Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1850 Page 3
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Una Affair*. Mr. Wm H. Webb will launch, thin morning, at half pact II o'clock from bin yard at the foot of Seventh street, Kaat River, a One ihlp of 1.400 tons, to b? called U( Varguard 8tie i? built mottly of oak, and th. tot of work ban been pat on her. She baa bean bail far Mr. Jar W. fbillipa. of thle city, for the Liverpool Trade, and la to ba commanded by Captain Parker f. Morton. The "Knox'" Faahlon for Spring will be |Mu?d <>n 8.turday, Ward. 2. IsfiO, and will excite tha admiration of all lover* of the beautiful; aa it will be. without joubt, th? ia>i?t eltgaat atyle of Hat trer offer#! fur pablis ( pproval. K NoX U "till at Ml Klloi rtltei GanUemiii'i Ilata? Spring Fuhlon for 1MH.?Bapenechied. of 107 Naatau ?tr?? t. will introduce hi* Spring Faehian on Saturday seat, March 2. A LI a' that nhall (ally auitain hia well carted celebrity- one. that for quality, Material, and finish, w 11 ahaltciiff) competition, and which id aoapied to the farm of head, and the peculiar teutu'ea of each individual cnttonier. 80 eontident ie he that hie uew atyle Will meet the puhlie tamo that he will refund the purchase mca< } to auy one who ia duna'iified with hla Hat after a r aaonaLU wear. Sapnnaehied haa ready a very heavy etoek tar wholeaale purch?eer?, aad will be able tw meet demands fur any quantity by Saturday next. Thoie who have already ordered, will tactive their Ban by that day. UentJruitn'a Hata, Spring Faihlon, 1850. --W. B. KKBBB a Co.. Uatteri, 186 Broadway, will iatue be Spring Ka.hi>'n on Saturday, the 21 day of March an>u> kg. The etylr will te etrictly appropriate to the aeaain, and t ? quality each aa will inauro to every cuatouer a five Dollar fiat for live dellara. vvani l nai oox. muiuit iimri m? any Hall Block, opfoait' the Park, will b? opeued nn Saturday, March 2d. on the Caah and Oue friuoe prineipla. Ttc Hat Bri, indeed : and pray why call it that? A Hat Box la only a Box for a Hat! Tbal ia true, hat title* are now all the rate. And, to prosper, we atill uw?t keep pace with the ace. Name* are found tor lan-e itorea that oom? very pat. Now mire being ainall a? a inid'rate lii'd hat. ] eall it the Hat Box Drive in. thea, in flocka. And coed H?t? and Tape yon aliall tind in the Box. Hat*, fr< m (1 60 to S3; Cap*. 2-"> oenta aud upward*. Wanted ?A youtb accuitotced to the Uat Trade. Tfe? Plnmbe If atlonal Daguerrcan Gallery, No. 251 Broadway?It givos ua aatiafactlon to call the attention of onr readera to this oelebratvd eatablishment. that they ran there examine tpaciaeni by the oldeat artUt in America. New era In taking Hortralta.?Talbot jrpea, r for*rai<* on i?Mr, taken from I f*, in any aiie require 1. np to the aire of lire. By recent discoveries of their own. the iubscribers have succeeded in taking there pictures with a depri e of perfection truly woadtrful. Atnatcura and patrons t the fine arte are invited to examine apecimens, at their loom*. Jul Broadway. W. a F. laNO EN HEIM. plendld Bridal Card*, Knvelopee, and Boxes, of the laateat aud meet fashionable patterns can be had at IverdeU'a Pathionablc Establishment f or Card Rncraving, M 2 Breadway, corner Duane street. Braneh office, 2 Wall street. Portable Dressing Caaea, of the moat compact form and e'eaant finish, a beautiful appendage to the toilet table, and tf.e moit complete yet offered, mitabU to the waste ef the travelling community. Diaoouat made to Whclata'.e purcha?r?. SAUNDERS, 147 Broadway, Corner of Liberty atreet, and 337 Broadway. Them ?5 Sulfa far Spring?t fine Black Back. ne CanHtrere I'aets. a beautiful and fashionable Veet; mice a *ari??t v of roods mailable for California, wholai&la anil I*taiL Fire Dollar Suit Stnr?, I CS N:????u street. M bat lattie cauae that so many of oar sity mm halite are acen daily k >ir.e to 27 Mii'l>-n I.aae? and why do thet look ? much improrrd in aptcarance od ther r?turt>r Wfy. drn't jcu know' Th? two Mat Hair Culture lathe city. MEDHI RST and II I.A -ID. lire there; ihey ar* p?(Mt artiata. Givsjhem a trial 27 Maiden lace. Ctnb Factory, 3?7 Uroadway, between Waik*r aad Whit* afreet*.?Tortoiae ahill and Rultalo horn drtaa Conil'i. of every Lew dcn'cn and unequalled choice. aa t> extort and variety. kvery description of comb of fortiiicn aa well aa homo manufacture, of superior <|n?lity and low *rl??a. A. k J BAUNUfcftS. Hair D|lng?Flialou'i Single Hair Dye, to lor the kmr or whiakera, the mi meat tt ia applied, without lnjnry to the hair or akin ll oan fco wariiea immediately Without disturbing the oelor. and haa no had odor. It il applied, or eeld. at FHALQN'S, 197 Broa4wajr, and by t. L. Pawoett. UX Cbeatnu* atroot. Philadelphia. Hair Dye.?Uatcbelor'a Uenulne LlqaM air Dya, can oalv be procured at the manufactory, 4 (fall MNM, The pul'he ihould n-iard aiamat imitationa. See my various fiii lom?a Parsons whoae hair haa aaaumed a bad color from the tiac of the imitation dyes. oan have it corrected by calling aa above. Copy th? addreas ^5,COO Vl(? and Toupees always on hand ni the Wis Fsctory > f Medhurst and Heard, t7 Malrfea Lane, made of the ! >*? materials and comb nin* all the lateat iinj>rovamerte. Aleo ladiea' ornamental hair of every rioecriptloa. Call at the manufactory before purchasing elsewhere' IT Maiden Lane. We aik any of oar readers, If anything ire emlellifh*s a homily looking fare than a lino head of hairF That all can hava thia for ti re* ahilliara. ia known by hradreds who have ot'd a 3s bottle of JontV Coral Hair Keetoiatlve It makes ths ooar>cst, reughea' and went hair kcautitul to the touch and feeling, fornes the hair to grow, St< pa It falling, kr. Call at 403 Broadway. Try It. and you'll ke islighud. Bogle's A mole la Warranted the Beat Artide for sharing la nac, and if not fouad ao. the mini/, to all eaars, wtll be retnrasd; H glt'a celebrated H?yortna Plaid, for the hair, may be had of A. I. k D. SANDS, aad ftl SUION k ClAKH. Co11aana{HIon ?Genalne Medicinal CodLltcr Oil, fi r l'o?a?a>ptioa. Scrofulona AFactlone. Bhcumatlann. Gout, kc. Prepared dally fr <m the fresh livera. and ft ale. wholesale and tcuuI. by Rl'BRTON. CLARK a CO., llti Br> ad way, II Astor lloua*. and 371 Broadway, (Irvlac UN.) Coarand'i Poadre labtlle will poslWv*ly eradicate awperlnone hair from low foreheads. or aay part of the human body. Diraetiouc la Frenoh. English aad German. Ponn?l only at 67 Walker etr* t. first (tor* lroa (sot in) Broadway; Batca It Jordan, 128 Washington street. Bo*t?a. OonreiKl'i WoiHlerfHl Italian Hr4le?tt4 Soap, ii ft porfeot cnre ftad prarantlva of tlioao enltot'ioi diaAnremcnt* which daeelop* theaiaelrae in the ahape of Taa, frtcklii, Stall, rn, St. Aathuaj'a Fir*, or Eryaipaiae. Kiofvotb, Ta'.tar, Fleehworma, Nettle H*ch. Com Raah. 1'iery ??U, Yellow Spota, Dry I'imptee, Watery rim|>l>-a. Chips, tf*?.Crftckl,ftBd other akin deformities and blealahee. let th"M ladiea who an thai nnf rttiuatrly aWioted, haa'.ea to Dr GOI'li I'D'8 liUUiibawl, #7 * alter street. tlmt tore fr< w (aot iu> Broadway. ftad prjeure a oake of tt>i? artellone eoap which it heaidee tb? moat (lorioua aoapound ear iareaiod Fouad id B.ietoa ftt Baiee a Jordaa, IM VwhiHtOU t T" | Tk? Nan?7 Market will tea found on (bt Fourth Pa(t. IDVERTiSKMNTS I0IVII KHift* Ukl iwveri It Jdrtr:\*rmt'Ut imt by Wat I wuf la part pmd, ar they wiil net b? fkrt.Jrrm tkt Prll Ogle*. " RKWAKDl! ton IIVAED.? LOST, ON HON DA V KVENINO. AT tl.? I nloa Bcettni, Caatle Uarden. ft Gold Watch, (llelp Harrison Imr, No. H.fttt ) with hoary switel leal attached by black ribbon. Tha flader will reeeire the ab"Ya reward 6j ni'lj'u* ?t 81 Water eirtet, and ao luuatioat asked. _ EtWAED.-LOST. ON WEDN F.SDAY AFTEKW?v noon. la Br-alway, betweea Elerantft street and Bleeoker atreat, a email bla* eaam?lled Locket Watoh, with kaia attached, ftad eLartn. The hader will racelre the bare reward. by learia< the article* at No. 4 Carroll place, Elaeeker etrwat. Aft REWARD. - LOST. IN OOINQ FROM El FIFTH 9*J areaae. aoftr Nlath a?reet. through Warerlr place aad Broadeay. ta Walker atraat. ft kaaeti ?f email Steel Kara. Tte bar* reward w ill be pal' bria*la* tbaai to 23 Fifth aeoaaa. LOST- - ON HON I'A l, THE iftTU INSTANT. A~H*a ooataii iaj soiled Cletbat. marked O. Ii, fraa off the si.ii Do Cliatca Aay parson relarmai tha saaae to 1* 4>neawtab atraet. will ba auiiaMy rewarded aad ree.lra the tbeaka of the owaar. LO?r, Mil KIIAY AfTEENOON. A VEI.LOW, HAI.F breed Priatat aad Crerhouad Dn?. A liberal reward will be |aid for Ma, at No. 11. Ftuli atraat. PKOIAL HUTICBB. ATTENTION' CAI.HORNIA vni,l VTEEES THE ban attacked ta Cal J. D. tUoeewoeae ai| are r? !"?eted ia a'tead tke rernlar nr as of the Conjany. V t'e heM Friday aeerlai. Ear'h lat, at * o ?-!o?k, at Military 11 am l!*3 Bower y. Fnnetinl atlen >t?i i ia r* rirated JOHN H , , * I s THR NtMBEKS "I TI1K H BH X |W MI Tl Al. BIN K l Society era r*<iaoated to alteM tna faaeral of In. M. S r< hea. thia de?. at 3 a'el ck, P. M , Irom her raeiden e. Mo. 11 Howard atreat. Ej ?rdor. I E^S SAL'iyiV, Secretary. TO Jl I.I A. I'll K nUIB AH f l Tlii Mm I.ATS 4IT' i?< ? early ft*'1 for aa Istarriew. rut. Jrniiim - an imiiriih "i" r*yi b.?ted trira lb* vrltn of a rnnnioilrthiia, aicned " JulUUl." The im?m? ehall be atrirtly coaHileatlal. _ _ STATEN ISI.AND PBRRI.-ON a>U APTBN MARCH I, I'Vi. iNti Naw York it 9, II, 1. Js < 'Clock; |m? Vaaderbtlt l/aarfin( at ?, 1<?. II. 2. aadl ?'tlwt J amu CtkNNIh a x i v tti'i POl'N i' kkr i "knir f aad Nwru nrnti. Now Titk. hart oa kul a?ery artaele Mwurr for C?a?lM? Pnattsc B?tablia> III Hit Al~ FolkaV?thi heriocs rami t rolr a, and tie eotTNlWitlM of tho kbotttKhi. a Ooraaa Polka, a* Bformed at Bartoa Theatre, and arraacad l>r Oaor(a LoPabliafead aad far ?ale by BABL. t. jollie. *w Broadway. TO AHATBUBB Or Ml'MC.-POR HA I F., A ?l PP.RIOB Vlella, la A*e proaareatUa, aiade by Oa?liaa . ilia Ira, 1771. Alaa. ea? ef Kr<r4'l tapener Uaad Harpa. RAVI EL. C. JoLLlE, ,?M II road way. PIANO POBTBa -r<(R SAI.B. A SUPERIOR a IS') RT oat of I'loao Peyt?e, plata aad oraamoal'd, of til aad aaeao ooaaeoai aioo. a aaaWr of oaaoad haad Plaao Porta*, f |Md <|B*Mty. SaM'L 0. JOLLIB. am Broadway. FREE T 101,11* AND PtCTB CLASSES ITII.'. BB OB(aalaed oa Prldat areata*, at the Pr*? Vaeieal Aaadeaiy. M Alkra etreet, at A a'aloak laatraaaeata fariKM. JKWRI.HV. VVV?WAi%VW?M/yvWA^ VX'W>AA.VVS.VSNV\V\A.VWV? Watc hes, jbwblrt, andsilverwarb thoib ha ?l?h to parohAM Watchea aad J.walry will aad It greatly to tkalr adraataga ta oall oa tho eob?*rlb?r, who la ??.tertly re?olTlB? all daaerlptleaa of u Id aad Rlleey atehea. direet fr-'ta tho ?aaafa?taraya la Bn?Uad. Praaoa ad Swlttorlead. wblah ha la >allia? at holaaalo aad roaaaL A* tha ? ? lawaat arloaa. Viae cold aad rtlear P.aclUh patast Iotot Ca> pey. t?hta?. Baoaloy aad ether*. Cold aad allrey dataohod later aad leptaa Watohaa. Oold curd, foh aad oaat C'haiM Para (old weddi*< Ribab. CI atlatae Chalaa, for I adlo* Of.lo 0?ard E*ya fab Boy* aad BoaU. Gold aad *ll?*r PenalU aad (old Peaa. Lad)'*' Rra?a|eta, cold LwktM, ("Id aad aflrey Thlmblaa. Oarma far w>?oh rhatr* Oold aad aUraySpactaMeA. Btothaa alMer Spoon*. Crpa. Porka, fe?. 0AM fratehe* aa law a* I* f*1 eaeh. Vatohoo aad Jewelry oarbaai?o4. All wat?' n warrAatod bo feoop (a?d tiaaa ay aa->aOT rataraad. aUhoa, riorba aad iawalry r*?'air*d Is tho heat aaaaoy At laatb lata thaa tha aaaal yrtaa. OBO. O. A M, RN, Imyantnl fiWhM aad /ewolry, Wholoaala and Reta'l. ?i 1 -ra'M-" r .Tfii ONDiBJU-tBD ri SBI Ti NO niinf rot, tha whalaot bio *t*ok, ?<'MMtin? ef Watrbae, J. welery. biirarwata, fea of tha boat pal ty ia Her ta ?|r*e tke retail i*#iB?oa ky tbotratnf April naat. Oealara K* ethora will ltd M ta (haiy tafraet to rail aad atutiat B lb. V CbtfA, (luiae ead PJiOirja f-Mtle. B aOJT I H i, M fin^vir POlilTICAL. Great mass meeting at tamnant hall.' The 1'biob, it Must be Preserved!"?The prutnt sta'j of public affaire is alarmm*. Politicians and fanatics ?r brionmu the Unluu to ths voir* of dissolution. The *rea eity of New York ha* too loa* beea silent. Bar voice inus uuw be proclaimed in defence of the iategrity of the Union to which the ia indebted fur her prosperity aad power. tin Ueneral Committee do, therefore, invite all the Demneratli Republiiau Electors of thin eitv, who are oppoaed to thi Wilmot Proviso. and are also friend* of the Union, to mee at Tanimao) Uall, on Saturday evening, the 2d of March, ai 7k o'clock, to tale eouneel upon the present crisis. and t< adopt inch measures aa may 'end to preserve to them anil their posterity the blessings of our freat aad glorious Union "Mow and fortttr, one and insepa'abla." u. m. western, Chairman Democratic Rap. General Committee. jnib 8. McKiaaiw, j. , , Baisar ii. B>rnk. j8*1"1"'**uakret h. stkvker. jr . Chairman Young Men's litm. Rap. 0?n. Comniittaa. jimim. i iiinii. j u j. 11. Tibbktt*, ] Beerei arias. edward c. west, Chairman Cod. arr. Htm. H p- Committea. geo. j. johnson, Chairman Com. Arr. Young Men's Oen. Com'tee. Ropert j dillon, Jista t. bkapv, JiMiai.RomviLT, Wm Waikwkiuht, Dambi b. bichlca, Tiioma* Gii.k a btin, A VGi'aTi s Sdin.L, Jno. S. McH.imiN, K T. Ml' .i ii. an, l>a.viri, (Ikakv, Thus. j.BAHn, hi<i>v h. Iltisi, Bisit Anvi.itiea. in. Committee of Arrangemuu's Dem. Rep. Gen'l Com. I). In A IIAh> R. a. B. Rollins, 1'athii k IIkadbn, John O iHtnrv, Jaku Wiiight, Chu H.Liuni, Oh la n no G u e v, Jasikk m Glover, c comib Cook, Garnet ii. SthykbR, Jr., Bbmj'n a. GriRr, jambs m. tvbkbh. Committee of Arrangements of Young Men's Dem. Rep, Gen'l Committee Union or tiii: democracy on Principle. The Meeting called for the I6tn instant, at Ttmmany Hall, having b?en prevented by the interference of a band of rioton and fighting in en, the undersigm-d respectfully invite theil Democratic fellow oitizene, wUo are in favor of preserving the eiis'ins Union of time States, and who are also opposed to the "u'ilmit Proviso," and all similar attempts to creatt strtinnil division*, to neat at the tiuie and place above appointed. New York. Feb.2fi, 1?0. John m. Bbahhiibst, Nathaniel Jakiii, Francis B. ct'ttinu, Jambs Lee, John McKbon, Jabbii W. Bill, Charles O'Conor, b. O'Connor, iiiwahu straha*, fei i* inooi.sbt, aloandrn f Vachb, John b. BrowbR, w. a. gash tat. Wm. Whiti.ock, Jr. Joseph Ker*ochait, Freii'k L. Tallcott, I. & mov M Uiiftv S. hi viiw l.iriir.ims. Camfhci.i. p. White, Rmvai. phki.pi, John Ew*n, Wm. Mi Mi rhav, Ikau H?wi rr, Wm. W. I'hmx, ww. C. Wiltuoii, Manning, Smyth and InRhkiht B. moa a is, ooi.dshv. ld?'41d R. carfkntkit, llwi) F. BATVltLI.r, John Mi'Skay, Wm. Cut. H. Wadds;i.i., B*?j. Pomtur, Wm. avmui* Wm, I. Liwutno, ann many others. _ The joint committees ok arrangement appointed by the Democratic Republican General Committee, the Democratic K-pui'lican Young Men's Committee and the Committee of Citizen*, for the Great Union Maai Meeting, at Tan.many Hall, will meet at Tammany Hall, thil (Thuriday) evening, Feb. 28, at TJa o'clock. EDWARD C. WRST. Chairman of Committee of Arr. of Dem. Rep. Com. GEO. J.JOHNSTON. Chairman of Cemmittee of Arr. of Young Men'e Oen. Com. ROBT. n MORRIS. Chairman of Committee of Cltissns. IdliRS BY AUOT1UI, Auction notice-rxe'-utors" salr.?thf. sali of the 8'ock of U atchmakers', Jewellers' and other Me ehan'cs' Tools anil Rati rials, by order of the executors of Mr U. F. France, will commence ih-a dev. at 10 o'clock, at No VS Fulton street. Bale peremptory. Terms, cash. Van ANTWERP \ OS'iOOD, Auctioneers. BY JACOB s. PLATT-L. 0. CARRINGTOV, AI'C tioneer. Auction tale of Croekery. Glassware, China 100 led line Teatraya, ivory and other table Knives an< Forks, 2 cases China Mantel Ornaments aid Toy*. 3 0 Jell; Moulds, Stcne Ware, be. Jacob 8. i'latt will soil, thia day at ID o'clock, at the Auction Room, as above, a general aa crtment of C C, edged dipt, n Lit- granite, light blse, an flowered Mulberry Waro, and iron ?t?ae China, mostly new and of ftret iinality ware, consisting of Plates, Dishes, Jugs Ewtrsand llaeini, chambers, Vea'f.ts, soup ai'l.ssine Tureens, and all kimls of Dinner and Tea Ware, Toilet Ware, lit: Alio, a insntity of China Mantel Ornaments, ivory am other table Knives and Forks and Waiters, Re. Also, 1? easts and lots of Glassware, cmsistlng of Tumbler*. De canters. Lamps, Candlesticks. Cruets, Bird Toasts, Piatel Nappies, Dii-lies. Goblets, Wines. fcc. N. B ? The sale wil commence w ith l."> states William Chauneey A Co.'a Irs new patvrn White Grant'e, and all will be sold in l'>ts t suit dealers, grooers. country merchants, and others Term ? l'nd?r |6<i. cash; over ?.VI and under $100. two raonthi over JliO and under $200. three months; over $.'00 fou months, fur approved paper; or discount at the rate of 10 p'j cent per annum Catalogues at the Auotlon K?io. BT J. BEGEM AN. AUCTIONEER.-TO-MORROW Friday, March 1st. at one o'clock P. M., at No. I'M Stan street, tear Kntlcr street. Brooklyn, Household Furaitim Sola, mahogany and o'her Chairs, Tables, Rrusse's ana In grain iarp<ta. Oil Cloth. Bedsteads, Washstands. Stove' tuckery. Girandoles, Mantel clock. Mattrasses, mahogau, Beadstesd. fee. fee. KOK HAI.K A I* O TO I.KT. For sale or to let, possession given imme diately?A .House completely furnished, situated on th north aide of Canal atrtet, suitable for a private resiUsac i o boanliac hoase Apnlyat7S Writ Broadway, la the atnre. For sai e-tqe entire roubrrold fi rnin ri in the best order and nearly inr, of a small family a'>ou leaving the city. The premues * ill also be let until (Irs Ray. a nd oan I leased on favorable terme. For particulari he , iniulre at No. i-S Fourth avenue, betweea the hours v 12 aid 2 o'clock. For sale--a parr of fivr or six acres, ly ingen the turnpike road leading frem Jamaica to th Marine Pavilion, Far Rockaway. The place is in a good stat of cultivation, and le eet out with the Vet work a?ach treei For farther particulars, inquire of JOHN L.MORTON Jr at the oiKse of Joba H. Power, II'.' Fnltan street, N. Ycrl J18T ARRIVED FROM NEAR Til E LAKES OF INDIA aa, a lar?? aual.?r of awitek-tailed Horaea ?about i In ad- Md anion* th? m tn 10 reira of matched, Mil the re maiader rood aintlc term for work or the road. all roua ard Huiia brought to thla market by Mr. Wheat, of Indiani t'tidk hie (rat *l?li to ibia aity with hUMtfrom that aeotio ?f cimitri; ill n( which will be arid tor oath, at Ibe lilac U' rac Stable. Ill Eait T*?tjr fourth etreet, near He??a aicanc The borate arc gcaerell? from IS to |6 liaada high. TO LET-THE LABCE (01* BTORT IIOISB, It friar*atreet. betweca Bullivaa aad McDougal. aaitabl f'ir a large l*ar>iinf bmae For further particolare. in ialr of K. C. KlCliA kC?. at Bantu. A bora k Co.'t, No. UFia treat. T'O LIT?FROM THE FIR8T OF MAY NEXT. TCI i reapertahle family, without a (Teat maay ch.ldrcn.H: teotd. or itoid aad third t or, ?nh kltchea aad two atti r ma la a rieaaaatly iitnak< hoaae ia Hadaoa near Fraak 1 >a urcet. Trie llrat floor ia only ooeupied b> a aiagle aoapli Apply to Boa SAM, Poet ctfiee. TO I ET-FROM FIR?T MA\. AN IVtELICM TURK ttory hoaae la Kamaotd etreet. Alan one la lUak atr??t feolh aear Foarth, the (aaie ane. with marble mautcla, <frota watar, bath rooms, kc . la a complete atata af repair A apt to ALEX. M. GREIO. fifi Wall etreet. TO I.BT. FOR MANCFACTIR'NO PI'RPOSES-A the Marble Werke. comer Broadway eel Tuath atre?l ti .1 at ") ' hnadred feet by flfiy feel; ieooad atory, nil fact by thirty, with ataam power If required, tiai four to ai or eight h?r?e power. TO LET-Ft RNISHEDOR UNFIRNHBBD. TUB ELI ally Ba ahed hoaae No 1 Dcpau place, aow octuple by Dr. Valeatiae Mott. Apply oa tba premises Alao fi ale. a pair ef bay horaea, carriage aad double haraaaa, whio will be aold together or separate!) ; term a rery reaaoaabla. TO I.BT-THB MODERN BUILT TflREB 8TORT AN! attic Beaaa No. 21'I Eaet Broadway. With kaaeaaala aa nader cellar, I'ratoa watar, aad a laraa Una yard, wittigrar via aa. Ac. Rent E.VU aad taxea. la>iulreof JA V O. FR"N DFIT, No - I Columbia street. TO LIT?TB B HOI HE NO. I HIRRaT STREET. Tke aaeoad atory ll filled ay for k eel on Premieee aa be ae?a at aay hoar. Apply te FBRN AN DO WOOD, U 8aath atreat. oorner of Dt eer. To i.rr or lbasb?two run lots on b>bo I baa rrtft. (M faat ftoaC) rttraatly oppoaita tha Hadao [ Bnar R*ilr<>%* dap ot, at I f a 1< ? of t'aaal atraat Apilt t JAMES I'RIUB. <>*? 174 13m atraat. UOOMB WANTID - VitTIP. A COCPLC of ROOM ta hira from Iki lit afMay uil aa> kirherap tow r than Gran<i nr??. Baat aot la iiim4 tlUVur |llt> Ad draaaP K W . Ilarald aBca. VALirOHKU. Witmobb k t:Rar. cdmnibbioh merchant! Baatrla, California Bafar to Lawia k Baaford. Bhari Wrt?ht, Niplar; aad B P. Traadwall New Tork; J*q?i ' Tr-ad?all. k I 'my. Al*?a? , C B. Carrall ki a.. Boatma Pradaitat ft Ahlaa. Baltiaora Tha lartaai ahlpa aaa dia ahar*a oar?<>aa at Baaiaift, Wltkant tba *"/* b.c. a / ' kBI.nm n ( Al-IPHRNIA BXTRBXR. a p B ( I A I ' * with throaih tiakata (a Baa Praaaiaaa, wtl ! ?* far tkia Eipraaa. by tha Maaaara Palaaa, ai Thuraday, M?th laataat. aad Charakaa, l?tk Marah. a anal, with aaall nr^lt. paflint. aad maaaacaa. for al Kirta al CaJifarata. whlek will k? Arlirarad by tha pfopriata paraaa, with daapatch. JO UN C. THOMPSON, Afaat.iv Paarltkraak. Cr. MOTcHRISB BAN PBANCIBCO. CALIPOBN1A a haaiaf laaa ad la a aapaatsaa warahaaaa aad wharf Wltk aaWclaat watoi for llaktata. Is praparad ta raoarfaa aaa tgaaaata of aar-baadlaa. aad rafara b. tfaaara. J a aaa B aala* k Ca.. 10* Proa t atraat. Maw Tart, aad M L. Q Oaaaaa. Eaq.. Raw Haaaa. EXTRBBB^T PORTBB ( AIIPtRNIA TRA OR JAMB W Maffat, aaa'aforar af Solar Lama* Chaadalfrt Utraadalaa. Wlaka. t hiaaaja, aad OlabM. Na. IM Palta atteat. aaar Broadway. WANTBD- -TWO P1BST CABIN TtCBBTt IN HO IP laad k Aapawalla etaamar af Marak. la atahaata fa tan af April. Addraaa bat 2IM. rtbucat'om. LBlTTKLLS LITIMO BOB. NO. ?J-1IH CBNTS t oattita -I. Sir B B l.yttom aad Bra. Oraady Pra 1 i?f't Macau a a. t. R? aialaaeacaa af Cnow; Babatar' R-ply ta liaraa. .1 A > nit %n Huaboldt; Caaaaratal Ad Tfrn.T 4 Tha Ami* Eip- litlaa; l.tadoa Pampbiat I >taadar tha Hiatafian; Coaaainal Adeartinar >i Ralpl Waldo fcn?tt->a, Uoae Joatnal. 7 Tha Na*ra Waaatiaa. ai Carly'a. Pr??ar KataOaa S. Bttropa. at tha al aaa of Itav lata af Ika Caaatry; oreat Britaia; Btaaia*r aad Bnaata tar. Pa?ty Ba. atila aad U.a gnak?ra: What makaa I HmMkt Old Cloak; If DMtkW'l Baptiam with thlrt] ihort articWt. Pabl h?<l wa.kly at all dallara a y?ar. bj B. Lit Ml B Ca, aad told by Dawltl ft i???a?port, Tnuaa Batldtaia, Naw TatB. VB CABBTKB HIS orPICB.--SRB THB BRTBOPO li? for ?At* wa*k. 'I' H B JIWIM I * F 1' TUB A?R"N?AN Of TO M anm*. Kirch I, will roaiata ?! ?% BitftJ eal Bm^arrker--th? Bo'-b of Jaaah: Tha lira'flitaf, as I'nan l> atiay, Of?rta? of tha Ptr^t Pram; ( oadraatl >a at Biltlao*fi Tla lamortallty f.f tha ?oal ktbli'al lha UnWiia til Kd*a; Jawlih Betiool* la Haw Tork Paaaia laflnea-r. Wiilla antl Raratiak; Ptfaija lama: lorraal?baaa**, Im. l-rlM.I't ( ill 0?<a, 14" Na?taa atraat. ri^K iAIITB pICTl BE? OP VIUH CLASS. PROB fllirtlQI inBC a lalibatA-lmtw ?'tar? aad lleMart will appr?aia? tra painnara ?ff?rad f r taapaatiaa aad prtrata aala. tatladiac b^anttfjl tj<aipl<>*af Vaadatatlda, B?rrhan. Pan Pottat, Bi?ria, ti . a.v At'*, a oaHaotlot af Piataroa. ?T II Ori'tan, Jna . 'raa ?kat<naa mada la Pra?-? (..titi ?t y. Ralafnn ml Rn?l> "d. aahtbttad la t^? RataJ Aaadttry, la 1/>l<ta. kr, B*., ramaaad fr a i'"> ta Tit Rr adaay '>rt^a(>a tka Matal. 5. M IhapT"t - a r. ? i h i't r >r?' ttf >>,?. la a?rk' i( art, -n hir ta4^ir?at >mrr!lrni>a |or. h?ata( ,"aiatii,*?. wbt?h aa| pr?f?t? r aa ar d tint' a pi- jtaa al M'.la Talaa, baK'l l>n >tdap<in Oaa. ft* |l xjkt anted?a" Wagon*, suitable fob ore horse, ! t V with leather top. atoul aad well mad*. AI*o, a ilngla 1 harneai, for which the advcrtiaar will exchange batter. Ad draii Bnur, at the odea of thie paper. WANTED--A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yovug Protectant g'rl. ai ehainbermaid ar waiter, or MiUtint in waahing or ironiag. with belt of city rafaraaoe if minired. Pleaae call at No. 97 Seveataenth itreet, between Bixth aud tmath avennei. Can be ae?d fur two day ?. WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK. A TIDV PROtcitant woman. She muat understand making ioup?. paltry and bread; be willing to milk a cow, and paai the I iummera in the eeuntrr. Bnuh a one, haviag good oity reference, may apply at No. t 9 aihington iquare, any day thil i wtck, before twelve o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, who la a first-rate Cook, aad uademtauda paltry, blancmange!, jelliee, *c. The beat of oity reference | given. Arply at EUjabeth itreet: can be ieea for two I *??? ? WANTED--BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUAtion. aa Child'* Nara*. and to Mint iu plain aawing Iaquire at 16HTwenty< ieound atreet, nearttie Eighth a>enua, I iu the basement. ? WANTED- - A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS. OR TO take care of children, in a reipectable family, by a | youag girl. Call at 167 Lewii atrcot, third lloor. Can b? j iitn lor two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a aituation, in a private family, aa good plain ' Took; baa lo objection to aaiiit in waahing and ironiug. 1 Beit of reference given. Apply at 161 Ninth itreat, between I Third and fourth avenue. ________ WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL, A aituation, ai Chambermaid, and to do the waahing and ironing, or waiting Good city reference given if required. Pleaxe apply in Clinton atreet, the third home from De<raw atrre_t^ _ _ > XAI ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. tt a iitnation to do the general houie?ork of a imall pri: -rata family; no objection! to take care of children. Pleaie j call at 271 Mulberry itreet. Good city reirrenoe given. ! \A[ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAYT tion to cook, waili and iron for a small private family; no objection! to do general homework; and can be well recommended from her lait place, w here ahe ha* lived during the la?t two yeari. Can be aeen tor two day*. fleate call at No. ICiti Mulberry itreet, hrat Door, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the general homework of a mall lamily, or to do cooking, waahing and ironing Good eity reference will be given Plevw l" call at No SS Prince, Curat r of Mott atreet. aecond itory, baok room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation ai C'liamlrrinaid and Walter, or to do geueral housework. Apply at tha corner of Bowery and BUecker Iirftti eniriorc in oucrier nreci. IV'ANTED-BV AN ENGLISHMAN, THIRTY VBARS ! fif f*. a situation in a itor?, as Porter. fen have the Km of reference from his last employer. Can be i??n, or addrt-i-Md by not*, at Mo. V Fifth strett. \tTANTED? BY A RESPEt TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A " iltuitirn > Cook, Vuhir id4 Ironer, and l.aa no objections to da general housework. Good ?ity refersace can be given, Please apply at No. 90 Eai-t Nineteenth ?trce(. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE " young woman about 17 years old, to do cbamberwork in a retpectable family. la willing t - make hi-rauf generally nrefnl. The beat cf city reference. Please call at ?7 Mutt street. setond lloor, front room, any 'lay 1Mb week or next. WAMTXB. ON THE FARM OF TR* ADVERTISER, A few miles tr<m the city, an Englishman ami hie wife, with or wl'bont a boy from 14 to U veara old. The man'.nut understand thoroughly the rare ana management of hirsos. noil be a thorough plewmin, and understand farm work generally. 'I he ?<man will I e retired t<> ds neneral hon*ework end plain cooking. Newly arrived emigrant!would be preferred. To person* of good character, and noae other, will ?e treated with. Apply at 113 Water atreet, op ataira. WANTED-A SITUATION BV AN EXPERIENCED and competent German and Frenoh Paatry Cook, aa , 1 Cook or housekeeper, with the beat of city recommendation! 1 aa to character and capability. Ppeaka English, aa well aa y Ci'rtnan. World have no objection to go m the oouatry. Please call at 22) Bowery. 1 I 117ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE , vv young lady, about 17 reara of age, f> do c'lambarwork , in a reepestablc family, and to make herielf generally mefal. Fleaae call at ?7 Mott atreet, ieaond tt mr, front room. up ataira. Please call acy day this week. Beat of city reference j can be given. ? mi; ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG W1MAN, i M a situation. Can cook, waah and iron; ia a tlrat rate j family baker. Baa no sbjactien to do general bou?ewi>rk in t a amall private family, lieat of city reference! oan be given. , by applying at 233 Mulberry atreet, first lluvr. Cat be aeon , for two days. r "VV 4NTF.D-A SITUATION. BY A VERY RESPECTTv able Protestsnt young Woman to do waiting. or aa chambermaid and aseiat with wishing and ironiag lucbe.t - j rf city reference given as to honesty, lobuety and ceatn'H. > Pleats call for ti>o days at lift Mulberry street, first f. > r, (J front room ' VI" ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE TOCMt AMEKIvT tan G.rl. a situation as Chamoerai 4. or to tats oi>re ' of ehildrta. She Is williag to mate htraelf generally ne?-f<.I. ' Best of refercace can be given. Please a all at Si Ualreralty flaca. WANTED-iV A VERT RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A aituatloa aa look 1 a private family. She perfectly understands cooking, 'n all its branshea?made-up duhee, , Inula, and paatry- Baa good ref?raaoe. Dease call at 14.1 r Walaer atreet, corner of Mulberry, in the trunk store, lor D O, \l* A N TED?A SITUATIOn, BV A RKSPBCTABLE 5 WW young Human, as Chambermaid aim * aitar or to do t the eooklsg. wsaliin* and ironing ol a small family; is a g 1 t eook, sad an eicellent waaharaad Ironer, ard thoruuphly uai, demands rl aiabnrwork. 11 a a no objection to go In the eouaf trj Good teleieuno can !> given Call at-K #eat Twentyfirst street. Can be s?ea three days. AIT ANTED?A CLERK WANTED, III A RETAIL GRO V? cert store, one w ho ha> been aotne time in the bu?ia?es * preferred, aped 1? or JO obb from tha country preforred. N. ?. It.--Nona tut Annieina mod aptly. lot pattlculara, iu* quite at 11* Varick (treat. ________ WANT Kb-A SITUATION, BV A PBOTESTAST joimg woman, Chambermaid Bad Seainatreaa. or to <o general liouaawork. City refrrancea gtaan. t'lcaM lo r ?U 0 at No. 154 Tweatieth atrtat, l ata ten Setrath aad Eighth - j attain. * 11'ANTED-- TWOTBGl'BAND DOLL EBB.-. A MY PEK ?? pub haelag tba abort aaouit to diapaae of. eaa han- >n k letaraat In a well eatahliahed m-chaaital k?latM. a? a.lent d partaer. Tha luaiaaea will yield a haa.laouie praSt. i'laaae addr?M P P. P.. al thii office. with real name an I adJr.aa. * \LTAXTID--A PARTNER. W ITU A CAPITAL OF * t" three to fire thuuaand dollar', toextand the b<iaiaa<a ia * a '?* wheleaale aad retail drjr gooda hoaac already aatal * llrhtd aa<t aoiag a fiac buainaae. LcmntKilcatioaa alrictly ?"?td?aiial. Addreee, with real aia?, P. y . M It . tflica. * LADIES--WAKTID. BY AN ACTIVE. IBTBLLI* A p^l Iliai|ifi atltlllhl at rtlHtf't aata .a a r> apaitabla fan.. :y. Baa ao nl.jectiuato d" light bou-e*>ig. > A?dre>* " M b?" li'lH offi, ? " WAMT1D-A SITUATION. BV A Ydl'NB WOK4V B M aa Cook, or to aaaiet in * aahint mi l irvaiag. Tha boat 1 tf city reference gueB. (aa bi aichKr tau<li}i. Apfljal B ! It l|iB|HBlE I W ami ! A - 11 A :: Is I'V a v>. - n w *\ ?? aa Chambermaid, at Kara*; or i" week f >r a >ua> 1 i T , 1'B.lly. Good rltjr tefertace guar, if required. Appl/attl ?, ' brr at itnai I iV*"1*" HV A k?BPB< \BI.C Vi'i.Mi ?<> S *' a tluatioa aa t.han.I> rtuald aad ?t alter In a pnrate famllr. or <o aura* anH <! plain aewlag, ?r ?<< g n?r%l l.?nnw'ik: h?it ol eity telar?ace. Nay be aeeu at 4 ttaislay aliaet, 4 Ut two day*. J II' ANTED?A SITUATION. BV A RBSPBCT ? HI B ? * girl, to do gaaaral hou>e?ork ia a imall private '*i? Iy, _ I or to an chambarwork ami plan,, tt ia wa>laiag n aad irealag Pleaae ! eali at Be. Ml iatla Stub aaaaaa, . Iilwt>a Bialeeath aad Saaenteautl. in a'e ..aa n .4 ro fcreacca float b. r iaat place; cau be aara lot twe dt?a. UT ANTBD- -BY A BBSPI rABLE KM ? * d\ Na aiiuatioa to do gaaeral hcaeawra. ia a g>ol i!.nk> ? I Vaaher >ad Iroaar. haa eo el iwtlea m do < haaaberaark bb4 a wet tag ia s priaalr fainllr. T. a baat o' eitr r fata >ee ?la?a, II l> ir<|V r?d i aa ba a-a a (or two dajg. it aoi cagagad. Piaaae rail al III' lait rlrtat. \V B T N ' R 8 l-VAKTB*. A BITCATIO*. BV A a " raap'rtable married wan,aa, with al a>h treaat of milk. 9 . whaaa tab; ia aia waaka old. aad i? a tee oae. Bha eaa ba ; tilihly ra.? ma adad, f?r Lra'aaaa. bei *aty. aad aabiuea. I I aa* (all at 4WI f. uri li atnat. ^ r.aad with kir^iid plratant r #u? ia a ? (aataaJ. l.trdlii tww. M 111 L*?n*rd rtraat. ?b?-? iu?r? ar? tit a h* Klin Uirliri N. ?*i?rta Ir'Hiir | t*4 Hn mwt A fil>TLl*an ton his win. r 1 I, A '.rri. nr?l? C.f> ? l?. -:in | ? ' . | ^ l'?H lltp'ill-ltr"'*!. H ?'tw ? .rtdiaL |UM IM OkWlM Iff. Mmm IHkMlrf, a respkctatli vdl >13 woian Vllllltll. - l\ tiial . a la a rriaa'a famllf. aa fl-a< rat* < > k aai raa-rr Ciatl hat ?0 a?J#<!tl?>a to jn I af.-ri 4ia<*>?? la th? caaatrjr Ti ? I rai if rtfuraara aaab* *i?ra I'laaaa call at S? tail : TMiUti h atr?at. la tl>a r. ?r. h?t? r< a fiuli tad - nth %r?. j ivn. Cm ki nm M In <ap a * ?M MJ KIN OF I NI\riPTInHRH CSAIUC I\ t?f a*ta a ar natU a a* Hark??p?r '.r Fnrtar ia a etora. J ar 4 It will l>? to mak< h m?alf *?n-r?l'r na?f?l Th? b?at at I ft?j rafer nr?a fc)??a at ? kla huatity. ao>n?ty ratability tad attMtlM. I*l?a?a tddraat A. C , Tio B wrj, ar | Harald tfcct. will ba attaadal ta. ? POOK W A V T t ?, rot A pi1vati PAMILT-A I, vv . nan > irrfaat ia liar fffaaa.ia. .d at mad<t - dlaUa I ar-ry. and r'am rooking. Bay oktaia a maat daatrakla L ' n. I ? I|.|>l- mi in Mr > allay. h>t*a*a tlio A-mra of II L aid 12 at ?U broad?ay. Tk? k?tt of r?f?raaeaa will ka rt1?IH. r?*<prctabis rorwo foik irua to J. i.l tuM'ii' aa to *# tn California?nn? aa fl rat rata U>a<'?-<. aad tht atbai ??N?r?? aa I * ?ttatraM, i>r a* akjr i II to nk> a twaaritaaa'a plaaa. Caaba *allra?oaiai.ndad, aid i n Wa aarn fnr ikw dart. Addraaa a lata ar lai'ar ta P> II 1'iaa atraat, llra.klra, far Bn<U?t Ut, t* a??" ?M i r rrh th? < tjaat. TO MERCHANT TAILORS-WANTED. A I'RRM A ? alloaii .at im ft t ml Ukltthfll??L k* A flnt ?I*A? ' attar. I'll ti ?H4r?".<I or aaaa it hla pr??il amplnytra, I* W?i ! ? !? *. ( ?r atolra) H.iri n? tkM ?*k. OAHDINU. 0 XViWWWVWWWW WAVVW^A'A' w VN* vwwr * - |>r KMANKNT BOARD W ANTED, IN TUB COCNTBT' * I frr ? La4? aa4 t?? rhlMrrt, la a <|in< family. T.raaa 11 ?a" kf i"4*r?t?. Hof?r*nc?a *i?ta a*4 raqalraA. A44raaa jj I A4am,tH? afUca. _____ L^l RMfUBD ROOK* TWO N I F.I Y FU HN I *IIBD ? JT rati r?, with pantri-a. oa tha firat f< r to If", in a prl r tau fan.llv ?Hk?r ?ltk er *lth*at k'aHi ?r afnrant<-lj.?rf l?r aa4 l>a4r..'.m ?r paatnra attar' il ?a lh? a i 4 K ^ altk althar fall ?t partial t.oarl. Atply ?t 114 fraak'.ia ?. AORNTI KM AW AND HIS WIFF, H 111 BOA BO, WITH Pi t ??<l BaAranni ?a ?af< ?4 H i -r in a pri > m* family. I fit ?hara tfcara ar? a frw k?ar4?ri, ahara Uia Nabnlil , I h"?i? raa kt raalt>*4. Bafartaiaa atakaagaA. A4ir??a A. B. thia <, < *. IIAROWARE, AC. MARDWARC-CAAH IVftTKtf TIIR UN f>RRMQNED ar? r a?'?Bil/liBfor*ti *. aaA alaa at ao?' li'i, F'.r?i?a M*r4*ai?; an4 al?n taaoina/i tr-<m nanaall k.i4? if 4va?ti.< ?n>4? all M tUA ri wi to ??ll at tk? lavaat p a??M? tfi?aa. A I I'MUrim fn?, wr?,|. f... v - T-rk AND I Q: "PR TI BINO. or A A fBRt tR D 'lalttv, mtaa?a<iar?4 to nraar, al lha aiortaat mtk?, 1 a*4 * ill*-* >'4 *<??ala ?r mall, l?a*r tliM -aa M baajr'ii I* ant atkar ?*taM?a?>??n* la lha *(?y. /oil' ?. BOFFBf, 121 Prlaa*. aaAIM Fa'toa otra*t. 1 / 1 I'M RF\HI VING PilTot.l BTO.-FINB ANDC(?"I Ma* Irfhih fata*. Call'* RaTolTrra, Allaa a 4? , Halt, ! Aaallitl. aa* h '.at?r riatola; r ?4af Flaw* 1 Ita, ran ? P .?, ia4 <*hrr ar i laa la tha ar rtia* ' aitakl* 1 f<' Ik Ht>tr? k?4 Wfatna tra4? fetitlllj W . H. SMITa k Ca , t NMdM Ul?. AMUBKMKNTB. ^ I B'^TTwIMET THBATRB.--THURSDAY EVENING r.k 38th, th*porfana?ao** *111 commence with the drtmt of BRNMTiNB?Tiwonnt de Ckamiieurvill*, Mr. GUb*rt; Frederick, Mr. Uittri Emu-tine. Mi** Warny**. Juliette d'Areeville. Mil. Waleott. To be lucceedad by FORTT AMD FIFTY?Mr. Lilly.hit#, Mr. Gilbeit; Mr. Lillywhit*, Mr*. Gilbert. To conclude with the mad dramatio apeatacle of TUB SIEGE OF CORINTH- l.anciolta, Mr. Btavea*; Omar, Mr. W. H. l)err; Neoclei. Mr. J. Dunu; Mlaotti, Mr. Arnold; Fuljdur* I'onpoji, Mr. Wiaan*; Fran caiea,

Mr*. Jordan ; Alexa. Mr*. Ueibert. Door* opea at balf-paat 6; curtain rl*a* at 7. CUAMFRAU'B NATIONAL THEATRE -THl'RSday eveulaf, Fek. 2H, the entertainment* will eommaaoa With the l.OLUKN FARMER-Golden Faruiar, Mr. CliauIrku; Jemmy Twltchtr, Mr. C. Burke; Eljiabeth, Mr*. U. Itharwood. To ba followed by TUKEt YEARS AFTER, or.a Sequel to the Mytterieiand Mie.nraof New York-Muse, Mr. F. 8. Chaafran; Mara, Jr., Manor Murray: Captain iTobln. Mr C. Burka; Liiay, Mra. Booth, lubella Meadowi. Mra 11. laherwocn; Cocatiuce Shirley. Mini Lookier: Mra Acid. Mi** Smith. To conclude with UUNT1NU A TU RTI,E?Timothy Dandelion, Mt. JufTerun; Mr* Turtle, Mra. Booth. Doora (iptn at 7; performance to commerce a* 71, o'clock. MI TO BILL'S OLYMPIC theatre.-tiiihsday wrniyK- Fab. ZH, the entertainment* will c<,mu.ence *ith cli AIMS XII. ar tha Siece of atnlaund--Triptolemua Muiidlework, Mr. Mitchell; Charle* XII. Mr W'aloot; Eudiia. Mia* Nickineon. Altar which. the INVISIBLE I'KlNt e. or tlia laland of Tran ioil Delight*?Dm l,eander. Mill M. Taylor; tha lotante Kuribond Mr. Conover; X.iiilnitelitlleprt. Miia Roberta. Alter which. TBE MAN with TIIK CARPET BAG?Crime*, Mr. Mitchell; UraK, Mr. NiekiBfon; Harriet. Mif.* Miles To oonclude with th* MARRIED PACHKI.OK?Sir CharUaCourtall, Mr. i'almer; La ly Cturtall. Mia* Nlckinaoa. Dooraopcn at 7,curtain ritci at 7',. American museum? iv t barni m. managir and Proprietor. J. Greenwood, Jr., Ainiatant Manner Splendid perlormaae** in the afternoon at X. au.i titmun ?t 7.S o'clock. Ra eni4a??ineiit of Jim Crow Rice, the (creat original Ethirplan carieaturiat. He appenri at each perfortaance in th* amuaiaf (ketch ot JUMBO JUM. Ua will be eflaotiTcly luitamedby Mr. F. C. Wunyia. Mi'iiri Merriticld, Rote. Warden, Clark, and Mlftgin*, Miaoea Stanhope. Fentlaad and W?at. The popular and celebrated Martiaetti Family in a variety of a*toni*hlnc Exeroiae* and new I'ant"niinea. A beautiful liken*** of Jennv Lind, aud an autograph lettei from har. accepting rropoaal* for a proleeai inal engagement. Enurmoua LiTln* Scrpint*. tVa* Soriptnre Statuary, Madam* Rockwall. Fortune Teller. Aduiaaion, U oenta ; childraa nader ten year*, I2>? canu. BARNUM'S MUSIlill, PHILADELPHIA--TALENT, Wood or and Beauty concentrated! forming thu most Cand and mncnificent attraction ever offered. Kate and lien Bateuian, aged four and *i* years, appear in their I favorite character*, every afternoon for this week only.? , Merchant of Ventre, Richard the Third, Spoiled Child, Swis* Cottage, Hydro-Oxygen Microscope, which magnifies one I uillien timee, with other divertnemente. The enchanting I ?p?etacl* of C1NDERMLLA, with all it* dusling grandeur, will be presented every evening. Ancient and modern curiosities, Seotoh giant*, awarf, inviiiblc diviner, crocodile, mermaid, eea lion, ?*w cosmorama, and 700,l*JU wnudere, to be etn at all hour*. Admittance 15 cente; oUildrcn under 10 year* 1*H oents. Concert?bt the itaman opera troupe, in aid of the fundi of the H. B. 8. * <> B. 8., at the Tabernacle. Thursday evening, Feb. 28th, 1850. Programme?Fir?t Part?1. Overture. La Oatia Ladra, Rossini; I. bun, from 1 Sea Paaqual* by Signori Sanquirico and R??ai Corel, Do in- | I lettl; S. ( avatin% Krnani, (by request) by Signorina Truth!, 1 Verdi; i Oavatita, Roberto Deverena. by Signor Forti. Doniaetti; 6. Duo, 8tabat Mater, by Signorine Uertncea and Perrini, Rossini; 6 Prech* Anabaptists, by Signorini Beaevantaao, * ovelli. C'.uidi, and Chorus Meyerbeor. Second Part? | 1. Tip Top Polka, (by request) Marctiek; if. R< ndo Finale of Liida, (by request) by Signorina Bertucoa Marettek; X Duo, Attilla, by Signori Beneventauo and Novelli, Verdi; 4. Trio, firm Don Giovanni, Signorin* Train and Patti, and Signer F. rti M tart; ' > Prej-hiera Mo??, bv the whole etrergtn of the Company, Rossini. Deore to be open at half-pa?t ti o'clock, partormaccea coiruience attalf part?. ___ ( t USD CONCERT, THIS EV EN I NO. BY THE 1TAJ I an Troupe, at the Tabernacle, iu aid of th- Fundi of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, and the German Hebrew BcLocimt Society--Iu consequence of the greet demand for Tieke'f for the above Concert, it ia advinable that perilous ? leh Kg to be praient at the sabis. apply early for their Ticket*. as to s-cure good **at* Ticket*, Oie Hollar, to be ht d at the Music Store*, and of Fl. Areas n. 7V William atrest. Doom to be oi^n at >? past 6 o'clock; performances eommenc* I at H Mrs. hohjrt complimentary benefit conrert.--1he committee is hereby informed that the Complimentary Benefit Coeccrt t? t;.e widow of the celebrated compceer, Charles B. Horn will take place "n Thursday etei'ing. March 14, at Nible's Qrund baloun. liberally pruented tor that o.eaaionby the rrapcietor, W. N.blo, Ktq. BATTLE OF RESA'J* DE LA PALM A, FOR SXHIBltlon, at the Society Librery. corner Leonard anu BroadI w ey.?l hia grand national paiuting (2-> feet bv 12.) ha* been ! admirabl) execs ted for M.e city of Washington, by Mr. DeCtstillon, who followed Gtn Zaehsry 'Ja>! ir in the Meiloan ! r??palgii. Th* view of the battle field, as well as the portrana ol th* i era) oitic?re en the apot, are trne to nature. This srand picture, according to what th* General himself | wrote to its author, "has the lile aud movement of the real tngagf mont." The exhibition will take place on M >ndar l i??' 1.-th inatant. for a *l.*rt t'me, from ? o'clock A.M. to H o'clock P.M. A gentleman willlH in a'tendance to explain tV> prominent Ineiden<s ?f the Wattle. Admittance, 3ft eente: elllr.rta under 12 years clage, cant*. Seneca ticket V) eeeta. I/RANK MM MUSEUM, 17* CHATHAM S4UAR1V Open every evening *orlt? the week, and *r*?y Wed>>t<av and Patarday in the afternoon, at S o'clock. Pr :-e* of atfanlMi'ft 8ta?e aea'e .f7S ett.; Boxee 26 ets.: Parqii*tt* l?)t eta ; Private boxes it. The entertainments eoneiet of a tronre ef 'Model ArtiaUi." eomi.rn.i* some of the ??*t ft r?i?d women in the world, to**th?; with " Feinal* Jngrliag." " Fema!* Arab Girls,' 'Female MinatreU," " bureiiiue Coalc ?i d fancy I>ane?a," with a chute variety of New York. (miami'nel's creat original moving pictlbb J of iho rlatt Rlnaa and lt? Uatkc Alao. Tableaux of ftr?nta ol the lata FreBi'h Ratolati.>a. Noa npeu fur exhibition every evrnieg. (Snrdaja excepted,) and W?iiBc?diy nad beturdav aftemnene. aim t*> attain a at S and 7^ o'alock. Ad1 mitaioB H cente. balls. 'OO BALI. COMMITTEB*.-THE NEW ASSEMBLY 1 Kcoa.a. in Chamber* oast d< <>r to Uurton'e Theatr*. are bow r??iy fur ociupBtioa, and are rtoraineaaed i* the Botlre of caumitteaa i< paniulirly Adapted tor ttrat | rlaae MaaHkUaa sad recherche ball* Tl irty cotillone nay he daread oa the tfoor, whilo tha extenaJte promenade f?i: lira! preeeat an engiaal feature A araciuua (upper ro >tn, uai er the pnpaiar direct!.n ol Mr. Haitart, wall furonhod i rceptina roone. ladma' and reatlemtn'i drcaaiii* f"<>ma. hat and e-l-ak roou.e, refreehnu at aaloona. tee . ara taiit ooavanieatly attached an tha aaoia floor Apply ta MS. PEd(<m R. on tha premieal, (ran IV M d a'clock daily. Torial ederate. UOSIXARROVa. Woon worth PLAN IN 0 MACHINE. WITH IMf r < < fd Metallio frtBtl aa pari at to any m aaa; and alao. a\ary part of a machine lurn'?t?"l to order. Addreed | john h. LB1TBR, I Jara?T Oitv, < pr> ?i" '' <:'? ' New rofk._ Removal.-;, w. bvmiev a co. have rem<>\ i > fr.'ia 77 ta 7d Cedar atreet, between Na??u and Uraadway. ?hera lhay effar for aala a l>r?e ana mi"ne aeeort* ' gout of B alary Gloraa, Shirta tad I'rawcra. Wanllta and | Cottoa Vara*, ke. Mcrchaata aud dea.ere ara lavltei t? aail . aad axaatiaa thair atoak. \f an beans.?tw o cases sl'pebiob viailla Beat.? for raja, ty THOMAS k MAXWELL. 8S wrilUam atreat. U'lLLOwsi willows: :-i - ? bundles vert fthe French Willow#, arrival per chip Allant|.\ from Hatra. Alan, ."mki hna<l!aa ??ry haa *ui .11 Willvae, arriaad per aliir CoiiBeatkat, from H?tre. I< rule by J t I LEI . No " > John etreit <? \ MAN IS like A no," S 4 VN NBAL: "II YOU i a tr? to drive I iua an" a ay. ha la tara to ?<> tbn other." Well, that't all naht--we hata drltiar, or heinjt driven: b it if cer reader* all) allow ? to iadkato where tney can peieore tha Bioat auparh Biota at tha liweat rtic*?, will j ut jaeatloB JOB BV. U Aaa > raal. Depot op cornelii s- solar plciii lamps. Naatal Caadaiatraa, < haadaller?. ke., In Gilt and l?aI ii.nah ?oik, ia treat vailety. AgaMy ?f atlver pla'-d T ? i frw. |laud ob AlakAia. a* t2a the >a'. p. rka SK and 17 a <ii tea : Fp< aai s-'l aad $11 All a * f n. a i aal ia aptwaraaaa to pata atiaer, Vy ASIIP.X K. HOKtJ A V 153 * liliain I lUlaeaa faltoa and Ana. oppotiu tha Ch'i- b. (1 OLD i.s*p - JOBBPB hatt misiih ro iwpobm 'hit eaatataera aid all ?ea>aa>>ra of aold laal. A . that '.a i haa rrmtied t? HI Chatham t e-et, whera ha wtll r .a'lniia te t^aunfai lata, ar d ktap at all tliaaa ready, a larf* aupplf ol | the attic la. at tba rarraat aiarkct r>> * t ie' alb' alb!~>JOHNCOLOAN'S BKEWSRV Nn l\ l"t Daaae atreat, b?taeea Braa'l?ay tad Ohnr h I'f >t. 4*ka ( i Icaa I aala( puraka<i'd Bad male etleaatrealtaratlaaalBtha aM and popular hre?ary. Na |t'i DiaaaItreet, la aaabl'd to hr?w, la larga 'jaanOtiea, a lapart't ipality of paie. A Mi bar, aad Brow a Ale. wkich ha olfara f?t aala at 'ha n,-M 'f iht klad la tha city m < la n> a rtpltta with *11 tha B'On tM m>a4utt?4 kf ifpfrlfi9i?l an4 tkilfal Biallatara at I kit vara. Ma lallalU nail tr -m tha l<ttt? of f.?r? malt Ikjuot. aat U ra*4y to All thair?r4tr* ttitk (llapolch, tltlatfuf !.? > roitdinntl'iK or Hi? arti iff t|arki a? Ct|? Alt 11 utticall. <1. ViXll.ri,(.r>i|l >r d TmiI for aala. H'ABBINO MADE BAIT.-SBND MK OMR DOLLAR, Iraa at r'ttu" and I -111 mi<I paa. ?J mail, a pna><t4 t'rrular tltiBR pit la 4lrtcti?>i/? lur aathibf tlothaa, thai vill rtiakla ? ? ptra< a In 4a all tha aaahiapat a lar*a la-a I f hitrt knatfaal. lliu iitKlni all ?kt *?*fatfiaaf awaahli???7 Thl* aiaih>.4 rt iilNi > Biaahiaaa, waahhaaf4t, of p< at ?ia? karraia? aa rafcliag tha alia at joar flafftrt-aa ?ar1?i i r knitoaa, aa4 aaanax oat tlothaa. IhitpUatata* |ha tlavaaa taakaathara whilar. a*4 attar l?j?r? tha itaaat fal t't. Tha artirlat uta4 tut hnt a fa* Man lor l?r*a ?? *!**. Tha tlm lar aim mttalai tlmtloai for cl?ar arrhiac ivma* la^aa, waihiaf aa4 rltaalat ailk*. Ii4 lata* ra??MB* ilalaa, trtaat tpata, ?' Thaaa art tha traatatt ahtaloal tlMairflMil tkt at*. San 4 lltltti ta M4iaa IU V f.I T. Patoal I aoit4rtt>, Nt? Tark, p -?ta?t |ai4. Fat aalt at 4.1 in > t-> , aat?a4 or ______ AIM 1 I- PI'HI If ItV IBB, GRATIS, AT KT aliatol tha Batata an4 at<raaaoa ( thrat haa4ra4 paraoaa la all or at j of ?l ota rataran-. ?! ha aa4a, at 4 aha *111 all aaatkiat ir.'ia aipantara. aa; that II It tali rt f Irat Ibal aat Ia4| may. k> a lai >?? plat, cat tlir< "?h Ik* aatkiaf of hat fan. lr. hvwattr lar<". la oat hoar, at aa ttpaort at If aa Ihaa an ttn a, allhont aaiplojlait ha|p?f art atari i, a or ?air? taaiphloa. tar|?atiaa. ?r amntoala.of aa> aiatartal thai ?t<ll fjart lit c.alhattf ilia htraoa aaiai It. Nr< rakblcg It rt<|alr*4. Tht tlolhat ara roa4t af a bttttr *aUr rat rcuain loafer oltaa than w*ita wa?ha4 >a tha aati (?at<4 p .aa Iaa44itl<a to tta>i?mtlala fr m Oan-tal Tatlar. ??B?" ?t clarirrtt.aa aa4 cltlitaa, a!a . tha U'in4 rtat al gam Victoria, I rtfor " thao4llnraof tha follaitla? paptra ? I'hrta'iaa lata.lijrattr. N?t Torh Dailf liO'tor. Tark Patk-Tia>lar. linrwalk liatatta, Hah ay N.(?wr Faitltt Ktwa, l.<>?t |alan4vr, tia.ti.aia Ta.,ra|h, W.alIf N>at, rta;.a'?r 1ala(rapk. Kla4trh?nk laat oal Pat*taf?o fJiiftrrffar h rilarti hltwa, PlaialltlA I ataa, U"nM??4o? t>*Bi?*tst l.?r" ?? I nl>a. CImiimII 1 rniM. UnninlHK.MCM, H?ac<>r A4?'r'it?r. N?i4at<>a* Uartlta, llaarl f-r <'?aaUtatlaao'ltt, l"rafaa?l ?*l Aliaa???, Frt4?r<i-k City MfiinKT. FithktM ktar 4?rl W, **? ? I fit. Rhlathtak U?:-tt?, I'trkfkiM k?|nUi'M. lit Mary'* iNttt, I'tll* Btiataril, Rtrublleta A4rr.aU, ? lnor, II-ia? J arb.1. f:?f>iitt Wraort*', tfr * nata.iia-r, *a)n>aa Cauatjr ?I l(i. IVtt Tokfa Tla.aa, Tha |,ily, *antnk R*|nl h>'an. 1 Ia?*ar4 OMt'U, M?n OtitlM * >thar'r o>iaf, Itrcna ka'aTtaj Kamhlar. Th* K<aaM*r, Ntw Vrrk Lily, BtirllafinB UtHtM. My ata<?m?at aian t.t if ?. or I ???I4 act ?t?? ta'h f?l?WfN. Hj pita <? la a l?t nf thirty-twa lift*. at>4 U It ?in?-l? a MH taa a?<t)>itan4 It fn*a H mra ta Mil ? #?a4 ta ! Ullrtl'M RH, K*< ta W, Na *i Nat tan ttraai, Wa? I'ark, trhtra tpa?tB<?Pt of vutiian tt>4 Imiia aitit -aa M h II P?bi ?'t port, ta a in ?4 aBtal<tpa. ra rasaip-, ?( a tallaf, aa4 a an tm aarrtaty ti??a Ii r*<|aira4. 1>aniicii *& iiorfci ro thk i.aiwm -run rm t ater taataataara af tha!?4l taf Naar Fork, aa4 iay Batnr.raa >ntt??t? 'f.riu?S>at Ua I'fial Atai. I l?.r< aom? 'h?l I ht?t a t4? ftiinn'n'i with Mr >t> Nnaaa, ta m?lt?. ?B n* > half, all "f1m, tm?na!<>a'i >n?, ?a<4 atari, at h>a ?tll karat ta4 rait hrttat Ph a U'l t 4 ft??a\ Naa ? tk 0. A 1,1 Rff, lata af N? I Hafraf at 4 Af tl ral?< fatfl '?iaV.i?hai?ai af TfeotLaat k h?a. L?4t?a a ill |'?a.? <n- 't u a* Gf.Ut.AN IlLVti AND <lll|T IIM?t. Of A 8Lf?f?t -.aali'y a?4 at rbaap u na ha k?ti?ht at tar atlta* t* aHitl a-at ib A??tl?t. aaafar'ar?4 ana r>r ?tlt thalai?'t ?a4 fflail. t? J/t KM 0, M irrKf. Ifl Frta** ltr?tt. ?n4 IV . M , , r*)i041 U(? I tlllU'I'.M) 1 t*k?-? ltt?? i? taa'tata ta tka tia4? MM' ht? ?*rti?4 law of t?.a it ara faa-ty f f ta'iaar*. ta4 ha a??t4?atl| rta a??tt?t kta i???ir?>Bt that l? it rtiaaria* *i taf ff I ? l?iatt r(t fit T*t m?*t t?ar?'|???ta4 ta tttia'at far Uitatrhll. J'rtt fa* tht *>f <rt ?aa 4allar A. ItUltK, I Caait'ts4 llfttU AMUByBnBMTB. j RBOADWAY THBATBB-B. A. MASS BALL. SOLI MJ L? !?.?ThuixUy itmiii, Irtriirr 2H, will bt p*rformed, the new oomedy, entitled BXTREllS-Mark Mayfcorry, Mr. Blaka; Edward lilts. Mr. Jordaa: Mr. Augattu* Bmiley, Mr. WheatWy; Al?ri*ve, Mr. W B Chap- i nan; Uuh Utakini, Mr. Sk*ra*ttt Mr*. Oldrich. Mr*. Uield; Virginia Oldticb, Milt K. Hora; Mr*. Croaby, M>n? A. PUber Ntliy. Mr*. t)kcrr?tt. To conclud* with th* fare* of TUB WANDEBING MINSTREL?Mr. Crincum, Mr. Matthawa; J*m Bag*. W A. Chapuiao: Mr. Tw**dle, Mr. Hind; Mra. D Criucnm, Mr*. Hield; Julia, Mil* Olivia; Peggy. Mia* Carman. Door* open at 7; performance to oomniiti at half pa?t 7. Burton s theatre. chambbrs street ? t Thuraday evening, Feb. 27, will be played DOMDEY d k WN-ir Donk ey, Mr. Lyase; Ca. ait Cuttle. Burton; Major Joe Bagatoi k, Brougham, Jut Bunaby, Brougham; Mr. Tool*. T. Johutton ; Editb, Mr-. Ru***ll ; /lorenoe it Domley, Mir* Hill; Suaan Nipper, Mrs I roogham Over- K. tor**, by th* Orche*tra. To cunolud* wi h th* new farve 01 WILD DlH'rs-Hergeaat Robert, Mr. l-> nae; Grigon. Mr. f> Jcbn*t?n; llenri, Uolmao: La Cour, Mr. I. vere; Farnouiee, Mi*eCh>pmau; Madam* Urigon, Mra. Holman. Bmea, Drew W Cirri* and fari|u*tte .V o.; Family Ciroie, JSo. Door* op*n El at ?i1,; c >mmenee at 7 o'clock. ^ Italian opera, astor place. below nonta . Btreet ? Benefit of Siguorina Apollonla Bertueoa.-Friday veiling. March I, lhAO, will be performed for th* lieaent uf cj Binortaa A. I.11? -a Roaaini'* celebrated Opera leria ? OTELLO? Dtadenioua, Bignoriaa A. Bertucca; fcmllia, Sig'n. tl Avogadro; Otello, Bin Forti; Eliniro, Big. Novell!; Roderigo, . big. U. Guidi; Ingo, Bi.r. Beneventano; Doge, 8ig Patti. To be followed by tlieaecud act of Ll'CIA 01 LAMMERMBOR b< ?Lucia, Signnrina A. Bertncca; Kdgardo, Big. Forth Aehtoa, . Si . Beneveutano. Director and Conductor, Max Maretiek. ' Leader, ilcrr Krtutzer. Prior* of adtnitaios:?All leat* in t! Bote* or Parquet, rooured. $1 4(1. Admiialon on tbeeveniug <f the performance:?Parquet, $1; Amphitheatre. 25?. Box 0 office open ever* day from 9 A.M., till 4 o'clock, P.M. Door* t, open at 7 o'clock; to oommenee at half-paatJL 1TAI.IAN OPERA?ABTOR PLACE?COM 1'LIMCNTARV " Benefit to Max Maretiek.- The committee *f the iubaori- * l-er* to the Italian Opera have tlie pl?a>ure *f announcing J that tb? following committee* have volunterrad to eo -operate with them in (ecuring a " bumper benefit" to Mr. Max Ma- * retitk c0mmitt*e*. Hi* Donor Caleb S. Woodhull, Mayer of th* city of New tl York; Robert M. Bruce, Ea<i., Geo. A. Buckingham, Exi , U >i-?. r t'l.anmnti >., Jo..,,I. V fl.kl.v C?., W rl Pturievant, Es.| ?in l>eb?lf of the committee fur the relief of tlie Ha^iucitrcet suffer'n T. C. BeaU. Kiq., M. D., Proliant of the 8t. OeorRc'l Society? In behalt of the St. George'a Heeiety. P. Arpin. Ea<|., Laville du Beuoaux, Ee|., Henry de Couicey, K?<|., Eugene Plunkett, K?| , Regie lie Trohriant, Committee from the French Benevolent 8oiic*y David C. Colden, E?'|., William P. Chapman. E?.| , Thnmai 8. Mamblin, Em.?Committee of the American Dramatto Fund. Samnol Cohen, Ii<t., P. J. Joaohimsien, Ei<i? N. B. flertp, Jun., I|'| , Oeorge Godfrey, Eti|.?Committee of the Young Men a Ilelrew Benovolent Society. The evening of Thuriday, the 7th ef March, hat been (elected for the above complimentary benefit. Particular! of performance! will be duly announced in future advertltementi and Mll?. Ticket! for Boxci und Par;nette.... Two**. Ticket! for Amphitheatre Fifty Cent*. Rubciribera are reapee tiully re<|ueited to. aoenre their !eat? on or before Saturday, March 2, ai those aeata not icoured by that time will be let on Monday. ITAl-IAN OPERA, ASTOR PI.ACE.-31GNOR 8ANQPIrioo haa the honor to anuounoe to hi* friend! and the public, that til Benefit will take place on Monday evening. March 4, on which nrcan?n will be presented Moiart'i Grand Opera of lH>N GIOVANNI. Box Book now open.^ Benefit carb.-mr. hollerman. costlmer of the Italian Opera llouie, retpeetfully inlormi hii Iriendi and the public, that hi! BeuttU will take place en Saturday evrriug, March 2, in which oooailon will be performed llel1 ni'a Op<ra Seria, NOHMA?Vornia, Hignora Patti; Pollione (f< r the hrat time in Ameriea), Hignor Ouidi; Adalgtieaa, Sl*b> rinn An alia Patti; Oroveao. Signer Novelli. ODE0N! FORMERLY THE BOSTON LYCEUM.? Thin eatabliihmeni w ill open for the aeaion. on Monday. March 11, IMiO. Laoiea and Gentlemen of the Theatrwal profeiaion. dcliroua of forming engagement!. are requested to adilrei! their letter! (pnit paid) te JOHN CROITA and I.EWItJ J. MESTAYXR, Manager*, Ne. 4 Chauuin* atreet, Boiton, Mail. TO PROPRIETORS OF FLACKS of AMUSEMENT. Hotrli. Public Cardeni, Minium, Theatre!, lie., out of New York City.?A Company, p.rfectly original, and different to any other Company in eiiitaact, are about atarttag on a travellirg tour, lud would be happy to make engagement! with r<ip<>fcaible ner.soui. The Company coaanita of tin pert'inncri: three laaica. and three gentlemen, who appear in the band at the "Female Minitreli," ataiated by the ' fable Brothera," three children, a*ed three, live, audieven yiara old. known ai the " luiant Family," wto give, separately and together, a lariety of entertaiaxienla, whioh aloe* would lm ure auacee!, and a Female Juggler," all of which arc calculated to draw orowded and reapeotal le audieuoi. For full partienlari, addreu the proprietor of the Franklin MnhMini, 17."> Chatham S Blue, New York. 1BCTURB8 ON A ST BON OH! AT TBI TABERN4CLB J ? I'roleetor Hitch ll, of Cincinnati. prepuce* in daliter 11 * course ot throe I erturet, on tb?- following topics:?lit Tne t CoMr ti tv of tie lltftvenp. mv lviLr au eioomnn of ih? tj diicoTtred l>v kirk wood. i'J, lh? ipj^liciMon ?f ?, Electric M*KtieiUui, anil il? probable influence ou the future proerea* of the science of Aatrnoouiy. 34. Struve'e new l>i?eottrlw and Theoric* toncliins the Conatellatioa of the Milly W?jr, and the Sidereal Bettinr la New Vork on W'iciic?d?) tvcnuiir, March fi. rriday eeenim, March Kth. trd til Tueeday eeemok- Match 11- In Brvt'klfn. at the Irmale A< edtmy in Jcrolomon ?treet, on Tureday evening. March ft. 1 liuraday eveniBK Match 7. and on Monday, March 11, onaneuciuy trecieely at 7!? o'clock I'M. ticKH t?r aiml- le.tnree, (Oenti; d", for tin eourac. $1, to be had in New Vork. a' C. * Pianola a Co.'*, No. 'J''-' lifadnay. an I T. J. Crowes'*. N n. !:j\> lirotdway, and at tbc Taburnacle, On the cninti ol the lactate*. In itroohlyn, at Wilier'* nooki'oic, in Fnltoa lireet and Blagroee a drucgiat at are, in Atlatlic Hint, and of Mr. Waraor, at the Feaialo Aoade*ay. UTiI.Ml4l.U, .'vi STREET.? TEE MEN HOCB M mcreH of l*r?fc?aor Quirfa Mullet a unrivalled troupe of Kamale Model Artift*, M:natrel?, and Ballet liar.eer*. <rh< ai raar oi/htly, in eonaectiop with the labia Brother* and iliiuri. lilM performance every Wrtncaday aad Saturday, at * e'eloek. (I| pmI|i Mew Haven Railroad. roc y OI NB, ON TITBSOAT MORMNO, IV RIIHiE a atreet.bya p<or woman. IJe haad?i?e mahogany Box. nil biokaa opee and abaadened. The boa contain* many valuable pat era, aad ran be aeeo by the owaer by calling at Hid*<- ttnet, uad paying to th e Under the an peine of advailiaiat. CI.AMS9A CARMAN, 89 Ridge etrect. IIIHPIRO. 'I'lir. BRITISD AMD NORTH Atff.RIOAN R. M 1 e:e*mal.ip*. h?twe?n New t ork and Liverpool tud betwaea Boaton and I.ieerpool. calling at Ualiiai to land aad r< eeiee Mail* aad peMoiigor*:? Aaierua Item lioatoa. Woineadir, March 6 I anada from New Vork adnaeday, Niagara from Bo*l"a, Welaeeday, April .1 lurupa from New York, W'edaeeday, 17 For freight or paeeaje, apply to __ 1. CiIMARD, in . H .1 . fcmr ITMITED STATE* lAILRIMIH BCTWEaN NEW J Vera and Li>erp< >1 ?The ahip* cbBtpomag tat* liao aj* ! ti c A1LA N TIC, Cartala VoeL I'AtlMC, Captain Nya. ARCTIC, i'ap aia l.uce. DA I.TIC. Captaia OnaaUak, A OK IA TIC, I'aptMB Oral ton. The** ?hlpa haviag feea buil. by ^on'raet eipreeely lot governaent *er?io*. every ea.e ha* be?a takea la their n.aat?notion, a*, ale*, la 'heir ?|laH, to eaaure (tr'ng'.S and (peed; nnd ibeir OoM.nain> datione let paaeenger* are naxjeall< d fur eleaai oo Ot aanleit I'rioc oi paaaage ft m New Virk to Liverpool. ?!.*?. Eiclnaiec n>e c( State Ii?au i*nhr|ta 11 t rcu oa ma p.ioi ma max irn??t ?i ll| PIT tUWARli K t OI.M WS 7? South atf?at, ?* to HMO* N, Si) II'IBY A CO . Literpnol. On* of ?h" hit-* ul ihit liaa will (All h? nca ua Sa' urduy. the 27'h A| r11, and return. laaelac U?orpnn| ok 4 the Ifttli III May i ?r.i anotW will Mil h>iii? fvt Liverpool o? H-i'itrdajr, tho 11th ol >i|, and LI??rr"M. on Wid??"<l?r. th? H"h May. Aa e?rorlanred auifron will b? attach*'! t > - ilk hip _ 1' E BO I C II Lilt fOH BiS IK AN CISCO, VIA C!IArt'i Tho taaiuebip ''II BR ikEK w i'I oall from Pior I No. 4 North Rleot. f >f Ch?rr. ?. oi Frllay ftareh ISui, at 3 a'rkck prflacly. Th? I'tniii'.ifi Philadelphia will tut'eo<l III Cbttokn, lotlw in Saturday, Md. a? 4 o'nl'n-k. I'aa p*r*?ii will I 'm- ih?lr hn>(i ? k?>r4 IM 4<; rntnai. fi t fitial.t ft paaaa*', phi; <u IIUVUND * ASPIVWA'I., W? It ?4 H South etro?t STRA M?!l IP FROM PANAMA FOR SAN FKANCISCO ? aliforaiA ?Tho ? ? uhaianllal ettatr.ahip WEST POINT, i iit M. Hunt, built ia Now Tork loot year. ampiroole lor tha Pan#* trado, will laara Ptiimt, aa akoTa, about the kth o< t|T'li aad ?? a<'onniaiodate A low caoro nklt i?wn|fn, wLu afcould ! ?? Now tuft k? tho imh latitat. Apply to WILLIAM L. T'HI.R. At It. K COLLINS', 7? South ii y I' II I A I. I I I) H K I A . SBW ORLEANS, AND " I hiiril.-TU row tail arlendid etoaiaakip FALCON, 11. J. IlirH'tl^ laited Sie'oa Nitj, Cnmmaador. Tbe I nlted Statoe Nail St'Af>i>hip Cirp?DT will >loopa<eh tho Faleoa oa Thnieday. tho 7<Ui takr-iaW, at .lo'al.ak P H.. (( ? hot Met, f< ot of Warren (treat. North Rirer, fur HaI taaa. >.w Orl*ene. aad CbairM, toaahioi of tbe bar at ! Cbarloatoa and Savaaaah. : Tka Fair. a haa rapannr a?c oaim->da?; <ne, with doable tt|lm, ai.d qaalitioo uaiurpao? 4 If aif It aim i nl k'trlaoa la the world. 1 l>r*rcb tieket* to f ia Praaolaoo ana ko aoourad aa appUeatioa to tkr nlfcoo < f tha <-? >( aey. pat a or rtiinoi-raitai y a aa* rMAwciaco. Mat. K m B-rtha |3M toarare Bertha IM lata Rneia |M >i"irt|i U Apply fur frelakt ot pvaaaie to I ' * iRKRTR. IH TtMiHNi L^CiR SAN PRAM ISCO, PALI PORN I A.?SUP A I.B A r alA will aail thio wook. and 'ia tak* a taiall quantity of , ft?l?l t. Tko now ol'ppar kar* H i?m. now laadtag. will ha?o imaiodlato fi-opa'ch. Tha Uiora lota( iharp hmll aad af , amoll capant), i.Tari anuiual indu om-ata k? akippora : I v ! II >l.tlBKOB, ir , ' t Wml atfMdk ffiR C'AI IPOBN1A DI'PATril LI NR. TIVB SRIP r HI Ml OO, Miliar, mao-at. la lo?ala? at plat SA Raot alda P'ik <lip. p.aot titer. Bhlppara will karrjdown thoit traijkt aa thara will ko ao d'la*. A ! w aa< ad taku paianum ail I k. takoa ft. ft SrrrON a I'O , M * all atroot. { J 'Ml s (i i UBS IK Mali .traal K BUI LAB PAl RBT LINE PoB BAN FRANCISCO, Ctliforala -Tho A Na. I Taatoa akip ROWtjUA, ?l '?* tnaa karthoa, ban at ot? half kat car*n aafat- I will ] I haoa iwiaadia'o doapatrk. Thia oooaal la of thr aamr olaai aa tho Manual Hon.II, aad will a* doukt noka tha pwait> ia- i aid* of four aaaiko for kalaaoo of froUht ot Mnaia, apply oa knatd. loat af W all o'raat. vr to 1.1 n 111 w r tit. Wat atr"' aoraot nf Al^aur otrook L'OB KAN PRARt.lBC'O' SBUILAR LI N B TH * PISR r nowly 0 .pporod ooty faat aalhnt atiip H A?ua('iIO>BTTS. t. apt, paaipana. at plat* tin Rir-r. oaa taka tbd kalk af Mi karrala if nff>r?d'mmadiatoly Tba o?lo*ratod o 'PP*r ?hip RoRP., rapt piat I Rax li'lt. I""l af Rf ad ai , kaaiaa thr*a-fcnrtha of hot oarit oacacod. wltl follow with qniok ifwaatrh For iralth' apply ta ISA AC T SMITH, lot Wall IV, o?>raar Proat. ??i pa Hi *. i. irr.f ALiPoRMA ritRB41 r tifnl Itahi draft fa?t lallln* lark ON VX. Oapt Har-t a*. a x I'lf r I r. * it m V?r Will Ifi ft r?w ?**? %*? r%n fj : f? f r? i|f h Th# m# r ?i ! ( r l?rl T i. i I tlHRO hftf"f i ! ?* f>?r: of I ?r rftti . \ wt I ifttt I , , i % .... i?1 " IflA/K T.Uin, M H^JIftl , froil 1? i^u* 'AN mtm iHu. ciurinwu-iBi <?IP * r I l!KIK1M>* I r. ?M?t?* Ifcatitlt n f *?' kifr?t. f?. . ' t ?4 Hm r mi ?* > pww i ri Aiiift* si?r ,* k Hi" <?>. - * " ?* *. ? ? t j?|M W II.D CLI. ' * in , i. n i * ilftir > i ? - - th 4 *Pi?"?nio *tw * r IMI Ii.m *??rl? r??H7 ...? am. I, ill ..II ia f?? da?? <Imm f?r ?a? Tra* ?< ? Tft* ?w..rt , Itl'l !>? ? * * , h*?l?* l?* *<* * ir.,,.. nf' i.r> 1* t?. ) " ?* > * ir>?.i?.?fal I rr' t?r f *r' ?>> ?? ??< ft iuuk'T*, Ihla ill *1 H ! NV fhM* * |H??tli) iml fr*i?kt k*tak?a, ? lliriX I f i*?'' "It _ _ ? cinrrmi *r th? amr < h m?ti*> * rm <i?w h ? ' IriMi" ?>ll |.i?a? .**4 th* .( ?i?*ir i ?4? ?? a I l*i4. kill. ?ri*<liii? for ?Ua?i?r*. ? lit* ?Ar? *f . ?"hh hi*. **v ? r?? *?*! r tin ?tR?m i imt m>?f w *i L?ioi f,, rn? * tl. f*?k >hr r-rrf. BSt i* IH tt.i, _ mH'B li>??, ?< M? f..t l ?, Ah* will * ?.<< *l*ap f?r i ?.h i * u a* th* f?*? ?f * >& e dirri ? I - r fnf'.Sif rtflr i '? ?- ' rly to * W #.? ? Tf rr?n?>***?t. W. Y or Cltfla N*?la, ?l k m?'i t *aal) il t*l, W ilbaatk jr?k. KL \ [INTELLIGENCE BY THE MAILS. Patrick H?ry on the Present Crista. WASHINGTON, Feb. 28, 1U). "fts Imminent Danger of tkt Union ?The Cririt m fVuikin flan? 7*? Fttttnl Jilted of the Ureal Question ? Where! Clay, and Calhoun, and Wthftr i wab sin: ? We are on the nr; ere of bloodahed in the eipHcl. bare ia no telling when lta crimson atreak? may slugs the halls of Congrsas. Without bwo 'i arnicg. el?U atrife and massacre may commence, f <r will begin here. The flrat blood will not be apllt at aabvllle, It will be in Washington. Thar* la a arful and an alarming state of tbtnga hare, and hen or where It will end, God alone knows. It ia imsarible for those at a distance to realise that tbalr slrgates In I ongreea are preparing fur auoh scenes as ave never been witnessed in oar heretofore peaceable ivll oonteets. The Southern members are excited to le hiKbei-t pitch. Men go armed and are preparing >r the contest and personal strife that will ensue (fore a week baa passed. We are in the erlsis so >i>K and ao justly dreaded, and Monday neit will be be da; when the ruptur* will commence. The seene n last Monday week, day and night, will be repeated, ut In a more frightful and tiagia f.>rm. Yon will Fint-inbtr that reaolntion day onnies on Monday of trrv Apocnd virk Nt*xt Mr tiditv ia m. da* all uuaL read, mod wait with deep anxiety ttie uorriUo i*nue birh will take plaee. The itate of bad feeling which bit "tinted from le commencement of this Congr*-**. between Northrn and Southern member*. I? hourly iaoreai-iug, ad beoommg more intense and aUrming. There danger of an Immediate rupture. *al onoe earnenced by blooJfhed her* where will It end ' it revolution that we are starting upjn ?revolution > it* meet tremendous and daogerou* f.rm. it 1* revolution of the Southern minority agilnst the rerbearlng tyranny of a majority the wont form r tyranny whioh ran exiit. ( oilUion between th? omber* from the Northern and Southern aeetlons i inevitable. It la hoping againit hop*, to hope bat it may not take plaee at once-Immediately.? he Northern member* are playing on a, hich may opt-n and pour out tir? and tUme before bey di*am ot it. Personal conflict* will take plaee: hey must do *o, a* *ure a* is the fact that hard rord* lea<l te blow* and tne Sourhwrn ineo do not arm ilth deadly weapon" without letting that tbey ar - In anger and determined to me them. A challenge baa Iready peered UitId. of MIsslsRippi ha* challenged HfS-ll, ot I lit nob; a rencontre will take place; *houid 'till be killed, there are dozen* of member*, In the irerent Hat* of feeling, who would not hesitate to take he lite oi hi* antagonist*, fietol* and biwte* will lot be cariied to tne llall of the House of Repreaenta.Ives much longer without being u*ed; a-id if de*<Jly itru^-gUs once commence In the House, the Northern member* will get the worst of it and be it borne in ntnd that Washington I* in a slave neighborhood. I he citi/en* of the State* of Virginia and Maryland ?ill not stand by unmoved when tbelr member* are IgbtJng to sus'ain tbelr right* their property andheir institution*. The conteec will lege out*ide of tha rails of the eapftol, and the Southern oltiien* are rttdy to pour In. and where then i? our proud Union ' iti/.en* murdering each other?*?ction against section -State against State and citizen sgaitixt eitiien. One 'erk may bring all this about, while men In the I'orth are crying ' peace peaoe; union union; It Will II work itrelf right.'' The alternative of re*l*tance or cconditional submission, I* all that ha* yet hsen ot-rtd the South, and they, here, now or to morrow, re prepared to accept the former, and to keep it op to be death, and their constituent* will follow their simple. It tl no party unarrel The Southern whig leader* re a* devply imbued with tlie eplrit of reda'ance, o the knife or to death, as any Southern d?raolat. Whom (iod wiihe* to deetroy, he fir*t make* iad : and the member* of the North are actuated cerHialy by a spirit ef madnei". or they would halt, and ot driie the Southern representation to open act* of ersonal resistance. which must involve the eonstltu Deleft of both pectlon*. C'??I la commrnceitnl dt Im /in, ji Napolrc n once eald. The nut week, In all human r> babilily will 'commence the beginning of the eml" I thla Union Revolution* never go backward*. A evolution liai* commenced in tbe lulled State*. In "78 It wae among a large portion of the citizen* of tba lolonie* agalnftt tbi tyranny aLd policy of a tyrant goi eminent? a King of Y:ngland. It now baa commenced by a large eectien of the I'nlon agaloit a woree tyrant kud wor?e tyranny and oppre**iou the deepotle, anjui-t. uncontrolled policy of King .Majority-the Northern tjrant. who would fatten forever hi* (hackle* upon the noble and gallant rnna ot tha South, be:au?? be think* tha South cannot offer a earceaafal reftlntaoee. 80 thought <rg? the Third and hla minister* ; and arter *even year* of bloo4y war, they wera taught a le?*on which tyrant* and tyranny ;an learn in but one way. The abtliM ui*t? and free Mler* are at their work -they arc tha real di*unloalrt* ) efttniay, Old* llngft and tia allie* attempted. In the House, to urce down abolition patl'.lra* aad to fan atill mora he ember* of dUeord la that llouaa. which area new rant but a *park to kiodle ibeai lata flame* that will auee dertruetlon and havoo all ar?uad ua. Krom tha *orth eoiue Incendiary and eirlilng newepaper* >y every mall. Head the editorial of your Horace ?ree|ey-the Kourl-ilte abolltloijlet of Now lork. trad tba leader of the Trikun* of Kebtuary -<ld, "But he t nlon' the t nlon the I alon think of tha peril of :ba I nlon' Well, we do Iblnk of It laitead of leoutmg or ridiculing aa cbtaerloal the Idea of a dlteouttou of the I'tilon. wa llrmly believe tbat there a ~e Illy member* of tongrer? who ib.i da; de*tra it. ail ire pl< tttng to effrct It We bate no doubt that li? Saebiille c nteiitvn will lie held, and the leading purree ot ita author I* th? eepaiation ot tba dare .titles r?m the free, wtlb tha formation of an ludepeulrnt ?outb?rn confederacy. We do int ee*k to betiitle Uil? plot; we kn< w 1 bat It la formidable, aad woulj do what e may to defeat It By no word of needle** provoaa:)<> ?ko latolliog tauat- ao tbreateniog bravado euld w? '?| ply weapon* t > the ready baod* of tba |trunt< nlet* hut of lb- two evil* timuuion or *iav?ry xteiiflon we prefer the former. Ot the two peril*, wa otid?r tba latter tbe moia lm>uioent tVh?atrtr he alterr.atlve rball be pretexted. MJIve to slavery 11 tbe territory routb of Jd 80, or tba l aloa 'ball >e 4lrfti lead,' our anower tball be. Terlak tha nli n freedom and juetice for a?er ' " Th'?e ?re bonently eipr?-fed eouiuent*. aad come la t< ?il time It l? the brut time three ra-oal* aad knaves a>a erne up to the eoiaich, and told what they ara Irivttg at. I ha Houthern eeutlon will meet tbt? ^nation low and hereafter, at Waeblnnt< n or on the on*,, 'ktrta of their bcnndatle* 1 he?e are the r al *?atl> nent? of the ho-nt abolltl"iiletr, and tba real o nect tif the h)p critical acau>| ? lb* free eniiera. Th?y w>*!? Ibe I tlnu di*?t>|ved. '1 b?y kl<>i>? oannot afleat it; bit Ibay can aid m ? t powerfully In ati'riu,? up the p?aliona of otter mm in < i>ngir?" and the paople at that will Ffrratl rapidly. until. at a iiu|Iii b.ew <nl ?brn leaat nprcted the U nl?a elll to- br ken Into t?n tboueand at?ln* Wby ?r? th? Sutfiaro in >? >elled ulttM and d>?unl<>ni*ta ' Mow ran a Southern mail b? ultra. *h?n ha I* aouaj m< r?l/ ?a ttia .1 - f * n life? >0 Mnu'horn man In or out of Cany at, !a?d>B" mora to pr- tact bie own ri<hl? iiod-r ha c?ii?tttuii?n Tltay womd be ultra. ??r? they t? HUinpt t<> torra Atriean alaarrr Into free S'abi with < hicli thay haee no concern It la ib> nort'iarn people bo ara tb<- ultra*. who altar robbing an I pl<i"ftln? tba kutb for tba laat titty year* by iiaa(uai liaaai ia?a, ippriipiiatiotii of tba itiiuaa ui tba <?n?'ai k- >?am ii-nt derlard (r< m tba eiportinf lltt>- (be s ri?h) t? ? fpant ! tba North by ?a?uriu? tn b Norm rh-ee. I'mtti* i t tba public d< uiaiti for fre? .S.atan Jiu o%r tht m d and now aiab t'> (Irr tba |%at r , t > > i i.ia-u iberly or rl|(ht by forr|n< tham to tba moat a'-jeo*? I in itial!) rj aubuiMaion to Northern detuaada, or a ?aniatlcn. Iiraalay apeak* truth ab >ut tba N'a*h?i]laraaeeatioa. t will be h*!d. but BOt tor purpoea of ( a'ailon A* bli.f a now atabd. It will be too lata. Tba blow of aeaaa'.ltn alii ba -true* In tba Capltcl, wltbia eight of n a* hi a (ton loatb Mete wilt ha eaae'ad tba flrat >lo. dy act of tba long t:a?adf that I* to follow. Tba uttealim at Naahaille will ba bel l for other parKt'> It will ba tba fliat t oagrea* of the Houtbera nattdefaet. titaeley *a>* tbrre arertty member* of airtM, who tbla day d?atre di'unl.n do there are. I bla day they dealre It and why' Ra?aii?a at tbla lay. the Southern aertl?n of the I a ton wbieb th?y aithfnlly repra*eat hare no rlabta In tba I al"?. I hay ate the tu'n'-rlty. 'I ha nia> rlty ara tba later rater* of the coti>tltutl' n and eoa*tr?e It aa they bare. I hla will eml and th* *oooer the bettar Wan ire three K ill hern men ' Tbay are nan of narre. and ire prepared t<> aieet the ertfl* which la at baad. area it the darker of their owa ll?*e Tne Seaator* ara bore a*?d toan tha member* nf the H?aaa. and ara al> eady alarmed at the Immediate pro"peat of Mno4?he4 n th< ' tber arid <f the t apltol. I'h?y aow hold oovn* el and call np<>n tha old and aaf fanatort, who la ?ee t?? peril and blah wioo*bt eiaitameat. eaa take I ? h*lm W h<> are the great man now* Where ara hey? Where la the roropr?inl?er i lay? Folltlaaily taad, with no more laflueara than If be had aeear b*an. lie i an rreata a aenaatlon la a ball ro > , bat eaaaot ou.tuat I a tote IB tha Heaate He haa b?traye4 K. a<nih ha la a rar??at- tn bla oaa fta'a. and boto la "( ?hl? N?n*tnr, or whig inoaihr of bo rtl 'T How. tivm th? 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