Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1850 Page 2
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\ *- . m > m* u. ? JUMaMiMMUHMiI NEW YORK HERALD. *<.r|hw?>it (nr?rr ??I I'VUoii *?t?l \in?n?<U. JAMfSSttOKDON BK.VdUTI, PHOPWJKTOH AND HlJlTOH iiA'.l V ItF.r.Al.D I cent* ,.,r e?py t7 P?r .initvm. U -Kl I > II, KM 1>. rrry S,ltur<i ty PeJ | v O, *. th* bunkum edtlton Jl per tfftntrn? t<y i rft' t.\f j nntiicr _ . . n . nULliK UKESLY UKHALO, tvtry Monday, . etntt I " ? ?*' ;/ \T I fc"i' < n?u"ttrOhl>KSCB containint < ?!?< / r?? nf .?tr< io!ii'ifr<l from >*y qu.ifUt 9j the world; if ui-ii. i*ill be lihe a fly P 'i .j. M.M/HC M*<..' / - I*? mi nor > > tu i i. i fi ' ?' I ill !> I < h I tm< I/, tor uW<-ij>tion?. or ?cif* ridr. . rrc >?. r.> ' < . tfil. o, the pottage mill b* deducted Iron lAr moucv remitted. AKl'SEJilNK THIS CVENIKQ. ITALIAN Oi"ERA HulSE, Antor Place?Dos OiarAnBO* ' >V TUEATUK, Bowttjr?Fc?n ? tint'i ix-Kiki A. CXOADWAY TQE1THK, Brovlwiy?Iitkkuii-?A r?i>cK. Bl'RTON'i TllCATBK, Chunbera strt't-BKRiors Fa*i ti-U tr i r ah. HATUiM.iL TBKATRK, rhit;,?m ?!reet-- Hvirimti AW 1 M 1* r It lk.0 ? Tk H IK VtAhl Aitib ? W II. l> Dl'Jk?. OlAVl'Il THEATRE, Broidw?r?DrMOATr Gaoosn-Jiff??m 1. irc?c*- tifioii and im* M*ink.i??StPAViilliiiniitMr. ( ERIBTY'8 OPSRA IIOUSE-Etmiofcas Min?TM CL/> AMERICAN KL'SBrV?AMriiH* PKRroKMAMCU KTB ? iiTijnooK ASIII Ivumn, il ELOIi fiON ?Wkitk's S?'t ? !?ai>?:h?. Rc\t York, Monday, Narrh I, IN50* The I.attit Nmvi California, In our paper of yeat'-rday, we gav- a f-j ir.ipsia ct two weeks later intelligence froin California and the gold digging, which was received at l'an&rpa, by ih?* steamer .1.forma, and at New Orleans, by tae kteumer Alabama, and transnatud to this city by trligiajh. The most striking feature-- of tliis intelligence an* the overflc w at tb?- city of Sacramento, by w bit It u loss of upwards of a million of dollars was ru-t lined; and the fact that (lie A'abama brought half h million of dollars in gold. The flood ut Sacramento Ciiy is the? second calamity that has cccurrtd to the new State of C iiifoina within a short time; for the great fire at San Francisco cannot be looked upon in any olifr li. hi ihiin that of a calamity. Nevertheless, w<- haw no doubt but that Sacramento City will eh' r:ly rt cover from the effects of this misfortune. Mic n ill noon be herself again, for there is a spirit in t-werpr -e ana recuperauon aurcau id i/dittorni-i, that will triumph over any adversity, abort of unnihilation. The fr -het whir h caused ihe overflow, it' y repjy she damage which it occasioned, by lajintr bare deposits of yold that up to this time have r? mained undiscovered. It is wrll knovn that almoet the whole surface of the soil lying on the tributary streams that empty into the Sacramento, has been scratched and overturned by the lndtibtriouH goU wekers, in their endeavors to collect the " root of all evil." The torrents which prodsced that overflow will, in all probability, bring to hght much gold shut has heretofore evaded inarch. II this sbonid turn out to be the cis<?, it will verity the old buying, that it ia ' an ill-wind whirh blows good to tobody," and the gold thus brought within reach may more than compensate u i the damage caui?d by the overflow. We ttgret to see that there has been a collision between the Americans and Chili ins, the fint accounts ('I which can ? by the Empire City, and hi which two of the former were killed; we shall await with interest s narrative of the affair. We nibV eij it every thy tht arrival of eitlier the ft am.-h |. I'liiladelpti a er Ciforsfij, or fioth, with tlif niailtf. There in threat <mxkt) to hear further <r"m the diggtct:*, fci.d we ho,->e fo be able to proiify the public by I.v} intr before them, nt lenjjtn, llie detail* ?>f tlie two weeks later new from thrr?*, ! now fully due, by the Philadelphia and Georgia, in a vt ry few d*y?. Tlu- Utiilfulo of Mr, I'allttititi The j III I be Hlnktr jjTi.-ilu) , Tl.e appearance of Mr. f ali>oun in the Sen tie i f the United State*, with a calm, deliberative, j jet | < rh*pn not wholly uuimia- ii>u?d tpeecb, oa j ihe dominant sectional insiie of the disy,i? i?n>-v. at of irreat pclitical importance. Mr. Calhoun ha* a hi^h moral and political pwiiioa. Throughout | Itia whole career, hi* ha* commanded the adnura* i lien of the country, by the *tr>*ni:'hot mi cultivated m U?ct, not 1< ?* th'in by Inn devotion to the weal H hi* country at Urge, uud by hi* watchfulness o>er thai M-cticn t>f it whose rights and best iniei? -t* it wu 1 is duty to ptotect ard to defend. hack it met, crirint! in the sp!tud<>r of matured gentM, tn throw the weight i t his inllu^nr.' into the mom* ntou* strugi'irs m apffnacning cnsm, v ill necertsnty bad the public mi d into no ne direction frrrn which it will not rra.iily ret < dr. Aft* aud thed mini* bed .orce of bis vital enrrgi*-.)? 'he solrnuuty tlmt alws.}* utt? nds the ! ?.(i ?t oj>iu oii? of frreet men?the purity of the motives nniMating any ni&n to situated, with Mftd to the present, to posterity and to his country, suirouit l him wuh uncommon accessories of Interest. ('< dm |ti>-n:ly, .lie iNuiili, not Iras than the South, Will he?d the opinions uturrd on the occasion, ki d will Irani Ik in them to "ttirnn- tli-' provable ir? beyond which our Southern brethren will not fn, ciibrt by coir^oouM or compulsion. Whitt ver the |>?>sitioii Higy |?e, the North must be pre|Mird t? abide b\ it < ntented, uale*-, indeed, in ti.e wild *?4,f.ri* of a dr'.imv political fan*ticMm, t i? determined to build up a us:!ess party, I'd by ('tn.jipointrd office-*eeker?, in jJir- of strengthening the bt>nd* ol the confederacy, by which Ion" cor happmrsa as a people and our *lory us a na'ion ure tobr preserved and p?rpt tasted Tbe conteirptible manner in which the free eot! faction has sought to gain power, from tV first hour of ita roonttrous birth to tint langhnbl-: ar.d ridiculously ineonsist?nt n?r.iin>itioa of Mtrtm -<an Buren ftr the Presidency, has sJanp-d ev?ry f usible man with an imprefMve appreciation of Ilif m?*ar.n? ? nr l'lt!>-araa of thr material* by which io<? |N>!iikilMK?tlAlwia?u attempted; I andtli<iiha mall a^.d m?iroific?nt portion of tlif 1 democratic parly, tKAchtroMalikt to principle and , to the c< i.Mitum n, have raalily aought to coale** with the new facthn on the aUvrry question? ' I art 'jr. it m ) be, a*a<rking to give a death blow to the new faction?jet the ma*? ol the people, 1 nn imnxnx' nod overwhelming majority throughout the Northern fciatra, are oppoaed to the aggreaaive apint of thoee who are amhitioua to ride into place and |ower on thin atalk.nt: horae. While the ral^ect a.-?unt?d aome little importance, aa likely to lead a few, who had the confidence of neither ol the two great political partiea, iato office* under the government, men were ready to rnah into the ranka for the expected loavea and fi?hea ' ef the day of aucrraa ; but when it waa once perceived that the on?latij;ht opon the South became a nation*I rather than a party <pieation, the more- ( ment waa abandoned vcijr generally, only a lew : remaining, who have nothing to loae ahould they | 'ail, and all kinda of plonder to win, whatever ill may happen to the country?poor, miserable, unliappy demago^iira and whipoera-m of pirty. al- ' moat ahoeleaa and coatleaa, the refuae and diaap- : tainted of political brawlera. Thia, aa weaee it, lathe pot. ian of the minority tuw. The other conatitutea that maaa ofatrength, the intelligent of the two great partiea. who now coadeece upon thr In ion. and whoae meeimta recently, in thia city, furniah 'tie key to the cabinet of their mteniicne Thry are tor the Vaion tirat. end party after. Th?y would preaerve our inatltutionn in U?eir primitive integrity, abide by the coa titution, and care little or nothing abont the geo- ! gmphu al bonndarie* of power. They are forpeaca and harmony, and for the prr#ervati?n of thoae relation* ii|on which the h.ippineaa of the whole people ia baaed?thoee commercial interrhingea avhi< It are the lile-b'ood of the North, and without which, wc are firt to coafrae, ourgrrat nnaafac tiiris ;s nud ihipj ing in'erests would be ruined 'J h?- Nor'h cen do nothing without the South. We Iihvc iitile or uuthiurf to rxpt.rt, .tnd * difficulty beiwtiu the two s-ecuoniol the Union would n?toaly thr?* lis- buck for nveral y.nrs, hut h beptrHion voile unite us h miiti-ruiile people for halt a eentury, xt least. This is well uiidemtnod?it is fully frit?tnd all the hot-headed abolitionists can do will remit in nothing but note?, even though they l?ib>?t hi ihtir work of hn/.atd. Mr. ( 'allii uu'w *jicech, therefore, will come upon our 11 ople w ith no turpi if.*. The meetings at (Joatle Gatdrn, las t Monday night, and atTaru iuuy lldll li'.ut Saturday night, ate clear expouenty of the potitien of the mastee ; and any fair, just, e niitable i-ettlement of the question will be countintnced Q- r'?ll.?,.? L>ai?< n..u qui .,.1111. .j 4"'how far the North are disposed to go, aud will, probably, nothing further. The controversy mubt be ended boon, and well ei.d-.-d ; and, 10 tha' end, all that is needed is such au arrangement of the preliminaries tor adjustment as will be fiir towards ull parties. Ah for slafery itself, men are satisfied that it will eat itself out by those degrees which i'rovidencp has established in the harmonious mystery and inscrutable progress of His manifold works. The Governors ?f thk almshorsc and tiir Common Cornell.?'l he subject of the extension of the jowers of the ten Governors of the Almshouse rtilf engages the attention of the Common Comi il, most of the members of which body look upon the new bill, as well as the one already p.n: ed, us a medley of unconstitional enactments, ' which, on due application to the higher tribunals, can be uphet at once. The Governors of the Almsj house have Hint made their annual report, which | we publi; h in another column, and in that docuI mint take occasion to laud their own manner of d?ii c business, und in 110 measured terms to con1 1! in 11 ihe I'ltnttiir f nt wVin nrprnHcH them in the management of affairs connected with the Almshouse proper. Ait?r congratulating themselves upon hiving thus la d bare the "magnitude and boldness" of the impositions which have heretofore been pract'Ced upon the- public, and duly explained the great s.ning accomplished by the Ten, the Governors | complacently bit to work to obtain an enlargement : til their pow era. Not content with the law of 18-19, which gives them the government of the institu| tions at Bellevue, BUck well's Island, Randall's ! Island, Ward's Island, See., they now modestly ask ' the privilege of goin? to the penitentiary, and liberating the convicts there incarcerated by the dej ci-'ion of the Court of ?j>ecial Sessions, or to transfer s;iid convicts from the place of their confinement to any ether place under the jurisdiction of I the Governors. Tliey would thus be enabled to ! act as censors upon the ilecorder and Aldermen i of the city, and have power to reverse the solemn ! decisions of the court established for the protection i of tiie peace, and empowered to punish offences against property and persons. But in order that the extreme medesty of the ! (lovernors may be the more apparent, we will ^ive i a synapsis of the act which they are endeavoring ! to get through the Legislature at Albany, and 1 which lus already passed two reading* in the Sej rate, and been referred to the Committee on Poor i I-awn, reported favorably from said committee, and committed to the Committee of the Whole. The act is ratified " An act to explain and extend the powt-rtand duties of the Governors of toe A hothouse of the City ai d County of k'ew York." 1 The first sretion provides that the Governors shall | have exclusive control of Potter's Field, appoint Lempers, uisistants and laborers, who shall hold their places only during the pleasure of the Governor*, and receive such compensation us they shall prescribe. Sections 2d. 3d, Ith and frh .jive the Governors paw er to build vault?, control fiouods, tcjair and build edifices, establish a wotkht'U&c, enlarpe buildings, etc. Section (itli is worthy of special consideration. This section provides that the Supervisors shall raise and col Ir-ct l.y tax such Burn* of money u? tlie (jorrrnori may require for biulding workhouses, eto. Seotiaa 7th ia an amendment to the act of l!*49. l!ut, of the whole dncuncut, section 8 ia the moti\ hhJ as it shadows forth in a remnikable decree, the modesty of the Ten, we c u?act thiuk of abridging it, but give the tectum entire. It reads thuet Tt* Mld<ioT?raor? abail ha?a pow.-r totraaafrr frim any ot.* luMltullou upj#r t'j*tr char?ato otiur Institution under th- lr obarpa for tlx vb'iln or any |?l< rt?i v-i>. a of tti?'rc marital. all ?uc!i t>*r?'n? hall liai* Imii. if t-h-ill hrr**ft?r b*. commit- d t.iaoy of inch lutlliutln-, ty rai l gni*r?ort. or by any e^trt | cr (tatilxlrtU* undrt an) la* of tbl* Sta??. a rarraotf ' ftdinfu-tly p?r??n?. or by ai>y < anrt?( fip-^ ai >nmi,-, nt<I aa d QafMaMMtt al?i> ha*f pWNf i Ma I a it ai t pari * t.'.? un<*i|.lrrd t?m * ? cuiml'tal of aoy [ . r ?i i -t aaafotaaaiti ?n1 ti d;?, '.?< < tb??n ifc'ir iktl < ''., In ?ucb fproal | r?'>? a.- j utile m?/to tfcein aerta to rrquiir Could ue>.hic? be> more mo(i*st ! After lh? , 1%teenier tan Alutiiwi hive been eufxa'J Iit tours, v Meiiily listenirfto the tri 1 of a cm e in j ? ? i \l ^e?ci( n*. utid tli* talrnt o| the b tr his heea rxrrcuto, pro una oh, in viiiiiiciiii< n 01 in- i twa or m (??f< I'd ? f i?tsonal rijihta; ufU r imture d?*l?b?T*ti< n, n m>I? >nn tin l?it>n is rrtved at Wy three jtt'f<? ?, htH tin* ncctircd |>*-n".'n b^iug ooavict'd of m ({Timer*i the !**?, la ?entenc*d to *ufPr m< h punhhm?at i * apprart to be adequate to ihe dpiation of the offence? now, all the ttareraora n>k in ihi- frction it, lh*t th?jr rmy ii)r " litdge" t?ll:r M'lrmn drciaion of tkf mU judires, nod at their discretion ft the rnlprit free, or rrm't no i tirhof hiiNilrnrt as to tb?-iii areraa proper, or in thnr rwn lantrMge, "aa }nnUc<! ma* to th-m m in to r< .juire." O, inoJt at Governor*! O. j>r j*? jecilvr justice! The I>ald of Aldermen have taken hohl uf thla i. 'lift, and tre determined to resist any further rtCToachmenU tij-on their rights. On the other hbnd, the T< n ?ui d up w ?th an assumption of dijT.tty, and ark to hsrt the^r powemtnlarijecl. Thrtr i& fun ahead, ft mebodjr mutt iom plumes, and somebody mm t ca'n them. Whether the Aldci* inner the Govrrsora are to be rrest-fillen, yet rctrwrnn to beteen. Th? new bill hu? been mxdr the orJir ia the State Srn*te, for the irttla lnsunt. _ __________ Tiik fVmu*k or |jr*T?t ttlo* l> Co"?i?ctdw ?mi in* Suarnr Qrmnw.-A rot?*mporiry vrryjnatlv r*m<rka, thai one of the mo?t a-lioua <>l the diflictilti?-a tint a?irr?>nndv the aettlemen' of the alau-ry qiietiicn l?y the Congre?? of the United 8mlN, is, that many of the Northern, Sotith'-rn, Iiatrrn trnd Western tnembrra, ni both houaea of ( ' itKTfw, are m-?rurl?d l>r the L?(ialatures ol the Slates which they represent to Tote, according to the instructions which th' y ahull five them. Thus it wi?, only the other day, that the representatives ol thia Stale in (Vngret-a wer? instructed to vote only aa the |hilo>phera in Albany directed. Thoae wonderfully wiae men put their heads together, and titer deliberating and fighting for a< veral weeka about what was the r?al waiinwnl of the people of this State ?n the 'juration of slave> ry, finally agreed llut It wn in favor of anti-al.ive-y in the new territories. ?'.ener.ii Case ia placed in the aame situation, and ao are a great many other member* of Corgreaa from different parts of the country. Now, we hold that thia doctrine of inatructjnn ia rot only an abaurd one, becauar the State I egia. laturca have no power to compel obedience to their inalnictiona, but it ia in the higheal degree an im pudent assumption of a right that ought not 'o belong to tbem. The States elect Senatora and Re,>reaeotatives, and aend them to Washington t'?r th piirioae ol attending to national *uu federal ai>aira; and the Ts>gtal?turea of the States hav no more to do w ith the dutiea and reatxmaibilitiea of meml?ers of Coagrvaa, than uh mi.' ra of? owgreae have to do with them. It wou'd be fully aa high- handed a pro ce?ding for Congress lo instruct the legislature of any State to paaa a certain me unre, aa it ia for th* 1 ?:iflalure ol aay State to instruct the repress nu " j of ii..ii a . , Cvngret*, h>?w they shall J ] vote. The duties of each are aeparate tad diatinet, | as they ought 10 be, and any interference by the I cee with tbe'riutied of ihe other, 1a an impudent asaun.ption of power that should not be tolerated. Ti e grand I'nion meeting in Caetle Garden, on M<nduy evening last, Stowed conclusively that, ar fsr thr city of New York at least is concerni j, thr rtaolutiona patted by the Legislature at Albany do not express the will of this people on liie pIhveiy question; and wa have no doubt that oth^r Lepit-latorett have missed the mark just as widely in regard to the sentiments of other parte ol the country, on the aame subject. Wre tay, then, let Senators and Representative! in Congress disregard all instmctinns emanating Item State L* ginlaturea. Let them i>ay no attention to what those factious fellows, just emerged from the noisy arena of political strife, may say or instruct. It is the duly of the Senate, especially, tc do to. The members of that body are elected foi tbeteim of six veins, for the express purpose ol insking them independent of the political animosities of the day. few of w hich last for so Ion" it pe riod. Let this doctrine of instruction prevail, and the beautiful theory of our government will be destroyed. The great conservative power, the Senate, Arill be lost, and the Senate clumber will be converted into a second House of iieprtsentative? Let all instructions from State Legislature, then, be disregarded. Steam Boilers and Explosions.?We perceive that a bill has been introduced into the Legislature of this State, to obviate, as much a* possible, thf recurrence of such a catastrophe as occurred recently in Hague street, by the explosion of a boilei on the premises of A. It Taylor \* Co. The proposed bill provides that a board of skilful engineer! shall be constituted by the Governor, by and with the consent of the Senate, whose duty it shall be to examine all engineers, for the purpose of a?cer tnining their competence to manage and control steam-engines, and to give certificates to such ; persons as they, on examination, shall decide tc I be competent. It also provides that persona acting ! as engineer?, without such certificates, shall be fined heavily; the same penalty to apply to all persons who may employ them. This is an excellent measure, and we have no doubt that it will be received wtth f.tvor by engineers themselves, as well as by the community at large. We cannot cull hack to life the numerous persons who were sent in a mom at into tbs other world, by the late terrible catastrophe in this city, but it is llie duty of the Legislature, with such sad exjierience before thein, to prevent cimiUr disasters, as far as legislation can effect it. No engineer, who properly uuder.-iands business ar.d the immense responsibility that rests upon hiin, will object to the passuge of such a Uw. Ia fuct, it is the interest of all competent engineers to promote it to the fullest extent of their ability. The incompetent would then be set aside, and none but men who thoroughly understand the steam engine would be permitted to practise the business. Steam, as a motive pjwer, is more geneialiy used than it ever w&?, and will be in requisition to a greater extrni Hereafter than it is I now. There are hundreds of boilers in every | ri'y and tow n in the State, the explosion of any of I which would be attended with lamentable Ions of I life, in n greater or less degree. We hav* laws I for the preservation of hutnin life, by prohibiting | more thnr. a certain quantity of gunpowder feeing stored within the city limit?, lest an explosion n.i^ht cccur, that would kill people. Why i-'isuld [ we cot have a law that noae but competent persons should have control of steam-boilers, which I are, it anything, more dangerous than gunpowder! We thiuk the Legislature migtit Very judiciously make an addition to the projiosed law, by enacting that a steam-boiler should in no in?tance b- within , the building?that it should be in a hou?e utta ;hed, or in a cellar under the street. If the boiler in j Hajrue otreet had beau situsf-J in this wv, the leas of life would, in all probability, liav been confined to the engineer, tad we would not now be mourning, as we are, the destruction of aeventjr persons and upwards. Thr effects of the etplosion would have been, comparatively speaking, trWlini?. W't do not hbv lh?t the rciMnr< r of llir boikr ia H btreet nrnj-cu.4 hi* fluty, and that tuck neglect wan the* can ie cf th;tt cr.t?5trophe; l bttt the experience af a!! cr.i^ntifi^ m.'n i* to lb* ; effect that in ni ly-nitte nplgtioa* in a hundred, the cjum* may b? attribai?-d to neglect, and thit a ?trani engine, iu the handr of n competent and iuiihfu! engineer, is perfectly ailc. If il explode, | therefore, in a detached buildu p, the uuMitriiul i r-r incompetent erv,;i?eer wonH, iu moat be the only fuIIVp r, u?d the iuaoceut would be ! reared. Cttjr Intalllcemcr, Anoiiiri Tin* r i* Ttir Wt ?ihi i .-The weather ' h?? it pain nMnlf. T?? dawn of day y??. t?:day re?#al?d 'h??t of *a<'? "tot tb? earth It | c utiuofd (; fall lu ?'< Puke-' at.I ??.ft. j J?* lika tea, thrrr with th* vic J from the South. aoJ warm a* it ' e- old t-e *ttk ?oow fhUnjr, till eleven o'cl->oV to fhe j fiTrani'O, *b'i< the etnd ha<>l?.l round till# Northra?t and n'be?qu' ?tlj to tne V?lb Tt. ionw '.hen fell hard and ?matl Ilk* I all end the air became ateeedlafly eold throughout thr day and night It cre**>l pruiwlna about atinw t. and overhead I*. bteain* e'.ear, kien Had whll? nad rt"?ath It *\> hard and (dipper?. Many l.f tl# h"T? wtnh* )>e eean *1 >1ehlnf y??t*tda;.and red<uht tl. lr nuo".?r would hit# bveu j Untaxed bad tl<? day not b??a Monday. Tmi Ilifiri Wrar.tT timaaa-Twn Fr*t> r .? rnr 9i t (i a*i ? The fund an in'ltu to fit 00" rilwj frr the rell'fff the authrerr firm the l!?<u? -wt plo?l n 1 ? rot been ?et dlitrlb jteJ. tboi: rh ?in? enali mir * h??e been kI\?b a* a t?rnp tb t a?l<Ut<*, ehrte required Iratnedla'e r? Itef. Th-re |? a'tre #'.H'l<'e**ti"n and ~atr a?rte?ai f, r the wl?e dt(ttlbt Ufa of ?ht? fan I. and tb? eenimlitae hare ant yet 1 cad* op tliair n'ltid* Iu what pr?.p rtlm? or In what trannet f' ?V will iaa! a the dlTlrton S<-.-ra ot the ?urilflr * r* :#tlre> r?ed little or t"? alt ?h'u nth--? -# li? !l e deeprtt dl?'rr?a Thero ara widow* ?ad orphkO't. ^ whrxe ear?? r?.,?l?? a liberal iprr-priaMr ua fha 'ther h*fi i. thrfe are ?.-me of thaw j'tdH ?h iiIt lo< k fwr 'be pejmeut <.f their doctor*' (? ?. and will ?et fbem mi th?1r lejfj airaia It l? e"a!-maia'?d, , *e t?lt?re. to atatt ?rtne i-f the heraarrd Id huliaeat ? rurh of tbeta a^ j ?? adar'ati n t*r tuoeaef . whlia { to othara will h<> glen) a w??ij atlpacl, at laa<t aaltlI r?.r? tf f;J tbalr t#nt. Th? Ohm ra? Waar'a t?i a*- Thera ha?? baea ic in*' a tr> an cholera ta Ward a latoad, riaea w? ine:itajlaat aaJ th?r? r.ow remaiH* h i! ona p*l!?ot, aad he la ?'#> dctad eatlrrly ?ut r4 diar*r Thara Iaia 1M' aslpatU at preeer.*. <? th* lalaad aod of thee I'.'l a; r ? !.'. Jr?o nadar 13 i?a:? of ace. i ( ht fin i ? It laxnt bf rrd IH*t jraoi Ilaaiy I lay La" for ?-l?l?b t rr i ?r?Mpn? ta*a I a JbtiJug **? 'ir? tlai* part w|!l I?k- i V> thl? *? | In the ('!.' < i# tMrnbly in. TM? will, gi Jnuot, b? of tb- b**t and BM lnt"??ti?c ba'la at tb* nj ?fh?T? to douM tbul it wilt b- It wail ?'.t?pd?d u It might to ba. tc< iNrvi l>rr*??iTt. ?Ot> Satti'dar aft*raron. it II bo. * - f. uad l>.ng la tba if if, hy t.fliiorl t'jaa. of tb* ti jr. J ?ird finite#. ?i drrnit th*t h* w?? anaMa t? Ml hliuaiua. I:a *M tak*u to tb* atatiou hoaaa on a cart. Fia? iw Vvutia* *rar?t ?Y*?t*r4?y. ab at bit* i pa?t -mr "'cloak a fir* brok* cat at ** Mulb?r-w ftr??t' vliirh v ?*Un|Olfb*4 wttb bat trifllag lamarf*. Km* i* limir.-A lr* brok* oat ab?nt tfcfaa oeVak j??t*Tday n>?rnla ; la tb- rear of ; 0 Wa'kn ?lrt?t o?*rapl?< by Mrh la* i ar'?r. a* a pitt?r and ("V''' h< ??a. It e mmiin'ratfl to tb* adjilii Bi building. aad b< th wr? > in-ld*ral lj lmainl hWwr* th? Si ?*i mtlr galih*d Tba lira la ?upp.. ?*>1 hibatiotljiitfd tr^ta a ?t raw b- ] Ri i O'ra -(>? Oat ,rd?j arnrlag. at htll |xi?t ill o'rlrrk. a wor 'a ?a? run oi*rby oat of h*-, nid<a W?art'? on.??ibu??? la Bf<ai?ay. at tb? aor?*r of ( >.an>b?ri iliwt. Kb* ?l? takan to tba eltj boapit*!. A* THii A<nr>awr -Bfi ?mb r?tnaai rlibto'cioak yrrlardaj aonlpg, a m<ika>aa pa-?li>| ap \??na* C, a?ar Sl*i*?tr??t npa*t ita ??g":i ot?r aoni* bml Itaf aainlali !i tha itml an I took# batb 'f bit lag*. KiraKiti*' -Ca< tin-* rr Bat* On Stlnr tar a/t?r. a My. t? Bad liflia^lll* Itrlwnll. ar?<| \4 yy*. hi ? fltlrg bin kit* f rowi * torn ?to>/ Uoat* r*ar of No t A??r>a# P. fall to lb*grnand. br*aklag hi* thigh la two pt?ea*. ard nth?twi?a aa?irat<? la.l Bring Inm 1 >r M?ho|* w?* -atudln, alio dlraat*) bin to ba takro to tba city h ?fltal B' ??*a kt aCaxrwt*r L*m? -K.arly ol flatarday nura'ng a aailrr, aam?4 'l"bn I tn?r? b*lotiglag to to* ?rbo< <t*r Mbart*. lyltig at foot of p\?r at. Ka?t Rlr?r, waab>>*r*d b/ tb?r ar?ot? of caaiphlaa lamp, which ?tt>1 -d la aoa**>|?aBra of tba la"?a'loa or Igooraaa* t I ti liandMrc It Ha w?? dr*adf<il y lajarr i. b*aJ tar- i<m1 rkwt barlog baaa ?.'?rafe?d up to a clMat. Hat* ?t pr<M*at iaJ*f ai*dlr%l tr*atn*rt. Imam o . tin Fm ro??ra ? Oa Saturday alg'it a man aaai'd Tb< ma* l>ol<attt wa* *takK- d la tba ttlftl by a B'-|er?d aa?n la a ban** of bad r*yata at th* Fi*a r>tat? l? rrrnrr?d In a d.aak*a row TT-wooadln ct farr !argar?wa Dri i rwr ft??rir*i ? '"?ra*llta Prtaaot) tbab'* who' 'r at tb* h n?* top In a?*nu* l< aad kvl hM tb'gb br h*a. ei?u ta tb* h<?ptu' *atarday. Krara'a Ve'laray wa*.a'-w::id at Ht. LtaU. fa frrr'r. )>j Police Intelligence. EmUxzlrmevt Ay a Hank Officer The Chief of Folic on 8aturday night last received atelegraphic d?*pat< Iroin Kswuuah. aetting forth that George J. bullnn tbe cashier of the Savannah Bank had abaionded wi Iuk? amount of money belonging to that Instltutlo Mid wai tuppoeedYo have directed hla eouraa tower New \ irk A reward of f & 000 la offered for hla arret jS HanikrtchirJ Thief.? \ young man calling hlm?< Charles Cray, was arrested on Saturday night, by ot cer Kaa; of the Third ward police, on a charge picking the pockets of persons in Waahlngton markc (in rearcb ng the p lsonrr nlue ?Uk pocket handk. cbitl. were lound stolen evidently frvm persons In t< market. Justice Mountfort committed the small pot it rogue to prlsan I iutbtzzltmmU.?A loaferlsh looking, red beaded t< low, called Joseph MeNaiuee, wa? arrested yeatcrdi by cfilcar I'rosett, on a charge of stealing or embett.ii I ?>'J5 ironi I'attick Keeny, residing in Water stre< iuocklyn. Feeny's wife entrusted the aoouisd wi the money to purchase some articles for her use: I 1 atead of which, bo took the money. came to thia oit and went on a sprre, In Aatbouy street. On tbe arra of tbe uecut-td, 'be officer f?uud on his person *14 the n^oney. Justice Mountfcrt committed the arc u? , for a further hearing Chujgt a/ Stealing u li'atch ? A woman by the nac ot t.liia tlake was arrested yesterday on a charge f stealing a gold watch valued at flUO, tbe properly hlitaheth fr iceman residing at. No. 100 ('hurch stre< Tbe accused was l:?id to an*rrr the oharge. *1n I ?.Mufuru/ Mother ? A woman by the name . Lnuira Johnton wus arretted vc te.' luy, on a charge 1 violently beatiug her daughter a girl cf 11 years am*, by the i nnn of I- rally Tyson, on whom the moth l:a<i. while Intoxicated, inflicted a aovere blow on tl eje. and scratched her face and otherwise abused ht > It ?tcmi the mother is married to a Mr Johnson, and shore time since while on h drunken spree, she brou^ her daughter Kmlly to tbe police ?.ffioe. aud cau?ed u , to be sent to the house of retake; and a few da-, j sin ihe procured k.mily's release ftora the house of r'tfu, by li ducing the rcmmti*ion*r >1 th" ret.jge lobinl h cut aa an apprentice to her rtepfather. Johnson Ju tioe Mouiitturt in con*equence of this ill u.?age. coi u.irtect the Uaothi r to prison bod will alvj have t indenture cancelled. The gli l was taken care of, una the direction ri tbe magistrate Charge ot Rtabbint.? A ir<an hv th* v. a m ?< nf lr?l Oowtiii'K. on Sut Jay about noun <-au,? behind VV.hi i Kraier ?? he ?n> v?Ming do?n Thcmaastrc?t aud ?l ' lently ?B*aul:ed hlw tii'h ktiile. lnfliutin# -cvrrii b wouuda on his brad and i . <:*. an"> a ?t-ry dauitero od? in the ltfl aide. Th? raaual fc!t< r tbe *?sauU r off, b >*e*> r. vurraut tin* been lsrued by Jutl Mnmtfort lor his arref t Char ft nj l.tlirl.? Oflker Crone tt ?-re?ted, on Saturdi lifOIC* W ilk?e ptlbll'Jier nt the Saturn it Pnlict G tztl on a ?ai>aol iroued Vj Justioe Muntf.rt. on the coi plaint of Mr. iSati'u'l Brevoort. with having on t*i? 24 day of January. lM6u and on th? 'id day of Kebruai 186C, puhllffeed lib-is The comprint reads tb r ( crpe Wilkea .Ir.bu Thouia*, Oeorg? Dexter and He | rjr Daxter. who are idther edit ore, proprietor* or pu ! liaheit or ?<r<*ute of a n??>pap<-r .eal'?d " Aartawui f | ftce UtztUr. ' eaurej to be publish'd < t and concern! i raid complainant. cm tun faire aud defamatory natti tending to Injure. at J diagiam- and InUnldt:* Lae * i ! :. i-.K" ?nt. The.a>cu??d baa im; ted u li?a:io and Thursday of next week is ??t d<>w? l'.>r th?; pu btfort Jutliet Mountjorl?.'In Jli'plti atun fnr Salitfa ! fiuii.?Some ?ery tunny ajT'dcuti u? are made. attiin< Lclot?lh? hv mV* \ r\mwr~ K*, iDjuiei or faLcy Ibey lave bfn ill u<M. ai:d at am ltaoit to the i'oiice ' ourt for Mtufaeticu, as thoy ter it. Okt) ot there ?reoe? occurred on- da; last itnk, b

fore the magl'trat*. and the euhjeet "f ibe applicalii was a ehurt, r uod built. ebubhy looking Irl-hwoiua with ver> ltd, lat face. email gray eve* one of wnlc ?ruf oraaijirtited with a large -welling about the tire i n egg. progr?**iEg tapidly ; win' t? generally oali< a hunjf me black eje Her moa'.h na? one of tboi u-.. that jou frequently eee Irishwomei IV ben cprning Ibe ??uie f.r lip* extended over hi tetth atid guum giving her fat f?c? a lt?k of peculi* ; iuttieit .At the time this li'.tle woman appeared i court, the u.egt*tral? wan rufi{~d with quite a crow in Ii< tt ot tiie b?nch * ei t hi* ititiu w.>m?n pnahed hi way up to Ibebiir. euJrav.rii.g to draw the attentioui ' tb> Vsplarrate to prefeience t.> thc*e already b-tm ber. 'Jiilf 'be accomplished ; her drees wae geotee locking f >[ ber ol?J?, but nhe exhibited an extra hue i r*d. having evidently taken a " drop of the crater'' t gite ber courage In the undertaking. Mic.ini iTi - Will, niy good vrman, you appear t be in great b*?t? ; wbo has been otnam?Ltinj your ej iu thai way .' W0..IAJ1?(Mnkliig a hob wi'.h liw body, in ob"<llenc to the < curt, aril stmliog m.#t t i nriously . xhibltin tb- ?boi ot bn teeth and guwf thus grinning beloi ai.d ber bruireu ?>e. ab'? ?, male the contrast me > aericu* crml.-al ) Pleai* ><u. h nor. my nam* is Vlar Smith I liver ai No. V Tueatr?? ?ley; aul to Uesuri it 'r the same honbe which Mr S il. ren. ono of the .V F :a,Uvea Ob, vcur bon.">r, It* a dacenc h>u?e-n< thing'* done in the b<~>u*e of a dlfiaeeful karasier; nc that I know* of (she th> n rmili d very ^r*eio??iy ) MiciiiiiTt-Wlll, never mlad about the huu<<?, te me who gav* voa teriibl* b ic* eye' Mary ? Ai.d ure it Mi?ter Sullivan that di I it and 1 11 Ju?l tell you how be did it. Oh. I feel a?haoed an I can Scarcely apeak, as I nlver in all > I life bad a bliuik rpot ub< at me before (l aughter ii.e orc?u h [>r? Hhi in < curi now became la teieeted lo kni'W in wtat wanner th* t< ?o ba< t e*e fioui Mister Sullivan. ftoJ Lutened with muol alteLllOE. Yai;i.h.? ?? ?Well, proceed. Mary; I (uppOM it wll be tti ehorUel way to jet you tell the story your owi ; w?y. Wi*er?And. Id le?d, Judge, it wa? all about a llttii Uil'e c: nul Nil i'etny a poor old voud, who diet in * Ct the otter Uh> ; and. you know, the did mw t! ui'?l?. coal nnm the Corporation? (laughter)? i ?-! al'er ehe died tS.e roai eeiue and wan dumped ai ILn Jcr. Well, you kMow a* b?w ai the poor old wo ibau wee dead, ?b* d d ut want the coal [" No," ?ai( Ui? Yiagi?trate, " I don't euppoee the old woman want cuob tual ii" "J (Laughter ) Well do you fee hei te n Bil 7 ?oid her ir.ite of cual to ay old man. who,pooi old fou;. he.* bom ail cramped up tor the iaet thru jeer* ith thr ihucjetis, nud fc??u't Mrn able to d< auytlili^ fjt tre I rube hiin ?'i orer with whlakey ai.dthic he ilrlike a little d(?;>Jju*r to c mior'. hu poor ul?l tcui. (L.*u?(h.#r ) I ktep*a?uiallappi*ttaD<! uy the i m k juti to make a little to keep L* Ugrfltier It illy Kn pv su)' U" ' I hate the right to tne coal through iuy g.other."ao4.Hey* he. tome 'lire Sntth fej* t?. " you take In the cel. oat 1 hare a right to it." Vary well, ray* i to liiliy. S > doyo'i *>ee. i b"gini t< take ib the coaiwiu *>Jiuer ftuiiivaotame out of thi I. uk' M titer Hullltan leiuy Ufi4!'<rd, and a ?ery nic? t ali be la *f>uatl!ii*f wiu he like* tj be. MtelerSul . \?o 'jj< be, * Mr?. SnMth w <a! are you duing wiJ Ui.t <Mi!" Keith. aud nj? I. I em gotn< t ittty it In; aiid. ra>? he. " You burnt u bt.>li.efft wid tie c<el." " in iude 1 I hare, eat! I, ' car* t j oli Dub bought it; but 1 J.n t kaoa l; * much CjJ < la Uish p?ti 1 r it" (Ltu^tattrJ I r?? fir it on to nirj iu t L? coal. win tM? Mlatcr riallitau tbr m.J ttiuokmra blow <u ttic ajr, ?h.u! ji ui L . or i-in at* hrra, (pointing to b>i i)f. nnj It kn< oka<l >ua r'th! ji tn ou tba Ual of ia? L?^k. at.<1 *a'iifr )tni h not '4 pta?n<<a. 1 bad aa?? t)*a*ir? ob, or lh? fl'mr ei|?ri.ri-< o>lght h??a b*?fl airaa Win I f>t up, i i?j 0, " Tktnk vom, Mr Snl< lhan," laid I, ' )d?i h??? auo? a gtaat thing to ?trlk? m poor 1' ni niws n. what haMi't gut no hualtaml with tbr u-"a ct b>? llmbft, ta vaka b*r pitrt " Mr* Sullivan m tba ?toop. aad naw h-r bu*b?ud kuoei mt down, hi r duuithtn cani? <>jt vi J a brrntn atiok to bi ?t ?;-o 'I h* pr? jil? lf"i. i r>i' S mlaty ca-a? cut and #?ld it * ? a >b*Bi?, and no* i want ?at> far'.ioB oat (f Mr. Nullittn Kr I ai?ar had a black if.ut in a<? b'foic, aad 1 fr?l ?o a?b*u>?l that I Joa't tnow *yattodu I am a a?e?tit woman I bart t^a n?ti>d twlcr. ai>d ta>? both o-rtiiu ?ifc? uf iuy tear'Itgr llrrr. I kttt burli d Itnr lioa litila b>y?. I t my flint d?ar bv?b?rd. rfco died In ilia ?V?v t luCU-a, aad bj toy *r<vt.d I ba?a no rbilurto. Ha La< baan. p >or r id roul ru i.tich ciiwf?J try wld tba rktaaMln, b? fca'n't 1 ??L' ahjr to do at. r wore. and I La;a to tup. fut him and uj??lf. too. I t 'v? travelled vircmh ' nglacd. '??l and ?? '. ar, 1 nfrar tad a biaok ?t? bati ia, and I f? I to aabavx d, t ba rur? I do. (Laughtar, In aibtfb .Vary join, d ) &*)< I to MUttr Hntlivau, ' ! >b?.l bar a Mtlifat tin at tb. patina lat t!ii? b.aafe ' ?j? " lia tbt-B Bi*d* ?a rtry lro>cat lasaiiagr and | It Id I in fbt ??, rating fibi .it'iivi" !>(?. net- ItM tro lurpr par to repeat |l.m:)irr ) MMiituri Kr< <u j' ur a'aiamaat bar*. Mary, I (>ii. i lUt Mr S' lur.m bad any tu?ia rigbt to iba I f rp ralii a (Ml Uiaa bni it aaaaa Irr.m your apptarabra, tba'. y a bai?bm ludu^luf a iltUa I ntuld kdtlra jcii to go bocin, and tak* a litt|? raat, and t<>murrow woraitg txtia rip to < our: ?n?a?hat trfr??h<d ft m tl a faligoa M tha ?o*I. and I will ??a tb<e abt ot it'Ll log Mr Su nan I i tba lnj...y ia> CltUd b y?rr p< K'ti. | Vat> rB.llr ' and drappid bar b?d* about four teabr*, la rrrpiet to tba l aurt tbaakad bia Honor ft* bi? kii. itiaa*. ai,d ib> n ?Bt?d int gnggratnlatlN bar ??li ?i n .n <i jac ix? obiati<*4 i 41 ui t! Mnt Mr hul:l?aa I ha ?. tint* ?ir ti - J aal tt> uOli'oa la ghrd. a* h. ?rli.* ?o I >p? atory t?4d la Cfdnt*C(?? at lb* fact of an a?-auit aa<t batter/, liut to attarapf. t" ?l< p "M <>f lb#?a w ra-n wb- u trlllan bar (lory. lao'dr t~> f>ata at tha faot Mnnar, thp.ll ?' ? ;a'n * 4 tbua rial >f tl * l uui' )cD??r tbau ? '? l?ll to toll It tbalr o?u * 7 Tl<? I tarda In (III Itmt. : T<? th? J atma or ini Haaaaw? l'n>Hia I aab ? a |ati>r Mat jo* Will Fabtlahtin Ml ii.p ??al?n>a?t in r?lail n tn lh? a'tiola o Ifh a) fattd la >c.. pai >t rt Suuiay L<aaaj lra-ul? tr? MM 1 ha aflair oaamraa ?a j?aturdaj at no?w aiid ?a" a* attack i pnn a <i?frae?4oo* altn-n I *u con iKg tr< m tl ? IN at nflle* la aoiapany with raj old fn?od < barlaa Mai Vacdilo, wbap 1 not mj aaaiataat adit r ' r I>*1} boat | i+l m?. Vf Pal \ going en. Al'at a f?w and* Mr l< l*ft m? toft" lato tb? l<tt?'fTr? aril a* I wan p-aa' 'ling a' t? orartaka Mr l?al \ raafclo I rac> lta<l. Ir n a?a?? oaa b?hlrad at* a tlolaat h!o? fr> iu tba bu't *t,d <1 a whip I I.una diitalj a! ??!?d n uart aai.a thi> In I ri.latl wh > ha<1 tluia a?tall-d va. la aliao<| ting to grappla blm, I ra. raltad fatal t ?t >ra enta iu to- t ac an.I liau la (iaon? nn llf b dj aid N>' ra I r- ild au-caa I. mf fool all; )?d aaartha <<orfe-i?a? and I nil. Mr. !>ai \ -oe&l y * bo ?*? laadaatcaof ma. finding I ?a* n >t r lalag turnad rtind. and farMit:i| what <raa golag oa. prr^flat dad tn Bit iwojr la iloiof; thtr ba raaatt Jl" at mordrrtua Mr?-ntha band ibtaadad for caa. < |< prrai'alj a* tb# ailalr r -uir?d Mr Daly rnmrniug i ( <t'f tb* pA?t oiltoa. laiardtatal? pattMl tba votp oa fr rn tha map. I *"uld in-r?'y aid that ita?tfadtrt l ial who (trmnlttad tbla gro.aa aa ault ?a- full; arara that I bad baau frr man; mt?tb? t nfln-J to my kei'?a. lab-tlig ni drr ?a>at* dt?>*?* . and a! tb>- r -ry tina ba attacaad ira I ?aa kard'y abla to walk withont aciataea* Aa tba affair la n?o? going a judicial ataimnatKn.ln dntoowraa It altl a^ipaar f>rop-rly anlxrantia -4 Vur?, Tarj raara?U<ill/, W VI |>iM ?| VM. Maw >oa*,Marea8 18."'i Brooklyn Clay Nrwi, (liaaaiar. < ? Pain ay m^bt la?t, ak' ut al rht t|a?ab, rat?r P?n tl ( r?. a jpvrg man am.rhani- wa> 4ar.fl rcaaaly ataN-1 ?I'H r kmf* a Uaa lata aid* bra an i ??r- ? n , i? ? ? 1 i k'i!a a.ta-* a rib an I C-?a1 Wt'Mr, *iaII i: lrah -1 l i? h,.r? a?* a? ,r,d that aa> I n I ? - > > ?P 1 nir 'I-.I arin-a-' <nenrd tifat I i "l>a atat, tl' ia?a r*i<b<ar rana?-?mal Mcrrd fot|. *.4hln up i at yu, a <t ?h<i nnr l?; ^niina'lm h'lu ari la- iiirdftrlj tl i ll? aa> '* Ui. iait *4 Hi Mat L an. Theatrical and IHtialcal. Bowirt Thmtri ?The performanoap for thla *tib k !ng ue of i very attractive character. Mr. Katot rh stone. tbe tamou# equeetriaa. will appear in hi* unrl vailed feat* of horcemanahlp. without either saddle 01 ,, bridle The terrifc -peed of hi* hnr*c round th? arena ,li" while he if giving hi* a?tonl?bieg feat* on horseback. li f). really surprtflng Thin pert of (he en'^rtaioment wil pf be succeeded by the very *uec?fi-ful and popular pie; .( of' KrtMlH." the character* In which will b? flliei ir. by tb? ricrllcut (took emptor The whole will con h. elude with the Brio dreniaof "Kafra, or Three-tingere< to BaotoHAr THcuaa.?The new and excellent loea Comedy in five acta called ' Extreme*," will be ru peated thle evening. We have already speken in term >t, of praise of this production, and will merely add that I th la comedy of great merit a* if proved by the larg' u- audience* that have attended since it* drat representa y, tlon Betweeu the ccuiedy and laroe, Moon. Zavy 'ft ctowikl atd Mt?* Li'dlutu will danoe tbe l'?n Styriru of Thla will ke followed by an Interesting afterpiece. Bi'BToh'c Theatre.?Tbe "Serious Family" oom a? uencrii It* fourth month cf reprtieutation thif eT?n of log. It I* pretty evident that the respective character ''r In this beautiful comedy are well filled and ably eu? tained, or It would have failed to be ao successful. Bu , Burton. In tba out of bin cbaractera. allow* no actor to seltct tbelr parts- he appoint* those to each walk ii the draina whcee ahillil. ? and ia*t-t are exaotly tulle ?? to give general fati?tacll> n?and h? nee hi* great auc r *ef?. The aniUfemt ute oloaa with the comedy of "Lea " Year" , NiiitMi Theatre?Tbe new eomedy of " Wil ht Docks," will be producvd tbin evening, for tba Or* rr time. t'fcanfrau appear* in tbe local drama of th " Myiterlei and Miseries of New York," In hi* un ,,j rivalled character of More lie also appear* In tb IS. eequel. or' Three \ ear* After,''a* Mose a marrle a. man. uided by a very t-trong eaet. Mir* U. Oawe*, th tj, favorite dun ea.-e will execute " La Polacoa." it Online Theathc.?This evening, Mr. Tryon, th eicelleat treasurer of Mr. Mitchell, take* his benoBI He ofi'ers four ple?e* for the amusement of hi* friend*ic tbe comedy ot Uelioaie Ground," the farco of th ?d ' Tlrperaty l egacy." the ' Savage and the Maiden, ua and " Separata .Maintenance " Mr. Mitchell, Mr. II ?n llyan, and many ttker artist* of great dramatlo c*U ca priiy. will appear on th* ecoaidon. It It hoped hi friends Will it member him this evening. l^' Italian Ori:*a.?Thi* evening tbe claims ot Signo u.' Kac<iUlrlco, it I* hoped, will be duly honored by tb ;h habiiuet ot the epera. He ba* applied himself wit] '7i constant Industry, and under ad outage* and dlsad 1 vautaae*. to till the characters as?i>rii*d to him And i kU?1liBimy of all mat lie baa oootrlbuted nine! ?" to the auiujeiuent cfthe public I nax-umiDii in hi drpoitmrLt. Vigour Sauijulrieo merlla a good atten dance. and at "L>ob Otorauui ' i- to b* repeated for tb ' In t time, thi-rn will V .?. ImM dm a happy r.-ault 1? T. -morrow ii'tftt Signor Kuril's b-nefit will taite place '9- when 'La havurtta 1 will bo 1'trforuied. C'HRiciv'd Orraa Horar ?The performance* thl rm evei ii k occurence witb the o\erturi< to Kra Disrato tg wfcirh will be followed by the ' Sloping Darkles o ,Q Ohio." " Jane Muoro," and many otter plaintive aa< ?? siul-stirrintf melodies Next will be thr celebratm burUri{ue it' the "Voyage Mmioal." which will bi B_ fuectedri by imitation* i fall the leading prima donnas in ana the iiiiu.;tahli daurlog of (>eoige and hit associate n, Amiii iv Musm m.?T. U Itlce tt>? k'.eat ne^ro re> ih Preventative. will appear thl* week ?< I'oupey Squash of In the faTce of that name The am u-eraiiiti will c!o?? il with li t pantomime of tlie ' .Viystenons Night," it ?e wluoh the MarMue'.ti family will appear. Tfley wJL a al?c give tber a^Uniehtng gymnastic l<nta. !r M?u>u?.<?.- Tb* entertaiumenta for tbi? week. ron< kr sl-t of au overture by tbe baud which wi,l be loUewed "J by iepre.fnt?tl> ii<, in song, oi Soutbero and Northern J crgri??-It* whole cobcludicg w.cti the Virginia ^ Breakdown." Exiiiiiiti<.* ?A aplen-.lid exhibition of antj_ date ai.d li. animate wend?a of u.lnut? creation. by ,,j the aid of the Oxy-hjdrogeu tilcroaeope, w .11 taKe place 0 at 411 hroadway. tfcn evening. Ticketa tw<*uty-tir< eenta. 1'be proprietor ha* apes*, a number of years to ;o bring it t? its present pertection . Kium _ P".. ?A ?Tk - I ? - * ?"?Ipg alltaolicn at till# plana ui amuRr:uekt ha- b??n i? the frrti'- k tpecUvl* ol " Cinderella,'' ?nl while it U presented in ? **.yle, which is mt ?>ooe ?<J unequalled and *o ir>t>*nse'y attractive, It car.not lull of the unit rl|!Ml nuecfM i'be fmty utlru engaged iu it ara Ot'lPK If and th?.a#el??n real honor. aud trie before eice:!?r.t ta?te of the alfitiiij-uirlif* proprietor ha? paici-J i?w ard it'ilici? t?*tiiui>i.lal? fioui tuauy who Ken afc'ot it " The hue an-^rtiueut of ourli'slclc* it dilly ?>tviiiic(3 and aj-preti-ited by thou?.iuJ? Mary dt 1 u' tu ? bt cf baturt1 aud art l? rrpr??ent. d, and we khv not cnly " tied ?tric<>r.? lu (>t< u??" here, but glen 11 pleaeati' Hi d pr< Mable in*truotl?n t'oui all other *p<-cirn? ?x of th* i.audlaork of fb? I MM- rpritt*. LHen arid Kate PatemaTi *ie larnicaKad i for ?.* riji n?. ;.n<i v. ith t iudarei:*' for the emuiiitt , t u?t bf inn to >urLirti ft-od lot all tb? epicure* ol th* I (liUfLS Chi iikumm }'.iT??OHni?i?nr.?An extraordinary r<iOMUUB, Mr Katcn Stone will mak- hit tint appearI atn.a at the towery Theatre, tin* i venlux We an? Informed that '1j. is er < of the m.>?t ano<n:pliahe<i II <>i;u*/>tria*i- iu e\Ut*i:ee- that be perturmi f?at? on th- bare barked bone, the like ?>f nhirb wa> o.rer lirKra fttu Hob fcii that w hare heard of klr. ) . t<n.c hi* p? rf< r?au?ji>*. ? ara tatin'^d that he will draw Teiy taiga audUuce* aeery night cf hl? apytmiawm. The .New Voik pul.llo hare ulwaya b*4n f< nd I <'(ueftrl?ui.?iu, and a* the.- Iiar-aa op purt unity i f ai r:, .ng it In a ftjl? of excalleiioa never befoia exbill.eit iu 'bin cue try. tbey will no drub', mall thi'tuatlvra of the oppjrtuulty 01 aeuiag Mt >t< i,v l'.ih?it JIal?*. the'.i 1. (iant, and Ma.or More the American d?aif. arrir>d yetlcrday, lu thrnh'> Adelaide, from ilataoe. /t Mtbile. Kabruary Mr. Ilaekatt, Mr*. Colamaa ; Per*, *&d old 8; ear. At l ichiui cd. March 2d. Mr. and Mr* I'ibdln Pitt, Mfl. M J<oe?. and Meaur*. iiield and Chi pp. aJale ara of tia C'-ioj>ny. Lulgl I Wuu wan gtwog coneett* time. At VilaankU. F?b. 13. a Mr ( .iji.rd pltyed Maabatb At M< bile, rab 21, Miaa Kiaberly raad llaoiat. At Saiaonali. f ab. 27, Mita Uavenport. At New Orl?-?n*. Veb. 2'2. Mlaa Cutbnian. Mr. Coulduk, Mr t c liiu? Mr. flat*, ard Mr*. C. H< ward. I At t"ton, March 2. Mr. <>aorge Var.denhoff raadint fhakf,<are. Ml-? Aeouita La' n.ade a highly fi?>.>rab>a ) ??. 11 K? har t . ia .? .,! t a ? < a..nal> At I'a'llmor* March 4, th* Segiln troop* open the 1S< iliday itmt theatre. At C*'umbin. R C? V*b ST, W?lob, Drl*Tft?, L Nathana' firm* tu 4olcg w*U. I Mr. MarrluU, tlia lr?giJI*o. I* it Albany. Mr. *>14 Mri Thorn* ara In town, and a n*w theatre U eonliuiplaud, tu be taunted on Uroadnay. I Mr. u4 Mr*. WnlUek are at Lonall. hfi uti*n r?oM Nrw Dai'i'*ir??tVn ar* In d?:?.)to (.eptain of lb* > ! arjer Admiral, and | to limt'l t.iflM, lor lit. John (N ll.) nenspapm of ttotttbwlt 'J h* Provincial I *jt?lntnr* If In e??*ton. The Attend Oen. ral bad lntmiuced n bill Tit ooneoliaatinft and an rt olrg tlia lava of lb* proTlus* rt-Utiug to th"' 1'Cal t 'teinir.ent ol count In and |>nri*h?*. The Mil tup. *?i* tfc? local aulhonll** to regoU'.* their own - lid jt ii" Int'i(?r> u?a of th* L*(;*iatnr*. All r< wnty i. alien ar* plnc< I by It la the hinli of . U ca!)*4 tt* M?**'< o? Tb* tu-ae jr* In regarded ?i Ji 1tirr apparently. by the | opl*. and >< coaujarcd a-tl. popular movement The R'lilciJ, however. In an lrr?.*piu?lbl* l? ><iy. appointed by I he crnvn, and the A- brmt ? u It ln>iaatei mat tb* |?'|l* will not b* r<<liy ?atl*ial till tb* power ' ' **?ied In that My la Uan*terr*d to aflMti *l*ct J by ill* |?>?ul<r Mi. ml wnul < lrtc*? of *jtolu aent ar* & a <1* ?!<<ti?*. A <t**pnl"b ha* been er Asml a'?d to IV AwenI. y fr< > K.atl i.rey. r?it- la'tug I >* lit J-U'p? prohibit ?? ?f b iunlU* kui nrbtddlng tb* ll*n!ri*nl U> leimr to kMttt to nny bill ot w?*n*ure?. granting b ot.lie* .tit nay pnep>?*. I hi*" th* .V' r Untminrktr r*i..*ii*, I* uprn th - fre* trad* prln<lpl*. anl frr tie inrpce of rttr?li( out la *?rj p?:t?f h.r M*j*ely * d- ?rln>< n* the'.* prin. ipl-t which l.itl John M i ftli ha? d?> ?r?d et* I (?imi th* p >Uey ol 1.04litil In ibelt fulleel e?t*nt.'' i I it I* Mtl J to be la e^oieinpla'lon to pfpo** In tb* I^FTT^iy. ii auurat* vo .fi rnxn, i I <^l<l?tirf i (iitn l (tha I I p'-r II' "? of r? lUoi'Dl) tr ?) b? iiilrii4 fltftlit,- n?n<n IVtrfAf, JtaitU S. | Puriti now A?"Wi rnr fi wrw Ri?r< latitat.? j 1 haM. I'aul (Mia) C'iraM<<?, ft tba Mb alt, Mf? ? A raitjr liu arrival at Mand<>t? fr>>a tha f?rth ' ttaiIr | p?? r on 'ha Mtatnvtt rlaar bringing a l patuful iD'rl' I tba pr?*?nt coaiiul. ti ot m* a J <1 Kloui ladlat.* The mow I* uuujualiy daap, Ia-< ihr party. I?*lc- thair way on the plaloa. wrratas J*etrd fa Iba Bi'M aitraaa |:i>iU?m Jurlng thajr>ar> nay V r->au a artm MeLwd. wU" rama <t wo with tbta i pmty. cats tha tolli.wiDX lalvriottiii i tl.a .? Hat# - N'r.illi?.?l??a;i a- lar a* tb* fhryauna rttar tha uauai halt tf tba filaaatoa budaio huatlcg i nr. trod daring tba wlo'ar max, U>> waatbar. #ta?a >'???ibar baa b*?n tarr raaara, and at.nt baa fall an to ao uru?u?; dapth i r.a praiiia* <> tha upp-r St. fatat? batlig barn ti#at ot-r la-tau' t > tbaava*tat aataat ot thraa t<> fanr huacsad m a>|uara, tba I . b?Ralo huta their uauai raax* antbaraalni*t aatlraly dl?app?ara t tri m tha |a a?taat of ? tba ti'iatirg grotia la of tba Wahpatoa and Si ?at u S.'Ui, ki i tha rou*n|U>?ra will b>- moat dl'aatrou*. If act fatal lo tr>al bum bar* of lhaaa poor paopta, Wboaa > prirclral raUtaoa for l< >od and tba uiaaaa of procuring olithicg baa i< og bar* tba b>iattag of". tbara > balug ao daar. aa4 ?carcal/ aay of tha'mail fiir anli mala in tit* country. Tbojr ra'aa aoiua earn whlob ta alwaja ca< W hatr tha aua.aar >i,ia^-? whaa thay g aw*j hi ta tail oa thair r uat. and iba ta.nraiant' f the bvf?a:o bata alaayt baa a aw Irregular aainneari lata that taatiaaa thay bata to go to auah dl.-taaeaa i aa tftidaia it nasi t" la>p?aalMa f.-r tha? t > g<*. baot I tr thair euppilea rf era uadag tha aoaerlt/ M wlatar. i 8 >an ta tha aitr*Biltj to wblaa tha gr?atr i tnbar of i La fti?t*ur>a ara av? redt* ai. and toa ?t taporl i It t.ght la fro* th?!r amp big*i up o* tha t !>ajrnn? rlrrr la. that thay bad -at-a up al' thair doga aod ani (Irraatd h*aa and weald haaa ? a to raavrt to thair h-r??? i'>i fi? ' ' th? t?tnt hnp?? obleli th?> t-Uil of ti*4lr.( (< ? fcufolj?? to pr. '.rort ?h?ir cxiat?ac? until th? IllUo. ?r? d rnlu.J horn* *' ritf l?r? aa4 ? ?!! patUtt l.aj not R to mob * di.tatir* bad uo.-^drd In ? itlof la to ibalr vlilatfM In th? ft Cat* ' I d??'' iull io (>n? n%rt/li?1 in. taallj to kill a hrr?o ?h?n not ranrotbar, tweMy mllM If ei >h?lr tntiMtlm. baton j r???ot?il from tri filing f.b th?lr ?( D*n n4 h-lpl??? abtllr* u l.j aaN i ?' rabt* ai??aH tb?T a"i loct h I (?bi<> ???? ?*ao?4la*ly 4"ab?fal) .-4 In rattla* l isto thoir eor* rtrkti In tbalr fami*fca I at*:*, It will i nk* ho 4*to?r*4 ?od la th? trrlog m*i;i a h? | l wa?r? mbokc Indian* ll<t? *.til h* Inmorrit) rilM ft atr*Mo oaat and aolTarln* a?t<*( ih?? . ugiom fb-7 f?M?? t?II?I thrr?i h tba 1st. ronton ol th? go. laiLbtbia^u lie** ii><?ir?t*4 la vhtu Am. Tfcl.*fclirHH IPITHLLMEBVCB* ! ADDITIONAL NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA r BiODOBT BT TU . STEtMER IMBtli AT NEW ORLEANS. i A | Nkw Oiirim, Febrotry 28,1860. I - Tbe rteaner Althimi brought four hundred anO ' fifty tboueaud dollar* Id g"ld duet. , Tb? advice* from Sen Franolsoo are to the 34th oi January. s The lo#a of property hy tbe inundation of Sacramento t City, U estimated at on# mult' n of dollar*. a The < hillan* at the minm near Stockton, lo their attack on tbe Amerloan*, killing eeveral, taking the remainder pileorere Tfcey were afterward* releaeed. ThU affair erea'ed greet exe.i'enient. and It waa ?uppoatd that all the t'hlitan* would, la couiequenee, be (spelled from tbe miaee. i Acoonnte from the Isthmut atate that Mr*. Fremont u had recovered from her iliu*-p>, and with her husband. t were about leaving for the I'ni'ed States. * n lhe Latent trow Washington, | out SPECIAL ThLKGIUrHIC CORKKSFONDKNCE. p W??Ht?(iTe>i, March 3,1850. Mr. Calhoun will be able, prohably, to b<? lu his plant ' In the Senate to morrow, end will deliver hli exordium ' blinaelf, alter which tbe addree* will be read by Mr. Mann ' It la raid, by one of Mr. Calhoun'* Intimate friend*, ? that this will be the iai t time that he will speak iu the o Si-nate. ar>1 that the gre*t Senator will r? igu his seat ar rwi* ? " *oe qtufftlion IP PeiUtfQ. e The whole them# bt?i? : the propoeed upeeeh. It ' will be the ftxt-book-of the S >uth. and the lLmiU by which tit' douth are willing to b? bound will b? da fined clearly and rvpltcltly. The hope* entert?lnr<i >. lit that Mr.' alb?un'b news will allay the excitement1; i- but It it impefsible to My what will be the reiult. - The city 1b new full of sirscg-rt, waiting for the openiug of Congrem to noriew, wbtoh la resolution dV| In the >loti?? No alarm, however, U felt about Mr. * Hoty'e raolutlon, yet The f. ee tollers are raid to ba rtady for acelder.t? ami intend to renew the war oa j the RlaTiry ijuntn n. U The oabloet, it Is caid, are very anxiou* about Mr. 1 Calhoun's ffieech. ^ Mr Clajton I* reported to be urging Mr. Webster to ?. compromise. Truman Smith I* bu?y the other way. V1i'kIii>s Lrglilitnrt! ? Bti.iiMoac, March 3,1HW. ' The Vlrgicla Berate has passed the House bill for I takli'g the popular vote on the Convention for amendI lbg th* Constitution. ? Arreat of a Blgasnlat, die. Baltimore, March 3.1850. A man named <br*bam Newbnr*. ??. - I ttf? city to day charged with marrying la r<Uladel> > i phi* and baring *lf? llriaa at the time in Germany: ' The weather Is e? M with a (light suow. The Southern mull, through has arrived Bark?U. >? >? Ohi.kami, Keb M, I860 ' The news by be Vm'ilca haUu,; rtached here, ootturi. iu ci M>?<|?ii-ner ?#? ;*' *- ? change 2 0?K) ba!?:? having tnu n>ld at a <2<-clin<; ol f.aty one ?idarter; middllrg J?. The nmrktl In unsettled. Shipping lnfeJltnene*. New UaLasas, febli. Arrived? 8l?ip Devonshire, New York. B* 11 iMoar, March 3. ArririJ?Belt Kiuily Jo!m?f>n. N?* l urk. Domestic MUteilany, The llret n <>w. for revtr?l }ea.t?, felt at Tusoaloan, Alt., on lb* 14th ult The ( onvemion a?rrmW?d at Syrarurr. N. I , on the 21st ult Thev repudinted all ! srrtsrisn Jrii> r. In ' .n - <n rrli^l ?n. bud r > .jiuiendetl i tin doctrines it tbe Cible a* the true guide. The bill l>: fore the l.rgHlatare of Massachusetts to 1 proMblt the running or r-iln ad trains en Sunday, has I bi-en rejected by tbe Senate. The N w Ytik State Mrebanlci Convention assem1 bledftt Syracuse.on the Vita ult. There were 147 deaths In rhllftdalpbi* daring tho I week endligthattld uit. Arnrgeacnts hav? b? n made by the Hudson Hirer I Railroad < < "i;'?ny. by a c< nnectl u ol the ste*mbo*t Ne* WHid. to run fr? tn Pougbkeepnc to Albany, by which the p?*< rg< r? lr m tli-latter city will arrive at New York by one o cloak, and fromi New i urk to Al, ban} by seven, P M. A bill has br*n prepared, ulvid'og I'pper Canada Intc three eptsoopal <lloc<s"?-s? Toronto Kingston and Lon? din. 'lb*? three tu.ih?ps sre to be nominated from tri-rg themselves by tbe clergy lu oor vocation. and ! earh caine to be submitted fur approval t? the KnglUU blfhps and afterwaid. fut continuation and apputbtnimt. to tbe Qu'<n. 1 be HudMu river Is open between this elty and i Pc t -pi-le, and ?r>e?.ii ct the steamboats hare l/eet rcrutng ri.gnlarly during the past week. 1'i>? Mif |Uf>i?niie canal will be opened for navigation t tb> 7Lb met g tli. hi nt.h rf r'ebruaty. three anl one-thlrj l?ii:4 i. id wen iiclird at the ibUadelptiia uilat, Irrm ''allfortla A pai T>r has ri oently been Issued for an entirely new ' and very Important Inventing the I .lactro-Thermic Trl? ytapb It l? aa arptlraMoo Of brat to tal^raptklog. 1 br N?raf? hM r?-a"tt'fii> i i'? dr-l.-.ifii la tn- rut o ; Cept. t>ba>HDl<nrg "1 hi? *111 prrmnt all promotion* id !tb? l*t r?-glm*nt of dragocfii. ubWm ttiv Uiilj.-ulljr be coiMprcinlMd (' [.I < hartai IV???rall. rommltt?d tuicU* at CWralattd Ohio, on tba Mini ult Ha Mr- id with dl'tincte n In the Mexican war Twmiy-onr ko?r?? war* barnt by an losaadUry Or* at I'alicyra, Mu . ct the If tu ult A Ci*?ru? C??? oi Ditrk ? Thora ban be^n ?oafH?r.b'r px'l>n.?iit at 1 i. .nivi "id , |a r?it*ri toihs I ' rU' di d ilrrtb ' t a i>ao r>t Mr ffe.Tge A. Cola. A aorr?ppi oat lit of tts* I'whM.ii d .tJ i.i ?ax?.-Af.ct bein?: k*| t for a i.atk-d ol 1 or d?jf, h? wa? plaatd in Mr. liart'a vtult, in tte l.uit <*teD trave-yard, ?l:h the ltd of hl? coffin'? ? a* th*r? war* vary ?<tlnu? duubta whrtfcer o- ??ot b? we? in a t(|i>M Hl? dt?e?*e, tha uoct-'M *a> wa-th? t la- tb? .'nly Indloattua of which mu a #m?ll pi tuple ou b ? Hp. c%?-tnK ranch rwallluir aff of wblrh i n th? ?bcrt 'pauii ?if f hr?a <b f?, ha (}l-<?. Many p?rt?<?? l.ara dally ?MU4 lit* reiaala*, and ail ?>*pr? it fh- tr o.ubu \A> u?a lu tkln tUtr f ?c more tbao two wru?( hi eb*?k? ai? a* r?*y and fre?b I a* wi?n Id g<"d health U* at Critinuirtkit Mm. M>whaf*l?ft; na'ural a?>i lifelike color. aad k'.a )lirb? ?r? ? j 'aoi ? t-tfr, act ba*1: ( tha i',;Ulty of d't'li at ell bin ay a- ar> ant a'- ail njuk.n ku: aat a-' ? h?n In iiiliua: a Tb*r? l? imt a< j ft, taa 1 l?t*l appraracM and in "l*aai.< email. !lla ' p-.r?nt? tlilt fcim daily in ??n?rtatn If eay rbtnge baa tak* n plan*, ?lib?r f r beU't <>r waeaa. Th isph do?lerf Mi k? ii ma-.y p?'m tha c.'Jfnuulty d ab: u Doctor* ate nut I fal ibla II- waa IftaM M illtMu jr>ai? of .k*. flan lovtl'tf aal I it?U ?*nt. On Sunday be wa? In i-?ai?h. rujaylif hla?l with hi* ri tn| n.l u j a H'ado??da* u ?ht cUitd ft corpm. " Ontt V*lrn<t?r?Tnii Onjr. Iiritio* I i it -,V? 111 10. Cravn* ?r?T? 1. No? SI*. 8?T, 310, SSI, m. v* ui, *! ,'. 8*i f t Mm. an, i ?v?,??, jm. sj?. 27 4 2;e. s-o Ma. 2M til oi KT - ? i?c -it < ?>'e?. 33#, >J7, l?i>. Ml 90 tu. ?4\ Mi, W)t, ?l to M3. gtruiui C?? KT ? %r<uT>-tit Cll?i4ir. Qtt* Pubilr Mr* itt|.f? ?r??iljr li ffrmMl, tdll to k???fi lliil t.i ? ?h?r. ?>-M ft t??4. 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