Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1850 Page 4
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Washinotow, Feb. 20. IBM, Mr. Wf biter't Fan lion. Mr Webstsr bold* a good position on th? elarery question?that of eemparatlre neutrality. Uncommitted to any plan. be U Jnet the man foraoemproBit*. Halt eipected to speak to morrow, though wa vara not prepared for his moving in the matter before tba and of this week, or tba beginning ot tba MXt. Ilia mind baa undergone eorne curious operation* during tha discussion of thia <jueslion. At ona tima it was ejpecteil be would answer <"as?; at another, It was thought he would reply to Jefferson Davit, * lemena a d K ota; and from lit" clo e atteution to Mr. Berrien, We count* d upon a strong constitutional reply to tha powerful constitutional argument of the distinguished Georgian Finally, it began to be underetood that Mr "Webster like Mr Benton bad given up the Idea of * peeking at all until other Senators bad run tba lubj set off its Wgs, But toward the last of the Ust weak Mr. Webatar bad bin attrutii n directly called to the crisis, and the critical symptoms which tbe " eeii of the dny" waa assuming suggesting the necessity of au Immediate iutotted' n to do his best to tare the oountry. ( ere crnflicting as to bis elews and Intention*; hut we do not abandon our e<>ntidenoe in hli ability and resiimess to shape iut tome plan of getting tbe *bij> tfl tie bar. Washington, Feb 28 1850. 7'Ar President's P.In y Jlrmy in A Nuiy. The polioy of Old Zack baring been laid before Conferees, for tbe settlement of the slavery dispute, he fall* Lack up'>n the army and nary. 11a feelt perfectly tenure. If Coigreat breaks up. let 'em do It; other men will be ehcted. If tbe South take any aotlve steps towards a dissolution, General lay lor bas tbe nary, with wtii'h be wiil blockade the Southern ports; tbe regular army to garrison tbe Southern furtreiset, aud he count* cenbuently on a call t<T volunteers The final policy of Old Zack Is that ot tbeca?ap -altogether n-ilitary?ecu tbe good old man. with all the military resources at bit command, to l^li back upon, feela perfectly secure. But let the first collision norur between the North and South, in the capitol or cut of it. and tbe grand iibj ef Napoleon lor the iiiTiaiai of Itussi* would not an*w?r the purpose? It would never restore the harmony of the 1 nl*u though It wight eo-roa the South into temporary submission the I nion can cdIt l>e maintained in it* Hwgrltv by the consent ol all ith member*. ani tbn consent is u it to be secured t; the bayonet Such a union would he like that of Austria ani Hur^arv? only to be umintatued by a standiag army in a disoleted or,untry The I nioo ?an only ha preserved by mutual concessions. and a muteal (pirit of good fellow-htp It is to be hoped the ('resident will look a little n.ora to Congress, and ad Ti*e and consult with the members. a- the best policy of aiding to restoie the peace of the Union. Wahii>uton, Kebruary 20,1S50. 7 'htjJlarm S aundtd- - Mt. Out y's RttoltUian. Mr. Koote. yesterday, urjjed upon the Senate tbe appointment of tl>? (elect committee of thirtaen. on tbe slavery question became, unless some action were taken within a week, looking toward an adjustment, no power on aarth could (aye this luion from dissolution, lie doubtless referred to tbe supposed Southern organisation for breaking up the House, by furoe of arau, on Monday neit, if Doty's California resolution is pressed to a partake in the teeth of Southern remonstrances. . A rumor of this Creuiweilian movement has oreated considerable alarm; and we hear, this STeniog, that Mr. Doty has been persuaded not te push the resolution, but to give way te the Introduction of a bill for the admission ol California In lieu of tbe instructions to the committee. This will be certainly, better than running the chance." of browbeatiug the South into rebellion; fur that there Is such a spiklt aroused is too evident to udcilt of trifling CallforLla may be qualified to come In as a State No doubt rte Is. under all tbe oirrumstanaes. as well qualified as could be required and a* well represented to t ongress as any other State, 15ut her admission is a question ol n rious import and very great doubt, with a decided majority in bouses la favor of it To l>e admitted, she mu.-t either he razeed or wait a while longer. The wtx le issue biuges upon <. alitornia. WasHtitttTO*, Feb. 20,1850. T\e Hanger SnU Predominant. Tbe danger is still predominant Doubts are entertained of Mr. Webiter (compromise Some assert that tie will not btiEg In the MU*ouil line, or any proposition fa'.ti factory to the South. To be (ure, the crisis demands great moral courage, but if Mr. Webater will only venture to risk e>*ry thing, he will gain everything Meantime, the report of the prospect of bloody, or at Was: a revolutionary, scene In tbe House, on MonJaj next on l>otj s resolution. Is extending the alarm acd the danger of dissolution Of all men in the country a? such a time. Webster I* the taan to caat bimrelt Into the br.ach The gl.ry of immortality and perpeti a praise is within his reach; and if be had tbe nerve ol lien-y i ley. we should con-idrr the dang r paaeid It requires boldness tn risk everything lor tlie t l1< b to tave it We still look to Mr. Wtb.'ter to do It, fik 2d, ism). /Vll'ltl rf Ctnerai John Mi S'rill. The fui.atal <t <i?D John Vl'Nrll, who died no undilrLlj Id tbia city en Saturday iaat. to k ;<laca ta day. In coanderatlon of hi* terrier* on the Northern froatiei* la thr war of 1*12 ecpaeially in thoae bloody and fiercely ccnteeted battle* on the Niagara "rlrer, hi* 'unnil ?tl Kitten up with the reaped etor due to the Hitmory of tie aolaler who bat perilled hU Ufa ta da fence cf hi* country Cian Walter Jouee callad oat tha olty volunteer* and U*n . Rt ger Junta, tha Adjutant Oeoeral of tha Amy, and cth< r < ff.oeia < f th? A'niy and Nary, vara pr**?iit I fca Pfaiidmt < ! the I ultej State* and hi* |ir1?Bte Fectetary, the Judg*a < f tha Supreme ' ourt, II a Yaj'r'f tha arporati< n. a.d a beat of ettlien*, fa a ai-<> in attendance \ n e??ly adj urnmrnt vf |x>ihloi<?<( cf < nigra** vaidM t ad ?Uh a ?! ? of flitdiair the ai'BbMa an opp -nuiilty of participating la ?te K'ltBl ltl?-f du? io the ilmrafrd At bail pa*t tan o cl-'ck tha prnee??ioD mnai from thalirug 11?ta*a> under tha a??ort of the military, a Ion* line cf* lul|i>?ing. down Pauntylraula Aeeaue and atom d ibe eipitol tbeace two mile* oat tJ tha < or rfft.'ual ran.nry where tba i'?9g after tbr uig<i ifil|nui ier?n>ouiee ??? d-pojitad la tha public *?nlt leeeread for auch oe-*?ior.i> Tki f rtin. c-Tared with platu black relrat, bore the faiiowlig lurrrtpdo' , en a *H**r plate - <;K>K M Jii*l N MoVKIL, late of tba 1'. R Army, Cora at tlail??btli N?? HawpiUlre, Match 17(14 lilad K-bi nary 21d 1H0. av 4 M yean. f.Hiatal VeNell beta th? p- at r.f Surveyor of tha Tort <1 Itaatoa at tba ti?i? vf Mi dea?b. and la *uc<seel. rtlntK, < r < ? h? \1? II-I.I... u;-!.. Hon Uiilfl Wibui Mr Mrtcbar Wabutar la nud>-raUxd t? l??? rrralvrd tb* fit. a tha mora raadll/ ha. eaua- l.f to pira* bu nit for tba appointmart Ik' rlaiiia cf lb* dronoJ In tha Qrit inatanra wanly lorbaaraoer. wbu-b Am b?m tit/ pro. fratly r?M<l*tf. (lor ll?irlatt?rfc (or trapoii.fritra. liMMNla.Ilk 2*. 1*60 7^? h l'ftfy / l?# Vuim TV Lhrnrct C<H a/ I'.i rm fWnil, Aall.i irrr Kliiia la iM of |flt?ril in* latiat I (I. vt thr arui t-jr I (rid j?l tba nrlrttil t I It a< lu' lr m *kUk I'I'Mj tha SrBal* of ' fctf j lt? i.a I j anttidiiiM ?ct* on tha ti<l Inat . *o * < i tkltk ? w parulUrl; apprcpriata on tba aonlaaraar y ?i tf.* fd bar it M? eonstry : ?'na l? tb* latacrit/ ?f Ihi 1'ilMtflit taiaa? Wi It. , l.t ?>1HMrnM O^ftll (ill! Jafi'<taa)% TBI IB b*>> ?llh *?*j t?*l*t. II aataTal M tl fc? I <rf bat r? ti l |l 'tn*i r<|>i>lia i?4><-ati ' of I'litiliVibt villi mr i r?atltM.a aa ii nri<> titnvian. an* it m pittt ai>puaiti?a M|?? ih< part afturn* \ U al ? a laitiaal < p. Aad viol aa. la thw* l??lia,? af 4laaati?fa*tl*a taawli thai ?r? *t, lit ?>al an' pa'rtwti* laatraaiaai. tl<* p?< pla of fatao nan ?a bm |ai' i?'| a??; Th?i?fjra, k^.li.aij ?Ka Vrua a. .1 Nnaaaaf K-ffwaiallf" af tl.a ? < aa?i? ?'il> < taaiaalaaaia ia <>>a*ral A?>nkl| ait, T>?< t l ?| a la 4*? ita4 wit* all tl *l?r?* af tba M'i ail tb* >a|i if l r i ra , nil all (hi ti"r*i af ihi i 1 f>ra ? I?I> 1.. V it* i-ia t > ii. mfraia a I of tb? r.-i rlltvtiaa. *111 a-a?r war la bar Stalltj ta that ' B ' I I* ibaitar -ar r*afr<t*tati->a *? < I a ? 1t>a' tb* C' ?*r?or af tb'a *-<taia"a *?'<!? b* I f*>t<a*aiad W li>r*a-.| a ?)? "I tba hn?alB| l? tba Uoita r f Mil ( -ha #(? - aa# laant'iii** la tba raptiMi*. rrn? tba l*n?r ' f tb- I r- c >lm you mil ?. a tba f<-a1lL( tha' actual** tba I agl-latuia of niaijlttiila W ith' u? aaatnrtnc aa oplat< b a< to Ha ultimata fat* la tba itbar brai c.i rf tba U|iili:ura It la a fact that tbarat^aat ta airltmg eaBaiOaral-la tatai*?t anion* fc lb la. n. ra la ai 4 mtaidat*. I ba iattar cia*a. vbnat tb>; ata wt * a gaitnl ua a* tb* I. rmar. t iNiia It tbalr i n'J. aa ?*li aa tb*tr rt?bt. to J'?en?a all quaatl. aa, wtr bar ? f a tit'luui ?t S ata c.-.arartar iatf raotira It tot paeullar to tba iiiarrul ?< >aloa of tba La a?a atari- tut la a ?ata?i*l?" anth tba attalano* ot , l> >'! la. ' v la iba i aj -tfii.a K?ata f far aa I hara wo ab'.a ta l?ain from iba old^at Ibtiabfant 4>>4 I mu?t cKlaaa. fraw BiJ o?B axfailaba*, that I tblok It alio ira'bar njbt laaamiirh aa tba paopla alart ni?B l? tba I ?*ia|aiuT? B ira for thair aaailaM Ity than for Ihalr l.'aina I bar* ara i> oia konorabla ritaplloaa. It l? trua (ltd kao*? vbat tba eoB?a^o.'nc?a arc aid bo, If that* vara lot Ai I Iiirrma4 j?o by ta arnh your dUUaraUbad rltl'aa Nam I avraat I *q ba. praaaata4 to tb* Itlalalura a of a pacuharly tifni cbaraa'ar, | I vm BB ??r.adln|l? jT*t? lubjaat It la BotblBf m^>ra or laaa than a Biatuotlal >? !> fnr ik. nuu?a oi U? to dUfUo tho a^rrlof. contract b.t ?**a blrnfl ? t* \ Tfc* > ?< rtallot ?.u forth fltai. !?* *"? of rhllH.lphU, " tbo Blath of V ar e h. 1?M aad r.?td*d In Mt<t *lty oatll ho otatloaod hlni'ctf la Now VnrK la tho r?ar 1HT, aboro bo h?f rootdod op to tho flrrt of Poeoahor 1M?. wh*B bo ro*nmo<l bit r?ld?ar? ta tbo olt* of rhlMo|phla 8oaoad That bo lo to* a r**tdoot of Pbl ladolpbla la tbo State of PoaatylTaato; bat ha* ant rooid?d eao toar olthla tbo 8UU ptotloii* to bit aaaki optica Tbat o* tbo 94 of Juao U37, bo aarrW < atboviao sirrlair, ta Lo?df>a Kaglaad, tbat th?y Uri Ilvod tfotbor uatll Jaouary 1MB , that thor* li bo living 1MB* of ?ald arria??. that b? haa imflilod tho datto* (4 >all BOtrlac> roatraot la all thlago . bit that tbo e pad Bet of hi* ?lf? ha* ?o fat *lnlatod tb?t ooatrart. a* to r?B*lr*ln his to aap*>l to tho LogWU tara frr Mrono Tlul That h? aiako* hi* apaoal. t?orlr| oatiro larnapatlbtlltT of traipor aad hflloti aad tbo att?r lB>pn??,blllt? rf bapplaoa* to olthor party ta Uko rtatla iobco of tho aatrlanalal oonnooil'n; and trat hi* Bifo ha* f a.nit od erialaal Ml*, la? >a lot#at with tho dl|?ltp and purltj of Iho aamofo at* 1 hi* Maortal I* T?no*d la tho usual fora oa the 10th of Fehraary. I860, before Nail Grey, Commla loner of Dead*. ) putnuM of tba above application. a bUl ku boon Introduced and I* before Lb* proper oonnuittee of tba Smite. 1b which bod; tki memorial wn pruxiiM. What tba (pacific obargea ?n which Mr Kormttlt*nda to lay before tb? Legislator*. in l what the ail dance In aupport of thoaa ebarge* may ba, I am unab'e to say at praaeat. But so aoon u th<M? cherg?a are made. and tba evidtnoe aBdueod 1b nupeurt of ihto. i will forward both 1b due nmob. Oar Balilaiart Correspondence. B&LTiuoai;, K?b U7, 1859. Tba Union ma*ting, to ba bald in thii ol'.y on Monday evraing b will ba a stroag affair, and will be a<ldreared a men of all paitlra and nil oraad*. Tba priaalptl ' eclaratloa if tba moating wi.l ba, that Maryland '<" alders all proportion* for a dlaunion of tba State* ') w aright traaaon, and la ready to raalat. undar all ctraamatasoaa and to tba laat extremity, auob a propoaltlon. Tba holder* of through tickets to California, by tba Mar?h aad April iteamara, la thl* city, are generally dltpoaing of them at large profit*; from three to four huadred dollar* are readily paid for them lne?Bdtari*m U prevailing here to a great extent, keeplag the flremea on the trot from dark to daylight. A considerable Bnmber of (table* have been buraad; but the exertion* of tba flremea bay* prevented the dtftructloB of furroBadlog property Our flour market wa* very dull yesterday. An order for M bbla. Howard street waa tlllad early in the day. of ohoioe ht:;E Js, at which waa tbe only translation. On 'change lone holder! ofl#red to aail at $< without finding buyers. la City Mills nothing doing, lirain.- Sales of red whrat at (I tfi, and eummoa wtalta at $1 Ud Cora.?Bales of white at ^o. a 4?c , and yellow at 5le. Oats.?Wo ehaaga. Suiiar.?At auction, yesterday, of SUM hhds New Orleans of. feied,'?U sold (balance withdrawn! at $l2/>a$SM per I0U lhs. Also, at IJ7 hhda. new crop Porto Hico oflcred. .?7 sold j) ajii re withdrawn) at $1 50 a $1 65. Mola*4?a -H7 hhds. Porto Rico sold at SA'4 a *iXc. per gallon. Coffae.-SW bag* Kavacaibo aold at lie. a 12>4?- Hams?A sale of 2.0UU to 3,M?t W ustera hamt, in salt, at 7o. per lb. Whiskey dull at last qnctations. . . ? The U Mowing were the sales at onr Stock Board yesterday: M) han - West Bank. *); 2i do. I'ulon Manulactn<-ing Co., (tiir?)M\;l2 do. r.altitnore and Ohio Railroad, M%; IV da' do., Mi 7 do. do., bi\i. Our Philadelphia Correspondence* Philadelphia* Feb. 2T, 1850. The free toll wing of the democracy of Philadelphia held their preparatory meeting at tbe County Court House, last evening. It was very numerously attended and the enthusiasm of the audience and speakers ?>a up to fever heat. Henry L. Bonner, an ex-State Senator, provided. a.vlsted by the uiiual ridtculous number of Vice President* and Secretaries. In their Juturo proceeding*, If they do not |0 too far North, as the Buchanan men have gone too far South, they will uccetd In putting the old hanker* into a false position with the sovereigns of Pennsylvania. A com| mtttee of ssventy-six was appoiuted to oarry ont the object* of the meeting The grand demonstration will ta*e place In about two week*. Th<- tatloressea' meeting, at the Chinese Museum, la*t evening, drew a very large crowd, composed, too, of that class of our citiieax alio are disposed to act. a* wail a* to sympathise. A proposition was submitted, and agreed to. to establish a store for the *ale of the work of the tailoreeies. at euoh price* an will insure them an adequate remuneration for their labor; the capital to (tart tfce enterprise to be raised by oontil bution* from the benevolent. The twenty-fourth teim of the Central High 8ohool, of this city, commenced cn Monday latt, with orer five hundred pupils Thebaik Veneiuela, from Puerto Cabullo, Is below. Her letter* ami papers have not been delivered. She roiled on the 10th Intt. Tl.t demand for Boer lor shipment la evceediajly linitad. There ? a-a mail tale ihi? morning at i t 74. 'alt* of ry? Seat at ItRKj ai.d eorn meal ut S- 6" V No ?ale*of wheat r<i'orted. Hj? i? held at ICe. h?l'-a ol yellow ?.rn At vt, ..nd white At Mc. P<'nn>ylrantA oat?. .'tic. t?/Ui iiorn do., ,'llc A .'Co. Whiskey ia barrel*. IJc.; iibda. 24c. The t. reign new ? ha- deprei>*ed the cotton market. Money continue* abundant. Tho street rutin for Jir.-t else* laptr n>*y be ,uot<d at 7'i to X per cent. According t? time. Un oaII, ti pei cent. St<c?? are Arm to-day. but not atiiixat<d. The bulla n-u.-t ei?o ??y ia a day or too at farthest. Annexe* Are tie s?le* at tho Urtl Honr<!--H ushares Morris ' anal 14; lAAUirirl Rink. ): ?4; 4'ki Kt Aditir Railroad. IM, *I'<W Pittabiirg #'*. !M; SO shires Vi< ktMir*. l'S; 1&<! > . tC: 16 i'euuaylvani* and Ohio oral M. Morrif l anal. 14'.: tT do , $luut> Sta'.a '?, 4?'V; 100do,|iP*<; 194 do.,W,; 1 Farmer*' mil M'-chAnic* l'-i,k 64>.: $nIV F??riii,g B nds. : Si'NW Tei neaee 5'a. hSH: *n?res Wilmingtun Kailt ad !*>; 2""l I ni'n Canal, IlHi I'aiteJ States ( ?,'M, 1(7; $7dUU tchcylkill Naiigkti.n 6's, 60 shsres N rriHown Halli td, ?!-, 1 Ptnnivlrsnia Hailri ad, 4l?. il* l.ehigb. XI Snond Heard.--26(1 sharer Morris Canal. li)i; !!? do., H1,: fiONori ia'u? n Kailr'.ad 1'ido., ?J, 1 <?? I ni<<n CAtal, ll)(t 1 I'm n Bank Tetintier. 61; 176 Vickaburg. 15; $1**) Schuvlkill Navinsti' n 6 s, 'I ". 64j<; tin*) do .MS; lX)o*liAre* Kealing i;ailr->ad. I"?,; *;? do., ixtj; SlmO citv fa. Iitt: till Sneqiiahannsh Canal B< ada. fiit. g.1?V> ? tate Ve Wl^?; 21 >iias. I'eater Meadi w, 21>, ?H?t) l.ehinh let., 7",V shares 1'nlied fltAte* Kana. -\*?: $.'??! CheaA|>?ake and Delaware Oa1 nal f<'t, VI; $4(ti do, ki.'4; HW shares Planters'Baak, Miss. | If*; $34IU IStasiBK B'iji's, Mi-timv a.ii> Ml am*.?Several day* since we pub lubed an account of a mo tiny and murder, on b>ard of tbe ichocner J. B. Lindney, Capt. Rlggs, while lying near Poft Spain, Trinidad. Tha following are th* par ticolar* of tba murder..u* affair, which we And in tbe j St. Thvmai Tidihdt of th# 6th ln*t: ? Tbe American vobooner J B. Llud??y of Norfolk arrived In thlc port on Monday nooa Her I. aptaln, Sol1'men S. Itlggn. relate" the folleninj account of a mo?t j dlradrou* mutiny, whioh coiniucnced < n !> *id of b'.i ' T?**el on the evening of Sunday, tbe 27th January, at ' ten O'cloek is tbe neighborhood of Tart of Mpatn, ' Trmiiiau.wtt re b? left that morning and *u bound to Turk* iKiand, to take in call, and proceed to ElUabeth (ity, (N < .) I!?r crew wa? ocmp?ted of John Ho ney, mate; Thoma* Coetelli, Thoma* Held, hdeard Lllmentp. seamti and Daniel J. Smith, cu >k; John W?lk?r. of Liverpool a pauetiger, working hia way to tbe I nited State* On the evening mentioned, Captain ' Higga who wai lying in bis bartn, heard the report of a pistol. and prodding himself with hi* own proceeded to the d*?k. wber* h< brard th* mat* fht had been at tbe helm. ei*laln>lng fcr merey. whilet struggling with I Ttoma* Ittia and hdeard < lenient*. the multaaer*. I Immediately on his appearance, the mat*, overcome, fell to the deck, and I h man Hud and lb* < aptaln himself. disc liar*. <1 *li.i.iUai.eou)lv each a pUloi, the i ap< tain receiving a wouud is the throat, and Tlioma* l;etd a wound in theiiora and m< uth. th? aptaln then returned to the cabin, where he found th? cook, who appeared uncoascicu* of what wa* transpirlu,; au 1 by tL?lr ULit. J effort* succeeded to tt?ur? ineins.lie* within the cat la where they remained prisoner* (or , ti.Mrday* 1'uiUg th ll perl'.'J. It-Id and I lenenl* bad >ucre?dtd to c-uider John W alter and fasten d >?nIn ti e f< r< castle 1 Lic*< L ostein, and to hoist ttia boat out. mi d prci.d- her with a suit of rail* and oar* Tallin/. | l:"?e>er to i btain uncontrolled p?*se*?kn of th* \e*??l. 1 Ike tdra i<curred to tbem to ecuttle her. which they ( procet-Ord to do with the boat fl< m the i utatd*, bsln* ( at raid. let a-ltglj to truet tht meelTi* alfhlu th* hold fcr that puip< - * TUoma* t e.-teHi. who a* a, real/ *tat<d waein tbe frrt raftle. bearinx then-i*?of cutun'g on th* ( uldde and hading he bad not been en Irmly 1 Urtmed. encceedi d In releasing hlmsell, aud umi on ! deck without h'-injr h-?td, and wi'.h murh g "dlutk Nt ll l e? t lie Hltli i ol the boat, which 4lH|* I . tt tils | ueit rbjeot wan to acquaint tbe Captain l>y spsaklng fr< m the outside of th* cabin d<w>r. of hi* good fortune, which he only succeeded to do, alter r?pe*ted assurance rf hi* rlre?rtty, and re jua*Mng the < aptaln to convince hla.?*lf lrom a cablo alud>?, wh?ra he u.igl.t see the b"at dr'.f'.lrg do*n nud hluelf gntng t-reard and waltl* g till tke captain opened a part of tl.e ratiln d< '<r. wb-? be rane m deck and af?*r a lit tie wbll* m*dr sail fort hi* port. < aptaln Kig(? I* of I opinion that the motive which ltd thaee nieu to *o dispeiate at> art wa* the impression they bad of ther* betig murh m.-tey on b aid although la reality he "?u I II' ?;-cg. t? I >tiD( rtmiotf bin* lor til? inroo hick bo "II at Trinidad. 11 - V. K < b> ul at St. TkcmM oo honrinc of tho irutUy ?c<l murdort luitutdiaUij loourd tb? loUowIng pr< damn km ? 1 ??o Hi l>oit ?? ll>?iip -Whoron Thorn** r.tJ (|'<i 8? y-?t? i ir?t ? moh<"? hlfb. dark ooaI I'lin tea daik hair with a *<.uu<l hi bit n >?o and liK'Utb. arid I d?ard Clvairnt* M" l ?' y?aia 5 (??t V % locbot bl|b. light noiupinion and llftbt bt two hair, Itto i?an.?o N?i'l tbo Amwi'n acboooor J. 8. Llrd?*j. tiui'-Di' n 8 Iti(C?r? nia-t?r woro, on tho nl*ht tfSL.Kl.y lh* X i> Jauu.ry lart vbtlo at **a. guilty of tie kurdot o( Jolfj M-#n?y Mate, bud J >bo W aik?r ltd *?toi>ly * 'Ut;diti{ th? aopiola la tho Iticat. and rirt?a>da effactlan tf.oir r*cap? in tho VfMl'l boat, wb ?n uirwnrM Ik fr?t l?t( |>alot?d black (round. alth a ablto MNik ab >i? h?r bondt. Id b?-r?by < Co.- tt?? abota r?war J to ray. <a< bui.dro4 d liar* for tacb cftt<l?r, to ?i.? |cticu ?r pftxxt *ki tall pp??h.a<l up to any ol tho U. 8. < nul? It U< Weft I t>dl*?. or t<> aay Aiaoriroo man < 1 ?ar in llt<? Mta th? aforooaid t l. tua* M> IJ aad ? d?ard !?? n't. abv ar? tapp ?o?d to bo ioaaab?rr on ibe S|aai<h Mam. { < li.n'inai \?-ney of tbo l R of Amorlaa at tho , irlaad of St. Thomar. f ?b 6 IKM). ?. H AHl.m M. D>'.L WAN. StaUa < ciuuitrclol Pullto lultlll|anr?, .In .il/'*"l I?? A c mplalot ba? bo?n la,d Nforo JotOo* l.vtbtoo. Involving a ??ry b?a*y d?uicatl< a. aljr?*d to hat* *?on StMvvorod in tho du'rh*r?? Veiling Ao?t/oiali. ? T? day. at to?o flock, Ik* ca?a *IU undergo aw ii>*opllg*ttoa .<it.ii SifuiM - HtBcvra R?d ?td ' o|? y?*tMday,, t??> ?*ll kaoan rbaraotort. Hill i b* idp*r,o *i>*> butebor Bill ad J'fa? t bambort, ? ?r-lir|<n bavinit in tbvli p- ? : a a g >id Kr-ncn ?a*rh r?| ator ? <?rnh ro?S-r AUtan tor. *pill IKil 1 Mi onirli l? ?U| p"?nl to b* 'turn t?r wbiab < a o??- | ?r l? ?ant?d. | ply to tho ? biot ?.t P>>iieo. wh-ra tfto natch ran bo ? < u 1 ho |irt?o?rri ?> 4?tnlatd. to avail U>o rr-ult. COMMERCIAL AflUIKI. IIUVKI MAKKKT. W?dMld?y, Koto, tlmmn P. n. Tbo itMk Barkot ban boon krpt In a llttlo o?ei|*> wnt by eimparatln-ly trintoc alrouaaaUno** i bo Srhato la < o?fToo? on tbo tlarory qnootioa. tho .? leBipiaira CWfirum VI ,?ir n?mrr? wni-n ll.l tor a put to ba no a?npro?atM at all th? fnrmod r?UtlT# to tb? pro<l?otl< a ?f (Mi froa f auroral*, tbo aatlHpatlcao of tb? uraal rpnog il*? la aid tbo llrolto l aJ?*nc? already rraMfd ra on* do. rartptloM bar* roatrlbotod to proluco tbo aolmatloa lludrd to. All. bowoTor U aaerrtola >od fall of mystery. Wo kie? art what a d*y or an boar aioy brio* fottb, aad tbcaa abo ft* ad la a porltloa to tara amy anhiPitbli Botiaut la pabllo affair* to profl'.abto aoaaaat. May ??U bo ?*U?fl?d la aatlolpaiioa or a 'poody aad aalrablo arreajr?Moat of tb? tl??#ry rp?? tloa. Morbn bar* (lightly taiproro* Tbo oltoat af a f? rotable rotU???at af aay dlAcalty la o.aallj aatlol pa tod la W all ?tr**t aad la tbo a*oat of a ?ati?f?-tory MJwtatatM all tbo pMat* la dlvpnto botaaoa tba Nortb aad tbo ftoatb. to motto*, tba (took Market woald bo bat allgbtly > too tod. bat, oa tbo ooatrary If Mr Wrtotet ?*m aot mm tbo fipoatoUoM forao< ill bU pill of ?ettlement filli to meet tba diflenlty.a deprvciatiea Id piicea tor atoek aaourltiea, of all kiads, will, without doubt, ba tatliwd. Tba tcfUtirn ia tba itoek market ftlll continuet to a liBitt-d extent, but tba bubble ia now blown to that degree of tenuity, that tba prick of a pia or tba I >aat breath of air would anffioa to explode It Tba laat few aigbtba or qnartera tbat are added to tbe price of atncka lika Harlem, Karmera' Loaa Heading, Krie Railroad, ., tbat bare baas artificially workrd ap ao far abova tbelr intrinsic worth, beoome* a matter of vary difficult aoecaipllahmeat - Ilka tba la<*t few addition* tbat are made by ebiidiaa wbaa building oardbouaea, tbe utmoat dexterity wuat ba esarclaed. or the whole ibaky fabrio cornea toppling to tba ground We bare now bad, for tba last three weeki. a itxady Inflation In tbeaa aacuritlaa, aa they are called by oour te*y, and It doee not seed a " gboet to oome from the other world" to toll 11 that i (tamped* la Imminent. W hen wa eee operate re In Wall atreet reckleaaly going on to buy fancy stocks after a rlaa of four or flra per cebt a bore what all really believe them to be worth, It alwey* excite* in na the aaue fresh wonder that wa experience In witnessing tha daring feata of tha daooera on tha tight rope or tha slack wire. Tha utmoat that tha moit sanguine ran hopa for, la a further rlaa af a quarter or a half par cent; and for the ramota chance of obtaining ao paltry a possible prott, they are wllllog to taka the heavy riak of a moat probabla fall to their original atartlng point, which ! aome caaai amounta to five or alx par eant. Tba dootrine of cbancee might be atudied with predi, wa think, by feme of tba deaiteni of Waliatraet. Theia wara larga Bales of government atooka to day, at an advance of X per eant on prieaa current at tba cloae yesterday. Purcbaaes to a oonalderable extent wara made an foreign aeoonnt. Larga order* were received by the laat ateamer, and where agents hare have no voloe In the matter, they are compelled to oome into the market and pay eurrent rate*. Government atoeka were not ae firm at the eloaa. and prloea fell off a fraction. Publle aecurltiea of all kind* were vary active to-day. With the exception of Long Iiland, the fancle* were comparatively quiet; moat of the tranaac. tlona were, however, for cash, and the market cloaed with a downward tendency. At the flrat board, Erie Railroad fell off X percent; Long Ialand Xi Reading Railroad, X; and Harlvm, X. Erie Bond*, old, adanced X; do, new, Xi Treaeury Notea, 1; Indiana ft'*, X. At tha aeoond board, Canton deelined X per eent; Long Ialand, X; and Erie Railroad, XThe recelpte at the office of the assistant Treasurer of thl* port, to-day, amounted to $112 333 76; payment*, $110,040?balance, $3,790 403 83. Stock Kxrhange. C 8 # *. '67 li t 74 thi Morris Canal WW MKO do 1UX 1"" do blO US? 4inii do lW* 7^ Canton Co <' '? IH*> do "62 HUH M do sno 40 ].m) do coupon IUIU 24 4* blS 4i?', 1U.1I do 111"; M Utlca k 8?ben 12ft .!<?<! do-68 114% ll? Nora ?'or kR a*) .1*. HUl do tUX **> trie KR ftjt' ?UW do 1 U'| ?S d? 62?, ft-im do CO 114 60 do bCO SI* f0?0 do'56 107>i 24 d> 0i< lmtH) do 11)7 luO do 62 HW<? Treasury Notes 113V .10 Loa* Island RR 17W l??> do IIJ(? VMi de 17', M*? do 1m2 \*} Svrae fc Utisa RR 1?? 6W Ohio *60 W\ * " ReaUing KB stW V 2.'< 0 do7'a UUX HO do .17'i ?u 0 0 lira: ll? do 37'? lOO do MOH M <5? ?'i .'tun' l'.linoli Bd?, '47 47 H i P.>rt*ir,oolh D Dock <-V 8(1*1 K) tr? 1M IS N Y?rk ft N lUv <K\ N?l Indiana 8ut( 8* 79 Hcadiaf M Hoadi 7'', 6> <11 J'cni aS'? b3> !?>H KrU 7?, Hi W.W !* l> Tity ?'?. 11-70 l??l ?V '<"<>' do MH 100 ?h* Farm*' Truit blO 9J, NAD do KU ISO do b?) Ml HHJ ahi rUrl-ra RR ftt'J son ao :*>,% iso d> ?? IS Ohio Lift fc Tm?t Co $IUW Eri* ; ?, 'ii U2>.' $ I toil Reading Hindi, 70 I)1H SECOND BOARD. $2000 E?i*7>, ? a?? ,h, l.oni Iriand RR 17* Uiadir.R Hurt Bdi 71 1(? Brl? Railroad MV I2H1) do 71* 25 do 1)10 1.2'J N> *hi Mortii Canal 14 ISO Harl-m Railroad Si 2A do 14X WO do UO S4 * U? Rcadii.* 8R WO 37*. ?3 Canu a Co *10 in in) do SJ\ M) Portimovth Dry Dk fi1-. 1?0 do MO 37M 90 lludioa Rirer RR 6 iH SO do 3JU CITTTKA UK HH.PURT. Wkdn?:*o*>, Ok !<7?t P. M. Cfltten told to a fair eiteat. without any further ccBceuicB on the part of bolder*. The market cloted *ua?ly, at quotatloB* glren below. There continued to b? lair tlmiand for Western and State Moor, both from tho lecal liado Mid lrom the Kut. wbila prlcr* c< LUnued about the *rwe. anaJlan eootinuoJ dull, and price* Bomiaal Th?r? wa? bo cbauge lo Soa'hera l.rend*. whlli- piirer reicaiaed tho mint Wheat eon- I tinned to t-o hold ikIN Vim of buyer*. aad ir reaction* wer* coniequratly light A *al* of Canadlna < ?ai B-.ade (>B terma -ia > J i w t orn aold to a fair cxtfct, at about yeaterday'* prion*, but tho markat I clff'd wlbctit animation Thaia ?a* bo cbaag* wcithy of aotlca in pork, wbil* nodoraU iala? Mr* , Biad-. OB tirni alvin below Beef waa rttady. Lard ' t. ? ained tb* *auie. C ul BitaU vera firm. Butter acd ebref* vera 1b pood demand, Bad prise* firm. , 1b?ie vera bo b?w t< at urea la tb* groeare' Market wcitby ofBotioe A'hi ?1 be demand wa> mora active for pota, with alrt ?.f 100 barril*, at $C 6'iH. I tarl* were rtaady, but ratbvr dull, ?ltb eale* of eo barrel*, at fti laiiMrrrr* ? >V?tr-Tbl* Uay'a traaeantlon* reached 3 Wai bbl*? lB0iudlB( flu* aad four, at $4 S7S ? l> ?i-i ctmniOB to ^tral|(bt State at t<4 t?T>i a (6; favorite fc)'*'*, mi?'d Ohio, acd Indiana, at |>S 12 a (6 2S: | ' MlrbljiaB at $6 'tb a ST fc. and pur* < >pue>e* at ' a . S-iHthn Fitur I'ho market for 3oat!i> ' rro !< rather brtvj, with t limited in juiry uj >alat Of 1 UO bbl* tt >6 a $6 06. for mixed brand* Ba.tlMi ki d 1 irderick-barg country, *3 12}, H 1*\ j < for rtoULt brar.d* Included in tbr fair* wera !/<*J j ; bbls. biandrwin* Ayr jhur wa? pr?tt; Or*. with Mb ?f -i*) bbl*.- W t\ r n?? and $3 J7X f<r?up*r&na. , Care A/.uJ aaa lnw?r- tha *ai?* ware MX) bbl* Jar*?y >t tv t:Bracdj wina aaa dull at *3 M'Hm'?Tber* wa* a (tood milling dtmanl for abeat. but pricaa wai* !?rtb 'ii tfc? rkticf purch*??r? Canadian wai in batter r*-;ua?t with Mir* of 2000 ba?h?l* handaoma i at.lteal >1 10. Hf??Tbtra ma* an eaaiar fcaiiag la ! tkr n ar'irl tcr rja. with only a no all burloea* dulag ! attic Cat*? 1l? Inquli j for ?at* ?a< good bat priona w?ra lowar, with ?ale* of Nnitbarnat 42 a 41}?c ; Jar- i ! try at w'4 S7o.. at.d goal ham at 3u a 32c C?? '1 hna ba? hi an a fair d?matid for t-orn to-day, and tha I n atkrt wa? firm, ?lib a toial! ?to^k . n haul Tha I >ale* atr.t unt< d to I " OfO bu-bel*. at 48c for damaged. i 1 (4 a 64He f<' mllfd, lb a tltn fir Jer>ey and common i wbita ( outturn; I# * 'or Jar**; and .ioutbarn jnii* and rrtna mall parrel* at t7e. Inrtudrd In ilia *! ? War* lu,(4)0 bu*L* * Southern yellow oa b*id I ?Mp at rblladali'bia at 67s.- freight *ng?;*d at Od. I ?iTio*.-li?|or1*i* pufer bonding tiieir cotton*, tb*n ukn.llt'.rg to lL? de> I n* claimed, aad raiuly i wifhed f'if, by buyer*. Cotton can be bal at half a r?tit?Dtbe plica* rf }?ild*y la?t. I be ral*< to-day, ! a* r?p< rtrd are 1 IW) to 1 no bale* "f which tpiaaer* took a fair pr?p?itlna Telegraphically w? are inf?rmed cf roattnually dtwluiaLIng receipt* at tna y*t?. aad wb?o price* will be ?<>n?ld rably ij aivane* of tbnee r* w la a quMtlon Marly * ?u to b* *olt? d W? uuola Lnaaraoi. Cl?**i?i< anas. S. Or I'm-, *?Utl?dt. flr. Ida. *b? f Ittnt. Icftrlar > * . >?**. ? a IP. Miliary 11% a ? 11H a ? Ilfc a 0' 4 ?iai?*rj 11$, a ? li a ? It a ? B 4411a* ... li'i a ? 1-* a? IIS a ? Uwv4 MiiMiiat i> . a ? U', a ? 12', a ? MiJ*Ua? r*U ?>V a ? 1.1 a ? |J a ? I Fair... W. a- WJ, a - l.<?, aSalijfaii . I.'i'? a ? h??ital K taiaal. M fair Mawitnal. Ntalaal. fteialaal. fin*.... ..... M>imi*a|. N.mmal. Dcialaal Unit ? The maikrt athibl** no Important >ariatlnt. ai.d It* demaud I* but modarata am Mia.?1 o LlrarproJ rate* ratualn?4 about tha mi>?: ?l* , at td. for 'rn. h*???d by abip and a* *Hd. in bilk ? w?tr* wa* pr? ty fraaly olfaral at 6-tSd., bat in *<n.* ca*a* I-li d wa* afked aad rataa f <r hrary gord* ??n?4 ft< m 110 to Ut Hate* ti l,?ad n rratlcurd dull. To llarr*. tbe pa kat ?f tba Ut ? <? full at S#. f?r miKB aad at <>6 ; for aahaa i a allfrra a Biiamrrmiit ftdi *>ra t?k?n at aboat Tfo and b'|tj|n(4?. at fii Fm it.? Abent I IK* l.oi?? rlurtara chan??d band* at ii and fcO oaaka pillar old ruiraat*. at ?'4a. Mi wr ?a? froi?r if M ba>? rmmaa. but '>atid ??ra KM* by au?tl"n at fl41 Ntk. Araonau frua lb* W m ar< tibfarorabln a? to tb* aitaat of tha ar-p hii ti ? TJ a ralaa i?i>"ft?d ara IS CO* Baaaoa Ayraa. f'om atom at US* ft aioaiba; and 1 ow at I1S< , 4 I' r m-tt (It rwk H? r? -1 b* dm and ku barn llmi'rd and tha narkat norl>arprd Howa 'Biall Ma of p;m? u>.tvra >?(4 at la a lk>.e . but ao laic* l"t la ik? iuark*t tn day wai aK.t t< c? D.iraMl i tft 14a 1 h?t# ??ra ibo *ala? aaada tf I flu b?U a WwUta, at Wma not aiadr public, l.i <r> r< atl?urd Arm. atl roft -alma *aa Ara at M. I.a <iH?a.- 1 ba aiarkat aa? Attn altb mndarata aalra. tlra.l<?k light wrigbva. am ninth l?s a 1" So i li* ll> a lit ; <?k taun*d tlan|bter 41 a iSa ; dry Lld*a 1* a m ? Mxu Uroara - Calaa of lf-o bbla tar at *1 *1 On.- 1 bar* I* a fi"dd?*a?d for lla?r*d. for ->?. mo>^i|..u *a>? i.l 2X0 ?alloea Ktiuluh and ally prt>'l at 0l? la raaka. aaa OM. In H>l?. Tba Datoaih'ta. Irctn Lord, a to >?? ??rb, ilir?t cua b arl, <t lui < a ran |M tib ia ot oil- aay 1MJ toaa or to 000 lifcn - a bull will laava a jrrat 4?nel?uty hrra la .? in b ar.d i ill I m?i.i?.?a - iTth - Thara baa brm ao inatartal ct-n k? la p?rb; >aia* wmtw r a<lr> of ifco bbla . at |IO:tl1 a >l? 44 f'T ibimi. aad M a7,H a *V (or prim* Brat aa- dim ?l h a ?'?ady ri?io*nd. aad aal*a of 113 bt>;? , at a it for prima aad $? *7H a fw for Maaa (en?uii)) Baaf ban ? nata tanra artlia alth ?alr? ft 3 0 M bh.a Vrr'am at *14. thry ??ra tea*.all; b'ld bl|b?r l?t Mrai* aira In Wirt demand and priori tilkrl Kii r* bn')at<t, allb ?al?? i f I IWl tlrrrra. at 4'4 4S8 for ?lr??lc?rr, at d i \ a f'(5 for fiatnt Lard aa? la ' ta'r rii?i art ti r fh? b< in? trad*, with raUa of. 8V) bbl?. i at u tn ?<? at ?'H at'.t. Wu kr?a at t??? . aad loO (te-itr-a *r?-a?a a;r'?o futt< r aa? r*ry ?t*ady and la 1 l<xd ir^ant. at lull prior a t b?rar nrui and la dal ai><1 at .S ?c Hr i >?!??? Ik* ? !?? Wall Mrrtt m?t* t? a tuMI-iti -|.?tl K?t??? ibl? 4?? M? atd >?i II" Ktiillian t?i Miltv. |H M. do l? \ i ii ? 21 nf V M 11.VJ. d <S > ?nrn-r < ?n?l ? d X aitk Mrtvt* %* !-i? ? > do < ra?r I nta a'-mia i rt 1 ???? ?ti?.t Ma7*. M "W. 4 > d.. a.ljoin- ' I ir? .??:* d? di? ? *? mtih r>aik ?-n"? aid i ?ri it aftith rr??i, > Vn ; I |>t o? 7 Ml (Ml Im a**r Utt?|ta* atraa* 15rt?, >| W ; 1 [ 1 I mm; i<alh nvar l,i-ttD?tn? a ? ?<!* jm? fl$4* I d" TMid iimwmI Pfclrty J kith?m?t, a 4f> <?, ia>?. iiom??fi ?? ?.>, i I i* i a 1 Mi 'j Bl?t <! *? ?>?ar * i?tuh aiaac* Mot I 11U( j,! IM) n?b, (Kt, 1 4o >.'|btr?n.fc Ufl | Mtr Seventh iniu, 20x01, $1,171; hoaaa and lot 01 8?T?tMDlk street IHT Sixth ?TUM, 16xW, >1 860 a* do 111 WnI bmtHBth rtmt, 10x38, m4 do d 1U do do, >8 MO; do do 349 Swath itmt, 20x97 $8,210. lto(kl;>-l lot oomer 8cbernerhorn ud No utreeta. 26x7ft, $*80; 1 do adjoining, 26x76, >648 2 do do each 26x76, 9476 oMh, M60; 6 do on Ailantii near Net In* ?:reat with 6 on rear on State (treat, OMl 26x80, $600 each. $5,800; 1 do eorner Power* and At Untie etreeta. 26x80, $050; 3 do adjoining on Atlantli ?tifft. each 26x80, $6X5 eaob. $1,766; 1 do aomer Slot* ?i<d Power* ?treeta, 25x80, $#66; 2 do adjoining. eacl 26*100. $6W6 each. $11W; 1 do do. 26x100, $600; S d< cpp<?jte, each 2oxS0 $6 )0 each, $1,200 ; 2 do on Atlao tic near Bond ttr?et, ??ch 26x80, $<M0 otch $1,200; 3 d<> adjoining, rich 26xl>0, $006 wob, $1,210; 1 do oor nr Atlantic and Ne?ln* treat*. 2.'>xbu. $706; 1 do oor nar Atlantic and PaciSe street* 26x100, $815; 2gorei on Atlantic a*<nue Dear Hampden *treet, $310 aach $t20; 1 do adjoining. $386. 1 do corner Portland a?e nor. $406; 1 do oppotita, $406; 2 lota adjoining. $291 aacb, $680; 2 do do $2b0 each. $600; 1 do do. $366; I do do. $430; 1 do on AtUntio arenua naar Cnmberlanc treet. $200; 1 da adjoining, $210; 1 do do, $266; 1 At do, $200. 8? u ?There la no American flax to ba had unde: $1 80 and Calcutta in held at $2. Tho advice* frou Calcutta quote an advance in ared there of ona rupei per maud?equal to 40 oenta per bu?hel. Tobacco.?The inquiry ia fair, and holder* very Arm Saiee of 160 bhds Kentucky, supposed on apaoulation at private bargain, and 120 bale* Harana. at 10c a 24o 1 ?.*?.?The black ? in the Clarendon'* oargo wen offered by aution to day, and ware disposed of at t decline on previous prise*. Tbaro were some green offered of the Raduga'i cargo, but they ware not *oli at prlcei. that wauid be any gnide to the market. Whukh?Wa? easier, with aale* of 160 barrel* o .Iinvu BHV vHU VfUUgf WN UVIUIIHU 25c . time Hd Interact. Wmn - We nolle* aalea of 66 qr. eaak* Burgund, Port at 42X a 45o ; and 20 do fiae do. at 90o. RktEirT* or Fbodvcb rci Railbcad*, *iwcb Ycitehoai ErU. Housuttnic. Tola Floor, bbla 4IH ? 44 Oat* bag* 600 ? 60 Whlakey.bbl* 134 81 21 Aabaa. bbla 28 98 12 Wool, bale* 38 21 6 Leather, aide* 82* 1102 19H Butter, pkga 04 ? 6 Mvrcbaadiae do 110 1268 136 Sheep, dreaeed 26 407 4V Hoga, do ? 170 17 Calve*. do M ? U Provlalonr. paekagea... 108 00 IS UIKKT8 ELIBWHGRB, STOCK MAI.E3.

Boaroa, Feb tB.?Broker?' Hoard?1 (hare Weatara Kail toed, 1('2%; 44 Boatoa and Mala* Railread, lti8>?; 10 Maa chr?t?r and Iawrence Railroad, 87; 1 fliehhurg Railroad M\, 6 Boatea and Providence Railroad, HtiU; 11 Boato: aud Woroettcr Railread. 94; 2 Nortntrn Bailroad. 63; 1 H'oreeater and Railroad, band, 48; 2 Rutland Rail road. CO; 14 Portland, Saeo and Portamouth Railroad, IM lltl Vermont Caatral Kailroad, 4S\ a 44; IVI Old Colon; Railroad, t.&lk a 66 W; 1 Amoakeag MaaufaoturiacCompany HW; HI diviuenda Vurmoat Caatral Railroad, No I, $2 lA dividenda Cliethire Railraad, 64. Second Hoard 2 abarea Buatoa and Frevi'leao* Railroad, KSK; 20 tVoateri Kailroad, l-1 .. la Fitclibnrg Railroad, lif7^'; 6 Norther: Railroad, >-\ 60 Beet Beaton Company b2m. 1A; 6 Chaahir Railread. 6ft; $130 60 dividenda Cheahtre Railroad, ftft; ft dividenda Verm'nt Central Railroad. No. 1, $2 Ml; 10 ah Kitexttvok, tighto on, 11-; 2i6 jLaaei Ritflita, I ,. flarricil. Ob the 26th inft, at tha Church of tha Aaoenaion. b the He*. Mr. Bedall, William 8 Blim. Mi? Kam?t Eabliho, daughter of John Barllsg, of thla city Died. On Wrdceaday morning. February 27th, after a ahor and refera ilia***. Mra Hannah, reliet of the late Johi L) una, In the 78d year *f her age. The relative* and friend* of the family, and thoae o her ion* In-law, Win. J. Homer. Judaon J.Jennlngi and S B.Iaaaca, are Invited to attend her funeral, oi Friday afternoon, Marob lat. at half paat two o'clock from her lata laatdene*. No 80 Second atraet. Her r* main* aid be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. New Haven and Philadelphia paper* will pl*aae copy On Tue*d*y morning, tha 26th inctant, Wabhinuto: M. Haiii b, i.i the 47th yiar of hlaage. The frit Bda of the family are Invited to attend th funeral, fron tha hour* of lienry t.rbeu.No 132 Prlno street. tbla afternoon, at 6 o clock On ^Vedneaday mortilag February 27th. Mabt, wlf Of Vincent K. I'-ln < *. and daughter of th* late Win F. Hlggln*, In the 28d year of her ag*. 1 be mend* or tea family are respectfully Invited t attend her funeral on Krlday afternoon at ?S o'cloct ticm bar l?t- rraldetoe, No 8 Lafajelts Plan* Her rt train* will b* taken to St. Mark * Church for Inter mL On the 2<"h instant, Mri. Eliiabcth Wojk, in th 00th y*ax of h?r a** Mother, Hear, thon bait left an, And thj Ion ? deeply feel; But th God that has bereft ua ? lie can all oar aorrow* heal. On tba 27th February, Willun D'G?*mo, In tbi 78th year of bl* a*e The relative* and friend* of th* family ar* respect fally Invited to attend hi* funeral without further In ItatloD from hi* Ute residence with hi* con. L. Brooki D'Carmo. Na. 2W Grand itrcet, cucer of the Bowery < n Thurrday morcing. the 2Nth instant, at 11 o'cloen Hit remain* will be take* to Ball * Kerry, N J. At South Lrun?*ick. N J , on Monday. 2Jth Instant On.asaT 1'ai * > * a*ed 77 tear*. Mr P. wai an oU cltlxen of New York, and highly respected by largi rlrrla rf friead* Hi* tuneral took place at Souii B>uu*?lck yaeterdCT, At Cntchogne. L I., on (be 26th irst , Caboliiic I, Ctn, daughter of KrankUnB. and Sarah Douglass Can in her 18th year. The funeral take* place at bar father'* re*ld*nc? Catchngu*. L. I . on Tburtday. Vctb i?*t .at 4 o'clocl P M. Tbe car* learn South Kerry at V o'clock A. M arrivlig in time for the tuneral On Wednaeday, 27th Inst., in the B*th year of h* age, Mrs Hidsah, wife of Henry H Ingcnoll. after i pair.ful and protracted UUecs. which she bur* wltl t hristlan fortitude and resignation. She died a* *b bad lived in th* hop* ol a Me??e4 immcrtallty txyoui the fiiar* 'J he nlafieas and friend* cf tba family are respect fully Invited t<> attend the fua-rai services. tbi* after i?< e at 4 o'clock, at her late residence Sty Perry *tr*ct also the n.embers of Ashland Institution. No 2 Sister of TeBpsrance; the membra of felcTidlaa l.ed^e 4J I O ?f O. K j the Biembertof Jeru**lein Kaeampruent No IS, also the members ot Ori*uUl Division. No 3V S ofT. Her teaieins will be taken tu l'*?katiU for In ferment. on Kriday mortiirg lAHl'l'IIK IUICLLIUKNCB, Port iif Si* Vurk, Icb. <h, *r? iiii* (27| ?f <o? m*r* J *V? il TV t AS I NH.M ? lilt. lU ll Ttl*(|rapUI?. V*a faecal ?ews eefaaaa t-r the latest Maria* lataili l?aea If tlrawd Nl.tra?VMeri* (tVll. Johnstor. I.?r>l>n. J flrlawnM Panahoa (Sw), Nllwi, ('imoti mn-1 B'rttin, Thotiipa. ri I MaabaWft. Kirk ? lllr. Atay, Porlo Calxrllo, Piliabary ft foariford. tin,.*? P 1> W till':. KuLikkid, S*?raa?tnto CII?; A?? Piak P?***r. Mobil*.* W-*4at**a Mill*. Uv. hLn-Vugtilt. iiuhd. * Ziarr.* " Utlriatii ft Kiu?ir Tlnr?. fil4* i? But*. Hfcl Inltipr M*lboara*. Rarilait filiililtli I ?. K P Book k In: lank rranr**, PnlUr. do !>**w ft t?hit* II l><i*4', l'i*k!?m. Ja?k*->ayitl*. A f I .old. Pmith. Balt'ia*tt. ?*..Iir It Lard; I'm >br??? ( ), nnr Phllalalphl*; Browa, ftir S*rda, do; l> B W|i|atl* I. II M<->cr???, P-i'h. H ilm. B*n;al. Pkro* R*l?n : r.Mti t.t, l lmrr Prariaratowa. tl.ofo? Baa** Budy. Walla, Prurid*nr?, Xi? York, Jaata N?w BtfU. ArrlTtit. BMr Ba?l?r ?a*w ), Crwi foiUui t d*ya, ta tillui, u Bank- * It * a (I II Grltiuda (t't), D>ir, r?tlllU, 4 daya, ia Vtilut, t B l lirrllut ft Co. f?rk I tMhlit, Bar'onr, Maya?n?i. PB. IB daya, will rorir. ft*. t? > ft u?u tim r nnnnwd ??rr *??*r< vniti ^ mktud a( th* Qalf. Joh? linat. Naaia. a?>i it. * alir* vl lUabara. dird oa th* ptMip. Bark Btoaatt* iff Ma) M'Uittk, Matit aJ. Ij da)*, with m?)aa*?a, ta B C Duck nark Caha-f* (-I Por:iaa4). Huekia*. Naw Orltaa. B day*. with ? ,i?r aad n' !? * la Lb* n ??l?r. P*h *1, la i ratf fr-Bitl- K?, I'*' dark la*4 af r<ola*aat Th* C a rw* Tata I * >? *k*a?>*r Tr> j*a Oatnani'i lalaad. carryi*l i*tr ila rail, ataarhaaaa. bulwark*, fed Una No?B,a (Pm*), Eft'pr. R ??r U>ara*l?a*. Natl**, .1 daj wl'h ai*hn?**r, to Pavaatadt ft 5*b naaakrr Pr't l>|l?(Br), Uiilar* Bt D*mia?* City, U day*, will e.?!i''?aa), Br, to A C Ro?*4r* ft C* t?? Ar n*r 4*1* (af Caaidta * ) Co&ant, Tr ?i lad. 7 d?\*. with na? larrr*. to th* m*?tar. Pah 1". lit 24 US. laa Hi Ml *pa>k*h*rk l.ft*T A?n of Thcmaatoa far Philadelphia. Plx Tiavk (af ki* fl*r?a). Boat*. 8i H.rka. 17 da;*, wit) auto*. ft*, ta Ik* ma?t*r. lint kalKi C PI I la**), Plk*. Battport, 10 day*, will latl*. Br, ta iwiith It |t< yak- *. P. I r Aarah >a*l. (af waldobara'), QUohriat. W*w Or'aan* II <*>}*. with *o(*r aad aaiaim, to tha ma* at. P*l- II. in t |*U iroai 8B, laat from th* jik- ko<>? Jaati Plaaaaaa, *** lift Irkr Ctiainnm Parry, Mablla, II Aaya, with a^ttaa. Ba. If th* aiitar. ^?hr *a?f?ow?T, r?aiat. Atitkapa* W day*, with nnr and ?.< l>**ri. ta U< auui. Iiptriniad Ntar* waatftar ?ft tb* | t'Mfl P. hr B?h*aaft C P'**T, Prlf*. Worth Tarollaa, 4 4aya. ftaVr Wara Atlrliac. Timlaia, t J?ya. * hr 7.?-1 -* l.anaoa. M*rpah*o*o?k. I 4*v?. hr l ady <4 th* l^ko. Ilarrta. Norfolk, Saaya. trhr V m Ur?ry, >?r Philadtlphia S dtya. Pof.t k>t| Aan Car >IU*. Haokira. Philadelphia, S day*. PrST Atn?a?a. . Pinyra*. IHI. f 4ay?. P hr I aila , Vwiyra*. Dal. f data. Bct.r ? ib Hotiiy. >t?y*r. Dalawar*. 1 lira. Prhr IT ra Urdxy. Drtimaial. ha* Olll. 1 taya. Pr' r lllft, Bar*. Baakoa. 2 d*y>. Bthr C*y*?ila. T*aa(, P*w Mlar4. t d*y*. Ha law. Br . Blaa'ra, V <??? frsa Triai4a4, with mMaaaat, I?T0 Thwrttra. Nr<(| JifM Il?tll tmm . 1h? !?!.?? |>* mi o?a?i4 ?inak laat ai?ht a ihip Baath af tka |i ?l iak<ia, ?a4 aaatkat ia th? "?a?. MM Jb'pa 7 Aaatla, M?aa. ?lal?aat<?: Rtahar4 Alaap. >a, ih. *?? ViNaa Julia Il"?ar4 Baiklar, rkarloata* j karVi k> t? a. (talk, Matamaa; Marrlaa4. Klaia. Bi-hiaaad kill Lit* oak. r, bartanr? r-" lr4 at inarlf*. W. at marietta, Kf; itmaMt, NNk, an4 liftht. Knr?l?n Malta. I.ttita B?aa af tka at.atraHp r?;r??, far Haaaaa, V?w Ptl?? *a, < t,?irn. fanasa aaa Ma rraaeta'-o. trill rl aa at tl? fetnM ??w thta 4a?. at tH a'tluk; a*4 ia nfdar M awra lha aata ?a4 a?a?<l.r a? U*?r y M lrt-?ra a ad pap*ra. a tftaial ntmru?rt ?UI laara tka 0rral4 of* a, who trill pra?* ! to Aaa fraanaaa la rl ar?a Sua I will aJaa ka Mtln? aa4 kmatM ?IU praiupt daapauh. 1*1'or Ban t?t Barara, < htrrta, I'ananv Callfcrafa, Be? par H'??T Faltra. aill tlaaa at tha Bieiaa?a Raaciaa NffctWt <t?y at I a'al< ak. Ptnall piekarrt at* alto rao*|r?4 ll tht aMt ?H? aa4farwar!i4 t* California la cbarga at a HHc al amMin. Haratat Marina tarniyanfltiw. Hr??c*t, f*k B. t I'B- -hip TiM. Hfhawar, af aa4 If a Baaroa far Cahfartia. B* 4a>i at aaa, pat iata thla p?.rt thM irta'rc t* 4latr?aa. hatltg. whaa 4 4ajt out. aifarlaao?4 aovtro ?aiaa aktah tkrow tka ahlf 'a to kar kaam aa4?. akift*4 rami rarro, aa4 rarri?4 avajr Hat ra44a*. #kaa aka n?htr4. ka4 IH faat aatar ia kat b?14. Mm kaa Ita paaaia* *?. ?T?k II. !* ?Arrlao*?Brl? Baaaa l*4vi?, Taaac. R-cKKaM for Bcataa. aa4 at4 aaaia4a*. _ MM-ktti Saa Ua. Bn*t. Panlaaij Alkaap Paakat, Oraa 1.4a. t*k- At*.rt4 Mr Daaairk, NatMk fat Ba??kakta. aa4 I aid MB* toy. M ukitvi aohr, uakirti la Iti karkor below. B 20th?Mo irWiIi tbif morn lag. 1 PHiLiiiiLrMit, M IT. < PH--AniTtl-Btrki rwrnth, ' WiImb. P?rto Caballo; Delaware, U?1i, Bono*; brira fiiacipa, Cilcbriat, Mk Orliui; Htrtii ?u Bnrea. Hopkiii, ' Ciiiifttioi; liWttWIu (nw), Crixnll, Bridgeport, >:???; 9 achra Poet Boy (Br). PoIiluUr. St Mlchaela; Niaetta. Char1 ry, New York; Bmily C Barton, tiaady, do; Matilda A ThornaoB, Btavemon. do. I Cleared Ship Zenobla, Jaotioi. Ban Franoiaco: aohaaJ H ! Raidell, Daaa, Charleston: W P Corbitt, Hewitt, B atoa; J , B Mcraau, Maaon, Newark; Niaetta Cherry, Providatoa; K C Ilortoa, Oandy, Naw Yora: M A Thomaon. Stevonaoa. do; ' Delaware, Harding. Providence; ateamar Keuuoboo, Cope, Naw York. i BImcI lanaoui. Bhif J P Wmitbkv?There la ineuranoe ia Boatan (ar $ 10,1*10 ob U ia veaeel (before reported wreaked). equally diI vidad between tha New England and Wanes offloea. Bchb Chronomctkb. Pierce at Norfolk from Cardanaa' reporta ob tba Kth iaat, lat 36 11, Iob 71 31X- whila lyiag to v under thrae-reef fareaail, ahipped a aaa which hove the aohr ' ob her beam eada, broke adr.ft tha daok load, which waa 1 waahed overboard, atoia cabia wiadowa, fclliag the oabia half I full of waMr, damagiag every thing thereia, Bad oauiiag tha ? veaael to laak badly. Bad heavy weather dariag tha paaaaga Bomb PoaT Ber, Poiadeitre, at Philadelphia from St r Michaela, eaoouattred ea the paaaage vloleat galea from all 1 peinta of tha oempaaa; ioat jib-boom, aad had aavaral aaila aPli*Schb Biih M, of Holmea'aHola, haa keen pucHaaed to At (or California, by Capt Chaa Do waa, who race ally t>ok oat ohr Kialto. ' Thk Laboi?t Caboo o? Jthb "Bbabow?'Tha Br ahip ' Acme, Capt Somervail, cleared from thia port yaatarday. for f 8 Liverpool, by George Martin, with 3 4? balaa of oottoa, a weighing 1,747,64b pouada, valned at $XM.S60. Thia wa be* liave ia the largeat cargo cleared thia aaaaoa. Previoua to 1 thia tha American abip Ticoaderoga had olaarcd with 3^23 kalea. weirhing 1,706,310 pounda, valued ar $181,951.?Mobile |f Adv. Feb 1?. t Mobb Vsaan.i Pvichaiid fob CALiroawiA.--Tha new bark, launched aome time aiaee by Meaara Sim peon k J and will be fittod oat end deapauhed for California under the L cuDDUi of Capt Reynegon. The l>rij( Contort, Capt Una- . roe, haabeen purcliaeed by Meeara Biahop k Wataon.and will b , be loaded fer California. The ahip Bohemia, Capt Loliand, 0 1 la receiving ber caTge for San FranoUoo. Ooe gentleman ha* 0 " (hipped material* for thlrtj-iii hou**a.--( Philadelphia Led- t 0 ger, ltb26th. 6 Notices to Marin em , ;S Ct'lToti Houai, Ntw Ton, ) a COLLKi Toa'a Or?-ic?, February 25,1S5>. $ T The Light Beat at Sandy Hook baring broke from her moer- t !i inga, ha* been brought lato port for repair*. She will be ro- ? ' turned to her elation aa ioob aa practicable. ( 8 H. MAX WILL. c 2 ? 0 Oiubalta*, Jan 27,15W-Tbe Board of Healthof thiaport I ,< ka* rom* to the decieion of admitting to free pratuiae ell ve*- J x eel* from Uieat Britain, Northern Piru of Buropo, and from ' Am*rica, with o>an bill* of health, and with health on board. I The Jupiter (?>. from Southampton, ha* not therafera beta 1 pat in ijaaraatiaa. < ? c Wnaca iw in* Swim?A green Buoy, marked with the i word " Wreck " ha* been placed in 4|? fathom* at lew water < 1 apiing tide*, 20 fath'.in* to the SB of a vetael aunk In the ' ' Swin Channel, and with the following oompa** bearing*:? < .) Swin Middle Light Vettcl. ,NE by X dietantabout 1 mile. > Whi taker Beacon N E by E. < f. Maplia Lighthoua* 8 If >4 W i j Whalemen. , Cleared at New Bedford, Mth, bark Jaiper, Rotth, PaolBo , >j Ocean. 5 Sroicew? Oct 28. off Cape Horn, Benj Fuoker, Wood, N B, . * 60 ap; had loat one beat, davit*, fore and main top*ail*, in a a gale. I * Spoken. u Brig Grand Turk, of Searaport, Feb 18,4 day* eat, for 8a* vannah. ron cAi.iFoarit*. - 81 lp Flavlo, Jenkina, from Boaten (Sept 23) for San Traaci*co, Dto 4. Cape Horn W by 8 Ml mile*. | . 8h>p Albatro**, Knowl**, from Button (8?pt 1) for San ' Fieuelaeo, Oot 8. lat U M, Ion 13 S8 W. < Bark Oreenpoint. Wardle, hence (Dec 18) fur California, J ' Jan 8, Ut 22 44, len 44 Ml, I foreign Ports* lurwur, Jan 30?Sid *hip Francr, Dr.rrickton, NYork. B*r?ai/Oe*, JanXS? Bark/rank, bueei, from Philadelphia, a air ik'th. , Barn-rot.. Feb 7?Ship Jame* Andu* (Br), Barker, for Bot- i ,f ton, wig wind. Cam ctta, Dae 21?Ship Argo, Meacom, from Buton (Aug , 8), arr loth (not 16th), hating taken (team at the Booth or j 1 tne merjbark Juniata. Howea, from Button (July JO), arr li *t Sand Bead* 8th, ana at town 16th. and other* a* befute i- Ship Moeltm, for Boeten. p??aed Cooler Baiaar on 22d. I'nari tool, Feb 8 -Brig* Helen. Cellini, for Baltimore in 12 day*; Margaret, Hill, wtg freight: Leoncae. Bradbury, do; i aclr liarp, uridbury, for Baltimore in 5 day* and other* Lot I recollected. 2 C> jioa, Jan 21? Arr bark Orline St John, Berry, NOrlean*, 1 a atd aid H V to31*t for Palermo. t v maaaiia a, Jae 24? Bark Cobden (8w), from Maraeille*. arr < lith. to load for MVork; b;iga Tuerany, Prince, to load for 1 d<>: Charlotte, H?|kin*. tor do, 2th(not*ld aa reported) j Sid 15th, kara E * il*oa. Colaon, N York. ] ' Mavacuku, Vr, Feb 8-Bark* Odd Fellaw, Lowell for 1 Portland, wtg cargo; Swan, Holme*, fur Phila. do; brig* Moo- t 0 *?ral. Guide, fer Surinam, do; Mel>a>a Ana, from Jobc(port, r do; Emma J'raneit, Bartlett. from Phtle, do; L W Armstrong, J Ihon peon frum NYork. do; luda, Roger*, do do; Mareellu*, frcm fit Tt>uma?, do; 1'orto Kioj, Staple*, frum Wilmington, ( do; B L Swan. Iitkob, fri m New D tien. do: Weaaakia, irom Santa Croi. )u*f arr; act r J^atph Henry, of Vienaa, for N t e V?rk, In 6 day*: Ho?ard,, for do. ? d?y?: C,old iiunter, 1 for d? do; Native Anuni tr, l.omaa. from Neaburypsrt, wtg 1 cargo; Hi nduiaa trom ltoaton, do do; D?r*aa Tick >b from e H iln ingtoi), NC, dix; Tioga. Collin*, frum do do; Atlantic, 1 Smith, frcui Frankfort, aid tbe day bafure for Ponoe. 1'K, to t lead rorMew Voik, in 4 day*;J Klweil, Koger*, lordonaxt < day. r 1 S awrobt (Eng), Feb 7?Ship Beeorery (Br), Lowther, for t B'*ton, w tg wind. t Phrti a?u (Eng). Jan 25? Arr off brig KxceUont (Bw)> t Ei Uia u*. from Cl.arle?toa for Copenhagea. t I iv.HiH Knai a, Feb fi a 7?Ship Baecha* (Br), from t Newport lor Boaton; put in for a harbor. 1 i Pi aaro Cah?i i o. Fab 111?Brig Erie, from MVork, ap f r 1 a port up tbe Strait*: rchrt Eleanor, Johneon, to *?i| fer M J Yrrk In 10 day*; Aagaat, from Urenada, to mi fo( M York In f a day or two. t j mochali-i, Jan 90? Sid brig L'Xaiai (Fr). Boatoa. Datel d 1 are to ftth inat. Brig Uaoola, Buff, from MYork, wai ei * peetcd, and wculd load lor Boaton. 1 i fNrfcNA.jeii lfi?Ber'g i ikla. King, from Botton (Not 90), ~ arr night rf 8th; brig C'Peuan>na, Mmdett, far Boaaon, d.ract, I it s ft w day*; had not been at Samoa, aa reported. ' * bT ae, lab *? Urig* Shawmut, York, dug. one; A. > Cooper. Otlie. ui c; W brown, Uartletujfrom and for George- J tu?n. SC, l;;tb: A tlantio, Duell, from Trinidad, wtg order*; 11 i, aebx Mary Bliiabetb, Kirwan, lor Balumoro, la a day or 0 g two: J B i.indeey, higgi, uncj Sarah Maria. Riter*. uao; I John A Ceok, femnk, frnm Fall Birer, diw. Sid, no date, Mhr* JO K'dgnay. l.aniar, ; U M Rutinaoa, McFarlin, St e r rlon. Berjatuia, (l?)>n>. PK, 24 l?*t, N*w ?L??fn, Uuiur, 1 k , do: acbr LorUol, C ora*r, Baracaibo, 3d, kr?i? Allatoa, Plaraa, 4 I Ith, liuatroo. Tajlor, I'onaa. I'tl, litk. Car**, ? Clark llm h rtlaiid. haviac rr|>air?d). Saa Frucuo*, St : I Iwrulo, lnhUritr, U(ii)n. 1 Tain ai ad, Fak 6-Brig* Dclmcat, Loek, Idg for DmIm; I 'fit. Kr dc: lltitia', lot NVork aooa. Henrietta. diaa?; t'tica, ?'*; b<ary Bunk, do; TyLaa, da; Fairy. fur Phil ?..-a: bark Vt illiuni, diaoj; acbr* U * Pie*, ring, lJr f?t ; Pi.II; Maillalaad, do for ('Lariaaloa, SCi Moraiag ?ur, ffttf. i Tdtart, Jab jo?>o Am >?nI la purl. I, llama Porta. , Ir alacmicola. Fab 11?Arr brig Btdlva, Clark, Butoa. CI<1 Klt> a 1Mb, abip lilaai bard, Ulan'hard. It.atoa; bark do b rt W alt ( Brl Bartoa. ti<arp ol; arig I. Wauor, Krdar, < JiVaek; acta J T-'l. J*at,iag*. Philadelphia; two Mary*. j >jlt t Mitl tu: Victoria, train, d?. Alau ahjp CaaaJ*. ? II ua.?aj, bo.t?a. bii. Mobila, Balklty, N Y?tk. *?br Talla- * liatac*. !*a< atti*, NOrteaa*. e Bainaioa*. Feb it?lid bark# Diug'ai, Oibbaai, Dtmt- a rata, l il, Mjitr, Sli ai.ip Faauy, 0c*aatt, Saa Fiaartdra. ho'iux. r*k X- -Art aui|> Caira, I.oriag N?w OrWaaa; I rebr frojn*. Ctl*. B*luiu<r*. Talagtapuod--?hip V??aI briar*. Irum New Oil. ?a? bark iaintaa. iroa frlaldBd] I I Iriaa 1r for, Irani I >l?rag, aad N*w i'ork. Sarah. ft-m " Cudtaia. M*uai far a bark, lid, abipe tiuaaJar. KiU.r. i Valparaiso; l.xrMatar, V? a*tootl, New Oritaae, Carro.l, 1 BaatLaat, d : brl?i Oak, Uooara. ulbraltar aad a mar bat, J alb kit hit otid, > a; Aad< t*r, Hardy, Alt'?..n tna; o jio>. aa. ? i hH. nl, l'l i.a<HI| hi?. m'ta Siiibram, . 'lull, M I htm a* aad A i> ark*t, t'al'.aia, Window, bt .? < ; T II 1 h?ui|>*'ta, #n- * , mi, Norfolk at.d ll'cW n't; "arp, W illiaiaa, N#w fork. 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Tlx people arc nut <|ait? *u srHi_ _ tb*? ??w ihelr virtu* clw. , 5M rUl? hill rat* Bad bIm oa th* apoi. The Mlnttlt ??dera kill oookioachea, bug*, uiotbe. ?ti. Uiu Bjil ui ?**cu ob pubu. ' ^ ro those ladies who are "as ladies wish * ^*"ko l*?* th*lr lord*."?Th* great Puturlui a?'Watte' Nervoua Antidote," will *uabl* ladia* ka 'orth ibeir offspring comparatively without p?ia. It la 11?l? ??*!??, >* h" beea triad. Tat woadrfal mt?>erti** of thi* great diaeovery are briag mar* I all* i?iiU**i *er? boar. Hair a teaapooafull eva?y sight, for t?* wavka 'tJJi*.' Wl" rM,d,r ehildoirth apleatur* In *ad r *>***' OB* lK>llar?ab^ai JU d?aa?-will hiiii thi* rraad **id*rstum. Direct to TaLBOT WaTTS, iks luthmml lb* moaty ratura*d If act foand a* daacnbod. IT Al.UAlil.E TESTIMONY JTEOM THE SOUTH - VI V lika, at ?U Ubh, t* (lra oradit whaa *r*dil i* daa, r at tba am* tim* w* *aa relieve tha dUtcoteed wa an loubly gratified ; we, theralore. aiva tha folio wiag .*l>atwr atimosy a* to th* b*a*s*ial *#?*u of . ^ Hid Cherry, bjr th* editor of th* Colombia South Carol iut&a rho appear* to ha** gnat r*lief by It,^'!!^ >oaiiaioa, lorUmoutti, Va. w wistak'b balsam or wilm cheery We aaldom raaort to patent madioiaaa, havlaa a mat ~ pact for th* *kill of tb* r*gular prot***toa. bat abaaa* it.?, nto our *>) tli* aba** BBta*d bMWb*. '-lriltuir )|* clo** of the laet teeeloB of th* LogUlatura, whaa oar laJTa rare alm?*t dried up by th* highly rartlad lamfhwi *f oar tort- warmed Stat* Uonia. Th* Balaam Immediately rata Ted u* of a la oat haraaaiag cough, whieh thr*atea*d ear talth 1b a aeiiou* d*gr*e. W * f*al that w* tn ladeated ta it or tome flfteea pouud* of * tight?whteh addihoa I nee felt, cannot La forgott*a. _____ None genaiaa unle** iiga'd I. BUTTS ob th* wrtffw. Caution--In* only genuia* aad origiaal artioi* wai firm* atroducod in th* year 1b38. It haa beea wall taetad. aad *a mciatod fur i*a}tui, la all the oom plaint* far whtah 1% haa reu rveommeaded. Til: -Cougb*. Cold*, laSueaaa, Inibitit, Attbma, and Consumption, in it* lacipleat iU|h. If* iber mediciae ha* proved mora etficacioua. Oa utoaat of he uabouidod popularity of thi* artiel*. it haa boaaextea? iY?ly couiitartaiiad, by panoaa who kaow aothlag oi the ia;redieat* of thia origiaal ooiapoand. The genuia* i* aianad 1. BUTfi oa th* wrapper. far *al* by A. B. A D. 8aad*, lUUPaltoa *tr**t; alao ak , b* Aatvr and irviag Uoaa* drug (toraa, Broadway : at Hail an d, Kteu Ik Co., Maidsa laaa; at tPilliaa Burgar'a, >urtl*Bdt *trrtt; aad by tb* Drnggiau g*a*rally thr?aghiut th* Uaitad Btai? aad Caaada. Pkoctamation?caleb b. woodbull. matoe.? Wb*ri-aa. Talbat. H ait?..of 102 Naaian itroet. prayiac k ny lato'vebtioa with tbe rotdloal (acuity to iareMigate tha Bti*eulou* pow*r of hi* "kut*oa* Aatidota." aad / la- ,j laence to to it the truth of hi* a***rtioe* make* oath aad ; ikiih, Tb*t the wvBdoifuI de*elnpament* huurly belug mada 1 if the aaii-nervcB* aad anti-*pa*Bodio power of thi? aotrise. T*Miubl** nor* romaao* thaa reality. Thattk* BMt : patrooiatiug ncaralfie paia?, tic dolourcua. aad aor*oa* doiU ty. vaaiab from it lika chaff before tb* wlad; that it* fleet* upoa Ibe m?at obatinate tit* #f loag Handing. *oa*al- ' .ion*, ipui/i, ami jiitLii at>sm. are lik* magic; tliatltu>h:r* obiidicu iaio the world without pain, and aaaihilata* th* Loat violcat cougb*. attliinaa, and conjumptinn; that bodUy lability cannot be kaown aaaor it* b*aiga iaU'ieao*; that bio ibow* it will cur* tetaau*, aad belicv** tha< *t*b ftydr"*- ' phobia uuit yield to it* pownr. He hereby pledzee hiaMlf I 10 retnrn all tuoaty paid for It, If fouudiatffeatuaf; that It }i*itiT*ly a tpeoifto remedy a<iiu*t cholera. Thia ht pray* I will do uiy utmo*t to aroua* th* atteatioaof the ta*dwal 'acuity to, and ia*c*tigata iu mighty powtr, aad prove that l':ere t* Bbthing impowtLl* with vJod TaLBOT W'aTTi, 10J Sa?*aa ikrtek. Sworn before me, the 27ih diy of February, l&M. CALtB f. WOODkUhU Mayor. Caution to dear persons -mohe aee injdrbd benefitted hy *yriii?e* aad <{ua*K oil*, buteau y?aa* if aoooeealBl praetlca uaaMa* Dr. Lut*B*r, No. 35 Baa* Bro?<l?a>. to cure all curable dinasaeot the Kir. \ n,:?ulion Ice, by irail or otlirrwiee. $l. OUoa uoira, daily, fawsa V .ill 2. L'upaid !otter? PRIVATE DI8KA8K CUilKD IN OH* DAT, BT 4 lord application wtthjat llaitciae ?The vionue ot ae>ret hatita caii rely on a permanent ear#, by au enure Ht nodefiom any other in tliie country; it liaa been needier reara in Kurope. with encode in erery cui. Dr.i,ameat, it Keade I tree i, baa catea daily, which ban haflled the otbec l'fan>eiaii Pille tor the core of legible trrofaiantiee. SI. WEN MEDICAL BOOKS.?A CO MP LIT* PRACTICAL work, >>? tr.a nature and iii>ati&eat of private di.eaaea, Itrctuita. and all kiaJred alfrcti'na of the uriaar; oraeao Ituatiaud If i(mi niintir if beautifully ?. I .red plataa, ii larKtai lite. By llooi -r Boetwici M. 1?. Large quarto, IMJpatee. 7d uditiou. Price flu. Batraet (r*a ui BniM Medical and 8nr(ical Journal?"It may be a aid. learleaait, * I# equal to Kienrd'eer Acton'a work oa the nut taaaily if dieeaeea, and fareuperior to anything of tVe kind ever pubiehed In thia couatry." Author ol the work oa Semiaal koaeaiene luipotoncy, Ac., eauaed by 1. proper biMto? fourth Kdition, 14 plat**. Priea $1. for tale at the Pubiahara', ft ringer A Townee nd, 2?J Broadway, aad by the AwJier. M>4 O mad war. Doctor rocuiLr fiitately?for u centst> iimuii of the Pocket .fUculapiua, or Inry Oae fill )?l I'kyeician. Twenty-fouitb editioa. with ??ie hm lred naraviaga. ahowiog I'mata Ineeaeea aad Malieraauoae of he Generative &yat??, la every ebape aad form, by Itil'iMb r.uag. U. D., Graduate af th( L'altermty of PiUiyliMlb Phi varioua forme ol Seertt Difekeee, Seminal W eabntae, Dl*? a?el of ibe froetate Uland. I m potency, Solitary llaUU af fonth, art faithfully deacribrd, aad all tfc^ reoipee given la 'lain language. lue chapter o> Self Ahnee, an J Seaiaal Veakaoea ie worthy of particular attontwe. and ahouM be ead by (very one. Young men. who fare beea uaivtiaaaM a contracting diaeate. previoai to placiaf yonrMlvee uader ha rare it aay doctor, a-> tier what hia pret- ualou, may >e, get a ? py of tbia trely useful work Strargrre Tuitiaui he elty, particularly 11.-ee eonteaupUtUr B.Arriage, lea" hlnk ot returning home without a copy if the Pocket aplue. Jea etptatnt ba* i-artona g.Tkg ta tea, llauuld p laaaM it. Young'e Treatiee oa Marriage, Tha Poaket ?~culapma, ec leery Oae faia Owa Phyetciaa. Aay peraoa aendtag twaeiiyire eaata eatloaad ia a Utier, will receive aaa aopy afl Urn look, by mail; or ai? roplaa will ba aaal for aaa dollar AdIreea PR. Wit. YOL'NU, 1M Bprwaa a'r~v Philadelpbia< i.d for **la by Strinnar A Tewbaaad. Z3 Broadway, Ntm Pork. JBM1.NAL CIIEABK!, IMPOTR!*CY. 1TC.-KOt'lOR J I nnalia n a Blactio Conaaat*r w'll r- -vera (ha einl.ty sdai(or of aiaahood. and arreat li>o aBUalaaaaa aa<<atM a fa retained for the aupport af animal Ufa, what ail I ba oka and noetruma la tba anleerae will fail te da. It it aaeaipanifd with a eupply of aphrodiaiac >uedidi?a. Ac. Price 110. Tbe doctor ia eunenlsed oa every f >ra af private dieaaa. HI* lee lor adiriae and lueaiciae, eutBuleat to perfora a are la tt (oaly). ia all can-a ? hare hie H. '-ro i cnxaeter ay net be re<|umt?a. Addrtaa W. ODMQLlSOlf, U.. bos wo. lower poat cfltea f^OR Fl MAlR.s AND MALES -DR. LARZCTTCa JVU aa Coreiel, or Precreatlve Allaar, pree?rlbeJ ae ueA lectlve ree'.cietite la eaaei of debilty. iaip- w bariaa >e*a, aad all irrexalariti.aef aatare. It la ail t!.atitprwkeeee to be. Tie:--Watare'a Cleat Reetoratlve. rnd naa% for Ilnae in the married Itata wilhovt ofTrpr:jij. It t( lerteia cure for eea,iaal ea-iaatoaa, peneiai debility, (loo*, aeakarea ?t the teatial orpiaa. acreaae ae>ouaa?.laeoerTb?a. ta ra laeieoratiaf: aiedieise It ia oae ,aa<lrd. Akae, a earia<a remedy for Inoifieat cenaeBptloa aad iadlteatij*. Md ibIj ?|07 Jebe atreet. by J1 DI?oK b Ce.. thenaly dienlaaa Aaaate. ftiMlO *'***?' -JKrrmtr ANnoor*. a *pb?UW Be Milter* In Mi on ( (litwili*!, Ulm, th Mirr?, tad iib'Iit diaaraara. It iku ? ?4i^ Iilti/dt Ui laa*t iMtnaUi'l uf Oi?t, dru.k. war'aar*. 1 fee** la *i>pli?at|oa ta tmtiur.a. Tk* proprietor chalWng** Mi' r?M * Mel. I :i it. r* * ill sal ?or*. uad*r tb? fKeitara ol IUa ki *dr*d <lt>IUr*. IuiUn-iIm 4it?nuu4 ? ctbtraf'ad if ? do** ef hr U tak< n * ken t u | ai I>r la altk f ?:i ' $1 Dm M>li h'i a ???k?nu; : rt < ut?4 la t?a day*. t wif ia - Sy C. H. tiM- U< U< illwl. Dft. rOOI'ER. It I?? AM STUIKT, OAS, FOB Til laat fourteen Ttara *.>alln?d kit ptaeti** ta IM IMltcataf arraariaf ant tl ar aiaaaaaa at adeli-al* aataat, I* oaa aura tka n. >at auttara'-d raaaa ai iMad.aaaaa.aa4 14 aaaaa r*a*?*d is tva ta in 4a?*. A fulaal **?*, at H hair". V o CCBI NO FAT.?Mb OOKiiitr. i* di'a^i rr La n.ty k* fouaal'ad ' H iha Irratairat ?f ? < i><? M -li'.aka iMtM*. A ftaatiaa cf Hit**a year a, H???taa ta th* trwi -itt of dallr*ta diaaaata. anaklaa ?t. C ta on Ik* aortt irn of thia d.aaia*. kaa^at oaaaa oar*4 La Uwaa aay*. M ?ar- ary ua*4. Dr.. MoBKI!H>N I.! . "S M rr NTI4I.I.V Cn\*,- TB? ca all forata af pr tata 'u taci A praa. Ir* ?r thirty aart *iakl>a hlia ta cara p*rf**'ly, wltboai jasrevry. taut oaaaa rmcat la tlaa t>)a. 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Batraat af a Lattar (iaa a Uatllaatt la Dtrtat. Okkl . M _ Oa,?*o,. la? I. >*?. la. A. I lirticun Uf Daa* ?ir - My vift haa ran )iw?tltl; ataWaa ma liiraa yaara at aara, ta raaaaqaaaaa ?f kargraat a?caMk ad radanrf Haa aoaika ka-?ta ar d drriaa fear ?atao aat r?r> rtaraaaara aa* mar* a..d aaia tafiatid aad t?a?t*at I kar, pattlaR kar llfa la laialcaat daa** .aad wkaak aaa,aa It laat araaa.oa, doapairad "I. I aappaaad tha* ikta aaat a Ha*? an laaaltakla, aad ravtf lad mraalf ta aaat tha ?a?t t thia Uaa. (aao aaaat tar* naatia.) I kaard yaar kaafe Iftkl/ apakaa af, aa aaataiaiaa aaa* BkUaa* r*aakla? mf laa 9a IU iwalpl aad para*aJ. I aaaaa: axrr*aa aa faa aa* alt*# It atardrd my dialnaaa< aalad. aad Maa Jar It* PKM ir*rt*d ta ay vita, *a l*arala? tka I iha rraat dla*r 1 a?| at 1. fcn?MUtildtda laatdy. It *p*a*d aaraaaaMtk a. trklah 1 litU* **a*aar*d araa patadWa. 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Tka f llawta>? ava aaaa af U>a affaaaa a* *M at? af ?ka la?a nf a>aaa ^tMmI M4 a.<?l*l kt?| -flM tttM. ? w?? kaa4 ?a4 4taam -f iIkn, ?t Ji? ?? m4 Ut? iknatiiM, nr rratiiiN ti4 wtkl Iku m ikuiM, a Ml ? af ?wh; aa? r?i?i r.f Brutal 4?jaattaw rat** i* Umllt;. Mtf wl Um i(hH4* Tnaaf aa4 ?>M4W ?f?4 M| hara laara ?ky Iklf taalirtai ? kaalu ?l*?T >?? pal?. ?fi nntai <1 laa'r?l*Mr ?hT "?T ? Uaiatl?alr *?atkf?l M?wrwW 4 ?i? f W:i> i-ni >i #- 1 f'uMinu r< -4'?r. haar*w?4 waraa tif p-raaaa aha kin maaraatl; la.larad ??? laraky aalf pollaHok. ?. * -C.ii.p- ami* ?f urnrMkll, O, a?4 ".it ?t lottrtM. ha?a a* affari la tbaaa naaaa. mm? a flail- a aa4 ?aaa?"aa a Kick aftoa ?i p?ar? lavar. fcaffai tia ?ti? ?a tvt? aatyart af a? j mm M U? p? t' -* I Vaa*c k?, If fnr vnaU ??n?4 lh< lyr a? ilk IWrttt M n It ka< i"?Jrr?, k? , ".-.all} tiH bfaaa, ?eev,r? thia <".rdial-- II la tba ??ly anaka* af *a?a r >na Ta* raa n?? II a-i">na? dfinti, nr Ki -t4raa->? frm ainaa*. at k?aa at tra??llir.?-- aa4 ka raaVata4. X. ? iaaa la*?toatar; naMaraal aalaaiaaa wkicfe >M aa litma I at."I aaatraa-ira, a?4 pr 4a*l'aanlaa m>ak ra-a. 'ii.f to a a?r?< ?? iyn?F>. larip?cttaUT>t tka aiaa Ikr i>*irato<la? atal ?*?rt...a, will ka pa?4i't ra?aaa4 i? lki> ?H>ai_ irk ' lk;? -rflal e??i!itr? ?n ?t nf ur <IM aaral *t ?*raai*a aakataaa*. to aapata <* tnjar- Ma p?ut ft ?!> I. tila ?f it* r>a? l>f Caaaara* 'ir ? I ? 4|?: kin* a ?a ?>>? I'M Trta* It "?f 1 ? !? . tkraa tu?t fn? V ; V" ?> hall 4?a??, ?r Imprrtaat natfka ? rta<l? *i?k lath OnaMia* Wf?a?i?t"J ra kattl* fr-M a>?<l.?(a ax a ! > n ky J. 0. flT, if ilt-B ?tra?l. ( I awij atart) tea RalMlaga. Ma* Tart, a*4 l??. tnf ara. a* kit i(Baa. Ka. W Thir4 anaaa, ?I<M? T"O. B ? I Iranaa la ' a aaaattf ?*a kara 'ka . >r < ?J aM tat nf a4.i<a oara'aliy l?rw?-<t?^ la Uaaai. kr ?<ti?ia|? r-aa Kalid -Iiii'mI |ar? ii ahaaa c . raUll ^i a aal v??? |.m4n-lita ??4 Un?? vaM-jK'?i ?rla)a aaalaaa af |?kj alaal laakrllly tmaa nana** ?V?., asataa, *a* > r^aaU; taarai* Uc Untin nn a^i an tj inw I r _jj

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