Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1850 Page 1
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> / TH NO. 5745. TREATY WITH AUSTRIA. | By the PrenUUnt or the United States of America, A PROCLAMATION WhtitM, a convention for the extension of certain I stipulation* contained in the trea'y of onmmeree ??1 ; navigation of 27th August, Ib'JO between the United : Stele* of America. aad hi* majesty the Kmpernr of i Austria, we* concluded and signrd In thl* city, on the i 8th day of May, IMS, which convention being in the English and German language*, I* word for word a* follow*:? Convention for the sxtension of oertain stipulation*, contained in the treaty of oommeroa and navlgetlen of 37th August. m?. between the United States of Am*Ties and his majesty the Emparor of Anatria The United Stat** of Amerlea. and hi* msjssty the Emperer of Anatria. having agreed to extend to all desoriptloas of property the exemption from dues taxes, or char gee, whioh was secured to the personal good* of their respective oitiiens and aubjects. by ths eleventh artlole of ths treaty of oommeree and navigation, which was eoneluded between the parties on the 27th of August, 1829; and also for the purpose of lnsreaaing the powers granted to their respective consuls, by ths tenth article of *aid treaty of oommeroa and navigation, have named for this purpose tholr respective plenipotentiaries, namely: the ITeaidxnt of the Halted States of Amerloa has oonfsrred fnil powers on Jame* , Buchanan, Secretary of 8tate of the Wnited States. ' and hi* majesty the Emperer of Austria, upon hi* Ckmrgt d'Jiflairn to the United States, John George IHuliemann; who. after having exchanged their aaid full powers, found in due and proper form, have agreed to and signed the following articles: ? Art. I.?The cittsens or subjeet* of eaeh of the contracting parties rhall have power to dispose of their r>rniD>i property witoin ine aouii 01 inn <nuer. uj testament, donation, or otherwise; and their hairs, legatee* and donee*, being citlsens or subjeats of tha other contracting party, ihall succeed to thair said par onal property, and may take peseeasion thereof, either fey themselves, or by othara acting far than, and dispose of tha aamaat their pleasure, paying sueh daties nlya. ha inhabitants of the country where tha laid i property lias shall be liable to pay la like cases Art. 11.?Whsre, on the death of any person holding I sal property, or property not personal, within th* terlltorlee of one party, soon real property would by tha laws at tha land, descend on a altnen or subject or the ether, were ha not disqualified by the liws ot the ooun > try where sueh real property Is situated, suoh citizen or subject shall be allowed a term of two years t > sell tha same, whioh term may be reasonably prolonged according to oircumstanees, and to withdraw tha pro eeeds thereat, wltbeut molestation, and exempt front any other charge* than those which may be imposed in | like e*s?a upon tha Inhabitant* of tha country from which sueh proceeds may he withdrawn Art. 8 ? In case of tha abseuce ef tba heirs the same i care shall he takea, provisionally, of saoh real or personal property as would ba taken la a line case of pro. | party belonging to the natives of the country, uatil the I lawful owner, or the person who has a right to s?ll the same, according to article 2 may take measures M receive or dispese of the Inheritance. Art. 4. -Tha high contracting parties grant to each ether the liberty of having, each la the ports of the othar, oonsuls. vice-consuls, commercial ag-uts and lee commercial agents, of tbeti own spp<Mn'ment, who shall enjoy the same privileges anil powers as those ot tl a most favored na't?ns . but it auy ot the Mid consuls shall carry on traJe. tbey sha'l b* subjected to the same laws and UMges to which private individuals of their nation are suhjsoted in the ram* place The said eonanls, vice cnn?ul*. commercial aad vioe. ooacmerotal agent* shall hare the right, as such t > sit a* judges and arbitrators In such differences as may arice between the master* and crew* of the ve?*els belonging ta the nation, wbose interests are committed B to their rhanre without the Interference of lb* i<Mal autbortti>-*: uulea* the ooodust of the crown or of the captain rhould diiturb th? order or tran (U'llity of the coautry, or the said consuls. vics-oonauU commercial agents or v<ce-commeroial egenf, should r? , nr? tlulr aaslptanee In executing or Ruppertlng their own decl. aion? ilat tLi? eprcle* of judgment or arbitration ball not deprive the cinteudluK partial of the ri<ht , they bate to ra*ort. on their return to th? judicial author it j c f their own country The raid r ninl', vice-ctutul*, commercial agenta and vice-conmercial agents, are autbrrlxed to require the assistance of the local authorise* far the *earctl. unit aril imprisonment of the deserter* from the hip* of war and m?robant vts?el* *f their country. Kor this purpose they fhall apply lo writing to the competent tribunal*, judge* and r>ffloer? and -hall demand Mid deserter*. proving by the exhibition of the registers tf the vassal*. the inuiter roll* of the crew*, or by any other official document*, that ?uch indivj duals form legally part of the crew* ; ani on such claim being substantiated, the aurrandsr *hall not be W ? -- M > ? ? ! ! *. r.?>? >1 If" disposal of tha (aid oonanls. vice-consul*. commercial agent* and rice commercial agents, and mav be conHoed in the public prison*. at the request and eo?t of tho*e who ehall claim them In order to be **nt to tha Teasels to which they beloog or to other* of the aame country. Bnt if not seat bark within three month! from the day of their arraat, they shall be set at liberty, and shall not ha again arrested for the >ane cause If, | however the deserter shall bs found to haee committed any crime or olTenoe requiring trial bis surrender may be delayed, until tha tribune! before wblch his case hall be pending shall haee pronounced It* rentaoee, lid anch sentence shall have been carriel into elTest Art. 6 ?I he present treaty ahall continue in force for two year*, counting from the day of the exchange I of Its rati fcoationa, and If, tw.ln month* before the i expiration of that period, neither of the high contracting parties shall bate announced, by an official a?tlf nation to the other, It* Intention to arrest tha operation of said treaty It shall remain binding for one year beyond that time and soon, until the expiration of the ' twelve months which will follow a similar notification, whatever the tine at wblch it may take place Art 6 ?This convention Is conoluded subjeat to tha ratification of tha President of the t'ntted Kta>?< of jkaniM. bj and with thaadvle* tad of th* fmtt th*r*of, nil of bin m^jaatj th* -.mparor of Auatrim, and th* ratification* thtraof abal! b? *xrb?ng?<] In Vaablrirtna within the tarn of on* jaar from th* data of th* aignatura th*r**f or n<oait if p**lbl*. In wlinvaa wb*r*of. th* r**p*etlr* |>l*nipot*ott?rt*a bar* al(n*d th* a Ho?* arflolo* aa w*ll in <J*rinan * In Kagllah. and bar* th*r*to afllxd th*lr ?*ala. I)' n? Id lb* nt; of Waahlngtnn. on th* *lghth day of May, on* thouaau 1 eight hundr*d and forty-eight, In th* aaraaty-Meond y*ar of th* Indopondano* of tji* I'lMM fialai of Am?ri?a. and In tb* fonrt**nth y*ar ?t the l*igo ol bit m*j*?t; th* Kmp*r*r of Anatrla JkME< IvcatMv. [l. a ) Hru(?t4!i, [t. a J And *b?*M, th*aald sonrentl'a kai b*?n dnly ratified on both part*, and th* r**p**tiT* rati 8n* t inn ? of tb* *Mn* W*r* ?xohaof*d In tbla city on the lid of Fatottury, on* thonaaad right bandrvd and fiflr by Juha M. ( layton t*?r?t*ry of Stat* of tb* (Tatted State* of A?n?iloa and Johann li*or|* HulMtaaaa, tharg* i'Affalrnacf bla n>aj**tj th* Kaporor ?f An*trla n*ar th* -aid tutted Stat**, on th* part of their ruaartlr* gnT*raaaent* : Now. thrrafor* b* it known that I. Xaabary Taylor, rrraldeat of tba l'nlt*d Stat** of Aacriaa, hav* caaeed th* aald ? entloa tn b* mad* pnbll* to th* ml that th* aa?a. and ?in ri*ue? *ad artlria th*r*of, tay h* oh**r?ad and fulfilled with **o4 faith by th* 1 nlt*d Stat** and tb*eitih*a* tb*mof. la wlta**e wh*r*of. I bar* hareanto **t my hand, arid ea?>*d th*aaal of tb* l>'nlt*d Statu to be a*t*1 Don* at tb* ally of Waablagtoa. tbla twaaty fifth day ef Mbrnary. la th* yaar of oar Lord on* ihooaand alght haaJred and Any. and of tha Independent)* of th* L'nttad Stat** tba *ar*aty fourth Z. TAYLOR. Ey th? President E Jm* M. Cum?, IffwUry of State. Oar DtlllBart Corrrapantlonre. ItLTIKMI, M 3*. 1U0. Opmi*g ?/ |A? Offtrr lf<r-C?^?n / Rn KntrO am Ihrtr Ctrftt- tf'alrr SM-h4<n />?*/* ft, Tk* cjit*r?Wf? the ? h*aap*aha hu (mwdn tkli HH"t, ?Uh prr?p?i'U of brtok Minptlfn Tk* Jirt report* that oa Tpw4i; la*t. wbllat lying at Cambridge *be taken ponae? aim of bj the HbrrllTof Dor?knt?r oonaty who roaanel h'T with a poeae of om hnair^d and fifty ?* end with two p'mn of artillery, and a fall coapteineat of mall ana* bcardlai plkee. la and pr?fw4H don Ui? hay la M?rtk of a aaaber of reaaala from rhUadalnhla. that vara reported to ba dradctag for oy*tar?oowtrary to law They rataraad la tbo avaalac with a fl?et of all nhooaar* la tow. whleh thaw had eaptarad. with eHcot 'J MO hu*h?l* of priae oyetora 1 aaaal* and nyetor* and lapriwall (applied with fraah (had. arollaa. at ftoa M seat* to M , ef tbl* city. ha? lar*ntaJ and Cliff ofllse la tbl* alty, a aaw ' 'or brtlllanny aad ahaapnaM ha* " la operation twj Death*, tbo , aad (applying flftean barnar* ? * 1 par weak. Indeed I hare ?o raleh ll?ht far jonr liaaeaao at af $lo par ?m* whleh I pre ? ttlatb part of what io? aow pay. . del bore to tab* to Now Vert for > ' et that before owe year all the ' a that, aa well aa any other alty, >i tr r own ra?. ;ri.'ai.-ias.'? wacro.-By thearriral of the brig a adelphla. y-efrday, 'we bar* ad mo to the loth of Jaanary Inalaitra it at Perwaabwao wtltoa. that the which baa ao lowg etl?tod la the try had In a great aeaawre *nbiwaaaqnewoa a laaet health y toae -rvT'eelU-w fc?eT^22T(,t%J.k*-r' ' rJ^Ubnaoand FUul "aarfnlly both at J^TS^tVoyX tha .tip Saeto"! A<"Oii?aw^*2 A from# ,n>. . . ~ areaktew a* tbo aarwat af riaa. aa#a,?? ' <* In a aaee ihl* aftorwoo*. Twe aaa *8tft. "fwt'- M! work IB It ki tba eeaoad rtarr om of that' by ware miliary lajnred, tie other aaaepWXtl ^ bralaoa - >?rk Martin*,r?. ?. " ? >? B a f?? E NE , * Another Letter front Patrick Henrjr. WilHiita ro.t, D. C.. Fab. 27, 1860. The Critit ? The Cattle Garden Union Meeting?Tit Eject*/ Dirunian on New Yolk? The Compromisei? It'hal it to be done! Uttx 6i??There ii a lire burning in the heart* of members of the present Congreaa, that I fear, if not rattled eoon, will be only quenched in Mood. Never in the affaire of tbii Union, ilnoe it was formed, hu danger danger immediate- been so imminent as no*. The alarm U spreading. People at a dlstanoe hare beard the unuaual noiee that precedes the earthquake. The; are alarmed. Men of bualneaa do not know what to think or how to act. They mnat do eomething. They feel that; but they do not know what to do, and they are ruahlng to thia apot to aee for themaelve* the extent of the danger and the peril which they fear menaneee their bualnees and their commercial pre*parity. Your own city, air, ha* aeat large numbera of men to thle apot?a olaaa of men, too, who rarely; mis or meddlej with politioa, and now Tiait Waahlngton for the drat time, probably,' in their Uvea. Our Washington hotel* are orowded with atrangera, who ace oomln&to the capital to see and talk with men who are ruppofed to know the secret movements whioh are making among members of either houae. They can learn nothing. Why? Beeauae they can only ace the aur. face?they can only aee the a wall of water whioh la visible as it roll* in upon the land, and breaks upon the bore, scattering the white <Hm into mists. They cannot see beneath the perilous undertow, a thousand ^lmei more fearful, and mora fearful because it la anBeen, and sweepa back to the deep with realetleaa toroe, and none oan escape when oaee in ite power. The repreantatiTes of, and one section lteelf, la fitly imaged by the rolling lurf whloh iweepa in othera to deatruoticn, hut break a itaalf upon the ahore, ending in froth and foam. The other is aptly repreaented by the underwater, which breake not, but rolla baok ailently and noiselessly to the depths from which it came. The North and the South united, are vast and deep aa the aea. The North la a aurfaoe?the South ia the water beneath it. Each flowa in a different direction. But I will deal no longer in imagery, when I hare auoh a atern reality before me aa 1 find In tbe preaent aapet of 'be time*. Tbe day of aeparation and dlaunloa ia not jar off. By yonr paper of the 25th, I aee that thouaanda of ytur great merchanta were to gather laat erenlng at Caatle Garden?to do what ? They don't know themselves ! To paaa a few rldiculoua reaolutlona in regard to (lay's compromise: What folly, atapidity, and nonsense la all tbla' It la downright madneaa. Theae people are atark, staring mad. la Clay the wonderful panacea that oan cure all evils ? There la balm In Uileud. and there ia a pbyeiolan there. But what'a the nee of a physician. It he doea not know what ia the disease cf the patient, or what apeolman of the balm of (ilUad to apply ? Clay la Ignorant of both. Hehaegot old and ohildlah. Bat he remembers that he onee adrc Uietered a noitrum. and believes it saved the federal I nion. He believes he can do It agai%?nd the same compromise medicine will avail now. The doee that currd a cough oen't cure consumption of the lunga The compromise that cured a slight inflammation in itgard to the tariff-oue inteieet <>f a eection?oan't cute the geueral inflammation and feveriah debility of the vital interests of millions in the aame eection. where their honor, tbelr equality, and their lntereet In the I'nlon are tcucbed with the death fanga of a Northern niii i it v : And nh?<rH the mmm thi nr.<*n?iritv ? tv th* tery liar* of tbrmaelae* and of tboae dear to them -are to be aacriOcad to tbia veueui. uolaaa a cur* la found i lay'* quack noatrum of compromise cannot touch tha aeat of Uie preaeut dI? -?? or even allay om dangeroua aymptom Lock to other aouroen. y? wroliant ptincaaof N?v> Vork if jou would ih? tba Lot on, lor If that j'rrirh. yon perUh too. Southern agriculture haa nurard, lt d and fattened you and the couimaroa anil niaiiufaolurta of the North for *lityandodd yeare.and. Ith tha devolution of tba Union. It pa*eaa Iron your kaall and yeur porta, and your manufaotnring town*. IUm tne baavlt** iabrlo of a vUion. leaving nothing but a wreek behind < nmpromUe < ompromiaa what, ye men of tha Mirtb ' t oatpronlaa th? hun lrada of thoupanda of aquare i./llea ot fertile Ian J ? hav* robj^wl It air e'mTgraflon ' Compromise tba fena of million* ya j have diawn, by yoar unequal l?nlaletloa. from tha < Southern people and State*. by an unholy tariff and by appropriating tha retanu* drawn from tba Mouth to be * !I'ltudrred in the .Northern section* enriching your BjaiiUtm-'tiri-a 3 our public Improvement*. an1 yonr lagiona of corrupt office holder* ! I 'otnpr unlae thehundrada of thonaand* of dollar* of Southern property that you have at clan, and than protected both tbiaf and tha living plunder ya bad in your midat ' Comproinlta the m lemn Tlolntloua of the coL*tituti"n of tbe I nltad Stat?a that yrur Legislature*, your Judgeaand citiaan* have bean gnilty cf tnaoting and enforclug law*, and pr< trniirg the retnrn ot the fugitive property to hia matter ' I* tbla the beautiful compromise you want to make? a compromise that will reach back into tha paat, and embraca all the wring* which the Southern aeoti< n 1 iv received at your handa linca they wera *adurt-d Into tbe I'alon under tea m-at aolamn and inert 4 guarantiee of your ancaitcr*, that the righta, tha institution* and the pre patty of eaoh South-m State akonld aver beeafa and protected and In good faith, both la latter and aptrlt. for all time to eome?they should be equal* la tba I'nlon. of which they wera tha* rtfuad'd to become a part and portloa ? No. No. No. rur compromise, that you would c^jola tha South Into making, la *ubail**l>n-ba?e, unmanly, abject aubroieelon- aubmiaalon that would render tha name of Southerner a bye- wotd and a reproath from ona and of tbe continent to the other, ay a. tha very black eat and moat abject fl< Id slave laborer that can be found In tha sunny South, who la happy In LI* proportionate bate be ha* hi* home, hi* oomtcrt, hi* family, and all hi? attachment* are Interwoven In tbe plantation of which ba l? a part; aya, thl* colored brother of North rm nana*, wiiom o> uu >ir?*or i??rna<i vo IMWl. woald bo aboekad, tod hatha to do hi* '?<j work od a I'lftoUtloB whoaa bead dminhI ?uch a ?uf?rd i 1 b?art m to tuhnilt to b? to* drgradad clllita of a State. In Union whera sut? or oltlzaB m< degr* J?J from h?r rqaallty tod right aod ha of all rolca In tha I nlon. Cnmproml**' What, do you offrr to glr* op thr tun of Wllmot prnrlao, prorldad tha South will agTaa to tb? aahntaaaa of It* Baautlfol, grnerou*, rrrdaat North ' I'erUh *11 *uoh cobpromlra* ' The Southern .'UlM will a-*<*ept an inch compramlaa*. Tbey war not with th? aama of M llmot prorlao. The < ?ay a"mproml?e l? equally ua ??tl?'aetrry It'* the cnr*r<lyu balance of your propo iiion- that la objectionable They ara a <*ateb, a tiap a gull, a humbag. Thara ia not a partlela of | juataaae In thaar And tha Southern aaatloa oftba State* hate baea deceived ?o loaf aad ao oftaa that that hmda la Bp. Tbfj rann?t ha deeelred any loager- thay will Bot ha TBay I ova tha I'aloa, and tha aiaaiory of that I aloa whaa thay want aqaala la it. Thay ara ao bo lea gar. A aaetloaal majority rota law* to aalt thamaalvaa aad whoa It ta a palpaMe rlolatloB of tba coBftltatloa; pnraeaatag tha goraram?at thay rota inch a aoaitrnottoa of tha laa'-rumaat aa rnlta tbemaelre* Tha Pnatb ara ao loagar lataraatad Ib tha goTaramaat of tha laloa. Thay hara ao relee there, and tba aril It IscraaaiBg erary day. Tba K.ieatoral Callaga la controlled hy Northern rote* Tha Stata of Dalaaara la a Nor thara Stata Klia la no loager of thr 9oath Sha l? a Stata whara African alaeary la tolerated oaly la name Har Senator* ara raaagade to tba (oath, and area a?w tb? North hold* tha Saaata of tha L altad 8 tat aa. Tha N uith ooatrol tha Honaa nt Reprefentattraa, thay bar* a large majority thara. Oa aaary ijaaatloB eoanected with tba laVaraatu of tha Ri>ath whig 4emoerat aad fraa-aotlar aad ahoiltloalft, from tba North, rota aa oaa man, to aaatala that aaetloB Thay erer hare, do, rae, aad will follow oat tba prtaetpla. ao long aa tha 8?ath ramalaa la tha I aloa Tha aifcatlTa aad legl?letlre daparUaaata of tha I aloa ara eoatrolled by tha North Tha judicial 4apartmeai U of lei* eaaaauaaaea Bat how doaa that ?und* Thay will dealda for tha North la aaary Important eaaa that cnald ooma up na tha aaqulaltloa of territorial hj tha lata war with Masleo, what* AWoaa ?la eery waa lamlaed ( ompromlaa of Mr. Clay, ra m?rrhaati of Naw York To aara tha ' aloa! Tha I atea la all bat dl*aolrad bow. Tha tlaa that hara kapt thai aloa to gatbar for tha laat twaaty yaara hara Waa aerered oaa ?y oaa, natll aothlag tlaa lk?m togathar hat tba two ?ttlBg? of Nnrthara aobtnlaaloa and taathMm patlaaaa tad ivbmUataa Vob weta tlad aad latarworaa with tha fr uth by rel'gloa. Uu ara a praalna* aat of <?od fearing people la Ifcw North -yoa hara yowr aharrhaa of all danominatlaa* aad eaab oaa waa aoaaaated with tba ftoathera member* North aad ftaath. y brattar*a IIr j <?rn m??r until j >a ixfu in IM North to pat kb ltt < nlin to tha S' nth. ti4 daaoant oa tha ala of ?la?ary, a h?n th?y drop|.?d you Ilka a hot potato. >*4 abH 7?? M 'k?J would I* '44 rattl* ihIi Aboil tl< n goapwdar ha* Mr>*i tb? rallglcua ualoa f?allag < f tht North and South ao far apart on earth that Mm bt?ibran of th* Yarloai r^lgloa* rra?da will warar orat again oa aarth ahat???r thay may 4ala haavaa: hmph yrar brll faarlag eliap* o( tha North d>nt haltara maitar of Aftleaa ftlaraa wilt aaar *1 at tha am* >o?g la b?a??a along ildaof job. or br.hnnhfela? with you la Abraham'* ho?ai; bat rathrr. that tboy will ba lor king ap to you aad calling oat for aold atar. la tka otferr y1aa? > au pur* laniaralat*. Inaooaat dtaalpl** of Old T mr irativ whr flunk* to U.* go?,.l oat ir?d l?aio Tata of tba ? ?th*ra aretlon, hara ba*n lapptag ap tba of pnblta ofllca and plundar fo? Ju?t about tw?uty j?ar* or until yow ??t? en-k?d tff by IOf *l**tlon af raylot'-what brrught that about ? t oa mljht bar* bifa.bugg*d ' h* (truth and Haatad < ?a*. If you bal eho??. At Ira* ? tba S'uthtrn wlag of tk> d>a'?rarj ara la t-arway with th* Nnrihara **#ilan. a daaooratia fia ld? rt raa ba al*et*d , aad b? Htrr ?an ba ah*a tha *. iMh??a d*?r?taU araeff tha alllaaa* Yoa pattad twlttlonlrm natll It gr*w to ft** *<>tll*ai aad *at yoa up low bar* now baan batlatlag with your old ?tnat*a wha ara o# tb. fV*a anil *?bor>r uatll th* Siuth?ra d?w>oerat* hara l?>ron>* dl?u*tad alth you aad a 4*n.<-arat|a f>*??d?wt naa aaaar ha *t**t*<l again whila h* praarwt *onfwgt.i* aad a 4da*aa .twia T?t a araat **'?ut it la n> ?Hh Uta aklga Thay. toa. bar* baa* w 1 alth tlM fr*a a?U aad Fawrlartta ftWii tlowuta, J W YC MORNING EDITION?D end colored brethern. co that Southern wblgs wouldn't touch thrm with a pair of tongs But whig* and democrat!, soath ot tbe Potomac now ocaupy one platform Party divisions In tbe South art at an and Both partial worship at an altar on wblcb they will be sacrificed. or dia, If It li necessary Tbara I* no longer any anion of parties, North aud South. That tie the tie of political aa wall a* religious union-ii oat; and It want* but a hw mora attempt* at aompromlaea offered, baaed upon ground* wblcb tbe South have solemnly worn to resist to tba death, via tha proviso?whether Wilmot. Clay, Taylor or Caaa, which embodies, directly or indirectly, tbe principle that tba Southern section shall be dishonored and degraded, by being deprived of tbetr rights In all territories, now or hero after to be aaquired, and tbe few other tlaa will be sundered, aad the Southern States will form a confederacy on their own section, and maintain It as their ancestors did before them whan they treed themselres nndar a Southern leader. Washington, from a union whlah had axisted from the settlement of the oontinent,between tha mother country and her coloniea, and for lass griavlous causes and less wrongs than tha South now complain of. Yen rely upon force to sustain the Union?upon General Taylor?the President that la? Who will sustain bimf Your free soil troops have a hundred miles to come to get hare Tba Southern section are here on the spot, within the aonnd of a musket shot. A word, a blow, a shot, may bring on a revolution that will shake tha Union asunder; and tha word, tha blow, the shot may be felt to-morrow, or the nest week, and that may b? the spark that may lira the magatlne. A month might not eiapae attar such an event, before Ueneral Taylor might be a fugitive In the North, were be to attemot to use force to keen or brine buck the determined South to a detested union, in which they are not equal*. but mere cipher* for the North to oalculata with Bah ! General Taylor I* a Southern man; his bone is in the South. He would be the first to see the folly of attempting to fore* the South into a union that Northern aggression, banked by Northern control of the government, had foroed her out of The South are prepared for a el>11 war, even if the Northern loroes weie headed by General Taylor in perian. Where would Virginia be then? She is the flrat Southern State south of the Potomac. In four weeks she would arm 60,lK>0 slave*, and her first mov* would be 1 to issue serlp by the Legislature of the Stat* to every slaveholder of (6<j0 for every able-bodied negro. To this army of negroes she would ?ay? You cannot ramain hue. You may leav* us. We hare given you officers and arm* follow the former to the tree States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Ohio. Ther* are good land* there. We are at war with them Fight when you get there, and you shall each have a farm. | It shall be yours. Suoceed. and we will send your wives and your families after yeu There you can be | free and own farms for yourNelvea. Here with us, if i you rtmain, you must bn slaves. Choose, and go. 'J be Virginian* would b? a border people, and they would start off their slava* If a civil war comes, tb* war would not be carried into Africa: thi-y would reverse that ord*r, and carry or rend Africa into the war. The Virginian* eould defend their own soil and an army of black* would afford pleuty of occupation tor the Pennsylvanian* or Ohlo| an* Tru*. the blacks might get killed la that **?*, they weuld have the connotation of dying among their I own brethren-those wh* are inciting them to murder the white population of the South. This, Mr. Uennatt, 1* a horrible prospect, but let m* a**ur* you it 1* true The Virginlac* are as wide awake as any other Stat*. | " She came into tbe Union as an equal, and she will n*vtr be the Inferior of Rhode Island or MaHsaehusattn, let tbe cost be what it may. Never, aever. never." The horroisof a civil coateat. into which the dark race of Africa mu<t be forced, can only be Imagined. If it oomeg. Virginia will us* every weapon that God and cireumManors ha\e placed in the hands of hai white population t ompromie* ! Let tbe North empower some man like Webster to effer a preposition which, perhaps, his great Intellect and experience may suggest, that will give tbeSoulk jDKtlce, brr right* under the 01 nxiltuttoo, and k K"*rmitee that no king majority North shall base tb? power to tyrannize over her, rob her of all she hold* dear and trample the constitution under bie feat, and th? I nion ma; be preferred and perpetuated I ft the proposition come soon. " The idesof March ' re at baud and the tyrant king majority mar reeelve hie death blow In the capttol. PATRICK HLNRY. Our W?ihln|Mn Correepondence, Wash move*, Keh. M, IW The Slavery CoUprirmitt? Cuilom lloutt Hi mm alt, The oountry lsiale! The great Webster 1* to take up the eompromln meajure at the point to which tb, great Clay ha? ?o happily brought It, and oarry on tha noble work to oometstion. Mr. Clay plays tpoa the passloas of nan, and thu* way* them Ha h?? pared the way handsomely for ^he great oemproeaiw work to go forward to eompleMr. Wtbeter addr%w. m _ mit Inge of ntn Ma stril** out. like Cuora from tha marhie quarry of hie Mint, an Image which rivet* the attention cf men Ha area* a monument te the memory and rlrtuee of Washli^ton. and the perpetuity ol the I Lion, which men and patriot* gate at and pronouns* good, great and Jurt 8?nator* Butler. Foot* Jefferson I)avl* and others, believe that Daniel Web-t\r ran and will bring forward a cm premise piatforn. wheh will give satisfaction to the South and the North What will It be? It will h. In part, to make i new lava State ont of Texas *>ieh I* large enough for fonr State*, and hrlag It lnto\he l nion. wit a two Senators, al< ng with < allfornla Thl* will keep up tha ?<, ual repraaantnilon cf the N<?th and the South In the Senate, end will satiafy the Se^h, when nothing short rf It will do so. lot Mr Wehater'* scheme wg not tak* * well now a* by and by. Let the storm. he thnrder. and tha rarthqnnkss of agitation and eieperatma roll on, l*t the minority In I eogrea* exerel* the par.lamentary rights of a minority a* It le dote* the British ilou>a ot ( i nnoH. by calling th* yraa aid nay* to stava off all legislative aotlon. upon the ?<pp|y blll?. and all ctisr bill*, until the pattena* of tb majority, and of the people everywhere la eihaueU). i.*t the m-r chant*, tb* man of oommeroe, and thaeapltallat* *how eigne of alarm, and draw In and cartel their onertime Let tha (toeka of the State* m of th* Tailed Statu, go down to a low standard, letrenta In cltlea ftntr a nuil'ar f?ta, lat nm #tara rah othar la the (kr*. aad Ml (kit I* to ba 4<iM, ?n l tVin. Mr. Wabalar might bring forth alm' tt any kln<l?f a ounpron>l?a frbaaa, and It would ba gladly febraaad aad adoptad moat gladly. Lat tba rlammta ?>f agitation work oa. Tfery will do no. It If manifest daaticy. la tba Hoara. to- day. Mr Tocaiba, of f>?tgta, iaada oaa of th? iblMt aad baat ?pa?cbaa which b| yat bam ir.ada In babalf af tba Houth fla eoatroll^ bI a paalliti. and abowad. with graatforea. what ara ha right* of tba rlata Stataa uadar tba gnaraatlaa aad ?<>gi?rdj of tba o< aatltutloa Mr. Bakrr, of Illinois, followad, oa tba Ntrthara Ida, la rrply. aad waa aloqaaat. kaan aad argi%aotatlta Hath ?p?ak?rn aoaiaiaadad profound attaatloa Mr M<*I aaa of Maryland aait mada a flip pat d?moa ratio rprarb; bat tba Hoaaa waa ttnd, aai wai glad. wb*a ba got tbrougb. to adjoara > r." Hlrbaliva Hobtaaoa bn baaa dlaailiaad ? ofllea la tba Naw >ark Cv*toM Hoaaa. by ordar of ?r. Saaiatary Mar?dlth, upon tba allagad ground that ha wrltra for tba praaa A lift of ioa? twantw or aiora offleara whaaa narrlsa e< uld ba dlrpaaaad with. la tba work ?f aaoaoay, aa th < ollmtor darldad waa cant by Mr. Mat wall to Mr M# raoltb. la wblab ara tba aaaaa of Mr Hohinaoa, of th< TWiiw. aad a brothar of Mr. Maradttb. aad poaatbljr Va)or Noah aad Mr. IUm?k. af two Suaday papara. Mr Stawart, of tba kwi aad Mr Wblta, af tba Cmtrirr and Knfmrttr. Of tba ?bol? llat, Mr Mara.llth ftraek off oaa taac Waa It tbat of bta brother f Ma ' Waa It tbat of Noah, tba adltor. or Stawart, tba adttor, llarrtak. tba adltac af adaartlaaaaata, or Wblta. tha r 41 tar of npara trltleltai' No It waa that of WIVHan K Itobtaaea. baoaaaa ha wrltaa fa* a whig pa par Mr. Mar?dltb prafaaa to baap hla own broth-r. plekad ap tovawhara la Paaatylvaala. aad loaofoeo aad Aaaday tdltara, la plaaa. RMS KFrhMIH. W?iHi*<iTw, Fab ST, 1910 Erming Ufyort Tba pro?aadlaga la tba lloaia to dar Indlaata aoma thlaf of i better temper thaa ami ud tbo ink of Tlatear* spprr hooded ea I>oty ?? < allforala reoolatloa neat bloaday. If the South nboold bo piaaaid to tho mala qoeotloa. lo hellered to bo arerted by tbo dUoro tloa of Mr Ixrty hlmaolf Ho to entitled to roopoat for thlo eaerotoo of good ? ??? mad aoaad dtaerotloa The 107 In the Sm?t? van ehlefly oooapled by Mr R?t, ia ii able defence of Toiao aad bor bouoiarteo, aad bj Mr Beatoa. la readlag ftoa tbo old Spaalah ad Moaloaa law* rotating to oar bow terrltorloo. to bo* that alarery tb*r*(a waa aboilahod. aad did aot ralat aad <loea aot oalat. aad tbat. therefore, tbo pro rtw for tbo aald terrltortee amoaoto to aotblna fbo iritaial of' ol Ronton la referoaoo to tbooo old lava, w?<. d< abiloM. iat? ndod to operate la favor of the ad mle?toa of allfornla with bor rna?titutfna. with tbo proatoo. boeearo bo ooateada tbat including It, or oxrludlag It It aaiouato to tbo '* lUmtia rowrVwo," tbat to, tbat tt la all gnot'a wool. Bat < allloraia oaaaot ooao la aa abo la. without rtoklag erarj thing Tbat to porf*o<lj clear Mr W rhetor aoeordlag to tbo laat acoonate to reduced to a epoeoh It I* toppnood tbat ho will aot olfar eertblrg jwat yor, Aad betoro bo pooka bo *111. pro I ?b ; ?alt for Mr < albowa. who bao aoarly la readlneee a rery lurid aad ooaaootod epoeoh parti r alar I j la r?gar<] to tbo hletery nf thlo ?ler.ry ba?laeoo h'.wlag the ootirao of the antl elaeery ama>it n?o to tbo rrotlonat dleMoae ablob It baa created la aiaaoot all tbo oharrhea eaoeattng tbo good old mother obarab. wbleh ooo* aot auller Iteelf to be opllt apon potltttal dlaptiteo batabtab odapu toelloUnatee, to all roroaa n>eatr or d to all people 1 b?? hl?trry of Mr ( alboaa, of the'leeway agltatloa, III be glrea. to bow H- ooo-taatly agi(rae*l?o operation It rapid ab*orptloa of all otber l?. aaa la tba North, aad ll? naaoadiai lallaeaee la tbo elertloa* row taatly gathering -ir^ogtb froa the.e owaela<4oa?. > r alb' va will uaoteateUie >tend takra by the Booth. aa<l tbo wwllj whlrb eooipola tbo Bonth ai thl? V ?t 10 lobe a derided taad aad to m?lr tela It " at all baiaid .aid to tbo la-t eatnailty " Mr t.aJhova no? heteody to bare hla apeecb read by Mi onlleagao. t<-a orf a or a?it day, bat It aa) ai*o bo deferred till t??t wr?k latl.rb'aatlao tborela yet ?oao hope f'owi Mr. Frote'n ft"p>'oil f to mitt re of tblrteea. If tbat ehnwld bo ratrod, ai d tbo seaata eppr er to bo >uo*fly looMaod nf*" T f )RK P RIDAY, MARCH 1, 1850. that way Ail hopes of a oompromWe depend upon I tb? Senate. The strong preponderance or the antl - | slavery sentiment la the House. completely shuts off aay prospect ef the origination of a compromise la that quarter. We awt" look to the 8?nate." The trouble lietween Colonel Bissell, of the Illinois regiment, and Uea. Jefferson Davis, of the Mississippi

regiment, at Bneaa Vista, with respeot to the relative bravery of both, ha* beea referred to (ieaeral Taylor, ! vbone decision Is perfectly just, to wit: That both be- 1 haved bravely, aad that the question at issue relates to dlffereat stage* of the light But we are sorry to learn that thin deeixloa it not satisfactory to either party, aad that the catut beUi is still pending, with the proepeet, however, of paelfloatlon from the negotiations still In progress The law* of Illinois, and the laws ef thii Diatrlot are o strlsgeat against the " code of honor," so called, that a duel, particularly la this case, Is dlffleult to manage, and It la therefore apprehended that a street collision miy be resorted to Of this, however, we have no eerloua apprehensions. In view of the good sense of the parties Involved in the dispute. If the sffhir should terminate la bleod. It will eerinaly aggravate the Impeadiag danger over the oountry, and embitter the bad feeling which unhappily prevails be IWVTU PVIIUVIH *WW WWMWiW.M IM B?V?J IVV^OVk, therefore, the lovsrs of ptto* would deplore a failure to restore the entente eordinle between the belligerent* A ludloroua and unlucky aosldent occurred la the eapitol, yesterday. A genteel atranger. In hi* cupa, wan taken from the ladled' gallery, In the Houie, and for safe keeping till be might deep off the efTeata of hla liquor, waa deposited and looked up in one of the committee rooma below. In the reom waa a buat of Dixon H. Lewie. In planter, and a beautiful marble buat of a young lady of thla elty. aa well aa some other acalptures The drunken man wok* up. demolished the , sculptures, breaking tham into fragments, and made hi a escspe through a window The redreaa to the artlat la a very doubtful queation. depending pretty much upon the ganeroaity of the pri*m*r It waa certainly a piece of folly to lock him up In the oapltol, with ao much room for him out ot doora. l'rofeeaor Aganiz 1* drawing ao well at the Smlthaonlan Institute, that he baa to deliver th* earn* 1 nature ever ||Hn? th* aame day, to accxmmodat* the people, th* tt>?m being limited to a thouaand or ao. Mademoiaalle Jaoquca is highly papular at the Adelpbl theatre, and her aplrited atjle of finging oannot fail to be popular. Th* Magnetic Telegraphic, the Press, and the European News. The following were the proceeding* In the Nora Sootia Houae of Aessmbly,on Wednesday, the fltb alt. In relation to the recant attempts made in thla vicinity, to diotet* to th* public in ttlegraphle mattera lion. Mr. JoHNsTen roae to call the attention of the membera of the government to a communication whioh had been aent to blai. he knew not by whom, touching th* Kleotric Telegraph Tb* communication had been Subliabed In a newspaper, and attacked the conduot of Ike superintendent; he bad no doubt bat these ohargea would, on investigation, be proved groundlea* ; and would aak the membera of the government if any communication had taken plao* with Mr. UUb*rn? on the a*bj*ct Hon. G R. Yorau?Vss, and an anawer seat to th* party making the charge. Hon. J W. Iohsitos said the espUnatlon should be public, as the charge had been publioly made; unlesa this wer* den*, the telegraph might loae publio confidence Hon. ti. H. Young oontidered that th* government could hardly tak* notloe of a newspaper article, uulera it were brought In eome mer* authentic mode before tbem. In thia lnatance letters had paaaed, and the subject bean satisfactorily explained. Th* psp*ra would be submitted to th* Houae. Hon. raovinciAi. Skoktasv waa not eorry that aoma menticu bad been made ot this matter. The act comI plained of waa don* by Mr. Olsborn*. without tb* au> | thority of th* government at tb* time; but upon an Investigation taking plac*. it was decidad that Mr. fiisborne had acted with a wlae discretion lion. J. W. JoHnrroR expected it would an Appear. | The subject vu of much intereat to the public u It went to ahow how Ibe electric telegraph mh-h t be made aubaetTient to tha rlewa of lntereited part Ian On Kriday. tba 8th nit., Hon U.K. Yorvi. by command of tha I.taut. Oorernor, laid on tha tabla of tba Houar eoplaa of oorraapondence relating to tba eonducting ot tha electric telegraph. Ha explalaed that tha exclusive privilege which had bean contracted for by tha aaaoolated preaa of Naw \ ork, oould be partielpatad In by any other partiea. on tba payment of an equal proportion of tba axpenae; and read an extract from tha New York J/ere/rf ahowing that the aaeooiated , preaa haJ. last year paid no leea a (an than ?7,60# for i the tran'Blaaiai of Intelligence I The oommuBlaaUon* were read. They eonalated of letter* from the Cocamiaaiooere of the Telegraph, and Mr. Ulaboraa la Ma wer to a son plaint from Mr Smith, I that a communlattloo from him to the Boatoa preaa had bean delayed "a* Portland by oriWr of Mr Olaborae, I foe tba anreoe* >4ailing priur??r itaanatitk tnm v ? Hon Mr. JoHnaTon aald that be did not altogether comiirehend tha explaaatioae; ba ahould like to hare further ixplaaatlona, ao aa tally to reatore tba oobO| dene* of tba pabllo. Hoa. raarmciaL Sriatiaar aald the ootaralaaionar* I were much perplexed whan tba line waa flrat opened. | They did not exactly know whether to glv<- the n?aocl! at?a praea tba priority or aot; and they did not know wto waa the accredited agent hi that body, two gaatlemen lajlrg cialai to that iUce Mr. Smith and Mr Craig I ha aonualaatoaera telegraphed to Naw York npou tha auhjeet. and the agente there confirmed Mr. i ( ra'it lu tba . 1'ic* The goterument then made a temporary arrangement with Mr Craig, fur tha tranaala, aion of 8.000 word' for $75, for each ateatuer. Wh?n the teaaer arrived. Mr. Smith ?a? flrat at tbe offloe, and wanted to aend through a deepatob (Thla la an errtr, aa the artlelo from the HaUfmi Sun will ahow. Mr SBiith waa aeooad at the ofllca -ti) IUa*Lo.l Mr. Ql-borne told him andothera that dlapatcbea could be taken, but not aent till after the aaeoelated preaa despatch bad gone through, aud he aeootdlngly aent <a tbeae meeaagea, with direction* to the operator at ivrt.aud Bet to forward them to Boaton aatll after tbe 3 Ot'O worda had gone to the aaeoelated preea of New Ycrk Mr. Smith, the operator betweea I'ortlaod aad Boaton, who had taken the part of the Mr. Smith who waa Mr t raig e rival In thla city, undertook to atop the iKapatcb fer tbe aaaoelatad pre?a but thia waa aoon remedied by tba agent! for that preaa atarting off by railway with tha SuOO worda; aa<l tha efta**i|<ienc* waa that although a delay nf thr?e or four hour* occurred, Mr. SBilth waa defeated aud our line redeemed from hlf dlctatloa One of tbe arrangement* of the goverameat with tha aaeooiated preaa wa? that tbe new* kr.nlrl Kan (ktlKllala e>laaae<4a/l na> tka ke?ll mi t at } .n e.l a Immadlatalv on It* arrival In N?w V ork; and thai tha whola eonioiinlt/darlrrd tha banrflt of It. Th* only way la which .Mr Olaborn* may bar* arrad >k In (ending on dl*patob*a to b* d<-taln*d it TtttUgd bo lor* tb* dMpttrh vii aant tu the aa*ocla ad prea? llad tha oommlanlonrr* b<?n ref-r^d t> tb*y would hare delayed thaae till aftar th# 3,i*?0 word* had goo#, bat Mr UUboraa h?d to not ? hit ova Jndgai*nt. and did what h? thoi'f ht wa* il|l<t After a ftw word* from Hon (i. R Yau*u and Mr. Jonarrow, lloa \ttobwkt Oaxcati aalJ that ha did art think wa fboald a?ir bate thin maitar perfactly right till wa had tha llaa raaaing almg tba baiki of tha St. Lawraaaa altowatbar -a Brltl'h territory [Kroa tba Haltfai Run Kab. 16 ] Tin lLacTRic rci.uaitaiih A anrraapondeat ha? called onr attention to what ha ealla " a imaa parreralon of facta" la tba paMWbal proaaadtag* r4 tha How*# of Aaarmbly rm Friday r?latlva to tha management of tha telegtaph From oar kaowladga of tha clreuB>?tanre? rafarrad to, wa ballara tha material facta to ha aa follow* : On tba arrlral of tha *t#*m#r Canada. oa tha IStfc nit. tha agent / tba Naw \ ork aad Bnatna -lated praaa, placad hit da*patch of S.MO word- la tba tal-graph ?IBa* Brat a* oaoal: aad npon a??ry priailpia fairiaaa. that daapatoh waa eatltlad fa hara prac *4#ae* W tba wlraa till It ra?ah#d tha partita to whoa It %* addraaaid Mr. tllibona promptly for war J ad tha dapatch to Tortlaad. Ma batwaan which plaea aad Vorh. ona r o i. Rmlth (batter known la tha l ?*#d Plate* aa V'oj Rmlth ) I* tha chlaf o?aar and "'l??anafer of tha talagrapb i'hia ?am# hog Umlth ba*a? baoom# aaiad mk tha aa*o<lal#d praaa. b*enua, foraooth thay would not *aff#r him ta dl-Uta to th#a?a to who thay ahoaid ampl<>y a< tbalr enrrawpoadaata thla alty, took upon binaalf to aialuda tha daa path fhr tha praaa fro* paaelog orar bla wlraa ? tearalk fbvotag upon than tha na<-e?elty of maniac an aiproMuaar tha railroad batwaan 1 ortlaad and floatoa. Aftar ba pabUa daapatch waa aaat to Portland, aad darlag ha tiana (aon* thraa hoar*) raqnlrad for tha tot^odra aipreea to raaeh Boatoa aa attampl wa mad* to trmaaailt othar daapatahaa eon talnlag ta atoamar * a#w* to Smith* friend* aad other*. ?^h. aa thaaa wanld ha?a b#*a p#r?Utad to go all tha Hy to Boat on by tatagrapb. wara calcalated 1 to raadar t% long daa pa tab tt two word* rala<d?*a to tha praaa, a tha praaa waald hardiy wtah to pabllth fl?? or ?l* hta.irad dallar. for It In tba way of l-iarraph toll* ha Fally ppradatlaa tha ?t'.?nfi ptad aabaaa mi tha part of Im ftialth. j ableh ba bopad ft rat to do tha praaa oatff i thalr I'Miirat* rlfhU and tbaa to bull* *11 tba linn of talagripb Into aoaraa of groaa la)aatt?a toaarda thalr bat rwtmior Mr tJlabaraa tha oparator nd rapar1at<*daat of tha Nora ftoatla It Ma, raty pra parly r?fi?>dto para It Smith aad hla frtaada to arramphah thalr objaat, aad aoaordta|ly ordarad all daapatabaa of (MtBar'a nawa. aant af>ar that for tha ptaaa. to ba latalwd at Portland aatll tba prior daapatrh of tba praaa *?nid hara raaahad Baatoa Thara aan ba aodifaaaaaa of oplaloa aaH>a(*t fair dad Ma* aa tofca propria17 af Mr OUboraa aa?. aralalag all tba paw* altbla bla eoatrol to ro?p?l aaatara llaaa at ta|aft\rb to traaaarit daapatabaa fcHB thla alt* ptMpU; aa4|a dao ordar. aad wa ara f lad ta kaow that tba toaaiakiaart, aa aa dmkt aot tha Chlla. will apbold bin la <0 dota? Nalthar tag >Mi aar aa* otbar YVahaa apoaalator ahoal 1 ba allowad to aay who .hall *4 aha .ball aot aaa tha talagraph batwaaa Ualtfai awl Baatoa. C011 rc-rtaa arrai Tha flaaratary of tha T raaaary baa dtraatad th aollaatflra to aaa pa ad tha oparattaa of hla if a pr.ri. a? date Tba raraaaa aattara aaa to W ooatlaaad la aatlra aaa* 'aa, aa hantaftwa Tha ahwa attaadtag tha apprataaieeat of arahaadlra j, M Inagar to ba ahargad to lapailai, aad tha aipaahw far watghlag raaglaa aad aaaawlai gaada aro oato ta t? 'Karaad ta tha awaaia af aaaS gaoda ta aaaaa vhara N to raaalrad thai "ah abaraa ahall ba aaada by Mr Walbar'a tart* laa I af INd Tha aaayaanttaa af n?oara of tha aaMoaaa to ta ba aa laajaa alttobald ^Ta?>wa<, r.?.?. I IERA City lntoillftne*. RtMtKiin Dkchbaie in Kmkiiition ro* the D*atMonth.?The decrease Id migration to thla country, during the leet month, la moat rimtrktbli. It i? partly owing, bo doubt, to the aererity of the winter at the other aid*, partly to eontrary winda. partly to the want of meana. aran for migration?a degree of ?reteh dneaa to which the feataring ilia of the old country are raduoing the Tiailai of ariatocratio plunder and monarchical mlarule. The following are the retarna of all the arrivals durtng the month of Fehroary, juat ended ? From Great Britain and Ireland 3,107 " Kranoe 212 " Bremen 60 " Belgium 76 " Via Chagrea 816 " Other porta 89 ToUl 3.008 Total in February of laet year... 9,628 Deoreaae 6,018 Thla falling off ia the more remarkable, aa the number la January of thla year waa 13,084. whareaa in the January of 1849, It waa only 8.026. There la. however, In the two montba, a deoreaae in the preeent year:? For the two montha in 1840 18,149 Far tha two montha in 1860 16,942 Dmnui In ths two months 1,207 Thb Board or CoMMissiotfcas or Emioxation.?Mr. Rosenvault. a Bremen merchant, having boon elected by the <>erman Emigrant Society aa thoir Prod dent, In place of Mr Kunhardt, who resigned offloe, took hi* ?eat, for the first time, In tho Board of the CommlMionera of Emigration, on Wednesday. The president of tha German Society li a commissioner In Tlrtae of hi* offloe. Yesterday morning, Dr. Campbell Stnart, Superintendent of the Marine Hospital, on Staten I-land, proceed to Albany, on business connected with a memorial to the Legislature, of the doctors of the Institution, asserting that tbe statements In the annual report oftha ocmminsloners, are not true in reftrenoe to toe Marine Hospital. Why do not those commissioners who refused to sign it produce a mlnorty report, and thus inform the people what it Is all about ? St. David's National Festival.?There will be a fraud Welch festival at theCollseum Room*, tbisevenD?. in honor of St. David, ths tutelar Saint of Wales. We have had a glsnoe at the programme, and we hare no doubt that it will be one ef the most festive gatherings that has taken place in this city within a long time Mr. David 0. Colden will fill the chair. Dlnglt's brass band will be there, and Mr Oldfleld will preside at tbe pianoforte. Tbe festivities will b? romuentei by a promenade ooneett. after which the company will sit down to a splendid dinner. The rest of tbe evening will be spent In the feast of reason and the flow of soul. Change in thk Weathss ? The extremely fine weather we bave so long enjoyed.'was changed, yesterday, first Into gloom, foreboding tbe ooming storm, then to a sprinkling of snow before sundown, and lastly to sleet and rain, which continued during the night. The Orrjuwo or the Ht?t>sOit.?The North River is now almoat if not altogether open. Tbe Columbia left lludton on Wednesday evening, at six o'elock, and ar.lved here yesterday morning at six o'rloek. The river was clear all the way except the bar at the overslawitb. The Hudson and another ateamer left yesterday morning for Albany. Dea th nv a Fall ?The Coroner yesterday held an ln<|Utst on board the ship Stephen F. Austin, on tbe booy of John MiUer second mate of the ship, who accidentally fell from the quarter deck to tbe main deck, while off Sandy Hook, on Tuesday last, and was In rlauuj niiiru. t rruioi ?ouuraiDKij. hum. -The at ore No. 306 Urand atreet occupied by D. P. Campion, u a dry gooda iter*. we* found to be on Are at half-pant on* o'clock, on Thuraday morning. The damage "a? mora by water than by fire. Lvnat \ Ann L)f atii ?At At# o'clock on Thnraday evening. Joaeph Potior w*? taken Into cuatody by offtoer M'Crack en of the Twelfth ward, upm a charge of lunacy, made by hi* fathar, Henry Cottar. BotH vera conveyed In a wagon to tbe Second Diatrict 1'ollae Court, when the prlaoner waa found to be dead. Ha waa an Intemperate man, Dhumikiu AnicMrr to Commit 8ncu>c?Mary Hlggina. at half peataii o'clock, on Thursday evening, threw heraelf Into the North Kiver. at tha foot of Hoblneon atreet after pravioualy taking leutlunum.which rbe thought waa not hufltciently apvetly In Ita action. She waa rraenrd from drowning by aome cltliena and the police of tbe Third ward. Ai xoaT 4 Katal A?i'iur*T.?-Yeeterd*y forenoon,about 10 o'clock, Mra. Cram waa driving in bar earring* with a pair of hone*, when near tha opera Hooae tbe animal* took fright, and rau away at a fearful nac?. *tilklng alarm Into every beholder for tbe fate of the driver and the lady, terrifying foot pa?aengere. and caualng the ounibna driver* to k:'ep to tbe other ?ld* of the etreat In tbelr wild career they carried away two lauip p*ta. *a? afceve I* no knowing what they might have done had they lot been atopped at Hope Chapel. The lady aafaty of the cutobman. for whom aba felt mneb an*i ty. 11* fortunately kept hia aeat, and waa perfectly unhurt. Tber* waa no Injury don* to th* bora** or carriag*. Bram*. The aaah and blind maker* of thl* city ar? on a atiik* for higher wage*. Police Intelligence. The Bnftkeriy Nrlting .Init iation?.Vlrft.l Dr/<lr<ifi'M. ?At four o'clock yesterday afternoon, the appointed hearing, before Juetlne Lothrop, r**p*cting th* alleged defalcall' n of acme (80 000 from tba Botahera Melting Aaaociatioo, aald to have been *mb*a>l*d by Robert I'.lder, tba former I reel dent of th* aaeoolatloa. cam* on. Atja few minute* after tbe appointed time. Jnatlc* Lothrop took bl* aeat. and al*o the cluneal In tbe eaaa. Mr. Jamea T. Brady appeared fer the proeecution. on tbe part of tbe aaaociatloa. and Mr Horac* ?'. Clark for Mr Klder th* aecured Th* conrt room waa wall Oiled by a* j< Uy and gcod laoking *et of boa* butc'iera aa 2' u could pick up anywhere, In faat, they looked mora Ik* well fed aldermen, all exhibiting (igna of partakla j ol tha fat of tb* land Mr Kldar looked remarkably aeii' na. aeated lit bia coune*l. while tha otnera bore 1 inllicg fcce? and were apparently bound to kill Tha | bwkkaeparto tha firm of <+t1ona;i. Vlnturnfct'o., and h?T? b ?n In tbat occupation for tha laat r? yaar* Mr. Kldar alway* did tha huMora* far th* a**oelatloa Wa har* barn In lb* habit of Baking fltiirM <>n *hlp. ui?nt* i f tallow to Lor don. ami drawing thxir bill*. Tba btlla wara ?< M at th* ourrant rata of *>chanf*. and * paid Mr Kldar tba ad*aaraa I ranaot atata tba amount paid, without looking o??r th* anaounta ; ww lara aomatinaa mad* alranoa* without iblpmant balag mada, on aaooant of ?uoh ; ba'waan January tha 10th and February tb* 10th 1(M7 wa adraaoad f jfi.000 rn *hlpm*nta net in band , *hlpintnU MM mad* aubaaqnanUy to maat tbaaa adrannaa Tbaaa i *lilpm*nt* wrr? con*)gu*d to l.aapxm a. i o . Baring k Bruthrra and other*, in l.ondoa aod l.lrarpool Mr kldar ??< tha only paraoa who raaalrad adaaaa** mada on tallow by (innooll, Mlatara a Co Mr. Ba wall wa* than a*krd to - th? *m in t paid to Mr Kldar by tb>a. oa adraaaaa. during tka laat flaa ;*tn. fri B tha account now la court, *atd to ba an aiaat c py from tka bot h*. Mr Bawall, altar looking orar th? ItfB* raadarad tba following **** >09 49. that, ha *ald, waa tha aaonat paid by th?m to tba aaaoetoMa*, tkraufh Mr Kldar Tha a*ttwltaaaa waa Mr. Mark K Hamilton b<*.kka?-pwr for tha aaaorintloo Tbl* Wita??* wa* a?k?U to atata tba ganaral ooaraa of la?ln*a* *d 'pt*1 by tha aaaocUtloa. Mr Haalltoa *tai*d that, la 1*40, ha wa* *?ca?a<i a* book a a* par aad t lat Mr. Kldar waa aiaat*4 pr??M?iit of tba aaaorla. ttoa aad ao coatlnnad until Bap?r?b*r. 1 v*V, tallow I wa* aold ir"jV*a'ly at tba daak. aad ?"a?atl?aa by tha ; r*aldant, 4 w? town; tba praaldawt mada moat of tba out door aala* aad ablpataal*; tba fuad* raaalrad wara drp?li>d la tba Butabar*' and Drorrra' Baak. aatll w.tbla tb? !a?t two yeaaa. aa aemont baa baaa opaaad with tba Be wary Faak. Mr Kldar baa la maay la are** laft tba air nay at tba daak wltb a? to ba d?poattad; tbara war* *btpm*nu mad" t<> foraiga narkata arary yaar aay fro* 1149 tn 1MV. araraglag troa ?19 WO t" fit OCO raah jaar. la aa ratal la*taaa a. wh?a Mr. I Idar paid tenway to * h? would r*mark that b* had It la hi* po*aaa*l?n *a*aral day*. th* taoda of haataaaa waa tc par ta aawibara oaaa a waak for tba raw wiatarlal: tb* hutcb?r* th*na?a|ra* eoaatltatad tba ai*aibar( of tba aa*oc|atloa Tba < ourt at tbl* *taga of tba proaaadlag*. adjourned aattl half pa-t tbraa a'aloak ti l - day. (Friday.) luring wblab ti?* Mr Haailltoa will graver* blaaalf wltb a copy of hla book aca*uota, vahivi?tv| lur mmm' naif hi anrpji psiu ib oy 1 r r , A Chart' ff r-nng Bad tfowoy ?V MlWllf two drororo. h? tbo bub mi of Daalol Ko*k aad ?laoa Feheata both Ntaiflmta woro irmM by tflem O K*f? ui Mao** ,<* o.obarfoof faa'mg. eb< at oi?ht aiontk* riaoo. a >10 aod M Wak MU. toil m'b*y to Boajaintn I.mIboi root d lag at t*? 34 Hoy itiMl la atsbaafo for a n(oa la ablob tra4o l.tflt ? a ? # to iw?li? ?lk to boot,aa4 IU of tha mwf w?< l?<l otaeo hlrb timo I otlnoon alio goo b* baa ant eoon Uaa aattl j?rt?rf?T ?km bo raaH thorn to be arrpatod 1 ho oe*a ?l'l b* farbor board before Juetlea M< ontfcrt. at 4 o'floab. tbU afWreooa Oar Phllartrlptala Corroapoanatoaaee. rMti.?t>?i mit. I'tb. 'it US#. /V/e?faa?o nj a Cat J urn ia SSif - Thr Mark'li. Til* ablp / aoblal?fI ?hU aort yootordar m >relag. f'T Baa k tarolaoo Kb* I* tho larf ?.t *Mp that baa y?"t eUaiod at tbl? port for tha gold r ?' >? m4 ab<- nartioo oat the aioot oxtoaaloo end ralaabl* earg-> abinb baa etor loft bora for t aiifnrt la Hor narfnla raluaj at B^varda of IMM4 aa4 wo na4*nUa4 h?r fralght llat aaioaat* to ottt 140 Ht. Motor* Wnrlam k < a. baro booa the moot eater rUlap of all oar' allfraia ablfplni orrbeat* Tbl? ( tba loath aoaeel tbat tb?y ha*a 4oayateho4 tbltbor. aad tb. j will bara tao ar tbraa olbor raoeole ap la a fro dejia TMnli aoareelr eay oaprt Tin rata* T'mtim aail>t>|><l f?r Hi; HMtn^Ofa (Ufa M t o?d?na doaoaad, at |? *1', a (ft Sfc a*?'M>a* to *aaltir. N* la rjo four >t onra ??al. A aaall ala of ? Kit* ahaet thi* , Koniu. it |l i<>. ai4iaar; laalnf. fare la fall. W?a af aavi'lr*, atUa. * h'*l"> I* ^ld at a *a. f<-r Wkle., j aad Ma. for hbda. ar?at?a?l. CMaaa lalot and ae*a|?a. Tba atooIt Mart*) ?>** at loofah ' ***od la,' tba 4-rliao ! koia* a boll* oaedaod to Ika faanaa a*o4ti.? itiataa fa I of fc. aad tho koada IV,-th* aarkot ?-loaaa? ??rr vaek. Aaootod an ibo ootoa aa tha T.r.f fUn-d -fl.TI* l?hlab aloaa. *> MM* abaalblM Hat 4 a. M< . ?l..7a? o?diB? B?ad?. *\ I-1,"* da.. t*V da., i^'k, ) a>iara* oafaa loa' aaak. r C ? 0MMa Aaikoj a. tLin. 0 da. I l 'vii'Uia I. . I*. *aadte?> > . I?H. kia *i*ao r*. ??S. ?harao Faioa < aaal. II W da BntTia Taaal l?i in do TiiraoO Raak. II1,. ?l IW* tiaaa Ca M?; mi Oa^aa tar^aa r?, lew ? aharaa Caaawlaljteat. aj?> Uh.aK ft,'*. ?? ! Wo?rtotr?a IL *. r?. H*r?*iB?7rTf 11 <a l boa ft jfal Caaai r . .haroa> Voffta Oaaal. I * *?* * * K *?da.llaadtaat IT, i<??| aMMw1 L D. TWO CENTS. Titaatrteal and teal* BowrRT ThKATIE ?That sterling Uil really ttntlMg dram* of " Kmesttna" wan again played. last evening, at tbli theatre The stirring effect which It prodaeaw upon the audience?the strong demonstration of sympathy, whleb rises up In a loud shout from tba pit, at th* moat pathetic recognition of Krnestlna (Mlas Wemyaa) by bar father (Mr uiib?rt),i? the best part of tbaoonady, and as fine a compliment an could be paid to an aotor. Mr Leafc-r. alto meat* with no little ohara of pab11c applaase for tba comic skill. and keen. animating style In which ha plays Frederick tha nephew of tlM Viscount de t hempeurrille (Mr t.lll.ert) It 1<, alto, gatbar a beautiful drama and baa drawa tortk dbep feeling from tba crowds who bare wltneiwed It, showing. wa think wa may lay, aa other demonstration* prove, that the taste of tba ]>ublla 'till strongly incline* to tba aantlmental. lachrymose. patbatic and monralul, *ucb aa la presented In "Jane Shore'' and Um Stranger"? popular dramaa; yat l>oth of them, wa are Inclined to say, far Interior to this drama of " K.rneetine," in planting incidents, depth of feeling, and pleturaa of natural emotion. ()f the ether splendid piece* ' played, wa rnuet speak at another opportunity, at wa bare not time aor space to devote to tbeui at present. BhOadwat TuEATar.?The charge of inactivity oannot ba made against tba managemeat of this well conducted establishment, for a week seldom passes with out *ome novalty being produoed. la thli lie* the chief secret of good bouwi The new local aud satirical oomedy of "Kxtreme*," written by a young Americas, wan pretested for the fcurth time. la?t evening and with increased succes*. It exhibits many happy inRtaDeeH of literary (kill, and the author 1* entitled to the credit of possessing great merit la other respect* The bite at "extreme*" of all clasae* of men and manner*, are ''extremely" good, and evidently given more with a view to correct the follle* and the vice* of the age, than to Indulge in personal aaraaem at any particular aectlon of the publio. The piece wai well represented, and the scenery In *ome instances la magnificent and costly. The character* all rua In "extreme*." Iron the extremely familiar nigger to the extremely foppiah and affected coxcomb Mia* Alexina Klaber. a* an extremely tan'alliiDg widow, wai excellent and 'extremely' charming. Mr. Blake, the two Chapman*, and Mr Wbeatley. were perfectly extreme In their respective part*, and Mix* Kate Horn, a* Virginia, looked "eitrtmsly" beautiful; and a* both tbe author and ourtelve* have been dealing in - extremes," we may say. that notwithstanding the night wa* - extremely" wet and cold, the bouse wa* extremely" well llllad, and tbe audience "extremely" delighted. Tbe performance concluded with "The Wandering Minstrels " The new comedy will be repeated again thW evening. Ui kton'* Tiiiitii -Io *pite of tbe unfavorable weather of last evening a very numerou* and highly faablonable audience answered the appeal made by "Llombey & Son." 1'hi* favorite drama, whiok is alwajs witnessed wltb uuabated attention, passed off, last night, with undiminished success, and the adCullers ot a good piece were, to the last tumultuous la their applause It 1* but just, also, to say that the popularity which It ha* acquired I* increased by the acting of those eminent performer* 1< ruling the company of Burton. The entertainment* concluded with the sncceMful uew farce entitled Wild Ducks." whioh 1* nightly acted amidst the Inceisant roar* of laaghtor of all present. To-night, fur the bene At of Mr*. Brougham?that talented wife of au unequalled actor ? will be performed. "The Serleu* family,'1 with a new piece, called "l.eap \ ear. or The Lad.**' Privilege" which I* nightly acted before crowded house*, a', the Haymarket theatre, in l.ondon. This bill I* very Interesting, aad cannot fall to attract a numerou* audience Liunriiit' I 31 atiopiaL i'HrtTtn.-TU fame aplandld bill ?M played bare. laat evening. M on the pr.-c-Jing, ofwblobwe have ppok?u already Wt the iuiuieaaa number* intu u? to ?ee Mr (haufrau iu bl< oelebratad character*. aw bj no mean* yet aatiiAed, aiJ have ant jot ail been able to obtain a--.--** *u h 1* (till tb* crowd; eon*?i|Uently. tbeae piece* ought atill to ba played till tba public ara aatlafled Thl* evening ia tba farewell benefit of that atnueing comedian Mr C. iJurke. who ataitaupon a profaealonal tour. Tbamartta of tblf gentleman the great comedian of tbe National, and tbe inimitable nati >nal oomedian ara too vail kn>'wn to require wra to be Raid tban tlla' tbU evening la bit benefit, with a bill of bla own U*t?ful and knowing aoncoction. MiTctiv.i l > Oiimmi TuraTa*.?A* it ?tl iwy to anticipate, the aplendld programme of antertalnraenta offered laat evening are*, in ?plte of tba utoray weather. an overflowing audience Mitchell appeared in two farcer,and wa* received wlthrapturooa applauaa. Tba entertainment* commenced with " Charles XII," which wa* (ucco'ded by "The Invlaible I'rince." la whloh MIm M. Taylor acta no well tbe part.' Nest van performed "Tba Man with tba ''arpat Bag '* and tbe wbola waa concluded with tb? faroe called ' Married Daohelor." It i* not aatoniehiag that thia theatre l? alway* filled, for tbare la n .t in Nea York a manager who ta a belter raterar lac tbe amuaataaat of the public than Mr. Mitchell. By .the way, wa pari aire that to-night, la tba benefit of Mr Uak-r ard the Mixivi?4it?hiwr>(. Milab?ii. ia * Jaba *f Parte " tba aitravafanxaof " Lola Monfaa, ' with the charming tfanaruar Mie* Tambull; Chanfrau la " A Glance at New lork'' will ba produced, beeide* another fbvorlta arce, and Mlaa ( arllne In arveral danoa* With auab a {programme, who can ,real at the ten plat loo of vUlting tba Olympic, thia avenlng? Coaciav aT tmb Taa>ai**<-t.b.?Laat night tba eon?art by iba Italian company, In aid of the fund* of fba Hebrew and tba Uerinan Renevolent oaietlea, waa ettremely wall attended, though the atnrm d?pilved many of tha pleaaura anticipated from th- parformancea. Tha overture toLa < <aaaa Ladra ' waa beautifully performed by tbe nrcheatra Mgn <rlna Truffl waa called out for a renewal of plaudlla, after ringing bar brilliant aa>aiina .from - k.rna nl," and 8ignor fort I waa received, a* uaual, with tbe ulmo t entbu-ia m. though be wa< la tori a* under a alight cald. wblsh impaired tba affaai of hi* uaually deltcl<*aa voaalltall n Tha rondo, by ! Klga rlaa Bartacca, tha tana -natc by bar at tba la?t Muaical Kund concert, wa- tbe gam of tba avanf?c. andwaa encored Tbe briUiancy of her elocution ' harmed avary auditor Tba aid of Sbraoti BonaTfltlDO Nnifllll anci l.nMl ImnaeU.a ?k ?? * of tk* e- nerrt. and ** btodnootl; tftrMlit*! Thi errb??tra did (rood aerrlce al-o, while tb? obora* tu KImUii and faithfully correct Cnairrr'*Orui Hor*a ?The character of tba eatertalnmeat glreu thle eTruiog. at thlt popular plaaa of aoueeairat. I* aieeedlagly attraotiea The nalo. dlr? telantrd ara of Iba twit deaortptloa camprlalag "Ntlly wan a l.ady." "Virginia Barer l ira ' tba "Marry Mlelgh Hide." ".Inline llr<de"\? Addad to tbla. will be tba celebrated ' Voyage Mualual.'' lailtatioM of all tba trading prima doanaa. daaclag of erery deeorlptln borl?Hjoa C'aobaea. I tbloplan fling pa* da Atrlran*. galtar ? lo, aad tba Tbaaia da < arafla oo tba rto11 a A ftn? bill for o?a algbt'a aania*mant Who oaa rrelet grdcg to \1~haalct' HallT Miu'I im Wbita'i Sereaadert ara doing Ttrj wall at A3 Bowery; their enlertalaaeat eoaataU of negro Bia!odl*f aad aarlou* de*orlptioa? of daaclag A?rm I? Mre?> m ?Tka graat chartatar aad fame af Mr T II blca. tba lalinltable repreeeaiatlea af Bean character, ara drawlag larga aaa*m i lagaa to tka Mwaa Ha appaara aa /umbo Jua. aad I* eoetalaad l.y a aery gnt>4 ?tnck rompaay I be Vartlaettl fatalIj al>o graat farorlte* appear la tba paatomlae of tba Tbr?? l.oaara " aad (Ira ibalr aatoulablag gyanaftlo and otbar eaarclaaa aieb to tba pleaeura aad d'llgbt af tka natter* Mr W Man ball, tba tragadiaa U (laying at AlWay. Tbr I'amM INvoit* Cut. Te IW s?n?r# eewf N?h> *f R'jrttnla'ir*a a/ ikt ( aaaoie?ei/* ?f PrmHrfh enae : ? Tba awiortal of tba waderelgaodraepeatfally *baw* That yoar manorial I at wai bora la tba alty af rblta Mphla oa tka Mb of Marab. lHOd aad raaldad la aatd ally until be eatabllebad blateif la New >ark la ar about tat Itaranbar IMS wh?a ka r*aaa?d kit raatdeace la tba city af rb(la4alakla Aad your BewortaJUt furl bar akawa. that ha to saw a raaldaat af rbilatelpbla la the Mate of raaa?rlraala j hut tkat ka kaa aot real dad oa? year wttkla the Utata aeit prevfoaa la thto appllnatloa. that la I oadoa. I airland la tka year lMr, oa tka Hd Jaaa. ke at art tad fatkarlaa Mlnclalr tkat thay have llred togathar la ii.atrlaowj uatll laauarr 1119 , tkat tbore to aollatag l?eae of tba (aid Marriage, tkat your naatortaUat baa la all tklagt falfllled tba daUea of tka aatd aoatraat, bat tkat tba aoaduat of hit wife ha* aa bf rial a tad thatenatrart, a* to *oaatraia hlai to apaaal to yoar h on "rabie body for a dlrorea that b* ma kaa thlt aa CI. iwtlti m aatlr* lM*?r?-iWlltf of tw^?r aa4 la** aad tka attar li?poe?ibtllty of kappiaaaa to alth?r t+TiJ la th* NltiaHMi of th? matrlmoaal eaaaoottoa, that LI* ?lfa ba? cnmiol'tal arlalaal acta, IwnMtflnt ?IU Ik* llgnlty aa4 >ur1ty af Ik* rlaa? itato 1k?? th? avlioae* wkixk aatablUhoa tkaaa m4 *tk?f MU. whl*b raitiln Ik* ap plicatloa of yoar 1?lortalWk, will b* 1*14 bofor* year boonrabla tadia*, 4? wtlw b>Ti*| booa ?!??? to tka k^pmII* pmrly AM that yoar m*m< rlallat. ai4*f tkaaa tlin?. ItMM rr*|??tfally appaal* ta th* ala4oa Bad Ja?Uoa of tb* l.*(t*la?ar? for a 4t?or*a from tka kta4a at matrlaoay. Aa4 h? wtil im p?y kdwin roRRsar. *?rtn bafora *, l?h F*braary |U?. Mm Oa*t, I <>i?ml?*1 iaar of I >?a4*. Oa tka lath I abraarr la tka rwltM bafora aia paraoaaliy arr**r*<l Mala Korraat, tka ika?ta?a?4 p*tltlnaar. ?ko. b>raa 4oly **nra kaAtra m? ?4 4* poa. ?a4 aar tkat ha kaa raa4 th? formal a? y*ttt>oa, aab*?>rlt*4 by Mai aa? kao?|B? tka aoatoata IktraoC, aa4 tkat tka nm I* traa iaora b?fora ma, 16tk Kakroary 1M0. - NICL OR4T. To Mas. Knwm Kaaarar Marfan Yoa wtll ha plaaaa4 ta tak* aotlaa tkat tka wl'hla J^tl'lra ?t|l b? pr*a*ata4 to tka I ??uiatar* a< tka fttata of r?anr?l?aal? *lttia? at tlaifctM|, m Tkur*4ay, tka Slat 4ay of t abraary ia?taat ICtk Vab , ]<M0 H>wrv K)RBt<?r t?r* ar Na? T?aa, Cit* ? ?> Cavwrr ar Nt? 1'oaa. | Wllllaai Vllary 8*4*wf?k. of aal4 dtr batag 4aly ?ora aaltk. tkat ?a th* IMk ?ay of F*fcraary la tka Car of air Lor4 naa tb?aaaa4 *i?lHhBB4r*4 aa* a*y, *?r?*4 oot>l*? of th* |>*tM?*B aa4 aaalaa oti Mra Forraak la th* aal4 yoiMi?aaa??4. kyhaa4laj ihaai ta hat pataoaaiiy at k*r raaMoaaa. N* 104 Mi laaatk atraat. la tka *a!4 olty W r.LI.KRT M DOS WICK. Kaara bafova ia? tMa ink r*knw?y ?m. ?? tka r|ty LMKt aClurtfAN, Ja. A Cnwart?luaar aryola?*<1 b* tka llntMIW af tka lit at* of ptaaaylaanla ka taka aaiarlla a*4 ?afaat Uaa. ka.. r*at4aat la tka >ta?a af Naw If art, ?

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