Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. "llntit corncr of Fulton ?uid JABKI OUttDON BKHIKTV. PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR AMLBKMKMT8 THIS S V EM NO. ROVtKT Till ATM, Bowerj-Ki Br A ? Ibnb?tii??CkftV AO BIAK fllitl. BROADWAY TUKATXE Bro?*irBy-I?TR?llM-TABM if a.?I> Kooa FOB. ' > ATOM'S tHBATRK. Cbambrr* me?t? SsaiOu* ?Ami \--I ur Yeah. V iTIONM : IIXaTHC, Ch*th??,?tr?t-Ko? Rov ?New Y>. ? m A? 1' l? i?Ai?rA? Dacr Dtcn, ? rjKIffTva orfi*.i HOU^I - Ethiofiah Minwtbcla. It HTKlDllll^ AND IltlUKB, LDDKf/N WlllTl'l SrKkMADBRB. WASHINGTON UALI.--Fa?o* tm or C,i l,ll?RI?ia 61. b Mi? ?a. til BE0ADWAY--0**- Ur? Hias* UMiacOrL I) ()U B L I'. SH EETT New York. IHoixley. March 11, 18.W. The Double Sheet Herald. Tie public *111 find In thia daj'a HeralJ two cen'? worth of readitg matter Th? contents of this paper embrace correspondencs from < bagraa. Kingston, ()alaaica) San Joae, (California) Sacramento City, Saa FraocUco, Chlno, n?sr l.os An*rlos. Valparaiso, Mon treal, Philadelphia Washington. Guatemala St. Jago de Cuba. Montevideo. ke., ko ; miacellaneoua news Irc m (alifcrnta inrludirg a report of the labor* o( the Mexican boundary com.i i s Vn; tbe commencement ef tlie Medical College at the University, the report of Ibe Carpenter's meeting, the decision, in full, in the celebrated Ciaines ca-e, the address of one wing of the b'emocracy of New Vork, the protert of the Hungarian exiles, and a d< x?B column* ft city news editorials, commercial and ficanoiul intelligence, miscellaneous f. re'.nc. and domestic waiters ^e..S.a. Single copies lu wrappers, ready for mailing t an be obtained at the desk Tlic I'ytign !t<wi, lu ull }>:obiil>ility, ?p shall receive our foreign file* find correspondence in the course of to-day, ami our reader.- may expect the JleraU to overflow with the details of two weeks later intelligence irom the old world, to-morrow. AiHitmints In H?w Vork?1The Proposed New Law, We are tlad to perceive that the Legislature of this ytate have taken in hand the subject of assessments, nnd have now under consideration a measure which, if passed, will remedy the difficulties nnd inequalities of the present system, and give satisfaction to every one, except a few millisn aires, w ho have heretofore escaped from bearing their proportionate share of the public expenses. The most prominent features ol the proposed b< w assessment law are, that hereafter, persons transacting their business in one place, and residing in another, shall, in addition to bei^g astthbtd in the place where they live, be assessed on all their business property in the place where th> > carry on that business. This is a most admirable arrangement. It is very well known that there are thousands of merchants doing business in this city, who etc&pa taxation by residing in Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, and other of the buburbs of New York. The value of the property which thus escapes taxation, amounts to an immense sum in the HiiareEHte. In fact, the sum thus mved makes it tin object for the heads of Jarge trading houses to reside it any place but NtwVoik;iuid if it was specially df signed to indi re oi r merchants to reside out ol b-tier method than the pre?ent defective assessnient fry*tem, could be adopted. All such prop? rtyis protected a* much as any oilier, and the owners ought, on every principle of justice and equity, be obliged to contribute their quota of the expense ol tue ^overnrnetit wluch gives tint protection. An >ther po.?<l point connected with the p^tosed f) stein, is Ii?nt the assessors shall have ihe power t< tali upon every pert on whom they have reason to uiit-re has peisotul et<tate liable to taxation, and e^ani ne them under oath on the subject; particularly in relation to bouds, mortgages, stocks, Ac. Heretofore it lias bfen impossible to get at he amount of personal property possessed by individuals, and the consequence his been that ninetenth-* of it have escaped fixation entirely. A man may own four or tive hundred thousand dollars worth of ier?< ual estate, und may be assrssed for only tive or ten thou and; or perha|W the ?& ne pai ty.ow mug a single lot of land, would beas*es?ed on thai alone, while all hi* personal property ? o Jd en -pe It w wuhin tlie bounds of probability to ? I if .* iao/1 n*<4i:in#tit Kill fthmtlil mine five or mx hundred millions of dollars worth ol personal property, ot all kind*, in the I ?? ?< >*ion of banks, corporations and individuals, which him heretofore escaped taxation, will be discovered and wade to contribute to the general excuses. It la the w.ini of such u i?y*tetn as the t'W new under consideration, which ti is made the taxes in New York so on<-rous and burdensome. The ownera of rtal estate have always been ihe principal ?uti? r?, because Mich property cannot concaled. A person owning twenty thousand dollar* worth ol r<ul estate woulU be heavily taxed, v? bile the person owning personal properly to titc ainoiint ot halt a million would not pay I cent, because it wis impoasibie lo discover it. 'Ihrre are other good features connected with Ike cewiy prop? sed a*>c?stnent law; but ?i:>- reference whxhwe have nAide to it will saUsly our leaders that it it a decKi.d improvement on the old sytUu and will con Mat them that it should paa* 'Hi.o a Uw as soon aa |Ha?ible, and the sooner ttir better. Ot will not be satisfactory to tti> tmltf nairea of Wall street, or of up-town ? .o th'-f )> iHiiit who count their personal property c; i : itui 11 wui oc ?u i? me n? h rtunat. rrnl" awn< :, on whom h.m 1*11 tl,- | run i|'.> |wrt < ( uir bu;iL?v. of k??< ?tn< at* auJ kuiKti tor(> m p*?t. 1 h> miliiouaire^, accord Jr>i l),mr riritin( th< marlvta t? thr iittwat to IfllMp f'HI< null L. f ( ill, hi) J mi liU. to pro<<(d k) Albany. nd t !??>v hgnin-4 *l Thoer agrnta nir hum buaily'n^a^rii in thru work, and th<* <r_ ii ?>i lii nii.llt . lira in Nt-w York?th? J,u:ruil cC .t btc?i* !'. ki:n *m! an, i<>rung l!i? hi l oir r m ti: ' b rai k ?n t?Ki n I - ciwalrcact ibo>r in/! ! nt?r, >L.*? *o ?rc? wary, tad *> miii.fila^Wr and > '?t hi IU> i harac tr/, may be , d' .< ?trd. it may br a itimtd a* a niattrr of c?r* J I im),iUi mi ?llort nl no mnunou oiti?r wdl be ?.* r to dtf< at it, end our (itwni ahould at oner m i i d d>e alarm, And cull *i|K>n liw LrjuaUturr to ? it jmcr U'ouUJ IttoibradviNblit, ikitr ti ei i i iii.iaii?rr?, ifcerelwrr, to Ct'li a ixiblu- iu-rt* . <iiit. at! .', vftnx rnyn tenerally, ?nd |mm a ??i! ra it rr^olutioM lb it would confirm >hr * / ii?, <-r?, d*.' rinbuMm ih<? turnd to * it h ih n in/ ar jT?* in witlch I t I! I'liti-n it tl < ;>ljr mt*r? a?ed, and i?a J h * fit i* d'tH'B<i'il bjr fvery coatij rati'W ol | I'Kj'itty id tuner. It m time Mat the real ctiatr < f iliMciiy ahinld !>. rrLrvn! ol tlir e*er?. ?i?r fl rr c( t.ij M"ii whic'i it haa botve frft " ) and it ia tim , i?o, that nwrch?n? .. lira n thia riif, but who U*t in nin-r | <?*,? *?II nril'itnairri, fl.uawt c n> IV d to contribnir tbnr *h?r. to u,* ??ar>v .1 rx, i ?? ?fnuj.^in ni; th law an . tii jjfrrn j which ihrm Iat the |>ni ti.-. therefore, WhU b tk? movtmrtt doarly, nod k'-ran pyr on tlr l/vidilirr. Tmi: littlUnnci from Cat >*sia ? Oarr?.r t'f,'ontiVrrr Timii CtUvioit and in" tf'dd frtr > .*. ?h th w ill Jw? fi>tind in to<lny'a pipff, i? r*tr? n?--ly int'-iifling, flrinf rr, wr in* our retdrta to f'< rjli. i.ii. H'1.1/II> nd, If :i * i^ tlirrn, in rdu: ,t! :: - j r ' hr ? -'! f (Mtd l >r tli ir 'tnublf J tkotmi.ta in Tammaby Hall?Disunion among nn Democracy?Ws give in to-day's paper a very curious address issued to the democracy o| New York, on the present trouble* that afflici the in, which has emanated from one of the twii committees at Tammany Hall, the chairman o which is Fernando Wood. The other and oppo ting committee is headed by Henry M. Westers 'J'he difference between these two committees i not very palpable to the uninitiated ; but aa far a we understand the points of disagreement betweei them, amidst the technicalities and humbug whtcl they utter against each other, we suppose that th Fernando Wood committee embraces all the oli barnburners' interest, including the return of ou particular pet in politics, John Van Buren, Ksq The other committee, headed by Henry M. Wes tern, embraces the views, f?elin?3, hopes, put pt ses, boot*, breeches, and old clothes, of the ol hunkers. The address which we publish to-d* from the barnburaing section, may be the first ste towards a compromise between the two cornmll tees, and it is very evident that unless they unit their fortunes and settle their difficulties in soin way, including the return of John Van Buren an his friends, the democracy of this State can d very little in future. They must also discard th Wilmot proviso, and bury it nine feet deep unde the eurface of public opinion. This movement, indicating such difference! proves the accuracy of the description given by Mi l_. lhoun, in his tamous speech, relative to the cause which have been for many years past gradual impairing the Union and creating alienation be tvveen the North and the Sou'h. Many of th great religious denominations have been i two ; the democracy of the I'nian has been split t two; the whig party is on the verge of a similar tei rible split; and nothing seems to be in prospect but gf neral breaking up, dissolution and disunion c all parties and factions, and a regular scrub rnc for the next Presidency. With this impressior we expect soon to see committees organizing, an mo\? ments made, when the slavery question issei tied in Congress, in favor of bringing forwar Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun John Van Buren, James Buchanan, Thomis H Benton, and a long list of other talented and abl men, that may well be included m the category c candidates lor the next Presidency. Let us have scrub race and a breaking up of all parties, at leas once in a quarter of a century. It clears the al mosphere, purifies the air, destroys all noxious va ) ors, and begins a new game with a new gene i ration. Foreign Missions and Foreign Music.?on of our cotemporaries, somewhat more amiabl ' than usual, states that Mr. Gordon Bennett, edito of the Herald, is not seeking after the mission t< Vienna?that not being the object of his ambition but that he is looking with an intense eye upon thi minion to France, with the prospect of entenni the Elytlts llmtrbon. As we have BOtne slight ac quaintance with the editor, and occasionally lool at the columns of the Herald, we may as well coi rect the amiable mistakes of our cotemporary, be fore they have gone the rounds of the prew in pretty much the same style that the story of th three crows went through various editions. Mr limnett has not been sacking for the miesioi to Vienna, nor for the mission to France, nor for i mission to any particular country; and that for th best of all reasons, lie has already received ai oiler ot an appointment on a general and compre I henaive mission to all these countries and capitals from a quarter which has as much influence 01 ; these movements, as the cabinet at Washington ! lie is now considering whether he will accept th ' appointment to this mission all over Europe, on hi : own hook, and at his own expense, for the purpon j of tiacing out the character and direction of thos elements thai liavr been put in motion during th< r? c< nt volcanic eruptions of society and govern ment all over the old continent. Three or fou years ago?a few months before the late eruptiom itxk pltc-f?he travelled over that continent, note) the condition of society, government, religion, am the tendency of things in general, and predictei almost what we have recently seen. He no* w it-lies to tak* another tramp over the Mine ground and to ascertain from personal inspection, what i o be the course and character of coming event* grow ing out of the terrible eruptions and singula ; convulsions and vibrations of public institution i and popular liberty. This is the uppointment which bae been oflerei him by one who has considerable control over hi ' destiny, and he is now deliberating whether h< w ill accept it this year or the next. The only ob et icle in his way, at present, is th-slavery agitatioi in Congress, and the dangers with which the Unioi is periled by fanatics and philosophers of the North and the excitable and chivalrous people of theSouth He w ishes this great question settled before h I leaves this country on any foreign mission, or fo any foreign purpose, and he vsill endeavorto aid i bringing about a settlement before he leaves tlies I shores. II, however, the question at VV'asliiugto n iiiiiiioiiir, uiiu uir' iigiimii'ii muvi yu un iu uu union, civil war, and the destruction of all i grand and noble in this great confederacy, he al* wishes to he there, to save a piece of this nam 1'nion for his cabinet ol curiosities, to transmit t poittrity. That's all. A.n Iktomrablk Nt ham e?snr aoaijkt th CoSiohaiioJi.? A gl.mce at the report of a niotio in Special Term. will astonish our reader*, thoua we conl? it doea not s?rpri*e u? to find that i requires mm'thing more than th* proces* of lai to restrain the city fathers?thr guardian* of th public health and weal?from ih?:r obstinate an determined perseverance in a system of burial which has been pronounced as d?*??roua and pui luting 10 the hvin The ten ' '.over :or* have eo* den ned it?grand junea have " prereated" it aa nuisance, *nd ihe Html.i has exposed its banefu ef. cts in several articl sj but the Kocdiy guardian of (he Corporation are loo busy promoting jobs an the political and partisaa elections of officials, to b able to devote stithciett time to correct an ev that may prove fievastaticg in the etirew. W t? II those self, willed tunr-vinnaries. that the peopl deni ial of them n nghteoaw disch irge i?f the ctntio which ?hcy were elected k> fulfil; und if they d a< t abate this j? stilential nui**ure, sworn to b iBiolerahl and dnt rrc>'i?, th*y will he an weruM tor ?hr cor-i ah<>uld contagion ?i?rin? fn>r tie- uoxrft:ly abotii.tationa m'lich thr-y aoi ok!; coiMt'nHnc*, but inert their right to contiaue | A* fW* motion ( r at injunction ha* brrn d< niei by I uk if J .i1?hiui]k, w?- bop*' th. compliunifcjf w tira will indict the C?r|>oratioa Vl?re tit*' iui i jury, for a dm-crou." nmtonot. tn* pmocutic ivbrrrt.icak p?bty ? i: I *i*<Mier u'li.nm *.11 hp found an rUkoratr ?ddr?"* from the in nrr?i (*intn.ure of the Democratic ll? l>uhlic?n>ar y to the el?ctora, of thin city and coiib iy. It III rrfitar nf what i? atyhtl tk> ili->rgn | alziBg bh v. uni of the minority of the Gfwri [ < irnnutUe. who have hreu chared with the ?li rnlunof th* alfliira of lb?* p?rty f?>f 1N?/. Tli in cDinftl will be atlrniivcly read by tho*> wf?' have n the a> di*.*ionf iu the fMtriy, w.lift! Im?e irn nt'y created ao much conluaion. T.? on cVtf'nRil lh> ? nolo ?*\ite of trouble, thi- adatf*' Ritiat !* read. It i? | mm talk. The Fbabch r<>* Jons Fiahmi -Tb? rrranji? rrer.ta of Mr fleary Griantll, of thia citjr, for n aearch for Sir John Fianklia, are now n*arly run Icted, and the Trr?el? will at cnce It fi'tcd (or the t xpedition. Li?uienantl> II ivrn, i\. v ay'vania, la to hrtre command of th'* Hut ri ? I, am) IVmd Midihi,iimq cJii'Jio, of <ifor* i, oftV aectK* Mr. O. h ia anhwribed tor t!i I it < li a* of the vraafl*, and hi* MM hi.< to the I ?*t t?, iro' nte them HuofWaMilol l??t n'rf'it, l>T tl# rtivkl rf tb? bark Ho -.a, l a^t Hairy itn? .*/. Htl'tuUil.'t < i U'? ?vitMf .laauarj. I:c '*li?ao Htt, % TUB AWFUL 8TE*MB01T DISASTER | ON THE i ALABAMA RIVER. f The Lot* of Thirty Lim, and Over a Quarter a Million of Dollars in California Gold. &c., Arc., &T?L 8 We published, on Saturday, and in yesterday' 11 Herald, a brief telegraphic account of the destrut ^ tion, by fire, of the steamer St John's, on the Ala e bama river, by which thirty lives and over ^ quarter of a million of dollars were lost. r The telegraphic despatch was dated Montjjomerj I- Alabama, on the 7th mat., and was as follows:? >- The steamer St John's >u burnt to the water's edg near Bridgeport, Dallas eeanty on bar upward trip I . Montgomery. at sis o'clook. on Tuesday evening '' Is supprted tbat about thirty parsons were burnt 1 y dtstb and drowned The Are was aooidental, an caogbt froni the heat of the boilers. All tbs ladles o P board, numbering utin or tight, were lost. Lien t- Rice of tbe United States Army, lost some (260,00 Several <'alifornians alto lost their all. Tlis boat wi lnsursd tor $20 000. She oost $40,000. ? The Califomians reported to have lost their a ^ by this disaster, were probably passengers by th 0 steamship Alabama, which arrived at New Orlear e on the 27th ult. fr?m Chagres. We annex a list ( r the passengers by the A: ? Wir.P Brjane.R.M. Pilot, U 8. N , and servant; J. 1 ?, F. ( 'Hiler. F W. Bates. Wm. MoVulty, W. Miers, J. I Miller, J. I'aggary. 8. J. .Miller, Mr Murray, T. I r Maxlt-y B Newburn, Robert l). Johnson, John O. Ha' 8 den, John J.Gardner, 11 L. William, S A. llerry, I ? Baker, J. ( oncb J. H Balrd, 1) W Schmidt, W.I " Carso. A. F. Hedges, J. Tyson. A A Dalton, John A ;* Caoghlan. B. Oenois. Patrick Bannon. William \ ? Murray. Wil iara R Miller, E J. Robert*. Jasper Lang I Hi* t l?U.. A L (17 nxt,.Ail X ndrssor h'unf Q J. Stibbe. B Kiting, Mrr. Waldo and rervan n ! Jaraen Bell and lady, J. J. Bltnelberger, James Vaugb | J Huslty. ('linn. Amid, Samuel l uruer, E.U. Smiti r- I (iforjje Morrla, AsUl Abbott, Donald lirant, Tbomi a Urogban. B. K. Slater. L litbson. IVm. 11. Stive I Warren Leland Benjamin Uber. U C. t rane, J. I ' ; Ormtley. (i. P. Isbanj, Bernard Nollaar, l bail#* Cia e J. H Cernellion, Capt. Paul Benaon The "Lieut. Kice of the United States Army, d is, we are informed, Purser It. M. Price, of th t- Navy, and was for a length of time Naval Agei d on the Pacific coast. We regret to learn that Purs* i, Price was among those who lost their lives by th 1. burning of the ill-fated boat. It is supposed that th e quarter of u million of dollars belonging to Mr. 1 if will be recovered It would seem incredible, how a ever, that such a man should bring such an amoun it when he could have deposited it in the mint at Net : Orleans. This amount of wealth he bad a masse i- in California, and was returning home to enjoy th !. fruits of his good fortune, when the melauchol event above mentioned occurred. We believe tht p Mr. Price belongs to Brooklyn, where his famil e now reside. r Several of the passengers by the Alabama arrive j in this city lust Friday and Saturday. Three cain . in together on Friday, to one of whom, Mr. Joh 'e M Coughlin, we were indebted for the new ,T brought by that vessel. In addition to this, w learn that Mr. Warren Leland, lately of the FaetfI l lYtMt, was at Washington yesterday. ' Jenny Llnd'i Concert*. ' We ekall arrtnge to give our reader* the earliest an i, Boat authentic information in reference to tha eoi I cert* of thW great artist?assured that eaeh new* wi be eagerly welcomed by a boat who. not having *ae Q her, yai admire her, and are ansioutiy awaiting tb hour ofner arrival. The lorari of music, In all eirclei are already very earnest in their inquiiie* a* to tfa e time and circumstance of these concerts; and while thl II is yet undecided, It may be confidently stated that the wUl commence early la the coming fall. We only hoj . tbat even a tithe of her aumeroas admirer* may hai l en opportunity of listening to her extraordinary po* i. ers; but we fear many will be deprived of the treat, froi e the fart tbat Mad He Lind visit* our great country, 1 s a great meeiure, from curiosity, and shs purposi e going lUrough all the principal States, terminating hi e tcur at Havana, and returning to Kurope tie Mnloi f which arrangement will preclude the possibility of r< visiting our eitire, and. according to the plan of th tear, which we have seen, she will employ the tin r allotted to the 160 concert*, In about 20 oltle* of tb 1 I nion, which give* to New York, 12; Boston, S, rhila i delphia, ; Baltimore, 4; Washington, 2; and so on t i Charleetcn; and. as on* of Mad'lle Lind'* great li 1 dooemeat* to vl*lt America la to see the Kails of Nil r 1 car*, the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, and other lnt retting featurea of our country, concert* ?1U vei s j>oe*lbly be (Iran at Albany, Rooheatar, Syracus Buffalo-North; and Ctnclnatti aid Louisville ? Wei ' and ao on to New Orlaani r Tbu*. than at bar admirer* are to numerous, ar * tba building* where aba will flog, ao comparative! atuall, we repeat, wa tear that many ,<in our own city i 1 leaat, will bare to bear tba diaappolntment of not bail s able to hear ber. unleia aotne larger place than we no p , pctsr** ia arranged for her entertainment* i. | It Bay be raid that ber voice will not All a vat ? large nom: it Is not eo for wa bare before us account a of her ringing. In Colagna. In a butldls? temporarll ereattd fur bar coaaarta. to bold U 000 perionn. whlc number waa at each of the* In Manchester. hnglatu U at tha free Trade Hall, at rash of a aerie* of *1 * concert*, 8 600 par*on* ware In attendance; at Lire: r pool, at tha Amphitheatre. >000, In Kdlnburgh Ma* n Hall, 3 0U0; In Perth, Scotland, 6 000, and even the f not on* fifth ol tba applloaota for ticket* could be *u| a piled; and oa aeverai occasions considerable esolti I- uisnt, and almoat disturbance resulted from the dlsaj s pointiuent. 0 Mademoiselle Llad la extremely ani!ou< that ber ai ( gagt Brnt should be made ao aa to gratify as mtny i i her friend* aa poaaible, and 1a equally desirous that t 0 inaonvetiieace should be felt by b?r audience*; bi *o great was tha /urvrt through all Karnpc, that tl k only plan foubd to sucaead. (alter trjiug mtay), wi n to put doable the blank* to number* loa ki and alio I, applicant* to draw; If a blank toratira lor tba*. eona*r ;t If a iiumbrT. to pay fcr tha tlckat at 1 cbtlca CI a plao there bain* ao greater DuDib't iaaued tbaa eould I tomfM latly act i mnu'datfj 1 bl? wa? carlaluly ao : (. IWftt and Impartial plan, aud oar that we trust M liaiDum will ad< pt Aa to lb* prlna, ? are at preaai ? unable to ttala, but balleTe that tt la Mr C lot-ntic to naka it aa low aa poaaibU In London tba priea i tlokrta rac??d froia fl?a to lift? dvUan, In tba Pn Tlncra of h ngland. fioin thriv to Bfirea, on the toot r.?nt th-taiur, but baT<- ??ry often b??a a Id at au< tlon for tnormou* tutni. aod ?? hare now fc?f<rai an acoant of two e-aeerta firm b bar in th? tow of Norwich, la l.agland. a place of ab< at thot and Inhabitant* whera 4,14. tiakeia wara a 1J whig realized XI *& 11a . or about $ ? TOO In a mere wtilajr which cmceita wata to enable bar to *(Ubll?h a fun f >r tba purokaaa of fa?l for tba po >r of that placa I water Md'lle Jenny I wh la ear??r from b?rrf?4 't her tr'Irian laat jtar. baa btea < n* coatiaued aerie* i uuappn arhad eatbj^win and trlucpb. i'hr^ugh tow n aiid ""untry. ai o< m? aou aorcaa w. c?) rt!?-?:i y ?| leid'ir o( th? palac*. and tb? Uwllnnt of tbo col Ug*. all bat a but on* !? !:n,r toward' L-r an aJmi.i ^ tlnavl rb tfiouBt* ?t to adotaUon H?r roll ittml In b* ? rpall wbleb totally atitiaac ? l.?r bv*r<tr Wi war* f?w daja MT". e<>o?tr-??/ with Mm ? g?nll< ' Bf?. ll 0I(>0 Crc?fi.NB?. paid |. t?fe>ar hfr, sad p?lj or.rt mrtndfd id grlttng . flaM, ?U of whom d-t ?i?d tb*ir inability l Afrrtlbr tha and <odia: Hag pu?et ut tb? (iMt aoagatm#. and ?k.i x 4 taat ta* lor a tlm? lltaiallj jibcobmIou* of ar.ryitiln rrt 'ird ih?m- tbat tb?j a?t? ntrtinl with dWtglii - aud # flhrO tv N Ill'mHif t?th?| to ttia iddk < briui tliao to a rnatvo nt vartb. I b?r? 1 . liftll l'l lUbl' Uc ?ll. .<>!-:! ( >D'liil ' <d lira pint aalJ ?'ij ij u*? joii#*r?>a In /aii".!'>lt; *W.'4 W. tbat t&rvkgb it ait fcatt p? 1 tid b> *11 tla"t?i?l# la b?ii?rtd tj Ih1 ibf (tta'i! aid n?"?t ?< ui atliil Tueali'f tfcat *r-r livaa V*' " fbalJ, *tm fl.a arfK". M ?t?ahla4 t > glr# our Tr* i?r? KilMi'l KtfbllMI ta*ta exaifib'd ?iih INramr 11 ' Ull iHulKrtoV* caalair.rn. tor ?bl?b baa. ainad wrlttta to ?? ?? lii'taa <n i.nvi.ja, ?rd oo alio* , nu't' ill; tf can rWy Mr. Hirtnin i? antulai I gnat et?<J:t Tvf W?* b? ba< tilm xl la itti >tl?|'lll| OMIif mM? i-l> ?!' ji- ? la?fittgtr gi tbl kn?t ur<J< 1 hi ugs ? J ancati p?",I? |j?i, ?tp t'l- ? ' ??'< < tat M i' yu iiMiu t Fofpi itvaltj if tracing tl' *r*aia*t 11 al. .r l*tr. It I 10 bp hoprd that h<* wit' ratrtalljr ai ft d-v-.a p:?i I'lifthf a mi ) a? p' Mt>.? fL*r ?. ail-. a'tti p-r'-e I ril fei t to to ?- *bj krur ta? M^ViU ?ala * f ftwt-orn.1* Ha ?hail ii>r?a|t*f tad-air It frtta ?- m a* 0 it o tb? ?a '? M?i ?i in njr Lla i-iu iL< ia< v < Itb Jrf tlkrfi for ''rf a?a vnfij In uli. cur gj. niijr c?l of nil 5>tooi. I'lotm Al .-n:tirt.?iitril l>* <(?, in rttitDi* c? cur Uw rriiort#, ma (iporgn f <**%. *' " *? rmrftil a till forifctf 1 ' . , :< i, :? ??. " of i r> 11 ; u) iriiiJ M>t kgin 1 J I" t?" i"?t fi it<i 'H* -1 c?ii f'.nl. j. Wto4i *.;! bcj u? 'ft 'h< o hcr c<ifn ! TKLKCK1PIK IKTKLLHiKlVCE* Tfkiraphk linmirj, ln According to our information from Washington, d< an ominous calm seems to hang over the capital, at | It seems that no hopes are entertained of Mr. P? Foote'a movement being successful, but we shall know more ia the course of the day. It is quite natural that there should be ? calm after the deli- *| , very of such sentint? n<? from & representative from ^ New England, ae thoae that were delivered by Mr. lB Webster on Thursday last. It will be well if thia t, calin do not result in a reaction, of which, indeed, M there seems to be some likelihood. This should " not be allowed. The country at large, and parti' cularly New York and New England, and espe- ^ t cially ihe coiriniercial interests of those regions, et w should support Mr. Wabster in the stand which he M , has taken, lest such reaction should take place, *t ,i trnd a deeper and greater excitement be the result. ot n The press of Boston and of New York should move hi 0; at once in this mailer. Nothing is to be expected ** * from the ultra whig press. They appear to be pre- t., .. paring to oppose Mr. Webster, and very likely there will be a rumpus in the whig party on that 16 ground. As yet, ihe slavery question has not nude a I much havoc in the whig ranks, but the time is approaching, unless the movement is stopped by wl 3 the independent masses and independent press, l" when a division similar to that which exists among 8 the democracy, will occur among'the wings. Interesting from Witsltfagton. [OUR SrKCIAL tki.kuKAI'HIC CORRESPONDENCE] Washi.oi.tom, March 10,1*50. To morrow is the day fixed upon for Mr. Koota'a t, motion to refrr to a committee of thirteen a cornproa< miae OB the slarery question; but 1 cannot give you th much hope of either the motion being carried, or, if r, carried, the movement being successful. Notwith- cii s ftandlng the speech of Mr. Webster, the Sauthern " '? members in both houses. I understand, will not sup- ? ? port any plan oi compromise that may eminata from y Southern men. The general expectation is that Mr. f'oote's resolution will ba voted down at ones, and so th 1 will any other proposition tfoming from a Southern J** *r source. The Southern members think that compro- ? >e misa must come from the North. The general feeling " here, at present Is. that the great crisis is not far off, ? '. and that it will oo<*nr when the question of the admis- u r- (ion of California comes up for action. I fear very JJJ tf mvoh that there ara breakers ahead. In faot, the Ji ly ovum iiiium uu ?ci u iuej were ueierminea umi, I(. j unless the North will give corn* Indemnity forth* '< part, and security for tb? future, they Kill not be atlrCed. They want to be assured, if tbe slavery K ^ question Is compromised at all, that the North will <t

lt r?sp?ct the provisions of the constitution relative to y fugitive slaves. better than they have hitherto done They went a guarantee of thii, and are awaiting it, In d aome shape er other. e General Cass 1* espeotad to speak to-morrow, and ^ a it is laid that he is willing to admit a new slave State br g or two from Texas, when the propar time arrives. j,!1 e Importstnt from Vtnetnela. oh IC I'HiLADKurHiA, March 10, 1860. jjj. We have received by the arrival of tbe bark Thos. m Dallett advioes frrm Laguayra to tbe 22d ult. Tbe Karl of Dundonald. Commander-in chief of the Ai British West India squadron. had sent a vessel of war from Trinidad to I.aguayra, to demand indemnity for J*' the outrages committed on the British subjects daring n ! the ievolution. '* ! Mr. Wilson, the British Consal at Laguayra, had *' i made known the command, and had given fourteen ti | dajs' notice for the authorities to oonsider the matter, u, at tbe expiration of whieh period, if a satisfactory an' t swer was not given, tbe coast would he blockaded, and S| , the town of Laguayra bombaided. ' * ! Ten day* had elapsed when the Dallet sailed. ^ We learn that a British sloop-of.war, with Admiral Cockburn on bnard, was lying off that port, anil that three other British t? s?rls of war were at Trinidad. ar )r 1 (ian. i'mi continued In prison. hut be axpacted his "j n liberation fo?n. at the instance of the British admiral la > D wiyrM *m ullbout ibe IfMt Improvement. f* , AffMlra at Santa Fr-Moic Indian Oapre- I datlona, Ac. * > Sr. Loi is, March 9, 13i0. r*' k* By an arrival her* yesterday from the Plains. we mi ;o bare date* frcm Santa Ka to the liTtta of January. 't ' On the Mb, ? clonel Calhoun, after considerable dimk" culty. succeeded la effecting a treaty with the i'.Jtaw * Indian*. Aftervaids, however, a marauding band of 7 Kutaw* attacked and murdered a number of .Mexicans, Wl and atole a large quantity ?to- k r' ' A short time Mnce. a party of huntars. who war* returning to Saata Ka. encountered a large party *f A pa- g 1J che Indlac*. A sever* fight ensued. In wblob several " of the Indiana were killed and wounded Two or thr*? " " ff the buntara were wounded. but not dang?rou<ly { ' Tba ( ) u.<? trlke u agita becoming very noeiue w and fear* are entertained that tbry will ba rirj j* treubleeoaie to (ocli anlgraaU a* mi; be crossing the ?? ' p!ain? 1b tba iprlnf. ^ '* The vritbir iu extremtly col J at Santa F*. ' The territorial quertlon <u being canvaued with & more war Bib. and bad caused ccualJerable excitement. '? '' Col Benton'* eeuree wu approved of. 1 A party or miaerafrom Mleaouri hare been very ?oe * r" reeeful la working a gold Bine about twenty elgbt mllet '? fr< m Santa la u n Capt 8t Yr?ln"? company were to hav* left Santa Ka at i*' rn tbe loth of I-ebruary, (or lort Independence. V ' __________ li l?. A|>|>i?l??tloi> of ? ol lit11 ton'* Pullrjr. Br Una March 9 1M0 u 1. A vary large meeting wu held here la*t nlrfht, at * of wbiob a eerie* of resolution* were paieed. approving of 10 tbe e' orse of < ol Benton In tb* t aited State* Seuata, c it and disapproving of Mr. Calhoun* ?f atlmentf. Tbey ti !? agreed to make Bentonlim a te?t vote, la th* municipal ^ u aiecttoa of tie un, c< ?????1? e? * Arreit ?rCaptain Thrift. m t; b ?1 nMm . March 10, 1SM>. . Captain Thrift, of tb* 'blp Ottawa, ha* b-en arrettel I at *a>at<r.ah. oa a charge of aiding la the e**ap4 of >e Uolkck. tbe baak defaulter 1 ? r Ailjiinrimitiil uf the n*r|Uu<l Legltlatiirt. ? Marcri 10, IWO. Jt The Maryland I.egiMature a.ij uiu?d this m ruing. a> >n aft?r laetlB*.-Bve hundred and fifty law*. rhttt, Jl Naw Oaiuva, March 8 1150 te 1 t'cttra Sale* of 2.0OU haUe bare be?ntnai- price* ? J. aaflar AB<I IB >(1L> rwn in?rt lie g>?ii at aa d?ciln- I dflw wa quota at 13)?e tor " (t<'< U r?d. Kuij?r and ai. laaae* arc un<-b*t.,(rd vVbu k?j la !M. Shipping lnltilt||rpti. b Pa??*rot.A, Harch t. ArrlT?d~r 8 ??>.r Dirt. i<*au.?ra VIih, iad B alk?r, \ in Cr*?. ? d _ x?? *?rch . Arrt?ad-?ri? !*?? World. TluUtfalpMa. '? H ?u a, M?r h t. Hi Arrtrad- Br tJ N Clayfca. Maw Vorh. th * 1?t aw* ah. Mirth ?. | f Atrt??d? Brl? Sifiifl Rreva. Mlirt Viriiaia, Stw V<rki t-ai?llr, i'hkladrlpMa )< m m ' Kiatm ui Ikhh >r thi Orm.-Th* fuklnntbU m ' p*?|ilii Ihtlk-lf ik*| rrtr I btok th?t th?y <lo great ?t ^ tbl?K* ?k?? tbay #pn tlmlr pur*** and ?nn l to v< ba*a ta?ta* Ilka oth*r alvliUod h?io??. At th? eoai- |wl ' m.?n??ni?nt ot th# < p? r? *.a?on. th?y mc>D"poll?-.l lha B '* tw*t rrat" by Bakin/a ru?b to Iha a<tabli>bm*Bt. and. 10 la iha ??<jurl. khay nbowi d tb?lr attar Igncraana of tha j ? * Cuatoma ami habita ot J??bi aablr foT*t<u?r?, who?a t c ? tartar. Inttiilrr. ai d atrial |l?a* ur?? tbay wra to tfal- w . tuf In lmltf nig. ton??,o?ntlj, Mr Mai M?rat?#b, j, < * bn k>? acl.iattil grra: tnunipb and ?ou honar* to l' al.trb bat* truly aatlfU'd fca? el?ard ku wa?in a/tar 0? , war-"* ' ? plrcr? of lllfrtfM< an! a innll b>*. n,, liar a ii? '' it < f ?b< ui ! ur tb'iuaaod J >llar* to bang , i,i K iifon hi* *b'ind?t? al.-a ba antar? upon bli (re t J ri, t eajipaljtn. It a 7>1?> istrfaituaa baa arirta from Uia total B<-gW?t of ) B J rvr atrBtiwi la*bt< aahla ?oataty to tca'.laaa tbnlr |B . Iml<ail< n < f fc?rt#a fe-hli Baitia Ufa ap to tb? full pay- Wl; a l*| prHat. Tim luaing-r pr. iuwr<. (vf aotfM la iaak0 ii.? ap bl? bu 1p t lor tLa ?!>"?. Ikat tba b?o>lH? c.f tP tl>a ai?l?t? woi'ld l?? ?<?r?Btiy alt'-ixlad aad th?r?f ,r?. tr . ?iititi lit a In i V i * it' nr.ri car mo iar,;?> ?u in. ahlf u j a-1 ba tin. l(ta|j'a? ? '? IrjB ta?? to bta ^ontat. l>( , IUI :> ' 'i ' ?! K ?ba ba?? a'!*ndr-t r r- *" ,, ft ttoacaa w?ta ?tr arr^t ? > ! tha xraod o m[>nni> a h, t taij to tfc' r?r not) ?ar?r4 to pay aff tba p m ?' I? a r*(i wni i. >iai ?ntmi to iao p?if Tkn li ! Hi fc u.-i br raf?ra>ad at aa atrly f lay t.? iM" (Im m ',,M/ ?r u'h'' a. *'apt?dt? taa a^iga: ?-j at th* ocraol i> t,'""'" ti a laanaair t<- gira b ? kr>kii>l<lk U i.jj. ?? *-'nluji au<l i-uoiiifli, bilt to it . ? i i' ? i v a ? i ' - .. t ill it tin 1 11 \ 11 ? < , I: I r .li t **? ? I > !" and ?f Ti"t |>( i- Sm \ v* k la-ti atk'.a ill.-. " ui iiit"ui. MTnat. 1 flilard,1 ?*? > ?f Ti:h J ii Title <mim ? Cm< ~Ib taoiUrr tf, <?? rt < i| | to (! *f, will \t+ fraud a f'ti! 4,, ir |-c?rt ?'t I He rf?<>i"?i in tot gi> at Oainib f*- ut ?.- * > i;?d at 4\< ?v ( >ana. T;i? ilfi'.'k 'l, id p??|i t\(i) pt>itit, .? M ??lra. Ua.Bf*. t _ . I?? New* r>OM k*N nmIiM Himn urnala to (he M tnat., whloh to tM 1*ji later telllgeaee from the lalaad of C?b? Wi ar* la. ibted to th* court**y of J. B. Klnatad, E*q., of th* ran or Georgia, for th* early traauatorioa of Umm >pm. The grand Theatre of Taeon, under the management Marty, li on a highly proeperoua career. Notwithandlog the high prloe of ticket* of ad ml salon, Mr. arty to (aid to be coining money rapidly it the doora, try sight. Mr Badialo, tha aeeond tenor, haa been Enrope aa agent tor Mr. Marty, to engage the drat lent for the opera l.a Boalo, La Steffanone, Salvi, trial and aome other flrat rata alagera, hare been igeged at high aalarir* and are no* plajlag at the aeon, whore they are received with immense applauto. The American oompany of aorobatf, with the two intha, Hivere and kraaklln, are perfermlng at Mantaa. Their aktll la highly 'pokes of; bat Utelr sueaa baa not hitherto been extraordinary. Lady Emily Stuart Wortley and daughter, and Lord ark K?rr. English ariatooratle traveller*, arrived by eamtr at Havana, irom Mobile, on tha 3d lnat, in >mpany with I)r Crnaart. Spaalah Consul in Mobilo. The Bishop of Jamaioa and the yonng Earl of Darin, also have arrived la Havana, from Jamaioa. where ay purpoae to *Uy aome abort timo. Tuey will itn viaic th* United State* aad Canada where th* irl'a sister reside*. who I* th* lady of th* Governor ?a*ral ; afterward* they will make a tour la 8outh tnerica. Great indigvation haa been excited in Havanaagalnat Krench writer In New York, for an attaok upon Ha ,neae iceiety and manner*, tald to b* th* mo*t outgtons. eoDtalued In La Krwe det Otux Mondet. with kUli tha. avlta* in /. n-a?U? /- U ? . ",v" - yh m. iiuouuujj ia coacU4. Court Calendar?This liny. Common Pl*a? ? No? 888 847 860to36U 801,1012.282 SirtHiuK Cor*T ?Tr?n?feri*d Branch?No? 31 32 1.1 6. CO. #7. 40. 42, 43, 18. 44. 46. 47, 48, 48,2, 3. 61, 61. ' S pk?mk Coi'ht, Circuit Court ?Nob 368 , 300 807 >8 o70 to 878, 876 to 878 880 to 888. Rmwih Caliks (Circuit )?Nos. 7?, 146, 177 , 202 1, 2S8, 303 ' Among the Passengers who He turned to United States in tbe ateume'- Panama, which leavea thia rt to-morrow,i? one with whom wo regret to part, even fur brief aeaaon. We allude to our frlead and editorial aaaoate, Jamea B Devon E-ip, who geea to New York on bnai> aa connected with thia ettabluhment, aa well aa ia charge .mature of Important public duty, re<tuiriag ability and tray, hotb of which Mr D. poaataata in an eminent degrees. >r many yeara aeaociated with leading journals in New srk, and aa enrreepondent of the moat widely circulated wapaper of that preat emporium, he ia well and favorably iOun to the public ; and we moat cordially oommend him to e tontidenc" and attention of our frienda m the 8tatei, and apeak such facilities aa it Biay he in tueir poorer to render, luriheranre of the objecte he haa in oharge. Mar a pleant voyage place hini in the midat of hia family and frienda, id the pit attire ol a tpeedy return be awarded to aa who main at tl.e laboring oar. ihtoh or thk Kcw York Hrin.r,? Bit:?Tbe toregoiug parigraph. winch uiala its appearance revetal of the city printa ou Saturday moraing, extracted urn the " Pacific (San Franciaco) New a," of the Slat of Jalary, baa atttaated cy attemmn. Willi regard to Mr. tniee B. Devoe, 1 do sot knew him, nor do 1 recogniae him i an "editorial IIMWH. He ia not authorned by me te prerest the " Pas i,c Newa," nor haa he received authority on, anyone legally vt?ted with the right cf appointment, irtng my temporary abretoe fr?m Baa Franciauo, to tram:t " bvaineaa of importance " connected with the Paoifio ew? retebliehmtui; ?nd I ci.utiun all poraoai ?t;eio?t trana:ting biiameaa ol great or litue importance with Mr. Dtvoa i n>? account. Ue maybe poaaeaaed of "ability," enny," kc. kc, but until I tmpl y him. he hat no authority to pieaent mi ir mv paper. WM. PAULKNSR, Kditor and Proprietor of the Pacido Newa. Clinton Hotel, New York. March 10, ltfO. New Via In I'rnuianahlp.^ dir. Goldsmith now miking a Cioet liberal experiment at hia rooua, 2P9 roadway, ana it hue ao tar been atteaded with the moat illiant tuccmi. A lew da)t ago he announced thit durlug e month of March he would give a full courae of leaanna in umsiiebip to all applivanu for one half tho uiual mm- 1 otlerworda, l?t ki olad to avail thamselve* of thia ieap opportunity pupil# of bath aexea have flocked to hia laMirhiuei.t. Hia ladira'claaeea at 11 A. M , aad 1 P. M., e tilling np with tucti rapi duy that rpaeioua aa hia acoomcidatioaa are they are likely to be fully occupied; and tbe tat'H (if At X 7. and ho'clttek. P. M . Hath in- I aacd einoe the reduction waa made. beyund all precedeat. got her chanc> "t acquiring with certainty a go?d buticeea ?l?(ai( lady a lianu tor aucu a tjiil<\ may n >. r aoeur, d ?r ennenly adrilc all whoee band-writing need* r?- , rmatiuD to join Mr. GoMnmitb'a claaa furthwith. lie U unicatiouably the but penman id tht Union.-Sunday Timea. Try Thtm ?W> lio would endur* th? vexlout raiularitinr from corns or bunions, whan, for tba triDft torn of 2ft or 40 eaata. ready aud certain relief can be obiucd by the uae of Ot. Littlc-neld'a C<>rn Shield* and Plaari> f TTiey neier fail ol gieing perfect aatiafactlom. Sold at r. L. ' ofhee, 41 Exchange. William atreet. Notice -Thli ia to ccttiry that, ai Heaara ilierty k 1 cask, the well known Hattera, at the aorner of a'l tni afcd t'rarl Mr eta, lutrodunJ tlx lr apring etyle on tuidav, evarjl od> who haa any regaril for ta?t? and elenee, in the etyle of Hat they aear, will at once proceed vie and purchase one of then beautiful tiatn. Bogle'a A mole for febaTlng.-TItU new ticla ia acknowledged by all who uae it, to be perfectioa ltII. Ita baae 1a derived froea the Arnold, or soap Plautof ilif-ruia: htaca alkali 1a avoided ia lta eompoeiMoa. Ita it.i-r ii tlnrk, and krrpt mciei daring Ikl ?.|? operation, 4 leavee tbe moat tender faoe aa aaauolh aa aatia. The folwing apeaka lot lleall:? Nkw Ton Hospital. Feb. 21. 1M0 Knowing the c-m>oeiuoc and method of prapariag Mr. m. B glee Arnold lor Bbaeiig, I have ao hraitation ia aayI that it ie admitaMy adapted fur the purnoae lor which La rommeads it. LA WHENCE Kill), Prof. of rhemiatry. Ihie, and H< gie'e Cilehrated Hyperion Fluid for the Hair, i J be had ef A. B it D. Baade. l5u Fufe a alreat, and kuahb. Clark k Co., New Virk. alao of the proprietor, Va. igle, ii77 Waahlagton atreet, Boaton, Maaa. Ilalr Dying?Phalon'a Baflc Hair Djre, to ler the hair ar whiakera, the aiaait it ia aprlie4, without jury to the hair or akia It eaa be waahea immediately ithcut dutnrbing tbe celor, aaa haa no bad o4or. II iia fliad, or eeld. at fHal.ON'S. 197 Broadway, a?4 ky 6. L, iwcett, 1U Cheetaut atreet. Philadelphia. Ilalr l>yliattctieiur'a Uenulne Liquid air Dye, ean inly ba procured at the maaufaetory, 4 Wall leet, The public ebonld guard agamet imitartoaa. Bee ai .rice* di| litsaa Paraona wbuw hair Haa aaaomad a kai lor froaa ?h? aaa cl tha uaitatioa 1m aaa bava it lotmul > ralllag u ?tv .'ii the tltiM. 1VI|;i tnd Toupee*.?Another Medal ku ca tnuilid ta Wn Bilchilgi, for Iba belt Wl|i ltd Toura 1 he public lit lavitcd to ItipMI hi* ut Ittlt, for 1">>, BATCH CLOK'S calabraltd Wi| Faatory, No. 4 Wall atraat. kttp* "> lariaat ana b?(( aaavrtnivat ia tha any. Copy * a-ldrcaa. Dr. Wheeler, Oeeaallat, UN Barclay street, tuU* baa attention to ditaaiaa ( tha *> Ha .1 jnat Itntnttd fc-tn I'aria. Artificial Byea of itniTovad nirtuit. which ha in atria ao aa to rtatnbli tha aatsral )?, id dcfi tha atm teat ncru'lny. OAca boura, aiaa to thraa. pamphlet ?itb rrtoarkahla curaa by Dr. W-, caa ba had atuttoualy at Ma raaidtat*. Ur. Powrll, Otuliat. Aurlat. Ar., attends iiMiHi lit tba l.yr and Bar. tr ta aiaa tu four o'clock, daily, 1V, w arrta atrial, whara aan ba bad tia popular Treatta* l tba By*, 30 adiUoa, prioa 10 c?ntas aiaa, bit aalf-acttaf ta and Bar fountain*, an4 a (rut Tarn ty ?f baantlfal Arncial *yaa. Amonuat ttie Kentlainen who graduated ita a?>?oa at thu Medical l>*|>atlm*nt of tha I nlvcraity, ?r? III d loan far yvua| frtaad, Joaaph T. Taaaiaon, urn Mvatrtal. My Idtdleliie will not Cttre yon. If your aaaaa anara lr<n> aaytman bat >trv ,ui or Ipaiaotii tficosa; but it it do-a m? We apo i it. It * ill. 11 >a n- ihin* it a " Marrona Aatieota,' ? :' an pri-teaaioaa to ear* ery.blng?bat ?h?t It do-*. It d:ath wa'l Ba aura your >n.p:aiat la frvm. or of, tu kntci, aad I am aura It will r? jou olaaiaally It ia taa mi-ai pawarful aad woader'al adictaa j?t ducviuad H <*) a bottl*. en ugh for tw?l?* lya, TALBoT WATTB, IUJ Maaaaa a'.raat. A T aluaifi* IMtcamy ? Ur.C.C. Know lea, Lowell, kaa din tma a paauliar pr--r?aa i f a*|?ratin< * -IJ in iaad aad otboraar'b) matter with which it la found tied. Ilia apiaratainaa ba uttd I-t any ona with perfect icceaa *nd ea?-. < in I f i-arbf? In a Ui U tarlita I. n? by ft id* aad 4 d?> I' and weigh* but li Ita. M a tbikb it tha baft id mo>t prthtatie ia?e?iment that caa laautda ky Uioee lac to tbr go d I'.'iota A*y lal- raaatioa that la wiahad, p prrai b? int* reeled in title aiatt< r, aaa ta obiaiaed b?calla aa tb* pr< 11 iti-'ia, at 1 aamaay uall or I. nfj -y'a Hotel. .? apt aratua coaia at a low prica, aad is ol laKaiM utility vary petsea who coatemplatea e tat tlaf tba g.ili rarl- n CUM HUB CIA L A K F A 1 R I. U?EV RAKKKT. uurtajr, illar. l) 10?6 P. I, During th* fiit week, there baa b**n ei?>U?nbtt litmfBt la the at?*? market, and ?*i*ral of tb* ael*o haeo brenaa t?tj muck Inflated. It-ading Mlroad and Morrl* < aual ar* tb* great r*otbalia in i* ?tr*et. and th* nvatili la |.rl**? wo of th* m>?t founding character. At tbe flirt board )**t*rdav. ' orrla tola at IV p*t i?at aad at th* aecond board It II oil to 10'?, a deellt* of 2\ per omt la about a* ' an; btun. Thl? fhowa Urn uucortalaty nf th* ftac; i?k market, and w* ahould think eueh change* nuld deter oat*id*r* fr< M M<uebiag *wrh traak. Tncrt r tbu itcck at] go opto 30 or it per (eat, an J lb*y IJ go gown to 10 They are j'let a* likely to g" on* ij a* tbe other, but It the intrinsic rata* of tli* >t ck id anything to do altt> the market ptlj*, w* aboald id quotation* raagiag doaa among th* await figure*, ben apeeulator* ?> < .mm* tu**n* la relati m to aay i XtlcuUr fan*/. It il on)/ a#c*a*4r/ to let tbem < r*. ar d like a rnltcmtiig pig tliey will eat tb?lr n tbr>att W h-m th* Mod* wlah to d*rtfuy < ay ftrtt wake mad l? fartici'.arly ay/lcaM* to ' ?< ? ?to*k apeeoiaturr Th* Mrttli i antl la in p.-*?ly tbe ram* condition It wan laet yenr at thla liioe. I.a* ao gr*a'rr reroureea fur but.uvea tl.nn It then i d and no better proepest*. 1 be ootupany I* largely ' atltaia I f IkUntt i n the debt. *eu lb* b?nth*l l*r? 11 m t foitel'i** tbe w-T *{tge If lb* director* pat ' t;.f plea I uaury, We ahall Lar* auotnrr < ** aimtlar ( I* at ?fth* liry lioek Bask, aud ** aba,I hat* . other braid of dliect.w* to add to th -t of th* Or/ 1 ck t'ank, all hl^h m<nd?d ind bonoiabt* .a*n aho itl'J tbrmeelTea of th* uaury ia?, to r-pudiat* aeat lwd> b> *?ln??e. Alt Una, ho?i*??r ha* i*f/ little d"> with th* *f een'atlve aieiemtat in th* rttijk. It I uid Le well fir ma..y h>>t?*i* l! prl-?* et>a!d b* oar< up *1111 higher, to erable tbv.n to gat out without ?. ,?>ut th* dai?:?t if > lu ldea c^i!?p*e l? *o grrat 1 it tW < nly ant* w*jr 1* to reaiia* a* on-a Out or t rn ( cert Ol 'ght be a.atl* bj Lotting i d and ten or Afi *ea * ?er.t aitfcht be l?rt by ?o d ing. I'b* wwar aad tear viad tc to > *t< a't< male it d- liaU* It Ml | log . r ??> b a fr%*t adratr* A* a g?aml thing, wb?', I , * t>.Vcirl? t Hii ply t?r*aii?g nod**-t/other ?i ? ?u*k lb il.e i< ? tl I' km "oall regUi* enia.l n tli-) wi i ;?i rn?# niary ! **< . TttkBMt ?.i !?.?.* iic*?har*, di/!og tie ;?i; 1 VNk, steadriy advaaeed The himU? aceounta tnm Washington, tknut thi middle of the week. |inu ap. ward turn to price* for I'llltd Sttt?c('a, nud the Improvement Ui (Ibm b??a ?l>titoe< State aeeuritU* have been moving steadily upward* for *oni*tim* past; indu they are not affected by the political movement* in Washtagtoa, the** etook* ue likely to be Mere firmly maintained then tboee ot tbe federal govern* neat. Erie second mortgage bond* are in demand, end the salea Intel; have been to *?me extent. Tbe re U evidently a (rowing confidence In tbaee aec untitles; and aa tbe road le extended and money expended the amount of property whiofa all the bond* of the> company bare a lein oa. ia of ceuree increased, and the aeeurity consequently strengthened. There la tojgreat a difference ia prieea for the tint and the aeeoal mortgage bond*, and the probability U that the market price will be more equalised by na adranoe ia thoenof the aeoond mortgage. Money ia ao abundant that it mart find employment In tome way. Moat of thagood found atocke are high enough bow, and the margin for an advance Is therefore limited; wkereaa the aeoond mortgage hrie bond* aa a eeven per eeat investment, are worth pnr, and but for aome alight apprehension relative to tbe mode of iaaue, would sow be celling at that price. Tbe annexed c?n>p?nttlro statement exbibita the quotatlvna lor the principal speculative atoake ia thle market, lor each day ot tbe paat week, and at the eloee of the week pievious It will be ae;a that there ha* been considerable alteration in prices tor aome of the fanciea : ? QvotATiorta ron thi rainoirAi. Stock* in thi Haw Voa* Market. B.,t Von. Tut. Wtd. Tku. Pri. ?*t. Treasury Notes, 0's Ul|( ? ? ? ? ? Vultrd Btate lit, ' - 11.1%' 113% U3& 114*4 114)? Ohio(i's H 8 im>i, 10*2 _ _ 108 MB* Kentucky 6's I'.SJt ltU*. 1IWV ?104 ? ? Pennsylvania S's.... ^ S **>>4 #0?; ? ? ? Illinois 47 472 ? - - 47 Indiana State 5's.. *> TV* ? ? 70 79 ? Reeding R. B. Bonds. " )?' 60Ji MS* ? rt"J? 68 6!% R.adiu* lit*. Bonds.. 70 ? 71 ? ? 73)2 Reading Railroad.. 3?'4 v<? 3? tfii 40'4 41 Norwich fc Wo rooster Ji S* S5'? - ? ? J'i 3"!'* trie Railroad.. ..... ?% t'.VV. (l?V Clli 6V4 ?4 Harlem Railroad.... ftts, S.W KiK !-\ S-tw Lob* Island 17\ 15* W. 1?? 16 M 15J? Mohawk... ? ? ? ? 80 ? Stoniiigton - ? ? ? ? ? 44 ruraen unn ? ? ?, jo^ *iv si O.ntoa Conjeaay... 41 40* 4t>* 40;^ 4I~ 41Ul\ MowisCaaal ... H\4 U\ UK 15 16>J 17*2 1/ Bod. River RR .... 6X% GS'i - - 6,i? ?.W New Uav?u K. E... ? ? _ gju w? y; i? North Amer'a lruit. lll4 11 10V ? _ i<)i2 _ trie 7'*. IN?1 Ktffc K?W ? ? jnjv io->?? itX!V "I85* M.H ?''i ? IS* W",' 83)J ?>? A comparison of price* current at the oloso of the market yt sterdey wlih tboae ruling at the cIom of the I pNTiom week, tihibl aid timet laTreatury's Notes of 1 per cent; United State* 6's, 1807, Mi Ohio's, >?'; Reading Bond*, I,Si Reading Mortgage Bonds, 2K; Rending Railroad. 2M. Norwich and Woroetter, 1M; Erie Railroad, 1\; Morrl* Canal, 4X; Hudson River Railroad, 1; New Haven Railroad, >*; Erie Bond*, (new) IMi and a deolina in Harlem ot M percent; Long Itlaad, IMThe amount on deposit in the offloe of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, at the close of business yesterday, was (3,7(7 M3 67 Amount of duties paid at the cuitom house last week, f'297 4?3 26. The accounts from California are fall as favorable ac could be expected at tbi* season. The two January teamers from San Krancl-co brought down about m million of dollars in g"ld dust, one half of which want to New Orleans in the rteamshlp Alabama, and the other half came to this city In the steaashlp Empire City. The Georgia only had about $6 000 la gold dust on freight. It is estimated that the passengers 1b there two steamers brought a large amount of gold. The aggregate value of gold dust received up to thlr time, from California, does not vary mueu from thirteen millions of dollar* Nearly thewlinl.) ofthat large amount has been added t the metallic currency of the country, and will serve ta the basis of Individual credit for at least one hundred millions of dollar* The returns of gold have not. therefore, been so limited u anticipated, In proportion to the value of merchandise exported to that country, if we estimate the valae ol vessel* despatched to < alilornia, their eavgees, cost of outfit* of passengers, to . fcc., we ehould find that full ene hundred millions of dollars have already been invetted in that trade, and In expeditions to that couutrv. of which about thirteen millions have been returned la gold aunt, la other word*, w* har? b*en furulsbad with capital of $18,000,000 fym Caliornla, frcm which ? bar* don* a buslnee* ol $100 OCO CCC. Thle In Dot. after all. a r.ry great *passion of credit. a. a large portion of the property aent out la profitably employed In th* Pacific, and the capital Invented probably la more acttre operation than It would have been oo the Atlaatie. There la an Immense field In that portion of the world for the profitable employment of a large commercial marine, and for a long time reiaele muat be (applied from thii aid* of the eontlof at. California baa, on th* whole,paid up pretty well tbua far, aud there U very little danger but that we ahall utiaately find the trade with that conn try, not only bigbly profitable, but the payment prompt, and In the ahape nnt dralrable We a bail not r**elr? any very large amount* of gold from California untl the dieting f*aeon agaiu ?oiam*nee?. The San Fran* elrco money market, at the la*t account*, waa tight, and the rat* of lnt?re?t ruled ao hlgtf there, that mnob Cold, tbat would otbernlie come here, will probably boloaned cat In Caltforuia The rapid Increase of baMnet. In San KraaoiMO. require. a great Increaae la th* enrrvney. WMMBRTI iftlltll HlftT MI. ?4**?rer? +14m ti%* ky Nmil mnit h u.i ar tk... a. .11 .? L Mi... - ii. D.w n.K. f I ? * J ? ? "?? ?"? ? KKM *KDS. ntWilin.-LOS'-. UN T.IKSDAV KVCMNC. fJM/ oi>? ?? .-t ,-l.t I *> Irra Ik ia?, nurkid oa tha iai 4' "l.irnrv ' ABt |?ra?i, lwiai?( tlx Mao, aa<l nlirnw it ?u I! Tnltfia tin *t, Iir />? n-nnia, ?llt t* ? ??? th4 BloTA rc?ird, ki d no Baktd COAKI.M OAI'CHIN. 0k>||KtnAHIi Oi l I'Hf'lf NO It LAI itINE jJ?V/ itrtei 11 i.cH n th* ?r?alDt of daturdar, Vtli l?>t A b?w diulla kart*l Guu No. 10 Ku*f. m?de ky l.twla k**; * lady rost truon i>r*wia| (a.*, IiHint the uulo "Maris" .tatkM-d OH tliS lopi alav ? Mac* clath L>raaa C*at. Titakeva ie??id ?|i| ba i?<4 l?r Ui? w?f?1 It.a fr?* tarty. Irlerni'i a 'O W (irra at tb? affica of tla Chid 4f 'eliea, City ball. >< \ork. ruLi n?Ak. Tw Ki.rrn wikd r>?.-m uatic h. timcan <' >.n. t'? - - T . r " ! ' i ? o >?i| hia t*tnnit *. lor v I " . ? r...-,i in Mi'i l> at * illiaff. II I ? a H r III- I : I . , t? -nth . , , ml f iri>-. av i ii T< i 1 i , h , l.ti,. At *H '?' il i' * t-r jinri ? * of ?ri?'Mtl 'l'ui piiam?? oi u -ii *iui...Tut .ivuirrcr, I III . V*. M Ui? ? III* rrai'?r.' TT arraafan.'Bta t" I un* 11.- fha. t< m I In- ai o latin . ia th* I'jfk la fri at *f ik* City Mil* ?a r-i"?a*-l to i-'? I'-lirri r . m 11 t'ia Ira lirti u .. > im ri t, ?b M ! ?y a tb?. Mao h lit*, at * ' '? rk ani?i? r?rr?i ?ra talMi'lair i-ha it|ap< t??aaa'mur. < m ' I .lama * *?* ?. art r* 4*~*t< dial* |>nwn I ft. CA Hi . I'lumu, A. 11 a I I. ?- ta ?r|. " < * 1 I BTIN t I 1 * i.. K! i - f \ I f. - Til F 1*1 mmm.'I N I : , . ajrir pa*'.! < i.i : 1-4 lionfar **! I*#l >(T-ii? l.r I nd r-*? " - j na. An I I l I t Ik* Bii.'i .?f ' t * rrrrn' . ' ! -Iiat I. *n ?? *B4*t<T * n? i : al ' I - Br . I ? l.r 1 s >rr Ifll if . >i , ( #> !C I ? . tt . I- .. .1 t h- -1 ! n>? I* ?... ? : l .1- I. in' rt 'I jr? I H '. On .1 flriliai Jnfct Van V Mutt., i Jtm-t T H'.-l, !??? lu iilittM Mfl aal*M?r*t*a-cl is i?p- tiliaa T? rOVBH?TM4N till l HIT.H-I.S r.NBUlfl ? I ( ' H * r It* 14 at ! I > irl?. f tl^B V> trj il . t. . II' 'trai. l >> a IV. '' ! l"u .4vy fnim I'" I <1 , ?t * I??r<f I. f - ?U * : it f r ?t4 fir r i. r I I < If , I. r. ) i.0 ll?. ?ktl II il?i<nl>4 tlx titrt nta > I ii r iM?at. M t?t ?, U.m .... M L? r r ' i t?"M *11 4?tl th- #.. (I L?tinr? ?' bit *?ar a^B ?;' ' ?1 ?? >? ' t ' ! ? ' ' k 4 . ? \'H " ! < i " - .nup'rir a I ra * ?? ? - .i ih> >i 7 i in I ,r H - J I'tV'/ oidl.Vfl P??4?ERJ OF TI.C Rill l , m fci J . ? ! . r^M?r ?l t A rt ? M - "h %*rf, r*41 ?? l?B 'V *'.4 f?<" M '!? a???j. > cu.iMn H J ? ' mi I kfl ?' N?? > . "? ' ? '^1 1^1 c?? t?'Kin AHiTnmriCi *a, ** rioH lit i 4 1 > t' ar\fai m "a ! ?? ??4 ' 1 ^B t!' I. ? i?B ft'. i*i;ti 4tfoii|. Imi Boltnti. IIAIIIJM 1HK, AC. ! ' '-''HI ! ' SRil iltfl < ' iiio.i w? a^H m '.N'* 1/?? *AWr. VM1 CtTINd. ' H H ' T \ V I II% I* ???th f IfH I*, B ? ! . Carry 0 I

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