Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. ? 'bnlirol corner of Koltoii m??l K?l???U. m JAnKHflOlinOH OKMBTT, If PROfPIKTOH AND EDITOR. 0 ~ - || OA/I. V 1 trnti prr ropti-?7 p*r annum. lt'KAi.V llt.U.t l.P, ry S./urd.v, .iM* ant, p*r a #? y *r < ' prr u.n: the ^Hrcp >ih ration $4 per tin ?. /. t' , lur, i j. ? ... M f ^ __ K VVl.l.Al. W # i.S/> HMMl.i', Wf? p'it i: n *j* il!\ 'l' '*' > <" fSDESCF. coHtuUimuin- || mat"'lrom u</ /wi'lrr oj thm for I it ; if . '/> * ... P \i>\( II' i * " >?!/'? "'? f(munumtuMom. Ir? > /,/ ??.'( /-( ? < ' 'k' r'1"" i" ir,ilium. 1 ^ '/ ; / / 77 /, >' />i >"?' /?r mSirrqiNmi or with i>l- t ,j , , , r, >, >? (.i ' f ii l or the puntuyr will b< JeJuct* ,a // . ?> i '? "" ? '?"?'?? 1 At. I t?l! LNT8 TO-MORROW CrKNlNQ. I'aL'AN' Ol'EKA nul5E, Ai'or Pl?c*--Dow Oioi-afi- , m. BO?m TTJKATII*, Bv?<ry-eitTAV?i4n FliTf ' llliww Inn I BkOADWAY TUEATriB. Bnvl ??jr?Immu ?i ' Tai ri. \ Ut KV< N > Til K ATI. f, CI. in bcr? trMt-St.BiOra Fa?i- I IT-LkAr * t AH. ( NATIONAL TFIK^TKK, Chatham nr*?t --Mvste mi) I AWE ?b?IL?-Tmk? * Vt.Ai.1 A?rm- Wili> Di-am. OLYMPIC TEIKaT&B. *?t ? Dki.icat* <Jiioi'?r-Tir'HAi.' Ltoicy tArioi a?ii tmk M*iuh* ? i?f*- | lirtk VuttlMMIa I CnilSTT'J OPBHA WOCSK - Ei mopr A* KintniU 1 , IVF.RI' AV VI?tril-A^?i!<o PmroiaAici! IV|. ! VILODEON ? Wnn ?'? Stu Nevr Vork, Sni.-lij. nnnli '!. :V"><J. The IftMt front the liold llrglom The ste sm^hips Philadr li-hiaand Ohio.orGeorgin, may arrive at any m nunt from Chagres, with two wetk* lrtt?r news from California. We give a syuopsie of the news under the telegraphic head. Three or four steamers will be due this week from (Tagri b. Vh? Great Dtmocrillc t'nlon Meeting, Last at Tammany Hall. In ano?h?r part of our columns will be found a j nil, distinct, and graphic report, of this great meeting of the democracy, at Tammany Hall, j Union stock, to judge by this meeting, will and , must look up?the demonstration made by the great mafses in this city, prove, beyond all doubt, , j the f trong determination of the North to maintain , | the Union inviolate. Whatever other divisions may hart* troubled this meeting, all were of one Hiiiid on one subject?viz: attachment for the , Union. The Straggles or the Past, Present and Fataiti As the elements of civilization and progress become more and mure developed, causes seem to bring about results with ouch rapidity that the chief business of philosophy has come to consist rather in recording events in the daily newspapers, than the analysis of their causes in huge volumes. The scholastic age has |tassed away forever, ticience has l*ft the university, and begun its pilgrimage over the world. learning no longer hides in the rrcoses of the convent, but has begun to dit?use itself among mankind. Literature, even, is now bursting awxy from the ahackles of libra- ' lies and books, and Hashing on its cloud-born mis- J sion among the million, with the rapidity of the trlrgrxpli Monopolists in learning have become ^ r.s odious as those in government; and the lew black-Inter m?n mil left, who are more wedded t? t old thing*, by the force of education and prejudice, * than they ever were to truth, tire compelled to re- t lax llieir hold upon th?" past, to wrestle with the uc- *> tualitica of the present, and contemplate the stir, rui? proapec'a of lhe future. In Europe, the atruggle b? i* h n the past and the present li.ts unsettled ' ?fciety, and men are now pre|?ared for any change whatever. What the future of the Old World will \ be, no man can foretell; bat the same cautes which weie long ago developing the mighty ef* J ec't> we Jiave witnessed in this country, although more alow in iheir operation abroad, are none the | lea* rare. Monarchy, aristocracy, priestcraft, un- ^ authorized and irrr*|>otit<ible |K>wer and dominion j of every kind, must pasa away. Institution* which ^ have locked up the secret* of science, which hive j j moi>o}>olized the bleating* of creation, which have | limited the rant'* of light. and truth, *n<l freedom. j ( which have cramped, and cruahed, and en?laved : . the human mind, are irivinu over their ineffectual ' Mmrde with deatiny, and alowly but ?urely they I 1 re eliding from their foundation*. The popular j sentiment of muikind, among all enlightened na- ; lions, la tending toward* a more liberal atate of i aaciety. Kven 1'iua I\ , who, ra hia office, has j been regarded aa the most aarred ol all men holding power on the earth, and who, in hi* peraon, | waa regarded with mort veneration than any other ' man who haa lived in modern times?not excepting I even Wa?huigtou himself?wa* compelled, the very I h< ur that lie put himself in oppoaition to the progrea* of the nge, to fly from bis oifrn capital; nnd although n.nny wive prophecies have been nude aliout hia speedy return to Home, yet, from the beginning, we have inal?ted that that event would be delayed for a considerable lime, even if it ever took place ; for, with fifty thousand French muaketa aa a body jruard, he knew that he waa not aafe in hia own capital Kven Louts Napoleon, who waa elected by a larger popular vote than waa caat even for hia great uncle, after hia moat brilliant victories, hta been compelled to aurround himself with a larger And more formidable military defence than ever waited on the pride of Louts XIV, or on theserunty of Ixuns Philippe. A combination far more ' pow rrful than has eser been known before against J free principles, took place niter the recant re*o- ^ 'utions, to craah republicanism in Kurope ; and although for a while it may aeem to have tr- j vmphed, yet who supposes thai eren the Czar of Hussia would not sleep more securely io his pa'ace, if he felt that he had Kossuth beating the 1 snow path of Siberia ! A more stirring spectacle | for the frirnda of progress, can hardly be conceited than that her..,c Hunuartm, a prison r, -hut up , within the gloomy walls ol the old Moslem city of Shumla, the object of dread nnd apprehension on the part of e*rry t)rant. and of unbounded adm mmn on it i-??t < ( n<r>l>ody rl?p That f dcf? ncrl'M*. un^ri 'd pfii-. ner, t? a more terrible t object to Nit hols*, Rnd he is more dreaded in j Vienna, th-n N?|<?leoi? was with his four hundred $ and fifty th???i-and soldi. r?, on t!i> ir march to Rus- a ri?. ur mm- ? - . -r?- ? V"?.IU| , mutikiDd, and tnonarcha |v?? know that ihry muat. nronrr or Utrr, bend to the univeraal [ eonvlctioaa ol mankind. | We ace, etren in our country, on a pretty am *11 | rale, fitnif curioua attempt* to re*iat thr progrra* - o( thr age ; hut thry ar' only m>iay rddirt in the Wr placea of thr great atrram *hi?:h rmVa eea*e|eai>ly and irrertatibly on < 'nr of the frrMrat and moat ridiculoua diaplaya c4 thia kind that haa come to ?mr knowWgr, occurred a few j ???muf? *iD?r, ia thr thaprl of tl?r Mrw York i I'liwnitf, wbrrr % Profraaor. in a Irttrr t<? a Traihera' AnntwlMt, deliberately undertook to ah?>w that thr collegia of thr United 8'atra could n?>t nvcft the exigenc'iea of thr tiof-a^ ?inJ? ?a-.n thrir ay*trfu of education they K*vr up nil UUW>Ya?k?M npon ibe ?yatrm of tkr pint, and went baik to thr rUt of the b lark-letter age Wr ar# an re that thr announcement of ?uch a doctrine would have ooly brought a ?milr tjjw? lie lip of Dr. I'u?*y and hia follower* in Oxford la <7an bridge, aurk twiddle would have brrn an> ewered by a eoeer. In New York, we pftmw h 'I will i>e trrated with conlem^. N.'W, that the prrarnt ay ate in of education in eoil?gr? in America dor* not anawrr thr exW gm< ?a of ihr tintra can hardly bo denied. In ibia | ro,w>?nion thr Profeaaor wonld find no treat d fiVrrncr between hia tiewa and tlMne of Utrf profile; b it wr can ar* that there would be a pretty broad difference between him and the pub'ic, Jf thr inqtiity werr irtiitnted into ihr r?4*oaa vhytkiaf&ct 14 ? Xbe ealf acMttioa wbicfc f ?*n of sense have brought agtiost our colleges id ?ho?U<, is that they have not kept ap witj, us electric age?that they have too much of the ] onuatic spirit Will left Our heat educated men i colleger, are not futed, by the present *ystem ^ !' education, for the practical business of life; and i<>se w ho shine brighter in the university, often ? ccotrphth the lea^t when they leave it. Their y?t? ni is all theory. No young man is likely, by v i* college educntion, to become prepired tor life, ts fctruggh p, its sulleriugs, its efforts, its disapciLinx uu?, and its heroic endeavors. Emerging rom the academic groves of the university, the ' choli.r goes out a dreamer; but the t.vigt-ncies of ti ife in this age coni|>tl him to be a worker; and n the great business of citizenship, under such tovernment as thip, lie finds that his books, over n which he burn< d < ut unmeasured quantities of d midnight oil, are nearly as useless to him as was ihe sack of pearls which the famished and ex- t buutted wandere* ov. r the de?ert found, when he j was dying for want of bre?<d. This learned prore-t-or, in whose remarkable letter were con- # in* d some of the wildest vagaries that ever sprung from an ai-aifemic brain, railed against r the prep*, as the "pelf-elected" priests of po- . I'.ular opinion, and g.ive his hearers to underHand that its principal business and influence c consisted in destroying what had b<-en achieved by t fotmer sges. lie would have us quietly close our fc printing cfiice, extinguit li the tires w hich burn night j and day, to keep the engine ceaaele-sly working on its great mission, ostracise liberty of thought, and 1 Bubmil literature to a censorship composed of priests and monks ; an 1, in a word, go back one or f C ... j: ...... 1 ,ni. J 'ife. Purely so cool a proposition as this would ^ be received only with contempt; but it is one of thofi* significant illustrations we ure sometimes furnished with, goin^ to show what the dreamers I of the cloister and the schooU would do if they could have their way. But while the never-tirng uk of the engine is heard, and steamers are ploughing up the deep of every ocean, and tele- ^ graphs are flaehmg light over every continent, a Piofesfor only made his hearers think of a whiffet dog, who barks at the steam car rolling over fifty miles an hour. No, gentlemen of the portico, this will not do in our times Louis Philippe, j Pius IX., and the modern Profosior?" three hail fellows"?ought to have a meeting some fine evening, and see if they cannot do something to stop mankind from going to the devil. Removai.s amd Appointments.?It is perfectly well known throughout the country, that there never have been so many removals from office, within so fhort a time, as have beea made since the present cabinet came into power. Never, since k the formation of the government, have there been p eo many removals, under any administration, as there have been under the present. This we assert as a matter ?f fact, susceptible of proof, if it were worth while to produce it. Now, it is very well known that all these removals have 1 t>?en made at the instance of the cabinet, in P direct violation of the promises of General Taylor, t ind, as every one? aware, a great many, indeed i majority, of the new appointments hare been, t ind are to this day, utterly incompetent to par- { orm their respective duties. This is admitted to i great extent by the organ of the cabinet at 11 >l'a?hiagton, in the following paragraph It is poM*bl? that, la torn* ln*t*aces. mUtakee have a en u>ad* in filling tae many otflce* la vhieh change >w made arrrwary by tbe ohaoge o! admlol?tr*ttnn. "hi* iccoBTtaieaM was unavoidable. It *u incident U t he discharge of the duty d*volred apon the neouliv*, t equalizing federal favor among the two great parties d Lto which the people of the eountry are divided. We shall take the liberty of altering the last sen- 8 ence of this paragraph a tittle, by substituting the vord "cabinet" for "executive " Having dona A hat, we will take the liberty of exclaiming w ' Fudgs j" and the author of the paragraph knew li hat he was writing fudge when he indited it. He mew, when writing it, as well as any one else does, jj hat, in the matter of removals, proscription haa >em inscribed by the present cabinet; and that rom the highest ofticer down to the lowest, there ish been an indiscriminate system of removing rom office, for opinion's sake, tha like of which las never been witnessed under any previous idmlnistration. As we have repeatedly statedi these wholesale removals were not made at the , instance of the President. He knew nothing about thrni, and we venture to say that he is much inortifi< d at what has been done in thia re* spect by those in whom he confided, but who hive abused the trust reposed in them What humtiug 't is. to be sure, this attempting to hoodwink the puhl'c in this way ! If the or^.in of the cabinet were to preach till doomaday, it cannot alter the j t fact?nod that fact m,u we huve raid, that pro. | ? Fcription haa been proscribed, and that the aame t cabinet have and are at thm moment deceiving and i " duping the honeat old patriot wha occupiea the I White Houae. The ide? of "equalixing favor among 1 (lie two great partiea" ia ao aupremely ridieuloua, f thut to make any comment upon it would be to deprive it ol the only efleet which it can exerciae. T> i ri.*?rMic Oi traok. ? Boaaa malleloua peraona 'awed down a p?la and cut tba wlrea of tba Hoaaa PhlUdalphia Use. Id At* or fli place* near Newark, "n # Friday evening, abaot half p??t nln? o'al^ok Thl? l? t Lb* ai road tloa the pum thing ba* b??a d-o* at that ^ i lace ?ithln tha !aai two aaoatba. It la pr?tty wall an- f teratoid at tba oflra who la engaged la thla baalneaa, tad *t wruld reei mntetid eautloa beraafter 1 I ?n raoM Ilia nr J**i ian.?The bark D. Ooifray, ' apt Vcurg frrai Rio da Jaaalra, arrlred at tbl* p->rt I' aatavtalBK. bringing datea ta tba IStb of Jaaaary. V apt V. raparta that tba yellow fevar bad made Ita e .ppraratc* at that pla-e; aad tbat tba frtaee. tba if at balr to tba throaa. bad died traaa Ita affaaU, a few 1 layi prevlona to bta railing fro* that pott. " r I trr ra?M Beam p?.? By tba arrival of tba allpper ( 'rig Kalaoa, Captala flU, froai Bermada. ?a have re- i alrad oar Ilea "t tba R*y*> fiat tit* HrrmuAa Hrmld. and ? ba B*rmm4tn. to tba ulttao. TBay anntala ao- t blag fl IttrrMt oitopt ahlpplog latalligaora. which ?IU ba found la uMkw o<laian. I, l.*anch of IM SlMMlhlp Dilllr. * It bt*lk( bf*i la tho pnblio praao that ' ha ataamahlp Baltlo would ba lauaohad jwtrjif * nrntag at half |aM tl?wi I'tlotl, from tba yarj of N At Jaoob B?ll. on tb? t wt rl a at. bat vaaa fltanto and * Icaatoa itr?'t? a aory larga aaltltada of par?oa< a*> 11 amblad thora for tba purp'-aa of witn*aata? tba apaaia- 1( Jo Aa tarty aa ilt?? a clock thm wara wt?rtl hratanil partrea on tha groaad. and by half pa?t, tha lumbar bad ln<-r? aaad to probably t?n th*a>aad aaatrrod ?a?ry?haro la tho aotghborbnod of tha ahlpyard, t< ?bora a good rtoaof tbo laaoch eoald b? c fetal aad. t> Tha baltlo la tbo fourth of tho K. K Cnlllaa IIa* of p Lltorpa* I ?t*am>b'p? aad I* oao of tbo ainat b-aaiirul rtaaola aflrat Tbo AUaatia aad Parlflo, tha two Brat auncbad irt aaarty raady for >oa aad tbo fonaor will 'ail f.-r I i??pf?l tha ta?ntj-ao?*atbof a?iiai?!h I hoao baaatiful ?au?t bo aoan to ba properly ap- P rrrotatad. I > a fnrai?t oaaaal' n. we attempt to (t.a a i #o*otiptloa ?'f ?ln ai. bu' anythlag that at ooaid aay < nil] tail tar ahw? id toair MH< aad magalieenrfTbo Raltla tipped fro* h?r waya rary gracefully, * tad a? tdna a* ?b? tw in tbo water, ah* >nnt aar<>*? ba lira* a If fit ata MlibM t b? on i i?e br*a?t < ( y b? itu>* a* a wbteh -ha la yat to make a roa?pl?i?om 'tare Notwttb?ta-diag that an aaobnr wat dropped ttMti a* aba raa~l >-d tha n'ddlo ot tho atrNa aha I <1 a?t coa>a to until aba reached tbo oppialta aboro. ibera aha ramo la contact with a alovp. or llgbtar. at be d a* B'a do ballet a tbal aha aaatalned any dl > jiity by lla rolilaloa, although aba aay bara mado d, be flrf'p attfl'r aniua I ho frll? ?ir a a-a tha dlnoaatona of tho RaitU ? length of (tt*1 J*A faot. Briadtb of b*an> ?..? ? . M *' l'eptb tf bold M " lit rear goa?raa>?at aiaaonramaat. .SCO? toaa rarpenter ? d? (.091 " T tiior,* tbraa atio v|taa<?*-l tha lauach wow aaroral iWa *a>?e?w>.dto ho *<acb pl?a-?'l with tha apot- r tela V o alt lafta'd that tho Baltto la aot oaly <>aa I tha latitat aea>ala Itat aa? o*ar bnlit. bat oia of Ltatia?|a,t. I lka tbo A*'aaU?. Taatfla. aad Aralla. m < tko rata* ilao. aba l? i?oaa*ra?t?d la aaab a aay aa ta b* ?a? ly r*a*o?tad lato a aataal of aar, la oaao It s h? id ha oar aatty to a<o bar la tbat rapacity Sbo ? till to nad'r it> r naiandaf Ctptaia' omataak vho n. a? i kaoan la thu r>tl- atotba trara ling pabllc. ? i?d a Wja aot rat) ??*ry laob a atlor. hat aaary la?b n I a?nt a-an tabula CuMatl baa b#aa for many y aara J.nttlii ) ?tth tha aarl|at|on of l. <a?( lalaod, j"1 M a' ia? aodad iha P.apfra 4 ity. tha M*?a b?. atta ar lta*a>Bi o?t-.?r ??.a?u that routo irador r? la ??> at d aa art parfattiy wall tatlaflti tbat tha T aiUr atit M ''arvriUatlb tartaUat*. maaurac iivtelligknce. Important TtUgrapkle Communications. In our several telegraphic despatches, will be >und the latest intelligence, to the time oi our , i oing to press. , At Washington, the public mind is charged 1 nth impatient desires for the delivery of the views 1 f Mr. Calhcun, on Monday ; and should he be ble to appear in the Senate, his speech will be i ead. In case he is too ill to be present, the at- ' empt to introduce his speech, by proxy, may raise question, not without im( ortance, whether or 1 ict, a written speech by a Senator, can be read i uring his absence. The character of the news from California, , hough without details, is exceedingly importitnt. l brings dates two weeks later than by the 1< rrival. The terrible calamity that has befallen Sacra- i nento City will exceed by fir, in disastrous rejulta, he lose of property by the recent fire in San Fran, j isco, while it will have a tendency to depreciate he value of the land there, upon which many have i iafed their hopes of independence and happiness. ' ''urther particulars will be a<vaited with no ordi- ( lory anxiety. 1 In the Senate of New York, the bill has pasted or an appropriation for the buildiugs of the society br the reformation of juvenile delinquents. The , 'ill on the registry of births was under discussion MPORTANT FROM Si* FRAICISCO. TWO WEEKS LATER. i AwvmWLW.wv.- 1 iRRIVAL OF THE ALABAMA AT JfEW ORLEANS I < WITH HALF A MILLION OF GOLD. Sacramento City Overflowed. mmense Loss of Property, and Suffering Amon^' i the Inhabitants. AMERICAN'S ATTACKED BV THK CHILIANS, fee. Arc. fee. [OI K Si'ECIAL CORRESPONDENCE.] Nkw Oblc***, Feb. 23,1850. Tha itrtmrbip Alabama tiu jnct arrived from Cha- { tn, and 1 buttn to lay ber news, which 1* highly Ira ortant, before yon. She bring* sixty five passenger* and half million In old dnst. ' She also bring! advices from San Kranclsoo to the 6th of January, being two weeks' later than oar revlou* account*. They wera received at Panama by he rteamship California. Tbe City of Sacramento has been overflowed by warr. But few spots of lend are risible, and the luhabl- ' ante are tnfferlsg terribly from thli dreadful and 1 nheard of calamity The lo*a by this ualwoked tor visitation 1* estimated * t over one million of dollar*. Immense herds of cattle and other property have een swept away. While this great flood, however, eetroya a great deal of property, It will wash ont the old In immense quantities A cartv of Chilian* had made an attack unen the ! mericars it the mine* la the vicinity of fltookton. in | | hich two of tb* uullnl were killed, an I the others J oprl*on*d. though the lntt*r were tTUrewili released The ship Prince de JoloTllle and bark llamu. from 1 ? Yoik, had arrived at San FrancUco. I The Utrit from Wuklnfton. or* BfKClAL TKLKOKAI'IIIC corkespohi.'Rmi K. W?ihii<ut?<i, March 2.1M0. , The Inaction of (.'ongreei to-day, hai glren an aapeot f quietude to publlo affair* ; hat there I*, nevertheless, 10 little apprehension, in certain quarter*, that the aim aow pervading the political atmoephere I* like hat which precede* the earthquake. In troploal letl- i ud?* the convulsions of the earth oomm*ao? la the larkaea* of night ; and It U a ilmllar daiknea* la th* iurpore* of men that w* new *tand in doubt a* to th* uture. 1 do not er<dlt th* report-It la ?oaroely to be beleved?tbat there I* daring enough,even in Olddiogs tad Root, to renew Doty'* resolution on Monday, a* ha* >een affirmed they propose to do. Oa the oontrary. th* >plnUn of thoee who narrowly watoh the movement* of inbll* men, la that Monday will be pa***d through with omparativ* quiet. Anxiety, however, In tbeee tlmea, a not rnly natural, but n*?***ary, that greater evil* nay be a?erted. Numerous consular nominations will b* seat to th* lanaU for confirmation, during th* n*at week. lteamb*?t Ksploalon at Nawraatle, Dele- , war*. Put la dsl r hi a, March 2?P. M We bate Just received Information of a steamWt aptoalon at N*wcastlo. Delaware, this forenoon, atsoded with fatal consequences The ?team -r Clifton < >urst ber boiler, killing Maaan Koetrr. or Torter, a Irvman and scalding'- veral ether persons severely. The ( itfton bad just undergone thorough repairs ? "be lower part of ber boiler was entirely new bating J ad *team la It only once before to day, and that dar- j , ill the trial trip yesterday. She left Salem at half aet eight *'elo?k this morning, and arrived at Newa it I* at a quarter pa?t ten Owing to ve?*>|< lyiar la j he way at the wharf, some difficulty occurred In la-idtg, when tb* blowing out of stay bolts produced he calamitous circumstance* Tb* ?*-aping ?te?m all usbed aft, scalding two persons in the gangway, ml hro* others, who. In the eceitement. left tb* saloon ? "ho toman *u klll*d In tho flro room Th* ongln*or. j 'ho ?tooJ at th* *ntfln*, wa* not Injurad nor any if i b* p*r*on* *Undle? l<nm?diat*ly orrr th* botl*r. Mr Vcrtfr. th? flrrmn *u>n Inluitrlm-, Dg young man and l?r? ?lf* anl family In S?l?m !r < >tlman b I *r n .k.r *ti r*p?lr? I th* h >'l-r, w?? j dly ?ra'.d*d A young man r**td*nt of rhllal?lphla. a* t?rj ??T#r#l_T n-ad-d on lb* band* and Am* A 1 fr Maaai*. at l>*lawar? i Ity, ??< badly aoaldrd. and ro oth*r p*r?< n* rllgbtly, wbll* a numb?r rot th*l? aad* ?Ub th* ?lndo? flan In brraklog out of th* aa*? I I'fauori. Ihr Murdrrtr 1 orro*, Marrh J,1940. i r#ar?oa. tb? n>ord*r*r of hi* ? if* and children wa* ? via;, **at*no?d to U ban*. Aftor th# *ot*nr- hat ] *?n prnnooarfd, h* thr**t?n?d to banal hi* jadgM < rol*-tlrg hi* lnnoc*no* dnath?r flanUrtr Arrtatrd. 1 B to?, Marrh 2,l%h). ' Job* rifi)ga! wa* arr**t*d In ChttlMtvo*. to da; for I olftlin Mr* Jam** Hr?* with ar**alc H* bad B oikrd for Mr aad Mr* Jam** Ram ihr*? y*ar* Lad rumn.*r. Mr. Rc**, dl*d *.idJ*aly. and thro* ??k* ago Mra. Hooo al*o dlrd. No bad pnr*ha**d l*rg* qoantltW of ar**al*. b laathntM. V N. Hobbuy of th* Uoaton Mall. y Boaron, March 2,1M>, Tho wall from th* Sooth, rn th* way to Bootor fcv ? ?y, ?a**d of ail tit* >t?*r* f<r tbi* l?y 1 ho jcr of tbo oar I* *ald to bar* boon loft unloekod 1 Th* mihorta *ll*. . Bat tioo**, Maroh 2, ll&O. I n Tbo mall* frrm th* Bcuth hat* all com* tbrtogh to ! A he Plltlliargh Pmlrtltri ltoatoat af l> malt*. ^ IM'g'aphlo Cc rr**;;< n l*?r? of th* Baltl?*r* Bun ] Pir??b> oi.h. Marat t 1?m) AKrnt *!*r*a o'rlook thla ai-tnlo* on* taadr*d fo- , at**. <ratb*r oarti a*. bnt * *ay? our do^pal-h ?a- , I1 >t?dt>r*ft I lada*y h toa.t'iila* ml 1. I* th* Klfth *rd an 1 *tor? at th* I a*t*rn paddl*l*. oh i ??r* > rklag at lo**r aag** Th*y th> a wtd t* a*oth-r III hot th* lord* of rrraUoa provod mor> roarag?on* id itwd tb*4r gr- i.nd During tbo oiffl* hi?*?*r. i*rrt*oif th* pill** **r* |i?htly w ond-d I h* oyer *oon arrlfd. aad lb* fair *?*ailairt? -at horn* b* mill* or>11 all b* In p*rati n a?a>n t marrow (W * haroly kao* what to think of tbo abort ?ll? toh but Iftrn* It *h<-*? tkat th* f?ma.?* of Htta- O nth art totoraMy rooolat* ) MW??tiiwii imiiwi m?>? ?gam HEW YORK LECI9L&TVAB. 1 KtiiaU, Aliiit, Vareh 2,1850. ^ fititiok ?o* new K'rrm*GB. Mr. Mok.i.1 preartited petition from the colored sitixcbf if tbe Scutb, atkiof for aueh ? ameadaenl of ^ be conatltution of the State of New York m will give ^ :bem tbc right of ruflragu. It waa referred to the Com- ( mtttie on Irlvilrara and Kleetinna 0 THli (III AND HI* JKKKT *AILB?ADS. ( Vr Stanton, a petition from the oltisens of theTlel- J dIty of ra> nga Lake, asking that the Erie Railrovl may t>- allowed to eon sect with a road running directly to * Jersey City. D THt raiE SCHOOL LAW. )' Vr BrrKMtn reported for the consideration of the j] a bill heretofore introduoed by Mr. Mann, providing for the submission to tb* people, at the neit p sonual election the <tnestlon whether the free sohool si law fhall be repealed b THt otecao r.Aii.HAr com fan v. tl Mr Wu liamn reported a bill to inoorportte the Os- < wego Dry book and Marine Hallway Company. ii tiMiLi'inx or thank* raona ihodk mi aid I] The Governor transmitted to the Senate a communl- U ration n ade t\ Dim by Uor^rnor Anthony, of Rhode ti Island, encicsio,; a reflation of thetik* adopted by tbe b Lvfci lature of that Stat* tbaaki?i( the State of New - Ink for its courtesy in sending certain reoords apptr- M laming to the hist. ry of Rhode liland b " ?r.w Vint CITY TASKS. h The Ne? Vork mnual Tax bill was reoeWe4 from oi the Assembly. and sent to a (elect committee, oouslst- ' itg of the New York Senators. b CODIFICATION or THE SCHOOL 1.1W1 b Mr. Bkkkman gave notlc* of a bill anthorlzlni; the *i ippolntnent of three commissioners to codify tbe pre * lent school lawf of the State. < HI LI S UK AD AND FAMED. <1 The Senate proceeded. in accordance with the specisl b rrder heretofore made, to the third reading cf bills. >s b follows:? 8 To consolidate all tbe laws relating to the Tillage of si Whitehall. ti i u uirou LU? Quarter ui ine L?*inon suspension u Bridge Company?grant* the necessary power to t?*e n land, and that a new suspension bridge (ball be built li at Lewieten. across the Niagata, and oonnacting Lewiaton with Qut-enstown Height*. b To open DivisioaaTeaue. in the oity of Brooklyn, and tl s*tabll?b tbe boandary Una between Brooklyn and a! Willlaumbiirgh. ii To amend the ebarter of the villase of Waterloo. h To appropriate $26,000 in two annual instalment* of b $12 600 eacb. for the erection uf buildings capable of ai accommodating 1 COO peraoni, for the soolaty for the P reformation of juvenile delinquent*. b To authoriia the Commleeloners of Emigration to V mortgage tbe real estate under their eharge, when it w become? expedient to raiM money. ii To extend tba tima for tha oollectien of taxa* in th* < town of Hempstead, Queens county, L. I. THE BIlilSTSr tr BIHTHS. t< The bill prorlJlDg for the repeal of tbe law requiring *1 a registry of births, was under consideration. b< Mr. Colt urgrd it* repeal a* the law wa* disobeyed, tl and no beneficial results were derived from It. w Mr. Mi? would be glad to see a better law intro- t] ducrd. In Massachusetts, be remarked, this system of rrgietry was in force with complete sueoess. oi Mr. Bkehmin said, that whatever was wall done in q Massachusetts, weald be at the least equally as well b done in New York. There was so auoh said sbsut tbe ft exc?U>nt manner, in which New Kngland transacted a its business, its enterprise, its energy, Jto ,&?. fee It d might b? * well to readied that when as yet the Pil- si grim Fatbrre bad bat just touched tbe rim of the oon- b tlaent, Schinectady wa* a frontier town, and Albany si and New York, thriving settlements. lis ho pad our State would not make any progress backward. If this t< system <>f sta'i-tica needed amendments, lat tha wisdoaa G of tbe 8enate make the aeceesary modltloations, but by b all means preserve the principle. The e< mmittee did not decide tha questien, and the Senate Adjourned. Aaaeinbljr, Albany, March 3, I860, rrrmo.i* ' Mr. McIntosh presented a petition for the education 11 tf neglected and destitute children. ' Mr. ViisvM for tha Incorporation of tbe New York *' Magdalen Asylum. J' Mr. Lewis, against the renewal of the Soda* Canal '[ impany. " Mr. BowtJi agalnot any increase of the rates ?T dook- w ige la tha city of New V ork. " ei ItMOSITiSCI #F THI *?? TOSI flWTI v. Tha following renonatraaeee of John MotMlre and twenty other New York filota was presented and its v. rsadiag called for. It la aa annexed , The uBderiicntd, I Juts of tbe State of few Turk, by tbe ??y tf Secdi Boek, having s en wl^i deep re- , ret a bill pnscntta lo yonr h'Buurabie lody f >r ihe " ptirpot* of r<tul?linn Piltta and filotM* ey the wij M

?f fiiidy H*ck. w* tak* th* lib*rty of ?klUS| nor it- If :*ntun to ti t Act of Cobjctm*. PBJied Marob 7, KtJ, on- -i m;t.* 1'iloU. and aJ?o to tL* Act of April it IM I, pi fed _ ry tin Stat*, ob tb* ?ul>J*ot of piUtAfe. wluoj lait mauioiru IrtTM (he wholo iyit*m of pilot:aa opa and frtj to * in j |*rf?n that ha* tbo qaaliflcatloBt to pllo/any vo>mI >Bto *' tr i tit ?.f tie port ?f Mew York by th* wtjrtf Sandy BmI, gt n d we, th* no.|?r?l*r?d Pilot* of thl? Port, (rip* "fully or i\.?*t that thl* (|*<tti?a ihould remaiB A* It 1*. opaa. Wa lurtu ron|?titlun.?? uk for b<> aoaopfly, and w* Are la [at or of " i tee Trad* And bailor! Higbi*' ' BErOBT*. Mr. Mabtiiv reported a bill authAialn* tba Canal *' Be Aid to am urn* tk* brldg* and dAm it Danarlll*. * 1 Mr. Ki'kc, a bill la relation to patAag up dry good* ?r Id ibort mtuar*. J1 Mr. Bowaie, a bill for tb* MtaUWwat of a Crotoa "J Aquednct Department la tba city ofN*w Vork, alto, to P' change tba Bap of tb* elty, bo a* flay oat 8tuyr**ant I lac* Mr. O At lew reported a reaolnfon, antbortalng tb* Caaal Board to t?*t tb* utility of InsUaa * teal*; ala*, R a bill for tb* relief of riatt vt iin#m? Mr LtAtrnwoaTH, a bill to aaabllah tb* Oaoadadta ?f County Hoapltal. tt Mr Koad, ooiupUt*, tb* bill t> Mtablltb tb* BuffAlo HoapltAl. " the *t0< bbbiimsc iwdibfffl* ? Oa notion of Mr rait*. tb* Hon** want Into Com- ni Bilttr* of tb* Whole, Mr. L**t? la tb* obalr, oa tb* , 8< Date bill erecting a faad fevtb* b*n*nt of U>* Slockbridge Indian*. m Mr. Pact* atated that tb* Stat* bad mad* $79 000 b oat of tb* ?ala of tba laad* pnrcbaaed from the** In- *1 dlani; tbat tb*?e Indlaa* were alwayi oar Brmaet ftieada?tbey aetrr bad rated tb* tomahawk a<alaat . m tb* Aai*rtean*; bat had IrtJgbt wltb them at tb* cap- H tni* of Bnrgoyne. Tb*** kdiani bar* bad, ala** tb* ti commencement of tb* wteioa. a larg* delegation la ai waiting for oar action Tb*y Aid aot delay when w* i ?t r< <|Uirra ineir ua now, worn iney iMiura p tup fro* a*, we ebnuM net dlaappolat tbam. Ib?y h ?aly uk that the 8 lata alll pay lb?m lis par east ? U oor half lb* amount tba Stat* baa rao*lT*J, from tba g< proflta r*e*l**d from tbr Mia of tbtlr land* Maaj of t? th*ra ladlaaa v*ra adanatod. and aU war* advancing In tb* arta of oltlllwd ifa. Mr. Monkui laid tba: w* bad devoted about 30 daya 1 to afgro**, and ba wai not eppoeed to taking ap tba bi Indian* 1> l b* till wai paaa?d by tb* committee, and by tba llcura 01 ill* erraacD. if A bill wai offered to orgaaiae a *?pa rata battalion la Rli'boi< nd euuntf. Mr I.r?w?w?riH rff*r*d a r*?nlutl?n calling on tba ?i Canal Board (nr/al< raa<lun rriaiita to tb* Un* of tb* 01 raaal at Oedd*? Adopted. ' *' onaio* or iii**tto*>?i uvwbbal o* vh? rata bimool n I * Tb* Attorn^ G*a*rel **ot la a oo?>m union tlnn la " tniwir t?> a nwlutlon aa to tb* constitutionality of tba 01 fr?* M-b?l la#. Ha ?ny? " It tb* onoatitutioa w eoa- ' mutational U* lav la constitutional ' *' an if iaiao??*KJira, at Liar ML La, arc. < Tba Hnntf tb?n wvnl Into < onmlna* of lb* Wh->1*. Mr. Meln'0b la tb* chair. <>n tb* bill to tmprnv* Moo*a 1 rtm Tttt intuitu* paaa*<l tb* btil, an J tb* r*port, 01 rn tb* Biod< u of Mr Ford wa* laid oa tb* table. Tta ra#? ? nmit(*a alto paaaad lb* bul for tb* r*ll*f " of A ra Hitar ?' Al?o, #* Nil for th* rellwf of J. g K*l|ngg- n' AIm feporwd prograaa on tba Mil I*t tb* raUaf of ' Mary 5, Ldward* w lbt M?* ?'BBltt??, Mr. MeLean la tba abalr, f r?M* I <l* bill naalaf appropriation* to tba St Vln- ?' p?at U*>ban A?jlmn. In tha elty ot Albaay. and tba b' k< maa* atholio orphan Aaylum of tba elty of Br*>k- ! * lj?, mm ird*r*d to a tbird rvaJIng worn ?? ar bill*. Mr Tr??* aotio* of a bill to ra>jalrw tha an- * tail rtport vl Neltrond ? ompaal** to b* mala to tba ? 5t*t# >Efla**r or Surveyor. I J Mr 0. aii?i>, a bill to remove obftraeUone la Blaek ' Peak (.arbor. ' Anj urn?d I" 1 ?1 arbrtt. cr New Oai r**e. Fab. W-6 P. M. I m T** Ml** of eitttn to day. ar* l.tOO bala*. at a *b?ta t? ?*(?r pilaaa l>?al?f? ar* availing tba rwealpt of tba In latrlta'i h*i. | ta NiaOaium, Fat >7.1410. r* Tb* advice* by tb* America baa* Jo*t caia ta baaJ, vi nd have uo?*ttl?d bualna** c<mpl*t*ly I tie* eon- b* nu*a *earee, prima m< laa**? rtrady. at M>(( , auger a i'?baBg*d aa DICMKK T* CcTTOW. ?" -iiw inmii. rig w IHU " Th? iJtVm Ik* Awrlra etao to b*ad j??t?r,Uy ha ?IM t>?lrg iomm pr?i?Bt?<l a? fr^m r'r#|?i?* tb?a ?" r*iB?r. lb* b?w, b*log fo*tr%ry to ?h?t ??? #*- t' rctad. raa-ad lmm?4Uta <J?cllo? Id tho cottn* ?' ,?ik*t c f < ? 'jn?rf#r ?f a wst, ?Uh iateaol 8 040 balaa T' itddlla*. qu< t?<l ?t II Sf. " imelllgtnr*. >??? Om a?ia, F?k71. *?! Artlr?4-8Ur CvhUi, N?* Tort. CMA*LMT<?I, f,b X. ArrlMd?8*hr 0 D EUta. Kt* T?rt. p*> _ Nnarot.w. F??>27. It ArtlT?4?l*k?? Lmili Jim ta4 WilM 8 Kahiaa. *>?w to l.tvis. Dtl, Mtrths-rs PH. lU Th? 9hip Tii f?mi bM ftat off ftbovi Iftf ftrt )??Ur4%y Ji 1 4 to- day. 'traanr? Rotti Oatilanilin| Harrh l<1, ! '>?. T?tm M Drrumur, i Rrntrif a i Orru ?. March 1,11M.) p. mart cntMao4iB|( of tbo a*raral,l?<ii?? n , ( tier to tfd Jaly, 1?4?, aa p?r rae rdiof tl? tbla ? < ?] *2.130 at d? it'niit i ot?'ar<1ir(f of tha famtaof J.'J July M 1M6 ?? p*r i?cmoi of tht? efflca . 41 400 00 b? ti.runt < nt??at.rtlna of U?v Irtua nf th? SKth t u Jan.atj. lMT.aa ft im >id? of thl?ofli .a.2,CC 0,.*.X> 00 eal ?? at fi *???? SI ba . Jo?t riao?ll??t ?o1aa In ha hasif* rf th? pd a?p< litltnj i ItWrr of ?hi.-h flnO la ua lar fke a< ! pil> r t< iaiy > **, r-iogvaudrr an aal of '.'Mb January, 1*1. fl?0 00 FH ? itf *] 111-30 SI r? T ) *M nXD IIAtNM K>|l<t>r. 4 I Frm r.r < r^ai ? - ] ha rr*atd?at h*? r*<*"C- t? '?kJ ? harl?? r?d?Hi ? A .'aa a* ??nl of ilararla t r hai llHt) rf ritdliltl an* Harmana ?. i?ta?*4 ph aja atn ?("(? nl if b< ' r*? Ha*oa<l? ?f tf*- w< ?d fur tLf j.M of ffco ( n?b jc i, l aiUutai*. *bi ? ! HI IT HO? ^1??Ml Mill | '* Dntdlal Atrldeiit on th? Oiuidtn and kn Aaa boy Hall road. ehi Ki otiisck Hotel. March 2d, 1650 I*. Etito* ? ?h Bring in the car* ye?'.?-r J?y. with my wife, wh?n the P" rightful acsideut occurred on the Camden and Amboy .ailrcad, I am enabled to impart a few particulars 1-? bat Biay not be untntarsetlog to your general readi*. The esplraiou took place about half past on* ( ll 'clock, A. M., at Whita Hills. The report wai not up >ud. but tha mddm impetua rent the train about ona *" undr?d jaidi from tha *pot where it took place, Ml Growing every one fiotn their aeata; but m?l urtu- | Un ately, injuring none of the passengers seriously. Ob *** laving the cars, I beheld a scene of ruin and uiieery ,j?l bet language een bat feebly plctu-e. The road w*i fro l ushed op ten or twelve feet, end the lallf throvn 11,0 A U' nn? distance, the massive engine overturned, nod the ollor blown out, bent and broken; twj baggage orates ^ul battered to pWces, tbe others Injured; the oil cta- t), liter end other appur'enanoea ot the engine toil tern! Aj| i etery direction aiound ihe road, the aalls of * slvip ' f!r>g in the river en tire, sad the premises opposite 1 keais* ignited. But from the ' wreck of matter " I *"' urn'd to behold autteriug humanity. I followed the odj it > art In H'h?r the flr?t engin?er, into the houf* ' hif hand* el-uefcrd In agon; wis the only evldeuot of jn 1 fe; but m a fe v minutes hie sufferlnga weia over, and El" is spirit ?t) *ltb OoU HI* ?pi>?*ranre wa<dreadful; T is eye* literacy blown Into hia head, hi* n >?* retting ? 0 u bi* cheek lilt- face, in f><0", a ma*a of mutilated gor? the is wit* or mother-I oould not learn wbloU ? caught arc at me glaaee. and conduced away, uttering aidi rartrepding frhrieka. James S-ward, who iu not por lupl.yed ?n the Use. hnt bad bean to Philadelphia, jr i d ?a? returning ??* killed Instantly; he w?* uut p,, Isfipured. harirg oppurrn lv (inly a flight wound on ie temple; Jonn Kla?.agan. the brakecuan. was scarosly an? re.t'hlng ibe skin sr.d flr?h being torn from his fore- j B ef.d and tb* trp ot hia bead, laying the akull bare, tin (range to eay. there vti not a physician or surgeon ?|j| tneng the pai?ebKcrii; but Dr. ook and arrUtanta, ar- )rc) tlrg from Berdentown. bis wound' were dreesvd, and to ; Is low means of pain ga\e signs of returning conscious- Trr esa; but be most b*. internally injured, and it UMmt gmj upotalble that he can survive. W. h'orbes,a firsman, was but slightly injured. The ,jr," oy, i'. Ureenleaf. was horribly scalded and it waa (b# nought at first, bis sight waa gone; but on seeing him pB; fterwarrts, I found hia eyet uninjured, though bla face tar i badly burned. He lay writhing iu pain, pvaylbg he yr ilgbt not die. and entreating the doctor not to leave tfae lai Every attention taa paid to the poor sufferers, the tid it belrg near tb* depot, another locomotive waa an rocnr<d. As soon aa tbe track waa cleared, with sad l0 \ rarts we were borae away from the melancholy acene. w-l >' reached tbe city about 9 P. M , weary and ,. retched and sought repoee, but with hearts overflow- . ig with gratitude to that Almighty Power who bad pre- T.1:1 >rved us. ! The cause af thia melancholy catastrophe ia a mya- I'"1 ry. We were not going at an unusual rata, having aca?a up we ap preached the d> pot 8hi.ul I the ?'V bjt tireeuleaf recover. he mar be able to soouaut I or , ale nrfortuiiat* accldcnt. We tra-t the rompany "J# ill provide for the families of those who hare been *^1 tin* aadly end sudJeoly deprived ot their protector*. lD? 'I he ladies ia the oar* behaved with groat presence r Bind; bat one joucg Udy afterwards raid " (he hrlt uite lively to think rn? tad escaped " forgetting, In er selfish congratulation, the frightful death and ?uf- * . ulng* of her fellow creatures A heartless wotntn Iwavs (HBfd to me an am maly In Ood'i works; and rarer than the gens or Golcorda were the tear* tnat R*' tarted In the eye* of mj dear partner warm from a ".. cart ibat loves the poor ard suffering. an she eaught gbt of the mangled bodies borne paat the windows. we hope this sad aecideat will induce our engineer* ' ) I* m<re caieful of the<r own and ether-.' lives; and ?.'j* cd grant the day may be far distant ere I again ba- J' old sccb a leene of human misery. 8 Your* truly, 1 A. W KENNO. 1st /NOTIIEE ACCOfNT. {*' [From the Newark Advertiser. March 3.] t i When the train which left Camden at 12 oeleck v_ r New Y rk had about reached White Hill, (near wc| ordettowr.) the boiler of the locomoMva explol- A , I lrif'aa ly Ml log the engineer. Martin Fibber; At id tVe flnmsu. Jam** Seward and to waunding r| bti klacnigan, brakeainn. tbat he survived but m ea| iort time The body of the fireman win driven en- up, rely through the roof of tba tender. Kisher'l bod* ss thrown 1':ftv yards ahead. Two hands, Enoch r<-enle*f and l<hn l ord, were injured. Fisher, the Cjj igineer, was a young man, and unmarried. Seward _rd tr left a wife and children. _r The engine (No 2f* wae one of the new ones made ?g. r Morils ft Co , of Philadelphia fortbe company, and 'J id teen in use only about sii week*. It was turned unpletely over by theeiploelon, and. with the tender, ,. a I r e ' wreck. Tbe rail* were turned up and ttia f iggege care demolished. The boiler was blown out as ^ cot wi'h a knife 11 I* raid that ju?t before the eiplo. j0J an ?the soul ! of which w?? heard at a great distance (l|(( the train suddenly started at a rate equal to 60 miles i hour? which Is ascribed to tha rapid fnrmatlen of B1 ram from the lowaess of water Nona of the paaaeo- b ra were Injured, and they were forwarded by another gin*, while every practicable attentioa wae (Ivan to vlotlroe of the expioelon by the officers of th* Con- llic iut and by th? ci'l em. An laquaet wu summoned by V.dward RobblM. F.fq., Th' Mr h renderrd the following verdict. vl?- " That Mar- 1)>r Fisher and J?dm Seward cam* to their death* trf nsequ-aoe of the asploaloo of the boiler of Kaglaa \,r o. 49. caused by an lasufflcianey of water la the wu, >iler at the time of the explosion." Flannagan ** ,.. red after the lnqu**t. Wr| City Intelligence. JJff New Broom Swttrs Cms-TkOi-bli jmmo tni eon iTijtvr Orricrss?A day or two alnoe. it was die* Uir ivered by the accounting elerke In the Custom House* j P?* iat some goods had been delivered from the pablle \ j, , ores without payment of datlea; and, on Investigating t>u le matter. It was aaoertaiaed that they were delivered nder a special order of a whig deputy collector, whose j, ? itelllgeace and lategrlty had secured him an appoint* 1 for ent under the whig rigiia*. A check for the duties ?d been drawn by the Importers, and handed to their i J,"' erk, and the check had l>e*u etched by tb<- bank. 80 , tt iurb tas been positively ascertained, but whether the 1 ,0I icney <omnut'd betwtaa the haak and the Cnstom ?iol ouse. or lathe Custom Heuse, ba? not yet beea do- 1 ' >; ml tied A farther lave*tigatl> n Is now going on, id the reenlt. eo far as the outatdere can ascertain, t) t lows that goods bare not only been delivered from ,.d ublic storse without pajment of dutlae, but that they ava been withdrawn from warehonee withoat even le fcrtoelity >f an entry. Th* funds wanted to make 1 A rod the |detlciei>riea already ascertained. are eappoeed | UP ) amount to *oa:* >0 000 cr 910 COO. *!?< One Law ros rut Ru n *nn Anontta rcatm* fona.? Ifnnma injuria ummum /us" it an old maaim, but It * sic ss loat none of it* truth by time. It la a* tru* now as waa tw* or the** thousand years ago, that th* rigor * r th* law, or governing too mush, I* th* aitreme of Hn ijustle*. This Is too often Illustrated uadar our city jvsrnirent It* wbola power l? directed to th* aan traklDK of a butterfly upon a wheel. ' whii* weightier 1 atttrs are paesed orer untouched It "strains at a nat while It swallows a camel " The way la which ! ut?*rres are treated l? an eiatr pie The city abound* | ' Itb tb'ui There are nulsancee from filth, aad nul- ; "? >n< e? lr< m (b-iructlva < f the street* and sijewalts, m' 11 every eide Tber? are bone boiling eeiablishiarnta. ^ * t.d n inure beep* and streets abominable with fl'tt. -1 aioat Imps-sable with great plta pll-a of bricks her* ' sd there not oalv "-be'ructlng th* c mmunloatton, | ,,| ut threatening to fall opoa the heads of the paa-ers ,C(i f? the sidewalks covered with b< xe* of merchtadls*. St) i barrel*. ?o that feaislas *? well a< males mu?t climb ler them to the larger of breaking their bones or ! m ln?o the CU' ter lo the mldll* i<f Iha alreet to en. ' im'er i mulliiKMi IB thl? re?peet the <o??ro- ? i?at t.ff.cera rr\ bb IMllnl example, for rarely doa# | uy cirf t a-a down liradear ?Mb< tit finding th* aifa- , ' Ik opp-wlte the B?nded Warehoue* eompte'.ely onoa- ' !?d A lady althin the Ian two or tbr*-1 day*. fa 1 on _ ?e pBTement n?inj to theee obntioctlodl and had . >r I'l htirtl) nt; aad nearly at th* ?aa e d >a-ot. M hf l?e ?Dl dc ?n tn'o a pit In the ?an.e (treat, and It t( , ae with great difTVul-.y he vaa extricated Tbiw> to4 hagi bet iratterf ara overlooked. while eme *oap botlla< u.a tabllabaieat It |>tihced ujwin. ar eome poor ba->k?etlar. ti? oiipjtrg bat few ln-h?? of tha iddewalk ! mined. Jt,r herieh merchant Pt Ciuian of wealth. either In bu Id- Vj*. ( a n?? atora ?r In taking in good*, completely ob- |? J r?ct? tba atreeta act ! aonnlredat f\>or In loatiinna r.,,.i of le altli their llttla I'arnlf, ?ho?e livelihood d*p?n la K< >rn their IratHp. ara dtlven Ilka lagabosda fr'in tha *'' ?r??ra of tba atteeta. or ai"ag the ralilnge ol tba rark, ' r 1 here lhay ranra no practical obstruction and often a-pt tba paeeer by to pur?ha?? a good b'wk that nay ,,,, >1 lore Ma Hlsd or lead Mm on to f.irtoaa ui S*. m a it day. the ?i?i da of the h ><>? ? li?r? and other* vara a n a>< <ed by tba pollee fr< m an und the I'ark an I It* . K< t laity, and tbla ladurtitoiu ciaa* thu? r> lno-d to V*1' lliry One nan named loba Sweeny wb<> kept T(_ h< rfc.taad In 'he aldaat part of ( Ity H UI Plac# and ire i ily ix*?n|ied n'ne irehaa at the dtfavalk. a* ba ata*aa , data - ? - > - " -'ruiinn *? < in* ?' , tirt d<aa to him la ?in <HK thartrtlB' m l o?atl 1 -i , ' * 1 t *11 h* fwt$m I* lb* ram* w eonflisat?4 > ?*, r* t? *r?a: nil lnHi?t?J, ?' ??( ut any corr??pind'n K, <d, f-r ibn n? ?y la ii tha batter of tbl? "ppr?? frrrt n Thar* ?r? bwli iliftil* at.d otbar *Im4i In Bar- J H ??r itrwtJ, ?4 ?traat? lu which thar* i* a ?r?a'*r u JJ! ni act of lr?m? *b J a bar* lh- <>b?troettoa If graa'ar, ' d raata ara p for th? u?* of th* ?(4?*alk* by i?*t* iD.Jhldu?l* W hy a-* tbw rjropl from lBrfaranea ' If th* la* ? to t>* pat la (area ?t all. lat h* < t t'tlrarral a?t of partial appllsatlon. abova all f, lr*a lat It Ml ha brought 4<>*B upon tba h??4 nf a j(<(| or man to rru?b him. *hll* tb* man of I )lar? laugh* ! Ml ii lat It n*?ar b? <'! ?r If thar* I* r m ?t >a? it n** )*t Ii b* m<<] an mora la thli gr*at am '* rlty cf tba K.mpir* Ktata. that " tbara 1? om la* e0Br ' tb* rloh aid anotbar for th* pn?rrr|lf * t?*?a rr Pitita Fi ?a? C41 ?MT-C*rTiO^ to Sr**-*. luin ??Nna>*roa? run of fatrr I unkt?m bar* baaa ra- tl< a rdad Id tbl( J< utaal aa a warnlag to th* iimpl* aa4 dar t >ip?rl?Br*4 hnt Mill tba? will rua lato th* n>l pr? th* < r?d f?r th*tr frat Maay ar*mpt*, tn? ha*? b**n |rdr ida to ?n| frm tboaa m<v?* auction* hut bltb?rto *itr ? la* and aieantl** authority hat* attarly f*ll*l to prtH n Krary to* and than a ratar 1? oannht bat It l( tin a taldrtn and *t*b *h?n b* la ob tba hoot of lb* la*, *>akl an * ft*n aaag** to t*1?t hlmaalf off. that brother iimr nt ar* la do ?ta* 4*t*rr?4 'ma tba par?*U of th*ir pr-t tint and *lntl?a ara ???r; day mal? of tba Mi mom io pot tb*lr tra?t la tba gllttarlag baub!** vblnh b?? tha *?aiM?pr* rf ?i Id l>t*tlBgai*h*4 among tba a bat r luiilf ar* eartala Irl'baaa. vbo fr. m tbat fry that t. ar* tba b. far anahlad to at.trap tb*lr too e >andlag arar iaradaloaaaoaatrynan A raaala ?Hat>vi?arrat on pnra Ida* aftarnm a. at a m- <-H aaetloa hop la liraanwloh ar Mi rat. A graaDbovn IH>hinaa. aan*>l Mlel.a l Meaty. t,r?i tdlac at riaraoat Rorkland ?o?Dly, *a< anntarmg aoan alh*rtra*t and a*a|aK tk* rad flag aalk*4 In A I d *atrb tad "hala **ra put ay, aad *a"ak?<1 d->*a rlo ? Joba ?>rga?o?. for m, *bo a* a Mttar of eour??. imin ? ?o id- ?*y to p?r for It biit a ba)f a*gl* and that ?ir?t ? rafaaail. T ba bait t^'k tba lri>b(B*0 Ttlavifl j h I* I# | nt op (gain. Oa* mao offaratf H7H f?r It, tada 'bar ci?n4 ?:'4j Haary off?ra4 M, aoj It *ai Jul reked down to hia. On lv>kt?g a* tbe lek ui sin. to f?U teaie iniaglting*. aniV bwitated about rtlat "tth hi* mooev H*Pi>y were it for him he t ituck to bl? r(M> Bat a bland IrUhoiau, 0 wa* the principal i t the establishment. ju*C apired as puroha er blm.<elf said he w >uld (1m It the rbeiu and ultimately that be woul I take tha I tcb twl chain a' IS. if Hear* ntU not. Henry rlj g to lore tbe bargain, forked oat the money, anit re a?ay a bras* watch and obaln Ma noon found a t bit mistake and appl'ed to tha Chief oflce. Tbo irf seit down an offeror, who brought tha awe'lonear . but ba we* vary strut and confident in hii bearing, d bad two w| neeees with blai to olea* him fro? ry imputation of fraud Oaa of the** wti the lar. and tb* other tha anoomplioa who 11 ret bought 1 watch at fS i>ut had only ib to pay for It Their tioooy waa taken 'Ibei.hlef th?n rant them al> ere tbe Major, when hi* honor eoaimitt'd th?m in . suit ol bail, and. if h? oblitera'ed tha whole trlba m tb* faea of t lie inland, ha would do him-elf Imrial boc?r. Tb* publio are itttle awara of th? ount ot fraud* tnus perpetrated, for never do tha jority of rust.* see tha I g' t. hj vi -tloiii-J bain* lie* or frighten*") or fearing to ier tiid world kaow >j were so rtlly ?' to be feambooiied by *uah cbea . tbe pal tit* art Irishmen *iik Wr.tiHii -U e weather still continue* beautly flu*. '1 be u'fh ot Kebruary was but aa eioeption ,i e /?nrral rule, Tbe present aud pait weal her la-f mi rr Nat.l?. a- tbe vlater haa b--*n eery hard 4 ihtr|srt* of tbe I'bIikiI Slltsi; na I in Europe it bet u mure severe than for many jear* previous. 'hi Hsui k SrssKT Kxri.osioei ? A..x>THr.a Boor Fer*n. 'u Friday the renj a: us ef another body ware found in rtiins of the bulling lu which werentslncd to be tboea of John Stafford. aged 17, raid at 124 Detanoy ?treet. HeJ waa the main tupt of a widowed mother aud a family of Are eliildren. asca* in the SiaitET. ? On Kriday, at noon. M^jor ivan editor aiid proprietor of the TYuM T'lUr. was king In Na??su street, oppo.-lte the post office, with ther ^antleman. when Mr John 'irlftlD, of the ous1 bouse. ativked blm with a cowhide, and strode 1 on the faie anl hand*, ou'liig him severely, al*f> I'piuv: una I P > ir.flr parti CI Ine Demy. \ crowd OOl >d. and Mr Del Vcooblo. among others iiit?rf-red ave the Major, when Mr Del Vaccbio received a s?? blow on the hand, intended for Major D.-uman, I which caused the band to swell to a large ?ir.*. i-ir Un<man in attempting to grappla with Mr. ifln, slipped and tell against the railing, at poet office, and was oonsiderab'y hart. Mr. 7, late a student of Fordbam College, and nottuiit editor of tbe TrutK Teller, happening to b? with |or Daismin at tbe time of theaseanlt, Anally wrested whip eut of Mr. <>.' band The parties were n sepaia'ed by tbe crowd. Thia affair aroea oat ot titlcle that appeared in the Truth Teller In regard hn Ute election tor Sheriff, when Mr. Amoe Hatlleld i one ot tbe democratic caudldatet. kKTILlTlON or THE CHAMHre Or THI Bii lll> OP jckmk.i ?Tbe < hamber of the Board of Aldermen i pt so hot. with two grate dree, a stove. and tba <aa it*, together with the number of persona assembled o small a room, aad a total want of ventilation, that ii g for live bears ia it together and sometimes six, I then going out into the cold night air, la exoeedly Injurious to health 1 he heat I* sometimes lntoler?. aid pereots oemplatn of getting oold every sight j enter It Until tbe room la better ventilated, thw tby fathers would consult their own health, and health cf tbe listener*, by shortening the length I diminishing tbe number of their speeches, and is contracting the period of their breathing so vary leslthy an atmosphere An excellent rule has been ptrd ia other deliberative assemblies, whioh it >!d be of great Importance to introduce in tha ird of Aldermen, namely: that no man should be iwed to speak more than oaoe on tbe name subt. except the mover ot a question, who may be aU ed one reply. At present, an alderman makes a en spaecbes on the same topi a, and thus preeioar e is wasted, and the oil of the lamp of Ule consumed rtber. 'hi: TioeHiia or the Mhicapi W*a, at GneKBioa'9 imi- Our repeiter visited Oavernor's Islat. 1 reoetraad found a number of the tronpa there in tb? it Is cf remo.lngto Be<il>w?s Island, where they ar* IX* station?d in future Hla attention was attracted the trophies of the late Mexican war, wbioh war* ? K?>k. .hli.lMm. .4 _ ?j . -<?? ? ? vim nwyi. Bb tllUIIDD Kay, ibgiabaeao,<: bapultepeo.( outreru I'uebla da Kile*. n 4 atber tMd*. on which " the greea ill de red"' by the life blood of the plain. They aremen howlt?*re and mortar<?varying from lbi. rarda. and >w?cat a goodly army for the eye of any n who baa a aelatillatlon of martial Or* in hla (out. ra lay ten rou* and their carriages, eapt araH at La oria- fix by Captala W. A. Thornton.2d Aegtmeat, I two by Captain J M Morgan of the Ordoauce Datirrnt. Tb'ta lay tire ho*lt/.ari-lour captured by >ta?n E. F Whtn-vr at I'ontreraa. aad oneatChatep*o The latter la a 14 pounder, for sis Incb il, and ini-enbvd on the broach with tha worda, exieana KepuMiea. f bapultepao, Mayo da 1847." i toiincr are for ten Ineb ahella, and were made io I land fcatlrg the maker'* name Inscribed aa fol? ' J J. Wolfe, maker. Southampton, IMS," and > "Hep Me* . VO August, 1M7," with aa eagle, lie aeratwo large hiaae 44 pounders by tha iaoa ker taken at hepultapee. aad broken la the month tie Ore of Amertrau (tana. There waa aa other pby etill, cot (Dly of tnallah manufacture. but Irg >be crown of taalead upoa it. Itwaeatea h mot tar. taken at Perote, marked ' U. R." (Oeor^a i). and tha orowa hetwaea tha iaitlaia of royalty, are ware four very large elfhteaa laoh ihell howlt a. takea by tien Worth. at Perote. marked "April 1MT " Thea there were fuar small grape mortar* mule's back*, aad abothar (a tl poaader), aad two ail *?re, taken at Coatreras. oa the 90th at Aagust, 7. and maikad "11 Mia" Bestdee theae, thai a e several piece* taken at Cerro Gordo, Saa'Coamo id. Eelea Road and other apote naknowa to fame the d?eds of the New York Vulaateara aad their i>pentose la arms marked them for tha nageofhisy. where they will lemata emblazoned till lat<?t tarlty. I Iikk AmtciM rca the Ladik*.? Tha followi ag, d ?*?ct copy of an k.lerrtlaameot which >h wiltbj a < ermao for publication In tha daily pa pari * iMdarabla ilia* ago, but ba? navar ini the light till day. In looklag orer oar papara ja-tardayaa ud It. abd ccaoladed to (It* Itu i curiou* awn ran our lady readera, who do doubt will bo highly edl I by tha loa*on It Ivparta to than in availing ana > other natter*. *V? moat cantlon tllioeb M may lltpo*ed to aeoapt tba flattering, tha "aolfd offer,' t tha number of tha letter boi anbjotnad may not r bring to tba adeertUer, aad their eomBunlcad* n ay fall Into other hand*. Beaidea, thl* gantlan I* pr< b'bly wall provided *ra tbla. wltb n h?lp it for tlfta." and one after hi* own h*art. Howaeac t dim b.v iha fubjoinad cannot fall to aa?aa? all !? wb<> want huabauia, If It larra no belter puraolnd orrra to a ladt drill* r*atl*a>aa I* *eair .** U | ?r>. la car?n*r*hip fie *i? a I ?dj. It* ?tai dirg a ct>kra*tar i* wal kaowa aa raoiaMe mniitl Kalakliahl utra'iflr Ataercaa tfochkkicka lr*4-t* of ft. V ?''t| aid <ir*la?ltjr, th* ?<l??rti*T in t?.a pr*r?at? a r**p*?'ai>U *l(?r rlt na fal licit aad ba?* fc thr raaipar* of I.a4** la cniMl prleata elrkla rwwarda iat all tiui* alt b*t>ia*-t b* Haiti* hla (aleea <|aalif)d tv> uil ili* * ? to !? I*d? rartnar If ?> 4l*;nae4. aa> la-lr ?lili?r ?ln?l*ora >nnoK widow wit; or tao elnoarn of tln lar qualiflaall'ia* c inmin imt i* l<ru*l> r wbeU. and eb?*r ta th* atun aaft*>l a ill p'**a t* nam a time aUa* la a later whir paraala'ateiew l* wale' ai? or *'B'* beer r"|ae*t f> rroe 4 t a it k dlreet hoar l?t*r Bat 2MI If. T. Lower r>o?t alike* a ittaall at*ati?a wit boaaaratla tra*taanta wll be Htrd t<? la >? tarn. MKtTIbQ OP OROCERS VIlTlln.tY. I far tba c ?<- Mia, on Krldny, at tba commercial nlon ri? n< *?f?ar <>l broad aad Bearer atre*ta a atiog of groorr* wa* bald, la porananca af tha fating call: ta ?t.d. r?'gB*d. areetra *nd 4e*lera in an or*. faallag n. ?!?< a??r>t*r4 wrb tba irnul ueuai tar* af lll?>. 'la liatihu *? itl ra kog?h?a4 i'>(ir<. are dealraca af lire a BiaaliM at tba ri i. aiaraiel ak.taronm rnraee lr">i I ifceaai tmaU 'aaat ikIt Bftai th* **fta *al?. thi* |lrW*)i, Ixek 1*1, I'll. f >r lh* parpo** of k4aptie< k ?? ?Miaa a* Biay tbiak adviaikle ta maara to tbaaa r ruble la Itia ra*|*ct. ?? " ketakl taia*. lata f<-libw*d aMg h*i of aani>*. rbrdtttlii ?aa oai.ed to erder by Mr. Thoaaa H. iumm i'r Jam* I Whbw of tba flrtn cf Wllaon k Cobb, <lit alt rat. wa* called to th* chair r Hraar Si ma* wa* appe>lnt?<i Srcratary "b? i<-lluwibg praaMbiat aad raaolutl?a? vara offdrad Nr II w Hamltoa Ifcttea*. Th* ea|xrt*n*a of tb* trad* baa deiaxaatrata* I >la ***t'-w*rj tar* of tw*lea per (*at. ea all aogar In ihaada, la ia*a?bct*at ta caver lb* wetctit *f th* paekaca*. t it ia taen rdiaa1 to eoatt'B* a "a*?a!B. wbu b arbitearil^ i a a-r cariaar af tar* wit ?.at rrferaaa* tn the aalahl a* a>ai aaa >a aaieb It I* a**t*d. aa It adnrda aa praleetlar n hai ..1 pl*p ar. kal teada la eat*nme* fraad; that Ik acta iba *?alera ta waah Impntatian. In<">a**aiaac* aad i)| a?d rew>e*4? tba c ?*l4*rat:oa af all laiaraatag iw ta'iag ta* tatirea'a af h? Ifda Tbrraf' r*. aa?li> I. T h.% ao ?, ra |?r c*Bta?? *f tar? *111 rem My tha , a* a? \ lartaaa* af r*T aaa'xe bk* t)>a afr?a ..... lea. ?e ifTMN the wn*** ?f th? e??\fc .ol*a??. Tiatea thr areeara 111 t 4??l>n li h r .fvlol if, la Mi* etty ef Wait T..ri. turn it 4>iiy w- ova to far a hi tmrabla arih?Bia.te orrtet aktaaa ib oaf traJ . it that a ill ?l *n.ia?raaa th? rapidly Inert aeiag kinef ?ar city * laea. Ilxt It l? f?p?4<?? to appolat 'smmiltee ( t. ?h? a-e raqaeatad u> eee^t wlta th? iaietrtera an# a iKtM'il IB *ar ?*ade in the a*lf hbnria? ?".y, with a efwitiiila I"a?r?t??a?ai erran.'mre' f?r aerr* !ka aati. a*H re pert w a aaWtqarat ai?':i#* with u Utile J pr aaiMa It id. That la a" >rJanr? with tha fir?c<>la? reatlatina. Mine |na tlit naaiitea, ?lii> JiH. pt. I U ?all. Jaa It Mllfa. W m. A UNrtt r, I haa. DeBelena. R. N. Phtrmta *nl dta-t Say#m. eeltad. Trat th? li?a? sa tara aa tlareea ef it<* V? raid te tka fellnwlB| e?nimltte Ti?. M*?ara C. F. Park, Sattk. Jaaa-a Uaorfa r.llar. an I ?' . Ka If. rd, part to a atalitj ?a be keld r.a Ui? Uataai. ba Meeting Ibr* ?*parat* I. I iiIImI *?alt? Cnmatlaalanrn Coiart. B?l"fa Aleiaod-r Oardnar, K? j IB. 17 ? f'Aar*# nt Cmxntrrftirtng ? T\t I'mltd tart J?*n .*?e?m eiAtr it* 4 Ijtuna H'<wlr. ?Till* lnl gallon wbleh I a? bna ('-tin aa for a~r?ral daye . and wfeleh a a* reported la Uie //ere/<f of tha at war rurtluded ihla day Mr. Morrill hating Indid bla fnr the defeadaata. Mr. Sa<aai*r?> N??ili? tha I ailed Staff# Dlatrltt Attoraey, Mad ay lh? a?ld?ae- oa th* part of tha pr>ee?ti1 ha < i>?aiiaai> a*r than brlafly ter tewed tha arl > fr< B abieh I' appeared. aa teatlOed by * la of at'u*aiea trat the f-mala prlanner hadaek'i"ad that they had made oouatarMt mou?y Tlitf aft further fta'ad that aha had Men bn.i of Ih# 'aarernthrea aereral oraaaloM, lutlai the night i. afier athera fa I retlr-d to raat, *a?nged lot log mosey. Aaothar wltaaaa eot rob-irata J that tea?) aa to una of tbnae oeoaaloni; iid It a?i farther ad thai another v?r?a had repaired oouaterMk aj In egrhange. fi?m aae of the prtr>nar?. at th^ of ?ha|r ?tore 1 be i fflaara f mod aa the prenMef r el bli-eh (In belrf Bi parea' ly the aaine aiatal aa of atlrh tha fount-Halt enlaaaa naaaa**4 aa lal?? IMe? *e . ennti a< are ordinarily o?ed f >r the raaa rae. I ?d*r tb?e etreamatanaea tha Cv.mailaalo.iM4 ti a' br fall ? i p ialBed to ? inftiit tha 'I* KBta. at the aaaie 'i?- lailioatlnf that be 'm I than to hail la Ik- aua of eae'i. kate ?? aa ae'ul av aiit of moral d?pra?l'y di*J iltrlti t be aaaaitaatloa ?a?erai uf the ?i'* p la tbia ea?e. aMeh aoald lartlaa a mfira J l> u4a"Bua>dao'a anil of ref.x.o<ii i for i?'f nthrrpio at d tall.looa Inattuo ota th?a t'ia ?'? ia'alj*??letad ap< b ?? theai aeeni?t tlie<b 'J> uarliy tai.dl- i a?* f*p?fa va a 3Julay J f 1 i

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