tfuai ooutnbat oat, all tb tin* runaidartd, it uneortby cl tba prctteticaofabniic'it gorarnmaot Bat Ibr p*opu of Now .viaxteo hara claim* upoa tba JaatlM and lib? auty of tba loagrea* ot tb? I oiled Mtatat thai ea u tba dltr*gard?ii I ounra-n liat aitr btia libaral I* hti apiropriatieut ol movay aad ^raati of publla laa<d* lo tba territorial and Siacat. Wa ara paifrctly a*?urad the praaaat a< mKlatratl'O, aul tha ] ratal CdkI?'? rl tba I o I lad 8tat??, will mate out to a a ja?t ai..i < |?ai l.b<-ielity. and c%u do ?o oulr br sauna? or atce'* ai>pr< ptiatioa*. tod why do * cay M* ImuH t> ' 11)> lu or out of IttU tarrl.ory, can yoiit out ta aay ''nr ilia public laadt of tbia 'rrrttory, aor will th?y b<- ?ol' to do ?o, fur oj?ay. tnauy yaart to eon a. Aad lurtL-r. ta it not thr duty of tba gur?rajaaat af tba t.'alvad #'atei to ?dju?t ?i?ry tilla tbat may ha Hatatud by tba gevaraaeat aad a eitlxaa f v\ a tHak to; aaat" far relieve tba Mtata lt at la Ua p* lpla, ft. ai a'l aarartnioty aad unjutl -aialiaa Stub claim aa we hara Ml b IktJ<> loaaad llbcralliy vttha g>.rara altf tht I ultad btatea, we rapaat aaauot b? di?ra> (ardad Bat tha rabJtai of taxatlva la aaa of ail a or 1nUra?t. aa o<aipar<-d wltb tba tMdM of tba altlaea, aad tha prctee'.lea dua to hi* ac?luary. Military doocuitti-a la tbU territory uud-r t j? a<rcuBMaaea*, If a sa-aaaary a*ll, t>?t who it It tbat doaa tot daalalu agalaat It. at at dlraal ttt vltb tba aptilt rf oar \a . ri-ai iualltuU?av aud abo It i tba'. will japatbliw alth a ta3arlDg pa<>vl? '>'> tia't tba rraaady la tb?u oau baada, and r?foaa ta aJaialt'.ar lit To aarraet U><- artla to ?bl?b wa kin brlafly adrari d tappota joa bad a 8lata goTaramaat Voir Oovaiaor woa.u bara aatbuilty to fall < at traopi to aaalhllftta tb- Ijfud. at aad audaeloaa lud'ast, wbo ara praallSK tbrcagb your tarritory. dtrlro/ltj tba TtrjolaBt* i of al> pr tparlty; aad ta do ug to. bo weald (lv* '.U'at aad protaatlra to arrry eitlxra aad ar iiaar wwbin your JuiUdietloa aad tba (ovaranaal of tha t altad Btataa would ba boaad to pay tba itar a* thaiaby laoarrad. Tha power to aaoowipllah ?bia $ a at ead taoold be la year awa baada, la tb* aiaa4a af yoar iaaarnor. aad ha aoald aat at oaaa, wiibowt waiti oriart rreai Waahiagtea I* It peaatbi* buataaa and Chrtotiaa paaple will refat* te aataar ?u. b datlat, beeaate atae eae la at Uutli* ? It bo. Tb?ro intUiit far I a ttat tbo paopla af Nt* Maiieo abould sot aratlooa. It U tkniiMt'r oppa-ant, tba ytUlttle of boih of tkt grrot poiul-at portlao aboolutoly tftr>? U> : otbar Uiillsti*! (otmi KimUm Nort'j sad Booth. ?r? raiaag.'H n< tbo pocoi tbo t uioi.m lb* luluwt tl *la?aiy; bat ill < nloo KD>t bo praar rrad, aid iktrrfort It li f >a ?co r# loTttad by b< B'ft p*trto:?. from at> ry p lot of tbo roo^M. M o tilt! of jaoltoo to jo#ml?N, to ?<ttlo tb?0 qooatto* oat ol tbo ball* of Caogroaa to or?oallo o BUU govorcnmt. pood yomt Saao'oti aad H?prar*a> Utl?M tol MptM tliOk jOcVICO MJ bo kikj out to la NUIIM U? bouterl>! of yoar Imw rto alaa Moot bo ptaaoraodj oad If y?o ??[ t. a???u4 wbat ta yoar do* If you wtll not act your port# do y?o not elaarly o*o U> proooraa tba I al*a. iba go**ro??at rtbtdaiM Itotoo tolfbt ytold to To?a? bar aajuat lata to all a I yiur tatrKc ry ooat of tha Hio <1-1 NmU' A gala It la ba**a to yoa that lb* Hottaoaa bara f?r?*d o rwpubliran ooaotliatloa. ?*ot It to too?biajto?. ut at* pedaling to *?aJi too Ooaaiora and a Moproaoatatlio lo Coagraia, aad will d* *on 1 a.?iil? a loo. 00 a Plot* rlaatluj tbo Miarra Madra at tba lia* h*t*o*a Nov v.iuv.oad tbalr iMa of H***i.t it la Ih baowa to yoa. that ' oUf.rtna la aupk.?. * to boa* t< riood a htou aoiiMitatioa altoVd bar Jraatot* oad Hapr?*ratotlta? aad wlil olalar at on ?aiiy 4?y. od ii lr?l<>n lato iha totoa If t r?m<>tita a>?, a- <t a*a by Trowo. by . rJ.i of tbo Haoat* of U> i uU-j fiat**. a>a aaldaao* of >a< ?aa foot tkaa It la a*tabil?bad allJuraia will rial#., i.or nao to roa b?t?o*a aa. aa elalaad bj tbo Stota of I'oaarot, and oa aa arorog* j.-? u.aa fifty Mlloa woat uf tb* Rio dtl Nottn, oai bo.h aioy, at -tbo Mai Boir.-ot a-k lor tba noaia toirli- ry. Again: ?A tabid pr?par*d for th- rr??ld*ai ?f?boUot tad rttatoa, uad*r tl?a d'tootl >a of ta* . axataat- nar of tbo Oaaaral Load Offtaa datod Nc?. Imi gt?*a to >i? M??lao i ary th* aorrow allp lylo* t>? t *-i> ta lia dol Norto aad lb> s oira Madro? tba t > a lf..r lo, aad tbat p?itku of >ov Moiim ?m? im? aorth <>f I.I nwaadtko t owoo'ia rl?or up to ia>l ?l< forty, too <:*fto?a aurtb lortadlag ia* ofcol* K*a a r auatry, ta oiarboil oa ?b* aiapaa portif !>< ? f. tMa t?Ma ll attoofe*4 oo ai^idli doted Jaaoa-y lira Imp vbiob okoaa aoraangaof opial >o to i>Im<ihn ?- tko rlgbt >4 toaao ail?I ^a? M??o ooat *f o- Kt >oata. ap to tbat poitad. at tbo tfwoWl Load U>?a A** yoa atopatad to ytold yoar rt|kJ toon ib? torrt tot] bdtVMtt Uo hura Madra a?d tba faatbc t An E NE M you pnpu?i te yield to Tiim ill of your territory Mit of th* Rio del Norte ? We are not. as<l * trait 70a u< not Now rtnuitKr thli furth?r fart. If Sanator* and Rrpiaeentatlv** from Tnai, California, and L)e*er*t. at all b* urging and demanding their olalmi, having the power to gl> e four or tlx senatorial votaa, and not ltu thai* thro* vote* In tbe representative branch ear we ex pact a full weaaure of juati**, without a Tote In either branch of Cangrete. and with no voice whatever Id the Senate of th? United State*? it 1* impossible and of this joo aannot be Ignorant. But thrre are thoae who affeot no apprehanaloa In relation to the claims of Texas although distinguished Individuals. high In the oonfldaaoe of the America* people, have earned many of the cltWms of this territory against tha danger* to he apprehended from it H la know a that Texa* ha* already seized possession of tha rait laka* touth. surveying and granting land* ot New Mexico a* lar up the Rle del Norte a* Don Ana. N f w. add to tbl* (act another, of a yet more decisive and threatening aspeot, and that i*. the late administra tlon inUructed it* chief la tbl* department to aid, ratnerthan oppoaa, the extension or tb* jurisdiction of Texaa over thi* territory to the Klo del Norte, and no counter instruction* hav* been received from tha present administration. and many bellev* th* Instructions of the former hav*.haan reiterated by th* pra**nt ?witn tneea not* atarlng jou In tbe fmoe, are you will ng longer to remain inactive, and *11 wait quietly aad paeaively to be fwallowed up by Callforala or the State ef Deseret, and thoee eaat of tbe Rio Del Norte, for en) an unnatural and repugnant association with Ttiu, where vou would necessarily be taxed to an amount greater than would be sufficient to support a State government ol your own, in order to nay the million* which Texaa now owes T If thla la what you desire, do nothing, and be advised by the sttoret friend* wbirh Teiu poesibly say have in this Territory. It la especially ircumbeat upon ua. fellow oitliene. to ascertain tbe truth in relation to the facta here submitted. We warn yen, our nonentity la at band unless you beatir yourselves betimes. V* ? are aware there are thoee, whom we think have not thoroughly examined thla aubjeot In *11 It* bearings, who b<-neatly doubt the correctness of our oonoluai< cs We ray to auch, txamin* for yourselves, and b? yrur own judges There are men in tbla Territory, we have reason to believe, who are oppoaed to nay obit age ? tbe prem at state of aflalra being better suited to their tastes and condition* la life Surely yeu will not be Influenced by auoh. Analyze their eonduet, and a most > booking depravity will appear. There are othera, who affect au abhorrence to an embrace with Texaa, ?ho should be watched with a jea'.ona eye. for if they are not nt 1-*art in favor ot the elaira act up by Teiaa, other corrupting lufluencea may bare auggeatad the C'Uiae to which they advise. We pray you, examine ft>r yourselves, ascertain the truth, and let an honest ai>d righteous judgment prevail You have been, and parhapa It will again ocour, advls?d to avait the action of Congress, alter the arrival o( the dt legate elected by the September Convention. Koi tbe lion Hugh N. Smith we entertain the highest retptct, but we cannot so atultlfy our inteliigeaca aa to allow n* to c< u?e to the coneluiloa that werlak nothing by a mi roetit's (.oatponement. We risk everything, aad the aicb enemy could not adviee to a more auioidal course, /a au illustration of this faot. take the ease of the Ttia.- claim to your territory east of the Rio del N<rte. As yet. there la not the 4 g tit est necessity for Texaa to call upon Coagreaa ta act in relation to har claim to this territory east of the Rio d*l Norte. Taxes bar already taken poeaeaaiou of your territory as far up the Rio del Norte aa Don Ana She la quietly, day aft< r cay. approaching your capital, and nethtng can airett her movementa but the organisation of a State goveicment. Not being a sovereign State, you can as auch have no Tcire or iLllutbce in tbe Congresa of the United S atrr, white those whose interest* ate aatagonlatloal toy cure are represented by votes In both houaea of Crrgr. rs, and what did your late oonventlon instruct their d? legate to inslat upon la reference to this matter? Whv, that our boundary eaat should be the ' State cf Texaa;" aad auppose 1'exaa takaa poeaeaaiou of ail your Urritory eaat of the Rio del Norte, then In J. ?d *111 .New ..leiloo bs bounded ' Ka?t by the 8tate of Thw " "1 he truth cHtaot b* dl'gaii< i; Ttsw hti only to rustie the right, and take )osaestion of jtou t<-riitcry to the Rio del Norte. and no one dare resist, eb<i>ld you tamely and cowaruly submit. fhlt, we feel asruttd you will not de I ad of bung in part iwatlowe J np by Texas, Is It not to be pr*l?ired to vMime th? Itlkh privileges of a sovereign State, and If yon nutl be laird, let It be a tai to ruppcrtycur own sovereignty, nnd your owa ool'ibou fchioU. tbat jout children may be trained to a* to take (htlr aoMe positions In the oouneila of tbe nation true patriot* and wl?e and eagacUus itataicm Drsiand your right*, and couflne Texa* to bar own foil, and let her pay her own debts Atd now, fe!low-eitlz~n?, we commend the laeUherein t'atrd to j oar oat< ful eoaiiderailon. 'JouMder tbe gli.rluus ellert your action, at a s< tereign state, will have up; n your obaraoter, at bom* and abroad?tbe ?e: curtty which you way give to your parson* and proper| ty? ?li<* pintrctioB wmcb you c*u then ?:t r 1 Co your nutters wive* and daughters, agalust the barbarity of led an tiutallty. and retnemb?r, too. If tbe qu-otr u 1* Settled in favor of a State government every uieohanlo a:.d i very laborer la tbe country will fled ronuaut and pr< fitablo employ meat, aud th? cultivators of the s^U w ll ren !v* rrmuDSiatiag pticesfor it* products. Trade ot every d>*f rlptloc will not only tevive. but resaive a fresh tmp-tuf; a rapid emigrate a will f n*ue, and tboee who now beeitate to purrhase town 1"U and lands, aud who give no employment to mechanic* and lebotere, brr?ufe tl-- t.nrj. ur mac'iilty, y? ir pr jraetlnatltig poilcy win lilt t* Texas the eastern pirtl'B of j our tenitory. aiii tbineotue liito your inerkrts ot ttade, laid and labor. Freemen vf >e? V.eiion' seek ohIlTlon rather than enbuisalorj to a drep?r deg'adati"n, i. t > ly yrur part*, and the gi?r| m* conolu?lon is foreteen. \ on will have secured g "d fOTerament, ai d placed u;.oa an Impregnable f >uu ia'1 u your pr *perity end h?t|lne?e; and may the liod of all I ruth din ct )i u in tha way you sbvuid go MatJUel M^arti, W T. Angney, J D R<bit>*oa, J. J Pfllaue. Hliott tee, Murrey f . Tuley, R. H. We'ghtmaa, Wm ? Me?*ervy, JthcN.Abell C H Merritt, Miguel K 1'iao, Samuel King, Cjtusthclee. Juan Vw'lpeOrtla, Crnklla, James 8 calheua. M4JOK 61: KR'.S IXriKltlOil. [Krt-ni the 8auta he Naw Mexican. Jan S ] 7hr Ki< ?s eiror-in rtlati n to this etpedltton. eoaIalas4 <ii tai |?|?r of tftf nth Irs ha> u* t.> lake tbe n?c>< raiy pains to collect tb? facta In rata loa to Yajii *ttlei * expedition against the Apacbes, tha i. luaii g is the sub-lai.t e of *u> h lull rmati> u an we hate bon able f) gUan. Wh/never tlx official report of this expedition la published, ebould we di?cover any u.aterial error < r onjiSMoa iu this stal?meut. the error shall be In.nitdiatelv ooireeled aud the oniiu'lon sup* I |>l'ad t til; la Norarabar. Major Orlar mar-'had from Taoa, 1b c<Bunacd of < ompaay I, flr.t l>rart<?n< and ( ap'a'a J. .V \al?r*? eouipsLT. iU'<Ubt?a Maxlcau folac t??ra) Hi- flr?i duuUiiii I 'tj t? - an<l ib? lat'?r frr?y. la tha dlractlou oi tba Nit of Itoak* paaalng by i-a. *?; a i -t braitl'i.l ai. J hrttM Mitf.aMU I abuoUant iupi'1;'f j>urt> waUr gxa*? ?ud w#<J Tlila brabttful pot, la oaaad by aa /\ui?:lc?a gauUamaa, { (Mr .Vam.M) who I- maklog utaBalra aad >>ab<uaatial laiprnT. niiu tktrt'ia. and It ha* b*?n U'Dti< u?d aa a la oat dtalraMa military po?t, av >ut furtj aillea h ril . i t i ms OB tha atruing if tba Pth of Jfovambrr. aftar p??a4ag tba " I cii.i of lto?ka " atd orar tba f roan I of th? Uta kombla awfaort of Mr. J. M UhiU and tba mala p>rtiiu tf Ll? fart;, a daaa>rt*d >ccuinra?ot waa dicertarrd ut t?a n?il?a ?a?t of tur ilocka." tbat bad , b??a (?ui'i?d bj ladiaaa aad l?.t?ra aad pap?ra trawad a.-out tba raaauipmrni altoa<>4 piaioly aaougb tb?ra a?ia ih? laiiiaaa who had arnmlttad the murdara at d abo bad Mra WlilM. her daughter aad fa aiaaat?aat ai ra^tlfM. (Ja tba aeit marolcg. after a long ar d d111w-dt taarah, tba tiati ?< flralljr d.?->o??raU. aad a tapld laareb la purautt dovs ll*d Rlrar, ?M ctdrtad. and. oa tba 16tb, w? hare baa'd It Mated tVe con iuabd made four at th>- eBeaapineat* (4 the Apacba*. ai.<i iba atlll barsleg braa or tba la>t gate autHctai.t aridaaea It bad beea lau ea tba morale* of I tbat day. Ktir;ilott aia n.aJa to Mluw th? ladiaa trail afiir Light, bat It waa faaad to ba altogether lmpr??lble. and tba eoataiaad aaeaaipad o? a area*. N C. > of T ao- Kr? a Kar ra wait atda of Had Rltar roar i a?.>o Largo At daylight, oa the moraiog of tba i?tb, sarehad at a < alley. aad. la a fa* boara. dlaeoaervd thatr ramp abaa tha borer* of tba trwpe ware apuired to thalr otmeat a peed. A dlataaea of fjitt a.lira ha I ta ba ererooae, aad tba rapid ? >#? >. Bta ?,r lit I so lean ahoaed tl ?.? were aware at tba apptracb at tta AMnlaaa Ironpa, ah tM obliged to pa?a atar a bind open pralrla tba ?b< la litar?agia| dlataaea 'ibeladlaaa had aaat < If th?lr famine* t? tba moat talaa aad. BiaaatlBg tbair baat h >r??? preparad far ika aoataat; bat afiar tba aaaaad lira they vldaaad tba dlataaaa batwaaa tb? cnaihataaU. lha ladUa boraaa halog Irnh. aad tba harnaa vt tba tro?p? kaalag tun about atataaa aillaa tbat amraiag. tba la> diaaa rautatirg. tkaiklralaking eoatlBaad for aboat alt mllra. aad tha (port rd tba amaatalaa hatag raa?h?d, tba ladtaaa aaparaUd aad aaa'Urad la arary dlraatioa. ard tb* em oat aad braha daaa aondltloa at oar aaa aad horaaa asrludad tba Idaa of farthrr paraalt. Oa thalr ratura to tba aaoip, fran Bhtob tba foa bad boa drlria. It waa a>?artalB*d that an ladlaaa had baaa b?H?d aod ??; woaadr i aad twa ablidrra bad haaa flekad op Tba ladlaa>-a?arBpaaBt aoa>latad of , tblrtr cod l"daaa. la wblab wara loacd th?lr brldlaa. radal-a K>b*( a larga luaatttj of prorM-aa aad ,oaklag ut?a?l? ar<1 ib it Nir?i| ladlan pn?|.i, wbkab vara tim ?d ?kiI? tha Magician folmtewi It ?u k>n too. that tha b'lly nf tha lov*4 iM la?nti I >]? VV ?a? found. )<l ma | fb? bit dtta??ljr tbroagb (ba body ?rd a;p??-. <1 to ktta lib u? I |)|i?|l* It labrllliidtbi <tl ?bnl h*aau<a i trfuftd to iMutvltblb* ladtaa*.aa-l nMalthiltiln* bar pi'labla aad *ino?t nabad tad d*ailtwta dittos fba B>anag<il lo ratals, to bar djtog remnant, bar "|t*k al i cntnon Pr*fa?." Vra whita ?a? nrappari la tha cloth it a t?at an<| laM la tba aold aarih. aid a??ry pnaalhla praranti a tabaa toprarrat tba <llfro?at? t>f tba paarrd and |o??ly ap * ahara bar aortal rmalna rapoa* by bo-mo* ih? brmfeaaod, am a. <1 ?ia*?. for arraa roaud. Not tha altgbtaat dtM< nr} m?4? la ri'^NMi to Mr# bbitt iij*?|bt?rtld fMHtl, bat Uw baat la h rnai i4 India* iMrtttfr ara of iba apt aloe ihaj era jat all*a and attb tha India** who Baa ?n tba moralap m MhMH b ij'? tlar, at tba aowwt?aaa?a*l nf tha atlaah, haa tbtaat bla rtgh? ganttut Into tt.? fao.a* o? bli a oat r 4 It an nuant than altar a rll'a ball pana'ratad tl.n u*h M? a'at aad tha rli*h<to( Ma ?aunlat aid aalty atrvab tta bar bla of b>a I.It aaaitaniar, ataklm daap i?t.> tha flaah aad ?ro? tha a?ik4 ha III a?t aatnalt tfrairt fit Bxakba ta a?aaa. acd altboagh b< vbltAL.da* tha Jay <4 Ua obiand baa arai \W. Y( ORNING EDITION?THUI aince, la tbe ntirt discharge of hia duties, tkia ?h oettaialy a narrow eaoape. Dr Heed. a cltisea physician of Taos. ?u in mat Krll for a moment, la * hand to hand oontaat with an dian. wbo.aa ha sped his last arrow, whlah panatratad tha right aida ut tha doctor, received tba ball of hla antagoalst full la tha forabaad. and relieved the non> r ntary tnalety of tha doctor'a friends TK1? |i reSarded aa oaa of tba meat beautiful aad thrilling Indents of tha expedltioa. A dragoon horaa waa all that Ma)or Orlar loat la tha aklrmiah. Dn tha morning altar tha skirmish, the troops ud horfaa. completely worn oat and exhaaated, without I food or forage, marched In the direction of Bare lay'a I fort, acd a moat violent and severe anow storm aprung np on the 23d of November, and not being able toetem the current of this storm, Major Oriar determined to make for Laa Vegas. Notwithstanding the indomitable eonrage and par. severance of Major drier and hia command, tba (addition might hare proved a complete failure but for the found and dlecrlmtnatlng judgment that indue -d the Major to select Kit (arson, Leroax, and Kieher, an bio guides. It required juat auah experience and Intelligence aa tbey poacers to And the trail from an Indian camp. Theee ounnlng Indiana leave camp in every direction, and It la frequently many mllea before they meet together ao aa to aaaure you of the trail. During the mow-(term, it frequently happened you could not ?ee tea pace* In advanee, and but for tbe almost instinctive knowledge of these guides. a large portion of Major O.'a command must have perished; aait was. tbeie waa but one lost, and that was tha Major's colcrad servant. This la believed to hare been the aavarest and moat suceesMul expedition aver undertaken by American troopa in tbls country. Tha Indians received a cheetlreioent and suflered loaraa that wilt be remembered by them tor years to coma. The conduct of captain Valdai and his meucted | Mexican volunteer* la spoken of In tbe highest ! terms, and the dragoons, thirty one only, in the sklr1 mteh, regret, deeply regret, that their horaes ware so : blown and exhausted as to have denied to them the I prciid eatlsfao'.lon of having accomplished mora. Tha two Indian children are about three years old, | and Major O placed them In charge of two gennous | Mexicans, Jems Sjlva and Jnaa Tafoya, at Rayado. Important from the Klo Grande. THMtA'lfc.NKI) SECESSION OK TUK TERRITORY FROM THK STATK Of TXXAS?CALL FOR A TERRITORIAL aoVKKMHKHT. The brownavill* yimt, of the 0th InnUnt, nootaimi tl ? proceeding* of the two meeting! held at tbat place. 1 one lor. and the other (galoot i earraioa from the ! Male of Tcxm of the Klo Grande territory. The following are *ome of the resolution* of the flrit BaBied meeting and a portion of the addreuei iuaed I to tfce people ol that keetioa: ? V htriu, we believe that all that portion of country | Ijlrg ?a?t ot the Rio (>ru4i and aoath of the line of New Mexico. dUtinct frcai the former province of ' Tnaf, of right belong* to the government of tb? I kit. a Stat**, and that the Stat*of 1'exa* ha* extended her jurisdiction over It without cur conaent: sod that the late uitanum taken by her will retard her growth i and prc?p*llty. by involving the property holder* in j tndlee* kad rulnou* litigation, and thereby prevent ; the development of ita resource*; and ^ htrea* kwe are. in geographical poaltlna, a* well a* in iaterett. le(arate and diatinot from Texas, end be. lieve that a territorial organ! ?at ion will greatly promote the lileiiit and weltare ol the people of thi* tertiteiy? thvreloie. l'.e*?l?>d, That It i* the opialoa of thlt meetleg that the raid territory we* acquired by the arm* of the L'ait*4 b la tee and i* the common property of the Union. Keeolvtd, Tbat we reormmead a convention. competed (f delegate* from the different et-niion* of eald j territoty, to d*vi**(a provisional government, with *u* I peiiird fuuctlona. until our claims aaa b? urged before Coiigrrw by ft delegate chorea by tbe people lw?olttd, 1 bat the raid ootTMdoi eon Mat of tan dil(|ttHl>(BM(k ot tbaorgaaiaed counties to *11: Cameron, Starr, Webb and Nuaeaa, and tan delegate! front tbe unorganised portion of Mid territory, ebuean . in iu?b manner aa the iBbabitaata of Mid eectiona maj | darn prcp?r, audi bat It ba bald la tbe city of Broeur; villa, <n Saturday, tba 16th day of March aext, at lz M. Keroived, Tbat Iba United States baa hitherto unjuetltiably neglected te extead to tba paopla of tbla territory tbat pioteatloa and government which our altuatirn to Imperatively demasda. and tbat new we call upon Cotgreea to estead tba baaaOU of a territorlal gbittMibt touiia apeedily m paaeible Tba addiaaa aa>?lleaeoae atroag and eogant exlat why T?*aa claim tbla territory. Aa itaia ctato la uui.o>d In ptcuaiary intereet. reasonsequally strong atd cofatt exiat why we should resist It. Hat claim ia bated to part upon acne of our oldest mod hitherto caqueitloa>d tillee, tba Bust*Bete of wbiob aha 4 -alee bring rpreed upca hi r ire- Ida, because aba kuowe our Hability to pr< cure the nriglaate With a lull rwgatd for iba important* of tba sulyact aud tba rlghtfulaaaa ' of her pretrial' Ba. let ua riauilue aone leadlag facie I be ctnettlution ot the republic of Texaa was adopted oo tb* 17th day ol &areb, 1*86 With ragard toltioita or boundary. what would bate bean tb? judgment of tba enlightened woild, had the quiatloa arlaea ati> el at waa meaat by Texa^' Would ll aot bare dallied llbj reference lotle province ol IVxai, a* hn'Wn, acksowladgrd aid raoaiaed by the conaiiluiioaal prw vlMt i a ot the republic of Mexico by wbiob It waa eraa'efl ? Wa bailer* tbat there uaa be but ona, aad an afliimaliva. reapoaee, to tbla queetioa. Tbe bouadariea II 'laxaslheu, a* a re public, are tbua ascertained aud MmC 7 be time baa at length arrived wbaa tba people of thta ran< y BMl aat wltb promptitude and derision. We have lto lorg eonfld'd in the juctloa ot tba p**ple of Texaa- te? long laaialy submitted te ber unaatborixed political jurirdlctioB Our coufldeaee la Tana ) b< i. BilapUcad aid It bebeores ua to appeal to tba fadaral wmiwit lir a : i. i' in! orgaaiaatloa. Wa are ?c titled to It Let na knock at tbe deer of f'entmi f t :bat nrcteetloa vblcb Texaa denlaa ua. Tba autbititlaa of Taxaa teak to annul tba tltlaa to real aetata between tba N uecea and tbe Rio Grande ?It la a fatal bio* to tur futur. prtspamy. and *lli larolea tbe eiantiy la litigation ruinous and endless. Tbla srfctne >! Cagrent Injustice piovaa that we bare notllcg in future to expect from the Stale of Texaa tut vltdiatlva and illiberal legislation Are ycu tbe owaere of real eeta*a la tbe valley of iha R?o (fianda' Taxaa would forae you into aafan.lie md lulmus la? mils If you dealra tba proaperlty of tbit <alley- a rapid devtlopeauul of Ita agricult uiai rec uiree and tba quiet enj'jiuent of yi.ur I n p? ily. wl Ich you h.?ve acquired by y. art ol indua1rl< ua till >< u niuat look to tbe failed Stataa for a diall>t?ta?tad govatiiment and an Indepandant >udlelaiy m nb a ti rrltorial gotaraiaaat, land ililei would at i nee be quiet, d ai d tba country tattled and Improvad by a producllng population Landa with uad' il> til litiae I, !gl t tin r be purcbaaad l'>r aleaa prioe I ban it w< bid (tet to lecatt tr aa A t*irltoilal iiganUation I* now wltbia oar raaab. W'? bare < nly to i?aie our wieba? knee a to < ongieaa, and It at 111 aot.ctda ail tbat ?e aea Many ef tbe iftataa bare Ineltaated tl.?lr eeaatora. and raqoeatad tbeu re; 'i ItttTt- la ?"la oa III queaHoat aelch may aril*, ? uuBkn iuii we* i-im .ji ai ui.oi mm ifu< \ bill drr.ltilug It ?acb batalnaJy beta tatrtductd lato tt? Srna'a 1b> foil' wing |Mn|lit|i|l ??Tm adepttd by tht BMt It g oppcetd ta a tvptielr oryaaltatloa : Htivitiil, TMI full) re?ngaiea sad at?ert tba tlgLt tf lb* blatt of Trite to the turerelgot/ and juriaUtcllta mm the territory b<t?ern tl>? .Nuroetrltar il llr Hln tiraade. aad 1> Id iuimItm hnuad m etU trr ? if tba Stale. t< ?u?taia Ibal tight tgaiait lataraal ff *it. met eatmirt K?>o|ti d Tbat ?r do a .1 believe tba p*ll ileal Joria whlrh tba S'eta of T?aaa ha* ?i?ir< l?*d otor me I'lntitj n?t of tht I t ii rand* I* tilh?r a?urp d < r tiuau'lj. riltd bj tba eoartltattoa ao4 lav*of lb* Slate. Of of the I tlM State* lUttlvtd That we kaffteb confldeaea la tb? la*elllg?ac? and lategrlty <4 tba legislative aad nrtaUra au : b?rltlrt of tba titate. ae to believe that ao tribunal to l?ti>ll|lle and ijaltt lard tltl<? la the vailvy ol tba I lu ( a 111 b* oreatrd whirh will be other ?*.ea tbaa lalrpradrat aad I*partial In It* proeeedlag*; tad we regard It arltber politla aor ju#t to draouaoa tuch MtaNhli Rn >'<d 1 1 at *e t? gard eitb touch au'plaloa tba *i i ? i it ool<>a whioh hibi to tilt' la in. i cogrraa i ibe Laltrd mate* betwern tba tilreae tdtmiti ol alattiy tad tlavrry. aid' 1 by land tpeealttora tlrewfctte, fct tb? |.urpo*t of dlrmemberlot tba 81 ate of T>ia? and drpru lug bar of bar vetted aad (overate* |i|ktl Bend af taparrlaan, The Major pteeldlag. fit ST.- Sf tre petltl< n* aad ? Urn taall blllt arra read aad rafrrred to tba reepeatlre eetnir.ltteea. 7V C*ea>t?i???ewer e/ Jwrm i ? Altrrmeo> propr-?< <1 a retolattc* to the effect that tba rlark be dlrett d ta antiry tha Jndgea rf the superior i tart aad tba < . utt Of I rim. n I lea* to meet wlh the Inard rf da(ettiftii, oa Friday, lit Va-rb, at Ave a'cloak r M , betag Id accordance with an art of the l.cgtdatora relative to tba appointment of a e< mtniMlua?r of jmtar*. The Kopervltor of tbr Twrlfth watd *o fretted tbat tf l < aid ' baitiaak oat; aad Md'tisaa reBtllp, to meet the e|*b?a tf the fratletnan onmplted lie eke ?< aid nbrtltnie lavtte" fur n< t|fy ' which eat agreed to The imltlN wai farthrr tiarnded, by tubetltatipg tbe word " r?'|ueet" for' Intlta The Mp*rvltr>r of the 1 fifth thea mo red that tbe trr* lallrh ley upon th-table which ea> t? ggtlvrd lij II tntet ta 7. I br rrroiutlo* w/a ulilmetrlj eartlrd, by the rtair armber ?.f retat ?tid ?a? a* foilnwt r?l?ed. Ihtt the f Irrk tf heard be. till It hertVj, Iiiti i( liimii lira*. lo t?? with tlx >r<u), l?? Marrh, it tn . >l"fk I . U.,att).o Llitatm tl II Il?aril A'rfMt, ?n, is IkcCt.i Mali la ? aar4aa< atlh ? mt ?f tl,. | |t?ti !>? . 18th, 19(7. fur appoial: Ik C *f? a-wataarr ? jfifur*. A f.?tlltt>T, fjiBi Air.bir** I. Jordan. t?q ! Attnri>*y <ai>?ral ?rr ptinrtit ?.? ?luar<? la 'be <1 I < liilw H. luptttot, ?bj t?|?tn4i ltd tb? Board a<ijHKll >klUd Nlalti Dialil?-t (nail. Jua|? Holt* F?b W ?T** N*w H'cH Sif?n ? !> (}ran4Jiirr IM? fCiin, t?4 wMn Otli. r bill*. itM'fNl ?? ? I bill ajaiatt I d?ar *ak?naa. tba <-ap'?>a aa4 ? Oatna. n.a a oi ib> Nf# vv.rij. t-a-n-i for piratlrallf [ ?a?l ' M )' o?lj r\)tin'nj a?>> ?t*h *t I ?>? ai *h#? la t|.a (TMruti'i X lb* Htoariff >4 lha attf a* 4 Mutj o( I ft*? y > rk Tha t>i??il?t At'mraa a)>plla4 *nr a b-n h warrant

apt'Ml tl? IM*W? H at ami a *? ?htrl? mm , hi??it.<1 WJ IM HM? Ml ?ili b* by I'bar* I I ?fl uali lo laUlMkla, vbiUtti d?f Taaaai la o o?4 )RK I tSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1 OcMon Council. lOiKU Or ALDERMIIT. Fan. 17.-Morgan Mor|Mi?. the rieetdent, is the Chair. line reelgnntlon of Joeeph Rose, u TraKe* of Coii. mom Seboole. id aaoepted The petition of D.J Barton, Joieph Steinbeck, and otberi. In favor of the Batter/ enlargement, was presented by Alderman Urtflla. In pnnnanoe of a petition of the enen and ?e?upante of property lying between Fortieth and rorty. Sixth (treets. and Kighth avenue and the Hudeon River. In that portion of the Twelfth and Sixteenth ward* generally known ae * the bone-boiling district," an ordlnenoe from tbe City Inipeetor'i department ni adopted upon ajee and noe* It appear* from tbe petition, that, since tba grading of Korty-tblrd itreet and tbe Hndeon Elifi Railroad, the low and ennken lot* tbe re bar* beoome an Intolerable nuieanae and iuju riou* vu neauu, iruui u"(|-n'u? aau none-Dotting NMD11* b meat* located there Upon Um r?preeentatlon of tha City Inspector, another ordlnanoe wae adopted, to fill up mukea lot* litoatad lxt*M? Thtrty-second and Thirty-fourth itrttti, ud Lexlagton and fourth tnoutt, a* ooataltfing quantity of itagaant water calculated to *adanger the health of the Inhabitant* T. C. Oomld. Superintendent of Market*, is osmallanee with *eotioB twenty of the new charter, tent la the following appointment*, tor the confirmation of the Board Simeon Atwater. a* Clerk to Washington Market; Levi Kolaen, Deputy; John Forehay. Clerk to C llstum Market; William 8. Clarke, Clerk to Catherine Market; Benjamin f. John*. Clerk to Franklin Market; William E. Smith. Clark to Jefferiun Market; Hjatt Lyone, Clerk ta Union Market; John Vandwwater. Clark to Tompkin* Market; Kranci* Uegei, Clerk to Ceatre Market; Allen Thomae, c lerk to baeex Market. Refer ted to Cemulttee of Salaries and Ofloere. A commuBlaatica wai reael rod from the Comptroller, Futimittlbf a etatement of all ooatraeta made by the Corporation, and not performed or completed by the other partle* to ?ald contract*. The Comptroller alao *late*. in addition, that the contraot with Moipedoa * Baker, for printing and binding for the Commun Council, expired July Sd, 1849, the contract with Barn* It t o , for printing tor the Department* at*o*iplrad Inly 3d, 184W. and the contract* for advertising la the Kurnxng foil aad Crmmrrcisl sHvtrturr, expired July 7tb, 1MB, the taM partle* however, ccntiuulag to perform the work required by their contract*, r. jpec'.irely. to tha pre*ent time A report from tha Comluianer of Streete aad Lamp* wa* ordered to ha laid on the table aad printed Tbl* report called attention to the importance of allowing the New Vatk and Harlem llallroad Company a turn cut, at Sixth or Seventh street, from their traok In the rear of Tcmpkia* Market, whare there i* room *uffl lent to toaenmadate a good country market. H*al?o called attention to the nece*eity olfurther acaommodatlun at ( llnton Market; and recommeafta thatth* clerk be discontinued at Ooaveraenr >iark*t; alio recomd? l Ii that tlie regulation f the renting of *tandi In tbl* and other market* be gleea to the Superiateadent I of Market*, Inasmuch a* ctaadi are let for $60 that the tenant* *ell for f2L0. He alao *agga*t* that th* ax! i eose* ot th* different market* be paid out of tha rei ceipt*, ana the balance, If any. deposited la th* linking fnnd. Instead of tbe*e expenre*. amounting to |50.u00, 1 b- ing rained by taxation on th* titl**a*, a* at preaaat. There *ngge*tlona the t ou.iuis*ioner of Street* and Lev pa embrdlea 1b reiolutiona, lor the oon*!d*ratlon ot th* Cnnncll. The quarterly report of the Board of Kduoation wav presented. showing the *rv unt* deposited to th* credit ot **ld board, aad ot the manner In whieh the tame bat* bien expended It w?* ordered to be printed; aid the appropriation* and expenditure are a* fot! low* : ? 1. Appropriation to supple dellcienny to Bieet a?ae?sary legal expen*e* of W*rd School* of Klrvt ward $1,130 43 3. Appropriation to lit up newaahool ia Oa* hundred and twrnty-titth street 2 158 00 ft A ne.wne.rlaM?n At nr. mae.4 aMV.AAl WA..a. No 1, la Twelfth twd 1,600 00 4. (?ue-f< urth of annual appointment for lupport of ?eLool? (14(0 82 6 Appn priation lor aapport of erenio,? tcboole 16,000 00 6. Appropriation for eupport of Krea Aaaduny 1,000 00 7. Appropriation to aupply detlcleney to m?r?-t e?p. a?ea of Pnblie Sohool bcatety.. 22.032 02 8. Appropriation to pure bate tiu for new fch.ol bou*a In Orxenelab avenue T,0+) 00 0. Appropriates for repair* la ward nobool house, No. 16 012 02 10. Approprialioa to procure book* for Be* acbot'l in fllgbteanth ward 1,000 00 11. Appropriates to meet l-gal axpeatea of Ward ichool ia Twelfth aaid 9.000 20 12. A ppropiiatloa to meet legal aapen*** at N?? Verb Mate for fdieatiaf eolanl children 630 01 13. AppropiUtiaa for ward acboola. Sixth ward 1,660 64 14. l)o. do. laeantk ward 74<l ul 1.1. l>o. do. Hrfk:a ward 1 6M 10 10 Do. do. t'ouileealb ward.. 1,762 06 1?. L>o. do. k.lfchtcentb ward.. 1776 00 18. lio. do. Ninth ward 16 070 00 Tetal |U3.0U? If Tta Ittei y*)a?nti ajade daring tba qaartar a?diu VJtwuarj IBM), aaounr.' to 921 Ml II llPtt of the Kibaoea Committee, la faear of purclaaiag bMTOc failed State*, land* at Fart liaaaeTcrt. Adopt?d. 1 ha < emmittee oa Varrlaa, to whom wai referred tba petlllva of tbe WilliaaiaburKb Kerry Compear, tor perBjitfloa la rut ibelr l>rand treat l*rr; biw'a ialo tba adjolulig ?llp. wbiob they Lara rent.d frum .VI rear*. Ket'letal and (.there, rep rted In favor of the re turn, and eaba>itU>d the foiluwiug nwlutlon: ? IUnlie4, That the WiUlaautarcb I'trr/ Coapaay *htll. larta< tba rtiuaii der of n.eir In* , bare p-r?i??l>e to *>t?* tba teiiniti<i> af tb? l'..a*d ?tr ?< firry vo tbeella beta. ?n Grand aud Bioaair ttreete; ml aiee bar* liberty ta r?a foae ?t tK?lr nr?l *r k Iron *h? rrrnat lermab* at tl * feet et Crae4 *treet, t? eae e( ibetr iltpi ?t. or Bear, tbe foet ef ftoatb fttreatb a'reet. ** u. A lengthen, d dl<cu>el?o l "t |>U?e daring whlah Aldcraan KiLLt.of Ibe tM?tb ward wtrenu >a?l/ oppoet d tba adoption ot tba report. He ?aid that eoinpaay waated lu moaojo.iee all the fe.ria*. aad to " chliel'" Mr. Tajlo* rat of bl* right* Tbey ware ast re tie bed witb tbair owa. but they wanted the term's a* panted by tbm boai.l, ?<lghl ot nine Biontba to Mr. Taylor 1 bare *-a* anr at the bottom ?f the matter tl.en they were aaate i t They waaud loklU Tajl-y* a feiry from South tiemnth itreet to Cheiry atrnet. The braid might form ?oate Idea of the Interact t*ie*e Hentlrtnrn had abrti he dated that tbae wera II -rod 910.000 anoually. and to buy up tbair h .ate b*?l<J?a. Lrok at their tieatn ent ?-f ledieidnaif, In lefaein* to carry them orer Mult* bad bean brought eg?i.?t th?m, and la every oana a judgment a a* ! ua?l a^aiuet tbe WicaonolHte 1 her weated to hate tbe cltis-ai of Ntw 1 ork aid tf W lllUmbir?ti >t ikrlr uirif, Mr. Iiu? ?h oI (pinion that what tha ? upany pt ?ra<r? d alr?ady.?nd *? Ml/ mburttfr lif lliBMlut by i ii ( f?r tt Mr Knit bomiI that tba mittir ba ( MCwinIiUi la crdai tbat tiw ' mrtHMMoi'' ot 'ha wkoia tyitary might ba rifp?d op Mi dkarlM?4. I'lilriM) the report til rafarrtd baak to tha Mm* Aldtin.aa Kki lv, <4tba Slick ward tbn nnnd tha followtig Wbtnt^ TIHuki la till ally kara k??n limiHii i? i allf, for yaata, till a r?iat oraai<eipatd ?? ?ha r-. k l?m <! ?autii|anl l.a? t?i i*?ah<d, aad u"?iu ihaaa u ' at aa<t<>a? aad . m oar f illaw ciin?aa . aad ?h>riuiln toaaifaatlj IM ii'y ?f tba t ammaa Caanail <a nil Hl nad adept fiom tlmr Ui u?r. mah m?aa>ir?? a? alii la aay <f?rt?, trad a car-all ? ?|h ad'tara at fthlir tavaafa, Intly l.?htn >?? tht berthta vi taiaii. a ? Tliar*?tra nfolTMl, Tl>at lha V< iala?taa?r af ttfiU aad U&H ka. aad hata l.?r?'j, dlrat'ad ta aaaaa Ux *ai>*rla<aa* d?t! cl iid i a*?art ?< far p" pjaala fvrthvith. f?F tr ain uf aad lirktin* iba poklla ?il la?pa aMMaH'y, a ith a Tt?w of th??a-v? aatkr ?T?? ImaiadiaWly. Katarrtd to tba (.ofealU" a Mimm. Tba Board tar* trx k a rar. a* cl thirty miaulaj, for tha |urpr?a of a aiatt to tR? taa raoat Aflat tba naa*a, tba lollo?|p| baaloaaa tu dl?poa*4 o# A r*w4atlei4 pro^oard by Aldarfeaa Dwikjb, ?aa adopt ad it ial?ad, That tha Itnat Cem?laalaaar ka dlr-atad ta < ?>? itin'ltii t* ha tint at ?r a?ar IN faat af Tfctrtr (<mt. u lollowa *! ttra tti?a ?a taa altrtaa liaa af a M*> (rapaaad ta ka ballt. and l? faat (part, aad thraa Uaaa Uu?? ikaaa t* a uina< l>a't. aad at will dlataaaaa. aad It faat apait. uf alan n liac oa aa^h all af *a?l t*a at tram lit**aad patalUI with tla?, aad at a dlataaea af In fiat fraai tha iaa a. H*f??t firm tka C*B>ptrollar aotnaittlag a pa<lll*a Item tba I'rla* ara aad t<ad??.n Caaal < otupauf for raoue'lcn of raat ot pianltaa laaaad lr?? tba Uorpar*tl?.a ISafarrad to tba I < aimltia* al k laanea Tka folli.alrg r*?lutl< o waa adnptrd Al tha 'agjaaU?B of Mr. I'ariaa < auraal ta tba t orporatlaa ? ?a?l?ad. That tha Mtjnr ka antiiarli'd l? aaa??tat* allk tLa Ccaaa< I af tha CaijoratUa. aaak p?raaa *T p?raaaa aa ha ?ay d**? rtpadUat, t*r tba parp??a of rartataa taa law* af tka fta ta rrlatlaa to II a |ukllc kaallb, afpliaakTa ta U.a aily af ?*? warb. Al act brfnta tba ftanat* of tka SUta of Nat Vnrt, to atplala at J aatrbd Iba po??ra aad dulla* of tba Ootitiari of Uia Aiai'boaaa of tba ally ul aoaoty af Maw Vm k ?? buufbt nadar ??i>lwrail'? of tka Irirf aad airltad Bach lt.dl?r atI"B Tbla a^t pro ?IJ? i bat tka tan (lataraw mall bara tba aaura aad oalitlta KaragcBaat <f tba I'altar'a M?ld-?b?l| klta ^t art lo kulll vanlta la It puvar to ?ala'*la cd repair all halidlrgp b*l"t>flB(U>tb?- aln>>h'<n** a<id fasltaattary- to arral butialaca on Diaakaa.i'a i*iaid -to at lain* or add to tha baildlara >? Nai><laH'l ov tackarU'a lalai.d or of eallaaaa Hospital ? tba Hoard T Wftrtlx-rt to rile bj Unti n >nr? m m lfc?j r?|ult? Ut It* yur^wt ?f tM* Xt. aal th* HtiblMrwi ?f a wrikbout* April 11 hil Ald?ri.ti fmaw Cfluuttli) tkl* litU. ?o4 Mid hi* bl<?4 k< Had *ltk ?'??i f c' tlon# i r-a4ltw It. AUatkaa o?ir? ta Mid tba p?.?-?r? ?4 i??a t?a i*"T*t m? i r|bl t k? akwllalitd, an<l a. ??d a (a lkat?9'?t which van id-M?d a- a ly nnat Iw >uaty A rtao:aU?a ?a> arfnpta<l r? ;?rttta* 'b? **aala and >> tl) to atllot o. bill till in* rity at tkali bat* Una to lunliit tki aruvUi >?i .1 tb* Mil Ik* kill ?n rrf-rral In Iba 8f.*i>la|< oinlt'ta in tk? AlBikouw : m?i t lb* ar nial ttp. it ?f lb? las Ou?tm*fl aaa ratal** 4, ana raltir?4 lo tba m?> aommlttra AW* t>ui m v>< ti a a ta-< lull' ?i In anlarga Piai ffrlh tl??r l*'??;ij In-'?a4 ?>l Ik a dlroal I U?* ll?f*rr*| U Ika i imaitlM oa * bar * w. Iba ImN lb"* kdjnuraad M 10 o'alott. avtaitaii of ladlrldaaifc Pr M btlUa O. M <*?rd , tad U. C. <?Jbart. 1/ A , Uv? writtdl* Utia ally. IER A .850. j j Pablle BcrUng to PropoM the Early OMng of Btorea. A pablle meeting to propoa* the ??rly oloelng of ! Hetm, vii held lMt evening at the Teberntcle. The bnlldlag ?H filled almost to oTnrOowlog, and the proceedings war* ?|Uit?| interesting. HU Honor Mayor Woodhnlt, officiated m ehatrman. On taking th? chair, he referred to tfcf ftljeoU for whloh tk* meeting vii oalled. There are, he (aid, about two thousand drv ffnnHa ?t*rka In Now Vnrk kittMn thai a<iua ,,f | twelve ud twentyone who#. education!* lmI perfect, a 11J who bare no opportunity to perfect 11. ' These young mto will. In attar year*. ba oar leading ; Merchants, and how oan wa aspect thorn to pomeaa tba requisite intelligence. untaaa they have opporJu' nlty of Baking themselvea wall informed. Ha appealed I to tba pu hi In and especially to the ladiea forjuatloe an 4 consideration to war da tboaa young man, and to uaito In procuring tor than soma relaxation frem basiaeaa. Tba following resolutions ware read by tba Ray Mr. Thompson ana unanimously adopted.? 1. beeolved, That this meeting ia deeply impressed with a oobvIcUob, that the praseat ayttem of hopaaepin&a* regard* : the hoar* of atteadeaf*, la fraught with erlfa of van marnl1 tuda toward* the clerfe and that thoiervi'a-phyeiral, m >ral, | aad religious--caa be averted oaly by acurtailtooal of the I hours of business. 1. ReaolTed, That thi* eoavietion l* eiiK|**t*d, aot oa' ; > a persuaaioa that the beat iatereat* of the clerkr thetaearves ate invoivad la the objeot, bat by a tirn belief that, har ig mure time at tbelr dispoeal, they wonld, ere long, hooolu* mora worthy, more eatimabla, aad more ueeful ciem^ora of the ocmniMilty; aa that their daaire to bare more time at tbeir diipuul ia prompted, not by mere lordid or aehlah consideration*. bat by the loftier upiration* of duty?of duty to themeelraa. to tfcetr neighbor, and to their Uod. Kecoivod, That the Itng hoar* of baaiuoi* wtuah prevail ataongat the (reat majority, in the varioua trade* of thu?>vl other eitin. while tbay fail to promote the real aad*nt lateralis of tmplovera, and are by no mean* deiaan ltd by pablic neceaaity, inflict serioua injuries upon the auineroa* due of pcreon* engaged ta olerka in store*. J?ttroyin/ tteir health, and precluding them aimeat entirely from up portuniu** of moral and religion* implement; thi* anoint belli vee that pnblio opiaina ie favorable t? each a chance ta tba bonr* ot trading, a* would altogeihi r rjmevc thteirrcat i aatieaai grlevarce. and earnestly r*c?mm?t.d to the retail men haute ot Mew York, that theycloto their *tore* not leter than eight o'clock, during tha furthcoming auiauier swath*, aid tbat a* aooa a* practicable, the uniform honref cloalag be not later than tevta o'clock, every eveniag, >aturlay* aaccptaa. 4. Reeclved, That the opiaioaaof men of great prae'.ioal eaIgrteace. in dillei.nt bratehea of retail trade, lute fatored tba belief, thai aa maeh kueiaea* would be don* in ten hour* a day a* ia bow apread over a much larger apace of tiaic; and that eminent tbeorUt* have aot only c.iniinsed that b?h*f, bnt have aargested that a (till more Umite 1 period wutild nocompilah all tha bnaine** now done, provided diligence aal good managemaat prevailed 6. Resolved, Thai, ia order to enable the retail merchants to conform to the prepoaad amended ryatem of trade, a* regard* tbe l-oui* of bnaiaaaa. tbia meetinf pledgee tUelf, col lectlvely and individna'ly, ta dUcoatinue and ditcnuntenino* evening ihopping; and that tbe following document* be taken, tirat, to all the retail drygood* merchant*, and, **couJ, to f L* public at large, follcitlag thilr ?rgtiat>tra* thereto Rev. Mr. iiakais addressed the meeting in support of tba early cloning of stores. A* a matter or profit to tba employer, ba raid tbe dry good* clerk* ?u;ht to bar* more lima for relaxation than they bare. On thla ground alone, the hour# ought to be le.? Again tha mora the employer and tbe am ployed are uoir tbefmora deeply doaa tba employer lay the found tit of suecess. In doing justice to the voung men. fh? employer ?U1 find a mine of weal'h h-r than tha olden stream* of C*liorn'e " 1 rnun.- mm to a . ,ui1h & v*?t dual if Information and l< n universal nature ha mutt mal>? liimrtl i with the tfrcat law* which gorttn tin th woild and rail ha do *o by apeadli at the counter with the yardstick Id ha n/ and chavriutt about the jrice of good>' ii a J of duty ?? well a< of Interest, th? eni ild notatk the wholH of the tin* of the nnj'l Jul i oj ham no right to exact the pound of tleeh at the xpaaaa of th* health an 1 totrllrrt of thora to Ih Ir employ W e ran ?pea*c indixDuDtlj of tlavery lu the South, or tof the a-rvlca wbioblewrurg froia children hy the eot'.uD lord* of the !. *!; we ran fee the iu?te In tha eye* of our nel?h> bi r, *1:bout perceiving the beam In our o?u. l<r HtiiiaM*? drew an elaN/* aad bUuiy anlnraj p'ctuie < I man, and avary ptrt of him. aud of hi* aoul Altar dila'liiK at ?'ioae length on man'a aoul, be ?ai Interrupted h) a peraos, whoaikid Llm what had ail that to dtt ?ltb the olcitDf of the store* To wtk-h ha replied: ? Junta* much air a~yonhava to do with ) dtieouii*. (Laugh'er.) T ha Lo??or theu ijnui-d fium Ovid, ai. 1 U rate anil Milton, about man'a nool.aa I alao from >**t?prare. on tfea tan.a aubj-ct Alter giving a glowing and very Uatl*riBg dteorlptlm of L an fca ta d and ?et th<> U , tl*e baleg who l? ? U'k In a dry good* (font. To lea tut, labor la eaaantlal to hap.jiuaae, hut we m iat io folcathlbg aita betide Ub-r M'e louat edunata tha lad. I>r Sherman than nhowed tha bad luJuai na of mtMrln leb-r i t any klhd < n tha human ayaiani. and o?Mluded by paying, that aevaa or elgbt ln.u.-t a day were aroufrb for ahopplog piirpaaei. f?r. Sii-rm ?i kept tha aBdtanea la a roar of la?ght?i,frcK Lla ^ua;nt lieaa aad wit. The Re* Mr TMMr>M.-Tkl pretant movrra'nt It in which tha amplo)**, 'tha auipWved, andl'h* eric m unit) in ?t?-ral, have an fiit*reat The n'i-?ti a It. U tha?atiy?loelrg of (tore* praotl 'abla? lla t4iu,(ht tt wai Eauklrp butlutat ia oourluded at ihr. o'ol; n?, aad miy prrtou know* that he eat not eathed after tbat hoar Now If there wa< a alcillar nall<iu.tty among ?ti .p-keaptra. ibn objeut a u^ti> t >r io tM? cata aonid be < btam J t f-"lu prcunla y ron-lderau. n? t ut -i ! I ??- h .. tbey c uid be a0*< ted that way. it tbwre wa? a tul luim iale cn tha tubj-ot, every aiora w .md b* oloa?d at tr>* ??ir.' hour Tt*?a ir?r b* otbtr?, too, wb>n.ay ba?* a Ttry t?T-J?r r*|aM Itr tn? loorali ?f iU?.r clerk*. oncer tba uppuailton that il tl??y lu l I a-lr fta-nlrg" to tbfl:rtlr?? they would go tj th* tb atr*. tb* opera, and olh*r plar** but tbi* bt 1 arg'iui *ut. loi. L; tr?piu elaiki m tL>ii it?r? l> sril?i lu |ir?tent tbejn from g'llai to tb* ih.'iim t>.?y ai*u pr*??nt IktlD tloo (Mi| tnthr knur* uf praiar (tp|ntuM.) tbl> l? bo war to ?bow i r<*f ard f..r hi# a>ra; tf eleika. If nttiebaabi ha?* a rt-gard . >r tb* ut --al? rl fbdr eltik>, ! t tbrsi not thorn it up la t^-*!/ rtore*, but traat them a? ui*b, Bud in'r dar* th?:a lato tlai* 'an lly tlrel** (tpplaur*) IVibapn h?***av. tb* Uaaghtei* of rom* <-l out aier.ibaoU who *qdd?a ly **t rich voald ml lla* to a?*o?latn ?i'U ti.eir fa<k*r?' cl?rk* Agilu. tL?i* arr otb*ra wbo Bi>?lil III* it toe ??-.l (lAugbtar ) A l?w clerk* ma; b u.-in^ lYU mo>nD*ot a? a fliir. I for <>bialoli>< an opjioiu.l ty of iadulpitig In tbur tlcloua pmp*nMt|i-*. bj? ha b?d too lauc-h i oBfldrBr* In oar yum# m*n to b?ll*v* tla th>r? w?r? io*oy of th*m *o di-p ? d Iir klntin H I>?*ow apok* tor a'bull tlma, i>a the a?il fl?et* of Wig ouoliiniiial In piac** of l>u*lu*??, on tb* bptvoini ?y?(*si ai.u th* (obrral h*al?b ill* rrmatk* >tif full of nrrnt.r L.t?. wblnh w*r* wvllappllid 11* eooellid?il by ijuotiag tb* adrla* of P lonl ji to bi? (oil, u tb* ml* of action wblrb *4 mid g'lll* t-ja cletkf When I>r. DIxob *at down. ?<>?* r**olotloi>* w*r? rrad. wblrb war* paaard by tb* dlreotor* of the %l*roaatll* 1 Unary A**c*iat|oa, ya*trrd*y-that tb* <l< realor* ?ya>patblt? wttb ih* early sWr*-*i mh< mot*B.*nl, Millt| upon tb* *aipl?y*ra to w-m I It, and p<li.tlig ! U# * rran'll* Library a* aa *al?jea#a thai tb* ?lu.* . f their c laik* would b* wall ap??t. Mr Jonm Van bran* r??t addrratad th* fneaHaj AO?r tbaoktig tb* audlruo* fm tbre* rhaere wfelri *?t? (It>b a< a eou^llBivnt to bla h- dor mt?-4 " tb* objvet* f<r lb* a?0'-*nvik*hm?a' of wblob tb* iB*?tiBf wa? ral)?U H? !?ok*d at tb* raaa* at ro* of gr*at tal*r*at l'b? rl?rk* ft to aiaka aa ?ff>rt to *i*> rat* Bliil ab ?* Biattrr atid t-? confine* tb* p.ibl ? thai b:bl> iiri W Talo*. aa a Bianblu* d ? Ml d-p*ad iijKB tb* Bi mbtT o( h'iu?? b* ina> h? run II* aardially ci rrnrr.d Ib tb* r**otutln?* tbat had t>?*u a-lopwd. 11* mot. Bi< at I* ?i * wbirh h* !o k aa lrt*r?*t In aad tb* qB**tl>a I*, b'w lath* ntijwet aliard a', to b? ?? pll-brd ' IB tb* Sot plaa* tb?r- rb?uld b* **q*ral a??oalatioB, atd tbat brought t? bl* utad tb* vraaatil* Mbrary AMa> la'loB a? ao?tll?D*??f what may b* arbl???d by a?aart?t*d p*r*on? la aa bambla raak of Uf*. Hating a 'mall lae >m* tn.ia *arh o| lla > *!< b*r? a faw p?rx>n* rot' < t.r?d. |w?oty>aln* y*ar? agn, a Iratl'atloa ablrb wa? to b*'?b? yab>t4 whiab wai to glva )**tura* aad tA ?oar*r h?a#n>* ?o tb* r .remi all*. H* tra?*4 tbia Inatltwtloa frcm lt? Brat r .mrairtmrBt to tha |>r**>-at, aad i|Vot?4 from >ha laat *LBual r>p>rt. to tbow |ta picaot pro?p*?itT. 1 bla pi< *p*iity may b* tra?*d la bo la? >a*li*r*?la dtgrra, to T? W'ci-d, of ataadalgua ?ka Ka? b-?o tcat**t*d wltb It alBa* i?* f^ur.ja'l >< to Arthur TapI an aid f tit 11 p H<?? II* iatlt*d tb* att**Uoti o*lh< rl*rkt to tbka loatltntlrB. aad wa'iolj not iai*a>d< d it to th*a. Anaaiatlrg tb?a being th* prut'ral w?t I* wblrh tbl* Lt nf th* cltrk* etn K? out tti* tKiplr j rr nul ba apf?B>a?t to publM opt at" n ni tb? Mibjaol tiUtl b* for?. <i ??liBa> 'Ufltl %r thli M Wl4 thi piltilli oiIb I ?hnld b. ?|II? ? l Ha ?a? af tb<?* ? th? public *a>r? p?r>i?p< aaai* tfeat laa bo daa?tr IB a|ltatlca. ILaogbtar.) A?l l?lt* l.(in' dial of (nod la a*arylhla( In ?p??rtin?Dt la ainrali, la r#linin?. Rut llk?ar?rj tbl?f ?|*a It bM It* Hall* || siu>t ba br> vfbt ab'<? \>t U|HlBtt? Bi??B? Thr? tr> m?i? In Bbt'l ?.l h ob bi'irl't ba d?r>a?:'d? aad obi It wb?ra I Braid tba bbIob of th>t? *ti>? tha I ?t n Bbirh |? BB< t< >?d In th? afloaliot.* nf tba v? ?pl? <???at ) hat b? tb- ugbl ik<- '|<M*l|nn uf rl- a lr| MunBi; ha aafrly i|IUi>4 (I.U|li ?r) Tb< la dial Bra tor liBW'B at>>l th*f ar? t?tor?bl? t? iWl tiWBl At bM h?BB fll4, 'b?y if* li fatif of xif.I'b to b man IVj 't d #1t ai t?a. ILat tba A?'?ilr?o bmb* (ball ba alaaatH fcatB B.atur. i?i I a aBail b? abof? r ?' Ib alt mb?r aati'b? ?r In any ttai* <tp..;ai ) >a l<l? r'lrli'diil. Ii? f>?l?i a Inauil'nl tribute to I'atfl"^ lltl tj, tfca gr?nl I atil?k Hai<ry. ?bo l.rB>? If a ?rj and* aUrk. aad ?b?. In hi* hour* af kKnr* pr^a**'' hlt'Mif Ini it at yr*at virk. tH? r??")?tii>i r.'ak ba L'l^d K< lunr i toftirvard TM? b? did ia k ?'< atn|?n Iimb m>-?rartlia )>'tf.uit? Ma l?i|>'?#'J afl 11< > at it* i?.li- ?!>o |'ifb f.latf la tba ? ail?i|( ibaiwMuUaiit iki ei?r? tb?a??ivM t ?t?i "" |>ta?Bl if ka*| lt>( tb< rt.?n t?? ' '? * a ?h? tliMB'n rial. |'lB| lh> iiittMba >aJ mi ilr.jl af t>? lauoa . .. A intiif ihioW'it fa??*1 to th? Major, an I l)M Bi'atiBg a?tj'uil>'?t 8it?MB??t DiP>au aa ?* Ui.aa - tba ar rival <t a laxrifr |?r faliad 'a,?* tan?B.r B ?-?!> ? ? ?? ' to I'Brn t?a p i btb low of lb 1 I Bttad *?at?? ?utrry a'?ani-t H.i|?ll, I B,)1ai| |>rk al ien l?t? tht* p'a?-a ?> lli? ?;>.*? Ibib??j a* ?rbta*bot* t?? n.ll*a b h of 'ap* 'anaf'at a! ?a?-4 ar d a p?<rtbin?> al J-t'i-.f >? tba tltantr, al tb< < Ib trrj dwibitBl 1 1b? a??r la?t??, I afUlB t a*h, *biah Uf> h?f fB tba 16 b )a???fy a?rl?^t ?i la-ttaa Hl??? anl aoa *?ro4 tbrtarilrii ?b?a a it rm r-fnt-.g ap. rl ri<l i<d h- f raM" aw<l mi, U ?-a ai.d ha? na. b--' III k'1'4 f??lo I??IT? aai* katll) ? ap*?d III faand ihat lb. )>%* fsm0?rt4 bt Bra S? b um 1 ByaHiii. l*.m ??????????? L D. TWO CENTS. Theatrical *n<I luteal. Bowtar Tmiathf?"Krneatina," which *u played iMt itibId( at thli theatre, la a drama of daap latareat and rtry affecting la It* inoldenta We hope to bar* an opportunity of teeing It again, aa It well Imi roe repatltlon. Wo anderataad it la the production of the biker of Mr. Wallaak Leater, the abieoomadian at the Bowery, whole deservedly a great favorite witbfhe nubile. It produced a daap aanaatlon?the sympathy of tile awttenoa ?aa Tiaibla, and waa demonstrated by loud and reitarated applause In consequence of the audden and severe indisposition of Mrs Jordan, wl/o wan to bar* performed one ot the prtoe'pal character* Id the new piece. "The Siege of Corinth," the rpsotaele of "Kit Canon" waa substituted, and r?oeivel with great approbation by the au liene* Thin evening a splendid bill Invitee the theatrical lorer to th? Bowery. Baosowsv Thiatri: -Th* ??cc*s* which the somedy f " Extreme*" met with on theffrat ?ad**con<?nlffhtfl of it* production, induced the management to pot it forward again The rom?dy Is wen timed, and in Cm! nc net hare been written with especial reference to Um time* in which it wan first pro.fueed. Tbe dolorous outaonrtngs of Mr Airier**', cam plaining spirit, the lureshadowtng to bl* mind's *y* of the dissolntioa of th* Union, the right ci petition which Mr. OMrioh *o strenuously advocates, land tbe amalgamation byplay, alt point dlreotly to the politics of the day; and jet every sentence la 10 constructed ard- srery sentiment so well embodied, that nothing bat foolish fanatae'.sm could take offence at any of the borne thrusta that are from time to time given to atrfu! dndgint politicians or Insincere fuaii philanthropic, who Iiavo more seeme* in thrir heads than tbelr heart* oan t< lerate wb*u brought to praatlcal tests. As occasional line la the piece alludes t" ths fraternal regard existing between thejNorth and tbe Sou'h?to the Indissoluble nalon of this political galaxy, (to Tta enunciation of these line* al?a>* brings down tbe i^OO*e la a regular sound rf apptaiue. The concluding pies* la the bill for last evening, was the farce of" No," wbloh was well cast. hi iron's Tmxatrr.-It i* indeed an exlrtori!iatrf 'act in theatrical anaals. to see tbe suoses* whiofc haa >een met by " The Serious KamUy." That exqulaita piece i* now in Its thirteenth week. and y?t night after Light orowds of. admirers fill this furtuaa** theatre to rte it. Last'eveuing, tbe bonse offered th-* most bsautlful sight, and the fashionable audionae s?ensd iplta delighted with th* performance. The entertainment* commenced with the above nara*d place and the change of every seen*, ?o4 Indeed almost et eesry word, elicited ehou's of applause and roars of laughter from e\*ry part of the house Th? sucasvtfnl o w farce entitled " Wild " formed th# afterpiece, and was remarkably ? 1 received bv tho?e in at- ? tenila' ?. mbo express. n sir sati-'?c*ion by tbe most <n*' Mastse plaudit IV mgbt. U Mnb*y ao<i Son" p? irons" I with VIM IHieks " I'M* attrac>i >:her good h >us* It J ie a ma'ter of course I Cma>ss?i's > Thkitk. - Th* ' U ill dan J farmer." one nf i>eci{ta Col man's sterling and ama*la( diatua* was performed as the lint piece, at this thaa| tie last, evening When we say ttat Mr. Cbanfran api'mvu >n me vikiucu rwiui'r, ?di> nr. iy, uurm u the Itmuvi Jemmy Twltcher with ? ca?t wUoh include* tl.r nimri of Mr* InV-rwo.-d, W Taylor, and tha clever little bi-y, Maeter Murray, who 1* alone a phenomenon, enough 1* aaid to couth/ au id?a both of the excellence of the perform turn and tha dalight cxparlanoed bj the au Ji.-n'e Tiie boasa nmo?4 I He hyh appreciation of the nierM* of th4??ifavorila . i actor* by I >ud ami iaitarated applau-e lu tact, iba ' very ap| earatioe cf Mr ' baafrau I* the nljtaal tor ttia loud M token* of popular favor an<i appr<>b?U:m I need not bar* repeat. ?b?t ba? bwu sa d ol tha local dran>a which folioai-d. Itlia?e<;ixi to th?"\lj*t*i rlee and Mir*rim ef Naw York." and Mr. chantrau a* , Mo*e. iiow a maiiivd tuao with Mait?r Murray a? tiia adopted ?< u gl%e* alm:<*t a? much nr?'.l!loai.i9u to hla tinmen u* itwtrrn a* In hi* original ch- ?" tr oI ' V.Ma Tbepe local piece* nvkriaiikr) an .1 >i*llt ?ui?bed talent, both In U eir prod ietl<<n a.'o par* ft tmane?, are euiif ently pupnlar. and *<-am t > tV.a a rtionr i'il# u;i>ttl.? di tuiatie att<fii')tit ut lk? *'4l> tr* to tha National. Thi? drama. with rh? iiaa Farmer" attain an 1 other allrautire |>Imh, *U uu rapri.-em*J thi* *v*Llng. Mitnnii'i Oivarir Tuitrn-la a4H'Joa to tha ?|aay* attractlv* bill, Mr. Mltahell, that nldftod favcrit* artUt, appeared la*t evening in t*o oft bast pl?*>**. Tfce enl.ttalam-nt# commenced a?th'Johaaf j r?rU," In which Mr. Mttdhall al'ctled fr -a all pra?-at, rhont* ol laughter and vWl niar'r?d *p^lau<i. Ati.r tP>e eiqui*it* comedietta railed 'l>?ll*?'.e la wllrh MIm Mary Tftyl?t and Mr. VValot ?h >??d a great deal of btltrionic talent. Mr. Mlt?a?ll *3i?a-?J attain la tbe laopnahU fare* of ' Tie# Mao IVi'b Tha ' arret r*ir " Tbl* wai *urc**ded by tbe f<rae of *H bo * My h'ftther V Kor tbl? ftvanlng. another aieallebt bill l? presented. cr>n*l?tia* of two !* *, la wLich Vr Mitchell will appear and two other pleoaa, en Itled T)>" Intlelbia I rluoe " and "Tha Vtarr4*4 bachelor." 1'ht ee wbo hare net ulretl; *aen maua^ar Mttebell. will tat an opportunity of wltnrr*lrf Ua In two of hi* r^rt pari ret ahnrartar* an 1 ol *p^ad ag ft i|ulla delightful night. Ituu* OrtM-Wrt Kwntr Nhjmt. ? Tue hf *? **' hot *o well Oiled ft* oa >b* l^riier n , raivntatloa* ad ' Dcb ( iovanct, " J at IbrT* *a> a dliplay of fa?aiua ftud beauty that. If u >t an h*wtid*tlftg ti on hit ? raelcn*, wft* ?*ll oalcuUtad to g rttloa'.a delight la tl.'Hic wbo aJn.lie tba f im anl fa?a dltla*. Tha aU teadant?ftt tbl* representation wer* eblally (trangar*. ?b?> !>)? J?d tba rplaadid lnum?h of Munri rauMi, *Lii tba I1I*U,J|. II. nriulloa of (t>r r?r.-ral T>.r?li?u ?hu (niui 'utrd t? kit* that liiuia >b It* brii>laa?y and tin* ?#?t M? Uti eiihiun to hJ4 to ?w In mi ci tba op*ra Uiau tbat tba aii?l ir? ral'thtljr to tba brilliant ?t>l? of S?KO- rloa Hrr.uo-a ->a t that bad hot D-r b?u?lt b*-s anm uacad l?i Krirfaj arantug a it lor abiafc Uf!,? MiOibrr of Urn M*?t* ?t? alrvadjr ?r Ik*li ??>uM ha?a baaa a l*r?*r audlaa to appra> t* hat *WtliitU?t <a '?>> WHMliil, aud M li?t?n in lb* rloh tooaa i f Briixrantano th? Itu'mw ti kik<|llilw, H4 l?l *i>l Itttl. M lit* fiHMnl m?Mli pilthiir i??p?u'iva tuUt by -'titiir.rlal I'tutS and Ao kl>* I at'I. rh?U?t ant ? n imlraMjr r?lil?r?4 by 1 1h' * l? It, and ba-1 th? araDi- era l???a ? ll'-Ua la' ta cai?Ui ti<r(? aouid l>a>? b? ?o do lat to taa p??f. rt rijo;Ui>iit that luirfbt ha?a b*-n Urifr l iMm ltd r>-pr?a< atalli D <> hiillt nmlu *b?n ? (anr.oa n.afca* b?r ko^al to bar auia?tou> Irluli f a I A?u ?.f tba tonarit/ of ih'ir iln ri't n, | I fifalla" l? toba rajfaaritrd ai'b aa ft Mao af -*'a 'li Lairmt-rniaor " I ha ferairr npar* It tbi oaa ta bleb Mgt.oilna llrr'uo^a ani M^iir f ?rtl ai?paar*4 at II ' f i: < ' 'I I-'lit " I t ?|? Hllul ?fth ? Bllllfc aff??t, and lo wl.'ab K'fB'r Braarantaao I a r ' aatabll*b?o bim aa aa rstra<'rdluarf aatitr, aa vali a< m*riIrrlnon io?ali*t It# rapatllloa ;<> ' ought to Ail tba kcara ? HBinr'a Orm Mat ? Tba pnvraaiaa for thla *??tiiin I- 1} lut*r?*uog e ataiuiug aavarai af tba la rt tn'To tn?l'.dlaa, a< al<>tb? ?a|abratad1 Va/aga Mualeal '' and tba lilalUMn Poika aa 1 Mtttk rani UalctLf. Uirat lBUrB.*lit for *j casta. Aaaait aa kUaar*.? T. 0 Kl. a tba gr?at dalloaaUr rf r>?j?o el>ara?itrr l? a'tractlng larga aaJlaoam, araty rmiri to tbt* popular plaea of aaaiagiMt ri* faiilirlU Kamll;. ia tba.r gjmaaatia f*a a, ara aiaa Bucbada.lrad atd rre?lra aail ai?rit 'I applanaa. Mai ?r? <**.- WMta'? ar:?r>.tara In tbair ? (? and abrnrraa ara graatly adinirnl hj tba Ma**ry folaa. 1 1 htj alioapiirar la tLa -La<t ?: itarnn " ?o;n?? tba graat r?jr??a? latlr* rf lrl?k r> ar*e'ar, i l? iliawlrg laiia?n?a rf? <? at fh* \?alo*a Tb?atra, N. O. Ila U at tba tap of tba wbaal at am IrUh uai| d<aa and tcraUat i Mim 0*t*ni n?T p'ai*'! a b'llllabi an! prol'ab'a a?. fa*?ai?iit at Mobil*, aad ta an* dtaviag lar(? b u>a? i la i<a*aaaab IIimiw Bi???mm In im - 4 irrand aooeart 1 roar* off tkia araalnK af tba T*h'rnaaia, far tba baa> rflt nf tbia airtaty. All tha Ila Ian Op-ra miajar; appear, ai.4 tba plana ihImiM ara i.f |S? r-ij Iml 1 cbaractar. No doubt tbara a.ll ba a en>?.lrd, bna?a. Tm? flai?ia*i Bi'unttuh. iha ao?l? af t'a |j'.#it and daaca UyiMMil at No, ? ri? ?|i>ara. AttHMtilllt r?'i - Th? fllj n( frttwMl aft?*tl*a ' tlf fcaaa ittfblj far.trd. la p.ilnt of C*f\ Itl i?rl?| i*? ? >: ??'? im if th> m to tmiMN rha lot I'll) tuM iBf a ihIn J ik> woM MllUtl'lck* b>?M<* ?! rf. r?'tr ?t?f In th? Ittvttrlml nn??a??t, with na?r<aadaatal *? ? ? autfagad ib t Kaaata. *b> i|r??n ftf'Hinth fr ?h? ?% ! all wa?M. I'l irni at b>a Vna?'iui ha- b?*w pry f rtsatU. a*4 I a? ir.T' aghrnt tha "? ? faapa J a (iliha kl'iD ; III* t?n Rrrat Wtu'M la lilolllltltlMK inkt ara t%? mih ?>f "< 1od?r?!la '' t * n? la ?'a id ??tla, lih VIim Aan WwaMr, aa tb? h-r??- >94 1'iaaa aradaifiil litil? |<r "ti<l?? Ui? I'Oam ahillran Kaia ? d I Il?a ? ? p*rf' ria n*tj ifttrnmi to uroadal k??? ar.d r?o?l?in? ih* ttmnfatt t?atirana>Bl* l>?sila itfn lalion Hal tha am c?n-r?ilj aaraaaafal ir?u|??) IB I hlla Jrlf hla. It t?at "f tail* Who ha?a ??? ? ??? thatt ttat ^ihiiU* uitkl|a??t> tl tha National to a eoatUiUrd ?ueaa??l-i? of |?vl? l aadfetea* tot aratl; (l?a from all a?aan l?ar?. a thoiiK Ju?r? Ikit lk? |>ni)*iil aiawr ata^a'ii of I Ma a*?<|Uai'*d l?i)f HM naaar ha*.i ap,>r'?a4b?<J. la lh? *an?i; of tha *et?r'alanaata r(T?r*d aad tha farrt with aki'-h afh and aaarj <*ia baa b-an ra> fflf.d hy a?; i imilai rataM|*liai-at la tha aoaatcf. Iliafa U a boat ?f atara plating at tha Natl <nal ' hla all and all (f??a r>? a ) luminal? Tha ?a'l?a? ?-lh"f obial lt.i a ia that attr ar? alao d.ilag ml, aayarlallf Iba fi-m Crlaaoa anilar tha dlraatioa ?f ' l>r. Iltitaa, ?|n parforai alth'l; at tha Maar.ala Hall, ' l? i haatmt attaat Tha to?a. taa. la rlfa alth ball*, j-arilt ha (t? a I a( ablab ara aiaat UbaraUy f?1 t?ra???-d t'Ut It k*4*>'Ht M'if ?4ibt ll?la>Nhi laahrMa,Kf. ^ j| Banaf *tlllamaaad Mra C. Maatayet ara ?U?t?C Iccnaa. d htMila BaUUaar*. lb a/ ara graal fa* a mt'M. " Vr Baath fh.- I rag. dlaa 'a f1?)ta? at SkrraaaV O*. ! ' vr. dadhaaaa, tha tr*|*4t*u, I* plajtaf at Vl<-ha tori, Mia. V ?

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