Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD, Ivrthwclt comer of Fulton and Kuwaiti JAIKI uouuon BENHBTT, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. AMUSEMENTS THIS ITEN1NU. BO WIRT THEATRI. Bo??y-CA*TAi* or r?? Watci ? anBarms?Mini: MABTIM. BROADWAY Til EAT KE. Br6?4iriy-XiT8BME?-A.lCil IB TUB Uiai. BCRTONS THEATRI. Ch?mb?rntre*t-SrBi0ci Tami U-Liir lll?. NATIONAL THEATRE, Ch?thm ?tre??-lDior Wit Ut-THI>11 . ih - An I" I biovb?Si Anient. Twini OLYMPIC THEATRE, Bro?iw?T?Maoic Bohr?Cava Kali am ah--Ma* with tub Cahhi Ba0?Orrica Back CDRYSTY'8 OPERA HOt'Sl? Ethiopian Uinstru AMERICAN MI'SEl'M?AMI iinc I'irkorm a.NCCS EVS BT ArTCRMOON ANLi XVBMNO. MKLODEON?Whit it's Sirlnacbbi. SOCIF.TT I IBRAKY--I)* Chatilloh'i PAinrirru o Ridaca uk la Palma. Bew York, SntunUy, Marti* !4, 1830. Niui from California, The steanmliip I'luladeljihii is now due at thi porl, from Chagrea, with two weeks' later new from California. Vangt-r of the In Ion?Sfnta of Tlilii)(l ?' w a*niii??oii# Our public and private accounts from Washington arc of the most gloomy description. Congress litis been iu .session nearly three months, and are as far from effecting any purposes of practical le. gislation a - they w? re during the fir-t week *?f the wi-Mon Nor t? there any prospect of progress. Tiie mnior, attributing to Mr. Web.-ter a desire or intent!' n to come forward with a plan for compromising the Livery question and preventing a disorganization of the government?such a rumor has very nearly mb-ided. It ee?insMr. Webster wants (he moral courage to meet the crisis. lie is a m in of jiitat intelltct, but of no energy of purpose or quick impulse i f heart. He is a mere counsel of gi.iiit ir.ielhct, set in motion !?y a fee. The attempts made, through sheer imitation of Mr. t-eward. of New York, to bring around him So;ith?111 m< n at a tea party, and to talk about a compromise, are only laughed at as being absurd, ridii ui< us, and melancholy. This nun, with his associates and party rivals in New York and New Ect'land, have, for the last twenty years, by their intrigues and demnaognism, brought about the present state of thirgs; and now, h&viog invoked the hurricane, havii g called fotth the storm, they Fet to work like simpletons to allay the elements of disorganization which are beginning to crack and crumbie about th? 111. Fools! fools! fools ! We learn positively, from the best sources of information, that there is no prospect of a settlemer.t of the present agitation growing out of the MAV* i) '{urBui'u, IUI in*'iiins ui uunie. o|?cccm*# will be inide, orations delivered, questions Called, bui nothing ? (! ctusil will be proposed, no plan of comptonuse de\i>ed, winch might nettle the ponding difliculties, and allow the general government of this great republic to proceed in its great and mighty destiny. The danger is now more deep than apparent. Fifty or sixty Southern members in Consrea* ore already pledged to stop all legislation, all action and all supplies, until the North rn representatives be brought to their senses, and consent to give the South justice and living guarantee* for their constitutional rights, for all time to come. Disorganization of the federal government, the first step towards disunion, has already b<gun iu Washington. Already there are fifty or sixty Southern numbers pledged to each othei to atop all legislation and supplies, and before two mouths v ill have expired, no doubt, uuder the agitation and instruction of the South, every mem b? r of a Southern State will be united as on? man, and ?J! i.c' in < ncertiiiraiist evrytneuuri of the minority. Thr minority have rights to defend as much a? a majority Generally, in th< Noiih, tin di j:nm i revails among politicians, thu a majority, in e\ery instant e, posbcaaea absolute power iii every act of l?n -l ition But it is n< such thing. Such a dogma is similar to tha which ?xit lt d in the middle ages, when kings aiu p -pe* Tided with absolute fway. In a republic, i minority have constitutional rich's, as well as i majority; and when an unthinking, unreflecting rnu ivramiK ui ii <tjomy neuijii 10 counteract oi" th c? n*titntion. then a minority, under th< present um of government, have a right t( adopt then e parliamentary tactics, and that com nton Jaw?resistance? which characterized the struggle between the Long Parliament, in England, and Charles the First. The Southern menbera only forma minority; but yet they can unite >n both hou , at lei at ia the IK u-e o( HepreM iitatue-, b> i-arliainent?ry Uctic?by a comDun l?w privilege?and stop the supplies, stop all le^: t#tion, -*on the wheels of .overnrnent, if their constitutional rights are invaded. And they will do -<>, nut 1 ih- > arc re-pectrd and settled on the principles of justice and commoa hum vnity. Such, we Iw-lu ve, are he sentiments which prevail among the Southern members in Congress, aud th? y will prevail until stu b time a* tins question i .hi I ?ritl. d on the ground of political equal' it) iti the u*'r, which M the only guarantee the South will e^t. T :e ndmi-'otoa of Calilornn will be H'-i?ted by the South, on th tt very ground, that it < Hinrbt'h? t>-> 'lee of p?wer in the Senate, and throw* tile South into th hand* of a majority, who w ill l>e umler the intlueu e and lannticivm ot the North. In the meantime, the public had bet* W-rtr r i r -i.-s win b will uke plac during the pretest *e*fi( n lVrhaps this Congress may ai .ouir. w in ut i:i y action, in twowreks?|? thaps in two n.omh*?perhaps in a little less than two years. One thing is sure. The preseut state oi things may had, not y?t to the ruin and dissoltilion of tl.e I n.on?but, what is as b id, to the rum r?( ll f i i i?l K?wli ?J -Ll ? . ....... .. .... up, ini uM idi, anil FIII!* l>ia* mitrtfti of the North. These interest* will n? n l*rtfin to frel ibe danger by which the I nioa is nn i.. ce<i, when they see their stocks f*!l, Uieir r?rtn rink, li.e value of rh<|? tneU iWif, and the w?g?s (I labor reducd to one-third or oue-half. The Duly r> n ?*y lor this is an eutire revolution in the ?vr irrent* ?! the North, whereby both dewo. crat? and whiv* ? .;ht r nter upoa the detail* of an in ciMe ?<V'iftni> nt if this "j'te*tion, upon the prim i<le* of a ;ii*t c"ii i' obib--, which can only be giT< ii art! rtlernl by the Northern members, and ii c< C ' by t h. in . * >me at>mt, and on the ta i i. n?i? t. l.i m m u^cIi the C0iii>ta?ti?u of K aiooe. I.uti kn j ?fi t.n to |>n'ifn fic*t? vary dr- vdAil times dtirinir H e remauum lenioi ?f Cou< press (>ur c?rr< s|>ondenta in the cat ?' ' are rl.- ( hi 'i i'w:?ys Wrttrl. n?, will ifi* ii< the titrt inti.n in?n ? ! tne dan r It is tint- foi n?ep cif busir?es?, men of enterprise arM skill, tn |o. k hi..i. d ' m. ami i >i I'ule upm the vul it- i I if | . . r'y, th. ir 11 ?'?r, and wfiit ellecl th? disorganization of tiir federal fo?? roin'*iit m?? ! ?<i i'' r IN- r* iVrtr i:f wlu'"i hn '? U brouvl t t .>i,t )>y the deiit.n;<i|(uea of both j?irttei I ike North Tin P> Hf M.thi t' ?p*l? a? I" ?mlt I lr?t At.- iti |t>iK.rt fcf tli? I.a n.'ra fth? Al?t." I'"< ? t? ' . v- .* n rf .?' >ar! I ? IUy H* iMlrir tha Ti wiltiin n| |fc? iireeefe'Meet, a*. yaa'arday, a>.4 t mm twea'y o?lauiaa ?t oth?r M?Mj ithtttMii rs*4tsg. an of blah ?a ha?e la tjf?, a?4 will puhl.ah at the ??t'l??i opportunity. frisson Srt?M?Hir Ui ?ik,~Tha bamtifal mish'p iaii|? tla fourth cf v? I: K LXllaa'i LlT?rp?ot Ifi will he lautiehed tkl* rrnrnlnir at hair ~a?t 11 ' taek. (kb tha yard of Mr. Ja<" h Bell, no the ?".a?t rl?er b?t?e?B H"u?io? (!<) ti n rr?a Baltic la r>f threa th ii?*r.d In htialr.4 t-na bur l n It at flrat latradrd to bbiv* her the U im l ' bat for kib? g?w4 reason ?r? will b? aalleg tha Ba>tl? Wi hs** a 4 i fiat tha laun h will be altof-d ttj a grrat naey yaefls TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. 1 { The DMI toy Ttlegnph. I , Tbe Dews from Washington poetesses little Interest ' There hM been iom diatarbance la the government ofliers, bat It hi eaoaed bj wind? m U often the cm ; In tbe capital city. The yartlculara of the su^eota treated of la executive wiion hare not leaked oat, hat It i* not Improbable that some important business wa> ; transacted. In oar own Legislature there have been some moreI meats of publio Interest. The resolutions touching the . . New \ oik and Erie Railroad Company will be worth | examination. The bill d finiDg and extending tbe . ; powers of the Ten Governors of the Alms House, will : be the special order for the thirteenth inst. We shall . ' notice this subject, in the abitrant of their report, at " | an early day. A bill, also has been reported in favor ; of a State Agricultural College. ' j Mr. Canal Commissioner Hinds has written another letter about the oonduct of " one Jouas Ingraham." Tbe Hcwi from Washington. OI'R 81'ECIAL TEI.EORAI'HIC CORRESPONDENCE. * I Washington, Maroh 1,1850. J It Is understood that Mr. Calhoun's speech will be i read la the Svnete on Monday next, and there is mush | anxiety to kDOw what will be the tenor of this docu* | ment. probably the last effort of the great statesman, J should time not reinvigorate him with a renewal of s health. 1 he Senate has been in executive session to day. ! Collins Lee has been confirmed, it is said, as Distrlot t Attorney of Maryland-1). Fletcher Webster, as Surveyor of the Port of Boston? Polk, for Wllm;ngton, Delaware. i ' President Taylor gave a dinner yesterday to the free e?il politicians. Hale, Olddings, Tuck, and ethers, were ] : present. It was a curious movement, and savors of a ' compromise with the abolitionists. A good dinner frequently proves u sedative to persons whose gastric j juices make them rabid. j l 1 he t;n roofing of the Tension building blew off to- j j 1 dny, across a wide street, tearing down a number of . i trees n> ai the Nary Department. The clerks in the ( government offices were terribly alarmed at this blow j PI UI-UUIUO j out OUDUQJ WIB 1DJUTCU A'UttWlDU OM ] Ikd very boisterous all day, clouds of du?t sweeping { through the avenue mil the time, ( i'rofessor Agaxris oonolud-d hU leoturea this even- J in*. betere the Smitheoniaa Institution. The Hon a Hi race Mann will lecture to morrow afternoon?but , whether or not frun the book In the Boston Athena-uu, ' has net been announced. Lieutenant Davla. of this t ! city, will con.menee a oourte o( leotuie.- on tides, next { | Thuraday evening. 1 FITREMK CWIT. , A. O. /iibrifkir and John N. Stratton, of New Jersey. ' 1 fend < 1 arte* B. Sedgwick?Admitted. Irwin va Dixon - KeverseJ, and remanded to be die- ' | misnd < Wheeler ti. Bennett1* executoTa?Reversed, and re. { maided till first Mcaday in April. raiUTV-nnsT oovghem. FIRST SESSION. j Belittle. ? WifHiKaTox, March 1,1150. After the journal bad been read, and a prayer of| f-red up. Mr Whitiomb of la , submitted a resolution i |ttr)iilrln^ ot the President why Martin Tupper had I been removed from the Indiana land oftice. The reso* J lutlcn was laid over. A bill was introduced by Mr. Douglas, of 111., to aell j lands to actual rettlera lu Minnesota territory. A resolution of inquiry aa to the cau?e of the delay in printing the President's annual message, was offered by f j Mr. Bai n?ii?, of I oan.; wbich was laid over A resolution *w rtfered, r<-qu*atlDg the Secretary of 1 : the Interior to furnish the Senate with a Statement of r the number cf acres of land sold and the amount of j tbe receipts for the sauia This resolution was also laid t oe.r, Tbe Senate then went Into Executive session. Ilouac of Heprcacntatlwec. Washiwuvow, March 1,1850. Tbe House resumed the consideration of the resold- j tlon in relation to the purchase, by the Seeretary>of ii the Navv. of Amtiican water.rottnl h?mn ' ; A motion If pending to refer It to th* Commute* Of ? | the Wbil* on the Slate of th* Uni n. In the debate, In I whloT-, among other thing* Im mediate action *? 1 ! I preered, M reference would delay it* pa"age , for tlrte or four montb'>. to the Injury of the hemp grower*. and in thir oonneation a resolution already re- ; ferred to war debated to give the contract to Billing*, | , I who would bare the monopoly of the market II tn* la?t r?n lntn n pr.aeea g?ntiem?n who had preTl-iucly t t advocated the nuarure. aud were fur Incraarlng tha t?*t of A Bierirao huoip over foreign, would oppor* it on the ground that It wuulil be unfair j 1 ' | 1 ta morning hour baring tranrpired, tha Hou*a went t Into l omniittee of the Whole, for tha first time this j ?eri>'.. u, | rl?ate bills. I I KKVV-VOIIK LKUIIIiATOHH 1 Senate. , Ai.***v, March 1, ISM. 1 tand *al(* roa taim. Mr. ("out rapottad favorably the bill to prnvida for rale of landa for tnier in the county wbera ?u -h land la , tliuatad. providing al?o for the regl*try of tax** in|tba efflea of the comptroller aud of eaoh eoauty taxation in tha office of tha County Clerk I * . Jim.i or itia coi ar or appeal*. $ The bill providing thai the va-aoey exiatlng by tha ! ( rlakner* ?f Judge .Maynatd In tba < ouct of \pp?ala. ha ; I filled, by the d?ftfnation of one ot tba other ju4ge?, * wai paaaed. 1 run ATE claim. On notion of Mr Snot, the bill to pay tha elal<n of W VV Nile*. (the A* tor la ca?e ) waa again cjaimittei I to tha Committee oa Oriavanca*. ' ? I UfMi I ARK. On motion of Mr tfi ?> roa. a revolution war a lopud. calling on tha Cannl CocnitoaioDer* to tep >rt eh-tn?r the pr< poeed aquaduct acroe* the i ayu^a l.ata l? likely to interfere alth the free navigatl m uf tha Cayuga. * co?Miaai<mma or omdi i Mr Btm oix gate notice of a bill to provide a naw < arrangement of ? oaiml'Monerr appointed in other I Staler to take aoknowledgmeut of dee da to b* rro jtdei in the State of New 1 ?>rk till m . >>. r111.ik*. , I Tha till In relation to juvenile delinquent* In tha ( (Ity of .New lurk, j.arced through eoai ml Iter Itap- | pruprlate* f'iA.OOO for new building The bill da- j fining and extending the antler of the ten Governor* 1 i 01 ibr Ma* lieu** d*p*rttn?nt in Sn Vort,wa* ui?l? I tba ?pfclal crd'r for tbo 13th Tb* bill for *i*ylbK tb? ootl?otl?a nf rrnt* n? miiirUI l*Bfo* wa? pill 01 rr. on uri-nunl of a 4?ntr? to hara printed tovotal In pot taut amrndmont* .for* J b y Mr j ScboouBialtrr I'o- ' Trow ?u i?t apart for th* tbiri Trading of b.ltn .\Uj .rii. J Ataambljr, Aliiki, K*b S3. 18M. f kv f>i no th* in* ioa? a*t. IMIK aoLaftao. Mr. I.ri ii r (ITrrfJ tba lo'lowinc rMolutioai: ? That la riN tti IVan'tM ?r l?i) urf lilt th* ! *ipoi.dttt<t*a of th* > * V-rK aa-i Kri* Kallmal C tap?n)r L?ald lr apT?iat*d, Uat aaid (?aaliM b* ia*tra*t*d farItirt lu la<|lll|c ? !> W I . II..-I th* Mid rinptny *?aip'?*<l ?i h th* r?Tal?? i >w c.f tic Iti t'<d " an ! r?!-i ?n to I - ' aimcii<n of l.i? N*w l\rk ? id ?.n* Aailr a I." paared Uth Mar IK? Id. ?? h*tB*T th* hand* i"l?d Irtht >a d r ?m?t ?? tl ? S'at*. wf ra act old at a prt a Iih tbaa par, la diroot fMc I ti?a of olaaid t?t. M. Wkaibar ?aid r artar hara ant ?ortcac*d In roid ; and it* prncrada tb*r??C If * >, to whom, at w?at ata >aat, ; and bj what aatb?rity. *th Wha< r n >* rbtilaad hy *?id r ar?r '' * ,i c a*iti.rti?a i f aai.t t> ad ha?? ? t ka >a ap; lad t tia pajdi ft ol It tct??t r kth. * l .ih.t tba bnad* af th* (oapaajr b%?a a?t b**a hjpaikarated by Ufa lr i)i?ii>a*r liTToaad. aad ll aa, ? >at wa? tt' >iy I aaid I ?.! aad II ao'd a? iba pat- a I* whowi tbay *rn kypithv awd, at what rat* *a-'h af u d l?nda ?*r* (old- 6 Mb. ? kr har. la th? judgment nf tha f miai'to*. -h? *tat* ^ m?i.t aut to i>nai lt?a I"* Madiliaalllf r*.*a*ad a/ la* j ' Mid act af th* llih May, If4** I ? Laid <* tba tab!*, undi-r ml*. "j an i * r*?*?o. In rrlatlon to tH* eatatr of llu|h lltaMI Mablng an appropriation fir tba anpport. la part, af rrrtatn liaapliaU, (appr iprt?*.?a -nA) I tba aup- f pott of br*piial> otlirr 'ban la tb? el.y nf > or* I 11 frntldi lor tha payment of Drlft4> i*t|i>9|nilof * ( lh? fit; ol >?? Iwk. T<> autb> tita tha parchaa* of a U? library f >t tb* I Attnrnay U?n*ral To authialaa ttia < . mptrollar to luaa ai^aay to tba ' tonnty ol J?(J?tm>o t ? 1 To authort** th? fnpoTTla.1T* of tha city ao>l enaaty f f of_Naw I orb to rai?o niin*? by tat TO nn ml th* rl.?rt?r of tli* Nation*'. ?'ir* Inluraaa* ' , < ou->?r>? < ! tbo tiij of N?? i oik. * A kI i ?a| bi. < Wrt* * > (> ? -<!. I int* iwtoiiaiKift . ' Tb? Htm th'n ?rn? In'.g < of th* 'VliMt, I V.r veliitcfh ' >i th* chair,ta? bill ur th? : ui,>r>?* ' Bri I <>f H? j *rt I Mikh? rlt*r?. ? VI* e?n-a.itt?? tk? bUt Id rtlltlu to R? qu*M> ri?*r. ' Ain?*t. Mftrob 1, Uf-0. Vr I: * ii*nM>?* r tiurttl e>i?ri.*r of s ><Ju? , linil t?i" *l*o f<>r th* r?<J?eii<.n if t. li? on fin<nl< f?Jr Mr. tViin. for ?<*liHc??lr>ii <f K*llr?M I* ? Vr R.? i ? . rf ! < ?? * H 1 <ilon*ll ?n 2 tk *.;4(b?t ' By n.rr??'* tf ?h?rx* far ito-h*** la N * ? \ ?rfc Vr. M ?i? ??. to lu?<>r?Kir*l# I hlnls Ur ??to4?nt * AMa*ltll?? ??f lk< (Hiy ?f V" t "rk ' Mr Wii?o>. M fru??*l III eb?M*f of g>4i? I ?ti?l or '.V .?r, f.w t i4l!ron4 f.-o? Bu5?lo to V?? V.wfc * n't f r'f Hk lr ?4 Mr f> Aiutu, I. f r th* r*.iuTii of nb?trtiy.l<>a? In 1 In Flttl ' mk t?rb? r Mt hiixuMi. if ?f th# (troutil la 0r**ww*->4 t t<ry * g iLr r'un t "4 oflt-.r* f.f tl?? \ r? Uploi. hi Vtio f. II ID vtoj?e? M ?ncio? I k" Mr St. ?, thai iii* h?.ib Afltearoof York l I* l? < t'f ?.try In*i j nf f?e?. * irairii I Mr Gm*?, favoraUo U it>? < ( Mil to *aUi3ri(? t?Ul? ttnlilitnton to ooaver ml iiUti with lk? villa mm?4. Mr. Ttiiiwi. favorable to buti bill to Incorporate tbe Now York Orphan Anylum; aluo, bill to alio# the WhlteTllle Cemetery to nail certain lota Mr. Bacon, taeorabie to tba Sonata bill ralatlra to resignation of office Mr. W. H Romnaow, favorable to theBcnata bill r* latin to (rmudi la labela aid f tamps Mr. BuaaouuH*, a bill for the rellat ?f Mra. Mary Millar. Mr. Bowen, eomplate. tba Mil authorlalog tba Boar] of 8apervl?or? of tha city and county of New York to ratoa meney by tax?ordered to a tblrd reading. tMr Lka? enwobth, a bill to efitabliib an AgrlatiUural L ollege ot tba State of New V ork. Alao, a writteu report on tbo aubjeat. Mr. Kinuslbt moved that ten tinn the aaual number of tbe report be printed?agreed to. The bill U an followa:? Section tir*t eitabliibe* the aurioulrare of the State of New Yt rk, with an exptnmeatal farm attached. 2d. Under the rare of titieea Tru-ie?* tppiiatod bv the Governor anil Prendent and Secretary of the HMte Anri" Society. 3d. One of the Tnnteea to be located in eaoh of tha Judicial Distrio a of the State. 4th, Tha Truttee* to take and Die oathn of oflloe. 6th. Truitetd to have puncra of Tru?tce? of Ooliejte*. *0 far an applicable, and the power* citation to oil corporaiiue*. Mh. 1rutteen to meet at the Capitol <m the hr?t WeJa?s<l*y in June, nrpatiie them* tlv * ami ?o.ia mi couveo'eat, luoa e tKe institution, erect buiMin<?, be., buy the farm and nictnaary *tock, implement*, he. 7th. 1 ix on a tourae of atudma, if any, plan of labor, t raa of adniwion. <|ualifioatiun* of applicant*, ate. Mh. Hciuirro certain brauchvn . f knowledge to bo tauikt. 9th, Uil'a, kc . certified by tbe I'roiideut and Secretary, c1 be paid by the Treat urer, on the warrant ol tho Comptroller. 10th. Trcanuier toxivea bond in the ueualty of HJ.'kM. 11th. The Ttuflteca lo at point three C tnuiiteioaer* to eraot the buildinge, ar., to te puid three dullar* per day, to ier?* until Ihf ereeli< n>are cucatruoted, fee )2ih." IIimej* expanded by the Commil?ioner? to be ;>*ld by the Treatorer on the warrant of tk* Comptroller. on premutation oi the certificate of tl.a CtimoiUaiouer*. Kith. Tru'tet* to keep a record of their proceeding, and fitli. Comptroller tu borru* S.UOOOO, far the purpoaooi tliia f ct. C< lrpt roller to a.lverUee the loan. ltth. '1 hie an to take elltot immediately. (i?IL COHMIlillMM Mr. O. Ai.r.t.n presented a communication (coin lao. b Hind*. In relation to th? charge preferred by Jonas Ingrabani. a* follows : ? Amir, Feb fc*, 1850. To the Honorrthlr the Atxrmhly :? Uentlemeu? I recently hail the hennr to addM** to jour K.norable b"1y a communication to reUt'?>n to certain 'rauda and high nrndemextiore alleged by one Jonas la;r:tham to have been committed by u.o and which, by tie lublmhed proocedinga of your honorable body, 1 tind were NTOMht to yv>ur notice letMrll), rind that the charges preVrrtd against ne, which are spe< itio and verified by the >atfc of my aocuier, are to be rtftrrid to a committee yet to >? appointed, with duties aa general and sweeping, at undeincd charge* of numerous aia glaring fraud* and improper jracticoa ceuld make them, and which seem* to comtampUte in examination ef all the oflkoial acta ef myself and c?lnifEiiea, together with all other per>u? aetiag under my nr hair authority or direction ttrtHfcoal '.he entire State. f?r l series ot years Now. while I treelj concede to your liou'rrl le body, not only the power, but the duty or expoain^ md bringitg to eoudiga puuiahment the mi?o->uduot of all uiblic <.theirs aad at such Mm and plaae, and by such uanter aa to your honorable body may eeem m et, yet, 1 in justice to myteif, aid to the people who have eturotmly confided to my care many of their most important intcrrs'.s, forbear to a&iin call to yuur notice my comnunication rtad in your t eariu* yesterday, aod a^; t.n. in I he most respectful and earnest manner, sulk-it, at your and*, some pr-vkioo w hich khall SMSia to tno and my noitwr a separate and indefatigable trial of the grave char,tu vhieh he has ventured to support by his oath, and at a oauab 'arlier <!ay th?n can be reaionably expscted by the coiuio't.?e contemplated by yoar resolution of yesterday, ia order iatthe tufterje which tie published proceedings of y iir i'?nor?hls body are eminently c?l?nlattd to proiluoe. and thst 1 may have an "pportunity to repel and retuto those vile harges, wl.ieh 1 hereby, in the moat solemn nunner. anain Icclare to be utterly antooadtl, fsUe, and malicious ca- j umniee. 1 denre, al?o, thatit may not be understood by yonr ho- i lersblo b'.dy, that I l ave a* y wish tj cisape the examination c-nten y lated bv the conimittre to be appointed under four rtsoluth n .if ye?t?rday ; ao far froia this, 1 bug leave ;o inure you. and through you ti e people, t hat I rejoice that iu Opportunity ia at tome time to be aft rdrd, which will enable me to vindicate my camluet from aapereioas of secret ia well as public caluminatnra Very retpectfully. your ob't servant, JACOB HINDS. Mr. RavMOrrn moved that the communication just ead be refer 16(1 to the select committee to which the jetitirn of Jona* Irgrahaui was referred, and that mid , onimittee b? instructed to report to this Legislature >n the charges against Mr. llitidt. Adopted. ft?non,the Bo*toivMur<lerer.found Guilty. I Boaron, March 1, 1850. rear?on, who has btsn on trial for soma days past, | or the murder of his wife and two twin ohlldren, waso daj, found guilty of the nmu, but was unanimously j ecommended to Bterey, by the jury, in consequence of 1 tin low mental capacities. The Judge will pronounoe be sentence of tba law apon him to morrow. Latest from Canaitn., C. W., Keb. 28, 1850. Col. Prince, a member of the Home, from E.'sex. bait nit publlihed a bold and rigorous letter In farar of tbe Ddependenoe of tba eolcniea Mr Holton waa nominated ye-terday, as the governDent candidate-- (for what office') No otbsr news of importance. Former Arrested. Baltimosk, March 1?0 P. M. Tbe mall south of Augusta, Oa , has failed. We learn from tba Charleston papers, that a rsspeoettia Ui?u, KMuii Grarger. waa arrested In tnat Ity for presenting three forged check* at the Union Bank, two of which were cached lundiy l.lttnse Law In Maryland. l*i tim >??:, March 1 ?P. VI. The Legislature of this State have refused to submit ;te Sunday license law to the popular rote of tbe >*oV\*. Sale of the Steamship ltrpuhlle. Baltimokk. March 1?P. M. The new steamship Republic lately running between his port atd <harle?ton has been purnha??d by a ;entl? man of your city naued George Law. for M3t 000* ash. She Is to raa between Panama and San Kran ilseo, and will proceed to New I ork Immediately. ?a:e of Stocfce at Boston. Ii'i<i"i, March I. liiO Second Enerd.-160 sharee Reading Railroad, 11^: >?do.,bi, !?*. Markets. n?i tim'if*. var^n i n r. m Hnwi'd ftr??t flour U ha'd at $4 Si. ael about 1 000 >bl?. ehanprnl hatula to-day at th*t flcura. linla r?n? un wi'h?ui matrrlm! ??rtali n ?- l Jmtad u>l? ?t? Tobacco I* la mall ?uf plj, ami ura Othar irtlrl** ft* t*f< t? Mn.w*r*ir, F.briiftry 31--d P. M. Tb? r?'-?lpt? nf pnxftina art quit* light. Trim* ?lnl?r ?h?at li quoted 7* ft h8fl pprlo< do. 07 ft H?*r. >3 Mi ?S 7* Pork ?) ho ft v.r imi b# . and >10 (ill p?r bbl. H##f >I VU ft *5 p?r 100 ha. l.aiid ?fttraat?. f Ufi >l"?t?. flipping lftt(lll|tnt?, JillMAII, W 3 j Arri'td?Bri* Iiacl. NTttk. " titmoii, March I. Arn?< <i ? 8??*m?l.ip R?7nMI?, CUrlwiou, *1 h un. ki-kl ilMft, ai>? IUr?l4. Uutioa. ?ot.r W link*. N fork. Tali. Rina, Nt 77. S*il?l ?r Tlrr<?i? rttlftl.t]* a: iloup* l?aan U U?rden, IB4 ft an b II < loir*. M'rk. M?*ch I, I Atrirrd?8Mp? Airadta. NPrl?*r?. >th ?l?j . S|??a- j Kit*. N(IT*; brnik Alkatr???. Mttamii. I3ih alt: #?ht? X- I aph K?||.?>i?n?"k T?!?fr?p*i, T?- nr. I Iwi>4 Rhii> Uhllo, P?o.i?.?h ! '?? !? * n Fr*aM?c>. ntM, Fan Praam . A? snr.a. liuuu. iri? ;oV4<?. PimI. tcbri Rrapar. Kickai<>i.1: J I) A.lauia. NTnrk New Bmioftti, ftb fr. ' . A trW*4?fthr Alriaedor. t l(a?4?Sekr Llbuty. I'anrir>??c?. F?h V. I An1rr4->0>ir* Piairl Tutkar. Phil?4?lp!.?ai UiciH!) M r?rk; il ?p? Rn<rr *illiiai, a>t Vill icit;. l'Ua*?4? B.rk ?lt|?, W*t*aa fa i>4- Sakia JoMDk Tamr. BxUiaor*. llacbaala, Ph la- ' ftl|Ma. % DiftNTon, lab H. Inlnd?fchr Fnt??. Plillfttrlrhla. IkniM'i Riitioin AtciMiir.-Tb-M *t< Mile at ' ll?a*t?r j?*t?rday on tb? ( ftoi Un anj Amboj Railad Two. and pnbip font. ll??? ??r? laat Wa l#arn that aa tha ?onn train fran Philadelphia itDri aebr.t W hlta It lit* Saw J*r?a? tk< </ i iti-? ullar ajjlodod. :a?teu?ly klll'ng limn an 1 lartia H*bar angtiiaara, and aarloa?lj wouodlag t-rarniaaf flr-m?n anJ oaf of tba brakatn?n "ha aeattarad fragmaata Mt flra to a barn thrl and b? ralla of i aloap. Th? firaaian aad knkraai ara nat uparM to rainn II ?a? faarad at tb? Uat aaoounta that tbay ould aot I' ng >ur rl?a lb* lajnrtaa th-y raiairad. Tut Twraraaa ? Tba ramarkably attract! ra bill*, at rail aa tl a flaaarra of tba ?.ath?r l??t umin. arri b* rauaa >f Oiling tba aarloa* |<la<-?? ( m-an-nt i>ll to < arrflowlng Wi r?gr*t that *aat of r .on r m ?Ja ua U> ba brlat olh?f?taa ?a abnald gia? a', lanat a mluoa, art tin* forth tbr aarloaa y*rr..roar>nHi at tba loarrry. Er? adway. Burton a. i haafraa a, Mltoh-ira, brl>tj'?, tba Maaaw. tl , lie. fof tb? aamaroua atartat?ia??t? of to-night, am labia f-railtaat.a aaa >ar adraiUalag eoluaina Tnr Raa.>a-*i> DiMntiat ?f Da. r*aaa**'a Ban*. -Tta rtdlaul na itr-ry |nhli*ha,| aaatarlay of tba Halo*. -y i4 tl a of tba la'a 1>t rarkmaa, i> tbaa Junta t d by tha Hi P. it r?e?i?fd la?t night ? \ ratardat toraatxa tb- raaiaiaa of liartd M Mn'art ?aa rarrtag- 'milk iui?-?i ; <Ii m i?i? .11 of |>?c, ia?,?f aa; ??ra totm I n a'ing in tka water a<ar Hotaury i <arb k<a dia.|.|?ar>d a faa daya altar bta lata antilnyar Mr Wlldar la llata'.ay aUaat. gaaa up bjMo ?a ' ! aaltl to a ti lauii lb?dat bafar- So aaa mi<? I tnat ia ladrolfciag to liar for," an I llr rj-gut ' ft ar?-JI taj? out -a aary f hib?? a*pr?-al..a aitli turn Hta ?n atl>? ?ar? id*atlftrd by m-uu ianda In hi* ?ati?t >at i g bla nana i a lh--m aad tbotriL* tba: ha bal ia?kag la asbild.r and ' l?r?a? at rl? ?a? ab at blrty right yraia of aga. aad ?a* r -rn la Thoatra il?a. I.a laft a<> Umil* Ma aa- * ??-a? 4*>?k?p?ia<a aad-r, an l maeb aj?>r?d by Ma frian-la fi.f raaidy ait id virritaoi bain >r k ?atd ragoit ?a? eireulatad | Manga- at tta flty y??'aday at if amis tba' ?a? a-ait-a bad ba?a ia> ottfl*d a? tao*a of l>r c?-nn?n I ,tkvu(b Uw 4r??ft??d>ad ->a a Mua rUiptd aMrt. I J* Wreck of th? HM? Uland llMmtr. T'NlTKn STATES D18TE1CT COURT. I Itlm Jmm W. Metoalf Kaq Mtacs 1.? Thr United 8tatrt re. Bmiimin Boyd.? (Mrs. Colby, wife of the captaiu; Mr*. Kill. wife of the mate, and mmt other ladles, relatives of thoss who u? supposed to b? lost, wars In eonrt.) Mr. bummers stated that the prisoner wm charged wltb larceny ami it was promoted to lot him tell tho elreauietancea ot tba disaster. Mr. bebee. on behalf of tba d?f?udant cat J he was perfeotly willing to allow him to bs examined by the District Attorney. lleDjetniu Boyd wan then swora. Mr Hummers told hiui. as he was the defendant in tbia cut, be might decline answering any quaetious implicating biniaeif. W'ituask tbsn d. posed that b? was sseond mat* oa board the Khode Island; she sailed from this port on the '46th of January last, for California, I left the veasel on the morning ot the ViWtb of January; (.aptaiu Colby waa the-commander; the first mite's name '*" Kill, the vessel waa sinking when 1 left her; on Saturday night her engine got out of order, lu lat, 31 30. Ion 71; there waa a strong breeae blowing, and the snip wa< making water fast; the eugioe broke down before that: l we bad two pumps going to keep her free; we bad no I other way of jumping her except by the eugioen; 1 when the engines bloke down she loat her head; alter securing the wheel ropes, the paaMi&gers launched one ' boat; the lannobed boat was stovrd which left us only ! two boat* to save the passengers and crew; the drat mate sung out" It's all over new, take to the boat*, | take to the boats;" there were fourty four persons i oa b< ard altogether; we then "stowed" the boats ! to get ready f?r the voyage, intending th?t the j captaiu should take one of them, and Mr. Hill the

I other; we got four sailors into the heaviest boat and laurotied it; and all those that were aaved got tnto that boat; the iady that got into it was lowered by a rope, we remained about tifteen or twenty minutes alongside the ship after the boat was launch* d: we wire ha.t un hour in sight of her; aboat one o'clock on I U rday night tho engines stopped, we left her about two e'olock; before we left her, a deck plank parted abaft the eogine; the "hog frauie" (the laifce centre beam; aiso started before ws la!t; there waa nothing raid cf a sail being in sight at tbs time; ttere was a fcchooner the one that atterwarda picaed na up. in sight on Monday; the captaiu ot tbesohooaer knew us when he took us on board; it *a? about the foi?Dwii ot Monday tba tchooner waa seen in sl^bt; we had given up the idea of gting to California tu?u, i from the condition of our steamer; I don't think the captain was in deck when the sciooner was :eu iu Bight; the mate was. and looked at her through s glass; at the time the engines got out of ordsr. the captain waa aft, and 1 was with him; the captain rent me down to the engine room to see If ibe engineer could not get more ateam on; I t< Id the captain I could not had the engineer; I had to hunt round the ship fur bim; the oaptain then gave ordera to get the boats ready; he gave the orders to all the sailors round; U ven men got iu the boat; 1 waa about the seuonil or third last man that got in, there was nothing m-re than sailors' oloihing. a cask of water, two quadrants, a c< UJ|.a>*. tlx narna. and aome breal and ubresa put Into i)>- boat, tbe pruviriona ware put iu the boat by tbe cook an<l tailors; a nan by the name of l'< ui Dowte put the two quadranta la ibe boat; tie left on boaid; tbe last eight 1 taw if biui be bad a box of nionry under Lis arui. tba quadrant* were hundt-d to me, 1 do not know to whom ih??e quadrants belonged; 1 hare teen (be captain aod male use quadrants but wbo those belongeu tu I cannot **}; I don't remember statiig to any of three ladle* present tobt I did not know wbo put tbe quadrant* in tbe boat; I ?u*y h*?e said to; 1 said I should keep tbe qoanraoti until I found tbe right owner; I partly thouglit they b?lonjml to either tbe captain or n.a'e, I believe tb?y are now in tbe possesion of Mr. Lharlea Carroll; I never ra;>l 1 would not gUe these quadrants to Mr* Colby or Mr*. Hill but that 1 would give tbein to Capt Colby, or to Mr. Hill himself; I aaid that the steamer iu breakiug to placet when we lett her; 1 told Mr Carroll, when I gave bin the quadrants, that they ware not mine, aud lor bim to gi\a them to tha right owner; 1 told Mra Hill and Mi* Colby thai 1 would send the quadrant* up to them when tbey a wore they were their properly; Mr. Carroll t?ld ma that Mis 11111 appeared to identify ona. but that Mra. C"iby did not identity the oiht-r; tbe after part of tbe gaaid rail wm on tbe water at the time we left (be Tesael; I do not know where tha captain was when 1 left tbe Teasel; 1 taw him about fire minutes before 1 left; tbe ttaward and others were About bim. raying "Captain, won't you tave me," the captain apoke to me and 1 answered him, when I was In the boat To the Court ?I did not ??e tbe Tassel go down. To Mr beebe.? I was aecond mata. and bad command of tba boat; tbe captain told me when we were iu the boat, a ot to keep near tha Tear el; 1 auug out to tbo.e on board, "any more coining down," I gate lay quadrant to House, but 1 do not know what be did with it; tbera was a great deal of confusion on board at the time. John Daris examined by Mr Summers ?I was Are. nan on board tba Kbode Island at tha time of the dir aster. Tba Court said that It was not necevurr to go orer tba tame eTidence The prosecution uai^t tare time by confining tba ca>e to tbe charge of larcany, tbe only cbargt txfore the aourt. Mr Suautri replied, that It was tba object of tha Dittrict Attorney, not only to Uj the cironuistance* of the caaa clearly before tbe publlo, but to aatl>fy the minds of tbe lelatirea of thoaa wbo weie lett on board. Krom tbe conflicting nature of the testimony which bad coma under the ^bguitanoe of the Dittrict Attorney, tome suspicion bni beau created that the Tetsal was unfairly dterttd and that foul play bad been practised towards t&ota who were left behind. 1 ha Crort said that upin tha present warrant, tba anly question be oould try was thj charge of larceny, aou without tbe content of tha ofuntel for the defendant be could not go into the ma tier. Mr. Beebe had no object in conoealaent, and ha ! therefore allcwed the d?fendant to he examined, but it ! was too ridiculous a caaa to try. and prove that eleven i pera<nt were guilty of c<>mn.ittlog foul play en tba others, and that they had left thirty-two iuuitiiuals ' welterir g in llnir blui d on bosTl Una vea-rl. It i* rt*prebentible ou tbt part of the authorities, to teud forth to tbe weild and the prras that thia young man, tba defendant, should l>e charg?d with such a crime, <? (fro with tba cnma ot larcesy when tbera was no oou* oaalmi-nt what*ear of those quadrants. Mr. Summers it was but right to admit tbe InTastigaticn; for tuppoaa this turns out a cata of piracy ? 1 h? court?Well I eot'd not commit him on thlt warrant. I bar* uuUilbf lo do with any obarga but i tbat ot larretiy lUii? eiaiulnatloo ?rotltiuad.?I one iuaJraot par-red Into the boat, tl* captain p???a ll toauian and , the isio pa?a*d It In. and It wa* ?t??*d In the buttj I did not auctAer id it at that time; I taw two quadraut? ahm we fp.t ak>n*?ide to* *<-b<?oner; I c?nnot ray tLat I ?a? the** quadrant* in iba po?aa**ioa of 1). y l Air. B??ba.?Wi lt<t admU'.ed that ? war* in poire ?U n i t th?in Witnee*.? Mr. Boyd t >ok charge of its quadrant*; I d<> ??d kuow that / had aver t>au (ham oat-re. U j;J trld or. lb New York that two ladle* had claimed tha quadiant* and br raid ha would gl*a thva to tbaa if U:ej proved th> pr petty. In Mr. Bevba Joy a wan the officer lo command of tl.. I?tl. It leit Coy lea (a nan of color,)?I wai cook oo bard the hhi do IManil >e-*?l, I 1. ft her. to oumpany with the xci bd mat. . In a Ixat, I -aw the qua Iraun in the 1 boat: 1 taw tb* oaplalu para olb of tb?ut loia ib? b -at, I believe tba eecoi d mate took charge of tbuui Sir. Summari then pr .pored to arainiua Mr*. Hill, a* t > tha adfci??lon? of the defendant, aad, b/ eonseut Gf oouorel f#r Boyd. It wa? admitted Vana l.*?i?a Hlii then lapoeed that *ha wan tha wlfa of tha href mate uf the KhoJ? Irlaod and lo ao la>rT:aw alt* f?yd tba a ru?< i|. ba raid that the <j ia4rant* b-1< ry> <1 to ' attain '.olby au I Mr Hill; witu.-?? i J?attflf.i ber IfurbaadV the qiiajraut* hare not b.-ea i.-at to bar or Mr* < olby *taaa; on tha following >l?alar rhe raw Mr B*yd Main and be *ald haw?u*d "-a 1 thi ui u| but ba ba* nut donaao, nor have wa <<?t th-m, tb ugh wa ??bt three Uuie* to Mr. Carroll a boarding buuae P-athrm. ,\.r, Aumn.eia raid thera were ot bar wltoeeae* lo Iha nara. but they a era not than prrteut, aod ha tberafora b>>p?fl an adjourao>?ut. Mr. b?> be ..bjaetad to an adjoarament; ?ber* waa mo evi<j>ne? ot iareeay egeia-t bit allant. an I aa ha ( Mr. B I had the pleasure of knowing b-th ? apt. Cniby ao4 Nir hill, be w<>nld ba the Brat man lo tha n<m>niiBiMiiiy to ferret out aay fowl play.'' If be b-lieved aay bad beeu piaotieed toward* the a. Mr Be<tM alio tai l be did bot J -I ilM|?|t of eerlcg tbaia b tb Tie ( ourt raid tbat tha defendant mu?t ba di*ft.a>|>d abd lelneed to aetrdr to Mr. titaidert' aug 1'itiui. tbat ba ba ?* - at lilb-rty on kl* o*u rea.?gnttaarrr. 1 b. del. rdant *a? th?n dia"harg< d aod e -ne?nt?d to call on tbe l 9. I'iftiict Attoraay. aat to ba furtoar e?a;?.d by bnu to oath, re?p?otlog tha whole clreuuriaotar ol tba wreck of the ibtioar. Movements of Individuals. Urn l>a?id ftieaart Hai'lBora , lion it. iSraoger, II a llet.ry Me-ill Ki-Uot )ouog. Naw Vork. Ltvut. B r Vr.Nell, t 8. A., hata arrived at Wa?biaglou. \V 8. N? ba* arrived lo thla aity. If Ikr l laolraat AitarlMtnl And Kwionv kl? I'llrt- at) * tbouchi laainaata hh i (?r fr?tr?atna? h'HM, Uul ku J I AAVA>'f, S-J lult t itfxt u aa<i< vbi'4 Ink fun tb? fi'l'lir, lor bit >?"[kucm il t>M aa4 Url4 >'? * < lk? I>M| tha iiiirifl iH tJ?. l ha Hk.,?Ihi Kill- r >??< ? 0*14 Par* ? m I aialaairaly M ?bo?*. Trims Itidnitd ?Sir. l?llv*r ll,M?li1anl|h niilt?4M*kMi?raM,l?r Utt mom* aa.jr, i* <>aa-haif hi* kiMtl ?. Lai a* "? ? I V* do I *r* ft..4 hall f?r '-n i?* ?a* i>f ! '?? L?vr aaaJ>. >a?nt?4 It IIIlM tHri. trl Bi??4*ir, ll.i* 111 u m'ir ?. i la<-?? will > ? ir.iid i?f **r*' 4th, il lh? f?l'.a?n<i( h-ara 114 *, il II ill I rlw?t: ii?iil*>n. MS. 7 ! ' f 'tltrt. r M . ml). l'lli||?li*UHlli>l|l<?l II llllllilf IMIII'I ;h* day. ___ Ilia Pnkllr art r?i|Krifnil]r InfiirnHl, ill It II (f?>rill| las*! thai th?*a otaar, h >14 ? ft I >ee4, ?i.4'ri.l) ml l>*f ?- r '< < jmi if* lllll; I.4.IIIM ?il ?h iilinil lli> k? M* li lab tan hi? p?t*a? IiikiIM Jt* I k?r>"i (or Oaa l>oll?r n. 1 ?'i?all Uaiiht rt t*-n.aal la ;*rni*t >a 4 ttvrk u4 Mi biada. liVi it a<i al|,tut Liter'! IIHIt l*?l Iifrrrnl jr |i*a.-1 IiiIm mf nar frlrnrt* ?**<.?( aacall> ai I tb?*M??* an4 g**<1 |Hit?rf? ah a 4 ?? %* Ilia tit <l?*l ??abll?Mr?at ?< .lAKBlHuN k HOI. 41V J 9 ltv*aa wa v. Tki |lin il iMtaalail for rltitaa* aa4 itfn* (art l?lli.???he n?ai r na4 to* aalraaaa si Ik* Baildtni laollll 1*4 i? *!*. *r? a amaai.ra and *huuM aa ram fr f Thf Spring Time la < ?mln|, aad I a Baaariaiaai of *?<.iI* *?it?Ma far tk*t ?mmi*h. I liava a la" a law (nirmtH left. ahicli 1 *111 rail f >r a'aa laaa b?a aaa?. Tarj ha? fra?ch t loth |:raaa *a4 fra'b t' .an ma ta I* baaaaia at tlfi. athrr article* U i<roparfi?B ti M rt t RK tjW irililam arraal. Bo?lt Amnle for Sharing. Tlkla R*W rtjclfit aakanvltdcd k, all .m-it Mrfat I >a l?Ita t? dcii?<.d tr??i tha smni* or &a# Pimi af ( al.t.rcia; k?a<a alkali ta avid-.! Ita a*?p?aik?a Ita la I ?? la thick. aid kwt' lum <iarin? th? ?h..|? upvrai ?. aad l?*??a tbaBHI ttadar faca aa ??joih m aatla. ttwf.t U*M| i|?tl( lot ?Kaw Toaa loirirti. Tab 21 I.W ai>?lar *? f*?r?anio? and fa~th?d of prapriat # "? ??l? Ami)* l*r JUiatiig, I ha*a a? h??iM?i ? ta aa? a# khatll ta adailraMr rdartM forth# Barrow tat wbtah ba ta< otaaaada it I A * K i'.Ii ? **' l>. f rof -f t:honia?c?. Ikla, and H(Hir|,ia , >! I>rr|., fluid f..? IboHlr. r ar W had of A fl ? p da. 4*. aad ftaahtoa, Clark k Cats* ?f tba ?r.*l?vr, Sr. B??W. |?Haa. JIBWI or TMl WBBK. THE WEEKLY BCKALD. Th? Wctkly lltralJ, wtth tbo debate* la CoDgroaa, oar Wuht^toa corroipoadraoo, tho European sen, and tho otbor Interesting now* of (hi wook, will bo pabllehed at Bin* o'clock tbfc morning Slogio oopiea eixpenee, Tbo Groat Bunlhtm Bridge Umc. Id tbia cut, which ? have heretofore noticed. uotwith tauoiug the decree aiven by lha Supremo Court aguiuat the venerable plaintltf, we were not aurprii.-i lotrn th?t (he matter* luvolvel are not jet Milled. Tho late decree due* not oonelud* the right* of the plaictiT, lor.n we underataud, a tt* till will be hied Immediately, and a trial upon the merit* vf the ctw will place the parti** in a d.ffor?nt attitude from that In vbioh they lately a too 1 beiore the Supreme Court. In thlaeouueetiou wa make the following extract from an editorial article in the south Carolina j'cltfr !yi wiioe* editor, a* wo und?r*'ai?d, tru preant at H'aahmgt >n ml heard 'lie whole artnant la thi* very imp<>tt?nt e.m-: ? [Fri.iu the Colemhia (3. C.) Tefearaph, f rl. ] The Sbulti cate, la.t week. divided public lutereat With thu Beratorial debate, owing ti It* great antiuuuy?the majni tude of tic amcaata involved?the celebrity of the o>un?el, and last net leaat, the feeling inapird by theiemarkahle old mau who I aa tu n urging th.a unequal war, alone anil uufrieLded. for nenriy unit a century, agaimt apowerlul uoueyt d < orpera'iat. Ktt'ii while Mr. Clay waa (peaking, and the battle of the ?euat<rial giuuta waa wagii.gin the halla a-ovn, t e eub'ertamac teccMeaot the (Supreme t.'ourt wore Ibronwed day after day by an eager and attentive audi, nee, in,*t ?r ?honi i whether juatly or not 1 will not pretend to ?ay ) seeded eeply to kytaputblre with the dauntlea; lackingold liticant, wht'-e nprtgl.t form, ea?le eye, and upliftod oteet. pia-ird full in the front, km* ed 'he gate of ovary observer. and fixed even the mot t cat > le?* eye. ? ? Gen. '1 hempen: lea off In a tnott maaterly and powerful argument, for'.ned by aotborltie*. and enllteaed by Has' aa of wit and touahea ot blah elcqueno* and genuine feeling. He threw a lived of new light oa the intrlcaelea of tbe oa-a, aid opened new viata* thr -ugh it* complicated enlaiiglera-nt* of twenty y.-iira' litigation. Judge Butlrr. ahaking off hU i<tutorial robe*, threw bitnrelf into the arer.a in which he lmd won ao many lanrela in the olden lime-belure politica depriv ed our ben.u of one of it a kh eat Judge*- and atruck koine atal wart b blow* for hit old client, with whoae cue hia legal experience commenced? aid a moat potent ally did he prove, plunging at onoo into the very heart of the cur, and diaeetUng anil laying bare the merit't ?ii of tha wan and hi* battle of tne bridge, iu hia own inimila'.le atyle?blending buret* of eloquence with graphic carratite, or turning naiue to cocvulee the Court with aorne whim or ine.dn.t connected with the career of t!ie bridge builder, even to the hiatory of tha turnip pat.oh which be planted dnring a dry aaaaon in the bed of >lie rirer, to mark hir inteati"n not to retiftn bik title, which want of fundi* prevented hia proaeouting. Mr McAlliater an? hia able allle*. onntended aallantly for ereiy inch of (round, and Mr. Wtbaiar roared lik? a routed lion and delivefto ona ot hia great epeeubei on behalf of Shult i -calling on tbe bank to "di'gorKe," (then orractn.g him- ' aelf.) '1 abi'Uld ba\e taid account- for, aoocer or later they mui-t account for hi* property in their hkuda." Of ccurke I do not intend to pa** Judgment on a case which for thirtv year* baa perplexed the bigneat court of judicature I iu the c> Ultra, but I ma* *entnr? ?n ??< > .? diet been left to tho audience who thr< n.-ed the court r lorn, and wituc-a d the vtryirg cbtnctt of the ttrife?while lie eountel alienated with each other?the corporation vnuid have comt out muiut: at leatt fueh tu the >inprtsii >n produced < u the n 111 d of In or* than in e cool and unprejudiced apt" tator. Hut law ia a certain ao:ei M. and neith-r l-elmg n >r prejudice c *n bend ita decreet. So the result depend* on tie le^al conatruction 01 the demurrer, which wat moved to be tet atide, n<t on the merits of the main n, which inoidenally intioduced. 'lhe diciaimtf th-Court will be given in a few day a If kgainit Shulrz it will not at all effect his oon'iauatjoe of the war which he will ware: while if adverse to the bink. it will (treatly ?tr< Lg' hit pr-tpcct of tucocet o what hat been ao Una d rmti a chimerical hope. Hi. ennntel hare m de to strong a b?. ?iu< for him. and so powerful an iinpreiaion on rublic a nttmcnt that he mar yet prove a tronbie.iiraa cutu to lha l ark, which, like a lady, mut>< be above suspicion, to ttan'1 i n a firm footing. Verily. in thit w urld perseverance la a wrnlerful lever to move lii' untairs of dilhoulty, or remove obstruction! piled one abevc the other, like i'elian upon Utta. Kaptntrheltl'a Spring Kwlilan fV?r HjO,_ Eapenschcid, ef 107 Nasi an (treat, New York, haa the pleaaura of annouBCing that hittpring tashion for gentlemen's Uatt will be ready ta Saturday next Marci The atyle of hi* new spring bat. he bat no hesitation ia tayii ( will fully maintain the high reputation and tlatteriig celebrity that his previous duttioni btva met with. Ia material, quality, and tnirh, it thall h? second to none?and with the very extcualva improvements he haa been making in hit mamlacturint department, and hta facilitice fur prnauring the luteat anil noit fashionable pattern) from the tirat Farit houte, he ia enabled to fnrnlth a Tat as gjui a* auy mads in the tity, at bit old price of $3 50. Gentlemrn'a Hntt-lprlng Kttalilnri, |vjo. ?lhe subscriber takei pieatute in announcing to hi" numerous frieudt and the i ul.lic at large, that he ia aow pt<-p>r?d for the Sp in* trado, with an extenr-ive as> >rt.mi-nt of llata. In calling their attcntioa to hit tataMiahir.tir., he H'vutident of aeain tree' < the highest eapectaticas nf hit cuvtotni ts, by the aovrlty of form and elo,;iia?e cf rr "> rial cunt, bintd ia tue manufacture of his llata. WM. lllNfi, No. 91 Caiibl fircet, corner of tTuuater street. Cha|i?lcile Parlalannr ? Spring Fttahlona ftr Gentlemen's llata.? D. IsKAL'DIN, French Uatttr, 8M Brtadway, New Vork. iatoras bis friends and the public in | tentral, h? it now prepared to fit ties with a iat'nonahle lat that is a Hat, which will become tlmr tet'u *. style, and piopi rtiout. Ue alt* atka every man of t??t? to *i-it hie rtiaUiahmcut, aad esamme the produce ol his manuiac- | urn i'm i ii. -b imwi.ero. ? ii.ictaie or.lore wiil be promptly e?tcuted, >n<i Eti< t? (ait the tnirk<-t tor which th<y Me iat.od.d, farit and London Fatkioat aiwey* on hand, or n.adt to order. Grntleuicn'a (lata? Spring Fuhlon far ISiO.?tape rack ltd. of 107 Natiaa will m'.r->dact hit 1 ( [rink Faehivn ob Saturdayneit. March 2. A Ha'. that akall lull; toitain bit well earned celebrity- oat, tnai for quality, material, and flniah, will challenge competition, aad wnioh ia | adapted to tht form of head, and ilte peculiar leetoree of each ' individual eueti mer. Bo oonlldeat it he that m? new e'.ylt I will meet the poLlte taate. ibat ha w ill refui.d the purchaae moaey to any one who la diaeatiefled wi M hia Hat afur a r-aiouahlt wear. K-pentcliiad hat readr a eery heav r ?ti>ok , for wholeaa'e p ircbamre, aa4 aill be (Mi U meet dmntnde fur any quantity by Saturday neat. Thine who bare already ! cidtrid, will receive tl.t.r Ha t by that day. IMrallo will lntroflme to the Puhllr, on the Id iaat.. bit new Spring Hat. tail-fully 4eei*qtd and 1 tluuUed lit accordance with the Mat ett alandard of eteelleaet. | 416 Broadway, corner Canal aireet. Wamotk't llati ?Tb? Spring Vaahlon i for ireatlem?a will be ready for riamiaatina and aali oa Sn- , tarday, March 2d. WAkN<i_k>. tlal era. 203 11 road way till In tht Van.?The Hat aanarartartri aekaowlt4ge thtt the Faehton for Spna; It to prior to anything yet offartd for tht approval of tht publ;e. lion it forget tlal * NOX'4 rhargta are twenty percent leu lhaa ihott of any dealar la Broadway. Spring ttyle of Gaiitleiaaen'a 11 ata.? nir?1, e<rrer line aid Naaaaa t'rrttt ? Otnlleni ? ? Ilea, of tht tpring ertnrfard. are now ready, and are tulai' i to the I critical Jud*m?at of purebaa-ra The rubtcrihtr'i aa'i hava 1 btea lor* tried. and are poaaeeeed of permanent aadweli?ea<rved reltkrity, aiid art offered to hia cie>"in*ra tad the aablle a; meat at moderate at auy leapcctabla fee ata ia the I trade, enraged ia the nanafnetupe of the flaett (taa'ltlee of hatt. HIKD, corner t'iae aed -N..t?au etroe-.e. Mote ?la all ta?i whore He aiandard natters may att ' to" me the winter. the iiyle will be muii&ed it au.t i/.e (orui aad Iratbtet. _________ The Rprlhg Kaahlon will he Innttl on Satarday.Marrh 2. 1*J0.--Ilegaacc, Taate TttMia.-?9plf di?t Bilk Bata lor tl. which, for flaen-ea at miter ml. eacollaaoe of fla>eh. aad itauty of model, the eabajrik-r It ooartd< at, will can ) are with thoeo nnually auld elaawlxua for ti. A < and.d aad diacnmiaa ill g public are mMied to ca'l it ad eaaaine N. II "For the peculiar ilit| 4 h?> i. a tun guarantied. W. T. DaVI ujan. etteorto r 'I MinJoa). 3?l Broadway. Bear Uuaae ttrtet. Then ?.1 Knit* for Hprlng-t ln? Hlarte Back flae Caatlatre Kaata. a heaatrnl and faehi .aable Veat. the a variety of goodt ealtablt for California, wh ileiale aad retail. lira Dollar Halt Store, I.W Naaean ttrtet. O.laundera' Patent Metallic Tahlwt Kaior Strop?the old eat and tacit approved etr p bow ia oe>--ba?it i I eea before the t t.blie for tha latl thirty year< caa be bed at the awbaaribat'a, wboleealt aad r?**.i * M N'l>K<i, I 147 Br eda ay, corner of Ukarty ttrvet, aad V7 Brta (way. 1 Ctnb Kattorj, S?7 lirnadway, brtwten I Walkartnd White atreeta.?Tortotea lhall and Hiltlohnra 4i?at Coml't. ?f every new daelxn an I aaeqaalled e'.moa. aa to enteat aad vari*t). Every description or e>mH of f T?l?i Be well at boot maaafaatura, af tnpirior eavtity an4 law priota. A. t j. Itl'MjIU. What lathe taate that to ntaitjr af our ally merchant! are Met daily (vlaa t* 17 MaM>a l.aaef tad wlv do th*> look to mock laii'vad In aptearai, ? e the't r ret uraf WI y. dor'i jralant! T.e two V??> ll? r t'nt .?rt Mtfect ailUu. i.ivt I hem a trial. 17 Ifai4?* laaa. | tl *.WNI W Igi and Toap*ei ilwiyi mi hanrt 1 r I Iha Wig r?ri'.ry ?f M-4h?ir?t ?r< P?ar4. 17 *? ? ? l.*n?t , J' d the kit Diiuriili an.I aoaibiaiaf all tka la"?t in - . rr???B?*U A!a? l*4iaa'atnamaatal hair of aiar? 4?Mrip- j v ti-a Call at tba aaaulaatary baftra rurahaatac ?tlaawnara, e 17 MaiJaa Laae. . I >. Hair Ojrliif-Phalon'i Magic Hair Oya, U r< a?l*r xht ha.r or ahtrkrra. tha aram it ia ?rpl'?4. wham iajvry u hair ?r akla li aaa M *ub:d ii>?a4taaai* witk. at 4 turbln< ?*l?r, aaa ku aa ba4 ?l?r. It ia B a|f>l?4 nr ??I4 at PHkLON lf> Bm?4war. aa4 I; ?.k . rawratt, iu Chaa'aat tract | 4 Hair Dft^llalrlitlor'i Uanalna Mqnld " llalr l>r*. can air ba pro rami at tha a>anir<?tor;. 4 trail j " I'rrrt. Tha puMia ahnold ?n?r4 ><a>n?t lm<tati?n* B?r a* h ?arr ti? 4lr<"Ba* Parana* whoaa kalr ha* *?? 'iv4 aha* . ?' !< ? (r?i? tk< aaa "t th? laritatiaa Hraa aaa hara It t?iraat*4 ' hj <a.Iibi aa aWnra. Oapj t?a a44iaaa. t q Cnnrr raattnn at a Thralra.-la It hit awn, ' * art* it a alar ft.r. It ia hit aaa. aa<l ih a?h a ar**k a?a it 1 waa frliiljr, hartli. in4 half r>4, jrt naa .V bnttla <>f Jeaaa' . Caral (lair toratira baa ?i??a him, a* ran raa. a m?*t ' Iifa4?fhair R>-ad-r rai ' m a mmi aliara- a Int ITrei aa tfca hair. Ir?r4 it ia ?rt?r a loai Haia atoaa It fallit | off. elaaaa it, aa4 Ureal it fc> *rn?. y..a a*a bay it at 4 Bf*a4wt|. tl Co nati in}?tl<ni.?<Jr iitilna Mrdlrinal Ca4 ? l.irrr Uii far Caaauap'inl, Stftlulail tfHtinaa. tlitaaa- mi Ilaai flaat. kt. I'r*r?ra4 4atlr from tha fr?aa ilrera. aa4 . f.r tele, ahalarala aa<i ratal), b? IU *HTO*, Ul.kBK It CO, H 110 Hr>.a4aay, IU Aatar Hvuae, aa4 I7J Itr?a4?a?, (lr?lM tl B"?> 0 ( onraadi I'onilrc InMlIt will |KM*ttftly ?ri4iNt? fffwrtmvi hair fr*? *?rate#aO, *f a*rpartaf tt>? h*m?n fc? .4y IkraatiVlt?al fr iti liimii. Ffvn i til? at <7 t?JI*r itfHi *t+r+ t, irta(aat i.) lr?i4?r;' Iim ft Jar Ian. \M *aahiac?aa Hraat, MM .4 ( oamuill InilanlanMM Mqmrf Hair b !>??.?Ta 4n?tfr a ll^iK hair 4ja fMfl aaalt IkiuiIi, u a ad ixfvuffltlr okanta lk< ?l?r af f?4, ilabt ?? tf'l (.air la a ? *nal in t.l hla Mark, *aa l ?i --a>l-? Ol th? attaatloa of tha aioat nmul ahaaila??. Tb? of ^ tha4ia<- varj -?a? iiwril for l>r Fan* ( <?rat<4 ?kx? aa- v f?riir?n'? hara at laaith rarol?a<l ia ?ha pm?a< ti of a 4ia M ? > Irritant ?o imrantaaaoa*. a-i laa^-a ua ?? |?rm>?-ni. aad attak4a4 trltk it Itttla tr ' - in i t applioa) na\ 11 t ta Ma rnaoaaa4 I kalian Ma<tioai<>4 *..ap it aa* hara- p, ?ar4a?i aa tba aa alaa altra at hia naafnl iBTaniifaa fta maa or woaai prtoiataro'r tfl aa la4l*Ma?l with Itn hair ,? u ? l.i>kara- aa daliatta 0rl?l-b llfht hair -a<l l.fl ligtitot ?*?hri>ira-a?a4 aa?l???ar ta Pi a a at thalr <it(-?'iron>aaM. Tha latiaaUaanaa l.inaM Hair Dya af 0r falta G< nr.n.t >< b. all tail.Ctaat ta rimntf thraa aaila to fjn-n. and Taa?- i, form i ha nawilh aa* aaaacalf iata t ba antaaly and k-anti- 1 fnl B- partlnalar an* haar it I a miai. that tha ahora la- a tilitMtfaBriixi far tha bair. aa wall a? tha M^r ia?alu- . ahia tollrt praparatlaaaof f>r. U*araa4 ta ta ha had o?|f at ? bl* nrirtaal *rf*. ?7 W albar atraat, *rat loot trim faat in) tr Broa4waji b?t? ft IV ? aahiaataa atraa*. Baatar. y InflaiMa, Oaaffta, RbtaaalMaa, Nimp rial Paiar. Brnptlrai af tha Mia. fta.--B i. UAftllOM/S R a4i<-at*4 Vavar. ialpfar an4 l*?laa fta-vt H Hir-la* zz wfc,va ?S?s.scs&: n (i U 31 M KRClAt APP11I8. OVST MA RK *T. Vridajr, fllarrb 1? P. Mm Tbe itock market appear* to be im a mj farerlsb tot* a ad quotations am Mr; unsteady. At tba firat board to-day- I' I fl'a, 1*87, fall r ff U |?i ctat; Morria Ul Woraester. <?'; Famar*' Loan, awl Hud"?a River Railroad Readi?g Railroad aJvaaeed per aeut; Krie Railroad, V; Canton Co )i and Harlem, V. There wee vary little doing in any *anoy hot Keallo?, and It it th? demand from the aborts that prevents price* from 'tcadily settling down to tha starting point At tb<-second board, the marXi-t vai rather more buoyant?k'rl? Railroad went u? >4 per cast; Reading Railroad V Farm-re' I. ">ao. M trleoi, Long Morri- and Portsmouth Dry I)- A, ','eaah Rtadicg Railroad fell off at tbe first board yesterday, and partially ' recovered today, bat a general weakn?*e waa paroeptlhle in tha faaelue.1 The outside barbarian*" will not ceme In ta rdUera tbe bulls t f their load but stand re tolutaly aloof, ant look on at tfca struggle between the bull* and tha bear*, with very much the same indifference that waa manifested by the woman who wai watching the fight bftwi nn hi'r hu-band and tba bear, and who didn't eare murh wn.oh whipped. Tbe fnlty castles in the I elr, that tha^peculator* for a rl?* hare b?an billing I up. with such laborious and ptlnful e?T >rt? ?H/?? -- 1 vld?nt disposition to m<>lt into thin air, uj rill toot vanish away, w* hive no doubt, Ilk* the baaeWss fabrio f a vision? not exactly. however; for the former generally leave* many a wreck behind. The account* from Washington ftlll oontinu*ofa nature to prevent all prude tit in"a from extending their operation* at such a eritloal momeut. However much all may eonour in the belief (ha* the Union mast and will be preferred, Still It is too evident, that a mere nothing-en inceniiderat* word, a hasty rejoinder. <>r an augry demonstration of any kind, on the part of tome of our Representatives in Congress?may precipitate matters into such a condition aa to render nugatory the be?t laid sobemes of eonolliatioa aui compromise Should ?uch an event occur, aa we h?re only bint at. It would raise a whirlwind that woald sweep eTerjthicg before it, and effectually unsettle and unhinge speculatlou of all kinds, and in alitti ran-.itioat.ioBs in trade, commerce, or stocks. Prudent men, therefore and those who are in the habit of taking n sail before the squall strikes, prefer at this moment to maintain a state of masterly inactivity, rather than launch out into speculation whiie the thunder cloud Is hovering so near averhead. There pr< bably never has arisen in tha whola political history of this country, a question of such vital importance as that now agitating the two house* of Coujrefaj and it is equally true that questions of far lew interest have excited, apparently, mora attention in the gT?at commercial metropolis of tha Union. The people cf the North do not *eetn to anderatand tha nature of the question at issue. There it an apathy lathe public miad. in this Motion of the country, that we ear will permit it to slumber in imaginary peas* and 'ecurlty. until It will be too late to arreet the impendeg evil. We have frequently heard it remarked, that ,he I'mon cannot be dietolved; that all the dlfBeultie: complained of will be amleably adjusted, in soma way, .hey know not how; that inch is their faitk in the inlistdubility of the compact that bind* the State* totether, that they bav* no fears but that ail will be iltimatdy arranged to the satisfaction of every section ind of everv interest. Those mor* radical and fanattal in their principle*, say they have heard the .brtat cf dissolution from the South so often, that th*y lave not the leatt Idea that it will amount to mor* thai ner* talk. This show* bow little the public mind at he North hss been excited by ti e movement* lu Congrass; end It also sbow?, that not until the volcanic tree tur-t out from under th*lr very feat, will the fr?* States be an used to a proper *en?e of the danger* sur- cutidlng them and of the evil* oreated by the riper* hey have warmed into life and strength by their oouuecance and support. The people of the North art iteraliy sleeping upon a voloano, and the evidene** ot in eruption are apparently obstinately unheeded. I ke South ha* risen in it* might. There never w*i Mfore saeb a universal determination on the part of he slavebolding section of th* country, to bring thi. la very question to a final Issue. Liv* or die?*nrvtv< i IT Dfiifh. ev?rv Southern *n?? ??? v- ?? ** , , ? ? - 1V1 IUHUIUUOI athtr than longer rubmlt to the Iom of lliat palitlea mporiasre la the 1 Dion which they hare heretofore Djojod and at all Uataidt. will maintain. to loaf at he eonfnirracy exltt* Every time that thil qneetlor iu U t< l?utly agitated, '*?? 1.17, it h?U been Ota Oifltcult to rettlo. Tha tplrit of eompromla* haf ilthmobrcu all poaeifnl; and ban for the time, throwi ill apoii the troubled water*, an J party,or rather nttloi' '1 ttrife h*tf<>r the time bean allayod novor eatlBgaith d. The oon*ervativo power or eom;>rctnl?? ha? 41apprarrd, aad the great nompromitrr llud? that the In lurnee h? wlrldrdjelth that wand, ao longer tufflot o tooth and calm the prejudice of aaotlonal tntoroata [ be Ni nth ha** had enough of co?proml?*, and the) k.w ivinai. J a loal arrangement of the question. Th .ll?n t'tl cMuprooilte merely patobrd up tha dlffloolt hat then ?*Ut?d? It fkllod to eradieate and remove al ettigee d tha tin-ate that threatrn?<l t?> deatroy th> ooet gl rlout political confederacy ever formed b; nan, It tailed to provide for aay ocntlngeaay tha algbt arl?e In onr political progrr.i ; and the oaa^-i* a* ever elnoa been latldloatly undermining th* In tltutiont of tha South , which the remedy app.laj wa articularly calculated at th* tine to protect. No tectlia of the aonntry It dltpneel to eoiaproalto 'he Rr nth bavo right#, aad tbo?e right* mutt be r* prated All that they deaaad. It guarantied by tha eon tltutlrn end theidoaof compromising 1* prepo*toroa? r anything unjutt. If anything wrong, if anything B9 caMltntlonal wa* deaaaded-if right and wroag were* died ap that they oonld not be te pa rated - *na proal* light be rnl.inltted to. for the purpn?* of qual'aiog th lalin* of all partla#. and Mtltfaetorlly arranging th ' lr.t? at i??ue. Datthltlia dllf?r?*ot qu**tlon Th outh trgna that they la*l*t upon nothing mora tha' beirrlKhte. and that coaprom'aiog away the'r right mold be en admladon that thali claim* were of a dwbt ul ebaiaeter. The North bar* eier>tblng togainb c mpron-lte, and the South everything to loee. A oom rcailee aay take place in a ditpnte between two aatina rnii" dlploir etlal ataally claim more than they at illllng to take; tat between th# dlffe'eat latere?t f one country? hotwoea different Institution* aade he tame government?there l? ao #aoh thing a* coa romine The roduotlonary tariff or t*U wa* ao ooa r^tnlee- It wa# a more ja*t aad equitable aljnttme^ f the policy of the government to the varloa# latere*! f th* try. I Wo look upoa anything abort of ? Anal **: Itment of the *lavery que-U?n oaly a# a pot iMBeal of tho evil* growing oat of that ?' rex; no m* no 17 cottM iclt tot th? Noutn % uimk I* to hrlag it at onr* to 1 cri?l*. In feet. th? *n 4* nothing *l*e. Tb?y are literally fore* to tbet Alternative; 111 the ennaer the erl-l* wrk'i the hotter Tbe South hare ealeu'.eted tt net of eay reeult eloeeljr. ud Mitlmtlj; they bi% ot preered tbte 'jaeetina to n l**ue. e* tehee *aeb etemiti* J itaed. wlth~et the aoet mature relHtlm rd they re prepared f?w m; werf?Mj. The o?u I npetuuelty of tbe Sou lb bee given pine to eel* aa irlou* refleetlna; and every B*<>v?m*ot Made U with ill r,.it.|,reh?n*ion of It* effeat eed probable eon* nmree Ae ettreotdlaery aa It ??y appear to tho bo bare not given ?hla qne?tlon the thonnht and r ?tl? n It le entitled to, Md will rm ctnraand tbet 1 ? large portion ?f tbe leathern d? ?ate* la ' nag" it nelly aire deal root of a di*e >lnti a of the Lai" tan of any arreage?eet of tbe rtevery ie?*tl9* ell te Vettb. They do aet look op 0 It a* aa evil, to I rrldfd if poeelNe; but a* a reealt ralenlatod loll praieeeat Meeelag to tbe B uth It I* not aneeeir rre. to allude to tho effent of a d'?olvtl -a apo ?a Sraaetal eoaimernlal, and political p.-MiUoa M >otth 1 ala>, ?en?IMe refleetlag m*a eaa eaet/ Mnprehend tbe dl?a*treu* reealt nf *n-h an ai Ytanate event, aad a* regard* tho feaati-tel portloa II* or any other anaivaatty. they are beyond all ret >e. aad tbe l?e* *aM to then tbe better. I.ihe a gota, tbelr ailad* r-*aiahle the hntoaa eft-Ik* m?i gbtjca throe epoa It. the ?.>,*it eoetrerf It I kly aeecaeery to appeal tel'e <elm jedgveat of th *?ple; and Upon that ee ? aleay* depend f >r >und jaet and Jndieloaa v -Jlet Wlthia the pa* to a > atb* there baa beea rery greet change la th nil atiad r? etive to tiki* lb**tl n and althiagh w9 re npp??.d to leaoU"*#! It eaanot be denied that, i lit re*- to a eerte-* ? *( Bake haeteelnely |? mm? >tur than prematura Mtf0n If < nagreee weald left* t' a lit'le B'TO ?<> % If |*m eieluaeat exl/te.#f kd tb< |ii?* 10a eeaM k argaed with gno j feeUugan 1 .be pr |'?r rp;-%??,h better prngrem w^H b ad- and.' < "14 fcWk , r ? h Intel e(IW?', ep .. , le piibl'r Hin t iu -ntb i?- -? .k- ? " v.. ^ M ?# ' 1... !? ! * U*M4? _I

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