Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1850 Page 1
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TP | f NO. 5752. POUBLE SHEET. THE CALIFORNIA NEWS. TUB SIlAILi or THl TWO WEEKS' UTER INTELLIGENCE, The Re-Building of San Francisco. TDK GEEAT FLOOD AT S.MAMB.VrO CITY. inmruse Destruction of Property. DeititHte Condition of the Inhabitants, THE MOVEMENTS CF GOLD (UST. Our California Correspondence. News of the Atlantic and Paciffie Steamers ?C., A*., dM. We received, yesterday morning, the details o the two weeks' later news from California, brought by the California to Panama, aud the Alabama to New Orleans. The news came through from New Orleans, ahead of the mail, and we are indebted to the kindness of Mr. J. M. Coughlin tor the u.-t* of ttie latest new^pa|>ers from California, and also fur a letter from one of our California correspondents Mr. C. made a wonderfully quick trip from New Orleans. The steamship California, Captain H Hd, arrived at Panama ou Monday evening, the 4>h ult., bavin/ Jcft San Francisco on the 15th of J-rn , miking the Passage in about twenty days She brought one hundred and sixty passengers, and $ >>(),<? xi in gold dust j another account says $500.(MX). Tnere was neatly a million of dullais in the haadt of passenger*. Among the passengers by the Californti, was Mr. Eames, Commissioner from the Uuiieil Siaies to the Sandwich Islands, who had concluded a treaty with Mr. Judd, Plenipotentiary ?ttraordi< nary cf the Hawaiian government; also K.. .VI. Price, Esq , U. S. Navy Aiteut. He brings with him some rate specimens of gold in if quick-liver. When the California was off Hun D-e**, she passed the steamship Oregon, on her wny Iro n Panama to Sail Francisco When Uwy retched Acapulco, the passengers learned th<t twn'y-live of those who took passage in the ?t?auisfiip Panama, bound to Siu Ftaucisco, were sick witti fever. Mr. E. Nicholson, of the British Nivy, die<l on board of the C li'tnua, of dropsy, ou her s cond dav out from S.m Francisco The passeiigers by the California w?rr deliyel ^rt??n on t)i* lutkmn j Ahm K . ..A m^A iifiy < f thun preferred going ia stilin^ v.-?ada to waning for ihe steamer. The Alabama It-ft Chagrea on the l.Si.h of FYb* ruary ; and on the l?ih, nt eigHt o'clock in tne eveJili c, the saw a steamer, bound in, wtiicn wm jTobfbly the 1'hiladelphia. Thi-re wrr? no steamers at Ck'pm when the AUburni Hi. I?3on? y w.'S worth ten per e?-nt a month in Sao Fra?<ci?co wh?n the California l? ft thai p?r'. The following items of w'? l!;j- .. < we gather 'iom th? Alia California, PaoJU: .Xn/'t, .?nd l'Ln<tr Titnrt. The legislature, in seiwinn at M?n Jo?e, hid {?Ui>ed au act, which had received ilie np,?ro val of the Governor, "authorizing a km ni<>n<-y <$200,COO,) to pay immedldrmnuiiK u,">n ihe treasury, antil a permanent fund em '?? raixed for the purpose.** There being no morey in the treasury to pay the current expanse* , | ihe * actwaadteimd indiipe ntabU to k ep? of government in motion. The Legislature has also im-s- d an * *' A bill creating the ortice ot Static \ fat job for somebody. It given Rob'.nsoa, a democrat, formeily of itt fftynirrr. The $ac*am? nio river ( w?? ?7Apll in lilt* JVrtP Yirrlt Html it .K.d overflowed us banks A le , iu nj' rdnte. of the 0th of Januan * That a violent gale ? * noitLeait, occurred on ihe / torrents ot rain, causing -? river to oveiflow ulonu J str? Firat and Third. A perfect river ? ?i A o'aiock, I'. M., on the ?ih, us- <r MiMmfl on J treet? and tnoiher r ? J, in Tmrd treet. The City Ho ' i??' < eei <>i ?ni?r on the dining room flo ? * > n?|m of a rise during the nttf! t. ? a* runmnii hither nd thither, and r mming operations with great titrfyy Ad ftifMitiot ' " ?> hipa,'? run ^i*fa J3nn Franciaco . , ia about tx>in< organized. An rid iw that ci'f, to e<?fommate the < ?|?-n h.N>ke for the aubpcriptK n of Japt J iw* D Baker appfirtd to b- ni?trr eiMDte of thr *n'er (<riM. Iild 1' hat Ixri pro|iin San Frunnaco r ommmder of ww line ol ateamera in?m> ; and he ia m rati* to 'h* (Tni' mukr hit arraucnroti ?uh* cut del word* of oyr Sui Franna.o cotrni* hall be |.|eae?d toaee ftim afloat on th? > > i c i crack craH." At a held in Snn Franfliacn, on the <kh o fill aome vacant ia in the L*fit lat icct the Firat and ?W?iid Alcalde T iarfe. The Miowinu ia the rrault !? i * >ntfr-Da?M('. Rralfilil. ,.IIIM??to4 at A x'n . - Hatnnel J <larl? ??* ? , -jfhnw Ovary ??J? 4a. Ma?Mask favk. >41* 4a b- accceaaful candidatea it " l)?ff Oro. ? f rb.a city. He la known to eaery jmll. ?' n Ihia city ; he ia a " hujir |nw" democrat Turk waa one* a clerk in 'he I'oat Office, etwatd? rend law in th? oilier ul Lnieraoi bard, in Wall atrnet. winter, in C alifornia, had been one of in enerity and auflerinf. The rata had flo?ei ?-l 1 -c w? a. ..I.I.., ,,, h , his, uiinrniu w? r?rH nf ?nr ???*! of Kitn' twenty yeara ata?dini< The nveri earn* throughout the country were verj woll* r, and the lowland* undrr ?n*r n*)u?nrr of ih hiiih water*, the b<d *tat< ond*, an<l the atarcity of provi*wa? in th? the digging operation* have prngrn??ed hui hi* winter. But when the aprwig opeaa, i eka hen^e, a new irrnietu* will be ?i?en tc In and companies, and we hope to hear ol d aid profitable operation*. mildiBK-destroyed b? the treat tire in .Sal 00 are nearly all rebuilt beaniaon'a K? wi? i?l?'nlt in eleven d-ty* alter its lormei waa * t> a,i of amouldertng ruin*. Witk recufefatira apirit, 8aa Frauciaco caano rwiae ih<n flourish. 1 rn|.< i't Hartford arrived a*Mf at Sal co on the 7ih January, Hflo, having l#f ork <>n t .e 2l'h January, IsU She h rough * ' ?Verat.l? uunil?r of phmm-pk* ra Irona Hai ?%# v " |*w? proviaiona, and board, alao. E NE presume, has fallen considerably in San Francisco. Flour is now selling at $17 to $18 per bbl; beef, per bbl., $13 fa $15; pork, mess, $20 a $23; hams, per lb , 40 a 50 cents; shoulders, 30 a 35 cents; butter, 75 a 80 cents; cheese, 50 a 58 cents. Those Rreat Yankee enterprizes, the Express companies, to Sacramento City, San Jose, and other places, are daily and rapidly multiplying. A iheatre is to be erected in San Francisce. A eule of water lots in San Francisco came off on the 3d of January, and brought Ugh prices. One-fourth cash, one-fourth in three months, onefourth in six months, and the b*knce in nin* months. Amount of sale of $(35,130. The extra AIta California, of the 14th ult.? states, that everything e?*e promise of O&lflornM beirg the wealthiest State in the Union. Glad to hear It. The i-hip Sea Queen nrrived at San Francisco, frrtn. P..... I...... J.?_ ......... 11., short passage She wan seized by the Collector for having an over complement of passengers. This should serve as a warning to other vessels not to overcrowd their cabins and decks. It is said that very rich diggings have been discovered near Maxwell's Crees, on the north side of the Mercedes. The supply of gold is very plentiful. Colonel Stevenson having presented the flags of his regiment to the Government of California, the Legislature sent him a complimentary letter. A fracas occurred between the Chilians and Americans on the Calaveras river?reported three Ameiicans killed, and ten Chilians hung ! Among the new places for business and residence, which have, within the past few months, made much progress in settlement and facilities for carrying on commerce. South San Francisco 'skes the precedence. Th.S place is about two miles fouth of the old town, and on the direct road to 1'iiehln San Jose, the capital of California. The anchorage at this place is more secure than at any other on the bay, and vessel* can come within their len&tti of the shore. It is completely h' lien d from the prevailing winds, and the depth of water is sufficient to Hoat the largest and most deeply Ittdt-R vessel. A* a place for storage, and Security from fire, it is |>eculiarly desirable, on ae_ count of its being remote from the most densely ??ti|fd part of San Francisco. It his a fine stream of rur.ning wat^r, which makes it one of the mo-t healthy places of residence in the coantry. It is now the iteort of bhipping, tor obtaining fresh water. Our California Corrttpondcace. San Fkancisco, Jau It, IAjO. The ll'inttr Seatim in California?The H <i?t nf Sti avertt,? The Burnt I)tttri< t?The Flood at Sanam?ntn City? Mining Optrattont? T'ie Antitipattd Un$h, ire., +e.,4rc San Francisco is a paradise of mud. Th? "?* >tie r .'Ur" iiave been failing lately with a fiiurfold vt?;or, and the streets are muddier than ever w is Broadway in the palmiest day a of city retorm. We b?ve not yet reached to the height of city luxury, pavt d streets; and the soil is of such a t?ruliar nature, that the sliahtest shower mikes mm four to twelve Inches of mud. But between the rains we enjoy some days of beautiful, balmy unthine, w hich serve in a measure to ?li-<,>el the H'ie devils which gather over ua during the time the torrents are falling. The rams have descended, this year, with more th?n usual severity; witnin the momory of the "oldeat inhabitant," tb?* rainy ifiioo never commenced so early, and we hope that it may close with the some promptitude. With the opening of the spring, the larger portion of the population which have been cooped up here during the winter, unable to move out, will make an almost una. nimoua puth for the golden hills of the Sierra Nej varfa, there to realise their fondest dream*, and i lobd their poiketa with the biggest lumps; while { others, born under a leaa lucky planet, will curae their etara fur ever coming to California. People rrive here with the atrangeat notions In thair .leads that were ever dr<Mrn"d of. Many anticipaie, the menu Sey birike the beach of San Francisco, t?- ti rortunes are to be made, that the gold' blooming LI Porado are to be ir.i them, and that if there ' r > <l .> ..r street*, there tano ditfi< by other meana. Now, the ?a never a place in the world where Jlfficait for a man without money, or i olive, than in Han Franctaco. There are iiiIk ill Bpplu Hiions for every VHimiry that ' >!< in the Poat Office and Custom House, and the larger portion of those who have arrived here thix winter, are loafing about the atreeta, un?ble to preenre employment of any description. I was very much amused, thia morning, with a tall boost* r, who sreosted me aa I waa standing on the coiner of the street, with " 1 aay, stringer, have you been loan in these paita V ' About three )eara," I replied "Well, stranger." aaid he, "can >i n tell me whar that society is, that lend* money : to folks that want to go to (tie minea I saw that srmebody had been nuiixisg hifn, and I nndeceived him, by informing him th it benevolent aocietiea j hail not yet begun to flourish on thia soil. The burnt district la now nearly covered with hou^n, and the votariea of fortune are at work sgmn, with their montt, faro, and roulette. To increase tlie attraction of theae gaming houaea, music la provided for each on*; and " Yankee i l>?fdle," ihr " Marseilles Hymn," selections from | "Norma,"* " Sich a gitnn' up stairs." and other favorite aira, are mingling in delightful discord from morning until midnight. The estent to which I gambling ia carried on in Sm Fraarim hi astonishing In shewing the liona to a green friend, a few days since, in travelling over a Urger portion ot the town, I counted no leaa than three hunt red aid eighiv-two Utiles devoted to gambling k?Jrposes These are nil liecnsed by the Corporation, at a monthly tax of fifty dollars, and create a very e*?ensive revenue. i n theH'h of lanuary, a local election was held, which involved a nice question, which will one of thene day9 create do amall amount of litigitioa. 8. me two month* finer, the Prefect, Horace K-q , *p|??Mntfd ?w <i Colion * >.1 ol ihe peace. Hi* appointment *u confirmed by the Governor, tad no aooner wan be fairly installed in office, tban be commenced disponing ?f the town property in 1 very peculiar manner. The town council bad previously panned a bill authorixing the Mile by nuctioa of ail vacant town Iota, with the object of avoiding the inaumernble difficultiea that would aria* from the griming of them to private individual* Mr. Cmlton. however, took upon himnelf the responsibility of making graata > in a private mannrr, at one hundred dollara a It I The town council nuapeaded him for malfeasance imffice, instituted proceeding* againat him, and declared all titlea g'VeB by him invalid. The trial cornea am in a lew daya, and will be one of wterI eat; ""Mr Coltoa defending hia cane upon the ground that under Mexican law, Juatice* of the Pence w?re empowered to make grant*. 1 Prefect Hawe* and the Town Council and At* ' ciilde have alwaya been at loggerb-ada, and the former wan determined, if possible, to circon vent , the latter, and amy proceedinea *iratn*t Mr Colt..a. An election having been ordered to fill a vacancy 5 in the Henate and Aaeembly, hia Honor Judge t Geary i?med a call fo the peonti" to elect, at tu* k snnv time, tii new member* of Town Council, 10 fill vacancies According to the proclamation of ' ei-tiiwiitit Riley,an electio* for local officers f should have t?een held in November la?t; hut in anticipatioa of the ratification of the new constitution, the old officer* held over, and no election wa* 1 held. tin -he 6th of January, two d?y* before the e|ecr ti?>n. Prefect Hawea isnued a prorlamation, ?rd*r1 in* an entire election for local office* At tt?e #ame time handSilla were nos'ed over the town, containing moat n>fnmon* libel* on the old Town t'oonctlj and thna, takea by *nrprme, it wa* 'tI pecterl that they would be ejected, and otter*, t wbn would annul their act*, fill their pl*ee? Tb?y acted rromptly, however, and the result * wan, on election day. tSat the whole of the old k 1 onncil aow ia town were re-elected by a larg * ?*ojority t Aa applieauoa for ? citf charter 1* about being W YC MORNING EDITION?F made, and ih?re is no doubt but we shall have a 1 niHyor mi d boai?' of alderman in a fVw *eeks i The legislature have done hut little Utrlv. A bill, au'hoiuing the nego'iation of >t l?an of 520<),i)0.>, has pat-?rd, and received th* t-igmture of (he Governor, and Wall street will probably ?oon have ; an opportunity to give the u?*w Slate ofCtlifornu a hi Iping hand, as it is not likely we ahall wish to i>xy 12 percent, a month, the interest charged on I loan* here. i Sot ramento City is under water. About a week ' nj?o the river overflowed its banks, and for two Hides buck, there ia now abaut two feet of water <b a level. An immense hmount of merchandise h.ih tlus been damaged.* are plying through the ?ireet?, picking up what is drifting, and the Inhabitants are H> lug to dryer parts of the world. Hie ovi i How will probihly remain tor some weeks, and the town will be deserted. Hut very latle ia doing in the mines. The sev? re tain has so swollen the rivers thit it is im poti-ible to labor to any advantage, and manv of tf?e miners are leaving and coming here The , spimv i-niK'a, which will 0[ien about the first of M-ti h. w ill exhibit one of the greatest rushes ever 1 b* en in that direction. Sijuatteib are making their claims upon guverni ra> lit la*d all ?ver the country, and it ia very nec< scaiy that ihe government shonld send their commissioners here, and cause an immediate survey ! ot ilie patthc lat.ds, that thi-y may be brought into ! ma'ki-t There will be an endless amount of litigaiion in (he settlement of titles in this country, and ihe sooner ihe government ascertains what belongs 'o ihem, the better will it be for them. I i rim, n imunjP nnirr,Iiriirr ITUII1 WHUHirrMC source in Lower California, statiae that gold washl ing* hi d been discovered Mt Las Gallinas, between 1 J-5 11 Antonio and La Paz, and that the natives | ibere wrre extracting from the soil from five dolI lars to an ounce per day._ (iold has always been found in small quantities in Lower California, and | 1 doubt not the placers there will yet prove as rich ! a* th? se of this country. The arrival of this new# i has started har k many of the natives who came I here npi'ti the discovery of the min?*s Ther* is one clat-a of th? te natives, however, who dare not I return to their homes. They are the refugees I who were obliged to fly from their country upon I the ratification of the lieaty of peace, because, { acting in d> r ihe promises of the commodores and | military commandants who w>?re sent there, that I thty and iheir country should be retained as a part ol the American c< ufederacy, they compromised thr iiitt I\* h to nur cause, fought against their own hieihien 'or us, and were tnen basely desert.-d. Their pio??eiiy was confiscated, and th^y were toicd to fly, wrh the brand of traitor on their biowa Never, in the history of civilized warfare, w?* n great?r piece of injustice committed toward h ?e:ik mid defenceless people,than bv the United goveriin>?rl to the Lower Californians The dn-ci>v*ry ol gold to a l.irce extent in that tetutory will inevitably cause Us speedy settleHi'nt h> Anie'icau citi/'-ns, and Am- rican citi/ens ot a clnts who will not live rin a soil whete tli?y have seen th?ir brethren fall tinder a Mexican >' ke; mid unless our government take immediate s" I* t< ward the |>eac? fill purchase of Lower California, T pre<li? t ? i?coiid Texas afiaii there, in h'ss then six m<mhs from this date. As a country, a r< stdence of nearly one year within lis borders lis* fully sati-fi-* 1 me that, in iimi y points, I^iwer California is far superior to I i i?r. 'I he ?lirnate is one of unequslled mildness and ftesnty. In the lower portios <>l the peninsula, the them ometer never varies ten degreia throughout ihe pui. and sn eternal summer rests over it. T *e so l produces vegetables and all the tropical huiis, in the greatest luxuriance, and lit- mountains are rich in silver, copper and void, f loni one to two hundred thousand dollars worth < f the toiiner metal are annually exported fri^n ihe country, aud as yet no scientific apptratiu ha? eii introduced lor the working of the mines, lie broad guIf i< i i.e ol the n:oet beautiful sheets of | ??hti in nit- w% <?rin, nnu im nrrr c"<ibi cdqihuh I nmf'V s^fe m d caiwciou* harbors. A uhvuI d*put | I^i Paz, wrh one or two cruisers. woulJ keep I in < h? i k the w hole western coast of Mexico 1 lt? jeople are very much iliitflrctril toward th? mother country, and Mexico haa alwsys, imd a'lll d?? c. in if kit this territory. It wuuM h>* an ei,?y i MirhaM- b> our government, and one of mc-iic'il.tlit> lim til toil; and would, beside, oarluilly t<' |imr the ?r?'|TE ? hlrh hu? b?e|i di'Ue to im |ir<i>l?, ?ho, as h (. ? to r?l thing, ate anxious to become a pa n ?>t our republic Th? ausnor California snila at roon to marrow, hmdid with |?fHf nijf ra. So, till Ihc 1st of F'bruary, I bid you adxot * loui.u Th? Partlrnlan of th? Ureal Flood at (unminto City. I ( run ib? Alt* Caltfsmla, Un II ] It ia with me utmost pain that we are compelled to snnoiiiite the dis'.re* .|ri|f luttl.'lgence th it the city ot Hvciitiirihi is cuti>|i|ciely overflowed, aud that >n ttie streets of the city, where the mo<.t active buciness operationa were conducted but a brief tm.e Mine, the splashing waters are now sWre|>mtr with restMleae tury. The distresa and devas'atiou v Im h ihia untoward event will cause, ia truly deplorable to < out r in plate. We had hoped that the waters, which were not materially rising when our last accounts were dated, would abate, but their ?i urse whs ' onward, onward" Inch by inch ihev insidiously ro^e, until the atreeta?ran rivera. ni>rl ihe wholt bmkaof the river Were covered with the rurking flood. Those who were earn iing in r?nts gathered up what they could lay their tieofts ifon, and tli d to higher ground Alarm and l>ai ic r-|.in.d upon every side, and no m? ana to che? k the ilire atid dread calamity could be devised. On sw? pi the tide- merchaiidme of all descriptions wi.s borne iiwuy in the m>zhty rush, and atill it P< ured on The terrorof an unavertable H<xid waa aj i un ni to the miada of all, and evenr exertion was inane to r?ai h a place of wifetv with what ne. Ceseatles of life Were obtainable. The exciterm-nt aixi c- nlurion is represented to u* a? almost inde> anibnhle and hesrtrendnif m the extreme. W e are wnhotit advices direct from our corres|* ndent. but hs\e conversed with a p?*?euj|er who catoe down on the .Senator last evening, to whom we are ind> bled for the |?rficnlara of this calamitous slid unexpected event. When the Senator I* It, the enure city waa under weter, boats were inviy.i'ii g the streets, and carrying passengers tn m ihe second stories of hiiunea. The naif ni'ioeof getting about was by boata, and every in asmsbie crsti waa enraged in navig .ting 'lis sliest*. The ridge sf h>i(h land about two oiiles iii the rear of the city wai literally studded with ' nis, snd human beings were tning|.*i with affimh ed snirrotia, who had also taken refuge upon li"a fn ?n?. Puoerville was overflowed, bat the fort was atill (iiy. Nuinhe's of ?mall ten< menta had b? en washed i?i>, slid the front of a large brick builJia?. a>-*r the n? w steaniboat landing, had fallen in Dewy'a Hotel and li.e City Hotel were peopled liks beehives, and |Mtsaen?era were taken from the second tti ries in boat*. Mnny of the inhabitauta bad Uken relii?e on board the ehippin*, and sotne were slill living In the tipper stories of buildings ; hui these hah iKtlonn sere mserure The frea demanded h? thoae h?ving b?nta*ere very e lorbitant, illustrating the jiu.vt th ih?i " What m one mio'i mr^t is another m*n'? ixueon ' But the eitent of ih- calamity floea n<>i Hid here, accord isg to our inform**!, lot the r?ri hr? back of ine river are also under w*t?r Th?- rattle, hor-w* nod male* were lininf the river's banks, deep in water, btwaif M|>oa the s, are herbage yet vmtile above, |>r>--> o<inIf a nvttwfiul picture of miwry We dread to hear <>t the la-. uI many liv?a, and m jcIi distress miii si-flering. Already, we are inform* d, lives have been loat, two m?n having hern drowned la the street* of 9-tr-ni* nto by tailing from boats We al*o un* d' Mod that V# rnon ind mo?t of the little to?na a* o*e are !! ??ded. We al.wtiiler at the contempt** ti. n o| the u'ter dieaat' r which muit be caoW by th a ui??>ii?elj crittrofkr There ia no knowing whm the flood will atop, and what further ravag>-a rimy sure# e?i tb?-e which the relentless ruth ot water* haa alreaiiy occasioned. Hundred* of per' it* whow?re prosperoua, comfortable and happy, j ate now deprived of nearly their all, and 'hruat forth ?i i m?rn? n;'a imiiii from their h >mea W?- l?am ihal the I'lmrtr Ftmt*$ news,np?r wu I pi'i i ublirh* d, and that the building waa partially ' nnd? r wai? r. We have penned thia account hastily, i d 'ifwi the b??t information we could gather in ti e absence of our corre?|>ondeMce, but It ia on: h-m? d by m veral sources. We trust by our neit i??ue to pi ce a mare minute account of the flood tifliif oui real'era fl inn the Alt* r altfnrala. Fltra, Jan 14 ] Tin r" a . Itirahl* raluat fAi h p A hii'h hftt hcfii!!?n ibr ihiiviuc mid wylo? ritjr of SiemmM, low ruairlrlrl) fiibniergi d by the w?ter? * the ri??-r ?f tb*t uuMf, con but eicite our livelier and we b.i?i?-n to plwe the full?*?t rartimliri hftore the in the *h*pe of an Kt'f* W? h-?* b?f? KmHIjr |urr> ? i?H h? * mr H ?t h ? iiicM gra|>bir ncronnt of th II r?d, i (4t?ii W| )W MM ui'erf *tm< imrtirnUni We ?f i?? t?h* oiio? liKrili't with the mil) (iii' tM- rf bi? 'I-?fM(Mi'?n, in ord?-r to pUre t,? mi.t* inmmnMt p?rt? before the public tt the xilitri po<*inle m-<f??ri,t Satfcamirr* Chi?* Jaa. 10. ISM Thi? * ill be ? ne??-r *. be (orgnttea by the )RR H RIDAY, MARCH 8, 185C. r? sidents of Sacramento City, aa a day (Jut awoke j their feura lor the wifely ot their city against t the dangers of a Hood long since prophesied. a ? * t I wns awakened early on the following morn- f ir.g (the llih) by the shouting and noise Irom <j without. I urose and dressed, and went out uoon h tlie verandah of the Sutter House, (wiiere I had d taken a room.) and here I tiad a clear view of the i dancers to be apprehended, llefore nie, along the t entire length of the levee, 1 saw with certainty the r bf ginning of ? flood. a A bruftinie only elapsed before the waters be- u gan to inctease on all sides; the sloughs above and y the hlonehs b< low bore into ihe city the riaiug flood. S?-'?>n the eajih bec%aie soft, and tents, ii stud*, and building,not permanently and securely t lan? ned, were uiiiiertiiinrd, and swept away, und v borne along with the rapid current. c Long before noon, hutiflrrdsol boats were cross- d u;g every rtieet. lar and near, and hearing to the ti ' eev? rt<l veseels that lay at the river's hank, women tl and children, the sirk nnd the feeble; and a* they a airived, the owners of the vessels were ready to d oiler them prompt aid, Htid every comfort iu tneir ll ix.wer; aid when they were safely landed upon h the (Jeeka, the shwut of j<>y went up to heaven in j p loud ch? ers Irom those who landed them, lor their tl sair'.v, hiki mttr nmun n rrr rcimea rMCK DV Ul? fc hundreds of voices that were in the surrounding e boe'*, and within hearing of the response. During n the entire day, nnd until uight, thid work of hu- c nidi.ny and mercy wt Nt f.n The lo.->s of property ? mti t be very great? it must be over a niillion of d dollars. | v Ah mgbt approached, and the watrrs continued tl to incr? use, great fears wete entertained far the b biiildiriifo that were considered sate until now, for f the vsnt body ot water that continued to rush in on tl tlielevicin (ront of the city, wrts evidence that 11 but a very few could expect to be above the reach / ot the water in the morning Mea-urea were now v taken to preimre several pUces where food and u

lorging could be had, by rainiu^ new floors some b two and three feet above the toriuer oues; but this pi could ?>nly be done in a few houses, ho many being w under water, and all cooking tipp-iram* belonging v to the many eating houses beiua completely sub- a merged. IWides this, the several ' bakenea" " were eo deluged, that no bread could be had other 8 than hard bread. These pUc*s tor refreshment were quickly arranged, ho that the in.snv hundreds it that were driven tn rji their homes and could not 1: be accommodated ou board the chipping, should o find loud and shelter until ihey could leav- the city, p or iind houses in some place until the writers should h fclihaide. _ T? is night (Friday) was one of ffreat anxiety nd watihlulin sa to many; but when morning ; dawned, bouts w? re en'eitained mat the water* hud repched their "ultimatum," for they had advenctd but lutle during t ie uighi; thu w? owing ' more imrticulariy to the vast back country whn.n gave tlie rising llood outlet Previously the ob- >' vented it* outlet; now the waters had risen above ) these obstacles, and wns spreading far iud wide ' over the va st |'Imid# heyoud the city. b F?r a* the rye could reach, the scene had now a brvi nie one ?<f w .Id and fearlul import?llo.iting J? lumber, bale* Mid cases ?>t goods, boxes audbir- ^ rele, tents and wn ill house*, were floating iu every h direction The poor and sutlcriui: beasts were ia ?< a pitiable coudi'ion, and called forth the *> tnpathy v of all, and *hit coo Id b?*, was done to nave ti tlit in Hundred* ol horset, mules and oxen wer* b wai.dering about, set hint; piece# of security and C food. Many, very many, must have perished ? ci me gained place* of safety hy swimimu : u mile *' or more to ihe high blurt b-o k of the city. It was bI iliceed end IO h<"<r iheir low and pUlut, v.. bellow- A inif, ** it told of their appioachuut de?th by cold w' lid aiatvatloi ; sonic weri fe d by the warm li 'arted * humane ?k Hit y came near to their dwellings, asking by tlieir look* for tond. if Duniig all tins day, (Saturday,) there cime, *" ft Mil tune to lime, new evidence of unpen.Iinz hl ruin. Tbe lush of the river became murr^ina * more flip d, although the riac of Ita Waters ? enied th to stop for a* bile, iiut the current of ru-ihiug *1 water*ran so aironz through tlie various afreet*, Jt pntlit larly ibo?e ? ppo?ite the levee, vix: J K L " and M *ir eta, ihi*e being the main business w aitee??i ?bU al. o tbe cross at'eeta, bv tbe waters w f-iitit ?b< Icuiih abovr, that fx lit, Kuat, Sdoail, bi Tlia' Kuiitlh lr?et?, Wimiih* hkr rapid rivets |" ? <?' Itiui h so, that it wan a'm.i i lui.ainsitile for th<5 u bo tli en tostem 'fie tiOe.acO many '<4*ats Were u,met ? III tryiug to navigitfe inese streets '1 lie waters Were '' no? m> hi#h throughout tfie entire city, that all I1 bu?iiirM ??i earned on by 'he* * The result ?H thew rapid cu'rents within theie i streets, was to Hkdelime the building* that ! *'ti c< n*id? r? d sutisieunal and safe from dan- " y T. A- iib evidence of the power of the cjrreot, ' th< new iino valuable bin k build ng, corner of J " ai d Tltuil stie- is, tiuill at gteat cost hy Ihe .Ylcsars. / i Meintt, ha?Mg Malta nearly or <l lite eighteen b j Hit bee in tbicam ?>,*?? undi- ruiiued, and fell with tt a h?avy eras*), carrying *ith it ihe next store, o I Mohi MnprfV iV firewatei's, with whicb it fell 01 j ui't> the flood, a mart of rum *' The Imtte iron st??ie on K street wu lifted ci ftoiti i s |a>eiiion. carried into ih- street, and itien If uir|iiiM'?li, mlii. v.irioua owiera ^narra IV mm* " talf. ?mui e were lilted ai.d wi re ? ru in ivinif ?B IB rapid, Bona to (? I?B? n ill ?*.? Of v ruin*. Frw, vnjf l? , )<uui*f, li ih to hi* lr?rrdf cl will be able lu >Uwl th?w rurrenta lo?;; ? run <' flu mi, tin!*** ihe? are p> car* d by |?-riii meat f.iu.i- Ul and k'cur> i> laetened # Among ih<>?< ih?t I vi?iied in ntc through I t)i?-i'iiv, thr eon wmi down, ihit tud a Uir n iiM'?i'?ci u(neurit), hi ii- Mi-urn*, ftmitii, ilrimli-v l> at Lii , in J. flint? iIiik hn*- buiuiiiiif m il < niHijjr lutlii't above ih<- flood, ?>n the lowi r Hoof, |?i una gate uond evidence < ! im'in^ bee-i built with m ii'Ui li ?> i umy, rir?i<ij'h, anil forenaht Mrun ? U'latoa dt Co., al>< on itic corBrr ?>f J and Tmrii airteia, ?, tine and larye w ?r?-liou?e, wait n>|. trendy very firm. Ihtiugn not e<> liuh above aro'iuit >n ihe 01 laai, 1 hi Waier l? itiy * v> r j 1 luchea ii( 11 ibi* lower u floor A very line aud hmdfoiiK h Hiding, built ''' aim nwmd b> Mirrr*. Howard Ac Bmor, on ih* CMtcrtif J md K?uiih drrrit, had taro or three ni 111 hi 1 ot v??ier (if 11 thr l?wi*r floor, yrt this ' k?.Ii f did wmi hi uk ?oa built p i leet above the * ottiiuary let>-| <1 thr ?*te?i- thin will *ivr aoine la mi nli a n? ihe irrrat riae of water in tbia vicinity. U Thr City ilo'el, where mi many of our fnenda "i have enjoyed ihr viallrnl fair llal w.ta alwiva ei ( rovidiu by thr proprietor*, ??* ?i cora>4ete|)( mi> fa nutf (*, to thr boarder* 10 enter by J* ! at the tumid aiory, the Hrat heiuK ci?in- ? | pletfly ubCef Wat?r. The only hotel now left rJ ' whete ihe man) can be attended t?, ia the new " | htiel. called thr ?nrter tfonar, built by rt. rtrau- " Ban, K*q , 1 Wlied by Me-ar* |?ewey \ 1*111'ill, Hid ' very recently i?|ien?d by Mr Jatkaon Thia hotel ? II Id* Ol'lf jnai abate be W iter, Ihe Hood beinit level ?ilb the Hik>ii When Ihia i? flooded, there will he bn public ho'el lett in ihe city, although there are a'lll a very tew eatiair ami I?*<i|iiij( r-*vn?, Pj tmirylmif manlnlU Njiaiaat the lkreatcaln? H??m| ; ? aitionf 4ew. ah- uld br named the Sierw Nevada, lte|it b* Mr Mi'Kunfh', a mo?t en'et|>rinnit tiita, and w lio wi a driven imin hia former houae to h>a U| nre?ent putiiHx* by the ?udden Hood ; he i? bow ni ?<ated hint the Hmter Him<?. 1 would I loiilri deacube the acenea that met my ?? (all aa I Bed tided to Ihe mailitofl of the ehiu|>ibi(, kl juat at iheevimnv i?ili?b', on in* return ia tne t i.a.-t 11 ik. ..^a.1 li<hir ami I r#*irie>iiklk#>r?*rl W home. I * i.l niott th?( I might I ok giln abroad, ai . ki.iJ di.,w ihe eoiiirMi, from our home tcfN't ol H I ijuirt comfort, of eocial lile aitd i?? ?ojo\ m~nta, ol *Ml it* fills hhh?< m it?H are to fcr igcouatered by I?fe ii. ( aiiforma Ta<rene presented ?' to *i? w li?.in tbe maintop wan wild in tne extreme ' - a vaM |.-ke ot watTo Here and there only ih? i> f?T* ?f ii lr?f ar the clump* of treea, were *i?ih|e m b?M?tdth? city 'or mil** M ri>ri(, rvm to Sut- if ter'i K < rr-ni 'ii ht h ii <hr ru-h ot waiera Two ' htgh Mrl'a wrrrt md??d *r?-n ih>i?p wil^r, f?r in A tb? nichirf ike f?ftand-here waa ??r? a>-uird a " mod th'illixv alffit The higha*t poinl of the bluff JJ w** rtown?rt with l'*U, and from th-nre, dowtn ' to the w atrr'a rrtup, war irrg a deua* of m?'o, " horrea, and ?aiile, | on?i?euou?ly mi*'d, ail aeek- V irg aaf?ry by a rapid fli> hi from the ii Mid to the** " no nn'aiua of ho,?. Thr- pit mrea ?r aomottmn J' a? e of the rteiuue, pit'bt gi?e one an idea of what '' r? uld have b? > n witi.ea??d !<? iheae bluff*, aa " they appealed thia Sn'ntdty at Minwt. New* %lao came to the nu ih?t th- ??! ? h?d ri-'-n to the A tort, and that thr hospital bad two and a half feet " ??'et on ihe floor .**nf bath day oi ?n? d. and the hope* that '' er terrtn.ed ibe day previous w? re ?of?n diaiiellea, . for It perceived that th?-"w?<era w> re atun on the ri?e," ihot kh slowly I < w?ier* w?-re . abo trtwiry more sad more co'd, rridrira of the melting ol Ihe *nowa ll|"li the ?a>t r?n?" ,| -I rrx nntaioa, aad waruiac ?? thai the "end ? it , Kiya" J] The S?rrnmrMo. thia m- rnin*. was atill more t| ' i''d ileic*1 lit arnk ' lint <w? ?.? '.y on If % port'inl* d |r?at?r m n Mill The m ah of !<**** per? In ihe notii*- "leant*-* ."Vi?ior, ?a the morn a{ >l>ea<0, alao *old tha* there were many who wera r-mny-ef|e?l i?. find a hooie el.fah'f, and oih??, wf?d? d from iheae rceneanf dancer *n?f ?ittl*rin( The n tor r? rnait ed nearly two h' ara fc^yond J her n?*t?, to acciaiiinwiate ibf ae wi o were <! air-ma * t?? take (a>m^f .*he came dowm the naer very j , 1 n^>idlf, yet aundily %ud Mfrlf, u>U Ua4od her [ERA jf assengfra at 5 P. M., accomplishing her trip ia iylit hours. As we came dnwu, w- could see all ilong the banks for twenty miles, clustering groups >f cattle and deer, gathering upon ttie highest mints of land, hoping to escane the almoat certain leath that awaited ihem. Here, too, were seen louses ?nd tents, floating amid the trees and drift, leeerted by their occupant*, and where, but a few veeks since, ihey stood upon high banks that bade is look upward as we Bailed up thu wonderful iver Altogether, the scenes witnessed are strange a they are wonderful, and andae they are wtiange, 10 such Hood having ocaurifd for nearly thirty eers. As near as ran be estimated, the rise of waters s hi* fret within the city, and the river has risen wenty-five to thirty feet. The loss of property ia ery great, taking the all of mtny. Several inerhanfa are very heavy sufferers, losing in merchanine and btiildinfs, and loss of businesa, from ten o thirty thousand dollars each Added to this, is he personal Buffering to health, and the conseuent sickness and death that taunt ensue from the rehdful exposure of the sick and feeble during the oods. Yet amid all ihe dark aioads th*t ???etii to ang over ua now mid over our city, " hope whisrr? Mill." Good, great good, will come out of all his evil. Better, tar better, that this calamity honM come n?w in the early settlemM of this rowing city, than ? few vears hence Now. we ave a water uauge, (or shall have soon,) ana we hali know when and where and how to build; ltd it is certain, too, that what ought to have been one the past reason by th?se who were enfusted vnh the city's welfare, will not remain undone he coming season. Already a dey> interest haa ren awakened, and liberal CWtl made, to ecure the city from a second calamity of his nature, and it is not too much to say, or ? expect of those who know and have seen imerican enterprise and energy, to prophecy that tithin three months after the waters shall havs bated, no traces of iis ruinous p tth will be seen, ut on the contrary, hundreds and thousands will sy that this whs a blessing in disguise, nnd those ho have survived and have still struggled on, ill thank h kind Providence for their delivery, tid say earnestly vnd sincerely from the heart, that it whs gwod for us that we have h?*en thus ffioted." > Vkritas; A postscript to a private letter, just received, givw a l?>s lilowinv accouut of the Hood, written at 2 IV M , on the |2ih inst , says:?"Th* lower floor f the SuttPr Hotel is still aiiovr WHter?boanl rrday. charging from $10 to |I3 an our.*' Tbs Trouble between ih? Chilians and Americana. [Correspondence ot th? Alta California.] ?STtH'ii run, Dec. 31, 1H49. E llcmvAai, Ew). 1 'ear Sir? l'ercetvmg ihiit you occupy a chair >i tilt editorial en IK-1UII i o| the Alt* Californi i ? I-on which, by the way, we must congratulate < ill- -1 hart* thought that a few remirka u^ou uiUi-ra htid things hi thia quarter might be acueptalej mid Ht>t ot all, 1 murt give >oj an account of most i-hocking und deplorable atliir, which nan j?t occurred in 'he mine*, about tiltv rn'lea from 'o<klon It appears that a number of Americau* ad, at the commencement ot the ramy aeaaoo, elected a certain place near the Caliveiaa Ktver, ihere they erected lug cabins, and mule |>re,ur<iona to winter This was a place in which "dry lowing-' for gold wmi carried on, last auimner, t?y hiliai.H or other loreiLuera lS?M.n alter the Ainert?us e-e111* d, a number of Chilian* arrived, und lit to wotk in the tieigbb<?rh'M>d; and ahort'y terwarda, a putilic met iinit wan held by thmericai.a, and a jui'jr ana a tiiiliiary captiin ire ele?ti-d. Notice wae then given lo all who ?re not American citizens, to leave within litendaya. A t>ody ol Chilians atill remained, at teir "Id place, alaiul el^lit llillea Iroin th'* Iowa Log Cabtis," (ilte American c?iii|>.) aud used Htid drove oH three or lour Americana, ho att?miited to dijj mi the n?uhboih<?od At ir t ipirwit'ti uf ihe time specified for the Chili* ia to leave, they w.-re brought before Ihe jdpe, (Collitr,) aud lined one ounce i nch, and htiid to l>a\e by the 25ti? mat. Little notice as i?fc?n ot them do*n to ihe 25ili , aa it af ru^mwd th? y would leave At lhn time lit few c?t then' remained, and tboee were a ?HTily riaki'-s pre) aratmus lo move. On tli^lit ol ihe 27tli in-tan', ai about "igtit oVIo.**, .leni ent * na made upon Ihe low* Ln/ ? 'iii'*," by about eighty armed Chilians, who v . ut u ni cabin to cabin, eeiv.u/ th inniiteii, niont if 'htm Were III b?*d, null tiill<iiii|t III 111 With Uaing the nn et abnaive language, and lirutening to shoot them it they re Hinted or nade me Imit n<>iee (i ?houl<t be reiiwrked, fi ll m tie ol the Chilians ejM'ke in lv>nli-h, nor id I lie y etmw any auuoiitv lor llie arre?t ot i ubrriencaiia Haviut bound llie inttia ea ot t'ie nWii log Cabine, Hitd tn d aotne of th? ill to tr*- <, My left ih> iii under nuntil, ami yrwdtl' Jed to amne her rebtiia aud ten a lit tin- ueiaiitiurnood In ne ol llior* Cabin* th' |e ?mu hji'ii, and *"fti'* live r prro?ns playiua tarda Tiiin cattin tVr liai(id U)Ki|i, tnuke ii^rn the door, aud attacked ir it mate* wiih pistol*, gun* and kotvea, k'ilmf i>i Aim ru ana, one ot their o* u |Mrt|r,i|i|i| vim nl. iv lour othela The two men who xrefr killed ?re avid, one ot them leaving a wife a d ten iil<<r< n ia the 8tnti r, and the o tier a a ile and rive Mult- u I have been uuaoie to ascertain |t|eir .in#a ia, full I l,ie til ilit*hi i? r ?ile.I Hlarr iirwu *ilv from Niw York, but l<i?*l)r tr<>ni T*x*a Pm* b.iittu* ih? n h"?uu with *!! tr??- Americana i Una Catii|s rv?-n ?tio wrr* wminilril, and uiriril ihi in ??H? wiiIkmi bluik?"t???f rv.i ahd joiiaoth? r?, wh mii tlt-y bid r? Vioual) l?k> H, lllnrcb' tl till* wludr, nui'rii in urrli*r, h ol njjiu milta on ihi* r?'ii '? dllla Mnllli l?Ur, III lh<* l? III ol M Alc*ldf II Hll*d Million, Wbo, lliry Haul. HoUlli tl!CMI|MII> tl-nl i flockion. Thia Al?>ddr r>l'ia-d (< are IIh*in, rl<> liavr m<\mi?i|{ in rln witti ifi'-iii ; ami atlrr Crln) ?>f ah?"ul an linur, whurfi waa 1 ruravoriug to bunt U|i me ?teaidr, iti'-y in.fird iick lo thrir own c?m|>, a di itaiicr <>| Hfn-rn iilta. in |>?r?'iig ?n Aii?ricaii liraKD'H IO ahiml ibr Aral Uhli arho tillrrril a otd At ahi oi m *rn oi? utii o'clock nr?i m iraiy, thr) alli?> d al Itir ill milr lent, Irii unl-a lia <t?- i t ihr lloublr S iiin/a llrif ih' Chilian# til bieak'art, and lh>* Aiarricnil 4(11! litllr e< Id llrr Tbry lb* 11 mauhrd thrive nnl-a iihrr tawaida MiK'hion, *nd al the irtit, late ?ii Hi', bail 1 bltcuit ?-a? h, and wm* e rr ibi) heard 'bat Iruiida v?rrc coining lo f'tif tli> hi Fur Brr < 0 tiic road at about thrre i-l>tk, u Amprwvii n-dr ! > with ? gun. *hn uaiktd, " Ukr cair ol )oaii>?lv*a. bojra " S?m9 ilir ( bdian* *11'^atrd lo iindi-ra'aiid K igli?n, )C oi<l> nu' ol tbr American* m<l'*Wii#4 ^ini'ali; it ihf It liner a?a(?ci? d ?om*-itiuig, and (raving >r r<*ad to ?"tx ktoi., ih?> 111* re tied ami countriaicbrd, tbiC'iiyb 11 ud ai.d wm'*r, ikrkrn ?(.d ?ii.a. cvrr ihmUim and guli'h>n, uuiil i^n Hi t k ?t night, whrn. co ncte-iriy? *1 <-i-I fr*ni .lit, burg* l, ai d ta'i?ur, ibry rre'e'l tor torn mis. I tiring thia'intr, aome 1 d thr Am?*rii?iia 11 rt ifc#-ir trM, ai.fl M?m? of ih?- t.'nilian*, it ?? tri? aid* fom.d, bad either (iini omi or vainoaej ?wa e?l(!(iit, fcnamr, 1 Tut the nrratrri h?il ifietrd moie Iri 111 the march tht 1 t*irir pr tanners, d tiding Mini*?? hat afraid ot an aii*mt.t at rrr.i*, iv ?f|p willing 10 com* to an uudrraianding nit th' Am*ric?n?, and agrrrd ta? |>MMan itinr I. an<i I,til. rrtt ht th* remiLr r.Mit lo Sliirktiia. i xid'd the) would ulrfcKtr lor Ihrin, in Cu? ul I nil attempt at teacue hy other Alll?rtr?a*. Thf * ktriitk tbr road ?t k Ifiiu ahimi u w milt mi Stockton. at dajr br?ak It ao htp^ard na l?nt waa lull ol Ameriona, who wr*-r<- aaoa ay i arme, and arrm??d ih* I'hilua*. Th- lat?er, ho*e nuDitcri h?d Iven r>-dii<-e<i to eleven, were >K ti'd. and had i?n**t?did a abort dm' n< on ?e road to* area nih kloa, ?h?n a number n( (trrimH f??>to the arrived and io??k icm fr? m th? foim*r |irin*ifw, d-t?rmard oa mrih'ig ikrm hark to the I .w* L?"K CalMaa. lie American* who hid br?ii t?h?n ?fi?i??r? ari*ed ta 8'o?klon 'he da) beiore ye?i? and ate ih'nwhe* u|> to tha mrhoritu* Tne l?t'*r .toini'd them 'hit they did not knaw whether ir> an? ih? fi?ona tor ahmf arr*-nf the* had ?u>d a will) lor it aii^aia thi?i ihe J n?n* ?f irri IkiIMmt and Prelect of thia i4ace hid i-atie-l writ ol arr?*i tor the Judiir (Comer) aud ?niicr mriNut* who had warned oil aud nmnrd o??y from tb? f bllnaa. the latter harn<^ l>>di(*d rm.|>lnnt ufa'na* the lormer, ai<< naing ih' in of >M>cry,vVc U ai^wara that tkr aiiihoritiea hern rrte?*i red to fei Ann nraaa t? ??ecnt? the writ, ui lail'i K in the nrxmor, n Ml in'o th handa ol lie I hiliana, who, I rauat Mr, reli. ?l, ti?in tl?* eaiitniay, ?|-on othera lor a-atetaaee It f r><n orert n tvwa yeettrday erenin*, that be rlt ten ('ltil)an i-rieomra, na?hU , Irotu rianMii ti, !' |>r<* a to l aUiena, were huuii u,M?n be load. I kiae thia aa a tumor It ta th<> i?ht bat 'he C hil eaa who mna<n on he Calavcrat nil late ha illy. N?rio*THiJ? or th* aa* fw?r(t tn, ^ir ee tra*?Mi"? hy land h?? been luieirupted, all !?' hoaia in tMnklon ha*? been imrchiaed torn I ih? Han Jo??M'n. P?nta which one month iito old ft>r In m fPO to fluo, arc now worth |**? t? MKi A whale Hoat which arrived a day or two atace run the Totilunmc, met on her trip down neve* LD. TWO CENTS. teen boats bound upwards with provisions. This boat took 4,100pounds from Stockton to a pUce on the Toulumne fifteen .mites above Crescent City. The river is said to be tull of scrub oak snugs ana sand bars, and cannot be successfully navigated by steamboats until cleared. A city will undoubtedly be established on the San Joaquin, somewhere between the Stanislaus and the Toulumne?probably on the high bank opposite to the latter river. The ground rises gradually from the river for a di*> tince of eighteen mile*, to the mountains, where there are thousands of wild horses, elk and deer. It will be a fine region for fanning when the gold miues are exhausted. It is mr- hundred mile* from Smu Francisco by land, and seventy-five mile* from San Jose. I may at ? future time give you some further information about the San Joaquin and the souther* mines. ItoiiEav Wilson. Stockton, Jan. 8, 1S50. I have just seen four delegates who have been sent from the Calaveras to this place, for the purj??se of laying before our citizens a correct account of the proceedings in the mines which led to ttia deplorable occurrences of which 1 have already given you the particulars, It appears that the Chilians, in the endeavor to have Judge Collier and other Americans on the Calaveras arrested, were aided by certain persons, who would now wish t* shirk from all responsibility. A meeting ot the citizens of Stockton was htld yesterday, for the purpose ot hearing the Calaveias Delegates ; aud those gentlemen vindicated, in a most able and satisfactory manner, the course pursued by the Americans toward* the Chiliauaoa the CaUveras The latter bad, by false swearing, procured from the Prefect of this place a writ for the arrest of Judge Collier and other persons. If this writ h id K... .. tk. ..<* ? ? - v? I II J iniru III Uir uauua v/? a piupri uiucri, iia injunctions would have been promptly obeyed. In stiadot which, it was given to a parcel oi the lowest order of Chilian*? none of whom could peek a word of English? who, ."Mead of preurutinu it in mien dayliunt, stole up ? their ua*u???ect> ing victim* in the (lark, and, dn^^in^ ihein lr.?m their bt-ds, tied thsin, murderiu^ all who olfered the Jeaat letia'ance. Such were the facts elici'ed by the meeting held in I hit* place yesterday. The delegates from the Calaveras, to all of whom i hai** been introduced, are must respectable and intelligent gentlemen. The following are their tiHtnrs:?Hubert Hart, Em , of V"try inia ; Col T O. Cilniau, of Wisconsin; Or L L. B .tile, ot Teniiefsee ; S A. Booker, ot Virginia. The following resolutions were adopted by the rmttmg:? lisroiffd. Tbat tb* thank* of thin me^'io^ am da* M Mr b(H>k?r sad ?lb<*r* ol in? < ilitertu Oilman >n for t hr o< i?nj? ridable dliohtr^ ?( tn* dulls* entrusted M t) sui by tbelr Brethren Is tb? m'uss. Kesoltrd. Th?t M far a* ibi- lues ion I* informed <4 tk? reosct occurrences in the i a\??era* ths Atnerloan Uilnrri thertln have a?*.*d ?t n s nub t? ( I 4 tu lbs x"?J order and weltara < * tUi* dm riot, ti ii a laudable reject tor the nguus of lb iiiwUik aud tbilrewixjiiin. |i>Mi|??d. I bat tbts meeting expert at l*i* hand* of tbr judicial ?>mo**rs of tbts dl<trl<<t mib p oi|i and encrfvlln anii"U a* they may deein nn'-t conduct** U ths (race and vellara i>( tbs people ul tar di*triflt f ..i,? I Tkal <- . k.. - - t ^ autborlto* h?Tc a<st*dto tb?prt-u.l*?? i<la du'y tnUud b> ihf la** of thr land. H?*clftd. I l at tba c'tlii-nn of Stookt >n ?i< 1 oiintrfull> uolte ?lrh tb<- iniu*ra t > r-nJ-r any a-nouaooa tliey Ufa) dartre in bringing lb* guilt/ to Jltl |?uullhMkt The delegat'-a report that they met th* A nericm! b with the Chilian prison* ra b^twi-eu S .>o*"<?0 and (lie Calaveras. There la no truth tu 1o- rumor that ihe lultfr wrrr executed on tt?* ro?d. It is en d (hut tlif Chilian* are reinforcing ? ? the Cu*.vriu, and there la reaaon to ?u*pect iliit' iti ? y .ire cndeavolluK to induce ilie |mi a h hi 'lit n?l 'tl'i >rhood?to join them. 1 will dro,< >ou aaotli-r ha-- it & day or two. 1 rim?t now give you wm? acrount of new dijjgint'e found in the south 1 (lave j>i-' ee.-n an intelligent p'uBt?*r from Louiaima, (Vlr vliiW, Ouii-hita,) who inform* me ih<t brtler duf^.uga Uimii nu) now worked have reeeutlv Oer-n dlw?" ! vettd near Maxwell's Credit, thia a'd? of the vier! rides \1?iy persons hive ataried foi'hi? i?t(io? from the Tuolumne, at the risk ol ih- ir li? * : There ate ho ji?ovirionH lu ilie neighbor i >'id 1 ?oU a toun<l throiiKh a large txuui of cuMWy ?la 11? KuKhm, on tlie t>lain?, U|i (lie moonUm aide*, and to ifieir autumn* j 1 he l*te atorrn has ocna?ioa> d a /rent rine in thia liver, m il rmiuy peraona h ivp loit ill tchiuea .altd cnh?r t? ol*. One week Mn th'rc were l w#-n'v-n?e feet of w??er on Morgan'* llir, MX in ilea helow I'awkiu'a IW. Ne?il) all the daiilinmtf ?|Kl?iiaui have l>? i n suspended until spring or I ti','lie e<> I'biioa having rtn??ulv?-d, lo inert again wio n 'he w?ier le low i "iiii^li lo work in 'lie h "d th-* rivef ?I'laiiunit oldiini ii|>on certain ?i>ot? T m il* now wmh iiu<>n the bank* of u?- rivr. wh eh yield troin fl to $8 i>ef day. l*?ovi?i i?, hoaeircr, are v?t> high. Everything u oio doii.i |?*r |?>ik4 flifellli;r?re from tlia flwiera. i f r in ia? I'lacr I'lina*. Jan >.J We h?ivr \rt) linle i>.f?rm tiiou l u ii h>* in fa Front til* ( ik ol the Ainr-rnm Iviver we ht?e no new*. wnintMBicalo n i??ini( i hi oti from "if n?l rendition ?( the r< a<Ja. < >ec hi >uhI'? a ImmI c> net (1??n troill ihe Juha and K> al.'ier Kivrra, 411 I we lealn 1 f 1 tl liitdera on thitae ftrej?m? d? a tf ?rl iitae w hi n the weadler will a'low th-in l<? d'? A ytn'l* loan r>?M?i.y front the M"h? Into* luionni u? tfiel ftr ihitika operatora on llitl a'rfnii are ??r. li.KH'i |<er da*. A- it aiem^ to he the A|itiii*a I I lh< ?r btat <)llnI tied lo jUittfe IHat the roiiy f-A? ii If niotily ever,and that we ?ImI| liaVf an a? ly ii in v, null' ra domii'iled in our eiiie> wri en?kl'ii tv ?ei to the du^iiiKa iiiuiih a rlier in ihe ki.tli.u ill.Ill U, I M lt$ fit r.. I It II uuiiila-il Mil <4 Ja ihffl wi Iprobably find the in the n?'e r~e~>U ir>i< ih'y mey i?-?M>ual>ly (i|?ci ?|iru rt I'd ?e*M'l? tor dl'TMlH tm U ? in k?-ih?- fallowing ejirarta from ? pnvit* kttrr wntt-B ihrri- mil ??-1..?* U??hiM'i B?r, Tuoluiltue Itivrr, l>rc 76, I<J9: ? "A |<wrUott of our pmty Irli nere mom' i*" w-*ki afco for i!?? M*ri,io?* ?Ji* >! #-, ?*hrt?-, I h a . tlt-f mriMikiiw linmtHie|lU y r dat Tn*|f int?*ii<l to May there diiutitf itf wiuter if proviei-?u? *r? ii?>i too ?e?r? hi.<i loo hign Kh?nr, wim. <n *1, blend ?aH ri flfr are f I ,wr poiiiM, ?iH n??? Im-?n mhii' We hiv? BfM hid any ram fwr tor twenty day*, but we Have *e< n M?w hum threw mile* *? * low H<ttkiw'tb?r,Mlfe( Fu. 1,11. ,e it ? r W? e n>|i living laourtei |?, but m<> ?d <?? b 4. Ihilf ba*?- b?en aev-rxl dimm ?& irfiij'Ctii >i der? iik? n. Nit mII bate fallen Utr<?i|hnnnr..u?i <>i n?ei'? rinoy. E?eryihmu i? n'ii?c nt.H |i-?<''??l* heie now. A f? w d-tya *?;<> a fnitfomrr << ? irrej hriwru two To?P?, ill winch our ?l th* III < i* kilhd- Youra, <Vc. J 3 J" MW MOQIM<. V?r* rcb difginira h;??r be > ihac .? r?d '??t Waiweli'a Cr??k, on r>e north ?.d ' > Met* c? dev. 1 he upt>(jr ol ?ol<J |? ?. ry .rten Dal The Pr*rr? itlnga ?r IIm UflaUlnra. ;( orl?> P' ntf.?n? >.f t h- VI ?a I iturnlt n'KM? M iu J?*|, IV > m Hrt Nothini "t much mi?-rrai h?a i? n? ?<c d ft iet branch of the rlature dirinif ih>* |m?> Quilr a iiumhrr of Ih.iii fn>u?-aar- ,?? n>. lunj I rrn culled to Han Franc n o b' ?t- > ? ? if Th* wa? m ar>s ua h-n a I m i?>ir. <t? Monday l??t, and alan a afv.rl rrir > i T i ' ' Th* Holier Wii is ????..>?? ?><t W'MiWtf, Kr ?nd Saturday A bill h-ia > <? r?v n?*?f i i I in 1 louf. and p*hk d a kc<?(I f-a li? ? /* *! < or a loan t?? defray die rtp*w * 4 in* <" ** oiriit for th* *aaiiiii|t ya?x. A <>i i* r >) i'i hi* |?Mtd a trcNit reading in "?* ? ' h >'* It ibr I turrrior to appoint pll"la l?f It' "itfi > ? ?f n?? Knnctar*, moiiif-r^y, and "*an |)i*/i? a t?-ll iiiidnmipi imn of nn-i -f to inf iur vnm-'dut* lirniaira "f \hr Sta'* trp-aiiry, h?a |? -? 1 lua H< Upr. Tl>' alumu< it Kilt lo I-I'M thon??r>d dollar* fl? ??r.l wh'l blu h?<? it*"t p|?-il?d in i he ami iv i<>I|m? n^ hi?? l????d ? i?ad rir ? A hill rono-miMf ib* <>iil ?? < tVrr?larji of *?v, A ai I ? mr P11H4 Ihr dalira i>4 Itrntntef, and ntM omrrnit )( lha rfiiii<*? i>m ?m, tmI|? r a j<i(nt n * <| t ion rrliii<i| lo thr pamie airhiTra, and al n c? >a?if|nn( i'm JnalT?? of ihr ^i p--ni?- ('curt ha?*h*?n r>*ad a ?<i oi.d umr in th tlona* t v ivovia^r b?? r*ti'-n?n c?-rt?io joint rraoliii>*n? i? ih? hi ale g. with hia o^tn-iinai iivmn 4 jowl ivmiHiiiii*, m*iag o?r Vmt> d Stat ^h'iw aarf <>1 iitairurtwMit T' I !?? In lb* ??! ? ? '"?"ii?, mineral laud', i*iru of ratrf, n h? n?e?, biani h mini-. iv?d niunrr* mat rubi'itlly k>rlr>ii|( in the Stale of om.t'ma, <*> f'|h)<m? Faiurd>v, ?r?(f laid on iho inI>it N?ar'y all th" rn? ?Hr r? h??' now r.mif iftabU r?or?>?, ?Hd ih<? talk ai<> iraing ?"?? ?' #. >o . i ?rnia lo bf all ov?t. <Hi Tlmrwlav ni*;hl a Ual ?>tl yi*en In ihe rvrmh^ra i?f Ih* f,"^l?l?l#'* ?* oTOf of lb* A aw', ran m^rrSaai" 'hia >ilai"- It e?nif off in iWiHrtinif cba'iih?r i* ' '"'"i a lift waa w?4 .it.-.,<lr I Oa lVw4af ('h ?) ati?rMown, a vt-nvd Ixill^hi cam* off at lb'- rtfMVM ?d?lili|l?ai _ , _ . _ Ran luaa. J <n. S. I<V> TH* LcfMatar* h?v rt miiir.r rd w .rh in ra#?r?l. aa a? ill hr t>eeu h? th^ r^ixiri i?l III n??dliiff? <or ihr l?al ibrr* dava Mrr?-ral W'la ->f , tanrawiaaw ba?* 'w* H?tiHa ihal hodf, *wl ^>i*?a I ani.nalrd dl?cu?alao? bi?e take* |dac>????r?iea

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