Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1850 Page 2
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larly at the time when the bull and priz" fight resn- sa lution was before the Hou:-e of Assembly. The of] cause of the introduction of that resolution, was th the fact of tome bull-tighis having ttken place on wj Sunday, and also a prize tight, which came oil a ol few days since for five hundred dollar* a aide, in ni which eyes were gouged out, >Vc. Not withstand- cf ing the resolution, another bull und near tight took th place this afternoon, and was tamely attended by th the menibt-rs ol the honorable b?'<ly. New Year's I g< dey wus unusually dull here A ball was given ai in the evtning by the members of the Legiala- 1 n ture, at the Ktate House, and was much Urger | it than the j re> ious < lie?so much so, that both the | pi Senate Chamber and Assembly Kooin were used 1 n for dancing, which wm kept up until a Ute hour. ! it SENATE. d Thursday, Jan 3, 1S50 * Mr. Dot glass introduced bids declaring the Sau P Joaijuin, Moi kelume, and Tuolume rivers, n iviga? c ble streams; referred to the Committee oil Com- u merce und navigation. / The following was offered by Mr. Tayi.or j h It has brcoo'n evident to person* oomlnq to I) this Stats by land via New Mexico, tu l Is tbe genurai ?> opinion of tho?s who bars been engag?d ia th* surveys I and explorations vt the country ljiug bntaeen thin and j the Stats of M?w Mexico tbat thers t? a inure practicable anu oeiier wairnn roaa man na* Deen generally travelled | heretofore, which will chorten the distance some hundred* of mile*: Therefore, Ketolved 1 h?t the representative* from thin State in J.1 Congrepr be. and are hereby Instructed to reo:>nmiead to the general government an Immediate aud accurate 1 e ?arwy ot an old road raid to eilnt between the North-fa t. part < t New Mexico feud the Kfc-itera extremity of the a gieet Tuiare Valley ; a>ao that th- y recommend th- ee- \ tabllrhinent of military pott* aioag the p>ad for the j protection of emigrant*, aomlog to aud r< turnlug tr?m . this State, againtt the warlike Indians who intesl this route. 11 Resolved, That our representatives i a Con jrein be fur- H ther iastructed to ui-e evety honorable exertion in 11 bringing to pei feet I <n the c ntempl?t?.| Atlantic and li facltle Hailroad to this country; and that the l'glsla- v tare now cinvened end In >esslon at San J<) >, d> moat ), heartily orncur. and will, by their aid and a* istanoe, j, further the enterprise of ?-aiu railroad, it being la their opinion both fiasible and practicable. Adjourned. The State Leaii> | N [From the A1 a t aliti rina. Jan. 14.] i v <'n tht otti instant, an art was passed aulie capi- v tal of ^an Jose. and received the approval of the t< Governor, *' authorising ot loan of money, to pay tt immtdiatc demands upou the treasury, uutil a per- j U niatu nt fund can be raised for the purpose." The a; eum to be raised 19 not to exceed two hundred j a thousand dollars, and tor a time not lees than six ft nor more than twelve ye:irs, the wh?le sutn paya- h ble at the pleasure of the State, at any tune after n the expiration of six years. The act provides lor , si the leception of prop? sals, addressed to the Trea- ' fi surer, to furnish the whole amount, or any put j u thereof, and upon what terms. The proposals are A to be opened upon the 25th instant, by the Trea- j ii purer atiti the Chairman of the Finance Committee p< of the Senate, and ot the Chairm in of Committee c? on Ways und Means of the Assembly, who shall pi select the most favorable, aud place them before ' o the Legislature for approval. Tile act further pro- si ides as lollows;? a " If the Legislature shall decide to accept, or in- , tl struct ihe Treasurer to accept, any such off r, for o any part or the w hole of said loan of the sai f sum ti ol money, it shall be the duty of the Treasurer of a the Stale, and he is hereby authorised and re- ; n quired, to prepare and execute bonds, in such form as he may deem proper, for ?uch amounts as may | tl be agreed on bet w een himself and the lender?, in sums not less than five thousand dollars, and made si t<ay able to the lender or lenders at the tune stipu- e attd by the parties, and bearing such rate of in- si terrst as may be contracted for by the p irties.and ap- a proved of by the Legislature, payable quarter yearly ti out of any money in the Treasury, not otherwise II appropriated : said bonds shall be signed by the a Governor, and countersigned by the Treasurer, and r< shall be delivered to the successful bidder for said c loan.whenever themoneysoloam d shall b?paiu into n M? iiiiiDUi;, <I(MI i?? (III uiiiwuill I'lllJ Ul BUCil 11 rn* m, and at cu> h time after the contract for the ionn tl it made, a* the Treasurer shall choose to call for it; b< and it the lender sh.ill (ail ou such call to pay into h< the Tr? a>ury the amount fo agreed to be lo turd, in hmcontiari for raid loan shall be forfeited, or not, in at the pleasure wt the Legislature. * For the pa)mem ol the interest, according to | the stipulation* ot tin* net, and trie ultuntte re- , demption ol the j>r'i opal o| the loan hereby con- ! traded mid authors d, the revenue*, present and w pro^-?cii\e, and luith of the irtsie, are irrevocably r,J pledk," d." i 7 Deeply s? w regret the necessity of this course, we cannot see hew it can Well he avoided. Toe ' J. absolute necetsity ot having luads in the Treasury, Jf? to detrny the current ex pauses of the guvernment, 1 d' la clearl} manifest; for uo goverumeui Cau go upon ?,'! tick," and it* le-pectue otlicer* live ut??n, or, like the chameleon, " feed on air"? ?{j in?>ie especially in California. The office of the Treasurrr would be the mine sinecure that King Altounie besiMi'd upon Fortunio, which he ao "j cleat ly defined 01 w ?TU bat to hoJJ the pur** ? Tktri nothing It." (j( The speedy action of the Legislature should be given to the compilation of au act to provide a |t> levenue perman* uily, for they tncy us well begin *. at ome, since we know it must come. If a pro- Di perty . i d t .ip'tntiou t?\ are to be levied. Jet it be m done now, the sooner ihe better. We believe that it will meet with approval, and know of no other expedient which can be resorted to. Before, however, the benefit of such an act could be felt, the wheel* ol tin Kovtrnu eut coai h would creak for w Wait ofsn a?isi, and therefore a loan must be e) had. Tlie ut nlluded to has been published in ttie papers i t this citv, and fully br< ugiit to tie notice t?l cap.islists. Whether u has received their favo- I* table roi.aideration or not, we are uninformed; t<ut 81 a< the money may be furnished m sums of ju'i,000, *' we prebend no diflii-uity. Kepudiation is an ex- 1 pkxieit doctrine, si.J no new State would ever J" Hgaia liave thr audacity to repudiate her d.-ijt*.? "ri Tiler, m everything which gives promt-* o?' C?lift rnia beii>it the w? alihie-t .Sia?e in the Unpin, and m her bonds will be promptly met. The investment n' #1 limits at a res/ouable inlt ie>t in Sta'e bond* U! Willi., be so liiii. || ecurer and less troubl-.40111* than tbe b . n iiu of mnnev >tt uliort d.ite* ul n?n. !f riou* int* rf*', or than Urn) H'rulniton/, in the pr? - ^ p?-iti u |l?l<-d Mate <?t llir ntxikrt, ns to cd.{intend " Hi>r II, .11 our mind, to ih? mrn< at Htteiition <?f eftpt* i * (alum ! Mtrl RKMtMMmBttnil u >t g-iie- V mllv looked tor; hm *' fn I that ilirre *r?- in my or Ml oar "iii'-k I i r ii< wli? r<"ilil not Imt derive * NtirfiK u< u th"'ill* y w **rr i id lap i'i- nrw >Mt? J'1 bjr the fnn;? mry ntr t?l tlieir |>ura?-a. \V*?? elu.l . I< i k an\i< n?!v f>r ihr r> ault. and iru?i thf rjnuii i- T n<?> will rot fir duMijijioini'd in (iudioi: in thi? Util ot nmif ml wealth, a rmiilr of li'indp-d 'houaand dollar* at the di*po*al of the Mate. a"> a< r, *i tNNillM i Loa* or Mout to P?t in> imoouti Dtamn o* imi T*???ia?. viiil * P?.a ??*? >t ?! i aa a> K?i?? n r?? tmr P' ?r< ?i Tt>? ot thr 8t?ta . f < alitor*'* r?pr?.-?at#4 id 'J* fi?ai< ticl dv ? ?! m follovith 9?r 1 TbtTttfunrol tlitDU'lK Ml ltk>nbr, 1 nr Mtk<irii?4 ard t.. r*Nti? prepoaala la Tl ti'lt * ai til th? t??t>ty-4tth day of launary. 1HM at J, l*Joc<efc M of that Oat fri m any and all p?r?ooa, to ?(| an t i lt -tat' ?i.i ?j n t ?? -. ? liu* t ?.> . he. tutted t?-ueand dollar* fnratia- n?t mot* than " tafltr mr Imi t^a ?i* trara. iarai|> at the pi?a?uia ' f the *tate at ?r.y Mia# afr?r lit yeara * s?r : It itiali b* thr duty of the I'fBMirer at any d? t'm? al'?r anra < t >a l taecty fifth <Jar of January, 1* o i op? a aayabd all protMwItlona tiled with iilai f<>r of Paid ! an In thr <>f the I halrmaa of tha Kl. ( ll tiane* ' i muiitree of tba Senate and ' halrman of the .r l ' ?mi'?e? ot Waya and Mean* of tbe iMetahly and ' aid Tiea*urer. and the i hairuira of ?al J ? >mmltte-a ball prrerad to ??l?ct fVaa all of *ald bid*, at?eb "Be ot V m< r> * tb?y may d?*i.i mnat reae< nat>!a aa<l beat eal- J/* ia-r.1 to aerure laid l< aa I rotldad. h"?eT?r. that M 'i l fr-a-iirar ?i4 r rmlt'-a mm tba.I lay all ??oh A| |>Tp' ?ai* h? f"t# the l.*al>latiire f r tb*lr appmral. tri * e .1 If Lr i; lalute rhall decide t'> accept nr lae'ra t !be Tr???n-er te "eft any *uch < ffer. for any ,, par' < r the abil? rt ia> 1 Iran of the raid earn ol iuno?r. tl Aa!l kf lite Uutt at t' l'r?a?nr?T of the ? ate and be I# berrb) autb' *??-d and required tn preparaaal ,ni oieeo!e W?r d* lo ?vrh form a* k> may deem pr >par. for ,0 arb an aat? may *|r?ed nn b?t?**a hlin?e'f and At tb* ler.d?r* la hm aotlaaa thaa fire tb' u*and dollar*. to aad made payaMa to ha Und^r nr U?.l?r? at tba tlna wi atlpo at?d by lb* paritr*. aad h*anar *iirh rata of Ist?re?t a* r a? ? n'rartad for by tb* fart tea aad apf r. ??d of by ?b? Laiti latare pay a' I- .jaartar yaarly out nfaay aoi?j la tbe tr?a?ary aot otb>rvtaa appropriated, aid b. ad* ?fcall be -l*r.ed by tbe Uorernor aad ooaateralgae^ by tb# Traaearar an l hall be dellverad to tl.' *ueeeartul bidder nf ?ald Iran ?b*ar*er tb* moaay ao l< aaed *ba!l be paid lato tba treasury, aa 1 to tb? mruat i aly of *neb paymaat aad at tiic'fc time K' a't?r tb* roatraet for tba Inaa I* aa<le a* lb* tr*?aar*r !" tall rhv?? to Mil for tt, and If th? loojor >hall toll na nrk Mil In pay Into th* trfwnrj tb? m> not '< a<r??d fill t?i h* l< ?.?<! M? rnntra-t for >aid loan "hall b? t< rIMI- f??l 4, ?>l Kt. il lha | l?a-ur? of lb* l.?*i?l?tut* Co >? * I rr ik> p?;?>ai M tk* not line to ni, III- l?- aUntif tbt* aet. aud the ill tl a at* r*daap n* nf ik? pnnrlpal ?I th* loan hrr?br ?oatMrt*<l and (afkorlwl U ?r?T?nu?. prrtrat Mil priwp??llf*, %lth "4 lb* fat* ar? lrr*T"e?>>IJ pl?df?d w % IbW a*? (ball b* la fnrra fr >ai aad aft*r H* B" > ?* ard a ?*rtlfl?d topj tb?r*?f til- d In th* rlBc* fei <* tha of Rial* THD* J. WHIT# ! mi ^ at>r >f th* H, ii?* of <*?<>mhly JOHN M< DO' (ML. | .. , rr*?id?at of tb* st-oat* u. (antMrj I, 1M0 I r?. r? r m ti iivrrr. A U?T*f?oT o| Calibrate Da' ft?? !*? ! Wa??ra*i?Bl. | (th fr*iw |K? 4 I'a ' aMfortila, Ian 14 ] Mi 7W? i>?. ?.'* at wur l?al (or*rnin*nt i* p*- ? |, rwliar a?H >?r/-? ->? /' ia on* of ?-il?dirnry tor a?H '?%w?'*?f o?d?r lb* ?iv*| ?tatr <>( tw lb* (Mik'ff a? ?b? yMa*a? period Th* *l*cti?n pit win li ?ai li' <t" . * f* . m?m in [.<ir?n-?n?-?" of a m| pToclarr.t.o* In m '*. ,r I: il?jr, ia->i-d on th* n? 4ih of Jw?*, fr>t ( ih* con?*ntu?n 10 1 gt fatm a Mat* or l*rri"tcl f?**rTiro?-at, and al-?? ' for all (oral oiler* 1 h* t? rr?i of Mfinranlo b?i If" on lb? I at of funinrj, |WB?, *hm ?h*ir w*r* ?? to b* *itn . ^d*d liv ofli? *ra H*ci*d al ih'- Ni i'm- 11 b*r fUciioa Tb* roa**atlon m*t, f-aM*d a con a at intiop, whicb k m aubiiuitrd to ih* propl* at the i wi me lime with the candidates for the several ices of State. No nomination was intde for c local officers. and as a matter of course, they t-re exacted to hold over until some other form government t>houl?l be determined upon. A eeiiua ol citizens wu recommended by the Alilde, Tor the purpose of taking into consideration ie expediency of applying for a city cli irter; but le then state of atlaira, and the fact that the n-w averument wa? hardly in operation, prevented ny movement in regard to the matter. Th-re W 0 one who has rellected upon the subject, or given anyatteniion, who does not perceive the imortance of some cleaily defined form of governtent, in consonance with our own Americin leas. The Mexican liw is but imperfectly unerstood. and cannot be carried out to the letter; nd we have been living under a sort of hodge odge system, the law being a sort of olla /utdrila ciliated from all countries, and raided and jumbled P together. The |>owers of the officers and of the I) uutamiento, are not clearly known, and they ave in some instances exceeded them in the IMt Miked mid illegal maimer, without a sh.idow 1 uithority, their only argument being expediency, ''or instance. the hale ut the nublic lioiuiiu was tlerly illegal, and i<erfectly at variance with the rovi*i?ns exuiing relative to the matter. We ave no reason to doubt that the me mbers of the >ld council acted us they believed for the b#st inrreet.? of the community, and 'hey certainly served nthluily and chterfully. But ever since th-ir lection, the i'refect and Alcalde, and the Ayuninii'nto, have been constantly at loggerheads, nd disagreeing upon most import tut subjects. Ve wish we could approve of the course of Mr. 'refect Hawes, but we cannot. He apt>ear8 to ave acted 111 nn unaccommodating spirit from lie first, and made no endeavors to smooth the dministration ol the civil affairs, and evinced o very particular care for the common weal, n many matters, where it was expected he .ould act, he has lain dormant; and when others ave felt called upon to take the re3ponsiility, has come out tardily with some proclamation alculated to produce dissatisfaction, and create ew and udditional perplexities. Hi* course with !-gxrd to the lu*t election was certainly ill-adi?ed, to say the least. It was necessary to fill the acancies in the Ayuntamiento, or suffer that b >dv ) exi ire naturally for want of a ijuorum, and leave le government to be administered by the other ?cul officers. No provisions had been made for n election at the sume time and place as that for Senator and Representative, although, if the Pre ct juil^f d he had the right to order an election, e should have done bo upon more than two days' otice. Hut it was not until the Alcalde had nsumtd the responsibility of ordering an election to 11 vacancies, that Mr. Hawes came out and orderd an election tor Alcaldes, aud an entirely new ,yuntamiento. This was certainly done with the Mention of ousting the old authorities, and was a ftty and unworthy piece of manu-uvring. The of the matter was not the least amusing artion of it. 80 great an opinion had he of his wn powers and worthiness, that he couldn't at all re the necessity of having a new Prefect. lie ppears to have acted under the conviction, that [i?it oflice was sufficiently well filled, and to his wn personal satisfaction. But we are dwelling bo long upon this matter; the election w.m held, nd the old Alcaldes aud members of the Ayuntdlirnto were re-elected. We hope that we shall soon be rid of everything lat smacks of the Mexican law, and that the lyuiiiiiiiiiriHo, Aicaiues, I'reiecu", ana nu;ii contables. will all be done away with. Let the ?uocu draw up a city charier, promulgate it, and ubmit it latrly to the people fur their ratification; tid then, if approved of, nuke the proi>er applicaon to the Legislature tor an act of incorporation. I in unuecstmry to hold a do/.en public inectin^i nd have a convention, |when .the various inte'ct? of tke| community are represented in the ?uiicil. We expressed ourselves adverse to a lovenit nt of this kind some nine since, prior to le organization of the Slate government, but now tat matter* are arranged at the capital, we fully -lieve that the tim? for action lias arrived, aud ujie that the Ayuntamiento will at once give their nmediate attention to a matter so nnpouant to the teresisof the enure community. of Water Lots. [Frc ui th* Alta California Jan. 4.] The gale of the four hundred and thirty-four liter lots, under the direction of the town uutho ties, came ofl January 3d, in front of the Alcalde's lice, 'l here was a very large co'lection of bid rs, and our friend, George E Tyler, who was e auctioneer, did not have to wait long forbids, r it appeared as if they never would be done bidng. During he t-aie, there was quite an amusing node, somewhat unusual at an auction. Mr. ark. v? ho w.-s i'i the marke'," h?*ld ? dttd ?.>r le of the lots about to be hold, which he li id puriased ut a former *ale, and wiiich he exhibited to e bidders. Mr. Krannan mtde a speech, declari? the pretf ous sale invalid, and launching out into her topics SrverHl otiier |wrsona a|<oke Toori* us a good d< al of laugh n?. shouting, applause and ;citrtn? nt, but there w. a no resort to ' knock >wn" urgument, except by Mr. Tyler, who conii ted that most swc<??t'ully, knocking down the ts to tlie tune ot |4i:t5,i:iU The terms of the site ere one fourth cash, one fourth in three months, >e foutth in six months, and the balance in nine onths. lit* Yumnt Indians. [Vrom tbs Alia California. Jao 14 ] Upon the banks of the Colorado river lives a atlike tribe, called the Yutu is Indians, and more tquifite Sjieciiii- n^of th- hum in form divine were fver turned into this breathing world oy good d ime ature They are te.ll, mnuly and tii'ixcular. and >tusees a native grace of manner peculiar to the iperior tribes ot tV red mio. They are athletic <d swift of loot, and as bold a* they are hardy, heirok'n is ot a dark copper color, but smooth :d clear, and their coaatenancea betoken great tnknera and intelligence. But in thia, their good oks l>? lie them; for as a cli?*?, they are tre.iciieris, deceittul, nn?l (treat thieve?. Tory are the o?t cx|h tt swimmer*, passing one halt their tune the rurhinu waier* ot ihe ureal Red river ot the feat, breasting the mo?t violent current, and nnsportitg heavy burdens from shore to shore, he expert* are m>t men alone; the women are ,ualv dextrous. The principal article of food itb tnrm is the m>i|iil bean, which grows in rest abundance near the banks of tne Colorado iii Gila river*, and is ea'en bv them when ripe, in raw Male, and also dried and prepared as ntM or ruel. The women, ns in all Indian tribep, perrm the work, and collect the beau* in huye i<ket basket*. a bushel and more, which ey bear upon th< ir heads. When a matron go<-a it to | u k beans, ?he takes her papoose, cl ips it the barret, aad if it Is neces-ary for her to cross e Bdeain, api toach?s the bank, tosses the basket to the water, and springs in al'er it. Tile bn?'ts are ?oateri with a resinoas sabstmce, and are ?l<er\ urns to the water. The ?w mini'r then gives e basket a whirl before her, making it st>in onnd and t'y before with extraordinary velocity, hey swim high out of water, and float like bhdrs Their hatred to the Mexicans ta intense, d they have frequently attacked emigrating par's They are very fond of mule meat, horses, inilsiiih small deer," ami devour them when ar<? ly warmed through. The Ash of the Colorai they also eat, hall cooked, tail and all. They abi niinat- their more civilized neighbor* the (iila, the Pimna and Marico|>a*, who are ute civil *rd, cultivate the soil, and receive a ar!y grant of clothing from the Mexican governrnt They are und?r the command of a captainneral, a aative chief, Calo Anil, w-ho has h?lf-a /en w ives and military suit of clothes The ari(<>|?s ard Pitnos are the deadly foes of the l?chrs, and frequently make up war partiea, |>eneite the Apacheria, and return laden with scal(?s. ilo A/ul. a lirtt^more than a year ago, thought pro|? r to make an attempt to civilize the Yuma*, e therefore took a war party, and met the Vu- ! is near the mouth of the liila. IVtermined not be civi'ired, they turned to and whioped Calo , nil's little party, whereupon that chief rerurned the bosoms of hia wivea and hit corn-fields, ith a v?>w never to attempt lo cmli/e tlM N HI M am?unless hp hid an invincible banJ of his irriora with htm. It in Travel In California. (Krom Uta Alia* IIMmlt, January it If thrre ta one event of ihe year floor by dr. rving ot c<>mm? mor*ti*n aa productive ol the ratrat |<o*aihi> goi?l lo the greateat portion of e community. then we are conetraiued lo beve ihe introduction of st^am facilities of roniunication between the citiea and toarns of Calirnia the at'ent ol that beitrr and more abundant od, and an event, "at all eventa," of the first iinitnrfe. The history of steam is volume of wondera, il this is a tolerably well established Uct. There no recourse lo disputation to be had in the preset, and we might go on until the train of life irhrd its jourrejr's end, in exptl'alian of the thiol ita main impellent, which is universally needed in thia age of enlightenment, to be ileam? steam?nothing but aleam ** Hut we ve no motive, and, rerlea, we are not in the >ad *>ll do a e renv mber the earlv c! v? o| inland vigaiioii- ihe tedioua cuya and s!er(.|eaa houra ert were moe<i?ttoea in thoae timet,) paased in I'ngfup the Mar rn men to, ihe San Jos pin, or, at ter (?ri-d. the Feather and Yuba rivera. Thmenta ol iboae trips. (pieaMnt Iittla pianagea of o and three weeka' duration.) we ahull ever ad?aa we hied then, fr# ely. diatinctl*. a>?aixlly?slumped on memory with unladm-; frr?ftsa with indelible (irmneaa flhall w? ever fort inetn 1 Three years since and the Sacramento boasted t one " Ixat bo <t The rentier will understand to apeak in the language of departed dayt. J lia waa tha purchase aflecied by ('apt hotter, of Ruaaian schooner, drawing about fonr feet tier, of twenty ton* burthen, and which wan I certainly the safest, combining the advantages of fini i otsesting the best accommodations. ud a fame uio lor speed " unfuri-; ? <1 by any boat on the river." the Indeed, launchea plied between the two great 8a' citiea of San Francisco and Sacramento ouly dy, when freights of wheat, hides aud tallow were He ready for the market. The first steamboat sent up i the Sacramento was the property of a vary enter- t0I prising gentieinan ot this city. now decea&ed, and ,|,j was of pigmy dimensions, with a pocket engine, j t. mid not adapted to the purposes for which shf was procured. Not of sui>erior speed, either, if our . recollection serves us; it lives a muter ot history, thai in ihe BMtk ot January, two years ago, the " tteamhout started from Sacramento, and was dis- ^ tanced four days into Henicii, by an ox team, which had rolled out of the former place by the great road leading south, on the suine day that " witnessed the steamboat's departure. From this J'"' time, " no ponderous wheels dashed the brine," 1 until the fall of 1849. ?* The new year dawns upon the navigation by steam of all the navigable waters in the State. u The transition from the sluggish method of travel l,r antecedent to the discovery of gold, to the swift- ' gliding and agreeable conveyance by ateirn, no# Jjfafforded, has been sudden, but perfectly in character with the main features of Califoruian improve- "n ment Last spring, it was considered an extraordi- MI1 nary achievement to sail a vessel of three hundred tons, drawing eight ftet of water, up to ' Sutter's ?e Kiiibar<adero;'vaud when the bark Whiton arrived J-11 at that point on the H iver Sacramento, with her * ' royal yards crossed, the newspa|>ers said it was an h" astonishing feat. The white sail ot the laggard *al launch is fatt disappearing from our rivers; the (;n wooded shores give back the din of splashing pad- 'J' dies, and the scream of the steam alarm startles 1I,H the solitary haun's of wild birds and beasts, while 'p| its piercing cadence flouts aloi.g the night air, J awakening the lone Indian from his and reverie, to eh contemplate that which before him glide3 phaiiMin iui like, as shadows in a fearful dream?to that which a t he feels to be the notes of exulting triumph ol a wl mysterious being, foretelling even the doom of his wt rapidly declining people in our proud prowess. The power of strain holds this place in daily DO communication with the important and flourishing u., cities ol the North, and even beyond thebe, lines ol w, smaller steamers extend, conveying passengers and freight almost into the heart of the gold region. jlu On the bays, Irom point to point, steam urges the SJH crowded passenger emit along; and as we trace d'B the course which it has stinted by lengthened Cfl clouds of smoke, or libten to the burr ol jmddlea, c0 the music of the warning bell, the rush of escaping 0f steam, more than ever do we hud it in our hearts [)a to exclaim, truly this is more than American ! |?, And this is indeed the "age ol steam." j10 Miscellaneous tucal Blatters. HAPPY NEW YEAR. ?01 [Krom the Alt* California. Jan 2 ] " A very clever "time of it," most of our citizens th< who sought to revive the gay and social festivities a*?: of our "lader land," on tnv-ie selfish shores, must th< have enjoyed yesterday, which was the opening anniversary ol another year. Though the rain fell ?'a in torrents, as though jy nitent skies o'er canopied { ?' a land huthed in the stillness ol night, and wept for } . the departed year, and for the repeated follies ot Ml the human race, which the new year is to witness ' ?though the winds howled a requiem for the dy- da ing forty-nine, and ushered in with storm and dark- an nrss typical of the era of agitated nations, the Li youthful fifty; yet the day which succeeded the pai > night of convulsed nature was as cheering and alt beautiful as the period when the world shall he at ria peace?when man shall emerge Irom the strange do excitement which broods over the human family at the present day, and stand forth there blessed with jj, the fruits of victory ?contentment. W) When the sun rose, struggling through the storm e]( cloud, the aroused cit looked out upon the streets nl U.n Lrur.,> I, . I. .. I....U I ..II.. vi k uii i ionviovu, ill! VUKII "Hltu tWUIBCU 11119 Ul fp muddy water, and predicted tor himself r severe j irntl in the interchange of those informal countsies and convivial greeting? with which ilie NlW Year's day is indeed made happy at home. At an euqr hour, our young g< ntlenien were to be eeen wandering ancle deep, ?r leaping the pools of .|uen- |><' tionable aepth?traversing the streets in every di- 'ul rectirn, bearing up against the discomfort* of the f/anu with becoming fortitude and great good nature Some white kids there were, so fortunate as D? to "have a hand in it" when th*-y could h;tve been l"' pared the mortification of being mudied by snug- g? \y keeping the pocket. There were boots blacked W1 for the occasion, and which presvnt'd an odd con- krl traH, peeping out under the clods of yellow clay, r,,t but "Lhiy and Martin" rarely "on hand" or on foot, if our observations may be accredited. pri 1 ue fair recipients of these Xe?r Year's c.ills, s|?" to??, evinced admirable comitosure and even joy- ^.| ousuess, under circum.-tances ao well calculated ma to irritate th? sensibilities, and offend their nicer of feelings Ofcourse the ruests pressed the con for nant theme of muddy street.-', and glanced siguifi- v cautly at their boots, und of course the ladie.i press- fjr, ed the cake and wine, and strove lo forget their jj0 iirussels carix-tiog altogether. Hut, altogether, our New Year's day waa p'ea- ? santly passed, and we reiterate the w'mh for alt? ^ "may we have many happy returns of ihe same!" J [From the Sam* Paper, Jan 4 ] thi Tom akd Jkkkt ?A cetuin compound, the in- tin gredient* of which are only known to those deep ri* in ihe mysteries of the article, Htid who have deal- ti< mga with spirits, has recently made its aptiearan:e coi in our market. Ri d placard', beam g the cabalii* <-?a tic letters T-(?-M Ar J-K-R-K-Y, stare us in the cei face in almost every public house. If a man is ihe kieck'd down in the street, "Tom and Jerry" is said to be the <-au?e; if q mm tails 18 ? owitb to the intluen< e of "Tom nnH Jerrv:" if a bei pane "of glass is broken, it is enll poor "Tom and Jerry." Hisshouldera muat be of Atlantean * ti proportions to bear all the sum that arc attributed tn to him If he is Mich an ob?trej?-roua and lawlesi character, we call moat urgently ui-on the authors tiea to "(>ut him down." Citizens have attended ?bi it, and mcceeded,without much exertion, in putting ?' him down, but it require* a rtty ordinance to keep tbt him down. We do really think that "Tom and Jerry" should both be "comprehended" under ttie < "vagrant" act. M' Kl Dobado.?Wondert, anre, will never cease J The indomitable apirit ol the V mltee nation ta bound to thrive, and "atick out" like a green bay tree. Twelve days ngo, a ragn;: lire awept the *'uj eai?t< rn aide of I'ortrtnouili S|uaie, burning every J.u bulking it touched to the ground List evening, the round ol a tituaical bind fell Upon our ear*. !,r ' We looked, nod lo' a spacious and pretty building ,. ttood ui>on the corner of the square. " There was ' a sound ol revelry by night." Lights tUshed Iroin . the windows and doors The chinking of coio, . the clinking of gla*>-es, the buay hum of voicea, . .1| and i he " tort' tort! tori of UM conitt a p.t'on, were all reality. No conjuror had entranced the aeraes, but the strong nrm of man had caused the hi Dorado to aprici; up like the whit>d'ye-call*it ' * from the ashea, aa Mra fkewion would ?ay. The ** hi Dorado has been re-built by CfuiiibTa Jc Mc- r'1 Cab?-. It ia verv neatly finislnd in the interior, ?ind haa an orchestra at on?- end, in which, laat evening, a verv fair band was playing. The no- li velty of the orcnentra was Madame Pana, i ?arr * "i cle\er French musician, w ho pUya the violin with ,u ' quite remarkable akill and vigor. (ItafiD L?i ctcrnit*.?The following ntmed per- r !J sons were c victed of art* of grand larceny, a< H the late fire i > this city, and severally sentenced as li appears :?W ijuinn, two jears'hard labor in pub- B < lie ctretta, with ball and clia n; IVter Noifear, li 1'atrick Ay re, Thomas Crosby, fhomia D<-hity, Joso Maria Antouio, Jose Antonio, one year's hard labor in the public streets, w ith ball and chain : O 71" Campbell, Lucian Miwoe. six month*' hard labor in )t the public streets, with ball and chain ,OD The ciiy authoritiea have jxtrclit*'d the Ameri- *ar can House for $5(1,1101). It ia decgned to convert the aanie into public building*. Tie location ia a , little unfavorable ; otherw;*-, the choice ia good. ,) Farr Pr?Ltc School ?We perceive that Mr. tks J. C I'elton proposes to open a public achool in the 'i llaptisl Chapel on Washington street, for children ol both aeiea. At present, ao charge tor tuition is to be made, Mr P. depending upon the friends of c( t the school, and the public generally, for contnbu- (l tions to enable him to support it. Mr I' comes to ns recommended from gentlemen qualified to judge of his capacities. ? v? r learn rrom the Pti'tfir AWi, thai ihe body of the peraon whn waa found mar- p, derrd on the road to th' Mimu d, a few d*ya mnc, fSfl haa been identified aa thai of Thorna* Itrown Mr a SO i? aaH to liavr been a teaman, and resided in the M ' vicinity of the Miaaion. No cau?e for the murder ( *' can br giv? n, aa ihe unfortunat man ta represent- ' ed aa harms been of a very inotlenaive diat*>aition. kiDHaL or Ml B*c* ? The ?o|?mn atrain* of !?? < a funeral it arch faonnded yrat-rday in our atreete, vail aa a long ftinrral rortigt r> i??ed onward to the Mat grave. It waa rompoa?d of the frienda of the late ' " lleo F. Heck, Km , whuae death la announced in jV* another portion of thi* ( ap*', and of the Mxaonic r## brethren, and web?lie*?-of the I. O. O. P'a alao. Kre dunt waa returned to dun, and the aoleinn F?r train had reached the laat retting pUce on earth of >20 frail mortality, a violent rain apnng up, reminding 10; ua forcibly of the wordi of thr poet? 1# i ' Happy la the hHde that Ihe ?na ?hia*a on. Blrct I* tki eorp* that tha tain rata* oa " "pianmr Arror.*KY ro* .Has Fajucrscrt.?Writ. due J. Mm*, 1>i . haa been iiyointrd by hi? KneelImry the tJovernor, Ihatru t Attorney for thia city AJ"' and di-ttit t. ? r? t k * Cot iiT.-fjrrniy ?A mtn named lack 4, 1 waa arre?t?d by flier r IAik for ate*iing clothing ; tha I e waa r> maud) d for trial. I a 1 iwit m Tm**v.-A mm nvn-d Min Senll -n. ? ?a brought to tli?- lice ?.li, e hr iHi 'fi'< Cla'ifc hley and |U. k m?n. ir> . ?*< ? : 'if <1 con.l I >n fro?i the rffecta of intemperance. lie waa takes 1 8J r.ire of. I ( h'a I tn, no a Ta wa.?IMween five and et^ht n , n'*lo? k on I'ridny evmn*. a trunk w<ta taken from >10 the (tor* at tfurhack & Co , tad tarried to an ua- | / shed building in the rear, aud brokt-a oi>en, aud 1??

uey i? the amount of two ihous<ind dollars wkeu !*' refrom. Officers Claughley unit Backm?u on * 1 turdty lust arretted a m<in named John McCrea, on suspicion of havin* commuted the rubbery. ^ ' wan held for examination. Ba: IVe are re<|ue*trd to state thdt the steam* r S^na- d" ' will bail lioni her usual berth, at Clark'* Point, s day, at 11 o'clock, A. M., insteadof to-morrow, r iuual day. J* [From the Alta California, Jan. 14 J &0< rue Aki>? It gives us atitialdcitoQ to find thit 60 ioih> the varied iiopul&tiuii ot California the tiae bn ia are rot without most worthy representatives e have had occasion to unuce the presence of veral artists of merit, and always take pleasure * ' so doing, and lending what fteMe aid ta in our wer towards encouraging and fostering science gi, d the tine aria. We have now among us many Su lentific gentlemen, painters, engravers and other ^4i lidrtd spirits, and we trust that they will receive M encouiagement which will cause them to remain ^ rmanently among us. H C'ot'kt of First Instance.?John Montgomery 15 Ldward Mackenzie, John Thompson and A. at lompson.?This was un action which came up f' the 4ih inst., for damages for insufficient food M d other mal treatment of plaintiff'as a cabin pa? wl! i cer on board the bark Spartan, chartered by the J* feudality, from Launerston in \'an Diaman's t0l nd to San Francisco, and resulted in a verdict of w ill for the plaintiff. This is the second case tried lot d decided against the same defendants cn tha Id me cm u&e of action?Marcus Synnott having re- < " vered a verdict against them for ^ 1<K> on futfi P#] oemher last. Bivinelle, Holt and Marshall, iiitiff's attorneys, Norton and Satterlee, for de- 1 jdants. ,,,, Insanity ?A man named Fliht, on board th * \ ip Geo. Wabhington, Capt. lloldredge, in a fit of j canity, while the officers were at dinner, seized m? iun loaded with ball and fired it at the captain, no luh fortunately mist ed him. The chief of |>olice 'ol is immediately sent for, und he was secured. ^ Thk Thiatrk.?We understand that a buildin r 1 w erecting in Washington street is to be fitted on as a theatre, and that artisana are already at tr rk upon it for that pur^tse We are not in nied whether the manager of the K igle Theatre sarriv?din town, but presume he ia"aboutm >ts." Without any very great cost, a very neat ** d j.rttty little theatre can be fitted up. The n?- ( psity of places of public amusement it daily be- BU MBg MM apparent, and a theatre is the place I all others most likely to attract the public. The tai d state of the streets may perhaps be a drawback wl ' the present, and operate against " crowded 1 use*." but we may now look with some degree ou( confidence for the termination of the rainy sea- pa n, when a theatre in bound to do a smashing j?i sinets. We have only one word of advice for ifai i manager, let your pieces be of a light and ?pi reeable character, well and carefully put upon j I stage, and let every body be up in their rts. An interior company, it properly managed, ' n work together, and produce a more favorable ' pression than one of superior arsistic merit. 0J lis has been clearly proven in the instances of i itchell and Burton. bo r?k China Boys.?We received a \isit yestery in our office from two celestials, bearing each P enormous pie, with the compliments of Jonng, of the Jackson Chinese restaurant. The \ stry was most curiously fashioned, and was ba nost too pretty to eat. but the " outside barba- e\ ins" devoured it "all the time." May the aha- mi w of Jon-Ling never be less ! Police Covrt?Iu.eoal Voti.ho.?Thomas ighes, Jas. Kassell (Slasgow, and Wm. Dresco, ? , rre arrested for attempting to vote at the recent rction. They were held to bail to answer. mi Attempted Sitcide.?A man named Wm. H. lylor was taken to the Police office on Thurs- m y, from Long wliarf, lor attempting to cut his t oat with a razor. We could not ascertain the mi use. di Another Rock.?We are informed by the har- J x matter that a vessel from tea, while coming o the harbor a few days since, ran upon a sunk- < rock not laid down upon the charts. She got m very soon, but with flight damage. We are t informed of the particulars, or of the name of ^ : vessel. We understand that ( attain ft.ins:- 10* Id is now engaged in surveying the harbor, and J."' II, in n few days, be able to buoy out that danrous portion ol our harbor known as iiloasom t,|. n* The Tirf.?We learn that one of our enter- " sing fellow citizens, who is ii great lover of the *ur >rts of the turf, has imported from Sydney a rndid KugSit-li stallion and mare?brood anils?of great beauty. We presume we shall hear d?? them and their progeny upon the turi of Calinia. jmootino ?John Sout'nworth was arrested for ng a pistol at his partner, with intent to kill. mmitted. HCri-oMo M'-ar>Kit. The Placer Timet, of the Vti inst , furnishes \t? lour men were tithing from it l>oat, ut>out rteen miles In-low thu city, ou the 4th mat, y discovered the body of i man floating iu the r, whit li thry su|>|*>sed to lu*e been murdered, hi ihe circumstances of the body and one arm ijiitiiiink' a number of laru>- cuts The nun*- ot .> l?<rd wia on thi'-bo??>m of ibe shirt ol the de. ??ed. The following order was found in one af pockets of ibe pantaloon#:? sacumnto city, sept 21, is4i>. Messrs. Winter ?V Latmier will pleasa let the irerof thin ord?r ha*e the chest wlncfi I left <tt ur place ou the 2?th day of November last. It is rten imint?d chest, marked " Win. Smith, J>*n lucUcp, Ctthtomu." Yours, W. m. Smith. The In dy was buried near the l> ink or the river, jut thirteen miles trom this place, where those eieM?d chii obtain imrticulais, by applying to ' camp tl Mr. John Woods IMTORTA.nt UK ision. The l'Ucer Tint*, ot the ot'n iK^t , repotts the lowu-g somewhat important decision:? Hril I'owf, Stirrumentn Ihtinct.?Judge Thois, presiding.?Uobin?on and others vs. Cunl;hain and otnt r* ?This w-is an action tor iress hi uinM the City Marshal nnd others, lor ling down a hon?e in pro jesa of erection over kltiUkh. A good deal of interest was excited lonsequence of involving th<* question wrinuer able lam's are included in Sutur'a grant rdict for defendants. SACRA***rn wratuR. The Placer 7'imis. ol the 5tn, ?*)#:?" We have I son.s line da>s this w?ek, altnou^ti <M>usid?i?rain has tulles. It n the opinion ol the " oldmhabiiant," who has r<-?id-d here-eight?*en ira, that the r-iny season is about over The has tal'en a linle. nnd *e believe the ler in the sloughs, back ol the city, h slowly tding. Harried. [from the Alta California. Jan 14 ] I tbl* eity. oa the Utb Inst by Henry L [, Mr. Joiiii'i Asi rs??* to Miss Dcli4 A*i Btu I, of tfels eliy. .r. Died. ) this ally, on tb? m'rtiln* of ths Bth Inst . Jtsrs >. >? rf <>ree? \ ?lley, Batb onaty, Virginia r lihmird and Staunton paper* please ropy i tfcls ettr. on the momo ? of lbs i'.'th uu, Roimt .??> >> formerly of L*?l*bur? IVna l tbi? rlty. on ths Ttb Irst . of ln''amnation of ths |s Dr. J N Bvaaa, lata of Men^lm r?naas?s? '?>a ?n niiir liTtl th* tr*:*rnltjr and int*ri?d with tb* u?uai >U*?nt? honor* by l>**y ckMt Lodge. a thl-clljr. oath* 30th alt . Kn'n< , of Sir < barlaa Forbaa Baroact, at tb* hoaaa of I*. l?tl Broadway, if*4 33 y*ar* udd*oly la ?ht* elty oa tb* 12th loitaat, Geo F. . K?.| . M*d about SB y*ar*. > thl* city. oa tb* Sd la?t. of laflammatlna of th* ?la. Mr. NtTHisin. Will*, of iNtoi, maabrr of tactile I imp?nj, *bla Vorb. i <M? rtty Suaday aft*raooa 13th la?t . of laflamloa of th* bowal*, Mr. Jams* M> tinar. la tb* ?'>th r of hi* af * a L'uitl* < ra*h. 14th alt.. Dr. Jowr Mtim Hawill, *raiaa'owa Ta . i tH? city 3d lot . Mr Fai i i m< * F. R ?*i>oi.rn. of |(l loa, l *aa kafl Th* California arfcata. p(I wiioucsALi micEi ct attvr. fij. Ba* Fa*n mo, Jaaaary 14,IBM not* aad Bhoaa Mta'i tight p*g?*d boot* p*r do? a 48; do. h*ary <o , >72 a M, do brofaa*. fla*. 927 . do do b-ery ?:i? a 4J. i *ndl** *p*ra. p?r lb , Bn a 8 *7; St*arla*. 91 Hall T?; aoald. Ma M? ???* I r*r rhaidroa. 9BB a 88. Cmm par lb , 10 a *8a. r? Klo. p*r lb . 18 a 18a.; Java, do , 12 a 18a ; burnt around, 38 a 30a. Cordac*. p*r lb , 18 a 21e. Cat- r?*i. Bf*??*. d*llT*r*d bar*, par boad, 890 a 23, do * - ?iU pd. 821 a 28 Donieatla* Brown *b**tla|[* par I. 7 a 10? ; bl*aob*J do., don . 12 a 14c.; Maaktaaw Ir ik*t* rolorvd. p*r patr 8ll a SO; vhlta. do do , <r< ; eotamra, do do . 83 a 8. Dm** aad ll*4l?ta*? ti d la*, ad on la* 2" a lie I'ataat V*dl?lnaa? ' d?' Bartapanlla. p*r doi*a 884. Moffatt Pill* par , a, 8M; do rb?al? Btttara. p*r dor*n. 818 a 818; ,01' ?dr?th * Pill*, par ?w?, 83?. Kallincrr I laiai?nt. T dc?*n. 88 a 9 FUh Mark*r*l. No 1, p?r bbl . h*B< a 89. aalaoa. 910 a 90; dry eo I p*r 100 lb*. >8 a l*C SarMlaaa mv An*mm t.%II V..? - ... - ? r;- rTJ ? w: to DA(I niil >18 * 17. 4o . ?19 . m Krult _ "! ; . p*T boi. ?? ft T M; -.InuU pW lb.. IB 20a ; d Mplw. y?|lb 40 4J? . p?r lb.. 4? ,f!f t" bbl !? ft 1?. I.lofl (IrniM-IUrOM' e **r i,r.;.j" * l ook?r-H?M tlabor. ^rcn tr* p?r V. MM) ft ltd *c?atliaf p?r VI 92&0 ft ITS; I1?" M<-?a plat b<*rd* ?270 S00. hinglM. m M, ?tt mod . ItftBifd bnuMv i?r M f??t lombvr, f?H? ?2ft lb* I ??vr?- (trftijf f>urd Dap. A. Oft.. por * !.. ?3 75 ft T kftlrt.** ' (!> < p?riftl.. M 60 ? > i *7, kft*U?ag frr < ttaj?r. M m> . *.i f?, m T? M. la h* M KlD St?ft P*r fftllnft, f2 7Sft?* ft; ? Ift V"'1 r" d> ? ? 111 IS. vhltftry. r>M rj? p?? linn. ' I I t?. dft ?? ? 4? |rl*b. *4 ft 4 M, ftUlft . M Iw, P#r d"'??n *- ft 17; < |B bbt? ptikkl f Jn burl I biari|r? ftld?r. pr 4?i?i M ft 10. Wlaft? I) P?f *?? flits ? flharry. p?r fftltna, - qi 2 60; d* p*r d< |I0 ft It. Mft4*4rm par dnaftft. 1 It; rntt. pur*. p?r (ftiloa. 91 M Hi 7?, la , r ' fit 4cmb. | lo If; cimrtt; pit dcM*. fO 7 ?? ion tyrnp p?r doi-n $10 a 12 OUa aud Palate ? for I seed, per gallon. J. J 60 a 3; white lead p?r liv, 10 uL, 2>Jo Flour-Hlrhuioiid, per bbl , >17 a 1H; Chita, ?.u: racks, *0 lbs , 118 a 1?: Com meal, per bbl, $13* r1 bailey 100 lbs . $11 a 12; wbeat per (?nr<? Mf 1*0 I .. $12 a $13 Nails. cut, par lb.. a Uo ; shingle "* il(, lie rieklee- Uuatte per doien $18 20. I'ow- J r?Kngllsh 26 1b krg*. $*0* 26, Uupont. In lb tin*, coui >. a $1 Provisions?Beef, per barrel. $13 $16 the rk, turn $20 a 23, do. No. 1, $24 *20; da. prime, K,? [la 22, bums prr lb , 40 a 4oo ; *bouldi>r?, par lb , ( ,,,, 36c ; butter. per lb . 76 a 90o ; lard per lb . 45 * ^ l ; pilot bread per lb . 10 a 12o ; rice 8 a 10 j ; eUeese, . a bSo.; potato**, per arrobe, (25 lbs) $3 a $3 60; . >ij?. 6 a tic Soap - So. 1. psr lb , 7 a ?c ; pale, 8 a ? r" s. Starch- Colgate'* peail, per lb , Zi a 3do Soitars JM e| brown, per lb., 22 a 25c ; yellow, per lb., 24a2)s'; C< ti ?f. 86 a ?7o.j criuhed, 84 a Joo Segars-lUvaaa, T r M, $86 a 66; Imitation do $15a ".0 Tea? -l?re?u i.r>?! r lb, $0 a 70c ; Llaok do.. 26 a 4ic. Tobaaso?Vlr- (jj.,1 lla per lb., 18 a lfic ; floe out. per gross, $4 a 6 flit ndrle*?Wood bowl* in crate.< ass'd. per fo >t, 25 a i s ; rton* jugs. do . per gallon. 00 a 70c. Clo'-hiog ? ' iht do tale; heavy an advanoe of 76 or 80 per cent *"*1 roilure? An advance of 80 a loO per o? nt. Molasse* l'lr W . 1 , per gallon, 60 a00?.; sugar house, 06 a76o 1 ijr. per 11/0 lbs., $16 a 18. Oara and sweeps per foot, her a ?(jo Yawl Boat*-Nov, per foot, $10; old. do. $5 ( M|i i. Freight*?Sailing vtssel*. bey end river, per ton. Hb|,( 0 a $10, steamers, do , >60 a $0; leeward porta as far San Llego, $40; Matatlan and Sao Blaa. $40; Sand ! cb Islands, $40 Seaman'* wages Klrera and bay u"l! r month. $U0 100; coastwise. $80 a W0; foreign ' j a gee, $76 a *0 Lightering and landing gooda. per a, $6 a 8. Watering ships. per gallon IK a -c irre ater ea>ki, per gallon, 4 a Co. Cartage, per dray |>h td, aoeordlDg to distanoa. $4 a 8. Gold dust, par o* , hor coin. $18 87 a 10 Labor?Mechanics' wages, per . ^ :m $14 a, 10; laborer*, $6 a 0. Storage, per month, ' n r ton of 40 cable feat, $10. , REVIEW OF THE MARKET. II,,, In consequence of tha numerous arrival* of cargoes - iceeur last quotations. and the great Influx of aim oat ., pry description of merohandise, tha market* geneIt have experienced a decline. M H/Ui> at,4 Short ? Light, pegged, and sewed, for ran- 'r'' r wear, are in no demand, and quotations merely minal, though several large invoice* have bean cold ' the leeward market*. Heavy boot* and brrgans of n try description in good demand, and no deolinaoaa " expected nntil after the rainy seaaon. Vandlti. - Speim are still In good damand. The Av-k hand ha* slightly increased, and sale* are readily rcted at our quoted price*. Stearin* and tallow main firm at our present quotation*. 1 out.?Tha stock on hand (mail, and a (light advance ?( ? ? taken place tlnoe our laat. and a still further adDee may be expected, owing to the increased number stiamer* now plying upon our water*. Cocoa.?The demand light, the market being well ppiied. and sale* (low at prioe* quoted. Lai/n la good damand, and oar prioe* are fnlly susned. notwithstanding a large quantity baa arrived ?<" thin the part week u|tj, Lvtdagr.- In (light demand, and sala* are effeoted at . r quotation*. Ill Cutiir ? A slight advance baa taken place, the lm- of i i mi Die state of the road* rendering It lmpoaeible to t any cattle from tbe lower oountry, and a atlll fur- I*0'8 >r advance may be expeoted until early In tbe i'ac ring l Ovmeitic$.?\ large supply on hand, and pilcee reila about tbe same ae our last quotations Urvf and Mrdtctnei ?The market oontinue* over- V rk. d. and the demand Tery limited. S?n F'uA-Stock on hand small, and sale* are brisk at tne r prrsent prices. ]>an Ktatl.?la good demand ; we note the eale of 2-r>0 l , xes " bunch ' at $0 26 per bex. Dried apples and N schea meet with ready sale in small quantities at ^ ices quoted. !n?' l.ime ? Scarce and in demand. Sales of 30 barrel* at :> 60 per l>bl. ton l.umbti .? Slowly and steadily declining Stock on geo nd materially increased by recent arrl vals, and every COv idrnce of a coutlnurd decline. Kramed bouses com- . and a slight advanae on the price of lumber 11 /.fuiioif. - Brtndiff of rhui?? hr*ndji In vo id d?mtvkfl iMCl d sell icadily iu em*11 packages. Oin, rum, and *>lau ilsky. supply good. Uin In otiN baa experienced 'light advance tra\ H .Viadeira. sherry and port. In eaaes, in dr. j<on ind. I bampagne of ohcica biand scarce. and meet* * ?ithready sale. taK Hour - Still declining Wa note tbe tales of 400 lB . sks of 2u0 lbi , Chile it $18. ' froijuvnt.? Slight decline of beef and pTk. and MCi uket well suppiiid. Butter of gi?c.| quality to do- M-a? ind Bread- j>1l*>t and ni??y declluiug ; stock iar><e feni Su/on ?Htm at preeent prions. Loaf and urashed, fret g<? d quality, scarce Tobacco ? Sui piv Hbiininnt. rales dull. ?!HV trguri ? A prime article rt-il? re tj ily ; stock On hand ,, all Inferior se^ats supply abundant. rvot ?Stock l?rg<- aiid sales dull. IVa would remark, tbat there is aa evidence of the ton rket* becoming more health? tor th? fnture. Toe City jpllea will be more in keeping with the daman i. g'Ht u a lack of a proper kaowledg? of th* stata of the rketa here, many ill advised shipment* hare taken HIlCj ?e and the ruinous result* lu a number ot in- . nee* ; but we prediot for the future a morn u?tur*l . ie of tbiDgx, act we look forward to a healthy trade , tbe coming aia^oa. 1'u' _ wor Ssb Irumlaco Shipping Inlelllgcare. briy Alt KI VBD. y : 19? Caw sehr Caroline. Cole. :.*hainv p,a 1<>in hark Uamburz Bunirliui. Valparaiso. Ch brlj Alice, LavaJie, Valparaiso, Lni Inn hark Fair, Ellis, Hobari Towa. port Xbk ItigUctaa. I'r'sti a, I'lnimi. 1-., SI?Run fcrig Au|us(s. Haietland. Valparaiso. 1 2?Ship Florida. Knhinaon. Fnirhavea. CVel Bark Li wm, Keen, iM'Mri. ailiD Batk J Valla, Jr. Pandferd.N Haven. .1 Ilawhaik L>oa Uuiiotte. Dudoit, Saadwisb Islands. ' brt? < lia? Dorr, uh.ter, Boston. 3-SMp Buiaah, Seara, Bo*t"a. Thr bnip I. Uo?p*r, Hooper. Baltimore. Bus ship Spartan, fain. Van Uumrn's Land. . Bullish shiii Cl,asely. Oldricb, from H/daij, IU I* 6? Bteanitr Uartit.1, Le I'erre, NYork. fort' 7-B?tk Ttcnmieh, Klcfcmnnd NYork. V? Vistula. K\)o-*, B' ttor. ',"n Bhtp Mvdlord, t>rey?r, NOrleans. uOU Bhip B mills, Qivan. NYork. tifci Mnp A leiat.iter otrin, lialr, NBeiiioH. * ,' Brazilian ship Alita, Bacnrda. Valparaiso. Bark Pala^lum, B' Lean. NLondon. I'TI Bark Charter Oak. Smith N York. aim Bark It H Chapiu, Collier, Baltimore. r:7n, Bask 1'ala.tine. Naile Hoston. C?D< Ch bark C< B< Il waa, YaJpiraia". ' ' Bris Abb., Bo?;<>a. chal Rni Emma, Uulty, cum Brig C<.mar?o, Meui.waa. N?w Totk. Bark Jmm. w. B .t.-a. ?*'?' 10?Phia Seal; >??nt Shirtar. Panama. Ann Kirk Hu k*iin?-*y, Traa I way, Valparkia... B-<tk T O Br .??c. liirtoa. Rancor. _ ? IS?Jl?i? Cititaa Uawlaad. NRadlord. flap Frlira de JciBTiUo, t dam*. NTotk. in f I M"i< Park*?. Dcrr, Boatoa fru,l llain thtp I? drpandano*. 9. haclit, Valparaiao. Bd ahtp ChaP.>a Uniat, ftharidan. A&tatrp. T Bin ti\> Uirtr.-r Kciua. ma* Bark Itnn.ija, N Vork. ,t hurl J 9 W'aIb, I'areivai. Talcahuaaa. Bill Fur'? a at. lii rdna. Porilaad. ablll lirta U?lf??v Onrdna, 9?n lhe??. dom )Hk Ai roTarltoa. Ball. Valparaiso. Auk hti? Arona.l t aatantiaa. t all arala* 57 day*. n"w Hark Aia traw'iaro, K.-am.'.n.U, Il?i|lf. Witt Bark li< l? mlan. l.ardarr, bxloti. I.U Br a llatld Uabthaw. Oahu. j bi t Karah. M.-Fr.r'tnd Onm I1 Fr ablp f aclirlxt, Irftnad. Uarra. IP CI Bark MarrlatTI iipaoa, Tlldaa, I'Mladali hla. Bfol Mark Lliaa Aun. Cofwia. Paaama. ? L'ilk O W alcott Ora l ?"c' br bark Hui* of Roiburgh. Cullard, SyJaey, KBIT. IIDK ?(.ip Mrah Parkar, t>ok. Nanrm kat. ?mb1i Bark AdaUIJa, lira, PhlWdalpaia. Ftlif Rrr, An 'Id Rrallj". ;|'l 1>? Ham brig tl*loaa Aadara. Valfaralao. fibr" Br ? hip fcaplaad, Br?*a. Llrarpuel. Irnv II a * bria I aalftca, B<>>n?, Oahu. Fr ahip PuTprtaa. Allay. Saadviah la!aad?. (>luli Bark *el?a<-a, II. w,and. Banpt. Ma. Bark Butaham. Mount'. rt. I'nftlaad. Br trli iai*t Staart, R?par I'aaamv Kna brie M-atur. Lorkaymn. Paraajiho . ?pi Id?Brbrta ? B<-baatr??a. B-?>?, Sydaay. W9HF. Cbil l ri( !>a?aa, Lttnala. \~Tlf araia Jllit Ship 5??. Sprla/. N IVrk. ri-ff u M.iP M araaia. Paltaa. MTork. Baik Baag r, Uaeoboa. M?ata?idao. *? " UI.W. kaU-Th?ro ara ?UM ?ail of Tf?*ln rtp rt?d balnw at " ,j cilato.bat ?a vara aaabla to obtala thair aamaaat tt* K* la * of |oIbk to praao. gut I CI.BAB1D. of ri JI-Pti Filing, [ r K al-rtr. BBZ3 |? | i 1? Ba.k Mhltaa. Rrawrr. Paaama. Bark Aaa Smyth, Flaadtra. P-rtland Ora? a. Il?-ni Btit U O ha) laana. Moana. C"lamk ? Knar. H till S?Brit Mary Aaa. Banill.9aadwi.-li Mull. rlmli Scbr J K Wliinri Ralar, >?? Pa lr^ . ! 4?Bark Haaaa I^ ihr p Panaaaai 's l,f Pn.r San>a?l B<'l-<"ta, rail ibara *aadwi?h Ma?1?. (iiori Bark Caaa>^tl??t. FaaballttW. Aaadwlah laliada. li . T?Sbip Xfloa. Worth.#.a?wlah lalaad* aad Australia. . ir Fr?? .at, ll?.itr?-. I'aj-a. I? ? !b-Bi 1? Abb. Saadwlah Itltada. |Jnr MF-Bark Alcaia Primal Panama. Brkr Lanlaa Howard BaSHalak talaada. r 9aral II 4 y 8a>d?i.-li 1 i H? ><r brit Napolr <a. Braoham Valparaito. inff. Paw bark Amarlra. Uamarhildt, Valparaiao. , Fr Mh I.aoaadla. B malot. Matatlan B> Ip G? r*- Watki ct.ia lloldf1d?f, Baadwiah u?h* lalaada. lh??( 12? I ark lama I aad. ra. BoBtoraT. ?k.w Ba k Mar?ppa. Oirdlor. 9aadwl<k ftlaad*. ' Hark Cocalia. I jmburi. M ..atoray. Rtata APVr*Tl?ltT> )" rL *1 n '*' Iflfifn Anniti " I** !*?*>' . ; ??4 I IVkff, all for 1*4 *V; ( fr? PI.<h C*U*-> a*4 V?tti II Dm Uiifft*. pn4yl?: M?i?rr?. ?-I aai '?br M , ??, for 5??d?i-h Ulaa4t. l>ark tir.n a I?*4or* Tra*atd >"it Itrilj Bear**, Hiry, for Moatofty. a* Tb* '*'?* r?l<T*Mi,?4 tor nl? -(Km CinaHt ** ! la*i: : 8irtna krl* Trtatj it-ki Jo#*rh Howlti, ?< Liberia* Misctt.t.aXBor*. "' Mft ATliapvirn Iiurki.-TIIMI Ml) *HI. ISO (i?r? from B<>?u>a, WM 4rli?a aahora, a?ar olula. dartac a h**?jr o*tli***t M rs, on Mi* at?h? of th. Bh* *11 at aarhor e?t?i4* wb*a lh? |al* torn- j,mt, '*<1 I* tb* aior*ta< *h* ?* 4l*)mrrr*d Mlc*4 ac<>a th* Tb* t*m*I will b* a total l*M. bat * * ?f bar e*n? b* ?tH la a da?a**.i ttata. ",u iUIII|*nn fraaa th* landwlrh lalanda J?*? he U. 8. ahip lYrblc, Com. (rlvnn, arrived i*?i* be 2d mat. from Honolalu, 9.1 , which port ah* Inur ?d from on the 10th December. Our datea are tM?b? M Ml Ull. . f he U. 8. ship 8t Mary'a. Com. Voorhiea, ce, arrived at Honolulu via Hilo, oa th* 5th Tot* ember. She ta destined for the Eaat India idron. The profiler Maaaachuaefta had ard at Honolulu, officer* and crewa of both vea an wen. he P<Jr*rna* HVi -Imj?ortant di?pitehea ^ the King'a special Commissioner and I'lenintmry Fx inordinary, by tb* hands of Comlore Voorbiee, reached the Foreign <oo Bib of I>*cen:b*r he Conaul of the i: fpublic of Phile departed Franriaco in the bmk Dob '^mxotie, on ;?a ?i M iri?t , having irft t!ie duties ol hia rnnauUte, ' # I hia retnrn, in the handa of the Miniater of Kg! pign Relatione. ?? .. r Everett, ai.d M I>udoit and hii family, era- J*!*" ied in the aame vtaael liter advicta give additional intelligence. * h- Prn't N?t < f *n I*, *)? it hi- b" ? ? ome time known lh*t when Commodore Vo?r* fctaa? Miltd, totne week* atcce, Ul tb- St Miry a > w he Kasi India station, he bore to the Sindwi^ ml* a ireaty of commerce and navi^stioi ich has been negotiated at tfon Fraaciaco. [ he |x'iiit~ nf the trmty were published Ui tl > Yi?k HrriiM in December Uat.] he <W(?f>wn of the 15ih of Dec. give? an at ui of iii?- interview between Coin. Voorhiea an Islands g< v*-ratnent. On the 10th D?c. th g (ta\e special audience to Com. Voorhiei i V. introduced his officers, and addressed th c in m i-hort n?eech, stating the circumitaoc* < meeting ot Messrs. Karnes and Judd at Sa acitco, and urormed his Majesty tUat he ha a connuicBioued to bring the trea'y to hi irt. he PiJi,nftian gays, a* a mes^nger of p?aci eood will, the visit of Com Voorhies is cot ly welcomed by tne government of the Island King t?eU btreiighthened and relieved by th jly tone of the Commodore's address and th recMi'iifc of interest for his government o |mr' of ilie government of the United Slates lie latest d-iies from the [sUnds are to Dfccem 22 < "n the night of the 13dithe brig Pdtapaco >i. We ft, 150 days from Boston, was driver ore (not wated where). Her cargo will bi rtly saved, atid she may be got off, but raucl irsgi-d he library of Rev. Sir. Thurston, of Kailu* wait. h*? been consumed by tire. Tne loss i paTable. A Urge number of inii>ortant unpub cd translations, which have cost immense U , tog.ther with accumulated papers ot thirl rs, were destroyed he |ir< f iler Massachusetts and sloop St. M i were the U. S. Navy vessels in the port riolul.i he following U. S. naval vessels were a n lulu on ihe 7th ot December:? nop of ?ar I'p-bls Tom Glynn, for San Franclser n-lkr Va'-arhiisvtta. K R Knox. Sloop.of war Si ) i Com VcorhfKg, for fc'.ast Indies. JTERESTING FROM PANAMA. MOVEMENTS ON THE ISTHMUS. ti&tics or the Shipments of the Pre cious Metals* Tt are indebted to a gentleman, who seems I ull of energy, for the 1'anamt Echo of the & no, biought by the Alabama to New Orlean s gentleman rushed through to this city ahei he mail, and, in this way, placed the public session of the details of the late aewa frotji ific, one day earlier than it could otherwi e reached us. FKrom the Panama Keho. Feb. S ] 7t understand that the Hon. J. C. Fremoi ator from California, and who arrived here 21st ult., by the steamer Oregon, mill lea auia today, tor Gorgona and Chagres, whe ivill embark on boarathe steamer Georgia, f v York, and tnence proceed direct to was on. Col F. has been detained here by t t*!?s of his wife, Mrs F., daughter of Col. Be ; but we are gratified to learn that the coui us and accomplished lady is now entirely ered. ; is computed, by those conversant with t s, that ihere are some twelve to fifteen bulloc ighiered daily, and from thirty-live to foi s, to supply the inhabitants of Panama, a ellrrs crossing the Isthmus, with fresh me ne eight barrels of flour, tmked into bret es, and pies, are consumed daily. The bre weet and wholesome. he weather for the last two weeks has be redingly cool and pleasant, for this climate a >on. The fine sea breeze, which blows a si ng gale, both morning and evening, is quite i hiute and bracing to the nerves. Toe air una healthy; this is the dry season, and \ e had no rain for over a month pa?t. n Sunday last, was celebrated the rites of m e between Robert Wallach, Esq., of Washii City, D. C , to Senara Maria Alemm, of tl . Since the beginning of the California ei ion, this is the first marriage we have notic veen the beautiful daughters of New Grana the enterprising young men of North Amerii Cotwine, the American Consul, was presi lie ball parly in the evening; so were moat foreign modems and city authorities. Ii J ih^t fikurriuo^ wmu roUKrutw#] nn<la? i htrrt hu>i ii-.s, which we trust it will re*iiz>*^B ft fire told thbt some of our good-natured nadiun friends (eel a little timorous lest w ) States hould deem it of sufficient iH ance to annex the IsthniuH of Panama to ?cty extensive territory. Should such an ev^H r occur, of which we have but little appreh^H is at the oresent period, we have no douM^^H ct will be effected by honorable purcha^H tv. or negotiation, and not by the force ofari^H Vmt'd SlglM is a law-abiding nation, ires to obtain possession of no territory, t\c^H n iNMlkb manner. But, were it the ir<^H une ol the Idhmu* to become an integral of ihe American 1'nioo, we have not the le^H bt it would be highly advantageous to all >le resident here. The obvious result of si^H nation would be the enhanced value of y of every description ; the improved stat^^f culture, which ia now languishing in insig^^J ce; the development ot the mineral reaou^^B he country; the flourishing condition of meal and industrial pursuits; the opening itruction ot roads; besides the powerful s given to commerce, by the display ot^^H rncaii Aug ftom the topgallant mint, woul^^H Iculxhle We think, therefore, all feverish^H ien?ions had better be allayed. When the pe it will fall; then ia the time to gather be giant bunina or plantain is, to the g^^J a of the population of South America, potato is to the Irish peasantry; it is ndant, and a nuiritiou* food. The crop is i known 10 Iml; it is insipid in the raw st^^^ ever ripe ; nn?l is, therefore, eaten boi^^J led or fried; it ia of pleuaant flavor, not a sweet potato roasted; when boiled in s^^J rrieitly, like ii good pot and in this wiH it into short pieces. The plaut upon whic^^J vs, though l?? arinif the elevation and of a tree, has no woiid in its stem; it iUf annual plant, and wiih leaves from si^^J it feet long. The plantain do ? not grow but in rows of une-pial numbers, on a 'tr^^l npon which fifty or more fow; and to 'Ii ot nin- or ten inches e ?cb, so.n s" tains writhing two pounds. Tha Onld Mlnci of ttic lilhmai, , II- r?ai the Panama Koho, herr ih now in i'anitim a pentlenmi, a arrive** from the in'erinr- the dtffgings of a???li? ?ho*fd ui k rich ( e.'imrn of tie, 22 c?*?U finr. He rHatea tin I his i'TH r, * |M>rty ?'f forty Americans, are ejtrKjr i ffi to (i> worth oi this l'oM p- r day. V , brsutilul and of rich urain. ia unlike (lie <H i>n an iverage will be found as lary aa a C ce. Thi?t ct proves that oar miaers of W"* are not ' xperirnred with d<r.rng ?t' : hec?u?e thi* value of the j*?wdrr or d h th? y do not rather, is etjaal to halt of t I product |"||* success in diz^uiff, so i>nn-<Bi;; hut wjb?*n the tsploratioaa ' ? *t? inifd, we ejfpect to hear of ui <f K" nrirckn. t>ne Vhinic is aeli-avidea*? leap an ihis pari of ?'he Nthmu < t'c clnn < unl healthy, and a4 <1 is oear P^nsm i. ran re?ily ?hip or of ih?ir earn; hink f."> or $?i here. #i?h the low |.ri? e ?t ia lully e^ual to $10 oV| ' '* ' '*li,o"?ia,'f ythirg ia high, and irk' ' alhy I.el the ffoltfl * th.o^^H r Ihirgs, and give the )> il h go farther. lr?rt >br?tm the list . rl??4 trt4 thii unmiit nf pw<r\ tor ?h? v rl of tm'immm' l? ttl? *OM9t nf c !. * IS I fn n Catllnrata tn 1h?? 1 i ry. i fl *"? 1?1 ? i vn ts m?i? i , a... 4 M ?1 mu* HI I' *> ? ::-i fc?? : ^ 1 ii i ... s M ? wi;? i ?... r* ti mam i i ??. 7 *4 11 7W7i/ . r.. i w m mm I4 IK. * (II HW ' IT'3 1? 7isn ? !?...??wrrj :u is v* ?i ^ t? . IMA , J * sH *1 ? 1.5 di * * '

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